Title: Delray Beach News
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Title: Delray Beach News
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: December 7, 1928
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00007
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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-- ______________ Additional Fends May Bo Offie ers Named For New - L I 1 ILJl
S ,,r rr iiolmaiBiNIMs Secured for Repair Year at Meeting Last -
J.C.KEEN LEADS nlm Nl1 alir Of Building Wedneaday Til lA Ii l A P ANTHONY TO
II, M il h Ii nrPll lii niri ini wRe b. New, A P. ANTHONY TO
w""'"'""i '"" ""'""l rowe,, inillt ilen Nehi..g ,. .< ii. .>.], AINTUUiIiii,... NTUU iNT
FIELD IN FIVE 'lie ln n ldIhm Ie Ist Mond BE PRESIDENT OF
A i l nfl, o l i,,l.o .,ln ..,. i 11 '', .. .. ', .. .... NEW INSTITUTION
--- r anis t may Inrder. It will ... .. I hl hnl.rm all.
Hubert Porter Nosea Out r i a. ."l.fr. o. eoo loennirl in tlhl e h. l lnn e nd I .inlen io. wiin tw., le ,i rinl time Ihnt nl y --
W T.. A. Jacobs by O e ,w .n- n rt rl r 'ee e ona l P1 t v -r.... I L.ael' Niht een etine nt such I nnormatln h*as en pluh Ocean City Bank Building
W. A. Jacobs by e w I -l[,lit pirter-- rod, ,.^o, Sr [ the eplHl >t t, Cal l C ,b It k h .... .. .. . I Pdrchase or ., h n ."'k
Six Votes wti appear on tim ew he rd. O n i e e on i te Norah D e. Hinh. Jni y. .. Purchase for Home
S .. ; .- ,,,. Irm miny whin was Other O fflc e elcte were n iving thl inrsfnrmin. The data Of New Bank
TOTAL NUMBER Ipa e wn wore sufferers In the Sepeenir.r .b votes. StntoN government.
VOTING WAS 422 _______tor Appiati s beon mede i L. Hlbe wan electd niefrict DIRECTORS WILL BE
SW 4r fe n addtiinal num for ue In re- Truanoi with nit nppoullon e ELECTED NEXT WEEK
Personnel of New Council LOSS OF LABELS c in r nn- ".r: 'n. S 1 tCHOOL TEAM IS -
Will Remain Unchaged i e FiOR ee h e1. -i d-. d, City Withoot Bankinig Fae
SWith One Exception RESPONSIBLE FO" ; "': ,WINNER IN FIRST Cilitiei Sice November
"-' ' I ,Last Year
n. n..i... ..... d UNTIMELY DEATH"'' ."' GAME OF SEASON e
Sdr ed lowly, and tlen two day b The Florid State Blnk will open a.
n-ge aan'o ef t. Fr A.Mte, NMholls Scumb FORMAL OPENING OF LOCAL GOLF CLUB Boyon Is Victim of Hawk rrt lnli :1 .
Ike. lasn Cnnd 1 en don Io.e e on A kin o One-Sided Game at mnentd i W l e d by thole
-taint. For Medicine High School Gym a this k MI A P. Athon.
nh, "h.. elln i et Tet .l nht --- Th nien ". le1 *. i lr i S bi Ow e k. X i. o rill P. Arlh ie,
minht hBtelrid n "offw n |l g e Beacel uniitpoi i olf Club -.. i.. *. the new itltutinn, wac In thO city
.tion"e~e le ]n, .eh. ndw.c tL, CAME'TOPET-PAY i.c l. e* .e N .n lee. i ., ..... .. i LL tie.-JTRIM m k wektct ci nn tin
-r in ..lte coi B eYNTue eIN[ ''H Jl'I n..N M t1 1nk Rnl ta 'I
, te fe' rwe "', ,O cd.. .e I , trce pr cl ala, wo. se ITUNINOPENER bne rald worai d out in d ll
ed. II ,"
w t t b1... ".. .. .. "... . [," I -' , .. I, '., .. . 1 "- ,. .. .. .. . ,. "

.A. a o , ', I ... i ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ,... "'
IT-i .. III li'e.. .1, *ni 1 r---' ;.'.'..'. ,|1

, l .' e ,,, *. ~, . , F . .. .... i,. '

n. cni tenl een ...... .. ORGANIZ1ThN I FORMIIED Ii THE ,, ..
c thce ,n a earhe petee e e the ne b i e a, e m. n to e, STAMP COLLECTORS OF THIS (11C N .c
Tecot eat aen e nl e of the ihe dio aeet were n a stoe ial e ,l l -, I
election the ve v b J.C ^m C oafters ee s, J e .. D. .. * n .
Ken. nHe alone o the nd. h S a c ... ..... .. .. -
n o "t' -I- "n j d. Cl

a plurality o nly three votes ' r .

. .. ..i '' rason and the fourth hsbe
e .. .. I.. .. in .- e ,' 1. i. '. ' I . .i .., ...i.....
el re e f u en icwaneHOLD Asses,
. i . n eaed eh ec i Tile ,n d ' , '' ,'i ,, -I'1 .. . . 1 ... '" . .. 'o". ....!e
e. .e. Iiam Weldd le .C..
. .. ,es i nI John ,. ... . ,h

a i u". stU."en D''1 B. Tho. vIl ,ho .rva hm TAX COLLECTION "Tr iHi -r L ,B - ..IN I '.' ... -"
-^ sa nme iber of the Am ide s th? A SHOW INCRL FIRST TI. , .. warden ester

. .. .. , ,, FIT PAR Y
i,' ... .. . ... I;I .,, . . ; ". ", ... .. ',, I ," n. . .. ,, i | n rne e ol htif tnint i
... .C.P. ... 'Ii, ' .. ' ' ' e iO c1 gAUX Ai Y
,a ft a . . . .. ,^ r .. .. . h .L.. . 1 .. .. r ', e t 'a '. ,,ti .

One G. een, Mn P War ld .
d R I. Porte .
The Ateoe th, ye wt C ht i n 1- r .
alded o n sue or p dl atf goms . .. , ,. .. .. ... . .
the e, ddates issued an y 7., ..... .... .. '' '
IndIdate t. .. "Ie i .i. l l meet wlk tolhl I. .. -I -
.. '' . I I l . .e. A. .il. 1il
...... I'' '' . I .. 'I l .l'.. .".In.... .. ., '' t e... no 'a'e' .. .e

end .... enn I I .. ,

PPI,'1AY 7~A,.Iil h rTAY t 6 NEWS, nil, BAY C dTI, F OITlnA ._ riyJ l7 0 7 .
---- -.- -- -4-o- --- -- --. -.- oon. 7 iPhRitlo.N IVENr

so: .I i II( .. i 5I 00, I5,5l0, 5 l .ONI i' 'S Pl' IH. EA )5 5 P.. .. ,. W l7 r 'i l"

.lli rlsllood '5l5l llllr lh ,,, ,,, i ., . . t ..... , , h I*M i,. I i'
- ilSCIIII"I'iif I ? "nIi ll "h r ] itdt'l In *, i .t .3. . . , || n c illl y I
"- '" .^ L", A"","l h- .. . . I I te : ...cc,' . .I ... 3.. .... T

I-, 5Sf 555 lltl 'd,. for .ini.l, . n i n . o
SbN II0 7. i n i ols I.. P

'.s,,.,l 7,,, or l l e t .,.,..,.,,s ry ,

i... i h d ..i: . . . i h i eeh e 1, i ,, ll, ,,, n n l .P. hI I' o, .l .

"h "nn1n', .."1... n
n'', i .. .i .. . Ir d ry . . 5 I . . . *, , o. .
S , t o. .. dhoI n h ,h,,o10 ,, f the Re os Ites ,d t -

t o e So look si nl S-0 50 tin. n. in-a, ,s
I 5, .rene .l .e sll. reoliptr .o --- o.. O ti e r Ull. d. 0N 1i ro e h..
to. 1ss ,, md e. y 0.
ai h ,. o ,, 0hh0" ' ' , , ' '

.osnt id 'n L s ' .|g.tof '.d o It.nI . .'.0 No toh 'a a
lo n mnot hl le r hr p l, ,, o'd,. , .. , s 0, 00R0 o o lo roo lodoy
.n h ,d'- L m ,. A .. -i. o s o
'ree e l t ol I1 1 I l oiIll 0'' ,I1 0 N. 2, ooo h 1 0
iha0t 1.her t.d w, odillooaofor It o , . oi ampdo mol. 1evry 0L oHo oo

Sr lt ro. i ,, ' . . , .... .. Ae i ln b o 6e borp t mle
-- ,,,. .. ., Int th Point et he Pbceonemn p- wlhith. the hl t o.f the idm th the my It e o I, T- 9

CO0RATU0LATION 0 any f"arme1n 1 *ome 0 uh *o, ,, "'a*t *s *in'ing '0 ine"iv the 10ve of 0mi0on0 but w000d 0e to 0 0 0th0 0nto be0inr that he
B ,i .o tin rlmg Io n oloro on atale pa- A oI hOdRdT, ra. lar r hft th ow-py lt i n- Crdnot t arntrs Wt'E ADur linr

sot ht. o aa t i I o reo b 0 aeo a .....7 1edbyth o ho re t a. o . ot h1 l 2' t .el T e o P- T t 0

.o .. ..t to e ., also or othar o ity So F. o rida ha a to ot "' .... ''. o ' ... . f .BOi I h ,, f h

.t o ,h. tw o w .t. H a' .i P o'te' w a n t to k n o w w h y .re. .t F lold' ,e p ost m u s " o o ,, . . , , , ,, r
ca"e the .o.ter.. ftithat w-- f rme 'tt. o. .ore membr. t I. . I I I I I
St o .t . ao . ..... .a. .. ... '.. ......ta

, h n et W.l to 111 m. o hy .., b e m ke -p 1.,11 -rd, a 1'2 e1 Ehve= man an in th --.--1--- '

prefiouand tylad t vetrn all to e yEh rf tem things they need 0Mt Proud too bto mmlIner of th e tAmeran fo omildae ,foior'o t o t"00. ,ttfr aot thFe Stht 0 A080
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sodt eHaot set5tow 00 t e too" To ota 1 fm te o nog for i h i f o1 i t tA t f it i a. .fo . oc i ht ha B t t t 000%

thn ovtI .er Te o I 'opB to support hem l e mot bn hip of o ny ront on i a j S .. O 0. . I

Oe abB r ago n o W wo h. e nd hef rn l u e.of on O o_ oo their tmill, ta worldand th umb o p .n k she t*e t h 0a sh .1 r memmbe int* -
t elve the lowest lui r ne v Ites that we know of other ein entire l evr row bu n apdt t tc til wil p 'd .th Civl!' W' tr. "
. eo ant ...... M mr t R A-"n, ai ^ ,. rdn ,n

mTe ao tal olc ba r t, atw o 'T wa of lth g oe of tn do. is confront wh tx

.... ..L. O haS .0 o.,o, to. .o t n . ..' . the ato .. ool it f t mo 1n. tht lo At r iIl d T o Bt n
..................................... ........ .JI .. .. ..

the t rnda Sth e Ch a b ter s Cofoty de o r, tto to I g I t s t thhe tohat t oN tamo ithl a" Aphigd on S on o t f.l. o. 8
onh oHo I t t n n rM th i -h oi A ]. o to n h isT d Tl t a t ot t th U ,. p i g .

/;'* ".rlh"*.5 ht wr =' w;. o on *e ol"^ S You will be Satisfied

with ou
................. .... ................ ,. .. , ,..,,...... Q.. .ua.ity w orkm anship
i e th.00 otod. 0 e 0 pleotofo a 0I0I0 mUh e d tahm l h t t
l dt thl .em tl. dln tI h problem tnnha t e Ittr h "'t l .
t tiet bt .e *i rt h. | o a n h 1 h m ed and worh he b ted out BD that Fe r erids
mo th. *o .N . t-ro. t pi p eity. Praer pere ty own the ai of h t o I
'a s. a 1 -- toon eh o on of oi B a ah fo oSt lttn ndowillieingto
0 o.. yel" o Thmo atn.e. oo h old tom f, 2 hoo ott :o ng W r on hot tmoon tationl

T he I ,ua r.e ethe. W o. t n '" "' i. ".. 1" ro.n , n be itn or E id"
h.i.. ad h .......th, : ". 0 , .".i' . .. D o 't e T B ri
th e. lokO nottode.I i tieioo Iot 20l"0 .a"I '" ao d , t h i n ,tlaref1>iof t h i onoo- of t Wo a th e
5er. It I oot s t o re lB'. I o o Io.ed .d h l 0 to o ahost if... . d Rhi
III, o" .th ..tI. IWWII I ia betlod oi m TAX "M L I . .
"gtt "I", 0 N
'Tho aoisoi tattllenoto l .. to nw" V.rotf d eith a too
s. I ,, th ttot.. tosniro ..],.. DBraid T o B ring
b Ir ,g .... ,lee -tt e i n' '"' t. t. "th'e o rol -. B e, A f,,,A
..t .. .. St ... ...edh. ..l.. '*Io' 't 'llo t at s
no..Io- .at.. i .lo ,.l it... oeIoi o at B1 "0o0b A ae
..... -1.,.i, the: ', ,, to -. [I.
too.. '- . .. "' .. : bUs That Job Of i nt ingt
I ":", i. -P i

I_ th t he u 1
'+ '', .............. M.....lo.ol. be S ........ o U io m Yo l be satisfied
. . .l f u e of"rou tg Poth e
tao. o .. . .. ..'o, ,,i ,,oroa o0 M0o*0.tl t ,ow wh ost d noloes fosl t hase tO-l w t

of tl I",oto t High Quality Workmanshipu
00n 000llB, hots i i'tt tho

.fa ......... the......oa.l oot, fot.d f n ................. Uniformly Low Prices
molo.. I. Ii bute te a, III Jl o

00i n .... ri. . i '' t o o tt au.e thie pso m flsti moot ho
ri* '0 5 ooooiyooksoiahooo telltnsl

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heat4 Ote .. oy.. t k.0 p .d h toio a It I... ttom, a.A i.
tor... to.I

11ri 1-1, I el 7, 102., IPRAY EAr l' NRIWS, D IlMEAY REACH, IOr nrDA PNro Thrln


TIMELY HELPS F)R. .... .. .. F fL TRIPS FUl. .. ... .... ..... .. W.IL WINN
CITRUS GROWERS ~~. CLUB WINNERS It .'..'l...d..lf. n..S. '. w.,ir d

.... ...y, Plh Tt. li at h *. v .r .. . .Ii.. .Bfii I. . .' litdio i,, l i '
atfiLsvllel, Phi -rr ll ow Rwurt plran ller ii o .rir lrhinl wa' Tale .. ________e
lnffL y h I. Dfa o ei r.rnl ii wa i wu iii' ' .I . ..v. EI. W. P' I.tY

(ee t i rdl al l(,[ l ,,, ylnyal f.fIfIiL iii i..ry fnw nnd then to . .... ,.in .i. I, ,' i .
ti tm l ln h Apl ,y are i a fr o nl l' h'liev i. .o t. -h .I
! ro i d A l n l int nlm i i ag sp ell, Iil f w o I. ,0 e o c rw t i' e ;h ' .a
' ','.. . .. . . . . .. .....ya t r ft
.. , .. . AI nAMSt
n r A 'iyrdagr'urr ho r Ibuih- In ,, Ns h -totend .I P-1cti4
NobDey nk uilrring. Irymto
yfee o iri l a.alft tie rlml iio L +Hi everyn nw nio yii t o lie ,' i '1 -o IIlnlitY ThAIn f. NI, i iNn
4:, r..,, Mor I., CLL..,.
Shome in In L I

-howd the r"au .m i e hi. 1 phoni. o E FARM CR OP
,, f.. .. i I ha.re Is .

, ,e te e ' .w. I
S. , I ' t r a fart Attorneys-at-Law
S nIr e *l ei - .. .. . s e t r eso, iBn yA' ,1Aad Bld1n g Iie l

rern we rn "n noy. eon ari t, les nal we ean foir Whr wIf i" i. r- idwe ..r whet
e.l1 I1' alyi r to er et GOr. Aitio Jr., s.,rd 1affdf.

S. ,a ery fwith f ' d to th' be pig b by 1 th E E. 0. PAINTER lblifty arlet
. a t .ni . t io h d d u r t rm ople are l : -
ap in mit I, p n at 'f 'hf tha wtor ___________by____. .. A d- iL. tR, FD.
i.. .. ....a ftda ...h.a ..f. t,,i't idah feforoi omE e e . lll r at Par ,aMp l F o .ARM. , O AOPo
s.le .t y te h o ..al l h t f o E it tttt..o t hie h alre ,ty al rI o m f mh I, Pm CmT C A N I7,-t

.It: .*e'lli . . o '; relred I," te 1w, J .: h* o: *ad ae tS A

hrrit- o'd'b'' N ..I n. t t't th t Y t run ityh n ofTh t-E n ad o tho 011Rr Inlilice Phone 7r
a *w t o w Th, I. nl tram an i ty me Ht ff 'bedr tt tune n B- ond 87
S . . . , , ,SEE .n et, t .. .t ,, S l, ertep to Iel t n d it or PIANO TUNING. .
Lr i 1 l t Te o ,. I ... . 'f .r, | or nd, Pfet, ,laed' O rer Bh ,d 37
ai '' aFRl atta, al e teI hfn et'n t n hed Th, .... Phf 1o
-ii h.vo foo d --, *y d '. I .... " ." I uh y -u.- nl A,,,drulI bonotl oBl ", "H. D. hlt" A NO. A

'e S l iu I poalrl ur h n til oth Fl LIER a O.O' Lh-L t""l ei'''"
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MAILe THrdE -A d ie Op A-ld Ten U ra s neef ton bmi M rest wet thoppth e l

'l .MeI S l Iu "d nbl s IO' l e .I li Tl R. I. R hot m'Oi IavIo rk.
111018 ,*h"""'. .r .t o"I : .% fa lrf Dywto- Newsr,. *
., >i o. .,.ia .he ra e thI or. l ote h o r itl nCEN oBIL I
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ot"- als" slo, a l.. a t I. be ofeihtoy ott Iable t; y
hlenl oenitaeo, d a f of.f-e. "TIME TO RETIRE"|Im ft aId e II t
"' "' T..r. idA ERT.. ..t Ca.PyL E Y N Prie.s.. If .i

of t a ftato u i t aou Hhcheryf 1O
Iri., m1... :a. ATh- I te a ,.,,, ,' ' FOR broadens one's vie Tho e d Flord
eco alsoo. farde it Wal groret r h1
ImOnEentI tho-would oh-I ttwhpayyou. F1rstel.a.soor..rlY
Co. or I~ e b e ", I LI TI-:IO weCa rnrya nFbrllLinleefoto tessFe'oSwtShoppe

41'.d Bulll I D. ACHENBAC"
lined to be neighborly FnS K

lcdeee7 -. ,ho hike theB "noIMEl TOt inT IRE,,
Te nou. o y a hetiugh t hn me ,o them,

WeanteotaouoRlnahoue, FROM A

Delray Beach Dairy


Office At

Southeastern Ice &
Cold Storage Co.'s Plant

Phone 38 : Dclray Beach, Fla.

S'PHONE 80 i
la !i........... ..... ..i.m....t.-

Lubrication Service for cars equipped with
Alemite and Alemite-Zerk fittings.
We use the latest Alemite Air.Operated
"iubri-Gun" in this work. This equipment
delivers grease to the bearings at a press.
sure equivalent to sixteen times the air
pressure used in operating the gun.

Washing & Polishing
Satisfactory Service Guaranteed


Authorized Dealer

Delray Beach, Fla.


Sandwich Shop

Old Fashioned Southern
Barbecue Sandwich

Try it once and you will be back
for more. Open evenings
Delray Beach, Fla.

~~~~II ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .1H9~~~-~-~~~---------

111 1 __ nn__ lF __ n n____ n__


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- a a. e a* ai O a -a Tha Fathie twtia T it, sir, that sHR, DINNEt R FOR ORCHElt STRA 0101)ANIZED a'l aitai of tany trhat, ani it
a fin you .In my AaPYT RON thear HaP Pn it ""ai 'I
SOCIETY NE it t ... y
-- ... -\ -PALA **--- T . ... I- . ., whh "ryn "IIe n, at
F 45I OII tU i ', Ilt E PART ,. i , TI .h S,
I >[ .m t ymlP i liew Mi .o11 t Il tanro ti not ,a t membt r be kTillting aemmng. Mr at Mr '
S Thea Smi, h ,l W kier Cm j t Ca tt '' i .'. . .. a t itirls Daot are well knw tn amon thu m lu- whn neded.
a, ta .t.t .i.t. Antaatt itdt aia t ka Thm I-ii 1 ddn "I' t t It, y a 1ioth.1e-r dlti ta. .it, t al ti.t*, I , .- -
nn i i r I I r i 1 .t r p 1 q' } i 1. i r d | t 14

.a. a.., a a" d l. F .. . ....... '.. a., . an
h M l.ili an . .l ll I nnit E l A, l. L r l I L .. l r,..a t I
Oth a Itia Iit, , 1'aItI ailla 111111ri i a ' haal ,Iat a, al allta at I ai

MA.I, Mhi ,. P orl r

... . ."."'"* ' ..... .' -.. '' ~I wish to express my R-.T ll m AS
:w.... ., w.. F. TM., I h k.E .o MtRh voo. E ShAppN n

---e Exective Commttoo at h WILL BE OPEN Tusday' el, action. I their for Father,oMother or the little folk., v.sit our
WOMANS Aod c iATION ME, + D.Iet, Bard Whm.t club hs, re S.o ; .. J '- re You will find useful articles and-
ROAN . . . ....... .

,,AT coIr c d tt t.e pb u. P EVENINGS wilA RLt nYe to ser e PRICED HRIGT
i nt. wtits h.ll at iti ., i UNT t at o 'he TOYS oVELOCIPEDES VA

,, ,, ,, ,,, ,** ,,* "-, ................ O V IEN E Depley B eofthaehtftothe POCKETKNIVES FISHING TACKLE
A.1 .ttt* t : en Ie I t' Itt It hm G NG GDRODS COMING IN OLTORS

a a i ai 0.0,, at Ii BE OPE Y et o(ef my ability. Sometn intr lor er th Mmirtte foi iFD AlA
M, EVlR Tn Yo w.ill hve a C hoi ce

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tatIs Near Do Your Shapping
S. Fo. tra M. l 0 Fto'R THE thanks to Ithe oters of

he ,O I. N i Ol
J. i .. .. CONVENIENCE Delray Beach for the .I NOS

hy, ..ll, tta1t hatitt M`a J. a,,,+' .l sO" AI vete grien me is last

ny ao S-t h S, r Atraat An. A. CU R to' CUSrME E d it hard to select a Christmas Gift-e

hold ivinh stnice .11 Sunday iiwv uIMg a genuine pleasure. We have Wn attractive W1itheo ysm fle t It land to
i t "ia t itt, Hta. N i C itht lin Tf daye s election. I thr fo Pla ot' r. Mother or the little folks visit ou
wMRANS A CAtON S TOiR O ta remember ths year. | stare You will find useful articles and-

Johnson, mr i on K TOYS-Ye,,andye- d menew idearainthtel.tnetoo. |our anny. 3 C^ ^
-Wod r -Pe r. Cas, We hav. made a special effort to g.t a itock of 5 *nsu"i+e g d*. "', ',,,, ,rc e iitdnplayot et. 1
AT COIMUc s CMUB0 I .. ldre thoys at. prices that canot be PRICED IGHT
Thae Maaa' A..inIa oit. at. th UNTIL thei interests of alllthe T VELOCIPDES VASES
'p"; peelsleofthisettytatoe MPOCKET KNIVES FISHING TACKLE

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A Ottd, M- H. 0. I, Rn. l Welst Sal-aThat Aa --a-a."1. DAMS HARDWARE

enjoy tl e bet pr gram wh e tht will b ch comfort to
MrI, Sl rldS rI d Buildidn

.EMB.RSHIP mi. -..... Ah ...a. Atlavnti Avenue Delray Beach, Florida a r ] e
.'l ab. d .i a. Si t mSlalo, wrd n- DO YOUR CHRISTMASCtes l d A se
Rh1, R1at f a heaWrta, MofCpn-I a C
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Ih p as his rmon top "h TOYS-Yes, and some new ideas in that line, too. wue use o to a friand-you
I1. 1 T":&s nwiesnta nto.hs.a aarsue tofnd 0 0Oit the Imes
ead' We have made a special effort to get a stock of aXlaar ltashlall d
MU vsc STu DY CLUB children's toys at prices that cannot be beaten else. jjr, tl ehoul. trltm sifts
MES W lSA where. Our pries compete with 5 and 10 ent o ta a t
If* -1--thly a-SR W.-.-I.
d4y Uatioen the Comunity Visit our store before oagh out of the city to buy ful a s's-ate"tt The
thul, rh II. FDrak DDa Ten tha MI dIappyh ase ra
e.d OUr giftto yo mGtfI--th quemtis o

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S.Sen. at hat Atlantif RAve ae Delry Beach, FloridP w t kale yltedaa J rs
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___...Whae seascaefo togtatc of sseloas-sssoa l ,


at Dinner

Plan your Dinners, Teas and Parties with us.
Phone 15 Please make reservations

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- -j-

Keep the Ctheistbmas Spirit glei& Uiauwlk the Years


n %.t alilt a ~l s N th D. .l i 11r m irtI lrf Ii

ill PERSONAL AND OTHER\\ ISE i I AC l arhN 11IhrlsITVEDAY TS WITH MRS., MI.A I Wek T esr a te4
It.- 1 q ,t The .. .. tj
J .C . .. . . - I , , , i A mol intlrctin n meeting of tha Thim Ladi AIxriliary o t li Car- tDe, )ny HsI -LOw
SARAH W. KEN LQCAL AND SA CIATY RPORTEIt- PHoDNe 28 anil Tennis Club in P ain Baneh. Parent-Tnacher Asneinatlrm wnb hld pointer's Union mot a nt the homte 8 at, a m, il;d p,
e e. e S .ou r Vil it I Miss Ae. t,, -,im Dewe a, rr Me sdy A enisn. 440p, I.0 p :. ,
f non Bauty Shpp. . H a r, Stal Mertint J.o f p .. l s a, I.,
s he - (1~01 ) 1 w t M s L F 1 R -a uyal sh a i p r e s e r, W a tn n eJ 9 S n 4 as"n s 1 14 2 n r
-Mlss Alynee r esly i able to t r C L. UnIaer, Miss Addil Bel, M n II atin, c. A. 1 7 1( a. .
Mr, and Ms. J. M. Mabbharn, no again after an serious iness Mr, and Mrs. Wend Summarao n f A. T. PaRe and Mr. nd Ir Mn. J, M l Bartrn, R, C. .. .
r .. e u 1 F. M li ar Miami, eant Aad. S Snd a their ]ra Mrnpalaa e Stat Conventiti tar T bCiver,, Weton Chtvers, H H, T 8A n. m.
a te.,i I Mr. and M t. M. Jolly n ts,M Mr.11a MI. A,. H4nman. 1nda, n,i (r the la a r a naantn
peted to nrrivo next wek, -- 7 p. m. I
Mlin EllMbtllS at ttapant tha Wo k Rv. and Ma,. Frank Nlaan ' , *.. ... Wtn. Sa4 am. m 7 --.
e witi hr pn a, Mr. E. F. N, lrown and A. S. Ellintt hrav hby rtuneil ahnn Tulnnay : d ** i l m I s e.

Do'thy oberU. * N t Av;nu. .100 ,J ,.p. re. 3 ..

S Nnlon, Ohio, have aird for the r, Mrsn ti Smitha have rrl v T
.wAnl- - taa e irata aa
Mr. ned Mrs. Miltn Churr n t. loyul Petlm .I W f
SPic, snt Sundny with Mr. nnd M r, a s ht n trlrge at Way,
M I. J. Pries. r. I la Mr, Lenli Conok w- via ,
_'a aa taa rr s in Minmi Tuedy M nlng. M "nt Mr. PLnrl Bnrentsen and
Mr. n,,d M. t eI. W .Jonhon n I -, falt will arriv rN this wek., Now r k
t on o tud .hoe 'rJm Ierry ttler h. rred m r STORE
r. a.... Mn. ,a C ...... ... ...... We are moving our entire stockon
M.. H. W. Ra nes a Thomasvrilla J J D. M ers m M o KIastmn t The Cht ad Ch.eker Clb has, n
......... ....... .-.. .. *....** ...'; Monday December 10th to our new
M. Allde il Mr. N Mi n Miam Hi., o, r nf td eet, .an location in the Tenbrook Bldg. next
Ada. n _mldt baertant d Outat"o, we ani r e Iand t. amepI.the
J Ihno I and ItLe s y. h ave r r I- lton a tan, bY. rri nia this A.wPe.l r r. b e IF an th e on e
ao.i .. FOR .. .. . Sat ean e e .ic rth- aone bE sh a.1 e e door to the Love Drug Co.
Be--h. nThe sll be n all .ny Ph.in f
,t. ,..ad .' .". meh i ,ot a Ter a :S, T. .t Ocean City Hardware Co.
WeDanod.y far Altln, J i Ae n brb n a a he men. TOM RA Manager.
with etMrs.* Jms l HaN and r. n Tra OTO RA on
Mr. and Mrs W. B. aha, of M to her home l Newna I.. Ga e t ."" atd e r
nepolll, Minn., have arrved to spond vtt with her sister, M Gorg. W i'.
the winter in their apartment on tho Crot. BAPTIST MISSIONARY
acon boulevTh. th SOCIETY MEE
MI hr Atned ulpnntoh The Fapet Balpionsryt6 edt
Mr. a Mn. A E Citson atd Mhild D el Ta d Sehol, which wc thad] d nmI. n, atI t be rt Bampti cst shu a e.u i
A.\ ACaeu MS t ,a d La-s, aesd by the tms, t lA rtornda an y t. THE'
Om'na a "innd ain by the A Awn atbe R na ed Ct a. ra ,of"m hm abeak t P AOj Me T
the Th. Presms.Z.1l Orrig he, L MU eM f olemg.. Th. mes

.. dd..........l Press e ;I rart. on *F. ... ....Fl. ... .. .T..
Sa Dvnr by Crel Fur Mn. Ph e Ii
Mn. J. W. Bern h ued The A pnla ofn the Mbhh H ea ted Luttn Amnre ahoe 1 O lSe a
tath n fior bradge a t her on ,N. trbuted e T ti w In MA ll ohtu a TSg
B. Seventh Avenue fo Wednieday, Ing offernk to thse Chlldrnnt Hoe n i Hui h Cinrk, who is chairman on -
-De Amher Thb B aotett n na of aid a n th eis b T a U in thM a 'na of t n I hel ples
M.. an.d, a P. a atm ....na.the '1 SPECIAL: 24 Pounds Plain Flour $1.09 rC
a by na by abn At aua.. -matr a c11 t tr a r. an- a-1 Th wth Mma R. aMo Asel n
lb. T.... .', wn. CIaa.... .. . le M .. r hLs.e",. .. Dried P beaches lb. 2 c Toilet Paper, 3 for 19c
.c oa v*sl. They wlH .a bl.for Mr od M mrk LR a r Wuek Du s.iI h the Drled Prunes .1ib. 15c Sani-Flush, can 20e

SSamss at Am n beid io ner pipAl Ie Dela Banh. Mrs B nabCe ta, e halirman of D .C
with Mr. J. W. Ies.. .M Pemb.to ad.n d h em O., e.duted th pom on COFEE 45c ALL BRAN lb3
a i n Ma ell House, Pr Pound Kelo Per Pckage .........13c
tM ld.e. c-. rne11t nd .t L..:COFFEE Oc. B PtANCAKE FLOUR 1a
IsClassifiedin ....Ose* will 'e" .. m"ne. MI WA PARLe ..... ---B]' P d .. .......Oe- S........ -.R-P-ICE P g------ .
--. M S s E a FB INCOR PO RATeD Soap, P&(,Octagon, 6for 25e Mayonaise, half pint 21c
Amte aaab AteIn r- t. t. T. PC a, It Rth W. a a th

.,i. an, rt. co or sha. n, PM. n.d M. A. --- hipso or Oxydol, pkg. 9e rMayonalse, pint 38e
Mrse a Week. FsPhrna e. te. 2d M. t. MTo Main ,nfe
,., .n RES.LT ;.. eess Special TOr PALM OLIVE w ,bars 1c n cc
.they attended d the Sate Teache' A. O SOAP for De Monte, Per Can .... 0c.......
.. e ... .. The w.ill..S.. l. i.. . irk's Hardwater f or PN .CaK ,PerC ............-
vm.,f +. .. cMb... a lm n. .l..., M F . Dec O 26A a torp ia l sbury Flor ,bs. 33c rbs
n, a d ct mas .re d c i -k .a wh A is bena Mothe ty t, ako eC odab LR 35c
~aa an ca Ad. Per Tan .......a.............a................. 4 String. Eah ..d..d........... .
Sa att .. ..alS,(alt .. o te Cube aS 11UCa 23ati PR se_-
k t, .. MJ M P O taa..

"B BRIN--FU s prtd- Ma.d A ela a Thanat A ileavan toun Bean, Pe P a kage ..........b...... c..
n: . S s t Gt Mc ta i ..a... ... .s Potatoes, C blers 10 b c B 3 1
I. .. / h, ..-. i t .. .. b K sTh e B our ofp Pl s e Flour, 6 bs 3e p l--ls Ibs,
... .r P R .. . EoAN ndBaROOMS
Ann.- CT. Per, tarn PatP( Ann. IAseeing SMoro CaPe Oca go, fo2c Small f c Tall 1
CnOe THE ' "' 47 ortrh St. so esIc erg sCely Cat
U., ., ,..',, Cell, l avana condute--tuyer P Each I

Quality Shoppe ,AK WORTH, FLA. c, iCarotg A t pe ruitLemons, ae a 6o
EvetD-- b, d ..+ .hnan Qreen B n 3 lbs, 25c Sweet Potatoes lbr. 5
A n y M a.Aa a-md M. Af d. ruladc "aal
i n. ..t. a. THE SUNSH.IN Makeee NOW PSCHOOL Bater Cobblers 10 b Bananas, 3 Ibs Ib 21c
.? 'a., d .. ab, ..la s. T pth r SaiP Fresh Pork Sausage lb. 3c Aple 3 lbs. 3c

ourr. .A.. g ... t....... Beef R4ast0Noth 0", Ib. 28c Eggs *. doz 49c
MA.C. to b-dlbe -nbia e, AM r Esc e ialt attention dive charen or ou
n THE u a" winter g.tL. who n boot. rom Also Ierg Lettce, Cealfr er nis Cabage, Tlmatoe

a at a pr.. pe. d. a Schoola a sCarrotshwa esh Killed Hens an per it, Lemons, Orangesic ams 25
...a, a ab toabs.Lb CScUSpare Ribs Ib

..... moa -.o lm t Private tutoring a11grndee Roast bd
"*~""'here to 4 p 91eM ef IS ll. ,pn the .i..i t .Jndven of `Ghd
"'e "OL" rnuos. winter gueAs+ who books froGe Beef Brains, Calf Liver and Cottage t cheese
..Mrs Gee. R. Nicols their ownPcaaN Co.l. i 9 ppsieA s9
n., hOlLtdnD ehh resh Killed Hens and Fryesild Special! Picnic ams
SI. Also Iceberg Lettuce, Celery, Turnips, Cabbage Tomatoesre

A e Propriesoe.._I- r
Prop epr. i .-.nin.ana-t. -i- ... _,n,

F .ir r

.. . . ". .. ..... ......... ...... ... ..... . .. .. . . . .

*i u N, ",r I h ,I Ii, Ni' N NI0I 'J I ' .
A ..ri h l, r r Nt ; ,: ,N. ,,h, I I Nr IN ,2 N N I: ,, I N
. .. . . ../ .... .... . . . .... ... .

.o .. .. ed t ru or r e s n a te
NI',, '' ... ,l IN1 II, ... ..I. . ,. lr... ''.I '. l.. .

INN N,,rN N INN N ". .' ... N i, ' ,* III NII.. ,n ..,.,..

.. I.... ', ... ,,',,H ..+,L
..... ... .. ...,,'.. ..

,,,,,, 1,,,,, ,. ,, .. ...... .,,u .. .. .... .
a . + l hl+ hI '' I i, ,ri ,+t, r IN N

plekn. .. .......... ...
.,N' ''N ,' I '" 1 1 .
In N I a i N I ..N , N,.. .IN ...... i.

N-o N' 11,1,1 N N. I 11t11 'N I '
',NNNNNNNNINNNNNN ,I,,'',,,,,,,,N 'INN,,,. ...
l 'rNl F. ..... .... ........ .. .'' .. .. ... ... ... ... 'IN
I ,mt s ds m '. n u , a r t , it, '( N ''' rN'' N N ''N N ','N 'N nv "o
IN. . ...NN 'INN NNNN NNI N N NI NNN,',N, NIN, ,N ,,N ,,, ,N ................... ......... , I ........ N.... ... .. .. N

.... +" .o'' .,+ ,t . , ...... ,0 '
*: N l' ,, NINPN, N "INN NNI' NNNNN,'N I N INN . . N,'N ........ ........... ......... ........ .. ........

uh ''A'' NN N NN
'i INNNN, INNNNh ,''tiN INN l ''' IN ''" NN N N'h''iiN'N 'l 'i INN,,,, i I O T'' i '
%h n ,N" PN -I,,NNNN IN'N,, INI N I N N 'N 'N, N' '* N. ' L
CL APT "ER '. I N N. .N'' .' ',
NNNWNN(IN bdN N .' ,' N- "' N' N NN ,I "ntNNNNNNh
... .. .x .... i ] sh
.. .I N N + a 'N'' NN N IN. N '; I INN I' Nb IN NNNNN I INN 'INN' INN'?

... INN .I .... .I I... -0 ftd. I' IN L ...
NJhe tN NNNNN,,NlhN ""'N
NNNINNI, .t' ''l'N <' ,,' ,, N N ,hN .,,NNNN N l,, J ,, N1NI

'A NP T R ,L ,NN,,NINN ,NN'N N', IN,','.NNNN N,,NN N ,.,',
N t I I N f ,Ili\ Ne I' l N iN
--N N N N 'iie<] 'N iv N N< IN IN' N .......
] v '"INN NIN1 'Nml' .INN l .oq ] lllllllr+ i
INN.......NNS N,....N... ....N ...... ..N,.,,, '...PN ,.N..P N,,NNNNNN I,

the p'''u'NNNli NI ..N,. ,,N .INN.'"N ' N ' ' '

N, e h'll' N' N N 'r I *'' , ,,
srzppe\ flu. E N, UN ,, ,,, ,, ,,,,,:,.. N '.''' "'N

,Biliou F vr f| Ianhd, M,.N iNN 'o'' ... ..'' N I ,, ,,,,,, 1N 11 11 N, ,' '

h N N N NN ''N INN,, INmI NNNNN' N,. ,,,',ii,, ,N ,NNNNIIN N, ,
'_ 'I NNN'N \' 1 -'1,1i' 1 rh l e ..++Wal a Nll t. "I t ""'' "'' ;t m hI/

7Tri' y, 7I7d7,,.) 7, 7174. Or) 7 V 10M.) 4777 It) I'll 74 77 f O"7I[ t ) '[I74 7inA

l TH CHntCln W ^ ..ttc ,,THE CHUB ,ai:C' E : ",,- ;,
Helen Sihpard: Editor, Roger Fain A-siiale Elitor i am iJ i , ui
VOL.1 Boyno1., Palm I e. rh11 ll (' 7tyl, PFlor10la No.4 nl is 1 7' i 11ini j i
_L__O__l '7'_ -. ,',* |7 H C1H101..1IdKB( I ,l i,,, I)) ,",h., 1 -1 1)',, W. -14 ,;;;1,
1EDlIfT1ORIAL s ivI w C.o ... enI. ..... v.m
Po tIOAI..,, 41 7 1. HiMt tSCtiOl.0 f J {1S 0,. '' 7 7 '. ) .. L .'. '... ;.. ... .1" .."'.,') ,'
I. .. un y hol t9 J n, R J| Ils*1 ,. Whip , In f1..l 1 i what.

31.k. .t I.. l, Ih .. ,..,.- o .l ,. .. I,,, n nodo- o. o s .n ,l B
i n. , oI ho 4 )ht e an' er" asanl8.h ''''' tM All 7t 'Ne ," nil lllo ,o I, ll ( ll 1,
n 0, yo.u' w.,hll. n hi I'4 7ll 7l l '' M l A].,i o tm .V ,,,, 4 tloI M n 4, l.s" 4 '' l l.B t 7l |a I . .I.. h t t 7 7 1 77 i77 7)7 n7 .i7
T ln. l o Q ., ,h oI .. .. A.. l. .... w. n .. .... ." I ', h. ....... ,' ,I '

7 ... ..7 C I I'.n > ..,,7 i y I W, ... ..I' .. ... . IW,4 ;'

ti o It NATlNtl ... ., ... "S t r "I 4 l no1ebu .ffted b e r t S a l s n r y ,hs e a i d J
Pm77) ) )hs s m)t P 777, 7 ,4 I.. . I l 1 1

S ng our s in . . 'n4h shn Iu m on A mTit o Oas 4r t , z, r. sll h un ,, I I i ,o d, ount i

7o 1.4 f m 7n.h s7 M 'ron d t t 1h o 7 W w Rt r ic I ", st 7 l..41 E ns d'e ', r
strni of bWothen tly to the ta of 4e 7 hn- r e 4oi h.,m4 -- S7lld7 (h'l 7 t 7 7 ', i l i o iyou ,ily 7. n ll. h
1, ont bohr mk I he e e t Mia h A oms sod V0 o R rennnh Ih.o w hp .th 7n' top
I4le, a 7) o, ss h7 h47 4 o' nut o 7 aoa7, M77i77 7,,lg7,44,17,77 Sna .,l14,7llo 'I 77+ mso )p 1 47447') 77)7. 7 77474 7 aw s n'r )0,77 o7 7. '7 ), I lo' 4L7) 77nt aP lo, b

.,T .l . ..e w s l ad ,th on d id e eo n A I r od a n e a , n t y I,
o. whnny Hu rdn m s "'b" ft oo,
pr. l ,re h 7ae m e a m 7 e, .7.).. i . .... u,
ay hu the nlolnm7 I 4tt M7m7a7- M n Riehao .i ,. ,, ,
InUphst n o th"oonh f o rontdoomA w Lhe Ion"e ,osrmn'
.I t h fll o I n t mll o as- I M lp on
eyN R lOpeBd nTO a kyhotl; a d I CisN YOU IM N e , .' '., ', ..
1wun openn alently and brt l 1 j[ nIIAT IF: ti tehr VI r Glhede hi .. ,
O. d.NT O.EL7rBCH.. 7.9l1.. lo... Ml 077 744,. 'I. N . .. I to .I. L.. "" ', "1 :n 4 7, "

Ihe boys h a-1d 4 tl f 7,, 47 ,I b I:': .'1 1 no etball |

Anday nih to battle with th e . . l i '.. ... .
ines to cha.g 4 the s7n on the night and _tWe D4 x7. Up tmil th7 pr,,-nt I,

P eople h de do ha r will th ik n most of , Ia F K H Complainant.
on .. .. , In.. ...n . M ,. .. S. .l ohAUG . .YLVIA
., th, Ion, of the mana do. A
4. 7 7 .. to ,.7 4 ,n OU '. 7 I" * t
In aoh. ". "t. ". 7o .. ... .. 1, . Com r "'" '" ' . . ". 1 "

irve ut In some which do not appe rn hatr ev n er dy f toe h n , ,, r B ,ch ...I. 10 A i
1. w o h. p no 17 ,' ... ..... .. "' A Wl1t In

*7. he he o h. 7 7 4 W4 7n. ."Wnd .... .. ,4 ,- I i 4 .'
erin, .d e g ivhn tlow dinno. ra dt e to o ver- Bpctl ,

l1. To present th cl ti t ne w a r t e s li n

of th community ,,,t the. of the p, nker. Now we struck us both ', ,lle ,_ ' '" ', . . ,- . . . i
To 7p4how 7a i s in thou CJ thh bent plrg on the " '
.I.d x4p n 1n ,on n on of a hgh un t un We e7ne .. ,

U. To h nou goo uha t he ipre :- succ sful .. ,, 1 .. . 1 .. .
70"77 b7 , 0 747 7,4 '' t
ihon Ho rh non-es o t o

o hav t an Imoltnt lioing m wasn't nm Ang hn msef uWde WORRY--1
.l ,i H ,[ t7,.. 7 .. f.. i ..I ,|, .. I .I o ;
4)7 ... .. 747. .. .. . .. . ,
T 1

. . . .. .... . . ,, . . .. ,'- "

i Wbep lyed on th Bo iton ourt nt, .. T hi lght add s . l "' I ... ..
RUNNING A EWSPAPER C I N KING h2 ,77.75 . ..v..Io 7 .47TO

P ople on on -. 1e o en ,", '," ,' ', ,' ... .. F KN THR ,
.. . . , ' ll ", 7 7 .4.
.. .. AH,77 .1... ..4 7... 121 .. th ,. i" ,,I... i. ,' . ',7" 1 7,7 ,v ,A w 4fe,d oY V
Soon n..1n PANY 1 a e n d PI ERC E
S oh n p o. .. to toat -
74 44 nesya te '' . .''. I atrrnger to "', out ,' '", 1.4'7"4... ...i Mister.. ... ....4, '7,',' 'I '
A= p_ I+ 'I . hpe.d tot forma r I le t rond the
'770. To 7777 47 .. ,ltl 7. . . .. ,l ia 777(t 11 n7 ) ,' '' I ..... ... . .... "

h. Idonl, n.d our- l hnb u s o ' '.h w '
the aveonge nowelape nun. ISs We ride Hn the elevator w"o h a Soda,
havo put in sam which do not -opon et ator tvery day id .. ib SI ]o A M '
h,. 4. 7, 4 7, 7 (. ..p ., )77 7 77 7 7 744 -, ,, ,, p 7 .ow ',. '
p)74477 1,761 4,7 ',' th
I, h ., W ,en ,- ,. ,,' -. .. i ,1'

W.I.7 ) 447)747 4No.'. '' ,
-, ...) ) -4 -7 ot n- do,. on srneso . , . .
'erre4 .r44 do 74447777 o di. d, he tl . . .. ' -

Tw. eo. leho,7 I o ther ... ..... I . . .. ... . '
.d ,~j T ,,o .. 'N'..o. ... .
Mlon 7f rlh7 ou a op, 77 47 77 77f 3,4) on 774 7 7d 7 ,, r4 4 ,

7' ............. .
Inot --(Id Unit '4.11 ,74.thy u
47..)4.). . . . . . 7 ',, I"',, ',
.... ,' ',7,, PHOTOORAPH loll

'The Weston akblngPowder I

Studio aN .Ln
. .... .. .. I 1 2 1 N E. 4 t h A v e I . W ith . ...d .. . . .
10. TO.. 77lvi4.1-- 74hA Ymla e oa m7 tv77 77 nd it the 7-4 Delry Beach, Fla. '- "
Arradilm, [tm tof the lllawnoq n a~llelu 1 ue r y Le c )11 -, l' ..I ',, ... i. ..' ,

P ,a iMicht n:LiTlY R.ACn N iA:S, DELlAY nEACn, FLORIDAl _rri rh e
'Th t 1-1t,

retrUe Gt, wN I Uk t Itr~ Anik i
.. .1.. ... ... ... 1 -0,'Pii, ,tt ltk -i t ,,l, .- ........ . Til M .lliT t ltll .. .
S. .'" '' '' "" '-it' "..''' ..' '" ' li ll. ........t T ...... .T "h "

.it Vi. i t. y ".Mi I t..... v ....g w... ll S r it, ",; , .. O ,
An -L hun iUsh AII
..| ..(......1 ... -1 h R^1 IG 1I,.| I Iil,|w lu'd I. re-[ *omln l.,| C, co J ___ ,, ,. .... i" DI i.-..... .

-., ,i.1 Ci i t -i i.ii ye, mim ; I l I.n 1 l hvit v' t,, iittlt H i Pia rim hh 3t D, in .tt Iit n tll Iy I in _rl l I J I M e I pn 31 leolwlhit in 1115 I.I o
S'(I I. "l'7 lh" 11 ^ m +h+ \11n, tiu I ,i ,I[ 1 o^ 1 i"l;' ~ jlllm|K 1 ll (,fll,; ii 1 I*'I-*;'"' a- *U ld Mr<, Fled**e \ lvl.amn n 'lu.rill Tn B T nu IM kIntEI l e to F*

*' nI H III tr ih iinII Ilm to l K 'ilt',ilv Thiei 1111Pe} I rlsloA i iiiii. l I'llC I Or g ,1 i l -, ,i
--'. 'i., VI. Wivi lnv vhvhi, I gI, n,'-,hA, '11C' erlnV, t

[, 1 P-hy _l,---MI h AitI-,, Mr. 1h. TT Us .IIHS hR 1 GIF T
OhV lr.. 1 1, A drlr- lwt It lll f .t -r A l:. --

'ItTt T k1v11 ,lT 'lI Quali ty Western Meats, Butter, Milk and Cheese

M1r, dvni isitlnchinie to'twl'na t Ti
SIh T,+ iI,, r.o h L.. ,IU I VqIIIGI Vivi'hll. tl, ,i,vg, 1 lh, l-- lh11.n ', f b M,. C ,

l 'l lLeg O vl' Lamb lb. 35c Buftter b oIb. 55c
\11h-l.r1. '," l u ll 11 etti \ I l o, , ii i n ttr I ll.P n1egl j P in+, at },'+rt lb.ll h1o I" "

M I. lvvtt t ''I,++l ''S tvt vin. 1ii -, lhnl 111 .F N I I Pork fl b Th

I hltly iI11 V' lSpare Ribs Ib. 19c Pork Roast dllb. 24c
.V s.ilSl t hl,,, ii,,, l I Beef Roast a's lb. 28c Hams i End l.S

T ul. S W i+tv, E tm t i' ', 0. t M his or her ,rV vit Vv uiii. v,, i In n S) ., P w G e r S e l G r dhe .o, ~0,-,,o oo.- ,.I ,- m-*^T ,i .,, ,, ,, -"

MrT ,V5 a ns 45c W.I 1r I" n.a
(i _lltl. i Iill ,lr 'lln t o 111.1M i'. QIv iWiestei M eaI rs noodt MM i l a .....

VtI te ,i,'. ,ii .....L..e '0 L a mb i. l'Sugar ier oatn C O n .ale
"IM "t H.und 57c -k III11cIlv Mt..
T il' ii. h1 .,,l h.niv vi.i. viii. r. ,.. Pound Ribs l 19 P r 5 h S t 'A a d Per lb. 24c

h6 bag 33c Dew medium
BieeI.,.12 lb. bag 63c Kit Can2 10c
111 l It N 11 ll W ill -1 .. ",

X ,.I. lW i t, E I- 14-<1 C.iv, Tl; hl,,, I| e it i, Stirh -
......Potatoes 10 ..Lbs. for 25c Bteans IWr?" e ib l0c

i, I ,Peaches oSEDALE Fs allied M iin eat pplen Ga
,it ....,Vtt.. t. it.. ,, ,,i i,. suit nitittlii lpady A ic east 38 ,llhtdn-Ztlllr Db.l f QAR 2CN

S-Quart ,Q bPer H as, nnla liced Per 14c
t i.iS, ir vPE, Vin. ii 0 r ,e 0O.d .W "+ i

I -.id- I Wti,.AA, ., .I.,R ,Can 1 CCPahs FiC Can 1ec
,L r Fine North State --
K. i.. .n ;,lll ", III, tugar Corn- SwIA I hm ls eet
i,.i,,,,Y I ING... , W..',',"' 10 Pound 1 o/V Per s w e

;... 'l"D .'"' ."""Per Pkg. 1i .. I6bS. rlb. b e Dewmedium 5C

mor C 5 for 19 h- -o 3c ^
.. I i"' lii,,". i, "" "" i,, C n12 lb. Jag 3Ki-t Can 1
ii[i iltItB, t nvin _tttti r J i Iuiti Ttil H It~ i_ ji j i--_ _-l
'miiy i.,Wd iIl, t .1i1 '.vvI vu in Ii v ic Fn
Wit.....h....... i,.. .. ....... Coffeiee per lb. ieP In. r. Do.. Foo Lar s e
;,, ; .*, C I ., > 3U 14.oun. c 6 1
,,,,,, ,,v |M Cv,,, nb, ,i, T K., Lipto6 s Pound cramount 43c P" hee1 df Ii. rn S 11.1
IA, i it. i I tl. t, utu ia o i i.'iC, I mii.
Sny ilitit mllll Al c n t l4i I
Ali, MN I,, lG W|oi) ]+I)A "HE
, IC.... ... -., : Fresh Fruits- and Vegetables Daily : "-

Wit ii i Cii i 'ib i'i i,, Vi cann Cann.sl1Hateu
,,,It Ni, IV Z,,, d v ,,,Vv ;o n $1 2 _ _ __i_ _b.
Oranges and Jiy, tir Doz. c u m rs 5c
cni d I III tli 6 Us. 19CrIl hll ol
........ ... Grapefrut Goo 6t for 25ciBananas imported r
O'd I fi INl dbtl ..d ]i Ill I l +

11311....... ( '' ......... '......... Can Can Flat crushed Can 12!c

ll". I I PEP +hlIeady to Sgerve Rice New Crop Dog Food La,1,1et y
11I..1.....t..P.... . .. ..12 c 5 lbs. for 25
~lll~lh.li 1............... F* .... .....2 your pets, 2 Cans 25c .

.rr.l....1 r10 Al .. ....... A1 'l Whdh,, o r t -

............r I .......................i,, 16 pound aea $1.211 for 19c DoZ.39C

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