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Conquistador (Canal Zone Junior College)
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Canal Zone Junior College
Canal Zone Junior College
Canal Zone College
Conquistador Staff
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Balboa Canal Zone
Balboa Canal Zone
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School yearbooks -- Panama -- Balboa   ( lcsh )
School yearbooks   ( lcsh )
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Canal Zone Junior College.
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Began with: 1936.
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Ceased with: 1972.
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Student yearbook of the Canal Zone Junior College from 1936 to 1963, and the Canal Zone College from 1964 to 1972.
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Description based on: 1936; title from cover.
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Latest issue consulted: 1972.

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University of Florida
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,-I LA 469 5 .C3CE REP J ARO:rvr:s RI::E:ER\ L CCl:CUISTP-WP. DATE DUE J J -------J 3040001051 1323 "CANAL ZONE COLLEGE LIBRARY"


, .. \\


The Conquistador Volume XI 1946 A View o f t be Ca1ltt/ Z one Junio r C o ll ege PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION J of t h e CANAL ZONE JUNIOR COLLEGE "CANAL ZONE COLLEGE LlBkAh'r


Foreword In this the 1946 Co nqzt istador we honor those men who, either directly or indirectly, have been responsible for the existence of the Canal Zone Junior College. Throughout the following pages you will find a few of these people portrayed in drawings and in writings. As you will readily see, these gallant cab alleros are depicted in a somewhat ridicu l ous fashion; however the staff has no intention of divesting our founders of their dignities with these verses and ill usrrations. It is hoped that you will enjoy the foll owing pages and will cherish the memories of your years in C.Z.].c. LUKE STANDEFER FOR TH E STAFF OF THE CONQUISTADOR P A G E T W O CONQ U I STADOR


------------_ 0 0 _-__ \ t-f1-r ..,.".,.----.r" -----mmr 5uch men a5 balboa f05se55 15senlals Ihal make lor 5ucce55 ) AnI a5 College's leader5, Our profs a r e 5ucceeder5, .45 good 05 balboa, no /e55. F A C U L T Y CONQUISTADOR PAGE T HREE


PAC E f 0 U R ADMINISTRATORS Be/ow, lefl 10 right: LAWRENCE JOHNSON Assistanr Superinrendenr of Scheols BEN M. W ILLIAMS Su perintendenr ROGFR C. H ACKETT Dean of the Junior College EDW I N C. CLARK DirEccor o f Research Opposile: G. C. LOCKRIDGE Direccor of Physlcai E d uc a tlull CONQUISTADOR


THE FACULTY 1945 1946 ROGER C. HACKETT, Dean of the Junior College; InstructOr in Social Studies HELEN C. BAKER, Instructor in Music EVELYN H. BRANSTETTER, Librarian; Instructor 10 Social Studies FLOYD BUCKLEY Instructor in Physical Science SHIRLEY E. CUTTER InstructOr in Physical Education for Women Roy L. DWELLE, InstructOr in Physical Education for Men OLGA J. FROST, InstructOr in French BEAmlCE S. GARDNER InstructOr in Art CHAUNCEY HUMPHRIES InstructOr in Physical Education for Men GEORGE O. LEE, InstruCtor in Biological Science JAMES A. LYONS, InstructOr in Commercial Studies J. STUART McNAIR. InstructOr in Mathematics and Engineering DOROTHY MOODY, InstructOr in English; Dean of Women PATRICIA BATHMANN OCONNELL. InstructOr in Physi c a l Education for Women MILDRED SWENSON Instructor in Commercial Studies MARGARET H. TEEGARDEN Assistant Librarian KENNETH W VINTON InstructOr ig Physic al Science ALLEN B. WARD, InstructOr in Spanish. COROTHY LEACH, Secretary CONQUISTADOR P AGE F I V


MEMB E R S OF FACUlTY, l eft to rig ht : front row-Mrs. T eega r de n Miss Mrs. B a k e r Mr s Cutter Mrs Br a n ste tt er; seco n d r o w-Mr. Buckley, Dr. M oody, Mr s L eac h Miss G a rdner Mr. V i nt o n ; back row-Mr. M c Nair Mr. W a rd, Dean Hack ett Mr. L ee, Mr. Lyons. PAGE S I X CONQUI S TADOR


. ...... "\", .... .. \. 5ir francis Drake wa550 bold Thai heel tr'j a ny ven/ure (lJn fold) 1'/0 /855 brav e /Aa n he Are fhe 50fh5 01 J C They wi/make hi!; advenfl.lres 5ee m cole s o P H o M o R [ C) CONQUISTADOR PAGE SEVEN


GEORGES GASTON BOUCHE ANCON. CANAL ZONE Chooch" ... a wit a t heart. .. easil y re cog niz ed by his f a mili a r Hllbba, hllbba" f avo rite pastime -admiring ga ms. Pre sid ent Class of 1946, 2. Srudem Association, 1-2; Srudent Exe c utive Counci l, 2 ; I.R .C., 2 ; Delta Psi Omega, 2; Janie 1 ; The Scarlet Lett e r ," 2; R omeo a n d Julier ," 2; F oo r ball 2. ( L efr college to e nli s t i n army J anua ry, 1946.) PAGE E GHT ... BERTHA IRENE FRENSLEY MIAMI, FLORIDA Bitsy ... a f avo rite in C.Z.J.c.... het crowning g l o r y is o ur prid e a nd joy ... a f inger in every pie ... a n essentia l p a n of every picnic. Vice-pres id

DORIS IMOGENE CRENSHAW JUSTIN, TEXAS Tex ,full o f g iggles a nd t eas in g so ftball s lu gger .. l ovable piece of hu m anity ... a s hrill scream-it 's "lmo." ( Texas Wesl eyan College, 1); Student Associa t ion, 2; Ga mm a Chi, 2; l.R.C. 2; Chorus, 2; V" Club, 2; Cheerleadet 2; Volleyball, 2; B asketba ll 2; Softball, 2; Ping-p o n g, 2. CONQU1STADOR LUKE PRICE STANDEFER HOUSTON, TEXA S Luke "ye ed" q u iet, soft.voiced a n d a l ways h e lpful ... che mi stry assisunt stud i o u s and th o u g h tf ul. Edi wr-i n-Ch ief, Conqlliffqdor, 2 Secretary Class of 1946, 2. 5wdeor Associat i on, 1-?Phi Th e t a Kappa, 2; Student A ssis tant J a n ie," 1. PAGE N 1NE


EDWARD ROBERT EISENHAUER NEWARK NEW JERSEY E d the Ein s tein o f C. Z. J. c. h eart warming l a u g h ... compG5er o f F atty -f arry" ... radi o te c hnici an. Srude nt Assoc iat io n 1-2 ; J anie," 1 ; Pin g p o n g, \. P A G F F N ALICE MARY FAIRBROTHER ANCON CANAL Z O N E Ali c e s m all bur d y n a mi c ... a ble bu s i ness m a na g er o f C o12quistacior ... smooth dar.ce r ... a w hi z a r any s p a rr. Sec r e t a r y Stude nt A ssoc i atio n 2 ; Business M a n age r / adorl 2. Stude nt A ssoc i at i o n 1 -2 ; S tud e nt Exec utiv e Cou n c i l 2; J a n i e ," 1 ; R o m eo a n d Juli e t ," 2; V" Clu b 12; J.R .C. 2 ; Gamma C h i ( Vicep reside nt), 2 ; V olleyball, 1. 2 ; Bask e t ball, 1 2 ( Cap t ain, 2 ) ; Tropical Collegian 1.2; Phi The t a K a pp a 2; D e l t a P s i Omega, 2 C O N Q U I STADOR


DOROTHY ISAB E L FRITZ P ROV IDENC E RHODE I S L AN D D o t ... Pr e tty is as pretty d oe s and thi s pr e tty i s re a ll y l o v el y .. vers atil e coed ... b eauty with br a ins. Studenr A ssoc i atio n 1-2; "T h e Impo n ance of Bein g Earne s t ," 1 ; J a n i e," 1 ; R omeo and J u l ie t 2; "The Scarle t L e tt e r 2; I.R.C., 1 ; V C l ub, 1 -2 ( Secreta r y I ) ; P hi T h e t a Kappa, 1-2 ( Sec r etary 2); Gamm a C hi, 2; D e lt a P s i O m ega, 1-2; Volleyball, 1 2; B as k e t ball, 1 2; So f tball, 1 -2. CONQ UISTADOR ROBERT F RA NC I S F I NC H A R LINGTON MASSAC H USETTS "Ge n e r al" ... Iive s b y the rul e Sil e n e i s go l de n ... futur e eng i nee r ... a dvocate o f l a b oratOr y courses w ith o u t lab. Stude n t As sociatio n 1 -2. PAGE ELEVEN


HELEN HAZEL HERMAN CO LON R P "Sue" ... l o vely red h a ir a nd g r een eye-s ... famous f o r her choco late cakes. conscienti cus acco unt a nt ... what a, G amma' Assembl y Comm i ttee. 2; amrai Science So cierl' 1-2: ( Vice-preside"" 2); Scudenr Associa r :on, 1-2 ; Gamma Chi. 2; V Club, 1 2; Vollc vba ll 2; Ri di n g Club 1 ; Scude", Ass:sranr, 2. PAGP TWELVE r ANNE ESTELLE HIGGINS VIRGINIA Anne ... dark casual co iffu re frien d ly fun-loving Southern c hick ... past ime, fie l d biology-or i s it ) ( Wesrh a mpron College, 1); Srude", Associa tion 2 ; Natural Scien c e Society 2, G a mma Chi, 2 ( Secrerary); Volleyb all, 2; Baskerball. 2; Pin g-po n g, 2 ; "V" Club 2. CONQUISTAUUR


ALEXANDER KAM COLON R P Alex ... s m oo th for L a tin dances,., constantly planning trick s to p lay on friends, f avorite pastime l oa f ing in the L ounge, Student A ssociatio n 1.2; LR .C., 1-2; Natural Scie nce Society 2; Football 1-2; Ba s ketball 1-2: Softball, 1-2; Ping-P ong, 1-2. CONQUISTADOR NORMA FRANCES JOHNSTON ANCON, CANA L ZONE "Bcazy J r." ... perp e tu a l mOtion per son ifi ed ... full of pep ... o ut-t a lks every one Bcozy" the dar k-brow n b a n gs. Vice-president, Student Association 2; Secre t ary, Class of 1946, 1. Student Associatio n 1 -2; Sruclent Executive Counci l 1-2 ; Delta P s i Omega, 1-2 (Business Manager, 2); Ph i Theta Kappa, 2; Tropical Collegian, 1-2 ; I.R .C. 2; Gamma C h i, 2; Conquistador, 1-2; J a nie I ; "v" Club, 1-2 ( Vice president 1-2); Ping-po n g, 1 -2; Bask"ball, 1 -2; Volleyba ll 1-2 ( Cap t ai n 1-2); 1-2. P AGE lHIRTEEN


WOLFGANG MARTIN KENDZIOREK HMIBURG. GERMANY M arrin ... o ne o f th ose D orm b oys. r adio fiend ... quiet a nd intelligent. W o lf gang to his p a rents, \'!Volf' to liS. Sru de nt Associati o n. 1-2: l.R.C. 1-2 ; Foot ball. 1-2: Ping-p ong.!. P AGE FOURTEEN CHARLOTTE PATRICIA KENNEDY KEMMERER WYOMING P a t" intelli ge nt a nd industrious. e nvi ab l e sense o f humor. .. charmin g co mbin atio n o f dimples, twinkly eye s and r e fre s hin g giggle. EditOr-in-Chief Tr op ical Colle g ian, 2. Student Asso c iation 1-2 ; As se mbly Committee, I ; I.R .C., 1-2; Riding Club 1 ( President I); Phi Theta K a ppa. 1-2; Gamma Chi 2; Poetry C l ub 1 ; V" C lu b, 1 ; Natural Science oeie [y, 1 ; 5ruJent Assistant 2. CONQUISTADOR


A N N FrtANC ENE POMEROY MESA. ARIZONA FralOcene ... spirir e d a n d full of fun b l o nd e wavy h a ir ... p e r s onaliry p lus. a pkasure co f ollo w s u ch a l ea d e r ne e d m o r e b e sa id ? (Unive rsit y of Arizo n a 1); Stude nt As soc i a ( io n 2; Y C l ub 2; G a mm a Chi 2 (Pres:dem); C h o rus, 2; T ropical Collegian ,2;V o ll e)'ba ll 2; P i n g-po n g, 2. (Retu rn ed t o Uni ve r s ity o f Ari zo na, seco n d se m es t e r.) CONQUISTADOR JAMES B LAK AS CO LON, R. P ] immy" a l ways ready co do his sha!'e a n d more ... "Ch ooch many hidden r a l enrs ... A r e you kidding)" Treasurer, Srudenr Association 2. Student As soc iat i on 1-2; Student Ex ecu riv e Council, 2; C h orus, 2; I.R.C. 1 -2 (Ptesident, I); Natural Science Sociery 1-2 ; F ootball, 1-2; Bas ketball 1 2; Softball. 1-2; Track, 1-2; P in g-po n g, [2. P AGE FIFTEEN


YOLANDA CEC1LIA REVESZ DAV I D R P Y o l i e .. n eat a nd p e ti te ... c h a tmi ng Hunga ri a n accent ,enthu s i ast i c "Crlb al/e r a" ... p o i se a nd sop hi s ti ca ti o n wra pp e d in o n e s m a ll p ac k age, ( S t ephe n s Co ll ege, I); S tu dent A ssociatio n 2; Gamma C h i, 2, ',' P AGE SIXTEEN JOHN ELDON STANDEFER T AMPICO S coo p e r f a ir h a ir b l ido l o f b o bbysoxe rs, n O t to m e nti o n Jay-S ee ,girls, exce l s in eve r y s p O rt", a n i dea l l ea d e r ever y b ody s fri e nd Preside nt Stude m A ssoc i atio n 2; V ice-Pr esident, Class of 1946, I. Stude n t A ssoc i at i o n 1 .2; Stude nt Exec uti ve Council 1-2; R o meo a n d ]ulie t ," 2; As se mbl y Commi tt ee, 1 ; ] a n ie ," 1 ; F oo t ba ll 1 -2 (Captai n 2); Track 1 -2; Bask etball, 1-2 (Capta in, I); So ftb all, 1 -2; 1. R .C., 2; COIICf1lislador 2; P i n g-po n g 1 -2; B aseball, 1 -2 (Capt ai n 2). CONQUI S T A D O R


-----'" MARIAN NELSON WELLER MORRISTOWN, TENNEESSEE "C indy" ... o ur be a utiful songbird Miss Tennessee, 1944; IMiss C.Z.].c., 1946 ... pin-up queen verse-maker ... sunny disposition. S tudent A ssocia t ion, 1 -2; I.R.C., 1 ; Tropical Collegian 2; "V" Club, 1 ; C h orus, 2; Gam ma Chi 2: CONQUISTADOR J AMES HENRY TALBOY JR. BOQ UETE, R P Jamie" ... philo so pher o f n ature ... our "Dead P a n ... usually found in phy s ics lab. never a dramatics prod u c ti o n without his helpin g h a nd Student A ssoc iation 1-2; I.R .C., 1; J anie," I ; DeI, a Psi Omega, 1-2 (Stage Mana ger, 2); Pin g-po n g, 1. P AGE SEVENTEEN


R A LPH K EN T ZI MME R MANN ANCON. C ANA L ZONE "Pesca d o ... l a di es m a n ... rail a n d l i the ... f a v o rite pastime, o w lin g" ... future m e dic ... s cien ce whiz. Student A ssoc i a ti o n 1 2; 1 R .C. 1 (Treas u r e r 2); A s sembl y Com m i n ee 2 ; N atural Scienc e Soc iery, 1 2 ( V ice-Preside nt 1 ; Pre s iden t 2); F oo tball 1-2; B aseball, 1-2; Softball, 1 2 ; Trac k 1; B aske t ba ll. 1 2; P ing po n g, 1. PAGE EIGHTEEN \ ROBERT WEr.TZ ENS IGN, U S.N. R DOC A S DEL T ORO R P O r i g in ally a m em b er of the Class o f 1 9 4 2 but w i thdr e w f rom ,collehJe too e nt e r th e a r med f o rce s a s a nav a l avia ror. Whi l e i n t h e h e accu mulated e n o u g : l Cl'e d it s to g r a d u ate and be e n assi g ne d to the Clas s o f 1 9 46. CONQUISTADOR


MR. LYONS ADVISER OF THE CLASS OF 194 6 "Jimmie ... the life of every S. A party and picnic ... efficient and neat ... full of witty remarks and ideas ... owns a collection of pretty ties loves to chatter in Spanish ... a faculty adviser of Tro pical C o lle g ia n ... makes his classes pleasant with his sparkling sense o f humor. CONQUISTADOR PAGE NINETEEN


r PAGF TWFNTY OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS Above, l e ft to right: Secrerary .... LUKE STANDEFER VicePr eside nr .. BERTHA FRENSLEY Adviser .............. Mr. Lyon s B e l ow: Pres idenr GEORGES BOU C H E CONQUISTADOR


CLASS PROPHECY, 1946 BY OBDUllA WRIGHT "Women! Women! I hate women! Tearing his hair out by the hand ful Professor R obert Finch was led ::.way into a deep, d a rk, d amp cell in Dr. Holm g ren's Happy Home for Helpless H a lfwits a nd Highly Hilarious Hypochondriacs, the cell from which we had just been discharged as com J letely cured. Our chains cla nking we srop ro say goodbye to m any friends. 1 here in a barren dungeon lies a sad case. Poor Ralph Zimmermann has at l ast succumbed ro the Pluscuamperfecto Progresico Subjunc tivo. Jack Sta nde f e r still thinks he is president, and so every five minutes h e picks up his gavel, hits Norma Johmton on the head and calls the meeting ro order. Eddie Eisenhauer sits on his high chair and draws plans (,n how ro see the other side of a wall Suddenly the great inspiration come s-a light bulb appears over his head and in Morse Code blinks J ut "J've got it at last! Walk around it!" The creative genius of Bitry F 1emley has at l ast come ro light in the way of a new hair style; the hair is shaved comp letely off the head except fat two cu rls which are left dangling over the ears As we turn ro leave this gha srly dungeon In which we h a d been imprisoned for ten years, a s trange cry greets out ears. Seated in an iron cage is a man who lo oks s tran gely familiar. Could it be-no--yes-no-it is Georges Bouche. A turb a n is wrapped around his head and in his arms he is cuddling a crystal ball. As we approach >tis cage he screams, "Hell o, hello there! Then he sticks his head t hrou g1 : he bars and whispers, You are my friends you will help me! I will JO anything for you if you will only help me escape from this terrible age." "Will you t ell G ur fortun es?" we ask, eying his Lrystal ball. Yes a nd th ose of your friends roo, if you wish." Oh yes," we cry. Can you t e ll us what they will be doing a yeat from now? Peering into his cryst a l b all, Georges begins speaking in a l ow eerie voice, with a girlish giggle n ow and then bre a king the monorony. First we will go ro Hollywood, year 19 58 and visit the D aily Tropical Collegiate Bree z e which has bec o me the foremost newspaper of America under th e guidance of ediror Patricia Kennedy. Looking at roday's head iines we notice th a t Mr. I Lyons our pal in the good old days, is still harping away a t brief forms study. The only trouble is that his students take him lit erally and study their forms (shorthand, of course) very briefly On the sportS page the headline is 'CZ.JC WINS PENNANT!! The old tradition is being carried on, we see. As we leave the building we see Ed Welch f a lling down a flight of stairs. An inquisitive Norma asks, 'Did you miss the stairs?' and poor Ed replies coyly, 'Oh, no I only missed the first one! I hit a ll the re5! coming down! "Next we go to Washington, D. C, a nd note that the CZ.J.C alumni CONQUISTADOR PAGE TWENTYONE


Jt '46 are we ll r ep r ese nt e d a m o n g t h e l ea d e r s o f o ur go vernment. M a rlin Kelldzi01"ek is Speaker of th e H o u se, a nd SHe H e rmall. that red-h eade d ball of fire has the hono r of be in g t h e first wo m a n to h o ld th e titl e o f ::'upreme Court Justice. \'((e receive an urgent te l eg r am f rom the motio n pi c rur e di r ecror o f the 21st Century Wolf Studios ro co m e i m m ed i a tel y a n d b e g u est o f h o nor a t the annual movie banquet. Bes t aCtress o f th e yea r Dorot.IIY i'rilz, receives her Oscar' wir h h e r u sua l grace. j ames Talboy rakes hi s sta tuette amid the cheering o f tho usands_ "We spend the rest of the evening i n H ollywoo d s bi gges t nig h r club, o wned by j ames La kas, and watc h Yolanda J



FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: s eat e d Shetk Zenr; S t a nding-D a wson Bran

FRESHMEN ILlBERAL ARTS STUDEN TS left ro rig ht: frOnt ro w J oyce Kirk, 1 ',Hrick. Nd n c y Sulliv a n 1. Kuth Smith B everly C h a n J ea n O Bri e n Ju a n ita Bur gis; nllcidl e row-M a r y Alice Ku e t er, Cecily Sh e rk Ph yllis Ze m e r J ea n Carso n M a y M a ril y n R a pp a rp o rt ; back ro w K e nn e th Nort h r o p Mig u e l K oura n y E rn e s t Fran cesc hi, Vi cto r Dunaway, J o hn A xe. CONQUISTADOR P A G E TWENTY,FIVE


o. FRESHMEN COM MERCIAL STUDENTS, left to rig ht" fru nt ruwteu Ellen Zent, M i c h ael D awso n B e tt y Gaines Lydi a H e nriquez; second row-Obdulia Wrig ht, Ca r o l y n Glenn, Jessie HlInt, Yobnda Paredes, Grace Coope r ; back row-B a rb ara Barr P a tri c ia H atc h e tt Carol Ruoff, P A G r TWENTYSIX CONQUISTADOR


I'hESHMEN ENGINEERING STUDENTS, left to right: front row-Manuel No riega, Robinson R amirez, Hel en D o l a n R aymond W ard, Manuel Quintero Toma s N ori ega; scctll ,d row-J oh n H a n son, WellingtOn Ng, R a lph Sherrit, John H owe r Theodure Sundq ui st, Emilio Bri ceno; third row-Richard Lopp Richard Conover Dan S"ncier Richard Fif er, D avid Kelleher J Marlin Cul pepper Jr. James Snl ith; fourth row-Rfinaldo Carrera, Carl Rice, Ch arles Arn old, Park D e nsm ore, Hii ma. Scheckel". CONQUISTADOR PAGE TWENTYSEVEN


1. Imo. 2. H ey' Jt's fun! 3 Chi n i ta, Jr. 4 Gee it's co ld 5 V a rg a spec i al. 6 H e lo,es me ; he loves m e nor. 7. I'll take those book-ends. 8. Tee-chLlr. 9. H o l d back dIose Ow ls! PAGE TWENTYE I GHT CONQUISTAnnR


In acitvllies we succeed In our 50Ci a / need And wdh oil Ihl5 5UCCB 55 Old de Le53ef5 we be51) Thou6h he fr ied hard he had 10 recede A C T I V I T I L S CONQUISTADOR PAGE TWENTYNINE




THE STUDENT ASSOCIA nON On September 12, the first Student Association meeting of the new s chool year was held in Room 313. Mr. Lyons, adv iser of the Student Asso,iation for the preceding year, presided ove r the meeting until the pte side nt was elected. The officers chosen for the year were John Sundefer, p resident ; Norma JohnstOn vice-ptesident; Alice Fairbrother, secretary; J ames Lakas treasurer. The governing body of the associa tion known "s the Student Executive Council, is m ade up of the association officers, and the presidents and vice-presidents of the twO classes Mr. McNa ir waS elected adviser. The year's activities gOt under way with ninety-five per cent of s tudents entolled parrici pating in the S A One of the first duties of the club was the election of the editOrs a nd business managers of the yearbook and the monthly magazine, which are sponsored by the association. The first social activity of the school calendar was a swimming pare y which was held a t the Balboa-Amador Road U.S.O. on September 28. After the swimming parry, refreshments and informal dancing followed at the S A. Club. In OctOber a sportS parry was held in the gymnasium. The faculty played the girls all-star volleyball team and a quiz contest between the bculty and the students followed. The students put up a good fight but th e faculty managed to win by a narrow margin. The game for the boys' ping-pong championship was also played at this parry. "FitO" Midencc and "Nano" Carrera showed their skill in this fast game. Nano Carre ra, however, managed to defeat "FitO" Midence. One of the biggest events of the year was the Christmas dance which was held on December 21 at the Hotel Tivoli. A Christmas tree, di!11 lights sweet music, rustling formals-all blended to create the de sired atmosphere. Even St. Nicholas (John Moynihan ) was present with gifts-paper hats and noisemakers for everyone. The spring activities of the Student Association included the regul a r Awards Day assembly a picnic at Gorgona Beach a hay-ride and the soci a l climax of the year, the graduation banquet held at the Hotel Tivoli on May 29. CONQUISTADOR P AGE THIRTY ONE


COLLEGJANA NO.2 1. C(.'Imr y gak 2. Thi sa.way. 3. Spit it o ut b aby. 4. N ot hin doin 5 A Gammaobvl ousl). 6 Hurry up, snap it. 7. Hubba-hubba! 8. T o u g hie 9. Chooch I 11, Ill. PAGE THIRTYTWO CONQUISTADOR


THE SPOTLIGHT One o f the fir st things that the smdents look for on Mon day mornings i s t he Sp otligh t. a mimeographed week l y bulletin edited by D ean H ackett a n d Mrs. Leach his secreta ry. The bulletin was founded in 1939 by Perry L S tar buck instructor in commercia l studies. At this time it was known as F lickers tlnd Flashes, a nd was pu bli s h ed on gai l y co l ored pafer. After Mr. Starbuck left the college Mr. Lyons h :s commercia l class continued publishing Flickers tlnd FltlShuJ. L ast year the name of the newssheet was changed to the Sp a/ light. Becau se of rhe small size of the comme r cia l dep:utment during the wa r Mr. H ackett's o ffice grad u a lly took over rl.e duty o f publishing the bulletin. This year, in addition to al; the r egula r issues t h ere were three int e r est in g spec i a l issues. One was in conjunction with the openi n g of schoo l one the a nniversar y of P earl H ar b o r and o n e o n Ch ina, i n CO'1-necti o n with th e assemb l y speec h given by Dr. C. Y. Chen in Febru a ry. Mr. H ac k e tt says that the Spotlight has a three-fold pur pose : fir st, to inform s md e nts a nd f ac ult y members o f meecings and m ake a nn o un ce ments ; seco nd to g i ve sm dent s credit f o r work they h ave done; thir d, to give th em informati o n that may be o f intere s t to them or o f va lue in their class work. The Sp otligh t fulfill s all three purposes and at the same time it cont a ins much entertaining readin g m a teri al. CONQUISTADOR PAGE THIRTY-1HREE


Staff o f C onquis tad or left ro right: s tanding-Frensley, Chan, John Standefer M oody (adviser), Sundquist, Axe ; seated Johnsron, Barr Fairbrother, O 'Brien, Luke Standefer Dunaway THE CONQUISTADOR The Conquistador the yearbook of the Canal Z one Junior College, has appeared evety year since 1936, This issue, then, is the eleventh Every class which has graduated from the Junior College with th e exception of the first, the class of 1935, has issued a yearbook. The C onq1li st ado r is sponsored by tl:e Student Association, and every student v'ho joins the association is entitled ro a c c py. On the following page is published a list of the entire staff of this year's C o nquistador, The ediror and adviser feel th at, of the PAGE THIRTY-FOUR CONQUISTADOR


s t aff m e mb e rs, Alice F a irb ro th e r Norma J o hnstOn a n d Beverly C h an dese r v e spec i a l com m e n da ti o n f o r th e ir work o n th e b ook. They l a b or ed for h o ur s a n d e x p e n ded mu c h in g enuity in the ir effo rt s to make th e 1946 C onqu istador a s u ccess. In a dditi o n to the r e gula r s t a ff m e mb e r s a numbe r o f oth er s tud e nt s a n d so m e t eac h e r s m ade s p ec i a l contribllti o n s ro th e book s i n d i ff e r e nt fie l ds: in l e tt e rin g R e in a l do Ca rr e r a ; i n arr, Ethel J ea nn e J o hn so n J a mes S mith ; in typ i ng, Mr. Lyons, M a ril y n R appa rp o rt Phylli s Z e m er, P a tri c i a K e nn edy ; in p h otog r aphy Raym o nd W a r d Ru t h Smith ; in miscell a ne o u s ways, Anne Higgin s Mr. M c N a ir. Fin ally a number o f orig in a l lit e r a r y fea ture s a re printed under the n a me s o f their a uth o rs. THE CONQUISTADOR STAFF 194 5 -194 6 EditOr-in-Chief Assi s tant EditOr Business M a n a ger Fe a ture EditOr Art EditOr A s si s t a nt Art Edit o r M a ke-up Edi to r s EditOr-at-Large S o ph o m o re and } ,ctivitie s EditOr Girls Sp ortS EditOr Boy s Sp ortS Edit o r T y pist Ph otOg r a phy Edi to:s Adviser C O N Q UISTADO R Luke S tandefe r V;ct01' D u n away Alice F ai4br ot her H e l en D o l a n B eve rl y C ha n B a rbar a B a rr Norma Johmton, John Axe ]. i H arlin C itlpe p per Jr. B e r tha F rens l ey Norma J ohnsto n J ohn St andefe r J eall O Br ien Norma Johmton, J ohn S tandefer M iss Moody PAG E THIRTYFIVE


5(a(( of the Tr opic al C olleg ian. left to right: s eated Kennedy Fren s ley FJ.irbrorher. Chan ; s tanding. Moody ( liter:lry advi s er). Johns t o n \X' clJer D o l an Axe, Su n dqui s t L yo n s ( technical adv !ser), Sherk O..lnaway THE TROPICAL COLLEGIAN The Tropical C o ll egian which is the liter a r y publication o f the Juni or C ollege, a ppears monthly during the college year, in mimeog r a phed f o rm. The expense of ge ttin g Out the m agazi ne is borne by the Schools Divi s i on, a nd a copy i s distributed to every member of the Student Association. In add iti o n co pies a r e sent to former students a lumni a nd othe r friends o f the Juni o r C ollege not only in this l oca lit y but in the United St a tes. The m aga zine was f o unded in 1937 at the s u gg estion of Mr. Williams a nd until 1 943 Mr. Hackett was the a dviser Since then Miss M oody and Mr. Lyons h ave shared the advisoria l duties. PAGE THIRTYSIX CONQUISTADOR


Project s in the course o f ceing r ealized, cr under consideration, are the binding of all i ssues of the magazine b y years a nd th e publi ca tion o f a T,'opical Collegian a nth o l ogy The re gula r staff members of th e T ropic", Collef!.i::n for the preSEnt year are listed below. M a n y other st u dents cont rib uted stOries, verse, a rticles, a nd fea tures, h c wever. In add iti on, a l umni a nd f ac ulty members frequentl y c cntributed to the magazine. THE TROPICAL COLLEGIAN STAFF 194 5 -1946 EditOr-in-Chief Assi s tant EditOr Business a n d Circu l a tion M a n ager M a k e-up EditOr F eature EditOr Art EditOrs lvfusic EditOr Girls' Sp Orts Editor B oys' Sp ortS Ec'ito r s F acu lt y Adviser s P a tri cia Kennedy l o/m Axe Helen Dol a n ]. Marlin C"lpe1Jter, J r V ictal' D unaway Be v erly Chan Norma l o/mston Maria,? Weller Cecily S/Je1'k Bertha Frensley T heodore Sundquist Charles Le B"" n D orotby Moody l ames A, L yons "CANAL ION[ C\.)LLl:.ul:. L..lbt\t\'\ Y CONQU ISTADOR PAGE THIRTYSEVEN


THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB M e m be r s o f l.R .C.. left ( 0 ri g h t: fr ont-Park Densm o re ; lim t ow-L. R ut h S mi t h Beve rl y C h a n B euha Fr e n s l ey, Obdulia W r i g ht Ali c e Fa irbro the r J uani t a Bo r g is; s e cond row-Im ogene C ren s h a w Ca r o l y n Glenn. M rs. B r a n stener (spon s o r), L ou Elle n Zem J essie Hunt; thi r d r o w J o h n H a n so n Theodore Su n d q u iS(, M a r t i n Kendzi o r ek R o bin so n R a m i r e z : fouuh r o w -Dan Sander J Marli n C u ipE'pper Jr .. N o r ma J ohns to n Alexander Kam. jam<."'S S m i th ; fjft h r ow-Richa r d L app, R e in ald o C arre ra Erne s t F r a n cesc h i C h arles Arno ld Ri c hard F i fer Mi g uel K o urany; ba c k row-J a m e s L aka s Ral p h Z imm e rm a nn C arl J o h n Stand efer. P AGE THIRTY E I GHT C O N Q UISTADOR


THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The purpose o f rhe Int ernariona l Relarions Club, which was founded in 1935 by Mr. Hackett, and is conneCted with the Carnegie Endowment for Internati o nal Peace is ro stimulare a n interesr in intern ational affairs and encour ag e friendly relations among students of dif ferent countries. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Br anstetter, the club had an exceptionally la r g e membership this year-thirty-six in all. Monthly meetin gs were held at the college. Park Densmore served as president, Bertha Frensley as vice-president, Obduli a Wright as secretary and R alph Zimmerm a nn as treasurer. A special committee comprising J ames L akas, Lou Ellen Zent, Jack Reilly Gloria Houghron, and John Standefer was in ch arge of programs and social functions. Among the more interesting meetings and social affairs were the f ollowing : Ocrober-A speec h by Dr. Manuel Mendez Guardia, of the Inter-American University in Panama Ciry, a member of the charter group of LR.C. in the Junior College, on Latin American attitudes toward North Americans and the ways in which bOth g r oups could improve these rel ations. November-An ope n forum on current affairs led by John Standefer and Miguel Kourany. December-A swimming party at the Balboa swim ming pool. March-An address by Dr. Jose Crespo, Minister of Education for the Republic of Panama, on problems of contemporary education. May-A progressive dinner, at homes of members livin g in Panama City, Balboa, Fort Clayron and Fort Kobbe. CONQUISTADOR P AGE THIRTYNINE


M EMBERS OF N AT U RAL SCIENCE SOCIETY lef t to rig ht : fro nt row-B e rth a F rens ley, J oyce Kirkp a tri c k Hel e n Herm a n Cecily Sher k M arily n R appa rp orr, Ann e H i ggins ; seco n d row-D a n S a nd e r Ernest Fr a n c esch i R a l p h She rrit R a lph Zimmer m a nn J o hn St a n d ef e r M a rrin Kendziorek Mr. Lee ( spo nsor ) ; third row-Miguel K o ur a n y Victo r Duna way, J M a rlin Culpe p pe r Jr. Jame s L a kas, Ch a rle s Arn o l d Alex and er K am. P AGE F 0 T Y CONQ UISTADOR


THE NATURAL SCIENCE SOCIETY If you hear somebody running around in the halls and mumbling something about Indian sign l anguage, bears, and dead Mexican hawks you can be fairly certain that he is a member of the Natural Science Society. The Narural Science Society had a vety fine group this year. They met twice a month on Tuesday evenings at seven o clock the a verage attendance being a round eighteen. At the first meeting on September 16, the following officers were elected: president Ralph Zimmermann ; vice-president Helen Eerman; secretary -tr easurer Cecily Sherk. The group heard lectures on a wide range of tOpics. The usual pl a n was to have an outside speaker once a month and a member of the society itself once a month Among the outside speakers were such distinguished men as Lieutenant R. Ruhle, of the national park service, and Mr. Fred Whaler, an authority on deeps ea fishing. Up to March 6, the following speakers ilad addressed the group on the topics indicated: September IS-Ra lph Zimmermann: The Electronic Microscope OctOber 2 Mr. Fred Whaler: Deep-Sea Fishing OctOber 16 VictOr Dunaway: Snakes. OctOber 3 0 Lieuten a nt R. Ruhle : The Blackfeet Indians and Other Indian Tribes ( with colored sli des) November 13 Lieutenant R. Ruhle: Bears. December 11-Mr. Buckley: Logic. February March 5 Ral ph Sherr it : Minerals. 5 Mr. Walter Fischer: Chemical Magic. This was the first year that the society has collected dues. These dl'es amounted to one dollar per yea r and were used to pay for refreshments after the meetings and for a picnic. The annual waffle supper was held at the end of the first semester and an even better than usual farewell-tO-the-year party was held at the home of the sponsor, Mr. Lee. C.ONQUISTADOR PAGE FORTY-ONE


THE STUDENT ASSISTANTS A student ass istant is probably hig hly h o nored by the position he h o lds. The salary earned is quire small, but what does the assistant care about a few dollars, when the experience a nd kn ow ledge he gains will be o f much greater value in his future college career? This year there were four assistants: one in English one in biology, and twO in chemistry and physics_ Patricia Kennedy's duties included checking papers for form and ne arness, typing m a t e ri a l doing errands, clipping, putting exhibits on the bulletin b oa rd, and many other things. Helen Herman, sub-bug-chaser, enjoyed the friendly association of Mr. Lee while helping students understand the intricacies of natural sci e n ce R a lph Sherrit a nd Luke St a ndefer freshman and sop homore assistants respectively, ass i s ted Mr. Bu c kley a nd Mr. Vinton in the chemistry and physics l aboratO ries. Ralph set up apparatus in the physics lab tOok care of the battery room, a nd did all rhe odd jobs to be f o und in a laboratOry. Luke, being the sophomore assistant, prepared the rea ge nts and unknowns which are used in general chemistry, a nd a l so made up the solutions used by the sophomores in analytical chemistry. M a ny a freshman tried t o extOrt the identity o f hi s unknown from the sophomore assistant, always returning unsuccessful to his laboratOry bench. PAGE FORTY-TWO CONQUISTADOR


COLLEGIAN A No. 3 I. Senor de Leon. 2. Juliet and 2 / 3 Romeo 3 The Lily Maid o f AstOlat. 4. Chooch! 5. While Teachers back is turned. 6. Found: Guilty of peeking. 7 Alicia. 8 SmcOth Sue 9. Basketball Babes. CONQUISTADOR PAGE FORTYTHREE


DRAMATICS THE CLASS IN DRAMATICS The official dramatic activity o f the Junior College is the "Class in Dram atics in the Extension Division, taught by Mr. Suberr Turby fill. This year the class had thirty Or more students, among them a t least fifteen day s tudents. In addi tion to the students actu a lly en rolled in the class, there were others who tOok an interest in its activities a nd helped with the various dram a tic productions Some of the productions of the class were sponsored by the Student Associa tion which in return received a generous share of the profits. The fir s t ptOduction of the class this year was a radio dramatiza tion of H awtho rne's The Scarlet L etter which was presented on November 15 ove r the Panama American stations HP5G and HOA Dorothy Fritz was the directOr o f this worth-while ptOgram, which was give n in re cog nition of Americ a n Education Week. On J anuary 9 and 10 the class presented Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet in the patio of the Balboa Grade School, before large and appreciative a udiences. Wellconned lines, rich colorful costum ing, and ingenious staging contributed to the success of this ambi tious performance. Lou Ellen Zent m a de a charming appearance as Juliet oppos ite the sincere Romeo of Billy Oliver an extension student. Others who acted in the play or served on the ptOduction staff, o r both were J o hn Moynihan Georges Bouche James Talboy M a rlin Culpepper, Ted Sundquist, Edward Welch DotOthy Fritz, M a rilyn R apparporr, Alice Fairbrother, Ruth Smith Jack Standefer, Berth a Frensley Ralph Zimmermann Norma JohnstOn Jean O Brien Rein aldo Carrera, Btty Gaines, Ethel Jeanne Johnson Mr, McNair, a nd Mr. Lyons, On April 10 at the B a lboa Clubh ous e the class presented "The Great Big D oo rstep," by Goodrich and Hackett. The play went off with the smoot hness f or which the productions of this group are noted a nd with grea t pleasure to the spectatOrs. Among the day students of the college in the cast were Ruth Smith Charles Bougan Betty Gaines, M a rlin Culpepper, Raymond Ward, and Jean O Brien On the production staff were J a mes Talboy, Norma Johnston Alice FairbtOther John Standefer, M a rilyn Rapparport, Beverly Chan, and others. PAGE FORTY-FOUR ( ONQUISTADOR




DELTA PSI OMEGA I I : Members o f Delta P s i Omega left to right: from rowO ..... r othy Fritz. Bertha Frensley. Ali c e Fairbrother. Norma J o hn sto n ; back r ow-Mr. Turbyfill ( sponso r), Jame s TalboYt Dr. Moody ( faculty ) In 1943 through the effortS of Mr. Turby fill, Cast 138 of Celt1 Psi Omega national dramatic fraternity of the United States, was formed in the Canal Z 0 n e. Students who have dist i n g u ish e d themselves in college dramatics are eligible for membership in this society The officers for the fraternity this year were Merrilyn Brown, '45. Cast Director; James Talbov, Stage Manager ; and Norma Johnston Business Manager. The first social event of the year was a de l ightfully festive Christmas dinner held at the H e tel Tivoli on December 14. On this occasion, Alice Fa i r b rOt her, Bertha Frensley and Georges Bouche were pkdged to Del ta Psi Omega. On Febru ary 4, Alice a nd Bertha were initi a ted, bringing the tot a l number o f meml:ers of Cast 138 up to thirry-f o ur. The initiation of Georges B o u c he h ad to ce p c stponcd until his re l ease from army training camp. The informal gathering of the year. a wienie roast, was held on March 10 at the police firing range. Delicious food and clever skits made the evening m e m o r ab le for the members of the fr a ternity and their guests, among whom were a number of members of the Cl aSS in Dramatics. In connection with the very successful productior, of "The Great Big D oorste p o n April 10, John Standefer, Ruth Smith, Mari l yn Rapparport, Jea n O Brien Betty Gaines and Lou Ellen Zenr, were pledged to the fr aterniry. The m ai n banquet of the year w a s h e ld May 8 a t the Tivoli Hotd. PAGE FORTY-SIX CONQUISTADOR


r I t M embe r s o f Phi Th eta K appa, lefe to right: front row-Miss Moody (advisel), D o roth y Frit z. P a lr icia Kennedy, Norma JohnstOn. Normn Lakus. Yolanda Paredes; back row-Alice Fairbr o ther L uke Standefer, Ceci l y Sherk, P atricia H at c hett PHI THETA KAPPA Last year rhe Delt a Om ega Chapter of Phi Thera Kappa, na li o n a l sch o l asr i c frat e rnit y for juni o r colleges, was f ou nd ed in th e Ca n a l Zon e Juni o r College. Eac h year th ose s tud e nt s havin g t h e hi g h est grades in college are e l i g ible for membership, provided that they h ave B ave r ages; h owever n or more th a n t e n per cent of the s tudent s may be pledged. Five member s were elected l ast spring but rhe graduation of M a r garet Ca uth ers a nd Shirley C utter a nd rhe wirh d r awal of Jean Libbe y left only th e president P a tri c i a Kennedy a nd the secretary. Dorothy Fritz, in college this Septem b er. As soon as first semester g r ade averages were co mpil ed, seve n s t u d ents were e l ected to the f raterniry. They wer e Norma Johnsro n Ali ce Fairbrother and Luke St a ndef e r sop h o m o r es; a nd Ceci l y Sh e rk Nancy Sullivan, Yola n da P a redes and P atr i c i a H arc h ett, freshmen Sin ce Nancy Sullivan declined to accep r m embers hip N o rm a Laku s was ele cted in her place Pl edge serv i ces were h eld Febru ary 20 As th e Conqllis/tldo'r goes to press Ph i Theta K appa i s plan nin g it s initiation ceremony, to b e held perhaps at a s p ec ial asse mbly. This will probably be f ollowed by a n evening p a rty in h o no r of the initiates. CONQUISTADOR P AGE FORTYSEVEN


MUSICAL ACTIVITIES Tis said Music h a th c h ar ms "; a nd ro quote Orsin o in Shakespe a re s Twelfth Nig ht," "If mu s i c be th e f oo d of l ove, play on!" This year, a s usu a l Mrs B a ker directed the college music. Jessi e Hunt, Y o l a nd a P a redes Ma r i a n W e ller Ruth Smith, G l o ria Hough ron, Im oge ne Crenshaw, Fr a ncene Pomeroy L o u Ellen Zent Obduli ; l Wright, Patrici a Hatchett Phyllis Zemer and Carol Ruoff m a de up the g irls chorus. Let us nOt fo"r ge t Scottie McNa irs s Barber Shop Quintet," the members o f which were James L a kas, Adolfo Midencp M a rrin Kendzi ore k Dan S a nder Charles Arnold, and Theo dore Brown Other singers among the b oys were R o binson R a mirez, Migu e l Kour any, Theo dore Sundquist, Ernest Franceschi and P a rk Den s more Our instrument a lists were Fr a nces May a nd N a ncy Sulliv an, violins M ary Alice Kueter clarinet ; and Phyllis Zemer pia no. November saw o ur first mu sica l assembly of the year. Indi a n Dawn (voca l ) and Beethoyen's Alle gro" ( in s trumental ) were typical o f the numb e r s o n thi s de l ightful program. The unusual fea ture, h ow ever, was a talk o n H o rizont a l Harmony by P a tri c i a Kennedy. The assembly j o ined in with Mari a n Weller s in g in g the Duk e o f M a rlb oroug h (ro the tune o f "For He's A J olly Good Fellow"), after which Mr. McNa ir led in assembly singing. C hri st mas a n d mu s i c are insep a r a ble as o ur yuletide assembly proved. Patricia Kennedy introduced the progra m with a shorr talk o n H andel"s M ess i a h." The gi rls instrumental ensemble then played tWO a rr a n ge ment s o f c h or uses fr o m th e Me ssia h," f o llowed b y Alice C ruz sin g in g the sopra n o ar i a Come Unto Me Oh H oly Nig ht was s ung by M aria n Weller with the assembly joining in o n the chorus. The boys and g irls' c h oruses rendered C hri s tmas seleCtio ns, then the who l e assembly sa n g Christmas carols R o bert Burns was born J a nu ary 25, 1 759 This year th e Canal Zone Juni o r College h o n o red his mem ory with a program given jointly by the musi c g r o ups and the Speech class. Ope nin g the pro gram was a talk on Burns sympa thetically presented by Cecily Sherk. The c h or sang a number o f Burns's son gs, amo n g which "My Heart s in tbe H ighla n ds" was most e nthu sias tic ally r eceive d D oro thy P AGE FORTYEIGHT CONQUISTADOR


Fritz a nd N o rm a lakus gave readings from Burns s works and, as the choruses san g Come Under M y Plaidie," J ames Talboy, Alice Fairbr ot h e r a nd J ack Standefer p e rformed a n a mu s in g pantomime. Outs tanding was R ob in son s R ami rez' s sol o Oh, M y luve's like here a R ed, Red R ose." Carnival in Panama was cele br ate d at C.Z.J.c. in March by a musical p rogra m o n Spani s h themes. The program includ ed son g s in b oth English and Spanish by th e twO choruses, a nd duets or solos in which Ado lf o Midence, Mi gue l Kourany Jessie Hunt, a n d R o bin son R a mire z took p a rr R o binson R a mirez and Ernest Franceschi performed on the guitar and m ando lin a nd Alic e Fairbrother a nd Ad o lf o Mid e nc e danced th e Tamborito in n ative costume .A charm ing a dditi o n to th e program was C1avelitos, b y Yolanda Paredes in which s h e san g a nd danced, s trewing carnations i n the wa k e of her song. l ,Ill A pro g ram in h o n or of National Mu s i c Week was the l ast of the mu sical assem blie s o f the coll ege for the year. Member s o f Or c h e stra, left to right: Nancy S ull ivan Fr::tnces May. Mrs. B a k e r ( in struCto r). Ph y ll i s Zemer, r-,' Iary Al i c e Kueter. CONQUISTADOR P AGE FORTYNINE


THE JOINT CHORUSES OF C.Z.].c. Members o f C h oruses left to ti ght: front row-Yolanda P a redes, L Ruth Smith Francene Pomeroy Lou Ellen Zent, Im oge n e Crenshaw Obdulia Wright; second row-Robinson R a mir ez, M aria n W eller Patricia H atc hett, Ca r o l Ru o ff Phylli s Zemer, Jessi e Hunt, Miguel K o ur any; third row-Ernest F ranceschi, Theo d o re S undquist Charles Arn o l d Mrs. flaker (sponso r), P ar k D e ns mote, Mr. McNair (faculty). P AGE FIFTY CONQUISTADOR


GAMMA CHI During the early part of the first semester of the present year the sophomore girls, with the aid of Mr. Lyons, founded a Junior College sorority to which they gave the name of Gamma Chi A description of the purposes and plans of the sorority was pre s ented to the faculty by Alice Fairbrother and met with their approval. One of the chief aims of the group is to help with worth-while college activities. Mrs. Teegarden was chosen as sponsor and all the sophomore girls were invited to become charter members of the sorority. Francene Pometoy was elected president; Alice Fairbrother, vice-president; Ann e Higgins, secretary; and Bertha Frensiey, treasurer. Other charter mem bers were Imogene Crenshaw, Dorothy Fritz, Helen Herman, Glori,\ Houghton, Norma JohnstOn, Patricia Kennedy, Yolanda Revesz Marie Stewart, a special student and Marian \'(/' eller. Later the follow ing freshmen were pledged: Phyllis Zemer, Obdulia Wright, L. Ruth Smith, and Lou Ellen Zenr. Other girls will be pledged late in the spr i ng. The social functions of the Gammas included a spaghetti dinner given by Bertha Frensley and a tea given at the home of Anne Higgins by the girls. One n ight during the Christmas season the Gammas, dressed in evening dress and carrying candles serenaded some of the instructors. In January a farewell dinner w a s given for the president, Francene Pomeroy when she left the Isthmus to make her home in Arizona. On AprilS the Gammas Chi had a "kid party at the S. A Clu b for the whole college and on May 10 Mrs. Tee garden, the sponsor entertained the sorority at a tea at the Hotel Tivo li. Among the services performed by Gamma Chi was the writing of l etters to colJeges in the United States requesting new catalogues to rep l ace the tattered ones in the Lounge. The girls also ushered at plays. In February the Gamma Chis sponsored a brief bur amusing assemb l y in honor of Georges Bouche, sophomore president, who was leaving colJege for the army. CONQUISTADOR P AGE FIFTYONE


Member s o f Gamma C hi l eft [ 0 right: front r ow-Bertha Fren s l ey Francene P o mer oy. Alice Fair brother, Anne H iggins; seco nd row-J\bri e Stewart. D o r othy Fritz Y o l anda Rev('Sz I mogene C r enshaw, P atric i a Kenn e d y. Marian Welle r ; t hird row -Phy lli s Zemer Nancy Sullivan Mrs. T eega r den (sp o n so r). L o u Ell en Zent, L Ruth Smith Obdulla Wright ; back row-H ele n H erm3n, N orma J o hn s t o n Worthy o f a pl ace in the perma nent a nn a l s o f the Junior College a re twO clever so n gs written by Mr. Lyo n s in rec og niti on o f the f or matio n o f the so r ority. The first was sung by the O wls, a n uno ffici a l socia l o r ga n iza t ion o f college m e n a t a n asse mbly in November ; th e second was su ng by the G a mmas, a t a l a t e r assemb l y in November as a reply to the Owl s These so ngs f ollow: J> AGE FIFTY TWO ONQUISTADOR


GAMMA CHI GAMBOLS ( T o th e tun e of G ood, Good Good") Y o u a l ways kn ow a sai l or by his salty t a lk And you recognize a cowboy b y hi s r o llin g wall,. Y o u can tell our Casanovas f rom the high sch oo l b oys, And you can tell a Gamma by her poise Gamm a Chi, you re new you're n e w Gamma Chi we welcome you. Gamma Chi, you 'll do, y o u 'll do, Gamm a C hi we're all f o r you. You can t ell a w o lfi s h Owl by his lin e (arfa rf), And the s tuff he feeds his wom e n when they dine (burpburp); You can t e ll th e D or m boys' singing b y the aw ful noise, And you can tell a Ga mma, A Junio r Co lle ge Gamma Yes you can tell a Gamma, B y h er poise. HAIL TO THE OWLS CLUB (To the tun e o f "Yo u Are My Sunshine") Hail to the Owl s Club o f C.Z.].c., H ail to th ose h ea rt s so kind a nd tru e; When they h ave m o ney, o h h ow we l ove th em When they a r e broke, we feel so blue You a r e the Owls, the f amo u s Owls We recog nize you by you r ears ; We l ove you r s in gi n g, we l ove your howling We eve n l ove your c r azy jeers And n ow the Ga mmas wi s h to salute you We want to fill this h all with cheers; But if th ere's going to be competition, We sta k e our poise aga in st your ea rs. It is the h ope of the present G a mmas that the Gamma Chi sororit), will be carried o n throu g h th e years that it will m a int a in the hi gh sta nd a rd it set this year, an d prove a cred it to C.Z.].c. CONQUISTADOR P AGE FIFTYTHREE


A ss embly C ommittee left (0 right: f rom row-Smith Herman Sullivan Zimm e r mann ; back row 1\IcNair (faculty), H ackelt (chai rman), L ee (fac ulty). ASSEMBLIES The Assemb l y Co mmit tee f o r 19 45 6 comp ri s ed D ea n Hack e tt (chairma n), Mr. McNair a nd Mr. Lee as r e p r ese nt a tives o f th e faculty; Nancy S ullivan and J a mes Smit h f res hm e n ; and H e l e n H er man a n d R a l p h Z i mm e rm ann, sopho mores For our part in tbe v i c t ory cele br atio n of Navy D a y o n O cto b er 26 Roy 1. Car ri c k e r Lie ut e n a nt U.S.N.R gave a s p eec h o n "The I nterdependency o f tbe Navy a nd E ducation." Sin ce Mr. C a n i c k e r had been a r eacher bef o t e b e j oine d the N a vy b e was we ll q u a lifi e d to give such a speec h PAGE FlfTYPOUR CONQUI S T ADOR


On November 3, a n musical assembly was neld. An account of this is gi fe n under musical aCtivities. At another November asse mbly, Flight Officer Richard Beall, ex '42, spoke on his experiences as a Spitfire p ilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force in the European theatre of war. He showed u s movies which illustrated very well the lif e a t airfield s d urin g wartime. On Decem b er 2 1 was held the traditional Christmas assembly, which also is written up under musical activities. The assembly oi Janu ary 24 in honor of R obert Burns is described in this section tOO, as is the carnival assemb ly o f March 1. On February 1, Dr. C. Y. Chen, First Secr e t ary of the Chinese Legation in Panama, spoke on "Modem China and its. Problems." He gave a summary o f recent Chinese history and of the problems which now confront the Chinese people. On M a rch 1, Colonel Hugh A. Kelly, Military Assistant to the Governor of the P a nama Canal, addressed the co lle ge on his ex periences as Assistant to Secretary of State Byrnes at the London and Moscow Post-War Conferences. Colonel Kelly a l so charmed his audience by singing some o f the same Iri s h so ng s he had s un g at a State dinner in London. On March 12, Dr. John C. Wright, Assistant United States Commissioner of Education, addressed the students on "Youth in the Ye ars Ahead," while on March 19, the f o ur war veterans attend ing the college under the G. 1. Bill of Ri gh t s t a lked on their ex periences in the service. They are Gerald Graham, Charles Bougan and Hugh M a loney, who all saw combat service and Eve Combs, who was an officer in the Women's Army Co rps. Other worth-while assemblies are planned f o r the remainder of the year, including a program by the Speech class ,and the a nnu a l Awards Day Assembly. On "I-am-a n-American Day" in May the l.R.C. will present a program. CONQUISTADOR PAGE FIFTY-FIVE


COLI.I:-. G I ANA NO.4 I 2 sweet 2 B q gOt 10 2. Wheee! 3. Oh my ach ing-! 4 Big Two co nf e r e n ce 5. Big Chid Sittin Betty. 6. Puppy l ove. 7. Snuffy-all wet. 8. A bit 0 B itsy. 9. D addy, buy m e that. JO. T o n olJitOs. PAGE FIFTY-SIX CONQUISTADOR


Gor58s wI!A ISreal zeal J,d 60 To c o nCjuer Ihe small mosqu do. Jf) 5porl conle51 s we-\M/ h j Us/ .35 much m ig-hI. To vanc;u /sh Ihe College 5 foe s p o R T S C O N Q U ISTADO R PAGE FIFTY-SEVEN


MR. ROY DWELLE Swimming l nstruccor Intr a mur a l Alhletic A ssoc iation left CO right : front row-M a rtin K e ndzi o rek Michael Dawson Ken n e th N c rthr o p J o hn Swndefer Robin s on R a mir ez. M a nu e l N oriega, Mr. Vinton (sp o n so r ) ; s eco nd row-J o hn H a nson, J o hn H ower, Edw ard Welch E mili o Bri ce n o Ri c h a rd Fifer The od o r e Sundqui s t .la mes L a kas. Alexa n de r Kam; third row Ch arle s Arn o l d, Phillip B a um a n R a lph Zimmermann, P a rk D E n s m o r e, David K elle her M a rlin Culp e pper, S a n de r J a me s Smith ; f o urth r o w Ri c h ard C onn ove r Mi g u e l K o urany R a lph Sherr it, Erne s t Fr a n ceschi, R e i03ldo C a rr e ra PAGE FIFTY.E1GH T CONQ U I STADOR


MEN 'S SPORTS FOO TBALL: C.Z.J.c. this year apparently had the m a t eria l for a very good team. Practices and scrimmages under the ab l e direction of Coach Humphries gave the players high hopes of d e f eat in g bo t h h igh schoo ls, but f ate took a h a nd. Athletes are the most s uperst it iou s peop l e on earth. The l oss of both a llstar ga mes might be attributed to the faCt that in the minutes preceding b o th games, when a team', choice o f receiving o r o f kicking off is decided b y a fli p of a coin College l ost b oth toSS-ups. Cristoba l 2, College O. Cristob a l kicked o ff an d fr om the fir st down rhe game progressed in see-saw f ash i on, wirh Cri stoba l taking most of rhe sees in rhe fir s t ':owns. Time and College was driven back deep into it s own rerritory an d rime a nd again Cristobal's touchdown plays were srymied by the hard-fi ghting, great-spirired colle g e team, I n the third quarter of rhL game rhe college r oo rers warched whi l e Ken Northrop snake-hipped him s elf 55 yards down rhe field afre r interceprin g a Cristob a l pass. College's on l y scoring threar wa s de f eared by some f ast Cri sto b a l back I n the f ourr h quarr er Cristoba l scored rheir 2 poinrs thro u gn a ref e ree s blunder. The r e f eree rul ed a safery on College, giving Cristoba l rheir 2 points Balbo a 6 College O. In a n a l most even l y m a t c h e d ga m e th e high schoo l bear the college with a fifteen-y ar d pass in the fourth quarter. Mr. Humphries was on rhe spor, as h e had coac hed both reams ; h owever, no favoritism h a d been s h o wn to e irh e r team in the pracrices. It was just a l itt l e better sense which won Balb oa it s game. Bob Sui sman h a d not b ee n p l ayed up as a f oo tb all p l aye r bu t in this game he showed the speCtators a nd hi s teammates rhat hi s passin g and quick thinking were "works of art." Collei!e blockers were way b e low par, wirh the possible excep rion of M ike Kourany. Mike showed a few hi g h-sch oo l l a ds how h ard rhe grou nd re a II y was. CONQUISTADOR PAGE FIFTYNINE


SOFTBALL: CristOba l 3 College 2 Captain J oh n H ower pitched a very tight game and was b a cked by an excellent infield a nd out field College s we a kness lay in its l ack of hitters to brin g in the n ecessary runs for victOry. College 8 B a lbo a 4. C a ptain J ohn H owe r avenged the CristObal victOry b y pitching a t rul y beautiful game, as the sco re will assure the reader. The college men fin ally l earned h ow to hit a ball a nd the highschool boys found themselves at a di st inct disadvantage thro u ghout the one-sided game. BASEBAIlL: College 5, B a lb oa 3. College brok e its three years o f l osses in b ase ba ll by h a ndin g the hig h sch oo l a well-deserved defeat. The battery o f LeBrun to G r a h a m did a fin e j ob. Hitters o n th e college team were few, but i n the cases of Graham, Bo u ga n a nd D a wson they were quite adept. Colleg e scored 3 runs in the fir s t inning to g ive them a margin o f saf ety which the hig h school did n o t overcome. Colle g e players wer e Dawson, H owe r Graham N o rth r op, L e Brun Conover, Standefer, K elle h er, K a m, B o u ga n and Zimmermann. C ristOba l 10 College 3 C a ptained by J a ck Standefer, the college te a m was determined to make this game another victOry f o r the c ollege. LeBrun pitcher for the college against B a lb oa withdrew fro m s choo l l eaving t h e team without a pitcher. N ort h rop, h owever filled L eBrun s p l ace and pitc h ed a h ard game. From th e o ut set o f the game Cristoba l s u cceeded in o btaining the lead. TRACK: With on l y a f ew men interested in track, the seaSon wou l d s e e m h o p e l ess. The truth is that the p r ospects of College s winning the Triangul a r M e et" o n Apri l 6 are very good if the few men o f a bili t y will o nly apply them s elves At the t O P o f the lis t of trackmen in the college a r e two: H er bert Robins o n and Dan S ander, who a r e certa in to win the 880 yard run and the 4 4 0 yard dash res pectively. BAS KETBALL: This colle g e h a s probably never see n a team whi ch ca n co mp a r e with this yea r's team if the materia l tha t is now avail ab l e r e m a in s until basketb all s e a s on. As forwards the college has E Brice no, A. Kam K. N o rthrop ]. Hower Dan Sander and H. R o bin so n ; as ce nt e r R. C o nover ; as g u ards, J S mith R Z imm er m a nn J L a kas, D Kelleh er, and J. Standefer. The colleg e has be e n l o sin g ill all SPOrtS up to this point, but t h e pr esent w rit e r pr e dict s a grea t ch a nge. PAGE S I X T Y CONQUISTADOR


GIRLS SPORTS v" CLUB The "V" Club started off its second year of existence by electi ng th e following officers to serve for the school year of 1945 -46 : Berth a Frensley, president; Norma JohnstOn, vice-president; and Helen D o lan secretary. Mrs. Branstetter and Mrs Cutter acted as sponsors for th e club. Membership in the V Club was limir e d to those g irls who m ade one or more all-srar reams of the three m a jor spOrts: volleyball, basketball, and softball. Swimming and archery were also includ ed in the sports curriculum. Awards were given to all girls who h ad played o n the all-stat tea ms. Those who m a de one all-star team wete given l etters, while th ost m aking lll,,! 'e th a n one all-star were awa rded brace l ets with the l ette r "C" on th em. The g irls planned 3 specia l socia l activity to rerminate a sport i ve year o f work and play. Rumor had it th at a s lumb er party was being planned. V 0IJLEYBALL : Whe n it faced the super ior high-sc h oo l tealllS, the CZ.J.C volleyball team w as stripped of all honors earned the previous yea!. In the all-star ga m e p l a yed on November 8 vs hig h sch oo l the J.c. girlJ were g iven a so und trouncing by B.H.S., with the scores of J 5-8 a n d J 5 -4. De s pite the rarh e r g l oomy o utl ook, our g irl s faced CH.S. tWO days lat er with one determin ed p lan in minc.l-tO m a k e the future victOrs swea t for every point earn ed. The anticipated defeat was c h alked up with the scores o f 15-ti and 15-3. V e teran s from l ast year's all-sta r team were Norma JohnstOn (Cap !ai,,), Ali ce Fairbroth er, Bitsy Frensley. a nd DorOthy Fritz. Other play ers were Fr a n c ene P omnoy, Im oge n e Cre n s h aw Sue H e rman, Ruth Sm ith Obelulia \'

glwding which handicapped hi gh-schoo l forwards. As forwards, Anne Hi ggins and Alice Fairbrother played a steady game, saving the b a ll for Cecily"s never-miss shoes. On February S, the ].C All-Scars met stiff competition in th e B.H .S. l assies. The game was close all the way with College leading, while Barbara Barr prevented the high school's scar forward from shooeing. In tbe second h a lf however the high-school gi rl s not only caught up, but CZ.J.C, l eaving the final score at 20 -17 in f avo r of the high school. Norma J ohnscon was high scorer, with 9 points chalked up f or College while Cecily sank 4 baskets (8 points). The game versus Criscoba l was a defeat for CZ.J.C The state nv:nt that our girls put up a good fight is ev iden ced by the f act that Rurhie Smith fell flat on her face in an attempt ro l ose h er guard and rake the ball down co our goa l for a shot. Cecil y starred again, making lOa f the 12 points. Despite a ll the tricky set-ups and passes, however (he game was lost co Criscoba l by 20-12. SOFT BALL: The girls' softball te am was in good batting form this sea son though the fielding was noe up CO par. The high-school field ers moved out when "King-Ko ng Crenshaw wa lk ed up ro the pbte and SWl1ng the b at with the ease of a New York Yankee. Nor diel our "pponents bre at he easi l y until they recovered the drive which flubs Barr !ubirually sent far out into left field. These two girls earned wide reputa tions as star players on the CZ.].C team. The lin e-up was as f o llows: batteries Johnscon and Barr ; first base, Fairbrother; second base, Crenshaw; third bet.,.,. Higgins. Ocher players were Smi th, H atc bett Borgis Zent, Kirkpatrick, Sherk H enriquez, Fritz, D olan. and Frensley. SWIMMING: Swimming classes proved ro be more like fun than class wc.rk for many of the gi rl s who really went in for this all-year sport. Thuse girls who cou ld nOt swi m were in ;tct!Ged by Mrs. O'Connell and M,s. Cutter. while Mr. Dwelle gave the girls some pointers o n racing form a nd divin g. A vis it co the class was well worch the time spent watching Joyce KiJ koatrick choke on a mouthful o f water and go b ack for more work, ')r seeing Carolyn Glenn g lid e as grace fully as a m e rmaid rhrough (he warer. Then there was Gracie Cooper who claimed that it was impossible for her to move b o th her arms and l egs at the same time The g irl s were awarded badges for the tesrs which they passed, s (arcin,l! from the Beginner s and working right up to Senior Life Saving. Berry Gaines was the only g irl in the clas s who had passed this test tho u gh seve r a l o f the girls passed their Intermediate and Swimmers tests. PAGE SIXTYTWO CONQUISTADOR


MEMBERS OF "V" CLUB, left ro right: H ele n D o l a n Alice Fairbrother, Francene P omeroy, L. Ruth Smith Cecily Sherk, Barbara Barr Phyllis Zeme r Mrs. Cutter (spomor), P a tri cia H a tch e tt, Helen Herm a n Norma J o hn sto n J oyce Kirkpatrick, Obd ulia Wrig ht Im ogene Crenshaw, Bertha Fr e n sley. CONQUISTADOR MEMBERS OF GIRLS' BASKET BALL TEAM: fronr-Cecily Sherk; left to right-middle: J oyce Kirk patrick Alice Fairbrother Norma J o hnston ; back-L. Ruth Smith, Barbara Barr Anne Hi ggins, N a ncy Sulliv a n Dorothy Fritz PAGE SIXTYTHREE


COLLEG J ANA No. 5 J D o n c f e n c e me in 2 In s i de che Lyon s' den J iccJe m o r o n 5. Cervez a a -a-a 6. Ouch y all! a r e cou g h all o ver J e rry. 9 T eac h e r s please n o c e PAGE SIXTY-FOUR 3. Siccin g preccy. 7 Aw g fe, f elle rs. 4 H appy 8 Things CONQ U I STADOR


6oefha l 5 u 5e d clever d evices To lead Ihe c a n a l Ihrough ,15 crr5i 5 lIole55 clever Ihan he Are Ihe WC3,/5 Ih which w e Pre5enl.J C 5 5p lClesi 5p lces F [ A T U R E S CONQUISTADOR PAGE SIXTYFIVE


THE LONELY HEARTS' CLUB By PATRICiA KENNEDY The phone rings, and a voice a nswers "Gi rls' Dorm or, if the speaker is feeling especially cynical. L onely HeartS' Club," and anothe r hil arious conversation be gins. Yes the innocen.-lookir.g frame building, siruated between the B a lb oa Elementary Sch oo l and Balboa Hig h and painted a demure and decorous gray is the scene of rollicking merriment vio lent disagreements a nd burnings of the midnight oil. The d o rmitory is fairly full this year, since there a re six reside." college girls Carol Ru o ff (,' W ake up, I h ear a man under the h o use'), Norma L a kus ("Tell him I'm not h e re"), Yoli e Re' /esz ("Turn off th a t light!"), Pat Kennedy C' Let me go to th e doorI'm bal/-dressed"), Dot Fritz ("Eeee a coc kro a ch"), and Ethel Jeanne J ohnson ( I'm eXFecting a call. I'll a nswer it"), We D o rm g irls will never forget the adve ntures we had during ou r year here: the time we were sneaklOg in l a te and y,':ry quietly when suddenly someone kn oc ked ove r a ga rb age can a nd it ro lled n o isily d o wn the gutte r ; catc hin g bats in (he closets ; midnigh: $ nack s a nd serenades; and other good times which we enj oyed. Neithe: w ili we forget Mrs. H am lin our h o usem o ther ; Gram, who cooked th ose delicious but f a ttenin g me als; Auntie," with h e r l ove l y white h a ir and swee t old-fash i onel w ays; Iris, o ur maid confidant and friend; and o f course, the cleanin g man wh o c a me in every Thursday m o rn ing a nd s urprised us as we tripped gaily down the h a ll il1 c ur pa j a mas. No, we s h all nevet forg e t o ur D o rm days PAGE SIXTYSIX CONQUISTADOR


THE HOUSE ON CARR STREET By J MARLIN CULPEPPER, JR On Carr Street, ne ar the Balboa Grade School, is the Men's Dormitory. Anything that will provide a diversion from studies is welcome, so come on up. That fell ow who is disc oursing so learnedlyon the handiwork of Mr. V arga i s Charles (Casanova) Arnuld 1 he fell ow at whom this lecture is directed is Wellington (Co n fucious ) Ng. They are quiet studious chaps. That fellow using his hands to indicate dive-bombers bombing is Charles (Bud) Bougan. He is telling abo ut the time he was flat o n his back at 30,000 feet, dive-bombing a battleship of the Harmla cl ass, which he was ab le to recognize be ca use he s a n avid re ade r of L ife magazine. Hi s audience is composed of M arri n ( Cabbage) Kendziorek and Alex a nder (Chino) K am. They are three swell guys. Sitting at one of the tables, nor paying any attentio n to what s going on, are James (Greco) Lakas and Dan (Spider) S a nder. They are concent r ating very heavily on a fierce game of gi n rummy They a re fine all r o und fellows. Y o u will find me kibitzing the rummy game. I am Marlin (Mike) Culpepper. Incident ally, I am a swell guy, too. At the starr o f the year J oh n (Jack) Reilly, Theodore (Mutt) Brown and Adolpho ( Fito ) Midence were resident s of the Dormitor y also Mutt is now a Cadet-Midshipm a n in the Merchant Marine, Jack quit college at the end of the first semester, and Fito is living with his parents in P a n a ma City in s tead o f at the Dorm. The b oys will never f o r get the kindness of Mr. McNair the faculty resident. He gave counsel to u s boys, and was a lways willing to help, no m a tter what there was to be done. H ow he co uld alwaY5 keep smiling no matter what happened is beyond any of us. We can never sufficie ntl y thank Mrs. Ewing our House Mo ther for what she has done f o r us. She has give n us a home away from home, birrhday parries and taken care of u s when we were sick. Nor can we ever thank Mr. Ewing f o r what he has d o n e Whenever we needed to b orrow money he gave it without hesit,,tio n He listened to our tales o f woe and gave us sage advice. He was a real friend and we shall never forget him We s h all a lway s think of him as we do of our d ads. Last but n ot le ast we want to th a nk Theres a and S a r a h our friends of the kit c h en. They kept the place so clean that it shone gave us little snacks between me als, and l a u g hed and cried with ou: joy s and sorrows. No, we shall never forget them either. CONQUISTADOR PAGE SIXTY-SEVEN


COLU GIi\NA NO.6 1. Two gun Tex. 2. Why waSte you r time? 3. Wrap it up, a nd we 'll take it 4. Ride em Yoli! 5. JUSt a perfect friendship. 6 BOllgana -Bougana-BoClgan-ungh!! 7. We WI'Z (Illy, on l y fooling. 8. Wanna make so m ethi n g o f it ? 9. Li' l Lightning. PAGE SIXTYEIGHT CONQUISTADOR


SACK OF PANAMA NEW ST Y L E B y S H IRLEY C U TTER Wha t a ni g ht! Wha t a ni g ht F o ur c up s of c offee and m y eye s a r e st ill as d roopy a s a h o und's ea rs. Ch e mistry bi o l ogy E n g lish C omp. psy chol ogy, a n d n ow his tory! Oh me if only [ could r e m e m b e r wh o did wh a t a n d w hen Le t s see-Chri s toph e r Colum bus d isco v e r ed Ameri ca o n th e M a y / l o we,' in 1 776 a n d B a lb oa rid t h e I s th mu s o f Pan a m a o f m a l ar ia-or was it Sir Fr a n c i s Dra k e ) A h me, wer e th e days wh e n m e n we r e m e n a nd wo m e n we r e prou d o f it. Heave ho' M y bounties. L a nd a hoy. B a tt e n d o wn th e m a in s l and w e igh a n c h or. We' re her e ummmmmmmhummmmmble m e mm mmmmble-A s th e Sp a ni s h ga lle o n approa ch e d th e lu s h livid l ove l y s h o r e o f the str a nge tropi c al l a nd the s un s h o n e bri g htly up o n th e Co n quistad ors' helmets. A lithe lieut enant wa lk e d towa rd th e ca ptain and s a luted with g r ea t milit a ry zip "Land a hoy, sir he s aid. L a nd! Land! a n s wer e d th e capta in I s h all be th e ju dge o f th a t Hurry Lieuten ant S coo p e r ge t m y v i so r UD so I ca n see. Hey, Squirt brin g th e oil ca n a nd ge t thi s v i so r wo r king Aye, aye, s ir," s aid Squirt B o r g i s as s h e oile d th e visor of Pirate M a rlin Dimples Culp eppe r M o r g a n w h o sat g r a n d l y upo n a l a r ge thr o n e o n th e p oo p d eck. Squirt r a n a round s quirtin g a n d fin a ll y t h e v i sor was r a i se d up o n w hich ev ent Pira t e M a rlin Dimp les Culp e p pe r M o r ga n stoo d up a nd procl a imed : Ah a l a nd a ho y' It i s l a nd. Upo n thi s procla mati o n th e s ailo r s g ave thre e l o ud b ro nx c h e er s a nd one fine s trong l a d turned a so mersault a nd a ccident ally r o lled C O N Q U I STADOR PAG E S I X TYNI N E


i nt o the ocea n Squirt B o r gis rush e d ro the sid e of the ship yellin g "Oh, Sir J am e s Snuff y Smith my littl e coc k roac h pl ease be ca reful. Tha t i s a da n ge r o u s stunt. Remember y o u h ave m y co p y o f T ip Top C omics i n your tr ouse r s poc k e t a nd f o r truth it i s proba b l y n O t i n fit co n d iti o n ro read Fie upon yo u Sir J ames Snuffy was fis h e d o ur o f the bay a n d in due tim e a s m a ll bo a t was l owe red a nd a ba nd o f m e n l a n ded o n the c ryst a l beac h a n d ente r ed t h e gree n jun g l e a t it s e d ge P irate M o r gan b r avely l e d th e group, f ollow in g hi s s pe c i a l SCOut S a n d b o d yg u ar d s w b o hack e d a tr ai l t hr o u g h th e jun g l y mass for tb e ir g r ea t l e a de r P i r a te M orga n was b u r de n e d w i t h th e sack d Ol d P a n a m a wbic h b e d r agged b e hin d him A f a intl y f a mili a r m o nkfy peered fro m t be tr ees ove rh ea d T be b a n d of bra ve me n p u s h ed int o t h e jun g l e a nd ca me upo n a g roup o f P a n a man i an set10rita s doi n g the w eekly was h Each s qui s h a nd squash o f t h e l aund r y was acco m pa ni e d b y a l o v e l y r efr a in o f old n a t i v e mu s ic, "Rin so W hite. Ri nso White." On a nd on s truggl ed t h e h ero i c b a n d until s u dde nl y they r o un d ed a sh a rp co rner and there befo r e t h e m was th e s p a r k lin g c it y o f O l d P a n a ma. Lithe L ieu t e n ant J o hn E l do n S coo p e r was a t th e s i de o f his be l ove d C a pta i n M o r g a n The b a n d s urr ounde d th e c it y a n d swep t i nt o i t w i t h M o r ga n l ea d in g all with his sack. Jimmy L a k as, PAGE SEVENTY (ONQUISTADOR


Alcalde, rode our in his golden jeep driven b y R B. Ward, to defend the ciry, bur was soon engulfed by the enemy. Alas, a lack fot dear Old Panama and all the l o vely Je,ioritaJ because the whole b and blundeted abour the ciry and drank all their ",,,erto v erde. R a lph Zimmermann chased o ne p a rti cu l arly lovel y bl o nde. A dusky Je1iorita Itmita Cren s h aw, smiled ravishly on the intruder s and said, 1 hope you all a re goin to s tay aw hile The o nly o ne who did not blunder a bour was Lith e Lieuten ant J o hn Eldon Scooper w h o s t ood b y in the palace kitchen f o r KP dury as soon as the city was in M o r gan's hands. Suddenly am id the P O t s a nd pans he he a rd a n o ise Quic kl y he pull ed forth his peashooter a nd c h arged into the pantry. The re hud d l ed in a corner, shive rin g in her 1ll01Umla, was a dark-eyed l ass weeping as if her heart would break. 1. 1. J. E. Scoope r began to conso l e the lovely gi rl with b angs a nd fr ec kle s ( ju S t so th e re won't be a n y trouble between th ose twO it is bes t to clea r up th e m atte r at o n ce as to wh o Jhe is). Well, 1. 1. J E. Scooper consoled her in a way o nly he ca n and a ll ended well with this part o f the Story, but what a b o ur Captain M. D. C. M o r ga n ? Is he enjoying him se lf ? IS HE ENJOYING HIMSELF ? When i s n t he? Hh, yes, there h e i s sur r o unded by a bevy of b eau ti es a nd every o ne a blue ribbon Duroc. After conque rin g the city a nd captivating a ll the Je;i.oritaJ with their manliness, the pirate b a nd f o rmed a co nga line a nd withdrew fr o m the c ity. They b oa rded their ship a nd were a b o ut to set sail when someone noticed th a t Squirt Borgis was missin g a nd th at 1.1.].E.S h ad with him hi s bel oved sw eethe a rt of th e pantry. Captain M o r ga n o bjected s t ro n gly to th e l oss o f Squirt and sent a searchi n g parry f o r her. (He approved of the l ovely additio n to th e crew h owever.) Squirt B o r gis was f ou nd a fter a nearly futile sea r c h She was helpin g to whitewash El R ancho and insisted upon finishin g the task, but upo n urgent ple adi n g from the sea r c hin g parry she r e turned to the ship a nd happily oi led Captain M a rlin Dimples Cu l pepper's visor ever a fter. CONQUISTADOR PAGE SEVENTYONE


THE LOUNGE By PATRICIA KENNEDY AND DOROTHY FRITZ Do you believe in spirits? Well, we do, because we were in the Lounge one day when a faintly translucent figure dressed in the costume of a sixteenth century buccaneer appeared and introduced himself a s the ghost of Henty Morgan. He stood at the door of the Lounge as if m a zed and it is no wonder. What must he have thought o f the things he s aw? Some things he said brought to mind the good ole days when men were rough and ready. For instance, when Midence and Carrera played s o fiercely at ping pong he was reminded of duels he had f o ught for women or gold. S o me of the noisy bickering in English and Spanish made him remember the s a cking of Old Panama. This impression was aided by the fact th a t the room was full of cigarette smoke and flying missiles Suddenly determined footsteps were heard approaching down the h all. The r o om fell silent ( except for Jimmy Lakas ) and Hank h a stily c o nce a led himself behind the nearest door, thinking that it must be the viceroy of New Gran a d a at least, to inspire so much respect. But it w a s only Mr. M c N a ir begging for a little peace so that he could go b a ck to teaching his a dvanced calculus class and a s s oo n as he departed the merry din was resumed. In the meantime o ur visitor h a d noticed that some of the C.Z.J.c. girls were just as e ntr a n cing a s the C o urt belles he h a d known in his earthly days. In f a ct he was heard to remark that there had been no characters like Bit s y Im ogene Juanita, and Norma in Old England. S o me o f o ur college b oys, he f o und could tell adventure stories as e x c itin g as his o wn. J a ck Sta ndefer Bob Suism a n Ken Northrop, a nd Jim Smith had him enthralled with tales of their daring exploits in th e field o f s p o rts. John Hans o n described a few of his "conquests ( o ver th e oppo site sex naturally). But B o ugan regaled him with storie s o f s e a a dventure which m a de even Morgan s h a ir stand on e n d und e r hi s three c o rnered hat. Alice Fairbr o ther accomp a nied by Ann e H igg ins, came ru s hin g o ver to dra g him from one of the four w i c k e r c h a ir s o f whic h the L o unge w a s underst a ndably proud to invit e him to s pe a k a t the next G a mm a Chi meetin g Unfo rtunately Sir H a nk was f o rced to d e clin e a s he h a d to return at once to the ot h e r world Hi s vis it was co mm e m o r ated by a n a ppropri a tely in s c r ibed bro nze p la qu e which was ins t alle d under the clock s o that i t won t be timeless. P AGE SEVENT Y T W O C ONQU' I STADOR








COLUGIANA No.7 I. Bag-toter. 2. L os Profiles. 3. Obnoxious 4 The l over. 5. B o red ? 6 If Will Tell could o nly see. 7. 0 flesh flesh, how art th oll fishified' 8. P a int er's he l per: 53 a n h our. 9. BLit Ibis redhead was something special. PAGE SEVENTY-SI X C ONQUISTADOR


C.Z.J.c. TREASURE CHEST By C ECILY SHERK AND JOYCE KIRKPATRICK The sun was hot. It seemed to penetrate into every corner of the universe, and the hottest place of all was Panama. Here and there a burst of scattered fire could be seen, but for the most part the land was steeped in foreboding drowsiness. On the Pacific side of the Isthmus a number of men toiled up a sandy slope of the beach struggling under the l oad of a heavy chest. The leader of the parry shouted orders and a great hole was dug; a large chest was dropped inside and then quickly covered. The last thing the leader did was to take the massive key to the chest and fling it tOward a brambly hill not far away. Mr. Williams was cleaning his yard recently. He was raking among the leaves, noticing the lovely flowers, and thinking that there would be a full moon that night. He stOpped to rest at frequent intervals and by chance his eye happened to fall on a rusty metal object. Greatly disgusted at this untidiness, Mr. Williams walked over and attempted to kick the object into the yard of his neighbor. Alas, all he got for his trouble was a sore tOe. Not to be conquered by a mere iron bar however, Mr. Williams tOok his spade CONQUISTADOR PAGE SEVENTYSEVEN


and started digging. He found much to his surprise that the object was a mas,ive key. The key was indeed a magnificent one; it had elfin figures dancing along its sides and other obscure markings. On the right hand side were the four signs of arithmetic: +, -, -7-, X On the left hand side was the familiar Latin conjugation, arno amas, arnat At the center of the key sat a chemical equation for the prepar a tion of carbon dioxide. Suddenl y it occurred to Me. Williams th a t this was the key to scholarship At the base of the key he found a very small inscription that read This key unlo cks the Canal Zone Junior College. The next morning Mr. Williams breathlessly unlocked the door of our school. On the top of the chest was a very old newsp a per covered with a plentiful supply of statistics. Just inside the newspaper lay a series of old scrolls. One of them was called The Art of Typing," a n o ther Frequent Mistakes in Diction," and still another, The Biog r a phy of The Sloth One of the scrolls was so filled with m a thematic a l l ogic that Me. Williams s knees buckled when he look ed a t it. So much for the old scrolls. Beneath the scrolls are three comp a rtments or, as they are more commonly called in schools, three departments. The first compartment contains nothing but coins. Me. Willi a ms noticed that one particular coin was very b a dly battered The coin looked as though it h a d been playing a rough a nd tumble game on the softball diamond The sparkling quality possessed by the coin was remarkable, however and Me. Willi a ms did not doubt that it would soon be restored to Norm. Another little B i ts y coin a ttracted attention because of its size. The finest coin in the heap, however was pure red-gold. A lady with a soul as bright would never Sue Her M an. F air as the thoughts of a wished-for brotber was the luster of still another coin. There are a number o f other coins in this compartment, but these have a slightly gr eeni s h cast Yet, as Mr. Williams looked at them he saw that the g reen was wearing very thin, and would soon be entirely gone. We do n O t hesit a te to U'/rigbt, nor our instincts do we BaH' for at some futur e dat e we ll Hunt and find still ri c her G aines in this com p a rtment. Th e next compartment was filled with e m e r a lds n u gge ts, garnets i vory nac re, exqui s it e e b ony, ubies, sapphires a nd m any o ther precious j ewe ls. Me. Willi a m s th oug ht that this co mpartment was th e greates t o f them all. The t hird compa rtm e nt has a differ e nt mood and person a lity a b out it Its mosr a ttractive c har acte ristic is its inconsi s tency. Me. Willi a m s was s urprised, but pleasantly s urprised at the things he f o und inside The r e was a valuable bracelet covere d with D ots of gold, PAGE SEVENTYEI GHT CONQUISTADOR


a c harming music box rhat had a l ovely rone a silv e r handl e d Axe a n anrique vase with a design 0"" in A chatming w a y a nd so m e emerald studded Combs. But we must nor forget to m e nri o n th e l ove l y yet serviceable china. Mr. Williams rou c hed it s gl ea min g s urf ace a nd gave it a l oving Pat Still dazed by a ll the sp lendor he h a d seen Mr. Willia m s set th e lid aside a nd threw rhe key aw a y He had s een a g r ea t tr easure a nd hoped that ar some future d a te th a t tre a sur e w o uld spread inro the world. CONQUISTADOR PAGE SEVENTYNINE


COLLEG IANA No. 8 1. Why did y o u hide t h e l egs, h u h ? 2. A w co me on-make up 3. Oh YOll big h a n d s ome b r u t e y ou! 4 Th a nk s bue l'1l w alk. 5. W a lkin g oue o n th e ga m e ? 6. Ha, h a The j oke s o n you. 7 Ni ce s h o r e line. 8 D o n t s it und e r th e coco nut tre e ... 'ca u s e o n e m i gh t drop o n you 9. Ri g ht wher e s h e b e l o n gs 10. H old him Jessie. 11. Gar s h 12. H e s a stern ref e r ee PAGE E I G HTY CONQUISTAD O R


THE ENGINEERS By JOHN AXE These are the lads with mechanical minds The experts on curves and parallel lines ; Of ions of vol rs, and ohms they know all, And can survey a mountain no matter how t all. With brains so loaded right up to the brim, The problem remains of keeping them trim. They have to be oiled and wound every day. Or e lse the poor fellows will go far astray. TO A TROPIC NIGHT By MARIAN WELLER God made this night this gentle night And hung the moon on high Then p l aced the cricket in the grass And nighr sounds in the sky. I stand and gaze in wond ring awe To drink this glory in And think how selfish man should be Then to go and sin. Mid moonlight flooded silence I hear a Voice command, This is a breath of heavenBehold and understand. CONQUISTADOR PAGE EIGHTY.ONE


------BEST-LOOKING COUPLE DOROTHY FRITZ ADOLFO MIDENCE Now for your dream g irl a nd dream boy Dot and Fito Dot captures the title of best-locking for the second time. H er beautiful co loring-large b l ue-gray eyes, a golde n ran and li g ht brown wav), hair-sets her off in any crowd. Dot hJS a casua l m anner and a gracious walk which add to h e r sop hi s ticat ed beaury. Tall, dark, and handsome-a phrase made to order for Fito. He an idyllic s i x feet o f brawn a nd man. Nevertheless, we prefer to portra), him the way we lik e to think of him-all t o t a k e some lucky girl Out for a l ove l y evening Fito is the t ype of man who Can make a girl feel ou t of this world! Yes, sir, thcse are our bestl ooki n g See why ? P AGE E I G H Y T \VI 0 CONQUISTADOR


MOST POPULAR COUPLE NORMA JOHNSTON JOHN STANDEFER Now we present your most popular twosome and a constant twosome ir is. You'll find them at every parry Or sPOrts activity. Scooper, or Jack, is very popular as a leader. He is looking forward ro a future as a contracror or as a worker in the State Department. I n fact, he'll settle fot a job as basketball coach. Norma's persona l ity is strictly informal. She chatters a great deal and spends most of her rime in activities. Though Norma is already started on a career as a dancing teacher, she is dream ing of the day when she will become a Rockette or a professional dancer, CONQUISTADOR PAGE EIGHTYTHREE


MOST ALL ROUND COUPLE IMOGENE C RENSHAW GEORGES BOUCHE '1 1 Introducing the most ve rsatil e coup l e tn J a y S ee -Imo a nd Georges Imo, full of vitality and f u n out yelled eve r y b ody a t th e f oo tb a ll ga mes and proved herself a ca p a bl e c h ee rl eade r Besides, Imoge n e i s a spo rtswoman, the <-",ner of a n ice vo i ce, a nd m a kes up funn y little ve rses a b ou t her frie nds. Geotges played taclcle o n our foo tb a ll tea m was o ur faste s t breasts troke sw imme r and i s a pia nist too. Most o f all, Ge o r ges d e li g ht s in drawing comica l car too n s o n t h e L o un ge blackb oa rd H e co uld nor obtain a pass f rom th e A r m y at the tim e thi s pi c ture was t a ken. PAGE EIGHTYPOUR CONQUISTADOR


FRIENDLIEST COUPLE JAMES LAKAS JUANITA BORGIS A friendly smile, a c h eery hi, and a greeting for everyone are sure signs that either Juanit a or Jimmy is around. Juanita, better known as Butch, comes from Texas and credits her friendliness ro personal magnetism. She is planning to become a housewife some day but nOt until she spends another year in e.Z.J.e. Jimmy is one of the Dorm boys who claims Colon as home. His future he hopes will be filled with women and architectural work a nd women. His hobby is women and his pastime is-you guessed it -whistling at women CONQUISTADOR P AGE EIGHTY-FIVE


MOST INTELLECTUAL COUPLE PATRICIA KENNEDY LUKE STANDEFER H ere's to the couple with the brains a nd th e abi lit y to use them, Pat received m ost o f her educati o n in A laska I n her fre shma n year s he bEcame one of (he charter members o f Phi Theta Kappa, a nd is n ow the president of thi s fr a ternity. P a t h o l ds the job of s tudent assistant to Dr. Moody and the editOrs hip o f the Tro p ica l Colle g ial/ Luke o ur ochEr intellectu a l is l ade n with r es p o nsibi l ities tOo. Like Pat h e is a s tudent ass i s t ant, and th ar in it se lf takes up mu c h o f his s p a re time. But (he g r eatest o f Luke's duties is the e ditOrship o f th e ConqlliJtac/or. Luk e int ends to co ntinu e hi s s tudies a nd so meday become a chemica l engineer. PAGF EIGHTY-SI X CONQUISTADOR


BEST DANCERS PATRICIA HATCHETT TED SUNDQUIST Give with the j i ve, or give with the sentimental song, we have a coup l e of smooth dancers who can do justice to any piece-Pat and Ted. Pat, tal l and graceful, makes a pretty sight on the dance floor as she swishes by in her formal. You can ber your boots that Par knows her dance steps-rhumba, Lindy, or juSt plain sweet and slow with l ow dips, You'll find Pat's dance program filled at any dance, for she is a much sought-after partner. If you want to speak to an authority on jitterbugging, we refer you to Ted and you may feel confident of getting the best informa tion from the best dancer. To be sure, Ted's dance sreps are just as smoOth in other types of dancing, but when the music gets hot everyone agrees that Ted is really on the ball! CONQUISTADOR PAGE E IGHTYSEVEN


MOST ATHLETIC COUPLE ALICE FAIRBROTHER KENNETH NORTHROP Thi s is the tw oso m e ch alke d up with the most Sports ability. BOth Ali c e a nd Ken m a y be considered lightweights a fact which may acco unt f o r their nimble f eet a nd speed on the basketball court a n d o n rhe b ase b all field Alice has been a m e mber o f every all-star te a m last year and this year, and has b ee n captain of three teams She has played import a nt pos iti o n s in e ver y s p o rr In volleyball she excelled in pick in g u p diffi c ult s pik es; in b a sketball she was a speedy forward ; a(ld in softb all s h e p l aye d fir s t base. K e n has a lso been a member of every all-star team since he ente red C.Z J .c. thi s year K e n' s sportS reput a tion was established a ft e r t h e foOtb a ll and b ase b all s e a sons when he ",layed full-back, a n d third b ase m a n and pit c her re s pe c tively. Ken is. potential AlI America n His s p ortS a bility can be summed up by saying that he was o ff e r e d a f oo tb all sch o l a rship at Colgate PAGE EIGHTY-EI G H T CONQUISTADOR


WITTIEST CmJPLE HELEN DOLAN EDWARD EISENHAUER Here s to the couple who do their bit to keep the college full of wit. Every class has its wit, a nd we are glad to name Eddie for the sophomores, and Helen for the freshmen. Both Helen and Eddie hail from New Jersey, but they have been converted into Zonians. Helen's wit is found in her const a nt chatter Many a peaceful session has been disrupted by a very unexpected but welcome, reo mark affording an excuse for laughter. Helen a dds her bit of hum or to eve r y crowd. Eddie is we ll known for his ingenious c r eation of "Fatty.fatty." Our sophomo r e class wit may be seen riding to school every day on his bicycle When not using hi s wit for composing l yrics, Eddie uses it, we suspect for conce ntr ati n g on the e ngin eering s ubject s in which he is majoring. CONQUISTADOR PAGE EIGHTYNINE


CONTEMPORARY H ISTORY e.Z,J,e. 194546 SEPTEMBER: On the fourth the collegians l eft their summer haunts to return ro the salt mines.. Mr. Floyd Buckley back in the physical sci e n ce l a b o r ato ries a fter three years In Washingron .. September 27 was a n eye-opener for all freshmen a s they saw the histrionic a rt o f th e faculty members disp l ayed i n The Fata l Quest" .. F arewell ro K a thryn H all, our Junior College secretary for three yeats. OCTOBER : College men a nd women wer en t doing so well in football and volleybalL. The unorthod ox Owls Club" continued th e ir Friday nig ht prowl s.. The Enterprise the M issouri and many ot h er war ships tr ans ited th e canal, returning from combat in the Pacific, a nd were boardfd by students.. Edward Lucas presented mo'e th a n a hundred recently publi s hed books ro the college The fir st Tropical Collegian o f the year 2ppea red in its bright o ran ge covec. NOVEMBER: A mu sica l assemb l y on the ( ighth, in which the students were invit e d ro participate in the antiphona l refrains, found the stude nt s rdra inin g.. Chess reigns in the college.. Mid-semester exams! Wha t a shock w h e n th e g r a des ca me out! Grace Cooper makes c urt ain for L o un ge, DECEMBER: Mr. Buckley spoke ro the Natural Science Society on L ogic very confusin g.. g rrr.. Mrs, C urter rook over the women's gym classes Gamma Chi 's Christmas caroling was very nice ... Psychology students vsited th e Corozal Hospita l and gazed at the "cases" Cecily Sherk and M aria n Weller had poems accepted for Arvn1tal Anlbology of College P oets published in Los Angeles.. R. C a rr era gave f e ncing l esso n s ro memb e r s o f th e cas t o f "Romeo a nd Juliet." PAGE NINETY CONQUI STADOR


JANU ARY : St u d e nts m a nn ed t h e Pacific S i de Civic Co uncil e le c t io n p olls Every o n e sw ea t ed o ut' th e t aking o f t h e group pic tu r e s f o r th e COllquistador J o hn H a n so n defeated G lori a H o u g h ton in c hess tourney F E BR UARY: On th e e l even th t h e I.R C had a sw i mming party, a t nig ht a t t h e B a lb oa Clubh ouse Pool. On t h e n ex t day the Skip Day p i cn i c was h e l d at F a t F a n Beac h Miss Moodis t ea for CZ. J.C g irl s o n th e t we nty-si x th D orothy Frit z Fr a nces W elle r were ca n d i da tes for C Z carniva l quee n plEdge d seve n N e w Y o rk Y a n kees vis i t P a n a ma. F ox, a n d M arian Ph i Theta K app' M / R C H : Ca rnival opened th i s mon th Mr. Buck ley postponed a n exa m b eca u se tOO m a n y st u de nt s were weary from ca rnival celebr atio n s C J.Z.C Alu m n i Assoc i a t ion da n ce a t t he Union CluS in h o n o r o f th e Class o f 46 APR IL: G am m a C h i k idd i e p arty a great succes s "Th e G r eat Big D oor st e p o n th e t e nth L ots o f l a u g hs S.A. o utin g p l anned Co lle ge g irl s help e d collect m oney fer R ed Cross a t Ti vo l i "V" Club h a d a ce l e br atio n o n t h e thirt e enth : pi cn i c s upper at L ees m ov ies, and a slumb e r pa rty at Ann e H iggins s Conquistador sent to press. Mrs. L ee e nt e rt aine d college g irl s a t tea in h e not of her niec e Cecily's b i rth day MAY: Award Day. G l o r y h o und s a b o und ed Sop h o m ores say th e ir good byes a t th e b a n q u et S h et pskins g iven ou t on the thirtyfir s t B YE N OW. CONQUI S TADOR PAGE N INETYONE


COLLEGJANA No.9 1. On y o ur mark ger ser-. .:!. P a rk and Duly. 3. Motorcycle wirh a sireen. 4 Jean an' Anne 5 J was stood up. 6. D o n r tell Mrs. Cutter. 7. Gamma, Sr. 8 The stripes are different. 9 Caught in th e draft? 10. Que hombre! 11. L ook at the calves. 1 2 P escado PAGE N INETYTWO CONQU 'ISTADOR


C OJ.LEGIANA No. 10 1. Butting in 2. Patty rel axes. 3. The h a l o's missing. 4. Snow ? 5 Castanets Music! 6. S o th a t's the way it s done. 7 Watch T eddy, n O t th e camera, Caro line. 8 Quiet Genius at work. CONQUISTADOR PAGE NINETY-THREE

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" C OLLEG 1ANA No. 11 1. One hotd og p e r bite 4. Ca nt a nte. 5. P a i sanitO. 2. G od's g ift t o 6. B eac h comber. 9. Hip 1, 2, 3 PAGE N INETY.FOUR w o m e n 7. Ex-sar ge. 3. F or th e inne r m an. 8. The ri g ht cos tum e CONQUISTADOR

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The nex10rea l even! 10 recorcl 15 nol abo(/I new land5 e xplored 0 / foundn8 Jhe [ollege, ben broughl kfJowled5e, And a place wher.e hncl memon"es are stored P AGE N I N E T Y S I X CONQt:!STADOR H A S T A L U E G o

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