The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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University of Florida
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gSOEGE BIGGi. Editor. SATURDAY, ,ARCH 8, 1839. VOL. I-No. LXTI.

TllE BAIIAMA ARGUS. that d Afican knows of tim luxury of cold, except what tion, and the direct rult i, a mont uperabundant Iililt
-is produced by elevation or evaporatin." It is two for the month or two while ti earth is drying, and e
rimsLi*IIY.n arm.i-wir.Ki.V I N sm P. thousand five hundred miles from tem equao to its northern sire heat and excesive moisture fir come in full combi-
boundary, the Mlditerranean, and about the sme distance nation. Yet for the rmaidur of the dry period, the laud
gLt Dollan per ulmaam- a dr.lvae. to its southern, the Cape of Good Hope. is a sink of pestilence; so deadly from its mias and
"- The great question with men of humanity and common so torturing from the swarms of insects generated by the
sense is, how tllt mighty continent can be civilized, nade heat, that man and the inferior animal perih in gra
happy, and made a contributor to the general happiness numbers, or By even to the deser, where they lad runher
anli ueulllh of the world. In this view, we entirely agree encounter the tremendous fiercenesa of ti sun, than dhe
uills lhe author of tile Life of Bruce. Nothing las been agony of the innumerable stings that hatpt then in Ihi
madu in vain. The Creator had made no country, lur fertilil. The country is covered with immense marsna,
the express purpose of defying tie activity or benevolent and thick junges, where the over-luxuriance of the vge-
O;--- ingenuity of man. All is capable of being turned to good, *ann cl eckstl ir, and all is fever and death.
POETRY.f if we but use the means. The earth was undoubtedly We see thdL whole question turns on the distribution
- 'r -- rmer's Mag made to submit to tile mastery of man, and thle vast sntd of the rains. Too much water, or too little, make the
Im r a M curious inventions of late yearassem to have been put into misfortunes of Africa ; and the only remedy for the evil
THE 81'PULCHRE. our hands, for tie purpose of expediting that mastery. It which convert one of the richest soila of the world into a
Thee Manhood lies! Lift up the pall. is not improbable that tie discovery of Am-rica was de- grave or neat of reptile, is to be IkunJ in equalizing this
Hlo like the tree atrurk down to earth. Inyd, until the peaceful state of Europe, the commercial gift of nature. It i imposible to doubt that a vas porti
b is green pride the mighty fall, activity of its people, and the adoptive of settled govern- of dte wilderness of Africa would produce thi fruit of
Wh m lif ae th ano r ith is wrae meAs, rendered it capable of taking advantage of that tie earth, if they had water. We final in the heart of the
mlyamrsmao ie ao ke ourtg re magnificent discovery. It is obvious tdat the discovery desert, vegetation wherever there is a well, and a little cu-
mltel us onwarl o'er a sea originated in no striking improvement of either ships or lony surrounded by and rich fields, wherever there
t here all is hidden treachery. seamanship at the tinm. The European ships and sailors is any thing like a mo of water. The grand problem
had been fo centuries as good as those llich lirst touched would be to lead he superfluity of the ropical rings from
What statue beauty lumbers ere at America. But if the discovery had been made under the innumerable river, and imensae lakes of Cenral
Bit mar Iar e dower pail aa he brow time Roman empire, it would lave been probably neglected Africa, into regions now condemned to perpetual dryeas.
Svltimbe had pirted nowi ul. by a people who were engrosed with war, and who des- The result would he to dry the watery morss into preduc.
T -day she hoped to be a bride- pised commerce and hated tie sea. If in the dark ages, live soil, and to water the burning snd alike into fertility;
To-lay. 'ltas tld. her lover died! it would have probably been equally neglected among thi in fact, to drain the centre af the country, and toI arri.te
lere fleeth Ims revelled in his power, furiuus feuds of the little Euroean puowers, too little to all tle rest : and for this purpose tle peculiar construction
'le rnol o( life's fairest hoat! bear tie expense of the remote expeditions, living from of the continent eems to offer no trivial advantages.
Look on that little cherub's face, day to day on tie plunder of friend and nemnty, distracted The whole central belt of Africa runs lirertly under the
Whose buldling smile is fixed y death; by perpetual change, and generally perishing as soon as Equator, and front tie known figure, and the actual forma-
Ilao short, indeed, has been its race they rose. Thm only use wihicli they would have made of lion of the land, the central Itit is so lhfty, ltiu it pours
As rloudis saileil by the sun, a breath America, would be as a place of refuge to suni defeated its rivers, tie collection of its ruins, down on bonl sides,
Did genily creeIp aerns a beh chieftain and his half savage followers. But a time canme, through tho continent in great abunldance anl force. Dea-
oIf thn er-irs spirit then had fled, when the (Cusades hadn relieved the European cities of tle ianm computes the Tchad, one of tihe reservoirs of thmll
A oarningi star a moment right. weight of baronical tvranimv, when the sudden opulence of rivers, a twelve hundred feet above the level of the sea,
Then ieltii into heavenn' own light. \ nice, arising fro(i its -stern intercourse, avoke mtan- and the ground beyond it towards tie south, was smil
Dehol] thatI picture tof decay, kind to thie value ol' rimmterce, naml u hen thi leading sane- rising. Bruce computed ther outlhmrn elevation to wlich
here ir,.aure werined qunk to rest reignt of[.', Ferdinand, time ruler of the mott chi- lie hat reacted at two miles ae his level of thie se, and
rull li;,r Inre year, have passed away. valriand darigl nation ul the 11h century, idha just this is problblv hut a small part of time whole elevation.-
I'm l.l 1r. lhkea rgering guest, Iluni off lim Ireni'ndotil pressure uIo the lMoorislh wars. iTor e .Major lhladl's wIotd, It bcing true that there are
(o tn Iiit l.i i ii' l am h And ilii, idlll] at that miUIelnt, as iliillded before ll' a series of vast tanks and re.erniirs lphlacrd hy nature
(I 1 t I sntt ''qov uHiniu .>pani hi keeil the mighty barrier, %hlii hiail shut out above allm thirsting d'esrts> of Alrica, time stagnation, as
i'i t'' ii' ia ite aift p'.i v~kl A]ierica fromn tile cyu of mainkindl .inae lle creation. well as i e rapid evaporation of which, now pollutes i im
1 to F *aCe iP... to luo known and as close to the most climate; and also that a number of immense riers flow
Bla inire, now mourin.ln serene civilized and inaluiri.a region of dhe world, abould out of Africa into tim ocean; would it not be a problem
T..'h.i rch~ler widowed, mother's look hav re Tnaind to this diay scarcely lea shut out than worthy of the inquiry of tInvellers, ly a scientific recun-
TIt'l a ulllrlll m l. el he ,urso. Anerica, we may well ask, Itow could we eiect noisnce, to determine (only in theory, for theory must in
C'ila. i ils li ona 'ilghl. wlicla no stuorn to have the trleaures (if ltlis land given to u, while this r.i lon lngl pre''e prntice, and with tle practice, af-
I i~ i, i.'.ii it am '.i miltorrln, Eiurope was guilty uf illie saive-tr.ila, while, if u I Ir all irr anti haI.i liili- olr nothlin' to do) allat would he
tldl l'. r ,-:lm, t,'l uadr i cl liiniP ro, ld haJvL e ipeIItlra l ld the liidd ti glries of tliis lourth' tle dillicultmies attnding the ltappingl of tIhol enortinuoa
Albiue lirr iariil) ursdi uiine l lie cremation, it wouill hiats li',:n only to iueaild vrsa s. As also of iialil% iL'tlouirniquets up)Nn lose veina
us Dah deal. wth morality, more misuerv, to shed mitar blood, to fall it illl nIuraU! ailln iarltri-s, Ilidc, ll dll bIedlinl, lhaiv left a great
I uke lnwrs.r dstit gaithe- d ino il l i tme, contagion df the' most corrupt.ti oif all traffic, to in- portion of All4ica destitute atI viegetabil liflt."
O It wn Ir- ,Il d I tllatma(- imre sivaCges to lfury iand nlmaaicrr by our te(itmp- W\-. fiull nirle iin this (-inreption, gignltic as it is and
tJui -r i wl l WtlI tiliu ihLs of inte : lItiaon, and finally to drag itiora liiuman ui in b fromIa difliun s i ic l t its ri tiuain lany secit. It would be trnlv a
Wuii hi' a orni o111r.r :rl vr to die. their country, to Ierishl tihouals\d, of miles frim Inll,' olle ct of inluaii\ ; and woniil I W' wnrth all tie idle
'l'o I. i i rh I ir rli hera ahers tly. Ihoinm '' ln, r inc has cirtl.inly arrived tlen thii tri;ll rarnitlings uf opur dlllt.ila a in Eg. lypt- lhal fashionable
Ilfl. h It th w w kthich at i. hb,Ieah.- which it is no violeenca if l.iniguae to call Stjanic, lauong-tlo tih l'ast of tlle -adrh. Iult we greatly
laik lihIe, ilJ tell me', what is death I hls rerciv' its death blow, at least in Enhand, atlId ubl the rrto, that wt can liase ibt little in do with the
tlae ltimae may not Ite remote lihen we shall I. suim- practical parL of mIe riha11ng', if is hall take place. If it
From tr Jlfnlthly iVagan:. I moand to apply tle national vigour to open ip thie trea- be euvr lone, it will Ie done by England. It isour oast,
l)ISC'OV'ERIESll IN AFRICA. shares of Afica. It is not unreasonable to hope that and deservedly so, itha no work of palpable good ever
lamder's discovery of tile nmulit of the lNiger has 'he whole oulltlern continent m.ay he given over to our wanted protection in our (omntry, nor the ability to carry
*rmspi lic interest once more o Africa, and tlhere may tutelage, and that England, die great depoitory of free- it into execution, wien once fairly undertaken : and rlre
ane at Ihast a rational hope of establishing soim useful dom, knowledge and religion, may he the elected gsar- nre some curious instances which nay take oi our alarm
munication wilh its people, drotering some purtn dian of the inlancy of Africa. Our eilraordinary ad- at the diiculty. Tim water of the tropic is actually con.
i 1Be Piiural riches of a land fertile beri nd all con- vances in machinery, and the general command over the veyed through lie whole leingh of the sanda of Nubia ia
aaim, a hlert it is fertlile t all ; al, pIeriaps anmliora- powers of nature, a command which seems to have Ileen tlie memorable course of the Nile; and a little andy re-
i e .-ri,:l conlilion of theme millionsof nmanklnd,who almost exclusively confided to this nation, have not been gion ir the shore of lim Mediterranen i turned into
hienbu lroitm li earliest ages condemned to be tlie "iv'en for nothing, and inmportant a they are to lie in- the most extraordinary example of fertility in the world by
vid of lheir own ignorance, nutd of tie aarice ol ever creas of our wealth and comforts at home, we shall yet iitle simple water-conrse. There ar in Egypt itself, the
drr p-h. of th, rloe. 'seo'i them operating through the world on the colossal scale, very region of snd and muhesma, dykes and embank-
Tli. wliiru s tal everrv tlling, mav scoff at the idea sulited to the wants of nations. The very fact that our: nnrts for irrigation, on a vas scale, tl which the perma-
APruvidii.ear takes any care about ti m'wu nlmtlr*. BRt I powerss of stlea and machiinery are so rapidly increasing, nent fertility of tile land is owing. In lie Ahyssinian hs-
*a nay ie niIo superstlition in thlinkinig Ilnt lthre is a ilt'" we literally can hardly imagine to whtl known olsta- itory a tlreat is roncnrded of one of the kings who had a
Simng coincidhuve between tlin great discovery of a cle we shall have to apply them, lends to show that there quarrel with the Dives of Cairo, to turn away the Nile.
Tis the leart of Africa, and time present perfection of must remain something very important in this world for u and thes" stop the cock," out of which Egypt drank.
r l am-iMat ; aiud that lth honour of t discUvery, and nman to do. In short, dte enormous tools which nature is There isaremarkable instance too, of threat o(this kindl
itp first andm tuost direct advanltem, are givm'n to placing in our hands, clearly foretell that she haI som.. having been partially put in force, when Labihala ihe
mat i"lnlch first ds-lared nginst the sale of the un- wonderful work for us to perform; and therefore, instead king, si the year 126), turned the course of two rivers
SAfrican, a.dl whiich to this hour, Ihold an unrenmi- of calculating, an many people do, for instance, how long fro the Nile into the Indian ocean.
a oil i,,,,,t rightii,us stiuL'gle against tie incr.rieiblh our coals are to last us, and in how nnny years hence I The true points in which those cnceptions shmold he
Saidem,,a ava.rice of tlie European ihvi-tralders. I we are unavoidably to be left in cold and darkness, is it viewed, are Ithir use to Africa, tlleir ue to mankind i
e'niinriof the We.steirand whatiscalled l ntl' l .liica, not jus to believe, that with our new powers, we shall general, and their especial honour to England. It i a
aeUr'lli.,alm;,,inl l.idl opn by time discovery of tie mouth obtain new resources, and that the widom of naltul will matter of great importance to have a direct object of
atle Niger ; and; by l. access tliis given to time ni- coninue to bloom when the idle fears and theories of acknowledged utility in our researches in foreign county.
rrr;,,.r,. r irafranch off from its ronrse, and whiwii tie day have faded away and perishlel. I lithern in Africa we have had scarcely any, or dti moud
iLuer narl,. al.. hile of tie middle country. ButI The hopo of civilisine Africi, must depend on its being of the Niger alone. Our travellers have al set out on a
Sis still a s ,(u culi,~, tlhe ihitle land of Airicn It- I m"ade ft to sustain ri'ilized communities, which front its hunt fur Timboctoo, of which nobody knew wlat pos-
k'un.,ls olIr.da, d 4" Ihich we, even conjecture lil; prewsnt natural constitution it is unfi to lo ; one immense sile good could be derived from .he discoverv. But
hyS jau..I1in.- Imni uilw r lands, in lt its climate ration of it ing overspnread witl barren sanls, and Timburtoo had been said by some fiilinr Moor to be a
*'0l',. its 1mIu1aimlmaIon naturally numerous, anld Ihat in otherr ei'ng lternairly turned into a 1,t t by rains am! second PaIis or Lon!don, with only ll addition that Loli
' iprila.lly miaki fIlr finest andm most useful dis- rivers, and into a nest of contagion by the action of the was the pavi.. of the streets. A crold of able and active
Things if namlir.i aIinrce andi miineral Iopulenc. s"n upon tlis mighty morass. minds have been lost to their country in this wild goNes
'e ltnt of flra over<)rielmns tiem mind .It i Between tie tropics it is constantly raining somewhere, chase after an t dorado, which after all turns omt to be
taly siv, III o.i .aI mil,.a mlng, by foutr thousand hlroal, and tin rain falls in qiiantilis- that absolutely overwhelm nothing mor than a collection of filthy ihuts in the heart of
Sit liedir>ec uii he, ile a un's piath; the equator al- te country Tle hot winds constantly follow tie sun a desert. Bnce a man, of admirable powers, of great
"""*rsrtlini it, anld i tte Itr'opic covering tihe central I front trlli to tropic, and le vapours lii"h lIy raise, on arquirenent, intelligence, and mental a d personal scli-
tloihr noth snl tiath.lllh T ihe sluni /res critical, reachinLg ith- hiiir region of tle almosplhere, and being vily, wail-ed his hellh, his wealth, and his years, in
'here. in \ifrir. In Mli,,r IIj il' in.:enioui Life(if chilled, are coninlantlyk pmured llhnan in rain. A criounitr achieving time ailingidiscovery, ltt one of the .' he olh mrv-., Ih Ii. s h nia; i, niirk. ,i by nature, on oI a lit-ii-satl nils n till ni ri ntll d .tnill h ." f tii ll .. l in tiI he i Ni w a sPlrine in a hill;,k, in an Ahyvsinlan val-
.uropeau n si. of clina:e, s excer s of heal, is all thus kept cunsbtaitly ina a sate oul ite nmut laserfuil Irrl..- iy. But miIe cnredition to discuser the means of Iourin




it e a i a nta l ari l

Lrl ll 1 wi i ilapl a fll ll ii sell st u". ol f(mrh waser dlae Iharged Ilnt the Hied lea." A M I SL ND. I
--e .i' Ma l ih rol..Il irl anidJ pr il to uIpl)> MIluch ir t e iii .~ I.|entrd; l' we must call< Afri-
iSe failure o Ith risisn in i(1. dray n nasn, is well I. ci e rl w.arl a,, lo a Isnail llothel* lauc ovray le II.. i IexIiun Mr.l Tyne., a nies ibo r returned to
Pllitpiudi a ubjeri, lhoilglm rarali eai inY sy le precate-d, of nle Niger. with lie ocean. Su-h are ilr inieado ul acces ern Oilrict of the Irland of .e.Pr f.
It wsuall Ilo *rrimoinal lu .. dsliair. We tlst rua.ini er il.i ii>.- ta o i u, l Ilil re I1, lIur ii our hi.ta als .1-. bletitdaneid was w conlducltd to the Clae.rk'.. oi'
i rtl, dilffl ,I ii.. will noi, lile ir po rs extraordi nary ii l I dei rng ide a i n i i th h le;i usual out.s..I. Iuiiid weire admini tered o h i a
Itai ly inrreniai ;" aid in thisl goal spirit II r ltu i. iieri I iai m irala ,h i i enfisel,! t ui ln,. :l i, nl. l U his ut. .tei
tim '5 il o' lniuomis naturetr vu, last grsed icias F cr lm; .i. en. A greT dul is o"Ia o. .aaiai Elalaiaal as in h s-st.
aih' ,.rirm uf liuinll illuru ullr lal gruliJd dicu c.I aul |twhat .hn, a- a. she Joes nut intiaiuly proear'.l to fulfil it. The following messages from lis Eile
imi Niter. ,I l. r iWhly. vernor, worn delivered by dtu Deputy S 1*
lalu itl s a hicher consiilhr;lion still, tlaIl by Firinc -- Culy : o ans rl liliy ti t\lari -I I...m. din,-i w'a.y to a-lI'e. li"ar cl srlaitir.c o. l i,, ihi m T mMr i 5 .. .1 le. operaker rad Gen tiarna of h
.ravl,lhl. irihas.. T iie tyraain y i "fi ter Il iay Ai. as .lI- -l n29 Asr.: -
nartrll irll.r. Tla i yrnll ny i ii .e .Y. kinil .. ., ia l- a .. .. In an act passed by this Legislature on o
.... : u'l,,l v ,,;mna, ,,, I ... the I ...,.lly ,,k' 'viLii/" I, i,,, -- [ n N.. 1.l i ....e,. c r a e ll o .llrl ll fl tis .
tie ir i ni 1;ll r.1 i" l. 11 I l i iM" ..v. t .. 3 1 8. ti r h e oll las Ii e w hi cleh lu s d a, Lu
withr tIi.- arots ian-I caaaa s oI IIla. T Ih l I~i- Xiagiaal)indii all Metheadiats anii Whllers wue
v s if their Li as t ai ds ri-, also to 1 11 . () 'i ljhS ay jJn oroig, I ls 3.ij-a 's Kain. Pareaichers of lif gospel ; and which granted
ri-s.alrce.f airIIi .Ii i+ Ira,?., it !h ractr c i I .- iaroo, Liui. l .ookey, arrived here from St. Sadvaldr a irate, according to Isi owo diisretion, fi
l.s r l tin' a. ilia .inal ahia. lra. -. A. rin. l. iC, dlis lil by I w. ithl C r sbll ih.ld lien Inrl 'by lie Ea-ecuiv.e I lr vIi. |I.a.r- 't t u on o I i en ulie l
ellrlimiius ,lel.,i. .l. 1 nl il llu hi sjpi rii t ini n uIaI o pallii i.ol ) of l bri g ii lig ita town liat p,| rons iilimpliricaed in piluni- ln his arbillrary and lesptwic Bill, (conmonllv MLN
ri i l. a .rriat l ,l,..l." ,1 i.. i-,. rtv, n in l.rt ia Cargo ofr l o An. erican isciii.ner Vagrant iact) was disllowed by Iliis 'ljea l
l 'Stlilrl-, l ,L i,', iNort lmeical ," l) igh.%s, mister, sIrurs lel Uipoun iS. on thI 513 i .\ugust. lI2 ,andin adisiplatcdar l
all, hriinn ii. h I ador, on the "Jil of January lA,. w t -t ir i le sight aonu rabe dishe arl na
Our imlarcrHirso, unstainidl Iy the ilelrrscril.ili. e IlII- ilIea ins, black uunl roluurl, luivo Ib n brouIght down, u (. irucil IIIIbly lo. I iVis IliS ijelf ti
tilne f idie i Jisu Irilde, wou l i idl r\ie i l Irll.,'s o uand cuiaa.. illl d to ( ul fur Irial; r il li wae uindai'rstaind, ii such ai aci iton col. inue in Iurce.
tll-I eaSiphlyimnl uto eir nalturi i .rns, ani by a uise Spcrial Counr uo Oves and Terminer a sllil rearail (;aul Irtelr.a llltion leave, hluever, IIeen mae is
Ises,1 ulalri ted ouillimans ir, our r m r al a cry, aill he cmiiatioui,.l ill lar tire |lur|rr uc. S rl il Oue t Illanids, ti al t hle preant ro nln t
l wii'r sll ial nmure iratal dan aU alm at ;ere sover fi ,edi o i rcumlaces famna spearan, art sron aains i rIs- cl ol ri.u lo ;aiained right ofu priee c liigi g it
tuewll rilbl i i ln rol llrn MIl ni ul w rn lvr r +ll lbe I ,:ri ill aI illitP I j i)|lari.ll.d h r trl lou itr upo l.lllll oe. ir e l h, Ullli iurim aisI et ath pr .nt mlal I '
i srs n ii. .. nls this m itui lris sSiii winti ss the a rrii ar' jria]rr ; b t I'. hopelii, th ur t a .'il lar a l C a l' o o lijuriui e rall o ra n. I amii,, I
ir~li. A mi nil lilli. llliYJli ll l d 0i i tir l.ll l llr ili<>- iri -rroln, anld will l ilth m direi l nur i n Io)in. i rvuln lec i t slli luc ll ll' ir ls lhe voiia m of at r a r l ,a, ,fi , lo'rlnl oasend l o yo u, o pr.sI it a i n
I .*li countri s in lr l n aU fr i llre is in earl rioadI it. Tair iss a allsi fIII l0l"a cono%,,l of i"o raa-l a a ali la, I lw, proa', bitia r any and ) iver pe ro al r
'" s.I ulll* .I*l "* r '',*" i n"lliw "l Jl 1r1 Jlil r.... i .j.|,,. , | ,,| I),,. I.,, i TI,,.,., ! I,,, i ll ,,,]i ..i.) ilhl li, |tilli nsy .. .. alnd I(+vrrv uto.ll ) n, rlnll U1
tl I a* i s rehlrtl V I every IIIII h a t )i srl l Isla n I e =r,/ri a li r-s. III' i s i'a'-i - a
If w sre cra is v I oilr.r to tbas i|,l ,i a "i 1a i I l lton, 1i ll r ,i lo ls ; anid uie afrd r m.a. y .1' ,rI ;a or- anii-io i tii 'r) a11;111 fi llt- C arci o1'r Eno itir ,
ssm tallt w i- moan|e. ,unl, gild till' .ri alrilsl e ari i ia s iiaable Excarlivi, ,operating uas 'ia inte"i e to iseiar s u'i 'ra moral l hIu a e i l l-- 1silis all a a rinlr ,tun irrds l
helI -fits whcrh aiu-ire can e aow upo rl a l l abl; u l r ; I t tirptilud,. Il oi al f!ear,la. ,ai allr n rv rlils-, ior i. l nr t oliat,
e.,h lu ve *,. iof ;.ir i, ti .H- hi ,r wa an ,. a i v rn I 'l l lr-ia r ( h, Ill" ar fill, lr Ill, r, ri -IT iVO - s ll i i l i I Ns an ihl lsa raa. i a11 l, 2Sa;ia t rari i ia I' l n 'al liala .ar f oalviic'aof I Mor
Uimsnfl e mss-svall f I Lriin1 ing it-ar vli. Ii lie i fu l TOla fha' l a/iltac r f/ac I lou/uaa:aa II tii ras/s I hl a rtri ta' Th to ba Ill ; IuI gruats, al h (offerIs d do
lilie realllis- av tes rls'h i i a l, h it r.r, "l' aoa'il 1 Ik, a h hoild 01111I' I)IItl im U liaif P bi e r y m tita-rc e riaroabr iaana s m yt" in
almh pai5 il dhrist.rle ia,,s it rr-eai-s- il.- il ia' aalal ria ,' i i' s t ria J,,. fla' i l, i al li l ia r ,al i lolire Iar aialaa' 'r tlmt "I"ai(-lo "l'' (if illll contr'o l a i.ali, itir
fri ar, l toe. re. place a dislc.erl I ib itl meco. I so1. I ami sik lfr fi -ia, \ .. t a e h'|lapa-liaan a l iis o f Am .,ll-.y should o ncurl a il E, l a nl si, n.
ramir-, r ral ri nt i inlr,. la- ,'t t i i lu.; n' .ih rl. the suij ', a. im,.y iiae of conalauc and n lact of my.i m
l ev Kr. .e i r. r railr, I i ma, 4ilas irrlis iaai i .a alau' i ie, 1n a ll i ai ie- i i l r a, ir hue, a lidrin .t ,i rati l l il l lt a llin p .
re y s ,i anu alm|d i ml i.ri l il. 1,, Tl, rs.o a l n.,hm ds Isai ia a;i e 11 a, r 'ail s oil doo la I u r arrhi ca al i P -,' is clear ,.ii ao d lreir.. a e iffit., r i -

aiioi" tl w l ar t s of i"n i.. llar shIr ,. in ai hi h. s a a l i di aafleiauailher Iwhen is(aru- i iai. t rvitae ,il rallan lil.rai'' Ma n li a rir's-s
icar. i l lll. i rII I m- rl :na l loriail- 1 sluia i.l 11 i I i ai iiL i il'n r l lIli a'i iI all1 |I.lla i iiilacl ii t oiV i l, la l liii lI ia h (li hi I l -iflhirse ii 16

r it aala I -s a s -l' -a s l r1 1 -il 'Il .-e. i l u i lan; i t.ia iai Iot. h L i iI .. l ....- aln ll. i loid iL. Iiii ( Iio ll lt it'lIIl.]t a arrl wk W.
a ..l t. ar i i .. r . an Il.lli> ll lh 1. -I ll- n i h rh. n n' i dl .l ah t I to 1 r, ,iIl ei;a ril i,, ni.i lll, o l >.r-l. I ,ll o Illr, h *lI

l iaf r.e | iu I r' ral is Hi, lai a i. I.. lin. i- n l 1 l, r- .- 'ii i-lk Ii. a' ,,|ira,,, -a ir ..i i sail ,
.ll. r r, l-- r. tulria. i|i si-i ir. 1,, ara alh naln. Is ll ws I rullo i'nmini 1.. 1 i. ai . ,. b Lra,1 Il at

is l'n ala. 1 .,>i t roe r a n iis s' l.. ll i, s I lur ia l ...l r mi r J, aI,' r I .., t. r. d llion been tiie caao .falo fatr, hi s ar asI o a rine si ir-l i m Ia, li allt h, rb Ma
,%, l h'I. I I:ne.]m .-.f'I Illl ... IIh,. ifor- "l I"ro on h l' -.,I tandrier.1 r. rU ,
arm iical ri vos Isi l r i l, rus lllud ir' l .1 1. ; l if lair a i liaii~ i i an d1111. Much I tr l le- l lisa- al oi .i..r ;li'r v 6i 1 ll h I-la ia

Ilv. eil wla l shi n,hi r ei,, ,,, s ,n i.f h alr,, lo nr I I ,h o r i r Slavoh, b. ." ' l cU1" Chon 1 .i, ,,i e ).lnrl., 1 ) i I .
imi ianilsit alah ia1irs fr tiril ll Thet r ln l l as-l at iio Ifia 5. -ilr crinme lar si s a nIa l.rllls l Ir Iwhe I I r i asa blaslar'i I( r i ae a i arsIaI a ir. rI
war l. .-1, rhnl l,.. I an I II ala li- s ila. 'I aoel ll nlllan,, I a l Yia e ,l p lr all a l n Ir a aeal ". fiel a

ol ar. onh l r ie of col) al -e. r l ichr r. eIwr i tsm iin -11i. 1.1 11 1 .. ni .pr %lJly i ii e y r .ir. tai arin ll w' paI s a l l
Ba ry le M irraseh run n it Irrae l lt lr 3-rr 11 i. thaI rb elaIlion been th, t nhe caose ara ,l hi ,er,. la ais a"'s t rilana' to lt-an I.n t i t le a (l. a i. f l ia i Ias
mi lb I"l amle cu mmillcat utilla Idal gatice "ilsrlt hhlilr l a- Uit II i lie ar i lr a il, lacin -ltrccd f lire ana l f -irr,.l;stni rr ah P hah tir oIs

Alln1 e cnd y suira I lir.nt tit h o ie fl' ast ,l. li l' 1 t Iw % ,, ll ti.r cripn l sin tr .ll i pli; hII .s .1 itin l I sella ll ; e ie. t1r, l isl t o rl d-C-iso., wa ri lr le. Ie
at' Ia e Imnrt stn a i niall s 0 ri .l nriw o Casa i d bi Ii i. tis ilo a lti' nl p la ul r liin hi e-n er e i li-n oi iile i ia, mllO II" isr haici- oil ma ti ilr Il, In
nl r t1 n1 li ac as o it t-iaterso r ot uctha I 'lraaa ii s io h fmi
firlss' gsc tI iaiS, which nru n it r imie N ilra-rraam-an aiui] 4th. Il [Ifle Iun'to hatpy l a'a said Irslull a-llis, Wrar uan s

A antic, r, tvecry i msgr lifisll. rltl. a r, iss si s lilans l -a-t.i ltC .l t lauli.r is. as .al-.[. l he ntI, lla e Im r la I r inI

.e rom~nyo l ot hrhrit.,,. l \.| .lon and. lo,,l n,,f i h,,i, .ae,, "l 0,in|n a |rn toemr th. l .lir *1hn r 'rl i o i..l n>.rl y l of url ol uy r- beI. p I err. o laid
l eoa s M(srum m ic'co a.m--si h-llea yis r l ,r" in,,. cri minaln e c o, nr'a|rl e in r i io ublishig inrn.e nl, .r 'ire lri l.i; Uoldien r under tin (of tl I i
a rins eS to Sisr-ih as'l anur-ireall air asl as hiati-v11c9e y imasaisiarra ariiln errevedary ayI it.s ml
"- Fea sts river 'aeos-gn l. n alont th lre o ru t ';oin I,, r l leaucisnir son lay whincs hteel -ct, ta t r2.- ljing rwihvem vr iir ni t Use Tr, atit erro in r f i
use q alar, tha is r or tre slhcr i sel; skrg .n altarl inl .,s l airl pls r tal acil o fined wi their er eignl s l rI % .ellrad i.aIIll irah y to be prel tre i to that l d
.m ll hM flc ,,,l ,n' ll,,,nd d, r i I ,. h .,'l ,;,., |,-,o i | ,.. p |r |,r,,,,,.. II i C1Rhll n hndJ tile oSI.Il r n inlont C4
aI".. llha fie y leIals l. i nc llh ma I acl Ia r . %i-s h st ll s pir lln ,o in thet f i le n l 0n, sir l i ne i lur lr'l i m se w hc a eh yo lima olir Ini I
seressa n d t er' IliEsa'cns ey w n y orpt as i grm c a cmlae ofiy ars, benr

r aia va l t i re h aa lst t J v I am ui r h a, i( t i' s r aeainom a sm ena -t sat p r as ni d c s n lr 0 o f t h a t I iu v r nsrti roim ar InI il i Ih i vt tl i l e "
amnd ise rl. ali asy t ah ver -is e arma. tit mlrn hn n all i, "'Ia; loa n if ns a r ieglect, d a clodurl ,o uas s loilel p s o is I r i h itt s ait. mei.
h.- a onel l llmlin l ri, anal sesa m m ln'l on. Ir. n m l" I a hel h It a y ur p I i i M

us... srra, pit auss Ismin h h ot, and r liargi. s fhemi thnn-lie lualu If,.it' ,ls sdai f o al r winIal hllebmiaisc- l ,i ,.1es- t11e ni o h iciin 2,. n hh ,1hl h t n i
Time w i ri vl r er as r l i i. sh reI Ii, a iilinnd i l, p, a ln t pr linal Mr c, i ,. of sai ,. (se ratl i rie s o .if the r t 91
i s -mrl oar e s g isg e r, e. oll al ln hr. irr, IT Ia.c e. lln-r fis r l l nI nys imilim a h it'.ti, v htll rlay I hII, haa. im/a,
u0. u tell is ihe Catmy m. u a he 'aisra c i s i atc inl Ri eI. Ism haln mei I Iaral le ss a l .l n illa e lor h o li a lltb, re Tihn t ton r l c a;oinF Ik r Im i lih II ell .s U1yi
the Ire en-l u n au a ir4a,11l Ihn cnnu ucenad Ihr 7 aim. Ilitis 1ujrl 'as t pr .ationai a nid lion lie's-ru aIH e lil. p r,,aliili, it is oruf of sliet cltY auII a aIY dNwt i
sirwarise s, amaemr sand this- ise esn ci yuara a v re ipt ai bianit itce if I ha s sits aus 1 ,- ta cs-os-is.i.
Srbl m es river in rII S Ie m h n.r Ih en Iar l. HI (,iIj I-er til arli aon d|Hit-l lv, k Lp i in rtn uc tuer -l Is a|, in re n e se
--1r a-fr el lionve r Irm a lle. A t lle l l. l ll w e a i hr ,,rie.. Cli .. (; anlt ,.'h .M .,, l t hv \ h d'in n .i n ,l ri.,fn.l til t h e a c t, I idw.t in lh ,r- C
esla tsar velsais anlsu s aum's. ia-a harec taut on u llns ari minu t su tircur y ma ltrIaa aiaz she a sar les aidt aid-ueV of Chlrist ('hra) tIi no Ir lire -tillS -
nialml stk hep -h isner. i Frs' ar a and r.1pa l.. .,.In l so.fl sl jus1 4i i s n, i en ird.l to tC ait airs. ll l lthr l i ar rm s a r i i
f 1. e ir .mls6 a slan I hle cr e s i ,,-a a al. . ,, a irn ea s s fa m e t s a t t'o "a nll i ia l it e C n in'u o'n r s l a r . a nl m i l p sth 1 o
ih. lv m u llien u.lrnsl a amr irhnlr ul.aes rI. ,there I hl a Il .iranl i me i, rn, rpe clld l'th-ir ,in. ni a lie ..irl onin -i si o l t; l upopn la king. into tie art I.,iw 1 h ri
r.-smelr. Whek s itl h alec ..ho, and hndlcllaare tsoelMel.Mres nlna I w- rarel l day-couIlnd on alter silalol inhd li i ll I `-u iv nih i te of a r clino alcct tii, mili lirlincati 'a
ire, -mIles.a at ismi a a i ls tito Il ieal.. x ,li rn. l in t I. halan autlruans, far ti e la s ymaa, I us- tires srr -tar"'"d '"F O
The er *Is a rge e aeer a ihr eirm lrne riverrr. Iha.e ipirr i l le ll tat tlina r in r -ii asnd nlulrlLd dUic l k wit Ilhabi u. Ir ane i.b r i me nlMr hI al I ih
T'leIreul h a llo si lSr. Juhn'.. 1 ,,h. ,I a. h m n ,d lt.iI u wu l hasri'er h a ulx ,i t l '. rl ,ari u-i l ltre ,a d i, eno ,i ;i l il, ii A" *
herem h T' larg l"ot, -n asl i lI ~re o r r l l ill l d I ll III. to h .lr l .,l ,u ; .mIw. 11., I He r .,rr us UI K n ,on^ l. \" '" I "a
v r** t l i.s m I e rl i ,n .1r h a lhe I (eon ug I te ss-a ti I h a1i l, it ,,. phi-a eds is% 31 1 .sty I, h1- "l u iren u rac ,,ais o i l, t gi e,, n .- nl e l [ .
Shl'lm m l l ; nllrsme as alar II l. l lha rsI l r atls l ie *w I oi.t p Irocl.nia l-n Hlo l I ioun L IIru Ri ., as a t ll, I sui i tisl chirf1 or tn|e I'an tlli-ii ii rs"" I"
a i. i 1 lw iab . ab.e ..le t. h 1 a" sirul Ie r, f be n dha on -i u ec f assirait an- a ns bill cnlraiig h s i ao T le d l
laoes. oana tairel l ser -As.ui ns a s-Il kanu I. h i-n, ri am [ i I'sr d s t sa a r a l r 1 ~ a thsse ii slinctios., which s oin hs bars an oi r
a Iises hr4mam hr. w a i e nst.h Ire a c t e. n a alra si i asi l i l r
it i rlae m he .nd a Id mm rl shi -auhhl -a1n l" rin r"rtincr ifl y.Irir i. reii', s slaia 1s (ss icanri. aI a ll, i .,,r Ir J UII ll o I .gty toI i e n all n -- .i n. l
STismning nsauth;irnt in a-, riser C'armrprsns. s.whnh h- Ira s -1 ,11alion a arL-rlacy siefb) ol Ilsuir ubs dlrcllcu ln d auls J CB tIIll' .l- j'11
veral mmrails. bill al, sise has nt lar en .a-isu.i. 'lh 'm rn tahir oam -nrn7 I G11 I-V R' ai-' J >jt
Zaw v orwilmf. Uk e r l vrm h a r i a en r la Cl.o'il I.F amh i al I, m ao (fa ll l oof ls .nh imi rl 11s tir Slln tI h h ll i'':, -
in a Is.msl ee l a l=ha n nh.u snee, ai ., rI .l a.,lu% lc.r i-, alla. .Ic a ri, -sa, ,u ear -ai a ail in l -I lll .a Isl n, la I.i. Ia '-.,< ai /-a a.f ( t i, i' in t 1 .
Si rl s h .f al s-. Iin v for n k. er,, sl, h,,, ,r ni',,,l or -.this-r I'ra i. ralll .ll l sr-i al .l, ,,i, I '., a r!as-ala Ka
arls am s-nr hbisn rlc l tarsus. \llrer laal. lh.r Jhl.UI eu-hk hun i 'uicull 'ilsl Ih nra-sr- lll iar' reauslr lir us li na lia-r lirsa inn a\.-i e a llr u rlate rui.' thr Sisslun. ha 'a '
un-nh simile-s. thece ss runt a saralr l's- ai fresiLh a wan:IrITrrt s lar llman la\>raU]i--a- I,.isr ru. lli a an ural -ar r 'nsa r ra '. I I sun i iii l ail alr'i I" I ,>
Zl m lh is ha rtna i alr il.r I Ilh Il rh ura ilur nr t da I ai\s I ias-- inr iia l-r i l urs a :i-iar a -.ia 1 I ar iIii II isaa hli llr sI a mta ia llrun -rf r. I i"""' i a a

she .-las i ;di n..., lh.,|r. us u'l us ,,,, .- .,i ,,r < an e s r-n sig us sa , i- a '- u ''.. ., Iais a a li--u 1aqr ., a it ie Aaaii .Q,, ,4 in" \
fa]rleNile atll a air' l-fl i-h .illl' hih I. a a r u ri r a ha 1 ,1 n' r .l'--- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -- -
tor, u.ure at a rIa aral lrv ien l,. ah ar'l a. hi Ire a --. *I h- c.a. -_l_ s. t h -e i ..I -- li I ate I lda Id un -)a as a ,nit is a n l l, sit s T ir, et i a as -na' P ublic

9It $3al)ama alvaso.

aIi, ce, by whiiclilmiy miAst be seleirrl Trum one liurl, particularly since the oeibrge la~ by Ilb Britlih
-lr iclosr, tohe esAl'luion and morniication of Governmenton the russels frei0hed in tri same of Donna
,sa."o Iv. in:l resipectilek lainl, and wiht contribute Maria.-Tlhis embargo is not in itslf of any importance
OI ln toi tl exI.' -es of the eltablishinent. and aLears to be nmerely a forimality of miaritiim police;
.,fel t lr the lure.tiing miuslid ratiiins, tlire 'tdsidsnthe inliscrution with which the preparaions fur
n*o rea.snl hy I t' IRector of M.tthllew's, the expedition have Ibeen in.,ale public, obligld the Ca-
I a r in lbitanls Uof that I).Prislh, .iiuiil inot Iiha i binPt of Lonlo to take I suome lioasire lofhis description.
a re in tilN r'eg.ulatlini of a School, w lliirl u the We sllC lin nt i:n.itLat the unfortunate indisireiun of msonl
S^I.hiil of 43ssa3b, dild not IItomelr the ScHilui of of the jouirnls ; We sisall nol sV iftlie eason fur depart-
C s',,t"rcl Parish. I recomniinl you to name as ire has assed or not, or ilf te expesiion has been given
s iners in tir Ilew act, bohi thle Rectors anti two Iu u, or ifit is to take place iitintielditely, at the very nil-
r*s reiHs.tsIl< diiiilnt IoUta i r iiim nsc Parish, to be iment when it isl lived tlhe project is atlandonled.
l 1it.v overl or iin Co'utici!, witluut anly reference )Doina aria artilnly reigns t Terrceila and in the
Aeri" t'bitcrir culr or couiImlilexiCna adjacent ialre. Snoir Portuguese ePni-rMnts are desirous
la J. CnaICusAL-Sl YTHr. llf enlarkinog fur TercoirA, seone vessels have been cliur-
G n'." Sl lnei Se, t red fur tlies, but inaried vessels. This is the trule
s ystrar', I nslateof thiiiiis. It was wronti thtreforr to say that a mIilii
Slary i'xidition was on ille point of leaving Engal;nnd.
Ssevnral appointed to bring in bills, The real expedition, wlhen it takes place will nail froni
.Grantily aii tite report tl t ile Coinimittee 'n ex- *erce.ira, and it is there that thle lPortuguese will first take
laws l, rpilOJ ALindlry bills, winch nUer read a up arnos."
wU t':t. tor We have nierly to aldl, tlnlt Don Ptlrn nnd his fcstilYv
Ii.llinl nc.!trlbly to leave civon, hmroawit inn ure in dailyv limliti"l in lrcouirsr will tlle Kinll ul'r rance ;
jl11 ,1ans'd the AgeC'. ia.t, whichIwasreceived aind reand i tha lit ao;, ini.rlentt ir n Eo.ulrow has, as )ye, ecknio*-
m e Ind n icond tinw. Ihdii.dl Doun Mitel as tli l.iiliuate IposVipor of tie Por-
A 1loin was Illade, and the question proposed, Ihul IlIguie. l rune. Our ,jicti hIas been merely to stale Ihe
SbtjsLMrsdli siadirati Ou of lte said bill be postponed to ric.ts ciionicted with li subject-wu leave our readers to
bsY three ionilths ; di raw tlleir own conclusionm.

~~dt ll ireviouis question being moved,
I)l^ou, divided :
ltmeul in tIH n-egative.
'lrtIj, tIhat li bill be engrosqild.
On mutiun, Order-l, tlhal t lit11 Mt k bill he read a
iMd linit, whirlh was done arcc ,liilI.s
Oo notion, tlh H.ouse resolved itself i ut a Couiinilttee
( the wole House on the maid bill;
Mr. 'la tir in the chair.
Mr. SH-'aker havinllc rs.uunii the chair,
Mr. 'l';vlor r*porlrlel, itit tin' C(oilnillee ihad Lonlt
tueIgh ie bill, witho*ll Ilakili A ily nitnrlil. elo It.t.
Ordrrli, Illt l iu bill lie cii.t
On nation, Illta thue ill to cuniinue three several acut
k hkig, .nim'ndini, reptirint' ain' kcpiinig in repair.
Spu ble, str tti :nt I lti..i.I s, in lhe I'liaid ot .Nu
jriduinwc', I.* rAta a secJi lti lim ;
W ItI itietion being iuoved,
lb II.Nie divided :
Jlp..-l in time iratliv.
On Dm,.nilli, ibe Illt,.t aguin resolvied itself into a
Itatsiuc' ir tihe wolie IlHusze, on tbh esti aC te.j i-
|h and ;r-.iirii ; f
|anci l, t it ti e chair.v
Mr. Sp, tut -r -n: rtc i ,-'l tit' b l;hair,
rll. T'u I\ r,,., I sI I ry ire .II rnt ,. 111111 ich ieb h reai
1* il 1.I. .i, U ,1I. l"or,',l in ;it [ I, .,- hI.
in -. I lil lli"a l.t- dorl 4l a l Aki e ll e % li .
tiio,1 .(IIIIt to-inotrrsw imn rnloI. It t .'ti in rk.
T'iirn ,i-m March I t, IM'S2.
the Ilo-iu ntit nro -rlinr tou aillueinient, anlI acd.
wd IlllLu to-IIll-roW lurlll, i tell nt o' clock.


M1larch 1t.-Brig Iligihlandelr, Kopt), London

rap- rarar
H AVING; fixd theasir A (of liRl tis at tile talr of 10
Iper larrel of stlpe'rlilin FIlur, Ordlrel, tail IlIh
.llillint Loaf do weigh 211'm. 4i.z., and tlle sxilalny LiMl
lib. toz. By urordr if the Vertrs.
DI) VID I'PENC(', Vestry Clerk.
VEsTnr Room. 71 lJ 'brtitry, K1Q2.

S IIll:IEllY G(;I\ ., thit Sia, l'(.i ilCrs will he
.l'i, lntl ib t i thte I 2tih tc i f .l' trM i iteal,
'ttr tih'ittitic lite L.cIss, :nlsI othlir pub.lL' ]ki.ip rs, accortlin ,
toi the privi ions ul' tile A< A oul the' IGneral .\As-inlslv of
,1.-. ,ta..,d,, of A.1 4.nk Gnt;. ,l, Ch. 14th. Every
illli;slluli will LMgiver u.i auIdJi ctiAu. .
FIhirury illh.

On Monday mut, the 5th inetat,
aT Tve nesIri moIes.
At 10 Olooeek A. I.
Will ie Hold
Fresh Superfine Flour, in barrels and hal dio,
Sugar, in barrels,
Corn, in bag,
Soap nd ('Candles, in bomes
Freds Ballinore Ilam and Bacon,
Better and Lard, in keg,
Loaf S r,
2 cases li Cheese,
I cae line Irish Linen.
I ditto dilMconuel ,Mulin,
2) kegsL WhiliALid,
15 jugs Oil, &c. ac.
A fishing Smack, well olund in materials, c.
At one MondA' Credj,
(Without ren.,)
6 casks containing 50 dozen Cape Madeira Wine,
I hlid. choice Brandy, in lots,
I: pioucheuna old Jamaica Rum,
6 dli n P'on Wine.
March 3d.


On .lMnday nest, tse Sh imutea,
At 10 O@'1O h. A. U.
Will be old,
Superfine Flour, in whole and half barrels,
('urn, in lots anIl bags,
butler, Lard, Hire,
Clear, blMs and Prime Pork,
llans, ('hetse, Sugar Candy,
Soap, DIowlas,
Willti unitry oilier articles.
Ternis-<' .11.
March :W1.

On Monday Mit, the 5t1 instant,
aT Tile Wr.NMI' mOCs,
At 10 O'cloek A. UK.
W\illl e Mtl

I_______ il slSCIIIlllr, inteldinsig to leave ill! la-' b punripons IIellh Irool Jamaica tum.
alltimare i .meriran, Janh.13 h. Iomas for mime tismte, reslpms all ersonus having c Term, tru .lth' redi t.
tl of fl Ydeni.ands against him, to render the samnu without delay ; A.ND-
Frtgeal.-Ti Edlitor of ie .evw uork Couirirr Uad ail those indebted, a re equesed to U make iomedJiatB At thrre asdls,
uital LDun Pedre hsI beeIn eniL'a.eil in ti.Lkinl pIr- paymit. A Negro Wosn, a good Cook, Waler nd Insr.
pians to a very consideraile exhteiI bothi in Eiitlind JOSEP THOMPSON. March :;..
ad Franc' fur an imaclk otU Poritugal, witll time ihlltetliU MarciI 3d. J .. .
diLru~inig IDon Migu,.I, anti piihauiis laulhtL r I)l OR ALE Uy 'R AT BARGAIN-A
al-ria on tie throic, Ihe hininelf Iw bily intending to NOTIC'I E. P'R of Land, in tie Estern DI)lrict, with a ut tirl
a l r all ihe altributes of msvereignty in her name. A I ...l m s it d) ellitig lloue andl out buddling, now the rsidaee of
al hi he n Ineroiated by him in England, for lthe pur- T"I SIBSCRIBER will put in uit, itht di i the SI i ubscrilr.
P If raising tle leansof defrnying t me x enss. o rin mitanlion, all endue accounts due for tle s asil t Lot, adjoining te above n the SonwIt,
ap nrn iont Iselisln f men in coni i dra v ar, with nll rr" lr, i' nut liuidilia l r with buildings, &A.
in have besn b niade by his agensl. in Ireland andi T'se prso"-. who are iundebted, will govoe 'Ueou s ,l.e AI.SNO-
Di. A Dublin paper slels, that thIe audverlisenens accordi"ngy. HINRYV t A family of Negrees, fve in number va m
riasl were addressed to youngg inl willing to Pui- b .. I n R A1LDe. lic, 26 years,
Pa." The vessels to Im employed were ftted out in Fruary Inh. Ellice, 9 ditto,
but his preparations received a check ealyv in NOTiCEH illiam, 4 ditto,
in conseulitencce of tie seizure of lhese \easel Ameli, ditto,
Idsr.e of an itntenidll conlrwiventioill (f tiir F"ir.ign p llFI UE SClRIBER, inltnding to leave this in Sophiia, II monha.
1IAI iIut Act'" tlt inforiiation tiiion uhich the stiznurt AApril next, for thie United States, ren'imet( Mil per- AND-
tNae being given by agenls of DIn Minel'l. This sons having demands against Iim to render mlem ; and Another family of Negroes, three in membe, vi:
ln passed in Engiiand to check ltie rerruilinie ri ciih tiste indthled, to Imnkl paynnln on or bforre lue 1thh I Eliza, I1 yearn,
ab many years sincr for t llie Sthill Amllrican ir- FI,.bruarv. All accounts renlaining unpaid aferr that 1 Rose, 2) ditto,
$ An act nearly similar was nls pnsew.d Iln re v late, will be left at tim office of G. P. Wood, Esq. for Jane, monlh.
OVL Tim srizure of Dun PI'clru's vesv'ls ulti not recoierr. Among them there are Washers, Ironer and He
lace in cinuesocirce of any olrder from lie FIoreigs January 7th. F. TURNER. Servants.
1itient iin Loundon, but was imade on a process isiLIed AND ALRO-
t Custom HIIouu. A distinction which it i'al ialial NOTICE. A Lot nf Land, containing aabo twenty-eilgh ar,
jeeas inu lii fiirnur ca.e, it would be evident Ihau til' FIIE S ILE of the Iate . J. lomon, F.qiqire's, situate on Royal Island, ad)lnining on the west, Isd of
ll nt were opioseil to Don P'dro's intention., Stock in Tra. l, by order of thie Ei Irulers, rn- Ithe lawe Benjamin Barnelt. dereaed.
ltlirlestr, can ihtI. y lie spllousel, for it is not .io- sitine ofavahl.illrnnd ai winsiveana.rtmentoflDry (;mGnl, Termsn, A. will be mnae known, on applicalioi to th
Ithat le lic ll I.ive pricrrleded sw tur as he has di.e, I llarnare, &a. &4-., will mictivlci ltake place ly P I li Slberibter, or in M.-rs. Itcn v (;rr-Pnslae & Co.
sna-ellc I0l t liht i Uitilh governrlI't w ultd at Aurtion, early in .M1.rchl nPil. T.ermns ill be made If no dispnsed of Il-fore, the Ist Arwil, they will, on that
al lii conuicli.' Thli e otelk eiz.iud, it setelm, l:,e known, previous to thle day fizerl for the qal. lday, be sold at Aurtion.
iarer t er.. t.n it ,int ol lei, given spo. T'hi I IIHNRY ADDIERLEY. JOSF.PII PRUDDEN.
'u."rikri "hiimodlC to lei rtcrreltt4, Ital the arents ,1 'I),.n -I --
"IOuldl luve r....s...l to anty i.l, as of sAtl,.nil.,,i,, N HOTICE. FOR SALE.
-'li., Itl. 1 c et.,.s., i i itl. lws ,I tis, i ll. Si I.'(' RI BERt oilrr lor stle, by private bar- The choice of 2 Lots of Land, with th
tI l ,lI l a.I.. to st le, alllc .:h l their im- I n, m hbuildlinc. and ilmprovements thereon, Mtunae ie
Im., it. d,. n li, r ih,,i.itioi, it 11] it hblJl i'.. li c ..rir a ne. Piri re'si strel, icenrrallv known by the nameof
Pes i:,t the d. r,, ; ,,I l -upr, u ,lo 1i"i. 411) ,his t.i. ,I,. ti.. Lightlfool, or Cuo id's l' ow.
lJtrit:l. I 1 hI :hait. 11n.i li 'ut' sth.' lil'lus tIrtii (iO Il/rI.n .1i. 'l'.t.riirir i.i. I e ur Terms and other pnricula. apply to the Sab-
i tt 1it am l c it **"r: I 2 i.c Din ..r S. t. IIENRY GREENSLADE &. Co.
Ilrsc, ,c.,.. a i n. i,,,,re xl.n-,~e nature np-! 111-. Y (;HIREENSL \E ('. % March t1..
ls m, , It. i 1. b li)on I'Vdo. lThe Jt.rn.aldu ,In Dl ieniebr 2 Ilh. I -- -
astl ''ii'",'l tiu !, making hwre, .- --- .. TO lIE LET, tIhl pleasantly stated
bl t'i;,r i .1 ,J i, i ,, i not ie pr] dnt o en o ir-r \' \ \L'T, for stile at 12- cents per buhheil. tm lome and IPrmisenw, lately in the occupation
,'. () il,, !i .css,,;, sI,, (i;iil,.esii', .e I .Xiv lo i nf II(nrs \hldtrle. Equlire, with immandite
iI tt'"'"'t. ,t. I'" ., ; ,,,, .,,. ,-- TIIh p bl 11 31 \ il)MPs (iN. liaSi i,,,..,',i,,, A1 0l' so
ihas I.., i,,t h ..i.'a. ci ,I ,, r... l,,,, eId I s I It Elnm (S. ADDERLEY.
Sa ll 1. ,, .. i. n. ,r, t1,, ),i| I'r..,. ) D ', F,!.hbr'i y lth. Janwo r' I' hi

POLAND. Court. lie wears acdle that mem to have beon sud-
As a Kgldow Pousld is ap fn Irhemporf d*al pabbead tlie e- ashop-wldow sM Monmouth-
i uti= asL n ld c ld .i mod aI l imret'u, without any co"aidetia as to the fit.
inpmUDrss k Ih Iu iMrWt-yld and Ilyma du- Hle wrn th'. appedages of smpendcrs, and some-
ofe at naodt sadlse, sad sLmsn mIrses and thirty- toaes wers waistct long enough to eest ala olthir gar-
four degrees am loaitude and is bounded onrab by Ite.m. ai*ht, wlht, tI r lack of ahe appendages aforesaid, are
ia, muth by lHungry sad TurkeJy i Europe, am by wont to ink below the ordinary level--hi inside coat is
lmai s, we by Prslas sad Germany. Polaid L in ge- old, his outside lne, for he often indulges in two coats, s
meral a very larl coaury, (if we except the Carpalalia of great antiquity, sad comnmoly flie behind him in tim
mmeatlaim,) file I core, having long fur-ised Swedon brmse., wile eridos along, mttllering to himself, with
mId Hollhnd; Its hers ar some of the finest in Europe, his hands, lodged -deepia the recesses of his breeches-
and its sill-wrks a very productive; lth towns collec- pockets-his cravat rems as if it had not been folded,
tively am bult of wood; the appearance of the villages but rolled up, aid tiedon in the dark, by hands not of
very uea. the clienest-he wear huge shoes, tied with great black
,t si wa the country of the ancient Vandals; it was tape, or whal should be black, except that, like his hat,
made a duchy about the end of the seventh century: in the vicissitudes of time hath turned them to a hue of
thltenth, Chriaisnity was introduced, ndl BRnlsinus erect- brown. In this costuum he moves along, cheery and plea-
ed it into a mtonarrhy in 910. Tihe form of Govern- suit, nodding to many, talking to sone, and recogniti'd
meant was here very singular; it was tie only eieclive nm- by many, who lay," There goes honest old Charley
anarchy in Europe, and tie Poleu in the choice of a King, W'etIherell."
did not always confine thenmulven to a countryman; at I a"i persuaded there is not a particle of affectation in
oam lime all nalionis were eligible. Tho King was elected his singularilic-they arose, perhlips, out of the darling
by the whole Ibhly of tei Nobility and Q try Vn th0 plains notion of his nind independence," and have become
of Warsaw, anal before this crloico I obligeal hIim tol cUifirned. by long habit. Many stories are told of hlie
sign whatever conditions they IhouLght proper. Tihe 1P- strange way in which be lived in Chamlbers, when it was
lide armies are not iil liy the King; every noblemian or not lis custom id come to Conrt; they say he had a bit
(Gentlemun gave lis atltesiance in lilme of war, at tlhe head of looking-glass fied into tim wall, which answered all the
of hi assails, and red rei from tle latigues of time caln- purpoesm of his toilet, and sometimes when some one
pain when it muiled his own iuclinatioin. woulil come in after be had commenced the process of
la theyear 1779,asingularly buld plrtition of this coun.- shaving, le would quite forget to complete it, and lhas
try was elleced by Russia, Prussia and Austria ; IIliuoia Ieee found in tihe evening with a crust of" lather" upon
laillaiin tolpart of Lituinania, Poulsia, Plodlia, \ olibynia, hi face, which had remained from tie morning, without
and pert of the Ukraine. This iinimnse tract of country, his being conscious of it. Sometlimes lie will be seen
conlaiiinig .IN1)It4M) u.tul, is hneenis pe rt i ail iprcel o walking quickly along, hisnlind evillentily follof something,
liw HIussian tIrritory. PrIassi rCl.iiunled (;reat Piladinlhre Uwhic lie distinctly multerss lie goes, when some article
oiler art .f Lillluania, andi PIoliJs Iu liisia. The only in a Ipwnbouker'sa shop-window will atlrart his attention,
part f Polaand rl.etin'tl by Pruniia, is lie (;ra;nd Duchly "and he will travel iomn pane Ito pane for halfn an Ihour, in
of Poen, c.niniig 53s g.eogialdiical suare miiles, und diligent exauiinaition of the miscellaneous collection which
.,ItKl,l27 iluabitants. Is chief lowns are UBrunaberg and such windows present.
Poswn. Austria Muiel on Little Pland andol Redl Russia,
leasing t, the King of Poland only Saiumlgiiia, Muscovia, pFrom BIe's Life in landon.
and P'ilahiia ; en n this small territory was wrested from MR. OSDALDESTON' S LATE MATCH AND
him, and in 171 lhowas hligeld torsigi his crown.-T'llh MR ALDETO LAT AND
part of Poland which i subject ton Austria, Iars l ti de- CIIALLENGE.
signatine of dml Kingalou of .Galici uand Luoumiria. Its SiR,-As I am perfectly confident that a correct and
tpas lailon aoniunts to 4,:70,000 muls. faithful report of imy Two-liundred-mile match was youa
The kingdmlin of Poland i hereditary In deM person or only ainm and object, I feel certain you will oblige me by
tIIw Ru,.ini Auolhrral and his sIccus and conmpises a correclinlga lew inaccuracies which appeared in your pIn-
si0perfire.. o.f (i:-t1) lsae lafigue, having a population of pr on Sinday last, and will insert the following in your
3,.'i,,llt n ouls. It is divided into eight waiwudeshilp, next week's paper.
n;aaely, Warsw, Landlouir, Kalish, Lublin, Pluotk, lts- r""rom our situation in the Sland, it was inipossilile you
r.iii. I'PIolsnriiii, ind Augusltouo. Its risers are tle could be air e witness to every particular, anl you w ere
Vi slail, Warte, llg, Dniriper, Nieiien, ansu DUinia.-Thei coniisquenl itndc'lted to those around the Starting IPost
nltionala'IInusi aiIunIIteiiil priorr to the present conlit.l) Ior tlh accuracy of lltei ; uinny of whlon no doubt calls
to 2,11t1,N1II i strlitng, aIlout thel seiieth part of which red-h'ot during tho match S ith s une news or otllr. Tlhe
w;i asignell i to thi civil list. Its mliililay force during the first inaccuracy I would call your attention to i;-'" ge,
d'sp.tic government of the Grand Duke Cou.lnsluine, as 47," whereas I am not 47 by several years. Th is i il
30),1Ol infantrv, sadl 1) ,(oXI rlvalrv at present it is a. no other moment than it niight be the nivais of losing soni(
tinmae.d at 70/K100 ldfaary, 20,(I crivialry, and .5,) I'r peron's money, no s Its htve been iadei about il y aL"
een armed with irythd. Warsaw, with I'2f, t:1 itnhiliai.- t'for', and I have been referred it to, n decile tlern. The
lan., it it capital, lan I mRst Mstar in succession Lindouir second in csaccuray is-" that Ikelc SoloIniit's Ilitale a slip
50 ,1Nl inlialiltanis ; Lublin, I ,,iKI); and K.ilios, 1.'iMI). andl droppdsl a little forward, ;ienl I rll ti'r hi, heli d,"
Thl Ca(iltolic reh.4i,, I rr Jew- antl Sociilia is great. T elire are! itle tnliui tIhn Su.lttl, ;isite. l by J esliui Itobi iins ,and othll er II iueds,
tAU.IlJKIIJ Jews dipiereed thrunhl P'oland, iniLnpendent Ikey stopetltl'l sIrt and 1111l'1* rumil, bt I L rit himi oll
ofl lls's resi.leni as nierclhints in the piint iial towIs.- agIain, and altecr going about 2t i)iar]ds iml ort lre ilt mall tire
Mwre maidtedany years at Cracow. and nmrried the 'sile attempt, and ill fidini lie ias likely to btolt aimlloig the
dedatior of a PoIlish ouhleman.-Acctrdling to a dlitin- "rees, front Iaving only a snalllt bniidl on wilhut t
guisadL Pulish historian, 3.. (Chlluko, hie ixpulationa of "nartingale, I threw mvyslf off. lie ran lack tonards l ti
thi dilfmnt provirncs of Anciunt Poland anountud, in Staud, but was caught bIy some spectators .laut 2iN
I.N to about 19,t4)),1IM) of inhabitants. yards from me. I immediately followed, and reunoinil.d.
When I came in I was not at all flurried, but certlinli
SIR ClI.AiLES WETIIERELL.ook frmsthe fall. The third inaccurncy is-tllat I
SIR CIiLEs W TI R I wouall I 1l(0 to 1 nobody did it ini tie lint' I did;"
As this gentleman has become somewhat coUspiruoIu whereas I oherved to one olf iy friendl.s, hli was doulbl-
snamo the moving lcidlents of the day, the following ful about lthnine hours, I'll bet It) to 1, I do it in tihe
sketch of him from the Londoa New Monthly, may not be nie hours." There re men, I have no doub, can ali
naitrlap towur readerlst this ie r it in dhe time I did It and in much less who only ride 7
k Ir n isa tall mn wih a considerable toop, and stnme, if they are to be called men.
a swing i his gi -its fae ies atelligent and rather a- Many foihunlers and even jockeys, before the perform-
markable ; the hehe upa ra ve, the eyes not large ance. thought it impossible to do it in nine hours, buI
hlt uapresiv of hiMn lm h utLrahl and rallhr m the very same m say, any fool can do it. If
*aler, or p "a ri" oo fm th unuo olfth oe they are correct, pray what can a wise man do 1 Il)ouhlk
upper lip end chia; hi voice isood but not mucal, and at leat; perhaps no wis man will be fool enough ti
Ish moier n sometimes cal and impressive, bht, for the try !-40 mile in 17 sucresive ounrs and 12 naiuues
moestpar, his efortsevee upon the must imponant oc- will puzzle all the Wise Men of the East. It is ke pacr
clis. tte ded by a wnicality, which i thu w o ,l nige, to ain witchsc short inter-
di"rib aiciig a ureo hi m ie ba n advocate. In va el between ry for miles, that distreme him, from
former daya h umed to be accused of idleneso but, when- which the muscles have not time to recover--200 miles in
evr he stok ep s am with intor so lteres could be so lOhexar would be no performance to talk ofr; putting on
ases mefal as dval a ;ar, t owe er odd him ndster, hi the ere tgam of ix miles an hour tries the wind and
vim wswer ed h s ill to a poin, a the no beat st al. A nman riding 14 stone coulal do it in II) boun,
I h down: be will ins'isea hviag dshe lt wod; if a good harmeman, sound wind anl linm, and with good
and U th i b. i d iv or ew'e ia hi pluck.-Whoever accomplishes it in 8 houom and 42 nli-
pniniscy, l t im mu much the mul of bom mal, utes, riding 11 atone 3 lr., will find lisn stockings tied
Si s as mi up wish hi stran pe Sculiriti so gar- op higher than Ih ever had them tied up before," to .make
united with odd quotations and ludicrous ilamration, that use of a waterman's lIeas Various rumours have gone
hi opponent is forced to yield to his humour, and to join abrM ato the sm I wo ,l I xggerins eist
is lau, th Agh hedae om aton of ally my 10,000; sons, rN; and sonsi even,
ll risory i a mtgcmniaa eth inaion of relly J36,001. After deductiug all expenses I shall aet not
rria ad d s aqs t with ut-of-the-wy irle- any mol than 1C x), owing to tile spineness and hall
vney. or what ae a arrlevaset, until, he, by same odd adviceF my friends ; they would not exert Iltenaelies
appflleieon, which o n under Heaven hut himself wmuld for me, nor would they allow me to back my self in
have thought of, ontrives to connect it with his argumen. the ring" because, shie aid, I lould spoil tle betting;
II. vilesl ecitmen about masters of dry equity, b of and,'if I would only be quiet, they would gelt plenty on
itself suallc'ient to give a character of exltme singularity for me. I fulloweld their advice, but they never biet a
to his pleading in dt Court of Chanery ; but when we shilling for te, but kept hmbegging me to the last--" It
d an tnt nhis unusual g wortic satia-h freqnt a wasall right." Tlley knew I would have betted 3, 4,
unaueo and antaluqsed wrds--his bits of Latisn o wad even 5 to 1 on taim match two nights before, and kupt
oddly and familiarly introduced, and his circumlocution nme quiet to hfill their own pockets at 6 to 4, which they
where the tiame of an ordlinary phrase would expes's his did pretty handsomely, at nv expense. I never wa
meaning, we find they all combine to make np his CIrarc- afraid of any thing Ist'silhlen inli'poshiion, and at no one
I r faar tecrarricity a. a Clancery Barrister. %hm Ie poridl l n tilh aucr t wsoshtd I h.iove t iaen Il to I ahout tile
goes (orls isatU at slI ruls he is more strange titan even in tile hours ; t ad liaise cnouiag ti dine with the Lord

Mayor of London, and do h il e
so lap quiet was something liLk the .dti
aoo, who was exeutad for Poisoa igte
market. Tlhy persuaded io a lord"
even up to the onment of lis lrducul Ot '
lais mouth shut, n dead Mnu. tall s, "I
I forgot to mention in tie accuraciea, tlh
Skirimnisher were the last two Ihnes I -i
and Liberty, as mnlOtiuoe in you rm. l
apologise, Mr. Editor, for having takea ls
in your valuable paper, but having bes
by so many inquiries about tle match, sala
called so much about a jockey doing it ii
thought it best to Ipt a complete statenumt 'i
and also to add the following challenpes teo d
of which one at least, I should imagine,
for their adoption. I have named large B ,
nmy attempting or accomplishling any of h
incur a great expense, and risk my health
and it is not worth ny notice for les. I
to all the sporting men in England, and sard
they can slumpthe ready" against me alImse
it a good catch." Should no manor body
forward to take up any one of my oflen, I p
not be bothered with It is nothing to do--1
can do it-and jockey can do it in eight .e0
on. I umrely back myself on my own staum ,*
mination ; and a man of ny age clmllengingit
to back a nan of any age against me i unnnpaa.i
history of any sporting, and hardly to be belieL l
however appear at tim scratch whenerer i
both with the needful and my own carcam le L
" fry."
The followingaro my offes:-
I challenge any man in the world, of any ap
or carrying my weight, to ride any distnaa l
front 2'() to 50 miles, for 20,000; but if htls
ride )200 to 250 miles, I will ride for 10,0100. o I
ride against the jockey of 7 stone, whow thm,
backing, to ride 20) miles in eight house, raq
minutes for lte difference between 7 stone id 11 t
or I will take 10,11)0 to C)XII, or .20,000 1
that I ridr 2<00 iiles in 8 ours, which, itmkrahi.
ed, would be a wonderful performance for II mid
and I think almost inpossible-at least, a si tio
would lose the unatcll, and I should scarcely haImt
mount and dismount. 1 am always to be har id
Pittsfurd, near Nourhamptnn. Your otedisea ts
Pittsford, Wedpenday, Nov. 16

Re-eripmlim.--Mr. Mackenzie. wih after beiBg npO
from the IIt to of A-.t'mlily of I'ppr ('anaila, w anr -
e, hm htsen Rtlsnn declaircd ilsotliii% Inl hold s m u
IllI. lh a vole of i 7 In I. I:s'n. i on the 71h Is h
n"w llht;'ec of Mr. M. was t pir )iauIllcIea;ri Am ns
.... l..... ..... _-. r .. .... ...W4.__- I- ,h I 1ItoI
(oterntor o the I'roallire and ile A lltvile %otswo -
whIcllt het chirge'r the Ilouse of AN.embly witl sybro np
aindi alo a ip bll tio:un in IIIs p;Iper. the Colonial Aihm .
wit. It ti i zsnlmaier d the tllrl"y nembler bs lbo rul In a
expubl m ,1* t\ rants'"

.A Mr. Si.llll :i Le' hmllll l.l .f d .parn and pm .
I n-ng t ; ini.iil lll orel t Ir l) oue f o t'(onimou Ia s
thenl I.i akr, piit 's*ome rilihrllou andil imrniperlnmnl que
li. ltl aitl l il i..t .lii l gli.t i oI..ollllll nl hri as "'
Kenit." s.uil Sin yys, .uillin g .. til lio l t, miay d ai
IlrI' same II S ou M ll '" I ;lin iout iI thie u'lt." .' allW
. lI.v Ity tnilly i.r." answered ,Ill). I though i l, l
wts, menl rlunic ot of the IEaI."

TIhe IlHouse antd Prieniars at presfNcl
hv lMr. Poitier. T'l Ilouse ia rW!
cmnvetniinl, w ith.t larigekitc herlsn sald A
attaclhdl, chiir IhIoMse and inlniang
horse, estaensive ni and ail grass piece. Thul'is
liave beln lately lthlrougllhly repainrs, and ther prW
of tlhe fences itau bterin rwly put up.
A trnet of Land sitlated at thie VillagS ronlil
naren. It is lividleid by the villae-road intloro'h
wsteernist lo inigi ilrnteclil hby tI u'ew roadl klll
lie village into de Blue hill ruod. Thi land Ji"
pumed of in one or three lots. Appiy lto
September 17lh.
FOR NALE-At ti" **Or
Bills of Lading,
Bills of Exchange,
Bills of Sale,
Manifess of Cargoue,
Blank Forn for the Custom llous,
Leases and Rolearss,
General Court Writs,
generall Court Erecutions,
Ilill of Sale for Vesuis,
Mortgages (with bonds,)
arrants of Attorney to Confess Jumlel'l
I'ower of Attoriey,
Attorney's Warrants,
Arbitration Bonds,
Apprentice InLnltures,
Police Warrants;
Police Summonss,
Police Pernits,
Militia Warmness
Subpoena Writs,
Subptrna Tickets,
Inferior Covurt Writs, 0 1
N. .-Jolb Printing executiles aill' "'alieds
patch, upon good imper, and on moderal'e trm
January 4, 1832.

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ll< 9' If A t 3 : li j 1 f:'^ f' ''bi 4 i 4f •^ i i (I '-^ u 'ii ; r **4.' €^ire 3$ i[$ 01)111 0^13111 jc(. ( 'til luL-et iiioriinaritiiiie wou*!* i> Utuu en Dumm diui ('ildis tliaii ('a|iluin Cooke coull fmd in the Soutlu'iii OK-an, wuic "' <'i|)ain I'arry al iJm; .Nurih Pule. Hut the wurhl /'n^ the John UvU, vf IhrrmUr ii. LA.ST ACT OF IIIK WIMSTKRH. Thr aMrntioii of iti.' i.uWir. id re(iM rtiiul to lh folio ,, , ,. ciitr : — liin ( nU.' ,., ih.iiii. I^,,luii. iMit ifilurimd ch.Mar-[i,asii..i,s to tatUrs o as to (ill the M)ul'that loiiys after •l.:.i..|v ... Itr..,i.. A I ; "**' "rvenou and tlif fnfensi',!o forsooth timers and hons anlrly pmcrril Ut lifitihlnn ; thf autJiciice Will irraol* (J and i i > i i i i i I i. ...... ^.^ ww yram u, ano ,„y^, ^^,^,.4;^ (]„. |„j,„a„ aniiuals, who could not succeed lu lu>^^ all hut Hitlun their i,Ta,,, and ofui,,,^ impede or delay their atlainmcui ''^u ii)u._rln p-ilion WHt mnnt ;jrariou|y r.|tfl|_an.l a ro.iv.rnuiion upon iIm t:ruiil\ iiij; the pnhlir apjR'tile ; and liie tigers nill he soon too lame. From ilnpublic papers and the puhlic talk it seems really of all uonders the most wonderful, that the world ^.W.r ,' should hold lo^ither, or that society should cohere for a III mtIik h we aniiilorni. it, il,a tii* Km;.' was pl.jv.J to 4p. ik forlniuht. highly oi the aiidify wl soriu.r iImsj ••;, his .hliv.rud al the ni-iin^, I'lpn i.djy ihar of |*rof-.Hiir U'iison. 'I'hiliik' h.ivniy fiilfdii-.f ffi. ,, !,)•. f (,| \,,i vinit, and prr•nf- King from Th<> iiihahitaiii* of l'!iliiihiir^li and if^ vicinity, in rAVOi'R *• IV4.>nf.'d .11 Hrichfr.M. on Frhhy, ihlAih of Dec^-mfjer, h> hii <;rc' fhilukff HiHclruuh. K. T. &c." (; Uiat thiM fa's. IommJ could iHit have been dehiM-raie,!, mikJ rhal thr olfi. lal proinnkation of a lie, must have l.r.n nfcuU-MUi. M(. waiird till liltappi-.iranie of Fn.lay-s Ha .'nefor a corrrction of rh rk-ricai prr.>r— not a lot of ii— ili-rr Hit^H-nrn no rorrfcliou. and not only n the Kin;^ rf-pri'sentr>\ ai l.aVMiu ur.inously rernvni a p.fition in favour of ri-forni. whiHi wat nev.-r prrsrntpd. l.iManse ni-vrr Iransnii'f.Ml bulh |>kr of Hocikuich i •* lil„lled hy authoriry." a hiiviac beeN f*w inrdinra tliroiiKh which iKh a petition wt lri4iiAiiiiitird lu ibe Soverf^ign. VVVn thr Muii-iiers of a country u,r the omci.i| (;azeUe. whirl. „ hHd to be •' authoritya. to all act.s of the civil, luijifry. aii.l |.-al funrtionaries of thr country, and for the ijraCH,uylis,H.n,alion of Hi, Majesty'* honours nd favoum as the rhanntl lur political mirepre,rntaiioii! and groundle clMi.ini#^ upon rh. rl,ararii.r of fhr nob.litv. we think the* uiu.t hod ihr K-...•..•> are desperate uideed.-JoA/i tlitlt, Utrttubtr i.'. lere i{orkinjif, and the choleia, and iinpcilling revoluiioii.ha ve hei-ii lot some tiin<; past pressed ujion the public attention with such a pnx'veriiit,' (lertinacily of exaggeration, that, if we are to believe what is said, one half of the population will he analonii/ed, the other half carried off hy the cholera morbus, and all the rest guillotined by the i^JfMipiieu, ami by noonowaMl.^ •lacy ever placed liiL'her,seeinir ,|,., ^''"^^'{4, lis basis-the pi.iHiple ^i de.nocr?**"'^'*. corrupted, not only wht-n the spi.j, .r ^^ si^dit of, but when a spirit of extreme I "/"* So thought the sagacious Moi.fesquir. ,"^ '^ another authority still more to the pou.t I T '^' would doublles.s listen with fonder revere ^ ^* *^l Fox. In the introductory chanter oT^''^'^) FraLMiient." alter fiviio/ it ;* i.:. ... • ', " ** Hi. %m% ^ XMU*^' lll<-<"^ i:lilor. ?iATIKnAV, TIAKtII a, Is3|. VOL. I — \o. L\VI. rilK I5A1I VMA .VUCiL'S. "•''"tv/'er giving it as his opmiotuiu. dillusionol knowledge through all the .r,j,,i T ciety must lea.i an observer to anticipate'^^'* ,.UHLiSHK.n KI-.MI-WKKKI.V \S NASSiU, N. I'. volut ions, and that the House of Co,,,,"'""*"^ conceived, be the instrmnent hy uluri'T***' would he accomplished, he pro'ceeded 'i w ^"i remarkable words :—'* How will tln '<^.. M M Bi'rht Dollars per annnin— In advance. ri'voiutioiiists. Hut the public likes that sort of thing. It | nions conduct itself? Will it does not care a straw about a murder, unless the said murhe Jl content it^ilf oiine "^ I, Avr is most horrible and atrocious. Outrages, to recom mend themselves to the public, must be luosi ahominHhle, most shameful, and most scandalous. Even Mr. Irving was going out of fashion till he got up the scene of the unknown tongues, and (K;radventure when that trick grows stale, lie may hiro one or two of Martin's tigers and other animals to make an exhibition with. A lion shaking his ^, mane over the ptilpit cushion, would he an imposing sight, | follow the iihistrions writer and a hoa cotistiictor would make a most excellent doorkeipcr. What gives Cohhelt his fwipularitv hut exagirerating all the touches T What gives Preston Hunt hi.s popularuy hut exaggerating the ahsuidities of universal suffrage and annual Parliaments ? Exaggeration is the order of the day and .so it has been the order of days. The contemporaries of .Sacheveiell lived in eventful times, and o do we, and so will our grand-children ; and if time affords nothing wonderful to wonder at, we mu-st wonder at that for wo never can get on without wondering. it •itA gular share of legislative power, or will haps rashly, pretend to a power con.n. ""•' ihe natural rights of the representatives ^JTl"* ts 11 It should do so, will it not be ohlikred'," "''**'^l claims by military force ; and how Ion.' uill ''^^^ he under its controul? How long will j, h m'''"' lows the iLsual course of all armies, and raiiu a sintde master ? Will this nidster"— b„t i, **' follow the illustrious writer into those furtU?*' gradations which all could anticipate and b iM, history showed that the extreme of \Jri^' ^.V'l^'.'** servitude and the stormy sway of |U* monotonous despotistn of^ POETF.Y. sidisidi-d into the ider is a premiuni for lying. NoFnnii thf Ltmilttn Atlas. Kr what we can to find something wondeiful in the sun j.n.1 moon hy mean, of telescopes and theories. Blessed IHthe man who found out or conjectured that the sun was a iff-dM. of ice ; and if any one should prove that it is a steaii. engine or a gas manufactory, he would luive a nine day* iiumorta lity Ju^ his j^ins. Nothing that is not wonderful i< iho^ight worth relatinuor worth liearing ; therefore. Hs something must le sai.l.every thing is exaggerated draw,, out, dress*.d up, bloated iato a mir.cle, pnffed. and duion^led, till It bic enough to be staretl it. Every ihin^tuuM he intensifi^Kl c„ render it stimulative to the Ktal p|H^,t,. If fHnuer finds a h.rge turnip in his bfiMuM blensihe wonder-lovmg public with an (Sir J. H le county members, Astley and Mr. Beneii) Sir A "" ,, ,. ., ,,.. / Mall.t, Tol. Houlton Major Oliver, Captains Taylor and KiHding, K. •>., Mr. Long and Mr. W. Long. Mr. T. Moore the disttnguisheil poet, Mr. Talbot, of Laycock Abbey,' Mr. r. Scro|M', &.c. "^ [On tl fiehh the / "f.".'*'" " Mr. Mooie's lAahl. being proposed by the Chairman, that gentleman rose and lollowing speech.] Mr. Moore felt peculiarly gratified hy the kind ma er in whicl, lus friend, the Chairnuin, had associated h name Ireland. indeed, could impart to livelier emotions of pha.wre than connectinu' hi. IN hi m coMM^f it., cirrun.lWfence ami wei.dit.^t.ll allthe n"ader \ 1 ? tle country ol his birth. He had intended to honour they had Oiuferied upon him, ami should (Hrhai.s the b<.si .KisMblo instructors, from the Land's End to Johnny (.roat s, are in ,>oss,.ssion of the inferestini; fact tlui m Mr. NomelKidyN ftrld, somewhere in Ep,lan*'""? ^'•••'"P' hy it themslves.-(rfv.-.But they would be gainers ; U was imjKisiiblo tl prove otherwiae. Englan.l— regenerated Eiitrland no longer, as hitherto, ^liine forth im|)erfKil>, si,. iH'st iM'auis — a sort of Imlf-nioon of fretdo-n, u,.. segment of her orb shrouded in gloom ; nor couM 1^ s fet'line Qi4ltidenl that under the auspices of m. noble friend whom they were that day met to b. r whose manly, expansive, and heni'vohiit spir dearer ambition than that of seeing his iVIlow \. ligent and happy— |||||could not donht tliat, i. auspices, full justice Sffght yot lie done to liijcuigf and it miiflit he even his hit to Iw al.lo to sar, Mnf. ears to bei nr business. The title is derived from a nvwm.f ''• Burke, who commenced tin horrible pr^.n.. v persons to supply surgeons with subjects I. since wliich lime, otlnrs have mh.pted thi. novel procuring suhsi.Mence, and LiHidon has heof ol active buines.s in way. As many ol : ticesol Europe are transtirred to this ctHiiitr," expect lo have this amonu' the niimber — bulucik ther it would he found piofitalde. It is a lamentable fact, tLit, noiwitlisiaiKliiiptlw societiyi instituted to enliyhten the puhlir oiii. •• difluse moral and reli^^ious principles, • riiiH''*** frightful progress within a few years. Wopen a pjK-r without seeinjj a well-siipplu^ ii** lendar. Thisdet'eneracv and addition lo cris*,** /'rom Fraztr's Ma^tttitvt. THF. SEPIECIIKE. TVro Manhood lies Lift up the pall. How like the tree struck down to earth, Is it" ureen pride the niiyhty fall, Whom life hath tlatterrd with its worth Jjlf K a voyage to our graves ; lis promises, like Mniting waves. Invite IIS onward o'er a sea Wbi-re all is hidtlen treachery. What Hf.Hiieil beasty slumbers here I Hut mark those llowers pale as the hrow Whicli ihey have wreathed ; if death could spare, Avittimhe had pitied now. To-day she hoped to he a hride— To-day, 'twas told, her Inverdied Mre Death ha revelled in his power, 'i'lie not of life's t'airest hour I.ook on that little cherub's fare, Whose budding smile is fixed by death ; How short, indeed, has been its race As rlond^ sailed by the sun, a breath Ihd gently creep aeros*< a bed t)f flow ers — its spirit then had fled, A moroiiiK star a nioinenl bright, 'j'lifB melting into heaven's own light. Bt'htdd that picture of decay. Where nature wearied sunk In rest Full lour srore years have paused away. Yet did he. like a lingering guest. (io Iroiti life's h iiKpiei with a siiih, Tii.u he,! Ml Aooii shoulil die. Our yoiiih has not desire, so vain \* creep into an age of pain. Hat rner**, hrw moim.Miiiy serene That rhildless widowed mother', look To her I he world a waste U-en, One whom it pitied, yet forsook. rdin as the moon's light, which no storm K t;:.!!:; heneaih it can delorin, l)idliiT adlieted spirit shine AI)ove her earthly woes divine Thus Death deaU with mortality, lake llowers, some gathered in their prima, Othtr'* when scarcely s;iid li he Jiisl niiiiihered with the thin;:, of time : With hie worn out some grieve to die, Toei.d rhf iryriels here others Hy. life is hilt that which woke it. hteath,— Lojk here, at.< J tell me, what is leath ? thai the Af.ican knows of tlie luxury of cold, except what I lion, and tlie direct result i^. a n.v( < ,..|,u,„i..ot lert.l.iv IS produced by elevaiion or eva|K>ration." It is two | foi the month or two while the earth is drying, and exces tiiou.sand five lioiti mi ..c Tr^.i.! il... .xmar.... ..^ :... ^.....u ..:... i ... j • ^ • r. '^-'^ legeneracy Iree (Cbc^-rs.) While tlu. sticklers for antiquated abuses -he worshippers of the lust of time-were holding^.^ of ;^S frT^S;, Tl.l^bl'uT Eur?.")" :""'^' '^'^^"^ I "** '"^' ' '"^' ^-'''-' d^'*-' •" '-• -'-^ "' '^^ Commons of England for a lesson InTv arw f"^' 'l"" '''""'*'' "' *" "'^ i"tnxIuction of a more h.xuriu-.i* and constitutional self-enfranthiscmen "'o^'t^raic a living than sufficed heretofore. It is s;iMl,l)*i " iiian is a temptation to the devil," and it is ceili* lere is not a more certain metluMi of re'straii(l From the Mnnthlif Mafiax'ne. DISCOVERIES IN AFRICA. Uf^der's tliscovery of the mouth of the Niger has tur...s\puldir interest once more to Africa, and there may ""• U .It least a rational lio|)c of establishing some useful •"'"•ainiiration with its people, discovering .some |H)rtioii <• eatiiral riches o( a land fertile lMvond all con^Vi-,Mhre it is fertile at all ; and |Hrhaps amelioraJj:ilM>o(i id condition of thse millions of mankind, who KIm( tl from ihe earliest ages condnnned lo U? tlic ^i^ims of their own ignorance, and of the avarice of eveiy •'"T peo|d> of ihr Ldole. Th,,M. who scoff nl e%'erv thine, the idea 'wPr.vid.n.-e takes any care .ihoiit Uhsi* matters. But '-r loay Im' no sii)>rstition in tliinkint; that there is a *^i|L' coincidenwe between this great discovery of a J* III iImheart of Africa, and the present |erfertion of *^cain-lMwt ; and that tlw; himour of the discovery, and ^^\>s Us first and most direct advantaces. are given to •nation which first declared a'_'ainst the sale of tlie unJm African, and which to this hour, holds an uniemil•jaMuiost riudileous siiuir^^le against the incoirit'llde r' MeoiN avarice of tlic Europ.'an slave-trarh-rs. "••'•"iireof the WisiernamI what is called Central Afiica. '•''Ti'vsiionably laid open by the discoveiy of iIm' mouth "p AiU'er ; and by the access thus civ'n to the nu^r.Mis rivrrs which branch off ft •••'^^ rt noarlv flu thousand five hundred miles from the equator to its northt>rn boundary, the Mediterranean, and about the same distance to its southern, the Ca|e of (iood Hojk'. The great question with nu*n of humanity and common sense is, how this mighty continent can be civiliw^'d, made, happy, and made a contributor to tlie general liappinetis ami Health of the world. In this view, we entirely ai;ree with the aulhor of the Life of Bruce. Nothing has been maile in vain. The Creator had made no country, lor the express of defying the activity or benevolent int'enuity of man. .Ml is capable of being turtied to good, if we but use the means. The earth was undoubtedly made to submit to the mastery of man. and ihe vast anil curious inventions of late years seem to have been put into our hands, foi the purposcditing that mastery. It is not improbable that the discovery of .Am-rica was c/rA/ycr/, until the (leateful .state of Europe, the commercial activity of its j>eople, and the adoption of si'ttled governuicnts. rendered it ca()ahle of taking advaniage of that magnificent discovery. It is obvious that the discovery originated in no striking improvement of either ships or v-ainanship at the time. Tlie Europiian ships and sailors had been for centuries as good as those which hrst touched at America. But if the discovery had been made under the Roman empire, it would have been probably neglected by a |)eople w ho were enj^rossed with war, and who despised commerce and hated the sea. If in the dark ages, it would have probably been equally neglected among tlie turious feuds of the little Euro|>ean jwwers. too little to bear the expense of the remote ex|)editions, living from day to d.iy on the plunder of friend and enemy, disirHCte tlie creation. If >vir;^. a lunit known, and < close to the most civilized and impiiring regions of tlie world, should have remained to this day scarcely less shut out than America, we may well ask, how could we ex|Mct to have the treasures of this land given to us. while Europe was guilty of the slave-trade, whih-, if we could have |>enetrated the hidden glories of this fourth of the creation, it would have been only to spread more misery, to shed more blood, to fill it with mora! conlau'ion of the most corrupting of all tmffic. to iutlame more savages to fury and massacre by our temptations, and finally to drag more human b in"s from their country, to jwrish thousands of miles from their home. The'imchas certainly arrived wlien this trade which it is no violenci* of lanL'uage to call Satanic has received its death blow, at least in EnLdatid, and the time may not be remote when wo shall Im* summoned lo apply the national vigour to open up the treasures of .Afiica. It is not unreasonable to hope that the whole southern continent miy he given over to our tutelage, and that England, the great depository of freedom, knowleilge and religion, may be the elected •'uardian of the inlancy of Africa. Our exlraonlinary advances in machinery, and the general command over the powers of nature, a command which .seems to have be!n almost exclusively confided to this nation, have not lH>en given for nothing, and inqwrtant as they arc to the increase of our wealth and comforts at home, we shall yet •ee tiM'm 0}K?rating through tin; world on the colossal scale. sive heat and excessive moisiuie first come in full combination. ^ et for the remainder o< the dry |>'riiKl, iIkland is a sink of |R'siilence ; so (badly Irom 'its miasmaa, uiil so tortuiing from the swarms of insects generated by tlt heat, that man and tlie inferior animals jx-rish in great numbers, or fly even to the di-sert, where they had rutln'r encountei ihe trememlous fierceness of tlw sim, tlian llio au'ony of the innumerable slini:* that haunt ilniii in iIk> fertile Siiil. The country is covered with immense marslK-s and thick jungles, where the ovi-r-luxuriance of tlie vegetation checks tti^ir, and all is fever and death. We ,S4'o thalBe whole (pieslion turns mi the distribution of the rains. Too much water, or tiH> little, makes ilie misfortunes of Africa ; and tlie only remedy for the evils which convert one of tlie richest soils of tlie world into a grave or nest of reptiles, is to bo t>un,l in eijualixing this gift of nature. It is inqMissible to doubt tluit a vakt (M>rtiin of the wilderness of Africa wouhl prt>iluce the fruiis of the eaith, if tiny had water. We find in the heart of tito desert, vegt^tation wherever there is a well, and a little colony surrounded by w^pb ami rich fields, wherever tlierc is any thing like a supf4y of water. Tlie grand problem would lie to lead llie sup*'rl1uity of the tropical rains from tlie innuincrablo rivers, and imiiHiise lakes of Central Africa, into ngions now comlemneil to perfM'tual drvries*. The result would be to dry tln' watery morass into productive soil, and to water the burnintr sand alike into fertility • in fact, to drain the centre af the country, and lo irrigate all the rest : and for ihispurjiose tlie jMculiar construciiun of tlie continent seems to offer no trivial advaniaijes. Tlie whole central belt of .Africa runs directly under the Equator, and from the known fiiruro.and the actual foimation of tiM" land, the central ImIi is so lofty, that it pours its rivers, iIn) collection of its rains, down on both siles through the continent in great abundunce and force. IK'Uhani computes the Tchad, one of tlie reservoirs of iImiso rivers, at twelve bundled feet above tiM) level of tin* s'a and the ground Inyond it towards tlie south, was still rising. Bruce computed \\w soullM'rn elevation lo which he hart reached at two miles iiTe thih'vel of ihe sin, and this is probably but a small part of the whole eh'vation. Tousc Mapir Head's woid,, It InMnif trmthat there are a series of vast tank, and reservoirs placed by nature almvo the thirsting desirts of Africa, the stagnation, as well as the rapid evaporation of which, now |K>lhites dio climate; and also that a nunilier of immense rivers flow out of Africa into the ocean ; wouUl it not lie a problem worthy of tlie incpiiry of travellers, b a scientific reconnoisance, to detrtnine (only in theory', (or tlieory must in this case lone precede practice, and with tlic practice, after all ire can have little or nothing to do) what wonhl ^^e the dillicultics attending the tapping of those enormoiu vessels. .\s also of applyini: tourniquets njMin those veins and arteries, hicli, ateinally bleedins:, have left a great portion of Afiica deslituto of vegetabU; life." \\v fully agrf?€ in this conception, gitrantic as it is and difficult as Its execution may vein. It would be tndv a nobhobject of inquiry ; and wouhl l>e worth all iImj idle ramblmgs of our diUttanti in Egypt — that fanhionable lounL'e — to the last days of the larlh. Hut we greatly doubt ilie r#r<), that we ran have hut lilth* lo do with ihe practical pari of the change, if it ., ha II lake place. If it be ever done, it will lie done by Enj^land. It is our boast, and deservedly so, that no work of pal|Mhle g,MKl ever wanted protection in our country, nor tlic ability to carry it into execution, wlien once fairly undertaken : and tlier are .some curious instances which may take of our alirm at tlic difficulty. Tlie water of tlio tropics is actually conveyed through the wImiIc length of the snnds of Nubia in tlic memoiablo course of the Nile ; and a little ,andy region in the simre of the Mediterranean h turned into iIh' most extraordinary example of feriilitv in iIk' world by this simple water-course. There ar* in Epvpi itself, tlie very region of wnd and sunlM-am,, dyke, and miliank•tt-iip, *:'-'* Mill a vas wl lole rom Its course, ami which of the middle country. But fH,M',ion of a g.Mnl thunder-storm throu^^h the cirrnlalnm of a jMqHr till ilie res.le most d.ahned with t.V' readinir of it. ca ss •i'^ r=.pi..i iravikT, : .i„.v „„.ri „;„;, l^,„ ';;^['J; ,,i^ rs are alarc liarhi of freid>ni w wouK r.^nes. for tln.y maMufacture tk-ni a, ,h..y ,o ..Ion. I iM-y can fi*d greater wolers Cantrif..rv, ..^i I .i "i yi-"*•• o.iiy remained, be reoeatcHl fr'r Dover than B.uce could .Ii. /^ f"'*:'^.^-^ ^'^ | ''r,J>^^'P'^' '^'^lu'" tlietiiMlyes, ^ their rtiodJnCn and ihc int.MimahIc boon which ri.CMlers Ix-iw^^n Canterbur > recclom was about to be ^iffusc.l, of which they ;•! prtu ,p.rte It only remained, he reoeatcnl \l Has rated a child, who had not lu-en taiieht a trade, l"* porting his father, had a suloiaiy effect, an.l, i at tlie present time, would proUihly diniinisli ti ^^ of inmates in our jails and penitentiaries. A fellow, during the past week, has ^^"^^^^ ^^f\f^m good living at the corner of St. Paul'Churrty^rd.f'T ^ •'•idera Morbus huWs fiffsT "Cholen NorbiH prpvcnt inlVction." are in great rctpust at the we* town. — John Hull. Mi ^^ t couuliy, the table land of Alrica, loj^. 'i\pb.r^M"l'tion naturally numerous, and that in Ml! probably make the finest and most useful disc's of natural produce and mineral opulence. i^rlTf'''"?* "' ^I'ira overwhelms the mind. It is ^ I've ihonsarid mih-s long, by four thousand broad, ^ lies directly ur.deitlKj sun's path ; the equator al•rseciing It, ;uid the tropic, coverintr the centra! ^5*'t'**''''""^>''f.ds.Hifh suited to tlie wanu ot nations. The very tact that our mmts for irripalion, on a vast scab-, lo which ilw iK-mm; jHiwers of steam and machinery arc so rapidly increasinf, nent fertility of the land is owinir. In iIh Abyssinian histhat we literally can badly imagine to what known obsta| lory a lineal is recorde.1 of one of tlie kings who had a j cle we shall have to apply tliem, iends to show that tlie re quarrel with tlie Divan of Cairo, to turn away ilw Nile 1 must remain something very inqxjrtant in this world for and thus'* stop tlie cock," out of which Egypt drank! man to do. In short, the enormous tools which nalure is' There is a remarkable instance too, of a threat of this kind placin<: in our hands, clearly foretell that she has some having ^>cen partially pot in force, wbf^n Labibala ilm wonderful work for us to pciform; and therefore, instead king, in tle year \'^^\ turned llic course of two rivers of calculating, as many people do, for instance, bow long from the Nile into tlie Indian ocean. our coals are to kst us and in how many year. Iic-nce Tlio Inn. point, in which tli.>.e conceptions ,lK>uld l we are unavoidably to ! left m cold and darkness, i. it viewed, are their use to Africa, their uso\o n.ank nd i^ not just to believe, that with our new powers, we shall general, and their especial honour to Encland I, L a obtam newresources and that the WLvlomol nature wtll ,„a„er of great importance to have a direct object of continue to bloom when the .die fears and tlKH,r,e, of acknowledged utilitv in our rescarcl^^, in a foreign c.^aty the day have faded away arid perislicHl. Hitherto in Africa we have had scarcely any, rJiLnT^^^^^^^^ riH. hopeof civihsmt: .\frica, must depend on ,ts Wing of the Ni^er alone. Our travelbTs have a) vout on a made hi to sustain c.vil.Aed communities, which from its bunt for Timbuctoo. of which miborly knew wliat Zt prev^^ntnatura constitution It IS unfit to do; one immense ,ih|e pol cm.ld be derived from ilie discovery But portion of It being overspread with barren sands, and Timbuctoo had U.en said by s^imo fihhne Moor'lo I,*a another licing alternately turned into a hog by rains and rivers, and into a nest of contagion by the action of the sun upon this mighty morass. Between the tropics it is constantly raining somewhere. second Palis or London, with only iImaddition that trohl was the |wvi..g of the streets. A crowd of able Ami active minds have liecn lost to their country in this wild googe chase after an Eldorado, which after all turns out to lw where The sun isn/zrai/s rcrfiVfl/, ^'^*^^"L' ? ^'''''''" '"•'^^'i'""•^'l'' inireniou, Lifeof ^-neoliservo,, that" what is markrd hv nature, on opc'an scale of climaie, as excess of heat, is all I .' "'^'.i.x-. !. it:, ....--o a,i< I nil .i<|i i| imi>, W MM II MMITIIII IlimS OUl |0 B0 and the rain falls in quantities that ab,olutely overwhelm nothing moie than a collection of filthv huts in the licart of the country. The hot winds constantly follow the sun a desert. Bruce a man, of admirable p^iwers, of eresi from tropic to tropic, and the vapours which they raise, on acquirement, intelligence, and mental and fifrMmal acli reaching tliehiglKT regions of tlic atmosphere, and l)eing chilled, are constantly pnired down in rain. A country vity, wasted his health, his wealth, and his years, in achieving the trifling discovery, that one of the otcs of I -..-,., . .. v,iiif w.^|^ifl.^ laiiiiiif^ ui:v% j7l , llifit ?flTUl llffT ^tptyy If*, fj of a thousand miles on the north and south of the line, \s the Nile was a spring in a, in an Abyssinian valihus kept conslanlly in a slate of ilic niot powerful irrigaley. But the cx^x-dition lo discover tlic means of jourin-r •11 31 l^^'l s \ w Ji \.h t < I r V 1^ f


'k I f I'f I ii ^4 'I €"0^ ^il1),VAX.l ^rrjai.'^, f.,|!|M\ IMlo iIk ^Ml.l. ni. N,, .|,M| i-iUllii Ij.-.ljlll lo KUllo|M..I fn!i4>iis .if A If M... u.niUI aliu iiul>l( i tlin r.H.M Imui| i|;iUi, liy il,.lx.|M'V..kMif .inil.tli.Mi ul li.uii. I lilt iliin. nrt' vn-M li,irin wIhto •Ir.iim.ijc cuuM lie c-f6i.'.i w^ij, v.-rv iiii|lii, js well kuuwn It M.Miii !*<> < nnitfiiil t( (l4*;iir. VV MUM1*MMWM| • IIMISl ntlliOlllIx I til It ** •!.'. /lilTir.,|tit.H will nut iiMM-ijw., wlijjc our |.ovirs aic Ii'Hifly imrr.iHiiif ;" HiHJ id this n,nnl >p(iii li-t us iiirii to IIm* wT^inol hui.iiiit nature i ur ].t ^r.iiitJ iistovtiv ol I InNifor. Hut it 15 a liiL'fi.T considfMtion still, that Uy tjivini,' hi;.lil, ,iiiil rirliliiy to Alri.a w.; sli<,uld |)e actually tcikiui; thi Jinrt \v;iy (o cIcMUe fi.e cl.Mracttr of its innuiiiiTiiM.irilM'.. TIh; tyr.imiy of the |m-(Iv i^iui;* is ainiost ul.otly'.l oil tin,poverty of tiuMr,., oi tlirir i^MJoiiiiicMur every lliiuLS ••) tl'-lver. (l^iv.•^ iheiii to tinhoifiW n-Ho.ine of iJH,li,vr tr,i.l.-, itself rracti^t.ii tNerv liatiHr of iIm. n.iiioiiiil rh;ir;t.ter. AfrMM, unlliv i.h-.l by ii.> I'liormou-i.leM.iis.iml wiih ihi^. spirit of i,,.,,, uuhi(,k.u li M hy ,Mr,„.f„„l ,\is,'.,s,' a.i.l |.oveifv, Would not loiii; niiiiiMi mihoMt iiiikii.^. ill hi,erly, kiiowledwe, Viri,,,., and, ;,^ the comJ.iued n>ult :i.,d protector of then! n, i hn>ti;iiiiiy. Our .nterroursi., unMairied hy the iridc-scrilMhlc. im.IIu•.Ml f ||„. |.,vo trade, would nipidly excite the trd.e. to H. .-.ui, loy,„et ul ilMir MaiunU||erH, and l.y a wise and well n-L'ulated ronunerrc, W ;u../ rapid'lv rescue -^' J-n.ehied milliouH of our IMhm frou, letters lH-4VH.ra„d...orefat..hlmn all that were everfo.-ed of •ron. And all tlii mii..},, U, done wiihout the u.o.MriNial ;;"rr,o„, and wi,htl„. u.ost dire, t a.KantM.a. to ours^dves. IM ..II rountnes under tim ,un there i, or.e L'r.Mt road Ml le.ds d.rertiv to every's heart, his ow u intere.,. II we were raluilv to otfer t 'rirt mil, wliitli nuis iiiu* ilaluihauOi trail to the iMOih ol ih.e mouih, aiiti is >upjoseil lo iak* .Is rise m jhf iiioutil; us ^uulli ol \lysiiiia. lievou.l this ihere are no nr^rs f cuusetpietire i:il reach the Nile. :iriil uideerl u ,4 not kii.*ii 'h it f'o-M" is a single stream of freih .*iier di( h.ujred into the Kfd Kca.'* feiich IM the c.iii!iiiiit ue**ly i('Mt'd ; lor we niuHt call Africa a rh.sed world ro u|, imfirtli*discovery of the connexion ocean. Su< h arc the, oieaiis of access giK-n to U!., flow i|,,,( we h.ive puiili.ti i,ur hau,Uol 'he Aholuiuation of inausclliug, and that we are luasicrs of that most extraorduiary furans of dcfyuiK sfonu, which steam tiHrt y.vcn. A greuf .lufy is iri/po^c! ijMn us. and Kiijriaiid i, what hHc was d >he 'does nut instantly proceed to fulfil it :"id ri.iif uohjv. :Miii,v ^ijv ^nD^^mii ^vuiija. Tin; iiocsE OF U KI>NF,.s|>.iv Kf.l.r Mr. Tyu.'s a im-inlii-r reliiriic,) („ ' ^ATi K:>iv, Tiizscu a, isasi. orn Oistrict of the Island of N.-^y | •".^'^'"t He |, was ron.luctod to t!.,. a.'Ll"l""^ K1 usual oalhs were adniiui.ieied to hia, ..V '"' < hfs seal. '*''^'' *W|ji^. 'I'he lollo\vint5 mossaircs fron. His r, „ yernor, wcio delivered l,y i|., Depuiv' S ""•' ^ tul.iny : J' '^^tritajj ^ Mr Spader a,ul Gcntlnncn of a, .' In ail act passed by this Loglshituro ,.„Mii i'"-^*'. '•> ^vl"e!ec!ed liu.u one M'-J'ud, p,u sii.ce li.e eMibar-o laid l,v the ^;,„r:ir cilour, to the ami ni.rtifioatioM of (JovcrnmeMiou the tVeijhled in the aauie of Donna „, ,„oil.vl an I res[K-ctahle men, find uho contribute j M.ria.—Tliis embargo is not in itsc^lf of any importance .wretutheetpeucesol the esiablish.nenl. and appears to lie niereU a forinaJitv of n.a'ritnue iwlico • I,Hic|.-a.h-ut ol the lure-uinconsi.i^rauons, there :K'>icies the indiM-retiou wit!i which' tho preparations for no r.Msoti why the U.-ctor ol St. M.uthew'.>, the exp..dition have been public, oll...fHl the Capill )| of Xassuu, and not iiKMel;. ilio School ofjofliiej. pil astiK* Inhabitants of that Parish, should n.t have bluet of London to take soiinni.asure of|his\lescription ^.sl.are i the reuJatinL' ol a School, which is tle I U'e shall not iaiitate the unlo.tunate indiscretion of some _,:,,!, iiiers tn llw nckv act^ boiu ijie ill t;Ct' "h Parish. 1 reconwueiid \.)u to Kecrors \'i^'2\, theie was a chiu Va{i*^i : P0| 'OJ .t,''^"ate, according to his own discretion 1 tl"^ni the punisiiuienl of iniprisoanient or' V""'^"*^ piii<: On Thursday niornin-, ilis's schooner KauL'aroo, Lieut. Hookey, arrived hero from .St. Salva(h)r, V* hither he had been sent hy the Kxecutive for the purpose of hri;..,ring ,0 town the |>ersons implicated in plun-r. • 1 • 'i-inK |K.rt of the Cargo of the American schooner \J^^^t:;^Z\"::^.t'n^ • V,...ii. I • i< (^ • 'dgiantatiJ wasiiisa Owed hv II w \\. "•*.h Auuust. lS22,andi^^^^ .^-.Ivador. on the 27th of January last. Tweutv-ilnec ^^-"^ l'^' KitMit Ilonou.ablo the F ,ri H '^^*' (H.|sons, black and coloured, have heen hrounhl' down, '""" and committed to (iaol for trial; and we uuderstaml Special Conn of Oyer and Terminer deliv ., a and L'eneral (iaol •*' p'(ple the iid'oimani L'ratis the inesiimable „ "I"'" ro'lt* labour ; if •n^ to oiler to the poor woman a wheel for her drawi'^trn in a mortar, a ri, .. •• "' >voiild hv a common flt.rsw.^.eu br ihemnupu.e water, and bv an herb lull tin. ,w.mlul d^ whi.h it create livery, w ill bu commissione.l shorily hir the purpose. Circuinslancps ami ap|aaranc,s are siroiiL' ai-ainst the prisoners ; hut we hoj,.), that their comh.ct has not, in reality, been so flagrant as the voice of report has made II. 'i'his is anolher of the cmiseipHmc.-s of insuboidlnalion, anionour Slaves ; ami ihe Umhr vuny ol" our Kxecuiive, o|K.-rutinij as an incentive to their oat iurpitudt;. "' tuial moral <.nor.;ained Clergyman of the V\.u;,\^Tu^ well— to|hepe..p|e who pound their Jo.iph.meih.Klof irrin.linj,. ii—.f we would h, ,, -tf w! would Come NHwar.l t.i replace a dislocated linib-if , eonld show n.aMm.-,uMkuoun, Ivin,. in the sod before them~and on Ibe greater s.ide. if we wouhiexplain .0 ,1,. by voiy sinipit; operation ifuim>i ^ ^^t.yy I uovii.i.vK, ifsij, hebriiarv, }Ki2. lothr ilililorof tl,t liahama ArSus. Siu, — I like an oi>,,n and candid U Op.|l candid appeal in ,dl cases '.SIp.i)ple, that use disfrieis of their vast tl I now ask lor mformalion. tinr. 'I'be late unhappy rehelli.,n on .Mr. IJunier's Hslat naliir.ihv pjesenis iimII IN '' the (iflif^ J ,. M..U hm,.n^.e.e Islands, without aw ritu-n lie J" • beSeal and Signature ol the < Governor, nml.r,!* ol H moderate pecuniary hue, for the first olicofe b.;mn pidty of a niis.lemeanor if convlcied of / I hese hoMises to be issued gratis, at il.Mise of Assembly should cmcur will, me, in ufMinr the siiiijec t, my lino of conduct and that of my \„a in Ibe administration of this UovernnH.nU m'.rum, pn>p.M(l licenses, \s cl ' '" .V>suredl\, an explanaiion is ">y sifffMofj lliftv rfsjiect ibh' Inlnf>itanis from each Parish, to be ^ctf'l ^^y '*'•' ^•"^^"''"^f 'i Coiinci!, w iihoui any reference 1 .[^vcr to th'ji." colour ov com[iIe.\iin.t J. Car.miciiael-Smvth. G.)VfR^"-''^"r Hot SK, > ^ „ KI'nary, lS:i2, f •p^j jfvtiial C.iinuittces appoint.*!! to hrlnij in bills, • ^rtMriiiity v*ith the report of ;he Commiiieu on ex-i-ip^ laws, rep-nled sundry bills, which wcro read a jfSt till!''' Mr. v\ .'M',">os, njrreeahly to leave eivon, broujht in a yio.i!ne:i;l the A^'-imv aet, w liich wasreceivod and read J ftfsl aii.l second tilU.'. \ iii.tiion was made, and the (pn-stion proposed, that ^^. furtlLTCinsiih-ration 4>f the said bill be posipone.J to this day ilirt'i' moutlis ; \oi!"ni the HMise r.j.xolvetl iiseli mlo a Committee if the whale House on the said bill; Mr. Ta.lnr in the chair. Mr. Speaker having' resumed the chair, .Mr. 'J'aylMr re/ioried, that tin; Conmiittee L'one Iroutrl/ iIk' i>ilh williotil iiiakiiii,' any aniemiuienl iherelo. Ord.reil, that the bill he enu' On motion, that the bill to continue three several acts o( nwiki;'!.', ameiidirej, repairiii'/ and kei'pin<: in repair. Otf piiiilhstreets anl li;jhsa\s, in the Idand oi .\ew ?TOTi(li iic', Im' reaij a se.,oml time; Aknd tiie pievioiis (|uesiioii being moved, The II Hi>e divi.led : Ji pii>x4(l in the neiralivo. * On iii'Mion, ibu HtiixaL'ain res.dved itself into a ed with the spirit ami meanirii: of it, is it not most natural up ... ,. , llisllielout:e,triver ***'l';' .7''''''' *'''''^ M^i^iH-wbok; continent, iMduL' afmut four bunI '^''"''^ '''•' rebellion born the cause of a fatk-r bis The only river of con*.(p,e„ce which empfie, jtsidf '".^"i;!***^*, that Mr. Hunter's ^ang would iiolhaie'R" into tIh.M.dit.rraueaii is iIn\Av ill tl rfrtMl Mild fifiv mib.. fr.mi th. v., l iIh' stnaui \% tbriMmi|(. The <:reatest velocit\ II. ^ " an Imur. TIm' rivrs in tin Aiimiiic, are very insienilicani. Tin el fr.Mii M.irucco to Sen. "al ro i.^no stream ,h.s..rvioj7 notice on tbo western two sons, and hve or six other Slaves, being sentenced to expiate their crimes 011 the (iailows ? 4tb. Has the unhappy and d.lmled lather b-en executed accord in-^ to that Mutence. and liav,. bis unfoiiui.ate widow ami orphans been hit to tl( l.v li... frnn, '"'"^ *""*' •'•'•'"''••••L-d into th<. OC, man from any other part rn.m all the rest of that C.mtinent put toijetber •"^••t-rii has a cmiv. .f .1 .. '^ • miles r.iuiv ••viif-.ihle for sixty le .w an.i orphans been hit to tieplore his unlmielv tiHt' the crmimal m-h-ct of not publishing the Sovereign's' j.roclanMtK)n ; hy which net'leci, thesi. poor Sh.ves utre not made ac.piainted with their Sovereign'* v,ew and of Mrica—probably more than '^'"/"""'S fLMrdinu tbem ? '"'•• ^^'''' *'' depariment of the Government or what person's duly of this (Government wa>ii. t.) si'e'Hi^ Majesty' le? in d. will' the prujwi'aiiofl in I ''1 aloul one thous.iu.l .. mrainy eas.M.s, u.,h,.|h of one humlred and fifh ^'.. two hondnsf „nd iiv 1..-. c • • .*:,': "•"' '• '" •""" "•••• ".i. ..„.„.„ ,. ,„v,,;: I tie Mfiii ido is ;i l.jrL'e firr n •< ik.. .: t •IH ^ II . "^r riTrr. o ic the .*ierrH |.ione river IVuloilow tfr \,„.,I,.H. Si J,din\ \,l, '••••7'' "••'. I 'llin lt.ii, '• • •• J"nn s. \o|t,,. ,,„d froriuosa. j,-. ...i.ier any form of ( hiircli irnrnpr,H:laination law hilly ami publiciv prmnu| ; and il a neglect, al whose door doej lie 7 answer" for ? Mb. ii'^Maj.sty's proclamation having been wnhheld |iml the Slaves, consequently, kept in ignorance of [iij .l..jes.y s sentiments an.l decisions retarding llnui-^Jeci1 Mons ami M-ntuneut^ so necessary to nimds of Slaves rtec.ive.ssihh', those ndi-ious teachers, in whose'' > sobriety of niimi, you can place the greai. ,1 andiiottoreluseyom license t.> any of „,. tentions and .le. conduct, wh.iui tlH> Mum iknv •iflves may be dispose.l to riceive as a TeaclM-r. I f*. fidenily anticipate cmn urience in the e|Mni.., ilut mil. has the exieiisiuu of that Chuicli of wl.Mh te irr both numbers, is to be d Clirisfiiiu kiiou ledge, und inent, or with whatev.r infusion of error in suMic^ir •piesiioiis, is incuiiparahly to be preh-rred to that tfwrW beathen darkness, in wimh the Sjives in ..or C^m liave, lor so long a couio of yeai-s, been pcruiiikO w bye. t J. CARMiriiVEL-Sjim. ^'ovKnxMr.vT Hoi SK, ) iMth February, lKi2. ] Mr. Speaker and (if nf It mm of the H** / The act for reyulatinc the Public M okef of Nai will expire at the close of the present S.-sM-n. U ' probability, it is one of those acts you may diem il ^ visahh' to renew. tran.piilli/4, the • u' T" '"''*''^''"''^' **'''"' act, I observe th,it tk Cl'^'^ . : •< [ wardens and \ estry of Christ Cnmch, for ilw tiiae l. are the Cm )urnais ; we shall not say if the season for departiiaine as I ore has pissed or not, or if tho expedition has been given and two I up, or if it is to take place immediately, at the verv moment when il is Ik lieved the project is abandoned. " Donna .Maria actually reigns at Terceira and in the adjacent isles. Some Portuguese emljrrants are desirous of eiubarkin.,' for Terceira, some vessels have been chartered for them, but. unarmed vessels. This is the true state ol lhiiii:s. It was wroni,' therefore to say that a military ex|H'dition was on the point of leaviny Kngland. Tlie real expedition, when it takes place will sail fr.mi i'erceira, and it is there that the Porlii:uese will first take up arms." U'e have merely to aild, that Don Pedro and his family are in daily hflhitsof iniercourse with the Kim; of Kranc*' ; j ami that no trovernmeni in Kurojio has, as yet, acknow! li'd<;ed Don Miguel as the lei;itimate poss^ssor of the Porlii;:ue>e tl rone. Our object has been merely to stale the tacis coimecied with this subject — we leave our rca.lers to tiraw their own conclusions. BV IHAia \l)l)KRLKY. 2 1 ?>avm.riZlfjcir. PORT OF ]% AH^HiAi, \. P. clf:ahkd. March 1st. — Hrig Highl.tmler, Kopp, London On Monday netl, the .*>/A imtant^ AT TH>. VKMOr lloesK. At 10 OXlock, A. M. \N ill be Sold Fresh Suivrfine Flour, in barrels and half ditto, Sugar, in barrels, Corn, in bags, Soap ami Candles, in boxes. Fresh Haltimore Hams and Bacon, fJiMier and Lard, in kegs. Loaf Sugar, cases Dutch Cheese, cast* fine Iri>li Linen, I ditto ditto jaconet .Muslin, Mi) k.-gs White, 15 jugs Oil, &ic. Jtc. Al.SO^ A fishing Smack, wt II found in material, Ate. Terms — CASH. .1.V/>_ At one Month's ("red it ^ (Witlmut res!rve,) 6 casks containing 5() do7.*Mi Cape Madeira Wine, 1 hlid. choice Brandy, in lots, <1 puui'heons old Janiai. a Rum, 6 ilczi n Port Wine. March cid. BV HL.NHV (iHFKNSLADF & CO. esliuuile, jit'tiCam/Biite.ol the tvhole House, on the esliui ims aii sold r puncheons Hifh Pr.M.f Jamaica Rum. Ttrmi^ ticu Months' credit. AM)^ .it three montht, A Negro Woman, a goorm num,.,o.M "'e^erj ..,^d .ever^ sn..dh. ...,./;;;; ^^ ^ri^ ::x:' ^ J, ;: •" "— ^ / me, w ocl. ., v.ry h.r.e .n.d ,,,„,. d.c.dounn, ihe .^ Inr -l^^'J^-'-'''*'.'•' ate Jury RiJ!, ou|^bt to be dour avxav with. J. CAKMUnAKL-.*^"*^ •• r*oib of ffMC..ncn. for nSoiit six hnn.lred mde^ severaJ rivers ol .i ^.hmI suv manv of fh there • of y,mr Soverei.ji*s views (which tliai pr.>cl. arly shew*) of liicir obedience and duu rs / !*th. But not having afVordrd to the Slaves the -.....; a4...,,,i-.j u loe rsiHves llie infurmatiofi sojustlv an.l hom-.tly intende.l hv the Km.' t.. set at rest a .piestiun on wuich they had he,.,! so hmjami H. fre,,.,e,.,Iy .Weivcd, couhl you, I s^y, aller keeoiu,, tbem in lu'ooranco, ami deny mu them ,he only information i\\ Feiuu.M\, \K\2. t Afr. S/xoLr and d nth men Xssnnfdtf^ 4 the iii^ 4 cninination, all \ endue arcounts due for the lasit .....^ vl'"^' ^'''' '""''^''*' il not Ihpiidaivd by return day. > li.ive been made hv his ayeiits in Ir.laml and i ''*""*''*'''''*""* ^*'" """^ '"*^*'''^*^''^ ^'" govern themselves taclaiHl. A Dublin pap,T states, that llie riisements \ ^'^C"'*^'"*;')'-riecnniMvere addre.vsed to "voiiol' men willing to emi' HENRV .VF?DtRLKV. .''-U:.'' The vessels to be emphiye.i were fitted out in ^'^'^'•"'"y 18th. wwdon, hut his [ireparaiions received a check eailv in i ~' ~— Wmlicr, ill con.sepience of the M-izure of these \essels NOTHJE. J^r.eofani ,,,, J ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,^^ ^ SCBSCRIBFR, intending to leave this in ^..l \U the information upon which tho seizure JL Aprd next, for the Inited .Sates, re.piests hII .mtniWKJe given by agents of Don Mi,uel. This sons bavin, ibMnands against him. .0 render then. ; \n,\ •tt passed in Ln,Iand to check the recruiline goii ,. th.^se imh bted, to make payment on or l,,fore iIk. KMi tNe many years smce for the South American ReFebruary. Ml accounts rr-mainintr unpiiid afi.r that I^loK .-\LK BV PRIVATE BAR(.AIN-A Lot of Land, in the Kasiern District, with a substantial Dwelhng House ami out buil.lings, now ttie residence of the .Subset ilx'r. Anoih.r Lot, adjoining tlie aliove on the Southwest, with buildings, &,r. A LSO^ A family of .Ncirroi's, five in numlter vix : D elia, 2fi years, lice. Will lam. !M flitlo, 4| ditto, iiiruarv. Ml accounts remaining unuiii.i after ime^ tT^ '"'" f '\T ."'7 ^'"^'''^^ '"'• ''^ •'="••' *'" ^ '^''^ "I '' """-eof (;. P. W00.I, Evi. for >^^ea. Ihe seizure of Don Pedro ' i ''^ oiar. in <>;<.. ............ „i* „ _.) ...... _, til. F. TCRNKR. vessels liii not J recoxerx. ;j< P'cf in onse.punce of any ordem from the Foreign | January 7 n>^'niit in London, but was ma.le on a process issued j J *eCas!om House. A distinction which il \s mai.ria! ••iCf iMnlhe toriiur case, it w.iuld be evident ihalth.I^J""""' opposed to Don Pe.lro's intentions, .h..wever,can biidly be supp.i*e^ ditto, Jhiw, l\ monllis. Among tbem there arc Wakliers, Ironen and Hous ScrvanLs. .i.M) M.SO— A Lot of Land, containing alnMit twenty-eight arret situate m Royal Island, a.i|oining on thr.o. cied ex|.' NOTICE. THE SCBSCRIBLRS oiler for .ale, by private barU'lin. ^ ( hlid*. choice M idi-ria Wine. 4 dozen do. Teller ilTe d'i. 1 truiik (lefiilemen's JSlioes, 2 blue Dinn.T S.ts. HLNRV (;reensl \de a. ( o. December 21th. Iii ^i!s. XT'.MA SALT, for sale at 12.J cents per bushe EXT Apply to FOUSAi.E. The choice of 2 Lots of Land, with the huil.lin[."and improveiiM-nts tlH-r.-.m, situate in Prill* e' street, u'cnerally known by tlie name of Ligbtfoot, or Cupid's Row. For Terms and other pariiculais, apply to the Subscribers. HENRV GREE.NSLADE 6c Co. March .3d. the "aai. of Doi...d Mi THOMXS TIIOMP-^ON, At Exuina. M.I to dethrone Don Febriarv 4th. TO BE LF:T, that pleasantly thuated House and Premise's, lately in the occu^iatMia of Henry Xilderh'V, Evpiire, with imim-

S|jr Msi'^^ma ^rjjMsa tji'V \ 4; '\ '>m t^-'^ ^ ^ it. ij j^! i f^|; "" ."'.... 1,1 nil. Mill ti III r^uroiM iifk arc wry |>rtMlin:cive ; ihc luivns ant built v( wood ; tlio y(i|M arauce of llic villages Vt ry tuvHu. • TU'n WHS the rountry of ilie ancient VandaU ; it wu* made r diirhv about ih! finl of the wvtfrith ceniury : in IIm* tenth, x'hri^tianifv was iMfr.*)<). Tl.e forn. of (iovernnient was here very sii.ijidar ; it was ihI,I.I7 inhabitants. Ii, Hiief towns are nromheri' and OS'II. Austria wiyj.lon LilthPoland and Ked Kussia U-avinir to iImKinjr of Poland onlv Saniouitia, .Muscovia,* and I olachia ; even this small territory was wrested from hnn, and in 17115, l.'a oldi^jed tore.ij.Hkiscrown.--That part ot Poland which is subject to Austria, bears the de••unatioo of Hh. Kii,;;doni of (i.dieia and Lodomiria. Its population amounti to |,;J7(),(MMJ souls. TIm' kini,'duni of Ioland is lieredilary in the person ol llMKusMan \nlocratandhi8siicce!i^>rs, and comprises a i'n.iJ-'. "*" \**-*'\"*'i"Mleague,, having a |>.pulation of .<,>v,< ,KM souls. It ,s divide.l into einht waiwodeshii.s iriniely \\ arsaw, Lan.loniir, Lublin, Plof/k, mL' c.ivia, I odolaclua, and Au^ustowo. It rivers are the > ula U arte, Hu^r, Dnieper, Nienien, and Dwina.— The nntio.wd rev.nues amonnlcd (prior to the present contest) to i.-^,-.'HtJ,(HH sierlini,', about the seventh part o\' which was assiirnedto the civil list. Its military force durinn the desjMtic government of the Crand Duke Couslantine, was aMXX) infantry, and :?(K,nfK ravalry ; at present it isW timate.l at70,(H)() infantry, •.(),(KMre ivalrv, and .'itXKkl men armed wiihscytlna. Warsaw, with llfi, IMiidrdnl^ants. IS its capital, an I iwixt siami in succession Landomir oU.iHMI udiabiianis; Lublin, l-i,(HJt) ; and Kalies, H,-*tM).' I In( athohc religion |fedomiiuites, but the number of Jews and Socmians in great. There are more than J,tMKI,(KH> .lews drs,enK-d tlirou.;!. Poland, ind. {wndent ot those resident as merchants in the juimipal towns.— KK-mnmieiiMiuany yr-ars at <"nicow, and married the tlanL'l.t.a of a foJi,h nohleman.^Accordintj u, r distin|5...-k.d Polish historian, .M. Chodzko, tk. population of U.ddhnmi provinces of AnciuMit Poland amounlod. in IX^, 10 about l'>,MKI,OINof inhabitants. but roMed up, and tied on in tlie dark, hy hands not of the cleanest — he wears huge shoes, tied with f,'reat black tape, or what should be black, except that, lik his hat, the vicissitudes of time hath turned them to a hue of hrowij. In this costume he moves alonjj, cheery and pleasant, noddin;i; to many, talking,' to some, and recofni/ed by many, who say, There goes honest old fharlev Welheiell." I am (H-rsuaded there is not a particle of affectation in his singularities — they arose, perhaps, out of the darlinj,' in>tion of his mind independence," and have become confirmed by habit. Many stories are told of the strange way in which lie lived in Chamln-rs, when it was not his custom to come to Court ; they say he had a bit of looking-j,dass fixed into the wall, which answere*! all the porposes of his toilet, and sometimes when some one wHdd come in after he had commenced the process of shavint:, he would (piite forget to complete it, and has iM-eo found in the evening with a crust of lather" upon his hue, which had remained from the inorninjr, without his beiujj conscious of it. {Sometimes he will be seen walkinij rpiickly alonp, hismind evidently full of something, which he distinctly mutters as he goes, when some article m a pawnbroker's shop-window will attract his attention, and he will travel from pane to pane for half an hour, in diligent examination of the miscellaneous collection which such windows present. chaffed so much about a jockey doing i„ .Tf ^ fhought It best to ^un a complete state „1?^^S^ and also to add the followin.r ri.^li^ '" *i^_ ami also to add the following challenges III .'," "^ ^ of w nch one at least I should imagL, ...a V"^ ^'' lor their adoption. I have named large sul ^ *^H my attempting or accomplishiny any of tl "^ Micur a great expensi>, ami risk my health :, ^ '^ and It IS not worth my notice for less i a^ "*"''• to all the sporting men in Kngland, and snrlu "'"' they can stump the ready" against me aluneifl'^"" It a good catch." Should no man or bod ^'^ lorward to take up any one of my ofTvn F '^"^'^ not be bothered with it is nothing to doll„^ ^ can do It— a lul a jockey can do it in eight iJ "" *• on. 1 merely back myself on my own stainin/L'** matron ; and a man of my age challem-inpa! l^ back a man of anvHtre nirain^. ...: ^ f-"""inv ff it ISntema iSHeef i;fr:OKiiE muUH, Editor. ranii 4wmtmm^ WEIi:if:^O^y^ HAHCU 7. i^32. on m JO back a man of any age agairist^nViTumSIiu history of any sporting, and hardly to be U.^* however appear at tlio scratch whenever X ** hoth with the needful and my own carcase J^^ fray. ^* riie following are my offers: I challenge any man 'in the world, of any a^ ^ or carrying my weight, to ride anv distance hi^i Iron, mt to .-,00 mih's, for £'20^); bat if U.ff ride 200 to 250 miles, I will ride tor X]()0(x/ ^r rnle against the jockey of 7 stone, whom "the, J. backing, to ride 200 miles in eight houn. nxtithi minutes for the difference between 7 stone and iJa or l will take £lO,tHK) to £;J000, or £'20^^^ that I ridi' 2(H) miles in H hours, which, itraajtlnAt ed, would be a wonderful |)erformance for U nw,^! and I think almost impossible— at least, a sinffcitaiJ would lose the match, and I should scarcely | u mount anl dismount. 1 am always to be liedi(| Pittsfofd, near Northampton. Your ol.cdipnt wnw „. , „, arxmoK onaxmmx raisford, \S ednesday, Nov. 16 FOETP.T. Rt-rrjwhiim — Mr. Mackenzie, who after hm% nvM from the House vf of Ipper Canada, wut^ ed, has been airain declared unwoilhv to h(dd a tmkiti Hi.nsp. by a vote of 27 lo Itl. p:wsp,| on the Tihin* TV* n-w of Mr. M. was the pbh< arioo of •• Anrik L.la4.'a% • it2rt;..M^MfU^# ,^p f ;^^ SIR CilAitLKS WKTIIKRKLL. As this gentleman has become wmewlMt conspic.mus aoMMig tk' moving incidents of the dav, the following iketch of hnn from the London New Monthlv, may m>l be unmteresung to our readrsdi this time. Sir ClMiries is a tall man wiih a considerable stoop and awmi;inhisgait— his face is intelligent and rather remarkahh. ; the fonlKrad expansive, the eves not lar-e hot etj.ressive of bomoi.i ; tlie noe straight and rather From BeWs Life in iMndun. MR. O.SBALDL.STON'.S LATK MATCH AND (ilALLLNUK. SiK,— As I am |)erfi'ctly confident that a correct and faithlul report of my Two-huiidred-mile match was voui only aim and object, I feel certain you will oblige me by correcting a lew inaccuracies which appeared in your paIKT on Sunday last, and will insert the following in your next week's paper. From your situation in the Stand, it was impossible vow could be an eye witness to every particular, and you w'ere consecjuently indebted to those around the Starting lost tor the accuracy of them ; many of whom no doubt came red-hut during the match with some news or other. The hrst ...accuracy I woul.l call your attention to is—'* a.rt. 7, whereas I am not 47 by s< veral years. This is ol no otlM'r moment than it might be the means of losing some pervin's money, as bets hlTve been marJe about my aije before, and I have been referred to, to decide them. The si'cond inaccuracy is—" that Ikey made a slip anddropp.'da little forward, and I fell over his head," whereas after making the turn round tlio Plantation, from the Stand, assisted by James Robinson and other fiiends, "^'m Ikey stopjK'd short and turned round, but 1 got him off '^'" au'ain, and after going about 200 yards more he made the 'V ^""' *""• '" h^t :<^l••d what counivnian he w^' same attempt, and finding he was likely to bcdt anion" the i '^''"^•" ='"' '^idys, adding. •• and now', ir. ifu> trees, from having only a snallle bridle on without .,i ""' *'••'""••• ^" ^" • -c.i.. tv. ... •• ..:. martinL'ale, I threw myself off He ran back towards the Stand, but was caught hy some spectators about 200 yards from me. I imm.'diately followed, and remounted. When I came in I was not at all llnrried, but certainK shook from tluj fall. The third inaccuracy is— that I saiil I woul.l bet HK> to 1 nolxwly did it in the time I did ;" whereas I obscrvetl to one o( mv friends, who was doubtful •bout the nine hours, I'll bet l(K) to I, I do it in the nine hours." There re men, I have no doubt, can do It in the time I did It, and in much les* who only ride 7 liotprnorof the I' ;nid fhe Advien at ^ tm,, which he charges the House ot Asst-nihly *.lh svcoj^ha.. and also a publuation in fiis p..pcr. the (.'olomal AfWonu. ; which he stigmatiseertineBt qaw-* to him, and ••• i—— i— i -i... i Kent," said the same of you ?'" I am out of the West." say •' |{y my troth." answered Sandys, •• so 1 thought, Wi: wise men come out of the Mast." FOR .SALi:, The Honse and Premis at prescUfcO?^ hy Mrs. Piitier. mmvi ,. ',' ,. '^, .........iii II iigiu or trie up|H.'r hp ami chin ; his voice is goHl but not musical, and Ins manner issmelimes calm and impressive, but, for the most p^rt, his efforts, even u,Hin the nioM im,Hr'tant oc c .sions, are attended by a whimsicality, which is the most d.stmguishm^ feature of his manner as an advocate In lorm,.r liays he ustnl to be accused of ulleness, but, wl^-never Im* took up a case with interest, tl.ere c.uld be no stone, if thrif are to be called men. Many foxhuniers and even jockeys, Ar/^rf the i)erf(rmance. thought it impos-sible to do it in nine hours, but now the very same men say, any /o// can The lloust convenient, w itlia large KitclK-ii adk* attached, chair Iiou.m* and sta'dinf ii liorMs, extensive yanl and grass piece TJM'OSl have iM'en lately thoroiiLdily n-painil, ainl tin. — I • ol the lences ha>e been nevtlv put up ALSO A tract of Land situated nt the Village, roni acres. It is dividi>d by the villape-r(ad into two I .• ' — ••^•^ "cifuiii im rainer ..i,., ...r.. .„ ^ ~: *"" "'"ii'i i.i ... 'P|,ig|i,dti" to at le isVuH.Vrw'^ w sc man oo f iJoulde I western h.t laing interMCfed by iIh^ ., ?/^"4;k ^^r,^::';/""' "'" ^'" ^ hK.1 enough /., the vilhi.e into the Blue hill nwd. wdl ,m//e TL\v "^'^'^''''I.^V'T '"*'. ^^ one or three lots. Apply will pu/./.le all ijje U ise iMen ot tin. Iad I. ;<, *i. .i ii\ii\; will pu/./,le all i1h> Wise Men of the Last. It is the pace which a man is obliged to maintain, with such short intervals x-t ween every four miles, that distressi-s him, from wfnch the muscles have not time to recover200 miles in lOhours wouhl bo no performance to talk of: putlinp on • i>wj, ii^-ft; (.(lUKi Oe DO till III f — — '" iij 111 mon. iLsefuIanadvucate;for,howovefo no performance to talk of ; putting on vu-ws werr shrewd and to the point, ai there is no b^at' /' '"'T* "*''"' ""''*' ^" ^""'" ^''""^ *'' ^•"*' "' inglu.ndown: lie wHI insitt on having the last won! • 'J*^*"** '^ "'^" ^•^""? >=*'" <^""l 'io it in 10 hours. -" • — K""" --" itrotv IS no Dealing him down: lie wHI insttt on having the last won! • Oil yet tlwre is nothing offensive or in hii |.rtmaciiy, imt ,t seems so much the result of honest aeal and u w ruixi^lop with his strange |x?c.iliaritie', so earni.hed with o,ld (pmtations nn^] Imlicrous iliustralions that los op,H,nent is forced to yield to his humour, and to' join in tlH' laugh, lh.ugh he does not win. His oratory U most curious combination of really •rriotis and sound argument with out-of-the-way irrelJ vancy,orwhats,.emsirrelevam. until, 1k, hv si)me od.l Mfiplicat.on, which no one under Heaven but himself wouhl have thought of, contrives to connect it with his ar-umenf His violent exciu ment alwut matters of drv equilv is of itvdt sufficient to give a chi^acter of extr,.me singularity to his pleading in the Court of Chancery ; but wImjh we ad.l lothishis unusual gesticulation— his fronoent use of uncommon and antiquated words— his hits of Latin so oddly and famdrarly inlrcnluced, and his circumlwution wlere the us< ol an ordinary phrase would exoress his .•.. C.^.i .1 II I • i .' '" ^ — .. v.,.,.. u u ,1, ,,, uours, il a good, souml wiml ami limb, and with go^nl pluck.— W K)ever accomplishes it in H hours and 42 minutes, riding U stoiH.'} lbs., will find his stockinu's tkMi up higher than he ever had them tied up before," to make use of a waterman's pJiraiii.-. Various rumours have gone abroad as to the sum I won, kn^Teat exagg.rations exist : ^•o^,^ ^J;^^>0(); some, C.^n.(K; and some even A^WN'HH. After deductiiig all cxjK?nces I shall net not any more than £1S(H>, owing to the supinenes.s and bad adv.ce of my friends ; they would not exert themselves lor me, nor would they allow me to hack myself in the ring, because, they said, I should spoil thebcltinL' • and, If I would only be quiet, they would get phmtv on for me. I followed their advice, but they never bet a shilling for ine bm kept humhu^ginff me to the last-" I, was all right." They knew I would have betted i 4 and even o to 1 on tk> match two nights before, and keol me .piiet to fill their own pockets at 6 to 4, which they •ld pretty handsomely, at mv exj>ense. I never was Septemlirr 17th. • i'""-^'^ "vfiiio fxprpss ins meaning, we find iIh-v all combine to make up his charac-.. v. 1 c' .. •' ^ m— — "t-'ver was t r h.r iw-ceninc.ty as a Chanc.Tv Barrister. When he ^ ,'", •*">' """i^ '"" """'''''n imllsposition, and at no one goes forth into the sirect, he is moie strange than even in I '*""""* '."'^"''' "*""''' ^''''' ^•*^*-'^ hUo \ about the nine hours ; 1 had lime enou-d, to dine with the Lord Foil NALK— At thi^ Olfirt. Bills of Lading, Bills of Kxchaiigo, Bills of Sale, Manifests of Cargoes, Blank Tornis for the Custom House, LeaM's and R-|eaM*s, (ieneral Court \S liis, < General Court Lxecutions, Bills of Sale for \ esson good pa[)er, and on moderate term*. January 4, 1832. DIsroVKKV OF RICHARD CfEPR oTi:?;^ Hm conquering sword had lost its shine— tint proud and eagle plume. Winch vvnved so off o'er Pales'fjne I)r.|o,Mf m the .luageon's glomi^ I ord (rum tlie n.dhons of his fame lh-pn,ed-w|.n.lo! om..,e there ^.me A l>;rd. with tuneful hand. An1 play'd hrn,.:,r|, |,„ ^r.^^^,^ ,^^^^ III twihxi.t's lone def)arting hour, A sung of his f.iir laud! The CMptive monarch herd the Mraia In melting e< hoes roll, Aim! thouchfs of p:rrly hours again, I, ike sunshin*' cross'd his soul ;* JiiN fetterd Innhs, the diinpcon's rell a-nk (II his Iji.un before ihe spell— The dream of hie's young day' lie i.c,/.ed the harp wiihsoundn.;; thrill, Ihroui^h woe h.s solo cuinpaimm still. And sung that island lay .' That som,. his spirit's burning prayer. IJ"II don Its cloudy track; Thev;.|furehearditinihei4ir, And scrpamM its echoes hark • Alone the capriv warrior stood, Harping m his dark solitude. VViiile to his memory s ft lln ovM creeii v.,I|,.v anew— Ills he;.hl.vh.||,,lhe, streams of blue, r lasii d m their beauty by. The sky was calm, the had met, I he day s last ray w.nt .Jown : 1 was (Je.^ *'Uue'i>l. but •.U,4 ...^t liacU lnhl lar in her trown-'-PThc inuiKfrel heard the ,ui.e. ihal ruig. )le knew 'twas Kngland-s Kmg that sang1 * iMi^rland i shore he hi'd I| Hp''''I)lheard himafe: thatsfrdn. from Kur.^,,e'smi:;htiest. broke the chain. And saved an empire's pride. (From niarhr„.„r. .yfyazinrjor XremUr, 1S31. '"A':';^.::,"^-'''""--^ '"' '>M>!y.; ok A.\OI.K!,t.\ AMJ rilKGHusiOK Ills LEO. •J" r.,.l„.,,,„„ f, ,H, ,,,,,„i„„ of hi, principle/': UmI m..,, i-v,.! \\\> ..I. .11 I •'ii*e, M J live, oUboy. ^^^ =*'''•" ^'<:^'" acquainted ai;aiu, my ^^^^ More than your own consent will bo necessary 'V What, tho devil Sieakinir too • C^n I i; /Mrs U 1.1 .1 • I i"-"*'"^. '"o t-an I bobf^ve 7"rs u ,^ ,1,^ ,,^..,,^ ,j^^. r,dd,lcr and his c.K-k 1 K'l..ondam helpmate, why ,i,h, shy of Vou o| j ,> .nd ^fc| not learned to r.n a,ony J^,, ;,,",. ^^'^^ j *tfly iir h:. r i^ •^refu*.. ,|„,ir Office. ^*" """"*. limlHmay J"'rMnay havosaid or done, I nrver c.ndd il l t\'Mi tt.n.M I...... i.r* 1 ":*'^r <^"il(J ilnuk Timos are rfmnged. but prmdple are eiernHl V Jo"y.t UL^imst revolutionary FrHnoe oo n'^ i.ioritiJrL:r^.^i;:r;r^^ •..H,is ol Hv^Tiing Revolution. *'^' ""'-^ n. otly IlT>-;';>- ;odc.r il a ,.^, .. .!-< Just so ""''^'"'•^^^'^•'' ^-^^' And how will it prevent ft? iZ' I'*'*'^''"^' ""' ^'•'•*^ ^^ 'he poonle p.--i .>y pist och::.r.!:r!'::s r;r:Zf:; !^'^" •h *carsot ih. privile,ed onlers ? IW t no T what It feeds on } i., i • .• "* k'^w by .0 l,r bv t. '"'""""" """ ""'"'' v"u ,.,"""• ^y •••rreasing the power nf* ib i you a MiDicicncv of rilh, X 1 V" ''"l"'^ "'"" --l"A'Come tible of iliilbnre. vol.. I— .\o. LXVII. como-,!,,. Ueforn, Dil! i, vorv „„..eprce, con.i„ue ,„„,:":-J.e;;i^Mhe T,':' "->'•-;•• -.^ monsiroiis it was, it was„..l up..,, .h .^,,„"^„/.7".'""": "'•etber i, e„. co..f..:,;.i Ju"-,;.,:;;,,!.;;""""' •">• •••'• ". i. ., own ,.uli„r priul,,,... „^„ „,„"e ^ "Uj r'7 .K2,eld,„,o,h,„, if „,„„„,.,.,„': „„ ,7 *e •Wn i If '""' '^ """" "' ""= Con.ti,uli„ U-Tm, •hen ,1. ebd,np,on, ho burne.i to break a lanee ,i,|, bT n.pju-.e, ,,ua.l, M..o ,h r.g.u,uffin..f Kn,!.,^ '"' "" rase is not inateriallv ri.u„„„,i '^i. ./.; V. ""'"•'<> we of democratic clanger t Ikold instMuiion. of iIh, country. .heTi^J-di::^^^ -'' be. and prciendod. even when ii was very woll k^.ow.T .h ..^T rea obp.t of such ,^ .fectL.:!:!! J::::.:tnn^ must |M.ssawa> b, fore any sano project of practical tZ lormcan lHjo%en tlKMightof. pmciKairol"4'. l"m afraid tliat a iMKsition like tlMi wooW onlv cxas,H.rte the ..ople, and cLuse tln^m, p^-rhaps.t Z tl (.resent njeasure „, a manner that .he may L^ otherwise bo dupuM,d to do ; at least if they do no. ^^ an>^d.s,K)sition to give a reasonable attention to tlicir denJvfl. f '^'"P^' I "Ppos,.. th,is, that iH^cause w would ikeTan Vr T "^V"*'"""' "^^'^"^^!f "'. '^.y would lake care to create real bs reasor an t to l^ tha, tlHiy act ; but Ik, it far from my nublo' a J wirU h ^.""r"^'">^ l^'^'y o the f,Mdesi and tin. most of the ,>oople. The present Reform Bill, while it I i t a v unsett es every thing, establishes nothing. I, b po^^r J cuoiigh to disorganise, to subvert, to derango, to E ho frame-workaml iIm) machinery of our old con.s.i.u .mill onarchy; but no one deceives lnm.df with tl ^ wi rif''';f^'r,7^"'"'r"'^"" resuu fro.„ i,. ,; >ll IH, If It should pass, but tlH. beginning of cUnres l)o you yourself imagine that things can remain .i.tToXy An^. It would be very hard to say. Wc lire in .. ape when nothing h stationary. If wo col rl]L^ we are, I confess that I do rfot vry earnestly Z^ ^ exi-K-nce -hat untried form" of flditical ^fn.'^T^: I.Kli we are tending. But that cannot bo ; iUeZJull Lave s,H,ken out, and something iust be done. ^^ Trd Iv r^; 7 "u' "^'""'''r '" ^"'b wick.d and ll the paragraphs which hav ap,K.rcd in the publl* I .|^r. hare comr Uurrt from the Trfnsr^^n^^ ^ ^ nouie which would m^wi. to Ik: lor tl. 4.uver.eL and urging them on m the prajcution of ibeir revolMiIary measure, has ken produced by a specitm of political .n Tni'T'"' ''^ hen.selves. The j^eoid.. are lie.inning to ftnd ht out. They also begin to ice that H^ J5 motive which prompted the present wrheme was, that ihev might ko...p ilM..r Hacoa. You may depend upon ,., ihen^ ore. that il the Lord, are firm and do Un^iV dut;,T^ I wZ'I t ' "f*^'j'""'^ <"••"" l-lH'I*r violence ; altlnMigf, w,fT no d.sgmce that august asscmblv by sup,K>.lng that Ihey could be influenced by apprehensKin's. ^^ ^ nfV ^'•^.""•••^ <*-< joint. Look to Ihe sute of France If ihey ,^oct U> bill, one do. ot knor what may happen. Le^. But if they pass the bill, it is rery easy to fore. *>'Mi Mould 'lMv/;rr/ \ 'V^ "^^'""'J ihmk ••''"^'''^ovtinateriallychan'Ted If Jill .11 I "^^ "* ^ ^ """' '''ey pass the bill, it is rery easy to foresrf. k-. uV^r Uli"^ T' '"'^ '^'-^'^'''^^ •""• ''^ l-mocratlc force ore? ari.ilr. ^I''"^ ''"'"'**' T*^ '"*"' *''/'/>'. their legrsla.ive funcTioTwiS h ncT S^-^ wodtl n ^"^'^."••M'ttha,yon,my Lord '"'was when AngUv J0.1 C^^^^^^^ T'^"""' '''^e | Wtb l>e at an end. They Cdl no k>nper ^ I Pe^ of •^^ princ deV ""'"' ^>' '" '^"^^ '^^" o.U^^M to the Senator, and o.u t pr^lo ,u ^P" 7^ '" ^'^T' ^ ''^' ^'^ '*^' ^"^ ^^'^ ? ThTshi W ^^^ 7,: I. n Constitution. "'"" P'^^*^ """0" ^o * o^ a monarchy, the substance of a reonbi; ^ tT^7. • W V ""''^'' "^"^ ^'^""*' 'J"h. rioh.nhlin h-t ^^'"^r Urllli '""''' l'""^"*''" ^'*^"'-" ^ho complin.ent. of a monarchy, the substance of a republic ; nay. I .hould rather .y. the exj,ense..nd the pageantry of a monarchy without it nl /t;t ,vp .1: :... __ J -• y . "•"•*rcny, awl*' ^"^ Wise \i. J .•••'|M,„-„ „, ,H? more wittv ^'"^,:ri, Vf^„r;i'".' ff-™*" j:'-n.idoc, „,; '^•l ul. „ 1* " ."''"'' >"" y^'"^^' ould have •...rC'""-'"'"""M i^euupon ,1h, plain, uf '^"'ith wl il ;V "">^ •*""'"' '""' ''"h >bem tl,c fcl "'•''"m Bii? ; '''" '"""" "' "= '"PI-""" of ,be Mnr, ^ • "" ''""•'"" """I l governed by '"•,„r f,w,..," ,„„ ,.„,,j „^,hi„k „ bavebu. one cour .o'pl,™ el ,o J"„„"-. T "" '"'y^ T ""^'"''"' •"' ""• '-." K-wTt corn,„e„ced „„. Ik, .;.'^::u.s: ZZ^Z would W. ruin I""' '"^ "'' ><"""'f '"" "'" "'• /v?. Ala, my Lor.l, how differeni i, ||,e feclinir wi.h h,chyouno„ rive ,l,e word of c..n„n,nd .„ advene from tbaf t ft. .i.:^i. r •"''*nce. from that with w-^.irh, on f.meroccriZ "'''"''*' ""^^ of France ha, been produr;d hy the rolen 7nd sioned me l so^ .he roVeUryoT;r • ^1^^ ^f of^Zr r ^''^'''^^^ ^' '^ ^--" "P0 ^^^r.;;!^ sioned me l soi^ .he rowel of your i. '* ^U^^":, your charger ? I shall only say. that if the Cll^r^^ not possess the courage and tlie virtue lo oIT^ t1.^ W.V lorn to the madness of ihe p,.ople. the Mc^aTch "f Lngland n at an end. F, who have heard the roar of tl^ cannon, and seen tlH.. flash of the sabr... in a hundred hgh..s. would rather, a .l.ousaud tiim-s. be cut dow hke t^fie Romm .Scna.e of old, in the discharge of mv here! ditary duties, and the defence of my ancestral privi leg tlHnlK. a consenting party to a measure so fraught wiul rum dni\ degradation. ^ • • • • Relbrmofsomc kind we must have. That\ Ministry are now recommending with res,>ecMo Kneland'^ Oh .my Lord, if we look to France, we are to looi to K as a warning, and no. as an example. ^ut'^'f r^"" """u '''T'*'"'^ ^'""^' '^^The pi^nt state of France ha, been produced hy the rjolent and uncnnvtitiifiona '.r*.,.,...: r ,> m-. -^ "** An 'J. of the peftple. f^e. And what pro!uced that aggression T Mind, I 'lo not pistify It ; I ,ny not one word in it, vind^ation. But I ask, whHt produced it 1 Your Lordship dot^ not ^nippose that the French Ministers, of mere wantonn^ inc.irreeing liable when fhey suspended.he Constitution? No. FoIlgnac thought hin^elf excusaidc for the conise which I a.lopte