The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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btMjS Mi Edlt.r. SATUIDAY. oCl OBE 1, 18a3. VL. I-Ne. XX1E

TIE fIlAMA ARGUS. now suffering. I shll onl It, tht our are tenfold our unalienabl property, contend even with the despaot
m ntue oppressive, ad cll correponding exertion. tyranny into which that once-honest and upright m ltn
a saglS aIOS-WanLv iN NAEU, Im. r. There is, however, one ad nd extraordinary differ- ha degenerated. The oppression with which wef
S_ nllara epa i Tam-. e once, which must strike tie t cursory observer :-In threatened, are north of, and derogatory to, the di-
tlprLte the rst instance, Ministers intent o raising a HE- nity f a great nation. They choose to suppou, that if the
VEN UE, and ill Ihe present, are bent on destroying voice of Rebellion is once wounded, that we nmust yield to
A& *owa I Wrst, however, that ve said enough to induce it: They are mistake, Muct as we cmay drplore such
you, my fbllow Coloniata, to ite in your own defence, an tvent, we will be prepared for It; and as they were
and to follow wrre a rilla example leads in the path once told by an eminent Statesman of this Isla nd, we do
of access." I shall ay li of the continual attempts, not want the assistance of their tra, nor fear their hon-
which wer made by the A a and dleir friends in utility !! We are, however, placed in a strange ailatio.
_j_^_ __ England, to bring about a ociliation, even after the The English Governnwent has demanded, and oined.
S ""s struggle' ind been committed armed at the battles of Lex- "under promises of fnutur forbearace," many conaea-
P ET?.'!' "ington and Bunker's Hill, all which failed by the blind sions front our louse of Assembly, which they have con-
Sinfatuation of Lord North, w was condemned to the bit- sideitd requisite for forwarding thie mum scheme of the
TO PAUL ter humiliation of shedding tes of remorse and repent- treasonable faction to which hey hlne been subjected.-
SPaul I've hear your invitation, ance in tie House of Commo* on the news pf Burgoyne's The whole may he I) pifit~ under the relation of the de-
And The abroad thrho sn tio, capture, and lite evident [Itfr of his tyrannical ef. captions practised by the Homan Generalsrevious to tle
Tbe hopeM of ti lO. forts to enslave menl who wd determined to be free. third punic war. It wasafter an interval of ifty )ean of,*
Lord North, however, wilt ahis impolicy, had a chasnc, peace, in which the Catthagenians had been more intent 4
But thee m muse. Oh luckless story, of success, while the present infuriated Administration are on amassing private wealth titan in providing for the safety
Cae't d a I lay to mise.0 playing a game which, wlht r they are winners or lo- of the State, that the Romans, under a very flimsy pretext,
T exalt this mighty Chiefs great glory, ser, will be equally dstrutctie. I slull be very easily) accused then of an infraction of treaty in making war on
Or sing his wondrous praise. undertood ;-but truslig in be help of .Alnighiy Go', Mausanius, and sent ambassadors accordingly to demand
She fain would say ital he's courageous, and the justice of our cale, e nay hope to see the iron satisfaction., although the destruction of Canhage had
But this she cannot do; fronts of our implacable foes do bathed in tears of an- been previsualy renslved on in the Senate. TIn' Carl)g-
Nor can ahe say he's meek sad courtaus, guish and rage, for time ilete their infamous attenlsils.- genians, alarmed at the Roman prep.ralions, offered eTryv
For this woald not be lt. For this purpose, we must spadily and erllctuallv follow satisfaction, and even delivered up lithe who it was al-
Nor can she praise his pleasant mile, the example whirll as a been o us, in a solid, permanent, ledged had broken the league. In return for these
For 'tis srlonic grin, and efectial, UNION. I sq aware there are many who submutaions, the Senatedenanded three hundred hoeagers
With which ha decks his brow thowbila look on tile proceedlings fot that purpose, as viouluions of as a security for their future good conduct and ouidientr".
His dapes he's taking io. the loyalty they have hithertotprofesurd, as so many ateps This it was supposed the Parthagenians would not comply
And then she'd a.y he's like Domitim approaching to absolute edit ; but this is a profanation with; but thiifatated people, desiring pjiae oN any
And thi I lieve is true. of the altars, which have ban founded by justice, and terms, deliverN other children within the milaed time, and
lie plays the part of Jew Vanitia, raised by patriotism,-they m tile elrects of a dutiful anil sent deputies to know the Senatets further demands, as
And acti the tyrant too. constitutional effort, to pirrMes our all.egianrce-an iefor certain of a ready compliance. The Romas were, there-
as l dr Pal. 'he nothing rne out by law and preceded, to maintain our rights and fore, not a little perplexed in what manner to force them
Juas now dro tal I've nothing mao privileges, to re.sst the tvranl anti despoaiiim of a forttn, into disobedience! v huetfore Censorinos, the Con>ul, cim-
But I'e no dothl you have a store, 'ilo lhve, ia~sin all law sad reason, gained a political mending their diligence, demanded all their arms! con-
do write ume, pray a r, do. ascendancy, and have been permitted to seek fur, and trary to expectation, these were also delivered up. The
zrNGIBEB. preach up the overthrow of a order and property in this Romllans, therelure, rose higher in their demands, untilat
THE IRRICA Island, as a prelude to time ine wicked svAm' in lthe length they ordered the abject Cartlhaenians to quit their
1IllE IIU R ICNE. mother counltr. I cannot hat remark in this place, on cily, wlich was lo be leelled ilb tihI ground--a the
Friiten in the Wet lsdi :the strange iiconsiisteney of Ouvernment, which permits same time mdes'tly giving tlmU r ,;. -. ha d
LorJ of the Winds I feel thee nigh! such an association to el, fi die professed purpose of there not inesar thi". of is t ead
I k ae thy breath in the buying sk nuinagrobellisr in th.'r$-" is lately endeavour- command sd the d effct They first implored Ar

And lo! on the wing of the heary gales* It was assert, was formed to raise the standard of r.l.I- late to tihe sullen resolution of sufering the utmost exlie.
Tharugh the boundless arch of heaven he sails; lion in Ireland. Sir Fiancis Burdett suffered inlpris,.n- nmities, and of fighting to time last for tleir altar and dMwir
Silent. sad vast, and terribly strong, ment under a similar suspicion. Thiast.wood and hisi as- honIw. ny the spirit of resistance with which these vio-
The ightly shadow is borne along, sociates, were hanged for the self-same attempts in Enog lent and unmerited wronps iad raised in tie whole body
Like the dark elernily to come: of lilt |>.oul. lly ln( illnd tle Ruinan arm, no
While the world below ditsmyed and dumb, land. I say nothing of the cowardly conduct of Govern. of the people, they long ithstood the Romian arm, nor
Through the calm of th hick, hut atmosphere, ment (under tie guidance of ie man wht, It flor this 11old tey ve ben eventually ronqlrd, h'I nt S-
Looks up at ts stglomv folds with fear. event sniighlt lhav. been considered the grtate.t captain of pill Ernilisnus resorted to treachery, by bribing Pharneas,
They darken fast. and the golden blaze tis or any olter age) in surrendering the fundamental the General of the Carthagenisn horse, to desert in tl.
Ofthe sun is q.enchedl in its inrid hase; principles of the constitution to this self-same Catholic day of battle, and using other base arts of seduction among
And he sen,:s throllh the .hade a funeral ray. Associalion--bit I wish to point out to you, my fellow co- the leading men of Carthage, entirely unbecoming his
A lae, tha is neither night nor day lois, ho much may be gained by uion and prsve- great character as a general and a warrior. Thi.and nu-
A thamtssvsoucheswihv ue o datV gea carctr sr.Ths ndn
A bsm, that touche e with hur odrath rance. This is decidedly wiht has given our iron-frted merous other eample, which history affords, ill shew
To its covert glide the llent hbrd, foes the advanllas e over us-their UNION-their syste- how little is to be gained by concession, and how much
While the hurricane's ditainl voice is heard, smati- as.oriati-,,. for the wort of purposes--forevery oh- may be done by a proper spirit of resistance. Anoioun,
Uplifted, among the mousntin round, ject di llti icrl.l opposed to all legitimate government, therefore, to impress it more forcibly, I maintain that the
And the forest hear and answer the sound. ias gained ithesi illtuence, however sinisterly it nmay have conduct of ti British Government towards this Island i,
He ia come! he is come do yu not behold been obtainld-aind l hasfsrr Government to fall before in most reslacts, a counterpart of the Ronn tyranny Ito
Hin mple mbea on the wind nnrolled? the Shall not we, therefore, in a natural, just, lawful, wards tile Cartlageniai-havin obtained one vantage
Oa ofa air, we bid thee hail and constitu l for the rervatio of all grand by treaty, they immediately insisted on another,
How his huge and writhing arms are beat, that is valuable or dear to us ! he object of the and have gone on, stimulated by success, to the estremeet
To hd hthe one of the firm am ent faction I have described, i to deprive Great Britain of point, always in the hope of driving us into some act which
And fold t enth in their dark embrace. this, and the other West In Ilands, by forcing our would become an apology for our ultimate desruion-
Fom mountain to mountain, the visible space! labourers into .amtLLtoN--a word which has been of- finding, however, that we are not to be driven into tIe
Darke--till darker! the whirlwinds bear cially declared by the late anlintiratlion, not to belong anare prepared lor us, they now throw off the mask, and
The dut of the plains to the middle air: to the vocabulary of the English tonge ; but fact are order us to quit our homes, our altrs, and our country'
And har-to the crashing, long and load stubborn things and tihe woal will be found in practice, but without even the iwlting generoity of the Romans,
Yf te tcare its paGoh in the ashes cloud: although excluded by them i theory. I will, ltwre'fre, they offer us no other asylums!
rPm the rapid wheels where they darn, ask, if when rebellion has mised its hydr head, who I'MBRATUS.
As the fl.bolls leap to the world below, is to oppie-t-Io quell it? The question i. answered
Aad food the skies with a lurid glow. in your o'vn hearts, lmy felllel- er.-What, then, From the Jamaica Royal Gazette, September 3.
What mar is that '--'ti the rmi that break become of the pledge set forh during tie late elections Tile riLlit of propirt has ever twen esteemed mrred
sa oneats mway from the airy lakes : by Williwrforce, Stepln ac, nacauley, Buxton, ansl anI inviolate, and nisionn civilized states ls Itbeen deemed
Heaily poured on ihe shuidderii.g ground, other false trailorst Whaht, then, will b.-rnw of ti one of the firnis saferuciards of the iatlitnl prosperiiy.
Asd ahbeuiling a nanseles hsseer round.
A! wedll- naen eoods. hon r rounainnd i vaunted power of Ministen--of the would-br all-power- Property in the mlole of its acquirement may be difnirrnt
AWih te very clouds ye amr lost to my eyes! ful nation of England1 I e the army which Pum- in different relations, but pnsession alone, where it has
yet ye virclouds, a e re lost o my eye declared lie could conji up by tie stamping of been sanctioned! -nd agreed in for a great le.nrtlhf tilll, has
T hehdowy tempest that weerps through space- his foo,, tlcy will be delmuive*-nere dead letters Will a been held to raise a barrier to it. subsequent divestment.
A whirling ocean. that fill the wall Proclamation from the King eck the contagious elrft-sc Where, however, a right of property lies aeen crrated,
Oi theesrysl heaven, and bories all. of mutinous spirits, maddenel into action h) incendiary acknowledged, and encouraged by the fist power in lhe
And I, ..t offlfrn the world. remain, traitors, and stimulated by the love of blood, and the state, it is not in the province of the same power, of its
Alm wikh the terrible hurricane. hope of Papine 1 No! no! You, my Fellow-Colonists, own will, to set aside or destroy it. It is inviolable Iot
.. ..- will be then forced to the fray You will then he obliged to only from the encroachments of individuals but from the
From the Jamaica Courwat. dothose things, wkie.odonsa ,isfaluly railed disloyallt stronger and more powerful aim of the Legisalture.
THE SIGNAL. to the King, and treason to oa State !-Prevention is to These principles and deductim.s are fully allowed and
SNo.8. be preferred to cure. Shall iou not to be allowed to re- treated upon by Sir James Mackintosh, in his second
Sort to measures which will pwrent the spilling of blood? volume of the History nf England, and lte same piinci-
Ire ubi elsa magni, which will save the lives of rindreds?-of thousandsT- ples affect with little or no variation the rights and inter-
Durit eaempl via without being subnhject to the amputation of treason Such eas of the Colonists in the property in their dependentas-
Not to the ditelfled Traitor. will be the effect of a wilconcerted--well-eecuted This right was sanctioned by the British Legialme.
Noto the pensioned Spy, UNION. The noblest honr-tlle gretest terit-the whose authority compelled us to encounter the eb of
Nao t the well-paid Incendiary. highest praise, which the Briti people can boast, or can this description of property, and guaranted ins pal ion.
Neto the holy preachers of B edition,- be complimented with, is tlhpertinacity with which they Whils1 therefore the same opinions continue teest in the
To thedevoted victims o them a have hitherto maintained, asd presrred their consitu- world, with relation to its inviolability, so blo lmOs the
The hoest-the loyal-the patriotic tional rights and independent, and transmitted to their inviolability of slave property remain. unca removed by
lahabits of Jamaica. poterity the blessuin olifty, and tie rights of man. adequate and just comapenation.-Whe'rvel the public
I has ow briefly stated the naggr sions which were ended from the sterlinrtock, we should convince good requires it, then the ense and th constant usag
tIatd by tin'tter on American right, and le uy~ them, that ss fReas ae are aS, we will follow a bright of nations has demanded tile arriirie of private interet.:
ta rto draw the parallel with those under which r 'r' aim eaxta ;" and will, nM krwr emtablisdd right t w of England, alike j m f y iufrcti

.7 -r -
4 0

0 L

LrlltEY C^l^- ll Ife ft-ldlleon- Wrc qr-l-'pD"-U ^iiy i raLd -iTi illJi--l l le' : tt,,,'l I ml, ,i P'41C. "lari.' of a c hl- .l a l,. h m #,O & h m j Sni'Ejeo, y
Jui I6 due to rie "Coll d O Briln, acd i pariculars t WIwe are u? Ii,, chl r1 wlch tre wilt, t civil goveruuownt.. beli og
6imi- tild to romaesdmma t the Lthemeaeo vim rir llo u Qe = F dr-A--ri rwy, i
e .m- ly d a r.a L t merm for wthema iA M .s.l. ss ,sm Br c ".ad secure the It unr %r0"i a
C It isPtad experdleu.i for di e welfare, botsted liberty of te subj -- nltrmpkd underfoot, by hoe tow, eu he, i tL mlAe ire
te' haa b or the Irets of GUret Britain, that lla military despotisr of 7alme C.. SnIV it know yu uiviiarme i.. tu*n ore
s6lave dieIdm--- *t s am who e mos "- poOibl, that the deputy R -m *. *" ", At tlhe election in the yea l
i l dLemndlg lts i il amnnhilatin, canus, w I limited, al d who camot iidf do.,ny thing which i present, a military man attendedeail hial telr i
i hvaw of juldei, deny i thei operation, w aicti h oy cnta m. o tie law of tIme has, in defiance of tlioe cause lie advocated, was uoie m.lliat llu.t plih
overall eadvo d. br s a Me ckntr priv al ri sla aun-d to in' L tL power And will the his prouliiounal discipline, and in the admirbleorder
ir" *oifld pw ir Jae si Mckintoh ys laww, v unmend to bimself n lrut power hi yon f io'fr deaelatterexerniuilons utia k
Srpaty i bpl poemioa.-Whoever ezerciss a car- government of lie umoherpsrlpa y, sanction the1 Unco- Inbi nl 0 f' pah Ism te jus tribute-hl mis
Per of ipat id am tjos tribtai-thsatmpg"
Mal partie of powur over any outward thing, in a no- asitutiounal tyrlnny of one its agents We tlink not. wai a garl isn better conducrtid, (sofor as Alims
ser whih, by ith laws of the cugtry, enlitles him n it, a socerdyrd actsoflhi.Qtliotic o- emenl etcnd), nor yoean officer to whom think fol
acsine e'onjuyent of ia, is deoned a propritor. i A vnd as tie prese. ii of the Magistrates, is conduct" cure y o nrstly merited. A grHtdtl rlth lid
a a, To cncluilo dllm, Ibraume the lw y, in vernor and as e pr ,lie i than theforor,wo been p to I a cer, for the first above namd ee
ms mse, he aid to treare property, the law is to be greater act of oppression 'i justice ithn ti lhro. ptll tl hrd.ndwill th coDfi above named te.
dald tat acco unt as entitled rightfully a take it may expect sumuetinmg me or a their mere re-.statoioentl tht hi,,i less tIiand e absolito r ain of this ede, l,
e a pr opdsition founded on a grom confmsion of will follow. We liall onilelourat place the imple facts o ficer, will olthlle revenge of hIis ettniy ; and yet il
iwo very disinguislhble conceptions." the cle before eou reader in as few words as possible. ar.e s,,i ih" ii! raise te tt skies, ite. huinenily and ll
_'P At4l A slave was convicted of .riking two white persons, and Iielin i i llti alluded to. I live reason,
T E AL R GIM- sentenced, under e. ... 5 action oftll.consolidated slae al 1i,. i icu'vie auithoUrity, to state, that therein, at I
amllilI ttsv eilZiin, llie poaession uol a military loan, lollers a
=.--_... .-.- ---- _- Law, to tranialortation. 7h1 Law eacts tiha anly slave, no ., fo one of ,high situation, amoununtg uto positi
ATURDAY, OCTOBER 1.3. I 31 who shall be guilty of seeking a white I'person, or u Iilienlue) i btaitn I) every e ertion tle votae of panle
y1 se a---- o .-- Ma-- j-e-=-=---t s -a b- n i I ilrsai ot unlawful violence, ti sha safer osuch ut nihrii (hnamned in a list accompianymfg tIhe tes) at die sou
SBy the arrival qfyis Majesty's lschoocr Sn wl, s t ( t a to inflict, not ltendig in esI elation, for two gov a
Liut W. Warren, from Janmaica, via ftavanls, we livei t or ib. The Goveor prd d lave and aa- ii roi; ll m o enti te o fioe rme o da
received our AIlir f Kinaitos papers, t dime tlh ultimo terwards referred thle caea ithe three Judlges tir thleiropi- I beg it im.i be Iundertouu, that any inuiulations injuriw
Both the Aug st Mailn had arrived at JHiCama, before the nion who said that e words iot exendinl to life or to Ite chrsi Icr of the military getntlemlen osnad tablo
Soeedwel le: the rst in the burqp Reynard, Lieut. limb," did not give the Cavrt power to sentence the pri- is afar Ifr, my intention as t th east from tm wm;
S D eafrd, who left Flnmouth on due 8tI, and thie secol, soner to transportation; ad tiat,.dtrerefore, thlJustices I wish only to prove a y position, that u military rule i'
I the a e Calypai, Lio. Peyon, who left Falmouth who at upon the trial had placed a wrong construction LIorr of i i di. As e lik i tcil n m a tk ofw
on bte t th of August, bringing Lonion dates to tIh l 18 upon the law. (Qurre-lthy dly nstl hbe wineg.) lTh e a, eori;ls placement pnsioners. andl men inef a c
8f tl month. Governor was tllereifre pleased to dismiss alal Police Ma- of droatl nce'as lshe s-tharactors, who ill not dare to m
a I die Refoirm Bill, no les a numbeihr than thirty-se- g,,tra fo (in his ilice, for enlumitting wlhat, in its llost n se i e m isthes ils of tile great man ; but who, by mean
vso qesments lave been rat d, o d the finialh extensive sens al uly an error in judge it. W.ant aijec t suserviiens, will the more readily facilitate be4k
log-strube yet remains to be put, hdnrelt will be conl- of room obliges us to breakerf Ilnre, but we shall rsmene pie t in vie-military desapoati vo. a
plate. Mr. Humse is mule a proposition of giva i s ujecneal we t Thn'I'iTe i'i liltor olf le Royal GazeS, haa now nile a
plu. Mr. 1Hume male au proposition *f giving the subject next week. quivocally identiicd himself ilth a party hostile o i
direct repreentation to thie Colonies, which was brought iuei- ntereals of tie Colony, ih opposition to he Mi
forward in tlbalouse of Commanoo on tis night of the 16th To the Editor of the takhama Argus. ipef inure than tiine-tenltr of the inlhabitanats, ad
Saof AIgust, an which, althoegtin principle appears to NAssau, I. P. 13th October, 1831. whomn, too, he has readily esperiencsd the most li
be correct, is, in its details, larln what would satisfy the nil. EDITOR,-Tilt condescension I have witnessed, suppiorrl.fitr IIIHn years past. His great and indefeillpB
cist. He priumi d to give four members to British by inserting in your valuaeti and indepenrdent lpaper, die research, as nolikle iln his last Saturday's paper, in ntrav
canit, eight to tie. d Crown Colonries, tmre t o B ritish eisios u so It Imile a being as I am, to tie inclusion. line through three or four reignsn of our forlm. r ruleh
Indlia, eight t hlw ('ruwn Clunite, iree tao Blritih Anle- possibly, of nmioe valuable prouitctions, while it ihas e I- prilceIl. like llte mniiuntain inlaouiiI-e mouse. lloa i
ar ieulie Westelnwdh' l C.i.onir, and one to lhl I couiiramged m ain n takeep m pen, at the same tinie not to lie discomirll'd in his efforts, or they tire imnIaten
o 1rm,1 1 .ii.._p. ., it1-i al d Sark. Thli 1 liaer, will imposeOu on 0you trouble which your attention to di canis' lie aiidvocates. In twetity two years, unnapes
I i, u- wv eppon-d y vr .l eniher,,and declared sald cJdlescension cain liueia coLnle you to aublit to. dons awIre ertanted, andl it can nbe proved that many uf ist
to its Introduction inti the IHefort Bil. Allfer a dicus- tp eaina as aemI'eo o 'ing r i wlUe, tiuo, Voul ha; o' oh Y'o n u l' rertc w n or
sion al considerable hlenglt, me question l was put, and ne- uin mtrre elevated stations in the counmnity ; and in peri- brother chli in tour last numrellr, as not only to convia
louslinses, such as these, wish to give vestit to those feel- esers t Itan who reads your palmer, hum I hoel to asaaL
gati.ed without a division. ings, to convince our superiors tha, with heart and Iaid, sitnien in lin, sit as to indue Irinl to shlit for bia,
Thel J.minsir palvm ri in witli long nd distressing mc- we will join them, in resistance ainrstl acts of oppressio i considrainr aIte stIe I insl tin s t his lEitor, from il
tounts (o the llae litirrircne at Bartladoes, and several nlld Ir nny, exercise il by whom oever hely maiy be.-Tlhe comnrirnls in hi ,ap.r allulrld e t,, dor noI nlnC n to ik,
o ,r iof h Win ard Islnd; indeed, it appears o isissal of another Magistrate, a gentllleman prisding a (si,,ili%, i a lorks like it) that Ire are anyv isuh bnu
ulher of mite i diln l inofrtipitn h ol inrce, so e sloril after lai sing wimnesil nrnl its, -s up oellm od for i a fs rtime, object to lie ene sm
lav ended itself, in a or lesser d.lgree, nearly tei emnt ocrasionel by easine nout of h le cluntis- t f [mie prir, outive, in etendit ecy ,it tie criatidl
throughout the Western worll, so far as New Orleans: sion te name of Mr. Andtlersi, ani d thi publlic expression sint.nrcuI t tiae (uties, s it %o(,;ilie tle t hi
bt, au we have in our previous numbers given lengthy of ap|probaltiun also given of ite citnlirct of .at g enltl- caliini. ai lil., that ever wias pruonuunrci caainst mt
accounts of it, and having a prssof loral meattier, we must man, have pritioced sensatillins, lltat Irlas it sill lie ,sur i,. T.le lci. icliton to interference, ari to spardnc
content ourselves for this week. by mnerlv giving ite Pro- prulelnt at present iIt conceal. I)u's it not, a in part. arie lliht '1 s, si i'tly r; iurld "ite ire of the comnllmunit, is is
clnmation of Sir Janse Lyon, and the acknowleidgements I hn b l i aRlins rer l i nn cis i 1onr if the lle tinian, niin ,r iflt tces, which orunisin lmret ioes el
and thanks of the Commiten e o the various neighboring ruler Ia sncre censure h and Ilit ,hu Inen mo|,dI Si ur I di i .litnce i r allcbna and new re,
Island, who have kindly ussistd them with many of dte George Murray, tlle ilthe ColonialSrciet.ary,thllat lIIa Iourt froltm ,ir leaves. A strumnpet wlho parades our ustre r.e
eceIaries of life. in wlhichl tlhy sat, was of empletent jurilsiction, and tlsh neain day, endeavoitring to decov the nnwary and inconsi-
We oerve ling particularly interesting Sir Geirge Murra y, (Li ni ster from whoni our ruler derte tl fro tlle soof, and fom under tlhe e of h
Ul utmto d ling pha rticlalrlyn eteiin from Pnito" received his instructions, and whom lie ais Iound so teo, itarin.t, is iar'loned for a crime, that might jow pn-ir,
land. TIm Russian Artmy was at Lowe, saboutb80 miles as in every shame hli stipeior.) did not feel himsellen- i of it, or neck antistn, MIr. tdior:
from Warsaw ; but had not ventured an attack upon the titled to interlere with its adninistmratnion., This I must ansi tn, ,..t Tlirl e, a; am inflmrn itav letn toldthat
city, which had be n so strongly fortified by the inhabi- believe Ihas la l esnm inl iare n ocrasioning tlse re- it is ll ,ir ,htl to reclaim, instead of resorting to punif U
tlnts, as ou render suh a step readhr desperate. Til mvrals.-The' princia l Icn i, lito ever, may be, ti I tnin .s, .h I deaden ti s flr.lings and destroy nesir e er i-
Polish Army, consisting of 40,000 men, besides a great light o ofi nt a *l'urviant, ru intrall hon, a factopt in of al entl ,,lc.: ar. o tenimpere, mns [A scolai
amber raw troys, had concentrated itself in Warmw works, and of ch no s an ofthdonotir or common feel- I tlIhIIl i ii a)ni t rip to linII'. (sri' s ;oalion, o are Ir
and there were no pprehnsis. of their being sared ing would submit to ; and lho, allile before in the office, Grldan, IlIl, naiich have we on t Ime mt -
into submission. to which, in tmy oltinion, wvas a disgrace, introducnd, t oaiti' neor late'excellrnl and worthy Governor, Genesal
The accounts froni Belgium are trmly ridiculous, a fm his is r eil proclt eds which never had Grat Ir nne*,r to ettlnl. to depict qIulilifir
and existed et, .'li'llell fa polie. lins knu n to tie' most olsrr immdisidIsi amoog its li
place King Leopold in no enviable light. The IDutch en- I must heesr observ4 1r. 1: l ir,, that ailt I ,iave In- idn "t ii. i, I o wl eocinrincvidul anir Irs t. Isnlr
tord Belgium; and Leopold, in his ferstengagenent witl stated, comes not altoithe itltin nt oan knowledge, ed o iii" lIt, P' opsite th frowe ourtetprte. nt lrl
a e y at the head of his newly acquired subjects, met ye, I tfel perlecilyv atiaikd, front t' srtins of nin I s' I; \'I llinted in o r ounen swear In
with total defeat, and was nearly left in the hands of ithe of ried hoo and vera ct The b tlc these ats hIiaelar, and thateecraionsbould follow him w I rever
Dutch by his e trps. The corresndet of the Governor occasion so excited mn urimitly, a Is L'.' Let all inite, and be firm, Mr. Editor; let a" mot
Dutch by hil brare troops. The carreselkind :f the well as that of others, to Wow the cause of it, as to make I ltr i-idt. sl Ial any catnt take place, us as mtorrelersit
Jamaica Courant says-" Not more than 50 were killed, off my attention from a je I had in hand, sat awirl, 'or i, redl- mi liakearm, aaien every earry, every '
sad the rea ran so dfeemly, that only )500 prisoners could probably may occasion p diaupoalinllle'nl to i,, 1 r .i II"e us, I dri ve frunt dter cI" sls of, his' r ref
he taken, thus bestling the I)ulsh hollow-in running." plover. From the crowd, which I sixed, I lalie oitailln- in,. i alou aould sacrifice alr ti indial
n.. iged all nmy information, as as mileJ hints I bi'e isieni- iter inis. -i d
By the politeness of a friend. a have tesbm favorenI with and may conIinue to givA. To the credit of the IIte A MECIIAtNI
sh New Vork Courier and Enqairrm," of the solh Septem- Police Magistrate, it was mihtain ed, iha tlie t iiei
hw nd e tamnt, baot tihey taino rpen news. oicehmadneverbeenbeooresawell clndiilued ;ohat t.eni e IaeI st* :sh. (l i O ,v,.r, R111.
Traeds 1sa insla bwat llingy at ict mnm pet bumhel. of securing property frn Midnlght robbery, ws admi- I To te Editor of t i lalsumo .1Art,.
Tarks onI lls a w elling at5 elOle pet bushel. irns able ; and onl this nmole tafs ailopled, no onl, whose! SIR
YL a th.e nl _n,________ property was the least eped, could lay down i his ead Thl Ilitnr of tlhe Royal G arette Isi\in, had a nolher
at night, in comfort, m o r%-" What tllen has he donmi 1" shn! at tie rllin Ji to, ipon lhe tub'ecr of Slive orlt,
IW filly anticipated That he dimial of Robert Dun- says one. lie is accused of want of vigilance," repliedl I li1re l, -n induced (ev.n at lle risk "C h-inr na lrt
ca Esquire, from the onice of Police Magistrate, another. The lpeitiise lie irivien to this asertnin, by the on, ,,if tI: ll tin, it? lr ) ta offer t heou n a i re ark s
woem have been notified to the public through that r general mission of the ilhitanls. ea In the creat safety aini.,r r, IIIlI \ ,,r exira.irinarv factr bnrs h i to litl ve
gan. the Royal Gaee; and a His Ex their property. Another tas n is given, tha thle detr- r. ',- I. rl Ibo by which I tr I
erm li r nn, d e d Roy ha(;aeeprtes; Ind tt Hi E- mmnation of the Govt-nolq to the prilion of the slave .Iha ie at It, silisfaCtrmii-. to 'hi'-s tlit it is i Tr. I'
calleacy h Goveror. would ha.ehd, h M o e, h er bsng promuly ~'l l is an iqiisition QUei Ihte ari Ivu, lito e s -NI,,u r that it is ,lr.
ime m aime illa the reason which induced him to ex- to be established among a Are ie proeedins of nr i ae ,' i rie i nd n isled Ihe j'oliii, cud sri
aeri this arbilry power. Can we believe our s s, Courts to be hid from tI i .te tlie e Despaic and nuili- i ,r, ., ,r WiIut hi' is ple,,d i n ui is
ist oe are living ilder the protection of British laws, nd a.ry ru is the orur of t lay, allil I will pr ve partly. Ili ins' .I.
San frli myn own knowlederl I the eIn ii iil 9 v 0dl
f tw Magi smis d iixesl without any reasons bein .. n long knolerd t shne ati,, m esinird Iwn II,:'nl t1-i, : 'ti;l--s isn 'is e-s'le to jnto!i!lt
a tw Mainnate log after he omn t nan cotitsitrd and Ilie sSeersl Ihata then in existence, nrlimito

-L ~ C

'L '- g r --

wir, ch c nta ,ed thd clause published by tyou __SAU____, __.. AUCTIO IO .
S. Argau, veasig a pouer ian th Justices, to respil 6th October, 1181.
"idsct ltudweirmenitenc lur thirty day, or uutil tbe 0 AT a meeting Thi Day.of the Bseward of the BY HENRY GREENBLADE & CO.
l.r o @ Couaa oder-in-Cimif should be known, in Balham Turfl Club, huflllowling rulns wore tgred to:-
m casse sr uo a par to ter m for so doaiag. Thla the Races do commence on the 26th ieant. On MaNui sea, M 17 ii asrt.
e 'i5 : Clause of this act, jurisdicuion was givuo to 2. That the lHorses to run brought to the Public Build- aT TsI vastnm ms,
s ,le Courts, in all cases of burglary, robbery, burn- ings at 12 o'clock, precisely, an Thursday, the 20th inst, At '1 O leheL A.
ft 6esl rebellious, conspiracies, couupaiieig or iIta- to be thoru euterod by pne the Clarks of the Course. ill be odd
twg he death ," any whit 1 persn, or any other felu- The culours of the nd s hn made kuown, aud Corn, in lots,
l ie nce conulinted by a slave, and which was thereby the enit ance money ful the to be paid. Butter, in firkins,
dlredai or made punishalle ailth death, or transportation. 3. That die entrance for the cup to bo $5, for Me Pork, in barrels,
This laeairve jurildictiuu of tie laveu Courts continued the purses, at the rate of 5 et ; and that the entrance Tobacco, in bales,
Isnil 1816, wlhen, iu continuing the ve law for a further mouny for thi purses, to be on the day ofstarting. Pilot Bread, in barrels,
erm of years, so mucl of' that law, as related t time trial 4. Thal nut less haun three shall run for die cup, A quantity Wner Jars,
f laves for uffunces to which the penalty of death is an- or any of the purses. 1 boxes Cordials,
aned, was declared to be no longer is force. As, how- 5. That the horse winning e cup, or a pune, not to 2 do. Bitters,
ever, the claeus empowering the Justices to respite the be allowed to run for another rie. I do. Lavender Water,
e cution of their sentences ius worded in such a laniinei 6. Tlha the weight fibl to run for the cup arml 2 duoe fancy Chain,
as to relate to all cries cognizable) by a slave Court, it purses, less tlan $100, be,w t for age- years old, 7 With a great riety o other articles,
wsaIIs all.cted by the anlutiodentl in 1816, and ienained stone,-4 years old, 8 stone, years old, 9 stoue- years LIKEWIE-
in lull force uulil I824, when our slave code was olul!ly old, 9 slone 71ls.-and aged, stone. 110 barrels superfine Wheat Flour,
revised, a*d thte.daus in tquesliuo struck out. 7. That all horses to run r $100 purses, carry IU Being the residue of the Cargo of the Bchr. Wiliam
Now, by emiRinliug tlle d ites in Mr. .l'Queen's return stone. Ross, front Key West.
o parlidn, &c. it will be found, that all the pardons iand 'That the heats for $100 urses, be twice round-beut Terms,-CASIl.
coluiniatiion granted by (Iov*ernor' Caumerui and (Grant, oflhe;ilt-:i, the lesser purse, once round and a distance, October 15th.
or by Mr. Piesilent blunniigs, were granted undIr tL li bati .,I I,,ni.
Are law of 1796, and that no Comainander-iii-Chiefssince 9. Tlit .Mesrs. John Irving, V. M. Wylly, II. M. BY HENRY GREENSLADE &. CO.
ie passing of die consolidated slave la, in 1S24, ever Wdlianls, llughl Kerr and Fredjian Turner, be the judges
interfered with the rldcisionsuof the Slave Coure, until that To tlhem, all disputes re to be referred, and their de- On Tueday neat, the 181t inssld.
power was usurped by Sir James C. Smyth. cisions to be final. At the StoeUs of John Storr, Eaq.
I hall not attempt to enquire, at this late period, upon 10. That Messrs. V. M. Wylly and George P. Wood, At lo O lOeek, ML
.what eroundls General Giant thought pro uer to pardon be clerks of the course. Will be Sold
M'Bride, Rllker, or Wier, or whether lie exercised a sound 11. That the following tolls he taken at the northern For the benefit of the wners, soderoriters, and others
discretion in doings, or not ; it issuilcieut Ifr toe that he entrance to the course, viz: for every saddle horse, Is; concerned,
was authori,'id by tlhe then existing law, to act as he did and for every carriage, gig, or other vehicle, ls. per wheel. e e
act. awl by Mr. .M'Quen's own shewing. after that law 12. That the following be thi race da)s and die amount The Cargo of the American schooner Dart, put into
was altered, although lie adminiatered the government for of purses to bn run for, on thee days. this port in distress, in her passage rom Charleston to
four Iiuire years, it never attempted to assume a u auiio- FIRST DAY. Jamaica, viL er
riv no loungr vetedl in him. Let me dies ask die ques- 26th October, 1831. Il f do
ion. (not of Mr. M'Queen, or any other minion of power, 1st The Governor's Silver Cup-weight for age-heat, 114 helf d. P E
but of the public), whether Sir James C. Snmtll is not twice round, and leit of heats. Tr,- s bef reovl f pr y.
justly accused of having interfered, in an unprecedented 2d. A purse ofu 50--weight for age,-heat once round, October 15th. p
masner, with ite Slave Courts of the Colony I 1 shall now and a distance-best of heats.
pass over all the Editor's twaddle, about lhe propriety of SECOND DAY BY IENRY ADDERLEY.
Holding the Slave Courls in theCour Il house, &c. &c &c. 27t October, 1831.
and cone at once to tile well a.tllinticated fact with lit. A purse of $100-welglht, ten stone-heat twice On Monday net, the 17th inita t,
whiclhhi windsalilisvery pithy remarks, namely-lt-al our round, aud best of heats. AT TiHE VTNDUE Holrr.,
hems ave not provided a Council of Protcction!!! It i 2. A prse of $50---weight for age,--heat once round, At 10 O'Olook A. .
is really ast.nitsing, Sir, talt Mr. 31'Queen, the p)uelic and a distance, best of heats. Will Iw -sld
printer--the tman who printed lI t very law in qoIu.lioi-- TIIIID DAY. The Cargo of the Am. schooner Mary Travers, from
shol bie so tally i,,iorait lie lhas rosed liuiself to be, 28th October, 1Kll. Ialtimore, consisting of
of thi eacinnlt.Its .. lti.iil in it. Let hiuin retea r to tl,' Ist. A purse of $100-weight, ten stone-heat twice Butter and Lard, in kegs,
1bth clause, ate l alIIe ail lisnat iH Justices and \estry ol round, and best of heats. Hams, Cheese. Apples,
the Parish, are rrealted a Councril for the protection of aiiv 2d. A purse of & i--wei.' aj ge.--bet once round, Potatoes and Beets,
das ,who shall be wilhlly nmutilatLl iy or v Ilr lle,' rivlty and a distance, best of heats. Iilol, Navy llread, and Crackers,
- coneat of the owner, a.d are rleq.ired, if it sliil ip- i 13. a'l'lt if there is any money remaining after the I PIouilry, anId 'Pis,
pear prper, to cause prc.reedinsI to be instituted aLiistl above purses have been run for, the same shall be made Oyster., &c. &s.
uach owner ; all co,.t .itd ihar,.es of lshich proceediis, into a purse and nun hor by all the beaten horses. I Terrs-CA. 'l.
ire rewoverahle fritt the oins i ! It will no Sir, I 14. That any horse joisling or crossing another shall he A .SO-
eeriive, he rcharly seen, thiat Mlr. .M'Queen is tie. lI.rsin deemed distanced-the ac( uer to provu lie te unce. It At one Molth' creditt ,
ho has Iatemrplte to inillad andl deceive there plli-c, andi is to be understood, that any rider l hose horse has his 100 Ilarrels fresh HIoward Street Flour,
1i spread abroad falsehood and nisrepresentation ou tihe clear lenetll before the next heoie may choose his ground. 100 baeg freshly Corn.
sabject, not only of our Slave Court., but Ithe government 135. That tihe riders be weighted Ielfore nd andftr each Octolwr 15th.
of our leaves, in rieneral. Aind why has tiis lien done i 1 eat ; e that thi. must rile their horses to the weigh- - -
To siuppr thie adlmianltration of Sir Ja.nies (Carmnicael ing post anil eight; and lie lhatldismounts before, or waUs. CHRINT CHURCH PARISH.
Smytt!!! k nd well may niisreprtcsentatlion and false- w'ii'iht is distanced.
eood be resorted to, fr a purpitm-thleyv are lit en- I(,. That the time of starting on each day le t o'clock, L'F uW araI
gine to e usmd in iiuhohlin tlyitany anti corrnplion ; prnci-ely ; thallhalf an hour be allowed between each AVING fixe illte assize of 5BEAD at the lae ofr$%
4ot, Sir, let not the Governor and his araisites laiy ite h t it; aind t1iat a bugle he sounded a quarter of an hour Ih pr barrel of isuperfine Flour, Ordered, that the
darteringe nctioni to their siils, that the people of the Ba- ,beor,, snarling. shilling Loaf do weigh l2bs. Hoa., and the sixpenny Loaf
lassi will be ditluded hy su.rh l ase anilices. rThe iipull- N.Il.-I i earnestly reqiiesterd that no dogs be brought lib. 4oz. By order of the Vestry.
li voice has lRready been raid against tIe oppressor, t t he Race Course ou the days of the Races. D \\ID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk.
sad ever wI it be hshled until justice is obtained. V'eran Roon. 4th October, K1I1.
I remi n, Mr. Eit.wlr. Inmrrectly printed "once." on the Ith instant. PARHISl F CHRIXT CHURCH
Your obedient servant T _N. PARIS_ OF" CHRISTth Oco__ _,CHURCH,__i._ _
TIIMON. 7th October, 1831.
ft -, enr a t ~ E P RSONS desirous of completing a Building on a
Fo the Jaaica Cournnt, of Septelber 2. i Lot in Shirley Sireel, lite the property of the late
We are urrv to learn, that ir. Put.aslt, Briuli Cof'n- -- Aaron Dilon's Esaate, will please give in proposals for
al for Hayti, d of iever at Port-ai-Prince, on ltie 17th PORT OF IN ASSAIU, N. IPe I.nai.eo, on or befrln, Monday, the 31st instant, a -
steauL. I ably to a plan and specification which can be viewed, on
Reference to Willia Hield, Esquire, Church Warden.
A it itI% LI), By order of the entry ,
Oc. 12OTIh--CE. II "schir. Spee l. Lt. Wan., laAVID SPEN Vetry Clerk.
INOT][CE. 14t111 A cru tise A
At i n(,t i tntio the I('nmittee of tn *a 1l. Am. sch cr. MarIyTraves,.llatisn. Baltimore NOTICE.
hann te bl iUb, N aid 1e", Flouir, Corn, BreldI IlLCn, Cw FN V tCr
lha iLlthld -i th e i 'ut lior- th lmr IF IIE SUBSCRIBERwiU pin suit, idiscriminately,
Rskt Tit d lit e sailing for the Cup, be on 'egeables, ail Po'tuhrv, I ll accounts due i hlim, and remaining unpaid after
-tu. Tlhe firsd,1 ols ,,; a r thet np, e ne 1t IIHENRYv ADDERLBY. hle first day of Nu ember next.
Tl'aay, the first Ida ot' oveliiir; aid that nt sossel ,, Am. schr. Sea-Flower; Ilainlmet, Boston JOIN WILDGOOS.
eal fifteen, or above lorty ltu:s, shall be allowed to sail Asorlel Carg, Sep. plr 2h.N LDGOOS.
tIr IUe same. A..sorp.l Cat.&C September 2Rmh.
8Ptessher 16th. to 11. GREENI.,,E & CO. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT.
r CLEAVE, a That commodious Hloe and Lot, iuate
SGi u As3tB B, vrv g1B, at. Oct. Illth-Slop Induslry, Raclscy, C'ba in Shirley Street, the properly of Mr.
1lio Am. schr. Dart, S.uith Mobile Richard Barnett. For terms (which will
.. Am. shlir. Lalhl's Delight, Carson, Do be made convenient) and other particular,
e ry pEe r e& ashout to leave these Islands, after apply to the Subscriber.
ri resided therein for the spare ofrTlllr nav., mant PASSENE(;R AIHIVEI). )Otober 4th. JOHN WILDGOO8.
S arily at the Sertary's Offi r put up hisnam in In the schooner Sea-Flower frod Boston:-Mr. Samuer! -"OR 7ALE.
rr t t atl n I rrtl eory's oF, orl-t np hiaAnne mni John,,on. FOiR Ai .e.
SidOJrfo ,cp'rtTE DArpprerius to isdeparttre-af- --- J The u Ilou andl Pnmiss at present occupied

myee6Otaied. FOR KEY WSES'1 to sail in ahoot 10 convenient, w;thalarge Kitchen ad welhote
N.ME9 OF PERSONS j dav s, the fast sailing *hoon4r Will;am Ross,! attached, chair Ihuse and talking for k
sT eIaum'sny, Captain -Vail orRT = hor..s, extensive yard ant grass piece. Tiout gS
ttL Ause Ms l Arecon fur passage only L to Capain Walor, have been lately thoroughly repaired, a d the gpn par
"th A -l - anue AR. h Ocroeur 12th. C of the fences have been new plt up.
I W.m. H. Roach aAeLbar 1Sd ..
lent 8pteeber. -- _, AS I.8
Ilh Maw n NOTICEIi A tract of Land situated at the Vilage. cmaiini g 20
tlka B -. I nmhamot M IIE StIBSCRIBFR ha oh hand about 200 doz. arris. It is divided bs the itrtwo Lots, the
.t ..tiian ),,I I.olf s a Luondon Brown ftout, which hle oilers western lo I.eine inters r!e.t ha the new and leading from
Itr h -j (- -aplan liaidd. I.w for i .G. I the village ini, the 11.M, hill roid. Tlia land will be dis-
1 r,. . .lizarih Sibla v JOhi G. ME ADOWS. I Ipod ol'in oneo r three lts. Appil to
lentor A. Ransom. October 12th. ,' SReptember 7th. JOUIN W. MILLER.

-.r ,

maskA Saaa

*- -Lo tmii ...

is omrutmr.
Least aure m arn Aegis &
SThe news F erame ie in g is of more then
ai interest wi be bIy ti h allowing letter from
the Minister of Pinm n Ito Committee of the Stock
Encbi g at Paris, publbd Ia th Meonieur of Thurs-

STh: Kin of Holsed ia demounced du amistice,
uad nsuuac l the resumption of huoseliries again the
BeDlrs this evening, aI ha~JI t ine o'clock
This murmit, ai aIr o'cock, dh Kiug ha received
a .ter from ishr King or the Belina, wGo demands of
him the aid of a French army.
m The King having recognized the iadependemee of the
kingdom of Belgiumn, and lher noumrality, in concert with
England, Austri, Prusia, and Ruamis, and the circum-
stUan being urgent, compliei with the demand of the
Klig of the Belgians; sad will cause tIh eogageminls to
hal reIspncuil which lhave been taken in common accord
with w i Great Powers.
Marh al Girard commands the army of the North,
which is matching to the aid of Belgium, whose neutraliy
' Sdt hinepeodoce iin Io msintmined."
Tie army, which Is Ixwn tlhs ordered to march,
with much realy decision, is described in time private let-
ters as smannting to 5U),1tll. They alsh stale, that on
Wednesday evening a messenger had arrived in Paris,
vhli was charged to mnasuVee the inflation of the Kinig of
ll,,ll..nilI to cionuIi cllce ,iM tdilre ionlscediutulJy ; Le.,puld's
mtaMa'ng.r, deiitandliin assistance from Ilia ally, ruance.
arrived about tse same time. The result was as above
salalt. The French troops are aid to have been direct-
ed for rnnm time pent towarts the Belgic frontier, in runs-
qirence of intimntions privately given of a conspiracy ofl
Pris.ia anti Hl-sin It emnbrmd F.ngianid and France on
the q.msi.tiis if Brlgium.
In rconis.'qiUnce of this determination on the part of
the Fr,-nrlh (;uvrlmint, av^ n nd Halua bi( auslfrom th nicely
wilh which parties are halanced among thei deputies, it had
len a malUerof difcticily it find a successor toM. Perrier,
be has consented to holu tine eals of police until the re-
sall of tie ddelate on tile Adidrss is madeil known. It is
remarkable ha at the nmouent when the Milister was
adopting so decided a plan of conduct in nrspect to Bel-
liuln, their crowds in time streets o Paris were ridanouriing
for war in faviur of Poland. We shall nlt lie surprised it'
M. Perrir continues in ifbcn for a muck luoger period
thalin at present contlmpl6eis If not a stroke of policy,
i was at leant a fortune coincidence, that the demand I l
Leopold should arrive at h very nlen llt w in Calii-
net, wvm grafrnd fault was a disinclinatiin In intermneddle
in the ,Irmitriles lr liberty going on Iroitiid it, was slIHken-
to its fall. 'll'T Minister Had his friends have now an un-
awer in full It thI,,- u I bh;n'l Idir fmier apantr Uthy.
A late ,rdiion of tit Times ;tits us in pmosu'ion of
Intelligence ftloin Brussels down to Thurslay vrsening. Tinh
greatest dlern* of onthimsiasm prevail in the city, a'd
every possible preparation was making to give tlsir tld
compatriots a warm welcome. The Dutch troops are iul
In have cominencd tle vwar uitll their proverbial brutality,
asIaekiag womeo ad defeaclesr men isdiscriminately.
Their eplioits again these will, we smpect, be more
marked than against the Belgian or French troops.
On Thursday King Leopold isued a Proclamation
to his piple. It is a spirited document, lie muy-
H without a previous declaration, the enemy have ud-
deoly r-rconmmenced hsmilitie, despising and breaking at
one time the enr.gemonts reulling from lihe asupensiun of
mes, and the principles hat regular civilized people.
They have not hesitaielto perpetrate the moat odiosn
breah If the law of lions, and by a surprise they wish
Io g- iwn moimenary advantaas. They are the sme
m whire you conqumrl in SWptember-they novw p-
pear in th midst of pDaeful district, preceded by deo-.
asti ud hindlrinm.
Strong Ia the coviction of or right, we dll repel
ii elapom e aggn ion---we ahal oppo force to force.
o Alredy once you oruame Ilolland. You cos-
madI th revolution by victnries-you Will consolidate
I by vitorit. You will not prove unworthy of our
glormiin reonllecsione. Your enemies await Viam in the
prices which have already been wirlnets of tihir defeat.
Ev-ry one of you will do his dltv.
Bklgions! Like ytea, I will difendl Belium.
I rely o the Civic (G -rd---oo the army---o the
enrrate and devotion of alL
I am a in to my patp In fact he lef Bruisses in the afternoon.
The French Funds have fallen considerably, and to
hare the English, from tlime warlike intimanioas. After
Hn.,e, n a inclined to evit (hit she omere dennillrt'ion
on the art o France, if nut opposed by Ien crooked po-
lrcv of Prsia---Rnsia can do nothing hutl talk---will ef-
fret a element of the Dutrh end Be ino difurennes.
Murh depends on the ar. It is unlike that William
wotud pluae into. a wr without a promia of support fro
Man of his iehboonr."

The prificlp.ra.-Besides the great number of pean
phleah to the publication of which the present omomealo
Oisis has led, the party of the late Minisers are dis-
mainatine,*'rith prodigious activity, a series of penny
tmraeoldb a in thousands of inamance delivered gra.
titouly), written by clever men, and well calilated to
advance their views. Amnlg he authors, Sir C. Wether-
all, Mr. COikr, Mr. Theodore Hook, and others, are
moantioed; asd we have no fewer than eight of these
prulectins mew lyine before os--in which argument,
ridicule, threat, Ar. &c. are all employed aeaiust the
measure of Hefnor broucih forward by Lord Juli Rm-.
saL-L. rwy (6se.


By fi 1 and I Wlliam I CI p. 4, Bec. 1 am-
mancina on the Sb ptemrel,
ft l emadal,
Tht in I case whea by any net or acts, relating
to the revenous of Cuatoma or Excie, any oath, solem
affirmtion, or affidavit, i he required to be taken or
umde by any person on th doing of any act, matter, or
thing, or for verifying any loet, etrnt, entry,or return
or o any other purponwh!itever, sch oath, solemn
a lrtion, or asidavt, A, no longer be taken, made,
ur required ; but in lieu of, h the person who would,
under the Acts of Parliamet imposag the mne, have
been required to take or hke such oath, solemn affirms-
dion, or alavit, shall, in the presence of the Commis-
sioners, Collector, or obter Person empowered by such
Acts of Parliament to adainer such oaths, Ace., make
and subscribe a declaration, setting forth the matters con-
tained in and to the effect as the oath, solemn affirmation,
or affdiavil which would have been required if this Act
had not been passed, and claring the truth thereof: and
if ony ouch declaratlion shal be untrue inm ay particular.
th person making the saue siall over and above every
other penalty to which such person may beconmo subject,
bfrfeit on Asudred pounds."
From the Barbadas Mercury, Spt. 3.
The good thing which our kind neighbours of the Sis-
ter Islands have siut us in this our tine of dire necessity,
have continued to pour in upon us front Tuesday after-
noon last to the present momeint-no less than si vessels
having anrived from various places, vi. brig Beaver, from
Trinidad, with flour, bread, rice, meal, and pease ; b igan-
tines Eight Sons, Berbice, planains, flour, beef, pork,
and pease; Mary Ann, Berlire, 3,675 bunches plan-
tains; clhoonurs Agnes, Trinilad, provisions; John,
Denl.rara, plantains, sloop Antelope, Dmuinica, coffee
and vams.
In addition to the present of provisions already received
from Grenada, it will be sen by the annexed article ex-
tracted from the Grenada Free Press, that the inhabi-
Ianns of that island are about to relieve our wants more
Tffctually, by sending is a supply of luniber-an article
of great scarcity with u at the present time. There are,
we have no doubt, many poor houseless creatures, wlho
woliil be ntlsfied to starve two or three days together in
each week, with tim prospect of having a roof over their
Ihadsl in culniiiiaiimion of fuod-and such being the case,
the article of litiuhir would bJ equally acceptable in its
turn, if not preferable to any other. Such however is our
hapless and deplorable condition, and such has been the
unbounded liberality ad extensive benevolence of our
friends novr the w .moaelh w e a almost restrained
fron offering any opinion on the subject, under a convic-
lion that they lave acted from the best motives, and been
inlluenced by tho kindest conideralon. Should it please
Ilheavei to save ua from serious sickness or contagious
disorder, and not add those alictions to the catalogue of
our calamitlse-we cay confident look forward to the
future with some hope of recovering gradually from our
present distressed situation-whilst we cannot but lie
thankful to a kind Providence, who has watched over
and not deserted u in the midst of our present sufferings :
At a meeting of the Comonittee, held the 22d day of
August, 1831.

rpaa rr: iwense a ni rl nent al aes; nd as airman e m
The HonourbleJohn Hoyes. Comnmittile ,l W.Iys an Means, invariably gave uap
Daniel Gibbs lifted satio;dtiliv to all parties. Altogether a more
Lewis loyes, limalle gentleman, either in public or private life, se
James Ker, not in any rank or grade to be found. He is success
Robert Kirk, EsqrL in his title of Baronet by his ann, now Sir Jobs Cm
Evae Baillie, and fIllblbouse. Member of Parliament for Watmimlr
Pear God ie, London paper.
SIt was riolved,- t four vessels he immediately
engaged to proceed with the following articles to Barba- Ofirinl.--Fr;i Ir nm a oitler received at the Dtp
doe : nt of S';,ii, 'r..-n Ihi United States Coneul al ata
50,000 Feet W. P. boards and plank. hirgh, dAied A tg~t 5, 1831: This city ronti
sb,000 Cedar shiagles very healthy, anld the quarantine regulations of this a
90 Hogshlads fsh. all adjoiline Slates are riidlly enforced. Danitir btb
25 Barrehls mackerel. nearest point that the Cholera hae, as yet, approsaci
31 Half hbarrels beef. this city: bilt i has made Its appearance in Koniplsbai
Mr. L. Ilyes stated, that Capl. Townsend had kind- Elbing, and several minor places in West Prussia."
ly offered his services a navigate any of the vessels that
might he taken up. Coqpery-In nmos women-particularly ifiheyhbelh
The Cunimistee hare to acknowledge with thanks the some-the love of coquetry is as stnng as the lore i
receipt of one pierce of beef, and one lha of ship's bread life. It shows itwlf as saoon as tile heaulv iof tlle mrow
frum Capt. Dabiney,shlip Lord Goderich." begins to Ind-it puts forth its blosotn as she adran
Tim following is hum the Trinidad Guardian, and into womanlmod, and fades only with her fadinechnlr
speaks much for time kind fueling and humanity of Capt. VYnitv-vanity is the root of this plant--he dire l
Fitt, of the Agnes, wlo, it will be seen, brought up va- ypheaing all-of offending none, is the origin of coqdawe
nriou aricle.-frighl free. Both vemels have since ar- Then, oo, the display of power by which thestlronf
rived :- is shorn of his strenh, leads many a female, D-elmilb
SThe brig Beaver ad tie schooner Agnes were cleared to ,n Irairess to him who imsts too ecurely is 1
for Berbadoes on Satrday, with a general and properly sincerity. Whatever be the coses of thi species
selected assortment ol provisions and other articles, well deception, its effect are most deplorable, for it cannot
adalted to relieve th immediate necessities of our un- in the end to render her who practice hi an objeOr
happy fellow-coulunisu in that ill-fated island. Tle vari- i, idiil.rence to those upon whom it is practiced.
mus packages (with th exception of the cocoa) on board ________
the Agnes, are for tie mt part presents from the friends A fh .e .. ..r of ri
ad relalian of the suarers residing here, and which have had bee r ean in the habit of pring fo the UtS
been humanely takenby Captain Fitt, freight free. The Government ; lu a tIe period of the eveniful Revoldr
Beaver is oiuded by ime Government, we understand, he. together with moat other clergymen of that tier. *
from the fund voted by the Governor and Council, and opposed to the oppressive measures of England. Ilowl"
sailed yeday moring-the Agnes on Sunday. We Iy" strange absence of mind, he one Sabbath. long *
incerely hope they may have a pe-edy passage. It is America had een declared independent, continued his
with unfeigned pleamsr and&satifaction we now announce p' p -- We beseech thee to bless the King and
that the appeal we qdr in our last number on behalf of a ll the royal famile"-.--then passing, with evkie iora
our unhappy brethren, was rendered unnecessary by Tri- the Continental Congre I MeOnW'
nidad benevolence, hickh, before that application appear-_______
ed, was already on fat, under rte snperintendence of se-
vernl respectable ndfeeling individuals, who have already dA Judge' .dro ir.- c1lertn J.ud: A.. hearing f.
discourse from a yiung lawyer. advised hmm to pink Z
succeed in raising. I a generm subscripiion (at the had I some of the feathers from t-e wings of hi imigiumati
of which stands the mpl of our amiable and actomplish- put them to the tail of bi. judgment.

d Govnr- Lusy Smith, faer s n -wnd
u beof 1500. cenrecy, and wNhch, viatm
la rcoma in, wlI, e bhve o doubt, raise
tios of this colony includingg lio of be C-oaui
bildo) at stlI 10,000 dollar aid of r
iiry .--e mot liberal am, whob thimpoe
bsoulutely etched state of the island is coman
when it is known t this sum has not ben colca
the superffitiu of the contributors, but actually ,
crifce of the few comforts enjoyed by a anll po*a
the positive necesaries of the greater pat oft1
scriben. We shall have the ultisfaction of
it of their names in our neal number." 1
Prclamatioi of His Eaeleny Sir Jaes Lrn.
By His Excellency Sir James Lyon. K. C. s. m
O. C. H. Governor and Commander in Chief l
island. &c. &c.
Whereas it having pleased Almighty God to ir g
Colony with a most awful end destructive hurricane, ,k
ha' destroyed all the dwellings and plantation of tl
hebiants of the island ; and whereas it is pprebeduj
some evil disposed persons may attempt to plunder 6 dk
treued inhabitants of the few articles and proviio sil
they have preserved:
1 dp, therefore, hereby order and command all Magia
and Conlables to exert themselves to the utmost Ofd
power, in preserving on this melancholy occasion tkhep
and tranquillity of the island, and to prevent, a fuor
them lies, the depredation and plunder by such evilj-di
perrons: and I do require all his Majeest's liege subject
be siting to the Magistrate end Constablees in the esii
of their duly herein: And should the ciil aulhonrities hi
insufficient to uphold the laws. I do hereby require of allie
mending Officers o the several Regiments of militia ao t
island, to exercise the power granted to them by thethin.4,
clause of the MNl ta Act of thin island, by appohitg wge
mending any siill'ieut part of their respective RegimeI
may be needful, to assemble for the purpose of proees
disurbances and preserving the general peace.
And whereas it has been repiresented'to me, that the h
cipal Merchants of Bridge-Town have mot enhanced tih a
ees of the necusary nrtiiles of lire :-Now I do beti
strongly recommend that so laudable and benevolent an
ample may be generally observed ; and I Irut ai.d eilpt
that no ailvanrae will be taken by Mechanics and obr
Tradesmen n the present lamentable salRe of the Colam
And I do call on and command all the inhabinaors o i
island, white. freer oloured. and slaves, to demean theime
with propriety. order, and decorum; and wlivlnever p
or persons hall be detected in commimting nVy rihbrenri
receirin an\ stolen goods, shall be prosecuted to the mam
rigour of this law.
Given undi-r my hand and Seal at Arms. at the Tn.
Hall, this l'fitentl day ol Angust. one IhouRsnd evi
hundred and ihirty-one. and in the second )eatrof
Majesty's reign.
By HIIs Excellencj' command.
DerUrr SrcISTAer.

Sir IfBejamin IIlobko .-Died yesterday, Augsi
at his IhouMs in Berkley square, Sir Benjamin Hoblbm,
Bart., 1it '! s i venty-filfl year of his age. Sir Ba
win oas i-i cnimlished gentllmnan, an able and m
'actionll pi1 in, and in every respect a moit msiol
and valuable, ol-niter of nuritly. As a reliremn nlst, a
Parlianient lie distinguished inmself alike for his calmuiB
I a blAi :

Full Text


\ z^K Mn%}^m^ uv^s^n^ *s hXHT INDIA !VI\(. \Zi\L.-( OLUNiAL iUJ'KLHt.VlATiON. iir Ea$t India Haf;m{ne, and Colamai Cummtrriul Jour^ nal. .\u. \ U. LoiMJun: H. Altiituder, 18. Cornbill. JuiKS XKM. Thm p.Tio(lical, of whu h tli thrt-a lasl niimfH-rs atf now lyii.^ iM-loriut, u aih!ur|ed with hhhI. npiiit arjd taltiH. It hiiH lifMi broutflil lorwan) liy it* F^iiiior, at a pii — when tht ••\|K]i luy r liiukiiiL' !*if !>.'i<* eji(jfrinent on our lew anions; the Tree ami civiiizinl iiationh ofilie world ~li; enlijiliUiu J Indian l<-j>rn(lt'iKiK"<. VV'ido not rest this may b iluineaiiJi wliicli should be einpjoved io'"~^ ^ vv opinion on any Hr it ) tb'y who are familiar with the f haractei of the ultimate emancipation of IruT -^ important question. I [ p^,, x[^2^ ir with thecharactei ofil. ... .• P**! will not l>e denied, that the t.Mf|of a privilei^c to men by uhoni it can neither Ina|((n'fiatrd nor exercisid, would fiot nu rely be UM-less, but would be positively iiijuri)us. fnaifenliin to the first axiom in philoso|by, is the c.iuseuf all the erroneous conrluHions to which thi-* writer has been "ativese^ .'; ""'' -^ inter, Med n, iIk.>ue o. n.any .pn.,led. For he h^huum., ,1,., i„ order to raise a alone 5u nation from a jitate of barharism, all that is necessary is to bapii/.e it with the waters of popular freedom; or, a* he himself oxpiesMjj it — Without popular {niHlcm^, ubich is justice, no f>eople, nor .State, nor I'rincipalhy, tver merged trm barba1 : lity into ci\ili/ation, or asceadcd from poverty and degratJoiM connited with our Lantern d. ,,.ndencies, and when • u opportunity wa* i/reatJy m. .{ed for an exfxisnre of tlie divert* a„d abus.. exi*tin,' in variuu* branches of onr I oionial (rovernnienl. We have for some time uuirked the protrress and chaTHcler of ibi.H |H'riodicl ; and we slmuld re^frtt to tind i in any n-sip-, deviating' from that tone of nuMieiatiun dat.on to prosperity and .'reatnex^ aod 1,'ood f.Mlmg. by which it has Uren hitln^rto di." ' > '-'^"*"* lineuisbed. ItM Kditor may rust assured, that the H*t method of .Mjcurinj/ pubiic favour, ainl <,f recommendini,' tiM. particular view* which he adopts and upholds, i not by induli;inu in violence or rae the leading channel .i^'^'*''** wliicli any pc^rmaiient benefits can be bestowed"^^ think of improving the condition of a jwople who immerseopular fr^iJ* would be just as absurd and dangerous, ns to cxn*!!*' man who is only recovering from blindness to tliT* In order to establish this position, he gallops ovet and ransacks the annals of all the nations of Kuro|>e, from (ireece down to '* bssc?ssion and enjo>iueut of liberty by all nations which have risen to }ower and sph-ndour, he is entitled to infer, that every people upon which the like measure of liberty is conferlon—a I ree, Ceylon, \ew W al.s, and the Mauritius, Mouses of AswMiibly, sin.dar to those pus•t-sv-d hy the Canadas, Jamaica, &.-. ; let the taxes requirr, there .re, we fe.r,V many dark and nefarious CIS of mit^irrn,„ent, committ...! in ,„orc remote Colot***. whose blessin,r of a Col.nial A.m .nbly ; iLmorant of the arts of civilisation ? The early history of these nations d(Ms not enable us to give a very explicit answer to this inquiry, but the principle is sufficiently illustrated by tlwir history and fate ; for the inom<'nt that they bcpan to be tainted by corruption— the moment that patriotism cease,! to be a virtue, and luxury was no longer looke,! on as a vice— from that moment' the tree of liberty begin to witlier and fade. The soil cease,l t<. be con.jenial toils nature ; and that .same Rome, which had once l>e,.n the nurs,.iy of freedom an,! of genius, became the prison house of slavery and oppression. Greece, too, has left ujMui the page of bisDry a briebt ami trlorious example ot a ()eople animated by a jealous attachment to their in,Jependence, and awakened to the culture of those arts which are always the band-maids of liberty. But that satoe (;n.,.ce, whose sow had once responded to tlie cry of tree,lom. and awoki{ from their moral slumber to deeds of heroism and virttte, soon became deaf or indifferent, even to tlie loudest calN of expiring patriotism ; 'ind that ountry which, with a h..ndful of her sons, had repuls,.,! ami annihilated the millions of Xerxes, ultimatoIv quaikd and sunk und.r iIm,fwbler ..rmament of Philip. Whenever public virtue became enervated, and a regard to the welfare of the State was swept awfy by the ovcrwlKlmint; tide of private interest and si'lfshness,' from that moment the spirit of lil>erty ceastnl to animate <.reece; tiM. fibres of her constitution were benumbed and paralyzed; and still that land— once the vigorous and favoured chihl of Freedom— remains in the same state of nmral torpidity, from which neither the cruelties of the oppressing Turk, nor the generous and fosterine efforts .d hi-r IrM'nds, bay,|>een able to rouse her. The con.lition sufficiently purified for the reception •Inch once flourished in its R,>i!. ,. ^e iHat even nations which have had •b„sc. we are f>.. to admit, maV ol^en' U^ ^::^Zx \ ^"' ""^ '^"^"^ '''" inntitutions of lilK^rty. am! which good, so h)ng as it is conhned to iiiKTcession on behalf „! the British colonies, the intelligence and ineicantJk!' .sources of which none will dispute, and the injustice ^ fli,ted upon which all must equally admit, who read 2 ably-penned article in the present number of this Ala zine, intituled Gross Despotism at the Mauritius^ and wo are happy to observe by the Home Intei. gence," given at the end of this nunib, !. Whose interest with th. Mo,l„.r Country is ,H,rliaps I of Groce i, 'n t ye s ^We ;.'/ '""*:''7 ^ •>'"P^"'.V ofthoM. who cin.>f the.., d tree w five rrdrtts, and wh,>w distanc would alone renrh-r anv Tf...^. ov i ould eu,.nd the dessings and privileges of fr.MMjomMt,.f,..d, that whilst, on the one hand, we should thus r.ise ,u i.pregn;,b|e barrier against oppression and extoffio,,, we .ho. Id aKo confer a boon upon s.ibj,.cts fn ^homJ^UfamUmtrd , they are, we sl... ,ld by 'the raoaaecore p,.rmar>ent attachimnt and allegiam^. Bat we are far from agr.^.ing with the writer, in iImtwo >m ae prosfwnty. Civilization le primary cause of national must have>,/M-ttledand taken up' its dwellirig'on'Ih land on which free institt,;ions are afterwards to sr,ring and prosper. LilK^rty is not the han.lmaid but the am! no example in the history daughter of Civilizati ion Of iiie world can bead.luced in which an opposite order IS obs,.rval.le. It was not till the shores of Italy had b^n to fe,l the quickening infhience of wealth ly had evrn to India jta^df, throMgi.,ut all its vast extent, sbouW *^./":"*'*"**^ ^*' |><.litical institutions of free StatesI fiere rnuHt he v\\t>n /. -•. \ _n„ .. •. wir H I fiere must be given, (he says,) equally to all larger fontgn M-ttlemenls trial by'Jury in civil and criminal cas,.s-fr,MM)om of the press— unlimit,.,! and unlicencwl ingress a„d ejress to every portion of the British domiB,ons-wlM.ther t^y Ih> insular, or on the continents of /lii/i, America, or .4/r,Vfl ; the |HM,p!e of the Coloni^-s must be p,.r,nifted to hvy their own taxe^to make their own law,, vheth,TtheylK. Hindoos, Mnhomrdnns Par. T.Lr'' ^'r^f l^ 'f''""*' ^'*•-'^ Australians, ra,manu.ns, Am;:Io-F rench,^.. Africanders, Malu>s,-, A:c. ! r ^ -^Tican To the same por|<.s,., tlw-re is an article in th,' number for th,. present month, intituled, Oegra.leil State of the J ,n,ioos— I opular Fr leao. 'S, 'U to prove, that we should at once onter u(>on the Hindoos Ihi' >enefits, of unlimited fn'edom, as tlw ,nly measure which will raise them fr.-ui their j>resent>tate of moral ,lefradation. Now. howevi-r cordially we would join in anv encomium u|>on th.blessings ,.f p.,litical lilx'rtv, and on the practical advantage of onf.rringon all our" Colonies Legislative AsHi-mldies. with their necmsary concmifants, i>ee pnsAnd Ifwl by Jury, we are extremely doubtful of the pular freedom ? The p<'o| and who fail su,H>rnatural agent, are surely very litth' prepared'eitber J^n^y/"" ^r^, and 99 vessels of mfer'.or riink, luAing • to comprelien,! or estimate the privileges of fr.emeT I *^ **' *^* "^'l'* "f The ,>,.op|.. wIk) still worship the Ganges a, a d,.itv, g"ns,) 4 of the fifth rate. (tTE prostrate before a steam-b,>at, beli,.ving ita ; ^^'^^M^* gnns.) 7 of rhe third cla.s (44 euns,) 7 sloops. 15 From the Philaddphia National Gazette. Extract of a letter from a gentleman of distinction at Parii to his correspondent in this city, dated 'it)ih July, 183]' I have not yet seen Col. Cliilds, I ho|>e to sc-e hba to-morrow and have a long conversation with him on 1,1, | very interesting work. We have celebrated the July a. I niversanes— it was done in very good taste— all differ' ot opinion were for the time forgotten, and as the pt>\ ment and the police left the [KJople to do as they dIc^.h every thing went oil" in the most perfect order, whereat w the 14lh ot July, when they interfered, there weit) iobi painful scenes. The public opinion was manifested in the most striking manner— it was ex|>ected that Gen Lafij. ette who had so gr.-at a share in the events that n celebrated, w,)uld have a distinguishe,! place, at least ii the procession, but tlwre was no such thing. He attei^ ed the (teremonies in a plain citizen's dress, decorated on] J%ith the badge ot July, and t,>ok his .seat in the niidwuf Ills colh;agues of the House of Deputies. But tlie ufMii made him aineuds for this atfected neglect of tin; tuvwi. ment. 1 he moment he ap,Hared, the air was rent wnk Ure cru's of I ,ve Lafayette. His horses were in i v^t, ment taken from his carriage, and it was with great diiculty that he succeeded in having them put on agaia. A numerous crowd m{ citizens of every age and of even condition followed him to his dwelling after the ceremoaiii uere ended. The National Guards saluted him with tiM artiHery as he j.assed. When the King had pronoun4 his discourse, which no doubt you have read in the oevv pajH'rs, lie was answered with shouts of MttltBm^ \ueUfayette! Vive la Librrte Vou have no (M a so sien the short speech of tlw young Duke of Orlett*. lie rec-ived for it the rejproachrs of the gournmer.t ud Uie a|)|) of all the friends ,d" liberty. •' lontuinto G,n. Lafayette— the' tw-ople of Strburg would hav,. him f,>r their representative ; hut he mferred being elected by his old friends and neighb,urs of tk district of Meaur, and in spite of the opiHisiti.m of !•• vcrnni.nt,had7-10thsof thevot,.rs in his favour. U government, unlee,!, pr,des.s..d themselves frien.ilv tolw election ; hut this language was contradicted by their arb: or th,.y s..t up Admiral ,le Rignv. in opposition to lii* liey succet-ded only in obtaining a very few votes, in a^ dinonto about (u.ehumlred who w„uld hare voted against the General at any rate. He and hU M are both electeil. "They sfM-ak here of an insurrection in Hungary. I would come at an opjxirtune moment, as Hungary is'prris,)ned with Italian troo| and die Hungarian n'giien:. are in Italy. ^ ^ I forgot to mention to vou that during our three dajl celebration the national sympathy for Pcdand ,lisplavJ •tself m all the populaticm. the Nati,mal (iuards andtbt troops of the line, in a manner that must have struck the Governrmnt an,l the memb,,.rs of the House of Depulif*. We ,lo not know as yet how tin? Chamber will be. TW tirst trial .d strength will be on the ehction ,da Pn-si•Jj'nt, the Ministry having declare,! that they would resign. If .M. Lalitte should be elected. \esterday the news was propagated of a great victory ,>btain,.d by the Poles, b,.t in the evening it was ftduced to an a dvantage co mparatively trifling." Frf„fA \ary-The following j, ,aid to he the prf^< state ol the Irench Navy :— Ready for sea. or in a state f be imraed:atHy fitted out t ships of the third mte(7of guns,) 9 frigates o( the fr< war. .i t^Un |iB#RC;E BlGCSSi, Editor. THE B.%HAMV AKGLS. pirSLiailED UKStl-WEKitrY IN NA8AU, ft. p. aifht BoUari per annum — ^Zn advance. POETE.Y. TO PAl L. O Paul I've heard your invitation, The hero's praise to sin^. And spread abroad throughout thanation, A The liunours of this King. But then my muse. Oh luckless story, Caut find a lay to raise," T' exalt this mighty t:hief's great glory, Or sing his wondrous praise. She fain would say that he's courageous. But this she cannot do ; Nor can she say he's meek and courtoous. For this would not be true. Nor can she praise his pleasant smile. For 'tis sardonic grin. With which he decks his brow the while, His dupes he's taking in. And then she'd st, he's like Domitiaa, And this I b'iieve is true. He plays the part of Jew Vonitian. .\nu acts the tyrant too. Farewell, dear Paul, I've nothing more Just now to tell thai'H new. But Ire no diiiht you have a store, tio write some, pray Sir, do. ZrXGIBER. tih: H'rilten in the fVtat Indiu. Lord of the Win Is! I feel thee nigh! I koow thv ^^r^h in 'he buroinf sky For fne ct)nioi.; ul tlif hurnomJ^ rmtn And io I on the wing of the heavy gales. Through the tiouodless arch of heaven he sails ; 8ilenf, and vast, and terribly strong, The mighty shadow is borne along. Like the dark eternity to come ; While the world below dismayed and dumb. Through the calm of thi thick, hot atmosphere, Looks up at its gloomy folds with fear. They darken fast, and the golden blaze Of the sun is qnencheil in its lurid haze ; And he sen-!* throu :h the shawever, with all bis impolicy, had a chance oi success, while the present iiguriated Administration are playing a game which, wbethtr they are winners or losers, will te e,piMlly d.strutttfe. 1 ib.ill be very easil> uu,lersto.H] ; — but trusluig in lie help of Almighty (io', and the justice of our cauic. te may Iio}k? to see the iron fronts of our implacable foes 4m bathed in tears of anguish and rage, for the failure f tlwur infan^ous attempts.— tor this pur(>ose, we must sp#dily and efhctuallv fidh.w the example which ba> been set us, in a solid, permanent and effectual, UNION. I am aware there are many who* look on the pro,-e,',lings for tkit purpose, as violations of the hnalty they have hitherto professci, as so many steiw approaching to absolute sed Him ; but this is a pnifanation mm Of ttie altars, which have be-i founded by justice, am raised by patriotism.— they arj the effects Jf a dutiful aini cimstitutional .'fiori, to preserve ,)ur allegiance— an effort borne out by law and precodoni, to maintain our rights and privileges, to reM^t th,. tyranny and d,'spotism ,da faction, who have, AzWinii all law and r.'ason, gained a "political ascendancy, and have been permitted to seek for and pn^acli up tlie overthrow of all order and property in this Island, as a prelude to the samo wicked system' in the moih.r country. I cannot but remark in thU place, ort tlie strange inconsistency of Government, which iH-rniits such an ass,>ciaiion to exist, fey tl,e professed purpose of rais.n^robellu>nintW uc,-.. l^-f,^Xxm\^,^\y endeavourprocldiitalion. to pur down the Cati(t!ntb>.i.p,^..,.,A.f ..• i.* it was assorted, was form,'d to raiw the standani of reb, Ilion in I. Sir Francis Burdi'tt suffered imprisonI ment under a similar suspicion. Thisth-wood and bis as' sociates. were hanged for the self-same attempts in England. I say nothing of the cowardly conduct of (iovernment (under the guidance of the man who, but for this event might hav,' be,'n considered the greatest captain of t'lis or any other age) in surrendering the fundamental \ principles of the constitution to this self-same Catholic | Aaiociation — but I w ish to point out to you, my fellow co| lonists, how much may l>c gainel tiy union and f)erseverance. This is decidedly wliat has given ,)ur iron-fronted foes the advantage over us — th'ir UNION — tlnir syst,'matic associations tor the wont of puri>oses — for every ob• ject diniM'trically oppos;d to all legitimate government, has gaine,! them intbience, hovever sinisterly it may have been obtain,'d — and has forced (Sovemment to fall before them Shall not we, therefore, in a natural, just, law ful, and constitutional cause, tmitt iot the pres<'rvation of all that is valuable or dear to us I I The object of the faction I have describiMl. is to tieprive (ireat Britain of this, and tl>e other West InJia Islands, by forcing our labourers into rebellio.n — a word which has been ofcially declart'd by th,' late aministration, n,)t to l>elong to the vocabulary of the Lnjlish tongue ; but facts are stubborn things, and the woil will In* ftnind in practice, although excluded by them ia theory. I will, therefore, ask. if when r,'beUion has nisod its hydra head, who is to oppose — to quell it? Tlw question is answered in your onn h,'arts. my feEow-sufierers. — What, then, becomi's ,)f the plrdf^e st forh during iIm' late elections by WillM'rforce, J^teplM-n, Macauley, Buxton, and other false traitors? What, then, will b-cmre of the vaunted power of Ministers— of the wrMild-lN> all-powerful nation of England ? Llor estahli*hed rights, and # I our Ul. alienable pro()eriy, contend even with th" despotic tyianny into which that once-honest and uprijjbt .atioa I has d,.geneiated. The oppressions with which we aro threatened, are unworthy of, and den.gaiory to, the dignily ol agri'at nati,m. They ch,M)se to supptise, that if ilic I voice of Hebellion is once souiulcl, that we must yitdd to I It : I hey are mistaken. M,m|i ,, we n,ay ,!eplore sikIi an event, we will be prepare.! tor ii ; and' as \Uvy wero once told by an eminent Stat, sman ,.f this Isia i,d, we d.> not w ant the assistance ,)f their troops, nor f, ar their hostility I We are, however, placed in a strange siiuatiou. I he EnLdish (;,)vernnienl has d,njanded, and obtained, ''under promises of future forbearance:' many coium-ssions from our House of Ass,nib|y, which the\ have considered re,|uisite for forwarding the main srhtmr of tho treasonable faction to which they have been subjecW'd. The whole nmy be typitieil uinler the relaiitm of ihe deceptions practised b\ the Koman Generals previous to the third punic war. It was after an interval of fifty \ears of peace, iri which the Caithagenians had U'en intent on amassing private wealth than in providing f,)r the safety of the State, that the Romans, under a very flimsy pn'text. accused them of an intraction of treaty in making war on Massanisa, ami sent unbassa,h,rs accordingly to demamj satisfaction, although the destruction of Carthage had been previously resolved on in the Senate. Th,Carthagetiiiins, alarmed at tlie Roman pr,'parati,uis, ofli-red evrrv satisfaction, and even delivered up those who it was afledged had broken the hagiie. In return for these submissions, the Senate demande,! thr,-e buii y'nv lent and unmerited wrongs had laisenl in the whole body of the fM'ople, they long w ithstood the Roman arms, nor would they have been eventually conquered, had not .^ci* pio Emilianus resorted to treachery, by bribing Pharneus, the General of the Carlhagj-nian horse, to ,les'rt in the ,lay of battle, and using other base arts of seduction among tlie leaer spirit of resistance. Anxious, therefore, to impress it nnire forcibly, I maintain that the conduct of the British (•uvernment towards this Island is, in most resjKcLs. a counterpart of the Roman tyranny t,wards the Carthagenians — having obtaint'd one vantage ground by treaty, they inime,liatidy insisted on an,(tlM'r, an,l liave gone on. slimulatt'd hy succ(>ss, to iIkextr,>mest point, always in tlie hoytc of driving us into sonw art which would become an afwdogy for our ultimate destruction finding, however, that we are not to Imdriven into tlw snare pnpared for us, tbr-y now throw off the mask, and onler us to quit our homes, ,Hir altars, and fmr country, but without even the insulting gcnero^ty of tlie Romans, they offer us no other asylum UMBRATUS. From the Jamaica Royal (Jazette, September 3. The right of pr,qM'rty has ever been esteemed sarrvHl and invi,date, and am,mg civilir^nl state* Uen deenN>d one of the firmest safeguards ,)f the r>atimal f)rosperity. Pr,>perty in the nuxle of its acquirement may lie ditli rent in ,lifTerent relations, hut |>oss.'s.sion alone, where it has b*en sanction,',! in,! agreed in foragn-at h*ngthof tin,,', has b<>en hdd to raise a harri, r t, its subsiqui-ni divestment. Wlrere, however, a right ,)f prop'rty has been crrateH, acknowledged, and encouraged by the first pwer in the state, it is not in the province of llie same power, of its own will, to set aside or destroy it. It is inviolable not only from the encroachments of individuals but from tiat stronger and more powerful aim of the Legislatur,-. These principles and deducti,* .s are <"ully allow, -,1 and treated U|)on by Sir James Mackintosh, in his tM'cmd volume of the History of England, and the same principles affect w ith little or no variation the rights and interests of the Colonists in the property in their dep<'nd<'nts.-^ This right was sanctioned by the British Legislature, whose authority comjielled us to encounter the risk of this description of property, ansfti<)n. Whilst therefore the same opinions continue to exist in the world, with relation to its inviolability, so long m"t il inviolability of slave pr,p<'ny r'main, unless removed by adequate an

I > *i r M'M* 'I': > (ft .kiH!' • • every r***! froni the puhlic purM'Ihi' |"''^'"*;*""" '"I **'^"*" — ^^'^y *-'it^rgf^ o[ uu^ptt comJ||tt brought a;,'uiiwi ayaiust our laHrii. A puhlicrttiott|ii ik; RoTalt^^ justice i. ,lu4. u, (hi. Cotouilu of (irctt/ Bnnin" !Mri v *'**^^"*~-''' "'" l^'^l''^* ^'',' !> i" p.sM^io,i of any u! the : '# '*{{". remitKl* uhof H. The aufU, >ay i?^'*'< •^o,.<^ully ..r4ll...| ,o remuneration for th. los/ which t t^""''"^^^* ^ WhoMare ,H>r .he lamuu^^er., hi.ln *.'•" ''^•;'to till anf situation of diph,m;.o, r.oTto^^ *t mevtahlv ..-..I-u.. i "• iuss,„tni & ^^ l.rreu.thlkj civil LMnernuent. [^.v I./. / ..^ '" *r. w.'nch aft conlaiufd the clause piil>lialK;,l Uy vou f;re uith ttp; civil j,'overnueni. Ilj^s Jie • ••viiaoiy en.ii.. |rum |Im (iiMtction of thi|^rie '"^"' ^•'*>* ' '•' limish( oMsfhuti for thrhl'^nefir " '''"•"^ •!' lM;ut, for the wvlJure, Umled lil>erl^ of the suhjee— ail t^ry ,l!!uhl n-al!^ tl e*.TThi^/ll.!!'!^! "'!'?''';_i*'** I "'^ '""''^'^^ d'"spofiMn of # Jan.e* C. Sm; th. Is it j know you civilian.'rlislike ""Hiii^y mni^^pj^J^I^^i/i .. ,, .^. .1 M-. .., wrrdi untaiii, that •iHVi-ry sliouhl rj-mmtu e*Mi, ihoe who are inont sirSkiif ou in •Jfuianfii,,,. it, jn^i.u-t annihilaiion, canr.M HiH, •iiy h..w | ju.nce, (jc.ny that roM.,M„,ation. whicl, ,lR.y ''"••"-*^' ** • -. ^ -...v.. "r:;;w3 ^;":lr TT "f" ^;•-'-'> to tl. law of ,he „d, has.indenanceoftho^ MVojM.rtyiWe,l,,o,:...ou.-^Uh;::v,.;"l:;;-::^^^ ^"""""^ ^" hin..olf.b^lut..,.owert And will the tain fioriioM ol pow.-r over any outwar.l ihii.<' in a man ^'"**''''""^'"t "^ J<* inoihcr coM"n'.y, sanction the unconiM-r which, hy the lawn of the' ro,|i,iry, uniith'* hinilo an '''""'""^' tyranny of one f its aL'ents / We tiiink not. I'/a n" -' V''J">""'"/ "' •'; '^ rMtor/' And ' ''"''""^'''"•'•eady reverM'djbeniadactsoflhisQ.H.xoticC^o^ii '^nJX^Z!!l: .:!::;; I;;;:;:;;. '':i 'r "">• •" l ^^'"'-^ '"'^^ "'^' ,.re.ent Ji.nii.ul of the Magistrate,, is ' -' I..U account .. entitled riU.'llllv tolk'e it '^'''"'''" ""'^ "'' "'•J*'"*^^^^'"" '*^ '"J^^^'^^ "'"' ''*^ l-'n'<'. we ~ ..... '""> ^"'P^'*' *"thinL' niortthan thoirniere re-i|^>tatenient will lollow. We shall endeavour to place the *inip!e facts of the case Urfore om reader^ in as few words as possible. A slave was convicted of sfikin^,' two wbite persons, and nontcnced, under the fiJd sctiun of tho consolidated Slave Lw, to transportation. 7ii Law eiuin tHitn ll'ai cxcnmu"^'^ his professional discipline, and in the achnvraUr i his men ; and for these latter exertions, there is not" ^'•*' hahitaiilfcbiif paVB bim the just tri!)ute tin. ., *'^^''^ was a ariison better condu( leil, (so/ar as hU m ^ meiit extends), nor yet an otficer to whom thanks f"""*"'* coiulmt weie^iiore justly merited. A liiatoliii ,,/' '("' been paid to thi* utiicer, for the first above naiueT tions! 1 have heardit, ami with <-onfidence,ass( rktj V*^*''' thai nothiiii; less than the absolute ruin of \jiis j-xc lu'^"*'' fioer, will Ldut the rev.nL'<.of his enemy ; and Jet t^ are some wiio u iil rai*.u, the ski.'S, tliermmanity'a,, li h-ehnKot the enemy alluded to. 1 have rea.v)n 'anj„ almost to positive authority, to state, that there is "".'T moment, in the possession of a military man, lotu f notes, from one of hi^h situation, ainouniimr J) g J.^'' ordef to obtain Wf every exertion the votes of ,„*,'' Zj, ^'<> ''"•'" ^>^' liu'lty of sfikin. a white pers received our fil.. of KinjfHton papers, to Uie 28th ultimo '^'' '"" ''*-' ^''^^'""'pa' J<>'H the thre." Jnd^es lor their opi' tni>t this will not hi. f..ra<>tf.. .. • '^'' '': *^ -"•...... • "'"". who said that the words • not extemlinir to life or i:...i. M II.. Speedwelllell: the (irst in the har.jue Rf.y„Hrd, Lieut j "'""'/'"' ''"'' *''''*^ the words '• not extemlinir to life o DiMisford. who left Falmouth on tlie tli, and the'seronj I '""*''" "^'"^ ""' ^'^^^ ^* ^'**''*t P"^**^*to sentence the pri Dwislord, who left Falmouth on tlie tli, and the serouJ • die har,,uc falypso, Lieut. I'eyion, uho left Falmouth on tin. mU or August, hrin^nng Loncion dates to the I8lh of that month. lu ilaR.,forni Bill, no Ic, m,mh,.r than t!iirty.,vcn amendments been pro,K.d, ax,d iho f,ni,h. •..1,'Mtroke yet n-main, to be put, beloreft will he comPl^'te. Mr. ilunn. ha, „,^, „ pn,p„,i,|„„ ^^, repreM-ntation to the Colonies, which wa, hromdit ^^ forward in th. Ilonv. of Common, on the ni.d.t of the Ihth Of August, and which, although in principle app..ars to bcorrert. is, in its details, far from what would satisfy ,he cakumts. He pro,.,.cd to ^i.e four members to British India, ei,ht to the Crown Colonics, tlin,. ,„ British \me. UV; "',V :,':• "r; .\^.'.^*V *"''• Colonies, and <,ne to the Ispr.M-.M.o„ wa; -Ti-i'd bvi:;.;;;::^;;:;^ "z^-, r^: ^'^^^--'r^' ..e H.n.r. Hdi. A::;:;-r ^>n of considerable the .u.stion wa, put, and n" Tl„. J.,„,,c, ,„,.„ „.,„ ^i„, ,„„_, ^^^ di.,^„; ,^. ."•'"" "' ""• """'^'' '^'-'S in.l 1. i, soner to transportatmn ; aid that, therefore, tho Justices I V* ho sat upon the t,ia| hai placed a wront? construction upon the law. (Qunr—ykiy they not he wiony.) The (governor was therefore pleast this will not be forjjotten on some future occ i' b.. ,t may be understoo.l, that any insinuations in,uZ to the chara. ler oJ the military genth-men name.! abov isasfarfn.mmy intenti.m as is the east from the ',' I wish only to prove my position, that mihtarv rule ,s order o( the da v. As a link ,n tlK3 chain, mark nou Ju iIh^ present iolicc Magistrate will make choice of a. iT associates— placemen, pensioners, and men inexiK',t*irT ol dead men s shoes— characters, who will not dare to oil IMise the wishes of the ^reat man ; but who, by nieao JJ abject suiiservienco, will (he more readily facilitate iliel ject Ml view— military despotism. The K'litorof tl,; Hoyal (iazettr, has now n.ost uik. quivorally identified himself uith a party hostile to tk true interests of the Colony, in opposition to the f^. mps of n.oiv than nine-tenths of the inhabitants, and f> w bom, too, he has readily exp<'rienc(>d the n.ost libenl support for mai.y years past. His great and indefatigable research, as notilie l|k '•mother chin, invnnru.. .. ..T* "" '''nions oHS jijvi's ; •, J ^,w Mi invh*t Aijius, vesini!,a pov\ei ai the Ju.stices, to respite yltt: t:kt:cdi Clause of this act, jurisdiction was given to Uij slave Courts, in ail cases ol burglary, robbery, burniij.jufli./ue*, rebciliun, conspiracies, couip,i.'5iim or imairiuiHK the dc-ati. ot any while person, or any other fclonjoiisoliencecoimnmed by a slave, and which'was thereby tjfdared or made puni.shaliie uiih death, or liansportaiion. riiii extensive jurisdiction of the .Slave Courts continued until i'*, wiien, ni coutinuing the slave law for a further U-rai of >fars, so muh ot liiai law, as related to the trial ot' slaves for olfenc(.'s to which the peiKilty of death is anncMoJ, was di'claied to be no longer iu force. As, h(,wever, the clause empowering the Jualices to iesj>iie the execution of their sentences uas worded in such a manuei as to relate to all crimes cognizable by a slave Court it w^^iiot all'ecied hy the amen.linent in 1816, and HMuained iii full luiie u/juI LSJI, when (,ur slavicode was totally revi!efcive law of \7^{), and that no Commander-in-Chief since the passing of tiie consolidated slave law, in 18:^4, ever iiiKMtered with the di.'cisions of the Slave Couit, until that power was usurped by Sir James C. Siuytli. I shall not altompt ton(pjire, at thUlate period, upon nliat i!rounls (ieiu-ral (iiant tliouirht proper to pardon M' Bride, Koker, or Wier, or wln'ther he exercised a sound discretion in doing so, or not ; it issudicieut lijr me that he was authorized hy the then exi:.ting law, to act as he did act, an 1 by Mr. M'^immmi's own shewing, after that law • as altered, although he administen-d the government for four nionyears, la; never attempted to assume an authority no longer vestj'd in him. Let me then ask the l/lr>ir >> I .. ..i*. ... ..I .'.. N ASS AC, Baham-is, ( ft-^ T^ ^ ^ <>lh().tober, J8-il. ( R 1 V ^ .T?*'"? ^.''** '^.^^'^^ '^'^ Stewards of the Bahama i urt ( ub, the rules were agreed to:.V I '^' tlHHares do commence on the 26th instant. -. i lat the Hordes to run be brought to ile Public Buildings at 1:.^ o'clock, precisely, on 'J'hursday, the 'Jthh inst.. to he there entered by one f the Clerks of the Course. he colours ol tho Biders loJ)e then made known, and tiie emiaine money joi the cup, to be paid. ii. That the entrance money lor the cup to h* $.> for the purses, at the rate of 5 percent ; and that the entra'nce money lor the, to be paid on the day of starting. 4. 1 hat not less than three koises shall run for the cup, or any ol the purses. ^ ">• 'I't'-'t the horso winning tjie cup, or a purse, not tu be allowed to run tor another |iurse. 6. That the ueight fo|: homes to run for the cup and purses, less than jt them, all disputes are to be referred, and their decisions to be tinal. 10. That Messrs. \'. M. Wyily and Ceoige P. Wood, be clerks ol the course. BV HE.MIV OREEnSlaDeTI'O." On Monday next, the \7tk inttant. AT THE VENM'B IIOfPE, At 10 O'clock, A. M. Will be sold forn, in lots, Butter, in firkins, Mess Pork, in barrels. Tobacco, in bales, Pilot Bread, in barrels, A cjuantitN Water Jars, 12 boxes Cordials, '•i do. Bitters, 1 do. La vernier Water, 2 doz'n fancy Chairs, With a great variety of other articles. 110 barrels superhne Wheat Flour, Being the residue of the Carg.i of tho Schr. William Uoss, Irom Key West. 7'mii*,— CASH. Octolier l.'ith. BV JIFNKV (iKLEiNSLADL &. CO. On Tuesday next, the ]Hfh instant. At the Stores of John Storr, Ksq. At 12 O'clock, as. 11. That the folh.wing tolli betaken at the northern .. ,, , Will be Sold tniijce to the course, viz: for every saddle horse. Is; i '" ''^^ ''^"'^^ ""f ^^' owners, undenrriters, and othcrt . r, • •'"•"^' v.. omviM IS not justly acn.srd ol having interfered, in an unpri-e.-dented manner, with iJie Slave Courts of the Cidony { | shall now pass over all the Kdiior's tiraddle, about the propriety of holding the Slave Courts in the Court House, A:,c. iVc 'Lc Slid come at onre to ttie well authenticated fact with winch Ihwmds up Ins very pithy remarks, namely— that our laws havt a.Jt provi h-d a Council of Prutict'ion ' h isreHJly asfonishinsr. Sir, that Mr. ".M'Que.n, the public pr,nt,.r-the man who printed the very law in qm-s,ion— ilnniU he sm totally ignorant as he has proved himself to he of tiK. eMactm.^Mts nw.taim.d in it. Let him reh^r to the Ihih rlienr, and he will lind that the Justices and \ estry ot the F arish, are created a Council for the protection of 'any •tav., wrto shall he wrt#ully mutilated bvor wlrl, ihe privn'y ^r cHvot ol the owner, and are iep<'r, to cause proceedinirs ui he instituted a.Niinst Mch owner ; all costs ..rid char^.s of whirl, proceedin.'s •re recovMrahle from the ownei ! |t ujll „ow Sir I -eK.ive, iR. ch-arly seen, that Mr. .M'Queen is ihe'pers;,n ho has attempted to mislead ami deceive iho pnhi c and b<. r.sorte.l to, tor sm h a purpose-tln^y are f.t en^mes to b,. used in uph.ddin, tyianny and corruption ; K Sir, let not the (ioverm.r and his parasites ll.y tl,; fl.ft.rine unction to their souls, that the people of the Ba^n,a, w.l he d.luded hy such base artihces. The „ I.r voice has already been raised aeainst the onprZ ••d oeverwdl It Inhushed until justice is obtain/d. i remain, Mr. Kdiior, \our obedient servant, • TIMOV From the Jamaica Cournnf, of Srpfrmhrr 28. r^^r U,„^ ^^,^.,, ^, ,^.^.^.^ ^^ Port-au-Prince, on the 17th >•"•" "taivuii ui wie noriiicrn entrance to the course, vi/.: for every saddle horse. Is; and lor evvry carriage, gig, or other vehiel.., is. per wheel. U. 1 hat the lolhiwing he iIk race da^s and the amount ol purses to be run for, on those days. FIRST DAY. • 2Gth October, I8;jl. 1st The riovernor's SiK er Cui>-weight for age— heat, twice" round, and best of heats. 2d. A purse of i!(.-iO— weight for age,-heat once round, and a distance — best of heats. SFCOxM) DAY 27//* October, IKJl. 1st. A purse of ^100-weight, ten stone-heat twice round, and best ot heats. 2^. A purse of i^.>0— weight for age,— heat once round, and a distance, best of heats. THIKD DAY. 28//, (Jftofnr, 18:}1. 1st Apurseof^lOO-weighi,ten stone-boat twice round, and best of heats. ,wf '• 'v I'"''*' "i *'*^'^^*' ae,-bet nco round, and a distance, h. That the riders be weighed before and after each i beat ; that the rulers must ride their horses to the weiohmg post and weigb; and he that dismounts before, or ivants weitdit is distanced. 10. That the time of starting on each day be .'1 o'clock precisely ; that half an hour be allowe.l between each heat; and that a bugle be sounded a quarter of an hour belore starting. •VB — It is earnestly requestel that no dogs be brou.dit to the Race Course on the days of the Races. BY HENRY ADDERLEy! ~^ On Monday next, the 17M instant, AT THE VKMHK HOI WF, At 10 O'clock. A. as. U ill l.f .s.ihj The Cargo of the Am. schooner Mary Travert, from Jfalttmore, consisting of Butter and Lard, in kegs, < Hams, CheeM\ Apples, Potatoes and Beet, Pil.)t, Navy Bread.'and Crackers, 1 oultry, and Pigs, Oystrrs, iVc. Ac. Terms — CASH. A /.NO— At tme Blonth's Credit 100 barrels fresh Howard Street Floir. 100 batrs fresh Corn. ()ct at the.aMofiU •fir T' "7'' "^ '"•iH-rfin.. Flour, Ordered, tbat^ .slnlhng Loal do 2lbs 8o. and the sixpenny 'Llil^f iiD. foz. Uy order o\ the \ estry xr DAVID SPENCE, Veitrv Clerk. Vfhtry Room 4th ()cfol>er. IKJl. ^ PAHLSU OF CiIkIsT ( iTcRCli^ 7th October, IKJI. } ,„, D • -......eiiuiil. I he DulC "i B..|,u„.; .„, L,.,.,K,|.l, ,„,., .•.r>,en.„e„.c.l.,i,l. an enemy at tinhe^d ..• i. i -••Kfmcni with • "'*^ nean ot (is toulv by h.s brare troops. The correspondent of the Jamaica Courant My%— • \\., . ^ *"*^ and tiM. rest ran so fleeily. ,hai onlv '.iUi ' M. taken, tho, !-.„,;..„ .... ""'! "^'^ f'^'"*^'""" ''""W I g1^ I • — • "•".' '""' prisoiu'r '•<• '•l-n. 1I.U. lK.„,i,.i. ,|,M )„,ch l,„ll„„_i„ ,„„„i Ih". w'^"'IT"' f"™"•' ••"""i^en ..v„ur„I.„h ^-' ">--<^'-; H"^ that no vessel ^tktunu^ ''"'^ "'•'*• '''"" *'^' ^"^^^••J *> *aii *ptemlH^r 16:h. PORT OF x\AS$Ar, ]%. P. 4 it l.'jlh aas QUO. A MECHA.Mr. To the r^ / ^'''" • '^''' ^^'••"•'•^ i^-'"' ine l.drtor of the 11., i j V ^ne iiakama Arstis, OTTXQ'X.. ARRIVED, "^ ^r'* ]'i\'~\\' u • ''I'' '^l-^''-^''' f^. Warren, Havana 14th \\. M, schr. Kaniraroii, Lt. Hookey A cruise Am. schr. Mary Travels, .Mattison, Baltimore Hour, Corn, Bread, Hams, Cheese, \ egetables, and Poultry, A o r^. '• '^'^-KV" Al>I>t:RIEY. Am. schr. Sea-Flower. H ammel, Boston Assorted Car^o, to W. c;REK.\fi,Ar>E & Co. it tt ifS' " ""n niepfiiiir eve; I ary rule is the orihr uf ttlav. and I i'll ..^ V '""*'' I'^Ts^ns acainsf l. -•••"/"• wie pofhc, and va\ from my own knowledge. I, thWttLu l^. ^""'^ '''^ '"^-^'v-. *" '^ ^^''''''*^ ''"n^'' '-^h ^< not long after the fi^ outran, t.^ ^'ir"":"'": I '" l7fJr,, an act of t..,,, '''"*'*'"•" "• existence, reiatin; t* •^'^ Off., f ^''''*^y'^ OjPre, or put up hisname in ^r ^kU """" '•''•^' "^^^^ prrrious to his departure.-^ f. NAMES OF PERSONS AtOUT To OB20th Julv ^'^^^ TitKKTS FOR DEPARTIRE. ;^'jAncimf ". iut „ • CLKAi^ED, Oct. l^fh — Sloop Industry, Rackley, (',,1^^ l.Jih Am. schr. Dart, Smitk Mobile Am^hr^ady's Deijht, Carson, Do FASSEMHTirTviimlKD. In the schooner SeaFlow erfrort Boston:— Mr. Samuc! .I<.\|e. CaptJiin' S. IJidd. E|izah-fh Siblry Elenor \. Ransom. FOR KEY WEsr. to sail in about 10 days, the last sadinjr sfhooner William Ross lor passage only, appV to Capiain Wall, or' October I2fh. H. OBEBNSLADE 6c CO. T' ablyio i.ln and |H.r.hraii„n., can Ik. vi,wi.,l 1 >.fa. .o H,ll„„, Hiel.,. K„|,.ir... Church ZrdZ y order of the \ estry ^i>^VH)SPENC % Ve.try Cler k. TAOTicf:. HE SCBSCRIBERwillpntin suit, indiscriminately, all accounts due to him, and remaining unpaid after the hrst day of .November next. ^ c >^. J^''^ VVILD(;00S Septemler 28th. FOR SALE ByTru ATE CONTRAff; That commodious Ifoune and Lot, situate n Shirley .Street, the proiK-rty of Mr H.Hiard Barnett. For terinl (ihich wiM Hpp. to ,h s:;ctr"""'""^ '''' "''^^ ^--"^-. ^^^^"'^'^ -*'': JO H.N WILDGO OS. The llonse and Premi^., , present occupier! V Mrs. Poitier. The House i. roomy Vml ronvenient, witlia large Kitrhen and washhouw attached, chair houM and stablm? for ihrw h<.rs... extensive yar.l ami grass piece. T%..ot hoiWin^ have been lately thoroughly rcpaire.1, and th. .. .ur 2 ol the fences have Uen newly put up. ^ ALSO A tract of Land situated at the ViHajre. coniainina o-^ NOTICE. HE SCBSCRIBFR has o^ band about 90n Ar.. '^ "^r-''^^"?'' ^'"'a^'d at the ViHajre. coniainine 2.'-,0 of s.;, rior Lond.^ Brown lou",Unc jf i^^: r:' V '] ''""'"^ ''> '^^ -"-^'•-'' •'-Lots, the Inw for Ca. ' '" "'^' ^ ^^^*'^:[" '^' ''^"'t' '"'"-^ rie^i hy the m-w rd leading from October 12th. 4 "^'^^'^^^^ '^( |";^'d of m omor thrc^ lots. Apply to Rept*.mK^r 7ih. JOH\ W .MILLER. tf •^ f f


g|f Mnljam^ f^vgusi* y LOMX)N. -SI POSTSCRIPT. Ct'STOM-Hut'SE OA rH~6 TvBOLlSHED. By the 1 and 2 William IV., Chp. 4, Stc. 1, com, ..„^..,. inducing on !ie J^HU JScpumbtr, 1831. The m-w, from Kr.ncc th nw,rM.u|. i, of more rhan ti ". ""'V.'"'^' ttm! int.reHt, a^ til Jn, son liy iIkj rfll..wiriL' I*Ht from *" ** ''*^**^ '•''*^"' ^y *">" "''* *"" *^^ rclafing thf Mi.iiirT of Fiiiiir. ii> flw Coriiiiiifi.o of tlio Stock i '". "'*^ ''*''* ^""^ "' Custom* or Kxciv, atjy oath, soIcuim Kicliaiige r Pnri,, publilK,-d in the Mouileuf ol Tiiu'r*'*'^'7"^^"^" '"* a'^idavit, ih^li b*.aquirtd to be lakin or pcrvin on the doing of ar:y net, matter, or TIk? Kifiif of Holhnd ha denounced the ariiij*,;,,, I *'""?' *"" '^'" **^'''''v'"fe' an> ^i^f^, t/f <^w/, entry, or return ; Hnil aniiouiirmJ tinre.mi|>iion of lio'.idiflei i>"i,iii^i. Uie "V ''"^ a".V other pnr{Km.. wliatever, such oath, solenin lir\ii,An% this rveninir, at haif-pa.M nine o'c'ock." Hilirmafioo, or nmn'arlianient imposing the same, have in flMaid of a FrincU .r,,.. i 'hc,, required to take or make such oath, solemn allirma •ion, or affidavit, shall, in tlie presence of the Commis ed Governess, Lady Smith, for one hundred rw. j r wards of £UAn). currency, and which. when^'^^U lists comes in, will, we have no doubt, raise the**^ him flM' aid of a FnticU arniv. '/'"• ^";^' ''"Vine recojinixed iImindependence of ih< k.MKdom o HHt;,um, her n< uiral.ty, m concert with K,.-laoClavl U'll>.'li I....... I I o -71 tlH^4 tie respeen taken i:i common accord u ,'*"'''"" ^•'" '' >*'>uid hnvo been required if this Act will, t K(;r...,t Pimers. I "ad not b^^.n pasvd, and declarini; the truth thereof: and Marshal (iirard commaruK the armv of the North *"'''' *"*''' ^'^^'"''^^'"n shall be unfruf in an,/ uarticdar which IS niaich.nsfto the ai.l of Brl^.iun., whose neulialiiv T ^'''''"" "'^^'''''f-' ''"' '*"'<-' '*'''^" "^'^ and above every sioners, Cijilector, or other Person em|>owered by such Acts ol Parliament to adminisU-r such oaths, &c.', make and subscribe h declaratiou, srciinj; f<,rih the matters contained in and to the ellect as the oath, solemn art.rmation, nr alhlavit whnh woul.l have been required if this Act nail iiii l>.....^ .... I 111I . nd independence is to lie m tiniained." ;* TIk5 ar.ny. which has Uv^n ihiis'ordered to march with Mich rea^y decision, is described in the private let-' ters as amounline to :,.VKH>. 'Yhoy also siaf... Dmi on \\.dn.^lay eveninu a me.^. nr r l.a.l arrived in Pari, who w, charged lo announce the intention of the Km... of' H'.ll..,„| to commence liosiiiiin.s i.mmd.atelv ; Leooold's Other penalty to which such j)ei$on may become subject, lorkii one kandrfil poundt.'" From the Bnrbadoes Mercury, Sept. 3. The pomi ihinirs which our kind neit^hbours of the Sister Islands havcsnt us in this our time of dire necessity have continued to in upon us from Tuesday afternoon last to the present moment— no less than six ves.sel.s nMl.'ll>n ur. I.....! r_. • I ..... Msv .iircr, defuan-lini; aHislance from his ally Frnnce "****" '" '*"' '" -rru.d about tS. .same tim... The result was'as abovj I ^'"''^ '^"'^'•' '"''"•" vario,is places, viz. brigliea7er7fVom I rinidad, Hour, bread, rice, nn-al.and |K'ase ; biigantlll< V Kill* V...>.. IllI..' .'^ ki.ii...l Ti c I ...v.-Miii was as aoov •led. The fr.MMh tr.H>ps are s^.id to have been direct.•,,a to embroil K„gi,..d ,„d yll^^J ^^ IJie fpicNtiuii (.t IJ.I^ium. |J*J" '•';"7;M>-nre of this determinatinn on the part of tK. ^rJ.^ch (iov.rnimnt.and also^Vo,n the nice HUh which parties are hal.n.vH amon^ th?l^,.pu,iX ha Hvn a m.merot d.fhc.lry to (ind sucr...,or to M. Porrier .'.It of the drbat. on ,ho Addn-ss is m.<|. knoun. I, i, fniarkable iha, a, the mon.en. wlnn the Mnnster wa, adop„n|, no deeded a plan of conduct in n.,pc.c, lo Beljrnim. ,h.. erowd. in the sirc^-ts of Pari, were cian.ouri .1 lor uai in favour of Poland We .UaW n i '^'•*"" •"^"•If If l> """•'. > e stiall not In* surprised il M I errn^r continue, m <.,r.ce for a mu< h k>npT .n-rio ^... he a present conlempl.t... |f ,.o, ,„„,,,^,,' ^^ y was ., |,., rortun.te coinciatrio,. warn, welcome. Tin, D.'ch .'oops r J. to Im v.. commencd the war uithtiH^ir proverbial brutal .MHckme women and defeoceles. J„ indiscriminately' rhMr expl.nts a^-amst th.^ will, we .„sp,.ct. be more marked than a^ainsi tlie B.lcian <.r French troops '" On ThurMh y Kio.; Leop^dd issued a Proclamation tohH,K^ople. It u a spirited document. He „v^ W .thoul a previuu, declaration, tin.' enemy haVe ^A. denly n..rommenced hostilities, despisiu, ,„.| Lakin^ai one time th,. engagements re.sultin, from tl ,;,. ,"o^„ ^J •rm, and tin. princ ph. ,hat regulate civil„.d jior hr.J^'i^"V 'r"^-"*'" -^P*-'^'''' odious breach of Uk, law of nation,, and by a surprise they wish U, ir..„ soMH, n.nm,.n.ary a.lvanfair^ They are the n^ men wlom you conquere,| in S.p.cmher-l.lH.y now "^ pear .n the m.ds, of ,..a.„f,, u,,cncl.. preced Jhy deva^ totion and incendiarism. ^ acva•* Strong in the conviction of our ripht we .b .11 r^ i nn:':: "r'^v"" ">;-•——" -" eo;::,z ov \icforn-s. loy will not pro\, unwortliv . r >r.ou, recollertion-. Vour, ^"^-^ ^' T pUr^ which have already been ...nesV., ^ tu" d -fi^ Kvrry one of you will do his duly ;; {Weian, Like you, I will ,U-(,„:\ B,.|einm. I ndy on iIh Civic (iuard—on Uharmy.-.on th, conr^tr*and devotion of all. ^ ^ '* I in ^liiie to mv post.'* }!^^ L'" '"'* Bniwds in the afternoon. hv.^r7['' /*'""'' have fallen considerably, and so all wiL '''/""" ""•"• --'•'^^^ i".im.tion, • xCr • mchnevl ,o ex,H.c| .Imi the mere .h-monstrati n Z y^rV' 'r^^.' '''-' PI--^ by the era,: eT;: f.|r, a ..ttlem.n, of ,h. Dut.h and B..l,ian dilT,. e ce Much e>Htisfied to starve two or three days together in each week, wiih the prospect of having a roof over their beads in couunuta.ion of food— and such being the case ••• article o. lumber would b. equally acceptable in it,' ^rn If not preferable to any other. Such holever is o haples. and deplorable condition, and such ha, been the ;>;^.; oK.nng any opin.r!:\:;: :e ""ii^ ^r;-^ < that M.y have, acted from the best motives, and been •ni..ncedby the kindest consideration,. Should it pleal^ ••'^;" to save u. from seriou, sickness or conta^^ ; 7 c2mV "" ''' '"" *^'^^"'" 'catalog^ .ur cal^m tK-s-we may confidently look forward to the l^lrnt'd-trrs!::^'"^ r recovering gradually from ou present distressed situation-whilst we cannot but Inthankful to a kind Providence, who ha, watched ove, and no desc-rted us in the midst of our present su^rin;. • rri „ PREsrNT: I lie Honourable John Hoyei. ; — • Daniel O'ibbs Lewi> lloye. bildii) to at least 10,000 dollars, in aid of sufWj *?^ nity !— a most liberal sum, when the imr)ovt.r"L^ absolutely wretched state of the island is consif ** when it is known that this sum has not been col/^*"2' *^ th.' superfiuitie$ of the contributors, but actually '^ I crifice of the few comforts enjoyed by a small n, *^ '•'I the positive necessaries of the greater oaitr.T'?"' scribers We shall have the natisfaction^f pit list of their names m our next number." r"""ii Proclauuition of His Eicellency Sir James I A PROCLAMATIO.V. '^V 'li' Kxrpilency Sir James Lyon. K P R i"i I ^ T'"'"''"^ ^^"""nander in Chief!/?' Island, A:c A:c. ""^' w ifc, \Vherea.s it having pleased Almighty Cod to -.fliColony w.fha most awful and destructive hurric.n. > has destroyed all the dwellings and plantat.oMo '> hab.fams of the island; and whereas it is aimrellJi ."' sonu-ev.l disposed persons may attempt to plunder k ?* rrrssed inhab.rants ofthe few articles and provL, ^ Ibey have preserved : ^ "'sioiu |„(j I do, therefore, hereby order and command aj] Ma.i., ^ml Constables to e.xert themselves to the utJJ^Tf*'^ power, in preserving on this melancholy occasion h"/ '^ I and tranqu.lhty ofthe island, and to prevent Tf'^f them ht>. the .Icpredation and plunder by such ev.l H "* ^ persons ; ami 1 .Jo require all his Majesty", liege uh!*^ be assisting to. he Mag.Mrate and Constables, in^.he e r of their duty herem : And .hould the civil author tieA;?'" .nsuffic.eia to uphold .he laws. I do hereby req J^Hf J u'^ mandm Officers of the several Ke,menU of m'lil Ir?.^ and. to exercise the power granted'to them by Th C > clause ot the Ml ,,Act of this island, by appointinrr/'^ any sufKcent part of their respec iv^ ReL. "* may be needful, to assemble for the p' rpos^ of pZ^:* disturbances and preserving the general 'peace ^ ""^ 1 ^"'' *'";''*'^ 't has been represented to me thai .h. I i c.pal Merchants of lindge-ToIvn have not en a.^ej IT ^ ces Of the neeessarv articles of hfe .-Now I '*?• strongly recommend, that so lambble and bene o Irr., ample mav f.e gc.erally observed ; and I ,...',,?; that no advantage w.ll be taken by Mecha .cs "ll •Tradesmen in the present lamentable' state of the Col, And do call on and command all the inhab tVnrs jfl .sland. winte. free coloured, and slaves, to demean t"eV propriety order, and decorum ; andHh„!cV r" or persons hall be detected iri committing any re .ZT! C.ven under mv hand and Seal at Arms, at the Toir^ *>y is Lxcrllency s command. WILLIAM iiLsnwns. DteLTr SctRXTAJlT. Did? r r"'~"'""^*"'^" creat number of pamp .ts o the p..blica..on of which the pre..,.t momein.m, rr.s.. has lo }, Ik p,rty of tinlate Ministers are dis seminaim^-iil, prodiuious activity, a series of n tracts, (but also in th.M.sands of instance; r"">tu.tously) Hr.tten by clever men. and well 'c^lniu.H"" advance flK-.r A„.onj the authors. Sir C. Well^r James Ker, Robert Kirk. J> Eiqrs. rvan Baillie, and Peter (iuthrie, It wa, resolved,-rhat four reel, be immediately en^^ged to proceed with ,1. following article. ^ B W OU.iaaf Cedar shirvhs. i?0 Hogshead* fish. ^') Barrels naickarel. 31 Half barrds beef. TIm.. C.niniiii,H' l...eto arknowWffe with thant..h. ln,„. ( ap, Dabi„ey, ,l,ip |,.,„| (i,.|.r,cb." ^ '' I be f.,M„„,„j i, .„„, ,1^. Xri,.i,Ia,l U.iardian an.) tm, of .bo Acnps .Jo. i, ,i|| iH. ^ brou;.b. .mTJ.' nou. ar,,cl..._f„,igb, fa*. Bo,l, vcoi; ha,; !,Z W. f r'n'^'r ';" ""'""'' ""' '•* <-l'"'"'" Agne, were clearoH aWap..., .o r,.h..v,. ,:„ i,„„,..,,i„., „„„,,;,;,„ „f"^^;7' hai,,.v felb,-.„|o„i,„ i„ ,ba. ill.ra.,.d i,|a„,l. Tl.t vari Ibe ,\e,.,, r,. (.,r ,1.. „„„, ^„ „ f and rH„„,„of ,h,. ,.,f.T,.r, r.,,.li„., here, and which Lre .,.n h„n,a,,..|y ,.k..„b.v Cap,,],, K,.., freiKb, (J rZ ..v..r „ l„ad>d by ,be (;ov.rnn,..„,, ... u„d.:r,„„d rnn, -hefond voledby ,he <;.,v,.rnor and Counc" ,„d ded y.-,„.r,l,y ,„oi„,_,h A.n on i^^„A'. We ^'"^•"•7. ""I* llyn,.y have ,.p,.rdv .,„-/ I :t ... '.'L".l""' ";? """ '" "-.'"""•'-ron b..h,lf of S,r n,„jamm ll.,hhouu.-y)„A yesterday. Auprn )t •t . hou. ,„ B-rkiey ..p„re. Sir Be,.ja„,in" nZm, Bar... ,„ ,|„. s, venty-ftltb w-at of his atre. .Sir bZ m .a. an,sb..d L M ,^ Parii ;^ T" *';' r"-'>as.,-,. „„,„„. farbaoK-nt be .i,,t,nt,sbed himself ahke for his calmiW .t.n,e and ent.nrnt abditie, ; a„d a. Chairman of 0,„.m,„.... „f „-,,,,„. Me,ns.,„va,ib; ; .„l:, he. sat,;.u.on to ,11 pa„ie,.^/a 17^1 I ...le of llaronet by hi, ,„, now .Sir Joht. C Win^n '"'*' "^ ''""•""" f"' Westntil ijonaon paper. 0/ffr,r;/.-Fxtract from • lelt.r leceived at the Drpirt. very healthy, ami the quarantine re,mlations of this r all adjoinim: Spates are ri,i.l|y enforced. Dan.rir hm thi^eW ^'r"':)'"'^ ^^^^-r^ has. as vet, apprciacW this city: but It has made Its appearance in KomUrji Mbing, and se veral minor places in West Prussia.** •o5Ti'''^'~^" "'.'''' ''"'"'•"--'''''•^•'•'''''••Iv illhov be hM^ ZT^ I l"ve of coquetry i.s asstnme'as the love .^ life. I show, Mself as .soon as the beauts of tie m,i*i bec^ms to bud-,t put, forth it, blossom as she .nto womanhood, and fades only with her fadinerh.mN nh r • ~'i?""v 'V'^ '"^^ "^ •'•'' plnnt-the desire |de .smg all-pd ofTending none, is the origin of coqurtrv riH n, too the display of power by which theMrong horn of his strenjrth, leads many a female, Deliah-lib, 1.' •? u-r* '^ •''"• ^'^'^ ""*' "" '^"rHy in U' n the end T T 'T "^'^' Heph.rable, for it cannot ki t^ he end to render her who practices it an object.^ •mlilTerence to those upon whom it is practis^-d. ^ r^tnii 4tiKOKKI': IlKaiiN, Iviiilor. \VE\1>U.%1, OCTOUICR lt>, IN3I. VOL. I— :%o. XXTII. .11. Mr. Croker. Mr. T ;;)o.; I :,n,,;h.r:"*'" i''' f ''''"•",' "' "'"^^ '""'"• -".to,, b^^.h ff „, n...n„o,.ed; ...d we have no few.than .tj;b''"nH,'lt"'''"\'"''"""'''•" ^-"''•"'l ""nec..ary by Trt. prodnet...,,. now lv,„. before in wh h ar-omt^T "dwa.^r: r^V*"''" ^''•'•^ ••"'''•'•''-•''•" "rV". Mfil. — iAtrrary date Mr. ed, was alrea.^on O.t, under the s.,,K.rintendenceTl. I veral respe^cable andfi.dine individuals, who have alreal succeeded in raisin., ly a penernl sub.rnpiioi. (at theTead of which stands th. fxne of our amiable and accomplLh hJtrnt •y""-'"'--T^he Rev. Mr. P.rker. of PnnrrtColemmem IT '"u"'" ^'^'' o^ Praving for the Rntii* he ZTZ "' '^^ f^"^'^"^ of theeventtnl Re,ol,.fi* ot/posTm tb!^^ ""'' '^'^"^ '^^'^y^'-of .hat U^a tnn^e ., '^^'P'''^''-*'"''^ Fngland. Iluwef-. b"nasmentT ^'"'^.^y -^^^^ pusin,. evuleii. f* tirContineni': r'''''^'"1"" '''*'''•'-" ^^^aw. psh.w it • tlie tontmeufal Congress I meant." I di,conr.e^fr\:^ ~-^ certain Judge after hearinj: fl^ some ibT rl -'T^ ''•-'"• ''''''•*'"' ''n^ ' P'"^^ -I ontThem ^n.? 7 *T "'' •'"*^ of hi, imagiL.oaW pot them to the ud oi h.s juflgmet. llli: liAllAMA AKOL.S. rt'BI-INMKIl HKMI-W I KKLV IN SAtiM\ N. P. Hight Dollars per annum — Xn advance. PCZTP.T. ANSWER TO PALL. Dear brother Paul, The Bards you call. His praises to rehearse ; Tlie fame to sing. Of Nassau's King, Whose name is but a curse. Now, I've begun. His name, and sung. Ml tell von of his heart,— 'Tis a black hole, A mine of coal, To fire the upper part. Like Ettna*8 mount. Or flaming fount. Von see that blazing h^d ; Like fires in town. To bum it down. Or lightning strike you dead. Shall I goon. With thii my song. And tell you of his stature ? Not high nor low, His back's a low. Ami wolt-hke is his nature. Behold the man. Tell if you can. To what the creature's like; He', like a flail. Or Jonah's whale, Or only tit for strife. He', like the sea. And like a flea. Or whirling water spout; He's like an ass. But let that paMs, He's like the hurricane's rout. Be mine the task. For vou will ask. Yo tell wh\ he's a flail. With hands on high. If yon come nigh, With blows he'll you assail. A monster he. For do vou see, To bnti he ojtes his jaws; The /fw.rher Paid, From your obedient Baril. CKLMALKIN. IIOCSE OF COMMONS. Thursdai/, August 11. THE REFORM BILL. The Chairman read the 1 1th clause— That each of w counties enumerated in srhedule G U> this act, shall be '>jiie.l into .wo er, Thebiirr l"''' i^> town, were to be joined toaether. frootU 1 "'^'^^ hoioiiifhs and cities, and borrowed that at H "''*M'''l'"'''<>"i and then divided c.mnties ; and of the da*^ ""^'t^" "^ rommi.ssioners chosen by Uie minister could n^ p'r "" ^V,^ P''^*''-''^ *^ any admi.,i.stration. he M t. J ^''*' — (Hear.) •oto'^div't '''**'* oljNt'rve-d, tliat it was perfectly possible *^^ tounlics, as jo convetlcach jHirtiou into a nomiuatlon division, making it us close as any borough ever was ; and efTecting the division l-y means of commissioners, wcmld be an arrangement imjiaiting a most and unreasunahle power to the Home Office. He concluded by iiiovmg the erasure of all words referring to, oi ailectiug the division of counties. The Chancellor of the Excheque-r would oppose the amendment ; theclause would have no other effect than that intended. It would support due influence of property, which was one of the objects of the bill, and gixe to elemocracy, which was another object. The noniineo eW a borou-h was elected by thi' patron, hut no man in the diyisiwn of a county wouhl have that p(.vMr. He doubted not that men of family, but small fortune, would find it easy to he returned under thfe new system, and that was impossible under the old. Th amem'ment would greatly alter. If not destroy the hill. Air. D. {Gilbert would support the division of counties. IKwould only desire that freehiihlers for lire should be put upon the same footing as copyholders. Mr. Cripps warmly supported the division, as necessary to the balance of different interests. Sir R. Peel said, that if the bill must pass, he would vote for the division of the counties, on the' ground that it would he giving much greater influence to the possessors of lamh'd estates, and conseepiently he the means of returning to that house country gentlemen, who, it was agreed on all hamls, were most active in transacting the business e,f the com.try. He wouhl too, give 40s. beholders their lights in towns as well as counties. If this we-re done he thoudit the clause niiirht help to r.-medy some of the defects of the hfll. He would vote for Mi*. Ulsters. Mr. (lishornoand Sir J. Wrottesley said, that the proposals ol the right honourable baronet would make the town, and cities nomination bornuLdis aoain. Cohm.'I Oavies wouhl vote for Uie amenelment. Mr ILnlj;t,s knew that his vole atrainst the ame.rdment would otiend seimo of his constituents, but the i>e.opU. of he country had declare'd nne-ejuivocally for the whole hill • to that voice he boweel, ami shouhl votefor it in its present state, althmieh he obje-cted to particular details. ^Ir. C. Wynn would support ministers, as would Mr. Lc would vote for tlie amendment. nisters.wholiadso ahly and bolrift^, ts^he'tTrougnT'Trroogfit forward this bill ; but, in this inHance, he must sacrifice his feelings to a sense of duty to the' public. Sir Charh's Wetliere'Il had no a|)ologies to make to his Majesty \s ministe'rs, as otlier honourablemeinbers hud done, with so much sedicituele, for daring in even u solitary instance, to think diflerently from these genth>nien now in office.— { \ laugh.) Whilst the Mandine orehrs of the house reepiired that not even a canal should l)e cut, or a tedl-bar be erected em a turnpike road withemt full and ample notice being given to all j)ersems in that country, whose interests mitdit, by poasibility. I)e aflected, here was I a project entertained for f)e)sitively ciittintr, carvinr, and dis*'cting the whole of Entdand, by commissioners u'he.lly irresponsible. If the bill slwuhl pass, the priele and aristo< cratical be-aring e>f the r ounty meinbers must fall lull hity per cent.— (A lauLdi.) Lord J. Russell said, the honourable and learned gentleman would persuade the houw. that nothine hut plunder and corruption could come from thecommissioners. Now, he would ask, what would have been theconsequence, if iliey had proceeeled in a committe'c of that Iwuse to make* the divisions which were proposed to Ite made hv commissioneis f 'l^wy wouhl havehad all the same reproaches to iindertro ; for with the' honeuirableand h-arne'd gentleman's disposition to trace e-very thintr to a desire of plumler ami corruption, he would, in all probability, have said that tin' committee' was formed of the of government, and they weodd have; Ix^n invedved in a labvrinth edeletails. The objections were to the division, and to the mode of doing it. As to the division itself, he thoiejht it wemld not alter the present influe-nce eif'the aristocracy. Projx*ty would have its influence, whether there w.-re. two mend)ers or four. Small prof)eiti-8 wemld acepiire weiLdit by the division. It would bemuch easier lo choose two menihe-rs than four out ot several camlidates. and the county representation wemld l.emore iermanenf if the voters were less elistracteel than tliey would 1' by the claims of many, from wheNii four were to he chosen. Mr. O'Connell said, the bill had facinated the people of England. This clausewould make' it a delusion : the y would tret riel of one sort of nomination and wouhl train another. (Hear.) He siipporte-d the bill as a genuine reformer, and as a genuine reformer lie would opjiose the clause*. Mr. Hunt said, the ministers nuphf not to 1h left in the lurch now. or the hiss of tlie bill must follow. He would vote for the division, be'caiise he thought it wemld increase the democratic interest. As tei the moele, he wendd have county me'etings calle?d, where the freehohlers mitrht apfMiint three hon. men to make the divisiem. Hecalled for support lo minister^, who were losing that siip|>e>rt from those (n whom they most de(Hneared for the motion, 41 ; for the aiiRMidinent. Diimajority. 119.— Aeljourned. n r> y August 12. < apt Oo.don complained of one of the most atrocious hbels eve.r publishe-.l, hich haedis ; and lMgt:ed u cal the attention of tle hon. nMMuber for Preston, to the subject, as that hon. gentleman had be-en lihtdled as well as himse'll. 1 he mddicari.m in ep,tntion, charged the •on. member for PiesKm with being a pe..lH.tweM'n an.onff tlie I one s for the purpose of defe'ating the reform bill : it attr.buteel to him (Capt. (iordon). two lette-rs in.'rted ia the ioorMans t riend (forge'iies), and asserted that he was Air. 1 etherington's jait companion. It was not, Ik, repeat.'d, his inte ntion to brint' the' author in any oilwr way under the consnieration ofthe', as he' slt.M.hl aelopt a more eflectual nmde e.f punishing the ofh ndeis. Mr. Hunt elee hired his indiflerence as to what the press •aid ot him. He was convinced that nineteen out ef twenty of the jnople, believed that the press was tlie greatest promulgateir of falsehood. It was agre-ed to without a elivision, that the cemntie* of Uiester, Cornwall, Cundierland, Derby, Devon Durham. Essex, (iloucester, Kent, Hampshire. Lancaster, INorfolk, Neirthumberland, Northampton, Nottingham Salop. Somerset, Stafiord, Suffolk, Surrey, Susmx, W ar wick, Wilts, and Worcestershire-, stand part ed clause 11 ; and this clause giving femr numbers to each of those counties, was orelere-d to stanel part of the> bill. The motion that Lincoln have four instead of two niemK-rs wa.s agreed to after some oh|ectie)ns to the division by Mr. W ilks. Sir R. He-rem, ami Colonel Sihtlmrp. The hlank m clause 11 was filled up with the word"two, without a divisiem. On clauM'l2 being pro|H)8ed, that fret-hohlers in each division should votein the same nianm-r as for counties, and with the same rights, Sir E. Sugelen wished to kneiw* whether, if a man p.sse-ss<-le feir each county. He had wished to take away the vetef nonresielent fre-e-holders. but that was found impe.ssibU-. The fret^iedders of^towns returning members would he excluded LoTef 'Afcrp agflc-ifVo wVtluiiaV*1fie*iBii*<^'>ytff^^^ sent. • ^ Tins 13lh clause was then moved, and on the queatioa heing put for filling up tlie blank with tlie Me)rd'* three ,*• ilwt is to say, to gi*e three members fe) s ven counii*-,, another conversation took place. The we>rd llirte" wag ullimalely agreed fo, and the bouse resumed. Saturday, Augvst ML Air. Kos, presented a petitiein relative to the delay which liael taken place rcipecting the hill for parlinmentary refeirm. The SjM'aker saiel that the worelinir of tlie |Mtition was such as c.mld ne.t le received by iIh' Im)Um'. Hehe>p<-d ihat hon. Members wouhl gem rally take tinluhject of the, IKtitioiis into considcraiiuii before thev attempted to present them. Mr. Ross explained, and withdrew tle petition. THE CORONATION. *' *" Mr. James wished to ask, what sum His Majesty's M'lnisters intend tu expend on thecsMMoaial vi the approaching coronation of His Majesty? He themght that hefore the administration had determined e>n what wa, to he done, they emclil tei have come' down fo the house and askeel tlH-m, the repn-sentatives of tlapeople, what was their ^ish e>n the sufiject. (A laueh.) He complained of the enormous e'X|ense which must he incurred by the ceieniony, which he ihemght was totally unnece-ssary, and be iKjlieveMl il was not Hls Majesty's n'lsh that it sliould take place at all. Lord .Vlthorp begted to say that it would not he regular to ask tlie house previously to makine the necessary ar* rangeiiients. The ceuonatie.n would take place in oreJer that theKing mi-ht take the pro|>e r oaths; and with respect to the exfX'nse-s, he ihouLdit that one-fUih of the cost of the late rnronation will hesufficient. After which tlie hemse went info a committee on the reform bill. On the prop4.sitie>n that one additional nMinher be given U> Durse-lAhire, Herefoidsldre. Buckinghamshire, Cambrielgeshire, &c. Mr. Bankers said that Dorsetshire was beUer entitled to return fotif members than Cuiuberland. Sir JaoMrs (Jraham said that dlKih, riand would return eight me-mlM-rs and Dorset eh \ n. Loiil Althorp deiaih:d sev. idl alterations which he intende-d to propose in various clause, of tla; bill, the chief of which were : that the bidder of an equitable title of an agre-ement for a lease; sho.dd have the same right to vote as a haseholder ; that a leaseholder under a copyhoM sh(uld !ia\e the same right as other leaseholders bad ; and that a copylndde-r shouhl j>osse-ss iImsame power a, a frt'i" holder, only the right of verting' for a ropyhedd would he united fo those of £10. a-year, instead of *40s. A to tle right of votinr for horough*, it was found that fo require the rents to lie paid even quarterly, venild exclude ve*rv res|)ectable voters. It was Ulieve d tliat all ihoM* who |)aid their rents weekly were a di!.rejitah!e cla**; but it was found that this Has not tl e case. He laid conversed uith many of lite m;