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Joint Sewage Plant

Proposed For Future

L BULL THROWIS MAN: Cowboy bites the dut u oAne comes to the rescue. I
Achinn occurred durag the Bil Riding evena t at the PIt 1-el RCA Rodeo held
BSaturday sd Sndaly at the Alldnle IHigh Athleib Field. For more phasle of Ihe I
rodeo and the parade, spansOred by Belta Sigma Phi and the CivBl Clab of .
Delray Beac., seen Page 14. (Phosto by Gary Gooder)

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i171 luring KRIght; dJoeph Slle, Grand ECaled Ruler;
om Don Lndson, Leading Knibght; Hiary Necoil, lat l
or. KenglhtI fllord Chapman, chaplain; Bob Jene.n,
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Jack Malty, chairman of the Area Planning Board.
virtually told Delray Beach to proceed with all hbasite
toward conetrucoe of their secondary wage treat-
meat plant, but be prepared to conform with future
requirements of a regional taciity.
'semarka followed choe of City Manager J,
Eldon Marlott who said Deiray Beach was prepared to
cooperate In a Joint venture with oynon Beach provide
ing i was determined to be te mst ost i effective and
cleanest facility. Beynlaoe Beach officials flatly object-
ed Io Ithe proposal.
Area Planning Board member. held a public hear-
ing at Dlray Beach city hall March 28, 1973 s a
continuation o sne which began on Feb. t in Weal
PalmI Beach concerning the Interim Water Quality
Management Plan for Palm Beach County.
The Isue to which Marlolt adaresaed the board was
chat part of the proposal known as .Type 1, Alternate
B" which would combine DBelray Beach and Boeynlton
Beach and the rural areas to the wet In one regional
sowag treatment plant service ar.
At the same lime, It piropes. that e Beon Rahn d
the area awestward to State Road 7 also be one regional
sewage plant service area.
William Bishop of the General Accountin Office,
said that by July I, 173t, all major municipaliliss must
have water quality studied made and to confirm with
the Water Quality Management Plan.
Information on various plants ame being Inventoried
from location to eapabiltiea and 00 Inlormanion Is
being competed to determine future needs. Tho far It
Indicates that opmumt plant locations are oca Bau thon,
Delray Beach, lake Worth, West Palm Beach, and
Chapter l of the plan deals with recycling of waste
water and lddialen that I[land discharge of highly
treated waste water wilt be needed prior to Ia, an
expensive method of water conservation, and storage of
stom water will be necessAry. The latter Is favored
especIally beeunase It is le costly.
In the evaluogon of s aemmatlvels as cmlleting
poleltof waste water, 1g wereanelentertedl creennlg.
south of Hyp"luxo Read Involves two of those sites
which ar e he melray Beach-Boynln Beach
sewage treatment facility and the Boca aln regional
treatment ftacity.
Currently. Boea Raton and Delray Beach dispose of
thelr effluent Ihrough outalit pipa it the ocean whil
Boynois Beach dipoles of l waste waler into the
]ntra eoanthl Walerway.
Spokesmen for the plan indicated both sites were
selected on the basis of ecoomlas and efeciveness oa
treatment and all will need additional treatment to
confoon with federal reguatioea.
Previously it had been recommended Ohat Boynton
Beach have Its own regional facility to serve the
municipality and the area to the west, but now It is
proposed that Boynthn Beach Jin almray Beach.
MBariot sid De lay Beach had given the proposal
ample study and that "It in fair to say as lar as Belray
Beach Is concerned we would have been happy to go it
alone and build our plant. We did not request a oint
facility with Boeynton Beach sand ui t was put horh in
this plan we didn' kw It k was bei ngu nsldered."
Mariott acknowledged that "government Is change.
ing" and that Delray Beach Mitcial "are not keeping
their headldn thesand"
The city manager said that 1 total sewage treat-
ment could be done as well alone as with a Joint
facility, Belray Beach would rather go It alone. But If
rhe Area Planning Boeard, the D department ofs Pollution
Contrai and the Envtaonmentll Protection Agency be-
linve a Joint venture Is best and will result in a cleaner
envirnenet and less cost, "then we*'l do It without
dragging our feeal,"
Marllt sld he wanted to lkth aboua t JIUSt twc
tldngs, "time and money". e said Deray Beach
started plans In August 1970 ho comply with late law
lor o per cet puritly when It passed In July 1t70 and

Mrs. Eckler Elected

LWV State Officer
Mr, W, E-. Etklecr ot Dirny Biry Advisory Comlle
BePch was elected stale ser- sae was appoled t the PAlm
taryof the Lea oe Wlome Bi ch Cot Advd Bosh ard
Vote amof Fiprie I he Stale In Ill, when the Board 0l
LWVN Conams recently n Cotly Co luloeren eslab-
Miami Beah Ibed l ud ly l ibrry system
OtherinBanr leedcde She ws tin a ah mbee of the
.Ir. Sander Weeldslk. Wnt Ies Pa.lm Beh Coual ny GB'
Pa'n Beach. residool; M, n emnwitlStadyCommiJu l,.
George w. Petall. Dade
Comly. lint vsie preklent: Mthe Eckler wan aho a
Mn, mlobtrtKnmhoulhTali- smewber ol the Palm teath
hose., secced sir eadml.
Mr. John 0. lamnn.i Polk '.1 .-. .1
Costy, third vice presiden:l '"1
dea lM n, d t1 .g. y '-, ,'tha ,..- ", 's
WActPalrte.ach..treur, "r ' - L--' ., 'W*a 'I
Mr. Eckisr, aile-lB"ti- 'u, ,,a --
detol Palm BeahCoty, is Other members ld the
wem hsrul a b 1 Vots eu hoar h voetn wh1
ub Palm Beachcunyand a .id .
i I) immediate past preail .,
And Eu.l,' hc also seed .

were on schedule to have the new plant finished by late
lie added hat the Department of Pollution Control
has already ordered Delray Beach to curtail cennec.
lions until the new plant Is put Into operation iThere Is
provision for package plants of at least 50000 gallons
per day capacity with secondary treatment ior large
uariott went on to say that. "'We ouidn't want
this new Joint venture to delay our time schedule," and
noted ohat Delray Beach has already raised rates, sold
bonds and as applying for federal thnda tor the new
In regard to money, Mserloi said a Joint venture
between ,elray Beaci and other municipalities should
cost the city less than If it went aIlone In construction
aed operatlon of a new plInt.
te anticipated a Joint venture plant as bringing
about problems Including additional land for a bigger
plant, addltiial cost of transmission lines, additional
plant cost nd arrvng a an iaterngovernmental agree
m t between the poflical bodies involved in such a
Following Mlaritlt's presentation, APB Chairman
Maloy slaid the Water Quality Management Plan they
were talking about was for a long range gual coming to
grips with existing pollution problems and planning to
prevent future pollution.
This Is not a change to preenI Deray Beach from
going ahead with its existing plan. Mlaoy responded.
saying that "Delray Beach i moving on a short term
basis In ihedlrection weareail yin to go "
Malay said they took at the plan as a blueprint loe
solving the long tenm problems the area faces with the
popased solution of phasing the numerous existing
sti plants out itnto live plants. The goal is to clean up
interior waters but esluarine waters also
Tom Clark, city engineer n Boyn-ne Beuch, said it
was the consensus of Boynton Beach official, that thec
don't like the plan' not that it in not the way to go, but
they eelt it would be simpler If we didn't have tn
cordinate the plan with another government bed."
Clark solid their consulting engineering firm or
Russell and Axon had Indicated a jont venture would
provide a saving of abot four or uive per rent mtil the
*r can forsee there will be problems Just l
engineering as well as rnaogement that would be
esimpliied If Boynton Beach had Its own haclilty." lark
Jslt before Boynton Beach Mayor Emily Jackson
walked in late Cluark said, I'm not splaking for tlhe
city directly myself, abut only my interpretation of their
Mayor Jackson took the microphone briefly to
slate. This is Just another case of big brother holding
a hammer over ouar heads and saying we have to have a
regioal l'a.i1y It is blackmail as tar as I am con-
The hammer" to which Mrs. Jackson referred is
the federal government's offer to pay 75 per cent of the
costs of regional sewage treatmt ota teafacilities which
must be approved by the government pollution control
Malay said the ieengs of a munacipality is well
founded In wanting to solve its own problems, but added
that the cost of waste water treatment to the extent it
will be required in the future cannot be predicted in
advan e
The pollution problem has gotten beyond mantle.
pal boundares." bMalaly said. explaining thai the objtct
of the proposal is to "get waste water clean enough so
there is no problem where we dump it ate treat
i n layman's terms, Joint trt lltic wil give us
more buying power to build the type of plants 1to
provide the type of treatment to attain our goals."
Maloy said
Maloy also said he agreed with the municipal
omliclals who do not want their roasttiuents penalized
by paying higher cosls and thai is why Joint plants
should bring the overall cost down
Wiliham law. city manager of Bra Rateon. said his
elctled otlrclals have no section to the report reaiz-
Ing the plan is viable and subject nto long range
"We have no basic objetlon Aussuming the service
area remains south of the C-15 canal, west of the ocean.
and north of the -unty lite." Law said
blark Canter of Village of GCll expressed concern
ol the proposed phase stit o plants sueh as Village of
Golf has and said Iti provided lerlonry treaiment and
handled one mllioun gallons per day of sewage.
Hie asked it the study had addressed itself to
liquidation of. or condemnation of. such plants so that
the people ould recoup their investments.
Malay indicated they should not be alarmed as the
phase out would probably bedone naturally whenever
the plant needed extensive expansion, maintenance or
repair. If the ost was not leasible, the money would
probably be best spent lying the facility into a regional
sewage facility

ard Mayo, beard member, and Frank Brett. siafl
About 3s persons attended the public hearing which
was to be continued later last week In Weso Palm
Beach before final adjournment. Delray Beach Mayor
James Scheitley expressed thanks to the Area Planning
Beard for holding a continuation of the hearing in the
city to11 allow local clitinsa and officials a chance to be

namroa -pp, I

Pr.e N-..Jou'.l, uordoy, Ipr iU, 103

Pickup for Pride

The Cry o Baoynton each is sponsoring a "Rid
Litter Day" on April 11 which ib the annual drive to
pck up Irtsh found around the cty.,
Untorlunaelofy, c e day i. not engh lime to clean
up the city. nor probably mo1t neighborhood, We are
not saying thai i the homeowner who litters his
neighborhood, but It is usually a homeowner whe Utters
someone di ,'s neighborhood.
the strts In your neigheborhond? Chances1 are thai they
were irown there by s ameone driving through the area
and merely pitched Use object out of the oar window
wlTheul a fOil ttherght.
It is .oremets odd how s* meone can be So careful
1o keep thei r ow neighborhoods cleaned up and looking
nice. but gie s0o =tllo 1o rght tod other neighborhoods,
More volunteers are needed to help In the cleanup
campaign which has a dus goal, The I0r1 and most
obvious is to Immediately pic up rl the irash that can
be found, loadeAd nd carted N way in one day.
B at the cond and long range goal, is t1 make
puopte more .aware r trash and wht they d0 wh it, I 0
would n.t be difficult (or people to carry I0 r bagIS 1In
their automooiles, or a box, to ntain the rash that
otherwise Is dumped out the window.
1 It seem that we are putlng most stres on
litrbugs In m oving automobile. youo are righl became
most miller Is found along the streesland cub area.
Although we don't know If It would be possible, It
might help keep the sree cle0n and kee people
aware of tlafle law. and 0iter rHuanl on 11 tho.e who
were arrested and found guilty .n ce1 n chrge were1.
made lo lwalkaloong thetireeti and pick upiter,
Such punoshmtl, 0 i could boe ali d that. would
provide e rvice of keeping things picked up year
around and hepouEly make people more 0ons00o0s of
their actions so they wouldnt be made lo pthkup and
possibly be emarra--.d by itall,.
In any case. Rid Littelr Day is coming April 1 and
the p "rmoera hope heat R will meate some pride In the
Ily's residen s l0 keep hlng cleaned up atil year long.

The Other Guy?

There's something about getting Into a car that
makes that driver think ,he' the only person on the
Maybe lt's the radio, or the air conditioning that we
south Plorilns consller a ne* c ily for those unmer-
cinully hot days.
But whatever the reason, when the road becomes A
ribbon and the silent cruising of the cool ar with
pleasant mu. i make frgetttin.g danger* o avelltiog
all too 01y, think about ti: you are the 'other guy' lo
ail lhose sleass people you are poatlg.
Ask yourself whether you, too. are guilty of some of
the pet peeves yun may have agaUUnt that other g01 y who
follows you oo closely, or cuts* back Into the lane where
you are aftmr paying you.
01ten It'. ooo easy to let all the rule apply to the
other person, and forget that they also apply lo you too.
Although It's been aid many b1e0, ba ., 0ou0lety
begins with you first, and often viotion r od simple
mourdesy on the road m sult In lelous acrddenU
Colonel Eldrldge Beach, patrol director of the
Florida Highway Patal, urgto mrwthrim to lake stock
of their own behavior to see whether they are one of
those "other uyo."
-c- Do you follow lo og sely behind other 0 ar0 not
givUnS yourself enough stopping cpae In care of emer-
o y fa11l to dim headlight*11 when meeting o11,er
cars o dividend highway .nd wAhen passing other
-- Do you fall to pull over and stop for emergency
D1o you at back Into the right lane too abruptly
after paling another car?
Do yu ry and beat an oncoming car In passing
thaI 0slow" driver ahead of you?
Do you forget to slop fully at a red light before
turning righl?
Do you alway. exceed the spemd limit "just a
little" hupng you won't 'e picked up?
The hile laing, "An ounce of prevention 1i worth
a pound of cure." aUll ipplnle Inday.
Remember you aren't the orly one on the read.
You're the "o0her guy0."
Whether yo're the bad guy or not depends on your
own moureiy and wathflulnei.



James M. Cox Jr., Chairman
Robert W. Shrrmrn. President
Gary L. GoD dea Publilr.Edlileor

AdvooRitng Account Executie.
Danny Underwood
Moi. Deborah

Bookkeeper Mr.. Cecit Snyder
Cnculafion.Mrs. A. G. Haflock
Classified Adv. Mo. Petr, K0ol.n
Women'. Editor Mrs. Jul Gieddy
Publutd i.d r Thory O ay at 00 N. 00 Fou0 h An,
DOtry B(h, fso.da, 33444. Fnlr1d a01 Scond
Clou Mo,,. o., ES Post r0,0, DMbi0 StaUh

bow.-,Frgucon-Wil.or C.,. 204 y- k Ak*.
N*w V o.l. Nt. 10017.


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or at lost twod "Use him MtVald o res, If, asnd sncr or the Us, m'l ... .
.of 0 uting any ne cJstom- ood ditrll0 d l t10 e poor ret of h.i family lo keep p by Deltay Be0 h t I1 p1.m.
eand hwill though g500 wt the w, k Cows must be Wndnesdy April 6.
Tewoe Is An qmuesl Unit oment tbhd food s,% tes milkd c dl=. inlmms fled, ed The d!rioW will he held 0*
su ply and demnd Is valid In or those who mike o sub the hdu .1 of wedding nd the ncrth parkg o1 1 o( cityk
Ae 0u070 0m aisprod standard ncome, lerUb70i0 0 1 prl0 0 0 hall It 100 NW P7 nt Ave. The
A dmi her n w aerelai Over the yers. we have ainndoreleheoponttb oor Hfyoirldf ( l. e nguoebe
ol of food drives Ihe pr.ce to heard and seen d oumenlarle. tograterprblams. mrmnd by the Delray Beach
shorage drives the price up. 10=t hve 000 the 1m ind bld headlies bou he e.tly acquired er1 new0
Caiseun tl. the thrner Is fme ( the d ito earn s am lleht A tf t hd mligra lint t -rm Is. ie

010 resued by Coast Guard been 0l1,d 0s 0 re70lt 0 b-
0swimb, ore 0 d, y reiden1.

Bethesda Memorial Fund
Mr. 0id Mrl, Tbomas E. Woolbright,. Jr:
Mr. and M0. B00ant 0. Myers. 8r..
Mr, and Mr. Thoras. E. Woolbright0 Jr.
Mr, and Mo. Joel T. Strawn and children
Mr. and M0. George Talleb
Mr. and Mr. Charles B, Groey, Jr.
DONALD W. ROSE Mr. and Mo. WIla R1e. Jr.
Mr. led M. Fra lynE. ,urke. Jr.
Mr. and M* Frnderck R. Keldlogg
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Ble'
Mr. and Mo. John T. Chadwell'
MDi.F Ja U Ray MeCinskay
Mro and Mrn.0WinmB. Seven
M.. Howard F. AlIe'
Mr. and Mrs. Robert laIgno,'
M000. HMI. Comb
Mr. and Mrs. Francl M. Kumrth
ERESTJ. CAPEN Mr. and Mr. Thoma A. Su1li0an
Mr. and Mao. ROom P. 0o01, Jr.
H AROLD V. D ALLY Tr 7 p ,i l A s -o to rN l
JOSEPH D. PATTON Mr. *ndM0 00 r. G. Smith'
Mr. and M* J. William Tlonan
Mr. and Mn. Fncli. M. Kuru.
Dr. and Mr. Wllford A. C.ldwell
Mr. and Mro C1arlei V. V. Hadimlnm
Mr. 00d Mro. Ern0 t Kliprinn
Moo. Foy L Coopenter
Mr. and M,. Prank L. Cpuy
Robert Y C.uiwalltd-
Mr. and M0 H. G0oon Bro.oke.
Mr. and Mo. Paul W. Lnd ddmg
Re0r Admlral D. Ward *orri0a0
DR, ALLYN P. JUDD Dr. J.J0 r D. 00 1or0w
Dr. Jerry F. Cox
Dr. oward 7. WllOon,
Dr. John Robert Smith. Jr.
Dr. W, 0. 0orvllLe
M0. and Mro. Lonard 01.0Rai
MRS. BURTON A. HOWE Mo longi HDoroy'
Mr. and Mr*.Robert Alderman
CHRISTINA P. HARVEYM -t M. Leoonard E. "oag
Mr.1,ndM..l, Carl B. HatUaway
obert anod Rh0d McKeUlp
Mro and M Geor. e S.11 Pickwik
Mr.E. A. Ooroe, IJr
IAROLD A. J01INSON Mr. n "'Mo. LeoardE. Samg
Conltrilbulotions to the Beh a Mmorial FunBd
should be ient to Box 461. Delray Beach. Flid,



Icy awh1g* us ono0*10 0.1 spa000 01 0
Eoojl,io oc .6t 0 lur a lm'0, o.00 00
"lm lmle ~pil. 0 00lS000I
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1. ukI x""ImsiO

bod 1, arfllod y10I. mb .--, i -fodun*t
Is. aknc~ lmvalOown,00l, itO mend iSI cuy

*o,,yforlorcymo0, Acast~o,010S ard. An fl -h.cbalk.d
Awati.mlc ovac o1.0nslaud~csawamelso~il-call-
lip ;-00v0 1.07,0 sam 0. c lass all ", 0,0,0s.0
pa01*lob 0a. ul~lasf oo 1111p my 000 004 lwt 011004 0
saly. anorcoll fillyocoralbIn'
My01 bank called up aod sold. "MI. Sulonowls, seon
Irul locolod "Yin .dbl bu.cLI

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W .. nlomoto I roo yorok. yw ic0 lIts, 0w.
bockhicldloi -oo bock 00oo.cophlckdo N0
blyllyc*.10* 100di.77 wocondis .Aownrlfer.hl0

My abl, c1. laimc oh'., ooiiiochild, ea
I vcanelo an atcrle.Us a0 orca.d0 I didaw01

0010110 clips ,1 ~olc my R."" t 1pyear
b a ybooboO *00 1 Ik' 1 0

A10. Sa0tivens woo I. A.0 five willo Mler

0,01 blt. mop won't holl
bmy moulmior -,.a 00.1105100000 visit40 this01

Eight Years Ago
A dresounll saw 000100 on, C ,.l..01-. I ... 001,

'j Special Olympics Slated April 6

^ I i- ., W e ot a l dv n a l. t d i AM eeP ellm a i Fiaetaenl l W Ior ded C Fa e e lei deF o r
I- .....: : .. ....... .. .... C .e e ....... ........
.... ,hr lecltwl eeame e oWmen

d pr a cUnlvrly tlhyilcail Edaailon ye aetah hildacn ipele t I pkae cLl'.Dr T, NoleW ,
..e ... -lcI ot heI .li Jwenet Ell p., e WMtI FUlm brER C e t ,
m wit e helpel yci ala pans wilt c peta Liter o Ln i ,f a u e Stle Medlel DIhre. ha CF I R
Ke latl Ila J nrO.. ercetlewi rev ioealt Olympic at t o tn r the Spedal Olympli,
;IENCI I SUFDUENTS >i C1 JM t Eph. Eptiscop eehalwo ma e ort Werth tanat Met iatCCI 'tef `.0M1 Z ` t eite fitting fashion with
e., tc. I sa es a t i t Ie and Me M eell lad, aw ve i n every stitch
OtJ eeard. back rowe ; Gre M iNellen, Carolye T rIk, D uire t lmeley. Kthe n T doe imn ellC e U "L Me In ne. FlYr. a SLMi pyerl l tca t 1ilal a n e rYa get mrle v ylou mr neyw
etll., Morel, MeS I g lrw aw,m Mrs ra kins, middle row; ut ad E i I"... TI An weam i |ina IC G.nelu.. = r m11 rmpeilyln. Cio.
Meyir, lel Beader, Wllltt MBliiiie lClirleDbleeelanna a. yerd dull. 3.eyrid tel. ilM elae ly i.eallh Itmeprl n. shoee like isC porty moccat i
tbeler to feel belld, Supple Wch
So tlch -down mcl front, eand the
Area Deaths 2 Ine 0a0......ele
Ielaid yoCuEe RCo 1, e mai. Camet e ,,tyou wocd W e
B C t daa BC. C eAI S, e Al W2oenC, ,. "SIP nr ash. W : Mie
wnilrd Cretyi M B, i o e. C at n e nt hdrm. BM eM in (oieAr l sAt l a rdYf lo Co Wa el ic
213 n. Etal tiru o f e I City M i C. Bawr en DDeliee ao Ra cw e Calef. M e
1...Iq ,d l iewAlt e Cl wl- Maioe re l corloin QI'IJ O .. h a en d [aofy C A i Ws IT I -ntearei n to i. o r
ti an d o m l ed b ely C a e l M nd, Iu ne D e.l raTa; ; B e ac, M Co. n e w e \, iTe

assi usems' No vr kow a dnda mnds ardoubl ed et b ank* and te firt n
o S l tnlre s wfef n Do or i e ,n C hl ti leeS. y S e ltar. NJ i e cth ew. Ih elao rr e tlly. d l M nt.o t ed I A.ieIi l r. ba
,'ni,'"&Ele5.AS. o W"rlce e o r ll drum. po;r gnods ha r1iTen d S, C ner, fome : de d s thM ett Mem s twe Cank C lu" 1o "i' a nie Irm Cele Fner m wC Mld
laord Jr. a e l, MeIt el l kd een l Me r 1m el sal b y h in a re a rl e. e n
inete. a,; a l Ie* elt. i ns o Iln t tlls y i. to e Jicst us l KoC t mn. ito e ffM CetAN arl l st .iytal l bye C h o I Mal n o ,
OerBnihid Mleah y nai l nl a. Mlc en Belni Manrd M 5O i. an i letr itw atich el H n C Be Mlai n. Mm l i sli MmBI. Hl ilev IVu

t M e i W ; in e M F th l e o cluar.. e. rt A .... .I l e e l i o t I it ..
reanddC t grandlla hiet CC l crl a iee Fe t 1udial n i the by Bid A Ielh reyne cla IC tred aiaiB Cae t, at ai Mprll Me.
l ..Mn, M. i llheate M u. a te ll B M I IC . "y !1i ul Ice Oncien a me Cc M a n data en .Le In ecale; ei IlIn e llg.
.c3MSlUinited niAwlallh Sa doMmut, travel Miy. aswl a m ---- teate.,in.inayr
1ne. -7heA angl e Ba ses; Binding a c swm t old laril B ln i a d a .
C S.t, Ise el if,Ba Wai l Wt Is. E re ,'Itd R e1cIA 1 .. iti Baen Me Inrtil Ctlt.
noneacBBLe. MeeW Mtedo le .. abioe Faact om 1Cn1 the Mrm,,w io, of t Bd l -l L rIM a l. Mfai n

MarchSlt aO B Ii. lr it M1 B Idet llan, ad. n of Ufite amoa A i B l D r.t lam for Geon L Irk. e, cu t
DPolar Fnerl Bte, SWWIH MtMtChc'ralkcn e d r*ic e y1 "I dTriled PMalrc AD EI-
I d MAdIr m .ll M ackam et y i e tlbut1 I o t Ciple It Mi Itw Me e Mderr or a hm T i ml like
IeSn by el ,Sir,, lIwl, c dlle~n. elm' ,S .ea ol dice llrI. tIei lB lad C e gntC a iei Ie d
Cureive So. iC Mw i d l e MC : te ee r dal nEe, d I l est In C lic ecin drer acinw r, itt a by hrB MJ.s r i rwo of Warle d .o oe lad b le Ca DO
d Sl A vt o be l m Bea, ; My, ei Mde w m 3 pl en dc e aiB F n, IC C har I t. Maratie l no M iin Pe Tm a w hiten Ihrh. d Clien i_. .l L C I I-
wie e rey nii ril c M ,L .i i i. eM il'l eli mle re c an l l i i ,;M. aml .iBC 'il Me. Ct e.
Msi MriuE c ea a ndeli a lId In. = eel u sNtR t i. M iA n Cella M M e le, y en S i. r i e Be el. Wo, iaM .
e ni Me1l, ly leI h atIa IW tne I Cee i. cl sai e "lIe Mw lq W MII. a N me art.- r M ai n d Fl el
,,,,Wr' -.S U r.... :A ANDERSO M d"rI A~rc l l .. eetunl.. M i. CMw at IM .1W *tr Ma r s. e arri
liello, a as o tiO e S .nrdae eow n Jaonl- o ML. it paioy ii. 'ol %Ma.g osnd lo. In duen.M ai C BM Ce
l. .Mt By, ,-iii. tnea eily In died arl. Sw el.. C.enIlo Fab pe-, deck. ,' Ileeli Maier m hd r| te
o refl All a by r, Mil.. %7 5c Wm hard e hIl .eld b IT ,F th A o
no trua o o M I hol, at a. M Jb rhrd F rat
Fwnial h> icr 11 hn Ba Fled Me We Clrii I 00abadoit on uar. a lcr leol In B i h e d a d
Muinlch ratho lilen r a eL Bn er cleeli M lete MiBradey MSdlehln le iriida di.. C5 oynlan Coa Itsh ,Mr.t ra-nk
FctterStceralltrl aom e o le~aiCeIty~ eect ndilerdlM.Cral .Boabd FIaneri ainel Bae 5o ai. SCobee.Cmb Inn
F;am. MetrIC BeieM. Fe re -. WinA e he Dena ee be v o, yur iian are A
ltaIIITG.llt l nlm "0, .1h r w lttke a l ... MId e a t LFn er.l Bae. BS nlci I I I .
,hAne. el r Ike Piw eie Memrial a Mmath e "y B. cw m Bee Cloa can ille yo itne lonwes I I
Noe et'eldM -r.Bei ad k A id t ne en e e i e Mcye Cl te CIi UI In-I Miace Cemerrol Pau.
M re.lq be cBny ir ad n.rE chu I lamc anh1. I I her e Bm, lth t a e ck r0 Bleent Crit edO may meie U niite di.e. ay lln e1 1
Bif l vacation th le Ce coymp aid take ofadp
111. cli. nLW, e S r arma AII.PEt IMAN Mm Fail iae Me n e at'dMlM FINE GOLD neSCle
dime.B Matte It. Peito ta a1 B4, of My' an ,une. M iLLIAM tt.hd n. CB,,l.,Maawek. JEWELR Y B c' n e
brqu'rien-ornln, bd .1 & Bo d N. ".. L e5O ow lh, now. a A lvene Mey k thef
aleC'BMindS B al e enLtalE, tnO.n tCe ban i ewe Deeyy B ach
ee rya[aaMted, M pM ri oln ale e eick Med Minrs ema lIeida dB alJr. al. 1e1 caana
l : mi.y'wi l ay tacad Me Mar itltea Vt a e o el o be Iter Be osr M cI t o uit Ciiia Med.. o o manyd aiaaa.aeewr
l*',1 C eM a. T E 'aa e C Mcmlo searI f i nd J tean B it ai 1 i r M a die t ap l Be Med ItmM heeryi-e, C-
e, Biei m e Ceena PIt A in, g rtolll iB;otus alo Bied el y nd C, = It Aveenuee, bie
t'y d I brl iver, P en Ct il e nnela tc thI y. and is so k s p arde wea Yer Cly. S u ne a Apr d A p h It f u I 1e
r rindcklldin. F ln ol e M aJ el lid 5eil oer tnb wile. Miu, a r, le s M
F el eeIbaC erdM^li Flail ni ere iiiMd iilaiv. Beyaind O Ne k Cly. Mn al ceEl ml.. tn
Bed Men A Er. GIIe Y u d So e bnet WieleICIiCa Jein Ce. ra Bnnkyne dentds JEW ELRYBr
m aae, W WMemo ill tI F O FF~e nn-l
'I.t de I l ate dt- s C y BS13 -3 o F

L iba.I.. 'a Fe ue Wa s 4e 5 erT IeI o, 1y A ENUE S al O e l
M r m O M or-, S aw EI h e From Iot York
,a' arJ....oe arere... toY ym,,-e |e, .. -t5 Bes le 1

,:., MeId.. d*M d Mirib 0. e dl. BC .. lee t o,,Hi (10n1
Ni i mec, lW.el, M af (L the w bmw N" m a
Me Iti i e Me A Bcy, 0

n rreim F iiea al A t o l
M4n1a- F rlcwe ` Ballast and ou laan
wd hentd MaiCe CLub .11

epyrt. Ba.. Wear Felm Do low? We invite you In. We
......e IM atallment rates frf u ts
delatlel idt tarteeldue vacation, the time has come ta take aft and ptay Thereyore
.a.e ae tna March 1 .rEnd of Cea April thes year ond we are going
yteiian e i eia Ia travel CII at May Snd.June Delray Beachas newest
oleinhiidak edd~li NIoW, everyone knows that gold and diamBndk have neCrly doubhled bank and the first and only
tIe: ta ire e e in l roce this last year. And with the dollar de-alWitioB the bank in West Delray Beach.
sMel h Mhhalk Yn iItn
Fiegled nu salS Cloee ,f pre o. allimportedgoode haM risendrastirclly. Soew Ca
ild=Ll manna clam. thinV ao BB better tim e Br way toMMy "ThBnk YBua ta OUr many
Admi.1 too "each ; e., dear friend e end cBstomerC than hy having a great sale. We
know It In going to cost BC a lot oeBO to replace everything we

F.Ul aedi, 0:, Fieiy Ba

425. AT0AllTICAVk5M. Of West Deiray

thin, Bee4 h 278"7Y9o
R1, Tir adm ln


lealhe, a new
little heel give
look you want
i11 litghly hiher



.Y. April it 19711 Page j

Church Topics

c o-t "o.o. i ay. S.' doy School i 1
*.. . .. . ... lad a Colary 'l o d r ..... ''" .'. 1 -, .'
.gl -o" ., the l ame i 1our d. ', '.. ... .. -
SWed. ,t Rd 11, 1 ,,, ', +-
r ven t p ol d .

'T ... T i public o armly a cl- Tic cailala pornled [or
'. .. .i" ,, eom co ioe otictk a io aood year I n rt c Icoto

';' I U.. Ism .-Ii
. "l ..k ... "' '. .'' i

aho. illbe mdoihohowoo
lh .. o c .1 h ,hold lou ,15 a I b0. 1 0
Member o[ the buldlig ''r.... .' Mid Aril 1i. Po li dolty,
a.. I i FISPTPRbSBTEEIAN .o .'.' ... ,'' Apal Ic Miaudy Thu-
S. ... . LA EACl .... k, dayT p
S.....' "'" ... ... SEACREST BOULEVARD


Pianist Plays OR. F. cOSSLEY MORGAN

in Unity Series FU.N 7/A
Dr i r'l ... n... i 1.. 6.1.... o . .i ho
he I io Fot.rk khood.



Contatla by J. H, Moaunder


Null. he.' I ,..I.d

Nobe have I creaated
the., yet th. hurt
abad thy.. el. R ,
uno that (or which
thou wast crealed.

.,ra :".': -, ,lard

7 .111 09 I l
-- -- -- ll* 02,',


IA Pociona Sundoy,
April 81h I100 A.M.

)' 1960 No. Swinton Ave.,
0' Delroy Beach
Radio Broadcal t-WDBF

-ore occepo limited numbe
af student ppial0hon1 f.r
bli^. ho, py .,i o1 |ll PARISH DAY SCHOOL
adhroch bl .3300 So. Soc..o..cI Id.
chrohApril. Boynlo., Florida.
SKindrgaorltn through grade 9
Phone 732-2045
Appllcoiano moilod an rqu0L0.


Dolor Boch
Bronson St. off I. Atlantic, one block from Beach
.IlTofTe.ebr..lT. p Worship Servic 9 and I IA.M.
I 15 a m T lor bruiser id By RlV. Slh C. M0., D.D.
ISam.F.t"Walr FlNu y t during i1 a.m. N ..lcrci


ll n I-:I I -t 1u lt ,MI.. ST00. scr o ll OA o.<* .ir. i
ItE i I Vi % SO a eoir Ie N wI. 11 s ISn, s:.t
So.ndiry o.. hip 10,45 AM .. d 7 PitM '^c?,1.. a'

ni-, .u,-.,..... ,o r.". R.,h. ST. ll'S EPISCOPALCHlRCH
,r. Ajdoo 5 1111 188 S,l .toinlao A-r.
I ." '. .... o, lc..o.c ..

S.\>\10 1 ITITHRA CIIUIHII (1..A.) O E' I.11.H %N BEACH
'. .. ,. w.,,oi . ..... 2 o. e c i ,. Allo o A -o*l
LUTHERAN Pin.a orr..oE hrblt selonli.l
I.rl ...1 -...1 ..,,r DEL.IAY IEAC:II
,io, .......0, l ... ll ...

11-Hool f ire PiD., sharp,"
I .h .l ntoo i n. St.S t.Jseph's Episcopll Church

C( h olur h 0hSl ll f; oA M o o 'Iiln 'iWCip IIiOik.M. S S UN A I 0.0
Iall A 0 ni: t S1341
H.I0 toe ls Ih. 1.3l0 WOOlc it LAKEVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH

Dr. Iioir.n J- .6uc.i MinhiltM
Primilive IBaptisl Church ,,,S A nl S) s l,
11:00 l :l E. SCO tcric c N0 E 7:00 OI 1 nSlE H i
Am, "l lllg Fi. E T i T P... Tr30 PM t dMl., Dllll. eiud. .
h h lli chlrie (lrl.lan FRlllh." kLew. o tillS rE N E Lit
\, b' h Ihl Cu ... Ital l Co.nrlt o/ ..rre ..A.l*' 3, 4h .d Ah , Phe F ne 711-61101
halIK IllllSIHIIV., .(1HUH nllls

I .ilrrl rush3f Boby,* = itIV CHURCH SIEUII ..CE, SUNDAYI I A.M.
te -r.roo"^ ;N, Co. A.., SUNDY ,SC..OL I I A.M.
RF. RanId J. inol* Pllerofi1 WE -. MEE TING 8 P.M.
hurch Oflie 393.3632 P. I. For. a. 4741 Itr READING RoOM OPEN TO Till PUnLIL
mh.+ Ml. 12 e. 3. -al 1-he S I


Concordia College Choir
Bronxville, New York

"Sing for Joy" A Sacred Concert
under the direction of Ralph C. Schultz
7:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 10

Trinity Lutheran Church
400 N.Swinton Ave.
Delray Beach


Now is the time to consider
Your built-in sound system-and

is the equipment to look for.

Fine systems can also be installed
in existing homes.

Call or stop in, at

the good life



-Couple Weds
l4ir Po0. oo W oob 10 ii b 01,0:101 24j0 l~n

*00 Pg~ollOioll Airr A,-1, 011.1. A .
4000. pol., 0 P100 5110,-1111f bo=0 o00,l
~~Il40,d~~~~~~~ltd 110* 01100 oobf 1ou~Oi
.,010BE ME11100loo~oo.
lllb,111,~oooo~olo v10.0.114Ird tO P I.0

Baker- Williams Vows Said

P,11011i00llyu "to m".. It i01 I. 0101 0
.111 I 1 ht0 11-00a1... ...b110 91,01X 101. nil by00 N.11 10 l
A-1 0011F0.- t hli .1i1 y10,A' 1.07 yes~lrb n s, *. .
111 1- 1, 101.10
01 1. d.,110 -01 0

le ol Oihfllloii l 00t-.11

Wild 01111 o' l "i0,00 l
a..111 101. 'M1. Ui0
ml, .1001111111. bim. I
loO~ 411010.' .110 W 01ot
4114*.00W0M11 1111,01 0

11001111~1:111 00 At110 111
.01111 10 1 1.191. MM
Mitt,01 0114 11001 1 Q,, fW. W M R .1A 11.10 ,. W .o100

Tol b Wrdoo.-Ir ,Odoo I,0100,111 orn001.SU D

m. 44o1J0t,1.4 ,-ofoblo.... ..
I~ 1011. i 1 ,101, o hI l oJ11I I.
Snom.O101dnO.olll 10000
001010110oto 00 v*110sor.

1101,S10111q0100*0000 4110001, I

01................1011...... .......b0001010....

No,1 1, Ml .. Iolllo, 10411 bbIt, 1973497411
h10101 1000 Pl,*l000001 11010
O ,.o:lllO *oollul.0 110d ol*1011.
gry00110401-h ,I2& 80 ,,01 0000 4110 mO.I
..1 ................... ...........1.000 .4.1 A ll11

NeBJo1nal, bri.-Y.4111 April "-.I T. l0

U0.1 _~Io 'i.oeo Jilr
ir lolo b riem
.. d hito,1. .In odlte


S... Moo ge


lal Palm Plaza
t to Cafeteria)

\ */ I LI E51 11 -'

Starring Flower Arranger
Victoria Brown Extr'ordinaire
Featuring The Beautiful
Kay Flickinger Christie and Melanie Campbell
Frangipani Scent mmmmmmmil
Introducing: "DOTTIE SWISS"
Marianne Shaeffer Party Hostess with the Mostest
Sally Myers Card Shuffler Fastest in the East
Sheila Flickinger Assistant Card Shuffler
Emily Decker Assistant Card Shuffler
Lucy Rearick Ticket Taker
Kay Hortas Super Sales Star
Stage Manager Ruth Campbell
Producers Lorraine and Chris Campbell
Sat., 9 to 5:30



Sylvia invites you to a
of colorful hand-painted
Pepi dresses from Greece.
Pepi's are exclusive with
Sylvia in the Palm Beach -
Boca Delray area.

Take advantage of our
25% TO 50% OFF



P a e s. N e Jo -ur .t h I .y A pr, I i l t ate1 N p i l

Debra Kellogg Weds ey-Weeks Nuptials

Roger Sanderson .**

tAic*. SMh wore wl nHClassroom to Playtme

t ahu e rrled R ell h The bervd ta rwhtern of

M~ey .gel or n.nn 1973I "M LLE A R TOURS
mchntert l .e q wtlee er a of o lre h elrd ,
bite. Bern. Hidlterbl htRd pnr e pc lt an M we W1 Br-
tlaro bit en h h h f e amt tre | la, Fit Tots to Teens
e red tbyI B. teh. R ame aT. arelhwrc oed ttie 011 -

l 811-n p Is8n -3 "' Buer,
Imnr ll h oe dlel 27rt In Th brteeatd. me, Irn, .

IrT1II YnutOUrR GETTIo MRIe b the, 422 ne OwtL
Imul pia ll atyted ._ m n'. !mile Alr; and .iIr L Wh
witeh ao meadt Ir, BHe / ] B. brqdoem'a Rtawen. Youth Sitop

Brwde w u l iven d In anTee TIie bride' mRot.. Col A TO R
Tred a Emtire bdted [h r r lub a lor e d her 1o Olid,

bitt F Iee tEmD. tiers7 R nr ole a i RB at te mI r IB,, l hB |
tr ndw Boml f Jlletee RI 1 k Beach and aBB O ll. n gue hi w ere t r. e t he B Mde IS e BluR RClB l a d
bre ethtnl twe- rIB w hite heR m toyeu b B brrt ee;+TarrA B. 3aHl t itendedPatto e Dat.u.
edieBwoe l g othe Ulndai, eets f 7reee hAro, Be- troid ettede

yittlorr pink mb de etmoofowi or m ote. BTIIL eer. and Paet eyed with naRUrib Pth
Ar rh~lm wu similar h *l the rrhdd i .renlen r l ow w [h ""l"of*"tura ~le+ *tlba-- --a-, m
brtde'naed bri d e'sh aed ehe i mtd m* h lh ll [h e teeea, PaY-------Be-d-ere.---
utih bouquet Rt pin set emulth hghealo"er a c tBE A.., eal wewt . ou
Tlreeeapndb ebi'abnew TbeohemBd orn ee Iaea _eet
PlaetoIt eieSut !e Sueih WedW llIfl5r 5 l o

School teell dTNmRe IBtac' deeua ealr e buethal. t r ,

a rnd aln 'l q ule r B n t medl 'u o. +r atta dlkid ye nui, uit auor La t wIre1ae eeuan S rril Ir. adao R a an.Bh.Et
wtteen.m teeu i r tenh dren ma a Z otn iyng AIbAddS. i I /i- -

In .mleel dd e tV ut t
Iederne barne, TBe dee RIBS te BRlay Rent. ter ruetelIe
Laemea aveeedmwithdell- .BBB B'BN and"Aamity ttede
y...... ...........a., IF YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED, WE WOULD

th oo B itah tol ted B ta ab u re b I n
et.I... 51 A. F WEDDING G
ampa, ot2South[hrik2 4ed wsiu To
e rs a rteed drdoete B&-
BolIFdlnalean BaYOU'eE GETTING E W
n~~~~ ~T InI n IETOGV YUYU

S3Joumal, Thursda y, Apyu ril. le,11t1. 1 'eoo
Between Us Soprano Offers Recital *****************************
* .. .i..'i i ........... ...... ............... -11 s. "w.i :i ,.. .. E E I.._.o.-%a ,w ,,v, .wl _ o..."**;
i. s ... , ,,tfa.....'.' :* SUZUKI o

.. . ..., =.... ONLY$2595.00P.O.E.
n.' .... .. n ,. szn-unnsn o 1e Nhmst Ji Pan
I..r n r .- ....' or "he 1. l
, bewi.s1v1 Cen'tIr thee O i o
t ........ ...............hLwY-o********
-.. s e a pad by CDRNELLA RENDELL ... appear ing Iners|c
J aet erApr il atf iofda ntle University

overdraem, ad help you 1t forget that It happened last
month too.
A a slightly higher eost, sugar pills will be proeId.
,d for Foppien at whatever time you feel they ere
eAnd reward cards will also be included at the erd of
every successfully Completed Lteson, whih I wsn't o tell
po t mostly btauwe I have formosan whet they
The kit i ouaranted to make year memory wortae
!and worse, so that at the ead of the seri., you will find
yo a f olieig with e a delightful ltronger w hw face t s
vaguely familiar.
But new thaf I thigk about It, the kit cn't going to
I If ya'w Ilke me, yo. already know that
waostofthe liey are livthg with a toh ]strnger.
face a mshroom, Ell.

School News
cE IUh wnVIccYeyh ete. o einy Boeoh1 mae
PAUL WOODP LE LL& n0med To se Dgear Let for

Good Morning, Boynton.

Meet your new neighbor.

Celebrate the Opening of
our Leisure Plaza Office
in Boynton Beach.
28N. Congress Ave.
2WMillion in assets

MAlrtIA SWEM of Delray Beachi one of noml.
eM faor the e",mp besuty title of "Mlu otelrte.
ese" ef fhe Florida Southen curpms, whieb will be
one o. the piclnes e'tired Us the 1t73 eallee
ye)rbooh. The te radute of Sat erees IlttI School
li a senior ma.ring 1n elemeontay education and
also a nominee of Alpha Onlraen PI sorority. Htr'
parents are Mrt. sod Mnr. g, S. SeS. t110 S. E. llh
COurL The wimer [ the conast will be choe b
U.S. Se ator Ltannchilel, audlaonated ayl .

11I0111 1.11. SITH & SIN


Happiness is . .. . .
Green Fes. 3" /V
head IIl Day

Ten Play Book '26"'

S Barwick Golf Club
Borwick Road
-a Delraoy Beach, Fla.
Ifvi bk riHli .10


We didn't get to be the largest financial institution in Palm Saving, on the other hand is not a matter of luck. I f you'd
Beach County by giving away prizes. But how we did it like to get into the savings habit, we have a variety of
Is another story. We did want to celebrate our handsome savings plans. There should be one that is right for you.
new office' at 280 North Congress Avenue in Boynton Our people will be glad to explain them all to you.
So we've gotten together a big bunch of prizes that can be You might men want to open an account while you're
yours just for coming in and regltering for them. The rest signing up for the prizes. It's a good idea. That way,
is a matter of luck. you can't loe.

rfthe Isalm Beacess

Thank you for thinking of us in the first place.

^ taanv,.t m..rPucitaIr .vvivco. it I~s~v 1iw 1~r~~evnvu 1~~~~ Oliu. SBmIo, t*n*,.i .,n.n.,v*Mewrv~.t

I-he, t Town Crier.

The Town Crier

I et Of ii N G.trale W1to O. ti hi t )Icil lilt
EN e -1, 01lao. 1edoll-li

Flitr t .I.D abt.e'ii t r l..a........

li..111 vie

Itee i.1lsoaf lenot s. .,

Asa -I Well.

iltl i n Bei~asa e d
Annr halted h his

~h.w.Z. fffftni.efA-
.nilheetdity sesew
flslth I lla nestsCAU,

RotINT IOC NsosoNt51a


Phone Jane Grove: 278-7482 $


i *"*,*I.' ,," '' ';;,,'

ate, inlolnt ls and Itip
Alaumsa in) friends ofl Smith
College are ordally Invted.
Ritcrvj-U. -hold Le -ud.
with Mn1 Clat lex., I S.
Laklde Brivel. Lak Wort,
ar by calllnt MintH, by Apsl

Toe lial book review ot tihe
aion will e held Aprll II il
30lm In Ine library o Ithe
Wednesday of Nationall Li-
brary Wtrk,

Weaver. A 9 c-1 dOnsill. I.
Daled by I pe sonar. Ie i-.
bhap Boand
The Iyal Pinm Sepu bllka
omen1 Cludb oa oyntona
BMch, will holI he ritr dtu.
hivn meclleiB it .he Sll y
fan of llglhnd Bee nb April
IT AbutesamneaU aill be-
gin alt 11t, faliaed bylaoheM

Hiehrd B V' lile. inmbt
ol ale aoyntas Basch Plarnis
and Znaa frdst inse seloe
IMrltlretai In Boyntia Beach
gonreol and act at illaln.
fwit ll "k an "Doe Fredo
Have a Ctoic?". Any Rspob-
.ih. W o m li k in I th e a rea
who wld Uke to vill or be-
com3e ainbers or ihe club an
codaially nltnd o alte I he
ltnhea. For raea vitllt
atd (onhet Inlomo, call
Lillian Wolle.1 .7-I71
On April 5, the GOhdhll
CGnlt. Ia. 14. Otder ol Ihe
Anonanhl. will isMer be Ju-
nOlr Pit Royal Matron. tan.f
lIe oso0, sad le Ption.
John L, lowalrd, i their
melln in the Delaly Bet
Matonts Temple i I B pIma
Jenanne nabe, Royal MaoLon
and Alirt SCllt,. sRI l Pa-
lrol. will conduct mell i
meOn ofttaenea year.
Oilier o((icer imuilnd w~ee
innSba er, Molale at -
l en. Gary P oieltp. awl-e
er: Bar nele Benion, ilere-
tat.: Jhane lotea n, cndu
re+. Floence Seward, ma:-
iuen tisteolreu hAtS.y saw
l.a atheaetr. Anale hav
s, -ts r motes; KIt

AMARANTI OPTICErS olf (ldlol. Court No. 14 were Inhtalled liast week t
Ihe teIray Be Mlasonic Lodge are II. to r.) Jeann Kaebe, R eyal Matron, If.
L.; Atiert C. Schnrpf. Roatl Patron, S. K.; Leans Shafer, aIociate matron. f.
L. ad Gary Phillip, a doale patron. (photo by David Johnsoa,)
Comstoek. ales.t In the i ApetI jd NMi, wC. li

is fot M SIe.tii t m
ovN O sona ,u t at Lootat nl

O A e lon p l n x. 1Single Story
', ..''. Br.Gneastin A

a... a. ,t Go od C a, e
....m=DO ertas.CINNERl

BOYNTONrOdANdSeCLUB Ari 6S is the dal Ior tah eaI
t "k t lrtslp ar nb I'dtltcl
On April bi, r le ayn n D llanpllc Hrgh s S l il7 l, H
te, ea !l-, mits onrend In
bhasoys tha sad m ittAes se -i c rlam Ofc a 3t 0 1 1f
is to lark toys fn, I al, her al pro gaml i Iorn h1ter cld .
ta.odeohlkld a. wloeal then Am e r nD2
ty. a- n dead edItealh
yar Breast

wes.-,"a Ios a h Is Cancer
haeen stand inn Aprit j tol
srpo I., .o tan Iedu tls ad
a.sho, r.8-n 0h Program
Scib Gill. ,isoreol The U. o, a
*as ad e M l i 00. pl The 'enlt -ro ated bas
ae lar tllh bit r y t h Allt ile Sla thi acho lwitl
etint ndiemr. rsn c~hard reuo t mon sipossintrnd
Pleddae of fLanta. s~i br'a by he Awnr-teo Canlet Std.
gaesi aly, "etl.OoEahelias for Des

-t,. .. .. ... T 1e pogrm Ohichwll he

I ..,Ia *,,a ." h .lphy, shlan-

A fashion how, tIhme "Who Am I?", ond other
3:00 PM
CIVIC CENTER GYM to D.slror th Cl1y HNll

Sponeor: Church of the Living God
Ticket.; $2.00
Bishop E. Bradley

:Fashion News ..'.

... From DuPont

S ... From Bodin Knits

... From Minors

Bodin Knits for today's busy
woman, who has more imor
!ant things on her mind, than,
What shallow I war?"

Today's fashion is "uncomplicat-
ed" and she chooses her outfit from
her MIX & MATCH wardrobe of
comfortable 'ackets, pants, skirts, \
and nhirta of 2uPont Dscron* Poly
ester. Totally coordinated for the s
i woman an the move.

* Illustrated: A new Bodin Knit
Suit of DuPont Dacron* Polyes.

Bllet . Green & While Stripe at .10

G G ..&.Wh . ,$ ,,8
P* Se Gwhen & Whitd Sti at 1
VaMs.. .f (notlh.,,n) Own& Whiltst 2 S

I, .......... Al P*

lye fashion hi



yo e d youe d re

through our wide selection
o f eoe a nt elegant

aprIs. A
EL iUoRoD & ost.

( plassic [rppatvl

1105 E Afllthal Ave, Delray Btoeld, Florida 270t-0030

Nee-Jms Il, bus a psI, I.1,e O ia e 1

Seeing Beyond the

Details of Reality
liee ilopkli., (m end tIn, Te ihe began developlii Beru "Bul aelually wchf
talks aHJil her erl limply, yet her unique elps o( lblhracrlof fn p to se u faIlPer Ii to help
hlrd the eouy tcmeniU ito the Inteftie and lively 'ple 1" eyprer ohoei.lvue
ice t.ulip dCwelpd foey tunp which elnum always ,IPIfr ownupue way. I
l i here but ever m h ive h serae ne move-nte Iuldn't w unyoup lo pIlne
li e iin Ihe way bl ,he njoy- fu neir Ms nee onvu tike pi. vn II I. hey mold.
meneuler work, but onitaue oue to the view- Te eeuence of my clhas
wti to paI IhIn e n r.c uewotlllni villty and heve been o eiwrNse eh
nuemehpy,: d W Pawe se' own ipproeocl uor tiludo l t eIpt smieell in
have mwnenl aslie Irom tul ee er lint rhmlli, te
1ryine tee has hnen, hacb re othuu In sh e le Icii
She seems 10 hver fulfilled New York, snd hbd shows. eie lers of goed I sil-
her nllnulng purpo In'her hd!lnfihsfltyandlnsleatife Into her student' wrk
lnaeet hbitl ou oa liu dhI plane In Floride. AlpMioE Pget Irom tIe fIyi, awoause
play ol Pae painlm River Inn ia'l ibewn buoth wfertlora the sum Iherele apply Io b-
througi April e and oli., roe sys she prtens silbcerlla so ealla,
Tic lbree-rwek ihew ol ib- Uietrendowmlliferlvr.
erafs art, whe pi aP eee of Meie recuy, sps raihlbLi- She plans eenlei eo devel.
I0 reilsf eeblnib qupLitfer ed ad the Coean sub, nd has op lorem, aind cor M in
theudi briflfinelcolum- brum ched e t Into mele hfr addlUr to hav1Pei a ieudent
msireeug etlertleuly. was bothatl e PoDeinsy Beseh Pee. tlnUee hli ewn paircuklr
eserees Bee feeil, not my In really center eld lbs Boa bhne.
tfes of lellnni her urk. but lhtPn Are Guld.
also In widne pple'w dt- sle's eelbeduea ebout her Tlnkln|*I h lts Umeol their
P'E on absor a1 "ill

lbuheurstefnrtepfiaatf sfitudmc, whom lbe use heve own erenllly w nd hew r lern
2M= ln arst Irt fleI' ON I|t Inrael In lerelem End of &illlty aid i lbu"ontl,
prel.ted (or it1 color ely," |cwLIWllhalrsrn Bee sya, "l would tlke to
the sy., "but elter pmu tvee be's aod roud o( Ikem, In men hem rer oe Ue detale
wclI If. yop see more end fee( r, l bet o pleasa l or b i llt u *rt d a imltes d eel re
morener." soms of their weork il tim f lismtewrktlor."
The elray Iaebh aepiet he- tpaulth fiver Ife stow ao Ita
fin her craeer sme flprty lairdlyApdt. "T'ewholeepmbtemilsawu,
yrelrawnenelbetudlediar "People believe that be' 5Ill bulldln Item 1o see elesr,
at he iIfhpd W ollns Art cue I pb t bl tr 1 Olylt nd p inthe
dtllIrrlhre tyin. do not tIeach n yo unl sli," delbits"
jri, Ir1 .. EW." ol

a BEE HOPKINS AND A STRIKINGLY BOLD palatleg which lIn color 1 dnges
Q from lemony ydlow to iky blits, aptly illustratin thEe aibsi s love el forms
and olor.

jHome Ec Lives at PBJC
yllwe Eewoms hI allne sewlne principles ad tach- u well u w idnbe, pilneln|.
Swlt el na.i Bach Jusn e 10 i rasimsee Itdeor e
edlele fiebaoorl I hers. Istmm dneefaefb so aI ed e lere
I]th all aimond M.. e EVW vie0 e kin, e udent
J tencle, but ft' netl all slch'- pbltdreedelto ren hasl t patdna
We hae the some perrea- lemlnd sebouet elbrih and a prcedmer ind hlle dr
etolfludentcswedimthe hewt buyn tlalrhna.ies*t- eedlttoesrte rtro
1,ea." Mr. Hull susru "'id dents leara how ashiot sheo makes sheiasa. mtae*
SPilm Jt ir Conne eaolvesa eta I setyith th pattel, ean drapes ind
S^Al thoug are pC ia e l
grlies ahown. Hom Be Own hit ponvi n.
hn l pnt e
.h;im offle di In.I h. e I.
Amib |erree dsnow pee*
uhe ae ClN NTOs
le OnCelior, Advireim
bain eaten r OrNR. T o. AMAICA MAY

.pHeal tell, fe w nolroimJ-_
nled o lo meen t the,
ti sle m of tuintd eed henim
lenesfedt IweIlt Ue: WESTERN UNION
i n Ei n t a n Ed Ifs
the d Wrtion Pt' hErW and
.to ees fselea,"eM. SILVER PILATING
7.eprweu their fimvfldal-
ilenet.... "gI OFDELRAY
soimtSbhraef,' she CORNER 8TH STREET AND
..lim.e rb e -r, 276-0506
Il with eleecet sod a '-
for en 10.I-O.
m t ee Cr oCu cs true' FIM.1 MON.SAT.
fo fabric, o If' wearable

I nS nd te eiM eai by a1
M b5tff lintel, I'- i e.

I*nthe" adcnd eIs,II' MANY SUFFER tipdun
dyt a ne. tiherl w i" o WITHDANDRUFF -srs>s_-etree I






Except for small estates the naming of an individual executor has always
been unwise. A husband and a wife frequently name one another, not thinking
ahead to the emotional upheaval that takes place at the time of death. The
wife frequently has had no experience with business affairs and suddenly
finds herself thrown into the middle of difficult decisions at a time when she is
least able to cope with them. An experienced Trust Department, working in
close concert with the family attorney, can handle smoothly and with a
minimum of red tape the many details necessary to complete an estate
What are some of the duties of the executor? The will must be presented
to the Probate Court which, when it is satisfied that the will conforms to state
laws, will admit it to probate. If the executor is an individual and is either ill
or located out of state, there will be unnecessary delays. Next, the executor
must marshal all the assets of the estate, which in itself can be time
consuming. Many assets are scattered and not easily located.
Who have you named as executor under your Will? Shouldn't you consider
your bank if you haven't already done so? Your attorney and your Trust
Department are members of your estate planning team who want to help you
to make estate administration as easy as possible for your loved ones. Consult
them now. There is no obligation but it can mean greater peace of mind for
How now. . For further information call Ted Cumming at 278-4511.

, M. ll,..m ,, ,. ,.,:Uli n l I,7

'cn in tn..e Th.rnad. Aprll i. late

It's a Dog's Life
r aii.l1 i e drneinil wlth lnn eggS Kidy. rn- I Atold Cati n. Jewelny
,,,, *ia milture Italian ateyhound called Now lhose lea. w e Stire.enly "notl" part lime,
... belii to I he Kln wheo him o "like ie wind Thle She -ms to he to. ewaily
operate "The F!lnhain prcleh lig0hhl'" in the a m. wlth her power*
. Tob" down the e Ntol Jim aln FIna CNO rltr and
nWee b hae fla T br ki hlp
1,1 "Webrea, mor lh~n he .*.......... a' ie plane" lr hell a
... '" ." br...e." eay a ad ,iler- .din
n. h. ..herah blbflie he lona* people n, 'T e 'a 'en Tph frl'*nn dn n maaher
nn bosnuinn lorn in t ro l o w iuch lON i e dog Whow Iti d' .. ,- l'
riMo to-ni f check n the vil allrtlon witdh iuch en*tuil- A r, .
u ki p dne ah lly with iS. Irapin hiiah in Ihe air io flailtywr de I now .N i y r a .. a.n
thneir innate nd rt hiahe kl ein ntie, tdaiiatll ow -e Ib. ldIn d we t .. r
., ,, en mll h en him leahtd bt" i.. .
, ,- ,,, ,=- "lln'a UK li e hla nea t," tyi'l Mr G. h a om n lel his .
... ... ... .-........ Mn Kacn a i "he',f a .. ..a.e hn.nua :Fr.. "hhif 'o....'.;. "11 ',11 -,.'.
I.S. .r er" acyeryday lIe, toonet ..
en in ihi windwi ftd m g eoYa I eo gpaUp y aa Id 4 o11. ' -
1n ,11i at pmhby She 14 The doTi dNe hi tA eg M e opalde o tht he bt, .Idtni 1h
h r eto rt in Ike itny, winditwren liemht al all 'ho eyneyjte ut i eh id dr. itn hard.r ahewdeng th~o
ncmtid ah I" Shed dl I T t eiaum m1 nitwera hemn b een phern,, hh1.1. h14. w hri eLh.e DO Ohewikl, IN.t
e i e n'ee had him" h lldt n I the Ch, i C er. O of I is
hr.. h al a lla in 'lIe lona hdilden They '1 ite C nel ar. IIeathe ianGree .
I'll -10 "1" i)0'lt I2-le,-N
Hmt d doggie terd, _I Im In i h w indow. a ia" a onadh i. t el h
ond mncrauit dinlte I Twichadv heatartit pln w e lhat look n e leonia. Miaty
Ealiwii diahanda are atonanmw lkhhi I id 1i4teal in <*bndieere
I ath t in he tas o Aa hee the pooIdle, who ba d walkd olf wlih Ihe h
Ceeh day.a, a lt ertnie, whine," cmene 14 on lhrbdtaa day, a priye,
i .lslomet are muNied I n 0 10 M ahe. he 1. %,erv
the iLltie dog make her oel Ai she spoke, a pauing afernoon Al ive o'clock, di g master d lath "welk-
inhk In the hank with Ihent o. iphery aini he dog. nwe however, he tu etey bedy lh" I dmeihinal he lO yo d
in io ve paJ a pdl which be kamw Is lim Io ca up gild dea doen qilb will, metelily
pilay rknawlded|. TIm ohe w henlm'nerid
n, a',w ammd al hew many people hut Mbtiy ha anober = ,rick
".i. i iidede : eg. id eion r "Mbihy"anr*ei ahe$ Well o i whIch IN Jeeer
S.... ...+ adi d. m ln ning Idal ni ny
7 panih .".e he'sN. a `Itsn~h
paid m atentinn dthai dey
he c InIt Lnmetlee*
'.a'.'i,"-P .',.' it ne and .a.. e
a., . '. hohUWhe hi aIaa S"'
"pien c heed ai m The ".ebiadlna Tnouh" m

e /qmd *^ *ea~ ***".*.
ndIeidi, nie mot a e 'ehilatwI he
tn o. ag dd dwatdi
a,"-"',' .": '. people In whdm hi hdmlw eee
.ldnl m11 ihe aii FK
hone r sionce sartned In iradnl ide pop th an Jitm In
EVE TE 'S . Held... *hen Oamena s orteb dai I
1 I w Yed-
i'tlIe Iened thea Kle ray -'

A.' I

Ion With hs on"r Mre. Jan lnee, Is their 'bop

That. 61.0TONS. w

h.rhhbba he he,, welnhnninoaue~uh,,tlinIreh~d trat aln

l mme

Try OurI TR,

Classifieds '."


vu "a -fr aiae. iehne

112 1 :

in Delray Beach
eon i "htr n Idea nO h tom n i he h e ha a s s to d
body trained hter tt wy" mrectoly lpbehindbeen brMe n dhl| dog o h baki n
Thepeiie ho alti nlie kI t he n i riowi r. ilHls
delan din inthe hedr In ,-, ,

Latter ay.. "ihe e ol 1e a 1- ,a,, -
nw, _he' lI. uilaaileya paOy eeedeottl'e"ne d.
p." Thns harn l enw m ore ermN 1. sa e


3954286 or 278.4140 DEILRAY PAINT 11 A".o1,

r,~ j r,



an. ,' ;, : '


Ei' e o'r 'ablc .deol,
,, -i"e__,d il., week t.r
Snring receaa my artkcetIhi.
welek GUIl deal wid, Ih, uy.
"ahnin "Canner Day LI. ,n
ril 111 Atlanlt tHigh
Iawot and April IRA, Carver
Schoo o and 'lOA
If Juniortlllgh.
this event Ii spoyvred by
11h Eduaont CmlldleeA oA
h Greater Deltay Deach and
G tnrtBarnyon Deah Chain.
n oat Comere, Mych .
gnnce i nvided by he
IvIray Deach rotary aed Kl-
mnil Clubs and the Boyron
Daach Uaae lb, Tha fleelt
atla have mnenvre an the eda.
ciIon comlllee.
here are nearly e ev.
i alved in argaUtng cancer
I tns, a large taR b tnae
tre are Oa laudenta at the
u.ce e Rhoot aod eath tleet
s been giver IAo or three
c ojnolar~rm.
-We Diy 0o hnn eath ctea
Delow 3o etudetl 10 Ike lolll
number o Carevr Day ttuae
at each arheat whene eteakien
m=t be pvnded are IM l
Atl1nti, 1t at caerad yl ae
loytn. Same al hen epaeim
donate ull mvnnga or a luG
day 5l thnerscehos cD the MDIa
lubea o tatdlvldtil ipeaker
ato the ieneekene mach he
Dy thlflgreen at2pon 0r
inbe.commttee 10 I be
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I "det Into te Came Day
Uttrea a e Heuden have
kpaen. They mena allaige
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R I patnted by th ia fla.
I, eally A remteodOal
mmtlty-ahieol undenrakbh
bring. he etadeed, mane
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malty. Moae ipeakenr
needed ed volunteers
call he Daltay heath or
rton vBeach umbens oa
,tngmta t needtg epeaken
Ide og ayhyIr ltIne
kit yvagrsm hetps
let's ill pun an oar I
tiler and wmrk together.
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anncm ed Mf l AlN
r narrowed lo 71. Amof
maol popular eaolcel
re. IteWIrdeI. U]; pllol.
banking U; medical lab
Sdeilal catlanl, 1t1; do
and devIant 71; nurivg,
halrledrne r, tia;.rme
lly, tea; modeling, tIn.
tcnotrapny, Ill; proles
l por.38; todaE Ierk.
tmorcyclee tiandt m r,
i ins Vacuum
o. J. A t S er da i S.
ad beene Ie lucky retypl.
Mo.3 11r~. .1.1 xl-'

d aI am ht414"timm
i. Spencer n g.itered lor
I tme drawiLg ao Ite new
Sywaoic model at he
Boayl Don 1h Ihhe Ste
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aldt Hidrawiag sad her iu
.;jpleaner deliaered Aprilt
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...99-U, .1.1C

leac I

eVERthA hoWa tettESt SD a t. na"?,a 'Tomaith V aeS cRfDAe O W FUCEd
KOSHER DILLS _____38 -. ... ......... m^^^^^^ ," .......
PRONE JUIE W ,57 CUBE'sfiEAK"" .'l" i'fil BS,; .. 89c iUlitCiMANGES 10,4-391
VIVATOWELS %,-29' FPOifERHOUSE STEAK ..'" FR- %EiRT'f 79 GRfPii'FRUIT 5.o59,


FESCO PLASTIC PRiIui[ICE ,'61' iiie 6:E 56' IiUi PoNmI s I '54' n"a' rs a'niaa ici' iRiUMUS :: 29'
BASKETS GRA'PRnIK 37' mOiffnlE '48 TOiTOSmAsucE 286' 'nEAll"ei" 77' iiiiFi...' 25'
Al n- NA MFU[ y .34' PINAPPLE ICUE .4t 37' CAlRos T PES .22 iERIN c6 ES '[ S't Bill. FIE .:' '1"
.. .. .o AM G -|E'2Ii ORIN !.L'29' Il ii ''' 42 M aISENCO 19l CHED ii'TEi" ., 89' liii' .... 1"
,A ^ t* 3TinJUICE i I33 lITICEArAIL xin 35' B'ii' CORN 26' r2 TIuIIm IMi -- 59' if'fiii n.'....7C 33'
c^ CNlBiEiR t. C- 57' m iE SAUCE 24' l1'OliWS' A 3N Sis 3 SiCHEsT"" 53 i'lis .... 49

hlRA ShEEREAM R 'DG 18 INiS PR PPi n' T < 4 1' sMi i~ i il" L.t' 2 2' 055 oo "RO .S T 1" "D'to e le ,am"! ,'vat'; i 's v . ..ia . . . ..Ev thr ear P e .trn
fR ciiNCiiRiS '";,' 75' iiMiE'l :PI 'S -19' iCnmnll ici ,RA I -7 R'ICE n9 7 lCi'L"RSS O'4 liiSl fi O s1 ,'49' filiSEnHA *C "59'
iii1ifi 3 '1 Fit' 'iffl' 31 vTEE tBLEBsouP .'15' iS0AiWE I 10,0 o 33' LO iitNO 5R5' 5 "vli'irIiiAir" n ." 89'
PPEPIS 33 LTIRS 99 W HSSINE W 34 piini 39 i IiS FI 4-. NiiiNill 59'



n U, urn al, thutada, vr ,tl, l.teI l
FSU Scholarship
House is Unique
TAtL ,IAt S-K Sharln g tlt v [ ttneaa and Protlc.
tn A titatr I .ht

At: ".A N.h. t:t:
.. .. . ....'. *" agn on. nent vt hlr o'r he

... .. In o he dh o r. T y can't
.. help each oler at dy much
", c," a t. a, e It a i t, or I it
i .,.,, ,,., '; ..t ',.i Tht haaee pmitldct, Detry
,21.: i '.' ". Goldemlth Lof Ft tycn Ml a
... ~ ~ ~ _" P o, A iUS IE aerg

24 ca3








I.R. IU ... I A1.R AT All AU-1 F- INIARI IT.. -1.

Drive-in 276.4013
US-1 Delray Beanch

6 A.M. TO
2 P.M.


5,0w-In 276-340113
US-11 .0lroy .oeh


IF f I
REAS '4 9 f
I= 4 Ll



a ie tl. p IJo.ral, Thrday Aprll i, aIn

i |in J I:~' /-'

Si-j-' -- / ,-

RiA~Ttitlit GUtBD SIIEI fIIASE eltarthamartieeeo.
time reldeot 01 Betray, Doail Raymond. an she
make, up hbehid scenes at the playhueae reeentiy.
Balti has -erted an the Board of Dirertan, been
president and acted a the lhealre. Her daughter is
anow ..I p .in a ratq e r. .1 the LUolghzri Thu.
I'me th Com..

The Local Scene
I J,,

Spirnigs coming ol fr, s eat far oa l nd the
sound ol the typ writers tt turtle) are hoard ln the
huin, At least tHt ha e etrly.Bynton hotme where
sl adents are US liy working on spring term papers+
TII he Loal Jute

And A amin that Eli th meek, many te
visitors (Ihe Charles MeKenney family for ne) are
leaving for their northern abodes. But activities in the
area have not yet [lowed for the seaIeOn.
Among the younger crowd, many attended the
races at Sbring recently. Among thoe leon from our
area mere: Keith Hanron, John Nowlak, Ron Lynch.
Ricky Day. Mike Vaushg. Jay Post. Bob Johnson. John
Kinkald. Richard Young. Jnim Va, the Rollowey broth.
er, Kirm Bridges, Greg Nalh, ViPc Nodo. Steve Jacohb,
Steve Martneitt and Rip RIpha. Prom what I hear.
these PBJC'etr all had a greah time
Ot course, al this ime, Ilos of toal kido are back
rm sachvool One, Greg Owen, returned to Delray with
two classmates from Wake Forest Universlly, Beach.
pool. and car have been kept baoy during their vacation
as Greg -ee his old friends.
Jane and Arthur Ronneharger are back In ithe area
and have moved into Sterling Village In BDoynon this
lime. "It was a little too breezy fr on" they say of
heir stay In Oala.n n tact Just before they left March
12, that part y Fta. even had now. So the loang-time
DlrayITea "sold everything" Iludinrdlg their car) and
retured with "Just the clothes on their back." Jane
wa anotiatled nso long with Vtince Canning! Shoes. we
couldn't Ihelp noting lhatl as sn as people see her. lhatl'a
one oI the flist things they menetiona
Awhile back, we melntoned how proud Chris Rob'
tson and company were of the help they'd receLved
during produvhon of the movie "Cafth The Black
lunsathine." from local folk, such as Dr. Sentor, Bill
Miller. Sage and Sand Motel etc. One we didn't men-
tion, aoerd1g to assistant to producer. Theresa Ml-
kovmky, was the Boynton Cinemar They staHyed late at
light many times, the uys. to ".how eronal parts of
the film on their screen for us."
Dr. E Merlin Wuelaehoret received a special
honor the other day. we've learned. When seVeral
dactyrs from Italy arrived In DeltMay last summer to
study and ohberve the popular Deiray dentist,. they
were Imprenoed with what they saw and learned, Aa a
result. Dr Dal Mem, director al the dental Islitution
CIAOS ACntra elemazlonae Agglrmnaneant Odontosto-
malrlogio asked Dr. aWuebh orshth to come over and
lecture l a month. Although he felt he could only go
tor lwo weeks, Il Is happened dial the AtlantIc Coast
District mleta Society will be mieeM g in Madrid,
oSpain st h"otre that. And they too asked him to speak.
Now the schedule atnda; June 18-t Madrid. Spain;
through July 13i. Svano. Italy Several staff membr ho
will be going aim. (Saom ne Just quipped that le
group li probably already drlintg for the irp. Owl)
Former Belraeylts Shiernm and Betty Raveson were
featured in the Mildred Beedie Foett column of the
McDowell News of Marion, N.C. recevly, when the
writer spoke of various type orf batha. Noat that the
wei-knomn Raveoonr were Indulging in milk or cham-
panee baths In public or acydng like thai. Quite the
contrary. This was a tomato ha. (Charlie and Mary
ahn of Delray will know what THAT'S fort Seen
that two skunks had vilsted Betty and Sherm In there N.
Carolina backyard, each In thrn sampling frome the
poodle's dish. t wan't long before an opo:um ap-
peared. ALthoaugh he shoved the cunh away, they were
tolerant and to the delight oal the Ravenon'i who were
leaving to shop, nothing happened. It was a different
s tory on their return, however, when they let Fety,
one of the poodAu, oudoors for a romp. Soon they
heard dogscreams, and to their horror, found that one
al the woodsy sXinker had showered their little five
pound canine riht 1In the face" Near pandemoiutm"
reigned tor awhile, aencoding to the story, iml some-
one told Betty that tomato Jufie was ust the thing to
remove kunk.thik. Luckily, they had several ca. on
hand and bathed the pup at once.
At Betray Beach the other day, an otherwise per.
tent n An hour waI ltattered by the screanm of a little
girl whose young brother had pierced Id head on the
prtrnding cables and rocha widch line the beach below
the pavilion before his mother could reach him. The
rescue squad arrived width mormenia of the call and
whisked the bleeding youngster and Ias iobhg family
oilff to Bethesda Although diner. It Ie Del Sol were
certain the child wm mimed for bie- "He had a hole
In his head" four year old Shane Loiterer Is now
entirely recovered alter a quick sew-up Job.
Shad "one of wse weekends" re-en.t. It started
out with a miaup atl the grocery store over some lea.
When f got home, the lea wasn't even in the bag. I went
next door to borrow a couple af bags after stupidly
turning on the stove to heat up during my abnce
Although I quickly returned, the burner had gotten hot
so red hot that, when Iplaced a shite t full of
hamhurgers on the burner, there was an explonalt
Immediately all of the light dimmed. Semasn te burn-
er had "blown out" makig a bullet-lke bole In the
heavy skillet (formerly my gradmother's) which I'd
had tor years and shooting hamburger all over the
kitchen. De pulled ithe fIe and we lit candles. Ildivg
however that the meethd kitchen loor wa a slick measi
in the dark fSIghl lEven with the coat "freee," At the
current price of meat "sigh'" against

(, p p ^"^ 1 1 9 9 en ant ragietti ii li'Sp I ranit1'. oiplf lr '*I "* "
S4Centsable" .................l..rl ....pi
Casseroles e A...d.....A.....
Y. . ,/6 ' PRN SN I)))E %Idn ** niiapbuf rnneloidlnr
'r vop baiere or mateir.rsormne, eoeStnakpeprrt
T, -^ ,x 6y ', cp coppnml l.a I'rup> mllk
It-, rr rupecopred pr p taerl v .p rrdddSIt
"'.'Ji 1 l.. :..r <. ,t., ^ i Iy.., , kl1", o,,ot .+ "'.,' .' ,'' '.'.; ,
Imrptfll'r.a d crumbled ,.. *
Ir l e ke it na '
.^^ _ . ~.n t.. l....... j.+ +;' '*"" + ? i**,1""'.\ i
ran Arm pepav wi r atmae bast a 1 le..e n ten
emergvydolh lmy for b A. MrAeltinlyk i ed 'm nete
Ipmp~ t A ook., T.W 'Arlm ap I

ViSBinrrmnyt mehe^m "a~t tl*5" In RHAiTr EDd n- ,,,,,.cati nndrnnnatrnklamh 1", vi. lf
o ooo"a areci.ter hinpaie. .nt a, i, a r .intrihsr
lar.mttr atos recaps" m'aevhese fi It'e ..,,d I'd' i, l lorsted -I'ar
,,,ttke reanteonern m~emlemenam ,,* '' ha
thearoimont del l inaq t mu'pvan, vei T*a fs h "esla. 'ra
ab.t.ct In mar..p aten mt ; 'r foae sfe .r tvt
JArrao. bviii, al.l' I'. i o l;+ t odI.
Ia A.$CAnn EROLE re.r.saee rem ulote and aol
h~an iWa lqP+ mere1 nd oyfi And IltnfeIR n '.'

imnv^Srkefcmith'n rit mop^ S 'h^'- teni*intiahir
iamemndm tteha ti uea o. SM r ino mo.

Inc e.sar no& nt Ag e WR,- 3-Po eitama A' . a nklit.'''r .

-'lSSi'i~ S te " ..l eedaeoa e P^imna nd erllvamiienin fB r lEth viA *"'" flimle
wadsinrem Pisid $ 0 so rmaining ba lo s and I on if tomI tao. dnn It'.p
lath hpi felarmarpgs Ontmvhma D 00 ie d
hmeobereedemlrtedne envivo~RVINu auGG rTiO R I I tt l .o'de oeu in pma lk
%lnoelpo d wieed OSee haove aiaaer" n with i a dmlnuee orillreadis enarta PPcd a,
Bsaearabuhalerd Ihelndia n one. gi dr l Omden A~n a+ tard 5 ilet;emn~ha[ estheesee ;
hsri.y.e fear tamDule clie gsiaen -,,,a , e 'rm raaia '
"REDiA W & G RdeS.S, a poalanr Narmegina ient en hik sagoett fittedI alA, h lswth bulrede oera' ,in '- i,' ..I Pin re am eeangarthe
,tree thnntRamAP a hIa. hAt PRHETED et u hoarnn t s.',. 'verr hn aei td

dish. tea aetritaous peasant enoamy he1 eam ~,di~lat sdm eg migalnAe end map uf cod i yk ei a did tono mIs-
emaly dntcldas. The eninuee smoky Beaner at the GntedaPammUaeoIs milk A oet er preferred Wa' tIAe.EioPt.AeT mAhhfi and irvalelra mms LtGIt!
indtes1m Rma eriaoeiamnlk crsito Ia lkmo in yelp sou r a ees Top pinch eaten mile vOLE LVe Plan into tO a birch hans.
"Sth tRaW maNodyadds maim in late to htee octi1 vanIa ice cram and reap "emyamked dipedham ire d1eih Tor V 0h ad tla ."
tStan tender; met Cttn hai1ad h ier dth nears reeked mevaree 1 u oinav Addcos prlnki&
oatm m ok aomfl ae a bacrn ~ ~ o n b beee intl0 vass, tino m o
_ilm~e Sthpv. HAMtPENGPLEROT dAlo- wah I-a-l 5rate alG

"Cenetmge"Camemles ate la raovioctal home alaothinu eleen.+ Dolt hlter ithlk meoa es erpamptpd]dimdeogthpsnt h~od inmob idasod mii
a E's t o nke .ae frm ,t a t e inm Prg lrmi om inae poe da e dird etid margarine Rake ga.
There's IIt.e Norw ay add ehe m aerl otl- A ellve; pene ddeem pant rate, I atirm doyAto nounpemaor t,, n rd, dicE Peta dge 1a va e
pLou~is eou(u 1i1 mo oade ac-l vne I.' coap e I ~ pr, dceda o~l.ldgel To wil e dllnk*,20mut

inp an rt u l anao thgredlents vhich diii and ycdr, Cort erl- Im mt a p tf I A rir
tle mit e the vod l bht
please famite lasines as,

Foo Ip. ..Led~r M. A 'i
we. hIth I day Y i t1Hc-
.lymak u ke slha k ...riAson &. n t 111h. odq3,1 aldenl

indeny*wm an.-caaho.
n a e .d e nd o in nsraganr

etmeayk ne ames o ak
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ithn A.r. r a a tt
mae Atpl _hai Ae a On. H h4a

Agle, vaonai &m

epdum: eI. i rt ae vari.hg ~ -
canee w r hav'c e pndam hee y
henci ol Ber meny oe rrme eadB iu a 'IV, Rtea beaaa 3
an go otn mel. Am-n BConned ........ .
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donoe A es w sotadA asah
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tee rear ie re vd an frea1re. hPi rk Horne. 89.91
in Aoa me may be RA Ref 2 I

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horfd w imenll e 6 le shsaio. -Wnd `w
,,utoe and N -~e Au
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useme : lgr, h~u~ 5. .adYo.urls 3 I= 65t11

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tahem A B e r Asinoin
searsty in* B ee. it's7r Pam naum 1
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tal uc1pl t, ,i_. F h6vut 9- own hl

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Advantag Is t. ; .,, Amro .... .'................... + mm .stph ,; V
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the refr getrai orn a d itaer, ei . ... Ip e r
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I' .s".,I away ,. lrh 9
Budds am.... .. A ..._ I& 'Vaertc
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ore al ", 1en UsuW 1.... 3 a r,
:e;Ie t n sm~ eper raw t.. l a~kio..... 41 154 29
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vily and vI2.0, Lou: A, IN-1 I soup. 69%
maahmP~ptat tamd IIN~ll +++k QUANTITY RGTS 9
nulo ep,,add ism ald Mio Bls r 59. IasolvlIlD 0
,6rs 6s cb~r :n t E nt, IkhI l ,.
iam Nu t A m in.1 CAR..IBIh 4= 1. 8II,

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varwet ol em, lesfo i a n

BudA' Take-Out

Ta fr Boynton Library

.p. ...... ... ,' P plans B ig W eek

Scy Pay More????nie ilionedyriC ai p lwarnke
i ly Boio Imind Sooe A1y neybit sLob th raou np i a w a t d M e
Dli h s5a, .2,11. ly4tn : i liSi. owne.I

_C_ __ __,__,_ __-__69 _h___________ _B_ cull be pmtlsekdSi SiheuS
C _mer Clearner 25_ _sW, a member ci a lai

.o .. 49. mwtprD k .. lu .i U0
ed Pt s ... .......... .5b he tlog Mr William J. Coney

Ch l. .. 4"; 'I. Bu .. S2 the Ad an.ho U2n ndre
.................. le.
101 .fe a doi Wc. Evolution Center. id
lae'HClSa'eam ; ic."a. *m Paa ida hold.ere lifimpei the,i
iI.aJ e cni

r;i/ P /l ..... 1. -3 O ...F. .', ,,,
a ;i wt'. "ti Ic Iin *leg shooi
.ea~l" So de an, ta We onal m ta
U d n r .i in de.. W eb o ca dlea c Sle
Canno Cl a tr,, 25t arn eo 1ts er e
V O L U M Ei il l b a en T1' "
*S.alluc_,,.. ._.c.i i si cs 6(e srmii iiisioiai G -Ue L eai?. cn,..

m pou p will b S *eIW ead I
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Pumpkin - 111 -- ---Cc.= 1,einc Nc
IWrap .. cli C had.i d ciated anem Idt Wedo

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ld1-,Co n dsoine on Cam ...................W cce12 m. WiIisa an o
El Contend .. 3 Z 49, .lSwoa PCOr N ... i 5ye
Em 5d=H IS .... 11 a7 e11.....a. B ridge

stileimoe ............ 4= .-- "
"" '".Tally
n i'., lBaked Beans ... Le 39# ,
Oden cafleg Wanepd Mannh
Chili Znc. ...a 4 i el* .mre Solid White._-.--__=_ii ] Dci Ine Slr eahDp,w. Chicken Broth i. 190 Tune .............. 59. Rla 00u whL ac Mnd

Saie m..a. JAm aiem il e KdfiiS.S a m li andiSmed

:xyo ae n I FBre 3. velai at oieon
l 9e 1 et MoJuice ........ I -..E.. --
Coke MIa 'A n-. 591 '0 7- lu l drReAdUlTR E I .
Leron JuiceMrimn Ida I sIe.e E
Vr 59 crest

lri e lalde Cead in. A.

I r! oa ing Tae DUPmL TE
an a.- Nort hu itunt e i fii ind

en- ne~ann en inn Ineicr d i. rd l lS
,iil rea i a id lo ing C I,

K~a Bla.C mI d Bn e

Helen Vickers is 100
... . ... .. ... Me lon one, Delray leach

.... ,. ... i| i ,r '. m ,, ,i,. apropn ei nat her birthday
... -. .nly dy er S P .
.. Among M. V kr' i rik' lay became er iamhr
rianud den IaA, ilely B1eech cme io the United Slatn
dy Tbaom ; KeenRdy and Mr KiRemedyald

Park Assoc.

Thle year-ld Sh ond P'ark met inr the Shuerwoal Park
Is ime Ciii A.aelall Ce cw add a f., p r ina e irendly and
niii I nce" Iollowlnl IiI name nciphiorly ilalon aiing
1lece tied Is as lllalr Whe pain s eak. ui, ied
na"liilla, d!!? cailrtermi l he Stale otlr,. baaitl ai enynuarcge mhe
Ida ll ,und eve opl o ropel y

t sl m lies h ne d adju. t to= e
yT dae. n lahmlla h avie d
- calmed Idm;loaeyociclemadeayp
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year are l the limelight. These men crie lalihully
each month. lour at lime, 1o make the church
mecbmalim launcin monthly They are listed In the
column becow. IPhlo hy Carlolte)



Chatter -

By Charlotte Knaus

nOur ead usher, Osua Fhlgrea In the while coal
aid his asslitit. Harold Vamcian are aaled on the
benci in the center with Ray Winnema on Oscar's
right ad Bob Sadeli uad Gleai Price on r hed 1ie.
And while we're still in the church atmosphere
should menlon that la t week when we introduce th
cholr, the organist wins meiioned bl we neglected to
ell you that se. Marion e. ay Warren, is also our n
choir director who has taken on her douti so a nihe
enaly that her chnir members are delighted. They vey
rarely "play hooky' these days'
Cavorting on the beach the other day were the Ed
landings' aone Dr. John Laaning and him s wfle hrylm
and Dr. Ed who hao his dotclrate ai music and Itaehes
at MSarnghdilie College in Sioux City, lowe Thei wer
having a true vacallon va ting their folks ani don
tink d and Ireneweren t poud!
REMINDER: Another of tihoiec Primithive Wapilt
Dinner it being held at the C church Ane in elmray
Friday evening the Ih firom 5:30 .o 7:3 baked
chicken. fresh vegetable, detiert and beverage -
home style d all or only two bueak! You're Helnme.
ny'll aime!
Speaking o delicious load. he meal servoi n lie
estimoniloal luncheon lor former director. Abe Van
Oostn. was amelleynl as wins the speech-mn aking il thie
Maler-l-Ceremionm l Wilt Eagle and the spyeeh dyiiv
ered by preient District Ill Director. Don Trim ,s ISh
Caicades' private dining rom Could accommodate only
100I. many were disappointed as the reserveations wer
Isold out almost as noon as the lunch wae announced
AS moit of us know. Ed Glie bs s back mn Beltisda
Hie s n the cardiac car section and lRiel Is enur.
The April meeting Iof the Curtain Kilsen the new
eiertalnmeot club wai schoduled far April Sh but
the IO Dal alroam Danee hai been moved up o that
date 10. ia deerece to who like to altend the
diaes. Ie C iurtain RiWea will meet Saturday evening
at the tobby Lobby al 7:30 to iormulate pana fIor nixs
Another Briny group Is ofl to the islands San
Juan, Virgin Islalds. Haiti. the Dominican Republic -
ior a week's cruise. They are: Hatlle Gehring, Ed and
Irene Lanning. Scutie and LII Lapeley. Dal and Marin
Malther n. Ed and Elva Niska. Jack and Caroiline
Norrils, Ray and PFran Prophet, Ralph and Noreen
Richoards. Jack and Mary Roger, Dick and Lola Will,-
elrd. Mary Ryan. Art and Clarei Aibel. Mare Mayer,
Jack and Mary Colleary, Ida Walker and Ccmile SInden
There' an ineretthilg ile told about Slary Smith'*
weddge ringi whichb was loist ome Ieur montb ago.
Mary searched diligently In the middle o the nightly with
Sflaililgh but finally gave up aid examined the beach
In the early mo. No luck. 1 she bought another.
Then, Ihe other day when Ceclle Boll was walking
the dogs he aaw a beer can top or was it a curtain
ring? something shiny which she finally decided lo
pick up She eaminnd lt In the house and. though there
were no Identifying marks. Cecile remembered iMary's
loss and asked her Ito laok at it. Sure enough, the ring
Gene Roth who has bee in Beheida Ilospital ihis
past week Is now promoted Into Intermediatc Care
Margaret says he's holding his own and .lanxo io gel
out and back to Briny. Hooray lfor you. Gene'
Russell Smith is In Mercy Hospital In Miaml,
having been Ianferred hafrm Belbiesda. Starilan i stll
down there with hinm IHt bhis two an who mruhed io his
aide havie ow reuned north hleir respective Jobs -
one a inlter, the alher teacher. ifs condition I
etomnlled, c dig to the experts. Rope he' up and
home soon!

wu. a swank alfair with cocktill time beforhned.
Enjoying isppy tlour a. the .iudlfually deiorated
table ae um lellt: PeaI ArthWr, Aib Garroet.
YVone Evnes. Dot Beani.n Dorthy Nelon, orai
Garrnttl, J ud Grace (Ie huagry lone) Sieele, Bud
Arthur. Bob Winch, Emmna Crow.

'aIc I, Nees.miarul. Trcural.pril 11. Il

Peirhaps your healin problem.


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S " livery
Gift Fruit Shipping


isn't the
time to consider
income stocks?

Hayden Stone.

f _" ...... r, ..r...E..p !

S..lecied Income .oclu."

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BETA SIGMA PIll MEMBERS ride lte by wao IathB le parade.

Farrington Wins Two

Firsts in Rodeo Action
JW Farltn Itr oCullenk ml-onthe b rebck la T s ird. l Kdies
Ps.a_%s WLE. wss d, d. rGh
Pal IbRl B deld s At.- Cody te Sed, rtc wlmol SdIve
Ilule IllIh c Salurdly dle cnebldles FeringlaP wn almoei ken
andS.iday Doug Wall of Mil Citly, ecrndc auter tan IpOmie
ParrlEIH took ly 11.4 MOhi wau recod I ts. el. lb.aecaieplnbblctIy
ardid leas sopeA *d e call Blreiacl ircec iRdlng, Dili twltcc ldaaebsrllel d itesec
nd ackid l iullard of Mat l, Snd thuoeih lourtI pcl
ilr in he i wlr ad lig and erry latifeld Aril ertlarri Plent C l
m p~ra I t. t cr hser c ln bad
compeuion. He IaI IUe only ha. (ourtn, Ron COnlter oa KCOIK with Rd t con
cowbsy lo plac In me thn low, Part, Tex.. wa 1cn Mora n Gr=i=ler o= I H-w
wii in ISddle Bdro mdflfb Mikie l er, d Ruell lBrown o
Thc radel nM rasyimcred boa fowl oir l bird lcd PlnnlCllyatdall.iatcmrla.
by be Lclrly i ah A Ci le Cl ee Crob er oE c S Bri on, Tla WI t
hli Uad lDb 1abbsria WPi l d. Tm WIils ci blods wad
Sbely Sea wa e I ull bidng. bsr ices Phil A*biter cI IlaulaIs
pleedcdlhiepncedlcclorb ele ot Gal.lvUle wafnie nli72 Tena, Ued 1 nere lor
d hl eI I. bn Cci. ra da, Ter Ilo*llu Il hi in tlier wm nlcI clb
U1mm. lead, ebb erNodi ala.h lad Sub Le an d
GDro yria Ur cm. ad., cc dichni .1 KbaM. ClinurellaflstbllllthlS

SInvites you to Meet
our New Operator
Hazel (liasrilyaIlllehllllh)
also: Jackie, Susen, Pat, Sue
__ 276-4520 R.. ob,...,ed,,a

CLA Applications Open
I M T lISii'i M A 5 Il rLs~l cil prucll lhl t Hll ll'k
... i- S Th l all ". d

I~ St.. .... ... a.t 4 el. 'M. . . .
. ..___ _. ,,_,. .k ..b. . .. h,. .1 . ii .

yI We ci le lcilccr lB I , c l ,al I cuhrey ucr 4 ,l l

SoUnlrarrlh ,arcecd N o a i -.. w... d n
hu i s|am for aaidlhcrlm l c h e ra C... EDY r r .duu h l -urul Ihs
iared lee aiao in lhe lp pi l sclc.uluile 1 1t h-
Can Pickup ,c ra Ar k.lI ..
Scheduled ImIo ii l, ,.l .
with he hrt Noun of

Pri, Ilp rl i d by For Ral E CommicTo Ca

be mda '..s c. 7 N S G 10. a. _0

A F bi IDA riESTATE LING le dd

Ir S mn and ok Apr 'milanaa-
L llli er H fa I
Ld hadi, c red lederM

33 to r 2a maimd A tode.

Sa.rian IeIItle rro .
, dir.i iu.nM+ .aisa i r lill

Principle r & Pr icel r IRqui/ed by Florl RIeeoslEor Commihtio
Mae. a T ihuh 7. 0 YET T alfrdy 7. IO PM

rl Ape b a.r I-un s StreMay, 9 AM I PMEee,

cirsl ccaH a |cilier 11a sam Ralrm 115 lAderlnlllallac Mlda. acan. lkcc. r,co M

ELOISE DAILEY, Owner, Operator
i35 s..A" 276-5334
Cerene, DS.1.



School Forecast

Expects Deficit
A dtirttll naer tbrcmn r. Mandatory ea dn c*iasn ,
the 11. efr A eark
tra o a milit dotinl, Rer ,o( ol.
been prJirled far Ua fml 4 by In d todentc.ol t i pal
b.dln e In he lint t rtS wA wb til"now otot d ti fl.
al budnti taraCesat which re- ailrUna lor caoinm i nineth"
,wc* Iblt Palm tOuch Counay ahr tta armomill i oa-
prccnUy 0I lbM hot. by larunmtia renl as
ati pcT, nldm- on hat bel mali.inelot u gltbtbaa.
ol prunt r at and nape'- puaning grad>, alaia oat ti
allur* h aa time ia datleh a d aa *dop-t
in al Iv ptint 5near gad-
S =b7aUc*! IUVM tor Ill e Ln ez I noS shllabee Th ullnexe ?^
An l inAr. tiral (l b, e Icg Wr t o
bard 5adger by/ Saplaan .4 anv~ carLtyat
nithe 1 t e With La l p l la
nttdcmntiaa. h allaaltCr a ccl lc hdn adb a
- lat Thirny bln iconn u1 nlt r 'n analay inlicuatlac
anl A Pe.i1t 1O ba an.c' maatll lit.
i tar hbaiel rbeenlt tar no.,t cnttcatIta.l and tin
aa tl l l he a r e r" at an unwanted
ned D . th u ;- ly
t ay 1 a itand Itl da otlad

Appliances .., eM.i
ycr wlm anmcc Anuist VI
Destined .
for Crusher Na,.t...c, Htbh 114.
,pU111 -d He / l l
otkdjyi wil be *ceii fro"
by Ur (Inn of R e atal alal inair Pro U l a T d11.
in blam Oar tranea, onnad alit tOtb.tja .
tint, wig W ad by Ilan
aBeda lid In Ib ctita.u at
dlicadnd me.1 de bal ch u T- blebal alnrUoa In tlU
itptll itu ak d en tlrnam y I r' 'lentldua minl al a
ioar dMaotnbtcba.nMat nlimlajoitn ot twa din od
*Uindlhithaagttttinarna. Oirlidcaa antatn (Diacir.
A bar 27-l) tar 11 malth
n. l flin"llin be tly th ttal.lan ce
,l Orn t abe city a. rnie1
lc n rllhie a0 lma thi The EdA-lon Open loll
n Iapl e lo Idl own n- n lany will Lnurnaed
,, riyMmherEIdo anrdL tc Clid acan, Wli o[
t n Th tly will aIy t i truck Tri all Toirne f colinCtor
'* Idlne X "PTraMI~l ta.cWntwardpnlacl
tIhe m lt d brlin and theae Pl, ay a tl i ld t t1e h peMD il
!f'lrdtl t in t. t. iicn' hoi at i U
* 1wdll Anptt lor Iai call .
; nlprojn i I1 inol lp uuut trnpbi blo bt lieM
S _e p of rkUnl l e lml m'l d aonmmt
~Idn.~Iaba aaan
vilm Mrtaidy mw. tcnu,

Stage Band Delights

Moore Haven Crowd
Laat wdub Idn dabmtc Hbha ba wnl made tar Uti "oldtr
cSchool bal Bhd oenaatd folk oan,' wRlnl bonuhl
Iw Man liata. hntncn- an.wntan taom UrIlden tdin. in
pe all towd aanembly of a tempo tlitd Ia.ll
*T* ui 10Jno ad unoa wnaatn," tin attatabi wane
n.j 5 a tutra tanban .lawt-tr tMt d lit-
Iadgalb. pi Inr tI da to t min ol
t.Ideaol mta,. Di .tr, a1 blirbl
muter oat Oenne Int in- Patnred llab Iwnm Iae
&Ktwd the rembon of the 21 atnd linlidl Hfick Albhme
plne Ia t ba IndJvn y u lito M). bitt ShbW Ipl,
Slmalonlo *a ltie |, I t ln- m Jay and J=yt
adtnenaciadu lo i nnce taanJ On lla linmabai, aIn
Iauimpwao linit han with a Oann~r IflidUc OItlrd tuna
piuo ado, adding rncthm, (Ibntnlt and riulPionia ad
woodwiada, and brui. uy Tobbetl (dnrnl,
mered. The Mare Hlen Hilh
'i)11 aHo'-enda.htl caMert School ciat art I banl
caahtactnd ahe bra
tnnteanty town, elmade' hand -M tin catab tint at'
tata anwuatadi baniuo rntald atoatd tU. U cirtn than i
B, iowea u uMKdpe*wui c+ ompuid Item. Idn) BOWlM.
*i ullwof Moo Havoai wul
a ian t ba eatae
dliactor alt tIr 1 bhnd na
Pos Ibeurty ILitlm.
Possoms "= 1". 0 ala

Cause bnt o' l. uidn i
perlorn for UM teal Aunn
aProblems ta n h InA
Problems at-tn hbO.M _r ,

Spacious and tonlemporary olflc building,
unique In design ned concept has many size of-
a icepaces oailoble for IoM. Fiatlory building
located In south Dlray Beaoch and only minures
frwm Bocoa Ran .Aailable Spring 1973
For Informalo helephon. EPIC Crpoatllon,
(305) 391.1800

bwihJoinal,1arlya Aprwis, itF IM Is

Father John Block Plans Summer European Tour
A Ineenwnk i ,mer holla- Wdv nlaieow nwrr r.a lytlolaada, l elo olnindev- AII E t 'WIT POP n p eded by mmunlly t uill t lte i wll- me dle-
daylyour oliEumc byetlr l uatnlU in huntoma tIntitiln tctlibn* ILd ol other m'.l .....'.a." ..' Dl inlmullltcltRl aintclirn
bcn anna uncr d hb Father willbt conlitlc ola urope, pellramia (rom Ill ner the ,f ",, ,' ,', '",, .. -" Aintc pirllatalrwayleid. t'lPTOMADtllD
Jon Oi B lok, S,T.D,, cot-a. Under hittaljlltlcldltectlia world. Toen Ideywill liyver -1' '. .. o,,, ,',n t I tm ch a ailnllant ito e thf vert he Melmlfrtana ant,
atcdbndgatl ChOly nI t. V inn wnl te tou ildtaalby liacaal itnt'PycncnnlandUMdlhrtcitc .1 *i ,..''',aa.l 11 ry lot at It, tart, 0101 IdreCaitaconlcttmotnlalci ttP
tatmhaclry.aynl ty ub. lentlc ntl Jun. 1ld to c er ancMn llaly. ,.. '.,a,. .,ln e'a. trn i where I he tcc It, aeltn will fly lo clean and
'ialer Batk lludltd tor it r irilpal acei oa ilaal in lilyy baa mwre lica than . . aim will a)oy In all dra i odea. Mrdnn Id whrt e
pietlbat ld at tIeda orth iAtnwd Ireland, Frane, bItly, Spain, anyle t o unlry It Euaoew," ''' alone Ihe panorama ol Ihd Iheyd wil drive lo ihenlca it-
can C...i.e l a In n ctt M aeal.d d I i y Fllr Blok "They In- w, ira ot lr w i irnllt lll n t d a lrlerlth caen Il Vilr a ol hy rIL en aIa dD
tr i tran talcel* bn Irnhat ne at o I rt Ia"rd l tl elad of rM P itn ra , rm r ill Mccn Wllh M tla il
oar.l hi ll"l "' l acty m "rl od p Lre and the .nlcc, g ni, r',y colaowad It i nfodllae .' am malor bt1cu The pltrlir j will drive tog
W.Otiau~ltny.b ardacoHo nd pr 1Ih ^ai i i. hin t ilbMmii hioi ,clru ~m ll.
at in as Kr c tulinnl COrk,ct d at mtick, M tmbe. t an ; tan ot at *, ktbe and "tOrltl itl aadar at ro intan Naurn. add til I, htme or
It- or SL. M "T el'l P thin will eJoy -r d mn lb oa mr alia rlior o thev it eure trb a de l rulia n. he talc Iare lJ t wl tly I aon
ind len Blck a rten r aIBnntl Id dwIll "T a r eitil o any ,ao rei n Io Fld er HIt i ckt l orm r tFoIr Bdulok. tr w n.ul iy nnl e o t aot
i atI Bianey >oatint rl llailt i Rta ltad In ic the beta place in all of Home OUaTHITOyORiEt n O n lt l e lcn m l ant er 1 lcc k nb
eantrd on, act-rantboat.ol necltatl.a rloy e old Iabl II II ba ob arln i. ad ind ct Llli tpr.,,, A n rd Pth r1%,atl m i.aty
1l".l and Be... At the net N = X cie Rene ii iJteellenl~e+ 5,Vneld al +m

p A lila i aiclatord *d al and rtIt In Ic Eta. tllin arltcl 1,1 0 aIa 1d a ina ic enil it lIolly tr e OitIer o 4 n B ..Ita
Iijada hin yan oa ldy I n venenbl Dublin, Peieer nt Cily, paickeIdwli lip I ite ral of the Bauil ra l St bea atin cradIeeM chl wrei b aet c i a)t
rdl,- .1e al. 11 jte- I A ITlE. Welm ieW- - d0t

.On l,% Mr eB loA in Blea k and hIl acm al wiltit nlindmon ninialla,. Peter itill. l'l iclr t mllUnnn e m. newly o rne. ll' te +
The~~ ~ ~ ~ Luncheo al Ato.. F.511JY' '

*M~F~ llert alllMI jfmj"...2;i.:".r201:,,r.nmh41i1
These restaurants are among the ..........ii.....
f.inest in the Delray Beach -Boyn- It '.. .. 4 ,." -

ton Beach-Boca iaton area. Why
not visit one and enjoy a delicious
appetite-pleasing meal?


iamsaan "NATIONAL
f W EEK 1
I N. D.HW. h APRIL 9-18I


Me NNIT-F1,lb.,M.,Jnbe1

LAl1 IS.. N e. Joium l r.Th tsdayApril B.if7






** CALL 216-6321
10- ADI i

.. ... .


1 E *..... : .-, .5 1

dE.. . .

ELECTRIC '-a. !'

PAYS! 276- 6321

Atlantic High Sports
i th dm11)M I AIttt wmalli Jd, "The team st tin CountTit e eon he Allh n tiyle o ,M Baeo. ta0 yltd
beitenr w Ithn etc. we fcrt1 liv Fleld belhnd It l -otl+ maIc Hloke 10e6; i1d the
i na)d the We h luthaven't TieTIgcn lead Ih egncoso l taco trrtiye rebay coln
.' ,, improved at att Our ptoher, Ber. tiela lla uer, d lowel and Wed.
M 0 W. I.,i "ni.i ac(vn u Totrmn In rE u Her Shorn)t ed 'ren Mildni
,' < *,!'' i:. ..1 .. ... . .. .. . ...n Ihcn. iu we're 111ltav-. ain-e'iP NeWa Joliul. Ihe E*. Olrld-nei b ....... 6,0-y I nj.. .
In Ioi nymSi Oulmr a iW quare d IataLl Fo res t IrUc e it en ; Cinady Liltle
SWe nm to do everynlhiBg IllLt Jupller, Lake Wgah. Sun- In divn e wllh III nla;and
butuiore,"awmenlod atader l, Bon a H a nd J1ao h .l Bolo W olague I1ll In the
tIac n ld he talsily cond ooniad teslnan bamkitreke.
,' i, hal .bl trlin lip Ii Iot Heal l.lWntlbeeme hrvic. The bh i le tm' three
I 1.1 a Uln tall tor 0ill haloe ie d he Faint oneiinaI lo ninca e a t the I. d
* ..' n .' r',, ,,, d namn on. o a la l ei. et- heir tancoua ECl Fores 00, Bit Ion SB .
S1con le La Wilder; 11111u lu dig record o 17-I by lop. coas EBit lba pe; Balnl Ac
Sihi.. a. op al l Danny Tlnwel pyng the Ili, Tld ll drwn, third in the alter In
14,*,*. .i i coaldn'a Bangle dacrn ho BO i~t s aBI nt Ban Ositon, the ha.
rna Tidwutl wais hUead *.... c ,t ai e;n,, B tndwa otse l pngplchur. Al- IendgScoaiilt wu iantcrt
.j I-, U te. l ill Ienti ad1 ly lralla bil la lll!
,' "11 ...... ,' . . I ch y Worre il, wi ran d nd,s or l ir. weill
S.. reaW when they tapped Mtrln
..... ia. s,1 ,1 ,,,* TbayJuplter Wriaresociored CianlIn iearopeter, IItWa
It'l .A u atd I ns i n I te l int UBre i A Itcnr'I
-... I .. , .. .. w r ng m *dl d slved o, l d es y. A l it.t. tHl Iha
" '.. 1 '. 'r i J late Eigle eagne e la e girha cllmed e cirlort In My
S.1 I dWorrell nd While All hiWd m t.BiotaldelterI
S .i*.e.. ic go aioen, Bes cad eteansi hi ..0 era'%1
d. ith.. e. r n a c gle gs., Cut. hi,? rn.i hay Sa,
....... .... .- a t t l o ie a
ehrir dlie Ba t y. sifth
*." ^ .,, ,: *.-..-e, iseet 1 a96 eA .
w .. -.. nxi ae ar ouner dt one per Biting the teo-hit, ele edggyAS ETBAI
... ..... .. Scar e inalr, itwk t tae d oc o tell The PaimsaMCh Poet Times
On tn I .h1 ie MI.) l A A t l h Ala]

:.ta m' '. ,5 abeM .Wt .... l a.. be h .ba. ,itre r ty
held.: oO it r bi
a ,. ,a ..i, n And, m Behin d tad e1 th rl a Lihe e" tSI t ,rB AL
Bc'.5 w we in l hS Jin .o H a. d ni n G. ta Atocc EPo ine-
*Bi.the a .thciMle `BHe e nreudlHer t.-et .
r *tlik e lna be. Tee Bi the h e flo. b

Wal ard l bnc e luted the At i n IG.A.A) opned t' lid
tlieone. sotiball mpid n recanUy
Boach Miker anrd~ =.ST 1 It AH.

SSWIMMING when Ihey uted Ih Twin
/J.- ^^^^ supe Swim Team), bhn
I Clr th yar.thn sty Ja Ann tlas I.a ~.
lute gowe a ol H. i heI Sr
a:wttneelt. t eiadwn. lgg Ahlr.
~hnt beid lakeo~ 0o00 sad
f 5 ~~polOl In 101 t of aNrd Other Ioiidale parsor
Shae 1 idhlir cet rAeIl anceaw ereesm llsilble,
Wedding elst bilaneg
-- in 'w A.A ,end testi Delrayr
Vwethtit l mdci he B
Jree'iyle iH.4h. Jim G wur rnmurB

,'. S m ha\ -. ler m m
i.. hoel funka take d.Mb xa

I" 1l., tet t. diniepJ; Win Races
Ue M Drie, coet lIeU
yDcal cod e e alM th Sc. Tha Beocy Be1ch O.necr*.
haeomn B IBe W-yrnld tree, ulon MU Ate orol Swim.
l ilyle reay len o Wed2 ng. t repirUclpeta d Ic s Dold
Jell Good end Boaa Bluer Cot AAU SwB Meat heldwI
'. ', ', '- ' which ton e.y tro d tbalted the BorSh D edn YMCA pool
wit l.l;: 11 mir. Stlurdly mehut bW ne R l
", B.' Gre yonhpasbedto bi- live tint prie eserds. as
tln Udm e oa 4, t i` col In B onde d ee Ithd,
Be ioyad treeA Ad t anl Mar t = ser -It cSe a
H.tlm on o, Atm clt l the Hint In Su -drdared
U R RAle ..y ardaig H ylelSd do HIM eg treat.
the ac itale g ne the Maly c. l ut-
BFe nI Nah1W =m m ldaw oh Biase r o e t a d o t
|H~i,,il~li,,,,ii,,^^share recivd KV e drbri
11nMe l,= il theak
winC d Boubsooke westoo yang tr'eatyte ton r staind.
900 NW Frt Ace. 'en- 9 tso1wunOt m ate si1 Many rthd
Boca Raton, Fi. 33304 otl l. Atlcntc eiwr e the l yn ar Ireepye tar irla
391-6372(callIMcollect) piSre we. Oson C ttleadli ild.
We and le tlird telcte lltna SiriI, 1 allm
id Bhit In the tI yerd bHl- In /the re tloyT, am tBa
Ocisnto I Base gaE c yt lantl ia werlly, ond DoaI Beo n 1ho l reegtyle, was Mceed
. Watthird ladeb liBfrj'd Bank. tehe lel0nsd Sanatrage -n
sAIsI ttsoc. Ihird In d IeO-tyrd bralt-
(o tngtowAntfcaa The boyo loctado Btch stail- oe.
_____ V^T _________ nl Oeawna Creandani aml. Oglhe mcember it 1a sells
en. 5.3 adIdle Id g In B nb wAa 011i dcd eeleh
530 The bors teCa's aoni during thBe ciler either
[BI.I S-r ..........

I'm .- es adnareAecccltay
_________ __ .lfjn -A lea d.ct
'U'.;ECTOR. ,.';'T,,,,:'-
,lmEllBt sn ..,I= S va.n-.
5 AnUUIVC 755

Th1w KIwal deMaegd Ihe 1C. A pelit wec ladged I. Ihe
villane 2 Monday. MJrclh ". eithlu Mn.n clalmlng dot .n
In he opener o she Set ret Ineligile pl yan wa IeIded
Pray Leapie wa. by the ElkI. bt ldte gme ca
tnued mder prtesl and Be
Toae Weikla and Ar Land. Oral score Esl* gInd C.
berg tad hi lon the CivhlM WlInl,.
whit Ret Tlot, Mike M ,
K ewi.d A Blt toid Sgmi Bl dle D0i5c 5m1
lar g eh .w..,a M, Olwllh raPl aid tolol B al
Jell Mrren who I l Bnn hit I. the 0 te n
d gl eig W h l o the baU al
Mnorrisd w. earalcrad ed! .nch e D wM
Ihewlin utd Lberg the le David Murphy nd MKeln
alieecoulealr. Doye. Mu y sod oyle ,t
On Tues da hl. I. e t. g ewo lepeh.O cgm sle.
Baortteit ldIIolegs0haiwe wialg elnda tadct-
hw aceo t t o rcie BmeinI olo Board e
ibhlepsaeri dn Ibe lut In.l ,
.T N.. .". In '-- DB Jaycees
o( Vrit Fe~enl ued pithe D li-C
Joa Jennnle t we tredite
...t.e'.....'...... Seek Funds
pitted otar ln laay Lad fud
The Delm' Bealy Jn I
Jenl indMarR1U llI^s^^ EK
lorignliFededlerwhrBeond Apdl'mm? iotDel.
Psrkernetglabwrtbaom. ry eich Lon* Club., 1"
outh Easl 1th Av-ee. Delny
On Tniunley nl, KAB Bes0 h, ,
lelaiteg Fila rodenl Bel.
Immanl Fie Io %&A will.,I
Tdnas""'N Door prie will be glven
nil er L n the f 't Innm-
alt 010 by J. ChIane Toact
snAs l-,. Bathe Pt... te alel a Wenta
,e V, Se I.,e i.l to
s..o 'e.a.-s,..ssd ton if mnta tn00c.e
ond.w-va-eo rhva IdIeesa ldrlbha yed
.............. ant" Z ..+.o race
,,,.mm IH,

MA -Hr. I Il I-. Ril i .
XIDt 75

IiconeavnlhLMleDaildeditlAncelvaW @R SoothhmernBl



ion wnd Amo.o lop quoIby lad Ire ease ,no
we uIn. ,=mle co .. inne -- 1-1 il,-w,
to induce nou o bur ll yoa, n gato'nole and ol al
DI,aw Co -- W .,h, onow gns oul, ,,ah up-
in 6O Pe. 1 alon ,ide.oble lor o FR EE CAo WASH
ColtIl 6 Tne.. nnd al o fcHE CAe WASHt-0 oire
tokenc and 1 Mo to, o rguloI sdtO 5 co ih
Token Plan
Buy 8e1 .1 al.lon I T e 18-21 Gallonl :3 toun
S13-1 gallon: loTWn 2327 gallo n ia ton

Try Our Classifieds


HYou buy the tractor.
Well buy the mower.
Buy this Inletmanatioal tawn & Spealal ridlag m.wer ofllr.
Garden Tractor at our low price, If you prefer a riding mower, we
and well rmde the mower give you the traer, a no exta coil
atatoentl at no eAtra charge. Big .aningl
You could pay a, much at $150- It1 up to you. Riding mower or
r even m-ore-for this mower. But lawn Iractor. Botlh special values
If you buy now, we'll Include I with now during our "Mow 'n Tow Bonuw'
the tradtor at no additional charge, promolloni

Bring In Ihis ad for a special I discount

tU Nor.ounallrT.l n-t
OctlaBth, Floili.33444
1 AAl. Nylh oI An.t E

SECOND PLACE The Women's Tennis Team of
Paltm Bich Junior College. cosaced by Mllt Bobble
KBowle, tied for i.end police il the Plorida Junior,
College Womea's Te.l. Tmi..ament 1 St. Pcete-.
bur rg ently. Shaes ire, letl le lIht, rIee. eaudli
SMrley, Kathy Kollneibe Jno Kite, May Jahncke,
Anelete Rhacaone, Jane Lagrldge, Suian Deffen

Pony League

Season Opens


Boca Poloists to Seek

Sixth Victory Sunday

I, a Iliiin horda lThe T .- i l ad Iildrl UNIhblin.
, 1 . . a ma led an prior ailerO nhwel hadIhd arleda
, .. ,, elorsellebh, broke p eTery Il au drik e d rel urbd
1. 1l I ll Nluke drive, limllin g he ba ll to he a ppol e end ol
*, their aorhii do 1 peilldby c Ih field In a itu~infla horse
.. ... .. . ..... . race wIlh Ilobin Ulhleln The
.. ,., ., '- I ... a 1 loelb ion btellnued 1a bIopld
ed (ame inll a rh( hl'd
.. . ; ,. i-hkkcrgot ,lnilr ^iiy, ortl.
wen pl ked .11 a Mdi wauke
1kn k-n, Imed de Carroll
oute ..... ... an.d "Mr, ped" picked N il
,. i. i blway bhb be d 1nder1 Ond
,. k ,,, I .. / . .... .* .',* bellied a sotd d o l hB wii ning
.b.rleh, wholaibhed Iltthruihe
... ..i. . . .. .. ' ,, The e e l
S. ....... he rei ullng throwing and
, .. .. I ,| ......-, drove r be Mila ee
harsld to she h~wsola
11. .. ' .' , 1 i I i. ":,' ,1 '. s l, where abotho r Irantc
P.. ,* ii. -n. i .I. fd ea ryn get tin
Ihlle e st e Uoe enttlg
Sllon l.he ball o tilme or
. *r another i b e Del Carill
S i .i 11 ailed a aihot thb. e legs ol
.In delendel' lioen M e s lb
i. ... e in l(ral b.b Mlweaa.
...., .. ,, I . .. .. ,,.. i- keefinallyigotonlheboard-
they. pund 'L'an 8haiwl n ret - b verted a pe"ly 2 ope
,nd lhibr saon ,bnlh i -1 ,. gal Ir mni a e yardlt
rero" ond icnd pla in ,the . .. t o a ie pint l ai vo
bbhblne iolo Leaue st the =, b .l ..l tareed. however, laln bablia
hoyal Palm Polo Gnundb In .. .. .. i ",, td a 60 yard guarded gol
a blaal bov W e enaera
Taylor Nominated .da a..ib... be... 1f'a il
ul lbmaieeon a beaebbing
semmieTaylor .ab o[. ev, du a sll l pihya a era- b e ai- .a1le all.
and Mrs Snoilile "aylor o l Y lel'. e oelnbtnedl I. ball
.... . be.llenbldl. Tyl.a,.DbU. eol;3 i hll; n; 1111
' ," , ' , . -,. i 'eebie, hehid, forlia a M d....
a .ke In o c lly m li '. One
,' ' ,= .. ..,. i of' bI ieeroa led l enall 1
Taylor, an ulaandlaing db. *.. fa . . blni , whl Farla
k [siebakae eliamllon bail- ,, :.... smaibhed ithru or the only
> i ... i -... *. *. *". .i.i" fts,,i . .lh
tuie. wb.abodlaiedb by ben .. ,* i.-, ,, oIt e nd ed.l beadl Ieen
..rnenl. 1 1 1 ,I. Carr .lln Ifl leb.ed a
+ ; .. ., ardsbe one o. a alel driv by GuIleieb a n Ulh-
.. i.. ai o bl bhlele d Ir your Nela. .ld Faria picked u ite
.hDi chorien Ib ihli nolill ba ebiall aed dribbled Is dt ei
e a bonor b Y banb udof the (id back Cae.e ha had
l.; tuleai r. .... dedbctin eon aen albebll wheeled abd cbharbbed o Ia
abblebniel 11al have ea red ael. and "Mr SPedl" bgled
ie I majorineeg physical yo such hoanr." l Uim Ido Ne Ie Texae in
-unlellevble -ae fed.
dill All Milwallee conid do In
lthe remaining liIme o Ihe
ugamle wl ko [erae loelOan

_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 2,%. Int 1 1 pthel Bail.loi one
blabr Vaid. Nalale. -
In t flh and 4" n le b lh,
bolh be^"S enverled by du.
"eU l Ie liniadih game "N .A
o Be toIlbelone palnel oo Giound.

label babets do leaesada.

mhilde 1-11. childrent order -
.1 pvayand Ia -. Ic , Nor anain~onall lm.1 Nr
-1 m*prir ou cad o B itrorrlt ra n.
le bell be dhe b hoe Park-
ba. A hepines 1op higlde90 o

.-,.. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ p~ on iMi it t:0 Poso I n e hi ,klJ

THE ---
8tmm Iaaded IA ah lLe 1 b
51t,0rlednee. t bonnbo
IdI99m90.l. \dlbbee odpen

v: t ,lo abd 1ab our ba f om b e sto iaawab iyor7

.i bd yduldfavlen' d. iyliany-eiie
i..eb- ebi ,. ., 0whe lee] b
"a id d I'e11 0-

",,--;.,, COLONILL
00 brten aond each L -b-

Area Golf News
liRI.IlA Id I b l l . . ........... . uri a o ) bi a "oli k anm A

,, r .....i ..... l bl

., .'. .. i "i ,iibldeaiia oe .ni ... ..... le 1 .1 -,

n n .* th stal .. .. . In Ca B Mary, Robn n

idy, d April Iidh -
hee d ini L'akb Conei dy
il S I l'eiembeid h is e D .RAYDUI r b b
ee1i lale eur hore- The Dlray D e. Women'sl b
bie, Emily b m .n (;llni. bi l held Nia l e.
dntoirilnaWomn'aSlie 1ber0nuet Day Thurday.

~Open Man+W

HIOUTON DEFEATED MILWAUKEE b., Mbue hilwaukee wal not wlhoul
gootd playe IUaB II Besy Glelerre who mkael a neanlde forward ibhot here
aa Pele Onlhwelof loiloo mole In a o try ad lake Imnlrol a tl lb ball.

de- --aea,--ioaa -Ldpblbib 1 g lb

Curran aIt7i '

wa0 another dle abtween dbi
ther Kuhlbark and Charlolle
Weaver ilhd ealh
Iran Valle and Ed Peen.'
aIn t on carded a nel a m win
ane bl baill tw1 m e event of
.1e MAt' GIlf Aaoall.n il
Ihe lebiab bacm l CalsbyCloA
tli wmk Grieydon Bedl and
IlAiie KIby bad lb and Wailer
tie and Ted Sloane netted

An invitollan lo present and fultua Relidenla
of beau.liul D.lroy Beach ..
A aun ualr dilsifJl L-ntlu mum I i If laet l It n a .lsh


i \i 1, o C ,i lii.... ..
, i IM, . ,,, io s i,,. .

J d i s,.,, 1 1- 1,,,.. -.

sicinits own time.

tIlWdTealio llRETnaiiCollbeAade Quieliy
iTill lm Tbl and probbbbdlbi Udp p'bleErns
w d i he e ir aboul idiil
-mbeaiini d Clbrol &ed.,h.l bl D Tive

be to 0h Nha II add oib'be (n Paim Beach.
ieour to ihe Soiiih and ACIIT ii Miamdi lob

ndd niml apedmenttndri i nhou.i

ofcond ominuma amenland iow of Delrayeach.AclasintiInlfownime
g In oand l of pe mle great goll iyidmiwoei.ed nue btn ikneaihfb ai, .1
yiom binea ll: in !dTo aleah. bea ied
lores. l nih oI .hemt at

M ".I7h ,J-AoITh.d, n 077775. -7

I'GAL.IOT.I.,. .GA*7,M

7 *I,


.1. -

Il. 7.. -.

77.7 f~]
~7.7.777LL sin


I *, 7. 7-

Ii l.

7 ~~..A.. p .

P.~7 A r

Ii 'I

A 1.,

rn'7 ..* ..

'Unduly Alarming' Say Officials oi

* ,l

rommailDnre, i eoaorial
Friday mocking (MarcIh ).
agreed to battle a [deral
rgency lo shw Ihai I-1tm
Rawlh Intoralonal lAporlt
"th, uwtelnaltionat 4101011
water suppliese re n0l olePro.
The krnvlrnonnial 'lota.


in the world


to our dollar?
You Ibelong 1 the richest country on earth-and
nbudy want your inoncy,
lf You're confud. we can't bluam you.
That's why we've jlo published twenty-fivc o
,h' turd ltcndanoaolll queoncrse-nd awersr-
wo could ihink or lto explain what his w hoa a le dol-
lar butsinr is eli ahiiout-and whai you caon expct
in, I i -. d4 i 0.a ca ,, ,J c

t.le tosat of Boll, exchange rules, devalualion,
balance of paymenrl-thi whole mNinlory b'l as
I affects us, the world, and investors.
If you're concerned about dollar values-your
dollar valuc and our country's-ask for a copy of
QueMIs ns and Amrn on Dollar Devaluation.
We think you'll find that It puts the whole sub-
ject in clear and proper focus-thai it's well worth
ten minutesoryour -
redinglimen g ] .
To. gon, jus" j rd

Y o ple mall c C mplinnl f Tpy of lh *

Reytiolds Securities Inc.

mInE.dPaunornle sO AnD. mC Mn1ro. a


ii. w .llI al .e Iho ic ,
dztlnkingl and mlnlg the auppIly
rlal mecling lais Friday
11didorI .10 an.
rtat non01100 l.. P014.
IMn- 0 voled i dirn t tihe
.n1y Igcl deparloenl Io
Iakd eny lta rnw'lna .

Vice cnalgued K. W. IBudl
Woaer sul "~ltd I N1 ` tello
woaimltnoer iobrt C. John.
UNe eand ldrD to de naton*
11 EPA oElltrA i ahaol orelr.
iton whlle In WlaIngi It
wcek 14p1eid.
Calvin Taylto thl EPA ol.
[ICn In ainl revlwted lie
airport w aler leti and plant
rly Friday IlIwever. It W
1.led hll0 he hae no authority
to1 It theM idayl han, And Tay-
lor detailed lelle., ipe-
lyIng thIe alleged 40U4.io1
walie qltlyhad nol yel been

mailed beituse || was gaing
ihrlhli Innel nl the PwA.^
OriovIn tne Ielegnmw cml
tlie F Fridayy, aid r rtp re
teived ran I.e F rda I vi.
l!n ol l thl r Idlfalea tihe
walter apply "liale to alr
baclterologlial protlnloi" ol
1ti (edo-l drLnklng inedrdr=
tie ciled iell liken in Pebdn
ay and hil ltobNor, Tine or.
dto s rlefIcllve or M0 dy.,
CoOer ltd there wre only
svon untlilaredoy Il
ou y take ol the P01Aa water
alat"m lat year and "'It i
hard In Inabllah pblic keaIlh
_cae. o llt baali." tie aid
th. (t. do MI wrrant bdli
lyre ofirder (by Rain,,I
Iloww, u a uae|l rd
prreauUeo, lhe nommialon,
n Ihe moilon or Vice lazr-
mn E. (lIdt WlMe r, di-
reted Caoper o mtict le
Environmental Prollteon
A, 1al tllnin i inile
ao.. Li riepreeNoallv to
make a pe__l tour and In-
p.U.on or the PBI.A wter
Coopr ponted ot thal a
,.ler, wlcb delanl. mwatend
In lavm'a teleegm baw not
been received a o1 Tue-I
eday. th other boelne. lte
.o.m.ion ddeTed eIlle
until Ihe Ainprl0 mlwar orlng I
r uooinenledri m orenlom
bil home Park. by a e vro.


C FPL need to


At present. FPL doesn't advertise in the usual
aense of the word. That is. wve don't promote
the use of electricity while power supplies are
tight. We do, however, present information-
oriented messages. Some are designed to ex-
plain our present operation and fituire plans.
Others advise hov to use your electric appli-
ances more efficiently and economically. And-
as 're r doing on this very page-we'
I I .- r;.-, our most frequently-asked
t.. 0h i "1 .i there's no substitute for
what this type of advertising can contribute
to,'ard the need for presenting factual infor-
mation to our customers. To us at FPL. adver-
tising means public communication.
FPL encmrniig you to ask questions. About
electricservice. Ratei. Environmental protection.
Or niii'tng else. tle waeter you dese'te honest,
straightforwardc hirtsiters, And 'ie try to mater
your m0ost freqenlly-asked qluesiomn publicly.
tAll orits will reoirh Itewsneol irepioJ.) Address
your qut lion. to your local FPL Manager Or
urite "Questions," Box 3oo, Miami 33101.

You ask.
FPL answers.



f Federal OrNdet-Jt..,Wry, Ahrlo 101. 'P1, 1.
SFederal Order Put 'Zip' in MailP
Chirmw n Lakte Lytal nd i e l ae wimm le teMoner
(itge Waren N oled to IuD rie V. W then ..g.e I
.... .. an.ol.m h ... on..t.n.. a. with Proper Codes
alohtw and Www voted m y be ble to calrbute a. W l .lU t1V U C
.S.I.W it I a thad our. 1o- c "Hel." dot dopll
mtei.derllobertF., olle rc --Meqoesined report I a llaI trhwin in ma tdtertonll laoe deliterate
nort prenolp thoig bie in trllik alnil on tha ed later, bt. 0 m0drn aill. h iw n impmer addmrotlng ahkmel
nnr early l0r a lhntF ability a1rof t l donl alltr men tlhoda deped 1n he -. | rverye, .t phed lo n
rcoolinelo t r a hl=tw l triln ter nmlteri, proper ue o. id Zip rod, 1he ena syslem
doJ~~l nalkl .akeLt On~
'rm0l0 t C h Cortiei ot t tangeroia interaelti In Codes." e"mph.ldep d E.l an W ld lov h rlalrny harrerd
lInklb dad ... .n.. D.r l. .il Me, o .a.,Pol id lo d d n he
erCd Johnr o. ti aldnd a Le.rrr a requeal Im m tler o Mimi te loted In taed
pawed a ra]tlton o ceatl. Mra John Iolte or Lake thal durIan Ia lait or week "When o. .. onp o t der
Eg y r a Motd rlor in hatdtn .a period tlolir h bou al Ike u sin lae, Indtrd.
0M~mn C~elrel inm~t toelaldola. oer-e awtillfrlt aMi n biw~nlaokl Ikte Miamni ntDistric IraorI lly no o ra ktt
Newounsth a a dfic 1. Oa. Ml le o, BO billion
ronanlaemonoru woeeaa L art lth Shoo l t to U. Pitrce oh to Kni e WM ) pice o mailel annual -
unclh a pnaiehc lema io flmng. Zonlng ela tolldlrn were 1 npot l A M adr Ia ar afy arpd awlal M.o .
lnid a allancr ea tie an. 1eptlmentrir and promled o c ontale or mail kn led W plece pe r each w ll daell -
h a no n. h l no ad i arn ed Ie l ai
eo iccten, The 10OiMmber dilcuu 11 *I Unvnr hodlel imro4l xpcri dodnaed b eey ru crdy-rmmnelxla~nln~lo e oil tt
pwla nd y a ft dmb redl.
It n?,- Addopad otll madtt "M 'l k h a arfitc. dtm.ed
rend wak e. no heo anodiand. torna now nowerdinkltcoron e apol, he ler rale c.atl.
00.o0.1 hrattld Idnhalg fel t a without alp cod nk
in ,in o d.leeaw. : .=.*11".alipeso ; Nol area- car ri lio." i .
i11.n: nac eonowloal dcenheog e aind.'" aielleali "eoesi le CoIne poIn.
--ir Iled in. lega d0pMr.- apatm poalble i A public e lae that We vhae eln ta npotl lf e ah wnragl
mwl in 41 s ia ondo w o rtt l h Wu indudla elen doaKinind ewytoren do l ie l rak lyel ai rert iarOrIa ro, in.
Sae a tied rlg at. tegederipng pron iamne Ik pPal aer t n mi hg
sthried oha m uldt c ar edut ii- -- Palue a' nealulic lpderclatowllhlll era r' t Ik e Nor poe lal
iA p a"Owlye'eM in'lI rlagre la that ninge or
-- DWa ed dI one n d Pra Beach Id colr..r ar h I Trhoin in Ie daellal tc o waltd Ilea won iN bianiedlr
a. .lo lherb. ;ch apir' en" .'"Morce t1h
Cell rormn .beaclen can. do'l.. t.iwl donte ti Sit fr i landonda. aim and tetind- Iw.horalted-
ion In aend Dryn BEea d. permcll ln l co Aly enlerc ilmpoperly a eMreaet .nul e- el Utepretiltlonan etdclcn
teinn intruk, elm presnooed mla witin Ike kaoiodarln3ool qkm wote ccenraoinskac-a oy inokc we atm in aoktcoe
ke pllan notng Ion p ellend. inemuinplof aho Tainle e hineoellnl po1cint I i - inrenrmloeUle[hc
carp adtlo n l ad
Nor lina nd a i lye .c rM .
wu =lo ;1e1 U Nl a O Lou3ly
rallecy acc1 melwled add i
domInolkla -Ic to. ad.
d-om =i4. N ithmWHO'S BUILDING



Ijardin dd Mv
rPreferred Townhouse Condominium

b ke it ne y ascotSOT BULVD

P.P. YWE i., .nl. T isrdn, Apnill nl

Deadline lKsioI
A LEGAL. 4PM M ln. .. Llnn I wI I inn

(All d. pl. body lypI
Per Une (Five U nE Minimum) .,. 29' one day
Each oddllonal dy ............ 24' per line
(limit 4 limes al above price)
S in .. .....................
1 i h .......... . ...........

SS.. *
.Eon,; .. '
All p In h hpV Dedroy Ioth A Nwl H ou-
n1 ned Benl&n .ealh N-w. Juimnl l no e dd ion-
TO PLACE YOUR AD Ph. 276-6321 or 132-5070
I-ADnnouDcemniDs lIoPetfrioshe
n.1 Ilesmbl ratc Ile

.I atlells M y l -Rent Lease
n 'Ldn d Reild entlai
3ICIM 00niIN All lubl ris T7 p.M I I,.l ,Helre

K!2iLn L 'irtslo Aingl bcndrom Ul An

O__sta~dg ohIa~an l .1 mt' h
NTIVINr EG. rl AnnuOcl l5D per nonh

T ISe W.IslhAve.Uele y DUen TSI or 'iB-l2S2 4C1ln P e D e IT' leI, .1lY_




(1) Fourlh floor 2 bedroom 2 bolh Nlol
furnished apodmeln. wilh covered o0.
pere. OulIlanding iew ofl Harbor
ond Inlrcoaooll. 139.,500 Furnihed.
(2) Large ground f.oor unfurnihed 2
bedroom 2 balh apardlmen wilh cov-
ered oar porle and glao enclosed
porch. Lois of room for en.ertainig.
1$38.000 Unfrniched. MLSC.4144.HE.
Coll Ben F. Galee, AOociole


RerTnl rling of firll floor sinlle bedroom, 11l
both. tow ..o..menf and low loxe. Uced very
liltle eince new. Full recreation laciilie. Con'l
laot o Sf18,500. (MLS-C-451.OA)

Outltonding view.. of the Inlracoolal hrom Ihi,
onradve -wo bedroom, two boalh aporlmenr.
Good storage wilh dock spoce for your boot.
Only o shorll run to Ihe Boynton Inlef. Priced for
ImmnEdlote sale o S33,000. Occupancy upon
board approval. (MLS-C.468-.OA-W)

iilIlalLl CALL BELLE" ,a 0 ... e. .e ..n M RKE
Irl.|,l ,ll I ..c...00. ..... .. ..ONE GIV~US A CALL ET
276-729c 271r4e1.41 PHONE DICTATIION M I T.A U rl(f We Icr, ell und rhodle o EVAlee Tm fc Assel
1T Si..0hIeJi i cn m .d r.esenI,.r,.adI.A,, __U_ H
NEW LOCATION D A" ..o.' oli ... iR UiGIOe 1 11 .
AND ?IT I 391-2221 0090 N. Federal nHW,
r,,..menh On, c.r O* eC TSASIRE PIT RDOE SL I. R .,e S CIR EIO I OC0 278-6548 Ecl. 3410h e
l .I A P rT. e; d l h i 1 '" ,'1 1', .l l ay and yne ild |IaOl S .N D I l I .AY .lII. I
DILIAY T[e SURGEON .. 1eaeb|I re cydr ANDsno SNY Be E1 N .
276.9997391-.2221 .. ; Osoi'CoY .,d l 0 121 A.e.. a'.. o ITg-A 'lT, 0 . -'. ,..-.. I ,,e..
Eel. 3410 Dao BoecI Ft e Laudhedl Imm AIIrodo l 1u eaunl 5o i)llIii iR I .
SI.R1, 390.0101 739,o-6330 s e ce -11. e,- Id ,.l .... .. .. .
9p rapo a I Ie rm E on rll AV Z 11T, 0n e WI. -
NCWT oll.a) I 41A bolLlla ii I Ia Tl r LUiI I lllT llTllfU I II MA ylIr'ale Uee lr ne
M. E O ,R T IN R, 4; h mlnlimm. ,,
NEW TWO bedr 2. I bath. I L- iTO SEASON. 1*a- USp UIINITIEIINIa 10 1 2.6 __ AIin.-'el AIAL'WIC UNT'
.enAr So II.nklaly A iIIoD h. 15l- W AIeI mllA T IIIIK i' ATII BI U AON
Iu.a.l orra yrol,- tIIaltne yearry. eO S. L 1 Yen ClA: llf. l . YOU CAN RENT
A doll,. men i, Ielle r wM 6 n IIe ma nemloe ,
,. .n I, P0,,1 n, I m 'I lllr l AT nI.1S8 V I. III1 VOU AIIE NOT MING
vlry .. i T edRillll EE T11 m lumllcnd pa.rl. '--. MEDIATIE SAI.. II.l-kW, IT. I A0IAIYT S0 AVAIL.
Ill ...,- N IS min, UUIlle, lnluded, 2116HllIUIAAIlraclleEIl _____________ I'llONKIHrIH. AMILK fVu IIOEDIATEI UR-

k1101E1. ESlTiATE No 6 E12 e pTrnmlrA 21ET1TTF s e ePARTM200 Iri 15.0205 f l. e '10EWKheIK APFINTS
=lld1TlllfI'ULI.T IUlINSIIEll1 qYrled Ilnele blole Io 1'8- FAIT II0l OI'TAIE eVer- 2IB1126 ll-lHNK AIenrkfl. l t llP ,I
drIlioni lnollt. 1 10 I T'l ipI li i II I.01. NVlI. SWu ---.. 9--T JO N B2ANTING
n1 6 bdn Avll thle 10 r 6 21 "12I0 oy 1412 01 iv efl o Sly IM I IOe. ..l INceATIVGT
IIL11KIILV doplee l.pU. Acell nI. I cuIM 11 11 ImA u1 In'EILONAL STOIIA lE 6 H2 1 Y1 IAT 6TOI' L FUKRN SE PRI. E .lAre.
rilth a nr h rilolu nl bah llle pd Ihlo Po wne -- caqieRr, RE ALd El Pe
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1 blll, rleoll.a le. are l Ro flO- SSMlll Ii dml I'ITI IW Nl 60dm I" E l. I1
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IR b i /lipeC ler r, n.r e *lmne Soery ronlyrd'ed r I n1 21010n p. II.ld IIt &e To edO I
'N0i6TIN IoID Ledril telIla .llluT m hllo n, ToIl tm ilnin.nle prOroe Son l e 1 i Wllrlnl bce St. caro Sercs o'. r" y

l HS a e e $700r na, .FI l r ForSa le Ir rlr d13lll00 01 Ibeallnir W o 2 TF I
-II ---IU1,A --N ~ A ilK Te ne me.nle2 m N1 WI y d ol le_ -- r_ _, ln d Do_ .l_ d h l_ B. LnuK 4ncr n l po o U n ,e e I. VAN
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h, or."m ap.r lll, 9 i1i PIE 1101lolle .J1d21 nrIi 1 0.e 0 0 T TOLr 0 OIISM
A11T00 Ullnrmm Tr "Ii' .-. ..2 .1 A I L C 10

4121 Niel83-2UN I D 0afi2e21L ef l1 POINTjl 161.1- To'si d
,'.se..i. IB. eri and hrl Tee lcien p8 11149i04l ,.Alc Il 0t onV, i dm. 1808

.01 rlreIOO eprlulne Sn W -0 W iOT IIe.R IT 00110009 --------- 11 WASI` OIIE Tm Os 'eornld mrs. h e rm 6N ortl sok
RnE1r.En Adll, l- P U, m1 moSWD- 0 2.lT Vt. a d i IE SE nmloe.le n eor 2eO 0 0 2. 1 00l b elA, Il.lll. N!.d1p 1 i mleU NOR, a I t"t 9 GookTo ITol El Ar

-ion l' ller n i t 2 21 ,gD1Om 4 lder 01110 eou r cy. leer Tup ine, 1 2911srI DA ,50 O Icw poe 2111411128 211 IT.- end IIIGIL I D le4yto -
-I a -----al, --- L rSI l N1 2 I 7an.d. 2 ree nl d COea0 l hetatl OiR 9 92 8 n L w 1 F e b e l l ie[h2 Aull elu r r L, IoA ,lRIbnA Le

NIVII111 0,1 1m t IUS~ UUl.S. ITSeOA Ap . to00 P.rll1i. 4I 1 Pl deromll nIe. 1 C lI. A1V d oel l.d 1l 1NyoOOISIV9T
lnd ernlenlcd Anines AeM der l h, Woe. wlurni. F 2-In BTFO BLDR 0o2 dum n2 II On 4.1e0 llc4no cleTehl d2.7cIVeIoI e n 1 w.
erlle.180d, airllNI r .h lol;z R4E ____4______1 r___

-- mRAL Pe ,n Coe.11meo rl h IerS 100x15 iLMdicepd ito Fio rnel bhnksW SEE ds Fo o s R
TWA 1. On Oi OTl Trl Pl LprrnIleL wf h b ro m, I IA PSI ll lO e S sn
el, s me rd lub fl~siloled,6- 1.001 L oeD A 200, els Pml oal .1rt 'IONoi p El sE AI snn Ar fi, a I

l..I. II lind! Loli ol don S dlllogl aE E
XlAsc l0 ,.1220. 011Y iU 2.14 EV ik.O- eNi lO SA n Tw-g-R bt, rd. Ir 11~al -nd 1 1.. INt.AITIR

Im 1- in Ps- econ i S TUDIO AF nT r a Afl ld SE Gi, TOD OM INIU

THE = RUL" PLUMS koee. pool home, 10T oepdlT onn IN "RrOJLR ESTATE Eolsp,,oonl ..... APARTMENTS

kitchen. Ioroe recreodon room 33.n4 with Aeouti Owner. 27- m87
ul......... Commercial ....... os Wl.. .RESALES
areo. 2-car Tsr alo ino. Lts ol oloo Wr o
oo AM.2 H I1 01 ,il.0 AEa9 in Ih ic E--- SE A TERS- AND I
001112 172,000 SIN p.V


Enjoy The ocean view and watch the yochts crui.


.. pnd dofnlth lrkcosofro h nTnlh loor
Sd Io bedroom ..on domimr idEn.E Prcod To GRACEY BROS. so lANIc AV.
A lovely Ihree bedroom o/or den condoRminium for 1 e$ 173,000. unfurnlshed. (MLS C-485-BW) le D' ELSOy
.ole, wilh a opociou living room, dining area, # e .01 0 1 2d1.Tning
Florida room. and Iwo full boalh, exlro sloroge n Pj iOdlmeC Kt.h.,
space. Coustom drapes and cOrpeling throughout, EosO E A. De r eoy _ _ _ _
a noew wondoor, an installed o.d
Sotsman icemaker, GE Roange with Iwo ovens
Al. in.d ind i t, .ll: l. d, nl m URBAN BEAUTY YOU WILL LIKE ITI
Ap1 Tilendmnium hi I ELU RAN BEAUnr ondroom h2 fo soli. oan S
llmy ilinch. Thlslmmaculale 2 Bedroom 2 BalTh beauty A delighTul 4 bedroom home ror lsle. Has 3
OasIoTow IMMEDIATEOCCUPANCY $55,000. with largo Fomily bolht. Heol and air condi io ningOnhoghand dry
Room, Ce..nlrol Hl, and ohhhh Yell 14 land. Well landcpod.Lon syl.em.CO.-
6 26 -i-ennd pool. How abu- shall and the onier 1o public and pdrivale school. Located at
ON OCEAN BOULEVARD FaPomily Ram asily orlo.ed o10 he 3rd 16 N.E. lh61 Cour b....n Silron Ae.. and 2nd
A paocel n a choice Ocean Fron l ocaon approval. Bedroom and Den. Do ll lo9 n EII2 A.. Fully equipped. Good eighbors -ho own
malely 260'430'. Fe reildenaiol un1 now bring. AhEl own home nd k..p properly IN plen.
oIng In Renlal In 1e Thi. ara .n. al l.w 1.11 mt NOW did Ashpe. Only for hr. delightful home I foar
Ideally localed for rndemlpm.ent under new ao. is Ih ne Tl o aqoire this lov.Iy 2 Bedroom for i Ihat the ..ed t, Soeoisae Florida
n in g o f D lra y 2 a lo h ha m e lfeo. rln g C e n tra l A ir C o n dil. or b e in e re a so ns. E ". lim i t a vI l b ..
90. $525,000 1ianlng,lg.7oe 5. 150 IT. 1. rem1..odeled in Sal. Price $38,900. MAKE US AN OFFER.
1970 lth new Klhen cabin, de.or ML R-1274NE. Phones.. 276-11 2711- 192.
ling "Eden"inyl life, hd m Dhorelll
COUNTRY CLUB OF FLORIDA Ihis neOr ih St. Bridge to Beach and only
Words can't deribel hhrgeous home designed $43,500. Pan... JOHN BANTING
by world famous Archiltect, Alfred Browning Park- Call Rollor
r, calld "Quil High." Lacoied on twelh ge HARLES F HILL, RI tor Ph.. 276-4 166
of beauli.ul Counlry Club ol Florida by which uCnHAL F. CHILL, NelOtr o 278-1492
purchase mll be approved. 5 bedrooms, 4 baohs, 278-4571 or 278-8513 Evel. 277 S.E. 5Sh Avenue
- Inside .- ullde 48x20' .wimming pool, el. Nalo. 475 NE iet St. D.lay Beach Delray Beach, Florida
roll ho. by appoinlenT. For more deoallEd
Inloermllon. cal
........ R v 2700 I sI D2 AGAIN! GRACIOUS

PLUM R ALTY,I n Two bedroom fram ho. In .oolhw., D.,lro y. SPACIOUS
MemoecI, Dee E oeh I Nice fenced yaod wRh fruit trees. Occupancy aon rc rl la deyhoed
Nme o|ehay e sah Iel. B 1end 1osoing. 1 i o
OrOnlyTOOW DI ASERi138PSW( oflyeedl.ce Idrooot, Olntr.
qprsinr ',a dcrl o 1Y a .y -lao nd.l O-lerdoning -.. noIernel...
dr, 0r1 nm1 .1f ioaIcb 12o ) 508,s2a iInde to-Ilep e.. and 4,o.

eels 2.-6 el.T neso4,

yece Sn requnrn ir a ;on nl y.... . o ren. |... 0 ay
iunlry z r, Yur roond e.ifdi In nMdlJrI ina c lor, cLInl
mmxypcEnolI S day we .-ed W of BUSINESS?'
rednae.B oB raim.oeB nokaehandcw 390-9S00
alrcel on ruatray ar qul- daeu oplen m or a l ,ptioe m w Bo x l X7tiv
,d mex | . lenee, IN ra ch ew Journw l (.11W BUSINESS111
un sno t n o .nen.rtao 1,tbi POnTATeON n FLOIDA STAT FLORIDA SIESS
110, i lmon. Ap L, ponil-y Enp Moyer n l. C i [ FINDERS, INC,
W ne. W.: For ae o.nteni I TUPPl RWA E unn c ne.
/ cumin needed ll sn Y. POuTER.D K

eoWN coclue rA n. mid,.
UIn "Ihed M,99300

h n inini SOBS
Citco .2 ,n O

27649 1

,BS 7U.S. IC Hwy.
Cal Dtrowin Gr
an b........ !,,


ilno, W Oef TE
Eight luxury two bedroom. two both condos under raciou slvingireoe WRp eriantalol.00x125'
consitruclion.OnlyS30 monlhly maintenance, Tw bedooa m, both. with seawall. Area of
fine homes, 36,000.
fel..l,. e'., EXTRAOE DINART Itl ee',u Seal..
12141. Alonrc 276-aIom 276.0890 l14i L Aoani 017M0l
anaaaaeenenanenann...a a0n0.a0a0a

Finn olde, home e d .our badraoo.s and In boasbl.o ..a.sfATLANTIC
Two floors. Ne CnlEtolAkho nd air. Wallto woll a i os m nontl oo b rea r
S(M .R107.B. o .r.d.c2. bo h c u2 O(MoLe -d
|MISdn/.B O n, y aG',_, IContnta2 Esthe Powellt. Annlnta
1214 1. 276.0276089 276-4191

$1 8,995

SBuy you a 2-bodroem condominium home*
no emotional or land lzae a complete
with swimming pool a central air
conditioning s wall-to-wall arpeling *
Individual garage parking (and much more).

.w. 12 s1tmTand COMommsS AVIn
U0MAT lEuca, FLA. 33444 Ph, 21.4712

Windemnertz tolusc
30 Coopemrlm Residences

250 South Ocean Blvd. Delray Beach, Florida
DlAOi/flly d/f,e l Apar.amenni and Trow..0 u,
lti e,aeiepn er..t..
A Oiend / Iu u iy. roin le enr inniuay
on jhe Onn.S zd.
FROM, S39,500

030 s E. 5.1 A DOl,.a
2oe 713i

When you "think" real estate . think "Baner." .1




64 North East Fifth Avenue (Fountain Sq. Bldg.)
Delray Beach, Florida 33444
Appraisers and Mortgage Brokers
Phone 305 276-7401 days

Consultation and Inspection Anytime Without Obligation on
Income Properties, Condominium Re-Sales, Homes, Acreoge

OneofDelray'smost pop- CROWN COLONY, 2nd,
ular apt. complex over- Ifl. beautiful 1 b. 1f, bath
looking the Intro. & close opt. w/drapes, carpets,
to town. Seasonal Gross appliances like new Flori-
$50,000. PRICE; do Room enclosed & over-
$276,000. Owner will looking pool garden
take back $207,000 Mtgi area. Only $23,500 . .
25 yrs. w/$68,000 down. a real buylll
O LY... .... Beautiful BAR HARBOUR
68 UNITS, directly on 4th fl. apt. large, well
Ocean, 400 Mf. w/lntro. decorated, 2 bed. 2 both,
frontage. Approx. many closets, close to At-
$150,000 income; Owner lantic Ave. $63,500. C-
will lease at $66,000 yr. 473 BW
net, net with option to buy . .
In 5 yrs. at $1,908,000.
May consider saole now & Spacious CROWN COLO-
ltake back 1st Mtg. NY-lst fl. waterfrontapt,
w/20% down, room for 2 bed; 2 baths, expensive
expansion. SORRY, PRINCI- w/w carpeting; $46,500.
Restrant on igwa ...........
S. ats 245, plus piw SEAGATE TOWER N., C-
S 9 .19' rontoge 485 BW Located directly
price $225,000. F, ncl. li. on Intr., southern expo-.
quar license & stores Prin- sure offers a gorgeous
cipals only . call Fred view of Intro. & ocean,
Breidenbach or Al Boner 2/2 w/2 porches, offers
owner all the luxuries &
10 1UNIT yearly entol comfort of true home;
apt., Delry 8, 2 bed., 2, covered parking; $73,000
1 bed. w/2 apts. furni In. unf.
come approx. $23,240. nanoe
Terms avail. Price:
PALSONLY ceoanfront; pleasantly furnished 2 bed; 2 both
2 YRLY. RENTALS apt. w/porch overlooking
JNITS, IV yrs. old; in- lovely recreation area
come .pprox. $24,000. and ocean $59,000 furn.
Assume 1st mg. MLSC-409 0
$108,000; $85 ma; own- .,.. ,o .
er owner will consider DEL HAVEN; in-
2nd mig. w/$35,000 ra-yacht bosin cew; 3
down payment. SORRY. bed 2 baths apt. in 2-
.'IPIMPIN LS ONLY Mstary complex; newly dec.
17 UNITS, 1 BLOCK oratedi glas encl. porch;
FROM OCEAN. well fur- pets allowed by special
nished in exclusive area. permission1 $55,000. MLS
$269,000. C-470 BW
Hoard Jonss Motor .e no.. n. ...
Lodge Located In Cen-
tral Florida, 200 Class A Large 2 bedroom, 2 both
motel units, leaosed restau. Ist floor garden apart-
rant, 60 seat cocktail meant. Large 9'x23' porch
lounge, swimming pool, completely enclosed and
343 parking spaces. Ap. carpeted offering oddi-
proximote annual income fionol living space. L-
$990,450.00. Cash down cated in popular Tropic
required $575,000.00. Harbor In south Delray.
Sales price $3,400,000. Priced for quick sale at
SORRY. PRINCIPALS ONLY. 532,900 unfurnished.
Contact Sill or Al Boner. . . .


ant 2 bed. 11l bath home;
central hi. unit air; sepa-
rate dining rm; Fla. Rm.
w/paoss thru from kit1
screened porch; garage
$24,000 . but owner
says moke offers over
$21,000 & he'll talk

2-story Beach home: This
charming Colonial,
just 1 block from beach,
consists of 4 bed/2 baths,
plus mold's room & both,
plus garage. $85,000.

Forest Hills; well-designed
2-story home w/panelled
Fom. Rm; breakfast bar in
kit; 1 bed.; now used as
den. .S51,000.

attractive Spanish styled
3 bed. 2 bath corner
home in Forest Hills . .
plus huge. family room,
separate dining room; 2
car garage . ONLY
$59,500. MLS R-1420 SB

2 blocks walking distance
to Delroy's Atlantic Ave.
shopping large 2 bed-
room, 2 bath home w/
separate dining room,
Flo. Rooml 39' living
room; 2 car garage.

geml well laid out 3/2
home with garage & cir-
cular drive . good
neighborhood, near Infra;
$37,500. MLS R-1365

Deiray Dunes Builders
model overlooking 6th
tee. 3 bedroom, 3 bath
with panelled den, family
room, and 2-cor garage.
Pool, enclosed patio. Club
membership required.

If any of the above properties do not suit
your needs. . call us. We have others.


We have good acreage and apartment building site
listing. Your inspection is invited.


'gc t. nunl Thus dc y April 5i, tc
BIENNTAOS 1- -cn or no osn.
t..t.c i '-i CARAVEL ARMS
;iStl 717 N.E. 1,t Slr..l
o O11Icchno I overlooking Patk &
ct Dopliutllco t I Adult RDeroaita Con'
At l I 5 tMr. Neare rnra oaelel&

] uttcttcttt' 1 heoDal e oenel sopo.
START AT Spacious furnthed one
TATAT 67 bedroom and efficiency
2 dofit ,ttw AtMocNTc cpartmectc Mto. Tuhckr

278.5514 9A
.... sswsoooso m sly LP" em, tety
A A., ,1o--me : eldiri Body. Otrnd (or=
________ Yer rod Mull dAIe
;lldpWylttdMslt.Feme t Aeto 10 oeld. write Box It
'ttd s tA IS StiLPTO pin cAb.1im t

-. .=^' ,':.:,cte.o.'i ;'s";.IT
II clot AA"t AN PFcolr

lil Servn-aiei e.r .Atheld tag0 over N NhE. Apply Cromi
SILA. dIhn ar TlHil AP I e ach RTFi
t. 1ny i Apply P o e c o Eytn rincn O I

I eipehd prefated Delry TaR
IdlyiLe& Lawn buowe So.p. 21. Mult hIve eipehnce wah NCR
-- -------- Clll Strl i nm will.
i,t,.-, L~o a l" i d -d April IS, tti It 7:
,.tt .,,,,t .,-1t urt iig Cty HI ll ed1llm (oio
S PAThOLMAN ne1 gtlll. Csly t aiL Eip
t'andlaIlIS ot't 1 all mini c E. Second Ave, ynl
.dtti, *o. ..sod FULLANDpart tImewluelu.
u Ag Ie tid hol eAl P A Am. 0e work
dcl I Apil

5 1Fetlll.1. Nisa i wllI N ibeL 9& *
lie held Apr, I IB, UtT *I .,O-
ii]. t ily all Ii JF i lor TRJM CAJ PE olEH t
tlln April m1 o3e Apply M p"ro to$ p Onllly y rk.
du ettand bAv... Bon ton ureqL ed.FX B anm. .190 ,
tetichtttt Poll oi t .s revlab t -7 p.m. ts S (clel

RENTAL i.oHov. Ii
oNw Hicto Mob,lt Hemt
12 large bedrooms, | lea
Crls Apantment a. da 2o bulht AOr ton
GliAon acnd tlcohom. d.lnn.d plus atgo poole
ourcy Oe and two od. t P.Aell .oa:d ont, .tw
aom patlmnlt. Colta, owt totncM.ed al
V. Sinc I onlh Aduln, onl
I (,o ++ro, 1No PHI
tO I. Allnsttt ccoettl couse boh

ho P.Alm Boulh TImel hal n let oad dmnr, Stlurdad =
nelltet ooneeMipy tar s det Sunday, Sunl ae t 3I lor t rott
undablie Miut with Iranport. It TIom bett oe breatlo t
toIon tsA yen. y lv Dy ah, an dinner i your o. lie i
itre reovalble tem noot to do yhal y o pcae. MAl htI
i mn. tondcy thp FrAdac P nd y,4 tr, Mult be sinlei or divorced
o aAm tuNday ad y Salary till be dticede Ct
ontect Palm ueach Time. -.t 1 Icu cit _
.T4 jTFP
c Sri ____ CAiIIYNTYI. part lirc, on
.. nton Beach l ioe i e n .climo Heplon bollo.
i- ii i .I agln tar h e a e yo apartmet ditc. doea
,,?. ', "s 1 t muel tl. mn p tetm nllrepalt
cAo.o, ohtTOPEoATO7H0 H y I Ee' VA.c Mr L.e
wein Plot W.oIot. IL mi, y
'o l da r o i 9 0 P H e ydc cl n jh e B d ei t o'd d
tyork tot ln Wae l ot ti elo oc icytlc tO ohonic
Satic H 0M0 et "IC" "Jie "yt o"ic lo to'lac
icalol. Otrn siale of t y W or te ou el

hats, Plant ertc acC, edacAPAs
Optu ootesitcik eM Pt. isdrli., P setS
octn tredttoyo Pot teo, ,
r e' t. A n td All. tlnt "a" to''. a plc P .osi
ntolon ctact P5011 on
GrAmAl, Coly H tlt, Bonnie CntAbm nnIdM ele, rm le
ALESPERSON NEEDED I Del t ovtcnt uOn ientorlcA
oy DOes olt & Contry CTib to Od -40o c4i
111 toy Seetoys, Gowl eatoy. -------
itol2otTl7.cri pm (141 O-Business Services
0K, A tees Yea, ct bSOa0
NW dPve,,Boa 1l',^ 0.0. An.acont ,is ponehee, ce~tn~ycs, poee
ETIBED O0 SEM[.B& *"11. CU1 l IM-M1 I11 4. FNd
14 ___________ ___ lmtneeoo '. ccTom
tY~tOE 00 cE~t 0 _. sltt oit O oro.t It. Pe_
'TOED, Eucclll dak cnd Yr irall inei. lln ..mi..5
tly woI A.oeen 224 hour. 10.Merehandlse
eMob Pen syor ppon ail Ns1 c -
Tcloc~nttcc~ cci o.0.

tasi iousehddP r

MrAtou'l tllnlel en. 0I1 E, cork eor tnclt Coit M7-2BI
AtacilcAve 1o41 'lrtan. 14-121

I Looking flor good perienced

If you fit this description call



5 A K Sp-cM.ou A boAooc. 0 both Met, c tfotly laoA nIth
T E snref wr 0 ACRES dsehAosa HHied p"eh. 1 cor goglewd ttI~
ARES o,.d Ic th. hoe .. JUST STEPS TO THE OCEAN humotc. p ci oMIS .. M I
Stoc,. cc Htnte tooth. 5 Bsoycte BSoch's WMlwoard This o> a btoed nco (ndotoioum In dltlrobt o Contact Et Powell, A
a,m. t.cht t Both poth Eopaeo, Pto ly uldtesd Coty Ocn 2 d, o Contact Either Powell, A ocialte
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i, es. oo Ny. Dy u te oilo .t "S *ohCi AMc o, toAor BEN ADAMS REALTY, Realtor
E ,o,S ,.d cpsloc, AspeoHP .76- lt9 2

Ior EN ADAS REALTY, 276-4191

THE TOWN OF GULFSTREAM A. Doetah me Woll ostblishd BEooty od. h* I r, gead
IOLP VIEHBAME. Oclycococ epacceoon Hisgc CoraC al Rock Salon in fincot Beachlo- Imma cutoet t nd on o Sowelcl
GOLFVIIWAPTrS. Only seven portmenhs Ground. Eautifull cation. EXCELLENT BUY Ioag ls t in the chloct
$56,500 Up. 2bedroo s, 2 ba'h n Iond'caped 3 be. tr E9,000. furnished t ac to c Askin ue.o 529,000.$
Elseata,, Cce d per.ic pdps s le 0 u c
Inter ComSecutitySy te room, baths, dinen For complete icnficrm-a 1 t f 5.ITCII. asiOosl.os..s
OverlookingThe Uttlo Clob wroom. La s Icedg ti S o. TEN RL' TT, 7. .
GollCouce coac ath Ficploies. BEn RBET I Oo.9f 47a c 278.3383
BERMUDA CLUB Onlyp ighta po.rtments Spoa i ntc t Ic.c I.t.' H eh o ..t ... .
S52,500 (Two unitt buildings)l Game coam. 2 patios Phoe 276-6018
and All 2 bodraos, 2b hoht eith wocndll ocean 1126 E. AIIonkb Av.. FOR SALE
$55,000 Hotod Peo l, Cabana eth caune ae -es. Meon hitche, ONLY ONE AVAILABLE that has a kitchen n WITH A
Spactuc and. cel pd are uc. N sh c ao, hceS t and cr WWNDOW. A a2 bed room, 2 bath opartment in
incpe El thou aondominium to n cid c. Nothing cand-lancd wn t hba. foar 0 walbing distance at chopc.
eomparobl in. tbe ha BEST OCEAN FRONT c ErE ta o Tet
HOW SELLEE FORIMIEDIAnTEOCUriAY BUY ate 5$1.000. i- Bnappoitment pleaR
c, d.bSlc T. DO. Cl u L S wirE IBKVT, IHD. IN' i 14O, S.c *oidsnltal
BIE D n s.h OUke lot wllh ncluerl tandctp. ExclusiAt
Pcldg.. .Msse., Phone 276-6018 (c '"nood oot it t'* GERTRUDE II. CASSILLY
830 S t In ..t. no 112 6. A se th Avc 1oe 120 E ,RAell

AN AC IOPI OcY iUt.,Ip.d nilH l OlJ hielJ'iTi.idiiOiNIL Days, e27.I6 tste 7669n0

thsic,......c.omoee, ane.iohcoatoo, .ct.att ,. "'e SE OR hiscB SEEOUR
ypo.;tld tht,..hut. Mis liopt.. A lt. doln. spo,io] cdenin,.. .,p,.ul MODE |caicc
s.c or h 0o0ghou. h aM pp. ni...d..u..,ti o. ot. .oa .e-.T WATERFROaNT
sCI | lo o -sC"s sac M+h" ali er rl. ..... j | UP1E
tEI. OITMi RM.27~l.A9 ByEA[ 1 Boat Two ipocou 3 bid

27Po3709 2et1 ncc a A .
7 | dRko l mlno pool

ArItls, compose hobbypit or a bu7y executive
will tore Ihic lntacaatial waterfront home wilh
a ery unuluol den which oller privacy and
eu eon rom o reat thC hoe. The two
floor ceiling with a gallery and spiral etaircao
enhance he creative atmophere,. Breathtaklng
view of the waterway from nearly alb the rooms
ond pool patio area. Thick two bedroom Ihre.
baolh home I inmoacuale and In perfect co.di.
lton. T.o car eet oge eo in kitchen. Sheen by
appointeenl..3 15,000. (MLS.R.1377-NEW)

278-62 lANTIM


2 b*dtaoo.. 2 both.
9tond fleet epellts.
iUnucolly pnll otoiad.
Itt aL .ho Rct it In FO(
-bolhr.ooi, oad Ion.
c tchslid OtttheaTtt.
BAth,. kitchen nd ped h
tarptld. Daplii and
roo t.atoeo imiludid,
.Mu0 bM i1d,



Bu*o Raot, Flordo 33431 a t

39S.I83 (Day) ,,
3099-5922 (Eve.) oT-,..

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^ r Cuirom-bu it, ^^
| Ifi t I M ,ar| .14.1itl
I, A Al- l| Hf I H Ati ".. dkl Mifl ,
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4 3 an S Bln u 0 W. 21 -l e
s D"'o, I .

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HomEs on oliA. d p,.
A, i.. o pt
high Income -m Ir ital i1
dlftod Coc,co tradt d.-
mopt, land MO. 1eh h-e.
*ll, .t. toe .. d t. doH


Wants quick sale
3 bdrooma. a bth. ot
I, aorec HtOI and oto, Co
tree. Stscoed poatond
reitmt b ltoot,.. c7,in .

smn Icht, cIIo
732-1201. ra 732.l

SBtduom. 2 both hacs ForpSa.
on canal oil th t tcd OIl tEU .ct o olo,
In mid SW0. C-.'ly >o.. I ,1 ibt0

Conll ReBAF Slo 89B
Rlndolll Ak cor
To. Slyers
276.4191c 070.33g3

uxurioul 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment.
Completely lurndshd in a distinctive location

overlooking Intraocoato waterway and
Call Sam Mohn, Assoc.

IeeM lI sahld Fm. -IH 1 nec llanoi tor Sle
FOR SALE, 7 drwer Bachelor* SLIGilTnY USED BIRD Mark I
Ch.d 4Muti] NMIrlo_. Prcel hig a CANIEt-
2 1ltiafler Ino ,tF

rmorcallencuaouriwb^me l $10l,
iwyT. Deloy. Peon 00.000. ci aondclnorotOlls
it-1 ttelvel.alntlngl, OO
Ct.h dI nt 1.eo 1'do All tlles e ne and sWtnrt
~I1 Tele l"dloBl ueranld Ine ns aallabte
TELEVISIONS ftor ule. 1" Col u ddplaoy Ior yor Io.yctton at
or Palntoe, 0l61k snd WhMlt Unclaimed FPeight, 40t BoAd
Slvirwone, CAl 5 pm c -way. b "l a o st, wP
.op o, 1 ________ __ .te rd i'r.. S. I.TFI
0.50 or Sol 11-tMoblle Homes
COMPLETE tunOlhlp al Travel Tramiler
duo. nOdlictn Ineror Lke i141MoNi'libTemL'r.l "
oCell blwcn soend 00,00. 7
E131o ) Ii0 I0 10 bedroom, to bati,
GARAGE SALE. Cloahn.e ihe, comer of Milcon Bell d P.-
handbgs. jewhty. 00me, diul. Ntorhent Pld in .
coeo. dilhoetc. Saluday 01, Lowraice Rold. Yeary
AM N.W Ard A-e 11411 IndI.. 7nlB jTFI


Dignified ,aIl opportunity. Age no barrier.-
Eaorn $100 o $400 por mbonlh. porl lime -
$600 to $1,000D, lul-l-ime All supplies let-
nched, no charge. Na doliverlo c mbake. Sell
onewal custaone, and new propoeat whao
wrilea aling order Irlonmallon. Dally commi-,
slonc ptus monthly and quarterly honus. Medl-
ccl insurance and vacation ptograml. Be at
area oepteen atve for HIGHLIGHTS FOR
CHILDREN, he award winning publicaon for
children. Phone Mr. Frank Lacioa 305-923-
128 ator write 2517 Floecher St., Hollwood,
Fla. 33020. Include personal data and phone

Dealership in Delray
Apply In person
EnglnorIng Machine Co.
13438 N. Military FTal
(on mlI nloh ofAtlanUlc)
Delray Beach.

i TvO l Tlltn.o Tom mpern 14-Automotive
LATO s2 CunUt Air tavel
trailer, d Plte mode Flly Oh1R AulcorStet
ieppetcln, MUlt I l g c rth

hcTe. BAt up ins hbeaoMel NP, c Fralihey, OOU LtR
park wllh semmloi peol. Co. luw daon piyelnal We
ntl air & hee. Complepely r u, anc Phoe Ta2.ct5oi TFi
Nluhel, illS tIr m rsoe. AdulLt.
c --- '69 OLtMOBILE t Con
12-Marno Boats tile. T1e with While top
ae nTllhl Trune k e .D
'3,000 mlLd IliaS, cnen.1

010 CIIHIS CAFT Ntft abind

pMR, o lteDrn 0 0. Teo tic0 e. cith DltSEt

Rn CIIEAAA. OOL o 000 Iot
112651. Atlo.c Ac A l, W.N
Tel. 276-6018 SiP 4 .I. Atslc.4t "




Inlratcatol Condominium
SPotisut Wso WHdotm., 2 bolh (oa o apd io(tol on llltl Ilcct
t tltlo ltn1 inttabsl oal tmolt ty. cllt txllos a(ludod diooe
1on .r..lioi, Odluxe dub hoe), B Koa Io pr11HIM .(... Bluth
Pnti S4,O1 riLS (.4630gAWi

Contact J. L Potltln. Also.






1 d

Ld-anlo bedroom, 2 t hom. with. cri dind Fishing
poolt. r hly ponin.d Inilde and oul.
Aking .,139,00. (MAlS 277NW) is Good
Centael J. L PanllOa n, AII..
BEN ADAMS REALTY, Realtorpr r nm V n .
oMt.t P01 OuatndIoilldyPerk
276-4191 On inh e lvhd o Ilcae,
weekend. In COnservntaln
CHARMING sh 01 a
3 bedroom, 2 both honM lacoted ol 2105 S. bhti i ndla2llO a s r 'e
W. 131h St., DaIoa Naoch Thil hsmr. cnn renid thcomni t ever ` di. y
re re cycle, cenra/heal n air, and o fully ind i u ater X ia
once din back yard. Mult aee Io appreiane a conn le se
$30,300,(MLS R.1384-S) dInnyd 3tly w it In
Ci Scimn Miohn, AM.lo. hd X I n h anSa'ga p.iIA
DEN ADAMS REALTY. REaltor Wa hi 1 Bw
276l4191 G... Rtietonsi PIh inl
----tad- li. ed Jin. some ex.
1141 Atmh ISladal 1144dn1 Iorsale atllml niS che oh O l biyt
Ai.. a i. l. m I ni ro nisra is
7It PONTrAC CATA"NA, Cal 1 Vw SUP" BEETLE. Air, k -i
Iota p,Lliene.Lowmlle|e` neml, ndth~l. dlet codlUon. ^ ic wi W i u On, doh i n
lYOUR AUla bERVIg Sha 'NUM I. jil Ind jdp W ll tAhe
adryg in 'e Cluied et HONDA ChB 4 MO. 1 s71 Mai t taN hi Saw Grin
tlon. Dill gTli lar in adwl. in. Mat gU. Cad S'. Ula week Iltuded an IelhlN
Ith55s l| wfi I4)1 pWundi's aounlca bu iwu
SA 1cn e BthS k Worm I Ted
State Authorizes Ed,-b a's.a
Land Acqu id lk Jio h irPt both
Land Acquisition ..

lnbtJiinrul, flurldOy, April I, In L. Pnie 11
Business Review

halit Iay, 0i liy Adcer. ,1 ,. . ,, annd I t ope r

u IU ............ EI r s i. ". *
linahlave tdrradcldo

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ins nhr ul MIn mnaaahncrcl,."a
I )earn H palm pach i y nei P .....i i. t ay i 1 i'
grain lirector, Prudusilal

M---h-.-n an d .l .. m. ber yhiBo nrdolOpr ." ,,, I, ,, |
.-Aw .1A n nwM.1I
z Li mnathrtthe Fouarth li[safc. o1 '
TilE CLUBHIIOUSE s Villa. Del Ray. now iader coanlruilthn, I ha vthae n he w nriat h dne rln KENTSECURITIES
p.1.l of I0 e eanfi hl Pitt r1.ldn.i.1 communally. 1 .erlknia I-ole ioll F.deraUa lie in. Tlanltu A na brokhage nn. KAi
coura ', adj acen ts ear iela s nealr nd cond olminiaui ha meb iea ihe Betier Bualne arauu of i Sac rilin tnc., will be hnpsing
Palm atch C ou.tI and winag i ll lti In Muritn ha B rsc
CVIChIloaan hi Ma hrgatih. Hl.i SoaulhFdaral,
O u e tt Cn-MI. IIa ins M la 4 ia In snind hyFJiIM
Villa Del Ray Clubhouse .....I. .d In..... ..S.
P.IeSothln y. eve r d f ir-~e) fPln l ~r
dealATN =w e eIlen An idd Is rei
Features Spanish Lines osBINAUseo 5 o'hy f
Conltutim'Vlp Itemhm raIi n Uditni ceSllalny ela rir ailyehIA'
CIe V aitiha h hI. In a.h t loir I n A natlo ia Villa n I y atda l' ta ldah lie ulon r da I M, r il opn e O n rkta Ia Ua r
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A ra. fh a ntolar. II "n io. and I. ha... r M th e laid. al 's A i yArS M l g= oVf. -0 r li esi rie
s sds'si-^ri';5Ky>'"; ysrtCaaiha PStata i. na"tl~isslat,
amlisi Flarihaesasiilgt,& :.
alsan. ~~olTl r. l~~r~ned aolla y ae Ni. lcatpias thn elas ea and~h elcincne t t g Isalur he u ll lhead is' aitorh pisie Th ml ieUona l aportia as Catniaindte oidan. uIi
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visep i~llalhaihy, pall, trsindea d5tl geat Coednd hiaa L athbll da un F A pin Vel, pri o I K er s rilwin l.Alt.
hanlaulbd hwwIh h i a rbhlrounai. isa oli etn S Villa N p hl oal gh M aNd:nnd y,A M wh h ii, lbs s tasiss I hi ashni
pai s & ci hato atds Iaoness s .i itsnina

wil ov woynS ld I than-""" other!^!; larger -"f^*i.ny. ,
AndtSl al. PH wl il n Id C b Mo elsl
seIda Itn ats e SIS w hl pndt 1a' a Prs Inted by lllal a lg to "eia haa
lnipglitlp F s riaia, t- ytheiloweinr heagaiial s p at,
'afltanhin nlldl rland lor idellpa l Wymanr tre Pk o ldai rnet yinlinyac Parl arclai n lU i MulaalhI. nh rai thi,
uutm ehalndn oediinm l. heIu a tainuiv lI. Vrilla4 cl h i r allhaOyl erlMin l ty. patenaeaila tradeatoAf
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dlMl.e. d g roo ilm iid ig S ot n. iiilleabdou d t i h's m mainsB an l abroia. a i te r a uind ntie r ly irna id'n li aIi Ur

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5lsc aredhlilaliUn( AU home. Aoint i e a li bedroo. S a e erta inIn pansgeradeldal
on' u. aa .1. a Coloni dr anl Cba oa ell i*na ittn Bhola
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atr tat septla nitNJb Oih S nae l y, s'se ha
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- M... Furnished in 'Livability' ..
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Furnished in'i abilim ty' I.Ie Bv

W aod W ha paist w ha I la .h Pa adrontm eodel, wh-i-e n A 'An. "pli P,
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Thl t N thhh n Own intag h yrtoa h ch r oathh r ha id id citamohat ella peh. Mara l eltand.Fla.



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Pal It, s -.Jor i, Thuri y, April s. 1]



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5.75% 5.91%

Preemium Premium
Golden Passbhnk Golden Passbook
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Term is 2 years ... T erm is 2 years, .
Rate is 5-14% ... Rate is :/ .. com.
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deposit $1,000.;%. sin illsns l del|rii

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