Delray Beach News

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Delray Beach News
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Successor lo The Delray News

bifltn1 il. R IiR' hi' fH PM l I .l1 11COiiln, I il lif \ ill, 1:._____ ____. .. l.- r.
SHORT oSCHOOL "Notd JExpert ia Retail Selling Tell ". ti'c'a"'. 'N ATTEMPT MADE
SHORT SCHOOL ., Why Many Stores Fail to Make Prf;,' till I.. .
...pADTC unu'" ,' '.'... -- .n i r,.- he g .;.ro un s Ti AnR N
TERM REPORTS ... .: ..l...a..... ...... TO GET APRON
I ir~ ll O [ ,'' ... .. .... f/l ,+' f !rg odthoot, othirt.. i A I"' ," -thin, l-""i. UAr+ UV dDI.I
PROVEN FALSE ',*'t ia..a. at etr "iilan. "it. I .. la.. anna n a* FACTORY HERE
S i i' .,-, N,,| i ', aw har srv na hlnid tha list. The nime n t M nr, who in alao dh mtn lls t n."r-.
atr ( ..... t8 wing h will t i. IN l a N FFICI tNT SAIsMANSaIlP' r n NiraIy art to Ie put out. wau eel FIactory Will Start
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nai. L '*| tnl 'rH. The ae ar ti a i by I ..a. i 't ., Plant Cin- ty
I a 'e 'l RA llhl tt rnie L. Wnool. I'rin, .i lla.l. ., ol f i ,.h
ROSTT4 OFTPE 'H En i --- 1 slnshlp ,, Rhe Internm.. I ,1 .. i 1 D
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.t sIn ...ay.ltl e Th y will ie w.llh many ay s. n .i .. I al lt huh, returned ha t on wa ate m vo tby ethe Cliamn r t
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.ra STARTS To Th. R0etnl1 Mochan' Aaso tn ThMoe o resnvo tore n ---ow-- -1' reato, who hnta b sucanryle out tn
= .CIT STARTS ,TO .. ..a .. ... ....LN.O R
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saleam ship AO tld do tletI e Goto a
... .. I DRIVE WELLS FOR lowoo', ... los .. ... ................... wil .........
7 L O ,I' F 1 IRE Ift, sH F.e o l ndfort ho '
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rs'. sM I .. ,'; '. ',:' d AT BOCA RATON '.
t abr. c. B E stbo oe mbo of ths for, one of the month an d ithe nicly
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tacm Insa ysa wt mia chan on South Swinton and Con- Cnss 1s p f er in na o ia, ga IS anud asna i.n. ,ni ,es '
m+t.let anln. ,+ tract G-v for Dr im+n i w IWhe l dvnnced ldea B.r,.. 5n:l p i .. .. ... .. ',
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S r. t a t Hdir I f r-iad h a on t welltn ta- ''an n ein I. .c c rii i se
alatory wtter obtannetd freP from ohi N I P aktst ih volme o hisnsa a ,e ih. libe ry, but no act[ s
en. 1 clubsn,,,, sel hi
My, Ifwa b e t s irnya en '' t i i h "J ' i., to d d.I 'h, it
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...... t. .. ..... ., .* A .. -..-,,. .. ,. .. ,.,,

,, .-, ..- I. .. ... ENT. CLINC ,'r. LAUDEL D .'. I L.

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I.. I...... .. Th. Club. has tho ghit SEPTEM BER . ..
enwspap IisacPaviaLia child CnIat", I e
Newspapers Are Criticised for Exaggerating .ianda.l tor ran dmtal toss T. la .. tls wlhat iitid tha Aaron Smock is Highly Praised for His Work
S__l ________ose hn o Dr h who"a ne l at KIsent Club tobs
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MISS. ISIIS GRUII 1N EVANS out .... l ..t. ,.. .... .
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stlane tIae week, seuan edt Sunday "Plorida had a it!ff btrno y c i i. I .1 a I. ... j ... .. ,. e...n ,c c .. .. ci c... .... nhiband, iwn
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m ueh of that tim e, S aelw as 05 tan a n aoo 'n extras hl na tha torna n o cc. .. ... en,, .. .. .. ... 1. i ,, i ,,., ,, .. n. e .. i r ,,, . n h ldl o t
itd at ata time of ata death, aweeplsn the whle stat., I m .... r .1....,. i,, n ,. '. ,n, en' 1 1 i .. .... r ,a, t r ; '
Bhe was a former realdtil ot Linv siang sn Bet a snt and ccrh pi 1 11. e i cci t | i1 st. 11 ti- ,1
re n bot three ye o as .n- ported e bl ng hi n ocI ... 1 ill r ... -I I .1 ,, 1 I .... 'n ,., ,,', r, "i

It4, II twoq B IaI "nn c l I sit .. four w .I . I ,, 1. ti,, ', ,, I .. I ,, .... i .1 ll r 5 ...... i- .i r en r, ,, ,, i
I lsse s Cs i c" cne. cc.... I. .. e .... I en .. .c, t, ,b' ..ll '' e tns la a l
-d ss tr te ntr I e... .. ha i .. ..' .

,. .,| .. 1 1 '. ,, , ., r. .. ,11 ., .. W e l M n. anti Mr o. W arW.s a. Y' n r nth t
11,. a t `,- ii,,i J, f 1 I .n Uc F n I n .i..1. In I ,, ',i '' I r I, ,,,r .... I ..' Y u of bs employ b tn a l
n i, i siii i. II H M iiii l I" o D e en Co .. i

Pago Two D ,llRAY RIEACH NEWS, nTll1AY REAIC, FlORIDA rlday, A l.a 17, 1920.

DELRAY BEACH NEWS Letters To :. : :..1.. Five Years Ago in Delray Beach
UELL AY l ,E., NEWA Letters To Ign ,,,i,,, lo ^ o,",,.,. '".,n ,, .. .. 'i 1
l)!. !'.AY ![ O DA allnnca) n'ld ill th r. ro I ,
,- _- ),|, .I,,,rl Ti e Editor l I ti .........1.. mi I> 1 IIoguo S t l i Wn ....... llh,, "n ... il. lht "1 M .. *,l| Publihied llveiry lrf dy a li lo Pl li h ty In o licienI warn g ,
Se w e rn o l
S ,, r w a l a ,"1'sll, H J
h1eri1 ll i iN 1 .h s of Itoal te o- i i T d l
. ...O .. A.... .. o ders ,t oiil rl n !f ai'|ill"'l ,o iT'o ALo .. .. .. '

r stiioc, 0 1i
hi Fs +l- I. AN w olR Till+ C nTY "F D +LIw AV p Ir ACs I .I, l d lrny Rdo h, 7Plorln, with sam e n' ld>i th t M l i *l *r* t
1 ..| .. .. .. l l I Aliiooi ti1oi lt. we i rBdI' ii iinxrpnlll to hrm tin,,,,, ... I -

W I'I.' 1,_ i , ,o 1 i o, lhltir alt thl jl o, I 1. i I .f.. .. 1
..M ... rot .
ire wlln n war 1 l| n ,cntin o ,,o,, I .' id iio .. ... 1

l. I... n n,, ,I .. i ii Or l.. .. M ll
Nom. f .,. .. ... .,, 1, do ,1 o in Tr ,o wo lor ,or Bi>lriB Ft, ,Lo ,
MO did .. . I .. .... i .. . .. .t.ul H. ..y ..SCOUTS l. yrdl .o fti r .
... n.I o t ri T DIro" B'oy cout, wl r hn la o a il favo r o f Da Iry wa l '
lt.'no ll r thhurr0ao ,olo .o. r a ., r, A ,i

.. """.'... '." ... .... ... ,' .. 1 ... i

,' ...... ., f.

. .. ... BE. EQUALE,.

We would atarpat that the me.
W' 1 ... '- '- -.. .. p r i n 2.51 f'i d f m-
,o .ro d t A .... o"h b l .. .

PUBIACI 1- eted ftom -1., 1.; M695
t h n Io T Mr,, adry1 7,461 AxAeeded
,fio. '. .. '. ,lii ... .. . METT .. .. ALL
W e 'o .l l t t h "e ,- _.. . .1 a -, _' -- ', l ,. r

.....n. y Bea. b ood 0o0n. k .Somo oaffirotiro I s ati ono o i

00+ir A verr. act in hA.on for n Awure or hill; 674 dioro rd ofAicAA B
T loar. Any ior ailment od inal ,i 2 doto t h ABAt ,-
lined in th ppe and thy CON- n 1,720 i d not have rbi ht ot 5
he mo ] en 1. Th. km Z h."' I

.Any h d a mob of reor 1,7 diregad a ..t. -i..
........* *..... ... .. ....Th .a.1 a d

men ber an k w ianhli Wte de1 ing,. But fe oa of the o .o ie ro 0' 0

no mi that Florld' o1 the adn I curried t Md e t.rd s and I rae d. t
hl . ,, ,,
.. ... I h......I ttoII

trr I. A o 100 t l A 1 Sf a tr h
.i.B I. t h...o o m. Odo or it roos00 K 00,110 ot r rig I ... .
not" r b .,no r .t .f m 1, a in llroportIo o o t a. I
0 el are of pu0lL00 t t hmao t o Wo 1 driog Sb itoioo ftoo oooei d ru3oo

roent IHor eln oobdolll od OV I I, ." 0-. -C ,
toodl t hubo dhiIdt nuo A tod w end oltoop toi t 10x0t4o t o trogditn d tlot a

,'. ..... ,. 1........ ... ... .. .. ,1 AN ALY COLON

o.......'. ,,|.., ', .. .. .... ,, II a. '.. p.
1.'U R IICI ^ ',I i'.lt o p t nL I ITT |
,. ; ;o :I: 0, I; t.; .. ,:lrv .. .. .*,- l :. l I*m
*I ri 0 .aL III. .

.r....A... .I r................ .. t

... .. .. .-'-,-, ....... ...fb .. 100 .0 ;% lo ."o,,','S' ; "g',o. '.,'.' ". ", ...... 4
-h o i l0. l Is o>oII Ln, r" SI I I. .. i n Ilolt ...o i og.ljl* {" ,I"- Ihflg o IO b 'h,,,,,00Io
.-.O -. ,1 ... ........ ..... .
:.... .... .... .,, .... ..l r .l ... ..l .llo o ... .. .. .. ,+ ,.. .... .. ......................

....... RrY .. ... ... .. .+,, ,.'. .. . I .. ............. ...........
.n.+ i,. I ,l. ir- .m. +f~lLI,:H1mt .r s I l+, i mI -... .. ~ .... ....-7 -. ... .... .... .. .....

r liay, Aia i g 17 12 8R, ___ EUAY U I AP l U NSUtUPWA U LUR UY llP I'I.II F iRP Pcn. '[r,'r,
1"Till Ac-n' II T".Al' UU 1i' I.IIVfS irs!, '''13'8y2F1,011
HI C NS W ORTH l Yv ,i] TA ii U.n Uv.lil, r Il it ida- MA de Products Sho I l n A d- .. I 1 ... A "* "' """
CICENS WORTH t"'. '. vertised in Papers of Staie r;les I..' r 1
MORE TO STATE .. .......... I.. ... ..... i i ,,,. l. n.. .,n, .- , i n i .. 11 .. i ..... I

THAN IS CfO' ON ............ 1 I

,hlll l i Iw IIS n, 1 I e i ii
. .I I=.. II .,. II ,,,i IIi,,* ..I.

.. .. = I ... :. .

........ n n White ain a nt oodn to n iop Ruiitil an n I t f for
..ANAIyS NOT IIn.r arweia' a n hisa and i nthi dairy cni e throiii nut tat sammcr
SUFFICiiNT TO HOW eanntion "ervei by tiol r when fMree0 Unrman a rB ciarre. Thi
.FRTILI ERS NRE I) .- nty have
a l UU, i I e .
I ... i to I IIfollown u xprmnt tatn for antnyal tan tn
.. lld Nil .. .. l c ,d ,o .1 i',te nt The ynl\d i, hiat el,
'rep, amount n i n ,f fr the cre. I the naIysi juti f a x-
-n U ae la ure eftla b In,
l l -al i ntd Hrald.


w. wonderful
.... ........ II ,i i l i a a ll h o h e e

.'"* ,.; "**- 1 ^PA INTERS ". -..: ..

t i I II .. ...... IT.. .. .. ime Tri. and t '.a nl n n d saaarrop '
oldf, .a b .1

aan. --la ..... a ant THE 5III RANNIVERSARV
tertBaI Cran aoanly anjy B I K
,, ','',", ''.' '' I' I' i' .' I ,'vi 'fr ;"'l *' n.. ... ex A nnllo f [ oa iiuto

S Icoue she is lonely. Can y rIl ou imagine fa x II ` ga
J 111 1" I FL A, ,ky. i rerr entll n lM Suv

'' '" s t s u t E 0. R 'Wet Pa ead .
i l n a desert island." JA.ovi Ln ie a n ayanaanaa t irI a n; ,"a lat wal a ln tm

Ua and ..... la Int a a n. telelpIn1 I J .. I, I" I

lna by a t a inl
...... "' '"', ''.-" *r l*" I'l' k "" I E. Pilt ER ANNIV E ARY

d. .... ..... .. i .... Th .n n e m t'. ....n.. nasa "l nf ti UB UItERK

necessity becauseU through it you establish
FIRTO DEALE TAT contact with the world. It provides Imn e-
Win Atr tNAh c I R tAia dite communicad on with friends and
Wth Anuguant he, ihe month oa 1

SA 444 Atlantic Avenue U n Phone 100
nn iihbaid, witniar a Sind Quick Service
doctor, with police and fire
way ntinn nil ha at e nn Uhan di stations. The comt? A panty liha hnS n a m.ik a,
nnya inerat. lSine telephne rday be Snnd forane In samynanna
i I I ll I nIynn ndny, its .o ..k .i-tn

and at Uaakaeiiiat, ra P niaa d
niI P-4nS nn thnadian., U aa 1 teabo psanntn Inn
Wich aIi in Ue i h e ain, n I IHo na to in nate, at
Uhl r "i at d Rnay a I .... en .... 1 Letauranasinnesn8 l
e heII-It at hOllO pocur 'a a --t tell yo-
er care __ laon Un o .9""ot th n an ,

far thebn UU yaunhoen thebi nien in

rae 5e o aln a nny had an elnanlI .
n npuana tan nfeentiiin t bAnanna,
nan eanien whIch ..'nS Ua- e.nn

aln ir1 444 Atlantic Avenue Phone 100

Frder.l Adieeet 17, 19S. v

t Cl llMC III' WHOi I I I e e O I I /MRS, 1 HAiin I riv N I C iT I tirh rIr a i mlI.FS | rIillhlR CALL ON MISt I ITT IHR. I ,IIII S. TI H A
-Si ., 5I It ItlIAI IdrIlOCD II I HRTY
eR Ill) MIe IIlietl.raI In lee, ef WT al
SOCIETY NEWS ...'. ..... ... ., ..... sNIt
nl e l "I t 1 I I m ie.i, ,' ,' , ,,, , .. I.. ... 8, ..... .. .

MR ',,' 1.. .. .. ', le ) ,1 *tol, I ItI. i* | I ie ,tt eeelllcc T itus, of sI Ta pnietys
MO Ihll 011t, I(.IINON I I)N(I, A'I ( ,OI TII
IINOinl IOlS)i tIl l;STS na on etel tl you n.llll t ,' ,, , , ,
Th1, ]m t MI ,ni] Ml i K sk W [ tcK rte hle d wl5i e dn Ai Wl *, i .
Sng A iilsled 01 doe, MIr N ohns..on Men Ml" dJ A eoder. oyed sine Imenon Iom l Thoe In Those present wet' Mis Jdully
P r Holelnin, M n '' Mrs J t c t he pitt el i 1 II
FrW ienel.' Ms" ,, in. a, Lo ,,
SIR l--- ClUea eeel be t Tcleek I h." T...
e cill, ee.l l...ltyl i e .. e l. -e-e- MRll IANDI II Ir i te ... ... ..I. '
of )-I.In In ||l, nd Mru HInry l M.IvY Ilin EIdwnlr, nDorotlhy Invl Mr n NTERTAI N1 Rfi ". ; l.
-j Ad,,, eH ;-h, _Mr and Mrs A. V l.k b .NTERTAIN ,1A ... .... "
Si lll l K C ,' . ', i, Lc ani lue elra, Cbhalea C, TIue, Mr, R.hort Sudden
1diol I ___ on Sote e wlenton Avenue Monday jlinml r .. T ShnrOlo, eo Dalev
R.,dC eilt we Mtll TW, .I.I P... eNllM ,m r. v ntIN
h ee ,, Dav, llle Bhk re, l Cr. we Mr l n .. i ,,l eHnnMr. R
hl e p I ..h. ." ,," .1, rdkl ,.Br ., Mr.
. .t. S 1 I Iand MI eIe By Dig temil hIve I I, L .-I... Af, ,, I Eh mI Crti, et
S ltt e Ith, ft W t Pl .. .

Me A I; Casl rhe heoncer s i.I -
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fruit slind iileiie, wn. celrd thoe-
plsnt wmeo Mrs K M (rnlA Mn
Henry Herer, Mr L I InDv Mrs
I;: K RtlldiM, Mihl Clir Piev,
Pa el niiil nn M eI l, A t C-
,um Dr ,id Mm J 1 Cc; n, r,
DI W C Willlmm, Dr and M. K.
M Davis, Mn d H A sMore,
Mr adM Mr, R II Pnit r, Mr Ind
Mr I C Keen, Mr nnd Mrs H
lialli Zrd, Dr and Mir W V oell,
F IM Talmeth, Mr nlid Mrs H"uhl
1rr/sr, of Ltae Worth

' nfleroon witl Ioveily llde tea,
which wn the Moned f her p rte
In hbn.r of he i houe Auet s Dieh
ye1, plIe ere, awerded to Me.
Ednd Copelsnd, Mr. Dflght Brad.
bnhw Mrs. L F R anon Ceeied
low s prie The hoore Sa s
pyiel, Ths guate list Included Mer.
C N. .Johnson Me,. Alwilda Sehmrdt,
Mra C K Browill Mr. J A. Zed,
Me J. H,. Atkin, Mrs Wneo Webh,
Mrn E L DaveS, Mre Dwight Bra.
ahAw, Ma. S. o Smith. Weit Palm
Bahl Mn.W N Johenon, MM. J. .
Johns, Mrs. E F Hollas-, M, B.
P. Sundy, Mn Glenn ,un dy, Mr. J
t eDouglass, Mrs C H. Zat, Mr..
&. W. Gorne, Mr. L F.Renn, Mr
M. D. Morrls, Mrs, P. A. RDlon, Mr,.
enhBe Bostwhek, Mar Ednn Cope
Ind, M A. A. J. Adam, Mn Frank
BrE n, M. C H DraL, Mer. A.
G. evas Mr. Tylr, MN.. E.
N. Andrw, Mrs., W. Snow Mr,.
H. F Bahe, nr. W. WillaEms,
Mn. A. D. EIot.
A Jolly erwd enjoying a me-llt
wim In the ocean Wednela e
Mules Franee Atkine, Jenna Cn,
Lortne Bal ekL, SDrah Muay. Dor.
othy Roberts, Jane Rogers. end
Maer., W. E Wdo, Joe Atket,
E-mey IBat Ia Lee and Roy B.-
er. Jmme REogers, Raphael Moseley,
Leon Barwlek, Vmton Lon,. HOat
Merrltt, Philip Be-nan
Cirle Nmbtr To of the Womn's
Ml2a2onary Soelety of the First Rap.
tilt churh held Its regular eetint
and Bible study elms on Monday t.
Iteoon, at the home of Mra Arthr
Barton Those attcndin weel Mrs
Jer.. eB, Mr Virginia Flodtn, Mre,
Dred O'N.l, Mn J M. Martn, Mrs
A. O. Holland nd nr.e, Miss Kth.
ine North, Mrs OIant Wlnn.
Mn E L. Davis lId Wedneaday
fter a' vltlt with her patents, Mr
and Me Weo Webb She will v1lt
In D rytota Beah and Ftikl,
Tat,, before retunli tob her h
in nw York Cot,


AnEI BSllS 5lIUtE9 0Y.
BIt I B i t, OSIR,.


_ .. _ ^- -^

Delray Quick Tire Service's



AUGUST 18th TO 25th INCLUSIVE Saturday to Saturday

On Trestone Built Tires

Firestone Tires

30 X 31 Regular ......... .._ 7.
30 X 31 Extra Size... ... 8.
81 X4........ 12.
,82 x ........ X4
8X 5 ,.. ..... 24.

29 X 4.4 -------
30 X 4A.0 .-..._.. -
31 X 5.00 .
80 X 5.25 .
31 X 5.25 ......
82 X 6.00 __ __...
33X6.00 .._ _...
30 X 5 Truck Type _
32X 6 Track Type.....

-..- B.UO
... 9.95
. 13.95
- 1450
... 16.98
- 358.40

"Oldfield" Tires
Firestone Built and Guaranteed
S s0 Xs1 Regular .....-- $ 62
80 X t Extra Size_ __. 6.70
0 31 X 4 $ 10.95
0 2 X 4 ............ ..... 11.7
4033 X ..... ...... 22.00 A

29X _4.4 $ 7.71
30 X 4.0 ___ 8.3
31 X 5.00 11.6
0 X 8.2 -.......... ..... 12.0
31X .20 ... ._............. 12.9f
2X 0 ........ ....... 16.25
38 X 6.00 ..................... 1S
30 X 5 Truck Type ...... 19.95
82 X6 Truck Type ........... 0.8

"Courier" Tires "Airway" Tires
Firestone Built and Guaranteed FIRESTONE BUILT

s0 x s1 ... 46 3.
30 X 3t Extra Size 7.. .. X 3
31 4.....- -.. ........ Regular /I V
32 X 4 ----- 9.0 Clincher $1 3 *

29 o 4 ............_ ........._s 6 29x4:40 4
so x 4.0~. ...........- 1 Balloon
81 x 65 .. ........S... ... 10e9 Cut to

All Other Sizes Proportionately Priced. Lowest Prices Ever In
Delray Beach. Tubes Correspondingly Lower.
All First Grade, Fresh Stock.


Free Road Service Telephone 78
S Delray Beach, Florida : -


nar, v nFAnn IaWa a, Y AnrnAPB PIIAtn

.. m....

6..: :: 0 P NAMES 1... Ab ... .. SlT ''w ec o e be .. li i 0i i.i... .
t r t T A T r r11ti1 hOT T n m CC iIN T snitlm. H an bo wllw.llmit Tl, T i n i lltn L
I PERSONAL AND OTHERWISE "''I I ... TI1I.rAasEj ... i.. e w, i m. ...,.iu,,,.
01di^;< o;ld-:E: tobio l- eoc -.;a CANDIDATES FOR
bARAHt W KEEN LUL ANn Sot rrp | I'O It Pnii ; 2 A .. .. .
W BSporry, l Min p nt 'r I I .. ,
dy her with reatives da .a ,no 'o
,"" e '". l ,

.,,, .. .' h bI his pbyaltal p ll io b urod lm to levo th l ti
i i Ii ic H Ai I = ,. '| ''. '' wee m adecie I t l"e LbhBt er i ccee it he he l(onec t"
Mia EliC. th i n a.e .. r ,_o le. I hl Ia t ei ltt. y I I ay I, y -der of ti. e l I anvll..l whr. ho reun t g in t thl.
S i.i l nm who will sniei hi, cae l ... M. If e sa uld be netrcnful im I tminte. end nt a nletJck wit h tiro.
.. .. c .' c .c.. tohti',c t ele opportunity fi canims for conueiii siie to hi, aetlp
.nMn W, H Pe, M. at lny Tih My Mnrth undy ,.. C l Modern, Backlin .
allid M,, WeWecctcbb peat Fic Men t ,, Clas a..' tele lul.
OHtlynod lwin dl, ,L ei chol i dtin'i' c N, idat. d '''' ,t"' oppose "" :u "' DUE TO THE REMOVALOFTHE MACHINERY
1 1I ... l l t oee ertcodli wec. Ni i lnce dido wane l otodopese ec s et, 1-1 11," ll' n
.o M A .... for the ice I l,. ien r eti l., |n OF THE DELRAY LAUNDRY
day Mieftin.. Mie c ,ehei. C '' K"i n'ttici ni e cuI itI WE ARE
I ." ,I Il.l....l... Ic. i.c. b, ci.l W'l i
I, I' e. .iCescoTS. PP ell ecI BACK ON THE JOB
eecclcc-ccacI ci en.ce ____________________ _________________
S. ksonville Auni t 1i -Walter F a kem niil oa Imi im The mcII rn a ISe nS n.i.
h Io Mi .i ..e e e I'cct. ... .1 1 ;0. n d ieh .* l e be d
home Miami sundL y af.t er av ,, ,, l -,o The Delray Route, in chargeof Mr. A. Bateman,
wth Ma; LYs'e' Wb Johnson. .y b .. i l. s. n e intnc it will be made every day.
a.',' .i ', .c' e .. ei ct r d.e n ie eee d We handle five different services of laundry-
o, o. of w. .ee .c o and th itte o der H. G te. d ubmt thae fort oonid- either a post card or a phone call will bring you
..... ] d r- M r I i, ,, ,,san fr Mfnmlt v~e-pr deIs' *ndl Zgenfi l satien of the legislature 1029 t h
r. .. a. .oe -1"*rr of the Floirid Power and r e event the amendment ila rttie. prices on these different classes of service. We
an are in their he. on the sbet h. are ll-kneo her h "' .. Hrman A. Dan, of StI. th amendment ie rtiiol ed InN- eDry Clenanm ta.
Mr ed c Lan C ... e th er cee iu i imniadite pact peident vember, Govern Mrtine, unless he
Mr and MB Lonn C of the state chamber, G Wae, ofa I thee tesk to his sucesio who a ---
Sophm Tmuk ad R A. L eebur, president of the First Nat- teko office In Jaenury, illl appoint
notul to IMintl Tueldnyd even ITe THODoIT' CHOI m tCNo. M l H a of Lesbu, ande n am e- tb'Rmn ion wh elrtH a to Thn American L undry
Mn. C. W. spee. heslccedtllln-k Th, .ecber of thMe Mlthbdnt eboi be of the booed oa dieters of th le Ib gislatuie In Aprtll or Mepn ry
Stts flor a bridge ten at the muodii- nd their famille motored to Boyn- Sith Diatrim Federal Resen Bank, -- "For Better Servie"
JPel ldub ho.e Saturday laften. to. ye.teda ater un d en j yel e d adli. Li l, Tall. ahce b A RREETINOCAD O n c 1928 Lake Avenue Phone 622
fmlci beCl Cues ee swd c eieninle "c-pee. Thoe ns mc.on Il. el.b c tePURP- OSE, LET A HANDPoM
Sn. lI.. Lakeond, ho.e he the temoon e.. e: Mr, nd With the 19 session of the eal ARDEXPREBBS YOURTHUGTS LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA
tu dayo a .smme.r ce ouae atn her st 8 Jone. Mr and Mn. A. R latu less then a year I the ltu, AND FEELINGS. FISRER'S INC.
Cet me eoot beele, MIm~ D rothy Mo with the leth hambern i .erb 0anumber ADY. ......... ..
Cl Jne toger, Cige a oBo enMr. M li"la"tlve en"i tnei t and wi
SqOare Tlehnor, of L .iuimtllI, Ay.,. E. C Lon, Leon Bae w W. F inun-ierou problems related to he t o n--
eand r nda Mr. Chcrlcum beeho aw d Mrd. Iat an, e o h I ofn the lehie metr.e cMm ___ __Is_ Pho. 1 _n 1 _i
Orllndo, wne gueste of Mr. and Mn r. Mr Virg l cd Finding, Te Ca I a.lsme, Pecldet Sholt deemed I
a Re thise at een, Jr.,WI1 Lnoe, Mr. and Mr. Fred -dcvibuil to eonetetfe tbe IleglAtte
Mr. and Mr.. ein Jdoh.., M tc, Mr. n. A. L Ad .cn, M .rj..rie eete. htnl edlt ut r tlimhan T
of St. Ptenbur, .laed Srturd l d ll A Fiun e 1 Jae s. El. pn t ItI mpnltee tlen. oil I iet
.iht Ai f ll with tw aul ther, o lt and Pt Jeane WvIlliem, MI.. bfla the le.tsl btchi tve se
Mn, W, B. I sparry. Irene Min Vinton. Le t co e ts h bheeni thee clton the ne o
baby, e d Mo PC. Foentaln I l C -LL VeAcc p PINe b din p -rt ain r i te t nN T IC CG R E
Mrbt ccl Oe. Mc, 1. re E eni iR*hO COLLAR rASSIpac teetn Ic peeal r f*Id W ATL nA l U P6, Te T L Ieed|C
ehecebec, hS cew |cece elM I r
aiton, aleh, hve ret ed. e f. thbimo a p of the lti Phones 13 and 14 Delivery Service
nie Ic toecandels In Poe.i im1abtdlI t hsae r Ie ar e heen fb e be dainbs ed to pcldn toec r se
E. e Bihop hla been ehrpponted etion nutned for bidin t el- hch on ld .e wIh thn I i Saturday, e August 18th, 1928
i c instruttof 0thtltie ind icterec le. Achitsete Hnd hTetlne U i Ane ese.
Ihn th WS y Raet tigh teahoo, and l a. cooperotln in tdestlimg Th, lint ccelr e of the
win bbe emk in thlm yu r eellrk en h cenenommtne will be that of clllse to...
rte. ad M. Scen abcd T. T h lt.e .I be.e ..a tee.. IsnI- me taDntion oee the Foe ofeed ct
Mindial orenc A rk., whas do u ni themO lauaw do I ssues pan t d c. ih d' Istate r i t rwo cOf nto Parobe Oahat
dow aD1k. and Mr.. J. R. na d natles of the cllar, eall ,r I a,. totionol hoendenadt wh to will be e
fthel lsh c viot th Mmdrl.. M te n c be o t aing that o.m a ice em t ubm. ltetpnll n tvee on nI lrb ctese
Is'B S .w'h h e fg; bccdwwrodrther m cmstleiem that -e kohned ic. i oreA. Hl ceetall or 10small
die* b C ee eof bo nd nM epa and it n the Novembe eetlon. Both .
Dr, .nd Mrs Joi. M. Ma. ..L. e T ho dat and .aha athe dment a concsn. d swimt C F lk .l
a Uendin. e t R. the Seet Ho Tha per of automc h l leiitlod, owne aimed Nat Keogg's Crn Flakes c Ealy June bas
teb. Dr. n MIe e N aol usif In el d oa n eo fo ar ,tc and ert.cthe ir ln. re Post Toasties each 0 Green Cut Beans each 2
Wemllyan Cole t In Mamon OS. s it. elnrti the old athtonied meay yean the .a iate habn re __
Dr. A. W. MBlr med two da l.e blntm ead sh.w I em. .l.edin-l iedwd to dlvots pp abea hhr
ter. mines Gcetc dee Pa anD ett, eoand en hc et el of dti. t ethe c t onaidne Soap Coaline, 2 for 15C Macaroni
Mra. Sltrnde PraBt ctesed hone nw be kept In a tondc d anc of ct a f e t ie e o cantl e t, ds C, fa
Satulrdy enes a vislt to Wst Point, and piped to en oil burner,. while te te cnd mnunhtlpltialm whi, h could Soap, P U, Octagon, 0 C pag etti ech

Anoe nnnouetha bdrh ol be uo It te Th itot l To b neak np the pvenetia oa jA E
J.t So dc M... eeI.r l. the i at elSe. nh the Coffee, Maxwell House, b. 48c Chipso, Oxydol, each
iorl y; v"irr inin i ol oadn Id a ke si t po'lbl e to an Iroea 11,000W hoods ase d d dor, ot or th e ouend
well-"nown hn,. hto $l, a t scllretlM of th m. prA e by n OiUv. l .
M. i h.weteh in ny, .- D. Sieth, of Ma, uZin makt Bread Large Loaf, home bkd. 12c Gold Bar Crosby Corn 16c
OMn. X. M. Craig, bwhe o hs l me an e m n offa e t- twh ct It mndaeory tnt oe.ieh meu ,n T
.at of Mr..Lin, W. om, ief tipi.nt t. obem. intr.od, ,h.i be .c- Sani-Flush, can 20c Toilet Paper, 3 for 19c

o.uL+R rno. I Byt.h houl, LUNCH MEAT Prunes Raisins, 1c
ecomndmcw~sdln~nbe. isea-l for enla leetty lee ce healxeo C
v thcnitne WIl "C O u or ndvtm i Potted Meat 4c Evaporated Apples each I
York ad i. She lft MiaI S h Carry on, cay on." That lxpn-Ieaerln ainatanae but this feature has 1 C n --------
Trud dhisn fhil. eM. rk, th Wrld W..ter, Ihlt waB c Lr.ell ebe l o reit ofhoe Vienna Sausage 9c Old iJello Ass't Flav o ars Bah
Serlcy in Wmhengtonm wen het wi dee, nade fen.m s by hPliah cli o etme a dead letter biceee oe a el
n oc ths b Ini ts Woreld a. h ci ec ..c. Undean ith. Sandwich Spread 13c Old Dutch Cleanser, each i
fe~af to d elSd P taee nnd c l tt elibwle deav itd not ovt e
0. 0d e cha Ri e Feet nId rn .i.. t eondu i P Pure Pork Sausage 19c
Se'te ce hehnd T. ... mc..e'Iy n.ien ce-.neiehlbe temn towad.- Corn Beef 24c 1-2 pt. Mayonalse and 1 1
the. hlend III~ .l be Th t ndh to h-o.tb r .. .. it hall t" een ayo
ehue. micad t ed eha .c lr wess ar. enleed. lie th. isnmen Roast Beef or Tripe, large 27c bottle French Dr-ssing L I
deuthte, MnO. F+ C. Ithee lcmecl cide nds dnd e hoodsecneiotc rRoa ever eaiFrnn ch emmunceipel
MIt. FloSin Cro. ak llh rn tee f ll=.. Isse ound diseae wilt, it*. dilcie c u-w lu bie twiuici t
instructor In des pndtlie n eeher e C h r rap thr. -C win 1c1 1 y 1 Bu L ,C
sreanl Fears an, lBumned to hr er Floidn armera f te not aoine Ine. Bllue
thnt. in P? estio Tuede ninrt haeeis to contend with suci hande The aeond amendment In hill IUUU L S Rose I
alter a ihort Avit with M Mr eti T. ape-they an felt from time to time legisltiUve comlttlee s ittee d Interes
n ... .. .e. e thd.e ety. 1 t.e... srled" iby Alfrd H. Wise, Pillsbury Flour, 6 Ibs. 36c; 12 Ibs. 68c; 24 Ibs. 134
L lnek Halld Blal naeowi e- BPt fr time inmmenahl hm Wes t Psm ueohC It pWt ovid
nhad Mrtius inlure y rlday In West eps and diaceeour aemn t htnve oni the eadotion by the btato of a re -
Pim BSealh, when he wa eraed hy tempered th m le nele that men th f uniform muniftpnle cihrten, e pra
p. in t.rtk. HI. laethte s.. .il are made of. and made them bet. tc hkh ha n en adopted b n FRUITS AND VEGETA1 BLIES
te. and a bad ut In hits ide t able to met future troubles of states and which has nulted n A
ec.tlid. nlmhar natuer. They have ot allen mnaked icnciVnent In and apllfti
b the cmdayei.. bt be ldt ie lia r; not b atere .....l..t, o Potatoes COLL 10 lbs. 29c/Bananas, 3 lbs. t14e
PARTY, CARDSI, FAVORSB, TALc gre and pumbed n. two l memnles in Ftorld na be.
UIMa. b .MH I,INc. MC.v JuA.t .dea .. I....e nrtittlanMcitn d, t l cn. dim Yellow Onions. lb. 6c Limes, per doz. Ile
id hobw e elU cra of Ont,.al detr lht 1e d l sthei em, ~I~ -e- ----a
T H E Tlede hd ercti.cli ty .ee ted i.oec c i .lice I. neec ntt"
on M th etih.enc rt.. e.1-c, in. Ceniinly wmeat i bus. in,. Peaches, Fancy Elbertas 3 pounds 22c
The report wa hardly publehad be- many different wy It wnuld be e--- r --- -
Q ga l i t y S h o p p e T h... ... ..wnd sa l ,. Y ",
Sslho iOrl-, b .. .ot di...n-ll .. that t ..e uMEAdT DiErARME
ntru wind .tru the ie alnn.. tul I lv i iuncidpth ioec poeA
Another math and Fail wiLl be upon But with th ea me unltt nounelt In Ithe onitt .of the Iat. MEAT DEPARTMIENT
u d that means "Party sceUon" Ic.e sm c ItrNta rower mi111 et c inet w nd they would be able to d
a".Si" e S ht'L rosy t .i t. Eggs 'F'h White, yard, doz46c Butter in quarters 49
gfle--ecee edbpaeeA o layietw have been done by the leetia wl c ieiet hic te lb j teed 4
Il. title "ruk.Cthe Ai wi tllauto a....t w" thbeade Beef Roastedt'h ", Ib, 28t Breakfast Bacont'mlb. 33c
e- trylicecccet ne dove niceew in e didnobb etcci t Mel i cb w dopeld by the 1927 Beef Ron Cmocc Ad
iles Gg d.nt ce d iw ... bill'Aflt S Sausage, pure pork, lb. 26c Pork Shoulder Roast 26e
Mrs. Ge, .le k be t inete to 'reac y tfr the Pollne.nt of a Ieclmxsi. o -
PrYoprietor, o'--Spud Johnsn. to Itk Ut tie ebrim of popoeud ---


Friday, AIrnlt 17, 19S8.


Pl' e h nDlRAYnIR AC REY n n r1W. Fi11IAY i4A 1 FLp IT, ,ORIA, Iit r' __ .
l*'--l-- -t i l __ ^ __ ^,- l 'rs l [(l'[W!Vl I ..... ......... .
el itAING ST fI
Presilrntial Can (fi riig', is rousingg I ,nl ifrl- I,' ,,,' ..

,lll.ll i hll1 00 1 r,,, ,,,,I
.. ... II.. I" .I ... .... ....... 111..

'lE E' .[ i' E kl' h i\ \ I | .)I --I i1 -i 1 .I I i r i., I IE.E El h ploh -
I.,. .. ....... .. E El EIE EI i I

l ,. r(rI .iAE i n nr" ],,,. ,d | u I but noijfIr I r1,r, t ,y 1 t -

x1A tE eII .11, b 1I 1 1 l te Ia LACE THAT LOhOKS I t nlo ll 10 Ir1biI 1 1 roe I enrt 1 n -afto

L 0n 0 t he e 1m4r 1 oh n h. ii n o11 ,1l r r STARCHED |q1 ity rot1 f1 -. a i ,n,,, ra, oe w Iod a ti u .
9It1r4 1b411ly 21 de 1re i eom iEtohIEl 1It I lmeI
.* .... ........ ... ......,. h ,, a .. A. ^ .. ...... L. ... I. i

I a n1 A' r A A ,. t. L V

..., ,, l. 0 Ai,.l* ,4 re R eal E ta e

.,", '' .,", *; ;* ; .. A ( S'O. T COA a"e '..' w"* .' ... "" \ L.l and H omen .

.a1::.I w,. L L I PLU
' .. ,",,,". .. ... '. ', ',,' "", '. ...... ,, ,' -
n.i. /' ..... J1 3" MYERS & SON IN
.. .. .. ... . i. : : '- .. .. .. .

I Years of Service
I /:*1 I in Your Model r*
..... .. "T" Ford
... .... .. ,.., SU NDAY DINNER I
,"S: NIN Few 'Dollars may enabled
".. ",'I ... i,', .... "" rnd JoL'P "II

,. OO |M you.0 to get thousands of
r ....... regular Din er lc miles from your old car.
-- ---I------- I---b. nr Ppur- or car
-..,,, I....E L.. .. I..' I' l, WELISEONLYGEN UINE 0
,RS. ,AMI ..2 ..' ll

S,:'. .'. w i B I

: C :n :. Bring Your Ca To Us And
SERVIC d on board | P F LetUs Loo It Over.
You Can Depend Upon tau la 1 Lb. Hard Candies 36c
1 will be at your door when you want it .1 b. Maxine Cherries 49c

I I I DUue ya
factioDELRAY LUMBER Cuty you are M.
.... ...... ..... .. .I -A .... ,, tMIEst from .rout od ar.

entitled to and th ....rvice yo ...pect. RED C ROSS Pa 1 HARMUACl Y l B .\
$I L ~ ~ I~

vrlhry, Anugult 7. l12. 0DRRAY rn EAAC NIWs., E A, C al AY HBnArn. FLORInA P-rN p ir.

THE CHURCHES ,, ,S S, : I NFss il sl' .... . '
.' ', ,,," ",, ', ...v T ..... ........ "' : "
TI,. Je rom a J. 1Ram s ell i .. .
DA0 Y PlAT In whlow .
0 c ;0I bos7 0hhln


H ,

Fe ', H,,, ',, x .. ......... .
i1 i i i

*Ch-b J N SERv

S ,l-,oom 10 Love I.

"Sof .Li. Kill the GI.. .
--.-- C. ... a Cl OmFtis S W h Palmi i :, ,',
.PRESB I R N. ," ,,' W, ,,' W
A Ran B, y I I.Nelon Agn,' -, E T ._ V. .. D116I JA .|e
5 i. .d ... .. .. ,' I -" 1. .1 *

,inda S ,I, ... W

Ais -]C at. ca1, t h'R. A-,7,orI and

FIRST.hB MTHIST CHURCH hU"n JOIR ` .... '. b p ,t '',
Th. H .N .r, .W
.H' I f '' CU H -. T, H A AM
A .. s i. T A le Us

N.Sunday The ,ura.u a invite I th ounis 8. Lsk. A.. n.... o e, r
.Prayer Meeting 8:00 Wedges of the stt to c l mo one Wo h I ,n | ," ,'
ny. tey would Nl.he to depiIt I, '"" w. ", I|I Ph, , -, .
C, ,0. P,.. ... ., f .. .... ....I "

A welcome to be shown m bths t t X r

o h N t 0 U. 0 nainal Livoutock Ex tion, at CM Attomer, ,', R", ,T"C .. R, Y, ,, N e
Evening wohip t 8. cag, Novembr 0 to Deci, Nber 10 State n Federal. PN acv,

c a ll 0 70ohm to 7 07 t 77 77e C". 0l77 7 0 40. Ch I l a r e U o I n 7 A t 0
A nd-7Is o N l7 a n. n an,7, 0,,l arr n7-fn lr n, O l 'o7 I -,, ,.' '
W .h I ... n 7 f .o 0i I,. L .e .. .
LORES T B A t 8EUC orn e e to tht ed o .. S. .

7NE. eE eer O n II 7, n Joo Sml __ ____
........,' M.. .......le T0h 0 oin 7 7,- -'-,--V7" ', | ... ...... ..7 =" .. .. O...' ,'a ...'';'. .. .
H7777 0 o n b tI 0 .. ',,. ' 0 7', ,7' ,',';' '., ,-, 7, ',', ,l U. -" 1,
P,.0 77. 700 ,07.7 7700 at N 7, b ,e77-o N0, pefOls t070,,7007'.,. 0 ..7 7a U .. -'- ;.*-.',. ** *

707.70,7, b, -77I70luad 77W7 0,0n7t7 -. 077,7,7,77,7,7,7 ... ...
I 777l77 .- h hm. r b DIhEe s tI N OR Ita

7 igbt0 of 77 7t7 07t Ah N- -d .o 7 ,, o 17,, IL P r ic e for 2l
-- 00htoA IA7 I _OI Od. rtifimde r 7

-- pe,* CtNoplM -6 one De ;r I E G E_ ..
I~r r nd ] ways. M -1r co-thie lwe alredy

cordiall. ty07 t0 0. mc o nly t gep P p hel ms' fo i. '7 % BEACS FLORIDA '. '. ..... -
--n odonio r 70,177 ,70e77 77 a r, mthi tn770. T0o u77 0, .e i .A ,' k' ',, I 77. '

hTMo Lode, 1st nod ow h17 Pn 11, d hun.1 llin l. bt TEVALU OP.YOUnAB M .._t ..
7 0,7.d0.0,7,-, o h7,.R, .....B D eo .'d Pr,'''te's o

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.. Cures Chills End Fever,
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'7~~~~~~~~~~~h 0;,o,107,,I, CHEE _____________________________________

~I~I----II-~~--I~ll-LIIII-.--r-~ I~-XI)-II----*C~I.

DlilhRAY BRA(It NEWS, LV.IMAY BEACHl. FI,nr iDA Fr__,__ 7,
AARON SMOCK I .-.-.()-- -
,, I,,,I"Y ,Il, BOYNBY TON u N" BOCA RATON [i |, ,
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0I', 33 11111... A 41r..SEASONABLE SUGGES IONS-Are offered as you walk through the

..' "" "',"' aisles at PIGGLY WIGGLY---Tempting menus are easy to plan for the
S,, i ,i1 housewife who avails herself of our complete stocks of merchandise.
oSugar .. 62c Milk" c1 Coffee 111 35c'
.T..a l M rs llr B u __ _______ l -,n s _____ A 1 3 3 M o d al T p 3 t+ ____

; .iH.,in,,,,A,'A Nation's Skin.ner's ) c Now You V
iN E'.. ,., lr se a n ,AlPe'. Mor 1Hacaroni Will Like BranM-
.1ii i,.,pl]. ;,d u,[ i tririi l 7) r)0 3301 VB INA Irh.ssI i He n i, h Any flavor h" 1I i a 1 tn md-ie o nd t ep hs
.I r io o. Spaghetti per 1 ini ll a l n i.
N 'EWSPAlER S ARE ,,,131I ,7 .fyb .I77 1,lpi, w il "Ill tip) 1 Ib ,e 2lL ( I t o n aptunhm, at tsRlC t ld itl,(l IPnli h' d l r d

*'~' *'" '~ ,. ,~ 'pkg'. or Egg Noodle packgls M i -'"

: MEATS : i"i;" 12t : PRODUCE #
HCRITICISED i l lyn i<,huh .,<,e nnd Sumiaiy S Hohrr .l" l .l(n)Ilnhl* lon,,dt, ,-1 m- drvi men, t41-h-ldl hv
+. .I !41,+i,, n~ntlm ...: ]]+,,})bv ltet la l ldrno i bol, i llil t ile Rrell mqJrlly of thoit rill 'eh. in tho pl lrln e told stl,-

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S n a a 1 -. 1. ,; B U1; IAORW-n LhaHlnom.ntl. I,, 1nd 0on-lllln_ y or T mollt s nl d

Ii Tl HE BEST BUy ... ll MIN MH R i : 7 WE TU, N OUT l l- W I W R 'DC
.l ..,N ,nl l. I r.L' M ,P, .

. ..V h r tILDR ROSSi IPiN -Md .. wit I 'j .. .....R E,. A JOB THAT IS A Ha
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th'. fo r 'It h ... ... eoll E,, lir[ niE DAIL,

; I aldorf Tilel MATCHES KirkIs Hard- Bread ..**
,,Paper 7 Swan brands water 2 1- 2 Large
*", p, ,""" per roll )C 2 pkgs. Soap for- Loaves c...

lkl tl t i) tiel i nd ut y, o. 0 ,,a gK l..l) k ,, r. .I.
n l ome t i* en thPeaches Soeilverdale o Pineapple Apricots
Y ., SEASONAB ,SUGGESIONS--Are offered as you wsd Rosedalk throthe
.., g Ol... "., ,,l' aisles at PIGGY WIGGLYr--Tempting menus are easy to plan for the

Sh 1 SP & Starr Naptha Pillsbury Willowbrook

S1,, 0 7 1 "''.,l ,.t7.7 Soap Powder cans to Flour Jam
S, ,,,i d ....I. 1.111, p .. i, l.i. ,. .. housewife who avails herself of our complete stocks of merchandise.

-d ,Bars for 5 1A,.pfor 6 lbs. 34c Quart jar
1 333O 004ll 41 in ii 3) o 1733,t)e Oe n pil 1o an I D )oi hI1a .
.Sga "ps rr62c MilkW. 5 I Coffee 1"a' 35c

. ..1A11Sugar 701 18, ,, 31 70 115 t, ,,.3. cHn03im-.
713 33311 Hag 5I 1..Lb
"' '"' .'" .. I"r A Nation's Skinner's Now Yol
I.ll............................. ROUSSEAU Any flavorlWill Like Bran
I ll lrmlcaS *t A cilm One of the -1t enllable l

: MEATS : -- : PRODU('E : -

'E IT C - -2 .. .
U I I I I. .. 'I 'll 2
49.. .fim P. 37c -0' 27

', .. .. ', u', .... d I .H,;R ri l .. 3 9 c

'+ 11 Ill 16th t l, ,0l.I Mrr..+ L I. MIXy'.- . .

.... .. Peache ,, r r v i i, e ir orap A o r.

Pae erdale le apricots
X.. ..... b'S Large can l ILarge can o Large -+an 24c

P,.& G StarNaptha 2 Pillsbury willowhr o
.,M,R-I,_, Soap Powde FlourrJam
............ _"2 ......... Fl"+"+in xhrii 1,5 Bars for 5 c r 6 Ibs. 34c Quart jftr
TI.E V M .... 19D 12k f-,, 66ci 45
IRINTIN CANNOT HI'H0lrl" of Stm l "W, l nln
,AT10. CONSI U th htr ltelee+ M ord. hr h-
rl~ I~)'O~T*NII Y Ma. Drn blc Iroa I~u~l~al 19e19e9e 1 ,, 66e 45t

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