The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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*iTTIm Cal#~IU B0, 18t1.

T AwAMA If ) a fdo Cel laidr bas es
Josas a a maet-d n .7iN. NA S, Al, "M ben .fI eri e IAt
1 .US mwLT~ 1s u . a bitl a If* eIna h.l. M ILoe N =.d men m.
SM- In orw. Thessarun medamly high, and so hB 4simp IpmAir asMaMA d eg ,
aIt 1's am* aare rbll over tbe dea, dth every Iap to .* m n4dm du a-
T reasel, by c aony the mas, b bd and ate toiau Tsurn a!ir dl
wieBlng. rthealof tih aight, iedarkem length to k a pittle mAs ga y 8!
remmlme it mnpaib l h board to hkmO sxesect desm miserabl-e NeZ Wa 111r d"th a
a to their Sition, uad aT individual eerted hi-. lease. On of th- mdb
sel to the imemu to resnuil*hold of the wrik. picked up a botl w U th m member ef i
As the morning dawned, Il itrelily cleard ay, int, m smem of wMch h aerwihed ups e
S and the suferern beheld the t rock al ahort d b- k t sbaty i ear prIewisy, bwl dyag emdS 1
teas; but between it and s theW eas a eek. LLio aSrt, a hdi pedepa
cror which the heavy swell a r formlght, which under the clrcumnace of Mae d li
passing an utter impomibility. would e a a
LNES, high. It wait this perilous m th bope ot ctcml this circumstanc fr
d e een, Let Smopk, a bL pointed to therock as die only a l attlaiiiinechce aldg kolt t le o
o l;rrmm an Rthe l b,d LOt S-OC-k, ,mri l o(hltimsle rescue. FAl indior aiff4hrink ron, and migtt robbiy driea doeI
md. t Je, 1 itrinl the r ofdeath il attempto sin the tion.-When thmawaiting theirad cuh -1 *
Dark land of the ocean. I bid yu mldieu! ished-for-point.-Liet. Car Stewart of th grca- scarcely paralleled, a ml Id h q
Thy mountain ri oa mg y vito no m, dior comply,* at length wsvedmiaslf to the enerprise. of fy-the m could at Asm believe their senes,
Thy rn-bouuod coat now grou dim on my vew e secured de ead oa rope rod his wait, and Ihrcw and when dt bec dm, jble, the b o
And abfar otI the med, thy m-rf-belm ha. mnsedf overboard, with the heroic determination of r. joyful eultd brs aeltibeyNweoau
No more sem thy rehek "O BdSr." cuing himself and fellow adOere, or perishin in the it- by the o-r-reling had f Divin e v, A tal N o
Wh o ing|'slt my. i Ya eon the hill. tempt. He dimmpeared (rom tLe view of hi companions, them appeared leviaMl dar pml
Anl Is s f a Sio LocIba,." uad aU gave him up for lot a tIh word i passed tha their former despair was l eat joy.
lpoI (taft 1a med a I. Lies. Stewart and two ma (who were washed off The effects of Lirt. Carts IWlg 4
bhsn eves sel ver tbe Beldi f de cen dck,) bhd perished. As tihe y advanced, the at mn became apparent; Ithe jlpy-, at. e
Al bio aid Arid, brh the S mi'sink phre became clearer, and Lieut. Stew art was een on tea bh freight to t cd roek, proceeded in meerb o d,
Lias ildmllr Iat I m e e v o mimal, roe, waiving his regimental cql those who remained os g ep d te n et an -- m t racek as es
Al sprpMied wU k e, INitfhe at ta we bahe Thm ighl inspired dU with new viour, ead a wedmed in te dp. Til bit euaes sigta
TWha Ih wim of o ver tl, sailor, fler teoar three ioneI5oletl -, ucedi eedsdk el. one of which imSdayel pored teo be
Ad dash sihe *t 4a crw'g a J Lies. Stewart with another rop cue of thoaese dp second seek the other *mat
I wliH at ther wUid of the sa-blrd. ep y disL mens a comkuilcasi was open with tbo rock, 7arcd a Liu. Stewart's party. J rly h bop
To e debase ot wik, mE oTfr i me mon. by which the mea en were enia from de wreck, while ofladisg ee oometthem div. ujSGOld ao-
the jolly boat (the only mo dhatd pepd destmcti,) eth in secrlt hd thrwio WrdJL ind ma
LId i the pipe. sad dm, and th s. wa actl y emgyed in mvvingte womn and chbidrn. frm die h eas, th it waled their gu
La ffs tivit. at m y, i mae a i
SI aste at thePibcl'sebs ld wRnpg, among Many paiahed in the attempt to each the rok, for th for a time, siad them fre wa, y. Had it bi
aThe n rpo of Ithy metain d ilea. .well had not abmatd, and theirjiodim were thrown up, a fm asy odthr d i, di jd have ris i
sad spectade to the surviorm length there was aot a mi heig, mn g hey held. The srrrvive
. oLf mrems. imJ lt date fri ever 1 singl individo Auarni on 4 wreck. The uofortu- were all msa IlaMdd Mt
tie bued thau my Adlap makes'r *'she ae breinlgs lo hItound a aber son the rock sons dim. ?
L nlji .r grew dr erh t as me p.. covered that they id pro, their period of u" i, At preset a Capa lf pay.
Tbga *hatll & th9 ITley 111111 for Itbo fIing wlicle hal ad was ou a enikemrack,
Ye mot for thy ay, ad rn aTerlm.ed which wild om be ove i by the rising of h tlide, Cmurtakip Jad famrier f LaJ'e t.-AU my conm-
Te anKuih of pantn, Now addens I mind, an d a id he o te Mitir s-eringP, ualM rades hbad obtaned dvancemenl I the General (Bosm-
US" tthaeteommd t t ank uc S whd to reward -M p )ashe r W so wilmgy to euXp
eMua~imL dc Iix to afad free govemme, be detoWimet.
am Ierer ( tr'd fomelsa mykeene ses namO=rasu, bought appeared abt the ring sea, roaring s if for the bring about marriage rdb m med m sa
And a liser. mow venteri on lit'e ip'j l dy, prey whicl h Lf natled from its jaw. Time jTlly- Beauher k. One day, plsa I had accompanied hima I
adalme arh enhie. whoe l*oe ray =M bU was at hdl, mad ia sending lwr in search ft land or the trosry, t l idif f o e sum i th
ai lae" my darh fancy, whaleer I amy. anukr pheof refuge, no time was to e O t he eralw C 'e Othe ordod hi c
Fonrlwaed with her form, how te memas Id be, w mpo T p hef etched, r t might h ve
And the brid as she thiusw as. at psmed aindwhi adspp i ("au thome >mla Eaa-
Are di sO asbt I lwo ha rr in d%.. *Lded. ir rmly =n Md ell-'L
Sw .,d aJnd d mg t mbie d
J. =;Z waid he I arw

16,dye at Hlic out of Gomm mf ma
1 ANou'd c m
fet' ReChould no on this loe,

ia"CJr iei "ata te aumiltl) s na; biestashiit i I i | .o l
ark t of jLB dme tnwie taian U> eta ,amuMSy bmahl or > - ., ,
ds me.t Stewartbyhnr.ay self -_ pe,. I .
I ,* hSnes pi the Iaeh I -
-us mhilwal N e to wmewas remo shle wasehdae wiis! be te

Iney 1rk *Mastaf fr. r the D the tb by det &,ymhe e'. h1*
PMEBENCE (NbNeIS HIPWRECK. w dsea. y when wr dn usot

The 4ig nt surfaLi astt which thyl
easess oewspiaN4114 6way and dring Sn A simultaneous rullP ph o
earelelseoe "$ ,va imf l m men in the 0on :w Y(de tld auL. We .m
b e O r The recitl e ay vserf JaPt arth to hd ftin he m ra-a ferw of oe alm und .-T
f r at the Brmtishahp, oA r--gei bartae Ptc. only tmehod of nsalm- whe M gotg w a p tde

WIa of danger. sthe strt raw ping meangas oi*m be ims ifde a W
S as, be t ats this mo. .f... .kr =in.i- m is "hd of her.
p'wIa w tlken to pANetw ste danger ao* ao an disi has t tamp of Ad." -h w -d IiI d Lo e LtIem s a

0,r siaduri n Mgh rlka hdI edy wa thily chan# of i yther's. you r ia h=e igmpad I
11e0 of do voyage was Fel Te perit s by which they hm taib IL sa y
Pt m, sad ao the phas i id. mere conduct, whi was known: D id e when yo Ci k. CoI
i On the evening of Ja t had syired Nr him ieat dogr omf reilc rtwhic it i I ln c|d-Ted* A= to sest bo.m 11I
c q fa o whiPau ft tchw fro o wen to him. fe reprhesene to trlem al ai sa miar fat;- ta b e
LA"6" tCharles wathe t Of mew. engede rne, th only mod comm w was going wrast, a m oenp 1
e s W Iediamen, ad, as is n e in PANrcams, q *lib iti leni wi by men I of the boe ta it rfe dp T
*ldm was ake*n o Mrmet tin danger of a coliminerD dwere thy Islfi II hbioiy p igh; ghir ta do other aidGr we

Ie' v ie do e is del Mu rhey would amSemr t*s ie a?:: m y t 1
lb gar et to the d m o rs; hordertred his rsoiltWn a-, Ioeemsm
h. wich, at rgs share fate; da h a a
ey ming to h m it t bt while thi
hemw ats heard, ca e dIe ;e wewrw
Sw thiae alhey
@ themu afly athow211 tWever4


-'--a"-- s.-a ~- --Y C'


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E aoe4 e we Kae pT,
mu rsneI although de f ir sea ea T

I medm may wal s iduty et p Mr. Ed
a Is. We to*1 io a m iE yith e midu We :se don- pi'nid
awo m" Isr S M presnt driet o de t la

K^ K ^ i 0 t e went ternu jsun d *m o *be, either (se faour, ',,dfor s p, U--A--.
*P |* k p detr'pr a, who hbad utt a'uv even deae of our im dite friends, her aby rnk C .' dly a
rmmd., mrned a the seall C. veeed eleta coom sn eth e colonaIial rver neet, nOe hA ue "
I *

= @Big" 111 11 t10O 1 el towad t l Aa da we dw ad r noul da-p",
Sp hI wbaa n ea-c ha k i e att U of Sir J. C. S k Ey eat eU m deiem n ten
a~I . a doaes om b te -hno.m- No. in ra *ear G ore tor nosima ee Tl p ak

lepead svJ. allm d ih wand ram, a, pou w el ,
Went vienc acuo* ______ owy wi aber- ehed obass. W(avhowd insmAben IIl f e
a pw prkm; w'o hd am noroods anm t oof ow 'lim uli & b*. bby 4r11m a C Pa .

621 am I mall Cn wooinof do conlusiona o the oors slian of clonnira C oa- Reernon oarns Of r Aiadir mw i. pate

t ml.h $ 1e, fAile.. r Mo'm made on e .l, erealof i em acponod Alide- Calk"--Womeltiod o months agd,
S yeibime, I n to 1 J.C. byt ebk eait d lemesw His ln b htwe nsr, ik 1 mcantion 0 se fotriy, ve madua
th oliants but Elo W a s porte ard a rMV reen materd.naveryimalamIm don Tell. Zr94 d aide,"...

____a r *nd w yl itar taled hit aleent o tha lm of ai d J. C. nvaw b E rvie t aokt deems s ds Wa

dome ftn who .puly anm r im d to i an/ or Goviem r tam, enrtal n lhtr far teip act ow ju'.ice ; this city which Salmepni bd ble eour, sated t/em he
Sdlal bm b e" d ol r aw re o the and concerning its origint- as nd we a pler, to g
o e tr n r ds, t mei eb tho e nhe hase ieae oin eher It '-ose, mo l an eGoe r of b a s shippers o te onr, af p ohave reeivd
ad S Sy d au e oro.' ; e p sa uNa, com peeled hi" m to a, ty ud ene fom iAiv m lof l erng o his dmi.
gt^b spat 'Sl pu m ar bmuom al niehis, and to l441 B;@an d lnh ir saga- if be r mmyam did no coil, -
l p i llwe coPn n wh, nConeem. ter wr ithtan im o that oco 'twe shldore la bing wi e an e rr eion;de clrS w ee. artlI
pImrary0." Ipublidwshed iSh a o old id, when Sir J. myth v hi veto for the in Uppemb or our Cb u d ol Der liniqe

hi. norm 1ie jRsdy emy, '4 pe le re h lh of any q d ag, of the Adelaide 8 periasiment for givi ng the of that in da, Brkinas m. hg h doubdsl h my-
O me es.. i only to be ud m in whas hi keyl much f m-fulin t oul tie t e, t i toud ben u entr ied C ajecould di
ans. l hwF Ir Itul ii/e; f, weagr hih him, d| nady remarked urpon o'igo infltriehmo a lai n In the Diario IIv.-Wa. of nsh mo, we ee ag.r

r- e et m id -aM p oer then at Sp d ioaado allhavryb asmasei flou s toEn adss n ttuda tinea
S03 er popen liny. PthitckS a o y o fa i h Luty on th e hig aict wek Catam e I A

mn S6halh,, wha aaV t- V M h"d Imwt, o imnk u-, our Co.vqor h a ana q heit. far thie act of j irdth iaspod city which a panieudw ek leor s a ,, bath im
va, emedll by lae imoglr, swl aii ) a r l migh no be Vnaplicable. s ea W mr e haiblemr
d M, if i cuold olu h aw are Ia the onernin it ori w e e pleaded to asi
*a*I' ; a IiDeouilt the annoy- nor hala t e first, Nyouwen noart and ple ofu pals

B A ii ter BIt, woand h oural n be she desh t of Ji scriory, ul n i c to 0 1 M- he a hipp of the flour, that thy ava ree amekic
S0 y i i d illru mahinations, jt ie, omp ed mto WLh cthy wula d atwir igen c r el yo he did a ted al,
i cr CWnhe Ti eanu to thked i y. We s't ulw hrae ping ih D onial r -o tIhi .i
Sron he yon alpin ofSr J. C. t"' he cIn darkness api nob ei e
Sry. publial &. T,.. a s, u, mh m hi veto fp the in UpperCad ouald be ub. t u* a ot~
A rlo, i iuy yi, problem owf nT dachg I s e of l l ria a i, forging e oe that in (Ionmra hrin, o tea m douba, t y
Saily wsu ibism, ia only to I Nluc.l B t or winb whi a Mteao nes i Hi fon-fuEjd haowente ,t. aen. It woould beran antelewauied an tiesiy, Iul t bedseipae-. d

hMr, werit to pomllp 1 If, w e r e e ih h lrA, auly r enrketd upon fldea ory gin nudllr Bl nor n In e Di ea. o ti ho e Mbna0e
oa tw-i- nel' 1 fort owhy g O oss>er a U t toa wit" t*y o r propensiry. bas rit vrilbg mu e ttu m ei ma sua s- kth- a eh Custj omh it
t.Pe wasda eber 01 match t limiaa e to hi a n our 4w a t cya. fr thiact of jus c thracity o hic hcmph d Id fes wan at d ia

tigu ltlau a V : haw, tin. l UB ip f hit ywi i ad t he Poe th rem onerningd da sorig ine panod wae rrleated to ln u i
mT, of d bh y ; we n ana we y orI ls a ltyi Name be rn oppli a le t, ty d rd lien from iv mpoolo d h e h ean ben admiela t
he terms a Coon our. Upon this point isw ma e

111404 p6 s..c- ,sl1hem. if l yedm n he their mpiae t a,,a prern. ie- g

i~ ah Nm, h a u t .. .. _t
c r 'a have the conc,,riog m pi,, of teb-iew t IAc B in

aerry" psbliil 1A4t 4 t an IA some of o and, when Sir J. SOmy'htaseCs o 114 h in Upper Canada of ow C i H iano DepuM
billOe al ie Justly mIy, "*%a arobsi rm of env distch e of the A qe seise uporiat it, for giving the of tht in Grea Britain, hntha a doubts. e t he

qum ridto u, i onl- to hee "* l fm /ingwh7 bl5bd j s om uc h he- -11, W rt d t.,aet. it woud been enteraind o Itrebjeq, mus d bedissipa h

ON* reta l- h f bsn." W appo i b mor serioa gneaeianr the nrheo *e
K e h atioie ar^ bee; if i9, we & b wih' B dy remlaried upon i't ii, wor i In the at Iwrr. oe mph n b e ire
*ssid mak ti fo q o rh. kmto wit:_ hf Ie in ten" by rj oem sp
Mr. Park as aIMmbr of sn paeiin" I merti BOAbuo 'aehm I
o 0e 4 on 4the high val e or ab l oane Ieds ad1 1
40 VN a4 i Pno bd bid M aBer ay 14&irdew. byhtO be ppicble. si ya d a p aro. This a we Ami

atrit -fsoolwow h p a eF cam te
tall s a phLe wo atod: and hu manty r tua wi it ship of w aha his
o -2 India POO

W W foao WO N"

d ~ i d m 1 P ~ f 3 u u i i t n d f a r t I -

~ YIIwr


ri- & i lm, ta
lli d -t un a me the Am ,dluty, a l age tI,
r hOem a mdW sitg pa-1 ef her and v.uilg whatever tels was wanted. The fer per-
b ..I amr iS emf & i. i iat a gl is .a iredr, oe a du bhe withou t ay mat-
l ,,d i of ich defisb, to ja l* *e49 aa. 0 br cases, tdwen Shar wasmamin een holy w sm
down, be ing eaI liey. ad if t !A rA* ., yto A < p*e .* -- W . Vime mi I Iynr aseelt as rs. de b BY S eOa 4aodO ----
:huhd of acmI.aPi L-- t iar cb e. t""1*' tri &aL
la eiey A "hat (C, hIldom fet r
a1s dip 40. 11akl oat i i Wil aifor m-rvier, w= iotheb d
oCiey o the t r tes dd.he o th it m teg p temLd. he rhil .a the always ,
al sntharwoaiuh, tIhe heaed iem d a m ae hae and Tte id ry rieghued tr antkwed b- ag
hgm"iop. argunm at.deomamsigal mthbeniaeatki Death was pematy Wf any nag9a of dety, sdofr on ea
e ad pr en ol a e he assume that ln dUted widaomt delay aid w ao m ry. C
s trea db cylidril --a the cubes The council ibre m we lid at the at g an Al ai amnds .
Sdiae ntdf (t liHtom b C 4.) Ted werever the lnmcil wa held. AAi r ftr d o TL L ar d
ae 1 inchetihrogh a ai. tion of busine a portion of it was car@lly r Ter-CASH
,.ngb oh 1o8 IS 1 641 5 and e reminder extingushed. Whenever a hbe- m l t Crd
knerutea of its diamtU ie a dangerously ill, iTf ar emonA he was L n ams e n s sI Supr ,
gtso this t usi away of smn gth. 16 Im of hdi M. ichakewis, where his f re sma ti ngu b.' D

d wietlcbe.nhewihd the com iAnd it .aade Dib l l.'I.
0c 0- --ed, aI bred was brought fepa tr hei sar, mad a hge. At & m d C m,
L ab kindA, as which a fegal wes A great dam A Nem m-a amid Jim, a goodAior.
Leavior 0 stre"Ah is 5616 was ihen heldA ad the via.ds And it is added omh-r IL LI
rM a e th1at 11 ince I r- t ha thee ptient seldom faeid to rN. BAU
adly asnd a' a mhn i but &MW OhII in eight yar, the whole, t e aebm BY JOIRNS AUo
Early in he morning th great was lighted at the on _Tm D..qam L w
Lea dea that of the for iy 4 sacred fare, and delivered to the a too. k OU.n,
Suppose a mmt 18 iche th ,one imkemdd hndeliveed it dthe em and then .A*
.and the central A a s 510 to de by all of whom, it wa in e r moed.
relairve Strentt h Ti, l ti ngM A It oa then paaed to the children. This eamay m a can- Fr
4 Sg-O anmd the day, anderiy the nea t ma ar, e At was Fha
Tu rfeIngth .d a17h 'ma I 49183a batiat which the d ,, and woeaa, and n., a i- I Bi. ,
chess thick is 1714 .A w eparae groups, silently, and without siting or da"g.
-r: d a 1 1 In the eveasig titey departed for their dierent vlhe, A fa ai
Suppose the 18 iach m uttah A aem~pmlBe
rute -- & ngthi, dde ln- o .
14 TW S I (fr h4n d. 1. e stant, at W lli- .Ilope'" Este, ,1 DD E.
A smd ma 16 46 ~ I Id, aftr i .ea Mo om n a-- of oaly sa da I ,
The a6cl dig6 ud a... i .i. He o Mf e Esquh of t pl 1 e qp. ,
jpraim was pmeomm, dpi he thakwAamo u ie -r PU

SACRED FIRE OF THE INDIANS. 0h Eveery pae about is Ls- h.jlIu qFluor. 4 r

evaABm 10 '&%.n i h 1I Ih u. .,
my a&Le caS& ga~. W ro rfsed If efrwaw saw d_ terV jt DA*
bay of d peculiar acu'toua whic- ch ,rrly i.ted i ve.a,
img he oInian tr.mheee now presantd only in a fsu, e O.a,.i pupi -Camsa, b
ais: of shee, oae of the ott singuela was am inati- Said Ofcrfsrtr&IAm DATe pina s to hiidaew.-af- Li er,
l- -r e the prservatrio of as er lhe. -AII b r tee I l tia a du ring oerry-rinl A rs, T rketi &
bedugisi CMinnected with it are yte~emh in the recul- I Iae ( l c h.,
lectie f the ldies ; and ait was extguiwsed aiter the ay 6Itaied. I t" m 's Adoi,
FrwLs rrive.- upon the great lakes. or PER ONS I B comes
*~ I eS^^llr^M a It Th aaeae au e 1I1 Itr halell^ Dram,
4 b y Lta p. ssms w a ll se3.h e r -t Win. J. lam ltom il *
ikT hyav traced ie hIsBu ry ad prugres of human pr- a ls AeS, "q A -qejly hoi Re -
iume AT r tfheem it efnd ites e pa ream d ath C.. aly 8. W o
eventuly to RoMr It a aut, amerprisi that arse ,-ri. f l r n-Mf Htrh, lwobe0
helemato of A ire should be eherteI as the of wh -Ch. A -- V i* Cr id
eli thy ba atridi b. LI
by aetossios ora t true igies ael at

eD ammears liale Of LMla Wd jhh A Sa 1

9*ity. T uhe s m o Vl .T to wi I c
gn ek an te ai
t 111i1ei t 1 t hI n tla riyii Wrt inset
e was tE and on i
i 6he rcipies of nee,

t it Perah catcL.
only rega j l b

rti Wasaa iead the xthe eadace i" qW f. 1X.

~qs of the a orthugItere trib f eaap the .hippajs
havw e rief to edte uII So5;; en w p.1
Mff"4 I realys their rdamo this subject 1, 5 t r-,
km doteheirm the freinful Persian eck. so ag ,nwil e
I have set aslertmined doe ex e I f A s 41 d O.i, 0 rd at & WA
Im.tof the northwestern tribes, ezcqo do Chi=ph,. N ar T o ah 5ah
"i hu ve 1 re lM e to believe SghA wI ale' Bil, CPrt.dahpt Cco
t h, an d ths ebipa iw Abt memu dh
"NMW a flhl cr eadt r. go an'll Thein emne na M C T
dur~r~ llelyPi~ C md es of s 4 c7~ 4 MA

cma intito lrred, if 41h A m dWr. Mary Travers, Smith,
IP --- - bb Lh Schr. Bilhon, Prod-e,
4tou liil fell cric to' a rl wheadi ThAhm seumor a Mar, CwrPi on, t in Cornell Pa
of thi tribe by the early French dalebrs, we my yeo hb a Mubile, in ih di ural g it dismue, mad
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ay dur.*Taflm bibnes wuhab Pmhnas ffufe#wed attacks whicli
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T' rivr, S b 1 ui aatlab a r 1 fndten *ahd srhed to make the i
lo posta dI ead red chled a a is naomi was ie at, I Yf tie adecy of *I l
aNmhaag dbkdhe ae&&Qad I=. Em a mory ib hb, I lMbbedl gei.rms, y "ighl iympahS ie
if AI ra re, l Va t"iL aLuCasis b eyadn tI ll r, d d I r e o I0C" nMai t
d a k de coualry k lm r h a d y pt r mr M y ti gt r As correpome a Courier aysn t
m a, ow0 1 de id nlo k-e the i t hing i now tmqt L .nd thri, tb arnm
Selh d eT j l IS WAtL e- ske fp-earodetr ins dc y4, tho -t r i*s, governmea has hh o c of oi pining o. g a,
,we sn fdd in one -iir other. idee al can be -lnJ it the psmt unedttld
April IS. h-Il hjo e thd Taylr, neleag AporIff-To-dey aII dskm are turned fre d thIe Europea pd B 8Usine. he says, sufrr
"a"ta. cTh e u ad e y mwrie amy e to-# imu:d;Gla. which, fren the filling of pr from the iate orf t h*r uclo, id Sthe mPui
shmday hfe =yI IMOdd; and yomery Malos d t aYci r all o theN. W. ride lam-nit, 1w 6 pac of Europe. M. CLu IM dds, iad x4 h,
Tylr's me of r liJm m a t modunta of '1 wr join the s~y in fal fa em. The Jew' q i bear him out in his aUt NmitUns.. It sh
Sa s Ide Se If sk imesI rs rai on ml -led, nd 9 houses fell there last it. W are however,l concl-b Ittrely scl i
dth whale whitiind w.ih wut fyirp- rbl. y espectig Uo lhat every par ofe ity i over- the Clhamer; I appapgldy frm to-day, t' 1.
; and do er i(f a to y the hand owed. be tottering to-maurrow. At presto, such is the m
i'f f koea d rly will moon be a The pjunal cot thibs ois heiart-renlini pilre bnre attached to the pra svadoa of peun, that even
am $r the eamuing days. Under date of May 1, we find d stern republicans support die Ministry. Many
April J ar neaighblour's following, which wri remind the reader of a similar seem nmverthelrss. though widely dillering on other p ont, an
dwelUi, whar si ~ l e near 0 poer- in Ld Bysem' "dieg ed Cormh: "-' deil ous of war :-.(h wsaeployed and discotented; dL
sea, aolsu Asp Orit of ifat- To-day4 I paued ait sdaut d W number of Buunipaulsts and RHetuMi, (who think the Fr
umtiesa d .ss idl making their numbers dmI b it.a lJ lying unbhriMl, aido dogs tg withh armies wuuld prevail, ad kpinion establiol i
*mas a a m any o- iA bithaame food I oh, i made my very -eart feret form uof guvereds;) thiCirLt, ho tikL tih
rbH- uf eab mcro mid,afr mea of the bodies are eitherbrlied4r Lbe many infuemntil an, hmagime peace can
l1 (1rB fd 150U, bhasoritheioiad; yet,amidstall this, theLouirdn be mmde durablebky a Me war. Souls, emt
an o-day, oc hyt b a d thmse nm- te miie dwrdying panel to enter our delig." contrary, is for delay, believing i1t wi do more for Fro,
abers es re IefB l ls. Nay, 4---The weather b for i tinm tw or thbre dIy ua olur I uer Pwed, bar tm roop act beial yet a
am dylnag wahisdet c. AM IB hes base beautifully ouMld dar, and het, ty wMeh Q i footing.
atre dm oft ei entionadu to love mo iigi h e ymp aihe pipe: The inteMti if dh sin goalrnment toward i
wy Mto iming.Ti, the dew O l Pemh a not knows. Tere i reason, however, t sid
it i a g l "umy r of atH recovnri m aa it will be am Prou Min cabimit having aml iu
sliormng kVI bsppeast by the calcuhtiona mai!tu1r twom s Finch al a at that efet
Senjr de iof op p pf the dcty had kMli rt- a ate Ina stherh ik ft oI m MaIrqui of Wa.
yi Our MCl UPw lm," ny e I"ite wr, t nm of minlser, (Earl Grosvenor) in priMing a petiion for t
bas boi- howia hea ne btac I gk the poor, they diof prisralion of Reform Bill, said this was not a ager for the Lw uis
fbbr h 1 1 bar b is il id no ead to so t ppot fhe coeitlion,l interfere i. If they armed to pll he bil, d boa is.
ugin'dds. g o" al the bsis. Thomi e s hich teres of the country 'oold by disunion he @caelo l in
do yafniry hae e a|Iy iE head wibdelW iri e sk Ito m t mraimenlts ai bneceme deploable as of ruin. Li
pea, aid tish O dMe s I it thao wkrit h mc*. a(l At nof appear WEoM coul eoy my in y ply, dtit a those who -
Uhi Il and i tyr i oyr mo. f rtaigt iker the commaea rf the dis well by their coumy, mt do their duty feaulesay;
iay thing elam from imbht, we to get; Amopg e who hive recovered, anst th whole, have mnane to do hi." it any be recollected that Lord
:we:r sn we hvle we aiZL. V5 ca get it hbad h r endular wefirng. speedily suppurating, and has great talent f ly; he is a perfect Iregal Febi,
aI Ma prie ; every waterman yi e caiauir g the consitutio4" ,. a nd design, doubtlss, to ave his ouna ry bv the ener
ryin it to wash e dlres of ----~ of his talent. One part of the system in tlhe Ila dkA d
April 16-The acuoes of ord I oa m thn MA eof, N. &1; Wekls mansto di, to wmn a y toy the 2a
sy dy ye; am Airdl r ll gUI hiL lm b br ConerAPTINor Sepi Iaut. ,i,000 male inhabitants or Einrd have petitised forI
this morning id sha nw is a dimmtnagu l p6 y au.s, myha smng icaion fom this jlammr, we here ex- refonn. The member who nprsents this city, whiibb
Aitydead bodl erryif hfAipL Al n pguaing pehnd a vicesitnde of evl hardly to cualceiwel., or 14 ),(,OitN lt, is upotiMd by 38 persons! Id
*ae a jlll* meach er i au dumped. On the Id of August dri ird mtlmt I WhanwlifSe ithe Ca of Sulelud might re
smeto t; and yet as to pr been fa Ia cmneed in Pers. (the p h1 by reform, fwoere Loras Chancellor said he was ed
an asp take ; conutc, i I e e Of itMs ia ; yet iu is teaod of at'M country wherm
s i srle ie m, Ie s M aus t th lgianarmy
ia sky. &S tehe of bt 1 Tbhfme qiermtio s ad
Sabifid. h aw earn is "
Do imw N a, -- A emntl P Gfebt. Teir an am amt is
abe do ndlo Elo ::-- tieredlly enctly nie in he bk n d i
is- R-d tIn -m he -Pe.the
Apof Ma V ENww York Aw
doses of mpar =ta of rih s
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it as walls o e ir f sto 4 ~sf *.-A n, hig h in o o, Ifor
caw to pe it t dre d aa mon ga& bes | ny u iud T raod at IMo w nviebhA reaii
$, m __ ,and 1he i The" Th la t a," thrmh b hk aun mod lmS
A r Oish h su acs hEoaCM.. pbecl liy t -d om Sf
ar _____________er-_
Ii n ag ma & i an biade OrCen A nEUCma asm Fearsl AuLnCrM
i sevenie~ ap tei e p ha Tr The plm, hUBIA fNATrmE is heriy given le all p '
mi n ; ad a new iu ladmy ssoei whom j mIy erneo, hi njg class, dlebis, aih
ad us raei ge, pidlibceda, h a pa ab leworor

_!Yaws. On the d t S e. a recmlamecsd ma se y pes a crclais
et if t itt m h a he city;sad, it i mhe Ins t .W a m. ts a d prom ly nd ec1tto
emsme as a "re de.lrayed. I rud fr 0 hor and upgaunl. Im h sieovmee, wem f ll clhie.nU with
nas t. tis pla y Ui kioa. the- X diaed laae tshsns of a-huoe tI Iparoos rs s may redq d
erihgd b min i ri ; ad the adid of a im on a sm lt, s f mch la r ca, rccompinied wi i
minto si sI.I ia. Icaie r b thhidw Pt rf A sray the w eoli to he i dI3 re
,Is n,, wm" r S iq. t. his h O veMmc cad bh f oraf oe cm(dol emcu
of the rm0 hthIUS C am6re A such cl'im
0 werm d Jes-i__ troye. Iti- r foir tolasl iinK; mf wthe i "" 06
MRapMY aSaf kTPlagueUIs be lt of islei fle. s Lo, or rn ibe I 11*P

A- ma d-e h" a td ~ ofa esarll ? Ag oy.'
e-= Tis seaat ImEbuahIlshrnt Inhe ian La
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U canLed, S tatprnsawta teaae .P ts ap"w-Tlofk.

evarthe s.y iAnd me for burying fr thea ded. I. R. SWe I AARON II. PALMWRi,

b040S .*'. w t
AL 1 1 1 p y a@4 br t tan



Full Text


k lt"V. € rfii--u!L!.!!?"'!*ri*'.*''' •^ tiwrlliM,. of Um Pro.. !;.:"'jb-.^^!:g.!" ^ ^*>"fe '^f Ua,y fbu. U^y were fgy.'^Fyy '*^-'^' ^ '^H tiM, enrruci,.o„u. of Hm, Jto,i d,iW..i W4V. to iW /• li -r-r. Jd tju^d^^^t henl. ^. V l ibr i.e fcr .1. ^„ J., #4rl.f"H2 ^"""''1' "**•'>' *'*' •'^''^•' ved young ****^^!!****^ **^ rrtfirfiffWif of uich beiMitul iPifMMT Ok raeslvio^ ber mmwm im utonUhed at U wiraordinary iMi JiMiiawiwl feeling ( uttriotiMn JMpttivd by orio o vouBj? aud iiitorting. • 1 wili mke iIk.. lock*, ,„y pretty girl," said be, adminmg the wttnv^ ot fleir imIiiiv,** and turn ^ttiu iftto Ill former tinM wtw M€rificd by ihmr jo Ik0 mm tritfttf fTMeooes. iyi' tabte,'* Myw Mr. Cirne, J^ /if^ ^ um an CHnianIi : knive.. fork. .b^SwI^^L *^^I d-Re.. oTer make their appeanrnTTt h^tS never nMke 'About five years ago English of I'ie.-o of meal in hUllaml and polite ruSL'I'L' -P the savoury morM*l whi/l. .„-.„:i _„ "" '•• s iwir they werv nwle."' r o' 'IV.Iligl., g„i y,M, ,^ a> ladie. and gen l.-n.e„ of "Jr^rf m™. 1„ h r ^^ ",'*""<>.l. took ^ tMl Wllh iKm nai>w. .*" I'll.. ••• the savoury morsel which rested on hir diII u***^ ed to her companion, who was more used ?* '^^ manners and earnestly a,ked ^ hat sfe wT. to ^ **^ ^er with a*?: help for i. bn.-7;7oi,o;"Vi.:-'eE':f,,t" i?^ by her more experienced lrien *ilc o( tb dght of the .Sdiers^ ^ I h.t cauikin wa scarcely rw.tded. Klla whern r. find one on Hhm.^. could ,., .,d be r-d .Z by .., ...ure M^'^nced jm*nds/'--.jtViVCaA 7 rdSn:"'•"'" "^•*""' -'-•>-" ,/; s". .-t -^^-p". • > - -He .de of .He L.„. coii^n^^; .:::' L'i.^r ,:; : -r t r^.mat UM virinr.,.i.:.....,i .... .. I r* ""'""'' ^'^'^^^••e are tin. luxoriunt locks that fon.u.rlv <^'owii^d at an early hour, with vl.u. iV. '^ '•^* !• ^ ,. ... • '*" "" ^rvmtn 4Mit III t le traoi* iia !:;"Z".L':: ".";""-.""' "•':• • "-•. -<'f>on. .1: ;, g:./.r^.M,dc.Hy ii(on bf^r .miliog (We. ^' It I he w r n „ y U. „,„„l. where are .Ih, lu^^ian? locks ,h.. (oZ^l """•'-'-i < carlV l.ou w .h "iri.;;, f>,. 'T *• m -g -ound j-our neck I 1 wen., and 1 f„,h. a, v„? "' .'urroun.lini; ciwrv Mo" Z T 'f "* '^J .:^'^; "".''. """ ™"' • ''' V reward." ^ I 'eel. •'ore n>I;or.JfT„ L;, .1^^ "r^^.*^' d A. Adolpb .„,wered .l,e,"IIc„.e jealous of my .r >uur ho-r. a, en.angled aoion? iu thick curb. • Ty :Z Z^' ','"'" i"" -" "4 .ebb^'\™ td l':"?Z!^*^""',.^"""'*' '• ln worship you VfJ .V".. refuse to k-Miow upon , vmJiuK,re.s liHve I nut n-a.soij ? Wen> I ri rm ^•VJ.i ;T '*' ^'"'""^ ''•*'"**'.^ "^ o i'^ti.nabl.. a ti.. ^ -"M^wj. /^i one o'c ock. uh^n .i vessels were moored in their prow-r places ,h.t ^ |>cnmps one of the grandest ever witnes^d • t "' *^ Wst computation tl.ere could not^ wt :',r.^ 5<),IKX) persons!,led. At half nast nnJ^ ^ i '"" hoisting of the royal s^ard, and alutorm tt''^! of artillery, annuonceM arrival of their ^2,1^' ^! suite .ntbe dock-yard, where they wererJcetehl^^ cheers by the assembled multitude, answered by u" J'!' nigs of those on fhe river. On arrivinir J,\ ^."t^ **'* the lord., of the Admiralty, si;R" S^pl;^ tr'w,7t' a^ted heir majesties to the slip, where the stupeudoul'.t sel uhich was so soon to be consigned to tl.j wsier, on the stocks. ^ waterjj, wn .:ui^dr [h"'? "'^'^•f'"^-^'^^"<^^o; I .pp'c-firtX; rSs^'rcJ:;^ "^t' Lang to a te,„,.,rary phutbrn, ere^'ted rCnL^": P<*nse which Ka ii!L^u/. u ir< "-' *"""' "'*'' "'"y ex!' P-^r^mUim, uZL^ J" """"" ™""'>od with UppearancT ;.:;::':•.. .'?.**.".""""'•.'"' "-rd progress l'lfc^r"m;ke"J,;w"Z.d-'' • "''''"l' '™"""' "f ••," he i, re,r„elhv 2^r""' "'"* "'"'" ''•• i'' do in Hnv^au f" dashed a bottle of ii„e,ul„ """7< WB,r na„,e.l her he • T hun *„ '" I n''"'-" ""''".V'-'P. "-' To the deep I contmi" tZ' Jt'""?"^ "" "^ "..vest thou P^„r." TlTl' .'Ll'™"''""'"' *•? ;m;ar.„ce seen, to have .-^^riZZ^J^ ZIZ 'r'-'^^^^^'^^r^ ::::::"'' '" •n.|,l d.., .! „,r,ow ir, ;h.,Th; "*"^''" ' •• ./ ". hi, n,i,„.,i„„TC* ;;''';,'i';'''^"' •?'""'-'•?" .c-.cely dared '^kHrZK^U^Lj^JTurtZ^L. '?" a *hurt whH *nu.„„ .k...i_r '^* • '^ he Imd been l)t r hi.k-sot." and souKwhat full in the ficru. V iM. ...u.mpH to conceal (hot there is in .h •""; Mahomnwd Ali intormm.^ i ^ ***'' ^^"^P*^^ of .*>ep .i-turoifTZlf nlfi rr^,t„ "-^"^'^ MMHmitmno..^ ^ . "|'" " rcens. Injpaheotof himsuch hy which he wiU n<,t r or instance some time a?o he rd*.red that tlie dollar il,<, irt":.!:^--^'^'^^"^^^^^ of h„ birU. o. pr„.l.„7o; -buTrrro:: ^7^ t h.s c,.„erMi,y ,„J ^,|,|,„„„ „f _^J ** '"' hm, fcr pitoir,.,, and it wm m ";""''' .'"•*' *"' "^J •""ter „l w men ,„„e,| hj p,^.„^ ,^^^ ^^^^ into .be river. a„.id.r;5;"t:j ilZ.'^flt""^''''""' her\t>';r:^^'ririS^Trirt';^r^,;;i?r'Lan., ,he t r?hip4r %w „ *>""" "'; *'^• „ fl .' t!""'. "'^* '" I-..WV. that 'J::"Z.:rirr::^f^z:^7z:!::^x:r^&zf;^ ,.,. nil. oi„ '"are suonortod Kt/ ., • "" • """ 'y strong iron crutch knM :-„1 r woo .u r 7 ,i f.ll w, cMlUwi Mmn. for hi. ..1. !!?:. r!.^"^" the fati^^r of L'lVo r.-h tiM < want of •-*,hli. ,.jce ei^. Um J^ Tca^lrr;.-^; ^^^-^ No m V da..nrlu..^.answoied the old mao "1. try re*,u,rea rio ,ud aacrifice • we n... '"*^"^•ve.of th,^ mca. oilil^jJ! *."""' ""^ '^*''"* tt:iUr..|W(tHlf.,f |o„g ^,,1,^ ^ form,*.*,K •inn, I.Mraiting u,„^f ^^.^.^ l^J JT ''^""wn< ^ ^ictrrahle. and she even ; j in Jliia^*^rJL ""'" '"" io sorvo her cmm^ry. "*^' *** ^' Wbiiity WoM Ht theae locks wcr,^ wire, of ^,y .. , h, running hw ftnt^e^ thr^M.^h ZtiStZ' f'"*"" rti>y dalliid with thJ wind; •' | mil, JT ^ '"*''*^' ^ general ^>d. Tan ,;.y L^t s^? 7* .;^•" Brealaa and um.r them; th-; mar brW L *• ^i they ar. all [ have to lUtoi. fi^e tuu^ ', '''f' .*^C wot he ,HV ? Mn, • h,. .ill ,„,n' I""-,.' v.. n,e m, „K>n.. W.ll. h<> it so ; f wiU cTiC ; y^n V" l'*r tn the rn.M,. of lih.rfy I" "wcrince ty^n his 5 rivi> nr own •"' .ore™/,!' lK:tZ' t'*" '•;''"'^' '' '""P...ra.Un..^-hi.--„ r:d't:2r^-'^''"^^^^^^^^ I." wan, of ....I,,, • '*"• f" " hrat „h, he.xy fofd, „, his mu in ."^""''^ <=ld, too. though ul over hi. riid.t ..;.„ .*"• *Prc 8tudiolv drawn "in .s lon^ „,„f' J"" •• P^n<..d will re'" h.hpartiesto c„„2 t„ T"?""-"' '' 6"-'W' sen-rally .,a,d .hat !„! ^" Mother ,„ that lijj,,. ,, j, Jir curo in his^ichaZ ^I'T-T' "\ '* ^' "'orture; and if hi, .„i ^ *• '""' ne^'r with dpdashinlifVXr'r*r' •-'--" Orrtc. or Xmekivasasd A^ENefTl Pt'BLlC NOTICE tl!'*".: "''"""'^' ^^^^ whom it nmy coLtn ^'^''^ ^"^" '" " P*''^ t-nc, puMier^ors"L'"S^^ '"^^^ *nv part of il> r„:. i w: P)aDle or recoverabe in i"g .rl^"J,r:^f";""•!'• America, rv^nir"< Ihis Estabriren, h^i P""^"'"';"*^ "' ""'"- ny be confiSedX^rCilltf ''*'^ •">'' ^'"•' ''"" recovered, wbe. fi r„ i ••? '*,P™"'P''.v and efectively suitable le^TWoftan^ ""-L "' '^''''""'" •"•• '"^ thenatnrcTf erumlf,y~'^""" "'•' • "-'inired by "•'luisite I'ow, r of 4 'T•"""•P'ni"' ""Ir.l investor of any""?',,; tS^l'^ZTr '' "* '^'•"^"""l freehold pronertv • .!> i J *"**" *^^ " Joil|agc of ,f.. ^.:?^_^','> • ''"^ "'•"'o for the tran.sartion ofTny bn*>t, •< is proible, in a nation Vl'''^*'' ^1 '"*'^^***^ ^"''i ^mess within , ^ ' ""^ '"" ^"^ iran.wrtion of any bo,u. uuii '^ pphcations to this EstM;h,^ • :. '"" ^olishm*nt m cases renuirinf luate remrttrc:t^;f: r^r ^Jcon^P^nio^ with bur^menis attend inr/hP'*^''"'"'^' <^hrge. <^ii>ns mit be adWrI^!!i f ^ '^"^'^^ '* ^ " comnmni• '^^"ON "• PALMER. A/.^,. • • ^|)t^^ iiATIttHitr, E€CIIB£R 10, 1831. VOL. l-!i. it THkl BAHAMA AKU / PUPLUIIKO aCMI-WCRKLY IN NASSAU, H. K I 4 III 1.^ ^,. aUkt BalUn par >Zb adraae*. even if the coast had beeji nearer, tlte density of the fog weukt have Hwented Ut bei|f vistlOe. In thif situation, it it net to Mi wondered at if the stoutest iiemts sickened* with terror. The aea ran treroendously high, and so frequently waslied over the deck, tiiat every attempt to ligiileu the vessel, by cutting away the masts, wts found lo C*.^> *W.. _^.B>..Sa. .!..• nf aL.— _* I .1 o ^M — . ,.•. —^ J ..ny iiias^a. was luiinu unavailing. For the remainder of the night, the darkness „^ ii^...' yL i i* ,. LINES, ff'ritten on board thr Roifol Sovcrftf^n, Tjeith Smack, on tauing Scotland, i9fA June, lit^I. D:irk Innd of the ocean, I bid ynu a*Miud coaMt now grows dim on niv view. And i hfar nut the sound, on tliy surf-beaten shere. rendered it imfwssible for those on board to know the exact nature of their situation, and every individual exerted himself to tlie utmost to retain his hold of the wri:k. As tJie morning dawned, the fog partially cleared away, and the suflerers beheld the top of a rock Rt a short distance ; but between it and the wreck there was a gulf, across which the heavy swoU seemed to reader the i4|t of passing an utter impossibility. Tlie waves ran mountaiiis high. It was at this perilous momciwi that the ho|)es of all pointed to the rock as the only iiumiAef attaining § chance ..f ..i#. ..,..,.. ,...^..,. j.'a(^ individttsl sH>med to shrink tMely rsAttaiog epon the ditaotution wbidi ,|.^ ^iwibigb did the iWe riae, tbt the pieo wen forced toslLd m ^ chiaely together as if fonwnj a solid square. It was nl> K<^a>a ound that my shallop makes o'er the wavi Thy nplaiuU ^mw Uarker, — l)ui never oh nover Those feelings shall fade^nlnch thy scenery gave. Yet not for thy scenery, all lern and cheerless. The anKuinh of parting, now saddens y mind, '*rf.V"'^ ^.Ic Km4r„r, Htrhfhearted no.] t(arles. Old I leare ooihing mure than thy moimtjuns iMthind. Hut a mother's hT*d form claims my keenest remembraace. And a sister, now venfurinR on life's op'niiig l.iv. And a dearer than either, whose lovely resemblance. HtiM haunts my dark fancy, wlierever I scmy. For twined with her form, how the moments did haste. Aad tho' brief h ihe thunder flanh. treasure*! (or *, Ar the joys that I lastod, ;4.i 1 hours that I past, i: la wUd tales, and day dreams, more airy than they. Tho dark as the rJiflT risin;; out of thmain, My ill omen'il destiny>henceririh mav pieve ; Tho' hope should ne'er dawn on this bosMt again, ins or Win 0' happiness spring from the ruins Yet ahaieVr be my fate, or wherever I go, ^ 111 this valley's lov'dspot. may ronieniment .till d.3 Aad thy warm-heMrted children bescranxern to *<.,•w Hum tUy dark coast is ranished— /brewr &r>i/ ~ r— i^fv from incurring tho risk of death in tlw attempt to gain the wished-for-point.— Lieut. Charles Stewart of tiie grenadier company .• at lenmh nerved himself to tlie enterprise. He socurod tle end of a ro|>e round his waist, and threw iiiir.self overboard, with the heroic determination of rescuinir himself and fellow sofferers, or ()erishing in the attempt. He disappeared from tl.e view of hia companions, and all gave him up for lost : the word was pas,<^d that Lieut. 8tewart and two men (who were wasla'd off tiie deck,) had perished. As the day advanced, the atmos? phere became clearer, and Lieut. Stewart was seen on the rock, waivirig his regimental cap to those who remained on board. This sight inspired them with new vigour, and a saihir. after two or three ineflectual attefipts, succeeded in joining Lieut. Stewart with another rope. By this means a communicalioo was open with the rock hy which tlic men were hastening from tiie wreck, whih>' the jolly boat (the only one that had escaped destn'iciioii.) was actively employed in saving the women and childreii. Many perishetl in the attempt to reach the lock. for the swell liad not abated, and their btxlies were thrown up • Had sp>ctade to tlie survivors. At length tliere was not a single individual reeining off tlie wreck. The unfortunate be ings wlw had founn nought apfR'artd but the rauin sea, roaring as if for the' prey which had l^bn snatched from iu jaws. The jollyboat was athMd, and in semling her iii search of hind or i safer (daoeof refuge, no time was to be his^^^ior thm-h wpjg.imjiigfmjH>n them. Tho boat was deaiiiit <[.,>.! arid wimn itdi*p|H.arod in the foe, the feelings of lUn.r wh.. uofo lii !,. hind rnn srarreiy imagined, much kw, .!. scnlied. All ves were strained r.iwards tlte fxdnt el which b' bad been hist sicht r.f, and after ^n inu rvai of inteiM. •fjxtetv.she wji> at), ngthseea to b reiurfir>g. Tli cr.-,* reportwJ that ai a slwri di^ian^e tk^ was a rock, wl surta.e. being HfMri high water mark, promised a i picke from the north east, though it aggravated their sufferings for a time, sawni tliem from a watery grave. }lad it blowa from any other quarter, the tide T^'ould have rise.i to ha usual height, and they must have pedshed. The survivotf were all safely landed at Halifai. At present a Captain on half pay. CfmrUktp amd Marriage of ImoUUc^AW my comrades iartun< '* f h.u sei-"W twice, But^ Gerteral.VheTe "no w H re joing to Afric~ji may be killed— -wl^t • <wn servant. True. m^TLT. l^ T? ^^* ^^ •^•rci; .ad, in tlK.„;;T^^^, "^ '•;^-'. -niH, was my -arning to ti^. re ***f* < *'*<^ "'^' " the .^^g officer, of the British army, a aobie ojtaoiple of re'**tn Ml iiiiM? of danger. ^ ^ iw! t" ^r."*^ •'""*'' '^'^ Archduke Cbarl^s" transport r,ai T?"^^*^' ^''' ""^•''"''' ^*^' ^ ^'^^ -i* <"f^ t the Royal Nova Scotia regiment, tuo hundred -^. jo^ forty eight women and children. Th^f*w^mer l-jnei the voyage was pruspenms; the vessel had been I nty^J* iV "l'^' """^ ''"* approarhidtr her plarr ot destij ^r!!Z^, !^ *''*^"*"^ "^ ^^^ ^=^^'"^ J ••"' '^^'^ ^og Arcbir Tu .^ ^''"'" "•**-'•' ro south-w,^t. The i l^ound W I*' '"' *•'' ''"" '" ^^** ^""^ '' "*^ homewardprecam** *"*''^"'*'"' "^^^ w twual in sucfc cases, every hL^ r^* '^'^"" '" P'"^"^^ ^^ ^^"C*^*of a coUisKin A (lTT'i^ '^"'•"" '^^••''tWMWIceH the darkness.— 'vetl!''tr "'T P'"^^^^^ h^oo lioa,.*, in order to ^ dZm u' t *" *^' ^'^"^ ^ ^'^^ ^"'^' "^ *^^ of *eMilh. ** rejfular iafervab, ait<*nmtelv broke !*• To hT!: "t!""?-''"^ '" ""^^^ vess^ which mieht ha^ ^ thin r i?. '•**'*'''"^' intimation of tlie approach of •^icitadi. "^ann^-r passed several hours of deap At t& L ""^ of tl^e morning^ dawn-that moraic^ which In con tk^. -..r I.I ^. ,K.y<..vr i^-boa^waa i„„„;^^^-.::ii iL-';i::£,-i^,:^r::i^'^ ... . — J '•'•'fi—fi^smM 1*1111 poRSiDle activity in rooyeying as many us it wouM hold. The women and shHdnm were /Irst removed, and vkhile the officets weie imparting, the time occupied by ea|d wasli away all tlHise wIhi were upon tlic rork. This was the state of aflairv when the boat returned, as was expected for her last freight, for the sea liad neaViv rise.. hp/h as fhe surface on which the unfortunate men wer*^ •tandiaf. A simultamKMis rush was made for thejspot on wMch tlie boat wooM touch. The commanding ollcer hi^left tlK..rock-a ten of the o^^e TZT^^^Z^ .lag tlie^ wa, Lieut. Stewart, by .uZ^Z^; ^t I rT.":^:: '1^ ST' 'f.^,'', ^'^W ^ ^. '* ^^^' I T.7 ^ -.-.-... -g.. 4>vii niusi marry to liave chklrea--tht is tho chitl aim of life. Killed you certainly may be. Wain In that case she will be t\m w.d. w ol ooe ol mf aides d%, coip, of a defender of hia country. Shetrfll have a uemkm. and may again nuirrv advantag.-vuly. Now. h0 is t^e daughter of an emigra..!. tiiat ,ofaod.> wiU have— my wile cannot introduce her Hito soiiev. She, poor gW. deserves a better fate. i^ 'MM this b03hess outst he (juickly settled. Talk this aK>mmg with Madame Buonaparte about h— the mother iiM already given he'eeaseat. The wedding slwll take ph,, m eight day*— I wHi aUow yuu forini^jht for your lonev < (J It was tlien tiK; 9tlu I cooM not hdp latiehiog all tlie I whdc be spoke. At last I Miid, I will do whatever ymi rfcee. But wdl ibe e.rl luve me T I do not wish to forr. ^^ mrliaaiiaas." She w tired of her boarding .chd "id she would be unliappy if slie were to go to her mo-' 11" r's. During your abM^aoe she wHi live with her grandly Ui ;iirontainhleHu.— You will not b' kiiW^I, and voo hid actjinred for him tba, d.^ree of resp^;^ srhi'cbTnd'i^ I llJl"^ !^uljl^\ Til''"'^' u""'^ ^'""**'' rome-tln. .hem to fisten to him. He represented To Ten. in fl^ .^L '^"'^'— ^ -" '^ ca.chu..u to drive home.In hot energetic bueua.., iKnt the^.,dv nietl Vo? oLmni £^^^^ 1 '^J^T' ^--l-''Stealing with the U„d was bv moans of ilK^ boat tTaTTJL C >*"y'omg forward, and .vas kind enoH^h to • . .'.'"^ •-**^' "•'' ' sh*^ *bow mH s.,tn,UrtM>n, and call me ler nephew. Tod^otion the ercw and passentrers liad beea enahh^ i •juit the wn-ek. lie had lain down on the rock exhaiited hy bi previous rfforts ; but at this meioent he fell iheaip. resMty of settinc to the men an example of resolntion, ir wliirh alone, tmder r>rvioe Prwvidenre, by ther^^Mdv hope of relief from tlw perils hy whirh tliey were siirroamled. H*is former roo.J.K t. whirh was known to the men, were lost tliey must aHmevitahly jK-rish ; wiiile on the other rm>rr <>w," cki and that while this wa, hb dalermiCampanV The vkit wan • gre^t e^eniat tlie UmrdlT nation, whre as the man among tln^m wbtl oaki forget M^io.d : aH the voun. TTu J/^f .! !1''! :..*..^^^^^ i chance of V^7J I ; ^"^ '^'"' ** •*^'' ^ '* *^'^^••rmi.ine-^I will L ^ I T>^T -""" '" "'^ *'^''^' You will he delighted with rememhor that they Wei I fien-fbe is a charming eirl.^ Aerordinifiv. wit day the hij. resolution to stand by Oafteral. MadaiMe ••ona,-irte, Lupene.aml I. went in an It lie Would ?M llWi Laet ma OlMin >ttrr •!<.. Ira SL tl i ... % ope. wMu *^'7" diwn-tht moraicg^ which ^'^^^xZT *^ **'-'" '^'^'y '^'^^ *port • Miold ^tLT"^ ^ring, hut which mai^ wer, fated '**^rwtC^^^** '""'''^* exi.stence: Jb^een th. ^n^. Ir.!l'"'^""*'''^^'^i*tru.!^ '**" t^oWe^ T**'i "*'f*'*^'***^ "Pn t'veryeoiistenanre— *^^V iin!r. '^^^'nen rjuailcd : |r the people ha.i ^11" to fdl T! "^'^''^ ^^^^ "'*^^'' •*•''•'• ''^^'^ ^ ^'^'^^J • i i0 were not within sight of lind, and bimeclf so far a< to dare i< stir one stefi? The eAect*'ol Isjbut. S u' wart's exam [de was electric Tbe men seellied la losright.4>f tfacnit' .^uHeiings, and tooL' ladies. I sought anxV.ualv her who was to hmy wile. Her eofa. HaHittee, h-d her to as. that she m^.t salute the (*erieral aad embrace her rmnt. She was, ia truth, the prettiest of tfeeaa ail. Her stature was i^V, and most gracefully elegant, her features were charming, and the flow of beaotifaf complexioa was heightened by her confusion. Her hashfulnais was so fremt, that the Gene^ ral couhl not help lao^hiajat her — hui be went no further. It was decided that we shoitt^ breakfast on the grass ia tiie un#'asv. Would ^ng of the sutf ov.r the men. They lay hoddM together [ garden. lotb(0 meanwhile I teli exrr mt h forivamith. AI may naturally be suppo^, but Htf h. *he like .me f Would ^be obey witlu>: reloctance T This coinmmun.. Mum was held among them, each ap|Hred inbropi nwrriagr, ntu\ this speetiyde^rtare, grieved mm i '} \i M t 1 s^^^r-nr^. -' jW >-/


'*r' If. %' • }. i; 'l '-J > Ai I Wlii||. E(fMie t n P OT Ii n bli cdiWn ingr •4^in md he left iMp 1 tliilMiiitnii on the deficnu^riNliMw; SfMl aAM.^ I puMnt mIi::^ in tlw wmid ^W *^^^ m* t^ P^ wiy jf ll GtJiM-ral, stmi | MM leave vtw ki a forimig^t. (>)iaJUMr i;ft to iie.— I Am myiwir 4tt|MMitf toiiw ywt ilKfl my ^mi^^^^hin itMM it not wAebne. If lU* MarrMira ioes not pk>Me r. 99pm9m€0m^Ummhimt it lfi not be dMieuh to fimJ 1^ |mist to lM)ik it oA 1 •bi||" firf on the frotnd ; her only •ito^ trw • mmiUu nnd Am |py ttie nue|ty she h^M •• mtt BMM. I enritnieeaher. W#i rfturiK>fi iilowiy to iIk* Jiimny,iMKlciufct dmyt^wnnk w*wmt to t*it. m.iiiil|Mlity. The MUminir IM^, a poor |,ri< st, rho ha.l not IMWinthe oaths, nwrrj^l im in ih* mnnH C'o ana^nablo to censure. Manifold and unceasing, Imve been tlie attenipu of iSir J. C. Smyth ?%*!P"'"'^'*** li'roughr every organ lie couJJ jMJssibly call iito cti.)/i, the eraeliy of ilie slave owners of tliese Island*, towards their sfaves ; and while, by the CommiskioMtii of Legal ilnqniry, who were both samts, w w;re lauled for our kindness to that ciaM, and, at the aame lime, their superior intellieence acknowledged by those prejudiced ptrsimt, when compared with the same class m the other islands, our Governor has been the fust, in despite of all superior Ustmonjf, to depreciate our merits, as niawers, and to load llie people and their niagistrary with unmerited obK>quy. We sl.ould liave been led p) suppose, from the constant yel|)ings of ir J. C. iSmyth's pack, ilt no complaint of rw//y could be substantiated oot Ae impolitic^ and obatinatel^ purMied sonaJ xpMire, mmm the acore of rt^HmMkJi cmed by Mr. P^fk, we kmr,, tktm m ^ewTT pedormacisof mnlly^BM^ Ww arts d pitiful ina.hinaiior.s l.>g.-thfr wKh rlie rreeping and despicable suhsrrvlmce of one or two rraliif iff^crant and oJict^hynliH^ retainers of U. "Z'ior Z t'u Tv '" •"' ^^ -''" ^"" ^ ^"""" "' "^"^ --" ^ -^--tiated svcooliant. K. ft, ,r I .r -A ' 'd p''^'"^"^; Lxceilency has, however, )en fit to diso;r Kortk,, (Ucernor, let him thank (he besotted fdly f those frM,„ds. wl, apply seh ir.te icndoes to his r*. UUd dfjUirmrirM, Cone*.,, you life all exceedingly ignorant Of histoiy,-.^ taking my sederunt, Nunc esf#rihendl, for my motto I'll take rell. ^.cfu fos ewa. the Argus did Ltery rock *\ui^.ignoran4:t d. .mis an isJer" Merr nest whs for Carib, Mv-deaJ,.r. ..„d ':,,, Progressing butaalowly, J|U „.en in .1 ,'7 Oh /ong. ajtrr the days 1^ Antigua's IVk K.-ri„wn nor high chmtcirr e'er crow,, his ;..* And ne'er (.^..^d General Hmytf. culd t' Remember your ,^rc, down of. yo.-r knm You never. mU Conchs, ^aint J,„es should du' _, AKSWKa. Vde sycophantic sHiy scribbler, Ofiice-hunter, sneakmg driviller. If you were not a paltry tnenk, You would h^e felt more than onr kUk Irom which 3Qr honour might recoU If hf*r fur aame you did not soil Jtv screening your worthless wr.'tched self. In darkness like a/n'^Atewrf | nM.a,ures. is only o -• deduce,! from seeinwhat K.h re..,h ha, lK.n.tofor. l.-.-o." We ippose be means, ha. h^etofore /^//y &,en ; if sg. we agtee wah Imn, and make ihe follow ing observti,ms, to wit:~ Mr. i-nrk was a Member of PariMmK-nt ; therefore o f^^r^m^r, .dtluMinh a Virgmmn : he was, ,1k, historian aavs, diatmeuished by his nursrs, a, well as hi, rtc^. The great Ge,eral Marlborough, m^ver w^ proprietor of BarUdoes ; a Duke of Marlborough, wh^'bad aoiw chiim loth*. Island. rt,lin4,..hod hi. r.rht i, ftivo^r^tif the F^ of Carlble on ,U dof /ik,, J5ff;j|i|f|y hnlf a century before the -gnmt Martbofrntgh" w,!. W H#w ..Ji run^. you, Mr^ e^pora^fl A. Con^mP^-ary 'N>Uce. tbe i^^^iiiee of nj^un^ ^o of foAd fncnd, when Sir J. C, Smyth ^javc his veto for the duclmrge of the Adelaide Su,)erintelent, fur giving Uie blackey s too mud: fum-funi, and f oo little t.> eat. It would be matter of serious qu-stion nlHther the f(irb.aran-e already remarked upon had its origin in Yricndsliip, or in ihedKtau-. of inter.^,, f^N*^ coaacio^teness that bkme in one so wurdiy of such ap^ntmehrn.ust rrAo^ di.p...c u,>on who gave .t, and the P,yeC, words transposed might not be unapplirable. What inlrrett dictates to t>e done. Or #arn)( me not to do : This, teach me mfre than Hell to shun ; Taat, Binr* than Heaven pursne. Co,rrtW.-We memioned some months am i, Hour to Lngland, manufactured at the (J ana no, ue^ n the Upper Pi^vtnee, from wheat imported frJit United States The certificate of the Custom H^t this cty which accompanied the flour, stated theTIi concerning its origin : and we are pleased to lea^ ^ be shippers of the flour, that thev have received Jnri^ ligence from x^iverpool of Its havif^g b<.en adnnttd^aa S sametennsas Colonial aour. U^n this poinri^\: have tho concurrmg opinions of the highest Law Off^ in Upper f ana.^a, of our Cuatom House Oeparune*,^ of that ,n (wrea, Britain, so that all doubts. thVt inaTlm^ W, e^tertamed an the subject, must bodissipated.:-Jfa. Wa oirfjlr.iand, by a tall .eMe|wh|i mired thitwomina w nTt^l'T' "^ ^* mad bng had been liMnied at the IW Ofllc^ Bwd Koek. oa the i.t ma.ant, f,o tb. bomewa^ Sound imtU; bat the mail boat had not nm.,i.H. ,o M% m^ of dlHI ^nen., we .k, t ^ . >^ .^ — ""^ woohl „H^;fe.t std! gwarer^ ^h^gdZ^wt^^mn ^ tb. ^ "?'. "^^^^ •lWr..he had been aent tograUfy the via army, for that y.r^w^^-^ J^^ZII^lt '' "" '''' ''''''''^'' of the WWa.,ci.a,tblMrarbitrt^ win or caprice, so sreH provKled m iIk, \m M)nc of |M>r In th^ b| poHtie, heiweea Kig.tUd^W Coam^ ; nnd wlT tK the o,t pan. ^^UmJkii% ^^nm of the.r nw unr., ,.r.„T to be fW,^,cn.plo in Arir re^r/ fef Hit ryikis and /aWn^,^ of o^,e ^,^.1^, ^^.^^ji,^ t Tl soldier can m be v^W ••• peraoe Ht .* p„^ ^, ftH^ aaid ,•,, rpr fbe dlachw^ of .^ ^cW Royal prerogative. H^^ by prr^i^ . co/^opomti be will never have a /teliv briiw /,rr,/s of the jjo-' ermMl, beyim.1 forwarding hU own pntate fortune • ^d ahhrnigh rKarwrioisbe unat.ainahh, ^v those who,' fn> NAaaAU, N. P. 9th I>ec. 1881 Te ;:::^*^.^',11 Pawnoed oy a Cwuted of W ,£ for tkr Harti ft. Partmf nt, upon seventeen iodiriduaJ. tried and coXL |.r.<7 on the h.^h seas; of whom ser.n c^ZZ. death, eifht to the public works for ten years, ei^^loZl. for SIX years, and one pardoned. Thi. sentence sk^T Ind l^T^, GoT.rnmen, has a proper se„, of honojj >i and humamty a„^ ,ha, while its ship, of war are JbT employed ,n the pursuit and capture of pirnte.. it, ^ are .|..anv <.m,rst in brmging them to condign panisS Ri'o'ifw"^ 'nre a similar result was p,o.fa,i!:.,Jf^ f*a. iNMlBd to the vip.bni exertions of onr ship, of • rolhr;^ K ",J1** ^^""'^ '^''' -olandable an i*n,ple 4^ Lu^ wlJ..i;?jr'"=*'* o< >e of the ght-< ^^ whotoe often arapt to wuA ., ,u.| J;Shhp cj^rtjg*. and ereo allow an asy| to r^ssels of a mJini oraoapM^ioiu dewnption.— iVartona^ Gawi^. ^ Tke WMskejf RaTim^^K late nunibei of the GhM. I empemnce Society Record gives the following 'wkf mation re.,>ortmg the British army. It IS not ifeneraliy known, that by the new pranin warrant for the ,ro,.ps, issued in Jnlv last, the aliow.MSif spirits or ^ne hetetof.>re issue. At re^rd. th., tiocJ^,, ^ ik,i,a,„„ rf Pwm— [r* "^Z!,""^' ^' "* ""'"^ "** •'•" -^ nt-bll.ntf Mean; H^ th. .;„v. TlK|m,W r' -*^ •.k-w.Willi.™ H.,!.,. uji'^t-r^:^ .§^1


-afrnm*" .•<: m fKriifi. \ 1 \i% rj,, l wbicb we fion t jouMten bjr y&iiiiMai MmthtoT AffilftMl lf(| toic Vfdi April H^lfl^kipowibk! e pkiKtio, if ibey fro out tht^ bare Ae Ar;il, wlwWip lhMii, and a flood whicli hai qiftMr iniifMialed th<' wfaok coiiniry •roond Bagdad, m1 dei|to|ad, tliey say, '2(nKfk^um on tbe otber aMe uf lb^iirer.^S#ut I diink tb'u fiitut bo txagirerared. April 12—1 haiTff! jwt ern tlvt Taylors, wbo are leaving tu-day. Tlie acea||OtJ of deatalliti|r ; and tliotiti it not \i^hm^ tlie Lord to stay tWJ hand of tin; dettroyiiig ang^, ^ whoki couiilry will soon be one 1de wasttt. April l.'f— .Th<* (dN!i^ ha^ hwt entered our noi^dibour*s dwrllinjf, wht rr ilfy havt' roflfctud t(^otlu;r nrsir.ltlper*ms nut iin)dv tlieir 0wn family. A if pirit of iufatuation had seiwH tbop, instead of aiMking tlwir numlMTs •• small aa pr>sible,Wy aw-ni to cwnjrtgale as many log'llierastlMv can, ^u Ajiril 14— This is a day of awful visititftoii. TV arrounU of diaib yesti^rday vary frm betwm*n lX^Hh.l I'MW, and to-day, thr-y say, it wors<^ thyn any ; and tlwse numbers above mrm exclesive of tlw iuMm^nse wohirihjes who ar dying without tbe city, l^t f<*i'> balrhave U'ft, •i> that tbe mmtptttjr vf MO a duy ii |£i| ua now among consideraMy bttt tMia JO,0Q0ti April 17— TMlajlim |MntbkT, ^^v^ loard nothin c of nuiuh^ Thotteotmii are vd||^^|tattra^tory, some saying' that thrt is Very littb ptajKtte/ ^|iwt |jint it is havier fban o |uiy previoui day; $k tiiat in some paru of ibe city H k fWy MffM>e, and others very htjht. April 19->8till we have Imv^ news. The MH>lah I ly tbiMiMiieiva Ilia from tlie pasiige )M1 frooi the eiglit booMJa^aocb a di> lure lieard ef or witneaaed i^^sertainly aoc Ml twenty recovers ; every one attacked ento J never iMure than one emiMi to die. April ^iy—Fw many days we bai* befli unablk lo asoartaia any account of tbe dfeunlier of doMhs ; but tbe of Mr. Tayloi ImsbecR withtfie Paeba this mornsinru:e every 4|^ric|i now is ge .. ^ .^ Eogliabmea in2L*lj to aM w|p tlpderstaad the U^ % ^ eg, arbe ieia the t^realest posaibb! siatctof ahrm, wisbbig toga, but not kttowiagbow. One of bis oflkeers, tlio city in full force. The Jews' ({oarters is Houndated, and 3 bouses fell there Ihh( night. We are kourly exjxjcting lo bear that every part of the city is oversowed. TIkj journal continn< s this most heart-rendinir pibture 6>r tlie ensuing days. Inderdute ot May 1, we find the followinir, which will remind the reader of a similar scene in Lord IJyron's *'f5iegeof Corinth:" — •• To-day as I pusaed alonjj the street the number of dead iHxIies 1 saw lyint' unhuried, and flw er of the dead can now Im' no lonirer ascertaine. If you attack the poor, tliey die of prostration of strength ; if ytnt endeavour to supjiort the constitution, Uiey die of oppression on tlie bram. Those cases which Jfst aflocted the head with delirium have been the most flital ; Mxt those with rarhonr le^ :ihich did not appear lor a fortnight after the commencement of the disaaiaw Aiming those who have recovered, almost the whole have had large glanihilar siv.-rlijng,, ,jH?cdiIy suppurating, and thus relieving the constitution" firm the HaiHmort Ammiam. 4 Foreign hem.^in tbe debate in the l-riMicb r%^ -^ of l>eputbs wliich'reeultod in tlie ons. ^ A correspondenrof ^m London <'>" ier says that sw thing is now IranqoM iafSiris, and tliat tlie firmnesj rf? government has had the eHlct of inspiring as niu<-h Ji! tidence as can be inspired in the present unsettled r.!!t eavy called to give us aa accaaiu offtio cjtv. HmHyian^''^\^'^T^^T' ? '"-^•!"' *^/'. wysiinow ni|{his, under tbe trees, and now. n^:-.t tbrn.inhs Stands Stationary at between ISOO te ^OU a day and has b<-.n so for a fortai|b|. What a SMtu of mortality Among tbe Pacha's sdW^, he says, tbM bavs lost li; some af the regiisaats mmm *X> oat of 7(ji| ;' and in the town and villafas, iiia4aponl that it in as bad or worse than withia tbe city. April *>--The pbifiie aMlda tlie same among the Armonian*: nine were bir4 vetordy, and siveu to-dav. I'liere are no* now in tbe 'ty more tbaa 44X), and the plagui' is DOW in evotjr third or fourth blase, Tbe water also IS iDcreainj, so Uiat a little moro%ill inundate ||e wbob city on this side tbe river, a it bad on is other, to tlie increased wrtcleunu of the plairue are atere favounibte. though aaotber has bean carried out frwa tbe ^**9^ opposite OMr dwcHiog, aad there are sick in tfaffee adjoining hoym. The fiver Ittsbiwst into tbe cellars df tbe ResHency, and is within a foot of ir:undatine tbs city AprU — The plague not daiUMaing. Two men brought out from tbe passage oppoiita,--nisking 17 from eight bouses, Tbe arather of tbe iJleyd, who owns our bouse, has been bwM bi Her boaea, as aa ooe couW got to bury her. AaotKar alfeciing faMlaace bas )st mmmi. A Htrie gill, aboat twelvw ye^n |d |^ .ea caiff^ an iafbnt in her anas.— On beiag adted wbaae if was, lie nild she did not know, but bad (bund it in iflie Had, bavme beard that both its parents were 4Md.' "^P^'' *'*ZJ^' l^*" "*'" "'•^^"^ '''**' "^* < of the ForeJgu yinwieta. (with lbs exception of tbe Aastnan,) have been deaoayed, 8a rapidly did the eonfla^nition extend, Hmi tbe inhabiiattts had only tim# to njive thrmiirlve*, tn tk clothes thy badon a| tbe time: money, plaie. j*we*— al! were de rroyed.-^Tbe namlwrof people thus deprived, in a few boar^. of boasa, horn*-, imdalithev ptHseHSPd. is vanoulj rsiimated St from 100,000 lo I),u6 ; and the iiuinh>r ..( h,„ldmt' frr.m i:>.:-'t tbr hxiihs, nt the /.jreat roi|ih burying groynd. The yiilr;ui. with ijreaf humaiiuy. caascd bread to h*iniiued to them. *nA dirrc tetl that the noldiers occupying the large K^rrackH near the huiymg ground whieb ars csfwblo of containing 14.000 men. lo evscuaie ihem, and the buildings to be ^f)ropn;^ npm It tl the wnifh of bfavrn. the European pKilicy. Business, he says, sulfers ftJt from the slate of afl'airs in tbe capital, and the emt^^ pect of Kurop^. M. Man^uin he adds, hud not kth^ bear him out in his attack.s oft, the Miuisleis. It niun J* however, be concluded that the hitter are enlirely ^'1^!^ the Chamber; thotigh ajipaqpntly lirm t)-day,' they L* be toiwring lu-moriow. At prest;nt, such is tlie iu,pgj^ ance attache^tyatefI by tli %et tJkat 38,000 male inhabitants of Edlnhdrfh have petitionei lor reform. Tbe memlier wlio represents this city, which lai 140,000 inhabitants, is apointeerite, nor tbe revolt in the P.ld. Russian proriMllglfot extineoisbed. Tlie Iom ot tk Rusiansintheln?k of War^w.tbe New York Aanneaa ostiinabn^trum cnnipariiig tbeaivxnints of iIk' f parti^ at p< rfaais 8,0CMJ men. J^ iruggk', thervlMt, v^issaiiguinarv. Jar X^sf Jtfan. — A yvBiii: lanv, after having for linioveiy attentively read Mrs. J^helhv'ji novel, eniilW ** The Last Man," threw down the book, and eiii(ibucnlly exclaimed, *' Tlwf Last Mbn hh-ss me if sutk thing W€rf ceer to happen, leAw/ tcuuld brcomt / lii tromrn. TbeeviN and utfering|, recited an not all, .Sbortly alter the^jlast ruction of Perm, Ares coatmpnrwl lk t|w rrfv: ami naidJy a nijrht passed without ibe destrurtiM of J-erunu,nt | IS nol i^le. lh' Mjmsten* are m rooslant ntfendauce ; and •Oioe vsi^eiMiriiriic measures wdl smm be adopted. k i**^!!lL^***^ "*' ***** *''*^ disasters are at tribii table to tae i mm^t mtm ; many of whom are now nnngled amoa£ tkir!liaCL!!* "^ *f '^ '^*' govHmmear has daieuv^red wm^S^Vi^ 'J"** *^^^ exccntmos show, ibit ^ ,k> r TL^ ^ **^ outrageous proceedbigs. v The Su^. rancamaaes to imprsre tbe coonfrv by rbe introfhicnon af u|si.d arttt9. lie has e#d|ilibeda lar^e tab!!?: T!'^ managemrnt of an Kngfisb fSyeman ; d a f^SOTl has jast amml from l^ndom wjfli ae^val iiffmm i^'!!:r HiS".^'"'^*^ W ^"^P* ^7^ov2 in tactics ; Had he IS rapi.Mv a.Mins ft> her tsS^ !>"•• I formefh bfiiBMed. that, m uJint of reTrRious .nsfrijtioa I!!J*lJ J!!l TilT^r*''^ Society, A.Mb a kr* „ mmI 1,m1„^ wal, bas not alkwetl it to pass unnotfted. Mr. U.khIcIL (o aT tbe wast .oAataiigable men.) ha. bee,, sent be.e. and T iw usnu hi. rtfons in this d.>itant r,uwir : aaTl s.ncereK bipe ibey will prove successful. .• Ru> .rinh-IV. on the nospJionis. Mr. Goml.fl periorm. divine Okpick or AMK.aicAN and Fo|{i:m.n Aoemct, ( .NewVol k, January, 1831. I PniLH; NOTK K iabreby given to all pefart wlami it may concern, havini; claims, debts, loben* lances, ptiblir neciwiiies, dtc. payable or recoverahb i" any part >f the United States, or British America, requsne tlie intervention of legal proceedinjjs, or oiher ilit thiijfeitahlishinent has etlicieni and resiMmsibk* Na*^ Afrents i#-.thc pr.iM i;.| cities and towns t here* >f n'S{*e required kf tl*e nature of each particular case, accompanied with tk* njqaisitc Power of Attorney ; th*whole lo be ilalv fxcutrd befona Notary Public, or otln-r coni|>etent civil sr tborsry of the pbi' in t|pbrb llw saiiu; may lie perfect^" any an American Consii!. Ordersfransniittc^d to-fWs Kstablisliment for tlie in'' nien(f f\mi\* ia the public secur it les ol tla; Iniled ^SW** or of any of tlie States o( the I nion, or cm niortgiicf •• freehcdd property ; and abu> for llie transaction ol any kw sin4>ss within the purview of a (General Agency, wiU ** fMinetutdly and taithfnfly execut'd. AH appKcatioas to this KtablixhnKnt in cases re<}uiriTf the invcsHgatiiai of claiim, siaich of records, or ile i"^* vttaCianof leini :roceediiijs, siwiuld Ik; accompanie*! an ndeqiiala i{ini4tnce to th fiwy th*pielbninary cbarT* "nddiebOrseiniouaftendiitL^ the' saim' ; and all <"'^'".***r cationimiiet be4iddri>v..d (p<.st paid)tn tin* uiders|gf^ (CaailiMlor nf tb^ }^if>ceme Court of tlir L'nrtetl '**'****• nnd of tlw' Supeirior Corch to climb; Yon casement with the wild rose screen. Yon little garden too. How many fond remembrances Endear them all to you. You sigh to leave your mother's roof. Though on my sun she smiled. And spurning e'ry selfish thought. Gave up her darling child ; Sigh not for her, she now may claim, Kjod deeds from more f>* *nc Bbe^j^ane apon nv •m,|Km*> •mti Sapfwrted by her Son I tkank you for that look — it speaks Reliance on my truth ; And never shall unkiiuiness wound Your unsuspecting youth ; If fate should frown, and anxious thoughts Oppress your husband's mind, Ok never fear to chug lu me— I could not be unkind. ij^ Come, look upon t^is golden ring — You have no caMe to shrink. Though ofk 'tis galling as the slave's ladiasolubh' link Aad hM>k upcjn yita Church, the pi Of blessing andof prayer ; Before ihe altar hear my vows— f Who cou^d dissemble tkcre .' Corns to my home ; your bird shall have As tran^r spirit of resistance, and, if need ^^ MTair, ij ^ caroplexion we long ago pre"^ • k 7iJ '"'"^ ""^ ^' ^^"^ *•"* ^* "'•^ ^^'^ J e^, ne Ume to save tbe colonies or lose them for It would be worse than useless — it would be treacherous to conceal |he fact that the West-India colonies are preiwring to throw off the yoke of British misgovernment. Provocation, a shade stronger than that which lliey have already received, is only recjuired te make them n^sort lo a measure so desperate. Tlwy see in the whole career of British \HilkLYt at least, of late years, nothing but the most obstinate Iplrit of tyranny and injostir'. They look forward to the adoption of measures still more unjust and oppressive than those under which they now labour, and with which they have so (d'ten been menaced. Tlw'y find that while the lies and declamation ol their enemies are lisloned to with eagerness worthy of a lielter cause, no one will pay the slightest attention to their defence. Tliey are condemned unheard. Tliey are grossly traduced as men ; and iheii property is depreciated and moraUy $tig^atiivd as unrighteous and usinrpcd. Labouring under the weight of circumstances so precarious, they are kept in a state of siisjH^nse in regard to iheir undoubted rights. They are not sure that llie pro|>crty which they have purchased, and for which they have toiled, will be longer preserved to them. — They do not know, indeed, wliether they are to be aMowcd to call ibeir own— their own. In regard to matters, as to which no doublihould exist under a just Govertmient, tliey leniaia in a state of the most distressing uncertainty. To-day, that which forms the very means of their existence, may, to-morrow, be taken from ilieni by an arbitrnry act of the Legislature, extorted by faction and fanaticism. No wonder, then, that the WestIndia colonists should feel impatient of a sway which menaces their property, and keeps llKir feelings on the rack. Should these invaluable possesions ever be lost to Eng4snd, future generations will wonder at the causey which M to such a disaster. They will refer to history lo discover the reasons and necessities which im|)elled a nation like Britain to sacritico the asry means which upludd her commercial greatness — and by which liei manufacturing prosperity has been created and established. What will be their astonishment and indignatioa 10 find that tlie sinews of our strength have been thrawa away to please an ignorant and misled multitude ? Tlie cries of a false philanthropy, and the wicked ambition of political pimps — have alone combined to deceive tite public and bully the Legislature on this subject. — No argument has been urgod or reason tU|l||ncd — elecpt|be unmeaning slang of fanaticisin-~to ilW"-^ ""T' r*-'*f*f":^R.**."^".nttinance or forw4h4 tb dani^n^otts drstgns at tMRbitt-cokimals. Are we fhen to play the game of a fection which bas no solid grounds for iis conduct — which acts only in obedience to tlie demands of a reckless crowd ? We trust that Englishmen are too much alive to their own dearest interests — that they have too deep a sense of what is due tolb^ir own characters— 40 p!rmit themselves to be duped aiML longer in this way. Let them keep in mind that every act of oppression hcafx'd u|>on the colonies will be reseroos condition they would desire to tamper, let them abstain from niping upon a devoted (rovernment the completis. True philanthropy cannot be tlK>ir's, for, with a wi>lon) ahicli llie abolitionists utterly want, itlook:. more to the circumstances of men than to abstract principles. Tho slaves are happy and contented. — Why luake tliem niiserabk> T When we thus find that a change upon the condition of the negroes would do them more injury than benefit — arouW reduce them to a slate of miseiy more ap^wHinf than any thing ever expeiienced in Ireland — It beliovesua to look to other means than emancipation, to prevent tba oppression which it is alledged is exercised by tlie planters. If this country possesses any power over the colonies, it ought to take measures to compel the viaster to tieat his slave as a man. But this is already done — and it was done on the very principle of policy which reason woukl dicute to men not toully bereA of sanity. In fact, thera are laws in existence which compel the planter to respect his slaves. We could readily believe, liowever, that, as a matter of self-interest, the slave-holder has every desire to act towards the negri>es kindly and indulgently. This is, indeed, the fact. No roan starves his horse or his cattle : Common sc^nse tells him that it is hb interest to feed them and keep them well. On tbe very |Mme principle, the planter educat(>s and indulges his slaves, and refrains from exercisiaf cruelty towards thetA. We hi Britain will surely uiMerstand this ; but we can never understand the logic of the abolitionists, who seem to argue that human nature is a thing which is OMKlified, as the human frame is coloured, by climate. The abolitionisU pietend to be actuated by a desire to extend the blessings of liberty. Good easy Liberals They see the West India negroes comfortable aad coatented, and tiiey also belioM tbe patriots of Poland struf gliag for a freedom of which they have been unjustly dao prived— and which tlicy have always enjoyed. But in* -w.i Y k.tft;„a iih ibejr succour lo those who woukl really bencftt by It, Ibey fly to a region of ideal nuBtry, and would force llieir Hhrrality, upon a population who do not stand in need of tlieir iaierfen>nce. Worthy (diilanthropists How can yof ever reconcile such conduct to tlie principles of eternal justice," and so forth, by whicb you pretend ja be ^actuated ? The poor of Irebind ara groaning under the load of accumulated disftess—tlia country, in the words af Shiel, strelclies out Iwr hands and cries for food — hut do you listen to her cries T No The West India colonies are the province where your charity delights to exert itsatf— tlw happy negroes are the people whom you deli(^ lo honour. But your hypocrisy ia easily seen throi*gb'->y<>or fals(> philanthropy is transparent enough, |i all otIIMClonre. You would asist the enslaved St the oapence of other peoph— hot yan will not embark in life rauH' of liberty and philantbrom^wbeD yyu find Wt tbe undertaking would cost voa lOf|t|Phlg-'*4m wmmi how. liwie! In iruih,it neNl excite an or of comnton sense which cant and agiiatran will not overcome. The colonists hope nothintj froai tbe present sdaiiatstralion — thir ewimesaipert vMtty thing. Tbe nMfasures of tbe Whigs, in n^ard to the rohmies, liave been marked by a stupidity and raakk-ssness which ere "ng will produce iIm; roost melaacholy rejltt. We sre convinced that if their preset^t line of pidicy is parsislsd if>, ihe colonints will have ao alternative but to throw off iIh* vike of tlw Mother-Coaatry. — With iIm; example of Annrifa b<>foro their eyes, whil will they not aitenipi T And they have only to attempt a separation — a repalof tlie di.uaion,as it may be termed — to succead in it. Wliaiever naybn tlie value of oor colonial posiessions at prevnl, there caa be no question that ibey wodd scarcely be worth tbe probabk expence of a lonu aad arduous strucffle to r gain thera, were they once to declaie tlieir indefiend.nce, or ^tach themselves (o another State. — Putting out of vk;w the hopelessness of such a struggle on our part, we wmiM have ourselves to blame for the nec#iwiity of sulmiiltiog to the loss. As for tinC(d*nists tW-mselvcs, iliey deji^ less ufKin Britain llian thi country ds of our colonies, we cannot say that the West India The fa naiics say^^ let them iro free Suppose this is done, i proprietors are withmit jutire *ir)A reason or t.HcJr side. what would hetfib consequence ? Tlic proprietor would j In fact, ibey ask for nothing hut iustice. They only deno lonci'r be compelled to support the great number of inj aMMid that no farther injuries shall be perpetuated upo firm Indigent slaves which are at present maintained in all j their property^ If we refuse litem, we kioae all cbim parts of the colonies. The price of lalwur would U; rei 5pon tlieir consideration. It is lime, th<.'refore, that both (hired to a minimum — and the extent of it to a maiimum — Britain and tlie colonics should starwi prepared for tlw reH couibination o( circumstances which has redurid fertile Ireland to its present deirraded condition. Would the slaves be bettered by a ch;rj;;e like this ? We confidently answer — No \ (ilad would they be to return fo ih#'fr foricr yoke, and thci|j ftJrmer happiness. But let it be result. T^ Government is reckk'ss and stupid — tlie colopists are firm and united. Let tliem continue to be so, and w have no fear hut that tk-y will triiimfdi over their