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Title: Delray Beach News
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Successor to The Delray News



DEATH OF UPTON Mr. 1,. I. Glenson, of En
Gallif, who owns property here,
IS FOUND YET visitor thi week at t f
I F UND Y T flee of C/Y, Byrd, Mr, (Glenson
stated that he first came to Miami
sixty-two years ago, July 17, and
Coroner's Inquest at Boynton that he never failed to stop in Del-
Holds Murder Done by ry Beach on his trips to Miami.
lie says that he has always loved
Unknown Parties this spot more than any other on
the coast. Years ago he used to
INVESTIGAT'N TO SOLVE make his trips in a sailing boat on
the ocean and in case of an un-
MYSTERY CONTINUES favorable wind he would he forced
-- to beach his boat until the wind
That he met death by murder at changed. He always hoped that
the hands of unknown persons was ny forced landing would he here.
Mr, Gleason Is one of the donors
the verdict rendered Tuesday by the of Gthe mil e of pubi beh, whirs
coroner's jury in the case of Cecil Il one of this city's greatest assets.
Upton, aged Boynton recluse and es- He is yery anxious to see the beach
tranged member of a prominent Eng- cleaned up and the property put in
lish family. Upton's body was found such shape that the public may
'in a shallow grave at the rear of his get the full benefit from it.
home near the Dixie Highway a week The people of Delray Beach owe
go last Wednesday by Deputy Sher- a great debt of gratitude to Mr.
SHenry Baker, after a search had Gleason for helping to save them
en. instituted for Upton missing the ocean beach that is now ded.
since the previous Sunday. cated to the public.
The inquest was held under thei di. :-:.:;:.:3S.1=:.;._ ^K
Direction of Justice of the Peace Shelby
Buford, of Boynton. The jury was SALE OF COUNTY
composed of the following Boynton TAX CERTIFICATES
citizens: R. H. Rousseau, Benjamin Approximately 138,000 worth of
Wax, Win. P. Smerville, J. P. Bowen, tax sale certificates were sold to pril
'W. C. Heaton and Jack Ellis, R. H. vate individuals at the county sale on
Robaseanu was selected at foreman, Monday, July 2. Complete figures
S The first witness was Henry Baker, on the sale will not be available for
j? 'Who had conducted hthe search for the five or ix weeks. A t that time the
Missing man, and who had also been total, including that sold to the state,
'working on the case in an. attempt to will be available, It was said at the
find' the murderers.. States attorney tax collector' office that the sale this
R aymond Baker conducted the in. year was less than that of last year,
.-f' uiry. Work i% progressing on the report at
Henry Bake.. stated :that pi, was this tioe,--Palm Beach Independent.
S notified of the disappearance dofvpn t ".. ro'
n Monday night, July 9, that ,he o IATE MILLAGE INCREASED
started his se*ach .on Tuesday ind When state taxes were lowered we
Continued it on Wednesday. Te first heard it blazoned to the four corners
Sclue .to be found to the case was th n of Florida but the new is just creep.
S finding of Upton's keys by Hugh ina out that the m!llage for the come -
4 11"yns, Upton'sn xne rhatuffeur. The ing year is not going to stay down to
'keys were found just north of- the the 1i set last year but is going back
'Ipton house. up to 9 mills.
SThis led to the conclusion that Up This is a condition that our county
ton was not far away, and Baker, with commissioners e facing while they
vraseveral others continued their search are trying their level beat to lower
of the place. A fresh trail was found every fund possible in order to make
leading through a banana grove. The tle tax burden as. light as possible
S searchers followed these trail looking for the people of Lake county. Theirs
Sfor high niounds and fresh dirt. ts a difficult task.
Shortly one of the party discovered It. Is for this reason we approve
Sa newly made grave and said: "Here heartily of their making the publicity
SIs the old man," The body, which tax I1 mills Instead cf 2, although be-
Swas fully clothed with the exception fore we knew the situation we greatly
of having a hat or cap, was found favored continuing the higher millago
about et eight inches below the surface, for this purpose. But the commis-
'There were two wounds, one just ba- sioners are cutting corners every-
hind the left ear, apparently made by where, even cutting off some village
a sharp instrument such as a knife that looks almost dangerous to us,
or hatchet, and the other, a hole little as we relish paying a big tax on
through the neck, which was probably what property we have. Economy bar
..gade by a pistol shot. beet: forced upon us in spots because 1
Baker stated that the body had of extravagance in other directions F
/' probably been there about three days. and we must accept It as we find it.
S There was no, evidence of any struggle --Leesburg Commercial.
near the grave, or were there any In-
strumonts there by means of which
the murder might have been commit. CLOSES
ted, One pocket of Upton's clothes OF C. *
was pulled out but no money was oFr P
found. OFICEU
SOn finding the body, Hugh Loynas
Upton's negro chauffeur, and William OCMIBER 1ST
Deal, another negro, were placed
under arrest by Baker. T. S.
The next witness was J, W. Rogers,
' who was with Henry Baker when the At a meeting of the directors of the
body was found, and who guarded the chamber of commerce held this week, I
f two colored men when they were it was decided to close the office of t
placed under arrest. He testified the organization in the Casa Del Ray, I
S' iat Baker's account was correct and until the first of October, due to the L
Walet he had nothing to add to the absence of the seertary, eMrs. C, P.
story. On being questioned, he stated Warfield, from the city during the
-' that he heard no conversation be. next few weeks,
tA, teen the negroes while he was on This was also considered a step to- i
guard except a remark that they did wards economy, due to the inactivity
tant understand why they had been of the summer months, and the fact
Placed under arrest, that the chamber commerce cannot I
William Deal, colored, was next function effectively due to the ab-
Scalled. He stated that he lived abott scenes of many of its members during
one and one half miles from Upton's the summer.
and was accustomed to pass through
.,;, ptoth's place on the way to his farm, MR. AND M*8. L, A. ADKINS i
S'No new facts were added to the ease ANNOUNCE BIRTH OF SON f
Sby his testimony. Word has been received of the birth p
SA, Sims, colored, who had helped of a son, Lowry Arnold, Jr., on July
dig Up the body was the next witness, 19, to Mr. and Mrs. L, A. Adkins, of t
HBe ald that some of the colored peo. Spartanburg, S. C. Mrs. Adkins wni t
Sie had reported hearing a gunshot formerly Miss Kathryn Stmdy, whose
Sunday night after Upton's dlsap. wedding was a social event of last p
Spearance but no clue was discovered year, Mr. Adktns was city engineer t
to connect t it h Upton's murder, here for several years, leaving for y
F, M. Richardson, Boynton Chief of South Carolina last spring, when the i
Police, stated that he and Loynas had city engineering department was die. n
searched for Upton on Monday after continued, He it now employed by 1
his disappearance. He had noticed the state road department of South t
( ,entutted onPag 8).. Catlln .

l~ 1.. . r ': i ". (k"*-^




Chief Bank Examiner States Two
Groups Anxious to Start
Bank at Once

Final notion in regard to the esn
tablishment if a bank in this city will
be taken in the near future, accord-
to Mr. Porter, chief bank examiner
who was in conference with Mr
C. Y, Byrd this week. Mr Byrd
who is chairman of the public af
fairs of the Kiwanis Club, was re-
!quested to obtain this information
for the club in order that any assist-
once might be given in getting a
bank established here,
Mr. Porter stated that ,the charter
formerly held by Mr. Frank N. Brown
'had been transferred to Miami and
out-of-state interests as reported in
the News of June 29. These men are
J. W. Rickets and W. McFarland, of
Miami and Coral Gables, Theos E
Coin, of Niles, Mich, and E. P. Grimes
of Bridgeport, Conn. The banking
department is making a careful ex-
amination of these men in relation to
local situation before giving them
permission to open a bank. The In-
vestigation up' to the present shows
them to be financially able and re-
sponsible, it was stated.' As coon as
the department completes Its exalmti.
nation and grants a permit the bank
can be opened within about thirty
days, .
A second group .of persons, thie
names of whom cannot be ascer-
tained, has also applied for a charter,
Only one bank will be permitted to
open here'at the present, time. The
charter already granted will be given
firionsulhdert on, *according to, *I!
Poiter, and in'case the department
finds that the men who now are in
posesslon of it to 'be qualified, the
permit to open will be given them
and the other group will be refused.
In case the report on the first is
unfavorable the banking department
will probably give permission for the
other to go ahead with its plans for
a bank. Both are very anxious. to
start. the bank, it was said..
It has been reported that the indi-
viduals in the first group were con-
nected with the Coral Gables Devel.
opment corporation, but this is not
true! Mr. Porter stated.
The banking situation has been a
very trying one to 1beal business men,
and citizens have been looking for-
w-rd to the establishment f a bank
here ever since the Delray Bank and
Trust Company closed its doors last
November, A charter was granted in
February to Frank V. Brown and
others, but they were unable to open
ihe bank and finally announced the
sale of their charter last month just
previous to the closing of the Bank of
Official State Fish Hatchery to be
Located in Our City
Pred Stuck, vice president of the
[sane Walton League here, says that
our town will have an official state
fish hatchery one of these days soon.
Recently the lake at Okeechobee Road
mad Lake Avenue was inspected by
Mr. Stuck and J. B, Royal, state fish
rnd game commissioner. Mr. Royal
laid the lake would be all right for a
hatchery or rearing pond, Improve-
nent is going on in the lake in prep.
ration for the establishment of the
iass rearing ppnd; By the way, didn't
some one name that lake-"Stuck
Lake?'--Palm Beach Independent.

The Milton Gazette smells a mouse,
t says: "Former Governor Sidney
r. Catts, who ran second in the race
or governor in the June Democratic
primary, spent Tuesday In Milton ant
Santa Rosa County, Just Wvhat his
business was, in this section, he failed
o impart to the writer, who was not
one of his supporters In the recent
primary, but we have a strong hunch
hat it was political, and that he will
Yet be a factor to be reckoned with,
n the November election. We hold
no brief'for "Uncle Sid," but we be-
ieve we can see the hand writing on
he Wall, in this case."'-Palm Beach
independent .

.. --.:,. -- rz. -..._. -





___________~_~_~_ ___ _

___ r

/l AN L "" ......."J. J. McL STEVENS

IBoynton and Lantonn was thrown
G Vfn\ ROtd NDS open or traffic by the stole road
O N depSrtment lost r, sdy,y Thus ORW ELL VT
,,. '-- a paved highway twenty-eight
--feet wide as a minimum Is complete
Plan to Hold Entertainment F r from here to West Palm Beach. Prominent Winter Resident Here
Th'le new stretch of pavement, open.
Ladies it Golf Club in ed this week connects with the Meets Accidental Death While
Near Futt re Lantann and Boynton city .streets Fishing at Summer Home
ani eliminates one of the poorest
strips of main highway along the
The regular weekly luncheon of the coast. HAS EXTENSIVE LOCAL
Kiwanis Club was held at the Can, The ,new highway follows the REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS
Del Roy diinig room last Wednesday route of the old Dixie to the north
n oon, Cnlvin Garner presided in limits of Lantann where it branch- received of the a--
place of President John Adams, who e Word has betn received of th e
was out of the city, Lake Worth onil N street and con- cidental drowning of John McLean
ThI main feature of the meeting acting up with Olive street in Stevens, on Thursday, July 12, at his
wa 'the offer of Louis DeParlier to West Palm Bench. summer home in Vermont.
furnishl enough shrubs to landscape
* the school grounds if the club would ::: -c--:I :E -: ::*:-= :: The word came as a shock to this
agree to have them put out. It was community of which Mr. Stevens has
decided that the members would meet WORK ON CObeen a prominent citizen for many '
Sin a body In the near future and plant BLOK UN R WAY years. He had extensive real estate
3 the shrubs under the direction of Mr. Temporary tool sheds have been holdings here and was at all times an
DePalier, who has already drawn up built on Atlantic Avenue by John I. active and valuable member of the
the pAn for the grounds. Theme, contractor, and the work of community. He was a member of the
Acton was also taken towards the remodeling the exterior of the Cromer Civitan Club and was also active in
holdlr g of some sort of an entertain- Block wa3 started last Monday morn- the affairs of the Delray Bank and
Sent at th house n the hsn t near fu.- ig when a force of men was put to Trust Comp .Mr.an d Mrs. Stev- 'f
Sturem which the ladies would be in- work. ens and daughter, Eleanor, were ac-
Svited. It was thought that a combi. customer to spend the greater portion
Snation golf tournament and bridge HOWARD HEISLEY RENTS 'f the year here, coming early in the
Party would be arranged, the men to DELRAY GARAGE fall and staying until late spring,
play golf in the afternoon while the The Delray Garage, located near the The sympathy of their many
Sladles played bridge and then both Casa Del Rey Hotel, has been leased frierds.in thin county is extended to
would get together at a luncheon at to Howard Heisley, who will operate the family in their bereavement.
Sthe conclusion of the games. Thie it as a filling station and tire repair The flowing is from the Rutland
wabroeferred to the entertainment shop. The garage has been under Herald (Vt.):
comintte,, of which B. D. Hill, id lease for the past yer by J. N. Pd Jon Mcean McLeanStevens, 6, a leading
c hairnan. gett.' Mr. F. L. tlenbrook is the owner citizen of Orwell,. ad prominent or-
'T, he underprivileged-child commit- of the property, chardist, met death by -drowning
"t0 whose regular-chairman is out of Thursday while fishing for trout In
Stown for the summer, was reported in OLD STERLING BUILDINGS Wilnington river, in Wilmngiton, N.'
Charge of Lysle 'Johnson temporarily. BEING TORN AWAY Y. Mr. and Mrs. Stevens left Orwell
SAd eases that may exist in the city One of the old Sterling buildings, Thursday morning, going by motor to
halt len requested to report to Mr. located just west of the rallrnay spend a few days at their camp in
Jomrisnon. The doctors who belong to tracks on Atlantic Avenue, is being Wilmington, It is thought that Mr.
ithbe (,liJ are also on the committee, torn down. It has been a fire menace Stevens must have slipped on the
t*-6'assist tlhhe work of.-the club's for some time, and is being removed rocks while fishing from the hank of
Smost important objective, at the suggestion of the fire'depart- the stream ust below the flume, nnd
The secretary, S. H. Jones, was In. meant. the swift current pulled him down to
trusted to write a letter to the fam- his death. The body ,as recovered
ily exporsasing the sorrow of the mem- W. J.. HOWEY HERE IN early int the evening in the dam below.
bers of club at the death of J. INTEREST OF CAMPAIGN Mr. Stevens was born in Salem, N. '"'
SMeL. Stevens, who was a prominent W. Howey, Republican candidate Y., a son Of Mr. and Mrs. Simon L
winter resident, for governor, was iu Delray Beach and Helen (Russell) Stevens. He was
Visitors were J. W. Rogers, pastor for a short time Wednesday. He will educated in Canton, N. Y., and was a ':
of the Firev Methodist church, and W, conduct his campaign on the platform graduate of the University of Ver-.
A, Johres, local mer.hat., of protective tariff for Florida vege- mount, in the horticultural course. He
tables, and will use the slogan of owned extensive orchards in Orwell,
SI "Hoover and IIowey." was a partner in the Northern Or- .
LOCAL G. c. I hard Co., of Peru' N. Y., and or '
SOOK'S NURSERY GETS more than 15 year with his family,
F ADELUGE .BOCARATON ORDER spent the winters in Delray Beach,
Ur N I LU eThe Zook Nurseries; according to Florida, where he owned a home. M.
John W. Hall, manager, has cecured Stevens was a prominent mbmnhr of '
OF ORATORY the order of supplying the Geist de- theVermont Horticultural Society, of
vi OR O I velopment of Boca Rnton five hun- which he was former president,
S Fdred large royal palm trees, the mn- He is survived by his wife, who was
n- Majority mf which has already been de- formerly Miss Cornelia Hubbard, a
Supporter of Republican Candt- livered. daughter, Miss Eleanor, his mother,
Mrs. Helen Stevens, and a sister,
dates Schedule e ThreeMeetings OUT.OF.DOOR Mrs. Robert C. Young, all of Orwell.
Last Night PROGRAMS DISCONTINUED The funeral will be eldat the
oDue to the unfortunate recurrence Congregational church Sunday after.
With three meetings scheduled for of rainy weather again last Friday noon at 2 o'clock, '
one night supporters of the Republi. night the chamber of commerce enter.
can nominees got away to a flying tninnients have been indefinitely dis-
start here last night. The Hoover- continued. While ample precaution ISAAC WALTON
Howey'Club, composed o Republicans, were provided for mosquito proven- Ivn
met at the chamber of commerce hell tion, the lack of shelter from rain
with about 160 persons present, nld makes oCt-loor fnctio s impossble LEAGUE WILL o
the Hoover-Democrat Club staged its at this time of the year.
mroeting at tile Masonic Temple, with ARSTART PTV 1
about twenty in attendance., The TAMPA REALTORS WiLL BE
third scheduled meeting of the even- HOSTS TO FLORIDA BOARDS
Ihl was a precinct assembly to non- Tampa, July 18.-Realtors of Tam-
inate candidates for county commis- pa, the birthplace of the Florida Asso- About thirty nmembrrs have been
sooner, justice of tha puece and co ciatio l of Real Estatt Boards of 1916 obtained for the local chapter of the
stable, thisce onef th being postponed to will be hosts to that body at its annual Isaac Walton League, organization ot
ext Mol dy night tned t convention November 13, 14, 15. El.which has been under way for soe
next Motnday night.
The main speaker of the evening at aborate plans are going forward for time, It has been decided not to con-
the chamber of commerce hll wa W. the visitors to the city, who are ex- tinue further with the plans for the
tC Lnwson, ocmdidnte oar congr essmW peted to number over 1,00o. Thomas chapter until about September first,
n opposition to Rutho Bryn OwenU, C. Hlammonld, Tamutsp, founder and when it is expected that the organiszt
Te meotint was tn charge of Mr, J. first president of the state organiza- tion will become active,
A. Weeks, local Repubi n ch e ommlttr.- tion, now a member of ti e Florida The purposes of the league are to
man. whoe introduced W. E. Moj ROe. Estate Commission, is working protect wild life .nd to prevent the
man, who introduced W. E. Majorf, Cth Chas, P. Glover, state pMesidentI' exploitation and destruction of snat-
fcountyer of the evening Nwman Mllerof- and Ernest L. Hall president of the ural life and beauty as the result of
erof thealm Bevenng, lsoNewman Milleres Tamp board, to pln convention ar. commercial greed.
of West alm Baheh, also addresseet rungenments. Large numbers of Tam-
pa citizens, as well as property own- hour, tests in several states showed
era front all parts of the state, will bh the cost of gasoline and tires per
TOWN OF LANTANA SUED Invited to attend the convention be- thousand aeiles over a rough road
IN CIRCUIT COURT cause of the taxation reform legiana- used In experiments, was $36,10 for
Civil suit for $150,000 was inaugu- tion which will bo discussed thrci, an average four-cylinder er loaded.
ratedtn circuit court yesterday against. The cost for the snmon car untlning (it
ratedin crutcourt yesterday against POOR ROADS EXPENSIVE the samo speed over a smooth high-
the town of Lantana by John J. Quinn Recently conducted experiments way was shown to be only $12,80,
and Company. Although the declara- show that bad roads cost the motorist What better argument can there be .
tlon was not filed in the suit, Is ia the equivalent of 22.9 cents on every for improving highways as fast as
understood to be the outgrowth of gallon of gasoline used. This figure funds can be made available? Road
controversy between the town and the is reached by the assumption that a oils are constantly playing a more im.
company concerlng road cunstructiuoin car makes 10 miles to the gallon on portant part in transnorming thou-.
and pavlng laid down In 192.,-Palm poor roads, sands of miles of unsatisfnctory road .
Beach .Poest,, On a basia of speed of 88 mites per into modern serviceable highways.
'I .,

_-age Tw_ TIEIRAY REAC NEWS, DEL-lAY C R id J 2 2




Many People Now Out of Work '

Should Take Advantage otf
Farming Possibilities

'Too many tlen in Saoth Florida
,::re spoiled. For a long while they
iould it so easy to make a 'lvi i
'-there was nothing to it," e o theA
Langng phrase goes. Now they think,
apparentlyy, they should always ihe
able to get a living with out effort,
At present many South Florid'I'
ien, who ought to lie breadwinners,
;ire out of work and complaining e-HOUSE GARDEN
cause they have no pay envelope O HOUSE AND GARDEN
Saturday. The statement is made in
this blunt fashion because in reality FOR SUMMER COMFORT
they probably are not sorry 0so much
hecauseo they have ,no work as he- rollingg outdoors, if tll e wraeher is, '- lIcquered table of stick wil-
tusge they have no work as ie- ti.what it should lie, is a favorilt i' I with wilh ts straight lines re!fltr:
*cause they have no money. If they n.r tnastime and one that no ,i h.. i mindr trend in furniture. 'lie
inad drawn n aill their mental re- g.tl'udg the next plson. For this ,iiarn-ness of tiis table suggests .
sourcess or "used their heads," they ki,-v tfe.l. canvas arimn chair fram.l cardl taild of merit. Arnichairs hiilt
ii irinii (shown 'above) is perfect for' :l.g the salime loes would cIitlthl
ltigRht now have plenty of mo nay. ,g:.,n;,w porch or terrire. Gaily illi grumil, comfortably asi dec.ir-
In view of the fact that this at'- r iti cilther to ltarniltonie with .I.
.icle is being written in Mirtin coun- 'ti;n this chair is csptecially I by oe and
"ly, let us take this county 113 a ili ex. plilt [at easy piositure. I
:mple of the tvil in question. Ther,. pC: ts easy pos
'is much compluiit here at present of IIINTS TO IIHOUSEWIVES FLORIDA HONEY FINEST
ofrtagrofs ve gone nty, l fyor he ds Weekly Frontm onme Demounstrati on PRODUCED IN COUNTlRY
,f famnilies htlave gone north for tit,
.,-itnmmer, using as an excuse that there Specialists, TallahassGeeai
is nothing doing here andl they must -- aneville-The Apalaclicola ltiv-
t-ave money in order to live. Some of CARE OF SILVERWARE-II er section of the state is a beo-keep-
,.lhese men are farmers, and all could To Wash Silver her's paradise because this is the only
Sarml if they would onif do it. To wash silver prepare euds width place it the United States where it is:
Now if there had been a concerted boiling water, in which dissolve about possible to produce pure tupelo honey.
*i r.v'rnt started last fall, meetings ant ounce of hard white soap to a Tupelo honey brings a premium
rl., andl the people enthused, a con- quart of water, and add a teaspoonful over all other honeys because of the
illrt:Lt number of men could have of soda. Into this pi.t the silver fact that it will not granulate. By
.te induced to make extensive p'ant. pieces and boil them for a few min- blending this honey with others it
'* g v.hich would have yielded large utes. Pour off the suds, pour over will stop granulation, according tc R.
Slruinal., of money for Martin county them clan boiling water, wipe them E. Foster, apiary inspector for the
hi' spring. For instance, a thou- dry on a clean towel without drain- State Plant Board.
-nrd men in Martin county should ing, and polish with a piece of Returning after several weeks
.tv, e L.c-i persuaded to plant an acre chamois skin. among the beekeepers of this section,
If ';trnwberries each.. But if only a To Polish Silver Mr, Foster declares that the beekecp-
'.indlred had been so pledged think of All plate and silverware which is in era have recently organized the Tupe..
.he enormous amount of money that regular use and not stored ini such a Ie Honey Exchange and will market
vould have come intr Martin county way as to protect it from discoloration their product cooperatively in the fu-
re m this sonrce. should be carefully polished once ta ure. C. F. Glen, of Wewanitchka,
It is a pity that it is not made a week. It is best to have a regular Ga., is vice-president; H. E. Rish, of
part of the county agent's duties to time for this purpose. Never use Wewahitciita, is secretari~:.''''
iiold mass meetings in which eloquent s-'nd or scouring soaps, pumice stone,
Speakers could sway audiences to an or gritty washing powder for silver-
preciation of the soil ant its poten- ware, or any other polishes the nature IMPORTANT TO KILL
utilitiess. The agent would by this of which you do not understand. WEEDS IN PASTURE
,means induce many who are out of Many of them will scratch the silver,
.'employment in town to go on the and others will discolor it. The mowing machine is the dairy-
farm; best of all, he could induce Articles recommended for polishing man's most valuable implement at
inany farmers to pledge themselves to silver if not much stained are wl'it- this season of the year, according to
,raise a given numnier of acres of one ing---either fluid, dry, or moistened Hamlin L. Brown, extension dairy-
Tcrm product. Then at the end of the >vith alcohol or sweet oil-prepared man. With the rainy season coming
.crusade the bounty would stand chalk, cream of tartar, milk, or a on, all pastures should be mowed once
pledged to so many arces of potatoes, solution of alum. a week until all weeds are killed out,
';onmatoes, beatns, peppers, eggplant, To apply these use chrimois skin or he says. Carpet and Bermuda grasn
*.-lsbge, slta.\l.uri ea., *:L.. T l'rou.gh.li ,'elvee Or n e" pijer. of nlf, wool. pastures should be mowed occasion-
this concerted effort, the pride, in the cn or flannel underwear or pieces of ally even if there are no weeds. These
fulfillment of the pledge ta;'ten, many old linen tableciolits. grasses should not be allowed to seed
'Vould plant nmch mo 'e extensively Cr apply with an old toothbrush or during the growing season.
..han they would otherwise do. In a nailbrush cr with soft brii:tles. With 24 per cent mixed dairy feeds
.nact, probably all would do so. Or prepare and have ready polish- selling at $70 per ton, a; Iacre of
One of th, great drawbacks to Mar- ing cloths as follows: Dissolve half good Carpet, Bermudn and Lespedeza
i:in county farming at present is spais- cupful of scraps of c.attile or toilet grass sod will pay good dividends on
'mudi(c and htlf-hearted efforts, Those soaps, o'r any hard white soap, in a high priced lands, where properly
nf the first class are often entllhusias- cupful of water and allow to cool. managed.
jni enough for a few months bt+ are This will nake at soft-soup jelly. Florida dairymen should be getting
-.xercised in all isolated and detachied Stir into this when cold, three heap- at least 90 per cent of the dairy feed
mannerr without regard to comiunality ing tiblespeoonfuls of powdered whit- from' pastures at this season of thLe
,nterest. Within the past year n ing. In this soak suitable pieces of year. Nothing will "ontriblute tioro
rt'rowers' association has biten formed cloth, as old flannel underwear, pieces to developing good pastures than the
-i0nd the results i'ave been excellent of tablecloths, ail! the like, letting frequent mowing of pastures during
Iucanuse of the saving affected in the lthemt absorb as much as possible, the -rowing season. .
oiurehasse of fertilizer, seed land supl- ) 'lilng tlhenI out so they will not drip, .
o:lies. Too imuch of a ccentnrenlatorv aiend allow thetl to dry. These are FRYERS-FI'YERS-'t YERS :
,iltaurc cannot be said rcguardiig its cotlvenient polishitg clotlhs for silver, lIdeS-t'IdYrw.FlIaS
S")rgalnization; but it it not of this, t hey are always ready, All dressed and drawn. No Ihork
Mcolvement this article is written. Its Or moistetn whlititng with soIpIy wa- for you to do on them afl'tr i a
object is to lreseant the desirail'ity ter, rub it over tie silver carefully, tl"ho" er with t h e Ask flayotoe
4'f secrlritg mass pledges for tie ent- nlid allow it to dry otn. Then rub it wo has ever bought one fron me.
t:couragentent of agriculture and its off with a very soft woolen or line, I specialize iz n order for picnic
.reultiant income. cloth. Use it soft brush to remove the dinnes T'l'hu ,day afterinons or
For tihe betcfit of those who may whiting frolm earc-itgs or deepl cutt- Sunday. I have no snall breeds
sk, "how etuin a ntan engage in farm- Litlgs Itad rougtll surface of the large suh ia Legllorns.
ing whet hle has ito capital?" it j, silver articles. Satisfaction guar.ntedl.
died that it is comparatively v ssy Cnutlt int Address Box i172, or call at my
,or those already heil amid nequaintel Care must lie taken in polishig ihome at 41h0 N. E. 1st Ave.
10 tinto foming.Tere, o ogJOE h. GWYNN,
,Jo get into farnl'ing. 'There are a silver, not to utse toto muh force, as JOE K. (\' N.
ntunhter of landowners who art very severe rubbing will wenr solid silver I'. S. Give me your order day be.
('esirous of halvingl this country pro- and soon wear out tlhe best pointed fre delivery desired.
., x' cL sul't'icieitt faurtl produce to us- articles.
1.ure ucpltn going carriers of tLonuage
which will warniinit thm itn miklking TOO NOISY FOR HIM LIS TERIN E
Stuni: Ir port of ell wlhe, the lhrbor --- THRD AT
,iuw in course of construction si l .I.l ...
le uopned. These landowners, which ,. 0 .":'-: TABLETS
eltllty are tltnumerous, staud already toit
make almost, anly dort of favorable
-'ernis to those who wish to try faurn- o Antlseptic
ug. A leditulitg real estate ian f
,tis ,city hiats autlit t.ethd hiis willing- Prevent
'wIas ,t perllt ianyolne to setllle on his Relieve
'and andt form without one pelitny o!' / Hoareneas
obliigatiotn He wCill alst furnish seior Soe Throat
' ,-rtilizer, and the lutnlber for 't saSnll SCoUghlt
rtvulling house. Thle tenant may build
:!rid live ill thoe house five yeoar-, with
fitbr privilege of leaving or buying at Sh--I notel ee yousl aioke a clgit'
ihe nld of that tline, This applies ',o lwth a blind.
'ten-iicre traets, South Florida Do- lie-No, that would be too nolsy tftr bde y
'v lol.oer, ... ..m t o i

Cures Chills and Fever,
Intermittent, Remittent and
Bilious Fever due to
It kills the cerms.

to Say

before you say







Smith, Born in Nation's Largest
City, Opposes Man From
Country Hamlet

Alfred E. Smith, horn on Oliver
SStreet, and Herbert Hoover, horn it,
Iowa, have gone to the htiads of the
political philostopher.i. They have so
long been convinced that party dis-
tincticin are i shamn, they have suo
bitterly yearned for vital issues anni
elemental conflicts, and now it has
ctomo! It is a clash of arms be-
tween city and country. A hitherto
dominant rural civilization chal-
lenged by the sidewalk battalions--
the picture is irresistible to the heart
gone sick with waiting for a real
fight. Now Armaigeddon i., at hand.
And -if in the course of demonstra-
tion the facts must undergo a good
deal of hauling and twisting, i' Smith
iand Hoover must be t'irmni'tl to fit
the pattern, it is such a beautiful
pattern! Hero is a latest bit of fail-
Smith typifies the great city. A
product of tle sidewalks of New York,
his views, sympathies and predilec-
tions are essentially and deeply met-
ropolitan.-He knows practically noth-
ing-of any other life. On the other
hand, Hoover is at heart a country
boy, smypathetic with the rural point:
of view and with a real understanding
of the reasons for the unconscious an-
tagonism of the small-town anld farm
folks for the city.
It is a diagnosis which takes a
great deal for granted about Mr.
Hoover and not much less about Gov-
ernor Smith. How does the writer
know that Mr. Hoover is at heart a
country boy? And how does he know
that Governor Sith is "essentially"
metropolitan? He has the manner
and habits of New York City, but
these are not essentials. One might
so easily put it the other way aLout.
One might speak rf Mr. Hoover, the
man of cosmopolitan training, of big
industrial affairs, of international ex-
perience, and in other ways typifyingt
the metropolitan outlook. And one


.lmnilarly be pointed out that Ilertbet
Hoover, engineer, traveler, world ad-
tministrator and diffident oratnlor, Is
very much the type of the mincltrpoli-
t:nn man of affairs,
That Smith is very much in 11t.
city is not to be explained away. But
it is a fact not to be tortured into an
nll-emblracing theory. Neither canl
Hoover be Procrusteanized into the
opposite "rural" type which the beau-
tifuily balanced theory requires.
Smith happens to come from'the city
and shows the signs. Hoover was
born in Iowa and retains, perhaps,
some of her- traits. But it might be
interesting to call in a visitor from
Mars who has met neither of tle can-
didaltes and stage a test. Whom
would ihe stranger identify without
hesitation as the city mat. and whom
as the country boy?-N. Y. Times,

might pieak of Smith, the man of di-
rect homely speech, of an reat ueiRgh-
horlinoss, cf rough and ready man-
ners, of a carer lying entirely out-
side the field of industry and com-
mllerce and other city ,iccul,'tloia,
t.nd otherwiiac tyifying the rural oult-
Accident is responsible f,,r tlhe
Cact that Oliver Street is not situated
just off Main Street in a town of
lo,0oo peoplei op-Stnt nndt thiat Westa
Brnchl i not a ilistr 't ill tie t ih adow
of Broollyn lBridge. Otherwise thle
Ilhilosiophlr. Right have fallen over
each other to point not how strongly
reniiniaseet of the rural Abel Iincol,
type is Alfred E1. Smith in Ilis upward
struggle, In his nhbsorption ill politics,
in hisi unconventional manners, in hiq
wit, and in his feelir ; for iand hold
upon the common manl. And it wooul

** 1

Real Estate
Beach Property
and Homes
Information Will be Gladly Given


Liberty Loan Bonds

The Treasury offers a new
33 per cent. 12-15 year
Treasury bond in exchange
for Third Liberty Loan Bonds
The new bonds will bear
interest from July 16, 1928.
Interest on Third Liberty
-Loan Bonds surrendered for
exchange will be paid in full
to September 15, 1928.
Holders should consult their
'banks at once for further de-
tails of this offering.
Third Liberty Loan Bonds
mature on September 15,
1928, and will cease to
bear mterest on that date.

Secretary of the Treasury.
Washington, July 5, 1928.

Old Fashioned Chicken Dinner With Everything i
Good That Goes With It At The
Every Sunday 1c Per $1.00
I and 6:15',. e Per Plate



(Hylton's old stand)
Meals at regular times. Special
Chicken Dinner Sundays. Sand-
wiches and Fountain Drinks at all
times. Come in some time.



444 Atlantic Avenue

Phone 100

41 < *

SW a-



"Time Tried and Crop
Our Brands are the Aeknowl.
edged Standard by which Grow.
trs of Florida have judged all
fertilizers for nearly forty
"Giving all we can for what we
get instead of getting all we can
for what we give" is the policy

~I _

-.- I

-I -- --

Page Two


Friday, July 20, 1928,.

- 9

L ,

Wrigley spends $15,010 a dany for
advertising and soils a million dol-
llrs' worth of chewing gum a week,
Something for non-advertising mer-
clhnits to chew on,-L-ake M Wleas

I have party in New York who
wishes to buy five or ten acres of
linlcn|plee l itid on the D)ixic or Fed.
erm Iliglhwy, etwecel )clray and
Boca Raton, Also have customer
for ten or twenty acres of muck on
East Const Canal between Iloynton
annl amanto. .Must he accessible
to highway. Prices must he low
and will pay cash.
Iealtor ''
Boca Raton, Florida,.






Survey Shows That Citizens Art
Waking Up To Florida's
Natural Advantages
Newspapers from virtually every
town in Florida lre on thlo exclhanig
list of the Hollywood News. Natu
really, this year, each paper is more
S.'or less filled with politics, local, counn
ty and national: land each paper, o
course, mirrors the sentiments of it
inllmunity. Each lnewspailer in thli
'e has its modicum, too, of local
,national crimes, accidents, misfor
tunes and good fortunes.
But there is one thing, and only
o ne thing, on which there seen to bi
n i unanimous agreement of opinions
S Th'bis agreement is not confined to tLh
S'ditorlal writers of .he papers, but i
equally apparent rn the activities o
the citizens of the various communui
ties, as reflected in the news reported
That one thing is a growing interest
in developing the natural resources o-
the state. Not only a lip-interest
either, it seems, but an intelligent
searching for the truth and a practi
cal application of these truths to pro
auction activities.
I~ anford, of course, is centering it'
mtention on celery-already it is nat
ionally known, almost as well as Kal
S amazoo, Mieh,
m'' Around Sanford, citrus fruit Is
again crowding real estate off the
front page. And, incidentally, the
Citrus Exchange and the Citrus Clear
inghouso and the community citru:
cooperatives are giving front page
attention all over the state.
Another community is interesting
itself in intelligent harvesting of lum
her and naval supplies so that thu
itate shall not be ruthlessly denuded
lf her; forests, but shall con:lnue to
produce .
Strawberries brought prosperity t,
S", another town, Potatoes have made
Hastings- famous-and prosperous
Right here at home, tomatoes gavi
i Dania a new outlook on life and bean
again brought Deerfield and Pompan'
S': out of the doldrums.
Probably the most striking manifes
station, as far as the newspaper re
action is concerned, is in the adver
tising columns. Several of the pa
pers of the state .have entire section
devoted entirely to agricultural in
p' terests. These sections, of course, ar
made possible by the paid advertising
space bought to tell the growers and
farmers where to obtain supplies
Even in the smaller papers advertise
ments of implements, fertilizers, stoce
Setc., have crowded the real estate and
subdivision advertisements into vir
tual extinction,
Something is going on in the stat
of Florlda. It is too early, yet, to
predict that we are on the verge o
another boom, but the indications right
here in Hollywood coincide fairly wel
.with those from the balance of th
S Probably not one person in 10 i-
Ilywood knows what enthusing re
S rults are being observed in our ow
Agricultural hinterland. The Holly
wed News, it Is true, has chronicled
these activities for the past two years
week after week. But the skeptic
on the city pavements accused us o
"boosting" without regard to the truth
yf It is amusing this summer to hea
S some of these same skeptics come int
the News office brimful of their "dis
coverles" in the farmland-often re
eating verbatim the words which w
used in telling them a year or tw
f One Instance demonstrates what w
mean. A little earlier than July las
ear, the Hollywood News told it
rid 'that alfalfa and other foe
ffs for cattle could be grown sue
cesifully In the Everglades west
SHollywood. We were scoffed at-on
S'" iman accused us of trying to sell sonu
land for a 'glades promoter. "It nea
er has been done." he said, "and
cattle feed could be grown there, d
you think all the dairies In the cnu,
try would be importing their feeds?
R, R. Bailey, some six or seven
miles southwest of the News office,
now cutting his second or third erc
of alfalfa front n 10-acre tract. "
never lhas been donee"
At Ojus, about eight miles frol
tils office, a chap took ai net prof
f'ron na poultry investment of letw.ve
$4,000 and $6,000--and inl just fit
months. "Oh, no," Friend Skept
' said, "poultry is too Ihmardous--
tnever has been done."
An interesting side light on Sout
Broward county progress Is the fti,


SJ. D. Smith, of Marianna, farmer,
landowner, capitalist and member of
the legislature, but first and foremost
s a Floridian who is devoting -his time
to searching for things that will bene.
e fit the state, has demonstrated that
g the northern tier of counties can pro-
d duce peaches that will compare with
i. Georgia's finest. For several years
Mr- Smith has been experimenting
k with peaches in Jackson county, cen-
d tering his attention upon the Hily
Belle, one of Georgia's widely known
freestone varieties. This season the
e- Smith orchard has produced Hily
o Belles that equal the best in Georgia.
f Throughout Wedt Florida are hun-
t dreds of acres of peach trees just be-
ll ginning to produce in commercial
c quantities. Within another two or
three years the fruit will be going out
n by the dozens of carloads.
S Anti still there are Floridians who
n do not believe all is well with Florida.

that many, if not most, of the Impor.
s tant agrarian projects are being
f backed by men from outside this dis-
,. trict. Apparently we, at homer are
r "so close to the trees we can't see
o the forest."
S But the outstanding feature is that
something is going on in Florida, of
,e vastly greater significanse than the
o lamented "boom." "Soil and sun-
shine," Frank Sterling pointed out re-
.e cently, "are the basis of prosperity.'
,t The entire state Is waking up to the
s fact that Florida is more than a little
d blessed with an abundance of these
. two elements.--Hollywood News,


e-Now, t tiie ile tor insitnce-
She-No, lthankls, I cll iIdo litler,

The City of Tampa has announced
it will get rid of its automobile grave
yards and unsightly places, and plan
trees along the principal highways of
Hillsborough county. Vacant lots and
backyards are also to be cleaned up
before the tourists come In the fall,
it Is said, Tampa citizens are a unit
in their desire to have the city given
a thorough cleaning and the move-
ment is consequently well backed up.
-Stuart Developer.


There is a growing demand for
guavas in Florida markets, according
to the evidence of recent inquiries
made by the State Chambr of Com-
merce Fruit products manufacturers
want to know where quantities of
this fruit mnay be purchased. They
use it in making jellies and preserves
which find a ready market throughout
Ahe north. Growers along the East
Coast who will have any considerable
quantity to sell might do well to
communicate with their local chamber
of commerce regarding the matter.
-South Florida Developer.

OUTPUT $1,440,000
Last Season's Citrus Crop Reported
As 1,600 Carloads
The citrus crop outlook for 'the
coming season is great and the new
fruit is in fine condition according to
reports over.the county and the Ridge
sections. This season's crop will be
28 per cent larger than last year and
shipments will start about Septemldll'~
25, the report states, which is two
weeks earlier than usual,
In a news report this week, the
Frostproof territory shipped 670,000
boxes of citrus fruits, or about 1,000
carloals during the season just closed.
The report states the season was the
most profitable oi record in that dis-
trict. Not only were the prices re-
ported satisfactory but the volunmt
was within 60,000 boxes of the nmxil-
mlum production of the district.
It has been conservatively esti-
mated tint the crop would average
$2,50 per box for ill fruit, on thne
tret.,, which is a low estimate and it
very satisfactory one from a linarlket-
Ing standpoint. At this low estimhntt
t'h crop brought to the growers no
less thnn $1,440,000 tnt. --11ghlallids
County News.

I State and Federal Practive
Delray Bank Building. Upstairs

Arcade Building

523 Comeau Bldg. West Palm Beach
Residence 306 Pilgrim Road
Telephone: Office 9781, Res. 5472
Hours: 9 to 12 A. M., 1 to 4:80 P. M.
Practice limited to diseases and
surgery of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Eyes tested for glasses. D-2-tf.

A. W. Miller, D. D. S.
Office Hours: 8:30 to 12; 1 to5
Phone No. 10.

Furniture Repairing
Fnllhting and Upholstering
Store and Factory Experience
P.O. Box 1322 Delray, Fla
Lire-Life-Automobile--Bnds and
Liability Insurance

P. 0. Box 1766 Phone 20880
"See Moore to See More"

"Soft-Lite Lenses Kill the Glare"
211 Clematis St. W Palm Beach

I Accountoant
Floridn Instiltte of Accountants

tuccare Tax Service
O. Box 790 Prolray Beach, Fslu.
Office Roonl 10, Love Buitding

WHY FLORIDA IS PROSPEROUS california Has Ceasd To B ( Compwtito

Sorne folks think hlecase there it Of Florida For W'inter Torist Brisi
not a blllding boom over tile state
there is lut little prosperity in Flor- California Ins ceased to lie a cnm- ter, Wiscoinsln, tihe Great Ig
ida. However, hey full to rec"gnizio petitor of "'lorida as a winter resort, gion, the Akiryilldachcs and! Mt
the fact that wherever buildings are says the Florida State Clir.bher of idle. With the aldvnt of
necosesry, they nre oingl built. Many Commerce. The Pacific Coast state those se0li t.n fijoj)y exiactl:
towns and cities overhuilt during the some years ago set out to croeao a i P'lrld enf iy- dliuring the wi
boom period, so It would be iolishl to. summer tourist business, with the re-' trclnwndouns tlorist Ibsiines
erect bluildings at a Ltime when therli suit that it now is several times great- rnilronds inl th, north drliev
is no demand for them. el than the winter business. It is a part of tihiri rev'enui e froin tIh
There is now an era of prosperity summer rather than a winter resort, mer touri"i traffic and to far
among the fruit and vegetable gro- tfor so far as California's winter bi.ul- granting oft cheap) rates to Fih
ers which cannot he denied. The ness is concern:l, it is trivini now, a Imthat timn is concerned, it w
orange growers hnd good crops last compared to that of Florida. .., economic sicide.
season and got good prices for them, Recent discussion In the state press If they woui i.gree to th
The truck growers had average crops of the attitude of the railroads toward it wold lhr a piaralill to tel
and got fair prices for their proiucti. Californla as compared with Florid-s the South granting cheap r
The sillpping soaninoi has been longer with r'lition to sunmller tourist con. Maine, tle Adirlondlicks and
tis yonar than usual Al(nd vegetqshles cessions Iha centered labollt ci riular during tle winter,
of excellent quality are still going to tours. This question was discussed in With little in.ratst in tile So
the northern markets. There has detail at a largely inttended mectin for the FsiiIImiier tourist, Forlir
probably been more green corn Asip- in Jacksonvillo several weeks ago be the ultimiat detilstlnation,
ped from Florida this season than any called by the State Chamler In con- cannot hope to draw people
previous season, and owlng to the nectiio with ii proposal to organize an provides aonlethirlg for then
bahlward senson in the north thl ail-state convention and tourist hu- after they arrive here, Thei
shipment of corn will continue for reau. It was determined at this con- vacationist usually has oi.ly
several weeks, Growers of melons fcrence that California has somothlngKtlhnee wel(ks at his disposal,
report excellent crops and prices have In the way of attracting summer busi- entire tile is devotedi to sigl
been very satisfactory, ness that Florida cannot meet--a'and playing. Florida must
Florida sweet peppers are now in wealth of interesting country on the' things to do during the summn
their usual prime, and nas there is less route to the west, It was pointed out becomes bored if the sole at
than the usual acreage, the growers that the average summer tourist is a day after day is surf bathir
are receiving good prices for their sight-seer. On the way to California can he done, if the people of t
products. hle has an opportunity to visit the Cia- will do it, has been demonstr
One thing to the growers' advan- nadian Rockies, Yellowstone Park, the Daytona Beach. Few Floridinm
tnge is that the buyers are right on Colorado Rockies, Utah and the Grand that Daytona Beach deliberna
the ground, and are paid for their Canyon. On the route to Florida out about five years ago to c
products f, o. b. ears, so no risk is there is only one scenic attraction, theI toruist business for itself du
taken in consigning them to the com- mountains of North Carolina, and summer. Today that city en
mission merchants of the north. even the Carolina mountains are off more visitors from June to
There are still several crops to be beaten paths while all of the scenic than it does from October t
shipped, which will carry the shipping sections of the west are on the main There is more business there
season late into the summer, routes. The consequence is that the ust and September than in F
Farmers are progressing in the pro- western railroads developed the circu- and March, and the winter I
duction of field and truck crops, and lar tours. in Daytona Beach, as Fijridih
as long as such conditions prevail, Florida is in a peculiar position with know, is of no small proportii
there will be a measure of prosperity reference to possible circular tours. '
in Florida.--New Smyrna Breeze, With the exception of the Carolina .. .. i
mountains and the mountains of Ten- .; : M- -
FLORIDA SHIPS PEACHES essee, thee is little of senic interest BUSNES CA
FLORIDA SHIPS PECHES south of Washington.At the Jackson- BUISCA
Peaches are synonomouswith Geo vle conference possible circular '~*S i :: :
.Peaches are synonomous.wit~h Geo routes were discussed ;and no one
gin, but before Georgia realizes It present could propose one that could be K. S N F
Florida w;l become a keen competitor, sold in competition with those of the C. K. SIMON FUNERAL
ays the tChamber of Commerce. West or even of the North and East. 435 S. E. Third Ave.
Madiso,. county shipped peaches by The average layman, n discussing Delr Bech, Fin
the carload last season as the result the tourist situation n Delry Beach. Fla.
of the faith of a grower near Green- ner, falls to take nto consideration Lake Worth Phone
ville, who began some years ago t that while Florida Is a mecca in w- t Lake W
develop an orchard, and the move- n Send Calls to Lake Wr
mont from that district this -season ,_ _ ,___ __ _
.hrs h. h l i..,] ..p.. TAMPA TO RRAIIUTIFV i

For Your Convenience

Delray Beach News,
)elray liench, Florida,
Encloeed please find $....................In payment for Subiterlp
l nio for ............... ... ...............

T ow n ............ ..............

State ............. ........
a a.

itl 4>on nAny Telephone Worker h
lilies in I
'tes to will take your order
,,n, for service -
muthenvl IT is a simple matter to have tele-
a lnlst phone service in your home. Any telephone
nll it employe,operator, lineman, or office worker,
to do will cheerfully quotn rate and take your
summer order for service.
two or It yu.,r prefer to visit the office you will be
and thI welcome, but this is not neceaay. Any
Itaceing friend or acquaintance in the telephone
provione company will be glad to give you informa-
trction lion about rates and accept your application
gf.What Telephone service s becoming more indit.
he state 00 penable In modern life. It not only keeps
ated by you In touch with friends and neighbors in
ns know your home town, but enables you to reac
tely set almost anyone in the state or Maton. ''
ratee a
ring the The mest only a few ee ta dy.
in Aug- (tnocom, ~s*r
ans well


Fr/dAY. MY 20,0 19201.

Pago Three

FrNdOY, July 0, 1028


By The Editor

L.Uriir C. Hnd .... "" non.... EDITING A NEWSPAPER I ,
Published Every Friday at Delray fleah, Palm Beach County, Flotida I have been editing the News for
______ _nearly fihe months and sufficient time
SlUHlCRIPTION PRICE has elapsed to form an idea how ly ly
One Year $2.00; Six Months .$1.25 efforts have been ,received by (lie
People, and what may he expected of
Entered as seco d-Llas matteri Augist 10th, 1923, at the postoftice at Delray ie in the future in the newspalnp
Beuch, Flothli under the Act of March 3id, 1879, line haveo erved for
years ttle good and bad in local inailers ,t
and know pretty well the dreirnale
OFFICIAL Ol(,.AN MR0 THE CITY OF DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA feature front the standpoint of the i
Boost oor horme tona and it will erty except Just what a person can reader, and lie is the one whose jldg-Rj.
boost you. actually use. The taxes would not meat must in the final analysis J% 4 ,
Sthn seem unreasonable or a burden. determine whether the paper is ia st. uc-
After reading his reasons we arei cess or not,
inclhutd t o si) that Ma)o is right. While it is rhbable that new con- I do not beliee that a week panSRc
~ struction work it ile county is going without the receipt of one or more let-
To see a thing straight you i to r a easre of property in ter front bslicribers in northern P
look at it from eer) angle. the next year, the fact most le real- states stating that tley have enjoyed
eThe with ost sermons d that when this has been finished some editorial, or some article. while e
The trouble with most ermons i and futre constrtin work ha I cannt posbly reply personal(hV to yVOGUE B0
that those fit wlloii( they are tmeant and future construction work has c
that those f whom they been completed, there will come these letters I appreciate them great-
never hear them, e when here must e dep ne 1 and they are an aid In knoaing
-, n (e ot li d 1 what is of interest to subscribers.
Do not knnek your home toan. It on what w c all prodI c atl al it we One of the ret to sldctto .at
a be the oly place where you caltill do with our natural resources. One of tle surest Indications that
ma> be the only place whre you can fro elf- supporting. his paper is being read with inhireht Dear Eve:-
g i ilr state Is far Irom l selfstcpOrttiig.I
get'e tourist business and the con- is the Iprominptnl s aith which a sbil.i The contrast in the evening between
1-- IIC fi le ri tlin-in lulu Is otl
Nathan Nlao did not tak tie mem- eti ork are ath dependent e scriber writes for a copy that is starched and brondelothed mrn andi
eNatrhan Malo dal nt tea t-h e mcemh sab uton u ork are botht l dlep ent.. onbletised. 'We failed to get the Delrn\ slightly chiffoned women lies hlwvavs
contierce am seriously is they take sell our ,prde its ear water ytar hI News yesterday is usual," is the a y seemed a bit anusing to lme. Of
themselves, ill I nt be dependent lon the whi luir I the letters will start. Realizing hat course, the gentleman's clothing plo-
t s the tourist or the builder, but we will t often takes two days for mail tt tects him from restaurant d-aughts

From the events of the past few have a stead) income from dependable come froi West Palm Beach, I do and the lady's lack ot clothiag proves
rowe re led to the o sin tt c not wonder that often the papers are an asset in the crowded ballroom-
years we are led to the conclusion tht resources late or go astray, bt, whe one comfortable, the
the Greater Palm Beach chamber of I hope to make the paper just as other is more than apt not to be.
commerce is Floridt's most important There is no reason why a score of interesting as 1 know how. I suppose This year, however, with tho increns-
institution, products could not be raised here that that I shall never make it to be jest hng vogue for feminine evening jack-
-are sure money crops. Anyone by a like I want it. There is not a paper ets, I should Judge the lacd one up
Sometimes we hear people say: little observation can see what is he-thatgoe out that I am thoroughly in both comfort and beauty
"This town never did anything for ing done in other parts of Florida. satisfied with. That is one of the I myself have adopted the jacket
satisfied with. That is one of the m- I, myself. tave adopted the jacket
me." Usually such people have never We are lagging behind and unless we ting points abt a mode, wole-hertely and have
done anything for the town. get out and till the soil and realize trestig points about getting out a mode, whole-eartedly and hve
done anything for the town. et ot and till the soil and realize newspaper. No one has ever pt ot stretched it around the fashion clock!
something front it we shall never have a paper that could not have been done Of course, I have cardigans to my
THE BUSINESS SITUATION that permanent prosperity we should better. That is not true of all the sweater suits for active spurts-
dh aii thouads f en. have.r

inere are tuuay tousanm..o ou pen,-
pie who would like to live in Florida
if they could make a lhing here.
There are those bho are waiting for
the business depression to reach its
low ebb and to start upward again
before returning to the state to make
their homes. I know personally many
people who like the state and only
left here because the economic condi.
tions were such that they could not
make a living. Those of us who are
trying "to see it thru" are also watch-

Professions, as for example, account-
L.. H. ng. The effort there is to make
things balance and when that has
PEANUT POLITICS" been accomplished the attainment is
Tht right kind of citizens and not exactly equal with the ideal. Put in
locations make cities. While the loi newspaper work the two stdom en-
cation might help some in building Incide.
cities it is not everything and a city Regardless of what the people may
with the right kind of people will be- think of my efforts so far, I hase
come a big city regardless of location gotten a great deal of pleasure from
To become a big city it naturally must the work and associations. One mani
be in the line of good railroads or told me when I took over th6 News
have direct connection with deep that I was certainly getting myself
....ip }.ilf t h l. Ah ... .. *h. ._ . ..

ing for tile beginning or te upward w atr ,mb ine utictensnlp nas sna
trend, greatest part in making it more than
Palm Beach county was one of the a country village. And we mean
boom counties and the pendulum "people" in the true sense of the word,
swung far in the direction of inflation people who stand together for the best
and olerdelelopments; as is usual in interests of their city, people who lay
such conditions, when the reaction all petty jealous) and peanut politics
takes plate, the swing in the opposite aside for the big work of building
direction is also extreme. Just as the their city. People who stand shoulder
boom condition was far above the to shoulder in every good movement
normal so the slump is far below the and let nothing turn them aside form
normal. Just where we are on the the work at hand.-Eustis Lake Re.
r cycle is largely conjecture. gion
There are, however, indications of
improvement in the local situation, FLORIDA'S SUMMER CLIMATE
some of which have been evident for Truth is stranger than fiction. No-
several months. The farmers, the where is there a more striking illus.
produce buyers and the dealers in for- tration of this to be found than in
tilizers and farm supplies nearly all the summer climate of Florida. No
made money) lnt winter, nlthouigh the one denies that some snmnmer days in
volume of the farm products raised in Florida are hot. But summer nights
the vicinity of Delray Beach was not in Florida are always cool. There is
great enough to bring the prosperity hardly a bed in the state not equipped
that Pompano and Deerfield enjoyed. with cover the year 'round. Breezes
The outlook for new construction are pr-sent night and day the sum-
in the county is excellent and it is mer though. And if one becomes
probable that in another month a vol- warm in the sunshine it is necessary
ume if building will be under way only to seek tthe shade. It is al-
that will almost equal that of the ways cool in the shade. The same
boom year. The opening up of the conditions that give Florida a wonder.
development work at Boca Raton on a ful winter climate are responsible for
large scale before the close of August the summer climate. The prevailing
seems certain, with two million dot- winds are from the southeast and
lars to be spent in eighteen months. southwest. Florida is virtually sur.
There is also a good amount of con- rounded by the sea and these breezes
struction A irk at Boynton Beach, come from the great expanses of
another permit last week for a $150 water. Now here in the peninsula call
000 home haunng been granted. The one he more than fifti miles front
construction at Palm Beach in large either the Atlantic or the Gulf of
winter homes is greater than for sew% Mexico. Nowhere In the state, from
oral seasons. There is no large Pensncola to Ke) West can one lie
amount of building being done locanll more than seventy-two miles from
but some Itmproement work and re- salt water. To this must he added
pairs on old buildings have placed the ndtantage of the state's lake.
several thousand dollars in circula- Approxim.itelv 311,000 lakes help to
tion and will gihe some of the local temper the atmosphere. Butt Itlth due
tetn work oser the si tiuner period, respect to all of these things there is
ci- s~ethling else. Tli'e atmosphere eof
In looking for changes in the eco- Floridal possesses a remarkable cupae-
stomnic situation one ltustt not fill to ity for the absorpltion of t isture.
take into accoiuit the condition it Bfldi moisture etaporates quickly le-
those wAho l re holinigi blhi amounts of uilting itn a roolitng sensgaton llmilar
'real estate. 'Thle slump and tlhe bank to that caused b the ei.lportlion iu
closings hIaio left the people V li hate ltli aohil when applied to tlie skinl.
no incounte outside of the state wit ll'llhi is( the season Florida has nj',er
practiaill nitl Iiundis iand ilt the imajor- expeldleu ned a heat prostratlit. It
it of cause's lihat tlcontalc the) hitle ex'laiois hl) It ttiinernturelr oif 85)
luld linecull hIas been cut off. 'The re- degrees Ihi hNet )irk. Cillu hntli
alllt Is the%\ hIti'e hben ultable to pit) Cleteladul or (lihitgo is inir inuoe dis
taxes on Ilthe hoildinguts, aigreeilble llati i e iof i)5 diegrnees il
In lillin i m i Is i li do t lelies e (ht F I'lorld 'xunittilh thie gcs i talieiml's
the premset'l micsi ll r\t r l e ahle t littoll'to ni ntl lh(t Noie lit uen.o-
to poll tic 'lhli cill urobabll 1 hI l1 11 s f o 'lirdI's (i t ip,'r.it h. \n,i,
torcedl o -elll otff gri( i athl IIIti l Ihe 1 he' toiiotlll Iii enti N i s n11 rinm ,v, itmill
hait- left Just numigh ihab estil fte fim the lhe'Hitalihig iltk. Notie tin lnrgei
their On n tired. lceleentager of illslhilu t lijoted j I
The ti e Ithas I pi t hmq lmi *Iniume ttn 1u 'l'tilhin Intm l ie t imiilin i tl it i lilst si 't-
afford (it huhilb lai 'ii s il ittit i t shine is ne oi the ttli s I ,ur tile ab-
p)ropert, sn ti h i th tle h llt o}e lime I' l l1 i1 1 I 11lot i m oitum \ol i d tit D itil
it is foll3 iN attentl l ti Ihd liit propi. hs iabisi rptmli wi lhhh is i ,',e usiiblhl

into a hot place now. I have not
found it so.
It is true that there has been
drudgery and under the present con-
ditions some trying problems to work
out, but these "troubles and difiicul-
ties, and obstacles Which so often be-
set one are largely mental hazards.
Without a struggle the reward loses
its value.
L. C. H.

for the invariable coolness in the
shade on the warmest days, tins and
the constant breeze. Were you ever
in the East, the North or the Middle
West during one of their frequent
"hot waves?" You observed that
with nightfall there was no change
whatever itn the temperature. Tent-
perature records show that in Florida
the thermometer Invuriably drops with
the setting of the sun no matter how
warm tbh na3 might have been,
There's one other thing. On July 18,
1927, the day the Elks, in annual con-
ecntion at Cincinnati selected Miami
for the 1928 convention, the thermonm
erot in Cincinnati went to 92. In
Miami, the same day, the maximum
was 86. Comment is superfluous.--
Florida Business.

Watermelons cannot be shipped out
of the state unless they me treated to
prevent stem-end tot. The treatment
is effected by painting the end of the
stems with Boidenux paste.


r-osou 5fe PFROM OURP U!

wont bother to sketch them, for they
are regulation style. And, for the

country (lub veianda (laiy, gossipy, it into service for an afternoon wed-
but wholly delightful place), I have a ding.
Jacket, also on caidigen lines, fasi- The blond lace jacket in the middle
loned of light-coloted silk dotted with is the finishing touch to a blond chif-
tiny giddy flowers. It matches i fon evening frock. The lace alone
pleated hkirt of the same material, and softens its smaitly severe lines. I
a plain .sleeveless blouse is worn with shall probably find t reward for ir at
it. The same idea, I suppose, could the end of its life, tool
be used for town-in darker tones. The third jacket uses both sides of
And fur evening-I've got so de- crepe satin. This model holds its own
pendent on little jackets that I de- as to serviceability, foi the protection
dlare I'd rather forget my handkel- of the material is more than mentally
chief than go off without one of them. On warm evenings, I consider it ade-
Witness the sketch of my latest ac- quate to take the place of an evenin-
iiisitionsl When, at length, I must coat.
discard the model at the left, I shall Don't you think my enthusiasm
award it to a Distinguished Servke warranted? The fashion certainly
Cross. It contemplates a darling promises to become a good old Amer-
flowered chiffon evening ensemble. I ican custom.
wear it confidently tt the theatre, res- Love,
taurar.t, bridge part es and dances. CLARIBEL.
Once, in an emergency, I even pressed (Copyright 1928 by Vogue)

Nathan Mayo Gives Reasons For Re- MRS. A. E. CASON
fusing t Sign Everglades Bond Issue Mrs. A. E. Cason entertained in her
usual charming way with eight tables
of bridge at her lovely home on N.
Swinton Avenue Thursday afternoon.
Secretary Says LitigationNow Pending on Bonds Chief Reason Huge bowls of roses and zinnias deco-
n rated the living room and sun parlor,
where the guests were entertained.
Much has been written and much know of no source from which this 'he color scheme of green and white
has been said concerning the refusal money could 'have been secured to re- was carried out in appointments and,
by Commisisoner of Agriculture Nath- pay the Innocent purchasers of the refreshments, High score prizes wereq"
an Mayo to sign the Everglades bond bonds. received by Mrs. H. A. Moore and Mrs.
issue. The commissioner, a member "Fifth, I refused because a post- J. M Martin, while Mrs. E. C. Hall
of the state drainage board, registered ponement of the sale will not prevent received the consolation prize. The
his "I do not choose," just as the for- the drainage of the Everglades, but guest list included: Mrs. C. P. War-
malities of the consummation of the will make it possible for the work to field, Mrs. W. V. Bell, Mrs. J. H. At-
sale of the issue were being completed, be done, when again undertaken, with- kins, Mrs. Roy Webb, of West Palm
The commissioner announced he had out the legality of the bonds being Beach; Mrs. A. G. Evans, Mrs. Ethel
five "reasons" for refusing to add his questioned. I see no valid reason for Rutledge, Mrs, Edna Copeland, Mrs.
signature to the bond issue, such unseemingly haste in rushing p. A. Ranson, Mrs. H. A. Moore, Mrs.
And here they are: this transaction through while it is C. N. Johnson, Mrs. J. C. Keen, Mrs.
under fire in the courts, Alwilda Schmidt, Mrs. J. A. Zeder,
"Fist, I refused because I do not "As to the claim of my refusal to Mrs. A. S. Eliott, Mrs. Arthur Barton,
think that the state should be a party sign the bonds leaves the board owing Mrs. C. W. Garner, Mrs. W. N. John-
to the sale or bonds whose validity is contracts which cannot be paid, I have son, Mrs E. F. Hollarn, Miss Clara
yet to be determined by state and this to say: Pery, Mrs. E. L. Davis, New York
federal courts. "All claims against the board can City; Mrs. Frank Williams, Mrs. K
"Second, I refused because the firms be met gradually from the revenue M. Davi, Mrs A J. Adams, Mrs. J.
which are proposing to buy ihemal itderived front tlhe utxes assulic.d by t. .lohnsonl Mis. U. Hall, Mrs. H.
91 were contracting to sell them at the taxing district, All outstanding Haild Zeder, Mrs. Waco Webb, Mrs.
par by advertising methods which obligations should be coveted in a R. C. Smith, West Palm Beach; Mrs.
wore misleading to the bond buying reasonable length of time, and a set- J. M Martin, Mrs. Harry Sirkn, Mrs.
public. As evidence, I cite a para- tiement has already been made o'i Charles Taylor, Mrs. L. F. Ranson,
graph in a letter fiom a representa- this basis with the largest creditors. Mrs. Clyde Smith, Mrs. William Snow,n
tive of Dillon, Read and Company, to "I have never opposed the drainage Mrs. S. H. Jones.
Dr. J. G, Dupius, of Lemon City, Flor- of the Everglades, it my record as a
Ida, dated May 28, 1928: member of the board will show. I am NIGHT BRIDGE CLUB MEETS *
"Inasmuch as we have definitely quite aware that the cities of the
bought the bonds, although we have East Coast cannot go forward with- The Night Brildge Club was enter-
not yet offered them for public sale, out the Everglades being developed trained by Mrs. aind Mrs. J. A. Zede"
I think it is fair to state that this agriculturally. Thursday evening at their home on
new issue is flee from the possibility "I am not of the opinion that the South Swinton Avenue. High score
of any further litigation from any task of drainage has been completed. prizes were won by Mrs. J. C. Keen
people opposed to the measure You I have never opposed any tct of the n"d Mr, H s aild Zeder. A delicious
will remember that the supreme court boaid necessary for the carrying oni leken sn course wMa served.
upheld the drainage act int Its enthety of the project. I even signed the T1iose present were: Mr. and Mrs.
by a unanimous vote." contract with all other members of Lysle W. Johnson, Mr, and Mrs. E. F,
"At that very time several cases the board for the sale of the bonds as Holl rn, Mr, anti Mrs. Dwight Brad-
wore in court involving the question v.ell as the first lot of temporary svhaw Mr and Mrso, FJ M. Jolly, Dr.
of the legality of the bonds, and bonds which ,was not used, but I was ntledge, Mrs J. C Keei, Mrs. Eth.
others have been instituted silcce, not at that time fully tognim nt of lotrdmae, Mrs. C Keen, Mrs. 11 K.
Evoe since the above letter wits willt nil the facts involved. ord Mr. nd Mrs. II
ten, the case referred to was taken "I was it that time under thle Im- medcr,
from the Flotidta supreme coult to tle pression that thle suits pending were MISS JAN
United States supreme court, frivolous, but on further investiga- MISS JAN DEAN ENTERTAINS
"Thild, I refused because it was tion anti counsel with some of tile Miss Jane Doln entertained with
undecided in the United S'ntes coinlts est legal talent of the state I found lovely bridge puity Wednesday after-
11lhethel 'the pioposerd lsae *vwas i tlht soni of these nuits wele of vital nIoon at thl" home of her parents, Mr.
violation of i contact with the comn- mpottnne,. tlnd Ms. F, lank Dea, on R S. E. Fourth
panry that had purcthsed all tilh Ever- "Fot instance, the cnse decided by stioet. Bright-huI'd blosnoms were
glides hands lhilthrto sold. Judge Clayton, of the federal dis- useld for lecolitions, Miss Esithor
"Fou)l't, I refused blmanu'e itn easen lteit cotiut, which decision was ren-. Bonrdina was the winner of the high
n stile hl.ad be Iietl ptcrtactd and thi" tdered folll days after' I teiused ltoi t)ole plil/e, F'rppe was sitved lul-
rolti ts lu Iledde tlte n tl illegal, d I llvh sign thle hI'nl, aind the case ais to ill tho e giluneo and 1a dtmiiinv ice course
isstuedii ain thllefre Ic liivli, ltihe (on- thi cllistlitutionatlity of the boltlic, aItns ived lt thle close Tlihose pres-
iiitSsioielh of t(ii' EvLeilld''s thIniltiiui g vi m'hiC \I ne1'ilNfl froun the (I' lunlm entl iil l Utt Mclie (isnes GladulI' Burkwltli
distil would Ilei' be h iiio)ilv o oh 1ti lntiul sUpleihsinit coitl to idintla Laniiii uwine lInsi s Vit i i i 1, Ma'y
liatled to liay b',lek ltie t nll ems to the o1 tilt Unitedtl l hl stalcllplt 'one i' Cntlielltit' Casuion, Mlildled lJohnsont,
hoiidhoiil'rs--no it he ainountt nece "While It is not elo tih( bonailtl iof Llllian Jolhlsion, l fIlInnIell, Matiy Ell i
foi thel lmm lis, hbut thel uio 1111 t p hil (o11 iinli tionti s lo the lkt elo ihdt s Edtl\hlu.l Esthil 1 I m liitiill, ,at Jci .
fo'r lthelm n b I l( putl(lnitcl ls shi dI It int t is l i to p iuss upo thi sinvllIhi lil.t4i 1 J ik ,Ie Alit IlR;, j)ig.-
Iru ll( u ioll Ih Ithei hul Inb lti1us lTh i qI(i'i idhi of ( tli ldvtislblity Of III IguuI s, Mlis K. L u1ll s 1 it Nt C o lih
dilffL' nce n ouIhl hIMe n s n m pp l Itii lliti /li h h. sit b .ale If ihi fi(Ly.
litev l 1 1,001000 1 iO l I h llst 1111 isu i ,t lho irI u o intend t (hu t'll hoil' o mid --
i$10,0(l0( 0 h lail id n immimo l p tti l t lof ,h uhl e i o ied by the in leii th. Al' It 1 ,l h Jln lI and lu i lit hnnil, (mm
this hI tlh oil hiii1m p n i u t h lta e t(illetuiiim'l itun'i s toI thi i time l 11 lm (101 ftoi l W(i t Pl in11 iii litm m t'ii nv
Utiited St it mmi lio t ull lti ll l\ stli them thimIhe ni m i o ll i' ltvy ofi IIle (' ) (p nd the d (I'v itlh 11 i 111 pi litI MiM '
Iplis) d n tllie t ainiliI\ of t'1e .att I1 -Plihn Ik iu t PI'oI o l ll M hs H 1 ) I Ely

S ... T -...I Tir n d Publishller

i r"

,I. ~^mrrl ~cri.*~r-~* ,*lh Ilrl I V~U~r~ntumr.l, I 't~ut~lr - -l*r.nWthur-y*b~^~3,. .^u*.~ -rur,~s, ~rh~utla rrrr" lia* I


Jul 20, 198 Dl.NA' DIAI E'11'0dY IAJPLRAa..

i:* -=: '' :':* j;. :, ;: s-;' : r= -:'l -=-:'; *: r-- :; -= :': -= -. ;: -- :"* ;


Mr. George Austermant was a husl- Mrs. C hi, Diggans returned home
neis visitor in Miami Monday. from Wihnington, Ill. Monday.
The Sena Soucl Club will meet Fri- Mrs. W. V. uBol and Mrs. C. P War-
day at the home of Mis, A. J. Adanm' flilil elent Wednesdaiy in Miami.
Miss Irene Moo.e, of Gaineoville, Is Miss Dorothy Del.enn irrivod Mon-
tile guest of her aunt, Mrs, A. J day from Atl bti, to viaiL Mats Polly
Adams, Adalns.
MI, and Mrs, A. E, Canon and two Mrs. F own and Mc Alta
sons, Jack and Van, Jr., spent PFlidy Bron sent Mo ly lpping i
in Miami. Miami,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Alwyn Ball left
Sunday for New York City to splenid Miss Msry Love is spending thi
their vacation week sil Ojus 'lsitlng her aunt, Mis.
J. W Ives.
Mr. Matt Grncey left Thursday for W v
South Carolina an I Tennossie to Miss lillian Jlhnsmsn, of Bunnell, is
spend the summer, tie gueet of the family of he, uncle.
Mr. J. C. Johnslon,.
Mr and Mis. C. K. Brownell l'ft M.
1qw unday of Black Mountain, N. C, t Mrs. Jenulvin, of Moll i, is the
spend the summlnr. guest of the fmi.ly of her brother,
Mr. A. C IHollanid.
Mr. C. N, Johnson I's able to bend chil n
out again after having been conined Mrs. J. C. Cook end clildr'n hsve
at home with influenza, gone to Brunswiek, GoC, to vhit Mi
and Mis. George Sparks.
Mr. Langley Spoiry, of Miami, elks lt l y
spent the week en here with his Mr. W. 0. .elks left Fldavy for
brother, W, B. Sperry. Cochsan, Ga, to join his wife anid
little daugl t'r, who are visiting theliu.
The members of the Gibson Memo- i Eliz A
rial church enjoyed a picnic supper on Litle Mni Elizabeth Ann Mooret P i
the pavilion Thursday evening spendac g th week William Wesgt
Bueanch with Mrs. William Gugrnhelm
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Roberts and Dr. W. C. Williams left Wednesday
daughter, Miss Dorothy Roberts, spent even for Danville ad Man,
Sunday with relatives in Miami. whee ie will spend three weekM s vis-
whole he will spend three weeks e18-
Harry Pittman, Otley Scott and sting relatives.
Gordon Pickerng returned Sunday D~. ad Mrs. Herbert Thompson, of
fwrom Camp Caison, Frost Proof, Fla. D, and Mrs. Hrbert Thompson of
San Richmond, Ind., are visitors here for
Mrs, Laura Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. a fev weeks and have taken an npart-
Miles Chandler and Miss Lillan ment in Ramona Court.
wander left y car Tuesday for Ce- The two circles of the Presbyterian
dar Rapids, Iowa. church will meet Monday afternoon
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Zart and Mr. at three o'clock with Mis. Enmmn
and Mrs. Dick Hill spent Thursday Cedarleaf at the Casa Del aoy H"tel
evening at the Elks dance at the Coral dining rooJm.
Gables Country Club.
Gables Country Club. Mr. and Mrs. A E. Plastridge, Mrs.
Dr. K. M. Davis, Mr. Louis DePar- Robeit Plastridge ar' baby, and Miss
lier, Mr. Clint Moore and Mr. H. A. Grace Latham left Thursday by iar
Moore motored to Homestead Sunday for a visit to their former home in
Ito study the rabbit industry at that Northfield, Vt.
p1i4, The Mtthodist congregaHton will
,rs, J. N, Massie and son, who worship with the members of the Gib-
have been visiting Mrs. Massie's par- son Memorial Baptist church Sunday
ents, Mr. and Mrs C. E. Rice, left evening. Rev. Rogers will deliver the
Sunday for their home in Owensboro, address of the evening.
Kentucky. Mrs C W. Page, of Chipley, Fla,,
4 Mr. J. B. Evans returned home frordt and Miss Mary Ella Huchinson, of
Jaeksonville Thursday night with his Welalca, Fla., have ietuined to their
mother and Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Bache. respective homes after a visit with
'They had taken Mrs. Evans to a spec- their sister, Mr. R. D. Hill.
~liait for an examination.
st for a examination. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dean, Miss
Mr C. B. Crisler, who was'a busi- Jane Dean, and Mr. and Mrs. L. F.
ness visitor here last week, left Thurs- Rerson and family were the dinner
day for his home in Alabama. He guests of Mrs. Emma Cedarleaf at
was accompanied by Herman ferritt, the Casa Del Rey Hotel Sundav.
,' sno will spend some time there. Mr. nd Mrs Lys W. Johs a
Mr. 6nd Mrs, Lysle W. Johnsun
Mr. E. N. Andrews left Sunday for and house guests, Mrs. T. K. Board-
Albany, Ga., on a business trip. Mrs. man and Miss Esther Boardman, of
Andrews accompanied him and will Jacksonville, and Mrs. A. T. Kelly, of
continue to Rockwood, Tenn., wheie Miami, spent Thursday in Miami
she will visit for two or three weeks
Switch her parents. o Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Burke, of Coral
S h Gables, were the guests of Mis,
Mayor Lysle W. Johnson returned Bdrke's sister, Mis. C. E. Taylor, Sun-
home Thursday night from Jaskson- day night. They were en route to
vlle and brought back a new four- Atlanta, where Ohbey will probably
door Ford sedan. lie was accompa- maken their bonme
nied by Mrs. Johnson's sister, Mrs. T.
K. Boardman and daughter, Miss Es- Mr. Frank Nelson will preach in
their Boardman. the Coral Gables Presbyterian church
Sunday morning. Rev. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. h. P. Brown, who Lynn, of Taipon Springs, ill supply
tave spent the winter in St. Peters- here in the Presbyterian church m tLhe
urg, spent the week with Dr. A. A. place of Mt. Nelson.
Plottner, leaving Tuesday for their
home in Dayton, Ohio. They like the Mrs. James W. Rogers and two
East Coast so much they will probably children, Miss Jaue and George Rog-
locate in Miami next year. ais, arrived Wednesday from Oklaho-
ma to join Mr. Iogers, who recently
Mrs. W. E. L. Sperry and daughter, arrived to take charge of the pasto-
Miss Sarah Sperr.,, left by boat from late of the Methodist church hale,
Miami lfo New York City. Mls.
S Sperry will spend a short time there Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brolin and
with her two sons, Albeit and Alex children, Alta andt Willam, left Tues-
and will then go to Ohio for a visit day for a trip to IIot Springs and
with her sister. Miss Sarah will make Deliver. They were accompani. d by
New York City her home. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. REatlertson, of West

__CI C __ ____ ___ __ ____ _

i 400 SLOW

a lli luliiiiilitiilI IIp B IIIIII II IIiii0ii iI A stil

iI I l lllllllIl' lllll lllllllll 1111!R litlll ll llll nIIlhlt ill llllIllIl fll t
Bible sLihiol at 10 o'clock,
Regular chuirh services every Sun-
day morning, at 11 o'clock, wiher Rev
Daniel Stewart auddresses the congre
The imnootigs are hold in the Delray
Tlheatre, and the public is cordihlly

Services held every Sunday at 11
v. m. in the Vista Grando building, S.
S. E, Fourth avenue opposite Chla Iber
of Commerce Hall.
Reading Room open from 2,00 until
1:00 oa'llock in this buldinig each
Monday, Wednesday and Fridtav,
where all aunthoilred ChisLtinn Science
literatuic imay be lead, bhoiowed or
The public lis cordially invited to
attend the services and make use of
tie Readlng Roo,i,

"The Chuich Beautiful With the
Pr. .Terald Aiugustas Blanion,
"The Little Minister of America"
Tne edifice is within two blocks of
the ocean and is only five minutes
%talki from the heart of the city. Vis-
itors up-town take Atlantic Avenue
antd walk due Jast over the Canal
Bridge and turn to the right at the
first street on the Bench.
The Bible School of Instruction as-
senblles at 9:45 each Sunday morning,
with Mr. Ossie D. Priest as General
Superintendent. There are Sunday
School classes for all ages under a
staff of competent instructors and
The Sanctuary or Mid-week Prayer
and Praise Service is at 7:30 coach
Wednesday evening. This is the most
beautiful and home spirited of all the
weekly assemblies.

Frank H. Nelson, Minister
Summer Calendar
Sunday School, 9:45.
Moe ling Service, 11:00.
Sermon by Rev. Alexander Lynn, of
Tarpon Springs, representing the
Board of National Missions.
Mr. Nelson is preachung this Sun-
day foi the Rev. George B. Laird, of
Coral Gables Presbyterian church.
No evening service.

"The Church of Good Fellowship"
P. C. Barkley, Pastor.
Everybody said it couldn't be done.
What? To hold up regular church
attendance during the summer
months.. flow is it done? Simple
Enough, when every fellow comern and
brings along someone else. ihat's
the way. Keep it up.
Older of services is as folloNs:
Sunday School ait 9:4 a. m., R. B.
Hitt, Supermntendent.
Preaching at 11:00 a. s. and 8:00
p. m. by the pastor.
All 3. Y. F. U's meet at t7.i0 p. Im.
Prayer Meeting 8.00 p. m. Wednes
Subjects for Sunday: Morning:
"Where to Look for Your Enemies,'
Evening: "Little Men in Big Places,"
A \eleome to all.
James W. ogeors, Pastor.
Sunday School at 9:4b a. m,.
Morning Worship at 11 i. in.
The new pastor will preach. Every-
one is coruially invited to worship
with uis A most pleainig feature of
our se ivcos Sunday will be special
imsic by the choir.
"A welcome like your mother'sB."

The home of Mr, andi Ml s. Alrthur The ladles of the Prriivtilytis1 A's
Barton osn North Swinton Avenue ft i- so'"ltl"r. met ,it t'ie h"ome t ni i.
nished the setting lor ta delightful Prank Dealn lMonday :'tearn ol r i
party Tuesday evening Vns'e of l"nt an osta msc noyable afterlnlonn se
bright-hiied linniias hi gihtellnd thr ila for the baisaar emonatloe nr II
rooms where the tables foll thew go Is lc we ved at the "ose of ti
were arranged Blirdge wsis enjoy I, afternoon, Those present wec -' MRI .
the prrle winners being Mi,, J. At Frank N'elsin, M I, W N N John ri,
Martin and Mrs J r Kein A ,de Mrs. E. F, Hollarn Mrs W. R. Cit
lilious punch wia' s iveld dniung thel Ilow, Mrsl, Allendoph, MrI E. ,.
evening, and an rle course at the d lo F"ote,' lfris R, ( Giuptll, Mis, A.,
of the game. Those pinlit l welt, Elhott, Mrs. K, M Davis, Mrs Enrni.
Mr, and Mrs. A. S Elliott, r, ni, a Cedalcaf, Mrs L, F Ranson, Pa'(t
Mrs. W. V. Bell, Mr and MAl A. J and Jean lHollarn.
Adams, Mr. and Mis. A. E Cason,
Mr, anti Mrs, J C. Johnson, M's, Etlih THE IMPORTANCE OP GOOD
Rutledge, Mr. L. W Curiler, Mrs C
I Wiatfield, Mr and Mrs J. C Keen, PRINTING CANNOT BE OVERF 3
Mir J M Martin, Mri C E. Tayii, TIMATED. CONSULT US ON YO i'.
MAs Edna C('opeland, Di. W. C Wl-.

r,-i 7' j

Ilt'- I h,, ,IS I lse ll I ll n lts ill
clili Ii et.li, l lus Ilo lver every

The ns'rnlsis of the li)annoe Clun
spent a mot el ightful evening it the
honm nl Mi anI Mit C' N Jonhson
Mondnv evening A lovely thief-
comiie inneruli was served ''hose
present viwee' Mi and Mil II H11 Itld
Zedpl i;r Dwight ,iitdshaw, M' nnd
Mrs. I 0 Smith, of West Palmn
Beach, )r and Mrs Ilrthet 'Thlomp-
san, of Richmond, Ind
The Missionazy Soenets of the First
Snlpest held its icigular no.ithly mpet-
ing at the rhureh Mondaiy aftpinoon
Those p e-pnt were Mrs J M. IDoug-
lass, Mils. A. G. Ilolland, Mrs. Jacob
Davis, M's. Arthur Barton, Mis Vu-
ginnia Flodlng, Mr. T. MMartin, Ms'
W, A. Jelks, Miss Vilglini Jelks, Mi.
J. K. Grynn, Mrs. L L. Barwitk, Mls.
C. N. McSwain, Mrs. Barrow, Miu.
Barnes, Mrs. George Rice, Mrs John,
Clark, Mrs. Jennings, of Miamns.


We Are Making A Special
Offer For Two Weeks Of
Permanent Waves

$10.00 '

23 South J Street Phone5i63-W
^ __- -__ -



"T Riht Plac To Trade"
Phones 13 and 14 Delivery Service

Saturday July 21st, 1928

SUGAR I Carnation orLibby'sA 7 C
lSUGAR 5 L. or 10 small cans
.. N:'-IN
Bread Large loaf, home baked 12c [Coffee, Maxwell House 48c

Crisco, 3 lb. can 65c Rice Fancy Blue Rose, 3 lbs. 17c
0 4 :
Jello Pork & Beans, 81 iSuper-Suds Oxydol
Tomatoes, No. 2 can C Ghipso Each
%%-- *%

Crosby Corn No. 2 16c

Beets, Faultless, Red Cut


SPost's Bran Flakes 121c Pancake Flour, Pillsbury's pk.l2c

Soap, Coaline 2 for 15c Soap P&G or Octngon. 6 for 25c

Bartlett Pears or 2 Q cPeaches, Rosedale 19C
Apricots Gold Bar No.2 2 c Quarts Gold Bar 23c
.Qu 1as GIN
Sani-Flush 20c' Toilet Paper Waldorf, 3 for 19e

Preserves Welch's Ass'tcd 29c Catsup, Del Montel16oz.23c

Pickles sweet or sour qt31c Salmon, Gold Bar Red 31c
....e..f. wa fl,.t-. .a -sc~'..S. - .n a .o .
Pillsbury Flour 6 lb. 38c - 12 lb. 71c - 24 lb. $1.39
O ,- -la' a..e. 5,n., ,-1 .o.s a


New Potatoes, No. 1 97cBananas, Nice and 1 Ae

auim n Bec. They willgo d or White 10 Ibs. i Ripe Ibs for I '
Mr. and Mrs. M. T, Knox i ft Fri- eral weeks. The members ofthe Junior Thimble Red o te1 ipe 3 lbs. for
day for Okalulia, Miss, for a visit Mr J B. EvaClu left Sundaya by ar ant fteron Sat- Onions, Yellow i i Peaches, From Ca
MrOnions, Yellow -C f ] c sFrom -
with relative., Mis. Martin Muste. for Murfreesboro, Ten., utldy wstlh little Mirs Beth Iaounson o e
brook, of Palm Besch, a sister wife, who has been away for several Mrs. hom, tir paren 1 pund fo Georgia, 3 pounds
rse Knox, came down Thurdny to wes Iewsaopnd s$'l Mrs. It V t..........ned fo
sa.ke charge of Mrs. Kiox's homie Ie ws accompanCid it n ift while d speln tho lest of t he j - - ,W ,..- i
while se is awny, Mr., s. n. Allen II "a. W Crir ftlonoon, lisylig gs,. hoe trees. Georgia Melons on ce 40c New Grapes per lb. 21c
aynCssd two clil'hen, Lewin ani Maxine,,, It ,, ,st as is Patty Holli.si, o Jan ndPtyHlii ... ... ...... ...'
will be in charge of the Delray Cast wo will visit Mrs. Cuirier's patents Atle us B ltn C aitherile Keen, Eli,- -
Grocery during the absenre of Mr. the, blon Baton, Catherine Keen, DEPiTE T
Knox. atbeth Alto Moone and Lydia Webb, of MEAT DEPARTMENT
Clint Moore Jr,, arrived Wednesday WeI t 'Pahlm nl3T>1.1.
-- ioi Coltin lbi, T ,rnnh eo i -nil- .- Eggs, Strictly Fresh c 'Beef Roast, Nice 27c
THE bco, attedhg the Colu,,,n'.l., M tin, Mrs. N,,,, L ,, Quirllheln' _Ivv- t 4 3WiDW
School. Mif. Moose, Si. and tLolsl am DBoe, sient Wedntesdny ith White Yard Doz. Western Chuck lb.
O lt Sh p ddaughte,, who have spent ovprl Ms H. A. Mou i 1
Quality Shoppe ds.ts ih, soMwa mer v, rIw )ln iv. Ms w,..,, w. ieh .it,,s h.r utter, in quarters 4A Bacon, Machine Slic- O3
.125 Third Ave., s .E. ta net iv ll t he Iatter piutt i Ilaul d iid, ll an A Pure Cemery erylb.i ed and Rindlcss 11. 0
No itiatte the tie o(if year nor theta lthd W1lkel o O' -i. T'a i Te d.......... .. ... .-
eno tctit Le sit'e, as',.ir Mm, iand Mis A'thu,,i Billio,, A,. ts ,linss he it li' slt s, sc,' ...11,.[ 9 P -h 'p,
lenlltiott in the Ilnd--flnll, aonrg eu" li und M,1 Arlt uTaylon, Mi.' iake lt viIit Fresh Spare Ribs 11b. 19c Pork Shoulder Rosast b.24c
s'loc oip,-Iss ol' th llidl- |sll to fillsl a1n e i t, ... C T l's iii M'l Fn (Astt fi Fl .I'.11, 0 s Ilt, -o ,-. - -.,
.. ts _s' iist i . f lit s 's lisel. Mlsq. J. I'H. Mi'.iv Misse s l oit i tilt |t'ssl'itv lsi A-4shu lltm' N i'
thindllis tlmt t ill pleihi, Hi lllts ls o ,' t 1li' i A I'" i i'""' s "" i' '" '" 'N '"' PIA 11 i
your ,,mit,,,,. trips ,IJte nl,,,,ita. h ..i Glades ,1 u A 1-2 101b SuOaai Cranok (l-Jutf(t r 01 l i l 1 J .CB
i ui' 'is Iitsi til. .. . i l aliss b lis wi ll l m t s II A 1ltsls0 v, I e sl (I' itss dlsllllln si is iv t llli
Mls i l Mti I Ai' 1) Juini y, il1. it B' 1oiinsisi III to I it 'l -ni lle iiisr sis lBus i-2 Pt. M V Rayonai se, 1 I olt Y4
IM M I' wel ailJ lr th "* IB,,,lm ,, li Inl#h n i ,ll, a |4l 4J
Mrs. G(eo. R, ilurhols "I' hli' ohs s, as is s ns I s s 1' Vl 14
'otrietorte. tilitn ',, i wi,, si, ni, i, ,Mt MIss t Aln i in 1a h'It' th Fv ench Dres'ings, V alue 72c. .
Proprietor, 11il 'laln idlsi ol her Iuilt, M1 1 1l.4p It V I John tin -.. -_,-.. - - - - -


- .. w

4* ~IIIQIIIW~l)~l ~mtM ~~L(IUI iir~
?~~*UI~Y)~,II 11111~1 ~111 UI~~~I1IU~. )~llld-O-Y

onut ormoxiF~ P~,~Y EAI, VLORIDA

1 "WAY, Joly too 1928.


Pnuo VPi-




Y ou, oCTS_____ F% itu 'ION TOLL BRIDGES
cleaner, If Ga- ijnosyville-J-, Franklin Fudgei hs AR ISA
cleaner, ---- Ijtt lbeen appointed nssia.tnnt chom ASA
brighter f'. .c oiNnl of Strof in I'rcn r r iolotnftry Magazine Says Thlere /Ip. Iof te Florida Expornment Stntion
and ,wars No i! an t of Neres.res of" Life/ and Climate teal/tI fuf lt Is" ai l lettio at olc t TO MOTORISTS
Prettier For the past two years Ir Furge
l Fu-niture In ithe Gentlteman's Magazinne (Ip00 I iuropean manner, and then rourte- .Ia Ibeen connected with the MA'nlrn
p e liashd 1 Illdonl ) t oNovembner, Iri oe' t ro-l conducted on short, and dia Polytechnic Institute while pIrsumin Association Shows 425 of Such
Use is In Ia t te'tn1 r IeRolint of ll.''t nmir niIswed, This stratagem had the d.-- graduate work at tie Univeisity of Bridges Now Constructed on
Westal l'loiMla, Malh had rlnol mioij 11 ed I i effect; the great men of tihe Wiscrlonin. lie recently IeceLveId the Federal Aid Routes
Bta rul'. intly inmte lown,, numinerously nat- Ph D degree from Wisconsin.
The article discusses intereFstngir t ied, invited the Spaniard; to their Dr. Fudge will devote most of his
(ed a J Ltile sltulitnl, l muIlite, resoluis .ii '1L i petilve places of residence, showed tuil o to the .[tludy of dllchnck of etrun, Accidents andl toll bridges seem to
P ~ p13niiits if the Florldius iandl tell Jte'nm ill that was rare In thier coln- he of chbpt concern of the assembled
2Oli Ah.i 1)01111 yol l io; n hu nAti Is nimany interesting things of the Iin l ii. Rave them gold, and whatever A CAIlFOfNIAA OPINION delegates at the annual meeting of
Sat all S ig odnI, lls w'I T1i value o! llt t ihe totorv in elte lhey admired p as precious, and Prof. Robert W. Hodgoln, of thte e Automol Aoction
Sales l i '1 I ,rlly-Y ,"; -le f1 *I' l"-Ingilnd ii also discussed, expressed the highest veneration for University of Galifornia, at Berkeley, L Amerlcn Autonlolile Association
lil t. it 11h no thetio'ns'1 hi regard to the liscov, y of v Fie- hIeingsa whom they looked upon as spent three months this year in Flor- I session in CinCienati The two
i ll tile witt.r of the lartLl('r i II th 1 i f1s 1t'ii tr'1r heaven inftfl vv atel super. Ida ad miade t l t study of the citrus great politiclI palrtlits mny conildCLr
.to say i n m every respect to themselves. industry. In an article written for farm relief and prohllltion aa the ,
-;'_ "Kir se. n-in Cnliol is sniiiC to be sti. Wtl henLthe Spainiards had thus far mue- the Florlid Grower of Tamipa he s,vs "asuprele Issues confronting A r-
Sst'i :-At asc:iorer of this country alnt e* d, aid had supplied their ships p that ur sttot his some 20,000 acr es it judgment of Pre- -
-- -,- '----- t'asii followed l1 years fterw'rl )d t itli provisions and water, they then moore of citrus fruits thaL Calforniia .
ul one Po.nio dte L'eon, wlio II quest I IrIIo" a general Invitation to the In- nd that no great expanl-on *of c"eT- dent of the A-ssciation neither is
-. h n ~..n dt lani to partake of an hl llriinmnll l t Kge theel is possible without cutting really so titp mrtant as s afety. The
J ltl. ltansa "a ftimd Ias a stprn g, the vn uch a* had been given to their lbr th- d own other rulllts and pIllingRt etrus recent report of the National Saftel
in of the witei, was to rePstoe'' t en. T'rhe Indillans crowded on hoard, inl their lace. Water and good land, 'ounll lens supIort to this view.
youth, fell in wt I' the land of Floril I ach eager to gratify his cIllosity are now scarce in California, Flor I t shows that the automobile death
on iEasterday, in 1512, which, accold- rather than his appetite, and te day's grapefruit ee is double rate hs been steadily liounting yenr
Sr you in to the Spanish phrase, is the flom Spaniards discovered a particular that of California, That state Irlag t after year until it has now reached
ES Rholh r ou sh day of Pcasela, fronm whence ~, pl'onlure in obliging them, and, under Il exceeds uis in lemons. The future almost twenty persons in every one
Lv IiV VI J need one board derives its name," p Ietense of increasing their wonder, of the citrus industry, lie thinks, de- hullndred thousand of our popniation.
You C pon o a truck load, The writer says that "tl-e .sol ,i they spred their sales and weighed up ponds upon the production of good Here is a menace in coping with
You Can Depend Upon may besanyarts '"" of' Floi ias remrnikt'lR "" the anchors and, being thus pre- fruit and of right methods of mar- which the country has made singu-
you may be su1re^ fertile and may be cultivated to greatI pared for their departure, invited l'eting.-South Fla. Developer, larly little progress, in spite of the
it will be at your door when you want it. advantage and it is affirmed, but' th1emto fe"st. To engage them more efforts of scores of public and private
That's the way we guarantee your satis- "~,o what authority we know not, effectually to pnrtke ofthe banquet, o o O o o ooooo o nagenciesa.
that grapes may, with proper care, be they provided the most savory meats; o0 o Toll bridges afford an old problem
facto on-by giving you the quality you are LODGE MEETINGS a in a new guise. The buggies that pri-
faction--by giving you the quality you are opened to maturity, and wine extract- and having arranged their guests in o o'cded the automobiles of the present
entitled to and the service you expect. od from them, as in Europe, an ex- the best order they could, sat down Mason Lodge, 1st and 3rd 0 era were familiar enough with toll
cellence not yet discovered in anry with them, served them with winl,, o Wednesdays, Masonic Temple roads. Gradually, as the state took a
D E LR A Y LU M BE R CO other part of North America," The and drlnk freely with them them- at :80, grater interests in highway develop t
writer also says that cochineal n,,l'1selvs, till perceiving that they grew ment, toll roads came to be regarded
indigo are among the natural pro- warm they ply'd them with wore in- o Delray Chapter No, 53 R, A. o m an anarchronds cme t adeat
ductions of the country, toxicating liquor, till they tumbled a M., meets the first Thursday o b anarchronism, but adequate .
meets the first Thursday o bridges presented anr increasingly
SInteresting is the account of theldlown one after another, stupidly o night of each month at the acute problem They cost great
; i :: :i:-:"i::.-s-:s:'.: ;.": :--:---- :':i i ::s :': a cattle and horses in Florida in 176,. 'drunk. In the situation the Span- o Masonic Temple. oe o mtprobe, ad he comt a m it
It is stated that the "the inland coun- i"rds coupled them together with o- o deal of moley, and the community
try is plentifully flocked with catt', chains, conveyed them into the holds o Kghts of Pythias meets only y rred to spend what mon-
PHONE 80 '. whoso hair is so fine that, with a of their ships, and then closed the o third Friday night of each month' eyit had to spare o te improve-
PHONE SUoB IIinet on the hIghways themselves.
proper mixture of fur or wool, it is' hatches and suffered them to sleep till o during summer. Same hour o i an opportunity for private
'M Y E R S capable of being manufactured into they recovered tler senses o same place. capital, and it wa quick to see it.
7 Mi E R S & S N hats or cloth, Horses are more ger-. In the meantime they put to s eO, 0o Th Legislative Committee of the Au- i '
; == :: : : :: : orally used in these countries, and are and to the terror ad annoyance of S., No. 7, 2nd and 4th o obile iciatio reports tht t
es^:..s; ?- ~-*,.':~i- :.;:. : 5S: t cheaper thvn in any of our other set- the spectators on shore, they wanton- o Tuesdays, Masonic temple at o the beg inning of this year 45 ts that aollt
elements abroad." ly discharged their broadsides in tok- o 7:i0. the be o r 426 toll
S Angoig the resources mentioned are en of triumph, killed some and dis- 0 bridges were either built or building,
the forests, tile abundance of fish, persed the rest. The unhappycap- Rebecca Lodge, 1st and rd highwl o m alon the Federal-aid
IIiJiiiiiij iilllllll IIIillllESLIt! i"lllci : 1 both salt and fresh water, nnd the tives when they anvoke and discovered Naturally, this is a development of
oysters, which, according to the a:- their situation, expressed their sorrow o Oddfellows Lodge, every o real interest to the increasing tribe
1 T tidce, are found i" i plenty. It also by the most piercing cries; many of o Thursday. of motorists who use the great nat-
N D Y SPE CIA LS states that ambergr is abundanrttol them refused sustenance, and obst]-o -T el roads. One of the speakers con-
the southernmost courts (the writer nately met death by hunger; others o Carpenters' Local Unions No, o plained of the "diminishing freedom
may have confused this with coral pined away broken-hearted; and many o 1927, meets every Monday o of the highway communication" re-
or sponges.) By way of encourage- perished in one of the vessels that o evening at the Labor Temple. o suiting from this new dispensation.
1 Lb Hard Candies 36 m t to prospective settlers, our foundered in te passage; ad the few o o It is no doubt an inconvenience and an
Writer says: who survived were dragged into cruel o Carpenters Ladies' Auxiliary o added expense, but the toll charged is
S Lb M axine Cherries 49c "In short, by the best accounts that and hopeless slavery. o No. 92, meets the first and 0 in effect a premium for getting bene-
are yet extant, there appears to be "This act of treachery however, o third Wednesday evenings at o fits now which might otherwise be
no want of the necessities of life, nor cost the contriver of it dear; for Val- o the Labor Temple. o delayed indefinitely. Most motorists
R ED C OSS PIARMACY is the climate so intolerably hot as to esquez, allured by the gold, silver and -- will thankfully pay the cost, provided
R ED CROSS P A MACY affect the health of those who may jewels which he observed In his ox- o The Painters and Decorators' o that it is not exorbitant. Where the
S think fit to settle there." cursions into the country, returned to o Local, No. 1260, nteets every o community itself can afford to build
I Treachery of Velasquez. Floiida in a few years with a greater o Tuesday evening at the Labor o the bridges there is no excuse for
iOur writer gives a most interesting force; but the memory of his treach- o Temple. farming out the privilege and allow-
llll account of Florida Indlians, whom he ry remained deep in the hearts of 0o 0 ing the profits o a ll, i
says are perhaps the handsomest peo- the injured natives; 200 of his men 0 American Legion meet every th public function to go into private
pie in America. We are told that the were cut off in one night, some o10 mont a't their home n eoh 0 coffers. Where the community is not
Florida Indians are divided into petty his ships perished at sea, and he 0 month at their home on able to do the work it should insist
states which warred with each other himself, impoverished and disappoint- o o D 0 b o o oooooooooo o ias the association's committee sug-
Y s tso much to prevent any great increase ed, died of a breltren hr'nt -non after gosts. on suitnhble repture provlionn-
I aT e YV in populati m, but notwithstanding his return home." in the bridge franchise. Some com-
the antipathy of these Indians states Forecasts Great Future on which the main portion of Tampa munities may find a way out of the
to each other they united in an unsur- The article discuss briefly the Bay is called "Bahia del Espirtu San- dilemma though a quasi-public cor-
mountable aversion to the Spanish, customs of the Indiana, but mentions to," but the northern extension of portion like our Port Authority, or
S and perhaps to Europeans in general. little here not fairly familiar to stu- this bay which cuts off Pinellas pen" through an outright municipal enter-
Seriously Considered This aversion was caused by the dents of the history of Florida. We insula fro the mainland is called prise like the proposed Loulsvllla
treachery of Luke Vplasquez, a Mex- are told that an Indian tribe consult- "Tampa Bahin." The St. Johns river bridge.-New York Times.
the disability lcan Spaniard, and the account of it is ed a "holy man" as to when to begin e called "Rio de San Juan." The
given in the hInguage of the writer: a war, but as to how the war should Okefinokee swapm is called Own- During June Miss Pearl Jordan,
Si "Luke Velasquesl a Mexican Span- be carried on was debated in a coun- quapble negraw." Manry other un home agent in Nassau county, deliv-
O' lard, being in want of hands to work cil over which, it seems, the chiefs familiar names are found on the map, ered 1,300 chrysanthomun plants to
In the mines, formed a design of sup- presided. Their religion was a form but there are a number that have the women of her county 'enrolled in
plying his numbers by fraud or vio- of superstition and they paid great come dow, tof with nme a Isa contest.
O N LeY EeN;IJ N ^E P A R 'eS n c; with this in vi-w he fitted out adoratilc to the sun and moon. changed, of which Amel sn Island, ts
two vessels, and landing o the coast Tile writer of the article -wrom which Cape Canveral, St. Joseph bay, Poco- Club members of Alachua county-
of Florida the uncommon appearance the above quotations have Ileen given lata and Santa Rosa island are in. caned 3,000 quarts of tomatoes dur-
usedof his ships drew numbers of the in- was optimistic concerning the building stancos. The keys were called ing the month of June, according to
habitants to the shore, where curios. up of n great trade ii. Florida, uand "caos," and Blscuyne is spelled "Bis- Mrs. Grace F. Warren, Iome demon-
ity was increased by the more extra-I mentioned its nearness to Cuba as cayno." station agent,
of our car? ordinary appearance of the crewsbeing an advanntnge which tlhe otlerm The e ntresto articee houd po EessE OF
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Atlantic at N. E. 2nd Avenue Delray Beach, Fla. RS MAMIE LONG bDixie and Clemati PALM Over Liggetts

-fy. 1-, Fda. 2,__Cin t

Case No. 6014 BOCA RA'TONE LAKE and BEACH OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOR PALM BEACH COUNTY IN OF FLOllIIA, IN AND FOR Notice is horeby given that, under
Notice is hereby given to all whom DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, i PALM BEACH COUNTY IN CIIUNCERY. PALM IREACI COUNTY IN and by virtue of that certain Final
it may concern that under and by vir- Florida Corporation, iCHANCERY. DILL, T QUIRET TITLE AND CAN- CHANCERY. Decree made and entered by Honor-
toe of a certain decree entered in the infant, Case No, 6888 CE.I,1ATION OF CONTRACT Case No. 6823 able C, E. Chillingworth on the 20th
]rlre (:oort of the Ffteenthl Judilcnl VS, BILLT TO QUIFT TITBLE AND CAN- BOCA RATONE ICAKE and BEA3IAN. day of June, A, D, 1028, in that car.
Circuit of Fluridln, in and for Palm ELMIER SCtiOPP, CEILATI( OF CONTRACT DEVEI,Oi'MNT COMPANY, tn uit pending the Circuit Court
Bench County, Florida, in Chancery, Defondiant. tiBOCA RiATONE I,ArEK and IIEACH Florid' Corporation, c ILATION ol' CONTRACT st p in i the Circuit Court
EnBe ch ny"1 n nc I VELOPMENT COMPANY, C ComplCat, BOCA RATONE IAKE & BEACH of the Fifteenth Jlludicial Circuit of
on the 12th day of July, 1928, in a ODRER OF PUBLICATION i oPMEN'rt COMPANY, a Complainant, DEVELOPMEN, CO,. a Fl t Florida, in andr for Pain Beach Coun-
-cause therein ending wherein Stilce It appearing by affidavit in the Flrd orporon, m C F. ADAM S. CorDEVEInI E T o, I, Florida ty in Chancery, wherein J. G. Starr Is
C Hall, is complainant, and Maude ab/nc entitled cause that Elmer I. Conmplainant, C F A ADefendant rpMS CoConat, and F. F. Van Alien and
halotte Richnr and Geore A i of he S VS. i liinnt Coplainant, Voioniea Van Alien, his wife, and Ja.
(chnattei, her lhus and, George AdSchop is a pe f defendant hat JOHN I, CAHIIL, OD)RER OF PUBLICATION Vs W. Currier are defendants, the under
i, e, e Atustrmannd, a Specifetl Mals- orida, but th a defendays Defendant, It appearing hb affidavit in the C' E. STEPIIENI SN, signed Special Master appointed by
1, G. S. Austeritusn as Special Mal-l n abent mnei than sty i; 'aIbove enttlted cause thiit C. F. Adans Defendn lie Cort i sod cause will, b'sut
tor in Chancery, wil sell to the high- next preceding thle i it of .ppl.I- ORDER O'd PUBLICATION Is a eiit of the Sat C F. Adam t ot in id cause will, oiiatlant
eat and hest bidder for cash at the tion fr ,an order of publication nil It appearing by affidavit filed inl ut that liI defendant las r, ORER OF PbI. LICATION 0 said i et pb e otcry for sals e at d sell
West door of the Court House, in the" that his pre.iont is unknown, and thet tile aho en tlled ciaue that John II t Iet ii'e than Sixty days next ie- It hg i ffidititt pro- ffvit It ad leat bidder it the Weit door
City of West Pnlm Beach, Palm Brnc i there is no person oa, persons itn th. t( ti is a nun reaiden t of the State ceding th date of aplition f in tie above .tyd Cause i l t Curt ouse in West Palm
County, Florida, on Mionday, the ith State of Florida, the sorvict f a sillu- o' Florida, is hlst known address bo- older of pul leatian andl that his prs- nt, slowing IinIt it tli ho f 'l I, l rc
day of Auiiost, 19288, tile same beingR ipoPn in Chancery upn whonl w wol ll lg 18:1 N. Main Slti et, Brockton, nt ai lsa Ii uiow, and that clnple nan t that those dofelant C i Countyh lorid,thin
the rule day in August, 1928, during hind anid defendant, ald that ,i d- Maiachusetts, and that there is no there no person or persons in the Steplheanon, is a resident of PI'ln' tilt, legO linu is of asal, the following
'* the lcal hours of sale, the following iendant ie over the age of tweoty-ono person or persons in t,, State of Flor- State of Florida, the service of a sub- Beach County, State of Florila; that h seheil dlrs ort sul ated follin g P
described real estate, situate in the yeas; IS TEREFORE ORDE)RE ida, thie slevice of a subpoena inl poena in Chacry upion whom would said defendant has been absent more each County, Forida, to-wit:
County of Pa Biici, State of FitF- O REDI 'iChancery upren whom would Ibind said ind soul ldolfndast, and that said than siXuty days ,next preoeld;g tile l,ots 1, 2 and :1 in Block 119, of
County of Palm Beiach, State of Flou- that te sI e .h e ad d feant,t, ad thaLt sl si, i defe dant i n def dnin t is over the ago of wenty- late of application for o in order of the City of Delray, according to
ida, to-wit: lie is hereby required to appear to over the age of twenty-one years; one yem.; publication, and that tlere is no per- a suldivision irf said Block 119,
S Lot .1, Block 5 in Lantnna Point the ill of Complaint filed in said IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED IT I. THEREFORE ORDERED .,n in thl State of Flria the er- a rown by pint rcor d Block
Ia Subdivision according to a pint enuse, which seeks to quiet and con- Ihat Ithe said John tu Cahill he and he that tthe ,aid C. F. Adams be andi 2 vice of a subnpooni ulon whon would Bus ro1w plage 5., irll le officelat
now o file in thi e office of the firm title of complainant, and to iancel I, hereby required to appear to the is hereby required to appear to the bind such defendant, C. E. Steuln- oo the Clp of the Circuit Court
Clerk of the Circuit Court in and anid remove as a cloud on compllin- Bill of Coni plaint filed in saal cnuse, Bill of Complaint filed in aid cause soi; ndt that the age rf said idfend- tn fCllk of the B cih Con urt,
for Palm Beach County, State of ant'', title two certain contracts of wh ich seolts to qulet and confirm whii, (h sels to quiet and confirm title oant is over twenty-one y ear;. Flori Pa.
Florida. record, said contract affecting tilhe title of complainant anti to cancel of comphiiltinant to cancel ndit re- IT IS TIEREFORE ORDERED Together wilh all and singular tl
Said sale will be made to satisfy following described property situate and remove as a cloud on complain- move aih a cloud on coltiplainant's title that the saRi C, E. '"tpheIsORn Ie aRn tenements, c rith all t and lin a ldppur-
said decree together with all costs, in Palm Beach County and State of ant's little a celtnin contract of record, a certain contract of record, said con- hie is hereby requir., toi appeal to tie toenanes theretiuto belonging or it
G. S. AUST'IERMANN, Florida, to-wit: said contract affecting the following tract affecting the following described bill of comnplainty filed o apearti cautt, toancwise apertainitg. Seloi property
Special Master in Chancery. Iots 8 and 73 of Boca Ratone a described property situate in Palin piopertv situate in Palm Beach Coun- on or before Ml daiy, Aiugust 6tl clllanw sol to satisfy sitd decrope an
SIIELBY BUFORD, Por La Mar, Addiition to Boca Betc County, and State of Florida, ty and State of Florida, to-wit: 18 or before M dthall Auutis o th, i old to satisfy sd decree
Solicitor for Complainant Ratone, according to a plat on- to-wit: 1t F128 thewise tlle allegatiols of the till costs.
July 20, 27, Aug, 3. titled Boca Ratone Pol la Mar, l. t Fourtee (11) of Boion tn- said ti ill will be taln in a cotfessei G. S. AUSTERM ANN,
addition to Boca Ratont, Floridt, Lot One (1) of Bocn Ratono toine Pir la Mirl, Addition to by said defendant. The nature of the Special Master n Chancery.
on file in the office of the Clerk Por La Mar, Addition to Boca Boca. Ratone, nccrding to a pinat tit is to quiet title andul cancl nia I YRT & PORTER,
IN THE CIICUI'' COURT OF THE of the Circuit Court i, and for Ratone, according to a pt e- entitled Baoc Ratone Pr La Mar' contract executed by C. E. Steplin- Solicitors tor ('olnlaiant.
FIFTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRC Pa Bech County, Florlida; itlei Boc Rntone Pr Lio Mar, tln t Boca Ratoe, Flritoa, s.on to Boca Raton Lake & Beach lTo bc listed .ily 6, 1:, 20, 17,
FIFTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Palm Beach County, Fida" Addition to Boca Ratone, Floridta, otl tile in the office of the Clerk D'veiopmit Co., i Florida Corpota. 1028.
OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOR on or before Monday, August 6th, A. In the office of the Clerk )Developmlent Co., a Florida Corporan- 1928.
OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOR on or before Moday, August 6th, on file it the office of the Clolk of the Circuit Court in iutd fol tion.
4 PALM BEACH COUNTY IN D. 1928, otherwise the allegittion o of tie Circuit t he Coutrt d for P B Conty, lorida;IT IS FURTER ORERED t
CHANCERY. said bill will be taken as confessed by t ta Bircui Coutn nty, Floro ; on or before MnTRly, Augt t t
BILL TO QUIET TITIE AND CAN- said defendant. Palm Boach Conty, Floril; o or before Monlday,i A t order be publihod in the 1) ra NOTICE OF SPECIAL MASTER'S
CELLATION OF CONTRACT IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that oil or before Monday, August 6th, A. D. 1I,28, otherwise the allegations of '?eoch News, a newspaper published SAT
.BOCA RATONE LAKE and BEACH this order be published in the )elray D. 1928, otlhrwise the allegations of saod Il will ie taken as confused lby in said State and County, for four Notice is hereby tiven that, under
4' DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, a Beach News, a newspaper published said bill will be taken as confessed IuITd defU ORDERED thatt consecutive weeks. iti ir y virtue of that cerin Fintl
Florida Corporation, in said County and State, for four tcot- ey sltd dlefcudant. t IT Ie IFURTIIER ORtDElED th.it Deecree maho ailtd entered hby Honor-
Complainant, secutive weeks, This 3rd day of July, IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that this order be published in the Dolray T'is 26th day of June, 1928 a,!a C. E. Chillingworth on the 2(th
VS. A. 1928. this order be published in the Delray Beich News, a newspaper published FRED E. FENNO, Ilay of June, A. D. 1928, in that cor-
S E. MOUION, FRED E. FENNO, Beach News, a n wspaper published in aCounty nd State, f four co- Clark of Circuit Court, tain sut pending i the Circuit Court
Defendant. Clerk of Circuit Court, in said County and State for four Lon sectwveel. This 3rd day of July, By MERLE P. JOHNSTON, D. C. of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit of
ODRER OF PUBLICATION By MERLE P. JOHNTSON, D. C. secutive weeks. This 3rd day of July, AD 198O (Circuit Court Seal) 'lda, i n C and for Palm Beach Coun-
It appearing by affidavit in the (Circuit Court Seal) A. D. 1928. Clerk of CiruBYt Cout& PORTER, ty, In Chancery, wherein J. G. Starr is
Clerk of Circuit CourtE Soliitors for ComlENNOs. complainant, and F. F, Van Allen and
tybove entitled cnuse that C. E. Moul- BYRD & PORTER, FRED E. FENNO, By MERLE P. JOHNSTON, D. C. To be pullihor July 6, 13, 20, 27, Veronica Von Allen, his wife; L. W
ton is a resident of the State of Flor- Solicitors for Complainant. Clerk of Circuit Court. (Circuit Court Seal) 1928. Currher; ani CnAlles J. Kuin are d
ida, but that said defendant has been To be published July 6, 13. 20, 27, By MERLE P. JOHNSTON, D. C. BYRD & PORTER Currer; aes J. Kubin ar d
absent more than sixty days next 1928. (Circuit Court Seal) Solicitors for Complainant. fondants, the undersigned Special
preceding the date of application for BYRD & PORTER, To be published July 6, 13. 1, 27, NOTICE OF SPECIAL MASTER'S Master appointed by the Court in said
an order of publication and that hi IN THE CICUIT COURT OF THE Solicitors for Complainant. 1928. S ALE cause will, pu1suunt to said decree,
present address is unknown, and that IN THE To be published July 6, 13, 20, 27, offer for sole tnd sell it public out-
there is no person or persons n the FIFTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT 28 ed 13 20 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF TIH Notice is hereby given that under cry for casl to the highest aid best
State of Florida, the service of a sub- OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOR FIFTFENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT and by virtue of that certain Final bidder at thi West door of the Court
tpoena in Chancery upon whom would PALM BEACH COUNTY IN PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLOR- Decree made and entered by Honor- House in West Palm Beach, Palm
bind said defendant, and that wud HPALM BEACH CUNTY IN IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE IDA IN CHANCERY. able C. E. Chillingworth, on the 25th Iteach County, Florida, on Monday,
endant i over the age of t- CHANCERY. FIFTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Case Np. 6878 day of June, A. D. 1928, in that cer- Aust 6th, 1928, within the legal
'fendatt is the age of twenty o th, 1928, within the legal
-one years; Case No. 6889 OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOR MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE tain suit pending in the Circuit Court, iTou, of sale, the following described
IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED BILL TO QUIET TITLE AND CAN- PALM BEACH COUNTY IN W. M. O'NEAL, ,' the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit of property situated in Palm Beach
-that the said C. E. Moulton be and he CELLATION OF CONTRACT CHANCER Y. Complainant, Florida, in and for Palm Beach Cou- Cout Floria, to-wit:
is hereby required to appear to the BOCA RATONE LAKE and BEACH BILL TO QUIET TITLE AND CAN- VS. ty, in Chancery, wherein G. W. Croft, Lots 22, 23 and 24 nt Block 119
Sill of Complaint filed in said cause, DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, a CELLATION OF CONTRACT GEORGE M. NEWTON and RUBY is complainant, and Geo. D. Smith and of the City of Delray, according
which seeks to quiet and confirm title BOCA RATONE LAKE and BEACH HUFF NEWTON, his wife, and Annie B. Smith, his wife, and Annie B ta subdivision of said Block
of complainant and to cancel and re- Florida Corporation, DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, a RUBY HUFF NEWTON, joined by Smith, joined by Geo. D. Smith, her 119, as shown by plat recorded
move as a cloud on c,...plainant's title Complainant, Florida Corporation, her husband, GEORGE M. NEW- husband; John S. Grant and Madge N. it Pint Book 10, page 52, ir the
three certain contracts of record, said VS. Complainant, TON, Grant, his wife, and Madge N. Grant, office of the Clerk of the Circuit
-contracts affecting the following des- S. M. SEGAL, VS. Defendants, joined by her husband, John S. Grant, C rt and or Palm Beach
cribed property situate in Palm Beach Defendant. ANNA N. CAPERN, t-appearing by affidavit appended are defendants, the undersigned Spec- Buch County, Florida
County and State of Florida, to-wit: ORDER OF PUBLICATION Defendant. to the bill filed in the above stated ial Master appointed by the Court in Together with all and singular the
Lots 111, 112 and 113, of Boca It appearing by affidavit filed in cause that George M. Newton and said cause will, pursuant to said De- tenements, hereditaments and appur-
Ratone Por La Mar, Addition to the above entitled cause that S. M. ORDER OF PUBLICATION Ruby Huff Newton, his wife, the de- cree, offer for sale and sell at public teneens thereunt belonging or n
Boca Ratone, according to a plat Segal is a resident of the State of It appearing by affidavit filed in fendants therein named are non-resi- outcr fr sa the hha t and best ances thereunta belonging or in
,entitled Boca Ratone Por La Mar, Florida, but that said defendant has the above entitled cause that Anna N. dents of the State of Florida, and bidder at the West door of the Court being sold to satisfy said decree and
Addition to Boca Ratone, Florida, been absent more than sixty days next Capern is a non-resident of the State their residence being unknown that Hus in West Palm Beach, m sol to s ts s c
on file in the office of the Clerk preceding the date of application for of Florida, her last known address be- there is no person inl the State of Beoch in C t Pm Flo a on alym al costs.
of the Circuit Court in and for an order of publication and that his ing 500 Warwick Road, Haddonfield, Florida, the service of a subpoena Aeh Conty, Florida, ohn Monday G. S. AUSTERMANN,
Palm Bench County, Florida; present address is unknown, and that New Jersey, and there is no person upon whori would bind such defend- huust sth 1928, within the legal Special Master in Chancery.
on or before Monday, August 6th, A. there is no person or persons in the or persons in the State of Florida, the ants, id that they are each over the hours oa sale, the following described BYRD & POTER,
D. 1928, otherwise the allegations of State of Florida, the service of a sub- service of a subpoena in chancery ago of twenty-one years; it is there- pr'0prty situate, lying and be:ng in Solicitors ior Complainant.
said bill will be taken as confessed by poena in Chancery upon whom would upon whom would bind said defendant, fore ordered that said non-residents be Palm Beach County, Florida, to-wit: To be published July 6, 13, 20, 11,
said defendant. bind said defendant, and that said do- and that said defendant is over the and they are each hereby required to Lot 17 in Block 96 in the Town 1928.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that fendant is over the age of twenty-one age of twenty-one years. appear to the Bill of Complaint filed of Delray, formerly Linton, ac-
this order be published in the Delray years; IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED in such cause on or before Monday, cording to the pl.t of Linn's Ad- NOTICE OF SPECIAL MASTER'S
Beach News, a newspaper published IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that the said Anna N. Capern be and the 6th day of August, A. D. 19)28, edition to Osceola Park, said plat SALE
in said County and State, for four con- that the said S. M. begal be and he she is hereby required to appear to otherwise the allegations of said bill being on file in the office of the Case No. 6714
secutive weeks.This 6th day of July, is required to appear to the Bill of the Bill of Complaint filed in said will be taken as confessed by said do- Clerk of the Circuit Court of i ivn to l w
A. D. 1928. Complaint filed in said cause, which cause, Nwhich seeks to quiet and con- fendrants. Palm Beach County, Florida. Notice i hereby giv
FRED. E. FENNO, seeks to quiet and confirm title of firm title of complainant, and to cann- It is further ordered that this order Together with all and singular the it ay concern that ander and by vir-
Clerk of Circuit Court. complainant and to cancel and remove eel and remove as a cloud on com- be published once a week for four con- tenements, hercditament:ts and appum- i it of a cert oi there eniftered in thedi
By MERLE P. JOHNSTON, D. C. as a cloud on complainant's title a plainunt's title two certain contracts secutive weeks in the Delray Beach tenances hereunto belonging or in Cn out of i eFifee, in a ud for Pal
(Circuit Court Senl) certain contract of record. said con- of record, said contracts affecting the News, a newspaper published inl said anywise apierilniniir nronrt. C uC ult" o Floila, in and for
BYRD & PORTER, tract affecting the following des- following described property situate County and State. being sold to satisfy said decree and i the Cth idy of July, 1928 in
Solicitors for Complainant, cribed property situate in Palm Beach in Pulm Beach County and State of This July 2nd, 1928. all costs. use therein pending wherein Albert
STo be published July 6, 13. 20, 27, County and State of Florida, to-wit: Florida, to-wit: FRED E. FENNO, G. S. AUSTERMANN, L TIayer, 1. romplamant, and Ch. A .
1928. Lot Nine (9) of Boca Ratone Lots 15 and 99, of Boca Rntone Clerk Circuit Court. Special Master in Chan.i,.ry. Van Deusen, single, and J. C. Wilson
O Pr La Mar, Addition to Boca Por La Mar, Addition to Boca By MERLE P. JOHNSTON, J. H. ADAMS and single, are defendants, I, G. S. Auster-
SIN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE Ratone, according to a pint el- Ratone, according to a pnlt en- Deputy Clerk. BYRD & PORTFIR, mntr,, aq Specrul Master it Chancery,
FIFTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT titled Boca Ratone Por La Maii, titled Boca Ratone Par Li Mar, Circuit Court Seal) Solicitors for Complninant, wmit, ell to the highest and best bitl-
OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOR addition to Boca Ratone, Florida. Addition to Boen Ratone, Florida, J. H. ADAMS, July 6, 13, 20, 27, 1928 der it, r csh at the West door of the
PALM IIEACII COUNTY IN on fie itn the office of the Clerk on file in the office of the Clerk Solicitor for Complainant. Court House, in the City of West
CHANCERY. of the Circuit Coul in and for of the Circuit Court in and for Publish: July 6, 13, 20 ,27, Aug 3, PlNOTIS l etl ch, Panl, Bhe th County
Palm Beach County, Floridan. Palm Beach County, Florida. 1928. NOTICE OF SPECIAL MASTER'S Florida, oi Monday, taho eith dty of
on or before Monday, August (tht, A. on or before Monday, August 6th, A. SALE August, 19"28, the saue being the rule
A large crop of mangoes is being D 1928, other wise the allegations of D. 1928, otherwise the allegations of IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE Notice is hereby given that, under day of August, 1928, during the legal
harvested in Palm Beach county, re- said bill will be taken as confessed by ruil bill will be taken as confessed by FIFTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCLIT m by virtue of that certain Fitnal hours of stle, tie following described
ports assistant county agent M. U. said doefndantT said defendant. OF FLORIDA IN AND FOR PAL e and ent by Honor- ea esttet situie i tise Cotunty of
hpotunts.~ aIT IS FURTIIER ORDERED that ITr IS FURTHER ORDERED that BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA IN ,ible C E. Cllilliigworth on the 29th Paln Beoch, antl State of Floida, to-
Mounts. this order be published in the Delray this order be published in the Delray CHANCERY.. hillgworth o te t P Be an tat
Beack News, a newspaper published Beach News, a newspaper published ORDER OF PUBLICATION iiay of Ju'e, A. D. 1928, in thai t cer- wit: n
inl said County and State for four con it said County and State for four con WILLIAM BONNEIR, tain suit pending in the Circuit Court o"" mm" eing tta itoint on tfee
Don't ionock secutive weeks. This 3rd day of July, secutive weeks. This Sthi day of July, f tColupinunt, h i, i h Judical Circuit of Boyetl ron e west ban34 of
Don't kinockh the town yot live in, A. D. 1028, A. D. 1028. VS. ty, in Chutcery, wherein Annu A tCe canial ne'iitceting liake BoyIn-
It mauy be the only town that ever FRED I. FENNO, FREI E. FENNO, LEON J. LOEZERE et ils, brt, i is n t ton and Lke Bessie, thence west-
leird at you.-b lgh lanls Co. New, Clk of Cicuit Court, Cler of Ccuit Court. Defendants. Sauel Ogre ant Edu G, Ogi, rly o th Boyton Rock Road
hard ot you.--iglhln s Co. NOws. By MERLE P. JOHNSTON, D. C. By MERLE P. JOHNSTON, D. C. It Dappearing by el eD. J. Davis; Byron G. OCro en, er 750 o l theory ortherlak Ro00
(Cilcuit Court Sueal) (Circuit Court Seal) rttppriyg by t curtifi nt s of e wif J. vis; t yron CroMke; 750 feet, thence nor to rly Bessie00
FOR SERVICE RENDERED OUR BYRD & PORTER, BYRD & PORTER, tSecretary of State t State D. G. ayes; Clint Moore, John R tnc norheastely t long the
PRICES ON JOB PRINTING CAN Solicitors for Complainant. Solicitors for Complainant, "ri', this daiy filed in this cause, Bishp, doing business as (co giat
NOT" BE EQUALED. 18 To be published July 6, 13, 20, 27, To be published July 0, 13, 20, 27, that the said Secretary of State is Tile Company auld aluo doing business shoe of Lake Bessio 7t0; thence
SB UALED 128. 1928, unable to fi in the records of lis as Bishop Tile Company; and Virginiu southerly 650 feet, more or less,
.. office that Commercial Properties IH Galloway, a widow, are defendants, to the place of beginning, com-
SIll., is authorized to do business in the undersignled Special Master up- ,prisilg niile (9) acres, more
Stile State of Flotlid, either as i for- pointed by the Court in said cause
oigin or domestic corporation; and will, pursuant to said decree, offer for or less, in tihe SW1 of section
that said defendant, Corporation lils sale and sell at public outcry for cash 20, Township 415 South, Range
not complied with Sections (One) 1 or to the highest and best bidder at the 43 East, in Palm Berlch County,
(Three) 3 of Chapter 11829, Laws of West door of tile Court Ilouse in Wes' State of Flouida.
Florila, Session 1927. l'al n Beuach, Pu11m Bench County, Snild sae will be made to satisfy
It is therefore ordered that the said F'lorihl, in Monday, August Oth, 1928,1 sid decree together with all costs.
D 1 defendant Commercial Properties, Inc, witllin the legal hours of sale, the G S. AUSTERMANN,
T1bh e he ntd It is l orLby tommnde'1d and f'ollo winug described property sittuated Specil Muster n Ct'hanuery,
.1 ^ JDe B ea/ c h N ew s relluied to appear to, the bill of coam- hi Pa''l Beach County, Florida, to- SnELBY BUFORD,
plaint filed in this cause ot or be- w'it Solicitor for Complainant
tore the 6th lday of August, A. I) Lt I Block "A" of the sulbdl- July 2, 27, Aug. 3.
U Jz er'v1928, oti'' ti Ili tl of visiou Phie Ridge IHeights, ut sub-
D designers and Printers of-- 192 othlt will o tatn divis of Dl y, a shown y 'E OHO I EA
its cotifessod. aplat it f the stltdidisioni niew out
s confessed file in the office of the Clerk A" Ohio justice hdi the dlitor of
^ T T f / T V r T1 V t rIt is fitlhtelr ordll ed that this order of thue circuit C'ourt in ut ntl his town paper locked in jaiil becaituse
be pub!ishued one eachi week for toutr for Ptnlm Bacih County, Floridu, he didn't like une of tlhe editorials,
SF I N E J RrIn v ectivo weeks in thu D'ray ach Togethuer with nll utNtlnd Nsingtulr the If this form of piunishlnHt Ii to be
News, nto' an pe published in said tenlmente s hereditumentl s id itpui- t xtended, Ohlo will have to bull big-
Coaunty and Stnte. Lcunances thcreuntto belonging or in
Doute ttnd order att t West Pnlhn anuywise appertainingg Snid propel ty t"i better jails.-hllallltutld Counuty
Beach. Piah Beuhncl Countv, Florltla, bring sold to satisfy said tleureo and News.
/ this 19th day of .Tuliu, A. D. 19128 nall costA,
Clerk of Circuit Court. Special Master it Chlaucery. GOOD PRINTINr G INCREASES
By MPHLNi P. JOHNSON, D, C, Solicitors for Complainsntt. ING TENFOL,). SEE US ABOUT'
SHELBY BUFORD. To be published July 6, 13, 20, 17, YOUIt PRINTING PROBLEM,.
Solicitor for Complflnnnt, 1928, YOUR PtINTING P11BLEM8.
ttuie 22, 20, July 8, 18 20, 1028,


(' Friday, Julyp 20, 1928,


PaUe ReveT

raIveEi H ghtI1 ........j
S.,.;i -". -.,,-, -. --AO .. Mie d Mildred and Eva Buclkeol afnd UNDREAM EDr) POSSIBILITIES
Roy BRlckelc have leen called to Boen ,loriida la so criaimleidl with oppor-
B O Y N T O NB O AR AO \Raton on account of the serious ill- ttnitles and potentiiatioe tlus t hor
neos of their father, George Buckels, own people do iOL anild ennlpot visw-
BN Mr, Buckela hal been taken to the alize them This state haI ;veryhing
1 '' ^- -,l-s -i.! Rhing home, rao could iningiine for wealth and
. * happinessi and sonuce fair dy it will
4. drinks, sherbets anld cake were served Mrs. Nancy Brown is hlnprovimg E, TI. Andrea figured in atn nee. NO CLUE AS TO lI"' coe what it on lafostly we in-
y,1 mIIttI,. I'tNl I bNT hy the hostess. Those present from slowly after severe illness, dent Monday evening, in West Painm tDEATH OF UPT tended to e,as perfect a paradise
,MIL I, ;Ih.lI I7I1 Hliolitont were: Mr.s, Ith tBliford, MrBeach, when a messenger bhy crashed I-A LfoI r U T I fr human hietings as thile earth cail
1 t 'Mrs. R. 17, Danm, Mr"rs Orillo Knuth, Maiyor Gt Brown i lft T ia ody onlhead-on into the sedon which Mr. (Continued From Page 1) afford, The porn, ount issue is peo-
SMhrH' "' G. | Mrs. litortie Goodwin, Mrs. I'Pail Mer a si" i sli tril to Phil"delphi a Andriio was driving. The boy suffer- tlhe board placed at the window of ple aind more people to come in land
SCl.u'k I.. Poole has returned afterI e a broken leg and his bicycle was the house but dli not notice the ton! develop thirty-five million acres,
A JOIlY tINIC | ,eye k's il business trip to P'hidelphii. coipletely wreked. Mr. Andrae's ar screen, lie stated that nothing wns nmoat of which are waiting tiheI men
AT POPULAR CASINOI A 11, C. IAC B TI),I)S MlETINf; Ri was slightly damaged. No charges minspliced in the htiuSe, but oiln dis- who build. With ter million people
The casino was the smene of a mnerry The A. B. C. Club held its reguilhi' M ises thel M e le",''" were preferred, as the collision wiIs covering some shotgun shells ho asked at work in Florida would cme into its
ad it i pin ,' supper honoring ,motintg Wednesday evening ,t tl. wee the Stny guests oIf Myrtle it ivOtidlale., the negro about Upton's shotgun, own. New citions being the greatest
Iill WWeems, who left Tuesday for hiti;home of Bernice IIobden, in lnlt. Ivy Rlierson. t'lJThe members of the Boca Raton which wias tining. So far as could need, the state ought to give nn eye
,,ale in .liabMnia. Swimming al ctttrteet, A merry tie was reported, The condition of Gorg Blckels, Community church elected the fol- he determined this was the only thing to the things that attract ancd hold
noailes were t feature of the evening,. the hostess served daittty refreshient.s water plant engineer, who is vwry lowing officers to serve for them re- that had been disturbed in Upton's people, The biggest Iseile in the Flor-
t he supper was spread on the long Those present were as i follows: Miss- ill, remtinas unchanged, mnilnder of the term, at their meeting house, ida campaign should lho the p 1rfectlon
ile sandl Miss Viviiin Shipptird artetdis O Thelimn Jordan, Alice indl Vercn Mrs. C. L. Stryker i9 recovering last Sunday morning; Mr. JC, uCgih Loynna, Upton's chauffeur, of conditions that appeaon to newcom--
-, tastmliistress. Resporthing were' Rousseau, Vivian Shepart, Dorethn nicely sifter being operated upon for, Mitchell, superintendent; Mrs. J. F. then occupied the stand for acn hour era, Whatever there is that wouili)
'tdll Weemls, lDorothean Benson, Mi x B iensn, Ln i ioroon and Louise Menz e, the remnioval of tonsils. Rushing, assistant superintendent; or more enud gave in detail his actions prevent then cotinilg should he given
cent.h iand tile Rev, Murray. Those Ruth Lacey, Callie Mac aond Maili i Mr. N, M, Smock, treasurer; Miss when hle had failed to find Upton earnest attentioni.-LalNkland Ledger,
Isent wroe: Missesl Mut y Muriray, Risein, Jilen onese, nd Bernice i, C. Bn sits, P'alm"etto Park Roadi, it Marie C. Butler, secretary; Mr. F. M. when to reported for work Monday
Srothen erson, Viviea ua e.ulen (Ioldenl suffering frtom a sprlied wrist, *si- Thomiason, choir leader, and Mrs. T, morning. He explained how he had far as the negro ichuffofur knew,
:;epard, Elleen onese, Estelle Corn- taitndl while erankingi his car. A., Butler, in charge of ,music, The tiakein Upton to West Pnoli Beach Thoe story of the negro iwas given
.:nal, lonvren ad l,ouise Mencel, Ruth REPUBLICANS ORGANIZE Mrs, 1, B., Raulerson and daught.,following teachers were appointed: Saturday morning, Upton's stopping in great detail, and Foreman Rous.
I aceey; Moessrs. Bill and Mlax Weems, A meeting was held in the Herald ers, Misses Myrtle Lee and Ivy, are Dr. J. R, Cason, Bible Class; Mrs, t Lake Worth o t le way homo, and Seat was forced to request that It he
Lioy Garnett, Marion Richardson, Thearte Wedaesdehy evening and the visiting relatives i ,?aJsksouville Earle Moore, intermediate class; an the trip to the floatwoods Sutnday hurried along cle to tie fact that no
uiarry Jordan, Roger Fain, Rev, J. D. following officers were elect/Ad: Mr A. D. Riciardson is spending Miss Devota Bender instructing the morning in company with Upton and new evidence was being brought otl,
I Ibtrray. Frank Nutting, president; C F. A the c-ont ts thee guect of his brothend Juniors. DrI Cason conducted church a negro to find sonic muck. lie ox. and the apparent innocence of any of
Split. Kays, of the Lake Worth Knuth, vice-piesident; and Jobl Ms A- Rihlln at Empoi, FI't services abt r a, in alend hat they returned to Boynto the negro es who had been placed
,'dair'iagesystem, was out west of' crg secretary ancd treasurer. A neet-, Rctiind lie left Upton three minutes to under arrest,
t d hi it Mr. George Aikin and daughter, NEW GOLF COURSE eleven o'clock to go to church, this From the testimony seems certain
J promises great assistance to r rmers. some important speaker pre.ent. J.annette, Mrs. S. E,, Richardson a In TO BE BUILT being the last time anyone saw Uptot that Upton met his death by unknown
Miss Lillian Kessel left for hw'J Miss Gladys ki.ciehrdso, are visiting Wrrk is progressing most satisfae- alive ah far as the investigation has persons, the clue to whose identity was 1
tome in New York Tuesday morning, BOYNTON METHODIST CHURCH relatives in New Smyrna. torily on the various improvements been able to determine, not in any way brought out in the
be gone definitely. Se w JAMES D. MURAY Pastr Lotti Ditbeing promoted by the Spanish River This testimony brought out no new hearing, at some time between eleven
,, enographer at the ow Hll Sunday School 9:45 a. Wt S. r Miss Lottin New yrna, afturrd to Lanid Company. Plans are nearing facts except that Upton had received o'clock Sunday morning, July 8, and
Dr. oid Mrs. N, M: Weents, who Shepard, superintendent. spending a month as the igest of Ic, completion for the building anti beau- forty-five hundred dollars before the Upton's accustomed time of retiring
Slhin 8 m tification of a park way on El Can ino First American Bank closed, and his The search is being continued and
ve visting thoir son, Dr. Ne M: their S chg 11 a. and 8 p. m. vevry tunt, Mrs. S. E. Richardson. Real, front the Dixie Highway to the lawyer had saved this money from new clues may be found that will lead
Somsc inAbbo ,l, Ala., Tuesday Mid week services Wednesday, 8 The Elk, which has occupied a con- Federal Highway. This work will being tied up in the bank. No testi- to the perpetrators of the crime,
S ore cing.AP.d m. spicuous place on the Dixie Highway, make a most attractive drive to the mony was given as to where this
Mr. Tarode is again seen on our Sunday School Council meets every has been dismantled by L. A. Zim- Cloister Inn, Work will soon be money was kept or whether he had FOR SERVICE RENDERED OUR
streets having spent some time in first Tuesday, 8 p. m, merman, who was awarded the bid started on a new 18 hole golf course to gotten it in cash. Upton was not in PRICES ON JOB PRINTING CAN.
S t' northern part of the state, Board of Stewards meets every first for doing the work. be located south of the Camino Real, the habit of carrying much money, so NOT BE EQUALED.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Knuthi have Sunday, 3 p. m.
a 'oved to dairy No 1, and tie Wine- Woman's Missionary Society meets
? rdcuers have moved to dairy No. 2. every first and third Tuesdays. i1
Mrs. R. B, Dame has moved in with Subjects for Sunday, July 22. Y o
l rs. Clara White for a short time Chr'st's Greatest Glft---Il a. m. i K L
A%'ile Mr. Dame is in Washington. Church Loyalty- p m. '
Mr. Harry Benson ard Mrs. J, C. We desire you to know us as the
'Tensee went to Camp Carson Satur- church of the glad hand and the sin-
ay and returned with the boys who' near's friend.
Save been there the last two weeks,
Lloyd. Benson, Jimmy Newkirk, and AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT
Leland Koyker. The boys report a A slight automobile accident ce.,
lovely time. curred late Wednesday evening when
Miss Thelma Jordan, who had her a truck of the Jello Compnay, dirven
rialls removed last Wednesday, is by a negro, ran into the Essex car
"improving rapidly and Is able to be driven by Mrs. Chas. Senior. No
ut again, i serious damage was done aside from' "n
Sthe children bein briused by the com- ur Persona election You Will Find TheLargest
?1.E1 IEN ESTHER CLASS pact of the collision, in which they Fo Y. T rtTri OM T E "'-_ -
DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINED were thrown to the floor of the car.
The ewIG csthl was t etInd the ene of de Ms Variety Of Finest Food Products, Priced So That You
The Queen Esther Class was d eaothe car was broken,
L"t .. ey l J.a on at the rid g e 'n t rfence of Clyde M miller's resi.
g ht-.y eEetin Jr.,f on athr re mtdene was broken down. lls GET THE BEST FOR LESS AT PIGGLY WIGGLY.
.V'7ednesday afternoon, Mrs. Mercer CHURCH NEWS .
arnd Mrs. Partin acting as joint host- Mllissionary Society SWEET PEAS
Twent -fourgests The Missionary Society met Tues FAIRCO1
Seent Hry get were present. day afternoon at the home o f Mrs. 12 2 o
short business session was hel Harvey Oyer. Mrs. C.F. Knth led Per anCom pare hese
nIdca social time followed with delic- the devotional meeting, also the pro- ORN
pus refreshments served by the host- gram, after which a short business M eat SWEET CORN Price
tIva Powell, Miss Ethel Powell, Mrs. by her moth er, served dainty refresh- VEAL ROAST 1 UGAR
iartil, MIrs G er uth, Mrs. Coon Mrs, ments. Those present were: Mes Per Poud 10 Pound Bag
b yw he r m oth e r s e r v e d dadi e Ei nt y r e f r e s h V E A L Cr-3 8 c
edOer, Ethel Piere Mse MeI dames nuth, McKay, Pierson, Cole- HENS Asparagus Tips MILK
ay, Mrs. Magnuson, Bertie MGoodwin tman, Shepard, Murray, Voss, Oyer, Milk Fed, 3 1-2 lb. Average Per Lb.38 Hillsdale 2 Van Camp's a Tal Cans
an White,r Ma rnuson. ortleman, A e White, Wilcox, and one visitor, Rev, SLICED BACON Square Can U nC BdTTER 46c
'Shepard, Cora Godwin, Estelle McKay, A Good One Per Lb. Sunset Gold Per Lb.
S irs. Love, Mrs. Featherstone and bc PORK SHOULDER 19SALMON, Argo MEAL 20
daughter, Joan, Allen Dame, Virginia Wins in Contest Salt Cured, PerLb. c Red Ag Pounds For
I jwell, Junior Oyer. Miss Callie Mae Rousseau wcon first PICNIC HAMS ureda 22 c GRITS 2e0c
il the contest given by the Sunday Boned and Rolled Per Can 5 Pounds For
V,-EETING OF THE DAIRY School for the best talk on a ba HAMS 25c SARDINES TOMATown Pr an
c,' MEN'S ASSOCIATION character, Miss Ruth Lavey wo seaec- Stri A g End Per iebS obHig h r ae *6 C
SThe new casino was the meeting cud prize. PHighGrade Ca
a lainc for tie West Pa t Beach Cunty e Per Cn
3 airy Association last Friday even- Bread stuffed
i.g, Election of officers resulted in lhEpworth League Meeting on r A
r, M.g Weaver being reflected a The thLeague meet i Catsup, Snyder's W agner's Bread Stuff d Olives
president Henry Pennock, of Jup. lost Sunday evening was called thee Large Bottle 2 Large Loaves Picnic SizeC
te', as vice-proeidert, and Mr. Mounts, "Assembly" as the reports front the
tto', as t vice- residetar id Mr. M utr s fe five gIrlsf attending the Assecmbly at n. aI ~ ~ ~
S ve int, estng add resas g ie West Palm uBeach l as week took dm1 Nucoa O Snowdrift Kello 's U.S.Malt
)y Dr. Scott, front tl u e si y entire ,venh ad tt ee conuni tinued Oleo perlb lb, 20c,2 lb. Corn lakes c Per Can
e D.SotavsdIhenextSunday evening. Each of thie

in tio ar soi, and many oth iee on work they took Mary M Lady Alice Post's Bran 1 Skinner'sM acaroni
,gesons were given by this abeano rartand ShepCai aeoA sena Coffee Per lb. 3 c Per package -1 Spaghetti per pkg. 8C
w-OMAN'S CLUB HOLDS were the young ladies attending, P & G SOAP
On Friday afternoon a business TO TEACH AERONAUTIC Freh, Cle spFo 19C Delicious Desserts
ceting of the Woman's Club was
I lid at the club rotims, A large nsum. Miani-Two new branches of high- Produce STAR POWDER For All Occasions
.r'r of ladles \ as Present and th er education will be offered students Pkgs. 1 "
i iost important business was the first at the University of Miami in the fall OTATrES 5 'r 19c S PEACHES2 c
.s fading of the amending of the char- when courses in aviation and tropical P ed or White o Lbs. forA OEd E AC,
S'tr. Mrs. Knauth gave a very con.- research will be added, aecordhig toR or heKrd aA IC S
.cse report and also the changing of ant announcement by Dr. Bowman F. APPLES 6 Kirk's Hardwater APRICOTS9a
,t. ,liylawvs, had a first reading. Mrs. Ashe, president. God Cooking, 4 hbs for 8 SOAP 1 Posesale ARe can C
'I ily Bulitway, who is chairman of The air courses wtl be given In con- 2 Bars edfu C PEARS 30C
r polled Eilucation Department, gave jtiction with the Curtiss Aviation LEMONS Barosefor Q r Ca o
tt gool report, other departments and School which opens here Dec. 1. The Good Looking tad Juaey, Dot 3 PALM OLIVE PINEAPPLE 3 C
a F ending committees reports show the .bureau of tropical research Is ex- CELERY SOAP 1 pLibby's ed Quart Can 31.C
club ii busy and a fine year's work Is pected to work in cooperation with the Florlda, Per un.eh 6 2 Bars for 1 APPLE BUTTER 25
1 rmtssel, naval reserve unit in deep-sea fhohrv Le Grand 2 For
F.NIPPERS CLUB ENTER* expects to begin its building nrogran. Florida, ilard lHeads Lb. 4c FEIS NAPTHA JEL
TAINED AT BOCA IIAlON which will include a new musir con- Large 8 All Flavors 2 Parkages Foa C
Mrs. Eegghe Rousseau entertalIned servatory, the building 'iou tri"plnul Bar 4
t.te Snipper's Club Tuesday evening research and the main tanit.-Chris.
,it her home in ~bca Eator. Cold htan Schetnee Monitor.


Friday, July 20, 1929,

I V.-- nRAi.*


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