The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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. Il1 8d. dltor. W m35EBDAY, JAlUARY WU, 18. VfL Il**** LV.

TIHE BHAlAM ARGUS. walls one echoed to te galtiei t mos brilliot cce s b r f ; r h
S- which an Englishwoman ever drew around her. The wit, once, either before or after his deesi d this nl
ooLu aami-wetut. s IN NAnar, N. te ikecs,, the luxury, mnay have been eynalled in the cameobherwbhemsiewhermson. Aaeleveno'clDeku lL
Do rs pe a m-reign of Chales the second, but ant the vaiety, the refas- ise ef t itim hau of morning and wlat to the Dot-
N t l e_ rs per dveU ue.t gr te pniu.. We aould be under a geimistake Porland's, in Cavendih-square. I never pea ti dlt
if we supposed tiha the tone of society, in dm time of he and melancholy building, known as lier iou HaI with
disJlutute imonarcllh u have just quoted, posseUed any its dad walls and gloomy courn-yard, widlmutC flwe og o
tiing of what we should now caR elgance in debauchery, "m"sef the scene of that night, when the Ieury paIstope.-
orarefnementin excm. It was radically and universally 'J to receiveo de widow of one whom Gemi had so
coro; due convention of tim Court was the lowest gilted and Ambition had n betnrayed.
Iribaldry of the stews; tile lampoons slld til wouinga, tlln For mea lLne before hi died, Caniat's entmanem
.. . .I attacks on the King, or tia courtships of a muitess, were had betrayed the sign of the toil and exhimsee he had
aO-- ZTP alike filthy and obscene, often fraught witt indisputable undergone. But after death these had vanished-and
POETRY and rare wit, but never with the wit of llhu gbedeman that beautiful and elulouent countenance smned is the
... or the pleasantry of the seloon. The rakehell, bro- eg4i unouterbly serene and hulhed. Tlat house is
THE FAITHFUl. caded yet vulgar, with strong animal spirits and a mvme bleferthe death of e stateemen. Relow, In a
l yoag, nLve, mae e parted-- gay and graceful great capatrit of driuk-whose adventures lay in swind- little dark chamber, covered with asslnry, Charles Fe
li d r sunniest ling, and whose loves ended in disaeae, was tle real wit, breathed his liss!-te greatest pupil nf his great rival
i sg light, nd brow es bright as summer' sunniest courtier, and fine gentleman of that period. W have but after taclly veering towards the main foundations of the
I shammed the forest tree, and whlpers oft aud to rend the plyst oetry,thecorreslpndence in England sane prinlpI Fez had po l, come to the Iam roof
of the tion, and then think of the plays, poetry and cor r- to receive d u least n Aabition can baeow--
semims of paadis at more were heud to lew. repondenca which, under Louis tiu Fourteenthh, were Monre soa feur
S i shedding so bright a lustre ou France, to see auw poor and QMatua aint khoim corpoi ula !"
S e ng, Lo.e, we paed-thy gif of life ws bae was die state of courtly society in tie forlmel country. It was inpoille to amdi es dis quiet, and even bim-
mb dm. Mke a ispi-Mr. lng meer s ihy breitm compared to that in tie latter Whet Louis the Fourteenth ile room, and nm glane back to the cootrot which the
d elgin le i sedm fairy gems dte gond alone may was to Charlme tl Second, e society of France was to life, that there had ialsee extinct aforded to resoe-
the wciaety in England. It is a mistake, tde, to suppose section. In April, 1827, u t wa announced to a Prlia-
. li s twilight elods tha show the beating as there was any thing of grace in the licentiousaes of but ment,crowded beyond prednt, that George Canning ad
ind! day-the Venus of Charles tii Second were no cesus ; accepted the office of First Commisioner of Il Masr-
Sy Love, vita we pated-pale narrow bathed and if compared with tie reunions" which tle Duchess ty's 'reasury-id rt, the office of Prime Miniter. The
of Devousi ire assemMed, die circle of Charles the Second annoaunment was received with bu'ts of rte modest, dsu
me todiega chilled thy heart han sighs had skill to wanted in lighness, in vivacity, and polish-it certainly most prolonged cheers that made themselves scare les
Bak; wanted far more in thit genius which hallows where it audible along the neighboring streets than within the
h kh wordless melody. an eloquence no tongue, visits. The broad mind of Fox-the buoyant elasticity of IlHos. What allowed ? resignations the next day from
- *r eespr is human speech, or breathe in sweetest Sheridan-these are not to find parallel in te sllnutty his oldest and staunchet adherents--4l retirenmet of a
1m! cariicatura of Rochester, the wittiest-or even the light host from his aile-the breaking-up of the party of a life's
Ip reeking in the bay-the southern brens sprang pi'ilosophiy of St. Evrenond, the sagest, perhaps, of tile forming-tlhe suspicion, tli rage of friends whom he might
r; whole group, to whom Old Howley gossiped of the plea- never regain-the strange alliance with foes, whom ih
ad thy cold ad altered cheek, anl wildly left thee sores he luad outlived, in tihe stories which it had aved could never hope to conciliate but by becoming the step-
e t him muiany a sharp jest at lis damnable iteration" if he ping stone to their object---objectl which, ifhe continued
p a my lips were steeped in tear but ue mine had outlived also. \Vho lha not heard of the tllouand to reject, he would have been lot for the fture-ilf he
a d my has wa it s and one stories orf iati atiful Duchess ? 'iho, when acceUped, le must have belied the wholetenour of the pet.
d prched my heart's warm de, aid leld it earedl he recalls those who nmad the inlhaitau(s of her circle, Then came perseculion, attack, doubt, oorn-the wratb of
cannot at once conceive a just noltiou of the spirit of til till Pe'ers, (that fatal House, whose power lus never of
agoight rose upon the sea, hilt found nor shlip nor place 1--u spirit that borrowed only 'fioni Rank its flatinr- lIte been exerted, but in opposition to the popular spirit it
S the ing gerltlelness of manner, and front Wialth its capacities (sivce fstered)-Ithe schisms of the Commons "-the cur-
s ilver ahuone the waves' lly all tile lay to charm, and was in all else the umuer spirit of the poetry, renta slander and the echoed lie !"--nd all thi fel on a
Sthy malen beauty grael d glnd d en the iand tie eloquence, nnId the vivkcity,andl the power of the fieuie already breaking, and in noted of ret. In April,
t hy maiden be uty ra.rl n ah.iinder n the day :-fcus at once ofl arts and of polilic.-of conversa- Canning was annmuunl IPrinme Minister of England,
fIl the shore was dark. my Love, thy light bad gone lion and action-of pleasure, and of learning,. Funry, anoustt tihe loudest euxnistion of a triumphant and uem-
ma n th an, in that site if ri.omin-iu which tile solo decoru- ingly nesistles party. In August, his corpse wan carried
tiuns are in worksof art, tile bronsour lle picltrt-nothin i to its gave --and within three months from that time, his
lIheads away-awa thy hyovelineq wt Imorne: inoro splendid llian tie wals on mre simnide thimn d lur- pirty, that of ilte seemed ms strong, so permanent, was,to
lfAO. ere e we e farewell, had I not died that niture-fancy in tllh suite of toonts assembled all timse u.s tiM strong phrase jautly applied to them--" scattered
lm lb o'er the purple waes all beantifrl and free who aIe now some of tie things of history-some of scau- to dle winds!" Never did a an po-eing so vst a
l the srem lay dark, my Love, there came no morn dal, which is F"asion's history !-Fancy there the rest" iersonal influence in life, bequeath e o little lisuence in
, m! eye and ulyr-hp of Slherimdn-the bland countenance of death. And why t-becau it waste inluence of talet,
Fox-the battered and flattering complacency of hims, tile not principles-it wai not the geat doctris round
IlImember well the lhur, when months and months prince among fls, anal tim fo p among princes-- which men rallied, but the coamnding genies ;-the
Slins of love from te from te aived t he lauelhin face of wr -- then a child at my genius extinct, the partly was etincl.*
IA Aunt )evonshire's" kne-tlhe beamuy of Lady Elizabethi What li might have done for due times, who shell y I
ald each word thy hul had traced, each sign thy touch M- ; dth jest of- ; tile compliment of--. Fau- What side, Refo m or Anti-reform, be would have eepous-
d I, cy this scene, so light and so frivolous, and then drop tie ed, who can predicate Aritocrt at he w the Arials-
kalia|, had it next my heart -I was not fi bereft curtain for a few years ;-rai. it once more-the stage cracy never forgave bie, the moent he eased to he their
is cleared- new s une succeeds! In that room, so plain, tool. The Hoaem of Psse-to comeiate whem-n bad
a yeang, Love, ere we panred.-thy atep was fleet so un adornd, o barren of all luxury, the most gifted and with whom-to match with w o-he had auped ce
I poaal the dappled flw ths bounds o'er lawn and the most ambitious of adventurers breathed hi last. It is wings of a geniam ad the pride of a heart, thd abnd
at a small, low chamber at Cliswick, in which Canning died. have scorned the ambiaioe of a Besley or the aima of a
i rt due la the weet, the early scene we He choe ithimself; it had formerly, we believe, bees a Jenkinsmo-the Home of Peer he ilevrc d have gain-
d tont of ouaery ; anil he present Duke of Devsohire sl, he never old have rePen-i The dawfrpg ty
ad 0r al length we -est--he snme, but having accidently slop there just before Canning touk up select from ti people have be lie licm o he pplter.
AlachMged! his residence a the villa, itwaconsidered nmow likely to Low birth-the equioal ad Bo, m faiogeta the
th a beath of Time ha loelhed thy ehemt coarl he aired,and free from damp, than any other and colier Tory; but let the Tory tun Whig, and the hood of te
miep. .prtment. It has not eves a cheerful view from the titkde bureisu(for how e of Pa ave ay thing
hk l anst its fiwn-like grac-hiae eye their seay window, but overlooks a wing of the bouse, a it were, to bst of in pedigree!) rem Nurman-like Ie a trim!-
F i like a bnck yard. Nothing can be imre common than the They never pardeo the thing of a Led whom he spia
IM a eill the sam to me-eye, dearin thy deeny. paper of the wlls or the furniture ol the aprment. to be the Man of the People !-edt far of wht he is,
tatrn bight and haomatea giri, -tm m t my Am On one side of the fire-place are ranged few books, they add their disain for whether wea.
6b. chiefly of a light character-ench as the Novalsts' Ma- he character of Canuing wr hosalr he resemImed
I wa no een-hmn power a meMo an r to light, gatess" Ronaea," (the Ileloie," we thian,) Ca- a tbhe illerartie of a sysem. He wat dt renare of
S-Lm t kham in one brief day, and wilhers in a milla," &c. Opposite tde fot of bthe bead is t fire- the cloe broug-a genius devoted to object below
place, and on the low chimney piece stand a mUal br itselo-a mid t cou see, tihus ar ly iBdhlmd to,
I talorly love tha like the rainbow plan. clnrk. How often to that clock mut have tired the eyes what was popular, yet bad been tmined tlswha mmely
* he umemor jet a long s it may charm the of that recess and ardent being, during his short and pin- away from all sympathy with idh piuph Il eimbuiun
It ful progress through disease to death !-with how bitter a and his fate are no lm instruicde dmu his oanr. Hre-
teLda tea : dut lift its head aidr the northern mno. monotony mut its ticking sound have fallen on his ear after, the advoceale fr the syastm wbhifrmed an d ma
Ldft weathers every brene aad every blat that Nothirg on earnl is so wearing to the fretful nerve of sick- red him, will pint to his geea an rgment a I t
iet nei as that low, regular, perpetual voice in which Time behalf. The people, sckelebdgia g the igeFi, wi weight
h he latest leaf has past, remenber bat the speaks its warnings. He wujust a week ill. On Wed- i ompsrim with i the deds. What he e! m
1S411 claim inso fat, ened mrm my brig nesday a party of diplolmatit died with the Prime Min- fie B wh ims he donet"a le e in f iae
wle ce in s fa eond n may bri s --on Wednoeday following- that Natio pals the dead No e of peq tale ,
Pme'd away returned from lie fir to Periteomnt hreogh te pope
*fl-There h much eloquence in d sbj joined Tne haghbty spirit fm that humble delay ad legitimae duinnsela, cmold have deano l kle-d
6 the lat number of the New Moothly lpga- For the.l three days he ws somewah relied from have paeed so brillil career with me mly a reward-
LULar c er of' Canning. The charge ouaf a-the escruciating paie be had befdo slred. Net that it e id heve ausad ae ethority m wide n ae salt
hioaly m on unfounded ; but the ambition of is true, as w aid in the w eapr at d time, at his m evaescet the Det-.or, above., e, cmld hnve t dia
e af a generous character, aed never disco- cries could be heard at seal considerble distae from into cle o of so erling a d rity or wighi, d sdom
a sacese desire to promote the prosperity of dt hohue--u.ri on day, however, hday were head by of hi gein and the prees its ility. C. C. C.
tm-,,he nervnant below, lie -a flqeoently imembl;i and poser at penal enecilieas, toe errs sey gra .
Ct ROOM IN WHICH CANNING DIED. during hae time, the word, Spain-Portnga were The ming n his disrike Whim by
e mey aes living within the bonds of the great consatdly on his lip. During dhose si days of agony gi. The ldy of an mbalsmlor easering rhe King', sprt-
' t saonelthing of that small, but beautiful villa,- and trial, his wife was with him, and, we believe, neither ,mnt, when Cannang was them. ma his second vait, and an-
it iistlture-which niw l.l'long to the Duke of took rest in bed, nor undredsid, throughout the whole time. tiipatig the endence of much fomrhlt, sBw the Monarch
1and was, when fis t limt, tine oljct of so Her distress and despair, lhen all was over, was equal to and his seated i.,teher wlth one of Callmeg's cnand-
agallins its original iums.esur. At Chiiwick, her devotion during the straulr. It is said that tl phy- Iclh.rrn n the King'. kLee,. a ihe munt lanulsr eanller
** tint classical, )it iinqular buidJing, wllos Isicians declared it necessary fur her life, or reaon, that she Imaginail'I

E~e MA&~S!

gin, 185 .*

tCI l mui m11 Admi Is.b
-d. ei--'0,G A-gMyr. wr he by JMob
gh.s, p re in. r de Penm, a. rr ef Cri.k,
i46 Moaly el, and ethr dorm pal.k edthm--
R nIKa DaeceM E n. .... .....................
Jdlu Wiigouas Eqiase.. ......... ....9
Wallir Ltgtbihn Eq -ire................6
Campljoh, Equie.................6
The two ban mendud peamdi n ween, dwnfore, de-
dned ddy betatd.

The Mil Bat arrivd hem yaerday aftrnoon from
Cmoked Ildud, bringMig dh October and fnt Noveml~ r
madlelhelu t of which, wmtrieghot M Is the packet Gold-
cith, Limo. Walkie, onatining Lndon dates to the 6th
of November. an account of which we gave i the Argus
of the 4th intent. The Mail begs wee landed as

would add, eodasua ; ad after Sir J. C. Smynts
positive public pldge of oe-lnterference, hereafter, in
all masters relative to ave poceeding, we would recom-
mend Mr. Fio to urge the penalty expresly made and
provided, fur delinquencies of this nature.
As we wish to he imuartial, and, at the ome tihe, to

Croked Island, from the packet Muline, Lieut. Paulle, loew the dpth of ou rlgal wait, we recommend the
and Ihe latent Jamaina dates are to the 4th im. Crown officer alluded to, to me the axiom established in
a couequence of an inmarecition I evig taken place our Police Court by our present Police Magistrate, of
among dth Slaves, on several of the tales in the Parishes more than Bluckatou or ft~onboough legal acumen,-
of Trelawey sad 8L James, at dti north lide of that Is- ht "intention to commit n illegal act, or crine, did not
lad, Hli Ecellency the Earl of Blmore has thought stamp the nture of gmch act or crime"-ride Police in-
proper to call a CeUKnc of War, which nbled a t 12 vestigation of McNaughton' case.
o'clock on Fiday, the lth lthimo, when it wua determin- The man woi drives, and our (,vernment vehicle!
ed, that Marill Law should be proclaimed, which was The man wet e;l"
accordingly does on thet day. We re happy to tate, Whut a pair uf state"en
tatl, by the latest accounts, great number of dlma Slaves In our last a(ge, we have inserted the copy of a des-
who lud been informed by evil dispoad person, that at patch from Lord Viscount Goderich to Ili Excellency
Chriatmu hey would al lr set free, and who, conseqment.- Ie (overnur. on the subject of die seizure of five slaves
ly, not findig it to It the camn, rebelled against their the property of Mr. Juloh M. Lockhart, of Ragged Is-
msters, have returned quietly to their work. A grout land,-it being ul the first importance to ite slave owners
many, however, hive been liot. It appears, that one of of thee Islands, wiho will now e the necessity of uing
ll ringleaders pporeheded, stated, thl if dhey lad not the greatest catiion in moving negroes frol one Island to
beo amured, that uldm the Militi nor the King's troops another, or sending them, as sailors, on the water, as the
wouid be allowed to act aglalt diem, they would not slightest negligence, in procuring the necemary clearances
have rebelled. We shall give more lengthy accounts in and certificates, if it be merely an ifurinality, will entail
our next. the loa of the property upon the owner.
-lir SIxcellency nity hea better judge than ourselves in
The following Pruclanaultin ,of 1li Majesty in Council, the matters; but, initeal of calling Ilis Lordship's dles-
ia'rd at JIoairc by Iiis Excelleny time Earl tf lDelnmore,, patch a feeling and eloquent explanation of tih inlt.tions
enjoining nIl slaves, upon lain of forfeiting ll Mnjosty's of the Imperial Legislature, we are of opinion, it ii a
protection, oto suhmit to the laws, md to py perfect ohedi- hypocriticl, whining piece of Saineraft, and smells morr
moe to their makes, we remdily give a plaoB i our co- of Stetphee and the Aldermnnhury conventicle, tian of an
Lkms we fbad cminyid, even in the small Islands, lness minister expouding a law, which was enacted fr
dtoe an many who take pleaure in circulating false aml hde Muppluioi of the lave trade, and dte prevention of
vitsnr tori aog time slaves, about emancilation, illegal traric in slaves, and not as a sard for the hones
with a view to make them luhappy and dicossented. planter, going from Island to Island, a- his heines may
From th date of thisdocument, andll Osvornain thie nake it requisite. The intention of the Lgislature, was
Wet India Colonies beig directed to give it the fullest to punish frsnd-not to cnnmit robbery.
poiclty,weare oopinionDatthe Oovernor ofthe Bahama -
msthavelmreceived lt,anddthtitlheenin hispnmiun i Little busine' of consequence having yet been
fr am tim. If thi i tcae, wu he nm culpably n gu through with by the Court, we shall delay our report me a deemonst ach inpgase o the proceedings until Saturday net.
and M It me et a wlat of atl fr the premr- NANdAio. 5t Jamiar, 18UF.
vatlon of the public pie, uti t even when called upon To ta Editor o te B mllow Arul.
ezwcW his ou sloarky His Excellncy sloukd witiid Stu,-I wod you the falluwing lnoIly#moin reply to the
Seercib h mority, ll Esealey ld id wit of the ('ormpodeut of dhe Rosd O Gnte, found
whlat wee d da e i allay the the eistin thi n.ning ie the Public Buidin addrlwed to me. I
fami e, by Lwbg d d lme, otha my violent cndrct am awret, tht the Poet w id h eri r to be sent
Soakl a, di ae be m mm-d by the Gove to your olke; bt if each was b iintention, by ddreming
mm l tem in the way he dkl I met lltakm hat thim t
expedition mad ae imde of cnveymne, wmid be
Itmragh ywm lter Box.
I m, Sir,
A yew obedient rmlt,

Wa It ha 1 rpmusam to m, t.htt S v
Im a--if Wm Indi Colsiwa, and of ,we oam.
ale -a te- of o8th Ammrica, l been sro-
W to Imdllb, ni ad I ee. Nme t by a
-BY- --a--I A- aMd r nd-- ( i p(l
br tm l.adnei AI T.eeraia d elif hie pe-
daohfa sthrleIah ll i mwvetAharmeaCtodinrhilgatug
Sdilam t Weaiaahta g bh anid with teadvie of
- PrIny Commel, amll ta Royal Precisndtl:
-Ad el do hoasy dedLr awnd ser knew, dtht d
aie Papidsl ili mi Caialin an Poa mine.
wB fram Aalimer am pmntaem, if they ahe fall so
raider Neoie hatuoe a Lowe at a a dfIl
.bMe to da games-Aad we hlmby charge and
e-m m A r GenOmre of mw W o Iab Cole-
mi lma P I to glie di ptlilty I to i
aoPmshmalthe, Aul a iadrie, by al hogal .ai.
thir p~a, thi psrat e Ji wALo Idhrib t
ianquily al poiem r arm Cheleam a m
Oirve Cem at si Jama~s, aid Thd dayof
Jao, ne amad si gh hndArd ad thirty-
and is t eesed year owr ring.

Whae Nid and Teedi quanelmd. dke lad to the Argue,
On itseoltme erected her h e,
Bid leader dence,. and raing victoaeus,

Md.oeu otrat. if o.a . hao own. PJv t L Ldn Timu, Nee'r
Foil' nd Rean Nei a moter now called on the hoar A gdlema who la juet arrived from Hanld M
Who enmt to his aJ FiLre-hsKl,-1
(A posueet to Truth, nown at home and ar) that e King's reintBce to the ratification of "
Of Neil's dvi to tke theeinm *,ympthid with by narly all dase of hi d~
O!: Mr, d. oe oe of Er! w, e dhi. that a declaration I been signed by a large 0
0o aber', the lme d, se by Elbe; val oo a er, o, f "thei determinbion not to SD
Nws alemot thee for mo than the ready Vice-Ageom sl eal to the Enibis, should their slqu ir"
Of the wicked, yet brain A. B." Adt, t rather to imlae Ir example d
N lum e ithe Age tim flrcs like thine Von Spyck, who blew up himif with his r$eA, i.
Tell . bil wants aee wuance, at Antwwp.
Tie i Tru is kth.e t"--te ArgA n bhr rin, A Lenbooea, ha arrived this morning. PoF l
Whlekr e i la n teI areI activy goin on to meet the expect n' le
Aliki t NewYo" d New umlP s e ho', an opinion pevaiL we aong ell-informed pal P
Her mto im bemb tri.h. i Ud leMia bld a e ee d, Miguel will he d;l byl
the qm'a. dme ier. i' impl r, or awmd, imtporioof hi troop. Tih forced loe, wha'
4lkmi who'd eauipU i lgr red toin he letters, wa likely to be carried
NAuuN, s J y, I but it i lebn i a mUater of ncerainty whe* r
NTs 2d Jauery, 188 f~elmine oere to be subjected so its operntioe.
THE ROTAL GAZETTE THE GREATEST lwing i etractfro a privatelotear:-
SINNER!! .". Liot .
The Rol Edir, who l me er yet in a mry osn a Two decrees heve been i e d here for 1a fmd
attacked the Arg+bina die preat a ft time to igve the of 1,2 centd, of reis (about 240-..). l I St For
public a fee moe "trMac of Sinre*ling maUcr" from intrest, and to be le ied in proporUtion I"

g Wo T OENEBA A bi" ALOk, ei 'us e al.,

Bis Mjrmly's Seguwar G mene l ead ma m. sked 6k pIny hB
hnm alleged & i l-. a, a- w supp1aed br li d4e11 ooJ ae hem o
trilsdo, for a mote aplemeic saeon,a Is mamry h ue avml eln the virtue ad hoos
i mrm an ecuaon i I a neighboring OUt Lad, ud wl, mimd ihe bdeiad khis
stok wih him, a is -lmamry opo tb tccemion, a il boe cavim ct w.ig mt br
wdetq g a ued Paddy. Alibouglh dh r ibd dr 1 Hao he lno alded a high pikc
d .rined a s the ul pp lufy term w ona s e ol p l. aL j
Pddy's joant, we do a think duat Paddry's ae wes ad t lr b-h o o
obtaied to dosequal ur ory. If then ih h ose lin cue, d I o"Mo
The worthy Crows der returned to town, bt ml munity are preUty well aware of it, to
according to legal cut ad wap, bringing Paddy in hi the prnesemL t of the Aoti on GOJrI
asri. The truth is, poo Paddy wait old led iqlry d g tes j*m wl*ch I
tranferred by bill of ale, to a planter, resident on Cat tcorn d ijutice, hol r dt t whirh e ne mfa
Iland-we preoume, not for the value of a pepper aor fams honour, worth, truth, justice, and ew"
After Lord Godericb' humious plastio-n, and we make a Clristian and a man.

.1 -

Prom tAe samaica Cmaom, DbI e i
We are to state, that account wee
King's House, sultealuent to the departure
from the Northaide, of a character winch ia
cellency the Earl of Belmore to call a Cored
which assembled at 12 o'clock yesterday, wa
ernmined that Martial Law ablau be prodhe
out the Islnd. Hi Lordship baa however, eiA
sideradion which entities him to die highamll fs
country, refrained, in consequonce of the aus
it would entail upon the land, from calling o
Regiments of our local Militia, Ia will be iita
general order, which wa proiuluulgtld wih d
promptitude i and we ae ltLioaad that "v aia
city, and throughout the island, will be found u
when it becomes the imperative duty of every i
wihetlher uxulipt from ulilitii duty or uohewai,
fiellow-colonists in defence of every thilgdeaw wa
life. In this city, and in the vicinity, all is p
Squil, and we haveuo doulit will emnin so; iWlta
ty which was nanilaued by thousand yto d,
Governor's Pricllamationl was received, to kim 1
Militia were to be called out, fforIded a very
proof that thy were ready to do their duty. INh
beinglw in force, we call upon our fellow-Adit
xert thenwmlve to the ulnmot, in muintaiilq a4
if called upon to act, to lay an inmplicit odbedl
oilicers plAced in authority over them--to @a
together with one Rnothlwr, and to consider la ,
which tlay are i.iluiplily eunHarkel, one of v1|il
ance to the well-biinl of the delude slaves i
as well as Ihiat of tIh Island at large. The do i
liuunci l tlhe mindsof iair indvaes by tIli repiraB,
will have iloh li t asiilwr for,as hild inusluhe didtl
order is restlrevl. Tlrse who have raised the mila
not the- power of alla)ing; it; but we do hloe, wLha
tial Law exists, thult heir conduct will lie ia m
watclhul, andl if necessary punished with naerunsi
verity, is our lives and properties have he ltoeh
od with by die Saint at bone, as well u by 6I :
riom in this country.

Frvm ah Jimeni Cowrmet. IVrmk IL
amrac of Mr. A wry-CGererml Jawm.-la\m rw-
ceiveil hereyesterday, by the Sparmwhawk fromai C
asnouncing the delth of the Hnnourhle Hutu Jsae
hoard Ills Majsty's ahip Blhes. off l'.r-u-IailL, b
tIi Novenm Hi rinm were lehanld fnimttllHea
intervrel with due snlummity Io sheUth. le Iwasb ii
Ils Majesty's Privy Council of this la l., Mid, abb
would have beie it Chief Justice.


wfar Oe. orLM.
Id Wet India Reimoe.-To he Cpitatu, 9l1e
ehas Lie-tent W. I'VTear, vine Smith, damldl
tenunt H. W. Wlgnim wvie Wehh, dreened. 'T i*n
temts, witheht peeb -Eas J. Irl. fme L6
Newfoosetond Veterna C- i, vie, MaNeL me,
EWi i. J H .Lm ia *'Ver. Emaig H. W.-
vie Wigmsi TeoIoaiseodi A. ILW
the 7lth Rigimnt vle Hill W C. Keanedy. e;t,
Volunteer wvb the Bo Afriks Cors. vire GminiK
Kiag. oGat, late a V al with te lRysl Aibm
ainm Vaield.

. ,'1

md hr I ms hewo eder he srulee; i itesa of qilsiaos, and we wlM he pso h settling
gai no Le i od I n Lishbo, ad 400li Opn.a, down hf a like prmaeass trust y.
Cols, a the ehm of thob (i A- dAmA o of he Govemnm m perm ie hwe of lIft
as b *ees *mea -e dary d asr e inae Oadolkr. ,, n, a th July. tI, csaigetac
o- m the vlo- d ih ladividMsals f I paish Jsbjec, uad dims al pre ens visited
h I -am of t ma li esI ,e-Aa iao aga au sreriy to be dis atisd.
C a Jon Puelb Cordmbe, Jeal O s Sevealothe lam papers m Sed with pro s of
mmi t Lopeo d AeJs, Js Ameea G0em laws,"-sme of which are dged by the Prsid-nt aud
W lu 19 days the whole oftlher amint is to e Secretary of th BSuom ad hd without mi ms.-
i aTreasuey. Thbe Govemrw wtill mo, Ik is Wearn ot an a m d acquabmn d wh the m fo dor g
; bi much dfieculy ii risig this The t p in Veanml* to undestrwnd pcely te bv har
s l nem o eoac d ts I bouas, bt abeing cer- of tha proj0 t," bt an led e mf pplo r re
ftkow from it. Thl sawses r s made e dsraugts forhe conuideao c Cob amn, shoi
Q li bcd iy into which Don Padro's party nd which are signed by the President and Secreary of dh
sifa ld thrliugh the detention of the tesels Auleg Seate, psed chat body at hikr hate Sfios, but were
(i. icks thatl paoltive nde sh be l given by the se acted spo i the Hose for wat of di Ift m ch
SGofeems t to dtain the who ofe dhism, and the fact, they re only important as indicsing the probm -
lsh ridiee tshe notion of their attempting to invade e course of future legislation.
itw l Bt this party deeply feels tht they will oon One of tiem uprees Y convents whr tbhe member
aigh for their existence. Several regiments, or of intats is leas a eight, and apples the vails to the
fd regiments, have been mnarced to the coast, and purposes of education and charity.
mat active preparations for defenc are n akiog; hot Another exersupl wheat, he groth of the country,
d bbtA is entertained that the moment it is known that from all txatiun, civil or clesmar atlfr the taes of ten
p~lornhas placed his fot in Porugal, neady alr the years.
W raps her will change ide&s Anoter pronounces the Tithe duty, levied for the sp-
t la comeqence of the intllligeoce from England port of religious worship and the Clergy,to be excmive;
ti Ihe choler morbus, an orler has been issued anl declares It abolist d from and after the Iet of Jan.
bbard of health, that no vessels froa or near Stun- 1 .l In lieu of thu, it proviles hat the Clergy shall be
sl ihall hbe admitted into Portugl, and that all vessels pain a the public Treasury. The slary of the Arch-
y thelr art o Engnnd *sisa be subjected ton Bih ia p ixon atc8,000; of the Bishops at 4(x) each
e of 14 days if I ballast, and 17 stays if with ad of the Minor Cietgy at a moderate coaspuusation.
tg', Many are now below in quaranline." Another provide fir the tabilehb ent of a College i
Sfrkomi uunis-Ayres to the 10th of Septenber dt capital of every Province ia Venes las.
a s recsivae, by which it anearn that Uhs pro- Anolthr fixes the standing army at d ee battalions of
of m Juan andl Curdova henty decrees o their Infantry : ith two supernoumerry companies, ani six
Sof Repreentative, re-insvesi the rvurhor of conpan ieof Artillery.
Frosk-Ayres, Don Juan M e.ianel Roses, with ulii nithage Anodlisr enacts drn tle coasting trade Ilull ie con-
utl of thre bnnign relnstmns of the Argentirll Rpubhlic. ducied exclusively y venils tof tde country, and be
Saly wa e to be ppslitiled by the GovUrnliuLiie tor th' duty-free. Foreign vessels, however, after uscrhine at
tlhrantilns of nlse1l k'i to tIe' iinmory of Blin ar in the oeu port and landing n part of delir cargo, imay proceed to
aioedral of 1le city, at whirlh ill the civil and nililtry anos erei r o theirs ills the remainder, provided it has not
sairitiae would be requested to attnlnd. bebut previously landed.
A___norler dlilrcs thl< sale of the government vtrI ls lying
Fn General .4drertist Iceu at Purlo tAbhllso, wlhils it states are rapidly going to ruin.
Frm Gre's tc 1. Notice to IoH given (f the time and conditions ofsaul, in the
The Governnment of the I 'niid Staes have HccepIed of public pnipers of Venezuela, and also niale known in di
)Migsis*l'sofB r to pay Ilthem IUII,II) fr.ano us lIr in- audjacunt alsnods, and the principal prlts of die United
tky claimed fur theIr losses during the blockade of Sta:tes.
oi-ro. Another jernits dwt Arclishihop of Caraccas and the
AJad in the rate of Elrhmane-A recent letter | Bishisa" I riinia snd Jerirn, who Iad been banishue fsr
SPUhisdelphis, states-" We understand lltat the contunsacy, to retirin to llt country and reumse their func.
iflaBasesi Bank have put down Exchange on London tionss lie assurances which they hae given, heing satis-
smAad a half Ier cent. facoary to tllr government.
i the ermn P the Anuher,af 37 articles, with various suh-divisions, fixes
Pdoia.- Whiile tIhe Germain PB|Mtrs am)Um thede rate of duties on foreignim|jortt ,-aih Cenr mal at tie P ius, hulci0, ;is t!.uo ver,ei.uss miracles of duty of 3, 12,22, 27, and 22 per ent. respectively ad-
pUijiinfIorsi its, lie is preventedu froi pulling in prac. valusem, idsl an addition of 5 per cent ifiosportd in fu-
Iby a* 'Iwi-i ful urlion of Noblis in his own dominions, reign% euels

Weig bi terlor is estauish n el n arItw, and pruscrip-
b, lnielinnt, and confiscation, are l e ordur of the
SThe patriots, who relied n the capitulltion of Was-
.md whli eidoir remained or returned thldre lince its
edrr, have found wht ollher Msbjintedl countries
YMrt bva rlfoil stxITriesir-tliut Ru ia is not niore
at6isntdr for tl, i ,urlrous f'ricity of Iher conquieatl
emrher IPnic faith. They have found that, in spite
d tmlatlon or treaty, Russia assnmes the iower of dis-
si the life and ':ersy and fortune of every nwn in
Sthey have fouo d tht the promised clemency of
bhasi nm means nothing rlse but the miseries and
Il of pear'cution luss eipeditioau, but scarcely
i *lltve in iu deaructive cosequeeoces, than immo-
Iamliinatioa by the sword.
A UF ig.-Itis stated in an American paper that a
has been invented by which rum is converted into
Pwid, a)rdnl a clear and briflint light.
iP.-EtrCV re nived from Alexndri :
'lbiu pleuae a relieve ua from the plague of
bltmi nt, which lha aieald this country in an ap-
Sp having, ia on slh month, swept away
1. l00,000 people. The attack is sudd, and
in afew houis, gpenlly in fr to even.
ahm laen iufd them o ie ra mdy here
Mappra m e of those aplnsm The ldeal In
at 82,001); Rna1 o 9100; Aleandria
A there are several anti-contgin s herr,
Sappered to be decidedly conagious, hav-
Srgularly aluog with the pilgrim from Mecca,
1 el Im ir arrival at evwry rating place--vi.
ie S an, and Alenxarte. Anodtho proof is,
Alf N tiat 100 Frank fusil, who kept strict
amth have only ben two deAti -via. the Spa-
& and u dl English Dragman. The flinr ed-
-ihishaL mie his two aon, who arrived from Syria
i~ a was at th hum e ad k is appsed that
m have heen infecad by dhe portend who
the Franks who have led have of-
me em t wbho remained, they bving had to
lre to get on ship bhrd. A great may
emm which left this with pssngern have nhd the
Ifs ar, and a number of the paange have

l5 .r of Russia sfass dn psaport to his
would proceed to France, nad al ido Rs-
hlaes am commanded ome.

4 rhm" Veasels.-By the brig Motgomery,
L arrived at N. York, the edhoi of the
ati' Comrce have received a file of the Gacemt
L" t fr~Ma the month of July to the 16th of No.
***ca jindge from thLrese pern, the country is

SEvery prso about' to Ileae tese Islands, afte
along reidd Iluerm for the spaoae /Tru r uDA, us
m security at te &crrtary's Ofie,rpet up lisamt i
osid OJe rnrarrs n s er prrviras to kiadepartlre-af
ter which, at my time drug r, '-rrva DAoT, a Tieke
may e obtained.
AOvUT TO OlTAI TICIrm roa DInaaTvez.
SlIa Novemer Felix Casimi Roby
kth December Thomas TunboUl
tUhb Elishabet HWary
toth Janusay Aphey Wells

-- ----~- -- --- -
-jc --L ^-- *c
Jan. 5th-Am. loop Aelia, Andeu n, Key Wet
Flr, Chisi, &.
S Brig Highlander, Kopp, Lodo via St.

Jan. 24th--chr. Lay, Hll New OrMas
Jan. 24d-Schr. Primrum, Hado, Chlarls
" Am. hr. Sealwer, Hamment, Boeso
" 94th chr. Lay, Hall. New Orean.

Os Tnlh doy as, dMi. A isa ,
At the Btoe of Franca Nued Esq. 4olag Mr.
Wl be Said,
A his ining Buek I ml,
eandh dt,
Geati 's Yot's and Bey' lAe tk and
dra Hla.
Do. dr Shoaa,
Do. troaq ditto,
Calikle ditto,
Wueulea and Deck 8ps,
Checks, Gih and Caena,
Costoa and Liseo,
Fine Drill,
Black ad colored Latng,
Diuo Bobasesu,
Cre and Dowies,
Masilles Waisutcting,
Coutt Umbrellna
Ounce Thread,
White, brown and colorMd>Trls d.
Medicines, Stationary, and Perfumery,
Liquid and Paste Blacking,
Shoe, pauinl, and white wash Bushes,
Turpentine and Castor Oil,
Cannistos Powder, nil Shiot,
Sus ivory balance handlle K iives and Forks,
Brass and irondoor Locks,
Do. do. but Hinges,
Kedge Anchors and Grapoes,
Shovels, and Spades,
Leaf Tohacco, in bake,
Boxes Negro Pipes,
so Boxes bop,
Clockery, Tinware,
Iron Puts, Keriles and Saucepas,
6, 8 and 1ki Bermuda pattern Nail,
10d HlMse ditto,
Spike ditto,
Window Glss, 8 by 10, and 10 by I,
Sail Irons,
Corn Mills,
Coffee ditto,
Aes, Halchets, Admse and laws,
Planes, Chimes, Angers and Hammesn,
White Lead, 141b. kegs,
Black and Red Paint,
Antigua Shrub,
Teneriffe and sweet Wine
Terms--AU Mone under 40, thlre monte' Credit;
above, six monod' Credit, parchueor givrig ppromd
Jr notes.
January 21tu.

THE SUBSCRIDER, intending to leave dthi- i
April nest, for the United States, request aB pe-
asw having demands against hm, to re~ er hdi m; s
those indebted, to make payment on or beie tih 10th
February. An account remaining unpaid aer tht
date, ll be left .at te oae G. P. Wood, Eq. fer
January7th. F. TURNEL.
tR. McKEE, Deatistnd Occdlt, bs barred hi
Nasmu,and will tmad to oe adal pra his
profession.. He can cur aw --y eat ha ln m6t ,
unlre the diase hs promgvemd n far sm o d oy show
vitality; and fur thmoe who bhve had the miAort atehme
their tmeli, t will inen rwgewhj cansnt be di-
tinguiihed fnrm the ri mal n. sth udied dhe
disease of the eyes.m r da esil Mr. LawInace;
aad be bha confidese a mayi, ti e can be ofdmi"
service t eo me h m who d wikh die in or-
gapm. He hsu nAm bhe, ae a se ighL toda *m
who were in total blind .
Do. McKn is a gradalme in Surgery, f tlh UPi-
verity of oCa ; Member of dhe Royal Cdl o
Surpgeos, L doe ; and gduns ht Medial of 6.
Umiveraiy of New Yor He am r uasm
tionale maimoeial of hi pIrnMl *
respMcsfully sickis th paimap of die hbloah of
N a.s is dhe diUrfmt braacbma f Medi Silpy,

He resides far he pont, as Cap-n 0. H ie-

Jaary 18th.

s vby Mrs. Pokier. Tim Hoe 'i a
ViNG d txe dlle a Of SaM at t IN O $9 convenient, wihha largeiLachen and wahbe
H AVING fiatd atealedof nBAD..lst sf9 e and diag g
r = oureli s FlourSh O.e ed, "xte- m, sive yard ma d gramoss le" bThe buli
billing Sosf do weigh a and she apmy L a have bean lsely thoroughly rep d a d, sd ds a part
1lb. So.. By order of thie Vs. of do faram hove bean ew pA p.
DAVID SPENCE, Ves"r Clar. kp
VanraT Room, 3d January, 15881. A tract co Lad dsted at the Village. esuilanlg
OR SALE, by private contract, Derby Isned, ere. It is dividrd by the v d totwom Lt,
situmd near the wet ed of Exm, containing waers lot heing imersected by & ew roed leading from
about 70 acre. For frthr particuier, apply at this rhe illr into bhe lne hill rod. Thb land wil be di
offer. prd in onr or three lot. Applvto
January 25th. September Ith. JIN W. MILLER.



.In- v amver wIs L Awbas lwet* -en am fa1,
ohySriy(id dum.y tweo nd pri
toh keubitomo the skr. With reosput we.or
5 eesdnari-isu, thiy ca it mt wet haueorcd.
Se fr heri r c (momiu ai. of
seeds-f fur gaul kin wiln hbe
ie d i .r to r. andht, A.e r apsetin Oay
wilhad la niv n aly.t'ecer ragreM, utin my .1d u a -te
ea U The O dric he t su ch a gunclbsion.
ili ofteSeeT e mardiq h the rI avsre d si te nt be.
iae. whretherI kialdii n ro of homr Sir, ,yOr obedieht
hnl.n be bouiglt bak as am a e ds f Ja" so tkhb GDmRCaa o i
withoul OIWr N .-sI .tta m.aln (a y law r-- (Signed) G ODERICH
mlIId)s le hMk of btdo Jmaien d scl sme, shud be A true Copy, R. NESBITT, c'y.
ude pldi forgeinrl so. --- ----
I. Propriimom and Alert d ohamot Owners of lhaes STEPHEN GIRARD.
will as noe tne awlhyf ei spyt al iam l at io to the We ae Isdebted to a highly esteemed ftlend for the
ebodh Lo of the vr Trde) reardlin the rmtval of following abstract from the Will of tile ts ltetephen Gi-
iowAerhe*r fr-m sor ( d Mr*, wihin lh. is not perhai, an ,.,instance recorded in the li-&
orat;. ora (s Marinr) r be y of the B- of The work of one iPlumn being devoting such an
a Ilia iscelk lue n as h h costrmed the enact- am enLase unt of weath, for lke benefit of hi licluw
3m" aI '"or ilhaifeiaelry oppliculo am orf a rud.manu, Is tm venerable deceased has given to the city ol
enud to iwnnilf dy ormppolmdy so sesd Lraw his doption, for trh laudable purpose of its improvement,
um he has, i' o N i M seem hn end fur the meliratio. oa the condition of its ionhbituts.
ea orruaiun, whalers he rregulr ich g eo rise to STEPHIEN GIRARD'S WILL
thke Beisore ha ben bn snds rel y mir i tl h to lave Gives to the Pennsylvaia hospital, subject to
procded from aidnetoar AfAer the luneinos, the paymentof annuity of tl200to feau.le
eloonut and feelingtsplanalll aof d lalenthis of the dave, whom he sets fiee, i0,o00
Inail Lngislatre, a e aiael ia n Laord Vicount (;- To tih Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb, eOUl
deric'p des ilch and the reoaipt of ch clear and pre- To the Orphan's Asylum 10, (
spicuus orut ; it will be the duly of the Oernor, in To the Controllers of the Public clchools, 1U0,0
fire, in every cale in which the frmedemiO a sl are i To the City Corporation, to be invested, and
rceswr. d, toallow tlhe siirg offur to proceed to die the interest to he applied annually in pur-
fall elslnt o It v Law. chase of Wood for the Poor, 10.0(
ul sWr If Ak Eurrelary, To te Society of Ship Masters 10,00(
S. NESBITT, iece. To the Free Masons' Lolge, 20,00(
I isd -iv I onhi sof

'ern 17u Ilom i
Jisstaglyl N1o*

(Cey) Naat

Downlrmo STrrr,
mil. &Carbr tl1il.

Ior a achOOl 1to b erect .t ..r -r
Passyunk, fur poor while Children, 6 0(
Sundry Legacies to Individuals amounting to 120,)00
Several Annuities amounting to about, 4,00
To the City of New Orleans, 1000 acres of
improved Land in the territmy of MiUis-
i.. d ,


Ir iC~~"'~CL~~sC"

Im. t, ppa, anu
I hera receid yor Despatch, dated the 15th of June one-third of 207,000 acre of unimproved i
lat, Nie. Itl, reporting the seizure of Slaves the property Land in tim slli territory, b
of Mr. Jol Le-hern. To tme City of Philadellphia the remaining a
This I a cra of great and peculiar e namen. It rtwo-thirds of the said unimlroved Lands.
This difcul to s.ue am e lenc of tt nd per amest. I [Thisland is sad tobe now worth 500,(X). f
relief against a fe S thau nv,than which r. Luckhart T the City of Philadelphia. Stock in de e
i r ge.. to wri. Schuvlkill Navigation Company, 110,000 1
The infringinent of the Law with which he is charged, [W"h in t market cousidurably moe
i atlribulalhk rnirl.r to the Clustom Iuue Olficer J>- ttan Ihi sm.]
nirsn than to himself. lie had no apparent ntive for Fora College for poor liloe malechildren and t
hliseeine tilm uisile t; nor do I lind ruaon to conclude, its proper vneluonnits, the .aun of 2,000,000
tli.t ht wy uwaur or tinr irceIlrncry of hi puon, until T"o ti ity of Philidclphii, for certain City
I A rerlled to il m Po u .f Na ;u. lpru nspapers, toe invested, and the in-
To all this i to Ih added tllm very important factl, thal rest to be annually applied, 500,(00
Mr. LorLharL has distinguiled himself by xulrnordinarv All his remaining Estate, real and personal,
sul and eermions for the ppm iona of ls 81ae Trad, (o part of the real tate to e sold) is to
and hesthls enMalinhed a vall claim to the gratitude sind beapplied.s foll. :-infurther id of tlhe
iprt of His Majesy's Government. i Colegr-inlpo, emenm s of the City
The ntrene repugnace which I cannot but feel to in- and in relief of the 'aas.-This ELsate is
rtitatinr proceeding against this Gentleman, under such very large, but not yet valued.
cirranataces, is ehancsed by my conviction, last the To the Conmonweiahh of Pennsylvana, to
ensure would be unfavorable to the efficient execution be appli-n to Internal Improvements by
of th iaporL as at ue in other -r- Sch a p e- Canhls provided the Legislature shall,
tio would probhly St age h general feelings of ocie- within one year from Stephen Girard's do-
ty, and enli, in a tacit cominLation again the iew, e ise, p laws authorizing the City of
may who, gender a different adinistratlio of it, might Philadelphi. to make the intended ins-
be mneemseed eagl Its lalo supporters provemeat--otherwise to the United
WiLhthnc ion a ed icarl, my, dilt roh. Hastes for the same object 300,000
Wauc such Imp she Iientleoen hereafter Dned are the Executors
ia bl an Ilneviuble tnlon would ia me, to di- The endem erea
Mseat yoaTrslf a crse of proesedi gs which of his Will.PA
you ha adved. lve searched the Abulition TIMOTY PAX ONP
ac in vahl, to discover any provision which would jestify THOM SI P. CO PE,
m I arrest tdm promutliom, or in directing the fe- JOLEPII ROBERTS,
ite f mte e Uind, to trhe uform toof slavery. WILLIAM J. DUANE,
I. e tL bei rof a e antad Goods, the question JOHN A. BARCLAY. [Am. Daiy Ado.
I airely bwom the I ter and the ocae of the
KIng 'Rems and d Crwn may, at ha plmers, IMPERIAL UKASE.
wes h at m I right BIt under the Sl n Tnde Moscow, Nov. t.
Abhliae Ae, hem a ia il party- vie ing subject of "We, Nichol I. by the race of GOD, Epwerur and
d-h =a-ed ha anl iate I in da qug ton, more Autocrat of all the Rusi, King of Polapd, &c. &c.
Im ie. and lr ben a m aleami than either the Our preding maoifetatio son d proeaations have
Crew, d se g or dMe chamaat. Having bh suSciently proved to our faithful subjects how painful it
n frfied to he Kig, be is of right a fre an, and was to to be obliged to employ arm to quell the inur-
cai of l KId the mribt h aicertaied, by an retie which had broken oat oar kingdom of Polad.
ornral of Ihe or eiht Deeply aseted by the Inumaa able evils to which that
Hh Igmrama, aad hi helple condition my indeed alery wa given up, we wished to employ only the man
i m A ci aI n hr being prferned hi expresn wor of persmion to recall our mniaguded sabjecs t to their do-
I ary noumnte, h is the more impemiey d tyd ty; bt our voice wa not heard, and Poland will owe the
sad. L Gew metr alon can protect hb Interest, return of peace and legal order only to the victorious arm
and is, mcLr, di rater hound to aord him dat pr o th empire to which it fate is Indisolubly united.-
ades. I do se And St Parliament has invatd His We shll, however, distinguish the great majority of those
IJa r ia sar wdh my Discreton ea the lsu who we carried beyond the bonds of their duty from the
a h ne aiai the O rer~ or the King hi to evil-minded, ho, deceived by melancholy illusion, and
Mni avey -ay paera, wh val d grounds, has drawing of an imposibe stat of things, bad recourse to
h as am i or tdi calumny and treachery to attain their object. They
Sh d It be mbid tht mch a dascetiem is taddy plali.- alo a asw ble for the rilaioun of e most solemn
la, I aed amrw, d I reame foLr atnribtiag eal h ; for Ath rni of their county, which had Arihd
Iuc apeI l Le tLare. It isnposible to er s la i alo with Ri ; r bhel ood dhed in he
day,dir k nrvay d rI a. T aule im- civil war; for the iamscdo in de Imperial provinces;
p am t of nage baIm he very cm, as s to and, nsly, for the burden which has been laid u on Ru-
Lae drawm Arsa Prlament a eri of peead 6ham s Ii Thpnidment, conmmemroate with ther crimes,
wa ne la ihir chair an te ilii by oa bs s by Is, law ; bt our justice ad r clemency
tdea, dth in alme ay cae wMch al e quoted. A, d @ay h hear of the weak, and of thoee who wen
It appMoea to rhave e t at, ie atrm reigh only mised. To end their apprehension once for al, and
of the Bsv e a edabrid, far e mea t iromiderabe ke em poitively acquainted with our will, we bave
angle ~ of the preasribed fora, might bi jly amed, ordained as oallao :-
b Bi d ah to his mfmrs d ari- w m hial 1. A complee andu unconditional amneny is grt-
ellxt right. Without plang to dcsicue do justice of d to a Ih of ar subjects in te kingdom o Poland
theoe views, it is annouh for e to ay, that I nad no wm- who have returned to lthir obedience. None of tbose in-
wai which would junltfy a more leniecni cnnsiruction of the clouded in thin amnety shall now or at aiy future time be
statute. Under tl me circurnotances, I fear I musi direct rondenined or ipriioculed fur the actions or political opli*

I- ' I~- -1~.












i d. The foaming anre tMept -.
" 1. The wb hm of M -_..
"L h wler. Bl M I lath whk a1
the Bdlvedere Paks wih a view
loved brother, the deceamed Ce ,
man f dte Gearel and of do Ru ISfta
" i. The author of the horrors w"
rmw on the 15th August lat. 1.
" 8. Theae who since the i25t of
areas ties been concerned as chies or
overnimeit illegallyestablished i the
nd, and who have nt sent in their -
the l:al oaSeptember, wellasth ee wh
bjecliun oW rB'aw, formed an illegal 0 ma
kroczyn, and thereby forfeited all daim t
" 4. 'rim mombersof die Diet who pop.,.
rted the act of deposition of the 25d of JI
" 5. Te officer belonging to the corps
uovcki Kaninski, and Rybinski.
"l6. The subjects of the western Gov ,
By lave participated in the Polish iniaurt ,"

Extract of a letter from Toulon, dated theft.
A Government despatch Is just arrived wtl
ro sips of the line, three frigates, sandi l
d, to be in readiness to convey 12,000 troeol a
nd bring hoe 5,000 or 6,000 af those dthal
hus the army in Africa will ana t to 200 1m
rce sufficient to inure the pemesion of A*N
ran, and seize Bona, and coosequendy, it au bi
ided, that the colony will be retained. Ti fhi
entsthat are to reprn are the 15th and 30dath1
hefirst battalion of the 10thlight infantry, ilde
iom Africa, ito reinforce this garrison, and. is
acting the 55th to be embarked."--FPna ulp .

Singular Discovery.-Some Italian jourad
hat a new organized being has been discovered i
erior of Africa, which seems to form an
nk between vegetable and animal life. Tki
being has the shape of a spotted serpent. It h '
long on the ground, and, instead of a lead, h ir
shaped like a bell, which contains a viscous l
lis and other insects, atraeted by te siel a i
nter htothe flower, where they are caught byhi
ive matter. The flower then clmes, and uid
sntil the prisoners are bnrised and transfornd Ibi
rhe indigestible portions, such as the head adJ rkis
thrown out by two lower spiral openings. TThi
erpent has a kin resemwnllileave a while andl
nd instead of a bony skeleltn, n inrltilsgiinma"e
.d with yellow marrow. The natives consider'

Growing Potallto in a Cellar.-A Germanu
published the following account, conmuoicnal
person who made the experiment: I roeered a
of my cellar with a bed an inch thick, of ditn
iver sand and one-third of common mould. IIs b
of April I put into it thirty-yellow potaumto, t ph
which was very thin, and placed them on the amis
out covering them either with mould or soad. ThN
duced an abundant crop; tor at the end of thell
member I gathered above one-fourth of aa blhd i
potatoes, the tenth part of which were as big a I
and the rest as a walnut or a large cherry. Tinld
very thin, the pulp white and mealy, and them
ingly pleasant to the palate. During the sils d
potatoes lay under ground I used no culture vhdaI
yet they grew without the inouence of the 5nao '
of the day. This may might be put into tW~
with advantage in fortress, in houses of coed
indeed, in every dry cllar odt cities, whint
gat importance to hav a band o i
for a large populatlo."

The New York America of the tl*d Dserrc5
the bslwing --
A fra eer in Noriolk advertise Warnlteo r
hr wme imported front Nassau, N. F. O*
fereig the sIaoD."

FOR SALE-At this' OS
BHi of Lading,
Bill of Exchage,
Bilk of Sale,
Masaift of Cargose
Blank Form for the Custom Iooe,
Leass and Releass,
General Court Wris,
General Court Eaxcutions,
laferior Court Writs,
Bill of Sale for Velsa,
Mortgages (with bo ds,)
Warrants of Attrney to Confes Juldges
Autorsy'a Warrants,
Arbitration Bonds,
Power of Attorney,
Apprentice Indentures,
Miliia Wrrants,
Police Warrants,
Police Summonses,
Police Permits,
Subprena Writs,
SFbprna Tickets,
Oliaption Bonds, &c. Ar. A&. sd
N. B.-Job Printing execnted with neatm'
patch, upon rood paper, and on mlioderate tcrmS
January 4, 1i12.

Full Text


if! ^f^m 'i I r n m tn


il f%: J • t „ L Jft:. I H li^ Ills MAJfiTV% SOUCITM GKNERAL, A hk /^.A,/^'™ i^^ted I.„ "':-^*''^ SLAVE DEALCR-AND A POLICE MAGISa.eAe. kimulf. ^" '^"^ THATE PARAMOUNT TO ALL PttFrFHriMi^ Thk man. irho BDeak. hv i. AftOROS ISLAND ELECTION. Tl. ^Mm tm tr< mmmh^n, to nipfwet AnditMi !. IIMI M Hm Mil Oeoeml AtteoWy, wa, f.,,M by John e|AHini, Ejttiw. Jitttke of imj Peace, i Freah Crock ' • Aloiiday last, and al the ckiw of the poU, ii gtood Uiu*— I "'""'"^ "'*" "<* *'^yAlthough tlie master had &r determined a yriori apon tJie unhappy termination of SLAVE DEALER— Ai^j' i\ v\fui\yi, aiauikTRATE PARAMOUNT TO ALL PRECEDENT. Ilia Majesty** SoiktCor General several months since, from alleged iii-heaith, bul, as was supjMMed by his friends, for a more diplomatic reason, found it necessary to make nn excursion to a neighbouring Out Island, and took with him, as is 'ustomary upon tiiee occasions, a waiting man named Paddy. Although tlie master had MiHaiWA Robert Dunronm, Enquire q Joho WiMjrotm, Esquire .. n Walter LighHHH.rn, E,uire (j GH-ge Cmplejohn, E,uire (j The two fin.t aenliooed genikjmen were, llierefore. declared duly elected. I ttddy'g ja„„t^ ^e jo .not think thai Paddy's consent was obtained to the sequel to our story. 1 he worthy Crowa officer returned to town, but not according to legal custom and usage, bringing Paddy in his 'Hiie. Tlw truth is, poor Paddy was sold and regularly transferred by bill of sale, to a planter, resident on Cat ~ Island—we presume, not for the value of a pcjfj^er cum. The Mail BMit arrived here yeiterday aftern.wn from '^'^'T '"^^*^ ^'0lerich's luminaus exjjlamitwtu, and we Croi,ked Island, bringing Uie OcilK,r Hmi first Novcml^r j^^^ ^'^'*' '"'^*""'^' n<^ a^^er Sir J. C. Smyth's t.w.lU,tU.U,t of which, washrooghtout in tlM,,wcket(;,ldJT'"''** *'"''*'*' '*'*'*^^ of non-interference, beroafter, in Anrh, Li^uf. Walkie, containing London dales to the (ith I Tl?" '^''"''''*' ^ *'"''*' P^ocet'dings, wo woidd recora"'*'"'^ ^^'' *'••* urge the iHumlty expressly made and provuJwl, for delinquencies of this nHluro. As we wi*ji to Ik; iniiiartial, and, ut the same time, to ^.ew iho depth of our Ugul mt, wo rec.nn.end the 1 .ntlVrt MliVl^^m ..II.. J_ 1 . This man, who speaks by jHtmbkn. k. • double meanmg to whatever I.eaii •* sake of the wi^kjf jmtty be upl^dTl^A'' dtmbUcmmtenanct,) once boastTu^.T'*^! dragged before a Court. Has be n6vr he not LiBKLLKi) all Uie virtue and \mu. -i nrty, and sheltered behind his urHuZ?T''*l and all tliose wlK)se character, wuTi!!^**! day! Ha.honotaidedahigh;lrft:i''n fr" •• The Gazette has made the IfilpCng**"'* thriMjgh the detention of the vosjit-ls fitting IpH ft remarks that |ositive orders had boen given by the hM* Goyermnent to detain ihf^ whole of them and Anrh, Lh-uI. H alkie, containing London dates to the (ith of November, an account of which we gave iu the Arjjus of.l.e4,h io,tant. The Mail hags were landed at Lf.mked Idan.l, irom the ,arket M.iiine, Lieut. Pauile nr| iIm' lati'Ht Jarnnira dat>H are to the 4th inst. In con|.,,uence of inMirre< i...n living taken place •mong tia. Slave*, on several of ilie estates in the Parishes Of Trelawny nd St. James, at the north side of that Island. Hi. Excelkncv the Earl of Behnore has ihouLd.t pru,r to rail a Council of War, which,U.| .t 12 o clock on Fiida.v. tlH. ;i^),h ul.imo, when it was dHormine^l. that Mar.ial Law slunild be proclaim^, which wa, .rcordingly dune on that day. We a,e happy to state. tliaf. by the laf.t accounts, great nnmlM^rs of illose Slaves who |^i been informed by evil di.,.>MHl jH-nH..,,, „.at at i hntnwiH they would all he set fa^, nnd win,. consen>wnemcer alluded to, to use the axiom t-.tahlinhed in our Police Court by our present Police Magistrate, of moreilian Bluckstone or filonlmiou|,di legal acumen — A decfea ol the Uoveroiuein repeaU Uhj I. of Ifiik o^r ije.. ,„a *xh July. .M4.'^„fi:;:4*^i,/*i girni Mich properly tu be iliKuniiniied. ^croiary of tlw fvoiwie. .nd Mben wiihoui .i,r„atu. — i luejt projecu. bul are led u wuimk Uiev am •, &-.iimcu.iy in,., which i.„;7e;i;„7 ;::;:; Zi :^tJ:^JZ''^T "f '-^-^ -'•?." :^ One of Ihem suppruMo, all convenu wlwre iIk. number of „.niale.„le„il,a„eigl.,,.„d appli„. u .v.1lrSe purposes uf e„ Pedro has placed hi.H f.M.t in Portugal, nearly all tlie j^ir tni^ips liere will change sides. la conwKpwnoe of the intelligence from En-dand Fromthe Jamaica Cnurant^D,,^^ We are to state, that accounts were reci J cellency the Earl of B.hnore t > -aT a (' "**^*^l ^'''^'"^ ''^ '""'''''• ''"'*' "" ^"^'^"'^ ^^•'"' "^ -ar S n Ih'^ In 1 It "^ ^'""'", ""'t ""''''' ''^* '"^^ "^ Jwhich assenibled at 12 ocbck veste W 'i^ ^* J ^"^ *^ '" ''" "'^"""^ '"^" Portu^ral. n^ ^^ea Ji Many other ,rt of England shall be s^^^^^l £ li-l^fitHr^L'^lT^^^'i' ^•"."'^^ "^ ^^rch"...^.. ^-,,„„tro m ii;o Clock vesterdav u,L ^'^ termined that^ Martial Law ^lumld be prjl^!!' .'"^ out tlie Island. His Lordship has, how' ",^^^^^^^^ sideraiion which unutU^ h\n.L .u. i • ^*^'^' *'iH| "-^ y ,, '"j;"'* ami iiiMi ail vessels fri^iaiiyolher |art of England shall l>e subjected to a Bishot. ia fiiod .r ^w'fiilir"' c* i 'o'^.'*"*''^ "' " A^*..wa.i„„whicheii.i;;-h.^;T;;;:;xr-'*'^4--^^^^^^^^^ ..."^e„t..,to_i.a;d^;ii;;^: -1— ::; ^3e::^rt;:^ rdr^::!-^--^^ liLfr-'^^ .H^pf:::^^::rr;;^:r.r -^^'^ ^ b ^• "• vfiiiTO, ijiu nc Stamp the nature of such act or crime"— ru/rtai,ce to the slave owners li rin,le.iers apprehended, stated, thaTif t ily J " ^ "" Inland., who will now scthe necessity of using W.n assured, that neitl., tlie Militia nor tl. Ki."' t J" ^.1?'"' "T"" !" """"^ ^^^^"'^ ''^"'" """ '^'^'^ ^t w.mW b. allow.! to act against them, they w;uin^ Z 7^^ ^^^^er, as the uud ceriifirMti. :' .. i. _i.. • .. have rebelle... We .hall givo more lengthy accouut, iu our next. aud certthcates, d u bemerely a„ informality, will e„,ail tlie loss ot the proiei t^ u,>on the owner. Th. follt.w.n. lrodwnati,.n .f His Maje^y in Council .i "'' '^^'^^^''^'^^'y ^^ ^^ • H.tter ju.lge than o.elve, in -HHl at Jamaica by His Excellency tin, Earl of B.Imor,/ Tl T'e" *'"** '"**""'^ "'" ^""'"^' "'^ ^^^'^^^'^ 'le•njoming all slaves, ..poo of forfeiting His MnjestyN 7"^ "^''"^ T;' *^^'"^"*^"^ explanation ol' the intenti life;. In .hi, cin and .„ ,he vld,:!^; 7i t^L'? '|"il, and wo have M .lool.t will te.l.aia JV.*?^ ** .y which was „.aniSte.l l,y thouS J^,;::^,^;''^ Governor's I'rocla.nalion wa, receiveil ,„!:* Md,.,, were to be called on., -fli.rd .| a v r. X* -ruul thai they were ready to do .heir duty jST bomg jK,w n, force, we call n,.,„ our (.LZ^t. :-xer l„,s,.lve, to the u.n.o.,; i,. n^inlaini^X .( calle.l upon to act. to |.y an i„,p|ici, oJiJr* o mcer, placed „ authority over then,-,7^ logehcr w,th one another, and to co,„ider 15 Tl" "," "'f^'^V "f 'l-cJehaled J,r ^' ,. .re many whoi.k, pl„„,„„ j„ ,-„^,,^^ '""';; |"'"e.. minister e,,Han.ding a law. which a. "enacted Z -n.,y stone, among t.a, slavey .!„. en.anci,,io„ "" 7"'"7".""'f " ''"ve trade. ..hI ,1a,. ,.re,ention of With a vifw I.I ml .1 .1 . ""'^•jhtuon, ,||eea irainr .. .loa...-.i J "' • •" '"vuMtung laise and vn.ry .tone, t., .lave.. .!,„, en.anci,.io ...h a ,K>w to n.a e ll.„ „„h.„,.y ^ dio„u>ntJl Wt l„d,a Colon,,. Ii„g di^,„, ,„ .^^ ., "^ ,.bl.c.,y.we.reoro in.d,a..l.Oovernorof,he Bahama" ; """"'" "7;\'^ "'" i. h., been in hi. poe.Z hfu^,. proml.,ing document „f „.,,, ),„ „„.,.„\ .~l.l-..,n„ta,.„,fe„ „„, „f „,, „ ^ "^ • .K.n of the public ,..„., ha, „,n wI.p called^n U.erch„.u„,„n,y. Hi. Kxeellency J.o-dd withM^ fornw,,, by U,,„g ,he .U,„. ,Ut ,„, vi„u„, "* -^. P-l. -o-id no. he .ountonan Jh;t:'ow:: hypocntical, whining piece of Saintcr.ft. and ™,l|, „,„„. of .Mepln ami ,1k. A)derm„d,„ry conventicle. ila.„ of an one., .n„,i.,re,,>„,u.di„g a law, which .a. enacted for Y THE KI.NO-A PROCLAMATION WILL/A VR. -~ on .he eo.M.r„, o?";^,, ,;t ,:;:;:";L:e';i'"'*'••owsly le;' ;^„':^^;;;'H ;ho.dv.. r — Aod we dolK^rehv derU, J^i *>7 *^'^<^''wtK>n : ^vo PopuUiion U ,7t JT r ? "'"'^'^ ^^ ^ •ill forfea.ll cirm „n .^ <'':'ns ainl Posse,si,>ns, <>kJi.> ,o their manor.-— aJiI L ''""'"' MM and l'.ei.H,., ,„ ,„, ,^ 7^^, "', '~'"' "'our ProcUtnation. .""nd lo^aW tt^ZT"? '" "•" .heir power. Ow punishment ToJ^ t^lK"^',"' i" U.n,ui.,y and peace of our „^:JZ ^ J^l^iZ J.;,oe .laH.,and eigh, hZM^J^^tn"'"'^ .) m ,he.*cod year of our reign """* •". OOD SA\ E THE KI.NG.J iH-l iramc h. Slav., and no. as'a ,.„ firrrZ I'I'.nier, going ft,,,,, ,,|,„j ,„ ,,|,„^_ ^ ^.^ ^_^. I""'^' .V'-'' "• Tl intention of ,l,e Ugislature. wa. topun-h fraud-no, ^, con.mi, ,„b|ry. (^ Littlehusinino of con,pa,„'i;,i, ^„^ K .. hrough w„l. hy „,e Court, we shall ,lel.y'„^ ,JZ "f >W procoe,ling^,umlJa,urday „e,i. '^ .1. of Thi *;•'"" "* '""""'"B •"""ynXHi, reply ,„ ,he •It of the ( orn,,,nd< ,„ of tl^ m„'\ q'',,!, c "^ th., nu,rn,„. i„ ,h,. l.„|,ii, B„i|di„„ Xu^S'^'J""^, ihei in the wiyt 'ir 'z/'-rr ri"iz--':'--.^ — ^'••t ' 1 1 H^ xjv IT|fI#a( s well as that of the Island at large. Those ^)m iMu^mci] tiK, minds <.f our slaves bv false rZ2Z wd have much to answer for,as hi;H>d ..niMn2 order is restort.l. Th<,se who have lai^v! the ZmZ ;th.. ,M>wcr of allayine it ; iMit we do l.o,*. Z2hr Hatcho.1, and ,f necessary punished with m.x,r^^ Zl^,) T T 'l^. ""^ I'^^M^^^^it^ have lieei. tn^klL ^\ w.ih by ilH. Saints at home, weU as by tir JI nos m this country. ^ "— — „. of ,r„. ro„.,gn relalions of ,l,e Argen.ine K^p;;?,?-; j duc'jr^^chSy'";; 'vLT^thrc! 'I'"" ' .T' ly the Gover.lni,,,, lur (l,.. du,v-fr.... V^r ". ^ i '"""try. and Iw e„,ory ofUolivar i, ^ I Z'^I'L.m'" !>" :'-^''' ''?""". f'" "•"'hinc at 1 ilay was In be ap{H)iiit(^d h ,el.hratiuM o( to th.^u'^ior^.d-'Biilivar 'in Ille ^ oue^uorTLn h""'F vessels, however, after Unicuiuc Z ouk.iral of the city, at which all the' civil and ... iltav ano. .e "..LT "f." f'^ "^ ^''t '^*^^^"' '"> l'^^^^^-' luiiiorities wouUl be re.piested to atlund. ^! ' ? "* '\'*'^ remainder, provided it has not wi-o.i previoiisl}' landed. Another dir.rts tla sale of the government vessehilyine at or.o tabello. which it slates are rapi^lly going to ruin ^utlce to he given of the time and omditions of ,f le in t|": ueld, and also made known in tlie tlie principal ports of tlie United Dun From Gin-r^i General if/rertisef, Dtcemher 1. TillGovc-nment of the I 'niu-d States hv.. um. . c ^*l\'^'*^' **^ *"' ^''^'*''" "^ . M,,u..r, offer to p.y. !...„. ll'xvr.Vt^r''^^^^^^^^^^ J.,,,., cl.nno.1 fortlir lose. during the blockade ofisj^v "'"' ' jfSiii:,!::'^ ,i.^-r^ -• rr ":i!3 i^^^ F-"^ -•"---' e.i.iS.,.e,y.ani. have put dow^ E:cha„ge ii. Lo,.dt I^^o '. l^-'"."""-'" :'^"r'''r "'' ^-'-.funcM IMI aill{ U ll!r ..111. r-i^ws* From the Jmmicn Counmt, fhrrmbn it c.^.ThJ,^:: ;*''"-^.v-<>-ra/ yows.-r^nm • ^Ti emlr'^H^ **^' Hlache,ofr l'ort-au-Pn.. THE ARMY. raonoTiofis A.-fo ExcnA>aEs. .L _L '" t'^ode of coDvevanco ....i i i frn;...* ii v\r ,;, " '^•'^"^ 'c ^mith, dect4; b through your letter Box. ^^"^^ **^ ^ \ZT\ "' ^u' ^^'"''>^. ^^^ Wehf,, ,Ip, e: I. To he IM I am. Sir, >our obedient servmnt, •• TO THE MAN WOT DRIVE^^T;;;^ When Ne,| ,n,! Tnitl, qunrrelPd, she fled to xLk On ,t, column, erecrVd her thr^* ""^ ' '*** ^'. MiHle our fc,^. ,t not utjf^t. her own. Foii;dan.l anjjrj, Neil', master now rallM on th.. K Who s,.nt to hi, a,.| Fire-hrnd,-. '*•* ^"• < M i\e.| d„|, i„ j,,^^ ,j^ command, O: never. th„u lost son of Erin! was talent Of the wickeal Atric-Cifi. s tea auair...ts who relied on the capitulation of Wait,anJ HhoeiUMMremained or returned since its •wni.r, have loi.nd what other subjutfated countries ^^m by fat.d ..x|K.rience~iht Russia is not more 4r'i,J,..d for th. barharou, forocity of l^^r Con^.a^st. Ilia or y-r I'un,.f^t.ik nPi i 7. . i i li..... .1 va.iint; UK'.I lUUCtH>. s theassurana-s which Uiey Iwve given, lieing .ti^ lactory to the government. ^ Another, of 87 articles, with various sub-divisions f„es Uie rate of duties on foreign im(H.rtations. It diS S^ princi,^! artich-s of import into five classes ; ,>avinLr^ dniy of 3. 12, 22. 27. and 22 ,>er cent. res,..;tiv.n^^^^ ret";!:!;: "*'""" "' ^' "'"^ •''"•'^^^'^'^ ^^ Sa 03iatiVVJ4T*3 'i^:*3'I c;2. (t?* Et^ery perton ahou* to Uare these Islands, after i^lorkr Funu faith Tri.'v"h::7f "' ^7 *^"."4'*'-' \ *'^"*^ ""^"^ therein for the .pare /th,ktv UKYH^must ^a,lt.aatio.iort;(:tR.l!:i^.!~ ^^ the London Tisnes, Aooember m. A gentleman who has just arrived from II.JUiKi i^ ^1 .i J^ '^"tana. to the ratification of tSe trfr •ympathised hy nearly all classes of his mihject>, ; ^ tlwt a declaration has U^n si^ne.! by a large nami^^ naval otficers, of rtK^i, determinarion not to *Mncsdtf ^Tk^t'^T *" ^^ ^"S:ih, should their s^juadron eatei JicheMt, b„t rather to imitate the example of the him von S,^ck, who blew up himself with his vessel, i* ar, at A ntwcrp. A Lisbon mail, has arrived this morning. ?{• arc actively going on to meet the expected ipv8si^ ^ IL u'"'?" P"''''*'^' ''""g well-informed rrr>w t* *houId a landing be effected, Migmd will he disserted ky !?Teat portion of ^" ^. ferret! to in the L but it is left as a f, .^ ^••vt.if^, i^iigiiei will ne m'sencu •his troops. Tlie forced loan, whidi ^ letters, was likely to he carried u'in>uf^ a niatter of uncertainty whether or * THE ROYAL rAJTl-^v'^. '""">• "^- ' '*'^""' "'"" "f ncert.i„lv whelber "AI, AZETTE THE GREATEST l^^"*" ""'""* '"'.l"'flo '" l>e'riion. T" '^ The Roval Fdl.or t ^ K^ "^ '" """"fr"" P"v..e leiilr :...ckedth;Ar''::r .^;;;,::,^ ..T ....i.ho..N,v.I* •.'.Clew ".-r.r.cuof';.r:.':.t::x^:T.t-^'-^ atta publ rp *• LisboB, No*. I wo decrees have been issiH^ here for a d^rce^i M from imeVJVt Vn7!''. ""^i '**'' ^'''""' i:;?4t.,(K)f).), at .= per * •ntert.t, and to be levied in a proportion agreeing '** ^maation or treaty, Russia asM.mes thr pokier of disJ*< they have found that the promised clemency of •^H>.r, means nothing else but the miseries and f^H^of a,..cut,on les.s ex,K.ditious. but scarcely •^.ve III ,u destructive consequences, Uian immc"eexUjiminatMm by the sword. i ^^.A/.-Itis stated in an American pajHr that a rir r!; ""'."•^'' ^^. ^'•'' •• "•" • convened into ^ alTords a clear and brilliant light. **^m.>rbus, which has utflicted this country il, „,, ap. i ^"^'^(ITee, having, ,„ one short month, swept away JJ^of m,m) people. TiK, attici ;s s.Jlen mnl Juues in a few hours, generally in four to seven. ^^has k.n found the im.t effl^-ctive remedy k';;^ Cr2^r'"^/^ '*•*' nuiptoms. The deiths in 2j.U.U.d at a2,0tN.; R.„etta 2confagious, hav!!^^ fo"J^"'"'^'"':'' ^'" pilgrims from Mecca, J^out on ti.,r arrival at every resting place-vit. -* cZl L i^"".;.' '^"'-^ ^" ^'^'^ deaths-viz, tlH. Si.. ^1^"h .t ^:'-^'"'' l^raeoinan. TIk, former Ll*• Z^i^ ""*' ^'" '*" *'^"*' ^^" ""ivod from .Syria •WW™^"*' T"? ^' '^^^^ ^""*''"' "'^ "PP^-d that •rtJh in".!'^ i have been infected by the porters w!,o '^sil. ';'*' '^ ^^•*"'^* ""^^ ^^ rt<^^ have suf. Maid OJicef^virrEEs ukyh precious to hisdeparture~-af ter which, at any time dunng p.nTT-rivt days, a TUket may be obtained. NAMES OF PER.SOX.S ABOUT TO OBTAIW TICKETS roa OKrASTUaE. Slst November fhix Cssimir Rnhy Thomas TumbuU Elizal.pib Harry On Thursday next, the 26th instmt, At tlM Store of Francis Monlell, tisq. adjoiaing Mr. (nienalade's, WiU be Sold. (Without Reserve) Ail his romaining Stock in trd consisting of, Gentlemen*. Youth's ami Boy,' 6no b\Mck aad drab Hats, Do. dress Shoes, Do. stn)ng ditto. Calfskin ditto, WioIlen and Duck Slops, Cliecks, (tinghams and <^alicoes, Cotton and Linen, Fine Drill, RIack aud coloured Eastings, Ditto Rombaseu, Creasand Dowlas, Man>eillcs Wai&tcuatiug, Rlankeu, Cotton Unibrellai, Ounce ThrearapDels, Sliovels, and Spj^lfs, Leaf Tobacco, in liales, ;n H'"'*'' i*^'*^'" ''''*^'^" uoxos Soap, Ciockery, Tinware, Iron Pots, K.tth's and 5^auccpan8, a, 8 and 1(>.| Bermuda pattern Nails, ItM House ditto, Spike ditto. Window i;iass, 8 by 10, and 10 by 12, ISad Irons, Corn Mills. Coffee ditto. Axes, Hatchets, Adies and Sawt. Planes, t:iiisels. Angers ami Haminen, White Lead, 141b. kegs, Black and Red Paint, Antigua Shrub, TenerilTe and sweet Wine, TVniM,— All smiis under £40, three montlis' Credit; alKjvc, SIX months' Credit, purchasers giving api^ovod January 21st. KOTICK. Bth Decern bir lith 2oth January Aphey Wells i^r 'ti/m ^tnvimmsiU P^IKT or I.4.§.it, .%. p. ARRIVED. Jan. 2,5ib— Am. sloop Arelia, Anderson, Kev Wtmt i II F'lonr, Chairs, &^ Brig Highbinder, Kopp, London via St. Tlioma* P^nm^ u e '*'"'' remained, Ui *^ni!^ '^' "'* '^'^ ^••'^ (>assen^er, have had th^ ^^ *^rfl, and a number of tlie passengers liave iwrw?!/^"**': "•''"^*^" " f^'l^ 'his ^ . a^oulH proceed to France, and il the Rus''•'• a'e commanded honw. rLEAP.FD, Jan. 24tb— Sdir. Lily, Hall, SAILED, Jan. 22d — Schr. Primrose, Hudson, Am. schr. Sariower, Hammett. 24th Schr. Lily. Hall, II New Orleans Charleston Boston New Orli'ans cir?/' CHRIST CmilCH PARISH. H AVING fixM thi .s.,„ of „.„„,..^„, ^^j jxr liarrel of sujKrfunFlour, Ordi'red, that the shiiiiiip Loaf do weigh 2lhs. tiiwt, and tbe sixj)enny Loal lib. 3oz. By order of tbe Vestry. DAVID SPENCE. V ViimiT Room, dd January. 1832 SALE, by priyate~7ontract, berby Island, BRKAoat tlie.ateof |9 estry ClcrL VsiJr" *'''''— By the brig Monteomerv >^ "^.a .he month ., Jul^. ,0 ,|,e ifi,j. „,. ^^ .^^„ .,j,j ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ particul.™. .pprirth •^aiwe ran ;. J office. ^ \y^^^,^ from these ,Mj>ers, tlie country i, I January 25ih. THE SUBSCrTueR, ",;r.ndmg to leave this \n April next, for th<' Unite*! Status, nni.M^sts all perwns miving denumds against him, to render tk ;n ; and UioseindtbUHl, to makepayuenlon or Ufo.e tlw lOih rebniarv. All accounU remaining unpaid after tlwi date, will be left at the office gresM.d so far a> to destroy ilinir vitality ; and for those wk) have had iIkmmf.Ktun.. to \^^ tbiMrtoeth Ik; will.n.rtnewfesi^,„h ramurt be distmgiuslioi! from tin. oripioal teetk \U luis stodii-d the dist-asesof the eyw,,. Oder tbe celebrate** Mr. Lanrfnce; and Imj has confidence in saying, that he can be of essential service to those who are afflicted with disease >n these organ. He has often ben able to rostoro sight to those who were in total blin!nes. Dr. McKeb is a graduate in Surgery, of tho University of GLsfow ; MinilK^r of the Royal College of Nirireons. Londrn; and grwluate in Medicines of the University of New York. He can ,.m1.k^h i.nqiw.tionable testimonials of his professional character and he respectfully sidicits the patron|?e of the inhabitants of Naaaaii, in the ditferent branches of Medicine, Soigeiy, He resides, for the present, at Captain O. H. Itfllett s. January 1 8th. The Ho,:se and Premiws at present occnpied by Mrs. Pohier. The Hour is roomy and r..nvf.n.f.nt, witha largr-Kitchen and wash house attarlif^l, chair h \\^ BIui* hill road. This bnd will be diposeil of in one or three lot*. Apply to September 17ih. JOHN W. MILLER. l!l?!t m !' A % n !<' • / *\