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Delray Beach News-Journal
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Delray Beach, FL
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )

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BEACH N. ratW. iU

htTT1 YEARi NO. 41 thFAldb.

LEON M. WEEKES filed for reelection at 2 p.m.
Monday. becoming the ll.r eBndidele Is ihe 172 oily
council election to be held Tueidy, Deay. .. DeadlMne
for I1lIng cendldaoes Is h p.m. Oct. 31. The term of
Jok L SaounderN aoeeplre hbyear.

Weekes for


Leon M4 Weeke. S cIty
Iuclman (or the p 'I .1
earl. tled for re-e
Monday becominclol Oitt
m"nfldtto t in the 4l7y'1
Ceutrl elein to be Mld
=e.5. i JollIe DaisO wa
named hin cepalle 0ret ur.
1. addifion to .ek.*. Iosn.
oilman and former mayor
Jack L. S"unden' ler will
abo expire at lhl od of 17i
unless they are both re-
e.eted Sounden 5ad he 0
-undlecided" bu I vin It
Weke laid hoe wanta to co-
0000 hl. 4e01ce In 04B0 to
prou orMard with work at
Zroboota ilote by its Osrreit
-tfnt I. ocoly.e our 0010
isorwrd OS qoetly ai poolibto
00 the Sewr Irealmitt plan0
and to otrsin tertlri tital-
ment. a. well i to tnvmtlgete
.t t lor oulid wtle do

Matlne tot or "Iro rvin
a rlty't rsreaeltot (Kill-
tIe *nd aompleionn ot the

the Palm Beach -souny
0b0e8 ot Munletlpallles and
at1ve In the Del7y Beth
oard ot ealot the 00e
Club and the CGomber o0 Com.
meic. having lervnd u pml-
deol all three oraell. lloBi
silce amnIg to Delay -each
Born In Atlanla. Weake,
oadtted tIrOm Emory til
venlly nujorin, In ecnm.
. 7e 01. nero0 Week. Re
alty Co. In... a member oi S.
FaPlYs Epopal rturch and
he and hi wie Wlde with
their (our children ,t II NW
eond Ave., Delray Beach.
City Cetek 0M0 hlallsn Yaloi
repoted that i of Monday. no
tieelse had t0acled her re-
garditg _1n0 or the forth
00mn1 coti s election or the
The general ellto wMil be
De. unles 5 o T lhn (our
candidate tile by the e pr
Ot. 31 deadline. Should m
than lour candldslt Ile,. Mn.
Yale So a priory 0elti0on
will be hold Te rday.No 1i



Gas Tax Penny Directed

to Mass Transportation
Sodno. t p- 'y care- o
Bear guideline1 and eo plcll Acilon rollowed a pmlnl pro ety00000 cared lOr lt
Iltoe o 0onneinn wllh a roe Mlllard rIbard do. wekd O dalil 0N0
hov Afendum ro .nddl. rbing hioell ai a tao payer all.e1gaol ad Animal Co1l. l
1O0l0 perny per gallo luel who0 oroe otatl ol any tlotor Philip able 4 aid a
tax 0 the rnoty for ma newob licensed veled000an thcl
t mrtatln was ditled Che titLt periodically lie
T Sept by CoNty ".._ hit ay s a Id Ihe do04 were dclarid
seeded Ie i t Ir -rla d thINeve
Commlasinen. need eoded hueaia. he said. eteinn rooted thee po lio
b0010 Blot d l lmhs? 11101 isoh sloo
addinI tia the Civl ob sl. o
Chlirma loboert F. Culpep Act preveled any dgsnatl .
per ald ItI w "lmpeBirve' ol hltng nblaah. while or any -Tok ol*or to 0l0n1
0al 00e10 kno0 where e 0he r race. Salo 0 oiling the i ,, t r 1 . -
0 Iey 0lt bAe ori hlere ,t ad Florida Sl i ,,
he rout bulbs. Cocl. reed wllh Iltoard and .
r. W. iBudl Wearadded om ded thalth Ihord re ..
lhal Ihe boals m uare the clnd he SNOpt I Rtie
Pofle Ithe oey will be N sed' ., ... i -.
"ooyilorlwrportalMi, 11.0e 0.mmi0 1 also aoirerod .**"- ,' ...-..
to cob the Are Pl.anls
During d=lulto Coma. toard to hold a ipe'al t` aSe
slbr tobert C Johnoo iug- g lto reconsider endoremel
glled tha tol ida s totdat of 010ot by 100f oca -Leonar thal the Onotel
$11 TTdllinn ayyear lI voterim y pareelrr orpublimead. depar~tlisa I ngapplt.
approve Ihe reteordum, be jlrlntlloterousrtynodDu Wetio par.-time Jobi
earmiarkedloreneiilnllnt. Bol Park aJupiler. Plannl" d I1m p000 over 0 rai
elud0n0 ht aenlt In all paris board mtmbeh loot wcok de old. 0 00slted by Joluto
ortbetOly. layed 11o o0 Ihe 1 do0e- an. d approved by ihe lull
met needed o apply lIr led(. hao
Road b4tldn0 possibly would eral. -blehn0ld -000d bid_ 1 o a ,
be A ialI Inactor ram Ihe ex- bare opetor al 1lade Alr-
t o0e cu1 1.1 lur, acmtrd. Inootherbinrw theboard portO Pahokb Coord 0eam
in tlo Couly Atto y Mikeo
iimall. bul only o hiNhWay -Appred 0 I" -0e Or.ol B 'le 0lde1 wa t he
bod hewed or 04t0. a0000 elth Borhohlre ma. eppopNt rest bidder A01000
Cseurthtot A tr: Cs0c will oh ar'"revnueiotlhec0 v
0e l Sm to 0000 0000 01 -Ite100 0 public hosine
The 0081 alb o rindedac tWrier tdy Itt the ttl 0 c h
l It We. ot At I. Jo ios i r slyte ileestrrwlll o n I
w nrtcated forhlaoo or--h1evloym0t 0out ohe Palt m

er inpernW In cane rllngr 'eoal 0T"700
Ihte prvlou vOe. comml- -Iltoled n blem al he I ,, 1- -
lle" r-allrmrd co ty poll. Ahit nt tl Crlener C t, r .. h. ., .
y eqt l Job ylppoi- ti ulleai. o i r o by In.Ln I. .. .
Ior ll rW that lve pupp, we ntick and -eluprnl Boarde



County Approves

Increased Budget
A 8.Kh0 hodgellor 11o. wlth h,.0 Inhom0 teadex
iai 1B1-7? Sai been so Ior emp0l0l4 wll b peayingr 10024
, 1, 1... ,. .,.. . toU .y ta o the ls.100
oOsther taed id by t r nly
P0000 00000510 45Ly shol bols, food otm lI 100p1-
by Commlssltr ihr hi t.
rJ0odlihedbTO e NO bmd t tR i Iri0
h .dri the 01 1 le i No
yiO Goy 10001100 1 1 100i0 cr0 toh eitotno.e 0und11s od
bndgel l i^Ude ^i 5,o1 a sd 'urfellure, federal and
property Iasalld it Is rd 0 i .,tate .Wranl
crease In lacs ol almi t5 Many on'te hdleied 1te,
million orer the rle M-ary tithe r 100uB 0 leoit ndt
raari IhiA ., -h
rat yer wich ene ?S>. e1 prormi *uh ai lhoie die-
and railed mllin0e s1-lO0h I a b t |e ae wh
a mill* call (or 0elding fscllltJ Oih-
Thi m an Ic rea o n n Ihe o1or ly Jail or the
cents per $ 1, In ronoemt men rlly sinLolted and publlc
p ropry valiilion dnmki, L cofl a ne court
_lllae w as et al s oyrlem which will ellmia le
equloto itorutchll00n0 munlipal courts gadually
prolety value For rIample, durn. Ithe nc. ew yeaI and
Ihe owner ol a I 0.0 home therlet suhatngplan


Building Booms
.ta .. ,, ..,. o to larhundtodo o lta da.. or .. per ent r eatcsnl
,'i. ".". .'. '*':. Ri td ald thry h c I y scas lforhthbcllb CB,
Shad _,ctpe o ooly apSi l lldt oo. Week aid Ihe
, > thattwere corrr ect anwtte ~h e ilt plnt are pysctionlly
ad deevlyoptro ithe to beat proper apPayOls a bul uld do and ap llcatlrt are bh
bethrealtc fdc 'ofottwer they c tameInt0o a dfurlo In lprped lFa ror eder par-
loouep by th F oridda Pollu. tr tattherew os ly trIy tr ilciB In helping the city '
irCulrolooatrd t recor iatew update and upgrade Is Ireat.
tto proviot Wednsoday Reidtcli0cer ld tha l so o nlytemoverteesitiOO
he FPCB Indicated they TUOtly mrtingd they still oe1ll systlcmi tl wtrr Inot
wou moveup heJan IN 1.i did rot ear d an olicial late- peraotn abo.l eilh yeur
eadli tr s ry, or ere motr In wt riting from 'he RWo
pr nl treatrmiN, to O 1. FtCa Wterlly thtm Is sloB Wrk, uld tho dsl mtags
i7.. snd sthu tl of l any (urther e r o tion Cily Ma r r r souy o *Attlend a
ooup I Dlo eWrsystrrmsuoh agte J, "ldon Marlno C id stle l tirg Ott 10 toadv.i
1 ith Delray Bet .h otall that unor Ihry do, hey wtldd mulhtorltis b.t watl Ito city
SAt did ol m.1 L wlh stale c 0nue l0. ulsng bulldinr ptr. Is n lo utgo dP ils treatl-
pprtovt mita ment but r H t tile me Unl al
Coe t rputellRaiecd acto Reid reportrd Monddy tai beinputso(lunllt ty
hadliMr and Stetns a ms r. prellmnrry Buessr would t dto'l Ilnk Delray teach
out thtal Mould Jull o s ot. poeh Ie total t trctlr kll berll ven S mtolorinm a0
ttimly Hyp all .,ltucln package to wOirt : ermtl lons o1w a o r Nr r
o new.Lon*ndt parlment., ereobetald Frida to more lon are trntl de rntellse
hose In the hbslme ruohed to Ihan 20 million IWooldn So. It 2nll be os d ei tlIes d
bho ildinl deparlmentlo ob tl Pin. Th M HtmlL. 111gh ares thatl are doing iong
.trn prmlto blor theS t l0 Pont of Belry. T cr BI y t l till get b it. B he
ruldb;VttUtlli"d ste l010y Booeh Cl. A !prt- ld.
A. re ull Friday, Buildlrn m0n00 Woko recalled thlt Delty
Ilflial Roy Rel ldOl hl of. C sooilma Leon W.00 Bernh tad evn psreo te
Il. ss hl bel i by o uld Moo"s y thd l elt ly I ad pinn to th couty whereby he
ubmiltlin plfon nd thrutine not rorlved o-insl nol00 diy world join wilth hreI.
ealh Into he hasd. thetheir lirn, but ha. he belliS ed Del- large tieloper wtst of Del.
ry Bea .h w -i.aep ihendol ray Beaoh r _re area to
D g other 0U0 Ibet oty oIll Into b4ald a S wer p1inn Sot llold
Damage ,.ry-d"of-ottrsl-.e prode mrity I
Ib 05rtrh do te olltrote trdth Is Shoot oo
'TMe No. spor Iada rn,
BttchO stint aOt wIll probably Th rntr ctooe to amlt
Release -ekswoi it d Id
0ny 00104ou Op~lgIeir their 0o 00 plnt d d0000ii10
Ssystesto t A? nd to M.
Vehticle Ino~lvw In alcl tak Mln"W~wk 'l Bthe ty or iI t'ln i DlS'y
WWhIi irood o t ta i se 'HaullaBeSt Sod to 701ANA to pis.
-icrlte h O htoe reLrItr MSo wh1e. W"k"t no; at s '-'- S-- a -lo
00001 stOl t 'Orstrl Sttalr rw hodI,.. o
a..S stmo, Ms, Mys. ^ -1m .,.;.- -

br late serteHt hospital Officil
unet Iha e"o cdente repo-

am e& Named to Boards-

IH11.510 sntilr hotirt rto BO || T. C~tylno. Sd0A45 ts1 proy 0 40b tlh Ff0001
al sorerte, iror ot tthooda dsitoi ilosrital Au otlar usA hoU.
-l Ls ai tSes itor pl0 1 P mtl w t ill proid A plefld te r 0 r

r*tintir *e ooio taioL ttosy-lt~t e tepu patei I B. eliich ccooro 55050 root
t S... It.... b rHla- di.osptar et l Officottl sco
0h lioued thamId tre pot
.............^, Na--**- dt ";! B d'!"
:-,:"hi". -tdotI ti N am ed o Boards

ir re ilr i eohr tth l .R ll.iO.""" dm.5 nbe IlSefo .rreCl.oyt dfI
"'is' "`" t' ".i~. .^,y.~;sosmid
utoooo~a vedeletr t ib CbboeoOIn. ~ o'It tol e0~ t s

Sotd rthow oci r ***5"*o"-"-"eoooo"t reoa s hsl'lSo 0
N- I NNo trt oyo to .. Bt hems. Aitr=o~ iesrdirpl tol 00
4 .d 11 hiredy a ~ rr s *'"",S* cj o dr amot or ist esaIte trs
aed im "r dn a~ m e ANi ",s pubi W, wX..oh s

= let 40 Oir J dLnthe ret aQ11 d00.0 the Fl o ida Mtrt oln At I I
t 0es ho boaI s alb o01 -lr be M,. re o le d t
00 i 'ofrerSod ,o 0 ., or,_.. the sF t 0di o thoo reo t loe

hoS 1 p ;eharg" .0..i ....... -I' to .te. toa e ol.o
B Aor s I t mdm e tl he Thts dor e Omit

So s tetl r.ollchr seht lt Floldo M010ed le dloonotlm. tontuloed lieech meetitg Sod
Fs. alo e er 0 rolty on reO e lO o( the .1 1.eoni r 0..I
hell" lcolie dC tlmt t 'ot' N i:2llet,, oo.. her el And t l In uytonl

rtFlortida iehway rl o (. t .,h' Are.a -lD,.,lstCoonol search J re Moort So s 000
I,1ce Ioftt rpairlngao thl e oMar er Pea fteahi nt h ort abo 0 them
ie.n cooludeod Coirel nt th t e T s Sooh Fiot1 M otdam Plotlic
ath ,..,. .., d.-., Du oIt thea bJO e eoo t nd o.
hpe l ad n 11srloOh *a Nh SFIMAb" No dl iNhli, Relished onj or IN
"Oe. or timed ,ehl. ThM oktas nd.10 A 'or Artrmeoef
W rshleh do Wthave a da- ha, I baJOb NO Itdyh I Abwlbl~l dl
d t 1 th pbl In In
thi Ia ire de _Or WI HalhM Mor
orFlrid _.l _w y ll o.t heM/o B~nd I lor si[Id ollerec8 AMMr*.`Mes ; nd 1? In Daytona
le eor e F lrn at ,eh t ano we D.A.1 envelope ben is INow r~
ale ," son e Colnel ,i b,, ..w. et od o ina Pbb

DelMy Beach City MBalae
J. Eldon Ma.Holl anouced

Maiod uld Oct. 14 wsol
probably be 4he talt day o1 r
vi0 o[ Andrew Ge a* atunt
pmaning director GenI be0a
0r0ln In that piol when Kl
torin'0 wioe became III In ihe
north and he had io delay 1
arllIal'Delry Beach
Wllh the le lnallo aN ac,
mgi planning dirrctor. Gen
ll mo. than likely be reaop
pdnled to Ose Oly'a Placly
and Zoning Board, a poslloi
he held rio to acceptng thl
Interim Irto's Job
MarioRl conluded a mem
randum tat Ing. "I regnlne
I0e po aslse _ardhp en"
lered by the Prinn an
Z0ng BoIrd o o- -a, by
bing aihor.t Iohe member
*lon' as 0u0 plann:n. daso
tor. hut I 1 think eetytt
tooildrred. 00ch 'A atruor
moot has definitely been In the
belt overall Inlereol al its
aI to ink Inddsoal 0l0
hM. ilted the spol during 0M
interim peHod with the Ma_
ta Wr Plan and re med 0 rOm
,tad.e eslllyn durinM lha
per0d, as well aa Mr Cen

tAs filled It My appreiatllo ANIMA
toall "'LEAG
PIcNiC. REUNtON of the Palm I
The O'NeaI-Prei Pasi regular moni
4141 VF% of. Delray Be Ch Tueday. Ot
Pla, r err er y,
sponsored an old filttiooi' the tcreallt
Iv day picnic ai the Idke Ida heodral S. o
Park picnic area recly atl S k.
shich membe or the wl ...... ..
organiood Fralrnl Order ol ....
Poll of Delray Beach lwer, .
I.peala U. -.
The U. s Air Fore r
CGard from Ooltad per.H :,
ormed the ol order drill
aWd rlf drill. 10lo010 W0h
Commander Jamn Madlgon,
preeted n Arndcn FltIag
to FOP Prldenit i John Moo .,
who expressed apptirefcatlo o4 0.0
Ihe eture., snd the si .
wou.l be displayed at al,
Gaint ae dctwe lor il. Dioles ate
dren and adult were held thoihe at. f
aingy wlth a ook out. Cor. -ed
mander Midlan alid Ihe
Family0 Day atlfaitw sa VF0t.h -
Naroal Program and hl t he ,.
believed II moet Ouch family .
prooitma were held. people .
would he much closer ie .j.
heeed the oslarb 04m "0t
thanked ie us ilir of boh
VFW and POP -embe* lo ;. ," ",;
IheIr help In arraning the os i ,
flair atlended by oer 0 per . .
MM. pm "

Otto P

s'84 ^

ItWelhe ... ...

A RECORD NUMBER of bulldlig pernia %tre Ioued ltst Friday is baldrs.
developers aod *rchilects -oove. ed o the iDlr.y Beuch buWldine deparomen
. o "el perel before cr hoolps re subjeced Io a .iAoewlde momitorliun
by Ibe Florida Pollution Conierl Boanrd. Building Ol1it toy Reid, top left
oreorousd, estimated contrection prmita Issued last Friday will exceed $2S
il0ion. INewiJourliplothos by RIycGn mIt

News Notes Nes.Js. o .Ti eunss.rludirs, i1m

Transpo Problem

Al Ihe bottom of this page, there is a questionnaire
asking tor Inlormalion acerning those who need pub-
lic Iranonrloalthn, The Inlornatlon is Io be aied in
compiling far shel Dt hopefully provide ie type ol
pub lc t ransporlat needed.

wir II comes the problem of traffic cvsgestimt Even
the past summer has reflecd considerably mre con
gestron on Iehieways tan i past years
This season should be ore o( the bfggesl yet. To cope
rith thie Ifli congestion, tIhe area needs a public
iransirtatione system hat could lake people here
they 'ant to go and back and thus eliminate as many
vehicles as possible Ieo the highways and neterem-

Fill out and return the questionnaire so your thoughts
can be shared ilh inbe Il.ryg to solve the problem.

Too Late

to Classify

nile Iceeree arc anxious lo stop the killing.

We must bring the American dollar hack.
Gl et out of the redd and into the black.
We are spending loo roch on national defense;
Let's lc Ihe budget and save theexpl nse.
we need the money for other things.
tlke bureaucrats and ding a-legs.
Wore public hoing and welfare slate.
And surveys on how lo tlegrale.
1eygorns aid vdN1als are gettlingei orse.
they smiuh your windows and snatch your purse:
the Pime has come far law and order
From coast l oastef and b ard e r o border.
With the bugging and stealing and wheeling and deal.
The public is mystified, bewildered and mieling.
You just don't kno he ho to believe:
The name oftlhegame on bth sides i"eceive."

Thee gals want acstone they're In a hurrn.
We musl give them a cabine post or two.
And eqal pay four whaIt they do.
.sreal aost be given our _surance
Thai the American flag Is their Insurance.
We must stop pollution, and stop It quirk.
Or our whole blamed ftulre bi up there.
INo woder our youngite have turned to dope,
In to morrow worl d they seeitle hope.
hut one more thoughtbefore I lae:
With all our problems, all ourwoe.
It'saprettygoodcountry. acountrlesge:
iOur mOlto' ill s InlGod We Twist"
Continu e to win we mPust.


Janes M. Cox Jr., Chairmane
Robert W. Shruman, Pasildent
Gary L. Gsdmer, Paubldshe-Edfier
Advertlising Account Exalcutivnes
Danny Undewod
Mius Dbora Cowdrny
Bookk.per Mr. Cecil Snysd.
Orculallef n Mr. A. G Hallsck
Clouifitd Adv. Mrs. Pefee KIolne
Wom.n's Editor e Mn. Staphen Wendgfldt
Phonographer- Raymond Graham
Publed ere Ihurdorady ol 4 N. E, Fouah A.-
O "loe eech, Foiide. d3444. Emrd lu Sleisd
Clio Manir rl US. Pei sole, liroe gNch.
Scb1oiplaen gall er $ 20 ace re. e2n0 ci
monlhr 1 $1.80 Ihrtinlin
Nrtisnal gAdvsaling Roprne atrels
Sawrsr.mhfluMn.Wskse Ca.. 245 Poak Ave.,
Nw oa.N.Y. N10017.

You Better Belie
Oele.. fIde, hut are Ipparnuly inared by lsme molot
picked up by the police lHat It. Moeoriclelve acsreopl
poenice e is oveseilou their se ofl VASCAf snd esaol
bk driven aen't s piby were'e wsad, They sclam I
reportedly sit back la he Ire siongShe el ideofAIA

Under the

TO entn, ar er And
as, le n r to a. or 6
Or No. the nitimnal el.
tlielsll u be held io eli a
I'mident sad ViAM PeItelm
_n to eelim other son.
able fiots and Nm do=n ih
line lo itte s d mcounly ofi
Bul when ov. 7 con mul
loc. don't all bicli Mida reli.
Theam will be as le Iile ols
eadidaln ready and 1 thers
am mne gh, a primy ellim
will be held Nhv. c with the
genera Frctlo n d Dec ,

er b Ns;l. nillier sod lax
payer In tlhkems i te
and came m bal ccl peso
cpeed ansil 1s1 merey Set
Imlll ae snd eonelro gns
In iddletli. ly :ill u

lbilesb polciea 0a .onteng.
rnsMh and oher eveiintD
naf ire charged wlhte dut
imd of pluisng tor out ulm.
Wleonu the P.esidet is the
Uigsetnsd usi te h lsor u
ahe Mayor and osncl Io the
mnelpillll ba.s
Wtm we aree ritey it that
alter bhe N a s olosal elm.
g i oib ome I way. don'les
Ignor te UKt Inlcpai etetloi
ubeiransiaterlhohL, ereol
Helou and vl l. r I. he ne,
Done will be I'll aeve iNow, .
MaI" l parll i> i t- b+
amty illnitling Uo pios
Pny per glel taxN at renr
eedum ao be ued oly lfr
ied grupl eormnto solve
public s irani sratlon prob.
te. and mi de arlnmet

Ia r orem e n ANee vOrhT

a. 0,ysi "" Bo'xeS -sc
-a .. W

a ela aooen o 1 ne e_ e0
n uscse..e ....,,F r i... 0...... r

lis .a Ni i in b- a r. ll t

t, I Your Elected

C Officials -

s N y.G hNE and sent t.tbe I r ie e have g hol a a. .t

Augnes17 S, s prmis d Inhl abtIe ai athoe- developed the nec p oa r len
Smember Joln ledehip d bill eg eni the ommunl .i im Mcit n in hnl loal ro n
mitt o par e) ho ly reril altnl h Cenl Act fraly lt
L-e e h' s l"' lb ndi ern i vhlgh Bge.n ortglhilly helps 4
.the ml Mlmlt o e anid trell rl. a t ier ald aulhred thie
dbn ntt t o e ls, e a o l P
fiars e St am enleA mo wtia anentdi on d ea bac
nMir IN l eder dlu h S O lis awI. i mn ga rsle eal t

lWaeesee ns allttl l a S y elaye d a hed or p ased ci andi r l m t
St an e llg srid Tialoni an d soal

ed JIVthe cialtlde.en I *W ae lo I I prm rast fille d II t hent N
a nour a at n IMl iIn
a .eet m "c' P No a in o erehe oite anl 'os Acm
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TThis snre enen Im *s to henos'h byIe Anda c
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m i e p r o ae n c i m ed e g t e em l e t s -n to Tel n v e m .
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cii.>e th criied al ave;l celT &gsnd Ma. A d" i
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we ars 5, tek'^ aslld,

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... ,ni.nssaae go ue IM dSctl sIll at.r eP wbe"nd ,
itsslat I and se rene sltl. ao 0toiTVFIr n pear nlel. *.

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eusech meeA n INow pers .Die a et am ewe e sebnow sl Ro.shed
S3 ----- nl t "" I fal l w a pa ns he s la wit
mewiu1 n r' telelea n g alas ow Jan., Jr. Siicdnd a boa I n esP rK .ag
nie u ie e net liglb nd fee Coked muer, c" Anlean lie sad vhs" f esleht eth e tar Siev igh e R hln ea-
ON Seat, and t"I what It l d t, wafil.' k.n,, d 4
slb sdeh pepse l e. ml a tem, which he Mrapi- slmr.e=i .A Id
esinswmhe seI. ne Is ane le a d oes h idN
...... teach Bethesda Memorial Fund
Alp nel-, b.elee n a gee .,
be Po=. 1np- ats fun the I l ht=y R).lF:
M ore l ldBiller weren Jl lfONR
f.ll s W em am _ma y in ble, and him. John II hallantiro
ipea when ae dip Noii s1- Mc. ad Mm aaritd Reir
manneo. th at P1 t a rk pace
Plenh John hi. lihi emmel
-ae s-i .0 n.e Eidmnitofltsewhedeg IIM elefere ereneis i
.o1nc~ Inn advance olMr. and MTro Johles ftallenile

ray Beachk eami Cilisen Club
pperned bfoe them milh a
reqeat o opee tIe Coameal-

.'.. ,- ..,f ' ".!
p man e b'haus omDs

on s Iroione of eree. white
end but

Area Deaths

''' -. 1 I-I,1,, RloWilR oynlon Ie ch., ssd

7 .,, , , ,, -.....
E_ 0 ANay I u IN

:'. "i ." :'' "-% '' .; '.,- '. _',.'l

-o E
my1" 0 I 11at St. M I Cr".a TYLENES. ROMP l
,r ita',h Isole. ob, IM& b .; 2sy oen ,n lDepese
l Aitlel u, ILer.ra Ierarde Marlw Sroet e In ayntn
Im~rbu~pite Irn o tiLarAnee Open 1h 0 w e owner ao

,. .I.o..... -.. .......,
.A Mna will be bold at s a m Sh el aunlvrd by her mrt.
Ihboblay it sb, Marku* Calhe- er Mr* Ben SlaNor or Dalero
ie. Chumh. Boynton Boath, Beach: 1 Malrt Me Rur
'., '. ,' a. '- .', dernai r o 5 C, g Pk Cat,-
l,- .. . -I ilo l, MrM Joy savenpory o(
:',.1" ;r ,a iau, l rlle, Onr,, p. braih.
Irnine hb Memorial ...... '.
RALPH IIOUGHTON tofl i.a Mwill be eld
Ralphltobhtl.ro0 at 1 .. M,= .- ,..
I,,W Ave,,io. ie l .,.... i
ton passed air. Jay .m 1
tKA ter F _eri m BoI, a -s .. M .,
A Rl,FuIral Friday no "N ". ,
d ". In[ dohnA. ZlI, Tl. "ol N
M ',"'"; '",. C. .... w .... An in B no.I ln,
AM EodA.,U7rlnAlrt
i~ ~ ~ ~~nr t i e~r~lld Samyop, labyr I
bemaom nTarale.Clnda or 1110'"iorale ebgmte
I, lspltnberO h y. 1 t15 w *r e sad ma I r, Ar.
11t0 lur;lred by hiA c -l
hMolly IHire BaItl. and hAi , e.
Mo. Reil.Ald A Ilenr It "F "r e e 'rr a lIlIbe
Is MalMd bet ,l M WetaI
I loa, EIrap MOi ld, .ed rmotllm eI A
,., t e f lolemlr ldeod plDod yr dlrl ,
| tH Mbirail Fud In Boyn- 100100 t0d0 bar dorIAlatl
Ire oarb iate. tad Fialida Crippled COI.
lIm B w Norelty will be appredat.
' MnE ArEa Noa.1ut ". 0 EHMMA BURGOYNE
8,4tHMN.E tmta Are.oOne.log
Bach plri sedawe"y. Laesie Sr. E,.. ldurgoyn,. rI
Obett Lake WorW Freel rNl 2. l Siri Dnl
Iltu y. MdA. dl Nouidsp. Noyld.
b., "0. t l trll rordeg
AI, 00S. .EAT .E B. ozli bM
.. CROAMI teas LuEo ed byy ofAtyo
S. IMri B l Crmmell. er. leo nl dd aee, n
.1 o IM S. Ocean Blvd,
No.. Rmmr 0 i p Eindig. N Mwritol I.nre mrl i
Jay Krar n IyF ral ll, r e a held alon 'erday It t
il R.I FITnal Int Phlla.- SL P.ull EpLtopal Cstrh In
lphilP. Dat. Bp wllh ibe Rer
Fred Bu att ollriltUe Sa.'
0MINNI BELL DAVI beS-Iland.Poiter Funeral
S.Minnie Bell o010 IHa y0 n drorle at .1

dy, turiram an ter sME MOOAIVEDI.DN00
N W Hill A"" """W ..
biadRaymTdDovl. of" M oE Mildred S Dyer.l 71. o S
,ir bueh and iliere. Mm. lilnd DW. O imn Ridge
SMIry Oldern oa Wdihglilon. died Inr loral goMie I Friday,
DC, Mrs Lius Morrow eed Septeiber A, She Nod been R
Mn. MBeIR Jae, both I rteldent o( ibi area nce
Cbarlolltt. North 1Carolin. inC. cominl Irom bo8lon.
SCotoem Pant Noe DI In MEuabelrdtl
I dAtioeofimngTeE nt. She orm early lived in th
JAMES I (JIM PATRICK Arm.. lrlr ire -Er
Jam. Pairik. 61. of P0 m. TOnE Edwird De ofl

.Campus Happenings, m.Than .llclobte. lr
| -..,- Campus Happenings--

AM, ,.1-, W.I. d,
Funeral rvlr werem held
Monday. OlObelr bEd. in bhe
u alujry oI bhe Gooad el'
herd In Palm rBeih M=mril
telk. mltb.e Rte Herl
Townsend o( Ihe Flat Miplit
Chr1b Lar oato'laUto
n4ter. l wilt ake plaI In
FIOlm BDr6 Memril Park
Marl 0IM er, A I, .d 1 S
AilAUc Drier W. Boy. a
bacr. dad .pt miber 4 i .t'
Ior In eAIendtd lla Se
Nod bOen a aildenlt ol ld
arP lot lhe pu l.o yeiral
boldg heretmrm Ne Yorlk
She wa member o libe
Fitnl UntIed Mebodlilt Cohurch
In BoyFon Beach
Sbet [ rvlla d by hr r hr *
bead, Allred BlSmr. ol Boype
irn eih Aa. ind reM o. dlfred
Carl lmarl. elm> oA Noton

FRnlll ISyrmr i
sndiy. dlobe t I it thde SEI-
bee C0mg. Feuel brIme
Bonton BeMIp, walh dIi On
trend Net Moyer oa rhe
Fint UT=ed M Vthdlit
FrlnIk rewer M ldliy. .ITI
I1 Briny Bleael Blvd., DMlny
M lnh, died Wednedy. SMp

Comb nrc.
Ne i* s vlyedy br a si
Marian. o( DelreyiBelch. D
daulbler. Mren VMa Bnyr o
bvlnvllle. IadlIne. lour
grandat.ldoa, l.d To i l
Fiiarl tole wre hed
In Oinv~lli. Indli i
oI l dri(tl-, = ere
lakrn taeo by reobtemlr
randePotAr 1

RC Forms


A Soulh Conly Branrh Ad
vliory Council htl beer
aIrmred o tdiermlnee 5dd0t1J1
a1 Red Cro nedi Md nr
vicf (r Ihe ......h ol
C, frewdleC Grmen. Jr+,
chairmsn ol Ihe Pilm BMIh
Craily Capter. lId pFla
calt lor further eipuldon ol
tied Crmt proema IA South
00001s and In IheGbid.

T"e publicI leri nled bi A"
apenieg A( ire dOpIOP Tirur'
d .,r.l M. IN..m ,o
Lm whmen ,aiifglminli wllt

lbs ybeles dale belt snfa
ta t be* plyilt pObto
Emil, of W'l,, Mu,.,,
Z -..e a li- o-a. old
wbe IolAe irla iniln 0Ito aid
ren catr, llay Ihe iroisDA
'dl. betted Ie0 Mp mlol 1
.11 .1e rto hment- wl"l

lMid t bheanow wenl m1
he pot bIh.e Achll Ibe
pitieM WMri Urei r.
A Soune llle I t he 1.New
Yor Time Abram An elnbil
Mien Inh Jityl Ie leWlyo
HiB I in plbr Molarip Jtl
helook Thedpl~d~etl lt lle

Not, J p0 Ele In he IrNd.
yordi Man Men~ Dareserldb[
s.Iddh umr"themtorN
which bie been pt~ernd.
.bee doe reain body d
.iplrl 'MOlS.Ph* whilhltv
tlbn e idequilely el.
LObery besra are Monday
nMuib Thundp. I l.m. lo
mIdalh;t Friday. I m. to 10
pm.: Sarday. a.m. lo a
p m,;Sundylmp. AtolOpm.
Florid A lenllc, UMlnly'l
OI N *iin lSchol m tp
v.Uon I.on i UTh verily
schobtn and the Drnlestabhed

Th... h
mnil cycle that *
ol your carl b
Seil todayl
Ad l. l o iAO b

S*P It 0ludoy

Thl ubll, I s lnled o 1 011d ,.,,. ,-. ,I All peAr!. n rr fui ,, ,
Hnd ll elaui w.ll b, dl- .." ,. T i . J . . ..
nmAtI o all oll s aeed ,., I ... ,. -- .I ,
a Ih. i all member. k- f the ' "" '
Lend the afembly wlich rr '' I I
ll~iil Khlj I .... My n N "t- I :' .T i
..~d ~MJl al1nmn b Sel- .nd B-.n G-n I .
re.rawstlhl5t.trdenld Shoaliarbp. eslU~btirhd Isal SCOLALRS PCONCERT ' .
Irom toehb llhbnl Serety-. May InihT n.r ollhedonor, 0 r n, hundred .Pa l D ,
rnlbA belioliradeyaelar rl In I. ara" AP1 nIt ... .. .... .....
iill eR* e lda r r a lD ea ntl l.'
erln o rnd reallve uholir- mi1* b t ngpl el elow. .. '-1.. ... " 'e. n, '..,
abil. Will he announced and erir mlllr yl a p larsrhlp Ftorida's ta ort or r mme la y . .. .. [ .
lne m a def p a ula b le b y 1il a l tie ig nd d ia n a lra le c Ja .. . . i i .. . .
at Dr Ai0 d A Rlichb n. pelritfla o I,, .I konvore .. l .
NOW Yok. Dr kreki tn IM r orehtiral nilru .. *
made scholrship j moibua. er "MOTE A lW mde Mdul . r --
l o Io l FA or lr htp yea E na ear but eaul ap.
and wat reenmed with the pUoral eah ar w.ll b a.
U ,irveriity Merltorlu Ser. lurid aonlnuatlon ot t oh and Ihe J -m I -rrle e m- "l " AM.rd Do ll.e Co- holarhlp or Iate conrd dIl RedbySyPr1 .. *
rake rF yero /ludy atFAU A d a olla tl g ld j l = 'a "l"l
AMo aa n'er ar Ihe CoEd Green n Innr tl l cn r a.d =- for 1 tudoie ld 1 ta I '
-dar will be Ia 1 w o r Ite ho 1. n t aln olike. In wad Wor lul. raoi e u hoular ,. ,.
S Wlmnerly eab trrl New York end d ealnd, Thps .. .....
.,l wmlmerry Tbe ho, T d period oat in 'allm Area e-,hool and ml !, ,= , ,
'aUllo innld I w e riT i earh. 110 a i m Pa m asM a blrfl each er ....l -I .I
.,Ary oldb Ala elr err l er Srrlbet.a l elofdl. l x1inale r e bkholrnhilploMl. iraon--allrng Thirlhu
eraradenlr ilalr' a. dnwhobdt h FAU od hlh 1 ya r aarm led to aeninr.. l tbiuh lb 2,
relayed IJa orirepi at thy e id~bl 2d I ra4, m?-Orm
labalanPAIoB EACH IlNdMr wIier he Florida p
Iamb FiU. o ri e r. JBl.C aLLE E Atllnari Mil5 Guild. Lake h1 .. . .
l.1theeloandbr G All lmrriBto0rliMdbMle Wor'h Saroa.. amropdmns -. .. -
m l.t ly nbllrb mill irled tu die dil be ir,. ut oI Lake WoAath a1n1. O kl, .. l ...
yreold ld rlt oiAtlao lar le, sltilne At A p6 igrai m MMfc Teachrb A iM allon, ... .. .
r utl Endvll y e at Am i Edp .lloral baoel 0n PFEC, Moo, bIte V Cloub.WIB. iM gtellr.
Ir t Nir I011 a a Illl All odu ar 1"" l sart .
re[ WednIdly. Ig Ol. 11 Pm Beach Ju.- --u-
M0n0 0 b'. EE roCrllron N HOMES mtll IIII111l Ilyl 1011
MtUnlenlloo b Ikeldm ainoaIn T*aldrtmwsk aytlngim uo
doed UD: A be Fantll : m ild. Lo Immm TrIC Plt pm, utb sliding glns doerl., aikfiasl bes
:dl pM.aotFl aba,.D,.I EMy2 .00.0
0M0Ti00PillyP. a iadifte od Tbr. emldeielad b.r*7,995
Amaird Commily CoAW". "W A aine al Labo r
M ....d.p......o I.m l .al.y .mpbe.lMyI 'lnmalo&BaV
trldued by Or Jak tSubel I ieorl t Ibe t I tIEAc MI L 0 0
mar. dean sfIte Caillee ro rlernwtlesepAIctEHl oeer
^n~n0^^ h~lS~ff ^l OE coddito
%uuiU n i u~ ~l* tu1) "i" '1 SEE THEY TODAY!
-Zn. Mr Otd Mn era e iole a tT5pmO 111bm. 11 MILITARl Y TmIL bOY1TONHeeCH
Gn-. lnt HM as arono 1 ta the T h nlc'al Building. TEU IlH-lO o. OP loneYMAITr O
lorlnoeldao nO. orMeYTEy .

m -ONge 10T16. u lu.77r6

1972 SCHOOL SEASON of the

m BEGINS Oct. 2nd
eam alire eo no r elu r cr s it
I. ~ RNEssA io Emm

TELEPHONE: 395.1887

A Woman and Her Bank

Over half of the wealth in the that best fit her aims and require-
United States is under the control of ments, and weed out those situations
women. Since they acquire wealth that are below par.
sooner and tend to outlive men, they' A Li Trust provides invest- '
are faced with the problem of manag- A Living Trust provides invest-
ng their assets over a longer period of meant advice but also provides the peace
time. How, then, can our Trust De- at in times o illness your assets wi
apartment help her? We offer many in times of illness your assets will
Trust Services that can relieve her of be well managed and you will be prop-
the many burdens that accompany se- early cared for.
rious asset management. Reap the benefits from your prop-
Custodian Accounts help relieve erty without the burdens. Come in and
the burden of financial routine and see for yourself how we in the Trust
record keeping. Investment Agency Department can help you. CALL
Accounts add to this investment ad- TED CUMMING AT 278-4511
vice. WM help her select the securities FOR AN APPOINTMENT.


Ell. 4

Church Topics.

...1O .10991 o progrm 01141

=Z151 t," oml 115One05191.511
P 14541. A0 a On. 100 1.0 COOTO 1 R1,OIIA
'a" r4 lun OnSI~ A11 ill~o. IOV ff999
.lp.ldI b110 911t9

blr- rsOlom usd.15 c 110911100eu0,, Ba.u

(7tl H4oNc R.. l l d I ".
W904P.1-1,910 Plok .1. 7549515010910.051111017m

DIin. Ilir.. "o~ro i odin oll nlo ch0111 1. 0109.

oII It N -roorl .51 100 It4.11 Allalic 101.
UJ1ITIEDPIRIO0TR1= 1 509150509th00toS

fl10 ele0ldl91 1 .10 119
in9 90l001 f5tOM- 0 1.0

Drake-Hansen Vows Heard
i~~~~~~~~ Luhn llr Tebie hlwylt i 'r i*. n n, ill o M~rlga AMri
Lin l Ihe 11 A y in mt rri05 0e 115 510 I. .; r ,,- If bw 11 E. Mur *4d14
ev i H.t ..l w 1dd ,4lI .I 1, l el B flIo o ... . .- 5... N m 4 .0 05
role0 ]lassesol ,,5 ',. 1 I Mn E Ea01010. and1M 1 11l
,c h 1n d T" Itoth y 1 l l 5 1 Il o o le n lh g o n 1 .9 m .. %, . -, Dl r ,l e --INe w J e
ofc nuHidllf which featured an ippliqiiM I>r~nll vml. Follaiwin41rtreee on BI (he
e10tJodoo9ter or bo51 rid el054 f" 0*l5 d 1 r0"00ldo Ids Ma.y EllIn l1400eat9 h00.01 1951 "1or
I W uie Olno se PPIqUed le D ke. 0ll or t l m. 0r 7of _t 0loid ey
,Eilhlh A. in onebl nd Plu. J.nBlnder. -r n loer e llT.
Wisoom'| 1i. ... 1i9 te l.....511n1 i151 Mh e 1e h10 ,09 0o 5 ..... ... P15*y 111
:n, Roberl Drake. pearl hudpiwe md In b .he.mld in J Thereli IriMh BMihol and
1 S 0b9I01.ri.d In ih0u15er SltU VrI, ..d 054 Pol.- *0 51" 0i1StiSolnd
1S5100000hued 5100. 4 l :W0 oude 0 -5105 0050 1.. __ `5 A "AO,"I
45e1d 0 ai159 l0n0de P'.alm Bich Jnr
,obi" llerrm"nn, 1wer College.1she 5 i i lSiO le 5 0
oi1t.;, m inl l9tge, dr,. 510 Pol. _ea.h Cn"'ut C1.
Reel 510 ro 0oe, sh. Iea10u1 non,
.nd Kilm H-90.... 1.o the T.delpm Ii I5du-
couple, ~ ~ I.. kr osn fte t l.. U.~he lle allee
b51040,. .r..00..10. .51 ih All. J0n10110 l. And Ih, e
11. P051 ar Al b m Al Se. bmi0, .-I I.
1r50 .l541 1H09e b5111. Ki.rk n 9. n u5r
M9 e 0 r041 5 1 Y .l011, bralke,
NO .. All it49r n I

00 A Rlie k -,,- 1111T P1

M 51*0 U10 0 In. AS,o .

al Drae n MWl Holly Ut.

Aundi,, 1o Thou.-E', Weller. Nob,tos. 590001. the
MOOi, a o41amem EooB., Wb, oSl MI N.W
00519.t., Other Kioled.


15..15 Mt. And'..41o I Oauf

5990 i5a0. 4 Ih, I1, c.1u, A *

tMIEUS wt. MloT N


iill.i49.1i..0.50. .i,.i4..051i.,4. IPISCRPA LCIII2IS.I
0,.U 5,4,- A n M;.11, 1515 Sit. 8"1091i A-e
.1,. 0.0 .0 ...... all

`,A~- ..F-1 OFDK.5119 V1 D sACH
In.5 k0.I. 01* O2054 l,~ Oil Eno5 a-.11 A-5

A~~0000900.1,0.. WoIIIOSi,, -- 0Mo0*M,.

AS1CENSION Lt THER.%C HURt57 CH 11.C.A.) td,. o A00*..
11110AA .W5d, 1A504I..

1o,,,. i..IIil1..1-101- St. Joseph's Eri-corol Church
no, I.C00,..o. li1.,000


.15110 2ooso50.,64341011.41.,.11l41
"~OutO d f bu~oito, 1,0 K,*IND 11111 I
FiU 'r( it I: c 1 I IIt1TSI h N.,.9

1:00 1,oo 1, NE. S 5.01.V At F.Al E 104 CHURCH ERVICESUNDAYI I. M.,
ti ~ ~ ~ ~ 0110 ,;-Hldin Fet To..oP.M. R.
TNo a0h o ITShN Cs o ,o ...1 H.090RADN UI O.NT I PUI

11905 C.5-h9 r9 C,0 lid o lO.
010....10,li~l.14.14 I OU IIOJCE
I I 1 A 0 00490.1 11. 5.4l- IC L Q
A_, o154,oo 400 tnt .... .....


,6 INE 2.d AVE,


DH L Bea

R" n. Sh REM .%

lItl Avenue i Delray 1ec1 celehelted their 251tI
weddlni ImlveinIry at Ith Delthe Elks Club Md*
Shdtlundy .loht. T re Elk, preisnOed hie Sila"u w111
Stwo lrvier DoblelM in honor of their ann.venary.

Bridge Tally
DELtAYFviEACll 1leld md d .H MilW.. -,d,
Tlie bridge club bad -r Smedi, t hlid. end Mr and
Mma o Sept r, I.ID and Mn Jdlo..Iihth
Ih overall winner a were
Mis .avld.n ,a Mn. ", ., a ... . G~ellmaantI'd
M o r an lin t ; MD V C o al ,.-**' ?
11.1Tnd .FI Oiln ucond. ,,,* ,,'
Mn, E foblal.nd Mr. Fi. .
SmaediS,fMn 0 Selnd .""' ....
Parer ware.n lor ibrd* *i.*
Mnd 1(nrh And alne, R i-t
nnimadd.Pi~lidsilt~nh L *
on Hepimber 21. 1i(7 North- ailt-Wnt win. wle;e
South wntn were: Mn. 0 Mn E Jda .nd M., A. Ad.
s5t0,u and Pater, irl:. i,.; M M. Gow and
Mn, l Hern nd J. Ion. Mr. E, aide. dencondm Mr.
Iel. K~cond; Mn, L, LosM E WillecnadMn. F Wrthl.i
.nd M. J, Sdly, third; MDr. lrd and DMn 0 Bhllid and
W. DOrbyitlrs nid Mn. I, II Slott. irtih.
Lnistiitlloolth. Adult lOscolo, winni
Eul.WiSI VsI.n. tile: Ior Sepisilbcr H we. Glort
MD. R Damldoonasnd Mn H. Cms5Ilad t Kyoss
Mor|en. ntd; Mn V i. hil- ndJoh Manh
Debbie Dezearn

Takes Vows
Deb.t Dlal. rtenr. ind ithroa. She caed i wpy
tiumh Edin H1mrrlmw were oiwtaliale l
startd Seliien s In mn Cartesn Smith ot Drem
altenred doouM rid service BDahrwhosired i nuldm-.
mtittriMeatyacbh oft, wore s pink 1tei.t
God, wit the ster. KX11ire Irei drat hdl utoti.g
prddol rn dr. da rridm od
ls reidae IrmeIdy reided yr dslo ',daiem,
WUiliha Hemrilt..dr.tid Lrarse Dtiiin, and a ii
W. llhsAdin. DlrayDnBmh. Dser mrsodmsrlns beaier
n o |Mm lI~ warn of Mr, Ior Uh cople.
mnd Mn. alouint Hirrtso of
liMand fily. Florida ____
Oit aRwy by hir IOu, r.
the brtde ern m itaid 10h Ib
dr5a or hll ie laed Iln'
while bridal atin wilth I
auld"tbd shirt rill mad ODle l fl

Linda Wolk Married
ld ..ddlen ', s ad Gary do t bedate ad .0,1 111150
IlllRbiord W Tillt.. Ots Otl ddClIgrh
I=s PuIn tt~e- sts i. h illye ytkt
tai-e I I. seesb to Ea. UIaisor1acl astpn~ "erI,
risdi.i. Set Spi Id'A.

Its boot, I1s th r..ouirt ,. ,..'
Te metnrit ofdhtii .o..
F aatiah b is. ju .
rarL'hn iunt in imar
Emcud~~dT lb 11,,,s i Ideail.
Tlb. bbde. area was eve. n W em O n,.i Ereoaldd
mimflhlo by tar Isoibr. Is a Co1il,rdai

n .n,4~l ondy fet~e

NEWLYWEDS UINDA AND GARY RishO..,, pasis i~.dti~~mlie ~Jh
to, their pissure after their Ssptember 10 adding is 't i ~ 5In-a






PA YS int4tl quoartr1 t mponded doily frm day
of dotpoel 0 day of wlhtdmifaI. And iu tan stit.
nrw or anytimt wiholt oI of im.eAl, p. red.d.
balran. i tainaindd Son I rtinst payin da .

24 HOUR SERVICE 2783232

What anunusualIplace toptabank...
just2blockslfrom the ocean

mafiomal 6aNk -

All deposilu insured up Io
$20,000 tor eacht account.

Free Iransfer o funds from
anywhere In Ithe U.S.A.

iel defense, with his aslittant Intlructor Caldwell
Sudson. Jr.

Community School Program

Includes Karate Instruction
llt Jnl t soAoKt +mins It wog," he emoln0 Ed Carter. will bh doeng a ,1 o "; .1 -, ai
.... i lte -arate an kill ad demonstrtim m the aniem U '. 11 s r I
you'd be Ire n Ior mrder M itarl a sut ieCommunllh S llool. l, ,' ,,
.' .- .. .......t.i t Z a rt ne OWtoe 17. Aond he ast ... 1i,.,
swlln to paro II Oetokber he will be reend
Del.ri thdi, 1"t raker m h d. fento on ITV t Boynlotn whiO ma. "t .1 p. ..
S* .. karate can alu s ve Inlolhepubli hool - ., ... ...
ive I l ved helileot Canr Iis n etla. o te the Green Sclhol, o ra tor. Jdnh
S er' ie Gwendatlyn about tlray Coa entity ASk l l ilMeMllan51A141i ,
** i '.* i* t eaor teas uag "when three
-, i g s .llalAed bee." lie had
"k ". a. hers karate htri lot o
et..d e They led In
at- .... hlnun. DSC. ohese he
*s.nme l far tight on Under
s.. Taylor ins d all.
black tutter at Baad n t .n
.t t bayk. ate 'I hee'th a SONY.
altetens IlIrat e AIt
rv, h..... .... ... .

S. 1, -. .. e whomt are lavg Ite
11 taihi "IO ,rto andutnr,

..';:* ;.*:.'...' ,'... K' AIb,"h rlr;;t S1n AM|
-. ... ....i ..a ... aie ta. a
d-an C ao e 1 .
a e m in=e n t e ax nh i e,
.'.e t,.. ratUe. t 2n ouase let Its atrmlpl A n
tho :t "t. pitfall Cares
.-.' e I .Mt. .0B,. isel, I ot nliet e m lensl. Sony FM/AM tickn tabl.
M ..sHi hu, brauk e is A utn.e
"," '.r a '-'Mr a nd lllrmayBachlnt iT Itnle e kSonyfillsourpotmwit hmuol.
elrm s 0 mta let sy m Oaaar"A "o apso pA lm-ined radihor
a ,, ,, a.. ... Itd kuet ies *l eoaar
.i headed roim a kink+ in a lson ln rushed Mr ome

^Je^'^' av'~otraits,^ bthg Itn pe.'.. h.,
Stork Club ty Oet v Iire i .

Seiahs0-Mn Frsn meant* PABatOOren hoe And eonsoolypmetJra*|.
Me E IlAne Ailoa ,e Beai .dT. .Jy dnO Mosseeotur .. C AlEonsloErsta
tAni. t. llh o 5 wa. Septemb er N a A MZ a high sensi y and Hasy uring
71h St oIn "" ta "' dAul "' I" At. Pi..lx n w Exh
tles. Mh ltnel r OlkMrnt. n1 SGEm al .O eA with arge slide arul diae.
Semt-i 2-- Mr . 2 eaiyB eaSh.a k"p. Tk It In your poei or purce.
ar dataor Teseta. i"'n ter.r'eyL; At On carry It around ky the wist
T ien alel aO5 a am s Mn, emOer atm- Mat WnB A
iT-keth" y jarHmesMrlin T b Sony petonerior n a
""le""er an -hn tr i A. North bake u ex a pocket st n.d d 9on. A 5
MA Peek Pelra thanee On ltront ur' T d eYJ r
noAt dCualti A tol l Septe esir fesit- r akd
dali, AM A Fe-1r. ... VINCENT'S MUSIC
St nna uta a aotn Mn Boulab. SIC edra
sepe-.,r ED "r tnd te ant CEA,NEotReaunt
Ant km Itaa t1deflo lI. aalt.Tkaroya ttllus CfN TER
ant;4 ++hIOS snr ne. september A -Mr aea
r etd h ea h, d a u g h ten b et M rs k m 0 0 m e al a a n 95 -7 339
In Anne lMt Ieto S e n to .o osaim ota
,. s a,= . .... eaastE a iims oerm a, O eRo


2-bedroom home

with real walls,

a real roof

and a real floor

under your feet:

from $13,990.

You might pay that lor a house trailer on a $700down 28 yearcohventional financing
postagstanmplot. Anlolsmorefora high Imper al Villa duplex co minium res.
nsehosdornilum da-ces in Dray Seach, Lewsoi Blvd at
t you getareal yard (fully sprnnhkler systenl.a real kitchen and dining 390-9620 Broward.
area, your choice at are real bath or two, a
real laundry/sOrage room Sunshine State Parkway to Defray BeaCh
iOtC Ext 132). East on Deltray Road to Homr-
And real low-density inmg. with a real ei Aven Turn rlght o Imorpenial Villas
recreation coplre. And there are lots al |Ho|, d awe at Lasn B1od Or take
halt courses right nearby. US I to Atlantic Blvd. (Delray Rd.) west
All fron $13.990 (2 bedrooms. I balh) and on Atllnlic to Horrwood letll to Lowson
fron $16,490 2 bedroOmS 2 batht), really
Loa monthly aonotenance .1 S2 FroIn IMPERIAL VILLAS

Convenience, Highest Interest Rates, and
Friendly Service are your reasons, you tell us,
why you are selecting the First Federal as the place
to put your savings to work.


5Y% 5,%5 6%*
..... llt,...,MunOant l..ll.rtlkB l" ,In.'a'lwmkLh
s il L" a. do",' *"d I 'n I
si r r. adell m WLh .ea Nea ,

Your Inte.ret l our flally oncern!

Do You Know ...
about the other Services we offer

Ms L alleli ast ull AL fdltaa le ti tls ar COMING SOON. . DEERFIELO BEACH, LANTANA, AND WEST DELRAY.

Pates, Neai. l.Trrau .loah, .orerri.Ilt

ED CARHTER, i11t in both piclurne, dedlcated black
bell Unarat Itractior at I Deiy ammnnutlly Shbol.
demontlrals Ix O movn to he anclet ChlneI e art of

Aelember i3 Mr and

e r ea dae 1grted

seomer 1 -ar and
.. . . .,
Stpeimher 4 Mr an
Mn ieor KnHv, p >M.iha
Mala _i. E Royral Palm
rd, Boa Rlam us.a M.l-
heW BryOn
September -- Mr and


492 HI 51H AVI.

N -

|I Club Clips
IONTACia T"llEBUCXEU ClU atlt.d "14
AtM LaM U PrttIa The Bhrk~ha Club OhBc m A -kl
de ol nhe ol Club Al Dt- batm will hold Itb lrunt all aWa.
ray Beach area has been muni at Slrebh Rnaumarl T
a named D ollala nd Ma l o tlHy ctr 1i0 t h. h
aJrmaT.McMurlln a Alter a ll l tw haervel rom nina a r m
n ate to I Z t nle nlol and luahne n wiLl (olt o l l hold
Iotl l btaa, 1atal h Il u te olB
M"K A N Il ,bd Mr Lawns Get mn "e
ri e ranba d Sr;;"- Certificates d1t
Atalur God. Mha Ncatuha Tha BhaaaUllcaaBan ltolnhI+ lwVa
W. Grek I. M : DeTrry ttl ee oa tho DM Ny Beach Oar. W
Mr. Hoae FPoraee. Mr dm. award C2ellTale M- Ra
Ftan U. IMn K la l h N l t[ Mlrit for wearll-ciard or '"
Mn. Front eoun IawnI a it nd andapln ataD n
dtiri XI on Mn s Mr. and M .. M. S. werb. a
Volabt Fommt wilrlda at NE. Itatebn Mr b, d CendkISO
the buailae aiallln Mer J. hiliIna. Ill N. E. Ilt Aha
Fraa dte lI Clb M.un aue; Mr. and Mn. L y W, I
Ftsr l Vie Preident from Caddtll, 1011t jeach Drti.
P la F nHe will hrn he and IOn Gt Apar.
Intrnltoaal PraWbeta m lW. Ih Andrem A.
ane. She Aill pr nl her mn T Awlrda, mwlda haaa
vie re wmren In aEur n be len Im A ramdent or
Pl ba t all ove r ten Uean. r lor ta ih
| an T ahtte M b ale tana hare coabaha lmphbvemerr In *p.
planned Inta mUA 1in lor ---f tar a of tle Cly B ( Dtlray
tlaltng a Mm a lt b whla lI cla
Mollhl Antbetllum Home
rudebad:Mba end l h,
abhrd ahe Ste laoka Duan Y... C '
J lmelle. '
Haido and Dewy BReac Wilt w 1

ADThein Ay flhr I A. e
Gra h aaireathaaa irpaeeal. r

.ad afl. ia' ed oe l
Counrcil wllondonlt Ihdlr
I oau1. oilftl Ba oS bea
i aat ab P al e r l Mal,
hl C wearde A CT IA

ui._-, rn+ .... .
Tm 1aln3.r N 'o n ofilh .
engp Fardmr. babna hggmO Wer fWor-
C bcri hl hibUro ndha o n Mbro.
bad Wlba ta ka phalt Sid- Fe&Si lays:;-

Oer FoFrW & SUleRa n
heil dab ale m eat. .a Nnn i kEl -
1 ant he nh a )r lalh Gy. Warn V a
TblhAeli d od1 r B" wl t plr nr Andat
=aaW W anr nue l ..SItn- dacron ilh l
w tkdayl hOul N. m bI o hu the Ina l -
pm Fhe R tn eohn Nablea nt Marke.Fo ll
oultha ketaulpt aroe Un ShVrtha atn.
or b Io I IW. lul o w N. PI
ft. Stat al ..
ma aR ITat S Ca ma RD hobedrt tha baohm..
ra huaube l thair a a le on ar ny.
kthea, layeaa whbre, frlod t
e obab learNTY a A ka Flub a Selm.
The lSeo al.. h- a bah.
'Al are th l mpunt t bal ab anaa an

i 8l mBaa Fn meauNi,.l 1 Ajl'ImII to
rae Beach oee st he mk Ll

with imprinted names
78 Beautiful Albums to
choose from

T al .39S.91t 0r ha0 tI1 0

a, U tt..a a It
mby Beah Oaplhr
I Medaha. I will
hIhr Moaday aca
lai at iha bebab
lmrnalty halio., lo-
Swintim Am., jui
ktllinUc Blrd Th
helat1 ball. a'llnt
h all MUIal tI
atoa wu na'l Cb
Fatia?. batahar a.
t. badm ika aaaa
Ik tka*m- larha

Library Reviews Begin
Both Dloray each and o alValln Army, The ladl,
boyntba heath beginthehir halt lb har tourllala~ve ltapcltal
hook review ieaaon thl. aad HieaoaIal~o hae b.ehal
rth eaaa^raaon raa. 1.m.n-e; an.alm r
a hah ptalrrbe ha br dllna the Slbak Market tha theater
alonaaMiar lvlyanddprwa district and the library
allv booEk ". a l.ner1to ThrouaIhoa their our at the
aerayreadar city haba remrinice an th
haew ohar atklrbhearythh, wth
Tha thalrt baaab ibrar badha netalifta bancdatna a
adl apea hal aerers a rail thalrbbl.
IBk baleli. Taeaday c tl nHltrcnih wal be hraed
10 u Mr*. Lcim J sn imlf |u(n hour prior to the re-
flaw hak c~ty. bh aattaat ltayaa
hat Y hah" Boynton hta ...h Bok he.
ThirW,. r.:.I...| = 11."01= 1
vala b.haA Wedmrdny Ocat-
Their eaplolta ranre atrm beh 1ttandwtnblatlnuait the
tipping ea with Ibt Dndai' clalaty Ilbrab noohhaout the
ha raaie M lam., to IanI an erny acmnd wrdn,*
a Tlhaeh|lvln| diaher at lha dayotlthn-lh,



We ran this advertisement in another
paper in another city.
A gentleman wrote to tell us he felt the
headline was in poor taste. We would
like to go on record as saying we're sorry.
We certainly had no intention of
offending anyone.
The same gentleman also enclosed a
check for $20,000.00 so apparently he
wasn't all that mad.
The point of all this is angry or not, he
knows a good thing when he sees it.
Possibly you might agree.
Clip the coupon.

"Assets exceed $250 million"

Do like the rich people

clip the coupon.
a..,(Sg1 aE Bfl-M I@ t.. .... ,e n
y... fnled a no.. fora -h monh or he year ,Jausa~na
the ahini for A ..ot nl you ....a ..a han i a .le er m h.
Tha'. IhA Che -.A..,l, Cot eiale th. rihs, for you.
We'll all >yor .alh and a.. monlha laterale.
I. ..Goad deal? That'a hoa .. . i r a lrl an'a. ia

Inerestl :
dally l Y,.CaHlcnaa
$5,000 $25.19
6,000 30.22
7,000 35.26
8,000 40.30
9,000 45.34
10,000 50.37
15,000 75.56
20,000 100.75
25,000 125.93


of the Phaln B&ncl(s

SUaI FOUR toSA INGS el s .. . ... .. .

1 NE. RhAn N.e.
OalrlYr Bact. Florn a Addit-a
SPHONE 270-6261 sto .



of the Palm Beaches
If. Lor And..n. Pmldenlt

Thank y~itu lor thinking of us in the lirs- l )l'(".

I Souath Oh na ue I01 Soaulhe B oaulerd 2101 Ok chobeH bourevard F500 f edal lghay I 5iE. bhAvenue
WentlPalt, ach.aFloat Weal Palm Beach. Froda| Wet PalmeBeach Florlda Lake Patk. Flonda |Cellr Beah Florbda

Il'|m. NI. JMA... ".- if.nd). O-lOi- lte,1

Barbara Romine
, or..,, .rt,~~o.-....1,
peIon Wanlig o d.rh atl.
c lind atll A h b. i he Ildl
hII ol t book;t i ays the 1I
rome dRul o'a theaisolrlloo '-h, --
.l nol0 r lhro hn thlr.
icehn and Hlth the lecrher ii iiiiii iBiii
.hal ulm--tbly p 1m1,ai rill-
AM0n aiB gw H-
And he klAoi whbl ihe',
y-lklnfibul A prl nlonl

TLH Tar was BEe TAN CAu
'..r in l. .ime I haven't by .
laught and I recall) milsrd ,l1 ^^ ^ ^^ ^
,-',1 '.,"",,;'' ."i ... TEBAUYADC
., . .... InIilhelr irecl by Bachs

plai" "' ,'
MEA Aomlne ford her own
liter lng ye. n ol .td.1 yln
-ae rcehlod her BA Irm
Ball Slte UnHl~IrollOidl

I tho 1H iwrld.h lckTiorlil

"I tIy to do lh e O e thin
*1A d...c, Ih1t the
slol it did 4ith "po ,." M Il
tAom~ie nyi. "H try11 o oly

one c1 Ohe tma.y 1n.i Mn.l R1m.e boE 1o help
I*.to.tI dll0cer 1. her cl. -I tINe Delroy BlaEh
R-nlIon C1ater. A p *llt, Milol n
byDe wnill i1O fteth 0 an il H a0nllnls. IPb500

Just Open

(After a Successful
Michigan Summer)

Men and Women

flEL HURD & C0.
1165 East Aliantic Ave., Dily Beach

1165 E. Atlantic Ave.
Delray Beach

- Versatile Talent CORIll.ege N si.. E I THE, HUT
III, Clrk, K htt TlMr 0l- Bw i
.Sl. .I g.i.. ... Fil'l : SAVE 50% 4

Scool I ltl or. At cm W ITh FI.LON.]UNT
.......11 o...... IIE.MONSIC111.. PANTSUITS =3
'' 1i 'rolled oI n m Lo w tud IIEAMONS AHOOI. M AL i

L.TA)I.ITI.Iho o.lho .,2,lliIW CVOPENT
mi.Ip.t D, STrio I Tih OAcHi With a smashing DRESSES 4
oni F.orid. Fam ily college. H .e.-* 1.. ; e ioha t i( NT1 desTAL

oed. -.htm Planned .. . *tiMi rPanto. S orbi n*t EllenTrmay 0
e f;,o'inta Tm .na .vt, l10A Cob *DHoward Wol211AY BEACH, FLA.r*

L Oid.> 0,.i., 1... i.orc'i.b'.;e roo *. Ten is.lg.* Ar dod lm e or.* re s .land rl
ll ... Ida ine"an e raa ss"h" ,il..00* t... FLORIDA ATLANTIC to o g

,-C hi n te eMlu HOlle 900or toSro ed.P.M.

A > s e (Nn, i tTh swn) ret
LEE'S .. d M. nAom W. Anl
LAI TRANAIIII.IT oI 0o g rdl, I. eptEred Wllb dellbo Terle Ter, id.
E rodooA oi A1laAri Hlbl with a smashing
School Mr. AAdres 1. .lo
Ti lbrnl ol. o her NFam tily hu lrd ,e ,oh collection that includes
t.. . Iiht... rF. ... ....... to these labels:

h.ech.. hercro. Planned illd. t r ol o..... e Mister Pants o Serbin S Ellen Tracy ,
.o Hh m or0, lnall. H2 PlannA II
tylsosIe e rd h ir p1i0t1 d -oh cn Th Cos Cobe Howard Wolfe Nardis of Dallas a
IMr 10.m eaoh h" ec1.- ilqoeo.boueruodo Tennis ags Arnoldsalmer FireIslander
A .. `.I..,,. ,o
h A B, 1K . . FL.I..A ATLANTIC
able od or ill or parT-i ,ll..11 ..-. 0 The rDllor Lnq M o 1 Filol.
od.e s e .0,r LAr: h "ito the
I"" g'to,, -,,,lt,"o .r Tbole hmtAhn rent A ogronr- oe. lito LADIES SPORTSWEAR AND DRESSES
0*00.1m FniiJd.-tEorto Jrdhg M. Dol. HOURS 9,01. SG0 P.M.
Io Bill rrddor .r lort Fr M. nmHt. PHONE 395.6751
rho' ogpu., cOg. ,hich oh To~y 000 T~w ", in. Jr., 015 l..Aoen., Iet. 199S.oF~ r .wy.E RCE RaE_
Igr dote '10.d0 ohtr or 1u1400 Hoels April llh, y B04 y bHoo Fl., Sar. Hr N.
enretno eeAcoloden t ent hoe` lo'or reOWerr F .0n 5 1 G n S.5. A1 A.. D.1- Noe I. HE T-r
IA hA heros osl ct. 000 Boioeoo Mlen.llon Mr- my echA it.. inlohtld D.
r glt I. Bil sl, W Ah r Lt o_ U OHI. N.E. 112 S-1.
Dodl I M Fida Boul.
s o n n S t, q. N' ,n 1
.1,d.N, lier L I MANE II

l Al pamN F1erA Dpp n oend


See Delray Beach's


2 'I;I.,..'31,0O 3'..." .,3a. '33,250

,... ....... ..... 1 .. ....


0s INw 22j sl. bh.c I...
L TELEPHONES 276-0436 395-4300

Water Level Declines RE-OPENING
without Normal Rainfall I FOR SEASON
S... har l. o u. 'n. ID a rp.. . n THURS. OCT. 5th
-e .j o nao ala aild . . ..". I. REGULAR FULL LINE OF
th 10e 1 1 ..... ... . . [.. GREEN PLANTS, HOUSE PLANTS,
He0 ISEB SI y ., ....... me. ... .... .. FLOWERS, FRESH FRUITS
A1 ESS REED turned 15 last Suaday and hirs.L rrl Slnford l J. eAal e THERE ARE LOTS OF tOE0 TIMES
K,, l.y .m. c .B. 11,111 pi p ,> ,. b, l., o.r I. ll,,',,. ..A %. h '. le -Cam .." ,""." 1 > 10 1116 fr (. Ill. $
y 1 0laml isedtr~ lnlnd Southero HOMES I 1'7,995 III
Gardening in Florida ,.,S,. M SO altcaYMa MARKET
ySIANN ONSMITp sea thinp y.ou eal do o a JfdEWELEt S oit HOME co ur
l.ek.051b .f l ell 1 a sl, A .m l -r1 a ,. 417T LY.LCNIC. A M A BEACHFLA. ... T DELRAY BEACH 278-0406
eaplantllll r417d MNT AV. Ay IA C ARA a TsLoM as s T. . 0I
bade"* 1.nd lar4JIieoT 101a wIII be plae 1r1 liR EVERYDA0Y0 0 ToiL.stooni-ss
Ia t.amlll. r phr't Im drained, impact. inlertll.

.,r ..b, ...AT PANTRY PRIDE. ,,

o-. .1.1 YOUR HAVEN FOR SAVIN'r r .
100 1001h is. Olin proper are aoalnable, 000 0h 0 iir.

S 1 I KING 0CL........C79' SIIIN STEAKS BoNANAS................... 10'
Iderd t bee e oroATO CHIPSw I58W Oly CpHUCKe Ie75' 11tL Ns 3*
ke'j" ta a 0lat 6 -8ly iii o .-. .3 V ...........59
I4em la dooa oo 1 ac d l In.C 1l re0 st

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M olaoml.1,0, 0uh e O Yet e __OdAo

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1......... -l 00 a 000 O uln0-0 SODAS 411..........e............ lol LONOHON cZnU..,.'.63 K TIEBIMLK ............... 49' f 0_.... ...
I- 0 C '. ... ............ 11 AN. ; ,. ';'ILAM .. 990..A...A..A-... 33" -+. coo '.. ............ 1.-9 !

Reyhn1ds Securities Inc.
+ T~e e131Ira A

Success in Marriage PILOT

Pq ............................... ....... .. M*.. * *..****...*
i..I Aorm iu drr i i -, :, ,, -
1lrrl e m n Iit jeals h ho *m, .. PILOT WRITTEN EXAM,
.......h " ,M .... we BEGINNING OCTOBER 171h
'' ', ',', "'', '.,n a", r0 qeoet hotl er- O ADVANCED REGISTRATION
AIC JAMES E. ToIrtaI N o erl ay Beath Is one an (ean t police IorD ne 'hew s .l ...n" 'h L0 it tare iVto o n. A 278- 1 U
at bis 11 sir defense mo. stronghold, This I the home Mo Ide Noer p i 0 ootr d Inoth.er50 brrlilr o u l s 32 51 hFTR l
Aier., Ailr De ot ne Commd, (hen e Motin ....i. ori. . ve role "l h '.. . . A" n ,0 be a ..'. ',2" ,51'" AFTER 5P

Delray Airman Guards ": .. ';" E N H
Underground Defense City .M:E O ':.....I N FR
coionByW SPRINGS-AiC en nmi da it would Fiet artegd o1 air s ma witf mansion n it ai ou go 'a do then name .... ,,-
JaI-n. T"oAmpxn" an of nat aileet the mountsin or Canada sod he United attork.The RAODeur h
tMr nd Mrs onto, Tmn.r plopIe They M oe =eir o1 n t 1 ies r.Nd u f nm ll .0 n Is o arlt sy ed sstem toed
ME SW 4M A in belts, ir l m sysem, y n waer. underdgron otres nd l he eIt mon tahrehBum t Ioa air LI
Orrh, huatrte..suslin I Sod, town, and e s. d- a m- ttthediesireetrbettlr deta e yt Ma ein O tal.otori
.ter.e ..t. .....Al..nd..... .. natt.. ..... ...... ueo. N a.n. or COM E, LO O K,

CheRA torlenIt Ceolae th in oa htih i ol w der ion rtaoe s ite m. in enemyratr W h Nvi heMIRACLE WATERN REF
Decr sr:ea;rl s.Ce pretet nep i r and w Sod. lo.o Cn ,e d Edu.y_ ,T n csnodd.

eoler am ent I ntoe lpad e l r al this tier a.II n f

Srs n he r eu t METHOD DRIVING SCHOL Royal Palm Pla Boca Rat

*I Supo o in a lthis hudd a hou the tpoer Smte Certiiedm Drirvers Educatiomn Centeth
r oad ea ree, "" uty a. aariiities. In addition, oe.
tr tiero O r lull time u ter. rommuniraslons clase NOW Condi od t i on
ld for Jam an bn telle an d dthilp Fa lls 'eeby erkodddi teqeir s N W Ils W

hotve rlaeketed Al Ath ho o n ho ea
Ar e oeetoraetielon Ci ditlrl e ptA n std
Ir anedetd h rhatr thm M A E TR F R
. duty s eainl Imm all at. wthiry NOcan buy (or r )i.
m uklthebuworombeu 1.noaloi I.-U.NySUS 11111
sIir dter ler The NOMai TEeyenne
Ml e woradit bain gWe, d lalitt.Crtth aldd U dSusU Educat Cat
IotldseI"Ie lot I1 claalsa stir 0Wmb.L WtLOne lp.
mA bore itfthorertlde tre344 letUsDeii aim, mi

try a little

S Bud', TahO I
a,,nai. o. oes 732-3618

Buy one
i T*,le Decker.i
'1ev 6oCand

I Ia
Ilks... z aiems


Open 10430 AM 10 PMF
F., Iasu, I try .. .Mew dlid.s uwoI&
11. WI' 'm h'e I ,l. in. r, i SEASCdr
we'v get appelifelMesif g mhlls. Try r* I RESTAURANT& LO NCi
Irld dakken or simp wh a g. rt-nsti hlandmark eDfodi re glrm
sid4eDr. p of the Palm Be ch
DEKiP V/ 'F00** - ;;* we;'" ;........................
BERMYS "NDNit J:::= -:.
R815NO. FEDERALHWY. DELRAY BEACH 1ihe view bome arl,
76.oew string .......... .. R.,...........
TAP ROOM I LSS.........t ON
DINNER 5-10t30
,. +.Chefs S ... Ec ...... D R I Z Z O
2-76.0401 MENU.-k
411 EAST ATLANTIC AVE. DELRAY ACH Iea and Ame lzioe Pres

5100 P.M. Mo 101) P..M. DAIL

a lsc lnho t e. f l.*,
.M,,an ... .......
Mud an,;fAU ~e. e~ c dy.S ,,

....... 1. Ins.
so)I0 "'Ai U F.MMo earress

..... .. ilk- W. Its I'v "w m gt | rIas e h | li......


h batliral heaer Volun. eoaa abIe i looarla ,y
n r 'reran Ii b and m taninalal ale in ueN,
I lahed in Tampa Florida and menl.Jel,, an, ld
hlrnd ei wilh |B.o in ie deral Alread y three gro. ram
haee ban rouled In the alte.
Aninb nia ei If r. p. hIeata.nad Ta rae Inl W.
ramnwal nude by Oliver der. land award Coamullt and
anl|n, Tampa. frernily lead eel In Waihlnl olbnlUlmel
r o b t l lat bureau en Sad Cosseii.
11ha 1. FloIdRa USVP Director Aulslir Jer.l.ln In devel-.
Unde r the progi m ib reli oplna ihe inrle rdg Ii are
penoi ae orolder wlillbe (]len Manly. +*!pi, who
ynha-ruN,' NN
provided opporlnitlei to l11 oark In he northerAn balf
leon a reallananrai ll II lealFlrda gad Wlliamn
earilty ad public lad prievie McCabea lrarmerly lb Mimii
roti paaraami In their who will work In the emlhen
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Islla in Nan Tw Yakla, thaegvainy ad ergilaby.tlacn a-
Idab elara i a dil I yen. rift and fin l ," era,' danl.
ienC dROn al

Arts, Calendar
n .,.. : ..... i. i .... opd ar Oe o1 At, n
mai 5111 poaulardov e t nnndyh
iltr o(I. P l he Talk.Mi
1.""* 1 -' n laaii n 0 ln a ba lrneay
A. W'lo, Onlveul Sludlat
..... h ,. ." The Veiulal O'.Cnor hao
: ..7," ."....'.',', a appead in bighiube an
^ '*' *.,. i.1 ... ^ hcalte all over the w rdd
Ili Limited nal te nt al
,1,, .i-> b, ..Ia n a1 l Weal hill la
"--l. l@ 'l .,l I l l ie woai howSl nladlly weth
,, .- ...1... # -, 11,1 M., b ca Tg.o pm.
..'.. .... .... ,., .. BIFEMKATISTETON
Coniey endera aaeplal Irai Uo imar advOead Salelh
al lanunfhehdnyania Nider b ill ipaak *1 St0en
Fi ,ida Univeally. Dolanid, FI,. Oc.
:Featurmg regular mhe tbmr |1, u part of LUr Milvcr
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n i hade R a Wopyd nn
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yeet 1 A i la o n ll byP 11 Its
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11 A "",, bontt-' lot
S .LLdItpdea...1,avitable -r Crutier o Pubc De-
P DONALD 0-CONNEyR ,dr Il locmeanljDriy
d ATy i dW "l a "" n Wiins h uliad "u-
"'M"erd r. dmtry hiv( hid wldeprfd
h aaeda *L.b=I c= 11e"1o n bu11 UopaWr.
11 Walt Disney World'i TopI l y i| N aheglehd aslaui a
We dnld, bi. l dra rn lae wmll be JefyB rl '
ad h~ianlrhahewlaeaibmin .accaea, 111 c

iN.1 N, --ne .Pp it hp =or dac -O
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slat and never I~t i"lK hi.ed~ andf Eby m O lrT
,J d .m -lira t p onMl p. ^ ern r t. .TSr
.ea Ron e ad elelvielon p aZ Hat, phild ol Maeolm X
oln ha o m aderhimdoe olh cal dla b di ch ac, o, d ovember
an..d ;,a.. b...i. ..., y and' d apw .in
labtb l Audtorium. I
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-stovbber stall hlliUilom"

a. S d -rho N B.inl alasaodulla omde dellnaa m"
an. ah .i. |,nW i- Ooernle 4*I n o Then i i,

Audubons d Ea... .
j TJAcln o speeh de ilriB-Gil
"toHear ....r l hita .oal.i
diane Mollerna "Li Ba.
g~Elb fectIuscanm" Nannar
Senator ,, 11-11 ha e+
idanateThe Sietsen SchoP oC Mulia
i State Senator D. nobert Wl =ra reu muD -
Grohsm wIll i P.a onp sorbr.
Itrvlnn Ploridal Laeddilnal. lTIe Unlverdti Onahalrab
ae at i he aa ll lARI l- conducted by dotlnry Gil.
tdbhn nanlia o UlBon yl ert will l concern t ia n D
Palm Audbbn noelnly rSalt. tun oen O ber 1l iad Do.
day. O.t 1la, I p m, a he l emr IT it n pl. hnll r -i.
r, -In uwctb Rod i Hil AudtRMu ind b
I, Del I!, h
dnaelahcaln n on 1.a1U.1-11iy Zlan. dl.
', Aunhr of the Land and Wa. bayem tkaclh,*,Ld Cor un i ty h

big chairman of 'L*n11 For areud by Dr. ednert Rich.
a Vu." a nenypmilt oriale, wlill |le a perfoa OFnn al
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tlo n Nomblbrd tOF re parO Bnh Il' German "Requiem"
UK in Nohem ol On SS November n *t na m. ln Elll-
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.-ls artl, Thu rl IH bed S, 172 'n r I t'll

Volunteer Program Organized
pIn lid Scbeool. libraries illll alely hunlrtd ul lie a aim ind s a Lge hipl- Ibrpslrdtodeveliiringap^*r S lnr Velanler _l' r -ru
'"rtod .y r.J l y a. W 1 ,; ." . graIin hed nto" .1
A- I - -..ii b -i- -i--ii -a - - -l--

do... p,,Aor ..... WAGON PLANK es

.. .. . .. FPAR-K-STIK .. 800
-IA A-ll]_b... ,...".- 0, *o CrrA N, bib7
aoegia l laih B Community al alid Amteria Jdiaa S.rvi and I he DbvlsIM o| P \ I Il"B
hllldel C 1 tdhr Jack. wlli h her lI eal ka ledge to a Iamily Se yl m rerll ll
ille Ar aM. l iowenr who new pa. O luU odds & ends close-outs S 8 .
Pollha C mlaSVP t ll. ]]l inad t aul.l .]niar I aln hr VaIhltrs will hel l dl
Pb ibe Servbl Ai-lb tor l on- la nr l in biarg inbl
iea Obmllbanard coui T!
Is Le Zey beauty Salon Pan-Ell Company
taen 2lel ,au rdr C .. Nalit O ylly Wait Paneling
bp T alela tI 5471N.Di. H.y., o. R.I.nn.
Rap T.nn theRVP. he a 1 e


the quad-plex

condominium home



F1 4".; TRAI

ma -~.A~ IF.

Delray Estates Is a beautiful new community by
McKeon Construction, the nation's leading Quad-Plex
developer. Located In suburban Delray Beach, we're
convenient to shopping, entertainment and ocean beaches.

Our Quad-Plex buildings are distinctively designed and rich in detail.
Each building contains four spacious 2-bedroom condominium homes
with the guarantee of no one living above or below you.

Luxury features Include a Swimming
Pool, Central Air Conditioning,
Garage Parking, Wall-to-Wall
Carpeting and much more.

The price Is right and you can move In
for as little as 5% down and $124,40 per month.'

If you can afford to rent, you can afford to own at

S.W. 12 Street and Congres Avenue
Delray Beach, Florida

'Aa Iun t dnyncd (1lo,1. .cnl cnl moilag* *nh 34 nlhly pdy'nli R1 .. I nl1.I r i in f ..l % .nu..
, pa na Bi aidl rIcludlag ail paid by bullOdr Ail prices andi al. iubist ID lhb gi wlthou H otlie.

't N aJoaauraThaind |. tcilt tr.ll

j.t. -' ll il

". ".. . ' ", ..

I IilAl 1subddistion.

The local Sceie Q

l.,I thli -r1k illn has been gone lor dour

Ih ,lnl ull niny lean i r"l lents. recently enjoyed a

I'eM. iM die' ill the Arcde l'proomm In a
0nti ir he Ito adrov 10 Valencia and conlinued the

ttl. i>|rtile that "tht scenelr ae outldul ande th
t t. tt avtr' Ilnr[t and helpalt r In facit, they say, id
',i, I nt unusual litr the ltal teopt tIn io "several

Ih Ilells tere on their way to Itaden taden to take
thrhithhs and litermotoraround Germany

ltlir.iy ahen he nmtored 475 n ites in thre perks late

S I ... r, ,

the north During the n visit. the fam,,ily wnt lo the
Ktytl, staying In Maralhan with relati who lived but
wn lrk Irom tyhe after. They enjoyed a sport new It
m, snorkeing. regis now ack m Cali..rnia.
SIrikeman for I he Royal Oak Hills subdivision at

Agne Timbtrtg reports hat he ubilean neatdquar-

n wiark andt anyone ho wanis to help uis thie
A ,i n. co a in,"h e.init.r

,,s.dl A ,

,rai. r trod vn. a t.i.
ral asaled In a a ieand

dny .1 there ais, sh l, estw .
piad hy In aeri

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nora k al. e an. pe, ple i
an pat i od aar a t lneao al
-h .al thee oal.l .ucil

red iakea l whre
a in s harhpte r th. usg
nearst tt erao hee

To hoon 1.
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0 b2d `11iona.ld be
kohnel or that W,
d- roood 1.1 .01,
rhe" .at
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ineeraing -
Mal yag.,t. .-..
.ad 1.11. beat
-anlineir. M. ,.d.,i.h

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-1,=. in,'. hit. beek-
kietola% Malit, break.
h.., anal he -
n, olli-I G -
bal, ip ano d lined bi
,he Vx, Ino the -,. --
Van a- i nI
a N.1,011a. Tarn-
Hall. nala are he pl-*
'. ii
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_ad..... helar.
bod],th, hlkh role

,dri W ,It ladl.loal lute,
.ad notally -. Inea Me
1hinlaingbilial anankel.
1.w h anath"
-1 no" hat lure fia.
Wain Me G. It la
re M beer
hoot, M. h
an .1hole grant. a. ad 1.
doo,' dfl,,1 'bat
--it. not

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ii ." .,da 1.
plrea-dnIl. Main
Ull !-h

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Bit rall.o.

Grains A. no

I.:i =;:Nao. anki-I.,


;-Into. b.,. bit. *' .on ... I
,,1,1;AT; Spooned Wheat B,.d r
.Pon ..Ih earn. .1 an
I.- IrM, : .. phon, non.
-bl-= pro- ini I pant .. ..... b-iiinall.u.-
,:m zr "i
-111- iol A" a 1. it- oal
hood E l. i`
ran I... lairk, dy) robire
-0 Bak, at 325 dg
- W., 1, nooor, $it, 'in
,p b,Z: o,
4. ree, d_, I
Md. w; r, one, :,,r
I "goi o'
at I PM. itio..
....... M.. an

en I I law.- rol

T .. h Can Unin. 'r
io`;;.'-*,"t,'.'iar`;'--- 69.

a- 7% A
.-I b. lain I- .,
T.I. Pop, .. ........... il 59, .2
MA= .1-1 "1
slogooni S ..... .. 75, J

= 21 . ...... t- 33, '1
..A.. en -. I
1 lip tl
cihipy 5.111 ........ ..'M 44. ...... .
1.1.1-ka-1- IF

cant, 49
cm4eq npe4;eqg- fix.

DIA D.largaim
11ancil." .
MuenderCimae man
P.I.I. Boil

Party P..k
Ches, sal ................. --99*
American Stinglas '4r 59* E!j 1 49.
J-1.6 b.o.. a
.4 'X: 11.
nob.0'. an
irarr irsirle"y I ..... 1: 494 WhIppinIM.ogolo, '14& l;
Toothpaste ........... tr 59s 39,'
B-fack 1y;Poss 4 I= 89.
=ad 2 -- 49. -11 In-
2. lF!". 39"
Q 594 "-M.
Hash ..................... '11.,494 Appl. D-pil.,,.
P."Per O-W;1-83'w It. P.Ppaesfi-
im irstow ............ :6- 69. 1

W-ffl-- "T 45,
Whole Kernel 1.- -11.
Corn .................... 4 89*

at: a, .1
.it. on h:.-
bribla, 0: I'll, a".";
.do filling hilapi Of h
J. A-lid
......................... -



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........... 31= 49.
t6ft Jul.. t: 35*
Kru-It D; inks 3= 4.
Aft Coklictall 3 1=- 89.

62 OFF Mar Halves 31= -1.
Wary Soap ............ ttr 29hk
Teflon 11 EJWG.



MIN5,0 '5 JAC7 -1j 5

JIM PTIESAIEVET, asil17 .7.par, U,1., S 0 O

Classroom to Playtime ;- 5.007 775715555l. Chevron 1.77..i.o
Favorites. IM. 0..' Sonmbalmo 5 ed 11, at.'
Ie n 5557.05 .11.71551 af .'U1..0. (Photo

Clothes to by.1.11I11.1car,

77anCywl.7 11...0

ritlrett Pears
E.g5 .so.. . ...... B% 05597057








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In 29c

0 Turkey Breasts

W e. ..............

........ T...on.Steakis" .
ne ....Porterhouse..Steak 1

usChuckSteak............ 8 .
N ck a California Roast...... 9


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urns Teacher
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%b.nJ, lial 7977 p--w 0., ih 9517ut 7-90
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montl or 10 thae 1vyed hall$ wadl l

i .lr7y .70 sy7enter, o ne ynlct ll5" "ur. ,..!e
r....... 0Ma mail, dnla Briny
, el 'i 1, its.=n im decan il my Wyy May
SWI l wth. Breezes e
. i., i -, ,,i ,-aum, mol-- inch s l mlk cart,
n larninrdrtotu anl Ill hw h1e7 haw they11
tl0he he977uti7 0en admired cn ake Ih ery plan nd Chatter
Iftitsop >nd nuke It beullul Gol 077
>or example air holes isalw1th1 old711 lol Ie0 1 nd11
e mu people to g "I""' up tulptu by c10 71. or By Charlotte Knaus
laccordiingto the -tr carvnggmerirldesl| d" t US
n7 So1 fult 7ln t.n 1,n 77 705 7 be back square dancing Ir0l0 again at the
sI7 ll "1 k wdno'l S0lick 1o ve7 y uemal mnod. Cautofif In Boyn0on Beach on Friday nights! Ve.
1 b7 .l n fa0 r d r or 7ny7il7 the7 want Johnson called laut week at he Presidential Canls.
575a wick n u- 1. t 7It daes Ba llwhihwa nomore nor e than Ju, t hat -
Sbupph oels. p" a b"llyho for theClub Presidentyou wish thoe.
th.e7 77woul0. I~~r Ne,0 weck. they Ie" I. 11 be a "Two 7o, One'
.tand7he li Then i5,', p ancet In other words b es. youll pay tr one a7 d
tohem t7In, k wh. hy. your girl can lip in on the side. 1U f[or an oevenng's
hke.'* H Mrhlt ainy enMeer "lnmen'P Youcant beat tat!
lly, he w0 1 keep 79n y o t youg w9ad5e7e7ll7t ll7Ike lo lakbe a l ht
e. o le II t:eY ded t 5be5new 0le -p 5lnothe Briny oflol 1b tere I I. ur I ed
whel" vf r e 'Zr bd'ng abo ve, hfm Jl u t WM ide the Ther T be w ll-'ii nlJ
,.7u7l t I I caIn Srlln| ves O citha l-l. e bh to t1. he nader and
Al rs e people us the pi lodaendam o. the rilht all beyond the bulletin
..... ...-..... 5.n M prdlneil.tol hep, ob.. e., adda.n istlco muc b olt
WHO .....I. ... O.cnr p., *||.
H75" ** 0* .... *;... 7, ,, GUESS WHO COLUMN: What thr0 7 popn7ar Br7.
c077. \ 77sr7 575e am 7 l nd t9, o or have already gotten
r ed, pinth Meet of and Fr"ank a.
re ar p 0175r 9 He ,d5s ---l0 again, ns t n70 all ea oher A
n eope ame u wp tot he Bgr.pie. Jseti Galway aed Frank Bn heve
l I Sluden- m n *bo if var b (reading the wedding path with his sister In-law
a h 7 7n i'n fllr r l II romCalifornia. BeT twshes .y'ull!
e i .1 '- Plorence Blkenbch wa taken o the hospital
au t n reny and Mr. Bick had ho be entered t0o. as he

an h m r a
057055,7 7 y 00.' In Slo017nti lonet a m These 7 7 wo have 517 anl.1
..... -m. Ore on a hil oerlooking range after range of Gireen Mun-
i7 5 7,I7 7 "d5 "7_an e7 jeep fil00e Over on of Bill Iarms -
..... ca5n p 0 75ad 07, 771e 5ok7al70 served In the Cabaos a real train thing that
St"aJunk ihw Fr n n tIt ey haVe parked next to i e barn. And the Gilt Ram
..... 9 pu old po".du An od wich ey opere during the summer JIs "fnlastic"
.e Lots and Orville -have had a vey pleasant aum er
I ,7 710 -wij1h0several Brly7peole popping by for hort vilh s
- Fouk1. Fugmers. kRpth. the Ru0ell Smih. and the
If anyone but ..eld. .e.Oce.Ride.To..
Iail for the Brihy folks lta Monday morning and thiln)
S -upp- hose ... K. We bead a . .b ragenus. l.. 5r
fre and pole ppofeslon It we so vole wbhn 11t am,
said this, udSpna.'7 .. ...... i 577
Edi Taylor. 7707 in his pacty a a professional fire
t-hey wouldri ltghs, i. Onin he men on the 5 an Ridge la.r. o
firemen and policemen and is working closdy with
htwHai *WMa eth mel sowho s1 their Diret .. the hand Of ,th
av a leg Department of Public afey. We a ornate to hav
-f 0 I 1 lUCh good, and ellicle7,. neighbors and Brinyilas, In
Sto stand on. =ft 77,7175 0.o of P9 B 7.
waor k ng7thoile ofpien a 77 715 70
Davd; Pridat of the Town Counil Floyd abch:
S S Aldam"an Ray Kns; 9 Directo, John Oswald and Jim
Bufrfo; Depuy Marshall Ed Taylor and Park Manage,
Kate Edmundson who Is back war saying thai her
daughter-lnrlaw had a fatal siroke lids summer and Jefl
elght chldrn- all of whom are grown and have raised
ramllles of their own,. Kate says that she's a great-
idrthday She' : .ll a* bright aI a new penny and ready
5 50b 7 t 0 sln 97 at th 5 droop Br h t0t,
iarold and MIllie Prall who were Brinylles until
recenuy are celebrating their ih anniversary on gala-
Yer h. yon can lend a message to them via their son
-Dr. LuIdday Pratt, 14164 Crostralai Drive, St. Louis.
Mo. 617. Their os and hmill0es are making It a
uJinging lime withplans lar a church ceremony at 4
7.77, 7775hampagne dt1ner a0e5wa5d and a Sunday
Branch for them and th7ir gu7 ta lhe next day- all to
take place In St. Louis as the areold Jr.. family are
t5 heFa lous. 1Flfts1 Cub. old 51end1 .
One recent communique smcked 1of AUTUMN.
with turning leave and cooler weather. Time to turn
e '7your 0 aces southward, Binyitles.

7 y ;hS upp-hos. thth1on
S ltth Supp-h s 07 .7
** Ony .h00 Supp -h00 on
I sanly 'luleIke /

the partly hen 1119 77 L
7p,- Sppho w 5l7klf and

* El ~ ~
97007.5~~ II ~ 119070550 11755577 It
055005775*575 Sn 0907 55 U9705J5000I777,97757.5 *5 05577775579757 55 S

bld nail Frida) alibi 10 perormn a no routnle lor Pbholoby layGrelaml.
khe Be)mDDn nnd e.lrn) eanh rirlod ou o n lbe e

Atlantic Eagles Lose Third;

Take on Vero Beach Friday

n.1 dd 01.K wlolb .olf 1 0 ,,1 1,-,0 It,"1

_:;.4nO lrl 1-1 0 .10I

STilE FINAL SIX POINTS for the Foyenl 11111 Falyona
Danome lno 5t0on0 bonero (be end at O he *me. THo

.Not I Coloni Club i 11 .- -
Our 2 and 3 wilory ,, ,,,,- fI ,,
oundi. Thi mes our moellO N nOPE n
unlike so many ulhrr from 11 to i.
o n ommunl tiie olr
ipIrtment reldeni'er TIEE
1 NOT all In a row. COLONIAL
: architect U Nly NraYe P

After yuildln Ihe naFlt. a
11111 quabrllead I lonie Wood
paoron lat pklr d apar1 0he
insprlfnno dlnilv'- balk.

ID =IA. ",,1 qefo 001
Ii0,ld n1. INj 110 dth III

1111 l' r1d1... .... .101

0In th1 [h0rd qrleri Ealdi'
Ilarerbak eeaul Wberll d I-
eM-ted a dnie lo the Point
11lll lourya.d line hrr tr.
itrehl Inesill. pushed the
bill ba ktol he
Atlantic did Ret back Io the
ne manly became el M5l1
e.n Walare'i acrbatile 17-
lard latch But junlor back

ow-. B., .. ., say.

The Eall. eaned 1wI
yensd r Inb. nIh **CiOA
Cr11h0 4Lirry Templel nver-
,'" 'i . *T 'u ik,,-,-
,, 9.-... .v .,. ,
7"u-. .. .

01e Dan TIdwel,'l 1 a yad
run leb upAtDe e
`.-o1n 11111 -0red Iheir go
Ine helped tohem Yih I. h-
er orbhdoIn Thed onet
Two w-1 "Ioa AIllstio
eveted up to CCap Kennedy
A11lan11, 0. plboard .1wh
00llT. In the 11.1 hll In.
.5l10 d e Io he 0 1iu Oallle
l. 10 and yrd lins only o
Te topped by pRainul pel-
Twke Ihe Dirtby Don'r-
-vend fumbles lulide thl
(onmodore' lE-yad line. bul
the EaIan 0e0 called oIl.

Fa In l wldie Je ys* nlld O lime out, re.orp- and Ihen plunged over bthe goal for the lel s



--7 . . . K
Hi1. 1 ii f. hrlt4 1.D

Area Golf News

I AC ES,,g ..ln ery b 0 .0AY11.t.S.. . _. .. ." ... '. ', ..
GoolylnilLF ... .,., :, ..

colf SL b on aemlk R rod *.
S-1 A lal nll A e ., rW -I Dp .
.ndl eaId. ,, m e ... O ,

no on. Serlo ngI elraera doe .O Ie l i .11 b N
ao hnl a bove De lb. r t olAd.lh uEtD De llS.

. 1. I=.....l 'hlsZnd I.. y 1... New Mazda RX-3
Dou t aUl e S llb-l .0 I6 0don I b.yed I.,b.
... r. Co w pi- hb10 .......... NOW OPENI


s.... .., Pa ,o.he"o.o,. MOTORS: FO A LW ROCKET
me w.- in'; i ALE
Iknylo.D, ,. , o h, oll W be lEA H2blIn6-b
.onlyeoroen 1. kil d oelrneswenu REVOLUTIONARY MAZDA WITH

.ahoIde 1 t h aElni 1 lTO AG
D lWanCIs! .y. OF DELRAYe
D ela ll. "ro le. an$ SO. FEDERAL HWY.

WD le ll -y. 0 ll lk, l r nd aRC 26 3

(0Eln o. FInkhoue
... . so .o kWinw -2

f i n . yob lo ywu donn olo eTm
; noly WoI tlen'o Teni

Tenn i .. o sel e and service of PANASONICe

delO All3 Df 1N.E.e2d..D.lBonesIh byBorN .5220 *
0i Oegn O'. I G i 46 ol e MrTR S:r FLOAT-O A ROOOET
AnD 0011000t IolvBSTo WalO l oJan SA ORtUlLOA
nerndOIrs t rM tte anb eoma tch rae- *AINNCINGAV BAILALE*
.ar Ed uD im 0..... n..o. erAnI1,aoa

for ation ces, Celnl tsbl h md 4s over Etloen dNi, h.
Re 24 = 11e Wo.11 l weand Mary Elle CLoR
lbnt fl. D o u1A IN-ISGAndioIAryoEr O

.AI.oLEot BIon e SitDon A.St 1..oiI
cIasses fe, On a Pgme W beSALEnndS
no..... Ones, ...., n F POLUXO, FLA.
WiB.aJII[.n mdl... Is =....... and-14 NC


11.1.1u" Ce 7 1111F

InhI lM Gltte n
R hL llA TE



r /-sll

You i donlrelly ge. moo booubos n
Inr boalle of J. W. Dear. II lust stealth 1001y.
Ta J. W. Dent Kentucky 11ou0bon.
Good honest Wiho at al good honest pilcs

Kentucky eouibon f

*"* -- -- .;

N.,-lJea. T0l,..0.4i .rE .Wtoerl V.
Barwick Golf Club Leagues
Team I N Terms I
loWr'i Lwn Gdn Eqp 3 Tearm n11
Tm I 'V TTmr I 1i
Teram I E e Te m I IN
T.m, I Ternm
PeteIn ldit ,Cm | ThsJ.O,-i
Sytlri DrfusiImn I Teams
T.m OI Turn IN
llyyolaoi.arbl Clhb 1IS So uh Fr' CraM I%
Tumnl IN Turnm 4 I
Wilker Co= llUrr 11 Turn I I s
Oiler I ..1di IN C=alpdl C laeutlO 1I
Ltrry EZua aQui|ty ConL III.aerlGi Center
Cuie.Men i etm 10 74
11 Tu .Im I'l
Crummlnd Pminlnle lits TamE I
TeamS I U Mearlonr 1.o
STmhrbin LeGPi EN.. Wi 'omen Is M
FSenthN'N8rleirt Neal P. 108ElyiBmn I..

ATLANTIC SWIMMERS Ior o1I-13 team are: IL to Milterbaeh, James Robinson, brne- Rblnlane, Doa
R. front row) Tom lloe-ll, Alison Armo.. Mer.e Gruani, DOug Weddln, Dan alfli, Jim Gerreain,
linley, Pal Slam., Beth Wetipne, Kathy leardler, andDoliniuer.(StalIPhotebyREayGrahem).
and Coacb Mike Purl. I Ithe bIck row are Tom

Atlantic Swimmers

Expect Top Season

HayIng o uleleead oun. lsowimsn 1 I lOIndlvldu,- wen PnlsLiM Klhy rIlAtrd-
acfe mwlmmin, ernm ha. al1 medley aml the 4H5 Iree I er. Mere liety, snd Belh
may. been the gotl ol M1ik style relay." commented wes ylgalth Wetlbe ltd
l ond l ItI appe a nowe C aur lPeh Py letr o i nk the -y erd
IlN a little bll of luck and a f le tyle i nd Lel 100lyard
of hardyork. lle N Uanlic J T os er Ise a l1e r of Ihe bask slrnesh Neese loaiey
eimmnn cld make thai ,trnm pterfoimer. on the emllt In t0 lb. [dlvldFI l
ealeatltly. am, lie 5 ol d eemed m 'dley. the 1Il bM al s rooe
In lbe I .erd byck haleke andlhb.O-Ieemlyle. PatSl-
|lkh Pearl tellse hemd ymsly Ct.ytlb.mI lhe l Kh elm mete Oe ON-yhl!,~id 'Ma
temmles yw al Aat 118511 lding iN yrd free stIll style med t 1d lm-yard (fee
mmmlnmlthoae ^lltla m :ser wosombxr ieVlmI style
.h S Nl s an he Ihlnt mmymaad 1
lira 0b l ia he Midmmd n have Mg ly lurpyut d. The m el l d on 0all0le le leleom i* 1 R0ob Thela r e rya.
1 .i N l who took parl I. lhe I10- len iyala l ool I ihe
i l.0tam e bl I(ur oa the t Ye r brJlm l ie ke In Ia e ima. Teen Town iwlmme ng1 pool
.e'winmenotlyi. Pirnm lionlJr. Olympalu d w eh 1 Iro m th 1 am Kool iF oe.
unrnllCo lennen Dlnny m ld a tendtr lor alli1ale unIl d:M. The lM mwl lor
lanim m lm Wedmolos b uli Iha Iee1 1 eT o OdI11be semLaI.
me'rd a elIe m~~I, la, Wa m h I m ll. o Od. W and 1e
led on lhe iholoy el o( Ay. aeAed l N. lnol TTIm leltlim
Ieddsne wei wa 0n allan0 Jim Gmraelmeonl. a nd Jalne Ronl Mlhe pIErl Slani o Ol ld e
eren )wlmer in Palm Infn telp lhe teZ m, meeting o. Ocl. T [or lhe p.r-
laech Conty last year and poieolf ru"nnig nAAUSw~m-
nodi chool recotnh In lhe aDO The laulanI coah ol Iba mini Te~m tor ]Dely Bench,
a tree f lyle. 200-l ilyle, temm, Miss Sandy havi. r e we held In
ind -he 400yard ,e slyle. marked lhal lhe tour beslI fl m O it .:. p m. at At-
Wo omniP-le l0.lha h iwl mummuen Mik Ph I per <" l ihSol..A In hld .

ri, Y" 1. ="= =

'md 1 "` 11Y" ed I

nud A-

)OVS LETTERMiEN for lhe 197.73 Atlm.tI. Simmll seam mre: Dl.. lamln,
Dom g Weddlng. Dou IBmoemrand Brue RMbluon. (Sul( Photo by Riy Grauhrm)






DO nn A,. EatI of US. I
,.,.l... A/1 732014T HA

(tIed c -ir olthre moaund-
ty ireenVall5d mo,



Mike MHeal. i ugaed lnee
bacIker who did abul .ery.
lhiS Nin dole. lhe learn bN..
hlet ee meed Velm Fim.
sUnhl lehd Ai" .In Im ered
und w.k of DliIr,1 4 AAAA
amlton for hi perhomm In
EIU Gollie's IO victory over
eray Allantlc u eo w.l
a,.mn, a S-1 I-Fpond -.
ler, e. credited w11h II talk-
I uad 10 lUcke, kl. ocUng 1-
ntlenl backs fnr lam bend
lhe lI1e of CrdmnTle hrm
lie a knockeed doAwn Iwo
pu end blocked a pnt In
lelpnlg Ile Commolorel
record tbalr mmconm duloul om
"iMarin l be fineset c
Fpetlor I've eve cwed."
eid Comleedomm oh Bill
Olfh. nymnlneer In fulnd
AAAA Ihle week Included:
Larry Ramimey. Ilneebke,
MAlburnre: Eddie 00w.rde.
m-wme clie I.o Fl. Pfere
Celeaind Merrill alofnd
dtedulve guadiarny Bck,.
Maren Is oni eW Er 81.e11-
or Ilemen mlateled stealted
for "eImemnld Ne" me.
li. mek. Garda.ta eleimed
ceelen ofienravely mnd etl .
lakle.. Wuaed end ,nelalk-
en delerively arnl Asie for
he eekiy VelIm Farme
Player mi all Ploridm'a
oa.110nJ,01.1doli c .
Chun AAAA .1ennin a `eIg,*
blefe lor lhemhor UiOyme omm.
teallee br Wher omea melnd
Tnee Heleeoa by soi b.
paneol mitoei..


Azalea Handicap
"I" .reel f8. "" PeIiI"nus
illet mld mares wli For- 111W lnlerirnlol ie fee l14
Ielp.te In I Wbe flured t.c* Caltderee n .
lee week at Cilder Rice Dlningl nd meallenaonm
1or. Te Aul;: Handlcap. mdaloarehardnlocomeby
o beinuililurdmy, Ocoer on SlHurmedm ned hnlldmi ml
yafipatote lmnuracp- lb. NomtleMlib trel. Fom
i thm. willmth mns Lbbd- hlol reae Ule Elinnsin I
n feld Pal 1mI-I minle. men- p ra I or eip thV mold
., have beemeloaniledfoled bin pln*ell *had w00ieaeean-
llS.0 edded .eot med the N.
Iwmely oompl ime blet ao Che Caler RAme Ceo.r link
be locally w10 .th the Slmle e e atkWle Park-
HckorGray. acmnwbled way mi nest lE co~mplemion
Wb lofitn lthrbe-yairct whlle the COol LIne. Imee-
:o easIamilg e.Faliy *I Cat- lor bheeae Ni flh Avel ue
dr Rie. Coune. mmli ber mnd fllflewy 411 ow open
hirleenlh veclitr In Satl oe Ion-c eolmeg moigaio.
loy'm fee. SNb w10it m I from he Morh, muoO and
ulrcii'1arty [onldll~abe iroup eai.
ovaldbendydbyahei w Tet and Sur.mim ay
An Fint Bloom. fm Ad5m- dArk dunl Ocloer l eeao-
le. and Stay Oi Peront. ln| elling "demaylnheoher
t Mk e . 1 .. P la P'el IF d1 y m t 1 : 1 1a P .H .








OCT. 8th

S First Annual
Goofy Golf

S\~-' Bloody Mary
( I. ; Tournament
.. //y CLUB -
Sar\B wsi8l- k Rd. j
De.lhny B h, Fla.


Mr. Businessman:
ClE 2?1.61 ,o 2 d.el.

"CliJf/in Ife The F-r" $IRVING PALM BEACH .


oerE 1T I-MIII

., ~ ~ .I mk .

000 geg
gg 12 ATSUN1200 : 71 PERRIS VALLEY so
o : t MFMSt, lAPE. Tood.. 1~. Co.,6. Fit, 00
OOOl ,. ,"" ,"" O' I O
go *o,. USEM ONCE- t O a
gg ol,~.;.. '2195 SAVEHUNDREDS eog

gee AIdor F Vrkop. V-6 -1., o oo ** Z

egg ..... 2695! .... 1995 *

o ,. ,..i .., :!
O0* o.THL'ery he.. ... ~. .. V W O

S* S...... ......... 95.....

0I .Id, 4 spod leslItiio CORONA. 2 do,, 1 O'r l op
foo 1 o, DATUMS 0.wo, $1995 ge o

........ *.. 95 ...... .. 95

o o,. '1295! '35:o, 195:::

g6 9 5,11. 5tAVENUE(U1)SOUTHBOUND Ogg
410 278.-6216 ggg
OO 0gg
OOO .,::0, $1295 :::::$:595 OO

.1 V' *~.

I v.

':F "40

.1 n '

utos ... PAT..

AT woI !Y go

11 I~j~i~,JI.If

Slims Tourney

Begins Sunday
There's it I cuyl t "con- mhlo 85d W4lle Josn he
Pr l iiit 4055 Dn KL 1 will played live UnwI In the lall
W's lil oon101)0 05.ste Il.1HoCeri. ck051.r
we (pln"i the In.0. rwo eY. lIh Civrl0 wisonnln
mIrkIn priu m ln e ar, thrIee Perhap not 10 concB1
l Se'll prub1in do ItIelia week dentlIly, Ilel Chrl.' wins
0 IIIhe 0I plice 00 did II have been. on Flor1da ly
oilt yer t Il e Villnil mu. while her Iwo l .
0SUM l PhU li ell to u. thr e bh0 t ohner t uoico
I _The q tl 0n wilr No helo wll oti rid.
ho I .learad touring pr ry, sned you Chlil mll 4
imm tI'lio lead, SC,, ll M l ndliii. woidhie
Irpa. her 1171 itcord en m. h a te. 51 m1 m iat her
Inl o illS,11 W e'll gt i U d ai id i ried b helle
n5wer at 0H5 VYlslia Slice p5 e Mke.. Chri e hl.el
C inolohI Oct I0-IS *l ddllcull t ba~sl 0s Flordl
F' poh DorA R itW hI 'ves
Load Club, whene 11 line r i, Mn. 0 r, S eoit ntio Ie
i ll received he t l ill o w pereial Be irre S 0
hi gnhllh lop prizel 051 O Ti Tt ; oe ri
5it eamlnp o0 iM.i Ao slay. Shne. pljed Cri. 00,
4.- W.illo Jn w11 i hae Ao m. Iwle on thai l odh,
add A. VOraila Si m*. I.ole la tioulI.ond neser .i
oe shes oln yd won 50 A0 he r u fclw Gunrer I)50
of iudUS opbh lno.iero lli Jun Ire Uol t

he Ad, I, 05 f 115 .0 M it"i. W od e he r 00
If1 or, I0ed oOcowil la, r bul BUUe JA n rAtmin
| .crcc,0. 5 ari 55t e0, hevni nluni d he
would (Tilsly casMli a h Ifvorfdur ll.
hlad e amy'snrndolias. All molesito ud., B lie.
It e u so U r Ala loyr JeacciOiOVirflnolSlmClr
mean dinnsl,, hower0ell. u. ul.lMedln eirnlp sare
I mUJnca Inshe lor41l0 0 0 I.l0O0 oid ihe a laidellne
lime 1 ioe. 0r ,on. lo lAdIr In hlcipOlnlr w5i5ch
fd 1ia nl b r, [A ol will detshdne Be wAs Hor At
S he Msrlyc rI Irl ol Chrl3 Ine Vlr.inin tlhec SUwr Gln-
1 S ""ertlr C~Ourl, Crlim ny, whig wil be awaidod (or
Eeei~ad Niny0.sor, 14 I llf l ti ca cluuloc
=5d.n Ipbhelhelly, Mn. OiionleUcHloaTeenil.
CcuilcUnuedhen radl3.arrhriil. O igrels e i llhoh plyi
milwiei a lllej deabybbeoi, .iy A Ac ansib 0 Ai c.
AIr shTdoy n Inl l man o 14vt Cira uiplto
MUi oldenvie t le eil t iler m moe for II bh -
I toucy. heail , a 0 f l i oe 0 = th el bher -
vlicory ok ened Ilis yIas0 Din, A F!! rIsd y.. tlled0

00501es10 Oell. 001, As, m~e. se .00cA
ohth wlic Bl0e5 Jun *aI wo ls pl 15lo aeile wlAi
600 hepec 0M. Snnily, he I-ynr- In xhe i 17i0 d1vi.

do Is, a Hosg e0,55. res. D s, .4000. e
od e A9lllis ol Ie r Wi n *0 pe, rim i e 0 ilc l dT, vl
Bllln Jhe -as by Re Intl i- m imov i well Memodeih Pie .

ml e n t he Ill ome bn an e ""it ourne.y, ur-
Vltanll S" o' Nwrpr ""e I d

l e Sor ecoi, a p o0 0i3 W ift 4 05
4 ly oessid.0 Jo0 n, whousd la be Annm! y
A14 liln, n. ld imualls Klydoo plssd er t5n4 1out0 -

i,.ippeniwhenMm. Court mt mo1 $40 ho1 va
*nd Mr*. KIn IM L Wby Sia1roland won Bec t es is Nod
SiMS i0'e- clwi,|dg.. bkhdnrOUlO Islan 0

I4 5 B i 5i.e s ie y di5 Ihr.llii e h. l aplet Mrs5.
lbal fom|lndrni iedMai^ CGUr nld Airtnraln Lelley

pisl sll wu lln n. l T lcb 1 dhcldd
oPler so nmad lille Gn 1 UM a in it s
*MoflllLIn h-ll l l-lid~ *ra klr,

S MIf0 Eovet, ti p anpm A t5 300. 055ed br,. Is I Io
055 Iy 0r"ld i 5oolri leO e T for l hlb piee h i IRM
'ludedis e Fi00 It'l 0i ve | 05il S 5liM C ulo imllB

c.r "utydney ZFR01
Be to cSile h.r MI, d. Ree warci M0 50e5s Ft,0
olter Uttin ido wMI'I chinlB. Liuderdoin frlinnd Liurte

d wouldn't wieatIo cS. np, FleJmie, in *i .teur wh5o

SFlorida, Shows
Personal Gains

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1 ft. x 8 ft. topper

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4ft x 8ft section 14" ea.
Sft x8ft section 15" en.
lft x ttopper- 7" ea.
8ft end or line post--4" eo.
911t end or line post-545 e.
GATE3x5 18" eo.
We loan post hole diggers with
the purchase o our redwood

Famous Quality MARTIN-SENOUR Paints.
Great Paints at Great Money-Saving Prices.

N me. Whil.. & CA
..,.Ih ..l... fi.e. $3.95 96

5005/ 000050504 201 6-950 EXTE11011003
D ,,, i...l.....ill 11 ;*5.e..I ..
aJ m... O.l -,I $.... 2 I.

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.5.. 59s LESS25%

l,,.oh,..t, $992


* New2.44 50ft.l stil.- Ri..4.29 NOW 3.66ea. 1 L.. IN.Alu 111i1i
NO. SlACS *50It.x M01n.- Reg.11.10-NOW 9.990 .. c.
a Rg.4.99 Sq. pl.- ow. 4.22 NYLON REINFORCED
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(CLASSIFIED) *S-.c s,.'o.

ou o.Z ..'.s. .i (CLASSIFIED DISPLAY)
S.S'S.s..u s ::.l n. ...i....I...
TO PLACE OUR 1 Ph. 276-6M321 or 732-070

1-Annonuneements To nI. .

y. f enmterng. Yu'll o re bo
Ionprl -outenisd aour s with a dinkong puib
rd p i ALCAtON can henp YoU
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teA T onts r0re 5 P.6 Fed 2-Rent-Lease
enI Hwy Dmlty "S S"uidayt"
ds.o vsiutFI', Residential -
.flser. All Pigo-Nel o 2 bm s1 srtn.. ar
ruleVsetM Limtnsd teri pHcig snd sphii tm is &S hO
M. Teny Pblose tgDr itt. sth yearly aoI Andnwn
t. AOW. Deliy Besch. Phoe I
FREE Mash olds puppy. NEAH OCEAN, EOiienci, sn
Hsbkrosn, 5r50 Onwr s bedimrapt S2d a n"k & up
miss s| *way lo cha~l ClrIH7s. Csll ti0'0Tt7TPr
ee______________ ai WHkly rtid nrm.
l0S.W.oAve.isinipy bedonnm aparnnll Centai
toi0T air & h eaS. irpetio
Open. tAM 5PM inisr s 5 plintcns.dipoul. lundry aci
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EKillso mttillUi. Crfilnd muu. R owineat Iuer. Chi
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KlD Court IT&S4 [Iif)





T1. 1 ,we hsidc 2 b INN, 2 blot op M il.
eins host .of .. pUi. B,. u pil i
*4.y0nd0e" S48.000 .

Cll N rcr.t W. i on mas Anss .

#2. No loed Mas, 0
Th. QAl .wo bedroom, 2 baoth on.
antro, East of U.S. #1 in DlI.I

41, No retiation nrea I le-se
0B3. No sosing caste
#4. Walking distance to Beach
and shopping
#5. Apartments ompleity
#6. I All ictic kitchens-
sfret-oref nfrigeator-
Amhansr an: -
dihw..hRn sdpoal

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11ClMS1D Il|liilCIAN M Af" D --- ,
YO lTS iomiss os
732-6697 1c ... 4 e don u stopig m r. Somr. -mmii
I "W 1dso 6r1
W us orN Inqire
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V. I0 0LEN SEASON. Ons bldmm.5 tb I homo ooiss

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AtPLCO APAETiOES' tZot b- 1t 1 on s osbte, ioS

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aste b l an in Pod, i ly fl oroi undoitp d olsao chi p. 110o sonal l pTlbd
.e ..cs..ttmn & .Io0ach jA s.E BEDROOMu rk. r s. lectu orl00 ll
-0Olhut h S..T MO oru Dni tr trons r. olsss or tedag
--AOY Tri!e 0('0A boze & c hOA "M L le I ~8., ;oom H A No.8I

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sACOm. 0' I.M T Alnt 2 ioRIn omy B ec ld so IO APT cOMtISbt Pd
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wil ro aaoabtt O rotsRe unt sodon 8 prtvR. ursy, lit. pNcE .u Seso.t O oI
0ZZ500 peir owgw r arostrg, aon.Cel st oier 5 s. .rom

,ol r .sde ,s a du. mA-s 0000-oa shopping Cll V& W. M nN.E Wd Awoase mirss
nrlI CsII00ll tc 4 IT rI I mJ r0 7loO rootl It. .

SC. Goodrich Littlefield, Jr., President
the ohongS in name

Main Office:
C. Goodricht tlefield, Jr.
1053 E. Atlantic A..
Dtlroy Boh, Fla.
1305) 27-.3380

Branch Offices
William A. Maor
n GinMal Monasgr
4799 N. Fd.roil Hwy.
Bosa Retn, oa.
(305) 391.1000

formerly Utilefield & Wolforth, Inc.

SWhen you "THI'"" real esitalt,
W "' think "B, ER"

A perfect setting for the country squire desiring
to stable horses. 3 bedrooms, 2 both, largo
living ro m. in cheerful kich. i hen. . .all
rooms open onto 10x72 Screened porchr 3 car
carport .. .S48,200,00MISR-10905

Huge 30' living room, sparlote dining room,
plus Florida room, are oJust a few of the fino
quolilies of this cloIe-ltotown 2 bedroom, 2 both
central heal and air home. $39,500.00 (offers
requested) MLS R-994-HE
An otrocise home ior the nstind couple or
young couple starting out. 2 bedrooms, Ih
balhs, kitchen w/pass Ithru to Florida roamr din-
Ing oom, I car garage; central cable hesl, unit
a/c $26,000 (Moake offers) MIS R-.I 260 OA

4 Bedroom, 2 Bath . only $27,000.00
Situated on a corner lot, this home wilh unit r/c
ofter many xt rai. New prinklr ytem. ,
s.eparaote 10x.10 building also. 0.920 SW FHA
applied for.

(1) Beach area . each opt. 1/1 . den
.. $43,500.00 MLS D-648
(2) Palm Trail N ... each opt. 1/1 urn.. . .
$39,000 offerss occeptedj D.59 HE
(3) HE 71h Ave.. . each opt. Ill . w/estt
.. 548,500.00 MLS D-72 HE
(4) ME 71h Ae. . each pt. 2/1 well turn
. .67,000.00 MLS 0D-60HE
(5) Beach area . each apt. 2/1 . neat,
well furn. $64,000.00 MIS D-62B

64 N.E. Fifth AeBnue
276.7401 days olts: 391-1173
Houns 9-200 daily
9.121O Sol.


*r. L... S... ot -S oo ,l-
Ste h05TirI I II fi llma s, le
ubs"tsti 4-Real Estate ITs REALITY, Ik -
S For Sale s ntirstirood town
l299 N. FiJ1 Hwy. 1 .Dle y In!n ara l 'lh Boynt0
SPOO AND PATIO. 3 bcnrimt relish FSipnle. Aool-lt
______ 1balhl ntn b ls y ren elstt d E.1F G IcF, RnHslir MT.40
MR-Rt-Rss cm .nli home ng r nPlumu iTFp
d W -- Hn ind iitnh Slools Large Iliving -
NEW HOTE0 ram mo h lo ur. rm & klchrn, I ar gtriIsr i TIIHEF. BE E oOM ot 1 rl
l4a1 otr ouluished Air snd tMIOs -120 ,NE 10.5mO C s 1unkn lllng" ro oI Nto uokrr
U& y I r aeor Dmudy Dylry Nam ITFINA G ____. isliT I
IllT..SB-li CALLTODAY! 4.-,I.J.B,1hAiTN

WArtTED 0 LEASE FOn TAYLOCATED C6 No hotE VA .nd (m..Iro
0DAN 0C. S rEB MA sCH Ond ul. P T tiei N Br lo lm"o
b epro l7. e Pt stn l uEii r m Rm. M p.HDM ybNE e t C anil oc40 c iTfi
olls. Toty o s h lneo m lrlo Gr Ai OI" HEAUTIFUI. SPANISHi ulgn
.ooMestonitod i=2 derd No ., roo btooni s otTois h
cr460. wito Sos x0. Dmi JOHN BANTING poi on s t ndr

3-Rent-Lease MoRSAM.s00n^rouomo u.., ORnru3e
Commerelal Non .a. adr.i oon t a.tu st
M.l'omtolus sonbM us. Mstly sunshnd k nohllsl lalon wilsh lovely Irm
b Phnyu Sone 7 400 D *4mcn on
iotls our bsuoL ines --cin rnr T I S ESTHER L POWE.l.
slrn aI r'I t odHn Ls. llrno g I 11 A l. r -
.i o l S A >ImM INs t"is n"i"< I u s ed s an rtc esI rmpt ltr '14 s n i i BTFI l -da
co lee I rmaonwe nnisis
P. So 05, mnmy ""S'i IT'S ALL HERE sIaru e -ci mprrI. resie"n
Ir Sl.IITY LOE 'rIt. ear
CENTRAL AIR. s IMMACUnAToE onu tsi 4lh M.00 e In t SC
UC <.Csss.hnmc l.-- C ONSuL 10, a E 'a t Ti o 5r5 An is tt'
MR0 SALE or rnt.n 4.00 sq, (I FAM 8L 0 ROOM AND m usM bA ,tnh
walklham ce vallt b UNDE+R 13ETIs WOR'TH M& I Ol= ;
"oyor Euton riTs. I0 8- RE-SSE IT THROUGH JOHNiiry & asits'c ma. For
lsocsnimenssrn is u rI ast, Io -fSROi A srTF.p~n.
Mlos omp tt oks t d elniihS de alts I .M0HeMNENEIT
; i r, sns. Loo I uiss mn gnsg. ..... XB i l u1 snt...Byteia ij no longer
anttpsd THE. E BEDOOM. 0 roth cu nsciedwi*th
iol kRn.e oL Hn Te our pnrn p.h officeO7sorhP e
= .J~y itl T om p Lk e+ C.11 = l e J. n Isis. p d In.
1126 0 nAtlnl Ave.
FOR SALE BY OWNER Te. 276-6018
I1, sounh Boud Hwy, 4 bloc norh ol utoni, A T O iO Bl ro l l e ss
ow, $3o-.000.
3 -IBd One bolh, 267O Dq. I l undir tt1, 1700 l. j *
lii n g a ra 1 3 2 0 0 J I T U I T n
O n e 2 3 5 d m HO s o r O s o n s b o d .o n C s ro s . b o rl BE N I
rsmed, 2t bilko from Allonlic, $2 .000 i I I
Phsn 2S7i-9. 10 sl. oi
Phone 276-9600. ,pntr.,,O, i s,.
for 1 IIlI IClr0 rl.. I

n ~~~ ~ I .... .; uj uutstsot mI

I2 | LA .et Aw. I mmIa" t occuplnoy. Two bdroam. 2 balhi. Folly r-
d pn.d oad drped.d ,E, i ca, r t, tro l ... i .fi.rstOir.
TL 276-6018 tdyn o n. Adulti and small pel.

uwqp o .nrd s ...i. t 1000 Palm Trail
,.u* csnuo .s p .0 e o i ,Deficiy Beach

S t .d I.SROu the Wat er
, olror 5 Quol1tt hboss, cuctas Silt. 3 bsdrsoo 3 baths,

*,,. . s. d.3 2 r. o

c ,s & hea 2 so

*miTiomntlm SEE OUR nA- s.
.i, Rk. & laseh .... MODEL

lowt S 4,00.011
bdo... 3s hi toso
D ian ms Ihle bur ao l r. dm.u. io

1c.W... MIS tT"ONiot m i lt Bh 1 t') r iOlth l

.. .... M***** Nara 3abstooc, korldo 33432 I T d uno

Is 395.1113(Day)
eA lIAI 39.5922 (Eve.) -- -

:is ha. .. COUNTRY HEJ
qui.f nid u dining t +o o s3o
dI=. 0o4ml i onll sn sectlded Nisoll..i ...
Sened lPnit .verl..kl s s 0 g 17t h get & Ii* from hs inviting three
S it Iof .. ds b n. l e l d esmra b e b e a ch a rea .
S q -, bs M II. 4 "r* bedtm. d bo '. ism I "i1hi dis; ourage

...b.l. d..... I ep., cI s hili roibsa .
,ot*d mn/ifni dopkal, d^
llll >.'O'e '-I h d. ubt.t Xl ,14S do ..d f
|l4 i A 8
& A.I.A) 0inki i s *.d qin all t e

276-7072 mI2,iE.))LTYi)No. ATLNIC
.......*.**V ^^^ ^>J ~llllll 278-

Lit tl l. Be S I

3 1S.OcansB..d.
305. .o .


Pt., s.1 o i"o
SDmi c Molsof

Fiull rs sslson

so i. o naln ed.

W1i1 ssbtsissd in. b-d.
boo hah, coinsp.
dia s*. NO' ipp-lonc.

Lcao. lnted ba ck osd.
Wi t bslss-
Call Sam AllIr
E. Mer.dilh BlDk.
30S. O.ean Bind.

bedroom hoEn In Dehfay'
Located on i cut de lac
t wlnler season frafli. The
inexcele tondil.on. F ri.
6, central air candilioning
LS.R-1145.B) |






APARTMENT. RENTAL ipu -..M-,.B...-1- .tI.A..'I T' ;
(harrig.,, del,,a, d,,m 2, SI 91 h F aose w MGARDEN MOVING u" BIlast. TAW ;r
.I;, 1.,- E o ris..., di., ..i...r .;. ; APARTMENT HOMEMAKERSEre- .J.. r
A..Iwesh, l.tpplc C.e a. re td h r hn bedrooms, 5 Ladis ne. ded Io show BEELINE FASHIONS, 2 Om.-Adr a r our Iwnc. rl .
aselr.ish.. b 7 s a.lF Je ; yearlt shi l. str rs ed .i @ at alnd i evenings a week. Na investment. FRee wardrobe if ; f3T I. F .. if
r.ell.e. e.,l,.|.,, R;o;;;; a";. ; :had. 2 7 5 l. 2.. I 8.,r2 1,hedd co17 le5 2 1 ol
I 'drman. e. Ai pival. Aduh. 1n,1 I you qualify. IUBLIC AL 4
-complete Ill. allth
T-Ap, 6, O s o, 2-'1 1 278-171S 27 106oA 3. 9-88099,H need buserd LI hum A wI

L SL # SEASONAL BgS.. ball. '** aal;h.II. 0 1 p k ,. f
. .2... .A.. .. ... ....... I .... .17 1 A l ti T I

BBI Bl rm 70l00 n ar -
p d no o m.Boae e orh ,

OCEAN RIDGE -. B. l I A Em eTa rd
..2 I a with A-.OoIaR; otrjblkmlkiaar Il .l 'nel A-p ba A IM. Mai pr
lH A .... a st.,; 1aA, i. I. NfA. Ih- it .end.l. I, bo d f I-e- AM. [Ia
UPE 1EU 'h?.11- l .1 nn 7.Btaw; Na H-01;enA l35A.o F Seahld-M k.0 lIu; a 1- M "
Apr A. [Aa. ...Sn. IMiM. $4l MIN-. NEEElPERIENCED aRes t ilU i
Sit Ap ....., a A, D.... ea ia .S .ISSa.. I. 1.71 Ma a .a o I s. >.. E OIn .n .. F
41 WoI, Se4nlideimn 7 F a py Ir rin S en ld RUTI 1 1e1 i t o ldrtdE. TA lim aJ
a h oiah B. e- 1 a1 l .E.-iD TA NS ETT d ee h W ud by I IAdal BM a ,ITF 'I E r Fe sU al.e o Bila n w i
A pTe! S l1t., Aaa ao San2S. BDlorMt En d MI nudy rn t1 o. t
A 276."-7072 E- A.. 3M.I7 Aar a Ita'tPn Sa Baa.Bol b CYCLPENee B IAS AD Re AE sBLE. MSNO Sm
IDt #_u* te 4l* I A A+ A 1 Z P ]Z___________ 0aat1PucatbaDp W elEeya-- ITp4 larp. .4;d, Ira a
PMostattrl a Cos om e om e itoelpk nilocean, E llien.t Boy ,oklleat.Deco souor' uncd h& thoslkgho, dI o Te am
= clIar p I, N,- u eTm O N tpt i w h 1 Id 1A AtP. 512
,BEST COINDO IBUY SU ManT e E-A CT1 p We, I -y,.,...~P p PECRaBi kp.1i a.Eg la

hlnEo 1dg1 Inald lI us REAe. o,
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FOR SALE OCEAN FRONT FOR rA LT .S CROLDT BABY G P e i.I er ts.l 1.Il .4ep r.liralak. 19.
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MoR. altadlv home lookingg oceaT EIcelle- Boynon Beach. DNCe to haugoi m = W n n I 0 7 Mwa m a r 5 s r l amly Sud, Cene, A
location. Convenient to Beach, Laree tersei m screna parko 1. IIa"t)lsa. Ieal poIgh with 1ntl1F1rr10ra plyr lo s h
rbnh Hoc has 3 bedrooms r H.N in a bar. A buy at 2 P,900. PAUIU I__ _D IAD_ GO _1 ol I_ w
Spaous living Omwith w o grplace u a oelon tene aH1 R O R, 1 s.. elve h r tudy e
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of Delray Beach

A Prestige Condominium Golf Communitly
with Condominium apartments and
town houses ranging from $35,500 to
$59,500 Call (305) 276-0351 for
further information.
or nilon o
The Hamlet of Delray Beach
3200 West Atlantic Boulevard
Delray Beach, Florida 33444


FAR ConventionSet Oct 4

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