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Conquistador (Canal Zone Junior College)
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Canal Zone Junior College
Canal Zone Junior College
Canal Zone College
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Balboa Canal Zone
Balboa Canal Zone
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School yearbooks -- Panama -- Balboa   ( lcsh )
School yearbooks   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )


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Canal Zone Junior College.
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Began with: 1936.
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Ceased with: 1972.
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Student yearbook of the Canal Zone Junior College from 1936 to 1963, and the Canal Zone College from 1964 to 1972.
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Description based on: 1936; title from cover.
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Latest issue consulted: 1972.

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la boca, canal zone

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". .But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

This well-known quotation of the famous American poet, Robert Frost, is an appropriate theme for our college year-
book and for the college student of the 1970's.
To tarry and enjoy the view might be pleasant, but the college student of today must hurry on to assume serious
responsibilities of citizenship and adulthood. College education takes on urgent objectives as young men and women of
today demonstrate vital social awareness and strive for meaningful involvement in crucial issues of society.
That which is commonplace today may be obsolete by the time our present students are college graduates. Diversifica-
tion of science and technology, rapidly changing career opportunities, attendant sophistication of subject matter place
a premium on relevant learning and teaching. The quality of our future life will depend on the quality of under-


Administration and Faculty .. ....... .... ... .... . .. .16


. . . . . ...... . . ...... ...52

Organizations....................... .... .. . .......... . .. .84

Sports............................. .. ......... . ....... .. ....100
Students ...... ....... ... ..................... .. .. .. .. ....132

Graduate Summary ....... .. .. ... ............... .. 170

Student Index. ................ ..... ..... ....... .178

Administration -- Faculty Index .......... ......................... .182

Advertisements.. ... .. ........ ............... ... ...... ...184








The Advisory Council was founded four

years ago as

the direct

Council seeks ways to improve

the curriculum, through a com-

result of a suggestion from the accreditation team from the Unit-

ed States.

It operates

strictly as

an advisory group and its mem-

bers are appointed by the Governor, based on the recommenda-
tions of the Civil Affairs Director. Each member is appointed for
a three year term. The Superintendent of Schools is an ex-officio
member. The Dean of Canal Zone College is the Secretary of the
Council; however, he is administratively responsible to the Divi-
sion of Schools. Acting in the capacity of an advisory group, the

mittee of its members, selected for this purpose.
The Council has been instrumental in securing scholarships
for the college, and through its efforts has been directly responsi-
ble for the success of this year's Chest X-Ray program on cam-.
pus, the securing of a Bachelor of Science program in Medical

Technology for the college, and
est various civic and community

is currently attempting to inter-
groups in sponsoring additional

Advisory Council Members: Standing, left to right: Mr. Norman E.
Mr. George V. Richards, Principal, Paraiso High School; Mr. F. A
Zone Government; Dr. Daniel J. Paolucci, Deputy Personnel Directo
J. O'Leary, Vice-Chairman, Deputy Comptroller, Panama Canal Con
Constr. Division, Panama Canal Company; Dr. Glen E. Murphy, Dc
Rainbow City High School

Demers, Deputy Director, Transportation and Terminals Bureau;
. Castles (Ex-Officio Member), Superintendent of Schools, Canal
r (Staff), Panama Canal Company. Seated, left to right: Mr. Arthur
ipany; Mr. Carl J. Browne, Chairman, Deputy Director, Engr. and
ean, Canal Zone College. Insert: Mr. Alfredo Cragwell, Principal,





v of education

Dean Murphy states he is a firm believer in the
college because this is "where the action is," and this
wants to be. He believes that junior and commune
bridge the gap for students, offer the best opportuni'
rapid adjustment between high school and college li
tion to affording the opportunity for adult education

where he
for more
, in addi-
the conm-










Dr. Glen E. Murphy, Dean of the Cana
born in Phillipsburg, Kansas, and lived in ea
completing high school. He was graduated
College of Education in Greeley, Colorado,
in 1942.
Following three years of military service ii
taught high school in Wyoming, and in the
Junta, Colorado. After completing an M.A.
College, Columbia University, he taught at
ness at Florida State University, Tallahassee
Department Chairman for the areas of Bus
Secretarial Science and held the rank of
While on the FSU faculty, he completed a
degree at Teachers College, Columbia Ur
In 1955, Dr. Murphy was recruited as th
cation consultant for the International Cool

tion of the
work in the
worked with
official sch<
were revised
Murphy assi

1 Zone College, was
stern Colorado until
from Colorado State
with an A.B. Degree

n the U

S. Army, he

junior college at La
Degree at Teachers
the School of Busi-
, until 1955. He was
iness Education and
Associate Professor.
Doctor of Education


ie first b

U. S. Department of State, and he was
"Point 4" program in Panama. In this ]
I the business teachers and school princi
ools in Panama. Business programs of
I for official Ministry of Education approve
isted in establishing business departments

New York

business edu-

pals of
al, and
in Cole


Felix Olivares in David and Escuela
worked in Colegio Abel Bravo of Co
in Panama City.
Dr. Murphy then served a second
consultant in supervision and teacher
he worked in the official secondary

courses for
He assisted
pervision in
schools of I
In 1961,
tended a sp
Advanced I

and at the University of
teachers, department chai
in establishing a national
the Ministry of Educatio
Dr. Murphy and his famr
,ecial economic develop
international Studies at Jo

was then assigned as t
AID Mission in Santo
In 1963, Dr. Murph

:he Chief
y became

College. The following year he
Assistant Dean, and in 1968 he
sition of Dean of the college. H

Normal of Santiago. He also
Ion and Escuela Profesional

tour of duty in Panama as a
*r education. In this position
schools, with the Ministry of

Panama to teach in-service
rmen, and school directors.
program of educational su-
n for the official secondary

, Domin
a faculty
was app
was pro
is wife.

Panama, and he at-
rse in the School of
ikins University. He
Ldvisor of the U. S.

Canal Zo
present j
caches ty1

writing in Balboa High School. They have three children, a
daughter who is a junior at Florida State University and two sons
in high school.

- a


*-y...*.i. assistant dean assumes
:" .L
t.. various duties


:P ... .

MARGARET M. GATELY, Assistant Dean

Miss Gately and Mr. Higley
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep.
Robert Frost

.. How many times in recorded history have men stopped by
,., quiet woods to reflect and to ask basic questions about life?
Why am I here? What promises must I keep? What miles must
I travel? What is sleep?
Apparently, excellent physical and emotional health and a
life of happiness demand that one have a reason for being
alive other than mere survival. There must be a commitment,
or a dream, a promise to keep, a responsibility, or at least a
Soad to travel. Good health and long life are frequently associ-
ated with trust in God and hope in the future. Today, the of-
fices of doctors are filled with patients who emphasize the
mind-body link as they complain of a host of similar symp-
toms. Frequently, it is found that these patients have no com-
"A mitment to today and no appointment with tomorrow. In the
,long run of life, the happiest and most realistic people are
those who have a dream and pursue that dream.
By the time a student enters college he has reached a level
of maturity when some of the most important decisions in his
life can and should be made. Canal Zone College attempts to
offer an environment so that a student can reflect, study, and
search out his identity, analyze the commitments and

counselors and registrar unite


student life


MARIE C. WEIR, Counselor

DAVID B. BALIEN, Counselor
,j"":" 8, *""":""" ";:JE '"l0

-4 I


library staff and aids benefit students

in their quest for knowledge





- a,~li;i

s, ia r 6"^






"Dewey is out and L.C. is in at Canal Zone College.

statement Mr. Joseph

" With this

Kane, CZC librarian opened his article

published in The Tropical Collegian in January of this year. He
explained the advantages of using the Library of Congress Classi-
fication scheme.
At CZC conversion to L.C. was started in November, and at
present books are being shelved using a duel system: Dewey and

L.C. According to Mr. Kane,

"Most Major Stateside academic li-

braries are utilizing or in the process of changing over to the L.C.
system. Establishing L. C. at the college will familiarize transfer
students with a system that is fast becoming a majority in the
States and should assist them in making an easy adjustment from
a small college library to the many storied library structure in
larger universities."
CZC library is well suited to the needs of the students. The
20.000 volume facility was new in 1967.

gin. There are also tapes, slides, films, film loops and filmstrips
on informative material for faculty members and students alike.
The equipment that is in daily use is located in the main room.
Here there are three stereo record players, three tape recorders,
and a radio that are operated by audio-visual assistants.
Four listening booths are situated in the A-V department for
the benefit of those CZC students who like to study in a room
with background music. Every day about twenty students pass
through these rooms with the intention of studying in aircondi-
tioned comfort, aided by soft, delightful music.
There is a preview room where CZC professors are able to pre-
view 16MM films or overhead transparencies before their sched-
uled classes.
In this department there is also a duplicating machine and a
Thermo-Fax copying machine at the disposal of teachers. Should
tdiaPnts remniire the uIse nf such machines library student assist-


S .II;

, . -
*0. y

Don't bother me when I'm trying to study.

Fernando Gemmot

Students use the magazine section and browse in the refer-
ence section.

u" I






Rogelio Nicosia studying reference

Beth Baglien

Mr. Griffin, Mr. Kane and Miss Booth

~-* -~m rl an 'i a-n -. -

- -rruru~y.





*'~',:s~.~'~ e.-?.~ea

X-. C .{a'-x 'r. yrq.r .r.' ..

MR. SHARON J. SHAW, Department Chairman

The department of Business Administration consists of
three divisions, each culminating in the A.A.S. degree.
They are: Business Administration, Accounting, and Secre-

trial Administration.
All students enrolled in the
ministration regardless of ma
ground in business subjects b
the three degree areas.
The eoals of the Department

Department of Business Ad-
ljor receive a broad back-
efore specializing in one of

are to meet the needs of the

rives students opportunity

or future employment


"Now, this friend of mine in Fort Lauderdale . .



J .

+r 1











One's an "A", two's an "F"
One's an "A", two's an "F"


present skills

Mr. Lesser gives a


OK Ed, let's keep your eyes on your own paper.










Carl Seales

and Mr. Denson











for the Departn
shall, chairman
Lommen. Mrs.

are pro
dards e
he can

unable th
, all ent4
ent Test
best acl

and fine p<
credit Engl
anyone wh4
ing, reading
freshmen b

position (ESU 1
restriction of to
search paper, ai
mester of advar
are offered for s
and techniques

Mr. John Marshall, head of Department of English.
Drama and Speech.

is only a word, but a very appropriate word

went of English
; Mr. Adcock,
Passman, Mis
Is whose enth
em to teach a
To assure st
ering students
, whereby eac
hieve a workir

1, Speech, a
Mrs. Bueh
is Sherlock
usiasm andi
variety of i
success in c

h st
ig k

the English lal

shes t
r writ
.03, 1

proving assumptions,
short stories, narratix
For students inter
ter courses in world
lish literature. Finally
to enable students to
the fundamentals of
and the history of th
provide the students
ability, the English,
thusiastically sponsor


the Tropi
nt body a
ry effort.



nd Drar
ler, Mrs
and Mi
high t(
college I

required to to tak
udent may be p
knowledge of th
nguage. Three I

es are offered for bi
o become better ac(
ing in English. How
two semesters of Frec
04), which stress strl
outlining, the prepare
ing a logical approach
composition, and onl
its who wish to furthi
organizingg definitions
persuading, and wr
ie sketches, and one-
ested in Literature, t
literature, American
y, there are courses i
learn effective oral
theatrical product
e development of dr
of CZC with an outl
Speech, and Dran
red the play, Twelv
No Exit,. In addition
llegian attempted t(

ever, m
shman E
ictural o
ation of
h to writ
e of cream
er perfe<

na. Mr.
. Kidd,
ss Siebr
(vel En;

an E
vels (


)f non
Its, or

ost enter
englishh Cor
a library r
ing. One s
dtive writir
ct their sty

s, and descriptions,
iting critical papers,
act plays.
here are two semes-
literature, and Eng-
n speech and drama
communication, and
on, stage literature,
ama. In an effort to
et for their creative
na Department en-
'e Angry Men, and
I, the literary maga-
) involve the whole

nd the faculty in a creative, and entertaining
Finally, another successful Speech Festival en-
students at the College and CZ high schools to

engage in rhetorical as well as dramatic excursions into the
fascinating realms of oratory.

Woe: Kay Strickland, Linda Lowve and Nancy Tinney observe as Mrs. Marshall
* is well known to college students because she often helps at the piano, and
?, Marshall conduct a music appreciation class.

klow: Mr. Marshall at work in his office.




inn rr








Balmas and Alison High-

tower are intent on watching a
speech class.

fellow speaker in

Mr. Adcock gives the good word in beginning acting class
nie Valle, Rachel Rice, Kathy Mulroy and Rudy Crespo.

to Ron-


Sometimes the only sleep a tired drama coach can get

is on the train enroute to

a speech


* . .".illi
.: .:x-




Mrs. Kidd


Mrs. Lommen concentrates on a
speech she is grading.

communication is the key to individualism

Left: Mr. Marshall says teaching involves more than
just carrying heavy books.

Below: Mrs. Passman stays after class to help two stu-
dents and Right: She had a hard week and she's glad
it's Friday.

.. ^"""l *d::


MR. STEPHEN R. PECK, Chairman of the
Foreign Languages and Fine Arts

Mr. Carney gives a lesson in the language

Mrs. Wake and Mr. Peck (below
Bottom: Mrs. Adam's art class.








al emphasis



The Foreign Language Department of the Canal Zone
College adapts itself well to the needs of the student body
and the community. It is presently offering three languages
for study: two years of French, two years of German, and
three years of Spanish. Because of CZC's unique location
in which two cultures and two languages exist and function
side by side the Department gives special emphasis to

offe'ar**1 C

i-tn fCoCt

mC tc

,n ic Ih

. . . . . .

le ementary



1 ~*lijf': ^'i"--

a4. -r I
It'.^ ^

Romeo Roberts at the drawing board.



Gary Myers and Ed Filo

Below: Mike Noriega, Barbara Green, Rich Lesser.


... : .'.'iv^*







Martha Velez

uses Alegro Woodruff as a model.

Below: Martha Velez

Above: Mrs. Martha Wake
Below: Mrs. Genevieve Adams

Below: Alma Howard

wq~i ^* .* .*^S i *
*.t^ -: . .
"f "*
/ *?lrm "


David Ash

Alison Hightower






Chuck Petersen

Left to right: John Duke, Mrs. Wake, Ed Lee

- I -



nUI... ..1ii^ E ^ K

natural science

prepares students

Mr. DeWitt Myers, Chairman, Natural Science, Mathematics and Engineering

Dan Howard conducts an experiment in chemistry.

*Aj -'k

I I "
j* I




S ~




...... -.

new degree

The most recent addition (1970) to the curriculum is
Science in Medical Technology; Canal Zone College is or


the Bachelor -of
ie of a select few

junior colleges to offer a Bachelor's deg
stressed the need for and the inclusion
for everyone in every program being fol
abreast of changes as they affect science
of faculty and the continued improve
this. The physics, chemistry, biology lal


n this field. This department has
mathematics and science courses
d. Canal Zone College is keeping
location. The continued training
in laboratory facilities attest to
ories, and mathematics program

are all designed to keep the modern student abreast of the modern advances
in these disciplines.


* _* ~ ~~ ~~ 111111111



natural sciences department


x'*x xxx

I m






Mrs. Elledge

explains the results of an experiment to one of her students.

K^ - K^H:/






The Physical Education department of CZC is organized in such a way as to allow
each student to participate in his choice of sports.
Intermurals are an important part of the Physical Education department. Among
the sports offered are basketball, volleyball, badminton, and tennis. Intermurals allow
for competition between members of CZC, and as Mr. Finkelstein says, it is an outlet
after studies.
Members of the Physical Education department put in many hours of service to the
school. Mr. Finkelstein reported that the football team spent over 180 hours in prac-
tice during the 1970 football season.

Education Department

Below: Miss Lehman, Ronnie Valle, Luella Morales,
Darlene Daly, Jan Farnsworth, Pat Perry.

Above: Margie Engelke and Maxine Karst.

Below: Kathy Wainio, Dee Dee Hanna, Melissa Butterfield.
.II AI]" q w-

S\ 00\



Top left: Pam Birch watches her


Below left: Jim Hotsko throws the shotput.

Neil Fruenheim awaits call.

Debbie Olliver

(#34) and Carol Torstenson (#3)

Bottom: Jack Hoyle, Kathy Dockery, and two Cristobal girls watch Chuck Wicks.

Opposite: Coach Finkelstein puts the boys
shows them how to do it.

through paces in P. E. Class and

- S

- C .-

r a



k I I_ ::::



t U -a

.- I

. V. C...* <


r. tu ... :

, * "":iii

. A

- --

w..-.. .

. L* ML..1h

.* -. .a r ^Ci j

,h.:. *'*
*'*- *
. < 4h' '.y 3 '" '.

.. .

r.r :. .. *' "' '' " . ,.-. . " *. .


t .^,y;rr^'^ ..
j~lE!,f *<-c .h, ,.4v-

~* IF

- A. ad -..

i Cm

* *%

* .

CL i.

S. I ^.. .** .'*
t' -~,I-.

. *r -Fa.


C ;r*

r rk*"*
' s ^ *t'! /

Irf ^


Cbna~.* t *~l!;
,/HM .p<: i^^ t^ jt ^ ^7'"' ,---

* *:i..' *
11 : ,rf /



-' Ilpll_



.c l


CHARLES R. BOWEN, Chairman, Department of Social Science
and Education








Mr. Emory Phlegar gives a demonstration speech in a world civilization class.


When we think of education for the future, most of us think in terms
ics, chemistry or mathematics. Even though these fields of science help
better world with great technological advance, we still must remember
are humans and need to understand each other.
The combined department of Social Science and Education offers th<
tunity to develop new insights concerning the future as people living tog
the world.
The major branch of the dual department is that of the social and be

of phys-
make a
that we


e oppor-
;ether in



phy, and other subje
portunity to share ar
A __ 4_ I .. .. 1

I L-.

s Psychology, History,
; of interest. Students fo
discuss freely with the i
r- u *. A rf. 17T-I .-.

International relations, Phil<
allowing this program have the
instructors of the department:
J "tf_ l4TT



students develop new insi

in department

Students listen to Dr. Annis in his Anthropology Class.

A -i



lb-^ *

q*.g *
S^m ^fam
IS'/^ ^*g



social and behavioral science and education

students gain from benefits of dual department

,s ;
= m

'''^ A?

?~il ilr

Mrs. Bernice Davison

Mr. Steve Bunyea













"Canal Zone College, may I help you?"

asks a friend-

ly, youthful voice.
information, you
aide. Although the
answer to your qua
the office who doe
swerine the ohone

i jobs arc
lege cash
and Mrs.
dent aide

dent aides w
time academy
ble working
college expe




When yc
till proba
student c
stion, he
know th



hund the mai
ier, Mrs. Pat
Rochelle He
s busy from
ork from 10-
iic loads, too.

>u c

all the co
talk to a

llege offi

Office aide may not
will refer you to soi
e answer. In additi
aides type letters, r
cs; and do a million
office. Mr. Roberto
ivis, secretary and t
, office supervisor,
30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m
hours a week and c

n addition to pro





. All
ng v

a student aide job helps to pay


Above: Patricia Davis, Timekeeper
Below left: Roberto Sanchez, College Cashier.
Below right: Mrs. Rochelle Head, Office Supervisor

'S a .-^















Located at the cross stream of student traffic,
caters to all the students' needs. Sponsored by th
tion, the bookstore is aptly run by Mrs. Balmas,
student assistants: Ed Ohman. Gene Stuart, and

took ov
a closet

s year has shown definite profit," s
er as manager five years ago. "Before,
t upstairs, run solely by student assist
i and provide the student with most o
)re has advanced from "pencils, pens

the CZC bookstore
e Student Associa-
and the following
John McLelland.
Mrs. Balmas, who
bookstore was just
Today, we are well

,f his ne,
, and no

cessities." The
tebook paper"

to mechanical drawing materials and art supplies, to textbooks and
paperbacks. Satisfied with her job and her help, Mrs. Balmas wishes
only for more room to display articles hidden in the dark confines
of the bookstore, such articles as sweat shirts and T-shirts, mugs,
loose-leaf notebooks, and study stands. "We have all kinds and sorts
of paper products and notebooks." The bookstore has a minimal
amount of art supplies along with some materials for drawing stu-
"Most students pay, on the average, $50 or $60 per semester for
books," said Mrs. Balmas, who orders the books and pays the bills.
"We pay for the books first, and any profit goes to the Student As-
sociation treasury.
The bookstore is one of the mainstreams for the advancement of
the student and one of the more important facets of the Student As-
sociation activities.

Ed Ohman, book room aid, has his hand in the till.

I a..






sell other

beside books.

Below: Cynthia Bull takes advantage of the bookstores wide selection of

Below: Jill Ebert makes


in the bookstore.



v I

i: 1x





*:' *' :'\.: .:.':' y': i'**' :''.' ia

* -v:" :*l*s*e^' ^.^A


,`u :.




.- ,xx
x. xx
x ,,; :






. 0 .

Martha Ohman guides a tour of the campus.

Each year begins with fall registration and orientation of the stu-

with a
with n
feels a,
-- Ori
and hi

The old students
r. After filling o0
an appointment
I. He then must pa
student number.
a visit to his frien
necessary ammuni
and those ever i


it th
y his
dly r

equately exhausted an
nation Day. The new
Student Association

the student is oriented to his
make an attempt to express 1

;iven priority, and

then the new students

e seemingly endless forms, the student
his counselor and gets his schedule ap-
tuition, get his class cards and be labeled
er the formalities are over, the student
neighborhood bookstore to supply himself
- books, paper, pencils, rulers, style
ful Pink Pearl erasers. Now the student
Id sits back and waits for his final briefing
student is greeted by his deans, advisors,
president. After the informative lectures,
new campus. Now the student is ready to
himself educationally at CZC.

So many forms to fill out!

Mr. Sanchez collects tuition from the students.

n, rr 7U Irr-r

New students give full attention to speakers.

Dean Murphy addresses the new students.

They've got to be kidding.

Mr. Baglien gives advice.

Miss Weir explains the handbook.

This book is a masterpiece?

SI U -Sl ~:~E

I~~Alii Na il"Ulul ~m



rarr, 2








Driving up the winding La Boca Road, venturing into the college life of Canal Zone College, the new student
gets his first impression.

Parking on the narrow one-way road facing the
Could this be a junior college?

college, one leaves his car with a question in his mind.

Upon entering the college through the large breezeway, one is struck by the silence of the halls and the glar-
ing signs on the wall, reminding students to be quiet as classes are in session.
One realizes the extreme personalization and the relaxed relations between students and teacher when enter-
ing the classroom. Everyone seems to know each other and they are always anxious to include a new student.
In a free hour, you may decide to get something to eat in the student lounge. Walking down the sidewalks
outside, you may see students sitting in all available places, munching on empanadas and sipping a can of
Entering the lounge, one is struck by the loud laughter and talking. A game of dominoes may be going on in
one corner and a heated card game in the other. The vending machines are in constant use. Afraid at first, of
entering such an atmosphere, the new student again notices the overwhelming friendliness. Getting a sandwich
and a soda, this student may walk out into the breezeway and observe the students rushing to class, and then to
the right, the quiet beauty of the canal.

Relaxing at last, one realizes that Canal Zone College
and to develop in.

nothing to be afraid of and

something to enjoy

- -

- m m =. -


.. -- tf ,~


Ronnie Vaile does her thing

CZC Cheerleaders



ZC Cheerleaders???

Tom Garber captivates undivided attention of audience.

CZC Cheerleaders "Lookin Good"

enerates game spirit

Margie Engleke

The relief team gets in some practice.

Above, left: Marilynn Hare, Rachel Rice and Suzanne Gordon;
right: Margie Engelke.

Carol Townsend, Mel Gamertsfelder, Jose Rodriguez and Martha Ohman.

CZC crowd displays enthusiasm.


*. .

.." & .

x. xx.^ijM'K '

E xx

x gx 2



. 0 .

.-. .w

Pat and Kathy Mulroy

The Wrecking Crew left to right:
Pat Perry, Diovelis Diaz, Vivian
Hooper, Pat Grimm, Debbie 01-
liver. Suzie Hite. Donna

McClain, Ka
Janet Husum.

i. -


Left: Lonny Johnston shares a
joke with Uncle Bob from SCN.

-&i' i'
Lj^ **"::* *^^^^^^^^f ij^^^^h j^^
.***::;. .:;.** ,^j^H B ^ ^^H ^B T~
udf 8 :.**:' ': ^ ^^ -H '"^ Ho 1fl

IYII~IC ix~ Xi

Debbie Olliver demonstrates her musical tal-

The Portobelo Pingdingers from left to right: Pat Perry, Ted Snyder, Franz Lizst, David Ash, Ed
Lee, and Marc Campbell.




To promote enthusiasm in drama productions and to establish a feeling of school spirit early in the year,

"Discoteque 70"

was produced, under the direction of Mr. Carl Adcock.

Early in October two performances were given in the auditorium to a record crowd of

people from

the Canal Zone and Panama. The show was also presented on the Atlantic side at Cristobal High


Sixty-three college students were involved either on-stage or behind the scenes in the variety talent
show. The program included original songs by Carol Torstenson and Lonnie Johnston as well as an origi-
nal interpretive dance and a skit.
Betsy Morrison designed and created the set which had a modern art motif.
The money which was taken in for admission price was used by Delta Psi Omega to buy awards for the
Annual Spring Speech Festival.

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall and 7:40 Chorus
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall and 7:40 Chorus

:": x. I"*" JB:Bga
d 8,~
;:" :~~

.. an

.-. mm.







Robyn Patton

John Manley

From left to right: Jose Rodriguez, Vivian Hooper. Richard Swain, Suzanne Gordon. Robyn Patton, Tom Coleman, Kathy Mulroy,
John Manley, Debbie-Olliver, Tom Garber.

"Come on 'gals' grab yore 'guys
down to the new fangled barn (

and let's head on
:ZC Auditorium --

Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae with Marryin' Sam
From left to right: Debbie Olliver, John Manley and Tom Garber.

for the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance!" This year the
CZC hillbillies came to one of the most exciting hoe-
downs of the year, and had a whoppin' good time. They

did the


'hog-wash stomp

Marryin Sam, John

to the tune fiddlin


' of 'Bal-

was on hand

'hitch' the couples. Daisy Mae, Debbie Olliver, and Lil'
Abner, Tom Garber, began the annual Sadie Hawkins
Race and nacherly she got him.


first thea

'I I







From left to

Rudy Crespo, Lonny Johnston, Jenny Veno.

*i -

H . *.:

From left to right: Rudy Crespo and Lonny Johnston

stressing his opinion.

Dave Furlong proves a point.

From left to right: Todd Peckman,

Steve Krisa and Jean Stewart.


. 0t


Playwright Re

inal Rose

blended the four elements

he felt were at work in a
known stage play, Twelve Ar
production of the season,
portrayed these four eleme
membered and interpreted I
the relationship of juror to
uation; (c) the emotional
juror; and (d) physical pro
the time, the uncomfortable
ans both had opportunities
as tensions in the jury ro
Craig Boatwright, Rudy C

jury serve
ngry Men.
thirteen C
nts: (a) thi
)y each ind
juror in a

ice into the well
In the first drama
ZC students ably
e evidence as re-
lividual juror; (b)
life-and-death sit-

pattern of each individual
blems such as the weather,
room, etc. Tyros and veter-
to demonstrate their talents
om mounted. Jurors were:
respo, Bill Duffus, Shirley

Fontaine, Dave Furlong, Tom Garber, Lonny Johnston,
Steve Krisa, Peter Lyew, Todd Peckman, Jean Stewart,
Jenny Veno, and Walter Young.
Mr. Carl Adcock, of the English, Speech, Drama De-
partment was the director.


From left to right: Jean Stewart, Lonny Johnston and Dave Furlong.

From left to right: Bill Duffus, Rudy Crespo, Walter Young, Tom Garber and Dave Furlong.

Robyn Patton and Lonny Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Adcock

*R. A 1 1~t






. 0

& J^

Above from left to right: Pricilla Martenell, Martha Oiler, Martha Robles.

At right, from left to right: Fenando Diaz, Virginia Luque, Pricella Martinelli,
Agustin Rey, Donna McClain, Vicki Troetch, Ricardo Bolanos, Louise Julian,
Dalys Sagel, Martha Robles.

Louise Julian

In October a group of approximately 25 CZC Newman Club members took a trip
by bus to the historic city of Portobello. There they visited the Cathedral which has
the statue of the Black Christ, made by the Spaniards over three hundred years
The group had a picnic lunch on a beach near Portobello and spent the after-
noon swimming, singing, and playing football.

t )

,_ A

r **.





w, -.
^ ^ ^ -- l . ^ MN^ ^

Theresa Bierbaum

From left to right: Kathy f oster, Theresa Bierbaum, Marilynn Hare









Phi Beta Lambda is

Canal Zone College's business club.

The officers for the

1970-71 school year are: President Marilynn Hare, Vice-President John
Bay, Secretary Robyn Patton, Treasurer Kathy Foster, S. A. Representative
- Pat Perry, Reporter Laura Seeley. The officers were installed by the club ad-
visor, Irvin Lesser, on November 7, 1970 at Albrook Officer's Club. The installa-
tion banquet included a delicious dinner and an extremely interesting speech by
Major Bert N. Walker.
Phi Beta Lambda sponsors activities related to business and helps to give stu-
dents a broad view of the business world. During the first semester, some of the

members helped usher the FBLA club members from Balboa High

School around

the college for orientation. And around Christmas, Phi Beta Lambda held a bake
sale at the Balboa Post Office and used the money to donate food and toys to two
poor families in Panama.
From left to right: Jim Wohlforth, Laura Seeley, Marilynn Hare


- .. I-

-;' s
1^4 d-

! /

Mrs. A. Latimer and Mrs. F. Sampsell enjoy the holiday

Joe Cronan, Eugene Tucker and Robert Spilling arriving at the tea.






. 0

The thirty residents of the boys

dormitory were

hosts for the faculty and administration at their
annual Christmas tea.
The planning and decorating was ably executed
by the boys and their advisor, Mr. Steve Bunyea,
but the aid of the girls was necessary to provide
the delicious tid-bits.

Right: Mr. Altenberg center explains the contour of the pool table to Joe
Cronan, Robert Spilling, Mr. Fawcett, Eugene Tucker, Ed Portier, Walter
Tucker and Eugenio Raphael.
Bouom right: Dr. Latimer, Deputy Superintendent; Mr. S. Bunyea, Dorm Su-
pervisor; Mr. N. Altenberg, CZC Registrar; Mrs. F. Sampsell, Asst. Superin-
tendent, US Elementary Schools; and Mr. E. Fawcett, Asst. Superintendent
of Latin American Schools.





talent .

From left to right: Jean Stewart, Jennie Veno, and Walter Young.

Lonnie Johnston

From left to right:

Tom Garber, Steve Krisa, Debbie Olliver.

t n



left to right: Steve Bal
, Ed Lee and Nancy M

mas, Jenny Veno, Lonny Johnston, Mr. Adcock, Victoria Rodriguez, a graduate of

Each year talented students are observed by
the drama department, and students with ex-

ceptional a]
Omega. Thi
in which m
only. Talent
were selected
ing a talent
"Twelve Ar
artists were
fore membi
had to take

John Manley

abilities are selected
s honorary society i
emebers are admitti
:ed as well as hard w
:d this year by Mr.
proved themselves
of the Canal Zone
show, Discotheque
igry Men." Some o
also invited to join
ership was granted
an examination wh

1 for Delta Psi
s a national one
ed by invitation
working students
Carl Adcock.
; in dramatical
College includ-
'70 and a play
f the back-stage
the society. Be-
I, each student
ich consisted of

questions about the history of the society and
its officers.
Installation of members took place at the Ti-
voli Guest House. Each member was there re-
quired to demonstrate some phase of talent in-
cluding skits, singing groups, and entertain-
ment speech.

Mr. Adcock

From left to right: Louise Julian, Debbie Olliver, and Diovelis


*' I


The hard working Christmas choir.


See (left) and Doris Greene exchange glad

- a t

; II
..... D "

Celia McConkey and Donna McClain

guys sing out low tones.





Irma Busch, Jim Wohlforth, and Laura Seele

y give the taste test.


Gladys Maymi and Pat







Gary Myers

The Christmas Formal Court from left to right: Todd Peckman and Celia McConkey, Juan Benavent and Diovelis Diaz, Jeanne
Chance and Mark Chance, Jean Stewart and Rudy Crespo, QUEEN Milicent Turner and Jim Hearne.

Juan Benavent and Diovelis Diaz

Shirley Fontaine and Jack Hoyle

David Newcomb and Melissa Butter-

Neil Frauenheim, Rose Mcllvaine, Steve Clarke and Darlene Daly enjoy the company.

Maradee Scaroborough and Frank Sharp in pleasant


Amy McConkey and Jose Rodriguez contemplate the situation.


- .~i C2%. a.- .








At Christmas time the Canal Zone College was fortunate in having
the 79th Army band perform. Under the direction of CW3 Donald M.
Flewell the band performed several arrangements.

0 .

the conquistador staff

in action

0 .

Rusty Vaucher

Debbie Olliver


Jaime Carrizo

Faye Weisser

Paul Stewart




Top: Jim Hotsko

Bottom: Pam Birch

Bill Duffus

Steve Krisa

Kathy Foster

Celia McConkey

The staff photographers tell of hair-raising yearbook!

"OK girls, last one to the bottom has to sort the pictures!"

\IA "

t : t

~ ;-

j*... "44:

,I nfl

+ J 4-

Ay 4i" L.""
* x" :





>- t ,i

^ 1 i4


l^ i ii ^ 1-

'' i i

*lH i *
/N. ,l;




i.,, >r

:"Pi:. J

at ,

*^^ i



rr~~~~~r -.LI a -I nrrr ashrm tr ~ lL rM.~ L n- -. w. a -1

-. y "


:4v ^

x 1'

:: a







,.t ^'*

[ow about this one

Camera shy Steve!

C r

S" .
ir^ '^-"'

What Jim wouldn't


do for a picture

First pose, then out you go.

Jackie Crowell and Vicki Sizemore

y": y ./

V: < V r ~;,pr ~i i.-3~;
: ::"
:- : i

The goal of this year's Conquistador staff has been to produce an annual which every
member of the student body will be proud to own.
Every year there are many new problems to be solved and many decisions to be made.
Some of the main problems that arise are deciding on a suitable cover, making a photogra-
phy schedule, photographing organizations and individuals, determining page-layouts, and
deciding on the organizational format of the book.
Another big problem in producing a yearbook is the editing of copy. Each organization
must have accurate copy written about it. Checking names, proofreading copy and pasting
pictures comprise more of the duties of the staff.
The Conquistador staff has been able to meet and defeat these problems through the ca-
pable leadership of Editor Bill Duffus, and Assistant Editor Pam Birch.

"Complain about our yearbook???"


.s *
a -^

How about the Napoleon look?

Steve at work

dI -
m - -



L aama--m- um^a m a -1 w


itions .

s .

0 0

. organizations . .

organizations .

organizations .

* 9

organizations .

. organ

* organizat

organizations .

. organizations .
-anizations . .


Lions 0

S .

. organizations .
organizations . .

organizations .

organizations .

.organizations .

. 0





organizations .

organizations .


anizations .

i .

KL. .^^^ii jjM~ JM
S .

organizations .

organizations .

. S


organizations .


. 0

0 0
organizations .

organizations .

anizations .

0 0





.organizations .

organizations .

organizationss .

. or,







John Gilbert S. A. Pres.

Robert Spilling S. A. V. P.

I "

Serious things are decided in S. A. meetings

Jeanne Chance S. A. Sec.

1u I

u i .

Susy Hite S. A. Treas.

Sponsored by Mr. Lawrence Perkins, and backed u
Gilbert, president; Rob Spilling, vice-president; Jeann
secretary; and Susy Hite, treasurer; the Student Assoc
barked on a vigorous campaign to get students at CZC
in the various extra-curricular activities sponsored b'
dent Association.
In an effort to acquaint the students with the C.Z. o
various clubs, and club officers, an assembly was nut o

Ib /

tertainment by the Porto Bel
Louise Julian, Diovelis Diaz,
Doris Green, and Jeannette See
dance was held in September
functions sponsored by the S.A
the 70th Arms, R-anA inA n I-Il



p by John
e Chance,
nation em-
y the Stu-

fficers the
n with en-

-J 1-
Pingdingers: Debbie Olliver,
laxine Karst, Marjie Engelke,
As a follow-up, a get-acquainted
Albrook Officer's Club. Other
included an assembly featuring

Ironr^i l-nr*

- I




John Gilbert opens

S. A. meeting, typical Chaos.

S. A. meeting.

Above: Does she or doesn't she


- -

S. A. officers pose prettily.





Below: Mrs. Stout and guest speaker converse in French.


Above: French Club meetings are conducted in French.

Below: French Club members discuss future plans.

Below: French Club meetings are not all work.


~4t -*


'. '
',: .
.* . *'
* wy^-~
*^**... -..^


*f *r

.............................................................i ..

\ '* C

Back row, left to right: Gustavo Rutter (S.A. Rep.), Jaime Carrizo (Pres.), Omar Chip-
sen, Carlos Notyce. Front row, left to right: Mariela Pazmino, Jacqueline West.

Back row, left to right: Leila Llewelyn, Patricia Dertien, Carlos
Notyce (Treas.) Front row, left to right: Casma Cockburn, Pamela
Carrington, Guadalupe Escalona (V.P.), Ada Virginia Luque.

Below: Guest speaker speaks on French history.

.. ,i s -r 2-.

2' -

The purpose

College is
we also ha
planned c
the group
where all
come share
Other a



bers on
Canal, a
ties whi
the latte
detail, a
rent pro

*<- 4


men livinA



e of L'Esprit francais of Canal Zone
provide additional opportunities for all

ents to practice

to stimulate
f French cul
ural and so<
re regular,
;a French

e croj
i irrn

students and fa

their language sk
ter interest in and
d civilization thro
events sponsored
the student lour
culty are welcome<


e to

issants, brioches and French pastry in
undin s com lete with red-checked

*.2t** tI A.A tVllkA A5nS- iitil tI, 'V fll I1 IVV^ ''a'UI Wt.4
s and French music.
activities included reports by group mem-
le history of the French and the Panama
1 on the revolution in the French universi-
began in May, 1968. In connection with
the group also brought in a young man to
:s country's educational system in greater
I to explain in depth the origins of the cur-
ems. Other presentations made by French-
_ in Panama treated always in French


- a


chess club

I 4,,,
"pli V

-. -. -

_^B-^R ^^^^ '^^^^^*
iinr'-""" i-flR

phi beta lambda

Front row: John Bay, Marilynn Hare, Robyn Patton. Sec-
ond row: Fernando Diaz, Laura Seeley, Kathy Foster, Pat
Perry, Martha Ohman. Back row: Mr. Lesser, Amelia Jo-
sephs, Jennie Veno, Theresa Bierbaum, Carol Townsend.




The pur
guage Club
and useful
and experi
language cl
We have

pose of
I is to p
ences oi
a few bi

the beginning of t
discuss our plans ar

the Spanish Lan-
rovide meaningful
language contact
outside the foreign

isiness meetings at
he school year to
id activities for the

Our conversational group meets

Miss K

-X -

-.. I
r -
w 1" -^ .;
^.lb''\-^- "t.;^^.^^. ^?*J?^^/A^.I&S>K ^AM..^-S.

Left to right: Kathy Foster, Ana Lee, Janet Rocheleau, Nancy Tinney, Mr. Carney, Ingrid Freeborn, Mol-
lie Turner, Nellie Goffeney, Cindy Boukalis, Sonni Marschik.

every Thursda)
ly Foster's houst
4ffeney's house,


have the mo
ships and effi
thia Boukali
Kathy Foster
Ana Lee -
Cockburn --
Goffeney --
ship between
and Spanish
Nancy Tinne'
Under the
Mr. Carney,
filled our pu
Spanish Lan1

either in
or in Mrs.

pics in Spanish.
this is a small club, we
st enthusiastic member-
icient officers: Miss Cyn-
is -- President; Miss
-- Vice-president; Miss
Secretary; Miss Patricia
Treasurer; Mrs. Nellie
to manage inter-relation-
English Language Club
Language Club; Miss
y S.A. Representative.
advice of our sponsor,
we have successfully ful-
rpose of providing useful

guage experience

to all

* . *,..::: .::
m ** a

Pilots is a service or .anization onen to all students at Canal

-- ... ,


Above: Fresh. Officers, President, Pat
Rudy Crespo.

rick Mulrov:


Below: Would you please

repeat that!



b r4V
It J


Above: Fresh. Officers. Secretary,

;-* 9
^ iffhnimii
BR- 1 __ "*"*'-^.
S^ ag^^iiaia^^.
Sj" ^^^^^^^^^^^^H
*.: ^*^^^^*w"^

Debbie Waiters, Treasurer,

Below: Thinking hard?

The Freshman Class


of 1970-7

-- President: Rudy Cres
- Secretary; Jack Hovle

1 was represented by Patrick

po -

- Vice-President; Debbie
Treasurer; and Mrs. Pass-

man Sponsor.
During the Fall semester the Freshman Class had two unoffi-


The Class sponsored

the Shipwreck-Inter-school

Dance help in November which the Balboa High School seniors
were invited to attend.

-. ^


n,,, *b, 1 C1 'r,

T'l1. CI.,... L J C L,

I^ I

Left: Now, this is the scoop.

Below: For my first number, the cold shoulder.

M \ .


Although the Sophomore Class is a minority at

Canal Zone College, it has been ab
many things. The Class is sponsor
Higley and is represented by Cynthia
dent; Debbie Olliver, vice-presider
secretary; and Linda Kemp, treasury
The year began by trying to give t
Zone College a chance to catch thei
scoring the Sadie Hawkins Dance. In
Christmas" was used as the theme bh
Class for the Christmas Formal which


o accomplish

red by Mr. Jim
I Boukalis, presi-
it; Linda Lowe,
:he girls at Canal
r fellas by spon-
December, "Just
y the Sophomore
h was held at the


'" .^fc. '",

PF~"" Eii 4

What else!! No girls are allowed!

The men's dormitory, located on the Canal Zone campus, is a weekly residence for
full-time students. The dormitory has twenty rooms, each of which can accommodate
from one to three people, but most of the twenty-four students have a room to them-
selves. Other facilities include a small kitchen and lounge, television arid study room,
and a laundry area.
Mr. Steve Bunyea is dormitory advisor; and officers on the dormitory council are Ed
Portier, president, Eugene Tucker, vice-president, and Bodie Swain, secretary-treasurer.
This year these leaders and the resident students are bringing about certain changes to
make the dormitory a more effective part of a student's total education. Some of these
changes involve placing more responsibilities on the students themselves in order that
such communal living can become more effective.

No!! It's not pig's feet!!



Paul Smith

Bill never misses a meal.

B,, ~:e:::,::;E"*.:l i: "


- ^ua

iris' dormito

This school year nineteen girls from the Atlantic side are
housed at the CZC girls' dormitory. Members of this residence
who make up the Dorm Council are Rachel Rice, president;
Luella Morales, vice-president; Vicki Kaufer, secretary; Mer-
cedes Ng, treasurer and Amelia Josephs, SA representative.
The girls who occupy the eight rooms at the dormitory are ex-
pected to obey all the rules and regulations which were formulat-
ed by the Disciplinary Committee and approved by the General
Dormitory. Failure to obey any of these rules over a certain peri-
od automatically results in the loss of "precious" privileges.
The dormitory opens every Sunday night at 6:30 and closes
for the weekend at 6:30 p.m. on Fridays. During this time boys
are not allowed in either wing, regardless of the circumstances.
Every night all the girls have to return to the dormitory by 11
o'clock, unless their grades are high. In this case, these fortunate
students may return by 12 o'clock. If nothing else, this gives the
"dorm girls" an incentive to study diligently!
As a means of relaxation, the girls in the dormitory have the
opportunity to play the piano and watch television. The life in
dorm is enjoyable and will bring back many unforgettable memo-
ries in the future.

we '



*. e



* -S

C- '


if I. '' *
* .>



**. .*

Top left: Joe Cronan's

home away from home.

Above: Jemmott knows how a jab to the stomach goes.
Left: Ruben is sure to get it in this time.
Bottom left: Paul Smith and his lentil beans with onions.
Below: Homework always gets into the picture with Francisco King.


mm .
* .



* -

J *
~rp *


y^ /^
14i '-
^ .. .**
, i.:'* * .

Full Text


'II '.1'. ,-/ 197]


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the conquis tador canal zone college la boca, canal zone volume xxxv


.. but i have promises to keep


Selective Service OFFICE


before i sleep .


and miles to go .










'4 But [ h ave p ro mi ses t o k eep, An d mil es t o go b e for e [ s l eep." This w e ll known q u o t a tion o f th e fam o u s Am e ri ca n p oe t R o b e rt Fro s t i s a n a p pro pri a t e the m e for our colle g e yea r book and for th e college s tud e n t of th e 1970 's. To t arry and e n j oy t h e v i ew migh t b e pl easa nt but th e college s t ud e nt of t o d ay mu s t hurr y o n t o ass um e se riou s r esponsibilities of citize n ship and a dulth oo d College educatio n t a kes o n urgent obj ectives as y oung m e n and wom e n of today d e m o n strate v i t a l social aware n ess a n d strive f o r meaningful involvem ent in cruc i a l i ss u es of soc i e ty. That which i s commonpl ace toda y m ay b e o b so l e t e by th e tim e o u r p resent s tu de nt s a r e college g r adua t es. Diver sificat ion of sc i e n ce and t echno l ogy, rapidl y c h a n ging car ee r opportuniti es, attendant s ophistic a t i o n o f subjec t m atte r p l a ce a pre mium on relevant l ea rnin g and teac hing. The ( I ua lit y o f o u r future lif e will d e p e nd o n th e qua l it y o f und e r standings developed by our future citizens and the flexibility i n m aking realis t i c a p plicatio n s t o unknown situatio n s The college studen t s of this decade arc tru l y a ge n e r atio n in a hurry. T h e e n c ourag in g promises of t a l e nt a bilit y a nd leadership demonstrated in the Canal Zo n e College s tudent bo d y thi s yea r in d i ca t e a h e ad s t a r t o n th e j ourney int o t o morrow. G l e n E. Murphy ( S i g n ed) D e a n


contents Administration and Faculty .............................................. 16 Activities .............................................................. 52 Organizations .......................................................... 84 Sports ................................................................. 100 S tud e nt s ............................................................... 132 Graduate Summary ... ................................................... 170 Student Index ............................. ............................. 178 Administration Faculty Index ........................................... 182 Advertisements ........................ ' ................................. 184




-------n and faculty . . administration and fae ty ..... administration and faculty .... lministration and faculty ..... administra1 n and faculty . . administration and fa< ty . . administration and faculty ..... ministration and faculty . . administra' n and faculty . administration and fa ty . . administration and faculty ..... ministration and faculty . . administra n and faculty . administration and fae lty . . admini stration and faculty ..... r1ministration and faculty . . administra .n and faculty . .. administration and fa lty . . administration and faculty . . ilministration and faculty . . administra [)n and faculty . administration and fa ,ty . . administration and faculty ... Hministration and faculty . . administra 1)n and faculty . . administration and fa lty . . administration and faculty . . llministration and faculty . .. administra In and faculty . . administration and fa -___ 11 _u ___


council coordinates school and community life The Advisory Council was founded f our years ago as the direc t result of a sugges tion from the acc reditation learn from the United S t ates. It opera t es stri c: y as an advisory g roup a nd its m embers are appo inted b y th e Go\crnor. based on th e r ecomme ndations of the Civil Affairs Direc t or. E ac h member i s appoint ed for a three )car t e rm. Th e Superintendent of Sch oo l s i s an ex-offic i o member. Th e D ea n of Canal Zone Colle ge is the Secretary of the Counci l ; howe v e r h e is administratively responsible 1 0 the Divisio n of Schools. A c ting in the capaci t y of an advisory g roup th e Coun c i l seeks ways to imp rove the cUrric ulum, through a com mitte e of i ts m embe r s, s elec t ed for thi s purpo se. Th e Council ha s been ins trum e ntal in sec uring sc holarships for th e college. and throu g h its effo rt s has b een directly resl)onsible for the s u ccess of thi s year's Chest X-Ray program on cam pu s the s ecuring of a Bachelor of Sci e nce pr ogra m in M e di ca l Technology for th e college. and i s curre ntl y atte mpting t o int cr cs t variou s c ivic and c ommunity gro up s in s ponso rin g additiona l sc holar sh ips_ Adv i sory Counci l M e m bers: &(Jrniing, left if) n -ghl : Mr. Norman E. Dem ers, Deputy Dire<:tor. Transport ation and Terminal s Bureau: 18 Mr. George V Ric hard s, Principal. Parai so lii g h School; Mr. F A Castles (Ex Offi cio M e mber). Superintendent of Schoo l s Canal Ulne Gover nmen t ; Dr Daniel J Paolu cci. D e put y P erso nnel Dir ec t o r (Stafr). P anl lln a Canal Company_ Seat/Hi. Il!Jt /Q nghl : Mr Arthur 1. O'leary. V iceC hairman. D e put y Compt r oller. Panama Canal Company; Mr. Carl J Browne. Chairman. Deputy Dir ector. Engr. and Cons tr Divi s ion, Panama Canal Company: Dr. Glen E. Murph y Dean. Cana l Zone College. in sert: Mr. Alfredo Crabn.\elt. Prin c ipal. R ainbow City Hig h Sc h oo l


dean murphy's philosophy of education Dean Murph y s lat es h e i s a firm belicH r in the communil ) college b eca use thi s is "wh ere the action is," anrilhis is ,dwrf' he want s t o b e I e beli eves Iha l jun i o r and communil ) colll'ges brid ge the gap f o r s tud ents. offe r the bCf;,1 opportunity for more rapid adjustment b etwee n hig h school and colleg!? lif e, in addi lion to affording the opp o rlllllil y for adult c(Juca t ion in the (om Illunity. DR. GLEN E M U RPHY dean works with faculty and students to shape policies Dr. Glen E. Murph y Dean of the Canal Zone College. was born in Phillip s burg, Kansas, and lived in eastern Colorado unlil comp l e ting high sc hool. H e was g raduat ed from Col orado S ial e College of Edu ca tion in Greeley. Col orado. with a n A.B. Orgr cc i n 1942. following three years of mil itar y service in the U. S. Army. h e taught high school in W y oming. and in the junior college at La Junta, Colorado. After comple ting an M.A. Degree at T eacilt'rs College, Col umbia University, h e taught at the School of Bus i ness at Florida State University, Tallaha ssee. until 1955. H e \\a s D e partment Chairman for t h e ar e as of Business Education and Secr etarial Science and held t h e r ank of A ss ociate Prof essor. While on the F'SU faculty. h e comp l e t e d a D octo r of Education degre e at Tea c hers College, Columbia University e w York City. I n 1 955 Dr. Murph y was recruited as the first business e du cation consultant for the Inte rnational Cooperation Arlmini stration of the U. S. D e partm ent of Slate. and h e was assigned to work in t h e Poin t 4" program in Panama. I n this pos ition h e worke d with t h e bus iness t eac h e r s and school princip a l s of Ihe official schoo l s in P anama. Business program s of instru c tion w ere re\ i se d for official Mini s tr y of E(lucation a pproval and Dr. M urp h y assis ted i n es t abli shing b u s ine ss department s in Colegio Felix Olivares in David and Eseuda Normal o f Santiago. H e worke d in Colegio Abe l Bravo of Colon and E scuela Pr ofesiona l in Panama City. Dr. Murph y the n serve d a second tour of duty in Panama a con s ultant in supervisio n and t eac h e r education. In this position h e worked in the offic i a l seco ndar y schools. with thl:' Minis tr y o f Education and at the University of Panama t o I ('ar h in-scn ice co urse s f or teachers. department c hairm cn. and schoo l directors. H e assi s ted in establi s hin g a n ational pro gram of cdut"ationall'up erv i sion in the Minis tr y o f Education for the offiria l secon d a r y sc h ools of Pan ama. In 1961. Dr. Murph y and his family lefl P a nama. and h e a t t ende d a s pecial economic d c \cl ol)Jnen l cour se in the School of Advanced Inte rnati onal S tudies at J ohn H o pkin s Unive rsity. I -Ie was the n assigned as the Chi ef Educalion Adv i sor of the U. S. AID Mission in Santo Domingo, D ominican H elHlblic. In 1963. Dr. Murph ) became a faclllt) Ilwmber of Cana l Zone College. The following )t: a r h e \\as a l'point ed t o the of A ss i s tant Dean, and in 1968 h e was prolllotcfito his prf'sl'nt po sition of Dean of the college. His \\ifc. K atlH.'rine, t eac hes t ) p c wriling in Balboa Hig h School. Th e) h ave three childr en. a daught e r who i s a junior at Florida S tal e U niH 'rsit) and two sons in hig h sc hool.


MARGARET M. GATELY, Assislant Dean 2 0 assistant dean assumes various duties Miss Gately and Mr. Higley The wood s are l ove l y .. dark a nd dee p But I h ave prom i ses t o k ee p And mil es to go befor e I s l ee p And miles to go b efore I s l ee p R o b e rt Fros t How many times in re c ord e d his tor y h ave m e n s topp e d by qui e t wood s to r eflec t and to a s k ba s i c qu estio ns about l ife? Why am I h e re? What promi ses mu s t I k ee p? What mil es mu s t I travel ? Wha t i s s l ee p ? Appar e ntl y, excelle nt physi ca l a nd e motional h ea lth a nd a lif e of happin ess d e m a nd that one hav e a rea so n for b e ing aliv e othe r th an m e r e s urvival. Th e r e mu s t b e a c ommitment, or a dream, a prom i se t o k ee p, a r espo ns ibility, or at l eas t a r oad t o travel. Good h ea lth and l o n g lif e ar e frequently associ ated with tru s t in God a nd hop e in the futur e Today, th e offices of doctors a r e fill e d with pati e nt s who e mph asize the mind-body link as the y c omplain of a ho s t of s imilar s ymp tom s. Frequ e ntly, it i s f ound that these pati e nt s have n o c om mitm e nt to t oday and n o appointm ent with t o morrow. In the long run of l if e, th e h a ppi es t and m os t r e ali stic p e ople are those who h ave a drea m and pur s u e that dream. B y th e tim e a s tud e nt e nt ers college h e h as r eac h e d a l evel of m a turit y whe n so m e o f the mo s t import a nt d ec i s ion s in his lif e can a n d s h o uld be made. Cana l Zone Coll ege att e mpt s to off e r an e nvironm e nt so that a s tud e nt c an r eflec t s tudy, and sea r c h out his ide ntit y, a n a l yze the co mmi t m ents and r es pon s ibiliti es in lif e a nd d eve l op a goa l and, p e rhap s, eve n a drea m In a dditi on, the c oll ege tri es to pro v id e the appropri ate program s t o e nabl e a s tud ent to purs u e thi s goa l or thi s dream. The f ac ult y and ad mini s tr a tion a t Canal Zon e College have an ab idin g faith in th e worth o f the individu a l s tud e nt and are committed t o th e development of th e individua l for a use ful lif e in a d emoc r acy. My advice to Canal Zon e College s tud e nt s i s to mak e ca r eful pr e p a ration s now for an int e r es ting and happ y lif e of involvem e nt a nd c ommitment. Margare t C,teiy. ( s i g n e d) A ss i sta nt D'ea n


counselors and registrar unite to guide student life MARIE C. WEIR. Counselor DAVID B BALIEN. Counselor NORMAN B ALTENBERG. Regilitrar 21


library staff and aids benefit students in their quest for knowledge JOSEPH KANE ALLEN D GRIFFIN PATRICIA BOOTH


library initiates change to aid students D ewey i s oul and L.C. i s in al Canal Zone College. With Ihi s statement Mr. J o se ph Kan e, CZC librarian ope ned hi s a rticl e publi s h e d in The Tropic al Col/eghm in Janu a r y of Ihis year H e explained th e advantag es of u sing th e Libra r y of Co ngr ess C l assificatio n sc h e m e At CZ C con vers i o n t o L.c. was s tart ed in NO\' c mb e r. an d al present book s arc b eing s helved u sing a duel sys t e m : D e w ey and L.e. Accordin g to Mr. K a n e, M os t Major Stateside a cademic libraries arc utili z in g o r in th e process o f c han ging ovcr to th e L.c. sys t em. E s tabli s hin g L. C. al th e college will familiariz e transf e r studen t s with a syst e m thai i s fas t b ecoming a majorit y in the State s and s hould ass i s t t h e m in m aking a n easy adju stment from a small college libr a r y to th e m any s t oried libr ary s tru cture in l a r ge r uni versi ties." CZC library i s w ell s uit e d t o the needs of th e stude nt s The 20,000 volum e fac i lity was n e w in 1967. The au di o-vi s ual d epartment of Canal Zone College cont ains approximately 1 1 50 reco rd s, mo s t of whi c h a r e class i ca l in ori gin. The r e are a l so tapes, s lid es, films, film l oo p s and film s trip s o n informativ e materi a l for fac ult y m e mbe rs a nd s tud e nt s a lik e. The equipment that i s in dail y use is l oca t ed in the main room. H e re th e r e a r e three s tereo r eco rd 1 ) l ayers. three tap e recor ders. and a radi o that are o p e r ated by audiovisua l ass i s t ants. F our lis t e nin g boot h s are s ituat e d in th e A V d e partm e nt for th e b e n e fit of those CZC s tudents who like t o s tud y in a room with background mu sic Eve r y da y about twenty s tudents pa ss through th ese r ooms w ith th e inte nti on of s tud y in g in a ir co ndi tioned co mfort, aided by so ft, d elig htful mu s i c. The r e i s a preview room where CZC professors a r e ab l e t o pre v i e w 16MM film s o r ov e rh ea d tra n s paren c i es b e for e th e ir sc h e d ul e d classes. In thi s departme nt th e r e i s al so a dupli ca tin g machin e and a The rmo-Fax copying ma c hin e a t th e di s po s a l of teach e rs. S h ou l d s tudents r equire th e use of s u c h ma c hin es. libr a r y s tud e nt ass i s t ant s are a l ways on hand t o h e lp. 23


Oon't bother me when I'm trying t o study. Students use th e magazine sectio n and browse in the rder ence 1lion. F e rn ando Gemmol Maril ynn H a r e and Ana Lee


library meets students' needs Belh Baglien M r Griffin, Mr. K ane and Miss Booth Library AV Cente r Rogelio Nicosia s t udying r efere n ce m a t e rial From kft to nsht: P ablo CarraS(juillo. Barbara Wesl ey. M rs. H )de. and Mr. Kan e. 25


26 MR. S HARON J SHAW. Department Chairman The d e partment of Business Admini s tration ronsis t s of three divisions, each cu lmin a tin g in th e A.A.S. (kgr ct. They arc: Business Admini s tr at i on. Accounting and Secre t arial Adminis tr a tion All s tud e nt s enrolle d in t h e D e p art m ent of Busin ess Administ r ation regardless of major receive a broad bac k ground in bu s in ess subject s b e for e s p eciali zing in o n e of th e three degree areas. Th e goals of the D epa rtm e nt are t o mc..-el th e n ee d s o f I h e commu nity, and to accom p l i s h thi s our s tud e nt s r ece i ve a n e du cation which pr epa re s them for futu re employme n t im prove::; present s kill s a lr ea d y u se d on Ihe job. and of course, enabl es them 10 t ransfe r to I)r aclicl:lll y any un i\'ersi t ) in th e United Siaies 10 cOlllj)lel e Ihe Bachelors d egree. Our curricu lum i s co ntinuall y under s tud ) to de t e rmin e the effcc ti\ eness of the s ubject s presc lltl ) offered and to determine new subjects whic h might b e lter serve th e s tu dents of Canal Zone College business departmen to prepare


students opportunity 'or future employment .. No ..... thi s friend of mine in For1 Lauderdale. MR. DANI EL o..LONDES MR. JAMES H ICLEY Money hungry Dan. 21


2. MR. LAWRENCE PERKINS One's an "A", two's an "F" One's an "A", two's an "F" MR. JACK DENSON M R IRVI N LESSER students work to improvl "Let', recapitulate ove r


resent skills Mr. Lesser gives a lesso n OK Ed, l et's k eep you r eyes on your own paper. 2'


MR. GILBERTO YOUNG MR. LLOY D M U R P H Y students receive broad background in business Carl Seales and Mr. Denson 3 0


english-speech-drama has versatile course offering 'Ver sa tility." It is ani) a "onl. hUI a \t'r) appropriatl' \,onl for the D epartment o f English. S pff'eh. and Drama. Mr. Mar s hall c hairm an: Mr. Adcoc k BlwhlN, Mr),. Kidd. Mrs. Lomme n Mrs. Passman, S I l('rlo('k and Mis)' SieiJrantis are professio n a l s whose c ntllu sia!)m and high It-at-hi n g ... I an dard s e nabl e them t o teach a \arid} of Engli:;h. ),,)('I,( h Jnd drama cou rses. T o assure <;U('('('SR in ('ollege 1(',1 1 Enf!,l ish courses. all e nt e rin g s tud Cnh:i an' rf'fluired to la\..(' an Engli ... h Placement T est. whe r eb) ( 'J e h sluc h 'ni ma) be I'laqd \\ heft' h e can best achieve a ,\ kno\\kdgf' of Ill(' IlwdH1l1in and fine I)o illt s of the Englis h l a n g u age, 1 1m'(' 1,,\( ... of non c r edit Engl i s h cou rses a r e offt'red for hilingual or anyone w h o wis h es t o becolllc IIt ttt'r a('quainted \\ith ing r ca ding. or writing in Eng l il'h. lIo\\l'\cr. ('ntt 'ri n g fre s hm e n begin with two of Engli!-oh Com pos ition (ESD ]03, 1 04). \\hi ... h :-.tre:-.:; :o.tnwtural organization, r es tri c t ion o f topi cs outlining, the pn'paration of a librar) rc' search paper, and u si ng a logical approach to \Hiting. Onc !-ocm es t c r o f advanced compositio n. a nd o n e o f c n'ati\(' writing arc offere d for s tud e nt s who wish to further p e r fect th e ir !:It ) I e and t ec hniqucs of organi zing d e finition s. a nd d(' s('r ip t ion s. proving assumptions, p e r suading. and wr it ing c ritil' ai paptni. s h o rt s t ories, narr ative s k e tch es. and o neact pla) s. F o r s tud e nt s int e r es ted in Lit erdtu r t'. th e r e a r c 1\\0 :;('mC5-t e r courses in world l iteratuf('. Arm'rican lite r ature alld Englis h lit e r ature. Finally th e r e are in sp('cc h and drama t o e nable s tud e nt s to l ea rn eff ectivc o r a l communication a nd th e fundamental s of th ea tri('a l product i o n. s t age lileratun'. and th e hi s t o r y o f th c dC\'( loprncnt of drama. In an erfort 10 provide the s tudents of CZC w ith an out l e t for tht'ir c n -'aliv(' abilit y. the En g l i s h Spcc('h. a nd Drama Department e n thu s ia stically sponsored th e pia ) Tlv t'h'e Allgr)' M ell. a nd three oneact plays: No E xit .. I n addition. th e litcrar) maga zinc. the Tropical Collegian att{'mptf'd t o imohe th e \\hol e s tud e nt bod y and th e fa('ult) in a crcati\e. and {'nterlaining lilerary effo rt. F i nally another SlIccf'ssful Speec h Fe::,ti\ a l e n abled tal e nted swde nt s a t Ihe College a nd CZ hig h 5 ( hooI 5 10 engage in rhetor i c al a s well a s dramat i c exc u rsio n s into tht' fascinating r ea lm s of o rat ory 3.


I CARL f ADCOCK ELEANOR f BUEHLER GERALDINE KIDD 32 Jacque Crowell. StC\ C Halmas and Alison High. towe r art inltnt on u;(JlChing a fellow speaker in speech claSli. Mr. Adcock gives the good w ord in beginning acting class to R onnie Valle. Rac h e l Rice. Kathy Mulroy and Rudy C respo. JANICE V LOMMEN Sometim es the only s l ee p a tire d drama co a c h can gel is o n the train e nroul e t o a speh festival


LO I S H PASSMAN Mrs. Kidd PATRIC I A S HERLO CK Mrs. Lommen conCeniraleS on a s pe ec h s he is g rading ANNIE S IEBRA NDS S tudious! communication is the key to individualism Left: Mr. Marshall says l eac hin g m o r e than just carryin g he avy books Btlow : MI'!!. P ass man s tays after cla ss 10 help 1 .... 0 s tud e nts and Risht : She had a hard .... eek and s he 's gla d it's Friday.


MR. S TEPHEN R. PECK. Chairman of the Foreign Languages and Fine Arts Mrs. Wake and Mr. Peck (below) B ouom: Mrs. Adam's art class. Mr Carney gives a lesson in the language lab. foreign language department offers 3 languages with special emphasis on spanish The F o reign Language D epa rtm en t of the Cana l Zone C o lleg e adapts itself well to th e n eeds of the s tud ent body and the com munity, It i s pr ese ntl y offering three l anguages for study: two yea r s of Fre n ch two yea r s of German, and three years of S pani sh. Because of CZC's unique l ocation in which two cu ltur es and two l a n guages exis t a nd funct i on s id e by si d e the D e p a rtm e nt gives specia l e mph as i s to Spanish, offeri n g courses from the most e l e m e ntary through the m ore advanced level s of the l anguage Spec i a l co urs es a r e offe r ed in Spanish litera tur e S pani s h gra mmar and syn tax and adva n ce d trans l at ing for those w h o ca n handl e both l a ngua ges equally well. Members of the departmen t include Mr. S teph e n P ec k D e partm ent C hairman Mr. C lint on Carney, Mrs. Susan Stout. and Mr. Carlos Vaz. In addition to the academic program. the D e partm ent is affiliated with two foreign language clubs -the Fr e n c h Club, and th e Spanis h La'nguage Club whic h meets al the home o f a m e mber o n ce a week 1 0 e njo y an hour of infor mal Spanish co nver sat ion


MR. CARLOS A. VAZ. JR. Romeo Roberts al the drawing board. MRS. SUSAN M STOUT Gary Myers and Ed filo Below: Mike Noriega. Barbara Green. Rich Lesser MR. CLINTON C CARNEY. JR.


3' art outlet for creatvity Above: Mrs. Martha Wake Below: Mrs Genevi eve Adam s Beww: Martha V e l ez Below: A lma Howard Martha Velez uses Alegro W ood ruff as II model.


D a\ 'id A s h Alison Highto"le r fine arts stresses cultural appreciation Chuc:k P e t ersen Left U) right: John Duke. Mrs. W a ke. E d Lee 37


natural science prepares student! Mr. DeWiH Myers. Chai r man. Natural Science. M athema t ics and Engineering Dan H oward conducts an experi m ent in chemis try 38


today's world MR. DONALD SEITZ MR. LYLE JENKINS Luther J ones and Denise Schemerhorn participating in Botany Lab. Slap me some s kin. 3.


MR. GORDON SMALL 4. new degree offered in Th e mo s t r ece nt add ition (1970) tu th e c urri c ululll i s th e Bac helor .of Science in M e di cal Tec hnolo gy; Cana l Zo n e Col l ege i s o n e o f a se le ct few junior c oll eges to offe r a B ac helor's de g r ee in thi s field. This departmen t h as s tr essed th e n ee d for and th e inclu s i on of ma th ematics and sci e nce co ur ses for everyo n e in every program b eing followed. Canal Zone College i s k eeping ab r eas t o f c h anges a s th ey aff ec t sc i e nce ed u cation. The co ntinu e d training of facuhy a nd th e continue d improvement s in lahora to r y fac ilities alle s l to thi s. The ph ys i cs, c h emis try, biol ogy lah o rat ories, and ma th e mati cs progralll are all designed to k ee p th e mod ern s tud e nt ahre a s t of th e mod ern adva n ces in th ese di sc i pli n es. MR. CHARLES COUR CHAINE


tatural sciences department MR. KELLER HEARD MR. CARL ANDERSON 41


students learn by doing REBECCA O. ELLEDGE M rs. Elledge explains the re s u lts o f an eXllc rim c nt t o o ne o f he r s tud ents DR. RICARDO VALLARINQ Department of Medical Te chnology 42 Vicki Ahenburg. with the aid of a slide rule. soh'es a problem in chemistl),.


COACH flNKELSTEIN. Head of Physical Educ ation Department M ISS LEHMAN pe department develops athletic skills The Ph ys i ca l EJuca tion clt-partmen t of CZC is organi/'('d in !:ouch a way ab to allo\\ eac h s t udent t o participate in hi b c h o i ce of bporl!:>. I nt crmurals a r e an imporlant part of th e Ph}!:>i('al Education (\epartnwnt. Among th e sports offe r ed are habkdhall. \olle) ball, badminton. and tenni s I ntermural!:> allow for competition b e twe e n membe r:; of CZC. and Mr. Finkelbtein sa)s. it is an outkt afte r studies. M e mb e r s of th e Ph)sical Education d epartment put in man) hours of :;;er. iCl" to thl" sc hool. Mr. Fink els t ein r e p orte d tha t th e foo t ball I('am 5 p('nl ove r 180 houn. in prac+ t ice during th e 197 0 foo t ball beason. Abo vr: Margie Engetke and Maxine Karsl. .3


students participate sports Top kft Pam Birch watches her opponent. 8eww left : Jim H ots k o throws the shotI'll!. Below center: Neil Frll cnheim awaits call. Below right: Debbie Qlliver (# 34) and Carol Torsl c nson (# 3) In B ottom : lack Hoy le. Kathy Doc k ery. and Iwo Criswbat girls watch Chuck Wicks. Opposite: Coach Finkel stein PUiS the boys thr ough paces in P E Class and s hows them how 10 do it. ..


.6 CHARLES R BOWEN. Chair man. Deparlmcnl of Social Science and Educalion social science and education departments educate for future When we think of ed u catio n for th e future. mo s t of u s think in t e rm s of phys. i cs. c h emis tr y or math ema t ics [\' e n th o u g h th ese field s of sc i e nce help mak e a better \\orld with g r ea t t ech nolo g i ca l advance. w e still mus l r e m e mb e r th at w e are humans and Ilee d to und e r s t and eac h other. Th e co mbin ed department of Social Science and Edueatioll offe r s t h e opp o r tunit)' to d e\clo p new insights co n ce rning t h e future a s people livin g t oget h e r i n th e world. The major branch of th e dual d e partme n t i s tha t of th e s ocia l and b e h av i o r a l sc i e n ces. Thi s includes Psyc hology. H i s tory I n t erna t io n a l re l atio n s. Phi l oso phy, and o t h e r s ubject s of int e r est. Students f ollowing th i s p rogra m h ave th e o p portunit y to s hare and di sc u ss fr eely wit h the i n s t ruc tors of t h e d e p artmen t : Dr. Anni s, Mr Bowen. Dr. Carin. Mr. Vosburg. a n d Mr. W h i t e. Th e bran c h of e ducation offers co u rses for tho se s tudent s who int end to go int o t eaching or for those. w h o a lr ea d y hav e a degr ee bu t woul d lik e t o k ee p up 1 0 date \\ith th e fas t moving field. The di\crsifi<,d g roup of s tudents which attend CZC hav e a l ai 10 gain frolll th e oppo rtunit ies o ff e r ed b) this dual d e p a rtm e nt. C H A RLES R. BOWEN


Students lis t e n to Dr. Anni s in his Anthropology Class. students develop new insights in department


DR. RUSSELL W ANNIS DR. THEODORE S. CORI N social and science and education students gain from benefits of dual department CLARENCE R. VOSBURGH LORING H WHITE S AM U EL D WRIG HT


DORMITORY SUPE R V ISOR S WOMEN'S RESIDENCE HALL, Mrs. Bernice Davison MEN'S RESIDENCE HALL: Mr. Ste\e Bun)ea dorm supervisors and office staff perform many duties to help students and faculty AboVf:: Patricia Davis. Tim e keeper Below left : R oberto San c hez. College Cashie r Below r1Shi: Mrs Rochelle I l ead. Office Supervisor -'Cana l Zone College, rna)' J help you?" asks a rrif'nd I)'. ),outhrul voice. When )OU call the college orrici' ror inr orma tion. ),ou \\ill pr o babl y talk 10 a unl(,t' aide. Although Ihe s tud ent orfice aide rna) not kno\\ Iht' answer to your question. h e will r c r e r )Oll 10 someone in the o rfice who does kno w thl' In addition to an swering the phone. sludent aid/s t y p e 11'11t'rs, run ('oP)' ing machine s, carr) m essagt's,' and do a millionand onc odd jobs around the main nHke. Mr. R oberto Sanrllt.'l.. college cashie r Mrs. Pat Oa\ is, !)c('rclar) and tinwkcf'p er, and Mrs. Rochelle H f'ad, ortice s up ervisor. k eel' Ihe student aides bus) rrorn 7:30 a.lI1. 10 9:30 I).rn. All !-Itll' d ent aides \\ork rrorn 10 hours a \\('ck and carr ) rull time academic loads. 100. In additi o n to prO\iding valuable working exp erie nC<'. a aide j o b hell) S 10 1)3) college exp e n ses.


so the bookstore serves needs of czc students Loca t ed at the cross s tr ea m of s tud ent trame the CZC bookstore c at ers to all th e s tud e nts' n ee ds. Spo nsored b y the Student Associat ion, the books tor e is aptly fun by Mrs. Balmas, and the following s tud e nt a ss i s tant s; Ed O hm a n Ge n e S tuart and John Mclelland. This yea r h as s h own defi nit e profit." said Mr s. Balmas, w ho took ove r as manag e r five years ago. "Before, the boo k s tor e was ju s t a closet up s tair s, run solely b y s t udent assistants Today, we a r c well s ituated and provide th e s tud ent w ith mos t of his n ecessities." The book s t o r e h as advanced from p e ncil s, pe ns, and notebook pap e r to me c hani ca l drawing mate rial s and art s uppli es. to textbook s a nd pap e rba c k s. Sat i sfied with her job and h e r h e lp Mr s. Balmas wish es on l y for more room to disp l ay art i cles hidd e n in the dark co nfin es of the boo k s tor e, s u c h art i cles as sweat s hirts and T-s hirt s. mug s, l oosel ea f not e book s, and study s tand s. W e h ave all kind s a nd so rt s of pap e r produ c ts and n o t eboo ks." Th e book s tor e h as a minimal amoun t of art s uppli es along with so m e mat e rial s for drawi n g stu de n ts. "Mos t s tud e nt s p ay, on th e average, $50 or $60 per se m es t e r f or books," said Mrs. Balmas, w h o ord e r s th e books a nd pa ys the bill s. "We pa y for the books fir st, and any profit goes t o th e S tu dent A s soc iation tr eas ury. The book s tor e i s o n e of the main s tr ea m s f o r the a dvan ce m e nt of the s tud e nt and o n e of th e mor e imp ortant f ace t s o f the S tud ent Assoc iation activit i es. MrtI. Halmas. Head of the bookstore. Ed Ohman. book room aid ha s his hand i n the till Jeanne Stewart. 8ookroom aid.


AboL'e: Book s tore window Below: C y nthia Bull takes advantage of the bookstores wide selec t ion o f boo ks Above: W e sell other thing s bes id e books, Below: J ill Ebert makes a purcha se in th e book s tore 51




activities .... activities ..... activities . activities . . activities . . activiti . activities . . activities . . acti ies . . activities . . activities . . :ivities . . activities . . activities . activities . . activities . . activities activities ..... activities ..... activitie, . activities . . activities . . activ . . activities . . activities . . :ivities . . activities . . activities . activities . . activities . . activities . activities . . activities . .. activi s . . activities . . activities. . . a .. .. . ....... ... . activities ..... activities ..... activIties . activities . . activities . . activitj ; . . activities . . activities . . ac .. : . . .4 . . activIties . . activIties . . activities . . activities . . activiti . . activities . . activities . . act -ities activities activities _. _. -. -.


54 regi stration and orientation day at czc .. Marth a Ohman guides a tour o f the campus. Each yea r bcgins with fall r eg i s tration a nd orientation of th e st u d e nt s. Th e o l d stude nt s a r e given priority a nd th e n th e new s tud e nt s r eg i s t e r. After filling out th e see min g l y e ndl ess form s. th e s tud e n t mak es an appointme nt with hi s co un se lor and get s his sc h e dul e a p proved. H e th e n mus t pay his tuit i on. get h i s clas s cards and b e l abeled with a s tud e nt numb er. Aft e r th e form a liti es are over t h e s tud e n t make s a v isit to hi s frie ndl y n e ighborhood book s tor e 1 0 su pp l y him self with n ecessa r y ammu niti on book s. pap e r penci l s rul e r s. s t y l e s he e t s, and tho se eve r faithful Pink P earl e ra se rs. Now the s tud e nt f eels adequately exhau s t e d and sits ba c k and wait s for hi s final briefin g Ori e nt atio n Oa}. Th e ncw s tud e nt i s g r ee t e d b y his d e an s. ach i so r s. his Student Association pr eside nt. Aft e r th e informativ e l ectures. th e studen t i s orie nt ed to hi s n e w ca mpu s. Now th e s tud e nt is r ea d y to make an a lt ern pt 1 0 cXI)r ess himself educational! } a t Cle. Mr Sanchez collects tuition from the s tud e nts. So man y forms to fill OUI I


Dean Murphy add resses the new stude nts Th e n e w stu d ents get acqua inte d in l ounge. 55


view of the college Driving up the ",' inding La Boca Road. \ clltu ring int o th e college lif e of Canal Zone College. th e ne ..... s tud ent gels hi s first impression. Parking o n th e n a rrow oneway road facing the co lleg e o n e lea\ cs his ca r wilh a ss. Getting a sandwich and a soda. thi s slUde nt may walk o ut int o thc br eezcwa) and obsene th e s tud en t s ru s hing to class. and then 10 th e right. th e qui e t beau t y of th e cana l R e laxing at last. one r ealizes that Cana l Zolle College is n othirg to be afraid o f and i s so m e thing t o e njo y and t o d eve lop in /'


pep assembl 58


(2C Che erleaders "Loo k i n L:ood enerates game spirit Margi e En g l c k c Th e r elie f t eam get s in sonic pra ctice. 59


60 lift Marilynn Har e. Rachel Rice and Suzanne Gordon: nisllt : M argie Engelke. CZC c r o",d displa)s enthusiasm. Caro l To .... n se n d. M e t Gamcrtsfeldcr. J ose Rodrigu ez and Marth a Ohman.


'2 discothequ e 70 . The Wr ec king Cre ..... l e n to righ t : Pat Pe r ry. Diovelis Diaz. Vivian H ooper, Pal Crimm, Debbie 0 1 liv er. Suzie H i l e. D onna McClain. Kathy Mulroy. and Jan e l Husum. uft : Lonny J o hn s t o n s hares a joke ..... ith Uncle Bob from SeN. Pat and K athy Mulro y Left: Sara Rodri g uez. Kathy F os ler M ercedes Ng. R oger C u e r r a. J aime Carrizo. Juan Bena\'cnt. Dio \ 'dis Diaz. L u i s Kan t and Kathy DariinglOn.


Th e P ortobe l o P ingding ers f rom l eft to r i ght: P a t P e rr y Ted S n y d e r fran z L izst. D avi d A s h Ed Lee a n d Marc Camp bell. D e bbi e Olliver demonstrates her musical talent. . an array of talent T o promvl e e nth us i a s m i n drama p r o du c t io ns and t o es t ablish a feding o f sc h oo l s p i r i t ('arl) in the )ear "Dis c o t e qu e 70" ..... a s p r o du ce d und e r the dir ectio n of M r. Carl A dcoc k Early in O c t o b e r two p e rforman ces ..... ere g iven in the a u d itorium t o a reco r d c rowd o f 737 people f r om th e Can a l Zo n e a n d P a n am a T h e s h o w w as a l so pr esented o n the Atl a nti c side a t Cr i s t oba l Hig h Sc hool Six ty.thr e e c olleg e s tu d e n t s w e r e involved e ith e r o n ,s l age or behind the sce nes in t h e varie t y t a l ent s h o ...... The p rog r a m i n cl ud ed ori ginal s on gs b y Car o l T o r s t c n so n a n d L o n n i e J o hn s t o n as well as all or i g i nal int erpretive d a n ce and a s kit. B e t s y M o rri s o n d es i g n e d and c r e a t e d the se t whi c h h a d a m o d e r n art m o t if. Th e m o n e y whic h was t a k e n i n f o r admi ss i o n p r i ce was use d b y D e lt a P s i O m ega t o b u y a \ \urds for t h e Annu a l S pri ng Spe ec h f es tiv al. Mr. and M rs. M arshall and 7 :40 C h orus


Peace?'?? .. sadie hawkins day czc s t yle Left: J ose R od r iguez. T om Colc man and K a lh y M u lroy. R ighi: V ivia n H oope r and Jose R odri guez


SADI E H A WKINS DA Y COURT From left to right: J ose Rodr iguez. Vivian H ooper, Richard Swain. Suzanne Cordon. Robyn Pallon. Tom Col eman. Kathy Mul roy. J o h n M a n ley. O ebb i eOlliver. T om Gar her. "Come on 'ga l s' grab yor e 'g u ys' and let's head o n d own to the new fan gled b arn -CZC Auditor ium f o r the annua l Sadie Hawk i n s D a nce!" This year the CZC hillbilli es came t o o n e of t h e m os t exc itin g hoc d owns of the year and had a w h oppi n good lime. T h ey did the ir h o g-wash s to m p' to t h e tunc fiddtin o f 'Balzaak', M a rryin Sam J o h n Manlcy. was o n h and 10 'hit c h th e co upl es. D aisy Ma"e, D ebbie Ollive r and LiI' Abne r T o m Garbe r bega n t h e ann u a l Sadie Hawkins R ace -and n ac h erl)' s h e got him. Lil' Abner and Dais) Mae with Marryin' Sam From kft to right: Debbie Otliver. J ohn Man ley and T om Garber. 6S


From kft U) right: Rudy Crespo. Lonny J ohnston. J enny Veno. Dave furlong proves a point. twelve angry men canal zone college's first theatrical production of the year ... From kft U) righl: Rudy Crespo and Lonny J ohnston st r ess ing his opi nion From kft U) right: Todd P ec kman. Sieve Krisa a n d Jean S t ewart


Pla)'\right R e ginal R ose blende d the f our ele m e n ts h e felt w e r e at w ork in a jury service i nt o the well known s tag e play, Twelve Allgry M e n In th e first drama produ c tion of the sea son. thirt ee n CZC s tud e nt s abl y portra y ed thes e f O llr ele m ents : (a) the ev id e nc e a s r e memb e r e d and int e rpr e t e d b y e a c h indi v idual juror: (b) the r e lation s hip of juror to juror in a lif e and d ea th sit uation; ( c ) the emotional patt e rn of eac h indi v idual juror; and (d) physi c al probl e m s s u c h a s the w eathe r the timc. the un c omfortabl e room. e t c. T y ro s and v e t eran s both had o pportuniti es to d e mon s trate th e ir tal e nt s as ten s ion s in the jury room mount e d. Jurors w e r c : Craig Boatwri ght, Rud y Cr es po. Bill Duffu s Shirl ey Fontain e. Dave Furlong. T o m Garb e r. Lonn y J o hn s ton. Stev e Kri s a. P e t e r L y ew. Todd P ec kman J e an St e w a rt Jenny V e no, a nd Walt e r Young. Mr. Carl Adco ck. of the Engli s h Spee c h Drama D e partment was the dir ec tor. From kit w riSht: J e an S t e w art. Lonny J o hn s t o n a n d D a \ e Furl o n g. From kit w fish/. : Bill Duffu s. Rud y Crespo. Walter Young. Tom Garber and Dave Furl o ng. 6'


Rob yn Patton and Lonny J ohnslon Mr and Mr!!. Adcock Mr. Adcock Ed Ohman and T om Garber .s


newman club v i sits portobello . A bollt-fro m l efl l o right : P ricilla M 3rt e n cl l Marth a O l l e r M a rth a Robl es. AI righl from lefl t41 righ1: F e n ando D iaz. Virginia Luqu e. Pricella M arti n elli. Agu st i n Re). Donna McClain Vicki Troct c h Rica r do Bola n os. Lou ise J uli an. Dal y! Sage!. M a rtha R obles. Louise J u lian I n O c to b e r a group o f approximal('l ) 2S CZC Newm a n C lub m embers look a Iri p b y bus to t h e h i stor i c c i l y o f P orlohdlo. There they v i site d the Cath e dral whic h has the s tatu e of t h e Black C hrist m ade h y the S p aniards over three hundred years a g o Th e g r o up h a d a picnic I Ullc h on a b each nea r Porto b ello a n d spe nt the afte r noon s wimming, singing. and p i a) ing football.


70 Theresa Bie rbaum From left UJ right: Kath y t'os t e r. Theresa Bie rbaum. Marilynn H are phi beta lambda holds bake sale in town square. Phi B e ta Lambda is Canal Zone College's business club. The ofricers ror the 1970 school year are: Presi d ent Maril y nn Har e, VicePreside nt J oh n Bay, Secretary Rob y n Patton Treasu r e r Kath y Fo s t e r S. A. R e pr ese nta tive Pat P erry, R e port e r Laura Seeley. The officers were in s tall ed b y the club ad visor, Irvin L esse r on November 7 1970 a t A l brook Orfi ce r's Club. T h e in s tallation banqu e t includ ed a delicious dinner and an extr e mel y inte re s tin g s pe ec h b y Major B e rt N. Walk er. Phi B eta Lambda s pon so r s aClivities r elat e d to business and help s to g ive students a broad v iew of the business world. Durin g th e first sem es t er, so m e of t h e memb e r s h e lp ed u s her th e FBLA club m e mb ers from Balboa Hig h Schoo l around th e college for orien t at ion And around Christmas, Phi Beta Lambda h eld a bake sale at the Balboa Post Orfice and use d the money t o d o n a t e rood and toys to two poor ramilies in Panama. From left to right: lim Wohlforth. Laura Seeley. Maril yn n Har e


Joe Cronan. Eug ene Tu c k e r and R obert Spilling arriving at the t ea. !zc men host christmas tea Th e thirt y r eside nt s of th e boys dormitory w e r e ho s t s for th e fac uh y and administration at th e ir annual Christmas t ea. Th e planning and d eco rating was ably executed by th e boys and their advisor. Mr. Steve Bunyea, but the aid o f the girls was n ecessa r y to provid e the delicious tidbit s. Ri skt: Mr. Altenberg cente r explains the conto ur o f th e poo l table to Joe Cronan. R obert Spilling. Mr. Fawce ll Eugene Tu c k e r Ed Portier. Walter Tu c k er and Eugenio R a ph ael. B otlom riSk Dr Latim e r. D ep ut y Supe rint enden t ; Mr. S. Bunyea. Dorm Suo pervisor; Mr. N. Ah e n berg. CZC R eg i s trar ; Mrs f Sampsell. Assl. S up eri n tend e nt. US Eleme ntary Schoo ls; and Mr. E. Fawce tt. A sst. S uperint enden t of Latin American Schoo ls. Mrs A Latim e r and M rs. F Sampsell enjoy the holiday 71


From kft 14 risht. Jean Stewart. J ennie Veno, and Walter Young. Doris Creene From kft. 14 "Sht Mr. Arthur. Mrs. Arthur, a 1964 gradua t e, J ean nette See. Rud y Crespo. and John Barb a 1969 graduate. delta psi omega discoveries of Lonni e J o hn sto n new talent From kft /() righl Tom Car ber. Sieve K r i s a, Debbi e O Uiver.


installation banque t i D John Manley From Ic.ft 10 nghl: Slc \ e Balmas. J e nn ) Veno, Lonn) J o hn ston. Mr. Ad('Ock. Victoria Rodriguez. a graduat(, of 1967. Ed L ee and Nanc) M o rri so n Each )ear talent ed sludt'nh a r e b) the drama department. and \\ ilh exce ptional abi liti es are selected for Dell a P s i Om ega. honorar) soc i c l ) i s a national one in which m e m ebers are admitit'll b, im italio n only. Tal ente d as well as hard \\orki 'ng :-tudents were this ,ear b, Mr Carl Adcock. Students pr o\ed in drarnatical produ ctio n s of the Canal Zont College includin g a tal e nt s ho\,. Discot l lt' qu(> '70 and a pia} ''Twelve Angr) M en. -, Some of lile back-stage artists were also im itcd 1 0 join the Bef ore membe r s hip ,\ as granl{'rl, ('a('h s lud ent had to take an ('xaminati o n \\ hic h con!'i s t e d of question s about the his tor ) of tht.' !:'o('i ct) and its officers. Ins tallati o n of m embe r::-t oo!" a t the Tivoli Guest H ouse. Earh 1l1(,ll1bcr \\a .. there requ ired t o d e m onst rat e som(' of talent including .. kit s. singing group", and ('ntcrtain mcnt s p eec h s Mr Adcock From to righl Louise Juli an Debbie 01li\er, and Dio\elis Diaz. 73


Th e guys sing out l o w t o n es. Mr. Chapman rue!> tM pianbt. 14 J e annett e See (Jeft) and Dori s Greene exchange glad tidings Celia M c Conkey and Donna M c Clain


Gladys Maymi and Pat Mulroy Irm a Busch. Jim Wohlforth. and Laura Seeley give the taste t est. holiday mood prevails at christmas formal Suzanne Mahan and Gal'} M)ers The Christma s F o rmal Court from l eft t o right: Todd Peckman and Celia McConkey. Ju an Bcnavent and Dio\clis Diaz, Jeann e Chanc e and M ark Chance, J ean Stewar t and Rudy C r espo. QUEEN Mili ce nt Turner and Jim H ear n e. J uan Bcnavent and Diovcli s Dia z Shirley F ontaine and J ack H oyle David Newcomb and Melissa Butter field 75


Maradee Scaroborough and Frank Sharp in lion. 76 Amy McConke) and J ose R odriguez con t emplate Ihe si tuati on. Left: Louise Julian. Cefcrino Vii l amil. Jack Hu mphrey s and Cindy Boukalis.


79th army band visits czc ... At Christma s time the Canal Zone College was fOriunale in having the 79th Army band perform. Under the dir ec tion of CW3 Donald M Flewell the band performed several arrangements. 77


the conquistador staff in action Jaim e Carriw Faye Wei s ser Paul Stewart Betsy M or r ison and Alison Hight ower


Kathy fosl e r Celia McConkey


Th e s taff photographers tell of hair r aising yearbook! "OK girls. last o n e t o the botto m has to sort the pictures!" 80




low about this one Camera s h y Steve! "1" ''''''';; -.' . ... "j.,. J'-What Jim .... ouldn t do (or a pic tur e first pose, then o ut you go. Jackie Cro .... ell and Vicki Sizemore


The goa l of thi s )car' s eo"quisllu/Qr s taff ha s bcen to produce an a nnu a l which c \ c ry memb e r of the s tud ent b od)' will b c proud to own. Ever y ),ear there an' man)' new problems to be soh' e d and man)' dcris ion s to b e made. Som e o f th e main probl e m s th a t arise are d ecid in g o n a s uitablc co ver, making a p h otogra ph)' sc hedul e. photographin g organii'..ations and individu a l s. dctermining p age-Ia)outs_ and de c idin g on th e organizationa l format of th e book. Anoth e r big problem in producing a ),ea rbook is th e e ditin g of co py. Earh organizat i o n mus t ha ve accura t e co p)' wrillen about it. Checking n ames, proofreading cop)' an d pa s tin g picture s comprise mor e of th e duti es of Ihe s taff. The Conqui s tador s taff has be e n able 10 m ee t and d efeallhese problems through the ca pabl e leadership of Edilor Bill Duffu s, and A ss i s t a nt Editor Pam Bir c h. How about the Napoleon look ?


L r; .......... .......... ...... lt.J .... ..... .a:IL ... .u .......... '-' ..... ......, ".&. t nizations ..... organizations . . organ tions ..... organizations ..... organizat ns ..... organizations ..... organization: ... organizations ..... organizations .. organizations .... organizations ..... . . organizations ..... orgc izations . . organizations ..... organil tions ..... organizations ..... organizati s ..... organizations ..... organizations . organizations ..... organizations .. organizations ..... organizations ..... 0 : anizations .... organizations . . orgal lations ..... organizations ...... organiza .ns ..... organizations . . organizatiol ..... organizations ..... organizations . organizations . . organizations .... rganizations . . organizations . . orl nizations ..... organizations . . organ ations ..... organizations ..... organizat ns ..... organizations . . organization ... organizations ..... organizations .. organizations ..... organizat i ons .....


J ohn Gilb ert S. A. Pres. sa governing body of czc Se r ious thing s are did ed in S. A m ee ting s S pon so r e<1 b y Mr. L awre n ce P e rkin s, and back e d lip b y john Gilb e rt preside nt ; R ob Spi llin g. v i cepr eside nt ; j eanne Chan ce sec r e tary; and S usy Hit e, tr e a s urer; the S tud e nt A ssoc iation em bark e d on a v i gorous ca mp a i g n t o ge t s tud e nt s a t CZC inter es t ed in the var iou s extracurr i c ular a ctivities s pon so r e d b y th e S tu dent A ssoc iati on. In an e ffort to a cquaint th e s tud e nt s with th e C.Z. officers th e variou s c lub s, and club offi ce r s a n assembly was pul o n with ent e rtainm e nt b y th e P o rto Bell o Pin g din gers: D e bbi e Olliver L ouise julian, Diovelis Diaz, Maxin e K a r s t Marji e Engelk e. Dori s Gre e n an d j eannette Sec. A s a follow-up. a get-ac qu a int e d dance was held in Sept e mb e r a t A lb rook Offi cer's Club. Other fun c ti o n s spo n s ored by th e S.A. in c lud e d a n asse mbl y fea turin g th e 79th Arm y Band and a H allowec n D a n ce. Some of the motion s mad e t o impr ove th e college a tmos phere co nc e rned r e n ova tion s of th e parkin g lot s. expan s ion of Ihe selling s pace in th e book s t o r e, and r e d eco ration of th e s tud e nt lou nge. Throu g h out th e yea r variou s co mmitt ees wer e form e d 10 ba c k up i ss u es whic h e ffect the e ntir e s tud e nt body. Among th ese wer e th e dress co d e c ommitt ee. w hi e h work e d along wit h th e D ea n and o th e r fac ult y m e mb e r s t o help put in e ffect t h e new dress co d e whi c h had been s u gges t e d th c pr c viou s year. Th e S.A. h opes th at it ha s bee n s u ccessful in fos t e rin g n e w tr ends and idea s that will b e co ntinu e d b y next yea r s S.A. mcmbe r s


;;tudents AooV4!: S. A. meeting. typical Chaos. J ohn Gilb e rt op e n s S. A. meeting Above: D oes s h e or doe s rr't s h e About:: five more minutes and I'll nood the r oo m Above: H ere we go again. 87


french club Below: fren c h Club members discuss fulure p l ans. Below: fre n c h Club m c e l i n g s a r c n o t all ..... or k 88


Back row. left flJ nlJhl : Gusla\o Rutter (S.A. Rep.). Jaim e Carrizo (Pres.). Ornar Clup. sen, Carlos Not)ce. Front rOIl., left t o neht: Mariela Pa zmino, Ja c(lueline Wt"'l. Below : Guest s peaker s peak s on French his t o ry. Ba ck row. left 10 nghl: Leila Llc\OeI)n. P atricia Derllen. Carlos Not)ce (Treas.) Ffonl fOU' left 10 nlJhl Cocl..burn. Pamela Carrington, Guadalupe Escalona (V.P.), Ada Virginia LU(lut', The purp ose of L'Es prit of Canal Zo n e College i s t o provide additional opportunities for all int e re s ted student s t o praclit:f' Iheir language :-.kil1s: we also hope t o s timulal(' a greater interes t in and ap' preciation of Frenc h cul!ure and through plann ed c ultural and socia l arti\ jtit,!). Among the regular. annual {'\ent:-. !:-pon sof(.'d b) the group i s a French Da) in Ihe lounge. where all CZC students and facull) art? \\('kome 1 0 come share croissants. brioches and Frenc h pa::-Ir) in "typical" surroundingi:-. comp](-tt-\\ ith H'dchecked tablecloth s and Fre nch music. Other activities includcd reporl!'> b) group memo bers on the hi s lor ) of t i lt' French and 11ll' Panama Canal. and on the rC\Oluli o n in the Frf'llch uniH'rsi tic s which be ga n in Ma y. ]968. In ('o rHleclion wilh th e latter. the group ab,o brought in a )oung man to ex plain his COulllr) 's l'ducalional S)SICrn in detail, and to explain in depth lilt" or th(' cur ren l problcms, Othcr pr{'Stllla l ions made b} Frf'llch men living in Panama tr ealed -

chess club 90 phi beta lambda Fronl row : John Sa). Maril ynn H are. Robyn P a ll o n Sec ond row: F ernando Diaz. Laura Seeley. Kath y f oster. P a l Perry. M artha Ohman Ba c k row : Mr. Lesse r Ame lia Josephs. Jennie Veno. Th eresa Bierb aum. Carol Townsend


uft UJ right; Kath y F os l e r Ana Lee, Jan e t Rochel e au, Nan c) Tinne), Mr Carney, I ngrid Fr eebo rn. Mol lie Turne r, N e lli e Goffene y Cindy Boukali s Sonni Marsc hik Pil o t s i s a se r vice organil.3tion opcn t o all s tudent s a t Ca nal Zone C ollege. Und e r th e s pon sors h ip of Mr. L o r i n g Whit e and represcnt e d b y V ivian 1 l ooper. l )fcsirie nl: SUS) H i t e v ice'pres i d e nt ; a nd Linda K cmp, S. A r epn'sc nt ativc th e Pilot s have b ('cn v e r y activ e in sc h oo l fun ctio n s s u c h as pla ys, ball gaul('s. ori e n t a tions. t ours, d a n ces, and nit c d Fund activities. Students who a r e regula r memlle rs of th e St udent As!:>oci at i on are elig ibl e t o b eco m e a pil ot. S c n i ce rendcr e d during a t on e ex tracurricular c \ 'e nt during a gi\cn sc hool )car co n!:ll i tul cs a m e mb e r s h ip in Pilot s f o r th e year. For se r vice a t live or morc ex tra -cu rr i c u lar e"ents during a sc hool )ear an award ",ill b e prese nt e d at th e Annual Awards Assembl). The purpose of th(' S I )anis h Lan guage Club is to pro\-ific !l1('aningfui a nd u!:>eful Spani ... h l anguage co nt ac t and c).j>l'r i cnccl; out ... ifi(' Ih( foreign l a n guage c1a ... sroom. W e ha\{' a f c\\ busin(':o;s meeting:; a t th e beginning of Il w l'>chooi )'ea r t o di scuss our plans a nd acti\ ili('f; for th e ycar. Our convcr satio n al groul' !lH'ets in formall y cve r y Thurs d ay eit her in Miss Kalh ) FOSler's hOllhC or in Mrh. N e lli c Coffel1t -y's hou s(', di sc u ssing int e r es tin g t o pi cs in S pani s h A lth oug h thi s is a s mall cluh, ,\ e h ave th e m ost e nthu siastic m emiJcr ships an d efficiell t officers: Miss C) nthia B oukalis P residellt; Miss Kath y FOS ler -Vice-prcs i dent; Miss An a Le e -Sccretar); Miss Patri c i a Cockburn -Trcasurer; Mf!;. Nell i e Coffene) -1 0 m a n age int e r-relation ship b e tween Englis h L anguage Club and S I )ani s h Language C lub ; Miss Nan c y Tinney S.A. R eprese nt a t ive Under th e ad v i cc of our s pon so r Mr Carney we have s u ccess rull y ful fill e d o u r purpose of prividin g u s eful Spanis h Lan guage expe ri e nce to all parti c ip ator s. Standing: SUS) H ite. Silting; Vivian H oope r. Linda Kemp. 91


' 2 Abott; Officers. Patrick M ulro}: R ud) Crespo. Below: Would )OU please repe:lt tha t The Frc::.hman of ] 970 r cp re:.cnte d b) P atric k M u lro) Pn'!:'idcnt: Rud) C re::>po -D eLbie Walters S('('r('tar): Jack Ho) Ie T reasu r e r : and P ass man Spoll"or. During the Fall SClllt'st('r the Freshman C l ass h a d 1\\0 unoffi cial picnics. TIll' !",pon ... orNl t h e S hip w rcck Inltr-school Dance help in No\ember \\hich the Balboa High School senio r s \\e r e imiled 10 attend. D uring the Spring Tht' Fres hman a n d Sopho m o r e C l asses joill('d together 10 plan a H awaiian luau and D attce. Thi s .... as follo\\('d h} the Spring Formal \,hich \,as held a l the F o r i Amador Offic('r\. Club. Abor:e: F'res h Officers. Sec r e t ary, D ebbie Walt el'!, Treas ur e r, Ja c k Hoyl e. Below : Think i n g hard? freshman class


Above: Soph. Office rs. P reside n t. C}nthia Boublis; Vicepn:s; dent. D ebb i e OUiver: Secretary. Linda Lowe. sophomore class Left.-No ..... this is the scoop. B elow: for m y first number. tht' <:old s h ould/r. Although I h e Sophomo r e C l a ss i s a minorit} at Canal Zone College. il has been able to many thing s. Th e Class is h} Mr. Jim Hi g ley and i s represented h} C)ll lhi a Boukalis. dent: Debbie Olli'er. Linda L o\\{', seCr Clar}: and Linda Kemp. treasurer. Th e }ear began b} tr}ing to giH' thc g irl s at Canal Zone College a c h ance to cal ch tlH'ir fell as h} s pon soring the Sadi e Hawkin s Dan ce. I n December. Christma s \\as used as the thl'me h) the Sophomore Cla ss for the Chrislmas F o rmal \\hich was held at Ih(' forI Amador Officer's C lub. Th cll in Ihe Sophomore Class merged \\i lh the Frt ... llInan 10 add an H a\\aiiall lou c h to lilt' \car \\ith a luau. Final, Iy. the Sophomorcs ended }car \\ilh the Annual A\\ard s Banquet held in Ma). 93


Th e m e n 's dormilO r ) l oca t e d o n the Cana l Zo n e ca mpu!'. is a reside n ce for full tim e s tud ents. Th e dormitor ) h as Iwe nt ) roo m s, eac h o f whic h ('an accommo dat e fr o m o n e to thr ee p eople, but m os t of thc twent)-f our s lud('nls h ave a roo m to them sel ves. Oth e r facilit ies include a s m all k i t c h e n a n d l o un gc. tdc \ i s i o n and s tud y room, a n d a l a undr y a r ea. Mr S i eve BUIl)ea is d ormito r y a d v i sor: and office r s o n thc dormit o r y c oun cil a r e Ed P ortier pr esi d ent, Euge n e Tur k e r v i cepresi d ent, and Bodi e S w a in. sec r etarytre a s ur er. Thi s )ear these l ea d e r s and the r es id e nt s tud e nt s a r e brin g in g a b out ce rtain c han ges 10 m a k e the do rmitor y a mor c eff ective part of a s tud e nt' s tot al e du ca tion SOUle of these c han ges inv o lve pla cing m o r e r es pon sibilities o n t h e s tud ents IIH' m s cl ves in orde r tha t s u c h co mmunal living c an b ec om e mor e effec liv e. No!! 11"8 n O I pig'S reel ! men's dormitory Paul Smith 9. Bill n e v e r misse a meal.


Thi s sc hool yea r nineteen g irl s from the Atlantic side a r e hou sed at the CZC girls' dormitor y M embers of this r eside n ce who make up the Dorm Coun cil are R ac h el Rice. l )resident: Luella M ora l es vice pr esident; Vicki K aufe r. sec r e tary: M ercedes Ng. trea s ur e r and Amelia Jo se ph s SA represent ative. Th e !;irls w h o occupy the e i ght r ooms at the dormitor y are expe c t ed to obey all the rule s and r eg ulation s whic h were formu l a t ed b y the Disc iplinary Committee and approv e d b y the G e n e ral D or mit ory. F a ilur e t o obey any of th ese rule s over a ce rtain p eriod au t oma t i c ally r es ults in th e l oss of pr ecio us" pri vileges. The do rmit ory ope n s eve r y Sunday night al 6:30 and clo ses for the w ee kend a t 6:30 p.m. on Fridays. Durin g thi s time boys a r e n o t allowe d in eithe r win g, r egard l ess of the c ir c um s t a n ces. Every night all t h e girls hav e to r e turn t o the d ormito r y b y ] 1 o'clock, unl ess the ir gra d es are high. In thi s case these fortunat e students ma,y r e turn by 12 o'clock. I f n o thin g e l se. thi s gives th e dorm girls an ince ntiv e to s tudy diligentl y As a means of rel axa tion the g irl s in the dormitory have the opportunity to play the piano and wat c h t ele \ i s ion. The lif e in dorm is e njoyable and will bring back m a n y unforgettabl e memories in the future. .s

PAGE 100

Top left: Joe Cronan's hom e away fro m h o m e. Aoot' e: J emmott know s holO a jab 10 the s tomach goes. uft : Ruben i s su r e t o ge l it in thi s lim e. BOU(}ffl 14t: Paul Smith and his lentil b ea n s with onions. B elow: H ome""ork al"3)5 gels into th e pictur e with francisco King

PAGE 101

Top kJt : A sponge tr ee in Top Righl: Mark my lO.'ords m e n Righi: Was that an F7 or a n FYz? &ww: Wat c hing all the gir ls. and pys. go by. 97

PAGE 102

And that' s the way it's goin g to s t ay. Oh Yeah?? Y eah!! Who d o they think w e a re?

PAGE 103

eager staff publishes magazine "'bove: Patri ci a Finn, Nancy Tinney. R ebecc a Lar i c uenl e. Mrs Nellie Goff eny. Nic k y Tinia cos. T e r Lubrano. J ea nn e tt e S ee. An ge lla Cockburn Righi: M rs. Garber Below: Mrs Kidd. the s ponsor of the Tropical OIl '.egian s taff Earl y in S epte mb er, 1970, a s mall g roup of in experie n ce d, but eager s tud e nt s join e d togeth e r to form a n ew s t aff for the Tropical Collegian th e lit e rar y magazi n e of Cana l Zone College. Si n ce the biggest prob. l e m was ge tting p eople t o co ntribut e to the magazin e, the s t afr d ecide d t o laun c h a v igor ous advert i s in g ca mpaign. P os t ers on the w alls of the c oll ege corridors and weekl y advertisement s in th e Spotlight clearly explained that th e Tropi cal Collegian was and invited fr es hm e n so ph omores, medi ca l t echnology juniors and the fac ult y to c ontribut e pla ys, s hort s tori es. ess ay s, poe m s in En glis h and Spani s h and car toon s. Old po s t e r s w e r e r e mov ed p eriodi c ally and new po s t e r s w e r e c r e at e d and hun g in thei r pla ce Th e s taff was constantly on the lookout for good mat e rial that would tempt the s tud e nt s and facult y to pic k up and r ea d the magaz ine Throu g h t c hin g po s t ers and advertisem ents, the s taff also hop e d t o ent i ce the s tud e nt s and fac ult y regardl ess of age t o co ntribut e to the magazin e t hu s making the Tropi cal Collegian. a sc h oo l effo rt. AI though the s tandard s w e r e not sct so imp oss ib l y hig h that only an acco mpli s h e d write r c ould hop e to see his word pr i n t ed in the m agazine, the s tandard s wer e n o t set so low that an y kind of di s organized w r iting was ac ce pt e d and print e d. At th e b eg innin g of the yea r the t a s k of putting togethe r and pub lis hin g four i ss u es of the Tropical Collegian appeare d to be an impossi b l e task. However. the s taff was d e t e rmi n e d that the magazin e would b e put together with the purpose of appealing to a wide aud i e n ce co ns i st ing of p eo ple from differ ent c ultur es and age s Th e s taff hop e d that the Tropical Collegian would b e s u c h fun to read that the s tud e nt s and facult y would eagerly await the adve nt of eac h new i ss u e On th e other h a nd the magazin e was also put togethe r t o info r m th e s tud e nts Throu g hout the year. the s taff m e t on Tu esday and Thursday. from 10:40 t o 11:30 a.m .. Although the m e mb ers of th e staff were each carryi n g a full load of s ubj ec t s som e member s too k tim e out to type up the approv ed pla ys, essays e t c that would b e included in each issue of th e m agazine, and a few s tud ents co ntribut ed th e ir artist i c tal e nt s in il lu s trating the maga zine an d c r ea tin g the p oste r s. Almost eve ryon e proofr ea d the fini s hed copies but the magazine did n ot become a c h o r e A s eac h new issue ca m e fr o m the printe r the s taff s co nfid e n ce in its e lf grew s tronger. The o p en. frie ndl y atmosp h ere of eac h m eeti n g assu r ed the achievemen t of an e qual amount of work and fun. A s the sch ool yea r progr esse d. the s taff ta ckled eac h new pr ob l em w ith deter mination and undimini s h e d eage rn ess. ..

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PAGE 105

'ts . . sports . . sports . . sporb ports . . sports . . sports . . sp ,ts . .. sports..... sports . . 'ports ..... sports ..... sports ..... sp ,ts . . sports . . sports . . ports . . sports . . sports . . . sp ts . .. sports ..... sports ..... ports . . sports . . sports . . sp ts . .. sports..... sports . . ports . . sports . . sports . . sp 'ts . .. sports..... sports . . rorts sports . . sports . . sp Its sports . . sports . . sports (ports ..... sports ..... sports ..... sp ts . . sports . . sports . . orts . . sports . . sports . . sp t s . . sports . . sports . . sports ports . . . sports . . sports . . Sp4 ts . . sports . . sports . . sports ports . . sports . . sports . . Sp 4 ,ts . .. sports..... sports . . sports ports . . sports . . sports . . Sp 4

PAGE 106

' Chosen by the Green Devils Football team Miss Darlene Daly was CZC Jambo ree Queen and rul e d at games and the football dan ce. Darl e ne was born in Cris tobal and ha s go n e to Canal Zone sc hool s all her lif e. She i s active in sl}ort s an d Phi B eta Lambda. Miss D a l } plans to continue h e r e ducation. majorin g e ither in bu siness or ph ys i ca l educa tion.

PAGE 107

SEASON RECORD 1 970 CZC 0 C RI S TOBAL 22 CZC 6 C R I S TOBAL 13 BALBOA 0 CZC 6 BALBOA 6 CZC 12 Manager Rick Velasco up "Simian" Sil\crlllan. COACH F'INKELSTEI N YJraclic/n'! every day in Ihe hoi !}Janama sun; runnin,!, passin,! and kickin,!; Bearnin'! 10 be a beller sporlsman; Cheerin'! fans Ihal spur you on; 7fllalfu",! a personal reward /rom CZC Football football team fights tough schedule Front row, 141 U) right : Gary M yers. Edward Lee. Charles Flagg. Albert Culbert. Eugene Tucker. Todd Peckman. Bud Vaucher. Johnny P ) l e. Edward Frens ley. Edward O hman. Steve Nehring. SIeve Wilson. Donald Rathgeber. J (lIliCS S tuart. row, /0 right: Coach F inkels t ein. J oe Cronan. Ken STogie. Edward Filo. Tom Carber. Ted Snyder Coach R eyes. Chuck Sihcrman. Keith Bullinger. John Gilbert, Richard Swain. Clifford Mullins, Charles Wic ks, Russ Bo",'cn, Bill Kelner. Coach Kennon. Gen e R endo n Neil f rauenheim. Bill Brooks.

PAGE 109

Sue Cord.n l 'heen. IK (TIght) N"II Fraut'uh"lm (Nil, W) II Cmlob.1 kIrk 104 105

PAGE 110

canal zone college all stars Chuck Sih erman Joe C r onan Keith B ullinger J ames Stewart Ken Brogie Don R athgebe r R i c hard SlOaLn 106

PAGE 111

chosen by referees association T om Carber Filo Todd Peckman Bill K etner R uss Bowe n Eugene T u c ker St e\e Nehring 107

PAGE 112

czc athletes in pigskin action

PAGE 113

Margie Engelke cheerleaders sparkle enthusiasm and generate spirit J acque lin Hunt 'J(ehearsinya cheer /or hours; :Prepariny /or a biy yame, Olirriny sludenl's emolions al a :Pep rallj; :PerfO rminy /or a sma!! bul spirrledcrowc{ Cheeriny your lean1 o n CZC Cheerleaders Altogether now! 109

PAGE 114

BHS f ootball T e am ? Maril ynn H are lift s Rach e l Rice a s Pat P erry conte mplates. Top. left to right: Carol Cash. Suzanne Gordon. Maxin e Rachel Rice. Pat P erry. Maril y nn H are. Bottom. left to right : J acque Hunt. Margie Engelke. 110

PAGE 115

From left 10 righ l /(}P /() OOllom: B. Swain. T. Garber. S. Goodman. C. Wicks. 8. M claughlin. K Dockery. J. H o yle. C. Holland. J Crowell. V. Sizemore. P. Birch. P. Prieto. Ballam : Rob Spilling. swim teams compete for honors 'lJrivinc; inlo Ihe colJ waler; ,shiverinc; o n Ihe edje oj/he poo!; :J]realhinc; harder every second; :J(ememberinc; inslrucllons from Ihe coach," W ar/inc; for Ihe c;un 10 bias!, 7akinc; 'lour mark anJc;ellinc; sel" Canal Zone Swim T eam. 111

PAGE 116

Left: Tod Pedman. J ack Hoy l e. Kath y Dockery! c h ee r ing on Chuch Wick Bcww: J ohn Bay. Steve Goodman. T e re sa Wright. Tom Garber. J acque Crowell. Franci s Kerr. Vickie Sizemore. R ob Spilling Bollom lcft : Kath y Dock el)' BOl/om righl : S IC\'C Goodman. Tom Gar b,,,

PAGE 117

113 Vic kie Sizemore

PAGE 118

The official Slart. Miss Lehman. the coac h "4 girls varsity basketball Kathy Mulroy fights for the ball. ( think I'll ju s t s kip down," Carol T ortcnse n easily I.lkes the jump. I

PAGE 119

"Doc brings the ball do",'n. ufi Hagee block s opponent. Youd better ",atch your se lf o r I"Ilgct )our othcr c}c: :Running, jumping, /hrowing, and ca/ching, c5hoo/ing jOr /wo poin/s a/ /he 'loa!; :Res/ing onlY momen/s be/ween fuar/ers, 'Junc/ioning inchuidual skiffs /0 work as a /eam a pari 0/. CZC Girl' s Ba s k e tball Right: Elaine looks (or teammate. Janet Husum on the mo\e. The varsity team from left to right: Hageer a Mollick. Alison Highto",cr. Elalnt' Rivera. Janet Husum. Kath} Mulro). Pam Birch. Kathleen Dockery. Debbie Ollher. Captain: Darlee n Daly and Co.Captain: Carol Tor1ense n 115

PAGE 120

116 Top. kft t() dSht : Coach Finkelstein. J Uria s. M. Smiley. W. lIund. J ack H o y le. Romeo Roberts. and Steve Kri s a Right: Ja c k Hoyl e s howing off his t e n n i s jacket. net sports popular at czc Bott()m : J ohn Urias, Mike Smiley. Walter l l un d befo r e a match.

PAGE 121

M ikeSmilc y W alte r llund Romeo Roberts J o h n U r ias I Voffeyrny jor a fina/poln/, Jlawnya balTslammedback hard; YJlaclny a ser u e so accuralelY Ihal tf isn I relurned; 0hollJlny yood jorm bul slilTbelny defea l ed; 71llalnlny salisfaclion /rom CZC T e nni s J a c k Hoyl e .. 111

PAGE 122

seven man track team faces tough competition lJarminy up in sluI/Y sweal SUI!,' lJailiny /or Ihe man {lJIlh Ihe red sleeve 10 f,e Ihe yun; ']( unniny so hardlhal your insides hurl,' YJrakiny sure Ihe balon slaps pa;;,, ; 0 1ri viny 10 e :welf in CZC Track G ene Tu c k e r s pr int s 1 0 the fini s h line. /"ft to righl S. Burns, R C Tucler. J Pyle. A W e L s k r N C. NOlyc .. II.

PAGE 123

Neil F'rauenheim gets off 10 a ((1s t s t(lr t Pat turnin g on Ihe speed. Neil fraucnhe im and SCOII prepare 1 0 run. II.

PAGE 124

track action R omeo Roberts off to a fine sta n Gene T ucke r pra c t ising a stan Scott Burns and Neil Frauenheim pass Ihe baton. 120

PAGE 125

girls' volleyball win s championship T op. t o dghl : D Dal) P Kirton. K Mulro) P Birch. A Jost'phs J. Farnsworth. B ottom. 141 l() riSk M Engelke. K. Docker }. P Pen; R Valle. Coach Lehman. Ronnie Valle. Luella Morales. Darlene Daly. Jan F arnSI'>orth. P a l Perry. Kalh) M ulro) :PunChiny /he baffin/o /he ai,; (Spikiny Ii over /he nel, ?J iviny /0 /he yround/o play /he ball; Cheeriny /a,joy as a poin/ is made; lJinniny /he championship Girl's Volleyball Team 121

PAGE 126

girls display s peed and skill L uella M orales and M argie Engelle "Ia\ illg tht' m'l Pat P erT) "ailing for the hall. Darlen e Dal} and Kalil } MulTo) demonstra t e lOjnning t ec hniqu(:s. '22

PAGE 127

Cri stobal High CZC CZC CZC SCOREBOAHD 2 2 CZC Balboa High Chrislobal High Balboa High "Doc" Dockery spikes the IJaIl "hilt: Pal Perr} \\aldu: s. 1 o I

PAGE 128

baseb all team members take practice seriousl y Walt e r llIund haul s t o ... ards fir st. G e n e Tuck c r

PAGE 129

0wealiny under Ihe hal :Panama sun ; 0mashiny Ihe balfinlo leji field; r:5/idtny safely 10 Ihe base ; Cheer/ny lOudlj as he slarls for home; 7?e;;nlny your a&J;!Jes CZC Baseball T ea m 12'

PAGE 131

12. Our personal achieve ments in Sports activities outside of school are a source of pride that carries over into our academic pursuits and campus ac tivities. Few students participate in the organized sports. None the l ess, most of us are athletes seeking out and creating our own id e ntities through Sports. 12 7

PAGE 132


PAGE 133


PAGE 134


PAGE 135


PAGE 136


PAGE 137

students ..... students ..... students .. students ..... students ..... students . students ..... students ..... students .. students ..... students ..... student ... students ..... students ..... stude] r students students stUI nts . . students . . students . . s ..... students ..... students . . tudents . . students . . students . students . . students . . students . students ..... students ..... students . students ..... students ..... students students ..... students ..... student ... students ..... students ..... stude) ; ..... students ..... students ..... stue ts ..... students ..... students ..... s ents ..... students ..... students ... :udents ..... students ..... students .. students ..... students ..... students .. students ..... students ..... students . students ..... students ..... students .. students ..... students ..... student

PAGE 138

J eanne C hance JEANNE CHANCE Graduate d fro m: Balboa High Sc hoo l in CZC J ea nn e Chanc e acted as S.A. sec r e t ary. CZC Footb all Quee n. CZC Sophomore Princess for Xmas Formal. c h air man of pro gra m for Xmas F o rmal. and apilot. Sh e was also a member of th e Phi B eta Lambda an d Phi Theta Kappa f r a terniti es a nd partic i p a t e d i n th e committe es for the A cquainted" Dance and "Pi c Lu." a pi c ni c in 1971. Her t ale nt s are swim min g, painting, and guita r pla y ing. She has as pir a. tions to work for Braniff Inte rnational whil e fur thering her education. RUSSELL BOWEN Graduated from: Balboa Hig h School. In CZC Ru ssell Bowe n was active in football bas k e tball and th e tal e nt s how. Surfing i s as far his main ath l etic e nj oy ment. Ru ss el l h opes to go to th e University of F l o ri da to cont inu e hi s ed u ca tion in th e engin ee rin g fie ld. EUGENE TUCKER, JR. G r aduated from: Bismarck H igh Sc h ool. Nort h Dako tao In CZC Euge n e Tuc k e r was active in footLal!. ba se ball tra c k. and p e p asse mbli es. H e was a l so a m e mber of th e Spanish Club and the m e n's dormito ry cou n cil -o n cam pu s. Wheneve r tim e p ermits, Eugene does ph o to g raphy. goes p i cnic kin g. an d at tends "sour dances. It is his si n cere hope that h e will be able t o cont inu e his s tudi es a t either Florida A & M or the Universi t y of North Dakota His a mbi t i on is t o be of so m e val u e to bo th his communit y and mankind as a w h ole a nd his desire is to achi eve it. twenty-two outstanding sophomore: Rus s Bowe n and Eug e n e Tu c k e r

PAGE 139

l!hosen for who's who in american junior colleges Darl e n e Daly DARLENE DALY Gradua t ed from: Balboa High S c hool. C.Z. In CZC Darle n e Oal) was a parti c i pant in all intramural and \'arsil } s port s and was a m embe r o f Phi B e l a Lambda and the bus ine s s club. H e r special int e rest s includ e b wirnmin g s kiin g and skindiving. whi l e h e r ambition i s to continue in e ith e r bu s iness or phys i c al educatio n. PANTALEON HENRIQUEZ III Graduat e d from: PanAm erican Ins titut e Panama Cit) R.P Pantal eon H e nri quez was a m embe r of the Newman Club, the Chess club. and Phi Theta Kappa. Pantal eo n enjoys swimmin g bowling. lis t e ning to class ical and modern mus i c collecting s tamp s and dabblin g in mathematics. Pantal eo n' s ambition is t o b e com e a c h e mical enginccr af t er comp l eting his studie s at the Unive r sity of Delaware. WILLIAM BROOKS Graduated from: Balboa Hig h School, CZC Spor t s took up much of William Brooks time in CZC as h e was active in the All-Zone football and All-Zone Tra c k t eams, and parti c ip a t ed in all intramural s ti e was als o a member of the Phi Theta Kapp a Society. His t alents include footb all and weight lifting. His ambition i s to attend Georgia Tech and h e h ope s t o receive a degree in c h emical engineering. Twenty-two sopho mor es from CZC w e r e honored by being listed in the book. Who's Who Am ong Students in Amen 'can junior Colleges. Nominations of o utstanding sophom o res wer e made by the faculty and the Exec utiv e Council of the Stud ent A ssoc iation. Final se lection of the candidates is made by the organizat ion in Tuscal oosa, Alabama. William Br ook s and Pantaleon H e nriqu ez III '"

PAGE 140

Franci sco King M ercedes Ng Anna Lee Nellie Coffeney candidates show evidence of service-ability 136

PAGE 141

FRANCISCO KING Gradu ated from: L1 P orte High Sc h ool. L1 P orte. Indi ana. In CZC Kin g actcd as the Viec-p n..:::.idt:nl of tht' Ddta OnH'g a C h aplt r of Phi Tl w l a K appa. the r e pr ese ntative of Phi Tlw l a Kappa to thL' S t udt'lll a m ember of t he S tud e n t Ad\ isor) Counc il. and a Illt'rnbcr of th e IJ3::-('ball and bas k e tball l earns. Fra n cisco\. hobbi es are ael i\\.'i) parti ci p ating in all sport s and lis t e ning to m ode rn Illll!:-tic. Francisco pla n:. 1 0 make p o litif 'al sc i e n ce his car eer a t a U S. univcr sil}. MERCEDES NG C. Gr adua ted fro m : 51. Colo n Acti, ilib in \\ hic h l\len:"C'(it'l:> was aClive in CZC inc lude the Nc,,,nan club. '70. Phi B ela Lambda. Phi Theta Kappa. Pilots. Engli::.h Languagl' Club. :-tud cnt and the Women' s Hesidcllcc H all Council. H e r h obhies are collccting s tarnpl:! and lis t cning t o mus ic. M erce des plan s t o co ntinu e !:-tudyin g a t the Uni, ersidad Santa M aria La Anti gua. AN A LEE Graduated from: 51. 1 0hn's Hig h School. M acau. South C hina I n CZC A nna Lee was the sec retar y of the S pani s h C lub and a m ember of the Englis h dub and the Phi Th eta K appa soc i e ty. Amo n g h e r many hobbicf,. Ann a list:-. sew ing. reading. math e m atics. s iampco lll' c iin g )achtin g h iking and swimming. Anna's plan s a r e to continue h e r stucii('l:! as an accounting major in the nit e d States. As a sturient assis tant a t the college librar). Anna c h e rish e d the opportunit y of gaining s u c h valuab l e \ \ orking exper i e nce despit e h e r limit e d knowle dg e of librar y sc i e n ce NELLIE GOFFE 'EY Graduated f r om: M anual High School. K a n sas City. Nellie was an active m e mber in the Spanis h club. the Tropical Collegian and the Phi Theta Kapp a s ociet y H e r hobbies include sai ling and skin diving. Nellie plan s to con tinu e h e r s t udie s i n his tor y a t the Flor ida S t a t e Univer s i t y Cana l ZOlle b ranc h KATHLEEN M ULROY Gr adua t e d from: B alboa Hig h Sc h ool. Kathl ee n Mulro ) parti c ipat e d in the Talent S hows of '69 and '70 as w ell as in all intr amura l and var sity s ports. While in eZc. s h e occ upi e d the pos i tion of freshma n class president and was an activc memb e r of the Pilo t s club, Phi Theta K ap p a and Phi B e t a Lambda. In h e r s p a r c tim e Kath ) enjo)s dan cing. swimming bowling. water s kiing. and jus t having f un. H e r ambitio n i s t o continu e h e r educalio n in the Sta t es. possibl y a t t h e Unive r sity of T exas, w ith the inte ntion of m ajo rin g in Physi cal Science and minoring in business. WILLIAM D UFFUS Gr adua t ed from: B alboa High School. Bill Duffus i s the p h otographer and editorinchie f of the Y earbook a t cze. H e I)arti c ipat e d in the play TlI'eh' e Angry M e n and was a m embe r of the D elta P s i Omega soci e ty. Bilt s interests includ e photograph). swimming. and fishing. Next year h e will attend the Unive r sity of f\' lain e t o continu e his education in Business Admini s tration DEBORAH OLLIVER Gradu a ted from: Balboa Hig h Sc hool. D eborah OtJiv('f achd as f reshman class tr easu r er. sophomor e class vice-prtsi d e nt. and the s tud ent assis t ant to the drama dire c t or. S h e was a m e rnlwr of the D elta P,.,i Omega soc i c ty. the Tropical OJllegian s t afr. and the Ne\\ man cluh. D ebbie I)artic ipat cd in "'Col lege Capers"' and "Discotheque '70", tal ent s ho\\ s held on campu s and worked back stage in the pia) TllJc/tf' Allgr)' M ell. H e r hobbits i ncludt' all s p or ts. playing the guita r and piano. and \\ orki n g with c h i ldr en. year D e b o r a h plans t o att end college in the s l a tes and major in S p rcial Educ ation. and s h c h opes to work on an I ndian rese rvation. K alhlee n M ulroy W illiam Duffus DcbOr:lh OJli\l : r I n 137

PAGE 142

leadership is characteristic trait IlAIlE G raduated from: B allJ03 !-ligh School. In CZC 1 \ l a ril ) nn H a r e b o th ::;( f'rt'l a r ) and pre::;ident o f I Ill" Phi B c l a Lambd a a C'ht'( 'rlc:Hh-r (19 70 J). a libra r ) as ::;i s tanl. a IlwmiJer of tilt' N(,\\ man Club. Ih e c h airma n of the S p ring F orma l C Olllmill cc. and a pr i nc('!>1S o n th l' C hri s tma::; Forma l C ourt. W a tt-r :skiin g. a nd se n illg arc lis t ed as h e r m a in hobbies. !\J a ril ) nn pl a n s t o contimlt' her in Ihe-United S l a les. g radu a tin g "ilh a degre e in Libr a r) Sc ien ce from;:1 uniH' } 1111'1'(', LINDA LOWE Gradua t e d from: Balboa Hig h S c hool. Linda Lowe p a rli( ipah-d in p r cciou s few CZC activ i t i es but was in con s tant prepara tion for h e r future in :::.o( i
PAGE 143

Vh ian H oope r Melicen t Turn e r Nicky Tinia cos V I V IAN HOOPER Graduated from: Balboa H igh Sc ho ol. A s an accou ntin g major in cze. Vi\ia n H oo p e r was a n acti\(' member of th e s iudent bod). A s \\ell as b ei n g p r eside nt of th e Pilo t s and th e chairman of th e Award s Banquct s h e was also a m ember of t h e Phi T h e l a K a p p a s ociet y the commil\ ee of Ihe Christmas an d SI)ring f o rm a l s a nd th e com mittec of th e Sa di e H awkin s D a n ce. Vi\ian parti ci pated in "Disco th e qu e 197 0." a CZC tal e n t s how, and a l so in softball and bowlin g intramurals. Amon g her hobbi es s h e lis t s water s kiing. bow ling, t e nni s dan c ing and car r aci n g. I n th e future Vivian intends to secure m ea nin gful em plo)lllcnt i n th e Publi c R elatio n s field. JEANNETIE SEE Graduated from: Our Lady of Bethleh e m Hig h S c h ool. Pan a m a Cit y R.P. Am ong th e g r o up s in \\ hic h J ea nn e ll c See was a c ti\e in CZC \\ere th e N e wman Communit y t h e Sc h ool's C h o ru s th e s t a ff of th e "Tropi. ca l Collegian," D elta P s i Omega an d "Di sc oth eque 1970." I n h e r spare tim e, J ea nn e tt e e nj oys pla ying th e guit ar. I)ian o and nute. writ ing mu s i c to sonn e t s working for th e R ed Cross. se wing. d oing oil paint ing and performin g as a supportin g ballerina. So far. J ea nn e tt e is un d ec ided a s to w hat sc hoo l s h e will allend n(,x t ) car. but wherc\er it mig ht b e s h e w ill enroll in th e nursing pro g r a m there'. TERESA L UBRANO Graduate d from: Cris t oba l H i g h Sc hool. I n CZC T eresa Lubran o \\as a member of th e Phi The t a K appa SOCi e l ) an d was an 3('ti\{' h taff m emo b e r of th e lit erar) m agazine. th e "Tropical Collegian." e njop; bo\\ lin g rt ading. lis tenin g 1 0 conl('mIJOrar ) Ita lian mu s i c go ing fis hin g on w(.'cJ..e nd s a nd tra\e!ing ab r oa d \\h<.'nc\('r P05:; sible. Nex t year g i l{' p l an s to attend Cen t r al State College in Oklahoma 10 conlinu e her s tudi es to\\ard B A and M ,A. degr ees i n En glis h B e f o r e takin g up permanent in T ere:sa that s ht"' \\ill h ave th e opportunit ) to t e a c h in th e Canal Zone 13.

PAGE 144

look of despair (,O\l'r,:. 1')f'S, member of the Co nqui"I ,lIlo r lIaff. as she begin .. to alphabctilt' tlli' 350 of Ihe of ClC. 140 students display spirit and sportsmanship Alexand e r. Carol Alt en b erg, Vick i And erso n. Willi e Armbru s t e r E dwin Alm s t c ad. Laine Alvarcz, Nila Arias. Maria Vict oria Arru e.llund Walt e r

PAGE 146

142 Barria. Gilbert o Bemben ek. T e r esa Bay J ohn Bemporad. Rita Baglien. B eth Ball, Bryan Beam. Linda Benjamin. Alberto students adj Bailey. Laura Ball. George

PAGE 147

[) college schedules Bennett. Carlo s Ber nal. Maria del Bir c h. Pam e la Boukalis. C y nthia Berard. Mary Bierbaum. Th e r es a Black. Lois Brady. Irma Berman, George Billh orn, Corin3 Boatwright. Craig Bro wn. J o hn Bogant es Vic t o r Burn s SCOII Bos ch. Vic t o r Busch. Irma 143

PAGE 148

144 Bolan os. R icardo Carles. Esther Butt erfie ld. Eliza beth Carrasquillo. Pabl o Butterfi e ld. Meli ssa Carrera. MigdaJia Caldwell. Arthu r Carrizo. Jaime Cahhirst. Elizabeth Cash. Car o l classes learn set traditions, atten Castillero. Floridalia Chang Wong. L ucia Chan ce. J eanne Chip sen. Omar

PAGE 149

Clark. Jaqu eline Cockburn. Casma Clarke. Eleanor Cockburn. Patricia Clarke.Ste\en Craig. William Cockburn. Ang eHa Crelaro. Daniel Cockburn. Carla Crowell. Ja c quelynn .nnual events and participate in school activities Daly. Darlene Diaz. Fernando Daub. Cheryle Diaz. Marl ene Dean. Ro se Diaz. Victoria DeFiavis. Mary Lou Donohue. Leo De La Cruz. Cynthia Duffi e. Lynda 145

PAGE 150

'46 Duffus. William Ebert. Jill England. Peggy Duty. Thoma s Engelke. Margar et Ensey Mark library benche,

PAGE 151

,opular for studying and visiting E\ angelo s. Chrislos f o r d Ricardo Evans. Jacqu eli n e F oste r Jun e F ernandez. Juana F os l e r Kathleen Fi sc h er. Carmen Frauenheim. Neil Flagg. Char les Fr eebo r n. Ingrid '47

PAGE 152

, 8 F rens ley. Edward Garcia. Cecilia Garrell. Nona Gamertsfelder. Marylinda Garcia de Paredes. Juan Gar rido Aur ora Ganser. J ames P. Garm. Aines Gent r y, Charles Garbe r T homas Garner. Charles Gilbert. Den nis Gar cia. Antho n y Gar ne r Nancy Gilbert, J ohn

PAGE 153

work starts early at czc Goffeney. 'cHic Gomez. Allan Coldsberf). K e nneth Gomez, Norma Goodman. Ste\"en Goodwin. Susan Cordon. Suzanne Gournet. Lor raine Doris Grenier. Rafa e l Guardia. Anabella ..

PAGE 154

Guerra. Roger H arrington. Pamela Haug. Anna ISO H effelfinge r Karen

PAGE 155

Hibben. John Hotsko. James Humphreys. Danie l Hunt. Jacquelin ,51

PAGE 157

lIund, Walle r J emmo!!, F e rnand o J o hnson Cuy J o n es. Lut h e r Josephs. Ame lia K empe r M e l i nda Kent Elme r K e rr, francis K etner, William King. Fr a n c i lco Jurado, Bert l lda Kam. Rosalinda Kafllt, Maxine Kemp. Linda K l einhenz. V i c kie Krisa. S t ephen 1S2 IS'

PAGE 158

contemplation a part of college life 154 Krueger. Susan Lawyer. Michelle U ewe l)n. Lilia Larra c uenl e, Rebe1:ca Lee. Anna Lohse. Deborah Lou. Alfr edo Leeser. P en n ) Littl e. Denise Lowe. Linda de Leon. Rolando Lim c him. Marilla Lubrano. Tere5a

PAGE 159

L yew. P e t e r students mix school life -careers L uchsinger. Walter McClur e. Kar e n M cConkey. Celia M cCee. Gary 155

PAGE 160

1S6 formal parties important part of college life ,\ Martinez. Toma s Marmi. Cladp Molina, Juli o Mcilvaine. Rosanna Mclelland. J ohn M cClain. Donna L. Manley. J ohn M claughlin. Bill Martinez. Edith M edi na. Berta M ercier, J ulia Miller. Faith

PAGE 161

Moor e S co ll M o r ell. J ose M orell. Y oland a M orrisett. P atric i a M orrison Barbara M o rri so n. Mar gare t M os kowitz. Nancy M o sque ra. Maria Cris tina M orto n P ame l a M urdock. R oberto M u l r oy. Kathl ee n M u l ro). P a trick Muri llo. Luis M yers. Char l es 157

PAGE 162

M yers. Cary N es bitt L o r etta Niede r Car o l Ng. M e r ce d es N o ttin g ham. Les lie Notyce. Carlos OConn e ll. Lynn Ohm a n E d w ard Ohman. Martha Olliver. D eborah O Neill. Barry P atterson. Sey mour Patton. Rob y n P ec kman. Todd 158

PAGE 163

Perry. Patricia Pimentel. Lastenia Pinzon, Amarilis Pip e r, Daniel Prieto, Pablo Pyle, Johnny Quijano. J orge R alphael, Claudia Rapha el, Eugenio R athgeber, Donald R ebolledo, Pedro Rendon. Cene 159

PAGE 164

R icha r d, E lsa R i c hard. !\brc i a 160 Rc), Agustin Riba, M a r cia R ice, G l o ria R ice, R achae l R i c ha r d s P a tric i a River a E laine students realize importano R ob e rts R o m eo R oblcs F elix

PAGE 165

f study and research Robles. Martha Rochel eau. Janel Rodriguez. Rodriguez.. Sara R omero. Esteban R oquer. Maria RusS(), felix Rostani s. Louis Sagel.Dalys San Miguel. Norma ,.,

PAGE 166

Savory. Enrique Scarborough, l\1aradee Schemerhorn. Denise See. Jeannette Seeley. Laura Sharp. Frank Shieldll. Vicente 162

PAGE 167

Shuffe r Rita Slover, M argare t Smith, Celia Smith, Daniel Snyder, Ted Sot omayo r Pedr o De So u za, L ilia Stark. J am es K 163

PAGE 168

Swain. Richard Suarez Eira Su. Yau Sykes. Edward Sle\ enson. Carlos Stewan. Paul Thompson. Huben Stelo art. Audre) Sirickiand. Kay Tiniasco5. Nick), Stewart. Jean Stuart. James

PAGE 169

Tinne}. Nanc) TOlO' nsend. ':ami Tucker. Eugene UglolO' Jam es EMERGENC ALARM T)paldos. Valle. Veronica

PAGE 170

I Vargas. Sonia Vau c her. Russell Veno. J ennie Walker. J eannine Vives. Iris Walker. Mary 8onnick. R enaldo Waini o. Kalhleen lil Vosburg. David Vargas. Xenia Vega. Tina Vielo Ann

PAGE 171


PAGE 172

various activities engage studen I.,

PAGE 173

. and four were not in correct alphabetical order La\al as. Il a mih o n Shields. Vicente Lle welyn Leila S m i th. Celia R emember how raye looked on page 140. Well here she is all smilesM aybe miss ing four out of 35 wasn't 100 bad! Or maybe she's sm iling be cause vol unteer Debbi e Qlliver stepped in to help finish the job. ,.,

PAGE 174

c anal zone college graduates spring 1971 AMADO, ILEANA R. -Majoc; Biology AROSEMENA. GUSTAVO -Major; Business Adminis tration. ANDERSON. PATRICIA M ajor; Elementar y Education, g raduat e of Dunmore High S c hool. Dunmore. Pa. BALL, GEORGE -Major; History gradua t e of Balboa High School. Balboa, C.Z. BEMPORAD, RITA -Major; A c counting. BENJAMIN, ALBERTO F. -Major; Mathematic s BEST. JR. CALVI N J -Major: Mathematics. BIBBO, JOSE J. -Major; Behavioral Scienc e BIERBAUM. THERESA K. -Major; Secre tarial Administration. BLACK, LOIS M. -Major; Accounting. g raduat e of Norman High Sch ool. No rman Arkansas. BOLANOS, JOSEFINA R. -Major; B.S. Medical Techno logy. BONNICK. ROLANDO A. -Major: Business Administration, graduate of Parai s o Hi g h Sc h ool. BOUKALIS. CYNTHIA K. -Major; Bus ines s Admini s tra t ion. g radu ate of Balboa Hi gh Sc h ool. Balboa. C.Z., S.A. Secr e t a r y Sports, President of S pani s h Club. N e wman C l ub Sophomor e Class Pres id e nt. Conquistado r Staff. Aquadettes. S t udent As s i stan t Youth Council Secr e t ary Busi n ess Cl ub. BOWEN. RUSSELL V. -Major; Engineering Science. BUSCH. IRMA B. Major: A c cou ntin g. g raduate of Co l eg i o Int. de Maria Im ma c ulada, N e wman Club. Phi Theta Kappa. Christmas Formal Dec oration Committe e Chai rm an. CHANCE, JEANNE M. Major; Bus ine ss Admini s tration. g rad uat e of Balboa High S c hool, Balboa, C.Z .. S.A. Secr eta ry. Pilot s. Phi B e ta Lambda, Phi Theta Kappa, Chri s tma s Formal Program Co mmitt ee Who's Who Committe e Get.Acquain ted Dance Committee, football Queen. 170 CHANG WONG, LUCI A -Majo r ; Mathematics. COCKBURN. ANGELLA E. -Major: Engl i sh. g raduat e of Bal hoa Hig h Sc h ool. Bal b oa, C.Z., m e mb e r of Editoria l s taff of fropical Col/.egian, participated in "College Capers.-COCKBURN, CASMA -Major: Sociology, graduate of Rainbow Ci t y Jr.-Sr. H i gh, C.Z., Phi The ta Kappa. Chorus, Disco thequ e '70, fre n c h C l ub, Modern Dan cing Class (Show s ). CORRIGAN, TAFFY -Major: For e i g n Language (Spani sh), g raduat ed from Balboa Hig h Sc h ool. Balboa. C.Z. CROSS. JANET -Major: History. CULBRETH JR., ROY Maj o r: Busi n ess Admini s tra t ion. DAN I ELS T H EODORE A. Major: Accounting. Bus in ess Ad mini s tration. B e ha viora l Science DARLINGTON, KATHERINE -Major; Engl i sh. DE FLA V IS, MARY LOU -Major ; Englis h DE LA CRUZ, CYNTHIA -Major: Ele m e ntar y Education. g rad. uated f r om Balboa H i g h School, Balboa. C.Z .. Pilo t s, Yearbook Staff, Newman Club. DE LEON, YOLANDA -Major: Medical Technology. DERTIEN, PATRI C I A A. -Major: B ehavioral Science. D IAZ, DIOVELIS D. -Major; M e d ical Technology, graduated from Bal b oa Hig h Sc h ool. Balboa. C.Z., Newman Communi ty, Phi Theta Kappa D e lta P s i Om ega Biol ogica l Socie t),. W ho's Who in Am e ri ca n Jr. Colleges Tal e n t Show, Mars hall for Grad uation. DIAZ ELVIA Major: Math e ma t i cs and Computer Science, graduated f r o m Balb oa High School, Balboa_ C.Z., Phi T h eta Kappa. DIAZ, FERNANDO Major; Engi neer i ng graduated from La Salle High Sc h oo l Chess Club. Engl i s h Club. Newma n Commu nit)'

PAGE 175

DOLAN. JOSEPH F. -Bu ... A d mini stra tion DUTY. THOMAS C. -Bus inc:;s Admini stra tion. gradu ated from Southern Wa y ne Hig h S c h ool. N e wf oundland. Penn s y l vania. EMERICH. SUSANNE -Major: Educalion. ENGLAND PEGGY M. Major: B c h a \ o ri a l S C;(I1('( g r a du a t( d from Coll e ge H igh S c hool. Pitt sburg Kan s a s FINKELSTEIN. SARA H Major: Biolo gy. g raduat e d frolll Vall y H ead H igh. A l abama. FOSTER. KATHLEEN L. -Major: Business g raduate d fr o m Balb o a High S c h ool. Balb o a. C.z .. Phi Beta Lambda (Tre a sure r). Spanis h Lan g ua ge Club (Vice-Pres i d e nt) Pilo t s Bowling I n t ramural s Ta l e nt Sh o w s. Yearbook S t aff. Studen t A ss i s tant. FRA ENHEIM. NEIL R. Maj o r: Business Admini stratio n. Bus in ess Club. Football. Base ball. Track. Youth Advi so q Com mitte e Stude nt Assistant. g raduat e d from Balb o a H i g h S c hool. Balboa. C.Z. GAR C I A ANT H ONY J. -Major: Busine s s Admini s tration. G I LBERT. JOHN W. Major: Politi cal S c i e n ce. g raduat e d from Balboa High S chool. Balboa. C .Z .. Foolball Debale Club. SA Pres id e nt. J.V. Bas ketball. GOMEZ. NORMA Major; Bus ine ss graduated from Balboa H igh S c hool. Balboa. C.Z . Phi The t a Kappa, Student A ss i s tant for Counselors Neh' man Club. Pi l ot s GOURNET. LORRAINE P. -Major: M edical Technology. grad uat e d from Col e gio Ab e l Bra v o. Newman Club. Chorus. GRAZETTE. AARON -Major: Malhe",alic s H AN L EY. B IL L C. Majo r : Medi cal Tec hnolog y HANNA. DEE A. Major: Mathemati cs g raduat e d from Dun cam,jlle Hig h S c hool. Freshman Cla ss Vice-Preside nt. Phi Theta Kapl)a. H ARE. MAR I LYN 1 V. Major: Business Admini s tration. g rad uated from Balboa H igh School. Balboa. C.Z .. Phi B eta L1rnbda (S cc rc tar)-. Pres idcnt -'70).Chee rleader. Spring Formal Committ ee Ch a irman. Chri s tma s F o rmal Court. HEFFELFINCER. KAREN M a jo r: H o m e Economic::. Edu c a tion. g r ad u a t ed f r o m Au ... tin High Sc h ool. T exas. HITE. SUSANNAH Major : E n glis h gradualed fro m B alboa Hig h Sch oo l B alboa C.Z .. Can a l Z o n e Youth Coun c il. Pil o t s. Committ ee for S prin g F ormal. Vic( Prcside nt o f P i l o t s. S. A ... Tre a sure r. Chri s tmas Form a l Co rnmill ee. Sa di e Hawk ins D a n ce Committ ee. S tud e nt R epr('s(>nt a t i\'e for Fir e and H ea lth f o r F acult) HOOPER. VIVI A C. Major : AccQurlling H UMPH REYS. DANIEL M ajo r: Bus in ess Admini s tration. graduated from Vand e n H igh Sc h oo l Kan s a s. J U RADO. NELLY Maj o r : Sec r e t a rial Adm i n istra t io n KEMP. LINDA Major: SI)ec ial Edu c ati o n. graduat e d from Sid n ey Larier Hig h S c hool. Montgom e ry. Alabama. KING. FRANCISCO C. -Major: HiSlory graduaI 1 from La P o rt e Hig h Sc h o ol. Pa P o rt e Indiana. Phi Theta Kapl ) a. VicePreside nt: D ean's Stude nt Ad v i so r y C o un c il. Represe ntative of Phi Theta K a ppa to the S tud ent A ss o c iation. LAVALAS, HAMILTON H. -Major: English. LAWYER. MICHELLE A. Major: S ec r e tarial Admini s tration. LOWE. LINDA K Maj o r: B ehav ior a l S c ien ce g raduat e d from Balbo a Hig h S c h ool. Balboa. C Z . Pi l oIS. Discolheque 70. Sophomore Cla ss Secr etary Girl" s Intramurals LUBRANO, TERESA M. -Major: English. MANLEY JR .. JOHN E. Major: Business Admini s tration. g rad. uat e d from Balboa High S c h ool. Balboa. C.Z .. Football T e am Mana ge r. Co nqui stador Staff. Phi B ela Lambda. D e lta P s i Omega. MARURI. SANDRA Major: B e ha v ioral S c i e n ce M cCL U RE. KAREN Major: P syc holog y graduated fr o m Ra map o R eg i o nal Hig h S c h ool. MILLER FAITH E M a jor: Elelllcntar) Education g r aduate d fr o m S hak e r H e i g ht s Hig h Sc ho ol. MORALES. L UELLA J. -M a j or: B e ha"ioral S c i e nce. MORALES. PEDRO 1. -Major: M edical Technolog), g raduale d 111

PAGE 176

from the Academ) of Richmond Count)'. Presid ent of Newman Communit). S.A. R e l )resentative. Intr a mur a l s and Varsity ball. Christmas Formal. MULROY. KATHLEEN Major: Business Admini s tr a tion. g radu ated from Balboa High School. Balboa. C.Z., I ntr a mural s -Bowling, Tennis. Volleyball. Bas k e tball. Varsit y Basketball and Volleyball. Tatent Shows. MURDOCK. ROBERTO E. Major: Accounting, g raduat e d from Parai so Hig h School, Pilots. NELSON, ANA -Major : Sec r e tarial Admini s tration NG c.. MERCEDES Major: Accountin g grad u a ted from SI. Mar y's A cade m y Phi B eta Lambda. Phi Th eta Kapl)a. Student Assi s tant, Pilot s, Newman Club. English Languag e C lub. Dis cothe qu e '70. M.U.S.I.C.A .. Women's R eside n ce Hall Council. NOTYCE. CARLOS E. -Major: Business Admini s tra t i on. g radu. a t e d fro m Paraiso Hig h School. Tr eas ur e r of L 'cspri s Francai s Phi B eta L ambda. m embe r of Tra c k Team. O'CONNELL. LYNN C. -Major: Secre t a rial Adm i n i s trat i o n OLL E R MARTA -Major ; Soci a l Worker graduate d from Coleg io I nt. de Maria Inma c u l ada. REY. AGUSTI N Major: Acc ounting g r adua t e d from SI. George High School. Newman Club. Chess C l ub. Baseball T ea m I ntramurals. REYES. LOUIS R. -Major: A cco unting. 172 R ICE. RACHEL E -Major ; B e h aviora l Science. graduated from C r i s tobal Hig h Schoo l Cheerleader, D orm P resident. R I C HARD, ELSA F. -Major ; Medical Te c hno logy, g r aduated f rom Colegio San Vicente "College Capers," Pr esiden t o f F r ench Club. Student A ss i stan t (C2C L ibra r y ) N e w m a n C o mmunit y Vice Presid ent: Choru s. Biological Soc i e t y M.U.S .I.C.A . Fr e n c h and Chickemito Cafe. Awards Banque t Pro gram Committee. ROBLES. E. MARTHA -Major ; Account;ng ROCHELEAU, JANET Major : His t ory. gradua ted from o t r e Dame High School. S p ani s h Club. Phi Thet a K apl)a. RODRIGUEZ. SAR A R -Major: B eha,,;or.1 Sd e nce. RUSSO. FELIX L. -M ajor: Accounting. g r adua ted from Theo dor e Roosevelt. New York. SAGEL, D A LYS N. Major: Med;cal Technology gradu a t e d f rom Col egio Int er n a c i o n a l de M ar i a Inmac ulada. Newm a n Club. Chr i s tmas C h orus. B i o logical Soci ety. SCOTT, ANGEL A M ajo r : Medical T echno logy. gra du a ted from Balboa High School. Bal boa. C.Z .. C2C C horus Dra m a How t o Succee d in Business W i t hout Really Trying: College Cap e r s SEALES. CARL A. Major ; Accounti ng. g r adua ted from R a in bow City Jr.-S r High School. Phi Beta Lam bda. P i lots. Int ermu ral, Football. Soccer. Volley ball, Sof tball. STEWART. PAUL E. -Major : Business Admini slratio n SWAIN. R I C H ARD M a jor; H;Slory. TINIACOS. N I CKY M a j o r ; E n gl;s h T O WNSEND ANNE P ATRICIA Major; M ed;eal Techno logy. TUCKER EUGENE E. Major: H;Slory. TURNER M ELICE T R M ajo r ; S ec r e t aria l A d m i nistratio n VARGAS. SO IA A. M a j o r ; Beha,,;oral S c ; e nce. WAIN IO. KATHLE E N S. M a j o r ; S p an;, h gradua t e d fro m B al boa H;gh ,ehool B a lboa. C.Z .. Ph; Theta K appa. WELLS. MARY L M ajo r : Business Admini s trati o n W IEAND JR .. FREDERIC K 1. -M a j or: B;o logy. W INSTEAD LEE M. M a j o r : Indu stria l Desi g n gra du a t e d from Balboa High S c hool B a lboa C.2 .. Stu dent Assi s l anl in Li brar y

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:Palr/c/a ?/nn Qlnder Ihe riJe and /aff o/JenJe/eJJ chal/er on Ihe Jurface 0/ Ihe Jludenl lounge, you can Jee Ihe Ioneh'neJJ /n pOker-/aced peopk mho cfulch cop/eJ o/:Parach"Je BOJ/ and slare bf,ndTy ahead. domehOllJ, Ihe CarekJJ, prel!y peop/e who engage "n mean"ng/eJJ converJal/onJ or JhuJ7/e /hrough endTeJJ deckJ 0/ cards don 'I Jeem 10 care aboul anyone -nol even IhemJelueJ J/uden/Iounye -a place 10 -filTed m/lh J,knl cr/eJ 0/ Ionehneu /rom peop/e mho pre/endlo read andpeop/e mho pre/end no/ 10 care yame goeJ on -off 0/ UJ alanny duffy oul %ur ow n -Jeparale -lonehneJJeJI uniJ/ Ihe under/ow o/lenJ"on -loucheJ -a hearl 173

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The Phi Theta Kappa frat e rnit y was ins titut e d t o nurture academic excelle n ce among junior college s tud ents an d to pro vide an opportunity for l eadership tr a in i ng. Mernbf'r s hip i s a p r i v ileg e ear n e d b y qua l ific ati on, honor. and service The purp ose of Ph i The ta Kappa is t o r ecognize and enco u rage sc h o l ar s hip among juni o r college s tud ents. Working toward this goal, P h i Theta K a ppa provides op p o rtuni t y for the developm e nt of l ea d e r s hip and service, and intell ec tual elimate for exc han ge of id eas, lively f ellow for sc holar s, a n d stimulation of int e r es t in co ntinuin g academic excelle n ce To b e el i g ibl e for m e mb e r sh ip in Phi Th e ta K a ppa. a s tu dent s h o uld b e r eg ularl y e nroll ed in a junior colle ge s hou l d b e carrying a full time l oa d a nd s h o uld hav e c ompleted a l least one t erm in college division. At l eas t twelv e hour s of his work mus t be i n co u r ses leading to a re cog nize d degree i n a fully accredi t e d univers ity or four-yea r c olleg e I n a ddi tio n 1 0 the se re q uire m ents a s tudent s houl d als o be of a goo d mora l character, s h ould p o ssess r ecog nize d quali tie s of cit i zens h ip. a nd s h o u l d h ave es t abli s h e d a c ademic excelle n ce a s j ud ged by th e faculty. Immedia t ely aft e r his sele ctio n t h e candida t e for m e m b e r ship i s no t ifie d i n writing b y t he sec r eta r y o f the f raternit y for his fulure init i atio n The e mbl e m o f Phi T heta Kappa repr ese nt s a g91den s l ab, keyed at lOp and b ottom with a black ba n d ac r oss t h e ce nt e r upo n w hich t h e G r ee k lett ers P hi. Th e ta, a n d K appa appear T he thr ee l e it ers symboliz e t h e G r ee k m ys t i c word s w i s do m a s pirat i on. and purity. B e h ind t h e b and s tand oak a n d l a urel l eaves and, above i t the head of Ath ena. Ufi to rishL: Fran cisco K ing. Audle y W e b s t e r. Irma Busch. Cris tobal Siv, Dee Hanna. K e nneth Srogi e. Janet R oc h e leau. Marle n e Diaz. 176

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Top left: Ada Luqu e J e ann e Chan ce Jan e l R oc he l e au. D ee H anna. Top right: (Ba c k) Kath y Mulro y Vi\ 'ian H ooper. Panl aleon H en riquez; (Middl e ) Russell Bowe n. Julia M e r c i er. Casma Cockbu rn. Nellie Gorrene y ; (Front) Ada Luqu e. Jeann e Chanc e. Dee Hanna. Jan et Roche l eau. BoU(}m: Phi Th eta Kappa I n s tallation Banqu et. 111

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118 full-time student index Alt'\ander. Carol: 140 Alexand1-'r, Linda Alm!:ltead. Lailw: 140 Altenbcrg. Vidi: 140 Altman. Gale Amado. Ada Amado. Ileana Anguizola. Arias Arrocha. Eduardo Baglien. Beth: 22. 25. 142 Ball, Br) an: 1 42 Ball, Georg.,: 1 42 Bares Jr .. Maurice Barnes. Darr) I: 6 1 Barria. Gilbrrlo: 1 42 Ba), J o hn: 112, 1 1 3, Beckham. L ) n Bemb e n ek. Teresa: 1 42 Btml}orad, Rita: 1 42 B enjamin, Albnto : ] 42 Berard Mar): 1 43, H6 B erman. George: 1 43 B c\erly. Roh erto B i bbo. J ose Bierbaum. The resa: 7 0 9 0 1 43 Biggs Sanora Billhorn. Corina: 1 43 Bir ch, P a mrla: 44,79,80, llL ll5, 1 21, 1 43 Bishop. Rob1-'rt Blac k L o is: 1 43 Boatswain. !eilda Boat h right Craig: 143 Boatwright. Stephen Bogantes. Victor: 143 Boughner. Valerie Boukalis. C"nthia: 76. 93. 143.91 Bm\, Timot' h ) Bo"cn, Ru>sell: 45, 57, 103, 107, 134, 177 Bo\\ les. Paulct1p Brady. Richard Brasw('11. David Bravin, Elvira Broce. Luitgardo Br ogic, K ellllrlh : 103, 106,176 Brooks, William: 1 03. ] 35 Bro\\n, John: 1-1-3 Bro\\ n. Br)an. E loina Bull. C)nthia: 5 1 BUIl}ea. S tf'\C: 7 1 Burn" Scott: 118. 119 1 20, 1 43 Busch. Irma: 75. 1 43. 176 Butte r field. Elizabeth: 144 Butterfield, Melissa : 43. 75. 144 Callahan. Janet Calthi r sl. E lizabeth Campbell. Marc: 63 Carr a s quillo. Pablo: 25. 144 Carringt o n P a mela; 89 Carrizo, Jaime: 62, 78. 81. 89. 14-1-Cas h Caro l : 95, 1 0 9 110, ]44 Castillc r o F l o r i d a lia: 144 C h a n ce. Jeanne: 7 5. 1 34. 1 44, 177 C hang W o ng. Lucia: 144 C h e ca, Jesu s C h e n Basili o Chhi ta. R a m a nlal C h i l}sen Omar: 8 9 144 C l a rk. J a c queline: 1 45 C l a r k e, S t even: 76, 1 45 Coc hez. Jacqueline Coc k b urn, Angella: 57, 99, 1 45, 1 58. 1 60 Cockburn, Cas ma: 8 9 1 45, 177 Coc k burn. Carla: 145 Coffey. Maril yll Cookson. J e ssie Corrig a n Taffy Cra i g, W illi a m : 45, 1 45 ] 4 6 Cre s p o J r Rudo l p h : 32, 66, 6 7 72, 75, 9 2 Cre taro. D anie l ; 145 C r onan, J ose ph ; 71, 96, ]03, 1 06, ] 25, 1 5 1 Cross Janet Crowe ll. J acq u el y nn : 8 2, HI, 112 113, 14 5 1 56 Crump, Charles Cucalon. Ricardo Culbr e t h Jr" Roy Dail y Ste phen Daly, D arle n e : 43,76, 102, 115, 1 21. 1 22, 1 23, 1 35, 1 45 Daniels, Theodore Darden T\\'ila D arlington. Kath erine : 62 Daub. Glori a D c Heart. S t ephanie D c La C ruz. C ynthia ; 1 45 D e Leon. R o l a n d o D e Souza. L i lia: 1 63 D e navis. Mary L o u : ] 45 D e r l i e n P atricia; 89 Desandr o Stephe n Dial... Dio\'clis; 62. 73. 75 Diaz. E lvia Diaz J ohn: 94 95, 97 Dial.., Victoria: ] 45 Diaz P .. F ernando : 69 90. 1 45 Docke r y K ath l een: 44 ]]1, ]]2, 113 114, 115, 1 21. 123 Dolan II. J oseph Donohu e L eo: 1 45

PAGE 183

D uffie. L)'n da: 1 45 D uff us. W illiam: 67. 79.80. 137. 146 Dyer. Gar ) Earl. Penelope.' Ebe rl. Jill: 51. 1 43. 146 Ellis X enia Engelke. Margaret: 59. 60. 1 09. IJO. 121. 1 22. 123. 146 En sc) Mark ; 146 Epperson, William E sc alona. Guadalupe: 90 Evangelos J r .. Chris l os: 147 Eva n s J acqueline: 147 F ab r cga. R aul F arn sworth J an: 43. 1 21. 1 22. 159 F er' r e r F ern an do Fifer Ann F i l o J r .. E d ward: 35, 57. 1 03 1 0 5 1 06. 107.1 25 Finn Patrici a : 57. 99 F i sc her. Car m en: 147 Flagg. Charles: 1 02 1 47 Fong. P amela Fong. R uben Fontain e. Shi rlc): 75 FOSler E lizabClh Fosle r J une: 1 47 F oste r K athleen: 62. 70 79.81. 90.147.91 Frady. Joan Frau e nheim. Neil: 44. 76. 10 3. 104. !l8, 119. 1 20. 1 24. 1 47 F reeborn. I ngr id: 1 47 9 1 Fr e n s le),. Edward: 10 3. 1 05. 1 48 Fr c n s l c y K enneth FroSl, Step h anie F uente s. Car m e n Gab riel. j a n e Gal in do I noce n c i o Gamert sfel der. M arylinda: 60.148 Gan ser. James; 1 48 Garber. T homas: 58. 65. 67. 68. 72. 102. 107. Ill. 112. 113. 1 48 Gar cia A nt ho n y : 148 Garc i a D c P .. J ua n : 148 Garner. 1 48 Ga rn er. Nan cy: 148 Garre ll Nona: ] 48 Gemmell. Stc\'en Giff e n Adam G i f f ord. Mari a n Gilbert, D e nni s; 148 Gilb e rt. J o hn: 86. 87. 10 3. 1 42. 1 48. 155 Gof f e ne),. N ellie: 99. 1 36. 149 177.91 Gomez. Allan: ]43, 149 Gomez. D iane Gomez No r ma: 149 Goodman, Ste\cn: 111. 112. 113. 149 Suzanne: 60. 65. 104. 1 09. 110. 1 4 1. 149. 153 G o urnct. Lorrai l w ; 149 G r azellc. Aaron G r eene. D oris: 42. 72. 74, 149 G renier II. R afae l : 149 G u ard i a. A n abel l a; 149 Cuibert. Albert: ]03 H a l e. Douglas H all. J err) H an l }, William H anna, Dee; 43. ISO. 176. 177 H are. Mar!)nn: 24 60. 70. 90. 109 110. 146. 150 H arned. Ronald Harri!:>. Sa r a Hau g. Anna: ISO Head. E.: 150 Headlc ) Zenia: 1 5 0 Hcarne Jr., James: 75. J50 H effelfinger. Karan; I SO H cllm u ml. J amcs H cnri(iucz III P antal c oll; J35. J77 H e nter Jr . T heodor e H e r es, Marcella H ibb en. J o h n; 1 5 ] H i ghley, L es lie H ightower. A l i son: 32. 37. 78 .80.81 .115. 1 5 1 H ite. Susannah: 62. 97.151. 91 Hof, Kathl ee n: ] 5 1 H olland. Euge ne: lll. 15 1 H ooper. Vi,ian: 62. 64. 65. 91. 1 39. 1 5 l. 155. 177.91 H orter, Ern est: 151 H otsko. James: 79. 80. 8 1. 82 H oward, Alma H owa rd. Dan n y : 38 H oward III. H a rlan d Ho)'l e Ill. }ohn: 75. Ill. 112.116.117 H rbe k Will i am Humphreys. D aniel: 76. lSI H unt, J acquelin; ]09. 110. 1 5 ] H u s um. J anet: 62. 115 15 1 H u s um. Kar e n llund Jr.. Walter: 1 1 6. 117. 124. 152 Jellum. S u sa n J e mm o tt. F e rnand o: 96. 97. J52 J ohnston. Lionel: 62. 66. 67. 68. 72. 73 Jones Il l. Luth er: 39. 152 J orda n John J ose ph s. Amelia: 1 21. 152 J ulian. L o ui se: 69. 73. 76 J urado Nelly Kam. Ro sa linda; 152 Karst. Maxine; 1 09. 110. 1 38. 152 Kauf er. Ana Kemp. Lin da: 91. 138. 1 52 91 K e mp er. Meli n da: 153 K en t J r .. E l m er: 153 K e rr. Fran c is: !l2. 113. 153 K etne r Jr .. William: 10 3. 1 07. 15 3 Kin g. Fr a n cisco : 96. 1 36. 153. 176 King. Jan et Kirton. Patri c i a: 121. IS3 Kle inh enz, Vickie: 153 Kat. Francis Krisa. Stephen: 66. 72. 79. SO. 81. 82. 83. 116. 153 Kru eger. Kathleen Lafond. S t ep h ania 179

PAGE 184

180 Lane. Sharon Laracucntc. B ciJena: 99. 1 54 Law) c r M i c h elle: L ee, Anna: 1 36, 154.91 Lee, E d, .. rd: 22 29 37 73 103 1 46 1 5 4 L eeser. P e n elope L eon Jr.. V i ctor Lim chin. M a r i t/..a: 1 5-1. Littl e D e n i s e : 113. 154 Lle w e l yn. L e i l a : 89 154. 1 69 L o h se. D e b o r a h ; 154 L o pez III. Edmundo L o pez. Gabriel L o u A lfredo; 1 5 4 L o w e Linda: 9 3, J 3 8. 154 Lubrano T e resa ; 99. 1 3 8 1 5 4 L u c h s i nger. Walt,-'r: 1 5 5 Lurn. Edward: 89. 1 55 Luque. Ada; 89. 1 i7 Lye\\'. P e t er: 1 55 Maduro. J u dith Maggiori. Alida Michael Major Jane l Manic) Jr .. J ohn: 64. 6 5 7 3 156 Mar s c h ik. Sonni. 9 1 Martie J e sse Martinelli. Priscilla; 69 M cFadde n M a r g a r c t M c C l ain. D onna ; 6 2 69. 74 1 56 M c Clure Kar e n ; 1 55 M cConkey. Celia: 74. 75. 79. 81, ISS M c Gee. G ar y : 1 55 M c G r a th. M a r y Mcil v aine. C loyd M cilvaine R o s anna : 76 1 5 6 M c L a u g hlin. Willi a m : 11. 156 M c L elland. K crmit M c S w een. D a n iel Medeir o s S h aron Medina. B erta M e r c i er. J a m e s M e r c i e r Julia: 47. 1 56. 1 77 M i chaelis Grcg o r ) Michel, M a rcia Mille r F a ith; 1 56 M okra),. Arthur M olina. Julio: 1 56 M ollick. Hageera: 115 Moor e. S C OII; 1 57 M o r a l e s L u ella; 43. 95. 1 2 1 122 Moral es. Pedro; 22 M o r ell Jr .. Jo se: 1 57 Morcll, Yolanda; 1 57 Morri s o n Barbara: 1 5 7 Morri s on. M a r g a r e t : 78. 80, 81, 1 57 Morrisett. P atricia: 1 57 Morton, Pamela; 1 57 Mos kowitz, Nanc); 1 57 Mullins, C lif f o rd; 1 02 M ulroy, Edward Mulroy, K a .hlccn : 32. 62 64. 114.115. 121.122. 1 37. 1 57. 177 Mul r o ) P alric k : 6 2 5 7 1 66 Murillo. Luis : 1 57 M y e rs. C h arle s : 1 57 M )ers. G a ry: 3 5. 45 7 5 10 3 10 5. 107. 1 08 Nehring B o n n i e Nehring S t e p h e n ; 1 03. 1 07 Nellis P a t r i c i a Ng C M e rcedes: 62 1 36, 1 57 Nieder Car o l ; 1 5 8 Nieves, Luis Noriega. Mic h ael: 35 No.yce. Carlos: 89, 118 1 5 8 Novak Gary O'Connell. L ynn; 1 5 8 O N eill. Barry : 1 58 Ohma n Edwa r d ; 5 0. 68. 1 03. 1 58 Ollive r D ebor a h : 44 62 63 65. 72. 73. 78 9 3 115. 1 37. 1 58 1 69 Page A lexis Pai ge G eo r gine P a t e l. Amritla l Patrick. Bruce Pallon. R o b yn: 64 65. 68, 90. 1 58. P e a c o c k R o nald P e ckma n T odd: 66. 75. 10 3 lOS, 107. 112. 1 5 8 P e d e n J a n e l P e rez V e n ero. D aniel e P erez, D e borah P erry P a lr i c i a : 43. 62 6 3 90 109 110 1 21. 122. 1 23. 1 4 1. 1 5 9 Pine d a J r .. Rodolf o ; 45 125 P i p e r D a niel: 159 P l a isan ce B r i a n P a r l i e r Edward; 29 7 1 Prie o III, Pablo : 111. Jl3. 1 25. 159 P y le. Jo h n n y : 10 3 ll8. 1 59 Quij a n o J o rge: 5 7 159 R a mos. Gregorio R a m o s R o s i e R a p h a e l Eugenio; 71. 97. 1 59 Ralhgeb e r J r .. D o n a ld; 57. 1 0 3, 1 06. 1 4 2 1 59 R endo n Eugen e : 103. 1 08 1 59 Rey. A g ll"in ; 69 1 60 Riba Marcia: 1 60 R ice, E.; 22 32, 60. 109. ])0 R i ce. G l o r ia; 1 60 R i c hard s o n Alfre d R i c h ard. E l sa: 19.22. 160 Ric hard. M a r c ia; 1 60 Ric hards P a t r i c ia; 160 Ris berg. C h arma i n e R iver a Elaine; 115 1 60 R o b e rlS. R o meo: 3 5.116 ,117. Jl8. 1 2 0 1 60 R oble s Felix: 160 Robl e s Mar.ha; 69. 161 R o c h e leau Ja n e ; 1 61. 1 76 177.91 Rodrig uez. Jose: 60 64. 65. 76 161. 1 64 R odrig uez. Sara; 47 62. 16 1

PAGE 185

Roos. Olav R oque r Maria: 161 R ose. Eileen R ossan, Ebba Rushing. Clenda Rust. Barbara Rutter. Custa\'o: 89 San Miguel. Norma: 161 San c hez. H enry Santiago. Lydi a Sargent. J ohn Scanlon. The resa Scarborough Maradee: 76. 162 Sch e m erhorn. D enise: 39. 1 6 2 Schmidt. M arle n e Scott, Ang ela: 162 Seales, Carl: 30 162 See. J ea nn ette : 72 73. 74. 99. 138. 16 2 Seeley. Laura: 70. 75. 90. 1 62. 163 Sellers HI. Allen Sharp. Frank: 76. 162 Shi elds Mauree n Shie l ds Vicente : 162. 169 Shuffer. M arlene: 1 63 Shuffer, Rita ; 1 54. 163 Sil e n Jorge Silverman C harles; 103, 106 Simons. Einar Simpson C h arles Siv, Cristoba l 176 S izemore. Vic t oria: 82. Ill, 112. 113 S lover M a rgar e t : 16 3 Small. Stephan Smiley. Mic h ae l : 116. 117 Smith Jr .. Carl Smith. Celia: 1 63. 169 Smith. Daniel: 163 Smith. Pamela Smit h. Paul : 94. 96. 98 Smith, Peggy Smith. Susan Snyde r T ed: 63. 103. 16 3 Spilling. J ohn Sp illin g. Rob e rt; 71. 86. Ill. 112 Spo hn Jr., Llo y d Springer P atric i a S tan l ey. J o hn ; 45. 125 Stark Jr .. James: 163 Stevenson. Carlos: 164 Stewart, J ea n ; 50, 51. 66. 67. 72. 75. 164 Stewa rt. P au l : 78. 164 Stuart. J ames: 103. 106 164 Suarez. Eira: 164 Swain. Ric hard: 65. 97. 103 105. 1 06 lO8. 111. 1 64 Swanson. Kenneth Tam. H enry Thompson Jr .. Hubert: 164 Tie n c k e n P e ter Tinia cos. Nick): 57. 99 139. 164 Tinnc), fanC): 31. 99. 165.91 Torstenson. Carol : 44. 114. 115. 16 5 Toussant. Jacqueline To\\ n send. Patricia: 90 Trahan, l\"1ayra; 1 65 Tremblay Stella Tu c k e r Eugene: 58. 71. 1 03. 107. 108. 118. 120. 1 2 k 131. 165 Turner. M elicent: 75. 139. 165. 91 U nger. Georgelle Urias. J ohn; 116. 117. 124 165 Valle. Ver onica; 21. 1 22, 165 Van Kirk, Susan Vargas. Sonia: 166 Vas
PAGE 186

,.2 administration Mur p h y G l e n E. (Dr ) Gate l y Mar ga r et M A l ten b erg, Norma n B. Baglien D avid B. W e ir M arie C. K a n e J ose ph G riffi n, Alle n D Bun yea, S teve D av ison B e rnice B alles t e ros T., Luz B almas, M a rvella Booth, Patricia A. C a rmon a, N e r e ida C. D avis Patricia K. H e ad Roc h elle H. Jam es, Elvia Y. S a n c h e z Rob e rto full-time faculty Ad c o ck, Carl F. Anni s, Russell W. (Dr.) Bowe n Charles R. Carn ey, Clinton C. (Jr.) Corin Th e odore S. (Dr.) Courchaine Charles E. David s on R ay mond D e n s on J ac k H. D es Lond es, Dani e l Finke l s t ein, Morris Hig l ey, Jam es J e nkin s L y l e V. Kidd G e ra l din e L e hman Patri cia A. L esse r Irvin H. Lomm e n Janice V. M a r s hall John P. Myer s, D e Witt E. Passm a n Loi s H. P ec k St ephe n R. P e rkin s, L awre nce S eitz, D o n ald S Shaw S h a r o n J. Sh erloc k P a tri c i a Sie br ands, Anni e A. Small G o rdon B. (Jr.) Vosburg h, Cla r e n ce R Whit e H. L oring part-time faculty Ada m s G e nevi eve M A n d erso n Carl F. Brai s t e d Willi am D B uehle r Elea n or F. Chapman, Carl H D avidso n Adria n e Elledge. R e b ecca D. D e an and Chi e f Admini s trativ e Offi cer"",.,., ... ... .... 18,19,55 Assi s tant D e an , . ..................... ................ 20 R eg i strar.", .. """"""",,,,,,,,,,, ... ,,""""'. ,21, 71 Coun selor.,,, .,"" .,',",,",,',,",,','''',,'',,'','' ,21, 55 Coun se lor """."."""".",,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,21, 55 Sup e rvi s ing Librarian,. .. ,"""" .,".",',""""" ,22, 25 Librarian , . , , , , , , , , , .... ............. 22, 25 R eside n ce Hall Sup ervisor", .,"", ... .. ................ 49, 71 R eside n ce H all Superv i s or .. , , , .. ....... .. ............. 49 Cle rk.Typis t Book s tor e Mana ge r . ", .. .. ... ... ................... 50, 51 Librar y T ec hni c ian ........... ........................... 22, 25 R eg i s tr a r 's Offi ce Tim e k ee p e r ........................... .................... 49 Offi ce Sup e n i s or .... ..... ....... ....... .................. 49 R egis trar s Offi c e Coll e ge Cashie r ............................... ..... 49, 54 Engli s h, Sp eec h Dra m a . ,"", ...... ,,",',',', " ,32, 68, 73 So cial S c i e n ce"",,"""", ................ ........ 47, 48 90 Chairman Edu ca tion and Soc ial Sci e n c e .......................... 46 Forei g n Langua ges ...................... .. .. .... 34, 35, 91 Education and Soc i a l S c i e n ce ....................... .......... 48 Math e mati cs ................................................ 40 Natural S c i e n ce Busine s s Admini s tration ............. ..................... 28, 30 Business Admini s tration ......... ............................ 27 Cha ir man Physical Edu c atio n ................... 43, 44, 45 102, 116 Busine ss Admini s tration ................................ 20, 27, 30 Natura l S c i e n ce ............................................ 39 Englis h, Sp eec h Drama ................................ 32, 33, 99 Phy s i c al Edu c ation ................ .................. 43, 114, 121 Busine ss Admini s tration ................................ 28, 29, 90 Eng l i s h Sp eec h Drama .................................... 32, 33 Chairman, Eng l i s h Sp eec h and Drama .................... 3 1 33, 63 Chairman, Natural S c i e n ce Mathematics and E n g inee ring ............ 38 Engli s h Spee c h Drama ...................................... 33 Chairman, Foreign Languages and Fine Arts Business Admini stration ........................... ........... 28 Natural S c i enc e ............................................. 39 Chairman, Business Admini stration ............................ 26 Engli s h Sp eec h Drama ....................................... 33 En glis h, Spe ec h, Drama ..... : .............................. 33, 82 Math e mati cs ................................................ 40 Social S c i en ce .............................................. 48 Soc i a l S c i e n c e .............................................. 48 Art. .................................................... 34, 36 Engineering ................................................ 41 Engi n eeri ng Engli s h Sp eec h. Dr ama .................. ..................... 32 Mus i c .................................................. 74 N atural S c i e n ce Natural S c i e n ce ........... ................................ 42

PAGE 187

Garb e r, William C. Goudie, Pau l L. H arsany, John (Dr.) H ear d J Kelle r H yde Sue Anne J aramillo Enriqu e Lake, K e nn e th (Dr.) M eye r. Johann G. Minogu e S haron A. Murphy, Llo y d D Ol se n, Philip C. Sto ut, S u s a n M. Tu c k e r K e nn eth B. Umnu ss, C h arles M. Vallarino, Ricardo Vaz, Carlos W ake, Martha Wri g ht Samu e l D. Youn g, Gilb e rlo Edu ca tion Natura l Science Natural Science Engineering ........................ ........................ 41 Art ..................................................... 25 Foreign Languages Edu ca tion Physi ca l Edu c ati o n Natural Sci ence Business Administratio n . . .................... .............. 30 So c i a l Scie n ce Foreig n L anguages ................. ....................... 35, 80 Socia l Sc i e nc e Business Administration M edica l T ec hn o l ogy ..... .............................. . 42 Fore i gn Lan g u ages ........................................... 35 Art. .......................... ...................... 34, 36, 37 So cial S c i e n ce ............................................. .48 Busin ess Administration ......... ............................. 30 ,.3

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,.6 D DEORACIONES RICARDO, S.A. CREACION-DISENO-CONSULTA Y EJECUCION DE PROYECTOS Y AMBIENTES COMERCIALES-RESIDENCIALES E INDUSTRIALES-OBARRIO Y CALLE 50-Tel. 64-3137 -APARTADO POSTAL 7228-PANAMA 5, PANAMA, R P .-CABLES DANSA PANAMA create, design, consult and produce interio rs. Calle 50 Edificio Universal Guillermo De Roux-Arquitecto Ricardo A. NuneI-Arquitecto de Interiores Telefonos : 64-3137 230771 P.O. Box 7228 Panama 5, Republic of Panama F urnitu re Wallpaper R ugs from: Brazil Colombi a U.S Canada Spain Italy Japan. CON NOSOTROS U .D. ES PRIMERO Compania Panamena de Seguros Calle Ricardo Arias N 2 Campo Alegre T elefono 23 9225 Apartado 3065 Panama 3, Panama

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TO SUIT YOUR YMCA RESTAURANT AND SODA fOUNTAI N Season's fresh sea food platter Gourmet chinese dishes Complete steak dinners Daily Special menu Cold drinks For reservations please call : Balboa 2 -2759 2-2839 7MGOOD FOOD ""f the graduating class USARSO OFFICERS WIVES CLUB 18'

PAGE 192

188 Congratulations to the Graduating Closs of 1971 C. Z. C PANAMA CANAL ZONE LODGE NO. 1414 Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks TRANSPORTES BAXTER S.A. Call us for help for all moving service International Moving Service F. S. RUDESHEIM President -FAST Tel. Panama 22-6479 Res. 22-0378 C Z 83-2257 83-7278 Box 2005 Cur undu Canal Zone E xpedi t i ng Speci alis t A nyth i n g Anywhere -SERVICE

PAGE 193

With the Compli m ents of SON ITEL S.A. MUGGAN Calle 50 Nuevo Campo Alegre Panama, Panama T elefono 64-3600 THE GIFT SHOP FOR THE DISCERNING PEOPL E F i nes t lea d crysta l stemware Exqui s ite china Scandina vian candle s O venproof stoneware Swiss f on d u e sets Signed crystal va s e s Stainless steel cutl ery L i nen tabl ecloth s and napkin s Del Prado Bldg. Via Argentina Tel. 64-1715 ..

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190 Electronic and Photographic Supplies FOTO INTERNACIONAL 151 Central Avenue

PAGE 195

Courtesy of Boutique d e Damaris MORGAN'S GARDEN F lowe r s i n Beautif u l A rrangement s fo r A n y Occasion ,flowers 2-2390 Ropa Para Damas de primera cal i d a d CALLE RICARDO ARIAS NO. 8 TELEFONO 23-6322-PANAMA chicco IE A FULLY COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF ITEMS FOR THE FEEDING. HYGIENE AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE BABY. AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR FOR PANAMA A N D THE CANAL ZON E AGEN C IAS LOOMER," S .A. P O BOX 6252 TELEPHONE: 64-4648 PANAMA 5 R P ,.,

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'" Compliments of PERSONS TRAVEL BUREAU 117 VIA ESPANIA, PANAMA Call: 28: 23-0244 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Panama-Balboa Council #1371 Congratulations and best wishes to students at CZC. It is our firm desire that everyone of you go forth to promote the high type of citizenship which can be relied upon to preserve and perpetuate our Republican Form of Government and our Democratic Institutions. Catholic boys age 13 to 18 may apply for membership in the Columbian Squires For further information ask any Knight or Squire. Telephone Balboa 34bb

PAGE 197

Remember: You have a friend at The Chase M anhattan Bank THE CHASE MANHATTAN BANK National Assoc i atio n Via Espana Plaza 5 de Mayo Betania, Colon, David Chitre, Balboa ,93

PAGE 198

conquistador staff Editor if! Chili .\\ilkli ll Dllffu" fih/or ........... ... Bir c h 5pOrl\ Editor. . . . .................. Sit'\! K Auitilil" I:..flitor. ....... lLIllI ... 1I0bko S(af/ .. . . . ..... . . ....... ...... hlillle Carri!.tI A rl. P hfJtogral'h\ Celia i\lt-C onk, '\ Ot' ] I I ,i, Olli,, :!" W"i:-:-I r ... Ali"OIl 134'1:., ( \ I IOI"l"i:-OIl .... W ill;am Durru:> Janw:-110 1 "\..0 S It'\!' K ri .. a P aul SI "llar! .... .... Fo:-ter adios D u r i n g th e \\1' halt m ad, 1It'\\ fri e nd:-and ae bo th a mo n g :-tud,' nl a nd 1lH'Ill/'er::-. W, ha\(' all p a rl ici p ah'd i n Ih e t'II III :. alld a::-ol' j a led \\ilh Ih e Can a l Z o n e Cull'-'g" NOlI, hm\I'\I' ... pari of our lift, i:; ( }\c r a n d I\t" ca nnot r e lil it: l \t' nlll. though. rt' I1l1'u1l,.-r it. Th,' 1971 i1lf';ul" of t he CUIIl{lIi slar/o r \Ii l l Ilt'lp u:-rt'nwm lJt'r t h i:, p as t ) l 'ar Ili t h all its jO}S and h ard.-:.h ips. \\111("11 i n tht fu tllft )Oll M .'(' t h i s boo k I ) ing fllI!:'t ) on a :-I wlr. pick i t up and hrollsC' t h r o u g h it. A s tht: II' a r:, pa::.:, till. t hl' rnon' Ilwmo r i l ':thi::. h ook II ill b r i n g bac k Thit. lIe w e r e an inl'\jll ril 'III' I d :-otaff. hut lit ::.t ill flTI thaI III' h a \( fulfilled our g oal of pUllin g o u t a n annLla l IIhieh i::-a r l'('ord o f Ihl' 1970 7 1 CZC .,('hool Thi::. i"'l'Lll' ilw ant ma n h o urs o f lIor" 11\ a \('1'\ fl'lI \ r i ,hou t tilt co n!!-t a n dri\(' of { 's pt' cial!; ram i 3in h .lim H O I::."o. S t('\(, Kri:::;a and tht, stafr. thl boo" ('uuld n o t h alt' bl' t l l a n 'a lill I lIo uld l i k e t o th ank allthl o tlH'r .. \Iho p a rticipated. a ::,p t'c i a l t h a n b t o Fo",kr. \ dlO d i d 1II0:-ot of our Bt'::-I in tilt' to ('OilH'. Bill Ouffll>:EIlilol"inCh ief

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