The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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University of Florida
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fd the whole weeks entire bd pased aw.y,
Ilsee t wIs Council's memorable day ;
Ti Janto patted u before v maid,
Sfail of project in hia spiet head:
They anxious watch, .ad listen long in vain
No ecmin proof of season, could they gain
Whoe in hL louring walk, one aulry day, )
The crafty Sly, hd some one whispring say,
- We'll meet next week, to act a certain play.")
A t thought he, "I'll call the trusty scout,
And sure as fate, we'll clerly find it out :
Oh! Nimblefoot, pray quickly fly and bear,
The sad news to our noble master's ear."
Up goes with aeed the courier to the hill,
An finds the Chief in moody humour still,
Before him on the well mk'd table lay,
A printed ticket, for the coming play.
*I come," says he, "great Sir, tuadvertise
A certain meeting of your enemies."
SI know," replies the Chief, and I will go,
To smile, and talk, and nod, and bow so low ;
The folks will think I surely now forgive,
But I'll rovenge,-if I am spared to live."
While thou he speaks, in bolting Arid'a seen,
Mournful his phs, his lips are livid green,
OGlrimn his eyes, hil sallow face turns white
Whilehe address'd his gallant friend the Knight.
SMy gracious Lordl. a mob about three score,
Hioe planned to hoot, and hias you at the door,
Als with missiles, they'll your cooch assail,
Beat from a cotton tree. close by the jail;
A wound you'll get upon your sacred head,
And 'twill a mercy be if you get afe to bed."
He speaks who wai fur star, and titles fam'd,
And says. I'll bring theonall to be a.lamu'd-
I w ll Ioult them in a two fold way,
I'll take no ntics of the intended play;
Bat send that gamekit, bordy, lump of earth,
That acwrns, tool-that lirty Jack of Perth.
To dress his quean, and rake her to the show,
And seat her by the ladies in a tow:
The miser loves too iw his hoarled pel
To give a ticket to the jade himself,
Mine will I send. 0, happy, happy, thought,
A alight attention oft the villain bought.
Belides he in his iron chest retains,
The sums that really are the public gains,
Closely locked up. as tho' they were his own,
Which all must lieg, and nue for Ps a boon.
The eitiaens he shall insult for me,
The end full well I gue,. will surely be,
That twenty duels he will have to fight,
In one perhaps, his soul will take ts flight."
I care not, if I hut get his place,"
Said Nimblefoot. Ile surely wins the race.
Who's quick and seady :" hut replies old Sly,
I wantan office, and for that I'll try,
My mater ser.e 1, full as well ia vou.,-
Am joat a honest, firm. andil faohfti too."
What now, my friends the sullen Chiefreplies,
Dispute the place before the culpnt dies n
No, wait until you hear the deed is done.
And then you'll have the jul race to run."
He panting, Colonel Redcloth. straight appears,
A meful visage they observe he wears.
Thoae Yankee blacks," says he, whom we did choose,
Deny me flat-the honour they refuse :
"What! fiht with starving beliee" tllhir cry,
"Cosent we never will, we'd rather dl, .
If forced to be your soldiers without p .l,
Borrow a ship we will. and run away
Go, to our good old masters home a'in.
And live like happy. honest, well fed men."
"This plan, my gracious Lord, will never do,
Bet may train yoor West End, sable crew;
Ia time they'll learn to face, and rigbht-about.
To put oe fo-t, and then the other oat.
I sariet clothes, they'll be a handame guard,
This plan will do. I shall not now be marr'd.
Without his Host he little thought he'd counted,
Air Samuel. at this new notion flouted.
"I have a finger in the pie," quoth he,
"And dost thou think I'1 e'er give up to thee,
Thi Oovernment flock of well fledged gese,
Whom 'tis my province now to pick, and eere t
To ahow your saerd, and ftar, now anol*n,
Is j" nason, you require these men: c
O y Rodeloth, got them where you can,
I mor wil ne p. a single man."
High wrda they have, ad both agree to fight
To met oad settle the dispute that nicht:
Bt peacably they settle the affair.
o wounds rm eived by either any where:
say Bly, he lives who fighrs. and runs away,
a to ght, perhaps, another day.
BMn m each, at other's shadow aim.
C as ie d ally spirit sill you'll claim,
TYo esoor sjsed, the world's high fame.
"Wi n gat honour to your noble name."
It was d as the running Sly proposed
The dires urouna'e, and--the hiisn. clos'd. G.8. X.

THE FALL OFMOWBRAY; I coe not, gallant Mowbry, to andy eproadm
O sa with you ; either give me Safe epM from your mamma,
Beige Vf 21i Cuatl. like a warrior of honour and credit, or pusl i fiete a ,
-your caprice may settle upon."
Brave chief! thy maunio 'mnu he the tull The promptings of mercy triumphed over thne of je
llth long been buried: and where once was heard t ie ia tse bren of De Mowbray ; and be oda ed Sir
The clah of swords and all-vlcrous cry Ingram Chestertr to he barbican ol til ceul, uwing
Of battle-legions fighting for their lord, him, dt though he bid him not God sped, sudc owmisin
All is serene, except the sounds thna flyfrom the cptio euld w ih
Along ius vaults, proceeding from the horde n dec from th mipion e ld meet wi
Of playful children, or the village bell-- on his next appearace before the wall of Think CasL.
Its Sabbath chime, or deeper-sounJing knell." The spy, Sir Inrm Chesterton, had scarcely depart-
A stranger, who avers himself a poor sinner of the ed, and the drawbridge of the castle was buaun draws up
Cistertian brotherhood at Hode, desires audience with Sir wha De Mowbray was called to hear te relation of Blind
Roger de Mowbray," said the heI.hman of the northern Dan, n eccentri wanderer, poor kinsm of the -
chieftain, addressing his master. Icha of the castle, who had been met by Sir Ingroam o
Award him welconi," replied De Mowbry; he Carltn Moor, and persuaded to give him conduct to th
may come, tow, to report heray of the approach of to the warde his' suspicions respecting the polished bak
H~ y's tropa ye, ep not r encampme o had spoken himso fairly. Though blind, Dan's poee
ein g ofthe VIrrl rast upon ye I" eoasulatd "o scopgition, and h familiarity with the surrounding lo.
the proed monk, a entering he made his obeisance to c li, I e 'a eer led. A child of tih mountain and
Do Mowbray. A brother of the faithful fraternity of the forest, his ts were mostly spent in wandering; end
St. F aei requests conference with ye for awhile." when occionally he sought refreshment in sleep, his couch
Wil though first rofreh thyself, holy father 1 it is no w the rough hy-rick, or the sheaves of thi thrashing
verge towards super-time, ud thin hath been a rough foor, a chance threw such receptle in hi way and It
ared unindly path. n was in one of those noctunal rambles that he met with Sir
I thank ye, courteous knight; but when speers are Ingram Chesterton.
sharpenin on the rocksin Sutton Hold, and burnished Saddle me my horse," cominanded De Mowbr
bucklers glerming in Thirlby Full, it is vexatious to talk of I will fathom Lhis treache ry, and repy Sir Ingram in;
rest or refreshment." hi own coin. Lead the am to Carlton Moor, Dan;ad
So Henry hath faced me at last !-But why tarry his stop thee where thou thinkest it was that this monk nmt
forces in Sutton Hold 1 By the high altar (if Sailt Felix! thee. I will test Aii honour, since he hath clanoured for
lairer spot for defeat they could not have chosen !-They the maintaining of nine."
are strange to the fastness of the cliffs; we might drive Wrapped up in his cloak, De Mowbray slowly rode
them to their extremity, and destroy them as we list along the outer walls of the castle, and entered on the
But, pray rest thee, reverend father." dreary moorlands of Carlton, accompanied by Blind Dm
At this invitation, the tall and cowled personage, who as his guide. The latter walked boldly on, without once
had hitherto rendered dubious the altitude of his figure by stopping, or deviating in the least from tlw right track.
a partial stoop, forgetting his assumption, strode martially They arrived at the charmed rowofthe seven elnm, whore
acrou the stony floor, and the tired of is heavy foot rang Dan, after pausing the itllh, paused mid.wy betwsi e t.
loudly through the sounding audience-room, as he proceed- and the seventh, and raising his hand in the air, pronuen-
ed to the massy board, where e seated himself pposite ced that to be the enact spott heron he had encountered tim
to and facing Do Mowbray. leader of the royal forces. De Mowbrav used lio a while
The wine-cup was born to the lordtN baron, out of in mute astonishment, and then wonderingly demanded of
which, as wan the feudal custom, he pledged his monkish hissightless guide how it was that lie had conducted hit so
guest, who, when the goblet was passed to him, took a minutely to the place ; which Dan eaplained,-assnming
deeper draught ttan bcreemed his sanctimonious grb,-a tlat he pwas conscious of Iavine passed the sis elms, though
draught, too, belying that prnrr l. I abvmrmiiumnes which heI had not ascertained it by touching them (as De Mouw-
report assigned the confreres of SR. F Telin. To a question bray and hiniell had halted full ten yardss irim them) ;
put by De Mowbray, regarding the welfare of his ineother but he accounted fr tIe aplparen pluiw n'i,,in, by des-
Gundreda, who had taken ti-aporary rsnctuar y ill the mo- cribing the cessalion of llmovinlent in te air of which he
nastry at lode, the pretended Cistertian remained silent w's sensible hlien ipassig bluilings or trees; and count-
for a moment, and then stamnlred out a specious message ing the times of uch cesmatiions, Ie acquired a knowledge
from the Lady Gundreda, apologising for previously uonit- ofthe precise numnllr ofelnms they had passed, and which
ting to deliver it. lie threw over his spurious statements lie had previously enumertied on meeting with Sir Ingram
a masterly gloss of wordl, completely lulling the suspicion Chesterton.
of De Mhowbray, lwile he made inquiries of the defensive It was after a long and tedious pause by the seven
state of the castle, and what support might he expected elms on Carlton hMor, that De kMowbray was enabliJ to
front the surrounding lords, as tb.lligerPnt auxiliaries. form some conjirecure of the problable situation of his
My castle is guardihd b'y one lthoand soldiers," said ene'lnly, the remote hunt of whoe enlamped battalions he
De MUwbtav;-" Egrcmiont has offered mte help; the dlistitnctli heard on the north-aest of the Moor. The state-
Room, of lehlindev, affird me fair rountenance ; and my ment of the disguised Sir Ingrain respecting their encamp-
kinsnman Scroop is really c-with tive luinldrn of his (llKal tnnot Io.neath the hills in thi. vicinity of Sutton being but a
retainers. Then I have promise front the aluhn: Foun- ruse de guerrc, intended to mislead the ingenuous Moo.
tains, though needy, will muster mi' a few villanes, for which bray. Despatching Dan to the castle, he took the routs
I award theit ten caruacates of land ; Mountgrace, in more of Sandhutton, and uawsed its isolated cross, the pallid
prosperous plight, will gise their succitour ; and ievaul figure of which gleaned solemnly in the rays of moonlight,
also,-for I went forth against the pluhlnering Scots, when extorting from the warrior a devout appeal to the Virgin.
they attacked their church and burot itagoodly library. I to prosper his cause. It was here that Ihe barren nioor.
will send messages to my friends forthwith. But bow land became diversified with patclhe of bnrhhwood and
strong in numbers seem the enemy ?" hasel, and immediately beyond these was a hilly wood of
The stranger, ulils;t Iponlerine upon the reply he should some magnitude, bordering the more feitile valley ofand-
make to this inerrcantorv, inrcantiousiv turned him on the hutton. In tits valley were the royal forces encamped,
chair oin hl II. h I. u%, s: tine, and tlli pur tonn Ihis heel be-. and from the lofty wood alluded to, De lMowbray had a
c.iioini iitainL.'l-d in the ],lnn cowl, drao Ld open ite lot),p ro'mnmanding view ofthe asmilers, whose tents were dispom
, hi li oi iredI t at lthi neck, and the sable disguise dropped ed in two long lines distinctly visible in de light of the
at his It;t., revealing to De Mowbray the mailed and im- cloudlles moon. From that cursory in7ppeclon, even, he
posinL figure of Sir Ingram Chesteron, hitherto the roadi- discovered that the fie were double the number of his
jutor of, and commanding with him in their sovereign's own retainer.. Tying his steed to a tree in the wood, he
expeditions against the maranding Scots, hut who now ap- descended into the valley, and approached dtL tent of Sir
pe'arrd in lte character of spy, to connive at the downfall Ingram Chesterton, on which he Mw hoisted lle royal
of the refractory chief, standard. The sentinels were pacing to and fro at its ea
De Mowbray rose from his eat, and, sword in hand, trance, and he studiously kept himself in the slade, lss,
stood wildly gazing on Sir Ingram Cheaterton, who crouch- tlmugh he had luckily evaded the enemy's out-poss, he
ed before him, overcome by shame rather than by fear: might at last pay dearly for his temerity. Bleept ht,
the amazement of the former somewhat subsiding, he furi- overpowered their watchfulnes. and eventaly De Now-
ously exclaimed- bray beheld them prostrated upon the grass. He entered
Traitor I-liar! this night's deceit shall be at a dear the tent, and stood before the couch of Sir Ingram, who,
nrchase to thee; for, ere to-morrow wakes, the ravens of sleeples and studious, had but jas thrown himsalfups It.
owaton Scaur shall peck thy head on the highest turret of Fierce and revengeful was the glance with which he rsec-
Thirnk Caste !" nized De Mowbray ; and, forgetting the generous enas
Not while this loyal hand can wield a weapon, De pie which that chieftain had but so recrnlly set him, he vo-
Mowbray. Cast me into the deepest duageons, rack me ciferatd-
with thy most ingenious tortures; but say not that my Mowbry 1-madman by this insolence a tihe
shame shall be blaoned to the day, or that my head shall daM thy death! By my father's fnae, the whole f the
be set up for every base-bred churl to flout." rahel ous estate conjoined cannot now mve the he my
What have I done to thec," resumed De Mowbray, vengeance "
that thou ahonldest conspire to work me evil! Have I Saying which, th impetuom and armed s ir lB a
not fought by thee, stirrup to stirrup, against Henry's and prang on De Mowbray, and closing with him, at
our common foe I struck down the Scottish trooper at solely to ie him the fan. B.t his ow air, Mr
the Battle of the Standard, when his ae was raised to had sudued hi voice, war his Egrm l eposeM, ld De
cleave thee in twain ; and did I everdeport myselfto thee Mowbray shook hm off with the sam ea ath with
in any shape warranting such reqhtal t I seek but to de- which he could have thrown the vrist griping, ad, re-
fend my casle and mylandas,and to assert my domination, treating from the tent, pasmsd the alarwrd wt drowsy an-
asraintu the inroads of Henry ; and what should this ron- Itiels, and made speed to the hill-*etmd thicket I wer wua
cern Sir Ingram (hsternnn t" hi' steed. While releasing him, D Mowbray received a

bd Crc min al
my X A 3 ggerawe sagemont conmminad Ini theGovernor's
Do M ia hd abond re P aE b 11011 La. *the uInte Homu of Aemmbly, of my treatment
Tims admWished, be p I-d hill dargr body A AT gg g I*8* i 'eim lege, an I &-hohwp(. 1 *k
n ha pow do Smyth, Bat c. &C. .d c.) to de pMuli l .
"CI"o L'rdV;o mu unio wh his surrounding friends, We observe in the RoaJ (eatte of bst Wednesday,an rmy ow sea of right nd wrong, with my own
Tagar e, fW oi, R -"
So a -M da r i.n m d eu eqoumin eract of a letter frm Creoed Island, whichwe preum I hve acquired a tandwg ipn th comuuity, ed
saw of Sh a bfe, wIir Reh r bormd hmisr with is Iteuded da a contreji n of 0o1n, inserted by us on tile character free frum reproslh, and it is not in tie power
M dtdlastnd d aiy w Hi e wi mcap o ou' hared l*rs d ultim, but wlicbh dddlaiy slypolt wI ha we mid on tihe GuvJenoruf tbe Bahamas i tilly my reputin.
his par erouemtamem Hi dimposed of hos d "c rr ln s- Jedfrnc to ti. enled individu, would
toth beat advat ae ; two hndred g owd m oclmc. ilat occasion, arid shews low fa dair ' i ei le- all dnIedIeereie B t this eyalted intividcru 1 o uld u
py d e thei thlen rlnl point ofeattck in ksiurn K,.r, Buller mid HliJd, wer" rranted in dir i l j s been guilty o y tof cruchlf t arda
SaI ly ai.6 uad De M wbrY hinslf assumuio iK te opili;oi1." te As hsruey uoeeral, to direau ver uhethleir had v
ddru d on der mu bu l thm. Tlody ul rerae Irom the Argu ad Auult. Ialy part l tihe slue law I and wlhei he fnlds I
anM lthl quadraenlar courn f tIe interior, propural ". I am astonlhed itht sy pelroa us Na"aui, should inllu \inal doe he then do 1 le eals do n Cliha
net inmtremity. Though dT o rnd tha l opeMret ionof tao to a4y that I am set u hed i iany y person, ar partyU Ni .ogcsiit in, EIq. Deputy Sorctlaryi a the elony,
is aies, De Moiwbey had fertunatuly availed hmluelf of polictiel iuate." of the i.riOr Court, e nd the Govecrnr's very humble s
epplles of the murderou mniuiles in niqui on ftr FIrta tIh Wyl CmGar. orat &ir to tlie our o Assld te ilv ir lis lvirst inulsa
*t d.olence de n, bl, pile. Tao boses' leads of Every person certanly has a un udoubed right, to act as Iwant, &. to the house of Ao lnlly iit leis first i nessal
nrrows lad boon reeived,n day or two before, fruot bm they think proper; but larjry nomw could ble callet in queslin. dated iris Juie, charging file, mni J ely, (I say falut,
f nes of Inutiem J rn U ees ; and time araoury of tiecastle I mi s not a little arprisd, krnowig nothing ofirot ur Koing becarelse it is so,) with aaivingc emitted ait nal, ouf eltelv.
wnareIalmishod by s en of the best ertiicers in France. frwArd in Nuesii." anid oily did lieU do so 1 Whly, because iris atuu should'i
Thi morniat broke over the broandh ll. ed hA haul contradiction is there her!t None. We inserted blazd to t world, through tim medium, of he Naou~
gry wallsaof'Thirk Cdase, briati with spea and batt the extract above, to shew, that as the member could not yabl Gazette, with a l view to i the eane othc r on ua-
ans, asdahining with bhnetweand shields. The sun e hor ve a known what was going forward here, Messieurs Kerr, tpt uiroqg our admit havingeuse d in the punishment el.
rOd glided with Uis reiLm tire embattid turrets of the for- try. ow, Sir, I aili having caused the pniamnent ,1.
timl; frin the highest of them screnmed tie banner of t e i Buuler aid Ilield led ino authority, ad ere not warranted luded to, to be inflicted, a d ny instructions to the jailed
M .owbrv. lim rnriano tcran and aueloimlls oll which in mnkig tIhe slightest reference to him or hisopiliots, and and s rper\ isr. were, to o as far asthe law wold allow.
L honorable record of the baron's c in prowess I that fulm the Royal (Gatette corroborates it most complete- iTilir, Sir, was done, ater some little hesitation ; aw
the plaesnt dow adorned the grassy hn, ; which were !y. v.s far, then, as we are concerned, our readers nust b1 oy e cnircd to its follst e aeot, ta his occasion d th
InTh' eeltrfull ws wet wih the ld vnny i wnrrir. lil 6tfisl-d that we have asserted nolhiw. but the truth, (;Go.rnur's wrath, to fall upon me, and not any cruelty,-
Threa4phome the whole valley am ilniuong stillness prc-:h
vanld, broken only by the occasional lowine of the gruing and with the ren.atest propriety we might I, re close our I,-caui I it is cruel to punish a slave with l39 lashes, is hi
Os, or sound ofasle ao. hsan.iker, Ibeaard frgs tire carle. rnmarks, but as tihe "u ,fortunate" extract exposes the, e Exde i,y not equally guilty t.and is not every other netn..
Thi siene was a prfal to the enemy's appmrarl, lho ieI le,,en as mruch as we could wish, it wi.rold bLe unerr- ,'r til te I sembnly, asui the Council also I Could ith
Ww espie l vancing from tme west. Sir Inram, ld ,donable, not to take iltinle further notice ofit. In tle first 'Ile Ill have its eist -nce, without tie governorr' aIi.
nodealeulat l upin a fierce resistance, as 1w hal battled tCert ; ilil did not Sir J. C. Sytvh, imnmedihtily after I
Don owhfaty'i plans oa reinfnreremeni, and his nrveiai piece, then, ws- must remark, ihrt as we did notq ncur"e' anrr.ival l-r, (the Asscnbly was iii session when he r:id
w er u arrordingly. Illa rfunl i line I,mk pp its pn.itiio, Messicers Kerr, Rullr, Ilicid, or Willialns, ,)f n,-tiln,. from aris,.,) iamouig many other haws, give hiA asre tou tie
on the srutil, in teinr neadlow calk.d the latie, and the right iiteresild lmotive-, or sayn tliy wen' rekinir fhr olli.r, it I .r..r1 Iar I law which guided nm 1I and do you not think
and lef lines filed uff obliquely from thumb, .o as, in part t, appears atranre ir t irhat e ilember at r.ruokir d Island hold i I :\'cllc'cy digested wetIl r cl.aus, ila tile Saev lou
compsas theeastern ard la v.I rwails wa tln Uhe cIIr.. havr been calhild upon by one or mnure of thoor ,r rntle- particrlarloy, cre he najctiored it Ies, ire did. I rhouli
w ofre.v- at-ia pisl i tir r.,mr, a isthire inr, "a rTirularly, ittire aulrject cents to be tile duratng uf
entgieers,&d.. ; and anoeir as divided to onitite tre nin, to deny ihat iis htller, as printed by as, h.ad1 Hny re- l'ir, -,l.
two ouapsis, in iurdlr to guard against alny r.priial from rrence to to elli, and if there had uotb eensome prickilngul \itll regird to tih second ipnisliment inflicted outn
time iiglhbrinL basurns. A s fw 'in..nrinles' cldatv, arnd tire conscience-If tlhey had not Iflt wiithii t(hernl.elv, tha it I of tile, it would niapp.r rI some. pitrlons, from de
-itf desprachel b Sir Igrant al)pr tchedi h al, could rerfr to tno nie wi e. why should thy luave lined tihe I ( rnior'cointuicatiinthat the on followed ti oinrr
tdldh pa plarli.-v al lemari.idedulD. Mowbray till. bir- not av, w aloh't inialediilcly, lichi i> not tile ca-. he firct
w.eI of hiuasll andl Iir castll to their sui ereign i-geand "ca upi n -hirn -l? Ws th not ay, w i pili,-nt tol. ilace in tlle Jail on tllu 2hi April lait,
lrd, lenry, a nqusition whiili thlie noble Sir lHgirir Ihalv n-rever changed onrr politics; a e have not appli for alir ilri. lc.,- d ilaftera I. liap1 ofU 1 l da.s, in tile wiirklhoiu
lured a dire nmol contemptuous laiinlaue. Sir IInLrai i, office; we do not rven exipeit any ernolument .r reward oin [lle iiia iI :ti ut ltle' itth Jun9.; widl suindil punlirimerrnt
now finding that the contest iuldl be lur and bloodil*' for supporting g the t; t,-r.-r; drtrefore we coull nioul b I rd"' in coll*su i 1nlle-c! i Ia f linh olli.-nl, rcomrinlitl.
imanmdi..y comns.nlied hi.s tiireri tlo rlrance. under iI,. ti per .--erce ifi |hir- suur t.-.risrir ried Iri sri. I wi ul
cover ofir .ti. mire toi rl c m inre, the member in his letter, as those seekingcffic, c r reu ir te i t is ,
cover oftheir mnialklelvis, I le t dr) u It{ t. Itu il l.... l, e 1 hre .-i rk, t at l rini ll ..]ri..ini .n I
part of which they pr,.cenledl to tlhr u o as considerable or acting fromr self-ilnera l. NSo-thlle darr, not comeninl. i-i.-, ii jailt an|d wtrkhouse freqi.lnatl uli tin- internlis
redoubt, Iwvlline llw resa so ns tol nke way for the Iolen- itlh themselves in tells 4 ,--and as ihe rap" fitted" of iiw iiivin. helr, should sieo show n dii-positiou ti l more
guetuns to ers the mar oin rtli, at whleser pIin tdir s very nicely and dlry lIavu pua it on nilh Ilnir onn IiIlIl-irn in iture, but hbuer conaluct was quiltetl.e reirse;
Ab brech in the walls right bha made. At tle sarm iunre- bands they needs wear i. Tire circumstance of "" I e is, to this day .as oulstilate as ever, and e in, er-no
Stunrn front line commenced the attack by a snart show- their inedi.ate, ply p s e .i ine inoin ions" to Ihem- ish, rlb, ri-,;,ve; -i t least, he hr- never solicitedeiter
or of arrows, which were directly acklnoitsui l ies y ai' y a CTr- of her fen.
respondin return from the ibt lrh-aavr-. Ior nterlv twro selves, fines their truth; as no person would think of op- rThipe, rnli.irks, AMr. Editor, have I-.-n drawn frcm nw,
hour the Latlde sent sorely against bir Ingram, s ing to plying a mere ininuationn" to limaself, Lere lie not con- in con4ieqiincrm otl a entxrnert from tihe Khinltoln Chronicle,
tle strong rays ol' he moniiting sin, which I-ll ipon tihe sciomu that he deL.rted it. apeparine. ii the I nViIl tnz elt ofthis place, liiblished la1
face of his men with alnust Wlindinil infiuncce. Tinr. rnin-; ahich extract, together with tIe original, I lute
Flat wasstrewed uithlltlhirnrci..*u : lr:r ll-inilwluolu We lave been politely favoured with files of I|alifa i"; l"ho-i.ilti in saying, cLntaini throuhlou the moll. t inel in
bore pawed the llondv url in the anoli. ofl Isi last gaLp- i iAwliool eer pulled ; and it is, the Royal Printer
Aad there lay tie nrier, drisonled and I.alc. papers, rereived hy the schrl. )eborah and 1. Capit. in this place, lhal imaurevly considered Ire circunrstamnr
With blood on ilhs brua, anid wlb dust on his mail." Cooke, front that place, elo left on the 19lth Jily, Hand tI-fore he rave publicity to il,-f r, if I am not mis-
The wat.ris flth moat lhad become idrd sitl gore, and 1,ao Baltinore file to de 13th ult. received by the Amne taken, that paper (the" Chroniclr) hIsB heen in this ple
tei budding beauty ftof he verdan meadows was traiple rican scr. Mary Trver Capt. Mattion, neither o inrce rn arrrial of the Prinllose from Kingstonor ifr ti
anld tLun by tie leet'of the assilant. and their hoses. They r paper particularly was not erre, tie same paragraph w
had aIlikred severely, as had also De Mobray ; but he which contain European date so late as those we have coried in another Jamaica paper, which, I am certain, has
uitainud the hopes ofhis soldiers,by erpresing his expec- already received by way of New York. leen seen in tie office of the Royal Gawate, since the ar-
tation ofthe aid be should receive from his uncle who was rival of tlir Primrow. Why has Mr. iI'Queen selected
t Northlllerton with reinforcements, but deterred from Ncr Boro gh.-It is mid that, on the passing of the that paragraph in particular forinertion in his paper I Wa
marchthl through ear of the superior numbers of the Refrrm Bill, Sir Edward Codringlon will offer himself to it because Mr. Luonan, lie Eitor if the Chronicle, bh m
eemy. Sir Ingram, in like manner, comforted hls soldiers, represent time towm of Devonpon and Sluncbouse in the much elogised the humanity of Sir J. C. Smvth or is it
by commu icatingto them that he had assurances from ensuing Parlianmnt.-Falm uh Packet. donn to further the-views of .ur enemies 1 Does Mr. Lnam
Henry, who fs at York, of additional men, sh-uld call it humanity, when an individual, placed in an exa ed
th reb lshold out beyond sunset. INSTANCE COURT-VICE ADMIRALTY. situation, beyondthe meansofmorninig personal satisfiation,
Suddenly thie un became overcast, though but thr"e --seks to i last the charactler o one vho spurns the imputs-
o'lock i the day, and its htm changed totha of a blood- F or (Searcher) qui tamn tiOi, endeavored to lbe throw n upon him 1
red-en omen which struck fear into the relainers of D 1. I Again, I ask,-- ill Mlr. M'Que sav that he did aot
Mowbray. The enemy now concentrated, and a loud Fire Slnresi, Marcr, ny, .tArA. .ltimlel and Tilus. :discuser that that pnrt of ihe paragraph which states,-
shout from them announced a breach in the sals, To crii I n the act of
byut frmhe elm p inoufe sd bnech r in their wallstffeThe is was a ra of sisure for a violation of the Stat the ac I of rril which ir James i rertd to the
naindar of Ihe lines on h la ank, comandenli hy an of 5th Gen. 4th h. 113, end 9th (en. 4ik ch. M-, in tlre i ce mainly inecsahI ariculry i a Le Il'
rwowndr of: the'^ is ofn filoeh Bank, commanded y som In o neehi
of Sir In 's brave banoereta made their way to tie removal of the slaves in question from a plsntatimin of the i I"a, l" one s. instcod of breaking the lair enacrd
of Sirwh cred .breth eres, mae therr a and tightlHonbl. LorRolk., Euma, to New Prrnvidlr.. ne hi A. oA a a.sistaanc, should he the Forem.os in comply-
bevet, wrich covered with rafth ais now fordable; andg inlsutan license from time Gi.nsern'r t-r uch n-moiiai i % ith their provisions and requirementss" was, in all
h duCps te appnlino Tnhe bdiedd, rh-in w ihoul any licns from dt Gom.ern., r, r ,ruh nPn,.,,l rh h rpr otnend q"ir ..n," n
th le d"ortion of despair, dr tin rednitd fnr &c.-and no claim pIo it. e' were of cours condemned. i part,"" groly false. Then, has Ihe not lent
bb tihe desperationof d dp. irdcted themr paoind wurr of aa his Hivyal Paler. for the publilaio of falsehood? There
a- the rafian whn, though wel covered, in im- PF (Searcher) qui toar ,iay I*e some excuse for lr. Lunan, lnt I imagine there
man m partially obstructian the breach. But the v". can he now for Mr. M'Qne n. I defy any authorily
msat of victory was at hand: a fatal stone struck Sir A mulatto Salr named John Blthrll, alias Crawley. in the land,"e he hehih, or e he low," tngether with Mr.
RI r do Mowbray on the temple, and he fell, enjoining This was a cae of leisure for a violation of the Statutes M'QIori, to instance in any part of my life, the violation
lM ldidrs with hin t groan, to hold out to a man- 5th G+n. 4th, ch. 113, in the illegally carrying away such of any law. on my part.
su eldeco whik was foresated ; for ere the eyes of laves from Nassau, to New York, without observing the I have, Mr. Editor, until lately, believed tat the columns
Ueri hielain ere closet, the besigers, with legal requisitions and no claim being put in. hIe was con. of the Royal Gazette wimlhd nr er be opened for the in-
k te iamu chee had sealed th brach and taken demned. scrtion of any ing lint truth;but now Itse thrv are prefer
pna ei f the caee,the few remaining retainers having the pulilicari of vwilliful and malicioul faisehua.o Surely,
wl. rfarL e whichis would have bca nudm Fw ( n'he). gma tam had .Mir. Mr en -wishlhe. he mitht hlae made some con-
a1n i f of TIhak rti whii a A e V o. erIiory otamrk. ns to tlip rcnrrectnrss of Mr. Liman's
j mand ing roruaa of Thirs Castle. which, as A rtasm Ner Male laore named flmrasn. .amic; tsice i n run dr he mo sumt
stt1 rm,:nl ; blnt soinrer i ho not dens ln, he mest submit tl
roepet arm, was so Ioftyand etenmsie as to b" a ide Tahis case wil befully reported after the Judge has gi en the impunta:ion I have irven hin. I am happy to say. Mr.
ia eoritb'rn sbbimr oundabout," was levelled wh the hi decr l inor, ha, Inn a, a liberal and indepcndcnt press is
dase-ol.n bydommand fdthM ee raH enr l.- for-es -- in cistenrc in lis plJre, alny individual, cirunstanired as
ire, L meCe mn m s," began that rebelion which wru To the E itror f the Bahama .Argus. i a, mn. y rnaitv fi,,d nrlief by the publication of his sentii-
*F N li i t eram -I have a long tine refrained from offering to Tll nme int. lo, Sir, have my best wishes for a long and
Ad (sam M baea hoel mseivel hie bleat lt publicany remarks on the conduct ofhis ExEclency the Go- prosper.nos sojuinr is our cnmnnnity.
Ad mm a m en u n ls Ins eoum flo. stvernor towards lue, during the sitling of tlic latellousrc f I am, Sir,
'Theyilly nse ad ad thee aimlen. Assembly. If it nrmnainlonly with that indis ilual, exalt- Yours, verrv trlv,
tinm h bes ide l tiate m i i btrne blti- Ird as he is, tt do inju ry to Ilir clhracrir of ainy mian I Jo WIlronne'.
In presle ruin lest. arid dark ablivionlaid having any int-rist in slate pro,, rly, hi:: n a lilit'.i la- Na-a::. Ibt pcrpttmher i91l.

3 Snafmmsat m
Nasu, N. P. 1It 9ept. ber, 1831. our population fit to rsee the boon, or
l ti Editor of the Baehaa rgs. whether were it gives in the Emnp t state ofd ISh it
,' itn,--You its your ninth number, uniler date would not be fatal to ltheialves, i Lordship lmmdlately
e a,-Yn yrr ninth o erae plied," It wouldbe madnee toattemptit." Civilhatio
s ado en ta t from the c Knduct Cihromicly Si certainly a pre-reulnite and until the clss of person to
Sumt, towards a ember of t I late .asetby iwholu we alhde receive a greater degree of morl culture,
u d sndow arl s ih r remark of the Clrlcrlic y ald are capable of understanding dte nature of relative
to that worthy knight at the expense of the itre d etlt cUtllhuebt ar the rik fci their own happine,
to tandlwhickh iarkitof the Chlronicle e Id heii d a t o bdStIi a the ihar of tii s.ownhappiness,
l member.
r such of your more careless readers to the re- L. L. D.-.\ high compliment has been paid to the
made in your abuse mentioned numltbr on i I nan al sei lv the 1 iii rsily uf Oxford, in conferring
pmennlts fll tIe Chroiici', 1 many lie toriiuti.i I te .,,tc, of Dioctor of (:iil Law un Captain Basil Hall,
lessly rred tli.i I iidel r wHliy \1. i ho,, .hi an ,,th, ir is well knuow in his proilesion, and a
to remain s, luon uollt liite. I spii.Ps- thIe .- cl tlu ,,.t .een peculiarly gratifying to Capt. Hall, given as it
tlrua toh for his, a is'to)iill l ot.t.A ii iii ii i % % at thie nailne muiiment with a similar cunplimient to the
ps lit inserted.i it :it list to conitji r- i. .ucii -ul c,.al \\i a, lingtnii Irving (the American writer), Sir
anati r.., 'it!, l iiiis il lii is so di-irui,- r.:..i in. I run Joneis, thel rientalisl, Mr. Slurges B lurne, Sir
Itusae over his uown smaller ri, anid his ExL',!:, i. Sir J. irThaii Aclad, and Sir Robert Wigtamn-JIal~mshire
C. SmyVth's ulirnat', hii r:u 1 'I'bTguph.
I s p i uli l a iii :. at soparr of t im Il .iTri -- -
he will tell his atInhiriig I m!ers [hat. \Noah's ark li. A pan o'lthel.icareoloithe Anericanl rig Medal. wrecked
*rigd sally on Mint A.rdrat, and iha all II t ih little iat Itne.:iu h arm d here in the chr. 1 illiaou 1V. ad the
ihKg wore w.ll, up to the period of the latest dates." sloop LiLbery. tee Marine Lit.
I am, Mr. Editor, v
Your ubedt. servant.
BurIN. On Thursday evening last, by the Rev. William Ilep.
--- worth, Mr. JouEPH CLEP.A, to Mis JANE FRANCEs HIlos.
.rliary F,.iig.-On Friay mi, iriii,. Ja-,ne Brew- NAst, r1st Auust, 1831.
er, IVimn. Hliti, and Jaimoes ourrn u.s, rs i te llt August, 183.t
cgiment of Foot (nGuards, ere ipursuaniitiit In ti. iA MEIETING
sentences l of Courts artal, lmr i -,akif,, I ,r 1 linbert." of the Commissionerso of Correspondence is
Tllev w.ere -.s.tilenced It rtc-ivi,00 3101h) l.les each! on litheil W requested at the Court-flouse inl the Town
hlirsbark., anil ilre mn .c at fres ni 1Cd Rt Vr 2. 5 laslies. if Nassau, on Mopday next, the fifth Seljtellber, at two
or...r... r,.~.r.e.I .t 2 lashesi. un tlhe oo eacrl. o'clock.

Tlh torlunr tllhv (.iidurld was shiockitn, tI hiiimaityi andi
tlneir shrieks Mw re hrril nnIl terrific. Tlis si, likten
loran the limlber' when iiatlre appeared to ble exhuilllsei
asd carried It tlle liospit.I, whallt their bauks were prick-
hd.-Loudin Obsecrrer

Court Mlartiar.-On W\Vldnir day a ('iiirl Martial as-
irmihleIl in toiiard the ('aHlelonlin, at SpiilihI, lir Ilih trial I
of Lord WVilliti l'P .,i,. (ap ian o.'l'i,- V.,n ir ,,, 4.,
chree p2rlifir redr l iili! hlin ('s1t t 1 \v i'iii-i, laili
Cormmitnioner r ic .l \i1iS i l.r il I r tirrcibly
erl trlint litt tr 'ii lhli calift > holt wd l m tiii lit, |iirpii e
ofclc ine l iii laliif hi l l- .iiiil chil i o I lVi, I 1 c, Ia IIts i
pas eita C('ipt;i Ai\r ciii'Ii ;aillru -'d'i I II( ii nld i\-
prusel. his rnkr 'l hiti II'I i.;tl Li'oan lini IIl. trniiile Io
n-w in. hie, ;a Ir l;:tir,,l Ill, ,',ild t l l r [)nrv<- l e1h rli ,r'l, l< Ille
whlle of ,,linll hr ahanlllll. da o CIl \V\illlalha IPa;L'l MR ,
oin tolite li)itiino raiii iclli iti-ltd, a1il1 (It r ( lCourt i pirt-sed
hi rc'rlet that ('iiptz.i A.iui, 'ighs uhlil havli pritrrcd thli

J MrES II.c'OI..M,
Oltlen 'IAYLORIn,
(.41. P. \%OoI>,
C. (. A\irnsuI.,
1. I. JoI;N.m,n
Jolu\ \1\ iLDi.iu.

SErrrl person about to erce tIhse Islands, after
harino, rsidtrd therrin for the spane ofTIIIRTY DAYn mutt
-irre srurity afthe Scrretary's Ofice, orpue vp hisname in
said Ojfre fr i'Tr.rTN DAo pcrerious to his departure-af-
ter which, at any timte during FORTY-FIVE DAYS, a Ticket
may be obtuainrd.


Oa MeA y mst, the S1 ide.t,
AN Tie TEMItI mOVs1,
At 310 O'ie., A.L
Willbe old
Flit Corn in bag,
Soap and Caulia ia boxes,
SSugar nla harra,
Pork in do.
Cracker in kep,
With.l variety of other articles.
2 pieces of very superior black Broadcloth, in loe 10
suit purchasers.
.. At tfo Megj Cerdit,
50 barrels Philadelplhia fresh Flour,
20 do Riom.
September 3d.

On Monday ezt, the 5th inust.
At 10 O'ele A. M
Will be old.
TheC Cr0 of the scoer Mary Tr mrsfremBltimr
Superfine Flour in Barrels,
Half Barrels Crackers,
Pilot, and Navy Bread,
50 Bap Corn,
13'Boxes Sperm. Candles, 6s
3i Superior Hamu, -
Beef in Barrel,
Pork in do.
15,000 Shinnles, -
:)(N0 feet White Pine Lumber,
Tar, andl Pitcl, &e. Atc.
Term, CAnH.
September Id.

On Monday nest, the 5th instamt.
At 10 0'Olook. A. .
Will be sold
r.,,w..rnn n.,r in Rsn,.l.

oadrtie. "toli Jlni,' ---Manuel Artnn I-r t
.- .JamesBlarck Rice, Cor
II the linnsr 1f l.rIsl. Ini tie Jil, the ihloiini is ci.n- ... - Anlidrew ~ilp)al hoap and
versation ocurrre lit-lwrin ll thde iuk i ul1 \ elligilu and I:arl 17th Auii gst W II. It.ach Hltter an
Gnv :- 1_ Il alf Barr
(tIION %iTION-tlf\ E(iii Fi' I.tIDS. s A fe- ('It
The D)iike 1, I H 1 linietin I n-i,. ; :I. k lth N E \,1i], I l :irl. i Terms cA.n.
he kall rercei.l t1 y cotuo aiiil., loi-U M1.Ji re.jrectin I t e-i t
his Corinnli.i u tI I Case hati
Eirl (Grey l sill. that lhe hadl n1lt rvceivsed ;nv cotillanilds -1 a - -
apln that ,shbjet. PORT OF NASSAUL, N. P. 10 Punchem
The Duke of Wellinsli.n-W\iiill1 hi hie requlire.l if hii. .eptlt'erird.
Ma)jsry hild taken ther ithol whicli tunillfr the essroilul pi;t ARRI VED,
of that siileinnv. tY J.
Farl Gre nRl, lthit the oiiiil course wa~. that the oaths Sept. Iht-SclI.Iner Deboeahl & Lury, Cooke. Halifax
should bt taken hy the Sovertein on the i(ccailsn oif tliI ('illiCish, Mackerel, Sliingles, Boards, Oil, On M
Coronation. If the Noble Duke wished Iis opinion. he Cheere, Pouatoes, Aer.
thoeghl I rh a ceremony ought to take plaer. But tIh law to JoHnsIon & SAU' Dnss.
pecribed nothing as to the precise lime at which it should 2d Am. Sch. MaryTraversMattison, Baltimore
ob the accession of the King. s rwa aware that a Crackers, Ilams, Pork, Beef, Flour, Candles,
solmnily of thau nature must be attended will a very consider- Clreck, Butlr, k,. Be. A L o At
abla expense. but he though their laris.ltll alsi. Ihe )pubic Cieese, utter, c. c. A Lot of of L
heald be gratified bIy relleratingl in the usual manner, the to HraY ADeir.E. ments tlheron, .
seolenrompact between his Majesty ant his suhbects. Sbcr. William IV. J. M'Kinney Ileneaeru South on Hill Si
P Flour, Meal, Sails, Rigging, Chains, and An- W. Sands, 91 f
From the Kingstlr Chronicle. chores, to Joum NSTOR. and Westl n Lo
It L pleasurable to announce that it is the desire of his Sloop Liberty, i, l RI ging, Coppe rlneaeu Auust 27tlh.
Maj y'sGonverne nt t llirlrd ready and most frank Flour. Mn al, Sails, tIiging, Copper, Bu ter,
and a ('hain, to Junta Systans BY lIE]'
communications to the Colonini. AItetals oa all subjects Sloop Hlarlequin, Perpall, nlatasnas
cnoneeted with the Cohnies. It is also the determination lMo larsses, and Sugar to the l asTn.
of G1ovurnment not II ug.-nite any more of sile troops S]. Bithon, Frances, (:ula
from this island, will, Ilhis exceptions., we should think, thatilt n Ballast to JoNr ,aula
st the expiration of the pioril oif service of one H, In Ball to M .
another uill relieve it, so that tl.e number now in the island CLEARID, W
-ar be ept lup.
m he kept tp. tr, Scpt.-S-panish polarre Union, Calmada, Cuba That pleaicantl
her rcen interview of ,1r. urre, r rant, and hl :ld .lm. Sch. (;,ivernor Paris, Lindsay, Boston at the corner o
o lr CiIlonial Ar-uts, illt L.irl G( is, on the wholi A lms Elizabeth
satihfactory. Tbe disirss abirlt piirsal!lts ith \Vst In- S IIED, left at the Sulbs
d, and tite reme-li- s apllicrdl!e lh-rt, a-wre ur,.-ed ein I lt Sept.--.m. Sch. Three Sisters, Glander, New York Terms--ix n
the attention of hiis Mijestr's Gnov'rnmen anid, we arc rhaser giving ap
hppy to tate,olher interesT Itisie. ,i:L el ,I tlhli Crlonics, PAISENGER AIRRIVED). Au-ust 6th, 11
have also strongly reprnesernid lir dltiristu riles ;l which I, tlhe Mary T'ravers, Mr. George S. Hoy.
re"slt from the present, impsilitic tre.ati asnt. ii thin. 1' ]nities. C A_ _]__ _.]_
i"amuCh as by it Ithe conniilrrial ,itl;il ,if the' MIi.i-1. LOST. C
(een0ry will be, and perhaps is, inmpaire-,i. I is quite Rmi;d white Paste IIO.\CII. Tlhe finder will be
ebvioT, however, that the present Ad.nin:r.itin is It r -il on leasing it at thin ollice. AVLNO
ea to cope with popular prrjelires, alholnhli it mny il.i 11. barn
to aintain nr rirt nn d e ii fl .' /. T i
'Ppp .t. ad other romnn.rrial iaterr of t r i i -"ir iil ('-i, hisa hirn fond, and left al this slilling Loaf do
Were it nlhoriw-i.h,,,t i ,hl ,,lnn.,,;it' ri-,a l, ,,h l,, ._ h e 'ti.l.- I laims-d. I 'lwrner can receive it on ilb. 4oz.
Sn of n arlia ,.nn l tu,,!l I.- in f,.rr na- ,.aiii t I1,, ;.,. ;e :i'l''l eart,"'n Ir, and rewarding tim flnder.
sn r ana d m lI a sa i| lhI !,- c,. -.a;- ; ; .r;, -, i, _"_ __T ,,s. i i ,l ,s -r j I. _ar a R le
"mse the use of tho.. articrl-. miLlhil i'e i .iiii-l, 1 as n FOR SALE OR RENT. I
t interfere with the BritIh cr.,w -r of blarl.-v, hill siver r That lp-aanm.11 anld commodious liou eand f IIE SUBS
Wast-India produe Ra pr.efe.rence novr ih. 'iore.n harl I Lol in tire Eastern District, well adapted for J in all Nov
Pewer. We are con;fit'intly an.urrd that our A.'nt has, a lar- family,-tke house is in rood repair, may be indebted
received positive proiini;e if the pla n tlat ~s l be s ib- ihe out, l luiiliihtll ill lie pti in repair-A Liberal Cl'idit i ndebted tohiim,
itled in Cornnimmit nf ther Hiioui of C(nm-rons soin af. will he eivun for tlt. premises-For terms and further hy the end of uS
''its netin .. On 'he shiet..lN:ro S, .,r, ,,, Ire particular', Apply to the teubscriber. ih demands arn
ihrn,,,, that Earl G(ire, on bwil asked Iy our Ag-nt: ELISIA SWAIN. paid a that per
ehthr his Lord-hip rr,:!! rnti'si ;dJ a crrrain rla.s of Auiigtst ith. 20th July. 1

n and Coffee in Bagn,
C,.ailesi in Boxes,
d Lard in Kegs; #,
els Cora'd Beef,
uese, Ac.

At two MolthA' Credit,
dsoino Clhintm,
is Windward Island Rum.


noday, the .5th Septrmber nel,
at 0 O'clock, A. R.
Will he Sold.
a credit offar Maonths,
andl, with the Buildings and Improve-
iltate inl the town of Nassau, buaondi
street 48 feet 8 inches, Fast on Lot o
.et, North on Lot of J. Perpall, 51 flt,
t of G. Lightfoot, 91 feet 6 inches. *


dilay, the 12h Septemera urnt,
At 12 O'rlock, a
ill be sold, without reserve,
y situated House and Lot in Bay Sowt,
f Culmir Street, at parent occied by
W'aton. A Plat of Ie Plmees wi hI
rilwrn' Store for Uiplion.
oindia credit from t day of sala,6
rqve d Security.

rCa aac ar ... ,,
ineil ithau az ofamau al S sh a fft
l of superta o Flour, O ldred,b tL A
weigh AbL, BHr, id tlie llrqi a
By adr of w Vtrv. .- .
I,V0dAi a,S 183L. :
NI OTICE. .o..... ".
CRIBF J, intendingto lle the tBahium
ember nest, calls on aA those ws lrh
a* thfr repective ldemnds ,ll
n titenutly rwbster, w1ll st W to sue
pteriher rosaing, to mlfts to Ibet
inst him, and all arronats rre~la g n-
t will br sed for inrsie'rminialh'.
81. ROBT. *TER.


Lm kIm t maims.a-
I t us ue A mb d highly

dednIdimsfea stad X.60 t s cl d
a ~m, b m ieab md I .d e" *":
velw I sell ,6n1, aa
aimi we D rw-es-ed Us. OGemim, w a o
It fr-nr inL 3-il ," amd m f re to e ll
ede- mmer meh, hsen bem wn fetrd to achdi
A," doShe Immb aed 1lL
e" A" V ,.as pin s me aoeendom a
a-e ve hereghs, hese already mmai. be
km ad 1mm teal dWeradhlmmeat, eml sae whi
Ihnten ed-n him a cmile, als already nmend, hi
wbm a rd" A." The following pis n, ai
mbr, ao be allowed to reasem UM i saplsm
d mers, ims-d ofm each only, hIn fIer
I amusement I-L.o lr, Morpos, Nonhllertuo,Pe
d l, Smdwich (lm two last nmled have ben tr n
eritd a sledol" E," rmetnureg mmn jointy w
@ar ple.s, Peruhyl wih Flmouhi, and uSndwich ri
Ded ua Walmr), Tur, T war, Wahbr, u
n if-l tl
eCa ,lm wh C" w k dha la. ewlyroMa
teu It um two mn boe r-ach. toh only ematl
Sdi HMllisMa hle bea trausfmered resdhludl D," a
Ilm--amd efe, at ies aded, wl retame only o
Schedde" D" hai mu nw ples intoduced, wh
aM roar oer morber each; they re -1, Bu
m Lamere; ,0ldlio perish, Lancashire;
*l" lllIadednsg gi towhips of 8potland, Las
Ie WI 4. lurd, lmllng de taowMulip of ldlford, Pe
dlts,, and Boughem, Lamcd ir; 5, Stoke-pon-Tre
lllg ldin tawmhlp of Loagnm and Leaued, Feat
Celvr Freon Vihln, PmLl mnd Boodh, Sbhali
Hamley. oraiem, with the will* of RIuikta Orange, a
SI helmM of Snryd, TameB Cour, Cthe, and Oldco
Ifisdhire; 6, WaklUd towmnl TuTlhisr ; and
WU, ncuding dhe townshipM of Whlby and Renwr
In chedl E," su avad mdo-d, Pemabyn a
Sandwich hav been h n
la Ihehedule F," whIch ngeime dbr places th
a m sl in tI dmnpremntido odthe Welsh boreog
(the rhmIai ar---Amlwh and Llagpfri, new, pa
adae wib Iaumorbs, Criccieth shanm along with thafo
pbm piWervly nared, whi Caermarvo ; St. Asph,
addlao to six other places prvimmly umd, s roe wi
Ilnt; Millerd Hionr has bean tramfe.d iom Have
fardwes to Pembioke; and Pmuigu ia been added
Sihedde O," aDlld e SI present bin schedule F
ema thd list of counts, of clt and towe, which a
so be lhcluded in te adjoinll county for aoury election
Th flowing mw places have h n added to thi sh
de:- -Cemnuarthnl Cnarrtemshire ; Heverfordwe
im Pmbrolkshire; Liacoln, In the pres of Lindey, Li
eslmh m; London in Middleme; Britol is not in d
sehedeo, although n the former one; but a speciAc clau
(the IMh) in he Act decnla that for the like urpos t
mmy o1 Glouce er Wshll lchlle that pat of Britl
tbol metoneis ide of the Avon, ad 8osyera bi
dia par on tb Sommes side of the smu river.

Prom tMe ,lm Atis.
The Ho1 of Lid seeks to distiguih itlf by t
mW of hi exhibiliaa. At S dcloe of the lbt Pali
et, h )rntd e of mprecedemased conafio :
de op t espat, there ws a very andent disu
ami about persnol pronoun ad on Friday eight the
w a a ogo covemrton about a gratuitous calummy whi
arid toblieved, ad which it wua much bema the di
s any distlauiahed mamba of their lorip's hou
lo of al fd the noble lord who mde it a ground
sthiAeo a odce in any maner excpt by the coancm
it madtd. air Raouar BATro, one of the count
m" mnim of the Home of Commons, dthg
I no my &i show Lord Pamnr. rich w
bb t nis u nu ueti of I poidainl I
e To di fl sd b-aodibb a-iu hi lor
Spli Met a m l hI .i asphc, o Friday nig
mioalift to nd lry ocampeiom of tie, whi
b a banm man y employed. Of aD m
w a id sa ilka y of stailob by oaity of n1i
[ t seam iM m aoe bomemed in tSe erti
th clry h his 6 Logrd Pl.amurr. From hil ou
P h 11 to pr emmnt mommt, e ha bean coeeoi
icl a .Hl, m Id ciMtd by there venalt of do
im be a e mtlde gr d lm qaitiam of griet
him. Whoeml eeatmlsh erhimahpis b randn
lUir. is im a ofm is. uc t d
he toni- i shwus JPVIYrf abt him Sd
iaghm hia n ImaT suh k ame, seMemne
S Bgem, respected for his If yhaildd
ami riLe h d rd wesewn mMi hmeb of
rg Ban, a mr of region. r Rau limi

y -l'Lt --- l"

"r, ik a lo--T wll& I .,

kb~M, mei pnmupar hh eie to eopc iety o(
Staigm|rtW Leeasa eWd hs afr eh m

Ie p am t dinr Ipn ,hL by l ing Ii e m
11 .n1 h- im, emptined sw
eVW ag bb Winegeu. Ibaofm emen morhd s

?a o a saw ary so his h edisal amedents5 wi
ft h a bin prmed wpaga his grace Sb propriety of
mee gimeinse diue lb.s SbmeANtD foad bhi active m
"t hhimals be' aresoauased hiss is.m

S Tr o whe-. L Wemaw, asd angh s f1r an ppe n o nei twaoh aof g w va t he n d yo suki

Twacmrade,. The cahete ltter from .'arsaiC seei a
rThe Am-li s P n a o to cind s ,h diies n daftere d b"irebeOlly antwo batu io
Sdealer victory at that tiny have been incapable frOOP to b ea. KChoandow r ihwimbel, and at
7 therinr ict a iy l otll u s t a le tt advane. i. t tr esrai poi of o hts and birults, convey
e7, askis e tot lhy tms aovei bod adifttianced di 105 wagions, drown by 0 ho nseu, a well su a9
d aPl, ota o oly origin n thebodWs abds aniumericaiy supe rewggoi with po D ow greanaes, and bombs, al
n ly ainit ldt eich, except two esks of npowdr, they sunk in

goh Lihe cwa al they 'od "rr fortrels of Zamoac. Th;eso are the de1silsof cue
nd rie a ho d y wret bre, ad a en.iousr an pr l whieThi arguerill force, under Cpain Rsinomck.i
od tIoay tho mot t b enen myr e s revenge le olur ,so olCapt and hiad l slight
w. courode. The pbivato e lltters from W arsa lu nia l. s; atd after b, e eittforced by two bratllioog
the preen occasion is not nrlde public, a 1e I,(. h:a vt ot irh fIroula h a party of cha eu brave fcrallow ad
d neriors attack n thne main body of tihe li;-'o army' ei ua t o Ci s sack, ant d rof eahed in ural,
e- wakened by largo detachnentsl, int against all. ur ontress o Zn moti. ThCso a re the deailh of an alih
it o Lthbs-ef and dispirited by the los of the Te e oado arviu he aro d The gent li i i ale
we wbo ta not yet been replaced by General Pl'.ke.ichl. whii sne oad previously h eard. pt sind 6
i If ctia the objidepof dkyrneck, of P d. In re c hopes or y ri artle e that eloof Captai reipectg ated l a

ton, the aoovenent of Gen. Gielgud in Lithuani bare of t ox-royal family of Fratce to recover pese d
eofucce, tecae ith il certain that theich w re u ei ct- the throne of y a re n themy wa not alit fugry r u henf
ar iferr to l im in nur ber, aod, according to suolne In er. diio to te iformse on given by ol C ponde
n. cepted dispatches of Count Toll, in40moall imen mui- .2ll larhve be worth t
s. menus of war. Tlhe next advices from tile frontiers must,
ith Ihre fore, bring inld ligence decisive, we may say, of the The London Courier ofbthe pri sa:-fr di ill be sn,
ibh dguMi of the indtherei no of Poland. In the mean bIy our City article Ithat the reunrt respecting ethie atoemp
nd tul, the movement of Gon. GiSgud in Lithuania hare l'tho ex-royl family of France to recover posaesion
been attended with all the advantages which were expect- the thrune ofthat country was not altogether unfound
d ad. tie reeie d that proviun with 12,000 Poles, and he In addition to the information given by our Correspondy i
oa isnor atn s t oead ofh an armyn of 40,t00 men, with 24 we b e Fa en assured that proclamations, in the named
nd pIces of canon, and a niunt T ion ha in abundance Henry the Fifth, have bpen printed for distribution, ad
n while the two corps of Ruaians ent against him have itht at the moti ent, active proceeding are goiusi on
boe a defeated, and t aere iow not force capable of offer- lialy anong the partisans of Charles the Tenth, to fc_ _
b Ieng him the slighthe opposition. Such are the tidinge we a counter-rvolutio in France. We hope that none
ry hav received from vrioul quarters in the coure ha the these arrangements had their origin in this country.
8, week. We are anxious for their confirmation, and still would be a shaneful return for the asylum afforded thea.
. nmore anxious to hear the mrult ofthe engaementr between Roevat Family, and would require very prompt and pw.
t Skyrenew cki and Count Toll. On that hutlc depends te t iv measures on the part of our government towardsdsalm
oe, fate of the campaign, and of Poland; for the EIIperor, if whIo are still partaking of Blriltish hospitality.
on his forces are defeated, cannot raise another army in the
, p"ent year; and the diplomacy, or lhostilily ul'of the grea Tle London Albion gives the ofcial statements r.
nd Powe ofEurope, will render it imomsible tllhat hetan 4TtLnh RAvbnue for et year, 1831, terminatisr
t, renew his attempts hereafter. The ules are reported to pecking the hiRevenue for t derear, 181, termioi
7, be muchin want ofmoney, and we fear it cannot be other- the year, as compared wih the preceding one, is 1,l,
p, we; but if their territory is once cleared of the invader, 282, of which 97,6w9, (being more than a third) hI
so rich and fertile a kingdom, with such an intelligent po- taken place during the quarterjust ended. In the yea
nd pulation, will easily command assistance. Much inipor- taken lace drg the Customs has been very mal, thei y
lanceis dservedly attached to the declarations of leheonly 77844, although there has been vy allin ofoen lhe
at Hungarians in their favour; and if there was any fear of r o nly 77 ,130;4 al but there haips en a oftling offo d
, the hosdlity of Austria or Prmia, it would have a greal te year have been 1,438,620 lees than the rEscedian
effect on the future arrangements of Gernony. As a set year having been o1,4 on every qan er during
or ffto the declaration of the Hungarians, there have be the whtyle of the tehav TIen Sal mp have ao fallen durn
in some reports of underhand proceedings on the part o0 te wolre of the year; a hie Stemp itcruee in the Pol
th Prussia ; and it is even aid that the Russian artillery are Ofwie hal been above i,(ml.
r- served by Prussian gunners We do not believe tllis: Tfme ircipal dn of Receipbe traced ,(
to Prussia has too much at stake to play any such tricks at a the ca ti ii of dutie, and not o rty diintion of te
time when her ally, the Autocrat, seems so ill able to resources of dutie, nt. i notto .
," support her, or to relieve himself, resources
m. POLAND. In relation to the affairs of Europe, a London paper of
e- A Russian paper published at Odessa, gives an account 'he 21d says:-" There are materials enough for conmbn-
a, of the defeat of the lI party of rebels in Podolia. Tlwv tion in every quarter, asl tlhe train, if we mistake oot, is
n- were 1000 strong, and attacked General Schwartz; 300) out tobe laid speedily."
Ih were killed, 110 taken prisoners, and the rest dispersed.
e The state of the Russian peasantry and detredation of all The vessel La Seine, which comlorted Charles X. and
he classes, is strongly indicated in the Austrian Obserrrr. Don Pidro front their thrones, is now cruising near St.
on which speaking of the success of Russia over the rebels," Petershitr, at the mouth of the Neva. I is il the expec-
"m says, that not les than 240,000 peasants have become station of having an Imperial cargo.-Figaro.
forfeited to the crown by the sequestration of the estates
of nobles engaged in the rebellion." The peasants are The late Field-Manhral Count V'on Diehitach Sebal-
not only pansid with the t of the live stock, sale or kanki, who decended from an ancient and nolhle Sikiu
h gift, of an estate, but they become forfeited to t crown, family, at the period of his death was exactly 46 year of
a- ike other chattels, in case of attainder. The count, age, having been born May 13,17B5. In his earlis
at from Warsew wee gloonay. The Grand Duke Michael vears, it i said, the Field-Mar hal had s singularly relea-
- ha oined the Ruasian army, and there was m"ovemen-it ,ive a memory that when he had attained his fourth*yer
ere at Warawregardin a chnoe ofovernment. The Ruo-e s capable of resolving arithaelicrl questions widt
"ch san General Ceunt Odrl, after inspeting the h aer-quar. Zreater readiness than most edult., lie cor mencaed hi
. tn of the Rusian army in Poland, where Marshal Die- military career in the Prusian service hill, upon his father
a, biah is represented to have died of the cholera, was sl- acelting a Major-Generalship in lhe Stilf of the Empe
of lowed to pass the Prmian frontier without performine roe iulti. King ofPrusia alluoip d l im to resign hi
pt querantine. The King is said to have bwen so much ir- commnision as a second lieutenant in the Prussian armv.
ry risatnd by this violation of the quarant ie rlatiis, tht n the ronft of Alrlit he w w ed by spat
ht he refuisd be general an audience, and orIrd I r n l ,h ,^ o , ,i h wa u e b
Sbe rofhis d ie general an adudiented ot of the ten nr l I l all. ahich lodedm in the palm ol'hi, hand. The Marshl
n- hi I o to becondom-oll nut of the hmrritor, nil: 'I.,10 pr- ;;I",lo duininnrtished himself in the actions, of Fylan and
Smining them to enter any house in Pruss.ia. Fri,., land. n ed in the celrbrated c.nsalin of Iala. At
b The Warmsw sGefe mys, that General i l)reden he received a Mwvcr r onontion, and had two hol-
ha, Ciimd a brilliant victory over the army ,of RWillierr, on O e" killrl under himi. The Marshal u ws nurried in 1815,
ch he 7th instant, which took place at about toI leairaii front, In Jn.e, Baroness de T.rrnao, niece to the lady of Princ,
n Zamnos. We have not yet heard the particulars. BI Barclay de Tolly. Ofthis nmarriai- thi(re waKs no isso;
d, the ene paper, we fed ntat a reported victory of Gene- and at his deatlhhewas in thi irs? yrer f hits widowhood.
n- ral Gielgud over Sacken is cofirmed-2000 prisoners, a ith
t, eight pieces of cannon, have been taken. Gieleud as It is said, that Marshal Diebitsch's death was caused by
. pursuing the enemy on the road 1t Grodnn. The Polish cholera communicated by some one in the trin of Cone
SMiniser of War has given notice that there is already in Orloff, or by ve xaion at the reproof of that fanrtionay,
SWarsaw, a sufficient number of physicians for tie army on account of the sate in which he found the army;
nI ad military hospitala; and that after the 30Whi of June, no another vrcion of the affir is, that the n darthal was a-
expeses will be allowed for the journey of those who niay nassinated ly Madame la eone Contesse Mliclhline Birr.
a d ai tert s due. Turo e are in "arsaw. phy! ican" vinska-the Charlolofe (.rdany of PoIlan.l-who., in the
- proI prtsof Europe, a well as fr .. A;. Afr; .. ,!i.'i.e of a Russian grenadier, had penetrated into hi
A d Ammlca. ient."
h, The main army left Prara on the 1Qli iit.. 1,' ri
d turned immediately. A battle is expert I r.. It a., ;lilt.,r Punihmt in Ruinsa -I i not an nfaequn a
ma npo d that the fortre of Boliruis., no rei thi, Po- i.. ',m toi L is.r oicerr In ndisrace from one regimenu S
i. lin priaone ~wre cdined, had been taklln by tlih Li anl!her;ihs Iio more di ugrerble puni hmen can beimaigi-
y t shaial inurgena. General Dwernieki, in pa.inC i.'1 or an ralcer of the guards. than to be sent from St. Pre
Through Hungary, was greeted every where a ith enthu- ihargh or Moscow to serve in I regiment o the coat of the
ly esm. Th ldie cat t buttons from his r'a', nd hbun-. Itrk or the Caspian m. For rtracr fences they a-
them by gk d chm from their necks. A Mi., Plata has ."mmes redd tothe ranks. nd reobliged to fall in with
_Sb~. g c i e. A P the men on parsol. slhhootgh Ihey are amoslv elloweil certel
at brown expense, raid and equipped corp. of Samoci- privileges, slichas s servant to seen their ho,,e. if in the re-
tiln lantIr, and hu presented them to tde Polish nation. lry-a-ndthey may geeranllv hope to be emn.ine on goie
ob Sryunecki writes to the national government, under Iehaviour. Simllir drerraliations take lace in ithe nay: for
ho, date of the 16th ultime. at Siennica, an attack I remember whilst in the Mle tl"rraueau. hear ne of In ofrer
by thre Duke of lrllRusgion' rrcimwtb (a R a;:a cor' a
ili- named in honour of te lirn of the Peninla asl .W- .,~i,,rin th rke o? t,' e ,,- ..,; rh.*I Ili u.Vs' ,uauamd
terlon), and a pmrty of f,..., ki oii in A.nd of the il- cI.- IfNr.-', Trcd. ii. Ro.ri. Sr.

Full Text


KI>>1V AM) lU^LV.NU. Th* .rrounu from l,theatrr of war. are of a erat mp n:itiir* I .... ; i t. .. *. i^^f Maijtnna Uvu^ ht d us Iruiii our correspon, injpro%er of the huinan species, agreed to wizo upon P ,. ^iiMo PoJi*h pro; ^" ^-^'^Hct liis U'oii sJiuvrii t , ,— ^ -, -> ...^ ••— • p-^vimji oi n L :.'*.^i?: ''^*;;" '•"'.'. ^^^^\ nrt-m npi^hry. Li'l.uania and ^ak.-n the important foriress of Uobiu)s< U in Lithuania, | tunJederatus obtained, we })n >unuMlK' lan-.'si .|,ariof il j I he foMovirifig IttJer ha* reachtd us Iruin our correspon, . _, ... .„ ,,, — '" -"•, luc ui a j^raiifv'''"^ ** ^^ arsjw. It i sated in anothtr k'lior, of which I land, anc! to divide her whuie territory into three liortio ing nature. I .hinvirrecii-Mi in the Huwo PoJiah pro; ^ extract his been sJ.uwii tons, that the Poles have amongst themselves. Kuhsia, as the most Oouerf nl nf i!** vinro, „ exfen i.n,, with „r.., r........ i ;.. _:^ tak.n the important fortress of< U .n I '-' ^' ' ^ ''• uhirh serv.'ti a> a. Uusiian depct fur arm* and huh WARSAW, Ju .fs hfi I ^ Samo,MiM w,ll v,on bo able to es:ah;,h their independeine and to .end D.-putie. to the .National l>,et at \Varaw.' 'o. U.Pljrud „ at the hf'ad of HHHH) mtn, and is prr>. m.dmuMowar.J, \Vdna and rl oa.t. In SamoLMiia, ^VMMJinMirg.nt* arc under . Govornm-nt the r(p..ii of • victory L'nined \,x a pnriy of the same {fallant ptvuije in theprovmr.. of Volhynia. Gen. D(, an.. therauxdiarvforre, entered Lithuania, at Olitta, .V) or 60 mile, .ouih-we.t of U ,lna, where h.alv) ua. joined by a str.>,.j. body of the in,urKent, who had previously M-afen a l(uH,i;m detachmr mur HnKk theothor M...r Prou/an .^mar hed northward, cro..ed tj.e .\uM,i ..., e.i.t of (irodfio, and arrived at Lida on the oih Jnn.-, wh. re he u ,uioot munition ne 23. ** The head quarters are at U ar!aw. The Russians have iK-en at Piock, but they have again retreated from thence ; this morning a nuantity of troops went throuifh the Wolski Rogatka. ^ It was ye-^terday dendvA that a levy en masse should be raised in the country, Warsaw excepted, to give the Russian army in the kim/dom a mortal blow. According to h-tters from Lithuania, d'eneral Gielgud has joined the insurgents, and has 7U,UtHJ men under his orders; he leaves there 40,000 and returns here with the remainder, ] •* Two regiments of Russian litrht cavalry have joined General Chiapowski's standard, and have already fought against the Husoians. It is said that the Insurgents have driven 6.000 Russians into Gall:, la, where by force they were obliged to lay down their arms, and thai in coiis'e er, the Prussian army will amount t<. 175,000 men, and if to this the Dutch boot) ; Austria, by reason o.' her inip^'rial dii/i)its, jiyj ,l^ next choice; whilst Prussia took th<.remaining lot. It j, evident, therefore, that tlie Poles have the same cause against Austria and Pnissia as against Russia, and that Austria and Prussia have thus a common cause with Kus. sia to bring the Poles into their former suhjiitiaiion. The answer of the Lmp( ror of Austria t) the apix'al of his Hungarian suhjecls has not appeared, hut it ina> easily^ be conjectured, that if in any degree favourable, ita^ rity may very fairly he trusted. By the French papers last received, it appears that a very larLie poUion of the south and western provinces of France exhibited a strong tendency to rise in favoui of the Bourbons. >^ We very much doubt whether an insurrecticm of this kind would lia\e any ellect, for these are not times for any thing like enthusiasm in fa\ our of kings. If tltif uvro any Furopean confederacy now in operation at-ainst Louis Philippe, an insurrection of this nature wouhl l;e of .neat ild di f> III. V • I "^ .—..... Ti -und the 1 olish • " ^••',^'^r,, uu.-n, ini u lo mis me i^utcli General has ben hitherto peculiarly successful in dis"'''"y, of 100,(HM) nn-n, bo added, and the tro(ps of the H mtend.d movements. Th.. Polish (iovernGerman Confi-ery m ( Britain an opportunny .,f contributing their mites toward* the support of Iheirallant and patriotic Poles in their santruinary siruL'tde with the f\ rant of the North. *' Letters Iroin W arsiw state that the Prussians are con also to prevail at Munich, where a commission has been appointed to in.piire into it. It has not, however, been yet deeiiH-d necessary to establish a sanatary cordon. jtructing a brnlire lor the Russians over tlie Drewenca to ontment continues to be in the same conditio facilitate their f)a,sage over the VistuJiu It app^.^rs tliat i "* '' '"*' ^'^'^ '"'"' '^'-' '''^t '"-^**-' months, only that the grand Polish army is ir„ini; to attack the Russians on ***'''''*** disorder are proceeding more viL'orously in i tlt<* SHiu of PoliiiL A iitlw. ..<:.. _.. 1 L'rowth. liiiii iiiihwv .4...^L...i I -it ',. the side i)f PuliuA. Authentic accounts have been received that(;en. Chiapowski has ol.taim-d brilliant sucCf^n,^ over tl. Rn..ians, nnd that he was prorredinrr to Lithuania with his corps, which was daily inrreasii.L' A llerlin paper, of the 2Hth ult. repre'siMits the situation of the Pohjs Hwxceedintrlv critical, the Russians having crossed the Vistula, iMdow Ph,ck, and the corpsof GenrU. Kreut/. and Rudiger havine etle, ted a junction with the m i.n army. U i., Iniwever, to be ,d.s..r^ed, that the U araw letters of the '<^| ult. make no mention of From II, Ws Weekly Messenger, nfJuli/ 3 A(;iTATFI) .STATF OF TIIF CONTINENT. The (\)ntinent continues to be in the same condition in the , -! -.u".v,„.,,, ,„ their irrowth, and unless checked by some influence, which it is impos.s,bh. at the to in-rceive, threaten a har>est o! general evil and confusion. In eveiv truvernment of Lurop*., our own, |>erhaps, excepted, there appears to he a dry rot in all the master beams of the huildint, and we fear It so general, and so essentially jK-rvades all parts, that It willmfadibly, ami after no long interval of time, brini; the tabiic to the ground. ^ It is a lamentalde tinner to hv com()elltd to own that the ruinous eflects of a lone system of niis.g(,vernnient arc co importance, inasmuch as it would divide and dissipai, the defensive power of the governnu nt. But in the present state of France, it co.iJd have no mher ellict than to terminate iu the ruin of the zealous and lo\al in.suifc;ent themselves. ^ '* The aflairs of Belgium, as supi-rficially regarded, seem to approach marer to a settlement; hut then the great ijuestion occurs,— What is Belgium, and of what is it to consist / Prince Leop.dd, it is understo<.d, will accept the sceptre of Belgium, provide.! the limits he established provided there be no disputed boundary to be defined by the sword; but he will not take BelL'ium under a pledire of going to war u itl, the rest of Furope. The disturber* of Belgium, uho wish to have a republic, are desirous to keep every thing in a state of ferment until France shall be strong enough, by the new revolutiolicy or m. u. > ni th, Government. neral anarchy. In all tl... monarchies of Furot>e, a most ••normous ami unrea.sonable civ.l list isjjivine occasion to a general spirit of discontent. Fxery one is beL'innine to aeroe that no Government can cost them so much is a Km.jly (.overnnM-nt, and that the bf n* fits of monarchy are rertainly not worth this devouring exp-nse. In France It IS anticipated that the messa-^e of the Kine, upon the p-nine of the Chambers, will prec.-de the km>wn 'urpo of the patriotic leaders by a voluntary ..ffer of producii the h nnch C ivil List : and we trust it will be so. We can see no reason whatever why a country should b*' bet'L^ired b.r the pomp and luxury of a Court, anduhy M. deP.-tt.r IS not a little cha.rrim".d at the r>rnJ.. I TTP "'' 'T '"'''''''''''''''''''' *'*'''''''^''"''^ ""^ '^^P"^'''*;-, •'"'' ^'••"'I'l'^xceed one million sterhni: per year. We can I I 1 41 I iLtf^^l •% .-V >->.. .-.IK I. I .. • Sill The Conference of ,he Order of Advocates on the n„csi( n Hh,.,|„.r ,„ ,Ih. present state of France one of the two W amUrs^ught to be here.fifar). was losed on W e.lnesday. V. nno 11"'""'' *"• '^"PPorttd with xreat talent l.y .exend ^nt, summed up the aruuinents on each .ide with r. markera n^'b'''K V' "''"^'^•'' •" ^^^ -'''"-SI ucing The Killu ixnthusiasticallv received yesterday bv tlK j>,. :,s„ ,nh|. I at ilie Palais R„yal. .M. de Poller IS not a little chatrrined at iK.. r^l lulity of the IW.ian .piestion b<.in, peaceably L .1 r t i TnTTKr^^ """ T'"'"" "*"''""^ ''^'^ >' "' ^^^ '•" ha, publi.shod an article in the .Ny.nir, e„dea uri'n. o I Z.dT" i' """"? '**'^" '" '"""^'' *'"'""'^ "^ ""' '"".tir updissention. But his inflin-nc,. ,s ....e iVi .rd .^""''V"'* ''"""''" ''^^ """""' ''^•'"'' "'" '-' Miffirient to b.. feared that even M.M. Robaul.; and iem/X ^ mr of 7 ^^^^^ who have de..rye.ny a much creater weieht w h '' ""' ". 1' '*'"'*'"'>' ""^ "^"'*'' '' ""i^ ^espWnt.on,udlbealde,oraiM..nyseriourob^tt. "><-''nrries are enabled to afford them. It is our string The junction effected by (ieneral (.iH.ud with the ernZll •' *'V^'C-"r. ^ ^\^^^ "d courts will laV uLh P7'"'T''*''*'"Tbepoml to be a.Mertaii.rd up' .it**' "'"*' '^""'^ *''''• " mtermed-aie power he>>*een the Kint an.l the people ; and whether this .H.ier. in order o be independent, should be bereditarv. lie said the public good alone was ,o be .onsul.ed. The inferior chssrh;Cr;'^''r'r'* """*""''*'''""' ' understand the wants of aT; 1^^;;; ;'" '^r*'"''' "" --l-hend. The Aris he ';^e w ,f 'T'*'^ Home great men-,be> had administeicd benefi, h.n r "l^"'^*"'"' '"""^h l'*"'*'^!"' " for their own 2 h ^ I 'f ""•'*"*'"^ ""• """"MMofv. Thi. rrflec>'on had induced b,m t.. hcMiate. iJui at the I'.resent • r L icnger in .be .rh.nds any e'emenf. of instruction with regard fo fore Ku gove.ninents. nor tf.e ceneral int. „ .,. ofil.o ,t. nJe tune Trr""'^'' r" "" '•""^"' •" --" u.c. with t fe /e„: of do n 'r,h! "" '""^7 '">' "''^"•••^-It H=e not capable ot fniUK r.ther great good, or great evd. This had be.-n oroth'l.M^r"''"". ^ 'y'^'^' "'' '-P'"-' had crnte. Id The continual wet weather has done a creat deal of I!!^rm .t^'TL ^•'' *" """>•"' '^'l"'"'^''' '^'" "^dinary ; cannot lie where fherfnrm" i"'"'J-7 '" *!' damage in the country ; at Rion it has amZT, J ..'"''' ^T *" "^^ '' '^"^' ^"'^ "" nnw-eratr^ positive inundation; and the harv;;. w^.icT: in'al! t^c^lX-.: ^anr^"^'^^^''.r ^^'^^ '^^ ^^^ a^ i tl^n Lr m :/ ward state, has l>een completely destroyed. In Pan, ^n:^^! Tu *^V "'"' '*^'" ''"^^^^^ there i, no scarcity of provisions '; indeed," ev;ry thing Is ^'"'J^^^''''' '^^^ -""-"tal strife of nature. unuMially cheap, but unfortunately, every class of the po^ y 8dB<}E BIGOS. Editor, 8ATiTRDAl, ^EPTEIVIBER 3, 1831. VOL. I— !Vo. XIVwm iiii THE BAHAMA ARGUS. rCDLlSHF.n SEMI-WEF.KLV IN ^fA8SAU, X. P. BIflit Dollars per annam— Xn advance. POETr.T. PROCEFDINGS OF THE JUNTO. Foil three whole weeks eniirfr had passed away, Since the wise CouncU'i memorable day ; The junto parted as before was said, Each full of projects in his sapient head : They anxious w^tch, and listen long in vain. No certain proof of treason, could they gain : When in hit Iout:ging walk, one sultry day. The crafty Sly, heard some one whisp'nng say, ' Well meet next week, to act a certain play ." A plot thought he, *' I'll call the trusty scout, And sure as fate, we'll clearly find it out : Oh I Nimblefoot, pray quickly fly and bear, The saJ news to our noble master's ear." Up goes with speed the courier to the hill. And finds the Chief in moody humour still, Before him on the well ink'd table lay, A printed ticket, for the coming play, "1 come," says he, great Sir, to advertise A certain meeting of your enemies." '• I know," replies the Chief, *' and I will go, To smile, and talk, and nod, and bow so low ; The folks wdl think I surely now forgive. But ril revenge, — if I am spared to live," While thus he speaks, in bolting Arid's seen. Mournful his phiz, his lips are livid green. Glaring his eyes, his tallow face turns white. While he addrcss'd his gallant friend the Knight. ** My gracious Lord, a mob about three score. Rave planned to hoot, and hiss you at the door, Also with missiles, they'll your coicb assail, Sent from a cotton tree, close by the jail ; A wound you'll get upon your sacrerd, will never do, But I may train your West End. sable crew; In time they'll learn to face, and right-about. To put one fo-)t, and then the other out. In scarlet clothes, they'll be a handsome guard. This plan wdl do, I shall not .low be marrd. VVithout his Host he little thought he'd counted, Sir Samuel, at this new notion flouted, •i have a finger in the pie," quoth he, "And dost thou think I'll e'er give up to thee. This GoTernment flock of well fledged C"''**', W'hora 'tis my province now to pick, and fleece t To shew your fujorrf, znd feather, now and U^en, I jast the reason, you require these men : \ Go bully Redcloth. get them where you can,' I never will give op, a single man." High words they have, and both agree to fight To meet and settle the dispute that nicht : ut peaceably they settle the affair. No wounds received by either any where ; Says Sly, he lives who fights, and runs away, Longer to fight, perhaps, another day. Better let each, at other's shadow aim. Courage, and raaDly spirit, still you'll claim, ^ our honour satiMfi^d, the world's high fame. Will raise great honour to vonr noblt name." i^^'i done as th.eunnin^ SIv proposd The*Aarfo.r* woun'feH. and— the business clou'd. G. S. X. THE FALL OF MOWBRAY ; OR, THE Seige of Thirsk Castle, '• Brave chief I thy mansion 'neath the tumuli Hath long been buried ; and where once wot heard The clash of swords and all-vicloriouw cry Of battle-legions fighting for thir lord, All IS serene, except the sounds that fly Along its vaults, proceeding from the horde Of playful children, or the village bell — lis Sabbath chime, or deeper-sounJing knell." A stranger, who avers himself a poor sinner of the Cistertian brotherhood at Hode, desires audience with Sir Roger de Mowbray," said the heucbman of the northern chieftain, addressing liis master. *' Award him welcome," replied De Mowbray ; ** ho may come, I trow, to report hearsay of the approach of Henry's troops ; yet, I suspect oot their encaiuptuent in lht quarter." The blessing of the Virgin rest upon ye !" ejaculated the professed monk, as entering he made his obeisance to De Mowbray. ** A brother of the faithful fraternity of StFelix requests conference with ye for awhile." '* Wilt though first refresh thyself, holy father 1 it is now verging towards supper-time, and thine hath been a rough and unkindly path." I thank ye, courteous kii'ght; but when spears are sharpening on the rocks in Sutton Hohl, and burnished bucklers gleaming in Thirlby Full, it is vexatious to talk of rest or refreshment." ** So Henry hath faced me at last — But why tarry his forces in Sutton Hold 1 By the high altar of Saint Felix fairer spot for defeat they could not have chosen — They are strange to the fastnesses of the cliffs ; wc might drive thetu to tlieir extremity, and destroy them as we list — But, pray rest thee, reverend father." At this invitation, tito tall and cowled personage, who had hitherto rendered dubious the altitude of his figure by a partial stoop, forgetting his assumption, strode martially across the stony floor, and the tread of his heavy foot rang loudly through tho sounding audience-room, as he proceeded to the massy board, where be seated himself opposite to and facing De Mowbray. The wine-cup was borne to tlte lordTV baron, out of which, as was the feudal custom, he pledged his monkish guest, who, when tlie goblet was passed to him, took a deeper draught than beseemed his sanctimonious garb, — a draught, too, belying that pro\4>r^''^ ahytemionMieM which report assigned the confreres of St. Felix. To a question put by De Mowbray, regarding the welfare of his mother Gundreda, who had taken l;*:uporary sanctuary in the monastry at Hode, the pretendcred out a specious message from the Lady Gundreda, apologising for previously omitting to deliver it. He threw over his spurious statements a masterly gloss of words, completely lulling the suspicion of De Mow bray, while he made inquiries of the defensive state of the castle, and what support might he expected from the surrounding lords, as bidligerent auxiliaries. ** My castle is guarded by one thousand soldiers," said De Mow bray ; — Lgremont has offered mo help ; the Roos, of Helmsley, aflord me fair countenance ; and my *" I come not, gallant Mowbray, to bandy reproailiia with you ; eillier give me safe egress from your mansion, like a warrior of honour and credit, or put lue in fetters, at your caprice may settle upon." The promptings of mercy triumphed over tliose of justice in the breast of De Mowbray ; and he conducted Sir Ingram Chesterton to the barbican of the castle, assuring him, that though he bid bini not God sfieed, such omissioD should not detract from the reception he should meet w iili on his next appearance before llie walls of Thirsk Castle. The spy. Sir Ingram Chesterton, had scarcely departed, and the drawbridge of the castle was but lusl drawn up, when De Mowbray was called to hear tlie relation of Blind Dan, an eccentric wanderer, a poor kinsman of the seneschal of the castle, who had been met by Sir Ingram on Carlton Moor, and persuaded to give hini conduct to tlve castle ; which having done, he himself entered, and told to the warden his suspicions respecting the pcdished monk who had spoken hinnso fairly. Though blind, Dan's power* of recognition, and his familiarity with the suriounding localities, were unrivalled. A child of the mountain and the forest, his nifhts were mostly spent in wandering ; wd when occasionally he sought refreshment in sleep, his couch was the rough hay-rick, or tlie sheaves of the thrashingfloor, as chance threw such receptacles in his way ; and it was in one of those nocturnal ramblesthat he met with Sir Ingram Che&terlon. ** Saddle me my horse," commanded De Mowbray ; I will fathom this treachery, and repay Sir Ingram with his own coin. Lead the way to Carlton Moor, Dan ; and stop thee where thou thinkest it was that this monk met thee. I will test his honour, since he hath clamoured for the maintaining of mine." Wrapped up in his cloak, De Mowbray slowly rode along the outer walls of the castle, and entered on the dreary moorlamls of Carlton, accompanied by Blind Dan as his guide. The latter walked boldly on, without once stopping, or deviating in tlie least from the right track* They arrived at the charmed row of the seven elms, where Dan, after piissing the sixth, pause was conscious of Itaving |vssed th* six elms, though Im had not ascertained it by touching them (as De Mowbray and himself had halted full ten vards from ilwrn^ ; but he accountet'M><<^^''"g ^" < * <"''<1*'. *'*^ ^"^^ ^^ route I award them ten carucates of land ; Mountgrace, in more prosperous plight, will give their succour ; and Rievaulx also, — for I went forth against the plundering Scots, when they attacked their church and burnt its goodly library. I will send messages to my friends forthwith. But how strong in numbers seem the enemy ?*' The stranger, w hilst |>onderinj: upon the reply he should make to this interrogatory, incautiously turned him on the chair on which he was sitting, and tin* spur on his he(d becoming entaneled in the hmg cowl, dragged o|)en the loop which secured it at the neck, and the sahle disguise dropped at his feet, revealing to De Mowbray the mailed and imliosing fieure of Sir Intrram Chesterton, hitherto the coadjutor of, and commanding with him in their s*)vereign's expeditions against the marauding Scots, but w ho now appeared in the character of spy, to connive at the downfall of the refractory chief. De Mowbray rose from his seat, and, sword in hand, stood wildly gazing on Sir Ingram Chesterton, who crouched before him, overcome by shame rather than by fear: the amazement of the former somewhat subsiding, he furiously exclaimed — ** Traitor — liar this night's deceit shall be at a dear purchase to thee ; for, ere to-morrow wakes, the ravens of of Sandhuttcm, and passed its isolated cross, the pallid figure of which gleaneir Ingram Chesterton ?'' nized De Mowbray ; and, forgetting the generous example which that chieftain had but so recently set hini, htr vociferated — Mowbray ? — madman ? by this infw>lence bast thou dared thy death! By my father's fame, the whole of the rebellious estates conjoined cannot now save thee (rota my vengeance !** Saying which, the impetimus and unarmed Sir Ingram sprane on De Mowbray, and closine with biro, strove resolutely to give him the fall. But his own anger, which had subdued his voice, was his greatest opponent, and De Mowbray shook him off with the same ease as that with which he could have thrown the veriest stripHng, and, retreating from the tent, parsed the alarnricd yet drowsy sentinels, and made speed to the hill-'eatr-d thicket where mat hi> steed. While releasing him, De Mowbray received a I i' *' I* k lii %> ill W*— — — f


m jS^^ m I I Clni .^V*'; ''7-"-';h1, IH. pr..n.d hi, charter hotly Kl rlT/'"""' *" "n'>".iu,. .,h hi, Mtrroundinir friends MI ronndi*nt (>( titu i 1...... ... -._ gj)ir ajruiiaiwa grr^iijg THS ULR^irSi. •ATinlv, SEPT'R 3, 1831 latiwu is exercued, miuc, Sir, would stand dainaL only in niy birth place, but to liw world,— from tiie ver at't;cratt'd Biaienit-nts conlained in thcCiovornnrV ^' . :i.. I ... II .. 4 II .. ^'iiui : mc'5k4. at'gcratt.d iaiei ....,vw „. uic-vjuvernor':, m to ihc late lluusL' of Assembly, of niv trtMtmeni tow'' two fcmal ulaws. But I am thankful, (not to Sir J* Snjyih, IJaii. Sic. ic. Slc.) lo ihc public of this place my own sense of right and wrong, wiih my own s/.* exertions, lor the reveme. J hnvf acquired a Man(linly exerted hiiiiself, as^isi -d u the Alturuev (M'uerul, to discwr ulitiiierl' h:u] vi i ^ anv ii.ui -.f tlu. l..^ 1.... 7 J ..I . ""^ >iulaid ami ;;;n^:;r;;r[;;;;;;;:;;:;;;:!;;::z'::^ ^'""^^^ ^^ ^ ^'^K^ai (ia^ett. of h,t ^^'edneM^av. an •J*< k of ih l>,.ta.„r. .^,r Ko^er bestirred hnnsTi?!!!,"! "^""'^ "^ '''""*'" ^'^' ^'''^'^^ '*'^'"'' ^^'* '' ^'^ P'"'-**^'"*^" jiMi dehniMve aUciity hich *•> Hell became ofie placed in '* '"'*'*"^^*^ **•* coMtraJictio/i of one, in^ej ted by us on the toOrb!l7Iu'*'?'"*'^"'^'*\ '*" *'"^'"**''* of hH .uldier* !•<'' "i""'*^>ut winch d^cKirdiy supports > hat we said on Kvi:; ^:i oi^r;;;:^ r.;:uh:::l;;ri,::;:"r'n t* ^ '" —"^^ ^'"' ^''-^ '-* '^''^-"^-"^ ^Ilc. lately odifKre. an,l 1).\J ,*!,,;-;> Idn-M-lflsLunt^ rbll i *''*"''* '^""' """"'' ^*"*' "'*^''^' ^^'''^ warranted in tlieir orcu ,mM the quadr.ul^ lar cuun ni the intenor, prepared ^'''^'* '''' irfruM, 3,/ .4/|?^L ^Al".'TT''\ **''"^'''^*^'-^'--il'-Co.op.,a:!;M. of !.;;'••" '•^"•V'*^^^ •-' an>per.on u. \asan, should hi. all...., De VI ,ivhray hid fortunately h. ailed hnns.df of \ ^ "''^ "' "'" ""'^'•^^ ^^ ^"> ^"^'^""' *' P"'^'v. m U()|ilu.s of tho mur,':i::T;' w^^^"^^'' ''^"'"^ "^'^'"^ ^"•^"' ^^^-^ rray :;=;; '^^ ;:;i:ii;;:t;;i:':p;^^tr^^!:! ^^ ^^^^ ^--^^^^^^ ^^ ti-^^e .... w. we mserted IIn7;i7r 1 'r^''?*'^"'''"'''"''''''^''*'''''^''i'^"•^unarc^^ .'''T'"''*^'"'**' '" ''*^^^^' that as the member could not "^y-.cur. wnn a vi<.u to tfie enhancement of I .nd ..lde.1 u..h 1... ^^-•'^'-v.n what wan ^.oin, forward here. Messieurs Kerr, Ni--'-'^'i'0'-"ongou^ Butler and Hield ha.I no authority, and were not warranted J'V ''^"'''' ?""• ^ "''"'" ''^''"^ •"^"^^'^ ^''^^ !>>idshn.ent''1T in makhi? the sli.d>.,.t r..n..,.„, ..: i: • • ^"•^**'' ^"' •" > inflicted, and mv instrurtinn, t.. .i.„ • .,* •••.' "^ •"-"', 'j li.ioviT wiit'ineri had viol J any pari ol tho slave law? and when ),e buds I 1 innocent, what does he then do? lie stu.Ii down CI I'j Uoprs .Vshitt. Esq. Deputy Secretary (5f the colony J.tii of the Ijilenor Court, and the Governor's verv^uimr ^1 vai.t, Ace. to the House of Assen.hlv uith hi.sV.rst uu'T ""l dated iUh June,charLrini: me, ms'ffaht/^ ({ v.v f I T' because it is so,) with liavimr cormnitted anart of (r,,,.'!,, • and why did he do so ? Why. because his .ho IdT blazed ,0 the world, tiK-ough the n.ediun of the a'I,^ liof^al (Jautte, with a vi<.u to the enhancement of hT spectahdity among our saintly euennes in the umtln-r '1 try. .Now. Sir.l a ,, *';^^ ; "'•" "i""' •I"' "">l corroborale, il ,mom co.nplcleTl I"!. T' "I' *". 7' *"'' ''"• l'l'""l '"• >""% uarrior! ?' ^^ ^'"' '''*'"' "" ""^^ "'•'•• "'C"n<-.l, our readers ii„t vhmZ'L'.''' ,"';''• /^'"•' "" ""l-^"? 'lil |.r.> '•*' •*'''••'" ''''<• l,a,e a,*-ned ,„„l,i,„, but the trull, r.Z.rrT ,"'''"'"""'"""' "'^"'• >*'' inr^m Ud -;""";""" " ""'' • o ."uU .visl., it woul.l b unpar?V M ,brl7l",l!:".' J*r r-^i'"""-'-. • I1-1 b.,ll.d •';""''" •">' '" -"ke a lil.. furlbtT ..otice of it. I„ ,1,„ first .d kf. I.„.. fdl „,l old„,u,.|y ,r„ tb,.„;! ;/::';, 'I; """^•"'•'' •"'""•". <" -> '% er..„.for ofti,-... i, elTo'rrlr;'*"''" ', "'*."'" "-"" •' "" ••'•-"•A 'fi"-'"'"'"''^'-'I"' •!•. Mcnbcr attrooUd Uland should -' ;:.^o ::trT' 'i:";; rr :::. ;;::r"r, "' ;'"• "• '-•"> "'-' ''••"-• p--' ^v .,, .,..1 L re. ;.„ -... .. ...,,, „, 'ir Iniirani. office ; we do not ev.... r.v.w..* „ i '^^ and supervisor, were, to iro as far as the l.-vw would alU Tins, Mr, was done, after some little hesitation • a!|* t .sonly tin. crcun.stance of my bavin, caused the W ,. be enforce.l ,o ,„ tullest evu-nt, that has occasioned til .overnor's wrath, to fall upo.. n.e, and not any cr e k because d ,t IS cruel to punish a slave with m lashes iZ K.X( e lency not e ave law which guided mo ? and do you n\> ,h InsKxcellencydi^^ested well every clause, in the Slalll^ paiUcularly, ere he sanctioned it ? ^ es he dhl \l^u ^^y Jl-ntcularly. as the .object scent, to'be ti: darln.7lf „ k ^L • '""" "'" ""• •' l.ievi-r point the .b. .tron. r,y. „f u„ „,oo,i;i„t .,„. ."h^ Ml' .rtlL" • '"' "T '"^'"-''""" '-'-"•. "c W uot 01 l. men ,.|, a|„.o„ w„„|i„i, ,nflu,„,i! 'l' '"^"'"* ''"" •"• ''"<"e.i it. I W* l„v, born politely faToured i,h f,|,., of llnlif,, Ppcr,. rocnvod by ,bc ,c.,r. .Vborah and I C.p, Cooke fro,,, th., p|.„.„,o ,,f, „„ ,^^ ,, P" lo B.I„„.„ro file, ,„,|„ l,„|. ult. received by the n^ ncan .br. M.ry IW,. C:ap,. A,a,,^„.\,„.X. .I..C1. ront..n K„rope.„ date, , 1„, ,, ,h„„ ,, h„e .'Iready rercvod by way of New York. rini.._. -—-"""" "I'.oini; inluenie. I bi r lattewft* strewed ttiili it... I.-......-. i horse ..,•..,! .1. 1 '^.''''^'"•-'o iin \\utn.wluous Horse p.,e,| ,he ,,|„,^, ""• '" '^f•' oCIUs UsI La.i^ r,e,„.r,„f,|,e,„„.,t had become dved will, ore .nd J ..,n by tlK. fee, of lb. ,.ila„i, ,„H ,beir l,or.'X .a a.s,,.,„,„ ,,,, ,.^P .^^ ;,''-Jouns^ ^^ ^^ -'H. eulogised ;Crr;.a;;,;:f''si^^;V''^as > lone to further tl. .-: / ' "^ ''• *• .'^"'.vth ? or is it <•>' -l-l Id o" l^ivond',';:?'''''"""" """• '-''' ovt-t'l" 'fhl'':; "^" ''"'"r ""-". "•"•ch hut three o clock. B the d.y .nd, I. h„e chanced to that of a bl,„Hl^ M^Tr^"The"''"'' """'' ••" i"'-'"-'etai„..r, „ X 1 .11 br,>. The enemy now concenirwd. and a n ,. "' '^"ii|'ori anu :)t enMiing Parliament.— /Waii/A raclct INSTA.NCtrCOrR T-VI CE ADMIRALTV. ^01 (Searcher) qui tarn , "•' """ oui coiunict was ouite to r>>iMr•" ^bo ,s, to thi. dav, ',is olKstinate as ever ai d ..^. r^' ::s:;;v;;r;s:;™;:;;si£:;;;M^ =£'S=r::v;;:;:ttt,"K since the arm il .f i. i> • '^^tii in inis piaro cJuuJ r^ ""^ '"''' ^''^ •'"• paragraph wai copied in another Jamaica papi-r which I im ^.^ V -"rr..n. them .„„;„;vd": brc^;"'. at e^^e td^ i '•';'-. *..,, .v.^:. w, ,,,,„, „^ ^,^^, di,c^z%l,r^b--'' '7r'^'--" '"• "-' 'r -t :: ,:m*'i .y:^-...n. he did „. hi. I.. . •-"" • ""arn ,n Hie w s.eflecled .? ...neret.. .„e,r way ,„ „.. ~;, -|->.n .p.e,t,o„ from': t -. :„:i ri'lt r;,"r.';";:rr.l:'^^t '" '^-' ^ij^ ^KpaiUji n^antu A.\8.s.ii;, N. F. Is/ Srpttmbcr, i^M. To the EtIiUrr of the Bahama ^i'irus. j^fg. Editok, — \ouin your ninth number, under date [j l7th ultnude a:i e\trat from the Kin^jston Chroidclo. ?iy„[jiiftingsoiue fomnuMitson the conduct e.\erciscd by Sir Jm!^Smyth, a mcndier of the late Asseinlly !of the? Islands, and v)tich reniarks of th Cliriniclcsoui,'ht j^ojionerate ihtltnut/it/ knitdit at thtf expense of the more worthy iiMMnbi r. I relV^r such of your more careless readers to the remits made in your aliuve mentioned numlur on the ^^ coninKMitH of the Chionicle. a< may have overlooked or carelessly read thfui. t wonder why the Kditor of tlif Royal (i.i/.ette has allowed the remarks of the Chronicle lo remaifi sulonii uniiotited i I supixise the article ft js rather to.> neu? for his acciistoiniHi oi.i.A fonuiiiA or .jxrlu'ps he inserted it at last to complete, his sirinir ol ( KRK;)Atftr..s, witli which ho is so desirotis, conjunctly, t,, snhr over his own sma/l jr//. and his E.\cell ucy Sir J. C'. Smyth's m;d-a(!ministr;(iion. i sKppifsi uJM'ii a sufihirut Sjintcfi of tlinr lias elansed, Ikwill tell his a t,i the /trnvd of the latest itatis.'" I am, Mr. Editor, Vour obedt. Brii.v. tijr population fit to recei\-e th'.* lono-./jti,ted boon, or whether were it pi\en in the piesent state of things it would not be tital to diemselves, his Loniship immedi.rtelj rephed," Itwouid be madness loattempi it." Civdiratiun is certainly a pre-requi>ite and until the class of persons to whom we allude receive a greater det^ree of moral culture, and are capable of undersiandintj the nature of relative tiuties, they caiMioi, but dt th'j rislv .r their own happinosg, be m.iueto assume tile character of citi/.ens. /.. L. />.— .V high compliment lia.s been paid to the naval service hy the L'niversiiy of Oxford, in conferring t!ie decree of Doctor of Civil L.'iw on Captain Basil Hall, who as an ollner is well known in his pr*fes.^ion, and as an aa'-hor better known to the world. This honour nnisi have been peculiarly gratifying to Capf. Hall, j^iven as it was at tho same moment with a similar compliiiient to i\w celebrated Washington Irviiii,' (the American vvriterj, Sir Harlt>rtl Jones, the orientalist, .Mr. .Sturties Buurne, Sir Thomas A( land, and Sir Koberi \\"\.:idin—l/(wijjshire TtUgraph. a Hihtanf rin from tincabin allotted him, f..r the purpose ofacconunodatinija lady and child t v\hom he ha the ch rh' "1/ ni3 oirn assistanrr. shon d lr. il. r moat, which covered iih ^r, 'i.rir way to the ,....., nm./ii am in"cia,mp.,,i„.,,,o,„„„f,„„,^^jj;;;;.:j,,,,^,,, j-p-^^^^^^ I .wc ..iaiA.e,,t;;„:;i,;i;;;ri;;;; v: iteT^^ r i!;:z '^z "\,!i^1--"." ...ritrj:!:.!;:: I ti.:!: .^r".pi"-':i' •'•-. -re ur...d ..„ In the llnn^eof Lords, on the Ith July, the followin'^ rnnvfMation occurred between the Duke of Wellnii'lon and Karl Crrv : — C0Kf>NATIO.\_n()rSF OF LORDS. Thf Duke of Wellincion bi'u'Z'^d to n>k tin.\ol.h> Far! il he hn I rec.ivpd any Irom hi:; Majesty, respecti'ni! nis ( oroiiHtion .' i ^ E^rKirry snid. that he had not received anv ommands upiin that Hubjerl. The Dukf^ of Wellington— WouM this be required if his Majesty hn.l t;,Uri the oaths whirl, formed the essential part ol that soU'iniiuy. R.rl (;rey s.nd. thit the nsual course uas. that the oaths •h.mid f... taken by the Sovereim, „n the occasion of the toronat.on If the Noble Duke wished his oninir.n, he thousrht uch a ceremony onsht to fk" ph.ce. R,,, ,|„. h.w prtpcr.f)e,| noihinc as to the precise time at whieh it should lollop the arre^H.on of tho Kine. He was aware that a •o emnuy of this nature must b.attended with a very consider.K. nr"*'^".' hethouuhr ti.e.r l.ord.ship.s „d the imhlic •houM be prariftPd hy eeh.|, in the usual manner, the •olemn compact between his Majesty and his subjects. From thr Kinosfm Chronicle. It b pleasurable to announce that it is the desire of his Mojestys Government to ntlord ready and most frank communications to the Colonial At'ents on all subjects conno^^d with the Colonies. It is also th determination frn^'Ju^'""!"''"' ""^ ''* '"""'''• ">• "'"•^ "'''• troops irom this iMand. uith thi> exception, we should think, that ann^" ^•'P.',';^^'"" "<><' ixriod of service of one Heijiment anutbor udl relieve if, so that the number now in the island nia\ be kept up. o J! n'r""\ int'Tview of Mr. Rurre, our A^ont, and tl (T/^ ^ pnnof the cartroof the Americnn biiir Medal, wrecked at llencauiia. ha.^ arriv.-d here in the sthr. \\ ilhaiu 1\ and the sloop Liberty, t^ee Marine List. On Thursday evening last, by the Rev. William IIc|)worth, Mr. Jokkph Clf,.\r, to Miss J.\xf, Frances Higo*. Nams.m, 8 1st August, 18.3L A MKFTING ^^ of the Commissioners of Correspondence is _/^^iJj>? leipiested at the Couri-flouse in the Town of Nassau, on Mouday next, the fifth sSepteinber. at two o'clock. J\MKS M\I.( Ol .M, IfonKRT Taylor, • Cj:i. I*. \V(oi, t. C. .V.Mtritso.v, ^^ • L I*. Jon\.s>\, John Wildooos. flC/^ Errri/ person about to Irrtve these Islands, after havin^r resided therein for the space of imRT\ D\\t^,n,ust giresecurltitafthe Secntan/sO^^ce.or pu, up his name in said OtfireforvwTv.v.s dk\ previous to his drparture— after which, at any time during fortv-five days, a Ticket may be ubtuintd. XAMFS OF PFRsSONS ABOIT TO OHTAI.N TICKKTS FOR DKPARTfRF.. ;f!'|J"bManuel Arcon *'y James Rhu k .**, .'* Andrew Simpson 17th Au-nst .... >v,„. ir. |.,3,|, BV ilK.NUV GRFFNSLADF 6l CO. On Monday next, the C^th instant, AT THF. VKMO K HOI SE. At 10 0*01ock. A. M. "VVidbesoia Fliwt Corn in baijs, f>oap and Candles in boxes, Suyar in barrels, Pork in do. Crackers in keg^j, U ith a variety of otlwr articles. 2 pieces of very superior black Broadclotli, in lots to suit purchasers. Terms — Cash. At tiro Months Credit, 50 barrels Philadelphia IVcsli Flour, 21) do Rice. September 3, Rigging, Copfn-r, Butt.r, and a Chain, 3d Sloop Harlequin. Perpall, MolasM's, and Sugar Sell. Bithon, Frances, In Ballast On Monday next, the 5th instant. AT THIi VF.VDLE IIOt'8E, At 10 O*01ock, A. ME. \N dl be iold Suf)erfine Fhmr in Ban els. Rice, Corn anl of G. Lightfoot, 91 feet 6 indict. AupuHt 27th. tpthcnortbern abbics round sh<,t." was levels with tt •ilent mmmd, by command of the stern Urury 11 iJfZ queuehiio blood."' ''• ^'^' ^"- "•><'"'<>n uhich was -Hark? the loud engines tewii. tr^mhKnr wall. Ami from irs ba the mt^^m M>ric falls And II at once it .nciem honours fiid*.' The.* lofty towers. ,„d || ,hrse noble ,n>• i rest in >Iav proj, rtv, .Inn a litilr ia^clin"h. Jor-i^l *^"-;"-"' ^-'V aov a„,hori„ sertionof anv j.^^ t** T" '" "P<-n^"k Nir, have nivLlvS .!"';" '" ""a I am. Sir, lours, very tridv, Xassaj' Ivt ?.,. —L o,. John WilI'COo.*. A'\as.>i., ijjt ccptcmbar 8131. the atf^n,; / • „ ."I'l"'"'"!*' uiereTo, uere ur--d on hannvT r ^'"'* >'lJ''''ty\s Oovernment, and, we are havi'' U??^*"'"/ •'•''^•'•^'*'^ ''-il<^^ those.,! the Colonies, reJiVfrn. w?"^'•'•f"-*'^*'"'^-^ ^^ disastrous elTecs which Sn^ch" ^'^^^^^^^^^^^ -.politic tr^tment of the C donies, f-onntrv nl.T"*'"'/'""'''"'^'"'^' .wedit of the Mothert^Mous however hat the present Administration is too d^rJ' ?^" "•"'• .^"^"'"' Vr<:M^ro., ahho„.,h it may U^ suT.r:. I ouiM ue in lor caS^theT rr ''^ ^''^ >reweries an 1 dis'illerir., beWest-Iad nr / '* -'"'^"'" ''< '•^''''v, hut civeour ^•ivM nnsi.r ""'^'^"V^^'-V n-ured that our A.-ent has lttcdto.r''*"V'"^'-'''<^tho plan that will be sub CLEAR FD, 1st .Sept^^Spmish pfdacre Fnion, Calsadn, Cuba w Am. Sell. (;ov.rnor Paris. Lindsay. Boston | SAILED, 1st Sept— Am^^rh. Three Sisters, r;l;,nder, New York | PASSENGER AkTuVED. f^p Mary Fravers, Mr. George S. Roy. BY IIENRY GREENSLADE iTcO On Mouday J he iJth Srptrmberneii^ AT TfiK VT.fntvr. Hor sr, At 12 O-Clock, Xtt. Will he sold, without rcaerve, Thai pleasantly situated House and Lot in Bay Street, at the corner of Cuhner Street, at present occupied by •Mrs. Ehzabeth Wabum. A Plat of the Premisi-s will b left at the SuhscrilK-rs' Store for insj)ection. r*rms~Six months credit from the day of sale, the purchaser giving apprgvod Security. .\uj.nist 6:h, 18;]!. A Rer 3d. I hat idoavnni and commodious Hou>e and Lot in tUf* Easirrn District, well adapted for f a !ar' p family,— tJir house i, in pood repair, | tho out btid.linTs will he put in repair—A Lihora! Cf^dit will he triveti for tlapremises~/'or terms and further particulars, apply to the Subscriber. t^LlSHA SWAIN. -A up 1st 2f)th. jCIIUlST C iiriU Ii PAHIKH. W LNG fixel the ..,>,/( <>i hukau at ilieiateof^ I per barrel of superfine Ehnir, Orrk red, that iJie shUhngLuaf du weii:h21hs. ox., and the sixpeimy Loaf lib. 4oa. By order of the V (..try. j DAVID SPFNCE, Vestry Clerk. Vktrv Room, ;^d August, l.S.'il. THE SUBSCRIBER, intendiijVfo leave the Bahama/ in all November next, rails on ajl those to wtiK>ui 1m> may be indebted

••, J I i \ k TIlLKEfUKMBlLL. aJ^J!?'' *i" **",^ Fi"UKl.a| tlM following are •••lianMWfti Iawi tli original aii*r: lo tlie r.w fclioaak A," Um DuruUr of borough, to owMt rotur..i„g member. Imu bn reduct^l frou, Wiio 57, I he foJio^'OK pUc. wh.vl. ..ood foroerly i.i li^, cl.dule Ti j?**^ **^" traiferred lo •clieduk B" — AWborough. Buikinglwn,, MaJ.e.b.iry.Oakba.ui>Cun.arMl netpie ; winle i>uwuion mtni i. GeruMins. which mood m U Biil i. n^'wduln B." and were to Ualluv*. u rS "*^'"*^"* *^"<=*. h"^ >n lrao*lcrred to .ciicJule A ol the improved bilL SctMNlulc B" aJ> prctonti ouh; alterations and •niondineiiu :—F ive b.,rou,rtis ihot alrea^jy nai„ed, have been ved from total diirranchi.ement, aid rwo which i belure stood m thi wrhodule, also alnady naiwd, luive A '• 'PI... .• II •'. .' gUf Manama Mvsnni cuuirade^. The piivafo h-tteis from \\ arsaw iiiiiiDatc tiiat thh (Jtncral-in-Chiefhas taken on the prewni occasion is not ni: de public, as he n)f ilitates a serious attack on tinmain btMi> ol the Hijssiiin army, weakened by large detachments sent a^^ainM the iiisurtjents of Lithuania, and dispirited by the loss of theii leader, who has not yet been replaced by (jeneral Paskewitch IC I. I... .1 I ,-..." t PonA tn lw>k;v*iivii. number .^r?..K n i '<^'^'" places, nine in If such be the object of Skyrznecki, there are .nai hopes of r!u[,e/. „ ^ "7 '** 'u '*'". "^"^ ^"" co.plen,ent of success. I,ecau:*c .t i. certain that the leen translerred lo schedule E." returninfj members jointly witl. kHI P'**=r;v*'"''hyn '^•th Falmouth, ard aidwich ^1 tod Walmer), Ttmw^rih, Truro, W'eitbury, and I scheduleCwhich includet ttie rjewly-cretied inferior to him in number, and, according to some intercepted dispatches of Count Toll, in want of all the muuiiiients ol waj-. The next advices from the frontiers must, tlwrefore, brinj/ i/ilcllij^ence decisive, we n;av sav, of the 4Uosiiin of Uie independentc of Poland, 'in 'the mean tmie, the juoTement of Gen. Gielgud in Lithuania have been attended with all the advantages which were expected. He entered that provjuce with 1:?,00() Poles, and he .._, „ .-...,^.11 enjjage. nients; and alter bemtr rejnlorced by two battalions of ] faiitry iVum O'cnt'ral ( liozaiKiWski, these bra^e iMlows their way through a party of chasseurs a cheval, and r rejiiment of Don Cossacks, and reached in safety tj 1 fortress of Zamosc. These are the details of an alfair J which we had previously heard. The 'jeneralissiino mark his sense of the valour of Captain Rozicki and his lou' lowers by preseniiMj them with military crossps. Tl harvest in Poland is repre.sented as so plentiful that wheal will hardly be worth reaping'. < '4^ •.m m i bunmin to n.„.r„ .\ '""""" ™ "•"I.T-crMled ed. He eoitrcd that province wUli U'.OWI Pules, and he t^flilifTl""^." ""'•.iheonly Ji„.,K>nli.nouai,beheadofa„ armv of40UOOmcn with Hi ".Jir."?'.!" >• !•;- t'"f",i .0 .ch*d,.l, •• D," .ad t,kcc, of cnoon, and arm. a"d alliZ rn nbuodance; initeadoftwo, aiatfirsl intended. wUl return only one fncniber. "^ Schedule ** D' hai some new places Introduced, which while the two corps of Russians sent against him have been defeated, and there is now no force capable of ollerin? him the slightest opposition. Such are the tidings we n„,hJ.T;. Sr;i^'^wn.Zr"?; '-f"""^'"' ''•r'^ Ve.rc..„,iou,for'their confirmation. .„d still uaiv, luciuainr ine townsnios ol SiMttUn/l I.a •><.._ nn :.>..... i...._ .1. 1. /• I tf n..^k^f • 7. "• •' ^•"••'"H''". i-ancasnire; a Kocbdale, includinjf the townships of Spotland. Lancaa!V • • rl^'^' ncun. IVent. mc udmg the lownsh.p, of Lontrton and Lanoend. Fenton Culvert. Fenton Vivian. Penkhull and Boothen, Shelton. thevilU, of Rushton Orange, and the hamlet of 8neycl. TunsfaU Court. Chdl, and bidcott. Staffordshire; 6. Wakefield township, Voikshire; and 7 Vorkthire" lnship. of Whitb and Ruswarp, ^h "'*r1"'* \ *^'" "^'"^y n*ntioned, Penrhyn and Sandwich have been introduced. 1 tlie schedule F." which repol.tes rt,e places that •re to share in tlie representation of the Wt-Uh borouehs ^^ITT •^—^"•'^'^^ -"^ Llan^elri. new, places,' *• with Beaumarii, Criccielh shares along with the four places pieviouslv nann^l. with Caernarvon ; St. Asaph, in r ;. \nr"'.".'^' ^''"'*" P'-^^'*>"'>' •'be lucluded in the adjoinlnn counties for county elections. I-h foUowing new placet have b-en addel to this schei P --f *"7.^";i" Cfrmartben.hire ; Haverfordwest, In Pembrokeshire ; Lmcoln, in the parts of Lindsoy.; London in Middlesex; Bristol is not in Uie ^i^ll k\ ?"^^. '" '1^ ^^*'"'**' ''''*' • ^" P**<-ifi<: clause (the 15th) in the Act declares that for the like purpose the county of Gloucester shall include that part of BHstol on •h.Olooc*^,,deoftheAvn. and Somer^tshire that part on the SonH-rtet sidr of Uh> Mime river.' more anxious to hear the result of the engaL'enuiit between Skyrtnecki and Count Toll. On that li^ttlc depends the fate of the campaign, and of Poland ; for the Emperor, if his forces are defeated, cannot raise another army in the present year; and the diplomacy, or hostility of t'he great Powers of Euro|>e. will render it impossibhthat he^an renew his attempts hereafter. The Poles are reported to be much in want of money, and we fear it cannot he otherw'lse; but if their territory is once cleared of the invarraimtous raUminy which nnbodv believed, and which it was much beneath the dig•uy of any distingtiished member of their lordship's housl. •nd lea.t of all, of the noble lord who made it a ^ound^f TxnTr^^ '%""'p' '" •"> '"•n"-^^<-ept hv the contempt .t n onted S.r Robfrt BATaaoN, one of^ the co.intnr prntWn n.ernber. of the H.>u. of Commons. thou^M lit to ay K>methinf aboot Lord Plcnkett mL.u u Puted to his lordship an undue e.erciL of Us* noh r.lTn" \T" u ^ '""'^'""^'^^ '^"^ "^ '^'^ "^^i^'>^v, Suence. Jo thi. f^Iiah and incrediWe aLil^^n h.shJd '"' ^'"" '" "''" '"^ ^'^"'^ '" '^"-•• •IMD replied at some length, in hi. place, on Friday n.rht '^^^ ^Varntw Gazette says, that Gonnr^l PI 1 1 • Wight have boon more uM-fully employed. Of n mon e 7th .n.t:,n. u;.. ...i. _,_. "'ni£:er, on Poland. .nJ^^'^^'''' paper published at OdesM. pivcan account of the deteat ol the last party of rc6./s in Podolia. Tln-y were KHK) strong and attacked General Schwartz • m) 1 he state of the Russian {K'asantry and degradation of all cliwse.. I, strongly indicated in the Austrian Observer which s|)eaking of the success of Russia over • the rebels "' Mvs, that not less than 24(),0(X) jn-asants have U'come forfeited to the crown by the M-questnition of the estate, of nobles engatred in the rebellion." The pc-asants are net only pass..! with the rest of the live Mock, by sale or [rift, of an estate hut th^y become forfeited to the crown tjw' •""''"' T '"^' ""^ ""'"'**-^'The account; fn>m Warsaw were gl,K.n,y. The (;n.nd Huke Michael lias joined the Russian artiiy, and there was a movement at %\ arsaw rejrardinc a chanee of irtivernmenf. The Ru^tor, af the Russian army in Poland, where Marshal Dmbitsch „ represented to have died of the cholera, was alliialt'" P^;/\''--fr-'iwiihout peVfor mini qiiarantine. | he Kme is said to have been so much \t. The London Courier of the 5ili says: — It will he se by our City article that the report respecting the aitcu,!J of the ex-royal family of Fiaiice to recover possession J the throne of that country was not altogether unfounded In addition to the information given by our Correspondent wc have been assured that proclamati'ons, in the name of Henry the Fifth, have been printed for distribution, and that at this moment, active proceedings are gointf on in Italy among the partisans of Charhs the Tenth, to etfect a counter-revolution in France. We hope that none of these arrangements had their origin in this country, h wouhl l>e a shameful return for the asylum allorded tiieeiRoyal Family, and woiJd require very prompt and lam. tive measures on the part of our i{ovemment towards ihui, who are still partaking of Hritisli hospitality. The London Albior* give, the official statements re sf)ecting the Revenue f.>r the year, IKM, terminati.J on the ^h of July, in detail. l^he decrease u„ea the year, as compared with the prece.ling one is £,\£^ 282, of wliich £697,689. (beine more than a third) has' taken place during the quarter just ended. In tlie year the of the Customs has been very small, being only £77.844. although there has been a fallinc offon tli quarter of £231,130; but the receipts of the Excis,durinr the year have been £1,4.38,620 less than the precedinr year; theie having been a loss on every (jwrter durint the whole ol the term. The .Stamps have .-rfso fallen short m the course of il>e year; while the incix^se in the Post Omre ha.s been above £fp,(KK). The principal dimiinAi of Receipts may he traced la the reduction of duties, and mt to any diminution of ik resources ol the country.— yl//,ion. In relation to the affair, of Europe, a London paper of the 2d says :-There are materials enouel, for combintion in every quarter, and the train, if we mistake Dot, i. about to be laid spe?dily." DoT P T } f """^l ""'""^ ^^'o^^'^l Tharlo, X. ami Don I ..dro Ironi the.r thrones, i, now cruising near 8u Petersburg, at the mouth of the Neva. It is in the expectation of having an Imperial cargo.— Figaro. Refused .ill"''''7 "'' 'K ^"^''"'"*^ regulations, that I ,„ ,. ,. , .•^— .„. .n ine aratv. uf. r.l' ::\'*^ ^T"*' '" ••^^•""*. and ordered him and J",r'^^*^"';^V^•^'"'"^'*''' ''^ ^^'''•' ^^"""'J<'i ^y ''P<*'r.t nail, which lnd(Til in !. .,..1 .1 • 1 .^.^ _. . The late Field-Marshal Count \'on Diobitsch Sabtlkanski. who descended fnm an ancient and noble Siksio amily. at the jknod of hisd.ath was exactly 46 year, of ?e. having hc^-n born May L), 178o. 'in his earliert years. It is said, the F.eld-Mai hal had ,0 .ingularly relet neamemorythatuhenhehad attained his fourth-ye lie was capable of r,.,olvinj: arithmetical questions iltli .' readiness than most adult.. He commenced hi. aTeZrv"" '-*-ssian service, hut, upon hisfather ror^d'd '^*.^'"'-^'';;*''-'^'ip in the Staff of the FrnperorR,,nc of Prussia allowed him to resign Idi romnmsion a. a second lieutenant in the Pr.issian aratv. mittine them to i.nior a^v k^..-, :_ n_ • 1 m life to th pr,.„, „H,m™i, W ha, b<^„ con,tcnt nprcha.abl,. .„d „„,„„H,ed bv the vonjitv of offi ", TWc no. p.„j.|. .^ ,h, ^^, ^^, .^, of ^a,n,i •^ b MKl of htm. i, .„ of p„,, ,h„ hi, ^^^^ll * . er. m the vn.,,. Th.t wel, „,,„, „ J^^Z fcr h., g,„™,, , rr,pern-d for h.. .ntofri, ,hoddTc |c.nd .0 n.U. hi. .h.„fler from A. \.r,A. of Sir R„ F(.i"ncrrT, hut Urd P< rsm-n could not nnitt hi, f. J^. .1 — . J "•' ""ailll> s.,nirn.,hed h.m.elf in the actii^'-'-e Bierds^nscof a Russian grenadier, had p..netratcd n.o U ed for aa^ Tk' '''^=';'^''^b'''P"n..bmcnt c.n be imagmBlick Z ,Hr r:.::ir'I^"' l -^^"^'^nt o the coast of the r rriat#r ?fTeuccs ?h?V "* R ni I — -" ." ^^ir in n i olack or the Casnian :• p thT;;:':;;^.' '^ .t "".''• ^^^ -^ obh^ed to fan in w,.k rX.Sh n^ " "^rv'^nt to cle.n their hrrse. if m the c ^%$M '^ gEORi^i^ IIMiilMS, ICilitor. TllK BAH AM V AKUIJJS. \ PUHLISHll^EMI-WEKKLV IN NASSAU, N. P. 'It Bight Dollars per annnm — In advance. PCSTP.T. GOVKRNMKNT ADDRKSS TO THE S Aim's L\ SY^OD ASSEMBLED. (Continutd.) Th* Kuhicon now passed, my crcflit e^one, I knew thtre were but lew whom I could trust. AniJ those few riling; to nie, alas alone. From mammoirs loiigmg (or the golden dust. Openly conlen)ried for my dissimulation, Nought but a late avowed repentance served. To bind a few to nie whoHtinclination, iSeoiued greatly i'roni me by events t'have swerved. Agnin I soufjht my old gome to resume, I tried thi-ir justly lost respoi t t gain. Seeking by dinners, an I coaxing toasts t'lllume A kindly feeling in the sulky train. liut all in vnin f One fellow had oxen bought, Anotfier had married a wift? iind could not come, A ihini (lerlnred by iiie he'd not be caught. While one d— d my invite," and stayed at home. Having once resolved up)n a rule and guide, .\iid bent on trying the lull foree of /rr//j, I would not bt> siiddeii ehanyrd whate'er betide. Nor by ill manners, nor e'en by insulting deeds. I icnt for all the deputy urxilerstrnpyrra. Or a.s ihty are somerimes railed, the nEVii/s okviLkS, Who were tor the honour vtrif f/^rcrdij sii;i|p-rs, A KKKUT JusTitE and a few lick-ci.mviclm. These were for many a weary, tPOffiil treat, My constant, cringing, never failing giifsts, By whose subservience my vice-regal neat i fell dishonoured : a pack of Nature's jests I Niipolronls star shone forth at Ausfrrlitz, Never with hnlftUv ridiance of miV. Aat my board I sat with my i.Ai kwitr, Lp|)ir*M|, with a mien so haughty, A drew around me some militia hearts. I most punctiliously commrmoratrd, Faeb victory by our gallant armies gained. Telling my cirir \nirriorg. with g-Zory tuitui. How wf-ll and gloriously 1 had campaigned. With my great deeds, more than with meat or wine. ^ I wisk. Six months had chronicled with time's 'wifr feet. The magistrates' disniiaisal, Damkls late ; i**"' ""^-^ FATHKHS, pity my sad defeat. They were replaced by o'ruek of the state. For full two we.ks, I kept tlie order back, Never intending to publish the d— d fiat, tntil 1 had of mv wits matle a hark, l trying to shew Sir G** what I'd be at. Thr odious rebels! the traitors vile did make, urh rabble rout afiout my want of shamk, liiHt Irom my budget I was forceo to f:ike, Ol* GEoaoK's letters : Oh .' how I hate the wajie '. Have vou not seen the li^-htning's vivid flash. And tHt fhthnnder -hake your ir.most soul ? 1 he rebels lighted up with blazing trash I neirGENKRAL M\RT,and shouted with demon's howl!!! Ui:D\i:.m>Ai, si:i*ti:tiiii:ic r, t^iti. VOL. 1— .\o. XV. JAMAKU. LAMFAT OF SIR PHCEMX TO A SAINT. Titkfnin short-hmd at th time, from hfhind the Ottoman. >^Hnesday nights, no peace I claim, I he Arcns drives me mad ; f*3Mirdy nights are ju^i the same, r or then 'tis quite as bad [Siifha, ifX. iaUrrupted hit lam*nt — q. $.] HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, 23tl Decemrer. 1774. TO THE KINo'h most EXCELLENT M.IJKHTV IN C:0|TN('IL. The humble pttitiunojul memorial of the Assembly of Jamaica, Most Gracious Sovereign, WV your Majesty's most dutifsiland loyal subjects, the Assembly of Jamaica, having tiiken into our'ration the present critical state of the colonies, humbly approach the throne to a.ssure your Majesty of our most dutiful regard to your royal jwrson ami family, and our atta< liment to, and relianreon, our fellow snhjocts in (treat Britain, founded on the .solid and durable basis, tht* cendin;/, that when your Majesty and your Parliament shouhl have maturely considered and deliberated on tle claims i)f (Jnat Britain and her ccdonies, awry cause of dissatisfaction would bo removed. That, justly alarmed with the appronchinj: horrors of an unnatural contest between (reat Britain and her colonies, in uhichthe most (Ireadful calai ities to this island, and th^' inevitable destruction ttlers of the first C(donies. hut es|>eciallv those of the elder colonit's of North Anu-rica as well as the conqiH-rors of this island, were a part of the English }x?ople. in every respect es of the colonists in apiM-al, in which it ever vas, and is their duty, to serve the subjects within the realm. That, from what has been said, it appears that the emigrants could receive nothing fn>Tn either the p'ers or the people, the former being unable lo communicate tlu-ir privileges, and tlw latter on no more than an eipial footing with ourselves; but that, with the King it was ottierwise ; the royal preroc.-^tive as now annexed to, and l)elong'ing to the crown, lieing totally inde|>endent of the people, who cannot invade, add to, or diminish it. nor restrain or invalidate those h'gal grants, which tho preroeative hath a just right lo give, and hath very liberally given, for the encouragement of colonization ; to some colonies it graiitenists, are not, nor ought lobe "bound by any other laws, than such as they have tluniselves assented to, and not disallowed by your Majesty. Your petitioners do therefore make this claim and demand from their .•s, as to your petitioners in particular, and iK-'ing anxiotisly d(>sirous of increasing the pom! effects of these laws, as well as to remove an ohstarhwhich is new in our government, and could not lia\e existed on llie principh's of our constitution, as it hath arisople of thi* Island, that we fnfly consent to the ojKration of all such acts of the British Parliainrnt, as an limited to i the n-gulation of our exteniitl commeree only am' th! I side objects of which are the mutual advantage of (ireat Britain and her colonies. I We your |>etitioners do therefore hes*>'ch your Majesty, that you will In* pleawd, as the common parent to your suhjerts, to U-come a mediator between vour EiirojM-an and .Vmeriran subjects; and to consiiler iImlatter, however far removed from your Rerity, and honour; and that there never may Ik* wantineone of your illustrious line, to transmit the blessings of our rxcdient constitution to the latest prosteriry, and to reign in the hearts #a loyal, grateful, and afl"'cfi..fiate [eople. :'*^