The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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University of Florida
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WeggmIB mW M. MLatr. WEB.ESBAV. ECUBC nBE ta, 1 s1. VL,. I-Me. &,, ,

THllt IAAl A AIROU. eary upon my moives, hoimd take placee whah imlid w Am Jdo aiin C Nr m 111116.
-- l e tishe Haum. I hd always i ned, tht the amres- The tlear r, of whk An islnmi n h esa .b ely
Ua.LUMmu aa3-W3 rSLt aR uAM. 11 . y due from sob gatlma o another, ansd the renpecs a reached he Ins evening, awInd we hates to y i ha1e
Member owes to hi league, deimianded thot ahe one fr e r dear, a it fly aere e te a
UIg ht Sllare per -amm-e -a a s. should nmmuoicate to the k arich a document as this, ha ady plil, the arbitrary, -pmsnil,
before it ~a pre ted. My Honourable Colleague isbn ad ppremi cL m i pl by Sir Jam C.M y
Ig been may ye u Member of this Houe, and for I towadl I Nica, o IU Wen Islmi IlI m
short time its Speaker, OMn ko parliamentary deciirum wm. dm hI Hi M aijmy' imn
better luan I do, and. therefar,, I wait ron is-nga epe La a imn O arm tea aeHat i- boa II mfr al
from hi thit courtly I sld Mever have ihoghit of r. Sir Jams C. &myth's coada e co manM ae an a
f i't. HIvinglard dtkeenistenc of thi doceIaal we believe the rep tr t bhe hi ar iiAmnea of dto ahne
I o'ild my lon. college f a perusal of is, uad the, as, has mre o he mea a MM k mind, -p we
-_-n_-- nad nt till then, it wasu b ld me by him. I do a ln uimatior of othoriy. Wu aid sia lyu t e iaa -
90KTIY complain of my coasitum -l am their servant, and rated in France, Spain, or eve R I InTua
they have a right to coatn my pruceedings, but repetition wesld he allowed to ake plh., aid bhoner
A PEEP INTO THE SANCTUM. thy mi, t have spared tm Implied amrion. They grievous it my be to the fueliug o brave m at he
Old Comical's uee ws rim with delight. might Ihve waited to at whether I had forgetlwe placed in the stuatiio of Mma kNicos, it shows the Ia.
Aml joy i his bear. ook the place of slright, ny promise to sign ty et whenever they dinp- mirable sle of Britils divdiiie, that an oUncwrlred ins
Who he open'd the Budget. ad found he might ary, proved of We as their repmmsentive. I came no tto a situatie, which me civilian would blrk, Mr M op
il tha iltr little oIer. whee hol wrishl fb away; lhli Housae to a sanctuary against the Depauy Marshal. pre-sor ecae is hs supwrier r with le em any
AdK Ie the grelt joy of hi hart he proclaimed. I an leawe the House a free agem, nmed in pmecin dae to ga aiaema. 're Mjrs Nimlls wr coimplhie t
When then from his Soaehn. he locally enclaimml: aga~jpt iel-mmtring aemdite I shall fu my promie Lord Hill, itere can ba d mant, udhm an e as lit-
SIveryI mach thank each kfe. lying Lkave. to my costituentsa, Ia l in be their mem6r Mm, Lde doubt that uia wll be awarded to him ad ik b
Who.i with the los of his owe. my hemour did mae. akilst I aoiee teir aprwev; I Nal act, however, with peciarly gratifying so the writer ta Iarm, tat
lhat Ie y hae tol'd --No matter: tbe sae perfect te om I still owe to Ivy of my constituents who Nicel knows so we da y of a sldior-4m to i
Aid mo aty i telk mt ter well-o.ten py,. hIve signed tiot petition, iipent nd auttichlent, nd to and toh e m fully camp im agita hes whop
Which I poised nt make. if hee I should stay. al I owe fidelity; but though it i i their power to require him.
Alremly re paid mme. ihen. se c. me to ceue ti be heir repesenottive, they hive o right We do ae think it quite fair or chmarldcik of the
Bet I'm glad ne imwaied my deer titl ek t to expect I shall advocate pi'ien contrary at my coa- Bhamiaeh too take adveasag of the siamai is whidc
Aml gave him a chase to he kid to the s victor. My opinion d thr's do not accord, and thems- sudd orders of Sir Jame C. Smyth I ed d .Iar
And spend every dayto examine their s fo we mast part, but no io a -ger. I shall proceed as particularly as we know that he L peVny to -
The I willct eof the m rr il I made. rapidly ith that portion of the public kbsinm which I durable iamoun in the island.
TbFe'a am unniat s ed Irley, but nre ul Old have undertaken, nnd when I nve completed it, I hU Eltract of d I tier from Nsau, dated 0(hh No. 18t .
I would give him a plam, if th teg wma would die; immediately vacate mny seat In ton or twelve days, st Things here are hour getting worse-I am afd.Jr
For a place. he has served me n long and Mo well, te farthest, I mhll effect Ibis purple ; and then my con- Sir James is getting highly ; 'tis melancholy to n ilm
Pr a place, he cooaeten d sach fiiselnei to telL stitrnts will be enabled toeect a reprsentltive, who my way he is getting on. His trasloent of iaJor Nirull,
I aeeale I was sorry to tImr out friend Jack- defend their interests with more ability han myself, iut surpauses ay thing I have ever knows; he hm been
All be did wa to flg poor Quamina's back; certainly with aot more blesty. I hope, too, the repre- venting his ill nature in genel rdere ever sin the
And I'd never have known it. if tht foolish old m, tentative that the contituency to Westmoreliad will re- Major's reL n, ud theI elosed Inemppsa. wi you
ad maot coe with his yarar. swl spoil'd all myp I t y rEtyou
Fr Jack thoh ca colur'd. bimelf is l a turn, may b more to the approbation of y boourable same idea of the dreadful outragI cmitted aglm e
He ws whM I .ed, a nice useful tool. colkague, Ia I hae been, and that e hoourahble old friend. It is gerly bheled hre, by thmot Ies-
There's one I hap pai with a hre silver cup. gentleman may fnd it pleasant be more eoureou to his pectble p of the comm iy. as te mdilt wa pre
And another one' quarrel abhot bnd I tork op. new colleague, than he has ever bmen to me. In vacation moditatle, ad thla Judge anudilands wea druak to l 4
I'm determined to have a Militia parade, my seat. I simll have the pros reculloctioa thea I hraye ItI purposely. Th people hre, are a enraged apit
Trill shew all my foes, I'm not yet afraid. never be.4 actuated by one eieh purlpos. I second tllr the Judge, that he i turned out of society, r nduIotJllow-
For Amus, te Bruain. I care not one ot, motion of my honourrbe Colgie, dint the petition do ed to enitr any house except (uoverrnent bhum, wher
I ows will convince them. they shall g to pot. lie oi de abibL Ad * * aeem to have q nII m l, f(or so on
spaie ichkerli issue.h r vrs n Mr inl n- r p titon by post, to-day, the thee cn of a psibility kp"wy, e pt
Asl a Houe of A.isemhlbv. I trtmlght.t wih plp
oew, lf my maAe s wll.l get myfries in, and as I cuuil nut conceive dhat I, in any iwy, aluded to Mr. * and the Mid Judae Sandilsada. Tlh the i'oachs. the day will yet win. tle hon. niommbr, my colleague, I did not show i to him. Major lIas een bound over is heavy recogniance to pro
Ill keep up my spirits, all yem nry be well. I am lstisfied, that the statelmeas in tin petition in no secute, but it is thought Iht in order to a ve Seamli
Ad then to Lord G*6*o*h, the good news 'll tell." way allude to tie hon. member, r have his commitment from being eapusel. the Governor will irder Lthe AlIe-
IAOO. any wish that he should reign his mt. They aN.. no General no to proeautd. Sir Jame w an hea d
ditroan et to him. Ifhe is determined to resign, ofcourse Columbine yesterday, to sec d breakfast; him hlh wa
ODE TO THE WRITER b)P TWO PETITIONS. he will act, sea matterof rorse, a his own Wudgmet; not even drank, mo was i drmnk a the rperm glen by
Pe ler thee. .... each whining, pali.n, llsghi bht, I repeat, the freehldert of Westmoreln have no tml Naval Ot.ors, who, todo thL every o i a to
Secaume ay two consumptive Brass ae dyig, wish that he should vacate hi mat. be very ttoetive to hin; hb, is fact, h ae s very mac
By arwtga. elom w could they be s g, PeritMio, as mtion of Mr. Berard, ordered to lie on dilted, that even his friedsare afrd to poea t m
i Very oke thyself. in all thy (aoren, table. health. Mr. *eeo. the Poie Maristat, Noi ad
ULhapy. miserable, dismal crmsures. te 0U, o re thr e only pame who ar even me k.
We out wonder theov' lvd l slo long. m the J Ca um. Na t iNe stbe S6. He is me asked to the pa dtheatricals g I ed, hi b a
Wa hut wamnity enal well .ra mr
ctin fromuch rodia dedr Ba Pesiti .-We reserved ylsrday by d mch taned ot of = Yy, as Sandiasd. Tonr
-A m*' esr cano t make a purem of ill;' Blosom, Nama papers to td 16h inst. S whch we friend Esign Hill, aloig with a es all the
We ea to a whale, conwer d shrimp; a marry so ohirve, tki Sir Jam Carmichael lByt tht wee in the, declared SaadndUs wa L.
Whm folly., to put oat each poo irmp eni mn to i the awe I s ia m i of mia Sir Jnae mat for Hill, ad, it is sa thremted Mte, Ir
To nmerm yielding n one dropof o l. oradect wh u e e raded him nr npor ti Be. iperinai m yhg to stad the emmqam m.
The l prithem. fr thy bnllia sih nmoe. ha whe ery hoest m 's oika appne to be a i* m LI ae* yaB, i be iL Ta man
ae wonhleu. for obivior tey sa ripe; raised ageius him. This is particeal4y to be regreMtd Sir Jams sa much, that he hi and o o hammer
Peato their simbar, their date ia o'.er, m a t like te present, wim coacilitisa eM to W BAit K ey, hr corpora, Jand die or baw
Pre to their- as I light my pe. dth order of he dy unery of is MajeaMy's caemlenin amre stotiad, ba WAhi a J*fa r Om rW .
,ch conduct as the inhabitante of the Bahams have to f ; end this, with a view Is v S d d d
JpM he amdi ea em Co complain of, is ewoegh to sange them from 6e ceantry ablsheOly thwartingq he ends o fj)d. to ib
S JAMAICA HOUSE OF ASEMBLY. wh they oweealleiae; nd, however e siaiml w v ictm er fl g. Whm im aan dt
these Islands my appear is the eye of r Ja C. the MLjor was ordered i, "th blond writ algmim
TuuuAt, N.ovember Smyth, he ought to remember, thel they ae in the eth- for some little scc ms lh owed and t" oa e S Ir
Tb. honoror d of a powerfd nation, ea y anxio as tae James, that he sent for te Dlepe y-NMarshl, asd I
V Clrgy Bill was read t second time and co ilt- pommie of them, a the, glod-bye to a trade d him If dere ware any more m rikspgatsMm,ad whe ha
S pPJY. the GbOulpb Sarm.k-i. Jame, if e i a politicim fd l d hei wlma l*ely mmed a vLa Ied m he
mL rieye pvrnsu d the lowlgI peion: bear s in i rcoio, a e a that a pay the seasm, nd mad he By Laed byi
l a'r s. mr of the aBehmeas, (Lord Danmee) by similar con. force, sad this, mely prevent pi prn ---
k Ma. Rire Bmne ter. te doct, strasged the stirmanfs a wa le of the inab- his friend, 8adilwad4 whe L nid thei l to
a' b e /rs t H HemW Ameimp ., tanis. Virginis, frou the mIthe coaltsy, uad himateoly id dreds l. rhed emmusaof 8 d Ilta=o_ m "
b Ihmblo Petition of the ihaime of drove dht powerful government to re ilagae de sa ilhe allyv aglnethlm TahePc h -
,Imor A-nd-- riiy of the Parent stau. It is trea, thetim smnll Iomel tlram e his s i om a neammfa iI dI
iMus-h-That nor Petitioner lasewm mrea to tim, differences of opinion freqaely ed to -is m d i way; he he et a nead ad. Im p
h d, tha Blve Low, whiMc h so lately been uepl m t rm el; but when the EL ive is so series ly sare, t*t Cap. Habson, of the I N., mad 1 ,. ,
paeid as co m into option, is likely again to e di- oppe d to the wishe of the inhabitants, dthe smer a of th Sad Wel l*db Regi.ens. have medv i a I
Sby gi ive enacments, at the s gge i oif paration takes plece the beta and is is h ai evidea d M aj rs 5o me. If emd c ond nr ba ha lr td do
C-i ce. _D. fo mthe e xi.cii *i wok waMY i a y m r y pm; ad, I -d o e .,
's W Petitioners humbly pray your Hoe. Hom thu nothing elm s mi a i re harmn g Ih L i- tialam a I M A I ademNd, i
StMm to hope that no tunrer concesios will Iams. The Govermer, ie bleeding s mctt E- .. am. am c e. 5 c" m ha l h eL
aLbe a L. r ch vi rl mp moa aa the im0ern emai with te Magimrircra, c otL a lamme been ifam d a an y armm esm prepqma, i be
Iihed. ablo degree of ignorance oi doe a of his cas - 6e r aro'I
Am Pethitme wi ever pray. Sir Jam hs ba se to dminiaear s La 'If --
L idlIews 45 sipmtLme] L&me as As f/ed and ma by I o c*as THE LATE PAROCHIAL MEETINO
lr hYy m o ed it should li on t e table. der ," c to c mm me h m I m h p i m H i A e ed ct, in kd T he J a E d nd M arm inog C em a lel ad ta
*. e -et-Belag the individual aluded a, a se of Mr. AndMesa, dhwn a daegae of ignorance of t Is d papn a, m et dla -mmtedWoi mm
W" itelis as m .b f tuh I nd, at C.n civl law Sor which a &oltd-boy e&gh at ha whippedo nmturd in.t at do lsei hdd o L b-
Md eof Ci i uf-," I shal daim k Mr. Andmar's dura er ha beln Inae g to lLad. The fmor pp. i IUea.L ai i. ta bte
t *mying a few word e'er that petition is dip1sed nru-.e may edgiam a O in hads; but i M triI hMd W. Maay'rnd tmMeydas' ma k k fil ig1
al eaccide, I became aware that my omoe- cha er. he ha eshibitd a dpses of amaN werhmy Twads:-
had it in his posseion. Had o a friend of imitation: ad hiln d d eply to Sir Jame w h The soa riingl ad m dd aw igs rld aL e 1
~ mewualdiaRfdn a noftheexistea e oft, sldlead r with ina i est. Three aer MIk ga o h. reml- d d *apim of WMg M1mad MMinh. d
ae ll"ugld with the areranle nsurprir (which my ad i their coma o, as they didained to a under 0 a- genality of popular discateNm. aadkh dwi-a
-m i league, no doulb, deigned me), intending armatr who wria ato mn eard d prove the las, to i 1 emaileeo l i" blaid,
1 n ittrodlction to that very present co-m hi wi and pl am r" ajd, md bll ad wd v a my L I a i

Ad prhow uanny mare sistur6 mih 1 auo,
oilua d, ro,,, or o. t- in lite S way, i f PLUs were not stake t is some Dearest ar, dy,
de" i, 6111 ad i b a, la y 0oo u 0 t d s Your very 01111111

g g the African. a e speak the mia freely, I. would quickly apple, w.. TO
$o VWi tl ies' Go de* den dl rd y writer ad. fi of m d t ly rmhrm FREE AND INDEPENDENT ELzCTf
maawaves PiS3" roundly prid drm 4lce, m t be pronousead to be the oI TER
e L Lr.A 1 01 h-- a D uly, whi o did mt act rmir drad of refuing, a to EASTERN DISTRICT OF THE ILAND
Is a m clos.eras tdl thst a lo briKng oe a OF NEW PROVIDENCE.
a--'atto dw. ground forreIsse It might he asked, did few actuate the r, Oa mr,
kmmadt with theh, of Robiot ButlerI Perhaps no but we amn aly r ua r tertimonials of esteem which we
: =dthe~Ii ld .kts7p,,uI ta- d to
tg swen.1 I pud them3 ai s received fro y *f youIsawes, ndivldully, Mw
SarirW i Cils. Month Ba.iler who makes us illdie peal feeL us forth, to vs as Candidates to repes p
Lme b-sIy metl t mwl mimm aa th Moh eo f ll cIg i nouns sosweetl r general into e the General Assembly ablue a
0min mad e Adm more dam ow f ao o w t we ddo notthink he ever go a e' a vinciroof convened. f
SW l m wedli er -.- -- has been take o weaknLess and lead' y g ieidirsr- y than upon Although, possibly, he task might devolve upes l
by e sc Illoaem h h diareatsdo Gvernmont, and this occasion; and if poamed the means of being whose pretensions toyour favour way, from a aty
nd b le sln to the Irdv, yet etttering Ministry, to dependent, the greater die humne to himelf, that he wa circumstances, stand paramount to our's, yet as
depres d degrade Ves-Ind Proprietor. His
chn degree Wba st-e indi rpr wtorh i omt A truly laughable figresoeof th li rom for the welfare of orsocK, hasits origin i tbei
hlnga w rls ad cir kn to blie aro glance of new member will cut, sould they place of ournativity, and subsequent nurture, weir
slies we do; his property has been sailed, returned; and how will the arrogant youths act ? We trust, it is uneesary fr u to ofor a stronger pledge,~ (
mad h m haure ben ruined. i it then wonderful, with all humility and gratitode, for the home done them will fearlesly dischar our duty towards you, m i
*tt lsb c al dl should have b held, and such ro- by then would-he sraiour of the country ; fr to their waterit may heh so deeply involved in you're.
m e pmed, a t here b Us b t l W sIndiane orts, we look yet to be ndeblted for the ientioi of It has ever been remarked by stati, and tm h
iAt lpa d eu the injuries of the Wet-Indinns u
be an ng at d present-st no period the evident undestasdai. eapighten.edy af. writers upon politicaleconomy, that there is the
I hny of the Oovemrient ms irrlttine. The King of Na=ue, 9bh Decedker, 1831. and surest safety against a common enemy, in "li.
S sad, eahout h life, has been their friend, d the To te Editor of HI B&m A rgus. tical combination, and union; and that there is a
r t hel r ni tey ad ki n P larntr, and h as vindcatd 8as,-The Editor of the Royal Gaette, as usual, full ph for the inroads of such innovators upon our cas
d m enoti and k ofrnte f t b el, s wi o d cws in his paper of t 4h instant, proclaim and natural rights, than jarring interests and polic@d
do Marrm edeod eoCfth dor thme itself, in which tobh public, dhat we have a 6rebrod amon st 186 ouo
tvi of the didae trone olf, t orrwhch Lord We all knew that 20 years ago. It is the self- erences, among a body of cotituents.
MW stsCy rsuadhr dld Mthone of th.he r drdsaome firebrand, thatndeavouredtoenlightenthe Bahaeas, Electors! Wehave tofacecertainevils, ndouroelyh.
S King William a t Fourthr when Duke pf Clre dn in 1816 and 1817; instead of enlightening, however, he guard will be, a Brrm and a unconquerable spirit. Teo
K lint Iheir right and property. Y .et stilltir grle. nearly mst fire to the Colony,o spite of the Salt ponds-the cumb at once,isinevitable ruin; to a.sir, will, if wedd
a unrche cmnle red gai t miscief done, being viable to athis day. He hem now ap- prove ultimately unsuccessful, at least leave an appni
sapamauh l Let the Illltrelsted men speak for them- peered in propria perme, with his last dying publics- eli ae no c f, att l a us
tne. CnL. AferLek f t lh feeling on our pinds, of having duly discharged ourli
(Mle e os e d no by te It will not be at all surpritag, to ouseles, and to our neighbour.
[Hen fClowrtde reaons entered Into by the inh- To aee the Gotemn .dvtisinlg, Who among you does not know, that it is the
blate of Bt Mary and Trelway.l If mad; to facea v cod 5or, and iaest mode of being generous and humane, at dim
Takte vldvertizemem i form.
ADVERTIBEMENT. and expense of another And who amongyoudoes othdle,
Ta U LR O S A o i a (minm y s i' that the present system of things, ha a tendency to sa
As Badir in sane i of e, your latest resourt, into the vort9i of auu crpnm,
I VER B 1AY ,D tCENB'RSM,1 Si saMd o terloo without araaUNnATronr--a step, by which many hope
IAn A vst f oleoK sove dvr Ithe uture plf lives badly speat,ad others Id
The ihw, 1m long au ao alniosly expected, hs at e iti m s he wo b l eough, win the gold voted by a fanatic zeal, fras al idg k
lmi arrive I WAdladerand, at the a iedg of die T o Uan r or t or the Ihet: veruis o4eche Mer, as rewards for rendering the puIe
Council s o PaB ah accounts the Becaus he ha nt w"srewithal,
Coail ynteday, to p the ccoun for the qur, u To pay al l. ways and means less, from a deterioration in idm ,
Hi Esileacy, y and wil their coaie, directed writs If wanted, he can hwe by God' good grace, consequent upon colonial annihilation.
Lto d L W m dia y for tih election of members to An e cleot hnIrtdr f9om his ott lae. Electors! From thecircumunceSof our Colonieldeay,
m rv le OGen Assmbly of them Ilands; and that He' gFt et if yea only do so. from our want of the means of affording a staple Colei
dy wi be call d lgether, to meet for ihe depatch of I am, Sir, export to the mother county, wo are deemed fit for doe
biadem, em t 7th day of February mit. Your ohedient servant, perir ts of fanatical administration, whose euolin
y a ddr in thi day's paper, our reaes will II. are only ommencig their attacks upon our most vild, ml
heb irvet MMose John Sorr, Robert Taylor. Fancis INssae, N. P. 26th December, 18S1. only remaining resouceurc Slanv population! II
N. MetlS, and Georg P. Wood, Esquies, ofir tem- To my well belied brolr 'Frebrande Furimeo. Like those of the wily serpent, you wil f6nd it.
salh, as cdidates, to rpI thi Elector du Mv Da. B~aDT',-What enemy to our name and fa- sidious efforts claked in the guis of widds; ihou
Tra, Ia pposiitdl o d mi d quirt, whi an- daily, could Iwe prompted you to mank so glaring a ex- yield, your only than 'will be dmerioe, for wha 6
-bad t sleT I the Royalwstte of lai Sotnday. P6 of your wammeior defciencies, and truly c oartr will term your sulf-iJs ife.
ZLb amats sad public conduct oktn asa, ii veries, a dose by you in your Circular 2, to the t then sTc unt y
ITh Ieatoee nd public conduct of dhes. gentlessame. es v so n a oo Let your moto then be aEIN.AcE, until yON pl,
ami" o. wet known by su7 seder of this owmen, Baham Electors. How con the difference of two Lpe y motto
ca w ktow y ry ber of I c t. of duty moved by a vendue mBater, eble him tosell at least, a pledge of MrUvNIMEATIO, well gluasf
ty, as reqrany e gislt m rhd. They have hi gds at one half the present prices 1 How could you national compact, not by the vain promise of seoe Colos
ShLrp &e Ia the amey, and ar qte compmest ao make so pplicable a remark toyourown waning facias, Secretary, or hi Deputy, who holds his office for es oLp
o h s m dutL of fre psttive% with p o my, a tblEa popular emeries, and ma mroga period thn to e e tun f prderiai
b am 6io masam, ad redit to themselves; Cee. th a; i you think it arg grnt deptd We are,
,trnea ,e wi mrd, tet you mI now reedy to d-., wa, n We are,
heft I hy w receive thmsppomt y ajutly ha long thought you to be, one whom eiperienee only Uentlmen,
beril, t hma u d o dun m Ed Elctor. i'chPm h- to deuie lsttar." Your cef d'eas, Your obedient servat
AMy il l ph IlaidMip ad werv thing lting which sm to have bees a well received by our Sovenige, GEORGE C. ANDERSON.
*p Nlar mtsI a to dt Po with but e b- a nt draw fort Ia dis, and a yl compliment, Irom CONRAD DIUNCOME.
lIm vw.-h good of Celosy. Earl Oodericla both i tom su icient of your NassA, 24h DeCsber 11.
imof TOO aret aware of ihre ests of t withe I a y a dmission of your mi. NNAV 4th Deember 1_ 1._
I Y- rf d ata of ppgities of the. cqiremn au a SA tIn age, to ae NasAN 26th December, I .L
n lMeadidai ym- -e r wroep ga mnr nd, e nd yes an iqfao iimmrtJiy, i the minds and ameorie TO THE INDEPENDENT ELECTORB OF T
lpe appibr m- a l dam slia d, i oieeqo ce of of the Comms Why wer you so aedlely communi- TOWN OF NAiAU.
io skupn ioro em, ord by the ml ave, to t ll the whom you addriae, me to rNeurn
Srimial vi olad ~~ on the pan of of t f IL de voice of conmmn fome speaks GOLTrLmsm,
tlfrl ieemo who m I f tr uth, yor firt qualification as a member of the BaLam An Addrmse as palblishd in the Royal GOemd
i d p fma v i amrgd e L aismr ureceasiatd is a u isms ietim of a.fer dI o the 94th I er Gentlemen, who hare
he eadm ates of dth I llr s s d p n rie, whose intrinsic worth and cost, was in the themselves le a it candidates to repre.nt yf
a m thi m vry me-ns, e ring to injury by sm- ai of pene for pounds; and a nreprds nt G l A i d s li
.. le In yao Hom ofAsumMy. Wiyoou,then,be l pedantry." u your inecure is precisely of thathe nex GenMll Aimtby, ha iduced .s pubi 1i
ewarm w tn o to srebl min the Only 1n in ie suite of ir J. C. Smythl ncomnend ye to came forward,t u earlier than we ianended, in opp
re or suem very il y urilm pamphlets upon colonial to their daima In public favour. Them gentleis 0
pari Lb you Consider dthe rspmihy which wisl sttia, which CM ite country mre thuan me li /ou of the TwarTrr-s., who, in a solemn addreo
mo i As do a Na'* he th o tt av n ay Lhomeuai d peimnd waro y, as web i ov i, i hade dA that the. l Huas .oa Mi
l- ey- we d In 7 m y .. --. do*cn" p -- t 7yW o m wa l a. .mtd,
.e -a ly, k. hkL pg uw .. sa ..d p a b, _h. b-a -- ... pe l s ain-, a id ta ye wm e a be yo
you mbwld bi.
a w es y,' by dmL i y* bt mary Thim -am l bls a els m, and cockreshas re You have know too log, and we trst, w*A
t h'Sl d'- iL'mm *' t l l o eadly m ps a adg d Pg hnd, f bdgag make it nec mary t e hto i d taM tify to p
SIra la i C*em e toL wPd hyLy; imy s lh dY dom cr e, groulnode, as it on our Cooutiuia, which hI
m .alm& y way, do tha Aum hemdy Bam e y Is a mh v al6n w i, so y r e t.,
d w u &a & ait Joef Yale gi s asI a omelmem of a.--r, bm, ia veryt ce, attacked where is ai at vtUia
o r a _________ would be no haiId eam. And by the preewa Es'rctive. B n deceived by ap'
Sm y dieae B Dan,. was woord of advice at parting; i d ih: it is but a lull aft the br hTirane,-4o reta
S* 1# a ath ed as ate, that of the I a um my min AI hope iP ae si fraternUlty ,md pon as with four-fold energy, shomul you be so lost t o
i g a e a hemhl mmeil, mj do et oma me fo wanting qeliiratioa of wkic ywh ie as wel as the di y, of your eorab. s
p i hi G ms a bm d ( d y f despels md, d the oas wea the g of ur c try
a A. Gege Damne" wis nt on d m al merr d wh you y plae i p a itiv dtit in, leave elect these gentlemes, publicly dllarinig their entli
SOl u" o v aaU wrard pu ,ti rilg to m oaafel ,or if yen wil a they have done.
i ne sly, ougst to have a pplred nmong my a" BoVA," whoi, like ,bbe animal hhla. e ie y Should we have a venal loose of An.c.ubly, .,Y w.


m*odou yW P00*J101; aye, and gaiy , pbe pitlrnei at the fout-emis opf por-me
Sa1. ready for imaging without even a right to
gela (for why houtd yea coamphia of your own sa ,)
rhfilen is loe irM rIes ,mag an our
sae Madso n Na reIN m as o ildi B am
We remain, GeedoIme
Your ver obedist sevamts,

p1li .insBfiMe Eletors f tis District of
f, Idal of New Proeideas.

A certain annymious paper, purportng to be a Cia-
Sandm.oler inlemperate publications, in the form
,wits fictitiou signature, abounding in coarne
md vulear personalities, as well a stalemeOt unautho-
HIl bv foca, having tprmclify" presumed to DICosAT
M Ela bocluor of these Islanda generally, |
We hasten to offer ourselves for representatives or
Hi Disriq;; and as our qualifications are o truly smi-
at, have no small daim upon your Wp*e. The Arst
med,'tis well known, can be of the greatest service to
sr nterests, forum a. happy ersatility of pricipe,
H &~lad As cor three tiosm, during the last five

Th second is one who never can arrolpt a smpe-
ritril over the measul amog you because he is more
Larnwl, aha can just rd ad write, and was once as far
as eipest addio, in his arithmetic. The third i
rather carele about who goes to the wall ; and will pro-
ise to do no mor pJol, or harm, than to vote for a
Speaker. Theb la signed is one who can boas of drmew-
is all eaimel-ies 4aliien's eaters, whether of a po-
liial r privately pecmiry origin; which eaters, he
m mmn to his constituents in expectancy, as a move-
tig PaFoea against Hydrophobin-the proper time, an
er before daylight for taking them, and a quantity no
e thne two gils, nor more titan use quart, according to
g lmreic s JIe h. A false report has gone abroad
d hi was ie expectancy of the ite royalty of Rum
lr, arculated no doubt for Electioneering purposes.
IllSo Deaemh, 18L
sm Vm Crun.-The ship Lavinia. at New York from
ITnCrm. brins to the edltors of the Evening Post files o
n Cemr of Vern Crus, to Ist Nov. Inclusive, and the
at1 Ofkil, of Mexico, to the t7th. Tlte Censor o
Iil oaf October says that the Erid, of Puebl, had an.
uaeed the aparannre of the Cholera Morbu in that city
lMeime. The Board of Health appointed by the MeAicar
pmun, had, on the Ith of October, drawn up their
pioa esa the subject of the means to prevent the introduetiel
dJL helers morbus, in which they recommended a rigit
me of quarantine. The town of Atoyae. a the coast o
tht of Mexico. had been invaded by a band of wretche
sobbl nod and murdered several of the inhabitants.

Fron Me GtOagw CfsuLce.
Opuigf the GOma rirk andI Glasgow m .-Thrmdmi
ata sk and Olaisp Railway war faally opened b!
bapspmsor. in presence of the Lord Provost and magia
Iam l ad number of other odlcial gentlemen belonging t
IllaW and neahbourhod., among whom were some of th
palm in the University. Principal M'Farlan. aad other
ad 6 sy minisers ; besides a number of ladies. At I
dnaideL tmin of carriage were et in order, preceded b
b ~ aio ntea engine, and a band of muaic. each car
igta dtstinlgihed by a eolontd nfag; and st half sp
t La -train. conar(lm of eight arriagea, left 8t. Rolo
e:= s midal the eken of a arge meamblae., who ha
J itnass the ae formal xhibitoe of nlocom
pimaow i aoeMlad. About halr way e Catbridge, whic
,114 mile from the earning point. the ra wia met b
le which had left that place ai the am hour; the n
pit ah ehieh Ibe two train pamed each othe was so
a rmaader it almost impoeaible to e the number i
l Nmt pad.--They wm a hn Ia r n loade
ia. pnolan of the eM h ma wkih the
lg em a ate a els.. lisme lt peas, pig fInt
P&ik and two wgoan with pa iabh tw, e I
e e im neasru-t-al had. AtA Cmeid
W s stoppage of forty minute, rfre
m liberaly f.omLhd i- rhe proprietor
t*Iga d-"in to sethe ith pm d boy bythi
". pasanig of iheleM db the lit
aIL As if easaded at the power which eold move I
h lison independent of their amins e, e one wal
II y tUl they had pad, but scampered of. raria
'J in spite of all the eertiou of their rider, so
S ll l of getting a sight of the taiB, were car
she Ul In b ppal. dhrct oen. bhrm
am Vs avee I lv em bbeit
'l^*apw rtsI.Bmiarod the rawsm of their spek
Monts L Mneo Joh mn nd M'Nap 1exit
a Very lm as e nd I-eg.uely meate
--. m rhie prieipl at of tne veetripeds, at
*th tra starting was aneahed to the rtse of d
_i to maewd by four winches sad a ehain am
jf the fore wheels, and i isa ated like a gig.
am also shows by Mr. Maray, of the Tow

ma WJeni a"t.
5 .In the IntelilUence" departmen of I
,ob feend the aancholy detail of the sici
a. GIon orid that we should say one syllt
thef'"lings of diastrtln and miserv which act)
-'mams t mN'excite in his family and connexiol
yme ore surit er li ti,, remark, thai from the i

07 Eeery pers" slis L. laIS Slutr Iskeda, dfter
flaming rsided theofrrinfo r e dowe fruary DATS, au
- imeany ad t Le &artdu7's OI[e. opot up is sm in
seid Ojrefr.vrurcai DAYSaP mesa 0o liAdePM*Vre-af-
ter spiscd maty time deivg tORTT-FIT1 DAYS, a Tiete
ma be ebjained.
AN017T To OJA#19 TICAETa roF Or rDARTi.g.
11l1 Novemher 0- Thonas, Turnbull.
looth *.iptil ey Wooolls.
1oth Derefhrr Capt. N. Ridd.

1~- 1'V

Thi Hoema ad PrmIb at paeam cemraid
Sby Mnrs. PeIth. The aMem Is saa sd
coll s .aoMt, wi large Khcm -ad washbo
is -aeahdl, cdhair hne ad tal g fr thdme
horse, extended y d ad MgraM= p aM. T i- e iha
have been hay M araa d lb r wiBr pop
of the fences hare hiv Bewl put ap.

A traut cf d im ed at Vd~s ame. sla
acres. It divided by the vill e-rd il two Lt,
weather lot being at ermted by ae Dw ed heading
the village into the Blue hil read This lnad wll be di-
posed ori one or troe l. A W. MILLER
epmN W.MIr IL7.E
September 17th.,


1" 1 s- : W a

_ __IL~. - L-1~-"I-'--^" I-L-L C

meat the deeasma l w induced to dleers the slide4l had taken
pe the befr qurstlm, and after having a the dIamt
spmes he a*r made, ageas the measure, consented to s-
te (as avowed champion of the cause he had before op
padJ) tie County of Dorse with Mr. Hlmke, or arr br
Smomeat in w ha m-aded i defeatiu that Gom otl
mm. his spirit failed him t e drooped he sak ; and hr
demy weeks before his death ad ner s fred the subject of
Reffu or He i rldimestary peeiat apsa It, to be evn-.
tioned Ih hie puece. Mrr. krClt maan amiable. gatoi -
maly private society, very fond of Theatrical poamlna
and omme a tasu and exhibited at times in Partiament meol-
derable ability and medineea. If he had any failing, let them
be forgotten.
IMr. Calcnsa railed n the Rea Bill and pave the vote
which cased the majority of ea in April last. But for thi
the bill would have beea los, and Parliament probably sear

in pementing sh Wlltmanin petition to the Home of
Lorda o Monday, the Marqui of Westinistr took oc-
casion to offer that illustrious asmably some useful hints
respecting the important subject upon which they were
now requited to give their fat. He asked very pithily,
if the Hous of Comuons wished to reform itself, and to
give the people their just influence in that assembly, what
ilth hud lth Peers to interfere 1 The observations made
the Earl of Eldon, were such as Itight have been ex-
cted from him, considering the patty to which be has
long tacked hisoDiniour. He called upon the Poert to do
Icr dJdy, raprdlea of remolutione or petitions, in short to
rejet the bill, lthoug it is demandled by the unanimoui
voice of the Sov'M" his Minuters, and thu people.
We trust then r too much patriotism in the house of
Lords to adopt the advice of the Noble and Learned Lord.
The Pulth troops i the eighibuorhloud of Moilln,
have taken up a boslile position. A proclamation has
been printed, addressed to d Polih nation, calling upon
all capable of bearing arnms to continue the struggle.
On Saturday, about three hundred members of the
House of Commons, who have supporlei Ministers during
the progress of the Reform Bill, sat down to a sumptuous
dinner in the Stationers-lall, Ludgatoe-hill, given by them
to the Lords Althorp and J. Ruasl, as a mark of their ap-
probation and esteem.

Engli-A trick.-Another cae of English trickery, ol
a piece with our wooden nutmegs, has jst occurred to us,
oa reading a London paper, wherein we are rapped o' the
xccomb for some of our nation habit. In Londuo it ii
a generally understood thing, that if you end hair to a
jeweller to be mnt, the chance o hundred to one thai
you receive the hair of a srangUl return. f is i ea
the colour, my they, where's .lerence--i the ma
to the wearer, if he canot dlilih between the two
and if he d- why -e- adm happen, you know.
Think of weeping over the hab of a kitcren girl whi
I has sold out her stock in trade to the fancy hair workers
f under a notion that it is the hair of a beloved daughter
Wife or friend For a lover, l--wlhat sould be a
Sdreadful as tofind the beautiful treass he lad worse fo
years, in shipwreck and battle, next his heart--hornt'per
Shapa from the untouched lorehead of thle wunman who wa
r to marry before tinh going down of another Iuin, cast asid
Into the rubbish drawer of the Jeweller he has trusted, an
I its place supplied from a wholesale repository of braided
f tresses, belonging to-nobody knows who : arranged at
s cording to their colour-shadow passing away into sladou
and lio vanishing inio brighetns-gold into hb-thread
of ael r into sunny beam on alabaster rocks.
There's for you Another touch worthy of special ad
y miretioo, we have just recollected !
They have a way of gr mg a leg of matter, at th
o bakers of London, betwoun breakfast and dinner. It i
e done in this way :-
S These gentry bake-not rest-bake the mutton of
t whole neighbourhood. A dorn legs arrive in the court
Y of a morning, no two of a sisu, and perhaps some varyin
t from half a pound to five or six pounds from others. No'
What doesyour London baker do, with a large'anmili
d and a small credit, or a smaller purrw 1-A large leg
- nnuton he must have, anld a large lg he cannot afford
h buy. Nor would it be safe to steal !-or dignified to be
y1 borrow. Of course, therefore, be has but one cbhe
- He nust make it, or, as they call it there, grie i
SWih tbis view, he buys a very small leg, smaller than h
d malest he finds ruady for the oven. Thi he echUang
y for one that weighs a liule more than hs own. By thia
e. gains perhaoe a quarter, perhaps half a pound, perhia
a more, though it is reckoned safer to begin small, the was
Sfroth cookery being similar here in large amd
- smaller egs.-Having made one exchange or ma
. he tries another and another--ursuing the same court
le until the leg Ie wants for his own family has got i
i growth. By this contrivance you will perceive that a
d body has any thing to complain of-oeat w run
ig Iv you know -nd who woaul mi a pound aof m
Strom a large leg, or half pound from a small one-N.
d Caerier.

~ cll -'.--r~--I-- -T-^


Ats gemal a- d review of lt New P ieMme
Mlitim, thi day, w mdeMad di Hs EnollrEcy w
pleasd t qoerrsahim sa actle, at shm ammer sa w
the ram dl d |AI O g threq withYe. as
were we I as a ms e dielplies of 6thI ese
tve compasteo, ad L general appeaanm ef do cases,
and men. An eaepson wi always arte to every gae-
ral rule, and Colonel Buder wis, asBmes, meat dnplosaMy
deFaest, giving tihe edr fr edSrem ddom g hbetw Ha
cautionary pieu order wu ssued, which cased a gst
deal of cifusion, as well as stre~ on the e o f the
regiment Ils Excellency meeotd deed grated, as
we witnessed, by a smiggel ring a on his couaotnne.
Ii subsequent compliment might, therefore, be "ri put
down one of Madame Opie's Iwitle as.
There were present at the review above alluded to, -
cordingto the returneof the sevrel companies, 871 -
including field officers, officers, non-cema omer, and
private-white, black, and coloued. In the mea
wonder, whet has become of the 380 free coloured fnbw
who signed the TELLOW PrITION I

On his page, on board the brig Eupkhemi, fro 'al
to England, for the recovery of hi health, Capl. P.
Webb, td W. I. Rerinent, youngest Bon of HlT
Webb, Esquire, formerly Comptroller, of the Cmuto
this P on.


P Dec. 25th-H. M. achr. Kaugaro, L. Hookey, Cise
S" Am. hp Corwent, New Orit

S" 27th.-Am. achr. BRey, Tucker, bes
In diress, bound to Noalk.

r Dec. PRth-Am lchr. ellen Marr, Coeall, Mohil

I The brigantine Eleanor, Capt. Dickenson, i 68 days
Sf'roni Liverpool, called off the br this fonmooon,tolad let-
d term, sad hs proceeded oa her voyage to Maute No
d newsapen. The brig Euphemi loe Ltiverpool for thi
- po, 4 days before the Eleanor rilad; suppnd to havn
, put back in a gale of wind, as th latter weot la Belfat,
is where he was detained f-rt-edays,-i hblowlb g e had,
" during the whole time, that ao o mmmuikalad omdd be
- held with the shore.


D vawgar
* HI AVING fied dte meise of uAD a thdMle of
* per irirel of uaprfne Flour, Ordered, that a
(g chilling Loaf do weigh 211. O., and thes ipany Lea
w lib. .. By order of the Vtry.
y, DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Crk.
of VuarTa Roon 6th, December, 1831.
* r]HE SUBSCRIBERS gtar Ifo r byplbar-
t M. gain.
e 6 hhd. cMoi b MHadria Wise,
n 40 dowa do. do. do..
ih I) doma do. Tmer*m do.
p I irunk Gaelrn 's Sime,
te 2 blme Dimseu .
p, Deember 24th.
Sim I LLSOF LAJl O,Bill. of & e, and Blank FI
E D for the Camtao-Houp, for mlI at thi ekm.
a N.B. Job Prting ecIm with maan aed dpmdh
gI on moderate iwm
y. Novm-hw 'a .

._ i-!l ^i i w>, ylfa a a ..' -,^ W-

1I ALJJ PA. kinseh eorl aw pa ma wgs

goUW P* 8imely they y, lawral me os mowt sejeritethght ear estimations de caim of Tempersee Snaemi
7 a.cHMl IU AVoK w.I EroI. 23 ou he IMit,hl.rred a .. Iparticularly lte a .l-r .. .d...l
FA -,nOr "i.V r 3irkto Engloed, nospoinilly as i cam'*al a moment whem The gries discovery," my w .tv e-
cleni d b t e r,& sl str gghaing forlo ti me fredu dof the world, against at lngh came forth l tse a Iia o a dndg,
c,.m a bal Uhsas mod ds deslsiuss alhe dir wl, aad with alll hur eawg iae. Now I think yo te.mpe rate members of uciety ae, the chie
u m(dy)l ,i m o aess fod his ip far riten tiiof willN agree with me dat tlhis ir i the vulgar opinion of musing and perpetuting drmnkmemna. t0.
ntsj e fr t toriulh, ras luiti d E lau.l tl point in (.smion. .. thisgrea tru ll ret rose, is mno known. Whne ,r
thrt reform pr dsirli. The prloripl was n ueasr SY, will reluhembe r wo n t d r t.r o peac to his memly.
.deiAl.r dt lhre tI he I l rl ioiM he cIro imel eamb ne early ll of our military esploi Wree to, done niur fortw ll wdr th n be who ead
I J~rIr d. Tn rab *B Iu itleS i rl nh d ,ny nothing of Ihem, wrIhold be silent alogether on knowLiirdgfIe e m a mw ameai ; ead atriy, a
flsh w nked tIe o. n ( sen Tr en'- I subjects which l, y cny aen ofteines alluded geIr shial walk is te light hlick he im
dke mladeil. plrf d ivaisn tde tl, Ih ..lI by thsie who are fond of esaolling oir own deed. I ba- rm e ld m H' d it me eeD for hbi, Amain
aighs gieml n. sM rtin. i s aIr mu penal the people uyy rather lss of theme s ort of hi u Eupenan igho ve coined to counte aa
I Ame, bi p wr bo talu I Ae s to ud orgu t of H aing us tIr o in udoir nations. I s mure e far lef is md deria ordinary uie at e slstmc, whne u
'.d kini,.dot de measure would eclud" miuimn i tConr i C l mi rid in P meit, or hn Febch ordinary o tr pldo m e n d dthger; a d,aside
t Id do badd answer. welm ., or nd,, ". ord naow lom,* elme ad do ad
hr f ) "eep tel Ihes han Ithri madwer. Tan Oph oClambi-r, eitherof what w ee hndae or of what we of prejudice a patient, urged onwrd by ti
'tr wismpalkel Rir the a*ds ) d h * e.r ran do in this way: no reaoning i nlcetry to show wy they would huledsi rote lIntldnrunlkesmi,
dhai rwas- ilr e n- ie thci I. eri~~eam i ie l te t allusion of this srt should be ousive to an Eng- of ad, to be burst aid buried by the cb
hming a dthe crsw. iln ma d spinst say coadi- lis han. But idow, for iostocoe, does a Frenchman Temperance Societis," hle my, have mb o
dr 'sm i cmre: mad die .ic spch d sithoue all e fas In Engandll You hoag out, your conquered binMe, America truly the e word, but Is nbut a
hcld. i Enabl i w~ icnl if f mntinP the n ol in your cin p l mrchs, pilr y.ur cnoa your parka, ad mir- hae podred ao onparanlled cdma di mg y in
tbaenr a e heaews rlyf luri ,ot l- hi th d clap-iap for the state. nWer he c-W the United KIigdon." u
Mr np meivr, was ooem t Ln.rorl h i of arwich, qured standards too, but they offend the eye of no U And. my another writer, Tempe-ance sleldab
*a p kk Yup prly f e Il 'pipuls of iaronducing veltdr; our captured cannon is in the arsenal, nd other arisen on our darku like the cheering star f
moi irt. th Ilu I os Csam. Miarr lull wis we make ar ludisplay of military Viumiph dean i They now nleah r ne our Eastern bhems a.r. aJ
wrby t hi v bills tir wish In uravoi pa tretpe, aud to ,ev nuial. Rally from luog observation of Europe bright and beaur tsradince of o te bhwof
l't pililil iwer in the binwands f thr people. Aa to md Annria, I must say tha we ar not particularly of- And aRnothler der :-" I would be am sat h -i
virhe suk Ladhs L' osubiitu in dirlu. tly .re fi r p he f lenders in this wey. lide towards our American friends, were we i ai
.qmis Hi Larudl hip ll he llmlu d t ed priiple of s A, I, eto n ted e t waro. ler tbefact We to throw into the shade the obliptioins t der -idal w
iputin ew alopul uy the I dill, d the aunlute complained depr edtinaso our comatrce. and of the 1to the for having originated thi able ae, Ie,
yd tie rdi eiaomion of the. ust i Prlia.mentl. It was npressle of our seaMan. On these points we Iego- names of Washington and othwns ae demarly I
rimel thn, aw what as lim ll n hiappeal to popular ,iaed timn y yrena without rfe Your orders in coun- them or their struggles in the cae of ftreedsm, L
r Lnag, mdu wnt l ren oif t n pp u populIr il ere continued, and Englnd still took our ecam-n, oIler names which will defend to the latest L4
spiMni at that time ti It was this, that of twives pirsons making any lieutenant in her own service a judge of tlle rise deliverers of their country from a ibhran a
who ha l n omust srt Ise d n. whmnom ia thle ospresi national character of the an. I will tell you an once- dreadful by far then tht of any foreign yoke."
Sdrtriir o.inin, oeulyliud h w"ay la tlo tOhe ine" daoe. About five-and-twenty years since, I flrst vi-
She ud o m.doseuts pienle di. de sited Enlglan d. We uledo ti channel ins asnow-lstor, Froa tt Jamuica Cowart.
G rHd t Iuhi ew rsamai he eld parole dliead n ran into nt. Helens' roads and anchored in thick T wing ae h r oti which hoe .u.
e lr. dai e ould r e.r weather. W Lhe it cleared up, we a.found our seles lying The iour ay the le la tn at tio gaeL h
,aa1d p fork ,t .,parat prviia ofte tio t, I aro e . in- r of ai Engltih fleet. I remember the character of tered into by ote Dialve a th (ar general
h islI hu e ui lion Iy atgee ing to Il r p- rLn, e iy, arl as it was no bo n nile tm, o r ou r The dpcloatie of ouri(tp sn) etk
a, bitl(hr, lr.)-rn>tl.r lfn ly itthmelir to i,l ,win-u,,f-wr slld ItIur vinrtha in llal hy. I wil give it to lay before the public b tsin a docum wIl"d *
thb ir l..e of Larli hmenin the a.s tuluo lur i. you in, dil. T aptaiand first ae were Americans, t'e eighls credit o t ihs leaad inodividual who dnin
w iitimml. ile second mare a Portuguese shippel only for the oltward -.-o CouRanT.
passage. The rook was an American nero, and tie Al nmeeting(of Delegates convened in the tewadi
THlE UNITED.ST4TEJl AND DKNG L 4ND. bin bhy an English lad. We had ten before the oesi: of Jngo doe i Vega, on the lSh day of November, na m
T. Ne Me lidy M.iae for Ocloher contains a dmesu, live were Amtrimcn born, one was a Scotch id linued by adjouranent to this td day of Decemer, k
4air ricdl in a to cia|. ail Hall, frm the .en rof hose family Irad enim ted whn he was a child, one was year of our Lord, 1881.
I,.(:Coier hl ericar novelist. I cundulse as f- ossnl. liae arHp ird, one s lane, and one an Eng- Resiced, That our Deputies he appointed e pl
Ibws- lishmn, wolihd bee n weked on our ost, and was Englaud. one to be nolointed by this Weting, Ia las
,,TIh e-inf Mr. 1.11, iipraklng of or avy, is good, worli. li passage home. The weather was no sonmer each county, in such narro as may be appiler d il
butie Isr tIu a isiplilsis u mn- s-were than in n hi .own., char, than a blest *sowdde from one of the ships, and the rouny metins of Dele ates
m d b acrstnl for is lby a proem which is grrtly illn pul vour hi urvop, ndl which i a chief resoun lwhy Euro|K oinl tlse rst of ltli crew huted up their evidences of na- elected by this general meeting.
kews no lietl of Am ric.. Ill svys tUe i Unhlornlin.ia lional character. We were oon boarded and ie crew Reuoided, That the four Deputies, whein a rlemd,
Ibihu of then Oie, with their inkea, of lihertv and was mintered. Mchlbe finest man, and uch the ablest instructed to pruoced to England as soon as pmillhl
epalkty rmqui e a snrog arm to bring ihem ti tlie ie solman we lua, the r mate except, was a man from he purpose of laying a ultemaut of our giierva traosing at s mt Tilis i an opinion, andl nol s Nw' Jersey named Cooke. The lieutenant picked Mon foot of the Throne.
enly displnr of as his Irrt, but in my i i. out by intiicl. Cooke produCd the usual American pro.- Read, That the four Deptiie alo be ih mdla
aeqaly errnesmnM llerr I what I rlnceive to hle tll ttion. h Tis will aol do," aid the lieutenant, I can e every possible means tir deinad land sente
grilb. The ary u e lnitel tate s cread in buy one of tm for two dollars in New York." Will Am the British ation.
17W. M a imc he a am msvigiu of Ite Umitad Statets isld r mked Cooke, producing either document.- R seed, That de four Depeaies be Instractr e
r a oud wldadenslraincrli .durirnggreas copa lIe had a cnificale t discharge from the British frite fr with de Island Agent, ad withe Dii Dlsd
war. Thei rn mr be talkers r *l nmrcha amli. Tih Cambriem, ie d by her captain, G. P. B I Agert ofI A ohe other Colonies.
aNer hbd a r the hiit of mimry command, ad like all Ihink, on a l of having satisfactorily proud te th Rsiabd, Thu the four Deputies be enjoined klS
rw bkgi een tir iea ue. e sangied. I n a o was a mive citMm f e Uniled nsta, tih ingi adhere to the spirit of th decliarioa fra ed by
b adia fct, te were m Ils, alluding served i th ship ones eigh iaeen mathi, if m. ral ein
k. P"lI of dar eow; for k wa rre in a limes morn doe not fail a. The lieutenant was rtgpe ed lu Ths thie fe Desni in am
d tt a goad, mub r. Aaerirun mm would a1 ts. Lulaig sho him, ad hearing so mub thi he required Wai their so the said dui
in a.mlte war. P-erhaps eac crews rcuaird a broken Egibh i awer to his question, he on and that this declaraitom be placed in the hebo dl
am dr si. hmn I Ad Ale oer could fasb ene on anolahr Ian, lhe second-het of our cw. Chairman of thi Meeting, for the purpow of Il
ae medhs Lea, an I tau heat mea nla er henI This man, whos me was (ame, ewas a tive of h their Signatures when elected, and of handing hoe
p a i d i Egd, h he was oiged, as a de city of Now Yrk. He too broht forth his proetion, them, on their depenore for Englnd.
fr whI gerd miladn erchem hl bi o receiving fri m b* s it was m hrdeo kGaines iid merveld Liaheip, Rdesf d, The b four Deputies be inslradm t
twhr lb tity dodrI mm*, e Mnp such M a rd, (ad lbeoas terd rarely in I bhi whom the municate lhei proeedul from time rime by
A han iow m del war with llhad comaenced. liieuem- very colly manwered dlthe would not have his drd lo Jeha Campbel Ehq. th Ch.iran
layen American aw- ad dihead of aoi troue far ming, ad compelled the poor flow o go Mee ting, anm daisa C n reqmeta'
iy i sly me lighter. In every smn with b. We askd Ie name of his ship, and have h st copei of din me is the De erfl s f ah ps
hamn that M hs tha br more easily go- s, p.minng to a ves towaln which his haot did ot ReAised, The ach County be fwoishd wb
mn aNd kind stment dlA tdo Ameran.- r. We d meer iad aines. Our ship smon wel of the ddehratiet.
S iN i aI r things.l The pboipe s Ithu same up Lo w C easd me t o with hbi Reabed, nTht th ELlecdo of tbe Coaly I
S erder oea m ew saskr enatlias Irish far Im personal am of the public ame to aft Ro p11a moones for Tae plake Eeto af psute
rlaies. aed wg baMI their Ihbles ad characters sniviohl d CamIrla We welt. and on camat orf Rea Tin th Deptia ihe r s
-aLme thy hw ge -m dip rd I Mm f iCoas t -I iired to Len, e ResatS t mileaie, bthk mmnil in Engilnd, wish ah
It weh ruire d as a hiso properly day, i ctihl.r discharge, ch e d e melW da dtes wtry propter, ad oth s intermed to a e
asia thu thee voluaoro ob I rpat, of his prid enla. I remer th amesma e prpes them, by cirrlm, -to ild
the La fr as far ar constantly, i error, with whic he eered te srn as it k ere buty. waean rltedium for r ti grlevan
and fa r m tht t of m wihb a me rly I-* serday. H ere I mr ib a pper, ad wse fet yhig h,"
peaMn fwu m dai ea de (e coarih he sa id., fer hey hae keps my dischrp if this dic,. m IWO. CAMPBELL, CAtirs
ew6U re smbiser Witea b met ihs a sad thb Lissee, who laprmad Gaines, carried off Mr. TgA tL Clt Eir, s o-Si
yea I an ra ~e d my e a eat d idu him my prisea." I knw the kter faci to he Hihko, T wai take by Mr. Zinkes, we
d e Ia p eaur, daN I thfe U*"lmed W h -hamn m h was camld o fresh before owing en as agreed to.
o a eare O h pptbl, sad the iy ap M-. .I rerd f him aAerrn dsW,Rsed, That the ainmake od thi mresing e 1
PMld ino tme ly ae d real, di the dIo f atsimpns W e"r him Alems." Mr. Campbell for hi hiLparUal coNdat i Clai
l ar. Hal lV 'a Mng h d ia- Ws he- J0 rekleud bey do hMW of ae SmII-Who en soeoe-t-y W mwhm -0
r pe go a. e h A Le wkea d oiepey a earWth Amel oeni a Amerx Tabpy Plane e a mid s alld 0 aalo
amtEde a a ll 1813 aba ,hi Bedrty, a piat f 110 page, samroltyped, and d cE tle! hts wuch m d ndem 'b ed.
hqnihaw t tLi'meh 1381r5 end ha sipa'Ltd for eHteadwe rhlaMion. L eCbh was semd byH H ill. Cmb aab
wieasahi1se I m pbi ed. IfteiLh On lakis o ver ha pgs, we And maise ia heary a the ebol o tht dage oriifp s d
'4gla "'rlod by pabem he I pri y aishda. f da dir wey Of aideat *si by dift sles, ito Am Englad
4"'1" n* m ie sJ1 I Jdi emel- ae wea i b eraeihe, itds -i- sod
fr hh .I 3m da. 1ot E a who p to Usised Stat, and the aterminti ines as it had piaed in Caselle, i his fral a the death s
a U siend ecomplah ths day ae ed by seery a tim thie Tmp fsmaton wais ca. Pmaeis I. moIdtaly ep mes bti heata that
Lthm a l ar Ir t. pit e o a highways, a I .n d or aim ot he a my rf was em paradie : tis Ie gave gieec-*,rbe ie
ad ho e m e c. I she ot w tl k hi I prs- physicisde, juris, aid divines, upon th subject, do"as cplaied d i to thi sna FFree. Their
14dd m*A hms e al sm p at aI be as ma airrmmanc which bi led to tAs arugeatimon oae f JY--4 an Mie wh ed
oglilmaa happsas to understand the kngense. and has Temperance oiety; I ses th pemus wh, led .the F. M hem that he nevr ml
neton hor;is ss a a e E es sa ulaild.d Tu a id gives an acf count of dth wei 'be 5 o mf tld them at be ser cu s
Z7- -. r in pLc; ="hot ifIs, bad been is P
m se a e t we etsa a i g arde in exerminating the inoi"lr e ad me i m t he ha lice L S
hoa 1to th Englishb uan, nd ma o-wsms udea Spirit from te country; will a great varty f wordst e lwttlent a

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) p. -4 k '* : 1 '' ii r \? / i IHi'kMlAL i*\ULi\Mt:\V. I, \ i IKHIHK OP 1>)KU;4 Octobw .1. PKRCM or Umu WHAtUtVLWyti, IS AIVHWKKTO K%KL OEEV. /W IVarmJiff riit% lUy iiwm of ihe .liffM ult ,oitlH III wliH-ii liMtif lordiiip wfi re jiUttjd. 'I'Ihimj dillicil. .iMh. UiiiJ biH?ii j^nwly muewHHi b> wliat ImJ t;.IU, iV,,,,, the ^B>^>h}mriwlulmiiiuM mi down. Tliat uoUUs curl JmuI ^ki UiefN tUtit by ibM bdl liiv ittimut guveriiimiiC slioul.i .fJaiMf ^HImM. ami tlmt if iIm> did umI |M!i tintt liiJI Um-v w.HiUI Iwv,. ^MuHhioif ii'or**.. (Luud clic.T. fruii. tin, „pfv.iri hmN.,.) I|<., Uwt:vi.r, ,„*( judge (or U,nmAt\ n-W. Ihe Wn, *,id it Ik. f,Mi.,d llmi iiuW Ik. de.crurlive rtf tiile earl iImjv Mil no nUvnviUxv UiX to the bill a^ it *iool, or td lM.-ak ui. il... irovrniMicnl by it, with tb.certainly, *ll'r tiU, of bavMiff ail 5njiilly efliciuMl or oxiotwive niea•wo f rnn tbrusi upMO tbem. [H.-ar.] Not one word iiail t|w* n.d,Ururl iiid as to die effiricncy ol tin. prot)se,i Hi* r(,plc of KuL^and w'as, wbrb..r there were not practical advantai:.., aiuudiu,; tba. >v,bnal itettbiiu ui ol Hit .|.u4iou ul n lorin. He denud tbui it would U; ti. [ClMHfi..] 'J'lie principif of tlie bill oiiee adopted, tkre wa* uo place left to lioUl by ; cban^'e after cljan|/e must %u\{ j/ on, till llie |)^le bad acquired wliai llM-y coiiai.Jrrod to lie a full, free, and fair represe^.talion. [Iliar, Iw-ar.J lu bis cunMiieuce lie belioved tbat tbe grc^i majority ol tia; respectable portion of ttie roinniuiiiiy*were afiaid of tia. bill. [Cbeers from the opjMwiUon bcnclie^, and Ikar, liear," from tlie ministerial b.ncii.j And lie btj^^jed to ask those noble lords who were loud of refe.rintj to tbe feelings of tbe jHM.plu, this one cpient ion— what ws tbe character of the meetings which bad been lately got up with res|K;ct to the bill ? In ^. ., ) *''* *^"""0 "f Vurk Ir. found tlwta re.iuiiition in favoui of ."MHHtotlic known interests | the bdl had been got up, but amongst the list of luimes be H .nd.VKlual piM-rtorefound those of |a;r.sons nJiom he had been figbtini: with upm this question all bi^ life, anible to deny that at the late .deciions, a large majority in favour of tbJ bill had lH.en returned to Uie House of Commons. Delusion had biM-n had lerourse to, and the people bad been in< uce .aater-eagerly as In, wo^ lie invader ol his country. stiU „,„re reJni„ his arm agaiu*t liie cownrdly villain wJl!**^ ^^''^Cfc thua levelled at all that was viriuou;. e^Jl^S spotkjsa. That calumnious pre be defJrf r ^ ^ ol every virtitous freeman would Ix'at w^'h; ^^\ p.r, and all must feel as he did. [Hear llr i^S pre^nt question aflected the constitution of.l 111 and on it decison would depend whether ,1 "^ send down that constitution to their chiblr. '''•""•h inhdel Uborality on one side, and p^.tit^r^lJil demagogues on the other. He bad always b^' J*' ^ that tl* decayed b^ct to tbe nomination borouohs he begged to be understood as expressing no oninion. bul who had pervin not occupied for Besides that, if a bouse-holder ". '" '^"•"•"^ house to anotb.r, he had to r.iold eujrr.Mthe fmiichiv. hliiMMi or iweaty iMontb h|;Med to fr Co:iiiiieiir llir only bar to tlie '"lie ol residiince ai^in. •'' exerdse oC the frhn.bis** Nur was that for there riT'ut"'';"""' '\"r''"' ''"''^''""' ""'""nil w|f ar.iiiniJ ^.:.i. .k. "-'"• iir Ws ord tlMl wa, .la, > ..WrfMc.) hy ,1 rBlonnine party .< llou^ of Lr,l,, le, .U-,„ „v .. a,„l ,l,ey erc r.,l. ,' [Clieers Irum thtt,..,..,t,o,lH.represeM.Hn.,„ ..f the rnunfiesV., ^ d.luti..n ujion iImland • 'ilh re, as grow as was tlie I";;X'*'"-^ XIO. iHM^ebolders. Kvervone .T! . "''•<""''-^' "h tiK, inanufarturin. town, Ihat thet must ex.Tci^ n r^„.:.L....i i : . "*' ^jrlio UM eterrbe n considerable inlbu-nce upon ^Hun tu< .n which tl.v wrr,. niated ; and from tU. ," j -hng t^ c,Min,ies .ba, intbH-nce wa, Mdl fortfj. i .,t Tfljr ''""" "•'"'*' •'' '^'•^•'••rd,hire and .here tb.wb 1 of tbefiHir memlHT* wo;,l<| U. rnnnHNl l.v ,k1 '^**^''*'* lurinir !niHr.>.t (\f \jl i . .'""•*^' ''.^ 'he maniilacir.K . ^'•^'^"^•^^••'•'•^'^•^riewsomeibin.' nH n that county also tl^. m-^ndH-r. would b,. retur.I^hii^ manufacturing inter..,. Tb.. bill .irole::;:^";:^,,':^ ^ •ruhoial interests, fOUnly if nt, pr.qH.rty ,rave iH-nclie,, and cries of •• No no frnm ti5 it ="'y" iM'nrbe, 1 ri.; I • I . ' "•* lria iHtuUis. I In. Ik; said, that the country Uiked to tl-. Hou.*.ol Peer. ,0 do their duty lK,nestlylearl^lv aid wabout liejjtation ; and if they'so dUchar.ed rmno Ifratelul for such comluct. [lieaifltear.] TIk; Noble some remarks to the reverend liencb ** *'•" example. The right revereml -neb were tbe.e not merely to consult their'own M •lual ...lings or ti.e.r own individual interests, but a" he Cuardians of tlie ulH^kchurch; and if tln^.y agreed wtb h..u, lH> truly, and upon tin. be exercirof t^J. r .H..nenrs. that .be biU ua.7..ngerous to the Turcb am to tlaconi,ution, thvy were boon h! .^ biZ.|Or.!"...l-^/'':f'"""*-. ['^^"d <^'H,^rs.] For Was this to sJve tw"'" Ho would save all he coald kl ould not dislrancbis.. unjustly and vainly. He s'pJ.^ .e adrt tW jieasure. To the erection i.^^^ h..routrh, o (ireen wic^i, Woolwich, Finsbury, M.r'^ fccUe had msuperable^objecons. The ellect .luTk o make London a sceneof political excitement and die "on as Fans was. Already bad the bare annom.c^ causc-d this political excitement, and its fruits w ereZ, •on ol trade, and a paralysis of industry. A,ai„ tS clauic was ,n every sliajHobjectionable, .m with ^L gross defeets be thought the co'nimittc. co'uld ni^ il,t [he bd and be would vote against the sc-coml rE hen the three and lenjK.nny clause wa, little. I^Mieri universal sullrage. He must oppose the further JZ of he measure, for this one fa IsTTep could nevoiT^ traced, and its result would l>e .be tbil,^ ing of ll JZ |..werm!";'^'>"f rhe pc^ople. If he adsiK^ll ndividuals iKdd unconstitutional power, tbe could n leas, recover .t. but there was no stepping Uck if ibti a^. er was giv^en to the (icople. Once deMroy tbe e.ju.liC of powiT in the state, and the certain ellect would be tk destruction of the machine. In Kent, nine-.en.h. of a. ix-ople would prefer hi, plan to that of tbe bill. [Hr.i I .!o present government were not en.irled to public mhdence becausi' they had abused th.. King's preroga.ivei. forward this measure. Let the jM-ers do .heir duly loii ^'^g. ibe.r country, and tln^ir (Jod. Their own ex\,i^ was a, stake, and could be secured only by tlie reiecUaW •his measure Le, .hem look at France-tbat cur ^ r urope—and mh: what a spiri, was arising .here. TU J up in ubub all was embarked was among tbe brkm Me who d.^ne.i bis duty would meet .Ikreward of darijon. iJut be knew the lords wo.dd prove ibeiitM-lm •• thy of tbeir ancestors, of their coun.ry. To lord. >|iiii as wel as temjioral be appi.aU-d, whin becalWonArt -....i; MM-,iM. I ne bill rtrofe^ rej^e*enta,.on of th,, ,o the agrir •M esrlu.b. tlie voter, fr.un town,. It dii •••">-", tH, ,K,erity sbo.dd never lllt'Jo'^sa'X"tiH. iZ ;;;n^...ehttiinJdld:;;L;^ i.e democracy and dn? sup,H>rters of the conslS^iiTn ^ he implored then lordship!,' as th<.v p iL tr bi^ri' r they country, .o do their'du.y fearies^ralltnl:!:'^! ^.^ l> and ,o leave the rest in tb*hands of P conscientiodsrovidence and to uti.ig tor tlw members, Im niii.du u a town returning pto^ for tk. town county u)>on delusion u|M>n tlie have a ,H.o account of one fn^hold, and 6r lb •cciHint of tbe otb'?''|HrK.nce a jn-rfect reliance am hewa. sure that relMnce never would be shaken fl^ "?;::-:•] The no,4e b>rd moved as t '^uLad ^ ^ amcadiiicut. y that the d.viMon of cminties tenPrima farit thrs gave treat advantage ,o ib. a year, were to vote That this bdl be rejected. SECOND DAY. • Tuesday, October 4. AtUOlRXF.n DCnATK. U?T '••^l^^""/-?'-"cforni ini.b, j.e popular, but*, that ol the bdl, the whole bill, and nothing but lahill. TW TV was dea.l, and could not lie revived. fHoar.] It ;poketl.e sentimen.s of tbe community, of pronrirtv .mtellec. when h. said thfit tbev would* not sup,H,rt s'l* ure calrula.ed to destroy the equilibrium of the stale, mi the best interests of the country. (Hear, bear.) The firttyear of fr^vellinpoo the LivrriK>ol snd M:.nrhf^ railway b:.^rxp,rpd-H|„rinc a part of the time, how.m. Hirr .• no, fnll acromiHlarion for e.fhcr pa^engrr, or co*. ITT W *'*'"^" P*"*'"'* have .ravelled ... •hole diai^ nd about .S4,0(M. persons sbort dis.aiue,— total of AV^m -aiHl whose farps reacb £99.600 Mg.-a prrnligiow • rlrt, r i!""" P'"*^"^'-*' ^y the carriage of goods . rK^i* rertamed. but „ estimate J a £90.000. This i. *urelT .whi.K*;il' ""^^"^ "'*'"''-^ ^ Kail-roads, and thr fomw^ which rhpy sre •ep,rded bv .he communifv. In thi. c-* TK"*)r "**' '***•* *'" ''"•'•^ pr.titabk andpopl the (,lai.eow and Orank.rk railway was formally op-< h end of September. The U.comorive, perii^ meir journeyH m style, conveying elrRan. camK^ Nouches fille,! with pa.,enKPn. a. ihe r...e of twrn.T m\^ AnhoMT. \x pre^^nrcd another splendid .nuniph olVir*'* sncj art. — Awterwan Vftvtr. 4JRlM}e BllbOJl, Kdilor. WCD.lfEtilOAV, OECiSflBKR 9H, IHJI. VOL. I~]V. XLTIJ^ rtlALIMIIKII rf-WKKKL IN NASSAU, |f. r, Blrht Doilarf per annnm— Za advMM. pitptr. nor any interest to bia", bJm lln -, ,y""-e motives, ni^poj^e of .he ,hip bv tlH. violence of faction ^r '*',''""'*^P^"><*^h1, unawt.1 P"M,c auri.on on invective of a .It of il' "'i' "•-hnous, rancorous 'he 8,. Uwrence, loudlv 111 .. J^^ "^^'r '"*"*''• *"^h professing most ^^''''-. : m loudly tlie princ Shjufnr S.ilf. ^Th^ Montreal (;a?.e„e of the WH ul. nounre. ,ba, it i, the intemion of ibp British (.orrrn-'-n. •• bMo.e of the ,hip, of war a, the Dock Yard s, Kinf.^ ^ he |fh of J;innMry nexl. They rfM*'' 10*; Kine^.on. .Vr, ; Bnrlmp.on It: •** ng most J :'";"'.""!'.'* V • "*** nMM>red..rt .he Hock Yard at Kiwr*** connfry at large, were ufterlv unquali.nyl .o MamI tin. bnow .r P;'P..U election, ,ucb a. lb.: bill would ei ^ rt t ^ W lo afford an adequate, protection w.mbl l,e to adonr v Jv M hjt. (ilenr,] And .ha. :,.,",,::;'r Z •i** r a mo.t imjiorMnt question. W ouki this LiiJ U a nv than any ofilir 1 'l^^ """T^ T'' "^^K^ j "JTI "' '^' IT"' '' '^^'^hV and Cnadn. both on th' '^^ nv ut,Mr .J..,K,t over those who Were mean I *"*"^'^"^"' ^''^ "• ''<:h. or t.M) proud to do it homa-e rllustiious female of .hi* c. rilear '\ "^-"^ '^.^ •r'Po-l / exch;mge. The Tennessee editor must be a -^ POETE.T. mn.ry, iIk' most e\ il{r• er forlMT orivif • r 'iKr -~^?W 1 ll'""'^' '" *'"^ '•^* *^'"'' TZP "l^'r^*"'"' ''-" >--'-Thank vou. a, a^ iunuio,-~„utibebuoa.usm,bulliucmplo;er '^ •^^j '*';^ ''"•'^-nt go it. .Vfiaid you wouhi i-A l*t:t:p INTOTHK SANCTUM. Old ('oinical'-i face was grim with delight. And joy in bis heart, took the plac eof iirtV.xht When he opei.'d (he Huduet, a.xl found he might stay III .hai him a chance to be'kind to the biarkt And sptiid every day to examine .heir hacks The re-. I will cheat of .he promise I m^le. Fnrto turn out some more, |in really afraid There H thai cunning and .rick v. but useful J)ld SIt I would give him a pUice, if the toufrh ones would die for a p ;., e. he has nerred me so long and so well, for a place, he conienied such faUehmxi* ,o tell I contesH I was sorry to turn ou. friend Jack— All he d.d WIS (o flog poor Uuamina-. back ; And I d never have known it. if .hat foob.h old m.n. Mad no. come w,,h his yams, and spoild all mv .dan : {•or Jack, though cream colourd. hmiHelf , a^, foolHe was what I wanted, a nice u,eful tool. There ,* one I hs.e paid with a fine silrer cup, And another one's quarrel about brraJ \ look OD Iw dt-iermined to have a Militia parade. Twill Hbew all my foe,, Im not yet afraid for A Hues, Sr Bruin, I care not one jot, I soon will convince them, they Hball *> to pot Fome tickers Ml i.„ur. for a verv great Bait' And a House of Assomblv. I s.^ijjh.wty will catt. Now. .f ,ny matU mm will get my friend, in. I, oer the Coachs, the day will ye. win III keep up my spiri.,, all'yet n.ay be well. And then to Lord ^••••••U, tlie good news III tell." lAGO. ODE TO THK W RITER OF TWO PETITIONS Forbear thee —., ,„eh wh.n.nK, pubo,?, sijfhiog. Becau,e thy two consumptive Brat, are dy.nV My thtf hf fatten, how could .bey be stron£ Bo rery like .hy.elf. in all thy features. Uahappy, miserable, dismal creatures. We only wonder (ha. they've lived so Ion*. Wha. hut insanity rould well expect ferfection from such radical det'rH t A sowt ear canno. make a purse of silk •** We cannot .o a whale, convert the sbnmp • Hr bal lolly, too. tn put out each poor imp. Tw rnir^ei yielding not one drop of milk. Tlien. prithee, for thy banthng. sigh po more, o worthier,, tor oblivion they are ripe; reace to their slumbers, as their date is o'ej, Peace to th"••' """• "• F-wlr T u"' "" "•"'"' <""<<'•"">. will he •f I'i. W."d ""^ ""' '"?•"" ' "•e itor fullT,. '*''"'"<'" 'II ever pr.y. "r. t ,„Uy,„ ,„,„^d i, ^^,^ y •W„„„Xn,n r •""""•"""•• H'l • • fri*~! '-^^ ,,;':' """• "; "?'•''"' X'rpr^' (which n, 3 '"M introduction to tarv .i,Hii, my nioiives sboidd take place wIh.ii Iklaid it oe.ore the House. I had always imajjined, tba, the courte•y due Irom one lo ai.o.lK.r, and the rvs,Krl a MemlH-r owes to his cdlea^u*., demanded that iIhj oim, should communicate to tin* otln-r ,ucb a docunH.nt as this before ,t was presented. My Honourabb, CoUeauue hav Mig been many yea.s Meml*r of this Hoos*-, ami for no jdmr, time i.s S,H.aker, must know parliamentary decorum better .ban 1 do, and, thirefinv, 1 was wrong in exiM-ctin.. from him that I siipild never have tlKmijbt of ref.mghmi. Hvingla.ardof tlM^exixtence of this documeut I asked my bon. colleague im a perusal of it, and tlie.! and not till then, it was handed i n^. by him. I do not complain of my constitm-nls-I am tlH^ir servant, and hey have a right to censure my proceedings, but tlH-y mi-hi have spared tlie implied asiiersi^m. Tliev might have waited to sHe wla^tbir I bad forgotten Miy promise to resign my seat whenever tbev disaoproved of ae as tbeir represenia-ive. I cauMj not to this House as to a sanctuary against tlie Deputy Marshal. I can leave the House a free agent, needing no 'protection atjaiiwt bMig-suffering crediuirs. 1 nliall f.dfil my promise to n.y cHinstiluents, no longer to he their member then wh,ht I have thetr approval; 1 .ball act, however, with [>erlec, tempi^, I Mill owe to Mny of ,ny constituents who have signed tbat petition, lespettand atiatchnient, and to all I owe bdel.ty ; but tiKmgh i, U in their p<.wer to require nic to cease to be their repres^Mita.ive, thry have no right to expect I shall advocate opinions contrary to my conviction. My opinion and their', do not accord, ind tlierefore we must par,, but not in anger. I ,1^,11 proceed as rapidly with that portion of tlie public busincsT which I have underuken, and wlien I have completed it, I ,ll| mimedia.ely vacate my in ten or twelve days, at I e 'artliest I shall effect this purpose ; and then my cont.tuents will be enabled toelect a representative, who may defend tlie.r interests with more ability tlian myself hot certainly with not more lumesty. I ho|M., too, the ripre•entative that the constituency of Westmortdand will return, may be more to the approbation of y bonouiable colleague, than I have been, and that the honourable gentleman may find it pleassntto be more courteous to his new colleague than be Im, ever been to me. In vacating •y seat. 1 shall have the prond recolb-ction that I hav never l>eH actuate.1 by one el6sh purpose. I wrond tlie motion of my honourable coBesgue, that tin. p^-ution do be on tile tablo. *^ Mr. Finlayson— I receirejl rfe petition by post, to-day, •mi a, I coub not conceive that k, i„ .„y way, alluil to the bon. member, my colleague. I did not sIk;w it to him 1 am sat.Hfieil, that the sta.emenls in tinpe.i.Hin in no way allude to tlie bon member, nor have hi. constituent, any wish that he sliould resign his seat. Tlicy mea.. no,ect to him. If l,e is determined to resiirn. of course be w,||act,asamatterof coune, on his own iomyth, he ought lo remember, that they are in the neiebbourhood of a powerful nation, eagerly ansMMjs to take possession of them, ami tlw'o gcKHl-bye lo #itr trade ihroueh tlie Gulph Stream.— .Sir James, if Im? is a pcditician, s1k>uW bear this in his recollection, as well as that a former Governor of tlie Bahamas, (Lord Daoniore) by similar conduct, estranged tlie sentiments of liie wUIe of Uie inhabitants of Virginia, from the mother CiMinliy. and ultimately drove that |)owerful government to reliel again,! tlie auth*^ riiy of tlie Parent state. It i true, that in small communities, differences of opinion freqtiently Uad to .lie most Irom the Jamau4t Vaurami^ I^orembtr ^h I Iw htter, of wliich tlie foliowiiig u an eitracL only readied us bil> hist evenintf, niid we hasten to by k \m. fore our readers, as it fully coriaborates tlie accoynU whicll we liavo already ,MiblislKNl, of jIk, arbitrary, tyrannical *^nd oppressive cond.H:t, ado,.tel by Sir Jaim-s C. Smviu! towards Major NicolU, of |le Z.\ West India Regim;iH. wlK.. we iH^heve, was an orfice, i„ Hi. MajeMy's i^rvice U-fore the Governor of the Baliamas wj bin ! f ilr we lid'"!* .t" ^'>'*'y^*"<'"*^ • '^-•K^t account. uU..s we be H^vetlH. rejHirt that tinlunar influence of the Baluiwas, has more eliect titan usual upon weak minds tOaced m ..tuations of au.liority. Would'^such tyrannTl/Tr rated in V ranee, Spam, or even Russia 1 I turkcvT^ repetition would la, allowt.l ,o take jilace. ^u.\ bowev!^ grievous it may be to iIh^ f.^li„jj, „f brave man. to be placed ,n tlie of Major Ni.olls. i. shews tieadmirable stale of British dis. iplin*., ,|.at ao officer, p|. ed in a situation, which i.o w.ubl brook, ireata' his onpres^r because lie is his superior officer with tl cmi.tesy I^d H"ir';!^'"*".^'"' *'"'"'• ^•^•"* *i *'^'P'n to L.ord Hill, there can be no doubt, and tln^re can Im as littie doubt that justice will be awarded lo him ; and it i, pecuhar^y gratilying to the writer to learn, that Major N COM. knows so well .lie duty ^ a ..iWier-first to biy, a.|d then manlully complain against tlnise wlio oppress Vire do not think it quite fair or chai.cteriic of ih* Bahamians to take advantage of tlie situation in which ^ sodden orders of Sir James C. Smvth plared the Mair partic-tilarly as we know that Ik, has pr",ierty to a foil J derable amount in tlie island. "^ • "*"• ^V/"4;! ^^ i **'***' ^'"•" SMU, dated :^>.h Nov. I8a|. Ib.ngs here are hourly getting worsc—l am al.uld Sir James is getting flighty ; 'tis nielanchdv lo see tlie way be is ge.ting on. His trea.nient of Map.r Nirulls ir,>asHM. any thing I have ever known ; he ha. been' venting his ill nature in general ordeis ever since tha Major return and iImenchm^d newspa,^.,., wdl give you some Idea of ilie dreadful ootrag, ciHnmitied ag.lisl L oW fr^eml. I. ,s generally bdived l^^re. by the most ,•,. pettable part of tlie commoni.y, that the in,ult was pm"d..ali^l, ami lliat Judge Sandilands wen. drunk to tb. baH ,M,r,iosi.|y. The ,KM>pl In^re, are so enraged acaiuM tlHj JiHlge, that lie is tur.HMl out of society, od aot allowed^f^enj^r any house except (iovernment li^use. where and • „H?m to have ap asvh,iw. for no oiie eoc^ there that ran of a ,i.„ibili.y !.,.> ,:,v. e.ceiK Mr. • • • and tin. said .s..nd,Unds. Tl* Major has bein iMumlover in heavy recognixanee to pro. J^cule. but It IS .bought that in order to save Saoailands from being expMl, .la(iovermir will order llie Attorney. Gem.ral not to prosecute. Sir James went on boa.d the Columbine yesterday, to second breakfast ; his health was no. even drank, nor was H drank at the dipper given be tlie Naval 0(Tic*rs, who. lodo .hem every justice see li be very attentive lo him ; but. m fact, be u so very much disliked, that even his friends a r^TfraTdViirZ^^b!! Mr. •••• tlH. Police Magistrate. .%Uitt, ami opposed to the wisbes of the inhabiianU, ,^. ^. para.ion takes place the better, and it'is quite evident! from llie excitement which now exists in the Babamas,* that nothing el^ie will restore harmony among the inliabitants. TIm5 (Sovernor. in blending his functions as Kxeculive with the Magwterial character, exhibits a lamentable degree of itfnorance of tlw* biws of his country ? Sir James ha, liei-n sent to administer tlie Amrs of the Bahamas as he found thrm, and not by ** (irntral OrrUrt*' to construe them as he pleases. Hig conduct, in tlie case of Mr. Anderson, shews a degree of ignorance of civil law, for which a school-boy ought to be whipped, Mr. Anderson's character has been too long established to require any eubigium at our hands ; but. in bis Mapisterial character, he has exhibited a degree of firmness worthy of imitation : and his dignified reply to Sir James will be read with interest. '^'^ --l • health. u V ? ""'^ ^^*^'* ^^ ^^ •^••" *•' him. Me M not asked t*. the privaia theatricals : indeed be is aa much turned o.u of sodwy, a. Sandilanda. Yoii younr Inend Ln.ign Hdl, along with alnH>st .11 the geatlen.el[ that were in tin. ball-r.Him, d^rclaredSandlands was drunk Sir James sent for H.ll, and. it is iir*. tbre.tened him if ha persisted .n saying so, to stand the consequences. Hill replied, I assure you. Sir, he wasdr^ink. This enrafd S>.r JaiiM^ so n.u< h. that he has issued orders. trmupiZ tng KM to Salt Key, where s corporal, and three or finir men are stationed, iwf If Aer no ofctr was ertr sent he^ fr^; and this, with a view to save Sandilands. and ibu. absolutely the ends of j,tice. to ratify bis own vindictive feelings. Wl„ the inhabitants Lard ihac tbe Major was ordered off. they issued wriu against h.m. for *.me ht.le accoonis he owed, and this so enr.ged S.r Janit.., that he sent for the Deputv-Mar.hal. and a.k>d hmi If there were any more writs against him. and when h bmnd tlie whole only amounted to £7t sent word that be would pay the amount, x^A f%d the Majoi on boarrf by force, and tbi,. merely to prevenl the prosecution again^ hisfnend. .Samlilands. whohas indicted tbe Majorbesides, he dread, the con.,|uenc^. of Sandilands beine p^nseniled, as all th' comaninity are againtt him. The P.dice MagHtrate lias Un going alnnit, secki^vc for aflidavits in tba old way ; but l wUI not succr^ ; and. I am ha'ppv to unph^asant re,ul.s ; but when ,h. Executive is so seriously [ 'a.e. that Capt. Hobson. of tlie R. N.. .Jl!^ /fiu Ihe sooner a se; of tin2nd West India Regi.jeni, have made aflfidat h Quite eviretty pass ; and, I thar.b Heaven. that I am only a Militia-man. I und^r,iand, Sir James has not sent any charues against the Major, nor has bo been informed of any deviatioo froui propriety, nor is bo even under arrest f** that yeryj^asani coium^o1 bis wUI and pkasurc !" THF. LATE PAROCHIAL MEETINGS. The John Bull and M.n-ning Chronicle had copied fnm ine I Mia lid papers, most of tb' resolutions whicb bad bea enteretl intc at the bite me*>.ings. held ihrougboot ibe Island. The former paper, in introducing tlw Trebway* and St. Mary's resolutions, makes the AtUowkkg observations : — rw.. "^ 'li T "'"•"""" "^ Tlie n-..i strikinip and awful nvn* of the feeatMMM ..... ^. ......... w..,. Three other Maeistrates have reairw..rt, .u /i ti i ^, VT '""•^tibwos, .. .L I I J "^ .*' resignunder the auspices of ilie V\ hw Monrrt^l Minanrv a/w thm ed their conimi,sions, as they disdamcnl to art under a Go*„e. r i j*vf^itrf mmmry, ara tno -, I k^ J J .. '^ ^*"<^'^'>y " popular discontent, and llie simohaoeousn*^ vernor who wishes to amend and improve the bws to Miit i ^r — .• i j t r • • """eom'ss • • jL.a^rc |M • *•* •"" **' ••••"nal deerada.Km. tngUnd is insolted, Uughed at. Jicasurc | rmu^'A ;.i*t l>.illL

>**.; W^E .(jjiMl*,'' • I. nil \% J _. / f .1 Hi' J i ,' i ' ;if • brood ol .luik. in a mill-poiMl, wMumi numm or Imim-(, I '"'''' '"*"^ """'" *'?"'"^ ""^''" ^ 'tllrawii predion, aud tangible iltmon:.tration. T! •% provkkd ikie nxtiimHl honour is ihH to be suiiiMM-icd, ami | '" *''*^ *^*"**^ **^'*-^' '' y^'"<^** ^^'f ''' "' ^^'^^^' ^ ^^ "-• ""*• ^ iflr NMiOiitf rhmiirlrf nwliifainerf. Ugnol amomliiMMit, it i gni,!, wkw men try to atom) lor Hearest IJiaruly, s m Wkiiii .4. .4.:.^..i^ .:_._.i -i. .1 .. .1. • .... .. Your vcrv afTu^tiA..^. V itt^ Nltioiitf rhmnrtrr Kwliifainerf. I ••gn of amoniJiiMint, it u shmI, wIkwi men try to atom) lor • WkU 4ll tktiM lfcin^iW#nHrtin,f— wliifcfilic hlowly | tbt-ir error*; and if the jwotlttMien could be allowed to Tn-aAoMtsd (bkg fUmtM trnimuliautiy on thtA frirnn chores HM^iik r..i../i. r, i • 1 1 • 1 1 dr Hie HMftel^awn, and* brat^ the bree^' 0^0^ il^-k lln^ir n ,nd, freely, u would qu.ckly appear, hc~ ^ -* .'r,,^.^,, •„,„„, ,.v vtmw%j im; !/?<,•; on ine Mtttof the stolen PuftUf MM flmt — while it waves proiuJIy over the forntfrr m enet of Br iti.e lies and liU'ls aswell ai we do; hi prop'rty has hoen assailed, urid hisfbrtuncts have hoen ruined. Is it then wonderful' that such meetings should have been hehl, and such reidutions {Nused, as those we Inre ibbniil ? •* At no fieriod could ihe injuries of the West-Indians be sii^allinp as at tiK. present—at no |>eriostility of ih f ioverninent so irritating. Tlu; Kinp of Entjland, throughout his life, has Ixn^n their friend, and the friend of their intnn-its ; in Parliament, be ha* vindicated the hu.oanity ,.d kindness of the [.ianter, and has proved tlie confentedneM and comfort of the slave— nay, even to the earnest vindication of the slave trade itsidf," 'in which .^"'^-^ *'''*T""'' '"^ '''** w-o— none of the horrors wb.rR were o ably caricatured by the canters of the day, di.f Ktnc W dha.o Ihe Fourth, when Duke of Claren4 ilMiH.f.'un fheir rifhtx and profjertv. Vet still'their priev-* an ,. ,.u,. .!,. .M.d— the ralumnies raised airainst them urjpun.Hhed. Let the ill-treated men sixak for them[Here follow the rsoliitions rntertHl into by the inhabitants of Sf. Marv and Trelawnv] titer the worthj^ writer and framer of (hat truly ridiculout and lying document, might not be pronounced to be the only one who did not act under dread of refusing, as to consequences. It mi},dit be asked, did fear actuate the rich'' Robert Butler ? Perliaps not ; but we can only remark as to Butler, who makes m all the proverb feel. The larijesi eaJt, m not \he sweetest veal, that we do not think he over gave a more convincing proof of weakness and Icafiing strin/^ idiosyncrasy, than uj)on this occasion ; and if ho*j)osses.sed the means of being inde|M>ndenl, thrs from arrogance of new members" will cut, should they bs. in this day's paper, our readers will ob.rve that Messrs. John Storr, Robert Taylor. Francis W. Mootell, .nd(.eorge P. Wood, K.squiie., offer them•elve., as candidates, to represent the Electors of this Town, .n opposulon to the prspcc/*/, ^juarto, who an^nctHl ,hem,lve. in the Royal ^u.jte of bst Saturday 'F' I F, N^MAU, 2oth December, 1831. lo the Editor of the Bahama Argus. .Sir,— The Editor of the Royal Ciasette, as usual, full of oid ne,rs in his paper of the 24th instant, proclain.s to the P"/>l'^/'a;;;" have a firebrand amongst us. Good Lord W e all knew that 20 years ago. It is the self.same firebrand that endeavoured to enlighten tiie Bahamas, in 1816 and 1817 ; instead of enlightening, however, he nearly set fire to the Colony, in spite of the Salt ponds-the mischiel done, beini: visible to this day. He has now at>. fieared in propria permnut, with his last ^^^iW publication. After this ^61 If wilJ not be at all nurprising. To see the Oenfleman advertising, It uiad ; to lace a second storm. Take an adverli.scment in form AnVKRTISFMEXT. # A Man not sujftnnfr (torn his ace, Would very readily engage, As Butler to S4>me ma of sute. And orerlook the plat^ j hut should the pUie ky chance be carried off Ami not a hoghead u/ bottle kit.— He hs tu sav, he won^l be fool enouuh. 1 o anawer lor the leek&ge or the theft. Because he ha^ nut wherewithal, If wanted, he can hare, by Oods good grace. An esc lent cA.,mvereig.. E.rl "" ""ll™ly c.,„.„,u„i- ./ -mW '7V'''7'.>'' ''l"'od. no, ,o return I V '"^^' 'l"ahcation as a member of tUm n i £iim'i./a,-„j. (rlw... In,,. ™~iool tjete Imt pr,.,r,io„ „f wm^ r"""^ T"* "'' "'• • i" 'he i.nJA.Jp,:,rrv" '" P"""''" -'"1 . rrp-r,!, "A^ u .r or/.,,, ,,.rv JI/;ii^!^' rec„„,„,„d ,„ .iiic,. , ^, u!* r^ 1>'."|.IJ. upon c„l„„i,| "f -^. Dearest I}ia ndy. Your very affectionate Kr.^ ** TO THl FREE AND INDEPENDENT ELECTOR. EASTERN DISTRICT OF THK IgiANn OF NEW PKOVIDKNCE. Genti.emrn, The flattering testimonials of esteem which we LL received from many of yourselves, individuals us forth, to offer ourselves as Candidates to represent general interests, in the General Assembly about i!T convened. • Although, pojisihly, the task might devolve upon nu. whoHc pretensions to your favour may, from a var^*!! circumstances, stanoliticIutf! ferences, amonir a body of constituents. Electors We have to face certain evils, and our only fr. guard will be, a firm and an unconquerable spirit. T,. cumb at once, is inevitable riin ; to rk,st, will, if we Avli prove ultimately unsuccessful, at legist leave an appreria, leehng on our piinds, of having duly discharged ourdut to ourselves, and to our neighbour. Who among you doc^s not know, that it is the eaiint and safest mode of being generous and humane, at theriU and expenseof another? And whoamongyou does nolk„ that the present system of things, has a tendency to ..J your latett resources, into the vortex of EUKSvirA-nm, witlMJut REMUNttAT.oN-a Step, by which many hope ,.: cover tlK, future ill. pf lives badly •pent,tnd otlu^rs^aku win the gold voted by a fanatic teal, from an alnjady mH verislKHl exchequer, as rewards for rendering tlie woeni ways and means Jess, from a deterioration in OMaarrcc consequent upon colonial annihilation. Electors! Erom the circumstances of our Colonial deay. from otir want of the means of affording a staple Colaaiil ex,>ort to the mother country wa are deemed fit for tlM pertmmts of a fanatical administration, whose emissarin are only cow c„n„^ their attacks u|>on ogr most vital, ui only remaining resource,— our Slave population ! Like those of the wily serpent, you will find their issidious efforts cloaked in the guise of wisdom ; i.ookly yield, your ordytbaa^, will be derision, for what tWf will term your self^satrijice. Let your motto then be iie8I8ta1ce. until yoa pm, at least, a pledge of RrMUNF.RATicN, well gnHranifcd H national compact, not by the vain promise of some CokJ ^eci-etary. or hi. Deputy, who hohls his office fi.r no \o^ period, than to ^-rrc the turn of a prrdominant party. We are, Oenilemen, Your obedient servaais OKORCiE C. ANDERSON. Namap, 24tb Derember iKil. We art; authorised to statP th.. tl > '""ii"n, l,.„c i and. ron.,uen.K. o.„.. ao, ,o have a„.ared Z: \ r ri'lL^n,: Ti^^^^'^C ,.r .f ... ..„ -I'o. liieth.. a.ui i,OH. mie tbev v>,' ,^ ^, Nabau, 2r>ib December, iWl. TO THE LNDEPKNDENT ELECTORS OF THE TOW.N OF NAJ^AU. GEJITLEStEN-, An Address to you, published in the Royal Oawtte rf he ;^4th instant, by f„ur Gentlemen, who have offcrtd themselves as .he on/^, fit candidates to represent y. *t"e n.^t General Assembly, has imiuced us public!) H conie forward, thus earlier than we intended, in o,,po, their claims to public favour. Tln^se gentieme. are lour of the TWF.NTv.8ix, who, in a solemn address to rivir overgn, have declared that the la*t JUe of Am^l ^•d published fabehood.. and that yoo were no better tlyou shoald b.. You have known os too long, and we trust, too well.t^ make it necessary that we should teify to oar politic.1 creed, gronnde,!. as it i,, on our Constilution, which l ^n^in every case, attacked wWe U w** at all vulnembK >y the present Ex.^tive. Be not ie^oi^e^ by a prrteiwii <-lm : it i, but a lull after the brrirane,-to ref-n. ''r>n .., with four-fidd energy. ,bo.dd you be ^ lost to the nonour^, well as ,o the digr^Uy^ of votir rf,.m/r^ o elect these gentlemen, puUicly declaring their sentimr.* as tlM'V have done. Sl.ubl we have a venal House of Assembly, you*r tffS'msSt / i^:if) M* 9^9 Mn'tifima sir^r^ bJd'W'Vl your ;/r*^/^y; aye, and cverv thing dear loraeiufhTdec;^^^^^^^ _^ you will U, pro-trated at the f..ot-s,.H,l of power-bound l>oo the Reform que^nZllrJi^r'l^JLr^^ wkJ gHi;:ietl. ready fi>r hanging, without even a right to T,''?^' ''" ^^rm.A., ;mau,s, the me.^ure. con Jml^j J' e caiHain. (tor why should you complain of ycmr own acu.) I posedTth: C^:! ^l' Z':''; ^l.i'MrT /"* *"'' '^'^'^ 'V ,1^ wilh.^. friend tofb fomd afterward., among all our '^ "'"'"''" '" -hich be .ueceeded in defeZ;r,.™'''r: ^""" btmiing. We remain. Gentlemen, Your very obe. "^ (Jknti.kmk.v, A certain anonymous pa|M'r, purporting to be a Circvuifk ^nd otljer inte.npcTaie publications, in the tWm (^ k'tters, wHh fictitious signatures, abounding in coarse ,„.M-.d,ar ^>ersonahties, as well as statements unauthor,^ji bv tacts having unpru.U,ulypresumed to Dictate to (lie Electors of these Islands generally many eek. before hi. death had nem ..W ."^ T*^ ^ Reform or the ^^'^^^r^J^ty^^^^^ -' t-oned .„ h.. presence. Mr' talcraf. 7^ TJiJ^u 'T" manly „.„,.„ p,i,,„ t-nd of TheTi; 111' '^''""*'' and amu.ementH, and exh.bLl ai, V„ VlT *"""'!• derabie abdity and readine.s. U be Tad a.y lll.t'^rtr^K ''" be forguiien. ^ '"'lings, lei them [Mr. Caleraft ratted on the Refniii Riii i the bi would haveb.-n t^.^r .! i> i ""' '"' ^^* dissulvoti.j '"'^ ''"•'" '"•'' "^ larUu,ueut probably never REVIEW OF THE MILITlJ In presenting the Wtminster petition to fb IL. r Lords on Monday, ,be Mar.juis ol",. ^^ ,f """^ casion to offer that illustriois asseinb v Z ^^ • "'" res,>ecting the important subjocH "on ^ .T "' iT L7r'"' to .ive their fL H'e'Lr^d' ve y^ itld^^ It the House of Coninioiis wisliwl m rtCo.., ,•,„., "'j;' . ^ .. .. ...„ ..a„u. g„nur.ny J iv 'kI'. fo/.T,' '" '"'"''"' ,' I''"' "'''^ade TO ia Inn ii>ii/>li not.:...: . ; — r-KJ /c/*tHuy o\ pnncwle, UAn^ turned his coat ihti,^ u,„es, during the last five years. The second is one who never can arrogate a suve^ mri/j, over the meancs/ among you, because he is more Earned, as he can just read and write, and was once as far %s compound addUton, in his arithmetic. The third is rathercarolessabout who goes to the wall ; and will nro nnse to do no more good, or harm, than to vote for a Speaker. I Ik, last s.^Mud is one who can boast of /,„! ta. all animosities in obhvton's waters, whether of a uol.iiral or pnva.ely ;,cc,./ary origin; which waters, he ...on.niend. to hi. constituents in expectancy, as a sive^ .? Panacea aga.nst Hydropbobia-ihe projUr time an ur before daylight for taking them, and a quanthy not j.^ .ban two gilN. ,.or more than o.e quan, according to ^to^achc strength. A false rejJt ha.; gone allad at IH. was in expectancy of tin, ,L royalty of Rum Key. circulated no doulit for Electioneering purposT LUDOVICU8 KELI. P^'P"*^' BOMBASTES BUCKSKLN. li^i. n ^?"^>'B*:RG HOBHOUSE. 24th Dacemher, ldl. We trust .hero i. too much pattiotisVn "irthr,/""^"';. Lor^s to adopt the advice of tl^Nob,ran Letned lLci' been ^^zi!:::;^ tKh t;:,r '::r^"" '-all capable of bearing arms to contturtrsU:"!:.''' "^'"" Hou^ oi r '' '^"? '^''^ ''""'^^^-J "-"'-' of the House ol t-oninions, who have suimoi ted Minivi-.r. the progress of the Reform Bill, ii^t d^wn Isu. h m'"^ Mini f."". "•"•"-.d review of ,he New Pro,i.fe„„ Md..,. ,h„ day. ,. uudemand Ihat Hi. Excellency ... pleMj ,o„pr. bU ,i.fac.i„„. ., ,ho ..anner i. which were we „ fc,„ j^,^^ ^^ ^ ^^ and „ e„. An,. will .I„.v. „;„ ,„ „,„ J r.l rule and Colonel Buderwa., a.usua,, .„,, J.;,1I ./. g,v.„, ,h order f„, ,,^, ^j,,,^ JJ"^ caunonary^ew order w., i„„„d. which cauv-d ,Z deal of confu.,on, a, well a. Mre. on .he centre oMh. reg,n,en.. I|„ Excellency ...n.ed M„.l graiiJtJT. wc „.need. by a „;^^c,.,K ™rcr on hi. counuln'c. " .ubqun. co.n,.li„,e„. ,„ifl,,, ,l„.rel„re. beWrlv out down a, one of Madame Opie', ^Aiu „,. ^^ TlK>re were ,„e^.n. a. the rei..w above alLnled to. ac cordtngto the re.ur„,„f the .veral ron,,,.nie.. 271 nn_ -eluding Held officer,, otficer.. non-Lmi^ioner. and p,.va.o_w.,i.e. black, and colou^l. ,„ ,h. ZL"^ wonder, w ,„, ha, bec„„,e of tl 3H0 free coloured fellow,. who ..goed the KM.„.v ETITIuvT DIED," On hi. pOMUtge, „„ board the brie Eiinhemi,, fmn. .ki. wlli V • • r "*'^"*. youngest Son of Harrv WeM,^Fsquire, foriuerly Comptroller, of the Cuato";?! ^Fem Cnc.-The ship Lavin.a. at New York from %u/ro OAri^z/. of Mex CO tl the *7th Tr'V""'' '^' ^^^Uo( October .,v, tha he ^U' of JlluTT "^ •ooncedthe ame;,r;.„re of the ChVl ^ l-^ ^"'' *MdMeiieo ThR ir u f'''''^'^" A/orAu* in that city •J*^. rhe Board of Health appointed by the Mexican f'^wameot, had, on the liih nf t\l^i. J "'c .Tirxican •|MK)nQthe,ubV(.to."^h..nM "' "'^'*''^ drawn up their wTbe cholera morbus in Xch lb ^'*""*"' '*"' -ntroduction .->m of ^uarrtme The town 'f'L "''"'"'"'^"!'<^ ""1 ^ South'of Mexico, ha I bVe^Tnv^LedZ^^a"^^^ '''"'k"' •^"^t-i aud murdered several of ihe ^ abiTa't:' ""^''" *BnMKwH> i„ n.iiwav was formally opened bv *™j.n.l i,.,rM,l.?,h 1 "''''^'"' Ifnllemeo belonging to -^r,!""';" •-"•'''-•."' .die';:'' ^^.-j En/iluk trick, — Another caw of Enolish trickerv „f :rdi::"rr r''-" "'""7'' •"" j---:STi'u coxcomb or ,ome of our national habit.. I„ London ,t i, ie^ l^r t'T'^T'r' u"''"' '^' 'f >"" '' ••' •" C • ^ "T'"^ ''"'"'="• "• ''""d"^ 10 one that yi receive ,1 ha,, of a ,.ra„ger!n nturn. If j, ?. „^ he colour. „y they, where', the di.Ur.„.e_.ll t ^Z T ^ ^' "'•>-"""•''*. ^/ happen, you km>w Th^nk of weeping over tW hair of a Ti.dL giri who l sold out her .took in trade to the lancy hair workerV vrrii.^'"I "'*.'*""'''"""'•<' ""d -or. f" ha, Iron, the untoucbeil f„r.b.d of the ,„na„ who wa. to marry before tlie going down of another .,in, ca.t a.wje t" "^i c:""*'"'! iT" "' ""J""-""' 'ITU. "l. "and t. pUce .u,;d from a wbiJcle repo.iiorv ol bra,ded d lil. "'!^7.'"l"-'^— l-^-low pas,i„th~H.M..chr Kangaroo; Lt. Hookey. Crui27lh-Am. .chr. Sally, T.cker, "^ Rosto. In dtttreaa, bound to Norfolk. Ii oui. CLEARED. % Dec. 28ih~Am. :hr. Hellen Marr, Cornell, Mobile T J^W *" •"""•" ^'-"" " '''='^ter rocks The^ for you Another touch worthy ol especial admiration, we have ,usi recollected I ^ irinlis'^::;^!-'''"^'^"^ *"^ ^--^^wbTi*^**^ui"''-''>*''^'-"**^ '•^'"'-l^^'^e the mutton of a whole „eighbourbo.>d. A dozen legs arrive in the course of a mo nine, no two of a .i,.and perhaps some varyi^ p". ..,d. Aboo, h.,f rrb,:;:::rh i :,"" ""xi'r.:?.',rrj.^"''.. '"''.•-? • ""•. Tor7 to The brigantine Eleanor, Cat.t. Dickenson 5 fia j :rr::'.fe7::.::::r„r, -^^ .';i:t„tdt! newsoatiers ^t^ "? ^^^^ ^>P to Matanr^s. No p..:?^;:bc.,!;::t^h:'''Ei:;rrie^f„^;:^^^ Pl hack in a g,|.. of .i„d. . ,! Sr"en7il \ t."" .1 wa. detained IWtJnd.v. 1,T W, ^l' during the whole tinu. .hTT ^ '''""'"f • hard, with ,i: :; ,:,"^' "" " "•-"-".ion cjd b. CHHIT CHI ^"KB^i •** halllf, ,r. ^* ^'"*' ^t*n*M met by ^ •h which he wo'rr ^'"" "• '^ "•"' ''"' 'he ra^ -<• readier ralmo,i;r\r*'^"''^ "'^^"^=' '"^b •**r,no,. pr, .lure of ,hT '" '!"'"**'• '^nd loaded ^^ci.i.ti-l f ^* ''ounfry through w •**k**.nin,TL ITv '*!'* PKni. besides ,... i„ "^^^ ^^^Z17:T\T^' Alter readung Coatbridg^ r*ereb[^rX f.. ^ ^"^'-r """""*' '^""| which refresh fcw h..J.r'*"> ^"'''d " the party by||e proprieton. the irepidatioiT shown by the >*4. buy. Nor would ,tbe .e .o .tealU;, d i:^':™/" jjr borr,,w. Of c„„r,e. tl.refore, he ha. bu't '^cha^ .n-e-tone. bnck, pea,., pi, ,„„^ gain, ..rhnp. \ ^..,,„\ P^rhaX 7 p:un,rU ha ".ore, tlK^ugh i, i, ,..U„„d ,f,.rto begin .mall tirwaT .mailer lees _Ha,mg „,a.|e one exchange „r ,„,„ he r, ..,otl,..r,ndano,her-pur.i„g the „,e cour^' growth liy this contrivanr. you will p,.r,:„ive thar.^ ha. any thing to complain ol_„,ea, will tmX> ?ravj; you kno._,„d who woul.l ,ni„ pound of mutton from a large leg, or half a pound from a „I,all one.-.V >" C ounrr. ' ^ h'Khlv amiHing to ee '^'•^ 'long md^u. nln. r ^i?*""' "^'"^ ^""''* ""' •'^ y fl^-^tly till ,e^; hi / '^'^ '^: ^'"''^'^. "Of one wonid ^P^'H^.aLoSorir'*'^^ •compered Off, rearing 1:^-. ...lead o eettin '^^^r^T!"' '*•''' "*'"' '''>™^ ^ ^H 'be new/fn ^ "^^'. '^'^ '*"* *"'"' ''^^^ earned tr?H*^al^p%^;jJ^;^'7;;'^^''<^''o.,and even horse, ^*** •>f > power^K^.^ "* ^ '•' themselves from being S::,;t^-'-.T, Xytr^i!'.^^^^ ^'^^^p -hibi PAHI8H* A > I^G fnod the ass.r^. „f uhkau at th*. ,ate of M l^r barrel of suiH-rfine Flour OrrU.rJ !k ? slnliii.gLoaf do weiLdi2lb, aJ a V'^*"^' * the Ilk Q ^iV,H4;ibs. (A)T.., and thesixtx-nnv Loaf lib. Soz. By order of the V,..,ry ^ ^ V.^ P ^ P \y"^ ^^'EN( t. Vestry Clerk. VBrriT Room 6th, December. I KSL ^"^""^ r|lHE SUB.SCR1BER. offer for .ale, by private h.,. 6 hbds. choice Maderia W ine, 4 the tram '^U*';/"""'*'''' '^^ 'he velocipede, nd It is mo,ed b r '"''" '*'' """ ^^ '**' ?** ^Pofiery^'' •^**'> -hown by Mr. Murray, of The'^f ow.'•foels. and it is seated like a g'g..> J^ Co/cm/) I ''T* '*' -^"^^ '^'^' ^JV''.llf;rr„nd'',h; intelbgen.." department of ,o.on torbid rh.t we should s.y one syllable rfmm .....1 ._:_ U • L > nich such a r'^iiiHn •**t*>ereforc <..^... "'-•"..e il, b„ famdv J,^ „j,„. ••cut exi ...I —'.' "ill rotiiiexions. •"'""p,,„ remark, that from the mo(t?^ Every person about to leace these Islands, aftrr having resided therein for the spare o/tiiirtv*/ give security at the Secretary's Office, or put up hUnanu in said Office for riyTKKS dwh previous to his departure ^after which, at any time dmimg roTY-riTE days, a Ticket mmy be obtained. NAMES OF PERSONS ABOrr TO OBT4i5 TICKETS roa nr.PARTI KE. 9th November I8ih loth December iThoniHs Tumbiill. ^f'lley U>ll. Capt. S. Ridd. BILLNOILADrNO,B.llsof.SKa„dBlankFrm. N R ^;,^""--"'--. <•sale atthis ofl.<" '"^ i>.B -obi executed with ocalnea. and deswuch. on mwJerale terms. "cspaicii, November JOih. FOR n\M,w.. Mbv^^ ""*-. ^ P;';n^i'" t present occupied by Mrs. Ponier. The Hou. is roonfy and conven^nt, with a large Kitchen and W8%h hou, atta, bed, chair house and stad,ng for thr^ horseseiUMisive yard and grass pi^re. The out buildinw have been lately thoroughly repaired^, and the gre.^;^^ of the fences have been newly put up. ^ ALSO A tract cf Land situated at the Village, containing 2.V) acres. It „ divided by the village-road into two Lots th< western lot being inteniertpd by tlie new rfad leadinir from the villajre into th.; Ml.,., hill road. This bind will \^ disposed of in one or thr.v luls. Anpiv to Septeml^r ,7.h. ioilN W, MILLER. %i J V % \r %


y\..r -'^ir. lit'^*'' i'* I If *i 1' 'I \fr\rf A.,.. |Ht' 't f 4 |< 'li JMi'tUlAL 1' VKUAMi:%T. liOlHE or IXNIDH Cc4o4r #. irKKCII OP MiRU Ml HfJKAVK ON TliK KKFOUM T\m' V^ti of Mtiserane ni|f, miI (iifitT mnu' roiifuKMMi, CNUM-ti Ity itw r%iiii-M( illiM'Hs Mild Mniik'H k) ififiiji iIkt Kti'oriii iiiiiot tiiMi r<''tM>ri fW iniiiii|ii, lor it was tttiiiiitird tiMi t'trnt iik') iiiitfiil b; f(iii!iicr(Nj as diTtiltHtlv HiriMiil. Ti 4JM*crrHin tli*; |Mi|/)k mind itic nobk? Lrl r*<#'rr?d rtif lltHitM) to BitiMi*irilte imn uf tli^ town wviv Iriwl, rht? n^ullM iuh(tH Uj difli*rtr iritnids : llM>n* r44 no |M>|>ulMrfliH-tion in n^lidi tie trirruiiMtanct) of Umih a miiii4U-r of tim crown milifaiKd at;aii)t any randi> datf's sttct-fM: and tla* ini;l upeecli tiirMii;t)out all tlie *lH-tionatroiiHt;c, and to f>larf (Miliiiral ,.owT in iIh; ImoiU of tin|eo|le. A to tlrt notdiLord** ohjt-rtuini in ddail, tln'v wt! for th' romuiiitift'. liin LorUhip iIhii d4-findH| ijic principltof |fndaiion adttpifd In tlie hill, and liwinlar opinitm liad sulliriHi chanv'tf, and what wa tin* rciNlIt if lia* ap^M-ai to ^M>|>idar ofiinion at tliaf tint*1 It wa- ihi-, liiat id' twelve persons w|oliad Iteen mo.-ii iarm.*st and vihement in tlKex|)rrHion ol llieir opioMm, one only lound iiiii way hack lotlie Haiswlk'rt Ihaiigda^J to hi ronvtiiiientM to ratify it. His noMe fruMMl ^aaihe ynHtU\ bow and reiiie if tla? fieople dilikr iNiipfUcit. In ila.' course of many luug, and free, olbor iniercstiug i^funnaiiou. and (r'mnd\y eonrcrsations ikit I iiavt; bail with Eiigiisiittieik, since my last arrival in Kurofie, I liate bven told distiucfly, that tiiey, liberal mpn on most Mdijecls, tlnmi^ht our (Itfflbration of warin iMIrf, betrayed a latrlicularly hostile spirit lo Knglaml, eHpt-i tally as it came at a monMMii wlien she tv.i! trii};r:lint> for the lla? fnt'dom of tlic world, a^'uinst all the woi Id, and with all litr ents|-;;iek>. Now I think you wdl HL'nH! with me that this latter is the vulgar opinion of Kn|:land on lla; ppndiond the people say mflaMless of tliese sort of things amonir us than in other nations. I am sure far less is said in f'ontjress than is saitl in Parliament, or tlie French Chamlars, either of what we have done, or of what we can d in this way : no reasoning; is neci^sary to show why the least allusion of this sort should he offensive to an Knglislnnan. But Ik)w, for instance, does a Frenchman laie in Fnghind ? You hang out your conquered banners, m your churclH--, piU; your cannon in your parks, and invent a ihousiihd clap-traps for the stage. We have c^nn<|uered standards lt>o, hut tiny offend the eye of no ira veller ; our captured cannon is in the arsenals, and otherwise we make far lessdi.xplay of military triumph than is even astial. Really from Uwu oiiservaiion of h-th KurojM? and America, f must say tliat wo are not particularly offenders in this way. '* As to thedeclaratimof war. what were the facts? We complained of depredations on our commerce, and o( tlic iinprevsn)enf of our seamen. On tla *f jx.inis we nepoliate.l tttrnty year without effect. Your orders in council were continue*!, ami England still took our seauKn, making any lieutenant in her own service a judge of the nuiit r|Mtuating drunkenmss. On wl *#^ this treat truth first rose, is not known. WIkh-v "T*** wlather humble or great, jieare to his nHM<,rv ** t"* done more fortbe world than lie wlm eniichet| u u^ knowieilgeofa new continent ; and f>ost,, JtJ^ ordinary use is temptation and danger; and aiid!li?' of prejudice niM| temptation, urijed onward by tSlUj they would ha/#niade rules against drunke"-* V-. "^ IIS#B#BI8, E4itor. SATURDAY, IIECEMBCM SI, t8M. f4Ms. I-— !•• XJLTlIi. PtfSLIVMCD MBMI-WKKKLT IN NAtSAO, It. Pw,^ •d by tlie con.ioa ,J* . ^y* "*ave not (kiU America truly the Mtw world, but in a few ha of sand, to la; burst ajid burie Temperance Societies," he have produced an unparalleled change in many diii?^ the IJniteil Knigdom." ^ "Wicti^ And, says another writer, Tem|>t?rance SocleiiH,L ism on our darkness, like the clieerini? star of k. aris dote. — "•" "..'.-,winy ji-rtis suKe, 1 iirsi visited Kngland. We made the channel in a snow-Morm in . '"K Star of hoo. I hey now flash across our Kastern hemisphere wTr bright and lieauteous radiance of tlk; l>w of pruoiiJ" And anoilier wtiter :— ** It would he an act of ia: tude towards our American friends, were we in m\S1 to throw into the shade the obligations under whirli/L lo them for having originated this noble cauie l/y! names of Washington and otiiers are deservedii (U, them for their struggles in tlie cause of freedom 'ihe otkr names which will descend to the latest pwieritt*" the deliv,.rers of their cmintry from a thraldum J dreadlul by far than that of any foreign yoke." POBJTRT. ami ran into St. HeUjns' roads and auclioretl in thick weather. When it cleared up, we fimnd ourselvi-s |yi„g in-h<,re of an Knglish fleet. I renKiid>i.r tlie character of our crew •rfecil THF. UMTKI)ST4TFS AND FNf.L AND. Tlw \w Monthly Majaaine dtr OcIoIkt contains a lung anichi.. ntply to n of JH..(V.per tlie Ann ritan novelist. It couclmles a follow* : — „Tliefmie4if Mr. !ljU,in|Makingof our navy,i8 g>o insuhordinate bahiis of ihe fple. with their ideas of liU-rtv niu\ e.pMlitv. rei^uire a sironi; arm to bring ih*m to tlie necvary training at *.ra This i ,tn upi„|on, and ea>.dv di|M>Mii of H* his facts, but ei|U4dy irroiMMMis. Ilii. n^ what I tr.ith. Ttie navy of iIh> IJnilil .... coast, ami was working his passage liome. The weather was no sooner lUar, than a ix>at sliovA| irfT froi IM'rirciiy, and as it was no had epitoim; of our men-of-war and other vesVs in that day, I will give it to you in detail. The captain and first mate' were Americans tiR' s.cond male a Portugue.v ship|M-d only for iIroutward passage. The rook was an American negro, and tiie c*bin l„>y an Fngjish lad. We had ten b<-for the mast : of these, hve were Aimrican born, one was a Scotch lad whose family had emigrated wIkmi he was a child, one was • I russia,^e a Spaniard, one a Dane, an .Stales was cia|ed 17*17, •! a II..MwlHtn tlic navigMiion of the irnited States bada h*rteni the di^^rent habiu of tlie two countries. You wHI rememU-r thnt a year in Amerir. b „ot like a e may see a great deal Q. ^ '^"'' •" *'* • of the United w^l *cat,erl nature of i,. population, ami tl^ time ^rT'"'^"^'^ "•'•''•'"" '^ '^**. *loi*he. th^ period of obaer^ation ihorefrmrty. IW partK-uUr. He was i. A.erica when the JZ, jr^ ruggl,ng to turn out an un,K>,ml.r cabinet. ^W had fc r„ed It at any time hetireen 1815 anas lo the bte war in the ,rints, on the hiijhway: aad m the reamh,v,t., Ac. I do not know thai it i. o^' W-mkHl rtiat the,*, alhiwon. are personal at .11, but as an Lnchshman hap(ens to undf niiand th '^oavnilvti The r rT.T'"* '^'i **r^l r '^"'''''••" "'" increasing. „d Ustmg dislike to tlie Knghsb nati<,n, and an ovcwccoing „ ,., " '^' of theshii*, and pulled towards iKs. We hid the Fr.glislmianin an empty cask and I le rest of the crew bunted up their evidences of national character. We were soon boarded and iIk; crew was m,istereew Jers.,y named Cook.-. The lieutenant picked him out hy mstmct. ConUproduced the usual American prolecta. "This will m,t do," said the lieutenant, I can huy one of these for two dollars in New York •• Will ibisdo r asked Cooke, producing anotlier document.— He had a ceri.licate of discharge from the British frigate I t.amh,an, sigiMni by lM;r captain, (;. P. Beresford I hmk, on arcount of having satUfactorily proved Uiat'he was a native citixen of tlie United States, after bavint *ervel m that ship some eighteen months, if me! morv do po with tlie pubhc offires lo ei'l sona.priie money in the Cambrian. We went, and on ace p soon Weill with him -lo for bis .>me formality. was .o,uired';o-;;a;;.31:[ day b certificate ol discharge, which comain;d tl^ dale w thXh^f.^'r::'*' """•"*•coumem^i^' with which I* entered tia. street as if it were but yesnd six feet high," e true. In k^ dian sn lK>ur he was carried off fro,. iLfor" myev..byaprt>.sgang. I never beard of him af^rn^r of aU atlempu to trace him were fruitless **'*''*^'*^' lenl av. H*re I am without a papt-r, lie said, f^ ,hey hav. kejH my di,r|,^ i„ ^lis office. We h,' t!ie tourt signatdl for extensive circulation. On hH,king over it, ,>pr,, we fiml it contains a history of the discovery of ardent spirit by distillation, iu ^ ave jurt r^^^ ,,y ,j^. ^^^^ ^^ ^ corretpondent V, pamphet of 111) ,>Hges, stereotyped, Cd de instrucleiJ to proci^d to England as soon as possibfe.ii, the purpose of laying stateineul of our giievancnii fool of the Throne. Jiesoived, That tiie foor Deputies also be iastractD^a use every possible means lo demand and obuin rviirai from the Brittsb nation. Httohfed, That the four DejMilies be instructed isai^ fer with iIh; Island Agent, and with the DeiefMM d Agents of tlie other Colonies. litsolved, T\m tlie four Deputies be enjoined ifrirtKn udlH^re to the spirit of llw declaraiion framed by (ban*ral meeting. Rtwlved, That tlie four Deputies in confiraistiNi/ this, le rw|uired to affix llieir names to the said decbma^ and that this declaration be placetl in tlie haiwh a 4i Chairman of this Mi^Jting, for the pur|>ose of ubiaB{ their .Signatures wlien eectel, and of banding tbeiMKli them, on their di parture for England. Hrsolrrd, That llie four Deputies be instructed to municate their }>rocdings from time to time by kMi^ dresseose of requesting tliem, by circular, lo •fh)tii f^ assistance m obtaining redre for our grievances. (Signal) ^ JNO. CAMPBELL, TAaina* Mr. Campbell having left the Chair, on niotioBof* Hilton, the Clmir was taken by Mr. Zinke, ben ibffc'' lowing R>s4diiiion was agreed to. Hfiolred, That the thanks of this meeting ht tf^* Mr. Campbell for his impartial conduct in the Chair. ^mic/iwry.— V\ hat an eccentricity ol wifkrdnew ••*• app^.int any place where a murderer shoahi ^rt %hr\t>^ churtli too but ^uch were, and arc (abroad) ralM .r** l^m-iHter Church was reserved liv Henry VIII. * ..••"•^ — tks .^' From Friaidskip'g OJkring,for |85t, BT THOMAS UAtHKB BiTLT. To whom shall PRie.f my n,rm n ar^ied itielf. nimotTiu oei, and cnified to the royal fiuRi^ that tSyhiHl eeatJto iwi^, even before their faH waa finally pronounced. In their name it was that the DepMies resident In Paris, la the ex^ocy of Uie caae, tbougld propei to possess thtmf™!,T **^ ^^'^"^ S*****'' •*" ^ constituent power ; confirrajid the overthrow of the royal family, erected a popuar throne, and alhMi to that tbfMe, notWithstanding his ilalMMiship with the dethroned race, and from fwdings of personal confidence and esteem, ihal ont of our fellow cit^ateni whom they had |>reviously appointed Lieutenant (n>. neral of the Kingdom. Perlmps, indued, at that moment, gentlemen, a Constituent Assemyv shouW have been convoked ; I admit, indeed, that auch was my first tk^ght. But the necessity of combininf opinions— nuroeroiwcircumstances which are always judged of most advantageously after the event, the assurances which a victorious nation had the right, and were bound, to demand, and which are frankly received— all these considerations rallied Ihe wbide ol us around tlie order of things then adopted. I ought to add, that from all paru of France (and no one better than myself was in a condition to judge of this mailer.) the most full and abundant manifestation reached us of complete adherence to what we liad done, to tlie throne wo had erected, and to tlie monarch We had chosen ; this adherence was in truth the laaction of the opinions of almost die whole of France. At that lime, gentlemen, the Chamber of Deputies had struck out a pjirt of the House > I eers ; reserving iIk? decision ti lo tlie residue of die Peers and as to the Peerage itself, to the ensuing Session ; and whatever the Royal words or expressions, 1 declare it a. my conviction that to tlie Ch^U-r of Deputies aJone y, thi wliat h which fc^thase.l to tintir own views, they ab.taimid fr votinff, as one of our honourable colleagues may [M. Jjameth l.iim('d to speak.] Ornerat l^,fayctte,~U continuation. Tlie bailiwick. .TI -"T u '" "^''l^; *" '*^'"'''" ^ ^crx^^U^^, I nevertboless, thought myself suffiriently a menilM-r of the L ^.embly to pro,K>.e on tlie 11th July the first declaration of Ut w did 01 4i MhliC fOi^, ^mtt iMM^aM*) and whan lh third eat&ia, for MMih was STT^vS.**"^**********^ GeaeralfwH of lova for the *^N[ Jl^f mkkm la overthrow an oppiassive •n^cracy, llWWKiK, iiMlead of hooking hims.if on, [?c c J^ ^^If'W'M • thM aristocracy, had united hia^. ami frankly wtth the trae French nationality, there w^Hibl have been ao cause to i?ar that the interests of ibe Courti would be identified with those of the emighinu. If, in^ ihorl be had placed bioaelf in tite position la which, hap. pily, Louis Philippe b, of having for enemiaa that ar. tocracy, and those emigrants, then the throne and the royal family would not have been swallowed up with the aristocracy. One w..rd as to the comparism instituted by oiie of tlie previ<)us speakers, as to the prosperity which the artttocracy of England has assured to that country, and which it is contended, democracy could not have doua ; —but the lJnitel States are democratic ; that has bean often enoiigh thrown in my teeih. And is there leas pro*, perily under the influence of American democracy than under tlt of Engliah aristoci acy t Is the industry of the Uniiel States less than that of Engbindt On the coairary it n ceitain that, comparatively speaking, commerce IS uiorc active and more iK^neficial in the first tlian in the last named country ; and that relalivcly lo population, the cororoercml tonnage is considerably greater 'here Allusion hasalsobeim aaade lo the valour in war of Uie English aristocracy. Certainly I am most willing to do justiot ta tlKJir courage, their talents, and their glory ; but it is forgoiten that in the war, not of inde^Kindence, hut of that •ince, and which one of our Iwnourabh. colUagues seeim^d mil to recolhHTt, there is not a single instance or only one at Ihe utnH>st, wliere llie flag of tlie United States dnl not in equal combat triumph over (hat of England T Is h glish ne other olebraiod jMiblicisl. of the present day It been .id ilt the American Static began in imli;ti.>n KngUnd, with two, and bad curae to adot.t m ihs one. The contrary m iIm* r^t .i a.\ om ruoeiuber. ncing b'twoen the convolution and the recollection, of the •'•dvanced a stage of the debate, for going ovei^ I*!* ^'o parts of a d |^bly maintained; the iscussion, which lias been so full, committee caRs upon us for ^ <^ <7a Zr ""^^' ><^^^ea mrt of juticiUck .hlk • ff^^'l^'flPn, I am hound to rfWy to an at voice we tri{>uiie, has made ^•: hi. tftrif'i n ? ^"'P^'"-'Pof oursocial-e;. ••-to L olr^: ^T^^^ -h English nor. t T^cz:!^ tre.t::"rt:"th"'^'^*iL^ '"*^r that wricand.;;o;r:^^^^ establishment and fouTdaliofof'tt^^^^^^^^^ r::^I^i"^:aX';'%^'"' ^ \ "'^^ ^'-^ " i kT .7 P'^. ^ renwinod to stniggh, ak>ne with England ; and that that peace was crowm^ by the battle iA New OrbansT Democracy there trimntOied over aristocracy, I return now to the question of a Ufjislative heredilary Peerage. 1 Uve always be^n in favour of two Cluimliers. I know thera aia weiglny auilmriiies on the otiier side t luigot and Franklin are of the nuib. aad 1 nih* name oihir < ..L.ii***l>:.._ ^r .l "^'f''* has of •ingle one. ihe contrary is tl f^j. ,^ Sta'tea! which commenced with a single Chamber, have bela Uught by experience tinaer by a partitioa." Bv a oar I2 Vk '"i"' '1 ^"^^^ *^* ^'"'"'"^ KooH deal,'to Cll two Chambers distinct from each other, discussing .ei>arately, and one after the other, the same hiws ; .neci.1 provismn. of easy adoption would soon impress upon eai h • disiincl character— icli provisions a., without nH„r U^s detail might relate to aje, properly, ^. But aTlJ^reT Uiry Cluimber, it is said, w.nild be a prop to iIr. tlirone Many puWicisU. ha|| been quoted on this point. Permit roe to quote one who certainly will not be iaxee wanting in strength, and that soma other combination was necessary. What is said io favour of the hereditary priiielphi, because of th,education it inthe tights, ami to have the honour'' of"presTdine assembly diirir'•'--:-*-' ' • -~ Such was that over the lrii|^ the nights of 12th, 13ih and 14th July the course of many deputies. I admit at the after the abolition of that daase England. ruus pnvdege in rmm? Jnrtiienre it had painer' in i.nro.l. It rwtHm, .Iv, iIh,„,.,„v „f „„, „ • !" phy.,rn., |.,r,s... ,„<) .,ivi„o,. „,,„ ih^ ,„l,icr, ZC U c,rr„„„n. ...irb Ar,, M „' ,^^ orc.nSn"? H.|\ naim*s the ja-rsons uho yn^ gives an account oi tlie iw.eress made m exirrniii.aiing flic ma aidcnt spirit from xW coun.., ^„„ .,r... ^,,^,^. , variety of wards went on. Castellan, in hi^ sermon on the death of hi I**"* rrannn f. modestly expresses his belief that ihr £rf< P^ was in paradise ; this gave great otTenre ta the Sorbroeress which has U>en I !""'*"'' ^"" ****" '**•?• t^t h^ r rwnunicturr, >;,|,.. ,„! ^ ".I '""^^ '"one place ; a„d ,h, ,f he try ; aith a .real vLT f ""'T' ""'' '"'^'"^ "^ '^^^ ''t • ^leai variety of wards went on • never ciilil hal heeo in pm *"? lUc rclrehnteBi, ^ "* •** W">. c.W r;^'?'"*' u ''"l''-'"' "ill not y adjusted his to ig.) The ttn. 1 '""'. "*'*' '"M^^-rative mandates, or instruc Jtiiuent Assembly. But, gentlemen, what analogy is thara between these mandates and the declarations widch each of US ha, made to his ccmstituenU, as to our opinion, and intention to vote on a <,uestion, which every one had mora aL^d?'T'"*^I "'' ? '^'^ '" ''^•^^' 'P'"i^"' were dr&fH""''^r;^'"P'"'y-'.t. whether h wh Z^ u""**^ ^^ Common, there i. a single member who has noi been required explicitly to sute his own opinions resjH.cling tl great question of Reform-^r wbetl^r >ou dunk If any of tliem liad hesitated about avowing hi opinion, on this point, hi. constiha-nts would have been put T^J^rl". r'^T'^" "^ ^ right of instrucliiu. nie gr^at qm^stion about to be submitted to your deliberalion (for by a strange combin.tioa of circumstances, •I happen, that the mo.t ^w^-eping amemlment against tl project of minister., is that infavourof an heieditary peerage) the great ques.ion appear, to me to tend higher than the mere organ nut ion of the legislative power. It tends whatever may be .id to the contrary, to te-establishing in fiance and rooting in our soil, an aristocracy. I proclaimed from this tribune in tlie early period of our revohition that aristocracy is a bad ingrcvliem in H'tio. We have heard much of the independence of tliTari steer acy ^ the great service ,1 ha. rendered, ami can siiU rende; to the throne. I have seen nothing of all that Swedish aristocracy, overshadowed the throne, but Tlie it was eillea ^Wa •ad varv * •,''*"?*"7.! ^'*" ^n Jered thi. idea very kilir*/*?*"! '• -^'"^ J" hut justice, and , **^ •" the :hooiV which t belong^Tt derUrsr;„ ..r.r: T_r. ''?**•" constitutions n and ol lb instead of Wa ri^"^"* ^ 'Thich a whob. **!?* citisen. natmn is unable to But at tlie same time *, ^^"^ autlior not independent, for it was controIkMl by tlie different courts of Europe, who arranged it as it were under their rpspective banners. You are told that the prosperity of England is due to the English aristocracy-Hi sort of'euloeiiim ha. ever been pronounc>?d upon it for having nlarded for fifty years Catholic emancipation and parliainentary reform Gentlemen, ask the Irish who have en^ uurj seen troubles, so many Uls, mi much misery if thev .I are well pleased with these services of the EnriisJi ari^ tocracy Ask the British natbn which has groaned so lon| beneath the weight o( taxation, and of endless would b^ set aside This consideration agaiMt our revolotHMi ; ask them wbeth they do r think a House of Commons, attder better ampicies wot not have avoided ail their evil.? whether it would ha wars not ould ve wres to he son. of Pj^ ispplK;. equally to noUrKs, to lawyers, lo ju. ge., for th^ too may bring up their chiWrea in the notion that li.ey are to pursue the prof.-^ioo of their fathers ; and j|^i if any oibe of us .hr^.nA Chamber would not be in fact a legislative power— fcwoakf represent no ooe—aad would present no idea in comason with a representative fovernmeai. I will m the end staia the opiaion which shall approach nearwt lo miae ae rather, despairing of doing better, I sh.ll probably vote W the proposition last i opposition to aiy own opinion, which may have the best chance of swcceas. ritics. fundamental hw of the admit that our course has not prevented such an iacreaj of dependents, wIk> look on while the aristocracy possesses itself of all power aad to h>ok at home, — was it not place/ The BrusseU corre!ipotideBl of the Cvurier say* that that city has now the complete appearance of a Fremh earriKMv— ErwM-h Ocowula— French Coloneb—Frenrh the aristocracy Majors, iu. in every street. H, adds that the Bal|iaa ..'f „, '^'i" ^A 'liufeV Mm^l.