Delray Beach News-Journal

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Delray Beach News-Journal
Place of Publication:
Delray Beach, FL
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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DEL.", Y DB~nC LIRRnfly

faf Afortda

NTw Jof-11 T _M=7-
Oc t AT C 68
onothltT Vijll(C I -1

3THYA R 1114 P I-Ali"


CITY MANAGER 1. ELDON MARIOTT prepare to live MI.e erllll-
.ale. lo elly emptlyes during a spatial ..ardi meeting Monday leru-n.
Awards Included P live iear anft driving plns, t ihree year, i on year ad It
one year ard I'lNWi Jonurdl pholt by Say GraGham

Divers are Rescued

ThrTi daven it ncued too iol duly whana -n landed o he waterloplck
safely In a mbtnid aIl and camaoahle o l.a nea ndtold Ihemup
WaWa..h and Weovery Wil- him sit divet we Itwo The Ihie dlin later oald
iln. oil Ihe AD iny Utnh pu- houinoerdue in .ia ..ain Ihe current wa s drilling them
llebeach Suday sitrling alt ha Mochl a away lom thair ban oat lthey
ytued at n wthr Ng Ki- iltend al Ihe Daloy C1eah had wf. at ched We rc mrl.
ni. In on Me Edgewantrr l)r lub to put ila haot In the wa. ilon hpleally Iom the water.
Lnake arke boli Coinhi ltr and begIn he lealh *lnW apparently nabe to aolltt
Uavid lladke. In f mi Dn w A hay aer lamilar with t hea pottiln lllt the i:e1ll'r
Sl. Lanlana: and Slon -llll ala 0ig th Inild ant haelthnpletr It l .ver hem
a aeoll lSouIhGStIl y ake bll thtlkdlte iwmniported, anouiahal(.tlleoltahke.
Worth. lat Seitil g acmi In Delny Ueanh police and
ianldreda ol ptiple lned hI tihe hr ila DeArltmeni hell. hertll i dapntl ol_ d I_ n the
ihnwael chng he Mauboand coe urng m learri I earh a lano wisth ptlvale
rioea mlna lo t Included uotwta ai he hha notled clt. all annil Iheaten
U $+ coatl Guard and private nhlle oa Ilelard duty thil bla It wn aimtst dark belos
ol. alCoa Guard htll lop. hecurnl wai moving In Ialhat Ihey we treated
tnrandthetPalmBeachtCoh diln-lon Thesiarchhdhae Paeniaand n-looken we.
ty Shrllrl Depyrtmani hel.- owardalhenorth, obvlotuly believed whia the
etrl Ster'l taold thethr diben call case m aver emergency
SDei% Bach Lleauard ine pyadid lloatlng oil the radIan that lh la the siuved
yWodySlerinhtladlhewn 'outhndhol he public beach caleoahean and all in god
Journal that he wa preparing and the Coait tar.d hli op. a.

County Offers $50,000

to Keep Montreal Expos
CoMnly CommlIoenr leek mlaia lor II "ela reulon l UM bA Commlalaoenr a. w
l ePl Tuenday. SayI It. IC tonidane"andaadthei t "ano n Wtver. the ounly al-
keep lhe Mtlreal h pln in iep would be W iend out ea. soey ay dareled to dra
Palm BeachCoanly lor Sprng ally al mta wmll be In- ha 0 iala. rmomentinol
tnlthtg and io prvltide an. rold i. Chaee ol Iair Palm
| oleasgue halted lor thn ue Unde he plan Ise Ally ol BaiCh to er pareraipllalot In
al matldia daring the remin Wt Palm Beach t atreant Ihe AOlympia he Iit mnith
I1 ailthlm oh altlheyear. Deparilmeni nld as tl aMunilch.
Palm sachl County Caos ereltioal l oi It the Alnit ln,....a a a....a
mlulana ppml a tpendi o during ll Ihe elht lha year niti ibe a Si one
up io gM.iiorn he priapa when lIhelEpo are noSt In
Iln at the !ialdon piblleland Epg. root atl tar nitoaid a
up 1:igglood .]Ml.I t ulS
IN e We Palm Beach ii. In other aelln Palm Beach ,l. Ca Day", the man
SnlIdlpalStIdlium Couna Commulaulonrs derid- ty
The Cmn old I ael aa a I lo ntthue Itheantt to ahaa e omit.
middLe an he wee the tm lun elte doling o( county In her a m..Z the .
and ihe City 01 Weast Palm parka Commllor n r ade leadt s iI l i a.
'sah and wld leai d. the moe aller Cousnly Admil en h In Palm eaehlau
t ild beek to the aly aol tlralor JaCh Deaan ld the I nsrilthedLa eWa ol-
of 1 per ear The Cuni Sel"'ll" 3partme`itaadmu o. Sn th nnommaod t
woald not become Inrlted In niripal polln icelta recom caitA Enalnian WillIam 11111
amandd that Ie iloNlg ha CIly Enaln.r WflLt 111ill
Whe oth n a p Intllalned, Parks hre e 1w I wal daidte t unl fllw
q, moloalind. Polk .antaa o lnr noaloatat
TShe Monlreal pn aa earlier IhlN year to ltbh drug m tm ea (_ T 0rraU.
heall ya'lnof th lbla onn tratafleitmohyl, INte = i=6
nontJIalan,0olninaeamt Conly Coitmlatneti Ao-th. ewLai~ke W~plbatdleta
nhwould nW lbe "1 t ooa ". YAm fied.rS am ant he an Laka Wonth, hriaa
dslard 3sI : red of Vol.. rao
demd he maiem.o yplllt ant
moaulaa:a. fmg. prin- coinr the palrk .lat a pWla thlki amaa adW a
kiarnyatam aM toMad i A lallaPlrin Ii W hol._1h il
. giathm "linr. pat In "moe. P0K1 l stt ha
Jdohe Mlntle. preldni ol 0 aniaed" Conmmluiloennale:
the Copa. thanked the m- a remmenda. -Anred Io hold Whe pbhll
haudg an the aIrn.canty
lgas at a. asiepmnar
at Thenln.anthnM bdanletlaii
'I or as r=:e as n,11.4 4
loan the rtnton alnand an

and oaman outi

a.Ie didia n t mlP at. ira
M*-Po.. asto 1 hold

>~ ~ ~~ ~~~m. .........dr,,~p.l.. ^^Si
Ibe w eha thind wh on iNmer.

-Amndded ontle Palm Sah
Coatty Tranpottana Atnor.
]lWifniene Inn to
itnheai l I sW itall
-Agreed Ia provide lil
Salte Cila deo Em tlbwith II

Uet shun ai nlabd
a m ro s h co l r l W llt ps pnah Ire I~l a to1, U "
tar pabbi Sitdl.Ne am atI
t1k Lana Cleehani heda maa
as toarkek h' aa. th n l"e
at Comgdn isna W. Clpt
-Pmloatad aton, an in
CAttPT. W. L+ httTIIttD. Efinep.t.Aladlan. nOana~lul qanot by Comitnadman Joils
aai nolie nlo.1.1 intl apnak adI nha Stloy Iheb ih Ino pravidaeanonate heat,.
adldpanln b Cmeeoi an. Eapo Caehalas Senta Ua an w~m iiLkte~mi IIlhalonlant
by rWatalag t. dump aloen hat oman he pl uta nrA Uald &k habenkes
nbe air gad ma. liaed. De pron noth a Inoglb n --ded hacaa *atr
adveirany tehan nansal eldd Ihi 1 nitg anedAdt eondlllna .1 Ihe
mdebain isnoayiaOalatnt nanao tlen l





,.* t-, 0 Iur eounil
mbealn paoed rlolautI
Wt adoptnll he cily' ma-
ler o1rls.
although Ihree alulio
rnpinathl o.n. oln.
meimlaI.oed poperty Ihat Ia
delannaId 11 aldentlal In
" nller plan obj"led.
number .l oiher bep
relln c ftywlie rlinu-
I in eomtllded approval
.Co.nllni and former
mayor Jank Saanden moved
that the resolution be ap-
pitted aid Mn.CiraeeMartin
provided Ith neod leading to
Ithe alnlma appdd al o thei
mier plan tat hU been
ri han In myain In the
later In tthe niln, the
cuntl aWo lPProvedF 4-o
slnld reat a ind he a.

littas t kanls01
nouce thai wnldd Implemeint
Ihn mair plan. Second and
ltul tleadiln and public hear-
ina I the lngl atinbltn
will be hend at 1k ctoer
touncl meelui atthnlrna to
Clly Atlianey Rtober Fello,
Min John Wllinr ol the
Leait ol Womar Voesam
1111 no lpeak when to ll
opened to e pinl hdearinga
aid the thanlauall hby aln
a. mon ard load nnmmuiti y
Pralegnig and a aiatdy hiad
been made ol the Dlraay
Beach miUler planJ, *We ll
It rIntLi the daist al the
elltis a l Deiray Beach aid
tlngily unie It adnpllon in
nIhiL .ihnld,
lib eialtino baird olhImn Dal
rap daab Ctamaer ol Com-
mai. Waid ihey an Wterelt-
ed tl the etnsmc growth a
ik city aid ta proper denel-
o rne t of illaiy al a ai.
llaoniitla Ihe daat tui ml
ena5a will be pteaoed by
taea itantaimber said it Ii
neied by tty.
Pnmcu Kolan ol th 8tch
P"otperiy dOwnet Aaoclilon
eakao mmeadod approvata.
did a spo1anta lor the Tropic
ail Civct A "ocaiiMn.
OClialni the pian were at-
tomnyn repreaatllI Dr. llib

Tenure Award
Given Delray
City Manager

lily Manager J, Cldon Ma,
setlt at Satiy aaih no
amoIng 1 toily niaonagen ho
riniveid ih-ear trlltltala
awarded f tenu by lithe In.
leitaldl Cllyt hMlirameil
-aolatlifdurng heiath An.
iCandlaion In Mdateapos
FI.Mlnn l
In ,ll. the ICA Prildel
G rham WI Will. talv ral.
or ol l~hnanglnat. SC.anm
norned tata 1 maa aiemInt
prolosal Intlhdid tillv
nad county manager and
inO il atgonad Pat Ith
iSurptilaly. II reeetTAd at-
inar.r-Ie ptMqdd e s ill o e
aere IrP Floria. Frank V.
Sarth at Chard. $omrmeal.
Enoland. nrnd at eatin In
ene ommuitlyi
Thinly managenoitnhedano
earcirlilliatn 71 litvld
at-ywnd i 1 rta ved lo-ytr
Mariloll came to Daloai
Beach In April In,, loitonlog
ihe maillgUoa a David Gal-
thel foynlon Beaeh ion had
Ino clly maagen In the aime
period alto GCidy Coailhey
retilned. namlci Clarenne
Jone* and Travth Klllgore who
ttiinnllyhdota he pyoll
School Board
Forum Set
In order lo help Itform
people who inll be vollng (o
candldale. lo four tciar
Cata na the tghoan BtaNr.
Oct i. the alite ta Women
Volen o( Soth Palm Beach
County and tbe PTA ad Coca
talon Middle School ari
yleaentlo a nnoididlna aelna
Ing, lrom ;p t pro. Tu.
day.t Septlember In the Mid
die Stotnol aite id

it baialnoa' non ,c"onluin
o l and "loly ut-
II" tar lomtal m- *Ur
tn;ded by tl -.l and 11ledt
hynitdn lanihiaolgwy lllllllllllllalllT lk^ j/I
Ailin' Mayor [ n iro ka m
jtl pyor lo Ihe vo lte, td Ih ,/
oblatlim had been heard I-o
pelaley In workshop ad t.
lnai out "al thin poll In
lie" deldt ilo t ew I hen
pl annu i. lie laid there ay il--d-~i ~l^^^^ i^
amonelanlln dtieO
and admitted that thenprybi TEDD JAKOMAS, lelt, rreivhla the l aitolng pritldnl'a plaque atl the Grealer
lio wlih the AI plin cter DItlay Beah Chambr o ChdCommerce rom ImmdJale pait ptldenl ( Charit.
i N'e mnIN l wrf pa ie Ctynn, right. daring he aeard breaklas t held Thunday. t t. at Spaolnih
Oaratd pecadllr" nIver Inn,
TI e a ide el -pl per- i
nanaenlly applauded. til ea
r........ I Key Citizen's Awards
waed a contract or
alno1tia.o C Cl haytoni Co
.I..... ... Presented by Chamber
ma in ad ppurtnant In tlt-
viciIty 01 LJana Colevara d Thi ialeir [)eli Beach olect Victor Knighlt ve- John Parka eaoie club1 6 oh.t
andSWlOthSlreti number ol Cinmac held p aioOdn l. Prtd Lov o rt Miller. recralon. Peary
-Anneed properly poi It annual awanri pganm11 treasurer and Charl CGiath. memerfathip Wainnl
chuaedbyIhaAllyln t an0-1 .1 ,,1. .. ... . 0Sf etilxeuoiin dalir. t otlnoae
nItla. ad FColonacal UlAlllln a..... .- man
In. aeria Delry sham DoI'n. prmn latllon ol th
The property ti. ala lh Ke ci0- A-ara and i .- lia .,n d .0. nembhrrhlp commll,..t I
wesit edae o( he E4 ena il ,-as .*. .. nmdtiund tlhal the ealll
Irom Lake Ida oad to Ihe iW,, .l. h -rlntlhiuh ul 3
a' hl110ilr11o t
-Approved Ianata tile pl'
for eiahta4i=.tata11 WIT, D"
CIutd. ". I ^l.t Ca aaoe .,. '.. .',',.., K Clcth, A.o.tot 0 t1,,d. ela ted ,
CMud, a ..d. -.1114n a Dus Chaimdin. Mr. ai Ml l 0nwae l atrdct d'Ry i a
fest;nlOAd SMaIToalrn ol h.e ..14. .. tl ln Fi lt DeDill Tr Asa hamyt = I. lal Ahned. Ca-.

,polt. le, Trellis Ke llinA ar"Io prldntelcX aD, Mr an "1, Inllcated Sti~t
Dool T
ea d. hl a rkt a Wilid .
rHard, Pete K-lly A. Do.

The -nn1 DO.r,% *la.
Ilaban fl anwil CI ha ilald
a; , ',,. ,' ; Al 4 at Do S laty An.a
; .I o l~ll' l nr ", C rehtIta p Ryess
ask (..ce Tom Cook and tlonlltell be ftal ise
a, iay Eialnek. maurnailhlp ha= droheii. &la,

KEY CITIZEN AWARiDS rema pnclead to chalr.
mnn f trate. acisel coamtltees Af the Cratar
Delray inch Chamber ao Camieaca lost Thurday.
Antalnlng ebanoorda balt are WIitheohan tioa tap
lWll: Mr. and Mr.s. Joe Ctta., adacotin eoioamldan,
preonated by Charles G*,,in past praident; ailobert
D. Calda., heach eanilihk W anloe toy .irmn,
HIOWARD SMIlTHt, toirmoan ad the adNainthg orni. Saelry Dnna Gonf Taouimnt, from Jotnnda CooDv,
miltlea, e ft, r aeaeae CKey Citinan Aoar" from praldent.llt: and ir. and MrS. ttic!ad AS DI.
Cattalb. of Canerei tarcanyrar Dr. Fred tIn~. Delray Affair. IN-a Jn.-od ph.ln. by Gary Good.
right. ert






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R E P U I C A N NON PA rR MA N O MFFIC ER 0 1 1O W A U 1A M M D V O 11 S M A Y VO N 1..

MON -ATISA N N SAN an as o l, -. n "
OFFICI~~~~~ =II 9 *1*|_; 311 1 "=-JS' I SS= S-


Pale I *.Nle l "Jm balmTndby, Slle rber I }lm

les, mi UFSb-S

Biok oi11 atnnng ol eahe ae willdonel FnaIt SII and
Under the Sun wAk BRDG BfeTTeR .
ie Fridlylthl. Spt.D. Allen. Ind Jam l. has p Glclpel 1,
Backl~a al I fe b Ofnn lr to Iti r can hndl F.-e t Hill and Ondoi and r iha'p |.
S o I dshe d O .1 I arse best ram =h "111 holero su l l- y Ist=o 9i ci als
el pnesbectadCre r B h eaf etm v dalmloh~dn BOTSTTINL t sn I'a wtonCh. Uoabao k~oFj m lS ---h --- * ven 1
nn~~~~ ~ ~~~ [idrudlu Il e-'> f ll 1 11 las sook BRIGE BETTER W flfVt II
q W'kd INS and ae.bletofay re. ll bull l FW 1 In Fo11 "I iied h oo. ,ek', N Jh n u ll renid | I:
........ ....... .. I,= .. ... ..... ....R.. Ined..
Dalnued I At1 koTBALn. to ue theo Ihe Daye u Sinons nt `ld by ta intnmin nis bll laa dRle Bmyo lthinp* u
Tdlel instbyu nr, temc l- A Be u~ol t~ fmehd lhamWv newS brde *l Boytaor ha le uid Sen, Uriion Clt l le i 1bpter 11~afd' Lwaitet. e lhtacplt m oryur enotp .i
mllember pow l~lber1fu ly ol Sl me b ul II t gMiE s who l nota ol rielr*- a l hel In iu hch wu d b e o pen o u o ple frmnTmcti wor ked Iha lIve ta e fn (wyf o r ybe
...........Aro~ec.lh P ..... *' eul Ihel~lb ... .. di u ind U pbilc ....... I (t i nk dol ....|." rl ednee o e Dr in|y.... in
E S1a Wnd R_ ,bllnr b tw. be. n the Delr< a w l ( meh ane fe.*We havei. In beca th u llhl hed t eroe I
hl~e oppa t in U Bar t te on a. wi po- e ir lu petn d aned y dvmm ive on ti bill aed de fwr n ih NS. wers S erat

Alea printed mttd wbonoin ru wmrn haOTBLL iSe t,w esd J h f~~;* .5 lnll^ *oed T 0inyb bll>nlyae~ ... .ri-- bra, .r' (,
,-band i B_ a trmd in. roan .r Ila be Oa 'r~inned "51% I m -h-Wha~lhal .. IU I.I ...
Iioeith thindl on lorF a n~a hioinnlT* it wonuld n plb~l~khvfwm ori n 'nl"".- chlurdd Sm udu.n(Con preieiilrnqideilflt*iiverel |"ril nd P" llly t
lies Atkn d i Ih ble = n ewnt Ih S tly et p rllmr lltn1 d i dy one of *1e mos illf S l l hi n it w i, f~ldl th -i.r of
1l-ktai anid l elhptt o fd occuednalljlhlle l Wonh IB ^'opaL.t" = I = =1 1 =re n Aoel toor etel I tn S ll e r sad as n v, Do 1
In~r o, ni l aye n ohic h awl fo as to as ptheed keh tS b. harll m bUr hi ll ro tdnd i nde,.., i

wo Inerei? e pnli nod "Rhadeha pepoassnwol Wt.' '. de tomi:tnar feaLer I

Iputliominmpn~cU mideoutt he prentdiy ilel. DiUynnerucrese, I since m li .the flt. Isup p mepi lm
I've been i Alvin Tel. I limed to work wSole tn world and am liUetdd UI pime lclpihnn In taelr |ov*n po b my orin1lhan .
"Fulun Sbock"'*Dd, wline f/om onel~ob to inother, *indcaiieeto cope wllh. *"Boihhe Coaire nld Iht level.That ha nlllehui(to up wllh *pintathin i ood^i I',
l' aem uc atll e lll lddp itEel~ rnc+I on d o wC a I b calt Ifv as el bl l y lr ed .~

whrltlha oha|lKnlu~ir mlB aid B t el.nlr Peha R -' I d liein b cin ll k opny ikeUn. on revnu netlnSioeveryb ..n I
lue, C IldalIol dpby tcl, (qntd b n J10 OJ~~ |lleov taroi nul pnmn Hld ilnt i edI w ha M t a tai doo BU hawwlBE addreo *'I
in0 w of oll C l t nOW I I I hie uw ed lU ia elpic upalllr w a Ia heabi n wy llow iltt i nil lbe In abotople id d idM Inpn sMmMWly wtof l be prbng
hllrlhp, lheldiniDll~l cilhaellinmih I llr ia a i g altldplm Ml lldl~ ol f iuh ioll I qi SlialMMl >i>l1 l
.iorealtvni, llt hni W I harallrnd u!. d ta*r inkop V I iin p| ll l~lr ltidup taMplid~ rF w1UI emmltll>Sb lt.n~lln.Se t[
luln.b, I I oriltl h h a n I ndia.t r l mlldn." other ` "ltan, ud wsinaI r 1 M 1a o e
I Mhavn etr had a lliy|y,, Ia abe olr wh d UKa hi Und h la ofcrin| uilllMC*l Qir chunha ILht took pl In Iha 1
l1 quan lSllh Ihe blhloe. W 1 -nO da M.. d C ...o.. Cbe. State |i.... iter -l .. ..
Nverledunydeflltoleha, ipl~edeitlUx 11ofld,1 lwu t^if wouldwo~rk' "lapoflllltthe MKnan. -mem t* dfrcllla SEN, UBUNEy
ull tlnrlonr lllil about Iiv feet neae wd r ainpw dl inli b idlfk llllfat fo r lp i lr h lr e rm e u4L firm Wuliti D( ieja
R.amed "itplw wrl Bl aa ooe t aarI hDvi *B iecmedd lle ar m~ni o ~ m dw~ -Gd.YR l~ti ria I hienee I fImldlprloundi M.olllD.I By II indci l d lllil~ l in lhln b werea mmir f EW.rh Dc ean.. r
nil b l If" oil.' Wil ISIIt we l widlhed. *g. Ih SBnea Par repored Bill hll -ec~rll imnlllvlty Bial could k dledl II Il Sl ri a r halm Iht
hlnl, IWtdUIlpnrellurly lha'lbllinkmoul *II (nill I he ladn to lthal U fldU n~l Mfh a p~iul- U~ly red haw Ik la l ole C~lIoruiI Pllllta ui 'rLn
oiirlwalIl~delB len 1111 nn." When 1 *I- ir l. ell IiO, ol| d ine nd nlorm It. pnnrm _m rsponlne to .ie ello n dea Wl Iae
lWUlidfhebcnldtqop l,. tllned lti( kled of Job f t~ Kfll mraiunk, nwn" PeOpl, ud4 ll~the lu |wJ.di~ momUill probem orbi'nl'e
hal bea! I wllln| leela he m.aa el th Inler In Inlreldcni Iha bi11 Ul e1BTOt ll u lar nre.moved ",, haette d
*feai K aed;T lnd tinlnltal iLuild IpU 111d U d II I Mrlk eommunllly 1o..n 1 4 ml Ita Sa, l irM Ite l tha _ * *""
BUnl Abler .uinwldie tlllhaU. idfd~l ~totyai ..1..... Wln ndumd ll .m, e ~l n Bl ethesda Mtemorial rFund |,t
beUk ].ltl^lt Io St 1 111, 1dn I di ll Alpr id Itt ma -othe Uobha mInlo wheretlinll TO I .
nr. Enjoyed ee.rylwln U l ad'Yc lllrl"lhutwuik Uhalal5#erbiiMl. i Uli me nud(werke b INMEMOROFI
a u Uk aa Io ak rn bpn e : :n puIeIse ill n # ,Lwo ~ s JY W W !. Rill d ISuh l t

I I SSa m Ines Ido 'f othat ta. t aware, K N1l=
47-0ssede le 0di Lak e~t wob~ ene fastlh DO ~ ~.SmiIS IDBMN ll 4r :l

Al i t t e r s L O pec d M o nhr ,a li r do e i ha elty w u mlio r n; h.l nt ha Se .la Man oa ltf M Irm"
edon ofltMbroml qarttr,* nm|Mred10Ul o fi BriB Skl Mlk* Mulin~ld IMol.) EdlthKln
lIr dolr orrkdlhat. De. TN. clt mMnutr. ad Ien TOrei Alk; ivt.} MRS.!MAUDE SWSEGOOD M. Alrcd A Rf" s
KtaIet din| 1, S, a- osnon le a.d1. RI es e to Jolm ,AMthES "Nri smol = a d O" w d - son S ,
lt..... n 1.ynlon B..rb pen-1llliolw I ted. Wha )hn halm l li sl Uha Stale taelr ie i brilm i .klda ll"""'u"'"' -- iM;'""". Ro#A. Di 1
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an ....rn
Do sued halt he diae .I. Saee4 rd' L '- bodl lrc inn e s birI Oeln, Idl hn, hat Io bl)Me IS a Mde d ] .duAl

a TedhanlII IIslty-u n k rhnk Ks dlhdp1l.. were w pleasd 1 rtH ALkmp ,, Ml. J. W. Mbyl ft
e~lelhoi ... llieway lu ]* bun. to l~t HI. ].t,. ~rtl . rthl "I Pim dhtilih a U1Ull BELIE K. TACKAeEKnY li
laeklnAIAtokllewl lwhet d ha pu~Y. Prsdy~ ever ecly a Wut Palm Ijech wu (lliLee UM (Itltlla ud b~e. f Dr. aend Mr. Jme~l .n t N| .
b~dIh e (l ull l 1 ben lll alnldr r mSpndlt< u ,m ,itk ln]r.. illy leader Mutalll geni > DBAR DETN E Dr~u~ Jaml nN Mr
f opair o SoAb ito .SAeB laasl lt ca-l.r a jf Ak o "K f .amit. id
rUMli? e 'i; lIilt, lUla o t llif l lltw ald y hePie t~h ln.l~nle il e emrOR ,ns
1'. benOWITIAIA To(. l hl ,i~le iI yen-dftd tmt e rl ultl ei dIo9zI ery Jh ~fd

Vote Again Oct. 3
With so many elections, redtaricn8 and ail the
other little boxes thal one must read on the election
ballots designating who can vole fnr whom, ft Isn't easy
to vote.
On Oct. 3, ie second primary election will be held
l tan same preacins as Ihose last month. On tie ballot
will be the DeSMnrllc primary choice .l Brnce J
Scoll or Bill Sike I.,r Dislrc 10 Congressional Reple
sentalvem and Howard Arnold or J. W Woody Upthc-
grove for County Sberitf.
Ropublian primary choices will Inclede Dr. John
Grady or RusueS E. 5yhas (or Dintrict 26 Stlae Senate.
and Fred Furtado or Warren II Kramer County Ta
The bal.. will also include the election of School
Board Candidates on a nonpartisan baIls "See page 3,
and Judge oI the Supreme Court, Group 3. betwe
Bivenr Buord Jr, and David L, Mc~alt. alIo a non.
partisan election.
AD beuth voters may heave a sigh and think to slay
away from bhe aoo11 uniil the Nov, 7 general eeltan,
they should remember tha_ Ihe School Board eletaIn _o
oae nl the mat important thet will affect them.
The SeLaconlBard governs the Poolcies nl the County
School System attended by some 70.000 children and If
that isn't enough, the County School System is fBnaned
largely by property teax levied on home and property
The October 3 elecon lls iil the lime "to sit this
one nut" when so much 1> at stake concerning the two
oner assets of any person or tamily- his chlldien and
his money.-GLQ
A Plan at Last
At lonl lasl, the Ciy of Delray Beach hnW adopted
Ins miler plan for future development. The action
taken at the council meetng Monday night wa the end
resul of mo"e than two 'ear of itudy by doze. of
people who ihauld be thanked tor their efforts.
The Implemenins toninll ordinae- were Passed
on tlen reading and Ibeuld be palled On -d reading
Oct. 23 so the cIty can "get on with It" for the planned
community So Uecefsry and desirable. Inequlille can
be changed later.


Jm.. IM, Cox Jr., Cauliman
Robert W.Sh.ltan, Presdent
Oaiy L Ondar, Publhib-Edodltor
Advertliing Account ExI-Ullv
nanny Underwood
Mill D0b.6. CowdJny
Barokmkil Mon. Cecil Sndor
airculalton. Mrs. A. O. Holock
CaaIFkd Adv. Mrl. Peter Kolen
Woman'l Editor Mo. Slphben Wendhlldl
Phtofog ephr. Raymond G0.ham
Iubli~led *wir Ihurea F~ol a4 N, f. Fnurlh A..,
Dtlrny Bh, fbridn, 33,4.4. Enllcd oi l oti
S5ul~rptlon Ratei arat $5,lQ a yol, 12,I0 III
Wli.BO lh(- mnlhl
Nl ltewl Adwdllng lipTO.HIb~hl
Niw york, NY. I0017,

.!. ...... nFor All PreclnBE In Palm Boaoh County r- !

School Board Candidates Tell Ideas
Eleven of -1e twelve Ob ol IeScool Bard dlror her damn iic o .r eWu r-onn o r oil dobl
prhit.n bhool hoard raod, pailcai aeao noaoa H n Each Rradale d ihoud I , ,,'- ., 1 .. ,. ,. g In a n di borhor o
datlaypy+red InInodue r.Mt Wyd er wao then lyl ioyable or ablo to go toI l- 1 V h I .... .a '. praman
ihaoro.o and eapnil hair rhaol oardmarh, r .. ot wiooi o modr lork .... ... 81-. ... . . li ,E,.,e droarr
papelrlieplalaorrroedalrn.aneaprlvevoletiond ty'o i he aaha Maa a d oe olda. L'aadel. 20 yenr rao a d
Then held hby he Delran present bd in plan dln Wy. iam aaintl lamed bmnl o .. ., r I'alm Bdach Counir
hach Republlco Womn'a I rahldl a &hleron Edna- hilde, d old . .. . blelly li d
Cahbon Mo y.berlar, br llonbe d'. :ra oriarld A,.ronant -.... nrr., ao a-n 1" .; '. "'.. -. r,., aal . r.lra..roer
i e.+r ImFlflid. 1l. sirehs mdlrzaagt & t~ Il
ol anlir nioveraily and hba ern arhIol violate. Inoo elUdolldd he ,a' -a ', *i anotdnr bond iaaae
VG111 w1111 bh caked do Arealdand o, rai n heard rr ehaa. a
chodoi cour ol the twelve o Coanlyloarlfpa Inrumbent Ann Me Kay ia blalarpbl(oam hal nl- 'ra ,ndi dr. l d1Roild Connolly
Oaober 1 whoh the acoond prtl. "I del lhal aorroe hoe io running o i platform dhal will dale II returned, Ilrmea nld ;. .. ,,. h oach Judnior College a
mh ry eeatdion dakes plice bh aaidaible o hear people's 'hold lia line o an alix ll Kirby wold work dor nlonr ;*, b i,. ,., ear, ad 2no I c he yId rnal
nrogdoad bn e aomeao adoling rour plala a odtol tIdea noorl '.n i.r'.n *i rioperatlar bhtwoo n adolnll- r.i r ..... r a.ndrdlnjt runnonlg I
day one rear card ad loar aralfna*aill n." ho a .x -;. 1ac Iratorandlhe hoolboard .... . r,- >.,,, geIl tolradjtle loom
arhdoldillodel, Wyirrr old She dald dad ado ,.' a.a, ,o, Kirh n y amer l, ,.a ha ar .i *,1 1 ,-f i- a -. |-
....... ..loo .ra .tho . .....r.cdr lodd hoad...h ..... .,i....,1. a a1 odardaalrnwc.hl c ..o.ldlI real ........... .a. a...a
h ..e In 1... hoard Coody coh"alodann ooorhwo . . prom rho oral od rdlo on l anbu n he Impal do -, a
ldadtllbRneuollraa d~ahher toorr at pronloemobr h- wlln dhe o a d o ly. Hanrmey bring d burlnedimanaaanl Ip a le ,000
ocrrd wnll b votrog lor rte to her attmllon and ilk h .o ,. . a d ch .11meanaTr pnroh la r he board aad Ihe
he peole duoni rhe eaim- lid Indridolo do "oal thmub oaurre ide advnoal "rn Indlvlddkllillon ah lantna, ahrol lylnem and alreald ihe -, acn an
Oel In. heIo uo 'y -Y. z+o 'I Ib .y . ''''"7.

dlxab braoei( deelta yper ad""'ta red ln ap"-dh edralo band a I a rman. r aopr ae l Io ho |aprblnohe nl
doclan head rei reowe (or Iaroblenilheibd elaynd tlan,"andeyaaheb wldllrang need I. d.Ir.y aola ibndi In ,rdool "a cong. r .
Khird in . ,

non-parlldln hool Board Four Iandldalea vyn (or ly poh a d mntywide na. Iord decfnlrali*lr ondtte Boon ald dhe waa 1-ro u .
1merd lon. dhe i arIdcl Firn re d which t llo enild al program o iar la in oder do nake thm mId" during r an hadle a ad
Rdmlin do hiltl Tbo. ae Adm dob McKay worklno beLad in hidoreto cod a more rnponi do the neend a0ioM Ihdt roold tell ai ho
wolbh oompryEl Wnl Palm Ior re-e1lle.n iomo n-ol odoI a m f hlO h 1i. ofldi ndtheon h l *nnd ,oo morey wn lo over. ba oold ol an apno loomn Ir
btan rh oanMrD Iten. moo bilidom W, bon .o 1 wipl emdno Cal mory man dlrldwch yheeorvn ov Ionm where ram do vonio lielr oddeoh
11, hr. d Canille bolleo cd Barbern alidW l e h read to dhe be e nl | nenoon Phylliaa nr |l dnploron ot 100da pr dOp rreideaa IdohelSchadhod
niela d rly bll Floe do d ablllhd Ilna aelr. pld 0 hrn Ior In anoot odode G| -
io hu n nl e o the lo t dilrreli In do Scol hord e or a e I al a a
p"oldWd tailmBea hrdr rolenorl e nlded Slt Porelnlly r'ilrnan ol dhe PId lea 1 hdere 11 belongs" dl b-eUem tl c b rean
Idolt. i co l r lypbl *Id a In e a ol ana. and 1 u ac hool Bord r McKiy hu M0. Lda etr deplorm the ablebond .lue .old. lbe
IhedPeil.Timeo, ddMlllded I rMe ma|| o btorveny corenduea m hoderlorlour dibleoeloono dllydemh voted down by the peple Ihlo
Ine lounm i ind- od Inot be anon dldwi n toe, i uded In yean She Ii a rldant or plo edln income r hl. l u ll i, Blme loo i ll aI o hoi
reached forommnnd o e. It are 1 heoola dI ehd GIahe BoaaHlo and Ihe lU ownlalk oalaU. erinaqoal daallllea In Ihe
dlo der pllodmd She la a ma, a* well u alx corelal PiBoden ndld bardan
den al Pal m ]ni f dWor codola ilrle. ad. nouder a hoc 9
College. William W.Do Jr. .-1. r Ia dn .htegln. bello Idol IheI
Dr.- Boa nl Kmel. e. a n oneld, 0l Belle Glado -nd OIryer bi no elvlni 10. NOW OPEN? I V.I
hh naanPalmBechCoty lneg r *n I the Ali ulg l nl mlo l 'worth od q y ed .I i..
.r.d.. t ll i py neh c. d Edo.. .. ..... ..o C Pale B lSo Coealng and Coaeing SRnlfI IIi -jnI l
aslne IB.Dr. h Irmel aleod lerd Idlhtlly, Deen elioen sheilllne urrentnre e 3 210 Bnellin Avenu, PVal o S eah a E i,
whl he d led h e "iremn' Ilolt Ihe b)larit Five aear dlallrilng which lUpAl t P n 655w077
duo ulder rodleprobemi should to iWio rP i ldor edduneI lord Id n
do doe m ldy and blamed II an dlow td majorly oa aeheol- do Imlethd roora l lrdooda and
anledab onIdk o doe dEndo eonlc norclal hWe. ly I- in' In hold
lane ~ I pit on Wh Ink ol up I dion blrc lie W.-o ~ blee l iu~l obl ____^___
bailem, o_ his to.rt hl

det dnon denden dor a.bol k ahooale. an crllona. "They idold 0l
o dntllndo hr. lKimnel bDoo adooel IdOg unoe have divided Ihe dilarc. hioe
aIo depood wdin d oe allad rIhon plw lno.preo.aWl o ol l oay. dlo au on-qod. er of
lbe Sahool Beard l ponvloia and nvldonmenMl edortelon all monly Ua moo romi do aa.mnd . doe dl o.. n lthin gaad Idir froh e . .den.- Mn Shdr. heR
adMdnillooaodtDiolero acrooli. .d wod a i"0ln I Uplno 0 U R
in 1 t( oIn donpa ode 100.1t don hcoJlp. m. oI ng he d kdoare
*Du ton KInu -i.delwr 4. olleo .111311.C Gulc -1 41" Ion = "dI'db MNOWOPENI^^|f^f& k^^^

li k wdl l pahe nrld dk o keep
S.S^S s~w s tw.. yi?. -,? In-- ~ ..^o

tsa moall ^ I R RA
nedt 1r I l e be aln .ellq a h.lid o rdla i.n In hoRu
inae. on heeillIn I albe eoeu. d Beo u. Ind w ..orm loe o donlay nd Il ---- 1 1 SAIN G S Ac e
...-. ...... doal n,,e V- Ool o dh I fIn Ii,,S R L
dab aol-Iidape"eMlo Gollee~ b ol bmri noon moorl ado
ib.. VNO SmM.Al
goeredInr ndIonn -dlop In enda ount Ceon Tid olrad
ohis dtwo En A e I. m dde In b Llld h be anbo yl. oda iaodarN o
adoinbil n n(. I b eo 'dd1 lungdown, boa bled~i T ,do d Sl nra

en" an dlae din el e' aod oo ao n
boederw. .0d o.b.a lm Idol In ode do ho ab onybad.lal 'h
idab~~~~~~~gE don on odder Inni do PaeIor:ao oab dowho u bbrad A cS M
Ilnb d ialbad. o road moan aol- mo d ondarn dotodo A 'n, d or

Area Deaths
'RALPH CM dnOWd. pinlI. OSurvived by thoo non. ARNOD W.JONIES
N.ilpd Cinrr Powell. 71. o rob w. ViA Kik. Earl L
IC bondulde Avmo. Corol VG Kirk. and Alddo P. Vu Aold W. Jdee. 0. ol Mn
dprnlok. Flold apauead cWoe. .dlrt. aldl obDeny eBnh-(ion Polo Dbbo.'douldmam FPl
ibe radmoe rdn m eoen' inndrhddOden, Invene gni Ped ay Seplntembner tl.
Anmlde omnpy. momaer o4 IrdldJon. do on Pt.Pmidnet of Gddd-
,id Power Squdn od Ddny b e lor ud codl wla be In itream Bbo ddeTerO Club.
Eb1a. member of bOl ChIlod. Wend Vlrul* I e- He do aerlved dby d wife.
Vb-, SAWuhnooD.C- cml a emenig by Ihe Sn Teene Jonehalbull.
Ul'uvived byIa wain. bo. bee-.brelandPoler Funernal iam PiFe Ion Anomld
ol ohb O"elOn Blvd.. Hmo DetnyBEc h. W Jdoe Jr. Io dahtiern.
boo Rlnn, Floridl one Mn Dhauld Shry. ud M0.
Alghlter. Mn. Hdrold See, FREDERICII. iHAHN ord Falob. boih od
jhlhd. Cora Sprin. FPland. FrePdea H HI di oa Deay Sanla Babare. Cal. Iwo
oelier, Mn. JRAme Db ws. Beach. Florida. ad Snra dale. br0dden. J D E. Joe Jr. od
0odellbodn.twoa otMo. lem lork. and orey ol Deer neld Beuah and M. W.
Memorli oorvkn will e Bluvillen. anw York. pk eed Joe nolP idee. hode la.
elddSndalylPi at heSco- d woa ySeppemhrol. land, one later. Mn. S C
beeplaeland.Poller FunenaI e wu ide band o[ MI. Owe on f l-ed dong I
,m. Delany Beoal. Cillip bylee Ndly bauo. either ol land. o. ud our |mindhil
doon n .ew-PM-Sddldy. Frebio 1I, Hahn, IJr. I- dol n
B, BEATdICE JEbKINS lem N. bay LEE Ann bob Fo 1 corvlcml m held
f.0ri, Jerkinc. Id.i 111 MieletMerrOtl. Seplemher 0 adt St. Panlc
b l'o d We ile bAven. alobo Fo eolnlaorren nero held Eple Pyl E'hurdh Memdrinm t
Bephap.d.enoan.d Cor*,chud Boo mayho a.d,,o'
day. donrlorn lo 1"'dode n wile ban Yoek, on Sblueaay. mbrnll Ildpdlll Fonld Aby
Jmd Ldne Jdednd, bayonan Sebepler nh. it 1 P.M. Inler nm|emenm by Shobeedrelol.-
' hood: o bwoer, dono n" i n stnpy llown Ce e PoterFne l om
'wlid 'onh. NryodoI3nead' T dabEeuno.dee roWk
on ned. hlb Wllh In: dine au onn mordu. CAROLINEIE. NU XON
.er.dldwi M~ni. d1 on ahoy be adde to Ihe Be Cambne E, E.ionm. ol IM
denlBemorBOeech- ri. c hedo MdemiI lpdal Ce Idr Ed th An,. Deldoy BRech
enl ldonr tlliv0. Std o di Care Geld Bdoynon paCaed weay I
'otben Fono. omir mill bond Foria. Iar, She nu moenr on o
, i rmle n l, oul-1 *nmeni* by Ide John's Epiupl ChurCh. N.
PSutoelrelndnPleher F Aene oto. Me. a eu roved
d BLANCHE BVMIES bneh. byher nibter. Ruth NIo Cole
Bhlohe Vi b irtd Ghm l Delrhair Ihree nephews
0. al I2 Crlwook bryo. FREbDEBICK J.GILL Cdarlo boo Cole ol Deny.
Delmy Bech, paoed any ForederLckJ GIll, ol M h Dotorn thind Bromn-w
ember 1 A memer ol S W ooie vd. baynto And Willer Broaa ward on N
Ihe Eilenopd. Church In BerchdpF oed V, Sera Adodnl. Mon dad a e niece.
.Chldrieio. WetVlriuir+ i Combs I hme WRe In MlrLnn Ad.m* el Whilte
h em l Delny Beoh,. cdird ge of e rgonemntol Plin. NT. Fmeral cearim
,id oml m ro m we l VI'. t Se celndTIInllddo cwo lere held o ember b. d
ad yurlotlnN.oAdiPin Not'
,.G roup Cam ping .A...B.. ...IN
bub M, BWlBn. 0. ol W
**-& i nrrHaat Rutnod. 81rrTerns, Del.
,Ready at WDW .r...........
o dDeaho In Dnbemr Irmo anm
B(KrinIlI 1-e F.lh IAlo 1. Aln th, Ml1lf Kind- GII o d. 11"'b"iT- In
eon 'A oIL ai bel l dcln l ngld 'aib> l d o y E d' Ojoldog od bam
Thoopt WeaMb d For dodder end- pealedadodan d cor ld on oler db 01
Hp End !.IfMC. DIA7 CAm

>lll|IfVill Rr ll.dl.cmlt ofry ZbLA W.WUU
n ... d bona I bondhraipd l.irlonodurr|inndF ilelvd baeAr usan Fiob
you ~ ~ J{Ie unt9tulnio E 1U twoel.eay

gapn oLna 11 peond hr L odm nd y un n pp d

a "'ooonadclpnoy donaoamddo PLAZAS500
=%=Eo aaoddeg dodael Ihdhunaddade BEAUTY SALON
*t |l~a w'ler, Fr CUl r idge FaKPr

IomS.oll deael dl adrdlidrdhpe yend CIFF Ur.lIS "
mci/..i' u sf"l o n rel r"i" r"e*"i n-m
,,.+ .........., ....]. ..i i i,.-,..,, Pir~LAZA 50
W|lt !anje om e ) eo~pl Illenl imTei+

B ^g CO~28 tB 1B iTT H
5'j M'senosHaiooy~ino&Bnrnershop I SPI(ILISTC(UTTINO

MdaidLTIdAIIS daIce Jl ilrodP~liea a8Y MR. ROBERT
uv'vibuo ene aOPENo 011, DAYS
UT w orp r. 4Q2 NE1I1 AVL
l~a al~donla ktapree~elo USI OOIBMRSOUHI
For Appointmenfl us WHIPS sRH
CALL 2784881 I WLI211*$ IItOH
1 14N.E.4thAvlnuira DenlroyIenocBh DIigUH


ilu I.

nd Ien



\,lbemnhrU eli 'cardl


EbhrebI r Setl F~mell., 'B-3B (ya1a knoe loolnao
h mla, M caoa o. Inolaoao
Op C CMgiT lay n dat ho, ld0O
bard ab l bob, W00db plze
dodocar doaor"aanroollad
.rlully Mgyriing Ftnmki4 30-ISH
o le t i n by e hdbao d l CAUGHTI
Fonn. alliman F wall. 3d.ISH
a.. n. h..pA.
boa Manaa' dool
Mr r Mh. MAol.
. Mb. shI"ib Mal.
Wivln, M/ol

h o-l arn hinrltrid Iin Wnagl (narh bIcM hdr-
nol. blon la publicc.
Th. DSlWp go.h Plnyheu nmlIndl ye Ihole
Opn TryOula an being hid "hl Sunda eLoL
1,0o PM en dadi lhirIon. NW dih Sf. & -kd





PA YS inmbn qoroer nmpondad daily /Ym day
o a depoB lo doy of uihdmwal. And you 00n hil'
doonen e aonyline orl Id I oe iefll0 p00r1, aodod.
dolom I naiidlanad 00 It, lbreed poyioP do.or

All deposits Intureid up lt
S20D000 for each account.

Free Iransler ol fund Irom
anywhere In the U.A

24 HOUR SERVICE 278-3232

Whatan unusualplace toput a bank...
just2blocks from thecen an

hofmal Lank

j. jx n-.~- in n nrnan 0

'lw d o, 1 r o S olrr nal, Thu .svrl p.5 embera, im

Adams Given 30th

Wedding Anniversary


I, -



MR. AND MRS. ARCHER ADAMS JR. were given a
HIS Wetddoi Atnlver"n Pariy by Ir. and IMn.
Earl J. Wadkins or Io N.E. ih C., Delry.

Mother of the Year


o Sote Motler Mommtion

bldnk wrile to Mn Sliher
state Chalrman, W4 Gemini Satelle Bec. a Flcri-
Sa. lnin. Miller IT a arn
Foct0a *wii M al-Y f h eas
intllff AMN a' YA

Iva l Itie 1b aa
Anvone may send In 1he
sner oe a Onrloale II s v
hae Atr omnaileati ov a
oan ol aatheoieint and
her eildren the yransle l
I, .S se y. M. c Is

this is not
a gas balloon


cl.TnL.T. Th- 1, AN


,llllam MriChes 1 Mairln
Ir chairnan or the bJird of


N .. d.. ,. .... It ':1,
o i board oIgov I 11111,
ihe lederal i esAr.e Sylern

Nn n, C 1. .. Ui" ..*

Rlint_. 'Ie tl INSn ot Ihr"
hl and i (Ior hE Inard oN Awe
TSael Company o c Gala

t~-D le ... rhn,pM

lot emefritus o Dnild Illlli
Qjllplt Church. Alanl* who
Hill offer tee prayer of dedliN.
Si'muel Inim Cooper it.
chiltli ler Ihe inieumn ind
nimiHT, o the liIn of Cooper
aarrell Skinner Woodbur-

*' '" r '" bhe ,IP IaTly M, iude;
. *,aii i c -i and alumni nl Bemr and a1
ambern o ce lll invited

alikIe board 1r rusM. ot.1 G !lIlln IR! ISI A
the Bery Schools ll hmIl ea e n...
speak a' lhe deicfall.on A F*TURINGDR. I
USE Mtlah teeY Mt"' ewm THIS TIMILY Fil
10:3.OYlOku. mOnVIInM F Ae

Menswear Sewing

Class Announced

liSe I .u1 Hfun at SwIR
nn i A
iro loMIn C. JooN. Ewi-
iN -o EcoaeNovmi AvNl

mlomen lsnomlct olfe sa
ipov orlnl i R lialMnc program

pre ns i prCodm enUtSed
"Ste Mwill.r" he, pror
rm wilt be ela T1uils.
S september U, 11 i 10:00
am at e Monl Builelni.
U1 Noth Mliairy Trail. WStit
Pilm Maich ThR progEam l
open ID Ite public
sew lermlqes srake aloe.
Yi 'll iaca hlw no aSsleve
the imoolh. crlip look o.
Inlaein. how to lurn ol a
pirwlowoi looklnI lapel roll
ohille Hid itlcnAs

Mn, Horn a ictI l tIoSl
peiclos is to. lrom tart to
rsntl. w oy Itt i t llo sll a

proelNl lookinlW Jackel
MnS Joo. repo l, Mn
iHon attended C orado SOwl
Collee o Uduution nd uhe
Utivnlly i Miami. arid mvla a
achelo SoenEs daeR. In
home ewonom. Mn. Hon
resdEt In Miami asd woNrk
asl eeliatsw. eiocmiwor an
consumers throeghour Ihe
s wteafFloridv.

Royal Berg

Makes J.C.

Dean's List
Royal II Berg. 1II. w on
Mr. and M. Roy"l 1. ers.
Jr. Lake Clasrke ShosE e
,the Jean' L In tIhe Coflee
or Al1ict 1., Unlielly 01
Fklrida (or the Summer Qr-
ITT. 17 I. wt a mcs Alae
plntL average. Thl IS lhe
ond ume r, g. A InJor osa
bee paced co Ihe Delni nas Ll
with 1i4.00 nveoie eotn Inme
Berg altidsa Palm Beach
Jior College irom Id,

IFom Ie I e.nt P. Homun lewof no S or u Ameln Auto ll- .

Your next thought should be about financing. The right
auto loan can mean extra car-owning pleasure. It can put
less strain on your finances. Bank Auto Loans are low in
cost, very quickly arranged, quite easily paid off. To apply,
or for complete Information, come on In.



Membr .1 FederaIl Depotll Inlumane Crp. Membr of FedIral RIsTl Syl.m

U"gnu in uwI
A Church 'ith

Fits Ihe jenceim public Open
Ili will be held Su day at

,', ."". I >i" .* 1-"."

AmN.A you qui-. pPISblY
YovIn AMind

,lo00 AM
via 7,00 PM


w Parish I

4.'*, p 8 prefer .


China.Crystal-Silver "

The mbrideonIlltrU budga I,
l. Indo ii .s.i n T iellt. i ..


I-. 5,tae*** *e**l*I OF IIELBA 1EACII1
i s Sw. i H* l I. .l.a 24 cn,*. la, Alaolk AN *.
S' -Ons block from ho '"h

-........:..".- FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH :

111 s ii Iw J Cit Dr. A 1drew M. Ila.ll 'e.
D .rl ., aIah S..... ... 0 1.

.............. La... .UNITY OF DELRAY BEACH
BOYNTON BEACH 'El. ia.vI oras. I .i Se i
St. Joseph's Episcopal Church w
i N. t will,. 4,,M.

SundyI '""lk ,^S A. All Aft* '. _P

BOYNTON BEACH "n. c." o, Sad.,,
,,I.t "t ..r*. td.n solHI ana .ON,, I .., P .

I1:00 I1,,U lXOVD. ( IE 1.1 l' . l A>n
a.m. -lloldlngFa.. To.TIe Pp.m. *l. e .td fri kl.H..ln., l ,,m.,sr
I isurieChristianFa.ilh." ( il thtsl ( 110, JI 11 ,"i.|,rsHip1.00A|so
A.I .//.I-rd Fi t ,ll,.h N C..l.ConlF .Clth r,,es FeI C ,643(1

Ut!T Tlldi IF 1NiOIT 4IENTISl T 2

ml. ..t iwll. Srtt.t..tlnw l.a

Ni-I O AAjm.
|Fk*M II11 A2-. &7:41 pJi
NWs Aq &IS $

LAKEV ES ilIprlST ClitIl:
Dr t. Shubhrn. arInhir

...w 1 .. ., Si., s. .s
1.11. Al .ow. dn

tit. . east ........~~

Martha Berry Museum Starts Ne


. '

ALTHOUOIt TWINKLE haIs worked a thit milk can
to o over two and a hall months. she's far Ino
tlilIled wtoh II, laor 0nw ad Ilst P nala of varnlsh
will fbe narully applied In a he -omellmn Iree
dmnalanl pite to maike I hI sod to the noa.

SMiss Davenport

Given Shower
MIS DAVENPORT U1l1e S Aling aine hlmi
Mil Madde nannporl wa' LydI Talh. ColatIe Nnrlhrup.
lted at i surprise bridal iondhlndahSlher
agsP IF l '. sainto
y aic inladad Mis, tivnn
i vntaport. her grnndmolheF
fMin Carl IIrner+ and her It.
o Ilolleu lor Iha eaeni was ance't mother Mrh, halph
i Lniinda Skiaer. Oner hlrtv Pearn, as wnll t e a ny na
llt.lindi-andyatlnwmere her ormer ,la t rom
lntoo Puneh. akand oo*k Atlantic IIlh S11hool whoer
fl.antId. odma har enongaaoI"..
In were .rved Iranm o g'yly Mi., DevilporI mradujid last
daorasd tobTe In ton and Jn

* i .ibj -.. ttii
MISS MARIE DEVENPORT, middle, wu asled .
bhids bw-nr, by Mnrs. Raflph Panron, Ill., and Mn.
Fnrd Dvtnport, reih a. erbanday evealag, Asgapt
MI, l Ihe scial room addeo Fint Prebyteridn
SCiae, wDdroy.


It sure doesn't

u1ad aut a rld.ll3oJ. no ppnn lhoiIn

f e.-sI ilJtgoah snpemberna, lPose I - --- sia
Twinkle's Original's Buy ne

m h I ....... ..... I T pe DeckerT I
e tr hobd on ,l '"." .":"....; ....ko and N .ob fN mvan d
...- a...I... .. .... ... .... : : -11t n en9 i
r,.bty h h h s ilk lknyg l .. get one freee!

tolysIfoft, f lm
. ...... .... ikle- ................on ....o kin d ta'dh'g' dnp 'd'onllla,,n.n... .. -, I
h i.. g n d n., boo ta wor o. .. i

rrthand pr nts and pain hin
r, oio, o.a t MI =all t

the o anle Hatcbal -TEM eho Et

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innrdiilianals no,

plains, .bat I ne i r had ti. n O
aio In ta lint t o it l ,. hisd-Irt F "'a"
1.ti Ihe manre d1 c. bass
ihen aIter her ntarrlan, tt n IIIO d
TlnioaUdd o_ t-wo-m our alan yCtN hpT AN ANTIQU POCE.
n(odoapa'. pOrltad I osn ny. ns. ui n tia r o sih, LAIN POT bo i nh
thing she nad I11ld In fontrt. W t Il lsl I it t u i., bN paron
Ilo. th onIen e art, i k ntpll I In thi I n by Twin kle.
a np bnat o andk bn l t. Ait lent and au n to f i D o Cou ie Is b woked
In Intls boI ior h br h hag Inloti aot ay sn in *
hndath h oa. 4 It n n Ie o sp petnldref nd
ndk lna'lo t fl., t'ht ol h 1 ..ill 'say rifle I Pl l ay Deise
sh1 ta. hkoed o d.*p Tean hoth h ole)
aobyh thon, aond tad hand,

tho e toI et a.aad ,n" ant n
hag Peity nao I diononnnd
my hobby am annt
Splan d only by eondr l.

0 i" a I ,onto. Ft., ulla I

S TEEL STSHTE A.A.U.W., ACaEns .. Aa eLN nrCONT t '
O.e.sof lh o nl Wb elono, hlold a neg(atorE nttog ad h.l y r
.~l Lpldat Sanhn y Ktaoh lb. adent ,hvat l p dy ,
nato i e nltrelylaeanan~a la y A W amiL n. CLP0 R.1 Stpsh hdnma" aal ny redum
1.,arn,.ono d dMa M.on tis. Lemosn Robar, Cody Pa. --

al.,d a naln al In : nn y. Why ini b Wl ,O1r, .hat Il

iebuya e la o/ uan atata ftnuetof rl re r-hakinA Wana stuodltoa t a 5111
Ineaornets Hat, -hbad =XT --"A.---

look like an economy car. ON UotMEAM-ol


at~or~otnn .o~ots.inobsh~iinlnnh4,ad~on~soOaosORa1atoLKSnOVER 60

And It sure doesn't act like one. You see, the Hornet Hatchback Is equipment no other economy car has,
The big 6-cylinder engine makes it really a sports crwith room to travel In. ThelBuyerProtectionPlan.
fly.Thestecring quick and precise. A car that does everything a sports Only American Motors makes this
When you need extra cargo space, carshoulddo. It movesilkeone, handles promised: TheBuyerProtecionPlan backs
theback seats fold down so you can load like one, but it doesn't cost like one. every 73 car we build and well see that
upthroughthehatchforalong vacation, It comes standard with a piece of ourdalersbackthatpromise,
AMCIHornetfitltcichc StAmcoaskitsonupiIlPRncuN Mninin
$2399 a. 5

.asi... osoa AMC FI Hornet
n, oa,,an,,o -, Webabk them betterbecausewe buildthem better.

102 S. Federal Hwy., Delray Beach

.. ...... ...... *....... ( h IZ Y* 1 LT o p iCs- -.. . . .. ... ..... HOMES are cuifopdocotaled,
SColorful and so llNbl!
..................... ... . . .... .... .. .... ...... ............ ..... .... .... ..11......... msT RKSHVTI.I ..... oo. I. 't
,..^.. .. . . ....... .. .^ * ;" * clIa; .. . .. ***- ... ..... ,,-' $.o 7f 9

:*;; : '7 ;; *^U -.'''^^ ^"* ^ i^ :l';*:::"^ ^ ,:^ ^ :;:;*.'".;*,,:-." AT gamalca Bay. I ; '
. ... , .. ..: .. .... .. ... ..... ... ..... ... .......... ... .., .... .... . .... . ...'.- t.. '.a l S cTKU T O ^ ,
... . Ii ', I 1 a CIUR IIO i i i .. ii ea S Gi em U, inh i .. .. SEE THlEM T DAVIr
. . I.. ..CIHUTSYMMENI rm ... . a aydrn ol ea I IIII OIILT# TAL 8YNTGN BEACH I
, .I .. ... . MnT I! i"n .Rb d.11- in u sl on OFCommunl Med, o m *
.... I .. .. .*i ;hich eomprite he Lel(I- .... i. i, ., i,1 i narntlle *nd IteUSSSlema rillhbeldtllitredi by lr Sellh T[L:; T-jl] ____ OPeHEV[EH~tT OT -i
. . I I I I Sermo th 1> to be rad at ........ .. .. 0 1 .... In -h PI c He Il. Ien d 1' Morrow TO
. I ... .. Ie 00 a a .rle LW- .h - .A I.r vas l nd Stern.. 11 1,
I I LilUan Srienw Chu-h, ahl. denl (r Ihe Mtlhdlit Churrh Ai S. ,"
....* I, :. .. I-*a al +^^ PmveSI ii J U IVfi^^, ^DMk lnfi atnfusion "'i h
i ** ... ... ... ] II' and- I u The lUb- r LLOWSlIP been nI Eal lor ldie IN all
*)t of - W th* w ies on Gi e Ilbl And F"lI.oRn the plllOr ile li where iht
Tb or B llltn madI I n S.ur da y O. t L .. uud l l OpUmliUcH Y' CI|
To noo 'W -OooI l'HI' n a
.. .. I I I . ^ HI A ( ll Bo b loNs ite, Slbd. 1 n n 1.h Ull i .m 0 \ 00
**re i*v ,,,n.pvua mo inB Ihe b l~lv e (ugi 11b If *nlv rl hrc.IS Ih i N MiwT(Mrly L UTIR N- eoao \OOO 0
-1In.". .It N St. .,k Rd. B I>. . . .. ...000 0
*" The hur *id in l~ t ** ance M1 o nl t I n d pAr.n IWlNlIS *nd pial ar .eo Iy 0 0
*-r* o* tiing They r l NJa ihers th dln lh Sc 8. Paur wl oTwIhe lI ary gil w s Hl I y 0 seev 0
.'ur *h an a *he at t*e Hiret.ayM~Ielyl Bt ler II'y "hr w 'l Ix .tr ih M Sondani Ol oer." 40 P '0SS iHmal0
."r..- ".Le *" ** elJA IIT THinUE~ "W"' G, 3 g 1gFrE;W clo00
., .. fle-RTherH,.d lIN h 011GC0 ^ n ODQi ;:... c/ 0000
.. * The -hRch did MS almtu- k:1 ,l, lull-drtm In ipthit Il SEACRESTELVD, plan, reudWmy to 1,0 l ^ P 0 0000|r
II I anme lime The academy Thi n SU AdayI hSe c *lo ,, i t i In ' 'r
h ..d A Wl~ ~ .1l Ih &"_. ll.n wa. C I '
ellnig I held B Ml ]AN P I TOM Iu early lulhefan cholhln tor.
^ ^ y^ ^ Th *-' <" ,,:* '" ..^ J ^^ ^
F A ll 1 '"IIc I le Ii lmV throu h INim" N G rade pI
I'k (In. 1VoUA Al a4 .0 IO P. ImN heS,1R.EYea
Alend............ t-dilly 1'J. 1. Tlh.e aBoad o. Dc ...i m-etI TIM an.l b uf Wr, Mel.i- .."
^i W ^^ '^^^E^SS ^L ni""" L.'"' *'-" 'i'-1' '^" t Ui o0 parllh Ejdutlon. L . LA II A' ^f
WC... ,,' But when you talk to us,
^* / ^ ^ ^^ ^ill TRiNi-y EVANBFLICAL,1 Ir "., i. *' i .,.i"- llng. Iheru e le w optigi" _lm~e -r | j | I
....... EA .......L 2 + 2 always equals 4.
+uHE ......... ... ..I -
(W. I Ilb...lT,1 the M Nao ISTtURIE .lenp~oteem YOU CAN OBTAIN THE LOWEST pOSS1IBLE
IoundlngMEY 0f "h uhrn 1wHyD ohn"W War.TiuCmJ~Yl = va t 'ft hDld .I m FINANCING FOR YOUR NEW CAR"
^R -,.^....................; ^S s!........ tfi ".c;.;"."".;; '"1
fT ^-Ml|-^^^^i^^& ^sdiv Orlbrlsii at the BnrLve~r r us Mdhallill dlriTl Tt lT^ ri m ri U
ON;~ .....lp n.Iil"rSU~dlv II ,i0." 1n dol l N ol lfniL FIRST BAN K EIoL TRU ST
1 rin^l------ Trtm> lvLai l3nn o *'*"*"*' *' r Irriend o TelMH.y plea It J
NO .m 4 ~rh S.I.t. A,. "I. ON IS :1. 1e14~a N. FEDERAL HWY. 6 1)L.HS
V y i'?^ ...f .a s.I......... ..o ................ l- '" +;"^ ; .M0RL>...,.
'Y l wl 'S ebt .. I i. SilY Iii BOYNTON BEACH. FLORIDA
a ile. S"ev aobe C.
*ll~ldm el tiel ,he .j liU .. Se.d n i..'ll-vl. e*** el*'a a* '*-e II"o"n .e |
Cz And SUSty School the I+t.o1 s 1 e~a
ireh. hHWll i n. *u
*n CAl l y 5 a rv o ll imr he. HT IF
1^C... ...l .... The best time to read *^
II.11, W n~nd GAIO ~r 1InblllIUl,A Ih
*.... ............ our free economy booklets
DAVE MIEL IS it Be I .. r', 0.1.- r
AVE .K.... EA I eW..-": ; is between 4 and 8 tonight.


fabulous an old way to shop* I .I,\

That's when everyone uses a lot of electricity -
at the same time. It's also when you can help lessen a
the chances of a power shortage (and save your- a i I
self some money, too) by using less electricity. And
it's a great time to sit back, relax, and read our two
free economy booklets. AU u,
Both are jam-packed with cost-saving ways to ,, "t
economizeonyouretectricalrconditionerandother ;
Pick upyour freecopies at any FPL office. Or at
your appliance dealer. -
Please use less electricity between 4 and 8 tonight. "PL'

- C lu b C lip s ... .. .. u.. u. . ..u. ..
LEAGUEOF c onler N W ist ol11t in SKNIR CIToIZENh TIHE PALM. BEACH COUN. N a i o a vrerIyaing ear ulin Dr ,l. Social Clhir
WOMENVOES irry BO CLUB under i ue gudans e o pr esl-
An inprui nenaum of s The Senior Citizenld dIse GHENALOGICALSOCIETY dent HIei M Allsh ser
qu item or cronsni wld ClubloDi~ry ltchr~l kbratad. he eill e -"Let Your Fallh l1 Iln dAROUN0
euind th Ih weddin g ai eru. The PFalm hech Crouy 2G- Grow WITH 4 11
e. ot t all EoNXTESIONNHOME of John rnd Edt Wetilnd isloins l Soait y will hold Pro am chtii n, M.
Uta Ler ue d WomVoen IECONOMtiS PO AM F|ee d and hero R1ltee The Lone Pln TiI Bloaer
Two m wer held TOtiS" AN EXTENSION ivrer I In Rtd Fdedilp rmm i t lno proin behunnir wlei 0 t re In rontni.
T oed ly ei aeni ad W dnei a. OME ECONOMICS PIO- First Federal S vin, s and i let oerUnoa the ba ir|. Ihe member chose to'
dayrmnroiniaedhewo masGre uuAM Iotrneaken living In LtsnaCo Ol iler sd huothe Montda. October Sd A 5 dornga their n usbtl Lore
aedled Ior Wedea doy evsa e ui aI r olt a Palm HeaIh ALUMNItht EIC aE Bid, Wll PaY m BDtah. FIor- AMO I u will be roltbhnled Pins Fo Mnde. Taey
alS dThunedy mmi aumy iare Ivled to attend a -m .mh IIE IdoAaI. T t s pert lor the by FRaLer atikSlvrb, paa haveba added do prolt
: Ai Tra PIri R. l person so hoIroderotRle . .". "B" w"il be Bee Odes tor oh hi. Lsry Chmron an r b ric Heddihos othe
hu Mise sa e i iiS iUlled Fo ni Wl Decoa- e . . Slay Dnh Libhrn M.iaml ed by ho Cmnetl BIreIk- h1aaepoeJ.L
aIdL Teo la s he T 1 ein h. b. lu t will be otRloi asY Itie
II, ila t The pthe 1. 1? aei IN 01
b'- y All D. e T |1 it. T rr t "o
M.Wedr Tae o einin q L .th Ealeair Ho| E c a lDer aty gaiU, The public i h L blhe Mar Jln rolun the Fr .0. OteStol
5d ra1 sehem 1 it am, E..lo er at the -osa IRAre..nMr ited Ion, peadnidrtithe lt haiel mi e o5r, o
:.11itbeMdahrham.Sert G lyCort0 orr m l . .i, Co al ryee N tlCon wom wrea Troll Blue31. O
Va.tnh 0c B in . r.UB LIUCTS WObMEN'S rd ot C Mt WaRn, her rI ad ls ears Ill.
Omeaunt "Jst ike [b t port nl, MandIy illi Beach I t l Idn i for- p e i ilht Mr, JC t Ha l- as A Baa, nrausr ia ll

BE i t i ,,ou lana d10 h ye Ant d e sd ndl llh 1
A BRM INI.LORIt AND MS mren rrl relallad M .rphy t 91 0l
CI UB ranwal In DCr leld new olleIt atR I t ri b *rde I l s tT
Mn T. 0. Fans..l B a s ti aS usrtr. l ONA 00 set
1Thm weln tred o r il a.ola M on how toSio lo or nie Delny Bch BraN h PE e h
d tor j lannti l tmeIn h *teMs n homemaker's o the Ntionl L(|u ol 5 110

: a [beel~ Nereeltaon f homeFa Is tera l tlTurdy eSept i of1, e|,di
.C br hedW e ttSed as rIe tCh., cmdiIro ngdon cer noty 0.1 heat a Shl1
There ehonl h moa wleds an d e i llll, ion Ir wl f arL Bainho nalln
rd in ei n ouFne orla tlitre lh LD elalh l
P:rn tm tiir Sr. Cr boll- e well a hRe6R:lv d
,e ster A Rie dmAy R e r t' ;I nerre r.. aser I n.e e s gctioNe ioRE De

o ul l Ir.asCtll e iwiinat reP INO Sw.A IN ea Pl
,mabni lKi p. reeed soAr. ellloh or ah- ruir laheptinf Ior Dodob.

he ter m hor s atell. em =a erer a 1 aned da d

provided by he ma tmb r ra S
:which were Csea o recent os editon her .a it ile .tiC loBlr with the "Jewel "hJel" C rI B Bodes, J
slpoEurpead eBrollih buermen ll wreekr n Sl. I Boca Rse m, letured on o 1j sert dakh Semi a h
Clolie. The neal reudr meet. Pe baleniredd ToaeSr. "The se S acrtl ol the nonda" i T0" .lefr
;ln a will be held ne Wed n edly wide ro ein t as wa t held *1 erro n er oe l btla r n t eroth
I Oceolrs it. bi The Nere Boa t oe HilEon Holsd. implre ar Badh
I our d Ii nte t new on dl.
M RS.e I G. tei Am D asn Ma FA T, a B. rere *t. h[ber oi e

Ahn Fhr AFa -i e e ie DoecRAr
sASOI ....O...a.....e I (rus asaan. s e a sa s

ic Th CARes, and aYldLss dd T l c FTher lL ot!er EO URn e
smel le. r 'o te n ee

"Te'oho" I L illmae nr B
Cathdss Cainas. Can !. so blo. CA sLL o on NOm
.. The ...B ER. ITh e S m e a re Tomen

1,Wd nmo Iner dilt all. IT& FIGUREDA
adn td show nando
l. 0 l RSS, FALIIE PT r SrSeOted ho e ciked rash .n Iher

"l*wBRsss. C Likeh oohrm fignFlt

h ere i S AhVingS Oli A A SSO Maiings youu

Fo y ^Jour c thaenet Fins IoerfM oDeo Yor


in edcmttonJhd ti.Be.a6
ids Imiddie In'asl1e hIndia.
crate..... Or hNE de ,DREd e ,ea MIL.I.ONn..D OI,,. S INSURED

trOThbussd drowret*t as roost I= tie its YdOU e FREE NOO
ha KIrmNild. letfhut ANsmRT ,A ,J a ,nar a e s CONSTRI A

ob* 1'ousr IntereRuaS 1, asr sda.ily esnc1rnl


iML rcnle ar a aodes, ran, l shaaeetosraot. yOcINOBeOON... First Fee aloACH, LANI
si. .. iawn.e.e. .o.W t. io .

'00 eBrmi,0T5ankt.StrmlbeOrt.J54lr Pa


g 278-0616 uNTILr s
g. 732-9514 AmtER5pM

et work it off
t at Elaine Powers.

re like play...but it works)
control salons, we hae h miraculous luahines
problems. But unlike some of thie others, we gite
al attention every incl of the way.


$5 sae 500

0 771.0800



Know ...
Other Services we offer


Paiet ,Newt .1e i iRiH emberu.192

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m rll rr o t v Ir l =l Onyi .i .1o -
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College News
,aidvvvulcl aill .. ,, ..1,0-..
F ......... ....TA. ... ',"I.
lon nid ,' ,, .
I- Iad 1lu1tar. Inn .i l1r ,
aed in tnaeld lluntlr di
'i i .. "... 1 .... .. Andrw- he -jii r heercad-
*,'. C e ,'*,' -. an.. df. i o~a dn ip bii mii'

|r *'1 i i*.'i pndparci ilc O I n Ihe it chooI
.'.,,, -*.; ;..'.''",," 's m a .b.. ara cooking,

.'. '. .- . ,.' -', ".. '.. Each girl ariolp la In
lary ahool. ealura an ae (h a-.r'
O..- u ...--
Imc p gram thaI oI e ,n n .r ;'''-.'. .." ,
', ;, *'," u ,, ,." "" ,' '. *' "... '. '.-| , ,|

program Ia*la lealgied na lao ait ',ni ale 0o1 a '
io help hns be= ome 1 n r t dl I he pla nned vo lake with
lo irii them lo become lead, her lo collee and for ihe an vae
e rair, N Wear aeiout lhe choae
a nrelhl (llwereiplallered
a ABBIi-ON 5[lllKJl+ gon
OF MODELING Ialdn their Niaor Mndel-
Barblit.n School o Modlla Ing Coara. BSrblia ala, oV
recenll lated their lirl rer pevanal Imprvemenl
grad.oa at ..ei nee FI aid priaietlila made
leaderdale Dilia at til N vove r 1 icol irO tb.
Federal llelhway+ cerelrla and loiatewina
'Am' o theradev
Hallly Shlaf of A alm Ca-o. RANDUF.tI-MACON
lelray eatb. hioll entel COLLEGE
"'alawba Callege In North Car' RanddlphMacin Collee
ndnaM a riahana, immedi. reavdai hal po0ine in v lonii
aalel lillawina br Sarbiao hier a P wek Ilve l
daio. Se hope n lariat R!5MC liatne laaa
Srelaee modeling t ever ardved In dAlhlid lytbeh
local lehla ,howl nhile at- aihtle10 111ev o( ahe old.
vendleoiiela ci. Menhaden yolelqe In dooer
Illly p'rlaily lok he Mo e ie
Jor Moiletng Ciune at arhi-
Schol o( Modeling Io ee Only In Its end eiar ol
i1 a leppln~g-ton t college n-1 1.1. i; ';""- -.. I
eet hlerla-avir wica iletv....... -v , ,
fe h loa mdhilng. lShe .i -- i .
becam Inrled In (ahlo, "-.r. ,. ,+,...','"
ohite anendlolla Sarblvon and ., ',.C' ', -','f ."' i
decided li major in relallin T- l i
al o llete .'- I .' N'

Stork Club
September Ia Mr, and Belay Beach. a ai, MattShe
Mr AliL ea Jila.n IB1m tomla.a
daO'Neall.a N.W.(lt A.e. .tlembar IT Mr. and
elay Beach, a a. Armi MSn Beery Brook IJadlith
leonrd lewlkyl. a Florild Blid.
September IS Mr and 9l9r1y Bea9.0i, a nan.el
Mni. icani lenry Wood Il lhonla,
ISllrley Ann C aoperi Ot s Septenmdr 17 ; r. and
HIt D. dei-ay Beach. ai Mi Tloeu Hood Carol
.RlchaidlienelvV. Slep nil. Il e 9 W. Id
September t Mrh and Avie..B Ilon Bead.adigh.
Mn RIcain Eugene Maike t., Shanne Chralne Shielm
OD0at oe L ee Rd. 5W Shau an.
Rd,. Lael ,aadauhtler. Mel- Septe.oer II Mr. Mad
ad lyea Mn.. ChaiejOldl, IAnnie
eptember I -- Mr. and Mae A*illnl. V N. ili
Mrs. Hery MSelier Lina lve.. DelyBea I. a daui.
Hatelico. saI Sei Bay, ter.TaraIenVale.
Lake Wothl, adlaltler. Co SepteCler 19 Mr. ad
lyhEltell Mh. Anthoey aill tDona
September Ii Me. tS Bay, N. 0.01h St..
Mr*. Genid 1Bowe lEIaiM Boca RatoD. a Ci.+ thrallo+
aol Thoenl. M lDimhea- nhrmachel.
terDr+.N.Gaeealy.a September II Mr. aend
dilvloer.CamlLomelne. MS. WIllIe Davla (Serdan
Seplelveur it MSr and lAn Wlinl. I1i N. W. Tl
MSn. Charge Slkell lI ee Ae.- Delay Beach, a daa'
McNelllyl. OSebome Dr. ter.Sbaell=Ami.
Lake Worh a e D0"n September t -- Mr. aad
Cooper. MM Saed Lee Fraera An.-
Septemer Is Mr. and "elln Tho'ma lN.W. t lh
Mn Sanny Caldwell irma Ale. bloy Beach,. a Da-
CarmlcIlell. M liet Avel.. all- i aWr.

lha; 'ilt. al- i inh, l
t vei l ilenlrbiod l
Ii iryiilvv meil mil) r II l

clbieet In eocandbiy alboiul
I.-,.. "t,, -W t.,,,-

, I.... ... . .
The SAT rallngi are 0lr101
Ihe average vrrfal icor In Ihr'
Iow 5a+e+ and I110 alerB(l
FA i 1Creen r IOlr id oI
Ydwln Cu. dlrcclor iif ad
,nlelona. alaln 1hai Ihll up
iraden, In Ihe sli, and q9l01
ipl Ihe reihmn ral ran he
allrlbuLed .o an evIlelv 1r
IrntIni year In 1l-7l Thv
college received over 1101 all
cilel Ice a 30 per cIen IF
p OLVall 30 pM, ri in
-e- ov ter Ih.pei er

...i , '.....n ...





Ing lim and talk on 0I. On ,
Vex"t f ely ah., ta ,nf rrn.
Ire im llr la losll 0 Ic pre
L lpe llve ao la rhas r| l
LI a.- imi ..,a ,il cpr

lia l ear,-lc aac vrlcd aie r

... [icaue we didn't privacy and gave them
model the Colonial a price you can afford,
Cliub after any other liarilint at only
community. lie took $19.990. We're open acrie of loeauti- awry day from 9 lo 6
iul lard on Ohe Iltai- saop in andwe hat
coastal oand >tudded It you haven't en any-
nih low |2 & 3aItoryl whrelaO.
condominium mild-
Inh. uanrmly Colonel THE
in deagn. We put only COLONIAL
6 ypaitments on each
1,floor to add to your
On Ia iceiaanle wlIerwa al viT staah
F -d.,al Hlhway 1 o&,Vi l. olv e.. h03
Sal.ay etlh i3n3 30



lhal you an buy Iao arl) which will your p.. blama

Ceondiflond Water Corporallen
196 Norh Federal Hlghway
Delray Seach, Florida 33444



Four year ago o misleading ad In area
newspapers implied that my stand in cer-
tain Key issues was exactly opposite to
the truth. Don't be fooled again Ihis year.
Know the issues and know the people for
whom you vote. The Key issue is Improv-.
ing our childrns education. If you have
any question as to who is better able to
serve on the Board of Public Instruction to
this end ask the teachers or your
Don't Be Fooled Again


I"-t of Puklic
District 3
-, n 1i xi







Ci rl~i

~ ~ili

* ~ '~I



let 10..aod va m~me, er. olIt'. T q id. 0.1sid.I levad -, ea. I .
eIW.,luanated M atdqapmi

A'73 ~ ~ ~ ~ ath Is 1a 3,th k i od1o

A171adisodecimooh~t hghw e rtit kptbuls ad) ia roulfslsTelooun0

173p Winto:11 o go bac ito lsit sw got htoiat~ rd.
baa b waed bKAa .d n, I 1A1
-4n."lihnardl a lis~i lnl~eeb
"I- yI rmakia-alieale.
edlin I. m e.A r.

ThAtolroofrm FO RD
Evr, 197 Fnno "d eelb;lrd.Toe1b,;,Uire Malaa rtanek an d M On. .. ORnDVIIO 4
lhenllhdmjbe~a.bob~b~oadlet~r ITll~lad OO lilt
.P edvrOIdte me rest a vvaa little

pulEr a! Ile Ron.. EWeboRc pIeU El
Si..t ThEmu M.ore It Doynon Beach. SEday
Mu.a will begia oa September E at 10:30 A.M. mad

Father Donald Connolly
Starts New Parish
FATHER DONALD Y network SpeaEEC w5e
t CONNOLEy lE Today Sow. Ihe T ,lihI
Fa.her IaJ CIlly hu show. End. a mIltour oYV G-a
ly.(ormed Roman WCIholie rey
Boynlon Beich SundOY A SeulIr SIuo U both E.
MmES will begin U Spte, dOi =0d AlevlEIn paoninU.
PM. All -l3lYluI seavlea o n r""ylntrvleion NB
i new pr will be. held >l Ed or wo ye nd RoS,
MlIIary ITril In BoYnlon Cute Sor lth uu edlU,
Beah The pstaor will Udfe Atlrl Ano Mto 0g-
.lthei Amlnn, .dne a pn nt lrlnE
hli laurVi book A VoI lor AK
BondirtU Sor Ihe new ptf- AnrA wiLl hbe pulished "n A.
M .Bwere in cd u: no m.
...... Y-O Budget
YRho uety line.
-L1R. Ithr Coly F il
pIor i( lla 1 Thoor t ,Hearing
.... Scheduled
mLul Sor InrCill unity. elI CoUnly ARHEor Daid Raid
n member ol 0he TeleL.lo. . ced (odayul.t he wold
AendeSyoIArV.dSdlm. hold public heirlin En the
Aniive Silaosiln.Ml- Morly On l at I'E a.m
ehullI. Flher CoUnaly YU In U ISOIn iAPElmaeAnh
orilned for AiSArcnSA CSunlyCorlhouLa.
N Ml1,l A ISO, lie Hold. R
..OlA r" deE. In A nSII e
hlEtoAY 0rom Ihe Catholle Slnl. IeOain wER bhid held lor lhe
S"eIlty ol America Untll tiItRmAlne Am ory ol Ahe
1 "7. he held vs7ol p.rRh TYxAE Uor'RoIl..
Sd C.n.ely uiim ASl D In S A _Y noo
heDi.eeo O ethAoI. ,Dae iern 1,so Sr
L-ei Shs0a SRe heA FRI
A ItheUntlId SllInu Coordl. CnyV Carter CoamiOuloi
SIor ol their newly.Hekb- arilaleame were leveled
1150ed.0tlUoit EolcOIISce allan EU e AmIMAOE'R ofice
fdr Redlo nd TeleIVIlon anaotherdflceIlraiiOErinE
bnwUi SI pnwTwernm. 1nul' public a Y l rS e to vie
llei iUSNCVOY wie IheS piAJn.E bout how fundE *r
Velopntn of more ellmIlve belqnEpEnt
IAR IndUlIy and Ihe IlScl idmn Held RppeNSTred bhel
CEtlmllS diocmt acrnE the Iee CioVer Commllol he
AilY. Sd he prOdmtiL f ol Pnmi'nd o hold e pbei beur.
Sll Catholic PmSi lor the InS A n hSi portion A Um PEalm
nemRrki. Am.g hA mt Bechlunltybudet.


Mr. Businessman:
SCall 276.6321 to advNrtll


V VINYL ;a!i

Citrus Needs Care
11 la AS. P1, EISSILSSC.,SSSSSn, LS 515, 5 ER. S-W0S

A -.1
lk I. M. l..., .1 0- V..
VS".qlh-- Ho;ndYV bS, o.1 IhR 1 1 pn,nA

F.50 oS.ER.ldOSY 11, 1.11AeYanS INShURANCE
OSnlil FOR~
A`,,H drASlheSL In nnnSR.CAUT
An laeS L S hES no Irn.Sm~~~e~
[.aI. e FIRA .111. RSih ..., I .
I"'dE, .1 laafE m as OF 151.E Wr proA EoL Inn Pa VA. -,, ELS
SSUSSRyhM in.aIRD -A~Sn~~n ~Spd



rn h umL J al. Tll'inan fiS bf ) IY embIraV isI t I

(in c A li u I drll r IS uIii 5 .l5[H'5 l n IP,

Classroom to Playtime
Clothes to
,Fit Tots to Teens

Yooth Shop



FRUIT DRINKS ....4 *1 SIRLOIN STEAKS t13" BANANAS ................. 10'
GATORADE ..............w 33' PORTR'H'sE ...... a 1s 9 REEN CABBAGE........ 9'
NiiLITS CORN. .. 25s* 6i6TOiCUCK...,.75' JUICY LEMONSI0-39"
iBOLDMeT...ST........... 67' PORK LOIN '.. 1...79 ROUND FTEAK..."..L,,$13s
ORBIT BEER 6 "899' RYER QT *,39* BEEF LIVER......m ....... 59'

OAM... ..... .... llR 4KES......... E A LW 'cL E... S 'Wluu 'w mr 79
i i' ;RAM ................... M a s ................ *- 97' a r s.......... 48' M wM ............. M2
.................... .,68 TWOMATO sU .......W 13 C OFEE aCm ......... .'24' ic' MEATS .......... 35'
cimsTMM ESLTims.... 28 U6 SAUC............... =35' P i ..,,.-i,..a.19 ,', S .
TOMATO CAUP....33' OiATO .a............. ..I- mMi0 ES ............ 3& I O 1 .......... 69'

P .Ai .i ........ ', .'. w E miu ....D . SO
TOMATO JUICE......... 29' RAuNE JUICE .........& 29'
ACKTn PAS....,:. 16' POCS CEESE 79'
m "r'O ...............t' l MA OAI NEI......... 2 39'

t IS ctu

SHAKEI A AKI ........ 24'
CoOX LACH...... 56'
UIhD MACH .......... Z 37'
wS oo90..................:' 9'
coom m ........... 98
gR55OaSi =< ,-s _-Sl, "

C au cHS .......... 33'
cOTTrA CHEE....... 39'
MATni YOMuN 5/99'
u HA m...LF"...&. 59.

5 9 EACH
L_ ;


6 c
In 9

A. "IAT7

hAIICII OF DIMIES holds Audiliao meeting- Mr. D.
Rusell John. Jr. se" Wo March o Dimm
Compaig n DIreclor, Michael Cba n. I'lanm for the
1larh o DIimEs Telethon "eI dlirused al the meet.
j hld at Ih1 home ol Mnia Norma.n Murph,.S Slope
Srai In P'olm 1lah. MO. Small. ANxIliary tPridel.
ask th.a m.emhe, having Iriends In the DELR.AY
. r.. . ....r, ,...f m ....
nzchehor mare information .

C ri, 0 6

3.~vd~ -..mfl MQ ., Me-i.t
IN80 Foot Cotlol Cmh 11.0...

b1L. mriv. -1.,v v.da
Inion U-60v.~ I eo. i? o dkvOw I Olk IN Centel IL


"I agevl, of 1l. Violet
Ialdet 'Sal.. eR, -ac RAINBIOW GIRLS ASSEMBOLY aS 0.1000 Rleav helA
00 Eof ll 1olvovo Travel, their Installation I o am tiIfi- ki Sunday at lhe Sol" = Nrl Bl'Yrene 102.005 today 1.005. Allene, aIn.
e. AN lairl .a IT I led a. Wvorhy 06v100 along ftht It oiler Itlr.,,
1ul. Eaaiona l ToasSTh hal hoer hOWivioled. P0hotoby Slay Grab.., 1w
the THdUv SOLSul
DC-I Il e .0. I. varly

Nu.lavva bkb ,~o* CONTRACT

Laota.. .t.k l .a it .6 l baaIS 111/
A W'ISP RAla. "Iir iv v.




270 ~ ~ ~ ~ OE 7300. LEEIA iUE If S PC :


*NAEEUS*RSkamfdaE-AmrNmt Sunday


0 40 Fo a mth.11, Voi I., Gomel,Ooaol .. .. 50,100i~eio~~~~v1vv.

Success in Marriage
KEINNTIII WILLIAMS dyand In blll re paidby ItheS lli worklhi nddodW n'
011ki either with the hlio. noooi iorillherliome. he
ir P*dnll Williams: bhnd or wlle or both wrilln 0III likely wonder whui she.s
l*n* mk~n~e Intsh* ~ wa iiledwilhm them. By deponlln| lary dol| wilhoton h ol e morny
ly M~r mie** |d Iio ic i hicZn nKo onl m>h ed*nkl Why nould a
iin -ho lM iahell me halh kenw iill IIlmh wha wife or husband nolt o ilhe
enAk la. e will l th Inome i a* well o lor orI f o know hw o-niod
rkal khe irendi tl I n, || haitlllbolne penl. lnit or nhil In kle doe
py >k hs hl t M wlih?.
mehew mick llny. I* ,n husbands end wl(e' I"n*umnrry.ielameyihsi
me. y ch ihoold b deported there ha( to be bonely end
er Willl. M uIer. I lls, e Mirne a countni ll eedlihy In ores ondal
dIn lhove lododindtiiai nrotomemnitolml lertliohe in irranilne. llo4bdAshen"
rorreri in hbelr~llo ihe 0he0k or olelko eon honen tweslreioI~loanereyrri.
y iomore lnooa By e ranhnedna ind elrioy akeheesC. enen Ihouih Ike leo
yy noloao d ,01 *eyihien ehos 00 ei erlhi be eryoooypaible io
robln Tikae 00110 We rea bin AI' o hills hove bee r1 bil. M'. tli olseria do Ih Ir
r leS 5mlnly. oh~leor pId ond lf ere ios nyorory oseooneaoe t~olly detroy
onoota r, Mar- loll. Ihe holblnd sod wile Whe hormnoy in thnne nooso
nel iek Y8ial i n heuld rrololly sbnerlsi whtThe end rnoltlI ia noskened
lnctuodenth ides ltht idon etiIbLTe homshond or or bhokne rrrrrisge. om nol
should he ereis or oir should not ho ohi or ner 1ylg bel ihe ile ind hu.
n rlfi Br is money Inw o Prlosie litle "heard" or hoed sbouldol haw lharelte
red It in ,~l~rlive bhnk dcnrhi. W l sl1 In or colle money, or lunch
bhlusband nd wi*le- ei I* *dquletly isonld money: however. II muh
bhnchnoher Th e*poute 1r isopIcloni sometimes mornothanianilhl*olvednd
Is hlend tle About h rl ona oned or trobln i
her armoney i InsI ln hI t hhinr t e Iklytynnll
rhow much ns, naelo nven est. llUnT II 1l. 1tI
', Ire dIfernt wyor though hbpeal ill he blls, Mr. leKa mlWIU. o.
benhondled. An ihwelewll wonder. eMMn or e In Osetoqe tlin. A.
reto Id Ihe u o a klter, 11 he lIn'l h n rno n NJ B
edlKaiBimuntl 'hl n, tln h inlhc liim o nlandl i 11 Odery Bunk, l.
Is depoilod each pay 1. whal'n hd dolu with IL- II .

See Delray Beach's

3 3 '31,550

/4 ,..'.S.. '32,450
2 ....,, '30,450

TELEPHONES 276.0436 395-4300


happy difference

.... ar another

i e, ta .,- ,. |. . ,,.ns I

'- -' .... .. B lio l. --
?';.?,,'.;, :;,;;. ;=' .,='S


happy difference

ater another

Ihe lights on l reno nl family l oureoul t.

The Local Scene Q
I" Jufih _tllr
Alter having it lielht when the alarm rings all
sonlmer. it is now staying dark Se 1'm thinking it mml
be jul t about th time of year to run baheck the clocks.
i sualy October esn' i r? ome people in the area. who
have to get up before dawn. aveo been reperling
colnred lihhtl" which 'couldn't he Vens" in the
southeast This really several years go when a num-
hr of upset lolks In Delray and Doynton were "chased
by" a brit1h ligh In the shky; others spoke ofl seeing
UFO's' gyrating wet of town. and one young man
even sa a ring oflllits which had landed"
.iin guard Woody Sterling went up wih and tried to
assist Sheriff and Coas Guard helieopite Sunday
evening i alter houIars wGhen diver on the north each at
Delray became separated from their Istruetor, Know-
lig the current. Wody aided by showing the e'oplnr.
where to look The three divers, one IS, were found In
the Sagaple area. Luckily. no one was Injued. "We've
had several eases Ihi," seal Peter Claux, captain ol
Ine tie guards al Delroy Beach. "Something ehuld he
.-ne" he added, suggesting Ihel such reupe eo divers
should be "wellcontrolled."
1972 Allantin igh graduate are battered out now
Some worekg many away al tehl. Gregor Owen.
who Went ito Wake Forest Cllegae in Winsrton Salem,
NC a we k early Io get acquainted and attend a
religeionus relreat. writes home thai he was "tubing ithe
rapids" ridingg on a river In an innerthubel which wa
more lun than anything," and has met so many nice
people tSal De Canie of Boynlonaltend i. The college.
where Grg's dad, George Owen made All-American
%hen he altelded. has a good md school. Jeannie and
Tomme SAeal drove over to Wake Forest from Ptfel-., Io see a ball game but msled Greg.
Mlall racey V is enrolled a lRandhlph Macon. His
ndle nearby Kailhy Weemi Is al University of Ala-
bama Chrlstle Ceufin at Univerlty of Florida. Gall
Kabtler s going to school In Atlanta. after ca vin with
her sister there. Stephen Judd is a Brulder, Colorado.
U oftf
It has been over a month since the Foreign StudI
League group got bacek from tLr trip ito IhE uroIpe and alt
reported a great lime. We hear that Weedy Kanoue
had hardly gotten eek heto. e he was hspitalzed or
a lonsilectionmy. Cindy Anwyll cut her long heir. One of
our local student wa nearly arrested in Spain when
half the grandstand followed his example of throwing a
cushl inalead of hats or flowers into Ihe arena, And
some e girls ort a chance to ue their best (or
woetl Spanish when followed by dark haired muche.
os there. One gill on the caompa not from the
Deray-.Doyntaon gmoupl broke her leg when she re turned
late from curfelew and broke through a window I fest
above the flr Her boy friend Jumped in after and
Jammed gla in hits here ota They had to wait In
great pain lto mroing to he rescuetod and Iald goodbye
to each other heeback in Miami on crutches, Mea of the
group learned a lot. however, and brought many iouve-
nire, and moa came heek much more pelatrioti and
proud tof America than when they left.
The vlity cheerleader otel Atltantic High have
already been pratieing letr atdhlnfi arte I-er
ehoel's renting. The younger ijuserr varityl group,
heowerve, held their tryeof Just olst week. With .ll he
beautifully agile girls competing it was hSrd. we hear.
ho pick sIch a rew. but here's the lucky line-up: Jdy
Hoeter. plaln; Lids a Lee. co-calptoin: LaUryI Roe-
era, Mlayne MhlIterhech. Melody Mlear. Shirley Ber-
nard, Tracey Allen. Jeyee FIle-Patrick. Melnie Nay-
or.andLaurie Mek
Quite a few local families are sletlling bahek In the
Florida swing aler bhee lummea northward. Shirley
and Bill Hunter have returned to their Ocean Ridge
home after a herd-work ll but enjoyable tint raiSing
lmtaoer n North Car. ia 4They managed to ind
time te Jewt1 searching IN. and did quelte well we
It LereyLewli and Margaret. a well-known portrait
ablsi here. have just moved into their new home after
A tvely..summer" In Cashiers. NC. They lad a
cottage net door to Hael and Warren Martin. The
Lewiser had lots oe ine company during the season
which included the ince Canringe. the J.H. Shellenber.
ger, the R. Reaser and the eRalph Wehr.s. Voe
instructor Lewis says he*ll "sooan he beek easier, than
ever leading. Just as eoen as they complete some
work nN their new hose. They have already turned Ithe
family room into a mui room and library; as well as
the big back porch Itro a dining room.
And while e ware speaking of artist and muiclans,
we jut beard that Mi Gillian, talented teacher of
dance, has bought a lot l 14 NhE, 4 St. in Begyon,
tree blocks Irem her lid studio. Plea Ire already
underway Itor her new siudio which wil be "within
welklng distance of 4 schools", he lays, But
place aren't built over1igh"-, 1aa wItl eontthue at
Ihe tomier address.
Valcaoiners newly back in Delray are the hoert
Rlchwagem. who had a wondenle t0. rtlle trip with
travel iraller. through the Welt, In Soalon, they aw
Bob's mother and friends; In Canada, they saw Bere
tha' girl friend in Toronto her family In Moneon.
New Brunsweick. Back again In the USA. they etjyed
Yellowstone Park, which was "not a crowded" as
they'd expted. iHere they sinyed a week, not aeeIng
everything, but linding the park "Juat gorgeous" with
the breathtaking geyer. "painted pet", the moe, ek
and ear. which oeger fedI) Een hippies they saw on
the trip were very nice people, vety polite. They span| 4
days in L and a week th Lae Vegas, which erdth and
Bob climed was a ot of lun (They saw Buddy Hack-
eti. the Time of Yaour Lit. etc.I The terip inladed
Hoover Dam and the Grand Calnyon where the kid,
chased deer to get their pirtore on one of rolls of film.
And being fromm Florida. loger. 'Albert and Judy
couldn't gel over the rmoutinst. They returned via e-
Gun Territory. "1 ugglt everybody take It." ay,
lertha, of the ,en week ip,

0, 4 Us .. ... trei, .pner' i ,.ee.. trti l *
cabiwe lesg
.. .... .. t a e e tiez ier .,... '-. "

AD uck In ue......... ...... .... ...t....r.

".. .. ....MADRAS D .C.ING ..
I ...,Mar, 4% 1. 6 s,, an. rh inr l 0 -

A, the lI., South Florida "-$npHdeed Ras %p oad r.tin ll i
d i e 0... .hr 14reet lcry eut Bewe duckling end -Mn.ephec t
sieeri. r o (i e, rui e.I be I At bepe sifncr or te r- pr n fnrompea, gpeemoo ell % pr pnere Ilade yreA p ]eBcr
sle aenrer tatnlnw ge de. e, edprt
lmwil be grinre the nclal orItal Is cpte r c. c i prlde nt dripple On lop o red|l r edhgt
SIn daye He teadrly.ri- bonthra i| I nIhno pan k k t m! ipI.A ey powder it 1'
ergl foed prirres hedgrter tsmioe tr drlypirge$ Add Inerel
n., tor bgether brsed cet grea nd tn t. 3 =L hrilt, geerewtu
.1 ui.-,. ,i, .-o .. aprtat ard =aone0t S Iu *. .g to te amr e I r-- ned rkeled r jr
tregleelon inhdttlt nhrdgra wit h duckling. %iip la y et
tuwh occ'iin'aniMd 7real .... pl st~lla d w- In. T, In Wet.r o1
rarin:;.I oI l r e rr h I r d ea"'B" ear" attd la am inh dark. Wagh. dira i rd diy delig
gadtbota1, e l e, gether.ttull lng wlh tni t, Yied: AboutH q rte_ r Brash belh lde tolS
ArdilentJ; esrn e d ros tl t ot rvtih q-artte wllh inte Iler
eriarbel '. ', ',', thirdaf lert.n Iteto p thheir mee tBrtea teicSSu r Bpate Hlt gewitba irl ntare B Sh^LI K C V '
trurkay l Yield: About I Tr rt el D rlkI. Adal,. I a
na'f]'f~ ~~ "ha *a d.l lt rd saii-Pealr. k EIR ll It p an,
ttte g taoe 11retaredae trethe ls emrlre ddronltlckt l t dere aoullt
... .m *-r 11, in. tilted to a hIttered. etered misrn. eh I bn. Combine heet pre- eS
ind t.1 ahetl l erbout 30 nutn- $ eberea u rned u rntr >ynp. e
poared toe l th e retIAAetar rl tast Odtogee. A'tlenbienteeerpor aee e~ra rarmer powder It
l.3tabteis .clgsprad, ihett.ed Col' t. De LL.I
Allhtush -uropeanreeie TODAY'S DUCK A ttnitxt n ereeg.t' t a n at rue aot 1M n eaure i
p kel it In r l'uin ttlrle LpOaAnE dirln- t d et I hear re
hrve lon dlLihedinedakM ll e 'l'bobethell, t ee to oven. gl areU i
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USING MJCKt NG bnal leIldl up o rack In rc pepra cmrin .ee...a ng e detA l -l
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tIo l teind durkllb l dlroet I mleute er poed. or all il lld. atad d wa ltr; eelJgerl Al| 417 E. ATLANTIC AVe. DELRAY BEACH, LA.
deherredarnetesaperretraint tl erdertLFI Pie~ereatl catdd lrerg tegblett:CcyE.,Coeh l ragleaUa II
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PIroducerr tr.m C have b. .
eta, ret mat lt e t
n.g ducks edy (k r ArAbuel Pineapple Juice 3 1
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to per ler hI the ofIMdk t, n theO o dn ..... ,"
retail market are n . 4SaW oil W.IJ4 ). .. ......... 3
arershad i to ads St. 2g-29-30,1972 ete PltCo ktil. 1rr
Ir etictin dack.. remom. C- r Fnt Cocktail.,... 3 D
er they have N ltr per. P l e
A d, P~;Inonppl; ............3 1
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4 '",; . ... Snuerkrnut .......... 2 :( 1<
sl IrearM dulirg t.r I tot I Veer r H Ot h .......... 4 e "l

,-r Ihalint IN tequty 1, reen Peas 4 1= 4.
t. ta v r e ti dare r
't lae- to Ipondan us V is Cream Style 4 a 8
Ihle a C te 5.pred froeee

Oertie iir the^ lePtri...3at
NMI 1T.i unst-e rnle'.. _i_ CorIn .................... 4 ..89
rhe rrmmerded erht II
refrigeratr rthawi g i nel utIre|n

dukhS In te rtipS.E! >hsl........,& 3 &S ;.a......t nn. ^ *1..............4 .. .11
Beans. ..................41= -%

PREPARING! Mes hes mehe
be prepAels. r l e. many ..y. h R /
roflel the Vraoetoratureof
the warld But. w theor resel I
Ied hetnr-qIr.1redarnwo. A 0
Geraed a t a "hale deek i
tie. o'dtih .
I~ it a e tlh
oedr derkineg welt doeee__
met wRl ber deie n Imer r S
peUtaett. Fnii h merlatedrr...g,,e..c
.to a irFks allrs Cf.i .Cr 49,
enite thereo.. lath$eOFler.:
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retarre whem medeitys e rare ease iCU l. g...

hoee .. i.. Petet- the HTeflon 11 Jlay . ... ... 5D35 I

ehi toaartt 1 h taiered ~ l!jmiap@
Ader,. waee.heao eee Dutch Oven Tomato Puree 3

prear U, The eII tlre- hr .39,.t f
ht r. as t thes 11 b hceae.. dteete.~e~ert
leeter to me~l ofln beter Seteetentottnucee...Cre ={J 1,

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cl nhie taia' fen Soap .e......e.......2 L 3h in HairlSpray ............ I!: op.
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The Audillar of Bodaheada
nurlatdel lasiestl Ikld their

~SOR~atRY IT ItT TEC CO t e Red Ln- C
qei reClb. pan M aian h Se'p
lWeLrrdARlRIVD Cdr
At a o. o u. aaf earn
11172-1 ed r T he tfers.n. aT
MH Carl I. iSpade.rldeni
MH+ aen h alaer. Sat
aite rldent; MrE. Faric
SORY IT ISN'T TECIIlNICOIR aS l.l he Red Feae. A I MaIlacla ead ire
proud al 1me 1 ac they aeprZenl Cedar Springls, t nr CIloar W. lamew ne r,
1I'hatobyCtarlaotet, L I Crpear.ransp ndla


TH E HUT Te.,d La.rtna,

l SAVE 50% A'

1 A irt IE ht I.Ell' lITEhfh l ORtStn JEWELRY
Tane Sl .......I. .5. l P.S; M. : 7eaT0 .e a.ea.
21T S.E.n d A,. E. pEioAY MEACH, FOta. e .nA hMe
.j .Ab -J~ -- A A A ^ . .. .

.t. .omilEiI^wf[

eee;tt^he'~,, K 6" Saucers

I hOC.. ... hac nM t.P *I
*a ................2 A l l

LShoulder Koast.. 7. ..... .. .
houide AChop ,, W e n 89.
. lu ndBoneChops. 98g. Saviga ............. A 7 i9 .'1"
Agoin Cho ps.......... ... Ha ....... .. ......... 9
i Chop s .......... 79..
pltties 60.s
,N ck forStG 5oing ............ S* .
;Eroast or a.ld 20 ..nd

Lgs Whole orMARKETS
SShaEnki Porton -EUDLA ... SPAE O N CeH V d .a 3

a olar. . i 79,.

SN. A S 115 p IS ... 99%
M>e lu6 C pne a chro,' 3 8.. n-

I NI eet. ic.4ia n Hawaellan Punnie 4 t el.
o ,pp ............ 4L. 59*

p V yIan bin orne-.,,, 3't2 il.
DInner Frank .. 70. rr E d.lch MedHn, 6
Sliced Bacon .. 89'. 1 oenl m. 9

sausage ............... : ,. Lea
SurPorkLo. 790 Red Radi -+'9-m,
th e"un teseatmtesewuna ) Niw P _h Cent ............ .
-I gEona .... 79 7 i. Sweet Pota 15. -



IWZ huR91me~a -1mstm o flwmisRMlwmms

Would You Believe?



Boca Raton

** .. ***

71TE NEW OFFICERS oth Ibe eheda Memoratl IMpilal ere Inestiand al Ihe
la Coqulle Club, Mnaslapan, Pia., an Sept. 2, 1172. The alller here: hMre.
Carl I. Spade, president: Mrs. Rhbera A. Pulver, liri vleprenldeni; Mrs.
Franci A. Macaulay, -eend Ice-preildenl; Mn.l Donald It. Defeneo. third
vie-preidenal; Mre. Cliffllord W. legemeyer. reorrdingl mrthary; hMr. Fay L.
Carpenter, crtre.pandie c sererary; Mr. George W. Johnalaton, treasurer; and
Mrs. AhurIiJ. Schauap, anblant ireaiurcr.

Bridge Briny

Tally Breezes
. 1'yt.n i tao't C hatter "
wim eeMr, P. Clahe L/H-'IO lU /.t4 a
mad Mn. Mrenr, linht: Mn. t
Jle.Jrae aMi ta. D n"
rdar. ansd MH. J.sril By Charlotte Knaus
ad F. turt. tlm;: and M.
S .KeleladHatUnt.ouinarh Home again! In a Park that iA wellpalroliled a
peacefully happy under It. new polie pralection!
E mt-Wee l winner ere TIlE RED FLANNEL TOWN Cedar Spri|
MH. G learal end H Ste i Milhiga. Wauld you believe thal SIer Is sluch loa
a*I tn aa um K iic I day cad ale? Well, Ut cad tad Meyer w
.'.' w- vo.h aor I meven to hh e the. ola weaelig red ila.
.a .'',,a .",, c idlr, ,. hor i oe ure (ee ahea). The MIA,
e1e1llar ,..1 Herald even en al. tar trcoliest a Ihe l R
Flcnel Capital, elnel wnih BaIle Creek tie ere
Thirteen talee played caplldandee trenl--lhemolorcrrtpllolthewocld.
heldae he Septenher t0 lie red naneh a being donaled te l(he c
Norlh-Soutl winner were lumedepartmentolBriny re ri re aor tnate Io
Hrsc. L a cee and Hr h naworn here ie he Christmas Shaw several limes. Si
Mr. L Lit ... Bad e .k a
= 11" Men I.D he Bak l It heam flrarm hame in Cedar Sprinap where lI
Mn P. Cht and H.ales. Red Faes fantasy at isen thi town Its a cet eshri
a. h ind: and Ha ird name.
idMr A.Leti, onrth. LOther Brinyilea who are proud relidentls of h
unique town are Louise Doyle. Dorothy Teusinh. Ca
Eaml.Wel winners wer Stout; Carl and Nella Denton and Helen Skinner wl
MH. G. Smoedey ad M. E. areforrner Brinyiletoflngitandinr
Rblnor. lin.: MEn H, Wat. Ocmhtaer 7th i Red Flanrel Day in Cedar Spral
m adE hMt, rM n. M mana; and the Hstorical Society and the Museum Coraorall
weedS. IHn ey c4H. 0I.t ar workn togeler Io have the "Old Countly Str,
nd. id5 crlMna." rrmodelad ehugb to have l In operation by that dal
eadl t As. laart. t. p a n ed\ne BeautynRa Queen will be chben
The Dela BSnar caret. Seplebermht ]h, ThaltlvaOTTOWN!
a elion De .ml s n IaidelalLy. ill and Hanh apent mat ol Ihe lu
maed lh lten In tthe mer right hre Brsiny. In Aucgt their daughter a
end pce "Bridge" will be her husband, Doalre and itn7 Floyd, bpent hr
offered to Ihe pubi each weekn wl them, then they went up to the Floyd's ne
Tlueday, ble tB eotber anMe iraweei.
They'n quite a couple, the Floydes. Both raell
pll In lto t nuy ohya. iom the Alr Fore mate ergeante They had be
Wned iby a Mn Millr i eerlce a denll lehallcian tar twentylwo yeaa.
Ftaln He]nb Ed.neda wmlt that ihe' ekde 1 o am
lgesp teo da Ilhal he hua'l had much line tblk
ADlILTRECRET[ON iicnle Ib |an homne Ro Chimtal Eater Ithe death
_Endel luct Iprlan. Perhape lhat Ibthe way thitp au
Bdle e e ner la5 r be alet c Ian ot r ee ale Ih n I ts s SaadApi
bar ta. .e. coare t G, delele X l cy "To I k willh t all" and encI acrm
fla; Ralph ale no. mrad ; Il. a ln
AliMlr ah t ird ta me Sl e ot hroulh and t.h we to friend.
TdSerint, tourth. Teueete; alter naie on o Penny, New York
tladdiue the eity, aid Blighaamtl weere ie vlat,
WIe-n n September 21ta Aca hbbe a( Oqeip Lake aHd Ibeir iteed Jell
ne Etcmm Be rfltethd. lint; Grilth. See peu lem, Martha, daow here.
lael Learnhr. nena;d Ted Gea cil of you know abeut Bill Dboabky
Stnt. third; andalanPlom, death the second weeh nf Ah month. Many are t
'rth [olksthe wn ill ib Bill at thk beach. In the Chisele
neaMa Ie per r Oln Club, aalwayl ready In show his labet tlid In drifttwa
were MadelIne -tider Bill' beenaliture at BrnyorMByear.
at. An Mittetbah KMa' Now added lo the rti otIt lrled "up yondel
JMI Milcolm. lhd;ad ir. are MlUdred Stout Section I and Carl Robertlon
Ia iM. Das U, a ohl Secln IllI. There will be hoSl In the lives of maney
nuThe Crm .r i knew and loved thee friend In Briny. Our hearlle
lIbar iet we E=biJ and metl eyrmpnathelic lbuBa are ciA Jdy Freela
ind Elin sBurt. Onbe. wa nwa. Carl'a newnbride ytpring.
be t1 NelA Cr ie anMe Mairle Gaodi t tlo p to IGreere ad Ibthe m
saunden were the mnlin nundla liadat .1 Cerete, .iedn, pbe l anad .Myk
aai; then on Ithmlk Jd oelivl. iat, SVea to Berl
Shae "Temperetre ES. There'i where ny troln
1 etc0ed I.E Thrnin .1A PhRiI, blA lep,'t Th
hld ma awnl lime Irylng to get e dehtor on Ibe wnenet
just thke hetel) ma Male[ Baebeen .1 Red Corp
Toun took her to Emergency HepBad tI Berln id i
d Bll l-cE llpealgdacorhlOhkealreaolher.
i Now, after having a wild time getting back home
t eManrles, IllIhoi. Marie I ha cd bth lea operat
ni T ob. pljcn dlne on and Ai tinaly an the mend. we hope, It youd le
huue by (icmli Ih eha Ian len a card, it'll 631 Blinsh Street.
d h.and From Northviltlic. Michilegan, the news t that Ji
and Mike Green are joiinng the Fabulanu FIties CI
nert Sunday, the it of Octobert Their nices a
Bet.k A whi m CElor nephew have landed together nto have a real celebe
S lion tor them at the American Leagion l In Northvil
M and we gite everybdy and his brother who is with
2 rt ach wrll a e the e te as all ot Biny han been sent
w 11 ril nvitsation via the oftlice. It' Open Hose ta(re
a 11111 W-P.M.
S For Ibi I o t e entof you hea'l bead. Ann a S
al her Geee are conelag bSack ia the Park! Annie e
Sb een quile al O they've derided to "come home"
Brelay ad w dwell In Crie Briker Woodrtdel
S S ltratler A Secta II. We've isbed hravinlg then
S minelglhbr even Ibough Ihey've beeh nenr
E Jit^^^^ SerhlagVUhlie.
It lomda like the Bil Stntoei big Brny sqt.
dance weekend at their two chrmnieg country home
Slt iohubury. Vermont. net to their "Farmer's DOa
1S l^1 tee Glt BearM" wlh Ithey rate during Ihe umln
S was a Iredmendous lue
Prels were Fl and Sec BDekhalter. ecite i
1 | Cirerae Slaton. E Dnd Edu Wtchena, Jo ad GeOal
* Grey. Eleaor m .d Hownd Felier. Dolt md I
STanim u Cay' C..apbeU, e aeyme ad Dick MeKi ...ny, Carlel
E. Natine Sree. La.a a. Orlule Weelturd ad at coi
;'.hrheaeaBniC 5 and Ielena wh are harmshli blat.. Inloan
4; N.E. 4, Ane. mquie d.tsi n en a bthe k lp parking tat ad, Whe
DSlIty Beach 278,7297 Rol e lo Md, they dand ilde.. to Charti Gren
S Coamm.tdol. u ape.

















,l.ane II ,.aetcaacna~ II natenena IS .lame.e II e.aeeat.m.neaneeOa.reere.el
eleehant me Onethlaeanac'ctm em neaasaaaianeOareienmanem le eteeeeee'ceeaanaecntaeh Iemte#pertlat.
~ ~ ft Lo~nee27L~ Ue~2704n ft ~ I

t l I II . . .. .. .. . .

JIM GiAVkiNS WIrhMlt pilot l tIhe tsnhatekrt Wild.
lfe Rltaae Irmated all Hia rnath nt Bth Inn fishing
rodn oa a ide In the arialIe i-rot alter Ihe lun or
Ihe a Il. Tmere e mired reaction 1o the ride
throuhk Ihe ah mp)y area but or mat It n a a ridre
lhal the ait1 not aan lgltlSlla( Fahoto hI ) ar H

Gu al=

LIZLINDEIUItAN. aaituant manager of the Lonu-
habee lllie Refue .t l rd o.n a fala B at. l on.
hand all ihrooah Ihe toua enaml 10 help Ihe }ang
can,,ianclhhkina their thb.
Barwick Golf
Club Leagues

Condominiums TInae I,1 & Phi Store
..... . Is .

Caa iaoir Lua h
Ckaeraot 1 21 C,,, r S
vnarna. So Cb

T-14 Tiff Center
Trer l iilielt .
TePa B 7'

Ty 'i, )'."71 Like It!

GARFI$sn AND BASS and many mo tareRlM i f fsiah ere caught during Ih
Kid. F ihig Rodno ad Loxa-aichee NalionlN Wildltif Helgne Recralion Area
on Nalional alunnr and Fiahin a) laal SaltIrday. hMie 1toa al LaIudrblll
caught Ihe g.rish at ell. ahilt Yaol tartie, right. on the I -nte ,llh a bs
nitghlngover three pond,. lie p as a.ard.d .1 he n hl. bo.

EARS FULL OF COTTON, land, on the Iile Jacket, and hl mouth Hide open
Brade nenl itrlghlat wag prepared for a.nylthnghaa lghl onI he irboat
lryp thkrougk L ilehee ait the erlO at the ihing rod,. Brad's alter keeky
.liacame.ul to 1 igh and o on Ihe airboal trip. (Stalf Photo b) lla I ratlml

the good life
sale and service of PANASONIC
"the b tll p, ducti at the bi ll paln in lawn."
337 N.E. 2nd Ave. DeIray Beach 276-5220
across the streetfrom the PosI Office*

Fishing and Boat Rides

Training Season Area

Opens for Dogs Golf
,1, ";*. : o, : ........... --.I N ew s

|I / IIl,,d ank r d I "hund. n I 1 ". ..d .

i .. ', .. :.!:..:.ho d i -- I. ,:
... .. . .... .... i.. :, , '. . .

.a d ,it a ... p hro unt Ie l ree.. s ..'.".. .
0T .. D.... .i S 0 FISh ..o- '"
In urione duM noral alow Ihrough Ihi aS o1 ihie"nn i .. ,.__ ., ['. ] ,,
,,n. pa, rhl ,IT BA1 1
In..I. n. a .an akd ,* a II,. '

l;.'%f; .. RESEVATONSa 73 B...c441
dunasaahame r ,r,'.,e n,. a ,I.
ard h and rgay at h eh ntin" dl a
Io during, Streplem f, o H..
S. othl Ind ee o pn
Ihe la ,a t hn t d e u . i
t1rbit il1 a lhltm, a ihr flargl ,Serat n .t'. .'
tiali. arann a Trn, tI Uar ai e W l U
ilfl igrea l ttvopnr~ t, v Bell veh, W J.a. ,1
hr 1.glalnea,,rl"ua a Ialanh e p, erI e whit, aal 5i wr na a~ hr at d Jaat ,,
thir dus prI, the o an, arI

h rd a l t"hrl ol Br IIN o y et

09596thVN E IUS .THE N D
Inn Barkan or ball Sh.t6 4 1 1
d rlta ar ph hW Eled hH
, va ., Mbd d bh I ..
,.t MIrane Ir t hoond 732-44g1
hIrds b Ir e jg InTlher Tir

111.1C, a e-kl i***eervg gl g
,.aaewlnr ,ae an or eleSd '
r and pranian BdeaC l nri
SPlA NIu S AL A5ar

FUS $1o a OFF PAlE I

baogaln .
Pan-Ell Company
Qualify Wall Paneling
5471 N. OINtA. Hwy., Bae, Ralon



DOe Org
gee l
geeleryu gotdya .
gee l
ei ilg~
e:" DLA DTgNi:
egg 0 .Sh VN|I..I) OT ON O
egg27-21 0

Chris Robinson

-The Film M

di E t l.

0111 edol o no d .rriin. oRionl T il Aor

ane t in" t he do SepI) heArd O n n
*...i hurv r, l ranlaw sribced t l ioc rapi I balc 'odto m -Byonhm gae' so
prop erl icnoninnaod Ii. man wlih lwornion hair. ho lin' Itrnblnaonl, ritnr.proda~r,
., ,,piiolen flsoniini uliloin 'inoiyondieino0iodI. n _-cinnrdaor
*L. ... . u lm ooit v ole* ll- ulaied I En in a mere ohou r
Wdepile the ooniaoi Jan|le o. 0 c "tepi fOlins' Ini
Irn 0nlle J.4. Aton An

I. . i and.


fil.ehbmoin Tm RIo
hap (brim srmoy der ribna ineir
a irt hilm, vch SmTil"
duclo fr a no there noh "
ire p, l my criw n lemher Inrm all
onn mar They'r pnifealonali
I |n whn'vn Id, IIn all ondllloni
and al over he world. From Ala.
a, Taiwan .. do Ite Loul.
his ado. iemp+, nd ihey all
sgl a a mgth Is tih ROUTTIiST
ine Imoiyeo'dIevernelia"
winh It'r an inor ot an albuln

*n *r oaned na hb. d*hr o blar k man Is po

l vendcl lguioh as Sweet ioworkand sleep i
ioea COoini. so TV oast Itobl andr IM high adrrntu
aaan. inwidoh he gm aan II,
R I t crhWo, Chin hm b nd X. W
rts Caledardhin o lin.. aer

With sa "orammad lull" T
anhnduil. h pod on m i iilU

h o apa.. ain ,
infdd aone. a mai 1 .

Miaot h n(aMaillm tin porrma ihen got m o
tll mey miner dalem, ci trstorm Itope "
P dhaha p hasu pa m o led, h s ot in Iltrr ea
CaibOiEItI ITUt M lia dark anm slped w sad dc shtm1c r. Wng A . com'
OrmONoiod, Wae FOR.L. ON her Ebad eAepa in.
hiusrl u maaitrtliR ou Nov e .n a , .. , o, 1

ti rt t ITPI c^ s^na rnpton hlsia at h0 too dad~oinda I oednde lo Inne s e iom lnhI me kooelr n
hen rCmirma- ptldIon nn--ltlmmoaamafameanm runted m .rstinined ,I
.i.oirihl, nlnt p urlr n rerlorida InicmA r amairim Ihn hpmnish G ips lI l
Inar gse ts ol ord i hoems .

.. STORAGE .,. ,
.,,4 . = ,, ,-. doiktl.l Sh tm ,,Sitid mid .
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o j +.l STORAGE .. i.............
II / -. I o ,. t, .,

iO A 582-1408 ,.I,, ..... d. ,icA




HOMES a sent.. t lndi
and in m ased
on .. hm ,9g795

Shale Certified Drivers Education
classes NOW!
Call278-4140 and ENROLL

Sunihlne Black" wlth bIhR ad i rHs. iE. .
P 1 .15 .I 0~ ooN sn d. 1 1h
pfnn n ca lla o l yntone ba well

t.o.... .. h a New Mazda RX-3
AOher 0i hl IllTA hich Thory o had acora bald
a.ll aroat inT la pi. Thn raI ,e d. NOW rOPEN
eoupleo( monlhi "RnO ge ona rea d Bno d I got tered oD
..... ... hd.i SEE AND DRIVE THE
*,.;. ,," ." .. ...... THE ROTARY ENGI NE.
po1-1-oi allaio, it -.1 al ..

T,' .' 7 i l ], r-lotn.,w 600BO SO. FEDERAL HWY.
pdeen .oi. ...oas i DELRAY BEACH 276-0391

Som o ae d Ip mo n b r I

p t"fork o lh Alel ih tuir i ,r | r r epir

he~ Dlylaaht .. . ..riveway Coating
Duinling Suppl- e n in88

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anon why t he op n naur sidustiry

Nor thrt ehba milhy non- e c d 1 n
In cif n o lae d l iorr r SAVE! eaI *Ea nr t

L Nwrporl'-NaturalGMUtirkles"
hao l wel ens ir N man d t cunlme e a. ROOFING
And I hee ae a n e omp in the id thAan h
et .ca a c h dotneadsi n h monba *a *c I

na"b". i re a e ni n T h c a
sinuoni a oe l nbhbl W

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dmes eioum hmnl:'o.l:1a", mso. a mook .,
Di nd fllng. h Supt A

d ... C5l4 -t hE
OldsnSeruivtwey Iain

Souring Demand!
TiMe co It teionrd T nlll onr -& TIg --c la
heae by ih Iied.e l hean a l A, oIcd


W. pnbR bod it ,,, an, -n e imb on ir.e
I,.co prary roll dit. c.. tioi d- 'ld, tabso'od. ROO00 NG
And thbern 1o 11, a rIonem lp od IuIn lieiu thai

rrmpuoio mkrlo. femtds. modlhiehl lmo moans
Tnea bIlh theol" and prollec ink -N a
orm-yonino.atc l anp

Reyholds Securities Inc gnImEntUM

'agt It, 1.-. AJTh-l, Tania.pembtra. mI

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Ii..,.. I


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viro n, .. an Atbhen Co, ridn N.t glietued 1, ttorn t' oa-rd. aloe
.rto ,hItaI tong. IStotttfnoth- tat R.t.Ica ..

In the Service

t1tNOT.Ni 5001
Ito.tat ittd Il o c,
'70*4 Nr atr n.loaoa~o

AFB. ttrrnli0101 g.l~

F. t01, hflw O % 1 inOna

.1 .11. AtF.- H-,,

(oiled" NJta .toiodo, h. g
TnlOitin. Hill 001 d 1. U.
.oA0-10iipl 1. amieon 0t4.~~llo~3n~O
POttto A GTratoAd a r

PNit ll..n Thir CW!a 'IM

Won. I. -, 1 h
.a~~~~~W na RooW t t l4t...,o
Tro rnIEa NaAR iCtIo t. ,.
...00g*n ..
MI. dll.1 Yot.rnh .10 ~cl

atooill tt to, 00c a-1 1 O

'I' .11. 1100 a ..I[ HW, dia t.I,. nTAL4"
plrnonI lnlo If t B.n. High o M nl-tlit Hh &Wtcn III
ti h,, itit Otanon PolioatitI)Iq~Ol
(It-aE ttt~ttl d.,7Z"! I 1": .

Aluminum hw IC~00t

Recycling NN7"itFIR


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AOIMIAN T1i01INTOiN cneo t'0 t.~.c ~r~n



-! t .0' 0'

,, . .. ,

years to Present

c and Old Lace'

A,,eoltd be moeOri&Oraria

=1' "a. > >j sk. i,*
-rblda --01,11 ol Itd
I,- at.' 'r'
ho are all having their very
11101 >l00e osporleore Ikie

The coo 000 denrti *ot

n'r,; ",i. .' .,i *. ,,"

The atudenl directn og
oldlanl a0 A. l5l. andb
Madr DeC.anio, The Prd-o
lion and Slage Dioeter Is
Mark fill.
Thi. p soed llo t l the lIn t
of live planned tor tUo uournt
sokmol year hy Sohllt and shl
etudenti. A production o0
Bill. Boo. at Cndte" Is
Phedul'd o Illow lol play,
00 pomductlc the ilnt week
- w ,:a s


AtSEHNIC AND 01.) LACE will be performed by the
*'2 Drama clno of Allntle Igih School on Nov. t, 3.
1, under the dir lina or itr. John OShlienmunller.
o Alberto Call llell, Ann Slatelon ceerI and Scel0
Toahis irlghtl. preillee a scee that will lake place
Inrbe play. (Staf IhalaohyR ay Grahaml

o Delray Fall Recreation
I. l1he 1.11 term as .
= I l
Sp. r, M day Ualon, .300 chl.
cerm. 7.. gullW r 404odl
senior uo. p.m 1: ol1 paIln
Band m .....
TUESDAY: Belnner
IrIde B000 oil plInng,. I
003, macrime'.sulptrt ol-
lae pm : y wmnog.o m :
as I
Officers -J:30.

.. ', '..' .. ... "" ..DAY: C .d. '_

., i .. .. F }RIDAY: DawlngMd ikel-
.. .. h : deoupag, 0p
... e .. .. SATURDAY: Baldlet. 1
S, i 11 dell I and lal danIng.
'. ' ', Honor Society
S' Slates Dinner
nl n The Atlnr High Shool
ll oal a onoer Soety wIll
i O , -- i r1 e lr I yearly Spaghettl
0. lrnoerllormo30HoP pm Frli
ay al the Allanle Dish
,,,', ', ", ". :,','... Schootlet roa
.. .. ii I* a D od oporlunlty io
.. .. ea ,00l oIHrd O Iben walch the At.
. .. . I onU le, play F eorol st11
1, 0Adults will be ohrred II 5o
,, ,i ,, and l hilren 1nde u 11 yn i
1' -1t. royporl the N.0outl

beho Chretlu Ic oactilo
Thoidra grhlklouph JirinA
Irom crateh hli ar lo buthd
'a newly ero prp iheatr In
the onnre cafelorlum Polans
o( producUlio In ptsl yeau
a0i0tlar with he pridle..
o( t0lcI0 and 5 morl In 1the
old Selor Highs Gy.i0lorum
=nopoully, proca fom Dhis
oon'l ploduilos. and Ae
oeneroo help o0 manny I0at
Ii0peeople, will rull In a
mo compacl, comlotable,
o00 playable leotire lor ev0ry-
It nyoee o lumberor, plnl.
l0ol, or eonpeclally) turrlture
dat Boy si|ht wih to donate
-Wo the on |up.plao ca'll
Mr. Srtfflentulltr at Atian~o
M.h Shool nd go up will
come lo pick up your dona-
ll.on Contrhuonai to iBhe

Neoolouo.11550,d.t1.001e000011 l0l0.i'oorll

K Campus Happenings
rl IAIItIA ATlA NTI' opolor r holar wllh 00H00 Ir J. 11 ll. 11 d-an ilW IUlir ori ll.| n Iiiln-
...... ; |y Is rall np~rle a.d l.l 6i ne ad r 1 anll r1 1'aompo
F.. . . > i nr le pn lnil cour -ge .i - ,,kl.. I h, 1 thr 1. : .
a In ".lnm kn *. .- ** '< *" '"
.1 kIEdeal e se 0 ied by the IT .sl IC1, inln Il
. .....s a.w ',, Wnd VlI SF01. I*. . ..p...r ...... .a b ,
Inaddlble hell 'havl4 I UNIO OI.I,0 X1.hx ,0 ,loh iuoalln.
n *. ... ..... polllv olltode" lowird a l lpbhl.n -o nl il -id Ak lU .llun< 1
.. -. .. It A- altlprllda il .llatan lVenlly lou Frey Jr W.
"* .* *:l-heeA 1r lprocnau jorA .vlksln|,onm lr aloo A It A n. -.k an ,
Fro olooewl~h oihorelr tover- loae at Polm Beach klu or ssaloo m 0 01lolI'al kookh
sic n1nd h olleoes In South Collleg Frlday mlnirg
f lord. with parlcdrar ler. Fryp M5 IrU Winter1 Park
000 lo Florida Inlaoo.miatl l i the oopporA I eumhen l .,..
.- l r Unlreolly. noety opared le roimhllrlIe
*PamJ *0i 0.1t1kh amlalt01 Io Dppoolog 0 ..e.
FAU and FlU ae beo In- cle Congrurn paul Io .
r vlolved inanumber ol optro. eiiorlheIlllh litlgtI eaolr
.et .i.. r. g I e lventut I kludl Ihe oIlalos told Iho ludi lo
...... ..... ...... ...... ho .e.ulo.0..n. ro e.' 00" ho ," .
m Uegomal Do O Conter In prlttieol orel ti don. ud ,,,
tlo.o.. Mlamed nd CtetrFopoEn. and they woud probahl h. . ,
.. ...vir nwlifal and Uhrban Prou osuod to do omihln ...
le n FI Laudoral b like do Ilk, ddr lno l nor0 in crln0 .0ur pI.110ma

bo andl -1rk1ok


the quad-plex

condominium home

3( Delay

Delray Estates Is a beautiful new community by
McKeon Construction, the nation's leading Quad-Plex
developer. Located In suburban Delray Beach, we're
convenient to shopping, entertainment and ocean beaches.

Our Quad-Plex buildings are distinctively designed and rich In detail.
Each building contains four spacious 2-bedroom condominium homes
with the guarantee of no one living above or below you.

Luxury features Include a Swimming
Pool, Central Air Conditioning,
Garage Parking, Wall-to-Wall
Carpeting and much more.



The price is right and you can move in
for as little as 5% down and $124A40 per month."

If you can afford to rent, you can afford to own at

S.W. 12 Street end Congress Avenue
Delray Beach, Florida

Amount elniid 11,10 ConIn-oe l WA R oe, l wih 1 45 I o lhl patmln l % 1m in el s o l.. ..r .anuhl
ta0ke hl file kcludyg M0l Pld by bullorh All eolen 00d hm0 !ub0ly- 00o00m0 1, .h o ..l noll.



i.s ioa i,1*Nl.0810.l.0h6 00*01.6*4p10er0l I


D.adlClne. OUA
c 2.1 i.,4 84.l l 1I pI

1.01 ....... Rl a (CLASSIFIED DISPLAY)
6 a..A.6005 ...... 4 0650es 0 60

TO PUCiE YOUR AD. Ph. 278-321 or 732-5070
!-Announcements 2-Rent- Lease
as0 6.111*5dnta
EN1RICH YOUR lisa b' beire Resldentlal
1 Play e o by h 80t p M 4AloAnes .,

s^l, 000616161*0168 .6^1000.105 0rln*llpp00.aiiS
Easy.D "'MM Yu"t^A' NE
wind, o w( your vot mxc "S h pn *
0001.8 0 6*421." o A-ru.,0210. 0010 a 41 2100,th
.1,11, you prB Thrill.. 11 he0 F.,h y121 1
lyed by YOU, Mhete mln rae IS Dl"^' ---.. P- o

nes Alm~ =Melbol ain
010 16y. See 06*00010060o I PNEAR OCEAN. 0111018*01.0 886
e T0lo M et, l.02 161 G N. ,e*l 0 *ed m 0pt. I. w k & p.
e8l HW0 Delry *1-5 Sllu 64i l l011V 2p31. ITFI 0 2
0 L0 5 1 n es. 04w15 00041 I Wt.
FOROd l S4.,Ilejt roTPn -
Rn 1*10 00M026BARN.0P2 18
eM evrt. Ttrry, d Ph le ahr niSM B(I oh I iTP'
MU Tery Pb& e NE0W PIn tiw I oarie TA1,
1-. 612B11S0110.N 1.0r llK & Apl56 Fin r0 d0l..
KENANicOLLEGe ia TW b^ndtm, nat
Foo1 os 10168 ll FOR0010 TOTS 0 8m fall41en, w8 *er & dryer
001.w. 0 6 A. 5 elly 2 Lr0le t tll*- 7H100 i ally'
1V5- 017 r 00, 1*0e a 0-.1T 0
Open: -M ISPM' -nts- ` 1 .- ITF,
E-11.1 lacidllti. CeMllled bndr0m 8p6rl11t0. Ce1l*
Teals6 lr & beat, carpy1B|. GS.4 rI.
l rlli pluince18 dil6 l.Oliend 0 lac4
CH AfE Motler will c Sln t ".trt Il51 ma0l1. Ye6dY
lor hlldln myWoi elant o- 5le, RI- ld.,t i: er. Chlr-
68068 C. 8100 2066.85 00 86600.6 026
.4Passsssm Cor 11p0 g.w18
000001C 6160 W sIr Manuel6 10 (00 001s6
6808.1.64 00 re-,*
0400y 00ac6 660080 m 14i6t46 1.860.804810*00.
1l2ta. N"0 mBallck Wrd006 2 .6 Sora 8108 410 4a r
da.rSlOao. 51001181nd00 216.0 6186*n0on 0L. 0810054
108 61-61600 la,0 back ac00. Intiut,2.1e
d Rh IN. Imth ,n a .. Cl,
IF YOU 1 e1 oncem0e. d abou0 S y W lIy". 11-, S.
wfnltO~e wllh a ddnrinigplA- Ffdern1HlibhwyDelnyeBelcB.
We ALANON o n help YOUF. IT FI 52 66
Cutlets AL-ANON Fimly g -VELY-DUPLEX-aptU
Group *0u0 .1y 08 0 8Mll6l0e e.8- P.M INl0bad.0
S, S 1 ,on.0P8. be 1droom, 1 .lr1e bathf08r
Dday Btohl ITFI -- I bdm ( r, I, "XI lfaieanne,
AFFECTIONATE COCKER I o frot-[ree I rl'tmtnor,
SPANIEL Ie0ed ro b0 bai6d4d 4oll, w8 08 p8l. l.r8 p-, p 28 m08 who ar.allollhs bbd,Iacpr4tng.
lov1 do40 and wll4 1av00 h8r. *del 8 0ldenUal 060*. Ad0lt.


Mel., bu,61I ll, I ,.
do, p lo 0. 01.1..
losa. 4iM ,0*0I
. .... IPoll*086,1
.,4 door on ao. 0,-
take ldo.I-Olat 1p,,l.
.2 car ga,a. ard000,k.

A blue chilp buyla
$59,500. (MILS R.1*19..



LA4RGE 014 0und. "a.fy
Unu il0 lllion lor* 6el8pii
WISH. Me,' ST~
Pn .1120A8154 S618I. 011f, 8
2101000 w~ITMMll-

LVELY TWO bdm ian-
-l. e0ery m04*8 0v0
Snoe. Ad180 1.p0, 06 0m6nt
Sand. LoM Apt. M4 NE t0h
Aeue, C.l 10-IM. I141

002PL0 APA1TMENT I1.0.
ron, (411itlbtd, u~liBl e, heat.
0. 6er Blaem0r.1 n to bacoh.
Two bLock* Irom N. Fed, Hwy+
Sum Only. CUll ier 51.1 27B-
e4*1 *e60hwa410d I4 THE 8
NACO OO N. E ith Ave.00 b2d
rm.1 W ARh I8pt. c md f1.r
will It .v'lbbnhle O, both il
800* per 8 W.W cirpel0l,.
= 1or c inld (ec. kilche
with dlikwiibcr & et~dlnj glul
ownl to pa~o. Centnll alr & loll
etrelolei. Cllmletl. ITPl
ml04810d i *elr L O batIm, ,

nntnl llr rId hti{ el n|,
0i4. ..b..... .8....
01601.16 8,lFarrel. 08 08er,

0 arn Ads808 4106ly Real.6
rdli 0l, Mrei ._nt l rand
1se012. 04+r 0 ee s.w. 0*

EiEAONAL. 1I bedroonu, 1 blelh.
i0ulllul4y f1l0hnd and ip8
*dnlnd. 6 0001. 0i08 I8600
:mnlal Either Powell 8taker
oc. Ben Ad60 Retl2y, 0.81.
lor.Illi-tllMi TP
0ay. Pool. ledry ind el*1.0n6
*5,610*. P86 5110064 084I110918

Real Eitate

1, Sou.h B u t .d6 Hy, 4 block rth ol AIlonil, I00 foo
h1enl. 130,000.
3 d rm o n b lh 2 6 7 0 iq ft k u nd r ro t 17 10 f .
n. O. 03 O. -. .
l.l8d. 24 blobl fro, Ahimlc, S2B,000.

Phone 276-9600.

Omi o b th* ry Iiw thin bad--m, tire boah apar
.nl al 4, i 0 -
p6it016 oddieo* cood pork6rl boted pool. 00on0
05w0,oy p1l4a8 hokooy 11140o180 4 640,0. 16404.
tetament& dopl.. (06 0.41704j

00 -.8.. 06.

BESTBUY 3B O On the Water
BEST BUY, hom*. Coitom 8unt. 3 btdrom 3 balh.,
r mlf, rM" 2B X 15', Largi 2 or gamag, U1 (I plu. good NItW, HOUSE l APARTMENTS

t alldn p a perty. A1 o *6500 u 0 h
Thl, Aludiaoaptl. with CsOooho..O I,...i,, ..*o.
.porms eel-in kfcbans BEN ADAMS REALTY,

,inrd op.a bauml 2 bad ,40001 l.dlm. A4 II*4 e.4e11 .
m ed. .amdencil. d 2 --
.pindung II ns, An IlolnOdlo occupant. Twa badioam, 1 balhi. FYll, -o.
rlird couple, Saw, l In. Adulli ond mall pFla.
P, re.s2,o0. oll o. COSTA DEL ORO APARTMENTS

390-1688 'D yB .h1
-- 7f.sla1.

W016 an U.. #I -C..
o. oll..1 al p 'are I
51 73,010..540 06 ,

8099616 HALT?, INC.

r l C8om Mad Clatl,

SCoall 61.41416
IU"888888 0 d Clond 6turday0

EC02Ap 76.. 6@. 4-Real Estate
Pa1ed. 8.. 112S. p1r Mnth ForSale
An, s bdoom o p-l m L. i ND P T l41 aD
i Maoplng rme rry, f. chil. lESTBUY NOW
I.orPell Inq e Io. I all h e bd NE. Il .
IE. r A ". i for Hln ry llleleny
6 621 1 81111 8 t"r IeNlt 1w1h .n n101
PRIVATE ROM & b60a PO. ,218.88 at N E 1
1,re en00n-8 s4-JS (.TF,
air sp 'in ulfss Cli el ball& Dr. LArM f ai,

_________ nt .o A. IMLSf- .1-NE)
ROOM OFF of ieol And path.. n Ralgh Puirou n. Arotlem B.
eSn 10r.-6muthS ule 0 N E.t 0A.. CITFI
-Il -- 0.10 6 !-. POOL AND PATIOa I 1Wd0m.
10 M 80D6100 ,(o,,,,- 8. ,onl 6 t ec.,,y .8 4101.
R LAO GE BEDROOM. 1 1.211H SCal OcSll IS
61801 domai 1n bar. .,p.0
ratni Mel, ]call tionm, eaItl IMLS .1 MNE] Sri=. Call
NV+IN W.EmlArens, emyI A 0. MeFT., Walter.
Il"M__ M- H__ ITFI
1.-1e.ndi"Ri,n CALLTODAY I
11.,'T,< ?`a-3. P ST O" ? "No SIROP

ae w lu mlls lr d N o 4114. M In tat Ors A qS,. [ -I
l~ldrn. Wrlde BOx XW G. Del. ATE.
yeehf.mi 61-.5ii JOHNBANTING
-------- Rel(4r
3-Rent-Lease *Th8 RCMl ll8l BaCkea ITI
Com mercialp M S A I00 un i iLE in0 a l l o
11R"" ____1 80 to 8 "1 1 1".W,1
FOSERVEl r y mari i. ce a WlththI w bm[
asol Wa st te,*lr b or
SA.redol 40,6lum. Ctt I'SALL HERE
0616100 VlO 10b 0 Au 2l 6 Ille H SG111 H TLY LOCATION.
Fir0 216 66r6V0 C teM 004 0051 EA. 6 00M1AC0 LATE
0. e ND1. IN. B. BEDROO8-
0-0But-1m0 880l4. P E EE IT THROUGH JOHN
FORSAL6 0 .. 0 X l. ,I. ATI'" M. RM "1.
,oonuo *.loroqua I10b4 JOHN BANTING
S-Ret- Pb migllea le *,rb8. ld*lialBI06r"lnhl

When yoA "THINK'reol'estate,
: Ihilnk "BANER"

ONLY $17,500.00 FHAI
A smaller wl-kep 3 bedroom, I bolath older home,.
hal merits your impection. Separate breokfalo
area off kitchen, br in living rm, screened rear
porch, circular drive. Owner anxioul for offeln

A huge living room, eparolat dining room, plus a
Florida room. a ure ul part of bh a fine qualities of
hii 2 badroo, 2 both horn. Inypeclion by op.
paIntmnri only. $39,.00.00 (Mal oNf.r) M10 R.
994 HE

Thhi dlighlful country home is Ihe pyrfot place for
the "0 counlry0 uire" desiring horse, to table. All
rooms open la huge 10872 sroened porch . 3
bdr oom. 2 bath, large living room In
kitchen . 3 car carport. $48,200.00 M1S R-

Spanish..tyled home In Tropic Isles on finger canal,
modern all .ripecl., many bu il ths... 3 bed-
rooms, 2 b ,lhs, Family Room, 2 car garage ...
plus pool. $59,500.00 (R-l 173 HE.W)

One of our line, pool hot....near oth Inlrocoealol.
Thil 2 bedroom,. 3 baoth home with ,Familn Room I
spadous, bright, and In excellent condifion, 33'
pool, 2car garage. R-1242HE $64,500.00

On Federal Highway, close to 1own, re6nly0 painI-
ed i"lde and our. Good 6t0dy income record.
$125,00000.MLS. .M-68-H

64 N.E. Fifth Avenue
276.7401 doayo lli s:391-1173
Hour 9.3100 dally
9.-1200 Sol.

r""" '~^iru'?3rpffffttND~' ""i THIEVES FLEA
I EC6I7I9.0 8 18 0I08 IE
L I- --- --- --- 4-k -- '" M1
141 fIlT.. Gamel 4.llghie.A ll __ .|lS
0 0 l lo oly tiuron, ompieloyl rel T0 23N1NYed .d.l N.
30eine, 8 e0 on0on1. 1all ye rly lena11 Le. ld an S 10 206 0,...h
rt la5 ...0 rest, 1046 H000 1T6n

00 11.U Il' "l"mlP 1 sti-l0
000 Hm ,t opin tnge PeinsulIar ; 11l6 W iled P,01
lajO0, utrl"" & omlth lnu For In. SEtnIETAHV'-HE`EIr~oNTlOlt-
THREE BEDOOM, I beth, i1 lohtiall I sor.lhand 4'I" Iy;'
uio B lty nslirm S `-fa ~ l Oiain Typi
Gall Viw Illirbar, Il-til. ertl".l+llnc 7"-i +TF ohm h~ra11" '
ITT1 DEL0 AY DUPLEX, 111allcnl,- GEN AL 110USEWORK'i
ON WATER 1y lM'shni 2i1 b 0 aPLD. Con, dor, a r" 00 1600'1
re. nmalen. 1o Martl & donat~es o. Call ++71
Ownr InMr.T< yu on ony ".W.n IN
6bu 1 6 ne t M AdJo6nlng lot n ..lable m0mer 10
room, 2 b6l0 for only 8 ..00 161.2 10iTi G006001NENAL UFFIC'E work "lh
Ans 0 6 lte 00668 6.ls6.l,.C8lom0rl..ln i ble d.ull in D01l6y
2101010 000. 6.e56 60*48 10006 l210lmlnam
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utility room F6ly c*W4 d. WANT0 D. PLOT 8ppmrln0lely 21.0a0 66ppntmeI iTPIf'
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FORTHEHANDYMAN .. o BOlt XMrs, PDeYT a.&nF her
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NEW T"Be sedom.0 tr 1eet. All a- No A A Boy h.
K.*"^";,.?U IllS Beach."*-***
Im1l22200 0h00d0 yOo 'lpP+ o'roF LAdCGE REMOT A12
Cite08,4 0T6
+.E..An. l --- WANTED COPLRIENCED SIENTo,*pllP, li, I IA
bookk-per, part-Hrou Got .O. NIII I+n = e
DUPLEX. N.E.7MA..I.EnE- l'a el.* Reply I X0 x Pla0y1 ;, N ".01 A 8 ,
003t6l00 (a4os -M06nwH I8on0, 0e000 aeah U ." Zl ld H1ANDYMAN 1 1 w I0
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i rm l n M LS D PA RT] I E II EL Jnt F .
BirE). rE TH L, B WL. I N-,CH BA] "lhelp ev ply Phll *olial Au'. p'lm
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Real Est(4ate __l__--___
tTU. PFI 3aS E.lI~t AVflu.+f


111616 .Adear666 A..
T.L 276.AOOE

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Praour Wee, boIn

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16616 .1226.68'l


20 KITf
U.S. # Hwy.

101111 NULTY, INC.

D0 lra y B e ah .. i.
So, Io aoppeaec Ihl 'U"lt6. than e. w" c ,r siapal.
6.n5 with I610 iq. ft. ying spo plus two p1r6F,1d b0lT
dni. poui iarli a ai t wall to wall corpillng *w6In 6,0kd,6 & B.16 bhwk.ol
,am. Io bdrmao, -wo ilth o- mov aolrat,
pt,,i34 148.00. (MIS C 4012.-W)


8.,O.h.o .4 817.1841

Detray Doctor'o Row
2 bedroom FURNISHED
1mhidn-Iiat Profe.ioonalrea
Ad6uEinllO[ot A[.0lob
by Owner

109 S.W,. 2TH AVL
"-06IBW H8it MinOi 0mal6

2260 Nohl lo Noril Annul
to R "6i6 Floldo 13431 *b1. 08

3951113 (Doy) 0.
99 5932 (Eto.) -.' iat

Quality bueda, ,ll lng thri w bamti In lhi4 deli4-
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ooilohbl. Al6 ho.e. p.oo., ,,b, lor.,, ,d bhA,. T.p
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plonl.n Mlany ore feolu"" and out ol p h oldlna,
qvl.ty l.he, You aUi .ll.I o.rpS l Cote In wo mo
eII. from $110.000. IMtMs.1.16 r.ltXIl

Ff~~ ~ ... .......... ...... .

Rai Estate



sap-r.ut three bedroom 2% both tons 1. Tropic 116.
The me- 9-a-1-11Y 11"d Plus -
heated no -
lots, heated P-.1 T. "" seem Paris f*1
. .......... 1, W..
rrdu... You- M sell 1-1 W1 S-SMbo- out n,
61 .., Met. an weta...., n- le I: h.


LtRElfii IAkelI oirnsol with hnl-
HOMEMAKERS DELIVER TELEPHONE BOOKS boI,.o. dy l...,, ..5...5.,,.s ar 1 ...., o
_vning. a wgk. No invstnt. Fr- wordrobe if D L- In, !; | *
you qtadfy. Oi.rfl.Ir. r In t f o,.n B ll. ', R Clutb i itL' ;. '
Pho r 278-5106 or 3909- 1M9 ar N.12 ___ _______
fh30-lo.7 1s:30 ipu,1lalna hr lde rchaMn.Wuell ale-w 1 cOals, pro or 1rm ins
*&l 5l WIN o.. es aaa a-30t,,.4:30 t9060hntinnlerasls Itmsitilln siarg~sts s i r oS" usied a~ 'r halnt 1Mo LINCOLN CONTINENTAL
UNCLAIMEDFREIiOIT t03 CHAME ON 2H144 doshl wI mtl: l tWsd.aitn tirl d osdn--IoilpooronosLi
I. t sale to l i ty aI v Y. o s iae laihro als.
--.-----."'.!a,"- *'- ?1i i S. W f>m. fim_ --- W kll. .1r rndiflaew I* a l : te, Wr ,eIIl.I r c Ri.. .O1,"
7a Hal Walldc. Sl S Et, o W_. 10-Merchandise 3-11 bd &li sot, $00 ON d ieAdaistlt Io Mar-hao h i- Vll noMk in rohila 0-- 000te0m 0 0 10l d no III ,'
PtiO IE FL LTEMnEL anI DELL EM ATE. tart "Id B Li AMr ll .W rthi 't I5I0 .4 N F-e--- Del- a
M Yliei 0GS sitno E rrqrtsn End tIr5 II-4l4allahildapplinca i -oig ca on e wn tht Nor,, Ao, Las e o HIt COMPANY o e wor d "7-1i oN i
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1., PIlln rb e N IniNEoDl KKEE I l rayW ., Pihoicn W. ney bo WK- 1tFl. od c
HANDYM* POO Illa WpI. MHailtr n Oirs eatll EXie sal Fow Rai n Lot N. 4 aW WII IDEAL E .9.t 4rod, ItT. Al lirPOs FotoIB
NOsao Frot lpawrn lta full Hnksr. )tt So s F its Huy. 1-StIsos Mad pos $300AP ADULTS ONLY $450 CBtO5 at WSlhe sd n ii: a Fnwuo' n wtlo ao
t-two 5 ros1 ow P, Ios 1eE dohros Bo h Planort .1s0- 11nat1wnshsldrais laIh'illso"rIta 127- 1TFi -- tiry' tato, 011. ar
tiLsIFEGAR AT Fiall nl t (- i ary.H,$II 12-Marine Boats AN OLn til Dn CP p 006l i$00
l-uI I.e SanoT d layi. RETD SIE .AN wIh AN EXCLLENT VALUE --a w ai "a-A T t.raa 5000
Citft .s nd W' 1" ls l al iai. .rd d I e t i ym. ty. lfi tow,. C ia. IVO.ti rIN r Dsad St DL&i YB EAt N o ItiS. 3y M s ,t 4'
c .d VV 16ad in 'e .h -aouhP a1, Chb 1 t N. Federal Ihway. Dn.H
G Ca 0SHOe skorL o Cr t lP an WI odontohdtn Bot ias t IMHPS CRAFT'Tr In, doW payn s
laolt ss SPuE TO HO a r. Aytt r P r'o soos fti A N o Mor nows dse W esit ot e ts n ns w leno. rCdiollirn EAll sorern; it "' n. e 1 7t Tt tla etsooltsswooot
21 ESAEO . Do e o Mr No 9 reos Cndlt DptL ale dhaloloyonr ltt Do wodiow 0l5000 Osasr 2CA ___T._ELAM,
it- I sln aM n ptsd lor [ iAAn EbnWPm e .~ I;. K dbply al UNCLA ED 01h ; Ir
DEACll IS ACCEPTIND APPLI- BloNot o% sork & uailrw la waaod.sontsy. IFGEIGIS. CLA FUoNdway Seo hr HT. Id. -W 11.4h.tHal
CATIONSFOi: Air, tO Malor N odiasi hATw 30h & 00 So Nest W A-LINO to CLEAN FUl Sno- 51 tr o CIl io a Cosidtiora
Owna21l1edAoomcondomicar Glad mIn ln dl
SaowertlnOrorloitt ,ntd odayvlsif ooatt r & obs EXPERIENt C OE(IED AOO 00l TALBOT iIOL k pdos. PalwBnhI Tlt dowso. Ssllird. TO Onilbooto CntI 5i5 0 altso 3 00 nd alld
mSisrotnth Wyso Rustl Al Bdmno -1 Onion Bion on aiIr We adI _t s tiaI.s "m A RIINE aol IN IND :Otst
E Wlo .rPSOiupFlnrl I W t. Aply wr r so aal miss r u prlllt-Ia AM s s o l-Moblle Homes O"ow.'0 T1 Tl
S randlo, twowaist H i a l D.1a. d Ent .. OpooMtnl ---- I ampG woM ,t. Ise.- Travel Trailers 0 CABILLAC SEDAN DeViles
Ill mis l n lsanOd Eai. A mall o nT 00s 10 96 rIlaw F sally d MnTP V. 0 H iIONA d E llsi t.
oBae r, oaid. a "s.l IaI 8 o-Bu slnes Services BiT 1 trs 14-Aut.omotive s o d o : d I oiin
Pshiskodwtl]so1 heeld daa N,. lis aiN at clk sd n O a Hitl S Bwno dS t. Ca.ll 0 1 630 AtA.O
ie. App s Sy e Sim'o F OFN CE-1lnwsW-.. i B- -M--- l2 ,USad Ar. -I.1 NE s IN DIENdW S A I.o rls rAt Po tATii
yCiii il. N0 NE nd A W is S A. Eo SLTANPARDTO EEEXpEtiTS wayss'DN, 2I0* AWPBIPm Blomkb Ton le-
BO tBai tloEi CI6 o T A 0 o II _ w ITTll toImwn l .It n ll. n i si nils ElTS P hRINT PLU1S 2

31 h lo E, For s1 & S p2w,9r 9-Livestock-Pets SEMhare4 -I A DANBRSd TSEIIAML .
Hnns 5EL5N olit stiorh-lm B d Bot Bns chsld.s Ha BnBs I portBbs tyoo. OWD5MOBILE obert COdni has Bnsn ap-
B E1al T BL E i d C P w eber n sa ,S .w5 .do ts i 11I JIw h sonril Amr oi i td o ntoro ls e t1 I oo T ho
w 5st s SEI Olp i dsoil EIn Gepnrm *i OnrHe Ik W Fnradl -ml h aI
int cMotor .lorporiti rn Nod hyap od AE d r en l of. Ilt T
DoaoA~a ^iiNth -pnrB nsio^s OCEhlrtiewl A N ARE O ost ejlnonolsa that Sir Dwgl n lar OrorU Ion MIwe B Dowl
rses 00 l0000 S* REN A L Ith Par Bar jell .pln Di d wiosy .ltAit o., orkdnas 00
..........D OO ..o MdspLep0.-, lh C.. S ,A U nwA has/o s t. ..... s... as
TtEE n isis wade nod ohL t.ibles. such 0 iw oonitirtaw ir- wr Stll &. Co+ a public
DlEDaNhe o tn sd sOn.l. olor.a otids is dnisr 000,20 Eslnnl oo. on r% join inco.
z, H, Salceeos Reias h SATUR DAY ...t s ta Allmoi, Dwigh IW s"' dalt

Beach clll~air ls dmwl lsik nade o arm -0 2owh bri, 2ni l
N1Ip I iE. Atl OCEA AARE.. ws .i s asto In iron i inon C
1 lnlya in Os lo woisis ranoo.

S.......SATURDAY SEPT i301hts 1 F aw th. ss s .
-s o m n1 innle elo T eall ai d i Chlad C e de C edw y ina.

ato j ditnisi o e ie r ic c m Mr ht ll y ot
NorthWet tAt. OCEANAREA nas0 QAwsn AoM n....s. o itsN.w.o.N... ...
_1o:to A .M fthdd..Co dtor r s i t no ss iard mC h ealto 0

RENTA Ptsc IM oaOdN and bady am. ASEinlsys uBll and
PidF enls- aas pooao pnisd In l oosi ,

lral wrrrg fairolyi o -bro pl HO s 404 N 2nd St. DELRAY BEACH -a l l'o l SIr siso ha a in. r

7d rsso dgoiooShossto yokhn EsliisoIs node 1010 ISSTi7e plorOr not.e N ,. is hashisi e.n, .
=io poloae oo1sswsCrt: r EIt: bole 2 Ark" o o fi os sonat l il n a s, A IN, -
w. 0 .ad san;;d so III l vvs"ooo o.w Ds nsp~c n eH foeSale o Trln C r In

005dU,,hA'q!C1t11.m Esroh.j s.lcS. Bllhs ill.
OR S LAFLE ANTI rrh &O dn o 2. ee h a ordwiu 6 09i o uoh. AooCI N|| Si-ern tp c oaC. Ps.uoi.anto. ,N
GI LAC lEY MOB am y C EsaInL WELT"lo o 1llsl r aonhr eabl 1d l
cor g ny ler |rol nl Toe. Bood Cad, ton Grtoo k~pFi so Bosh o As tOnto = lO llN 0
AaI L thsrl Osoas End &h lA rln oe ii1s

1r, .Copper, ..] Tr-|. Qae7. t. I O .4al Ai r M| N.eiWl Pie r m .
elo Ill r r i r nr iiu ardhi a .i Ma at.L NO.

$17 695 ". ........ ... *N. IRIF.16IR* ..,CtRP .IT . aA .........
deok l ytosfroe or eana 3 As.M Noe .To yl imt nde dlsrled Ida Lar ol le

Owna 2.bdra u to condom lum home n ih s soo un 0008W so y an rdasoR 7600 Rded R OD llas wlCnc 9. Oe n od Io os easos,
for5% d0 wn aii d L$124.00 Pia Pb1. Th. ndi g Condominium 6590 r N. OsD ldo Ne OaN P. awsd Bros CtlCshrBn, l as .] d *

sn d 0 ShS.lolv sSOy n"o hA l 8.0 wosd oIu o Dn Os" o. oa Ando is A
caMflng I Individual 3ama1 parking 151, ao s-l Hr n I Oslo P Bs
nId much -. as Ls ----........ ... h ... Bis...

s'saBOYNTON BsCohooidnsdsosTldoi.. | sM-TSc HEST BI.BY 0 | lormS .Needed
g odos IS 2 ,1, LES o.. BEACHwss or I i f rV Cek
i n dr w sO srinds do p l a senw s oir on IN .. I 10 l five cle- Das k Admno d.n
h... with 3 bd.. nsa d Ii asl i-
AV l. ] daelad Io$ al, 6t wwd .sr. sDas. SUITE 11 7-A soaw -. Kin A sacsy n s'.I
--In ..... MIAMI FLORIDA 33143 AM- AirUALdPED VET E. R Sd P

FO R S A LE R ol LsanWb
IIIS ,ItNi, -R IE ON RARRE LOT 100s 17Ni Forms Needed
ThNAL bYdNE, boeolls Npsomplete CRO (PT NA for VA Checks

Hoa l drn wlAssas .OA) Id . -
.................. Bn s o I. sis I". s BATBYN N A

INCOMEddi Staledo ol D i Ve.

-.E.AR.L. NtEWi+ 005s.s,; nd. 1900 CARPORT (OPTIONAL) 1n wsoti nre h.a rEnol

.95 k.1tMet1 y 111alu

l'I'e al+ n. i.-JoolourMlTnina. Seplember 11,1171

II. I1AANSON hIll he a.onoe eieno epeakar epprar.
Iln In he Me da aa e October UeM.
-1,1>1 at Fllrsdt Day,." Oh, omonaely aelalloit"
program mIll be coming 1a tha DBlry Beph -Baca
Rlaloe ge. Wlober 3 kbe Ike.. I0.0 eda.le. are
scheduled to peak al the Delna s Bolary and
Ithe n Italm eelanse lubei.

Civic Clubs to Hear

University Speakers

.," ,. ;,,. ', nd t het l houl r or c autWo
.I. more thai henttatit inpa
T. p 1 . ertandarll ne
,. .,, ,' '.. IyAparieaaltibeCheoo Jon
'* ' "" '' lltlairani Inr Ihe Bora Ralon
iKltanli Club sill be Dr
dll h ,' .+ lioleoK Oaooedilrerlor ot
riti~otp~coiila rematc lto ibe
.'. e .[ tinletal) Ba Feora.
' "' "* '1 i r [)av, came to Ihe L'nt.
k,.., ;...... ;> tri;, IA ] S Jmm S"^ r
" " '" iol i l i l rlm lural b ela
yr lathmt alout IA. Cci irrensi Ilair96 and ealced
i lirsl r ti 'trl por ndl prol r aln il oll e na a

taeimroupi t n on melniaoa 'lamdtaitieoninofa-lrl 1
; '\ "' t h B' i cln e I c Bil d*rll

",' ,,.. =. ". '. '. 4. o~ IeM lwvl tnsi of Uo~ll
*eriaenlorinaoadndaa ap
ale OaTut.,+ rcotatr altcalith odebrO'eta
*~ror lelll I I 1en 1 hr, i hoid al -
I. iI .. u U, ml In ;ait .a lie a s e0
peted to hear e

T h, Compete
Vz r enil. pilpie a~ leac ledeot mlla
Ga re r nin mag Sat.

Saditdllone preermi It Pl lea-
.1 atal l M Per -W c Jle.
a-",', -' '::,',P ianists


G ardening 1...g...............-l

in Florida .. .... '..
aotloe T lion iSMTAi. according o
By DRIIANNONBMTH ea. put eadrelt R rtaie
Ea." it dsehelolg iepelialas05ll
0. Fel B". lai sst h aea
e he Fal Ienn ..1o seas he '-a atd ..
lIt' lism0todoJtabesihev- n onlher eaaamonl malaaaU,
e~lyldio 10 your Flodda pen m. iooladiea ear trlelecla
den Shinnp Bo ronld.r im ma harmony. Suaraalat etu-
asdhed plapaatlon and pant. dnal wll be acledited wilh
Inra eta leelsblfte arn and the FSTA. nd receive cer-
aenul tioen. Kaerat clean- tmaleat lallne Ihay heare t.
upotIbehome ramdieptal" ilanad a cerlaln level of1
le hady ihtbr anpad pep r ie- aate. itn the ma lnal
lion or ovedengd aour aea
Irawn Alsakeepaatichult eya OThiO 1e alallmpy io ap-
as lor nml U and dleaaea ol erade the muieal dlandaol
lawanldomienlali a iae el Florida," Us
II you wnt a itall plon for In. Reeer -We will t 'to
teallbie and nOmen, itcrt lind ml wkich ol Ice leca'
ateparidg a Coed pionste hed. lsacben ear dot, aood jobe.
lte Ihe pl0t In a ire and h eed impre.
wlcl rely elul lu at mla l Mn eaer added
.ll adaayndl.ypawa IBm toitmonotIhe udge*will be
late ..,0 Tet a1s ae Inm nlo tlhe istale.
ia" lon iipellih to lerlli- Eiaht oa M n. aReaIr' lUe
en and water on]pnl your denla. Im which tb lx will
igelahlealforabionilaloapol mpete in lt LaudtaLe
ehete tmr w',omnI pelne. Saturday. preenied a mllal
1..a -d a aniedIe lat Sndym. The ... Elle.
sedahed sllh .altoldal phias Adaston. GAle0 Abenmah,
otaeaiadeal. Kathy 0u1er0 d. Pal.
Cololdlph alt li ae ve ryt ftridge. atanda and Jtle GBa r erler. Liaa Thompoan. and
al which will imphvt ha 1 aralliMe lull h Ien.
r o a le. 0 00 c ndy " .
leilie in the l aylte a Square
ol oiarlc matter Imm peal
na lo lnaprmt la iol bone-
SApyiWSS p Dance
Ioneal pealai ol o ut
Ion tor eh l0 cn leel et I 1
.ed and mUlIt . Rl lly S0
a IP..c dept. Level the plot a et
,hd all It t tle. Then |et R l e
o which n b urASed "le sounds ol caw^ n *
p Ire We sn Maol and lhe atll ofa
poin lif eeptemr he Use edn
Is S^ ', .hih*n "*1?vu ~t"wl
ph od rI n C4. ake o ealh, 10 at en lvd..
delae uiymm, dlalead cana g lait toe. lehee 11al0.l a oot
dylal. aerhme, dianchre.icll. 0own0,o Vle0 orly Suare
ia, !bch, b a eh Dance sponsored by lie
Neteram, paele., pelolas. Saab Palm Bean C'ualp
As. Ohe 1i0t101 vegetable. Is i BIonaer on Belray 0.1h.
tylp long. Trp heat+, hem claret IlthI itheahenltk Al.
toll. nbicoe. carn0. oaul-. Ameria. Snimae Dan0e wUli
flower. lellae. monMn, ldab. be featured and aaounet
*pniach, lunips. etc. These 10.t the Younge PRpubllcia
aIm lu a a f Ihe plan hive been ale no Obain the
ettch ane be bldrleh non. Met. ol Mr. Pork Leaanm
Year ate. claps atill hers on. .,ii knon steam dama
min smre. aller. to lead Ibte eens r at
WIail r laws I do-a | tWo addition, an ronp ar
Idaalp, lle..eB l, pBoltloniJ iqae d,.Cen
fUJI wirmn nugh or uulecli will pteuent a lively program
Ilie i~iIi, whIW Ill~et. altei.+ eoiertalnenlt and eiln elp
apid od terpllarm to be le,5h te baIst quae dame
damWeng sh'nb. Sod web- alepHtolbodeatteidlel
mona sed Inmwom ae O allair wei be held tram
ragiiing many iWna and I pmIll i mandaid tatrmet
bomwn pjicA dlieae a ptnb- B 00 perrpeaon will alsl In
I a WatchullorIieaeplb" elude oad ad re1mhmenl.
Irma and ir0 acelirn me-. Ilepu0lcan andidale. tor Ihe
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Dot delay your Fall gan er c and Ihe pusl l. Inited
tonlee a svlnee themes a ot oro Br. mllN on al BIB.
Mlobede ow.aedev. ale Io Iae mallOim by
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DOT Creates 2,200 Jobs

ltiatdaer onomy aaeio AhhAhnay asn.lra.lion
booed lal year by th ra- awardalortveryJobrfaltd
taot ol ipproilmalely .arm LTair lhli nile 01 Ihrob, lhe
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In Florinda. of Deember.
.171, .Oon buaslneat e em.



We ran this advertisement in another
paper in another city.
A gentleman wrote to tell us he felt the
headline was in poor taste. We would
like to go on record as saying we're sorry.
We certainly had no intention of
offending anyone.
The same gentleman also enclosed a
check for $20,000.00 so apparently he
wasn't all that mad.
The point of all this is angry or not, he
knows a good thing when he sees it.
Possibly you might agree.
Clip the coupon.

"Assets exceed $225 million"

ployinlr atom n (our Per-
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tare aispar rot
AItot June. 1aa2. ill perannl
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aorunl11 lo 11e!0 onul o( the
estimatadl.M. In tihe For.
Ide~n a-lrtiltral iors

ate. o employImentI in Ihe
ale's Jraaporlai Idelry
einae lier, ehow loraeae. 00.
ery year. ranlsng 1mm a high
of aa per cent in WW, c o a
Iow of 01 per cent Iroreue In
The percenla|e Increase
Imm Jure, toll, to June. 1P0,
wm a heallhy a a per cnl



Do like the rich people

... clip the coupon.

-.., H-as6'.i ,e,,......,.
ro a (lead neami or ealh mont at I he Yere. Jacu l lelk
Ihe thin for lhe amonl pe .ahl a .eaeie reee. m.nllI.
Thai', Iha Chk.A.M.tha C-rlll,.l. rell hr o a.
Wall mill ,a, ahlek I ll I ed learymonl ltal llirlhl
ly. Goed d .l? Th'ks hem 1e as. ae he iysa n,.a
atll In~llI llo. Is Pal. BaeI Only In ohl Ileco pc.,.

eompounded PSe
dlly y tv .Ca.Tae..

$5,000 $25.19
6,000 30.22
7,000 35.26
8,000 40.30
9,000 45.34
10,000 50.37
15,000 75.56
20,000 100.75
25,000 125.93


of lie Palm Beaches

ThlaIk .11mI l rlll thinking it us ill i. li m i ell

T-h o-I- -- ..----.... ....-....... ..

PHONE 27y-6261 cto .
...... .... ............. ... .. .... .
O~~t 271--6- -r - -*** -. -"' -.. - ..--




of the Palm Beaches
H. Wo Andent, PMesamd t

Thank you Ibr thinking o' us in the first plate.

Prncpal .........
25l outh0 :eAenu e l Soulhei Bouliord 2101 Okeeechobe Boulevld 15 Fedeal Hgha1 95I.E. 51h Aenue '
SF Well PaImBach. Florid Wesl F tlm Beah.ld Lake PatI Fio,,da | eltay Bech. Floid


Televised Instruction I
Brinnni Monday O-lober oo -- -onl'sO ct10 ilpd
f mro ma t c o n 00a n Chao n el a"aa l a t wiih eor ich i oioo l
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Tihe diploa y rired a i a
In ul~ lo wlt be given In univer sally accepted k i t p
reads Iehnqu word a. .heel diploi i d ior aid-
aie. paonltooton. oaabulaiT. miasb to Jooror Coliiea and
irammar and math A ho lot a ob equlremenla The
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