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Conquistador (Canal Zone Junior College)
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Canal Zone Junior College
Canal Zone Junior College
Canal Zone College
Conquistador Staff
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Balboa Canal Zone
Balboa Canal Zone
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School yearbooks -- Panama -- Balboa   ( lcsh )
School yearbooks   ( lcsh )
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Began with: 1936.
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Ceased with: 1972.
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Student yearbook of the Canal Zone Junior College from 1936 to 1963, and the Canal Zone College from 1964 to 1972.
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Description based on: 1936; title from cover.
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Latest issue consulted: 1972.
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Canal Zone Junior College.

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FOREWORD Those of us who have worked on the 19 47 Conquistador are proud of this first all-student edition. It represents the combined effo rts of many m e mbers of the student body to present a n accurate acco unt of the school year 1946-19 47, in order that you, in years to come, will le af through these pages and r e m e mb e r with pleasure a ll th e activities of a g reat year in th e history of CZ]C. Remember the last min ute dashes from the bowling alley . rememb e r the picnics a t T a b oga and Santa Cl ara . rememb e r th e dances and the parties r e memb e r th e football games and the basket ball games ... remember the plays and the assemblies ... r e m e mb er th e friends who sat beside you in class and smoked with you in th e lo ung e ... yes, rememb e r the reachers not only as the authors o f semester exams, bur a lso as patient, hard-working friends. It was a g reat year in the history of CZ]C . L. RUTH SMITH, FOR TH E STAFF OF THE CONQUISTADOR CONQU1STADOR PAGE THREE


THE FACULTY 1946 -1947 ROGER C. HACKETT, Dean of the Junior College VIRGINIA J. ANDERSON, Instrucror in Arc HELEN C. BAKER Instrucror in Musi c PAUL BECK Instru cro r in Socia l Sciences ALBERT A. BLEIFUSS Athletic Coach FLOYD BUCKLEY In strucror in Physical Scie n ce s HELENA CLARDY, Libr ar ian OLGA J. FROST, Insrru cro r in Fren c h EDW ARD W. HATCHETT, In strucror in M a them a tics GEORGE O. LEE In structor in Biolo g ical Sciences JAMES A. LYONS Instru cro r in Commercial Educati o n J. STUART McNAIR, Insrru cror in Math e matics and Engineering ETHEL L. MATSON, In s trucror in Commercial Education DOROTHY MOODY, In srructor in English ; Dean of Women JOHN S. PETTINGILL. Swimming Coach MILDRED SWENSON, Insrrucror in Commercial Educ a tion SUBERT TURBYFILL Instru cror in English and Dramatics ALMA UPHOFF, In st ru c tOr in Physi ca l Edu cation for Wome n KENNETH W. VINTON In strucror in Physical S c ien ces ALLEN B. WARD, Instrucror in Spanish LAUREN WOODBY, Instrucror in Mathematics PAGE POUR CONQUISTADOR




P AGE S I X ADMINISTRA T ION BEN M. WILLIAMS Superintendent LAWRENCE JOHNSON, Assistant Superintendent EDWIN C. CLARK Director of Research G C. LOCKRIDGE, Director of Physical Education HERBERT B CROWLEY, Assistant Director of Physica l Education CONQUISTADOR


' ;And her bathinl! suit n ever got wet" Things are looking up Lookin' out for his boys C O N Q U I STADO R PAGE SEVE N


A a_a a c hoo_ o _oOO Th e Sunshine Boys Putti n g h is best (oot (orward PAGE E I GHl ONQUISTADOR


.i <: -; ::;: "' "' 0 "'';: O -n -;:"3 0 iD.-: H .;: 0 -; V) 0 z z < m < f-Z "' Cl :::J !;; LONQUISTADOR PAGE NINE






BA R B A RA FRA NCE S B A R R ANCON. CANA L ZONE Volleyball AIISrars, ; Bask e r ball AIISra r s 1 ; Softba ll AlISra r s, ; COllquistador, 1 ; Tropical Collegiall, 2; "The Grea r Big D oor Srep," G a m ma C hi, 2; Kapp a Epsil o n 2: Warer B a ll er, 2. P !l.TR I C I A H AT C HE T T CARR COLON. R DE P Basoball, I ; BlSke r ball, 1 ; "V" Club 1 ; Phi Thera Kappa. [ (Sec r e r ary 2); R ing Committee: "Rehearsal;" L ege n d of S l"py H o llow ;" Gamml Chi, 1 PAGE T\X'ELVE CONQUI S TADOR


REINALDO TRINIDAD CARRERA ANCON, C ANAL ZONE JEAN GRACE CARSON JERSEY C IT Y NEW JERSEY Assistant i n Bi o logy, I (First semester); Assembl y Comm ittee 2; G amma Chi, 2; Pro duci ng, l-L CONQUISTADOR P AGE THIRTEEN


C LARENCE EARNEST COATS PENSA( OlA FlOR I DA REYERLY GRACE YEE CHAN Ar-:CON. CANA L ZONE Gamm"l ChI, J -1 (Treasurer, 2); P h i Thera i\.a "'11"'3. K.lPFa [p:>,!0n 2. Ime rnarional R e l.u:ons Clul,. j Volleyba ll, 2; Natural Soci.;cy, Collegjan, 1 2: 'fador, I -2: "The Great Big Doors rep;" "RcmeO and Jult..::t:" C h o rus. 2 U. S Navy; B asketball, 1 -2 (All-Stars. 2); Baseball, 1 -2; Softball, I; Track. I; Foo'hall. I; T ennis, 2 (Si n g l es Champ, Doubles Champ); Imernational R e i arions Club, 1 ; Checrl:ader 2. PAGE IOlJRTEEN CONQUI S TADOR


JAMES COFFEY COLON, R DE P U. S. Navy ; President, C l ass of 19 47, 2; In tramural Athletic A ssoc i a t ion (Vi cePresident), 1 ; International Relations C lub, 2; Baseball, 1-2 ; Softball, I ; Track, 1-2; Football, 1-2; Basketball 1. J. MARLIN CULPEPPER, JR. VENICE. FLOR:DA Natural Science Society (com m ittee cha irm a n I Pr esident 2): Water P o l o. 2; Football. 1-2; Int e rn ationa l Relation s Club, 1-2; Pin g P o ng, I ; C h ess, 1 (runner-up); Con.q1t;Jlador I: Tropical Collegitlll, I ; Assembly Comm;' tee, 2; Romeo and Juliet;" "The Grear Big D oo r srep;" "Best p oor Forward;" "Dear Ruth;" D elfa P s i Omega, 2; Pinancial Director Dramar ics, 2. CONQUISTADOR P AGE F IFTEEN


LEON EDWARD DEDEAUX, JR. GULFPORT MISSISSIPP I JOSEPH DAWSON AI'CON, CANAL ZONE Pre s ident, Class of 1947, I ; '"Pea ce, I t's Wonderful;'" '"BeSt F oo t Forward;'" Phi T h e ta Kal pa, 2; 1nt ernational Relations Club 1 ; Football I ; Softball, 1; B aseball, 1 -2. U. S. Army ; F ootball, 1-2; B aseball, I ; Soft ball, I ; Basketball l. PAGE S IXTEEN CONQUISTADOR


HELEN BARBARA DOLAN WALLINGTON NEW JERSEY V o lle y ball 1-2; Softball, 1-2; Gamma C hi 1-2; Tro pi cal C o l/egian 1-2 (Business Man ager, I); C onq lli s tad o r 1-2 ; V" Club, 1-2 ( Secrerary); Sta g in g & P roducing, 1-2; Baske[ b all. 2: Natural Science Society 2. ERNEST JOSEPH FRANCESCHI ANC.ON C.ANAL ZONE Warer Polo AII-Srars, 2; I mernational Rela[ions C l ub I ; Natura l Science Society 1 .2; Swimmin g I C:ONQUISTADOR P AGE SEVENTEEN


ROBERT E D WARD FRENC H BIRMINGHAM. A LABAMA U. S. Navy E LIZ ABETH L G AINE S MOBILE. ALABAMA D elta Psi Omega, 1 ( President, 2); Gamma Chi, 2; Internationa l Rela t ions Club, 2; V olley ball, 2; Swimmi ng, 12; Banquer Co m m i n ce, I ; Assistant in Swimm:ng, I ; 'The Great Big Doorstep;" The Scarlet L etter;" "The POl Boiler ; " Best FoOt Forward ; "Dear Rurh:' PAGE EIGHTEEN CONQ U ISTADOR


WESLEY HAROLD HA MIl, TO N WEST VIRGINIA U. S. Army Air Force. CONQUISTADOR LOU ELLEN ZENT GAINES GLOBE ARIZONA Secretary. Student Association 2 ; Secretar y Class of 194 7, I ; "Romeo and Julier ; Delta Psi Omega, 1-2; Gamma Chi, \-2 ( VicePresident I ; President 2 ) International Re lation s Club, I ; Banquet Committee, 1. PAGE N INETEEN


LYDIA ISABEL HENRIQUEZ PANAMA R DE p S oftball, I ; B aske t ba ll, 1 ( AIIStars, I); V C lu b 1-2; C o nt/I/is lador. 2; Kappa Ep s i l o n 2. CONRAD HORINE R E A DING, PENNSYLVA NIA u. S l\1e n s Athl etic As s o c iati o n ( V ice Pr esident), I ; Football, 1.2; Trac k 1.2; Swimming, 1; Tropical Colleg i a n (Bus i n e s s lv{a n age r), 1 ; Contfll;statiorl I ; Inte rn a t i o na l R e l a t io n s Club, 2. PAGE TWE N T Y CONQU1STADOR


ETHEL JEANNE JOHNSON BENNETT. C OLORADO Gam ma Chi, 2; Spo tl ight, 2 ; Tro p i cal C o l egi(w. 1 -2; Danc e Co mmi ttee l ; Phi The t a 2; Ban que t C o mminee, I ; C o n q llis ta dor, 2. RUTH N JOHNSTON ANCON. C.ANA L ZONE Vice-Presi d e nt, St u denr A ssocia t io n 2; G a mm a Chi 2; D e lta Psi Omeg a 2; Phi Theta K a p pa, V Club, 2; K ap p a Ep s ilon 2; Sp o t l ight, I -2 ; Conqui stador, I ; T ro p ical Co l l egia n (Busin ess Manager ) 2; "Viva c i o u s L a d y;" J a nie ;" V olleyball, 1 -2; Bas k e t ball, 1 -2; S o ft ball, 1 -2. C ONQUISTADOR P A G E TWENTY-ONE


LLOYD KENT A G I ' I W F N T y. TWO CHARLES LAWRENCE JONES WATERVILLE, MA;NE u. S. VicePre s ident Student A ssoc i atio n ] ; B aseball, 12 ( AIlStar Captain ]); B as ketball ] ( M anage r [); Foo t ball 12 (Captain ]); Track [, CONQUI STADOR


BRUCE R KILLE, J R. C HARLOTTE. MICHIGAN U. S. Navy; B ow l i n g Green College, 1; Tra ck, 2 ; Ba s k e tball 2. MIGUEL KOURANY ANCON. CANA L ZONE FoOtball I ; Natural Science Society, 1 2 ; in t e rnat iona l R e l ations Club, 1-2; Mu s i c A s sembly, I ; Kapp a Epsilon 2. CONQUISTADOR P AGE T \XI E N T Y'T H R E E


WELLINGTON NG COLON, R DE p Natural Science Society, 2. P AGE T WEN T y'. F 0 U R NORMA CATHERINE 1 ,AKUS NEW YORK NEW YO R K Gamma Chi, 2; Phi Theta Kappa I' Chorus, I ; I nternational R e lati o n s C lub. L -2. CONQUISTADOR


YOLANDA EDITH PAREDES PANAMA, R DE P JEAN ELIZABETH O'BRIEN PER U Best Foot Forward;" Internatio na l R eia rions Clu b, I; Narural Science Sociery, I ; "The Grear Big Do orsrep;" Delra Psi Omega, 1 -2; Gamma Chi, 2; Romeo a n d Juliet;" Rin g Commi nee. Phi Thera Kapp a, I -2; C onquistador, 2; K ap pa Epsilon, 2; Chorus, I -2; Spa nish Shorr h and Club 2. 1/ CONQUISTADOR P AGE TWENTY-FIVE


MARILYN FREDA R APPARPORT ANCON. CANA L ZONE Assistant in E n g li s h 2; D e h a P si O m ega, 1-2 ( Vi cePreside nt 2); I n ternat i o nal R eia r ions Club 1-2 ( T r easu r e r 2); "Ro m eo and Ju iier ;" "The G r ear B ig D oo r st ep ;" COllqltis{ador, 2; Gamma C hi 2; V olleyb all, I ; Natural Science Soc i e t y, 1 ; P roducing, 1-2 ; S t agin g 1-2. P AGE T \VI EN T Y S I X MANUEL QUINTERO R PANAMA, R DE P CONQUI STADO R


CAR L MAL COLM RIC E CHIC AGO ILLINOIS Int e rn ati o n a l R e l ati o n s Cl u b 1 2; Softball, I ; C h or us, I ; P ing Pon g 1-2. JOH N L UC I EN R OSSETTI, JR. AN CON. C ANAL ZONE U. S. Nav y ; B aseball, 1 2 ( AlI S t ars, 1); F oOtb all AlIS t ars, I ; Tra ck, 1 ; B as k e t ball AllS t a r s 1 ; Imernario n a l R e l a t i o n s C l u b, 2; T ropicat Coll e giaJl, 2 ; V ivacio u s L a dy." CONQUISTAD O R P AGE T WENT Y SEVEN


H RALPH S H ERRIT PANM1 A R DE P CAROL K. RUOFF L OS ANGEL E S CALIFOR N I A lnternatio n a l R e la t io n s C lu b, 1 ; Gamma C h i, J -2 ; Tropical Collegian, I Assis tant i n C hemistry, 1 ; Ass i sta n t in 2; alUral Sc ience Soc i e t y, .2 ; Trac k l. P AGE T \VI E N T y .. E I G H T CONQUI S T A D O R


J AMES A SMITH flORHAM PARK NEW JER SEY Pre side nt Srudent A ssoc iati o n 2; Vice-President C lass of 194 7 I ; In ternational Rela tio n s Club, I -2; Basketball All-Star s, 1-2; Fo o t ball, I; Swimmin g, 1 -2; Softball, 2; Natufal Scie n ce Soc i ety, 2. L, RUTH SMITH C HE STE R V I RG I NIA COllrjlt. :Slador ( Editori nchief), 2; Gamm,l Ch i I -2; D e lt a Psi Omega. 1 -2; Phi Theta K aDra, 2; I nternational R e lat ions Club, 1-2 ( Vice-Presid ent, 2); Choru s, 1-2; Volleyball AII-Srar s 1-2; B asketball All-Stars. 1-2; Soft call AII-Sr ars, 1-2 (Captain I): Water Ball e t 2; Pin g Pon g, I ; T rop ical Collegial/. 2: R o meo and Juliet ;" "The Great Big D oorsrep:" 'The Scarle t L e tter : " V Club 1-2; Cheerleader, 2; Bowl :ng, 2. CONQUISTADOR P AGE r W E N T Y N I N E


ABE L V ILLEGAS JR. ANCON, CANAL ZONE ANN THERESE SULLIVAN ANCON, CANA L ZONE A ssista n t i n B iology, 2; Nat ura l Scie nce S o ciety 1-2 ( Sec r e t a r y, 2); Int erna t io n a l R e lat ions C l ub 2; Assemb l y Comm i n ee 1 ; Basketbal l All-St ars 1-2; Softball AIIStars, 1 -2; Vollevball A llStars, 2; V Cl ub, 1-2; Con1 -2; Wat e r B a ll e r 2 ; Tropical Collegia)] ( Ediror-in-c h ief), 2. U. S. Naval Air Corps; l nrramura!s 1 -2 ; I nt e rnational R e lation s Club, I ; Kappa Epsi. I o n ( Pr es ident), I ; Tropica l Colle gian, I. P AGE THIRTY CONQUISTADOR


FENTON RAYMOND WHELAN ANCON. CANAL ZONE U. S. Navy ; Baseball, 1; FoOtball, 12; Bas ke t ball, 2; Softball, I ; Kappa Epsi l o n ( Pr es idem),2. OBDULIA ELLA WRIGHT SAN SALVADOR. E L SALVADOR Sec r eta ry-Tr easure r C l ass of 194 7, 2; Inc" r natio n a l R e l a t ;o n s Club (Secretary). I ; V" Cl ub, 1 .2; Gamm a Chi, [ (S,cretary): Spons, 1 .2; Ban q u et Co mm ittee, 1 ; COllfJII.:S rador ( B us:ness Manager). C.ONQUISTADO R P AGE THIRTYONE


J AMES P ERRY YOUNG, JR. ANCON. CANAL ZONE U S. N avy; Football 1. 2; S o ftb all, I ; B asc ball, I P H YL LI S Z E M ER HYANNI S MASSA C H USET T S Volleyball, 1-2 ; Soft ball, 2; W a t e r B alle t 2; V i ub, 1 -2; C h orus, 1 -2; in srrumenra i En.!lem b l e, I ; D a n ce Comminee, 2: G amm a C h i 1 -2 ( VicePr e s ident, 2 ) PAGE TIlIRTYTWlO CONQ U I STADOR


JULIUS CHENEY GOR D ON H. DAVIS AL'\'CON, CANAL ZONE I\rmy Air Corps ; Football I. ROBERT FINCH MARSHAl. L WILLIAM HUGHES ANCCN. CANA L ZONE U. S. Army Air Corps ; Football. 1-2; Base ball I ; Basketball I ; Softball. I; Trac k. I ; fowling, 2. TO MA S FRANCISCO NORIEGA PANAMA, R DE P DAN SANDER S HANGH A I CHINA Football. I ; B aseball. I ; Baske t ball. 1-2; Water P o l o I ; Softball. I ; Track 1-2; International Rel atio n s Club, 1; Nawral Science Socie t y I; B owli n g, 2 CONQU ISTADOR P AGE T H I R T Y"T H R E E










FRESHMAN ENGINEERING STUDENTS: Front row, left 1 0 righl: Ben Kuller David Howl", Hug h M a l oney Aram Osigian Gu s R os ania Gay Hi ghlOwe r Jim Maguire, W ill iam Perry. H a r o ld TUIIl<:. S eco nd r o w : J ohn Dura n Fred Sundslrom. Mannie Quimero. Bill D e 1 3 Maler, Hus um, Warren L aClai r William Muller. Sa m Meyer R oy Atwood Albert Cherry. B ill Allen Third row : Hubert leggen. James Keller, T o m Danny N<:umann. Mil o Alcx ander. Albert Hu s ted Paul Ri dge, Bob R osa nia Francis Co n over. J:lCk MullC't Millon Hill Jim Etehbcrger, Bill Pr<. tlo Elmer M oo Jchao. Myron Georse. R a l p h Siewart '" o o < r ::0 CI Z o u .... :t Cl ... >.... '" :t r ... Cl -< ..


() o Z /:) c .... > o o '" > <;) m .... :t '" .... -< z z "' FRESHMAN COMMERCIAL STUDENTS: From row, kft t o ri ght, Gay K o hl o ff Ca r o l ine H alverse n Margaret H owe ll He!en H obbs. Second r o w : Nina Sykes, Julianne Hillman, Marianna Newlin. Thi rd ro w: Ted M( : ian son, Edward D o ran Anto nio Os u ea, L eo Goulet, Clarence COltS.


FRE S HMA N LIBERAL ARTS STUDENTS: Fr o m r O w, left t o rig h t: Mildred H aas, R obena McC l oskey. Flore nce Wrighr. H e l en M c Fadden Kathleen L a lly, S hirl e y Hu s um Mary L e a c h Second r o w Barbara Gal l o, Llana Scars. Jane Griffing, Garvyn Moumblow Third r o w : Edward Hus um, L' Doyl e, R obe rt Turner, J ose Co r c6. Ell i s Coau. '" o o < I-::> CI Z o >< I-'" o <.'l < 0.




! "VIost LON Etten Zent J ames Coffey PAGE FORTYTWO CONQ U I STADOR




B est Looking UrJntl Jotm SeCIYS P tlll/ K arst PAGL FORTYFOUR C O N Q U ISTADOR




j)Jost Talented HIWerly Chan Ted lIfelanson PAGE FORTY-SIX CONQUI S T ADOR


CONQUISTADOR Nancy S ullivan Marshall H lIghes PAGE FORTY-SEVEN


l Uost Intellectual Ruth Smith Ralph Sherrit PAGE FORTYEIGHT ONQUISTADOR




1)[05t All -Around Ph yUis Z emer B ob H arvey PAGE FIFTY CONQUI S TADOR


CONQUISTADOR Obdlllifl \Y/ rigb t J im S mith PAGE F IFTY-ONE


i1lost Athletic H elen H obbs Bitt D e Ltl Mater PAGE F IFTY T W O CONQUISTADOR


CONQUI STADOR Barbarr! Btl/r H a r old Tltttl e PAGE F:FTY T HREE


F l i e 11 d lie s t ,1Wdred I if/CIS Pm" Ri dge P A (; I I I I T Y-I 0 l R CONQUI STADOR




Jr1ittiest H elen Dolem J ohn Alexemder PAGF rlFIYSI X




Best D ancers Cttro/ Bob Kunkel PAGE F IFTYEIGHT CONQUI STADOR


C O NQUISTADOR P AGE Marianna N e11, lin S ooky CO(//s FIFTYNIt,;E






S TUDENT ASSOC IATION OFFIC.ER S Se:lt c d ; Ruth J ohnslOn (Vice President). L o u Ellen Zent (Sc.-crUtH)' J Mr Ikck Smit h ( Prc<,icl'nt), Elli.. Coats ( T r ea surer). P AGE IXTY TWlO CONQUISTADOR


STUDENT ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES B y MAR ILYN R APPARPQR T Thi s is sr ario n CZJC brin ging y ou rhe hig h l i g hrs in rhe wo rld o f f u n for rhe sch oo l yea r 19461947. Ar e you a d ra b d e b ) D o you h ave rhar l osr f ee ling) W e ll. wa k e up, c hick a nd co m e ro rhe ge r-acqua inred d a n ce s p o nsor e d b y rhe S. A a r rhe Horel Ti voli. S oft lig hr s sweer m u s ic, sw i s h y f o rm a ls-i(s co rny, bur ir's true. This was r h e ope nin g g un o f r h e year. The c enrer o f a rrracrio n a r r h e C hri s rm as f o rm a l w a s a real o l d fas h i o ned Chri srmas rre e w irh all rhe rr ad i rio n a l de co r ario ns. G eo rge W as hin g ron d a n ced h ere" was rhe rhem e o f rhe Fr es h m a n Class d a n ce g i ve n during rhe m o nrh o f F e bru a ry. One o f rh e m osr e nj oya b l e eve nr s o f r h e y ea r w as rhe o urin g to T a b oga. There we r e plenr y o f liqui d r e freshm e nrs" f o r all ( need we say more?) Thanks ro "Salry" Gill' s s kill a r r h e helm ir was a h ecric ride h o me T o tOp eve r y rhin g o ff r h e r e we r e rwo five s r a r p a rri es ar r he gy m a r o n e o f whic h Ed "Grou c h o Schna k e r h r ille d u s wir h his f ascin a rin g r ales o f h i s expe ri e n ces as a n inr e rn ario n a l spy in P a n a m a This i s srario n CZJ C s i g n i n g o ff Yo u h a v e b ee n lis r e n i n g ro T he Hig hli g hr s in r h e W o rld o f Fun." Be sure ro rune i n aga in n exr y ear Y o ur a nn o un ce r i s Jay See. W h e n you h ea r r h e go n g, rhe r im e will be-Comm e n ce m e nr D a y PAGE S IXTY THREE


I NTERN ATIONAL REL ATIONS ( L UB Front ruw Itdt to riJ.:hl: Chan, B .trb. lr.l G.lllo. RapPMr' . m ( Trc.l ... urc:r Ruth S mi t h ( VILe P rC'\idcnt). Mildred H aa.. (Secretaq'). S h irley V ida \XIct' k ... R ubcT(.l Sfwnd Hm Gu ... Rt).ln;;l Edward H usu m J\hrlin Culpepper. Jlln Coffey. I, John t-.ltk<.: K our,lny. BCl.k {SpIUN1r Third rim ( h arlei Arn o l d, D:ln Sander. Jim Smith. Fdward Doran, 1.1..'0 Goulet. Robert Turner D.lnny Neum.lIlll '" o Cl '" f-::J CJ Z C ::J o ). x < ...


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Food, fun refreshments, enrerrainment, food! Thus we lured the inno cent college students, especially the dorm boys to the first meet ing o f the International Relations Club. Those chosen to lead the group, under the supervision of Mr. Beck our advisor were E lli s Coats President; 1. Ruth Smith, Vice-President; Mildred H aas Secretary ; Marilyn Rapparporr, Treasurer. It was decided that the theme of the discussions to be held this year would be th e relations between Panama and the United States pa rri cu l arly those affecting the Canal. Mr. Paul Bentz was invited to be the first speaker of the year. He discussed the various treaties con cerni n g the Canal. Mr. Samue l Lewis spoke at th e January assemb l y sDonsored by this club giving us the Panamanian point of view Several othe r speakers were invited to be our guests durin g the course of the year, a nd discussions of valu e and interest marked a series of excellent business meetings. The main social event of the year was a beach party. We spent a perfec t day b a sking under the tropical sun-and rain-at Santa Clara anJ the main theme of the day was food fun refreshm e nt s enterr a inment food. CONQ U I STADOR P AGE S I X TYFIVE


NAT U RAL SUEN(E SO::"I ETY: Fro nt fOW, l eft 10 riE:hl : Gus R o s3n1:l ( CommltteC'), L ucille c'everl y Chan NanC} Sulll\a n H ele n Dolan, Robcna Vida \'( / eck) l\hke Kour : w y S<.'Cond r o w R .lIph Sh e rrtl ChJfles Arn o ld ( o mmlUec), l\lariin Culpeppef ( Pr eside",) Jim Smit h Dan Sander Mr L ee (Spo m or), Third row' \'(Icliingl o n N.::. Frn e\l Orbnao Henle} o Cl < f-::> CI Z o x >fX .., < 0..


NATURAL SCIENCE SOCIETY A speech by Victor Dunaway on poisonous snakes of Panama started the Natural Science Society off for the year 1946-47. At the second meeting, officers were n amed for the year. M a rlin Cu lpepper was elected President ; Nancy Sullivan Secretary-Treasurer ; and Charles Arnold, Gus Rosania and VictOr Dunawa y the Planning Committee. In November, Ralph Sherrit spoke about F10urEscence and Phos phorEscence and illustrared his t a lk w ith to c k samples a nd experiments The major event in January w a s the annual waffle supper at the home of our sponsor, Mr. Lee. Mrs. Lee s waffles were, as usual, "out of this world."' When everyone mustered enough energy to move a committee was chosen to wash dishes, while the others listened to a sErenade by Ernest Franceschi with his guitar, and vocal so l os by Migu el Kourany. In February Mr. Clar e nce True lectured at the Miraflores Obse r vatOry and g a ve us glimpses of the m o on several planEts and stars through the telescope. AnOther trip which provEd interesting was a tour of the m o del of rhe Sea-Level Canal a t Mirafl o res. The tOur w as conduCted by one of the engineers working en the project and h e answered all of Our m any quesri o ns afrer explaining the operation of the model. The aCtivities of the club thi s year proved both profitable and enjoyable thus living up to the NSS aim of fun in education. C O N Q UISTADO R PAGE SiXTY SEVEr....


GAt\IMA C.HI' From r O w left 10 right Obdulia Wright (Secretary). Lou Ellen Zen! ( PrCSldm(). Mis\ MatS o n (Sponsor). Beverly Chan (Treasure r), Phyllis Zemer ( Vi c e PIl"')idcm J S(:'Cond t o ..... : Matily n R:;.pparp o rt Newlin. Helt"n Dolan. Roberta Mc<..los kc) ', Kathlc.en lali}" RUlh Johnston. Third row: L. RUlh Smith. Loui s e Carol Ruo ff Jean (:lTson Jane Griffing. Jean O 'Brien. Standing: Patricia Hatcheu, Barbara Barr. Vida Wn:ks. Flo ren ce Wright. N o rm a Betty Gaines, 1 :lhel )ea.lne Johnson P AGE SIXTY-EIGHT ( ONQUISTADOR


GAMMA CHI The s econd y ea r o f G a mm a Chi ca rried o n the traditi o n o f servi ce to rhe s c h oo l a nd soc i a l a ctiviti e s w hi c h w a s be g un b y rhe c h aner members, the girl s o f the Cl a ss o f 1946. During th e yea r th e g irl s helped to keep the' loun g e in orde r g ave p anies f o r th e student body, u s hered a r the co lle ge p l ays, a nd f o rm e d a c heering squa d a r the foOtb all g a m es. The offic i a l G a mm a ga r b this year w a s a g r ee n j ac k e t with whit e trimmings. The soc i a l ca l e nd a r o p e ned w ith a Ru s h t e a at Phy lli s Z e m er's h o use f o r all the g irls in c oll ege. Sho rtl y t here a fter a b o ut twenry girl s were initi a t e d a t a f o rm a l ce r e m o n y in th e high sch oo l libr a r y After the initi a ti o n th e Ga mmas a n d th e ir da t es e nj oye d a dinner da n ce at the S a ilfi s h Club Th e S tag P a n y o n N ovembe r 25 f o r all th e s tud e nt s in sch oo l was a bi g hit featurin g d a n c in g, mu s ical c h a irs, a s lide, a nd f oo d a nd s o ft drinks. L o ui se H a rr ell was t h e h ostess f o r th e C hri s tmas party, a c h o p s uey d inn e r a ft e r w hi c h th e g irl s and th e i r dates san g caro l s a t the h o me s o f th e t eac h e rs. In F e bru ary, a t ea was h e l d a t Obduli a Wrig ht 's h o u se in h o n o r o f M a r y L o u En g elk e, w h o i s th e fir s t G a mm a to m a rr y a n d h a v e a c hild. Other weddin gs d urin g th e year wer e L o u Elle n Zent's i n M a r c h a n d P a t H a t c h e tt s in April. AnOther p a n y f o r t h e sch oo l was give n in M a r c h a n d th e th e m e was Sf. P a tri c k s Day. Two t eas we re held in April o ne in c o nnecti o n w ith th e initi a tion of six n e w members, a n d the Othe r g iven b y th e s p o n so rs, Miss Eth e l M a t so n a n d Miss Vir g ini a Keen a n This y e a r th e Gammas h av e a b a nquet sch e dul ed, a t whi c h th e i n s tall a ti o n o f o ffi c er s f o r next y e a r will t a k e pl ac e CONQ U I STADO R P AGE S I X T Y N INE


'.," r i P :l' ,:It a \ :i) -I [-j --.. -----' I +0 ..... DFLTA PS I From r O w l<:it CO Jean O 'Brien, Ma r i l y n Rapparport ( Vi c e Prc idem), Bcu y (Pre,idcnd L. Smit h SC:lond row: l\!j l drel B uc kaloo Julianne Hillman, Ruth ) o h n:.ton Lou Ellen Z("O(, BLiI Tuwmc:nd Third 1 \lr. Turby fill (Sp OIl'iO(), Fr:lnk Ushler. j\\:lrlin Culpepper. Gt..'0Tge J\\u l :er. 5t,lnle} 5;110 R u,', '" 0 0 < l-V> -:J CI Z 0 v ,. I-Z '" > <) <


DELTA PSI OMEGA CAST 138 By BETIY GAINES The school year o f 1946-47 marks this fraternity's fifrh season in the Canal Zone Junior College. The first organization meeting of the school year was held on Ocrober 1 1946 the purpose of which was ro elect officers. The following wer e elected: Berry Gaines, Cast Direcror ( President); Marilyn Rapparport, Stage Manager ( Vice president); Edward Schnake, Business Manager (Secretary-Treasurer). On Ocrober 24, 1946, an initiation ceremony was held for Ruth Johnsron which was conducted by the officers and Mr. Turbyfill, the sponsor. As a part o f her initiation Miss Johnston was required ro give a performan ce at the H allowe'e n Party given by the fraternity the following evening for members a nd Rushees, the Rushees" being all the members of the Class in Dramatics. Miss Dorothy Moody and Mrs. Suberr Turbyfill were the special guests o f the evening. It was a costume parry, and an extensive program was planned consisting of a prepared play impromptu entertainment by the guests n ove lty stuntS, and group sin gi ng. Delta Psi Omega h eld its a nnual Christmas B anquet on Decem ber 17, 1946 a t the Tivoli Hotel. The trad itional centerpiece of poinserria was used, and the place cards a nd programs were in the shape of the Christmas Wreath. Marlin Culpepper was form a lly pledged at the banquet. Berry Gaines, Cast Direcror was in c harge of the arra n ge ments and George Muller a c h arrer member, was T oastmaster. Mrs. Suberr Turby fill and Dr. D orothy Mood y we re spec ial guests and Mis s Ethel M a t son was the honor gues t On Janu ary 22 anor h e r initiation ceremony was held at which time M a rlin Culpepper was initiated by Mr. Turbyfill a nd the officers o f the fraternity. The Annual Dry Season Picnic was held on Sunday, February 9. This event offered an opporrunity for th e "Rus hees" ro prove their fitness for membership. Special guests arrending the picnic were : Mrs. Subert Turbyfill Mr. and Mrs .lames A. L yons, a nd Mr. P au l Beck Impromptu enterrainment was furnished by the "Rushees a n d variou s games were p l ayed. Miss Virginia Keenan led the s in g ing. On February 11, pledging services were h eld f o r six students who had met the minimum requirements. Betry Gaines was in c h arge and was assisted by Marilyn Rapparporr, George Muller a nd Mr. Turbyfill. The girls pledged were Beverly Buckaloo Mildred H aas and Juliann e Hillman. The three boys were Stanley Salo Bill Townsend a nd Fran cis Ushler. These six people are schedu l e for initi ar i on on March 2 4 They will be required as a part of their iniriation to perform at th e Annual Dramatics Banquet given in hon o r of Delra Psi Omega on May 7. The fraternity expects ro pledge and initi a te more members the end of the year. There is o ne more big soc ial event scheduled for the year and that is the annual Spring Parry. Last year the parry was held a t the Harel Washingron in Colon, but as this goes ro press, no a rrangements have been made fot this year. CONQUISTADOR PAGE SEVENTYONE


THE FIFTH SEASON OF DRAMATICS The first produ c tions of the fifth season were R ehea rsal and R e fle c tion," which were presented a t the Balboa Clubhouse Theater o n November 21. These one-act plays were p a rt of the regular monthly a ssembly program The first was a portraya l of the Class in Dramatics pre p a ring a play The players we r e Bud St roop, Francis Ush ler Btt t y Gaines Raoul Theriault, Pat Hatchett, Marlin Cu lpepper, Stanley S a lo a nd Steve Gra cie. The second play Reflection," was a picture o f family lif e The caSt includ ed Bill Townsend Jane Griffing, lloyd Kent, Mike Dawson a nd Llona Sears. For the January major prociuCtion Mr. Turbyfill chose the Broad w a y c o medy "Bes t Foot Forward," written for the stage by John Ceci l H o lm The p l a y w a s presented on January 8 and 9 in the Balbo 1 S c h ool P a tio. The leads were p l ayed by Betty Gaines and Bill Towns end with Jane Griffing and Ted Melanson i n big roles. The dates o f the four boy comedians were played by Beverly Buckaloo, Julianne Hillman, Mildred H aas, and Barbar a Gallo. St a nley Sal o Edward Schn a ke George Muller and Francis Ush l er were the boys. Caroline Selee played the chaperone ; Lloyd Kent, the p h otOgrapher; and George L o isel, the Old Grad Mike Dawson and Raoul Theriault were t he f ac ulty members. Marlin Culpepper was the assistant directOr and Jea n O Brien Lou ant, a nd Mrs. Turbyfill lent a helping hand. The Class in Dra m atic s presented "Dea r Ruth" on the Balbo a Clubh o use s t a g e April 16, the fourth amareur production of the p lay anywhere in the world. The title ro l e was p l ayed by Barbara Gallo a nd Stanle y Salo was her dashing poetry-loving swain The bewildereJ p a r e nt s were p o rtrayed by Edward Schnake and Juli anne Hillman, rh e p a tri o tic Bad Sam a ritan" sister by Llon a Sears and the jilted fianc e b y Fr a ncis Ushler. Betry Gaines a nd B o b Harvey a l so had romantic pa rts ; a nd Mildr e d Haas and George Muller a dded further comedy tOuch es to th e hil a rious p lOt in their r o l e s as the m a i d and the l onely so ldi er. The a nnu a l Dram a tics B a nquet, in h o n o r o f Delta Psi Omega will be h eld o n May 7 a t the Tiv oli H o t el. Any o ne who has done work i n d r a m atics, wheth e r h e was a membe r of the clas s or not i s eligible to atte n d t h e b a nqu et. Ent e rt a inm e nt f o r th e affair will be furni s hed b y p l e d ges o f D e lt a Psi Omega. PAGE SEVE NTY-TWO CONQUI STADOR


SPOTLIGHT The bri g ht es t spOt o n ma n y a blue M onday mo rn ing i n CZJ C waS th e Spo tli g ht;' p u blis h ed by th e mem b er s o f o ffi c e pra c ti ce class. It co nt ains a nn o un cements n ews it{m s abo ut th e s tudents a n d f ac u l t y a n d inf o rm a t i o n o f ge n e r a l int e r est a nd ed u c at i o n a l v a l ue. The seve r a l e ditOr s wh o did th e t yping a nd s t e n c i l illu stra ti o n s we r e B e tty Gain es Caro l Ruo ff E th el J ea n ne J o hn so n R ut h J o hn sro n Ph y lli s Zemer. V ir g ini a M eye r Obd uli a W r i g h t L ydia H entiquez Par H a t c h ett Ca rr Y o l a n da P a r edes Nina S y k es A s ide from t h e regular weekly b ulle tins, th e r e we r e o n e Or twO spec i a l ed i t i o n s edit e d by M r s Crow ley, th e College S e c r eta ry. C.ONQUISTADOR PAGE SEVENT Y THREE




PHI THETA KAPPA d}' YOI.ANDA PAREIJES The Delta Omega Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, nationa l s cholastic fraternit y for junior col1eges, can b oas t thi s year of a membership o f fifteen active members and nine a lumni members. After th e graduatioll of five member s last year and the withdrawal of one, this fraternit y consisted of Norma L a kus P a tri c i a H a tchett and Yolanda Paredes. The new members elected to the fraternity this year are Lee Doyle Beverly Chan Stanley Salo H a rry H ol1a nd Charle s Hus um Ethel Johnson Ruth Johnston L. Ruth Smith Jane Griffing, Virgini a Meyer Mich ae l Daws o n and Franci s Conover. Pledge se rvices were held on Monday, February 17, and th e initiation ce rem o n y to o k pl ace o n Thursday Febru ary 20. The annual scholarship b anquet was held about the middle of March. In order to be eleCt ed f o r membership to Phi Theta K appa, a student must be regularly enrol1ed in a junior col1ege, have completed one semester o f work ca rr y at k ast 1 5 h o urs per week be of good moral character, and possess reco g nized qualities of citizenship. H e must have a B av er age and must be, at the time o f the election in the upper ten per cent of the regul a rly enrol1ed student body Eligibility is based on the average of al1 col1ege work previous to rhe election Alumni members o f Delt a Ome ga are M a rg a ret Cauthers, Mrs. Shirley Cutter, Alice Fairbrother Dorothy Frirz, Norma Johnston P a tri c i a Kennedy Jea n Libbey Cecily Sherk, a nd Luke Standefer CONQUISTADOR PAGE SEVENTYFIV!:.


KAPPA EPSILON : Pr o m r o w lefe to ri g h t: Edw!lrd D o r an ( V ice Preside m). L ydia Henriquez, FentOn \'{' helan (Presidend. Y olanda Paredes (Secretar},l Dann}' Neumann. Lill ian Eenitez j \ l r \'V':uci (Spomor), All x:rt H u s t ed, Orlando H enle},. lhrbarn Barr J uan Stags. Elmer Maolehan, Abel V illegas, R u th J o hmtOn GU} Magnan de Belle\'ue l\l iguel K ou r a ny. Bc\crl)' C'h :ln '" o Q f-:J CI Z o V >< >-f-z > <.l


KAPPA EPSILON Afte r a period of seve r a l years, t h e Spa ni s h Club o f th e Ca n a l Zone J u ni o r College was r ev i ved u n de r it s o l d n a me, K appa Ep silo n At th e fir st m ee tin g t h e follo win g o fficer s we r e elec t e d : Pr es i dent, F ento n Whe l a n ; Vice P res i de nt J o r ge Solis; Secr e t a ry, Y o l a nd:t P a r edes; T reasure r Edwa r d D oran. Th e cl u b h e l d seve r a l m ee t i n gs du r i n g th e year, a n d all were cc n ducted in S pa ni s h Th e r e w:ts a l arge enro llm en t of Spa ni sh-speak ing sludcnt s o f diffe rent n a t io n a l ities. Mr. W a r d was t h e spo n sor. CONQUISTAD O R PAGE SEVENTYSEVEN




TROPICAL COLLEGIAN The Tropical Collegian, piloted by Nancy Sullivan, e njoyed ant: o f its b es t years, with excellent lit e r a r y contributio ns art work, r ev iews, a nd news cove r age. J oh n Alexander, Nancy 's ass i stant, h ad much to o ffer in the way of lit e r a r y e ff orts, sports news a nd p l a in h a rd work. K a thle en Lally was anoth er ass i s tant, w h o per f o rm ed chiefly as a prouf reader and makeup worker. Ruth J o hn sto n was th e Bus in ess M a n ager in c h a r ge o f m a k e u p fon d circu l at ion and she had ab l e assistance from J ean O'Bricll a n d Edwin H olle n back. Art Ediror Beverly C h an f urni s h ed especially good illu s tr a ti o ns, as did Assistant Art Edi tor Ethel Jeanne J o hn son. These girls a l so h a n d l ed an art corner in wh i ch comments about art we r e m ade by rhem a nd vario u s guest writers. Other special co l umns included the ever-popu l a r Hot Air from the Tropics," by this year's Tropica l Tramp, Edward Schnake "Dramat ics N o t es," b y Betty Gaines; and "Sn oope r Scoops," sch oo l n ews items by L. Ruth Smith. The n ews of the yea r in ath letics was cove r ed competently by Barbara Barr and John R ossetti. Mil d r ed H aas a nd Shirley Hus um lent humor and verse ro the m agaz ine, a nd Shirley a l so conducted a fashio n co l um n Music, bo o k reviews a nd movie reviews were in cha rge of Yolanda P a redes Vida W eeks and Beverly Buckaloo respec tively. Phyllis Zemer a nd Marg are t H owell we r e the sraff typi sts. Miss M oody setved as adv isor thi s year as in th e past a nd she a l s o contributed some items of her own. Numerous contributio ns, as;.}e from th ose made by the staff, we r e received from various students d umni, a n d faClilry members. PAGE SEVENTYNINF


o z {) c > g V> -i > ." V> r. P A G 1 1 1 G H T Y CONQU1STADOR


CONQUISTADOR This year for the first time in its twelve-year history the C o n q"is/tlcior was a purely student project. Instead of l eaving the labot and responsibility in the h a nd s of the adviser it was decided that s h e w ould only cenSOt compl eted copy a nd that all other duties would be handled by the students. Let u s l ook in for a minute o n the Experimenters in the great pro ject: Comfortably ensconced at a l arge table littered ;ith hacked and muti l ated snapshots are Beverly C h an a nd Ethe l J eanne Johnson. Each i s advising the other as to the best way to make up pages and both h ave their fingers coated with paste. Across the table are Shirley Husum and Bob H arvey c hewing pencils and fro wning at pasteup sheets as they ponder puns for pictures. "Come here a minute, Shirley;' Mildred Haas clllls for the 999,999th time. Her right in dex finger i s wearied from its h a lf hour of t yping, a nd s h e rests it h eavi l y on the copy which l ooks like this: this waxs the mongf fo, etc. Two other typewriters a re travelling at tremendou s rates of speed under the ski llf u l hands of Marilyn Rapparport and Betr y Gaines. "Has anyone seen my football writeup? asks Harold Tuttle as he enters with envelope and papers in hand. "Yes, I'm typing it now, replies Jean O'Brien ftom h a lf way down tb e hall, "but you re going to h a ve to de c ipher some of it. Suddenly there is a squeal a scraping of c h airs a nd a bewildered grunt from the next office. Bob H edd a eus unwittingl y annou n ced the arrival of the popularity pictures whereupon h e was mobbed by Kathl een Lally, Obdulia Wright, and Ruth Smith narrowly escaping th e l o n g b l ades o f a giga nti c pair of scisso rs. When everyone h a s perused and commented he gathers the tat ter ed remains and tenderly pla c es them in a box for reprinting. Ruth confers w ith him for a minute about more pictures; directs Obdulia to c he ck her receipts and plan for a noth er page of SpOrts; and then, w h i p in h a n d, m a kes the rounds to see that everyone is working hard. CONQUISTADOR P AGE EIGHTY-ONE




n o Z to c ,., > o '" ." > C> m '" C> :t ,., >< ,., :t '" '" '" ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE: Fr o nt r o w ; Mr Bec k Mr. Turby fill. Mr Vint o n Standing : Marlin C ulpepper and Jean Car son ( S opho m o res), Bill Dc 13 Mater ( V eterans). Miha n Hill ( Fre shman). N o t shown: Lla na Sear s ( Fre shman).






FOOTBALL Football started with a bang. Most of the boys in college participal ed in the co llege intr amura l football l eague making it one of the be st in co ll ege history. Over three-quarters of the participants were veterans. The service had not impaired their athletic ability for the intramura l le ag ue brou g ht our many stars, most of whom were All-Stars and re presented CZJC in its interscho lasti c gridiron contests. As the intra mur a l seaso n drew to a close the All-Stars were c h osen to represent the gree n and white of the Canal Zone Junior College aga inst the CristOba l a nd Balb oa High Schools. They we r e under th e di r ection of a n ew coach, Mr. B l eifuss who played freshman b a ll at the U ni versiry o f Ill inois, and who w a s a l so a n athl etic o ffi cer in the Air Corps for four years. All bur one of th e twenty-two A ll -Stars were vete r ans. Preseason predictions rated us very highly, be cause of th e return of the stars of former years. It was a tOugh task for coach Bleifuss to ge t a ll the "stars to playas a team rather than i ndividua l p l aye r s bur a fter tWO weeks of h a rd practice the Junior College grid team tOok the field aga in s t the CHS l ads confident of its first victOry. The C H S te a m was n o push-over, however holding CZJC to a score less tie and threatening to score severa! times themselves. T he field was mudd y and th e ball was slipp ery. The College team was using t h e f amed T form atio n where h a ndlin g is very important, a nd th e elusive ball caused seve r a l fumbles. In the fir st game with th e B a lb oa High School All-Stars CZJC outplay ed the younger and l ighter BHS team to win b y a 19 to 7 score. The college men really clicked in this game running u p 15 first downs agai n st 1 f o r the oppos iti on. The College line held lik e a stOne wal l while the backs held the forward passes comp l eted for BHS to zero. The game was spa rk ed by the brilli ant passing of Kenea l y a nd Turtle who comp l eted 12 of 21 aerials 3 of which were good for tOuchdowns. Francis Conover a t all lanky f e ll ow p l ayed end wh ile Bill De La M ater and Tony Ostrea did a fine job running wit h the b all. B y vimle of this victOry over BHS CZJC rook undisputed possession of th e Golden Anchor. PAGE EIGHTYSIX CONQUISTADOR


In our second game with CHS, we were defeated 9 to 0 by our own r oug h playing in the ruggedest game played this year. Co lle ge received 1 70 yards in pena lti es Both reams threw in a ll they had until the l ast quarter when College a llowed CristObal to complete a tOuchdown pass and an extra point. CZJC fought back desperately, bur jusr could not put th e ball across. The final score of the game came whe n College took a CristOba l punt on their own one yard l ine. Two long passes were tried but both were incomplete. On the third" down Ostrea dropped back into punt form at ion on l y to h ave his punt blocked by a fas t CristObal tackle. This gave CHS tWO points and a 9 to 0 victOry ove r CZJc. Colle ge came back to defeat BHS for the second time by a 12 to o count. They got off to a good start, runn in g up three first downs in a row, and th e n De La Mater went over the str ip e on a center plunge. The tr y for the extra point fai l ed College was held in check until th e third quarter when Harold Turtle passing ace, heaved a 40-yard aeria l to Jimmy Kenealy in the end zone for the second tOuchdown making the SCOre 12 to O. Again the try for the extra point failed. In the l ast few minutes Al Husted mad"e th e most sensat i o n a l spr int of the game with his brilliant broken-field running for 48 yards, but th e touchdown never went on the score book. Larry Jones p l ayed a part icularly good game w i th his clever running off tackle while Red Conover Mannie Quintero and Bob Kunkel starred at end. Bob "Her c ules H arvey, Bob Engelke, Roy Atwood a nd Bob Mitc hell played a fin e game on th e line, breaking up play after play o n defense and open in g l arge holes for the backs to make important gains on offe nse. The entire squad turned in ste rlin g performances all seaso n to earn seco nd berth for themselves in the l eague The f ollowing men were the All-St ars: B. Bauman E R Kunkel B. Engelke. T R Mitc h ell B. H arvey G 1. Dedeaux J. Turner C B. Kuller J Maguire. G ]. Muller R At wood T M. Hughes F. Conover E M. Quintero .J. Kenea l y FB p. Karst 1. J ones RHB T. Ostrea M Weich LHB W. De La Mater H Tuttle QB A. Husted R.Gill E M.




BASEBALL The Juni or College won the inters cho@l championship this year for the first time in the history o f the school. The team went undefeated under the brilliant pitching of William Pretto a nd Lloyd Kent. Pretto won three to Kent s one. In th e first game w ith BHS the score w a s 5--2. This was a tight game until the l ast inning w h en College took advantage of a Balbo a miscue, a wil d throw to first on a slow roller from Jack Muller s bal and three runners scored. Pretto was the winning pitcher giving up two hits a nd s trikin g o ur 15 baners College gOt a break in their first game with CHS, edging the Atlantic Siders by a 3--2 verdict. Blackburn the Cristobal hurler, turned in a no hit game but his wildness coupled with his teammates errors cost him the game. Again in th e l ast innin g, Hus ted worked his way to third and stole home whe n pitcher Blackburn bobbled Tuttle s hir ro the mound. Preno chalked up his second win, allowing one hit a n d s rrikin g out nine Crisroba l baners. Lloyd Kent made his fir st appearance in the box f or CZJC in the second contest with BHS. H e gave up twO hits and stru c k Out seven coll ecting a 4--1 win. The only time Kent was rhreatened was in th e first inning, when BHS scored their l one rally bur after this he retired them in order for the remainder of rhe game College matched that run in the fourth when Jone s sing led to right stole second and third and came home on a long fly to l eft. In the sixth inning Husted walked, advanced on Eder s sin gle, and s cored a h ead of Eder o n Tuttle' s lin e drive to center. Jones completed the circuit again in the last inning, making th e fin a l count 4 --1. The final game with CHS was especially g ood ending 7-4 in favor of Jc. Pretro was credited with the win although he was repl a ced by Kent in the third bec a use of an injury. Ja c k Haywood the Cristob,,1 twirler was a little wild in the first inning walking three and then l etting a wil d pitch go allowing J ones and Kuller to SCOre. Three m ore College rums came across the pl a te in the fifth. Kent was in some trouble in the sixth when Cristob a l touched him for four hits a nd two walks en o ugh for four runs. CZJC got their l a st twO in the seventh when Mull e r doub led wit h twO mates aboard Cristoba l threatened in the l owe r seventh with men on second and third. With one down, Hill College first baseman went deep into right field to m a ke an impossible catch and threw to second to retire the side a nd end th e rally The following we r e on the All-Star team: William Pretto Lloyd K ent Pitchers ; Benny Kuller Jack Muller, Carchers ; Chuck Husum Francis Conover First Base; Al Husted, Paul Ridge second base; Bill D e L a M ater Eddie Eder, Short Stop; Mike Dawson Jim Coffity Third Base; Max Weich Al Maale Harold Turtle, Larry Jones outfie l ders CONQUISTADOR P AGE EIGHTY-NINE


TRACK A top-flight team represented CZJC on March 22 at Mount Hope in the first of the two Triangle meets shadrng Cristoba l High for th e day's laurels. The final event decided the meet, as Bob Kunkel set a new mark in the high jump and Bill Sullivan took third Kunkel also took first in the 120 yard high hurdles and second in the 220 low hurdles Oth er first-place winners were Roy Atwood in the broad jump, Paul Karst in the 440 yard dash, and the College relay te a m of Atwood Maa le, Sullivan and Karsr. Besides carrying the baton, Maa le placed in the sprint races and heaved the shor. Lon ge r distance runners on the College squad were Bill Pre reo, Mi l o A l exander, Bob Rosania and Bob Mitchell ] im Coffey hurled the discus, capturing third p l ace Misfortune dogged the tracks of pole vau l ters Haro l d Turrle and Bruce Kille both of whom broke their poles whi le the bar was still comparatively low. The second meet was on March 29 in Balboa bur this time College took a terrific shellacking-at their own h a nds With mOSt of the o utstanding cinder men benched because of l ow midsemester grades CZJC was o ur of the running, a l though those who competed staged a gallant fig ht for their 24 points 15 of which are credited to Bob K u nkel. Pole vault was eliminated from this meet so Tutrle and Kille entered other events coppi ng third and fourch in the 220 low hurdles Larry Jones, Bill Prereo, Bob Rosania Edgar McArthur, and Ellis Coats rounded Out the squad, taking places in the 100 and 440 yard dashes and the 880 y ard run. PAGE N INETY CONQUITADOR


TENNIS Tennis was added to the list of sports in CZJC for the first time in several years. About eighr players contended for the tirle, which Claren ce Coats annexed coming through the tOurney undefeated. His opponent in the finals was his brother Ellis, whom he downed 6 3 a nd 8 -6 Third place Went to Paul Karst. The three finalists challeged the faculry team, Messrs. H ackett, Lee and Woodby, to singles and doubles matches ; and downed the hitherto undefeated faculty comp letely. Clarence Coats fought h ard for his win over Mr. H ackett while Ellis Coats tOok o n Mr. Woodby and Paul Karst beat Mr. L ee. In the doubles match the Coats brothets came from behind, defeating Mr. Woodby and Mr. Lee and sweeping the matches. CONQUISTADOR P AGE NINETY-ONE


BASKETBALL There 's a first time for everything!" CZJC has never won the interschool b aske tb a ll championship; bur this year, some of the finest talent ever to appea r o n th e loca l hardw oo d coutS will be carrying the g reen a nd white through the tOurney The intr a mur a l league consisted of five te ams, led by Mi l o Alex ander Ellis Coats Eddie Eder L a rry Jones a nd Paul K a rst An inten sive schedule of five games a week was played at the Diablo Gym while Coach Bleifu s s in ves tig a ted the possibiliti

WATER POLO The Canal Zone Junior College completed its water polo season tied for fust place after defeating BHS 7-6 in an exciting overtime period. Such star as Myron George Lee Doyle Swede" Sundstrom John A l exander and goalie Otis R amey brought CZJC a victorious season The Jr. College water polo team under the able guidance of Co a ch John Pettingill won five games whi l e l osing on l y one to BHS 4-3 in an overtime period. College did not have mu c h rrouble defeating CHS twice 6-0 and 5-2. The College also added to its l ist of victories triumph over an English team, officers from the H M S. Sheffield. We were told thar the Englishmen were the champions of Bermuda. In the first half, Jr. College gar off to a fast start scoring three quick points. Thereafrer, however, they were held in check until the second half. The College men scored five more againsr the Englishmen s two to take the game 9-2 College s last game was against the working boys They had a very good ream with such outstand in g swimmers as Eddie Wood, George Booth Tom R oth and others. This was one of the besr games of the season. Eddie Wood am azed the spectators with his spectacular shots, whi l e Myron George, Swede Sundstrom and Lee Doyle starred for College. This W3S a fast-moving game, and both teams were g l ad to heart the whistle blow sign a lling half time The working boys were ahead 4-2 at the half, leading unti l the l ast few minutes, when College took the lead and held it to win 6 -5. Water P o l o All-Stars are the following: Myron George Lee Doyle Bill De La Mater, Al Cherry Ernest Francheschi Hubert Leggett Fred Sundstrom Otis Ramey Dave Howe, Conr a d Horine, and John Alex ander. "CANAL ZONE Ut)KAKY CONQUISTADOR PAGE NINETYTHREE




BOWLING A Juni o r C olle ge Bow l i n g L eag u e was f o rm e d in th e seco nd semest er, cons i s tin g o f f o ur t ea ms. C ap t a in s we r e Co nrad H o rio e, M a r s h all Hug hEs, TEd N e l a n so n a nd C arl Rice. The res ult s o f th e early ga mes, whic h we r e r olle d c n Thursday a ft e rn oo ns, put th e Hug hes aggregatio n i n th e l ead, but as th e COllq1liJtador goes to press, it i s d if fic ult to say wh a t th e o ut co m e of th e e ntir e seaso n w ill be. TEAM I T ed Mel a n50n L ouis T ow ery Bill Sullivan T E AM II Conra d H o rin e Jim Smith 1. R Smi l h Fr e d W a ini o Ray H a rris CONQ U I STADO R T E AM III Carl Ri c e D a n San de r J o hn Al exa nde r D avid H o w e Bo b H ed d a eu s TEAM IV M a rsh all Hug hEs Ch a rles Hus um T o m M a rin e R a y Gill Bo b Turne r PAGE N INETY.FIVE

PAGE 100


PAGE 101


PAGE 102

v L L u U r Ont, Lrdl3. Henriquez. H e : en D o l an S (lndln g: Nancy Sullivan Bar ba r a BJrr, P:I( H : u chut, P h}lIi s Zem e r O bdulia L RU[h Smi th P A G E N I NETYE I G H T CONQUI S T A D O R

PAGE 103

VOLLEYBALL The year in s po rt s open e d w h e n twO te a ms ca pt a in e d b y Hel en H o bb s a nd 1. Rut h Smith respect i ve ly, pl a yed a s ix -ga m e incr amure l schedul e in w hi : h Chickie's C h icks we r e un animo u s l y def ea t e d A combina ti o n t ea m a l so played aga in s t th e W o rkin g Girls a s t ro n g l oca l s qu ad a n d split th e se ries at t wo ga m es a pi ece. The All-Star s c h ose Chick i e H o bb s as th e ir le ader f o r the f o ur i ntersch oo l contests. The first ga m e with B a lb oa A Leag u e sent th e Colle ge ga l s d ow n to th e tun e o f 49-14. The y f a r e d littl e bette r aga in s t Cristo b a l wh o p l ayed excep ti o n ally well in thi s ga me. The l a t e r ga m es w ith t h ese two sch oo l s re vea l ed th a t the m a j o r f ac tor lack in g in th e CZJ C attack was practice. BHS aga in a nn e x e d th e deci s i o n but t h e y had d iffi c ult y a n d a rea l run f o r t h e ir m o ney th e seco n d t i m e C HS a l so too k their seco n d gam e but t hey, toO, h ad to fig ht f or i t Miss Uph off, w h o i s n ew this yea r coac h ed t h e g irls, a n d s h e dese r ves mu c b c r ed it for s h ap in g up th e tea m as s h e di d. Virgi ni a M eye r Ll o n a S ea rs, a nd H ele n H o bbs s mash e d h o m e m a n y po i nts at th e n et. H o l d in g th e d ef e n sive lines we r e H ele n M c F a d de n K a th leen L ally Nancy Su llivan R ut h J o hn sto n a n d 1. R u th S mith a n d drivin g s izzl i n g serves were B a rb ara B a r r a nd Phy lli s Zem er. CONQUISTADOR P AGE N INETY-NIN E

PAGE 104

WATER BALLET A spec i a l innovarion in exrra-cl!fricular aCtiviries rhis yea r was rhe warer bailer unde r rhe direCtion of Mrs. Mildred Trimberge r f o rm erly of rhe Billy R ose Aquacade The girls p r aCticed for s everal weeks on difkul r formario n s a n d individml figures before rhey appea red in nighr performances between h a l ves of rhe w a r e r polo ga me s This group was a l so in vired to apoear in some spec i a l ware r s h ows, suc h as rhe a rm y-s p o ns o r e d water Ca rnival ar Fore ClaytOn and the R ed Cross benefit at the Olympic Pool in P ana ma For their performance s, the girls wore two-piece b athing s uit s of their own des ign and h a ndi work Supplementing the aCtivities o f the grou p Mrs Trimbe rger swam in seve r a l so l o exhibiti o n s a nd P a t M a l o ney a nd M yro n Geor ge did a duet r outine. The members o f the wate r B allet were Juli anne Hillm a n H e l en H ob bs, P a t M a loney Virginia Meyer Bonnie Nea le M a r y Ridge, Llana Sears L. Ruth Smit h Nancy S ulliv a n Florence Wrig ht a nd Ph yllis Zemer. P A G F ONE HUNDR E D CONQUISTADOR

PAGE 105

BASKETBALL Although basketb all brought fonh fewer enthusiasts from a m ong rhe CZJC g irl s th a n did volleyball a be!ler te a m was turned OUI. After sho[( intramura l season in which th e Fr eshman, ca ptained by Jea n Enke, were de feated by the Sophomores under N a ncy Sullivan the g irls ta c kled the hig h school sextets. Eight dependable h oops t e r s t ook the coun f o r College in the interschol astic l eague. At forw ard were Mary Rid ge, Jea n Enke a nd L. Ruth Smith funCti o nin g s m oothly tOgether a nd r ack ing up respeCtable sco res Barbara B a rr was a Star guard who a l so performed in the f o r ward s l ol. W o rkin g with h n were ve l era n s Nancy Sullivan Pa l H a t c h ett, and Ruth J o hn sro n all able passers a n d clever guards B a rbara Gallo was a s te ady p l aye r in t h e b ac k co u r t using plenty o f f ast f oot wo rk a nd Hel e n H obbs a lso appea r ed in the lineup as a s t ella r defensive p l a yer. The gi rls pl ayed f o ur games, tWO with eac h hig h sch oo l and were def e a ted each time. Play was fas t a n d exciting in every co nt est w ith sp irit hig h and sco r ing clos e What made thes e close games doub l y heartbreaking was the kn ow l edge th a t th e t{am's r ea l h a ndic a p was not l ack o f skill or spirit, but a s h o n age o f subs titu tes. In ea c h case t he College a!lac k flagg ed and fell by rhe wayside in th e closi n g minutes o f th e ga me CONQUISTADOR PAGE ONE HUNDRED AND ONE

PAGE 106

SOFTBALL By BARBARA BARR The L aw a rr ests the "hit a nd run; the ga me ca lled so ftb all e nCOltrages the hit and run ;" the CZJC g irl s s trive to hit a nd run;" a nd 1 Iud bener hit on the hi g hli g ht s o f th e g irls softb all season a nd run before the edi to r discove r s w h at 1 h a ve writnen, Gazing int o m y c r ysta l b all ( the seaso n has not yet ope ned), I find th a t f o r the o pening ga m es th e banery f o r th e Freshmen wa s Chickie H o bb s a nd M a r ga ret H ow ell. P l aying the act ive first b ase m an Virgin i a Meyers while the centra l second-base po s iti on was he!J dow n b y Llona S ea r s and on third base M a r y (it-runs-in-the-f a mily) R idge proved h er wort h In th e exte n s ive field were Juli e Hillma n a nd J ea n E nk e s h o rt stOp (on e i s particularly long) a nd Babs G allo ,nd Beverl y Buck a l oo th e h a r d-wor kin R fielde rs, Thi s g l a m oro u s te a m ( I'm referrin g to the g l a m o r of their uniqu e n a me s you under s t a nd ) f a iled to stop the mighty sop h o m o r e ten h ow ever. With 1. Ruth Smith a nd Barb ara Barr as their b anery, Pat H at chen a lt ernati n g at first a n d pitcher N a ncy Sullivan on second, Lydi a H e nriquez o n third Phy lli s Zemer a n d Obduli a Wright a t s h ortStOp a nd H e l en D o l a n a nd Lou Zent in th e field it is a mystery indeed that th ose Fr es hmen could d o (colloquially phrased "get away wit h ) a s mu ch as they did, Now f o r t h e All-Stars nOt even my crysta l b all will tell as well a s time w h at will h ave h appe ned w h e n th e Fr eshman a n d Sophomore s combine f o r ces f o r "Operations Dia m o nd agains t the high sch oo l girls, At thi s wr itin g however a g l a n ce over th e availa b l e t a l ent m a kes crystal gaz in g a c h ee rful prospect. I l o ve th e r e d dust o f th e soft b all diamo n d ( mixed w ith peppe r bugs) s prayed in my eyes b y flying b a t s a n d runnin g f ee t and so i s there any wonder w h y I dis lik e see in g t hi s d i scou r se on wh a t i s s ur e l y to be a v i ctOrious soft b all season co me to a close? Perh aps some day I will s ee the lig ht ( th ro u g h my ca t c her's mask the red du st a nd t h e pepper bugs), a nd that will be th e year 1 947 for exact w h e n th e J C softball team is a "HIT." PAGe ONE H'UN DR E D A N D T W O C.ONQUI STADOR

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PAGE 108

SEPTEMBER "It's a l o n g l o n g tim e from M a y to D ecember-", but o ur Sep tember Son g" sta rt e d a trifl e diffe r e ntly thi s year. Throug h yawnin g halls o f CZJ C swar med approx im a t e l y tw o -hundr e d tw e nt y five s tudent s to b egin a year o f crac kin g b oo k s a nd ga inin g kn owle d ge, Fir s t o n th e age nd a o f activiti es was th e e lecti o n o f o ffi ce rs, Co mm a nd e r s -inchie f i nclu de d th e f ollo win g: Sop h o m o r e C lass o ffi c er s -Jim Co ffey, Pr esi dent; Hug h M a l o ney, Vic e-Pr eside nt ; Obduli a Wrig ht Sec r e tar y -Tr easur er. Fr es hm a n Class o ffi ce rs-P aul K a r s t Preside nt ; B o b Mitc h ell, V i ce-P resident; J a n e G riffin g S ecre t a r y ; Jack Mull e r Treasur er. S A. o ffi ce rs-Jim Sm j th Pr esident; Ruth J o hn s ton Vi ce -Pr esident; L o u Zent, Secr e t a r y ; E lli s Coa ts, Treas ur er. The facult y p a rty in th e libra r y gave t h e s tu de nt s a c h a n ce to get ac qu a int e d w ith the faculty, It was l o n g b ef o r e we we r e all ac qu a int e d a nd th e l o un g e o n c e m o r e se ttled down a yea r o f p in gp o n g er a se r th rowing a nd bull sess i o ns," The days d r ifted qu i e tl y into,-PAGE ONE HUNDRED A N D FOUR C O N Q U I S T ADOR

PAGE 109

OCTOBER The n or-so-quiet month of OctObEr a n d it s All H a unt s" day which was a ptl y celeb r ated by D elta P s i Omega a t a ga l a ga th e ring-an d a c herry-pie tim e was had by all. On e Sopho m o r e l assy brought down th e h ouse with her "Put the Bla m e o n M a me ro utin e The Gamma Ga l s presented their pledges to th e st udent b ody w ith th e Gamma Gam bols Our hu s k y heroe s donned t heir be st m a nner s a n d white coats to esco rt o ur co-eds to the fir s t College D a n ce of the year-a swa nk affa ir at th e H orel Tivoli. Wirh a whirl we were th rown into --CONQUISTADOR PAGE ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE

PAGE 110

t-.JOVEMBER 1 ovember-with itS "Echo Cheer' The Echo Cheer" and a mighty r ah! rah' for c ur formidable eleven who pounded t h ei r way down the football field a tune of TWO WINS, One Tie, -and yes, it hap pened -ON< DE
PAGE 111

DECEMBER The month of me rr y s pirir s-December. S t agi n g wo r k b ega n for th e Dra m a tics Class th ca t e r produc ti o n R ega r d in g th e G irl s V olleyb all se aso n i n t h e words o f o n e o f our p l aye rs, "Our sco r e was th e l o w e r i n eve r)' ga me, bu t we d i d n o t l ose! ( D o you serve breaJ with th a t h a m') Lil ting mu s i c a nd d a int y gown s co u p l e d with th e irr es i s tibl e mag i c of f rag r a nt ga rd e ni as added to th e t e rrifi cally s uccess ful C hristm as D a n ce given b y t h e Soph o m o re C1ass_ Di d you ca t ch th e r ea l live C hri s tmas tr ee g racing th e co rn e r-all trimme d up in h a l o o f a n ge l h a ir The n th e r e w a s th e m e m o r able D ecembe r assembl y in th e l ibra r y w i t h th e S t M a l o s trin g q u a rt e t Yes S ir' C hri s tmas s p i r i t was o n e thin g ce rt a i nl y n or lack i n g th a t ni g ht. The l o n g awa i ted C hri s tm as vacat i o n came a nd b ro u g ht w ith it a f ew wee k s o f r es t rel axa tion a n d fr eedom fro m stud ies. It was n O t l o n g a f tee ward th a t lit tl e 1 947 us h e r e d int o th e world, wi th a b!ast of hi s t in)' h e rn himse lf a nd.--CONQUISTADOR P,\GE ONE HUNDRED A N D SEVEN

PAGE 112

JANUARY January This was rhe moneh we pur Our besr foor forward for the Dramatics Class pro ducrion o f "Bes t F oor F o rw a rd in rh e e l e men scho o l pario, The o ur s r a n di n g act ivit y o f rhe m o neh was the S, A picn i c held o n T a bog a l sbnd (in spir e o f rh e fact that th e l au n c h was delayed o ne hdf ho ur because of t h e facr rhat a member of the S o ph omore Class ove r s lept') An ex rr eme l y popular member o f th e faculty was see n do in g th e Buffalo Shuffle-or so m ething-wi th an extreme l y popular fre s hm an, Also we wo uld lik e to kn ow-not t h"t we don r-wh o the other member of rhe faculty was seem modelin g the l aresr from Lil y Dache' s sa l on-i n terry elorh! The soft b all was f as t the cokes coo l a n d the pict ur es-well cons ult those th a t appea r o n this page and or h ers for th e proper a dj ec tives, Wirhour warning, a round the corner whizzed,-PAGE ONE HUNDRED AND E I G H T CONQUISTADOR

PAGE 113

FEBRUARY February a nd d,e fros h s h owed that they could hold th eir o wn in th e soc i a l wh irl with th e ir extra specia l f o rm a l danc e in h o n o r of George W a shingtOn s Birthday Close l y behind this a ff a ir th e A c tivity o f the Month was t h e I. R C. pi cnic at Sant a Clara. We h ear a certain freshman fella h ad quite a tim e with a certai n horsey fri e nd! Righr 111 the midd l e o f the m o nth Carn ival appeared, which meant a week o f l itde s tud y o r ser i ous th oug ht. Not t o be mi ssed was th e s i g ht o f a certa in soph o m o r e tr a ilin g [0 Larin American R e lations in a tuxedo, n o less! Tough night' L o n g o n e' The a nnu a l tea g i ven by Miss M oody f or ou r fair co eds r ated" as a smas h-hit o n the socia l cal endar. Faster a nd fast e r the days came a nd went until breezin g into CZJ C ca me.-CONQUI S TADOR PAGE ONE HUNDRED AND N INF

PAGE 114

MARCH March w ith it s pled gi n g ,nd initiati o ns. Delta P s i Omega initialed six Gamm a Chi pledged a number. Our g irl s o n the ba s k e tball COllrt came up gri nnin g i n spi t e o f a co uple of defeats. The Dramatics Class a g ain wem intO r e h ea rsal rhi s tim e f or Dear Ruth. The P hi Theta Kappa Sch o l arship Dinne r was held at the H o tel Tivoli. A hu g e c rowd was on h a nd to witness the tr i a n g ular track meets h eld in B a lboa a nd Mt. Hope-at which incidently, CZJ C did nOt do tOo badly With all this behind us, we loo ked eagerly for the a rriv a l o f Easter v a c atio n s and-"A G E ONE H UNDRE D AND TFN CONQU1STADOk

PAGE 115

APRIL April T o Sr1rt t h e m o nth off rig ht th e r e was t h e p rod ucti o n o f Dear Ruth"-an d we do n t m ea n th e o n e c all ed J o hn s ron! In th e hu rr ied day s th a t f ollowed Ga mm a Chi in i ti a t ed it s c h ose n f ew a n d D e lt a Psi Om ega l oo k ed f o r n ew p l edg es, The G a mmas a l so ente r t a in e d th e sch oo l a t a n int e r es tin g-if i nf o rm a l pa rty, W e a r e st ill wonderi n g wh a t th a t p e t i te so ph o m o r e girl was-w ell, l e t's n o t go int o th at! The b oys f o und them s e l ves p o w e rful a nd a b l e o n th e basket b all co urt-and th e ir h o pes we r e a s hig h as th e g irl s' h a d be< n t h e ir nllmb"r o f win s hi g her. With this, we'll f o l d o ur tent s lik e th e Ar a b s a n d sile ntl y ste a l a w ay" to--CONQ U I STADO R PAGE ONE HUNDR ED AND E L EVEN

PAGE 116

MAY May-th e month of months-the last and l east l azy B a nquet s see med the order o f th e day with the Drama tics B a nquet he:tding th e list. Th at was the ni g ht the mOSt helpful workers in dramatics receiveJ the so-well deserved pra ise a nd h o nor. The Gamma Chis installed th e '47 '48 office r s a t their a nnu a l banquet a nd the College in gener;.! m a de m e rr y a t their ow n p e r so n a l private all-o thers-keepo ut a ffair t h e best to be had in many a day! Ex ams crowded the schedule close l y and it was practically without warning when Bacc ulaure a te a nd Com mencement a ppe a red o n th e cal e nd ar. As th e m o nth drew to a clnseas the yea r drew to a close-as th ose tWO wonderful years in CZjC drew to a close-pl easa nt m e m o rie s a few di sappointments, a nd th e feelin g o f a j ob well done drifted ove r all of us. There is littl e left tlJ b e sa id except G ood -bye .. a nd Good Lu c kl PAGE ONE H UNDRED AND TWELVE CONQUISTADOR

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PAGE 120

Loo k o n e h a n d! V illegas r i des hi g h ONE HUNDR E D A N D S IXTE E N coxwain Tcx Tuttle his l a nd legs CONQU I S T A D O R

PAGE 121

S:)oldc, hims elf Wha t pulchritude! Win's the kid i n the mi1rtlc? C.ONQUISTADOR Crunch! "You can alwa .,.s (el! a Gamma" PAGE ONE HUNDR ED AND

PAGE 122

Wh o thrc w that'! \\'hat's funny, Bunny? Two's a Thc P e p sodcnt Boys Whoops' PAG e ONE H UNDRE D A N D EIG HTF.FN Mikc CONQUI S T AD O R

PAGE 123

Samson? CONQUISTADOR Wri g h t. a ll -1 "Arroz," con carro Tee for h\'o "Unde r th e chl."SCnut tree" PAGE ONE HUNDREC AND N INETEEN

PAGE 124

lIail th e cOlHlu ering h e r o T e h t e h Snufty! Wherc's m y I\.rellll ? I i g ht team, fig h l G e e whiz. a MAN! Don' t worry. the y r e o nl y p o s i n g PACI or-; I H I'NDRED AND T\'(IEN T Y ( ONQUISTADOR

PAGE 125

for Chickie Local yokel makes good Beaut y a nd t h e beach "Wolf! Slide. David Kid C ONQUISTADOR PAG E O N E H UN DRED AND TWE N TY .ONE

PAGE 126

Dis hp a n shoulders? At ease, swabbics The Timid TY)1C You name it Oil, what you said The life of Riley PAGE ONE H UNDRE D A N D T W ENTY T W O CONQU I STADOR

PAGE 127

The kibitzers Highland fling CONQUI STADOR Who said so? The Golden Gates If I catch him cheatin' one more time! PAGE ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTYTHREE

PAGE 128

I\.in g Tut "Come on, Ric hard o p e n that door !" 1\1an s hortage "Estrcllas e n s u s oj os" Sly PAGE ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR CONQUI STADOI<

PAGE 129

Peek-a-boo Powers girl "Muske is Garfield" Eenic, Meenie, Mincy. and Moe Smiling through CONQUISTADOR PAGE ONE HUNI1RED AND TWENTYFIVE

PAGE 130

"Nancy with the laugblng face" BI'I'-r-r-r-I'! -I didn't know you cared! The beachcombel's Hard to starboal'd P AGE ONE HUNDRE D AND TWENTYSIX C O N QUISTADOR

PAGE 131

Wanna m ake something of it ? Fuzzy wuzzy CZJC's proud papa Mind your helm, Sail or CONQUIST ADOR PAGE ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SEVEN

PAGE 132

Cookin' with Gus It s cold in th e m lhar hills Bowe's this Coral collector s PAGE ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT Fa shion (editor) on parade (rown on thee, little man," Saturday night in the ole home town CONQU I S T ADOR

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A Word--About Our Sponsors We are sinc e rely grateful co our sponsorsmerchanrs and individuals of both th e Atlantic and Pacific S i des-wh o helped us finance this Conquis tador a nd who h ave shown gracious cooperation and publ i c spirit by th e ir active interest in the publication o f our yearbook. CONQU I STADOR PAGE ONE H UN DRED AND THIRTYNINE

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