The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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~aJ~t 1~~)tBi]j9ma :SlOr~dn@

geORgE *I Ss, Edit#0e




Wight 3Dllars per n; aiwaam .

Mild was tie night-4 recent, .oft anil luw;
Amongst the trees the little ephyrs blow;
The dew waU dtnpisb, anil the pale moon-light
Whone onrh as bright as day, almost--ut quite.
The Great Mogll was lying broad awake,
(With some fJIu ,cinscience will .uclh freedoms take,)
What awful munid hia wondering ear-drums scare
What ligreous noie is flouting in the air I
Such u of old appll'd the mwurdroau Tine,
Whom B mm Wood hupp'd oiltu lAmsaia.
Forth fom the window popp'd is b lky head,
With cotton cap on beauteous bristles spread.
Oh! who can tell, save those who've se, the sight,
That interesltmg hewl in night-cap while
Hiiw vstly it excels the painter's skill.
Who dre-the Ar.b's head upon
"MI Mwd.'! my mod !".-Oh! what a der'lish triek-
.'hey're stealing all my wood Yr g Nick! Y'ogNick!"
Wide stretched his mighty jaws-.-e homd sound
Like yell of ten mad bulls re-echoes round.
'p from theguard-bed spins the gallant Nick,
The guard around the leadm, muster thick.
Follow me, lads," he ries with pontl| brands,
'The a Mog' aunrl atI the point of death;
So damnably he awls, that in a minute
le'll crack is lhings,-or else the devil's init."
SGreat sir," says Nick, pra tell me what's the manoer
What dire tIent ocoasiuns all this clutter I
Did murderers attempt your pilreoun life,
Or, has some villain carried off your wilef
Io treach'rous CLacAs against your star conmpire,
Or, Milhty Ctiejlain, 1 tlhetown un fire I"
Foaming with rage, replied the Rig Baseast
St-t-stealing my f--Airewool, a t-h-th-hidf I sw
At least two-penny worth he stole, and well
I .. the mscal.-Tr the deftasl
Were he a ue, .d m slaig oTHEas pedf,
Free pmrd I mwd rrm.--bu from my/ f,
Ife'en the simllnt trif shuld br takmr
By ock or auit, by U9-d l'U ay i toc a.
*'Go, take the scoundrel hence, in dungeon deep
Of th- black-hole, h' auld.w,'uso black-uardn keerp,
'Midst noxious fuimea-ilorer leisure give lion full,
To bless thejust and merciful Mogul." X. Y. Z.
A OtNG(.
Air-The Red Hair'd Laddi.
Why should five members so outweigh
'The merit, of thirteen I
The paursurs of one they nay.
And one who's College seen.
The rest are hum'd by these two wits,
And our Great King, BirJun,
Whose threadbare promise 'is that knit,
These loyal cite to him.
'e tAleesory of Miss Elle Gee, of Kee, who died in
ceamrqpu nc of being Sng in tke Eye, by a Bee.
Peeress, yet hapless. Maid of Q,
Accomplished L N 0,
Neror agpn shall and U
Together stir npT.
For ah! the Fats I know not Y
Bent 'midst the flower a H,
Which venomous stung her in the I,
So that she could not C.
L N exclaimed, vile spiteful B
If ever I catch U
On jseammine. rse-bnd or sweet P,
I'll change your stinging Q.
I'll end you like a lamb or U
Across the Atlantic C,
From our delightful village Q
To distat O Y E.
A stream runs from my wounded I
altl u the briny C
As rapid as the Xor Y,
The 0 0 Oor D.
Then fare thee well instate B
Who stng nor yt knew Y,
Sinee not for wealthy DrhIam's C
Would I have lot my I.
They hear with tears fair L N
In funeral R A.
A clad cold corpse now doomed to B,
Whilst I mourn her D K
Ye Nymphs of Q then shun each B,
'lr i to the reason Y-
For should A B C I at T,
He'll surely sting your I.
Now in the gnure. she deep in Q,
Lies cold an cold can B,
Whilst rnbins sing uon a U.
Her dirge and LEG.


vOL'. I-Ne. hi


I I '

LATEST FROM SNGLAND. rumn, an a bombardment of the ton as fm ed Dli
The new from Warw is to the 1th of May. It Migul however, it i said, hed a prmd l11alm
does not appear from it th any important movement had ia promectona by his gd d ia fmilMad, the
taken place on the part of either of the hostile armies. l The F renc amount from Lbon, gle baeLr
There is a report which we copy helow, of a great victory ligenl. A French article of May MO, mys-" The he
obi-La-d by the Polish commanded--chiefoverDiobiarch, news from Liabon ueasoes, tai a Freck 00 gm ir.
but it appears to be of the saeo character with various gate had arrived n the T Another of equalml a
other reports of bloody bales, ad splendid succ-ose in every moment expected. The first had the ammedas
,the same quarter. A French pal, the Journal des De- ilbielfof de squadron o board. Aasaoomn as the e
bai enter into an examinatimo of the present positions collected, Don Miguel will be called on to give asiheiiea,
of the armies, and of thesate of Puland and the neigh- 'ad 24 hLur will be allUwed hin to acpt the ondd
boring provinces, with the vime of demotutrating that demai"ded by France. If be should refue, dhe
notwithstauling the unhappy hes of the expedition to will do their duty."
Volhynia, there is yet noresao to despair of the fateof a The letters from Lisbon m to the 15th May--a wv
nation which has exhibited such pleoigio of courage, and truiquil, and the British residents so pleased with tha h
such enthusiastic devotion tothe cause of national indepen- events d"at no further departures are eapectd. Nelser
denco The retreat of Diebitrb it is contended, was de French nor Amurican quadrons had arrived in do
owing not only to ihe cause openly avowed, the scarcity Tagus.
of provisions, but in an equal degree at least to the spread l he London Globe a"ys,we have seen lotes iam
of the insurrection in Lithuania-which is extending itself lin of the 14th May, which are, that th Poie ma
with an electric rapidity. Bodies of ten thousand men, that they have bu fait hoes of success against d Rue.
says the Journal, with tie young nobility at their head, sian
occupy the towus, organize governments, and expel the Ilasenon, May BO.-The Austian Imgoverimate h
Russian authority. Entire vill"w enthusiastically fol- refuosd to allow Gen. Dwerne ki to return to Waraw, me
low a priest with the crucifix in his hands. Muskets are has made jtngements for his reception at Laybac, aud
wanting, but scythes supply their place. A foundry hs his offi l to be distributed in Moravia, ad bl eel.
been established in a small village, and five cannons were diers to be at to Tranylvania.-Dwernicki has ptened
promised by the 3d of May. It is asserted positively that against dti conduct of the Austrian government ad a
the Archduke Michael has re-entered Lithuania with a part copies of his protest to the French and English amie
of the Imlprial guard. The Rueian forces in that pro- ds, and hopes, through their intervention, to obtain mrn
vince have been raised nearly to the numnlr of 40, 00 mitigation of te harshness with which he bthrasied,
men. What is more, they could not fail to gain a pitched The hostilities between Belgim and HIollad had bser
battle against the imperfertly armed hands which cover tiw terminated, but a renewal of thw is thretened. Alsd
country. But such is not the kind of war which the insur- sitting of the Belgic Congess, on the 19th of May. o
gent chiefs propose to make: they will not hazard their account of some negotiation with Gen. Chasse, the Dch
cauae upon a regular field of battle. The rigors if the commanding officer, on the subject was given. OGnra
Ukase are executed with a bloody severity: all prisoners Chaise, in a letter to Gen. Biliard, declared that he er-
are shot Reprisal was proposed at Warsaw, but the Diet copied the fort of St. Laurent merely a* deae me.
nobly rejected the monstrous retaliation. sure, and that if the Belgians at Aotwerp wohad o moath
Hanburg papers to the 17th May were received at Lon- works they have been assiduously crying and w
don on the evening oftbhe 22d of that month. The articles draw the preparation for attack before St Lamem, hI
from Warsaw report the expectation of a general battle ere would on his side, immediately stop all repairs f dt mt.e
long between the Poles and Russiam Sonme accounts ar leaving every thing in is present state, with merely a d
given of manuruvring against Diebituch by Gen. Demben- to prevent the populace from doing mishief. The Re-
ski, conducted with great skill. gent, in consequence, addressed an order to the troompe i
The Lithuanian insurgents seem to be excedingly Antwerp, directing them to ahstain from attack' Be.
active. They have even succeeded in repelling an attack Laurent. The London Morning Chronicle, of May 4t
from the Russian troops, and compelling the latter to re- hu accounts from Brunsel of the ilat May, s g wMdch
treat to Polangen. we fid the following parfragph
The advices from Viennia eto thethof May. Prince Thie Belgimn haIe broken th condidm eimfdr.
Jablioowski, formerly Imperial Ambhasador to the Court standing between them and Gen. Chlme, at Asti and
of Naples, has been dispatched to Turin to congrfiulate had gone on witl their entrenchments, in ammmennce of
Prince Carignan on his accession. Lord Cowley, the Eng- which the General had again threatened st board the
lish Aniblasdor, has been recalled from Viinna to he suc- town. As the Blgiat perted, ammy of di Int re-
ceeded by Sir F. Lamb, hrothwrofLord hiillborne. There In*ctlble inhabitants ned to Berge.mop-Zoem. Leaers
is a difference of opinion at Vienna a. to what disposition front" the latter place, written several hoo. afterwads, do
will be made of the Poles who have eoneredi the Austrian not announce any cannonading."
dominions. Some friends of the Poles afirm tllat it is only FRENCH AFFAIRS.
a part of Dwernicki'- corps who sought refnee in the circle The King in his journey through France, is every e
of 'Tl'amnl,, and that these, after layin; down their arms visitmg tim various enlablidmenl of industry 'ad stc-
whiclh wouhl be carrieil after thlmn, nmay hi couidulrte to the lion. Hli answers to the address ar on the whole ac
old Polish Frontiers near Cracrow, wihIece they might re- ditable to lhu. lie is plewasl at the successor Indiy,
turn without oistacle to tlrir owr couiitrv. Others srTrin inculcatesl a love of order, and the disseminatin ofietreu-
that the Polish fugitives will remain in derpot in Alutrt tio n, as a pwacrful means of civilization. Indeed td
till the end of the revolution, but the military effects, arms, London Atlas says, his progress through the provide
&c. as government property, he given up to the Rusians. appears a continued triumph. "The soldier for the glory,
A Russian Courier had arrived at Vienna on the 6thMav, and the King for the salvation ad happiness of Frane."
having passa-d through Lithuania. He affirms that the in- are the titles with which he is greeted. If die common.
surrection in that province is almost entirely suppresu-d,ae- "nent of his Journey he equalled throughout its coase, the
verbal of tie insurignts having been shot. program will probably not he a short one, and Paris wil
The Standard of May 16th, says-"We understand, on o i' saved from tumths by having something to talk about.
good authority, that negotiations are actually entered into, The elections are rpected to supply work for the asmm al
under the mediation of Austria and Prussia. Count Lab- guard, hincpae is promised to the capital ill the annivr
zehern and General Mufflin have, it is said, actually ar- sary of the barriers. The assembling of a good uopea
rived at Warsaw for the purpose. The Russian army ui ac- congress is the abuttle-cok now bandied about betwes
quiringaccessions of strength from the Asiatic provinces,in die contending battledore of the French political press.
detachments of Bahkris and other tribes; and Pruia has Its existence is affirmed or denied with equal rsimen.
augmented her cordee sumitairo to 100,UU) nwn." and its objt is stated to be a general diarmiag and an
The elections in Scotland have been characterized by a immediate return to the peace etablishm in et h k a, -
violence which we did not expect to hear of among thai dom.
grave people. The Superior Criminal Judge of Scotland, The disturbances In La Vendee do not seem abe vewed
who left his seat on the eanch to vote as a freeholder of "a of much importance. There are no amseriblaeg, k is
Ayrshire, was attacked by the mob and with difficulty aid, and soldiers may he in great numbers in dM prlia-
escaped. Mr. Larde, of Port Glasgow," says the ac- coe without falling in with (houman,
count in the Caledonian Mercury, one of dte voters, INSI'RRECTION IN TURKEY.
died in the steam boat betwixt Avr and Androman. He The state of Turkey, says he London Atdm, arsn
had previouly been in very bad health. A rsntleman who the attention of ll Euroup. inurrectiona heunS
came up inthe Large seam beat describes the dinner scene with such finr, thai the Grand Viirr' has been eapl
a lone of the mot trikinghe everwitneurd. Oneofthe to lay down hi arms to the seher of Bitoglia. It a sad
voters was lying a corpe in an adjoinine apartment, while that Ruiia is at hr hotto of this moment, mad m ae
moat of those who sat at table had their heads bound up Mahmnul missed the opportunity of ineferfein for th
with bloody handkerchiefs." At Dumbarton the ferocity Poles, Nicholas rlized it to prevent the possibly ef i
of the mob was as conspiciuos as at Ayr. figure interference. This maneuvre, however, mayIa
In Ireland a violent altercation took place between Major another Ruian Turkish war.
Macnamara and O'Gorman Mahon. These two persons
had been friends, and the dispute arose from the Kact that LATur rioms COLOmIUA.-We ar ildeabd at B. K.
Macnamara's tenants had not supported Mahon. Tke Everett, Esq. for Carthagna papers by the MoitB a, a
parties called each other liar, and Mahon tled Marn. the It June ineluaive. Anmong tht hrm -are l nmbrs
mars a coward, who has since in a letter to the public aid of a nw paper called El Cartagena LiberaL" T
that from Mahon's behaviour on either occasion, it was bring ma de articles of rapitulation between Ona. M
evident thathe could treat him with contempt alone." and Gen. Loque, sigud and ratiaid on is Md of A Ld.
The letters received at London, from Lisbon, are of the By this instumeet it was agreed Iht Del Mnmd IRemy
Rth of May. The English fleet was still at anchor in the should assume die civil command ofCartmeae ad GOe.
Tagus, and every thing was arranged to the satisfaction of Luque de military : That Gen. Luque embuld eer al
the English residents; but great fears w re entertained town on the 91kh, at the head of 5(10 men, ani thi al At
respecting the arrival of die Frenchand American squad- rest of the besieging amy hold reie an Ihe IfeLhg



d Island, but findingthaitMr. fIr l lue 'ierl oftl"furtu1to I
1dai ied e authority to that effect, he 1aen justified 00 to er ti o 0fnme ofwhe auto l r e
8|h.h Th at o Miv l te detention of the slave, upon the ground, that be wished into m bt p
pL a C. orF leos a e rlt to purchase his freedom; ad in one of his letters, stated, A CIRCULAR.
SOf s e te s that he eaid written to tihe Commander-in-Chief and the Addresad b .rtrY of StufJr f reif, Afa s
amd alo m to bay* ben a f nlled, and as we Attorney General on the subject, and would keep pose- at Wars n, t Age of /lh Polias Goerasmsl es
1ai frlm l ptedpl Lemd f dth eas-- son of the slave, until be had received their aniwen.- Fmoign C 0
verammat ima S i m d o con try. At the date of The Jury, however, being of opinion, tlat the appeal to Recet ilitar vents havi freed the capitol and t
'ti M Ua's h &a P Depeterom wr quietL. In R n i e Vin the atl d
i;-. p.S ea vry a sa*d. ; hbut these l two high public functionaries, formed no legalexcuse whole of the rigllmak of the istula from the aUacks o
L berab t w mihhg po Lmd tiogibt te county. for the defendant's conduct, found a verdict for the plain- the enemy, I do it a duty to request you to ue every
U wLI tiff, w itth L15U damages. possible effort to c y to the Government to which ya
cd ~.a ldar. m tr wth i w ard re accredited the of the Polish nation. It ar
Do d CAle Vh.mPseWrrM d ri the ntado stra- Two o r au f o importane,ere afterwa cived principle in p, that the independent existen
Sif G e N w at e el d oi the Iof met in t ried--the Court then adjourned to Thursday the fourth of every country is a those rights which have one
j l ^Lop1 h- 0 f rtr j o day of August next been recognisd, as the formation of a dunmtic
'of ritoriae WOO F Id amarched sO r C al c force capable of erotctitiitig it. When t
M \ nlt&t s uc Tho stores Comercial Iecord.-We have, from the Merchants r-xh
bmhu re-oyd, d b e d h Imc b a d their Coffee House, Caracas papers to the 9th inst. inclusive. question olright isco-e -ste, ll thatoffalt, bdh yield to
Ii th =u"-'diont tain country El lanai, of that date, contain a decree of the senate each other reciprocal supp The former existece of
remain I A Minister ha s oh- and House of Reprosentatives of Venezuela, in Congress Poland,herrelationwithother aruicien lyknown,
aed reductions of $ a brrel Amercan Sour, and assembled," which ordains that the port of La Guaira saldl nor cu., the three partiting ri queqeioll their lsti.
il propr ioC on all American predte imported in Ame- continue open until the last idy of 'eptemnber next, to corn, rical accuicy, for they mllut retain arecollection of d
le a Colombimn rnels. A redaction has also been rice, beans, and other grain, frlice of duty, from foreign intimate relations which Polad.ornerly maintained with
t i i ined all foreign goods in American vessel. The countries, the imporstaiun of whicrlh had been pernltted by te1"1 f the services thaei d eadured them, or f t* re. ,
m t eems very wll disposed towards that of the law until the present moath. T'he executive authority is vern.- w Ihic she forced them to endure.
l tkejte.--N. Y.~ n J r'.f C emupowered to prolong dithe privilege for tree months be- If then, we consult the history four country, or that of
yond Septenderljdiis should he deeeid necessary, a.nd to EErope, it will be seell that tile right of the Poles to a a
SAext yoend it to he oller ports shoud e deemeublic, i is and tolici- tional and independent existence, is lcmetestible. It is
T* pal councils should require it and shew reason therelbre.- true, that at the close of the last century te three prti.
S. PhIil. Nat. Gaz. tioning Powers, after having confederated for oar rin,
SW EDNE8DAY, JULY 57, 1 31. destroyed that independence ; but that athas been de-
1 e By the arrival of the schooner Blososmn, Captain John- sclnated throughout tie world as apoliation and politil
By de Law Reprt, our reader will per that the r r i rear lil of rinle ; ta t act could never annihi te ancient rihts, eao
GsL Jurr haebee.n 69 of with a caw ten ahil- a "cr1 i e r new ones. Thus, even after the success olthcm-
O d r have been lo "New York Morning Courier and Enquirer," front whicl ,piracy of lie three Courts, the voice of Europe, in nrd-
Il each. Thl lenity upon the part of the Court, ap- the following news is taken: si,1 itself in lavour of the right of Poland, prclaimd
peeed very mpaable to Mr. Justice Sandiands, who PRIVATE CORtKESPONDENCE. thuiln to beproscriitible; biut although they pregirv-odt.r
endlvoured, ast renously, to imprm upon his aum- LONION, M.AY 21. lill vigour, they could not longer be exercised in the po-
lad Judge4 the propriety of adopting sears measures. To the Editors of tie Morning Cou. and En. : litical world, invested with their eternal attributes.
Oue hundred hilings, sterling, seemed to have been the A steady and progressive rise s taking place in the price Recent events have cliangdi this state of things. An
mt im, which his Honr oud thik of, but we were f all funds, foreign a well as English. It is to be ascribed insurrection, distinguished for its energy and ext-npltii
unaleto omprend wh tlmded to pceedy to two cain: a conviction that peace will be preserved front every excess, has severed the bonds which connected
ae to comprehend, whether a ded to proceed by and tothe success ofthe Reform question; the latter, how- Poland wih Russia. The kingdom is now subject only to
writ of alies Dirisag, or by proc of attachment, to ever, will not be definitively settled until June, but as far as a national Goverament, ununinously chosen by a Diet,
enforceshepaymentoftheineasm d amount. the returns go, there can be little doubt that the public the members of Which, it is worthy of remark, were all
W4 would not premue to dispute a point of Law with voice is unanimous in jts favour. It is astonishing what elected under the Russian Government. That Diet hles
Shigh an authority as Mr. Justice Sanland, paric- an extraordinary change the mere prospect of the even- intrusted the public affairs to persons the most eminent
M high n Ia city as Mr. J se tanilands, par icu- success of reform ha already produced in this country; both for birth and popularity, and whose political career
rly when backed, as he was yesterday, by the's i is folly, however, to pose that all the ad antageL will affords the best guarantee to rEurolpe. The Diet has thiu
i cdamatioun, as se fort in Chilny, o Criminal Law, but fow from it, which people here anticipate; and yet, one secure in Ihe strongest way I)ossille those mionrarchkual in-
i certainly appears to ai tht the Court exeised a very mut be blind indeed not to see the great and salutary im- itititions which the two Clmaniltrs lhave dccrlsred nre lubt
S emend discretion in withholding any ifthar roceediln plse which the energies of the nation have received from miitud to tie wishes and wants of the nation. T'le natiioi-
against the Grand Jury,-f if we undrstod t Co. i a me glance at the land of promise. I learn that twi, al ;overnnint of de Kindomri encouinte.r noopplos.ion
i ranJentur or houses lwo for the last twelve nlontls, have Kten in tli ex-rcisec of its authority ; its orders are execuiril
righly, the VYmiri Faci s, which wan retard on Taday doing little business, have recently nad Ipurclases of cot- with the utmost zeal, in every part of the kingdom uiic-
week,iwas merely a prelimiauy peam adme whch t e m to a large amouak .In Manchester, Biriinnghanm alnd Copied by the enemy. Tie Polish troops, lln animed
Ja. were not corpld to appear. Ledi, there nsver 't a greater activity among ie ma- representation of the opinme, and of thw powne -'fJ
7ld Lnon- Ae mdac yarterday thewrit do s nuac"tur"rs, but it is more particularly in llhe country nation, afliter throe glorious but deadly conflicts, aftir imin
,ing wa, t r, te damt; fr ongst the agricultural clans tdlt a spirit of enterprise and sulsained dlreadful losses, have again completed their lull
fr wa, therefore, the hia default; for which default hope of better times, Iaew tl.nuielves. numlnltrs.
they were aerced, and here the proceedings were vwy You will already know that four Bhliriatn comnmisionner Tleir confidence in their own reen arcea has inrrefaed
properly allowed to rest have arrived lhre, the object of their iilrnue i thnree-ltlil- thirn, said that heroic army rrep.ond to the hopest that tim
,-------th-e first is to sound thr English Cabinet as to its ulterior Nalimnal (;Guvrnitent rmp1ses in then. We anr now in-
ri GENERAL COURT. views in respect to Belgium; tie s-conil is to ascertain tl ile i dependent in tIh' sta.ngesrt sen.m of the term, snil tlwe (i<-'
intention of the Prince of 'axen Colourg in nreard to the lllion offact is no longer in opposition to the question if
I TlDAvso O26hJuly. throne of Belgium; and the third to prevail on himi to rirlht. Til danie'Irs ahichi l mnay hereafter threaten us, and
The Court met at 10 o'clock, when the Provost Mar- accept it, should the English eoverninilt Ix' incilindil to wlhiIrl tio-Uiorrow imay threaten th"l lilm-riy and tihe
shaal returned the writs of Dsrihgas, issued on the 19th, grant flasurahle conditions and lie bh ilis e-ild to relir e it. f:lriir i oif olr 'Poersi in Eu):ro-ia, cannot in any ripert
S ageintt the defaulting Grand and Petit Juries, finding lie tderi"pmis hale had ,Iveral interirsie a itlh lli, lPrinclie aiht r i, r r r;l p.ositionl, inor can ti -y present us r iiii pro-
lnI to the amount of te shilingsagainst each Juror.- without coming to ally J ositiv cnclumiii. ie h Imit,'.ll. hltimln it thiis i.>ni,.ont th at w are ildelwndent,. It i
I am a.ssur-il, wouli not hli-iliate a miitinnli- in sendiinK thi ,rilor,. adhinis.silil for us to claini from otier Govern-
The defauiuers not appearing, they were adjudged forfeited. Ileim acrlos the channel wiitl ALi neatil anllwr(; but h, e- it.s l(t lec)liitiOn iof i ;,r ini.t'lpnd,.nce, and to claim it
On the question, whether any further proceedings should hlad been given to undermlantd that in ti n pIresent critical in till. iiilin of tlite nst 11 acrIld rights, a hith Eurl less
take place against the Grand Jurors, tiere was a diffTrenrrce tate of tin' rcliuntr~, whl'ni i e OniiO y ii, bIcomiir s)o alilc\ ui;iiiiii.iiilly declared IIto Iet iinlHrihli.ble.
of opinion in the Court.-The Chief Justice and Mr. JIu- nm-res.ry, it wiulil not le dipleasinl to Iir Iiiih [iilic II h.liitit, whi,'h ilit i-r raikid Ramong Statl--If
tice Lees, determined as there was no business to be laid to ee tii el"'v-"ril ofl tl n.ece.sit) oIf Ia vinL'litt .rli ,M (;rf e, hose poi ,litirnl A ,irtence hal tieril annihiilated for
be* oa Gvt- J r P e ar. One Of tIe- C(ailnetr Mini before a Grand Jury, that no further Process hoidd iIsu< pI", el suma,, il,.;as vern inimical to his Il al Iliighli i r1c against theam-Mr. Jusice Siandilands formed dte nino- interests ; l.t whatevtir may IIe saidl. lite rince is a rlever stlrtlnler l-rOund fr her pretenloiun--lhat Poland, whose
rihy. n and prudenliit man, who will kiteep hlina Ihe hais ot as. lhon I nationall existence, extinguishe'd for a nmment, revives
The Perth Jury were then called, when only thirteen I'as cal, andulo ih) h tlo nmuch prIol sen tnI throw Willlo iniI.rIliLour, sustainsitmelf withteomuch energy, and
twelve of whom were coloured) apeari, an lia Di- away lihllly, a sp|lenndd iwnsion for a beet'irl. rivil-list. ia tii. price ofso, many smcrifites--that Poland,which aloe,
t appe g The Prince lias asked for tilm to make iup iis iinild ; anli an1I I irlimt aid, laa- dared to combat with the giant of te
bge, was directed to be issed against the defaulters* this interval will tb employed by tin. Holy Allianrce in nirli, ;iand hai already overthrown the illusion other poscr:
Moss verms DAxoN. puiing the claim of the Prince of Orane,-, on whom, or It wouill IH vain, in discutmling Ile* question of Polith inde-
S Th plaintiff, now residing in England, was formerly an on Leopohl, the crown of Belgium will Weiitally idlvolve. 4'IIIInd-ce, to rilfir no tihe acts of the Concress at Vienn.
imhabitaeft hesIslands,and stillownstwo orthreeplanta- IIappen what will, Belgium ill irtual li.-con, an EnI L- Tln. Tr,-atv ot'Vienna, lwen unitingthe kinerdo ofn Pi-
tias, nd a umber of slave here. The defendant was lish colonv, a smuneling depot for 'En.'lish nrilltinitur, l. nd i laid t hu sia. assured to i. s a national inulimidualiv, ari l
d from wh-ence France and iti' wPest o"f :turo1.. uill hb dlu,- co,,li.,tutionlil (;Iov(rnlmnl ; it al]i aimed at ,ext,-ndinie thli
formerly Naval Officr of dtis Colony, and is now living at ged- will the products of Eneliuish ind Crooked Island, and receiving a pension from govern- than yeslrrdav, I was told byv a gentllemian ho has ample .ian E:iimpir- ; and thel for tile purlposeof consolidating tli
Iment means of information, that tiw question of lelgrium was tranquility of Europe.
The prmn action was ought agabat the defendant sill undecided-it was hoped the Prince would acnrpt the .~-Tli was the spirit of the Treat of Vienna. The E:rt-
L ~i~ l harl- i ^Al I to te pri il throne, in which case En[nland would exert Ierw-f to pro- peror of Ri iia hRliern the first to violate tlii TrialYhy
r w vg m rb reds b "a o thi Plintif* cure him favourable conditions from the allies-hut that iverthrowig in the kingdom tin principal Constilltiion"l
Tim deof al h h olrdnl Aldent to go by default, the Prince could not he forced into tie acceptance, for Securities, in smothering all national spirit in their Polih
d didn I appea CoIeu, s-rprm smaly or by Coun- mole than one reason.". In a few days, therefore, we may province, in prohihitini even the uiM of cur lanLiare-
al-The ast, iIy ppm ied inmevidece, wereth:ae: expect to learn the solution ofthis perplexing question, and All our suflfrings hlavei hb-n sMfhrienlly espoused in the
TiLt iithd plm l i o r of a pl-attio at Crooked with it, that of ace or war may he considered as derfni- Mlanilfesr of thie Dirl. The Treaty of V ienna has thi'n
lively decided. I have not the least doubt in my own mind, hiein both in its arrranrements and thr-ir nrsrlts, iniadeeqiat
Lhm d b aei am aaih'ar ofd e i that his agents that peace will be preserved, for every cause of dispute I tilie mnaintlnance of peace. The violence of tIhe Ra-
I MJ JU. yer, d a BostM to remove eva of has been t over in one way or the other, and there nev-r sian Government ihas, provoked an inlsurrectinn, A hi'chhas
ti ml ml aIII elhe ,d elw imq to another existed i better undlhr-tanding between the Cabinets of heen fillourl hby decisive cvetnlt.--A na-n order nf hiinS
inaloo of &im phitds in Nw -Prvms m.- t m F-.nre, Austria, and Enelanid, than at the present nnio hlis arisen. Tl'ie rain which alached Poland to HRu"s
SOeanb fflga gp l I ji1 --r iilu n mP nt-on this you may fully rel-. lha been brokrn,tlh bond which iuited Bel-rinm with 1l01-
rO ', thwin t dis In ardor le avowe Wittg In France, Casiniir'Perrier stands as firm at his post as lan! Iibs hi-bn s.vtnrdi lit a short time,, anlh":um h
S ov, ru away, and mto afts rle dem of tm de- ever, in spite of his wramling both with the Kine and Smdlt the Trratyv nVienna hadl -rsuranteed tlhein perpetuity. The
fadt, by h ha wa remiteda d deaiJsd r the on the one hand, and with the liberal parly on the other. Eirnp-an Powers have, notwitllhotndingr, nrcoLnird. the
smrh of id M pllailf di April r1birw Several He is the declared favourite of both English and Aus- nindlep.ndence of Relcinim, adopting a nit obl and rlevatr i
S I of thea dia aldut's, wee given in e i ce, from trian governments, and Louis Philippe pays a grrat deal poli-y. Why, tlihen, nninima:d by the siame spirit, do tla'y
riI h ft whd v. la of respect to both these powers. nOt in our favour.
SInt Wppred, do h vrosed Mr. Mealdw, one I am unable to add, on the stale of aTffirs in Polian,. The Inion of Bel,-iu-n wilh HIIllandl." sav. the Ir-"
S ajwle*i'd' pliatWtell theslae lafrewomnan aught tint you will not fril in thi' public papr-. I re .. riT i.rolr.o, l.n ii t ilhof February, "i brokicn. Oth-

Sg; raUalma Srglu. 1
cl soumnmicaioa Shave convinced Courts that odiuat phrives whichL d cramped ad paralyzed ind PA RMBeM S EALE. MED
t su originally destined for its -i can ne- try. In the brig Eleanor, fr Liaude.: Mr. Penrs, lucra
Sreablish it at t, nor it hereafter; The 7thdcle prided, d all thu p l ding Maste, lady and family; CapliRaewaws lwr fd
and henceforth, .nteaS f confund affections and Imr had only beae adopted provisionay," until th.y Br. brig James, stranded on Fish Key i ad Mr. Ha .
the welfare of two people, t could excite pasions aui d be Abmittsd fr concurrence to th whole nation,
snd aned, which from their collialo, only produce who alone, it was contended, were competent to impose
war and all hi disst. It dosa nt ve on ihe Pw- such a system of government upon thmudlve, u should
e to jude of theCau a which h troyed die an- suit their wants.
cent ties; but when they see tdem severed, it belongs This protocol, being rat ofil to Gen. Lafayett, was
to them to aim once more at the ob which was propo- adopted with alacrity by him, a comprbeodin. in a few
sed in their formation. It belongs m to secure, in words the very idea he had always hi lf matained.
favour of the combinations, that a y to Europe, of Accordingly he took it upon hi to explain their ien.
which he union of Belgium with HU foIrmd an csen- tionsto the Lien.Geenl comprehesively,statingtheprin- BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
tal bais." ciple, when he thusexpressed hislf: "That it was their -
The cause of Belgium is idenaid with our ; and if present object to rear up a popular throne, surrounded Te-orro, (Thurady,) theSS 2 a ntant.
there be any dissimilarity betw the two, it is in our with republican iditi muis AT THE TENDUn HOt'I-a,
favour. Poland was fo'neuuydent and powerful. Lafayette aet of for the Palais Royak, on hi return At is Orelee a. A. M-
The Congress of Vienna rotmplaed die re-es.t- front which he gave smurmncea the concurrence of ihe Will be od
blislumeat of that ind and of th integrity of the Duke if Orleans in these principles. The firn acts of the At on meh's Cmdi,
Polish territory; but a views were counteracted by Chlamborof Deputies wre, however, in violation of thl n;
imperious circunstancsase new kingdom was created, dHe such for instance, their voting the hereditarines of the TIne cargo of the Litte Turh, from Turk's Ilatea, vyi-
liits of which were suml, and which was unitedd to Hue- Peerage. It wa t at ht junctme that numbers assemblnd baO rrelr uperfine Flour,
sia. On every occasiu the best intenoiom with regard to round the Hall of the Deputi, crying out treason i tree- h do No. I Boston Pork,
us were testified, by paranteeing also thie nationality of son! They were quieted by Lafayette, who told diem he 8 halftierces Rico,
the other Polish proving; the inadequacy of these di- would use all possible exertions that at least a part of the 50 lanms,
positions towards Poland in general was clearly demon- promises made should be inserted in the Charter. In 3 Lkgs Butter,
strated-dispositions which nav be considered as pruvi- what degree the views of the ators in the Revolution heav. M) do Lord,
onaL The kingdom to which the Congress of Vienna been fulfilled by the debaters, appear from the subsequent Crackers, in whole and half barrels,
hadguaranteed a aostitution was united, to the most pow- measures of the government. Perhaps time emory of tin I barrel Glamware,
erful dinuotic mt'e. This alliance was difficult to firm, King regnant may yet be refreshed by new imovemenLs." 2 sides Sole Leather,
its duration was ini.rible, for it carried in itself dte 2 boxes Raisins,
seed of dissolution. It mayv be urged, ii opposition to The Scotq Time. explictly contradicts tle stories which AND
thi, that Rua-tlt poer so redobtabl, toluro have been circulated repreni ir Walter rcot as dan- 8 barrels Tar.
can, oven after a desperate contest, reduce us to suinni.- erousty itt That paper ompa iat it seems tbe ALSO-
se, an, d pacify, by exteionaltig us. Tue p sm a sort uof uhhion to publish a periodical account of the Cypres Shingles,
n, and pacify, bly xterlrinatine us. The peace ol sla- lines of this distinguished man. Three short months bags Flint Corn.
very-the peac of til lon b-a I.Bre of suct u nature as .go," says the Times, he had a stroke of palty, when Jly 7th.
to excite a terrible war onl the lirst favourable opplrtu- we knew limn to be very busy on the second volume of July
nity-ca such a peace meet the noble and dignified inlut- Robert Coun of Paris. Last week he had a most alarming HY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
tions of tnlh European powers 1 anack, according to the Edinburgh Couran--and some
I repeat it, every treaty is the consequence either of cer- journals foId of copying peraoal paragraphs, are at this O Monday, the 8tA August sel.
tain events or of certain political combinations. If other moment bus" in propagating the dolrous intelligence.
events displace those that preceded them-if the conibi- -What is the foundation of the last report? The excellent AT TUE vaNDUi HKUS,
nains he inerd, thl contracting parties ust modify tihein Ilaronet had a dinner party the ether day. and in amu- at I 0I elek.U.L
aton be altered, colracng parties must modi their sng his guests caught a smart col. l prevent any bad Will be ld, (without reserve ) the following valuable
engagements in accordance with the new combinations, croii encesr, he wus advised, aud of course, submitted, to Property, situate on St. Salvador, vis:
for the iurp.oe of uplIhliltg the principles which tlisy asd have Ilood taken from him-and ali was well. This is A tract called MoUN Nr.stos, near the Hawk's Nest.
adopted, and fur insuring the object whieh they had at llrst ine whole truth respecting the last, which we hope will TAre edemia 7 Trarts named-
prIow.sed. TIle Congress of V'ienna could dislamse u Bel- alqo he the last, absurd story respecting Sir Walter Bcotl'sing
gium conquered by tihe Allied Powers, and of PIolHnl oc- health. Fur the satisfaction of those who are so anxious Lucar MouNT, MowTr \View, and SMALL Horn.
copied by the Russian armies. But Poland delivern-l-- lto ninfer his corpus to the Nemopolis of Melrose, or y And Three other Tract-
Poland, which repels lte uinuerous hordes of tihe srr.s- other sacred spot, we may add, that he is now ia aere- One late the property of Mr. Munror ; one known by
sornhas a just rigt to claiin admission into the great r lent health. and that in the winds of Dr. Aberrombie, the name of SaiLoR's RETRSAT, and one commonly called
r--l a just r who aw him ten days ago, ha may not only stat but DAN' PI.ANTATrION.
mily of ti- inideipe.nentl nations of Earoip, is Belgiucm hlu labo ur as admirably as he has hithero done. for twenty yeas LIKEHI7E--
ien there received, after having truown olr the uyke of to come, if he wil but take care of himself." valuable Tract situate on W\.tling' Island, called
Hlhland. g IMoUNT Paoers-lr.
Such are line principles that you will advance-sucl are At Welhpool assies,. Eaglad, an honest rustic being i of the above
die arguntl s you will employy to strengtlhn the demand called to s,,mak to the character of a criminal, sad. I dma A full deription of the above Lands will be given at
you are authorised to make on the rLovernment to which tAhnk Aim vry sAnrp my Lord." judge Burton asking him the time ofale.
yes am crdi aald--t demanl ol Iths fwuhl and posiive What he meant hy sharp t" nbe pl. my unoweady. .. We asusthe credit, on giing amcuiy.
reacntio of t ie Nationalf t ovrnment in the kingdom of my i*1r, I have too't him with e a" saud of teuej in July dld--.l'UI.
Poland, and of the indepenlndence of that kingdom. his hand aren and egse'."
For Foreign Alfairs for tie National government CA 1.. ZD, lIE SUBSCRIBERS to the BiAnsA TuRa (Ltr
April 30. of the Kinedom of Poland. On Thurdlay evening, in (Chrit (lurch, hy the Revd. are infornnl, that at a meeting of the Stewards,
Ai Sr. Stracrlan, Mr. OGILalT OLvr.a SNITH, Clerk of' which took place this day, it a determined 1hat the first
FVrenh Pollies..-TIhe Journal of Commnerce pubrplis $S. rItl"l 's Paris, to lis AN, lloLLvwoO. Races shall take place on the lasIt e ealay in Oc-
a communirntion inilade to ite (Gazettr de Francr, which At Ilarhour Island, on the 30th June, by Wmi. Smith. he purnes to be nun for-the distance for each clas.-
terls to throw light onl thedirssatifraction of lih republican "q- P. ir. Um ia* E PARI, jun. to Miss MARY" M AU the weightsto be carrie-the entry of the Inrss, with die
party in that couiItry, aidi thu- policy adlil.l-d bhy the l o.- R1n. loth of the Cove sreltlment, Elemitldara. r. mount of entrance monev-as well as all odlr necesry
vernnment since the accrs.ioni of Liouis lhilpl Tie On the l4t inst. (by lthe- sm), Mr.WiI.LIuAMr RieE.., infor maion,-will be distinctly explained in a future ad.
writer states that during die days of July ne twat placed of Abaco, to Mlis MalnAar. CISH, of Harbour island. vertir ment.
near the person of Lafayette, and was enuabld to nse and ----- Dotor RHiA orRWnon (whrne Ilorw is the favorite) and
understand what wa.s eiing on.--lln the gnovern- L--4 Major NicoLLs, have determine togive tie amount of any
ment of violating the much talked of Programme of the I rw or plate they may wintowarde delaying the eapeme
Hotel de Ville, which, umnl.r Il-H circnumtanuces, might be o if a BA LL to the ladis of Nassau.
considered as the compact it-wren theiaents ofthe Revo- I All Siuhuribers are called on to pay their subsriptions
lution, and the person elvatedl to the thrown, and likewise PORT 01' NASAI', '. P. and donation., to enable the Stewards to finih the new
as declaratory of the principles on which the provisional ae Courwe, and erert a stand for the Ladies.
government should be erected, until the seins of the nation ARRIVED, N.B.-The subscription lists re at Mr. IRVING', the
could be taken.
could be taken mention of 25th July-Spanish Schr. Buen Viae, P. Lien, Cuba Tre.asurer.
It appeal that die mention of the Duke of Orleans was Iag-Sg' &cS ..r m ---
receive worse than coldly when first announced to the Cargo--Suga, .. SUBS('RIBElR being anxious to liquidate d
citizen soldiers aassmbldl al the ote dr Villm after d e to Jan. W. MSlla. demands against him, earnesly requests all pesonm
t eas American schr. IloIpur. Ilnlaid, Ialtmnunors tundebted to him hndiilk- their accounts without drtey,-,--
events of the Three Days. Many exclaimed, very natu- oAmerican schr. Hopur. andcland, Bal aunor ideb to lphvime unpto sl troul wiout ee.
rally, we think, No, mniore Bourblons !" appear- lour and Shingle* a. to prevent unplament trouble.
rally, wesd th o Gin n. Dubou iiurlen- rn ernra"bl-e ardp: A rL lie has. on hand a lare as-sortment of Dry Goods, Hard-
SWhac hes urted to w(;,. Dl your tliah- nnnor unl nc.,rds: 26th Br. achr. Emerald W. HJohnson, PhiladellhiPa are, d&. &rc. which he offers for a a very reduced
" What has occurred will maem- your llghnuoes nlfci.-n I Flour, Rie, Corn. pries, o a a.
understand the nature both of our rights and our ,innds. i. II.S ( stor. Co IIe an d Lot on te wh F s
Should your Iighnaes ever forget them, we will endeavour Br. schr. Blossom, H. J",htriLn, Nwr York will also be sold on reasonale terms.
to refresh vour memory wi al be ld on enable term.
to refresh your memo." Flour, Rice, Corn, d&i. W.J. WEECH.
When the Deputie-s began to a nsemll from their hiding H. Glrrae .nl. Co. 27th July, J WEECH.
places, the actors in the IHlnolltion admitted in thie pariia ." H. M. shr. Fire Fly, Lt. MrcDonald, Ilavana. h
assemblage only a power defarts, necer ry in the circum- 27th Br. sloop L;tleTurk, t irc k Islands NOTICE.
stances to take the initiative nmasures. But dry demanded Flo, BIIsE oL'BBRIBER, isuending to Iave thedN I
that whatever, were optd, ahond be auhnitted H. G ILND & Co. 1 h all November next, calls on all he to whm h
to the People for their definitive sanction, and, in the mean maybe indebted for other respective ns ando ; sld he
time, they demanded guaanteem. To secure these, they SAmay be in d ebted t or the ir respestsive d sem ; ad the
were ready to rush again into combat, when en. Laebed to h, he ear y u will etle e
fayette asked dwm to pledge him their honours that 24th July-Br. Brigantine Elaor, Dickinson, London by the end of September ensuing, to enable him to mSt
peace o Paris ld nt b e f 27th II. M. schr. FireFly, LL McDonald, Jamaica the demands against him, and all accounts remaining -
tweny of risur ors This pleno e was given on ie ition H. M. schr Pickle, LL Tapli., Brmud paid at that period will be sued for indiscriminatel.
that the Lieuitnant General sliild accept their proposals. with the prie Porturese Slaver. ROBT. WIER.
These proposals were contained in the P rorramme so much th Jly .
talked of, and were to the following efert: N OTICE. THE SIBSCRIBER
1. The National Sovereienty Mas pit fuirward as the 7F HE SUBSCRIBER, being the Attorney of Mr. Offer for sle, the Ilome and premmbahe ow
leading principle--the fundamental dogma of Constitu- Jams Reid, the roprisor of Clifton Pl tion, occnpies, opposite the market. It one of the
onasl government. situate at the Wet end of thi Island, and in the vicinity bet stand. in the place for business, ad the
2. No hereditary peerae. of South West Bay, comeRa I gl00acs-ltowhich issino Houe commodious. If not disposd of previo o tdbe
3. A complete renovation of the Judiciary and members attached Sim's or Lyford's Key, gives t Public Notice, ih of August next, the same will on that day he ild at
of the magistracy. forewarning a person whatever, from committing any public mction.-The term will be made eay to the p.
4. A cmunale, or municipal law of election, upon the trespass thereon. All offenders, without respect to per- chaser, and the prmiss may he viewed from 11 to 10
broadest basis. No property qualification for candidates. son or sinution, will he punished with de utms severity o'clock, pevi to the day of ale.
5. Subordinate magistrate to beelec'td hv the citi7-ns. of the law. ROBT. WIR.
The 6th ipulation related to monopolies, and other July 16. JOHN WILDGOOS. 20th July, 1881.

amsaaaca, *ewy eye lem ted wade We a to the Camrkiga Chromids for U
ag fUow thled te young E ror to to e following *itct fromt tha Bomay Comi,
-I, where s de da mwasmcaleblnd to con- which wl, i ll, be of marvellous aasst m ts
sII mide 5s tg A m.m.aset the event. We never witnesd a more brl Naval ofics flquent Balls; it is a Nautial U.
- aa md, r siatu of .C.. JMtt i in penid cortere tiha that which hccm.|nid the met of of famionable quadrieia :-
S" It ha I been a source of regret d anxiety msnarch. Ti. procenaion wa precead by te tuil of Ma
s al the wnll-w eu o(f di -Emperor, that he should Honour, and followed Lby all e troops now in this cityto I auil upon the starboard tack, let d
have retained ar his prso manny advisers, natives which might ibedlded a large concourse of are citizens, other craft pass; hear up, and get your head on t
of Portugal, who n only enjoyed hi condce in a de- who were anxious. to testify their loyalty to the new Sove- other anck, regain r birth on the larboard tack, hbak
gree ditigmie to the fre Institutius of td country, but reign. Upwards of S0,fM) persons were present on the and fil with your r, box-haul her, wear round twice
extended tha in&onmeof te executive part ofthe govern- occasion. After de procession, the young Emperor pro- against the sun company with the opposite craft ad
meat; benam aroa a spirit of jealasy on the pat of all conded to the Palace, where he received de congralula- your own, afe hbox-haul her again and bring up.
thm who were anxious to preserve te constitution from tions of Diplomatic Corps, Nobility, Public Functionaries, L'Ete.--Shoot about two fathoms till you eal
the encroachments of power, and who, naturally enough, an a vast concourse of his faithful subjects. come stern on to the Or craft under weigh, thoe make a
began suspe th atu cret deamig was freuring to over- It i aid the Emperor lIa written letter to Mr. Jose stem board to your th, ide out for a bend, firs to .ar.
throw the liberties of the country; and although it may he Bonifacio de Audrade, in which he confides to him the edu- board and then topo ake il and paa the other crat,
spposed thea such was never dte intention of the Emnp- cation of his children. It i probable the Regency will p- get your head rou -tack, another side
lhimself, yet it is possible that such an idea might have int thi venerable patriarch of Brazilian Independence starboard, and port, mke regain your birh, wear
tred the mad brainsof certain transatlantic gentry. Tuor to theyoueg Emperor. round, back and flU and box- partner.
This sfte of things lasted until the return of the Emperor "Hi Majesty will sail next Wednesday for England i. La Pouli.-Heave ahead pass your adversary
fee a, euacursion to an hiland Province, when under the English Frigate Volage. The Queen of Portual will yard-arm and yard-arns, regpikmr birth on the other
prtence of rejoicing for his safe arrival in this city, the uil on the same day in the French Corvette La Seine, tack in the sanw order, take your nation in the line, with
P n residinr here, consisting of refugees from Pr- Commuandd by Captain Thibault, the officer who convey- your partner, ahck and fill, fell om your heel, and bring
tgal (whL vilg Aed from the tyranny of Don Miguel, ed Charles the 10Uh to England." up with your partner; she then paruvres ahead, heaves
had found a hspitable asylum in this place) and other nil aback; hoots ahead again, and pays off alongside;
i atives of the mother country, who had long been residents From te Boston Eoening Trmcript, Jue 2. you then make sail in company wih her till nearly "ern
amo ngu, availed theu Ivtus of the opportunity to create The Ship Jara.-We have received a letter front, la- with the other line, nke a stern-bard, anl cst her of
some b 5 s s y paying the street, in groups 4 van. dated lb2th ist. from which we make the following to shift for herself, regain your birth by the best man i
or SO, ad aing mditiou cries; this naturally enough vans your power and let go your anchor.
S exaperated dt Bnrmilian, who now thought it was high Yo have no dout already heard oftheloss of the ship L TreminT .-Wear round a before aiala the s
time to take some decisive atop to put down this factious n her from New Orlno or twice,bo-hul t lady, range up alongside br and maie
party, whicl after several aniictson the 1&3h, 14th end 15t il i on h y ac to bs h ,
of last month, ch eriev ona ndl. city. wa wckd on the Coloado Ref, aba60 sail in company, when halfway acros to ti o ther hur
es ont, y in dee uc. mi to the westward of Havana, with cargo of cotton drop astern with the tide, shoo and cast off the tow;
Sth o endcasvealiv tore wst on both idaa Therumhides, &c. back and fill as before, and bo-haul her and yourelf Ies
Enmror, in or to concilitate the party that Ihd ti!n a s tobacco r your birth rnd bring up.
being gld the uppermost hand, named a minIy comn- e lanT Une e w ner oriance. ie La Pastorae.-Shoot ahead alongside your partner,
posad eirely of Brailians, who were known to entertain e t I e stern n ard, make all nil over to the other coat,
liberal sdeases; but this mate ofthings did not Ist long; an officer attached to the schooner, with whom I have lad n ern board, nike all sil over to the ether coakt
for ew days a-ta he spt otn n s o t unexpctdly, an opportunity o rsin that w t go the hawser and pay off int your birth and take
fura few dav afser he appointed a new ministry composed p a t f turn; three n it opposite range up abreast towards
of persons obnoxious to Berilian party, froni a recol- the Porpoisearrived at the wreck, tley found that the siip
election ofthir p conduct. As en as this second change had been stripped of all wr sails and runninar rigeiie : heer you like, only und er easy sain, as it is always a light wny3
was pulicly kno w, the utit anxey prevailed aeno bulkheads were stove in, rider nearly cut off, decks rot Yo r, onl ty tnder easy it il, as it is always a; i wn,
wal In t t ; t s a dd b o tough, and the cargo robbed hy pirates of over 1) bales (ephyrs as they call it) in thin passage; as oon a yo
on b Costto, all her Rum, the itatastt o of er tides and e `thir helms down, hau round in company with them
ion ofblk indigation-he people began to a ble ,n all the Tbacco ot d ad n de larboard tack, and make al sail with your partner
i Zourd.n number on the public squMa, where tl oay and al te, Tbc od .
n r eivdprocamatio n write bythe Empheror him- The Porpoise found a schooner nearly loaded with the into your own birth and bring up.
soon received a pr mtion written y Emperor h- v'a a-Wear round to starboard, passing nder
a, and c rsigne by the nw minister, which had no Java's cargo, which Lieut. Percival tk s ion f an r roud to starboard, paing under
sner been read tha it was ten an d trampled upn by filled her up. lie also led re toiler sclmoners anal your partner's stern sight, the catheads of your craft on
mthe infurited people. he city magistrates i in y i ook 162 bales Cotton on hoard his own vessel, which Is' your starboard bow, then make sail into your birth, your
the iled tu nd people. The city m istrmtes indiaely landed at this port last onday (June 6th.)--Tl whole of partner psing athwart your bows ; now proceed accord-
h membled and went in a body to te Empin to present t prprt saved l lae hre cning to the second order of sailing; to complete the evolu-
him ele st d r of ferentation the city was in, a to n ethe a uriginI o lions saoot alead andt hack uatern twice in reapany with
quire him on the pan of the people to dismiss the new an hides, tobacco, besis the t e r the whole squadron in circular order of sailing.
reinstate the precedipg ministry.-To this request hidwi .e
Emperor replied in the neoatise, which being communi- TI.Perae Cotl of MaiL.-Just wbfore Napoleon et out for
cated to the people, caused them to aens ile in muh larger ericans and Foreigners. le certainly i worthy of all Belgium, he sent for the cleverims atizan of his cl s at Pa-
umbers in front ofl'th barracks ; on which General Lima, praise, for hi promptness, persverain, and exerion in ris, and demanded of him whether he would engage to make
military commander of the Province, repaired in person saving the property ofhis couantymen, and I sincerily hole coat f a il, to be worn under the ordinary drss, which
to the Palace, and endeavoured to convince tie EmpAror that our governme-t will nit forget him, when his claim to would be sholutely bulle-proo; and that, if so, he mig
of the extreme danger he r inrefiing rt accedeto the hiS r rank small be brought hb ore thde enae. nme i price for such work. The mA engaged
wishes od the people, who had by thm time been joined by e have r the 10th, in t make the desired object, if allowed pro time, and he
ome portion of the troops; but he still tenaciously per- which we fin I an advemtisasont of a asc hy auction, to name l, s as e ri f i. he bargain wa
aled in his resolution, ntwithstnding the entreaties of take place at Ilavana on the Th ar s d- lauded and in due time te work was v produced, and its
the General, and the tears of tih Empress. On tie return vetnieal are- 43 bales of Cotton-201 pigs hlad-23 Imis conc le, an alue d i fa due mpeo
ofthe generall to the public aluare the found dh people i- gla 11-- ox hide--4 buffalo skins, (a emiarginal note in ker honoured wish a second audience o it h Empehor.
o arhe flencar l o the public aurolifond die pope 1 l ."Na," si> lin Ilsriil h..iy,"pa h on." The tas l a li d
ready earned, and prepared for an attack. At 10 o'clock pnl say 27-hl. rm--ad a lt of loose tobacco- lid A a state li itsefca, y will,
at night the artillery, and the remaining par of t troops for account of whom it may concern. I saqnasa. have I eno ojectio' to ido the same.' And he
hadjoined the people, as also the Emperor's body guard, teak a brace of pistols, anel prepared to discharge one of
which had until then been doing duty at the Palace. Whil-t From Para.-The Schr. Ioratio arrived yvesrday tihem atcth breast of the astonished fartiste. Thhere was no
these preparations were making, the Emperor, fding him- from Pars. Cape. Weld inlors that w ihait retrying, evor, and, hall dead with fear, he stood the
self thu abandoned, and being at length convinced that he that place and the, adjacent rour wre ina sint f r lin o the i te f his work, with impu i y.
had been the npe of designing and perfiditus courtiers, 1 arm. The soldieuy, aoult l A1ing nubaler, having r een flut it, In m ror w[l not conreit with om e tral; he fn
who had reckoned on being support by the army, mh 14 an iou pay, and diatisfied wh ti Preident the pstol at th o ba of the trenbling atis, ad
all rILtrsiacts. Net only die~y p eM ud nf A N VT riajeamny aefrlow'. n ativeho thatofatwr ilischa, gh arfow ling pie-n ad pr f
up his mind te sbdicatethethrone in favor of his son D.Pe- thomen at the late r.% solution, thratmnd t) br'ak loose from afterwards discharged a fowling pierarsl anulwr part of him
drode Alcantera. This last act of the Emperor was re-- al retraints. o on e proy f s a ih similar iect. said the EnmlpM r, "youmhve
aeived with lod acclamations by the people on the morn- wof fe in sh ceal rk undulb htedl --wh at is to he tie
ng of t ever memorable 7th of April. After this, t he Pr idetha wa proclamation promikm to sali- rirt of it '-l iglheen thousand francr were named a the
Empairor, his wife and the young Queen of Portugal, em- ft the troops, which had the etect of calming nomentarils nreed tm. "There is an order for," sid the Em-
b erkad on bard the English ship of war Warnpite, leaving thir irritation, but thI British (onsul, still apprehensive of rr, "n there isnther, for an eql sum, for the frlig
tei yeag Emperor and Princtes at the Palace of t. serious consequence, wasendiavourindioclartertlie nAe- ltat I have given you."
Crimovate. rican srhooner Wasehington's-Barre, for the purpose of
The National Amembly which had already h m con- seOlinte her in Pearch of a British ship of war, who mit Chloride of lim--A gentlemsa who occasionally vsts the
ed by the Emperor now met, although a musE num- reach Par in tine to save the British property there, in country in the summer, informs us that he uniformly antri
m of menmers had o ye arred in the city, and ar- ase of disturbances actuaey breaking out.-N. 1. Ce- with him a small quantity of chloride of lime, a a saleginemd
c tdig aI he powers gras ed by the constitution, named rie"ro E rwi'r. against the country fever, should he hecompelled to mmaintr
apordig we ad '_ to gainern the ofDon P e night. When sprinkled in a sleeping pammment. oreven wi
IIroie Peo e oan a plae. it is thought to he an antidote to the P:ie-
i m iouly e a of the Marqucade Carnerdlesm, Tam AusuacAsA Navv.-(From Bigelow's Travels.)- m htetrie, e ys, in a number of instances at "
Gene al. de Lma, and Boenator Verqu are. The for- When the Presidet's Message was received here (Malta) mer. and the experiment ved succeosful. The iMdihidan l
mea libJ ministers werereionstatd, with the exception of i p uced a irimilar to that which it occasioned iat Gi- ho ued it had formerly e in the hbit of thing lea csm-
MI. Ca4 mn, whoan prefied dhe henoaunrble duty of de- braltar. Te talk was at mce of war ; the psible was in- try, or beions or inteittet feer, eve seon lo wih -t
fending the public me i the Chamber of Deputies, of terpreted into the probably, and the knowing ones aid that exposed themselves, i cept ther last, the they sep
which h is a member; he has, however, been succeeded war it would e. A Maltese gentlemen, distinguished for and they can assign no other eas for i than he w anmof
in the Finance Department by Senator Borgeas general independence of sentiment, nd whose acquaintance I have the Chloride of Lime.--Ckar.itea Oi're r.
J. de Lima w named Military Commander of the Pro- lately had the pleasure of forming, was entertaining a par- The Polish C in f Pis have en a nd -
vimo, and Major Rei Alpoim, Cthitf ol the Police. t y at dinner. Of theguests wear several British naval offi- rench physics to g to Poland, in thehop of ter. e
Whom the molmage of tho e 7th it was known im the cers, and in the course of conversation the popular theme the progress of the cholera morbu. They will tae theiral de-
Empwhnad tlken refgeeboardan English ssl,many ol war withthe United States was b ought up. It happened partre immediately.
prseas wn erful we should !mih to safer the horror the North Carolina arrived the day preceding, and of
at ac war, h fortunly there ats pen every pro- cours was then lying under the guns of the numerous bat- Literal C o sractie.-The President of the Miesodri
b ik y thimea i s a ofthingsr wMb Inld, for the terin which urron and h defended l e harbor. 'Al, that Senate, would not allow the door of the Home to be dcord
p n degr of muaimiy pirvals a every clsof is Yankee,' said an officer,'that ship,-d a gr and one in the cldest weather las winter, because the Conrsi
dtims in this popla -t-one and all appear to have she is,---our.' 'Yes,' cried another, she cannot escape requires that each House shall nit with open door I
ut e feeling, aSd StsI mI to p erve ranquility, and us. If war there is, as war their will be, we have her.-
m ia the oeutitlo. No is had butcries of We will rig her flar after a different pattern.' 'No aen- Iis mentioned in the northern papers that the S Be
li e this emaiention; long live the sovereign Brailian tlemen,' said the host, 'that ship in not Vyur, and sie never pent made his first appearance this season at Boothibhy m
pe le; g li t e Brasilian Emperor DIa Pedro the will be yours, even in the event you anticipate. I know th 1th uh. He wa seen again on Tuesday by two g
; live thpeples and the brave Brailia troop." de irit of Commodore Rodge, and of his eicers and etlmen at a distance of about sixty feet, and atwart hby
Never did th apa present a more nlivening and crewrnd you ought to know it fuIll wlre yoa hazard ten or twelve ritiens of Boothhav a he pameed and r-
cherlg appearance d on dhe 9th, dthe day pointed whatyou my. If there e war, escape, I grant, is impossi- passed svernal times about 1.50 feet distant from them. He
Iar de yMng Emperor to make his public Pentry into the bhie front under the guns ofthes fortresset and the shipping is described by the editor of the Wiscnuse-t Journal, wiho
ity. Never was a monarch inaugurated under more I- in the waters. But neither officers nor men would surren- was on the spot, as from 150 to 2) feet in length, of a
mvow spice! The recollection of thedangers from der their charge. They would fhs ton the last easp and brown cmlour on the hark and a yellow brown n the hbelly.
whech we hd escaped, and the feeling derived from a upon the last plank; and sooner rhan tLw North ('anroii.a HI' mov : with an undulating motion, like that of la erl
knowledge tha we pesmed monarch born among un, should fall into British hands, the Cenuuedudare wouldd blow or hled sarker, which rave to his hark the appearance of
d .sa failo produce the most heartfeltjoy; thi wasu up hisship.' dee buaps described by those who had previously seen him.

U,._ . --~-,,m ... .rm r . -- I . .. .

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I. m& ^r0ti0 Sf^l Swm29. M not outol Kef oi u,tl lorU r ol (tri*iM; ul im,M> u. currtnl iMt^..^. ,l. Rui^ia,;:;.,..] |>oi.. but, very cvid^ut that nurh h iImexfunive a^e ^ n^ in l'.lHd t., .. Hus.ia,. are X,.,::. N? of the grouiuJ coveriNl bv troopn. TIm.liHin-nt .ne.cKrup.ed by .h. (Venerali, andthe r h. country a lotted to each can.ler, L the pnr^ n^ trairn..^ tin.nov.ment, of ,,e p<.p|a,.on In earh of h.L*!l.CliT""'" '^.^^'''-'"'^^>' '^'^m, not only to hare calM for precautionary n.ea^ure, on the part of' the governn.e,t unmediatHy adjoinu.,, tle a ffer ted dist re ject a]} veseU comiuf from the Baltic to < inedanv ik,."*^ ^"' m'^***"' *^** uniM.phw.irated, ano| ^ hunibl*' wav ttie n.f.n^.......,..< i;:. .Still |e,^ book, or print so clieap as a newspaper none W) interestinp, Iwcausti it consiut* of u r, ; riety, iueaiured out in suitable proportions, an to tinit Hj'ii;* quantity. Ueif new evary week or day, it iiiviten to 4. ^ bitii of reading ftad afford* an ea>sy and agreeable nicKle af acijuirriig knowledge, t. essential to tlie ulfare of tW* ^1 dividual, and of theconiniunity. It cauw-s many an hour to ps or nii.#.L. <. .Im,, ,.H.d, wll rl,, ka-l objec. Mechinic luHti.u.c, I ."arria,.-.. A vrr, .sl,orui,,/befo^ l^ca.^^ ^^t^L pie, a very pretty yountr woman had oflerrtd her w ^ "^"' -"""": irora ine Maltic to rder, yet it i. certain that while in Poland and K.issia it has me4 with circumstance conducive to ^ r.X^t r^' ;^" ''^'^"'" "'""" ""-rU'anliness a non^t tl Wer clashes, (agKrav,d doubt, by the d. tress... inndent to wa,,) and as a soil covered wi, de comlithm of all clawes of fx'opi have done much to give intellectual occupation, and an object of excitement to the humbler class. For want of this the petty tnuJesman abandons his wife, nightly, for the pot-' house ^nd the Parliamentary debate.. One' month he b<.. come, t little member of Parliament himself, at the paiish vetryi he votes ui a majority a^^ainst an amendment nr.posed by the chtircli warden, purely because Uiat worthy d.H.'s not deal witJi him in butter, lie takes another inie^s view "^ " * f higher state of will m,ke rre., iu The Fr..rh A.a,l..,y !,. Z .0 .,.,..|-.l ..,,r,iur,i in Fn.,-.., ,.l ,JJ"'. U^ m i.,.fla.Hl wmiW .,,^^ ^ be ..ill |,. liWe|y._C. ner* I following uujKrUuit nulite order of |overnment : was yesterday issued by case from Mr. Mui'trs. lie commences reformer, and cuts down Uie leadh's salary, out of economy but, secretly, beams. I py face. For who would roh a beadle of his feet. Or do his cocked hat any vioJiiut. lo ronm..ences life by being a slave and hypocrite, poor and vulgar; often end. by being a tyrant, 'a mem l^'r of I .irhament, ami rich ;-but ever the same low man. The ongmal taint will remain. There is no surer sign of vulgnrity tlian ilalove of meddling. ^ mage y pretty yountr woman had offerrtd her s<.r\ ices to Mrs. Duveluz. SIm> said that she had just been married a man who had promised her a />/7;V^(a sort of loos**; but," ad.led she, he is a poor wretch, and cann<,t tx^rfoim his sol .shall trH divorred, as lean, nothing by remaining lunger with him." A>p/>c/', J, to cloak); nal. V can tjain 01//-e ** Sir^I am''*'"- Wniehall, 2:U May, lft.31. Mo. Honorable Privy Council to transmit to youl cL J ^hil ' '^'',""''' '""""' "" '""'"i 'l.'-anrf dried lude,. arnvmg ,lk.g,|u, f,, ^^, "^f [{"J^' Pruu... and ,W |la,..,ie .., ,i,l til; ,,UrLZZ >>ajjir ompany for his informaI am, Ac. (Signed) * To Thos. Cope, E,q. In a^idition to the above precaution, it ha Ue d.^, .ned that all vesscds comingTom the Baltic'ori::; wlX tranhave quarantiuc; and 1 In^ve i dere Uiat you will lay the before Uh. Ouveruor of Russia ComjLiy for d !n VVM. L. BATIIURST. Uua. The following is the concluding paragraph of an article m a late number of the Journal of Health, ou the lulucationof the Appetites." One fundamental principle we cannot, however, abstain fron. mentmmng at'ftiis time ; it is tin, education of the a^ r.js.on succe^^sin which o much of tla^ happiness of this de dc.pendIt mun, b..gin from the earliesi infano before die dawn of rea.son, and even anterior to the/eVZ t on to UH5 moral sentinu-nts. The rule on which it is conducted u a very simple one-applicable to all cia^ t .MO allow no cliild the indulgenci' of an appetite orTopen ty;, oUier what is required by its iniuTve wantsXiu }hiw strong must be maternal affection How closo its hold upon the hea. t Kven in the wreck of intellect when reason .swings from iN m^mrinifs, it clings to the lH>som and l>"son whenall elM^whtM. hope its^^lf, b dead. \ are told by a pafx-r pnblishMl in tire interior of PennsylvM STllr' "f'l^"''' '^'V'''':^ "' ^" iou; ^i years old, was taken from Ikt to give to a nur. It was si-nt to tla' oth.rside of tin.Sus,uehannah, but the' mother swam across th simple and touching fact. Well and truly h^, Mrs" lie! mans sung In all this cold and hollow world, There is ,ut fount of dt-ep, sin.iig deathless lofe. Like that withm a Mothers hearL Und^" "'^'^'"^-*'-' {"^*Pt'.I*'-^<^. *^ publi.shed at on. an edition of" the New York Statutes' relatiiV to or uut Uu^y have g.>ds on board, shall j^.'rf, ;m a ou^n ^.*r.ll?.^/* ""^'^ ^*--^^'o'tlll^crewssh'arC bodUy support and health. Nothing is to be conced'ed h~s the whun or capnce of a parent to die imaginary wants oi il Clllld ; for It must b rint^..,l l :_ JT. **' every or in asceiialaed. From the Jamaica Caurant 0/ July 25. The following resolution was moved in tln^ House of AsWjr of .St. Vincent, on liie 7th inst., and carried moiMiy unaiu* rt On tbo motion f Jj,. Cropper, i. wa. rl,ed_. Thai .rS'. "f """' ^ "'""""'y '""' in n.l.ul,a,a, ., Krai liuil:on of ,y oim. .n-,wlieiWr of uwe, .iiiht, uiid every renewal g.vo, Uh. proLabili.y die imlulRei^re b^ con. n,f a hah., ; .d ,h., bahi. once IWrm-d, .. i" d,iWI..-MI, *,U (,e r,.i durioK ,|,e whole .l,er life .rni -r tejir "'"" -"" '" ' """ ' Let paren,,, who allow children to ,ip |i|,. f ,), of the itt^e one. lor promi,ru.,u food, or for lib.-r,v lo .it up a httle k,e,. 0, tr,e, a do,ei;, r^ snke scenes, a,.d lor the spirit of liUrlv which nowco,,. t .u c. tlH m a Krea, and independent -a,in. To "2, l.J tlMucx|H.r.ence i. incurring i,u debt, and, cumry .ler.v... reflecfd honour fron, eve v tU, make toward, good gvenm.... .d .aiio.lil i^.p'ovZ mentTo some friendly monitors who were lately with tlio Im tt .ntention. recommending to Sn WalterTo.t wo pie^* of advice tor the sake of his health ; the nrst to Uco^^ rt:-: ;r :'^ ''rnr "^'-^y^ "- ti;u;ondr b' stain from literary labour, the worthy Baronet go .Saints who require them, pay for them rin \"l'f*"*^'*'""""t any prens,. wlea of their iiM^an ing, than the words vulvar, pentad, or rvSc^LrTn aOu^p^U of tiie world, mankind and^. il^ """ '" d had: e take no cognizance of Uistmction* ; oiir good iocietv k only. xuch into prood romantic Fish nef nourishment, and which thev oro. r,^..r then^^Ne, fr ,H Hver,, wa, el^Tl them, and, instea great famine consequently existed among ^ad of retiring to tlw-ir dens, they wandered about tlHwh<.h. winter through. f'ven in Uw stnets of .St. Peter and St. Paul, in Kamschatka. One of them find i'n'e ouse open, entered, and the eate ;,rri. the outt* gate of a h( dentally closed after him. n .u^*'''''"^'"? ^ rurrent notions, a gvnu^A mnu U ^''l'"Xl!I7"'"' ** ""','>'"'"' to the r,,p.c,able pcim nrin^^^^ i. . ^''^'^ of A..n, : the vulvar o who felt painfi.llv defiH^n, in forZ paKl .lavisl. ad,iraiio to them, an.l' " now,. and.hun,. the vulgar P>-H a la^e ,e, n.acl,it^J7.:i 1';^^ ^^t'i; I .-o..r.. Tt. h..,r .mel, i, and hum, hi, o^ pr'voLj'^ paw, round .t, pre,^ with hi, whole .Mrennh ,0 cn.xl, 1, nd burnt h,m>lf, f courw, mre ,d n.ot^.^"' '' "' About twenty miI,-< from llora. New York there a I.0U.. ia buil, in two u..,, thr,. countL ,,M I he states are New York h R four towns, counties are The states are New York and Vermont t'li^ M. erowl which rage nd"p,^i;^;e;d;;;n;Tim H^o^^^ patched by shots from the windows. He has however rnT'ol' %"^'"^;:7' ^^-^ ''-nroverhamorgX' i.wn, peopk-; for when one mures himself hv hl,,>.. violence, tWy call him the bea'r with .Wkettk"' li PPT'^^',''" ^''' ""*i'"-l f""n ''rtain e,oerin,e. made ew p^'riments ^h^them. Th,,ber..i ".kr.ri;;."f, ::r;x h; .nd Jl dress,.! ,. ,h.H, ,., ,^,|, ,^ , ^^,.^, P; K I ded to fclani:, and a l' P notions, adin tlie laboratory of Franklin f'nll< n' ^ infla^mabb. ,^ frl' rh^'^rrLI'f^ietrailed Z ZT T L I." "" """"' "f <^ carhuVetted hvd o^n, other substance, commonly employe.) for the p,.r. greavy 1. at, are .tsniost rcvoliUg aspects. 1 1 hI'kn.?c!'"''r'^ t-y Mr Jacob, that tl,irtf.,^o M,rf Wn ;r;;;,;.'"" '--'^c'"-')FranceW the ro. oir^l A II *'"'"**''*''X; H..nnintMon. Shaftsb.irv, White reek and Hoosac. The Temperance Advocate giv^ the followme descnption of it :-" I, was huih by a Mr Matthew,, who. ,hroeh s,me freak of fortune, became .subj.ct to those unwelcome visiters yclept SheHfTs. On XratTr*^ ""^' '^""'^'^'" -u^t^.^^^.^o !" railed at the house, and. on enquiry, found that Mr. M hadnoneto the Stair of Nrv, York, The hall |>einr u ,e capacious and the division line of the States ninn" e loC^ ty, invited the SherifTto dine with hi..,. The SlK-rirf acIaa' a ?' l"-"''rring the other ide, sat down with him hiddmg^defiance to all the authority of John Doe J R.X' aneol-l shoildn<.t know what todo with one. is the reply of the sinelr-hearted Adjutant. She is a I sweetni^reio.ns the General; "So -s a heeKivl "'^*^ ", K..t ; A 1 \.. '>*^*'-hi^p, answers V inrent -;^ hut It does not foUow that 1 ^K,uid thrust my head mto of ^is^emt^nfr^^' '"""'^T'^ ^nnouncment of the death 1774 aZT^V ?^;;""1 '" '^r'""rnN of the^ ? '^ ""^"''' ^'"'^ '"^'^ h.m down to restd.e mo e than rv^^^^^^ """^ '''* ^'''^ tyrant with uiore tlun hrtctuti or T^oirwin fortitude. i f tmmn 4CiEORGft: BIGCii^, ii^dltor. %% a:u.\h^:.^dav, jim tir, i^ai. THL BAHAMA ARGU.S. VOL. IIVo. Hi. PUBLISHED HKMI-WKEKI.Y IN NAIHAU, N. P. giyht Pollara per annnin"In advance. Mild was tlie night in accents, soft and low; Amongst th' trres the little /.ephyrs blow; The ilew w;Ml;unpish, and tin* pair iiioon-liKht Hhone tbrih as bright as day, almost not quite. The Great Mo^ul was lyin*; broad awake. (With some folk,coos lence will mucIi freedoms take,) What awtui sounds his wond'rinii ear-drums scare ? What li|;;fieous noise \h tliiatinK in th*air .' Such as of obi appalld the murd' runs T/uine, W hen Hurtuim Hood hopp'd olf to JJufisinuttt. Forth from th** window jwipp'd nis b.dky head, With cotton cap on b'aut'ous bristles .spread. Oh who can tell, save those who've see.' the sight, Thai !nt;resnnx head in iiighl-cap white, How vnst'y it excels the painters skill. Who drev'the Arab's head upon Stufw-hill. *' Mif wood!! my tvood.'ri)h what a dev'lish trick "'rhcy're stealing all my wood '. Younfjr Sick.' Youn^Nickf" Wide stretchetl his mif^hty jawi* a horrid sound Like yell of ten mad bulls re-echoes round. Fp from the guard-bed springs the gallant ^tci, The guard around the bade, muster thick. 'Follow me, lads," he cries with pantqig breath, 'The MuffuVn surely at the point of death; Po damnably he bawls, that in a minute He il crack his bings, orelse the devil's init.** 'Great sir," says Nick, pray tell me what's the matter? v hatdirecDp/xf occasions all this clatter? Did murderers attempt your |>reeious bfc. Or. has some villain carried off your wife? Do treach'rous Concht against your star conspire, Or, Mighty Chie/tom, is the town on fire /" Foaming with rage, replied the Hiif Ikuhaw, St-t-tealing my f-r-firewood, a ih-th-thief Imw; At least two-penny worth he stole, and well J ..!. die ifscui. T.MH thf ^ennnel M'trr kf a stave, tmd stenlinf^ othkks' iW/ Free pardon I tcould ^raiit, but from myseif, Ifr'rn the snu.Uest trip should be taken By Uackor white, by (i~-d I'Uftay his bacon, 'Go. take the scoundrel hence, in dungeon deep Of lbhiack-holc, tb" audacious black-Kuanl keep, 'Midst noxioustumes ihert* leisure give bim full,' To bless the^'iaf and merciful IVIoguI." X. Y. Z. A BONO Air TAr Red Huir'd laddie. Why should five members so outweigh The merits of thirteen ? TUv pnrsinrss of one they say. And one who's College seen. The rest are hum'd by these two iei<*. And our Great King, Sir Jtin, Whose threadbare promise 'tis that kniti, These loyal cits to him. LA ILST FROM KNCiLA.ND. The news from Warsaw is to the 13th of May. It dms not appear from it that any important movement had taken place on the part of eidier of the hostile armies. There is a repi.rt which we copy below, of a great victorv o'la;.:Hl by the Polish coiniuamier-in-chiefoverl)iebitsch but it appears to be of the same character with various' other rejiorts of bloody battl.s, and spbndid succism-s in the same quarter. A French pa^r, the Journal des Debats enters into an examination ut the prestnt positions of tlie armies, and of tlie slati) of Fi.JHiid and the neiLdiboring provinces, with the view of demonstrating that notwithstanding tlie unhappy issue of the exjM'dition to Volhynia, there is yet noreasonto despair of ilw fate of a nation which hiw exhibited such pnKliL'ies of couraLre, and such enthusiastic devoti.m tolhecaust, of national indt'fM'ndeiice. The retreat of Diebiis* b it is contend.d, was owing not only to the caust' op<'nly avowed, the scarcity of provisions, but in an ecpial decree at least to the spread of the insurrection in Lithuania uhich is extending itself with an eh'ctric rapidity. Bodies of ttalia^n. Hamburg |>a|)ers to the 17ih May were received at London on the evening of the 22d of that mfmth. The articles from Warsaw re|M)rt thoexj)ectation of general battle ere long between the Poles and Russians. Some accounts are given of mameuvring against Diebitsch by Gen. Dembenski, conducted with great skill. The Lithuanian insurerents seem to be exceedingly active. They have even succee^h-il in npellingan attack from the Russian troops, and cum|xlUng the latter to retreat to Pukiigen. The advices from Vienna are to the 6fh of May. Prince JablonowskI, f.irmerly Imperial Ambassador to the Court of Naples, has bwn dispatched to Turin to congratulate Prmcc Carignan on his accession. Lonl Cowley, the Knglish Ambassador, has bt^en recaHed from \'ieniia to be sue unH nms, and a bcuubiirdiiient of the town was feared. Don Miguel however, it i saies, through their intervention, to obtain sou* mitigation of the harshness with which he is threatened. Tlie hostilities between Belgium and Holland had b^n terminated, but a niiewal of tiMni is threatened. At tlie sitting of the Belgic Congress, on the 19th of May, an account of some negotiations with Gen. Cbasse, ttte Dutch commanding officer, on the subject was given. General Cbasse, in a letter to (ien. Billiard, declared that he occupied the fort of St. Laurent merely as a defensive measure, and that if the Belgians at Antwerp would cease tlv, works they have been assiduously carrying on, snd withdraw the preparation for attack before St. Laurent, h would on his side, immediately st(p all repairs of the iert, leaving every thing in its present state, with merely a gMnI fo prevat the ppulace from doing mischief. The Re gent, in consequence, addressed an order to the troops in Antwerp, directing tlnm to abstain from attarkio|( St. Laurent. The London Morning Chronicle, of May SMth, has acci.unts from Brusv-ls of the 21$t May, -unong which we find tlie following paragraph : The bitgiaiis have broken the conditions of understanding between tliem and Gen. Cliasse, ai Antwerp, and had gone on with thi ir entrenchments, in conse.^iience of which the (ieneral had again threatened lo bombard the town. As the Belgians persisted, many of the most resI ji wIt ." ...... ,.,.... < una loiN'sucI "^"* '^^^ " " ipiiuis persisieo, many ot the most resceededbySirh. Lamb, brother of Lord Melbourne. There i l<*'"hle inhabitants f!ed to B. rgen-op-Zwmi Letter. 18 a difference of opinion at Vienna as to what disposition will l>e made of the Poles who have wten-d thAustrian dominions. Somfriends of the Poles afrirm that it is only a part of Dwernicki'' corjw who sought refmrc in the circle of Tamopal, and that th.-.M', after laying down their arms which wouM be carrie I O or n. Then tare thee well insatiate B W'ho stung nor yet knew V, Since not for wealthy Durham's C Would I h^ve lost my I. They hear with teais fair L N G In funerMt R \ A clad colfl corpse now dfomed to B, Whilst I mourn her I) K Ye Nymphs of ii then shun each B, List to the reason Y For should A B Cr atT. Hell surely sting vnur I. Now in the grave, she deep in Q, Lies cold as cdd can R, W hilsf robins sing upon a U, Her dirge aad LEG. from the latter place, written several hours afterwards do not announce any cannonading." FRENCH AFFAIRS. The King in his journey through Franc* is e\e*ywheff vuiting tin? various establiibmenU of industry -^nd instruction. His answers to tlie addresses on the whole creditable to him. He is plcav d at tlie success of industry, inculcates a love of order, and the disM-minaiioo of instructa ,1 ... ,1 .. -'.....,. vT.i.,i....f ; A..^, ^***t VMdencc which we did not expect to bar of amone that trrave people. The Superior Criminal Judge of Scotland who b-ft his s.'at on the Ixncb to vote as a freeholder of Ayrshire, was attacked by the mob and with difficulty escaped. Mr. Larde, of Port (ilasgow," says tlie account in the Cal. donian M(>rcury, ..:... D.-l..VL with bl.MKly handkerchiefs." At Dumbarton the ferocity of the mob was as conspicuous as at Ayr. In Inland a violent altercati6tb, 'at tlie he;id of ^t^) Ln^ and that all th^ re.specting the arrival of tlie French and American squad! rest of the besieging army should retire in the follow^ r I >sw I


>n ,i i day to Turbttco. 25th. That no indivWud of ^ towb fhould bem^ured in hill pern,,! or interest, on account of pait political oknr*.,. Th pajisports .houJd b grants! tu all perou wishin,? to fo ot ol the country, or to other paru of th Republic. I hefje condition* appmr to have been fulfilled, and a> we intontionod yesterday, the principaJ leaders of the ex-ffovernment have retired from the country. At tlie date of Ihe MontiUa ssailiag, the Departoient was quiei. In the interior the sCate of things was very unsettled ; but the i-iberaU were gaining ground throughout ilie country. Extract of a Letter. Dojuinp) Caicedo, Vic-e President during the adrainbtra.^of Mosqu-jra, is now at the hea,J of tl.; government in Bogota ; Oen. Lopex is commander-in-chief of the troops. I be triumph of the consUtutional party is complete; 4500 of the victorious troops mf^ched into Bogota. The stores have been re-opened, anO the people have resumed their, occttjtetions, it is the general opinion that the country wiU now remain quiet. The American Minister has ob•ained a ro '^ *uunded on thiise ritrlits which have onca to say, that tlie warme:,! Inonds of that unloiuiuaic rouiur begin to fear that the exertitms of her sons w ill be unavajl ing to !ave hor from the fangs of the autocrat. A CIKCLLAR, Addres$€d by the Seen tar i/ of Htait fwr Fureiim j{4r • at Warsaw, to thr Agatts uj tht rulish (j'urerutHt/U u, J'^ureign Cuuntries. Recent military events having freed the capitol and i| whole of tlie rJL'iit bank of the V ijtu!a Irum the attucks ( the enenjy, 1 deeui it a duty to request you to u>e ever'v possible ellort to convey to the Government to which vwi are accredited the wishes of the Polish nation. It is a r ceived pnmipic in Euro|X', that the independent existent I overnment seems very v.ell disoosed towards that of tlie /ntted States— iV. Y. Jour, of Com. ^SEARGTTS. ComtHercial 7eec(/rf/.~\Ve have, from uk.Mcca-us Colfee House, Caracas papers to the 9th inst. inclusive, q LI tatutl, of Uiat date, contains a decree of the Senate and llous*' of Representatives of Venezuela, in Congress assembled," which ordains that the port of La Guaira shall continue ojM'n until the last day of e|>ttinber next, to corn, rice, beans, and other grain, free of duty, from foreijrn countrKs, the importation of which had been permitted by law until the present month. The executive authority is empowered to prolong the privilege for three months beyond September.if this should be deemed necessary, and to extend it to the other ports of the Republic, if the municipa councils should require it and shew reason llierefore.— rhil. J\at. st strenuously, to impreu upon his associate Judges, the propriety of adopting severer measure's. One hundred shillingH, steriing, seemed to liave been the lowest sm. which bis Honor could think of. but we were unable to comprehend, whether he intended to proceed by writ of alia* DUtrmgai, or by process of attactiment, to enforce the jmyment of theincreajd amount. We would not presunae to dispute a point of Law with m high an authcrity as Mr. Justice Sandilands, particularly when backed, as he was yesterday, by the C.yer's proclamation, as set forth in Chitty, on Criminal Law, but It certainly apjiears to us, that the Court exercised a very •ound discretion in withholding any further proceedings against the Grand Jury, -for if we understood the Court righUy, the Kin /Wias, which was returned on Tuesday ^ , i "^.. w*k. was merely a preliminary procoa. under which :iL ..?? .'' ^"^'"*'*'' *>*^<^ ^'nlv madtpurchases of cotJuror, were not com^hni to appear. "^ ""^ ""^ '^ ^ ^ZTnT'^'^b ^" ^>---^- Binnmgham ami Jurors were not compelled to appear. Tlieinon-attrndanco yesterday under the writ of ZKf. tringa* was, therefore, the first default; for which default they were amerced, and liere the proceedings were very properly allowed to rest. (! GENERAL COURT. Tuesday, 26th July. The Court met at 10 oVIock, when tin. Provost Mar•haJ returnearing, tliey were adjudged forfeited On the question, whether any furtlier proceedings .should take place against the (;rand Jurors, there was a difference of opinion in th.Court.-Tlie Chief Justice and Mr. Justice Lees, determined as there was no business to be laid before a Grand Jury, that no furtln^r Process should issue •gainst them-Mr. Justice Sandilands formed the minority. The Petit Jury were then called, when only thirteen O^welve of whom were coloured) apin-aring, an alias Distnngas, was dux-cted to be issued against U.e defaulters. Moss versus Daxon. The plaintiff, now residing in Em:lan. London, AUv 21. lothe Editors of the Morning Cou. and Ena. : A steady and progressive ris<. is taking place in the price of all funds, foreign as weU as E, ,lish. 1, is to be ascriU-d to two causes: a conviction that peace will be preserved and to tin. success of the Reform question ; the latter, however, wdl not be definitively settled until June, but as far as the returns go, there can lie little doubt that the public voice IS unanimous in its favour. It is astonishing what an extraordmary change the mere pn,sp<.ct of die eventual success of relorm Iws already produced in this country ; It IS folly, however, to suppose that all the advantages will flow from it, which people here anticipate; andfet, one must be blind indeed not to see the great and salutary impulse which the energies of Uie nation have received from a mere glance at the land of promise. I learn that two euMPejit housts who for the last twelve months, have been domg little business, huve recently madtpurchases of cot U^ a large amouaV In Manchester, Birmingham am l-d. there never Was a gn^ater activity aniomr the manufacturers, but it >s more particularly in ih,. country •mongst the agricultural class that a spirit of eaterprise and how; of better times, shew themselves. You will already kmnv that four Belgian commi.ssioners ^. J ^^...„.j ... .vuiiut^vi w,, iiiwai11^11.^ wiucn Have onca been recognised, as well as in the formation of a domestic the Merchants force capable of protecting and maintaining it. When tlu. inst. inclusive, question of riLdit is co-<'xistent with that of fact, bo?li yield to ' ^' each other reciprocal siij^port. The former existence of Poland, her relation withothei States,aresuincic.|,tlv known nor cuii the three partitioning j)oweis (|uestiun their UlsiJ. rical accuracy, for they niu>t retain a recollection of ii,e intimate relations which Poland formerly niaintuined with them, of the services diatshe rendered them, or of tlie reverses which she f>rced tluni to endure. Ifthen, we consult the history of our country, or that of Europe, it will he seen that the rit,dit of the PJles to a national and inde|M'ndi'nt existence, is incontestihie. It j, true, diat at the close td" the last century the three partitioning P(,wers, after having confederated for our rain destroveihh. those inonar. hn al in•stitutmns which the two Chamheis have declared an' l^-st suit,.d to the wishes and wants of the natnm. The national i.overnment of the Kingdom encounters no opposition m the ex,.rc,se ot its authority; its orders are Ixecut.d with the utmost r.eal, in vxrry part of the kinirdom unoc copied by the enemy. The Polish troops, the arm.d r.tres,.ntation of the opinions, nmi vt t\^ ,^,^ ^,^^, nation, after tlire. dorious but deadly conflicts, afn-r having sustained dreaillul lo.vses, have -gain completed their full numbers. riew. in msnoct to Belriun, : ,tl ^Z '1" ".' I'T' >'"""' "*'7' '" ^'l'""" "•<•"• > r.. now in"•••-•'"• >-t/iini lo ii.s uuerioi viewsin resf>ect to Belgium; the siT,md is to ascertain tlu ntention ol the Prince of Saxe Cobourg in n-^ard to 1 e throne of Beltrnim; and the third to prevail on him to accept It, should the Endish e(,vernment be inclined to grant avourable conditions and he be dis,H,M.d to refusiit 1 lie deputies have had several interviews with tluPrince without coming to any ,H>sitive conclusion. He himself 1 am assure.!, would not lu'sitate a moment in simdinj hem the chanarl with a net^ative answer; but bo '^1 /fl^"'*'" '" "":*''-'"a"d t'at in the present critical state offheccmntry, wh*'n (econcmiy has hecoim. so hifhlv necessary. ,t would not l>e h public to see tlK.n,selv..s r.d oftlie necessity of payintf him £rA^,m) 'I >car One of tinCabinet, it is said, has expressed some ideas very inimical to his Royal Hiirhness* interests ; but whatever may he .aid. the Prince is a clever and priKlent man, who will keep what h. I,;,s ^oi a.s |on-r as he can, and who has too much g.>od sn.MMo throw"^ away bghUy a s,,lenn''i'l^'red as definitha^ ri.' M l!'"'" ""^ '^'*' '"'^^ '^""''^ '"V own mind that peace will be preserved, for every cause of dispute has be*n iror nv^r \r^ — ,i • . JM>nident m tli<. st/onjest sens<. <,f th<' term, and the qu,^ lion ortact IS no Ioulmt in (pposiiion to tluquestion of right. I ,.e dangers uhich may hereafter threiifn us, and and which to-morrow may threaten tlu' liberty and tlie Ldory of other Powers in Euiojr., cannot in any respr-ct '• ter our real position, nor can they prevent us from pn^l'wnm-at tins moment that we are ii.deiM-ndent. It is therelore, admissibh' for us to claim from other Covernnients the lecoL'nition of our imleiHnd.Mice, and to claim it in the name of the niost sacred righus, which Eun-i* lias miann.D.isly declared t he inqMrishable. f RlL'imi, which m'ver ranked among Stat(s~If <.re.ce. uhoM. political cxisniice has lK>ei, annihilated for age.H--liave obtained among all the un(erfai:.ty of war the n'cognition of their imhpemlenre, I ask if Poland have not stninger ground for her pret<'nsions— that Poland, who*e national existence, extinguished for a niomeni. revive, with so mwcb vitrour, sustains itvdf with sa much enepry, nnd at the pnce olso many siicrifires—that Poland,whic|, alone, ami without aid, has dared to combat with the eiant of the north, and has already overthrown the illusion ofber [Kiwcr? it would be vam, in discuvsmir the question of Polish indeP l June, last yet, obtainH a .„. """ P""" *'" •> then,, and amo,^ other,, dt ZT„^J!r:\*'""'"'| 'l'::;'^^^^^^^^^ J^tation of ,he plaintiff '. in Nelprir .' """•••" vZt \ ^ ""' ^.•"'^'""f ^:— •.'^^-i""' nj. ...... ^ 1 . — t-"iwn, lu Huoiner p^..on of ,he pla,ntiff'. in New-Providence :-,ha, in October following. Uk, .lave. i„ order to avoid being 2 removed ran away, „d wen, to th. ,idence of the der._-„^, i • ^ i"iw-tn iiie v aninets of tjnco, Austria, and Endand, than at the present moment—on this you may fully rely. In France, Casimir Perrier stands as firm at his po.t as ri'" l't:!^\"r ^l'"^^^!'^ -'^!^ "^-e and Sonh fondant, by whom he was received, and detained fmm .Kon dJ "^ t J'" ^^elinnr both with the Kine and Soul •ervice of the plaintiff until the Anril fnn 7 Z T^ ^'r^'/"^^ ^'^^ ^^''^ ^^^^'"'^^ P-^^'v -" the other i r .. r, """^ '^ ^P*^'' foDowmg. Several " tin. declared favourite of both the Emrlish and \Z letters of the defendant's, were given in evidence, from whtch .t appeared, that he first wished Mr. Meadows, one trian governments, an!• .'•mFii 111 1 o|l>|l 111:11— prnfienre, to refer to the acts of tin.Contrress at \ i^^nna. lle treaty of Vienna, when ui.itiiuithe kinjrdom ofPoland to Russia, assured to us a r.ati.mal imli> Klualitv., ar.d constitutional (iovernimnt ; it also aimed at < xtendinu this nationality to the Polish provinc.s incorporated in the Ru*Man Empire ; and this for the purpose of consoli.latinuMlw traii(|uilify of Europ<'. ?'-h was the spirit of the Treaty of \ienna. The EnijVTor of Russia has been the to violate that Treaty bv MVorthrowintjinlbckinHnm the principal Constitutional .>'curities, in smothering all national spirit in their>h provinces, in prohibitinu even the use of cur lanLniajreMl our sulHTinjis have bot-n sufticienflv exp.>sed in tlie Manifesto ot the Diet. The Treaty ol^ Vienna has tbm n^-en f)oth in its arramrmieiiLs and their n-sults, inadeciuai*^ to the maintenance of peace. The violencasters. It does not devoUe on the Powers to judge of die causes which have destroyed the ancient ties ; but when they see these ties seveu'd, it belongs to them to aim once more at the object which was proposed in Uieir formation. It belongs to them to secure, in favour of the couihiiiations, that tranquillity to Eurofx*, ol which the union ol Belgium wilhlloiiiind loinied an essential basis.'* The cause of Belgium is identified with ours ; and if there be any dissimilurity beiwtjen the two, it is in our favour. Poland was formerly indep<'iideiit and powerful. The Congress of \ i(Mina even contem|ilut('d the n'-estabiishme.\t of that indepeiidenctr, and of the* inteLMity of the Polish territory ; but as tliese views were counteraried by imperious circumstances, a new kingdom was created, the limits of w liich were small, ami w hicli was united to Russia. On every occasion the best intnitions with rejrard to us were testified, by guaranteeing aUo the nationality of tiie otiier Polish provinces; the inadequacy o\' these dispositions towards Polaiul in general was clearly demonstrated— - most [h>werfui desootic su^'e. This alliance wd. The (.'onuress of Vienna could dis|)ose of Belgium concpiered by the Allii'd Pow'rs, and of Pofand occupied by the Russian armies. But Poland deliveree erected, until die sen^of tlie nation could itci taken. It app<'ai-s that the mention of the Duke of Orleans was received worse than coldly when first announced to the Citiien 84ddiei> ivsembled at the Hotel de ViUe after the events of the Three Days. Many exclainnd, very naturally, we think, No more Bourb(.ns !" These apparances suggested toCn'n. Duboure thes<. memorabh. words: ** V\ liat has occurred will make ymir Hicjlme^s siifVici.'ntly understand the nature both of our rights and our neers 01 the magistracy. 4. A rnmmunale, or municipal law of election, npon the broadest basis. No pro^x-rty qualification for candidates. j>. >ihordinato majriMrates to be elected bv the citizens. The 6th stipulation related to monopolies, and other I odious privileges vhicii bad cramped and paralysed industry. The 7th article provided, ** that all the preceding measures had only been adopted proNisionallv," until they could be submitted for concurrence to the whole nation, who alone, it was contended, were comp*'tent to impose such a system of government upon tlieinselves, as should suit their wants. This protoc(d, being first offerad to Gen. Lafayette, was adopted with alacrity by him, as comprehending in a few words tlie very ideas be had always himself maintained. Accordiuiily he took it upon himself to explain their inten. tionsto the Lieut.General comprehensively, stating the principle, wIkhi he thus expressed himself: **That it was their |)iest!nt object to rear up a popular tlirone, surrounded with repuhiican institutions J*^ Lafayette set off for the Palais Royaio, on bis return iron which be gave assurancesof the concurrence o\ tlie Duke if Orleans in Uiese principles. The lirsi acts of the Cliamb.*rof Deputies were, however, in violation of them; such for instance, tlieir voting the hereditariness of iIm' PetMage. it was at that juncture tiiat numbers asM'inbled round the Halls of the Deputies, crying out tieason treason They were (quieted by Lafayette, who told them be would use all possible exertions that at least a j>art of the promises made should be inserted in the Charter. In what degree the views of the actors in the R<'v)luti(m have been fulfilled by the debaters, ap^a'ars from the subse(pient measures of the government. Perhaps the memory f the King regnant may yet be" refreshed by new movements." The Scots Times explictly contradictn the stories which have been circulated representinf Sir Walter Scott as dan^enuisly ill. That paper complains that it seems to fie a sort of fashion to publish a periodical account of the illneHs of this distinguished man. *• Three short montlis a^o," sav* the Times, be hi'd a stroke of palsy, when we knew him to he very busy or. the second volume of Robert Count of Paris. Last week he had a most alamiing attack, according to the Edinbur^^h Courant — and some journals fond of copying pergonal parayraphs, are at this moment fiusy in propagating the dLADE 6l CO. To-morro',r, ( Thursday,) the i?8/A instant, AT THE VF.NUrK IIOl'SK, At 10 O'clock. A. % At Wi'Ishpoid assi/es, England, an honest rustic being called to sprak to the character of a cnminal, sa^d, / dunmi thinkhim itnj sharp my lAJrd." Judge Burton asking him What he ini-ani by abarp ?" be replMH), very innocently. W'ny my lAtrti, I have /<**/(/ him with tlic Jttnj' aitth June, by Wm. .Smith, Esq. J. p. Mr. Gk9 barrels superhiu" Flour, / H rv',) the following valuable ProjM'rty, situate m .St. Salvador, vi : A tract calh'd Moint N'r.i son, near the Hawk's Nest. Three adjoining Tract*, named — LucKvMoiNT, Moi;nt View, Hiid Smu.l IfopEa. Atid '/ hrrc other Tracts — One late the property id Mr. MunnM; one known hy the name of Sailor'h Retreat, and one commonly called Dean'h Plantation. LIKEWISE— \ valuable Tract situate on W itlin^'s Island, called Mount I''ECT. A full lesrription of the above Lands will be given at the time of' sale. Terms — Three uio/itlis credit, on uiving M'nirilv. July >W— 1881. K B y Cuba (t (( 2Gth ARRIVED, 25th July — Spanish Schr. Buen Viage, P. Lleo, Cargo— Sugar, &r. to Jno. W. Mii.i.f.r. American schr. Hotepnr, Endand, Baltimore Flour and .Shint.des, H. Al>lERLF,r. Br. schr. Emerald, W. Johns(m, Pbiladeljihia Flour, Rice, Corn. Ac H. (;RREN8LAnE& Co. Br. schr. Blossom, H. Johnson, New York Flour, Rice, Corn, &x. H. ftRFINSI \rtF & Co. H. M. schr. Fire Fly, Lt. McDonald, Havana Br. sloop Little Turk, Turks Islands Flour, Ac. H. Greensladk &l Co. TIESDAY, Phh July. THE SUBSCRIBERS to the Bahama Ti kf Ci.ib ar<* informer], that at a meetinir of the Stewards, which took place tbis day, it was determined that the first Ract's shall takt; place on tlKlast W tiinesday in Octolar. The purses to be nm for — tin* distance for each class— the weights to Im' carried — the entry of the Horseji, with the anioiint of entrance mon-'v — as well as all other necessary information, — will be distinctly explained in u future advertisf-uM-nt. Doctor RirHAROfinN (whose Horse is the favourite) and Maior Nieoi.f.s, have d(>termined to give the amount of any purs' or plate they may win towards defraying the ex{)ense of a BALL to tinladith July, 1831. jte^ iiif I Liiii THE SCB.SCRIBER OiTers lor sle, the House and premises he now occupies, opj>osite the market. It is one of the best stands in the place for business, and the House is commodious. If not dispos<*d of previous to tlm Hth of Aucust next, the same will on that day l>e wold at public auction. — The terms will \te made easy to th p-ir^. chaser, and the premises may he vk*wed from 11 to 12 o'clock, previous to the day of sale. ROBT. WIER. 20th July, 1S3L t AlJB 1 > -:


i I THE Extract from**BriofSkeSr ._ neini, und^r mguature of J. C. A|. i f.v IT.?;"'"'''*":'^ ''^ "' '*-^:'M>'-or. that IH mma Mvqub. in ry rouiuruaiu f, every t ytUaiiu J vyitlil Wr are indebltjd to ilie meim,,. bvwii. Wim-r wirii.,sH.-,l a m..r.. In ilI ' *" """'' '"' "" "if>'ll"u> iisii4,, metjiurati J taut pn.; duiii/.-fous to th frcje I.i,titui tt.n,i,.d that i.,ll,i.o.ortlu.. :""*'""" """"'"""O. I'it 1^ ittitutionx of thfi ,,.,. "i>ps now" wi iUis city to whi< h niijfht lH'ud r..|ujnnifH for hix safe arrival i ri'sidiiii' he in this city, the nwiHistin^jof refuijroe.s froni Por-' ""*' nadlonjr been rcHKli'nt* O..I.. dl.turlc.-. b^,.^ ,he sCm'u ^ lar>i;e concourse of armed citizens who wer." anxious to testify th.'ir loyalty to the new SovereiL-n. Upward* of r>(),(KH) persons were pn-sent on the (Mcasion. After the proci-ssjon, the yountr t:n.|>eror proctituUui to the Palar^s tins vemralde patriarch of Untzilian Independence I utor to theyount.' Kin|>eror. His. Maji-sty will s^iil next Wednestfay for Entrland la the Ln^hsh Frii;ato \ olat'e. The Queen of Portural will nail on the siime day in the French Corvette La Seine Commanded by Cajitain Tliibault, tJie ofiicer wl ed Charles die lOth to Fni;lanl.' > to which will, wo think, be of marvellous assisUnce Naval ofiicers who frecjuent iialb. ; it is a Nautical rangement of ttw figures ot fiishiimabk) (juadrilh-s ;--. ^^ /^ PanfnlooH,lhvi\ U|M,n th<. starboard tack I., *l other craft pass; then In-ar up, and j^et your head' on ^ odur ta^tner, box-haul her7 wear^r^id' ^^ sun iri company with the opposite craft j your own, afterwards lH,x-haul .or a,ain Hniit tti/ f.ti n ^ r' iiu cunveya^'ainst tin >vn, } Shoot pJieud about two fathoms till come siern on to the other craff under stern board to your birth, side out for board andtlK-n to jmuI, make sail aiul pass the' odM.rV'T tr't y.nir head round oo the otlnr tack a L ."*" s.arbo.ud, and ,..t, make sail to r^a ^;C b'l-U^t "* round, l^ck and fill and box-haul your ''"'^ Mm I*uuU\lUm\e ahea.l and pass From the Uaston Evening Transcript, June 23. The Ship Jnra.Wii have ri'cei # i ,f 1 r ''l'" f'^y '''" x>n 9ucri,.,l,.,i by cxDr.., in considerable numb}n iJon received a proclami if, and counUTsit^ned by the "" '*'*^ public square wh*ri. ... ^n received a proclamation written hy'tho F^^X h!Z new ministers, which had no throutjh, ^nd the caruo roblKnl ny puates of over 1(H) hales Cotton, all her Rum, the m., i^art ..fl... ii:.,.' Lead, and all tlie Tobacco not damaged. I he t or|>ois,. found a schomier nearly Jvascarfro, which Lieut. Percival tcmk'. (/'F)h>rsas tiioy call it)' i thij m.^at.-st jmrt of her Hides and h^"*' ""'" '"'"' rf<'wn, haul round loaded with the tm on the larboard tack, anu make all sail nito your ow n birth and brinjj up. 1^ /',/..Wear round to* starboard, passing under your partner's stern, the cad.eads of your craf^ n your starboard bow, then make sad into your b rth yoni partner passm, athwart your bows ; now proceed a;c^r7 mu' to the ..con. order of sailin, ; ,o con plet'tt evo u" ons shoot and back astern twice i, conpany wUh Uie whole sijuadron in drcular order of sailing. ^ The Coal of MaiL^usi H.for7Na,Mdc.on set out for B.LMnm he s^-iit for tinch-ven-st artisan I.f his clIs at Pa ns, and demanded of him whether he would .uu^lJZ a coat of mad. to Inworn uinler the ordinary di^lwhi! 'uUJ IH. absolutely bullet.pnH>f; an. supportml by U.e army, made one in favor of his son I). Pewho had reckoned up his mind u> abdicate the Uir inK oftheevrnumorable 7th'yA,riI A^ the mornIV Natiorml Assembly which had already Bm. rnn irz'".."' ""'""^^ " ""''" "' ' """" sr;r^ G;,;^ rTT""""?"^ at d.nner. Of .iK-pn^ ,,. ..v,.ral Bri.isb n;al ^ffi Ol war ,th tho I, nii.-d Mate, ,a, b..,t-hl up. It banm-n-.d the ,N..r,h Carobna arrived the day prece,linr rour-e ,a.,tlK.n ljigdcr the in.n, of the , ^ s;r?:a:'j!:r;r'-'^--^"'-":^''i^^ ilh h,m ,mM oal ,y ofThll/e i^M """"""'J' .<"" "K'XM the country feve, ,bo, 1 K, ""i; '.* """"> nlKht. When ,pVi .kl"i i ; L' "l* j^ "-"1" H-' " "".a.n for ma. It WM tried, he says. m iiitif an antidote to the ...'ias- b 'I it had formerly Ln in the h.h f 1. !"" .r.v, or H,ho, or ite...i.,.. fe^ :y''.::;".i:'r;"v:,:hr, thpy PNcnpfd; the free use of expo,ed themselves, exceo, the last, Jthe ,; anH th.y can ,.ss,n no otker reason for i than the Chloride of Limr.-CW^,,^ (Z^r FrJn I, u"^ Committee of Paris have rngacefl French phys.c.ans to o to Poland, m the hor 'hrpn.jr^,, f ,he cholera morbus. Thev w parture rnimrdiafolv "*^> ^" parture unnaediatoly. engaged twenty-setrn pe menattdi"''""-"":"'"^''' "" '^-'^ ""v Sea Serwthbay on per:;;dr;.^ri:^r!:r:;d:::^hLrt^"^^i"-."'""''.'^ t .he i,n.,.rorwa. -^ :!;',!":; it vi^r^:^ !! .rond ptol a. the ba.k of the treoibbn. arti* J^ It on I. v> ejl, said the FnuMTor **vikiif.iVA V prict out r Kiirhti'en thoii.iiin,l pair a day ; birds think they obtain fo, each ropy iaradise plumes for the parodied lav : ladder of fame! if man can't reach thV top, he Is right to sing just as high up a. he inay ; I d te a parody made bv a pujipy, Who makes of snrh'parodies't'wo pair a day s SPEECH OF .SIR GEORCK Ml RR \Y ON B/AC HETIRSED FROM PEHTHSUIRE. Sir G. MURRAY-" I have never been onpo.d to prtKient antelioration or improvement th,. ,n"S d the coun.rv, and I hohl i, id.d Inone ,Vt Cehilf e,celle,.a.., and bappie,t ebaracterlstic, of tlHBr t^h eon ut".n.l., ,t i, capableof receiving eh im .rov e2^ ir VLve':;'';",' ^''""""-^.v ^.lLlly i,rl!ice" nm nW ""'' *" "Pre"<-H mvwlf in Parbamen. Z CrLn >'r ''I'^-r""'' "" """ *''"'of "*.rown. >ou are all a wr re, eentlomen that I f,-^o have t ,' '} ^'""P'^'-tf"! to you .0 do w.and Z ha b..en ple..d on all ocra^ion, ^A o Parba men unlettered by av phd^., either given or exacted j "demen for 7^ Ic ""^. ""*> "* "" >f hi* .... aware tha.^ ""t^'" '"''. P'"'!*"'*"^ "*' <"'" I vJ^aI T '*" Pf^'tiwin oine olher part, of ,he U...tcdK,ngdom, ,herc .he .y,tem of clcc.ion 7mIZ moro free, to tic down and fet!er a Candidate l-y particular pledjjes before sending him into the Legislature. But this I hold to be not only i.nconstitutional, but to Inalso unreasonable and unwise ; for it is not possibhto forestM* all tin* alterations of circumstances undd order and security in society' is iImonlv liberty which can |)roniote the w. Hare and prisperif> of the Stt'. Lei us look, L'er.tlemen, into the bisf.iiy of "otlu-r nations] and 1 shall insianntiie hisloiy of diat great p with wlmm w.all Ij^-came acipiainietl at an earlv peiiotl of t.ur lives. What was it which cans*.! the hss of iib.rtv in Kmie f A school-lM.y wouhl very probably reply, theambitim .d ("H-sar, an able and a' lortunaiV CienernI, who led hl^ ;uinies from (iatil toDverlbrow the lilH^rties of his country. Hut tlios*' uho can hH)k a litlh> dee|Mr into history, and can ttale hxome the pi(uie.-rfc of hisaimy, and had not the radicals (dKon.f thrown open its gates to \*elcome a tyrant, liut w hat nro the l>est nKiins of guarding a Mui-t mm h misfortunes? I ImiJeveihattheKifestandnx.Nt. II. ctual preventive is topivedw 1 .i . ,. ' ..^ '"">"""' smno nioM intTfuaipreventivi' nillra|,.y a.,d j mo..ld.Ml i.o i., pros..,,, forn, by a serie even. .,hi rebg,o arc npbeld. and ge....,, d.spiays i.sehinall ,1k,. art,, I ou. of the oontlietin^p,,i. a^.d the co ,.e, ,T. Md every depar.>,.nt of lm.ra..,re ao.i ,rie,.ee. Bu. | of n.e.-j to, aid.'d and iM..ried, if I n."v r.^ i^ a. .he presenl n.on.e... .be niin.h, of all ..,en have l..n fir.,to en.i nnsell, bv a l.,.efieen. Lnd ,TJS^ ^ ed away from .1. e.e.., of .he in,pro>.n. den.,'.. .. o... .i,.'. L" .dZ (:.::.i..:,fo' 1 1;:!* h;.;: of ila, coun.ry, and hav., been d.rec.ed e,lu.iv. ly .o iIk= : f ou...ry has bill,,, .o 0r Co.,, ,i., hi. Fox "^^ted u,.>n by every the same cours.'. To these tliin^ I ranoot b... L 2 a i ';,'*' impulse. It n owine to this that every inter.-st .. "I'j'i'-i" iinii. J MioiiKi iia>e iMH'n as iiiuch come to bv u-lii/'li :* ..... i.. n t . Hebh.,.d as any by .he la.e chanee, i.. France. l,l i {.Zl a2, !, i. """^, "'."' I"""""' ".v delighted as any man by the late changes in France, had it apiK-ared to me that th.y wenlikidy to had to the ih rmanent establishment of liberty in that country, but I delay'd to n-joice, iHJcause I dirl not see that these changes were at;HM; :nec,; heita Z^Zu^^nlTrll '''' '''' T ^^ ^'^'^ ^'"''"'' to join in the e.vuhation expressc-d bv manv .' '" L ^. 11;....'* ^' '" "W'-'-n* .=d t... argunnnts of his to join in the e.vuhation ex|ressed by many persons in this r.mntry ; and the event has c.mfirm. (m his part to >hov a similar opiHHieiits. I eonfess it appears to me, there f.,re. that ibe inrdiness represented to exist on the part of the ||iis. of that country, ami, in particular, with one of the in '"^'''"' "'^^ "'" ^ i^"' puties, which you all ktmw corn>sijH^ V.Tel loL .1 '^ '^"''*' "^'"' ^'^' '">>? continue to pm mmher Commons with'us Tlu L^ntleman ^ ul \ T "' \ ^'^'* |rof,,Tou.s voyage-with Monarchy t ||k muchMnm..rvinio.lMiru..lcof ,.|..ciio. IT ....... T"'' ""'" '"* ftv-M.nnu' bna.h of tla, ii.s.alli.y o, lllir Iv. rn..a U was V, r L '"T''" '""" ''l'' """ '"" '"-' ' '- f""l-'l i.i.l..rabl,.%l,...^ ,!Z binV 1^1,0,, T' T' i ""'' 'TT' '"*" """ "" f"*"But if we ,,,,,11 u ak... which ., nr m'^e;., Tnl,?rsH.^ on':"::, V-::r''^^ much tia. band which l:..M. ,1.. |.b. din.inij .;r..o,ned,:.;r:e;:'';;,:v^^^^^^^^^ th,, fluc,,., which Franeeha.he..J:ht" -he w-lrW '- h" -" occnrr,.d ,n .b, l.i.tor, of U l.never any mw capric,. in p)i.i,-, l,a,l,,) .1* ne. Ml capital of France, the pn^vincos had Inen obiig.^ to rirhl to the imptdse given at Parts, for want of anv local fnOnc-nces to which opinions might rally .!>rwhelt>, and ^ire linie for sound judgiiu-nt to op|M,M ,im 1, t^, hasty and rfmb impressions. 7t trnuhl he trell ,f the propU ,rf.uU at all : timenhrnrxn mid thai rrvfr^h hare thdr fovrfirrs as fr^U oj 3fnvarrhs. Whrr.rrr there i, poorer thrre prilf hr Jlatterers, and the penj,h do vnt ahrny, nuffirHni!^ re^olBFL(;n .M. TF.e folluwinc is the Protocol oftlKConfrrenre held on the 17th May at th*' Foreign OfTice, Lcmdon:-^ * ?*re>rnr. tho Plonipotenti.-ries of Austria, France, C.reat Hrifain, Pn...ia and Rnssia. !>, ih* opi^nhig of the( onference, thr Ph-ni|>otentiarv of Franc*, dec lan'd, by the express cnnimami of his Sovr reign, l/iai France arced.-fl to tlie Protr,col of Jan. ifll, 1K11 ; that she appro^.d of the boundaries fixfl in that act for B.lginm; that sl lert, that they are LhU tU Hati.r '"f"!,-^ "^'"" '"^ boundaries fix,^I ,n that act for B.lginm; that si, m Pnnre. aJbuJatJ^^^^^^^ ondm.f.da. .red r.comi7.M| the neutr^hfr as well as the inviolability of tb*r not l? faU^ arlfX^^Z^^^ tletil '^ ?';' "^^'^' "-/ "fein territory ; that she wouM arknowh.lge the ^.^.. erer V,:^ted a^^^^^ ^^'^-^ -> wl.n that So.erei,a. should hav. Av hetnlin^ thr it^Z^ of kT^a^^^^^^ "^ di^;*../" ZV J T "'> i ^^""'"y 20, mi; anMhat, accorrfine to the principb s j rtgiUnce thn hw tU extreme ol democracy. It i, ^ sidered the Grand Drh v of Luxr mWp r.pipl^e j 4 .^^.^-.-.r^^