The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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University of Florida
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giker. B*ATmU3AY. EC-- .E.3, 8ik j I-om v

a~r iLM.3ir i m nydbolr **1dm d.IYl r4 I
AGV isq bht I na fohr 6Ma ,,s low" Sito (me,* .mr dMe

m J n e ta pe m I imi mkm mW. i..m- mDd -
pbHle m^hmassm, power a com.- v. be aa. ome.. a tar ath tip hmrme the
hr is. oaBd caed S e ha tho m rtwih m--d pg his- .. or.. ho hadBd a psi.t Le
heaIp with i dthreed -ad ucmad t Am felLg ply, La rhiippo of atg forb eelmi L t |ab
a o P. comUnand s ht ear of ofM- dl- acrc, ad trm mitmte Ido ah orr df bh
-wTT-- dodr -'-wa. r b. -l pr ly.p d - irl w..uld a ...e h.m... s...Id up wiM a
oa the K s P*ralofde Kiocdm. P lded,.l that .msNat, aruocy. 0. werd sa 'a the* m h Islmua
r Friam i IsU. Inmlem, Ce.itue.t Aa ould .v haveho bm at- oti preiom p itw beb
T ToaU Ua~. M maA. oked; I admit, indM IeA i ng t L eay -- E-W L b le d ebae.l,
To. whm sIehlllm PIEDiir.'s Ormlt Dt asthe mlosa iy aor pion--u r- and whiUch b i. ar cyI= bImal d omw
D sntMr me to TuP cusaitaUe bdcsh are la: dpd of moe advamaia"- -- th U ilad Ms nre de oatcri; lth bit amM
Wbu mile aL h t ha 8iou osly Aeho ea_ t_ thde eam rI which a victuipus eMn throa in my -l Amd e hsei de of re
For toe. as mu joy ud lt ntio ad U right, d nd we S to demn l d d peary sebr Lh a ibarc. Amoris c my
The mer themd's mte gayic ae tLy Itd-s ths cesidentida nrali- *Idr thtar Englih aristoacyt 1i lhe \t f
And Tosm the der t ..o dM l ed tho wh ami d te ydr of ing them adopt- Unltd StaMrb less than e at Eghad1 Oa tih eef
All bimter-a ed. I onht to dd,that from a pra of Fran (ead no trryI it la omesbi that, comparaivly spekin r do
Love' tribsle ve I oae better than mymlf wa la a adhion to judge of this mb ore active d more h beu a tm irs tha o hd
And IrMl eIIV m- ia i e _t matter,) the most full aid abuinat maifeataioa reached nslt i md iy r I e tiv ly so populblim, du
A ir T9" Y I Tf t aua of adihemo e to what wehad done, to the o4rcimtona consider'ay rw4ter td. A .
To iltoil throne we erected, a.d march e had chemen; itee healbn ado ot valour m war fttn E g
ot rilsm sa d h~dt adheeo was in truth lcssio of th opineio ofrtraqm l. C.rtaily I Oam m s wilBg 'o doe )lke to
AniM ty e a d g old at e d almost d whole of France. At dt lioe, genlempn en, tbhe their courage, meir tales, mmd htr glory; ha nt ir f *
hi sled bestows o nd Chamber of Deputie had stndrck m rt of the lHlu.oe the i the war, hot of lndopsdmce, e iat th
Tke r i ag te spr lilg chai ? of Peers; reerving the decisoe a to the reiol Jh site, nJd whichbmo of od heo ab iMHa mem da"
Ir dom e pson m Pees and u to the Peeragt islf, to the ensuing seaI not to recoct, there i, not A og isuneo or eoly me
Oh. i." sm we m rrMe uad whatever the Royal words or blprmiosl eI d lb a the umost, wher the aeg oi dt Uniosd Sta d id 6t
FI kamn at llmo! my coovicio that to the Cl od Dhme puta o wo i era comali bat triumph over d od Elam t Io i d
Aj .e, io la slmpr gIi was left dht remnant of thes aostM power reltivn to forgotten that A ms in deoa y trbiad k e Iallt
'It Priespshp will pife., Art. t of the Charter; thef ad o the throm, the aisi racy araiut6a b le p tnt meamo a riM if
A li whof e greae we`l1th eoalissm ustablhsluuat ndbonation o at dt ne,.ichi inl Et lrop i pidi, t rgn s ml id o o lg Er o si
i beitang st by U Ir: complerle, my establish rela between it ad the with Ehian; ad b e t that poem wa crowa d bl th
Ios oimet it e a Chember even ot the subject ofore os, bu it Mwps o battle New OrbeWa 1 Dmocray theen i
TANo Vrtime t ish o-.e A ec samary fo. us to hear uur lkuable college (M. over mritocray.
WoTh Virtus. k hetel: si Berrver) yesterday to be usetisfed I doa not bhelon to I return now so thm qusali of e lbIldle hrmd tauy
The muses l ll l leaves t th louse of P r, to ulsge iJ a m aue: thet would Peerage. I t hve alwa ysheen favour eof wo Chabmers.
And enrhe bout I Mnd., not befit other their. or a, or ma the re- I Iknow th es ae wheigty mtherities a the other ide;
0. lhat leIe I ill trace the name volution.-- ich ha bedi a io l of uwhic TUfdt and Fr ankli rn m ll ti m ber, and I might
Of my a earest Prired. ith pullity is baen dela scomnitmenhd eoach name odthr culbalatd publicim of dh pren day. It
J IMe's tha Ioon aig I igav, of Ms toward his constituets, and di e etaniple of 17H9, ha been sid thit the American State te In in stan ea
iAnd ihin It llt shaM he. h, been quoted. Th exarmpt i hadly chosen: the fact of Egla|nd, with two Chambera, Wnd had -t adopt
And i ne s Or I'l d i t in 17r when sve m r eao the nobility single oe. The contrary ia the frtt t pieew c
To .ume-if noto The. found thllnmwlvylnmmitled in spite of them lp .by in- which comameqsd wrih a single Chamber, Inve bo i
structions opp l to lrir ownviews, they abtait rifom taught by qptrlaue the advantage of double so
Fr o. t N York America votine, as one .our honourbb rollegues y ra.--br. presen'io; but bMt eon was? l do u D ,.
[M. IAmtkA rloaimed to p. diary, nor Ce y coubinaio tr tm
SPEECH OF GEN'IIAL LAFAYETTE OLatral,fayette,-In cotiatin. The h iliwick. di ,eralm e., .
Sl Q9uri of a Hrd itry Perarp, s tiAe were assembaMd in oner to reotve ourei sruple. I, ever- metlS 9lte Chmb i r i t- l
Cmer of Drpaira, on tih 8la OctoAr. theles, mihouht myself sudeienmly a member of tim as- nln it Clber ti"d dl"y a per.
Thequion bmittd o you, Gentlea en, i of sembly to pmrolos on the 11 th Jly the rst doclartlin of il nc u t ould be md S, o
imporanc to the general cue of Lierty nd Ebqu- the right, andl to hav the honour of presiding over tihe wo C anm wehrte is trmc er s die ae s
y,-e tihe ftur Comiational deinies of France, nd assembly duri the nights of 12th, 18h and 14th July. rey, d em r the o t hee e h
O hoour of this Houe, upon which al eye re fx- Such wa the'oure of many deputies. I admit t the pratm o ay adoPio would o impnm
)d: tie iteress of an hereditary Pnerae, have for a mom tme, that tiea imperative mandate,, or in1truc- a edisanct h actor-- ch piraist ba. i
A)iC, though idirecdy, eersed great a sl iona, wre Tha tiime annulled by a decree of the Com da mi land, e to qeirpr, a "n a b
nd ai ,mof ti 's Orarn t, tha I soe wdith i sta beteita t whime smondes aod the daecaretioas which oane Many pbicistsb a thh pae Pe2.9
iu *he moment which is a reolve ki derively. I of ui ha made to hi covitu ot. as to o pinioans d y e ll ll Mo eote i
* miinb le, with youreomitht rejectia thltm- ; or r~ ioe to oteoon aqustt, which eveay ehed br- m'ya moerCa hea,-aJn. ae do Cy orn
I7 inesa of Mi. s, sib, iA ri emarild or eia ed, Padin rerd tol mich. opiahea wa wsis d peos iai oHudoJm. W asi
taL r ior bai dil*remnt f 6r the as e aIvly m oly niadi e Up. l as you, p too, wthed 4 w slcht wee eadNvu'iag i his sm. yl. adm-
g mel[em.I am y r dat wheagr oslaie ato Com kas draret l -esa lshigh e r c bam cat u m scom y, be mdw ft
SP E Hi OF aver R. LAFAYETTE w ars, and botay e r e, n cniuri ston rch. The ;iwAk ai ffeoud wems his mw
0 1a11 l hause on so a ear madee; l d sd" ir t o remove s scruy p le& 1, dnever- t'Nh d oh ais Chiforevla sauue he md y ai a

Mi mde arl of a i dssiL, hI t he e O h hol iatso et rsquisd esplcitly ato sta hims oWe- ai ther )ys it Ealad sam d b ewaarlate of the
Loaml thlar S aYm ibmdr of u slen ofcem, m plin( I fmtc l que fie of tefari-ofr Cm sab i Hrud be IIo l mid i tI have
* r ad*t nrvolutioe d d ae reto of" oi Lr da at ih any oa them htd oia baehidmng bou v The O.L hamb s ds ri is l a od am phrlie iarlldm ,
, thic more Cn timue aniog r, "i opin ons nth pot hi P o. h nho wrtd hane,-- u l.d m eld and. ar 1 1" d
m:t Mee d prince mtTy (Cahels oie a'-0 aionede dieatleoo abi rie oia ieh vo mande, or JLmr a dt rr ge aeolsht pr i
S.Im easds io. m T he id hc geat quese ta ae bout 'a he h s y Hoa I m i thad Lna a i ho
as thdeu Ite ow*i admb r i" is laoctseeb ( B 'by e trme am ism s t arog i c sr f d a. me l, h is al a oul be a tihi
o ,r,,d p= r of d0. 'ig.o L i" =upp'(- t- ,mle *oa.pi ,, .,tsate m c ai ta anI& iw .publs.81 il= m
amm1 sa tir1d; dt e mig a m e ptw re "I m- i to is c o Lsdtis, t pau l ad e o adi ft- -" "* a dla i b
Uf. plS81krieire ) mi gda e te goa.t qt w ap w mea hah-Iered tobc d o spaphe-
t pia whr awheno" itblia wa baling in hek dssa
Chart at abdasi s gtlaen I e tea.n alad- "Fm iciy emd oopp.ay,' I ab olitd as yoiu:. a .woth'-
a very realieall5ll. o~w n ooti In wliI, anhetwa. W P ihvilfd.A. j md declare in hi wU,
:LP"t imm and dcaramed (met t"d P Hiamas ia dae y ieriod of em rmev us v Lerx, shad ha abC.
1pev ,a [8 '"t" d ceildraF npcrded
Y bi othercCmic e of hve heard much of teo idepsa i sd In Evil aE" a tD i o hi"drei oi
ite nlao h l eny of hem uon.

m sd al wr Jd pea h sau i rioof Y racy ovha-doe itthem, ha ia o Ia wilameaser dim d etil lth veddlemk ,re t
mGt thdep t o a uss m ed y the h dbemo
momfflliu -th arney dindoea to -do Enpn arangnd tin t har pii wich heavmoafr my ha pbasd. po ddimy
@W ,-r Is 0 advanced hm Engir andto, (r byo tI ag iau .cmbi atio c -+--sat ito de ims e K&A0 .11 sow sl. i..-

J.y5 m- asoi^ moa dd l "3 **** Tt o mp'hba*havh* woaidas
,cnr--,,ero. i h 2 n,-ar s. O r..d.. r r wold? a m T. k he.

GM Oaki ftl d ngrat NEC o a>rIT to e me dI rf hwe
oeia FCorSir da !t min wPeit.r &A maetl abmnd a pot ofpa Im ly
agi t ---- how ,lsa'a romii a trui Cm al be o unise .eweo.M
055 kl t Im.n, ta isoacyisa ad l ak heer We w ol h i Thidamai a a r er sud

his ingd ino6%p-crmwtC tge ah ra ndrd %modw wo stil lade O w uin 1 1- asud

V_,~? -t1-

Sra front
Wed y dy R sdsh hUy,
.mmbI in a mI wlri 'a' i at
Sr- eUmshlbess, makiag m-Vat:
4 %Ihge..<.BlaMirg. *.cmpni a ith hl iad vi -
,- p gaby malti, imt, a- see a we
A4rbe able to Identify tde dpg air,-a-m dmil b
ed ever to the proper a e til, dathy may he
pmild wlM the dmuo rigor of hw.

We i pledi ,-e A. I ld o W'L.iy,
Jhd CaUI llb re i plih adar to
Jq god Jifm J a hoj- nlartyeiWIa.
SL t" Gid Royl Onie%, a mmi salmnts so
Ssmlt qMvarie with utu, as o heap diraco upo the
cny, a U writer happen to be a Bahamian. How
dId Ul Oaset lsm hs espqed dose highly falor-
Imld, i evident to every onM,-for be notices oe dighi
mr -al s s -.a w i olver the whale .i dh other p.t
1of hs ft l ettar wtriMte purposely to decee the
ge. rL ay I Mr. Brew, we are asounied at yqJ I
after b lin ao r mear occar ion, been uld bydliyl-I
O"a'a, met to hbei. auy staiaia.,icbid mnm be
*m et to you, of fas mslave to ow unforeams poii-
el di lputi," bhow i y e have tihe furi, to place
brel" In any thing, bM whet i contained in ds AmIs
Sr sI."-lhe pattern t all oI newspapers. Ithe -
admonish you, s (mrme, so be dore arefil, for b it te-
m eied, d t -e Sependies it ahe p in Bildm
erewmradmts. Mr. McQuee my&4e; and qinly, Mr.
Ic4eeea is a hon rahle man. The error noticed by
h,, RoulI (Isa and *hh, in his opinion, .i ~acien
to kurup tim ah letrer as fale, we were ausre t, and
fully Itenled correcting; but in lhrry of busine on
ITamday last, it escaped our memory : nd the Fgrnd
rrairw, om the Wudn edny, in whlrtcwe, as a good solder
and loyal ubaject. took a parl, wiithdrew us om our Edi-
curial dutio, r so lsle in the day, a to reder tk eaced-
Sliy i .oeem if not imiposible, to otice the error.
Capain Hobha, however, if asked ou do will we think,
liee so obl~tjlon to swear to the facts Atained in his
ettr to Major Nicals, which is al require to become
an afidavit; and the litor of the Caouant wNMe,
rwVlthe e mid mk of i aemapodet was to
cI or a iheake peedlg to mainfor*matli.
Mr. Hookey's ecwtnkdictio of our account of the rnas

a m.urly as ihat gentleman delayed it so
rn he might have give that cutradltion a di
ot only himself, but all the ocers who were
n that occaion, reiland i the port, at leat
wakk Ar the account w was beuea public, ead a
Ihn- in siae, at dilres tines. We refer ear d to
we ote rece eId fr gia pem t at be th
L we deem qele isebat to make the caitp
UeshwiL" ad y mrecoal poa the EdiJor of

re WS th.
8 14-4 CANoinln. t
ea,-! a a m m h : Edhor Royal Gamet, to
pl o ~ae reply to tw prsnpl i hi
rk th dearp, t a bfe on ethiB peeper

b b hi B. NIpCOLL.

dli BuIlam, a Ir,1

S,. a NICOLL,.

f w e fwlm ai-he* pl-ved .t,
e .
her tsleq ppsuabl(s y. Ilhg fe.h
e n serisred Srim muaa gv it ch wa ti
w lurpaseby tLh q on Wke,
o m m s rAei rm/ at c iaalI .e ..

1 -, r, b as e i rpb n t r l is do

Wh goita rtn poarpe id ba wea
Pfc4: Wkiedth^ btinarnrph l p .4m1

MIn a W e.alJ d ', yamen ml ao tM 'comm-
ts ,, o wh, e m mdi... an ... d
mbl- aln ou, ua the di o the dItd of
ma d daru lfto hi e el d to e lri ge
*w oidbc asu laviag laid aside e chaH
a dlleaaaanad a muasmad. i ms-i tdt
dhIs fr gaerol socipy-od dte divldl, wbsawer
silmaliona bi e th.a aemuld cematscos oe uphuld,
cbh brou prmeaedinol would he considered equally
infam nda diaholBoured.
1 have Nt the hoou of Li lHooho a M,
m do Imao Msay one uM on, sr da .
geereous feeling to harbor my mig I tie
gentleman; but y J be allowed to ask, is it right
now, st de elevoniIur, ta agM a question, that i m
adr*y esoa r a jsry df er country 1 Can it o- n C5gj l> ; 0 Ipal ,krid k, it cluhted to
aum kiidlier term LdmC en of tdhe o profemiwoL
Fwr above seighty coidemtioma I bave hi|dtho bee
i d s wt ~l o, think I .e, as efor de to
ijaesmy cause, its i Ia si rouse myself, ad reply
to m eorts, a beat becomes me; and I m my eamisn,
I go old a sldr to e ca gla dlping at my poe.
M li has been sid Ihat Mr. Sandihad has Ib n calumoi-
aged-.perhap so ; but all hat I have eO, all that I have
read, or all hat I know oi the ubject-j thou tut h ti a
calumny-certainly, Mr. Isadlands has no, in uaywie,
been calunmaated. '
Mr. Sandildani, after i me, did atempt to es-
cap ; but I caught him i door lead ae the ball,
or gllery, and as in tdu tof imnictingo hio, i dt
dlery, a well meritdL cdd iMMnt, when LieuL Short-
dl, of the navy, a.d another oicer, or gelleman, got
IM rhim, and conveyd him of the house. Mr.
auludal es prcsed his ers to go by himerl, when, as
SMI most assuredly udestlood, Lirul. Shortand to
*ayI,-" lie mU sehe lim o f the boae, for he (Mr.
Saidil eds) could not rain dre longer." Uwas onthe
ig t o*f tM 3d, and afumapper, when the cirtmstance
mut have been fresh in Liat. Shortdad's mind, thst be
amr to my house, and the above canvratioa paid.
The public must, ihoe, judge whether Mr. Sandi-
liadwars tuhied out or ot.
I will now leave to thea who acknowledge and respect
the laws, which prot lclcey, whether dct man would
be nost connaptieble, undr any circumouuncel, dare
violate Its la by iunih f li B Irs head against sny
gentleman, particularly la presence of Ladis-(bul par-
licularly to one whu, if ho f u artuunately ollend.!i, wu
always ready to give re y)-or be who would permit
such insult to up uapWbip t r
I om g to make a w remark orl r observation
of thbplucuracy of the Courant, or th roes of
thal vdly circultiag jopraal. T
I ATeodingly regret, that any gentleman, or gentle-
man Editor, from a wish to do U;ice to all prios, or to
uphold any case of mie, should be led astry y any
improper colouring of fcts, if such has been the case;
but justice requires, tha I should say, neither Captain
IHotbon aer Liau. Hil1, have made affidavits. The
have only written to ruon a plain statement of the transac-
tion which took place an the 34 of last moth, as those
facts passed under their imnimeiate observation ; nor did
either of these gdelemea even do e, until I had written to
them, and requested of their justice plain statement of
Ith fact that they witnesed, and on their conscieoce could
swear to; and this it was, that indue id oaae gentleman to
write to me what, perhaps, they would not otherwise have
I8oe.-There is another error in the Cornt, which, Id
Sas ras to myl 1 rdir y oariire, ramo tialary
aI mr--" DahlXr. He talhad world, I may
yas older tLu the Otror, by giving mcedit far i-
vig bee In the service before His Exallency waqirn;
whera, I have only been an officer 8 year, lat June.
v'-Iem yet another error, whic I have perceived in
-e last le of the Coomat He ua.s, that Judge San-
aflbdi has idictad ma; this is eidenly a mistake-he
ce is ise ser. These, Sir, arhe iaon error I have
been abl to detect i the lat file of the Cout, which
reehed me, nd I have them to the 3d inst.; and had
n t -e Impredo which i evidetly meant to be
csrveyed and th feeling that it l ntendad to mak, ae
o the minds of dhoea gentlemen, who, on their conacien.
ar likely to havle is di of the case in questie, I
ewold not lave eamdesce d It say a word on the subject
I ma, Sir, *
I Tonr homhie srvast, n

NA~-o, g29h Dec er, 1881.
To* f Edtor of ItA Baiama Argm.
ML. Enrard-The alrrom deree of eaitivee
to which our old friend, Dr. MIcQuibuas is always alive,
of mie-*tment from hence, misleding ti Editor of the
~alm a Coan i, so truly Uriduloub ts o excite tbo
ian la baofr tiheomadm a. As the mteme r ol
e Armlfrom wichd te Clt extracted the artic,
To wAd h r by nearly e one the imhahitaa,
guests atthe aal ba, IiM h tkeLe n o, ai
to altribie a statement aicui a n d. H's, coming *i|
doel t a lt an bowr. aon4- ;m gni l elled dm

either to r. McQuo
at 6araw, end ne awa
iamef, e the worth tS.i yel Edit. ,r
the faliaboaihd er u
world that sus d had told a oA theps
St. easa mm upsMm a

jl Courant, whirs
J L ie4 mie

I would rec Is each a choice i
Jimn's, to t I dof bhi cabitu ioh,
procure hiet (Dr. McQ,) a pateoat for telliigpeig
< a in ,
ire a. I am,

ToYrabedillae ant

Nanuo, 80th D
To the EdiUa of the Bakeam Arp
Sra-With amch esrpr e, I served it 1s
GaGette of Wednesday last, a steteaken, pepawra
a contradiction ol one publsheed omn time t i y
and since copied into the Jamaica Courmnt, inhtiso
fiacas which unfortunately occurred at the lbighia
the naval officers on this station, to the inhabhlk,
3d ultino, andtbeconseqent wit wal of Mr.
SsandlM from the belln o; ma as a a
officers, on that occsioo, ead you the follow -
of facts, as they came under my owen l,
whid with my name,youmay ue a you think m.
Being at some distance, and my attention olhaer '
gaged at thed ime, I 4d n observe what toc | i
the bell room ; but laring Major alkola exclis1a
struck," (or words to that effect) and perceiiag at
made from dtooe into the lobby, I imnaebh
lowed, when aaw Mr. Bandiland between LiDm.
land and another officer, y whom he was condueodai
te stairs, and entirely ou f the balding, withmal
and, after being I.t by Mr. Shortland, I saN hi I
crowd outside blmaded. In my opinion, thb reei
I'do not hesitate least, in saying so, never havilgh,
the matter before questioned, you were perfectly mmas
stating that Mr. Sandilands had beeq turned oa.' I
4leed, it was tlh only stonemont that could be a
,,e time, ly the officers to tlsir guests for the la pl
offered them.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient servant,

NA PMAU. L hl Dec. IBL
To dl Editor of ls BIama Argu.
Su.,-Obaerving in the Royal G(autte of hi a l,
statement purporting tbe made by Lieut. Hlobey,do
Royal Navy, in contmdiclion to the stalneant wlidi
peared in the Argus of tie SLt November last, rAlim
the fracas at the Ball given by the officers of the NXri,
the 3d of that month, I conceive it an act of judif
welds yon,to state, that I was a guest on the occm e
ferred to; and that I saw the Honourable Mr. So0
conducted by Lieut. Shorland, one of the sltewIrbi
the lobby of the ball roo, down the principal il
into the lower part of the building, and, from tild, a
of the buBding altogether; that Mr. Saudilands aim
without hi hbt, and that Lieut. Blorland imms i '
turned into he building, having left Mr. Sand~ h i
out the door. It is material to me, in what 511 I
conduct may ow be viewed by dte parties coDee-I
it ia undoubtedly the fat, that it was a genaraly t
opinion, at the time, that Mr. Sandilands had bee .
ot of the bell reom, and I can add, for mybin, i1
never heard the hect doubted until the alpeai se dh
Royal GaO e of hat night. In conclduio, I If
to my, tl, f my own ehervalion on the igh& bs
ioin liliin article which appeared in tieh *A
the Mi N ifie, to be hebatouially comrrte
my am be bs u l, ye are as liberty to give it p
talemat arst,

S o aM
Oarn.ra.m ,
The flattering testimonils of esteem which e
received from many of yourelveI, I d iid, m1
ai forth, to oaer selves as Cand' l lr to
general intl ret, In Geonal AlaE ily abodl
Although, p-lY, m& iglht devolve in
l pwhea leiw m lofavour mayy. RiON iar
rIrconmtancea, stgad praineot .p1r',. .T
for the welfare of our he, igl is "as
i( be opi nlce ivi, 4re I ts6at ,'
Ih It Ims' ry'I or u t a eer penge
I wribghedjdki t iq bt keam towrd you, ""
who*lver t a 11 hiediyrutrhvolv 0%d e 1 11
It bi evef a rmarn d by ltatist, Od L

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mw -. few h, ay ahpl,.s have1 b2e pdi ,aril

i~el eiln i' seef th s bp"elr e ats, ARIVED

a "-r_ mnd, ,__. -a,; f .wihI wofll be F ,os ahtDi Woortt. tm a,
hed to fdae smsm s laese I ,l Ii. Bh v tees diapu os .
e.---e am enid An o-d g odsu. It. M o da q--- i, bn s o
huess easoerce Ile veo~crf i on, At* ii thie Ml &>emer, gives ea mc -d
ses maaveT .y aib_* bMI- or I h (.Kid n Chol h i. .c E nd y go Jose Taeeossi .
~ o r gl fUsodb. caes ia ii i' nel M55 -Ira 11 sh go AiMRiD
due su re L toCIPI ofI p aH burg s el at S e lad rolaa te ARRIVED

* w cheuerm of i-2 unif t; Ii, r. n w" Ilse bh, L e ,el N Dlec. dhh p1
mal means 'les, fr he l ihner, n Bf|e etaidimant| bkt had Am ais. laei occu res., BalsiRme.

Is eher cinew md ta a hosI lThe m wife, wCo Nl

,-o dnmo oe I etop thoe pitss. dJ C Bed, SiSi A1R ,ED
e tmao nin e w Ie ar awq in dying ane. Atae ia m of the I
&oI t lo e i he riso vo. DOW Nf

Nyurl, yOm only Danks will he d wausat, for wht t ey ra m Ms s a teb. eym.a vhg i e IP avy
willu rm -yoer /If .sc r OurLewad.m PIaprS reclvm, d by the Packet ('eallt u
Let your Iotnto then he a IswaC B, until you pi, e S metlay vprnaug lass, conrln th r amr :t g rt s d he
at Ae to, a pledge of EUNCULATION, wn g (smu leMd by ib meno'siem we uo t c ted t ho sPim7bik, isot'm .
*domelcomapact, olbythevaoiaiaeofsomCelebi script of fha das peson, respecsieg he mlfdia- BY HENRY GREENSLADE C O.
l ptot b Denpy.ho e hienhicafor loe tue aea. wmch haveh se emi y oocursed Ia UBrheoet I -
perilt,,n o mmrm 0 u ftn a iiprein Y ayl.hough we eas gPadre fi dtha lshe less of hmas We hM Ol Merda, mo, t8. UI mwy,
We ae, nothba so very gmat a owef me led to beliv m AT vmnad EOd bym,

;wGEORGE C. ANDr Nl e pu edise- sme of he m sle Sp e in whl ad h hrel
e cCONRA. DUNCOMEdl grmid weasois bormyo>it hd b- a R ice, GuiD, aC D
Naseto, 14th Decmbe 18. acco16Bpasyngba *u chk as were eye wktnuq Peases Pilot sad Navy BDegd,
of the scu" pe whichsest indeed, ka o been one of eca umr and Lard ,
th De- ,, 1,51. aeeeur aped 't, erloearc d cefes Ton. T t e he an. diedtou b m la s ser the. e( seew i V id.
TO THE INDeredNDET ELECTORS OF THE ong "s he ao of prpe destroyed by sheo : C i,
woquebn, sh fhe ta y ad u s edRi W a, sahe

T ONOe NASAU. 1. Th Manewo-hom T r rmaid lem C(.t.' l"ed dColupO
A. Adlress eyou, published in the B tyl Gutse s of mu st r o __ 95 hs ewd rboes. AAoN Root.
hin t be y fae, t ent len, who hv P us o a s rs w. g or Ter.-Can UeliveNy.
1y smt Geerse Assenably, has Induced us publicly to r. lhe id oeom nolhe, ro u tken BY HENk Y GREENHdADEr A.
1 forward, thus earlier than we iuhended, in -o siun o" w Th eeeosn ofme mrw s,,staucke. BY Hd-E NRY R En.
ermMi hacv wd c a tt ths dor lft- oorf d m, diea is a s aii The idst heed y r he at m,
d p ubsh fase hds sa S. The New Gaol, a large a gently s Ath Stores of Jo S Equire,
p gd upri, a the New-cutiL r, w en poed Aand ma. Wil be IVold,.
Youve n o ,a we to.oe 4. Old NewgIte wee Mtamehed, forced sad herus. ( W8 atd RemsE)
sou have i noneus th e o Thus alle the three pris m er d-he p nes ThL, Span, Sails, R ing A her, Ca C
ee s a w our esti y ou o ic I ed-sod he burn are i remain ofhem. Fur r c ofthe Amer
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a onlb y t he present Eecuti Be not deceived by a pretend- emo s Brem hid heen et v ta .e o r
eill calm: i s ut a lull after the hurricario ret. O. Ppe reellad by i sr r oS .

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amt u a pledll oa N toot u I ,, roye nd b or throws into the Canal. Y JONON AUNDER
elettonse eoam," by th declwri tesoir senimesl srip 7. The Bishop's Palace, on College-green, was a f- Y HENRY -REE LADE

as idey have done. usucla t erwaro a acked and soo n appeared in baes. Th On s.dy. muo, L d h ry,

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W anen f thi Nore b Ho Mje y he d P Cot Ph16 P 're P- M
Your obe denS ohea e, e e Prosiammon s o r enk d te be inso e e ad, h a in I .. mld
aw "i h e c mm rr te a pp8edmass m P y Pe tad Nal l 1 d bo
(o the e ware r stoped so hisat the been oe ofiged Now aB r Lard, p

sSSAer, wOi DeT ber, 1ar fr, to ho cof"rriad The Talm ls 11 hd wom, CteirH

ED ATHE IDETENDEN ET ELECTORLECT OF THE i" isdaout o pro"t A y by do qis &a Ad Canl ns
TOWN OF NASLAU. "R 1.T I Th e Mads oIirbC eB eraim, Inor' H aII isi d ClHilefi v e dgemm

Oa OF NEW PrOVIDNC, e aed in clrcnolrdLs, a e irue, ta h did hoen Brimol s ." A y ordr
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far of e th *, we iur who i lm a s ,ii ragdes to t of t~ek lo cmtoon Thi P til in todh e l-, nid etR RE oMsL the co.
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d published falshoods d thtyou were s bettr thta e Sna the NowG auleAs. gne and At t e of J

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lesser e ll al u to ds dgilth or your Counry, s a to ae peaInd burnt or thrownf at em l l. BY hJHN8oN Dco SUNDEU
a .he h a ndentlemag publiof dedalurlo, h their utis os lis7 The al i PaIace, oSpas to wmmig bias t ofe 5
h e hemse heald h ooen hepped ih Geva The Ie Ob Nra. Pn re, di o t d J.a
eold we haveavenal H~r of Assembly., you way Cof so soon 6 wed itls foe! AT TOMs v M
hid medium to your pv y; ade, and every thig dor to e & Tin lay House, in ween pk har dso &A riso
ye ill be prostatd at t ei axut-stoot spod er-- ad h nd buranlte p yt; ansd3 of o a fv tbouses in this a Rk
complain, (for why should you complain of yourTwn D e) out the fires mopped, sosdthe Ee wa Zled to astter Lerd-.8p,Tobao, Chmses
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EORGE F.lOOD2 Theno iportant Userstrsetn Bh, I thm Dcme U
ROIERT TAYLOR, decision ofrdso Chm iirimoso -a t hv e Fagvlab the --- ea.T Be
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mewem of k m whi*h noble Mauqium might bri t iet nth eig cpt he marw & sand props, thea that B g Cerveutedm.-A sad mistake v ae se
f pe.- rtly befoe t death of Gore
Ido to Ito, T.l Ie d

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orer tman, while the noldle Secealary of ae h, tnac he wiall let me .lae I rwi let h pea d to hi l

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I ry iedtohear m ml use tof den eap n I ne d aed Lo s prosal, d accept thi stly tn shee d that| d icubrioy o a d Yidhe lr o
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SThe o Rh d l ntly advanced to she (o alale ,, a ito um cm P ito w was this wonrf thsm

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The Lard l Chal clor eL a p ed a ho pe, that the el made, tilli o e y th h he had ie w i h
v weeld wldia w hi matineeo The quslesa of order b ria Am ei ans P' an d with a melancholy exspreion, replied, I app.
teo .T t tbos w. dt otz k butbeen A India

va merely ar t whe r it was i order n e r hoe obe r.ant a ptled to the Anwock of seratr othr n, he et i o e

I akig, w a I a i l ia akwerI pe t ai fldte i gmr n wish." Her Gram was oereIhelniId with co efusid I

hings I s a1 handi. ed which were dons i. Prliament, .n1 view o thnr. New ok mer" u e tdate, h On Saturday night, Conssblee Woods, *nd 1the P&
s nlm saved much tim r at id trunble. Qtlarhe ar, n.) 'nnurt. hat Me. j,, it has happily t eaeild a asmk thet vequiredl more stationed g Gti if strict order nwr enforced, he (die Lord Cd hncelyia) a i he h" s gien to the puieas exceedingly amusing, sDil, sued a lone lime since, for the murder of ca sn osm
t i h av killed th niobl Mt iri uisto ok r be id In se I ihe leiiptioa to nae i occasi l a ile sa 4 ern. Oneof the fellows wasdicovere l p as

brought lorwerd a motion shout lollanil end igoes, sad piquni., an unenrvptiosabla hpok. Ii muot conceded, ney, and would not dewsend until be received dats a b
dae a peoalsi ste at irsn of ortungl. s(Her' thI if not the imoae mcfnl specks of biotra e memoirs of Wa iryo in the leg.
wn ai t.) spec to Ithe thre iihse deotle .lon recol t in of I the connected cbih m a r de e

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lo. .y.,- h, he aare d y t> .ri s .t at.. ,oic s".141, ehet. whe hd w ac.tor., ..,Ae

ttolic ght ac st uffiieaily for this; ht If we chaos. to loving assaga ocean iin the Journal of the Rcv. I. Mm.
mmd t o d hleoml u well mh la elb ; be uI'ed of r c ib lbllr eut l id elrt b teauiful IL ce n cui I

b ic uld ot e aqa y leay t y -(Ha .) look frher fo a reaso for he popn lri of such writing. ly, o I- before f Thursdey, the 27It of D[wo e
I .The lIuka of It aonad said, thet o boad e r ly e my d it in the fmliar m try gi of te puliari- 1744 :-*l Iba l hepolici whom I ha, ep ime
owihraw hi m0 n, the hbope tolhat th oobl li"es of caiaritr-ihe d in hoti, sr in uhth p oeset ing the sui l naicu d ar in me in Chnnem ai
s ..ui at ol, de adirthethe walledby oomintenry houhe ah l r our Mspeculai. on here I lrst that fe monster, a Chainrs y bill!
dnto hold o a lwhi htes w M one must understand Mn. Jo da h e decled foourite W tl Mr. Galt he the s .roll it was of e in large f io, to tell iory wi
a7, j:=.,a aepstev t ndd el al WemIt IIo. I bofeah oe n ithde. Lros f t h lid IIwiO thfo doL, d I sa

Iwas m n to imly, th what h M rigi na d i b thpo, or ot from the se whih tho with wm she rm ie neei not to hve p 40 lidne! i nder saled ih mA
Ihoe mt temrnoaI aLe is aWd t was of course a (tho ew I& onia )te d o w I hea iproln e lis (ng ny of I m qa-I
r h o udr a c t i rse The ar se. I t i he since bagh faig to the question,) as, I believe, would have cMR ss the

rIm Mensie while uld a d eca y of rs ct- if thapre I sh e may w juicy mes of heW cI ald CeTK piter his life in any heather court either of Grmn aW
he e-ild withdraw is motin. melodious voice, so p rils to Mrs. Jondaleould nMew hae Rame. And this is called equity in a Cliristien coustlr
Slind in o be e ldonderry sa au Lord Goakric rIoe e ainad by solving ay other. The mamer into we d do

IH rlead r to order,, ad mU, tl when m soble had tee s mouthful of ame rip, and delicious peerch.h u l*
left l 41 l. upg, tbl le he II laotleiul .--ol t *,* Lorn-

lrThd u eng theo r h dL tly dif ced to thoider, Fthe Eer n wN ernHing pe n t tho orom pk whh the ami ecircu tm sa ts tihs ccaioned a cities o hei
mst acrosse, the a ta Mbe W as at rei fo n tolo aeb l di ley, pa nMe iid tIlhe ise. a 4h
C t ~ 'C ) '' -I.-11 -, then < N* ed rith jm d io-ia wel. T" A hor n-tio gepli ed te hu n 1 YM

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ai Ideo0d Ohaul a 0.)hu a hs ae mLl e hsoa till the Kin to, her byn d the h ofr ad
l. Ld fr h dl M l.ti, gae w ueo hf dr wroido aih m r chi le tHmd. hd ja ulnch Mro.y ehpres on, replied, ta I he----
a Ml y .wda wli t wr it a in o wder for o e r ~ Pt f, i0 dek owf hi ; eiri o At mie da t ll." olidd le

himH an d O adapkhrth es ___ __ (Hrl) ___ he ttede t rheA her. Te chiMnm abe it is **I (k n who di.- Thms are h i
Iml I etand p d e ri r lilerd r Lic the n ma hie h h d you hat e e no. t n to it, you ill ,n ~u
lwkri.,'Cl a ll'h ot l r urder uz were ninotfttIne ju's -i-Ielt Cm thle r ontoA p We flid &uttiu( wb." Her l Gncewa overwhlmed ith yco.flu i
b In hoadl which rnd d me iu Prlimen, e d i h N Yo Arcn te. On tordy nit Consbl W nd the pn
~ll" til Wlu l M e cudlU t pU l y, inn he mhric s hbela mlt el d a geI promt er, te she & ealog aml a we goe seem '

lHha M-r. hd ,h hetall e' pvm5 *k* dasiedN d aor.e aereto.n emit ln on thh MilB oe r ed, f se r ohdced
an the a leed much i Sd tr ( rhir.) Thelln, AJi he l pb tm b rad bos him; ea n ne d M'(;un, n n hom w tl hisad

itr. order enfor (e Lord ca ) limy e al oe the r l li u eedi nl mud aid. d e i lir lnr, r the ur.r o r a i W l
IF-s have tholug th nI" bla Mwlriuig h o hed hi sile el the we0aptiiior to b eIe it oeelOnstlle" nt abe4n. One of the an llow w lk disovthil up ism

I w peh il i eflei rnM or l PuufL sldBtH I nehurod the noeee o l Lmod, h Iayol. aim a the dehe e hel. pe *
hred' lel ) h I Isepee- tom t he thHeet W mb theee ld s li d "egla thos e o th .l a m t h e mmd l.
am.rqe hd gld sI to e gedurl he dlou e te e ato -lwy f n aed Is te ane in s thsin the hti h r er d

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haw t m aml OImy i dE Vpr m.- thc ll a h I ye e n d a ee *o On a y wmIocc hei ha Jtaral do the Rtv. J. eN
The D e tou kma sB rnt l ad r nce.r rh lor r i eo in otu the yot.lurh o suc ri l y, une r i te to no w o huat l wthi w teiu ol |nizo I0
inithl gratn, obo i the w ope tdht t whe b e mI ae dlr--dherd o t, in aid i p st o a ioua the mailhi thai he eagerl me in Ch at. ;I

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Srd et m ad, the e aemlmt. Irp mIt I f Iam e* I a g to the q o,) believe, o hem e tms
woud itdrw ismotm hequruta of order i uy Y ...lbe juicy an Ae i elPaerd madie, hi t ihe ig too her by ethehandr ow irth I

tof snedyner, it w nd fGodr iye a a Mr t bty mlletr may o lher. T e or i LLer -
I S Il l m ih s ld sa ng. pronoN sneyand ple "I hhlA" w e dmLs the P r"-ln |ht son 1s1r* d

fwak r Iast tt an re astwIe rla j as ie d hta t pe. fen a m s ab ud reta head the l usi a
things InY a w if Parl ia en, a h) vew7 one Ne York Am erinfaelt d aei On Sraurlday niD Cocnstl es oosand te e, IP@

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IJ ad t do have- clto h N oble Ma wqus ool the ie nonntnl to mak i t e it Ju ta ittle ii yly orn On of te o or upi

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y\..r -'^ir. lit'^*'' i'* I If *i 1' 'I \fr\rf A.,.. |Ht' 't f 4 |< 'li JMi'tUlAL 1' VKUAMi:%T. liOlHE or IXNIDH Cc4o4r #. irKKCII OP MiRU Ml HfJKAVK ON TliK KKFOUM T\m' V^ti of Mtiserane ni|f, miI (iifitT mnu' roiifuKMMi, CNUM-ti Ity itw r%iiii-M( illiM'Hs Mild Mniik'H k) ififiiji iIkt Kti'oriii iiiiiot tiiMi r<''tM>ri fW iniiiii|ii, lor it was tttiiiiitird tiMi t'trnt iik') iiiitfiil b; f(iii!iicr(Nj as diTtiltHtlv HiriMiil. Ti 4JM*crrHin tli*; |Mi|/)k mind itic nobk? Lrl r*<#'rr?d rtif lltHitM) to BitiMi*irilte imn uf tli^ town wviv Iriwl, rht? n^ullM iuh(tH Uj difli*rtr iritnids : llM>n* r44 no |M>|>ulMrfliH-tion in n^lidi tie trirruiiMtanct) of Umih a miiii4U-r of tim crown milifaiKd at;aii)t any randi> datf's sttct-fM: and tla* ini;l upeecli tiirMii;t)out all tlie *lH-tionatroiiHt;c, and to f>larf (Miliiiral ,.owT in iIh; ImoiU of tin|eo|le. A to tlrt notdiLord** ohjt-rtuini in ddail, tln'v wt! for th' romuiiitift'. liin LorUhip iIhii d4-findH| ijic principltof |fndaiion adttpifd In tlie hill, and liwinlar opinitm liad sulliriHi chanv'tf, and what wa tin* rciNlIt if lia* ap^M-ai to ^M>|>idar ofiinion at tliaf tint*1 It wa- ihi-, liiat id' twelve persons w|oliad Iteen mo.-ii iarm.*st and vihement in tlKex|)rrHion ol llieir opioMm, one only lound iiiii way hack lotlie Haiswlk'rt Ihaiigda^J to hi ronvtiiiientM to ratify it. His noMe fruMMl ^aaihe ynHtU\ bow and reiiie if tla? fieople dilikr iNiipfUcit. In ila.' course of many luug, and free, olbor iniercstiug i^funnaiiou. and (r'mnd\y eonrcrsations ikit I iiavt; bail with Eiigiisiittieik, since my last arrival in Kurofie, I liate bven told distiucfly, that tiiey, liberal mpn on most Mdijecls, tlnmi^ht our (Itfflbration of warin iMIrf, betrayed a latrlicularly hostile spirit lo Knglaml, eHpt-i tally as it came at a monMMii wlien she tv.i! trii};r:lint> for the lla? fnt'dom of tlic world, a^'uinst all the woi Id, and with all litr ents|-;;iek>. Now I think you wdl HL'nH! with me that this latter is the vulgar opinion of Kn|:land on lla; ppndiond the people say mflaMless of tliese sort of things amonir us than in other nations. I am sure far less is said in f'ontjress than is saitl in Parliament, or tlie French Chamlars, either of what we have done, or of what we can d in this way : no reasoning; is neci^sary to show why the least allusion of this sort should he offensive to an Knglislnnan. But Ik)w, for instance, does a Frenchman laie in Fnghind ? You hang out your conquered banners, m your churclH--, piU; your cannon in your parks, and invent a ihousiihd clap-traps for the stage. We have c^nn<|uered standards lt>o, hut tiny offend the eye of no ira veller ; our captured cannon is in the arsenals, and otherwise we make far lessdi.xplay of military triumph than is even astial. Really from Uwu oiiservaiion of h-th KurojM? and America, f must say tliat wo are not particularly offenders in this way. '* As to thedeclaratimof war. what were the facts? We complained of depredations on our commerce, and o( tlic iinprevsn)enf of our seamen. On tla *f jx.inis we nepoliate.l tttrnty year without effect. Your orders in council were continue*!, ami England still took our seauKn, making any lieutenant in her own service a judge of the nuiit r|Mtuating drunkenmss. On wl *#^ this treat truth first rose, is not known. WIkh-v "T*** wlather humble or great, jieare to his nHM<,rv ** t"* done more fortbe world than lie wlm eniichet| u u^ knowieilgeofa new continent ; and f>ost,, JtJ^ ordinary use is temptation and danger; and aiid!li?' of prejudice niM| temptation, urijed onward by tSlUj they would ha/#niade rules against drunke"-* V-. "^ IIS#B#BI8, E4itor. SATURDAY, IIECEMBCM SI, t8M. f4Ms. I-— !•• XJLTlIi. PtfSLIVMCD MBMI-WKKKLT IN NAtSAO, It. Pw,^ •d by tlie con.ioa ,J* . ^y* "*ave not (kiU America truly the Mtw world, but in a few ha of sand, to la; burst ajid burie Temperance Societies," he have produced an unparalleled change in many diii?^ the IJniteil Knigdom." ^ "Wicti^ And, says another writer, Tem|>t?rance SocleiiH,L ism on our darkness, like the clieerini? star of k. aris dote. — "•" "..'.-,winy ji-rtis suKe, 1 iirsi visited Kngland. We made the channel in a snow-Morm in . '"K Star of hoo. I hey now flash across our Kastern hemisphere wTr bright and lieauteous radiance of tlk; l>w of pruoiiJ" And anoilier wtiter :— ** It would he an act of ia: tude towards our American friends, were we in m\S1 to throw into the shade the obligations under whirli/L lo them for having originated this noble cauie l/y! names of Washington and otiiers are deservedii (U, them for their struggles in tlie cause of freedom 'ihe otkr names which will descend to the latest pwieritt*" the deliv,.rers of their cmintry from a thraldum J dreadlul by far than that of any foreign yoke." POBJTRT. ami ran into St. HeUjns' roads and auclioretl in thick weather. When it cleared up, we fimnd ourselvi-s |yi„g in-h<,re of an Knglish fleet. I renKiid>i.r tlie character of our crew •rfecil THF. UMTKI)ST4TFS AND FNf.L AND. Tlw \w Monthly Majaaine dtr OcIoIkt contains a lung anichi.. ntply to n of JH..(V.per tlie Ann ritan novelist. It couclmles a follow* : — „Tliefmie4if Mr. !ljU,in|Makingof our navy,i8 g>o insuhordinate bahiis of ihe fple. with their ideas of liU-rtv niu\ e.pMlitv. rei^uire a sironi; arm to bring ih*m to tlie necvary training at *.ra This i ,tn upi„|on, and ea>.dv di|M>Mii of H* his facts, but ei|U4dy irroiMMMis. Ilii. n^ what I tr.ith. Ttie navy of iIh> IJnilil .... coast, ami was working his passage liome. The weather was no sooner lUar, than a ix>at sliovA| irfT froi IM'rirciiy, and as it was no had epitoim; of our men-of-war and other vesVs in that day, I will give it to you in detail. The captain and first mate' were Americans tiR' s.cond male a Portugue.v ship|M-d only for iIroutward passage. The rook was an American negro, and tiie c*bin l„>y an Fngjish lad. We had ten b<-for the mast : of these, hve were Aimrican born, one was a Scotch lad whose family had emigrated wIkmi he was a child, one was • I russia,^e a Spaniard, one a Dane, an .Stales was cia|ed 17*17, •! a II..MwlHtn tlic navigMiion of the irnited States bada h*rteni the di^^rent habiu of tlie two countries. You wHI rememU-r thnt a year in Amerir. b „ot like a e may see a great deal Q. ^ '^"'' •" *'* • of the United w^l *cat,erl nature of i,. population, ami tl^ time ^rT'"'^"^'^ "•'•''•'"" '^ '^**. *loi*he. th^ period of obaer^ation ihorefrmrty. IW partK-uUr. He was i. A.erica when the JZ, jr^ ruggl,ng to turn out an un,K>,ml.r cabinet. ^W had fc r„ed It at any time hetireen 1815 anas lo the bte war in the ,rints, on the hiijhway: aad m the reamh,v,t., Ac. I do not know thai it i. o^' W-mkHl rtiat the,*, alhiwon. are personal at .11, but as an Lnchshman hap(ens to undf niiand th '^oavnilvti The r rT.T'"* '^'i **r^l r '^"'''''••" "'" increasing. „d Ustmg dislike to tlie Knghsb nati<,n, and an ovcwccoing „ ,., " '^' of theshii*, and pulled towards iKs. We hid the Fr.glislmianin an empty cask and I le rest of the crew bunted up their evidences of national character. We were soon boarded and iIk; crew was m,istereew Jers.,y named Cook.-. The lieutenant picked him out hy mstmct. ConUproduced the usual American prolecta. "This will m,t do," said the lieutenant, I can huy one of these for two dollars in New York •• Will ibisdo r asked Cooke, producing anotlier document.— He had a ceri.licate of discharge from the British frigate I t.amh,an, sigiMni by lM;r captain, (;. P. Beresford I hmk, on arcount of having satUfactorily proved Uiat'he was a native citixen of tlie United States, after bavint *ervel m that ship some eighteen months, if me! morv do po with tlie pubhc offires lo ei'l sona.priie money in the Cambrian. We went, and on ace p soon Weill with him -lo for bis .>me formality. was .o,uired';o-;;a;;.31:[ day b certificate ol discharge, which comain;d tl^ dale w thXh^f.^'r::'*' """•"*•coumem^i^' with which I* entered tia. street as if it were but yesnd six feet high," e true. In k^ dian sn lK>ur he was carried off fro,. iLfor" myev..byaprt>.sgang. I never beard of him af^rn^r of aU atlempu to trace him were fruitless **'*''*^'*^' lenl av. H*re I am without a papt-r, lie said, f^ ,hey hav. kejH my di,r|,^ i„ ^lis office. We h,' t!ie tourt signatdl for extensive circulation. On hH,king over it, ,>pr,, we fiml it contains a history of the discovery of ardent spirit by distillation, iu ^ ave jurt r^^^ ,,y ,j^. ^^^^ ^^ ^ corretpondent V, pamphet of 111) ,>Hges, stereotyped, Cd de instrucleiJ to proci^d to England as soon as possibfe.ii, the purpose of laying stateineul of our giievancnii fool of the Throne. Jiesoived, That tiie foor Deputies also be iastractD^a use every possible means lo demand and obuin rviirai from the Brittsb nation. Httohfed, That the four DejMilies be instructed isai^ fer with iIh; Island Agent, and with the DeiefMM d Agents of tlie other Colonies. litsolved, T\m tlie four Deputies be enjoined ifrirtKn udlH^re to the spirit of llw declaraiion framed by (ban*ral meeting. Rtwlved, That tlie four Deputies in confiraistiNi/ this, le rw|uired to affix llieir names to the said decbma^ and that this declaration be placetl in tlie haiwh a 4i Chairman of this Mi^Jting, for the pur|>ose of ubiaB{ their .Signatures wlien eectel, and of banding tbeiMKli them, on their di parture for England. Hrsolrrd, That llie four Deputies be instructed to municate their }>rocdings from time to time by kMi^ dresseose of requesting tliem, by circular, lo •fh)tii f^ assistance m obtaining redre for our grievances. (Signal) ^ JNO. CAMPBELL, TAaina* Mr. Campbell having left the Chair, on niotioBof* Hilton, the Clmir was taken by Mr. Zinke, ben ibffc'' lowing R>s4diiiion was agreed to. Hfiolred, That the thanks of this meeting ht tf^* Mr. Campbell for his impartial conduct in the Chair. ^mic/iwry.— V\ hat an eccentricity ol wifkrdnew ••*• app^.int any place where a murderer shoahi ^rt %hr\t>^ churtli too but ^uch were, and arc (abroad) ralM .r** l^m-iHter Church was reserved liv Henry VIII. * ..••"•^ — tks .^' From Friaidskip'g OJkring,for |85t, BT THOMAS UAtHKB BiTLT. To whom shall PRie.f my n,rm n ar^ied itielf. nimotTiu oei, and cnified to the royal fiuRi^ that tSyhiHl eeatJto iwi^, even before their faH waa finally pronounced. In their name it was that the DepMies resident In Paris, la the ex^ocy of Uie caae, tbougld propei to possess thtmf™!,T **^ ^^'^"^ S*****'' •*" ^ constituent power ; confirrajid the overthrow of the royal family, erected a popuar throne, and alhMi to that tbfMe, notWithstanding his ilalMMiship with the dethroned race, and from fwdings of personal confidence and esteem, ihal ont of our fellow cit^ateni whom they had |>reviously appointed Lieutenant (n>. neral of the Kingdom. Perlmps, indued, at that moment, gentlemen, a Constituent Assemyv shouW have been convoked ; I admit, indeed, that auch was my first tk^ght. But the necessity of combininf opinions— nuroeroiwcircumstances which are always judged of most advantageously after the event, the assurances which a victorious nation had the right, and were bound, to demand, and which are frankly received— all these considerations rallied Ihe wbide ol us around tlie order of things then adopted. I ought to add, that from all paru of France (and no one better than myself was in a condition to judge of this mailer.) the most full and abundant manifestation reached us of complete adherence to what we liad done, to tlie throne wo had erected, and to tlie monarch We had chosen ; this adherence was in truth the laaction of the opinions of almost die whole of France. At that lime, gentlemen, the Chamber of Deputies had struck out a pjirt of the House > I eers ; reserving iIk? decision ti lo tlie residue of die Peers and as to the Peerage itself, to the ensuing Session ; and whatever the Royal words or expressions, 1 declare it a. my conviction that to tlie Ch^U-r of Deputies aJone y, thi wliat h which fc^thase.l to tintir own views, they ab.taimid fr votinff, as one of our honourable colleagues may [M. Jjameth l.iim('d to speak.] Ornerat l^,fayctte,~U continuation. Tlie bailiwick. .TI -"T u '" "^''l^; *" '*^'"'''" ^ ^crx^^U^^, I nevertboless, thought myself suffiriently a menilM-r of the L ^.embly to pro,K>.e on tlie 11th July the first declaration of Ut w did 01 4i MhliC fOi^, ^mtt iMM^aM*) and whan lh third eat&ia, for MMih was STT^vS.**"^**********^ GeaeralfwH of lova for the *^N[ Jl^f mkkm la overthrow an oppiassive •n^cracy, llWWKiK, iiMlead of hooking hims.if on, [?c c J^ ^^If'W'M • thM aristocracy, had united hia^. ami frankly wtth the trae French nationality, there w^Hibl have been ao cause to i?ar that the interests of ibe Courti would be identified with those of the emighinu. If, in^ ihorl be had placed bioaelf in tite position la which, hap. pily, Louis Philippe b, of having for enemiaa that ar. tocracy, and those emigrants, then the throne and the royal family would not have been swallowed up with the aristocracy. One w..rd as to the comparism instituted by oiie of tlie previ<)us speakers, as to the prosperity which the artttocracy of England has assured to that country, and which it is contended, democracy could not have doua ; —but the lJnitel States are democratic ; that has bean often enoiigh thrown in my teeih. And is there leas pro*, perily under the influence of American democracy than under tlt of Engliah aristoci acy t Is the industry of the Uniiel States less than that of Engbindt On the coairary it n ceitain that, comparatively speaking, commerce IS uiorc active and more iK^neficial in the first tlian in the last named country ; and that relalivcly lo population, the cororoercml tonnage is considerably greater 'here Allusion hasalsobeim aaade lo the valour in war of Uie English aristocracy. Certainly I am most willing to do justiot ta tlKJir courage, their talents, and their glory ; but it is forgoiten that in the war, not of inde^Kindence, hut of that •ince, and which one of our Iwnourabh. colUagues seeim^d mil to recolhHTt, there is not a single instance or only one at Ihe utnH>st, wliere llie flag of tlie United States dnl not in equal combat triumph over (hat of England T Is h glish ne other olebraiod jMiblicisl. of the present day It been .id ilt the American Static began in imli;ti.>n KngUnd, with two, and bad curae to adot.t m ihs one. The contrary m iIm* r^t .i a.\ om ruoeiuber. ncing b'twoen the convolution and the recollection, of the •'•dvanced a stage of the debate, for going ovei^ I*!* ^'o parts of a d |^bly maintained; the iscussion, which lias been so full, committee caRs upon us for ^ <^ <7a Zr ""^^' ><^^^ea mrt of juticiUck .hlk • ff^^'l^'flPn, I am hound to rfWy to an at voice we tri{>uiie, has made ^•: hi. tftrif'i n ? ^"'P^'"-'Pof oursocial-e;. ••-to L olr^: ^T^^^ -h English nor. t T^cz:!^ tre.t::"rt:"th"'^'^*iL^ '"*^r that wricand.;;o;r:^^^^ establishment and fouTdaliofof'tt^^^^^^^^^ r::^I^i"^:aX';'%^'"' ^ \ "'^^ ^'-^ " i kT .7 P'^. ^ renwinod to stniggh, ak>ne with England ; and that that peace was crowm^ by the battle iA New OrbansT Democracy there trimntOied over aristocracy, I return now to the question of a Ufjislative heredilary Peerage. 1 Uve always be^n in favour of two Cluimliers. I know thera aia weiglny auilmriiies on the otiier side t luigot and Franklin are of the nuib. aad 1 nih* name oihir < ..L.ii***l>:.._ ^r .l "^'f''* has of •ingle one. ihe contrary is tl f^j. ,^ Sta'tea! which commenced with a single Chamber, have bela Uught by experience tinaer by a partitioa." Bv a oar I2 Vk '"i"' '1 ^"^^^ *^* ^'"'"'"^ KooH deal,'to Cll two Chambers distinct from each other, discussing .ei>arately, and one after the other, the same hiws ; .neci.1 provismn. of easy adoption would soon impress upon eai h • disiincl character— icli provisions a., without nH„r U^s detail might relate to aje, properly, ^. But aTlJ^reT Uiry Cluimber, it is said, w.nild be a prop to iIr. tlirone Many puWicisU. ha|| been quoted on this point. Permit roe to quote one who certainly will not be iaxee wanting in strength, and that soma other combination was necessary. What is said io favour of the hereditary priiielphi, because of th,education it inthe tights, ami to have the honour'' of"presTdine assembly diirir'•'--:-*-' ' • -~ Such was that over the lrii|^ the nights of 12th, 13ih and 14th July the course of many deputies. I admit at the after the abolition of that daase England. ruus pnvdege in rmm? Jnrtiienre it had painer' in i.nro.l. It rwtHm, .Iv, iIh,„,.,„v „f „„, „ • !" phy.,rn., |.,r,s... ,„<) .,ivi„o,. „,,„ ih^ ,„l,icr, ZC U c,rr„„„n. ...irb Ar,, M „' ,^^ orc.nSn"? H.|\ naim*s the ja-rsons uho yn^ gives an account oi tlie iw.eress made m exirrniii.aiing flic ma aidcnt spirit from xW coun.., ^„„ .,r... ^,,^,^. , variety of wards went on. Castellan, in hi^ sermon on the death of hi I**"* rrannn f. modestly expresses his belief that ihr £rf< P^ was in paradise ; this gave great otTenre ta the Sorbroeress which has U>en I !""'*"'' ^"" ****" '**•?• t^t h^ r rwnunicturr, >;,|,.. ,„! ^ ".I '""^^ '"one place ; a„d ,h, ,f he try ; aith a .real vLT f ""'T' ""'' '"'^'"^ "^ '^^^ ''t • ^leai variety of wards went on • never ciilil hal heeo in pm *"? lUc rclrehnteBi, ^ "* •** W">. c.W r;^'?'"*' u ''"l''-'"' "ill not y adjusted his to ig.) The ttn. 1 '""'. "*'*' '"M^^-rative mandates, or instruc Jtiiuent Assembly. But, gentlemen, what analogy is thara between these mandates and the declarations widch each of US ha, made to his ccmstituenU, as to our opinion, and intention to vote on a <,uestion, which every one had mora aL^d?'T'"*^I "'' ? '^'^ '" ''^•^^' 'P'"i^"' were dr&fH""''^r;^'"P'"'y-'.t. whether h wh Z^ u""**^ ^^ Common, there i. a single member who has noi been required explicitly to sute his own opinions resjH.cling tl great question of Reform-^r wbetl^r >ou dunk If any of tliem liad hesitated about avowing hi opinion, on this point, hi. constiha-nts would have been put T^J^rl". r'^T'^" "^ ^ right of instrucliiu. nie gr^at qm^stion about to be submitted to your deliberalion (for by a strange combin.tioa of circumstances, •I happen, that the mo.t ^w^-eping amemlment against tl project of minister., is that infavourof an heieditary peerage) the great ques.ion appear, to me to tend higher than the mere organ nut ion of the legislative power. It tends whatever may be .id to the contrary, to te-establishing in fiance and rooting in our soil, an aristocracy. I proclaimed from this tribune in tlie early period of our revohition that aristocracy is a bad ingrcvliem in H'tio. We have heard much of the independence of tliTari steer acy ^ the great service ,1 ha. rendered, ami can siiU rende; to the throne. I have seen nothing of all that Swedish aristocracy, overshadowed the throne, but Tlie it was eillea ^Wa •ad varv * •,''*"?*"7.! ^'*" ^n Jered thi. idea very kilir*/*?*"! '• -^'"^ J" hut justice, and , **^ •" the :hooiV which t belong^Tt derUrsr;„ ..r.r: T_r. ''?**•" constitutions n and ol lb instead of Wa ri^"^"* ^ 'Thich a whob. **!?* citisen. natmn is unable to But at tlie same time *, ^^"^ autlior not independent, for it was controIkMl by tlie different courts of Europe, who arranged it as it were under their rpspective banners. You are told that the prosperity of England is due to the English aristocracy-Hi sort of'euloeiiim ha. ever been pronounc>?d upon it for having nlarded for fifty years Catholic emancipation and parliainentary reform Gentlemen, ask the Irish who have en^ uurj seen troubles, so many Uls, mi much misery if thev .I are well pleased with these services of the EnriisJi ari^ tocracy Ask the British natbn which has groaned so lon| beneath the weight o( taxation, and of endless would b^ set aside This consideration agaiMt our revolotHMi ; ask them wbeth they do r think a House of Commons, attder better ampicies wot not have avoided ail their evil.? whether it would ha wars not ould ve wres to he son. of Pj^ ispplK;. equally to noUrKs, to lawyers, lo ju. ge., for th^ too may bring up their chiWrea in the notion that li.ey are to pursue the prof.-^ioo of their fathers ; and j|^i if any oibe of us .hr^.nA Chamber would not be in fact a legislative power— fcwoakf represent no ooe—aad would present no idea in comason with a representative fovernmeai. I will m the end staia the opiaion which shall approach nearwt lo miae ae rather, despairing of doing better, I sh.ll probably vote W the proposition last i opposition to aiy own opinion, which may have the best chance of swcceas. ritics. fundamental hw of the admit that our course has not prevented such an iacreaj of dependents, wIk> look on while the aristocracy possesses itself of all power aad to h>ok at home, — was it not place/ The BrusseU corre!ipotideBl of the Cvurier say* that that city has now the complete appearance of a Fremh earriKMv— ErwM-h Ocowula— French Coloneb—Frenrh the aristocracy Majors, iu. in every street. H, adds that the Bal|iaa ..'f „, '^'i" ^A 'liufeV Mm^l.


I # W> P-y ^^^ %^^ yjfi .. GriiMMiiiiKlflnrl gi\t)ii MardMf Cfceir ttfmy, Tcnwinch purpuJe, u 4y appoifiied. 99! aome fflh |IKHi|lioe M % fC/^ WMBftR48, tcirn* Wack aid eolomfi^ OTOHiiW. Sb WiftJiM^ay anJ Thurday nightu last, at dinbrcJTfiours, •Momble in a raott unlawtulaad m^^^^mi, io frora 9f QW ettablHamient, making uw of tUa niou totlewnl Mi) blacaKuard ianguage, accompaiHed with threaiiof vio\'nce,— -WW 4o hereby give notice, that, aa soon as we ^ sltiiH be able to ideutify tho paitilB^ ieir namea shall be Iwiuied ovur to tlic |>ropn the coUmy, ffliotiM tinwriter happ^m to be a Bahamian. Ifow well the Hoyal GHKHie has expofed these mighty fnl^'hlir in any thinj,', but what is contained in that kttmbU tk^rt,'* — tho {attern for ail otU^r news|M|)ers. Lot us adnionith you, in future, to be more careful, for be it reUH mliered, tiiat no dNfM-rulence is toi*e placed in Bahama ciM-reMponilents. Mr. .Me Qwjen saya o ; and surely, Mr. McQod soldier and loyal subject, took a part, withdrew us from our lulitonal duties, tUI so Ute in tlie day, as to render it exceedingly incooveaieftl, if not impossible, to notice the error. Captain Ho()on, however, if asked to do to, will we think, Iwve no objection to swear to the facts contained in hii letter to MajiM.Nicolh, which is all c re|uires to become an atTidavit ; and the Kdiior of tlie Courant w^^ judge, wlieiher tlie mistake of his corrotpondent was a aciibtjratJ one, or a mistake proceedin,} from misinformation. Mr. Hookey*s contradiction of our account of the fracas at tlie Ball, on tlie 3d ult. we scarcely deem worthy of no.ue, par.u uJarly as th-t gentleman \uu delayed it so *" which took place on the M of la^t •ontl.. as th^ long, uh.nlH. might have given that contradiction at the time— not only himself, but all iIhj officers who were stewards on tliat occasion, remained in tlie part, at least a woek after tlie account was before the public, and have hmm in aincu, at different times. We refer our readers to two letters received from gentlenajn present at the time, which we dcim (juite sufficii-nt to make tlie cliarge of •* falsehood" and calumn) recoil upon ihb Editor of tiie Royal (Jazette. _,_^.,„„„_ been tlie grailiiilB tl ffNii^rirmpondtt^t, is a mM^r'%t -^ -, ._ HM^but, ^Jt wiMMt it will, I candidly tell yiM<, or him, faoinror ^nxipus l^or your, wisli in:iy Ihj to defeat the ondi of juaUce, tnP^you cannot, you will not, succeed ; fo^t tlie estiiiilftion of the Ltelter thinking uurt of maokfH|)^*alki in the estimation of nino^tenths of this community, tbnt man, wiio, in the presence of ladies, and ou such an o^asion, aa the Ball given ou the third of ' .monl^, would dure to lift bis hand to strike a gentlei would be considered us luviog laid aside tlie cluiraCt^^ a gentkiiian, and assumed io its stead, one that disqtialifi* ed him for genteel socinty — and tlie iudividiMl, whatever bis situation might be, that could countenance or uphold, such infamous pruceeeen said that Mr. Sandilands has been calumniated — perhaps so ; but all (hat I have seen, all that I have re^d, or all that I know oa the subject — without truth is a calumny — c(!rtainly, Mr. Sandilands has not, in anywise, been calumniated. Mr. .Sandilands, after striking me, did attempt to escape ; but I caught him at the door leading into the hall, or gallery, and was in the let of inflicting on him, in the gallery, a well merited chastisement, when Lieut. Shortland, of the navy, at.d another officer, or gentleman, got ^old of him, and conveydl him out o( the house. Mr. Sandilands expressed his fears to go by himself, when, as I have most assuredly understood, Lieut. Sliortland to Myt— He wouU see iiim out of the, for he (Mr. Sandilands) could not retnaiu there longer." It was on the night of the 8d, and after supper, when tlie circumstance must have been fre.%li in Lieut. Shortland's mind, that he came to my house, and the above conversation passed. The public must, therefbre, judge wliotlier Mr. Sandilands Was turned out or not. I will now leave to those who acknowledge and respect the laws, which protecffociety, whetlier that man would be most contemptible, wHn, under any circumstances, dare violate iu laws by infaiiMMisly lit^g liiH hand ayainst any gentleman, panicularly io ftr jiresence of lad ies-^ but particularly to one who, if he liartlv to become niatter r" ,*:"*^at<> f • juiyi^et. .trango to think, be ka. declined to publish my mpl/, f Uiorefore. cafl o^ you, Sm-, to give it a place in ynnrjourns!.^ I am, Sir, ^ your hiilil>le servant, # W. B. NICOLLS. T.iL ^^^"^"'f'.?'* I>rrember,\mi. T0 the Editor of the Ho^ai Gatettt. f.'*~* bave to request, you will be i^uhI to give pubhciiy to %>* tn7, iM-ing my reply lo tlie articL in your piper cf th#^tli instant. Ponding the approachinp trial, I would have felt it my Any. to have remainetl whjnt on tlie subject, which tli article m your j>aper of yesterday, has aeain brought before iKe public ; nor would 1, by any one solitarv obst rv.tion ol mine, liave agitated a transaction that is so very shortly to become the subject of rudicial inveaiigjuion, orattempi by so doing, to bias tlnj public mind, but have left ii to the' dlsiMssionate rerdict of a jury. I am, Iwwpver, calhd into tlw arena of party writlnff against my will,— nwire by tlie unkindness of your own er your correspondent's remark, than from any other cause, a the intention of that jMiragraph cannot 'be m fwris passed under tlieir immediate observation • nor did either of these goutlemen even do so, until I had written to tliem, and requested of their justice, a plain stolement of the facts that they wiinesseit—Thc extreme de-r.-o of sensitiveness to which our old friend, Dr. McQnintihus is always alive of mis-statements from hence, misleading flic Editor of the Jamaica Courant, is so truly ridiculous, as to excite Uie ^neril derision of the community. As the statement of the Argus, from which the Courant extracted the article IS vouched for by nearly e^Tfy one of tlie inliahitants' guests at the naval ball, I am at a loss to know, to wbai to attribute a st.itcmont such as that of J. Il's, coming as it does, at so late an hour, and after having allowed such statement to be withheld wln^n yoor remarks appeared immediatelyifter theocc#ence. to which it has rSwmn lou ill,nodo.ihi, rt^celve a counter stat. ment from sonof^tlie pc.rsot)s who witnessed Sandilands' cTjmhiou Nahkau. 29th Dec 1881. To the Editor tf the Bahama Argut. Sir, — Observing in the Royal tiii/^tie of last dfit,i statement puqiorting tolKMiiade by Lieut. Hookey, tf* Royal Navy, in contradiction to the stattioent w\i^W fieared in tlic Argas of the 5th .November last, relatiw i the fracas at the Ball given by tlie officers of tfie Nivj.n tlie 3d of that month, I conceive it an act of justice, i^ waids you, to state, that I was a guest on the occssioif ferrel to; and that 1 s^iw the Honourable Mr. Satidlui conducted by Lieut. Shortland, oneof the stbwtr OV TUK EASTERN DISTRICT OF THE ISUNI> OF NEW rROVIDENCE. GrnTIiEMKN, The flatteriiic: testimonials of esteem which wr *|* received from many of yourselves, individually, • "^ us forth, to offer oorselvcs as CandidiH* to repn-*ef^ L'eneral interests, in the General Asseml^ly abual*' convened. Alihouch, possibly, tlH^ task nii*;Iit devolve opoa f^. w-hose pietensioos to your favour may, from a ^^^ circunwtances, stand paramount (o our's, yet as oar f for the welfare of our rock, has its origin In it*' ' I place of our nativity, and subsequent Durture,wPtru*|J^ • it is unnecessary for us to offer a stronger pledg'. "**' will fearlessly discharge our duty towartlsyou, *'"' whatever it nfey be, is so deeply involved in your Q^^ larked' bv statists, and 'Pf It bas ever been remar y, that there is tl and surest lety against a common enemy, in stfonf i> tical combination, and union ; and that liters Oti h !> WW i if"'. jm.M j&i iiovatiMj itiM aS^^^J^lJSuads o^ tech iiiiio fLT natural rig*t, than jan ini; i tWors' Wehavetofacecertuinevils,! J^TIm b, • firm and an unconqaefabte Mjirii:' To ^c!!lSJt once, is im^vitahle ruin; teiWiir,.iriH,ir •N.g^ld ml nkimately "mwccesful, atjawt^aivc pp?bving Ej on our mintis, of bajgytpj^y discharlM "r duties ^^rtthes, and to ^f -^K**^' m* •who nng yo doin|P^**'' *** * ^"*ff rtfest mode of beiiif! g?neroMe and huoiaoo, at the risk Stxpenseof another] And who among yoM does ool know, SthTpreient system of things, has a tendency to sweep TL ijiirt resources, int^jlie vortex of kmawcipation, ^t aEMUNERATinN--Jg|tep, by wWth oiaM^i^ to !Lrtbe future ills of lives b^dly spent,an4 ejWf loek to \L tiie geld voted by a fanatic aeal, from an jOready ianppLiibed exchequer, as reward||<^r rendorfnglhe general — v 'xl "" '*'^ '^f^*'" dfcterioiaiion in commerce, conVquent upon colonial annihilaaa|y^ -^^ ^ . Electors! From lliecircumsianceSlrotjfColonial decay, fruoi our want of tlie means of alfording a siaule Colonial gjuutitathe mother country, we are deemed fit for ihexJf^uMi* of a fanatical administration, whose dhiivsaries ^imon\y commf.nciMg\\^\t attacks upon our niostwital, and Qn\y remaining resousco, — our Slave jiopulation ! tike those of tlie wily serpent, you will bud their In,Hli.>us efforU cloaketi in tlie guiu of wisdom ; should you yield, your only thanks will be derision^ for what they will term your sflf-sacri/ire. Let your motto then Ik) resistanxe, until you gain, at least, a pledge of rf.minkration, well guaranteed by national coiii|)HCt, not by the vain promise of some Colonial Secrt'ta^v, r ^'* Deputy, who holds his office for no longer period, tlian to serve ike htm of a predominant party. We are. Gentlemen, jk Your obedient servants GEORGE C. ANDERSON. CONRAD DUNCOME.^ Nassau, 24th December 1831. Tbo ludaon, from Barbadowa, in 15 jarrtvud this iDOnM{|||L hrtffing fmpen of tlia^{a||ei m %r 15th instant, coiitaniing tjomtlon dates to tlie Pb t4$i% a few o( which have Utn politely hnMod to #l Iplits day*s impn^ssion havin^; been in a fofwj fcl stuffi^ be(m|he iaasaiot ARRIVED Dec. 29lb— Sloop Beppo, %pliHt, In ttnlliSI, to C. DoNaTllAlt, ** 3()th Scbr. Farmer's Jlelight, Mke, Ciibd Wood, Tobacco, and Marnialatle. to John TiiOMaoN. II 31 sA Raibadoea PriflMDse, Huilson, Hum and A|phiss<'s, to JoHEPII TllOMPaON. CLEARED, Dec. Slafr^Brig Jesiift, Pile, Am. M'lir. Eclipse, Matttson, SAILED, Dec. dl9t->Am. schr. Hellen Marr, Cornell, Liver|>ool Balliniort Jiobiiii PASSENGER ARRIVED. In the sloop Beppo, from Jamaica: — C. Dontlhaa, Esq. BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO. Nassau, 26th December, 1831. TO THE INDEPENDE.NT ELECTORS OF THE TOWN OF NASSAU. GEfrri.EMEN, An Address to you, published in the Royal Gazette of the 24th instant, by four Gentlemen, who have offered themselves as the only 6t candidates to represent you in the next (general Assembly, has induced us publicly to come forward, thus earlier than we intcndeil, in oppo ition to their claims to public favour. These gentlemen are fourof the twk.vtv-six, who, in a solemn address to their 8uvereign, liavt* declared that the lai^i House o( Asseir.My had publihed falselioods, and that you were no belter tlian ya# i ih u uUi bo. You have known us too long, and we tnisL, too well, to make it necessary that we should t(>stl fy to our |H>Htlcal creed, grounded, as it is, on our Constitution, which has been, in every case, attacked where it was at al| vuluerabh}, by the preaent Executive. Be not deceived by a pretendcil calm : it is hut a lull after the hurricane, — to return upon us with four-fold energy, should you be so lost to tlie jlirnour, as well as to the dignity^ of your country, as to ekct these gentlemen, publicly declaring llieir sentiments as they have done. • Shouhl we have a venal House of Assembly, you may bidoJicii to your property ; aye, and every thing dear to Vi>u will be prostrated at the foot-stool of power — Iniund and pasfuwl, ready for hanging, without even a right to complain, (for why should you complain of your own acts,) and witliout a friend to be found afterwards, among all our colonists. — HecoUectf ** Nkro riDOLBO, whilst Rome wm$ 11 (Signed) We remain, Gentlemen, Your very obedient servants, JOHN STORR, GEORGE P. WOOD, ROBERT TAYLOR, FRANCIS M.MONTELL. TO THE VNBIASSED AND ISDEPENDEST ELECTORS or TUB WESTERN DISTRICT OF THE ISLAND OF NEW PROVIDENCE* Grntlrmrn, We addressed you last, shortly after the dilMilution of the late House of Assembly. We then crave*! yoor suffraefes, to be re-elected, wbenRiH'ver it would please the apers, we tire able t^^ve but uno'^xtiact ; from which it will be seen, tlrattbo agitation of t^ public mind io Great Britain, on |teform, ia Jncroasisg, consequences of tho intemperate discussion, both t of Parliau;et)t, oa tliis question, are of the ftMist alanUMur oaitiro. .„ Tlw London Atlas, of tlic 6th November, gives an account of the Indian Cholera having reacliod England by a Hamburg vessel, at Sunderland, in tlie County ^f Durham, th crew of which, was in excellent health when the veaael plMSitd tlie quaianline establishment} but had scarcely landed, after proceeding up the River Wear, when one man was attacked with tlie Cliolera, wlio, witli his father and son, died in a few liours. The man's wife, wbo was carried to tlic hospital, and the nurse wiio reaooved lier body to tlie dead room, died as suddenly ; and another nurse was in a dying state. At the time of tlie paper going Ui press, no furdicr accounts ha4l been received. From the Barbadoes Mercury ^ 13|A December, Our London Papers received hy the Packet OoUifnch, on Saturday evening last, confirm the greater part of tlie information we communicated to the Public, in tlie Post> script of tliat day's impression, respecting the serious disturbances which have recendy occurred in Bristol ; although we are glad to find that the loss of human life has not been so very great as we were IihI to lielieve from report. In order to afford our readers an op|>ortunity of judging accurately of tlie extent of pro|)erty destroyed, we have published in to~dt.y's Pap'r Some of the most interesting details of these disgraceful occurrences,^ with tlie accompanying observations of such as were eye witnesses of tl>e scene, which must, indeed, liave been one of almost unexampled riot, turbulence and confusion. The followIng b the account of pro|)erty f^estroyed by the rabble : ** 1. Tlie Mansion-bouse. The remaining windows were bioken, the furniture destroyed, and tlie cellars turned inside out. Some got shockingly intoxicated. The house was then burnt. Previously to tlie soldiers withdrawing or retn.>atin^, in the conflict two ^rsons were slmt. 2. Tlie Bridewell, wherusoine of the rioters taken or the prev ious night had been confined, was next attacked, tlie doors forcev!, all tlic prisontrs set free, and the prison was then burnt. This issituat^iin the midst of the city. ** 3. The New Gaol, a fiip large and i ecently-buili prison, in the New-cut, was n^'tt iurced and burnt. ** 4. Old Newgate was tSrtxtstiackrd, forced and burnt. Thus all the three prisons were forced — the pitsoners released— nd the burnt ruiit are all that remain of tliem. ** 5. .\lialf}>ennytoll-hose andgHta, near the PrinceV street RridgOr which had loag boen an annoyance, next appeared in flames. v' 6. The treadmill and prisoners' caiavan were destroyed, and burnt or thrown into tlie Canal. ** 7. The Bishop's Pabce, on College-green, was afterwards attacked, and soon appeared in flames. Tin* College soon followed its fate ** 8. Tlie .Mayor's Housa, in Queen-square, was also attacked and burnt ; and 30 of llie fine houses in this s<{uare tared tlie like fate. The engines on going to put out the (ire were stopped, so diat the file was obliged to exhaust itself. '* 9. Tlie custom house was guttil, the wine consumed, the goods spread alxjut, and tlie whole eventually burnt !*' On the third November. His Majesty held a Privy Council, when a Prodamacon was ordered to be issued, offering areward of £1,000 for the appreh<>niion of any of the Bristol rioters. The most important news respecting Belgium, is the decision of the Cliamber of Representatives in favour of the definitive treaty proposed by the conference. The decision stands thus — for the treaty 59 — against it 38, the measure was therefore can led by a majority of 21. A special commission was to have been iimneduteiy issued for the trial of the Bristol rioters. The friends of Sir C. Wetherell, were, it seems, actively shillinir Loaf d weitrh 2lhs. 6or.., ami thesixp#-nny Loaf it On Monday next, the 2d January^ AT THK VENDUB HOUaK, JLt !• O'clock. A. 1C Will lie s
boxes Barbadoes Arrow Root. Terms — Cahh on delivery. December 3Ut. BY HENRY GREENSLADE ic CO. On Monday ntti, the 2d January^ Immediately afti-r tlie sale at the Vendue House, At tlie Stores of John Storr, Esquire, Will Ih. Sohl, (WUhout Heserre) The Hull, Spars, Sails, Rigging, Anchor, Cabie. Cabia Furniture, iu. 6lc. 6lc. of the American srlMMiiier SaHy, put into this pon in distress, in her passage from Boston, to Norfolk, and condemned under survey. Temis—t ASH. December 31 si. TY~ JOHNSON it SAUNDERS. fW 1 9 Ii "t' On Monday ntrt, the 2d January ^ AT THK VKNIM E HOl^KE, At 10 O'clock. A. X. Will Im< J^d Superfine fresli Flour, Sugar, Rice, Cora, Butter, Lard, Soap, Tobacco, Chairs, Dry Goods, du:. iLc. rma*— CA8H. ALSO--. 6000 feet Pilch Pine PUnk, 1 case Calico, 1 ditto Platiilas, Terms, two months* Credit^ Dereml*er 31st.^ CiiRIST~CH 1 RCH 'i^aS I mm isn. HAVING fix* d the ajtsiae of hrkai* at tin* late of $9 JMT barrel of su{x.>rfine Flour, Ordered, that tho 4 enp:ged in circulating a repce. The out buildings minica, and was seen th*next day burnt m the water's edge. ; \^^y^. i^^en lately thoroughly repeirwl, and tli greater ps^ Several wealtbv Commoners have been nam^d for elevation ; of tlie fences l*sve been n.'wly put up. to the Peerage ; but nothioc yet settled — hit .Via^eHty has declarel bin determination to be guided enthrly by Karl Grey and Ixird Brnngham in this re.pect, althoMgh his Majesty indulaes the hope, thai the lrd8 will grow wiser, as they grow older. • There is still a great deal of mcendiari^m in the English Coootiea; weseedaiJy accounts of the burning of hay-stacks, connricks, bams, &ic. ^ ALSO A tract of Land situated at the Villajre, containlne 2.'5

H ^E^^^^^ JQp^: ..4MH'. t, i*W. tfcftfJltavlMM I did. Uiiviof Uiied iJiig •d •IHmmj % ed If t WH cwioMmry lor n^fcU, Udfl|be w.i.oerii.E TH.Lord OtwucelU wid, (hi he .,,., time muidly ; ji^'^'^J" IJ" "•*'" "^ *** ••"* ''^""' *'-• • u*v M.-d byc,„ "'^""^"-i "ie^ rI.^X^ "^•' l.;*;i^?' 't-lhjfH,le. However plain oJ iMt^-WifJM* tt mit^ht b., it 4'eimHJ to bcequriy out ef Jl o.M,re |y ,r ,h mdde M^q.^^. c,o, to brin^ tlJu ..i. of y,ure wh.oh lb., noble M**rq„^ ,„itjbt brioi 'r-.Hr. •,! wumM d.....nd biru^^lf a, ^.lU, „. wa. able -. WMh chc,ue...>a. he wouW have .bi„7to t or.ll^!" U^'"'*^'*^ ."( ''';"'*'^r^V .id. thai Im r, to P-k..j;, llic noble lord on th*. wcK>l^cl*a, ..^ K.M. H..roM ,1a, tbk.. He bad not ^e„ .ucb co .Tuc I ^. wlun Ikt jierceivc-d a adopierj „ ,be pre.ei occa^ -, Ik. .lK,u^b, 1^ bad ri,rb. to .,H,ak to orcter With rl te Hie iNiye and iXo^UdV parJtm. (Her. IliMmibtIt MM-nlial to the ^gnilv of Hie Houm j iMId MC conluim in thb ttmm of warftft.** 1 The I^M-d ChMiicellor ,— Mj^^fb, in r tjLutjj of iIh, very courteou. nii*ly,.d1Kdl& oUervSwTf fl ai4,fe MarqueM. Tft^l aiywIfcUed upon to iatnt tlie iiohkMarque.. ,n if^j same s|>trit of conciKntion io which he hfii|Mrn pleased to revert to th Mibject of our differ, ena. ^ doing , I beg toj|ftle to Um mmi ttiiftmrn. ediy. that It has been with fh^aiest pain thilC^e m myself compelled to niali observations of that character he bai described as personal attacks up<,n him. I do not however recollect.-^iod 1 shall willingly •hit to have my „H.,„o,y rt^freshed if it be treacherous the M anjpleio|, wli^ l&d a tea-party Z^JT^ ^ the dai^^Xn. Ivif MSXH. ^^^ chiMmiMdi,who dMMio aiHily.aciDrf .•'••I on, P.l.tbte by K*. WflartSr ol^'iiE**^^ woman wbftm Mr. T. knew h^ had 11 rkS^ ^ fc .. -— mnothar veXon JL' I^I^^S!^ nJ he m^^ tiave to give her T^^ rf^*" of her twelfth^' ^ ckiM with tii occasi; *;t "g; .^ .1^ 11 — .^ ...^o..,. II II ue ireacnerous " *^;"k^^-4 Ho not recollect one single instant, m HftMll llfe gone out of my way to attack ibe noblelnarlT;*^l!7" ^^""t'**^^^•*'''^*'P* ^henl have been S LT. "* '"^'T'^I believe that on every occasion on TJ. .7 '^.'"^ *^^ *^**^ re{>ecting any of your o dalnp. I have bet,., provoked to it by l,.ing f.rsf attacked .n>.|f. However, I p^trlectly a^^ree with tlw noble War;il!!r'l IrV '"*^'*';'^'^"'^*'""'^ '*^P*' than that IheMbyorter to make a treaty of peace with the noble MHrqu..>, w.fbout .!. intervention of Prince T,dluvrand Cbem and laugbter)--and the terms of tl treat/ Xli >o that If be will let me alone. I wil, let hi,ra?o„r(ClKM^rsand laagbler.) Or, if the noble Marouens be dis.ncbned to en.^. without son,e furtlier conHideralnV into o ,ok,.n a con.f..ct as. treaty of peace, let there J ^ rure ortrm..,.c bj^ween us* with due notice l^reafte^ to it;c:^' "'""• ^' ""*^*^ ofho^iiities. (Cbi^ ;„d Tlie Marquess of Londooderry.~I readily agree to the noldeand b.rn.d Lord's propos'al, and accipt'tS^ ,re ^^ ^>(j.>.c^ M^H,n ,.Mtenm, aH.nlioed.~YouV horl il)e,|s^ted ttnother vei ticket. X>a||r. ih rule, ahiiay all, and early on the assistant attended t slic had the tea sen] ciinHtance co^iMSf. the expected party, tlie motln^r of 15 chiUrl. "^^ claim her tea, being prevented by indisposh^f'*** mff pr^ut at the table, and it appeared^St^ti^ Y^ nrflipo*ion arose from hei hrving rh^„ -^^ ^ay toiler shtreuth chiid ; her ag^ on frsiJ"^** month, will be only thirty .. ShT has M til*^ '^ tlian once. The party took tea at six .ab^ a "T of the dan>es finished with a pipe of tnbTc'co *S* I'arty is not assembled once in a century ^ " wmihl withilniw his nwliun. Tlic uiKiiion ..r i . -^^ ••"••••nu anu |j<'|i;uif,i an*^i:'!5onaj| a nrle ultra pH^rh about tlie affairs of Portugal H r =n unexct^tumable book. Ii muf L c onrrjl.? ou^'lil to hv,.,1 ,1k.. ....ble .>l .rqui, 10 r,L. IX?. H,..,.,h, .„,„„,. ,„..K.„ .,„„. ni":,;r ''^^^ r -J "••I" tp.-rh ,b.,ue ilw .(bin of I'uriu.,l Til ,1^ t"" ."" I'l""'"! -"I. ihe n..c..iiy „f ,,„.„ lI', an unexceptionable book. |, mu.r L conrede™ I ho M.irquis of Lon.lon.lerry and Lord H Ihe ""'"etmw.uptm which Lord IL^Und ro. to ofder. and sai,!, ,hw wln-n a nobb. lorH w.. „blr.„inir tht-i, lonUhip*. if .^uTi Z^^i i -.^of. w should be caued u;:;rr::?ht'.r:r -Hi recollection, of ,l,o,; co .oi ^ wuh'lrJ'' ""'"'V' l<~.kfur.t.e,f,,„,!T?V'""",^"' '/•• tlwoM 10 -. n,.; fi„d i. i„ r,r„,tt.X"Z"lM;:; ""'r'' Uumao „.uure (n.Z.:iXT:uon •*"*"' -•h.chthcy pre.e„, mmusrel, ronne,iew holi r^n^trd Tet ''"m "•' •ay. But what caa be en..^ ^'•""'' "* '^^ "nablr tti The elastic nZlJl^T^r'^T' "^' '**"" ^^i. ? Heen by .L7u.J aV. M T?"' *^""'*^ "*'*' ^a.e -..;; .^. .o proLo";!^^;z zi; w:rd i co<,r;:: :. r t*had taken a mouthful rf ,„,,:,w,. ^,. i i r *" "• * Fm ii7 "1^ *'"' de icious nearh JTari-t^^rrii^n;;^^^^^^ ^-^-^^ 'h^ -. Seeing a CoroHotion.^A sad mistake wa. „*, at court by the beautiful and celebrated DucbLT? J^ dton.-^hortly before tl.e death of Geor,r7i''^".'r he was greatly indisposed, Miss Gunning, uL kL ''* Oucbess of Hamilton, was presented to his Maiem^?! Kmg, who was particularly pleased with tlie naSs, T pance^lldartlessness of her manner, indulged !1. t conver.K>n with Ijer (irace.-Jn the courLof i.^^ tte h.., Majesty asked her if .!, had seen this, a^ tf ^ had seen thai, and bow she liked this thing, u^ZOl l.ked the other. Ob!" said tl.e I>uche,s fwidT^. .n.„atK>„) I have sc*n every thingVTlJ" .'"J. ^^ tl'Tt^hl^'^t ''''' --^' -;"^^^'-t^-.^ IIT I, L ^''*^,^"""y ot the Moruirch w^LJZ McteJto know what was this wonderful thine ^1 JO anxtou, to see. that he eagerly asked h^ ZT, was. A coronation." replied th.. tboi,jjbih.s, DurL nor was she at all con:iou, of the mLake remade, t.ll the King took lier by tU" lnd with J^ j.nd with a melancholy expresaion, replied. ^ J^ hem! you have not long to wait, you Till .^on ba,?^ wish. Her Gr ace was overwhelme d with confusion. On Saturday night, ConMables Wo^irand ih*. PJrationed a. Glan on tlie Miltown road I^^ihltld t id a lone time since, for the murder of a man naa^ Abern. One of ,1k, fellows wa, discoverer! up in, A^ noy and would not de,lH)p. it {. mLI tt>.* r'u i L ~ — V ri.l... ....k .1 .... tne eDM(*nika <;;< l; . ^_ /oA WtjUy's opinion of a Chancery /?i77-.Thett. owing paBsaq. occurs in the Journal of ,|m, R.v. J W. K under the date of Tbur.lay, the 27.1. of D^n^iak^ m T *~ ^T **'?^'.hcifor whom I had e.uployeJ m d.e ,u.. laU.^cC;,mi.ced against me in Chancery^ 2 ^ZlU "'•^h-' M monster, a Cbanceiy bill A net^ not to have tato^n up 40 lines and stuffed with ^^ stu|..d. sen.M.les5. miprobahl. Im s (many of them qile RoT 4 J' I'" >;^;'-n ^^"urt either of (Vreece '*'''^'^'"^ ^ h' called >>quity in a Ch ristian couotiy T /^/A am/ WW/s.-Tliere i. a whimsical arcouat J lloZTT!"^ ''";' ^^•'*-'"'-'^ dH^^e cities to be tma.i under one bi.lM>p. I, „ ^jj „^, (,j,^^,^^ ,j^ ,L„ • ,. — "inon, a native ot >rotlaad. ts IrUVUr'^T^'^r^*^'"^''"'^ '•hoice ofeitlK^r Ib.h iTkp . h Td**"*?* '"^^"''"'^n replied, that be wo M ? '^^^ •* Ba"'h:" which k-ing mistaken by kk Majesty for boU,." the two bislioprics were fordieii granted him.— rA< Olio. *^ iofow" 1 •A. if. him,.n.„y fron/ bemg i^T^^^iT:;!; s:;'^';^:' •.11 bearwHb me for a few nr^mti^^J^ ^ J^ Hrht with the nobU and learned lord J^l^T'^^i hstened .rreat pleasure to the wl.b he !3h .u every thme pergonal sIh.uM be exrlu.Jfr^f^l''/***' nore r,j>..riallv urw.n the cn-at J^bn^r. ^ L^' I*"'*-''**' COOKheforf. o.: wa, not "IrX i ''** ''*^'" ' trhat I thojht an Ziz] z::rt''J^;::f 7^? gHveorcaslihfiv the r^v DaiftfoJ .1' P'^****"'"*^. hat I then miMle. No iSiv^lrwhL ,1 ''"^"* '"^h were i-iiNip.h..evJt;^rLX/e.r:ith'^ >'^po what he ha. advanced. ..7i2iTL!"*'V.T'* '^^P^* whai he ha. advance^^ ^^^iii^TCZ )h 'tT M some aoble lor.k b^\^ iTJ^r"": <"••^ hear 1