The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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University of Florida
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em 2rgathas Regas

pBOiLl. tior. W 9WERES^ i* CE TO 1833. VOL. I-r. LVI.
SBAAMA AROUS. Time m a dLl are eternal. You js I wEil ao bjec tbe imrur I shal be rry
Sfoulght aghn lost n mi Pane ; you now al a glad-if itmyh B tedo in a ew r likely lo a-
reagm fMl-WEWKLT I- NA.SAUU. P I minal wldeh mst eAhier England dn geir the oll ineitutios of do mutry.
A mg T h l ik m. b ii he found a false prophet. Ig. Tle only ohject of ay Reform should be and
ir oo P -_ lm O ---t il I u iplort ld Reform e hllM I consider it the only the professed object of all refou m has be, to phold and
i 1f seerIng Revolution. to strengthen our old instintionL.h Tbhi ba always beo
Leg. Then you do not consider it a good per si," pretended,even when it was very wel known J II be
but only that it will prevent a greater evil I real object of lach poklical pesfectisiut was to undemii
OAng. Juan so. ad to destroy them. But the pr t impeding calamity
Leg. And how will it prevent it mnust pas away before any usn project of ctical re-
Aug. B satisfying the wishes of the people, forn can be even lmught of.
S1-g. Are you surelht, bypissingthepresenthill,lhey A.In. 1 am raidd that a pntionlike ti would only
P will bo Intifsed 1 IIm the popular appetite ever yet been exasperate the people, und cause there, perhaps, so fire
POE'TRP.'' appeased by just srch concsionsas may le escorted from tlle present l nature in a manner thlt tley my not
-'D -- LI 1 the oarnof ltio prisileged orders? IDoes it not grow by otlIrwua m disposed to do; at lla if they do asm a
DI,.EOVIHY OF RICUIARHD C Ilis conquering swonr had lost its shice- to believe that, by increasing the power of the ilesno- mndals.
li proud and eagle plum, crcy of England, vou avert the danger of revolution 1 aeg. Arguing, I suppose, thn, that because we would
Which anneal so fli aery Palestine.
lrooi.lh wma the dluagrois gleuou- As well might y1ou ied tine nmadmlian with stron.i dIink for nl take physiic, we should take poison !-et if wedid not
Barrl from lle umilliuns o( his fame, tile purpose of lbringang hint to reason rednrss, nater their own fashion, iue nar ill, sthey would
lel! on.- ev lirie h nime Asg. I'poni my lir, you talk uncommonly well. You take care to create reel ones, whirh could not heremeditd
A harl. with luneflul lanld. .lllost make ,i lwriliuve that I oight to lie ;inderr tho saod by human wisdom I Thus it is thl mobs reas, and
An.I play'id Ienanth his grated tower, at Wilatailou, and you iin ile IlaHu of Lords. You give uthi it is that they act ; but be it far from my noble m.u-
In twililltt'a lone departigb hour, tongue a devilish deal better than I ren. ter to be a consenting umny to the foulest and the mou
.\ iong ul his fair land / It is ny cause,, Iay Lord, that makes me elo- wicked deceit that ever was practised upon the credulity
Tlhe raptivie nmnaairch heard the strain ili'!n, and caui Ihit maki I ,'u i lnumblI. I feel no of the i ,ole. The present Reform Bill, while is literally
In nmelalg ecrlhoeri lol, lillle pl ll are ill parceivint that there lill liners alout unsettlls every thing, establishes nothing. It is poweriol
Anl thouuclit of e rlr honrq again, you a sulliciency of right Ieuling to reader it difficult for eluoilgh to lisorganims, to subvert, to derange, to dmilcale
I.ike aunsalne crol his sil ; myou to lderlnd it. ti' f anie-sork anil tla machinery of our old coualitutlioal
lIf fener'sd Itbn. lllth e dunin ell. .A lg. o('ol--conie-thel Reform li!P ii very suiscel[- nionarchy ; ut no one idea ives hiiis ulf wilh thie I l.f
honk is hms hb.n before tlre pll-- lible of dil'elnce. surely, we Peers coull not, wirh an\ that any thing fired or peirinanient cann result from it. It
Te altreai ol iarI's nI day IaHtc, continue longer to rerciseu til proliioun influence will be, if it should pass, hut tle beginning of changes.
Thrlnlerh w, e hi rpsie cwill siin.i still, that hlitherto rbelonlyd to an in the nomination of nmelmbers j I)D you yvurself maggile tianr things can remain stationary
Anil 'r.ung ltat ,la.n I:I1. of thie lliou of Counnionrs. precisely at thit pount whelre thi Roaorlm Bill propose to
Lrag. Does your Loris hip admit that the Nobility of leasu Ithlu 1
Thi t mnni. hib qpiris burning pyrayr. England oueht to possess any such influence ? Ang. It would he very hard to say. We live in an
fIII'd on its clounly track ; Ang. Why, v'--tu a reasonable nd noIlerate ile- age when nothing is statioary. If we codd remain a
Ae le heard it in the silotrk ree, I think it might be allowed-but, nr it was, it was we are, I confess that I do not very earnestly deire to
Anl the capirone arrih r htood, monstrous experience lhat antri.ld form" of political being towards
ll. in i hnl.lirk Iahliaraa, Idg. 1e. %.'iI! your Lordlhip alaiasu' to inlirai me wh-e. alica we are tending. But that cannot be; the people
l\\lr hil it h nremnoryT'. a e tJer, Inonstronu, as it w.s, it enabled lthe I llHo of Lorda las ve splokaan out, ani something mnust be done.
In ,,. err.n rou.e anew- to conlrru l llou ('I.f I inons 1 ialwether it en- lag. If tilh ppie alre right, it ias pleasant to agree
Hi. hall.y h lull. hllia th ra-is tl blue, croachlrdl ulIpon l'r'e Iriion of talir l l'batir', or gave ni I wlill ihemn if tihey ara wrona., it i in b h wirl..J and cow-
Il -',i In their beauty by. unululy vareisicraiigaal hlna to their t altiroatijns i a Hrdlly to do mo. In the ras last mentioned it would be
Ti,. -,, I n o.lhn. lher rinludlg il mel. t|g. \I lay, ni, I e'nnnot any it liad. But still it was Ilol base and cuel not to make an effort to protect them
TI irl.asi rav wi down: conlfoundiliy unpopiolar. frunm tls! fatal cuncspaunces of their own importunities
"1'wii ijc-4 luu~lrfii. bei ij- *1 --* rd,- T ical voter Lordslir aJVi;lL.n f thlinni-irAtt w1mBID. liow Iv.r will, l hi Ir'j
t..cb I ta hcoI rer s U hta r as lawrl rn i ll ce a ls tine COlllagiaaae in cs el ob b loSInnhle inLinaesie
The iiinla.rrel hlir'l iuie nlt, tlhalt ra gi. a rrrluin degri r--idl, anc.lla, that ii mla nst (rler'i isld l p'rinirlTt. To us Hni a illiltralion of Iurke's, no sane in-
11 knrie 'it., I glaaai..',m a King ,.ng- on :m dasaree r tllha was alinL-rois tli tle lBritriili l'rlia- w iuli athilnlat ailltrations in tlI structure of his
T', l:; l ior h lIl'. lnait. ;\e, lirn, al' pt thr ', iselss iiltrvy that asl house during, .a Illiunad r-storm.
I. i,.,, .l.-I .',I In. lare: thiit srai il. ra .d l a.isl it I r l.or.ll op rell knn lo that the i .111 Uult 'ailat Ia tlne liundlr-stor m shou il blow it
tl"r'. ur, tp' .hti. ,loke e chain, l'e'racL ol ;i,,lanni s re ,nevir sa htil, abl. to ins :dc do.wll
Atd Sal 'a a r' llIr | .ag ', he a ithr hranchl of lh Ir a'*timia ti,,n 1ds lA'. In llhal lnu w ill Im guileless of having ailed
ShI.v are .11t I 'entl, evenn aiI is Mr in Iran. en it i Ilse, in it omertlirow. HIt i f t" I.ords are firm, that raleani-
(From flar.'kra.l' .Ifiuazin, fir .'ermler, 31. that di3ev werey inclhiai to do mls. You mist also bIe 1 n-i'.l nlo 1 ; iirI. (;*nI slil iul own LaoI el nniu waI
awua. that ltherm -.lIo)nI Ihams len a period when tihir t4ill prote a lte (.oii..omuiou oi Old IlEngld. The nlly
DIALOGL I UIETWEEN TH'11E I.A\nQyl::T OF own 1pruliar prilider.s ltid mare in jeopoidy. (Can thing feorlaldablae In die lwe'nt stat eofthe pulolc rlsl as,
A.t\il.ESEY, AND TIlE G(HOST OF IlIS LEG. any thing, therel're, he more prposteroue tlhan to enpinlo that it las IHIen priruluc
tha l imne in forifvmn the democracy against isaainry, l.haps, do not know tImt tllne ost oelitisous and slimulatial,
tlH, chlIntt of tie Leg, is .aidl to h ave ap1l)..;ar.d to llh wIhich otglt I to be employed in protecting your own order of ill tie Imararaplhs which have appeared In the public
SM aIrquess, rlaiinmi identlily lllh hAi f.rni.rlf ,! against real, dancersl I'sprshare ca ldemt frsm thi 'laWurey--ent of the
.I uahrai ling hims foir the ldeortion of hin prinriples."'' Ang." But is there no danger in resisting dbl popular noise wlich would arm to be ande lor Ihe 4t verinnl.
Th fill wina is a sp limen of the interview :}- momentum tllat at present prees upon it l Mult we andl urging them on in the prosecution of their revothls-
A A gsy. Eli, What! imy own Log! Alive, u I live, "no yi'ld sonmeting ifwe would renai any thing 1 ary measure, has been produced by a speci of political
Ad s.ll as ever! We shall Iccume acquaint.d ugai., tuy Ie'.( Can thin be the language of rhe Anglesey of ventrlloquism, by themselves. The people ar beginning
oUd bas. Waterloo Is it true that our noble are conse to nine- to Ind tat out. Thy amlo beegi t see rtit de Ohly
11. More lian your own consent will be necessary pence 1 Well may the cause of the Constitution he los motion which prompted o present scheme wa, mt tey
Ir sde. when its champion, who burned to break a lance with Bo- migt keep their Piace You my depued upos i, mw
At. What, the devil! speaking too Can I believe U*Pear, quailse n beG'e rmg mu fa of England t fore, lhat if the Lod a ree m and do their duty, the
MYar Why, thi l ivals de rolihlor ani Iis rckl Aug. Ragamuias No. Te King is for the bill. have nothing to .ppr"isend from popular violence; althu
ik, qiainl.hi lu'lpnnisi why ligdl shly of your old friend IIt rinebers on ilt side a go kihad not leaeind to ran away wihen ;ou andi I were noble uplporters. they could be inflinemal by uppreunsions
hsely iqiainted. ig. If they he for i, as you are for it, either be- Aug. Tl tal s a on d joi-t. Look is Lhe 1 te
Lt. Wisn Anglesey forgets hinmsf, hia linmis mna cause they conceive it to be.lhe less of two evils, ar tha- of France. If they saject tln bill, oe doea n 1 kno
dnlfus tl.irm otlle. caose they have not te oorsge to conoruet popular whRa may happen.
A.i (,Confound the knave, this is personal. What- violence, or te ability to duasipate popular deluiuoan,, the Leg. Bt if tler pss the bill, it i very eay to foresee
S,,.is.r, miay have said or donte, I ns.ver cold ltink case. i* ovt materially changed. It wil stil bl tima triumph ihalt m i happen. T' ir legislative functions will hence-
I).i w.uhild have lifter up your Arl 'against tie. of .lnmocralic force over aristocratic weakness. Tbc forth It as an end. They will mo lhaer he the Pes o
le~. As lissleconld I have thought itha vote., mI L.nrd time wai when Angleey wouldhavrepurneda compromise England. Your Lorndlbiipameytak l toFre ; ad.Im y
1nw. would leavI down in t il taso vnue I;rme.r as nglorios and aihmiliating to the soldier I ht is di- look to France. What do we s heie The Ishld
ef, .aI arni.dll a li life of honuur by a base dsero of graceful to the Senator, ad must prove reinoe to the of a monarchy, the substance of a republic; my, I should
"tnl priva ile. Con.silution. rather say, the expense and the pageantry of moearchy.
ag. I at manzed BRt come, little ,floh"nhlin, hIt Ang. But how the devil can the thing be avoided no 1 without s solidity or dignity ; and the turbuless aNd -
ave your opinion of affairs in glenr.I ? If yeou ir. Tell me that. Grant ing that we haie loolilld got into a, pricoumnes of a republi, widtlt its simpiciay. ihae
o" v leea to l.he your judgmentlo,.lilghl teocrry ih,,. scrape, how are we to get nut of it ? In may Iind we I.ny, or is Ifreieonm. And how ha t ll been pldioad
ot"l I have known when you deserved tle character leave but one course to pursue, even to go on as we have! -11) tie very nwasurs which our worthy eform
to lade uderstanodig. commenced, whatoerr be ile dngenes which threaten our MinBisry are now recommending with respect to L la .
&K. I wish I could honestly rletrn the compliment. advance. I think you will yourself allow that retreat O1, my Laord, if we look to France, we are to to k
LLwa Lordlhip was always reported lo Ie more witty would le ruin u as warning, andl not as an example.
C Lie. M, ijudlment of affairs itl general doe not I ,e Alats! my Lord, how different is lle feeling with AN Yao, arn certainly wrong there. The present
("enmatrially front that which you yourself would have which you now t~ie the word of command to advance, state of France has hren produced by lhe olea. sad
lhenl you hlft se behind you upon tim plains of from that with which, on former ocrasions, you commis- unconstitutional aggression of lthe Ministersp the rights
ro. sinoad me to nol he rowel of your spur in o the side of of t'h pe"lale.
SYou recall proud and glnrinus recollections ; your charger 1 I shall only sal, that ifthe IPeerage does Les Andi whlat produced that aggresion 1 Mind, I
I a know not why, thnv do not brine with them the not possess Ihe courage and thie iirteo to oppose their dIn not jnstify it I any not one word in s vindication.
sh with which thelv w mre onre rv'arleli. wiiuomi to thle madners of lidw people, tlie Monarchy of But I ask, %shat pIodrced it ? Your Lordship dao ot
,. Thi re;abon is, iccranll thlly land contracted England i at an end. I, who lave heard the roar of the suppalos that thie F'rench Ministers, of mOr wenmneO ,
""ar lai..nt cn l oiadc.t. Vi roiii c rrconis e the anonu, and seen lite flahl of the abres in a hundred incurred suchl a tremelndous re ponsibility as hat to whrh
IrnIs champion in ihe IKnon of tihe upporter of tle fights would rather, a Iliou.aud limes, he cut dows, like lthey must lav.e lt.en conscious of heing linlu wIhe they
I eorim Bill the Itomnan Seonart of iol, in tihe ldiscarge of my here- stuspenided tie (on.ilitution t No. Purligac thought hielts'
4. Nay, my leg, vyou re now talking like calf. ditarv dluties, anl thle ildfnce ol my ancestral privile-.a, exrlsallle for thei coami which he adopted by moa de-
"Ore cange.d. A Our conduct 1mst ci Coverned by thIn t. a con.snting party to a measure so fraught itl plorall ltalrt ncres.ity--a nereuily which was mainly iu-
arce. ruin andl degradalion. I dilrcl hiby the rirtl o an o friertl arutleory, and tho
4a. If vau hagd an, ioil-in, it nor orad rtasnd. 1 t har ; rl d, ai, r,,lo im, n u e sr e r pos tes in t, e al .-
,r' n,t %' ht','a a ,rtr,. ,'s tl ,, il, II not think so. i. g. lil orm ola .m l knl ae ne ,. t lii Tlhawiv'a m iofos A ''"'- a. T"'' tl- r of lam commonally






aaW l) i rall 5Li .s ; A m mil e a onaes

t whid 11l7) d a %, a roeoin, erd aft
*im -P g--idepduie. m u hia tai te ilr, fhifbh lh is1 a re 76e
*:- ----a o- d in.t, Te at .dt I,&-,iot o, o .tnd

h .ick- ao eri gsa aityn pinemtthc oa Euluaof sum inre to he m 'stery everyi fromenho, he ad coe-e
.. .a,. minly en meed, he lawd .e ne recv

Aa Wut nisoyrcu mount n bn aue i rn of
ikruvme by" banof n patiat n rlos vwim i.gdavia iSTri. ds At.hM e weo
-r 1. o. or Infnc d to rA 4 i e rm saoroay lTh Iv
Avg. Wei ma d n oo Bonn* reaI Ii e bow h wle ha d tegmig ech Ua vinn, -Am i nes
S The inc d e Crown ahit our escrib .lr ruerwe k c
erame ti aumso of uessions to act in sym~ily wit, atre mad spa qe d r at- ipe 'n-
an it hi unposaitiosm to, mthe t ans vosat ou tr el, tat.l, compmd of sie imasi of pectoereead, to be i-
whll in Oe aligista damel -i tpaisit its icacy, iil t n ladoll Fi a nd for a crime tiat
cmrkngaie. ts i .de ce-adenc--s. i pd wich le a.- would have huigyu or si-et-.Wi wis-that sc
ea wthue esein, which gides will ae rcmedi si, toaime ahuid have base adeaisluld, and have basn
ie lX whicy diauit dula u rscrnchlg upn, be tl, that lswi tlhei duty l otbMllad mo -to emt to
rigts ml pi llls ( h democracy of Englad. cruel ind severm paishumel, t ea deade the
*a pi _a__eery _i d _ca d destroy every letmlent of delicacy; and co-
f-e ir ln-- tem- -st ----u M be soeh ajpteWeltsi, wahen laws bitllhully
rui AeO c put ln forl ceaur in y Ia s g iut p the u laned of ti
= d nJruling power-l-tai Lhe legistrate should ave been
Si --- by that very power, eitr deprived of the emolumten of
WkInb DAY IMACU 7I. t n9. anly office they held, r a together dismimed from dhe
---c- magistracy. It i Improwile to say, where such occur-
U a dto absurdities l tus have amolced, one which reuces have taken pai o ; how direful, at some period or
we omshbee cuasentinsg apl fairly iako pre other, may be limecoosauquencs. We have a painful nod
es can ehang a mre of barefaced imudeny ce, I a melancholy eitpl, a Colony. T'oulgh I
a, h M iaiur of breflae iimpuelencc, un- oave ard that lgre su l a govein meni, as I have
waroplile aiplion of Legislaive authority, and a described, lone where or other, you well know it cannot
paem i.aarmnam. towaids lte combined hrld ed n be here, for in a fun ouaper lately published, in the
cureipf li who romoiity,, rich would do no dLe. ap of a petition to ue King, every virtue and
cvdi, i of inine opitnd rialile even is acribed to great man- perfccti u
c di( oswals meiinesapopgil iomnd ra| looil i nam has. a pce am repi"ei
Ae the MmbEcrl n.el age of our (;,veMror'i i- The applause e meof di ma Goverment has now be-
dia& e remain still labuuling on with stoic Indifer- one iecodry cuntide ain, to all men sent aiuong
ea. se aa Suueer in whirh lhey will be received, us, to All the highest as well as e lot situaioa; pri
ad mimudedla by a ms eof rubbih of hil own collect- arily, is the naplause a the Aldermnbury crew; to
...o m .r-. w ,e~wl iu d iu d whIeAaH hIoumairddauKr-
1mI Usdo.he &di piUiario, he stin persists e in sam ulpos bmul4arhdfosn bomhallhnwradietic-
all (h .i i, i tlihe a und (nue, teuw-prited ys sil do $A M w Drk:
Iara ilat eir st every animate tiy ie nature, but Ie ne. &f Was, ladia pnpwy, tngh attleled by Mi
hursu Uaer hi special license he wou imredure a Bmillia mf fA/ I ur. It has been said, that thee
Amw eptis, ao any ulher species of ectrian prmacinm Islands, a well ai'the Agilies, have been formed by some
awe uur Omn siad nseir., and haichoae ih lr Cui'vaho of naumr; pity is it, that they had ati all
w h om h a d d O n4 1 ti s e an d h h e i mar e a, an d hteh O fm ler it e d an dl. T
fit andprif e fr meaning a aee to'ui How b m n nid h aea little coninent. Then
Sand roer estie fr eding a ealae rme ta e Houe oig t ous li'e escaped tl ihaone thatl has len heapeJ
Aaeihly, r eun tiag uem toa freaa iiar ocd," vna- upon us; hen mighllt have resoled die imachinatiuona ul
ia bidh with the authority for M licmlciug the; and our enemime, ad, abaeli aed by our guvornment, have
ieb uoaly security for tie conduct of suchb an wrsl i- beme juai"Le in thrui ourelves into the aria of a
niy, tobe Ilu EIcaliUecy's plim, whter hybhr Power, o has both uiagth and willinge to recleie
'n *r w-h i '--- *-h Yi i eel. .Tl a ts lpy, tUe designing,
.... ion"f bil Onis would, de o- in h oulpn 1o I i lgpoi lta oTice, or anal-
claraita of bhe monicneae wroud, in our opiaios I the e amo estan that whkrh l. bla, aty call these remarks
eler d ll that could he imnd. With the truly eflici- dielu)al. Duloyilly, 8u lih u ever yet been counen-
enll luboulls tIo Baptist asisionarim, u evinced in a s a"cid here-it never ba existed; il and cunvincinh g
am Celoy,Jamaic, efoe our eye, we cannot refrain Paroof can e given of machment to our Kings, and to
t, a h y Govera e, (iod bty sacrifices deer to asn as his
ro prtonrs, awe h lray doe, th very existeca) ia can be produced even is Britain itself.
of air J.C. h to bet he U timd n d of bopefld The days of Praise-6Od-Blrebnes are fast approach-
|---a iag; fur when a Miaot in hi elegaM and beautiful
ll ipe alll in ua wiill I his own con despatclbm, they hLve beea called, (but which I call
ny, do en-agel,- of d,. to preuc the don of plai Ent"h) decle h w aknekm, tdit he is under
OWIa a Intrutth, sad unpod w rah of a hypocrtical and fttical cew-tht he
hs hcaa n T prtct do wujea oit die that ohpct
A *cip;" and @aier Ou worthy Governr" a s knuckle tlon orT i CaomuecM may bedreadful-
r at n- r f l i arie. of swo in- I then anet, Sir, that Great Britain has arrived at ar
mld, u me atn Lu mk haew b pao t a si, and t-herla is ae t to former.
.pL 1 Mm Ofl hei meiseoa, Bad of U1ci m cl A. I l, Mr. Editor.
f the J h, n d pM tha ie yf TRISTRAM SHIANDY.

ON -- i en essil eIO. tim te, a By the ind a "tenlo of a friend, we have been pt i
r A ip d cl ; but e n M P f a file of th 'Jamlca Cournat" ton ihe It
hlol a m I-n pi isM ohu u a l rane, I lil c iy p.-llic
whn a losed by d of emm an Oi eat. i-..a born aosaisdbly aliayd, and hat
OW p|inillllicv m i ot ral g 'T. or of e slaem have, in almoat entry iantce, retired to heai
i s ae -a, Ioe aie, hei 8 1 of aidsve ip. -k
td I 11-i Publec smespinso, hbowr. appeal to e iy Meng
A 0ic& amid apt of t mie, ad 6 I n M e IdBaptist prmnch and ino e, & Is-
sedn cmlaisLia are dm ig Cast. of hae, Oin h. a deai h and plae" ef worship
1" is- of i*a G paimi-Iy sf have hoe dmryW is the Ons af Falibov, Moriego.
i11 r e-agel*; d, tgh t.J omp__ y hir sa y. and *vnaa4-lr.M. The Ear of Balmon
&Mig mly inlduc a degree of dmure ha- hg e a4 P I-h-aio. aqeiling th sataritin ao
1-M e thI s dblhe Ia proporuae rat nrofel app" ad hiag to jutica the perpetuuar of tue
-M e wir h they sl dam .J 6 C11 -ie uLsrwful omages.
bi.ha TWt ter mli ie as m, d aof flli The pwcbat 'Tyrm,'" noted in our paper of the
of'l *4" i has thet ippn_ 0a i con- 2th ahimo, to blae Jamica on Telsday. the 14th, w
oL*arlf Is "iy rift of Beechm, than 'ihle 'dtauiad an'a Satardty, t 18tbh; ad by ehe arri*a1
jrw Jib e" be Chiith a a trsf a cu ISw 15 of Ih brig 'in, from Belfast, let 81.
S o,,. ","e a J e'.(Aatig ,)Utleb ofto e h, w blh eerve dil
U--1 41h, t tI Mil leat fotm badlrdos was a ihe *laig when die
~U ibi & o/f th Bhm &w ie-,adt lerpb t h a td- ind January Matl
am e p ane beuld hegiven a g oson board.
dories Rprepald by Red*ck RTane ad e Ord. i1 C~, aW Mno ar adep
novitl the xtenled ugs of dthm devoted II."
blu, who in Iim, andl a say hrbaw, bu od,. I the sU-hms haoo h bW t ried into elec6, an de I.-
a iv that rem. lsAue bla am the qe tioI, lands of Trinidad n,Bt. l"ic., .. by erat we
hawn a imilar tsdeacy, that me ld p IM ad with have gives i wil he ma it th iniaa, iae
nein l.d ahcrsid ha telid Iia pl h -ir protest against its opera.
i-JH somo et beri t itoi i a- rd relv 1i j to Jesiti i both Hoe of PaQeme
V admired respect, tht sve, by the f rdrea.
e p-, h bees as intcaered sad tked Fro teri eey er
trh icl whe n tI e ear of eve g i e. ST. JouNa Feb. 7.
lw that lael Snd, w i ear of the gc P is ut Pp fn several of the islands in our seiglibourhaM
ed i every cmo S laore., against his astes, without have bees received i the course of the Ipn week :-The

lency exprswd dio imipoiaMii y o V ab
instructions being po mpot, inut stted
forwrdlng their oppd ilPt w ad m f iLe, tJ
hi.good olfcesomtlhlulA,
We lear from tdh "Ra c of 8sp
George Scotdd, Esq."etmp. oepip m 3
of Trinind, ru to embrrk o0i( tk l
the ship Ewrets, for dtht islela.
At St. Luci theOrder in Caig l hil g m .
gather a Public Meeting, wheri' the bight If it,
which seems to have been arrived at, i mocdy i r' Z
resolutions and rumomatrances. Indeed it is mid i
frenzy of some of the folks of that Colony uw M.
as to fix them in a determination of starving out n
vernoi and (;arrion if they could, and for tihat
persuaded as many of the people as they win eib
rcefuse any supplies whatever, on ule or etlmie
even endeavoured as much as in them lay to Pw IR
plies being brought from a neighboring Caom,. t
certainly appears a very extraordinary methodof nkr
dhemnelves frull the enforoumenr of tlis obnmi t,.'
and must in our opinion have any other thin, tdr
The kindemof friend in B rbades, edlnii
our preent aumbIer, to give a statement df ko i
lives by the Hurricane of Augut bt. The la h P.
pery s .iven at 2I1 ,L29, uBarhdues current.
Kild--White, 247; coloured, 6(; sihv, lS
Total 1477.
WoIsded-Whites, 106 ; coloured, 15: dhm,
Total 306.
Of wahr died-Whke, 82 ; coloured, 8; dMel:
and 4 slaves missing. In the autlenticated Oaml
ceived, these reaarks are mie :
The above is the number killed, wes '',1.
ronrt. r--o -.i each P-.bT, ,r:
vious, and also gneray know., tih mry s" ''
refused or neglected to report the loar d% itm as
lined, and many individual were killed, ,*ht i
Friend tu lament ilei death, or give infomaim dl a
tie proper quarter. The number killed, ald Is in
since diel of injury, nay be estimated at aboet 2l ul
of persona wounded, t least 501). This wisM mme
jectlere, but the resul of personal observaliia ,-mi
in every part of the Island."
This morning, tl American shooer ThWe G-
Glnder, master, arlved from New York in dim &l
bringing our regular file of newspaper frit h .
to the 0tlh ultimo. The latest Eu ropeam ewati
lain i-London the llth, Paris the 1&h, usd U-w
14th of January, iclosive. Want of roum pe
from making more extensive extracts, an mBrd*5
wa printed previous to the arrival of the WtL
peasaces are gloomy in Lglaind, if we my jr
the deficiencv in the Revenue, for the q*arwrildr
1I of Jamary aus; whi is rated to Ib ur.( i '
000, le then that n the currempumndie qu' "
ymr: It wi he sermt, tharrter King h ull 6 d1
sdto aese a is&cieaot numntbw of Poer a
efta Bi! thioub Homer of Lode.
The ref l of Russia to ratif the award dfl
des amfrenct, which Mr seems placed btysdI*'
has excitdlevideimtly, a great amelin a O l
ticins upoe the continent; and it s pi ri
Priw ud A.4 r h bvealma ited eMad5p
ofd wrd. .. .
Pros (* Nr AF CFOri atr 4. Bagwt Wd A
In the liners l politics of France, aohi d
dance p occurred. The word sub c."
peopb t rance. li e of else Minianer,(i
Ihe reladc in oi h the people eoodto the Kila,
10 of Deputi ae rw a prh s spieua ial-s a
en Lafaye m, wmth iolen rho W~o 1 !
S their wmeo nl cit a the i
The. deates, ouS lie C' Lfsifi n e e
doillios of frean had lien voted mn ia l
King.- Rambooillet. which tie MIilu'
should, aetng other eriotes> P bai. m
him, refused. An ateam waih a 9 i"
on his aldea son the Duke of OrIens; w
doe not appear at the latest dases., i
The Paris Stock Exchsage has been t-ie.
of great plarm by an expected drfciecy 0,,
the stae, in co'eqinc of ol'di6,s 'ea Il
amount had been ubtracd from. theu' y o4" I
ceiven General, M. Kesner: the amount t we't A
terardl. foundol tu be as larwe as is It fib
and confidence waI again restored.

I.-45ewnwrs reg, td.lIN wm.vhidp bi.ded mats sis Is Regas blis Coe-
CI ewe ls ladle t'at Rm o e of -n (r -P
irnrncas shof e mum he mA pleMLm k
UF Mk r J-mk-ihisRJ uhe Panesi agdM-l e Le pai- Th-rne p e
El as. mLea -L I S. Be. i . .. .

'. S .i hine d I.a tshe Th Cm.l aL aTe i g T HENRY GREENBL CO.. -, ..
*ir.,^ ^ ^^,,,-,t, ,.h).. asaa-- .._.--.. .. d -,: ah...;*. t -
ii ia, 6 on tlrhi ulesrl r the 5,i m t r 'a Th Ii I aw W

W lu A, dW ani the a r th1eand aof ks
qIr'sa b n. s .iase ,S-eed uen by 'pLaeesheaf; he ireed. dWl be S'd-,

w nu Auatrla and PA-lu would hA f66 l3 ?C 'r Op~a~ o Chl., Cder,
Swit f ri, d .r= mast be aiddd, C J- Ba d Beef ,
-d rtfictl, islhk s ,lgthsat '.oab, the t7* Emaoerpen ia Isindst Aaflhp on s,
Ov 't ih t af iked o, 'y deos wer ae r "a t fa y wOlmhs, Ah l N Io ,iso As i -

i 'aOevim mad rire ofHe -i add ldch I* Tf lS..C ASo Sp ANw l- ,
-, Ar^ *...< "I ...^ ^ .,< & OJfa. pi..ou T i '
n'. in rys ,.- i rig. tof ... said Of ie-farWrmua i .msru March 7th.
L.~dlerieds. Webnrab tht AiMtri ailn ter e icmj, t h dify r mr-nn oAe, a r Tia 'ct XUMA SALT, for ale i 15 amc per .bmhe
dso..4W aame 'i mmea )pymeaua by Bd y ms Apply to
LP fight illien furM hemad theo d NAMEi OF PEldeSO THOMAS THOMPSON,
allr uhe iunres oftr debton te ground FAol O i "S '*arTI. February 4th. As Emas
rut .a d f .h inrity of S..ta December Roby NOTICE.
k S-hapld the se n be ded, th j Th Tubll IIE BSUBSCRIBER, lnmdlmg i. lovea Is

apwrdl. of thnll*r. ,14k Alie Tcker date, will be left at the oice of . W d, KEs. Ir
hear, It for the first time, that a prpoau l has been 14th Mlilda Wall recovery.
wide the afl~sirs of Plortulul by Conerence and Ih W.I. Alesander Janmuary7th. F. TURNER
Iot lon th partel the rea. Powers.-Courier. bh CLrie. Evs
lie Lord Clancelor hat been confined to lbroiugham eE MItLE oh bo Somo dae thrI I
w, il:a alight attack of English cholera.-c-Iobe. d Stock in Trade, by rdar of th E eeton, cm
Sea, n.o 10.-Thee hfe nol Ifer a much real e u isting of avalnbleaed etansivesoreanrtoDry 0r r,.
lp.,ficial circle "r ..ver.l yr rmit as llin eI allrdwus, c. &c., rill poitively Utak piac by PekL
ki.ewdiy. Canbie.u cuurire 'lnve 'been cr n g Auctia, early in March net. Term wL bi
I ., p rer ....n miannor. Th.. be some. PORT OF NASSAU, N. P. HENRT ADDERLET.
bLponnr unin hand to occasion an this bullet. February 4th.
Sal .. caion n wa acre the Channel on ARRIVED. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE BAROAIN-A Le
sliaid ive more followed on Soundya.-Indeed, so March lt--H. M. scli. Kanga oo, (. Hookey, St. l8- 'of Lend,, in dM E lat Dis rict, wi silbsild
pat wre I; disl,.iatIh of Prine Lieven, that on ador Dwelling Heme d a biadag, s w ao oft
mrdi4Y l(u.,in ,. ad the Channel with 0, 5h clhr. Maria, Wilon, Cohe tie s bcriher.
jilm ia en bunt; and yesterday another Ruvian Fuslic, Lignoiuhlie and Corn, Another Let, adjominig the abov a n dh B r,
r follkowL Messngerairomu the Austrian, rnri- 7th An. ichr. T'lree Siors,Olander New York with buildings, Cl
"d French Eoailmbies, ael, wat omer yesterday. Flou, (:Crn, Pottoe, Onins, ALO--
tln- tnmn, ill is bustle at dte Stock Exbchan.- Cheese, Candhlm Cider, Lnrd, kA. A fy of NLrJo. i-e Ia am er ikl
Sreigned, or was guinKi to rousig. It i aid th E ,ra 9 "dino,
(IGemunrmn ta..* b. *... olre, ..4 CLE.M ." = WVll hm 4 dita o,
la ny longer trifled with by the itlrigue, ofl lii. Febh. 29th-An. brig Frigh er, B aihemrd, Portland Amed, dimo,
I(uuris. Trlcl;erenc.sMa Paris between ihe March lat-Sp. chrr. Fir de la MarCasmndis, Cuba Sope, 11 mnoth.
Cli rrps have been, it i known, whisn a few dvay, v AND-
kquont ith:n -evr. All this indicates lai important SAILED, Another family of Negrs, throw iD adbr, sk
in r oni the tpi, wih the varih.s (Courls lhich I March 3d-H. M.chr. Kongprro, Lt.Rookey, Jamaira Eli,, al years,
pnropposr in a r.onvolsed stale. .Rsia, d.ling the .- 6th H. M. schr. Nitible, LI. Polbiry, Ditto Ro 2 dintto.
il dl w*ilh R high hnd, andtry to bulllyhe coher Jane, 3 manths.
po ino her ich o doubt Fra is day, the Aerin rig C elly Among them there are Washers, Ironr ad He
L..W .y courier arrived at M. Falck's, 18 days fron Wilmington, (N. C.) bond to Liverpo, SWtsAND A
fr ^t. Ne irlrids, late o saturday nighput into this port in dis ress, for the parpo of rnivlngcoinn two.y-ebl sa.
HaIrue. Bar n d N the Nehe rs, having sprung a lkand received much other se .' on Royal Idnad, ontaning o to m d
Hog-- o. Baron anwy de Nyevelt, --e Nelllr- rllaln a l HK, IH r n oubr
iiai.a,.n s p-ol mmixion, visited M. Flek a damage. Part of the a, which insisted of torpe- e rn
a*ly ior vyierdan and they were closely engaged ine, wa thrown o is p from the N. R. Ter wll made known, w application ohe
heJeralerash m.--e-fc. S'bscriber, or to Meo Ilenay Grmile A lI
1 eb.iI is the report of ihe Chlera received to- CHRIST CHURCH PARISH. If not dispoed of before t lha April, they ,wila tas
'Ll Ja. .-Newrvas-l : New cams 29, rec.ered -day, be oMi aI Auaioe.
, dl 9, rwiuiing 99. U(it,.,ih : New cases 7, W DlB VI mR JOSEPH PRUDDEN.
asel, died 2, renainin.'17. No,,rtl Shild and a AVING Sed theasuizeof a.. l.t, .. eofI10 FOR NEW YOBR ,
r. I, w, recovered *' n deaths, remain- p Ter brelof oup r6fi Fhlr, On],r, thai th fUa g M ,ou TIEE 8i-
w L o.: New came 4, recovered 2, no sili Ltaf do weigh H 4., nd the szi.oemy Lasr TERS. For Freight. or app to
iemtemia I1i Illddlogtae : I ew c uan, 1e Dy mdertsie Voyr. CLpei Gaier, or
in is he l.e da eilyart of the cheloer Vary Room, 7th Feruary, I I March 7Lh.
eMid t,-dav, dam d Jem. 9 .-Bueaerlad : No FO I I_____.-
mriovefid I, died 1 k.ewcasl : New as OTICE O -ALE.
&I.-dW F9. aso :Nvce 14, he cbdee off Let of Lal wimb
. ded IS. a' Games d T: Ne- Iom4, MllER tBTY GIVEN, that Seled Tender will be heldild ie. mm' m. d I
I-i died Id. bhields a*nd Tymotm ,h : ho, n ied, o*orbefore th lh day of March anl, muL] l IPr 0marn, d d.
.I c I 1, r.coversd 7 l, de 4,I on. Hill ., fri ing. ithe Lws. ifod olb pim pn. sotdi I or Cpida' IRa..
B T r"ul ced 7, die 41, lremaininl i to tih nrwiio' s of the Act of the Genl Am-bly I For T ar a Lr patiL'ah, apply e iS-
1Zr4Md vfnimity: No eve 13 recovered ,, ,e IsLds, of the 45h G. 3d. Cb. 14d. Evry atribleJ
I N information will be give on applicatM to HENRY OGEENSLADIE Ce.
eeaga, h l. I eI'dack-'The depte.- G. ARUBRISTER. March Sd.
r yesiarday to reter m inuedthm almodmi Februay 11th.
i w-Mri r-,,A wmmjeeire ain f Co nm-ls TO BE LET, tbhu pllmady dl
a elected. The dcloi price yesterday, i HE 8UBSCRIBER, inending to leae te B- H ame gd Premm, Inml s te aca eim
l__pening p a~ edml.y. i, m hichk the have de- hmas for mnme time, requests all persons having U fd Hery Adderly, Esqam, with i-mied
l, d ate amw 5 but without say poliale ;ews, demands ainms him, to render the me without delay ; p-os Apply to
i"__14 te ieiga market there appears a and I those idebtd, ar rnequemd to make in madi a C. S. ADDERLiT.
rwi..., i ~tn ding. paym-. J ry t
e 'ctW ce~-C~o.A rn 1-8. French Four JOSEPH THOMPSON. "OE SALE.
isa& w d lOn, 40; Spinih, M arch ad. He and Pm at emapied
W k d4 ; srlp. 2 to woTICWE. by hs. Paebier. The Homes i ra y and
b alp8 l^l li aniy .ij -L^-Kim- ul ImrLm
"H qees acith UBSCRIBER will pet i mwit without dim- f asensnt, wit a large Kiklhs sad w"b bo
2 HE 11 SUBSCaIBER lill pu is it, cihbo dkne --- and, ir u d stabbuig r Asre
'ine crimim tiosn".al VMeade accounts due fo the hnrse ezmive Yard and Agr. piee. Theb o.r eld
a Loadw Cemn of it lJoa-n year, with iotre, if ifl UPdatUd y mr darn day. e Me laly thoroughly repaired, und the gIn pW
2 ih-day that a da nd hid bee made that she ro e padres who n iandebed. will go in'melva of *A fmac haveL been ReId pol up.
4#, r eem rlme of rlicanttes of the treaty of mlin*AM
= a 11i"aemln.d. We aem nw akle to adta HENRY ADDERLEY. A ^ i .tt? "
dmae beyond e 5th inst HENRYi at A tract of LAndaisstaed at do Vla, aoneinsg 2
February 181t. Icrsu. It i diridad by the vie ie-e M lae wl Las, dm
robeheiconsaiderai the distance bearwea Vieman uad ----- warn lot being inter d by e -sw read ing it.,
l. tm p mi mwil be graed. OST-A Busch of Trinkets, consiting of two the vilu into the Blue hill raId. This land wl he di,.
SPa. iwiy IL keys, a fapgr rig, and watch ring. By leading po do(i oneor three lot. Apply lo
IE~iag Jol. t. Aolf pas 4 o .-The markt, then at this oice, the hider will be liberally rewarded. JOHN W. MILL
la hera thrown inrn. jgialio bh the fear of approach. I March 7th. Sepat r 17th.

1ct sawa-a lrgus

CONFpSION o0 tN OLD MAUELO Uin I Bdi bal SIled ha d aoulre a ea atr,
wpain of bill,, being called to theer,.
-lu -a dei- o Wlnd h.s h- ,isem Ife dtele Il dvomur amucMa am I an 1
ud", tai Jlhs proved a uretl th Iu lam a worthless old follow, wh, when I di,. i
., a ga IL am even- will laa an vacant space or blank In society, and sill he I
ele a.tei 1 s lhs by which fogus- as- uikly a lhe circle diuppear after a
, who". It ewery v pu d of on day a pbble bag as lt the wrner. a
i e .w dan med ime thae worth- The rneuede 1 what I filmerly was, nd whoa I a
a ",tf.ated being, en h old bachelor, light ave lee, h iduce -- write this pia r of f
- I* r -at some a.i. arly slitload oun g n m d
"lV"Im e prrso 7 da aa unar io. cor ht i lethe e symdy e o e bfuio b
Sl..1oal ly i ees t. loa of whom Ie far spent.
I r:. Ik; llirf >ifr gln l. In College I wa. T.
rner dil-pe, and obtained several .remiuma ad some t
dest by my speeches in the lillotiical Norwiuly. which de- ANECDOTE. I
rniseld ry father to sedam to the lar. To this ar- -
rne e- 1i oI l-red no objeclion ; not that I was fod Ja letal tn the editor of Illackwood's Mpgaain, Jaeo I
ot drudgery, bit Iseco.ue I saw placed lstim Ine a Hoge, the Entrick Shepherd. has the following divrting anec- g
vilsa f t uce years enjolyinlul of society, which I dearly dase of Jamesi aIilaw, ane of b ouo trylmen. a
Iived, ere it would he necessary to asaue d p grvity o0 lie was always a singular and hihly amusing charter. d
s wig. Tin' rolOlo ligll, sod I we die ha iet cherishing every toi d ania d stt plted iua m sclece, a
the wig. Tilmrrullidon lightly, and I wa r the hLppign u a nd gion n p irti.- lle never uas at any school, and what
Vressl of is gay. At longsi athe inportanl lime arrived scraps of education he had itlained had all been picked up
What I me wasign he gay Ihanits of ple ure for die by himself. Nothing eaciitd his indiRiation more mha the
ih matiig arsrly of (C'e sl IMfbton ; and Ir tlieory of the et :h wheeling round on its axis, and journeying I
a lanrt dea I workeil away with gileat llo1p, bill with litte ounid the sun; lie lad many strong logical argmmentH against
succs. Findg t e no pom'im seneMl luclined to profit it, anl nailed them with aeriptuns. When he first began to p
by.M iban, or to stimnulae my eerrtions, I been to hear tell of North Amenica. about iw years ag, he would
wry fhis unprofitable bll rlltuni to the ,lpeasute not helies me akl I was not it, anid thl he saw it hUm
iwf -fatmhily ri anl revinrited the [aY lIAUn of. wsllr Ilill of liabnrgh. I remember, and alwaye will. a
pld lld.lmiI enryoIt, 1r1el.Hd > ( ty Imun- od hfnight thal I had with hib ahblut eveut.een yearn ago. lie anil
pleasure witlh enjoymnlet tlIl sore d buitilrtened by one Halter Bryder, bener knolll by the apliellation of Cow t
Pyr I o y suchlsinn. Tbhm rolled un averal \Arn Wat, 'Th' Hus, the celebrsied flying Ftrirck Tailor, nd
m Iy WItf eaoyung dmu world, and at the me time alp- my.slf were all drinking in a little change house one ereing.
pirupnlly aneIing to aty profesino. Dl)ie.lic rirrum- iter the whiskey had tirly begin to operate, Laidlaw and
o.:cn.s, abolhls ti"pril, c omplled my llfaer to IMk. tIle Couw Wta wet ito logaerheali about hell. ahout which their I
molt ot Is dem" ly to .- Cu.ti ent ;iy lso elder bro- .e"1 .f lo.flltut.lly d.lfered. The di.puIle w aq c.riel on
thers wee swelad in ".iglahnd, and X:41)I a year hled bet with suer acruion) on tIll: -I .I that lr t haIl i vemrl linie
elns les, a thci I noW thought dlea I rally sll oul laie ld laI. ,in.gel. avd h e, aillr land l iocre ~ onvulned willl
ircee.d in my prpfesloan, and itrailn lue emiincu ru laugh lncr, J.Uiediil tln r .ii; limeue. but a i u ucu lo begau l t
fkesia promnled me when fir began to cut any ady to ,io graei and the tear iod ini hi I eye. A i,) ye nma
tm Bar. I added to my lotion of law bIhtk ilenil- laugh !" dill lie. great It II's l kiiulha )er' I
ed tIm Coer with the utmion precision, and hoped ltha jst lase that laugh at everj thing thet's good. Ya be maeir
is dlne was ati"t rome when I shodd line forth in my ned te pray fnr Ihe auld heretic than to laugh at Iim, when ye s
poemiAd spklendkr; but, alas it was a forlorn Ihope; t ee that he's on the braid way to destruction, I'm really sorry t
seuNsl ua if there were something hiount tme which do- forthe poor aulI iicoundlrel after a', and truth I think we ainde
hrBme dim Mitwner from making approaches to one who Wih hin t lai oir hi. d my i own pu d he. nd mkny ld
Wit tat hie tau olr his old ilouched hat, and kneeled
was envious toI receive teol. At this MutI dishearton- down on the Iloor. leanitll on chair where he prayed a long
lg ilprid I mwe vay ts y pelisd about to makm way prane (or r Cow Wat, as lie family early called him, when repro
Luthenr in d practice, who hid ben eithr my cm- sinasim a frlorn aei to hlis Maker. I do nut know what I
innipuWiW is or juiaki; Imany of lwhom I kow to Imle f wuuld now give i have a copy of that prayer. for I never heard
niv inferiors in talent, msid not a few if whoi m I Ind my thi"g like it. It .ns so rnlling. that hefinr the end W. i
IWslurJlly aidsil dhuing dair elHamiatoi in (ollege reme oup foamiin with rare. lhea.ving hIe tick alnd tr.,l. I Idll
lV r,.n.llptii. thlem, hlie.n tiey all loo.,.ul llp to as lthir e', gle Jami. e laillaw. I stne hle pravell e srt thuatl
t"l t h u t t nrare." If lhblou weris ulitetit pld c s utiullg teres If in sh-
hndear. This maorallv d toiiij ve tigate the c s en he e i.i lire diol hilcary rr and r.l r mni of -
of mi.hlita iesuicted i-olast, from prumib.s suclh as HI 1aVI was to y Ithree or tour ills, lieni he lir,'ae that poor :t 1
.ltird, nil I finuiil tllit sollllo p p 4ere'a on. d-turily Wa1 might be prereerrl to he I eah c rit onr. W it udlinl i
isid list t l oilietr lh ld llowu a 'r\ Lhandlllm ilUl- pert ine belter place." he said "ad indlci -. htouldt iI,
Oeilv, an1lll thit rluefre I was i rMe too elaible fellow Iashmedi to ash it. Aut on thk ither Ii.,i."i li e cLiiitii iiiPd
ti ilrudge, when it was not hlllulltely Ini'serry to do s; i" It bh true. that the object of our leititum rlloelrd James
eIhes mid tIha I went Io much into tie world-tlha I Cooninighar. an' iandy ('ltowerhope. out trom twr or
was tie mtoch swet In the stnecls, or that I hiad ti I Iter I nIIte l pounds o laml miller. why we con hlarll aIk ic
aa ayUsIt t i l I for hin ; se it it D c Itlrt he r ir lle IhImI 1h i hi litls ol
tllusg IW l.hqkinl fCre for wny m riner lujsl--i-all -iit. Sanity Stuim, atlo l.. ol up th anoillcr. (*hlnl Ie i
Inall.t g.od-itutlrel LcLius ftir not li;liting me torsiuaiid. ,r n ainid l and slururnl.) r iall wa Ilsve hardly lte litre o
Aioniigsilt ihnss whlum I have anwDlaioned as being in full .ii any m"uigtIi in I'u him at l '."
business was n me articular lriai---a man lf very lietith The lailorn and I, and rnntlicr one. I have fircrirocn who It
ltasle, e* iscounsideiele power of any kind-this man was, huel tlls n tar prlobailyAd Ad al AbrluL. were obligeul
had he mader greot obligliioun to ime during his iColte to hold Wla by tmuoaifurc upon lui chair, till llb pra;)y was
ceisi, ceasequence of my having frequently saved him finished "
(sam ti* the s of dll Hall ;" hi mcres astonihMled
a esd a kmnew hi Un b anes and kind hiartedc, I PARLIAlMENTARY IREIPOUTING.
determined to ask hi advice as to bow I dwuld proved to
iture o I ed, rly as my renleolio selVe Tlire is one branch of Ila busiaems of asmpapan
ml aS this dir period, I shlL gIve you his word :- which is important in the 6rst degree, because u hdelil)
*I M ar Tee," sad be, de ecrr is very simple, and ImpaTlifty with wm it as truntcti in m mrri-
iad a one of which, when known, your ery day's hule to the responsibility of hle press, and have a power-
espiselMall d sera will latest the truth ; is it his: ful interest on sciy. e l We allude to tir reporting of
giea wlfe, no a r w ht sa she --aill gt a wife ; if parliamentary d rales. Many plane have been suggested
you ar rich, so sath the Ltr-ba4l if you are poor, 1or improving the preset system. That it is defecive.
yret of icm Ie b I greater. Tour friends end and requires aneadmnt. aO e will dely. The Ihuk ha
=I 6 sh0kWe 6nyl, w lle m ist yoo, alltlouh tb- its origin in the suwopoly wLhav alrdly depleauld.
farn e ydid Mtnthiark es a retly good wysr Neiacur theedieiss or proprieoraD newspaper under
drnai lmr e le nMta r, on you will id eltlness tie present regulIti s, have more than a very isekibnt
csop inlgrdually, iou niedIIo it, n you mast if you control over dhe reported in dio gallery. If a lmeI--
are poor, steadly. tifb l Ob"a know I they know of Parliament should onplain that he lies lben made to
ds I"e m leasils ylmAsf to piL em your family-e- y exremss entimnesi which he never rullai, while whlt be
hailmust ylarw eW will In alli spnl s i a Ih id say is carefully suppreaned, ie ready eicue i timl
iaugi hpipieali idy, and del yeor nmild nlat he was Inauihable--po perhaps th excuse is magnified into
ed and d steady. To hai eouros which a aid Mfeit a charge, nod he is openly accused of being ashamed o
Ihadoisied go a alt mI oe my mM anema. lad what be did stale-this accusation being funded on dhe
I remained as you are, upon meansjiust sufficient s dosm evidence of the reported theuselves, iho t various m-
Imyvmafts lJls, I dM mor bbeLriefless, aI you ports exhibit a singular uniformity in fiing him with the
are, inaend of carrying a full bag."-Such as ohe ad- very word which he denies. The mystery is easily ea-
Vire of pow Richlad now, alu! no more. pained. The reporters have their own private predilec.
Nelt day wnt to Court, determined to put his meory tions and antipalhies, and under the influence of tlau,
est,and durlg the day Inquired and foound iou th they too frequently indulge in the cruel sarcasm.if mlakIng
deaR i m flaIn of al *oA who appeared to I'e slumsding some honourable Member a vast deal more eloquent than
at die iu ion; inad onaund thal, with two splendid he is in reallhy-giving him the benefit of a clheer when
eatinM, thby ere all nmrried shortly after coming to there Is a confused noise or a dead silence; while, on lhe
t h a2 d tes two were men who had hoe sian in other hand, u respects other members, they often give to
College and were woass g p dIe ll of the alnmot fur- time simple argument, and the most distinct aniculsatin,
barai hIpe driven on by the goad of the res asgula n air of ingenious obscurity and unintelligibility wlich
da." having now made up my mind that poor RiLhad border upon nonsenise This is according to their sove-
$ was right in his 'rel, I st to work to procure a reign will and pleasure. No editor could take cognizance
wire, with as mulcnc ience as I used to work a proper of this, mn if disposed: for he is rarely present in te
sitlon is erlid ; but whether it was that I fl I was now House himself, and has no other menns of judging of the
ano dity work, or tlht my better feelimi were ircome correctness of the report but by comparing one version
ntotil and my selfish ones now acute, I kouw nut; but with nmther. But the fact is, that the report complained
although I diligently ailddr a several young ladies, who of is a confederative misrepresentation. It is the wilful
oemed nothing bin o I mover could raolu i myu/f act of he fraternity, who have an interest in protecting
surilent degree oi attachnir l to put th necessary isr. each other against the consequences. A new reporter in,
ral'ry to Bsy oMl. RlAinug failed in this punuit, I de- the galry is regularly rshooled in the mysteries of his
irminled(l was now forty-thre years of age) to continue ar, as a fretam is on his arrival at one of the univerrns
a bachels and live as well as I could for lhe rest of ay ties. lie is tld whom he is to favour, and whomnlighl-
da;lse n an)inuVy, which with prudenrce, lhas supplied who is a pel, and who a ,re-s ho is wortlv of beine
all nm1 walnt, uIIIugh not my wishes. The oldy puIOn Iu listened to, and wiho louldl b coi,'Icd idow n-nv oi should

FOR SALE-E-AIt thil fl.*
Bills of Lading,
Bill of Eschange,
Bills of Sle,
Manifelts of Cargoes
Blank Form fur the Custom Houe,
Leases and Release
General Court Wris, *
generall Court Enections,
Bils of Sale for Vsels,
ortgages (with boads,)
Warrants of Atsrvy to Confes Jadlk U"e
Powers of AUtrney,
Attorney's Warrants,
Arbilration Bonds,
Apprentice Indenture.
Police Warrants,
Police Summonses,
Police Permits,
Militia Warrants,
Subporna Writs,
Subprona Tickets,
Inferior Court Writs,
N. B.-Joh Printing exec.irl with ncariness d
patch, upon good paper, and on ieidritler terms
January 4, 182.




itee, d whe dde d he
lllmI.sedwbodmmdl A is
e gallery of the Heme of
Smust ordinary olherver of the r
isis. Tbh seporters es r ch -= '
l ies m-uern. "Wham a m.e
Swonh gdr- M a 1ou--,
saeu me ; "doe't you k.L.,-,,
teow r" and, uitI he eeI S o am
roldbr od dared to wild il
he order. Sdelel Aim at ac "m
lid one of thoe maei to the ret lg
he hackseat, whee Hr. Huatm ewa
tlile o the Reform Bill. Every pes, I
sand coed ilM op.riaton, ad ra i
tated that th honourablemembwe r .
allery from the cries of Oh oh.
greeable mouds which pervadd the a
uct which, to my the heat of it, i far
ble to de Pres. But we are not arp '
lave doe Houe, comideriag the hahiewi i
lie mlmenltr amuie when speaking of 1l-
he absurd difficulties they throw isa tIs le
porting, any right to complain. They aem i1
privileges to a very ludicrous extent ; andias
fishing that those whom they suffer to i a
heir own advantage, and chlifly froia a I
should abuse a power conceded under sich Ii
ions. They lave the power of shouting I
hey please against the reportera-whes das,1
t is principally to indulge a love of popdr /;.
rous and contemptiblo as it aust appear, i
on true, that several of the niust lpular dari
louse more frequently address their arpgue
ernileimen in the g;llely-to their patron il
state-to tie hirelings of the newspape-rahj
Speaker's chair. Tlis gives imlionancp. -a
o theIs persons, who are generally native iI'i
kingdlnm, eating heir way trardas fHum gid i
olnueof the inns of court, and all of womat
livess the embryo race of Chancellurs wil m I
lie woolsack of England. It is true dat thlis
dru4mis he is a King is the Iappiest meo t ia
was horn; and these gentlemen who lodhs i ts
scals, and look down on the representativmad
front die iAthe seat in the House of Coam ,
lilued to much conimseration, sad may dherils i.
lulged in their fancies, considering the repl ldi
lhey are called upon to Ierform, and thie inpblh
dijointed slul T Ithey are ollieed to render im
Englihli. Ti') nuisance is hardly endurable-..,
hll'y hIae Ito lWar, anil tlal whlcirl i is their dilal
upin tlhe community at large.--k'l r's Mia |i
"' "" alte a prnon. is a stLan phI DvhUbi|
hbu sone allillry to knock out his braem."

Poliah Jetrosrw.-4 late ork on Poland si--Neti
uo the lio 'lih Jewe--sse ia ch. ltn r qnile tie mra,
ih II ll lli to ,it I*lrs e rihe charii lih f rthe Ih' 'l. W
D)igii)y, c,,'hl iog i -ii.u r Incl ,i1t h lth umil i lw nstlt h
iwsd itrriw. .ie expressi-l iin i1 li r i ilaughtin lllha
whour nntio I r ilrllln11a Ild dl ,lt are ai ri d iUhesil
of their Iarefllll lers 'Illir I'uiilli uhil .idhll ill cieosuti 1 i us ri I I he ighrll, lie it natural atrarl.s Tl
wrer nl Iltis wort says he "is convincedl that Em mil
been a I'ule."

A Rcmrkabil Charge of the lemrard Me Pi9
an original Aourdoie.-Gientlem'ni of the jary, y
heard tIh evidence against this here fellow ; helle4*
buid lite pentlema who was ms good a to prfl,
of his elTcts and money, but, as far as I alahe
always been a vagabond, a strillei, I think: u tLLi
wenl about with tricks andi faniies. I will Ietl Ypi
snt nhiry :-So ne yards ago, wllen 1 wa aS gaer,
was i fellow, an ill-lookitg dig, sonalewhat lieib
er at the bar, that went bu with a bear st a ;
a troublesome racadl; there was as liviell l
and fancies. So this was very well. I au w 1l0
Jude, but went only on private business HIowevl e
imer after I went that ciruit. You ay be I"*
quolred for my old friend ; Iut, simhow or other, Ifb
ens dead, and the didle was broke. But h-b i rF
think I served the fellow I why, I hanged hli.--lAi

Full Text


S|jr Msi'^^ma ^rjjMsa tji'V \ 4; '\ '>m t^-'^ ^ ^ it. ij j^! i f^|; "" ."'.... 1,1 nil. Mill ti III r^uroiM iifk arc wry |>rtMlin:cive ; ihc luivns ant built v( wood ; tlio y(i|M arauce of llic villages Vt ry tuvHu. • TU'n WHS the rountry of ilie ancient VandaU ; it wu* made r diirhv about ih! finl of the wvtfrith ceniury : in IIm* tenth, x'hri^tianifv was iMfr.*)<). Tl.e forn. of (iovernnient was here very sii.ijidar ; it was ihI,I.I7 inhabitants. Ii, Hiief towns are nromheri' and OS'II. Austria wiyj.lon LilthPoland and Ked Kussia U-avinir to iImKinjr of Poland onlv Saniouitia, .Muscovia,* and I olachia ; even this small territory was wrested from hnn, and in 17115, l.'a oldi^jed tore.ij.Hkiscrown.--That part ot Poland which is subject to Austria, bears the de••unatioo of Hh. Kii,;;doni of (i.dieia and Lodomiria. Its population amounti to |,;J7(),(MMJ souls. TIm' kini,'duni of Ioland is lieredilary in the person ol llMKusMan \nlocratandhi8siicce!i^>rs, and comprises a i'n.iJ-'. "*" \**-*'\"*'i"Mleague,, having a |>.pulation of .<,>v,< ,KM souls. It ,s divide.l into einht waiwodeshii.s iriniely \\ arsaw, Lan.loniir, Lublin, Plof/k, mL' c.ivia, I odolaclua, and Au^ustowo. It rivers are the > ula U arte, Hu^r, Dnieper, Nienien, and Dwina.— The nntio.wd rev.nues amonnlcd (prior to the present contest) to i.-^,-.'HtJ,(HH sierlini,', about the seventh part o\' which was assiirnedto the civil list. Its military force durinn the desjMtic government of the Crand Duke Couslantine, was aMXX) infantry, and :?(K,nfK ravalry ; at present it isW timate.l at70,(H)() infantry, •.(),(KMre ivalrv, and .'itXKkl men armed wiihscytlna. Warsaw, with llfi, IMiidrdnl^ants. IS its capital, an I iwixt siami in succession Landomir oU.iHMI udiabiianis; Lublin, l-i,(HJt) ; and Kalies, H,-*tM).' I In( athohc religion |fedomiiuites, but the number of Jews and Socmians in great. There are more than J,tMKI,(KH> .lews drs,enK-d tlirou.;!. Poland, ind. {wndent ot those resident as merchants in the juimipal towns.— KK-mnmieiiMiuany yr-ars at <"nicow, and married the tlanL'l.t.a of a foJi,h nohleman.^Accordintj u, r distin|5...-k.d Polish historian, .M. Chodzko, tk. population of U.ddhnmi provinces of AnciuMit Poland amounlod. in IX^, 10 about l'>,MKI,OINof inhabitants. but roMed up, and tied on in tlie dark, hy hands not of the cleanest — he wears huge shoes, tied with f,'reat black tape, or what should be black, except that, lik his hat, the vicissitudes of time hath turned them to a hue of hrowij. In this costume he moves alonjj, cheery and pleasant, noddin;i; to many, talking,' to some, and recofni/ed by many, who say, There goes honest old fharlev Welheiell." I am (H-rsuaded there is not a particle of affectation in his singularities — they arose, perhaps, out of the darlinj,' in>tion of his mind independence," and have become confirmed by habit. Many stories are told of the strange way in which lie lived in Chamln-rs, when it was not his custom to come to Court ; they say he had a bit of looking-j,dass fixed into the wall, which answere*! all the porposes of his toilet, and sometimes when some one wHdd come in after he had commenced the process of shavint:, he would (piite forget to complete it, and has iM-eo found in the evening with a crust of lather" upon his hue, which had remained from the inorninjr, without his beiujj conscious of it. {Sometimes he will be seen walkinij rpiickly alonp, hismind evidently full of something, which he distinctly mutters as he goes, when some article m a pawnbroker's shop-window will attract his attention, and he will travel from pane to pane for half an hour, in diligent examination of the miscellaneous collection which such windows present. chaffed so much about a jockey doing i„ .Tf ^ fhought It best to ^un a complete state „1?^^S^ and also to add the followin.r ri.^li^ '" *i^_ ami also to add the following challenges III .'," "^ ^ of w nch one at least I should imagL, ...a V"^ ^'' lor their adoption. I have named large sul ^ *^H my attempting or accomplishiny any of tl "^ Micur a great expensi>, ami risk my health :, ^ '^ and It IS not worth my notice for less i a^ "*"''• to all the sporting men in Kngland, and snrlu "'"' they can stump the ready" against me aluneifl'^"" It a good catch." Should no man or bod ^'^ lorward to take up any one of my ofTvn F '^"^'^ not be bothered with it is nothing to doll„^ ^ can do It— a lul a jockey can do it in eight iJ "" *• on. 1 merely back myself on my own stainin/L'** matron ; and a man of my age challem-inpa! l^ back a man of anvHtre nirain^. ...: ^ f-"""inv ff it ISntema iSHeef i;fr:OKiiE muUH, Editor. ranii 4wmtmm^ WEIi:if:^O^y^ HAHCU 7. i^32. on m JO back a man of any age agairist^nViTumSIiu history of any sporting, and hardly to be U.^* however appear at tlio scratch whenever X ** hoth with the needful and my own carcase J^^ fray. ^* riie following are my offers: I challenge any man 'in the world, of any a^ ^ or carrying my weight, to ride anv distance hi^i Iron, mt to .-,00 mih's, for £'20^); bat if U.ff ride 200 to 250 miles, I will ride tor X]()0(x/ ^r rnle against the jockey of 7 stone, whom "the, J. backing, to ride 200 miles in eight houn. nxtithi minutes for the difference between 7 stone and iJa or l will take £lO,tHK) to £;J000, or £'20^^^ that I ridi' 2(H) miles in H hours, which, itraajtlnAt ed, would be a wonderful |)erformance for U nw,^! and I think almost impossible— at least, a sinffcitaiJ would lose the match, and I should scarcely | u mount anl dismount. 1 am always to be liedi(| Pittsfofd, near Northampton. Your ol.cdipnt wnw „. , „, arxmoK onaxmmx raisford, \S ednesday, Nov. 16 FOETP.T. Rt-rrjwhiim — Mr. Mackenzie, who after hm% nvM from the House vf of Ipper Canada, wut^ ed, has been airain declared unwoilhv to h(dd a tmkiti Hi.nsp. by a vote of 27 lo Itl. p:wsp,| on the Tihin* TV* n-w of Mr. M. was the pbh< arioo of •• Anrik L.la4.'a% • it2rt;..M^MfU^# ,^p f ;^^ SIR CilAitLKS WKTIIKRKLL. As this gentleman has become wmewlMt conspic.mus aoMMig tk' moving incidents of the dav, the following iketch of hnn from the London New Monthlv, may m>l be unmteresung to our readrsdi this time. Sir ClMiries is a tall man wiih a considerable stoop and awmi;inhisgait— his face is intelligent and rather remarkahh. ; the fonlKrad expansive, the eves not lar-e hot etj.ressive of bomoi.i ; tlie noe straight and rather From BeWs Life in iMndun. MR. O.SBALDL.STON'.S LATK MATCH AND (ilALLLNUK. SiK,— As I am |)erfi'ctly confident that a correct and faithlul report of my Two-huiidred-mile match was voui only aim and object, I feel certain you will oblige me by correcting a lew inaccuracies which appeared in your paIKT on Sunday last, and will insert the following in your next week's paper. From your situation in the Stand, it was impossible vow could be an eye witness to every particular, and you w'ere consecjuently indebted to those around the Starting lost tor the accuracy of them ; many of whom no doubt came red-hut during the match with some news or other. The hrst ...accuracy I woul.l call your attention to is—'* a.rt. 7, whereas I am not 47 by s< veral years. This is ol no otlM'r moment than it might be the means of losing some pervin's money, as bets hlTve been marJe about my aije before, and I have been referred to, to decide them. The si'cond inaccuracy is—" that Ikey made a slip anddropp.'da little forward, and I fell over his head," whereas after making the turn round tlio Plantation, from the Stand, assisted by James Robinson and other fiiends, "^'m Ikey stopjK'd short and turned round, but 1 got him off '^'" au'ain, and after going about 200 yards more he made the 'V ^""' *""• '" h^t :<^l••d what counivnian he w^' same attempt, and finding he was likely to bcdt anion" the i '^''"^•" ='"' '^idys, adding. •• and now', ir. ifu> trees, from having only a snallle bridle on without .,i ""' *'••'""••• ^" ^" • -c.i.. tv. ... •• ..:. martinL'ale, I threw myself off He ran back towards the Stand, but was caught hy some spectators about 200 yards from me. I imm.'diately followed, and remounted. When I came in I was not at all llnrried, but certainK shook from tluj fall. The third inaccuracy is— that I saiil I woul.l bet HK> to 1 nolxwly did it in the time I did ;" whereas I obscrvetl to one o( mv friends, who was doubtful •bout the nine hours, I'll bet l(K) to I, I do it in the nine hours." There re men, I have no doubt, can do It in the time I did It, and in much les* who only ride 7 liotprnorof the I' ;nid fhe Advien at ^ tm,, which he charges the House ot Asst-nihly *.lh svcoj^ha.. and also a publuation in fiis p..pcr. the (.'olomal AfWonu. ; which he stigmatiseertineBt qaw-* to him, and ••• i—— i— i -i... i Kent," said the same of you ?'" I am out of the West." say •' |{y my troth." answered Sandys, •• so 1 thought, Wi: wise men come out of the Mast." FOR .SALi:, The Honse and Premis at prescUfcO?^ hy Mrs. Piitier. mmvi ,. ',' ,. '^, .........iii II iigiu or trie up|H.'r hp ami chin ; his voice is goHl but not musical, and Ins manner issmelimes calm and impressive, but, for the most p^rt, his efforts, even u,Hin the nioM im,Hr'tant oc c .sions, are attended by a whimsicality, which is the most d.stmguishm^ feature of his manner as an advocate In lorm,.r liays he ustnl to be accused of ulleness, but, wl^-never Im* took up a case with interest, tl.ere c.uld be no stone, if thrif are to be called men. Many foxhuniers and even jockeys, Ar/^rf the i)erf(rmance. thought it impos-sible to do it in nine hours, but now the very same men say, any /o// can The lloust convenient, w itlia large KitclK-ii adk* attached, chair Iiou.m* and sta'dinf ii liorMs, extensive yanl and grass piece TJM'OSl have iM'en lately thoroiiLdily n-painil, ainl tin. — I • ol the lences ha>e been nevtlv put up ALSO A tract of Land situated nt the Village, roni acres. It is dividi>d by the villape-r(ad into two I .• ' — ••^•^ "cifuiii im rainer ..i,., ...r.. .„ ^ ~: *"" "'"ii'i i.i ... 'P|,ig|i,dti" to at le isVuH.Vrw'^ w sc man oo f iJoulde I western h.t laing interMCfed by iIh^ ., ?/^"4;k ^^r,^::';/""' "'" ^'" ^ hK.1 enough /., the vilhi.e into the Blue hill nwd. wdl ,m//e TL\v "^'^'^''''I.^V'T '"*'. ^^ one or three lots. Apply will pu/./.le all ijje U ise iMen ot tin. Iad I. ;<, *i. .i ii\ii\; will pu/./,le all i1h> Wise Men of the Last. It is the pace which a man is obliged to maintain, with such short intervals x-t ween every four miles, that distressi-s him, from wfnch the muscles have not time to recover200 miles in lOhours wouhl bo no performance to talk of: putlinp on • i>wj, ii^-ft; (.(lUKi Oe DO till III f — — '" iij 111 mon. iLsefuIanadvucate;for,howovefo no performance to talk of ; putting on vu-ws werr shrewd and to the point, ai there is no b^at' /' '"'T* "*''"' ""''*' ^" ^""'" ^''""^ *'' ^•"*' "' inglu.ndown: lie wHI insitt on having the last won! • 'J*^*"** '^ "'^" ^•^""? >=*'" <^""l 'io it in 10 hours. -" • — K""" --" itrotv IS no Dealing him down: lie wHI insttt on having the last won! • Oil yet tlwre is nothing offensive or in hii |.rtmaciiy, imt ,t seems so much the result of honest aeal and u w ruixi^lop with his strange |x?c.iliaritie', so earni.hed with o,ld (pmtations nn^] Imlicrous iliustralions that los op,H,nent is forced to yield to his humour, and to' join in tlH' laugh, lh.ugh he does not win. His oratory U most curious combination of really •rriotis and sound argument with out-of-the-way irrelJ vancy,orwhats,.emsirrelevam. until, 1k, hv si)me od.l Mfiplicat.on, which no one under Heaven but himself wouhl have thought of, contrives to connect it with his ar-umenf His violent exciu ment alwut matters of drv equilv is of itvdt sufficient to give a chi^acter of extr,.me singularity to his pleading in the Court of Chancery ; but wImjh we ad.l lothishis unusual gesticulation— his fronoent use of uncommon and antiquated words— his hits of Latin so oddly and famdrarly inlrcnluced, and his circumlwution wlere the us< ol an ordinary phrase would exoress his .•.. C.^.i .1 II I • i .' '" ^ — .. v.,.,.. u u ,1, ,,, uours, il a good, souml wiml ami limb, and with go^nl pluck.— W K)ever accomplishes it in H hours and 42 minutes, riding U stoiH.'} lbs., will find his stockinu's tkMi up higher than he ever had them tied up before," to make use of a waterman's pJiraiii.-. Various rumours have gone abroad as to the sum I won, kn^Teat exagg.rations exist : ^•o^,^ ^J;^^>0(); some, C.^n.(K; and some even A^WN'HH. After deductiiig all cxjK?nces I shall net not any more than £1S(H>, owing to the supinenes.s and bad adv.ce of my friends ; they would not exert themselves lor me, nor would they allow me to hack myself in the ring, because, they said, I should spoil thebcltinL' • and, If I would only be quiet, they would get phmtv on for me. I followed their advice, but they never bet a shilling for ine bm kept humhu^ginff me to the last-" I, was all right." They knew I would have betted i 4 and even o to 1 on tk> match two nights before, and keol me .piiet to fill their own pockets at 6 to 4, which they •ld pretty handsomely, at mv exj>ense. I never was Septemlirr 17th. • i'""-^'^ "vfiiio fxprpss ins meaning, we find iIh-v all combine to make up his charac-.. v. 1 c' .. •' ^ m— — "t-'ver was t r h.r iw-ceninc.ty as a Chanc.Tv Barrister. When he ^ ,'", •*">' """i^ '"" """'''''n imllsposition, and at no one goes forth into the sirect, he is moie strange than even in I '*""""* '."'^"''' "*""''' ^''''' ^•*^*-'^ hUo \ about the nine hours ; 1 had lime enou-d, to dine with the Lord Foil NALK— At thi^ Olfirt. Bills of Lading, Bills of Kxchaiigo, Bills of Sale, Manifests of Cargoes, Blank Tornis for the Custom House, LeaM's and R-|eaM*s, (ieneral Court \S liis, < General Court Lxecutions, Bills of Sale for \ esson good pa[)er, and on moderate term*. January 4, 1832. DIsroVKKV OF RICHARD CfEPR oTi:?;^ Hm conquering sword had lost its shine— tint proud and eagle plume. Winch vvnved so off o'er Pales'fjne I)r.|o,Mf m the .luageon's glomi^ I ord (rum tlie n.dhons of his fame lh-pn,ed-w|.n.lo! om..,e there ^.me A l>;rd. with tuneful hand. An1 play'd hrn,.:,r|, |,„ ^r.^^^,^ ,^^^^ III twihxi.t's lone def)arting hour, A sung of his f.iir laud! The CMptive monarch herd the Mraia In melting e< hoes roll, Aim! thouchfs of p:rrly hours again, I, ike sunshin*' cross'd his soul ;* JiiN fetterd Innhs, the diinpcon's rell a-nk (II his Iji.un before ihe spell— The dream of hie's young day' lie i.c,/.ed the harp wiihsoundn.;; thrill, Ihroui^h woe h.s solo cuinpaimm still. And sung that island lay .' That som,. his spirit's burning prayer. IJ"II don Its cloudy track; Thev;.|furehearditinihei4ir, And scrpamM its echoes hark • Alone the capriv warrior stood, Harping m his dark solitude. VViiile to his memory s ft lln ovM creeii v.,I|,.v anew— Ills he;.hl.vh.||,,lhe, streams of blue, r lasii d m their beauty by. The sky was calm, the had met, I he day s last ray w.nt .Jown : 1 was (Je.^ *'Uue'i>l. but •.U,4 ...^t liacU lnhl lar in her trown-'-PThc inuiKfrel heard the ,ui.e. ihal ruig. )le knew 'twas Kngland-s Kmg that sang1 * iMi^rland i shore he hi'd I| Hp''''I)lheard himafe: thatsfrdn. from Kur.^,,e'smi:;htiest. broke the chain. And saved an empire's pride. (From niarhr„.„r. .yfyazinrjor XremUr, 1S31. '"A':';^.::,"^-'''""--^ '"' '>M>!y.; ok A.\OI.K!,t.\ AMJ rilKGHusiOK Ills LEO. •J" r.,.l„.,,,„„ f, ,H, ,,,,,„i„„ of hi, principle/': UmI m..,, i-v,.! \\\> ..I. .11 I •'ii*e, M J live, oUboy. ^^^ =*'''•" ^'<:^'" acquainted ai;aiu, my ^^^^ More than your own consent will bo necessary 'V What, tho devil Sieakinir too • C^n I i; /Mrs U 1.1 .1 • I i"-"*'"^. '"o t-an I bobf^ve 7"rs u ,^ ,1,^ ,,^..,,^ ,j^^. r,dd,lcr and his c.K-k 1 K'l..ondam helpmate, why ,i,h, shy of Vou o| j ,> .nd ^fc| not learned to r.n a,ony J^,, ;,,",. ^^'^^ j *tfly iir h:. r i^ •^refu*.. ,|„,ir Office. ^*" """"*. limlHmay J"'rMnay havosaid or done, I nrver c.ndd il l t\'Mi tt.n.M I...... i.r* 1 ":*'^r <^"il(J ilnuk Timos are rfmnged. but prmdple are eiernHl V Jo"y.t UL^imst revolutionary FrHnoe oo n'^ i.ioritiJrL:r^.^i;:r;r^^ •..H,is ol Hv^Tiing Revolution. *'^' ""'-^ n. otly IlT>-;';>- ;odc.r il a ,.^, .. .!-< Just so ""''^'"'•^^^'^•'' ^-^^' And how will it prevent ft? iZ' I'*'*'^''"^' ""' ^'•'•*^ ^^ 'he poonle p.--i .>y pist och::.r.!:r!'::s r;r:Zf:; !^'^" •h *carsot ih. privile,ed onlers ? IW t no T what It feeds on } i., i • .• "* k'^w by .0 l,r bv t. '"'""""" """ ""'"'' v"u ,.,"""• ^y •••rreasing the power nf* ib i you a MiDicicncv of rilh, X 1 V" ''"l"'^ "'"" --l"A'Come tible of iliilbnre. vol.. I— .\o. LXVII. como-,!,,. Ueforn, Dil! i, vorv „„..eprce, con.i„ue ,„„,:":-J.e;;i^Mhe T,':' "->'•-;•• -.^ monsiroiis it was, it was„..l up..,, .h .^,,„"^„/.7".'""": "'•etber i, e„. co..f..:,;.i Ju"-,;.,:;;,,!.;;""""' •">• •••'• ". i. ., own ,.uli„r priul,,,... „^„ „,„"e ^ "Uj r'7 .K2,eld,„,o,h,„, if „,„„„,.,.,„': „„ ,7 *e •Wn i If '""' '^ """" "' ""= Con.ti,uli„ U-Tm, •hen ,1. ebd,np,on, ho burne.i to break a lanee ,i,|, bT n.pju-.e, ,,ua.l, M..o ,h r.g.u,uffin..f Kn,!.,^ '"' "" rase is not inateriallv ri.u„„„,i '^i. ./.; V. ""'"•'<> we of democratic clanger t Ikold instMuiion. of iIh, country. .heTi^J-di::^^^ -'' be. and prciendod. even when ii was very woll k^.ow.T .h ..^T rea obp.t of such ,^ .fectL.:!:!! J::::.:tnn^ must |M.ssawa> b, fore any sano project of practical tZ lormcan lHjo%en tlKMightof. pmciKairol"4'. l"m afraid tliat a iMKsition like tlMi wooW onlv cxas,H.rte the ..ople, and cLuse tln^m, p^-rhaps.t Z tl (.resent njeasure „, a manner that .he may L^ otherwise bo dupuM,d to do ; at least if they do no. ^^ an>^d.s,K)sition to give a reasonable attention to tlicir denJvfl. f '^'"P^' I "Ppos,.. th,is, that iH^cause w would ikeTan Vr T "^V"*'"""' "^^'^"^^!f "'. '^.y would lake care to create real bs reasor an t to l^ tha, tlHiy act ; but Ik, it far from my nublo' a J wirU h ^.""r"^'">^ l^'^'y o the f,Mdesi and tin. most of the ,>oople. The present Reform Bill, while it I i t a v unsett es every thing, establishes nothing. I, b po^^r J cuoiigh to disorganise, to subvert, to derango, to E ho frame-workaml iIm) machinery of our old con.s.i.u .mill onarchy; but no one deceives lnm.df with tl ^ wi rif''';f^'r,7^"'"'r"'^"" resuu fro.„ i,. ,; >ll IH, If It should pass, but tlH. beginning of cUnres l)o you yourself imagine that things can remain .i.tToXy An^. It would be very hard to say. Wc lire in .. ape when nothing h stationary. If wo col rl]L^ we are, I confess that I do rfot vry earnestly Z^ ^ exi-K-nce -hat untried form" of flditical ^fn.'^T^: I.Kli we are tending. But that cannot bo ; iUeZJull Lave s,H,ken out, and something iust be done. ^^ Trd Iv r^; 7 "u' "^'""'''r '" ^"'b wick.d and ll the paragraphs which hav ap,K.rcd in the publl* I .|^r. hare comr Uurrt from the Trfnsr^^n^^ ^ ^ nouie which would m^wi. to Ik: lor tl. 4.uver.eL and urging them on m the prajcution of ibeir revolMiIary measure, has ken produced by a specitm of political .n Tni'T'"' ''^ hen.selves. The j^eoid.. are lie.inning to ftnd ht out. They also begin to ice that H^ J5 motive which prompted the present wrheme was, that ihev might ko...p ilM..r Hacoa. You may depend upon ,., ihen^ ore. that il the Lord, are firm and do Un^iV dut;,T^ I wZ'I t ' "f*^'j'""'^ <"••"" l-lH'I*r violence ; altlnMigf, w,fT no d.sgmce that august asscmblv by sup,K>.lng that Ihey could be influenced by apprehensKin's. ^^ ^ nfV ^'•^.""•••^ <*-< joint. Look to Ihe sute of France If ihey ,^oct U> bill, one do. ot knor what may happen. Le^. But if they pass the bill, it is rery easy to fore. *>'Mi Mould 'lMv/;rr/ \ 'V^ "^^'""'J ihmk ••''"^'''^ovtinateriallychan'Ted If Jill .11 I "^^ "* ^ ^ """' '''ey pass the bill, it is rery easy to foresrf. k-. uV^r Uli"^ T' '"'^ '^'-^'^'''^^ •""• ''^ l-mocratlc force ore? ari.ilr. ^I''"^ ''"'"'**' T*^ '"*"' *''/'/>'. their legrsla.ive funcTioTwiS h ncT S^-^ wodtl n ^"^'^."••M'ttha,yon,my Lord '"'was when AngUv J0.1 C^^^^^^^ T'^"""' '''^e | Wtb l>e at an end. They Cdl no k>nper ^ I Pe^ of •^^ princ deV ""'"' ^>' '" '^"^^ '^^" o.U^^M to the Senator, and o.u t pr^lo ,u ^P" 7^ '" ^'^T' ^ ''^' ^'^ '*^' ^"^ ^^'^ ? ThTshi W ^^^ 7,: I. n Constitution. "'"" P'^^*^ """0" ^o * o^ a monarchy, the substance of a reonbi; ^ tT^7. • W V ""''^'' "^"^ ^'^""*' 'J"h. rioh.nhlin h-t ^^'"^r Urllli '""''' l'""^"*''" ^'*^"'-" ^ho complin.ent. of a monarchy, the substance of a republic ; nay. I .hould rather .y. the exj,ense..nd the pageantry of a monarchy without it nl /t;t ,vp .1: :... __ J -• y . "•"•*rcny, awl*' ^"^ Wise \i. J .•••'|M,„-„ „, ,H? more wittv ^'"^,:ri, Vf^„r;i'".' ff-™*" j:'-n.idoc, „,; '^•l ul. „ 1* " ."''"'' >"" y^'"^^' ould have •...rC'""-'"'"""M i^euupon ,1h, plain, uf '^"'ith wl il ;V "">^ •*""'"' '""' ''"h >bem tl,c fcl "'•''"m Bii? ; '''" '"""" "' "= '"PI-""" of ,be Mnr, ^ • "" ''""•'"" """I l governed by '"•,„r f,w,..," ,„„ ,.„,,j „^,hi„k „ bavebu. one cour .o'pl,™ el ,o J"„„"-. T "" '"'y^ T ""^'"''"' •"' ""• '-." K-wTt corn,„e„ced „„. Ik, .;.'^::u.s: ZZ^Z would W. ruin I""' '"^ "'' ><"""'f '"" "'" "'• /v?. Ala, my Lor.l, how differeni i, ||,e feclinir wi.h h,chyouno„ rive ,l,e word of c..n„n,nd .„ advene from tbaf t ft. .i.:^i. r •"''*nce. from that with w-^.irh, on f.meroccriZ "'''"''*' ""^^ of France ha, been produr;d hy the rolen 7nd sioned me l so^ .he roVeUryoT;r • ^1^^ ^f of^Zr r ^''^'''^^^ ^' '^ ^--" "P0 ^^^r.;;!^ sioned me l soi^ .he rowel of your i. '* ^U^^":, your charger ? I shall only say. that if the Cll^r^^ not possess the courage and tlie virtue lo oIT^ t1.^ W.V lorn to the madness of ihe p,.ople. the Mc^aTch "f Lngland n at an end. F, who have heard the roar of tl^ cannon, and seen tlH.. flash of the sabr... in a hundred hgh..s. would rather, a .l.ousaud tiim-s. be cut dow hke t^fie Romm .Scna.e of old, in the discharge of mv here! ditary duties, and the defence of my ancestral privi leg tlHnlK. a consenting party to a measure so fraught wiul rum dni\ degradation. ^ • • • • Relbrmofsomc kind we must have. That\ Ministry are now recommending with res,>ecMo Kneland'^ Oh .my Lord, if we look to France, we are to looi to K as a warning, and no. as an example. ^ut'^'f r^"" """u '''T'*'"'^ ^'""^' '^^The pi^nt state of France ha, been produced hy the rjolent and uncnnvtitiifiona '.r*.,.,...: r ,> m-. -^ "** An 'J. of the peftple. f^e. And what pro!uced that aggression T Mind, I 'lo not pistify It ; I ,ny not one word in it, vind^ation. But I ask, whHt produced it 1 Your Lordship dot^ not ^nippose that the French Ministers, of mere wantonn^ inc.irreeing liable when fhey suspended.he Constitution? No. FoIlgnac thought hin^elf excusaidc for the conise which I a.lopte

* _-• -^^ ^U.:f^ b,> f r. f !i \ ^ if k'. l ri^f iii^aMr^5£S!S2i ^s "t^ V: OJ.V i , Kj ;ja oerU>n: ibt >! Utuii&ilil^ <*ud lUe crvii. TlMsFrnMrh Miowlen iNvrely at^7qi)u) (vrtiiiif> U f mort micoAMiUitMmiit wy) i rMMire tlw btUiice. Tlnfy ftHed ; and Um cv, mnd • Uovrj>•Uuntfnt of na I KHial <•••••" *•'** inj"*'*ce. Tin '.le are llini wiMch otjiflir nC, uif ly, to Jrai ihc wiae pt;uple of r.iiKllmri fi4im ilie ancient Wtfyk*' uf iheir uUi cuosiiiiiliifMii io)i(Cy tr indtirtr'thein to Mbafifiuu Uh>h lale^oarJit which are tlHftr only sucurity agaiunt tl(e aiUMiiies of ruvo' ,4a^. WIkii do you iiMfaii T /^^. 'I'liH iiif1u(!iiC4; whit It tiifl Crown uriti our Nohn Utv |>.ilhy with, Hfi|M>Hilioo to, tltv otiMT two estHfi;!* of tlif icaliii, wtt)HM4t ialJK* slightest d'^rw \nt*inu^ itn t-fticieucy, or runi|roiiiisint; its ind*|M'ndctK.e — an im|kulMi wfiich Icnijer witlMHit retraini>R, which gui(i'H without controlling, and which dirwctt, without unduly •nrroachitij,' upon, t^R* hfk\ aiwl priviljf* of tlitr doniocnicy of Knf^dand. L.. -J .! ?gg^ the opporwniiy being afforiied lo tiie latter, of lebut the falM, U mtli€H>^ aceuitHn ; where no eiicmif a^titing Port of S\m\n Gajtettes oC Trintdh crtiit toon.* of Mtinine pfOfmM>iiictiat, or any otlittr species of Sectarian preacliers, anHM)i( 4ur Out Uiand net^roes, and has chosen this wry /it und/>riY*reach tlie doctrines of his master in humility and in truth, sad unprovided with *• shoes Of Krip ;*' and unless owr '• worthy (Jovernor*' was to resort to some of Ult sable admirers of sound inspiratiua, we are at a loss to know, how he purposes to fill up the muster-roll of bis mission, and of (his chiss. As of iIm Jaaiaica Ba^icists, we would pronounce, that tlie the Editor 0/ tkt BaMmma Argus. Stm,— But one answer ciuld be given to tlie siveral qorstiens projHuindtrd by Rxlerick Raitdom ; and not nae i aiaa througlHwii iIm* extendt'd raogr of tliese devoted U' Uads, who is honest, and has any brains, but wool*], 1 assert, give that answer, innumerahk; are the qw^stions, having a similar lemlency, tliMt could be put, and with equa> facility and triitli, cmiW be r plieil to. Happy is ttiat |wiueit where legally con>tiiuU'd nistitutioas, from whigi^ have emanaH^d great iN-oefiU to its iuiiabiiauts iastJIalioi}! admln'd and respected, tliai never, by tlie mnmf land of power, Imva k^cn so inteifend and trilled with, ti to haveU-'omie liie contempt of every one. f ordinate is titat land, wliere tl.e ear of tlie gicat is not km tu every worilile>:t i$Uve, against his ma>tei, without meut ha. been giveo^by 7^l*i.liii '".' ^i*>^^ *"'**'*^"> l?*!.^?.!;;!!..'!''^^ ?i!* ll!!*' !?.!^'** J* "^^'^ ^l**!!!!3!i'!riJao.l.or (Jfeai Power, that sen.Hi, and luutim justified ''^^^Jl^^ll^^^^^;^;^~^^^r autlKjrities j lutions, and protest against the ordei, aH bST--?^ and mutiuousVihV!o7 JT^y^biirw Uiey receive. Uiey. are j Crown Coloniw.and will, tlie Prpt*edi^p''^7,% die Ut tmlmu$. Degrad^nl is tlie stale ot that meeting recently held there, at whidi ir^4 Jjy M fj^ jZ^^M % — i>uf readers will recollect, that, *** **'• V^ucipally femulfd uu ths artw U? m the Kaytish Cou^laa^. we slated tlial the influence of Rus'"^ *"'"'*^ ^^'* murnlajj. aad the reoewal af repoits (whicb lujwever, ar positively coatradtcted lO iba auoiStenal evening papers) of (b refusal of Austria to ratify th treaty haviag been received by the French flovrrnnieot. la *^entHiianed of the ratification of the Treaty m^ oea uiater, w against his luve, and fren wh..m a legal punishment Iwd bcea awifded ; fhat audi puaiibiueftt gliould ui only haw been eitlier mitigated, or>ntirvly dooe away with, but that the Slave *bouId have been tlie bearbf of a repriiHumJ to his master ; a masur from whom, he liad confeaaed tliat, from infancy to manhood, l>€ had never received a blow, and tiad frequently paiuken at llie same lime, of the Jtaiiie meul, and out of die siwue dish wilii hiw. Enviable, indeed, must be ibe situation of Magistrates who, lor tlie mild sentence (jf a^duzeii. strips of a tat-o'-niitetails, com()osed of nine strands of packthread, to be inflicted on an abandoned pioatiiirte, and for a crime that would httve hung you or me, i>ix— ^^^*^ "'A*'* — t^'at "*;'• Magistrates should have been admoiiislied, and liave been told, that it was tlieir duty to reform, and not to resort to such cruel atid severe puniahimnMs, that deaden the feelings and destroy every sentiment of delicacy ; and contemptible must be such appointipeots, when laws l^lthfully put in force — laws sanciiooed by the sign manual of tlie ruling power — tliat tliese ^9gistrates should have been by that very pov^er, either deprived of tle emolument of any )tiice they lield, or altigether dismissed from the magistracy. It is i>|>osiMe to say, where such occurrences have taken plai\j ; how direful, at some period or otlier, may be ilie constrjuences. We have a painful and a luelancholy example, lit a sister Colony. Though 1 have heard that there i sU(:li a goveinnteni, as 1 have de^crib'd, some wliere or otlier, you well know it cannot be liere, ior in a fdmotis paper lately publiitlied, in the slia(>e of a petition to the King, every virtue tindei Heaven is ascribed to flrar great man — a perfect nomtn non habeu ri^cuum rrpUrt. Tlie Hpplausill do their tcurk : the rutM oj iVest India pruporty, though attendid by the annihilatwH of the owmer, It has been said, thai these Islands, as well us tlie Antilles, have been formed by some convuUion of nature ; uity is it, that tliey had not all been united, and have |ufuieowcr, wlio has both stn>ni,Mli ami willingness to receive us into lU embrace. The saUa, the spv, tlie designing, and tiie sycophant, eitht^r liking aftei ottire, or anxious to retain that which' He has, may rail tliese lemarks disUnal. Disloyally, Hir, ha* never yet lieen countenanced here — it never has existed ; and as convincing proofs can be given of attadiment to our Kings, and to the Ciovernment, (aad by sacrifics dear to man as his very existence) at can be produced even in Britain itself. Tlie days of Praise-(Jod-Barebones are fast approaching ; for when a Mioistr, your obeerpeiraiors of these unlawful outiat^es. The (lacket Tyrian," noticed in our paper of the ioth ultimo, to leave Jamaica on Tuesday, tlie 14th, was letained until Saturday, the 18th ; and by tlie arrival there or. the 15d of the brig Krin, from Belfast, last St. Jobn's,(Antietja,)wlirh she left on the 9th, we observe that the Mail Boat from Baibadoes wat in the offiing w hen hf left, and telegraphed thai ihe M th first January Mail on board. Tlie prfcxua • Order in Council," sanl out fbr adoplion in the Bahamas hat been carried into effect, at the Islands of Trinidad and vSt. Laoa, and, by extracts we have gtv:ii below, it will be teen tliat tlie inabiunti, io both places, have entered their protest against iit operation. and resolved to petition both Houset of Parliament for redrcts. -Prwa the Antigmm Weekly Register n t St. John's, Feb. 7. Papers from several of the Mands in our neiehbourlMod have been received in tlic course of the (last week —The powerfully, though respectfully drawn up, wn hy Mr. Jackon,after a very eloqUCtimpeech ^id Petitions to .|he Kmg and both Hoiitejj jiffi founded uppn the resolutions, w^ *^ prtilI3*IJ tlie concluaion of tlie meeting it was p^onostj)OfMi?^ instructions being pr killed, wounded, Ac > VOrdtng o wAoMkl rta^ f mrnm lrit||| Belgium and Holland, agreed upon by (H^, CircnijMitances have Just occurred to thai we.wej"e peihactly well informed mh the ^ that if aay ratification sliould arrive tidier kttjiisP' A**"*''*'*' 1 T"*^ ^ subject to so many moas ruiMha: it uocessary logo through the #hOle fftt. Indeed, it is confidentlly stat'.i th;U therle QI(igialion heforu the time fixed noon by the *VplJ,o period, via. the 15ih instant. L ft^p^l tu the modificalions which are spoken 6T ^f^n[n which Austria and Prurtsia would ht,> ia taid that a daiise omisi be added, l^jliB ^hh article, relative to the navigation of the il(r4a'"* by the IKdgiaop, and that a declaration *U0^ defining tle navigation of the river Meuse, jtjxwws throu^di tlie town and fortress of Maesia U) prevent fuiure disputes — Um) object of these (iaa bein;; ti respect the rights aiid dignity of the 4 |)m Ni.tluirlamls. We bear also tliRt Austria and g (Ucliwe to tfuarMNtee tlio anaaaf piryumiil by BelJ ^ eight million^ foiii harnired thousand guilders '^ m.rliaiJ of tiie interest of ilie debt, on the ground '^jj^ a guHrantee iiiiplviiig a doubt of tlie integrity of l^[Klil. Shmdd thesr' modilu-alions be adopted, -fM>t>" ^ """'' ""'^' '•*^'" pl*<-'e to enable th<' parlies ji^c tlie Treaty, or rather the Convention, for such imiis new character. — Cutvier, f|iClmi'i <^>'ril held on Saturday, stt in delibeH^jw.iriiical circles for several ye.irs oast as within imtfew days. ChImimji couriets liave lioen crawiag ^i(.! ..I'out in all direci^mt very nniKual .narin?r. Thi mutt be some^lery ijnp4>rtant in hand to occasion all thit bustle. :i4 cabiii'it ciKii iun went acruts the Chanmd on lufilar, und five iiiorf* Allowed on Sunday. — Indeed, so coftseq\iPo*:e of this the Funds have again declined m price. ThFi per ctt. for cash have fallen 1 fi. J c. -, ih^ThreA per ctt. I fr. 50c. ; Fur the end of the month the Five per ceat^ hve declined I f. t r. ; the Thrac pr Cents 1 fr. <• c* It N. how*r, rmsHiaible that. thp iiclg tag Loks ht risen \% 6>r cash. The Four per cents, %)o, in cunsequfncc of soihe heavy demands, bave risen ;>ac. f^ Every perton about fa leave these Jslomlt, after having resided therein fm the space efrHmrv days, mas give security at the Secretary's OJice, etrput up his name in said OJlceforvirrzEH DkVBprevitnu to h'udrparture--af' ter which^ at any tisne during poKTy->riva days, a Ticket may be ohtaimed. NAMFS OF PERSONS aaOITT TO OHTAlIf TICKETS rot BrAaTl'aE. Stst December Fehx Casimir Ruby 9th January Thnmait Turnbull liih Klixaeth Barry inth Aptiey Welh 90ih ** John J. Forbes td February Alexander Harhen 14th Henry HaldwiQ 14ih * Alice Tucker 14th * Matilda Wail 17th • W. I. Alexander tuih '* Calharioe Kves rth March Frfcnois Mt Kee O t Friday nett, the 9th instmni, AT rnt Vr.NI>l'B NOl SB, At lO 0'01*ck. JL. M. Will be St>ld, Com, Potatoes, Clieese, Ciers tro rtat (<) to the 2^ doa conference, which now serms filce Prussia and Austria have also hesitated to adopt fc *• of the awanL..-* .,v Frcna ihe New York CWvr 4" Enquirer, if)tk Ml** In the internal politics of France, "'''*J/"' JjJJJJr ance haa occurred. The word *' subjects,'' aprotOH; agaioM il ^^ ^ neral La Fayette, with six others who were •**'' JJ"^,,, dtb^tiuing in question, have written to the CN""** j^ss ilieir Hss;nl to the princqiles of the P*^'^" ^0*^ The debates on the Civil List siill contfijoed. ^ ^ iiiliions of francs had beur|)ose of receiving repairs, having sfirung a leak, and received much oUier damage. Part of the cargo, which consisted of turpentine, was thrown overboard, in a galo from the N. E. CUIUMT CHURCH PARIHH. fpti of the j II Courts. The coiifi.'rences at Paris between the lie corps have been, iliM known, within a few days, SI fi4|m;iit than ever. All this indicates that important ijaiaiiuns ar(> on the tapis with the various ('ourts which nr>'nt appear in a convulsed state. Russia, during the ft, wiH act wiih a high hand, 4nd try to bully the ether mn powers into licr views, whidi no doubt France t.^Situ, Ai ttxtfaiirdinary courier arrived at M. Falck's, the tkuMilur from tiie Neilierlands, lai* on .Sniurday night hRtliv lla^fiie. Baron ZtiyU*ti de Nyevelt, the Nelher4•^Ml)ll^ler, on a .sfHtcial mission, viMieiirtceiTtd liwday, dated Jan. 9: — Sunderland : No avesMs, recovei'ed 1, died I. Newcastle: New cases *.scuvnred t^nited States, re<]uets all persons having demands against him, to render tbeoi ; and tliosc indebted, to make payment on or before the HHh February. All accounts remaining uapeid after tliat date, will be k;fl at the office of G. P. Wood, Esq. fac recovery. Janu.trv7ih. F. TURNER. IVOTICE. IlE S \LE of tlic late E. J. Solomon, Esquir*a, Stock in Trade, by order of the Executors, com' tisting of a valuable and exteniive assortment of Dry Goods, Hardware, Sic. dtc., will poaitively take pUce hy Public Auction, early io March next. Terms will be made known, previous lotlie day fixed for tlie tale. HENRY ADDERLET. February 4th. OR SALE BY PRIVATE BARGAIN— A Lot. of Land, in the Eattern District, with a iubitaniial Dwelling Hooae and out buildings, now the raat de ace of the S4ibscriber. Anotlwr Lot, adjoiniAg the above oa the Southwaat, with buildiogt, dbc ALSa^ A family of Nefroet, ftve in number vfel F H ineof|10 • d, that the •AVING fixed theassi/.eof aaF.AD at thi per barrel of superfine Flour, ()rrlr shilling Loaf do weigh 21bs. 4ot., tnd the aixpenay Loal lib. Sos. By ortkw trf the Vestry, DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk. Vnrrar Room. 7ih February, 1832. I IVOTICE S HEREBY GIVEN, that Sealed Tenders will be ^ received, on or hofiire th^ 12tb day of March netl, iths. Houehion, Hihon 1^^ .„^i^g,,^Laws,Hud other puWk 'papers, according dieW 4, remaining ill 20. ^ ^^ ,roVisiont of the Act of toe General A^^embly of these Islands, of the 45th Geo. 3d, Ch. 14th. L\wy iuforination will beeiven 00 application to '-*-"' -^ O. ARMBRISTER. February 11th. T HE SUBSCRIBER, intending to lca%e the Bahamas for shia, IX months. Another family of Negroes, thrta ia atuDbar, tu i Eliu, 9\ yotirt. Rose, 2^ ditto, Jane, 3 nrv>nlhs. An>ong tliem tliere are Washers, Ironers and Haos* Servants. AAD ALSr}^ •* A Lot of Land, containing about twaly-eif|4it acres, situate on Royal lilaad, adjoining on the wett, Und of . the late Benjamin Barnctt, deceased. ^ Terms, du*. will lie made known, on application lo 0*9 Subscriber, or to Messrs. Ileniy Cireeaalade it, Co. If not disposed of before the 1st April, they will, oa that day, be soM at Auction. FOR NEW YORK, The fast sailing schooner THREE SISTER.S. For Freight, or paatsga, apply ta Captain Glaader, or H. GREEN8LADE ic CO. M arch 7ih. ^ '* FOR NALE. The choke of 2 Lots of Land, w'Hh'(^g'| buildingtind improvements tfiereoa, Sttuat^' m Prince's street, generally kaown by the aaaie oi Ligbtfoot, or Cupid*s Row. For Terms and other particular t, apply to the ftakM tcribart. HENRY GRCENSLADC dk C^ • '' March 3d. 1__________2J_* "TO BE LET. that pleatanUy trtuatetl *Ho4ise and Prerm^es, lately in the occapatuin of Henry Adderley, Esqaira, with tniinediMij possession. A^ply to C. 8. ADDERLET. January 28th. H^' jpr^ X: V J'Cni,are7'J; dUlolVees,70t Dutch, 4() ; Spanisli, jJ^>aUI^Mj|; Br;iil. 4^3 j 44 \>Belgian Scrip i.> 2 to JlUjoaiat, owing to a great deal bavirtg Uen sold this ^JJ*t : nomi^ir socyritifss, having been quoted. "^ ^i*c4.—(x)n!iuis are b^S 1-8 {. From fht Jdmdon CourieT of 11 Janunry. ^wel yetr.lay thai a (J.>njamrh:d \wen mi\e thai the Uat I *^ ^^^ ^**** eM;hnife of raiificiifions of the treaty of 4, J*"/^ •*''' ••' |>rI.Kiefalfimti oVior*.— The njMrkel " n>eeo ihruv%n into aj;ii.ition bj the fear of approaciiJOSEPH THOMPSON. MCITICE ZA* T FOR HMsWs. TVHu^ and Premises at present occupied hv Mrs. Po^iier. Tlie House is mr>niy and ,....^^ nnivenient, with a hirge Kitchen and wasli bowse HE 3UBSCRIBER wdl pit m suit, without dit, J|llattacJd, chair house and ^tabling for thr crimination, all Vendue accounts due for the last ^,,,^„ eiiewuve vard and grass piece. Themif buiWmgf., year, with interest, if nt^ liqoidated by florn day. ; ^^^^ j^„ j^j^j^ thoroughly repaired, and the er.ww-part of the fences have been aewl> pil up. f.ALSO A tract of Land sitwnted at tlie Viilaft, contiHAiog 250 acfwa. It is divwhsl by the vilbige-road iatotwo Lnta, tha western lot being inU'riiectMl by the new mad h^adnig ifoai^ OST .\ Bunch of Trinkets, consisting of two ibe vdlaee into iIk' Blue lull roase jiersons wlw are iodah&ad, will govata ihetnseives accordin^y. HENRY ADDERLEY. February I8tb. Jjj kevs, a finferrinp, and watch ring. By hsaving ihin at this oftce, llie linder will be Uberally rewarded. March 7ib. if! i i \ M I -f f i *W -

.i. Yt,. n ^ m M f !Jl T \'\ ^ i\ I .It I li )> (-•o.\n;sM().> ^%€ Ma'^amn 0rim> OLD ItAtllKI.OH. I oliuu l Uil evorbee,! .ad.eJ 1 Iil4j ll|flITi4.'d t'UlllflMl'u llioultj b I k li MtlM'f dilif,TM, itn'-l "It time riiv..d by my b.,.MiM, ur lo .i.,M„lat,. „,v rxmi.u.s I I -Y of .,.1. ..,..,;,,,, ,,,^ „:„::::, '.r;,. '^'^"^" •" f[a Jr^.c iHN.ily rmlv, 4d rrvisitcd tU•' Mr v.;,. .U;.ys a ..nt.l;.r h„.J h.^hly chTwhin -verv antiquated arid iiiiiusing character, li^Moiian.J iMdiii.s.— lie never and for *'itli tittlr fjrufit Un tu idia^iius gy \umuu of -raps of he had 'at.;., rod' had'?!! r^"*"'' T' T^"' l--ir. NotHi.., excited hr1„i';'L:l'''^ '''''' "'' by fli'orv <( JXpJured idea in srieiice, ny all bt rell backx-ai, l,..n Mr. H„„, 1'" """"rt^' hoilile 10 ihu Krforn. Bill. Ki^/v *'*•>•./!?*' ...and c<.-i.K..d i, opt-iaiion. .„,1 .l"*"' ""ij^' gallury Irom i|,c cri,., ,.f .. ^tT •''!1iii.,^:> ol.l-;'"^^. *mi cries of Oh I Bfe'reeahle sou,wl.s nluch pervaded the ho^" duci which, ,o say the leat of .,, -^tT' '^^h able to the Ires8. ut wo arl '^'<>'WtJ Tin: HAil AMV AK(aJ.S. PUIII.ISilBI) HKMl-WEKKLV IN NASSAU, N. T. St?ht Pollars per annum — In advance. "i^v. th ;"' 7'^> "•••' '• ^ Hd iH,itr(m.,u.d bv -.W I ;... rolled o. ..v.rl ve.^ *ny (*iiijtor • "-ratmner, and alwayM will, a ve the llou5e. considorinV;; ''^/"'P^ u I .e members assume when "L ^int TT "^1 Cl.e absurd d^iruultie, they thi'o^ • "f,!"Jo^.t' 'm inr, ) Mmt I now rhou;W)t that I n.tlu I I 1 *yof H |M>rt,ng, any nght to complain. r\w^ prmlege to a very ludicrous exten : Ta nisiin| those whom they 8,21'.^^"* eir own advantage, and chilfly' rom I' T^*** sbould ahu..o a power conceded udell'^^S •ons. 1 l^.y have the power of shut i .^'"•' 'M tbey please ajrainst the "' ny profesh>n, nmk attan, l^i.-dn promiw-H me when first I b.. 'lie t'liiinenco my ";.i...w,,,.,„:;irrr=-;,::'^ri'!:^ tenets of l.d.ef tot.n]; dulWod "'tLh'''' ''''*'"^ ^^^^'^^^ 'heir with acrunon, J. U = X, /, '^^l ^^^ ----i on b^'ave.l hHc.,d;;ei;ar.dthre.te ed rn lL VL ''"'""' '•"'^'' i^aidlaw perce^^ed that Z^V:^ ^^d T^c!;^ "''""'""^ ""'^"• i'lK-y I aa^rainst the 'repjr't;,;^';;;;;"*'' ^ ^l 't s principally to indulge a love of n ",'**''"^tf; crous and contemptible as it n.ust anT''*^'' ^.^ -. true, that sevct.l of the n.^s ,! R" '^^^ FCSTP.T. 'orth in my ^ as a forlorn hope : it WM so anxtooi to receive them. pv>MiM*d HpletMhMir ; hut, alas it w *eiiM-l HI if tlwrr^ ,rero House more Cfnilemen in 1 -^ •ivy ni frequently address ij-ir '^"^ ^^ tl.o g..lleiy>-,o thei nLr "^''^ •'•stato-to the hirelings of the ne^ ^^^^'" r ll •, Nl-aker's chair. Thfs givelt /oST:::^ to th.s. person.,, who are generallv r^^;'"*^?^* "g.lom, eating their wa/ towan. iZJt'' '^omeol the inns of court, and all of „ K "* ^ -Ives the embryo race of ChancViL:.^.?-^^ tbe woolsack of [England 5n wl,o|(M,k/-^ pre^eniafitejnf o"seofCom^,^, was d born ; rtwr and these genilemcn whoM/-^.,;;' seals, and look down on tl repre^en arri nil'^''^^^ from the htahesi ,eat in the House of r'** f*"^ "t'd to much commiseration at d ^v r"'.';'" "Jgd ,n their fancies, considering Zl ^'^' ^ ^H^ recalled upon ;op.^fc!:;;^^^ disjointed stulf they nuirh MNMi '"lo lire world— iliai [ ".-mi. u.,,„„ l^'iw'Iv' "' • """ •""' ""' ^ -'"""' I i..iv;„::„': ;; .zj-ir-'i; buMnew wa, mie pariirukr |riei,|._a man r ^ '"" IwJ W .Oder i.r..-. ..l.i;,....:..„ "' ""V '^"*l~th ,„an 0., lU dUl. period. I .1,, -";,, """^^'-o ..VH, My de,r f ,,..• „,J |„_ .. ,^^ ^>j'.MiarencK. .o nnnh tl.,h.ntrr~l^if T "'"^ '^ ^m, cimr^ ^ ,ucre h the nra^or V ^''r ''*' *^^' UVif.l^l,,^.^,,^!,'^^^^"; Vour friend, .nd j.e ,H.,v d^ not think you • X"n. y:^'';^;';^' '^ dr.,^acmmoft derlan,i^, and you wi^L K^"'' *^ CouH, m ijrHdoally. if vuu attend to H \,[ ^''t r 7^'" -poor, steadily, ti.i. y<^ ^.ni^i^^:; f '^Z, >l*ii you ma*l vim youimelf to, on voor ,nP T k.ow tll V. mr e..uuM,s wdl Jw alit: "^nt t;"";: I remained as you are, uixm mean, iust .tr! '^-'^ a* you I*"*" tiic id. now, alas no more. Th PARLI VME.XTAKV HKPOiiTlMl, of IMTform, and tim iim,li,'bu'rj f^"gl,. J,. 1 be nuLsance ia hardly endunhl^.u tl'^7 imve to bear, ami that which it LtU 7 "^ upon_tl. community at large. J/l^r'^i^^V^-ct tj;;;^^;er^r;h:^;r;:^-^^ y^nii^. teelmg, ,e,„|,., melancholy. a„.l „..• unrl..--..Lof their torefather: ThX;^;^^^^^^^^^^ wnier n( this wo,t aay. be "is continced ROMAIC l.OVK SONG. BV U*RO liVHo.N. I enter thy garden of roses, Ik-loved and lair llaidee, K;u li iiiorriin;' wlnre Fhira reposci, Tor surely ( nee her in thee, ^h Lovely thus low I implre thee, KiMcive this f ii(l tnitli tVom my tongue, >Vliii l> ulKifs il< ;bt shdl he swett to luv .-.oul J 'o cruel: III vain I implore thee,' M> heart fnnii these horrors t save: >ili noiiiiht to my bosom restore thee ? 'I'beii open the ^jates of tlie ;iruve. Ah i!ie tiiief who to combat advancen, Seciiie of hi.s eoriquest before. Thus thou, with those cye.s for tl.v lauret. n.i f pirree.l through'mv heart' to its co* All t.U ,ne, my soul! must I pencil My p. n^s which a smilo would dispel T \.Mil(| the hope, wliieh thou once ha.l'st i "f twrluie repav me too well | Now siid IS the ganlen of roses, I5rl.n.:,| |,ii| |;,|„. Ilai.lee I There I li.ra all withered rejiones, And mourns oer thy absenre with me. w, that the r.mhcation should l>e exchanged together with tho^e ol a// the other Powers, but not otli<;rwise ; cusequenlly it is as a dead letter, suj.posing that either of the other I'owers refuses to ratify. In publishing these facts as they have reached us, we merely lulhl what we conceive to be our duty to our readers. \\ e may, at the same time, beallowtu'l to evpres.s a bo{)c that these new dilfKullies inuy be overcome." Tbe French Ministry have been defeated on tbe nucslion of the Civil List, and Louis IMiilipjH. must be content to meet tlH various objects it embraces with an allowance of 12,00(),(XK) francs, (i:4H0,HH).) Since bis accession, bo has been permitted to draw, provisionally, i:(M),(MK) per moiiih, so that he will now have to set an e.vample of economy to bis subjects, by making a revenue of one-ihird less support the dignity of tbe throne with becoming splenLutidon, Tuesday Errn'ui^, Jan uarif \7 It appears by tfto Paris Papers of Sunday last, ibat the debate on the Civil List, wlii, h waserroneousfv stated lo have closed on the pn-ceding 'I'liurMlay, t.-rminated only on Saturday afternoon, when the jtrojit de loi, a.s amended wascarned by a large majority. The amount of tin! Civil List IS 12,00(>,(M)(> of francs, or about i^iHOiUM) on the other ban.l, there are imtny of the .Vnti-R. form I eers tbemselves, who are willing lo abate much of tlnir lon(>, for tbe purpose of enabling MmiiHers to carry a w bolesome ami ellicient Bill, w itiioui the neccsaily of cheapening, as they call it, the .Vristocracv, by creating a lar.'o number of new Peers. If any atlempl shouM be made lo defeat tbe great piincipb's of the Bill, Mii.isten. wdl not only be firm and unanimous in recxjuiiueiidiiig to the King tbe exercise of bis Ko^al prerogative ; but His Majesty will instantly convince the country that 1m i* a staunch and uncompromising friend to tbo pi^t rights of the |>eopIe, and a faithful guardian of the true interests of tbo State." From the Nrir York Cmrirr and Kntjuirtr, of Fth. >{\ Vrnice, />cc. i>:i._" Letters from Ah-xamlria confirm the accounts ol the complete rupture between tbe Pacha of Kgypi aiMl tlH> Porte. Befoie the \ i.eroy pasM-d il.u liontK-ri. of Syriii he avsemlded a numofous divan, ami npresented to tliein in a long sjK'ecb that tbo Ottomua eni|)ire and tbe religion of .Mahomet were hastening to ruin under tlie present Sultan, wln, in the space of ten years by his faults, had hM Wallacbia, Moldavia, lireece ami sterling, which is little mare than"a thiVd ortbe'Z.' ^ '^'^''1 '''\''l^'''*: y'^''''^^"^ ^ re. me cheiish. itltniciMM. TW that Efe mm\m .ere is one branch of the busioes. *hch IS impoi-tant in the first degree, be *nd tnapaiti-dity w.thwluchitist,,...„, ;"teto the res|>onsihilityr of the press, am ul mterest on sorietv W. '.ii.!ii "* Wc (^H{iaprt cause tbe lidelity nsactod MM comri\ have a jHiWerHlludo to the re(M>rting of societv. parliainentary debates M>tnv .J... i. '^ "• 11.' "ripn i„ ,he „>„„p„|v „, J,J~'t., '* """I" ! '! prcs..,,, re.„b.i,.r. .?f ""."".?'^ "-'||Hr,. i,„de. .irc.por.c.,,,.l,.:Xr-,?,t^r express sentiments which be ne-"~-^"^ '''*' '"'*'" ""'•'*"" 7.--' of yinga^;f'b;:;"^r;r'^-' Tlreof poor Richards _. now^ alas "o 4ome,t5c affairs of atl tbo.e ihoTZilf^^'r'^ "'** '^' .1 tbej.rofeK.n ; andM fo.Hid thir i,I ''" ^""'r^'K <-e|n^l.., th-y w.^e afl married sWtIv 'ft '^ '^'''"•^'•' rulatioos, have more tb conlroul over of Parliament should complain tlwT I he was inaudible^r 01^X1110 pt. '^^' "*'"**^ '* " .1 vTl'^^'T "' ".'^"^" • magnified into do/ on tlic been a I'ole.' 1 H lie ::r^'"'' "r •"" ^'"^ -'-"; ^^^^^^^ alwnv. '^'"""''-^' t^ut, as far as I at fan. k we^^borw'.lT^"'* -''^""^•'•' think:. Auditory '"'^' nd fancies. I will ,.l! T.u,pbw \s a f H u >*^'*"^'". '•<-•• I was at Kieirf.dre cr a, .1 I • '". '"-'""^i"^' -log, sonK.lwt lik.diepnM. a troublesome rased ; tlie rrnm the (I'rcniork Adrrrtisrr, January 20. Parh mient re-assembled on Tuesday for the dispatch Wbosmess. No time, we find, is to W. lost with the Ktfcnn Bill, as in L.ird Althorp's Circular, enjoining the •ttendanre of iMemlM'is, it was intimated that the Bill tould be iiioveU into Committee this evening. Ministers have kept their secret well regarding the new ret-n. I he cofijectures of the daily Press are so vagu.-, is clear the journals know very little about the and fancies ; fliere no living for kis in .;ons_a,.., ....i^.H-::., ,^, :^'^^c:^^ p-;iii..c. Jtidcm '*^" '.''"' *"** ""'^y "• I M not Ui nnn, after I wen, that circuit. You maybe lZTa I '">,^''^^''^"''; ut, somehow or' utkr. tlal-r think f' ""' J''^ ^^''" ^^'•"'^''B" h.^ •" Himk I M^rved tbe lellow ? why. I banged lii.ii.-.< -nu.bonourabh/M..mirav'n"^^ h^ IS in reality-givin. him th I r r *-''"•''"'"' 'I'^" snlficient degree of aitacl.mant to put the nL "* '""^^"'^ rogatory to anv one. Havinu tailed in ,. ."^*^*"'0' /cr. U-rmiued * iK> naye an ininrtiat :.. acl, olher a^ain.i .^ con,,„en.", T*' '" V'"'''^"'% -he fallen„ remdarh,rl,J,le,H ,1.. "" "^"" '" art. as a frtshnum 'hooled in the w arrival at one of tlie 'nysterics of bi.s '-. .... .0 ii..n..d i„: ^"/xtiiVi:--;-;^ j-^ -J3 POIt NALI<>-ii fill* oiKff. Bills of Lading, iJilb of txchanire. Bills of Sale. Manifests of Cargoes Blank Forms for tbe Custom llom^, lA-ases and Releases, C^eneral Court Writs, t Ceneral Court Kxecutions BdU of Sale for Vessels, Mortgages (i,b bonds,) ,V '*••""* of Altorney to Confesn Judimcnt, 1 owers of Attorney, Attorney's Warrants, Arbitration Bonds, Apprentice Indentures I olice Warrants, J^ohce Summonses, lohce PermiLs Militia Warrants, SubfHrna Writs, •^^''hpana Tickets, Interior Court Writs, • ^ — •'^f' I'riniing executed with neatness and li*patch, n,H,„ j,ood paper, and on mwleraie terms. January 4, \Sii2. iMit Wlw. It is now s.ii.l that the number required wiil lie rwtly dmiinisbcl, because Lord llairowby ami fifteen *wmeiubors of tho Mouse of Lords have declared thai rtthertban have the M.niM-.s7//;r/v/ with new cre.ii.M.s, tln-v •wlve a viitne of necessity, and agree to the Bill*. 6\ tje op|H,Mng Bi.hops it is stale I that five will now •WToie b.rif, and that the remainder, with tlwexceptWBol lour, will May away, and have the Bill to be d.'alt •|, m.coi,trolh-d by tlnir sp<-eches or voles. The | [Wortty forall ibis is perhaps no beti.i than that which "o ofnn been at fault already ; ami the triumph ofi nn though ultimately cettain. may not be so easily •wioed as this information would infer! his a people to whom the luxurious habits of a Court are no longer a recommendation. In reducing tbe hitherto extravagant amount of the Civil LiM, the French Chamber of Deputies bavediminisbed little from tbe portion re.piired for tbe maintenance of the projM'r digniiv of tbo .Soyrreign; they have merely reduceUU*, 'n u.a01ntr capitalisi, have subscribed largely towards a for replacing the amount of the delalcalion, ami tbe (iovorniiM i.t are Hctiio' leniently towards M. Ki-sner. This unfortunate man i^s a ^trikmg example of tiie folly of Stock Exchange speculations Not long ago he was supposed by |)ersons uell acipiainte 1 with hill) to bince tbe arrival of our regular supply of Paris Pa^^''V Kstafette, we have received, by express, an im|;|^Woi c,„„„„„i,..,jj^^j^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ Corn-spondent in that >,, w<. tbiiik it our .buy to publish imim.eecb. Tbe assembly acceded witk euihusiasin to all the proposals niaile by the N'iceroy, and declared itself piepared for any sacrifices. It was inlerreil from this that ffio Viceroy aimtnl at tlie dethroninr o\ the Sultan, but this b not probable. The Viceroy only declares himself the pnMerUn •! religion to ward oil llio a naUnsma which tlie Sulliin may ''launch forth against him. Proclainuioiis have already IxMin cirrut iled in .Syria in that spirit. He will not refuse |>cac if b,< • iMlependence be rer^gnis.'.!. At Ahaandria tlw arma"lents continue, and the exportation of corn is siill prohibited. The Stuttffard daxrttt contains the following inlelligence Irom V a nna, dated Dec. 2ti :~A courier from Hie Imperial Cabinet wai de^palrhed to-day to Rome H ith positive assurances tliai our iro<.p stationed on tb lontiers of tbo Legations would, in case of n.-ed, make demonsirations to .sustain tlw* forces of bis ilolincM im th^irellort* to re-establish obedience intlM'provinc4's. Af. fairs in fact, have taken a turn w singular, tluit the autlM*. niy ol the Po|>e is almost touUv ditfegw^ed. Tlw exI resilient of the Provisional (iuveinnienl. V icini wImj wasexcludeos*e**ion of aU tbe rhis of bis sovereignty. The ,me pa,K.r also contains the following, dated Berlin, Dec :j() :-" The intercourse with Poland In-gms lorevive.— We lre,p,ently receive letters from Warsaw and other towns of Poland, but theii rontcnis are still of a ghmmy description. The Pole, have not obtain.d what they demanded, but have lost much of what ihey had gained— prosierity, a nourishing commerce, and interna] trancpiillny. Several bands of IN.IisI, in.urgenls have not V. t laid down their arms, but are hidden in tbe woixU wliencc they occ^ionall) attack tlie Russians — TbesJ Mnd. must fmally become bainls ofiobUrs.aml a, hm? a, IIS state of dis<.rder exists, it is not lo l expected that from all snies A lar..paik of artillery has lately U-e,. sent oil to iola„d from Moscow, where orders have U.en l^ven to fit out a new one. U i* couf.rmed that the military colonies haveumlergonea considwablerlMnge. P^rt ol llic colonists are to be incorporated with tlie anny. ,Tli'*'l^t'"'"*' ^ '-;•" ""o of the fnh insr. states, thai at the last sitting of the Federal Diet on Dec. 27. tlK> pro. Petersburgh determination er .veral discussions come to a „..,„. • s!I iV "" ^''*''"' "' "'** ('"••f^'nnce in its present u that tbe Ausii. an Cabinet bad come to a si^^MdcraVi"*"' '*"''""^ requiring any funher time for tion to use all con.l.luiional mt.; to carry he I ;; ) li^rr.' r '" ''"" ^*^'*"' ^^'^'^ ^" '^*-^. 'P principles of that healing measuroo which all honour Uc t^m oV R T ."'r/'/^*'' •' ^^'*'^> -* of IIkCoistiind moderate men look, as the su means of e^^lt [T A *^"'V'":'!''' ^*^ '^\-'-^^^^. as ad<,pted ; that t public confidence, and mainiaint tranqu llay m ^^TJT^.t^^^ *'-''' ^ C— '-d for empire. ^ "" '^'^'"' ""^''^ ^''"-'' '^•''" tlK.rpw^tion of a revision is We can slate, without fear .contradiction, that ,o Vitv of 7' B '"i '' **'"''' 'r""'' '" ^"^' '*"' ^-' '^none of tbe representations wbicHavc been made to II s h L nrnL r ,'' u ? '"'' l^''""^'' "'"'" "* ^* ^^ • Ma,esty by Hk. opponents of the ,11, or of Ten,nn for I C^^C T7 '" '^:."*''^ '" ''>' ""' '^''''''''^ ''^ '^ thcv mean the same thing, has he Hied in anv wav w'hich '' rl.!Z\' f u '7^**'"*y *'" comiiHinicate ii to the C;rand would justifya Indief that he ist,t as anxio"' a, e Frn" n L^ d -*!'l>-* "J-t-d l>y the 2H,b warmest reformer could wish binb prornote the succes^ rr,r^^ • the Canton of Basle will of tlK,se great principles of Reforl u,H.n which the li 'f M t ^ '' "'"r"'"* '^"^ '""'''' '^'''' Pro|,i is bas<.d, and we ran avsert that ,re is no constitution Id J'^*^^'""'"' ^^^>^"'•'•'tamlug tlicConstitution of B ishcourse w Inch the Ministry could bomniend fo Le Z l^l^Z T'T'"' """^•' "'! "^"'•"••' ''> "'^J'-'O .or im putw,ll, nevetthelcss be communi.ated to the Cantons. r % . VOL. i — .\o. LWlii. can l!e 'Z!:^^,:^ l^i^dl™ ofZwo^'^'e: ''"'"^ ''""'" ''"T""'": '"^ l'-""l"J "f co.„„.o„o„. l,v co,!.. _.ll be alio, hav.„g u..der,o„e very „,.,e„,l „ .,i.... \ ecrlainly ..rolia;,.':';;.. lire „-.„l..,a.e Kef.,.rer, "We Slated vesierdav thai ilie Prussian r 1.1 1' "'"."""*' "' ''""'• *'" '"'"'' '