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Delray Beach News-Journal
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Delray Beach, FL
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Atlantic High Eagles DELRAY BEACH

11IM FOOTBALL TEAM LINEUP Front row, 1r: Coach Ed HIbrri, Larry
Cook, Tim L0wry, Grant Gothrle, Greg Sleele, Eddie Beboat, Steve Uvaotrl,
Ldther Manely, Ed aerder, Rick Nevod, Clyde aCoImN, Coucb PiolUp Htoar.
Beond row: Willie Peak, K.A LOgUl, Tam, Milcke Rbioden, DwIyne
Bluoet, Steve Willitu, Jdll. BOOw., Jim O., Wilder, Worrell. BEk
erow: Brad Comh Canmey Wilder, WeII Rllyb, Darew ZoolI., KiRed 5ydr.
Lary Temple, Dale oelinolg, Toa SBotl, Charle. Cane, Cleayto Moroe., Rod
Wel-k, Brad Peteron, Jeff White, Glen Taylor, Do Tldwtll, Coach Wade
Belat. Manager Mark Worde ,oI plturod. PINwa Jounrl paolo by Gary


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Family Day Picnic ........, d
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or ationtb tle. Adio.

Scheduled Sunday .
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Beach. In Palm Be0e0 th lundlo help wtlhthe oun0ly
land hai been appraied at asoltnrelndMarch larvy.
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asking It million. federal erosi .
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hearenl dale for an ordibae Intbeaionlhec
pretcribinI procndure and I, as I'ecommede by Ibe
itondardi (or 80niy wdivl. 8 II0 Departle I and Area
ia Plannin Board,

Boca Firm P, Irch cases

Exeeuti'e Secretariat
Florida Sec retaria Service. racial lenice which otren die-
the oMlI and lar0e00 3 e14. o la, typing, fold'nA pose
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Boca Firm Purchases

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P'ale 1. *Se adJou de, Tdeodai St han r I r. iI7

SEPT. 179231 A!

September IT Ihrough 1 ha been proclaimed Con.
stitutlin Week In Delray Beach and Oeyrofn Beach by
the mayon of both d ites, aa well as nationwide by
President Nion.
The week ,marks the Ilt anniversary of the si]g-
Irg aT the Constitution which guaIranla certall in-
alienable rights oall Americans.
The Jonathan Dicrinson Chaplter of the Daughters
of the American Revolution of Delray Beach Is calling
upon all Americans n give special recognition o Con.
.llthion Week and lhe lgding of dat document that Is
Simportant l our guaranteed liberty and Ireedom.
They point nuat that the lIreedom should nolt be laken
for granted however, e a re e government In other
lands that oppose such Ireedlon and Impose regula-
dane upon their own people thai deprive them of many
righlas which Americans enjoy.
The freedom ofl voting In an electionIn to lectl our
ruling bodies, the Ireedom of speech, of assembly, of
religion and of lhe press are all part of the guarantees
itha muaslt be Jealously guarded.
Th ose who houl loudest In our street, objecting to
the policies of oour government are protected Just as
much under Ithe Constitution as thoe who comprise the
silent majority, I
Although the vnal objection decry American poll-
eie. they ae taking advantage of the Constitution and
doing the very things that would be put down with
extreme, unrelenting force in a Communist land where
the government Isthe supreme and uqueloed ruler.
In totalitarian and military dictalonthilp entries
there lai no room lor protest. Like I or anot, the people
are sMuck with what the ire. deterdnale I best tor
them. There Is no recourse, whether in traet demon-
stations or at the vtnding booth.
Generation after generation of the American people
have lived with and under The Constitutlion o the United
Statles or Amednic, paining It as raspefoaolly as the
lanoly Bible trom ne generaton to another.
In the Olympia games, we saw two medal irnnerc
Ignore the raelgng of the American Flag and the Nadon-
al Anthem and heard them may dthat 1 was not In
proleai, but they had an atinelence Io our country.
There have been Idequtes in the United Slites
regarding certain inority races, and there probably
slll are many inusudties. But those who object to oura
gove rent and our Constitution should take a closer
lank at the repslon 0 other countries.
The love and filing toward the United StRes waa
more prillfcally demonlorated during the Olympin in
the aes of young Amert an who showed the emotion
of happiness and love of country and accomplishment
through tears and crying as the National Anthem
played and the Flag was raised above all thers for gold
medal winners.
To those young Arnedcal who showed sUCh tharli
bel Joyous patriotism, we pay opecrl tribute or they'
realize the Imporae and advantage of our Nalion.
The emotion showed by the Americans was man.
equalNed Nt once did we seeo a representative of ai
communist country show such emotion when their
naelonil ong was played and their flag ralend, Ptod-
Usm ljust was not evident In their fce as they stood
stonily at altenltilon. They would not have dared to
slouch ona the stand in protel or no.
And am Ior the olablicans who put party before
country, wre ue them to reverse that order to put
country before party and to become 'slte-on like
those who reed the Cmonltien.
Protecting the Conraltulon is more than gaxe.
gardeing a snap of paper It Is ale.guardhgin an
eornlable way of Iie.

Adopt a Pet
Puppies and dogs, kittens and oath wll be placed
for dpthn by the Adnimal Rescue Letige of the Palm
Beaches at the Twin City Mau. Satnday. Sept. I. taor
nomtia lax deductible =doelo.
Purple of 1h Portableak AdopliLn Centler' s to
fed good heg for gand animals and peats. Ayane
Inereed cOUld land an Ideal pet that would bring muih
joy Ito their children a well cmpaniomhip lor
themselves at the center, and at the aae 1ime provide
love and a home or the homeless.

lrl <2,y Published

Janes M. Cox Jr., Chairman
Robert W. Shermne, Presldent
Gary L Gonder, Publliren.r-Editorl
Advedrtltng Accoun! Execedives

Denny Underwood
Mn,. mIss Goaden
Mis uhflborahowdrny

Bookkeeper. Mr*. Cecil Sny der
cdulellon Mn,. A. O. Ha:leck
Cbaoeilied Adv. Mn. Poetr Kolean
Women's Edrlor Mrb Stephen Wandfnldl
Phrtographer. Raymond Graham

Published ert Thenrdopy 0l 0 NP I. Foudlh Ar.,
Olroy Beoth, Flilda, 33440. Enlleld an Isnd
{doni dtole, U.?a Pelst Oti. Mllroy eadh.
SubIrlapllon erie $1.e 0 o ypo 12.10 .H
menih. d11.8 i be mornlha,
Nodlamel Addllrln Ilhpll-notelnl
Sowonr.FPsouwnaWolkr Ce., 41 Pork Are..
Npw darlk, NY. 1O17.
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Lett to t he Editor 1

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pubr dt i n lk d o e w1. Recent Bi.eria Committee lemo.t -
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EN. GURE Ed Sony ,I. hla l boo- eondmentanald cebit ke 0I
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column. answer question. I, PIY Caee t.I il u1Dmtlt e h o
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h...... b t ... i0 beldh Poet Bethesda Memorial Fund
t H oId d.nle, pth obs M a T
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T.r mor Iolon on o u aa ne iloee. eeircd anaoriot.,esper. MRS.GEORGESTOCCKLY
,ould sawsised.lo dd *4 II tealki ar ad d o Isr Mr. and Mrsn. Jhn R. Bi lloinila
'oB dr' O er- -I 14 1duo. Tnaoallay)ke MRS.JOYCEWALKEE
hi Fehiureilar l Yo. I Ad' girer e n ll arne. br o,* 0w11" de ,eO r Mr. end Mr. John II. RElteila t
lae I 0511 Chereim, undo. b -o u odemrela e headed d-toe do e .r a uan Conirhetkoi tha Sh0 b ofbenda Minoida Fend sdertld
Tee Ltm" I Ibln. p oratmaL obkeld P ent th er4rt,Dnilry Bealmch.Florda. g

Commission Plans

Staff Radiology F

oulhreatern FPim Beach ment In return tor his ur'
ruanty tIonttld Dirtttct Corn. a Vtet
mielolaet look itepe endeay tDr, plFmunot enompan.
i createa "opean ltir wio led dby an allomy, told te
loaitel [atlely at Bethesda otmmlelan thot he did nol
Mitoertllitoltnita think Btel B private office.
Foll'iln dltRcualon t toh were In centdt Is he hid othMd
open iaf( KTle Or. Car~ti er pple to rover forn idm.
Jmtn. a board member. IllePtouted e witlltleu to
tdded an tendmenrt thIi cltu hli oflsalte to arntan
sotdT toe lnetit teclllty Beach. hal atd etoneni at die
at be leulble. the crnir. Boa D aln olltmt would en l
alaon uld accept qUillied Ip be teube.
oll1atlotie any radlolill Dr, Fred Love sild he ft
rta does ot have in otit In voted the oa itati tidltly
ihthnllpl'ttiaedletrltL and darnel Ibe BOnuda ile-
Action by thI cotmltlton eslea ittoindf bh over en
tranpDred aler hey nied a docaotr and bolpitt itlill
dl d or ISr F Ia t u li l e a ae
ton ay tr.ater P, al a
m......a..e.ed.en att P B JC Sc
an b mla Hoa, PISS-S
Ja In medli~l blldred owned _
by live member* of the hoipl. l*
"d Five Wo
tdr Pair"Go nM beeh en
dolLoldl et s head tr die FLBtALtDEShGN
yea. under nlat eigree n e lhi -weeg k Flkrl Deidl ln
met wib Ihe hbpla w-ere WB" Inlop *t Pam Betm
by bee Be Ihertil equip- di Colairge "ill begin Sept
t"t, ;m 12 ln d ld fo 7
DAR Asks .. ..
H. Ordr dub ember. hoBar
s Intolereed I n the ioriit l buI.
r >, eeae+a ma .at toten ohe sitnli
'. ostltUe tlon lore tor. ito ,r emeet
e, mend Be berme wtll be Inter.
: Alol.twn hl'd-mm
Recognition ^ idea., re
James Wllier Mdet. Jr. nm
The Mayhnr ol DelHry wmi the Bouth Fltends behel
Beach and Dnaoe Beach Ia. olFaltr IS, t Wn. llech,
noed anttrotlenulo desistat. pegletoatlen ter the tlieeI
eil eptL17IhnuahaiCt- in me B umnllli BDltdlni.
1Latii Week. Room HU.ltepL 11 at7 p,m
etttanteM. H ol" tt.toutey
ht thnrma B. MtetaCen. Soata Secretty nerds re
tttioen Wtmk chbemen ior neteaaey/(orthneeunewldch
dithe toalAn DIltean Chap- rea Mt. An iddloel $i5 tor
terDe t of hmeatAmhran W.Uptllnei1 be harled at
.JItetMuton. pnvlled m n toa mfjlmin.
M tot to stn Bae peao+ m.

the.. t a. Bito, thodJdr l
Till prinatai stale, 'it B riletr weaver. Mto Atn
iatha prtvllege and duty ot Ihe ate Laurae Gnres will leach
elmerfentp teltonommenr anteghtw.mmkbcounnIntLoan
orltl.tbealilmvamtnua o at etably and Weavtoal 1r
the odoptn e the Coenita. PFtm Beard Junior ColleC e
lion at the United SBae* ot Treodry team 7.10 p.m tram
tAmer with naptppiile a r. Sept. I l *iouhc Ot. i.
eindle~l~l~clvl~i". The eathetar li planned tar
Thbe lober u red 1 I .U. bmete nvo atd tobe O-ip,.
ma nluoBldy hl CoMoiuae.loo, it iele lolInt.erorDeilp.
Blo nyprca grahude eor Ie ort Eduahn. orpaioranal
prvilege ot Atrnidn eliiaet Therpy A .lilfte. MetiAt
lDp In our epubh r(ntioen- ettmoI Technlogy. Itetma-
t Jnalider Bae snperb body of hnutl Leademdp sad Eelltt.
eme... be Co ""Uhih of in.
he UitedhSteaatof Amtla d. ae e wll Inclde
pmldeaI KDin hea Bo ealambly ind wlrplnI oa
p bdoaktd Cmailulln Wtk lnam, the evlna ot pelt
,saimwtde, uraitg tll people tome. pirtnl oa deietr *nd
Bo "let sode Mto Utm whem aettemenaedlooi
mmmeintti we work Bolela Rllgltoe a IIn tt e Andrnt
e, It ho Bahtitl consldeahln aisain Badldite. RDeT AD+
Bo Ite paeret ltding to Bhe a Sept. e1 *t 1:1 p.m. Social
wnyin o[ thli CAS otlion. 1 y ambe e
Goould itudled In hoem edsry I Ferei
daur'aeaehtoole.dlrttoupi Ctaea will be bea at IBa
and ptrionyed In our eamma' Amte Grone Studio In Lake
nlty centers." Ihe Jonathan Worth,
D.tklnon Chapter. DAR.
thin. Mehel. oa behllt of eal moorte ulsten, lbw.
mthe Chapter, uld to iprret yta .leit iecrentiea end
heon to mraedom It dhoetd be lad develneenr wilb e lnter.
r tmhoibrad 'ihIh Be lr ad mInd lteweek i lre hbop
nothlia Iree aout Icm,
end l1 ana enee be atm enlo
grrted. hem pier ol trepegl
lat l-n eafretetvl|liana by .^
In'addtlan,-i beBB Char. i,
lee uid. "SAVE Coniltilon
Ihe Uthied seatl Amercat
Soeforde w freedom and thetrty
toptld stoet Ioar
haI eme ril|ed wer
Ieavy Paher and eeing
thei udance and renamned ^ |
hbhlatnp uPOn our beloved

het~orh+ dn:


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....E~ ...... S\ss //ss-A

"* ", t '+"A" i'-. i & !;&s


B ra.- romA rahoitr~d ,ptnr mtr~ le. t JB

pen Area Deaths
facility e.Et eaDS.St.MsN So.. -II. Mi.ed C. Fe.l. H.-I .*....
L ^ L&J , Le~d Se.. u... ... . ..ol I ,, di o.............. . .... .. .
N Lake Ave Holray heaot h, Fe..t t ., .e, d JL hIAhBRA DSI11AW11F.tH
died Sept 5.1ta'te ehad eAn S. e Ba -trB rt It Ilrr of.
todem e It to t d et realet ot th hy tar .l -t . .', 1 ratl. cr dIed A, .
that l a h rlu rAner oilleeot at n cmlng Iros m am evILd. 4 ,it .1 i,'t pai ne
P oondltolraTl S romrmnded HSt A ror y m d ea- She ai lUi lived by her ha
preeerma taor open ati holo Mr tn eem was a member moat aorm snd Ihe dauthler bend, terhert; toe sleydo h .
p a i tod olo ii ellle. So H, Erbeotl e tll D r n.hIJ Bt al. hi M,,Alln Fiardl l
IDrl pa lnOta 'a cai l ett FIAMol aCleveltand ndl el' laher 'orate tad two ai a. irr In a d.
LN*er IIIll FInd. iw a-l
+ih. ie piI espr ra lde h I F&M. Far r ia b iet by her ha. tm Cet CJail at CihS M I -
al tSp~ eJan rt Claty Chapter o a had Aito t d 're a r, . .. .
+namatoathoreiniedtirt~om tOES.andhhnrarptmmber tore torlna relytos l, Jalho ~l
Ah.M. of = el In a bmla, jol
tony team Beerle Wilde w th atie Is m F.T plar. Ne j w i Ae R.d laa heR.'h.r..ote
ste~ada ete a rsn Ah hrM Sita toialaea DeYlay he t mad IS m b
retrel Wsldsrnsltgaddweln MtrargarnthB. tman er, Mr MarytGflllaberatft1. FPareY lenrlreand bnrel ,' ' '
haltt euTahe. Bh Bet.4 FoneraM ernrM waer held Traaas. Firnin salsndl: lot rwo ldamtohto~n . "
ItlUtli A hlrn eIabftIt- 'ylemherlteat BaChurahal illen.tMn t lom nllo ldtf Cw Ato B dlln ..h h. .... '
.... ... Ri;:ddi.. Id
Ba ttlsr e Armmendn C the PaIms Detrar Ma1 a SoadId .dNew JerelyandG r CddheJ. FiA. 2B. aof J .
S Itey Bnyver, a BHA dJtne Lr dge Ha ITt conducted Witita IlulAthln ev Na r- n.te Dr,, Brfiery Bhmr died,
tBr.lnd it llwUthetroa lrdad dlo grate l .e.rmrt a lwaa m e ,Iwe l h.rl.T] SMatelen B t e mm -tee*rn tar
5 .W I In alm Death. Br. as 1. GDeltI ertdAu""ttl. It Ar.ed hIsmdoe
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In the Terhne Ba tidlel sml end Eddie A o F.o- Mitt.
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Ithrym. Feetagat Brown. Mrs Bern toitoame -1 95 i--
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terea I to iI person needing aevertl grandyildren n id r iS e
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Bad l of Ih Eneleer Churh of God tIn irl with A.

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and Boahel eaperamttor ttI 4toasolo m y Br d'1 Hin
NAVIGAOR e+.nm D~ Belchg sleA
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Ward ah t Plaim Hoid dJ. rvto were held a atSi INVITATIONS
ath Ctele Bednay ", ta.e China-Crystal -Silver |
nInds iro teyt. Itthrnalh Colemee FaneralHotme in
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D fs BlltetFLOWERS ,baoe dDf FLOWERS
in cahrM nld 1l vld r a BeR oll. Jr.. 40. of -ml adeOH 1 arIn
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...... B ldr lldJl~ik ...... |ol'g ..ii ,NoaL i I.H.Ni.. Y"OE ^BSSBST A~mNrl
will retr i ellht-w ie
Fan B ade mnlor HoCliteg- Mr t.uly IeeLIr Swil hof M
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YE & 2 \ "T '" s
...en'. e~l M t \.. m I1.. ..e a ..

l ,sd r amta' J .Whal nusual place |
tor n erer..rerri "ad'a otpul.taank...r
erae'. a.a iaa sotretrajust 2 blocks from the tcta l

1 t, a ne l th .f T l,,o l,,



P-t, le sJornal.Ta ienna- 1, Hrit
lae ank ..... Easley- Thor

'ThvlBale MEaley Rivberi lime, ded alnaeemRle vo wvi le
uilt t m it C pel lr and Il e air ril wa
EeT ih 'v O .E(nAn rorBav bayed wih eeiraid palmer
C c lin R eII Skripper Tail andle rl In Tee back
ofhcvsle alvihe ivedvlevimhe grond ciiv tal a R low over
1n cre r n> ll hde h r then spl Il tl I ..,
C i Kremp Eaely o li Air Thebride. ian inmriage
v vi varveamieanle a vMr by ier aivher. mere a lAivr
S* and Mr Ilarry Lawrence |evivh acm vi Va1idMia
S Theamir dIIoynlneaih lae over vedeilghl IJle'.
res 5 Rudel Skipper, or- he emply b"dde ilmured a
if eIanviv. printed e e eildevcvl l high ankle, wlva adi1 vflle
Sed di mrui TIe ivndlllie. sllar And .lon a, tll eeve
S 1 u rl vr i redailn arva 1m "lona wl Iliad vlla avd evt ical
B. 1. OEin. by Whaer waa playd ie r She orn i md
*/ -4 1ev^H (or Ive bride'a prov 1al Ince Ia dallelle ep wdfhi
and he rv-aial wma Mmi held doble iered veil d II
delahe'e Weddine Mirch lai o. oan d liner Uip lenh
IIaI "d Rdamveer Neils and Ha Wthe wer weded in Han

....... Stork Club Calder 1
BETHlESDA vMEMIlRIAI. Ir- i 1 i- ind 12 W InB o S. eone
IISIPiTAi. i. T aanl, a dauahmlr. rBawaar CdeaMe RB Coue p r ea n
,- i .... .i .. ,., . ic.Se 3 ,.- d .ae dMy. laBp emer 1. 0, Ba o.I.
Plshell .. i e ,.w .. .. y. a vie nR ave yheRvedjy lerblwvklvheda
e a e -" . a uRmc I seir wilbeai

M sill. IIe lAnt r- hN een oved
e 0-.. e Mr and MR a Md. O v" .... andel back a Ilel i eh aTlmdyoon
'v v al 'e I i, ' ,, . m,,',, m i di icua a e R el ha der-
I , . .... . . ..r.... th ., ', .., , w ,,u y, S pm br er
ma.. .1 ..* n._ n "', el l lv day he eve nI e i vd4N
ya t W M o ny M an. ihr ai Io ,1d
A. ...TO .-. h G1. No^ d as i n as d _" e
v.,a i . em e expected Rao urk the Roall
*iv . .. .. "iy a" H ~- a i e aeye, a 1da1 I n o F im i o vl tar
a. I mhld Your Pe-v. Tv R Kene
,r .' ." *l. ..'" ,a, .I. i v' -.,h, . trk Det drd aR e 1 been
.et a Ralon. a saan. avid .. 1 .-. an. ... L biby need dHla the an-

Jame .Jr *" ., i ,, ca R er. hiowql| loan a nteae
,i. ..... ****....... l I 1da e mivarda vlliy
aMiss W -aer .

In New York B ........
vis se a ve, Red Ia e,'w t

ld rdiae; Din Shal Ha sre

Pr seillB ftuler and vceOpt e owllveInBow mRaRee. Md Mr. epirk. Rio RJr,'imivhcryvGc y.Taeill-
ledvtae. vp, cea n.e lo NewiVorlte len a New UnltedSg Arr aodal rn cmlm aleit.C-
liKiia l II (aI.ta ve Ihte1e Lm theu Enalmdlaevv m. ,
Cmh e1 the Good Swepierd Mr. vnd Man Spr a d .

mrearIIver.New~ork boh teacher. Ln Prnce B LRe hZyi eau ay Salo a
Miss Hutzler Weds I- U e FnIB]ea:lna. Md Zn.

Given In farrfate by her
In New York abouque of

Ralph a =h`elle dr ol Lake
IJa isc seTex .Y waA-soo V lwstrta Raaadea Crd
I. am.....n ic e i A i al veivelcad i m e 1 e
liveJRaian isvB e o a d R va are Beauty Sawne]
the loea Mr Haagir em A eve I
Ie sO a al i Rre and letse Is vCvev er. A d R d CE

N4 0

Single Stocy
Coa Smo;iiums

Large,# 9:30 A.M.
SBnday Schv
GUEST SPEAKERv da ad n.d lm asl rom -
p laS Gods Word

land on playground COME SEE ...
area at 9:45 A.M. .An .inhmalti bu t nedll bringing or
of talkr Usvnder hoe aed iisvh .a
A handsome book by arvneday irnino and evenly
the Paseor for every
Adull in Sunday School COME SEE ...
A wooden nickel and A Chionves I oe. lav hsal ahkh leav
balloons for every child e *dianel nol onl vow .to and ond dll.
In Sunday School o bar 0 l lav v t lae vihararloiv .l
Free dinnereon et
grounds for those 501 SOUTH CONGRESS AVENUE,
in Sunday School DELRAY BEACH

nas Wed In Candlelight Rites
IT brde'abqveivl ea -avid vh..e! b velhvr vi*, lv .veviiii fliiidi Thelici
eolonsrl novee y oi while ice grvuivtecvvdae 5 . . 1.0. BreIteiiah
. baby'a brea oi ad Fne n ve
w11,h l hnl Ik 'l .. 1 .i : !" :+: ." , ': i '. '. .N ","
.a.oll r iv .. ...... .1

a d I e l low ..l, e, ,e ,a .. ,a,.

Ths mplrebodlc was nl- Elln OIl r' CluH, Tb. brld- ;t .. '.
wl: Uny ie daliy er. 'i able a he pun. i a ble' .1
e b ab y 'c b r a e, a nd a. Pa l r ie n l s T h e v i. t. b .car l n-

levr'eda nit edv t nv p- dn e cake wra aiivv ie redvavvvvP
lee l bol v h .,e evelh 1.. ma d o i

der RaIC rle lheir eai t 1iii mle v Ie ir TEL: 711. OPEhN ZVERY D.Y I Tw

(or Bllowuam ellr "ru 1:1S P M, hoir with ten HOME IsM.111 U lm ct Fick i nn *
Mainy o the dveianyo tD Seluryai and holev idyi.e .
rain n the mai0 dded vea- n kive dur Ihe e~akdly Ailer-
Ml A. Ca ar Hi dlap n .i aC ader m'i e Co II
teorpens e t. 1er

e ow eaav W i s. t d a DR. ETH MO ROW, MNSTERy ,


Ban ..iim Sytebc k ,,. LAR FFED POLYESTER PA

1e .SwnAE Ave. uiIiASSORTED i COLORS $
SliE It mA W Lbr a Dresses i
CI MiT OF E Hv 116 HE5 H" DR AE Mile 5,MeINISTR 3eln h B 4A


141 3 s ill. Ch. mD nr a Rlae. Alled rih.d11 i.hur I


Ca. amacHelding aa..~o~he rmc lvcm.b h ,aema,0asaah.iiu
IYA o.o.I;siaOaO.o.d.. Arr eal.n I .,, ..- re. o

PSl.lm s e aCplCocied ChurchJo sIlpe E166p(

I.c. -,vlding Face Tv "fe pl,1
IIava lEE WOOD. D.iai. h MINISTER w e" m e.] k Ma ivp 11.00 O ;

vi a.laied e hlib e hIliavaI Mever d 7j lhiuvvhea lalo" ename 2T I hill '.
eeatd AIlodtv Sen daAti o Al t 1. 1 l x i i
Aloill dgI anirtllJIwotl14}( a

M.. .rl. i t r11.1 f. ... 5

hI. IE hlU'rlIST tcidF i tlI

v.1. a. ... .a.i 5.
41 Rarve .. ,iee. a 'a.
..7,Ia -, .4 cio ".
ceeo +H4 ecvvH~l *aa,.em.11

rChurch TopicsA
lIIRCIITON Ch Edurall protam beencoqutd Ctr e FRST PRESBt s RIAN o burch, 2r W aven om K ippur s . .. (l s and. Sunday hi
-I RAO rOF I n. n6-- 1n alid1 Id Ion woyIen1..... -- ... ....-. n
.. . n a.n ..d I le .,. b.r ya,,"annw,'-", Sd.inR+ 11 cr11 rOM ES annrolancial
.*.*rrado krranlondn r Rub "@.'* W S n.. r.." "o'. r: D Ianla,'i' .. ean"rhrl dnr . .
".or H mif ill wi sI dlnI
an. 44 MI L m FIIrITI
itll n4 n*slReaon A n. I. ia Rha. IS u.r A!n BY .;I. . .. I gh". i. BdS.aTo...c

oMn nn oohnallldlwunl, Wen : 'T Orl 01 -.
eed in ht budan p ed l is I.i n I, DN.aMACKD Um LAS, 1
dI rtlrn I oro a re bn a 'liran l ba 1 n, o l aw lo N \i b R n R. lb SHlido a ..d'Tni nr d
m -ad lonn iald hedr nd a n t b. . ...ny..r r an a r e a nd 211w 1IB r r .. n. I r" colorAS ul and be!
ne pnuloPln aonnh l t Ila ABn. liplo a nila. I d NO MA Ba PM Ki l .
,. yooaieia at Wllorser o Ir r a17pn a

1 Olelr n I 1 lary lnn b MA y

el Ca ndan Ind A sA T s
"IMalSllOr ril pne allbaoru. a da\lsrnl-wwa ae
I 2. Repo I I n Su n ah s tCl R E

Miar. Icm 2 .22 oa Or t apkond o IINb UEnitnan
MRneln DA VUl L TLpastnIor o E Wro okn1= t n d
EI M.y U.1 Mid, "A. It, IinWet
e d onyPairraye ParS Read, DOcrl
G.le La r sBnerdal. and Car blen 'a i 0a. rm.. RAIyL
SSpredn lt ONerna he n2-S0. -lha S0 1k Po a t Solr

R ote 0O am m To S e a T o.r. Abha e Is Ao h -
l R Ih o D .o Sppn nn ne trhn BI Infc paoce R. ai rny

M SI AI PAU YMie WKIn to at fromncia hiaders 1e l
olhnrbo j n apThaeo whtio l a reseel Yeui lo.
R or eartf, whoneA kl I"onra an ro v dpInor d over n
aut r rbn and ,rimluOn

Sc dTy school Alio and Oi i th n o in lnlfasst paaol
Orln ad' b d lh e al l I P e
dl h prnnled by In. t.Ana.hLA
S2 bM lal, e e d d In lan Io
biS CI Sptrunily c AhrE C A eURIA5 ERtIsNha
a e InB ho lintR Annual Seeank a M oBhnol, th
n .. d.......... ner-me.....namo idlloar-

l b N lS. bD n n1 b i ron Ina hor c
a b r e br t+oy umn Iaoren and

o nl M ra. and M m. ri.- b Il k

alrnea.So e rlofje, and con n duloy rod, ,l
Bai o ScoTb inneln abelaorna Bima o n aerh bun

re traditionally a reserved, co'er tive lot.
eBut roIly, c you blmy S or getting Q cityd 6f.
GIer y- ote w d hitting the $250000,000 trt in lsseb t.? po yo a o

l- .orgniation. Of yoor employees. And of thmousnds of customers who chume
1 Dand Pard PolloWhte wla otob eallo te. w be
Bnw rarldo dal a Rm D Npll. l sI rnlbband Solcac youcd want to yell it from the highest steeple
As as ARombor BA. cn s 0. km b nd allW
ni ideldu e. m ben. I lal MklIde n rolled Br.
Ie Min r be d Ibd a l piOs INr minere nap In

GOnary, is RW no t.oea mu snde nalmeaorer etnulo
MIAdsbea mmialna bed meI 'alaina and 02
a ilW. N Brn On..e I m.n I
Senur amaC~k M Iom e do. Uni t
niler, O bride l Tnra th nn and dimol D erunam dhm
1.-1.- ...... Mitt..... ..-.... l Poin__ FEDEP, kL
n Iw b l, Aseerod mear A dro b
w .In So l inob ai Is M=I C
S A ArIn and a 5 m o rci n adn. A1. NiNlin h IBBlalid y he l I f'P |rt
orBd wh&os ot d- Pll te exced0,20 mark in assetll s
o amabrl asrgrizMrtIion Rayn yo. empoyes AnhohnosadPafousomrsw-eoow
0M21 Macen, G., l .rB a .... a 1do i rl l u f Ploisdo Aalardln
noer and Ml Caol Spain o ne no, y, I a ind S oanh er dn.
=a Yoo' brwdetylld, Te fo thheTgIDette.
AIsaulSoiinadcAno blerornBoulnard I 101Osolobha1benaru d nN ThderslH ahar R wefe.ethbnu i a

rAssets enceed $250 million" ltabO

I'jgtnO t0OiJ rinlt.Tbn.dlf.eitplmbeit H. int

Visiting Nurses Bring Joy to Home Patients
In trayOtmttSsnt t n ltt tO.a e e, ,hee t yotsr an artera yahs r o herreatmt ra tihe tsr
0. .0 , .,,. tl o to lenlt lore fe ud r he clck Iht r p ,r o le llh A .I tl te, :
*rrtlon In tale Ihey tee U Is p|ml nd IIl* l ph, ,
. .=,.,se t t t- i n h mm ndal o b "A l, ~ a l i 1t Aihon4. n
erI etor nnd acca ioaltl co a IA I.i R
I, ,r. FltM p trick demon- "We do not vl tch p. dct.l.".hMid ,
..., l n.. ed e p edii% a y or lter dnlly -- .lly tt oor ,snit l poo ta

in lr ve. it. re d
S = ,. ;. ih.r , i ,te,, rci pll id, "T e a udt pny
....* dowjndnuke comptetee Mr. Sllvr olled t w ol ahe aurn Mn lieAd tuln- f
fl'rn_ rntflH,"MO* M P SIavtto id
.. la, t'. .... le, ='... t e ele a n l eICahn

" I....... .I...... u lbbepy e c o w iibl o

doe", M. a nd i Up on t clyrt. en. Or. sits.,, tied am. aten o On Ml.
lr al lu .ns IT.a wt car cu_," o t e ne r I.u l
I'll.. ... me it IIIt

alch ar n y hull o I nd i-- tIunr d nll.el cp edke fan-er
ere.mItea Y o r n..n aod

Sl teSra trm- njr tt't pt Wt-B
aoll t.i S ent ,.. d "All ta al- L n go st l 2m

. ",,.n.i .. toatth leoras n*. that i0 the mbde
aboUtS --.T0 fail., -h s.. e I.
t to b ttt at b tkn S. Waybtind In, t

In :, 5,[.,."n, n lk, I, n d no.

,,...... ,l et an. a Ndwih 1 a7" om ed o
'R N '" bea ,, wist a., n tll yi ca ar tr^er al sohd s h
Herl l1 s crlkn Cha tr csabte het thw ih sp n.
G a t hint N58 Th i t. no. .ett can olnh.
=s eudl ttta pare hoaoen
a' use w Croeeor patent beos arwFll p aallenno o ther.c

p":0""""" :"-- [The b. dk
" Mrs S mie.e M. 54
pCr nIIIo 1brneas y ala 0. ,kaB n l sto er.rssa. -
tl l ittl "t rt a tt o Aali

ea.-al,'.'' ... .A R A
*hireSS no 197n wlo eric,
h, b.byraree.. . .v

"' "*'thnr O i 1fnjtt "Bt Try a grantnewfabric,
hea .. ..... ttt ......... ..I

o"e"', s.. as. Pa l Her.
.0rt modntt a istuon, I FARAd t

Mr dn i n The oa oair n a s t ctemor stYi tr ao
I lon Shave. eiaplatne t. ol $1ak Or, cm pact.
tmhr mt Seat 'Ib t ytof.ontien

nFl oi t r omTrya la Stine fabeia r ,
tra 1 ri.l M RRStA alYTm M OTOOR SAlES, n I N
okrk ita atnio pas bd. ti ntts._ in d
G ardnu i n mi earl easyt
F i~or awrthe Pa In.
in a OnlycAmerlanMoto
makes drls promise: The 'W sielao.s

sswell rd t eltaordealer Thefoar.doe
prob l ch, at snla pantx h chltt pheylnderSpert
.ar Or..ont I or, eaie backtha pro ise

tot fethop Or e Seat ehr towi th e

he numberde er track fil
InrIn Win h7ro torssnide
Ptna i O Ont UsM I hi n tde eonemy ear Bth moi
groin eipr Jro t e nold dr.

speed easily, hamp
tnto the tanda will nttprontrn It weigho me an tw e
r, naetnT goro no rlaroad a l ederasy ltr t t
ro~ndin the or nimlteS come lltti n.
not te Thembrtd n te

ei Just fold dose tteb k
vs.. 1 neseats and MOthAers 23 INh,1

...... A. -,

Ui il


an Motors cars


ars have.

er r 12.000 reles. whchevor s
;a~nadt and th I ouuale'
rae cce **^*I^

The Matador.
The intermediate
car with more lead
room, hip room.
rearseat leg room

J! in love
and even a bigger trunk
than any car in its class.

e track TheLuxury
ransAm Ambassador.
lng away. The only full-size car
W. that comes standard with
air conditioning, automatic
transmission, a radio, power
steering, front powerdisc
brakes. tinted glassall
around, whita wallsand 26
other necessitessitiesoflife.

S See your AMC Dealer
today and getacarthat's
been checked so many times
in so many ways, It's as
close to trouble free as we

h"arfJ We back them beer
because we build them better.

2 S. Federal Hwy. Delray Beach

Plant a Spring Garden... This Fall

L ..E..n..nml i .ano.her .. I' ,1 ....., '.
eurd (or halkyard. end back. Large & Mediumvcupped Dat.. I
ar n beaulillng the world we Triumph & an lybId Tu ... ..
lve Illee iit h ieit'he ea l llp ....
lime o i mat. ar talli I Me lff hort cuped. P. r
li o pLinv u la erbulb e thaLht i Naciu, Jnenqli
bhrng5 liely. vlbnith corho a l haflenerlnc Tulhip Douhle 'Thae wi'h the clrcaitu-
'healdentSprinlale Late ipeny l ered), Lily llp" hara Trumph. Dar.
crcm and iany oAheyr v-e PD .ineder *lUHd Iar plelong In earden
Sw br t e heli .... -ed and borde. arl
o"I a bsai Spherin ev ie .. ..h- blovnlepedea llpl, while
.bous belAn In everI plae hu.Jn muel be pinted In he pl-lg i each1 c leek gArdeeA
ae .nd Ihe Ihoe In he Fll Once nesiled In Ihe ornemhnelulitUcvea The
Ed andebordene by hea Wintre oreeu.iS b 'hiae Doubtsc. and Ihe large
All 11 lakel Ioa ke 'i. vey be planled up nil Ibhe ene wlch lh d eplint
home improvemen" are Lme 'he g _id T.reeeMMl. ie hi. h cheid he Clad.
(lower.bulbc and a te Ailer. Id Ihat I canet be dug. e eere 'hey cn be 1he een.
yMc 'hil fIll The bulb. a- In wacner .ue.n ueAmlr. itmllelel
trllable by udieylmrbe, a, bulb plancnhlJdclibe de vvtvi
I e. 'eate r o loyed l late November or
Mi'h and cle, A Ir lte- Dee mber The houd li Hyaclnlh belec In every
day well before I.lhe li heavy dgvenranlew
Stleer A ew heour ipen pln. OvW DERP T PLANT
Ilg bulb., it'i lurp'hln to e. LatMer bulb. eAch a. I.
can be And c lew hon l toald be planled ic lo elhl
yardenelgmaymabe yoe a prt.Spevlullpa-cuefa(c
are 'he mont u' clivve eavl- oFlerlne. Kavereilaa,
aneRent ae nd.r ere ar e planted Ar e ly lour 'o
H ATTO PLANT elgil InIeeh deep. CerF u aR hc
S eIeII hbpolheelto aveelowe laelh Muca ned eouer
pring leaanbyplntngc a IreAn, deep and h"ee Ihnc- ri
eto l dilleenl inda ao apart.
.b.. .e.ulch bulb.. likeY U
' cr.. Chill bluem in Masch. Set lb. b.lbo frnay In p'teo r
tiuci by pleneine dNiferent wll'thlrpanted'end p.Cov .
a cls oflu'lhl.'hee Canhe eclble.M aed M'well h
are v. b louIl .arn d bye aId da Ika pad uarwl
rihlu will blemcin Ie vid. vly loll acn be Improved by evceeiric ..e
htp'hlreaintE y Aer e c taav e deep YlenlAe

heleeflee bAhef he ie p'helttulbirebn
vrtlbeeaileereyee I. leoarray, in vel n 1. LIFE.

elaig re a oa weather In ehe wcer mtey
a 0 benalt Ihe bulbhblooirng bc bPe hrd halt bah Y O
alean wIIllar I lae Febre beau whene planed at depth
.r or earIy Mach. The .ol- o lour ince. Research
wln|e Ia a Umetaible hlieng pteavnr'lheaollli cooter cl
e at 'he aeny bulbi Ia 'he that dep, w ich a whe t I e
n Irderel 'elr fleeng: bd: la VlI.)e
Ethe l WInler Acote) TUtLIPera
Kuoevm The Daubh FAeE deveaoed

Sre s Jh rnal, Tlhunda. plaember II, :, I'aJl e

s elalelyheaalycadlheatpel. 'he yr ou de f hh yacin h folahe h a slee lraPOCle
lel lPon o *At bbaalktc. planted 'An' F.a IInearan IOWIpvnc
dtaa Ia any labdecape or,
.S...... h ..e ST. JOSEPH'S PARISH DAY
.....R ..E... VSCHOOL
In adln"al eAn M.AAnrll
mE a) nd b pne k io. 3300 o. SSecrPIl Bivd. 0ytloni ieath, Florida
lnrevr Wades oe -r ei .
duee P IP e v -e ced l e We have a limited number
in Gracle9
T'S OMETIMES EASIER to dI I endi re bed Ih a Ueolres to (IOS Iroc Tlephoe. 732.2045
ria. .a .a... b u. ftSAOe In eayehag 1 3 5 --" THEREV.NNATHAN A.ADAMS, eadaetet



iumv urr ie AI DERAY SHOPPING CENTER, I500 NO, FED. HWY. Anee S u ou s.1 s-tu v I io um. 1. io n.

tIrseuiculca bloom or en weeks whene e a rr r C le a h I Ceae o
0lnode .a ven a 1e I W phekee IpAe C irlauelr CoEEm ........' 8 i 7. C OS ..IOA; T ......, *1 FTI r UATA i s:.-; 39'
oarmeF ea, ea ha e vhe eASe o.
". C "t. tS d POTATO CH.IPS ............. 58 ...;L."..WE..AK.... ..E ON1 AK ........... 1'
SOD Onehcc ..ita 'halt raA M ASO AI..S ......... ET....E.. 679'
i;- si gn l i nl' ........... A s .........S.8 ,0 H CHUCK *. a 79, *I ....... 9

ioFli ........ 5....... iAL ...................... A 28' P iio DiNN a 3...3' '
CORN FLAKES ............ 22' TOMATO SOUp.......... 13- CEAM ...P .... ...
OKNO OIL ............. e 79' A .MLK............. 17' A .. 79
S.. ........ 33' TU A............ 35' C CLA ...... 48
CUT ORHEN OEANIL.. 14' ;ICEAND NIC ..........!. 74' Cr'iE ICH !v 24'
a IMlft-l&A^ CEl CRAM. eale 58' CUT EsETs. iih 158' HAWAIIAN PUNCH ..6 .'
l 'ICE MI ..................... -,',, 48' TOMATOI ..................... 18' I EA M I POTPLiN PUNI.ES '. 1'
\SPRN^G A ThULIP, A dth'dru;, irAcbyk aI CATSU ........... 33 a' 68a' RN WAFFLE S 10'

Accutron* by Bulova
AIPn., SC T TOWELS 3 ....... ALL MAT FRA K. .c. SLICD HM........ 1aa
lul SOT1 T NAPKINS...3 ,VI ALL6EE FRANKS I,,,M 0 AIE" .2,n 39'
GANe. OAl DETERGETOIT,. 7" M ARINEs........... 37. OR.U.ER CHEES1E7.-33'
*. A ; ..l...l.....e. ... s.. ...... s p. g M ;r W ...." s."!... s' .vi9 ............ 2i 9'
DO 9e A U HALF ......... ft+, 33'
Q6A5li6'E.,",Tio.N.: 94- RORDEH''iISCUIT'6/57' n 33-
aI spi H y ............... 47' ORANO J iE ........... 29 LO GH n.......... 95


PI ANANAS............... 0
SIP CAI AGI ................ 9'
IJilr LMONS.... 10 39'
I H IK..,$ 1 So
IIIF ne I ............ 59'

LiiWBrURST........ 29"
i MOKED'MIAT l~ee. 35'
MOHAWK HAM or.'.3"
Service Apll tiser D.eut.

r lHtKiUy uv. reie."1
AHlia CH........... -37'
&AcoAi%...* !!.971
lUNCH BAGS.............. 22'
l S'l K*s .................5.. 9'



IT Par"""'

E" 0 K
MET"T.'N NE1111! Y6
$ 229




SC ." ED

r AS"





.'a..o~nIAaao........... ci

.r.....e... ..:0

tIoMd Inrom exleaded cnile csond Iae M-S
SouthwId vallsll Itc poran II Sout AOmerle. (See
Llub lpl
AbATI0. I n n

Two Triple
i Deekers and one a
S large fries, I
Sonl 940. Wow
.BUy one Tlpla Decker and large IMes o 1941, and
gel tie Id Trple DeckNer 1Fre Thai's a $1,a.43
v alue or only n Ih coupon. Good Friday,
. S


-ir....a O...
Offering Specalized Training
Ballet Acrobatics
STap Boys Acrobalkics
IJonc Boys JazE
Yoga 15 yers or older
Clnirl 1laet1 (Pninte work, adagio P. de DSe
and vaadlionl.t A oampaele a raded oerem 0 lcr-
demic lechniquce incorpwltlnr C eo tll, Rueian
end Fanch Syllaauc.
Phone 276-6884 or 276-5696
Between 3,00 & 8:00 P.M.
Air Conditia dStudio Locmed
in a .hool ae
215 N.E. 22nd St.
Delray Beach, Fla.


..-"* .... Club Clips -. .-. -- -7 .

\ '',, 't O.O.tI Oa d i k . ....... .
,.I.. .. ., . ..-..i't."... r o ...... . ,, ,,,

... ..r and .t. p i .t. ... .
.............p..n ... ..- . .a .... .,. "

.'.'i . ..._ ,,. t...I SAVE 50% -
1: .. .- ,',, .., t ,.. .NEWLY All:RIVED!

S.| BudsTak..-Oit | W ilHISICALISHIFTS'1 4
r, . ", .' T.u il8 .ATIMEi .. EST. OAl .S M
,, .211 2ll ASTi"0 E. EI CEIRAY BEACH. FLA


TAP ROOM The Gentleman Behind 'Gentleman Jim's'

oonN urm n AT :. n .-a .. .0.1,
OPENMONDAYTHEUSATURDAY g*'. rio.e." raelc1a.
LUNCHEON 11-5 I... ..... TA _'"
DINNER 5-10.30 da .M_.. .. S
chni i... da& Il,..-, ..e i.

a..el A ehe..n ede. aF.

t o .....lnlaloae..I .I
Tt hoc ht ,.. ba ...e.. RESTAURANT & LOUNGE
IS Il od *.dlll-i Al.... dHOTEL 40 s. Oon a le ei,
No a D 78-3361 Decy A

ANNVERlR .. ie .g "Onkee, a 1- A1. *'d I..
I Teh JoelT "fatbmnn A1S v!II -r.|1 \ I \ Il i ii
313M I~. FIBi HWY hJie.S ll ll ed a.,l | aa Speia A."a
i ii Bed Daklly unch Special ... 1

Trco TLU op

A~ ~A J~ s b ,e, ,Id s, , L
o NrNell600t0.troedole a, SEPTi nEB"15 I. 0Pr TEON |III

even ew nw greo Irishmenw offers AI T I I
outhe AIMn i i fi.., LANEN ,

190fS.FederatHwy. OFII I ; l r" '" |
boyn iltABdl 737-2464 i Taoa i"a"O.. ... I I thi
cact a-w -,A toitle Toc e a.. r-tis ..9 f
Yo N kco nalnoaPich dl wr koi. I n Aen i. Cliceioii. e .
do M,. on n SepamNb.,
1905 SCO S Fedra H l .O0JN GE 0,1, 0 f1, 0,30o... ONE 1 0071 ,S A 6

$c. o Dan d tSA BogI-hoi ff. h lsolOPEN FOR L DAILY

905 S. ederalHwy P.N.Ne .
cmst~ho.9..11 . loe,e11 rl.. Plce. 3004mGme oi.1 Jth tIA t(

Miss Murphree Married In Her Parent's Home


trOnd, Aot MupheIft alnd
ThoIa Jack aield were nr-

double fngyeInaRty.
Tma bhde n1 the daulhaer ol
Mr and M. II. L Murphrn,
o0 IWOO NK ld Ave, Dlray
Mach, aad Ma aBrom IA he
Ron ol r and Mr. J, M
field, A ra aW NSA Sl. Ma-a

ftr, he bidt ware i floor

Mrs. Ki

ii. Secretary
I T7 n., L v
M D RS. THOMASJACK REID '.', ,a;"a .

S fron Sesame a-a-
IIr I alle t Auoel.lloi
eed Rolls .. .ll ..
were arom Pha Pilm Beich
"ita- M M a aaa dobld b oui t a. CountySobbol SybeM.
hiae bee.n k d lotd by Punha down Miida In hbll O.oiaat t Mldard
meI or a a a. yted d lea d l I 0 mI nulet Roll Promi reaM yaad ta e M a-a
Jhtetory. Bl ere ied In e h h*U Inio 11 11-tnch ieno ed11n1 *nd proi1-
Aran c I even bW-or r- ,inle. Cut Into IIinh Il-l aclVitl, e o Rf c per
S ae h- el t 2ow. altll itrlpI. ruah wlh milk; 1nae In edw. lto. Aelf e
ma:tar. iM aup le a -IA aa..ta ..d.. -aaitt an a n=mdiyat
attnt eS RI l S ina Snipat i lthln taaisatal u inten eta in tahlA ina edu.
knnuke o naaur lit. l ideooldaaChlartp. Rolltuplyd yatta .ad aeana tl o1mmit-
ale blylhter iha t aonl oa pvia- in |reid muain ap. na-nai ho Mae NAMS iouraold
Slallttilaet mover and tet ria In wnan an pI ot Clrvane. inform-.

lo o aMo Tim o bbrahna he indlvLdutli ior l. muliul
with turk spMAnkle wtIl Spaon flor nlo dry mea. Ins the eaeuisary requtrea
ithe aullyit N e Roll urlnI cup; levella Do ,l m ntt a towai rd s ipplyal tha
a ds Od ndg5tl Ma-Mo dot ad. hlkad Ma
SlaI iMA-tt I bad N WWpI I
M m ah atM1 a. *klndha Il I

o 7IPE A ,LECtic t

R _o U .-to

I-n o d iu. W .0
:.Cn d adoll ad IbO

a- Al d. 1r I or

a d t eal aoth mlbt


OT, A AVE, 276.4364 DAtE.A REACH

,-LIii..> '., . iaandbhah,1.-tl
Itont ltad. Cnl rr .1t.,
Award rm ws iht n.r ii
i 11-i i ir' t Se wire a lmuo,,ne .nd id
.,t' I. ln lnantoa r Iilll, dIi .
..-. 'K. . .. | M. a-..= than an -iedaan lre ,u
..l h' a o adaulei
lit, "id . ba .r. Natcy o ... .. .
uadrpta ,. the bldi s ltter, 0,. P ,.a.,a,.' "
ntr a floor lanauth b on o 1 ".
pique with nmllitolnorad flow. roeonaaea-
en eanouId I II Sahe ar.
ied a a ipy o yeA..Ou. r a.ll....-i-

ng W ins '-

y A ward lr
Tife nlplfnU (ot thli ye.r'a
awi ta pM Iolll n um. aa a
T ot 5 wh ooi yrsi or- Al baa.
vie n ihe Palm Belch COily ^ 1^*
School OfllnM. ALl hive U -I *
BlEiicle Bnlrd Dliloltu In ^ ^ ^ -
h Palm Bead) daly AS..
clalltan a Ednall-Oa l Slerfa.
tlrlte and dlItIo Penonnela -
NAES. ipotat r oa Iht troaa
li in amhilto ol he Mathiial saoetlaon RUBYLOUISEKING

macram -
supplfes. . lesions
lhHit. raanfl
301 n.e. 2nd alreSl detray heaah

III-~i btldi,-tht-h~
th ,aya~n g-- ItoOo

M,- lid 1, dat-t .i Of DERYBACFA



ralss M


ELOISE DAILEY, Owner, Operator


L difference

r another


I J L an.. ------ a. ara~

gr. -I- ....-


-- -- ......... .. .... 1- 0 0 .- ....... -

The Local Scene

,.t ... th, y .. .dadC l r ,jo I.e

tewriter Iny sonetimteg never se t m geen a

Coun Southern Disricet, you know .
Miss AgMl Scatter, who Paul April through Jape in

oth group 'with a ldt at p r -
whom Ai had met In the Islands, came to heir ho tel
and helped the Americans tind a cottage near Dub in
apresed tIn cb!"0 Amt. now back at Atlantc High,
was In Belfast for awhile It's her opinion that the
violence e hear of there is "totally exaggerated an
TA As r h fr rtends. the "Chips". they may do a
Canadiantourtis month
Speaking of violence. John "Butch" lHager III.
whose VW was demolished in a near alal accident near
h ,eltcopter Crew Chief of It. AirCan.. will anl be back
with parents pranoe and Atlantic High teacher John
eatger in Bo.t Alter the accident. Butch wore body
cast or quite ahil t. meAend his shattered lag Thea he
graduated ta Srthee. Not sealed enough, Ob tag broke
agatn and It ans back to the hospital. oMiami this an
and heavy east sgain Let hope it mends quickly and
t bo ghly this n Iel n
At Plumona to bear that Betty Eatley is doing pt"e
as brad nehaw pinl O he lady, hmeert witer hot
a hol od tne'l era orl s ino at tae cthbi year: -
Ellees cteaa. alter meay yeatn as Plumsa's linci.
pal. Is no retired. Tao that the nlitl kds missed other.
planned to Iatch ep on all "the Bo ll end r" shed be
saving for thee years, but finds It easy 1to ad
"manaa en" he McKean l enjoying working Ien er
ya of th e home. which sheed h ad abahe sd "pidkena
up and moved" clser to school sa e years ago. And at
last Ihey ha a pet owhie they neier did when oa
worked sc Pea loa ou se.t Ih a sy kitten taed
"Mare latller nusand Harry McKean.a
Janie MooreA, who became the bride of Biltly Day
last Thursiday. eApeoted her hoaerymon to e un st
araa the statea lut Bity surprised her, ma hear. with
a aien ao the Islands tInstead, Before the adding.
aMiss ay Nodeas and Mises Debbie Bnlack were host
. at Aoa lovely bidal shane ar bl-eyd Janie,
attended by around t20 of her tietrds and oeorkaene. as
awi sa the nmothern o bride and garom and the grnomt'
Thep'. big "goir gse 0l a t. Patl's Emised pal
Church each Mandaty "100 9m3 All this lall. methent
_lane ot t cheu chl meet to ok. The geals aren
making t manner yeari ho ultt indBgs, artistic aloer
1lenagamaata f01 example In preparation for their
big aaar ht.l. tdla Mn Jo Pilals ciaimari n or
the and rding h I. Slli tan ley. the
wom anr oed Ing lo do saheol e e e han hei groat
latest ol lase year. Tbny'ic hey a"vel dnd whlen Ele
phblet table sd Pond Tarbin" anall. hey.
Hill Crape. who with hiSe bid etty winter in
Delrat Beahu. has been appearing In newyospaperts all
avrse atltded I hla epbliea n Ceor e Ation as
d .eas tea m iechigand (sseb larcle weea Siami
Beach datelite werant o w erld idl. While vis iting sn
Stan In Santu Barbara. Calif.. Aill and Yate ctassmate
Rabenre, aMcClunre. a oauni tfoe the -"Erirg;
fatloot g0t toethert bar ad bout at the choessbad
iHoAD ees "h ", they have Seew lascinated by the
recent Fincheoinaskny hattil. Paill even woeat
nene. published Inaseval papers:
'Man o the street Could well reTpea 'I
cnouldt canre less Who wo at chises' Bobby's
tecoam I nle abhor himn Matilter aof ches A- Ot
om enl prea An Why do t gel So damned "get?
tuet maybe Ibi rot y Ieally T 00w* thaIe ABingse t0 Si
game tlue and ama". -l e peolork Is ruling
t the amily, w hear Sitl's stele Mary Hiyde tl had
a hbook pubh a bed.
Iofw ofie h tene the -g get to worka when lolk
al preparing lo a big event or trip. One lady broke
hoer teth, Jst bee her schedum ed Sight 1 Florida.
Diyping back in tie. or a broke her same Ioan
swings school I day, bhare we els ton a een. S A.
bnt Fsam r. the amoel pool eeule neethelesn t. But
the latest example Atred just as the Sime A. rica
pamean't wa sigeig all on TV. ahen a Delray man.,
rho with his eife. all packed Ior A Europeanud atien
with his wit next m broke his only pair of glsasse

hetr Iohy,'utpaindt-o p l-he-wa igt Ip j 'n

.:~7. -


* mTb~

Meat Loaf


w<'r y t~i ff lt "/i

MASTERPIECE MEAT LOAP, delicious la flavor,
peralt I raleur, ramp imnla as [amtty or
company rare. I may besand ad balked either a
a m at or in a loalpan

Is on" lIh .t A,.ay to ,ing
a little no baland to In-
jure) budgeti
With A rian meat is the
mal lain dish banl Yet.,
here'. no doub, that eat
pk e e bn igt hole In lr.
ilng money One ludtton ao
Insl dilemma is to p man mo
nt loaf, nul ofIen a ade
.aI around atu ltat oIfara
Ibex. aswtn-f mat protein

at ntmmo11Anotd ltlamoax,
.at lo '-In' o,, ,, l as

ID and a nstterpl of Ithe

01"'m.. T.:'7' "'I .

ne otanlo The aery appears
ane or te dish may be

or mashed potatoes lor a
hearty, paLetpleptnang moal
I Or, lape by hand Into
aetalrae lat plaa o a rack

.an" an, .".1 -.I.
.. .": ..': ::,,.,- own

ntlead oa the rast whlte.
bread Wlmbs, It seedd rye.
iree. oatmeal, corn chips.
whel geasrm or chow mn
ndlei., taone 3-unc can
o red (ar a 2-poavad mal-
loaf mlpel> a1 the seiAnten-
en". Vansttaln a In "|otlth
anna, tilllnt, t Ig and top.
pgi. make a big dllten.
ta Anoer idea I" lo om
bite the ratmory Imburter
wit -es i kinda ol gnoul.
meal. sh ai pero. veal or
Try theine uggesIllons for
giving meatla leftover
ooea gate"appeat:
SANDWCa HSCI Slice all
bof; e bntw. tasoatd,
battered hamburger bas with
calup or pickleedflis
SPA rIITI: Chop mat
Af Into t.e pirt: heat with
1 can 'o"to u Sea .o
tase with onioA. attpepper.
Worcednrentrn and herbs to
lste Serae oer roked hot
met mlat; Iotalaltema In ]ayen
with oaked snamed nodtdl.
Add sme granted heee and a
le nerS to a can o to.ato
map. pear er layer. Iling
Ahe tayen gently M aoup will
nm through Top walh buttered
breadcrumha or cOndwa chow
min noodla, base at m0 dA
neest Ul healed through
ReJpes featured belt oller
mal oaf variety to It many
C mramh GICrr Lal
I an i llr-iOL ked. a
ehUe a mlp
Italk inrnmbeet
tOeap tJlpyfbsppfdontloas
1 asep tkkroaki|ng ite,
I gIs. SLIGITL'I bllel
I tnanpens sa l

remalnmn lop. bae A m1-

1nataegd tealbthymea
S plal rpltalealmat
o In Sa peepper ry

tncupaplaaelycbpit"a lahy

l in celery, onion and

Hide axed'p per. put meat
istare In anr: loid paer

NOTE: If a loat sbave and
a olter meat a.o ae d-a meat mlu
LIGHTLY Ino 5505 x n1Ih
lalpan Duke n bove.
2 camedinm itl. celery,

an d,a ,,,nat mate,, 1n.. Is t odtiam
eall A-... I sad,
AO~ 1rnw. ttsfllpao.abtlrsis

-4 1k it Ine a
.' 11-atp o 51 Ottoa .n~ crg alasat
Is.ra bake., n, An .
Madldealj .. .. .. wa mrr oAI e

,.Ad s oe oClot eOs E to h ~a
1.11.1a d 1 .1 bakntoakn ae tM
ttdrbra. oa.1 e an aw dsetoneens a Onfae

I. Vill ..d .0
Clsro toase Pin lin
.~~A Favorte

all' lep1-YVali 4 t Clothe t

Qutes in glo~dwan X

Satsd Aeepe Ia HTant, -, ad SA..., 422 E.ATL.
lastolnke a elsD L A

1-$edS IrIITI~k.1d~n AS.aC I
~ta~tl~lF~blyeaI. N city


C ~1. 43,

hllrt 4%
a~~teSp. a Auhxt a a.a .

Juice ...... 3= 1.

uttses a~lnnOta stxasm suesawsa.m,, As As

Spnap~ larI It

a~d~s~a5~anmaseannamro eacltah Irv, 5
-ok*ies. .. 122anaan

Tw.Po~ps. 4

Bathroom~ ~~ lineoo 0 Mealt jN.

a OS 55Poll...i
me rdi 49:~r A.....t4~~, ,Mtg.~eate
L ~ ~ Bathroarrizlesu. 'a55 29 Mo.[,.aaI





D"iqcktbs .- 590 290 *. .900
D....lings ............0. 59 ....

..Sliced Bacon ........ a 89" ........ "
Dinner ranks.... 79t
Pork Hans ............ 692 a

Shoulder Chops..... 899. 1 Teflon II
Shoulder Roast..... 79 Chicken Fryer
Round Bone

.... n.-.- Ut I llus .rw an ........... is Iros.200w l01.
C4~~wa ;0 Shank Por'tion.. or.. nns.70,0 00 1.
000' POO000eOO0000 .. Paittles..... 69.w et 41-617

Bee Cowos402. 'I- 02E=


Is .4.. 0hos- -4.31%1. ~n00.

t -;d. ? h1-3-,

1. 3::- 35oh Di ....... 69
.tune ino., I ,ow.
011o/Eacar ... EXTRA
En Pihaplee'9* tWGreedtamps

.... ...... 9
JO ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ X RA0 ~' *~001

F JWG tF q

4 ~ ~ 4 0 eoetSiaOOO40I L020.0000 I o~aa5500~ ,01
00.00000.P n.'~0 1` 000000 000000,.0, 00



Chatter, t

By Charlotte Knaius

College News---

....).."nyo "o, ,0

W All diile .1 IN0' 1.i .O,, a 00

IA In 0201V0)040. Crag 0A 1.)M NvALe SCANT 00. 01. NW man, ,1)1 1.00 se. .0.1 will'..
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NW~~Cne 22N STREETsid Ky as, m l)54 .0 2100

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NI'mm- 124 f, an040050
MNee ableiplayed bridge on
Setpember 5 NarPihSoulh win.
no. we. Mr. G. Slerari a
F. Kuarl. fSOt: M L Loe.
ad Mn V Blas. seNo0d;
Moo B.s 0.1. 200 0nl
Mn. R. erng and Ms. J,
Solely, falls: Md Mr and
East-Well winners were
Mn. W. Bk nd Mn. J. Ad.
n li1t; MN. P. Ch1. and
Mon B. D.a-dn. econd:
Mn K. Clarke and IB Pd.
lr. third; and Mn II. Butn
andis M Vankooy, eorh
Winners on September
were Goore llha:
Wtlma Lewis, ,econd: Ed
Sol. third; a0d 0b .rdecr.
oTweplemoer i' winnn wer
IonCx nnt Cecil Cal. M
on; Joyce ind
Madsee Hl11nder.11ourh
wee Mellie Elrra1.1 2 1,12-
lelle G ich, second 00 ad
Mron. Awbo.e. w. ifl
o0nSeptember 10 with Mnlllo
EBhel, sted; Joe Miez.
hrd nd Ben Ambrose.



Ovr30.0D ,00.aiiO umal* d
trapped *niiilty to uuldy Ihe
a4rdinl to 0el0m P M.r-
as, Preident of Ghe Anial)
Pmetclod Inmulle / Amleri.
"What Is eqa)lly, II nol
00r0. hoi00000.." ..0 .00
heed of h3e Sa0n0mentqthont

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or)iuU. "Is 0 BW O per
0t Ihfl.e nlmels as rap-
tArPd In IiWtlo wltboldraps
which enith paws and break
bones yet sleve the anlnul
alive ind In gmy."
API hal Inisltutrd a naionl
campIlgan ialn1 wrapping
I- H.10. 3 00..12, 0000
l0tes4a0 homp aign al
ur laken In such Imps and a
widelprcd benun educatin
. "npubpleypa;nm.
Trapping l0 toted I., 0rl.
nI reauu. conunue Moura
-0 forp00r 0000. m.
e[ement "Yel, upon e. io-
leeon Ihe0e 0arguments inl
"AIm0t any o)ter employ-
meal. live m dntcal eI. orl.

rol be me tpraible." I.
0rL _he Oanima we00e0 ve0-
e.n. The 1C"w1 ecltndled
p"" lor opoum pelti was li
0. 0a0, r1 raccoons
$ll.l, wllh "tle bulk of Ihe
pr mt gin to fuien' andha
s 20dd40e,)'010
According lo Mour0.
"sport" normillzy anlalti
04h)hi000 000010 and n
conest ol ikillli, rodluon Io.
.ily talking In fie 0or0r0m0
ori IhN amll activity oa
A. 0-010 of API'. an.-11
Irapp ing campaign, brochures
are avadlable onqm l SendI
Inquiri o V he An I ml Pro.
le0o Inaletule. P0 BoS
0,. Sacnemnilo Calif.or.

l of 0be Gold Coast
an Bonloes. Womra'.
, Tea Chairan, are
Friendship Tea. This
0ber IT, a4 St. Paul's
I speaker will be M-.
0.ach Modeling Aget-

A REMINDER TO BRINY WANDERERS: "It's a olI tow. wh en you're. around..."

The picture allbove Is pr ely ihere to bring to
mind the many happy oun Brfinyile spend In and
,,around e audlodium As summer '72 draws to a,.
you con ai2m0l0 hear Ihe wheels whirring In he plan.
nen' heads with new Ideas to bring new toe 1 our,
community this 1all.
Talking abut new thinp., there'* a new shop spe
lAiing I.n squre dace c..loth. which should be a boon
to the square dancers. It's ron e. the highway fram the
Boyolon Belch Royl Cuall.. We're sison 40 gel In
Ibereod broole.
In a round-aau0t way, there', a report from the
Sgles at Briny thaI BO5bs two "Patllents". Roms
llriuh aivn Ruth Freeman ame bo h "doing grea4 and
Ruth i even up driving her caronce more
From the great open spaces ol Wisconsin, Iabel
Myrland writes of the remodeling job they have been
doing on bhe "lovely, older hoe" that they purchased
last OcoRhar and whoe family room which hey are
adding faces Ithe Shore of beautiful Green Lake. a deep
lake. 1i0 11mile. long and iwo-and-a1-.0l mil. wide.
Isabel goes on to say. *' . I accompanied my
daughter Marilyn on h aeries of appearance lor Chris.
lion Women's Clubs in southern Minnesota. She had two
performancS a day from Monday through Friday,
August 7 to August II. string with Rohaester, Minne-
"We had moilt geIous bsts while we ore 1.
Rocheter '- the Brodelinps o Briny mores0! We
traveled In our Motor Hleme, 0o parked It blsde the
proge OI thei lovely home.
"We .went to Farilbaultl. Owa0.onna. Waseco. Albert
Lea, Blue Earth and Falrm0unl. sa we really had a
busy schedule."
All o111 you Brinylles who were 4or0unate enough I
hear Marilyn when se sang at church In SBriny 1.1
winter know of her dedication to the service of the Lord
and how aShe use her gilt of her wonderful voice to sing
BIs proles.
From Ihe E.1lera lector ol Ihhi behautiful c.n.try
ol ..u comes this new: COl lie aind d=e MeKay. Ed
snd Elv Nhak e ad Jim .d Louhie DNmb visited Wgly
and Elie .at their "Ge in t.e Mountains"
- what 0 pictureque names Lou2ie Du0 ays: "They
have beauty. peace .ad [n.2y In and around their
lovely home. Two lRvng room wells are picture win.
doa. which look ot at Amale Iver and White F1ee
That Is Ihe cntey where ki-li.s are u.ed summer
and winter In 4the summer Ior s glih ee0en and
Willy and Elsie donated the land which gives entrance
to White Facae iMointoins skili .
The lat about .1"Hap1 Nel.on that he'i selling
his family maneom to one of hli daughters and had an
auction of the antiq0e0 he' been collecting over the
yean. on the d o( September. It would have been fun to
have been able to go,
The 0thnto10. Helen and Bill. held their annual
Briny party and square dance at their "Barn", at St.
Johnbury, Vermontl. on Septlember.
DoMy Campbell who fell awa save bhallf two black
eye0s a well u I 0errif0 BSh In t.e forehead at 0ne
bnelft dace In Scranton, Pa., few weeks ago w02
0e00vered enough so 0al she ad B4ob tended the
Not0e0n New Jersey Sq.0. Doce Anschlaila dnoe.
on Agualt 30 with the KX.Ms. The lour was so
lIppery at the S4crot00 doMe ha1 even the lellows
were having hrd time keehplng their oolig and one
ol them took4p lt 0oo.
We usually have a 4re0t big win to1 report or Helen
Krichboum butl this ime it's a conosolation prfl ite
wo n In the Ohio Shuffleboard Tournament $20. Well.
that'ssome consoraion -.
The Jack Langs daughter and two granddaoughlen
from Montreal, Canada, visited them at their home in
HendenonvSlile in August. They went to see the lamor
Sliding RBck and Jack and the two girls SLID all the
way down- they can't believe they slid ALLthe way
down Final comment-"Fun and no bralsesi"
The Jim Buell.aid their home In Illinois ad w.l
to Ilendenosvlle In rest up arrvlg In I.lime for
Apple Week parade Fair Art Exubit ... Who
said reZ0?I Mae ad Chick Maltheaer doened time to
help sell art lor Opportnty Ioe it th1e Fair.
Had a delighBlll note rom. Llo and Dick Williflor
out Nehras.ka way: "We're having a nice summer, We
spent the mon.1 of July In the Colorado mounting.) .
Among our gues00, we were happy to have Valida
Robinson slop forl couple of day,.'
The other day, we re-ewld u Interening 11bit about
the ma4 who is 1nin.Dg far Presdit OB Ihe third party
tlcklt. Oe "so eldom gets bo.. to .aout
0iyo0e bot the 040 t-la te' 0 0ot we b0oug0 t to give i
Sdown on himba.
" Schmllt o California has been se-
lected as "Man of the Year" by Ithe Congress 0
"Bon and reared In Milwaukee, the Congressman
Is a graduate of Mlarquelle Universily. Prior to becom-
inI a California congressman, he was a Marine Corps
aviator, a college teacher and a State Senator, in that
"Currenoty a Lt. Colonel In the Marine Cop Rel
serve. he is a staunch opponent ol a temp to disarm
America and a vigorous proponent for Victory over
eo 0unmbm

I.." I. In. a..........r. In the Service
College Football- Me:n",l"a* bel.lana ain bo.n.s"
nA q i[ anll ao- r ngtU ilnwas ait
s- s. ,,,, ,,- . ... ..; .... Air Trauri nghls CommE aro

0.0704000 Pa$aol Rapooll 1000mm Corp hOOmbal 00 PsoloooI ~ao.ona brain

*i. ..11 *-,- .. i F.. |.- l .1. All Trainin
0 ** 1Lakland AFB, To. he atW.
-.., .-. . s., ..... .. i. 1- ,, ied iheAipr Frop oni.or.

WUMIAMI ahich include, All Arrenoid . p P l FL E.Ium ha i ben bdng
.. Hold Sear. All Southirn .11 10 w 11 = i.oria nllO w ier .oo n g0
.. 0 ilurgn Ow -n i and snch far .,,., 1 11 i-- or Ime dad tliln .ampe 1in
h. . ... a V-. Al.A I T. y ,,. ..T..... 1..r ., lnn prl amo Hun.d Alo
.. i ,, |, d Crill al. Mike taiens and lIynud o Ediwn High Hoy
S, ",,, HeRly RIetumm Chuk Foreman be "Ol o f ai n,0 THe
. .-* Mi .mi"haanadded y f ha t hR n If- e grnl andap- i, poIndrobldendup the
'.-i ,., .f ,i new ml nn -N 0 r. Woody poiri cpahleol bruknhlor No I sllback or IA. oon:
,*, r' ., "o* A Thompon, Al. 0 0enau h loe | n. om ry Ume ho *glailFlordaState.c
S *,n ... ... 1 Johnny .Wllam1 and Lane hendlstihfl tlball ThaI doHeI u ul belAt .
'* -" .-. sum. and line am uch 1a Tom Smith and Jak Bran and cochaai r kplng IINhir
S i .. ..-..'', defliv cl R in Carer mn Ion had model yardage to eyeas on Varal oaher ronklo,
... 1,n e ni|h nd Phil Corrlin, 010. show lor heir bakup rol0 In not mention ome .
-. n , sIve l eerd Bill COpraul nd IVl Bl h ar rnnin ar beo, Irlily promlalna wlhnI be-
......* f "'I o- e rnlvt 0 l IIaMi Air, oar. lab m re a'thorrly and IMniIa a how up Vnooe
peinn ranh Iklltohin ihr did a year aa (1o h.
Ye the p lyers admtl FlorndI Slatn 11l haM i ne 1mith 1 bIlddila (or a alnn ATOO
AleoldA Slte Il In G. ) lul advan e 0 no e onnai lob G 1NESVILLE I! AT rl
Mhe Wladi. paI r ol II xand umer11beIt- P.ll--bulm A, l t 0 our o1 ti sopho pralNM .slL V. ,"lV!l
in Hllarry lSmith oar bl Senainolos had tha 0dge lst morea headedlorlmprtonl n ain., a lank Foldbn1 l .b0-
Ie t n .he Mai| Y rar andonly Mlaml allur boll arrin.g bhor.. Wody -I nd no lotdnl.. on.
.... .8 ............. b Y....... .... .. V. r bemn a, 't.
flnr I00 0 l l Floroda Iolg e 000 u 0nn hrondon rpiomiion, rho Wponndor W I Vhb Id lor topUinorol-
.1Ce a nnlhbrs In l i M. iwo 0 Aig ptiyr kept Ah from Erlm. Pa hHti w.ti n re p Tdrortd
lion In IlTI In rewesi poonts llorrlaoin Iroo winnlng a meindo a Impact-and eonln.
A Ian uppr aeand ZI Ml Ie ~
i no t ar efe and er I le oioaw n oendeod Mon In (a- 0 0to amnae wth hO dallins Injured m too l JId .0o0ho"
bard oS 1 b nd. f or a olloda S1te no0 orkm and ablllly to seaam, nrr bnor ,a n Poldbh1 am-
ba 0 astI S 0ml rl C URRICAES pr In H0heC o lie hI% [0 a con riniao S.q p -
wlith I 11tleren -anda plr CORAL GAHLEM Chuck eabpablly .0 rerIn lully be. r .nd hA ",,'dobe to 1.
i. bed hfienhso sme
rnier [m oIl. r S0kl07 Finoan and Tom SuWllivan e onn|asuporltar stro. d1 0 n1r70 00 wlh0
,ob ar1 Osptlnd lto provide alMd I.Tl 1 0n g yard. for Jotn bIleama 00 S m o n
Ihe nnnlm. punch rhe S00i-. ldirlly al Miami' I J0 1 ell lahC pd g o. nporo mhTlenC Bth ono- h*o.6
Roleslaek Indelpol lonIhlboll 00m. while loro" r light Injuri. si.n *Irs b ee a standout Io0evry
The Ilurrdnt grlddolo art 0mnIng bhck w0und up wlih man andflrt aipih praoldc o KrnloM nealaonlhdob mr.
u.k 1 p nonl ent heir nr utpl, lImlled b hl ipaGnn." Thi "
plu i -h rturn ol *uch En tough ne on the o |a|hon ai.e1 r 00t .mpac1lB In Wedneidab lnt ame
proven >si4 aa runi 00 t rna wororton look plae wih pounder hai bolied InC Am admole on I fail pracllc
nhook Foremen, and a ddritni the h rlho p ol rlrdn lhle (ield picture In no undero in a slo n oldberi caught two toueh-
annd ritilon wh iMn 1> din pan i"ll a In all
anLane Exum from Ban ndon. andhlodlnlu pfdor,
DELRAY .....M .

215 NE 2nd ST., Delray BeachTHE GO

Ballroom Dance Instruction I COPARE
I 5th &6th Grades KEELER'$S
rJunir Asmbll.. & Coillion |hl LOW .
70h, inh & 9kh God.. 1 CONTRACT

P~lo asr n O ,dR a 40.l0 bano a n
h. lbl. lO b. l Y1 a 0eo1 5 0 a 00. an0* 0.0
............. ...... 't" ,,e "{ " '"' i S ""
Call for Appointment '
276-6884 or 276-5696 A .,

[L ,ll I.-:[,.f'zi

Come and get 'em at the Nationals












Mamber of Fderal D0posit Insuran0 CoTrp.

Member .l Fetdoal inrv. ylSa

Velda .. ,,:a
'Heroes' B^ SSK'
SA unique hir Lho-t lnthall
L,~ Ir Ihle t rt gntlm p rog mr
.At IeeA A thoe
boielt g and lkill. I -.
-OL nh leieOal MtA io oor Ptoliao
A pa| t 0el lud L lln a ellIh R
Clais AHAPA to tltril aro d 'ed
me isle witl hare F l l
rye oLI aro oatbisndlo s[.te
Verma dtaty tet.I .d0 j. IB
on alor lnl"U erld e

tib' ahe I I .. y e r,
dsal n2.1e t *e r. 'OllB
ney de.arve t ofeniv
tees've ends. farkts.
g gards Led Ilnebaiek n -- LE <
Eligible for te dekiy "Un-
ealded iesro' oeordb000.
O alim R een and bolneeor
oy. d aloeig i l
m 1 1adta Ia 4 0 thea 1 1
pubIithy epotlIlf t 00 p"ly ti'0

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Potnroralip nrl thed eas
Z00510, Ne~thom r
Ber Hero" really e BARWICK G5OLF LADIES LEAGU Jaee Gabied, sit1 aed Altes
meetly to maio a rolye. e Wl hDa ighlt. pIoci winth l Reihahld. l h eeetI q Ieir hloth
ehl ero ubar t1f Fooled" o phe 11d. tied.,lo .t l IhooMob to ikoE te kof Calo 9.b.p S. INe
Ladin therr emr ttng, dOoI'eIIlphto by Oily Go~del

SHunting Calendar
fTALAHASSE n Flla dad il J (uryey H oe d w it
h Mnig ealidar fot I. 1It -. beMr M ie oth It D lt
7* l eoa byotprhae i Florida, Wlood000 season
e roelb i b Err WFle C ri n k ...
SNoptember L Rion m pL ill- im
September ArTheryd ea- eanuetry 1Hpertilelotp
saopee llusbllilOMOtpuomoe:
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to00 FirntpHedwov February ig4 1.11 .= L aned
seloO opensI Deer, ou id aqrnrel ae eLrm eoxept
IrC J iOiALleMnopen,. in mrhw~elFI0ofLd
OwdH e Aclb feer hound Febr uary Qui l oed
efldI.oom or lhF il t Ibtn 31 Frdab Jlpe Lap
O',ung I nreen LLO igL a PerchI0Sand prilngi lorlry
a tin elaol P d n
S.Ieg an d seeLd phe Mb iar c It 14 Spring talk
\',o etuo opo t o torboy Lobbbr 000000 opOm rt
les ln rodawoe Flordal stltHRoLi4.,
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1ti eremher 11 Third h hoer olter ln t. Sha
fdoooeasaopoo,. boom 10rmwleadtoyyhrda Ate. "
'I JUlearl Ooer.tlurend ,rlb dOan e llmmo al .
J wild ang MM im rampo before ib loam. ..,.er-. l
rnothwoel Flomida 00104 re. 004in boom 10n do` e i re VONNR CARPE P aIR isle op dtot e O hs LIL
me open 1 or dor anal ild Zrom It..m~ a Io c am tt e, icated W the laidfwlegend
-Unhog :Ling+ Bear aeaaoe Sporlwmd are arged W o b h e perelob 1LIh
O frloel Is Baler Lnd ErlolubA obr Ibolr atrwm r 40h01- Cab. Awo04i woer peflatld 411 th op Doer tomem,
Ile flro tml. dre lotla for LpOL on l LOewltad I P o L0 t~ o thoLe 00005411 In lho
; JandLa $ firdpflosdoe bglimllhega al regW limdako1 Teelday NighttlolsLd ge.,
a rt ian i l o plim,!

CsJ ur. 10 ,0 Thia d~loteyr 1115rt Ii$ itO I

eArea Golf j'Neis
DELRAVBEACIIW ... .. .. . 1.. .
MH iirta i f I0 e folmy Bols h | .. ...... .... i I i ... ...
C.adiry Cla dd sml", ta .," ,,. ,. ...
SyelpL. ha H lt sol i elle m o -
0 sod lId p yfoyed a biiP.II PA.AliC
f__g.edta than Nh ola
thelrwonalholt. F orm i rll+Dr P0l n ,0
A.k .l -11 Fled G a, D-le
N'0 woeh .oor 0111 ". Hu IS,,
anlldOI. Frri cehw oeln nd I t ri isi ....Clad..i art
the errol witha o t 100 l~t ~d fer ld withf7
IS Par-r ad c 00000"006Olo toboOOaO
........ ... Rey ... ... ... !, an-
eol drive And she Deldpy H7 2 COUP E
Ralph Sniffle adw w Fret ael 1 Po ll Tw s
Wetdrnan 000 Dotteeier 0011e
1 Pa="em Tetazmi: ai

Dterwod Path. Golf Club bt. 0100 H eprola p00 00 .11- -m *i6 0 7.26
eawilbt l la n l reek Hrd 41 I l.Ita 1i t ond GeIe -
le plo we0 fla ay. datel.e mb wmthe roaltleo
ldanud Wf iaolae w ad L' t -t; Ir iad.glon. el:er of
a atHey floyd, ar

| Barwick Golfalub ateagues ... ....
amorvFiFw Woay00. mmrofgl
(OlPTHURND Y Mallone fait rUn., l. tlthl oL
ed 4 m. ila A vl l DELRAY ATSU INC. --
t ea m r fl ..Gai e we, _g tIt deO o...
l l eere- it ire-. t- .. -' in

Otmb .L~g&k .ISto 'UDYIIT ["* ^ ? l\
Bad Talky w iL I a -

i DBarwik G.oIlf Club Leagues '
THURD MONN I llil Litea wll .
LDlin LDAGUtE lonanad by simyel andr
aed A Pul tlllt. H SSyepte er 0e,

Ind. 1 kl1,lBod H.d Aea d BuhoOe-ebr y mlie f i l I tme
Twmgm g I tre te It yard 3rd bole,
Teamw I wli2o aOca"tmhhta I w.g Mwlea
TeamS K"it o',edlew.itrm oo ^kland$a11ere lry I
lor 0000r 4 Oili 0000$later Netl & la Sd ole Idr
T eItElhLEAGUE i ,
Ta T I Nl TBw Toalsay Night LadU s

CHUPLE LEAGIE p I Z.ieg 0 W= t ad e o'-y -- AND SAVE
T AEMIOCAN e Pi._o Spendmo-tmealiioat by. ....r n,

TeomO 4 rl~~, ^;(O S)
T..m om R a... n wl nd, were y mePfintsl n pr nmn,
Team J ild" ileforH lld AIBlrl Oci istl4 y,'010 Ina
TeH. L E I Reyo..LIWla la wlk ifil ed ee y pr0I to e ha ond -a
Tain L tmml whlith wo limo Pbil, uIf rt.h -ma normano ,
Ta e Petw Oode ad0.
T. Io idprmd ', hei
Teim I o 'S~, l anned pOl PdleI d tel~r
TatIn a de m ed Cnad Cane le I nn rl~ an d
T ATIONAL 0B0010k 0011 CIl In NIOd; Cell Ir tCh I
Team I oft nn nd and la etenw, He-st R mr oa2. ay
Telas a mernm th lou pdth SEA MIST
TeamI s blLoLwrdaeewent~ MOHIMaA
Tm2 ry m-myo ed: Hi, MARINAe Hr
Te ome lan whler. DIAlhe.rlop f
Tand AdoI B h Led Se nA .
Wily-te v inor 10e0t meal

Ships Available Now is The

as Fishing Reefs TIME
Sh" T! ^ ia Idth" seads ,w,tek" to make a
.lB $iilr aeoiliolR rti. ml pero-lll welrehwtnal
Ih"l, Winning Goal
Ht, .. Ag.-i. Tbe rhopri lad
di r i e~l m ot Jame, irVer. V ai MobIle.
T, B W. Be On Our Team. p o, EARN 534%
.......f t ,,,........aIa ne.e r On Two Year Certificates
Sto uaMac ,ihe D al. Ihe doell prm." of Deposit
i. Iot .ef l turllme o a j Toet i Te dida.
dmwin Lor Bufldanl. Tabl- 1o ey 00 a to the rel _

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& A0000 SALES ....n.>
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LAKESIDE MARINA INC. 31SS.hkledmelH. Mearai
7848 SO. DIXIE HWY. epe.aSit l., .. tr.'i., sy,. .i ,
L 582-1a_ 408 ,.:'

was sow
CASING8' ..............$2.07 $1.29
1/S CORNERS 8'........... $1.15 .65
O/S CORNERS 8' ........... $1.3 1.05
BASEBOARDS..............$.60 1.55
COLORED NAILS .............. 59 .45
PUTTY STICKS ...............25, EACH
PANEL ADHESIVE .............79, TUBE

GUIF SitEAM!.IE t@ `
14Smoufdi oedrrole liw
'-Wb.F OillEy .tiMo .a.'$z



raely H L.ud lrul, Thin.I,. .plember M MTi

Atlantic Teams Practice to be Good

v*t %'Wll S CHEERLEADERS tI. =r ad

Itll la rldam rou: A.R.
Co.v; KiaY M.or, rap-
tal.; Dorata Bo.ardli
middle row Shba Lv-.
raull; Pat Adams; back
row: Mary I.rtraelB;;
Lisa Walklila Leslle Al-
I.., .o- Itl.; Clindy
Momny Sdy Proctor.




EAGLETTES gram left .o rIgI lltlaf; DObble
Whit., Ulin Uruatln; Sun Day, ca.tla; Jer
Dverpool, aoptealba; Maelia: Terr PollUnme,
Suu lalny, Pleo Grarly, Kitty Millr. Eleln
Ga.rl., P*ra Tiabler. Ju SIlacy, Dar McGrUfl;
b .k tn: Jua Ludalr. Kaahy Lodar, Joluoa Me-
ay. LIa Smilth, Joa ea O'Kefe, Kil Su.aay,
Mary CuuilBihm. Clady Wadkla, May Waltern,
Mar.,1 Small, BrMada Jarll, KSr Boater, Te r
Pat. Ne. Jounud Pbol by Gry Goader)

*U--^----^f will"





to fAilt itadli iare:
Ellle Pollack, Sna.a
Gwy--, KIra Adimi,
Carolya Serila; Pam
McCord; PkyUl Boylagd;
Syldl Gwy.. Kidlla|
Shirl Kraier, Clady

...2 07-

FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF i1 Allulc Iliii School lil seaOm sulndMa
Irom left: Wlde ,ryal. emai; Phiitp llp oa, deRiSeve lie; e wAnd Hlrtile,
ollealve llie sod CaTey Wilder. keat couch. The ofilellsl leuon ieU
Bdtewnty Ftidty, Spt. it1 wilt Ilb Easts bolltb Fiort PFin re I p.m. tINmw
JMrulal pho by Oary Gooder)

. Game Areas Open

for Archery Hunts
Falorida' e bothate wrll it ft mcCy Wildife M.aNe-
have bimeint aemi In which mt Area In MIarm Coty.
to Hy m Nelt Arl side tei HudIon Wldlifa e M.ei.
An *crdlen tor A. Pa. inAuilnPuwthamCoimty.
mek. cntlretn, aGlM aim Bull Crek Wilduat lifes-
FlethWilsrPlihCommlt rnitAreln atlCony.
lo a Special ol( aonarchtry
In ddtlm to ei wldllis huni iancld thetallomnts:
cmweeieneiallwtt wH tti Camp Blending Wtiltli
Soptuordiatl rdurirlll ie MlnanAeml Arte. In Cly
,Styember IlS sile1ry ea- County, Oreber Y1.12, Me
ma, t lere wl be oher o- edNoemb aer.
M Raite illath Tide Ws ep Wildlle Mtar
Wildly ensneaemeNl aria seetn AI min Taylor Coan
* opn tor ha SepAembtr ill iyStypltmberl0mSlh ot-i
S.lle sWildlifer Ct Weldlf Mment
mr Art In Embla CoA a Cl
.er 11 Ih uh DtAciber 10t.
aBlackwiter Wiclie Ma.r ume Reie Wildlife MOa-
Srenedr Am tOIiltos aand aiemlt Am in St. Jiht
aaainteaareetute. Eptety, Jaenauy 1t-1l. t,
egrWpl^ W."'. Wude md= I!
Mtneinent A iea In BA t Ynd SM n E4r1 erta R sa oue
d ApatetlilMl Wldil[e MOne Wale metem. Oclober i -
germt Areim In Lw. wakei. l Special XS Iin A1hter we
In, Prmnkli land LiblWty ma- ieinir llt nd arterber i
Uea. thmmtJanuertl
G. Parer Wildlile Mt Spar il rchery hAunt Am
A wlermit Arm in Calhoun nd aloprefomd for Ico St. VI-
"SetSeeme tml atlabde idlite netie In
terr Bmil WIlItA Mll. FPlnhi Cuni 2nd arthI tse
see Aman' A ia do And Woee nedr' Wi'die Beiqa AIn
Adleriyromus. WoNiata Cont)y. Dnien net
ASlpMerS Wildife Mae- hut blls Firt hne Wsolmard
r milncsltdanmtct W7ehl UOS Fiat and Wildlifl
"verlSWildean. mmatalattrlte,.
aemilt AmU in Palm Beic, Bhlmu im required 1t
IBmeioaelpadtreetlre= p-esm a wptmer h1Inbt t-
Coenty."u ]acda teit "Rt -- at
Dnmmes FirmWtlilaebMM. netas A ip-dal Ptenl will e he
m eat Itlit tid e raty. nea trs na ;!*
MlelelllndWaedllleMiaa letateistrrhery permlttn
,.Ie Aml bGbIS Coa. hmeo btWeleAt nialimaa nearly, lrh
0= I. 1 "4 Tg' Ili I-
tseeole Wildlife MWast tma. g llnpernlryltetob- le ace l
meat OAm te ter and Cc. AiMd at e Jitasoen Gumrd -rehebol,
iemrlab t tle. SlAIlontmai vlllte, intr ioa-lh
4 deVille, lhb
Ad Vhe A.


Mr. Businessman:
SCAll 276.6321 In ed..l.ri.

G GRIFFIN 8 r;.";"! A
"--;l.ln it. The ER VIDPALM BEACH

SANDING c ,'. ,.. ,, |C e

II aI ls'5? :.'.;t.,

Sae & Sevic
A. Bb

ler sp tor a moek tsidoll. Fran Af ullbe ilir klak Ibe belt ta re G
Steele, Lee WIldCr, Clyde Chlpman, Deny Tidwell, Ler'y Temple and PiF


adillac presents the class of 73

w re the esi maltnifint Cadil. (mre model than ll other U.S. luxury e ri A wril s a ihieft-tder ler tem and steel.
ilt. Not otly for whit you can htec combined.) blid raindl tir And in the FIlterood
d mewieternor, nd Ohe plush new You d e hee thte asking ,w strn out- Brugh, rIt AeId la.r, Interi in ny of
,ut much. for *what you an d 1 mr ela for '73. You don' an four colo- .
here the sparkling nw Sedn the hundreds of in rini ned mretiemnt Cearly, you nece hp d s many S ood rea-
e iunnian new Eldordo Coupe imideTo add ni comforl ud c nveinc, o viit your suthoriped tCdilli dealer.
perb new EldorAdo CoVertmible. And .yo det 't a ihe aity nr ne cetiet Cedillc ot Car C Dievision. The cader.
e he ilx other trw Cedillam you mSy add. Like n lighted vanity mirror, ship AhowI.


Tre .it alaT.Tlul fpl tmbti 1.t t ii lit, taet

P. S. Morgan is Selected
AT -ANTA-P hS PiTllAr I'h O 'c r S M L .
tan ha been h le led t ASmc- .
'tlle eltli etmiftornor lr. . .
U B Fbh And Wildlife Sr.h StrIe'ncrlhwtlea irttlc
aia's .ulstei m.i lesA t A tlvee as Jiirph d in
As eneorcid by Aloim - i
hIetlorC EdwirdtMrlf S t. .... ,,
too D"""Amnt A` Ihc I~n'led- ,
or' Atildll e ,iea wt *e t.. ..
Meritn. who wfll report for i *' *. ...
duly An A nIua Seplember )I.,
hu been ioclate* itionl iif e, i.. --i ia.
me-r AA'IH^n T^d

/\ ^ 6 N.A. 2.d AVI .Wi0I
A aI71. e .... ime


(ft 0_3

late Ii Snra..In.neat yhimdulAniliOtbatll, ill

iCrofts 'Camp It'1 6,028

Miles Across U.S., Canada
GAYVOODER .... "- .... | Irlp. Ih t Illdve omlln a riin anrn ntll. ho i a In (.Iln y I Oat you nuld ly a
Tra lt wai Ih I thai ,l .. ... .... .. ... .. i que isitor and eihlbtior at iho nt dtan ae Tamar ina d
.. and a e. Croaft- .. .. A. N .and T, .hl t "nny a o Ial o.
they Mt wanted l do whe i. . ... .. G aBul Nolaotla Ilnli pholdlI ft atnd
they iellredll irla nt -- i, .. t d el d lla nt Inrynn m usaltinwy II BaW Iob .ure
n on ghuin -irtay Kh p P ... .. .,1-.-. I I ..*ui-.,i, t mn on the nal aild
.liae Departnal. and Mn .. land ,. = -,,i- olid ke tha i v0 n mile a ,
oli h le* I I C v e way pTh Nova 11o ItpblildoLded, R. C. prl-
Craft mm h IsI d fll i.. ',, i,..,i ln ttar ghCrllaalnlad Ihe Oe atna I'.'t d C
oItie il the, South Coney il i i.... 1 ,. a atntr trrn Snrnuy Il h ll a en tinlllia at l. ed
Comple a a t Ln l. lo bt aler uple ot dy they e Ct Md lA y aed Io
And Irv I they did Frro ..t,...,.,.....itnn dayr ahvy ala. r-1 In atmltd an nd re baIas Inel Lwunehurn. Nona Smli.
MaylT I l Anmil heClt -. i i. Crane LakeI Ontario to vilt pao t heon i."C1ef-ald bat became anious to |l
traveled t Itnn nheir ecmmend ateal-belte1 litU Joaln and Joye. Cun-, Iip t ie t ttulbui he "qui.k" home .nn as headed down
tr.k camper a Icron the lfor any t plin nln to an ikdn rab Ior ,n tha. al tnce ofl an ouinlder to thra gh Maine, Maltr. h.
Unied Slate| to Alixka, telrip bef ol theponlcd one cdaydrI.e loCran e C keand r i e.i=llbG ywho icU.M Iar ndaMherNew
Co oiodo to No iv a tt oll t puiurellelIr Vau ivelotlke Ihr mile I* a oled for hb -6ll0,i wi EIngland StiA where. the
anddowa n rh this rNewEn once in Ataia A, CaluI I ratlnIp alo lhr Tlewa, aniad aiip pltntil. atdu' Ir Weilher i nially beinn In
glandilatotoom vllteid Mr m. d Mn 1lob tn I h.'Inl1,eulyctr wlthU And Ue K=eniyiave ai "wain up.
Aluk ra1ndi out In the tlay. brthernll-wol U a ybollomandtiunnrplgi"y painli, aind ldh e BuI t Xver Ilw mil. n tahe
Crobl' muird for It. quil.o Ncho on Delmray Beach n, A a n t l. d i.. au It d- Cmrfta wha wer tilVn one by toll nadlI ol N, Enland they
and Ihe Alaikan Rithway. an the i wral li on enea mray hid to go and pay tnil rania
Novi cti ai t al na their talukalln trip.. the Ic. Wbigi n biN a hown "A lo l peo le woot d an ive 11 nrm e cal to a 1n
I. Colorado u heI rnt o quiu or i "m tulo- by drineR the CrIt aytlinlohave had toln pI Theywter not permllted to
In: liateitn. and N eW Enland Ataikinvatlt rlnlertothrm lrriy boat trip Irm lana rne a w s lud," Cnll ald. Ih huIh Ihe Ballltnr Tunnel
orliollande. Determined ID make the and Ihry psned throur a ddi g t Illh iy av enli wiha propl e a eva Inonsh
a L iavln a Delray Bech. the ielll taeCrlat ipet aN ahl olW ai l wthR. C. laltln Ilyp to Naa ai heyhd dl ndon elt b ut
SCrlI headed tlor im Gr- day In Alukai llCinannd NIgOi nlutL a antkte the relum p awlh n ath. Im anal mI
s ri' plae In Kat akty a file It nln lor lraylln l twh ey chU y On the f e rry ip Crfl Grayabardal SeacGypy, in,
tO Ieno. ied lndiala dlii l. Cdauihtlopinnlng rodil. doodlnihedlontntebi ak Durint Ienr itch A Nova Peopl were e lI. Tnl
laol to lh a nrto m oi the A villo to MonI McKnln or their camper. apellli out. Setlan. he Crlt rent clam h telrlng reo11U hal d of tn
Granad Canion wrhr they iNalnl PaSrk bMuethl aorIh OiN Gs-Aa o-onII mLae Itbe I diai. enjoyed the allt ol CrIl who a Ibenlvna
S tiet torn daia oieni nttar "bperlnmre". Cali WSt ltt latirInt NuvS Iirea l dIng La-ier. ail Rs C iendly and peirnTble+
beir, deer. elk. ma ad related, mWe look I ree a a a nn InI wnaianrt ibn il "Paple on the rnIta Irtp
Iihlngi Tley hid prIvlon. iy Ihultleu Ino Ihe park anbe lym d liked tr and renived John Tanner. haulin In a war ala..utly innrli aid
en eo theahuth rim of te 1a they w Ir you drive permailn .oI paintIn e tel. "matll atntch" of Ilan prndn l on l Alo lhoaw n a nd
tany in. Alter we o in. a o k an. d ten fir a petur e wited Wo herind lm It w a wotndi l lrp
From Coiendo. Ise Crot muad tIlde Meted the rod tak ehillht i ded tIhe arp al 'lt a rea na perene and nimethnit we'll never t or-
tInrled torash tIdco, Utlah. wllharnli ourlet eo(ot w. truk ad lit o nwnrk, T. n bat ret. ana lalt I he penp an
Wyndenda nid ite her. "Thr WU r al proi e Wa e sd Mai dnl(l wiTh ee llde d Ie nel t.Cd.
d, In1o Canada al Sweel They nl out bu to he oh. ti ugh, ae pt r le reai d nu ico ta e bOaat At Ihe Bolh R C nd MAayrmie
SGnraa. MKtan.I drtvli n m rslde and itRineg bialt A IAaida e nlght wua a to no lih oe you have to elt ia thai t e only wy tio
0l. blatlao ain w .on Creek b:nlwdakatu ahemua d b ak iimelt ime," C. hemnoutollenel ga" i. n a amper. (ian
where they htll the tdd mile Only eImll Inthene A i qupp, Whn onweaw toutItanwu that everyone
iItravl im ealld the Ailand ti Cirle, CII ll C ia er it mon i Ihe Crolf mota l
oItlwsran gIn dent and I read thN Na.ra e ran le IvIII. aa telir
S.iuaneplene. I bu3elAl ,amt." On the retum ably wlthIa.k kL Oy. oted INSUROR FOR

t ALAlDOYEniti "' ^ H / ^f, (278-3308


Happiness is .........
Greens Fees 5 12 t III A

MR. AND MRS. I. C.C O el nk otherbe r.orp Hpllot abnel, ofnelr camper o ..l ip
No take, bIndt ldlbe A relc XinenllDt viee duels thleir intent ..ler J .ly 1.
lSv 5i55.ECNeiAnidpelnnogykhryGooder) T1n Pn DOOk 17rapr

I .,.,r,,,, 1 StateCertified DriversEdunlion

MESNEX. INC. 1nttI cloaes.. NOW! Ba wltck Golf Club
I1l E. SlLani, Arn. Dlaby 510 Borwick Road
-lrs Cal P278.4140. nd ENROLL JJ nyBnorw FIn,

a".* '";i.",~o'v EASY METHOD DRIVING SCHOOL27.444
SCHOOL iTry is Yotu'l Like It!

,.OT TSa 1 l FPail .wy.
Bo Rito.. uFl iPalm a ih
ao i Suth0 itt' a nhl c a[
11 Piled: AU.uI. li7i1l Dfit-
inJI In: Aay hwluL buiw
Inaorpolton: Pau S, Stue1
ind Jojnn F. Kdlly both C
Ft. Laudn.dtn, Fl kd by.
Patl S Sturt, P5 S Fedeal
lay. Bat Rils. FtA
MAHINA5, INC. ,015w
MIt north Fdereal IlihWay.
Soea Riln. Flt iPi Beach
Col Aua ul: Etihe lichen
Fir aniil F t. lE a ayni
tor: Ruth Cantkd, -oc* 1as
tIs. FHn Sm lCiaby.5 Bm
Hiten. Flu Nanny Witon,
or, Roln. FtIA FIled by
Roter It limr. It N.5

Mrila) Pa lmalo Pairk
4d.. B ilM. Fla-. Pair
B. chaCo. u iA.. r. ti.
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lIlM Swiltia ii. atn1 an
t171. bailrne Inn: OpUl nip,
pllM 5ui~s titlrpcritarr+
-irry J StIon. Pompino
le Pb i FIi Ftdby: BnIyJ.
Sal.Sl Ea AtlinUn Bled
Pmpi no a Ba Fta
FLORIDA. INC, u4sIn71 A.
5 D I>l( r. Lanwia. Fla
rPIm Brach Co Auth II:
000o ion an at II, FlITd'
A* 24, IM Dlsn rI! Any

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tnlln a Lay l nle we tova .
Sin numynm olnOil "11 b'li ,m1 ," a I,'
1Mot ampn idi had~ + r ie C |' rn|t advice Iht m Ihei
,. ... .. e.l". '... My
. b.ane a linen In ,n a
'l. yi ta|rp ie lha dona.

BOCA RATON 399-8305

ASPENITE a OtiN".' gnt, '5"5
PAR-K-STIK .I........ 80.

Pon-ell Company
Quality Wall Paneling
5471 N. Dixie Hwy., Boca Raton

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S PBA Workship Program-

'a Better Way to Change'

ByJULIEMUEAKt cuty 1 nred l01nt 0h0 0uldn0 1 Truier, "blan .nl Ilarryl do, l0 lm Lxke ln ipllula -uo. delfi Saomtle l m e i0*oo'si
S. dlhejob h lve nttollouour=okakp" ian month hl newlaller repub-
T0mee w-boMd W Loh bear Dllernl! Ye 0 And Viv1 la "Woe'rhIp?" 0e ha Dr. Andrw 11all, he FIns i1 Ie gloalng word, olI
-t aroe ned- lil g Adlrenoa ound like "wooip?+ Well. b"apli Cfhlufh oI Delra Ii i p. a 1.
; ver-t y ew Thn w the a II ihutd, for i work Iriee. while ft*. Paueer. -
lgmltenlorduig TVtaon. |lha( who ae1 d Palm Kech 0 l0 an1uplift 0er. p00lor olI Ioynl's Ftrst V.e. Colonel Trauger, we
.00i,10 0.l1e Od 300e0 *I01 A Alllcho p0 1 ? 1 L ea r 10d a'In dem", 1000 P1 "0'10. ,. anm W or p agr Nol ,ll roun peopl'
e a e0 p, 0 P*a3goi* o0 0n0e.? leao .i pa 10 In e pLalid 1. 01rinu studet1 Do0I0 It1y wire hia ao eigrl rngeni
l vasin yn a hd Illa0. 0 e llf N l avelex .00, po .n h nasdRIvin youo pMI. a. Dr. Mune Do y
Sh w ee "ik W rg by wa h u f yd t" rle l s r h1"i e ntsl o th eh o p l ta S1 .. A s, I i D'l. y I.
liihink liru and eggiitg mhe Trauger. On Iht eonlrary, for Irtatme tailing rnm no the PBA'e eHKIIIIe com-
36neeln.a.lldolnmefinery ot Pa|lmBeach Atlantlc silent dtlll t o iiedy peole tth the mlttw-
S doluw0had nveredn. m are tor lea o l p0rt0. gohi state walnare 1 r0mia e n or '"M4y people in Ihe aPre
*Iay person; harm. They I kl n, n real* enereti "nrllng w~thlMnse gil* and have given the Nllcge inme
tea lld ag isw' el kid l ni o iooblana.oo0 In he siter ad or lhe perla tlkOfo It.o
e ,l .... .. .. ...... awar+.,Bic,, mad "N --t te -omlpent. fixe. Us"! '' M.' .. ....... .. ..........
rp l0,00. 01 b 0 e 0 At he m a tmme. aoohmrproirao i0 from 0 anya." hays Col.
tn 1n0 pumlobe a b 0 ld l i ,0 Tra-,ert k1 ".ntl.ary
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ernally. dil, mi 0 o 10e1p 10de0. .,,.... ..-' '. pise epoln lo IheBImm.- .
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dhad 051 a i. hal1 the ed Olawtelih eve b 00 0 0
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Igram"; In which n = ude*i 1,r Rave lioi.o to the diege b
bea 0i510.1 n v"1' 100 01.1a k feelo g oISew 1 0he 90 practical 0perlea, lo (or Mo. oundalin lor Wake1
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ha Il, pen eap W ""hes M iaorl a .lleo I 0e h private college io m.k.e II
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as. 00n.11 i1.03010010 l en ..1. 1*11 It 8 0 1de0 0 Of de Moody, 11 i0 r n.01* people hesll.0 le 1 o enroll (helr0113
1t as New00 0 Palm0 rh"Ae.
lognS ^b ... ii for W.k..
.'1 elle d o ie. with mmWell. lol e lm
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"I 10 We 1`nd m .1us Ke a 100? Well, I 53 nwd ]n* 0 l.B aio e ma ll ao l Woy l hn it.ll hu 0 k0010

hate beenair ay tbt oyntaoo, men aai ]u~a + hr--20~l~m]" Ryl Palmn ThndySrsef ^n nilJ'
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,late nosd is Inn.= beea "; CiO 1 E BAC K
orl __ ere- IRe-openingSet8
A 1-Non Group 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
MeetsThursays SUNDAYS 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
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Arts Calendar

The loraschli 01 Art lall ,'|, "-,'' 1 '" ','** "l- nilm 10 s tK a enlaoi
1l0., will. 8 ol begin wfl3 1 4 . . flu. u 0mllty, add lechnlual
0,plTmOKr Ii 03 endm~ m-uI
piemberlL~~~ha~bfivn, 9," II ',', I1,'1 l
g oer, Fl Ide olload, ha. ,h 1 , l K e l
hduled In dwing, i William K Melvn Ku. ,
tea..n-111 "'le, am+ I Zmte "
r eif namlla, sd .n . .,div is 1,,- i n paro.,ing
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Itolland aid her to, le irtin, Wnd drawing Ior adu.1 a

t/ i 35.1111 l MIN*I10
j$631$91 a ~ e
id..banda,... I HUIsT 3041* Al sIll1 11


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OF OLD SPAIN. .. h.Ie dldn'* p"Its aId c00d ah nd,
model Ih ColonN pri you n aford.
Club allany olher .i0.0n0 0t only
community. `We look t1,990. Were open
22 plus Cme. of0 b.auti- every day 1Om 9 to 6
rut land mn Ihe Imnt- 3 atop In and 0e1. wa0
coaxll snd iliuddell 10 you ha In, seen ny-
thlow 12 & 3ol where elle.
ondominium build. oS
100in. wmwi Colonisl COLONIAL
in desgm. oput loe COW I'
o ipartment* on -[.CLVB c
n 1r to add to y0our
1 -5 a y\M mera.Dl~yusKtassa ~lmr>ras"i 0*030501* ^
P01.r Iseln, W.l1Wal -a41ae shouth
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410*i J lA Pr9.llga Co...1in
Mni go nlbl* Har
1 1 111 A0.1 Go 0l C 03l ft- L rdth

of Deiray Beach cAN.

M.V. (Pele) Kelly is doing it again with The Hamlet of Delray
Beach. The same qualtyand design integrity that went into Ocean
Reef In Key Largo and Lyford Cay in the Bahamas, both nlterna-
tionally recognized yacht and golf communllles.
Our first model two-bedroom apartment is now ready for your
nspection Our first village. Greensward. Is now underway, And
lhe Joe Lee-designed championship golf course Is moving ahead
to il scheduled completion in December.
Come oul now. for your choice of goll course and lakefront
locatllons in Greensward...a new plateau in excling architecture
blended With a village plan reflecting the friendliness of the small
town of yesterday We're Just four miles east of the Turnpike exit
on West Allantic Avenue. next to Sherwood Park Goll Course.
The Hamlet al Delray Beach with condominium apartments and
townhouses ranging from S35,500 to $59,500 for Ihose who know
what they want,
Call (305) 276-0351 lor further Information Otwrile to;
The Hamlet of Delray Beach
3200 Wesi Alantllc Boulevard
Defray Beach, Florida 33444


Po r II So .1, l.. 1 Thl4 mb0 11.1871 A l -

CLASSIFIED ADS .27,.2. . ...... .M ........ ... 276,. 9 U.SIN. S li
''Deid'lfines CIHsCII OU AD ^0ou CAN HW- ----- --
6...., .. ... 732-6697 IsiS TO 0720 l 'IR I
(CLASSIFIEDI ) i. 9.54 DUwO h41.R foftunissI0vI 0 N m9N'F 90r."wy "'3 *'"R 0 MASTER TAILOR
.lSS, .,, K --WANrT ED MI 5ASE FOIl 278-6548 1 amys..oh S E R nv u i. d. CNEolh ci"ti
a J AN, F "B, MAn l .nd pI ll- ,1I eiw ---r, .. cwoth, I ,
'o a* r .. (CLASSIFIED DISPLAY) $ rl 9 A 1 Iu e r Ii llo r ao r ly rc Ie .A.....
L 3 2 1 5 O r 71- W AU En T o nlly FIb ETe W lH-- I lly n I r e l d C o ll 6 1 3 -6 1 4 6
TO PLACE YOUR >B. h. 2T-321 r 732-1070 lK 0 6m.EyO NNrIr A ) .... lood 4-, a ,;
R lldn. XM 1I 111 LA YOUR FMI l I y r I AE III.L-P hm l Tom n of I
OEM MAN RRMMV. TI I'_` R, |ballCr hWA l I I IAu l Ld .InFOs r e

407-. I -N Lease w ol m p6 ..ATH o L A 2 SVE a,. JOHN RANTING to.n RUIt Irl TV'e uT, IN 30* S *ce -.n vd
-rAlnn o ri and roem rn f n1A.ely SI l CIENCY r PARTMCNT 3-Ren -- ase AlT t& A .At,6 uw InRiN _ DO Vesel ------e IWTi o : F I rdao A & unlearrw. mnls .
T1a ,omi NEAR' WEAN, s! i -esnc m ;0 wTo. sen d m s arvsr., 3-RI R LAM,
E N R IC l Y O U R l i le y wear n I o rlem- t F l y Rerl j I m - 1d T 1 td.
rEo ter nrthe D'W o H oEDrabe numaeTanTe or, 1 S.0 E.l. llse EAUMOPI WrAs.. R 1 th 0ISwnOewl nl
La. menaraao m Y uI mbDROOM & G ATTI. Pm._ DUPLEX APARTMENTaa|CIIS I. s ED adla n J A NT I N.. b. JHN a I T i VE
oloreay numer aor Iarortta Not m El'ad ptAl.,a T ra Too lor' mN llwy rtaV S.. r Ave tatr t BTd rm Nl Mlr aMhttor a nbe" lJeds.6I.'a o rt. 1r Ad a0T Crplli I ..rr. ... pllo n...

ahIlly pretingl Ih n llioid l ga -- jn N6 y ,00 l |l. r|008, E SI 1 . i h A -, cih. 1__mPR______ar N --IE li*-mo I in A I ri n-

'nd olr LEm.te *.lr" ml e Tr. .One. 2o o uru.IdealM1 C L TtAPnltamilienfldllthien te i e r d wi n ool C e rtro l air conditioning and 1 &.
Phu r YOU Ar l Eit W Fpll i n re4rdc a DUpX TN O,[Tom t A l lan" Hi hl wAh ii d aor Al |lj 00+ t E amll ar'd A it t V 4f A alaTI l lMt- 0 tE I
l H ee BETST BUY rlar

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I, ,s, H Ane&'.lFlew ft MR A oher hw d iedih Cs MODy A. 1,, R
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s,. L e P celrerO l e.1 rw boa. 1 JAY 'AN. I GI ----T I h e nue E Iw, o mehe;I On .e
Sson LIVE A h1 I h P"'4A
U1PevmeeL I --- p L- III, or petn IrB D 1 I n .l u tu, wrme' Ink. be m 'E'sly let iiIW. 1 <1 I, |Mur I NTRO |IV DUPLEX I (nNI

L ryn,.mre] fm to lS J+ and ""l 6 N, I.h mIITd flor 1d Ita FEATE nOR5 NEX i. M .n Ma mLot ,o 1.......10 .
1I6.7401 d ry-' ni G, M39, 1e7ll Insenas R r A4 9 -Inca
'2 a a s' d a HNure m mais 50 dll ,y -y) W. ThROPI HARROD

la4ITISIIU.I ..Ny.C 'e noi Nyer Carl ATE nH , ,Cl; IF III, wn ter2 E-4 >I
. .. ... II.... . I ..I .. .. . .. 2M

ISg ws A r lgeS 'gn Pon .9r I* mans ,CPLE rnshed "" I 't' WATE OTOME
o lu n t- -r eSA E Lke- 4dl 3: Cood III IN.e
..n, "IA = LP n 11,6. -t relrl. C o-S,-imt l. -R ear l PyJEsarT m iVniy Can AAIwnoe ""T o ll, 1 n laoh T r
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Te~nonO~aL 0100000 Sar~n ODLUISE UNlF UNHNIhwey D tooy 0h. oh R A 0,01i l l hen g r ke. y TIdrKm. 6e1t he0te 1o rML dII. 9.0 5 ANo M, louilo 2 pdb o io.a h corAmiling orVd AoAl,'
" ECCM 19,14 600at F o r Stle L2000I ONI h 000 00 P WA 2T 0 r U LE N V a ri lK 9 o. U WlE

ANITOtWVA JOIN ar lhlnkoBANER U- ltaerluy,> 60 600nl-,2 0o*o2, lo2d.6, l. I .
-.w indnM .h. 1 CooOs+m.. iO pron m N or ar'c ............. ...... N.. - -l- +I.. ..... ... IR o" l' WI 0.. O.N ...- ...... u.
962.20m 100. ONE BEDEOCKS. I LaSI. HITN. l- .NLO oloo G:00n TINE A E R .ME Har,.____ ____ _________ ,

enlder t"H.1s1=ad-ly IT'S t Ai I "ICyrMk
,VWNLANDOCL IEE Cordller.0s .Jr V e RA U. .o. p BES 40f TFIa a. ADAM S. aE T ,
*lI AN G iy CAM R 02 a a me Are0 Lann a M fI WATERFRO NT HOME I
ATnM -a doo e-ery om CORE1 a -0 MR SALE or HEN, seen16. OS r PFFlED*T MO AMID a na 6
OA b. 6 PING. PRlCED NIGHT AT W.0 noth oA000A60 HVloolts ON TWE0. PL OTS,.

.. b.o.60000600 - ,-.. 0 I ........... .. ............ 0. 0.d B.,,h 7d a4 0*

00 IT2 4ln. nl \r I '2 0 u2"V iher l 0 I I 1n 10 00 Mm Tro.oll26, 0 l
1 X6 O AN I,20 wo / .-,dr..a.r lh OBO..bO D O o O NT ON WA. O EATE.RT 10n I. .,.I.0 2... I ESR BY

CoraOIS AdLyNON Fml y ASLn 'Tew 6 0 0 0 I R room0a,00.Sanor ond ri 0 0 n oN
GE is .F R L Y W :S E r b ell ., no t . . .. t o e ,. r.
IO00T4- 13mrFd Av00601y 0 6020l 0 0000. A l 00 lhand n o lld R.I m6e L2 U-OU I5 ZoIs .76.46 R
C ommon Ln 0 2.S Fr lro.,x IM A ""I 11-0 ila7i, I 471A I I o A------------
Ser C Aye, it 0 bMotto hINoP6001004 wV22LS02.WOSI601h.60 1 25 A.r,6 .. ... BEN T 6 EE22 AYOA .

-R1eoL.0 206ens 0 .a, I NO IN TaIaWOS __adal2 ITP Oneo Tne. "-F ." "ON b2 IOM.Mo -n-A..LP88 IREN

room. W. in "sAaOt "Ae,. Mu 311.,8 be;L'Pk*:y.W ;;"*e;,;"*
o0r0121 DA- N A02. -mk0.I `,56 0 r M.0

.herenlynch 1 T 1 AS0,6, N eo yo & T INK." reaI estte t

L OH.OLa.r rO F ITn ABANED. $M o I 0 0.2. . .. I m3..... ta8.rd
.06, 0. 50000 SAOA I e gt` A o.V 0 2 Sain. ,ono ,Ioo 0. RICO~ Rte O.RE ,S0*. WurisdFR REN
NEN U mNoFnIh* s. red 1wm. 02OCl.Thiss .2b ned 276-9600 Fmy MONLT eT
aooo lra l a irt Aondni d H606 p. om Ws .pi ous, right, and C! e0cln IM,9 B100 l dtN b".1 ooC
A R ad Puch ..... 6 0 DI 2000 19.IVING I i
Iolnl 3a "Ct ol On6s loomaoeilao omr.d b ell, be
Residena isne o RrCeal, In and Pna L oadndo rdon-,ooot
rWNo ly .7 n R. ANER o69O.(M.00 dpop2 2b20 66 b 1 20 or ld adoped. 0 .ed.

for U % dowN ande0Le 4.0 = ... P TI SLS R-12SS I
**I. .* *t 2 b *doo** -3 bolbw Fomiy o 2.VdLn. o b ,
Whent 33' p T HIN 2 enal r 0 .0 d EE .. 020n. ".' f -` p'.
a 0, rorood heeaulo re incrasn g raidy. NOCEN E O oI COUNTRYea o IVI.HG

a39. btldntic h 4614 06d0,p, inc.uding5C00 MODELI ono r o d n. Coilo op far o ln
0n076dur0g1 i 11 N i. 10nRA . FeIA0e.0 lad Aaci ltis and, oopld. 3 Rod.

Ior 5% down.and..124..0. 06trEs"! on $60550010. 0
_ __ C M C L NO.ONY......................
CORNER R LOTY NEWC TOWN pol A.ART.ENTS. Ja s i .. R ..... .. ..
n do ih5nlA lloo o
CeACalN ANrT cACditiAnol ea ool, Floridn 35444av
iw,0 oIsnpor. 0 Stores Plio on 3' oo; cos. 14o o PS ,. .o1In F 27 6.-262 o
1514 PREST AND lh AT T Ave nue MT lL 0ato n 05 3 0 I I L H1 u11t1a l o, ,

tr6-74ll0 h d mal oldo 391 10 3 central TOE ndR hear,

ONLY......h.onoRly 2, .RmtA0IP.00 08 R1 m O A
S.W. /o S oorpu,9O 0 R00d 099-$92 Tbio 125 n 160 Conn.. l E ST BUY 3 and-

47,500 '.

5 Lodi- flooded 1. oloon BELINE FASHIONS, 2
onrog weak. No .-1 ... .nFla~.ood,ob. if

Phon.. 278-510K or 389-8809

IbetterRead o.,o.Wloo REAL ESTATE
a B ...1 hW.0, Eep.oio. SALESMEN
ono dony* 00006O.con. r
~,~~lloooro(oolj PAYS TOP 00N0005(06
1111.0,10, NHovel HPiNEEt F.

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.o~ R.... 0010*00, nF


Z1, Inl au-..11, ......... ...... well
.00000 wil dr,001
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-.i. 'DSK 100800

00000 010noe00 OPENINGS

DUN0 TO EXPANSONR. popllo *e..n.10111'. led.n

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OFFICE wk ed, ll, 1. 0 O -1 ARR OPLY o o ~o

I_______ bebf ~tdf NUeonR!looy F00r
B_000 "de 5 .. 1.W001
011010011006By ends W lyle. 00 A00. P000,000
ForkSk, 00odol. Or", nedr, o _i0000 O~o f~ 0!0e 0
usloess Smrices b, ..d 0lIl.1 I11 OO. P00011.O000101
l0..Oonle poe_ 1.0 ION I ALI, I1000000. are Or0'

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-n C- 0 HONDA Print on.

Coil 8onc .W.TonbooonAoooo. Rx or O0
00.0410100100 ,,~mu

Beautiful two bedroom, two both east of Federal.
Two car garage with door opener. Prfect for
couple or small family. Immaculate condition. Vety
an0l0 dd t10 000R009fZ10A

nnmR inumraun Bor0uW.aLO



ONLY $18.5001

Phon-: 732-.9754

IM)000 T 1.~20 00 .0 ad
..0 000 06 f0f0,f7 0 00
00000,00000,0 ~ 00 0*000

. ... 0.... Ro rod
'0~,or,*.- ked,~o
0~000 1.03540~00. 1A J -f-ke

dd.00ioIO~ooooO0O~~O 71
11~61e~10,o 19000 0100 149
,00000000 Yee!.

Beach Waterway
Top 4th floor CONDOMINIUM apartment, 2 bedrooms 2 bolth. Front
bedroom converts so a0 to double he size of Ihe livingroom o a grand
24' x 2' Including dining area. 18 feel of sliding glass door open onto
forge screened porch overlooking Intracoolal. Luxury carpeting, so.
perb B.rgian drops, many extroI. Convenlenicarport, boat dock.
For sale by owner Brokers protected

Call your own broker or 278-5555

!ss, Finan

4 MIHelpWueFtd ek
eewide. All No Ifo eel
nI.w Free Trin. s00as0o

"oew,I-,Un. In D
Deiny Beich New Jnl

| PnlIT, illn.
'The eodh"
S I126L.Atlant6Av..
T_ L 276-6018


e MAYnMOUVi ,. .. "

8EhS . ...... ... r ,. i i.
Y ,I W ,11. i .. M

I e1 loiioooio-l d-~t,00I el.b e i oi,. fi -t

MS olaledorllty lMme lM 010 To : ,k I iON d b,
p Y ,.,
t1 i T l Colr ltyb 'tall J , 1-'."1 i.
.I. by I i l..L M .e . .i.. .. .. T" '.
b10 o Rsuroo. Moblogt~n, ho 010 pmooo ",'r oo

1d,. C Wniralgh to i 't t I.

F., . 1
d en 1n ll Motn Hel rfP M0 ilrn omlthe Florida Dopare menl 1o
Moan d gi molitbnI In r ta rln I .venue e1plaln0 d that whtt
ipo. nd lh>li~r.H. h. n the lstate ak over the Inlinft-

hoMooay 1mm OhMi.) Prm niokbrne TlIm therii',.of
ot us ouo pubicldat1.Ios Iohl. SO) . .l

PMd Itopbmsroproomlemlrou. 0
ertcf l ariscde d a in ac trunilllaa ol
*rId's CI~iif In "l-In~lr uctlim to IIf ta1 (fom couly to stair
rubf Itolel Motlle nflasurlnl adminblralion Sini- all ru .n
Maiugenil" will be ollered ly ro~ll were comblnfdU
b Monday Iorm h 3 to t 0 nd kei (imand n r.llt and .

70 Part ol ir e Colkge'i A.A.
ist degr ,e In MoDI Moi ., Re or.i...... ,,.'.
ad. i rnsnl Mfe.imeno The e,,..,,,. -. .-... .,
* 00 OcdltiCM be leapplied Ba .r,
ro. Me .r.o ooytbeMi,,r... -' "".,,.,",",

mris to el- r d leb e Ic., center, di H lr11. ot ll-. roit.

M. lail to M*AIS,1. 0 eoompoyen'. Front row, l-r, are: Viol.

See Delray Beach's

- r~.teO~ee.o0
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0,~010to~ to ot, 000 lIOCOto

lUl'ltMlntor Tit.