The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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University of Florida
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&.u3B Bilge. 32MIN


-~ P~-
now losibm Pff ano I.

Ia deep, brown d in joeful mood,
Trheir J- Cocb-land's pamus stood.
al t 111 .ind t"ahe em.m
Why aoelzitmldhe subject to Ie lave.
bsu I be k iad by their dion mmmel,
Wkh dl tihe iS to bi up, Alm e e
No em ats i by m wra e e,
I m r sma at a, or I'm mrieam.
The* Mbel dogs I might destroy au me,
If Nme had not made e such a daon*.
If I oeloe ly make those mcnd Judge
Do a I ple I'd pay ofll mygrdg.
0- -kinlegM ineg -9d gesin,
I'm oC-* if b a- w A! Oh,
Whot asos I woud grie hae wma ,
Who's rilad pr g I'd om.n atebM.
rd men depehri them of de als e mmin
They eight blame who they .I|ie. r WSI ena1
d malke the dibt ato lae pg ee uh.

To EulM d srigh my rigeama I'd bed,
Dead rrod uud .end I hkawtlhsd sead,
oegood sarvat to thel Gang' shm,
Whes I should api rupees by ti s m eare.
O'w rapr rfmme rd Dh tm ly
sweureon re-I nuuMid fnl pey.
As thea boki begaLp my bed now drow.
Tnurmig me (I rtrtWuly ) their fe.

Is Nsau lived a ossan wit
Who nea mimpebe m ltoMk
And hbe slept, he liat thought
O(the mishp thes i thl bnrodl ht;
For who amat mo he opa hi eys,
Into the rom his valet dim,
And uy- Good sir, 'tie very hbd,
You om yew bores are deberrd;
They only wilh'd to walk ronnd,
Bn, b ed by sha e, they're in th pound.
Whl! Pound my horesm md the lout
The viamse mt hare let them out
The mlen-O I'1 -rel cab 'am
And lhTir tacks. will =ondy awea 'm.
Offo maitra he walks,
And mch of honesty he talks
And hiatI the glurds em ld.,
Who frm hi* table took st ed i
"Ha Id yova funr of ab.k," id he,
-Tae n U txrlw utiks celdd nr be."
The caue wsu tried. e decreed
The family pur wa doomed to bled.
Into hi pouch, hi hbad he threat
Much grie'd to yield the goldun due,
And ths uddremed-'You wicked siaMn,
Thi Le would p for eighy dmen.
Two pond fe ?-de am's m ne;
The allman hod nmem.
If I pm Pay, b.--tkede enh:
0md memig C*,m--4m of. p-da4 .

fr-' Betla Wekl MeamIr n. of Ae% 29.
Under the hind of Civil Expesm for the Coloiae, o
remark will strike our radern ; that thee colonies mustm
moa wretchedly managed if they cannot afford to pay th
ow judges law ocarsM. It sems most absurd to c
dhemup as the g ty and refuge of Engind, (and
bhIa nv r woad o decry them) while they re ti
But or present purpose i to consider much more i
P t qusion,-. question which hu frequently be
bo- bserb the public on may occasions, but aevwr I
tactorily replied or diced. It is simply this,-wb
tr ort thm Colnis oaght M to have re pesem t
i Puaiamnt ud whether the present cri done
afbrd opa ort. it of gi them b ch repren ti
It hb bee y arued dt a, Mth population of
Brih dbam ceialic ledi@6 exaeietht of
mother covtry,--ad- the wealth and ris inmponm
o umay of t Coloe mar k them o the cradle
f mpbi, it wouldhe bhe me ifsu policy nd d
of GOu ritai to attach them by a der cermmioum,
to ie these, brepreeanBtion, hmre ilte gnmmal
litipowe oh acomry. By e enxia ion of de
reagi which bladed tm readimt accea o Pri-
a me lmlinveind in our ealeme
the C wh re beywyll re thatvmi repe
a shi dty h -te eeyed. It in wet ts


I -I


8AT'DAI fUtUVT 6 19S. W V. I-l1.YI.

dhumLed bn aIbet l ew Refem DBill oais a theai win asma I d b "a dk
hiwaponhs d rip ruminatrsioo nbn of Pabmean-t t. .a
peh.n.s. olne ie.eIn.w They wil, by dil mutoal b towne
ams. of this p i tendiea, be mon eHem-ed of d eas b dofoth
from n ha they are nclined to be, and eery day k will ad wiy te sdeat
I co mre adisposd o bear the yoke of the parent ead her Co ;E2 tie
eow. An ppwermaityn ab owe of g cIing tbm. direct i0r3t- hok
reprmanstioo. h any I a d into efrb dmply by Thoug thd Roman ceatiom rm r mined
rmcedig from thet pait o Ihsrm plnwhidc wm as by te soa of Rm wm the ailnd W t I
popwuar,-- n ame tm whichbLc prop tredue the a to the lwle r pehabdiity thea i Bris -
amber of oar mp m in Parliamet. It is know would be hau by thunion of Geat Britain with bhe
that Lord GrOy dons am tba tly pu s i the d- aem. ,m i e on abe atmary, m.w M he Lm-
tion of the member of lraim t. It never wa a fa- pled by i, aed -m to be iPerfect without Tki
vouris measure with tb i people. Why not, then, keen op assmbly which dedbatir ad cude concera g the af-
SMumber of our repemttive in the Houe of Com- fae of evrwy pt of the mnpw, n order ato ptftc
meas to their ncent mun at--ditribtm g a eint e no- lpfr ml o4beii pepnaliremna eery
dt, my hlmen or twenty, amongst ow Coeeloel umod prtm of
ign dependncies The mode, and the term of their That this unio,hower, cold be sly ecectumad, or
election, might eaily be arranged. Ifthe principle wen that difdiltie., ead grme dfkaitlee, m n"t ec in
once co ded, e polty of i would be obvious. the eecatie, is andoubed We have bead of memn,
Our Colonists, or thoe British owners and merchants however, which opp r iuumountubl. The princpl
who property i rlarg engaged abroad (for we ar not perhaps, r not from the atur of thip but from the
speakin of the natie bern colonits only), mut desire, pIejdlc aud pnl opl s of the people both au dis andM
Hke other amn,to hare s share in tih management of the other ade ofdt Atleati.
pmalic lairs, chiedy a count of the Importance which Bt if Lord GO y andth e M emum yield to At
tw old gie them. UpiM power which the greater pait rmiAdble deire of Priamemnt, nd the natural wid '
of pLadi mn, Ithe wll I artocracy of every coun- of the people, i keeping up the proest number the
try, l of pr rvia or defuling their respective im- members of the Houe of Commons, an opportunity would epd the staity aud duraton of overy ye- be immBdiately fforded (nd the boon will, we sure,
om af b g*mm t- I the aUck which theee led- be mu aceptelle) of adlthtig oedonal prpity to It
ilg me am camen ly makig up one another, mad in ja shamu ofreprmmtitle, and to i do anmd hmry
the defi ns of thrk wn power ad action, consist te weight in reformed Pariamet.
whole play of d L lao d maamriton. Suppoing that the sixty-two memhen, I ded to be
It is be natural im ldiugmen pomrsu of aoo- struck of, should be retaind upon a revimo ofthe Refrm
pr pry .ad ihm should be actuted by similar Bill, woiud t ot be a idm Lta mlem dof policy ot
moI a Iofambiti. Thy feel, or im ine, that they a ceainpia prtN of h oCm as r Cotii I d It U tly
lskl be ed fir Pesiament by the etinctina of the tend to conciliae be mertt tad hlpp hm i s om
Stheoper of te nw Reform BilL Them the country, ad would Ire ha the popolay of Bil
e to theml thed road tq politil imporra e. a aong all thoe pesons w fortunes am bound up
Thy b r imagine, tha if their Colonial Asemblie. with tade and cpmatBerofthe Empire.
which they are fond of ailing Parlimens, should be so
far degraded as to become the humble ministers of the FVm Oic Landoa AIUm.
Parliament of Gret Britain, the greater part of their own We him jut received the important latelgence--
portance would be broken dowa. Now, it must be ac- brought to Englad by :de Brton and Chldern ship of war
edged that the cotroul of a parent state over her Co -that the French squadron off the Tertn has ommoened
i wu, and is, greedy softened and qualified to the opertionsby capturing fivePortuguesevesel. Thelong.
tase of tim colonies, by having their lending men of pro- eIpectd rupture, then, has now fairly broken ont, aad the
perey m e ad e B ri"I Sene, and ac a g any ubmll aDn o d er the oerhrow of his dunas.
did, a splendid part In the national concik. But ifthey ty, is nearw bd. We werabot to sy, da di event
can no longer expect to ee them sated in a reformed Par- ould bring him to his m t we carected erlv,,
ligament, their pride will be hurt, and their afections weak- ander the doubt whether he has any or not.
ended ; and, like other ambitious and high spirited men, The convocation of the electol e and the
they will rather choose to throw off the yoke, and draw the mo for the new Parliament to ml et on the annor ry
sword in defence of their own importance, than live in of Lous Philip e' acesion, are the only newsa of
connexion with the mother country, which isinjurious, une- inporutnce from France. There is y great prun dl.
qual, pd disparain e e. There pruhiging.
rat Britain i, perhaps, since t.e world began, the hereditary peerage, nd the Upper Clhmber m a .-
only state which, a it extended its empire, has only incres- e body, will be abohe in the approaching m a.
ad its expense without a ntin its resources. To The King takes another popular progress, and the minis-
wards the declension of the Roman Republic, the allies of y evidently grows t ronger. Lord Pesnobye s aSng.
Rome, who had borne the principal burthen of defending tive letter to the Belgian. Cogrem s rs c nof d angry
the state, and extending the boundaries of the empire, de- feinh in France. Sebatia is t ect of hated
mandod to be admitted to all the privileges of Roman citi- naun both there ad in elgium Iti appear clearthat
smuans. Upon being refused, the Social war broke out; and Ri h- maa ubmat to dictaton ofnthe ie great pow-
during the course of that war Rome granted those priv. the crown From Poind, ru a ev mo, a;they
log to the greater part of them, one by one, and in t cid om r nd a e
proportion a other detached themselves from tle general par fnvourable to the caus of liberty, and tj d
confederacy. Why should not England do by choice fuL "Thi e v dlo rd of the Prophet," justice
what Rome c compelled to do by fore? It i fmndP.r.e sy te8
am maxim four policy, ince the American war, thai Mhmodn th Ini he are o p
there can be no taxation without representation. Our Co- tilece, whi:c i spreadig er Eaope to emngp os he
lonis therefore atm always be wincumbrance to us whilst worshipprs of d ra the drig out cemni d
thy main unpresented. We shallalways be taxed the slcrlsoil ofe anam. The invaded suffertba m
the enormous expenses of their civil nd military e~ d the plague-bla. T se wio sood o rand ec
tblishmenta, til we put them in an equal condition, and ragd the oggeion, wil wither in its progre."
giae them ea plidcal prie w the ret four em-
pin. L=t aben dmit to the e privilege., ad Pr Am Liledn Oer erf feg.
the could no moe object to a tax for paying their judges The costs in Psramem ea he subjeiat ed taolnrm B4l
A- ad governors, thai the inhabitum of county could ob- and the mares so successfullY takes sUe to sas o u
inhabtans county rothe adrantvntgs of Ifr relreacetnloa, hove hitherto e cow.
jct to oomy rate for the building of their bridges and pletely sLsorbd the piie srtstr that ce te mot
ne the maintainin of their prisons. Why should not Great stimag nd impoant events on the Coeian6 w ere amrue
be Brlain allow to each Colony such a number of repreen- with neglect or indifference. The conviction that the Bill is
air tatives a suited the proportion of what it contributed to the now beod the reach of hosbeiy begins, however, to pmroduc
ry public revenue of the ampire,-in consideration of its being thea ca- hicah allows us to dire our ratemim so the asba
we subjected to na r rate of xuea, and, in compensation, ad. of our neighbour ; and we are gled to emarnm the Govern-
his mited to the me freedom oftrade with it fllow-subjects mneadispod smeml the onmm mes tsh ofl people,
at home -Why, for iance, should ot the Two Casn- with inspect the ousee to bep d tows Peto. l-
- nAe ret rom members to Parliament-Jamic turn ent remostances he, e under d, ben forar'ed to is.
cas reurut Peo e ot this subject, and a Cb ren a node,
se Two. The number of rp-nativel might be augnwnt- Ptertieti as dam bet and tro m *ne al
m- ed the proportion of contribalion might afterwards in- deolmu .wit Fa r e, to Epa r m tedio diLntg
e- reae A mew method of acquiring Ioportance,- new wago, w to tle inciuaon of hr retUlios bie mnch i.
es and mo dre a object or ambition-woud ths be proe jed aLr. h is M a, we hanw nt on whe nsliry,
not mted to the leading men of meh Colony, and to the thautlhe iOigot efdrM ELt um i ShmeBim eerc
m. capital merchants eio qe in is trade, whoe domicile is "on "wit th neae of p d Be Batic i to be the
he in our own country; instead of contending for the little dai*t Iof ime*emse d nl army-e ,al d
evi could not, it its ell kown,, he iteand f ?y PoPe
Set hey, ay might then hop, firom the premnptioa which oabs t edt sad O mpr ta onal eae. en mtntu
of me na raly have in their own ability and god fortatu, ai epp mme wildU s di o est em de ed of do
y draw men of the pris which invariably m- firm tim e Aoeam whik ch um e, Vi ld d th-i wlyi
Swhel of the gra e ate loary ofBrihb politics. thbe da inds of elbliNidEsml r the t so
Unless this orsome otber mehod be fallen upo, the m agai e Wme-. I t I me Id, ib mik.
so- Reorm Bil canot be reed ery pelntbl to those h*p'p e a P Bwill e I e bmtl nda piM o
Slaying cloe i, and tha grenm me ofBrmbcaph alst, ses thoen the of t .
t a whi feramr ae hme d i, our f foreign setlementL tmm f A send -d
s Thm tobeno mthed m a lio than di om o a-d-m7 a ld, sw, I o.bmem d te
be we prp ma--f~eacMLida- e rtill ande elb na o Je e mseo cama Emp If eld had


* :


ens aimi -e I S alct yLaemef D uto rsice
11i jAiialitaa out of feaur me g the population
oa ? stiea hi h is ha b appeared, we form sol,
a Ai-d 4c shhmbas 6ahmus, -an
grmiuede to tha sa of j tiet which U ik e s a to amp-li
case It thi iWdepedlmme Puls .e u ,

E 7 120now.


We h W e ataeu d a Lmws DB to ~oreabis-.
i i the a dwo of te heblldbag firmarly med as a lore.

By t amivl of ihe Lively, Cape. Pridde, frp Chr-'
beeno, we have the please to acknowledge the receipt or
*rveral Alas of ner apev r froe that city, to the i3d illi-
u; but their ture q dear mta rlw byfive
days as 6use we have received oa England ilamca
We perceive s a variety rd of aim dities he
Sroom ssler of gvemnt aetleea, thet de Negro es-
aS.b t hia the c ts ofh tila Ilnd, hitherto delsgnated
bknow as JuIohy Hill, or Head-Quart," is here-
after to receive the m t, rbamc atme of" Carmiclhel
SViage"-. complim res served to himrlf, wemuppose,
Sour Gemee's having i stowed the Mme of Her
Majesty npoa similar emablihment of truly Apefed pn-
As these eabihm ts are merely a fwr acres of land,
able only in aell deoched portion a quarter of an
acre each, and wear, gensally, the aspect ofan arid, rocky
wre', we realy think da, on account of the expense of
asch high souandig no s, as well as their burleque ca-
racte, they might be morespuringly ued. It remindse of
Johlau 's eomparori : A two and forty pounder placed
a the door of pig ye."
When an estate is transferred, either by sale or other-
wire, the ma i always tiansferrd with it, as n unalteralbk
appendae. By act ofParliasent, no vesuel'snnme can
he changed, afte she ha bee ounce registered; the, hy
auould the pewr rinm, after spending half of his enfran-
chied life i acquiring imperfectly the name of his village,
sladenly have it changed to one of Gaelic origin, which, to
pronounce properly, would dislocate his jaw, r occasion a
selling in the gland of his thrua. We hop that, for the
reasons above stated, the gentlenan who has been alpoint-
tli to enlighten their black minds, will possem a competent
knowledge of physc and phlebotomy. Humanity dictates
it,-and Hunmniry i a Saintly virtue.

Jmnes fNpranr, one of the Anmrican Negrors belonging
to the cargoof the brig Comet, Staples, master, front Alex-
andria, District of Columba, bound to New Orleans, and
wrecked at Abaco in Janury ast, engaged himself in the
service of Mr. Sherrin.Rub-Colertor ofthe port nf Crook-
ed Land. As Mr. Sherrin i one of those srlous men in
offce althoughh not a Magistrae) whose srvics appear to
be so highly appreciated by his Ma ay's Ministera, we up
pose no thb salghts degree eli Mlae can he atmched to
Sor ot iaring given due encouragement to one of as
a claim of the present Ngre population of dthse

Afer ming his bea endeaveera to earquir e t efeurt.
m d a msiekli ce, and fining tem worse than fnrit-
dthi Negro took paemgm in a American veel fur the
luted Ses, avowing a determination of rearuning to
bondage undr his former ged dr-aatig that in these
Islands, hale bt hud to bhe tc se s slavery! And de-
sarig tdui hry was bire the am valuable freedom!
thW I Lord Goderich! and whe you open the next
mhbma Goverame Bidge, lei yw rams be armed by
miran. 8spicion ithe B tatuemn's gla: guardedby
I, y for a tiae be iml ut will eventually he pro-
taedy by it feasmirm .
Mr.Jilee For Les ha ee appointed to sc simation of
rre -Mar-halml o Domeaik, for his f d b kriahm
.Magitranofheae lmlads. We congnramt s Mr. Forbe
Being a enabled to withdraw himlfi om a Colony
le whih his departtu wil be looked apon as a WmLI
-i. highly rrespctas am -i a ed ge lem
so be a v ainle qiies to Iid Domi~lca.
On S 10th L mel h i* ikL W 80 N., ad long. 7 30
W. (or habt uny in theo amrd of Cape Crna, on
6t shled of Cuba,)a French Singr,haviang board
151 Shrb m Wo ld by H. M.e. Speed.L, La.
Wme. The Slave, Caoel as te m we in a very
s cHly a It Lm afterwards M od that Ase landed
whaln c ri M le dd Cdi. h b instd dt a
cmpay t renchin, at Neas, have adily eatered
late a samS to al ply deM Imed df Ca A wi
S"e Man ly.

heirnTs I3
Him,-1 admIre your candour in r'evetig zeal- n.
aray's conduct, on tw r time ore f the House of As- T-e British so at did mot then dare to attempt, r

Ciusato iuse imr, and join h ujsui g '' ilvery taxation, dthey a iv, i N apbl in
credit fran art ot oii nion ajt State nuenatioaed, i vate rperty In Pm Ia
a l ubp llaeh efee 78 ofimb a l-mbd nd'aie ea d a 1
IsL dw mirlltycr -'* bri*ll semo in be
I at indund to beiave lmt You ioram t etl the vy tile tuie, equal. to the number which are at

hich wil d sie wO themN A Roen of prais e yu lav a c country and righteous, and its deeldsjus.o
bestowed upon him. b tilBld. you l with hihl rme stI.
Ji Elocalleacy directed tint the Slaves should be e- a Drl'olrneut, r w
io ed n the o --n because the mies was illegal- 1776, treated t A Stit Yonarm not only
ads e .m.e.tice denmaded that i should hbe dm,-o taxed internu by *ad s GUovernment i
tnt the Me mariner purpen ypight ua thejaordy which you h me vuocr anI Upo the
tbh that sinehai bl placed t on: No, Mr. Edir, muse Govenmtoeottd l' you ofvery
th dmna nmsideoion influenced os Goveror, when he farthing of ye r prei any compensa-
coamplied with th vialmsous HRum of Asnsebly -;a, tion whatever; n t thki profligate and
by acting as e did, It. Exce y hoped to stife a op hideous avowal of their lntentoioy tll you, tmht mnle
pAsition tolue mmuae, and thought tnt due Hue, thrown you sacrifice it with your own t wihe 4 plied
off its euard by uch a ma6 act, would concede to what- with the meet unrelenting force tW you t
ver he right proupe. In short, the Governor concluded British Colonis ts Since the d were etabllahed,
hI aihensi by sying, that he had granted them a very you have been bondmen to your i-Couotry. For
groat bos nd hoped thed ia turn, d.e Hoe would nearly two centuries she he4 comt to take very
waive all ier consider e d immediately pes a bill thing that you rquiral, e. m to a to nail, front her;
to abolish the m poranl punishment t m tale Slaves and to send very thing that you can led industry ri-
I remaiOn, sir. Ae, in her ow andip u to her o oucia, for her bne-
YOUR CONSTANT READER. fit, and for her advantage. When tihemtitey decees of
Napoleon shut her eomserte-out of the Cootinent of Eu-
The following iytelligeuce is translatd from the Diari rope, and when you could have sold your own ogr at your
de Ila aen :- own doors to the subjects o'the United States tr i80 aler-
SHIPWRECK. ling per hogshead, you were, under her rigidrilpn l sys-
Pumavor-Pmasca, Island of Cuba ten obliged to send them to this country, whvee py n Lme
25th June, Iti'I. times did not produce you Z5; and it 6i only wthi these
At a quurwnr pst two, on the morning of the 15ltinstant, few years, when, hatodonig the system which rinel this
was wrecked n dhe Reef RBal de lns Catalanes, two nation to an unprecedeated heightofwealth, pore sfdglo-
s to windward of the mouth of the Pot of Nuevita, y, that she has peritned you to eiLk It market where you
the Iglish merchant ship Histan, Mr. John Borrem, can-permitted you to do this, when she knows you cannot
master, with a rew of I men-lavr sailed from Lon- advantageousl do it-permitted you to do this, when she
doe, in ballast, found for Havaa, a 49 days passage. knows, or ought to know, that her own pernicious policy
In the afternoon of the 16th instant, the Commandante de Pus it out o your powerr to obtain any better market in
Marina, received information of tie shipwreck, and that the world, becae other nations have widely, and, under
sam night, himself and 4 men, with Ia ou nd fur protecting laws, taken up those branches of crmamerce,
boats, went to their aistance; bate C ptain nvinced ich she one e ivey poemed-The thing
of the imposaibility f getting the vesel off, their cover you with embarrassments; the further proceedings
services, a his own crew were sarftiient to save the ails of your stultified country go to annihilate you ltoether.
and materials.- a eta der PlSmee-rinip. British Coloninits You are reviled, calun united, ad
persecuted, in your M thclr-Country to an extent incredi-
SIIPS, COLONIESw, AND COMIMERCE. be-to an extent as iganlceful to dwe intellect of her Io-
pulstion, as the degree to which, it believes, it levels your s.
ADDRLBn TO Tim aur raITI COLONiEl. A very lreat proportion po ynur countrymen have been
Britlish Wlest-ndia Colonist! I address you, i and incl.ssintly taunclt to believe, aind now really do bInlieve, hllt
hlaps fr the last tine, upon a subject on which your eI.- ou lhave rlion W monsters i not men ; anil inti you kill yviur
itpn ie' depends. I address yolthrough the chmnlul which slaveI at pIemi'e, and with a tile commiseratioa as the
I not do, because it is tihe oily channel within my power, | avae kills tlh n ih; n east of the flibl. An indhis ual,
through which I can make thoe dLaers which pros M uon nom i this plare, above the vulgar in weathh, hr not in
you, and the course ihichi I humbly conceie you sliouki .t 111lct, tio 1 a fiend of mine, in presence of ereml per-
take, on the enmrgency, Lgeerally and umost peedily known ns, as pro.n f tie nrwlty exercised upon the slaves,
anongst you. that it %asa cinmmnon antl daily practice of the w itesa when
British Colonists! an impudent, profligate, and uncon- a spot p.i)lared upoun a plate, at a dinnor-table, to lake die
stitutional address has h.tcly buen iuscil by an irreslp ni- negro, sirvantat teIaing, and to place hi or her i m corner
bl Ibioyv stvline itself the \ nti-Slav.ry Society of London, of tei rooo, aw ere tige nests continued to throw knives and
calling upon all die inhabitants of trusat-Britain an'd In- I;lrks at their face, until they putt at iireves, or put them
land, in the general election for tme new Parimuneit, now t, i dtiea! Lady, the wife f a ('lerryman of rank, in
goint on, to give their vole only to such caundlidait as will tlhe rcntre ol'Enriand,ltokl a friend of mine, who we a fel-
take your property from, andm ulake you political slaves; low-travellr in a s' coach with her a few days Beo,
anld firtlr calling upon them to require of such candidates that it was her firm Inelief that ite whites in die Colonire
a positive pledge to dais edfct. Thi adldress i signed by dlid, ifro inclinatifn, atld at will, cut, driven and linrtrate
mbsrs. T. F. Buxton, S. ilirory, W. Wilberlorce, W. t lhe il-.'rots: and that thel were petued like cattle t night,
Smith, Z. ancalay, D. Wilson, I. Watson, S. Lushingl- and driven in chains lik cattne to work in the uwornin!
ton. iit. LInsion, within thee feI weeks, the fllowint die-
British Colonists Your a llirar) disposed, but at plrnent loge t.ook place between a nem ro female mirvnt, lately
truckline, (overniuent, have not dared to denounce, or fromi tihe(iolonie.s,anda white nmnt of a next-doorneilh-
even to blame, much leas to oppose, such a dariug inroad Iur:-" Whai t are the sluaes in the West-Indies like?"
upon justice, andt upon the authority ll iwal lished Goe- said this person of white intellect. Why, I am a
veranuent, andupon their authority, at le responsihknlend e lave !" was. timr reply lofthe neur female. You a slave,"
of the British Empire. said Ier white silstr. Yes !" Yo a slave !-Why, ar
Colonists! From such rulers yaulove thing to hope, all slats hke I ?I" Do the y walk like yon Do thmy
hut every thing to fear. Their theories oir power, and idrns like yo u, work like you, and eat like you Yes, tyn
their plahe, eae of much greater conaqueace to them than dl-ane l tImay of themlae pset dmt elter Rea H lly !"
your safety, your welfare, your character, ad vyo pao- an.senrd tile asuilihedl white, Why, e are tall, and
parity. In a moment of national excitlmentetUd i dnes, Inliiee, that tlwy walk like hoi,r's and cattle, and iat and
they are calling to the assistance, it order to support them work lilkt Ilutee, and ar driven and floked like th'se ut,
In their future plans, all those who are your deaelieet and ifnal slaves are like iou, I shoud leave no objection to go
bitterest foes-all those recklem plical economic sand to the Wem-Imlids, and he a slave too "
fanciful theorists, some of whom have not, either in purse British ('oloni s! Such you ae represented to be by
or character, a farthing to lose, and whoI hsele princi- yuar implacable enemine in ti lnumtry, and ruch charn'-
pie, profligate theories, and detectable schemes, have hee- ten their persevering effort have taught nmltitudes fyowr
gared you, stripped half the population of the British Em- deluded countrymen to believe you to he. Youn owe it to
pireof half their property, and who cling to the merciless yourelves, to vindicate our characters before the British
application of principles in religion, in politics, in colonies, public. Brute trre in the career of liberty rmn nda, ,or
in ships, and in commerce, which will degrade yao coun- not undersood, nnay take your lawful prolprt, and your
try, and dismember tde British Empire. Ipermnal liberties. I'rom you; but even it must allow ymol, to
British Colonists This it Inm true mstae ofthinag. Be- vindicate yea character from the fiol stains which have
lieve not those who tell you etherwine. Open your eyes been cast upon tlem. Insist upon this, in theomt solemn,
to the factssntheyrishlefre eyou. See tIodanper whichap and deternned, andinthe mot pnhlic, manner. CaHllfor
proaches--witch has already got you in its iron gramsp, ad inquiry and inwietitntion hy b enminsio n nfhhonest men.
strive by all the energies which your maker has given you. Let da m go amongst you, and see the actual condition of
to escape, as far as you e able, from the truel nilt which yomurselve and your slaves. Let them ee how yot treat
march to crsh you. You aie marked ouffor the first vic- them; how you feed them; how yoi clothe, them, and how
tim of national nlmdnmenatioual folly and ationalinjimice; you work dthem. Let them make up their reports in the
but you will not be the lst. Yom hmus appremora, r- pesee of yoorGovermon and your Leislaturls, and not
pensible or irresponsible, wherever they my be, will in lave thee to he made up in London, and to be cult and
their turn be reduced to poverty and degradation, and pe- caved npomn,as the Cblonial Office, or the ma.ter of tie
rim under the sweep of that deolating spirit, which they ('mial Offie, cheose.--Meofu r, in order to enable the
have for veqr, been o o edulously engaged in rousim to Cs"miminemn to know andtseerinre whethervomir lavne
oppre anzl to ruin you. heve become deeriorated or improved in civilization, mo-
British Colonists I The contest with the British k4mri. reality, and industry, while under your sway, and in orier
can Colonies, now known under the na he United i aie o give a fhir contrast, and to teil all the truth, insist
States of America,is not forgotten, wal the arbitrary, m- ibtthemCommisionem shallhfirvisit the Western Coasts
constitutional principle which called that contest co th, ai d of Africa, and see wih their own eve the state of tie ne-
w*lclliul the counrie e 3.iet M Empire, I e ill grem is the countries from which ih have been tnoglit,

, -----~--- -.-~ --Mod-


w.._. in W_.. ,uismEIP ~ I r~.

a ,k ..d tl tObts t ta a(ls-
LeoW,.d mpenpon *he e of jl ,blon, which
le buo otyyms undarthms cteal all-w and
ihti~ CJe, wikh e national rrt their com-
mand, .ud then contrast the state of ppusJaton,ud
that ertbe Wtlera Coast of Africa, present ate
eryu JdaIe population, whon the ml appear in its
prpr erlavee before s eys of the hmhe p.ope c
eths oam r. Thr omna you valM fohr-the result
wil make you laf.
Britia Colonists! Yoom are being wholly n.-
differvm to, amd careln about, the and rellimU h1u
atructio of year lav.- w the neg t sd
the enmity which cruh ytm, and die Eg rraimenta under
which you groan, the reldhgi esl s n which exist
roag yue, and which you lopdetL"td which you ae
allv extending, even with your e means, give the lie
o dm charge. Tike, for ea b Derderre, the Colony
mot Aereely maBend on the ~ d head. With a popu-
lation of about 70,000 tl and 15,000 ree pope,
10,000UU erld per annul 1i out of the Colonial ve-
nue to support the Clore*.Ihe National Chlurches of
reat- Brtain and wMchld Odh more than is'paid for the
Estblished Clrgy In _, with 200,000 inhabitants!
Briish Clonlsats l i government joins in the cry
ranid against you forha tence to the moral and reli-
giouin instruct o your w~ es.-With what justice it does
so, let the following fad eamify :-A very considerable
number of liberated Abhas, and chiefly individuals hou
oamposad the late Wet-lndia Regiments, since they have
.oee dibanded, be been collected and sttled in Trini-
dad, under he immediate away of the British Government.
Threnligiouandorel instruedon of these people hasbeen
wholly neiatese. The little, which, from ixing with
civilsed peps, they had gained, they have snce lost, and
in the Ialand f Triidad where they live, they are at this
mumeut batting wood, and framing er tNro Goe, to war-
ship after the fahion of the country from whence they
originally came! When the Governor of dI island, only
a short time ago, represented these thing o the Colonial
Ofice, he was requested to my mothig boat it, as it was
a business which mumt, publicly known, cover them
with hame, nor has e. I believe, been ny means taken
to remove the ignmoanc, the stigmnand the disgrace I
British Colouist! You have been calumniated and re-
viled, because you own slaves, and because occasionally
you sell thas ee to another. You have even been ,o by
tlE very mien who themselves sold and sanctioned the sale
of, slaves. Colonits! you know the WINCKEL estahlish-
mnut in Berbire. Colonists! you know, but your country
does not know, the lucrative use which that establishmeil
has Imeen Rpplirel to. under a commission from th Governi-
nmlent civento Mr. Wilberforce, Mr. Stephen, Mr. Williami
Smiitl,&dc. with Ms. Macaulay as Secretary and Consignee.
I ask the British Governmeni, and those Gentlemen, your
hilt,rot nmemuTlrr if they, by their agents, did not, for years
m...i'r. liniiyears, subsequent to the abolition of the African
Sl.hne-'l'raile, sell umauy coloured females (some of theui
ailnloit white bloneing todmaitestablisnient,) whowere kept
iiilresru to several inmlividuals-Guvernor's kgenLt, &.c;
and also if tll wife of a Mlisionary, whoiIn they sent to in-
struct them, (jd not, after thedaily tak slie exacted front
thlin was linihcd, give them passes to g for the night to
thl'. with whom they lived ina state ofconcubinage. And
wIho, let me ask ofall te parties concerned, received the
mIloney for the sale of thdse feleitls-an-muating, in some
instance', to 200 sterling each Will he Colonial Ofice
tell is whto hbouilgt Leonra, Theresa, Rtbecrs, &c. &.
An.d is tlhe (;ilvrnment, and the individuals mentioned, to
IM- permiiltted, with praise, to revile you for doing that which
they tlirnlulve have done I
British Ciolnists! I perceive with satisfaction the er-
ertionq which you have made in the Meeting of Deputies
from the different islands at Barbadoes, in order to memo-
rialize the British Giovernnmnt on the subject of your un.
precedented distress, and to require of them to do something
tn remove it. This is oi ftr right; but you must not stop
there. You mayas well throw v o memorials and petition
into the e.j as send them to the Colonial Offce of Great
Britain, or to any Oflire under the British Government, un-
leW you send able men from among yourelve, to meet
the Gnvernment face to face, In order to support theae,and
to clear your characters from the foul charges which have
been brought lamisul them. The inhabitantsof the Mau-
riltis have acted in this manner, and they have gined their
Ipint, and rebutted, intie tI 2th of the Colonial Minister,
the calumnies circulated against them. Their language
was such as became frmen, and British suhject.-,Their
Deputy told Lord Goderich, in the most decided terms,
that if they were to remain British objects, they must be
treated assuch, they must have their grievances redreaed,
or their property protected, OR THEY MrUT BE PERMITTED
rr! Wet-lIndia Colonists! Go ye and do likewise, and
our determined remonstrance will ave a similar reauh.
Your present Government cannot refuse a request soju.
and so reasonable.
Glasgow, 9th May, 1831. JAM
Ae a-d El -A weaver in a papm-cp and sepm in
mper costaim, wem nharged at the Mnasm-heoae. a Tharem
.w, ith driven a c.imele through the srees so a to endanger
'nr.or the panms.gers amndlso with sking a police-oflcr.
time mw @lta heen rnlstmtd by an old gentleman to drive his
ficile lInce, when tmAimI it a gmod opportuniy to have a
9 * he wat h te 'meep, who. wth. short pipe In his woth,
nrito abe lim toMesmn of hb (fitn w he had eal
t make. Tse reseer was fined w.e silhnbs fer being d k.
and adred to nad bail for mhe ssaml the sweep. who e Wil
p heme eajoyed his ahrt-lived ci manqe. was diemgedL
on a nAeRr.
A deaoy is a chp that would
Re a young lady if he could
Bat, a he can't, does all he m
To `how the world he's not a m.

'In New Yrk, on the evening of April 19th, by the Rev.
Richard Varick Dy, Minister of the Dutch Ro formed
Church, Doctor 8. J. CLITrras, of he Island of New Pro-
vidlence, Bahauls, to Mis Hassou CuTius, a
native of the same place.

5th-81oop Lively, Prudden, master, Charleston
Rice, Corn, L&. to Joe. TaosMnoN.
6th--Sloop Jane, Crison. Turk Islands
Flour, Tobacco, &c. H. AnOammar.
Sloop Favourite, Gould, Crooked Islnd
Fustic and Couon.
Sloop Diana, Fernandes, Fish Key
Futic, SpaI, &c.
Sclr. Eagle, Whitehead, Fish Key
Sloop Autqusa, Demeritt, Fish Key
Fumes and Cotton to Jous Tuousio & Co.
SSloop Joseph & William, Bethell, Cuba
52 head Turtle to the Master.

3d-Schooner Bithon, Frances, Cuba
6th-Sloop Harlequin, Perpall, Matauiza

4th-Schooner Bithon, Frances, Cuba


On Mmdemay, thi th instead.
At *10 ~Otek, A. 3L,
Will he sold at the Vendue Home.
Superfine Flour, in whole & half Barrels
Rice & Corn, in Bags
Suear,;n Barrels
Pork, in do
Crackers, in KePg & half Barrmls
Soap & Candles
With sundry other articles.
A Set of Dining Tables, Ciairs, &c. dc.
7Terms C(h mn delivery,
At three Mrnt Credit,
A Very excellent Grand Piano, Harpsichord Shape,
A very handsome Bay Horse, about five years old,
accustomed to the Saddle,
Auetust fih, 1831.

On Monday wert, their N instant.
At 1* O'gloek, M.
Will be old
The following valuable Slaves, belonging to a gentleman
about to leave thee I*liands, viz:
MARY, aged 16, a good house servant,
JOHN, aged 12, a smart Boy.
SARAH, aged 10% year.
MELORA, aged 7 & 1 mondu.
CHARLOTTE, a"ed years.
CELIA, aged 3 & months.
Termed 3 ma9nli Credit on giving approved Security.
AugustS l, 1191.

On Mndsy next, the M8 instant,
AT THr reNUsr HOUes,
At 1& O'el.k.
Will he sold on account of the Proprietor,
Al sir Monat Credit.
A Houe and Lot, ituate in the Western Ditrict, bound-
ed as follows, via :-Fronting the South 75 feet on De
Lancey's Street; It the North 60 feet on Lot of Eve Wal-
lace; to the East 251 feet on Lot No. 45, and on the West
260 feet, which mid 60 feet is bounded on Lot No. 47.

The Houe is two Story, the upper built ofWood ; with VnATRY Room, 5th July, 18]1.
a Hall and Hedroom &c. convenient for a family-the un- L -T -O .i-.
der is of Stone Rith two Rorms. Muitahl for S uervants.- LAST TICE.
Also, Kitchen&. and a Well of excellent Water, wilh a i ERSONS still remaining indebted tI the estate efth
variety of Fruit Trees. late DsOLD BLAtr, deceased, are required te ake
Amy person wihing to purchl e,may view the prnisem immediate payment, as the subscriber s instructed to dca
at any time prevou to the Sae. that estate without delay. AD accounts nlquidamed o the
August 3d, 1881. t ol September next, will be put in mlt.
R I Admlblramor.
On Meuday, the 12IA Reptlemrr ml,, July .0, 1881.
At 1 O soek. H~ E SUBSCRIBER, iatndingtoi e thadheme
Will be sold, without reserve, .I in all November next, cab n thede to whom l
That pleasantly situated Houe and Lot in Bay Street, may be indebted for their repective deseud; al tdle
at the corner of Culmer Street, at present occupied by indMebtd to him, he earmetly requets, wil seds he am
Mrs. Elizabeth Watson. A Plat of the Premise will be by the end of September nsuilng, s eable hi a -t
let at the Subscribers' Store for inspection. the demani anat him, and an larumats re hg ae-
Terms-Si month credit freom the day of ale, the pur- paid at thd period will sed fr iadullm nluam.
caser giving approved Security. ROT. WIL
August 6th, 1831. 20th July, 1831.

`rl I
~~~~~~~rrm rrrr u


At the Store oFMrs. E. M.' om x, A t1 meet,
At 2. 46uat. I. '
s Wli ifsU s.
( Wosks rk tsi AMrmw)
Al the'stock in trade, consiitiag of a vemsygta mm t-

Gingiena, Chin, RegeMtae & Calee,
Irish Linen, Tickig, Check,
Book, Mull, Jaconvl, Japan & Deal Musllm,
Musquito Netting, Cotton, & Cotton Cambrick,
Silk, Lace, Ribbons, Bombasett,
Crepe, Brale Dreae, Slk & Satn, Pwrolek,
Gentdemen apd Ladies Silk and Cotton He
Do. Do. Do. Do. H A Ir f
Gentlemens, Ladies, and Cufdre Sheboe
Gentlemens Black Silk Stocks,
Gelenemn & Ladies, Gloves, of a deaipi.s
Reel & Ball Thread, ounce Do. frmo 1i to 94
W. B. and all Colour Thread, Tap*, Pin,
Needles, Ped & Bone Butons,
Ilair, Coat, Tooth, Nail & Shaving Bramba
Gentlemens superfine Broad Cloth close & over Coat
Ladies Tortoise Shell, Braid & Side Comas,
Toupee & Ivory fine Tooth do. Japan Waiter,
Visiting, Conversation Playing Cards,
Seidlits Powders, Cotton, & Worted Fring,
Cotton Cord, Buspender, ce. &c.
A Complete assortment of Perfumery-Consiting of
Hair Powder, Roe Pomatum, Roe,Lavendar and Cologu
Water, Extract of Roses, &c. &c. &c.-Macasor, Rusia
and Antique Oil, Bentley's Cold Cream of Rom, Tooth
Powder and a variety of scented Soap-With a number of
other Articles.
Terms-On all purchases over 30, six month credit
by giving approved security-under that amount, CASH.
To be continued the following days, until the wheoi is
disposed of.
August 3rd, 1131.

0O Monday, the 81A August int.
At 11 O'eale k.
Will be sold, (without reserve,) the following valuable
Property, situate on St. Salvador, vis:
A tract called MoUNT Nemlnw, near the Hawk's Nest.
Thmre adjoming Traort, nwed-
I. rav MoimNr, MoU Nr VI'w, and SMALL Hons.
And Thrre other Tract-
One late the property of Mr. Munroe ; one known by
the nanW. of SAIt.on'as RHTRnET, and one commonly caed
A valuable Tract situate on Watling'. Island, caled
A lull description of the love Lands will be given at
tie tinH. ofsale.
Terms-Thne months credit, on giving securhy.
(C Theale ofthe above property is postponed until
M ,nimdt, the 15th instant.
July 2d-lH1i1.


Tvi r'aauar
AVING fixed the saMie of mnnau at the iate of(
per barrel of soperfine Flour, Ordered, that the
chilling Loaf do weigh iglb. 8&., and the sipenny Loaf
lib. 4uz. By or,!er of the Vestry.
DAVID SPENCk, Vestry Clerk.
VaIsTaY RonM, 2d August, IS1l.

OTICE is hereby given, that the Pews of Chrst
Church will be old for one year, by public auction,
in theusid Church,
On MONDAY, the Rth of August nlsam t,
At I o'clock.
07- The present ocrrpnnts may remain their Pews,
agreeably to the term of their former parr, oa paying
the annual rent for the amen to JoINs WIL.oo, Erquke,
Vestry Treasn.rer, on or before tIe 6th day of August.
Bm order of the Vestry.
D. SPENCE, Clerk.

0 h. T'

F as (!.,n. C r.a, Jf
HA.11B 8 k I4' RELAW NY.
O0 Monday a n"menam s Mifuly rnpealMbaetlg
etiee InhabiWuts fdiPt Pati bk na d the Court
Hump i 64mm,.
Mr. Lamont sid he bed ead the mmtag in cmame-
quiu.e ol req uiSli r i is- dt a or M irtmte,
whichhe urud. It win fom:-
TuLi.AnPw, Juldy, 18ML
S r,-We te t nr daM ipd, Mrquet dl you wel can-
vense ea- ly am puibl. a public metia.l dofth frrid-
Mr and othr Inhabltant of ths parih, to ltak into. cu-
sdeidoidhlnjurlau me sues propel to be adoledby
elE tal tariment ow this Wert adia Colo-
aei, mad white, lifted I, mea m laeriarly amact

We ar, Air,
Yo w vy bedla m -erant.
[Signed by several repectable edivduk.]
F. Lam -t, Esq. Senior Magistrae.
On the moina of Mr. Frter, Mr. Lemon took the chair.
Mr. Fraer rem d sid they mr called togeter in
consequence of the proceedig of Paliamot anad of his
Majesty's Miisten, which were of a e trnrdlnary a nm-
Dre that it behoved the clCni to be Mrenuom in their
opposition to them. He truted they would show to heir
reamies dtt they would not sbmit to be deprived oftheir
oprtyn the manner that Parliament was depuding.
r Lh cua into poseslon of thi property in the au
anneer otar subjuc by charter; d by a charter du
Su an good u that by which their enemies hild. heir pro-
prty.-It wer a great hardship upon those lands that
among the ranks oftoe who were endevourig to deprive
dhea oftheir undoubled property, his Majesty's Minalen
were to be found. A they had left t tmto do wa to
minonltrate strongly and firmly, and let the apple of
Greo Britain know that.iin the enlightened dayso the nine-
Menth century they ar determined that slavery shall not ez-
bt in their dominion, they ought pot to deprive us of our
properties widout giving full recompene for them as it is not
justice to take from one by the strong arm of power to give
to the other. It is aid they are going to deprive the pro-
pri tor ofhis laves; if they do o, hi freehold will be ren-
dered usess and therefore the honest proprietor will be
deprived of what be ha earned merely to please the fantas-
tic visionarie of Grat Briaia. If they are determined to
lur the situation ofafair, let dhem act honestly in the
lt instance. Let them give full compensation and he
was W dhaMt all preent-nay all the inhabitants of this
land, would readily give up their laves, and then let
Orat Britain amune hbaelf by trying expariuents wi ththe
aegroas. But we must remonstrate until that is done, and
be thought it proper that the Governor Ibould be petitioned to
call the Amembly together, to send home delegates t.
submit our ce to his Majesty, and to let him know that we
will not consent to the spoliation of our property to pleas
any faatic persons wie choono to cry out for it.
Mr.Lemonius aid that with the leave of the meeting he
would rmd a serie of resolution which he had prpared on
th subjecl-Mr Lemonus thee proceeded toread the fol-
wing resolutions, which were adopted:-
Reseled-TThat our property in Slave in this Colony
has bmm lawfully mad honealy acquired under the unction
of the lws of Gra Biual, and titherefore it ought to
be held aus cred by the Imperial Parliament, u the pro-
po of ay other Britih abject
__m__ That a eparationa four dlavesfrom our land
woild gender the latter of no value whausever, mad as ou
propertme in his bland ar the principal means of subsist
ence for ourselves and families, we should, if deprived o
thesi by Parliament, be reduced to miery and ruin.
RenlTm-Tha it is the rightofevery Britib subject and
the boa of the British Contuitution, that no individual
however humble, ca he deprived ofthe leat portion o
hi prpry without being paid for il,anddim therefore w
d ada our andoubted right full compensation for ou
Landa and 8lave before Parluanna interferes with th
Rer ed--That the mean devised by a faction, in th
House of Coomons, to deprive of our property ifcarrie.
into ef ct, cannot fail to craue a mile war, oftoo horri
blM auture to contemplate, and that any person who at
tempts to produce or promtas ech war is an enemy to hi
Ruebed-Thet ourloyaly hasaeverbe found wantin
In timan of war and danger, nor ever been shaken by th
oppresive taxes and insulting measure heaped on u b
the Mother Country, nor evea beea umpected but by
leader of the Anti-hlaweo Socity in place in th
House of Commona, who admitted dha a people driven
despair, by oeing themelves majmly deprid of all th
mI oflife and comfort for themselves and children, ma
dlherir misrble exiance as aa k in d ale of dhei
rights and
R lad d- ht is the nadooubted right of mabject t
demand protection agaui t internal and external nemsie
in return for bearing their proportion of the expense
the wernmeat; and that a government refoling inch pr
action detroys the compared wrh Ih subject.
uaebd-.Tha th e cadet of te Brktisover eat
aing L higher thea oormhjecta-i feaering o eaq
mir, and lMite g t eir m nhoodaroainat a-- rmje
i mlalmemme MfrIm partal personin our fbvow-... al
Ii designing mes under he minly cloak ofdReligd a
o wto piar our peeaary of teir savings, but al t to
dimonM t and rhebMlim amnl t hm-Ia dliamb t
withb ew rnop for wwba protection we hare deebl

-- lm "- aI
iit ..,I of Ids SNOWY A
I8 ybi l : he -- s I e- led. is. .. i i.a .

.Marsi- at- biect Orn ad pa Co me-
try, a separatdom from which,though 6 ap1paedyded by Oiw uysp In T ridibylghnde M it
the laner, must ll our buses with the Tids t a Thermsre ei

ao other aTermtie Chan to WeRaw. way at W
habo ohe h Ecl of thi e i s a em bse hi, i nca C tve PLroml The 0ms
Jolitn d to all n early santin of ahs R mo aTrRDI s- maa CL e ... l i p
rb ny, a order that a er o is t o of the ma hm amif wrty oAn l rI he abuccesr e ur m I
lay oar l & a t" he feet of the Too, humbldy I 00 n, by ~ dm r-ic hIb e i s c e e mZ s
top If our mot Graciou Soverengn and the BrhI TLthe a erm Aa.i' ] a the a lsM' em t um
nd u riet.h, ,eq.n illwy thea im -Maeitysul UmOel in tyh ca dl .a. o e. T, e m
web may he aPria lved lwor allegi c ada, thea i n. a y l lrioant hoiel
Smo b thas t protactia donte another etion, whichbid af the ea dl m Rai feT D iltt aidIam
a h Ial l n relAn y wih old Ibfrom am ou ownr. la(m pr un hOfm 3 lr ohfrn .e"I1
It ioabedTha committee b eappInda iwteodwud to isuhl whom wt a lthe a 5 I tec epirad
postiinr o hi EIcellency ae Governor, and to reaqu the I owdW i yf the niumb m
We junior Member h Auetly for this Paerih It present cu ha a eps t pae i r I ti.hrl e Sm.
the amen an hib Lordshlpin the mdo a nd eapctul imanr. tagmlir wrean Cackadi iWke it var
ResI ed-TThat the Chairma do d la do foregong Re- Illa 1 The two in t I a
sluthe oon behalf of the meetir and t hat to d b t ohne v i the grar of ano th by wrb a g saws
ublhed fart in e Cornig aed C rr the pCorn l Coun near Lyobni kI t ebm, am
Conty Pm per of tihl land, and once In the Ti man end of eel a Polie sc ae cet ri.i em otie a
John huo, London papers, nad in the sgow Cour er TURe.
A committaeof fiveo grleon wem thmn ppoine dto Te sa .en fharthd e rini u omt pogmem
draw up a petition to the Goveror which they prepared tde Inrrectioa Trkey oha t h ra n matter I.
in a short time, and the petition was ordemd to be sio d cutioum which l ve la m pi in Cema eoap (wn.,
by the Chairman on behalf of the meeting. time five hundred d of am ht), u aedt n them
Onthe motion ofMr.Lemoni, Mr. Lamont left the Chair of d Goven m ont a pend me sata ofthe
and Mr. Hine being called thereto, bel- in the c apil many ad fofor rmidable. The dernaned
Mr. Lemonist moved vote ofdhankt the Chairman the roe lliotp ahea are crimm They mp siat
for his able and impartial codut in the Chair that day, the dishamding of the regular troom ; Sd, dt samnt
which wa carried unanimaouly andthe meeting separated. of the Jani mrien ; D the raoration of M andam
HIS MAJESTY AND THE WEST INDIA property of all the Jaliams whe were esmmed, add
COLONIES. thee whom amill livi; 4th he nmtorati onf *
It ito be expected thas the Wet-India interest,-the Avi ge of whih the UBa habe bo depn d ;r ,
moat neglected, her they are net the ollt insulted, of all lition of the e as ; th, indemnity for ad t te t
tional intAeatn willfi t m n amfriend n his Maent- ai since the overLrow of the amacent iati i

the conduct of the settlers and owners in our colonies, d at condition whbic the Sultan cannot gato d the stes,
they have uniformly obtained there meet favr lemde opini team o i of a or even of amof them, would coat his eim
from the military d l in th islands thro ad his It is mid th, ling the n d
and the nature of their mantsaia isnscarcy lec in favour able Genemnl in such a acr, the a hlu m taken IS b
For who have been the agiatonr on the ubject, but half- fa'vur Ila tMeheo et (celebratn for hi of Vanm)
mad misionaries, three-fourth of them winou any pre- and entrusted Ii with a important ommand. La
tenc to education ; or cunning rogue of tndern who wia- received from the ferontir of Germay, ay that the
ed to extinguish commerce in the West, that they might Viier h not bem taken priner but that, n the
derive ome petty tffic in th Eas or junt of Sect- ry, he Ehas defaced the rebels, and driven them back i
riana at home, who attempted to gn public strength by greatidluhter. We a"hl be rejoiced to have thia inm
clinging together in public, and to whom the West India genoc confirmed, for we would oiek on my toAmimati
question served as the m eetnveniant link. the power of the prata reforming Sultanof th Turkis
His Majesty must to his eeliaga o this topic, arming national calanriy.
from his general anxiety for the welfare of the national poe- From tit Londoa Gazette sof ay 13.
Sessions, add those of hi original profeion, in the course of This Gazette notified that the King h been plead
which he viited the Wat Indiea. For our part, we total- grant dignitiea of Baron, Vicount, and Earl of the UuV
Slydimbelieve the monaroutorie oflcruely ywhichthe Saint- led Kingdom of Greet Britain ad Irland nd, unto Ge
ly Auociation have told for the wonder of the European Fochir nce, Eaq., Colonel in the Army, ad the
world. The traveller and merchant, e gallant soldier male of hi body lawfully begotten, by ite mumne, st
and amilor, who pa their monthsoryears in themidst ofhe ad tides of Baron Tewkeabury, Vicount Fitlnd ric ,
Save population retun toon wiHoutany pathetic hitorie of and Earlof Moaner; to confer the a holoa of Knlghtd
Sthe ioismiu of he planters. Hundreds of uch men re- on Joaeph Whatley, Esq., Groom of his Majesty's iB
turn every year, and no man are more ready to peak their chamber; and to appoint Sir F. J. Lamb, G.C.B., iti
minded upon aln opics, yet upon ts, their only mode of ha Majesty's Ambasador Extraordinary and Plenipe
speaking generally to exprea their indignation ath e m- tiay to the Emperor of Autria.
grant uimpoatuo which de itinerant preachers of sedition, Fram Ite Sm ef May i4.
under the diseuim ofmethodism, or of methodiam in th The King has been planed lo grant to Frederick Fa,
language of sedition, import annually, In aimn for their an- clarence, Esq., a Colonel in the Army; to Adolphm Fe
nual declarations at the meetings held in every corner of clarence, Esq., Captain in the Navy; and to the a
London. The Hoer of Aiembly in Jamaica present- Augotus Fitzlarece, respectivly, the tide aad pr
1ed by their agent, Mr. Burge, an addre, at one of the denceof the younger son of a Marqui of the Uited Ki
late levees, to his Majesty, a rational, manly, and loyaldo- don, of Great Briutn and Ireland; and alo ha bees
f cement, and which wan most graciosly received.--la- grant to Sophi, wife o Sir Philip Sidney; to I ,
weed's Magaasi. wie of Chaere Richard Fox, Esq., a Lieutenant Coel
SPOLAND. in the Army; and to Auguta, widow of theo Ho. JL
Diebith,th is mid, has receivedorderfrom the Emperor Kennedy Erskine, repectively, the tile and presedea
f to take Warsaw ce Pa oet. He an left at Siedlec the daughter of a Marquis of the mid United KimFd;
StlOtX) men sick and wounded. and also to command, that the mid grant be rmgiais i
r The Polsh Diet proclaims all the in ent provinces his Majesty's Colleg of Armn The Kin( ha liketi
Spit e of Poland, and decree pport to them in their trug- been pleased to nominate ad appoint Adumral Sir Hr
gen for liberty. Colonel Dembrowrki s promoted to the Trollope, Knight Commander of the Moat Hoe. Mlr
Shrank ofgekrnd for hiis mter iy Marrin with 3,600 Poles Order of the Bath, to be a Knight Grand Cmas of te od
i before 40,000 Ruiiana commanded by Diebitach, keeping Most Hoa. Military Order, vice Vice-Adm. Sir WOi
- them in check during a whole day, and only retreating Johnsone Hope, deceased. Hi Majetmy h beesa I
- whoa be could et prevent their laning his hank. The pleased to nominate and appoint the flowing b
SSttr GOaurte of de 12th ilnsnt charcei the Ru ianr with Knight Comnuindes of the aid Mot Ho n. Milary O
throwing tie tkht em te dead bodies ofthea who have vh.:-Vice-Admirl E. G. Colpoys and Vice-Admis l
f m-ieged from choler, and with forcing the medical men J. Foot.
Sfrom the plaes wh re the halbitant ost aneedd their Prom the Same of Eay f7.
y amitanc. The Amutriaa rcainel, hi iid, haa epmraed The K4 was this day pleased to invest Vle-Ade
a great sympacty with reml ,to the aforta et gallant Si EdIard James Foote with de ensign of a K@0
e Dernickt, and in even ofered to ust im at !ibety, If Commander of the Mot Honourable Military Order of
o the Pols wil r Islam r many Ruaia r a of war Bath; and to confer te bonour of Knim hood upoa WS
these are Polish soldiers in Austria. u ripioi have lia. Beatty, Esq., M. D. F. R_ S., Physirian ofGre
y ba med for them have men. Other amint sme, which Hoaptal, and upon William Burnet, Esq., M.L0
i that Dwernicki has appealed to due French and Entlish Medical comimioner of his Majaety' Navy.
mhaaadon at Vienna, to interfere in his behalf again Ta EAmIsem or Mmrrm.-Oa the acamiem dEb
o the injui of A ria, which details him at Lyck, and Majesty to the TI e, detiteof Earl of Menw; w"d
- ends his soldien to Trnsylvania while Poland needs their a Dbake of Clmana he enjoyed inhe Irish Peeram, -
Of efforts. Thea. oam and oldio receive tmme pay gd In thebCra. A poimt wa the raised Dmwihe
- a the corresponding ruak in the Austrian service. dde, having tms becma erthact, wan to be mad -
On Monday, the Polish demand for recognition was first of the dea Irish Petagon which sm bemha a Iat O
a prentled to the Court of England. limti.o befum due Crow a carwt a new Irih PaeI
Rusmia ham expremed itselfdetermined not to treat with ThTbqamie is am t est by the cratiam of due Em ,
the Poles till saer their final suhjugation. The Riusina ibeiom l epae Coal Fi aclmncs. It i a-dt-
I- papn eprensae great surprise at the slight with which E- that Il N"b Ear th *l .la.haw, Lord Egmemlkl
Sropea writer generally speak of the Rmian army, but letdld his di.pouble prol ty n him, inorder th
r then they console themelvm that similar eprmions worea er to mport hib dkgh. The manr of Wye.-
o Dad in the beinnir n of the Trkish war, and quickly frm which the Ein= fmily derIvrh a lha I
y changed into the sroneni term" of admiration. Chlopici atled ipo the Eari ad Coantes of Mnwr.

r-- --A. -A L wn be .66" _J

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W W/ % I; J 9^€ a'^ama &vsn& From lUWi H^c€iL SJmTl^r^^™^ It • iioir oa^MtnnJ .kT.iI^. ?T.**'"*=** ^" i^t.21,t.nLll>-urf, the dignify of the Peers. Thrv a' Jit we aslt tiios<. of thrir lord.liips w ho n.av 'uif^inj: some htautiful dream as to the nractn the ,ute, a, one of the co-'ordinate hr a ire, brought ,„to eriou. question and dispute, thi. doctrine ha, U^'n prevched to the •onty anches of tinle"M!-Now, all iiiip^Jtent Dens h..t f/^ ""^ ^'^'"" " vulgar or and It has noi bt -n d. njHn Hho!e mind has been vrrouj/ht up an r .xlraord.Mary pitch of vehemence and passion may c, sole huuscll (tor the moment) under lie censure, by the belief thai I.e sull sake. No ; but W( have been ind i.hty of b,.at.n,. the King'. Minister, on the J ond eadmg of ,1.. b.ll. uhat do they n.^an to do aftenranUi )othev fancy that Lord (Jrey and hi,s friends\vould continue Minisiersafirr the JiHorm biiJ had been thrown out ? rhey nnid.t as well tdk of a human body performing al the vital func'ions after the br. " Lord (;rey .etires instantl who hour, and breakfast. may b cuxh:^ ,1. ...„ • ; a-" -'.... '"i>u,j;ii naps more Ko; loro I .1 n *" '^'^'^ i ^'*''^"''^t ^fiariKe hefure it is inrod ly on the bill hemjj rejected. fimrw.—tlae early and use active exercise fn '. oir. liil a -Ugitt doyree of fatigue be fell; thJn Z^,'^ I ^ ^?*' ^•*' '" three hours uj.**** der hat the energies of the constitution may U-' trated in the work of digestion ;" then fake active -.. a^ain for two hours, rest one, and then dine. Ait..r,i;r "^ tor three hours ; aad afterwards, in summer, tak'e a Jn^, "i? which,, an hour's rest belore Kupper, wdl co„s,i,u 1 ^'^ of exerc.s. ...r the day. In wer or i.ulemeni w"at ,J ''? may !,e laken in the hou.e, the .nduH-. \Ju. J' ^ •; by walk..,, aciivdy backwards and forward, as s r '7"^' ship-board." •"^"*' as ^.wlurs do ,, .-(>.— Pure air is as ncceisary to c:4istcnce as good and u. i some food, perhaps more .o; lor our food hastoun''•" uccd into the mass ofcircul;;! under;;o a vm are told Si) we ^rof^fl *A'i",''^ ''•*" ^^"^' "^^ " am^mdinent to that of Reform. tnoso feohngs which actuate the P^P'e. It has •hi. wiu ,.„p u.e ,.^;i .,w,„ -pi.iM;;;:ji:^'::^;,i:,:i:;3-f;--';;^;;^ ;that of enin as prejudices • minds of the hulk of ilie P^P'e. It has a right to stem what it p ea^s o raJ progress of ^x,pular fury. 'J'he Peers .n .v !!: i • '' cen.lawsa..dopinionifVom^i::\:;.3 lomeil to cunsider as Uwir >fry |,ir.t, and f„r thepiir|)e oCarryine il,f bill? loa of Comrn,,,,,, i„ „hicl, woulS m.ii^ b' a W,Hr,cc of I,ord Cha„d..,, „or „( auy „„,. .. I, a mi-ro, ,.,„„jas a county „„.,„l„,r. Would ,tmr' -n..;n. pu, Mtppli., f„, ,„e public ,orv ico imo h ^ ," ..... *A in upon you ;„ i w™™:;f;;;j;.:,^''";;,:'';; " ale ol pruiuse perspiration al thf timeli^r ^ ,' with the Spanish prourb— "" ^'>"Jiiij pro. If the wind blows on you through a hole your will, and take care of your soul.Make once 10 a cold aimospated. but if the u'kole of the body be exp<,sed at o, pl.ere, no bad consequences need be antici nnar,.n J!^!^i:^C' ^t^'^'"^^? "'' '"""^ ''' "'-"-t abinet ? and I ^leepin^. T „/ ques ,oi bU Z Z ^"^' '" •"•^-'^'^ ^ r mo,„h ? ce.l to ,na,h..,„ati al precis on I '. k'''' '"".'"" *"' '^••''habit, con.,it.....n, an'drhe^a/u ^anT 'u:;;:!, I?' "^ "^ palions. A person in ood heahh. hose n em d IbZ T"' 00hours' si sl.-p quite sufticieni to refresh his Iram eonstituiioi.s ill*dehilitaied. or nh or laborious, require rather inort is to sleep till vou are refrrshed, inclined for a snun nap after din seven oreij^hf <•• 1 hose whose or laborious, require nuher n,ore iZ';;::'^""?;" 7''^"•H to .leep till vou are refr-shed. ind th! u^et up ''' ''^ let It ex<..d Laifun Aouvrir;::'^^";':^,;^ iiij^^^ eomlortHhIe afterwards, instead „,• brisk ' • '"^ ""' •Aar a few ebuflitions oflVrlTnirTa But thatitwill venture Jo arnvst the Rcdorm this occasion fiill altogetht most useful auxiliary on Ti r*^' *'•* '*^^r for a moinenf apurehend* i? ror lX.^^nvl^ "l-'flV"'. danp-rou,. and wrontr: of the the defere form. mating what opinions they ought fmall vto -*— — (From tie Court Journal of Ma,, 28 ^ tvIn')ul!r''l'M"'"-^"'-''r"''' "" "'•""' i'i'.i'l th ly oi liiiKe of Mona isab< e digniof .i-.rdvr„t:';rde:::^^X"' r'""',."'"^"'' ""•<= ood. L, p..i"c7t j';-T"is'r"\'\''" •""'' ^--. -'c...;^:ir:ti td^S'-dd":: HouM, of L..rd. to aTLthT, *" i^luctanc. of Uk< ""("-"pw. In cii>cctinr ih... ..i..—. in the army than Lord Aneh'sea ^7 HM. ''.'*"''' ave endeared him to vfr.JJn .1 • -'"• Hill, it isrumourc vatod m tlie pH^eragr to U.e rank of an earl. II hi" Preach not to me your musfv nile^ \ e drones, that,.d in irllr cell' 1 lu; heart is wiser than the schools. "^ 1 he senwss always reason well." One particular raeomin ni. "*^ '''"""'^"••••""'(Miationl wnWnr,^ .Q I room n-en .ro more poplr"^''""''''' ""'' '" ""^'farmy. Lord .1,11, „ „ runtouivd, will bu uli, — "j^ii, iiwiii ineorntervsnrp /•( i.k,..i. i been drrived—,t i to sleei. inT, '""*'*• ^* "^' '•• :.;....a..d,n.,:"ru.'';:;r.;v,3e^te^^ j l"ugH must respire during sleep a, w.ll av '""•""•• ^ •* I -d^.. jof ,re,tco„.c,„.^„cc iLr ^^IL^bV:^^^^^^^^^^ w his assigns tlu from an order of iobuiiv /" "**^*'^ *•'' advantages be mor. unpr:;X;I;^^^^^^^^^^^ ^"^^* ^'^ -'>'li^v |o I ^1 ,-. "•• AnotlMT on l-rd Lirutenancy to the prx-sent Postmaster-CJenf-ral, tin|)„ke of I> We havf ichmond. nobh ;nd immediately a h.„d shVeak of ""-' ^"" '"'" '^ ^"'^"^ Oh murder! atrony was heard to issue murder t neralshiu of the ^!l\^"^'''''' '^"^ '" ^"^'"-e the Master-Oerhiefoftl^F '"""'"' ^'"^ ""' ^"""n'^rship.i,. Bu. i. the question o^nXm^i^^^^^^^^ ^, Hhic, were intended to be iriven by his Grace at \.; I berland-houso, are, to tin. di >'>r.huni. "..H .Her. rbeno^'hf Bri^c:X:S:V^ "' nt n one ami ine same jxrson. Caslfe w "m *'^'"\'"'"'--ia-H's dr.parture for Alnwick v^aslle was sudden aiu uiu'TDertfd in .1 -'•" irK Hhich WHrp i .....I .. ^r^^7. /^" ''"^ 'P'a'Hl parlies ^'^rd s tliar'" v.wtrw / '^ ""t m the r.vour of cor^p.Tn^ilf „:: t; X" .h^ r ''""'" ^" a*^ improvet::^---'-s'^ii^:i-' Th, I .1 ^ 111 ;.p.. ... royal .wr.hriJir v•;,':,::i:''Thf-• Prince Tall,.jrand, Lord I'al •nd we doubt not but that JnTL^"""" "' ^"'^ <*0"'titution, , •ill nd firm friend' i'^Ti.:. 'afc "i:"".'!;."^ P'-'P'I •' jealous in w antagonist, or g -hin. U-. i, ho...,e .„ ti. fu!rdr;„;:i pX"i^Lr.L" mo too r H hat in th. ;jn .n th. coflinthat ,.„t. ,„fi,h, ,,:,;:„ J ^X;;^'' A crom.l a. rolhrt, H— ik. .1 "''""^"^"" men wero arr..,tod a. r,^.„TT.c oTi.tra'rf ." "^^ ""'"">• won't forget to bury n.e dar.nflyrInJn^\} ^'^'^ T' gister. ^ ''vniin Morning Rrniwl, on Thursday, rolatini: lo ihi. offir and '.'i;"•on., were in.mediately c„„,mu„ica,^"„ ^ """™"ness. It '^re received from his Royal Hi;r|,. fr^ the Londm Ttmet a/ May 28. wn< r th ; thi so well aware how impossible It IS difficult for any man in hi, sober senv>, to r.^ .ur^ woenre came the folly of imacining that tL li' of Lordi would t., eapHblo of opp>si.;%r Ref? "" when all the worW must be , wel L.i LI. :_^ which will af:n:ei;ti:f{^r:^' 1.'" ^r^'^'"'^^ -lifi-. member is the annih.fation 'o( such Th JminRfion of ai.y a portion of the soul. port of New Yorkforthe is to form a purpo.. f^r which it is w,.:^;;:/^'";^ "^'*''' ^^' ^"^'i recollect that in a late number ^ ^ annual rerenue collecfrd at th of"df;,:,j:!h;,';;",:rs;l'^o'"","',r'"' ""-"' -"^ in the whole uilion """ "* ''"'f "I'' duliet, colleclrd A jfentlem:n h* hir r<'adtrs will \ ^&ts'i:t::?^Iiz^'-='^ , ".i'''workmrtriedl,?lhr'''r "'>''•'''"'• A" • ..four journal we announc hi.' finger,. \ l ^on. nS L ""u""!: """ '"' "'PP^'^ '^""''1' i..ation I f hug. ca..ilete:,rt&' •''''"""'' ""''''•*^ 7-*, ine,^tbf ^st^v'^^^Ti '" /""T'^'^' ''--<'- or>ant availed hilnsefof^P .''''"' ''"' """ ^""'"i ine b,aton for hi 1 '"."""*' """ ''"> "''''<• '"'W. do ,^ .ow .p..^ of ,,. „3. „,,,„^ ,„,„ ,^^^,_ .ined ., rob •• Ve.'^-rtet:IX^ ?:': that auguft body would find it. to rflectiial. make tlieir opposition % into wi Ha';,:;;;rhr;"d'l"^i:r;;.:^:•;^;,';-;/,^^-H^K.^M ! to whom re|„.r. has mmT,l h k u <^""'.n>l.ns nr very h,d,ome' / W TT^'eirh';,':;.''" *"'" "" *^ tresH Th. I 0.U d„;^d i;:!h. •"""""' ' '"' 'W. .n b J,a '<*• CSISOR^E 1III, Editw. fi^ATlRDAV, AlCiiSr 6, 18S1. m VI THt tAHAMA ARGL6. Hi rvBkiaMBo axMi-wEKKLV Iff NAaaau, N. r. Siflit BoUani per ann' Zb adraaee. ORIOIMAL POETRT. In deep, brown stuiiy, and in vengeful mood, The mighty James in Cunch land s palace stood, Revolving in his migktv mmd the cause Why sovereigns ihould be subject to the laws. Shall I be fettered by their odious tramraelt, With all the SainCi to bear me up, likH camels ; No coronation oath by me was taken, I never swore at all, or I'm mistakeo. These rebel dogs I might destroy at once, If Nature had not made me such a dunce. If I couM only make those cursed Judges Do as 1 please. Id pay off ail my grudge*. One tneaking fool among the legal trio, I'm sure of, — aad if but (mt would die Oh. What a scourging I would gtvt; these wretchii^ Who's rights aaJ jvif ilcges I'd trat as fetclia I'd soon deprive them of their rights as masters; They might blame who they pleased for their disasti^ra I'd make their right to slaves as goo#as nought. The Saiots would chair me — they'd be fairly bt>ught. To England straight my ri^hteout steps Id bend. Demand reward, und welll know they'd send. So good a servaot to the (ranges' shores. Where I should gain rupees by lacks aud crirea. O'er Pagan freemen I'd the t^ rant play. Secure from rtJn-I i%unts, and such foul pay. As these bold bcf gars at my head now throw. Treating me as (i >-^>4t truly am) their foe. In Nassau lived a certain wight. Who went to slMp one moonlight night. And • be slept, he little thought Of the mishap that night had brongbt ; For when next morn he ope^ his eyes. Into the roooB his valet flies. And say—>* Good sir, 'tis very hard, Vou from your horses are debarred ; They only wish'd to walk around. But, seiied by sharks, they're in the pound. What Pound ray horses ?said the lout, *• The v.llians must have let them out ; The smugglers—O I 11 surely catch >m. And for iheir tricks, wiil soundly sweat 'em.'* Off to a magistrate he walks, And much of honesty he talks; And hints the guards are rorues indeed, Who from his stable took his steed : Had you a ruard of bltttki," said he, •' These blKkfruard tricks would never be." Th ? cause was tried, a Ane decreed. The saintly purse was doomed to bleed. Into his pouch, his hand he thrust, Muchgriev'd to yield the goldtn dust. And thus addressed— "You wicked sinnera, rhis fine would pay for eighty dinners. H h Two pound four ?-the sum's immense ; I he legislators had no sense. If I must pay, here—take the cash : Good mormn, Conchs— I'm ofT, slap-dash.From BeWt Weekly Messenger of May 29. POLITICS OF EUROPE. National Expemditube, and Colowial RErriiE.vTATION. rema"rf 'IT ^l*^ "^ ^"'l ^'^'''^ ^'^^ '^ Colonies, one remark wdl strike our readers ; that these cohmies must b^ most wretch..Uv manaM if they cannot afford to pay their own judge, and bw ofiic^rs. It seems most absuH to cry them up as the great stay and refuge of England, (and we cmditi:;" ""'*'' ^'^^"^ ^"^ whilst they ^Amt;:;: But our present purpoj is ,o consider a much more important question,-, question which has frequently b^en brought before the public on many occasions, but never tjsfactonly explained or discus^ned. It is simp y this -wb^I ther or not these Colonies oupht not to have^repre^mariv^; m Parliament, and whether the present criL ^'no' afn.rd a fit opportunity of givin, them such representa ives It has been strongly argued that, as the population of tl^ British dependencies, including India, exceeds that of tt mother country, — and as th. J^a of many nf thJri . *"*^ "*'"^ importance i 01 many of the Colonies mark them out as the cradle of i future empires, it .rould be the manifest p^l cy a^d dot' of Great Britain to attach them bya cIommVnrZ!" i to give them, by representation, a' :h:rT:^ Z7nZr:t ul'T^^'i^^^^^ ^y ^^ -tinctLTth Z r rnov> Whose property was invested in our settlements tatK>n which they have hitherto anjoyed. It i. not to he diaaembtcd but that tht new Reform Bill strikes a hard Uow upon this descriptijn of members of Parliament r^ presenting colonial intereata. They will, by the natural consequences of this political exclusion, be more alienated from us than they are iior inclined to be, and every Hay become more indispoaed to hear the yoke of the parent sute. An opportunity now oflers of giving them a direct representation. It may be carried into eflfect simply by receding from that {>art of the reform plan which was never popular, — we mean that part which propose* to reduce the number of oOr representatives in Parliament. It is known that Lord Grey does not obstinately persist in the reduction of the members of Parliament. It never was a favourite measure with the people. W'hy not, then, kten up the number of our rei>reeniatives in llie House of Commons to tiieir ancient amount, — distributing a certain portion, say fiftec^n or twenty, amongst our Colonies and foreign dependencies 1 The mode, and the term of their election, might easily be arranged. If the principle were once conceded, the policy of it would be obvious. Our Colonists, or those British owners arul merchants whose property is largely en^iiged abroad (for we are not speaking of the native born colonists only), must desire, like other men, to have some share in the management of public afTairs, chiefly on account of the importance which it would givetfiem. Upon tiie power which the greater part f the leading nun, the aalural aristocracy of eveiy country, have of preserving or deluririing their respective impurtance, depend the stability and duration of every system of free government. In the attacks which these leading men are continually making upon one another, and in tle defence oi iheir own poAer and station, consists the whole play of donwatic faction and ambition. It is but natural that tli leadir.gmen possessed of colonial property and influence should be actuated by similar motives of ambition. Th y feel, or imagine, tliat they slril be excluded fi-om Parliament by the extinctiv can no longer expect to see them seated in a reformed Parliament, their pride will be hurt, and their a/Teclions tveakened ; and, like other ambitious ami high spirited men they will ratlier choose to throw off the yoke, and draw the sword in defence of their own importance, than live in a conneiion with the mother country, which is injurious, unequal, apd disparaging. Great Britain , perhaps, since ti.e world began, the only state which, as it extended its empin-, has only increased Its expenses with Roman Republic, the allies of Rome, who had borne the principal burthen of defending the state, and extendiiifj the* bt)undarie8 of the empire demanded to be admitted to all the privileges of Roman 'cititens. Upon being refused, the Social war broke out ; and during the course of that war Rome granted those privileges to the greater part of them, one by one, and in proportion as they detached themselves f'rom the ceneral confederacy. Why should not Enj^land do by choice what Rome was compelled to do by force? It is a fimdaraental maxim of our policy, since theAmerican war thai there can be no taxation without repre-se-ntation. Our Colonies therefore must always be an incumbrance to us whilst they remam unrepresented. We shall always be taxed with the enormous expenses of their civil and military establishments, until we pot them in an equal condition', and give them equal political privileges with the rest of our empire, Ljet them be adroitte-d to the same privileges, and tbey could no more object to a tax for paying their judge. aid governors, thai, the inhabitants of a county could object to a county rate for thehuildinc of their bridges and the maintaining of their pnsons. Why should not Great Bntain aMow to each Coh.ny such a numbe-r of representatives as suited the proportion of what it contributed to the public revenue of th^.mpire.-in consideration of its being "^r:;?' r. !/": !:.^^^ -^ ^^^ -^' -. compensation, J VL, I-^IVo, TI. KM proprietors who are so loud in their damoyr against the abolition of borooglis ; and itstrikot us that it wdl ntX only tend to preserve the importance, and to gratify tB* ambhiun of some of the most leading capitalists amongst us, but that It will tend mainly to consolidate the Ttiterests of tlw parent ataie and her Colonies, and to unite ihem by eJoaer ties than have hitherto subsisted between them. Though the Roman constitution was netcessarily ruined by the union of Rome with the allied states of Italy, there is not the least probability that the British conMi'tutioi would be hurt by the union of Great Britain with her Colonies. Tliat C4>niitution, on the contrary, would bo completed by it, and seems to be imperfect wiilwut it. 1 lie assembly which deliUrales arid decides concerning the affairs of every part of the empire, in order to be perfectly informed. oight certainly to have representatives from every part of it. ^ That this union, however, could be easily effectuated, or that difficulties, and great difficulties, might not occur in the execution, is undoubted. We have heard of none however, which appear insumjountable. The principar perhaps, arise not from the nature of things, but from the prejudices and opinions of the people both on tliis and on the other side of the Atlantic. But if Lord Grey and the Ministers shall yield to the reasonable desires of Parliament, and to the natural wishea of the people, in keeping up the present number of tlie members of the Houseof Commons, an opportunity would be imwKjdiately afforded (and the hewn will, we are sure be roost acceptable) of aelmitting colonial property to iu just share of represemtation, and to its due and salutary i weight in a reformer! ParliameoU *] Supposing that the sixty-two members, intended to bo struck off, should be retaineel upon a revision of the Re Aim Bill, would it not be an admirable measure of policy to allot a certain portion of them to our Colonies I It would greatly tend to conciliate tlie mercantile and shipping intere^sts of the country, and would strengthen the popularity of tla Bill anaongst all those persons whose fortunes are bound up with tlie trade and commerce of the Empire. /Vom the IjondoH Atia*. We have just received the important intelUgence— brought to England by the Briton and ChiWers Khips of war —that the French squaelron ofl the Tagua hw ce.mmenced 0|>eratious by capturing five Portuguese Ttitela The longexpected nipture, then, has now fairly broken om, and 'he subiBlMion of Den Mievel, or the overthrew of his dvnasty, IS near at hand. We were about to say, that this event wt>uld bring hiro to his cimc*— but we con-ected owmItm uoder tlie doubt whether he has any or nou The convocation of the electoral coUagM, and the sum. rnons for the mw Parliament to meet on the anniversary of Louis Phdippe s accession, are the only news of politic j importance from France. There i. gnt probability that the hererditary peerage, and the Upper Chamber aa a legislative body, will Ik. abolished in tle approaching rJoa. I he King take>s an.ither popular prognss, and the ministry evidently grows stronger. Lord Ponsonbv's d finitive letter to the Belgian Congress has causeeJ an angry feeling in France. Sebastiani is tlie object of hatred uid suspicion beith there and in Belgium. It appear, clear that Belgmm mustfmhmit to the dictation of the five great pow ers in which case Leopold will, in all likelihood, accept the crown. From Poland, rumours on'y reach us • thev are favourable to the cause of liberty, and the struggle of patriotic valour against tyranny and injustice is yettrae. M u T^T. u"*"!*".** ""^'^ Prophet," say. the Sul!7n Mahmoud, has shaken on the Infidels the curse of pr^. tilence, wh:ch is spreading over Europe to avenge on the worshippers of thp cross Uie daring outrage coirmitted on the sacred soil of the Islaam. The invaders sufTer first ueder the plague-blast. Those who stood off, and en .. r^ the ggrwMon, will wither in its progress.** mitted to the same freedom of trade with its ftllow-subjects I ""-" '^••po^ed to at home !— V\ hy, for instance, should not the Two Cana *"^ re.spect to the DA rct.u-n roiTR members to Parliamenl-Jamaira return TWO. I he number of reprpsentatives mijiht be auementeel as the proportion of contribution might afterwards inrreju^. A new mrthod of acquiring importance,— a new and more daizlmgobjert of ambition— would thus l)e presented to the leading men of each Colony, and to the capital merchants engaged in its trade, who'se domicile is m our own country-; instead of contending for tlie little pnzes which are to be found in the paltry traffic of colonial factions, they might then hopes from the presumption which men naturally have in their own ability and good fortrne todniw some of the pnies which invariably issue from th^ wheel of the great state lottery of British p^jlitica. Unless this or some other method be fallen upon, ti>e Reform Bill cannot be rendered very palatable to those leading colonists, and that great mass' of British capitalists whose fortunes are invested in our foreign settlements I here seems to be no method more obvious' Uian the one we propo.e,-<>f conciliating those mercantile and colonial From the London Ob$ervtr nf May 29. The contests in i'srliaroent on the subject oi ihe Rr.|| „ nowhevondthe rearh of hostility begins, however, to produce mat calm .vhich allows us to direct oar attention to the alKite of our neighbours : and we are glad tn l^arn that theGovernto second th*unaniroous wishes ofthe people, course to be pursued towards I'DljiDd. I rgrnt remonstrancrs have, wc und. rstand, been forwarr^ed lo 6l Petershurgh on this Mibjeet, and strong ffTort. arrniade ,n conjunction with Fmnce, to pot an end to thst sfHicfing snd desolating warlare which the fen.peror seems still^ ,o wage, even to the exierramaiioo of his rebellious hut n,.,fhinthat the fitting out of the Expenmentsl SquiKfren has cloeronl nex.on wMh the state oi PolaH. and the Bslt.c .. to be tha rtestination of those one hundred and fwentv-gnn ships, which from their size, and the great expense of keeping tham in ser^ Tice. could not. it is well known, be intended for anv purposes Short of nrgent and laiportant national !errirr. We trust that their appearance will pvodure that effect on the mrnd of tha Autocrat which is confideaily anticipsfed, snd that b/ wiIJy,;d to the demands of civihted Europe for the temunsrioo of jits crnsade against Warsaw, h has been tiaid. wiih rnith. tJiat indtjiendent Pohind will in future be • barrier agamst Kussis, and save the sooth from the iocuisions of the barbtnaos. But there is one ^rr^t service it has rendered us sirearfy. which seems to have escaped aitenrion-it hns saved us from the •co\it%€ of an infections disease, whirh wnufd. ere now, have carried its ravages to the remofest corner of the Empire. If Poland had I # ;'A#e-


tJilWlOli \r*m, Ute Hi*i.iiit ro|d luf bM at rhi tiwr oStli* Klim. *,|J fW choJrrc iiMMtiu.. wtucb ihfv vArry wuh th-iii COUI.1 not hilVf iMllrii to COMMHUIlicaU' UMih to fhrir opi>.„ui.u' once infMrtMl. KttKlamfrxmW w>t havr ..ciiikhI: ml irhi. *• rri..! of iW araiUi. b.rm^j,Ur-.out ol four am.u.j; {he ,>op..l..f.oM Ol .tt;..y of rU. p|.„ <, ,n winrh ,t h. -pp^ar.-.l, w. inrm ,..,... r.tmmt ^f the .ianirer wKicti h been avetteii Imm u% iiii| wid th;*t •*!.• ur^ustu:. whu h uJu< e. uto •uppJi^.^ ilb':,-ifc;A*(fi3 Ai^' ^ |(k mttarqrmr mam CMtr £iir th iirlep!mJ#fiKe : iVbd. THS ASlGirS. ( u>iouj lJou4' Ihic, aul joiii w)ili you in j^uiiig iiiiu every rrrdii r)r an act (jf ntiiiiiioii jiiHtk*' ; Imi;, altljoui'li that act is ihtt •• briirfii p<:" lo Ik? touud in hw adiiiiniKtnitHM}, 1 uu iiiiii. Jiiit Kxcollcacy (liretttMl that thostSlaves sluMild be nslortd to tJM) owiHjr — not because the sei/.ure uaj ilhkral — iKt Ucauw justice *lve luariiM-r |rof>ertvuiiL'htesca)thejoopardv nwul. m iJk? wi ndow .>f th^ budding foniu-riy UM^d a., a ntore. tlat that izure had placed it in : :\o, Mr. td. tor, none P ^— ^* t'<'*<'ideration'* inlluinced the Cioveiiior, when he ay lle jirrivtti of the Lively, Capt. I'rudden, frao, ( bar' <>'l>li'ik" tasatioa withoirt raprfveu. •*^'[ — I adminyour randiiur in revertint; tWliui Kxcejtafion. This was all. This justiicd their resistance lenc\ \ condm I, on the njiroiinitation of the of AsTlie British Uovemoient did not then dare to attempt ur semb^y, rosfiectioi; \\>v t:i'/Mnf ot Mr. Mmw' Sv^rutm by tlia even for a nioim^nt to biot, that, in addition to arbitrary NtTl R0Air, ArCSUDT 0, |H31. i. Oy^ We have aitucJied a LEnrEa Box to our c^stablish kn.tMi, we have t*e pleasure to acknowledgi.' the receipt of | ^^ '"^'"*^' '" '**' *''*'' '^" ^^^^'-H'-nVy hofx-d to stifle ail op wveral files of newspap-rs froi^i thai rity, to the 2:ii\ uiti' ^**^^'.''"" <'"*•*'*>"", and tJiout'lit Miat the House, thrown nio ; but their last European dates are not so recent by livr days 1^ those we have received fmm Knijland via Janiaica. oil its L'uard by such a jwbt^t mt, would concede to w!iatever lie ini|/ht prof>ose. In short, the (io\ernor concluded liis nies-sa^'e by syintf, that in* liad t^ranteji them a m Wi threat fK>on, and iioped tliat, in retiirn, the H very oase would e prrceive anmnt. a y^,ety of otJ.r absurdities in tin. waive all other considerations, and innn-diatelv p..,.s a bill recent wtAour of government notices, that the Negro esI <" •^'Ji>l the cor,>oral (lunishinent of leinah Slave, tablithment in the centre of this Island, hitlK;rto designatt^l ,"d kno n as Johnny Hill, or fIead-Quart(Ts,*' \s liereaft er to receive tle sweet, romantic, name of Carndchael f .ViUaKf."— a compliment reserved to hinmdf, we Kup|K)s<', from our Governor's having bestowed the name of Her • Majesty upon a similar eslabluhment of truly hopeful pnwAs thes. establishments are nn-rely a few acres of land, arable oidy in tniall detached portions of a quarter of an acre each, and wear, genmUly, the asf)oct of an arid, rocky waste, wc really think that, on account of the expense of inch hi^h sounding noUces, as well as tln-ir burh-wjue character. th^y might l>e more s|mringly used. It reminds u.s of! Johnson's comparison : ** at tiie door of a pig-stye/' When an estate is transferred, c ither by sale or otlie!*wise,ihenameisulwaysttan,ferred with ii.asan unalterable •IMHf.dage. By act of Parliament, no vevM-l'., name can b chaiigiKl, aitei she has been once re^'Hiered ; Uien, why should l\H>poi,r A/Hcam, alter sp^^nding half of his en'franchiM'd lile inacquirintf imp.Tlectly the name of his village suddenly have it changed to one of Ga-Iir origin, which, to pronounce properly, would dislocate his jaws, f>r occasion a •welling in the glands of hu lhrtat. We hope that, for tinre..v.M. iK>ve stated, tlie gentleman who h;is Inen app^dnlenlighten black minds, will possess a comintent w'htlge of physic and phlebotomy. Humanity dictates and Humanity is a Sai/ttli^ \'\rUH\ I remain, sir, \OVii CONSTANT KKADKR. The following intelligence is translated from the Diario dt la Havana : — nhipwhf:ck. Pi KKro-pRiNtiiE, Island of Cuba, \ 5^5thJune, 18;^]. f At a quarter |)ast two, on the morning of the 1 5th instant was wncked on the Reef Heal de Ion Catalanes, two' leagues to windward (d tlie nnmthof the Fort of Nuevitas die Knglish merchant ship Historian, Mr. Jolm Borrem' master, with a crew of 18 men— having saih-d Iroin London, m ballast, liound for Havana, and 4I> days passage III the altemmm ot the Kith instant, iIm' Commamiante'de , .. '^'^'"a. received information of tlie shipwreck, and that \ two and forty |>ouiider placed | '^"nie;lit, hiinvlf ainl 24 men, with a nd four boats, went to ilK-ir assistance ; l.utihe ('aptain,1tnvinced ol tlie ini|K>ssibility ^f uettinL' the vessel off, refused their services, as his own new were sullu ient to save tiie sails and materials. — iiareta dt l*u,riv-t*r\nripr. sinrs, c()La\iKs/AM7loMMKacL. (Nt tl) kniM It. Jamet Spenetr, on*, of the American Negroes belonging to the cargo of tlie brig Comet. Suples, mjuu.r, from Alexandria. District of Clolumbia, bound to New Orleans, and reckel at Abaco in January last, entjHgel himself in thr •ervice of Mr. Slnrrln, Sub-Collector of tiM> port of Cr.>oked Island. As Mr. Sherrin is one of those Kalous men in office (ahhoiigh BOI a Magistrate) wliose be *o highly appreciattKl by hi. Ma^ *. mia^ier., we supnot th .lightest degree of blame can be attached to n for not having given due encouragement to one of so ituahL a class of the prcient Negru p.pulation of Ui Islands. AIIIIRKSM TO TIIK BKITISU TOLONIM, British \Wsi-In.lia Colonists! I address yon, and firhaps >r thr last turn, upon a sub|ert on wlijrh vmui \^isten^.. deiM-nds. I address yo^ thrun^b the chaimei which I no#do. because it is the only ch.uuM-l within my p.>wer through winch I can make the daat'ers which press upon I you, and llR. courM' which I humbly conceive you should I take, on the emergency, ircneraily und most speedily known amongst you. British Colonists an impudent, jn-ofligate. and unconstitutional address has h.tely been issued by an irresinmsilb' ho s„ned by .viessrs. 1. !•. Buxton, S. Cinrney W \Villw.rf..r^ \v siV|inisters.wi>sair>. ton. 'uut lese -^ After using his beM rnileav.Hin to acquire the rnmrortaW&/< means.d suUbtence, and finding tliem worv than fruitifPIess, this Negro took passage m an Xmerican vevsel for the I niied States, avowing a determination of returning to hn be armed hy mistrust. Suspicion is tlie Statesman's .Egis : guarde.l by it. he may for a time be misled, but will eventually la,, pn^ tectsd by it from iMPorrvM. Ml Ir. Justice Forbes has been appoint,^ to tin* sitiuition of Provost-Marshal of Dominica, for his ^oorf behariow as Magistrate of thee Islands. We congratulate Mr. FoHkis upon being now enabled to withdraw himself from a Colony in which his departure will b*. hnAed upon a< a rrBt.ic KNtriT. So highly respec/mhU and '-xiented a gcnlkaian will be a valuable acquishi an o the I<}and of Dominica. On the 10th uitimiijnUt. 19^30 N-.and long. 76O50' W. (or ahout forty miles to the eastward of Cape Cruz, on ^tha louth side of Cuba,) a French Slaver, having on bi!ard 151 8lim,WM boarded by H. M. schr. Speetlwell, Lieut. Warren. The Slaves, as well as the crew, were in a very sickly state. It iras afterwards und#>rrtw>/< tl.^i ., Un^ '• her whole cargo at Trinidad de Cuba, It is stated that a company of merchants, at Nantes, have actually entered into a contract to upply the Island of Cuba with *),(K)0 8ivea aonuaily. tun. British Colonists Your a.hitrarx dis^.MMl, hut at pre^i^nt iruckhnjr (.overniiient. have not dare,l to dti:ounce or -ven to blame, njuch les. to oppo^^c-. such a darii.L' mrJ^ul upon justice, and upon the authorityvd* all *ul.lisi,ed tiovet-ument, and iqH.n U.eir authority, as the re.jMinMbh rulers ot die British Empire. Colonists From such rulers you liavt? nuthint; to Iioim. Hit every thing to fear. Their theories. Wic-ir p<.wer, and their places, iu-e of mu< h greater con.M.quence to them than your safety, your welfare, your clwracter, and your prospenty. In a moment of national exciten.entand madness rl w' "^'" ''"'^ --istance. in order to siip,>ort then in th...r future plans, all thos,. who are your deaHost ^^^ bitterest K.s-all tln,.^ reckless political economi.Ts and fanciful theor.sts, some of whom have not, either in purv or cluiracter, a farthing to Iom, and whose havless pn,,,-. Hcs, profligate theories, and detestabhscIkhhs. haxe Im-p{rareed half the p<.pulation cdih*. Briti.vl, KmpirenfhalftkMrprop<.rly,a,Hl who cling to iIkmernles. application o • • • in slii()s. and try, and dismc.MT:, uie nm-vi. r nipir* Hi taxation, they meaut to deprive tlii^ir IJien subjects in tlie Stale mentioned, o*^ their private proiK-rty in personal s' es. itt' wlioiu th were a number in those 8tute at tlie time, equal. I beli've. to the number which are at preM?nt in the British WestIndia Col>nies. British Coloniifta Why should that Government and country Ix proclaimed wis*; and righteous, and its dvvnis justified, which proceeds to treat you with indescribably greater rigour and injustice, than the British (loveruinent, io 177(), treated the American States. You are not J,dv taxed internally by a Legislature and a Government io which you have no voice, but your country calls upon the Government and tk* Legislature to deprive you of^very larthing of yoi r private property, without any compensation wliatever ; and while they make this profligate and hideous avowal of their intentiona, they tell you, that unless y ou siicrifice it with your own hand*, jmwer will be a})plied with the most unrelenting f>rce to comjK'l you British Colonists Since the day you were established you have been bondmen to your Mother-Country. For nearly two centuries she has conipellod vou to take every ihintf that you required, even to a hoi-se-shoe nail, from her; and to s ; and it'is onK within these few years, when, abatidoniiiL' the system wliich raised this nation to an unprecedented height of wealth, j)(wer and glory, that she has permitted you to se<'k a market where you can— permitted you to do this, when she knows you can'not H(lvantai,'eously do it— permitted you to do Uiis, when she knows, or ought to know, that her own p^'micious p,licy [)uts It out of your power to obtain any better market in the world, because oilier nations have wisly, and, under protectiiiL' laws, taken up those branches of commerce whicli siie atone tiim" exclusively possessed. — Th's thing^ cover yuu with eml>arravsments ; the furtln^r proce.'dJnL's of your stultified conntry go to annihilnte you alto ether British Colonists f Yon are reviled, caluniniaied, and" jijTsecuted, IP yonr Myther-Coimtry. to an extent incredible—to an extent as disgraceful to the intellect of her poptilation. as iJie deyree to which, it believes, it lexelsyouis. A very m-at pro|H,rtioB yi your countrymen have" been in. essantlytaudit to believe, and now really do believe that you have lH>com. monsters, not men ; ami that vou kill'your slaves at ph;e<.,re. and with as little c..mmiH.ration h's tlio S'lNa-e kils the w du oeasts ofthe fa-M. An indiy nhial a man in this plaro, above tin. vuk-ar in wealth, bur not in •MtelU-ct, told a fnend of mine, in pn'sence of Mveral persons, as a proof of the < ruelty exercist^d upon the slaVis that It wasa common find daily practice of the whitesy ^ lieii a spot appeared up.)n a plate at a dinner-falde, to take riie ru'trro servant attending, and to place hiinor her ina corner of the room, w W the guests coirtinu.'d lo throw kuivc-s and orksat their face until U.ey put out tlnireves, or put tlun, ^"'•b'alh! A Lady, the wife of a CierLr>,mm of rank in he centre ol Lntrland. told a friemi of mine, u ho was a felow-iiaveller mas' er coarh with her a f.w daNs atjo that It was her firm U-liefthnt the whites in the Cohmie; '!"!, from mchnation. and at will, ml. drive, and lacerate 'L'roes: and that they were ,Kmied like cattle a ni,dit riven in chains like cattle to work in tbmorning • n London these hw weeks, the follow ini.' diaoLMie took place Intween a ne-ro female M-rvant. lately roni the( olon.e>,and white M-nnm ,d a next-door m-ieh. hour :—\\ hat are the slav,>s in the Wesf.I„di^ |,kesaid this |Mrson of white hiiellect. "Why I m "a slave was the reply ofthe m-rro female. You a slave said her white sister. Yes ^r '•II siHVes hke v.ur Dothe\ walk like dress I,key,)u. work lik< the m and d \ouaslave !— Why, are y ou, and eat like you ? \,.s, they H..sweredlhea^t.H.lsh..d white, Wlr.,"we are'tlliil!' and d<. — and many of them a ^rvi.t deal better '" h.d white,Why, wea.u „,. b-lieuN that they walk like liorv.^ and cattle, ami e ^oik lik if ,1 1 t and <• flKse. nu(\ are driven and rtoir^od like thes*• b ilk . "t. •'.I slaves,.,. „ke von, I ,h.mld hne no ohjc-ction to go o the iV est-I miles, and le a slave to.) !" ^ British Colonists! Such you are represented to lo by your .mplacahle enemies in this ronntrv, and such charac". tors their perseverinc efforts have taimht nmltiTudes i^ your -Ind, d countrymen to believe you to Ik-. You owe 'it to Ives, to vindi nav take run tiiad, wr iration of principles in religion, in ,>:iitic;'^n';ohi,m.s^ : uul!lil^'"''Brl!; T'" "'' 'T ''''"^^'-^"--^ "'<''^" the British British Colonists This is the true Male of thin-rs heve not those who tell you otherwise. 0,m., < \'s ^1 ^ ^ • s-z-tw;!! your the facts a.s they rise hefoa-you. See tlKMlan.M.rH bid. approaches-whirh has already uot you in its iron .rrasp,a„d Mriye by all llieener.ies which yonr maker has civen.ou to escaiH., a.s Jar as you anable, from the Crm I evils which march to crush you. You aie marked ouf tor tl... hrnt vieliai of national ma.lnevs national n.ilv and national injustice>ut you wdl not iM. the last. Your base ..ppre^sorl, L' HinsiMe or irresp n..; 1m.. ^,11 in tbrirturn Ureduced to p<,verty and de,.a.lH„on, and p^" nsh under the swt^p of that desola.u..' spirit, wh.< I, thev aZ^ yoars, be..n so sedulously euga^^-d in roiiswi* u, ,,., ,..,,, ..• >'"'"' '^^<'"' pt-'MH-rtN and your rso„,| from you; but even it mult allow v.;., to md.rate your r from the foul stains w|,|rf, have U..n cast ufH,n tuem. Insist upon this, in themost solen.n. ...Id detern.ined. and in the public, nnnner. Call for ...qmry and investigation hy a commission .dhomst nun. voir r '" 7'""^^''\> -•'''•'' ^^' the actual condition of s. I slaves. Let them you treat v u w "7. ^""•7^'^;*'"; hnwyoudoth..them;andl.ow you work then,. Let them make up their repons in tin, ..n.._.M..r.„v.r, in „r,!,.r ... .„hl.. .!. """""•••"••r. l„ kn..n ainirfHcMninr J. .. ..., nr-rr ~. ^ ^^— ^— —— — — ^ — and. above all. let themvHiit that Garden of Africa, SierraL<.oiie, and report upon ttie shite of its population which has been forty years under the controul ofyour all-wise and in.fybicable fow, with the national treasuTM at their commaml, then contrast the state of thi population, and that ofthe Wer crdours before the eyes of the astonished people ef this country. T\ie contrast you nevd not fear— the result will make you safe. British Col.i.iists You are accused of biM.ig wholly inI diderent to, and carehtss about, the moral and reli.rJuJsin, ^ ftniction of your slav,.s.— Natwithstamllnir the ..eject and the enmity which crush you, and the einbanas.i.ents under which you grtran, the religious establishments which exist a.|onL' you, and which you iupport, and which you ate exlendmir, even with your lessened means, i^iy-e the lie to tl.<. charge. Take, for example. De..,epra, the (^lonv most hercely assailed on the above head. With u oonulation of about 70,01)0 blacks, and 15,(K>U tVee p(X),00() inhabitants' British Colonists! Your government joins in the cry ra.sed a.ra.nst you for indiflerenc.. to the moral and reli'g.ous instruction ofyour slaves.-With what justice it does so, let the tull.>wn,g fact testify ;-A very considerable numt>erof I. Iterated Africans, and chiefly individuals who J'omposeil the late West-India Keg.n.ent;, since thev have been disbanded, have been collected and settled in TriniI ad, under the immediate sway of the British (iovernnient I hend.umus tad moral instruction of these people has been ^ .oIK nedected The little, which, from mixing with ov. u.d piMipK tfiey had gained, thev have •i-ncelo.;, and m the Island of Fnnidad where they live, they are a this n.o.mM.t cutt.nt^ wood, and into (;o„s,to wor.>lnp, after the fashion of the country from whe. ce they .'ng,n.ll> came U hen the Governor of the isla.^d, only -stontum^ auo, represonted tln-se things to the Colonial iidice, he was requeste.l t<. say nothing about it, as it was a business which nmst, if publicly known, cover them norhast<.ere, I believe, Ix-en any means taken to rmoyo the iirnorance, the stigma and tlw^ disgrace iiritish t;olonists' You have been calumniated and reviled, because you own slaves, and because occasionally y.^ scdl tiiese one to am>ther. You have even been ."Z f shvf ""'i'm T'": "'''^ ""^^ sanctioned the .ale Of, slaves Colonists! you know the Winckkl establisln ment in Berbic. Cohmists! you know, butyour;: nt ry d not know, the lucrative use which that establishment has be,.n appi.e.l to, u..der a con.mission from ther;„ver """.•^'with Ml. Macaulay as Sc-cretary and ConsigniM. I HHk the British Ofovern,.,ent, and Uentle.nen you; accusers, if hey, by their a..Mns, did not, for yi^^^^^^ succ.edm^ the abolition ofthe African 'liM I ra.Ie sell many coloured females (some of then. almost wh.te iMdontring to who were ke "ns.ress,;s tos,.vcrali,.dividuaLv--Goyernor's \gcn s &i and also .f the wife of a Missionary, who... the/^n'to h.: H, .; ti^'f'^'l 7'':^''"V'"=^*''> '-'^ ^''^ -act..! from H m was f.n..hed then. pass. to go for the night to w rr; "'Tr".? ""'•" ^^^•-"•''^--biMage. And Hho. letmea-skofall U.e parties concerned, re^-ived the !"oney for tla^^ale of tl.e.sefen.ales-amoui ting i i t^ -tances, t. X-AXlsteHingeach ? Will the Colo^i. oZ^ tdl us who b<,u,d,t f^on.ra, Theresa, Rehecra, 4^ ^\ And IS the ( overnment, and tln^ ind.vid.ials in .n^^mT^'t. Britid. Colonics I ,>,.rceive with satisfaction the er.^ ions which you have.. .ade in the .Meeting of \ZynL {™r;^^''iri-'V-'-t4^^'^ thorn Y ..' *'"" '"''b* ''"' >"^ nu^t not stou thatiftlK.y wore to remain Hririh T '^T^^'^ ''^'""^S rr' West-Inl 71"^."^," '^'^ K.VEW THPy r,Kn MARRIBD, RicLd V arTck n ^^^'^^^^''^''S -' April 19th, by the Rev. Clurd^) c S l'^;^""'''' "' ^e l>utch Reformed CI urth, Uuctor S. J. Ci.ltn^m, of the of New ProVKleuce, Bahaii4as. to Miss il.v,,., Ciaxii, H.vleh^ "at've of the siame place. "UVLER, a ^^ "tNiiv GKEENSLADt A ca SWarlwcmfiQt j^p^^jxi^s^^:)^ ARRIVLD, 5th— Sloop Lively, Prudden. master. CliaHest.,.. fitl>— SI T r "'''*'' ^ ""' "• ^^" •'^^' Thompson. Otti — Sloop Jane, Cnsson, Ti.rL. I i i ri rn 1 "^^* Islands o, ^ ^'^"[', Tobacco, dec. H. Aduehliv. Sloop Favourite. Gould, Crooked i.lan.i o, p. > *^"stic and Cotton. Moop Diana. Fernandez, pj^i^ j^ . ^;-'"-Eagle, W hitehead. ^^j,,, ^ey Moop Augusta Den.entt, p,,^, ^^ F ust.c and Cotton to John Thomson Sl Co. Moop Joseph 6i \\ dhani, Beihell, Cuba f 52 head Turtle to the Master. CLEARED. St] — Schooner Bithon, Frances, 6tli — Sloop Ilariequin, Perpall, it it Cuba Mutai./.as SAILED, 4th — Scbooiu'r Bitlu.n, Frances, Cuba BY IIE.NRY GREErvSLADTdrco: On Motuiaif, the Hth iustant. At 10 O'clock. A. Mo Will Ik. sold at the Vendue House Su|H..bne Fhmr, in whole & half Barrel'i KiceA. Corn, in Bags f^ogar, ;.i Barrels Pork, in do Crackers, in Kegs & half Barrels Soap A. Candlet With sundry other articles. A LSO. A Set of Dining Tables, Chairs. &c. Ac. M r.rms tash on delivery. At three Month's Credit, A Very excellent Grand Fin, Harpsichord Sha,ie, A very handsome Bay Horse, about five years old accustomed to the Saddle. eyM Hnnday nezt, the Hfh instant. AT TIIF VFNDIK MOImK, At la O'clock, M. The following valuable Slaves, b^donging to a grntlcnuui about to leave thev Mauds, viz : ^""^'""^ m\?J' *P*;*^ ^^^ a tjood servant. JiJlW, aged 12, a smart Boy. S\RAH,aL'ed KUyeara. CHARLOTTE, aged (, years. C ELI A. aged ;i & 9 months. On Tuesday next, tJu 9tA imtUmi At 10 o*loek A. IK. Will be sold til. ^ Without the Uast Resetrt) All tlie stock in t.aJe. consisting of a vety extoftaive >r nieut of ^^ Ginghams, Chintz, Regencies & Calicoes, Irish Linen, I icking. Check, ^* Book, Mull, Jaconet, Japan & Demi Muslin •^iiR, I-acf, Ritibiins, BoiiiUzrii Crni*, Braite IWivs, Silk & Sail,,, P„r.,ol. <.™,l,.„.en,, and Lajlie, Silk and C,.„,. lC. ;;.nU;.n.o„,L„di..,;a„d Children, st;,!'""""'*""'' tnntlemens Black Silk Stocks. Gentlemens & Ladies Glov** 'nf n .i • • Reel .ir M .11 IM I '"W' o' *"' descriptions. U • B. ami all Colour Thread, Tape Pin, Needles. Pearl JL Bone Buttons, ^' lair Coai, Tooth, .Nail 6l Shaving Brushes Gentlemens su}K.rti..e Broad Cloth clo^e & iver Coats Tortoise. Shell, Braid & Side (^on.os 1 oujK^e 4. Ivory fine Tooth do. Japan Wai ers. i •'^n^. Conversation & Playing Cards, Powders. Cotton, & Worsa^d Fringe, Cotton Cord, Suspenders, &c. dLc. ALSO— A Complete assortment of Perfumery— Consi^Hn., f water, iLXtract of Roses Arc Ar A,^ \a "'"^uc and A„.i,ue Oil. B tc *d'ct;7!'f'"C:' tZ^. Terms— On all purchases over £20, li, monih. <-rp,lii b^ pv.n? appr.,v..d ,..curi,, -under 0,;. a.„"um CASH i^^T"""''' .lH-..,llowi„gda,,. u„.i. „.e*;,.C,^*l; August ;Jrd, 18^31. BY HENRY GliEENSLArMTTc^ Ofi Monday, the Hth August inst. AT THE VINJ.LE MOL8E. At 12 O'clock, M. Will be sold, (without reserve,) the following valuable I'roperty, situate on t. Salvador viz • A tract cdled Mount Ne, pon, near the Hawk's Nest I ,r.^ V lU ^I^J^'^ing Trarts, named— Lnu.vMou,.T, MoirKT V..w,and S.., Ho..„. f\ v^ *'"'' ^^^''^ Tracts— I>K*N'. Plantation. '*"*" ""'"'""'^ '""-' LIKEWISE— w:; 1 wl"••"""'• "" """••'• '"""•I. c.i.i July 2d— ClflllST CJIl PAHINH. B^niE.SRk GREE.NSLADE ic CoT ^11^^^' ^Tl '*" •'^"" "' ""'••* • 'he ,ate of gKA pt'r barrel o sntM-rfine Flour n-^ j l *?^ bulling Loaf do w.i.d, Jib K.,/ "h .K '^"\ '^. IH'. •*-/.. By , ., ,7; ^^^''""P^-nny Loaf V n ^ II) SPK.NCE, Veurv Clerk \ MT.* Room, M August. I(l. ^'^ """• leow, <)ih May, 1831. '*"" >l*cQi ee.n. f^, i. bounded cm l" No ^7 der 7'^-'^-^., convenient for a familv~t W 41 W '^^""*;^"^ ^" •-"-. for Servants 1 Augu st .'M, IHSl. SALE OF PEWS. mTOTH'E'''"il''J ''"'^'' ''''''''" On Monday, the th of August instant. At 1 oVIock. airreLhlv .IT"^"* ocrn,wnt. may rt^ain their Pews \ .-..r, r„., r,.r, „„ .„ ,„.f.,„. „„ g,,, j,^. ^^ r^^^"'"' Bj ordpr of ih<' Viitrv. V.-.T.V R.H.H. .30, M-, ,„.„"• '"•^^•^'-.-''BY HE .MSTgreEXSHI)Fa~CO: Ofl A DA.VDT. A dandy . a chap that would J*" a young lady ,f he could ; To show th. world h#-s not a m:m. On Monday, the \2th Srptemhrr nert, AT THE VEVIHF IfOf.SF, At la 0*01ock, BC. Tu I ^'"^old, without resirve I \^' pleasantly situated II,>use and Lot 'in Bay Street MrFii:;rb::b w'^'^'^^^'r^' ^^ ^^^^^ -^?^^; •>lrs. Elizabeth >\ atson. A Plat of the Premi-e. will hi left at the Subscribers' Store for inH>ectioi;? ^ ^"^ ^ lerms—^ix months credit from the day of sale the nnr chaser approved Security. ^ August 6th, 1A31. "^ -^LiNT .\OTICE. immod :;: ,^ .^r, \';:; tr"";^' are required to make U^ of .September next/wUl tL";.::: dt"""^"''"^' '^^ '^ G. C. ANDERSON, July .30, 1S81. Administrator. I^OTICK. T n an nP ""^li^'^^' '"^'•"'^-'^ '^ '-'^ Bahamas h^bi^dtnb K *^^"-rP^<^'-'"^'"^^"^'^'*"'! those thldTnT / ^^'T^^' '^r.suinp, to enable him to me^x hedimandn a.Mu.M h.m, am! a|f armunts remainine unpaid at that p^-riod will be sued for imiiscnminatelv. 20th July. laSl. '^'^"'^ ^'^™IF-I^. A "'•


.1" h\ % r f\om ikg CormoaU CtmrUr, Jmlf 13. MEETINtt or THE FRtKHOLDKRS AND IV H\B|TANi'S OH TIIKLAWNY. On Monddv a nuincrout %m\ biuhly r*pMtaM' Wetint^ ofthc Iiihabitaiitii ofthiuPwith tuuk jWiirr at tlte Court ilifiMc in thift tuwiu Mr. Lainont snid hi' had callH this mftHms; in r>nequtMire ot a requiHitioi) U) him a the St;iiior Magistrate, which he would n^ad. It wa ax follows t*— TuBLArNY, 2d July, \m\. Sir, — Wf th' undtTsigiied, rt^qu^'st that you will convene a early an po&dbv the Imperial Farliauu-ni, towards thWst India roloniis, iind which, if poristed in, uu*i mi niteriiilly affect ihi" welfare of thi; Island. We are, 8ir, Your very obedient jiervanti. [SijE^ned by several respectable individual.n.j F. Lantont, Rsq. Senior Man;itrate. On the motion of Mr. Frater, Mr. Laniont ti>ok the chair. Mr. Frater ro5ie and said they were caUed togetht^r in conequenc fanatic fiersons wlio choose to cry out for it. Mr.Lemoniussaid that with \\w leave of th< m<>etinf 1m would read a series of resolutions which he had pn'par3 on the subject — Mr Lemonius tlien proceeded to read the following resolutions, which were adopted : /fo/wur properties in this Island are the principal means of subakit•nee for ourselves and fanulies, we should, if deprived oi them by Parliament, be reduced to misery and ruin. Re$oUed-~ThAl it is the ritrht of every British subject and the boas; of the British Constitution, that no individual however humble, can he deprived of the least miction of hw profM-rty without In^mt; jwid for it.andthat therefore we demaml as our undoubted riyht full compensation for our Lands and Slaves before Parliament interferes with tlie •Mm4\ .tW-That the .eens devils! by faction, in the flous.. of Commons, to deprive us of our projierty if carried iijtoeffct, cannot fail to create • tervile war, of too horrible a nature to contemplate, and that any person who attempts to produce or promote such war is an enemy to his country. ^ /?/*/wf/— That our loyahy hasneverbeen found wanline in times o( war and danger, nor ever been shaken by the oppressive taxes tad insulting nn-asures beap*^ on us by the Motlkir Country, nor even been suspected but bv a leader of the Anti-Slavery Soci<.ty in his place in the House of Commons, who admitted that a people driven to despair, by seeing themselves unjustly deprived of all the means of life and comfort for themw Kes and children mav i put their miserable existence at a stake in defence of^ their just rights and properties. Resohtd—T\x%i it is the undoubted ripht of subjects to demand protection against internal and external enemies in return for h<>aring their proportion of the expenses of the government ; and that a pm-rnment refusing such protection destroys tlie compact with its subjects. Resolved— ThM tl>e conduct of the BritishGovemment in Uxing us hieher than other subjects—in fostering our cneroies, and listening to th-ir falsehoods against us— in rejerimg statements tVom impartial persons in onr favour— inallowing designing im^n under the saintly cloak ofRelijnon not only to pilfer our peasantry of their savines, but also toiow i discontent and rebellion amongst them— in tlu^atening to \ miLUb^' paM, mmI which we na^bt cki m our rifbl, at a tine • aervile war may Im; appr^nded— -it BMMit beftrtlew, and in viiitati'Mi of joctire, humanity, and sound poHcy. Rrohed-—T\iii\ we cling with die inovt filial affection and veneration to 'Kir bdovem which, though apfiarently desired by tlie latter, mu>t fill our bosoms with the sincerest regret ; but thrown as a prey before misguided savages, we have no oilier alternati>'e than to Rf$aUf€^ Tliat his Excellency the Earl of Belniore be solicited to call an early meeting of tlie Ilouae of Assembly, in order that a deputaion of the same may lay mir grievances at the ftKitofihe Throne, humbly to pray, if our most Gracious Sovereign and th<; British Nation consider us unworthy of the protection of our just rights, equally with all his Majesty's subjects, we may be absolved from our allegiance, and allowed to seek that protection from anotlier nation, which is so unjustly and cruelly withheld from us by our own. Resolved-^— T\mi a committer be appointed to draw up such p w recovertHilMP lib vouiMlt, aad ivill be ablato hii niouroMtiMls m delence of hit couatry. \ ^^^ tbunder-ttorm MV Warsaw, led to the report ta the Q^ auui journalt af aaolher great battle havtag takea r%, there. Our latest ivitligeDce up to Friday night reached m from Warsaw in fkven days. The letters are dated May U and infurm ue thil the Kussiaos had again advanced lovi2 Warsaw. Tbey iwist again fight their way at Dembi Wial. ki, which is strongly occupied by the Poles. The sucoce. sor of Dwernicki, General Chrzauowski, has already prov4 i)inuiell worthy of the hero he succeeds. He was sent wi|k 8000 men, by the commander-in-chief, to retake Zamoi* The shortest way vat through the enemies* lines, and tint he followed. He fMwbt three successive battles, gaiaeJ as many victories, aao marched eighty-one English miW in three days, succeeded in gaining his point in spite of u^ united efforts of the Russiaa corps of De Witt and Kre>utt,ii force upwards of 24,000. He took 158 prisoners, amonftt whom was an aid-de-camp of Kreutz, captured sixtees waggons loaded with military effects, a portable camo chapel, a magazine of cloth, and 3,093 florins. His as. tagonists were Cossacks,and the elite of the light cavalry of Russia. The two finest regiments were obliged to tare themselves from the fury of the Poles by swimming acrou the Wieprz near Lysobiki. The almost miraculous succea of the Poles has caused an extraordinary sensation. TURKEY. There are no furtlier certain accounts of the progress of the Insurrection in Turkey ; but from the number of eie. cutions which have taken place in Constantinople (some. times five hundred of anight), it is conjectured that tlie fean of tlie Government are great, and the adherents of the rebels in the capital many and formidable. The demands of the rebellious. Pachas are curious. They require, 1st ths the disbanding of the regular troops ; 2nd, the restoratim of the Janissaries ; 3d, the restoration of the confiscated property of all the Janissaries who were executed, and af those who are still living ; 4th, the restoration of the p.> vileges of which the Ulemas have been deprived ; 5th, bo> lition of the new taxes ; 6th, indemnity for all the losses sus> tained since the overthrow of the ancient institutions, u well as for the expences of the present war. All these ait conditions which the Sultan cannot grant, and the accea. lance of which, or even of one of them, would cost him hit throne and his life. It is said that, feeling the want of able Generals in such a crisis, the Sultan has taken into ka favour IzzetMehemet (celebrated for his defence of Yarm) and entrusted him with an im[>ortant command. Lettm received from the frontiers of Germany, say that the GraiNJ t ed to extinguish ciminierre in the West, that ihey might Viaier hrs not l>een taken prisoner; but that,on ihecouina junto of Secta'y* ^e has defeated the rt^bels, and driven them back wik derive some petty traffic in the East ; or a „. ^...„nans at home, wlio attempted to gain public strength by clinging together in public, and to wimm the West India question s^'rved as iImintist convenient link. His Majesty must to his feelings on this topic, arising from his general anxiety for ihe welfare of the national possessions, ad flagrant impostures which th<> itinerant preachers of sedition, under the distn.ise of methodism, or of methmlism in th^ language otseceived. lilachwood's Magazine. POLAND. I>iebitsch,it is said, has received orders from the Emperor u^ !i;l!r ^*'^T ''^*' ^' '*^' ^ *^<'t *t -dlec l'',iN men sick and wounded. and titles of Baron Tewkesbury, Viscount Fiizclarena, and Earl of Munster ; to confer the honour of Knighthood on Jo >ph Whatley, Esq., Groom of his Majesty's Be^ chamber ; and to appoint Sir F. J. Lamb, G.C.B., tob his Majesty's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipote* tiary to the Emperor of Austria. From the Same of May 24. The King has b'en pleaw'd to grant to Frederick Faclan'nce, Esq., a Colonel in tlie Army ; to Adolpbus Fiticlarence, Esq., a Captain in the Navy ; and to the Rm. Augustus Fitzclarence, respt'Ctively, the title and prea> denceof the y'-"^*k. ,s promoted to the I Tro|lop,^ Knight Commander of the Most Hon MUitan ^tf 4^ mSh '"'"''*"'' '"^^^^ ^^'^-''^ '^ •''> ^^ Knight Grand Cr^^ofTS ttrinTckdr;:T7"^^^ ?'"^^"^"^'"^^^^ ^^'^-'-Vice.Adm Si Iv^Hia. whei Z c.: ; eU ih r tu;nr:. hi: linT" tT' 'f'^'T "''^' '^^T'"'^ ^'^•'^^> '^' ^*^" '^^ State (iazette .,f th; l\>,b in . ^ u o ^^"" ^"^^^ *" nominate and appoint the f..llowing officen to I* th.^wingT/0 iVt//^^^^ the Russians with KnightsComniander^of the said Most Hon. Military Ord. >WY*""K "'" tne wetis ttie Oearl booios of those who hav \\t • Vi# Ar^m'.rol V f r> \ j -• / • i c • lerl fr,™ cholera, and i.h f,.rri,„ ,1. ,„...,ical „", )Xl""^^^'"'"'^ ^" ^'^ ^"'P^^' ""'' ^ --^'^•'"'^ ^ ^ "v™;.athv^ ith r. r" "r""*^"" --P'^'"' "^^^ •''" ••" " <<) ?•< ;^ ' •• vice. Wn-y .b.. pZ will .uL "u "•' "" '"'" "' '*""">'• i^i ^"'"""ndoror the M..., Honourable Military Onlo, of ix^n r^.t:'^z::.':T\::t^rr:^: -""r-'^'r-''-^^r:.?.-*=-._''Hy,inn.7G^ 'WW^ EOaE BI8. EdltOT. THE BAHAMA AROUS. rOLIKD EM|.WiaT IN HKM^U, H. . WBPmESDAy. At/CPaT I*. I8S,. bt^n mad. for these brave men. Other accounts state that Dwcrn.cki has apf^-aled to the French and Eneli'^h ambassadors at Vienna, to interfere, in his behalf against the injustice of Austria, which detains him at Lavback, and wich Hospital, and upon William Burnett, Esq., M.D, Medical commissioner of his Majesty's Navv. The EARLi>oMOFMrNSTi'.R. — On the accession of I* Majesty to the Throne, thtitleof Earl of IV?u.->8ter; whick •ends his soldiers to Trnsvlv.n. PI *^"-^"*^'^' "" ; '^!;^^>' " tr>e 1 hrone.tNtitleof Earl of Mu.->ster; whick efforts, ^ Tli^roLl" TnH^:r.: "i^;i^^ "-'^ ^ ?^l ^^r-"-. ^ -l-< the Irish Peerage, n^ enorts. These officers and soldiers receive the same pay as the corresponding rank in the Austrian service. Up. Monday, the Polish demand for recognition was first pre^s.nted to the Court of England. Rus.s,a has express,.d it^-lf determined not to treat wHh tlie cesttll Hiter their finai snh|u{ration. The Russian ged in the Crown. A point was then raised whether 1 title, having thus become extinct, was to he deemed cm of the three Irish Pt^rayes which must become lost bv eitinction before the Crown can create a new Irish Peersff. The question in s#.t nt •! Ky t.he rrrr.tion of the EsHd-P hstowf.d upon Colonel Fitrclarenco. It is undert^ Withdraw troops for whose protection ho hyo doubly rviner a...^>. ^. •••^^.nu i..^u.wfn Jipon I oione rttTcarenco It is unriertP then th<.vcn"oir,hr.n,!nl.r.L?1 ''''' """>• •"" i -"W all hi, di,po„hlo prop..r,y on hi,„. in order .hekuv-d in he rln i2 of Th^ T Tt" "^"^"T ^,7 T '" '"^^" *•" •"^"^Th, manner of Wymondh.* changed il ^ ",r "L,", ,'^„ / f ""' '"iT'^V' ^""" "''*'"'' "^ *"^"'""' ''''"'i'v <<"•,. h, ..^e hb. pea ,he r.,„eo„ ,„,„, „f adm.ralion. Chlopicki .iiled upon the F.arl ,r.d Cou-itoM of \ t .. MM^M^^^M— V#I*, li.Ilf^ W|| length repressed with '^--rii li i [^^^^^^^"^^"""^"""TW— I^^^mi, suffWin. nation, so loudly im.d. ^ '^'^'^^-^ -ny j Ihit they aust lookTSrTmISSr"5P""". J'rl'.::".r " 'i ^ th .hip. alreadv eo™,i^;^^ f. ^ ^^J. otherwise SymiS^fitTS^ P^P^oy. fairs into order. Th nnMi. iT * P*** ^^^ •'•o that servants in urivai. k *• • check, Piease. No matter*:'^^^ irintr^^/b^-^ ^^^^ =£^?^?-?^[!^^e_? OE TE.T. COUNCIL MEMORANDA. The day had come, the Councild met, Ihe .Senior at the board was set He, who for twenty years had been I heir honoured Chief,— most just I ween • One of old Conch-towns friend, wu, he At least was always deem'd to be. With honest warmth, he thus address'd Hh juniors:—" I do now protest, Gun,t„rh.f you all .h.sdny have seen. Most disrespectful It ha.h been Not of dinumnen, to cause f impeach us." We're told thafmongst the holv twelve, ^ne Judas proved a ivrui/ #/atf '• Twas just so at this council board Une fjaltry minion of his lord. Among his compeers held his tongue But. cur-like, with the news he run When next, at passing of accounts, (The best men have their paramount.,) The innulter thus the chief addressd -. "Toyouofrhank. Igiveraybeil. For your sage mode of reprehension. Of what you have no comprehension? Zounds, sir I beg from hence you'd know 1 ou have. ,n me. a settled foe.'' Aghast: Struck back, at such rebuke Wo cross, uncourteous. the Chief did'look— Like one who having broke the law,. With hempen cravat 'neath his jaw.. Was lust preparinu Jor a tlijrht. To realms of an eternal night. ITii Juniors, crrst-fallen. in awi.,e, Hunjj down their heads in vacant eaze Nor could the sasje and honour'd bo.ird Like Cabb^^^r^"""' '^' '"^""'-^ Lo"lLike Caliban by Pn.spero bound In wjzanl'. spell, they .tood around. Or, like a disarm'd. ilefeated band Met by red navage. arms in hand, Appall d by tomahawk and knife. IJisconsolate, they prav for lite • ^J ithsdent looks, they'all implore Mercy of aEu-ssi., on Conned floor. Then let us all. ye Conchs, now join. And w„h our hands.onrhearts aid coin r.ams,p,HAMot-rT and ci;a unite, 1 dl whence they came, they take their flight jr;'t're;o'fVeL^^:p^ whom are proudly connected wff he nT n"; "' "^"^ **^ glory we may easily calculate wha, th.^!w *'^lT '"™' they have any real work to do wLi '^ T*** ***' •*""*** Kin^beprou'd of suTa Lt" an^:L.':v\?":v '^^^^^'^ ?'''**' whether demon.trative or activeTwe ll^T. ^ ^i '^* object, success. "*o have no doubt of iu Vicja^ Admiral Sir E. Codrin£_, ton. (}. c. B. ^•ptaioCurron. R'^ar Admiral Parker. Captain Dundas. 120. expected daily from the M •*^..n. Caledonia, Prince Regent, Britannia, ISO 120 Asia, Kevenife, U'cllesley Doneji^al, Talavera, Barham Alfred Dublin Stag, Curacao, raiee ) te. ( a, III 50 from a frigate. With various smaller vessels *i. Parker. Hellyar. Rowley. Dick. Colby. Higot. Maunsel. Lord J. Townshend. iJir T. Trowbridge. Dunn. •tyet commissioned. AN ACROSTIC. Sir Knieht. I am puzzled to death Alas! Pray gire me advice; Neither day nor night can I rest. Decamp I cannot in a trice. In NaMau,rm watched by a fiend, and Lackey itrall, me at time,, At others, a damnable elf. and Netting together my crime.. De.pair my hope, ha, clouded for fame Stamp-d as I an, with an odiou. name'l • AN ASS. I phS :{;,t: lfr LT,^r:;^rrr •? •^ an.l roRulates the conduct of .iJ^ • ^ transaction, "a i. uic. in klpTnK hte:g4^„:':Cf^ -^^^ l''"""''"less y or in a hiirr^__l i ^^*^"7"" — oes nothing'. nothin, '!n,o^'x:n^:f:i:z:zi'i'r. c.rcu„.a„ce, ponnitted hin. to d^ko^n. I'd" L**"'! busin.v from the view of il.,^ '^ "' d.iigni and actions at all times, when LvZlZ i """"^'^ *'"*"' either in huyingorJl na-^^^^^ "''-. tcr, which he .ndi.wv.nH7 "^"T'" ""IXTIant letbeionpi,,, to h-"buS\ 1^:-^::;:^ :r;;.;r;™'r—never allows hit deiL .„ k. iTT^ • P"' "P '" >"*"• lyin? upon it^ujjat. i,*^ h T" r'j"' ."""^ P^P*" I'nowin',, that '( ^^Z^J n,''^,t:X''^"t':T """ majini, that he rr.vl -;. '"'~'"'''' " aw .uit,, wlH-rc ilM-t* i, the ieajt h,arl '• '""""• '"' hU e„K>„di.„re. alway, livTn^^hir ,uTnc„rr:'"' *" n-emorandun, b.„,k with a pencil i^hi, 1^ "^hTJ" lli. huee maMeof1i" o*"""" of • vwt to one of ju-de. and „„ i/nprln^'X': ^ '"""'"','"• ^"'' found hi„.|f rapidly ,inkL .ill ? f "'T '""'"'". editermn.e.hat re..n,bli„g^.Ty well ,,'*"? '"'•"'? 'otal darkneM. not dlrwJL T.Vr ^ "-"•ned in ofencoun,erinK.lowcTd4D.,M • "h "•\?P"'h*''"n .ide, of .hi, ca^ernorabl^ bw „ V"* "'"'' ' •"' '^' lf, he wa, quicklv c„,>.?^.;„!i' l T^'"* ' "'*' *"',, to {j^t% zTz:^ ^i:*^j.'"Z"'"y "-• dread of being lru^S^7ZT:.r Z'l' ^ "'''"'"""'^ and buried aliJe under„e.,r fh A™b L^'" ""'"'r^ con.riv,^ .0 descend, by .UDno^ilh ^ """'""''"'• sidesof.hecavitv ho. rf'!'PP""'ng himself against .ho which inflic;:d:^M"'p,'e7.C'vri"T'' **"''' """• Arab .t length Kiied him d™T u ""'"•ions. The violent and de.^ e„'r,; t'V t'T "r'"^' '"^ cau^d by ^ .h':rp':tr.';^:^Jr;:htth: j'^hTr-'' and of hi, own hrei.hless condition Tin, t. .^ J"""' revisited theliirht ofd.v :'.?' i '^^'^^ ""l^"'' .houlder and .eTer^fil'^r^"dUir ]"""?• '""' "• hi. face, two teeth EkL o/, ^ T^'^ ""'' o" braird and ini^. He af fi"" '"'' ""L' A*"* P'""" the apparent blu^ .y Z"mL71Z'1 t" '™'^' ^'" butth.p.K,r fellow J,„ !.„,,' •"''^'P,"wd his succour; been in^aiiibV^r^utr :,:>:' rp:'r:;e'".r"'''' •"" for there was in farr .n...k "^'Pt^rate alternative : depth, into which t^"iiX„.o:i:?or':r'"T".' ""'"""'" ".i^ht have cau.d hi. prec^itatC wuio:."':'"'*"'/'-'"-^ re-asceniling. Thiseiuan..l->„ !. i ^'^ "' "V'r conver.., ,1^, repro.S'M"i.'I.T:i tuf'^ "''"-' ..on. of gratitude .ow.rd. thT pT aL^ ''^ "P"'" and udi^nifil n.tur.. He dJ^,^ """^ "nprincel.v day ™,oking in hi. ap.^ment'^d .t '""*" P"' "^ ''" n.Kht playing for cro,T;:tXa,th;i^l^"Yj;'.r. "'"" nappy to see the last of bi ';"^wons. H,, hosts wer. toinin? paymem. ^'^ **"'^ ^* ^'*<^"iy in obA late London paper ^vet to its readers tho following descnp,„„ 3 Hottentot, at the Cape of Good iw' We copy It for the amusement of our read^-rs Ouirafre, of the iMnark Rep„lutionists~^Th^ A' ly lie equa ed bv the uiv.^ i, ^"""^ Ki'k.rouldon'bf ..reets. No J.tir.T. iV "^ "V*"" ••""''"<•• in •ItainM .Ik. Refor^in" 'caTdidat, 'Iwt""'.''" ""^ dertshower ofsto.,,.. .„ i '^7 were driven, unwere regulariy i„v 'd hv K TfT '" "^ '"".—hero Rio. Ac, U ZT^y '>'• rabble, and not till after th clear tlie s.r^u d"r,T^: til"" "7''-" "'"-'' ">" ' -al'an attanipl tZt^ ^7^" "' '''""'' ^"^'•• nolislad, and L numher^'f™ .? ••"'•(!••. were, thrown ,^ th^n, V "'^P^""'""'" "ived, from the .hi. and o ri^ilL^'rrhlS";"™' -J-'yOne effect .f neficial nature! T^pure^ld-;' J;""'"' "^^ ^ have .up|„.rtedR,fo™Tm ."".* '"'"'*" '*'*•'' Frrm the Court Journal. ^oJ^P^t;::::^^^^^^ -™^:j. which i. about ml Sir Edward Codr.ngtok G c o .''^ V.ce-Adm,. ment of any ..mdar ma^n "i,^ whic^hl' ^i^; ""' ""''^^ "•the occasion that preceded "he ^iL^ Y' ^"'•"'^ "ince made on by I^rd Vi^counfF! '"u '"^^^^f"' a"ack array can hanlly Ll of g, mTL ,0"^^ Simpo„„ean tnurh beyond the a*>4rf cau.. 1 /J^''"'"''**"'' ''xtendmg ly to be .ati.fied^tnV,d;a I;, ^'^^ ^'' '^ ^^ cJ'-mand for national economy a Mm,,? ^^^-^ j^in,^ time, of rte,J malleriaring the burt^;, 00.; 2^' T '^'''^''^'y '''great an expenditure a. thi. ar^ . ^""^^^^ ''^"'^^ ^r^t,, . •o'Hy for the object ^f co^nuTZ 7"' v *^""'y •"^<>'-" recently prosecuVed. WrS clnee^ '^ ^^l^^-irn^ .0 ;;'g. a. our firm and undoub H con.^'r ""T'^r' '^"^ ^>'^^•ctate. the .ending (onhih^.^o^2t^''^^^^^^ "^al, because calculated in an ?minU? "^'"''^'nily erono••00 and hostilitie.. It ^j ," ,7"'?'"' ^^^^/ to avert confu-.•.co„.errat,.e. and -senti^l vT,;^/"';?,'^ ^" "^ ^ measure that no important „en, .r. T/ ''7 P"^'''."^eare well aMured ternational matter,. }>v the^^bm ''.' Tr ""' '''^''^' ' *"which IS not oneof frli an.i ' ^^^^-^ and Knirland ^v. further u„b:,Vu;uT':rr;S''""'''""~^ •II Euro,,,. „|| (i„,| h,n,J,„r;,^ • ''",''" '•"'"nal liberal, of port which the ,w„ TO.,rci.7l a' 'T'^^ ""^ 're„„i|,|, the worlrf , I """• ''"b'-'d ,„d powerful mo„„rhie"Sf A l-ittU Good Adriu —Th..^ ', .. have supimrted Reforlfr ""'''*' "'*" which a. Graham-, Town (ci^Tf G^ ttl^Z^^t ""•"""""' .' 'p "^nV,t™V ^rh'T;!:''"" '''•' "™* ^•'•''r giving advice to hi,,;„^ ZT] /""' "* '^ '<-red%ircum. a„c", „nii', ""'"T '^''^y f"'' <^'pc^Jrt,„„.„,^ --;'-;;•' .„d horror Ii. pl.To%;u,''"7'~'''1 'T"'' claim, Piet,"eo to church I A. •? — "• " ntimidaiion FiwiTT P -!"'''""• and e. go to-the ^aTchurch t JL ^Wtl T 1*"' '^Z"''' ^^ '•" '-^ orte "Ly ^ .'"^l^"""" "'' '"•" a^ w|Jgon-chain ..kI he tg'i L IZ Z\ "^AwT"? ,"^T"" ^^^^ -X.^'"rG"o:;*"". f ","" "'^•'aod Mr. Ward are the hinTi „r. tv •""' *"" o murdera fellow-beinr .ho^I "' attempt •1 right. W,. Mv .„ I'.. <-f>nf a constitution >, n (• say an ittemot to in„rJ.r <„. .l. and Mr. Ward .Z ie K ^ ^^ "^'" ^'"^^H. lexers. Mind whatT ^^^^^^ J^i?^'^*^? ^^^ you have two or thre,wives on. ^?^ T'^'' . enough. If fr>r breakfast ;• ano h^r „o h \1' ^'"^ '" '^ ^"Pther, 'where ii the Irt' J K ^'^ f''"^""" fin.t,' anlveood advice D„n^ ? "l"**' ^"^ '**> Hottentot V I give 5WU aovice. Uon t go to the canteens, mv brmk-r, u ^y not good forburphpr. All ,k "! _"*^?'''^***'? ^ ^"" •i richt. We uiv .n "... -^•*^"'"P ^constitutiondischarged w a.^Ve^'^d ? i fl T^'l '"' '^ -•''• where it struck tl^ Hnn ru f'^X ^^'^ *'"* <^ P^ tk^ A J, '*^* *' Hon. Charl^-s DoupIm at L^..t .k tbedeadiv punxxM* of tk* ^.-. ^i V *"* *^^t K^'F'^**' oi ine dastardly nifhan w\%^ u., j • Agamst such brutal outraa^. .11 r„ ""**"*' •""'^ it. necessarily revolt wd wT.^ honourable mind, „,u,t k -\ *f^"' •"d. w,,h the excepiKn of (^y, „ho n for B-laL. .L dy is no, ,^ forbi^be^AnZ"';^. •'"'!= ""*" -^''^'^y r^^^^lT':^'^ ^ """•""'''' """''' won-t make you whitl if^„ ^tX''tZ:,t:^' "^r """'"'"'' '^^^^^^^'^^IT:^ l,' 'Z '^ ter. Ifyou go to the magistrate hou*. wwHl "k or swim with i,. I,,;, [_•""• mob, ,„dmuM m-i:-.-."^-.">I. -.iT^^ mar;:: •i-k or swim with it. fetlue^^'il™ '^' ""'• general f<,.li„g of esecratirr^es^h,",:;"*^/"^ of thoK who wen the tr— i7l f '."'" of mow form in thi. coZ. '.^ ''-' '^ ••"-! "*'— of R. dnink, „•„; break ;i„d;w, nTVall do:" '""^"'' '"' "^ " " w.^^ l^'™,'^"/-''' ">-""^ " Mind your busine... W„;k if vou hi '" ^ ""*'— f"™ '" .hi. comTv D^JL* f *" "*"•"." of Rei.f not. go ,0 device. Dc-'t i^iik r^'l ^'T '"<*'" "" "f * ^wbo U^Z "JT f""'" ""' *doingnothing. There"hi„?"";^to:'""' l'"'^*' "'"-"' ''^^^^ farm, m the country, stop there Ff v£" ^"^ *' I '''".ion in an uniruardl -^ l*' "'"•'' "f "•heep will do the '„:'' Xn Z'Z'Z oYi ^r I*" '''^''*'-'" "f detra'ti^n^" 'r^^f '."'<' forwd Hottentot! he ha, nrallrweT.!, l' ' *' '*™nce have at an ..rlL-ZLTV ^ J"""'"""'"' "".o-d bullock,, and .he h"nrh'JIr^„.'^;;rc 'n'thl^r "^ "• -'"•"..""ar.^^.'^^li'''^'^ •' '." """">•• Open your mouth, villain. All down bv J.cLh r '' e their uil,.' Thai i, „.., .hi ".! 7. '''"^ ' ."" ".' -orM are bolind ZVU"Z"' '""r -"f"' mo„„ ;7„"f .heir p^cke. reXll 'Z, \ "^<" ^'"^"' "f theSe •a 'be on. hand, .ad t^ at'li::!':'' t' ""'T" "" •'"™ "hom with T|^v ^^''t "^ir. '">.•'""""'"e 1 U, fill by the revolutionary p.rrioVTLIj" "" "' '" ''*-'"'''• vourchild^n A B r I t'"^^^homeand .each l.h.rm i;'v;^",i;::'''ir'"" ""' " '•"""•ry .hould tX,' *"*->*> the ministers dont .ruttoL 1^.. J ._ '**"'^<'n