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Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
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Language: English
Publisher: Perry
Place of Publication: Delray Beach, FL
Publication Date: March 18, 1971
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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,ing Delray Beach, Boynton lBeach and/ Boca rlaton s.t It'y-I



Search Your Heart


S CSC Tells m -Parents -

CSC Tells Parents
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whichbfature. baref I ad i
end wn....The# t.+IsIt ho

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.........ngr I ts ....................... Miller ..... g wUlmen.llTat Is If ne survived
at Lke Ida Sunday to go barefoot kllngi. Weber will essions last week. For another photl
*be amoi 9 ontstanIs In Ithe FAU UM Open Water the sports page. (News Journal photo
Si Ttiament aIt LAke Ida.at 10 a.m. tibi Sunday er)

Communications eek Brings

Forth 'Shrewd Observations'
S ByARYGOODER set that rate at from 200 to 2O In relatllon lo that, another giveeac
Student problem t Atlantic ludentaday. noted. "Will that continue next theallotl
HIgh Schml r a varied a Th'e qu astlon of black buses year?" Principal Johnson re-
S character of the ud and white buses came about, filed, "No, net year we'll be On W
bernselve, nd not 1 Jl of but Johmon explained that Atlantic Igh." day. heIl
iimreiatetotheraceissue. I luch 1e comes 1 bout natural. A black baoy declared P rl
A e ly InA he makeup olfnelghbor. ought to Iorget Carver and las1ses
Sdeal seemed to take bthe op- hoods and areas, where the Secre and go on from here personal
portullityof "CommuLicaltlio buse pickup strud1nts to make Atlantic IIghbetter plon.
Wk" ait Atlantick to e ppress ktpixe d fe l l n AeeeIlt- p gace." l
Ibemlv on tIs sue s tbat have Mld eellnIl were e- place."
klrobhbly "buggled" them be- pre9ed about homerooms
ore race became an a. whichlb a11 currently scheduled OneAhocll aimed thatPnews I
followiln Ihe lunch break. Pa PeP blow Inciden out .of
Atlltic HII Principal Rob- Some apparently lelt they proportion l det parent up
art Johbnon walked Into a weren't necel.ry and Aome et. while another grlald lhe II[os
clmu Thulday ind l t down believed they should be atthe p recled In the oppoitlle
among the imstudentl, who Ip. belnninl of the school day. rmneronotheroccaion. A ne
peaed at fillt reluctant to Johaonlll dIhe subjectsn- Another felt trl IhLlbould be FPir Lad
speak their mind. der study now. rore fieldtrips and moreopen the Delr
Hlsitantly, one bay uked. The traditional Junior-Senior class discussion such as Ihey will be
"Whlrl......tby the time.w e-Prom is apparently another were having at the "rap" Charbe
go Io lunchtI period they ra conlrovely among Ision rather than ticking so Rer c
11re out of everything, pe- itudentl with i deference as. closely wil thlhetextboob. a.m.1Tl
chilly hoies?" o the Idea of what a prom Principal Johnson aid there
In relation to the tensions where It will be held, what Is plil feeling on that but fell Coffee
that have been experience d al type of band and music will be open daions were ood. ulce frl
lsome of ll he schools and to he provided. The prom Iteerlng i1 that p irhlp field tp 111 i
evacuatllon of lhe Atlantic ilu- committee Is attempting to would be good except that due Armour
dents because of bomb work out an alrmicable lolutlon, Io the number ol students It PIerce,
threat J1t1 prlor to re1umpllon but plam are to again have the was difficult to organize them Inc.,11
ol Clu9 wben the question was proml the BocaRaton Hotel. decide who should o and pro-
ked. It may have seemednorln More club and group work detr porlon
ver t to promote better understand- Another boy laild he felt
SBut to Ibe student that luLked Ing among ll lthe itudentu was here was not enough contact
about the oels and to Prin. luggestedbyone buy. between the school and the
c19pl1ohmon, a11I ero 1Ane outside world, that speakers
ciprevlaled and Johnson went to In one clul, girl slid the should come on campua and
great length to esplln that It "uper-tralghta" are involved tlk t1o udent1111 to relate bet-
would be looked Into and I everything nd do no repre- ler nd provide outside con-
u romethlagdone rnutlt" I ent the average student. wact.
00sometlh i1ng doneaboutit. S "Thy don't know what is go- S oth
One of the problems In the Ing on," Ihe polnled out, Indl- So many of the itudentl
cafeteria has been trying to eating there Is communlc&- demonstrated thought and
prepare and pl an or the Ilu lion gap among the student 1 foresight In their comments
den In view of the high rate themselves. that Principal Johnson often
ol ebtenleelsm. LIt Thunday remarked. "That ib a very
Night l s Communlly School Referr ing to r dscir slon Ihrewd1observatllon."
Council meeting. Johnson had School Superintendent loyd
Early and other had with stU- Johnson said he wa certain
dent leaders.h a boy pointed out the communlcallve laesilon
Ihat none of the Ilonor Society with the students are worth.
El xhibi iludenl In the group had been while and much could be ac-
x i t alt the trouble 11po1 and could complllhed with them al-
only gueu what the real prob- Ihough he had to change hisl
lems were rather thin speak- original format.
Ing fromfirsthandknowledge. When he began meting with
P ain ting One grlaid whenevercom- senlors on Tuesady, Johnson
Smlltees are formed there are aid there were lome 1120 In
i ssain g Crver and so many whles able u there were too many to
from Secrstclelcted and II control the convernatlon to
"deAn 18 byats the purple." cover various lub)JecU and
An 51 by 12-Inch, grsy
A (med painlling ol i e Lacoast
scerie disappeared from the
.....r...... Over 180 Entered
tbe Arcade Tap Room Gallery,
the rtl t reported Monday.
#&ad browns ol rough sees
lh breaking a the In Delray Affair
roik b doe with a pallet
bIife ud valued t 11101. she Enlriei In the sixth annual and black flgsi to be Ilo
Si01 t old1bPa11ot11ed It Delray Affllr rtU and cralf Irom ulilllty poles on Atlantc.
eAhlbitlon and Thleve 9 Market and conlinuatlon of the Alfalr
a wsl misng fromLT tte elbll April 2 and 3 are over the 180 into Saturday evening with a
Friday. A yon with Informs. mark according to Ken lode. street dance and special out-
Uon liked to call her at 71- chairman door theatre presentations
1,311. Rode said the figure us way The Delray Allair. which
ahead ol last year and a draws crowd and artisans
*Funld Inlsin record number otf ehlbllton s rom all over Florida. II
appear Immilent. Iquely set off with colorful
ReporltExpected Spaes for Iar. hadlcra flowe arranged in poand
and an asslortment of other or- placed along the side walk
Aqua-Crest Cop will hold a tillc endeavor are aulined They are laid for 11 a pot at
board of directors meeting lo along Eul Alanllic Avenue the end of the leslivities
dIcu. the current lund rals and the Thieves Market will be Parking is also remov from
rin endeavor al the Atlantic held as mual In the alleyway East Allanlic Avenue so thaI
lligh School caletorlum al I north of Allanlic between NE arts and crafts exhlbllors may
am nuesday. Mar. 2U A re- Third andFourthAvenus display their work without TIl
port on progress of the fund Among the new lealurres this blocking sidewalks or fear of cla
lraising lIs expected )year will beL Dlray Allr pink being h benhby parking aulos Ja

John Ilolloway. co-chairman
of the meeting along with Mrs.
Louise laisa. outlined the
goals of the committee and
as ked anyone Intereted to
sign up and help More than 3
signed their names on various
lHolloway. noting that the
purpose of the meeting was to
open a line of communication
with the parents to bring about
peace, har ny anddecent ed-
ucation for the children.
"We're fIaced with numeroy
problems, but number one is
alise rumors. I personally wit-
nesed lights between individ-
uals and later heard rumors of
Divisions or men a campus riot," lolloway
ed his practice said. pointing out that the CSC
o of Weber, see hopes to set up a communlca-
by Gary Good lion comniirlee which will
have the straight dope on such
Incidents and If any parent
wants to check out what they
hear they can call that com-

"I don't think we have a ri-
cial problem unless we ke
il such." lolloway. a ynton
leach businessman, said.
'*"lt's start forgetting the col.
or and work toward a positive
h a chance lo speak In program to build a better corn-
ed time. munity. Let's unity."
wednesday and Thursn- Ilolloway said parent alia-
began meeting with In* tude Is one of the problems
classes olf senlors and and cautioned parents that
and felt the smaller what they say In the home is
of 20 to 25 gave a more repeated by their children at
Inavor to the discus, school. "If we as parents
search our hea souls and
minds and take another look at
Soursl., we can do much to
PlayhOuISCe ,olve the pmrblems." llolloway
IS Coffee Question and answer session
i of brought forth the following:

ak preview of "My Q what causing the
ly" to be prformed at trouble between blacks and
ray Beich Playhouse whites?
given at the monthly A Gost stories. When a
r of Commerce Sun person has fear and doesn't
offee club meeting at know enough about each oth-
"hurday, er. many times a youngster
proves he doesn't have fear by
. paltry and orange using wrong techniques .
am Neals Farms Mar- usually resulting In a llghl -
be served and Alan Ilev. ScmmleTaylor, panelist.
of Merrll. Lynch,
Fenner and Smith, Q What Is belng done for
ponsorlng the event. thesafety of thestudenls?

. A. 7


I f~an~s~i;;ci

1(C ~\


...... .. ...... . .... ... ............

-r copy

A We don'tl iivehatLis A- C-arverlll colnean Q Why are kIl
a big problhlrn y are n. all junior hih sch.l Iand illl driver's seat?
dangerrd only whrn tempers open a whole new hill game of
[lare In every irlltnce a light problems and Delray Junior A If parents can't control
starts blteurn two people I llh will merge with Atlantic thclr kllh at home. don't ex.
There ha. wayss been truu. Ihigh next year under current t teachers to do It at school
blemakers on campus you propessals-o Ihilloway Holloway.
may have heen one yourself Q lias anyone considered We would be naive if we
We are working on ter pO- solving the problem with the didn't recognize the fact there
iccservice- Ilolloway help of Campus Crumade lor s a new breed of youth today
A What u being done to Chrisl' With your support we will con.
discover the troublemakers? A ere are many rell- sut and advise with themand
A We have a poblemn at gions involved at Atlantic and develop the respect needed -
the print lime with invesl- we cannot work openly with Pompey
gallons up lo here ihulds hand the Campu Crusade Justl as
over headi. became invetiga we can't work with ny busi- One persona charged that
lions knAok us ol regular rou. ness A Johnson the meeting was a one-sided
lnes lhal are also disciplinary We are trying to set up "rap" since the CSC requested
inezsurcs Robert Johnson. groups of exchange program that all questions be written
Atlantic I'rlnclpal in churches and clubs between and did not open the floor to
Q What is being done lo whiles and blacks llolloway. disc ion
get rid ol trmublemakers? Q Will the schools have to
A- We arworking on legis- go on Dual Sessions? lolloway replied hat it was
lallaon I put tools back into the A I don't selA any need or dne to avoid the paossibility of
hands ol principle and teach, dual session if augment Carv. a connect or debate getting out
erl. They cannot expel on Ihe er campus by portables, nor at ol hand since "we didn't know
spot and only suspend Ior ten Atlantic with ae of DelrayJu. how many people wduld show
days at a lime. Would like to nior Illgh faclities C Spen up or what attitude they woIld
have vocational Iralning cen- cer'ompey, Carver Principal have. We need to look outside
Irer where we can work with Uoynlon UBeach Junior Iligh ourselves to see what are the
Iroublemakers to give them a is on an extended day program other man'l problem theoth-
changed outlook and a talent- and we forecast 1000 students er nman's point of view and
Ilolloway. next year so it appears as of then bring these two inta to
Q What about combining now we will have to have dou. gather. We hope to have more
Delray Junior Ihigh and Allan. ble s Iops Renmcc Lansing. meetings and will open up for
tie llgh? BoyntonJr. Iligh Principal. discussion a we progress

DDA Approval Sought

A committee headed by own realty within the down- supplement Lie Authority by
Marshal M DeWitt and Bruce town area. or be a renter or reimbursing It for parking
Wenzel are attempting to get managing agent of such realty, places acquired and assigned
100 per cent approval of prop- Each board member s II o any such business according
erty owners within the down- serve without compenatll to city parking requrements
town area to establish a Del. except for reimbursement of inthezonlngcode.
ray Beach Downtown Develop- personal expenditures when All funds received by the Au-
ment Authority. actually Incurred, and all ac- thorty will be held and se.
An act aulhorizng the au- lion must taken by at least cured like other public fun
Ihority has been presented to three affair tlve votes of the by the appropriate fiscal o1ll-
Ihc Palm ach County I.egis- Authority. All meetings shall cera of the city, under a se
lative Delegation for Its study be open to thepublic. rateaccount.
They In turn asked that pell- purpose n the Authorl TO finance Improvements,
tions be signed by proper t yr the Authority may also Issue
on which may levy up to one mill bonds payable rom Ihe one
ner within the affected tax on the included propres bondmill a receive r on
area conuenllng to theact. lone dollar rlIhouan oflas. mly lb reeve Iland fr
Basically. the act Includes sessed valuallon l hall be to: ho city and accept donation
properties from the Inlraco prepare an analysis of the eco-nd Individu
tal Walerway west to Swlnton nomic conditionsl and changes i e r
Avenue and from NE First occurlng In he downtown Mor Information may
Street to p meandering line area: formulate long range obtained from the commlll
along SE First Street that ex- plant for improving the attract. chairmen or the Chamber of
eludes much of the r Identlal livenest and accessibility to Iheareto include dly I
owned properties the public of downtown acll- chamber.
The act calls for appoint- ties; recommend to the coun.
meant ofl a live member com- il and Authority properties iv ipoe
mitt to be appointed by the actions deemed most suitable J Ho
city nell. The board must for Implementing downtown
consist of those who lresideor development plans,;and par- Delivery
have their principal place of tic te actively In the Imple-
business In the cily. shall not mentatlon of such plans. Begins Todany
serve as a city officer or cm. In addition to levying the
ploye. and at least three must tax. iulnesses may further Ilome delivery to many ol
Ihe NewA Journal subacribenA
begin today by the Palmby
Ieach Times delivery cank-
To avoid mlsslng an Isue.
some r idents may receive
the News Journal by mail a
sual as, well as delivered by
carriers but thu IIs merely
safeguard the rstl week to
sure our su ribers receive
Residents wishing to receive
Some delivery mn Wednesday
aftrnoon should contact the
ea. News Journal crculation of-
Iwe at 7325Oo70 Since some
I naroutes are not yet established.
some subscribers will continue
receiving their paper by maIl.



dent of the League of Women
1. Voters of South Palm Beach
County, announced that the
; latest edition of the Voter's D)i-
Sgest will be ready for dlstrlbu-
A.iP 111191019on this weeky
f the Voler' Digest that has
S been pre red by the L'V as
part o, It voters Iervce and
cicltln education PIubllcallon
hais been underwriten by Ihe
Delray Beach National Bank,
9oynton Reach Flrst National
[ank. First Dank and Trust
Company of Boca Raton. N.A..
University National Bank of
Boca Italun. the Community
Bank of Dca IRalon and ctll-
Iens who supported the LV
in its annual finance drive.
Copies ol the DIGEST are
S available Irum tIhe banks list
above, chambers of commerce
and city clerks of the cities
I.lueAol WIomen Votl s ofl South Pmi1 ach Cn. listed an the front ove1 r of the
Lyeague of1 Vteshfl ouhalBacCun et as well as from the
ty which publishes the annual booklet of valuable ague of Women Voters P O.
Information. jNes Journal photo by Glary) (looder ) r 1.3. Delray Beach,

Delray Beach News-Journal
Ptlished ity
'Palm lBench tieuJpopers, Inr.
j.ami hi. c(:n. Ji. (haitma,
I(,brt W. Shmo,. I'rsident
(; itry (; e, I'ubhiher.tditor
PIublihed n@ery Thunday it 54 N .. 4ih A".. lItlrsy Ibach. FlI..
33444. lrrdi i. S .ond C r minllr I a the US. I'ost Olfir. IDtl
toy lknch. i s33444. Naito.lnl Adverlnnl spretenl.tive; aw.
yer.Flruoun.W;kefC ('o. 245 I'lok Ave., Nol York. N.Y. I 17.
S.u ,.rll. mein It y w IIe:
15s 20 yel 12 60 siIs monlhl -- I.B thri months

Women's Lib Misunderstood

And Underestimated

pyJUI.GRADDY luglestion of a male neighbor. Irgal change or salary equal-
Pale 1, NewsJ eal .Tliday. March is. l7l applied to the same company lzation and have nothing l o do
With cries of "male chauvin through which he had gotten a with the more radical groups.
Ist," and evenll like bra burn- policy. She was told by the which advocate luch things as
G host Sto e women' liberation agent hat there were oo the abolition o marriage.
Movement has gone "right many, thelU In the neighbor- ione radical group. SCUM
G h ost Storyies ito become the most controver. hoo and th because n he iSociety For Cutting Up Ment
sal and talked aboul move- lived alone, It would be Impoe somewhat prejudiclally clal
Rev. Semmle Taylor. sitting on a panel as a mem- ,ent In the Unitll Stales o- sible. the genetic Inleriority of
ber oi the Community School Council last week, said he day After Inling out lo him man.
thought "ghost stories" were responsible for causing But. according to Edythe that her neighbor lived In the Women's lieratllon doi not *IA;,
trouble between the blacks and whites In the schools. Cudllpp. Boynton Beach resi- same neighborhood and also say that in order to be ulllilled
tev. Taylor described the "ghost stories" as lhe dent who has recently written lived alone, yet had gotten the a woman mlat work ouUside
things that are told by parents lo children about others a handbook to understanding policy, the agent admitted her the home." Miss Cudiipp l .
the complex movement, wom. n bi a niwoman as ia ac- plains ."All it as nii for equal
creating, thus fears. men's lib is not only controver- tor. She threatened to go to opportunities and choices a
"When a person has lear and doesn't know enough ial but misunderstood and un- the slate Insurance com s- manha In this ocietlcly.
about each other, many times a youngster proves he derestllmated. sion and a few dayl later, got "it'I not a matter ofl *ilbra
doesn't have fear by using wrong techniques." Rev. "The very name 'liberation' her policy. .'butshuman o-urtesy."
Taylorsaid scares people oilff," the atrac- P'rof lonal discimtnaton "leing a liberated woman is .
Ghost stories may possibly be responsible or more live blond claims. "ln this in hi ringnd n educate n women what you want to b -
thanoneIlslsn aytpis iborly. Nickofrespenaibictinfm age oi confritatios and vo -ia nso comes under lire by the as lob g as you ifel you know
than one ill in this world. Lack of respect of police n I as. t' fashionable to liberationiss. iss Cudlipp the options available to you
could come from the parents who said. "If you don't alienate people, but actually sys that uiveinl are di and that you have freely cho-
good we'llcall the policeman." the bra.bulnis and infamous criminatory against hiring sen Irom among them." Mus
As Rev. Taylor said, ghost stories create iear as we publclty hide the important is. women to prolfesorilpn and. Cudllppcontilnues.
all know from our earliest childhood when we ran away sues not only lo men. n some cases. will refuse a She feels when women. epe.
Irom the shadows going home from spooky movies. but lorimensaslwell." female graduate student lur. cially married women, under-
People seem to consider a foreign object, or some- Miss Cudilpp, who served as other education In favor of a stand this mporlant point
amliarithasa Seniir Editor to Coronet Mi ma n who has the l ame or fewi about women's l b. they will
thing or someone they are unfamiliar with as an enemy -.Ine and an Alaoclate Editor m mloan tw m.r: w ii .^.o H ^ ^ to | *
tigs s iai andnnAssociatesEdinon er qualifications be more willing to listen to Its
and dangerous before trying the frlendshlp approach, when travelling for Thi Week The law also needs chang- ideaa.
As an example, most .iclence fiction movies basl- Maguine eels the trivial pub- ing according tothewomen's Iut what about the men? In In;
call are Aritten on the premise that people from outer lcltygnlting sluntn by erx Iibsadvocates her interviewing. Mlu Cudllpp
space invade Earth to destroy It. It puts doubt and lear tremi.t groups within the ome .ate, women ays she ha found more men
in people's minds movement are actually the cannot open businesses or sell with guilt feelings concerning
It a martian ever did land on Earth, the me "p o an iceberg" hatfloats property without the conen the movement than she had
e de above important. lubmerged ofthMir husbands, nor are they imagined.
people will probably be scared to death and rather than laues. allowedd pineahet unwitten n employers have prob-
greeting the newcomers with smiles and handclasps. The idea lor her book came law" a mo can In defense ably at one ime or another
they will run to the closets for rifles and shotguns to when, as Senior Ed!tor for of, sholing his spoue's lover hired a woman rather than a
-protecrt" heir property. Coronet, she had written a to "protect his property man. became he realized be
"Ghost stories" can make suspicious and fearful artles on the movement. The movemen also claim could employ the woman Wnr
strangerse out of neighbors. If It is not already oo late. Starting workonthe book with at tany of the Industry'l las money and that Ithe wom
"parnstsaidntsdents needItak lias lvs a tonguein chect" attude, protective laws are designed an would work harder because
parents and students need to take loo at theelves Mss Cudlpp ys, "Ihad cleverly pl womenrom of her conomc dependency "
and admit whether Ihey have spread any of the gost a ewscreamers on IV and ob they are physically quail And then there is the prob-
stories. snickered at the bra-burn- led od. lem of those vague words that
John olloway. chairman of the CSC declared "I Ings." Children's free daycarecn put people and sltuationa Into
we as parents search our hearts, souls and minds and "Bul, a I got deeper into te a another gal or the generalies and conuse ev.
take another look at oursnelf. we can do much I solve the subject," she continues, re c ervative groups o erything.
became aware that under dithe women, andin fact.,is one goal While promoting her book on
our problem." creaming lay some ImporIlant ithatmleemtow lhinr h an pen mike radio program EDYTHE CUDBL PP ils ibos ker benh "Uidonta
Ideal." Te media comes under at- recently. Miss Cudlipp re- Iso," pablbed lut September by Paperback Ubn
MF mi t-d As her opinion of i t grew, tack a wel "Womenarepor celved a call from an Irate autor resldae In Sterlig Village. BoytOa Beach.
For The Future M tredto become ; trayedas mndiessmadswho man who claimed to e agaln t
even more objective, with the go goo-goo over their clean everything women's Ilb Is for.
result that one o the oldest of washea and want nothing more Yet. he admitted to d elleving
Property owners In the proposed Delray Beach the women's liberation grou from life UA clean noos." that women should e pd he
Downtown Development Authority re msing the ot NOW ( NationalOrganti Mis Cudlipp says, "when the same amount of money for the
If they don't go along with the proposal to pay up to one For Women) plans to use "Un- iruthb i hat over 40 per cent ol same work. and for a liberal-
dollar per thousand dollars of assessed evaluation to demanding Women's Lbera- the working force re respon zatlon of the abortion laws In
prepare for te future. ion" as their official hand- sible women working to lup his state.
The tax paid by benefiting property owners only Is ok. port or supplement Lbeir b ami. Miss Cudllpp nays. "Of f
tI e seid Its l nualtpaiNingI p tIonsppara l it nofth iHer book, published by PIa lyIn oe." course he was In iavor ofth s A n d F u
to be used for ofslreet parking I preparation of the per Back Library last Seplem Dsple the facts of legal women liberatillon goals be
day parking Is taken off East Atlantic Avenue, beautlfi- be ia handbook of lInfor professional ad advertising just is agait the extreme
cation and other downtown Improvements to keep it a on on the movement, dihe prejudice whyl tthenthat segments."
strong, thriving business area. Idea and listings of most of many women are n saredoffby "Up until recently." Miss RTm A dgbln Mn
thediverse group working u n. women's liberation? Cudlipp explain. "lbe media GERTRUDE CATER d hte, Mrs. Houton
der itheille "women's Iler- Miss Cudlipp eels mbch of han delighted In using the Boyet and Mrs Flb.y a halrp-
A dresses i" and a guide to under the blame oel to the name flamboyant section of the Gertrude Carter of l ay ter, bothof Al n y;ahallis-
standing laws psoed In the Ilslif, which grew out of thek movement to repment the BecabdledMarchbO.ll Itr, Ms. Mary E. Ferrel of
last lw years rllgarding worn. Black Liberation movement whole. Naturally the Image of Survivonr Include ber bus D s hh Ts; t g indbll
Something on your mind? Boca Raton, 33432 men's rights. "But once you get past the ade-feminied woman or em band Ford R. Carter, Jr., of dr and even grat-grand-
Write your state senators and Dist. 77-Jack Poorbaugh (R) "I am not a member of any tie, women will find there is sculated man scare every. Delry. them a Robert L chdr ,
representatives: 829 Palmer Road of the groups I menUoned In nmuh to sympathize with ini bdS'yMmovt McKnny of Birminghams, ,Shew t.hif he late
SENATORS: Delrav Beach 33444 the book." she says, "yet I am the movement." Mayb movement should gn d C. MKeny
Dist. 33-Philip D. Lewis ID) Dist. 78-Donald F. Haielton In sympathy with some of the Anolerdticully MLu Cud be called. "people lberatllon." o D r Ny Beac andFloydaR. rbld ha I atr erd
PABox t(R) goals the more moderate lipp feels k the tendency to Miss Cudlipp declares, be- Carter Jdr., of Boyntou nBeach, werehadb b a 2atao
Riviera Beach. Fla.FT344 P.O. Box 8306 groups have simply u beiuse I a belevehat l of women caue ultimately eliminatIng one sIter, Mrahrles Bre.n il met.In ny.
ist. -Tom Johnson I(R West Palm Beach 33407 have been working for I long beitlinnis a anti-feminine, discrdminatinn agalnl one a naha of Boytnm Beach and
P.O. Box 10492 Dist. 79-Raymond J. Moudry time." and out to take their make-up wouldbemnitthe other. nueros grandchildren. RICHARD WAYNE SIMS
Riviera Beach 33404 (R) She has encountered seI kiisway. "There ae noi 'men's work' Memorial sleiwere Richard Sins, age n1, ol 113
ist. 35-Jerry Thomas (DI Suite 1314 Harvey Bulld -Inrjudle pesnally. While "Actauly," MisCdipp ms aaid' c mpinis ndn p'ohddatUnltpu ihrokDdpy NE h..b ini..nu Boy.nln.
resident In living lone In New YorkCity, pils, "many of the older, s e." MissCudlipp Is. nd Beac The dAslring mas y Sb, died Manrch 111.t
The Florida Senate West Palm Beach 33407 Miss Cdllpp wanted fire sand moreonservat group ar bhlleve that our changing mnaesckribul mdto MUnl. Snlc aswhl d atnrdayh t
3153rdSI. Dlst. 80-RussellE.Sykes(R) theft Insurance, and on the working striktly inthe areas letypoinlasthis out. ty hurch o Dl Dray. Scobee- S. J pbt urh Bon
West Palm Beach 33401 407 261h St. SlPo unsr FMn ome ton. Blcman Fpnl Ilesh hin
REPRESENTATIVES: West Palm Beach&34dC0U n rFueaHoen
Dist. 76-Donald it. Reed. Jr. Dst. 81-David C.Clark (R) r th charge of arngemeDaI. charge of arrangements.
U r t n326 Pan American Bldg.Un e the Sun
s55So. Federal Hwy. West Palm Beach3401 MURIELR. STEELE KINNETII J. HOAO
.........in .pnsntiasl~n. e... ....Isasai.. un Pn i

Bethesda Memorial Fund



By GARY GOODER oi t prnted by IW8 amrl p. an te way to do o tll lo mate
Sometime Just when you Ibly bvN 1 he wav change the news and feature more Muriel Steele, age 4 o
think you arc doing molt oversrebelngmade. presentable." Route Dly 1B h died
hingsp riht, someone come- Publishers must re-exaine "You've got to package each b Monday March .l,1I71.
long and cu y down to ie. their stnndardnli and change page more attractively and ev. e is survived b her hs.
That's what toward N. their formal, they caoilt af- ery once In awhile, you've got b d, t hrles BWullnm Staele
King, conultlant with Iarris ford to tan stillll King said. to jolt the hell out of reader f Delray Beach, a Ion,
Inltertype Co. did with a num pointing out that design Is to show them you a re alive Crls W. Jr. of Delray, one
ber of Florida newspaper pub- changlg because people are and up to date," Kinl aild. daulbhter, r. Irry W
libelh and editons t a cri. change. Kingaid the modern c persn Cappel Jr. of Rokmart,
tlque and seminar on typ a- :re changing to a homadi al Georgia. ino shinst Percy
;lqu aind nlayuat udypaipl at"You.must khep i smakehupnrhnlber thanrvetcal, Mae Blackwelder, Daytona
~hy wai d mani d sr L F eas resh as nthi n sellf to,'Downaalstyle'beaitpwith Smacb, Mrs. Once Brow,
Ki warned membe of We'r a na on o hdlne only the nnt word nd proper IO ofDytona, and live
he Forid iPreu A n aUmhreader .. lthe public doesn' nouns capllalzed, and good gradchldren.
that the ne papr pub-have the palm or the Inclin.s filed headlines with white Burial In Delray Beach cem-
dond to read like their forelra pace to capture attention and etery. Scobee-lidlnd-Potter In
fishing Induary ad undergo ther s id, bit your hope I to no pare orr s lto f nrula si the a orrnlmeintr.
more change In the next five e nt no page or cutoff rule at the charge o arrangement
years than ny other industry. mU hem nt tn adyour endd st orts.inggal d h
"FPmncomputer typesetllt paper more than anyltngllels personally did nt llke bo xes
and photo compodltn. we'll whe Uthey find time to r iad." aroundtorles, prderding the MR I MABOARETDUDLEY
seeelectronlcedltil anduleo Kingltoldthe FPA. use of white ipac In hed- 11OBBSELLS
the laser beam." King aid. lie continued, "Your hope Is lines, copy and advertising
adding that per cent of the to make them linger over your which "attract the eyes like a Mr. Ells. ge 94, ofl Albany,
naUon' newipape will be pages of news and advertling Ipolllght on the theatre peri eorgl, died Wedneldy,
ormer" or, "a beacon Iigh Malbth 10,1971.
shlnlng In the night."
EntuaAlitpi hs meri ede ..t.. iis sun.. ...
Impact ond blow them up to a Deltry Bechb, Ilvlng here
ight Y ears A ge. King hid In llnu. from IVto i.
Inlblntalk. She Issurvived by two
Remember the old one lane. To date. we haven't en a Only after thoe and more
wooden drawbridge at the palntiUnglollt yet, nor have we comments dd Kl begin c Lette t
BaocaRaon Inlet? witned any artists landing Uquing the various weekly and Letter to
It used to be a charmingub- around with their easel up daily newspapers that had
el or the area artlisI to try and pallet poised been sent to him from the Editor
and capture n ketch and Among other things In 63, week o Fb. I by FPA mem- the tul
canvu. Whole claues used to Bluts of Boca completed Its ben.
congregate at the bridge to new building and the new Boca The News Journal came out Editor,
practice their artistillc ability aton Junior-Senior Iligh pretty good although King lug I m against our print of
white they listened to the rum. School was nlso lfinihed and Rested we remove the "mat" war beinalld witm-
ble of vehicles over the wood- occupied. fromthe top let of the edilori. il ai the ca mmuali have
en planks.. Mie Glenher a senor at al page, ao i even colum labeled them. We an vkitoryn
Then along came modernis- the hen Seacrest llgh, won instead of eight o they would nVletnam not vdirt.
ion and the conutructlon ol ilrt place In an annual car. be widened, use larger beads
the new high rie bridge that oon compeUllon iponord by ad more while apane where There will be victory march-
now pleases the motorila who the Columbia Scholailc Preis poulble, and re-examlr our es held in all filltv state capi-
wal In a hurry and didn'twant Association. "flg" on the front page, loll on the 2th ol March start-
to wait for the other guy to get Russell T. Clayton was ap- As with education and any Ing at 2 p.m. tail 5 p.m. I would
acros the one lane bridge, pointed to a new position as other builne under the sun. appreciate It very much it you
Looking back through the assistant adminllralor aL Be- newspapers must also conlnu. would publish Ihis news oi the
Newly Journal In March. 1631, thel a Memorial Ilnopll In ally review their methods and victory march in he News
we came acroil an editorial 1961. Clayton I now adminis change with the times. King's Journal so that people here
by Mattll llup In which he trator and has several as. comments offered the publlh- could go to Talahau ee and
quoted photographer and now sbltantadminitrators. ers and edilons a challenge march in the march or vico-
Florda Ilorsne Jurnal publish.' The oyntlon Beach Junior they can continue a they rny or their God and their
er Ilank Cohen a predicting Woumn'l Club produce the are, or iludy his luggestlon country.
that "no one would paint te "ltoaring Twenlls Itevue." and accept what seems best. hlr. lalphCuchran
new high rile bridge." directed by Clarence Beery.. We'll be doing the latter. Iray Beach

Kenneth Hoag, age 73. of
24 Kensmington Road, Columa
ba, Ohio and also of Delray
Beach, died suddenly on
March 10.
lie Is survived by h iswile
MarJorie of Columbs, Ohio
and Delray Beach, by a son,
Sam Hag of Columbus, Ohio,
o sister. Mn. Mary Judith of
Columbus, Ohio, and three
Funeral l services were held
at the Schoedinger Funeral
Home, Columbua, Ohio. Local
arngements by the Scobee.
Ireland PPotter Funeral Home.
Robert English, age a of 303
NE 7ih Avenue. Boynton
Beach, died Sunday, March 14,
Ile is survived by his wife,
Zona, of Boynton.
FuneraI services were held
Tuesday at Scobeilreland
Potter Funeral lome In Del-
ray. I
J. Woodland, ase S, of i1
Marine Way, Deilray Beach
and Toronto, Canada, died
Marchb 0 il1.
Survlvn Include his wile,
Alberta of Delray and Toronto
there daughters, Mrs. Albert
C. Ruckman, Mr. Eleanor
Canon, and Ms. Wilnlfred
Hamiltllon all of Toronto; two
sister. Mn. Winifred Scott ol
Toronto Mn. hristine Alex-
ander of Wlnnlpeg, is grand
children, and one great-grand-
Funeral service were held
March II at the Scobee-Ire-
land Potter FunerPl tome.
Aleunder Dingwall. age 65.
of 1 IHorion Eastl, Apt. A l1,
died Marchb II, it, He had
lived here for four months,
coming from Edgersvllle, New


Idli Womea's Llbes.
ary. Now married, (te


Ile t as a member ol the AF
LCIO Local No. 194 of Bu(sa- a
lo. New York and of bthe Tns-
prtlon No. U2 N FNAN of
lie s survived by his Ie,
Marie of Boynton Beach, two
brothenr David, of Boynton 0
Beach and Francis of Bualo.
Funeran lervces werehe bld
Monday. March IS, ScobDn-
Combs Funeral Home.
Henry Bucrmeyer, age 71; of a
370 Horlmn East. Apt. Ki
Boynton Beach, died March'll,
tIl. Ile had lived bhere or
our years coming from West
Cummingon. Mausachselti.
He was a member of the Ea.
gle Lodge No. 5U FNAN of Jer
iy aly, and of the Square
Qub of Sterling Village. :
He Is survived by his wife,
Eleuanor, of Bnton, and oe
sister, El2ah% Reese ofCal -
Masonic services were held
at Sobee-Comsi Mn Frday,
March 1I. M
Virginia Home, oft AN n
drews Avenue, Delray Beach
died Sunday, March 14, il71.
Sbe Is survived by oNe
daughter. Mn. Virginia Par-
dee. of Long Beach, Callfor-
nla, a lsster and brother-ln. V
law, Dr. and Mn. A. Donald
McLane of Delray Beach, and
one grandchild.
Private lervic were bheid
at the R. Jay Kraeer Funli
Ilome In Baca R ston. Y
Memorial contributinm may
be made to tohe Baoc Rai
Community llplilal.
Kathen Suydam. age 6 ol u
4107 N. Shady Lane, Llke
Worth, died Miath She bhad
lived hes alnce Ils coming
Imm Union NaewJenrsey.
Marks Catholic Chusth.
S is survived by oneister,
Misl lelen Goeis o Lake
FunerIal mans wasu slld at S
Mlrb on Mirch I i.
Scobee.Comb Funeral 4
HSme wu In charge of ar-
Rlp R ag, i e 6 of 34SS
State Road 17 Rai Boynn
Beach, died March 8.191.
He had lived here Ilnce
1041, coming Irom Centrall
Ile was former Boyn mon
Beach city councilman.
lie is survived by his ilfe a
Edith. el Bynton, one
John R. Rs ol Doynton, to
brothers. Qude and Shdon
ol linois, and lour griandchl
Funeral service, were bald
Mlarh ii rt Scobee-Com Fnu
nerll lome In Iynton, wllh
Ihe Rev. IPul dru er oFflci


- In The Service

%'IEINAM 11 -US Air Force
M.Melr Sergeantl Stuart Evans
son of W131am A, Ihorlow. 70.
S%% Eighth IPlace. Boyn.on
ch is on duty atsCam Itanh
Itay All. Vietnam
.Serge anEvans. aspersonnel
technician in sunitol the NO-cl
lie Air Forces previously
served atHancock Field NN\
0lie h hs3 also completed a tour
of du0 1n the RIepubllc ol Ko-
e sergeant U a 1949 gradu
-lie of De Wilt Clinton Highl
School n hew York. Hi h sw01
SSonja. is the daughter of Nlr
and Mrs. It. C:. Palmer Sr
X,11.h Lahe shore Drive II. D
I %13rvland. N.Y

hrn ; uentin M. Ilishup (l 2511 Ihe Irri.jnlt is Il 0rJodu
Oceanvlew Avenue. D1lr,0 ate (il 3 hlpp0lh sburit Aro J 0. n
[leach sb lor IlllhSchuhol ills lre. 'ar
Q D)avid IlLuhop was reccnl ulvno is the d-ulhier ol Mrs
ly married to l.lendj Il. 1arvl Wlllam Ilyrdl. lloynton Ilrach
ol Deklray Beach whll I11h3h
was on Itnlt and Itecupil, Arl-rR.Wodl
tin in Ilonolulu lie is exp ct !S('(; ESi'ANAIIA 'east
ed home from Vielnan1 July I. (Guard S0amjn Apprentire Ar
Ihur It Wadkins. son tl Mr
Dav R. KtUcy .and nMrs :arlJ 'Wadkllns o
MI1I.N1'TON. "1enn. Ma- IS N 16th I)lryv leath. I.1
rine Pc. David It Kelley. son now sering aboard the I'oasl
of Mr, and Mrs (corge F Guard ('ulltter iscanaba in
Kelley ol 521 S.W. ISth Ave. ;uantanano flay. ('uba.
Boynton Reach. was irduatc1 where he is lak0in refresher
from Aviation Structural Me- training In Illdi of mililarv
chanic S1lely Equipment r0adlnv3s and seamanship and
CLoune at the Naval Air rech. emerl(ency procedure.
nc al Training (enter. 1111l
inton. renn0 JolsA. LaPoaite

Clurloe M. Bu.ner Jomn R. Kyle
4 1I('IIITA F.\1I.S. Tea. FALMOUTII. MaT Ser
\irlnn I'harls M s Bunne i3eant James R. Kyle.hson of
.Ir son ol Mlr. I Mrs. (:. M1 Mr and Mr. Ilrr W. Kyle
Ilunner Sr. ol 15 S.-. 291h ol o i N.W. Finl't ourt.Boyn
Ave 0 oynton leach. htl Ion Beach. ha received the
graduated at Sheppard AFB. U.S. Air Force Commendation
le Irom the 11U.5. Air Force Medal for meri0orious service
aircraft mechanic course. t Cam anh o By A0 Vilet
e airman who learned lo nam.
mainain0s and service turbo Sergeant Kyle. a conlruc
prop aircraft. is being as- tlon equipment operator. wa
signed to Pope AFB. N.i'.. for presented the medal at 01i
S0 duty with a unit ol the Tactical AFB. Mill.. where he now
AirCommand. serves with a unit ol the Aero-
SAirman runner 3 i a 19 space Delene Command
graduate of Weymouth The sergeant graduated In
iMah.. Vocational Technical 1063 (rom Seacretl Illgh
lligh Scool. School. Delray Beach0 III
wile is the former Kalherlne
Nel L. Yo. blood E. Maruchak from Turkey.
BUPYONG. Korea Army
private lint clau 0 0Neal L3 A la y H. Stlrk
Youn3blood, son of Mr0. MEMPHIS Navy Petty
SHluby M. All. Il1 Tyler St., Co- Officer Third Claus Anthony
lumbia. S.C.. recently wai al- If. Slerk. of 330 lsorlions.
ilsned au an equipment Itor- Boynlon Beach wasu graduated
age apprentice in company A. Irom the Advanced Finlt-Term
U.S. Army ASCOM depot near Avionics School at Naval Air
Bupyons. Korea. Technical Training Center.
Pvt. ouniblood entered the Memphis.
Army In Augolt 1170 and com-
pleted balsc training at Ft.
Jackson. S.C" Joa R. OralUom
The 17-year-old soldoie wa TORHEJON DE ARDOZ.
employed by A & P Food Store Spain U.S. Air Force Staf
j in Aiken. S.C.. before entering Sergeant John R. Graham. son
the Army. o Mrs. Ruth Graham. 136 E
Illi lather. Erby 0. Young. Kin0 St.. Shlppenburlz. Pa..
blood., lives at 237 .E. th ha arrived for duty at Torre-
St.. Delray Beach. Jon AB. Spain.
Sergeant Graham. an air
0 Q. Davk Bleo 0 t0ransporaltion ipeclalist. 1 si-.
David Buhop. Army Spe- llned to a unit of the Military
.clistt Five and his brother Arliftll Command. le prevlou
Gary L. Bishop are currently ly served at Minot AFB. N.D..
stationed al Phu Lol. Vietnam. and his served 10 monthly In
They are the m of Mr. and Vietnam.

*s,0a1ourn.1Tbhrday.Ml arbc 13. 1971, I'mRe3

a ry 'Sv' ( ) Ie

Nuirsinlg Schollarsholilps
A course heaing to a career
ai 4 llc'rnS(41 1'ralttial Nurse
11 ollerud by the Coulnly's De-
l0,in also workingin y onjuny3
I .Il0jthS0Mal~ry's

Wakcle patients and family
memberrsore Invited to apply
for Camp Challenge Stroke
Week to be held May 30
through June 5 at Mit. Ilyo.
outh, Fla.
The local Ifeart Association
andoEas0er alSoietyare
offering "3amper0hips" to
cover the cost for P'alm Reach
County residents who attend
this rehabilitation program for
Iloe11zoa flspi 0lsrk paltient. Enrollment
must be made by April 22.
LAocated about 40 miles north
of Orlando In the rolling hills
m m iOt. Plymoulh. Camp Chal.
Toooprosooolo ool oohoosIenge opens Its doors annually
the community who have 1 c- to stroke pa03 len1 1 0 aompa.
lively supported the organize. nied by a family member or
tion and development of Ihe companion. The purpoo e of
soa Raton Community ooo o sipls t his program Is to expand dai.
tal have been appointed to ly living patte r.ihrough so-
Membership on the Ilospi.al' clal. educational and rerea.
Honorary Board o0 Trusteest. ional programs. Proflossonal
accordingto announcement by counseling singly and In
Edward J. Brady. Chairman of groups In provided by rseidenl
the Board ofs Trustee and nuroso, dietlcianl. Iherapi.53
Chief Excutiv Ollofcer. and others.
Named to Ihe Hlonorary Sponsor are the Florida
Board "ln recognition of.plr- Iear AAlsocliation, Florida
Iedleadershlp. b.In0bringing Easter Seal Society. State DI.
th01 IHsopitl to Iis preset po vlosion of Iealth and 1he Floril
mi ln" are: Phlll W d aR6ehabilitation Alsllosiion.






Linens Sheets Kitchen Utensils Pots &
Pans Patio Furniture Chairs and Tables
* Antique English, French and American
Furniture Continental and Oriental Porce-
lains Magnavox Color TV

* Antique Oil Paintings Silver Brass
* Bric-A-Brac *Modern Furniture 0 Venetian,
European & American Glass 0 Antique Prints
* Clocks And many miscellaneous items
too numerous to list 0








615 East Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach

For Reservations 278-2373

Page 4. HoNe Joral, TLWday, Mar

Sogetsu Convention

Is March 22-24
Mrse cool Mihon. Ihretor teachers. representing all
of Ihe FloniL ranch dof the areas olf thestate.
Sogetlu Scbiol, has announced Tickets may be lIrchased in
the lirst annual convcnll on ol advance by wntlng to: The So.
he Ilranch, to be held at the getlu Flonda rllanch. 99 Sa.
Unity Church In IDray Ilaich. br1cfe Avenue. Delray Blach.
Flonda. from Ma .24 Florida 31144
HlKhllghtl ol Ihe Convention Tickets may also be
willl be. An Ikeban demon rhasedatl hedour.
stralllon IJapaneelower ar-
ranrgeonlsl by ItI eecrtive Mr S ,lu Teshlgahara lound-
director ol Ihe Sogetsu School ed the SogeLsu School in To-
In the United Stales. Mrb kyo. Japan In I10i The word
Yane J Sugiyama. and a ipe- "Sogetsu" is composed of two
rial xhbit by menbenr ol Chinese characters represent.l
the Sogetsu Schol Flonda Inlrs and moon. a rombi-
Branch. The demonstration nation transmitting a vast
will be held In the Sanctuary feeling of the Universe. The
Room of the I lly Churh on predoninatingll Inlluence of the
March 22. Irom 24 p m. ad- Sogetsu Schol upon the Iradl
mission 92 O. witlhdoor pnzes tional methods ol Ilower ar.
to be awarded Theexhibi wll ranging has been to elevate Ik
be on March 2. from 11-6 tana from an attractive rally
p m. in Fellowship Ilall of the 1to the high level of a cralve
C'hurch.d admisson Con. art.
tainern and Ikebana equipment
will be for sale at the exhibit The guest demonslralor
Demomtratllons will be given Mrs Sugiyarna Ilower nam
onlhehourlroml6p.m. Sei6ho has studied wilh the
Thereare mrmbersof tlhe under. Mr. Teshigahara lor
Florida lralranh. including 15 he past wenlty years.

Miss Rose Will Wed

Edgar N. Rhodes III

Awards for Ioe ohlalllst hoLe Mis Boyslon Beach Pallgle were presented
at a colee held Saturday, Mrch 13. at the home ol Mrs. Robert Barclay.
Pkiclred 11-R) are Mill Glodri Cary, 3rd ruoer-op; Mill Merry Morrow,
ad ruoner-up; Mils Pam Goddard, Mils Congelallty; Mill LI. Lavelady,
117 Mill Boytoa Bech; ad Millss Kathy Creamer. Ist nuruer-ap. Mill
Debn Cowdrey, fourth runnerup, l Dao< pictured.

all about



sbown conducting a Sogelsu Florida Branch class-
room at the Unity Church. Two aslslaot lachers boo
(stadling In the background) are Mr. Rodney B.
Radford,lelt, and Ms. Car Reld. 0

Sundayy ljffjet at The Colony" A
Shrimp. loar t Ill'f, Turkr)., lam. I N
ASL irlud Sallad and our n ldlirio uso &
patrir all fo oIr .il 0 Sr d Lyndo Cummi
from 6 :311.H:0ll P.M1. Coonm earl) and Edior
lljl)y roLcktail0 in ther Illur Ihonm.
The Colony. 525 E. Atlantic Acr. 276.1123

ANN I:.IIMiI' PrneentIs ... .

From FRANC(:E - M1it. PAUl
Frim(; Gool Old l.S.A.-- -lMI. JAM ES.
S For AppoinOen Coll 276.6761
M R19 I A RlOnlW *SA., nl. h OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK TO





tie-dye a tee shirt
The art of le-dyeinR.oaccom. Untie the rubber bands and
polished by Ieing oil sectollns ol nnse again. The dyed labn'
malleil in such a way so that should be pressed while still
Ihe tied section will not absorb damp.
the dye. was popular in Ihe
Far F t more than 1.500u The classicc douldhnul knot I
arEstago formed by pulling a puff of
The ded fabrics wereused material between the thumb
Tho dodlo 000 u h 10r 10 0 b6
for costumes screens. tents and lorellllnger. then pushing a
and curtains. Now the votg hole into the center of the pull
i th with a finer of the other
1are epennning with0 Ih 1and1a1 e 1 n w0 a
age old art to ke colorful hand.Fasten with a rubber
a oro band atthe base of lte pull.
eTin aprhl Knots can be tied in a ran.
T no y e n o onshrhli a papa.
lar. inepensve wayo reate d aso or a aer
ori I desls. A nnyed effect can bv cre.
hlMaterlals n include ated b' simply tieing oil a
rubber gloves. I0o protect bncho fabric wtlh a rubber
hands, a large baking pan or bindqu. ashluns t-n be sewn
pot. dvye and quarter 1 nch Uqa ho b wn
thick rubberhands. with 1ie-dyed fabrics. Velets.
Basic Instruciom come in- satins and chilfom dye well
side most boxes of de. and make elegant wearinn ap-
Pull labric nto bunches or parel
knots by folding creaing. Before dvemg an expensive
bunching. or by pulling toueth- length of fabnc. experiment
resultsln a dlllerenl pattern Ihe len11 alyou plan to oe.
Seur tefab1 Never dye more than live
S Secure the abri b wra yards at one lime. Fabric
around the base "teh knot. must be wet and the dye hot ln
Fabrics can be submerged In order to achieve even coloring.
the dye for up to 20 minute; The possibilities of tIle-dye-
Sng are endless. Curtains.
the II dependlng on the type sheets. underwear. all kinds1o
olnlerial1used. clothing, and scai,.ie are a
When dyeing Is completed, lew sugellorn.
nnse the material In cold wa- For the less energetic. Ile-
ter until the water s clear, dy apparel s soldn sorcs.

Purdue Names Boynton Students
lslltngulshed iludeml rank To qualify for distinguished
was achieved by 2.542 students rating a I ent must have a
at PIurdue University during grade Inde1 of at least 5.5 (B
the flint seml ser.l pllr out of a possible 6.0 (A
The list represented the lop n least 14 hours of academ-
12.5 per cent of the 20.234 un- Ic credit and have no grade
graduates on the West low C 14 points.)
layette campus. distinguish ludents In
this area Include: John Thom.
as Fleler. Jr.. of 1581 NW 2nd
DAY *Lane. Boynton Beach. and
Charles John Welgand. of 108
S. W. th111 Court. Uoynton

Llado Porcelain of Spain

712 lOlt Palmltto ParkRo d TEI'EI.EIIIONE 399.95
Just, emit of 11w n Br .idge inH.es R ,to

Coming to


Single Story

S, .. ,,. s15,490
di.-. s *17,490

Visit Ihe
235 MAIN Blvd.
(SW. 16lh Ave.)
Phone 732.-6632

Theodore i'ratl

'Ban'fut Mailmnall
'o le Sh...n '
AI/ Delray 11.ihrary
The I)elrav lle,'h l.irary
will present the lnll In1ram
in its series ol .rllav ll 'nlng I
progan0 on Marhl1 1h11. at
O U po11 when .dlu. 4ored
hhin ."The llareloot Millollnl
will be shown 0
The Illm is basel l INh- W.e I
Theodore I'ralt'*s Il'l hII'r Il
the same name anl tirs Je-
rome Courtland.k 01h Ii li0re-
loot mail n. an.l Trurry
Moore and Ilobrrt ('uulllnRs.
This os e 0tor.0 o0 'alm.11
Beach and Manlro in he 1880's
and of the adventures Ihll be-.
,t the young mailman who
-arried the maol on looh
through the swanrol.inil, and
along the c I hrlwern lhese '
Ilorn In Minnr .i|ilhs. Mr..
I'ralt moved to 0FI rld.i In 1931
and lived In the I[)cra\ ilh.Il
area since I 5A During his 0,
writing career .Mlr Pratt
wrote moire han 3O Lbuks.
ny has on the hi.lovn ol.

= )elray X interiors i



312 S.E. 1st Street Delray Beach
Store TUES., WED.,
Hou THNS., F. 11to4 It closed call 276-6077

(m"rgj 1on)2,

But when you come to the Delray Beach Nalional Bank you'll talk
to a whole department of people who'll talk sense aout your
needs for a Mortgage Loan, to build to buy or to sell.
We're financially equipped to help you for practically any conti
When you're ready to talk Mortgage Loon step into our bank
pot the Pelican then ask for our Mortgage Loon Depart-
ment. The door's always open.
*(P.S. That's the way Webster's says

For correct time call

278-3232 24 hours a day
:And when you step inside our bank

vd-plooolino people who'De
helped or. resources grow to
$30,762,348.71 in 1970. Why,
we're noteven 15 years old yet.

We have 19 banking services from savings and checking accounts
to overy type of loan service plus a complete Trust Depart-
ment. And the easiest to park, king space in town ... off the
The Delray Beach Nati
the lobby.

Whatan unusual place to put a bank...
just 2 blocks from the ocean

N&\Yld kIa

1001 E ATLANTIC AVE TELE 2187871
I F..... HOW'S5111- D" 100 I. W6. .







Ken Mook, Manager of Delray Music &
Appliance Center, 307 E. Atlantic Avenue,
Delray Beach, has been campaigning for
three years to get Classical Music back on
So far, we have broken down the resistance
of Manager-Owners of two Stations and
currently have four hours of good Classical,
Programs on the air each week.
Delray Music and Appliance sponsors two
hours on Station WDBF (AM) 1420 on your
dial every Saturday evening 7-8 P.M.
and repeated every Sunday afternoon 3-4
P.M., plus One hour on Station WWOG
(FM) 99.9 on your dial every Tuesday
evening 9-10 P.M. Vincent Music Center, in
Boca Raton sponsors one hour on Station
WWOG (FM) every Monday evening 9-10
This is just a drop in the bucket. We want
Classics on the Air Every evening. To do so,
we need more Sponsors. To get them, we
need encouragement from YOU.
If you are interested and know others
who are write to me now, and say so. II
enough people will say they want Classical
Music back, Sponsors will be forthcoming
and will spend the money necessary to in-
crease the number of Broadcasts each
Sign and moil anotchd coupon too
eU na L ImjUumS M, IsUT emU
Yes, l'm oalisteneroa would wo korne more classical
programs on radio.
Name ............................. .............
Addle, ............... ..t... ...............
Cil. St.. ............... ......................
b i/mm21

Miss Wieland Marries News i san h

Peter Van Vorst
Sandra Lee Whllandl, hugh- bell. I -a lllton; Jenny Sue
lrr ol Mr and Mrs Itchar d lavls, Fourl uderd le and
Wclland ol O)rlando.. Florida. ILrbara Johnson ol Orlando
became the bride ol Ieler J The attlndants wore floor
Van Vorl o Iompano ch. length gowns wtlh stand up
Salurdy a St. James Church collars and long sleeves with
In Orlando I'eler is the son ul ellloe embroidered urgan a
Vont. formerly of Short Ihlls sklrtI ol the same iman eal l
and Mantoloking NJ e Van The bridesaulds carried bas
Vorsl now ride at the Uarr t ets ol while rosebuds and dal
Terrace sies V .I
Given in marriage by her a- I
other, the bride wore an empire he bridegroom allended Ihe s. Calvin Cooka left) gave a '.ldal shower for MIss
loor length gown ol white silk New I'reparalory School In Booole Val, bride-el I of Jualla C pmosan.
organza with appllqued dali Cambridge Mass. and is a
sles. The gown ealtured a gaduate of the College of In-
stand up collar and gbson srane In N.Y.. lie is M V a
.le n.Her sik Ilklusion veil n ployedwithhe M iss the listateVann H onore
was attached to te brim o anceCo. In Fort Lauderdale.
med withappliqed d h Marymount College of oa tB ridalShower
sage of while orchids and wedding tri to the Bahamas Mis Bonie Vann. bride- honor's mother. Mr hom
whileroses. immediately alter the recp elect of M. Julian Chapman as Vnn. Mrs. James iap
Deborah Weiland. hernlister. lion at the Mount Vernon was Idedaltsbrldalshowerat man. mother o tIhe pronnspec-
was the maidof honor. The Lodgen inter Park. They thehom Mr. Cin Cook livegroom, ra Wuebben
bridesmaids were nda t ab- willliveIn Pompano. on Tuesday. March d. Mrs. horst. Nancy Saylor. Joan
SEmory Dunn served ard s o- an. Sharn Ilolley. Inda
,- hostess. Woods. hilrley Vann. Merrl-
SThe giln were arranged un louise Chapman, Itile goan.
der an umbrella decorated Eunlce Carlee. Pat Jones.
with colors o mint green and Sherry Pisonero, Sue Ihlle',
p yellow. At the rereshment lia-
W 4 e the cake was surrounded Belly Lowery. Drenda Smith.
with a miniature wedding par- Unda Deaercy. Judy Smith.
ty and bouquets ol mums and Unda Rhodes. Sharon Weah-
camnatincrcompleted the set- ery, Bellty I.e, Margaret
ling Cos. Cathy Dillow. Edllh
Those attending were the Prce.andVerleelltauth.

Boca Art Guild
LOOKING OVER the p|rogsm for the Bethesda
H ,ospltal Auxllliry's Loncbeos *ad FshlosO Show to
be held Mrchb U at the Delray Beach COub are, telt Sponsors Exh its
to right, Mn. Frederick G. Appel, heallb cueesn The ArtGuildol Docls aton Judging will be Saturday
chairman, Mrs. George V. Warren, Auilllary presl- presently has three main Manrch 2at 2:p.m.
dnt, and Mrs. Wlliam Plum, Jr., special projects events scheduled for the
bhalrmao, monthorhMarch. "SlIEItI Ft.ATTit'I"
The Third Annual Exhlbitlon
by Photographers of Florida
will open with a reception for
photographers, members and
guetl this Sunday afternoon
SChairman ol the event. An-
ton Bruehl. will present Iy
: arnds for the bht in bok Shsenrrin
I1E 1UE Y&A and white, color and neos at- bron
Following the receplion.the Tomooothout a dinlgblolt-
3 IV l show will continue daily at the chR tin. rub cut LEMON
Art Guild Gallery. W ost bed. FA llly
Palmetto Park Iload. Boca
Raton until April t. Gallery Thepro. ,. e;Way toremove
N.W thfnDt. P.O. h to t singby running your
~N.W. V~hh St. P.O. 1oi | ours a>re 9:0oo a.m. to C ll hrouh the back.
ON LAKE IDA 1056 QI pm. and 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 bushsd re. then brushing
p.m. on Saturdays. gsntlystart from ths snds
In cooperation with the Roy o thoote.
Lrner and lbow&s iunstul, al Palm Shopping PI'laza. the Ths corresl way to tweeu
Hilariously Funny Mull.Comedy art guild Ii lpasoring a Ilde- brows is to pull each hair out
ilaM Y FAIR LADY" ildisn he m direction I I
"M Y FAIR LADY how tobe held March .20 I tak about day
"'M F IR A DY" and2tl. or each and every brow hair
Directed by Joe Conaway Eibit spa is still ail- s t o t. i ck. .
Maclh 19. 20. 53. 504, 25,0. 2 17.2 able to artisls havn paint p Int- ory aI oth old fid w it
Cuoaikn s ioP.Mo. igs. slcrlpltursandcrlona to ll weo. it"LL tIIis If It
Stor Maotes Maonm k l l i :30 P. display and tell to the putln, hsMtel Ill bI TYOU
Spane will be available eight KNOW? Ths lil span f a
uptoshoWelime. Spaces te 2O salp hhir Is lrom 2 to 4
ComIng In April teet long and a mallcontribu r W r ns y d ly shell e
to goong hoimis no illl Os
t"BORn ESTERDhA"V Ion to the Art Guild is the ..e .boul 1.0 hAle per
onlyoexpeme. qusre Inch. The ssterms
moth rl at of a hsil is1
byGaron Kanln Two cash awards frm the pchprmonth.
Auditions will be hold Sunday, March Merchints Aisocltslon will be "ALL WOMEN LOVE TtIl
21, at 6,00 P.M. oat lthe Ployhouu. hsera given to the exhibitors having tMPLK 'ttIIN(;i tN LIFK
ore pari available for 12 moles. 4 I- the best appearing exhibits. A .. MEN!" PlaLs yours with
males, third award in the formofa IhairstylFoPmm
purchase certificate will be rho Ch.z- Sharie
given to the most pleasing e- sSol
hlbit In the Judgement of the 220 N.L 2W Ave., Delfay
donor. Marton Slodt Iloll. 2764343

"... we sure leathered our nest by gelling
our mortgage money from First Federal of Delray
. II was so easy to gel, fool Now we
can live snug and secure knowing
we're living within our budgell

The happiest homes are financed

by First Federal of Delray Beach

You'll be happy too with the fast. friendly. courteous service
that First Federal is famous for. Whether you're selecting a
new home, an older home or one of the new condominiums. see our
loan officers for your mortgage money. Approvals are swift, and
long-term financing can easily be arranged. Right now, we have
both residential and commercial mortgage money readily available'
a Competitive Interest rates
No long waiting periods or red tape
Friendly, personalized service

Savings and Loan Association of Delray Beach

Arrangements can be made at any of our three offices
14S E. A*lnlIC A*e. *Ol N. Fdnrel Hr,. unmhlns q. Shopping Cno r ow
0Ph. lt.n111 Ph.s 3n1aS.2121 Ph. J7-oLe14g


to see the Holy Land and Europe with a
Local Director from Defray Beach. Deparl-
ing New York on June 141h for 15 and 21
days. You can choose. Free colorful bro-
chure on request
Dr. Warren J. Nubern
P. 0. Box 867
Delray Beach, Florida 33444

Linda Jarvis Weds

Q. David Bishop

Boca House Tour

Will BeMarch 28

hun Iy Dl. lh. hod [I ,IM .1110d h.
S R S11 b de (;Iilhic Ilrh lle r .1r.ik (, ..id |'hi, l1irll:
11o %el III, I"I 1 e1 1 i1.*
r.Suirn huMv beull IIIn .iM 1.
dUNITY hol ch: of t ri .......A M .........k mid.
U N IT Y The Do1 Word (Iak I.,'In'dAl%.k I'hW c hftI,,"
o, D' ol ,,,,r,, j .. ..11% s 11111:

.l t1rtlion .-I IfIl ht. Iern 'mI'

Annual Memberlhip Meeting
Sunday, Mar. 21, 11:00 A.M. ,,,v

I N.W. 22ndSt. UNITY 276.5796

One size fits lots of sizes.


East Atlantic at Fourth Ave., Delray

im- of Dulth tile lor the fit(-II Ih

plat AIAi d ar v alnidth
%,AnotAceingAA d~ l


All Ar lAormiA in the hAi0 A
I titl-last IWo tilnltle ITour I
the Imine (it %lr and Mrs lIlo b.r
cri 1. l Srl oitro m. 1771 &i tial'

II on AAl ho.lmIAliIe tin sahA
grounds might he ca lled thell
lhing quarlem across the large~

lIatio anIA mi ..i, a.g (

teAell lant lcati, grounds
Tht- main color ,chem~he irl
lk1'Advr blue and white. Aith I
leatufe heing Mrrlln and Mrs1!
Goluj ind other notable hJe art

Al egh. ncudnga imlt

FIllONT OVI;W l iTe John Shrpard hous. one of Ihr
hulttc h lou h. hewn In the Ioo IIaon Ita lom Tour
ponsored by Ith Chapel Srrvlre Guild ol the First
I'rAsbh rrlannt'hurch.


Schedule ". ~ "
Mi. Ilahn % h.i. ,s(hrul.' .'I AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE
,Ir tJ r i.iJfnls i, as 1,hllh sI I,
.ilh l1R lir.(i"t l'a. 'll ASSOCIA TION
N I ..,,1'h 19 lh)ld.l0v n Inn
I'ink 11Wlllin anil MiJk. FurA t I l 1i.olfibel" cw11 ek-
,i il ;trk Sp .inish Ii,-r Inn l .. ...i
3-' t %m, I March L.ve.ht 2.,rih
m\t,.l l.1. lhll ,lll Jlonnii-i n l I No *blid 6lrn
Malrk FiK. ..nl l Slrl, March Coll PAUL WOT
III \ItIIII'Am \ 1 %11 'h11 AZt
l uwnl,h vi, inn Judl 5-4499NAl



place to


Now there 's something grand about
ai rlanlld openlig, AbecAiuse Borden 11113F
Inakes pAll ctcng 11'WIlasy. l -lsy ln yoour
luinii anllld (on your money.
'ilh delicious hli;iiu burgers, chicken,
fren'hdC Iies ;1nd111 IlT.
oinl to he c yr;lad opening of
ell I- 'ITll: elc y pl;ce to cat.


Bethesda Stork C(lub'
tolrl :I M ,h7 r .ihd Ih \1Id ,1"1 lr, ..1 11,
l.ik i l tL 1. 1 %. % li .. Ii,1.r r Ih I

1it. .11 1. k. r -, %. I.' l l .

r.0n1 "1 US ND Call Duane W v ion

h 'l.r iht-nf, 399-0821 evenings.

h I\, n, BronsI S treel l ( E IlaknicJ ,
h 11'.,in Ile. wd %iNIAr,

.n .d, I'. h r Sunday March 21 l., AIst
.WORS P SER 90 A.M. and 11:. \ A.M. A

Ir\ llrlvpri N .na r.Dr. Seth C. Morrow, Min I Iter \t I,
4ID.1.ASII'I ,,tll.tICr
d.l %rldlu.1 jl1r 30 n,00 l Al.0l
11r' 1 .":;. .. .. .
Ih .1ii .l crA"'iura r
Mirth 7INAr aAnd AAA Ii.%llFllnenn AoJolhA. Sn t'AP
AllilA lAo ... l, ,, l All
S id.y M7 archS:" IndSt.tD n. %lll(;,1 l ho
IA-i ll Ralphi0OKe, lh inVnOllY ITH.wA ARIN Jr
From lel: A la O' Ann Uhl.r 2 EllT.. and Judy O Tg ellC.Mo\ ondh, M .i., tll... .5
flag don. mu ilralcroordinator ofl"Slll' FAIR LAD N" Ii1im Girriin -Kittivrin e fl.ln. %% I, 1 A\ .. l)t.Ir.% BePach

'M y Fair L ady s, .......rd S.....h 11 .Windi min D..m.... J,

Opens March 19 NEEDED---

-,-kil.% r,,~l .hui.th.nl.ladAX l INTEREST 20%i OF NET PROFITS FOR 5 YEAOS
+ I, .,o ..,S Call Duane Wilson
'Ait th- F.rt eve 399-0821 evenings

these.a. drui,. t o, ....bal FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
direiur .,I "1,i":nMv,' .......t+. of Delray Beoch
(*hurh. i)elrav, ;Ind Su.sn Bronson Street olf E. Atlantic
Iaush %ill li ';, Ihe plJnti one block from the beach
....-, andAndre ws.......... Sunday March 21 st

This Sunda M irth -.11 it I, WORSHIP SERVICES 9:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M.
I IIII le,,w ll i..," 11" "VICTORY WITH A MARGIN"
DAN... the Alirl l lurlinrl ,it Dr. Selh C. Morrow, Mlnister

DA Y P1 ` ~ ~r ~9~

41 '-wh s i-'n AlA N OI F .l It- I.
Ir. \ MIirAr A. l ll

I A "(I qIOII 11 IlR F K1A%
1%[r LS rrnk\ "1111 I( n rLr1
11111O Si. S inlon AiA-.

l \ I ll I. '. II III A ll IIC II
I. N:1I1 It.1 ll' l.O'11 AM(:llt(:ll

I)r1. 10rr a'J. A ,0.t r.. 2 AiiC.r

'I A. 5n ll 9 r. Ii 54M.

We Invite you toi hole with ur In our teri'lc' on 5undo

I 1I ):l 1:11(: lll"l '.. II
S IIi I T IAI i12 A K III I. I I
Il9 A i b i K If



P.lMI1/. .;' mng1', n .bl1.1 1."

1r.lorllen 111o \- llnhll --F e rlo s II I'.1.


1/ Bio Niq Swlund ii 1 WO 147n 0

i ........ 41 i ...

Rev. Jame B. Sherwood, Poasor
Sundoy School 9 45 A M.
-Wr do not lribulf o, l I .N .,lual Counrcifl a/ C ,urc^

hh School 90 AM ,undol clolle all
Wo,.lhp Il AM
Malhodttl Youth hel:o-vllp 6 P M
314 N S.lon

prilifiitir ]nptist (llllrrc

s ,ll (ll., lra .IA |lAr,
A APlIn! (Cunro, o/ C(AurcAHr

01 DlIE.ItI, IIt:tI'11: I
4 Brontor. Oftffas Allonn < 11 A,
(One blok Irom Beochl
Wo001, t,-.,1c 9 00 A M ,,d I 1 00 A M

I.. It. It. C.

Flal, I,1 O D I'.Ill,
ih II IIt .- l %IL I 1'....


It's a Bad Day
For Cooking
It's a Great Day
Kentucky Fried Chicken
1 1:00 A. M to 8:30 P. M. 7 DAYS A WEEK
Col Jim and Hallie Adams
ft 114 04

From the
Ga es
25 days in
and Africa.

"" 'o"U

L... b CIM I


I a. ie. Nren. T.rm a., -dAy.. Mar

Rainbow Tropical Gardens 1971

A RESTAURANT9 gill shop aDlgbefresCroen stand were once house In this
building an North Federal Highbway.





but right

Central Air Condition
your entire home with


35,000 bus



Flagstone walks led back from the restaurant
through the "Cathedral of the Palms. the Mysterious
Wishing9 Well. shrines, gardens of gardenias. ugain.
villa, azaleas and a grove of orange trees."
Foot bridges arched over clear streams that ran
into the intracoas ll.
Sightseers came by boat up thIe Inlracoas al an
docked at the gardens Posts of the old dock remain
Guides led the tourists through the gardens, de-
scribing the sights.
Today the only viewers of the Rainbow Gardens ar9
scurrying lizards and occasionally a squirrel or two.
The building, erected approximately In the late
1930 s. once contained a restaurant, refreshment sta
and 1'lt !,hop.
Alter th e lMillers sold th9e
ownel.sAustlA1nlv 9 he Iu. tauranl
When it was called the Rainbow Room In the 1950's.
It was advellse9l as seating 200 people, featuring a
decor of the tropics. Food and cocktails were served on
the patio, "under the banyan tree" In the heart of the
As propi ivirs, came and went. finding rhe gardens
too expensive to keep up, Rainbow Gardens slowly
deter ioratc,
The thirteen acres today are owned by Mr. Peter
Fletcher of Boynton Beach, who would rather "find a
holllme till it thin Nve(. it piol, Into the &round
Rainbow Gardens has well survived the ravages of
time and weather, suffering most from abuse by human
hands. Although the walls are still sturdy., he Interior
Is marred by faulty wirl andhanging ceiling stulllng.
A large fireplace overlooks what used to be the
dining area. the floor of which Is now strewn with
garbage, discarded bed springs and beer cans.
The upstairs outdoor patio Is overgrown with vines.
Most of the windows are lying s uttered on the ground.
I'jlch-s f lii Ih la slone %.,ilxK .1ll wind through Ihr
overulown999 aroen. and pal 9,' 9 silo v seals. which ha,'9 .
trn illarro.; bV Rialfltl
The huge Banyan tree's roots have grown to em-
brace a crumbling stone wall.
Not knowing the garden's background, a visitor
Ight think he had stumbled upon ancient ruins. Con-
crete structures complete with carved pillars and stone
seats are found amid the overhanging trees and shrubs.
Beams of sunlight find their way through the dense
branches of tall trees to spotlight blooming scarlet
The gardens lend an air of mystery as one can
almost picture the gaily dressed visitors who once
walked the paths.
Unaided by man, this Fl Ida foliage has retained
I., e I .uts and s p n1 o ini a1 r Unll, rt1m.ns rose n'xl.
Here is a pieceof nature well worth preserving.


Perkins Rug Co.



QOOOOPQOQQQPi O)()n& OOOmO New Carpet Sales
S UH395-1337 395-8506
395-1337 0 395-8506

WATSON U. I)UNCAN III, bead of the English
partmenl of Palm Beacb Junior Colilie lor the p
23 years, reviewed qU VII lat he Chic Center
lloynton leach, Thursday evening, hMarch II.
Photo by Woody Plueger)



is your


we have it
OIENTAL DECOI kol cr ated a nmoll lor Oinlol me..
chond.l, unpro cid"nl"d in In h loll hall callury. In th
i ld of buloddes hoidlor there hao a a dotr toclr
of Of""0ol plodc(t uword thea opporaonca d our o,1
ne. NoI con ter sthe dleiminla 9 needs of many
Loodrng architeIt, detoraos ond indi, duol Forme ornen

0 ike- tMIhoot A

CONCRETE STRUCTURE is parially hidden by
overgrown palm irees and shrubs.

f /f/ MIRA'$SC1 /1

90 NW 401b ST. oca etaton
pbon 395-.286

---- LaVerne T
~~eIt ,

that hare ben sluprblr mnlnribld b Kin| En[ryceir ,
a9lnnlnd or Kin E to be in i opp ccndltn Intde. ind out
enmlole sII| li Kct n thIn you'll tKtv wan lyou deal wlh King

S DELRAY BEACH (305) 278.3252

Sermon Topics | r.Joe... Tl... 0ll I
ASe SI onN T.o 2,000 Chorus Students
S Ieo d.r bymorning r .. ou Will Sing March 20
beao worship se rvlice A V) and
h1 t imt by th e lev Juitolo

ade Alve poor by DALh Winne of ou uca on ds o n A
I pWsltgal r a I the Ascension
Ird ulheran (Churrh. 2929S S ea. re .
rest llovd

IIorth lnl sorec l Ihe m i. FIRST P e SohYT oIIIA t
Etplortii s;3on ofi the y oc iao CTHUR CHm OFYDELR TAY
issues ol nurlay frolnl the van. HIU ACII
LRl 0.l hIoe rrndTs. Bhe toupc on "io h a A t tC
Wednesday evening will be "Victory With a Margin
"Ifondage or Freedom?" be- Ir. Seth C, Morr(o, at the 9
nning a7 0p s ee a In Worship Services.

tI Ihe First I'rsby eran
lbeandraplrlller yr.it Church of lrym .each. IaMd t o Jhejunior A, high chorel % I The p All

oh, t,.mo, Ihlrd. M ttod. D t htt S ody (or O
This a theme of the nLiehssonn .ornsnSreetofNIH IIgth School prlt f loor the upcoming Chorl o o be direoroledt ty,%Ir. ladeh ine Th i
rt a ti stn on "Matler" to be tsll Alantic. one blB aock F(o ro n l Fe hr whlelthe Aentor h h t 8 00 P bI
heard at Chrlstian Science heal.
chur h services thio Sunday

(.S.ie^ 7oiti .A A 04AS my 10Ptt ttm I
S CoThe Vision ofA he C oss"
)e Yo ung liell whleTrudy Grves looks on. The lenm's sermon ts Sunday
,dml lrm.iGMllon t by Mrs. De Young was presented al the 8:0 and 11:00 a m ser-

*before C Ihe mcmbe ofthe r.y Art i eaue Lt vi es of Tr nly Ev. Lutherant a
r. Grves, so member of the gue wo Sunday School nd Adult Bible

hTsoam ilheo NWlOuo EClasses oeet 9.4? Y 0 en. t
*happens to be studying with hMr. )e Young, were stud o the oBoo of Rcvel. du
partner rs lst month at a wo-man r ll show It t rhe lt wll continue during eheo
'Arcade Alcove OlllAny sponsored by I)A. Vl tmnnerR of Adult Education la nN

flrsti;urlel DeYoung, second; DtnAlle Work, third; The lev. Arthur eDnne.b re-
Ond Jim MGrYor, lonorable M Mnton. l'hotoA by red chapllan tU. Army T H u
Complete Menu Fr Youl and Ineirim pastor of OurS SvL
ior Lutheran Church, olake

S ov c Minidu distributions to his wife from CallWyckoff Myers.
eekAs o Lenten service. Wendne
hood..N..A day. 7d1O p.m. FH iss serooPmono
Iheme will be "The Cross -
i .Symbol: lofustie and Mercy "
o T "A -To Prayer" will
1 0 ENIOR CITIZENS Winning canasta was Elt a be the sermon topl c eof Lh
Bridle i.. i on Sund John. Bol.. v .nner .s Elise James. .. lSherw d at
isStarchp7owero Jac MacUo. lauth. the IL 0 am. worship service
garet Barr.,and.Mona Ilawn. DUPLICATE BRLDGE CLUB Bible closes will be held
Tuesday's bridge winners NorthMlo. th winners on this week at: Tuesday, 7:01
were Dr. O'Drlmen, Ann Mitln. March were: first. Mrs. II. p m "llow o Introduce An-
bach, Rose O'Brlien, and Jack ScottYand M T. II, elnap: se- other Person To Christ";
o MacDonaid. end. II. Bain and C. Wick: Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. re-
Canasta winner was Minnie third, Mrs.J. Sloan, Jr..andJ. peal of Tuesday evening:
Fischer. Alma Boyse wonthe Fox; and fourth. Mrs. S. ednesdy7:00p.m. "lowto TE YE JS T
bolivia tame. Kelth, and G. Stott. Pray Effectively": Wedne-
The bridge winners on Playilg ealt-west were the day. 7:-O p.m.-- Bible Survey
Thursday were Noma Ilawn, following winners: irst, Mrs. Coure.
oElmira Fuhrmonn, Natalie T. Barron and Mrn. K. Scal
Kurtu: Lhlrd, Mrs.D. Hayden meets eachSunday for game
First Baptist Sets and Mrs. W. ClPayton; and and Bible tralnlng. For Inor.
fourth, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wm: Imtlon call the church office.
Spring;Revival ot lace. 2&=t .
Dr. Pul M. eLvet, Dm.lr CCN G ED T
oor of the Southe t istmo. t Imrilh to 1(
mnven t Rdlo mad i Im o;,;, C/,,m, aodl m *o o ,r'
iion Commission. will l iad the
11 po om l oloCurch In Delray. The
des are Mamdrch 2.14 M T. A E
nay Conner. ChrhMmm B tee ii P Vi2
promotion iupervl0r of The
SIEy School Board in NasIOh-YOUH SHOP
ville, Tennesee will leai d Ithe
LN MtrvUSarANe scheduled D1000.
day through Wednesday ,,t7:30 bot oat, e l. 34 4427"342,.
P.m. except for the regular o
7,00 p. m. hour on Sunday.
SDr. Andrew M. Hall. local
0 pastor. who served 1-19a u
chairman of the Radio Mnd oooll ili ll
,,,It im soOttun iktl toeSt-m SPRING & SUMMER
Yew In such dJvetdt tros a
the Bowry In sNu.h dleCBit CRUISES TOURS I"
the Twlderness south of Jerues
lem. the GUM department i1Mae Your AWrangements now 1
Nile river in Egypt." He over- wl1t o
nptioerar tor inorudnence of 0 t ri
million a weei. The different
prtgratt Includet "t to An-nd d
y oer." snd The Boptist Hour. TRAVEL MART
and "Master Control." itevenm TA E LM
will addreo the Delrty Rotary 1100 SOUTH FEDERAL HIGHWAY
Club. Tuesday raon aniet hoi'ot- (Ootftrd tobCIteo ane otd[cksoilte t
jec or or"Comm Ieiosllo1L."oung
1 Je momnielotol~o..bmb iesBoynton Beach

I -L ~ 732-3304
Dove McCaig, Pr~denli
Ruth Stalner, Manager
FREE M'" l" s .... '1" 11. 10 14101.616. not.. . ... I /
Rayiot Coaser M l l l Mli l I lllI l I I I

Prmudly Present .


How has theTax Reform Act affected living trust. Is there a better way?
In The NEW LOUNGE of your estate? You'd better get the facts 3) Charitable remainder trusts made
A R CA D E TA P 0 0M .... A 1ile he el tiAg's good. FI... .. duringIlifeorIby_ will.are t .. 1 lief

I'ale I1., NesiJourAl, Thlny,

model of the BRINY BABES. Their farewell perIor-
mance was presented to the Masonic-Broiy Breees
Square Club oo Tuaday eveoLng at their annual
dinner meeting. From left, standing: Florence
Schnlpple, Pearl Arthur. DIrectoress Florence
Greenland, Doris Garrott, Madalene Wlenrma, Dol
Osgood, Elsie McFadden, Pianist Dora Chlllce,
Marge Winch. Center: Peg Tollord. Kneeling: Marie
Trimm, Marie Sc.wartsmUler, Yvonne Evas i nd
Chrlottlle Knus. (Picture by Ray)





By Charlotte Knaus

This weekend coming up is to be one of the high-
lights of Briny's season The BRINY BREEZES
CIIAFTS AND HOBBY SHOW which is noted as one
of the largest displays of handcraft In southeast Flori-
da! March 26th, 27th and 28th are the dates.
Both of Ihe pictures In the column today have to do
with the hobby show in that the Briny Babes la ve)
were aided by the knowhow of the sewing section of the
Cralts Club- Marie Schwartzmiller, one of the Babe.
primarily, as she was cutting, sewing and Instructing
for days while the Babes were preparing their cos-
Our other picture Is of one of the craftsmen at work
Ed Burkhalter. 86 year young, has found lapidary a
wonderful outlet for his interest. is work with stones
will be seen at the show. t
Ed's arrival in Briny I t November was a "fint"
In several ways the first time he had ever been out of
New York State, the first time he'd ever lown and.
when he took up lapidary, that was a "first," too, and
shulling.of which he's very fond.
Ile retired from his profession of tool and die
maker and came here to be near his son, Ken. Ed had
worked for the Thomas Auto works early In this centu.
ry. This was the company that produced a winner In the
first "Round he World" race. tie also worked for
Cadillac at one time.
The delicate detail of lapidary work serns to come
naturally to this expert craftsman and there is great
beauty in the agate heart pendant and matching ear-
rings. not to mention the Mexican crazylace lavaliere
that Is so charming. Iazel Duval, the teacher of lapl-
dary. says that he's her star pupil!
Sand news seems Inevitable and again we must report
the death of two more former Brinyltes Mr. lerbert
Ilusselman who was living In Sterling Village In Boyn-
ton, and Mary KIttoe who had recently been taken to
Chicago by her son so that she could be hospitalized
where he could look after her. Many will remember
this longtime Brinyile and she'll certainly be missed.
Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Dillon entertained their daugh-
ter and son-in-law, the R.A. Weavers of Buffalo, for a
few days recently, e Weavers were returning from a
two week vacation In Jamaica.
One of Briny's most dedicated Cororation Direc-
tors IRussell Megargle was operated on last week and
again for a second operation last Monday. Our prayers
and good wishes are going his way.
For those of you who are church and school dinner
enthuslasts. the Rolling Green Ridge Elementary
P.T.A. is having Its annual Spaghetti Dinner-- eat In or
tLke out on Friday evening the 26th from 5 to 7,
adults 1.00, children. 1.50, 550 Minor Road. It was
delicious lastlyear!

2 1 -8 1225)2

2.. 2 2

holding b8 stone free hand on a dop. You lapidary
S bul h should know about tha. Tie rest ofl us ca see
the wor5 s at the Lapidary display among the Arts
and CrafIs It the Briny lobby Show opening at I p.m.
Friday, March U4h, 10 a.m. Saturday, the Ztt., and
ooon o Sunday after Chbrch Service at the A2dJio-
riHm. IStory above) Picture by Charlotte.
s a

There's li2lle doubt Ihat al-
tIr the weather the topic of
greatet conversational Inter-
eat with most people through.
out the year Is body weight
and how to control t
Statlustlc show that one out
ol every live Americana u
carrying around more pounds
than he should 'Thi probably
u due to overeating and not
enough ecerclse, according to
most aulhortlas. Even a few
extra calories every day over
the amount your body needs
can add up In a startling ash.
ion: For stance, It has been
estimated that J t 100 calo-
22 In ec5ss of ly needs
mean 2 you'll put on a ut 10
When bathroom scal seem
to be weighing too heavily, It's
time to start counting calories
and lose those extra pounds
before a drastic diet Is ncesa-
Cuttlling out a single food
8ch as sugar, poatos or
bread is hardly 8he answer.
Vialt DOES count Is reducing
the TOTAL intake. Learn the
2ota2 number ol calorl2 you
can eat In a day without
cutting on extra pounds and
eep a running count, without
"cheating." Your doctor can
help determine your daily en.
ergy quota. Once you become
aware of the number of calo-
ries In the foods you eat. It Is
much easier to cut down and
avoid overeating.
Ilere are some suggesltons
which might be helpful In
launching a good, sound nutri-
tion program of balanced sat-
Islying meaLs yet not add Inch-
es to the waistline:
NEVER attempt any EX-
TENSIVE weight-reduction
plan without medical advice!
A little lell-shedding is usually
aule PROVIDED It ls done the
common-sense way, gradually
and consistently. Moil doctors
and nutrition eperts agree
that the best and mo25 whole-
5ome reducing diet is one that
merely cuts DOWN on foods,
not one that CUTS OUT cer-
tain ones entirely. In other
words, no "crash" programs!
SuccessIful dieters follow ba-
sic meal patterns, with foods
choen from each of the major
groups meal, milk, fruit-
vegetable and bread-cereal.
For example. a "faut-cher's"
nervous lenslon Ls often caused
by eliminating dairy products,
Stop source of necessary mIn-
Generally, keep to 3 meals a
day. Don't "skip"; always
have a "good" breakfast to
prevent late-morning fatigue
and overeating later In the
Ralst "kUn-li." servings
and "seconds. even of local
foods. Hold portions to cup
each of rutlls, vegetables and
desscrls and 4 ounces (raw) of
meat. fish and poultry.
Keep hunger checked! Don't
let your stomach gnaw for
food, no matter how rigid your
diet: Eat a little fresh fruit, a
piece of celery or a carrot
stick. Even a g l of water
will e 28e hunger n, 2 1tll
mean me.
Guard against "sneaky" cal.
ories In sauces, spreads., top-
pings and 2 alad dmrilnp.
Check a calorie chart and
make subllltutlons. ere aire
some flpgres: Mayonnaise ha
110 calories per TABLE-
SPOON; clear French dress
i aa2bout 60. But, there are
,xny 1 calories In a full I
OUNCES of cottage cheese!
Well whipped or made mnoolh
and creamy In a blender, cot-
5age cheese Is a dandy "ltan-
din" for sow cream.
Choose whipped butter or
margarine and you'll wind up
with 30 per cent less calories
than If you use the r8 lr
I sweetening Is needed for a
fresh-frutll dessert, add a little
vanilla and less or no sugar
will be required!
No matter how hungry you
are. eat slowly; chew your
food well. Use a snaller-size
pIate and portions will seem

It you must drink, DON'T
IX: Mi2ed drinks are "poil
son"; keep your liquor
Keep active. When you're
busy. you're less apt o think
about foodand startnl ling.
Variety. ImaglnaUve season-
Ing and attractiveness ore
golden keys for waistline
watchers. A steady diet of
bland broiled foods and butter.
Iss vegetables can be monoto-
nous and uninteresUng. Here
are some Ideas for slatisfying
In dishes that are low In
calories, rich In protein and
which should appeal to the
whole family, not only the re-

1 Ib. Iroud reud
I np chopped ,,IM

Main Dish (.()'Elra
haste frequently Yi rId F
serving%. almiul 140 villo lli s
CountDown 2222 I IIs Il

I lb. ground round
I cuppdiced on ion
2 28 upsslicedcelery
I can I! oa.l musbroom sterru
pl pec I liIquid
I can 15.01.1 water chestnuts,
I can R al.) tomato sauce 2-3 cup chopped green onion drained
I%, cups tomato juice 2 cups sliced, fresh musli I to tablespoon say sauc
I clove garlic. minced rooms I teaspoon brown sugar
Ican(I ot.) mushroomitems Itteaspoonthym e I can1 i lbs. bean sprut.,.
A piecs, drained 1-3cup sherry drained
&1% 2spo .ss seasoned Bil lSaute meal in skllet5. breakingI
"4 teaspoonoregano Wash sweetbreads, scsak in up as itCooks Add onion and
Itablespoon parey flake old water for 12 minutes. celery; SIMMER5. 51 11 22nult
2 can8111 lb.) bean sprou. lDran; add the 3 cults water, Add r2nuin2 2 A ingredients. LO-C
drained vinegar and I eas n of the mixing WELL.. Cook. 1 IOV. style
Grated Parmesan 5ceese sa. Il.Brng o I, COVEIR ER.181. 1til heated through enjoy
1opli8all and SI1MM 1 f1r 20 Ainutes Yield, servingsl about 25m (orbl1
ur till 2e eLet1rusohinlquid clories per serving
Saute beef In large skillet. 21 0 minutes Drai 1 remove SLS28JS2852EATLOAA
breaking up as It cooks. Add membranes; dice sweet-2Ron.dl gr1undIleasbee codeI
union; cook over LOW heaI t1tl breads. set aside. Melt butter1 I'S28pqHO kEkss5 82p182. 25121
onion is Aimp. Add rema ining or margarine in skillet; add2d I'.pSIrdyshsppedo.nion
Ingredients EXCEPT bean onion;saute 1or 5 minutes. 3%teaspoons aeach,
sprouts and chese,. II f ed. Add mushr5ooms; 2sau te 5 in- teapoon pepper
SIMMER515. COVEIRED. ,il de- 1 2es longer. Sprinkle on re- 'a..psotdried savory
sired consistency is reached. making salt and thyme. Add I.% cups caned tmao.s,
Serveover HOTbIIaTb nlsprouts. s weetbre and hery COV- mahed
Sprinkle with Parmesan ER and SIMMERNi11 thor1 Combine all IngredienU. mix-
chese. I fdesired. Yield: 5 outgly heated. Serve ISIM 5 ing2. 12 .5 Then.pack into.a1t
ser1ingS. about 224 calories DIATELY Yield: 68servings. i5,-inchloafpan. elnka
:perservig. Total calories: 725. 13 o A 22egre oven for I to 2 11
NOTE: If1Parmesanche5se riesperserving. hours Unmold an HOTsrvin
Is usd. ADD5305calories per BAX8ECUEDSPARE platter; slice. Ma2 y 5o be
tablespoon 52ean sprouts 1158 I asspa5eribs served cold. Yield: 5 to 8e 8 rv.
cup has208calorl .22 are5sub- cupsoysauce ings. About 265 calories per
alltuted for spaghetti, 11 cup serving when serving 8; or
a 8 220 calories). I.% cup local 8ppl88uce about 351 calorie s per serving
8 clove@828 r l 1. peeled & w hen serving 6
ROO5S Itablspoonsalt SPECIAL OFFER: In coop-
I lb swetbrads 'Cut the ribs Into serving-size eration with Mrs. Alice Buell.
38cuswt25 piecs. Place in shallow ros Florida Public Utlit1' lsome
Tablespoon vingla t ing pan. meaty side up. 2 2 re5881 82) 8.2 readers may have
2 tepaspoonsseasone sa pare 8 sauc by combining re F 2 REE opies of 2 lea1fts of
I % tablespoons bolter or manning Ingredients: pour recipes for diet-smari dthes. MI
garine over ribs. Aflow to marinate in Send name. address and zip

11PU IV vow
'S 11K)11 A k 25 8 52 8
4010, To.
an to

FgNewton@.22 498
KIltV Pon
55l Li18r 8... .5 79
Choice 61 Norway Wlling. In
Olve Oil
Sardines1. . 83 = li0c
Ron-t-Rll o U f Flavor
Dog Food ... .6'!''889
Swift'se Wood & Food Vlgoro
Fertilizer..... 25s3"
R&C ips Brnd HooroV Meal Stow,
Fabus0 Chic22n Stow. Liver 8
Bacon Dinne~r. W/Velpetablee
Dog Food . . 4 $1.

Swift's Coined Deal
Hash . . . .. 43o

Gillette8dl~ ~rl

Lysiol Owntsection ', =

I JWd 'ee'"2,ams2

I C= ==2.2m-6.8 12 252

C..k8.88 .aqps
Window Cleaner


L J Iaza, I

.-.-a-. II
V LS 801~ 8
Hared'Oevres cnl

S ;0,0-od- I" I "'

1 N, = --l-
a Zest; altie
Islet,$ ~I I ln

I,. Cra ..

J.Ilp ... ,: 49,
Maxwell House, AllGrind

0,12 Spro Sp '.
ca212n 5 90ous8.
ORl22 o l IMA IiI CGAP[17 I

'Al "SPAGIIETTI" bri this popular Italian-
main dlib to the family table for everyone to
The "secret": Subslllule lo-cal bean sprouts
I-ell posts!

to bIl(S FI.ORII)A
NAL. Ilox 760. I)elray
, 33444 P'lease write

"Focng IG Coll Couru"

Wishbone Libby's
Italian Dressingb. 334 Tomato JuIce .*~ 354
amllllllfooCtlub Lucky Loll
White Bread 2 ." 498 Apple Sauce. :3 n ,.

Fruit Cocktail 4 i $
001 PAO-1 Cloon Style of Whole Kelit.,
CR Cern ..4 1,1 89g
Dal Monl*Emlly Golden Glean
Peas 4. 89

Tomatoes 4 $1.
4 ..aMo.. c.u
Green Beans 4 894
Tomato Catsup."!. 39

Metl. Box | crop *11* and Holder. *
Deoep Colorsor 6-ct. Box
Print Bouqu Trash Can Liners 994
Bla5.hroom. 898 ....-....... ....-
Tio-lie . a ;--"," ." "- '-j
oIrD'l PIIIIt: Pll Colors. CI 'M II
91 RoI oll a" lqu e .. .... rr* 1* I
8Tow888 8.8.8.'. '"W 354 12
Ilwnel Deep Collors a Paisley stinis
82585al2258.8088 8 595
:loons.. 2P 2y 592orlod Designs
oulquo D _---- *---- .-. --
Napklns. . 2 59c|


rq-3 PIC P"11iHershey's WhIle Granulated






Immediate Occuponcy or -

luxurious apartment resi ences

The Delroy Colonial combines traditidnct American char
with modern conveniences in one of Il/ray's moil desir-
obli locolions. Silualed in a quiet residti-ial area, yet just
a ihort diliance to shop, churches, barkse, ec.
Complete General Electric Kitchen Private Clubhouse
(with large pool S palio)0 Prime locdion North East
Delroy Beoeh MLS C-130HE
To See Models call 278-4066
John Banting, Realtor, Exclusive Agent

III N.I':I 1VIL., Di1IT 1lltCH, IrOIDA PHONI 121.136
1IBLOCIKI ElarOF U.S. I --$Ulf NOllROF lk hSllll Il o10

Key Club Steaks P
Chuck Roast
or Steak...... 794
CaliforniaRoast 98
Dirr's Gold t4l Hicky Buffet Ham ... '99

(Plu 100 SAN Omn Sum wth coupon)

I *L

--um Py-1

Sl IC.. B.. .33 ut 10<
7 d, .. 59<
PIat 9, Garrot 594

5 C 'd c 89# 10
Todd'l. V I s urd O0.1 .

Sla. .1 I I M. MARKETS
Baco .S oe .H h Ntr .L. 9


"Why do pi
carry PAGEBO


( -Ic

Lindla Murphree
Includled In
people on-the-go Who's Who Of IC
Y Radio Pagers?" uLnd A MurphreCm. oI 201
N': 2nAd Avenru. IXlray Iltacd
halus been noninated by he
calnpus and was accepted b)
the etlO rios beS included I
CALL 278-2651 the 197C71oEdt.tion o "who'
Who Among Stludes In Amere
Ican Junior Collegesa "
This honor Is confcrred an
MOBILE nuallv upon outstanding stlu
MMUNICATIONS CO., INC. ,"t leaders from approil
MMN AIONS COl., INC. ,el 600 Junior ('olleges lI
thle United Stales In selectlni
347 N.E. 5th AVE. randi tes. campus nomninat
ingt commlitt ar Instrucled
DELRAY BEACH echoose thee students whoe
a'adenuc standing, service t.
Ihe comnmulty. Icadershlp II
cltracurrlcuar acUvlltes, and
luture potential are above av
rIn recronilion of Miss
aclurphret'. accomplis enls

'ii-lml Mrs. Baine

E]wi'nemlDp' s Feted At

S...... n) Shower
-- A baby vhoner ewa Rven lo.
WitkI Is Mrs. Giry Baine. at the SuC
lGreenStas Wah Rtestaurant in Ioynito
Each on the ervenlngro Mlrct
BUl-tH nam 1e. .0a I Given by Mr. Kathy Sama
L,_ i si. son. the party was attended b
She nunln persaronel of elhes
JI esir a da Memorial lloispitallnclud
llllWrBnttans UIg Mst Nancy Disbhop. Mn
-.H .. ..... Melba Landis, Mrs. Peasi
,5 ,.'nt Mbls@Mattle Wsters. bIt
C ,Nora Coleman, Mrl. Uill
Clark. Mrs. Ellren Ilarrson
T aSE Mrs, Beaty tardaer. Mrs. A
S rata blcWeathy. Mbls LaIitI
.. .... Ash. and Mrs. Vera Johnsor.

j gess's a Davis's To Be

't Honored

.eaas ..... At Coffee
Dr. and Mrn. K. M. Da.
Tll etee tK o atwill be honored with a Colfe
BSts Sunday. March 21. followin
.......... l the 11:00 o'clock ,ohlp i.er
."8 C vic In the ta of Cthe Sea
Tur eyRo. ost .. I2 cr est lvd. Presby.teri
V-tr' t @ Lhureh.
The Davises will be moving
soon to Ft. Walton Beach
Bope l' PkN Baconof Florida. where they plan t
BagSaousg. . I 59 make other home. Dr. a
Mrs. Davis have resided i
lllt's Prel Regual, o. Dlnn., Delray Ileach for lory-lever
Frank .. 69 years, lie was engagldln I t
greneal practice of medicine
Frlen of the reaouple an
Auntleriml.ut.et....e cordially invited to join tle
Waffles. . . 2 ,,' 899 Churh membership for IhL
Hns DillFudg or Rgul, cofl(fee honoring Dr. and Mrs
tsnueo. teFeass egular Davis.
CupCakes .. ." L'hairmcn of the occasion
Whi Tl..... c p..r.... are Mnr. oliger Skillman ard
Fmh FoMrsn I Ne MacMlillan. Any fur
Cranbrs . 39 e I her or lion may be ob
Whll Th Last. loyd J. Monlis railned by conlactiln either one
Co .lu olhneladhn.
Minew PlB:. .a a ,u79,

Onion'Rg'.n,... 'R 89. Z7
Ck etChoi:. Crlnkle Cut t,,
PoIloeo;. ....3 3
v''gta.l s.' '"" 29R. o I llevardl Mallo

Brocoll Spers. 3 Cl CHNTlI

Kn s w.... .. I79. ( 0" lnUSI
.eatSlo .. '79 tell t IWet Ilte
Chicsn N Basket.s.h"a 8 1"n ae 11S. ICAC (IlS.

Lembelch Twiln Pac4k
Peppronl Pizza .' 69

S Clssfi Try

sesr Our


Ilddle, one lal bit 01 memnrBIDUI of Ie all- i s a
the young folks' "kaeloat." Beklad him isa brtllaut
psyciedelt mural, alrted by Jule Grey GCrlltLh.

The Local Scenle

The busy life continues In our fair titles. Boynlon,
o Delray. and Boca. It seems that each day produces It's
h own variety in the lineup of far-away auto tags on our
r street. This year. people have surely come from every
Y stale and province In North America. And little wonder.
is It. with the great weather we've been lolling around
in, opposed to the bitter snowfalls of the north!
Just back from a quickie vacation In the "bitter
snowfalls" are Clayton and Rla Olesen, who flew Delta
to Chicago last week to "relax, and a change of
scenery" while they visit their son, Clayton. Jr., (at
present deep In his medical studl he plans to an
eye doctor) his wife, Susan and little aCayton Ill. (Just
d 21. To celebrate Susan's recent promotion to head
S nurse at ichal Reese Hospital, the families spent an
evening at Como Inn. Also during their stay, they took
the Palmer louse Tour around town. visited a Turkish
restaurant, and had a "fondue party" at the house. Our
local Olesens "enjoyed the big buildings and the change
i In weather" but were glad to trip on back to sunny
. Florida.
A different type of "trip" will be taken Thursday,
March 18, by the 25 little members of the Day Kinder-
garten of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. This group, with
their chaperones, expects to take a field trip to Floral
Acre, tomorrow. At this time. with Easter not far
away, those chrysanthemums should be beautiful, don't
you think?
People are still talking about the fabulous MardI
Gras party held by Ken and Kelley Rode last week. Had
there been a prize offered for the cutest costumes, say
the couple (our new hard-working Delray Affair lead-
er) the ribbon would no doubt have gone to Greg and
Yvone Walker, of Delray, for their unique and so
h authentic Raggedy Ann and Andy outfits. With wigs
they'd made of pot-holder yam, and their proverbial
P striped stockings they made two cunning dolls! The
guests all raved about the music at the party too.
- Sixteen year old Mike Dull of Palm Beach was "out of
this world" playing an electric organ. In addition, a
y quite fascinating group entertained. The piano player
was from New York City; singer. Diane Schafer was
Miss Sinclair "Here We Go-gidrl" with Jackle Gleason,
e and the others were from Fred Warlng's band, former-
ly on Broadway.
I Young working people and college students sooner
or later find a "hang-out" a place to go and "rap"
with their peers, relaxing In a place they learn to call
their own. One such place during the last three years
has been the Keg by Boca Public Beach, a colorful
beach bar that always attracted a good-slized crowd
composed of a mixture of office workers. lifeguards,.
beach bums, lawyers, bank workers and students, with
the average age about 25 or 26, according to Clair
"Cutter" Strawcutter, who was the Keg's operator.
S Now It Is closed, a victim of progress, for there Is
to be more beach. Cutter is understandably sad, for
g although he expected to move sometime alter April, he
was handed a notice Wednesday at I p.m. by property
owners (Schlne Enterprises) that he must be out by
midnight, Sunday. lHe made it all right.
"But we never could have done It without the kids,"
to said his wife. Louise. The girls washed down the
d kitchen etc., while the boys helped Cutter, who said (his
voice almost Inaudible from working so hard the day
before.) "All volunteer labor. The fellows loaded 3
truckloads! I'd like to stay In this area," he added,
mentioning that his belongings were now in a ware-
house. "There's a good feeling here. Good friends!"
Almost all of his patrons were single when they lint
Joined the group at the Keg, but there have been many
marriages and "a lot of 2nd generation" come In to see
them. One new baby had been brought In that morning
to say goodbye. Louise Is godmother of another Sunday
night, before the Cinderella hour. Cutter held one more
"Town Crier session," something the Keg was al-
ways noted for and Cutter put on a fedora and black
hat and read the "secrets:: all the funny happenings
he'd heard from the gang that week.
Rose Marie and Bradley Brandt and children who
have been staying with her folks, the Fred Serglos, for
several weeks, will leave a week from Thursday for
their home In Arlington. Virginia, with the slogan
"Mission Accomplished!" For little Jason Lyle. whose
birth was expected In February, finally made his ap-
pearance Mar. 3 with a lucky 7-11 weight. New daddy
Bradley. will be returning without the cast which
hampered him on his drive down. Meanwhile Radio
Seaman Jackle Serglo surprised the family alter the
blessed event, by dropping Inro Delray Saturday night
for 2 weeks, after which he will depart for Morocco for
an 18 month duty.
One of the successful parties among the Junior
IIIgh crowd last weekend was that of Miss Beverly
Bates of the pretty fname-colored tresses. She enter-
talned a houseful of young ladies with plenty to eat (and
very little sleep) at her slumber party. Friday night.
One Incident that also occurred among Junior-high-
en: two girls had saved and pleaded In order to get
much coveted tickets to the showing of the group, the
Grand Funk Railroad, which will play at Pirate's World
Friday night. At long last, they had the cash and were
driven to Lauderdale ahead of time to get the tickets.
When they returned, they almost had a fit when one of
the fathers showed them passes he'd been given to the
harness races. "I had a chance to get a bunch of passes
to the Grand Funk Railroad Instead, but thought you
were too big to want to ride around on little old cars all
evening." It was some time before the annoyed girls
discovered he was only putting them on.

Fih Sticks. . . 694

FIh Chips. . 59
Fish FllltCrsllp.. '. 49t
Broded Shrlmp . M q"

Osur ,,.r
Bolse . . 79

Swlll'l mlum .ad Imk or Frlh
Braunslwelger . 99s
$will's Pmlum Franklin
lamlm .... . 794

Old Fasln Loaf .. CC 59o

Nm Yorlk 66 Colord or Whle
Sharp Ce. . 1 q"

Sharp S ftir . 69s

Colby Cho .. a 39t
wl rilr'Allslt
Morgarlnlo. 3 9 *I.
srd O' Ljk I den ViIa
Choos Sprid. . L 59,

JarChro, . 3 *1.
ODir Freh Lows!
CortageCho.. .' 374
Dallfrashn n1 rry. PG)rh.
inYogrpl. B nd i n .
T ?,;,-'.. I....

BliKU .... 4 39s
M, Margtln....
Flllluj, 11 dwll d 9

Cookie *. .. 394
TubBiter. .. L 951

^ ,^n^

Page L, NmnJ ml, norol y ,n j.Arek II I

Captain Bubba's
Specializing in
Fresholy Cnutghlt SEA FOOI)
IIItEAkFA .T & I II.T Srrd Daily

t[ ^k- SRVINNfrom PM!

i1905 5 ederl Hwy. eynhe hathn
Prime.Ribs ofB. Be
COMALI 732-9741
MsS. Federal Hwy. IrnItalecLk

i ig Out?

Lunch, Dinners, & Cocktails

399.0000 "' 1
36 SE. 3rd Street Boca Raton

Chine & AmErir.ran tac

sace 7o re! r1^

i siereIto Osssi1 s N 4:.12G
39n900V0tD0Ni. 399-5120
Including Your OE n SklRctlons from
ur Popular Salad'L Relish Bar
'4.. 4,95

Doncsin Nightly Eocept Mondays
to the Musk of

Served 'til 4:00 P.M. except Sunday
Fashion Show ivry Noon
Tuesday thru Fridays
Your Selection ol 40 Itmesl
'2.95 .A;, "

Boca Teeca Cocktail Hour 4:30-6 P.M.
Free Hors d' oeuvres


.. ... ..

Entertainment Thurs. & Sun.
'W : :


l ywhit o.,o.o 0o r ,1`1 4

T4 d A l IT V# 1 43l18 l yI .lil0 | ( I b
,..a, I c I....

/ International



For Reservations 278-2528

Spio Selring

Complete Lsnh Menrs
r Fmous Pr ilm Ex. Si oe.

En Steaksin from(Nile 0

.Entllen iell& Dancig NOrighn

Norm Dygon Paul Olm0onde
:I02 N. Fed. Iloay. Po piano Be9413010

Facing On of Oceen
110 South uIWe Boulevard, Delray Bsh'
Complete Dinners
O2.95 toU 5.95 PM 764.4nr
Sunday Lunch or Dinner from Noon
Enoy Lunch In Tho DlningN Room
Or On The Ptio From 12:00 to 2:30
Rooms Avallable 276-6315

On Ihs Ocean Betwen Delray and Boynlon
Specializing in
Fresh Seafood
Our Famous Prime Ribs of Beef
SUNDAY 2 P.M. 276-4540


Entertainment & Dancing Nightly
Except Sunday
Norm Dygon Paul SImondi
Skylarks Trio El Mello
1500 N. Fed. Hwy. Pompono 941.3010

Tr ....J GusA. Hp, hnsbhi l.A sepo In
Ihne syC u anr sAs theAsoLm Ocani Htro s
lostewe 5. a 1905 5. W..sl H ighway, Bni.
nam In Torw, Ya s khse Ino t Ihe hotl
nA rnuneslownnl ant i and a! byso .1of
*4 boo" & InI k ( l. Low~, he w wih th

Thed Yat m hr "11 In teh arm.2 tenpe aNIS
YomOWTo#ah"sabo i hissprOl Hn d -s .s aIn
his own restewmal knews fr 90W ee, om Cw
Myrnm's specloses hm sm pknrkm As f s, mw
FewMdsodods haAAo .olls A thel Asses
sof466 nWb Abs IS psp POP by AM
Ipat W rsAelp.g.

too. aore oloG o...2Ad W

The All New

of Delray Beach
2809 S. Ocean Blvd. (A 1A)

in the beautiful

SUNDAY BUFFET 12:00-2:30 P.M.
C:amplete Bullet Inrludes
Steamship Round Of leef Baked Virgini
Fried Chicken liedf Iurgundy
Maryland Cralrment Imperial
llr.be-que Spareribs
As irled Sal Is and Ilelisies
childrenn undhr II 82.95

a Year

THE NEW, MEN ONLY (Grll) 12 P. M. o 3 PM
2 lY,unchmn SI'rialo Eir' lDay
Complete Full Course Dinners -'3.15
Entertanment Nightly
NINO NANNI Ai.sankl nson
or Rim nations Calln M altr D' lo .g a :- .1
501 Palmetto Park Rd.,
L Boca Raton


Great Food, Show, Fun, Dancing
Comedy Ond Singing Waller
"it's Ino. I low it Do n't miss lto

$fi l o n ot 1 m111 1 "Oln

1 This S nday


Sp nn o6

INlcro9r2S, ENG
tl45 till 2 PM DA Y Escept. n. I


il [ iioaio Sil N oPd Do Eollanrid
ALVR. ,mlln I 76 WL 4
I h I iA A". ttay -lo /

OPEN DA il ad 4 III

0l tn ,,a. SC i n I dr El lrn /
11 u4 tillS M DAILYrolNEOxet
Se Ilh r luncheon 'r lol'l 6d


/ /,

1 I~~i~i

NewiJornal, ri ay.Mdarcb II, 1*71.' 'ae IJ

STEVE SHEWBROOK makes a cet arod buoy o Lake Ida at Ii i.m. Suday. INew Joirul ph
the dom coarse at Lake Ida iA preparanlo for eho Gary Gooderl
FAU.UM Open Water Ski Toerumeot to be oeld at

Barefoot, Slalom Skiers

To CompeteAt Lake Ida

South Florida water skiers will compete In the
FAU-UM Open Water Ski Tournament to be held start-
Ing at 10 a.m. Sunday, March 21 at Lake Ida Park at the
end of NW llth Street, Delray Beach.
Mike Renuart said the event is being sponsored by
the Florida Atlantic University and University of Mi-
ami water ski teams and trophies will be awarded In
men's and women's competition with two overall
awards for the best man and woman skier.
The unique tournament will feature barefoot and
slalom contest and Is to be featured In the Water Ski
magazine of the American Water Ski Association which
provided the rules for the special competition.
Renuart said Dick Donley As president of Sde Unl
vernlty of Miami ski team and Larry Ignash Is presi-
dent of the FAU team.
"The barefoot compeLition should be very spectacu-
lar," Renuart reported. He said the barefoot point
system will include grading for unique starting meth.
ods, barefoot slalom where the skier has 20 seconds to
see how often he can cross the wake of the boat, and
barefoot tricks t t may Include skiing on one foot,
going backward, or carrying someone on their shoul-

Corbett Area Cleanup

Is Planned March 27
"Wildlife whe needs it? men of Florida. It cannot be
We all do!" With hae words traded, bartered, or sold for
a Joint campaign to d-littlller any reason. So or all time,
the Corbett WUdlife Manage there is in area where a man
moit Area was announced by cian o to bunt, take his on to
MaJor LF. Giney., coordlnc- ibih, or even take his family
to or other project. The cam- out or a weekend In the quiet
palgn is planned by area ivi of the wood.
groups, out door clubs and "But, because of the density
court troops to draw attention of people a this area and the
St National Wildlife week and small amount of land vail-
the Importance of wUdlife to ble, traffic In the Corhett is
Severe pnson. The clean-up high. Last buntln season for
will take place It the Corbett Instance there were 1o00 hunt-
Sarea, Saturday, Marc th, ers In the area In one day. Nat-
with group meeting at the rally, with thi kind of proe
; check station on Hlgbway 710 su you get litter ... by Ui
at nine o'clockAM. campaign we will draw alten-
"Many of those pdiclpatln 0ton to our wildlife and I I m-
in this prom)ct rre not out- portaoe, clean up mn area vl-
doonmen,' laid Galney, tal to our people .and perhaps
"they wll probably never use give these people cause to
the Corbett rea to hunt. Obh, thinkbeforetbey lltteragain."
or Just relax In the wood. But Galney concluded by lying
they. y, all of us should, recog. thal "This is not a Oime Com-
olse the Importance of the mission project ... ILl an area
wildlife areas. Their help In project. We Invite everyone to
thi project is a way of focusi participate either Individually
Ing aUentiontothisfact. or u i club. We're going to
"Areas like Corbett are rare have a lot of people, trucks
in South Florida. Most lands And equipment. So if you want
are posted or otherwise off to spend a day In the wood,
limits to the public ... with call the Welt Palm Beach
more being lost every month. Gme Commission Office and
Corbett is owned by the Game let them give you the InLorra-
Commislon and the sporti- tlon."


place to


Now there's something grand about
a grand opening, because Borden BBF
makes good eating easy. Easy on your
tummy and on your money.
With delicious hamburgers, chicken,
french fries and more.
Come to the grand opening of
Borden BBF. The easy place to eat.


Spectators are encouraged to watch the events and no
admission will be charged, Renuart said.
Starting methods for barefoot skiing may Include
jumping from two skies, starting from one ski, deep
water start where the skier attempts to plane up on his
barefeet and land starts, Renuart said.

TOMMY WEBER throws lot of wake, but thot b ithe bareloot dvblioo. Weber ured a dry-laod take
oly a hi that hl e b water skiing without c kin. A off to get oN top of the water.
ulqe event in the FAU-UM Open to be held Suday

At Bl^a At he Beautif 14 d |
School of Dance, anguagsi & Charm .. / d1 J
S" ..,.. u o b....... i > Enjoy Physical Fitness
p 0 04 10 do s . Fe. WC061.1 as FIGlouIs AP vEMINsr sODY ON0l?^1 0 .1
oned. Pot oPhysicasio .d N Poltfll@." S B lAUNA
Patho ds. ke's a. A he.* th e oo u. INTICowoo o I looto&o coosrgo,
:.I coM.41MIMA r.0 people Ir'D.am poll IN R0*OitMEPOO -A 111:011111111 B. 6(1 RATO
14 @"M I. .@I. Ime #814. 011 011100 1

Give us your name and

we'll give youa chance to win

this 4,000 swimming pool.

To celebrate our Silver
Anniversary, we're going
to give away something
we've been selling for 25
years. A swimming pool.
And all you have to do to
be eligible to win this
Rules NoVac pool Is top
by, read the rules, and
sign an entry card at our
office, 5780 North Federal
in Fort Lauderdale.
That's all there la to Itl

Back In 1946, 25 years ago, we
were the only people around in
the pool business. Since then,
we've seen score of pool com-
panies come and go. Maybe
we've tried a little harder than
the next fellow to please our
customers and turn out a better
product. In any case, we've
been here building and servic-
ing pools for a quarter century.
We're kind of proud of it and
feel like celebrating.
We thought the beat way to
do it (and at the same time to
say thanks to the folks who
have made us the leading build.
er of quality swimming pools
all these years was to give
away a NoVac pool, the pool
that cleans itelf. The NoVac
Is sold exclusively through iule
Pool Company and its the best
swimming pool we know of that
you can buy or win. So on May
15th we're going to have a draw-

Our inmputlr 16' 30 mridental kldnsy-.eihld Rulise NoVac imul with twno fet of imrimeter dockinn.

Ing. If your name is drawn for NoVac pool,orany of the other
the first prize, the pool is yours. 24 great prizes, is sign an entry
But we've got other prizes, card. And the only place you
too. Here'a list of all ofthem: can get an entry card is at
S Piz ule Pool Company, 5780 North
alt Pi -A 0' Federal in Fort Lauderdale. So
Reosidontol come on by. And do it before
NoVoc pool Friday, May 14th. or it'll be
2nd Prize-New pool heater too late. Entries close that day
Plus -Twenty-three at 6PM.
90 day intro Rule NoVa Pool Giveaway Ruli
ductory chemical 1. Te,,rm of Conteit--leltrlntlln
pool service fr the 25i piicea bemlno at iule i'ntm
contracts Comliny, I780 Nrth Fdoe Hllgh.
wy, tMarch I. 11071. C,0nt tcl.io
Twenty-five prizes in all! ... ...r t71.
You don't have to bo in the 1. Who May Enter--Every sInilo
market fur a new mool to win, r mi.ly h..os.e .r in n. rd and
Palm Ileach Cguntles between a
but if you tire, go alerad and line running rut nd wont shonl
buy your I I now before the I'embrike Ii,,ulevrd tin the .4luth
sumnler ruh starts and if and t""nl Ilylrlusln Itnad on the
North eligible win .exceptol the
you win the drawing, we'll re- emlhlyee and t ir families) f
fund tho full cost of your pool Itule I'..il C.imljny and sulnidiary
ul to $4027. omlanie and Id Is dvertiLinaglo ency.
Tl, lI eligible n cwin the lItule NVac
Iemenlmber, nil you have to i ,l you must iown a hmme with mn,
do to be eli bible to win the swimming iml,. The ml. will b

Rule [M Pool Co.

lh yonr / 6780 North

Installed only within the above area.
3. liers's All You Do-Cnom.e by
Ilul Pool Company at 5780 North
Federal Ilihwayb. Fort Laudordale.
any time between 9 AhlM nd Phi
Monday thro-ugh Saturday. Fill nout
an entry card and dropn it in the
print bion. There shall be nly tne
entry per hnushnld. The drawing
will be mnlde on <urday, May 15th.
and the winnens will he announced
nn Saturday, cMay 22nd.
ThI winner if the fnit priu, a
Itull N.Vac nool, must provide t c.
cam for centractor'a normal eacavat.
Ing and conltructiln equipment ind
have iuicient yard ic fonr Instal.
latln 4if nnn-plillng |Nil In lim-
lin with local setback require.
mints. Tbe |ii tn be awarded the
first price winner ts slubjectt,i .lc.
ilcatllno and condltllns &u mt fi.rth
in lule Ioil Cllmliny'c Standard
celnlracl which st (irinvided l.in.
with llt e aplicant's entry blank, re.
rilt nowhich It alplicant acknnwl.
rJedges uln enterln the cinnlet.
NOTEl If you buy a Itule t'iol dur
ing tlt cnt.tnl Iri,,d, and if y.u
.h,,uld le the winner ,,thi* contest,
tule I'e.,I Cumiany will refund the
full contract nirice otf ytur io,,I up
Ito $4027.

Flut Laudcrtdae 942-R222 'tFrm Miami Iloll)tood 9-493882 Delray Ikach 27-5919i P'alm ach H..1-606O Naplce 649-1454~



r -



a I

Pn7lo News. l. TJ. nd*y,

Tiger Cagers C

Faculty T'ean
The llynton l 7ac7h Junl r
Illlfh School basketball teamn
ended 1i most lucceslul sej
on this week when the C ounly
Chanl(ps downednl Ihe aging fac-
iuly with a criah lng -2 de-
The final vwtory of the sea-
Ion demonslrated the Tiger's
aweome court attack hllh.h
Liast Week

For Le.IaIgu
:Ipci. 1rtlir ti l 77 p7u ing prols. laldl 1,I
!Rgistraio take Ihe lead thu year uhllc
SMarch 19, 20 and 21 will be represents thrleirstllie
he list days for little Lreagu teachers Inlt to Ih Trl.'.
-regllsrallon in Delray All More than three hundiel slu
Sboys -12 Interested In playing dents viewed the Its le i t i' I.
L:iseball should report with a LIoynton Ieach :lr77n.nl.r\
birth certrllcate to the Llltl Sholl gym. nearly re;7ching .,
SLeague field at S E 7 h St7. 7-! state of hysteria a7 Ihe TUgr,.
Lp.m. Friday. 1.5. 5 p m on tur quickly gained the Ir.ll a;nld
;day, and Irom 2-5 p m on Sun. added to it Ihruuhoul l Ihe rn-
^,11 :S tlre game
-- y. that played on a Minor "We're jus not x\ young A,
g Le ...2 l 7 .ast year ar now we9 d tob." .i7
0elgble, and if they were se- ontgomer ,h. lunhd u
Icted on a Little League team MIhat "eah year lre I'.ull
lut year and sent to the mi- that "a eh r the ll N
nor1, they are still required to dents rltyountrr "

Air-P/S.P/B 15,000 mies




o R~

krazy lkops
,A , pin mI;agn. and a 3167 ,Slenmen (t the

siu hl a I7 IVt Ihve ITl. lr7ay 6 1 9. Ilu 9 k Ward
Ilh.e.chl 7e;fi th' I.7li l, erji- Hill C(o hrane. 513-1
Countlv Ito hlng &,7so., l,7.o n Iischuoll. 517.596.
Counly (lih.llplirlhll rel, (irreEnugh, 490620


7 MARCH 20-;

III(I',,oul[ 1 M IM I



Japanee Ida were Clody Murry, 14-year-old kL champloo,
In hLi lie was aked to ki, and teach Kaneda ,be water sport.
strikeout The flm wUI be seen on JapanD'I national television.
ntly to do From fell are two TV cameramen. Kaneda, Jarme
hblck beI Mlborl, C'lody Murry, Danny (.l.flio hbo drove the
le al Lake boalt, ad a tblrd cameraman. I'botoby'Cbrl Relebi

\in C0(onnLy Bowl Title
livcan Pal11 Ikach Eterminaling Team member Iluck Ward
ed a 2616 trailed the Krazy Kops by one said the champioilhip will
mn Michael. p"n Wlh one weekend reman Imean a Irolhby. 1360 cash to be
d. 556-640. Ing for challengers to top Ihe spll nnmngl them. their entry
122 Frank leader but the team total lee paid In both slate and
and lIon stood when compettlun closed county tournamIents next year.
at Verdes Tropirana Sunday a championship patch and "
nlzht iio nof rw a.. .ati.fa i tiol.n "

Barwick Golf

Night Leagues

MONDIIAY NI( IIIT M:. Ilal7 ll I7rch allttle 1I1
LEAGUE I)el.tllay Je1 len
I.EA(;U7E 7791777 72977 72
AM7RI7IlCAN I 7AGUE I7o77 Variety 1
Points Vincenl Musi C('entre 74
Joe ,,ron Concrte Pump. I _M. C. Hoy Ins Agency 6
el r IuI Ituth I)ellart Vogue IBeauty
(!yprms Creek CutLryI u (Uh alon 4
Janie Illaluck's Team II (;oil Ilo79e Inc 20
llawkin & 7Mouw C(nir 16 Sybil Grrllln (;oll I'ro7ls-
Ilach's Seafood licslaurant signal 16
1s5 ('hs Dernvn Apts. t1
I)elray Mlll7ork IE |k7yd'l L7dy .Shop 1
I2air CoAutrucolun 12 1)r Clharle9 Wadner MD
I)m Ort Concrete 23 12
Italph & Jakl7 Inc. ll I'f owners lunge I'1i
7hurey'7 Concrete 9 The9Meat7B Ioluck 11t
Joe lruison Concrete I'lac- Jo Urlrson Concrete 9
lng E ighth Street Market
Tropical Acrea Ietauran i t
I)elray 7Iowllng -Lanes 1 T77HURSDAY NIGIIT MESS
Jan Fe7rraris' Team 15t LEAGUE
Avery lir s. Floral 7 ductss AMEHICAN LEAGUE
No I 13 Independent Life Insura7ce
I)alry Queen 12 27
I)elray Aerial!CircT IIi Dellart Invstments
Avery Bros. Floral I'roducts 2"2
o. 2 II Joe Brsson Concrete I'ump-
Campbell Construction 10 in7 17
Larry Iletrmkerk Lawn Ser- Uoyd's Dody Shop 1is
vice 7 Standard Uniform Service
LEAGUE Boyd's Wrecklng ServKic
-... .. .- ..- .... ... ,_ ..... Store 1

S7lairCost ruc 7ti on Tire Co. 10
77gen7' 779927799 I t. ('27777.7799 W h7

Seeks \A [ L

SCage 'itle The uncommon cars
S ...en's Inc. (it Iotlral
Ilach won the rig.ht... w a n com m on,I
1,ulna by winningFlor-a lot in com m on
I da Gold Coast AAU champion DATSUN SEDAN DATSUN 240-Z
hllp two weeks ago The teain
will leave Friday morning by I .p.,,C 0.""..C.,l 1 -,
plane arriving in Lake '"S Pcp''' c'."
0 Charles, La. early Friday 7 I f- 81 ,.' J. ,") i 7.7.1 ..1 M
lernoon. IfaRen's hirst game Is 1 "
srhedul for Friday night and 5.s-,r,,i, 911o 1 ,,.. D .1 Sr,,,lo, D 1., ,
it vlctlrous will play Saturday j ', I,.,, "', .C1 so e r -.,,,u .,
and Sunday also. The team 5 ..'. m..S.s,.. ., ,.,,,,
plans toIn ly back Sunday ieve-rt .
7 9n9g 7.' ('1,..sr,7a7 7 9 G I--S,:
II t suresslul In Group II 01, 7 . 17, 7
Tournament. the team will ad-
vance to the nationals at lA.
nj. Kentucky to be held on
March 26-30.
Ifagen's has a veteran in
AAU play 7n Wll7e Col ier. Ile
played with the Armed Forces
all-stars. the team who Won
the national tournament In',
Up front Ilagecn's will be led
by Johnny Allen at 6'. Bob
obodn at 6. andeg 001 N. FED. HW.l EL BECH 274559
Dobard aj 6'5 ThCn n the
hack court Collier at 5'11 will
be joined by Josh Smith at 6'1.
Ilag men's second dlve repre-
sent s a veravstrong tean In
Itself with Doug Kepnerat '61.
Morris Tampa at 6'3. Claud
WoodsLde at 6'A. Larry Liss at
6'0 and Tomlny Williams at
llagen's is undefeated In
three previous tournaments. 2001 N. FED. HWY. DELRAY BEACH-2784559
f Iarthisyear.


...but it doesn't have the

gold Medallion.

1700 South OcMn Bouleard

Delray Beach, Florida

; t 1, 1 '771 7 it .1
i>l>I .tl>. .l11.7ll7


1 BR. 1 Both Apt.
2 BR. 2 Both Apt.
3 BR. 2 Both Apt,
No Land Lease

Sol.s R. pr 9 onltl lv i
Oonn.ll Really, Inc.
630 Eoast Atlantic Avenue
DOeloy Bech, Floido 33444
Telephone: (1301) 278-333

Atlantic High Golfers

To Host District Meet

The Atlanticl ligh School Atlantic Hiigh School will
golf leam. coached by Guy aLso playhost to the District 7
1111. haL already surpassed Tlurnament, made up of 30
last year' record of 9 wins. schools In Palm Ileach and
loses. and I tie. The boy's Ilrward Countines. These lour-
varsity, led by Greg Mouw and rnamenU both consist of four-
Paul LoughrEy with season manteams from each school.
stroke average o 39.4 and and are scored on medal play
39 6 respectively, have won 11I, or II holes. The District Tour-
lI1.5andt I. ALnment deildes which teams
They have two matches left will go to the state tourna.
to play. after which they will ment The top three teams and
compete In the Suncoast East the three low medanlae will
Conference with Lake Worth. qualify. There will be no grls'
Forest Hill, Twin Lakes, John learn In the District, but each
I. IORurd., Plm Beach Gar. school in the conference will
denT, Suncoast, and Fort have a learn of our girls who
Pierce Cenral. Atlantic Illgh will play 9 holes In that lu rna-
will be theha for this tournaO mntI
ment, which determine the Atlantic Iligh grls' team.
conference standings of the 8 with a victory over Ft. Pierce.
schools, to be played at the has won all 9 of the matches
Cypress Creek Country Club they have played this season.
onTuesday,March3F0. Plantation won the DisLrict

In A Variety of Fabrics, Colors
and Styles
"Everything Nice-Moderately Priced"

1130 East AtlonlicAve., Delroy Beoch




irT ar


,- $7,995

tournament la1st year with a
team scored I.oI.akWorlh
and Slranahan tied for secnd
at 20, and Palm Ikach G(;r-
dens was fourth at 209 These
teams are all strong contend.
ers again this year, and Allan.
tie is a dark horse that his the
potential to ease intl one of
Ft. I'erce was winner of the
Suncoast st Conerence last
year. with Forest Hill, Lake
Worth and Seacrest in that or-
der Atlantic should have a
good chance to win Ihis year.
with a clos6e battle between
Lake Worth and Palm Beach
In a three-way match Mon.
day. Atlantic's male quintet
defeated Ft. I'lerce. 4-1, but
lost to Lake Worth 3-2. Lake
Worth also defeated Ft.
Pierce. 4.1. Coach ill said
Greg Mouw was low medalist
Ior Atlantic with a 38.
1h( plrls team defeated It.
Perce. 5-0. with Tara Zldonlk
taking low medalist honors
with 41 at the Indian Ilills
Country Club.
Lake Worth won the girls'
conference last year, but does
not have a leam thll year.
Palm Beach Gardens appears
to have the strongest team,
and should be the only one to
threaten Atlantic Ilgh for the
cr n. The sllandouls on Allan.
tic's team are: Tara Zldonik,
with a stroke average of 45,1
for the season, Kim Jones with
a stroke average of 50.4, Mar-
the Moore with 50.3, Betsy
Wclsenborn with al. and Robln
Rabomrn with al. Tara, KIm,
and Martha have already qual.
Ifed for the State Tournament
by sh Ing scores under 56 In
regular season m latches.
Other ilandoutl on the boys'
team are: Scott Tobias with a
42 average, Sal DeCanlo with
43, and Jim Lawrence with 47.

DPlrav i

Ken Wood 213R-5
wardd Mlchaud 170-504
Itemm Slueall 171--4bS
Af W111009V 0oNM r O OPCM Bill Donnell 165-4781
ana a B Rus Thatcher 154-452
.eOSIM"= r er00 r 111 # AVTPOUaE Womena Hlgh Serl
Wrte P.. B SKK IOYNTOSN NAOS.L ROA 33435 Melva Flourre 16-485
Anna Strard St-4AM
KaySchumacher R 149--A
Ile.n Carpenter lL V-14
CUSTOM-MADE IFloaIp r" 155-415

styled to your specifications. CLUB LEAGUE
We have a wide selection of Mlckey lill 214-575

quality decorator fabrics Ful Medelr 201-514
Wncl LaFounaolnt & Cl -
Imcr Burns 1 4-. 1
I Ied O'Byan 25-591
HoIwrd MH.Beroll 23011BEAH 6
Fred Lash 213-596
Buck Ward 214-204-5e
Joe nnli 222-2043,-415
Rex 7Tkiycr 224-2056.O
Cary Carr m1201-20
Jim WRlker 214-564
George Nlcoll 221-E73

JoeuLr and Siliero

O p. e 9 10MOVADO

c-2260 No.h Ea lt lit WATCHES

PHONE: 395-1183 399 5922 (eve.) _
34166 3 S. Fed. Hury. RA56Ayo5e6 AtlaticA em



Includes lot & Closing Cost

Other Houses Immediate to 90 Days Occupancy
The following are o reto' of the horanes


Sd6 0.. ..... C r..u o.......
I=r ewponoewooh is Boynton Bcth
IWIthO. WeO pl o1SllS.lpey fto

S r&W
2260 North Eost 11i Avenue, Boca oiton
PHONE: 395-1183 399-5922 (eve.)

Nel-Jouul, Thbuliy.MltlrcIb 1.1'

Area Golf News
V(:Y Ilt'i-i S ClE KI (C lll:l ImRnns. uliilh Ilud (;r,.> Ilt (, il nd ll1."
Evlhc n VolwinkRle uantl A-ll h'y irlrhiil .Jic Mlarling il nfl I'hin IhriIR ului
KlnliTn r tIli wlit 711:4 I i irlun l tl ll 'l con-llul tll, la M',. ni tIR aI l 1
Ined l pla y ltournrlillrlnl hlrll lI;.ilniI C'uv .is ,hL, dclr.l'I d lacllih tIlI ('lull I sI
Thursday by Rhe iCypress H1i ,llon and l'tie ,luunv RlRAllv tlt chlun
Crrck Country CluhI oIll.ll's Uonlt roaul.ll by ih.Jil- llf cuursel demlgne
(;oull Amroclation Ing I11 ard Ii dwell IIanllamr inter i lonally kmirI
Tied with 76 in Clss II tre rrlported that Sexltn holtl oul Von llleair ll rur e Ir
L.lian Sullivan ai l Marareti a four wood fur an eagle durce
Illlry on tlhe 42 -yard, par our 131h I'I.AM BlE.NE
BARWICK (;C hole. I'iAire's travel
Two holes-in-one were (;ne Se Iy won the third IIrt Yanul saysIi
.Rcored last week at larwlck Ilight over Fredr Meyers and Tile S'rond Annual I1
(;nll Club The lirt wasIa Ide there was no consolation r 'asir Seal I'ro-
by Mrs Eddle Roman on A natch.llanmmcrsaid Tour ilent on Mat
March 4 with a Iour lron shut SHERWOOD PARK GC are exc leralini with
on the difficult l1thbhole Jack I'helan. pro-nmager li"n i .auch names
Alstingl to the ace was her at Sherwoodl Park Gol Club. Sinders.'San) Sncul
husband who Is hed gol pro- reported three holes-in one Bors. Tony JJackl
fessional at Merrilt IIlls duringthepast we k. Weirkopf It II Slkt
countryy Club In Waukesha. Ilarry Carter of Delray 11irber and illyMnaxe
Is. BIeach used a our wood U) a2e 2 The big nb D 6 0 in:
tin March 5. Tommy IB ll ol the 160Iyard. I4th hole; Nell I openn to a hleld 1
I)lray Ieachsscored an are on Johnsr of ManaRquan. NJ_. (ourriLes playingin
the 75yard seventh hole with used a sli ir on the 140yard. are's crhlllenilini ar
an eight iron as his lather eighth hole: and Dr. A. II polbmhiiSoullth rourI e
lookedon. Ilenderson of Bronivllle. N. Y
I)ELRAY BEACIH CC used a seven iron on the 130. The I'almAire A .a
Members o the Women's yard. Ilh hole. I'ruAm Tournament
Goll Association played the GOLFAND RACQUETCLUB place MIu y. Marrt
first roundolthe I'resident's David It. Jacobson. jxcu- the I'(;A tounni prus
Tournament last week at the live Director of The Golf and 1in their way from ti
I)elray Ieach Country Club. acquet Club ol I'alm Beach er Jacksonville (
closely grouped with only on Lake Worth Road. this tI alI Io the Nali I
one stroke between first week announced a Summer Open e stpover
through third place In first Membership Plan which will Aire Gulf and Coun
round play were Lucy Trasi be In effect from May Ist to gives the pr an op
with a 67. IHelen Murray, 6. November Ist. The Plan will to pick up some ex
and Bobble Kimball, 69. Tied feature both Individual and while benefitin thbe
In fourth place with 71 were familymembershlp. Seal Soletn.
Ilelen Fpey and ulh Pierce. Individual Roll membership The 'Palm-Alre Ka
DELAY DUNES GCC will be $150. husband and wife Pro-Am is open to
Bill Buns won the men's membenhip 122 and family teurs for a (100 ta-.d
ol championship at the Del- membership. Including two entrancefee. Sign up
ay Dunes Golf and Country children 1300. Pool and Tennis Tom Malonein the Pr
Club last weekend. according membership will be175 for an 'alm-Aire. Entrant:
to Dunes Goll Director Laurie Individual. (800 for husband present their handicap:
Ilammer. Bunu look the tIle and wile and 1150 for a family Malone at the Palm-
by deflating Bill Fish live and membership. Members of the Shop when you regist
four. Fish was low medalist In Golf Club will be able to enjoy sure fair Iringa.
qullifyingR rounds with a 147. all111 the facilities IncludingR Roll. Spectator tickes
In the championsihp Iii tennis.andSimming.R available at IPalmAll
consolation. Gordon Sibl Jacobson Is also considering the EasterSealCenter
leated ob Malloy. adding a supervised play pro-
Frank Klancnlk defeated gram for children duringlsum-
Ilarry Ncwelt for the lirnt mervacation time.

....C l itr1O n . N!- I c

.aauoi7 iiT~viiua5 S Yvrg
Mo Somerford 233-554 BETIIESDA IIOSPITAL
Lrry Goas 210-564 LEAGUE
Charley Bnt 231-565 Menl IIghSerel:
Mens Ilgh Series: Bob Bnon 194-553
Buck Ward 241-57 John Risley 10-524
larry Kelcham 222-219-574.
Jim WhItney 224-577 lHaT y eckner 203-S3
Joe Banf 24o-12 Peler Zart 18a-519
GlennCampbell 231-577 Womens HighhSeries
Bill MarShlng 2M- PhylliNewman 164-4M
Women IlHigh Series Mae Reckner 195-474
Joyce Walker 1S-51 Nancy Swanson 10-44
LU George 20-503 Nancy Curry 168-43i
PAYDAYPALS LEAGUE Calhy Rhley i50-441
aen Porter 210 46 Me4 u Illgh Slers:
Bob Hdabaugh 200-539 Al Dewberry 191-S45
Brin Marcus 181-519 Paul Medeiro 1S-515
Stu Oatway 17-499 WomnenighSeries:
Women IIgh Series: Dora Peek 161--40
Helen Dutnlevy 15-490 Belly Johrtm 161-.441
Cynthia Booth 2-496 Bety Ahrens 163-411
Bea ctGslan 187-507 M.nlneRedman 160-429
ULi George 175-476 Dale Buero I-41
Belay Roy 6-40 6
Marle Wllknson 165-473 DELRAY DOLLS LEAGUE
Mary Byrd I--4 Lella Owens 2204-S
Jn Jenson I Sadie Stover 163-44
PIONEER LEAGUE Glori Lvulle 164-41
CGelton Wite 219-211-M DELBOY DUFFERS
Buck Ward 1i9-569 LEAGUE
Frank Blschofll 2-529 Menl HighSeries:
Don Michael 1-52 Nolan Coon 214-555
Sam Cosl 2141201-27-622 Forrest Waldron 0-524
Larry Peters 253-213-624 Bucky Blake 10-514
Rex Thayer 218-217.202-638 Joe 'Keee 19-507
Bob Fenrwerda 120S219-04 WomeniIgh Series:
Joe Banll 205-221(-61 Corene Phillllp 18 0-S
Jo Frontr 22 Clre Mareno 7-42
Mark Kuebler 219
Paul Crickenberger 2354
Vern Gourley 223
Ted Dallas 236
Hll GaCrris 216
KayWomack 161-509
Gall Ennis 207-494
Kaye Motley 1I3-486
Betty Shoemaker 213-482
,Sella Snyder 177-473
Sandy Love 17t- Bud's Toke-O ut
Jean hMartln 160-4
Bert Ialonk 10-169 732.361 8
Mary Remus 1M
La Rue Macu 177 ';.5,05l"
Celia Ilertel 17


0 0 Templ & Valencio
S O6ong6 %

Grapefritl CALL
GiFnTRUIT 276-7671 0
04AILY 6.5:30

0 Take Congfnss Ave. or Military TPail Io SW 12 St.
S and fellow Slgns Io 5he groivsl
0 DlayRloSach


Funny Fabuloul

(h101-n ITuns. M 30o 8t0p
ArI Prices: g5.00 Wsd.t Mne 1..230p
11111 111 4. 3.0 Wed 00p
in linhr rl

IT ng pr. Ap
Ialldan ISru

dithe add- OX OFFICES ThAudoum
as IaougPa ea, andRichards SToreS
in. Tom
SM 31. Willer l Fins t c n r. 33402
err .", a I

72 ("hnm-

will lake
22 nrd. as
arenthoe (;real-areFunny-Fast- Fabulous
in lnvitTues., Mar. 30..8:00 pm'
Arlines Prices: $6.00 Wed.. Mar. 31..2:30 pm
atry Club- 114.50 $3.50 Wed., Mar. 31.. 8:00 pm
partunltv ALL SEATS RESERVED Thu., Apr. I .8:00 pm
x tra ra sh S p e cia. l P rice.s. d.M.. 1 F. .. A p r '. 2 :38:00 p m
tFatr at 2.30 pm. t4. 00 Sol,, Apr. 3 .2:30 pm
_11 ulldel 16 ,, PI'Ln Sat., Apr. 3 .8:00 pm
....r SeaS So ." ptJ.32 30 pm Sun.. Apr. 4 .11:30 pm
all ama. Sun.. Apr. 4 .5:30 pm
t dowtiblt BOX OFFICES: The Auditorium
ro ,ihop at All Sears and Richards Stores
.p to Tom MAIL ORDERS ACCEPTED ... Make Check payable to
Holiday on Ice and lend wllh sltmped. ll-addtellwd
envelope Io Holiday On Ice. Will Piam Beach Audlltolum.
er to en. Boa 1431. West Palm Beah. Fla. 33402.

ir.~ r~ III 'l1Ijl:|:'I] ,Ijili]ll

Pan-ell Co. Presents

3 Varieties of Stone

SEE IT AT. - -

SOpen' Doily to P.M $471 N. D01i1s, e llm
Saturday 'til P.M. 399-8305


When they're looking up to you,
are they really looking down at you?

a gllon o goas.
Tlio lalus symbol boasts roughly 88
cubic oel of carrying space
mounl. 176 cubic feol.
II11 you're looking or something o
ihow how big you ore, Ihen wo suggosl
you gol yoursell a lalu$ symbol.
Bul if you're loiLing Ior somolhing
Ihul's just plain big. Ihon maybe il
Wosn'l us who mndo Iho mislako olir oil

Miller Volkswagen, Inc.
2225 Soulh Federal Highway
Delray Beach "',


. ... ." A-

Pate li, News Jarml .T. day, March 1, 11`71 -" T - --
ice.oned Ele.tiloian ROOM dorkening %hod MEN'S & WOMEN'S Pumbln
30% oil. KIRSCH Rods I hT.t,,,.,1,ft t, l.....l
NEWS-JOURNAL ........."2 .i..O :?;: :de 1se 1 1 y ^ 1. 1. 13tS.27
CLASSIFIED ADS .Abn*.i... ..ll.. L 11..& I^ dA3pY41 0 0 .I. I. -
732.2587 or 5Apts, Oc.@Rld d tl. Rrl .- Roam 4I lln s. rlr. y S1 lil c14 11o-at0-l 0 IAs
Advertilsing I.I... ...... AD. 278-6781. ..
Deadlines 0 1 At) SEASONAL IIENTll bed.110 M W 01 prrae entn JEWoEL IN A FINE DtIILEX .
I dlnoou I bath. 2 b eautiulllly tfur.and private bah. 01 N.E. 2hndone bedroom each side with car-
t .tnishebd choice lur-llo n Iarden St..) lray. 1 i) SETTING ing, rerierators. & oves, y
(CLASSIFIED) 1 30on Io-1 4 10 II sd Found ,Ap".. o n..v condominum. heate. n pool. club- ....W...d..oRa WEOF'ERASPACIOUS.. TWO 2 ellM. &pu 0...I.I. .ty
(AN It, ..........1..0... 11-..OShtIl,0k kitt,- n- ItsoR- LDA hous, .dock.,Immed 0e to t OL w BEDROOM L EUXURY RES It) 4 7 At Conotacl t.ter 'oPwrll.
Oo .d. I odrent spayd In NT ion vriciit y panct. o00 per wek. Ca ). RESPONSIBLE WORKING 1 BENCE DESIGNED FOR GRA A. SEN AIAM IEAL TY.
....wn 04. (CLASSIFIED DISPLAY) MO N. an Illd Sparkll.New McCaII, Anle., BEN ADAMS year old Mlhlgn boy needle EC ASINED LORGAT -lor., -NAM ItIT. U
Add.l.O^ .. ,o~ o,, ..,-.. ..aus LVING LOCATEO Realtor.n2g-,cllSI trt
Io odd.m7ol 17 Opnlolp 160 Itl'nTJ2.oe 1 1.161 L nluryA p.rnptmh IEALTY3ne1ltor.n1 u A o ELY 0,r76-41l1. ltl) room and board or roo n with E Te EE lton olo o
Immedllate oTupancy. DtlIghtS .lll Delray simple cooklng prlvlle to for NEAR LAKE IDA. E TIN EYE41 mes, Is
O PLACE OUR D, Ph, 276321 or 132-5070 2-ltent-- Lease rlul ollon, renlrelng p privacy --- July and August. Will be In AND DSCAINO WILL EDIIOOM t blh. Boynlun
OUR A. n. r 732-6070 Spc 2 bedroom lull 4 BEDROOM Itoynlon Ueach April 5-7. Iteply N UR EAN T.D TAHI I leach P SOO w So on ah.olru- 1
esidetial bal. rnd larre bedroom-- I New-Jourrna UI X557. Delray WN OUR I IEAT ST IE l h" S II r-
Nfll bath gi. Dous iv nogIprt WANTBAT H.EE TED2 ApA EO, DRMlrIE S O G I1
'130,000 0$pIowa oalle". EFFICIENCY APAIRTMENT tionlend plotureue view on pr 1.0WITH FENCESOD IN BACKE Ren -Lease WIN YOUR POCKE'TBOOK. TO Boynton Beach 126.400 Snow 0 l
IFo rJ Cw srfti n o, 0 1 1 s Io U. to. $ 0Ir $1 5 m o n t h Po n e 2 8 q u i e t c o u n tr y l k ,e rtaoted li v i ng E R A T O R J U S T R E D E C o m m e r c i a il G HE N T s. A S S O C M s.-1 0 0.0C,
Fo0aChi0 otto per0.s ll op4 11-)4 1..11061 ELATED. 60p. MONTH O IN- toot EVE'S. MLS R71oMW TWO BEDROOM oa bath. CBN.
Endeavor IIor2767144after: CallN p beautiful tropical landscapinglarge. scre n p o HN BN e o eat A
S4 IM I.$o o. private patios. fully carpeted CUDING LAWN CARE. 7 -t n.t M lano JOHN ANTING, air, od g gn dg t
A. ap 1 ofnIk entlerdeu. ail a nce. Paul. Kr.ppli ncn tand sarbera dl-r
nt PIm dillonig and behoe. levators. JOIIN BANTING dstlbutor, or wha. e b you REALTOR al . R(. .I tool
op IeNePro i t o olatundrles. Ilrge walk-In cls Reltor Ileasonable rates. See Veronn --IE l RESIDENTIAL BRn i Phon-
ffr $ f-rl eIl t. lIlolt. rooms. prite s n andsltorageareasprivate park- "TheResidential Br r Wlsorr4.13Sale.Aparlmeat IE
l. Spo s grden. 11 S.W. Ingl. Recreation areas Include: I oN.E. i t Av r Derany at South Doynton City t N. E.ilhd Aveoe
1 1--to-t----n oe. -4 o 1 )i nod113nN. E.0ipls Ave nge litits Pho neo732-11o010.080Way0Beaoh.Fla.tM4U CRyWN Ron" LSn t l 2
14 n Notice larhvge. pool ond un deksl. bbo D-lray e aohob, Fla.. IotA Phop--S-OR tI. (tnnon n00 C ROW SERN O Mn
Call cue and picnic areas.dihullle- F)I.tFI OCeANRII n e
Son. R.W EDUCEEXCESSfluilswithLANGERWAY-oineblotktoonoad pcourts 000.holeIp) utt0)0WAREHOUSE SPACE for rent OIe)bedroom. IEARI baI t
Duaneo E. Wilsonc one000ro. bo. pcentral. or l e q. 0. up. IdNG for o05. Deluxerrdy.pes mirrored
399-0821 Fluide O .69 I e we oo ht reeno ando ho ngod ban g TIIREE BEDROOM.FnE bath rel- sub-Oontractor. Centrally Lo- POOL wall In dining room. ci ordion 1 mP
g s aflt D e Be c t'-g400plo tilitinprve he dJne in Cre o Che Subdlvl- c bred between Dly nd Boyn- IIERE S A BEDROOM hitter. clubhouse, healtd pool. I
Evenings At Loves Drugslt and lord walk on 20acreprlvat ion. Furnished. Central air con- privilegs. IME C-156
1 site. A resldence to be proud Oy dlonln-ph tlng. washero dryI- nOn. A SWIMMING POOL RES. lpliceI
146oBby Slttol-onIN es 6030orLC.Sli.000 MZE l On Ien ALndell Boulevard Delra er, do lshwasher. d Ipo ewens l o tw DENCE L0OCATED 47" BACK W). CCll D. McCaPg. associate,
_Lane MadsonWico____ ________ RealBe 1ch.Ph ondor 0 r0t eafoolgn EstateodRe- ESCe LA 00" W
C ILD CARE Open Monday wre or b Eellen ondi on. FROM THE CORNER ON A 6491. EN ADA.S IEA
I-Announcements th SaturdayC.i 7AM-5:30 0PM.0 chure. 3A.ril, o o bd porht Wel. Lawn malnte- For Sale 0IlGH LOT WITH PINE TY.Realtor.Itt1
145NtisIto lunches. Ino fants welcomed, Alt)CONDITONED.capeg elspopeng 0 a.m to 5 p.m. (U) nance, water. girbage collection TREES, FENCI S-IN BACK
I l Llensed 4 c t otydClosd ewer Includd In rentl 4 om ns YARD BEARING FRUIT IIG PINT No. I. 225 Main
*ENLAN COLLEGE 2OB 0 b rto o m .s.TWO B M unlurlAM shd TREES... MANY OT..ER ax. A Boyton Be .oh I.nd Floor.
1-4r 1 eroouls o p 3 E apartment, available oloon. W1l price. AdulT G only-7 pe tl4
0 TO0 .e0.05.E0h po, nolobo oo Wd poo A o(o TRA ONU.MLR'R -MN2 2 b2dp oot. 02 both. Enclsed
0)S.W. 6thAve.Delray Nervousn ? Can't sleep? Try In a wall carpeting, drapesre- plee l6 .o9 ft I mo3th-Co"8 RETIRED? 1114111-41. poRpRnh-Msto awnings-other b o
27-59 "Sel ". Satacton n verse cycle air-conditioner. ERE 1M AN IDEAL HMEJOHN BANTINGir Cll ler :0 P.
dpen: or money back. Only F NISED STUDIO apartphoo e3S EAL OME JOHN BANTING, C mR E RETIRED C 600 PM
AMy - .e-ye-rsrcentsatLovesDrugsU4-151 menoswithallkitc alit RIe t TWO BEDROOM. I .bath house- R T ETIRES 1 1
Tehe Meetings. N.E. 6th Avenueartmens and ef ency part- Powell. Aso.. BEN ADAMS tE. ARING FU R .Slfor l. Indiodually s condo
t Dlry each. Meetings eve FURNISiED APARTMENT 2 me pts with private ocean beach. REALTY t 1o PARTIALLY FURo10 113 N. E. 41k Ave)ue0
nyht M y bedroom '. baths. 5 major Sn Reasoo rble rates. Pelican ApIo.. ,nNISED. (MLS-R 715-CA) D elMy Beac. Flt. 3444 ,,, with corpo n; 1oD drm. 1
gh .6-45) t if t i .. wa.lpo. d to 36iBrilny Breem Blvd..on on d o.raP with Mo31y P 4 ..714 .TF) ro m with ar s 1 .2 o
PIZZA AGAIN-at Murphy' I4nn, PRLa s tand Found ondbeach._ month from May Phone o- (3-1l J H B IoN r gge. many
-Monday thru Satrday 10 PM-tIO hO t7 00 n. 0.tl-1rJOHN lANTING Ihrubs. larre yards, easy
PM. Open Sunday I 2oo too 9LOST: Cameo colored Perian ID 00 ) -00 t EFFICIENCY IOTEL ROOM Rellor CFOO SALE BY OWNER-Sp. I distance to Ihopping center
PM. Plu our famous und h tcal. Almostoh)),.Lostviintby000BEDROOM ufunisohod LOVELY OCEANFRONT oIudio- near town. ut.iltepall d.e pol. B "T R dRenld tilBrokero Io" bedroom flly hpe on Post Off ie Ps rion. Su
es served daily. Enltln or lake- ol Delray Beach i o e with draperies and lot h wash. apartment. Avallable April IAi .) onable Adulol. Delray Bech O113N. E. i 0 kAveoue -3 Acre ner Loke Ida. Price day. Appointment only. 3O3 N.E.
out. 32080. 301 N.E. 0rd Ave. week n ago. Shortened ta)lit. 0.re o a idrtonoed, central heat 15 Per week. Minimum Apts. 135 S.E. 5t h Ave. Delray DelrayBeac FL. Fl .0-m.6-0l" 1-0. Coll after t 4th St.. Delray Beach, Phone-
Deray. (3-2)5 ward. 390-160. 13.18 Phone276-6476. 3-18tet eks. Phone7-R 3 I, (U) 276.-4745. (if)1) IsM. 1.-18) 129-011.111).
Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate 0,

both oioo d o tIIi i AIii io II es Ils lolIIII h IIn bh h l do [Dol 0 b edroom, i bothi South Deloay b Four bedrooms 2 both 2 "IEL
one and hell both condo. o ll slkb1 r aI n rtoys propose now 3 00/00. oulul l G aroo and womon's klEch
Wall to wall and drop- 0 6 1oo.tfl 1 6, ll. 1o18bll .,.. oal on0 ru l. I ClosIl. I tOI o, bt n bolhin boo teh, d oppo ,oo tn.Naly n o re No on t Par Alo ke I no lorn is o. ono.,ofitd.
ori o included. $35,000 -ille 11111e i Is Noe oo l poo. Low a n.doop s uhool. To noo call lIlocted 1en l slle 0111 ipNal.
(M iS-C191w ) 0 0 0 1116. 0, 0 @ I Naturl Tcons.Itruion0...6000.I. C oot. .S R.Al dollsoo .. I. I, t Ioo i
*iX4 B. Mc,,., Aoooo. iI SlOl 6,,, .to.o, ,oo. LL REALTY, INC.
So d 006 >I 0---.t oo i.o$ 0
SNNEll l REALR INC. 276-4191 I I NlWl r .VOn'..... D tai CO MMO DOe ANLM.TNNL I6Ee
Io rD A|nD o RBLTY. IIhenAi -L 1 a0 ,T1 o. 278 *r, 339 2.NA P AMS A LYU I I
1241A .Dsheish78.3383 o Aelray otoo th 2166036 2783 .)313 11..0I0 0.o1100

Four bedroom. 4 baoho, toor lot 10.I, plonne for EAT THEAZONINGUIADLINI A TE UU NT PRICE REDUCED TO 24,900
good ling. 5poio oo, largo and numoous lol, 2 Bedroom h FO 1 DAY PERIOD ONLY
poro dining room nd brokfo room Forida roompo oS FOR 15 DAY PERIOD ONLY
opming to 0pa od dpoc w h grill and smoll pool two cor EW u1e.1.. i o. 0.. n lol od al0bo III 1vl I 4 on
oraO o, ir ular drin, l f shid 152$700. (LMS R S INW ) i .. llloldtt a Ir D ..oo o l BNaok. u gaI LbII ce1 I.i l. 0 0 oor condoo u oapalto .oted
i tbo lobIpO eJ pot141 l tl" lw i l Il i"iii o- i ter to S. Ocean Bo ulevaroo d. Two bedrooms, 2 boath, nimmo-
Ig_ d O 'oCotlooalc now to ,o Nov .0 lodon' po ol 1o. olo0 oo. .ooi wswr diaol occupancy. IMLS C 171 W)
Esthe.r Powell, Boker-Assoc., I blthL .... .o h i. s Noson a ol Unh.t. II
BEN ADAMS REALTYed ..ea r...l Ito 6s.... 505 0E. ATLANTIC AVE. C c. L..ll.., .
2 764191 PAUL WALTON LEDRIDGE RatorI, n ...... 276-6055 276-4191
.. 1... 1........... 114 I. At inle k 12 -6on01 J
300 Acre letf. 2240' o1 US WATERWAY Ft oED Uk #
DELR Y 44 '.'Own wi 'L pw'. G R A C I O U L I V I N G oo nS ,.l1o o..,, ,, 01 001 00
to i. 0o .0 ll I. D r Roo5o. Ad. Otto oBa no hoh Grard J. 0onkman
01Ii,.stI l07 nwo O I bho 00 o0. 160 A 0 t9% 1320' U stakeweam0 o o, oot .od.0 I" ot. 1, o s 6.A Otoe to n w ( 0otlo
ot ..rll o wU3ooo o on h orea to Exclusd Soogaotol cion ol Doelray. Dislinctie Modilor-docoololook o dts.olvello- o 001
iI ims on led nos, ge, eie 300 lml 41 Actsito,. 2240' oh"a rontan style roesdence, fully oir-condiltoned and s omlh oLit I.F.11hed, inilk 34 1$. I eto IMAM"
sod0WI 00600l)109I 0. hpigs .Owho n 05 1oIt. pt al Pt 0 modo rn appliance. Lorge beauoifullb lond. bot h, .0latd tS. 1Al. flled or of .6 278-3141
181pell n. (I 111119- 300 Atilt ,; 'Omwo" lot.. I o.: 1< dw.4 opip- Ade sa d corner lot. Asroima1tc sprinleors. two ..ar go. cvi o.# 1i Ill w D b -
OPEN HOUS 31URNISHDroON Etiliy room and moid'A quoNrers with both. Maino
?1111) 1 offisla tairsom@, As. 40 Asia Mob l s Iwi. ,-pos ,l m.nIMLS 153W) . rldeonnc hoa 3 bdrooml each with bath. Also 2 gui f Collmill nore
SOon.-.. ,. .d. Ingestiv ba0h0 ood m yon oth r fetures ohat boek elegn cCUN FRO AT
Manned. 0.4y $160.000 000000 0 9 C18100 f 2FIURON '0.t
RE I PAKS, A C. Candy bluty. F oinoanng ooiloble. For ms by owner Realtr DONELU TYID
B k 2 33 A I IolN NELLREALTYINC. developer.Call278.7209 for nppointment,0 S. Nero INS32 E42P R3 N e 0 2ot h b
E r es 10id n e llat01-1 Itc 1 .114N
me. ..... O b0t.b001no VILLA APARTMENTS

oDoleooooooohoooh/1o?/?k O I Io. -1:00FA qulifld buyers who or-
ethica l 70S .W. 28tlh Avel. no oo. oy n h tooling for on oean fro..
A p m qau e t thes hoood Is thed @. oytoo*Io well oboooload and emosativel y, $8,000.00 fi $25,0 'to% In quiet and i
designed o d. lease 1966. t hisMa alo tscanotl aidho.l o. b. -1 but disttinctl0 ocoan
rn u m oom 0 s g.......o .....o 0...oo od. ba...... ,10 b IALMORAL APARTMNTS TH ADIIIAL .t low0 ris0 .tC ndomini.
32,5.0oo. IPtS 6o,4 0,1) 414 SEAGATE DRIVE APARTMENTS um to Complete our ,.
*1030LANGER WAY muda Hi" Soulh fomily.
In jurr A mosl unusual develop.
Dole, Wtodr 3/17/71 flow 2 4 FM IS ONE A, TWO BEDROOM APARTMENTS manl on 300' ol boautilul
PIace,3 11.. Yoh Avet.. oAoo.,o l,, 1B1o o beoch.
If ,"d nlWon u, M 0k0.. *. I view.no Intlracs,. from $25,500.00
*.iooIoooobo"oI otti, s O. irway hoSolo1 o -o 00 p t o 0 t 0 I wit a has
r een b t ,, ,lon.- t t o Lroin to.m0 glls.op0.0 o0 0Al0 glFU. o d THE COMMODORE APARTMENTS y Itto l0 1o 1
0INl B (Sant In t roo14O11 TH E W E W fo.) (rdoS 16 33-1) 1029 Lango r Way 10od o "@l.
oo'O lol Woa ote r ywiOh o cc atto t * *00 *O INSPECTION d Y APPOINTMg NT ONLY, PLE ASECALL DelraRe aochp lb.
our ocfon beach. 06,0, li PM 0,i,"0106It -.O db2nl4SO OTelb1oi 1, o11-k1.2 b o
2 bedloom/2 bodh wilh spacious ope o io 17 Vkl o De l oIoDrtve, Dly n 0 pnbshb
glotti,. ,. 1 o,quare ... An elf ,tive L onvei mlitia i* .,. t onest il .a.
LorgeP liin.Odining0 room wil M0 9A y p,, i sLeo. Ir00,b ro. O 0n.4m eS pI0-- 0- -
ioporale breafoast area v SAty, o eal ITs INCe.O ihOp v b eto --- Sn In E- o : : - -

0Mo0nlonond o oltlo Sl oi., r eltnol 2tt 276.7046 Doplkp EoI 276.00

I I I ____ ______I____ L_ ______

N.W. 2nd Ave. & 191h St., Boca Raton
liusi Soulh of Graes Food Slo, falocing 2nd Av0.)
Closle, Busin6e7 Io6FAU

For Information Call Graces 395-9786

Perfect Location for
I 0ouly Shop, In2. (o., Dug0 Slol,, leol Elllc 0111(, look Sti
Spoiling Goods, ol(.

I Sale, CoOp Apia. 7421 Hilp Walsed Female
ner apartment 2 bedroom, 2 bath Lady needed In Ild area for
lurnished or. unfurnished. Club- branch distributor for Vanda
h.use. pool, and private beach. Beauty Counselor. New car fur-
ML, Vernon bldg. 16S N. Ocean nished when quallled, selling
vd, Ocean Ridge. Cal 732. and recruiting experience help
S23. itll ful. but not necessary. We trilln
you. For Interview call 6 -S.M
SP-Opportunities, or write Drive
Business, Finan- WP'. .22'
0I--0 opporll -- THAT'S right! Women who are
Old Established tired of TIIINKING about ma k-
PRINTING PLANT ing money and have decided to
For Immediate Sale do lomelhing abouItI ... LU-
Owner wilhes to seml-reUre af. ZIER COSMETICS AND WIGS.
ter bulldng up one of the flineast, direct Idelling division dof the (&-
moat respected and moat profit mouse Briltol.Myers Company,
&bIe printllng buslneues In thil o((ers you an opportunity to have
area. Fine equipment, excellent your own buslneu. Investment
location, and growing lt of of 120.55.U required. Phone 278-
tedy customers. No collection U between 6 :30 PM and 9
problems. All S employees are PM-LakeWortlhS S-l2l. 14-20)
experlenced, loyal lad have been
here for 6 years or more. Sln STENOGRAPIIEI2-ull time.
.r9e buyer with good statement Grc7y 7Urm. 505 E. Atlanlil
can acquire this pro hle, dl- Ave:. Delroy Beach. phone 278.
,,liied ulpndlng lbln0 with 9O12.2222
Jltde i ha Irulv fine Invml.

m-Employr e me crnt ll

Lnn gIrl. meat onve or del fll
Evings Pl Sundapply 3 9 72 -
II. Ell u Saxlon. Inc.

Reg. Rea l Esnto Broecr
2 oc7-32l-

o74l Help Wanled Female
scbol girl. must be over 1I for
evenlngs. Please apply In per-
wn Bud's Takeout Foods. 507 N.
jFederal llwy. Uoynlon Beach

Two superb rsegalm loll.
On: lor view he olher for
bool proieclion. (MLS V
330W and V336W)

Poid Wote lI IdE

13 Irdrmm. 2 hoth home on
f nine rcanlit o intres -

2 bedroom. 2 both apart,
ment in luxury condomini.
um ccmplll on the oceln.
Janu r 1 to April 1. 1972,
S.,00) ()

PFiolMoloe, Allot.
H.V. Daoly, Ic. 1Retor
1209 Allkanll Ave.
Dalrey Itock 271Ui0

741 IHelp Wanted Female
WOMAN TO work In local odfce.
must be able to operate poslltn
machine and work with accounts
recelvabl2. will train In ollle
procedure. Above average ula-
ry wilh fri2ne beneliLs. 280872 .
tol12. if1(

7 Ilelp Wanilled Male

PART-TIME highschool boy.
Some evenlngl, Satlurday and
Sunday Must be 16 or over. Ap-
ply In person. Bud'l Tke-ul
Food. 507 N. Federal llwy..
Boynlon Beach. 3-18)

Civil Service Elaminallons for:
will be given by the Clly of
Boynlon Beach, on March 24.
1971. at 7:30 PM at City 11ll. 120
N.E. 2nd Ave., Boynton Reach.
Deadling for flinI2 for above po-
ilUon March I. 171. CITY OF
Sullvan, Personnel Ofl0cer. (3-


two Wls0o0n 020lk 0iiOri
fimo pll 10 p ol( ksa41k 111

$024100 000101

02ll l. I. 6i... Aim.


7-421 Help Waled Mile
The City o2 Boynlon Beach I1
Many frleng benelltl. Slarlinll
Salary 1161. per 40-hour week.
Apply IPersonnel Office, City
00.7, 1210 N. E. 2nd Avenue.
Boynlon Beach. 13-181
74 Ilelp Walled Mile. Female
Need someone to ualst me In
my buslneu. tS a week part
lime for person Interestled. call
Mrs. Matheson. ,S 0 (3-ll)
(envelope addresenrs) Rush
stamped self-addresaed envelope
to A. Jackson, 423 Second Street.
3.W. Cairo, Georgia 31728. 13.182
741 Sale. Help Watled
ulesmen or sleswomen to work
out of our new location In Delra)
Beach, S. Federal Ilwy. Cai
necesury. lome floor Ume and
home calls. Carpet aperl2c06
helpful. For Interview call Hom,
Life Incorported, at 124 S. Dix-
le 2i2W.. W. PoImpano-71-
5760: udk (or Mr. Clark. (UI

Real Estate

*mil. 020811 dr 418F 14,eell Good incom Ideal for
tobo 6yl.1 NOl 0n 2owner-manager couple.
Bit0027 i.0r.ll5M C dS.W2$100,000 with 29%
113) fr ep rwl (d down. (MLS A-30-0)
TOMl T t ixcIviivi EIV UIITOI
EIELLrLT n, Et.To,
Bowl"o FPool WollhaLrddp
12711.3383 ,4L .A.0l ,0",0I
278I 383llt (ctk I Go nm. da r

Enjoy life

as it should be


Move to beautiful

Sand & Sea

mobile home community.

Drive out today

and see for yourself.


N6e.. -Jo. .ial. Tbargicisy,,March 11. 1

RENTAL i((1nru J(;IITItY S a h.
lo 1480 MARCH Ib T$ i Thi ur aMllorlly a. .r i
RENTAL T O .nn I d RENTAL T -i I: -
groo 00.aom6 dwpI..ll 117C110t 7661606 ITI
apblmlenl black from WIIH IIN i new I1 .1 d "a "Wlnf ml
S he h beach, funi h ed wih $ e .111 PI WII K i lnpi ll66lly .tv12 9rllr0l
soo I ci,.6 o Colley. 0 (2Ir7v2.a7ir1conlditioning 0.n9hocl H 10060671 0626P6027. *each11or12small 02 2, 7 p02 ,
1lents These macIllnes may be
110r0Oper g lb ,I lease.-Exclusive .1hpecttd and teted IInclailned.
Afer 0.rver. @thil T 10-6HouseholddFrm Fre, t. 406 Ilroadway,. W'I'
0l061.11.11 3 BRAOND NEW bdros etMon Fri 9 Ao 6'M. S01 9l6I'M
S 7. 20-0 011 1o .o 19141 mirror. ches t. nddouble bed. to UNCAI.I MED F EIGHT now
be lold for S1 0M per set. We has 5 deluxe solid stare Stere
also have living room groups consoles n beautiful nd
7417 Jobs W9led Maleo 9-Livestock-Pets Unclaimed regllht. 4005 Ilroad. rubbed finish Deluxe ISA lturn-
SEMI IIETIIID M n w way, W'B. Mon.Frl 9 to 6 PM- table & speaker audio systems
oMd jo-bsar2 nd 7ya6r home -St. to. PIpples. I C s s.IoI. PM. -I-) 2to be sold or 1100 each We
gledn upsaondh ouwyr home. 1 )l -.Pupp es. rto y1.11officeEq u4ilp,.A Sples also have 3 component sets with
clea 6 ud h 2away2rubbish TWO POODLES-On0silv er2 toy. .arrard turn abe. 60 IBroad
Call2-2360 T) one black standard Good home One metal file cabinet, four IE 07ay WPd Montl OFr2 i 91'M-
more Important than price. CalC l al iLs droren, lull suspension Sal.9 to IoPM. if)
74- Jobs I 'dMasle, emale 278.5T704Mbefore10:30A96 13-181 withla 2ck;60 s1 e1t0 ae-A-.
.p. One Olympia manual type- SEARS COLD SPOT Frm l9od
I'PRESENTLY EMPLOYED cou. -OXE IIHOUND PUPPIES I1. writer excellent condition with redrierator 15 I cu. II io7
pie who understand gracious Also female Dozer free. Wrksi neIIl able; 1S One execullve modelI150.P 'honeC 6601, ITF)
hospllality and management. supply ol food with each puppy, leak, OI6. 4" with glsI top. 6 P1EHFECT CONDITION, must:
wish to co6tac owner 640-75 27B19 11-12) Irwers. A condition; 1 I sell. moving Pecan wood bed-:
unit resort moteldhoeld In area Phone 2717Ml. (3-181 room furniture. kin4 slie head-
from Ft. Lauderdale Io Vero LOVABLE AKC Pug puppies. 1 MIl.ctellaBeoulorSale board with Iwin beds, double:
Brach or Napl. IHve large 31 ol- aule month I female I C dreser. mirror. two night L-
lowing o1 fine people for righ6 months; ShoL, pedl5ree. worm 0UN CABINET-Dark Ireen. ble. S1. 6 piece Sterllng silver
location. Reply with details to free. 11 and up. -74 -12 7 lt.- II h, ll. It. deep by It. place letting. 11 5. Gun cabinet
Managers. Bo 12245, Ft. L6uder. 7482. 12 i .lcrou. Phone342 MIA 1 3-11), S It. high. l deep. 2 Ift.
dale. F1a.11M03.)136 2FLUFFY oIl and bright u new. acroU (115. 112 N. E. 3rd Way.
8-Business Services 10-Merchandise ThaC.swhat cleanl rugs will Boca Raton. (3.181
S-Business Services 10-Merchandise 1do when you use Blue 61 Lute1 07mobile Homes
SP g IM.1 IIousebl.d 7e6. Rent electric hampoor 1. Ben l-Mobile Homes
U_ FrIanklln. 310 E. AtanUc Ave.. Travel Trailers
MAN'S LARGE llewivel rock-Delray. 101 i
PAINTING- years 2err er wtlh ottoman. built lo deliver ORMICA DINETTE Lle andl 1141 Mobile Homes for Sale
ence. Good references. Free e- comfort and long service. Cov 4 chairs; 5. Alr-condlUoner. 171 PALMCRAFT Built In our
tlmatlng. Phone278-3727.13.25) red with rust brocaded tap- GE0, M0 Reverse cycle; S.I Lake Worth Plant. 1 2Ibed-
--- Iry, Also lon rultwood cocktail Sewing machine motor; S1, room, carpeted throughout, do-
Real Estate able. Shown by appointment Phone27&512. (3-0) l e itove and refrigerator, up-
d nly Call 1 -OM. (1) I rade furniture, quarter Inch'
PIZ AGAI-atl Murphy' Inn-N ,'m pan1llng. Set up In our par
-Monda..........urday M-10 .450. Plm Beach Mobile
Real Estate PM. Open Sunday II noaw1ono om, No. Federal Iy..
9PM. Plus our fmous ndlch- ;;oynton Beach. 0122023. (12)
e0 served daily. Ele.n or take
out. 07-60o. 301 N. E. 3rd Ave ..
M2 TH I2r0y. 01S2) t 6 0 D1 PI.EX

O cea0n areaapartmentIt' lo 1 LARGEST 4o061.66.1 in. a bed.
pla oflter n.w zoning re- LO i tl aeo rr &hop-
il ducton. Owner say ",oake p lws,. ith_, l- (or-

NEWS-JOURNAL SO,6 Pail0 E 0Irl RTS1me o12 ap.o1..60 .le

|| ER 2.W.. LNri '. I OD 0.0d W. 21 .
062.61670 .o 200 0,2 7I40 da00re0 o10o oP9 1or00616 1

SEACREST HILLS ... 26 9 b.o.. 6
Lovely 2 bedroom two both home. Hool & olr-condilioning.
Excellenl location, b.t school dillrict. Good 2lirt mortgage EXECUTIVE BEACH HOME
at 621% interest. Price $29,000 ( LS R-735S) 5 WITH SWIMMING POOL
Conlgls L ollrwn 0 1.0, I0. .2 0l a 0. il9.th heI centrl l best end elfP4
elo*elle Sevillle ales. Kisit loom In stile wl l With | iks.
BEN ADAMS REALTY, Realtor dlo .CleI.2. b^ g 7S00io, 20696c.22 ip.ei
276-4191 ..Il ..il ..... ,. ,4,9 . ( S.11- 1-) ..l...
814 E. Atlantic Ave.
BE OUR GUEST Delray Bh 6 27.767401
Sunday, March 21st 11100AM-3 300PM
3104 Lowson Blvd., Delray Beach
You are invited to Inspect this oattracive spaciou 12 bed.
room 2 both Gold Medallion home. Large . reened porch.
Beoutifully londscopd. Cenlrol heol and air-conditioning. &,g O inK 1 r tioir pool pa Otto orr
Houe is just like new. IMLS R-65-5 91h&"idamin10to ON remain n .hs .
Exluscre th clagal. irblegimal Joe cara

,droo3 b 0 0 .O. TO $1, c610 ASS C.A H DELRAY BEACH AREA
FURNISHED CO-OP APARTMENT ,00 26.,, ,, iaol Wol,..,
li.po ,.1,, r MuW we to I i a. P ri ed filgt. Coslt noolk.n go
LIFE OF LEISURE 'o L 0 r0on. Au.*
oalrom. n IdIOM opoxrha. 2 s0...r I sel. oaombi akeo a 0d 0s;0N ADAS IEALTY
0lf cow1r4. Now. sp9n.0,0 CAII1 DOO6 GANO ASSOCIAT. a.,
0291.9, IWWA .0 .1tie611 01 G b 2,o7 10 7 021i06 Lhel. OT

I.,iii d.95 ., kk,... 195 i 0, .N Ne hr D elray, c. .ry VILLAGE LOT
0I &1020 ,T op ..et. 0 11o0o.00 IMard try. I1 area.l b4 22 0 ..., 2o202 4nS.
IIANK TIIOMIPNON REAI.TY V I i...u f .. f .* ..000.. 0' -m* "1wa
31000L006609b706.0 0 .9 0* lo .e i0 .M ....F I.re ....o$061.5m 01 7
sn1i IIIi m issal lelps,.

meIPaulW a eledLedridg
FOR SOMEONE'S BENEFIT i 7 22260 1 Atig t276900
a0 90,, '. 0 d 9Watab, fi6r0. m e.vesI,. s
The =,oooX k hb tru. oroooO -4 0o760
01idon e * n 10 ll00 ln--.2 be*' co' b powd wil
0to45d9d 49.... i i.2IO bb0 ,,. 0 ,. b .. SEAGATE LOT
ooi r-y2 o fooir oro. ... )00 No living ofl boau.tiul Sogot0 lot. Bo, 0h .aro. Idool
S 1 11aeo to build your home. (MLS V338.6)
DANER REALTY. INC. Re0ltor9 619 500
B14 E. Alookl AvG. Dolrey Beoeh. Florida
178-7401 doys 391-1173 2li s l EcllllenI 6hool location. 3-bodcoam I-balh home. Cor
port and ulility room. Kitchen oppliance Included. O nerf
may accept 1errm. (MLS R.61 SB)
NIENP0INT Reduced io 031.900. lo, 2h02 6poci7u6 2.b d,oor 2.both
S ACRES WEST ....22 h2... Central heal and a ..o..dlonng, Ni.e
297 .0.. ,0. flomily room and lorge 0reenodln porch. (MIS R.688S)

o ec.ee 2. 0ele er 0296 20211 0 .r 09 o2
,,,06.2..29% do 269602 o GRINGLE AND LANKTON
Paul WoN.. Lodrird ,, 60. 00026l10I
I00 7.ONN[ 0.LLII IN(. 700 E2.7l Alan.ll Ave.
I11416.242766200i 0 170.9H DOelroy Boeoh 271-262

"n. MY "-!.

1 i I

I _IL~IL~I~~~~" ~ZZ~

13.76751 410 N'orlheaIl 3rd
Street. 'nll No i. lolAnLon
Beach. Fla Pl'alm lJeaIh
Countvl Aulh Stock: O h atl
I'V Filed: Feb 25. 19n71
Dealln In. (General Plumbine
conlracllnll business. Inorpo.
rators Charles l.lnir. Jr
lloynlon Beach. Fla. Filed bv
Gene Moore. 630 Ocean Ave
nue. Bovnton Beach. Fla
MENT. INC. i37T7l 220 N
Sil AT II00 PAR VA.lE.
FII.ED MAII('II 4. 1911. deal-
Inl in apartment houses In.
corporators Shirlev Mallhews.
Ilarbara ,Mallhews. C. Kyle
Matllhel. all Bloynlon HBeach.
Fla. ilnd lv John M. Calla.
uay 15 uth Federal Lake
Worth. Fla.
MENT COPIII'. 13.778101 315
10.,000 Sll AT II.0O PAI VAL-
1971. dealing, in real estate: In.
corporators: J. W. Stafflord. T
J. Slallord. It. C Meeker. all
aoca lalon. Fla. Filed Bv.
Ilarold B. Proles. 131 Nortlh
cast lot Avenue Uoca llalon.
PRODUCTS. INC. t3.77315
1I71. Deallng In: Aluminum
Products. Incorporatlonrs: J.
Auslltn hlte, Boynton Beach.
Flan Filed bv: Iobert F rllf-
filh. Jr.. 630 E. Ocean Ave.
Boynton Beach. Fla.
l3.t774i 131 N.E. Isl Ave.
Bocae Raton. Fla. IPALM
STOCK: I.000 511 NPV AT I.
111. dealing In: Real estate
r Incorporators: Albert V.
Toomey. Boca lraton. Fla.
Franklin D. Marlin. Lighlt-
house Point. Fla.. LorenR.Lv.
oni. Pompano Beach. Fla..
r Bed by: Aaron I. Sanson. IllI.
131 N.E. 1Ist Ave.. IBoca Italon.
776471 929 Noth( anlvd.

Page 1, SNewarlT, rsday, Marb II. nl1

C1RT G. JOA, center, Ibunder ol Curt G. Joe, Sheboygan Falls, ilc., island
beltcen company pUilot Emery Amos nd lion lr Allll h e day they graduated
Irom Ueech Alrcralt Corporatllon's King Air ground school, Curl G. Jos. Inc.,
manufacture precision machinery used In making paper and urglcal dresllngs.

Boynton Jr. Joa Firm Acquires

Tiger Tales Eighth Beechcraft

by Curt G. Joe. Inc.. flrmIhlat palenti on comply, pricnlon
Peggy llSlnkowkland manulfactur pnrecision m machinery med in the papar.'
Jt dy Nowlbk chlnery for piper and lurglcal and Iurtical dreing Lndultry..
On March 10 the Tiger team drAslngs, has taken delivery most of which were dolled.
hamed the Ifaculty. The TI- of a Beecherafl King Air BN by Jon. who hbi a Ph.D..ln
ger and the faculty played lhe company I eighth Bch economic and an M.A. In n
ketball at the Boynlon Ele- craf. chancal engineering.
menlary gym. Playing for the The 156 mile an hqur turbo An avid pilot with iloA r
aculty wa Mr. While. Mr, prop aircraft will be u d by 10.000 hours to hi credit. Joa:
Sturdy, Mr. llme, Mr. M Ilay. the company for eecutllva and didn't begin lying until 11.-
wood. Coach Sullon. Coach Da- service representallv Inroi At that lime, Sheboygran Fall'
vand Mr. Lambs. port, and customer services had no air or good train con-
Some of the girls dressed up The company's headquarters nelloni for propCntl ve CU
as cheerleaders for thel acul- are In Sheboygan Fall. WA... Iomern tryinglto v1 Blltle a m.
ty. The final lcore wa53-24 In with a second plant In Boynton pany.
favor of the Tigers. Eacbh. Joa bought tl wcompl nrl.
Sunday, the Pep Club sent "We are progrnmmlngtbl lint airplane, a Bescbcra/
the Tiger team and the cheer. King Air for bout 400 hours Bonan. In 19l and bIlns
leaden to see the Globetrot- use year," according to Curt picked up Immedlately' atb
te In the Palm Beach Audto- G. Jo. company panldent, said. Since then, blB company,
rlum. This trip was to show who recently completed King has owned llx Bonanmu D and
the team how proud we are of Air ground school In Wichlta one TwIn.Bonan. :
them. along with company pilots Although ShAboyllin Follo
March 9 the publication Emory Amos and Howard Al. ImraoBportarlon Ifclliti eltl hf
members went to visit the III Improved with the b dvent ot
Post-Times building. They Curt G. Joa. Inc.. was Iound. commuter alrllnes. Joa Ilid-
were taken on a tour and ed In 1932 when Jos baw that hi company till needs an alr'
ihown how much work Is put there would one day be o need plane for exncullve travel be;'
Into producing the paper., or a machine that could do tween Wiscomln and Florida;'
The ninthgradenrs have been the work of several people. nla and for service nreprloea,:
given the privilege of laying those days. he laid. It took 60 lives traveling In the Unlte4.l
out on thepatllo after they pair of hand to do what one of States and South America. lTb'
have had lunch. The seventh h machines and two women firm sell and lervlces Its
and eighth graders must lll y can do today. chines In the U.S and lb toBi
In the lcafetorium. Today, the company onm U6 eignlcountries.
As of March 15, girls will not ,:
be allowed to wear shorLts. The "b B
r....olicy ol BoyntonBeach Lake Delray Completes
Junior IIIgh School Is being
studied by faculty and parent |
.ommlles.Mr. La.. feln 148 Rental Unitsf.l
workable policy will comeU nits
outof thetwoefforts. The f t two phases of the with a tropical setting acent.
mulll.mllllon dollar Lake Del. Ing luch recreational facilllll
ray Apartments involving 14B as a patio-pool complex, boat-
VA Direct rental untll have been com. Ing and fishing facilities ind
pleated In the lalt-growln Iolfgreens.
HIome Loan TmplcPaIlnuls Ivion, Architecturally styled after
The 5.5 million develop- the popular MedlterraneanBlde-
Program Ends meni being buel around its signs. Lake Delray Ap4rt-
own private flve and one-half meats is beinl designed to pro-
acre fresh water lake will vlde more than 6o per aent
event lly eite over a 2n0 open space along the new on.
The VA Is getting out of the acre tract when It completes cept recommended by plan-
DlreclLonHoulingPro- Iifourth and lilth phase. ning authorities which oill
grrm. .cordilng to In orm Beingl built by the Abe L. for more desirable compallbll-
lion received from M. T. Di* Shapiro family as a family Ity when an apartment l.ilo-
on, Director of Veteran Af- built. owned and managed cated In a primarily re.l-
fairs In Florida. In view of a complex. the apartments are dentislarea.
directive received by the Vet.- virtually rehaping the Image "We've limited our building
erans Admlnistration in Flor of the Tropic al section of height to three stories."iald
da. from the Washlngton 01 South Delray ach. owner.manainer Ron Shapiro
lice. sating, effectllve Imme- Focal point of the rental who added that this concept
dlately. new measures will be omnple llts wide lpanse of creates a "country living1"- t
employedby theVA to channel open area lushly landscaped mophere.
direct home loan buslnCes to
private leaders.
D irect loans for homes have
been made since the end of
World War II to veterans and N
their famlilles. enerally living
in rural farm areas where pri. -I
vate capital and lendingagen- R C

So-loulasmB TO PLACE YOURS Ir. J-

INDUSTRIU, INC 1 E1 9.,, 10

PAINTING "."B.....' .
0 TV'S co,,,,,, ,t,
^ l- klelg i(enmteriel BEDS i oc to GB
Saw I.dHB A B TOOLS .Awl
WrieofIlp rIng-Whill l Aoo PAR TY IINQUET 16 N 1,,*. oDilol A ,on a
GBWlass ,k .A 2b413 1
iR"dee Now, F94 Ale re) ATLANTIC
PB(e 2I, 62 II No H -or Dia;ol 216578)


..5, N '; S... LINENS

119 $A 11mill H TABLE CLOTHS

SCK1100R M U LII$ B;nU/P I1.. n IBihst I we Cuslom Make





L3Da5lThe Boca Ratond mber of
,Commerce will open i 191 rl
S7p.m. Thursday. March II. at
e Boca Itlon IlIIh School
ymnalorlum. The show run
through Saturday.
T h O hand for the opening will
be a I1.00 pound live spotted
Leopard provided by the Boca
A'M e Raton Federal through Jack
Ivan and Auoclales advertLs-
Ing firm headquartered In
P- Doea Raton.
R. E Simmons. president of
Boca raton Federal. said the
leopard recently starred In a
movie. "King of the Jungle"
and is "quitlle tame and harm.
ao lea." The Brca Illlh School
.J football team is known u the
O& The membership committee
^of the Florida Ausclatlon of

Dial Test
Your Hearing
"Pick up tIhe telephone. dial
SMt4I and find out It poil-
bly you have aheartnglom. It's
easy. quick and everyone
should do It Immediately."
With this announcement by
ATM club president Itonald J. Kos-
t amo, the Scrtoma Club of
Now there's something grand about "Dl-ailearng" program In
a grand opening, because Borden BBF P'alm Beach County.
makes good eating easy. Easy on your tails of the telephone he aging
tummy and on your money. testasioliows:
"A person simply Adal 841.
With delicious hamburgers, chicken, 00 and l immediately ars a
french fries and more. recorded message. The voice
explains that thsl is a simpU[-
f Come to the grand opening of tled hearing teat and Ihat
Borden BBF. The easy place to cat. there will be four tones to iti.
ten for. Ater four tones, the
voice Insltructs the listener to
switch the telephone receiver
to the other ear an again tIs.
ten for the four tones. At the
Send o the lest. the voice ex-
plains that II the listener did
ntl hear all eight tones clear-
{ U ly.hemay ve a hear loss.

anuiO l CORPORATION released this renderlng ol proposed development of 5l
waterfront and dry loll In Tropic Palms ubdivision along with 61 other lots
adjacent to Ibhe subdivision. A $4.5 million buldlieg program In proposed.


Wh n gas burns, the result I
carbon dioxide and water -
both esential to plant growth
and th harmless Ingredl.
eats of ordinary lodawaotr.
So keep It cleon ... GO GASI

a ass$falU l I UBIl IC U1,1111 CUMIM r

In Concert

Tuesday Evening, March 23rd, 8:00 P.M.
Delray Dining Room
Listen to the Musical Tales of the 20
YALE ALLEY CATS and treat yourself to a
limentary Glass of Wi
Reservations Suggested Call Oscar
"Casual Threads"

1111 E. Atlantic Ave.
Delroy Beach, Florida

$4.5 Million Program

"Begins In Tropic Palms

obhert A. Cole, exacullve Beach, consisllng of Illty-six the subdivlsion. which were
ce preldent of Inlteratioal waterfront and dry loll. The purchased from private own-
nvestment corporation, a Adi property was purchased from era. Thls subdivision I on the
vision of Bogen consolidate. First Federal Savlngs and Boca ILtlon-Delray Beach bor-
revealed a land acquisition In n of Miami along with in der and will develop into a
Tropic Palms of Delray ly-one other lots adjacent to building program of approni.
mately 14.5 million.
FRESH FISH & SEAFOOD DAILY beena development leader in
the South Florida area for
Red & Yellow Tail over ten years devotion to
SNAPPER GROUPER quality control In he cotruac-
SHRIMP OYSTERS AND lion o hou.sesandcommercial
divilasm hah been asaly taaie
BAY SCHALLOPS Ained by the use of bra
name products. Cole also ex-
THU., FRI., SAT. ONLY palned at most of the sub
contractors and suppliers have
BOCA-Dbeen ith the company since
.. Ill origin!
1/11 i1a Oa U dD HnT, Dnkly ll oC Boegn Consmolidated has re-
'n M Ic an.b m, i e ed, *cric Shi. aol.,. cently taken occupancy In IOs
new headquarten, a three slo-
ry office building at 10 3.
Federal Ilighway. The Bogen
CompesGREEN FEES besknownor
GREEN FEES $3 the development. o. .pahop
ping centers, convenience cn
$2.00 AFTER 6 P. M. t. .ree-Lnt ng" uilts, at
well as large apaNtment com-
Call Now For Information plexes. recently. the compsa
Summer League any's Illghland Sprilp Division
umm r League completed a large housing lub-
dNvislon In Pompano Beach
SNOW FORMING Ilthland. featuoringm three and
278-5444 four bedroom homes. The
company has been active In
arto ica Cra.l Spr In bth apart
a .ment and house comtructlon.
0,4 The new housing starts in
elfe C lUb, nC. a t Troplc Pa.lm of Detray
S l Beach oiler both waterfront
BARWICK ROAD and dry lots with the following
BARWICK ROAD fetures as standard In their
DELRAY BEACH "homes of tomorrow large
S betweenn W. Atlontk & N. W. 4lh St.) lots. fully sodded and land
scpped with sprinklers; aen
closed garaeS: ulllly rooms;
three bedrooms: drorator de
nllned ceramic tiled baths
with lormica comodes; deluxe
1968G6TO litchem with hoods, ranges
dilhwasera. and danposa, alli
Auto.AIr.P/S.P/B Chrom Whali color toned by Whirlpool;
SNow Tire screened porches and lully
9 S A Acarpeted. Richard W. Dodge. a
$22997 nationally rccognlied arhli
teeth, was commLssioned to
1NI VW SI1RUIEU K sensibly utiile pae for ltoal
family living. Each elevation
4 Speed edi will be different to ellml te
ONLY 1099 duplication o design,. nofs o
mutl.olora will be featured.
1113 VOLVO The homes wll be offered In
the 07.0D0 to Sa.0c rage
STATIOI IWAIN with the principal and Inlemt
4 Speed 11,000 mile payments not to exceed a25
KT Spd d. 11,000 t *lat per month aoter a nminmum
'3099 downpayment.

Tropical Gardening te..Jo..l, T. ....... I...... P...
By BART MateN) e I ed safely when aed aat
:sleatnanl Ale r- Orancme. cncentrattons reatesn.ad with
tall inethod a of application for
When yur andsecaplne plan whith they are recommended
has been completed wtith t he t Whe t following ir art
sevrl areasr arranged it is observed. misuse willel ait
time t go ten working out the ifeverccure
tla s of plaentte reqaret to iR LIrperl y identity ihe I
carryout the plan problems arnd determine hat
Some homeowners are prl. plsticdesto use
inarely Interested In plants 2 Apply the recommended
that produce an immediate e. Inaterltaat the right time and
fetl Itisdlllaulttluo e many In the right way
small. last growing plants 3. Store peoicdes in their
without later having eroded original labeled contatnerln out
and over grown plantings An of the teach l children. pet.
Immediateteffet can better be andllveslochk
obtainedta by using largerspeci. 4 I paoe of empty contml
men of slower growing spe ernprompty and lately.
eln, which will tend to reduce (;eNEIAI. aHtt (kpAItTIOt S
theaovergrowlngproblem. i. Read the msanufactluer's
The following suggestioru label. paying parteaular alten
may prove seful In the selec, lion to precautiola and anti-
eilron and me of ornamental dotes.
plan s. Wear adequate clean pro-
I.4s avorte t shrubrs to tetlveclothing and equipment
le a dlitenileland cape pur- as l peirled on thelabeyl.
poe e 3. Itenove clotabenoater us
I2. Ile plants adapted to the Ing poionouseM chemicalste nd
area. bathe with plenty of leap and The Dclray Recretilon Department will be spoaonrig a pertformlnee by the
ar notecrowd. water. Wah work clothes be- Ithb MacDUI Air Fore Band Tbunday, tMar ISat aI p.m. at the Delray Beach
a4 Avoid small groups of a fore usrtogagain. CIlc enter. The band ii under the leaderblp of Second t reueanant Gene E.
wide variety of plants. 4. Avoid Lgesaing or Inhal Egge, pictured at the right.
5. tIle lowgrowing planL Ig penstiides.
under windows. 5. Insofar as poallible avoid
oeonol etallgrowa lenr 1aNnc oer the hendcnicatiden Ts e ct B n e
thorny plant ner n with others inaev s instruments becomes
trance. 6. Make a habit of washing
7. Use plal in prominent your bonds frequently. He sure
I grou e to cwan handn before eating.
p. U eclape cimae and t drlnlngeorlmorag r
ent plants. 7. If concentrates of Isecti -
a. Select planol that areleoy citarespilled on theskin or Dynamics Corporation of competitor for Important gv. lryniLak aid the Iadlo
tomaintain. clothing. remove clothing at Amerca announced today that erment mcotracs." Lmynlak gmeerrin Laboratories dlvl
Ornamental plants have once and wsh the aLin thor- the company i merging ia t declared. ason will vacate its present
S many growth eharacteristl roughly with soap andwater, radio Engineering L bhorsto The comolldnaton will Io quartenr at 2901 Bordn Ave-
that are importantlin land- Always ml pesticides in rim and Reevel l trument produce lubaltantlial n on ol nue. Long Island ( ity Tram.
S aping. Thee qllitilles in. an open area where ventilation vlons Int a new unit no n operating costs through erol equipment another re
lude sie, shape, color, man, LI adequate; never mil pati. as the Electrnic Syateml DI. combined admlinltratlve ae d soures to Florida Il expected
S texture, a lines. In many cideslnanenclsedarea vision, tobebnsedin Boynton support staffs.beppoitedout. to lake several months. "A
tldape situation. a ew t Use only recommended Beoch.,Florida. olhdiv la rans were unprolit- number of our employees will
targe pla r will usually pro- materials at recommended able in 1970. largely as a result Als be relocated. LaoyniLk
dace more atisfactory results rat and by recommended Andrew Loeynlak. pmldent of eulcback in government IA
then many mall plant. Oar. method oapplicaentioo and chiell e autilve officer, projects.
mental shrub should be n 10. Notify nearby beekeeper glaid. e consolidation i Edword T. Panltorino, wh
s leted and placed e they before pplylng Insecticides. lnclt the company' intention was president of thb Rev DCA. which reported srs
i serve their purpose when 1. Never usemsprayern with to seek prima ron Irumenredl ion. ha. b of aIIe million 0 10tS, IhIg
three-lourut mature. leak nghoea oronneclions a Iroct in lelllttecom munla pointed president of the diverllfled enterprise which.
A large part of the value on a I. Nhedve your our tno to ton, precialon ra rugaldling Elelronic Sylteml Division. through i1 dilvlson with
plant n a landscappe r ontng lpb a hnselcld Imm one and tracking lyltem, trop Lnzynk nJlounced. Pastuorl planlr In 16 commurftlee ad
depends on bow well it pro- container to another or to blow scatter commumniations BY no. 40. isuagraduate of Aunnp- overseas, mo kee food blender
due" the type of growth for out ntai oreclged linesnon lemaendotherare Lpaceand oliswhojoinedDCAIn1m. and other household appli.
which it weas elected Several equipment. communlcatinlom iel., rather The new division will be Io. ante, textile mabhinery. beat.
external ftor that affect 13. Never use te hand and than concentrating a a sub. ated n Boynton Beh where ing, venuatlng. ad lr-ndl.
S lan growth 1. as d be raken .arm.u lto sr .meeticidea or to i tracor. pBy nergI&gbee a nee plont aon alnr ello tlaiing equipment, rm I.
ato consideration Inmelecting rachb lut a con iner of inse division and their omlatible wan occupied in t190 by the plements, small dellvral
and auing oramental plants talides to retrieve tooli orot- techologie, weoare unlhiag Ieeve trument divsloon. truc. nod diesd gnealrtn,
These include noi. amount of erItem adroppedinto them major new market opporun- Untillast yearheReeve unit in dditiontoits rogeolam
sun or shade. exposure to salt It. Never allow drit on to tie. We expect to become was based in Garden City. race and commnmkallatn
waterrandspray, lausceptiblity neigbbring fields. particular- mor eenerggeti and effectlvo LongIland. product.
to pent damage and the ly "plture or forage cropen or
e amount ofae retheplanoi re- tie An containing produce
..... .lwau yee as ouston
A well landcaped home IS15. Never co mnat iin e Ia b
praidly dependent upon ae- pond. troem or lakes.
ation of plan sthat grow 16. When appltlatlos equip-
s wellInltesou.presentoneeisbeg.. In Sunshine Polo M atch
o d. Ilowever, te homeow n In an area where children. ps Iet uns i P o l
may prefer to amend or and livestock cann geto it.
change the roil condition to I. Store pestlclde in the Milwaukee. defendingcham- defense, will he In the very verly Alumni Day, ao 0i you
sult the type of plintl he original labeled contalner pitan of the Sunshine Polo capable hands of the betbac tire pant student of thatln-
wiahe to grow. Thnisnsome- awayfromfod. tfeedormedl. Leape, andlioulonb othtied in the business- Chuck lutlon, you will be amog
limes difficult aMd oltly. Bet- cine and out of roach oI chll. for lirt place, clash at 3p.m. Wrght. enr.
S ter plant growth will result dr, pets and livestock. Sunday In what p bly could This has got to be one of the
from selecting plant adapted lI. ever guesa i what is In be the deciding game in this greatest polo games ever General admliulo only gn.
to the existing soil type than a pesticide container. If the year's race. The winner will played-anywhere. for an afterno of fatmly fun
from disregarding the soil abel ha been damaged or re- carry off the Fort Lauderdale This ib Florida Atintlc Unl- oadexcltement.
mpreterenrntllheplanl. noved. discard the entire con- Beach IHspital Axilllry per-
Ineetlcides a nd mlttilesen Wianerwith Ionltentls palual Polo trophy. This game
by their very nature are pal- ID. Dipe of empty on- will pit two of themostpower.
n eonoa eto man.llvesnock pets. Laaerpromptlyandnsafely. ful team ever auembled at J,.1, SMITII & SON
birds.poultry, fish. and some- Calltbedoctr or getthe theRoyal PalmPoloGroundsnJ''ELES
ltlme plants. A poisnousor patient to a hospllmmedi. InBocarnaton. JF.
utoxc material t e erom dan- ately symptoms of poisonng Milwaukee will he real hot Mew Ame a GnIema
getro when it i improperly accur during orsherb y after for this game. having had a
or carelIy used. The may p prayingordustting. gat day shellacking htami, 417 E. AuanTIC AVE DEULAYBEAOCH, FLA.
11i-I, while Ilourlon was Idle
this pat Sunday. The team
conistlng of "Wild Bill Ylvl-
asiness Reviewer,eond highen sco
this season, the fearsome two-
msiness Review e Benny Gulerro and UNUSUAL SPORTSWEAR
Tom Waymmna aend team cap- for LADIES and GENTLEMEN
Camping and Trailering Parka eRger A. Zon, U.S. regional tln Robert Ulhleln, Jr. intend
Inc. will meet Thuraday. director lor BotlService. S.A.. to make this Milwaukee's
MParoh 1. at Fiheating Creek France's biggest residentllal third championship In a row.
Campground in Palmdale. ac- builder. announcedthaIt a Mn. -andtheyjustlmight do ait'.
ordnled to Cei 5. Farr tr otrea sd irmwill be .orld Im- aur onaso riding high on
Delray Beach. executive set- wide lales agent for the eoo their drubbing o Englnd'
retarynoftheFAI7P. panprnewhome development Gold Cup winners, Boca It-
Farrar will serve as me. Ion, It.n In their last encoun.
berhip development chailroan te will heve Captain Will FP
following appointment by Lynn DaatService has started
Moreny Jr., president, nd Hi Chatelaine, artMA0o.000single rbh back after a one gome
McMullen of Tampa will serve Iamlly community In the Iyayo f, due to an ear Inection.
as vice chairman. Other com- northwest area of this ocean- F th will feld with him tIe 1165 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach
mitten member include Jack front city. Chatelaine wllcon- finest horseman in the busi- Telephone 276-6930
Carpenter. Tom Faelt. Bob tain about 700n homes directly nena. Del Carroll. who almost Tleht 7 3
SmoutagandDenSwendsen. on or around a par S4 execua single handed won their last
Memnberhlpa in theas i. iee type gall course, pls a pe. Juan Rodrliez will be Hher"ivnng Sotendo" o11loo dyrday
MmeseIntinJab at pitte epat and ti aeny to. e g pivot ipot and the very Is-
lion are qualified Campground swimming and n ennisgclu.r Droat poa r, probably the from : 00nWDIFRadio 1420
owners and affiliates, the tat- The Canadian company is ey to a louston victory, the-------
ter including suppllern and Traon Really, Incr.. anentlty in
produced. The quarter meet- the group of eniterprLes under
Ing ofl the board of director the Batil-Senrvlce banner. lead.
willbeheldatthenRoya Pak Ing Team P Realty in Haroldu"a
Campground. Tampa onApril Gsldhaum. an Intematirnia
Is_. mianketingsai eandarkY(nSPA ISH Rn eteom-RIN
BATI-SERVICe, S.A. i epert from France. Proudly Presents

Ahll, I unutual Vic
t o I a W ei

Ikl' Iar tg% ton ) rlst ? t4,Cks flom the cc t 1
That's 40 way on Pelican talksegnrc
A.d he. To. -"it a *OIIGAGI LOAN., m. he01~ lobby of th: in
leeek iAITAG L OAN Dope 71 ,." "".II~d~d )ll(0 op*' esod Ya0askimst
We I fes termso To. bo ve 1..:' r oo~rd 110.0t. .t tLILICINDItt
WIASI[I 5 .... MOGIGAllw GIGG LOAN -1.o 1 3100 N 0.- t l-r

dalrol 6ael /ynfiom-1 6w~h 0" '. 'li 'miul INOP
1001 E ATLANTIC AVE -oa OwLet m.. I

G)"ee on

Live,l l SOU 4"d~d All Ill wanted
14 Iuarr- esr wa

1055 Emir Atlantic Avnus
Littlefield & Wolforth Delray Beach. F loreilOrr~ Bls
1053 E. Atlantic Ave. 353 Nolt ocean 6lId
Ft. La.,jcrdmis. rio,.da

For tho finest

sport. resort
& bechwearli
eeth men ,nd wornen
Qirb~~lt~~lrd. STRIKE /;a )c~b
1045~ E. Atlantic Ave..
Pal'h eac'. 1038 E. Ailonti ~ ~ ~ ~ ;p~~
bluR CiSo .91. iii a ree"

-Srthr ~ ~ "

Surf 'N Sun
Irt Eclat TO'"
A ihnitU, g_'l j_ of %hienh "-&l Trtlll u~hlllnl l
feel n..n

10491. A,..-,-, A--u 1032 liAAtlantlc Ave., Delray Beach
When you look good fee.,~. l.~J HAF40LD WILSON 278-4941
You feel goodl hr 141 ua ~ 9
1136 Elate Afloniq APicnue

Del Hurd & Co.

Our froo are rnning vroceir In ccfam~c. Iirpugf.
EAST TOWNe d, locircelmn or in ol-v, our &-jwoqj .,It onium ou I
for merchants @rd b.1-h@1949 (to- the "816-811 to in@ Porcelain loop d-th lrWlll lot it you rmust for cTgargillsol
Atll a lict: Ocen 5-9 Sohd blow k of ShoppPnfc Eeyphori
1122 E. Atlantic Ave Delray Coach a 276-1203
LAIT TOWN conecs--od by the P"010 Of IM411 Noples. Flo 0 Petoskey. Mich.
Ronald Too Johnson Co.
Ca Ir~ ll .6 10 le ~re "0. gloat DEL JJUIZEI CO.
your advertising -11 100 Q4
on them@ paymnt P-, A

I /i- h urf#)j tm #ol i
DICK AINKL'llr ~ R~~l u ~ lblL

opp- -Iq


1. Tlosrv March iI. 1


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