The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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OeROBE 816.9S. WEDNIWDAY. AtCOST 8, 1831. VSL. I-N. V.

THE BAHAMA A3 US. young fawn, and looked about.befure, behind, every am too low,butthatthaouartuoeswbt nommbrthd m
d =side ere sheventured forward ; and telling her he could not van hath givwa tue ia aavtl to fpo m e-mul
reaaso es-wauLiw Ila sau, a. r. wait for her tardy motions, bade her join him without fail fight, while the of thy power gI re emw i- ad ber
n ____- a___ at the end of the world. limbs slow of pace. If thn wed -at ea ldr thy
iht llalE per aun-m ad Aume. Time oon finished his tour round the globe, but Truth speed Ulittl, I aigt alwnay keep p wp an, '
was far behind; and as he had worn never to wait for any *Pihaw!' excdaued the old me, gily, I hve not
one, the old man turned round to make another tour, and moment to wate in hearing you alk.'
met his daughter about half way on her journey. As long o saying, he spread his wings, ashok hIsa i -l a
parted friends love to tell each Other all that has passed in her in anger, and vauled forth o amoebatrjoery reid
their absence, they related their adventures the world. His daughter ran Ahar him as ia as he
SOne day,' aid Time, I mwur wife whose rash husband could, and entreated be would sop; belt though he ha
had turned her from his door and divided her from her ever since been trying, she has never base a to overtake
_____ __ __ children, on account of soua ui.we:udd iealousy.-Iwould the flight of Time. Thos who know bet, however, afirm
P E R. Y. have staid to make up die quarrel and convince '.:m of his that she will undoubtedly catch him at ist, for Trth is
ORI__IgAL POETR error, but I knew you would soon come and set all right. I great and must prevail."
TO THE GENIUS OF THE WEST ILNIESt. hope thou didst make my words guod. Didst thouu inter-
AwakeO GENius! Lift thy awful h fore in behalf of one of thy sex Egyptian N.rrspaper.-The N.Y. Daily Advertisr
Aak the green o! Liof thy ocfu head; Als father, the poor abandoned wife wesdead before alludes to this phenomenon thus :-An official newap
Lito tou paina fwe thee ely,) -I mme. Grief and sliano han driven her to despair, and of a folio size, consisting of four pag, isnow ublishd
To thee we lift supplicating eye, she piriuhed by hor own handIs. Cairo, by order of Maliomed Ali, I icerary o Egypt. It
Tu thee for acour, we in danger cry. 'What a pity! but let us go ao. Next I met a young is printed both in Turkish and Arabic; it contains the
0, thobe Great Genius of the Western main, man who had been crossed in love in consequence of ca- litical regulations of the governor, the most remarkab
Rouse from thy sleep, or thou wilt cease to reign: lums.ies that had poisoned the mind ofhis mistress. A little events that take place in Egypt, a list of the vessels that
Uanumlr'd foes within thy parent land, onward and I encountered the yeang woman herself, who arrive at and sail from the Egyptian ports, and generally
Join, bea to work thy ruin, hand-in-hand; was pining away almost broken-hearted at the supposed such intelligence respecting the agriculture and commerce
To r inty children, to th heir minions send infamy of her lover. I could not slay to remedy their sor- of the country, as is useful to know.-The thermnmetrical
dthie nece teapest'. loud, doubled ar., rows, but told them that my daughter Truth was just behind, and barometrical observations made at Cairo, .en regularly
Though havoc spreading on full many ashore; and would soon bring about a good understanding. recorded in this Gasette. As specimens of what it coutina
Not the feU vipers which insidious creep Alas! alas!' cried the maiden, with tear in her eyes, we may give the following samples:
On man forgetful, locked in balmy sleep; I came too late. The youth had become a sot and a [Translated from the Cairo Gaette.]
Nut fierce diseases, which so often spread, gamester, and the poorgirl had dd ofa broken heart.' "The Council of State has abolihlv the punishment of
And send so many to the quiet dead,- Thou art destined, it seem, to be always too late. I death in Egypt, except for political offences. For other
Are near so dreadful these caitiff band, wish thou wouldst go forward instead of lookingallaround, offences, comulsory labour is the punishment, varying in
Destruction preadin over peaceful lands.
0. (elliu wke. Vhy children eed thee now, and feeling thy way like a blind an.' length according to the nature of the crime."
Let wisdom be the crown upon thy brew; Ah! father,' replied she,' how should I be asured of Some numbers ofthe (Gzette contain die prices of al
Drie out these traitors, let them not remain being always right if I did not first see Vhich way I was comnmodities imported into Alexandria.
To make our happiest projects all in vain: going. 1' We are glad to see, in this Giaette, a channel by which
Ia vain we strive ierce discord to reaain, Next,' continued old Time, 'I came into a city where light can enter and spread through Egypt.
Shen others' in'rest 'li that it should reign, a man had been condemned to death for a crime of which
And care they not whoie name or fortune bleeder, he was innocent. I would have staid todo him justice, but Prom the London Atlas.
So they but cain a pension fir their deeds.
o hey bould in h poueh our ftrir. ell we oee. sy m onents were too precious, and I knew you were close W ebsteris.-A Corresponent, wlhoe ear has caught
TA wfred, if fle, is t ur thohan open foe at hand.-Did.t Ihou sive hlimn fromn the gallows 1' up the musical terminalogy of Awrics, lavours us with the
''hee are thy foe, o Genius! mark them well, No-I did not arrive in season. I saw his body Vng- following characteristic epistle. Dr. Webster's dictionary
Be ithoe the ,pirit ofa Witallim Tell- ing in chains; but didJustice to hismemory. Bette late is the printed parent fall Americanisms. To him andtu
So shall these isles from tyrant's sway be free, tan never, father.' Iis work we are indebted for the first learned attempt to
And jarring parties all si length agree. Humph!' said the old man. After this I arrived in engraft upon our language those innumerable yanonymes
a country where dhe people were preparing to murder lthir that may be made by the liberal e of the adjunt im.
Sir Comical Hedlpoll and jolly old Nick governor an all hs henrily on t alSot of a false report of Indeed catching the sound of our laes words, we o not ee
W otesoce on a ise a two pickpoe ke thick, his having attempted to betray them to their enemies. I why ti ar of this sort of coinage might not be called ad-
B o ith his Ind dida old Redpoll fall out, looked behind,alnd thought I aw thee advancing, and beine, junctism. We have called it Websterism out of puw re-
And what do youthimL all the row was aboat. as usual in a great hury, left it to due to dissipate the de- aspect to its founder.
Si Comic.lswore hisolifriend was a thief, lusion.' Si--llorror-stricken with fresh accounts of incen-
And accused him of cond'rt surpassing belief; I grieve to tell thee, O father! that I was a little too diarism, I cannot help telling you that, though in solitarim,
Old Nick vow d that Itedpoll most d--ablylied, late. The virtuous governor, with all his family, had just try pecuniarism allows me to keep a farm. Several men
And then to Jamaics he aent to be tmed. perished, and the wicked calumniator was in his place. I in a state of stipendiarism under me, protest that my fear
told then the true state of the case. But thelie had done are but an imaginarism ; but the country is in such a state
There went trotter and wUrers, a glorious ae, its work, and the consequences were irremediable.' ofetraordinarism, that men in their octogenarism do not
Soe dre sd in scarlet and some dmsd Im oe I wish to the immortal Jove,' cried Time, I wish my recollect its parallel. I therefore consider it the plenarism
Away they all sailed, and they swore they would hick
To the regions of Tartarus, jlly old N youngest daughter Truth, would keep pace with my eldest ofwidom to provide matters ofartillerism against he wort;
daughter Falsehood.' it is mere contrarism to say that uch vagarisms og to be
BMr Jamaica is not an inferior court, How should I, my father, when she never stop to see overlooked. I am therefore in a state of precantioar
To ao lck-anivel Judge could old Redpoll resort; whither she is going,and I am alwaysseeking the true path' to provide for the tutelarim of my property. I wish to
So Nick got clear off, and old Coaicai's tools. Proceeding onward,' resumed old Time, 'I came to continue in stationerism, and to avoid revolutlonarim. As
With their wiseacre Chief, looked like comical fools. where the people were fighting, and cutting throats, and my men enjoy a good state of alarism, I hope you will
burning each other on account of a dispute about a word, warn others against any treacherim towards,
BONO-BT T. H. BAILr. which each party interpreted differendy. I thought it a Sir, your servut
Seek not with gold or glitt'ring gem,
M o it ol or lit ng gem; great pty they could not findout which was theright mean- A DT amxar or Bsaassu .
To sba a kingly didenm ug. But, said I, my daughter is just behind and will
Would never gin my le. clear up the matter, I have not a moment to los. I hope AN INDIAN SULTANA IN PARI.
The heart that's formed i virtue's mould, thou didt not come too late here, as elsewhere.' It is known to very few even in France that an Indian
For heart should he exchanged; Not altogether too lame, father,' replied the virgin, but Sultana, a descendant of Tamerlne, named Aline of
The love tht once I bought with gold, e I came, one party had exterminated the other, and when Eldir, has been living i Paris, poor and forlott for
May be by gold estrangd. I ofered to t the conquerorsthe true meaning ofthe word, above forty years. This heiress to a gr kingdom wa
Can wealth relieve the lh'ring mind? dhey said they knew it already as well as I did. I asked stolen almost out of her cradle, and deserted by te rob-
Or calm h l the soul to r them how they came by it; they answered by virtue hers on the coast of France. She was presented to th
Whathealing halm can rlche fd ofthe right ofthe tronget, and then left me shouting princess of the old court, and conceived a particular
To asethe the bleeding breast? Truth is great and will prevail attachment for the Princes de Laubee; bt when, at
Tit love, and love alote, has power Poor, ignorant creature exclaimed Time,and sbra the age of only nin. or ten years, hea bealy had atracarl
To bless without alloy: gd his brawny shoulders. As I travelled onward Irom too much notice, and nothing but a ILan Ie sc et ceo
To cheer sfliction's darkest hour, thence, I came to a nation which ecrificed human being secure her from the persecution of an exalted pernansge
And heighten every joy. to a great snake, and left particular directions with the she exchanged a convent for a prison. The revolution ret
prie.t, to stop you when you came, and become convinced Aline at liberty. At the time of the Egyptian campaign,
TIME AND TRUTII-AN APOLOGUE. of their deplorable errors.' the man who was destined to rule Feasr, and asl lst i
J. K. Panlding. 'I stopped; but I grieve to -y i was only to lament Europe, and who bad probably thu early tmed his San-
Among the daughters of Time, the young and bt be- over their misfortunes.-The day before I arrived they had lon to India, is said to have thought f the haer of
loved, was a beautiful maiden called Trl It was fore- all been exterminted by a people who came to convert Tamerlane, and to have formed the pan of rotorig ihe
doomed a her birth that sle should be i pe of frud them.' illustrios stranger to her native and. Jenephie inmeure
or deception: that whe.-evr she cam she should remdy 'Sluggard!' exclaimed the old ma, for he began to was ed herself on this occasoen for the Sohua; at the bad
the evil of falsehood and caumny, put to fight forever wroth. But he again resumed his narrative, no influence upon her condhit. Unlmppy, mailed
the error of mankind, and banish doubt, daurae, and 'A little while after I came among a people who worship- only by a few pious nus, and rged by hr4 r d
ucertainty from the face of the earth. In hor, she wa pd graven images, and was exceedingly angry at their renounced the religion of Maho and bea a Chin-
to be omnipotent and eternal. fooli idoltry. But I could not Iay to argue he matter tian. At length, in December, 1818, a Ildia Bhik,
Time, who was forever in motion, and never staid a me- with them, and proclaimed aloud, u I pamed, that my named Goolm, arrived in Paris wl h il t Cl to ch
meant in one plc, could eao endure to be without the o- daughter was coming to st them right. Didt thou viait the Prince Aline from the Cote of IFram The E-
ciety of his favorite child, and as soon as sh grew up, these ignorant people' voy sought out the Sulham: be lformil r sBt h risw
isinsted o her avoompanying him every where. Being 'I did-but als father, the ver day but one before I nations we desirous of her r ; ht ham be
about to mae the circuit of the universe, he accordingly came they had all been allowed up by an inundation reinstated in the rank which weM her rig a, ad agn be
took her by the hand, and they journeyed together. 'Out upon thee!' cried Time, no lower able to rstrain hold the bright m an d tahe do u dsa ebra wA ,
Time Iad wingsp but Truth had none; and it was saoo his impatience at the dilatory pace of his daughter. 'Ou uon the solconditio thathe wuwi oiame C's A-
pace of his daughter. o upn the sole condition that a w"U mndot Chlte fer
feood sab could not keep op with the o man, who, though upon thee! of what use is it that thou art gted with the Masomet. No permaaioam, howser, pseml d a m
his head wa almost bald and his beard white s the driven power to correct error and remedy the mischiefs of alum- convert to comply '.h t"u reqaMal I OGeo~ won
Should travel day and night, over hill and dale, sa ny-of what comequence is it thou shalt ever prevail where ack to India without ac cophl @ject of bi
and hu, through air and ire, without ever rating or being thou comes if thou art thus always lagging behind the sion, which produced no improvumat ie her MJlh d
ftigued. Impatientofdelay, and incapale of restraining events which I bring about Better not come at all than circumstances. Two years afterwrdshe shared t
the impetuoeity ofhli motion, he son gr red of th too late.' an Indian Prince had landed in England with a spld re-
lw and feeble tep of his daughter,w wao timid as a Father,' replied the weeping danglr,'it is mot that I tinue, includingthr femalm,but that he hadbas ied




le W7 d (ua orone
riuo with cr hilry, buiti l bord no inure of tl
SmaaasmdM 6o aspn6-
todom l pfIdecllm ri written by the MarquMes de
Tortia. TIE noGnilm grntnrouly took upon hinumllftell
dmsa m pa fil, he lim nw adm the age
fd Mity yeam a rriat bm-Cat JanemL

SWe.haventraclid a Larram Box to our establilsh-
nalnt, ld droilldow of dhe building fuorm.-....- d a a store.
We re ludeblted to our frieendsfor the loan or sen files
of ne-wapers. from Englunld, by die June packet, to hew
5th of that nondt, and also fur Jammca papoern t te 20th
ultimo: frouu botlthe fonamer and the later, we Live made
cupu t' extracts.
II HIpl':ars by Unne of these pnlmwr. tihat France laeHs eoIa-
S mencldil war iua'inlstPoringal, and that the FIrInchI tIluaron
eo the 'l'Tagtus, agan earnest of their sincerity, Ilave alrealy
taken five Purtupue vessels. Iliw far thistellp, on the part
of Frumice, Iay niaet the approbation of the Britbil Flverne-
menl,we are at a Ioss to decide; buttlhe fact of there bei'ig
all inmlenne mnu of British capital emneliyea'l in 'Prtugal,
and Iher btiing a very old ally of Engluad, (and, in a great
. amsurr, inluenncedl by her), we think John Bull will be
likely to remonsatiate Rafinat te meniureas taken by tlli
Frencl. Tim usurnper Dun Miguel meient to have drawn
this nud otder calsaiities upon that unhappy country : let
s, tlhernfori, hope dtut be moon may be in soni way dih-
posed of, thut peace may agsin be nrestoi.
That great bone of contention, Parlisawntary Reform,
still l.-rvades the minds of the people of (reat Britain.
(HBit withlus on tIii side tlewa ter, it is but of little interest.)
The most violent, however, of the popular journals fur-
nrly i iilt faNvour, and whlo fa're wonit to cilrrate tlhe
Bill, tlhe wlhohl Bill, uail nothillnig ut hit Bill," now urge-
the lwaiprK'iy if lumalifiratiins, in order to make it palata-
bir. It is nowr well unlderntuoml, that the Hill of last session
will ullndrero sne allegations ; but what thliose ain bw, is at
prisntll UtnknowII.

We obervMe, witl rengret'l, tt Inume.rou lires hlave occurl-
nrd lately in Kingston, Jamaica, which are supposed to be
the work of incendiarie; and, aIlhough die Mayor had
fered a ward of 1000 for information to convict lhe
oflfnders, niotling Ild truinpired dllt crmul in any way
ilad to tlu discovery of the perpetrators of these sairities.
Several persns have been taken up on suspicion, but dis-
chaltgd a rin for the want ofevilence against them.
We are not surprised at these outrga -more particularly
whaen committed in Jansmica-as they are only a part of tim
dreadful counequeuce to be expected from the evil advice
ofw ur oud-thinry and implacableenemies,who have ln
been numragl I make their debut in that Island, in tie
hwrative trade of Cant andl lypocrisy,aind where the most
mischievous part of the calumnies and nmirepresentationu
against thia Colooies are prepared, and sent home to the
fgrea leaders in Aldermanbary, to be cooked up in ee.ry
way to plae tie palate and excite the missions of the in-
fatluted people of Great Britain; and it in there that the
blow, at present threatening lhe very existence of the
Weather Colonia., will b mon seriously fel. We believe
thdem ar moay of tha danger fues of both white
and black man i the Islands; bmt thuse that are her, we
we swry to my, are powerful from the situation they bold
i the Coloy. We, however, know them well, and shall
watch their actions closely; we reproratr their condet,
mad wtita e nm a fivo or fdclieo; "bl e Cy or be
p tby low," we l alhny, when occasion offers, hold dithem
Np to the contempt and ridicule of the public.
We have been accused of personality, and do not care
to deny the chrge, but whn men, having little to do, in-
-r t eme unwarrantably and impertinendr with
the ifnr oftseir neighbours, the duty we owe to ourselves,
as the gurdlon of the public weal, demand that we
should expos e e actions of those ma in every way, and
luwevrr tfaidim ame of or radrs mnay be, we shall
ant bel er hm dolag what weonsidera material pt
of our duty.
iafira.lioa hia lae scaived of the authorities at
hoe bhaing actlned the ensures adopled by the Go-
vernor restore ito lir owner the five Slaves seized in the
skoop Persevera s, at the commencement of the present
year-As wl-r always ready t give credit where it i
dut, it adiesa m u please in reveringio His Excel.
* -kIry oa-fan upon that octasion, which certainly forms
amo bright spot in his admiaiaoion. Our only regret i
that it lsandos alo !.!
tO A. H. lra-nmorr, Esq.. of Jamairc, arrive at New-
York eathe S June, in the packet ship IIaanual, flom London.




- I I ~---I .~ _cP-Q-L7

Theomquestion. T 14 i2 ri' a eBan*

of Assembly, in alluion to the epresions of Messrs. Kerr, iadd s to u he tirst of which will a peo ,1a
Budte, d & H" d, in an. ambtos Him E nlu yiUo (0410 Av--a of To th iiop~M = t -, B.'
vernr, publisd in the S aal r fh 52 June ducted with toi nd iL u w we
last, will be interesting to our readers, and show hou far ly recom end I o our e. T hy wi
those golonen were warranted i their oinions. If the d d, I scum r We believe the apub .
didly d icusnused in la. We believe theub
public have been deceivd into an idea dtt the member c..ion of tee pa w do guod. At al events, it i
above alluded to would have joined those gendeoun in their calculated to dispeakem intones mp on a ub
extraordinary conduct, they lave here his unqualified dis- ject in which the merit xhi by s pe
avowal; and further, we are authored to state, that he lI been that ofbei' by accidet.
approved, and, lad lie been present, would have voted in mKENADA.
favour of every measure adopted by the late House of As- Bly his Excellency Sir L Il Ki ht Command
oembly. Ofthe tnloautlHouuru b i of the ath, G.ove.,rw
aembly. and Conmander-in- Ce r the Island of Grenada,
I an avtoniihed that uay person in Nassau should DAB anstil its Dependencies, Ch Oi, ary and Viyp Adri.
toa y, hunt I ani attached to any person, or party, in puli- rl of tle same, Lc.
tical maltters. All I have to say, in-That I havean opi- JaX*r.iCA.- enxL.
nion of my own; that I am not influenced by any one, und A ROCLAMA ton that ra
never small be; and, tlat I anlnot seking a situation, either WhaIIE.f EAd I ha ve beCmc ed ati that bertala
of men in office or out office. I wish I could say a the SKin of the P tiumt of G elhain hai dined the
uncl for some of the late menthers of the house. I have the llKiag or the panianereet of ire*isini lf ducite that
much for sime of the late memra of the House. I have they should be freed from boud or. that eeman days and
s eun m )ier clance'r, no doubt, from interested motives,-but privileges have been directed to be gi to them,but with whih
aly conduct hi been universally the same, and God forbid directions their Owners, or those un whose charge they are,
that I shIould ever si fur neglect my duty, as to vote from lave refused to comply, end that the Owermo of the seven
Malf-ilet-re-tl miotives, aarimt the interests and welfare or Colonien have declined to act thereupon. Ad whera it is
S s-y cietritnts, and thie Bathames. expieldient that the slave Population of tn lflony should he
y counltei.nt.,ndleaman. undectavel and warned, I have therefore, thmd t fit to isue
07 e I'lnderneath we publish an extract of a letter from this my Proclamation hereby to publish and selare, that no
srters or ihrctiots whaterver have been receivetfy ane,flo ha
the Colonial Agent to the Commissioners of Correspond- ajesty.s government in reggae to the laves ofrtI Ciony:
nrce, on the subject of the American Slaves shipped at And I do hereby caution all Persons, in a stateof U my, mot
AlexHiria, District of Columbia, United States of Ameri- "t transgress the Law, but to be obedient to theIr o sal
olher prrsons W authority over them, *p 11 te Derml t--t
ca, bound to New Orleans, nd brought to this port in Janus- ohe per ona in aon ity oe a most upon the peomri d ai
s.tnit a contrary conduct, and most atrongly recouea doth
ry last, after having been wrecked at Abaco, from which it to discharge tlleirduties faithfully, and wthgoodwill a com .s
appears that these people are to remain in the Colony so tdecl, ill the stations in which thy are placed.
(Aivreu unlter my hand and seal of arms, at Govemmest
lone as they conduct thdmielves well, and are not a public Ilu.e ien tire aid Island of Grenada, thi second day of April,
burtlhen. 1 lihe year of our L.ord one thousand eight hundred and thirty
This consmnmation (devoutly wished for, no doubt, by one, and of his Majety's reign the fit.
God save the King!
sonw) has, a Lord Godricch sates, been brought about by By His Excellency's command,
a dstepatch from our Goernor to the Colonial Office, dated FEIJX PALMER, secretary. 19th of March last-in which it is stated that lte Slave-s The following appeal to the inhabitans of Trinidad will be
wenr, for the unmst part, employed. read with inltrest by every well wisher of the Coloni e; and
Whatever opinion we may entertain asto the correctness tile entiments of the writer are i perfect nison wih those
of His Excellency's statement, we certainly must admire ientertaied inaluost every comnerofthislaMd --Ed. Cmr nt(.
lis policy, and give due credit to the gratitude by which ATRINIDAD.
Ili astterilie care of thew worthies has been repaid.- couoNT.
TiIn:R SIi .TI RHI: tiio Ihe petilion from the free coloured Port of Spinm tok June, Ias1.
p.,ple, painl for Ilis lecllency's continuance in the (;etGlemen.-- y the last packet qusiy plantes, and others
ople, pa connected with lTrnulad, hbae irec.eed letter to the following
Government, fully antt 4ir grateful rmembraucc of his elect:-
kindess. "That they the plans and te tbiattmma of i blume
The following is the Etract: generally, should at oce oder' -. ev- a G m al
their properties theremn. bela dt. an ma. farther do -
I have just been informed at the Colonial Office, that cited is value, or wlilly lost them' such prop e tokrs
a letter is about 1to l)sent to me, in reply to mine to Lord by government at as sppancdl la be fd by obu com-
G(oderich, r.epectinl the Anerican brig Cometand cargo nassion-rs b~mad by thd govmes. ad four by the i h i-
of Slaves, wherein it i stated, that as it appears from a t at9,snddiTh vppraluvlae tobeaeeuredaiepehalnds
d>zslmtch from lir EIxcllency the Governor, bearing date of Great Britn, p.yble i equal n ual instaheeh wiDth
dUe 19th March last, that the mid Slaves are for the interest. Thi just and equitable srarigeaa beingeoncluded
Sthe rmotb y willbe able to ale sark tboheoecl asi
part ermp eye, dc. that Lord Gode ich cannot recom- practia ael s u oa imis own county sad risw, is
mend a compliance with your wishes repecting their re- may bjloemedinot beeficial to the slae population, i
moval, so long as they conduct themselves well, and are accordance with the wishes and feings of the people of Ea-
not a public burthen. Iand, and which will at the same time serve as a model for owa
The letter was niy read to me, and I cannot pledge inre fonunate neighbors. Should, however, theBriamsiGoes
myself to the exact wording; and, therefore, I would wish ment, decline thu just and equitable proposition, d asslaery
you to consider the above in the light of a dei-ofiial cha- eve n i its present ild and modified state, is repgams t di
racer, until the next mail sall put you in p ion ofmy ion"tderd natit al blot and di arue.the mih lLta os ato their
l to Lr ( h Island are then called upon in the most respectual, bun at the
letter to Lord Gderich, and his Lordship a reply." same timn in the most frm and energetic a ner. to address
his most gracious Maely, prayil to be absolved tIrtheir al-
rom lti iwdn A nll. of J Y 5. legiance., and to be permitted to ek suoe othla mn a pre-
One of the first objects to which the attention of Parlia- tector, or to unite ath the inhabitants of the orth Wast I la
ment will be directed, after the reform hanbeen disposem of Isnnds in rereting such independent form of ovmrnmest u
will he the slave question. Perhaps, throughout the whole may evert the rei of themelres and families mrel be too late.
range of agitating topic that demand immediate inquiry) I am thu induced to gie publicity to the iror h i eae-
n decision, there a one upon which te for general d when the i mt i the -
d decistoe dh ir mMs oee upon which msre passion has -mote parts of the ishand have bad time to consider the portes
been excited, or oa n whc mo edelmion and pr- Ou matter, I propose consulting the mot influential people
judiceexist. There appear to to be three modifcaotisom in the colony. and calling a glenetl e meeting of is inmhbaitn.
oflopinion asto the policy proper o be pursued towards the at which all having an interest should be pmreesC Now is the
slavesand their mam In the first place. the panthers tie-further delay is dangerous. We declrud by o
appeal to thejuxtice of the government, who, under certain friends in England to be supine and raklesm o the dngf
dg of protection, they say, originally indued them to thbet is pr ing hbad sapes u, and that the climae i wbich ac
vsttheir property in colonial speculation. They rrlive has deprived us of that energy and soaith of mind which
They require we ought to exrt" in defence of oar lives sal :suertles.
at the hands of the parent legislatores the fulfilment ofthosew Planter, Mervhants. Hoseholdrs, d Iee --nis -Re-
pledges; and they dec-re that the abolition of slavery flt us and duly consider the pnre n awful crisis. By
would be a literal violation of honour, and a direct act of a. unl iuching perevenpcc and unanimity. you may be e-
dishonesty. In the second place, the majority ofthinking able to aresthe rain preparing for yourslve and femilie
men who have visited the West Indies, and, unconnected Be true to each other. A PLANTER.
with the planters, have dispanionately examined the prac-
tical operrAion of the eliing system, express themselves POLAND.
hesitatingly about the proposed change. They are in fa- On the 1ith, fJendrajow, the Rmianm under Di
our of moderae and gradual amelioration ; and Seem to bitch attacked the Poles conmmnded by Uninski, hbt s
deny that the slave population i either o ill-treated as it is lanuid was the effort, that the Polsh general was r
popularly averred, or so prepared toapprpciate the beawfits forced, turned the attak, and Anally heat the forre *
of freedom as the advocates of unqualified emancipation which he was oppose. TheWarsw journal eawrell
aert. The third judgment in utat of the mas of liberal in their account ofthis affair, saying, tht the Russian de
people at hom, wh, admiring no considerations of vested and wounded were nried offthe field in aore than ty
interests, government pledges, or thepolitiral consequences wagons, while the Polish loa in both kind did not exced
of a sulden breaking-up of the relations ofociley, cry out fifth men. Ti conduct of the flsebattaon of Polldh v
lodlly for the abolition of slavery, the whole abolition of nudiers, was so marked, that Utminki, in an order of th
davery, and nothing but the abolition of slavery. Truth following day, declare that he has seen nothing eqmal
must lie smewhere amidst this conflict of staltemrts amil tlieni sine tie days ofthe French imperial guard. Thi
opinions; and it can only he reached by a caln annlyvis movnenet of Diebitihtonward Plork is cauwsd, he myaby
of the whole question, grounded upon a connplete know- the neroity ofdrawinghisrr-nurce fro am Easrn PrwB
ledge of all its bearings. We are fiIwrintely enabled to Large purchase of corn on account of the Rusmian ry
accomplish this examination thrnagh the medium of nor have lern made in that iqarter. The Insurrection in I
coluonns. A rentleman, born in the Wast Indies, who thmnia proceeds and extends itself rapidly. The Ble
ha had rextnsive intercoour with thle proprietors of tllh sians presstheinsmrrent toward thelPrninianfrontier,whlL
plantation., and shl ha. Isbri. t1ir nimay u.ri intimacely theV threaten to crI m. B.t, on the whole, the gae
counected with all the practical ideailh that arise in lle' bravery is shown hy the Lithuanians in supporting ,

___ am g1c .__ .___ 1
p,,s, and Snu iingi gafinthO their Runs- PASSENGERS ARRIVED.
a-wat At tlhk east," m to ey WWr- In the chr. Bhlbon, fiom Cuba-Mr. John Mauin, ani
,sw, Lithuanit, ifl prh, will hve unsolation oMr. Pal, of this Islnd.
Liiowin, that she preferred to acriic thing r r In H. chr. Spdedweit-CoL Moa, of New Orteans.
lItIan sHJpply and me to ugateM h olte, and re-
sre tyranny in their common nt sam that the
Aus4trins have retained the arms o s army, but
have not given them up to Russia W eve this. The BY HENRY GREENSLADC 4 CO.
cholera murbus, alhiuu,,l less wvurely at Warsaw tIan 0, Every pase abu to leae kn IJldamds, after
of late, raged turrificaly along the w lio of country having resided terein for the space of/THr T DAn o -ma On Maudy wai, t A m,
occupied, or lately *esacut.d, by t e mns, and itsr give security at the cretary's Ofe, orput up A s i A lam o ,
vi.,m were inure Irigihtlully laatl tian dnse of tde sword. K i i o iii' Op, pu p sa
A conlluission from Paris, cuinl osed of medical men, ias said Of cefor trrz.EE DATSprviaou to asdeparture-af- Am s wL
letn PHris lir Berlin to assist in the nvrllgation of thi.s fatal Itr which, at any time during roUTr-rPvt DAYS, a Ticket WIl be id on ac ma Prie ,
lil.dlv and the imieans of its cure. The war in Lithuaniai, At is Months Cdit.
Ihi tlw savage examples of the Ilornaus, was becoming oit may be obtained. A olse and Lo, sitatin the Wisr DLeirltia.
i'retaliatioi in cruelty and amntni extermination. The NAMES OF PERSONS ed as follows, vi. :-Frooting the South 73 f t h a
Eup-rTsr lih isaued an edict tsctinlisrcte the estatts of all A.BOIT TO OBTAIN TICKETS roo DEPARTUai. Laney'a Stree; to theNoarth GO f(e Lot d vi W
Hu .io-P.ish iioblts whW lH ak-uen arnis against hin. It 9th Jiue Elinbrth Harry lace ; to the East 251 feet on Let No. 45, a"< n thn We
n;i|-;.ar, however, that t riullts took t the iecei.ary pre- t lth Lewis Willianms 2i) feet, which said 260 feet is bounded o Le N& 4.
cadtiion u tourtiiginlg lheiiiils Iu, tthe extrc.le value in t Mary Lewir The House is two Story, thFupper built ofW1d ; wh
uesry .pr.ticaHbleca .,t, s Hatl.w dict is nearly a dead ilth Eleanor ;'argll a Hall and Bedroom &c., convenent for a fia m.
letLtr. Tie Russian acco.,ts of the brave ullorts of tth I .olin os0ed der is of Stone with two ROOMso sit"b fe wr,
C;uryja.s oki, near Zautc, state the I'olishl lus at &XK) 51h July --- -- - Pablo Pro, der is of Stone with two Roos, suta r I l.,-
0th .. Clharles Wells Also, Kitchen,&c. and an excellent Well ofWa, wirl
i. I suh Manuel Arcou variety of Fruit Trees.
'l l following is from dt- Berlin paplerof the 25th tilt.: .1 - James Black Any person wishing to purchase, may viw the pr
- iiordintg to the hiatet accuints fi lo1n Warsaw, G( nira.l a .. . Rubern Biusett at any tie previous to the Sale.
Skrvziiecki was nmiarchiig towaridsOtroleiika with2il 23,( .- Anldrew Simpson Augut 3d, 1831.
Il. lisi bject was i ,ell to b to attack lthe Rlussian---- UE V
giiards at Otroulaka. elelt 15,UXJ un-i atMinsk, who, THE VESTRY BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
by ia muvmenMnt on seaJdlec, induced Diehitch t, i cht ar on jl AVING fied the assie of mBBAD at the iate ofig
Khliuayn. An affair then took place on the 1th of Maly, i per barrel of superfine Flour, Ordered, that the on Mondma, the 81 Augut mat. Jendernewo which obliged the Russians to retire to shilling Loaf do weigh 2lbs. Sot., and thesixppnny Lout
Zickow. Thus -l)ihitsch, deceived, by this Imvntis ent left llb. 4os. By order of the Vestry. A r Trum VDMr lo ,
the road ti Osirlkcnnku ;i.pen to Skryznecki. Dielitsclh' DAVID SPENCO:, Vestry Clerk. At L2 .
hesd-quo:u'ers were., on llhe 17h of May, at Luckow, be- V'sETRY ROOM, 2d August, 1I31. Will be sold, (without reserve) the folowiag valSme ,i Kock and Sedllec. About 300 officers and inen of SALE OF PEWS. Property, iatuateon St. Balvader, vih:
l)wernirki'k arinm alive escHaed and returned ti Poland. CHRIST CHURCH PARISH. A tract called MOUNT NELN, near the Hawk's Na .
TIle i, th t, staie of the choIlra :-Patielits at "JOTICE is hereby given, that the Pews of Christ Thre adjoining Tacts, amed-as
Warsaw (AI)ril 2.1 to May 5,)2,5.t; recovered, 192; died., .j Church will be sold for one year, by public auction, LUCKY MOUTr, MouNT V'Iw, and SaIUL. HorU
1, ll0 ; remain sick, 1,27H. Aceordint to the Intest ac- in thesaid Ghlurch, And T reet oher Trctus-
cuiiints Ihe disraii. diinishes daily. The proportion of On .MONDAY, tie 8th of August instant, One late the propenfy of Mr. Munroe; one kios by
d, atl, is 1 to s0) who uti.e the disorder, but it i hardly to At 7 o'clock. the name of SAILOU's RaraT, Uad one comm ily c ed
libe fund in private hioIn,,u GR The present occupants 'may retain their Pews, Dr.AN'b PLATrATION.
P'rialte Ilittirs Ifruo Walsrw, of the 21st, describe the itnrieahly toli terms of their former purchase, on paying LIKETFIBE-
Itkini ul' Otl leinkin, tlhe retreat of the iRussians, destloy- then aiinual rnt fur the sanie to JoHN W\\ IDiuooE, Esquire, A valuable Tract aituate on Wlading's Island, caed
iti tlntir lortiliintions, lth captllre of several niaenrzinies, Vestrv Trra.urir, on or lufore the 6th day of August. MO'NTr P'ROPECT.
15,lhlitlhrint, and nisn y Ipris nteri. The Polish adiii unced By order of the Vestry. A full description of the above Lands will be given at
piard vwa tlhn Ih ,IIond SI nilon, and received ll6ith eniihn- D. 'PENCE, Clerk. the time ofsae. by thel itilhditantis ii lrever they advanced. EiiL'I VrsiTny RIto 5th July, 1K'I1. T.iR--Thrre months credit, on giving security.
n-w rtreiinwtu, iioli.iht inlintrya re to It rai-d. D, ir- - July 2d-1831.
i.hki's tr.Ips i ill, it is alid, hel allo edby Austriato rituri. (NLA.T NOTICE. ,Jy----
I., Polaud. ExcLptii gLublin,Pudlachia, and AuLtER S stll re inig idbed to the etteof BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
PUlaiI i, Ire- IrK u liusian trols. 10,0(J)0 is the late I)U*l.o BI.AIR, decesed, are required to make B
i.lTclive strentth of ilum P'li h aru,y; but there anre 31,00( ) inniedialte painKnt, as the subscriber is instructed to close
nrod olunr, who o dly wait for arms to advance that eae without delay. All accounts unliquidated une dn Monday nxt, te 8t instant.
a.inst the enemv. The aurc of Diebitsch is at least lt of Septenber aet, will be po is ut. AT THE T.NDUM mOUE,
115,000 men. The Polish li. in the campmiLn isestlma- G*. C. ANDERSON, At 1lO' ek. .
tdl at 7'J;8000O in thehoepta., andtMK) prisoners ;the Administrator. Wil be old
Russian la at 20,000 killed, 30,(X) sick and wounded, Jul'y 3, I1M The following valuable Slaves, beloging to a gentle
and 16,1M0 prisoner, ten flags, forty cannot, andl 12,(N)10 7 ltE SU'B(SCIBER being anxious to liquidate all about to leave these Island, vis:
stand ofarms. Besides PraT.a, considered impregnaIle, demands against him, earnestly requests all person MARY, aged 16, a good house eivant
and defended by 1.0,000 citizens, the Poles have two indebted to him to ao title their accounts without delay,-so JOHN, aged 12, a amart Boy.
strong ,frtress.s ininvetted by the enemy. Skryznecki as to prevent uinpleasnt trouble. SARAH, aged 10 years.
has reqileted the government not t publish his nrport for lie lima on hand a large assortment of Dry Goods, llard- MELORA, aged 7 & 11 months.
twelve days. He is now between Diebitachand his supply ware, &c. &c. which he oilers fur sale at very reduced CHARLOTTE, aged6years.
of provisions from Prussia. price,. for cas only. CELIA, aged 3 & 9morths.
PORTUGAL. Hli Ilous, anid Lot on the Bay, with Furniture, &c.&c. Terms 3 monts Credit mo gisig apprord Sumity.
On the 16th May, the French squadron, consisting of will also be sold on reasonable tera. Augulst 3, 1831.
eleven ail, appeared off the Tataus to call Don Miguel to W. J. WEECH.
account for his insult offered to the French nation, in his 27th July, 1831. BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
treatment of AM. Bonlomme andl Sauv;n-n. TheEndy- TUESDAY, 19th Judy.
m:on brig commuunicated the message of the comnmodoreto llnE SUBSCRIBERS to the BAHAMA TiRr C as On Tuesday It, te 9th instant,
the Porsguee ugvernment, and it was not until the 21l are informed, that at a meeting of the Stewards, At the Store of Mn. E. M. MoMrt.L, in Markit ket,
thae sm ailed back to the squadron with the definitive which tok place this jy, it was determirud that the first At ISo eh. A. r
answer of the uurper. The nature of these communi- Races shall take place on the last W\edueday in Or- Wil hekL
etimns had nat trspired when our advices left Lisbon tober.
but it was the general opinion tha the demands of Frnce The purses to be run for-the distance for each rlss- (Wiedet s Iast Rsuerr)
were nearly similar to thoe of Egland, and the answer, theweightsto be carried-the entry of the llures, with the All he stock in trade, conatleg of a very xteles t-
though uore hauniliting to Portugal, was expected to be amount of entrance monev-u well as all other necessarv ment of
less muisalkory to France. Poor Mituel, teefor, who, information,-will be ditinctly explained in a future ad- Ginghams, Chintz, Regemcie & Caliesm
it i said, ha. no consolation but his hunting-ludge and com- verlisementL rish Linen, Ticking, Check,
pusin draught is by no neaun out ohis misery. Frahc. Doctor RICHARIDON whoses Horse is the favourite) and Book, Mull, Jacot, Jqan & Demi Mmda,
ais to bs received bt a bill, the full amount which re- Major NICOLLs, have determined togive the amount of any M Osquio a ingu, Cotmo Co Catia
main to he paid on demand. America is still to be set- purse or plate they may win tooards defraying the expense Silk, Lace, Ribbons, Bmbmu,
tied with and it is the belief fthe Portuguese themselves of a RALL to the ladies of Nassau. Crap, Brr. Dr s, Bill & Satin Paeol,
that John Bul and Monsieur are more e" !j settled with All Subcribers are called on to pay their subscripdon (;entl mea and Ladie ilk and Cta Hiem,'
tlai > Jonathan. and donations, to enable the Stewards to finish the new Do. Do Do. Do. Maakhinw
It in sad at Liishn that advice from Fytal state the taking Race Coure, and erect a stand for the Ladies. Gentlemen. Ladi, and Chdskma BSeh
,flhe Ile of Pwu Ilv the trops .ol lhe Terreeir nr nd N.B.-The subscription lists re at Mr. IRVING'S, the Gentlemes Black ilk Swocks,
Ihal t British essel. Ihe Coquettle, has been seied hby Ihat Tr-amrer. tnlenens & Ladis Gloves, of al d 1p i
Government. Tlr minster ol the regency in London prominent Ldie, Glove, of d p
thr fullerl satiafaction if such a charge be proved. NOTICE. Reel & Bal Timred, moe D. from. Is a9t
_ _s_ TirE ~lIE SUBSCRIBER, inn ding to leave the Baamas W. B. and all Cda Thrad, Tap, Pia,
EA MLEtlING T in all November net, calls on all those to whom he Needles, PTor h DBoe Butmn, s
of the Hr.nbTrr CoMMnrraTr will be held at may be indebted for their respective demands; and thoer Hair, Coat, Tooth, ail & Sheina &rm aE,
the Public Buildings, on Thuraday, the 4th indebted to him, he earnestly requests, will settle the same GL mea Ia S Bi 5 & S r C
instant, at 12 o'clkk at noon. by the end of September ensuing, to enable him to meet Ladi Tortoise 81Ml, al "A C ia
The members of the Club are earnestly requested to pay the demands aBrinst him, and all accounts remaining un- Toupee & Ivory as Tokth di. J Wei
their uhbs-iiptionn to the Treasurer. paid at that period will be sued for indiauriminatel Viiting, Coavesaion & PL yag
-------- ROBT. WIER. Seldlit Powders, Cton, & W d Frri
L ^- 20th July*, 131M Comen Cord, Suspenders, &a. e.
_ TIHE SUBSCRIBER A Complete ortment of Pertfui~ry
OTers for sale, the Iloous and premises he now llir Powder, Rose PomanumiRaeJLada a C.oa
PORT 01' NANNA1', N. P. IL occupies, opposite the market. It is one or the Water, Extract of Roamas, a. he. A-.-M* r, Rmil
-.-. ---= best stands in the place for business, and the and Antique Oi, Beatey's Cold Cram of Bl u Teh
AHHIVED, IIouse is commodious. If not diposedofprevious t, the Powder and variety ofamoned Seap-F W hh a ir
Ist Auiust--ohr. Rithon, Frances, from Cuba 8th of August next, the same will on that day be sold at other Articles.
In hallat to Jone MAIEi. public auction.-The terms will be made easy to the per- Terms-On all pr ovr .40, aa@ss
3d M. schr. Speedwell, Lt. Warren, a Cruize chiaer, and the premise may be viewed from 11 to 12 by ivinr g approved secarhiy-uadmr ~s o rmo
So'.:lock,previous to the day ofale. To be continued the foowiag days, na the w b
SAILED, ROBT. WIER. disposed of.
31st Juy--lr. sloop Little Turk, Stcclc, Turks Islands 20th July, 1831. AWIt. i 3rd, 1831.

:ia assa 'TUNS.
SfmS :ioctalle nobs wed be do whn, fro m v.i ILAE. AI D LEP,
'n .as o i l; ad u jas ug thea sm and cobnfidence of their several neigh- esratd Maei. ale IVead-s a Norul
d l the 1' in Od and. h nation g raly, thay hdad readertd Raiu
IS l13 to i aomc,, thoa hmw by a single vote in Wfianuu t, the objects
RepliedL We pr unversa supicionordisike. iThas nLot tho argument P.ariad wil I, fiord 1is
bwyba -- Ihd y in eleci" n w R-- k to n dd to m; boamme it i jawc, eon- ar di f fi mti i be "1 n 41 111
is io i d die C io eivable "I hat a nin whome mind ha been wrought u to hat the of the constiation may be
n extraordinary pitch of vehemence ad pasion may con- dt Ia the diof on th e ioke ati enab c H
te r ) redht t w of digeil tion ;" then take actisetatee
Aanit has Irl he fba s to the pro- oe him (for thee ome ) under ay visitaion of pub- ai for two h s, e one, *ad ien dine. Aftrdinasri,
bli eor ili d ia tbe meeting lic ceonue, by the belief that lie suffen for conacieneu for tre hours; i lle aerwrd, in summer, take gentle s
i Puia Lm t avke bea Lictd na the newp- sak. No ; but we ask those of their lordships who may which, with an boht ast beforesupper, will contitute topth
Ma I a tem .d ata' Lt as, we prcely hrve b o"i m indulging ome beautiful dream as to the prac- of exercise for r1' 4 Io wet or inclement weather.,
i haL h n to d VOlhs'L Peem. They have ticability of beating the King's Ministers on the second exercise may be uto lb the house the windows being upell
bad l i gln t m In pmphlets, ad reading of the bill, what do they mean to do afterwards I by walking .oti l heckwsd d end forwards, as l dor, do ,P
low, dl rl i eplm crtUi fixed course, and Dothey fancy that Lord Grey and his friends would con- ship-board."

%lie,ti da Into seriousquestionanu dispute. Now,all who comcs in T-not dhe Duke of Wellington, nor Sir o snThe diec t of te sir u blood is this: by ihrutni
ti s ha bea prbea chled to them from no vul or Robert Peel. They know too well what they are doing; an. T e ellthe noioup to whin tchs:it ha rucoll
pemt pen, but fo persons used to perus a ad they know that there is a majority of touch inure than 1X) passage through tie body, it e d with the pecuhar proper
nd the general opinion of mankind-at least so we embers of the House omf aommons in favour of the bill, ty of vitali thit ii enables i to build up repair. and ex.
Sold ; ad it not been denied. But wat has been even taking into account the nomination boroughs. They cite the different functions and o e of the body. Io f then
ts occai.o of th6 unusual, and, as it on to us, this un- are also cognizant by this timeof the fact, that with the ore this air, which we inhale evey Istant, be not pure. th
cil conduct towards lth House of Lords? Simply, be- dismal excetin of six individuals, all the county mem- whole massof blood is very soon alsminted, an the ru'e,
'dtlk s bunderstood that their Lordships intend o move ber ofEngt nd, and all te members for open towns and i sime pa o oh"r speedily oie th blad en es.
Io amendment to the Address. It is uauted that the boroughs, ilthlout onu exception, are resolute in their ad- This ill explain to us the almost weilous bth e nefr hic a.
obtained by change of air. well as the decided advsra,,cn
Royal Sp cb, on the opining of tbe new Paiantent, will herence tn the huole nieasure. of a free and copious ventilation. The piidices against I
adWcdy nlllte to the Rofirm Bill-khe Adross must na- 'I'"e how could an anti-reform or a mock reform mi- free circulation of ir, especially in the siatm ber, are po.
ern;lly dk the same tone. What mighty harnim ten will nistry- a Newcatle, Wthelrell, or Lowther Cabinet-go ductie of great evil. The rule as regard thi is plain and
d there ould the Lords move an amendment to THAT on against such a Houe of Commonst Ilow could they simple: admit as much fresh air a y o cant p eiled i doe
at of the Addess, andee aev c endmnti It is ap al against wgch a louse of Coi mons, because of its not blow m upon you i a mstre m and prorid you aret o i
perfectly abured to ppose thtthi wib stop die rugress r rpilit, to a nation which returned it for the sake of a state of pmfuse perpintion at the time; for is ac
of Reform. that very spirit, ad for he purpose of carrying the bill with the Spanish prover--
A bmdimsYu Noblit, irvemed with a sha' of legis- A disslulon would give a more thoroughly reforming If the wind blow on you thmngh a hole
tid hma rig f disposed, to condemn as prejudices House of Commons, in which there would neither be a blake your will, and take care of your soul."
dhoe felin whih actual the minds of the bulk of die chance of Lord Chandos, nor of any one other anti-re- but if the ushok of the body he e ad oa one to a cold atlmi.
peopl. Itpbu a rigst to ml m what it please to call, the formist, sitting as a county member. Would such a par- phere, no bad consequence need be anticipated.
progae of popular fury. The Peers may disdain to re- ligament put supplies for the public service into the hands' Steep.-A great deal has been aid about the aetasmy
ceiv lws and opinions from those whom they are accus- of a Tory cabinet so constituted as above What, in quantity of slep; that is, how long one ought to indulge la
tomed to consider as their inferiors in rank,-and may op- that case, would be the duration of such a cabinet 1 and sleeping. This question, like many others, cannot be rd.
poe rolutioos which they may pleam to stigmatis as what the power of resisting reform fur another month cd 'o '0athinic.nil precision for much must depend upo
ended In the fully and violence of the lower parts of the The principles of the e ure have been soabundntly habit, constitution. and the nature d duration of our o
community. The Hues of Lords has a clear right to discussed, and its vierits settled in the judgment of ite Eng- nations. A person in good heartihrhbo omeural find phyi or rih
lish nation that really ntin more remains but c rparinsa are not particulrl laborious. will find seven or eight
strugl for the rottoo and the nomination boroughs. Let lh nation, tha really n ing mre r n but earnest hour' sleep quite euicient to refresh his frame. Those whum
tim do so; but they ailldoso in vain. and amicable entreaty to all who are yet suspected of be- constitution are debilitated, or hose ccuptions are studios
We are pfecyy convinced that the Reform Bi wll wl be ine behind tneir countrymen in the race of political rea- or laborious, require rather more; but the best rule in all ram
anried, both in hue House of Lords and in the Commons. so"ing, to bethink them well what must he the consequence is to sleep till you are refreshed, and then get up. If you ed
We ar also convinced that it will receive many useful to thelnselves and to society, slauid any serious obstacle be inclined for a snug nap after diner, indulge in it: but lo oat
amendments in both Houses; and to the Lords we espe- at thi die eleventh hour opposed to lthu pr.onress of reform. Ile it exceed half awards ; if you do, )od will k e dull and us-
cilly look for th correction of soen parts which, cousi- A public functionary, and, above all, legislator, at an im- "nfrable aferwa r s. iatnaned of brisk consult lie
Slt seeing, asin hting and drinking, we muoi t o nsul. hat oay
S dairin tho a"s of the public mind, cannot be so beneficial- portmato and very imminent crisis, cannot mily be as slow habit an feelings, which arm excellUeunt mnitora. hat says
lymde in the Commons. The lloue of Pers, therefore, of apprehension a those who have no office to disrhlre, the ,poet -
lnstead of being an autagonist to be dreaded, will econum, hbt that of meditating what opinions they ought finally to preach not to me your musty rules,
after a few ebullitions of feeling, a most uful auxiliary on form. Ye drnnes. that muoed in idle cell,
ti occasion. But tat it will venture to arrest the Relorm The heart is wiser than the schools,
Bill altogether, we nmer r a moment apprehended. (From the Court Journal of Maily 2.) The senses always reason wel."
The interference of a prior order to improve, qualify, T One particular recommendation I wold propose in eoadact.
Tand to rame a Public meaer, we most earnedy duairey, The Mlarquis of Angles a, on whom it is mid the dini- ect, from theober ce hchmuch benehas
bu the intererance f a superior order to cruh tle of ke o een deriaved-it is to sleep in aroom oa lare and as airy u pob -
i t o rion to r svph he iorl won in bartc from the bo- ts dercsnd, h appointed Comnianldr-in-chief in the roum sle, and in a bed but little encumbered wnl curtains. Tbe
rM'ha on. ,would be eriluo, dnger a ndro of Lord Hill, who has expressed a wish to retire. Few lungs nust respire during sleep, s ll as aI any other time
frego s uld he upeuou, dangerous .and wromn men are more popular in the army than Lord Anglesen, and it is of greatconsequence that the airlhuuld be a pun as
Sd y, wh every thing l cone deu d to he up r d e whose military and private virtues have ended him to possible.
I d o d, H p'opf e pie to thesup o isdepionde the whole army. Lord Hill, it isrumoured, will be ele-
S the dfg a of rank and educate ich those altul st ate ved in the peerage to the rank of an carl. The dead lie !-On Sunday night Mr. Gllaher, the
of m ar dvug deserve,--h after all,i most likely The rumoured return of tde larquis of Angis from c' lied' etrilquist, observed two snple country
n he rglht and expedient-most conducive to the public lrelml has given rise, in the political circle., to various looking fellows carr ing a coffin out tt Roundtown. When
l od, -t politic, and mot he6ting,--which appeals conjectures as to his probable sucessor. T'he Duke of they gnt near the bride at Harold's-ros, they stopped
to e so todos Ifsrau jaduMst andm Acision of the great Sussex is confiulently spoken of a the future Lord Lieu- to rest themselves. Mr. (;allaher pretended tela wealng
Iasoanv or Ta ni ots-- least, that is generally lonHT tenant, an appointment which, considering the great p.pu- quietly by them, wlen he threw his voice into the come,
for u-w, Lwhichs .Or to Itmir aed opinions an de- laity of the Royal Duke in the Sister Kingdom, w,.uld be t d inmm eiately v loud shrehe of agony W head to hrs
ss hailed with enthusiasmby the Irish nation. Another or followed by Oh munrdr! murder! is i into the canal
We mylo lb ycme e occasional to arise in which dit, amigs the Lord Lieutenancv to the present noble you're goin'to throw met I at it bm enough to Burke me,
*th oa.mmev e sed by h reluctance of die Postmaster-Geoeral, the Duke of Richmond. but you must e after drowina' me to i" What In the
Ho of Lnrds at adopt s eprie, or to yield to the ve. We have reason to believe that in future the Mamter-rc- world iv. tihat "' rai p "rsn ho wa pasinc I the
hbaem of d p M peWs I three advantges neraship of the Ordnance and the ('ommanderhlip-i,,- e out' ti con you sound, md thogh
fea m daier l t, we do it asuppose the nobiliy to Chief of the Forres, re not to be separate appointment, alfk"d, 1 o b the c woin you s o -on, ad though I am
L m r a mp ejudled "oth le; we only suppose their but wll be united in one and the same person. oher o on." Oh! wood Christin," derieda p we
pJudkloe my hadietrmt elad mayocusonallycoun- The Duke of Northumberland' dearre for Alnwick man who was now ntirared by the noise, here's dead
S asr prnuasia o t h C mons. Castle ws ludn and unexpected. Al the grand parties. man i the coffin that wants light his two murderer "-
I iL the aa m of R ae e f hoe lo Upon whi c were intended to bhe give by hi Grace at Nortlunt- A rowd innmdiaty olleced-l-he two poor r-
whic th EM of L et au ho vely peenokace berland-hose, are, to the disppointment of the fsahion nrn were arrested as rectrctloneand it was not until the
!L68p dpmbKl1 T1tI Loads hbae v ejudiHmon this able world, deferrd until the noble Duke returns. The cofin wae opeed and oes ,Bin sl i an tha t were opermild
dadto iawbs hema fde kt. at, n oIeing Refeorn, D nuhes remains in town. and i constant in her attendance to proceed with their hurien Just as the crowd were d
wld da the l e sadly ad hmpartl Wouold they uon her royal charge, the Princess Victoria. The un- perming a voice from the coffin was heard to e.claim,
Shejdrs ir eM Ta ? AI wamd t ltheTir eon- Mettled and turbulent state of the colliers in die North is "Now. boy,, after all the trouble I gave vou, I hopb v
S^ha Rld to w rather from prradic s in the occasion of the Duke's v isi, wont fort t b d "-r
i a ." "W P P5a'w, t flis Prince Talbyrand, Lord Palmerston, and hi. Vnn giarer.
a ae hd to iari ul sty a poplr imprmve- Pratt, the Secretary ofthe Belgium Deputationhave lately
had internierw with Prines Leopold, on the subject of Bel- Then is a an of Chrisian in Philedelphi who do not ai-
atfL tjin dl m id ba eS leem' t ae, nd gium. Hit Royal Highess has not yet given a decisive low themselves to eat animal food, and belivert the sot l i
w t' i sfe ITI Lt have mlaysacted unsweron the subject of the proffered crown ; but there is transfaoed through the body. and the eontamintion of umy
wet o d n Jtrim'r d mm aoftheotnati mon, re. to believe hat his decision will be ade known. on member iA the asnibi de of such a portion of the soul.
eodwe d '- id, Ia t' o eer W the people* Monday or Tuesday. DempMchas were received from
a l lh Ie dath dl -.m a a t BIrg- 1, or e eTh eradmr, relating to this offer, and their con- The annual mmn coUeed athe pot ofNew Yatt tbrh
m6 IS t m r nhL ma ee o '4 s i id, tents wr im medtely communiated to his Royal High- l'st ee y"ear ha averaged aeout thirteen millie anda he lf
SLa ld L Rl dr iInd ,they r of dou bein on tba o r h a lf of the daen collaeed
trrly lpmo bl b ItB WehoI gd i ly egnd w in the whole amoo.
S aRIl I dbut we Iae them, foior I is at leng th de'iddd that the New Palace is to form ______
iew m kman-ul mfrL k d of ti poritto do national Slry; dipoualof this entering edifice, A gentleman bearing in a candle factor in Lnniton oun 'nli-
Sal k b h to di fau ald principle of the which will at oncesatisfy the murmurs ofli public, and full neas slipped mIo a vat of melted. but not me bet fat. Aa he
Un purpose for which it is well adapted. Our readrr will roe a worian tried pllU him out, bat bo slipped thnronli
a recollect that i a late number of our journal we announc- hisfingen. Asecndpnll brmuhtthes nffxer out inmtha s
ed (exclusively) the improbability of the find datinmtion of a huge cadle, ten to tho tea!
m. t l my n s TI ar myma of tbE budding as a royal residenrc.
_' I LlflCrah i ao _mra to joc- It hI a been manrtly obseerved, tha ieit bif e i e t at the Earl
aiii A ive dsa -ke of sohiermis thse tdo Hous The Bittc BilZeno gHarrington has "led to the hymeneal litmr" the feletting ase-
of s y f hgi g t he Hou n. BLite BwL---Zeoo, the philosopher, believedin uan trs to whomreport has arried him. be hs liea bi had st
S d he of ppin the Reform ill ineitabl detiny, and acknowledged but one God. His a veryha A recanga.
edlrNd Ia be swl aware bw mp'oulbe slervant avaivled hinaelf ofthis doctrine one day while be- ______d e-s e
Il 11nyy w ndl kv o e iddnIr epge W tioa Ing beaten for a theft, by ezihiming," Was I not des- Thenr wai to be a ngficeet fete al Drur. Lane there ao
I ined to rob 1 Yes," replied Zeno, and to be corrected the ISth ultim, unler the patronage of her Majeny, in bchaM
Weds W1 a nw speak of the stat offcling into which abo." of the distressed Iruh.

_ I --C --~ ---~ ---~~~--

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r^ "rmm I l-^J E^t Ma'^ama MtgnB tun. l.iiHb(u.HHto|)[H,'tl by t.. PoUce. Tlio follow in^ In ihe arfirl,. wl.u h I(m1 Iu U.i* act of rij,/mir on the|wn of t^ovvri.immt. A BuHoixi is iiupjjoeitinif oimslight ol liHiid tnclu, Hud ^avH Ht-n-, jrt'Mik-nMni aiu ladiis, luaare tlmn' hulU, tlurirr 1 ckII revolution rtl..uo,Hl,./ii/V ; and thr fhir.l, /i/>/', ri^Iit, I in;ikHurliH h.MJLrc podj/r of jIkwhole', that III.d.uf can't lind out tvhuh is om-, and uhuh th<' other, iiw you eitlur. Thin, with a iitib powd.,r ol /,iMtfrrentUiH, 1 ay. Hey, preto, pass and k'^'one All\ K<'"S j^tMitli'intMi and ladios, gone, iJKiris no lilnrty hit no uioru Uiau lhrc Ih on my hand."— i^rM Paprr S FimuU Couta^t. — Mrs. Al tlMwidow of a swraraptain fitrnierly in tho strviceof the Britisli fiovernuient, dui iuf hT hus(>anm. Th.; mate descended to the cabin, and callinif Mrs M An unlortunate man, confined in the prison of 'loulouse on a chari,'.. of having assassinated hU wife, continues to re lusiany kind of nourishment. For the lajit hventy-three days nothinjr has i*upporteut lo years ol.l, of thnaiue ol LesounJ, born at Meuntr, near Orleans, was bitt-n a year a^ni, by a mud doi,^ and iinniediatelv afterwards symptoms of hydrophobia wero iH-rreptibfe.— Jle wai taken to the hosf)ital at Orleans, wla^re he was uttrnded by Doctor Leveqbe, and in a slu.rt time, s-nl way, as was supposed, p<-rfi'Ctly cured. Last Sunday l-esourd Marsainvilliers. where he commenced Uugmtr With his bnther. Kitlier want, or the (aiiirue of a lunt: journey hid ofK-iied his wounds a fr.-t.h, )r his cure was not eomph.f,., for jill on a sudr. Th<; cries of his brother and the roar of the animals romm|M.|!..d him to let go his victims ; and he crept along llie road till he came to a cpiirk-set ludge the roou of which he gnawed with the greatest avidity ;'and next, gettini; u|>, he ran into a neighbouring wo(mI. TIm' National (Miard boiiisr called out in consequence of infonnatM -uen by ids brother, went in search of him and Ja' was wn found near a tree, his eves inflamed his mouth cmired with foam and with blood, his fi-afmes rhani:..d and hagganl, biting .lelirio,i>|y al the branches wifhm h s nach. Every one was afraid to go near him and some new accident was apprehended ; hut whilst those III pursuit of him, were insulting as to the best method of ot S4.curiac him, the expression of his countenance chained )ie wept bitterly and went up to his brother, askiiiir him for breaiL I o avoid furthi-r danp-r, he was tied donn in a wa.:i:TV, which took him to Pithiviers. Mrre he was .,lace the town. They trace her from the hreakfasf-taMe to the I ark, from the lark to the dinner-tabh-, from thence to ihj' Opera or liie ball, and from her to her be.l TlM-y trace her every whej-e. She may make as many doubles as a hare, but they are all in vain ; it is to escape pursuit ; ami yet the introduction o'* female nam, s into the daily newspapers, now so comn.on, is only of modern d;:f'. -^ Th.. late Sir Henry Dudley Bate, editor of The Mnrnwif iferaU,mis the fust person who intnxluced f.males into t he cohnnns of a newspajn-r. He was at the time editor of J he Morning Post.—\tw Monthly Magaziiu English and Jh\tHih Mtmlevs. — When will tliTTTei^ nation lie able (o aflord a 'I'hunell — a man who co^ turn his pis'ol round in \m friends* brains ; not in any sane paioxysm of jphHisy, >r hatred, or n'vt.|,{,,.' i' mert'ly to asceftain safisfuctoriti/ that Irhad •ompa^fS! effected his buslnesii— who could then walk in to his jH-r of pork chops, with the same conip4sure as if 1^. l^ come from giving a feed of oat: to his horse — a clever Jt* acute man, too, without any stupid insensibility of ml^ — a man who, when seizinl and put on his trial, jfets ofl k heart a long and (floquent sp''ch, full of the most sole-n and false asseverations of his innocence ; not that k clung with desfK rat eagerness to the ho|>e of escapin but that, as there was a chance, it was prudent not i throw it away — who, w^ien condemned dii;played neiih/ terror nor indilieience, Qiiithur exquisite senJibility n suIliMi brutality, and U the last swung out of lifj jy... diegaHows with the settled air of a man wholeels he liai lost the game at which he played, and that he may as weD pay the stake calmly ? There was a true British compo. sure about the unutti-rable atrocity of tl; is villain niuT (ierer he was, and a most detestable munlerer too-^but his character belongs to our country as fully as that of our heroes. — Hunt and Probert were pitiful wrei. |i,.s, (Jt f^, the Bicetre. Doubtless the agony of Hunt's ti-ejings until his reprieve came, wouhl, if properly divided into chapters, make a good romance. — Jilackwuod's Mag. Population of Romc.-^Thv Diario di Ruma has pubhshed the following statement of the p<) and Faster, 1H.*) :-Parish Churches 54 : FaniiliJ ;H,S(>5 ; Bishops 30 ; Priests 1,45.') ; Monks and Fria^ l,f)H() ; Nuns lyiSo ; Seminarists and Collegians r>Q() • Jj^. reticks, Turks, ami Infide's, exclusively of Jews *'*%'. I'repared for the Sacrament U)7,4.3;< ; Not prepared for the SacranK'nt ;J9,S52 ; Marriages 1,0G8; Male baptismi 2,3;M, Female baptisms L>,'{ol— total bajitisms 4,()8t)Male deaths 2,HS-2, Femah. deaths 2,1 Li— total deaths 4 qOj. Mali-s t.f all aLM's 77,475; Females of all a.'es OyVin Total population 147,3i<5. A Manelofui a J/, , .. ,s that ( IkuI.s \. ,„ „.,t prefiiird upon to make a public pilgniu... ;. tlu >hrine. to do p<^nance with his ex-ministers. ^ .;vl /r T' ^^'''— I-'r^'xi^ Ronssoan, a native of Anxerres, who travelled alont' time m Per>.a, Pe..u and other iris., ft he Fast Indies, and who, in lb!)-J, r^si-' ded at N. Dominco, was the inventor of.s.aIi„.,.wax. A lady of the name of Longneville, made this wax known at ccurt. an. caused Louis XIII. to use it ; after which it was pirchasiMl and u>ed Paris. By this article Kowsm;,,, bt.fore .lu. expiration of a year, gained .V),(HK) liwe^. I he ohlest seal with a red wafer ever vet found is o a letter written by Dr. Krapf, at Spires, in the .Z IfW-t, to tfi' L'.N eminent at BareuUi. ^rapolUan SuperstUiaH,^The Neapolitan .^ilors never gotov.a w.ihout a boxof small imae,^ or pupp^-ts, of winch are jiatron saints, inherited protr^-nitors, while othei> are more motlern, but of tried efTicacy in the hour of }K.r,l. >\ hen a itorm overtakes tla^ vess^d," the sailors leave her to her fate and hrini: ufv.n deck the boxof saints ooe of winch IS held up,and loinlly praved to for assistance' Tfce storm, how.'ver, increaM>s, and the obstinate oruowerlrss sauit IS vehemeutly abused, and thrown upon the derk. OilK-rs .„, \u\,\ up, prayed to,abuMvl, ami thrown down in siiccesMon, untill the heav( ns Uvome more propitious. Thcstorme abates, all danijer disappears, tinSflunt last prayed to acquires the ren„,a,ion ofmiraculmis efficacy, and. alter their return to Vaples, is honoured with prayon. in ^s 7 T7r ? T^? '^'iT'"^^''•' ^P"i-I' mba.Madnr. in I in, first dined Hiih the Faiperorof Morocco ;.t his court hpw;is amused by the customs of thetablr; neither knives' b.rks. nor spear. old, who -r.HKl .> his s„Ie. The smiled, and the emperor observmmt, asU. what Christian Kings wiped their hands with at meals, and uhat such Uiings were worth ? "Fine nenkms replied the anihassador. a clean one at every meal worth a ft; r sai.l ,f,e enq.eror, wipuig his hand a^ain on the black bov head," which is worth seventy or eighty crowns." Thehfe Thichen^ „f WrlJingtnn, ami Virounfrn \rl. ,on.— -Itis acmncidence worthy of remark, that thewivesof the two most disfincuished warriors of our aL'e and country have died within the last fortnight. The decease of the Duchess of Hellinirton we have alnady recrded to have taken place on the ;>4th of April, and on the 4th of May > .scountess Nelson, Duchess of Bronte, relict of the im-' mortal hero, expinnl. So near in death, so near alike in lije! Anecdote of f7pW./wj7//.--Goldsmith was a man of the most felicitous endowments. His prosh Mitchell, one of Sheridan's intimate friends, and once in prospi.riv,became~like a ereat many other peoplo, Sheridan's creditor— in fact Sheridan owed Bob nearly three thousanrl pounrl^— this cirrnmstance amontrst others c^mtributed so very much to reduce B(d.'s finances, that he was driven to great straits, ami in the course of his uncomfortable wanderines he called upon Sl,ridan ; the conversation turned upon his financial difficulties but not u|>on the principal cause of them,which was Sheridan s debt ; hut w hich of course as an ahletactician he contrived to keep out of the discussion ; at Boh in a soti of aeony, exclaimed— I have not a guinea left and by heaven I don't know where to eet one." Sheridan JumfH'd ip. and thnistmi: piece of cold into his hand exclaimed w-ith tea,^ in his eyes-" It never shall he'said t^at Bob Mitchell wanted a tniinea while his frimd Slieridan had one to give him.''^Sharpe', Magazine. Xapolron Pfwnrrjyarfr and Lord AW/ fi,/rfm.—h is a smeidar coincidence, not unworthy of remark, that the initials of two of the mcst sinndar men of their own, and perhap.s of any aer, the Fmperor Napoleon of France, and l^ord .Noel Byron of En-land, useil the .same letters as an nl.hrexMation of their name, N. B. which denote. .yofa time h wasnotfhr habit of cither to ajTi.x hishanie to letters, hut merely N. B. % ^ \\ hen Lord Ell. ,d.orouj.di was Lord Chief Justice, • labouring bricklayer was called as a witness ; when i canie up to be sworn his ?ord.ship siiid to him Keally, wiffirss, m hen you have to apfnar Iwfore this cmirt. It IS your Iiounden duty to be more clean and decent inyiuir a[)fKarance." I'pon my lifr," said the witness," if your lordship comes to that. Cm thinking Cm every bit as well dri-ssea .IS yonr lordship." u [!•!'*'''* -^ "'I, ""'-''"' ^''^'''^•^ '"' hudship, amnilv. W by, faith," said tinlabourer, tfou come here in ;/*/r working clothea and i' come in m/W."— >'Atfn>r'i Mag. Jhik^nf f;ra,%n.— The late dnke.whpu hunting, was fhroim info a (fnrh. at the same time, a ^oll^g curate cdlcil out. 'lit still my lord.'' leaped over him, and continued the ch:e. >uch apparent want of feeling, might be presumed, was resented. Rut on heiug helped out by his affendantv hi* grace said, l/wt man xhali hare thef.rsl g^W Hrwtr that foil* to my dtsfM. ownit wa toi ., ; they hare lost abundance of advanf ue bv il*; butiT you would give them the norld, they canm.t help it. rorrr'.ff/,\heuother' infrest li, thai it should reign. And care ihey not whose name or fortune bleeds, Sj^othey but gam a pension for their deeds. 1 hey woul.l b^ thought our friends.—but well we know, A irienU, if faUe, is worse than open foe. I he.e are thy foes, O Genius mark them welL lie tliine the spirit of a Wi.'bain Tell— 8o shall these i^les from tyrant's sway be fr. And jarring parties all al length agre. Sir Comical Kedpoll and jollv old Nick W*#once on a iinie as two pickpockets thick. But soon with his fri. ad did old Kedpoll fall out. And what do you think all the row wa* about. Sir Comicul swore hisoldfnend was a thief And accused him of cond-.^ct surpassing beliefOldNick vowd that He.l,Hdl r>o,t d-oably li^ Aud then to Jamaica he went to be tried. There w^nt trotters and u^dkers, a glorious crew, Some dressed in scarlet. anw ^^-Bt T. H. B^.LT. Seek not with gold or glitfring gem, IHy simple heart to move ." ** ^ To share a kingly diadem Would never gain my lore. The heart that's formed m virtue's mould. t or heart should be exchanged ; I he love that once is bought with gold. May be by gold estranged. Can wealth relieve the labVing mind? y^ <^ln the soul to rest? >\ hat healing l>alm can riches find To soothe the bleeding breast Tis love, and love alone, has power I o hiess without alloy ; To cheer afflicti.m's darkest hour. And heighten everv joy. TI.ME A.\U TIUni-AN APOLOGUE. •'• A. Paulding. young lawn, and looked about, before bt.'hi nd Tn !. !T i^— — ^m_— side ere she ventured forward ; and telling her he could not I veVh"th";:;irtl'"* thou art too swi.t. Reniember tit wait lor her tardy motions, bade her join him without fai flfl. ft '*^ ^"" '-^^'' parted friends Use to tell each other all 'that h^a; p^ Jd if her rn""' '"^' ^" T'^^. '''' ^'•"^' *^^ ^1. thetr absence they related tlieir^adventurcs. '" *^' ^'J woHd'"irV""^' '^"*^ ^" another journefrTund •^->t^day,'saidTime,^ImotawifewhoseraHhhusbnd In, "'* ^"?^'^ran after him as fast as .he had turned her from ids ^oor and divi'r I'f f^I^^^^^^ ^'j --'<^ -op; but thourh sh^ 'r:.rr^:;r^.^.r"-V-Jed .ealousy.-l wouLI d^dX of T^^?"^^:^ l^^rt^"^ ^^ ^^ overtake children, on account ot aome uk;oded iealousv.—l would have staid to make up the quarrel and convince l.iai of his error, but 1 knew you w.udd soon come and set all rit'lit 1 hope thou didst make my words ^ood. Didst thou interk-re 111 behalf of one of thy se\ r ti..' ni,ht cd Timer Tho.:;;:!^:;::; ri" r :i"'" she w ill undoubtedly catch him at h^l fo?-)^;'" great and must prevail.^' * '^'* ^^'-^'<^*tler. the p"'enon thus :~An official newsLwr she perished by her own hands.' ^""^''''' ""^ ?! '''" ''•;. consisting of four pages, is now puldi.lX; IS printed both in Turkish and Arabic ; it'con .n?tt oi txents that take place in Kgypt, a list of the vet^ds iK! arrive .u and sad from the Egyptian ports, an^.^neran^. and bar,.met jai ob^;!;;;.^c^^^ ^^i^;;^:;^ recorded m this C;a,.tte. A, specimens of wl at"t 2^^1 wc may give the following saniples ; cuuiain., "TK rF*""",*'";^:!^ *>*'"' he Cairo Oar.ette.l death^F^'T '^ '"V"^^ "'^^''**'^'^ •"' punishment of ahmEgypt.exceptfor political o/fences. For oth^ olfences, con.pulsory labour is the punishment. xL'Tl length according to the nature of tlli crime "^ Some nunibem of the Carette contain tli^ prices of aU comnHKlities im,K)rted into Alexandria. ^ \\ e are glad to so*., in this (Jazette, a cluinncl by which light can enter and spre ad through Egypt. ^ ir A ^'^^^ '^' London Atlas. iyebsterism.—\ Correspondent, whose ear has raurrht up the musical terniinalogy of America, fa>ours us w ,h ,t o W ing characteristic etiistle. Dr. Webster's dict.onar^ the printed parent of alll Americanisms. To him and Ins work we are indebted for the first learned a^Z ^ fE "r ""[ 'r^**^^' '^'^^' i^nunierable synoX^i la may he made by the hb. ral use of the ad^iunrt^T Sm—Ilorror-stricken with fresh sh' perished by her ow n hands.' What a pity but let us go on. Next I met a vounir man who had been crossed in love in con.sequence of calumnies that had poisoned the mind of his niistrejw. \ little onward and I encountered the young woman herself who was pining away almost broken-hearted at th, supposed infamy of her ovc-r. I could not stay to remedy tliiiV sorrows, but told them that my daughter Truth was just behind and would soon bring about a goo'd*t thou save him from thegallo;r No-I did not arrive in season. I .H,iw his body baneng in chains ; but T did Justice to his memory. BettoTlaL than never, father.* ^ ^ JIumph !' said the old man. • After this I arriv.Ml in acountry wln^re tlie peopl. u paring to murder tlK^Tr governor and all h.s oi J.t ofa false reiiLn o his having attempted to Utray them to their enemies I Uked behind. and thought I s/.w thee advancing, "mllKing as^u^ual m a gre.t hui ry, left it to tlan.. to dissipite Z Z The virtuous „;;.;n;;:;;th :n\-. "Z^'y^Z ;z t^^^L^r i''^' ^^^ ^^^^: ., ^""^ •••"', Willi rtii IMS lamiiv hatl peraM, and ,he wicUd calumniator ., in hi, .laco. I told tWn, ,1„. ,„„. siale ol ih.c,. But thr lie had done .u_-ork and .,< ron^-qu-nce. were irr,.„,..diablo.' 1 wish lo iIh! unnional Jove,' rri<-d Time. 1 wish mv wh,.her ,l,e.s eo.nB,and I an, alw,y,„ki„B ,he ,Z ^M' where .he people were figh.ine, and cunin^ hroa". and Wnmg each o.her on account of a di,pute L.„,^ '^Z which ™ch party interpreted diffi-rentlv. I ll.oo,",, ra great p„y ,h..y could not (indout whichwaxheritl 11 ".e. Ijut .,d I, my daughter i. j„,t behind .Irwil clear up th. matter. I have not a Jmen. to l.e. 1 ,Z,' thud.d.t not cuew t, late here, a. el.w|,ere • '^ ftot aitop-tber too late, failT,' replied the rirpin • but lonered to teUtheconqiierorjthe trwroeaninir nfthe word they ,a,d they knew it already a. well .. I did. I S them how th*.v r.a k.. :.. .l . *"tw ^ ...... ..^ n<^-if a lurni. rsevernl m<.n n a M„,e of M.,H-ndiari„ under nle. protest that „ "l V^ are but an m,atM>,arin ; but the couiary i. in ,uch ,^ ofex ra„r.l,nanm, that n>e„ i„ ,|„.ir ocineenari m dV 2 rocolect .t, parall,.;. I „„.,,f„„. ,„„,„i^, it tlMphtri^ of wdom to provide matter, of artilleri,„. ,^Z Z"Z^. rrr„;;Lu™\'r.xs:'i;\",lT£'" ™^' ^ 10 provide for the tutela^.Tof" my* r.:^^rr.Tt".; continue m ,latio„eri,m, and to avoid n-v ,luti„„i,m A^ my men en,oy ^ocd .tate of .lari,m, I h^"" „„ warn other. agai„,t ,„y Ireacherism low-ard^*^ ^ Sir, your lervant, ADetetm or BARBAiiaM. ^^ INDIAN .SULTANA IN PARI..^. t known to very few even in France ilt an Indi.. h^m .k ^.^^ ^^*^i and deserted by the robw*rs on the nf Fr>r.^ cl _ "/ " roo,L r "..-a.i^ MS wen as i did. I a%kgA I 1 o^th^ rX InU"™' ''•' "= '^y """'"•'* hv vi^ i ^t V„-;k • ""• '\T ™"' •"•"'e^leoDy.I.erob. •Ttht^L'tdtnr-;ad"^ """ '" ••-"-^' P-f^ ^H^^^^^^^^^^ ?ed h,, brawny shoulder,. • A, I travelled onward Irom '"" ?'^'"' >' "'"' <" y". hT beau,; hJd Z^La thence, I can to a nation which McriHced human heim^ "'"^'' "'"'''''• ""'' ""'^'"'i: >>" a Utir, 2 t^k! '"u e following inscription:—'* Hair cut fashionaldv. phihM>piiirally, and anatomically." Be tgmtraurr 1iy thnicet^heti knowledge leads to woe. utceX:;;or.tte:f^l:::i^ -i^ t^-^t -' •0 be omnipotent and eternal ""*"' '^ " Time, who was forever in motion >r.A - "lent in one nlace c A n j "•'''•' "aid a moT ^^i*, he accordingly found ,b oouTd n^; ke' 'Tu"""' ""-^ " """ hi. head wa,, ImT, t'^i' "'P"^"=•" "'<< ™->. "ho, thoiirt nw, could trave dav .„H L ""^ "''"'' ••" """rtriven and land, throutrh .t „d fire f ,K ""'" ••'" "'' ''"'•• >" ped graven images, and was exceedincly anerv at their foolish Idolatry But I could not stay to argueThe miner with them, and proclaimed aloud, L I p;^d ,hT, mv ht .,i„ 'jt):Z^ArJ ^^TkI' •Out upon thee'-^^ried Ti;;:;;ro''n^rrbir"ri hi, impatience at the dilatory pace of his daughter "ol^ upon thee of what uw i, it that ihw art cified wiih tl.. I '.T'" '"*" *"^ condition that die wouM Cr..i,. i-k" V c"' n^::iviLTri--^. — n>--of what consequence is it thou shall ever prevail when^ thou comest ,f thou nrt thus always lae^ine behind tl^ events^which I bring about? Better notTo'.^^ a^a^-'^nt mn -ruu •""^"•" '"•""? wie oDjectot Ms mis. ion, wnich produced no improvement in her straitened ^r w. lanVr'^P*^!"''>--" ^^•''rwards, she \..TX Father, rephed the weeping daiaghter, • it i. not that T ntL In^^brd""?. ^'^J'"^?^ '" ^"^"'^"^ • '^^^ ^PJi

Ill m m m "v^mt-^IHKmm " STipf Ma^uma ^vs^fs ape ^fjc M^^ama ^vsn* .\ 1 \ bvthi: KiiffliHh^ovi THiiM uttoi liibcirk aif.ihi tiiiiti(*iii.iU'i^ l'( liu\in. Aliiir JiAuJ no (ioudt tiiat t]tiHv iJm* MiiKjiirx., (]• rortia. Tlii^ iiuIj1'iii;!i i:'inToutlv took uiMr liiiuMll tin* cliHr:;!* ot Aii|>|Mrtin!r A line, wlni has now attained the a^f ol -iixty y ar< iii a ton'it'n iaiuJ. — Ct/wt Journal. THE Aj13US. iEO.irjBiiiAV, Ati>it.*r :i, I Hal. tty^ VVivhavcalfirhed a Lf.ttkr Box to our i-stabhshHK'nt, hi the wiuiby Homeof; paph ijovernment.we are at a Iohs to decide; but the tact of there being an InnnenH.' sum of British capital employed in Porluffal, and her iK-inij a very ohl ally of F.UL'laed, (and, in a {fn-at meajjure, inHuence*! by In-r), we think John Bull u ill be likely to remonstnite a-j-aiiiHt tinmeasures taken by tinFrench. The usur|M'r Don Miiruel mmnus to have drawn tliitanii other calamiliej* upon that unhappy conntrv : let iw, tlhTt lore, \ui\H' that he ittnut may be in onic way di.sjxMM'd of, that jHtare may ajrain Ikrestored. That ereat bone of contention, Parliajuentary Reform, Mill jMrvades tlu" mindK of the people of (ireat Britain. (But with UH on this side tinwater, it is but of little interest.) TIk' moftt violent, howj-ver, of iIm; |M>}njlar journals formerly in itH faviMir, and who fv ere wont to \ociferatc the The fofloiiinK extract of a letluf, r-ctived by a tf^ndeimiuagtiucni uf coioniai property, lui committed to u. for jMiblicmtion an elafeorate and complete iuvvntigation of tite whole question. It is in the form of a series of letters, were, for tiie most part, employed. Bill, the Bill, and n.thintf but the Bill," n<.w uree-. Whatever opi.nion we may entertain asto the correctness .1 • .... .1* ... i-i'. .••>.... the propriety of niiKlifications, in order to make it piilatable. It is now well understo.Hl, that the Bill of last session will undergo some alterations ; but what will be, is at I'ltWMit unknown. We observe, with re>,'nt,that numenms fires have occurnil kiely in KingHoii, Jamaica, which are suppusi-d to be iIhj work of incendiaries ; and, ahhouL'h tlaMayor had offered a reward of £l(KX) for information to convict the oHendr, nothinir had transpirel that cmhl in any way bad to the discovery of the |M'rp'trdtors of thesw atrocitis. Several iM-rwms have bi^-n taken up on suspicion, but dischati^oila^ain for the want of evidence againstthem. We are not surprised at these outnicros — more jmrticularly wlH-n commitled in Jamaica—as they are only a pju-t of the dnadful conaequeMM to Inexjjected fn)ni the evil advice ofour blood-thirsiy and impl.o .l.le •neniies.who have lon-j Wm MMiirai^vd to make their debut in that Island, in the lucrative trade of Cant and !lyjM>crisy,and wlnre the most mischievous part of the calumnies and mi^repres^nlations • 'iii>t the Colonies are preparerrv to say, an|><.werful from the situations they hold in tin. C.dony. W>, however, know them w,.|l, and shall watch dieir actions clo^ly ; we reprolwt.' cmdnct, and witluuit liar, favoui or affection ; b<' tla-y h^.di, or be tlK'V low," we shall always, n hen occasion offers, hold Uicm up to the contempt and ridicule of the public. We have Ih^mi accu<<-d of ix-rsonality, and do not care to dny tlw cliarge, but v hen m.-n, havint; little to do, InU-n-Ht then; unwarrantably and ini|)ertinently with tlaaffairs ot ;lir neiijhbours, tbe duty we owe to ours<'lves, %* tiK. guardians of the public weal, demands that we' li.uld e\p>iM' the action* of tlme men in every way, and However Ikiilidious some of our realers iiiMv I.,-, we shall not be deterred from d..M.. u I. :.t Me consider a material part of our duty. JK^ Infuromtion lias been racerved of tle authorities at liomehaviiiiT sanctioned the measures a presiMit year,-— As we are always ready to eive credit where it is diio, it affords m much pbasim* in revertingto His F.vcelU'nry^a ronduct tipon that occasion, which certainly forms one bright |M>t hi hi^i administration. Our only regret is ilwt it sittutb alonf ' / mantd this town, from an absent mendier of Uielate House of VsM-mbly, in allusion to the exjjres.sions of Messrs. Kerr, Butler, ajid ilieUi, in an address to Iii* txcellency llie Governor, publiidied in tbe Hu^al (Jjzttte of the Jolh June last, will U^ interestJJig to our readers, and show how far those geatleuien were warranted in tlnir opinion.s. If the public have been deceived int* an idea that the member ab(ve alluded to would have joined tlioss* gentlemen in dieir extraordinary condence, on the subject of the Aim'rican Slaves shipped at Al(>xaiidria, District of Columbia, Cnited States uf America, bound to New Orl'ans,andbroui;lit to this port in January last, afterhaving bet* u wrecked at Abacoplr are to remain in ths has been repaid. — TiiKiR SniNATi RKs to the pi'tition from the free coloured jM'oph', praying for His KxceUency's continuance in the (iovernment, fully attujt their grateful remembranct of bis kindness. The following Ls the Extract : I have just ben informed at the Colonial Office, that a letter is about to be sent to me, in reply to mine to Lord (nxlerich, respectiiiff the American brig Comet, ami cargo of Slaves, wherein it is stated, that as it apjH-ars frora a despatch from His ExceUency tbe (iovernor, be}u-ing date the lnh March last, that the said Slaves are for the most part rmployrd,^.*:. that Lord (iodetich cannot recommend a compliance with your wishes res|M'ctin(f their removal, so long as they conduct llienis* Ives well, and are not a public burthen. *' The letter was onlf read to me, and I cannot ph'dge mys laiiire of agitating topics that demand immediate inquiry and decision, there is not one ujwn which more passion has boen excited, or concernintr which more delusion and prejudice exist. TlM-re ap|Mar to us to Imthree mixiifications of opinion asto the jxdicy profxr to be pursued towards the slaves and their masters. In the first jilace, the |>lantrs ap|M'al to thejustice of the government, who, under certain pledges of protection, they say, ori finally induced them to vest their property in colonial speculation. They rpT. Eq.. of Jamaica, arrived at NewYork on the Ai Jnne, in the packet ship Hamubal, from London. Would be a literal violauon of honour, and a dinct act of dishonesty. In the second place, the majority ofthinkinjr men who have visited the West Intlies, and, unconnected with the planters, have dispassionately examined tlie practical o}M'ri.tion of the existing system, express themselves hesitatintrly about the propositi cliaiMjes. Thev are in faaddressed to Karl Gmev, the first of which will appear i^ the Atlah of nvM week. To this important inquiry, con. ducted with tenqi^, talent, and in good taste, we earnestly recommend tiie attention of our readers. Tliey will find, perhaps fr the first time, the case of the negro candidly discussed in a public journal. We believe tlie pubU ration of thes*' pajMTs will do good. At all events, it j^ • alculated to dispel much mistaken intemperance on a subject in which the greatest merit exhibited by yomts people has been that of l>eing right by accident. m .^—1-1.1. . 1.1 .,i.. .. II .. IIGRENADA. l\y his Excellency Sir James Campbell, Knight Cnmtaudfr ol the most HonouiahlaMiUtary Order of the Bath, (•'overnor, and Conitnander-in-Chitf in and over the island of (irenada* uiid its Dependentiea, ChancifUor, Ordinary and \ i,e Admirdl of tinsame, &:c. James CAMeuKLL. A lKOCLAMA TION. WHEKE.\S I have received information that certain of tbe Slaves of this Colony have been hidiu ed to believe that tin* King or the Parliaintnt of (jreat Britain has directed that they should be freed from bondage or that certain days hikJ privile;;es have been directed to be fiiven to them, but with whirh directions their Owners, or those under whose charge thev are, have refused to coin|)ly, anl that the (lovernor of the sevenl (y'olonies have dechiud to act thereupon. And v'hereas it is expedient tliat the slave Population of this Colony should \,^ undec'iven I .^HABITA.^TS OF THIS lOUONT. i^ori of .S/KM, t6f h J une, 1 HSI (Jentlemen, — By the last packet manv planters, ami others connected wuh Trinidad, Iwve receed b ud t* e.lHifaifiwis of •** tnlnnd jjenrrally, should at once ulfer ... ^a Govenmtrnt all tlieir pn>perties th rem. bcfon ibcy are eui. irther depreciated in value, or w holly lost t themsuch property to \htaken by ?:>vcrnncnt at an appnus. .i value, to km fixed hy fi)urcomniisMun rs n^fuieii ly i\\f uu>non nf. ]ui4 four bv the mhitbitants, and surh appraised value i il on the puldu tiiudi of (ireat Htitam, payable in ten rt{uai situuai tattalBieiits with interest. This just and equitable arnincement beinfr concluded, the motheprr4oientson its o^ n .i< i ount and nsk, as in its wisdom may bejicfmed most benelicial to the slave population, ia accordance with the wishes and feelings of the people of Falkland, and which will at tbe same time scivc ..s .) mtidel for our more fortunate neighfmrs. .Should, hov ever, the liritisb (ioveninient, decline this just ami eipnialde proposition, and wsulave^ even in its present mild and modifieil state, is repucnant to, and considered i natninal blot and disj^ra* e, the inbuhiunis of thii Island are then called upon m tbe most respect lul, but at the same tune in the most firm ami euerj:etic mamner. to address his most gracious Majesty, praying to be absolved from their allegiance, and to be permitted to seek some other nation as a protector, or to unite the inhabitants of the other West Indis Nhnds in erec tint such iinlependent form of government as may avert the rum of themselves and families ere it be too late.*' 1 am thus induced to give publicity to the tenor of these letters for eeneral information and when tbe inhabitanLs in the renmte parts of the island have had time to consider the |Hrten tous matter, I propose cimsiilting the most influential jK-ople in the colony, and calling a general meeting of its mhabitantx, at which all having an infere^t shonbn.i pr. ^rrit. Now is the time — further delay is dangerous. Wr .m dcdareii by our friends in England to be supine and rtHlvIis> oi the danger that is pressing hard upon u, and that the climate in which *t live has depnved us of that energy and strength of mind which we ought to exert in defence of our lives and properties. Planters, Merchants. Househe enabled to arrest the rum preparing for yourselves and lamihes. Be true to each oUier. A PLANTER. POLAND. On the l.'^th, at Jendi-r.ajow, the Russians under Di<** vour ol moderate ami gradual amelioration ; and M-em to j bitsch attacked the Poh-s command.^i by Cminski, but so leny that the slave pc.pulatmn is either so ill-treate.l as it is i lamniid was the elTort, that the Polish f'eneral Mas n-infxipularly avern'fl, or soprej>ared toappriM iate tJie U'liefits of freedom as the advocates of uiKpialitied emancipation assert. The thinl judgment i.s that of the massed' liberal |M'opleat home, who, admittiiiL^no ronsiderati(ns of vested interests, !:quences ot a smlden breakin<:-up of the relations of society, cry mit loiKJly tor the ab.)lition of slavery, the whoh' abolition of jlavery, and iiotbinc hilt the nbolition ofslaverv. Truth must lie somewhere amidst this conflict of statenunlsaiid opinions; and it can only be reached by a calm analysis of the \li(de (jiiestion, grounded upon a comphte knowh'dL'e of all its hearinirs. We are fortunately enabled to accomplish this exMinination throiitrh the medium of our columns. A jenth man, horn in the West Indies, who forced, returned t!ie attack, and finally b<'at the force to which he was opperial guard. The nmyenn'nt (d" Diebit.srh toward Plock is caused, he says, hy the necessity of drawint' his resources from Knstern Prussii* Large pun bases of corn on account of the Russian rny have iKH'n made in that (;uarter. The insurrection in Lithuania proceeds ami extends itself rapidly. The Rum I * s L Poles and in truii;j;lin! against the oppifkm of their Russiau ii'uislers. M lle least," say tliev mm Wjiori to Wars t\v Liihuatiia, if she perish, will have the consolation of knowin", that she prt leried to sacrifice every thing latlar ibaii supply arms and men to subjugate the Poh's, and resiore ivrunnv in their common country." It issaid that the .Viistriims have retaiiiel the arms of iJwernicki's army, but have not i;iv;n llieiu up to Russia. We believe this. The cholera morbus, altliou-li Ics:. scyei ely Iblt at Warsaw than td" late, lagtul terrifically along the whole line of coumry occupu'd, or lately, by llie Russians, and its raya-jes were more iViirbilolly fatal than those of tin* sword. A comniission from Pans, composed of medical men, has left Paris fiir Bi-rlin to assist in the invest! -rat ion d" this fatal malady and the means of its cure. The war in Litlniauia, bv the sava'Tc exam{)h's of the Russians, was becoiniiigoiH' tt retaliation in cruelty and mutual exteniiinytion. The Emperor has issued an edict to Confisc ate the estates id all Russio-Pt.lish m>bles who liave taken arms against hini. It a'ipears, howeycr, that the patriots took the necessary precaution of mortgaging ihclr laods to the extreme value in every practicable case, so thit the edict is nearly a dead letter. Tlni Russian acpos<'d to be to attack the Russian glial lis at Osirolenka. He left 1.'>,IHH) iiu>u, who, by a inoyement on Siedlec, induced Dieliitsch to march on kahis/.yn. An affair then took place on the l-'Jth of May, near Jemlertewo which oMiL'ed the Russians to retire to Zuckow. Thus Dicfiitsch, deceivi'd, by this movement left the road to Ostrolenka open to Skryznecki. Diebitsch's heiuJ-quuters were, on the I7fh of May, at Luckow, between Kock and Siedlec. .\bout -ifM) officers and men of I )\vernicki's army have escaped and returned to Poland. The followim.' is the state of the cholera : — Patients at Warsaw (A|)ril 2:i to May 5,)2,.'>S0 ; recovered, l')2 ; died, 1, 110 ; remain sick, 1,-i7M. .\cc(rdinL' to the latest accounts the disease diminishes laily. The proportion of d< atb is 1 to 20 who UiLe the disorder, but it is hardly to be found ill private lious(>.s. Private letters from Waisaw, o( the 21st, describe the takinir of Ostrolenka, the retnat of the Russians, destroyiuL^ their fortifications, tlw capture of several niaLmzines, l.'i,(MlOdorins, and many prisoners. Tin* Pidisli advanced guard was then Ih'\ >nd Smoihm, and received with enthusiasm by the inhtldtants wherever they advanced. F^tdit new rc'ji'neiits of liirlil infantry are to he rais<'d. Dvveriiicki's triMips uill, it is said, Imallowed by Austria to n>tuni to Poland. Excepting Lublin, Po,()() men. The Polish hss in tlie campai'jn isestimated at 7'>r twi-lve days. He is now between Diebilsch and his iip|)ly of provisions from Prussia. PORTFGAL. On the Ifith May, tbe French squadron, consisting of eleven sail, appeared off the Tatrus to call Don Miguel to account for his insult oflered to tlx* French nation, in his treatment of M.M. Bonhomme ami ^^auy'^"t. TheEmlyni on hriu coiiimunicated tinnu-ssaire of tincommodore to the Portinjiiev government, and it Wiis not until the 21sl th.ii s|i .s,iili (I hack to tlH> squadron with the definitive answer of the usurp<'r. Tbe nature of thestr communications had not transpireil when our advices left Lisbon, but it wa.s the general opinim that the demands of France wise nearly similar to iIiom* of Endand, and the answer, tlnnnrh u ore humiliating to PortUL^al, vas ex|M'Cte iiisfaotory to France. PMr Miijuel, therefort", who, it issaiti, ha' no considation but his huntint;-h><]e (Mid on demand. America is still to be nettled with anri it is the Ixdifd'of tlie P' the Public Buildings, on Thursday, the 4th instant, at 12 o'clock at noon. The members of the C^hib are earnestly requested to pay their *'ibsrd Pablo Pra's Charles Wells Manuel Vrcou James Black Rol)ert Bissett Andrew Simpson BY HENRY GREENSLADE 4l CO. >^tarln:2if^t. yits: FORT OF IfAW^^iAl iV. P, , : : ' '^ "'"' inii-, wiu) inuama proceeds ami extends itself rapidly. Fhe nu^ liat had extensive mtercoiir. with the proprietors of the sians press the insunnnts toward the Prussian frontier, whir* plantatmns, and who has U'en b,r intimately tluv threaten to cross. But, .m tlw whole th^ greater crnneclod with aU tin' pracUcal cictail* that arise ia the bravery is shown by iIm^ Lithuanians in supporting U* ARRIVED, Ut Aucrust—Schr. Rithon, Frances, from Cuba In ballast to John Malea. 3d H. M. schr. S|)eedwcll, Lt. Warren, a Cruize SAILED, 31st July— Br. sloop Little Turk, Steele, Turks Islands TIIK VKSTRY HAMNG lixeil the assi/.e oi' bkkau at the late of |t8^ per barrel td" superfine Fh)ur, Ordered, that the shilliiiii: Loaf do weiirh 2lbs. Ho7.., and the sixpenny Loaf lib. -hii. By order of the N'estry. DAVIO SPENCE, Vestry Clerk. Vestrv Room, 2d Am;ust, lS;il. SALE OF P EWS] ClflilST CHURCH PARISH. ll^rOTICE is hereby given, that the Pews of Christ _i^^ Cbiiridi will be sold for one year, by public auction, in the said (iliiirch, On Monday, the 8th of August instant, At 7 o'clock. C;/* The present occupants 'rftay retain their Pews, aureeahly to tlie terms of their fiirmer p^rchase, on paying the annuhl rent for the same to John NNii.ixiooH, Esquire, N'estry Treasurer, on or hefiire the 6th day of August. By order of the Vestry. D. sPENCE, Clerk. Room, 5th J uly, 1S3L \ I.AT .^OTM'E. PERSONS still remaiiiini! indebted to the estate of tbe late DroAi.n Bi.air, deceaseil, are required to make iminediate pavmeiit, as the subscriber is iiistructeil to ch)se that estate without delay. All accounts unli()uidaled on tlie 1st of September ne(t, will be put mi suit. G. C. ANDERSON, Administrator. J uly 30, IK'n. THE SUBSCRIBER being anxious to liquidate all demands against him, earnestly requests all persons indebted to him to si ttle their accounts without delay ^ — so as to prevent uiipleasent trouble. He ha-i on hand a large assortment of Dry Goo and Lot on the Bay, with Furniture, du'.du:. will aUu be sold on reasonable terois. W. J. WEECH. g7th July, ia3L TUESDAY, 19th Jidv. THE SUBSCRIBERS to the Bahama Tirk Clib are infitrmed, that at a meeting of tin* Stewards, which took place this tii.y, it was determined that the first Races sliall take place on the last Wediiestlay in Octobdious. If not disposed of previous t the 8tb of August next, the same will on that day be sold at public auction. — The term? will be made easy to the purchaser, and the promises tnay be viewed from 11 to 12 o'c.lock, previous to the day of sale. ROBT. WIER. 20th July, 1831. On Monday nexi^ the Stk aufan/, AT TUC VKNUVI UOVRB, At la 0*tok. Will be s
ms, suitable for Servants.—.Vlso, Kitchen, Alc. and an excellent Well of Wafer, with a varii'ty of Fruit TrtH.'s. Any person wishing to purchase, may view the premises at any time previous to tbe Sale. August 3d, 1831. BY HENRY GREENSLADE U CO. On Monday the Sth August next. AT TUK V£NL>li: HOt'KK, At la O'clock, BS. Will be sold, (without reserve,) the following valuable Projierty, situate on St. Salvador, via: A tract cidled Mount Nelhon, near the Hawk's Nest. Three adjoining Tracts^ named — LucKv Mount, Moint View, and Smal^. Hopes. And Three other Tracts-— One late the property of Mr. Munroe ; one known by the name of Sailor's Retreat, and one commonly called DeAN'h PLA.NTATiO.N. A valuable Tract situate on Wading's Island, called Mount pRoseErT. A full description of the above Lands will be given at the time of sale. 7'./t.e, Braize DresMes, Silk 4l Satin Parasols, (^entlemens and Ladi<>s Silk and (Cotton Hie, Do. Do. Do. Do. Haokerchiofr, Genilemens, Ladies, and Childrens Shoes, Genthinens Black Silk Stocks, Crentlemens & Ladies, (iloves, of all descriptions. Reel 6l Ball Threat!, ounce Do. from 12 to 24 W. B. and all Colour Thread, Tape, Pins, __at Needles, Pearl &^ Bone Buttons, ^#^^, ^ Hair, Coat, TtH>th, Nad 6l Shaving Brushes, ^4— • (entlemens superfine Broad Cloth dose A, over Coats Ladies Tortoise Slieil, Braid 6c Side Comba, tttmm Tou|)ee 6l Ivory fine Tooth do. Japan Waiters, VLsitinc, Conversation dt Playinp Cards, Seidlitz Powders, Cotton, 6i Worsted Fringe, Cotton Cord, Suspenders, 6lc. 6lc, ALSO— A Complete assortment of Perfumer}* — Consistiag i>f Hair Powder, Rose Pomatum, Rose, LaveDOMf amJ C'iOin6 Water, Extract of Ro:.ves, dtr. Ace. Ac. — Macasar, Russia and .\ntique Oil, Bentley's Cold Cream of Roses, Taoth Powder and a variety of scented Soap — With a nuisber af other Articles. Terms — On all purchases over £20, sii months credit by giving approved security — under that amo'uit, CASH. To be continued the follow ing days, until the whole it disposed of. .August 3rd, 1831. f


W W/ % I; J 9^€ a'^ama &vsn& From lUWi H^c€iL SJmTl^r^^™^ It • iioir oa^MtnnJ .kT.iI^. ?T.**'"*=** ^" i^t.21,t.nLll>-urf, the dignify of the Peers. Thrv a' Jit we aslt tiios<. of thrir lord.liips w ho n.av 'uif^inj: some htautiful dream as to the nractn the ,ute, a, one of the co-'ordinate hr a ire, brought ,„to eriou. question and dispute, thi. doctrine ha, U^'n prevched to the •onty anches of tinle"M!-Now, all iiiip^Jtent Dens h..t f/^ ""^ ^'^'"" " vulgar or and It has noi bt -n d. njHn Hho!e mind has been vrrouj/ht up an r .xlraord.Mary pitch of vehemence and passion may c, sole huuscll (tor the moment) under lie censure, by the belief thai I.e sull sake. No ; but W( have been ind i.hty of b,.at.n,. the King'. Minister, on the J ond eadmg of ,1.. b.ll. uhat do they n.^an to do aftenranUi )othev fancy that Lord (Jrey and hi,s friends\vould continue Minisiersafirr the JiHorm biiJ had been thrown out ? rhey nnid.t as well tdk of a human body performing al the vital func'ions after the br. " Lord (;rey .etires instantl who hour, and breakfast. may b cuxh:^ ,1. ...„ • ; a-" -'.... '"i>u,j;ii naps more Ko; loro I .1 n *" '^'^'^ i ^'*''^"''^t ^fiariKe hefure it is inrod ly on the bill hemjj rejected. fimrw.—tlae early and use active exercise fn '. oir. liil a -Ugitt doyree of fatigue be fell; thJn Z^,'^ I ^ ^?*' ^•*' '" three hours uj.**** der hat the energies of the constitution may U-' trated in the work of digestion ;" then fake active -.. a^ain for two hours, rest one, and then dine. Ait..r,i;r "^ tor three hours ; aad afterwards, in summer, tak'e a Jn^, "i? which,, an hour's rest belore Kupper, wdl co„s,i,u 1 ^'^ of exerc.s. ...r the day. In wer or i.ulemeni w"at ,J ''? may !,e laken in the hou.e, the .nduH-. \Ju. J' ^ •; by walk..,, aciivdy backwards and forward, as s r '7"^' ship-board." •"^"*' as ^.wlurs do ,, .-(>.— Pure air is as ncceisary to c:4istcnce as good and u. i some food, perhaps more .o; lor our food hastoun''•" uccd into the mass ofcircul;;! under;;o a vm are told Si) we ^rof^fl *A'i",''^ ''•*" ^^"^' "^^ " am^mdinent to that of Reform. tnoso feohngs which actuate the P^P'e. It has •hi. wiu ,.„p u.e ,.^;i .,w,„ -pi.iM;;;:ji:^'::^;,i:,:i:;3-f;--';;^;;^ ;that of enin as prejudices • minds of the hulk of ilie P^P'e. It has a right to stem what it p ea^s o raJ progress of ^x,pular fury. 'J'he Peers .n .v !!: i • '' cen.lawsa..dopinionifVom^i::\:;.3 lomeil to cunsider as Uwir >fry |,ir.t, and f„r thepiir|)e oCarryine il,f bill? loa of Comrn,,,,,, i„ „hicl, woulS m.ii^ b' a W,Hr,cc of I,ord Cha„d..,, „or „( auy „„,. .. I, a mi-ro, ,.,„„jas a county „„.,„l„,r. Would ,tmr' -n..;n. pu, Mtppli., f„, ,„e public ,orv ico imo h ^ ," ..... *A in upon you ;„ i w™™:;f;;;j;.:,^''";;,:'';; " ale ol pruiuse perspiration al thf timeli^r ^ ,' with the Spanish prourb— "" ^'>"Jiiij pro. If the wind blows on you through a hole your will, and take care of your soul.Make once 10 a cold aimospated. but if the u'kole of the body be exp<,sed at o, pl.ere, no bad consequences need be antici nnar,.n J!^!^i:^C' ^t^'^'"^^? "'' '"""^ ''' "'-"-t abinet ? and I ^leepin^. T „/ ques ,oi bU Z Z ^"^' '" •"•^-'^'^ ^ r mo,„h ? ce.l to ,na,h..,„ati al precis on I '. k'''' '"".'"" *"' '^••''habit, con.,it.....n, an'drhe^a/u ^anT 'u:;;:!, I?' "^ "^ palions. A person in ood heahh. hose n em d IbZ T"' 00hours' si sl.-p quite sufticieni to refresh his Iram eonstituiioi.s ill*dehilitaied. or nh or laborious, require rather inort is to sleep till vou are refrrshed, inclined for a snun nap after din seven oreij^hf <•• 1 hose whose or laborious, require nuher n,ore iZ';;::'^""?;" 7''^"•H to .leep till vou are refr-shed. ind th! u^et up ''' ''^ let It ex<..d Laifun Aouvrir;::'^^";':^,;^ iiij^^^ eomlortHhIe afterwards, instead „,• brisk ' • '"^ ""' •Aar a few ebuflitions oflVrlTnirTa But thatitwill venture Jo arnvst the Rcdorm this occasion fiill altogetht most useful auxiliary on Ti r*^' *'•* '*^^r for a moinenf apurehend* i? ror lX.^^nvl^ "l-'flV"'. danp-rou,. and wrontr: of the the defere form. mating what opinions they ought fmall vto -*— — (From tie Court Journal of Ma,, 28 ^ tvIn')ul!r''l'M"'"-^"'-''r"''' "" "'•""' i'i'.i'l th ly oi liiiKe of Mona isab< e digniof .i-.rdvr„t:';rde:::^^X"' r'""',."'"^"'' ""•<= ood. L, p..i"c7t j';-T"is'r"\'\''" •""'' ^--. -'c...;^:ir:ti td^S'-dd":: HouM, of L..rd. to aTLthT, *" i^luctanc. of Uk< ""("-"pw. In cii>cctinr ih... ..i..—. in the army than Lord Aneh'sea ^7 HM. ''.'*"''' ave endeared him to vfr.JJn .1 • -'"• Hill, it isrumourc vatod m tlie pH^eragr to U.e rank of an earl. II hi" Preach not to me your musfv nile^ \ e drones, that,.d in irllr cell' 1 lu; heart is wiser than the schools. "^ 1 he senwss always reason well." One particular raeomin ni. "*^ '''"""'^"••••""'(Miationl wnWnr,^ .Q I room n-en .ro more poplr"^''""''''' ""'' '" ""^'farmy. Lord .1,11, „ „ runtouivd, will bu uli, — "j^ii, iiwiii ineorntervsnrp /•( i.k,..i. i been drrived—,t i to sleei. inT, '""*'*• ^* "^' '•• :.;....a..d,n.,:"ru.'';:;r.;v,3e^te^^ j l"ugH must respire during sleep a, w.ll av '""•""•• ^ •* I -d^.. jof ,re,tco„.c,„.^„cc iLr ^^IL^bV:^^^^^^^^^^ w his assigns tlu from an order of iobuiiv /" "**^*'^ *•'' advantages be mor. unpr:;X;I;^^^^^^^^^^^ ^"^^* ^'^ -'>'li^v |o I ^1 ,-. "•• AnotlMT on l-rd Lirutenancy to the prx-sent Postmaster-CJenf-ral, tin|)„ke of I> We havf ichmond. nobh ;nd immediately a h.„d shVeak of ""-' ^"" '"'" '^ ^"'^"^ Oh murder! atrony was heard to issue murder t neralshiu of the ^!l\^"^'''''' '^"^ '" ^"^'"-e the Master-Oerhiefoftl^F '"""'"' ^'"^ ""' ^"""n'^rship.i,. Bu. i. the question o^nXm^i^^^^^^^^ ^, Hhic, were intended to be iriven by his Grace at \.; I berland-houso, are, to tin. di >'>r.huni. "..H .Her. rbeno^'hf Bri^c:X:S:V^ "' nt n one ami ine same jxrson. Caslfe w "m *'^'"\'"'"'--ia-H's dr.parture for Alnwick v^aslle was sudden aiu uiu'TDertfd in .1 -'•" irK Hhich WHrp i .....I .. ^r^^7. /^" ''"^ 'P'a'Hl parlies ^'^rd s tliar'" v.wtrw / '^ ""t m the r.vour of cor^p.Tn^ilf „:: t; X" .h^ r ''""'" ^" a*^ improvet::^---'-s'^ii^:i-' Th, I .1 ^ 111 ;.p.. ... royal .wr.hriJir v•;,':,::i:''Thf-• Prince Tall,.jrand, Lord I'al •nd we doubt not but that JnTL^"""" "' ^"'^ <*0"'titution, , •ill nd firm friend' i'^Ti.:. 'afc "i:"".'!;."^ P'-'P'I •' jealous in w antagonist, or g -hin. U-. i, ho...,e .„ ti. fu!rdr;„;:i pX"i^Lr.L" mo too r H hat in th. ;jn .n th. coflinthat ,.„t. ,„fi,h, ,,:,;:„ J ^X;;^'' A crom.l a. rolhrt, H— ik. .1 "''""^"^"" men wero arr..,tod a. r,^.„TT.c oTi.tra'rf ." "^^ ""'"">• won't forget to bury n.e dar.nflyrInJn^\} ^'^'^ T' gister. ^ ''vniin Morning Rrniwl, on Thursday, rolatini: lo ihi. offir and '.'i;"•on., were in.mediately c„„,mu„ica,^"„ ^ """™"ness. It '^re received from his Royal Hi;r|,. fr^ the Londm Ttmet a/ May 28. wn< r th ; thi so well aware how impossible It IS difficult for any man in hi, sober senv>, to r.^ .ur^ woenre came the folly of imacining that tL li' of Lordi would t., eapHblo of opp>si.;%r Ref? "" when all the worW must be , wel L.i LI. :_^ which will af:n:ei;ti:f{^r:^' 1.'" ^r^'^'"'^^ -lifi-. member is the annih.fation 'o( such Th JminRfion of ai.y a portion of the soul. port of New Yorkforthe is to form a purpo.. f^r which it is w,.:^;;:/^'";^ "^'*''' ^^' ^"^'i recollect that in a late number ^ ^ annual rerenue collecfrd at th of"df;,:,j:!h;,';;",:rs;l'^o'"","',r'"' ""-"' -"^ in the whole uilion """ "* ''"'f "I'' duliet, colleclrd A jfentlem:n h* hir r<'adtrs will \ ^&ts'i:t::?^Iiz^'-='^ , ".i'''workmrtriedl,?lhr'''r "'>''•'''"'• A" • ..four journal we announc hi.' finger,. \ l ^on. nS L ""u""!: """ '"' "'PP^'^ '^""''1' i..ation I f hug. ca..ilete:,rt&' •''''"""'' ""''''•*^ 7-*, ine,^tbf ^st^v'^^^Ti '" /""T'^'^' ''--<'- or>ant availed hilnsefof^P .''''"' ''"' """ ^""'"i ine b,aton for hi 1 '"."""*' """ ''"> "''''<• '"'W. do ,^ .ow .p..^ of ,,. „3. „,,,„^ ,„,„ ,^^^,_ .ined ., rob •• Ve.'^-rtet:IX^ ?:': that auguft body would find it. to rflectiial. make tlieir opposition % into wi Ha';,:;;;rhr;"d'l"^i:r;;.:^:•;^;,';-;/,^^-H^K.^M ! to whom re|„.r. has mmT,l h k u <^""'.n>l.ns nr very h,d,ome' / W TT^'eirh';,':;.''" *"'" "" *^ tresH Th. I 0.U d„;^d i;:!h. •"""""' ' '"' 'W. .n b J,a '<*• CSISOR^E 1III, Editw. fi^ATlRDAV, AlCiiSr 6, 18S1. m VI THt tAHAMA ARGL6. Hi rvBkiaMBo axMi-wEKKLV Iff NAaaau, N. r. Siflit BoUani per ann' Zb adraaee. ORIOIMAL POETRT. In deep, brown stuiiy, and in vengeful mood, The mighty James in Cunch land s palace stood, Revolving in his migktv mmd the cause Why sovereigns ihould be subject to the laws. Shall I be fettered by their odious tramraelt, With all the SainCi to bear me up, likH camels ; No coronation oath by me was taken, I never swore at all, or I'm mistakeo. These rebel dogs I might destroy at once, If Nature had not made me such a dunce. If I couM only make those cursed Judges Do as 1 please. Id pay off ail my grudge*. One tneaking fool among the legal trio, I'm sure of, — aad if but (mt would die Oh. What a scourging I would gtvt; these wretchii^ Who's rights aaJ jvif ilcges I'd trat as fetclia I'd soon deprive them of their rights as masters; They might blame who they pleased for their disasti^ra I'd make their right to slaves as goo#as nought. The Saiots would chair me — they'd be fairly bt>ught. To England straight my ri^hteout steps Id bend. Demand reward, und welll know they'd send. So good a servaot to the (ranges' shores. Where I should gain rupees by lacks aud crirea. O'er Pagan freemen I'd the t^ rant play. Secure from rtJn-I i%unts, and such foul pay. As these bold bcf gars at my head now throw. Treating me as (i >-^>4t truly am) their foe. In Nassau lived a certain wight. Who went to slMp one moonlight night. And • be slept, he little thought Of the mishap that night had brongbt ; For when next morn he ope^ his eyes. Into the roooB his valet flies. And say—>* Good sir, 'tis very hard, Vou from your horses are debarred ; They only wish'd to walk around. But, seiied by sharks, they're in the pound. What Pound ray horses ?said the lout, *• The v.llians must have let them out ; The smugglers—O I 11 surely catch >m. And for iheir tricks, wiil soundly sweat 'em.'* Off to a magistrate he walks, And much of honesty he talks; And hints the guards are rorues indeed, Who from his stable took his steed : Had you a ruard of bltttki," said he, •' These blKkfruard tricks would never be." Th ? cause was tried, a Ane decreed. The saintly purse was doomed to bleed. Into his pouch, his hand he thrust, Muchgriev'd to yield the goldtn dust. And thus addressed— "You wicked sinnera, rhis fine would pay for eighty dinners. H h Two pound four ?-the sum's immense ; I he legislators had no sense. If I must pay, here—take the cash : Good mormn, Conchs— I'm ofT, slap-dash.From BeWt Weekly Messenger of May 29. POLITICS OF EUROPE. National Expemditube, and Colowial RErriiE.vTATION. rema"rf 'IT ^l*^ "^ ^"'l ^'^'''^ ^'^^ '^ Colonies, one remark wdl strike our readers ; that these cohmies must b^ most wretch..Uv manaM if they cannot afford to pay their own judge, and bw ofiic^rs. It seems most absuH to cry them up as the great stay and refuge of England, (and we cmditi:;" ""'*'' ^'^^"^ ^"^ whilst they ^Amt;:;: But our present purpoj is ,o consider a much more important question,-, question which has frequently b^en brought before the public on many occasions, but never tjsfactonly explained or discus^ned. It is simp y this -wb^I ther or not these Colonies oupht not to have^repre^mariv^; m Parliament, and whether the present criL ^'no' afn.rd a fit opportunity of givin, them such representa ives It has been strongly argued that, as the population of tl^ British dependencies, including India, exceeds that of tt mother country, — and as th. J^a of many nf thJri . *"*^ "*'"^ importance i 01 many of the Colonies mark them out as the cradle of i future empires, it .rould be the manifest p^l cy a^d dot' of Great Britain to attach them bya cIommVnrZ!" i to give them, by representation, a' :h:rT:^ Z7nZr:t ul'T^^'i^^^^^ ^y ^^ -tinctLTth Z r rnov> Whose property was invested in our settlements tatK>n which they have hitherto anjoyed. It i. not to he diaaembtcd but that tht new Reform Bill strikes a hard Uow upon this descriptijn of members of Parliament r^ presenting colonial intereata. They will, by the natural consequences of this political exclusion, be more alienated from us than they are iior inclined to be, and every Hay become more indispoaed to hear the yoke of the parent sute. An opportunity now oflers of giving them a direct representation. It may be carried into eflfect simply by receding from that {>art of the reform plan which was never popular, — we mean that part which propose* to reduce the number of oOr representatives in Parliament. It is known that Lord Grey does not obstinately persist in the reduction of the members of Parliament. It never was a favourite measure with the people. W'hy not, then, kten up the number of our rei>reeniatives in llie House of Commons to tiieir ancient amount, — distributing a certain portion, say fiftec^n or twenty, amongst our Colonies and foreign dependencies 1 The mode, and the term of their election, might easily be arranged. If the principle were once conceded, the policy of it would be obvious. Our Colonists, or those British owners arul merchants whose property is largely en^iiged abroad (for we are not speaking of the native born colonists only), must desire, like other men, to have some share in the management of public afTairs, chiefly on account of the importance which it would givetfiem. Upon tiie power which the greater part f the leading nun, the aalural aristocracy of eveiy country, have of preserving or deluririing their respective impurtance, depend the stability and duration of every system of free government. In the attacks which these leading men are continually making upon one another, and in tle defence oi iheir own poAer and station, consists the whole play of donwatic faction and ambition. It is but natural that tli leadir.gmen possessed of colonial property and influence should be actuated by similar motives of ambition. Th y feel, or imagine, tliat they slril be excluded fi-om Parliament by the extinctiv can no longer expect to see them seated in a reformed Parliament, their pride will be hurt, and their a/Teclions tveakened ; and, like other ambitious ami high spirited men they will ratlier choose to throw off the yoke, and draw the sword in defence of their own importance, than live in a conneiion with the mother country, which is injurious, unequal, apd disparaging. Great Britain , perhaps, since ti.e world began, the only state which, as it extended its empin-, has only increased Its expenses with Roman Republic, the allies of Rome, who had borne the principal burthen of defending the state, and extendiiifj the* bt)undarie8 of the empire demanded to be admitted to all the privileges of Roman 'cititens. Upon being refused, the Social war broke out ; and during the course of that war Rome granted those privileges to the greater part of them, one by one, and in proportion as they detached themselves f'rom the ceneral confederacy. Why should not Enj^land do by choice what Rome was compelled to do by force? It is a fimdaraental maxim of our policy, since theAmerican war thai there can be no taxation without repre-se-ntation. Our Colonies therefore must always be an incumbrance to us whilst they remam unrepresented. We shall always be taxed with the enormous expenses of their civil and military establishments, until we pot them in an equal condition', and give them equal political privileges with the rest of our empire, Ljet them be adroitte-d to the same privileges, and tbey could no more object to a tax for paying their judge. aid governors, thai, the inhabitants of a county could object to a county rate for thehuildinc of their bridges and the maintaining of their pnsons. Why should not Great Bntain aMow to each Coh.ny such a numbe-r of representatives as suited the proportion of what it contributed to the public revenue of th^.mpire.-in consideration of its being "^r:;?' r. !/": !:.^^^ -^ ^^^ -^' -. compensation, J VL, I-^IVo, TI. KM proprietors who are so loud in their damoyr against the abolition of borooglis ; and itstrikot us that it wdl ntX only tend to preserve the importance, and to gratify tB* ambhiun of some of the most leading capitalists amongst us, but that It will tend mainly to consolidate the Ttiterests of tlw parent ataie and her Colonies, and to unite ihem by eJoaer ties than have hitherto subsisted between them. Though the Roman constitution was netcessarily ruined by the union of Rome with the allied states of Italy, there is not the least probability that the British conMi'tutioi would be hurt by the union of Great Britain with her Colonies. Tliat C4>niitution, on the contrary, would bo completed by it, and seems to be imperfect wiilwut it. 1 lie assembly which deliUrales arid decides concerning the affairs of every part of the empire, in order to be perfectly informed. oight certainly to have representatives from every part of it. ^ That this union, however, could be easily effectuated, or that difficulties, and great difficulties, might not occur in the execution, is undoubted. We have heard of none however, which appear insumjountable. The principar perhaps, arise not from the nature of things, but from the prejudices and opinions of the people both on tliis and on the other side of the Atlantic. But if Lord Grey and the Ministers shall yield to the reasonable desires of Parliament, and to the natural wishea of the people, in keeping up the present number of tlie members of the Houseof Commons, an opportunity would be imwKjdiately afforded (and the hewn will, we are sure be roost acceptable) of aelmitting colonial property to iu just share of represemtation, and to its due and salutary i weight in a reformer! ParliameoU *] Supposing that the sixty-two members, intended to bo struck off, should be retaineel upon a revision of the Re Aim Bill, would it not be an admirable measure of policy to allot a certain portion of them to our Colonies I It would greatly tend to conciliate tlie mercantile and shipping intere^sts of the country, and would strengthen the popularity of tla Bill anaongst all those persons whose fortunes are bound up with tlie trade and commerce of the Empire. /Vom the IjondoH Atia*. We have just received the important intelUgence— brought to England by the Briton and ChiWers Khips of war —that the French squaelron ofl the Tagua hw ce.mmenced 0|>eratious by capturing five Portuguese Ttitela The longexpected nipture, then, has now fairly broken om, and 'he subiBlMion of Den Mievel, or the overthrew of his dvnasty, IS near at hand. We were about to say, that this event wt>uld bring hiro to his cimc*— but we con-ected owmItm uoder tlie doubt whether he has any or nou The convocation of the electoral coUagM, and the sum. rnons for the mw Parliament to meet on the anniversary of Louis Phdippe s accession, are the only news of politic j importance from France. There i. gnt probability that the hererditary peerage, and the Upper Chamber aa a legislative body, will Ik. abolished in tle approaching rJoa. I he King take>s an.ither popular prognss, and the ministry evidently grows stronger. Lord Ponsonbv's d finitive letter to the Belgian Congress has causeeJ an angry feeling in France. Sebastiani is tlie object of hatred uid suspicion beith there and in Belgium. It appear, clear that Belgmm mustfmhmit to the dictation of the five great pow ers in which case Leopold will, in all likelihood, accept the crown. From Poland, rumours on'y reach us • thev are favourable to the cause of liberty, and the struggle of patriotic valour against tyranny and injustice is yettrae. M u T^T. u"*"!*".** ""^'^ Prophet," say. the Sul!7n Mahmoud, has shaken on the Infidels the curse of pr^. tilence, wh:ch is spreading over Europe to avenge on the worshippers of thp cross Uie daring outrage coirmitted on the sacred soil of the Islaam. The invaders sufTer first ueder the plague-blast. Those who stood off, and en .. r^ the ggrwMon, will wither in its progress.** mitted to the same freedom of trade with its ftllow-subjects I ""-" '^••po^ed to at home !— V\ hy, for instance, should not the Two Cana *"^ re.spect to the DA rct.u-n roiTR members to Parliamenl-Jamaira return TWO. I he number of reprpsentatives mijiht be auementeel as the proportion of contribution might afterwards inrreju^. A new mrthod of acquiring importance,— a new and more daizlmgobjert of ambition— would thus l)e presented to the leading men of each Colony, and to the capital merchants engaged in its trade, who'se domicile is m our own country-; instead of contending for tlie little pnzes which are to be found in the paltry traffic of colonial factions, they might then hopes from the presumption which men naturally have in their own ability and good fortrne todniw some of the pnies which invariably issue from th^ wheel of the great state lottery of British p^jlitica. Unless this or some other method be fallen upon, ti>e Reform Bill cannot be rendered very palatable to those leading colonists, and that great mass' of British capitalists whose fortunes are invested in our foreign settlements I here seems to be no method more obvious' Uian the one we propo.e,-<>f conciliating those mercantile and colonial From the London Ob$ervtr nf May 29. The contests in i'srliaroent on the subject oi ihe Rr.|| „ nowhevondthe rearh of hostility begins, however, to produce mat calm .vhich allows us to direct oar attention to the alKite of our neighbours : and we are glad tn l^arn that theGovernto second th*unaniroous wishes ofthe people, course to be pursued towards I'DljiDd. I rgrnt remonstrancrs have, wc und. rstand, been forwarr^ed lo 6l Petershurgh on this Mibjeet, and strong ffTort. arrniade ,n conjunction with Fmnce, to pot an end to thst sfHicfing snd desolating warlare which the fen.peror seems still^ ,o wage, even to the exierramaiioo of his rebellious hut n,.,fhinthat the fitting out of the Expenmentsl SquiKfren has cloeronl nex.on wMh the state oi PolaH. and the Bslt.c .. to be tha rtestination of those one hundred and fwentv-gnn ships, which from their size, and the great expense of keeping tham in ser^ Tice. could not. it is well known, be intended for anv purposes Short of nrgent and laiportant national !errirr. We trust that their appearance will pvodure that effect on the mrnd of tha Autocrat which is confideaily anticipsfed, snd that b/ wiIJy,;d to the demands of civihted Europe for the temunsrioo of jits crnsade against Warsaw, h has been tiaid. wiih rnith. tJiat indtjiendent Pohind will in future be • barrier agamst Kussis, and save the sooth from the iocuisions of the barbtnaos. But there is one ^rr^t service it has rendered us sirearfy. which seems to have escaped aitenrion-it hns saved us from the •co\it%€ of an infections disease, whirh wnufd. ere now, have carried its ravages to the remofest corner of the Empire. If Poland had I # ;'A#e-