Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
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Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Perry
Place of Publication: Delray Beach, FL
Publication Date: March 25, 1971
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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D eIF,a, '

1)clray IH'ach, Ii/ynton li/'ach and/ lioa 3 / t3 .al111on3.6 v,,6 .




Priority List on
proved hby voters in November.
Commislsoners also adlpled
a live-rpoint program recom.
mended b, Community Aid Co.
ordinator Kenneth Strauss "ilo
hrlng the beach acquisilton
program io a spreedyv and suc-
ci-slul c lusilon whilee tl;ikilnll
lull advantage (iol the Open
Space P'rogram." a federal
project whlch can result in
inalching funds. A 12 nmllon
pledge has been made Io Ilcai
Ill IugisRl.ed a creenlng(ifi
46 prupertl6 o6llredl to the
county. Ihuls rt, uclng the prl.
orly list. elsahluli6nmenl ol an
olficial priority list by Ihe
Comnmis.llion op. IoplPraiLals
propert3l6 nut yrl appraised.
Igilnl dnon (ihe IL until avail.
able funds are collllmli6tl ;I
determinantion of lair market
value caller appraisals In keep-

TIE DELRAY Beach Kiwanis Club has scheduled Ihe
ol travel and adventure Illms to be presnlted April I.
and will be narrated by IIs producer Ted Mumlllcr, w
of Ihe nation's foremost nulhorllles on the world's m
Journey Thruugh Spain" Hill he presented nl H:IS
Church ati 66S. S% Inlun A6 r.

.I..... i ... $88, 500 is Accepted

7' :Afor City's 11.4 Acres

A high hbot If In motherl h666 66nvolving Ing area at t6he Poi'ce66 I666 e
byW/(66666 Jack W 63i-666,r P6660666 6o r36 .St ate W00666 reported lent Association complex6at an
a- iln with former l 6ra llalon clty has bern invstiatlingll or
NJ "" ;ivor Elr ll l)JDfu for II4 hcarh parking use runniln r
Si acre.% ofl city nIl land %was frn South Oke.in Boulevard
accerptd Iby I.he IIuncil n- I (.il... n ; .. re.l have n
d nay night so.ld o/
C Bunclm.n and Italtor The pr.iprrty was orllinally -
.reon 1,eekes said he wa, 276.rel and Ihe county had ex.
0iZ Y Q "ratllird *> Iht price and pressd lavoirable reaction lu-
11kmovrd that Ihe cluncll acrcept ward helping lhe city buy It lor
i, "it All live councl members beach parking. Weeks said.
Approved the iviotion, and an However. Ihe northerly par.
amendment to place Ihe pro- eel was sold. and another adja.
cre in a Caplltal Improve. cent to it on the south side was
1 The properly. located in sold Saturday. Wecke laid.
tIhree sections in the vicinitylv of adding that It now leaves 127
SW Slxth SVreet and Ellhlh eel t which lould park 25O au-
Avenue. .............lopedi. .nt tomile- GOLD WATCIIES and thanks were given re
AI a law income housing project I believe we should do as olllcers at Finr National Bank of Delray BRac
withthe, uteof federal funds much as we can as fast as we %"eek. From left are: Mlarshall M. DeWitt, c
,Mlntlrr and ):,nclu told city ran before It is sold out from of the board, llugb MeLeod Jr., George Crlswe
glee priority as much as possi. Cost of the property s240,00 Frederick J. Tsch0e, president.
Ile lo l)elrav lRach reldenlt or about 20Oaflent foot.
In view o the hoping horta The property o the oulh. tio n a l
Sand the necessity ol findml was sold at a little over ll00 a
h lng for 62 families that foo. but is only about one- i
will be diuplaced by the Inter- third the square footage, coun.
state 95 inlterchange at Wlt lmen were told
Atlantic A.venue The council agreed t t O officers R e ti
4 Under current zonlng. the word to County Commission i c r l i r
ANIMALRESCUE buyers will able to put Chairman (George Warren to
LEAGUE Is picking up about 66 units on the property. urge htule in acquiring t he Hugh Mcl.eod Jr vice pres- president of First N
loose dos In Dellray Ilech but they advised cty council property before II is gone. II is Ident and senior Itrust officer. appreciation of the
Monday nighlt Ihatl they intend, expectedto beducimsed atthe and George L. Criswell. vice vice over I years
that do not have colhlrs or ed to life for rezoniln In ord1.er county commission workshop president. retired from the McLe came to tl
proper rable Ihot 12gs. to put 72 or 75 units on the meetinglFriday First Sational Bank of Delrav y Trust Oltcer
Anyone who has lost their property. In other action Monday. the Reach. Mar IS. 1952 In January 19
animal should contact the Councilman Week said he councill grant an increase in A party honoring the two circled Vice I'rim
League at 2401 North Tam. wanted to make ilt specially ratio to (;lace and IRadcllffe lonl lime employes d( the Trust O rf cerand rn
S arind Ave., West Palm clear that the property was not Cmsulting Engneen for pr- bLank and r iden l of Delray of 1waselecteduV
Beacw h or ca.ll & 129. Iold conlingenl on rezoning fiessional services In connect. leach was Id In reconion den andSeniorTrus
Some ldmullsuc I and if the planning and toning lion with the litigation be- of their service Marsnhall M
S ome ani l sch the board did not approve the re- tween the city and Dickerson DeWltt. chairman of the Crlswell came to 1
one at top Ieparated from quest. the council was under Inc ol Suart. and also lo Rus. board. presented both men July 19M Ile was e
olhers Is lick with mange nooblliation todosol either sell and Axoln Counsullin EnRi- with old watches ditur in January of I
whlle others (bottom) op- When bidding! opened last neers Bank directors, officers a ot In January 1964
pear to be heallhy animals 'ck. "23 bidders reglstered for Council also agreed to pave employes joined with DeWill IPesident and Colnm
although owners neglected the public auction and Joeph the entrance street and park- and Frederick J. Teschke. January 1967
Clamele of Joyce of Florida
Sthelrdutylot Irpets. Inc. started out Ithe blddinl g V
with an olfer ol 10.0O. IloRobertifI
Grauch of Delray Ileach
olfered $67.500 but RIlsell i
Clarke. (;Gu %hamburg and
Mintzer continued bidding un.
Iit the latter won with the
council taking ailon pMonday.
tereu from M2.00 to 140.50D
C o t A nd a in the city's 2.acre' rock pit
kopiillg ll and pine land west or Siss
Ing with negotation policy of clalln of County Commission Road ucand north o Delray
the Ioing and Urban Devel. convention at Jakonvllle. Road but council elected Man-
opment llU[)i agency which In other action at the l, da'y night to reject the high bid
handles federal funds for such oflical meetln. the eommIis- which was offered by IWiam
programrs and. lastly. opening sion welcomed Richard 1) Yate ol Yales Really in |]ayn.
negoHialto under Iar1lyulde- Warfleld as the new executive ton IBeah b
line. director of tlhe County Area Coun elman Jam r Sheiflel"
l health Pl:annlng Council. Ili said he was "dlsappomenld In
experience in the field in the biddlnl" on the rock pit
eludes II years with the area and declared that i it
United Fund in Philadelphia isn't worth more now I will
and service with other health later and may that the offer
councils. be rejected.
The board also: oShelley's lion pass
-Approved a snack bar u r our' o one withCu lman
the Southeast County Govern. 0. F. Youngbloodobjctllng.
mental Complex at I)elray Yale. who said he has been
Ileach, recommended by a Realtor In I nton Ieach
Chairman George V. Warren since 19158. said he was ofier.
The acilllly will be opera ed Inl 6 acres abulttll Ihe city 1
by the Co iadof the llind properly on the west for S.
Kc u downan acre. but that he dtimated I) R a. dANI.EY BOWS, ecologist, helps students In the Carden Study Club rl
it would take 110.000 I clean se t'nd understll and the unique erologl ol the hammocrk lmmedlanil norl
up te crity's abandon rock the present Boynton public beach. The hammock Is often the"* %Il l olfld I
TunlSprinkling pits k h oryou chlldren and adulrts sludylng Florida.

worthe,-minimumof 000 nBoynton Council Priori
66666666worth a minimum oG A1500OLD O66

Rhat there was another it in
6tumlnl down the offer and 6 636 6k 6
WI)lray Reach residents have that is to glve some considerHre
i -en asked to voluntarily cut alln it) developing the area
down on their lawn sprinkling into a public recreational facll. The haninvck area ilnmedl, le-s. and plant Ifrms that d hnad t l s t u h hoer y h
F Christlson. director of pub. councilman lxruy Merrilljand prtesent pubic l .;leh area I% aJd;pted they cannot growcle.. parent plant
lic ulllltes flr the city the News Journal novw lpln, cosllhdred as flrt where The %odl here lps.c
Chrillton sid ,%o av that chloclle fior new public beach The vegetation at Itl I rvel and orgranle cat sei,
lark oI rain ha6 r 6ul6ina 36iiy 6 66ed in a6 I 66666nl i66 in6lhup6ofcreeping6vin6,es cmposed6plant mat
66666w" 66ou666666 36666 h 66 .666........ 66 "J ....ned666 .....swhich include the Alt .h the .

7 43 pupmhas considerablyr urledlh the fou r dlent companies. pre'. Rai" l.Ir,,d Vmnc. l'ocillhtm Ib,,ow intll(, lower .
pumping capacity of the wellslhe fewrv. Vine aniotherswhich repro. ,hlhi Jl" ve, th
supplyingthec 66666666666 mllllnlnl a natural halllnr dace h runners .nd h.le a Ain&%plelfnirtR tha
,e u s wary hafcover to preve~nt. falt
"We pu6A5 m 6llion gal. Acco6llrdlng t the Garden spr6ly Irom burning Ihem he666
imos last Frllay anm have been The irst Fl6rlda W 6heelch3lr 06uc 6 ( 6uh. which 6o6I3plled They are succulent plaln6ts e i...
averaging 6 .5 to 1 per day." (G.ames will tor sponsored..and. t.his .. ... th e haturt.irk n which ....... store their ...er lion i ,n t ,arv.r int,
S Christison said Last surnmer, conducted b the lPhysica lFil. luthFlohridal has-,a h longhlsto, or dr," Iines ,too, 1.llN N1.1.11s'
he, city pumped 11.5 million ucath MaJor's (u of l-hrl- r-ltlngblk 10.(yvear. 6 The next .irea of eget666 .l066 3lln6 6366 Trc66666 ,ig
gallonsperday loset record. da Atlanlla Unlverslit e ,L% tilhl ice llellted back hit L% solmlewhat prolectle from nut P'al. llluttqnA,:
but Ihere was more water in '(;Game.' which will bi, Ihe Ife polar rlluon alter the Ice wind by I'he Irst sand dune. t;r~ap frees err
the wells Ilrst event ill its kind to Ito Ae. waters around south and thus grasses such as Sea Flower Vlnr. ('C,
(hrisison mid the lackI a presented in Florida. willlhe Florilda. which %.La then under ()its. Coco palm. Spaninh tay- Snob.rrlcv 14 r.,
rain Is reultlng In a siow heldon FA['s 3 120 .lare carn. water. receded and allowed hnet iYYucai. ,lnlng igNettle andthe('lhll r buh
town id the water Itat leeds pitsMay29and30 rock ,ndlsand ho eise above ,indothersgrwl in clump Orlr nlev lh
into lhe arquiler (roain whlh ('ompellhtn %ill i (llh, ereil ra,, hrl This allowedd land Th" y iiI. hive %h1x hJ -s.
cily pulllps iLt after it W lhl men and wotlmen. willh %ved~IJllln Ili survive r file l i ve a vIetv known vo',hige. Its
Belcl1 eause ofl Iis. the cily Is no age restrlctllm in iiehrlel r hallltlltlcn k area is a hoy. ha l ei( h ichAtIIslow the 1:Ipro 't,,r, inlip,
askingthat the area north f tIrack and flrld events boi .l a i ,+,1xample I III the rtcetiPlon eCallolrlllon i.lle Reach I, I itlquen
I[,prinkling with city water to Commotion, i~n In tolorighl ifting 'nit. nl, which I% prhde up l cu,,'"t. and *,use ( t u
.Mondlay Wednesda v and Fri- will be o,,ptn Ili lllen ,,nly.,Indl ,,I hroicn t hrbu. mlloves in an eicCslseo wlnd and sall pr. h U
v arpl the sutlh (if Atlantic the bowllng colnmrplet on vill ,'r.ln c'urrrn! so,uth Intollhe Intiny partsol of he plants ;ire 111l1l
Avenue to Tuesday. Thursday nt b hehrldnm theeamplns (;ulf 14vIn.ll Jnt back lipshore dead Ile.I, ,,),l,.,K
r III In the season's series and Saturday Anyone Interferd In com it at itlth lhe lohna Ie-ae The litlle vegetatlon here In (impound itIh the ii
Ifl hI. edlh.a-aI ht n paling In Ihe 1.1 Fh ..I-rit lI IIIhe. I ;rape~( n,.. Vote, 1 1i it tur.i b.lu t

63366666666666666666666366 666666I,,I 666666666,the lr 6re pr6e- Inc 666666 666l66l0 6. 6 66h63666
p666.66 66636 6666l 66p66 3h.p66 7666766666666666 66663666t-666666 r6hh' n''e6t,. 6666666,hl6 dcl6n6 ,. I,,,

39lh YVI:AIt Nl. II

ational. In
loyal ser-

he bank as
96 he was
idenI a
I Officer
the bank in
leclted Au-
1956. Cash-
and Vicre
piroller In

vf I.



jIr plH.inisl
I.llllrom III t
lerian i
SI I Ir, nlot
rhg lr u....

.dhir rl~l.un

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.ind l ir.l .
,'and ',,o.

.K.. Pidllt.

vnhr Iur nld
III Iw: uca.
,,I on 11- h-1

,M,,i rl.s.
ic aWh rim'.
Fre,0 fie fell
paiq thou.



The Nation's


Is Here Too!

IFnt Ina i tsrle)
A recent Gallop poll taken in
the United Slate, showr that
over 50 per cent ol all persons
qutllonedl thought Ihat envi-
ronmental pollullon was
among Ihentlon's ltop prob-
Yet. although the average
citizen reemm to be concerned
about cleaning up the environ-
ment. often through lack of
knowledge or thoughtllessnss.
the problems remain "out
there" away from his own
In 1960 Boynton leach was a
town ol 10.467 In 1971
there are 18115 livingtlhere
Delray Beach In 190 had
12.230 perons blsted as resi-
dents and in 170 popular.
tion had more than doubled to
become 22.OOO.
The population Increale.
which translates Into re
Jobs. prnsperiy. and healthy
(romlh lor Ihe two lowns, also
means Ihat in ten years. the
amount ol garbage bas also
more than doubled, while lillle
has been done In these wo
towns to lake care ol the grow.
In garbage and litter situa.
The unincorporated county
areas adjoining thaoe cilia
have their problem too.
r e oCounty Field HRepraentallve
U nde Th Su in the Engineering Depart-
ment, the major problem for
..11)(G.AR 1) ... 0inere L a poosmllllly .o losing he county I persuading
Mond nih the Dlra i or is already gone. people to me the county gar-
ach Clly council rejected a Too often, humans take bage system rather han
high hid f 140.O( Ior the 25- things so much for granted dumping their garbage and
acrr corunmonlv described that they cease to look ahead, trash into vacant lot through.
"rock pl" irea ounnld by the content to allow things to re- oulthecounty.
city near Smll, Il(id. north ol main as they are until It is too The illegal dumping causes
Delrav llRoi late. Insect and rodents to gather,
Allholulh Ih 0 high bidder But the city council has giv- and because ol law, camae the
was dl0,p ollnltI in being re- en the public a second chance victimized land owner to as-
jecdl tile News Journal sr0- to come lorth and volunteer to sume the repponllblllly ol
the actllon s a second chance look into the possibility ol cleaning the lot up before any
for total cmlnunlty involve- making something out ol the clearing olland is permit
ment in dervluping the proper, rock pit area. Let's not drop And. although the county Is
Ly intu so0lnthiln that no Ihe bhll lhis time permitted to haul away Junk
amount ofl m7cy could buy With total community ellort, cars on private property., they
We seek contact with anyone a unique area can be devel. can do nothing about the eye-
represrntlng civic clubs or any oped that may warrant asuls- sorsll residents of the land
public n0n.protll group that lance to public groups Irom claim they will be "lil7ng the
would like to join in a concert, state and even federal sources. old car up."
ed drive to do something for Organllatlonm In the city have Utter along highways and in
the residents of the area an invaluable amount of phyil- cilia are ollen as much ol an
The rlty doam nit have the cal resources In talent that eyore as the junkede cm.
monv luto develop the property could be directed toward es- however. And, at leal some
as It should be. but with proper tablishing such a scheme at citizen are concerned enough
enthusiasm and support, we therockplt. to do something aboul It.
believe they would be Inclined Garden clubs could prtlcl- In Delray Beach recently.
to lea.e the -acres to any pale by identifying and plant- Mrs. Lucllle Dobson enlisted
public 6roup on a minimal ing tropical 7 olllage that would the help of city officials to aid
sis il lhat group would endeav- delight our northern visitors her In cleaning up stores
orlltaklecharge and the area could become a around West Atlantic Ave.
We can loresee an area must on the ILst of things to Churches and civic groups are
where civic clubs and organi- see in uth Palm Beach Coun. getting together to conduct
Iatll'1 could hold campouts. y. weekendcampaligns.
kids' fishing eventL, canoeing e's Imagination could run And the citlllem o Boynton
nature trails 0 and many) other away with them In the vast Beach. under the sponsorshlp
worthhile sibilitlns or the possibllllles tha could be un- ol Councilwoman Emily Jack.
area dertaken in the area and It Is ton, ire holding their second
not an impossible dream. Anti-Ultter Day April "Take
The Newsu, Journal would be a Walk and bring a Bag." to
Interested In hearing the com- clean up neighborhoods and in-
ments of others on the suggest still some civic pride, is the
lion Write Boo 760. Delray Idea behind the drive. Mrs.
Each. Fla.. 33444. Jackson lates.
Schools have de pasteln
and badges lor the drive, and
Bethesda Memorial Fund va0e citlzensand organila-
lions, the drive will present
IN MKMORY OF: DONORS: each participant with a certlll.
eELOLE c7ate commending them o or
ANKJ. IIEME their civic concern. Any sur-
MRn & 7MRS. HARVEY W. DANIELS plus In money lter the certlll
MlS. IIAOLD NELSON MUNGER cates are made will be used
MRS DUDLEY I. IHARLOW, SR. tor more litter barrels In the
MR. & MRS. PAULLF. DYE city.
Another way oul dealing with
M7S KATE B. TIAMES the problem of a large volume
MR. & MIIS. ROBERTC. ROY of garbage 17 the new disposal
MIS. VIOLA M. ENGLERTII units many apartments are In-
MR. & MRS. RAYMOND J. PAGE 7stlling.
IIOEG. ENGLERT1 This garbage masher unit
MR. 0& MRS. VIRGIL GARWOOD DBERT sell for 10. and can handle
11. & MR.S.OWGILEN ARWOD 00RT about a week's garbage. The


Delray Beach News-Journal
P'uhbl. hd 1I)
'Palm Ieach Neruspaperl, Inc.

Ilub r W. Shrrman. I'residelt
;Idry 1.. (-der. I'uhliihher wdel.i


Some times the winds blow
with the air o0 hope. The worth
ofl the 25-acr tract of public
land is far more than the big
placed upon II during the regu-
lar meeting ol the ]ray
Beach City Councirl Monday
evening. City Council was wise
In their wisdom not to accept
the oiler.

With the poslllve gIrowh of
the greater Delray Beach
area. the demands (or recrea-
tion areas become more and
more important. We must
think ol these needs for today
and for tomorrow. This partic-
ular 25-acre site of plneland
and rock ponds near Sims road
and Wol Atlanlic Blvd7 would
be line 7or the development ol
a recrealional area.

unit compress the g.arbage. nalurl re.
14) one-fourlh its former stire again
and takes only 60seconds The Iliynlon Ik.ach ('hjm.
What happen to your gir. her ol lCnonmtre iu jsklnll
bage after II Is picked up' residents ill Ihe area In save
Since I Is "out ol sight, out of Iheir aluminum rcals for de-
mind." many people don't ps.it in cann.t.r. provided
bIxhrr to think about it again, outside the (7hamlxi ofllre
until they happen to pass a The project is being conduct
co ly dump or landhll area ed by the (mnlnlunily IDevelop
0ere they see. depending on ment Committee, headed by
the method used by the coln. archltrcl (;eilre ,DI. The
munity. acres o garbage and aluminum cans will Ihen be rr-
Irash In the open. perhaps Io turned to Alco In C(ral Gables
be Iter bulldozed over to marke which will pay I' cent for each
landfill. can
Ilarold llopklns. publicc Tropic Lsl in Delray Blach
Works Di lor or kynluton is the target lor another com-
Beach says that the city col- munlty projrtl.thu tlmespon.
lects 200 tons ol garbage week lsored by the Kiwanis and Key
ly. In contrast to the 160 Ions It ('lubs
collected in an average week % Mfal Graccy. Ilth grader at
In 196. Atlantic Ihigh and Ileutenant
Boynton keach usesa land- (;overnor-lect ol the club.
0ill method and as lopkln says thall t forhl every" 101 o1
says. the garbage Is collected pa r Ihe club collects a tree
in trucks, taken to the dump. is saved.
and then "we let It fall out The club also piece up paper
The landfill site on P0alm Way for S0erling Vi0lage and Tropic
is owned and operated by the Ilarbour but needs a place for
city. storage like an empty gas sta-
Hopkins said he would like lion. says Gracey. or the club
the county take over garbage might be Iorced to disconltinue
disposal. and perhaps use high theervice.
velocity incinerator methods. INEXT: GAIIBAGE AS A
because the hgh water level In VALUABLE REStUR(.0.
Floridoa makes the landfill
method Impractical over long
periods of time.
According to llopkl the
present landfill site will lull
in live to ten years.
There Is presently no at.
tempt at compacting, recy.
cling, or reusing, the garbage.
Garbage for the city of Del.
ray Beach is handled through a
private company, Southe0m
Sanltatlon. Garbage and trash
is taken to a transfer station
on Old Dixie IlIghway where II
is dumped and compacted Ib
hydraulic blade into large
Southern trucks. The Irucks.
which can each hold compact.
ed garbage from five city gar.
bage and 16-20 trash trucks
then go to the county dump L
whoer the garbage Is depos.
Although no elfort is made
to separate reuseable Items at
the Delray transfer plant.
Southern Sanitation Is planning
a pilot project in Pompano
which would separate aluml.
num cas. paper and Iron, for
resale and pulverize the re-
mainlng garbage into odorl.s
The cost ol the Ilell pulveriz.
er b expected to cost $450.000.
but the company hopes the
machine will eventually pay
for Itsell. -- "
In cooperation with fleyn.
olds Aluminum Co many. ACRES OF GARBAGE. r
Southern Sanitation will
Iment on Plantation where el7 'S c
liens will not pay a ll month o
ly garbage rate, but will pay Q
cents for each large plastic
bag of garbage they 0iII. Thl
company will lurnbmsh Iree baglp
for residents 0o tilI with reu
seable aluminum cans.
This way. residents will be ByJUIOJEM.EAI0
charged only 9 or how much When Ilughl Dlons on Ihe
garbage they throw away. "Todv" sho m reent0 denm.
In ecological jargon, the pro- onstratcd a "scope" with Al.
cess ol moving garbage from pha icrealvl waves and Blela
one place to another is called Ilearnlni waves. he Imnloili.
abatement, and although the atelv "lurncil on" the alphas
methods are varied, the gar- In Mrs. Illubert Crvslcr n( DIl
bageostillan Inaheap. 1ay.
Although It's being disposed Sue or "Ilbber" as %he is
of In a fairly useful way, Ihe alfelilonatelv called had cre-
garbage is still considered ald a "scope" o her own
garbage sume line ago. when she was
But Is It possible that deeply Involved with the Scoul-
ngwe ecan bemused again? *ing movement as a senior ad
Again. cllliens are learning visor and trainer of I0ders.
ways to recycle wastes, there- She worked out a revolution.
by transforming wastes into arv method ol rc1rd keeping

tters to the Editor

I commend the members of
City Council who refused to
accept the offiler that mlght
have taken this site away for
more housing, asphalt Jungles
and more traffic and people
congestion. I commend the re-
cent editorial by Gary Gooder.
Sitor of the News Journal
w expounded upon the Idea
to retain the area o or public

The action of Council Mon.
day evening s uold give re-
ncwed opportunity 0or local
residents, grou and organl
0tions to atlivale a program
now to create a yeartruund
recreational sanctuary on the
25-acres of property on Sims

I would also like to express
my appreciation for the lair
and equal treat nlt you gave
each of tIhe entrants. Much ap
precaution also o01 your extra
work on the lest0val ssue.
ank you again.
Carol Murray
loynlon [leach Junior
Woman's Club
What I want to say to the
What is congress doing about
the bomb scares? Nol just In
schools, but In all places, cars,
houses, civic centers, and
many more places. I don't
think enough Is being done.
The police are all going In -
In great big groups tryin lto
ilop crime. Mol of tIhe time II
works. other 0imes three-
fourths ol Ithe cops are either
killed or hurt
Sometlhlng Is blo-nup then
everybody Iels sorry, but t is
too late. Ihen Try Io stop it
now. belore our counlr' Is
blown to peres, Set down

Ih0ll (;;linOl
S1 Vincenl Feraler
Age tGrade 4

rusting metal and Irash greet tbe vitllor to the County Dump off Military Trail.

' Color Codes

Achievements, Skills

in order to shlow. il a glance.
Ihr nmajor InlersLs. achieve-
m0enls and development (lt
skills In Scouting as well as
the chllllreon'so oultle Inler-

numnber7, and colors. l is a
illelhod w hich can bL usedl anv.
where in I031 world without
Ir;llallton when Immedialt
inlormaton is needed.
Ingenious Sue can record
whaL bidges have been wun or
even started. what outside ac.
tlviies have been undertaken.
and thus advise where a
child's future strength might
lie 7 Slhe chose pink or pmjecLs
involving home; orange Ior In.
ter II I internist green
for nuldoor doings; blue Ior
,allh and sally: and purple
lor ciltrizenship. Some activities
would lie In mone tun one
hlcld. thus onploying several
colors tI one picture.
She tha used Ihe scope
arnuong adults o see who mighl
help In certain licds of scoul-
Ing. and even oresmcc It being
used bv parents when a child
Is very small. Fur example
s0imilunin. An Instructor her.
sell at city pool. Mrs. Crsler
eels Ithil a god lime to teach
a child is at 2'1 under the lov.
ing supervlslon of his own
mother Thils Ihen could be
recorded in blue upon his
chart Somedayv the child's Oie
activity record mighl be
shown during a jot Inlervliew
Io show signlllcant accom.
ilshmenls and trends which
70770ht nlol utoeriwl be known
lu Itle proeclive employer.
Now reactivalted on her piel
projecLs si v seeing the "lo-
dyiv" show. lhi busy Invrnlor.
who is alsi an artlsl, cralls-
0l7n. imilher. andl m elplane
nlhusl;isl. is Incrrasin0 I her
WeOO- Si.e has Inatlk de-
%,D'l Ifor 1llov SrouLs. 4 II. and
P l o1Ii eah.lnilr All tlt.p e
. 7 I- ,rvn. alont, oiio her
I.tinlings, a lthe liirlhlimiing

SUE CRYSLER, with her unique recordoig "scope."
makes plans 0or the In0ual Delray Allair while
participating with a radio-controlled model plane

Eight Years Ago

William F Koch Jr. an- Iral i lo Andrrs, Atnu
nounced plans (or construction whi ll l an rocks Aee
of the Ocean Club co-op apart dumped In to save AIA ne
menls in Ocean Itldge. the curve at Ihe north end -
Mrs. Graham King won the A seawall revetment ha
award ol merit wllh a prize since been bulll hul mnw tht

Amaryltls and Mrs. Do)rohv Moudry won Stle MIeu, O
Kern or a drilltood trophy leprventatlie sleal s
The S.acerl IeIt h gIrls ten- Mary' Ikh Irwin and Doug.
nis team won Ihe Suncoasl Ias Whlllen recel*ed IRK)hom
C rerencechampl hip Rhobert Frrlllo ul ihe Dieray
D)avld T st, chairman ou Ikach Nalional 6Rank hr athip
the Cornmunity IlloI |tank. lulhesltateslencla falr
announced Gallon Llub mem' Cilitens and busine1 1 r
bers Juhnnie D)avisl. I rn tlunoo t I nuolo i e
Wetoki Norton Zucker0 0 n pth DoorJal Ib 0i0i0n d t h4'' l
and M Ikel 0achek0 0 Oloht 0 00 0 ine lo ln 7i 10r

IIAI1)I.IN'E vlngl, 0 670 lla0'7 In IA'h,,lo v I0.0,0 h
AIA Mhay ole 00on9(701000ruc. thehl ,,ht IAll ) 4.1O1III .l(l,,.
tlhn (ol Seawall A reiwahinl ti t ix ofl.l ndlnew l.,,rih.
wahoIul aoi Ite north rnd I Isat Sl F. S l-
*he puolitc beach had deo urlo UoA00 and0 11odloo 7010000

' -ILWV Plans

-I t llrtt Hi ll h1od t, I.dhl
t |. t .I I n.r...n l .. It l .. .
\ Ilj.lf h : 1 91 73i a1 Ii
I hvi I' t lut i ltd 'unl hlllt I*e
S l un(I l JI whlurh (;llvrt rnllr
SliII %llt.dree.llat colrnvtn-

h llnn otdl a evening
%ltIlrh 31 l'utdh y .etendt

`Sc-nl.lllv e Illlll InJde C'ounlt
All t,,eik tn the llhln pttsecnl
15 in clherl for lundilng eldu<.l
mnllun Prslltllhn of the FHlll
Ili Ihlr % ,ll slLJk to the clln
i*'tntl o 'hurldav Imornlng

Wl etl: ( hted to attend the on
Jtjrtdend program t l thA
" 1.,L'I. "Ir Women Voters il
Florida lotr 197I173 and % !
Iso vote I.he, ed sl.l,
171.1973 [hose attending
.Irllmoll Il,- Soulh Ilall. Ieach
, ounlt I.eCXue art'%Irv WIt.
hdlll kckhvr D.lray Ileach.
P'resident..Mt, Itoberl A
11-m-3.RocIa fBaton

Ne oJoeesel,fleenrr March2, 111.71 I's ee I

tee eteetutrdt Seamn Alpt ltcn
tire Iltnh rd I. V ihlyn'k. (if
707 Enl'Ied Itod. Dliray
Il.ech, ht.u .Fpirie0l for duly
t Ihte la te;unrd Air Salllln.
Elill hCiltv.NCC
UC 11110. Vletlnam John
l) Lewis, 21.eon to er and
Mrs. \lllarn Lewis Jr 325
Ni e 15lh t'ourlt lloynton
eelach, recently was promllrd
to army sergeanl while lserv-
Ing wlth the Amerleal Dlv,'islon
near IDue I'hu. Viclnaln
Sgt. Iwls is an armor crew.
man in (:o ny E. 41hI ILitial.
ion. 21st In antry (it the I)lvl-
slion's Ilth Inlanlry Ilrlgade
lie has been awarded Ihe
rclmtl inlanlryman badge.
Army First Lleultenantl James
I' Slaullcr. 23. ion ot Mr and
Mrs David It Staulfer. 600 W
Ilouyjl I'Palm [oad. loca Ila.
ton, recently was assigned as a

Funny- Faet-Fabulous
Tues., Mr,. 30..8:00 pm
Prices: 05.00 Wed., Mar. 31..2:30 pm
*4.60 3.60 Wed.. Mar. 31.. 8:00 pm
ALL SEATS RESERVED Thu.. Ap. 1 .8:00 pm
Speclil Prlces:Wed..Mal.31 Ft.. Apr. 2 .8:00 pm
It 2:30 pm,. .e.M04.00.1300 Sat., Apr. 3 .2:30 pm
J,. under 1. pce. Sat., Apt. 3 . :00pm
Sat.. Apt. 3. 2:30 pm Sun., Apr.4 1:30 pm
Sun., Apr. 4 :30 pm
BOX OFFICES: The Auditorium
All Sears and Richards Stores
MAIL ORDERS ACCEPTED .... Mak Check palyble I
Holldly on Icet ean nd wilh ilmptd. iell-addtlsld
*nvelopn to Holidly On Ice. Wet| Palm Brech Auditorium.
Bol 1431. Wil Palm Beceh. Fli. 33402.

- In The Service I )
Sanltnle MJlllts. age 55 tI
Jlnrs (Camnp, Dclray Beath
shertiles were hel .March 16 at
(;lenw, .od Menorlhal t:eene-
lery. Ihdviera leach ('olreman
Funeral Ilonme jas In charge
ill arrandgemrent
IIS(CC(; AL.E:eT (C (uard Iletlly Olicer Third SW 4Ih Sreerl. Delray hleath
(lass eandall I h. Alkin. hu. died Wetdnesday. h March 17.
bandl il the former Miss Janet 1971 Mtrst Inllh was born In
I. hlldy i hf 2d71 N Ocean Illvd llastlng. Florida and has been
I a lutenn was a crewmem- a resident ol )Delray Beach for
her aboard the 210luorl Coastl he past years.
She Is survived by her hut s
band, Walter J. el Delray
BBJH Tiger Tales NewkoofMia....
Slester J. of los Angeles, Cale-
HyJUUY NOWIAK D)urng Ihe week (of March IS ornia. two daughters. Mrs
andl'eG(;Y SZYMKOW.SKI to Ihe March 19 there was a Jean Dllcher ol take Worlh
Mark your calodernlorAprl drug program. The science and Mrs. Mary Ieith Byrd of
14 The Tiger Hand is giving a class read book saw mov- telray Beach. two brothers.
concert at lriny Uree at ie 'sand talked about drugs and William C. Newkt p and Ia-
730pm thelr aljfc on drug uen. ler Newkoop. both ol Miami
The Hlonor ley had a recently Mr henbse Ian and two sisters, Mrs. Carl
candy sale during the nthol sing addressed the aren'tt ey of Inverness. Fla.. and
December and collected Teachen Ineeting lie ntenf. Miss Valary Newkoop ol Dal-
M40M3 that this time o Ithe year is las. Texas and eight grandchil.
The spellng bee chmps of the heightlo enrollment wFllh dren.
I JII. will tak'e part in a 90sludents enrolled at BIUII. Funeral services were held
county spelling bee on March Nel year the figure is erpect- Friday at National Chapels
25 The winne of tlhe county edl ollmblo 1.000. Mortuary. with Ihe :ev. Itob
spelling bee will go to Wash. Ianling staled. "I hope we ert C Klemm ol the Lutheran
Ingon lor the Natllunal ell- ill be able to continue on the Church olficlating. Graveside
ing Ilk. extended day session, but soon services were held at Palm

have on the Ichool." he ex- Frank James. age 6 5 of 16 2
aru T planned. N. Federal lghvway. Boynton
l Out ofITown Tuesday. March 15. sixth Beachdied March21, 1971. lie
grader Irom P'olnclanna. had lived here lor I1 years
ItollingGreen and Fo t Park coming mmrnmMa chusetU.
came e o take a look at the lie was employed by the
school. 1hey will be attending maintenance department of
next year. They were taken on Bethesda Memorial Ilospital.
a tour by Ilonor Society slu. Survivors Include his wife
dents. Eva. of ynton. one brother.
Wednesday, March 17. par. Fr rick ol Newport. H.I. and
entl and teachers el tfor oneelster.alrene.
their monthly meeting. A ng Funeral services were held
Ihe optics discuued was a new Tuesday at Scobee Combs Fu-
dress code. Rsulls came as neral HIlome in Boynlon. Rev.
follow: no bare mnidriffs, no Jame Stoulsenberger, olfici-
Iwlmming lulls are to be ated.
Swonm, nor short Iho'rts or hot MARY 0. BISIIOP
panTIs. Mary Bishop. age 57n died
Sketre t and bermudas must March 1I. 1971. She was a
be ot finger lips length, member of Jehovah Witness-
Proper underwear at all a She Is survived by one
Ilmes, daughter, Missl Nancy Bishop.
No halls are to be worn In. ofl Delray Beach, two sons.
ii N. o,,.,i 66d, ild the classrooms or rcafeto.; nuebin R. Bishop, of Boynton
"r- Bortioh 732.3722 rlum- Beach and John D. Bishop. of
RNo rubber Ihon&; shoes California, lour brolhesn. hob.
Roy & Joyce Pilon.ro muastbe wo. ert B. Bryan Jr., Samuel n.

eaths And Funerals I

in h hlc`rio %,? "I
t let Isl urvlved htv his t %tle
r'leJd and lo slw,l's %Its
Harolde' a ltL. I l .ilil. ind
M I Ilank .Mrjlrkcli Schrlng
Ile studied art in lit- Art In.
Illtult u h I 'hlcag Ih A .\ra de.
liylof Fine, Atl
daySc lt obee- .i hrlinl .rltnrer
F'uneralllloie in I)clry

Shinko Akasolu. former
Japanse liar of the I yuguju
Underwater Ballet Troupe of
Tokyo, i scheduled to return
to the United Smate Ifrom Ja
n during March. Iler ca.
reer as a Weekl Wachee mer-
maid was interrupted last
summer when her villtor's
visa expired recently grant.
ed a one-year work visa. Shin-
ko is nying back to Florida to
perform once again in the
Wcekl Wachee underwater

Ted eumiller Preernle


The grandeur and magnetism of Spain are
superbly photographed in this 90-minute
full color motion picture film.

All is here, from the Roman and Moorish
conquests to modern Spain. If you've
been to Spain, come and relive your visit
*TT?~ 1 and see places you'll want to go next ti ie.

t you've never been to Spain, well,
you've the treat of the year ahead of you.

Admission: $2. Available at Public Li-
brary, Canning's Shoes, National Car
Rental, Spanish River Inn, Red Carpet
SWorld Travel Service, or at the church.

( ,s ,I ,,r ,$18 M I 0Thursday, April I s at 1:IS P.M .
First lopllst Chureh 400 Soulh Swinlon Avenue
Sponserld by KIWANIS Charitie
pi ll.-11110 tl lllll"I Don't Mill the Lost and Beel In this
Sellon's Glot tllmtnl
A__ 1 111 i










AT 8:00 P.M.


Sale Being Conducted On Premises



615 East Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach

Pole 4, NewsJoay.26.222262y.22.2.'62U. I


if "french"


is your


we have it!
Brost drawer hondles by Stylecrat., on elegont seies of
hand polished French Provinciol lurnilure hondles. Site% and
deigns to (il all decor.
Now we can terrv Iheth dilrimi ing
archil c, decorolart and i iih
lhes line handles.
Delivery to Boynton-Delray Area
Phone 732-4040


Llado Porcelain of Spain

CoTer'n g', UNUSUA
226 6.T22 262 6.2


Easy on your money.
Easy on your tummy.
Hamburgets,chicken, french fries,
and more. Next time out, give
us a try. Borden BBF.
The easy place to eat.

...a happy fashion
Go to the head of the class in Ihis smart geometric print
top by Trissl. The pullover is fashioned of 100% Dacron
polyester wilh a zip back and a wide shirt collar MoF
chine washable, it has the exclusive "Trissine" finish and
comes In combinations of Black/Flag Red, Navy/Cilron.
The double knit pull-on point of the same fabric has an
elastoic woaistband, permanent stitched creaseo and come
In a wide range of solid colors. Washable too!
Top In Sizes S-M-L
Panl In Size2 7-19, 8-20

eing A
2 Free2 rking Al Suc Entor2nce

Loretta Timm To Wed 'My Fair Lady' |

Steven Ray Tubbs all ,about Rattles The Rafters
.fisil,,rla S ,rle Tim in.a 'r l n i t Tofe (ohe yrnSur Bcy W(Kyr PFdyEle
hr2J22 Mr n1 M I2.2 2Sr Tubbs is also altloending).I T The I)A 1ay ( ach I'I. layG
Ir.nE Ti "II ( Jr" h I A 2.22Jo hn I A'onard % here heh is aT "MY eah y
S nu lynh Ihr'arh is ern n lb r (if the E6change house. with Y AI
p.lgill, Sirh.,.nIItavTubhi (Club. and .elhirn ina's Club 0 I.A[)Y has come of age in
,%It Tubbs is lh- son (A Mir presenlyng musical cormerdy
and S, oral F Tubbs of I The couple wll be' lmarriedl me curtain raise S
- Ii'alloSp T s onJu 26 Y 1 21 th First aon openng night. din2 ilts produc- l
.rr52,.iuJhnI L.r rd She is teacrh A ay play, by Alan Jay L.emer
and Frederlck Icewe. an id-
Y 6r 221 62from6Bernard Shaw26
Iyyrnah6on. the I'layhouse has
brought a lun packed perfor-
marne to area theatre goers
S As lon yas there are 2he likes
n d 2 Ame lol 2 mans'd and u ob
musical, no matter how aln Thur o o" F ir dyro fbl.
0 o n~2 imghtseem to a ne2. T y 2out 21 M "y Felr Iady" yIrom let 22.
ci -nrro Tee, y d. be...p.. IglgI.n Iray2 SIlm Colonel P alckerl2n2 Ain
A 2rCy 2h22 26222 bhbyy 19. ElIIs.l2,ry Ann Ublyr2and El 9 1 a'. 22Iby.
A star that shown br Alfred P. DooIttle (Bob Lee), shown In PIn)house'
Sjrd (; rl" and rediscovered. lo-bby At the ed of rs
w 6 Ca rindzln spen6r is ah e 2 by Woody P lu26r).
lyrical voiced charmer. MaryA
nI hr e Ann Uhlar.as Ellri Doolllttle. pllmentlary musical accnrple .anl e .hl and hr i
Eiza emerges from the Cork. nlment olf wmuslal director lformtSed praolislun ill h Api th
iMR SUBSCRITPTION SERIES ticket l to the Iter. ney flower-girl under the lute- Judy Ualdon. 2 MY FAIRp It(oxyl2 e s and I2 krticr a
Community Concerus held annually at Florida Allan-lage of the egotlstlcal HIglgins IADY" often quivers the ral- Ihe latin Quirter. in clubs an
Comun6ri C er h2 nlly resbterida F rAlchn- 2 Mn. John ALynda Cummi b Enry Simonl and Colonel tenr of the Playhouse as Emy hotels throughout the 'nltln
tic Unversity y Theater are available this week only, Editor Pickering A2me Ilo kanl. The Simon and Bob d Ie with mu- 6a6les. in ( 2anada and l Vene
M2arh 21.227. M2ll.. Lura 2Owes, T6eordore2lpelnd flinhed products of the super ho gustosing. "-Why Can'tthe 2 u la
Mrs. George Little urke anyone Interested to contact talent of these two m lesn is ad ESnllh". With A LUttle lIt of And last but by iar not 2I
campilln headquarteri at 392.L-915 for details. meticulously groomed and Lrk" and "Get le to the least. Ls(hepro2ess2onJ2 know
mannered grand lady. plen- Church on ime how the director Joseph ('-o
SIIEp.ATn" Three Homes To Be Viewed 2ly presented and accepted Ti2 chorus presents m 2any wayo FAD ir
at the Embassy Ball. i Lon. lacets that shine An especial- nient brings to "'My Fail
don. To be lure. E.lu. had no ly bright one is y reddyyr Lady. Joe. you turned out 2
On Boca House, Garden Tour s22 2part 2 In262transf2 22 lordrllll (Ed Ehin962Er22slngn mos deli2ht2ul music al! II
tlon! -On The Street %here you runs through a special Sunday
T hese three. tElic.. III In22 Aan re._ 62rou2h night 2 I'r2i arch2 2 .
Arrangements acebelngfl- be hostess from 3:00 to 5:00 and Plckering. with eoe orevlewo Thepreent mu- u lrl r lt.
nalized for the Slxth Annual p.6m. r2ner-up. Al6red P. Dooli2le2 2l would be complete with The last play of the current
l2e Tour sponsored by the Andded featureLoLteTour El2a's lather tBob Leel pro- out noting with acclaim the Season2 arrlvlng In April. y d
.Chapel Service Guild of the will be the ook book sale. vide uper-comedy, met with choreorapher of this produce titled Borl Y2'sterday. n-
Arri Flrst P'resbyterian Church of Mrs. John Ackermanwlll2be2n spontaneous 2 applause from a lion Fran2,s Jelhnek2 Myers. 2ther omedy w ll leave )2,
rn Boca Rlaton. The tour takes chrgeoflhesalefroml:00to packedhouseonopenlnglniht a student of all forms ul the rlht Iflvor to top offl a
pla2e this coming Sunday f- 93:00 nd2 Mr. ClUrer Wells Supported by 6arealisltic2 dan2e. at the 2hali School. great .Season in he hstdry
hl I_ I Wl_% _,it.I Iternoon from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. will ake over at 3:00 ad re- rus In bot deporment and School of American Ballet. the making of the Ielray Ikea
.u,,. 911F,,,0111i, AII, 4 ,, ami st arch train date Monday, rrualnunUlS:O0p.m. costume.and led by the con. Dance Group.and the Jack I'layhouse.
hhlltlli II"ti j1 lg u tlri March I to 51. The UgkeL-
a,9,,,,,,,, 2re 1222. each. hNOT212 1.00 2 2
Ade bDi be poo (bs so appear last week) and are
mod Orioles a" a" ketiome available at the church office
wlF .s ,^ ofbel TL'W N t 395-2811. at the First Feder. a IM tM
*__hzS re_ al Savings Bank on ast Atlans
tic. Delray. and through
iMA 10 fi. &1 n 104 as wll b church member s. ( la ) t
6,8n1, Aleileel 266l226 5 2222 h0Mrl i am 2 F. Di22ell and e A
m 26a a ntrd2 t Mrs. Glen French. c-(hair \'l Oprl
men of hostesses, have re- Ori inl Oil 1ni2ti2
.I l. .. 6 a.. ... .. leased the following lit ofO
boIkallml A 6011 am those serving at the three Individual Art Classes
. -,-- homes to be shown: at tie Is. Gg
ard blouse, 1298 Spanish River (0-wlJlled To k)
touo mTlMmUwat... Roadfrom 1:00to 3:00p2m. 226 2r22.2622
wmtm emu"i Ne wsm Is- thechief hostess will be rs.
^ .. .....2 2 N9 26222222m J2.o. guitars preach the gospel
L111 IW V .................... .. "I.ere we are, all olgether from ..hechurchrequetd.
Th tto00 e Ms Maya Palm East from t:00 to uawe sing our ao111 Joyfully. tar playing. In ltls mass the
a slel.wn ,. 3: 00p.m.hrle.Wilson Cole Iter we are, altogetherr uitaLristsplay omp that are
will bethechief hotesswhle we pny well 2 ways ." more relevant to today' life
114 nk*-w 9061 "If 0l Si Mr%. Marie Tone will be the The above at the lyric to style.
n'.. hostess rrm3:00to5:00p.m, the opening hymn lng at 2 a.
l 2 the S6ostru2m Rouse Mat Vincent Ferrer urcb' 2 7:O2 One Father comment ted,
6Th. Cht2 Shore 21 2612l Palm Drive Mr2 p.m2. mn2. "we L6ke the gospel 2d ap ply
$1 2Robert Collins will be chief This "do mast ," featuring the teaching o2f Jess Christ
229 N..laid 2Ave., 9Delry hostess from Is0 to 3:00 p.m. a 2ul2r Instead of orl2 n mu. to Lbe llv, of people In l79 ."
2764343 and2Mrs. Eu2ene VoAbure2wllal e.,iso22u2ted22 by el2ber FI.
other Grace or FaLthr lP2222, Throu2h lult9 r playln2 ,
who belleve the guitar muic many more people than be.
6brings6 ab6d "greate622 p .(ore. especially teenagen, can
bllou." r be reabed.
An approlmat.e crowd of 150 2. 22 2.2,..Lm .
people, m22922 22222 222229 W2e522.2mS S t
ers to senior clltenls, Rather I
The guitarists play rel22gious
mdodie sa well u modern
folk tunes such As "Abraham,
2Martin, and John." 222i2 22!
St. Mark's Cltholie Ch"urc
In Boyntm Beach aso hm a '
folk man wh ist held at 6.00
p.m. on Sm'd2y eveniln. *.
and one half ao when a gmup

-1eay .62222



Gladys Ahearn To Marry
S Edward Eugene Spong

M 2r. and Mr2. 2alph A
2uick.Jr., of 146 NE IMh Ave-
nue, Doynton each anno e
*-he enKagement of their
dughlter. Gladya Margaret
Ahearn Io Edward :ugene
Mr. Sponge Is presently ita-
4latd at Robinm Air Force
Bae In ;Georga. lie is the sun
nl the late Mr. and Mn.
CurlI E. Sponx.
The bride-elect was a 1970
Raduale of Seacresl liIKh
Mr. Spoon g graduated from
Cnlral Dauphin Illh School
: Fashion
. Schedule
-The followln local shops
wll present fashion shows at
lunchUme Ihlis week: March
AN. lHoliday Inn-- Cricket Shop
Mark. Fore and Strike;: March
3. Arcade Tap 2oom Mer-
der-Wenzel; March 3. Patio-
Mark. Fore and Strike; March
ILGpanlsh River Inn- Crick-
7hOr ; BOCa Teeca-Sylvla's

in Harrisburg. IPennylvania In
The couple are planning a
January, 1972 wedding In S
Marks Catholic Church.

Nevri-Jerul, TlIndrs. M l-cr9, 1 1J, r ge a

Bethesda StorkClub
March II Mr and Mrn Srinp. a sun, Terry lIulwil
John (:arson il,ar Ann O'I)- I
innell). 1 D)uva6 ) lAna. Mlarh 16 Mr .I0d a MI,
ha. a daughter. Laura EIlra. Anlhny ('Ouse II 'Jeanne
breth McDonoughi, 10 (Orchard
March 12 Mr. and Mnr I(d1e l-ne. MrL.'a Ilaln. a
John 7i ck l)orothy I'elcl. laughter. MlchrllcJe'anne
432 N W. 2nd Ave, Iloynltn March6 hr and Mr
Ileach, 2ason, ecven C(harloI Mllael Kuvac l);awn (;rang.
March 13 Mr. and Mrso rl315N Ird Ave )rlr.ay
andy (;rover llattle Mac Ilr).ch. a srun. (hrsltuplher Joi
llowardi la3 2 arvelt Ave., serh
I)elray Beach, a daughter 4a2rch 1 Mr. and Mro
Tanrgela Denise Marrcelln Adam Casarer
March 13 Mr. and Mn Slrtella ) lorel). 4085 I'luil
Albert( Clandler Ilobenrna Trre Drive, l.anlana, a sun.
Ilateman). o. Ilu U119. Mjrceo nuAdam.Jr
Bc2a Italon, a ion, Albert Je- March II Mr and Mn.
rome. JS3le James Ward I272rlle
March (3 r. and M. Nelunil. 36 N.W. lh Ave..
Frank Il Sphle ie I 6 2 n ll 2) DI)ray Ieach. a dauhlter. Mi.
Iruml. 1410 N.W 7 h Ave., rhrllerl"..
uca Iaton, aidauhter. Jenni. March 18I Mr. and Mn.
er Caroline. 2aymund 2luck (Judtllh m.
Mirch 14 Mr. and M. bryl. 4434 Evelyn PIlace. Lake
Thomas lolland, Jr (Jo Anne Worth, a daughter, Vir)orla
Ickel.4, 4 Cheyenne Dr.. Lan- Shawn.
tan..ason, llrian. March 19 Mr and Mrs.
IRonald Wundra ICaron INpp.
arch 15 Mr. and Mn s n3wl, 611 N.W. 7th 2 '.. Delray
Jose Orduna )6ele9Y Jean Ileach.adaughter. flollyJo
P'rlnce) 301 S. W. istlS.. IBca Starch 19 0r. and Mrs.
Iaton. a son. Mark Jose. Ievon Ilruwn Marcella 0 1Ci.
March 15 Mr and Mrs. soulnm. it. 3, Il2 X1005. IJke
Illcardo Grant lloslyn Bur. Worth, a daughter. DI)elor
sI, 1. I1 S. W. Mh Ave.. Del. (;G3.
ray each, a dau)hler) Ithon. arch 19 7r.)and Mn.
daftachelle. Ilaram Danlel IMary John-
sonl. 533 N.W. 10th Ave..
March 15 Mr. and Mn. Uoynlon Beach. a daughter
Barry Ache (Karen EllnK. Tanela Yontrela.
er), 29 N.E. USh Drive, Ioca March 19 r. and Mrs.
alton. aaon, Kevin Arthur. paul llcrlorello (Kathryn
March 16 Mr. and Mrs. 0 luhae). 23l N.E. 131h 2 ..
Terry lier (Mary Gallagher). Delray Beach. a son, Bryan
316 Cavalier lid. I'alm Edward.

99 S.<. 10 Avenue,||| 33S E. AllanIic
..loo ERal III Dtlroyltas

^ ^ W has a crush
S on you

Trust servlca with piolessonal
F dplno *ilh p oln0 onarnl et .
once 23 ,nve)mont2 Fo2 6i322l3
merits age paramount to Estltle
j- Tlulst and Cultodian accounlt
f.. II you want professional people
*vlh professional eB r ince in
,yesilmonis Io handle your Trusl
Account l hero they ale
includlng heir unusual mascol.
"Billfold"--& lull-fledged pelican.

rothyCocunrcnh e an*amvMiooebrooe Phnylls Warner
"Tlhe Backbona of our Trust Department is I
proleuional experience In Inveslmentl."
What an unusual place j
to put a bank ...
just 2 blocks from the ocea

.4 delroI K a C\7dIII I&Itf BNING Sii TRU IrIunvlcrI

~~_-,,. ............ ............... ......




A conDomlnium...



T. -Bedr m, Two.Bah suites from $49,000 to
362,000. en6huses from 65000o8,000...



Pal. (, N..J.i..rullnli, -), MA lU, It71


Miss Lucas Engaged

To Michael Barker
Miss Illll Frant' luas. Tt'chnlcr.ll EdocalrMnl (Center
dlulhtL. ir Nl Mr ld Mrs C( 1 in C(OAlltKul V
Iucas ul o17 S :SIE Ahrnue. Mr llarker is a lurmer resi
lrvnt Ilrj'l Is erngagetl lo dnt of L.umbertln. North Car-
Michar i s Kll.irkerr olnr. where he graduated from
M3r Ilarkr ul 31U 0Inll 1. I.llnbertn Hligh School and
Slr3t3l. l1k \Vorll. Is IN 3 -, m (Chowan t B 8ll st College.
(l NMr .and Mrn A N Irkerr The wedding will lake place
The 3lrldrl..1eht is a 1IM at 7.30 p m. on junr 26. 1971 In
*radujie ol Searrest l Hh the Flirst lptlst Chul ulo
SXl| .andl a Eradulte.i ll Nruh Ikelray

The first

Two-Car Tour

Britain and the Continent
Two weeks from ........... $337
Three weeks from .......... $386
"Round.trip Air from New York
Two Avis cars with unlimited mileage

Fo, complltl dtaolls conlact

407 E. Atlonllc Ave., elraoy Beach

Nina Cobb, Scott Hacker to Wed

,%'na Stirie C'obb, daughter
of1M rsLer Ioy Wei's of TA-
tluvAl3 and M3r Art Cobb, is"
NAW A 1 AvenueL Ma. Il. iA
engageId Ato Mr SiAttLK I AAL
Ar. son oflMs 11. ssll Loery
of J u Iter and Mlr. George if
laker. oflAlint, hihclhll
Missl Cobb Is presently a sen.
Ior at Juplter Senior IigL
School and II a member of the
KEyettes. Girls Athletic so.
elation. the Student CouncilA
33131 81,d Club. Inter Clu8
Council, hfat Cheerleader, and
wale8 1969 Sophomore Class
Sw eteart and a member of
.Mr. IBBB 0,Is3als A 3senior
at Ju33I1r I3gh School, Ile IsIa
me 3re of the AlA1AA Ski
Club of Mchigan.
The couple are pla ng
Iall we8lng.

St. Joseph's

Honor Roll
The Reverend Nathan A. Ad.
ams, headmaster ofl SIt J
Mph.3 Parish Day School I.
Boynton Beach announced the
following students to be n he
school's honor roll.
Receiving all A's were-
Aecky Earnhartgrade. 7,d Con'
AWe Price and Robert REdgl.
grade 8; and Kathy Kern.
grade 9.
Receiving all A's and ore B
were: Dianne Amst. Mer, Grif.
Lth. Ilarve HAowell. Re83 TTl.
bott and Carolyn I'.318 grade
6, Sally Wegener, srade 7; Da.
vid Grlfith,. Judy Knight.
Lynn 8,33338. grade LY0;1
Stacy Hanna, Kevin Logan and
Jody 1N.B11, grade 9.

Mary Irwin


At Macon

Miss Mag, Hetb Irwin.
dauiLhter of hr. & Mr 8 R.
Irwin o1l 119 Stlth Ave. An Del
ray Peach. iL presently paALic.
ipatingt in Lbe practice leach.
ing program sponsored by
Wesleyan Collee. 1Maon.
8.eorg3. The studenltLLch.,3
program belan n March I
and will continue until MAY.
Student lachlin 1. Part of3 Ny
collegerequlirement for re-
celving a degree in the field of
Miss Irwin is teachin the
.,,ond grade at CMl83if.
Weir Elementary School In
Maon. M8s. Jyce P. Swa.
lum is her supervising teach-
er. The student taching, pro-
gram beg i8n March I and
will continue until May.


1971 Par-Tee Angels

Acheson Electric Company
Ben Adams Really
Arcade Tap Room
Mrs. M. H. Barnes
Barr Company
Bermuda Inn
Blair Construcion Company
Blood's Hammock Groves
Bo-Del Printing Company
Boynton Beach
Busch's Seafood Restaurant
Candlelight Motor lodge
Mr. Evans Clements
Club Castile
Art Cobb Flooring Company
Mr. William Cole
County Title & Ablsract Company
Court of Deray, Inc.
Cralge Furniture Company
Delray Beach National Bank
Delray Dunes, Inc.
Delray Pools, Inc.
Mr. David Dickenson
Mr. John Dodge
Mr. Walter Dutch
First Bank & Trust
First Federal Savings & Loan
of Delray Beach
First Federal Saving & Loan
of Lake Worth
Finrs National Bank of Delray Beach
Florida Power & Ught Company
Mr. Joseph Friedlander
Gloria's Dress Shop
Mr. George Goode
Gracey Brothers
Mr. Warren Grimes
Gringls & Lanklon Realtors
Gringle A Spinner

Hagen's Points, Inc.
Mr. Charles Hardiman
Hardrives of Delray, Inc.
Hawkins & Mouw
Mr. William O. Henderson
Mr. Edward F. Herman
Hoyl Cadillac, Inc.
Island Sales & Service
LIttlefield & Wolforth, Inc.
Love's Rexall Drugs
Mr. Pete Ray Lowry
Mr. Nicholas Manero
Mangus Nurseries
Mark, Fore & Strike, Inc.
Mr. Paul McKinney
Mrs. Ann Moore
Neal Farms Market
Ocean City Lumber Company
Pierce Tire Company
Plastridge Realty Company
Dr. Robert Roborn
Reeves Instrument Company
Robert Roy Agency
Roth Construction Company
Scobee-Ireland -Potter Funeral Home*
Sa Horse Both & Tennis Club
Second National Bank
Sherwood Park Golf Club
Sherwood Park Developers
Mr. John Shields
Mr. Roy M. Simon
Southern Bell Telephone Company
Talbot House
Turner Nursery & Land-
scape Company
Weaver Dairies, Inc.
Weekes Realty Company, Inc.
Mr. Frank While
Mrs. Richard Woodfleld
Mr. Tom Woolbright
Mr. Gerard Yonkman

Deray Beach Chamber of Commerce
Delray Dunes Golf and County Club
--- 8- -r




Black, Innet Display

Art In Alcove Gallery
Until March 29. the Alcove stateside, he continued paint.
(;allen' of the Arcade Tap Ing with teacher luobert
Ioom. 411 E. Atlantic Ave. Maione of lenninlgtn. VlI a
Delray. is featuring the works well-known landscape artist
of two hglChly regarded local I: n coming to south Flinda.
artists. Alex Black and Ed. arlis Innel studied under
ward Inncl. both members ol Char Ilagn and John
the Delray Art League. (;eorge
Mr. IIlack. who is also a 0 Iecrntly. he has exhibited In
member ol the Rutland Area the (;'llcry.l..tlhe.Sa in Lake
Art Association near Ilartland. Worth. as well as with the Del-
Vermont. has paintings in the ray Anrt League where he has
Chaffee Galle r of that clty been awarded a number o( rib-
and the Summit blouse d .Ml. buns lor his oils One of his
Killlngtlon: others hang in pri- lirst awards. %on during early
vate collccllons In the Mid. vears. was First Pnle for a
west. New Enland and Call. watercolor. lie learned ul the
lornla. honor while vacationing in
A s nlent o the late Samuel exico.
E. Ilrown of Westport. Con.
necticut. the artist lurthered *Eor
his art study by enrollng at El
Inslilulo Allende. San Nieuel.
Aexico. while on a Mxican -

instructor in mechanical de-
signal Pralt Instllute. artls
Black finds palnling an endless
lield for study and expenmen. o s1 -
Ills display a. Ihc Arcd FIRST BAP1
will include a number o( still I
Illes. "Pailn the imprssion; 400 Soulh S.inton Avn
emphasize the pattern In light Ir. ond
and shade" Is the secret of his St N AY s
appealing slyle. M.ORNINS 3O
Mir. Innet. co-ehibitorlIn the EVE3 8IN 0
two.man show. is a retired at- D SL
lomrney tram New York (or ,,AV F SI
whom art has always played o 1HIIllMII 1%%l TllaI1
an Important part. Although he .
pursued a law eanreer, he was I lr
also studying art In New York ST. I'AUL'I. El'
- briefly at NYU at the |H8 So. i
time of his choice. During his ,,d. ifFr r.I
years of law practice. he con-
linued to submit work In exhi- oral-,
billons in Westchester. 3 3lies a'..
ling's Society of Independent n3.t. 100
In 1961. Edward Innet lived
in Madrid where he became a
pupil at th3. 8F1uela Ioales IAKEVI I
de Artes (;racas. I eturning AK
28iUI 3o rth S.inl,,n Ar

Donna Shoal Dr. WurrnJ.
Teaches English I I .M.-M
At Junior High 7,0 r.M. We,
EWe invite you to ,hore wil
A Wlttenber University think yug will noyu Chtelh do
coed from Uelray Ueach Is nk *0 h *
gaining practical experience in DNV IIII AT :IILS(;I
teaching by student leaching
during the winter term. e ~ VVt- %
She is Donna Shoa, daugh.
ter of Dr. and 8rs. Thomas MN 1IIfs'T CIIU CII (
Shoat. 205 Palm Court. Delray
Beach. BoYNTO
3iss Shoat is spending Janu.- CmUeCl SVIC
ary. February and lMarch SUNDAY SC
teaching English In Clark Ju- WBD. 1 MI
nior 3lgh School. Springfield.
She will receive academic Mon.-Fri. 12 to 3.
credit for three courses for the iC
term. Individuals who are stlu- 1. CAC
dent leachlng are supervised
by members of Wittenberg's 4V%0%00-0%0%0
Education Department and co-111 I
operation teachers in the par-
liclpatingschools. Vlnt (lureh o
i I)IL I/
Tom ltsfM (:harth Surclr, er i"-"

TOMCUSTAFSON Iui.,liglit.l..,=:.l 12
Sir"" WA Illn I ff kv bvo na
dlildlliel 91 C.oIminle I
InIlelir L blelier
SwJ lknliI
oltr IrliefilI-Whitl 1lh
Ghss WIh3w3. Tbl
(loa@e Net, I a ClGrr )
Pb... 27B-482 Holo roodfol3 Su

Mrs. Donna Sullivan and 1Mlu 1Martha Nutty give lsurpnie wearing snuarl .
Mrs. Q. I)avid Bishop It the home of the brlde's parents, Mr. and IMrs. J. W.
Jarvl. (1.. to It.) hostessn were Donna Sulllva. Martha Nutty, guest of honor
M1rs. David lllbop. guest Mrs. quinton Bishop. Julie Bishop and Brenda

U Of F Announces UN |ITY .rD 7l Wdh
Degree Candidates 0 AI
Nearly I.001 Uiversitv of.
Flonda students are rdegr nM SUFFERING
candidates flor the winter quar. FROM SUFFERING
Iter roinniencemet covom'a-
.ion at FrundL Fild. March TTO DELIVERANCE"
21D Mary lupfells
IncL in the dre candi- Sunday, Mar. 28, 1 1:00 A.M. Mo ..
dici are the follkwing locural
sludnts: Karen uledge nd mdlaln My upl
Smllh. a degree in chdor ol ing praye Mo ch 4dillion 8 My L.00 P .M.
arts In education. of BIynlton Wednay.
Beach. r A SFn un Schol IA.bly 10.00 AM- Aul Cl 1000 A.
Jr.. a bachelor of silence In Sunday School terbly t.00 A M
business administration. of .. UNITY 276-1796
I)lray leach; and Terr' Lee 10 UNITY 579
Day. ao ol Dcn ra a mnrster YOUTH MEETINGS ON MONDAY NIGHTS AT 7130
of scincen1r3n gLAnrinp.

of Delray Beach
Bronton Street off E. Atlontic
one block from the beach
Sunday March 28th

WORSHIP SERVICES 9:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M.
Dr. Seth C. Morrow, Mnlister


1 0 r~i- ~L~ L+9Llil~rrrL~-

IrrIw 11.11

t'l.i 3 .ll A 18
RSHIP- 1:0o A.M H
IRSHIP- 7;:o P.M.

An A Cuomo I I

g00 sUNIA G AM

Ewintu n A e ,

nur DIelry IRerah. Flo.
LNuerOn. GMinislcr
Bi Sl ,1y fr aII

JA, Bib*, Studr
Ih us in our services an Sunday
gls not conduct rice, and we
1r 11 ; Ut1 ITII IS.

HOOL 111A.M.
Fri. Evening 5 to 8

of (:hriI1. Srienlil,
ind unday, Srhimil -
-lln S Pd.H I'.t.

!:"-, Allunlir -- 10 1,1 I
do.' aU1 I1.1.4.-

.S lnlon Avenue

undoyg 11:30 WODi 1420


400 0 BB1E"AN (HUNCH
1. Z rrC Lim hil.
.30A-)O~. a III OGAM

Rev. James1B. Sherwood8,Pastor
831 r.. 1313 A.M.
Sunday School 9:14 A.M.
"We do Wo contribute to the National Council of Churches,"


P13 wl. 3 l
it 00 "~

i ~ln ril 1 1rihiedW Il hurr
3 Mor-in $ @a.l It. Minister
Church School 9.35 A M. S.ndoy classlesl3l ages
Wor3011,8. A.M
Melhodllst3Y oulh I83 ill 6 PM
3 42 N Swinton

Primitibe %agtiqt t-rijurch

0 (001118 Fa stI-:,
30118ori3 (:hri33an Vail
13 d. '3ili111d iit M,
Notion@8. C .uncl a/ Churches

24 BrosLon OffFa il Atlanti c 3 ,
(One block from Bech)
Worship Services 9 DO A.M and I I 00 AMM

For 1'hF Witifer Sectic~t
It"1 11 IN-W( I1 I I l~



Hot 'Skirts' -

S Southern Apparel Exhlhilors' aice Summer-Transi-
t FIo I Fall Market gets underway Sunday, April 4 at the
Miamni Internationml Merchandise Mart, The three day
M;irklt Is expeccl(i to see an anticipated 5.000 depart-
I i cnt aond retail store buyers at the Mart. taking a look
i at what's new for Ihrcuniing season
S The second Market o[ W ic should provide loLs of
interest and excitement for buyers, what with the new
"loit giants" and all the gimmicks. A. Gordon Ilecht,
recently clcclld president of S.A.E., expects to see
1 ;

blouses and tops e Ing two lchbes above

Ron David
To Speak
TFor U Of F
he Florida Blue Key Speak.
her's Bureau. the honorary
leadership fraternity at the
Iinversilty of Florida. will
soon be speaking at civic
clbbs, and junior colleges
around thestate.
lon David. 1969 senior class
lidendst of of Sacres Il igh
Schol will be taking part In
Mr. David Is presently a
shomore at the University of
i'rlcda and Is a member of
e sigmca Phi Epslon Frater. S5ore TI
nily Hourso I

iibs 'o

u ....

A. .

- New Item In Summer Fashions

dresses bark In again and predicts that there will be a
turn-around in length, with tile majority ending at 40"
at., or just below. Utheknee.
The Iheme this season Is birds and flowers, with
oslm left over butterflies and hearts still Ltgging along.
\s bvlore. they will show up on just about everything.
Ilig news oi course is "llot 'ants," now blendl
iiiio "llol Skirts," act ly ithe shortest Micro-Mini ii(
tlhm all. basic length fro waist to her. 12" Matclrh-
ing panties are "de rigeur" andl Heaven prol *I those
who forget and bend over!
As a matter of style. it's a sexy season. Dresses
will be soft and s 'er. shaped with bias cuts and godetls
Tops will be brief, showing about 2" of skin above pants
or skirts. Bloomers are In sight again, brief one-piece
outfits a lot like the old gym suits worn at school. Style
wise. anything goes at thisMarket.
Pants. pant suits. knickers, they're all in Ihere
runni strong. F re accepted than ever. Manufactur-
ers are ving a II with fabrics and designs. running
Ihe gamut of Just about everything from velvet to
natural c iolsand suede.
Colors for late summer are bright and hot printed.
with solids in soft shades. Yellow Is visible In many
shades with rose shown In everything from the palest
shade to American Beauty. Last season's purples are
replaced with lilac and mauve, beiges and cream are
still around. Prints are smaller tiny squares, tiny
circles. flowers. checks. stripes; all concentrated.
Accessories are most Important. with boots, false
boots, and Roman sandals, all needed for the new
styles. The false boots, a leather or fabric knee sock to
wear with your favorite shoe. come In every conceiv-
able color. embroidered. laces, you name It. The Ro-
man sandal laced all the way to the knee Is Summer's
answer to the boot.
Bags are slim. envelope style, with a convertible
shoulder strap. Large bags are coming back so long as
they are not bulky and fabrics have no limit. with
natural leathers and colors hitting their stride. espe-
cially pastel suedes

Gimmclrk wl It's a great Market. There are
watches to wear just above the knee wl Hot Pants.
garters to wear just below the knee with Ilot Pants. and
breast veils, which are supposed to be worn with
nothing but the body! Jewelry Is wild and native In
design and materials.
The Ethnic Look Is still big with Ilot Pants using It
In the Lederhosen style of the Alps. Swlmwear tends to
be conservative In line, with swlmdresses. body-suits.
sheathes and two-piece suits still hot. The fitted double
knit tunic Is highly popular with the soft Jersey prints
In Empire style and boy legs seeing a lot of action The
soft bra. for those who can wear It. Is still around.

KNICKERS are still "running strong" In t

Ne w-JoLJu!, T rnd.y, M.srctu,!rn, PmgV

1,( Z(, ne.ll.(uy S.lon.
331 N.I. 2a ASm D5lrmy
ro Co mepinc ">".I t a363

The sheerest panty hose is
also the best fitting panty hose

CarmolorfNylon Panty hose

by Mojud'


,..,,, nu Nyl onl ,,j ,,r i you.
It's always the right size. You get a
Enrik choice of beautiful shades and a
feeling that's out of this world. You
Unegced pcil p et all that in one lovely panty
Unexcelled pencil portrai hose. From Mojud. For women who

astiso Drry, is o know sheer perfection when
in Delray Beach doing theyseeit. $3.00
his incredibly excellent
portraits In the
Spanish Itiver Inn t ls ohi,
Lounge and Di ing ns
Room each
Monday. Tuesday,
and Wednesday

Just as intriguing,
conversational, trulosophical,
and continental as ever East Atlantic at Fourth Ave., Delray
Studio Lake Worth 588-2337

".. .we sure gathered our nes by gettlling
our mortgage money rom First Federal of Delray
. . it was so easy to gelt, tool Now we
can live snug and secure knowing
we're living within our budgell

The happiest homes are financed

by First Federal of Delray Beach

You'll be happy too with the fast. friendly. courteous service
that First Federal is famous for. Whether you're selecting a
new home, on older home or one of the new condominiums, see our
loan officers for your mortgage money. Approvals are swift. and
long-term financing can easily be arranged. Right now. we have
both residential and commercial mortgage money readily available!
Competitive Interest rates
No long waiting periods or red tape
Friendly, personalized service

Savings and Loan Association of Delray Beach

Arrangements can be made at any of our three offices
64S E. Allantc Ae 601 N Federal Hwy I sunshine Sq. Shopping Cnli
Ph. 276-6311 Ph 3s95-211 Ph 737.1234


)elray X interiors i



312 S.E. 1st Street Delray Beach
UES., FD. 11 o 4 If closed call 276-6077
5055S., FIt.

izrmpUnry (rnapier prsioent) meet Iat te EI.lkl UUb
lo prepare for Irst meeting ol ibe new Delray
chupler of the slnglnl Sweet Adellnes Thursday
night. I Iholo by Julle Malearl

Sweet Adelines

Meet Thursday
H) JLI.lIEKAI.EARI wnrkrd In "'brbershop sing.
I'lht (clo, srliklng I lhl, In e for a number ol years A
lur,;,,Jv4 nilhi4 Nl.rrh X 1 short time ago. one of the ,h1
I.1- El, 4 lt) on .\ P4 A, 7 t l Ali chapters he ais dlrectiln.
In Ihld Ii l,.ih wil sin.al named the 'Magric it(' ly. cJr-
Ilir Ilid.l t be lnnlng lt Ihr rlrd oil top honors In Ihe re-
n,A ilih.l il S% I rrt Adlclin-s glonal rompelllion l hlch In-
Ih.l hI innint- rllnon oIf thr eluded several southern stales
,II h.llm,.[i)ho harnlnomnv a the anama 'anal lone
,%rvl \%lh'linr, g 4roup Iluur All inleresld music lovrs
ishcil llt ~racvrsin are Invled to the Thursday
O.AA night ine Snc e re Ih mln
Ill C oi'p1 r nrrcnl group r1lulremenl of joining Sweet
M 1.h .1 l %%1 rii, nclpu oll >tJi Adellnes Is being "'able to ear.
iiIh4 11 miaore. his hlih r) a tune. audilnons will be
.ilatlinn Ilt- sing'ers. in ail given Inr those vluhin lo be.
lllon Ih irlwing Iinhlnporar come d mremnber (.onserquenl
thitcf luhatec lr.div t-curli l'huldays ullI be open lot
.In l x rlhlnil director .tell tIhtse hu are unable lo atlrn.o
l.rail/ il P'lnilalon "hi Ila.% theMarchn25no enlng

It's o Bad Doy
For Cooking
It's a Great Day

Ku"tuck4 Fried hickcn|
I0 I o" co' I,,- n "iu I"u

11:00 A. M. to 8:30 P. M. 7 DAYS A WEEK
Col. Jim and Haiti Adams

Proudly Present.




.. "l)lray's Oldest and .Moit Famous
Dine and Dance Or Just

Complete Menu For Your Din
No Cover
Ask For Reservations In
1l1 E. AtlalnIt Ate.

Club Clips

MEMORIAL UNIT NO. I unn"'l exlt l(in the beach or The speaker ull ier l)r Ken.
Iloca llaton Memorial Unit b ack'long the nature rail at nlh A (.nnoil) Jr I'.-mssr
No. 277 ol the American L.e. lhI ntracraslal Colime uchen l iI C:nglush al S.nIIlh (Col'elge
gion Auxiliary announces their 'you can weatherr permlllin4l4 III4 4 l4i4 will be. i 'NC'
endorsement of Mrs. Ernesl t lh plan to barbecue sul'| Lr I"lo-.r" l'l.hsor C.nnrlly.
Eleventh District P'ralesident lf younar a parent ande sin W.hinglon. recilvld his (I,-.
for Ihe year of 1i71-72. Mrs gle because ol death, divrre. torale .it Y.Vlr 'lmnlverlv and
Gaulhler has served her unit separation or unmarri l. lauhl Ia lctrc. Itblfore ,ing II
and Ihe Diltrict In many ol. lus. you are eligible lor nl1n. Sll t Cllh(' lC,|..e
fices and chalrmnshlps The rshlp in PWP' and rwelcomer F-'orler sludlnts anl Irlnd.i
D)lstrict President wilt be el lolheseacllvlles, il S.llllh (College are wel.
acted at the Conilitulional I you desire copies ol ,ur r.v"ed For lurtllhr inlorma.
Conference May 9th. programs or have an)y further lin. Itrlephonr Mrn l-'rrnce
BOYNTON BEACH questions. please call Ihll, II TaIlhr. Secretary. Itorj
IIISTORICALSOCIETy S'mith at 3.6-3.04 alter 3 .hl I" in i35 1 7
e regular monthly Ineel- Pm 1YTOV N %\OlMAX'SCI.lII
I of the Boynton Reach Ills. WOMe ,"S ntEl'Ulll.lCA Tlhe Iinltmn Woman's. (lub
lorlcal Society will be held at CL.UII) will |ho)I thelr 'MNeludv In
8 00 P.M. Tuesday, March 30. OF I)EUtAY UEACII Spring I.lshln I.uncrlun
In the FIlr Unied Methodist The regular March meeting Slhow In Ihe Clulhouse on
lChurch, 101 North Seacresl hasbeencancelled Sulh FederarIl llighwav in
Ulvd., Boynton Beach. A Spring Lunhon will hf lhvnmion leach on r'llday,
Dr. Donald W. Curl wll re- held at the Delray [leach h lu'll h at 12 30 pn hS
view the book "Ploneer Lile In March 31. at 12 noon ickel. is ;'n annual event to hbenrli
Southeast Florida," written by (or the Luncheon-Frashion ll.he'Slhl.irship prograin lor a
Charles W. Pierce and edited thoware500 h local graduating senior o)
by Dr. Curl. DBIBL:TOWN'S 1r71 SAli'l) l'.llP llrach Junior (ollKege. A
DELRAY BEACII CONCERT FINAI. spcrrlal guest %ill be Mils
HIISTORICAL SOCIETY Saturday evening. March i.vnn I'rclor. the (lus entry
The Delray Beach lisloricral 2n1h, will mark Ihe se-uon's In the Miss loynton iBeach
Society will present, .on Frl- inale of the Bibleiown Slur. P'agranl
day, March 26 at 8:00 In Ihe day evening Sacred Concert.s FL .hleon, lor all sil., mod.-
Delray Uibrary. Mr. Lawrenre In DBoca Ilalon. According t rl.t d by ub iiirnihcrs. will be
Will. llev. Donald Newman. Ilhle- sIhown bv the lhhlrn Tysnn
Mr. Will Is a noted author o( town's minister ol inmusic and Slles. with Ihe well known
bookson Fllorlda' history. Ils concert director, more than Dorolhv lerlin .11 Ilhe piano.
lopic will be the "Early llislo 25.000ooo people attended thel Ml Ml o Hll.n lll. Ways and
ry of Florlda." with emphasis seri of 13 concerts, Although M on theOkeechobeearea. the auditorium, considered the lhailrlinn, illh Mrs llert
PARENTS WITIIOUT most beautiful on the (;old ll.irnharl. chairman il lhe
PARTNERS Coast. seals more than 2.00. F";Slllun Slow-; M'rs W lI. KIr-
The Boca Ralon Chapter of there were evenings when it I'm. clhairmin ufor lhe luncheon
Parents Withoul Partners will was not pouible to accomnmo .ind Mrn (;aylen (;Gldwin, as
hold their orientation and reg dale all who wished to attend dllnlng room chairman.
ular monthly meeUng at 7.30 The llnal concert starting at A Tea honoring the thirty
p.m. on Friday. March 26 at 7:30 P.M. will feature the new ilnhbers ol the Ioynlon
the HIoliday Inn, 2109 South Wheatlon College Concert IBnk W\clain's Club will be held
Ocean Blvd.. Highland Beach. under the direction of Arthur Irom 2 to( 4 p m on Tuesday.
between Boca and Delray on Katterjohn. assistant pro(e. .March h. %!a Ilobert Toe-
AIA. This meeting will for sor of m lusic. The group con. I er, a past president will
Installatllon of new olfce.rs silss o( 70 young men and rhairmanlhr fair. Mrs. E(;.
For reservations call Terri women. Their program In. Klrton the president. the ofi.
Ro n at 391-I1919 days. 395- cluda a wide variety ofl mui rcers. past presidents and
7615 ailer 5, or Connie Fay at Irom various periods. The members will also assist In the
399M evenings. nd conducts annual concert welromL. to the new members.
On Saturday March 27 at tours and conmlsently has won I)EIJIAYV EACII
8:30 will be dancing at Crystal acclaim for Its o landing BOARD OF IREALTOItS
Lake Country Club. For reser-' musicianship The regular monthly meet-
vations call Joan Eckardt at The public is Invlt e ing ol the Delray Beach Iluard
942-4&8. doonrs open at 6:45 P.M. and a ol Ieatllon held on the lfth nl
As usual, on Sundays at 2:00 Iree will offering will be re- MSlarch at the Spanish Iliver
p.m. will be picnicking and celved. Inn was Ihe occasion for a
iwlmming at Spanish River SOROSIS "Spring Quiz" for attllending
Park, North AIA. Boca Raton. At the regular monthly IHeallorand Assoclales.
Look for the group near the meeting of Sormls. olicen for Rleallor C. Goodrich lllle-
Ihe coming year were elected field. Chairman of the Flhis
They areas folloowl: President' and Prolestlonal Standards
Mro. Clarence King Ist Committee. and Realtor John
Vice-Presidenl. Mn. John Iio Ilanllng. Chairman of the Edu.
wTOSA well. 2nd VIce-Pmrlidontl. Mrs cation Committee, .assisted by
,T t 0 SADonald Lambert; Treasurer. Associates Al Doherty and
Mn. Paul Cummins; Record- loger ledridge. conducted the
ing Secretary. Mn. Bernard program. The questions dealt
Thomas, and Corresponding wllh Ihe lealtor's obllgatiolns
Secretary, Mnrs. W. Bruno Stu. to his client aind the public, as
a rt. well as to hiLi fellow Ileallon
Installation ceremonies The Artice of the National
T R IO were also held for the follow- Associalion of KIeal Estale
Ing new member: Mnrs. John Boards' C e o Etlhics were
Ilowell, Mrn. Jack L Dunn. cited fur the correct answer
JNGE of Mnr. Jlnet Bole, Mn. Waller lothcquir
Tragger, Mrs. John Ilinh. President P'aul Speichcr con.
Mrs. Phyllis Moore and Mrs. gratulated the participants for
Francis Gralf. their hllgh sco,. and closed
R O DELRAYBEACII the meeting with a reminder
JAYCEES ill other up-cuming local and
landmark HRestauront" The Jaycees of Delray saleeducalional programs
L.t Beach will sponsor two boolhs The local Board conducts a
IListen at the Iray Beach Aflalr on 9-week educational course or
p .V 7 0 April 2 and 3. One booth will new IReallor and Associates
iC From 7 s.I. sell sofl drinks and the other and will have a special educa.
will sell miscellaneous mer- tlional event In late May.
S|Pleasure chandise. Profits will go to GLADIOLI CLOURT NO. 14,
ing P sure Aqua Crelt and othercommu. OIIRDER OF TIHE AMA.
No Minimum nly service projects. RANTII
No inim SMITIICOLLEGE CLUB Mrn. IJoyd lenson was In-
Soun e The March meeting of the stalled as Royal Matron and
Lounge Smith College Club ol the Mr. Floyd Van Dcusen as noy-
Palm Beaches will be held at al I'atron ol Gladioli Court No.
noon on Friday, March 26h at 14. Order ol the Amaranth in
I)elray lremeh La Coqullle Club. Manalapan. IDelray Beach on Saturday eve-

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ning iM.ar 201 Mr Janis ii
'Lrkelr I'sl Randnd louyal I'Pa.
Irin olf Florida. u%.a Ihe In.
sailing Ollrcer Olher dglRnl.
l.tlrl- Inrluded Mn (;Georger
Iron. Mrsn Iertha M Iultls.
I)epuly Supreme Iloya] Ma.
tron. and Mr JackL I. IHoward.
Randnd Sword Ik'Iarr. bl|h ol
OhmI. Mrs Eleanor Taylor.
Randnd Ilerlurer; 5Mr John
.%eElvecn. Randnd Marshal In
[he Exi(t. rs lerman Ikioh.
Assistant Randnd Iclurer as
('lorunaling Matlrun. Mn O'k.
ertfe .s the Marshal. and 'Past
loyal Pal Mr. John lodul
as lAldeIo the Manhal.
(Oher ofllrcrs Installed in-
cluded. Mrs Angle Vossos. As.-
ticiale Matron. Mrs Grace
IFourd. Treasurer; Mrs Theli
(;nodwin, Secretary; Mrs.
Jeanne KnabCe. conduclress.
Mrs. L.ucy Van IDeusen. Asso-
elate Cunduclress. M r'
Jackie Peel and Mr. Albert
Scharpf as Trustl ; Mn. Ma-
rllyn McElveen. Marshal In
Ihe East and Mrn Ftella Kil-
lian. Marshal In the Wet:
Standard llrarer. Mrn. Emma
Wayman; Prelate, Mrs. Frie.
da Willia Musician. Msn.
llta laVinec. Truth. Mn. Do-
lores Frenler; Faith. Mrs
PI'atsy Kreuscher: Wisdom.
Mn. Florecnce Iloward; Chari-
Iv, MrB llFtly Ilamey: listo-
rian, Mrs. Pearl Killlan:
Warder, Mrs. Sally King and
Sentlnel. Mr. Norman Palter-
son. Master Masons present
Included Past Wonhlplul Mas.
ter of )Delray lodge No. 171.
Mr. William Merke, who was
guest solist: other Maslen
present were Mr. Everetl El-
Ils of D)elray No. 171; Charls
Mead ol Iloynlon No. 236 and
Lean Kremcher of IBoca ilaton
Charlly Clrcle. with Mn.
Vosus as president, will merl
in Ihe Recreatlon IRoolmm ol the
Delray Masonic Temple on
Thunday, March 25th at, 8
p m. The next meeting of
c;ladioll Court will be held at I
p m. on Thursday. April 1ist.
A ranlh members and M
ler Masons are always wel-
rome. 111-1 VOTERS
In a move to encourage reg.
riralion of 11. 19 and O2-year-
old voters, Palm Beacb County
Suprevlsor of Elections ilor-
ace Ileasley. has arranged a
one-day on-campus registrar.
tion at Palm Beach Junior Col-
lege April I.

PI.ANNING( I)CORATIONS for the Women's e-.
publican Club luncheon and fashion show by Jane
Spencer Shop lo be held al the Delray leach Club,
Wcdnes y, 4Mrch 31 are Mrs. Jonas Cowan, Mrl.
nruce Wenlel and 4Mrl. June l.owell. Ilckel snd
reservatons may be Ined by calling Mrs. We4iel.

Slalnor'l Sacred Contola
Preented By

1910 North Swin4on Avenu
Delray Beach

11:00 A.M. I:

Mr. Frederick J. Tesch4 e 4 r. 4 )(
Ir4 ldc4s4 11.4 A.4 .. l6ls 4 S116 a Wl DII 14260 A44 D4l

wmf MEujins MO



f / If AMIRA'SC 1 /

90 NW 40th ST. loca eaton




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BANKAMERflCA D s6o NHO IIRH 101 rALIWy. PHON, 195.1),7 69.-44


t 3Bridge Tally

DELRAY BEACII UPLI was Mae Plntard Ducky I'e- I flery; third, inal Carey
CATE teon won bolivia and Mrd II. D. Smith; fourth,
RIDGE CLUB Joe Menlr. Ilelen Menr. and Joseph and Marion M urray;
Madelne lielander Won bridge and fifth, Ilrry Batlin and
Northsouth winners on on Thursday Elia John won Mrs. (;Gorge Streader.
March 16 were: first, Mr and cans l-r Itvl winner wIas GUL. StREAAIDUPLICATE
Mrs. J. Fo; Iecond, Mrs. K. DallyfLael. RIDGECLUB
SSctllon and II. Battin; third, Bridge winners on Sunday.
SMrs. L. Losee d Mrs. J. Ad' lrch 21 were Ite O'Brien. Playing northouth on
S\; td fourth, Mrs. G. Kel Barbara rIeaser. Iloward March were the following
lyandF. Kurtz. Itwntand Mable Itodger winners: firlt, Mro. E.J.
asttwelt winners Included: t -ti DUPLICATE Krtuse and Frank Wellert-
first, Mrs. M. Gow td Mrs. C. BRIDGECLUB dick' tied for second place
Coyle; second, L. MiIo itnd were Joseph and Marion Mur-
E. Towtn; third, Mr. J. Wit Norlh.loulh winner on ray and Mrs. Ficher and
lace nd Mrs. M. Cobb; tnd March 10 were: first Joseph A. Steinhouer; fourth, Idi
fourth, Mrs. M. Murray nd Follette nd Jared Fo.; s.c- MrcDowell and Rebecca Mi.
Mrs. K. Cltrke. and Mrs. John Pitcher arnd ion; fitllhSadra Willlttia nd
SENIORCttrriNS Mr. Iortoln Conrad; third, Mrs. Thomas Edgar; ixith A.
Mrs. McKenna arnd ir. Duquetited D.Simoneatu.
Brdge wilner on Sund ay, Gl Rhodes; fourth, Mrs D.M. East-west winners were:
March 14 were Carol Gray, Lee iand rothy layden; first, E. Fordham ond M. Van
ANN SAL oi i ose O'Brien, Edith Kershaw fifth, Mrs. A. I. SanLon lloand Vort; second Mr. eod Mrs.
St t r. IR tdmlh r or of Agape spoke to iand, tDo 'n Ht Ci J. Wickh; and sixth, Mrs. M. T.i. Jone; third, L. FloeLiu er
ythe Royl h. Republican Women's Club yt h Tue y's bridge wio ersn Derbylhireand Mrs. P. Chaco. id E. Penlnpon; fourth, Mrs.
luner tioe. Alto ipterng to the club Wra were DoroShy Pond, Jim Wil- East-west winnett included: G. Strender and Mrs. E.C.
Mrs. r E lC itrn o the R opublet lard, Mrgorte Pri. and first, M tie between Joseph and Chatfeld; fifth, Mrs. C. Blom-
CountyExecutive t J.J. Spoaford Carlat winner Mrion Murray ond E. Merr- rhleld rand Mrs. T. Keaveney;
man atd II. Ba ttn; third, Mrs. and sixth, Mr. and Mrs. Nor.
B. Wenmtn and Mrs. C. mn Fleld.
Mindewirth; fourth, Dr. iod On March tA the following
Mro. Chtrla Barns.; fitth, north ouAh played Eon: ie s..
t .W rMr. and Mrs. L.C. Andrews; George atd Pearl Ilyde; le
$ Tiad i.th, ElCnor .oehr.lh ood, Mo. C. tlomhleld ad
drmon dJese McGrth. Margaret Byrd; third, Dr.
SNorthsouth winner on Ctirles Barnes and Ed Pen.
SMarch 17 were: first Mrs. J. Ineton; fourth, Joseph ond
N ANIESALOST m Serwd t C McKeona and Ms. K. W. Marion Murrry; and fifth,
CUNCOAR CAUNIVERST ATON lamlorShl ertood ti d Ca : f Sribeur; second, Ed Merrolmn ttr ell and Virginla Biddle.
Dr. Williim J. Arms, minis-d ry. CdM. S ttt ird, ri ittt wet uded:
ter of the Ft. Pierce Unitarian CHRISToNj CwENCE A. I Siaon and Dorothy Ilay- firs. t, Mr. io d Mrs. arlI.
UntveiIalt Ptellowsiyp wlll o iblet, w be held Thoughts efelt O daly e. den; fourth, Mrs. D.M. Loee rii; second, Mrs. E.O. Col-
be thet. ustt p will be der. Tty,70 plel'mlt t etbrohdhloelt d DtJ. Grant; aod fifth, Mr. ton end D. Simoneu; ied for
doit It.i. r:.mt.o wnno.hp p lr, -afrIT oduet id nn iLa m "Rll ity" iondM L.C. Adrew third place were Vlrgilni
erveOe. R other PerTl T Chrlt; It Cohritln .e church E ito. t winnerst e:. Rinkt c .d Mrs. H.K. Do-
SEACMESTBOSLAIEMD Wednetdy, a .m. repeat ervicelthlilsry. flrst, tMr. il R hode. d retrueand F.A. Davis and
PRESBYrTEIANCHUOCIi of Tuesday eng; Wed rt Mn. Ruth org; second, Geore Gulgor; filth Mrs. Hr-
"Prayer of Contaon will dry, 7:00 p.m. llo to FPIST PIESBYTERIAN Mr. LPF. Bel d M rs. Glen ryMerrtll ndGrre Comell.

T.he Ttup r d o t ho" will be
the srmtosubjecot o .-
A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME Sth C. Mor .at the 9d 1Id
A.M. Worski Services of the
to see the Holy Land and Europe with\pe Fist P tanh li Church of
Delrary b a, locrted onf
Local Director from Delray Beach. Depart' B rs Suet off tCt Ate.
ing New York on June 14th for 15 and 21 I, onie blod from the beach. i
days. You can choose. Free colorful bro- \ TRMVOEAMNEUCALb
chu r on request LUTIANCHURCH
r\"Lkoo and U.vel" i the
Dr. Warren J. Nubern oit pleo of Rev. Robert "
P. 0. Bo, 67 C. lemi thist Sunday mom n-
DelrayBeachFloidaInts tIo8:30 and 11:00 a.m.
Doiray Beach, Florida 33444 i'li't Trinitty LutheranI
SWednesday evening,
Key pator emeritou, will AT THE SIDEWALK ART SHOW Jdgel R.R,
havuitIdi .Leotenorvictop- Selbenberler (leftI) oad Gerald Tiber are bowot
Ic he Cro Symbol I examining piftnfg., Adele Giles ad Jnu OGerard
She and Glory." Vllto.rs
v eelcome at all these ser- were awarded for the best appearill exhlbllt.
PLh UN... GTIoNAL Trips, Bonds Won At
Nt Sunday morning,
Ma2Mb N1, Pasion Studay,
91thSt., P.O... ti .C. ch hCat o St. Vincent's Bazaar
ON LAKE IDA 1066 Chch of the Palms, Caoe-
ptl, under the lrection of
Mdrrderlck J. Tesc. T wie Tl Aonitl St. Vincent For- Tire Company were won by
lenr and LoeweiTunr4, rtrStalneuscred cents- rer Bazar wit held Sunday Milu Joan Dcry, of 18 NE
HilaitoustyFunny MitCotitoTe Crt ttCrc It S"toor March 14. Winner o t he trip 7thStreet.DelrcSyBeaoth.
1,11-Coa mining wonhip, which be- for twoto Nau was Mr. Dona~ln to the bazar In
MY FAIR LAD et 11 A.M. In thip cath ho and C. Crowe o f Delray luded0.00 from the Arcade
td by Jo Conow he solos are by male Beach. To p Room, and I Oa from in
DtirtidlbyiaiC'onevcan. Thactaorequlresl53 Mrs. Agnes Prime. 6 O98 anonymousdonor.
M .h 19a.O ii0 ,23 a2 i.26, i 2 2 tnlutle, andwillbe brohdcut NE 40th Street, Boca ton Ntncy Curnrn, gnde 5 sold
Coa..i. .P.M.. t .ttrt.overfn.dioa .ton wonhe.00 ing bondg. ho hl.. ghefr.umbeorfa Uthoi.
rdi MItohne M tre 11at:o0 OBF,1420 on the dit, The aiquamarine rn., dorted 0. r.and won trip to Cape
"16 2lngatgll1f:O A.M. to theu baur by Milie llo Kennedy. Seond pce winner
Precedng the canta, from ucker, dfRedCarp et Tours. was Joan Deqrie, glrde 6.
Coming In April 1:30 to 11 A.M.,iMr, T Te wll won by MrsoKnnthE. wliC h ickehl; third. Willolm
"BORN iESTERDAY" ,inorgarecital. Be.man of 3tlrlleldod. .Ilun.r. grde L wthb 4 i Utck-
R Y AAll church shool claute are Delray Beach. el; fourth. Irene Weonenger.
by Gallon Kanin IP:30A.M. The V5.00 savings bend was grade 5. with 47 Uckets; fifth.
won by Mrs. Elibeth Bee. Gretchen Green and List
Auditions will b6 hePld Sanda, ch cher d tlf South Dtlle Itgh- Rose.igrddeh. with47 UckeL .
i, at 600 P.M at th Plohou ry. Dely ch. rade 5 s old tbe mot Uck.
ar* parts available for i12 moale, 41a JotObi...TheFEster dreusi Potur re fromthe Pierce eah. rth.attalofi33f
-th be frilly, n irtly. h TM_ __"ethnic" or r o t Pe_.h tt __
conllnue, with embroideries.
Sm of the dreses will be midi

SOUP Is the film feature
Ibl week, Mucb U4)1 at
Jbie Boynton aeeme In ITe
Suilhie Squire Shoppli
tCenter. Thbe film tsoL Gat
The fustcsl te t tiin ta d Peter Sell-
is 25.( ) ers,

The ftt mot hno trI ott Idaheuir
i0 ...tmn.p.h. i /CUSTOM-MADE
styled to your specifications,
We have a wide selection of
The fuotcat ron I trveled tin I quality decorator fabrics
1l h2i m.p.h.

Ifrtest man has traveled on wtCer
is 32t m p.h.


The hac Irn at I. uIol li en
ottrotct 0iCrilcf t @ SouthemBell
moon t~notiaau

PATIENTS ol the Betbhesdo topltal pedatrlic word enjoy tbeir ltouch at
miniature table and chairs et donated to The word by the Bet Sigma PhU, At
PUi Chipter. Mrs. Richard D'ialo lleft) and Mrs. Richard G uare memberbt
of the club.
Weight Watchers
March for Dimes
Weight Wtchersn Irom Boc
atlon to nittvllle will be ald-
aIg the Mirth of Dimes Ihls
month while they keep their
eye on the erile. "Etch
pound tbey lose will be
matched by a donation rom rea lly
Weight Wtchen," sysi the Now real y.
director, Crole Sothem.
"We'll match each pound W ho ever
Ollh a penny donullon Lo the
March ol Dime Marchaulon,"

heard of
Membenr of her it-tf are of-
ferlnl| their own special coldtrl. h r
.udlon by joining the Miwrbo-
thn April A. They'll be walk.
Inwllth the other marchers to
p r unds for he bir giving away
.... (or htb..... a swimming
"You bet your life I'll be a swi m ing
nwalkg the entire 2t mlltt."
auyi Ronnie (Mr. Miarvini
Girnett. Mrs. Grnett wunn't
always trim. "Four yean ago
I couldn't tie my Sha. I'll
ibow my liludeota that once
you've tlt weight you can
The walk Is open to all con.
cerned citlitea, iat or thin. It
will cover iOmJle area with
Irequent rest itopl and re-
frehments breab. Tle March
of Dimes profit by the num
ber of paonso each walker
Dr. Je.s C Moody tlbthe to-
cal chairman. Marchers will Come register.Rule Pool Company,
.tther at he Cpr. -by4he- 6780North FederalHighway, FortLauderdale

Here's PROOF

that I paid the bill!

YOUR CANCELLED CHECK ends all discussion
as to whether you paid a bill.
This "automatic receipt" feature
is just one of many advantages
of paying by check. Some others are
safety, economy, convenience.


Ope.n 9,5 M1100 9. FEDERAL HIGHWAY

.. 41I S red. nir, 0lm Ij Membr el Federal Dhepodt Insumncr Corp. Member of Fdemnl IRe ern Syslem





Arl.io caKnned sealoilI
iltems ii ailtl e I n marketsI4li.
div. salmlron shares honoib
%%iih luna is lops in pularity
wilh consumers in ll ovecr thi-


MAIIY ANN UIII.AII and Erne Simon, as seen by
noled crrtoolist-lrtil (George Shellhase, In the roles
of Ella and Ilenry Illggins of ".My Fair Lady."
S Salt salmion was an Inopor.
lit htIlenl ot Irade between
17th C. about178.. after he a. .
vent ol packing in ice. fresh
sIlllon Aere shipped to Ion.
don fronl the Scottish rivers In
the north The sliver lsh
wre sil bountillul In the Iligh.
)id lyou ever see the ocean a more intense blue lanl they were led llalnly to
green than it was on Sundav. ir the sky so beautiful the servants. but In la.oidon
tempted all the artists to run lor their pallrllettes"'' Didnl their vadue was greater than
It make you feel lucky Io be dim n here lien call e hi beI sleP ak
sister In Kentucky a Sew nights ago She said that up
there. snow flurries were alternating with brisk winds
and II w.as very cold Frankly I had enough ol that
weather veas .Ago. so now. I n llimes of discontent Ive hlllln was pac'kedi ice
got a lool-prool cheerer-upper: just open the Ireezer llr Irasportation over short
door ani pretendlll m back North. Amazing how luckv iI dilSint.l .nd eaten Iresh.
makes me lhcl mulktd. sailed ur dried until
one dly In 1%4. when Ihe flrst
lut thuo l with homes up North are oftllen anxious I'aCill sa hon cannery w as
lor the change when April rolls aluund. Mrs. C'harlls opnedl un the Sacramento
McKenney. accompanied by three ol her grandchillllrn. Liver in t'alilorna iy Ilod.
the }iSchards. wlll leave on the Illrs lor her IIrockton. il l standards. Ihc canning
Ma4achustts homrle alter having spent -a pleasant hut process was very crude. Tin-
busy winter In Delray. T'o chaulleur the Iroup north. siiths could turn out only a
lew dozen hand-made cans per
ward. since his lather had Ilown up a lew days in day and the fish were cleaned.
advance, son llrian will arrive in Delrav Irom the cui and packed by hand.
McKennev countri'house in Marshlliild. Massachusetts. The demand lor canned
Leaving our area about the same lime will be the salmon became su great that
Charles E. Ioberts. wAho had been coming down from belore long it could be found
their New Ilampshire home and Motel-operation lor Ifrm 'apetown to C'ape (:od
many winters ito visit her brother and his wife. Gil antd the nest'oast fproumt alifo.
Doris Mac.Mlnigall before buying their own place in n Ia P'ugel SSound and finally
Boynton last year. \'istlling the oberts this nonth Irom to Alaska Now. Alaska pro-
New England are three of their grandchildren who will dues close o 95 per cent ofl
be returning this weekend: II. J. Entwsle ol Wiall.. the nation's annual consump-
more; and laurie and Jell lHunter ol I.enox. Mass lton f 3"1 mllllon cases of
Enroute to Iovnion each year the lohberts alwa;vs vil1l canned salmon, wlth Washin
tun. Oregon and (Calfornla
at their homes. contrlbting the remainder.
The llarold Davs went to (ainesville this weekend
to see their oldest son. 'rerrv LDa. graduate with his CAN SIZEl: Salmon i pack
master's degree In Science In Engineerilng Irom the Ce mainly in 3 del rent cans:
C11lThel- undtalla ItI-I
Univcrsitv ol Florida. crcnmonies took place in the pound Ilat. each rontaining 2
gym on Saturday. alter which the lamily had a Ireal cups. servin 4. in C lIn
llet-tOAleher l although sons. lhickv and Donnie eIll lor pound flal contains I cup.
the races at Sehrlng.l rerrv has been hired by the serves two 3I lThe l.pound
Humble i01 Coi and the vounk lamilv will be leaving flat can. containing 3I ounces.
soon for lalaavette. ouislalla. is less common, erves one
Ikeause canned salmon Is ide.
Am anxious to see lv Fair .adv" at the Ilav- al for large-scale cooking.
house during the short tine remaininR.'lor we've heard cial 4.puund cans are packed
nothing but the highest praise Ior the pr uclion' Ior hispurpose.
Opening night. which we understand was a sell-out. was
given an extra lillip when members ol the audience saw C'ANNED VARIEITES:
that well-known artist. (;AIrge Shellhase attllendin Five varieties o salmon are
with his attractive wile. Ilelen hall been skelchlng lonnnA ^ i l I hthey rank ke
scenes ol the plav Iron the 2nil ro Illow tile artist in this. chlnook or King. filed or
unlv a tew seconds in the ldark can turn (ut such Sockeye. Medlum nled or SI.
vigorous I uork Is a tivstery (;lleoile llo hais illus. ver. I'lnk. 'humor Keta
tiatei p 1roiuselv lor inminv national magazines anil usually the highhnstpriced
nrsplAlpers said M Fair lladyv as inlllenlllcen salmon has the reddest color.
like aI Ur~lol dav pr uclon. lvervi.ii)(v went hoiiC r the lirmest flakes and is pack-
i1 A [irala pr u I.el d t holne led in the richest oil. Ilowever.
happv One ol his clever persnnll Ilipressions s is allvarieties can be used iner.
shown here changeably. I ugh some are
Miss i:lndv Murnrv. whos beecn a water sking preferable lor salads or cold
champ almost since her baby davs. lust received ward plates because ol Ihelr pretty
that she is now qualified, both in slalom and lumping. color other taste Just as good
lor the big Masters" Tournament coming up soon. This in ooked dshes nn
II next to the highest tournament in the world and the salmon is a complete protein.
news was nalurallv verve welcome to her. The champion In the samef ood group as
Japanese baseball player. Masaichi Kanada visiting meal. poultry, cheese and
James .Mihuril. who she recently taught to ski lor egrs Also, added to Ihe calci-
Nippon TV ol 'Tokvo. was -very co-ordinaled, tile m present in the flesh ol
young blonde said. and learned the new sport easily. fre h salmon. Here Isthe cal
A sport ol a dill..rent sort was won bvy liovnton's ....lade ava i .lahle by sofit
mein of the bones of the fis
Bill Ilowes this month lie IS now the Mecns Pocketl duringlcannin(gsothey ome
Billiards CIhampion at I'alm Beach Junior college an edible part ol the fish
haviln won the school championship match a three Then. canned salmon contains
day competition on March 4. The tournament was important quantities ol ine
scheduled righl at midlerms and Iill had to squeeze his in a form readily available lor
win during an hour oil he had between two big Isls body's use. is abundant in Vi-
tslamin I) ail a good source ol
laler. when Sports Dav is held at the college, tilt \iamin A Moreover. Ihe ilts
champ. who I understand comes by his winning natural- in salmon are unsalurated and
Iy. will represent I'UJC against a number ol other iI Is easy to dpiK a perlect
junior colleges. 1 ilI gol his start at the age ol seven (in choice lor everyone
Ihe amillv pool table. s oon alter, he used to drive his CALORIE C'OUNT: IIyou'rr
sister Betsy wild hv challenging her watlng dates to a a Aelghl.satcher. you'll be
pleased io know I t salmon is
game. and to her embarrassment. beating them inerci- relatively low In calorl- For
les31V"esample. equal portions ol
J1L salmon and lamb chops con.
laIn aIblo tIh se at h unt ol
\ protein But. 4 ounces ol lamb
chops Iotal 45 calories. Shile
4 ounes ol salmon add up to
just I50calorles'

Sometime Ishere's doubt
aLout Ahether or not to drain
canned salmoln Wlore uilng
auot honle economsllls srpnl
tll herl thls dvl 'ndi mlllotly on
,out t;alste and ),our rtv.ip
Ilolul l l ru l ilillnn a ddili l It)
A "I I KIhe Ifavor o. Kt..i chowders.
Ulu aik.es andcasseroltes
JILL HIIOES and his trophy as I DJC DIIUard wi Some coks preler Io drain the
ner. 302 S. FEDERALHWY. BOCAKRlAI&Ait4ikd tv U%.Kdi. td

I leas a gratd lenion or
I III, c ind
I I ab rg
Salmon's Canny juice

StIablelpspo l capped palrle)
~ 11 cup while Inc
2itblespoonsK oftKutbler o

I tab ,lespolons rl flou
Is cup beavy cresm
Is cup sauteed bread crumbs
IN ibla.poons chopped ca-
2i 13iuptooked tire D)rain liquid Iromlsialmuon ilnt
2llblespoosl melK ll,,uter or a cup Imeasure, set aside
margarine Flake salmon Into, mixing
Icalll.1 bIslmon Kowls i IlAn breadcrumbs Owl
I cu p fIrIAtd Sits cI e K. ule grat union in mellld -
3 eggs butter olr filarglirine for 3 inin.
I cup milk ute. olII r tilAlo A Is IraP1I d
11 teaspoon gall e A onion and butler or
11 teaspoon Irnbly Kdround l maralrine to salmon nuilure _v 9
pepper Add I emon or II l d I Ain r an
erry)tomatel fral.lbl jib lell. eK1i. pepper. SgIlIand
hall of the parsley. %lit and
!'inntnl salmonll is a budget -
sitl .rlt h" since there Ile oven to 0 degrees beatTHOROUI GHlLYIu Form
".1 teclU l what )OUr bay It': Combine rice and butter or Il lnu lr l bls m Everything good and good for )a I~Plon
a qullk-LI Iconven II ence ( l.1magarie .lne a I 1511 rl bak lure glll be slticky. Ts almon _Oj .i ,d In thisSALAI
Iloo, anti thus a Ixlon to hui Ing dish with rice. pressing it liquiu in measuringl cup. add eggs.chees and ilk -are
upclo hl evenly over bollA II and sidsl wine Fill cup with water to ON D, d TChTRTREAT. Ilow i o~ ,it bedelicios
oIfhe dish. Fda ke salmon. re- make a toall ol 2 cups liquid and nuritilou,,l oo!
Canned salmon lends itself d ervilgliquid Sprinkle uall of lour liquid inta l 0-ll III kil.
to imllaginatie. quickI entrees teIAch e over Ihe rice. top lIel COVARIlId S.ININIFI. b for
10 mnult. Caefuly tun skllet. saute bacon till crimp;
to serve 21MOSI any tIme. with salmon. then re InAll lng lS Ii Caelully 11 SALION-EGG "QUICKIE" drain n absorbent piper.
from noon to midnight. It's a cheese. Beat eggs LIGHTLY.Y balls will slolt spoon COV. 0lebcn.Pu olh
popular chilled luncheon fea. stir in mAll salmon liquid anLd it and S NiIUIi for 10 more Cr um bleb C acon.Porffll hi
turewith a simpleaompani. seaAonings. lPour over Ihe minutesla n alve balls from I canA (Ib.)salmon con fat1from skilltad
ment oAlimeorlemonwedgel s KlmAIhene mi IIxture.lBake liquid;k. ip warm Mixso fri IsetpIb.II same sklllet melt butler or
Als,. salmon is delicious in hot inA I'UIIEUATTA oven about butler or margarine. flourand 2a bresblpooas butter or of marlarlne. Sute onion a
loaves. served like meal loaf. 25 minutes. or till rknife in. sardine to a smoti h paste. rio .pIr about minutes. or till
in bilcuit pinwheels with sArted InthKcentercom esout GIIADUAL.y silm111ixture I cup chbpped Kre i= I I s transparetl. Add sea-
crearny sauce; In casseroles; clean G;arnish with cherry lo- Into liquid inskillet and cook. "Jib tops sonings and salmon. Combine
for sandwich illinIlKs;s. pa t maloes.Yield: 8servingsl STIllINl IIs. ll ceIs thick I iKKpeppear, S eggs, cream and WorlesCtr
InK. ilke 'burAger and many ended Stir incLream. cp. epKrs 4I aspoon.l Are. Add tosklllet,; ook over
other ways SAUCY'SALION BALLS andremainingPlarsley H.lReturn 1iKtapooKKcoy low-moderale heatl. stirri
Ci 11ruits igrateKApe,,II. balls to sauct. spoon sauce I eggs,LG1MTK Ki. CONSTANTLY. 1tl1 'Kgg KIr
andhherb, especiallyltarragon. Ican (I ib.) salmon l ver them;A l i C and SIM.i A c 'ipplightcr, JUST SET ibu ll I creamy.
ifrshen the flavor of canned Illllce koitdbekdiid MhllIll or 2 miluts. Sprinkle I i.eapoon,, Ql Wir ll r Tum Into serving dish; sprin-
slmon. I itblxpoKnglrated onlon lwth sauteed crumbs and Kerve kle with crumbled bacol.
Featured below are various K tablespoons smelled butler or hi Yield: AbociiAservings Flake l iK; set sideK. In Yield: 4 to 5 servings.

oil,. T E 9NS


-- 129
R s I.p N O.. ill .7 ., / lv .
OPE 1 6 W/ 'u IThurs.Frl.Set.

PENNGMarch 25-2627

. :;..."c ... No S

"a 61-1" aa. \
Phrmenol . 99 hur k

R.odnopl A ... or9 Wo s . . . 9
Fancy Folh 39c

OS aor M .ov ..,ur Por Lit 39, Filers'y T;

Bolo .c... ...... 4 59. C
?ffo 1-0 Sirloin,

Buffd Flounder .2 98 C boneless Round
ShimpC'o' c ..... ..

Re''o'd:n .....5. +, Clorn Roas a 9 . 7 9<

.,,-Sour room.in,.i 119 ,
B, .....tone's ...lar. Caifornia.

F hln / ". o Low fat Ra ul+ .
C 1';9 Chr'" .. .... 69" .

Dlhr'l Oold gul
Spictd Luncheon .. K 694
Plumncs Imported
Sllced Ham .... K. 494
lIkelPur@. Po, Whol Ha
BogSousagS K . 590
Jullln Fol.lSh'i Cookld lllf
Tongue a ..... *^D .I"
Copeland's Varliet PwA or
lunlchM .... 'Ka 69.
Ou*r M=T*'AU Mut Wlkwn
orP ur* I
Franks .. s I 794
oCwh, NM9
Smokles .....9 K 3694

II .rd.s Ky ,

Sliced Beef .... 4 1' 4 ,1.

Poach Pi . . 494 ;
Rhubarb. .. H 394
Monon'l 11.ol. DOnlih Pwan Twlle
or MIII-A.W Colffe Cal.
AppIe Danish . ."'59+

Ham Om le -09.".. 9+

Chicken & Noodlel .""*t79s
Oein Olint Whilt A
Wild RIc . . 'Im 49 ,;
Colonlil rarm Frenh flosen
Sllcd Mushrooms ^ 59<
N'a 0or.
Garlic BrStd .... 59+

Planivn. Rock Cornish.
Irotn. U.I.D.A. Inspecled
istingChickens 394 .
rnh "allr or Whole
It Hu s as 591
Premium Any Flo~or.
16 solv P~lllv or Unks
Isage ...... 1,0"S S 4 4
Iqd~vmwrwn wpwCcwptn) .
I Premum. Boneles. fully~ookod '
itess Halm . .a
516H Gmnm Starm" o Coulon rvquwedl

Newsi-Jorul. Triay, hMarch, I

Ride .
ill IEA I R E ai lInd ACME TAXI

Rcatonoble Ratos
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Fruit Cockl ill. .
ol I pllced. Crulhed. Chunks ol d IIIt
Pineapple ... 4 "-

Sli.lr'l, cumIll*
Golden Con ..4 ;' 894

Green Peas .. .4 1' 894
Stokely's Cut. Rach "Via or wlolf
dreen Banl "B .4" *.
Vie mp
Pork & Beaon. 2 ;." 894

Cake Mixesl.. .3 s- $1.
Mllkburhe Rludit Serve Choollla Fudge
Fjostlng.. . ". 49c
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Soup .... .. :5 .II

L r

mong club member attending Ihe ABWA IlHand o
rlendshJp Tea on March 21 were (Ilt1 to right) Mrs
ay Vargas, lea chairman, MSirs. Lea Ilanlen, cl1,
.eildenl, and Mrs. )Dollie Cuslmano, membrshbl

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Open Daily to 5 P.M. 54I1 1. I
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Mc~rthues~od Sandwichrr . .2 89
Sherbeft 9 494 Breakfast Club Hamburger or Not Dog
Holsr8 ~ Buns ...... 2 ""39t
Cucumber Slies .. 33t rSlft Wsorv UWss,5orted Colos.
Kroh'sWno Bathroom TiRrur. 3 PIr 794
French DrsIng .U 35R Luncheon Most. MapleF.lvord
Ivory uld GentleRWhile Tr I ... F.. U. 594
VIII RWo ff lEbel) .11 l M oo .
DelrgoF9 .a496 Peanu Busar 10L 63t
Coevn Ile" Crrm F Regulr Mrs. O II'o SedlesR .d Raspberry,
hallart. hllanBlou o hryo
Sl haladDesngs 1`1. Strawberry;
DORFRFi ?iS ESR Mr hndsPd Pr oti 2 i. 1.
Krspy Crack. .e . E 436
Noblwo NuiaDuncan ine
W~bboollllBrownie Nx. . 59s
Vanilla Wafer. .'$ 43o 0

-K 29'
mao llrlr or qu Luncheon Napkins 2 "' 39o
BarSup .. ..2 49FAI
P lfran ouiChoolate Flav59ed
ColdWtelr 11 .s.A.05 1 Ov8ll9e 1

Dletrgen Pears. . 655 M 9'hedPotal 2 P 19
Wlutternumul Rlcund
PotatoFChip O.U. RICO .. .. 69

Fresh. Local Oro ~ ZY~9

Spignih'. i'a so 394
South 07I

S les p fru 59;

Dell 1s 894

Anjou ears r*.-A. I iY 594
[Modlurn 136 Bit... I lot 4C
Dolkloul lla e.-WhI Germ
Butternu S u lotrr~,~I, 10
FreshDug. Flotr o. U.S. No
Red Potatoe a a a mel. 394

-i--- .._ B

1 Tropical Gardening

Ily IIAITM)IITH owH Hore thln 28 countrlo and
-itrnilon Agent Ihe incr ling numll r of hcnl
rm lh prolramln aimed at controlling
For the pasl several years thL sly hIr small growers and
the (Cariblbean fruit ny has be- hs meonners was Initialed by
culne Increali-oly series In enlonmologula at the Unlverli.
Souuth Flor I. The fly allac ly uof Florida Institutle ol Food
peaches. Surinam cherrli, and Agricultural Sclienc s ear.
Ruavas ind riher slit Iruils. ly in 1961 This was in addll
dlep.iting III eggs in the ib other studio and coopra.
yoolg frutll. The hatch In live area control Invnsigs.
Lie fruit and are found as lionru with the Florida I)Depart.
I while rraggulots when the ruit menlt of Agrlcullure's Divoulun
i. cutupen. of PIlant Industlry and the
SIISDA P'lant l slblbControl Dvls
lescaue of the spread of the slon
Issaribbean rui fly Ihsough Is11
In all c .treatment show.
Ing bst control was begun
while the fruits were still Im-
mature and before they
showed any softening or color
break. Treatment was apphi
by conventional ground spray
equipment with the foliage and
frutll prayed to Ihe poin of
esen t run-off. Sprays were appli
twice weekly but it was fel
that where a preventive pro-
would ube lulllcient. however.
where a population ol flies has
1 1 9 9 already developJd. Ihe spray
will be necessary on a twice-a.
week schedule.
While several materials
were tesaled, they have not yet
n At ben cleared for homeowners
me. The two that may be used
by homeownenrsare Malathion
and Carbaryl ISevln). at the
IN C rate of 2 Ias per 100 gallons of
,III, gts Rteswater.
99-130) t For homeowners and others
using small volume sprayers.
the suggested amounts of In-
seltlcides are a follows:
Malathion 50 per cent liquid
concentrate 2 teaspoons per
gallon of water.
Sevln 5O per cent Wettable
powder I tablespoons per
gallon of water.
ii Waiting period for harvest of
fruit ater application of nsec-
tclldes sMpalathlon 7 dayl and
551155 .5 F Sevsn 1 day.
R1n0 79o_ S FCAUTION All In ectlcides
are polsoa. Head and he the
o I inIlrucllom on container la

W tf lssThe ltED SPIDEn MI
's r hasl been reported to be ex-
Pl~tf or Platf~r t Iremely numerous on a num-
ber plant such s crotons.
I.. ---- -suscepllbl e planls around
GrnSta have found it difficult to obtain
luS.Sm i^S.'Z good control with standard
yru materials.
:1-.1.1 in. Control of thl Insect can be
~ CHLy y '_ Y obltalned by applying one appll.
S. --._........ cation per week of one of the
reIn following matelrals Dime-
. ......... I atle Lygon) or Meta-Sy-
lob-R. These material being
Coconut systemic. will probably give
r 1 longer lasting control than the
R . older maleriali such a Kel-
1;1 r thane. AramU t and Tedlon. or
m llGreenStams the combination oprys such
S R. . 5 as e on plis oil emulylon and
Choco"lte 'a'or malathlon pliu oil emulsion.
F"- ' imi The ,ystemiCs should be ap-
rrE s piled before the mite popula-
lion becomes heavy.

S t .. age Ib done to Royal Palrn by
Clgaon the ROYAL PALM BUG. The
JI="- =,= a... mlFM I Royal palm is the only known
T.LooIT host of this bug. aid the pesli
A l 1 are found primarily on the
e . a newly opened leaves, doing
S. 80 their greatest damage by feed.
ulu Ing on the ledneUs lha have
Liquid Dlorgl nl . 89o mosl recently broken away
s from Ihe tightly folded emerg-
ing leaf. The damage first ap.
quid Detergent . s 85. Ps..M11.1 lSo
.5pear a small yellow spos l
Lu.Auorted caaed by the destructlon of
Bar Soap . . 2 39 the cells through withdrawal
of the sap. As the leanets be.
;Ibs sd h"ally lol.. ... .......
B 7 :Soap .... 2 471 come older, thy gradually
turn brown and In cases of
Dlhwalher heavy Infestations, entire
All . . . 77 leaves will ihow these
Co ld ter symptosU.
All ........ 774 Control I with Dlasnon or
Dimethoate (ClgonH Use ms.

sulfielent spray to allow some
to trickle down Into the bud of

SIledges vary In height from
one to 3O or 4 feet. They may
5be evergreen or declduoau.s
have Slowers or fruit or both
and produce stalking foliage
colors. Formal hedges are usu.
ally clipped; Informal hedges
are allowed to grow naturally.
If you have plenty of room
you can often have a more
beautiful hedge if l t's left on.
clipped with only onal
Flulff pruning.
All Deltrgent ",,,." 854
Color Bleach Iledges can be used (or pro.
Rlnsi Detergent . 85s le ctlon. screening. back.
Degroulnd, windbreak or beauty.
1 aErly sprlno is usually the
Uuld De rgent 631 besl I to plant a hedge. Es.
FlnllTouch pec.lally i. f the plants have bare
Fabric So~loner. BS, rool. Ilowever. balled and

(GTvercre hedges planted In

s In theory, any shrub or trbl
sco,,d be grown as a hedlb e. AI-

or slowed color you see.

AS TIHE DOORS OPENED al I p.m. on Friday, tbe
J9lb, Briny' Ilobby Club president, Iright ront)
Eisthber Loby, and her two Show Commtlllee charwo-
men, Mary Pier. center, and Willa Vogel greeted hbe
first visltor to lhe Biggest lobby and Craft Show in
this area of the southeast coast. On left, visitors
Frieda Kl anld lHarrlet Bullo, of Briny.



Chatter V

By Charlotte Knaus

Guess we all make mistakes but when Charlotte
makes one It's a colossus! Just In case you made a note
to attend the Ilobby Show at Briny on the dates men-
tion In the column a week ago, forget it. The show
was last weekend and a great success! Over 2200
folks from all over came to oh! and Ah!
The Auction which Is held every year for Sweet
Charity was on Tuesday, the 23rd, and was very well
attended as usual. Also. the Bake Sale chaired by
Minnie Rawllnson who was assisted by Alice Downing
and Jessie Galway can only be labeled as DELICIOUS
The Pancake Supper which was served to 450 hun-
gry people on the Saturday evening of the Hlobby Show
by the combined efforts of the Good Music Club and the
Bicycle Club, led by Marshall Rusell, was one of the
innovations hor this season. Judging by the expressions
of satisfaction heard later not only was the food all one
could ask (why not, with Marshall supplying some of
that fabulous Vermont maple syrup), but the service
was good and the atmosphere was one of hustle and
bustle! Perhaps this should happen more often!
Last week the Angel of Death whisked away another
of our old-timers. Madellne Ives who was well.known In
Briny's art world and the Choral Club had gone to her
son's home In Elsah Illinois, Just a few weeks ago. She
had always been such an active, happy, young-looking
gal that it doesn't seem possible her smiling face has
been removed from Briny on a permanent basis.
Ev Ryan, while washing his boat the other day
slipped, lost his footing and plunged down between the
boat and his dock. lie was severely cut by barnacles
and had to be treated at the emergency room at
Bethesda. le's recuperated but It was a harrowing
The wedding bells have rung for one of Briny's long
lime eligible widowers. Last week Clyde Swarr was
taken out of circulation by Agnes Vlvlan and we wish
them a long and happy life. Clyde Is one of the master-
minds of the Good Music Club which has been giving
such lovely Sunday afternoon concerts.
The Al Slckmunds Just bade farewell to their two
daughters who were here for a nine-day visit, leaving
with a Florida tan that was still slightly pink. They are
Nancy Doherty and Marcia Falrchlld, both from Con-
nectlcut. Bettlly says It's he first chance In years that
they've had to really visit- all three of them, plus Al.
John Ray was rushed to the hospital with a heart
attack last week. We're happy to report that he's now
home and good, considering. Jeanne says he had a
worse one twenty years ago and Is therefore looking
forward to 20 more good years!
At our Library In the East Clubroom next Sunday
afternoon from 3 to 5, National Library Week will be
celebrated with a Gala reception and a nationally
known Guesl-of-llonor. "Christy" of the Catherine Mar-
shall book by that name, otherwise known as Mrs. John
Wood, the author's mother.
All of the town notables will be there, and som
very edible tidbits so why not drop by for a visit?


W ANTED .js N4fothoca
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people .. h P'.10- 1 iirp. "No fi
:a~nlrrr nn~llrl nr~l 7ulISlnMY Wevelle Avee ereIr*I~r 1110 L AA..Q A- LAI set Gets "I
JA~ra46atickmahoma 6,nty NIAJAI UA 4 NAIIIIIII, 00110A eirligFAAK LORIDA LAII PIA N.Y.
1001 E. ATLANTIC AVE. -O t he lu I eRat aieleni I M 3n So. 3" 1,41;A*ntilie posrb) ULYA
Icle 278-2821

WOLVOL rl"14 All the wanudd

O-la- 11dg.. Sell. iti.d .olted,-I
-Pa. .114ii~g lok 9 We'll, P" 121.


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EAST TOWN Our trap sr svnning Woo.n. it, owamjc. IMMM,
A N"r Concept Wrood. poroleatn of, in Ivory, one, *11l rrryo l61Ml
c rits and businesses fr the %eaterway o the 81Yu you rlIn as siloumulnefelylll
tls-t&C sn. "Big solidl bloclka of hppn upois tciii SIII11" oda h Preai w ihIfgil1fItYUmisfo orell
LAST TOWN conceive by the People Of the 7:55 t H: 11 I. 1122 ff. Atlantic Ava., DeLsy Beach 278-1203
Ronald Too Johnson Co. %VDBtF 1420 NaP901. PLO. 0 Petoskey, Mich.
Adrcwt.@lrS and Public Relations
Call us to learn howslge D LHU D s O
am these passiessit L
ab mrcn Institute, of lmttrlP Designers

Frre Gremin' YO 21 /lour

Fo ~igThe hrart of Ea Tu
JOGG E. AllanlikA,. oe.27-71


Rule Celebrates

25th Anniversary
I lie A' ih anniversary nl f he Virnnj. Austria. I the city e l
I,,l ahllhnnh l of the siln. Venire. and to the resort coist
minen pell industry In this area. Spain lie also buil.l ils
ian arrived th the advent ol in tie 'CartbbeeIln Ilnand an
the sprnie I|.ul building sea. the IlWhaliaS. and is nexldlal-
on I'untractor Frank M In l Ior a malor project on the
Ileule. vho piuneerrd the busi- ilandol llermuda.
nes andi his built many al A number e o'the pmls he has
I,.d Ilhrh i'ouncy/ m nstal led or P'alm Ileach
(,Ljborate Installations. re o'aunty famlies have won Igold
,lllred thal he installed his mdals in national design com-
he 6 el inodetrdh.i llen ork in e thi area
I on about brought him lo the alleni nl
inat en ut. leU ileln ae en Austrian baron. lubcrt von
elciilr In eNucil lram lel.ce aul. ho needed a pool fIr a
n.ll Iscuwid I'ulnty in an av. reesrl outside Vienna RIul
l, fae ,ear -nast year's total later (ld a her Inr the bar
(it 1.7l1ei having been balance 's" nitneon n Inn ns'eil del
hoy nix)at 3.al the year before .a hi I Oe nrcl
Itule caulles the pool c or .n elarate pool in a c unh
tlaclnh bcsin in the are; urbaeolenlpe
mllhon. a other 5 million I Itule developed the hirl au.
inv ite yearly by pool owner Lomatic aell-cleaning pool ever
inservicerandmainenance. to be marketed nationally in
Ilule hi rll has extended this country. and ha a patent
his ,tlVilies Jar aceld Ii, on the desnln. called NoVac.



"1165 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach
/ Telephone 276-6930

Hr "[enWela Stressdo' 1Mon5d5 frildy
I rem 7tl3S t11:00 lWDIF Radio 1420
--- ---- :: :: :_ -- ---:: : _- --

Announcing the Opening
df a New Shop in
Boca Raton

Needlepoint and Crewel
0 ryar.nds endaceses
0 unque line of designs an canvas
S VICullom designed,
*Icnaiellogive ni. on Moadar
and Tuesday

N't're in ther Arcedl,
Mepy by1gold.may1.Holo"


Immediate Occupancy on -
luxurious apartment reside

The DOeray Colonial combines trodili6nDt'A
.with modern convenience in one of Delrl
able locolions. Siltuated in a quiet relide.ilia
a short distance to shop, churches, bank, e
* Complete General Electric Kitchen P
(widh large pool & polio) e Prime location
Delroy Beach MIS C-130 HE
To See Models call 278-40
John Banting, Realtor, Exclusiv

111 N.a'lI1lk V oDIIlIAT 11n iIOIIDIs f

l i I I


Brads. uyedS Illit| o of We llll ram ea llaun
were the prize pupU of Chilel Instruclor Clyd
ceremony was held al Belheda's auditlorlum I
Gory Gooder)

FAR President to

Address Realtors
The president ol the lorida thIbe aoclatlon's education
Asoctation of Iealton. John committee In 198 and I 9 In
It. Wood o Naples. will ad- the past. he haI also n
dress a Joint meeting of the chairman ol the assoeialions
Delray Beach. Uoca RIaton and Ieallor-lawyer. rules and by.
Iompano-Deerlield Uoards ol laws. standard lormns. and pro-
Ieallton. Wednesday. March lessional standards colnm l-
31it a a noonluncheon. In he I lie served as a vice pres-
'rystal Lake Counlry Club. at I nt in 1966. and won Ihe
PIompano. according to Paul Florida "Realtor of the Year'
Splher. prudent ol her. prdent of the Del award in 69 On the nati al
ray achBoard, level, he is on the education
I'r dent Wood will bring rommltleerolthc alllonal Als-
the Realtorsn inlormaion con. socialion of el e l stale
cemrning current activities ol lalds.
the state assoclatll which President Wood is a former
now Is climbing toward the president. vice president. sece
11.000 mark In membership. rtary., and treasurer ul the
being second only to Calllor- aples-on-lhe-Gull I rd ol
nia. Speieher sad. Iealtors. A native ol Star
Other IReallor ollIclals la l City. Arkanas. he attended
ed Lo attend Ihe luncheon Ilenderson State Teachers Col.
meeting will be Guy nassl ol le and the Universily ul Ar.
Fort Lauderdale. District I kansas. rceilvlng degrees in
vee.-preslden ofl he FAHR, conomilc and la lie lI gan
who will introduce the Ipeak- his real estate career at Na.
er. ple In 1957. C.urrentlv. he
President Wood. 41th Prel. lakes llactive pan in the.aples
dent ol the Florida Assoclation e hamber ol C'onmece.
ol Realtors, Is the irtt itate I'nlled Fund. lliov ouls. Civll
Ileallor chlel eecutlve lo Id Air Patrol. and the Naples
the Gill iGraduate. Realtors Zoning Board ol lAppeal. lie
Instiltutei nallonally.recog. nd his aile. Wanda have a
nlind desigltlon. lie headed tenagelon.l'hllllp

Sketch Artist Draws Diners
Quickly worklln n dim llbht 113 S. Federal Ilwy. in Lakek
to create chrcoal Illkeneues, Worth, where he will stay for
Enrlil Malhey. Ihe celebrated Is month of the year. The
ikelcb artist and carlrilurrsl, other si., he and his bride will
will be drawing for Delray travel lo Melico. where he
Bead diners at the SpanLsh aLho hI a ItUdlo.
River Inn Monday through
Wednesday evenlngpl begining Enrllkusleletches and cari.
Marh 22.c elur sell for 10 and .
Will enormous blue eyes depending on the view desired.
that take In every detail of his
subject, the quick Enrlki can
make a likeness In les. lime Southern Bell
a It tLkel to eeat dessert.
Satlllied cllenl include the Cables
ELnh the Kennedys.Locaes Cables
Barry Goldwaler. Walt DLsney
d Elv Presley. Southern Bell has Initiated a
Enrkil is no stranger to thb new service of locating under-
art, because or mort ol hl 53 ground cables In anattempt to
years he has been travelling put an end to having cables
around the worlddrawing like- cut, CF. Stuart, repair lore-
eases. mn., laid Monday.
lie presently ba a studio at "In January we had 38 cabl.
\ a Irom 25 to l O pair cables
\ cut In Boca Raton only." Slu
art sc reported "Slnce we began
he underground cable location
Saervlce, we have had only fIve
.a cesa cut In Boynton Reach.
aY Boca Raton, and Delray
lI W a Beach,"helaid.
"Anyone who does any dig.
going whether It be conlraclorn.
cliesa, landscape companies,
plumbers, or Iene companies.
all they need do l dial 114 and
we'll radio dispatch someone
to the site In the rea Ifrom
Boynlon Beach to Deerlleld
Beach," Stuart reported.
Four men work full tlme on
Priority basic to locale un
derground cables and II they
are working another ob, Ihey
leave ItI to answer he calls.
"We do like 24 hours notice to
Program our work, however, if
I Ai possible." Sluart report.
There la no charge and we
don't mind dry rune i It turns
out there is no cable.". Stuart
said, explaining that Ihy are
"Irying to save customers
from Ihe Inconvenience of Ins-
nCes Ingelce."
Stuart said the various ypes
ol cables can Inlerrupt Iele-
type and televlslon lines. and
hinder civil demene lsyitem
as well as regular telephone
use II he wrong cabins are

3y' mone detir-
ol areo, yet just
rival.r Clubhouse Boulevalid Mallor
North East
)66 hene. i i.rt.i.da nl.planI
ve Agent sOeNION IIAIH
/ l9l. nIACnII t hIVO.

en Ada elelc.


I School o f Iadlologle stale a duble-h
Illmllaoo, l pt. Th. nn r 14.
n l The and 5LhIe CI a
einl olf oynlon Beach suth Flor
rlghl. The gradual The n west oul
ecwl Journal photo by Idly growing reta
are on South Fed
TU S. Ii at T e)Co
and on Ta am
411 at Charlotte I
J. II. Hasty.r lle
er lor Indsley'
sfd 0 I company
buthct ee ec e
luther expand
building materia
Soulh Flurida "
The 34,000squa
lield Center has
to completion Inr
hreaklng In lale
will be under ma
FranIk Guarino. (
Indslel at WestI
Ifours Ior t
Wednesday Chro
The 13.OD-.squai
at Charlotte Ilarl
new building wal
JOIIN WOOD roem adjoining f
Realtor Presldent. largement." Man

The Sunday BtfllJel at The Colo
Shrimp. losnel III-ef Turkey, lair
Assorhed Sgluda anil our own delici
Iolriec all ror only '6.00I. Serv
Iromn 6:30-0H:00 P.M. Come early a
enjoy cokrtlils in the liluc Roor
The Colony, 525 E. Atlantic Ave. 2716

Nes .iJrmal, .nrly. Mark U,.

Business Review
I'drr\" ilind, I),Vore, Ifrnuln r. liionaI hotall NJIc, %I1IN1%, I
h lh l .lll l.hr %% ,at H Iol ly- t lh'.se drlps ind Hl II u .1 |>r
I 0l cent llroldU tIio'elln exl'nic',
lillltii)A F. HII E L b iJ vtr Aertup 5iervoitt
Fhlorolda nners hidl a lean Farin sales nalloln.ll%
h.dlr In 17U wall a dlLp in dropped ine th a I 7
%ieI anes d e an I relase In pro. helo heepr'ele e e ivlar i
dullln eienses. the Florida dlies o Florida fruie ege
talle (hale r l ('iC llullcerce tables and i eld c plee is e allle1 II
U*^7 mllhun lasl sear. ^ lcrr
reellrtcl in its h'eekly lul- rent el aw i %ea.9 I
ness ItevlewI
"The .lle at leame iecel il In contrastl. e lcn stck anid
all prenluctl s rown on Fhlrida lIeivetck preoucrs sold fI r aI
idrlsn rncd to II 3 bllun last gain el 2 per rent to rc.l .
Wcear. 7 per rent below 1969 nn taeli1n c mitlionlcstivn r
ehlle epr iwll..en expeen o.. FairSet
1195 nulhcn were up a perFi
cn... Ileid. S S.. ncer Jrc Retnd
Eircullve e Irsd fr Retnarded
I CO he ('hllnumlr planned in Ih( Vilunieer I Ihe ('olniunli
b lCO (:wil eel e M enal I eallh Centle o,
he ad grll nd in ei Ine ilee ieee lewin otherM
cmder rann Is9 19Wandli have Florida almleachCity are hold
. tiers n the Ing a mlnl-alr April 3 l u o ne.
1Ir i in larll mcc dronppcl helme he it the mcentalIy relardee
are (:enrlcn en previoi e yearn In each casLl. IhenounllY leed.
Ihe declines nere lolloend SI V he .iby ephnt .i. ee
l e appreciable gai Sencer planned aloni uelh salce o
il sIore group added.i
cral llhaeway gbakd hkoods. arts and crall.
erfneld Ileach lrinda was not alone in this needlework. Jewelry and rclloh
i Trail Is deropin larm sale. Two docn ing o ill kinds.
Ilanbor above lher slelae had oewer siens All proceeds go dir
lr r a g lasl year lhan In 1969. The ra. Ihecenter.

"lenearl BLOOD'S
aIds detail in 0
ire-loot Decr-
een plushed 0
angernen onlf 0 Templ & Volenciao
ormerlv witlh Oronge&
hFort Lauder. Pink & While
Grapefrui t
the opSninr 0 FOR EASTIR ... IN YOUI
uP 0lurdy SIND OieDE
pem. I, oue GFR
irclonlouilelil G FRUIT 276-7671 0
btri ouplesa 0 TOYOUR FRIENDS 0
lor uture en THIS YEAR OPEN O
naer t sDAILY8-5:
sager thr is VISI TORS WILCOMI

iot Ou -to

Ved mo
ind Take Congriss Ave. or Military Troll to SW 11 St.
c. and Follow lSIgnslo the grovel
6.-1123 Dl2ayl oh


Yep, that's right. Datsun sales for 1971
are up over 200%. Come see the reason

why others are switching to Datsun. By

the way, before we forget, if you can't

find us at 2001 N. Federal U.S.-1, look us

up at our brand new facilities at 909 S.E.
5th Ave. (US-1) just 21/ miles south of

our present location. We are doubling

our sales and service staff so that we can

give you even better attention.



Phil Kersch's


2001 N. Federal(U.S.-1) 278-4559

A),- r

Pgl I, NeIJeal, Tbnda) Mar rctU,I

Boulevard Manor Slates Open House
,Open s lot0e" will be th1 e 1 totlur the ctlomtplete facility. hom es 11 Illn e eastern and tos 0 knowledge and ex r.
ghlghlt event of the 7100n11. i. tt 1 and 1 to ottill the .w.t..l southern areatof th ..to.,., tose support the administrator
versary of Boulevard ManoIr services available to Roulv' 1n the management (t1 .11100 (a.
Convalescent Care Center, vartManor.1 paten.lts S0ve years ago0 toulevotrd cl.lity Thor erolud.e Prides
39 South SeacrtnB Ioulevard. Manor %as dedicated. Atooor e. 0 0 na1 l('*ar lt. Dietary Service,
Boynton Beach. to be held Ithis touleod Malnor. 10a Il three primary purposes be' 11210ld & 'Property. S cial
Sunday. Macth 28bth. fro1mt2lto l ttIl.1tto1Behesda Hospital. c ame operative Top tconern Services. and Adtotoolrioive
4 p.m provides nursing-convairscent for patient care: commnunity The P'hysicall I'lirap~y De-
care in a manner which ex- g health h service. and t onl.nuin partmentb1oomllsti ol a well
All friends and interests c t holh state and federal~ educationn and service depj rt! trained competentII still is so.
persons are cordially invittei requirements.. stated thle Ad. mlents The administrator. a.; pervised by a full-timle regis-
to attend this "open house. administrator Nl. r 0 1alendt a ha highly qualifioed and kowt ered Pl hyslcal ltlllg.lo"
slated Itaul I11. li10.1. Ad. had many succesoful years in .'tgoeabre directot. is reopoot provides a full range ,o ser
rrd.strator. There wll be ;t the managemrent ol ospilals Itole fur the totalodadmnlooliot vices as pretot .1 tod physi-
reception anl aonotportunld and nu riiin-cgnvalcl'0 (it fall services Assistants.t who ,



High Point Underway
Praently under construction equipped clubhouse with meet- the Delray Interrhange of th
In Delray Beach b a 524 unt in Mroorm. pool and blllard Florida Suhline tle Turn
condominium .omple t.no room. crd room.hobby room. pke. Delr.y. sbet. I .. mu
RAY, a development imllar or enlertainmen purposes by car from IIIh Point.
In concept to the over 00 unit and a barbecue and picnic
condominium, contrucled by area.
the ame developed In the ad- Iligh I'oinl o( Delray is a
olnlnlg municlpalily of Boyn. condominium and therefore. ",tel iskn
ton Becb, known ma ligh the purchase o have no edri o o
Point Wt. or maintenance or lawn main-
I1 Point of Delray is be- tenance to concern heraselveo i C UTMOII
Ing developed on a 75 acre sle with. There are seventy live '"NAUTA 1
partment percre. All the ed groun surroundings Lae e n. I .
apartments are in single story Iligh Point whclh compliment l ok bo.l.....o t
buildilns, with large open the natural setting ol Ihu high. tolns l *keuit
paces around each building. ly desirable Delray eIIach 11l If ...k>
no tairs to climb, no neigh area. M lg
bore overhead and convenient. |Iigh Point ol Delray is lo CaIIPAUL WROT
,offstreet parking cated on WeI Atlantic Avenu(
Each building contain our and is only three miles east ol A r
apartment units two I bed
!room, 1o bath apartments and
Itwo 2 bedroom. 2 bath apart.
menut and each apartment has
It's own Individual entrance-
way of the street and a large.
private, screened porch
Section I inow under con.
lrucllini will have 62 build
IngI. comprlllng 248 apart.
ment unlt, and section 2 will C-iLonTNS rPPAnrL
have their own recreallonal la-
cllll 1 on a large lake. Includ. co Z .-' PA P.
Ing a heated s wlmmlng pool. '*'
huffleboard courts, a pulling ".Foc.n0 i Goll Cour."
green and a complete and fully



Includes lot & Closing Cost
Other Houses Immediate to 90 Days Occupancy
T'l.' jollol'ing orr' aJ. -of. n, h l1 hir, s

5e h e.# *1018.1fo o 2 s "
S 14 IIf W. Ill.E.r

2260 North Eaot 1it Avenue, Boco Rolon
PHONE: 395-1183 399-5922 (eve.)



IInA1 A CNt D AI' TAI 0 II, -tJ.lAl n, 'o 'la '.iR sn.olF l I. 1. l I' B l1 ll I
'IC( RPIIA OT (I OI I't'AATill N T'l 1 1 ,0'n vN ,l. I I l'Tlin lh 11',Tr IN, .
3.7 0 41 1 150 ) l a n dl. to ti n nAat11 W Fi l edt. 't .1tt ( 'l I O II IT I N NI ,
tl.oad Itora IlJlon. Fla (1 'a1ll 1 7 1 1 Iealln In Ieal aM ,3 781(51 219 SI FI T rIa l 1111-
,lrarho unly" A1 lh,1 l W h IK,1 t'oL I; pro- 1 h ... .Int.... A..%. rlol,,. .Ala. l .. i.
c la na O It,1p0 F rl 'hl.. tr h ll R111a111ph0'1nlt John Wr'1 b- ll' .1 1 I' 1n, Autlh I t 6nO.
9 1 l I)aDt in Anl. uIll Ir'l bheolrh B hll IATo Ill talsn Fl0 ll 111 1 1 lo t A In l
arl.ivily In.o rpo ra s" rnl Frhank WahIIIr o S1h1 lt.r %f1rh 10.. 1 1 I)cllrW In
J Ilrrnnan. Ft .lau10 rdale0 1 Sullh .'h'Iral hhII'.11. aIfi la lrrsono Aprt r

ITli O rli A lrnna n t .I I in I' llt 'a r. h 'l. Fn(-o i3or01 lior, IThIil llok-
dlrdaht. ,, l lttald I usItotl 0APEX TILE.INC10tr Thotasl J I0 rrdih.t "

al ihn lh ach ;t h nt [lao t i2 N W 16t hClo ur l, l ll a lOrin o, dodSn o ta ll h14.lor a la-
Fi lett )0 a rkI Fllattl R tonr NT I V lh I ,Re llT 01. |I.I ( l 0 1 5tach Coun1' t ht
Sb Frank J lnrr nnan Fl FI l llJhIIn. J'Ih('n I ., IllabJhas
Il to'99. llr a ltal .n l Atulh %l 0 00 I ..h ( ti s t ,,T i ATt 1' lo-'I l. I l toh.o ar II 0ak
IIAI.ANCEDI) ('A' T.AIT 11 AT l [ l .d Matrch II 1 I 9I Itltlb ltho IalIa n lla

1378221In A Valnl Park ics, Corprlors RFrank eI So ippOrIATIN O ." S Al II
bl a n Sz% P 1onl kino l hach. FlaCA 0. 7 13 .12 01 150 I'ahinetto
l c d lh'nly l Aulh .Itl 1 0n lle.sldo IslhSalnos.Jr Mlilred I'pr Ilo-d lhoa B loly n. Fla.
E71 I)raltin in Any lat ful 'Ila Flletl b% JaP J Iceyn INC 13780241 T HO R.II ,) 150 sh co, SAT IIONLY
activlly In'lorporahors [Frank "'lls. 4U SE [.: Isl A lvr I II RAMPI. IIAN(;E II No SI10 6 "lh'd %larch 9. 191 I)Iall
1 lr0nnan.'l IuJll ,lla hJI I Dal ra. Fla I 'AI.M IICII INT AIIII')IIT. An' laulul arllvllv Inor.
It( er l A lrnnahn. Ft' Iu. JOIIN.SON & JOIIHN.SON. I',Al.a I1"II. FL.A II'AI.M ,al aor%. Frank J lrrnnan.
lek /O p elnald N D)utsch I( ('ATEIN(;GAND Il('l COUNTYI AlerTII I Lauderdalle Ilhbrra Al
I'ahi [leach G;ardensL. Fla SRIIVI(': 13.7 161W M N F : 4 STOC( K 2oOO Slis CaM% JI Lirennan F1 Iauderrdale. D)on- f
Fllcd bv Frank J lrrnnan ST. IIOCA IRATON. LI.A $10. F-II.ED MAlR 2. 1971. hl d N I)eulsrh I'am Ileach
1Do% 99. flura Ilalon. Fla IIAI.M IIBEACH(:COIINTYI dealh inanvlawlulacllvllv (G rlhdns. Fla Filied by.
IIOCA IIAIYI.ANI). INI' 13. AI!TII ST(:K 5W9 shrs com11 Incourporalor's DennlsTler. Frank J Ilrennan Ilox 99.
714501 264 N ledcralll leh, at II 00 t)eallng In Catering ne*y. Paln[fltlh Fla lilh'lby Ih 'ra ahlon F-la
MEN'S Alaska King Crab Logs .... 2s

Gol-eiure-Dre who wan
In A Variety of Fabrics, Colors Fresh Shrimp, Bay Scollops

Tou toecomein.
nd Styles and Ostes
o71.1515 1600 Ol Oi ll to com e *
A'lontic Ave., Delroy Beach: ai.

oJ- L in.L.. 7Y w w aMAj7w17.p y S.A

to come k

mulol.d over 25 ors ol Melling ond ser.,ing 0
oulomobllts Yeors ol pro.ing Rhot he could sais.
loclo,,Ir terre peoplejlikeyou
To be Ihe bel,t you how. Io I, hardr onder
ofllr o .110 more thatn th olhil dI ,
So Rolph BuickL Inc. i, oflering ,e,.,ce .,lh a,
(Oplol S (tom the moment you olk in ihe door .
Slop by and get ocquonled soon


Buick Motor Division proudly introduces
Ralph Buick Inc.
1616 N. Federal Highway
Delray Beach, Florida
A new Buick/Opel dealer to believe i


SIHAMROCK WINNEHS at Unlvnllty Howo In tloci
Illon t ho will receive 17-Jewel walches from Sham-
rock Jewelert ore Annette Tucker who bowls In the
ilM MBixed I.eague and Dr. 0111 LaUghlln vho wit
In the FAU mlxed league.

Bowler of the Month

"Winners Get Watches

Annette Tucker and Dr. Hill ens IIM Fun overs) 630 and
L-Iughlln won the Shamrook Dagrnar Andr-.on (Guyi and
S"Uowler of theMonth" tour. Doll.)630
ment held at University Iowl. The men winn were: Ter
oca Raton. Theyeach willlre. ry VanAten ILords and La-
ceiye a 17 ewel walch from die) 673; Tom McDermott
Shamrock Jewelers. (Boca Jerl) 670; Robble Mon.
Annette bowls with the IBM tanuo ItBoa Jetl5 and ick
I Miled league and had a hand. hwark IFAU Miedl651.
call score of 0 to capture
firstlnl place In Ihe women's dlvl The first 20 winners n each
ilon. Uill bowls with the FAU division are now ellgible to en.
Mixed league and beat out the ler next monthI tournament to
other men with a handicap beheld April Ith and Illh. All
iic ore 0ol 69. The next four In other boler must quality In
eth division will receive to- their league. "Bowler of the
phles. Year" tournament will be hold
The ladles were: Francle In June. The firt bowlers in
o= (Welcome Wagon) So bolh the mon'o divllon and la-
Phyllis Ileler (Welcome dies divlisilon each month will
Wagon) 64M; Gloria S,. olro be eligible for Ithl competition
IDOlwierettes) 641: lth place with the winners to eacb re-
was a tie with each lady re- celve a diamond ring from
celvlns a trophy, Cindy Cem- Shamrock Jewelers.

mob" k..,n Gemwn tfdtr

24I orsM)All ?AMC
2 .6 I.... 1 ....

S76 1 'l' ,1600



Sports Topics

SSN)WSKIISIN court pwecr hill r ohu I, eas
S1 11 IItankiln of B12 NF his dlvltlun wtlh mstl wins in
4,cmd l, Deray [ltach, rac. game six 129 winsI and right
ed in the NASTAI Ie0lnals 125 wi0 0 I was marriedl Sunday
at Calarmounl Ski Area Marrh allemoom March I1lh to Miarla
1114.0 compelnl in the ladl. Crulina Casas ul Mialoi Allter
139 dlvulon. She reprsenled Arpilu's tour is c luded at
the Sugar Mountaln Ski Area D)anta April IMh he and hu
.I Itanner :lk, N C t new bride will leave Imtncdl.
l.ucl IIlndlehner of Sugar lately fur lyltona leach where
Muuntaln finished third he has a signed contract Ihat
BOWLI.ING r tIhmugh Aug 2th Foul.
A guaranteed purse ul owlnll his aiala lour at Day-
114.000 the largest ever leona leach Fronton Apiru
offered by a single bowling and his wife will fly to Spain
center In Florida awaits for their honeymoon. 0topping0
M Carpelt Scratch Singles In Cuonla.?
lassi0c at the Everglades Ln. Alplzu's play at 0 ania Pal-
s In North Fort Myers April ace this season has been ome
OlhroughJuly 5. of the b1t on 0he hater and o
The tournament, with a min- currently he'a running third In
Imum of 107 cas prices, Is be the M l WroinAll GamT s title
ing ponsored Jointly by the race with 107 winu. Artano's
Everglades Lanes and D & M fineefforts has rewarded h rd im d 101 1
Carpels o0 Fort Myen. Naples with eleven wini n the past
and Port Charlotte. Part of it week and he continues to pace
willlbetelevled 1he squad with 125 victories R
acro 10 lanes In hooting tor down second place with III fl ,
Ihe top prize of $1.000 and nu- games won. t
merous other cash awards. In- Urquidl is pacing the mlngles 10 .
eluding weekend prilm- for champlonhlp. tile race with JO0IN LOGSDON of Boca Itlon leaps over a hill
high games on each pair of over 7 wins to his credit, as- grueling, dustly track. lie flnlhed llth In Ihe I
lanes. The event is sancioned sured that he will break Ayer-
by bo1h the ABC and WIBC dl. cloo at Daytona Mhlotrcycle Week races.
and is open to all bowlersn.
...... Boca Raton Plays Miami
male and female. except ac.
"The tuament I unique in oca Raton Plays Miami
several respectt" Iays Arky

.....Sunday in Polo League
Ginger. a former ABC Touroa.
rector of the clasic along with
Bill Carrlngton of Bradenton,
director of the Florida All-gar
BowlingoAssoclatlon. Boca Raton and Miami meet Club in Boca Raton, Florida, the p1rl Milwaukee
"First, a bowler can roll In l return mtch, as the Sun Milwaukee now Is In sole pos- halftime.
four hbad gam and know he'o 'hine Polo LeaP contllnu o of first place in the The 41h period beli
still In the running forat lest II furiotu pace at the Royal Sunshine Polo Loeague. The Milwaukee and Gul
600 In prize money If he Palm Polo Grounds, in Boca For Lauderdale Beach Auil.l a0ain. as llnalon went
hrow poneodRome. Raton, at 3 p.m. Sunday. lary trophy was presented to lesL. The amazing (;u
h"Second Gnodpmersa Mlami will be seeklns 1L s the winning team, along with first converted a 60 ya
et up o o that one or two ho first win In League play, and Individual rophies to the play- ally that boomed ov
bowl cannot monoopolle the revenge for the I0.7 l at the era. hea of the delende
prizes, although theoretially hands of Boca In their lot on- The game opened furloaly then, near the end of It
one entrant could wins much counter. Ray Hrrlngton was and the ball exchanged sides od. got loose after sle
s e40 0o. the high gol suobltitute player numerous times before Mil- Hloton knock-in, and
"In addition, there are ape- for the badly Injured Bll At- woauke finally made the frlnt with dendro all over
clal bracket prile offered for kinskon the last time they scoring, when Ulhlein robbed put his team solidly in I
bowlers In three cateorls ldded the team. It Is not Ilouston o a goal at the pots. -7-3.
with averages under li." he known right now I IlHarrngton and Ylvisaker grabbed his e filth period was
added will be back for this game or paso and carried I all the way puredef e. IloiBelun
There are eight pries of not. Captain Jules Romlh will to score loBat on came right toreleus a0ain and Mil
I00 or more s oil other prm field Fred Fortugno at for. back as Bachman, slubttlllng got only one goal. whrr
of 50 or more. andmother5 wrd,1' and Alln Soherer at for ling Capain Will Farih. Il" Ylvisaker put Lth
prim o0l 1000 or more. The pivot po0on, u usual, he got the ball at the throw-n and shot on a pass from Tol
direclon even have stlab takes up defense pot. The passed to Del Carroll, who man.
I0hed spclal weekend prilo team i sponored by the MI. charged In down field for the The C 1h period was
totaling 0 much a 1 200 a l Fire Equipment Comp core. Mlwaukee ended he the most exciting to be
weekend for bowler who fin- y,. thoO Ib. week 0ame I0 anlo period leading 2-1, when Gu- in a long time. and h
s out o the money -- in the All Florida encounter. tlerre put through an open 4. 00-plus fan marin
regularprlze fund Boca Raton, winner of the goal 1hot. the reult of a ser- ap roval.
To top It oil, there will be "England'o Gold Cup" will o foul bya lloustonplayer. visaker opened the
additllonalprizes I morlh n field It11o0ual team. Tom h'e second period was all In spectacular fashion v
73n entries arereceived. This Iluh s will be at his No. L Mlwaukee- and starring Gu. seized the ball ofl the
oppoe a Istrong poulblllly, pot, backed by Jack Oxley tlemrrz. Bennle made another near the Milwaukee go
layi Joe de Salvo, general and Roy Barry t pivot, Cap open oal penalty hot and carried it the length
manager of the 244ane Ever- tln John Oloy. host at Royal then. In a beautiful exhlbition field to score. fighting
adebowIlng center ine Palm' i' games, has been fight- of horsemanshlp, ued his defensive tactics of I)
Gner reloSl dicted 0a r the flu bul wear bhe will magic mallet to get the ball roll all the way. Mil0
bndlopdouplastouny wih b "up" for th e om e. Boe away from lousalton ime now led9-3.
only .000 In pr that drew "must win" In order to remain and time again; on two of At Ihls point, now h
oBtnl is. Lcontention. as the Season those occasions got the pass through the period,
Do Salvo sld television i- drawl to a lose. off to team-mate Ylvlsaker. really came alive. Del
ion WBBH-TV of Fort Myers The Boca Jyees are hav- who put Itthrough the uprights riding hell-benltfor.l
will carry I apeclal 0-minute In g beneo I tsl Sunday and ora -1 loeadathe period end. charged through a mel
live telecast of the itomun extendlnl a welcome to all to lloauston tightened It slightly blasted through a shot.
me0t. attend. uas theyhut out Milwaukeethe dialely at the throw-in.
Entry fees are 1 Entr LEAGUE STANDINGS only time In the game. and Wright smashed hi
blanks areavailable at bo7 Team W. L cord twice themselves In the through the line-up and
In center throughout the MUwaukee 4 1 third period. Juan odrlguez the ball alone to score
state or at Everlades Lanes Ilouston 3 2 grabbed the ball near the cen- only 25 second lell.
P.Oi.o 314 North Fort Ma Boca naton 2 2 ter of the field and carried II finished the scoring on
ern Fa.,3 D3. Mliami 0 4 to the goal, where young Jim smash through the posl
In a .,pectcular show of Bachman put It through Ing a pile-up In fron
JAIALAI power. Milwaukee downed Chuck Wrllhl got his first goal Milwaukee goal. Mi
Dania Jal Ali Palace has a lloIston 96 In one of the moat au he selld the ball In a melee won 9-6. in a really
new Bridegroom among Its eclting spectator games ever at the Milwaukee goal mouth. game.
cesamen. Atpliu., the bck- witnessed at Royal Palm Polo andlocked It through to end Every Sun y at 3:0


through April 0000 hl0
pon aN1-tlh Roeal I'n

5-3 at
lled lo
rd pen.
n and
Ie perl-
aling a
him. to
he lead
Oone o0
went sc.
I "Wild
iough a
one of
i Ihelr
when he
ol. and
off the
el Car-
l waukee
nee and
i way
e. With
a hard
,s. dur-
y great
0 p.m..
gh goal
m' Polo

5n0Ay,MarhU, I, Pale I0

Arca (yclisis C(lic.s ToOlrrniiiitill

I rtIicipitIh. e Ih..gins Murch 27
ll iyl h I I'alm each 1 Counlt
o DoylOlilto pen Chess Champolunhil
Tournament 0r000rts hMaoh 2"l
hlohn otOhi, n,,I IaIhldlfur (e prlled I'ahn Beach
"Iht (. 1hla Iralln nlimi ed (County Cmmissloners Cup
I rlt h t k t 1 ,i The two-day tournament will
r k rIII.,' l. r, 'l idchl be halted by Aides to Manalge
D-.r1% 1 Ile 1)c r y Ial'h meat, Inc. at their new olfOes
r.le ll Ihe.,lllldur ratl at O n7A South Dtlic Hlghway
,00000in0he01, .. uor-e... .. in Wesl Poalm Ueach In the
ru ll I0r the rI ce oit I'm, .illy Soulhboro Sh pping I0ala.
lt h 0 Detendlo gl Champion L0
,lihs in Delray It'ar h by me- Charles Muasrove, Assilant
hnrli Ti.hy In'rce Attorney General of Florida.
ile qun.lhl I fI t h anldIn vas Anyone with a I'alm leach
running in l place in the County mailing addrto b 1ll-
next hi o 0 lap when a g t gible to enter. Entry fee will
valve froze and o ol lecehose(e t obe 4 50
pollh out (ifthe ra e anldoooo o A junior tournament will be
f0rl0 e Itlhthn push the ma.oI held simultaneoaly for I'alm
ine Blledhistfourmor, nthsto BIach County ltudenlt with an
gi behorel le lu;lllllot f a pru. entry lee of 1020 I'rls will
hIl llal due tohl o sae. b dependent upon the number
Irrl illoicals of I the Alnrican
.oduyrrrlc Aso tlhon. 'said l o It belltration begln at o9 am.
was the Illrst mell that a Iln l Saturday. and the lint and
da hld prll.rmed s0o wr l n '"mo d rounds will be held the
IIlat race lie said the YVailnjha "same day at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
ordlnarlly d.lmnate.d the Third and uurth rounds will
CUas be Sunday at D a.m. and 2 p m.
lO, 2 s)lltdin. n entered. Further Information or ad.
Iu0lifyinK race werre hrld to vance regltlaotons are aval-
rcdltre the leldtu 50 machine able through the Gold Coast
in two cassR. Lhess Club. 3241401.

Very Loodad 02,000 Actuol Miles

Aulo.Air.-]/FM Roaho
Prom. ,fire%-..D0 Miln

lt $3299


Re-opening Soon ,-L


4 JSS9 ^1



Perkins Rug Co.




curT AND umournIT CUanI


395-1337 395-8506

Members 0f the Women's
Golf Association of Cypress
Creek Country Club played an
-"I0 I'da" tournament last
week In which the Ladies were
allowed three "if I'd have" on
each nine holes.
Midge Salmone was first In
Class A with 75 while Mlckery
Meseroll wai Ilrst In Class B
with 72. Ann Dickerson was
second with 73.
The second round of the
President's Tournament was
Layed last Thursday by Ithe
men' Gol AsoUiation at
the Delray Beach Country
Marge Rose and Doris Bene-
dict tied for inrt with 71. Ul
Montgomery and Fran Troybel
lied lor lecoaol with 72, and
Leilta Ilouton look third with
The Men's Golf Asociation
of Delray Beach Country Club
held a "Bonus Pointsl Tourrna.
ment" which was won by Joe
Nl0ea who accumulated 05
polns. C. E. Kimbull took sec-
ond with 85. and Ilenry Feyrer
and Clil Toal tied or third
In the last two weeks there
have been four more holes-ln-
one scored at IBarwick Gol
Club. On tMarch 0llh. Thomas
Meikle scored an sce on the 6

Bud's Take-Out
Repials Meat

yard 171h hole. Mlkle used a ping up on the o yder up
nine Iron this score was at- Point list. but the I I lean is
tested by his wilbMalneo. almost certain to contain Ihret
On March 13th Jon Roy a of the greatest layers in the
Delray scored a hoe-ln-one on world today ack Nicklau.
the yard 5th hole. Jon used Arnold Palmer and Illy ('
a pitching wedge ind his ace per.
was attested by Terry DBison.
Jim Tnnlter. Gary Bishop and
Ilolly Sltafford.
The next day Don Johnson of
Delray aced the 7 yard 7th J. Arnold
hole with a pitching wedge.
Don't tea was estt ed by Bob Carter
Burton and Bob Maclnttoh. Fi-
rally on March 22nd BII ll Ilan- Jm.try and Sito rr
no of Boca Raton scored I
hole-Inon on the 60 yard 1lt
hole It Barwick. Bill was play- GORHAM
Ig with Ido wife oand t was us
ing apllchkg nsdle. SILVERWARE
Suddenly names like J.C. 9 30 l. Art A..
Snead and Tom Shaw are pop- DlAM MACH

It's out of fashion to ration
With all of today's demands for hot water . .or balhs,
showed, &havme, dllhwaihlng Iundry, cooking, cleaning
... Ihe's ut l no lure y to assure pl0nly of hot
l0trf (or ry familyy need. Don't kid yourself the
nly prnctlicl anlt r Is ps water heating. Non-flame
types of comnpable capacity Just won't recover fast
enough to a id shorlgel. We reallto Ihese ate pelly
broad lSlmL Won't you glve uo a chance o prt o e them
bith (actl and l 0guresr Call Florida Public Ulllilities.

-, JLI,,, 1 X VP tp V .gI T U; RL/t

Lic edEletiAciaU nROOMdarkein hd@ l l (FMEN'S&WOM.EN
NEWS-JOURNAL .. ....... ...: o", I...i Plumbing I..c... ToD .ane 11
NEWS -JOURNAL 30% oal. KIRSCtt Rods t.,,-' -,,h, lre Only for;nlm llo O z tN I Islhi,
...dn A^ i *** hlml 2, 10% oil. Cualom mod7 278.i9SI I8lZI 331 .ln h
C L A S S IF IE D A D S .... .. ..... ... dImes .. ...... .... .. .... I ....... 1 .1144 2706-7290 0 1* ls .. ,. ll...lra y
7A2-2587 or 145Apsu., O(kLeeR.dl IIBWrated lR Re.l 141 HimnI. llryl l._ _
AdvIrl,,inl "',We(' "OUR A) -Phone 732-6697 278-6781.
Deadlines .I .L .. 73.69.'" SASONAL IENTA6-- be d. ROOM IN prlvae ho Prvalv e POOL RETIRED?
.I .. ..~ D. roLns I bath. beaulliully fur. entram Ind bh CoIe A o CIEA .
(CLASSIFIED) rshed choice lorallion Iarden oIwn ll 10 N SwintonIIHERE S A I BEDROOM I 3LE REIS AN IT EAL OML
a." of lik3 1,0 11"10'(Kt M FAM Iy B
(CLASSIIEDa ) ledb l l r 'w41 I 0 141 LsOI AFl d I41 Aptl.., Dlnly rondomiNium. lheald pool. clu A 1 BATH SWIMMING POOL RESIT FOR THI N RETIREI) COUPLE.Y
IDST- urmeset a C lasble Alt MCONDITIOED.DarpetnghoCe rddekNI). 0 0lle)R o0IG. IlA. llKING 16 JNBCE LOCATED IASI MILY
130o I,...l,0 (CLASSIFIED DISPLAY) brown Gold eyes Amwers Io cluraly rd ClMo Dnr oRCY P1' inlA _.11IL 2 l S INSID L OI.OINO Brand FROM T I E CORNER 0 6 Ad'AND.IPLNG IFRU IT T E .
fals e .460 Mike Vicinity lulou school new AS wo dr Assoc. .CB ADAMSD MISLr old MiciRgan boy needsON A HIGH 10 LO T PINE N HE N R ITT..
lRerd O276-S ,ayR-Y-, E 1AdulL. no R Y M S. C. L IIEALTY.Realtor. Llll lU I room andd ard or rI p I lO 1h TREES, FENCIN BA il MIS.I.II.A AL
fflA A.r 1. 276-6321 "u'.imple cookingt _privil_ ___________ 01 CAI p l REDYARD lEAl,, FRUIT NISOCA
11 P11AE IIH, U ,27. Ph 21 2 r1132.6010 ARhE 1 .51A-f i- Atn ue. 1 Ly i FUIINISIIEDO A'ATMENT- July and AIulR l. Will be In TREES. MANY OLIERI EX- PilON ,puMopr T 716I-41 7
ruolA IOL 2 R ber ool I 2 BoyntonB rApril-DIR 0 e7 n .. 1 EE LM ANYME ER B FI NE
S2-Rent- Lease FUNISlD STUDIO r Uoynon Beh April 7 Ieply TRASH II 11 1s ML R.TI.R- JOIN BANTING
NEEDED HELP WANTED Residential No lese required C reasonable 6l e 732-40c III h 13-251 Rrlor
M1, I'I9 iNii 12 N E1W DUI'L6Efl NE DULX unurnisd JOHN BANTING, ,,T sderniliBnroker"L
1C30,000 IJ 1H o .... 2L ..... 1 .JN, I-BURNSIIEN AP1A1TMNT 2 . F.IL Avr e
SNeedskeysseastllI FURNISHIED APARTMENT -2 1 22Spacou dll 2 s D OLL In. L bsth onRE LTRO IOI.CDI. 6
Sr a Christian a 10 .01 .1E S EWAFFICIENCY APARITMENT e droom. 2 batal. S 1 o an block; drpesrae. re e lE ALIIl
Endeavor l "a thi 1 :1961 private Ientra nW e 1 i ari pliance pool. dc k. l wa r ig r t .. washer. central l airm r a "I NT EA RAE IDENTIAL H B O l- f
n 0a6 or, GPe 0s ICr' IP 0. 11 6 8- beach. 30000 month from May heal. fIN0 month; year leae11N. E."I A .

ofie N eiprfts @llt 00 Lesl$ Dr TTlike6l4 SLL. A TS-ebor- 1)UISTS.FOR. RENT effAiDMSr. 1-12 Hoes Delray DIel'.rFayBeach.. SrHn3 BANIN,4 4 1 Seroeacrsi &ewthca..
N.I DR rIsT nI S ELL ERS APARTMENTS el .cy and two bedroom l part.TWO BIDROOM. I bath house- dlrributori or what have youl a-c. wIell & pump O120.00 I .LS.
I l lay.RI e 1 ,1 cleri I and 1 2 bedroom uni 0 meu nL with quiet private ocean furn Lshed-L 1 per month year. reasonable rater. SSee Vernon A1o) 47d n Al actL C e I I Iowl.
Cell.- 145Notp pool Spacios000arden 112 SW Pelican Ap rltment. 3 Briny soc.. UNO ADAMS ARFLTYi0. Delry at Soulh BoyntonL City Realtor.12 76-4191.1III
SI 1t Avenue. 276-45. (II Breezes Blvd.l. Dlray--276-91 Ilealor.2 1 ILI lmlL. P6hon as L u ll. (U) SETTING 41 lm B ..
399- 21 Fluldex. 1.M -- Loe welght- FURNISIIED APARTMENTS- EFFICIENCY APARTMENT- den0 In Chevy Chase Subdlvl WAREIIOUSE SPACE for rent BEDROOM L RY R F . 2 L
Ev 51ng 1V Dr1 A 82 0 b le nd 121 1 w2 ek UIIEUie Included sion Furnished Central air con. or leR(e. 6009 q. It. up. Ideal for DENCE DESIGNED FOR GRA. pool. Gulifvew Ilarbour .11 ..
AILovsDus IL21 men0 61ible. $1501 0 d 212 Downtown Delray. 102 S. E. 2S d dlConi2 heatic- n washer dry. sub-ontractr. nl Cerally lU0CIO USVING LOCATED Snw Coonstruction Inc. 399-591
14_ B.aby .-Ne eres 1641o vel A 781 0 10 Av2....... er.0dllhwalher. dispo I al. i wers aled between Delry and Boyn- r NEAR LAKE IDA. THR EYE ILIt
14Rl e LOVELY OCEANFRONT t .lo Ex llelM W il on. lge ton. Po cm2.h-11I C CTC ING DECORATING
I.mLeIHILD CASRE.EBNY Open uMonda.y screD SEW LY 6d porch. p 1 2 wn m1716d Al I l, ,. ,.pD __ _.___ LANDSCAPING WILL 711EEB S614OM 2b
11o0 DlALs I 1063 1 OFORT. 125 per week. Minimum 4 .nce. water. gr II o c l te SWIN YOUR H TORAGEART H1E1 o .yn 1 606 (UIl
1 l4tu1Iaseo l MONACO AP S.-IS 0 NE 9lweeklPhone27S /If I and sewer Included In rentll 0 te AGNIFICENT STORAGE I
KENLAND COLLEGE FOR I ls M 7-4. Av I Br. Furn I 195 or Ul4 .urn .. p1 0 .l.y- pL. For Sale .AND MAS ETRAS WILL TWODEDROOM 11 CBS.
TOYS l-7 Prsi 510 2 r only Furn very spa p0le.ase I071 month-Call WIN YOUR POCKETBOOK. C lK rge T creened porch. Ieal1
S ll loUsl m IIIGIIPONT NEW one berolm M509D after 6100 P.M. 3.25) 441a HomI, DeIlry BE TWICE WON, CALL JOHN air. appliances aLLI rbage 1 d-
13 S. W. A e.,De NrTry Ownero0 ,-71 Tapartmen Fully equip arped bGH1nd T 6 AS 00C. .udingn.S pPol Loo onol 0 verl n 5 LH
764S "Sleepers" SatilacUon2guran- rpetld IleRlr d 11 pool Clu. .Rert-R-oom, TIIREE BEDROOMS 2 baths. LIIEVE'S. MLSR14.MW. tre1 Phone 324 t3-2 l1
Op25t: AM.PM.Inl S sd or money c. Oly A I2 a6 month. Call D. F.'FICIENCY I&IOTEL ROOM ca Iconverted for1 41. CBS
yr cenl.JLat Lov2Drugs 14-I51 LANGER WAY-one block toJMCIg. Aoc.. BEN ADAMS r town. uRlll01 oaid. R6 wllrthUier, enlorIld htD lr. JOHN BANTING, 4-I lrleApt l
05061 b1d0d1012 C er0116d I__ on_ Idron, eld nlrEll. EALTY.Reallor.26-411. I sorable Adulty. DlrayBeach Scrnedpo LLh. Ilgo 2nI LL0-
Te21hers TRAVELING NORTIE-wouldl6estAt1air. No6 1or0mold4 0Liv Rconditin. UnfurnisLd with REALTOR- IAo 1: U.L 16 RE
1r1e,11o BRO eSa r pl I. "Apts., OceanRidg AptL. 3 S.E. Sth Ave. Delray -"lb.odo RE LT Ro 3 a i
10neon to hare dvi pl Jnu stove and refgertor. Prle E RESIDENTIAL BRO Bd. Boynton Beach. nd Floor
Leavln2 around April 1d to 7h 1ary I to My I.1 IM1. Appls. 276- AVAILABLE MAY-2 bedroom. S.521500 unlurn0hed. (1IS R-730- KER" 2 bedroom. 2 bath EnclosdC
PUM AGAIN-ItMurp bII nn0 DeUnion, Danville. Illinois 1160 7 or L.C. Six. 640 An0leln 1 2bath lare6 a aprtment onSpan ROOM WTIIT private entlrce SW). Conllct EsIer Poweli. I13N. E. ilk Averr e p1ch-ormawnlholl-- rex.
--M dly 00 2tu1 y 212 1CM- llB 27BM I (4 11 Lane. 1Mdlonis. .Wilmin i0,h l0River-yearly lea -732. rnd private Dbath. 401 N.E. 2nd Broker-Aoc.. BEN ADAMS Delrly Bel.e, Fa.T 3114 1 1-2Cll1after 6:00 PM. R 37-
PH. Ope t0 Sund r II RoBo5n to 970 60-231- It6o. 41 401 10..f St Delray. 2o27-10. I RE0ALTY, Realor. Milt. (IL 1TFI A1. 431201
01H1. Pl 861famous 12ndw1h ALCO)IIOUCLS ANONYMOC US_ _____ I I_
S ered dall. E2t1in r Lake- IMeeuing. 164 N.E. 6th Avenue. Real Estate Real Estate
ML 111-1. 31I N.E. 3rd Ave.. IDelray Beach. Meetings every
DolfrayO. 13-35 f 64nlht. I"6-4811. fI- -- -
R[t..eal.EstateI..o..rI...nbedr.oo.mp br. .PE.OPL. GARDENS COOPERATIVE
sloN a 4 be PolverL ty 0 1, 0 411"41P 3 O LE68h 4. 1 81 4S 141 1. is popular
Tobr" o 101.0tok618,000. V010111R51.6161 1610 I11 LReI5oIIA 5llIR6t I es 5371( 00G00 96bdo % 2 ot
AE O U G U E S T 4 n.1t W106 1 1 1 D $,3 7 ,,ra l5orIo 6[L i i l461 A 1 6 th O 1 I LS O 6610 0 .0 0 B e ou tilu
O E HOlthe other for ool prote- ife, wI e iik0 owes, dpp1. po .l ib5 1114h11114 11181111hIlls. pool. Low aisse ssmenhh
OPEN HOUSE Please call tion. (MLS V 330W 0 nd 0 2 s1 02 ed 1, 1 4,111. (H IS6 1. deld61 S100.S 11 f ll( MLS.1on.6 0 a.
Sunldo, March e 21h H rIFlrtEIS 663 I1. 276-4500. I6W) 111I).potoIII 1 1. Call a Impos"
11:00 o.m. :00 p.m. 276-4500.S .Le PIl IIl,.
3011 Lawson6Blvd. IM6LI.01 0 1070 r 1 RLpoilo Pad WaHles Lo de 276.0.191 2 011111.1 R1AL0 INC. 4.1. Dally, Inc., Italia,
Delray Bch odB ADAMSREALTY, Inll,12 .AtlanticAve.-
1 one invite Is i- lthisro1 Ln c. 2 bodies. 2both. 1214 L AA 1 1W-Z 1 64Realtor1.D C IIB Deh h P lr 5c a 110]
Too es m r -e n io ihve letr i ted orcd ro h l at t v, I bed pes. ontol
o, 3. (, 11- I -1141 1
NG.FN1)1,,%NKIN PRICE REDUC 2lder is now gallng ready to ilort construction on
f10 FOER 15 DAY PERIOD ONLY ,ouil.12 be.doo m 2 b6oth pl, Irrac and ..... -. l D ne S inrsowo..C in 066,o Vi. ,ta lrge6 .. v ir po". I
110 Atlantic 6.ven looking h Ocen and Waterway. High on Hill (w e6 onge need 91l0 op site. Lai 101.184, .I P010I.G.029I d -

plon EBeah Do.O 4. P... Potricia Ramartn RIaltor ItII...,,
I.. 24.14 1.. 1161 D.EN ADAMS REALTY, Realtor 4639 North O6on BoulIwrd U. URUCE PUCem
S..... , 276-4191 ( Anch Oic e) t .l n
16S6s 651R11 1Y11 0Price 665 S4

.,.. .....lcl YI ,,1O,,, m THE ADMIRAL TOP QUALITY HOME ...................
2025 LATLANTIC A ol. Lo. i- IL a A n d aetlwhlhr n F la.4 0 1 IA oh 2nto ,6b01h, l ....o,, DI. ,.lo oo ol me 0*, I6(s-goe
26612u .-,ard... 276-33 obedroom%,, .. THE COMMODORE APARTMENTS 160 D..... n be d n lL. 6 blh, ly.Ip dpor K 166noP 1 1i. 10U.m .. 11.W ct
doito sccuac k C 7 )u h f plat n y ffc Pre-co niru n oot s living roomAiingroo ,or dnieveoongFloridaroom ond aomilm O
/t~t rnr I 1, R T, NC.ie$ or5o, ,onol. Centre0 heat h l s, 2 c or Aoro ealIprlneler 319o2S0 ,. O ro--I"A1-

HEAT THE ZONING DADLINE .(MLS R 623W). ( or 0 urth1 r In n and to 6 0 2 331336. UpILlelRI
Furnished One & two bedroom ot1o-. Dl I o.i
II .0 I03 6.18. <. I2.2l kl..... .. 0 ,1 I OEEAFRNT aIpartmentIR for cent by the year GERARD J. YONKMAN 40 0.10 .0,310o np
6I dp. L, ,, O,3 ,.e,, aleEfrom $25,0... ,, R,..-., ,
Boynton4Bovc Ceti m OJ.. PevIrD. 2 E1-14 JANE PARKS, ASIOC.
In w . It. p1, .,,- I, i BN ,DAM .R L.T.1 Ret. Inspection by appointment only ceanBo levar1 IRU.
A LWLTN fle fI N eb i IN9L2AL1,INC. Please call 276-4500.- --
Fellw a wor THE DMIAL OP UALIY HME 41 ~rar-11katbaI




c ollol Wolrwoy wilh aocclss to
our tolon booth.
2 bedroom/2 both with Ipaclous
Scloserll, 1500 sqoue feet.
Lorge living-dining room wit
Isporoal brekllols Orto
and Frigidoare kitchen.
0 No land or recrtetoln loease.
From. 131000,.
SInludes1 c oered pOrklng
6 Moanltnon coIISIt $75 po
m onh.
Immdiaote Occuponcy

ou mus see Ibis beaouliful
r11 1 id0nce lo rIally enjoy all 1h.
1oo6uros. Mod.l open 9 AM
o 5 P dily, d PM o 5 P on Sunday

2200 Soulh Ocean Boulevard. Deiray Beach. lelephono (305) 278-5979



Exclui S10 soi03l1 Mcion of D0lroy. Dilinctii Miditr.
rorwon itytl r*ddenc,. fully olr-condilioned' and wilh
all 1970 mIodrn opplionae. Largo blauliully land.
icopd corner lot. Automatic Iprlnklbrl. Two ar go.
roa., utility room and maid' quorlern with both. Main
feid0nue ho 3 bedroom 1 ooch wilh both. Aola 2 gueIt
bolhl and many other features tho6t b ipiok 1eg0one
and beauty. Financing ovikable. For sle by owner
derlopar. Call 278-7200 lor oppoinlmint.

really on Inraocooflol Wolerwoy. Control hoat and air con
ditioning. Sepoarol lurnilhd one bedroom and boah Ogul-
hour included. Beoultlul ground,. (MtS R.640.W)
Adlocenl 3-bedroom 2-bolh lurnished home moa olio be
purchoad. Centrol hool and air conditioning. Goraoge. S-
cluded enetonce. (MLS R.639-WI
Boullul~vi i ol Ihe Inlrocoollol Woaeraoy fromrn Ihi
chotlc 2.-bdroom 2.bolh condominium aporlmenl. Soulh-
Ioll 1ipolur3. Paoriolly lurnished by o loading dbcorolor.
(MIS C.20i.W
Selecl corner lot in Ihe b*och orea ol Seagol. Cleared
and reody to build on. IIl' a 102'
Norlhiel Irclion of Dlray on o corner. 76' i 119' Priced
io ill.
Prime wolerfronl lot reduced in prce. I Fenced
on boSh side% Con-rele aa0ll
001M 1h 7 se1.11 l 1 A.1. 0 I ,,
OPlml 16h6 1 oh11 1,.1621621 II 1.. I )IoL1
316.1 ,2., 11,1.. 1R13I

Doli Thundoy 3/25/71 -
Plce: 1127 Vill 001 DMa I

4 bieshl s i Ave. Kinhl ,.

1 us 11111wa1 i.l3.I iA1. I'

1ltl Tk67,5ll onl i1/2, /11
)Inrl(5l~lJr rl~,10.161

1I111 WAllF1N01 W16HISI N pi

ol: F. bday 3/16 Ti oL I
0.,r: 332 5.E. 71h A0., D2
N!HID.I MIS t10ll )i ")

Dolae: Friday 3/16 Time: I

Mac: 7081 S.W. 2l1h Av.,
IN 7 b E.II* bIsollE Ao.It
a I11/- -40 ro1. ,,d. lpMl

d.ioi-w. 1. 194 i. i 4--
fall 0,0"" o Jo4re'@i 'g"'p"We

27B-T40UI dalr

Timeo 1100 4:00 PM. I o hInk mll r UlILk-.
Drive,. 0llry Bkoch IF ltI real 6 it. L m owe.
l lll. f e, k or( l ii I II "ltle11.

r l' n tn.
IM. o e6 4k M. l10 I` o".A 10

M'IS a .,3) 14 LU TIIT UTHilC

.<..I11.. Lo-- T -I:

m'c .r. 'T rp } Lsl Ido rd mins

'***" 'og6. lo I (o 149,61

1:00. 04.00 PM (MLS R63W).

.. 01112.. .4 i2.1 275.2-2

I0. 4:o016n V SUMMIT

Pe al 11.he." i. Mef.6o,.,, I Fbhh e loor on6 bedbo rm
io .rMl Io 060to .3*d IL, EIo Doolo .
olo,. ro l o ^^ od beod ti bed
' -.- ,"., ", O...- 0, li Woll 3do ll on d I .dro.0
kl rlh ra ge Ii i Ir.l in 6ludod $R 5000
i(MLS-CI91W) '"
C. INCs ., leal. . L I.
Ileo.. ..&. .1.11 0, #..ft -14w..,Lads.
20 41 M S UMM 1 6 tI 3

Ihis Ad It Wotlh I MARCH 172 m O .-MILIE- -
e ,,, 1, 1,,, block fromJ
Ls REHTAL SRASONAL RENTAL ,O b.d: d" .. ----
W E :;.. 1* 'i i ... t ..o.b .. ... t .. .. .b .. ;;n I be. ch ,f i h d.. h N EW BU ILD IN G TO B E CO N STR U CTED
l" HAVE M ANY h. ... 0 I..... o.. .ld po...ll. I . ....$ ',I ",''i .' ....vi bl monthly or l. 'aty
MAKES AND MODELS E. ....... '...l"".I I h N.W. 2nd Ave. & 19th St., Boca Raton
1.MAKES AND MODELS " " .. av.Rr l.ddd,. P,0i0 olOn,. fi,
OF ,of aw "N.V. Dol,.Inc. .,,ller ,.r.. .outh .O.rosIe Fed s lo... s ing In.. d A..
j|OFI ^ I > I 6". a||WlM- Ls**o 10 lofnicAve. 11tralloo CloselstBusinelstlo PAU
01 RENTAL TRUCKS ss ..." Do.i.yl.h 2m1 4303 .. LEASING NOW
FOR :,od ol'0___JunortepLEASING NOW
FOR -.,',, floppi ee'.t' RENTAL 7 el,.pw ...di. tae 744.i..elpWa..I.d For Information Call Graces 395-9786
e i t ii I ii lli iII I er for Ocran Front Apartenrnlt alrsni n or aleswonlen lu work
istsl ts S."Fi lla Year.round Cl7A4Y .13.251 out olour new Ioraiun InDelray Perfect Location for
"I'l II 'IsdI F IM-IDIAI OCCUPAC C Beach. 223 S Federal ilwy Car Pe fc tL c o
MlECHNICA LLY IN ry ecE sy oe IIlr dme ..d I.duly hop, In. 1 .rs I1., IhIl^ll. Oli(, h. |10.|;
Ito .$1 who went to work In Delray hone calls Ca t experience ( Sorefella#0iost kSor
0 671F Beach.s end 1applic 11ion 1 I. i .. Sprihng Goods,@It.
Boxy wI Dera eah helpful For interview call Iome
4.17 Laot IfeldepWasled Fmale er Life Incurporatd. a1 524 S. Dil-
your telephone number. V.. Iomp
CONER LOT in Woodlrest VANDABEAUTYCOUNSELO I - 5760; askorMr Clark If I 174 Jo5 b Wated FemaleDi'I
Manor. Finest rdenl eid ei I.I dy .needed In thi .....or 7 I eIs p WanledMale. Femle
ionodfBuyntsonBeachl.. .lle It branch dilributlfor Vanda COUNTER GIRL and short or- Wated Female LratVE q lrea pree rre d Fsur
City sewen d utlie. Coe Beauty Counselor. New car fur der cok Male or feale hours EXPERIENCED S VEAItY
OR 2152 shu iShiY2 CR70l. R32s R N.. Asp psoS.1. so se~le. hssEXPERIENCFD OFCRFTAIT P4iYru or u 3 urO neu ior Kenp r-
eat to churches. _cho_. shop- _ned when quallfnid. sellln 7 to 4.5 days Don'stesLtaurant would like position 7n Yelrdy oidsrv ic eta Reply Bor
"ping centers and hospllta l nd recrullngl experience DIp-y alo N. Sears lvd.. ser e ec R lh Bx
.l e, _l r .1 l__ C __nw 4- ful. but nol neesl sry. We train (IIX559.'Delray h X Ba ch New J, r- aYnal. ing phone h number .15y J
SON N iNiLONVM 7-Employment yo u. For interview call 83m-578 n apl i1411l 14.151
1o sbndrAln. blh AA 741 lelp W alled Female WPB. (3-25) BOYS needd-Ilollday Inn. RE al Esitate MEDICAL SECETARY-5
ne bedri. Ili .baths; offiPRa221hlAp italexipd ert. Rh .d 0 sn Y i
I5, D .lue draps. mirror lwo bedroom bath.. r-ond LUZIER SUPPLEMENT S.Os d .D y c ic on wa L ONE CALL i
wall in diclng room. acordlon eoned, carted. dnpes. healed WRANTS YOURINCOMT A Appllcallon now beig Laken IR COU TIL cal area. 7321066 2 CANREACH
hi2rs1, clubhouse, healed puol i. pool, clubhouse, put. hulle. TIRED WOMEN Need inem to Is lsist R me In 14-151LOT
oman privilegRs IMLS C-155 1 R.1. BeauUlully furnlshed TIAT'S rlhlt! Women who ore my -rowl1 1 huln0r. Two hcluoubho-suse--1--. "3 mg1bi -hu -g b THOUSANDS-
Wi, Cll D McCali. Associate. 35.OOR. Phone -lOa. 13.2I1 lrd o1 TINKING iboul mr. Ly. S0y y week5. mlo CIVIL SEIVICE EXAMINA. Real Estate
W fll. DEN ADAMS REAL- in money and have deidd o ,rnler ew ll Mn. lh- T1ON FOR: Recrtlon Diree I D- l iop 1 I
T I .a til do mething about It... o LU- 2 tor. LUbrary Clerk 111, will bel on 0. d22 ---.pa RING US TODAY
,tDo NO.. . we alooI II I RINGus U TODAY
DER COSMETICS AND RIGSeHOTEL 01y toll 3 ,s by lhe City Rf Boyl Wa aed 631,5010. 2R UNITS
L| ISA I.p. Ap -]$Sa le... C.s. p Apia. iredse l in divisond othe IHI.O bOTEl IN Co .r.smll rs ori 11 onE 4r... A s. 1 .aYt11 T ,y A FORYOUR AD
I l IDA idua t m s is M op. e l In North Delry. Full me. Iall. 120 N.E. snd Ave.. Time wo
fnloln or L own house. 5-1 bed COLONIAL RIDGE CLUB con'- dfers you an opportunity to have pry.nen. Hard wor in. Good Exam to be designated at a liter Raj. a,,
f~sS1ior tow nhoe.5S1Ibed.COLONIAL PDGE Ces t thn hall under Dol-R

P..lniloc busitiIon Suni Blvd.. Ocuan Ridge. Calslo7.STOCRAPHER-IUs Umt. .r5c2vrble ill IRs n In o 4l1ce 1411
1l11 Appolnlmcntonly. 03N.E. "HI Gra y BroM. 4 1s E. AlanYUc proidurI. Abovs avY r|e uRY l ---- DEADENiD 5i35.111.3 D11obi .Inl 45s .
4JJl SI., lly'c B5 rhr. pyon e r t ARY.. l vrry B,.une ph Inves 7ment s alary C b neA1 0 1. 25 date. D eadline forDS ili o WrrIoL o P h L r. A
h2 csabove piSsios April 2. 1971.

shus.lr. ...Reeal Estate. oReal Estate ~vae eAa MMD E1tw e 0 Ch.iPdr11 1 ann po m b e.a.e llt I .,.
5ast, 1bt B c e as Rid e.Cal 32- S111t me r e a s w 144lt11 amllsss., 145.
-^ 10 DENTAL DELiBRY EAH BEAUTIFUL IEATTUE 1,4H. Idar laelyon en 1rhoaeiI eE
flo stanId1MI2I In 6. Vernob b h lo t. n k 1. c r ,000
I's "S ot.eray each. honel A., ryRan aresapartment lot .6811 w n .
I.4l int. ,oceanront soodthe D eo 1 61 as orVn 1 od b.0. i Estatey I"IDol LO
RealoE in coaleE. 3 r4l deasforta k BEAUT ANDnits1t TyE lT h iS I 1 2 B R 4,

be....... .. t.o.s
I61 RE4i IL 4 i74 ... I11ld II ,TM I...llTY2, INC. 21.. R.. 237. 1 AHIA

S" l I 0 O IbO.OO ith 25%1 dispel. 1111111,4oil. 1-lis-. I t116491 f ffr." AI Mole.Iim s Fe"-ih:,' ,.6' 0 T NO R Th efatsT ialog1 .
Al (1411 t IORD .4I closJs |s, I I I Is, go 4 b ai, lgos nIIe 520.0010
C11.L Ihllag114111 18 ofn GARD oN o I IL I1 LlOW N llHLE (Mnl9sNW1 )
los suf Wo ll of.... i .......I....., b ,e" .so ...toW.. of Ifty guil
15 51 il.a I 1111 1 Y 4,14 5,4117 1111 Illll tI 2.5 unl4 .'do 5..
ito. .................3 w |............ r . .. ,,C. kro O k biso*40 iifiim (is

lallOl s2ono52ll ll | l i. l.| nl il kiuI *p .>II nd* 0l T3O7W N U

51 1 lots0 olosl aI.1 .$pi pSpocd .Ir 4212 l isiig. 51216 165 i 21 .3. 70o m .

h:llm EI{IH-nt Hoi ll, 1 Ikoll b(411 111 gALTK DUd L H ll
Ic "1," I. ........... .11 .Yds- 0 0.............. h......
smob iest home com m untel ty L, T M| -11t) sis po sa. lo ssma Iker in 1114. 1.- Aftntlc a 76c-66

I.I. Ill44l ill04.I|| 13.11y1 43I ,111.1o4. .I o oDn, dEN ADAMS REALTY
usit sIoukld be I ChaveIoP-d

M ove trvobeautifu 34S44 4l7^eys- -[Vol.*od*..IsllIll
1 l 144 11 ll. 1. 11 ll 11 plnnd for good liT ng. Spcous room t rge . d n:

IN:1 &1 oe ne d 2 3 Srous ollose ts, or diningTroam 6-an dbrookfH r oo o
D ri e uttoda -S 31 7 24Florida room opening to p2o3ed po io with grll and mio ll

E n j o I G A D E N H O W P A C E(M L S RIt 9 ,N W )1 Con ta t ol
iti s s8 o112pho l d 1e ........................................... 2jEither1Powel, Broker-Aso2 ....

3iI1'.415. IIyli IIsl.lh IIlll 11R IS,,,.,sll ,,., ds BN 1 AD MS4 REALTY
iif i iiie F 1453 116o i d. (1111. a hll l lk25 1 l iGRlli 42 1 5 i S o114. .ig1.s

DEnd ADAMshREALTY3 Realtor l ENii4D6 SR66 T I Y
l O Ol l h 1 OME -ii 5i 5 lakh ie. Ida9i6. noneand bd is opsI a4011 32764 191 111
a s it s h o ld ecIllllnea C Is lp lll dldas$41,5006FURNIS HED. (MIS -------- --- S o 031
i 2 Y .14pE.Atlantic Ave. Delrly Bea4b,0Florida IN LANTANA A 4T0.U.:

1 6 1426-740 p18)I4d 1 ays. 3913. 1100 n l Y A O
AA I auttul, f bed- I_ MaisieI be. oE i ....

Fe t uo .35 ..... 4.(n.... 1.4.-. lo, IMtl...
ACRES oLT e. i.. il.... 3 aver e op.sd ...40 we

Pool$!11 st nation 6a.5. tes. prpety G 3 ".AiRRW RLO o11 al rinI
VW to beautifulhI" s on two@$% g3553p59 STERLING
e st .ified S4.500 so specal$ is1, rooted soIiisolao Is.b

MiIltryT Tal o.u eall @ -,141 W1 p1 i4 11 411 11 111Wl.I1 i 1 @1 i i .011 1
9 6dw.n 1 2. I(0 e111 inwll l I A 1 ii i i6 1 11ATE Dt 'll
IIS5 age il0l6 iiiii hlloa.4 1 I Pos1 SEIIOS5r I @E*I,T
3,5 persti 29 down HISI Sel10 73i I ,, 1i i 1 $. federal 732-0147

:' Drive out today... si ..... IN RACOATL ]A. .

SEACREST HILLS 0 :favir. 0A21W 114 111 sad. I (@ $
ago all lll 4i..NJad I .
Exc ". ,.. : ,. .,, ,elyn l ao bedr so o bo t ri Go od Hlo & orodfirst oritgag
bile .o J .. . ~ . ................. aonI3oI fail s i o Itaa stad.. 1 ... . .
/rm a5 S ,$00 J0,,6 ....... hed I O .keTT, I(.

[I 2 7 6 -41 9 1 2 6 0... . . . .

page I)S. NewsAoa -03s y arch U. 1
747 Jobs Wooled Male 1 41 Avlo4 for Sale

CRIBS 03),300
*P aTn rniNQET 36 01.'" .A.e D.Deo a

3| |Dial 2376.,783

1. (!I-tl W.Cu,. *5 \

11 N. IN S Ae3.T
S 513 NE. 01h 51 T EET
7 ti5 Il H.) E BOCA RATON
I N.e.etIaHw,. 391.7933
)3 3 )0 ) C. A .


College New.
Handy Sonniag3 of Ilobe
S.woud i Ialso 3a3junior at F3
The 4)30333e (if Indi3n I3 )d3
Junior College Aon a 0ru33 3
Flute anti guitar srholar
I hi glo to Francine Kivenolf
,lhlam, Senior Ifigh Schiol
and James %beeler of Ilrow
ard Community Conllege

Three Join FAU Fitecuilte
Advisory Commitltee
An accountant. a banker and
a retired advertising executive
have joined the Executive Ad.
visory Committee of the Flori.
da Atlantic University College
of Business and Public Admin.

----- 1A -9 AD0

SMILI.E AS YOU GO BY, even for pretty blklili-dd Club, panlcularly ith
Rrl ready o Iake your picture II pretty y ha3 rd or b lr ind Sund3
barefoot skler Iarry IRualh of Ibe FAU Water Ski G(aryGooder)

Cathy Youngs, Messier Capture

Overall Honors at Ski Tourney
x.L, 3 l .ml4 Ja.ck WjLSUm
", Ix l.lnhm 1 1 third
In Ih o ien's hj rcfoxp4 dl-
lln. ('at111hy Youn 11 Unl
v relly of Mi il lolLk firt
plalce, follo d hy UNI tearn.
jllll| Jan I.hlWl m l FI"U In
Ihrn.jurt sjll wrler skirn

llr.iches cll|ll tedi en In h lour-
.iancnl We also hail ja Ruod
lurnoul ol fl|lclarlos and Ihe
i.,l her %as favurable a[.
Ihldluah ,i hlllr iin the coul and
,lrt.uy SllC. Ih-nuirtsald

Delray Lanes BowlingNews

I'1OINTS I.EA.EL' I.3EAGUE ,ol. .r. I'lrirhnv 221
r.ir MJrcrnii I lick Ward l 21 575 l.irry I ltr,,r 22
1 -20 121)" .1.211-815 (;3v r3-3um 21-5531 Jo1n 1u1ik 226
JoYvr alikrvt 18 6% Iklol MjIrullj 3H 10W 33h n 3l3 rpfnh'r3 226
Sirl( Mlchcl 2311-692 Ml33 3 lrf') big'X2 53 33 3oll33 ( in 237
:t. cyta If;th '03221 -.592AGVE
Vonnle 4 'Yrpenhr 674 13.-45. \hn s Ihh,3 rlts
('arul C'onner 20--11)1 69 maustNlalh, 1(i-
aural 'ck s IR l oI 'A' :7.1- iMB I nncll [aI- 5m
*ea.t_ SI"v N wMlliklnmm 196-48'.9 lhrn tuctil 9 -, 4
Fr1n I'ulh3 n 1 1814 38333 338l 3 3n 222
HLSINESSMEN'S I.EAGUEC Ju3lv Sls3k 1 M U611 \llllln sl llgh Secrls.
I3lh Kllhv 21r.iU02:L8-6 A) 1 31 1 M 3lva Fluurre 161-42
J.,hn.'r nhr *2-o 3.II'T111SI. A II 3SP ITAI. hl -lu 363 [ -4
Jolhn CJrlenler 22-67 li" Mc ; oll 14"23
(;h4nn ('3ampl3ll 2116201t-6 07 3 3AG33E33'34 23
Iler Trhavcr 217.21nt-61r M'e"sli rh Scrl, C AMP\ BEL (ONS.TR CTI O
Jot Ilanil 207.241-639 SansIIh. rlM SCRATCH
DickMa 122 23-578 Dc S, n Men s Ilh Serie
John l 1 |lhrd 241-71 I lb lk nf son Ro3 3 31,ll3ur.u 215-213 +-0
hv n I or e m- W JohnlIt hley .JloSe I nll 201-57E
lthll 3Marshlng 210 -5m Woen, \cH il4 Nl Stover 213-534
BIll Freeman 201- 581 Ilruce7 losldnr o 211-512
Jimn Smllllh 2j"7- 5W Cith I'y llhy 169-
M i|ke ,[a h ,nto 20 --546 Ag nesM( ia nter 172 + ite ll (;reene M
Icn Jo ns 3n 215 1 hlra S1 3 on38 au I33 %% oln1rn s Illlh Srit
('h3rl Ilenl Judy MorL on 17 IRo2s7 alley 19(l,-531
Sharon W1alke r U -24illrv 161- 024
Earo 11S 1AGUE kll3 m34rlu 173-494
I)EI.RAY IN~lu LEAGUE1 PIONEER I.EAGUE Joyce Illalkr 215-5/
Dolt3 I33r 181-On Gary3Ickrde 6-603 I.i (; 23rge 1812,491
Evelyn Ioore 171-44 Frank Ihscho4 37-52 PAYDI)AY PAL LEAGUE
HOeME MILK BANTAMIS Stu()tw+',y 210-561) Me .n s Ihigh.t-rles
LE-AGL3 Frank K2 mpl 2133 -552 Ikb Iladabaugh 1191-53
I[oy's Iligh erles (;tstun W'hlle Lu-557 Ikb Kane 197-530
I)wyan Ilulcheso 134-381 IIOUSEWIVE 3S I.EAGUE I1b 1 3les 211-520
rill moody 163 -3- Y8 .l apsev 1)1-496 Franko llhlyv Molncn s Illgh erli
(;iris Iligh ,rlt Ruth Jlones I -4&j Paul Knoulcs Sharon [)lmf n 16 --44
Ju Ann Slalcr 1-416 .orl. St rl 172-441 Marvin G rec l ,r Dnl. avy 316-.483
2Mar 1o Farrar 114-325 I''llyI-lne 177-431 Mark KuhehrV hl cwart 147-411

S Dwmli~a Chldren's Clotiig from 'oIl laTo m2 '

I: 423 A. ,,,,21 A.. (

a n,. 73. 42,3 3.... r23



place to


Easy on your money.
Easy on your tummy.
'Hamburgers,chicken, french fries,
and more. Next time out, give
us a try. Borden BBF.
The easy place to eat.

Barwick Golf

Night Leagues

MONDAY NIGHIIT MENE S StandardUnlvormService
LEAGUE No 3 15
AMERICAN LEAGUE Palm Lod(ge Apts. 141
Cypres Creek Country Club Goodyear Service Store 13
DIclray Mlllwork 19 Central Ilardware 172
Joe Urlsson Concrlet lusch's Seafood
PIumpn1 3Restaurant 1714
lHawkins & ,uouw Conlr. Standard Unilorln
Janie Ilalock's Team Srrvlce No. 2 17
lion Or3 C3o4 rete ilrela 's UnonSatlon 161'
IRalph & Jake Inc. I)elry Ileach Nallonal
Ilusch's Scafrnl Lank 1611
Sle3lauranl 15 Joe Hrlun Con ocrerl 16
llair Cotulrucllon 15 William U. laner Really 15
Churey's Concrete 10 lloyd's nBody Shop No. 2 14I
D1lray wlinR l-an 3 23 lion Orf Concrete 10
Joe llrlsson Conrlete' FRIDAY NIGIITCOUI'LES
I'laclng 23 LEAGUE
Iteslauranl IV' Goll lloae Inc. 214
Jan FerrarLs' Team 19i C2he Denys Apts. 20
Avery Ilr. Floral Products lloyd's lody Shop 19
No. 1 16 The Meat B3lock II
Dairy Queen 13 SvblG(;rilin(;ol
Campbell Cotruclrllon 13 I'rolrsslonal 17
I)elray Aerial Cirru 121 I'owes Lounge IS
AvtrvlBlro Floral Triale Comlructlion 14 I'ryllurtl No I Dr. Charle Waldner MD 14
Larry lleeinskerk Joe Ilrluon Concrete I1I
Srvlre B Eighth Silreet Market 9L>
LEAGUE Walker Electric 23..
AMERICAN LE Marlon's Dress Shop 21
Independent I.LIe Jennlns I'roduce Center 19A '
Insurance 24'i Illair Conslrucll 19
IHex ellart Invtmentms 231'v Hoon Variety 151I
Joe risson Concrete I'Palm Ileach Callttle 1S'
I'ure3inR 2', IDel.layJewelers IS
Ioydul iLy Shop 19 Vincen's Mulic Cenlrc I
Standard Uniflorm Servlce 15Is Lobt. C Buy Agency 6
Uoyd's Wrccking Service l'i Iluthl Dllarl Vogue
P'lerce Tire Co II Ileaulv Salon 5

"Why do people on-the-go
carry PAGEBOY Radio Pagers?"

SCALL 278-2651

347 N.E. 5th AVE.

Light on a budget.

Electric rates have gone down
eleven tines since 1951
I Icrc's n fact that sheds new light
,n the inlaltin n sitatnuaion
%hilc 11,05st i4ric.s 4ha% c\ 4l n 2 rising
sky-hi3 h, the price (f electricity
has golle d3own. 3And 3 do l III fact,
the mncragc price aid I~cr e
kil,3owatt hour b%\ 3131l-s3crJc 7373
finm lics today is one-third less
than it was in 15 7. 3
733 33 3d)1 33373 ....3:3o: ,.7..


'll.Er IlI. Eiri I'1I 10 1E.11.
(110110 ITI IIST Il)a.T s
yI D.n,'I :jcializilh' i Q

i IIII :1N.rIIUDN1 la IDl


Prime Ribs of Beal
COCKTAILS 732-9741
190S S.FederalHwy. Eoynton Behooh

to'ace tho 8e1

Eo ,Oh Mo l0 0f
Late SnacksIALS
Sre '.il 4.00 P.M. S 395.8080



Lunch, Dinners, & Cocktails
36 S.Ec o 3rd S street Boc Roon

SChinror a .,al & .

It II NT 0 1 'ch M.F

t 399-0000

7/he Enfoyape e

ur Popular SBlid & Relish Bar


Dancing Nighlly Ept Mondoys
to IhI MuId3 o1

krvd *til 4:00 P.M. *icept Sunday

-Fhihon Show Ird Noon

c ourdcgllou n Sol 401 rml
u 29r Po ulr ald R lih a

Boca Teeca Cocktail Hour 4:30-6 P.M.
Free Hrs d' oeuvres


Entertainment Thurs. & Sun.


I \ C O C K T A IL H O U R
Kihn O n uP M A sI sAoM

'Im In l 1 l A.. 1<, 112,..... lih

Pg0y 0.--- 0




Pictured At Right
The Famous Salad Bar

ane?di Cuisiae

For Reservation 278-2528


C complete Dinners

On 1h 0.o0n Bolwe. Dhanl d BoySnio
AI to IN3 BREx.EStf
IIOACIH O 1S01M) 1.1) 1 (;

.Ell<'aa n lEieiS l in i
Fresh Seofood
Or 120 S mo Pnrime ibs of Beel
SComplete Dinners

Or On The Patio From 1:00 to 2:30
RomN Av liable 276-6315
On lhe Octan &Bwen Dllay and Boyntlon

Fresh Seafood
Our Famous Prime Ribs of Beef
SUNDAY 2 P.M. 276-4540


Entertainment & Dancing Nightly
Except Sunday
Norm Dygon Paul Simonds
SkylarksiTrio El Mello
1500N. Fed. Hwy. Pompano 941.3010

OA tontn oleosolo'owl dsoote own of
ditLI OfCht J. EON U IW Strele, gemo omeo.
what* a dogy Featur Includeis here d'owvr S d
evid eoorId Inhr ..rcrsoI and.owehd
Joeysetwlote. owner if Cht Joel who os ald
W la the am he 15 yoo lhkes prie In *4 %*
bet, .H oog A"I OALd N U. Hosrrl. LS. coo
Conowents! specalties Met l Ch ;vvy Iw kUO
1IHI WoI o.AL. con .51..d.f.A., o,.dned
aonalow in PyoH ravL with
InCu. V. n conshil) o plutrip rov
cop*" OtfoN With hoa "a.d c.hloo 00 MOMM
ani. ana oood e A. .iov -, amewIL
DucBhessPoPi. I..o.tn ca7.onbroll spo.ad
soorIdo rllo.Iao L.
u~re nvP o hwwhm~n I whedr~n the
woli 0 M'm. SAn dki. ..s to te ak W
'Phoo o pLscol dWrj

ed with Scllion Oil end Wine.
SI....h un.. h

The All New

ol Oelroy Beach
2809 S. Ocean Blvd. (A1 *A)
(305) 278-6241
in the beautiful

SUNDAY BUFFET 12:00-2:30 P.M.
(.mlirlr I"tllllr Iniludr.
St-lllshii l) umlllll () Ih, ef linked ,'irgi
Irvlr('hi cklen II l Il burgundy
Mnrylndl ('ranliient I m rial
Bhar.l->.que .S|)nreribs
-.nr.,d Sahl11 nni IT elir hes
V 1TildrE A nmIAr IIM 2.95

7 DAYS Soa ,r sun

7'lTh Old( and The New
THE NEW: MEN ONLY (Gill) 12 P. M. to 3 P. M.
2 I.ulnch. n S.V pnils I.'I rD Ialn
Complete Full Course Dinners 3.95
Entertonmenl Nighlly
NINO NANNI ''^: v*.r"
For R.-naliinx Call Miirr 1)' Im lax 3954s X: I 2
501 Palmetto Park Rd.,
Boca Raton


s a 11 0 1 it o n.tMu I tB
l)elray IIE) I)BI{ II(j IE
33HoI.n .0 I1Ul,., n,..l, ^J

This Sunday
S Treat You ell
To A
IA. lll 1 Ihe ChLd,@. Undo I
The eclnng guilor ol Pedro Doolla
In Ihe Sponnh Ri.er Lounge
offHO N( 67441

Open Daily
11.:45 ll 10P. M.

11:45 till 2 PM DAILY Excepl. Sun.
Special luncheon Cockltil H60'
We Cater to Partie of 25 to 100


OPEN DAILY 1) til and 4 1il
1 OUNO1 I o., IIu MI OuNIG l T

.. o s dk.. 39.6021

Il ., 1111111

I.TbAnds.M. hrr U.I

747 Job

A 'l IF
crlan u
lall 211

pie w
wish I
urut r







S (aptaiEn Iub)l)bas
i I I 1.1.' ItI. %I' \lI I<\ T

11 1 Ni l, III:, I14,,,,
I[ IISI III. 1 CAK.IIT l. 1)( )

Ib-l -)U- q,)" -, ..


Prime Ribs of Beef .
COCKTAILS 732.9741

S 1, I lU, D"1n,|1 D a i018| r11o ul
'o Open 5 AI

". 1 7 ii i 1noa uc I73 1 k0D
I 74d Si 9 M d IT@ loymem lllIlk

__ __ __ C- e, y

Vigo IntlernaTl iolt a I


s +' i

Pictured At Right
The Famous Salad Bar

For Reservations 278-2528


Entel rrta inm Nitely

:29) \. l ll. 1 l I' Iitr I l

OFaing O n The Oce y n
120 South OcFan moulevrd, Delrs ol Beeh
Complete Dinners
O2.95 to'5.95 :oo.:oPP.
Sunday Lunch or Dinner from Noon
Enjoy Lunch In The Dining Room
Or On The Patio From 12:00 to 2:30
Rooms Avoiloble 276-6315

On the Ocen PBtwnDly and Boynlon

Fresh Seafood
Our Famous rime Ribs of Beef
SUNDAY 1 P.M. 276-4540


Entertainment : Dancing Nightly
Except Sunday
Norm Dygon Paul Simonds
SkylorkIe Trio El Mello
1500 N. Fed. Hwy. Pompano 941-3010

A c. ontinenLtalat to to te P6.Mof
. q1 tCht )"1, 36MTh. ird Simi. a Aeofed
wham a dewy loolure nfludes hen d'oeuvr" enj
.. N oeo Ia ac k Colod Nb. p arFnd aels.
JLaM ..-10Ao. .0.er of C he.J Lay 0hh .
ad In Wt.reglLr 1 yor. In L ..in aided
Cbot -- -q0that I.e, c .0 er, pinea ppleW.o.
top-. 1d omand.aw R of*that R.qla. as.
Conib""fl spciwks effin of Ow kl Joey
L f wellInst sklin Ine I no dol", asosned
- wrapped 'in' '= F. elf *ww sang Withr
011 L za o 3.d P10 .d4eab.das
Cope" slu"O' Wil hem and toold wih Memay
wuce. and Owisawlidend5"walere, a centr cwt
F161 Ylfte, caved of stable ant l 11 k
Outhess Potatoes, tin carrel, broccoli pears an
lem dishes am .ge l.kesat Ch Oie L" aod
sel group ofp aau pastris amservd he th
meal is ew. Sefs diw mwsk ads to the ohl
sphine o pleasent inion

TIN(; CIIIIN; LUN(; IIAR-.mh Maine Loltler Stem
ed willh Srillon (Ol end Wine.

atI Pt W

The All New

of 0 Delry Beach
2809 S. Ocean Blvd. (A.A)
(305) 278.6241


in the beautiful

SUNDAY BUFFET 12:00-2:30 P.M.
l.,1 ,,11111 /lllllrl Inollr<.
Slfirilh l l ll n01 Hrc f l lked Vlirgi
IrC l (hit ken r li0erl itrgunly

leart F llN s ND lETriNlis R

1I hihlr i., ii i r 11r 1 .!,2.11)


Entertainment Thurs. & Sun.
.. 276.6375

Year Round

7 DAYS Solr Sun.


Th'/1,Ol(/d ad '/'he ('Ne
THE NEW: MEN ONLY (Glil) 12 P. M. ,o 3 P. M.
2 l.wi hrin .S',ll,,f' M,,rr Il%?
Complete Full Course Dinners '3.95
Entertainment Nightly
NINO NANNI '"''i"'IA". ,"
nr Itr int Coll M in- W lbII s llnii 5l k`
S501 Palmetto Park Rd.,
S Boca Raton


GeoI Food, Show, Fun, Dancing
Comedy ond Singing Wai.ler.l l I
"Is'a&l b ll wulll04r I oi I lo "r miJ
)0 clray IIIllI),lH l oR
33o .. I ... .. ,h ,

Thi, Sunday
Treat Yoursell
To A

ITh eIf0n g guiob ol bor o Sollor
n lhe Sponoh .R Ier Jounge

?r n' PONI 276 74.1

11 1111 lOP H 0DNI42or 1.h 1

open Daily

11:45 till 2 PM DAILY Ecept. Sun.
Special luncheon Cocklil 60'
We Cater to Parties of 25 to 100


I,. 'Ri,, li.. SINCE 1)l)I. F r E.ii ,i r ....
OPEN DAILY 11 il2 and 4 til 8


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