Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
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Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Perry
Place of Publication: Delray Beach, FL
Publication Date: August 10, 1972
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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BEACH O 7 0 S IOL ...



It's National Smile Week

In 300t we331O 0000.JKOUN1L, -e od-oo
allgdaing National000 Selile Week (Am" 10021
In, th ea al0 0 the year to .14 .. a.bE som
,ad.y, 1ProlM... We told W0 011.. 02 07,1

mm h00I 1,3 .1o rolrn 10.i.4 se. holy.h
PhmmI drmb, t y p Grkm. .4o Ratred. baeby11
22.I2232. theme .. .1 ithey eookey-11 .,t-Po
G 0.7

w -

School Board Sets

Reading Conference
' A "flnt annual" redlnl wBilbe the ~igltlo Bead pr
a- ".1017 r.nz000000
aniferc wpmsond Jofitly plrn, findlv~ldulid redfin
by nlorida ABanllc Unlvtnly limrtlon ,,poirammed tad"
u0d fi Plm Bea00 Co000y Ino tlcoyO..7 eOI.l Tilli [
*wlich~lBl~olyitemloepublli! proJect, and milerfil of In.
odo prlivaoe fohoo l m0ycbeI leA anolcool 04dml0ll010
ndminlilraton and Interested anpa Ttl Khoo e m dig
151:3t00 2112 Or. 300 toltt I".*34
cdier will be held Friday. Icchen.
A t. llatF 4AU. e.liI 0ra i2on b ,nki *nre
.etu0red will be Dr. Jon 7v0lable now and I0h000
th Cmean at anUlrI o ceto rem s.O~
bee., wbon .0 e will be Halfnom, elemtary ed0ca-
"TlioKi dooKtO." 100 0700100.i In03 Iechool
panrdpa toM In fie md ilem'iccin Bi,
0enla from I a 0 1. to Ile In 0 ar aevaiteob mIe
FAU'. Cianarem Building day o0 00 conrereO. 0t1-0
South will be IIlemir to thai ltmUon (or them will begin it
bulldloli i udlloruim capidt y I.Mn. Helvenan uld
ofM-_ ,, Cuiferenc col Ii. 1 ad In-
*Al"^ .*iaon ^n; ro elds i box li-
m~~~ ~ I:30 El-aol to
I 0II be open Io u nay I More thean pliber w0ll
wlh lto aWeWd t Co:=red Ce ilubltlroito 4
0 Register to Vote

by Aug. 12

.0............ N

While a epulGo .m eleliane
an wnr~nii onJMl~lrl lluuel
In Mlaml Yhe Republican
ClUb of the Palm Beaches wil
prleunt LoalI ind Suite IO
022nd0da0e. The p ani d I0 c0
WI, 01001. II.y"1113
Weodneiday m004g meen
atUI:a im..A git l t alie
Firl FederallU 1avli0 and
Lman on Ihe corer of South
Olive ajd Bo diem Boulevard,
Scedul0d 7pe ke0 00 Mr.
Wa. K.-er lor Ta. Col.
lec2ir; Mr, Tomana Lewil for
Sfte R Wepetefve; Mr. Da-
vI t. Bud=Irt for Sill At-
= and Mr. Waller N. Col
'Sfe Suoate, Dlitrid
he All Iepullcan Ca""ldalei
are Invlld to 1 a 1-n.l= 1
Comueal lo I.le l1
10ai0bo 0ithe l2u2i
M. F. Millokr. Fild 02t
IIEnte of AgriclClurl Mar.
.10012 ;.-00 1.00.0

e0ind Sei e. U" 03-
"int of Ad "culure. U"ke
land. ea* aruouced tbet the
otrinlultob MeeBing of the
Ory appblne.d Mialf To-
m.to Committee 0emben
0Ie ltol1day Inl. Bellt Gade,

?ws Notes
0t1a0m0,Au0l2t1 13.i. We wi2h to tha0e0010
ALL INTERESTED PER- lo his0pport d1 i MI
SOS AnB INVITED TO AT. ar. The xt show wi
TEND THIS MEETING, at Al .tgu34l207-,p
which O01Ir and S CHlmo W OOLSTOREPI
mll.I to .ae durin" Ie The Palm Beach C
O-n wj wilB be leted Scho.l Syitem nund
and budet will be adopted O I il ritmn to i
a -ftg with Idatlon dent. allendlng dole
(or the I2-?] Marketing Poll- KhooL) than Iat year o
ryandfllllregul"lB UMI ledtrinm bool lo
VOLUNTARY ACTION Bnl area I Thursday, A
.Voll001y AcB" Cantor or 11h, and 03a0 "'e "In d
Palm Beach Co2oly Ii 0 r0. 0t- cla1 0or 03 plblc icho
fig vofunleer tor an Amer" Monday, Augul lth, FI
n Cancer Society NaIBna InlorUmato M itatreqn
]IealIB SMady. Voltunlee wBI Inimunliattoni, allend
be aoflann re~archenand t. and-othermte
Ilutoer aJle0. = ol 1 0t l an be ol0aln2 d
at needed lo do follow up 07 O0e0choo0t7.OOlnyour0
yltmear'-iiy. YOUNG REPUBL1CA
OiI~cfilUeko(wlllbeOclo. The Yo.g epUblICAl
ber 1. with e cmpletion by $oufh Palm Beach Count
Thiniuglv. Plea e aRl Vol. hold I fud il'i:' d-n
nlary~l ActnCenterofllce, Saluday,. A.g t II.,
S rWt. lo ler. We need ly n I.
alleat 4O o 5Ovolunten. Beach
BUEIIL 0 PLANETA0 M The event will beati
The B2M1er Plane0 0 1um atp m. and all the e0ub'a 1
Brard Community Colle0e 0010 wll be avalable 0I
m111 be Wlod ktll Auguil 2 g07e10 II .do0e,. A
al which lime the pfinelar, lion of 11 50 per peru
'27.1i hwiB 1 n Thil ylude s00 ud'0100 rS4 a0
00t.,B w,, '.0, I 1d0.h .
tjke v=UBI. aId to n e dero ea
brte and 1epar arulp0n1 l 0300M
.k. = 1 %able 073 -w 1 l 003 3r71 011 2.10

T 0IS MEDICAL RESEARCH BUILDING latedB am the comer of SE Alienat
Avenue ad Swa10 Avenue wan Ihe ice0 a of ar-wall 0cl7d03. RMBain
3700 iledley of SW 4ib St.. Dalmy 007h. ran mie M"r blo Ik.e l Wall o0 I0e
Al... Med 03l 070rB BudiB loel.ln1 b0 o0 30r. eloiley 1 1le0n,0d voll
ir llcni d4ivg, failure to take qlreqrd 0i0I ftlelr 2r0kl0 0a obje0 WPehoo
EN by Ray Gra0a00
Kiwanis Hears

Capt. Bennett
'rI ,en "om* A.IIca0 a At 00t 0ie Cap1eIne
onld iv n re 1po 7lbl 0 in i e n 1. In he South Pacific 00
I m dd f f1 e OUS. Yore.
3130f. n 0t atalBl lke200 who lon0 01 wn, 102,0O1 alr ar
oIlm fie cm l of our uilvenI- gee. wa. rd2ered 0o preed
0 4e. Captain WiLIam Benne1t. 0011.20* 0 the 70 ia4 M
Uj N, to0 d fie D 0l.ay Beachoe e oi
20 0 be0 1n722 Th2r0d2 y. were ve0 0 youn0 buk at they CAPT WILLIAM BONN
T lll le. ie P0 0 on moved i JoU.0 fre afto wate0
wr n IBted Navr'"1 o'"'told o'to of! Ko"I a W Pednmw n-
ek iperienc when Conunmlst glIlcently, he said Some ein| bomba dallyfinVieln
TO 1111. TV.2,0003407040
n eoicrnnc ubervallon dup (]lo.t deck tUan thy btW APT IteL IAMd th Ib
l Pueo oon Jan00 20 0 03 0.10 ll la0 1 h01p 1li t. clotcbc011 lo
OreB. Captain BeaNll lr7ly criB. l3 ha"gi"g from ielr pi 0II
o, L t n eebd h sowidg
od, 4i0er ol I0e Pebli lor 00 s0e0 becy h- 0e4kd tht 7e020r de101 bed 010 0
0. ,0* 000 i K oea l.n 303. m.rb 'L .ol .hwrk e r a ,t a e- h .. 01 tI.
) he learned he had been oh- Cati enelaMprai L~ n desitn or teal, w
0400 eda.o 2.1 e.,m,,n,08302 p1770210 7a701e, .3 10114017701
,1,0 1ee.g e en o tbe 1, Winst on, willBctO provide apI.blaI 1.
1bl 1papen and eletn- an a0 Iphlblo at0 cag.o elele overaind y d lwtern
icedlrISn befoV captu mip d e B mand, dhe tolOOSuteatn m1Moera


County to Condemn

Boynton Inlet Land
A .l.. p .l y .lo od0 ith ell any part to ie conolty Aency, or Ihec.oey I lac th- lGote. 2o So nw Beach
of 101b Inlet., ugd (or The smp no0 wu0e t has been ol the enoeeonm corporalB0 I107n he00 0tc nInolyrpo.
lypunrhaltoe rel hin apparaiSed tS( ,3i Obut t e n- 00 Oharno the joboodele. raldor.o
3l00 f cltiene. will he con. *.0 .i0 Tufiay ranged sted by Ihe 00070 lIe r3c0m- D 0tled the to. l doepar,
40mn0 d lor public Icqt1luonr (mtam ,OltKo 5B0 030000 olawmeetlng 0a 0 0o n 02 yechek it p Ue 1 11n.
Ihe euray m omml, mm d, ,d- ".. lGvor ar.utl f uh v! In l eo alr et
'00 by a .1 v K.e vole 0it 0 1100ell 0 In th pblc In. t ly hud boel es0fin and el- -1dn w er o
AugmllIm~llnlH ieril," uld Weaver la mat- pnied Ibe opml~that more t n d| n d ilePble nBelvedan Homeu eMt
Chal~nn eobertF.Culpep- Ing the mo iolie dded 11li [ere.l mailchini lundi [iy oI Wet Palm Bewh,
per call fIe o wint vole oiler hf bael thai sl alo e evw of he available uder cunly |u- 1
Weoeand Menben E. J. Bd Florida beaches will provide oerludiclion' Ihui saving lax --Optnedbldi firirnpnive
Weaver~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In oetCJt~nubl acua wypii oe o"" "W*"-"' nB

inor the 0 ,0 on. Wear -100- Aw101 .e i 7,117 street. GI _ml7 SWOre tSW100
e0er0 2l0l70 de d0e 1 .4 In eclling te dt dfi. vole, ewo dStlt p
17 at to rney to pe ed wlB0 Cultpepper M id he t oped *yhli r 0 h71 r0 & Sea i ton 0o 0 wo2r00 00 A 0rpo 4d ,00I0
,,0b &l d-le .fom _._k

e bnlneidoi7 ln1l000anand wll nol kill tie 1.100 t0 mE no -*dpe.UonwBl nhln e o ...
.o acqurle h0 e 070 0wl0fout iiou1ht1 0ulhol the Intel' c ly bu 0l.tem. 0nd dirct01 -- Anot lanl7 tl0 toIr.
C0niG l Rederl mtcFnI n.I Inotherb olno heboard' 040 a e1eW of lu0 0n0 pro qel Uie C mIoiooILeli.
32 Tn0000nder70000li,037l 0 r70s0 1 tlon ek lTull dearallld-
0.h 07-00 Col It 0 a 0 .. 1. ,in r.0 DloulO d Ine pouorlttiy lo10 of a lefieI.y mandated
.c ...c bo ... by -0 -.:':- ',',,' 0 ,,11 ., oe .... 0...... a . .. ur.ly program 01 Palm..
m 0on'0 beach 00070 Ig p7ga.m, 0 m 4ndat.d by Beac flh I7e00dl. 1.1
0 which bt wek urged no p30
jut oltd Ihee Sit~g 7.5 toe SW Rm

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11.e 2 03Dynamics Corp. les
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3...........1Bankruptcy Petition
0 e0rn 0 td er. R0 I0020 I h.t jI* I .-A,
ed adSH^5Wearri mBcrT^
(w 007 the I0 S 0 mou .
ot 4c0an Oide 1'"'0101*41*i0 Dynamics Cororatio ol or chan0 e 0 I the manufctu0 p2 rm 77 7 c apltoluB
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adacn .t te muicipa Beynlinfleach, lhetf-year-ld The +company operates rcelvedfihe pappolloid any
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by 110 Sit. I h 1-

1e p0or0. 10 00or. yea
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tef',q w" iwf-lpwm~. mmte oa, e

'p'nI. Ne..ws an 7all, n ,. A0., IS, iam,

Family Reunion

Day, August 13
Sunday. August 13. hal been designated s Family
Reunion Day. i973. a day Ithilialed five yea- ago by
Kiwanis Ithemalioal and Fredomln Foundallon at
Valley Forge to promote beltr understanding and
closer aiel among tamlaln.
Although reeunlon are mually thought o1 a a
gathering oa the clan from grandchildren o grandpar-
eUt, to uncles and counsal, the Kimwael idea aI to bhng
all members of the family, whether M and daaghtetn
or mother and fathersn. nto a luer unalon.
Ooervances suggested In the promotion o- Family
Reunion Day Include family picnic,. galherings and
onllnp an well as patrilotic education and development
of family research pro e .
But Family Reunion Day should be a Joint project
ol the entire family to promote, not lfor a parent to
odertons and daughter "toda this or that."
Family Reunion Day can be a prime time to turn
ol the television. and o talk and communicate with
one another. Discusion of things that may bother
parents about their children, aor children about their
parents could bring into the open underlying problems
that could then be resolved, hopefutally for the benetl of
all and bha bringing about a real "un0on" of the
Family [ite is not one aided. but has as many taesa
to It as them are p" romn In the family, whether an
immediate amlly or all the ulan thclded.
Perhaps family life ean be compared to the dia.
mand by either being a diamond In the rough
where each aide yoa It' own way, or by beinl a
polished diamond where the facM are cut and polished
to perfection, .each complementing the oter.
Families, no matter what the nationally, make up
the foundation of Ameriaand arepredominaet among
the ailment majority. although we hear coltaally of a
trend away from family tindg toward unmarried com-
munal living.
But let it be known that family life can he JuIt an
traglle a the diamond and as easily tot.
Cooperation, communitcatio and many times, a.a-
erii. are needed to ep family lite polillhed and
evenly ocated, hbut the more oopration and ommuni.
nation eilto. the len acriice will be needed.
Sanritfie can belt be described as a '"sharing"
whether It be pjblem. rellgiouas belletf., happiness or
Jack PIUlt of the Kiwans Club expressed his feel
ingS loIt year and it 1i 00t ai tree hlin year. "If we will
each look o our own family, our Country will never
decline. The madi ingedient 1a In . use plenty aof
And that meam keeping all oa the taceis of the
diamond palihed and gleaming, even in mes of dark-
me by sharing and working together to solve the many
problems that can onfront a family. GLG



Sig esndAKWANS INt AtLONAlnd

Luxurious Sponsor
The underlying theme of the Democa e conven-.
tion held in Miamind Beach last month wa.i the poor
people with the stement "party o the people" made
overannd over, with emphadil that the poor were weall
representd at thconventohn.
Thone who watched the convmllo an teleulsino
were probably newhat amused then to se one ofa the
major aponior bringmng the ahery of the poor to the
television scranm Smtgh ndvertisin
LUnaoln Contlneaintl authmabile advertising depl-t.
ed the rich tlat driltedving the car at a bolurios private
club outn wealt.
One can only wonder how "big buhtineam," Mespeial-
ly one In building Such lunty Item for the rich, felt In
heaolg big bulneu berated between their advertising.



Jam.I M. Co Jr., Chalimn
Rlobrt W. Sherman, Prnldeinte
Gary L Gonder, Publish.r-Edifor
Advalilong Account Eaculivoen
Danny Undmrwood
MS. BoteyGander
Mi.o Dbhom Comwdoy
Bookkeeper Mrs. Cecil Snrd.r
Crculalttn 'Mn. A,.Haoak
aaloahled Adm. Mm. Pat.r Kolean
Women's Edilor Mrs. Stephen W.endlfeldl
PhatographeT Roym. nd Graoham

Publauld eef Thtloy at ne N E. fonoh Ao
Dnlne Bnob. A lmida. 33sly Ennlad al twoee
Cleo, aato, l US, Pot Dtlct. Dlerot eaeh.
ISubKiplan Roal B,., SS e0 a er 0S0 a l.
monehl. $1 o hem monlh_ ,
Notdenal AdnarthiltO lpmantntinat
N e34. .VIAn.Wnlkih C., 2l Pk A...,
now V:ih, N.Y. tairy.


when a family can g tge their withal any qual el
peian ln the park or maybe najay the .mpay o1 eachb
Whether It' a day an the lake with a pil or Just
families should try io get together and renew and rell
b ay Iy Ghaem I

Under the

When I Ulas an he tue-
10d0 and w.nt. o "aI awIay
lom It all". It i. only itoulni
o head tor Ie m unwni rat
peean a ompleta thnge
room m li ving.
And lli0 a0pwlt,0h0 lor
1ul mtailna of Wootem
North Caimla a.tlcl FI'.
r.dlan by Ihe aoodo to
gone at vmisas from Twontaln
l to o mola1 lop. over
hluU ul valLe with Z .l.
and 0bl00 1,d neatly dnder
Eem high up an the hill.
'id. one ma glbmpan cabani
petne down oo ahe aolorai

ao to n, anis ao
bt li ing La the E m r ilnde .
ont to emeetln ouser iaor
nch an 0ol. 10,i, mtnes
evenm, oranlahng anr abhe .
The n .mt ".n.l aHer
Inlal and gZtI, rimm tt
ya in .amd hS dueled
mounaln itilm atnd lakei r
meer warner pousll tul
llt tandhocUaundlng.
a..1 u Is puhl
o( te ola hte Pall t in.t
Ihe Intnlh10u a0 Datueide
every yer (lock to the mine

wa0 a thone In Cown Valliy
meor Franklin, eC. lo 0i nd t
bleo, pphln gmnetl, and
o0her valuable 0r Jt plaw'
ymlryge ltonee.
A ew weeks ago, me d n
from Floride ftmed a 6Oa lot
ruby at 0e of Bte Flranln
thnem. Altouih we ham net
heard ih_ 1l0t report h0 1e
hal1a.1 eI areien to at he
aetli e agallball.
00d ypeaing of 0o0l. them
io a el cballaet to Ihe Floai
insilander when they take
on the nmaundanoa u=, cil.
Frind. a gn er em t p10y Ite
Wind a bemam ol nd
But In he *Iamountin, a gol.
er ma play te il l the
Ml and hiR/tewd elol od
Irps, A ba. plafed without
aDiog tnor downhill roa M
end 0011 lnenoa trouble. And
dianse beama te anIti and
lad he ily tenm Is ot ahen
nu0100010 caunoon an mean.
live number oa rales tar the
imwaryg olter,
A tor tomuat (linng, thIoe
w0 caem to may be abln to
i0 I0 n f atnto gIndolt a
pltam 100y am atateg, or pay
by the ounce at Or, other
private trou t am. Or, (i]5

Area Dea

Jay 0. Collen age a1. of 40
South Ocean Blvd. Delray
Beac d.od July 11.
Funeral Semle elm held
It the Melaly Foum)l HoM.
dirf m oal ImgnwU
Dm07 Dagin. Madil San.
ilnoal- = Balaiaaoemm
bee-sd-lt0er =tar
Manel BepUila. S. of ill
huth Seaeool BlDd, Boayton
atah FaiNtly 01 CamImo
Cea, Ilypolao, dind 0000t 1.
He had o lived 0 n 10 am Ior
Inn put goal yen, 10m0n0
from Woburn. Mato He
.. bada.n ISa.a-drat tan
worked u a s ty = urd tor
tie Fiat Bank and Trus o
BoynlMa Brach for 1a pa0t
Dae namlnried bybnialwdow
F9oremm 0001101. Doynton
Beach, 000 000 R07 olaptlt
ia. Moiohe. Mana, and 000
graedebld. Ser werm held
Au0000 4, at Fndg and Son,
ine., FnmI yame. So7r.
:Z-le, ba. ScobeaComtb Fe

a Home Boy.o0 Be0 h It
lnahre of local mg.,
Aom, u.LIsDBeahr
=ati 1. inder, at aof
Main Boulevard, Doynton
BEoo, died A l0 Itala hocal
00pll1. He bh been a ml-
et of 0r0tm Beoch aor I1
roea. He Is ulea ed by VJ
ider. Men. Many (Beioe)
Ltodinge, u7r, oaton e na, o
1, Nenman Uindtger. Den.
hemlmce wen baed Me baton.
day at It a.U at SWbae-

rayBob DmDan, noo4a
Wealt Oceu ve. me, Boetlon
Boch. d1d0A07 l. o, tn. Do
a turner a liamdml o Wol
Palm Beach. and mnernuD-
mer oD Wb ean Photpaba+b-
It Stndlooa South Daixe.
Mr Da miatnd alter ate.
Dt-fte yean of Fedeal Soet
Dne and etmaed 10 Florda.
wbfen he cai~ucd to ave at
ie home built earlier In Doner
tohe death l1e 0i lunivd by
hW eaeon J.0.e bome; an
01ml M. Dona alLadn, of 01,
Ca~llolonu a 00000,10. Fbhllll

Se of Annadale. Vir.;in.
7et0 Ir endthldnm, alnd e
eal amnd ne. M. Dame
wan S ne er oa the Chato
Churcm and wam a mooer o
she Masomlc Oder No. 1 ol1

Wen ICIV ITmiel -a bll10
them loa mec.odenamatas
ole wa a d rct deteddml

inn, NDH Timlaah atuomoan.
of the pWonaer Deaon Johnl.
Dame ioint-tha) who built Ihe
home dlater uf as a parriun

alo Indin IUnW! which
now island on the |Iu~ndi ot

we.1 en America joined.0
athe Woodm M um Ipn DA
"r, N I. T -og Ihe Bevofu
tionlr War erviM ul Col.
bM tor membtrihip In &s
sOni ol the Amercaln Revlu-
lion. *nd recently Joined the
Pilm Beach County chapter ul
Slt Sodely.
Fellelmcal wen held
A910t 4, at S mbe Combe Fa
nt1 ChanI. Boyneo Beallt.
Jem Goffilo Pyo. 1I. of
lNe Mimror dme. Delay
Booch, died Aol st1 I t.
Beah0d1 Memiol lfmoplel
Se wau a nmbr of the Ju
enior Lel o0 Akm, Ohio.
and am lo Florlda In tIMl
She Is uved by her hS b
hEd. nudolrh D. Pyle. oa
Delanmy Bah;: one Dr.
Ribchard PFi. of OlbuqnmoN.
N.M aorwmasndaabt
Fumal lwise wea held
Monday, ADut Ihe aTita S0c-
bee*IrelandPoaller Funeral
llon wu n catIlre In an
lil edl 0w ill, l o.1 IT1
C.entrl Ae n.e. Dodray
ot. died Anglei, 190 lie
iP lrlved by le m .tRelph
K, Jr, aed Robert W., bhetof
Delay Beach, mower. Mm
Lyella I0SII ot Oclmy Beath.
loutr heraie s and m 0e 0
p.. Moalday Ial neoabioeM
F .I moi. Dlry Bfldw.
Ralph Jao Hiuohybin, 00,
tl O SW I Court. Boynton
Sewn. died A0000 1. 1. It.
had lvd 10 hm Ior I yoean
0omln. (mm Farmln~lon,
New iampihlre. liTe aur-
1vid by hi wire. i ol, a
blMer. JAn of Lyme New

a Too Late to Classify
T O O I ,A T E T O C [ A S S IF Y ll r T o m W he m a sho un d "' '* ,
El:bI 'Ip'k
By noon ella l 10 pick upa uel d voa e lor Ih0 "i. ,' 0
Tom who? Tom 0 0lel0 0 ttratnot Jml Iro m hiswlood .. ...' , "
hanhomi the r 1oo00 01d ridy mne rp ,. d .. . ,
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railed bliD "Tom ino" Inb ee ee .I 0 1 a atI I m
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.............Officials---- .
ae Ibma lon by. (Phot e O l
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.e1100 wer held0000 M otdey Li f I iaw e l o ~e o tihelIndalrilland M0. led Doe Am 50Ioely. ul
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Cowls Foner a n olf i n Do~ 0e 0 0typrogram -- a mtatu uflcttrlbn DioLalan at bile the abyaet (000 any itla 0
0,00 Pool Drunwer. Fint bop- Uoo eqal 00000.000001t00 Florida elate oebplnment tor~m atldel~m C

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jslmt I~ Wers Fins?" Team Jme th

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lpein William II% Newman May M00. FhireJ.
dead seas 2000 AD. ol r ,thjermcll tm D DeIsdge LratnheooandotFlls nlbprd .

Teai'mo m he 1000thJ Ie atisin In ldoal CinarioohehinIl Mr. Med Man, VirmrA, 0rewem
rol nn ym 0elis1 e ewin ad Jahe Coer Ca.ee t'm JanC, ltalmm ,
Me W.tencmn 000 .. be the' W SRLGnsure D-C,- Mm. 01 TOrbsoar Mr. hio
hoot 1000. 0h1 Pr. Damor. NoWm an 0loo JIn
ll Ido, t Ic" a pra e m D d I m a n re weS1h
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100dm a- anons FhoVew I too Ilanord B. S10tor Mooed Man llether 1L 010
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0,oto man y loa ea 01110 Plrcomoe'ot l 0100 wiil Man. V~ieoyStaneldy Mlr aedhlen tlfasnotrllton
pailallnis mere hlling alt iO e Sonol~it to 1100 VIIId h~lolloeldhI 1Ruth0 II nap
planbtme, Doe vemin fin 100 m11110 peanmnl old tle Gerge W. Aultotheide 1r R d. it o
A ct u aln W h ee b i n t o i e g I l ow c oIsm e rnla o
moeiee Ie, "tow am~womooria Omttor Arthur an o l i oed Mrn WIlad Slecretar

..................... Campus Happenings .
FA HMsl~ udieiatFAU.Ktoring yer tilllitri loe may be 10 rurat itudenl lo par ... .. ..... op
rF lld A[|he I Udlv ry loiryrlul l.ln rl iimpllieU .
pu 1M Unlvenily or Miami rtcrnl sad rrlll~lrllOn 11 Ntwiwri(Lki ard Ilcnoillnl 1 i..' 11, .1' ,, ,',' i .' ,' ',,, 1'
a.e.l~riedm a.coo.W,.v l oi d AtH. ie added an d Wyie. Worif o . ....... I . .,.. ,." .....
.my IOTC nrollmlni lp til ludmld trom My collIe he tllil dwo ne ollnSi.. .. ... ..
:ram ]>a1 I wiBl ltie n a or em ty h had the ho. re Al. nill ll .i. V ,". ,, ,. -. ... -
nifefie Inotnehllel. eraideed loieat~fr RayT program lyirn. ne epjlmetnfl i T br ".I-.. L.' I *I > r *.**i
hti.,Bfu,,oIIi arailtoap, ... air and ..r...loi.. "'* ;e-.... ,,
b, nUlnSmln io wdnilon n ating aladeetl Tile Communlelitn o We tipe to r l rl It. ....
en ji"AU acldel ren dit mladrelai p tl oharm. Item. at FOA will ieepde *Ctft1j e o rllnala Pint..
lqdi to thit naellded by he In bY ROT Sihelalo. who pa rt i tlllea in 1000r.11am 1 1, lmlror boll lylln.. aed In all t, annw prcriia anti
11.0 aivenflhty htbo n.a~rlemS at ha 5l. h unaooalealaohe~ rtflm l~toi~lae in ott the areas ot .5 hate3 u adnlr
The plan wu dealled prit er tnyo nMlml LplatIallim In Commania. Igem oiler depnifleieiU iwh
rlly to nable Miami Dade .. .. . i A. aon p ph
Ilanr Coelle grldltal >- 1 i ar0anaa nt ibcom .a .,. iiia dt ie
1ode In the U reM ai ID e" e ailaete millh ilb Fall hole. arom a on. IT nin r n ha St he P.lm
inn lher OT. I.nnl b t. il r. .lih ln o l lotal o .l .. inaI Biech FIet will ISoh Ie llnl PIlC
Ihert aeyter nio, lpprdt ll- Munetobaolel d Il alent .n...a -..a .-a r.--l Imoouaretele O feoI lrdthtl Onee acdmloearerl ooedea

PAL, b1ih I1,, loui -r5ieASI- hm, O
Silg T,-i 11. and -thl,t 0-. 1eelne IihlVl 1 liT-e

Just Arrived ...

... New For Fall


In DuPont Dacron* Polyester



Le~e BeutySalonI
ILIlP Tate
*I A BEACHll atn r.Ia

cue at Ie mlly ply hil wIl i preaned ln SIe
ludJtale by Ie Delry DHrelaoa Deplrtmea lu--
Frliday nill at he DElray Elemel.ry d elootl, = Ie
art .M crat an d dram departDmea of l he recrna
Itol bad played had made ready lhe Show Boat
Pre ram Ior the phile on Delray Bach. (Pheto by
Ra.y Grbhm

Take a good old

political name likeTaft...

...the University Banker
Ie's got ile inlnct for ecellence and initiative above
d beyond lis job requirements.
Completely auned to culimcer ned,. the Univrsily
Uanker is dislinguislicd from all others by hi ability

University National Bank

Federal IIIghway and N. 4ilh St., Boca Raton
In a Great Position to Serve You

b legmoAnIo..tbogied

a Ti t I knilt ltm iiinl "
C in r O ii tioiii.l ii T' 'iinll
Iho oil1niu s {i n i1oi'id l onli ut
leiolj hel ptl+ lor g hiro nllroit

Ihe~nler cnland giwii

, ," L T l .ri'il-
. ., ....... ,,

-dI,,t C-u -nt billt1



is.'s.n.In the Service
AIdRMAN uAINE Airfu elrr.e,,e metan .c r.. 'IA' .. I .11. A rT. IoMARaO AlrFue ou Mcalm ad air Ir. n .r ,.1 6
--r . .a AIM MW ,rh aiasrdo.. ON,..au I .ri rN.urO= idltulllS Z AF MAN ,
-e. W j F IVnol

M.5'us.Sls 1 KaII.rl 5 5 M nn 0 -Maind W An.S I n "1."
in l ddF an. pir lHrt Il and AN- 10 VtM Dve. BllC 'R M w, 1 a ImA t .a lO Air DlM y B4d, U5lt,4 p /Al N E A
,". sigru-d,. : a ,, .0 t fIU, A tIoSAl- anIll A stla e.rgsaAt In 1.r AS r A qiC provads lo bal o oAF .Ad DA C E IS

Bridge Tally t-n Stork Club-d-. MM L"
.... .... .... .. .... ..H. .AL w ... I.... N 1 A.... Ca te
m*. nars,". .AS .. M .. a, m July k-Mr ImdMm WorMlas.J dobAdm.s oBo o. ds uil hler d amellaa uii rSl 3.0.... jVll
.* ns .re r. ..j ,, i," ,e a ,r lo. y Ilrti U Asi mi July e -a Mr. ad M A. *|4 aO m SS gd|
. Ciarui, t~l .ImSS l-~m nirardflau aO, iLiAdl-lr Jal. Mr. srdk Sam+
.'.a ray Man a snr areorry brs. s leL PRESCRIPTIONIW Dre a o o l ROLEX
.. a. .AortA;~J"r M *"" A Mr. EN G.RA a daESr -r6da aorl.UIIMN m. WATCHES SPEALISTS
July 5? Mail Moms .. psamn. a arsE FN D0l E Id
. ... *.. P.AT J. . wR i ..... .. d.5- IN lale.
an%5 M A uormr M J Jo d u 1 MsO r, I oA E M rw. I. Ml 5.5 24M

.. ..M S-ot li..d. .i. I.. .'u -A m't Mr.SrSt BAPIst C URC s
JAT I nM 4lnor.

GGardenin go C~FIa reA0.eOT MIA N ADSlr ,mfS. d Dl .-Mr. *5e O S OIoOO.
..M......d..au ornlserbi S darl...... OItR ....... .. 6 lB ll A0O BWlNTON AVEA
. *' . l...... r Ba.-" "^r V onUie ^ Sa holy,^... tta i m"" la.o Favorite .`2 sL.A

od8' do y '-.Mran dM, Al ., I oa R..... ei sry imai ta 30n LITTLE FRIENDS KINDE3 c II- GAII--r

tvenl shs Flow *ly*.*eyrs Ma n oldD 2 M ORNING MLSE ALLDAYCARES.
Mte r 2 ..l SadiMeued lroaM msb r and Mnf1 I FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH e
Is. AreM a Nlla M-rtn rrai in. MT"ln AM r: l'r A-. onr CIROn PATICE A n 400 SO.HSWINON AVE
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rr on ..do s_ 1 irs, S.AsI dn mo DImeSO s, sly 55 hl5TNWNd nFI-R54 m ASK ABOUT OUR MORNING CLASSES, COMBINED WITH

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aorea sm on e o.r d t VMM ps C Cogrn Avenu Baptist ICAhurch
oNd Ul llN_ _Ua N, OPEN ALL YEAR CALL 278i9389 AI JsIlbmA lrqICjr nti BIF NTbN C i i i II

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llllIorle ChriNlln. Fslh."

IS NW. 2nd SiaiI Dilrf luIk, FI.,lk
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ioo A.M.
Tr.llmoial Met1llnl '. d .f PA'.
IResdn RMms 512 bIrl All alr-- I|ahII.l:00 P.M.

260ul lrth -Ilnhi ,,. A.,n DOr Ir h. Ia.
Dr. warren J. NubM. Mlislr
l F.<. r..stl e ndr

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(ANhlhmal9Sth dLralng Wrhrp II 0, M
oiMhoin ., ,,. AI m
le Idroadll s MSn I130 WDIF 1420

809 S.W. O8h Ave. Deray Beach
Rev. Lrry Kilgore Pstor 276-5718
a orde l e'/t riiiiiiu' or i,,


- 3 -".,'"- 31,550

4 2 32,450

Cam A nL
2 2,. ,. 30,450

wersm~da .aIms.esrd .


TELEPHONES 276-0436 395-4300



Talbott-Blood Exchange Vows
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Talkol ird Jim. aDodren Ihkmladorclldroruae dararalad thd bill White ann Mark From Moryaw Gtortl. Gilllnlhmr Mliml. ard John
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Mr AP-n Cbaira M Tat ByrhEikhCtbWile Ileler, Mr. nd Mn M. W. Blood at Ortand, Mr. dad tatd tyilar a
bollWWelLikeldaRohead. M. WllllamMaml Sr.T d atsiasdafld*G h daB r.
belty beikh, te maW ia Mn. tiakrt MurralI, Winter aid ecr a g ain-alway
ihe b onK Mr. cod Mn.l Wor liar n.Mr. and Mr. William mUll.
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ents afewways


4 3and8 tonight.
4 and 8 tonight.

We can help you find the right path.
Helping people solve
money problems is an important part of our business.


Mambmr at Fed tal Dtp1lt In-urne. Carp. Mlm..blr Federal 1R-ve Syi.em

.^ .. .

By using less electricity between 4 PM and 8 PM-the
hours when everyone uses a lot of electricity at the same
time-you'll help lessen the chances of a summer power
shortage. And save yourself money, too.

Please use less electricity between 4 and 8 tonight.

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Weaver-K utlik Marry

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Miss Smith
Weds R.J.
Mli. Jdith An Snlh Wnd
Itand J l.edbeller were
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al ihe honie oJ Ib bide's Ipr-
Wnl*. Mr. 7Aw M. T3m797 D
S33llh. 53 NW 7 Sl. Bqyolon
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nhit. 'IIe m t e ,
Hk hu,,IMAmeoiattoHM. d- WARdHOUS lb 7tte

BOCA RATON 399-8305
Genuine Walnut from Solomon
and New Guinea Islands
Pan-ell Company
Quality Wall Paneling
5471 N. Dixie Hwy., Bowa Ramn

Buay one
i rpple Decker i
for 590,and
get onelfree!:

0 role
.Zr.1 galIpS~r
,,s a.5
Talk. ( nere

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Ineman Mrnrilla, aalher
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-Herinb lioI.llSW DAve.

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SI A.., Obert t..on
aNWhiSiL, george Meyer. itn
.t11 mert n.. end Aodl

A* Pillows
a Pillow


of ha ra M. M7ie i t t. Min Sima, Peele

t' a whi w u in fitting them on your chldn
-lust aIt they w*mour wn.

4 WB[ 11335 E. ATLANTIC AVE.

White Bale
Great Reductions
: i e Wamsutta
-' I Fieldcrest

Baby Foods.. a--8s
Juice....... 4= 111

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Tie Local Scene .| -
1. f l lluhuo ,

I 1, u***" W mh ,
[0ug dayu -1an 1nd ai,_ 0_, ".I'm lime of the year I
in July and August Ihdl*. what we're In! To m10any of '- I .
us. 0'0 n1t all thaI bad in Sdlth 0 rtis,. For, we almo1 t 0, .
alays, have *at o 0ean breeze don't we? And the oean -. "
ualt I you'd like to think Of something cool. how T heon01 United kloolo
I Labout Isb FAU graduate lIon Sonylkol. who w. nlIlicir1.0.0 i r 1edlotr.
awarded a parirlpantkhlp for research study from the 0t In 1he le. 7l1. i0
National Science Foundallon of Michigan State is "*ha0y. 01 1 e 0000i01 0 4a
Ig great lime at the Glaciologlcal IWstate" th the America, l ha,rll,
summer spending 12 weeks right In the middle of the I, ell watomakelSS^
Junearaul elald up in Alaska. At present he ls located at 0l j0.d 0100wi1a
Camp-10 and says that he In the middle of a 0*evere gra0er a.predoI 4 Ihe
wh1e.oul 000h the t0mperaarme dropping rapidly and pistllito Ilmw .
m wdidlreasing."l1wi0h1thehighalil"ude3omeos poua ln t 0S00k00rV llle.e 3 | Ian'
0thi area have recorded l0w at times ot minus 67 rtck, M00 uietuu ad o.1 l0S
degree! 1 lion reports also that I* can see al least 2 1 11 0m Nm Gord & Be'
"N"" '" aIn I"- "' o n-I, preset Yor orSolly
m111 o glacier outside of my hu0 l . Did make two oln picre1r de.11!s
landings on the Ta.ku Glacier In an0 Air Nalional Guard t"i0 ultu1e a"' e ptmr
plea Been In 0creva0s0 eOc." MTuret! Doesn't thai t* gr0 p 0 0 a lliioo lo0
makeyoufleeloolr?' ko0wn a Shaken1 who 00l
The cold country has really been IN this year wIlh r-. to HIn.ok (ram R.
vacoatoning DOlray and SaynolleL. Many rsidjenin 3ndind1;Lo F-ryuwumler.
have mentioned viwltig places wilh snow and Ice. i d 04lel000 a.1000aid0
Paulie and Allan Well who emed dr ently 1with 0codi11 Io 10e l(ar le*.
srme oauistol Ip con0 of he 0 oop0 s who maral 01 princil do 0
also saw glaoie. During their Is week 100nt (with a-.. pIrmam. convention
leat i Ihrough (he Norinwet. Ihey took in s0ven Nation- t* t .n and hc0y 0 t. bcpe..
.l Parks n Canda, six In the USA and two National ri*on bul equality do h M-
Monuments, This Included M. Rushmore. and the Bad- "1 e vunlly, 1 uni4dblr
lands ( Dakota. Glacier Nalional Park in wMotana, a 0 1mni00m O .bere 0tid4
1el as Yetlowlaone Park. Into Alberta, the1 Well. found th1 1 ol he norheaslern
cloudy weather, but at BaDfi and ts many lsket they seMmi eU A,
.patted beave, mosae. elk and male d4r, Among their S00ke01. ak ,is tl 4
snap0 were 00ome of deep snow, baby deer, the Colum- 1 kerim0 wa 0 .l rly a svy
hId ,ee Field, the Tetoos. Moraine lake, the Redwoods, iI,, a t .11 lib iirict r.I
a baby bear. geysers. Jasper Nat. Park,. and 75 m0 0 cloa dllpllne, b a two103i1
lain go0at enjoyidg a 0a1l lkl One moni0tai0 heep cant mode 10 life. 1In 11 t1eir
Ihpoked 115eadinecar t 0Iohelp Allan drv?) A1lan eendavr. it hdrdworkJJ
saw the Pacific for the fit lime in Washington, when 1ste0 0 BDlren t0li01d
lheDdlrayit.vioisdroainsatSeatlld. viir ads 0 work and G,
The George Owe0 family also relumnd hla n week war0l ko 0 God. 1W devtel-
from one fun-filled campost, tthe last before college clped a dust1 l'rk:|eulx.
11eparate the ftomly. T0ey visaled George'. niece in .2qrlyird d0es o
Dal[l.a thenearched 1or the ainlly of Ann'1 idte grea 0 100 0,.110 tha
aunt Ann whom she'd never see.n but who wa1 her "If l ke10 01,0, 001
mother's favorite. Nothing was open when they arrived alum0a"C he0 wda d00
on Saturday, but after a two da= wa*t he C of C got chIstd d4w er4 3*an34
busy. finally leading them 1n Anna1 motris co'..I who m0001 a, 0 11i lo e the BEST
had them slay w"th her. George. Greg. Sammy and p3Ilbl0 Ca1 aind a0
SarahBlh look the tram rie at Mlbuquerque. lTb, n0 my Ill line, wlh an eye to
to irad Canyon where they camped, the Painted lunctlM,0 0aM eShaken 0le
D.eI and the Petriied Forest, where they longed in Is swarthig. Shaske,.d.
D.0. 0010, Polothe 0101.,100 Obyloo10 Imadokh 00,0
vain o pick up rock. for their collection. IU ed to fat I, Medlurnlturel M. never
Florida not iky-high mounts, Arm was a l.tle petrified o 0real4 0 am0 11
too. we oHar). The dailyy took in ghoIt towns, old e sH sor p.rot
mine and the Navajo todlan ReServation. At "I" Bend. tsn and wer p particularly
Texas. George had to bring down a Texas Onlseiley iknlllul In p7am0n0 a ic
.ludent who had to10 n while miounain climbSn. with 01. ot c411 lo 07 00 variety
the reaue taking about an hour. Thn. e.over In Arosa,0 Im4011101. T laflad In
Mexieo, the Owen0 enjoyed "agglglo" over l 1t. of 001ahi
little purchases and enjoyed a nmealthere as well a* In Ithdtefr s nurseries in
the rench Quarter of New Oea. Back In Floda.o bin. In "A"n.c..0 Sn
they workedd t the De Funlk house" which they own. aim ql iKtad.
Sammy stayed. lo return later with his aunt. The rest SaAKR fEOOIiiD y
returned to DeOiray Just In lime foar Gregor to leave for 0Sh1ker kl0cd 0er11 mo
the LatlnConveoltion, el* o 9ranlun a4d plan,0o
Another camping family 1the Harold Jack) DOay i 01. 100 00 0, 0.1000
of Delray.Th1 r frllop was Panama City where they rh1 ias. 1I0 3 00n `"
were joined by son Terry and hbis family who bad driven undr.dm b1n10 000 am0 .
feoual distance from lslas to make It a tham. y I,." "t1 000a001 00 .
reunid with even Dannem and her new baby pemnt. n1e0e0 wu r eolr IItI.
(OInly abseeont member wa Donnle. who had vibited d1lly.bullt ovens, Ie re
Terry InM May. W was*l .or plt and a
From this get-tog1l0r, Be and Harold drove to de0 t 0 0.Shke r 'amk .
Illnoi a trip they'd been looking forward to foryears, 0ow a ll0 hes0 bad 000
Here In -he tnocki dro.reepi area the01y revisited their .unrt, Re irel h0e0 endured
elose1t friend. "K'd1 I had't een tor l to M yea. eaa he we000 31ea
tnce we'd moved to Florida," Be1 laid. Since the work; every liredilnt r
1couplebad datedI illIbool, they admany friend method was carefully
In common Their "biggest thri wa to 1 nd that all re0rded. .. ..y a.. abno
the 0101100 Ith1who10001001 dtodo400 dm01 w*10 l*1y m amle data10
"idil llogdletre Naturally, they0.kadma endoeopmi time 1r0. Vqesl..0*171110kher."
The student (rrom the Foreign Study eague return m eal bo01*s 4 "10100*0
hi weeotk afletra der.ul time. l od parents a1v0 e 7 rd1. 7 ait u'lk0aherma
cpiclted a most Idtoratlig bench ot 0lt.en during 0the I4 0he1t0 oe0 aed l
six weekm B00l Weaver in da rtbiog the Louvre e* 0 lead o1 butter. Many d1b0
Pari wrote home dth he had ee "WlslUer'i 'Mom'" were blll a! u cV 1 a i= 1
Ih addition to the M0a0 Los and others. He said Rome 00 p1,01.1 a romldsrrd
hwas "h", aas .the wa.er Uppply where they i.0 yed 0 er n.03011r0 The *w0d tl
in Park,. "Like tirhoe be ad, meoio0ng It might 0 app a. major Swak, .
1,01,10"1.00 10.101.10001,010110108 cr00. To ext0nd lts use
be the cusadian'i revenge, sidce American. weren't tr.00.o0 l ldeo y.1r e d k.
popular In France iymoregi. ae = Yo..rd In usa0 akd
Writers of short 0 iti Ie am always advied agaviot dryl de tl andtef Inteed:
sidg "eoinidsnce" because it "wouldn't be belleva. the app p"ar whilt they
bld." Oddly enough ia real lid. thes acts of fate Ieem
to happen n often. For example; Someone turned 01 a
pck of colored pot ound In the gutter a couple
mntho ago In June. The picture werem good ones --
Icenes of a reof lir, a graduation. 1r0end -ayetl no
one came forth to claim them. One day we decided we1
had wailed long enough. While M0l0 Koh0an drew up a0
classHed ad, we prac1 ed "delectlviog." A bank teller
Identified one young man In t0he1 apo a Byron eara
but said he w out of own. C.ecki=g, no one wa borne
al the Fears evidence either. I topped the search ogi
enough to buy atew edlbles at Kwik Cluke, wbo0 Io and
behold aone of the 0 n1psbo came 0 110to0 1imeanng-
one of the men I d bee0 taing at in K0dah111 me m
walked 1 In to the 1tore to Mip) Jean Fry at
the reidter acertaind hoi Hdenttly- Chck Fpearn.
"These must being to my 0 so1 be laid upon
seeing the snaps. Chuck, a represelative for Pn0ienB.
Hi0 luradee, Iwula ,Oisa IJdr hitrred 1 o .Boca) bad1
earned a rip to the 1 ei c0ventio* dt obe 0.ver0.
Hilies for himself and his wle E3lubeth. The two were
leaving a couple o d0 y later and were o meet Byron
there, o. hs way b0ck from the 0amp0 1 at Berokley
iB took off In Jue with Pat
tneal 0S, Fralnisoo "byar 10elto mI l*
Gill They were heeded lo New Orieanr bck.packing
It, too 0101's a1.er Shelley. mot w bey mere
offered a rde all tbe way to Pitb1rth. they t00k It,"*
the .ther explamiled. "Pal went wih him a Oar al
0Bodto0. 1n0 Byrom hllcidked to the CaLiklh, thed
Fesival at Stlrawbry Lake (near EItes Park) and
LA. to mee friends r. Fears looked th1 he
pictures, .il keepsakes, and said much had =anged.
Linda Ii1 Fears in th reception 1 b11ad s1nce 0
remarried and =i1n Cicago, John Irwin bad wed Juia
lddge,. Seeing a p11.ure o hi ister. Cluck recalled
that at that lime her huband wu In the Air Force but
mboth re now in Germany wbe e ewnois with B. F.
Goedrich. having since goten B MA. from Golden Gate
Univ. One photo of a 1hou 1 (which we had tried lo*
Iden1ifyI wa a for. r irlde se In ODtray o the Fea is
0old I 7O to Florene and Jack Ha var. (Aeolthr Indl I-
derce. We wal their neighbor in Columbus. Ohio in

Shaker Heritage


w00e eperlm0Un. Sw1.0 en- Melt b010r0. 0.1n0
Inif BIInro rdin Hn(our and Ml'. A
8110000 fol m 0000110 In 0100000100
Ihe fon o mple *ynp 5 e i| o; cook and it
Kitchen usller ca lled In lue thickx ; blIr
bking broe0., cake, dump- 11 000 El0Y M,0
HJwnadpiM and coked enlid
1101p31 04aured belOW are About000004 00f10
00.0000 1.1111,011,.2.1 *laIsedla=~i
updated ani s a 8boker (. SPAL AlAQI
Vndri These aed ohr tradi- 4 tpm*knJ erta | m
fiscl dibes .111 be erved o Prw ll0l
la- illandii the Nisth As, I ifnauc
nl Sh1kr Ktebn Festva.1 ll:u d-lc
at Hancock Vills. w0h0th I D.ha*db1r
lnos cospons h yr |redthe ia9= = r
by uhe Camibell Soup C I bntheradeid b
oy and Wbaker Caneidys Heap i0 b
I, to Ihe ba efil l -he VII .
to*.. of thdon. Th.
wk- lni flud'llal began I
Am.uit 7L0 and tn throughh
at Hth Vllae ben JIM lit
aWd eods OcAobor ll AmboE
.liIs I' 1. adul. ,
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00000to 100 08 0010*01 doanll. "**"

Asomf 0.11.2,19!

Clamato Julces 39s
N- pplhe Saduce 39.4
Pinea ..p.... V_- 79o
4M1uhmmS..... 29:.
T omato Past& IS*

Tomatoes ......41II 59.-

Spinach ........ 4'=2 69.e

DishD~.. ~ ....5.........0 I3.-
201 1- 2039. a0*O i:139. I

I= Colto... Cookl-'.-.'139r
........... 89.
su.0', HI-Ho Clock ., ........t 47.

4 ~ r Plt.Y..10.._. 4t: 7,

Baked Beans. 1 ', Uf Motato .
White Broad.2:07 49. as45
ir~e'pol.Cola...... 8'= 79. 0.1.1--k 4
I~~~~ialo o CIII. ......... a 59
AmronC .. y49,
Ketchup,, 49........... = 49. 39,01al

T..og Bel;I a .. .. ....ib 0.
-0.0 Ilo 1*1 .% 0101 9

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300.aaonq~arork 00.,0000 loond sf
clas, vaue.0. brown 0001 on, mas 10 d a Go U0,

Ads~ ~~~~eal ur* 000 star 001 G IEDrcy

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.5 a a r. 0 10 t 041 10 0 *.. ~ l a mid l e 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 8 1
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.1 ,:l0,0704*1, 010 0100. milk, at101.

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as"Il k1 30 0 VH: 'Ilandual. ou 0so 1300*lllIs
Remokve01dhakeo mi 041.81 aesll


1, 1-1 cars 69.


--. .Church Topics Bridge I
UNITARIAN ol tthn t Diykcl n ni lIt Bocn floitnn, nt lO in m Sn. nl-a lin cr The Renem Th. Dlt y tOich Rtet .
YyuthBl Bdyolhit-Aduknl Unllla nvenili Curch da. I Auut lillS, b|lginin e- D. lion anlmn l bon
tlilodgun'illbnlhnpnecpnm I Wanl Pnlttain rPkRoc d. wilth a "1B% n.t-Youtll e .- n .. a. ',..I I..a ad i publl brldyie
tiow.Bm ouL. ceow and Itli Chumbh on Dtty fincb. .t aioan iWilllaI illlabhiA
yn llC Bau too pcved. OMe to ihn Ittllam a"' Tpm wonlp the Civic Ccir, bolli=
a ycg anion cY public; yout h pcl itiy Da. a ie ol t ao f ll it *bnnl amidt n htd
nan mTncomlnIoy2 v"ce1c go hnep f ploif Inle no tatiny. A nii nlii. f li
i~wI ittO vlloIulI vfr+ IIib~ina k, lliic rmpllinI Drt T llulrutor *III be Bilip
,n nany" n n a a nflict. Wacynn 4 tn
tm, AI* IImlla B tc.atin anld m W hlic to i the Rosl. ans thtlm id
jamaca I a I I .1 M al. ..Lw'. u....... ...
con r* ceM.tln.e .nano.oy *Thn Chrhllineal Jol Lint" Pti Pion b*" b1idge pion toy woryin
7y n. mafc IIaIOTOHcICH t h fn nnai topic o .ev. Iot morne than 0,o00 *a c pn
mionInia Albnrt aIBlphoWlV tcht l:d CAMfUNION (. elonili.a Some of t fn
clnnoni" l ___"____ mugy lnId t1 a m, worhip cRilce MU TIOfIfiT ppiyet cnin ua l ral bce
in Pint Panbyfly Cin e "1cc Ty Wttl Bn fiano in fin dthg cninoa ailmilandoiy
f Bcn n afltan o Eindy,. f ci anrlca owimtlc ol inn Hey. Dr. id hlling.. imninvclicnt d
SPECIAL SALE *m.. wos ...a. li.n.
TABL ECLOTHS ,.w" Bi~ptllil Believe Methodlil C-urch, ill av rHow ll dobMeltbyc,
TABLECLOTHS AfNa. loto hed oh, non N ni 0 acidobnin On nc
Aot Mn" It M .topc o Sotran A. Gtery ClubB
leRlU ma $PHU-ITAMUIN 40O --- Clubl
60,10 nan DOc ion Of THIRTY VACATION OR IRIIEMIN T HOMEIN S adtinri fn *i
M01 N".l 24.00 1t00 SITUATION OIN AN IOlD FORTY ACRE FAiRMn, d b l t.wl
60X126 28.00 14.00 s 300 Fool elfolo.n
SO round 1I2.9 $6.91 OO nutlo Ctuad co nk lanthnn
67 round 14.0 S I= Ir ottn Cral k pond I-
S Naipin 1.25 .75 Cni.1 Waeido-l Conwated Onc
fiaoa bbl. U. Ifiantdm dtt 2, i
lOni lltn.In AM ti l cat, lIdiknidmally d.0,ced homn. of itOn. old
t o nhol 51.,00 in 025,00) In.-
Ildinc bnlidin lO n, w o d ,oe 0o '" i Im
ynn *wlndigcotcinnanttiimsmcTnninyg. *f'f
111 1 c M.I C. D;, DllinO.-Davlwalp~ Bud', Tolr-Oul
513 H.E. 201h St. Boca Raton AT, ,N.,IUB IUo, NO. CBudTaI A e-Oi
_I3 391-7933 osfIgMyo.-st. i.Phn..B7t -682.3962 N t732-618
~ 9 93fnnIn-a.Piconeo-704-6,2.E962 T231


pan"n0a.. .n 0
adlef f e....... 9

....i...P.......... an394 l .

Scone P aw.s........ 'i 390

at Better- -_.t... "t.ne

Chaotelow Cake.2:79.

goln~heln 9%

Pomsn .00 395

.. ............ .......... 29*
Plums ..........10. 69.

mwiman, Plum loan 69.
10l 10 . 69.

lilant / 39
i ...... K 6.9

E ............. 3 I



Fish R10....... .. 8c
hdnpCn-lo 2 ...I T

MW oaneffi-


(E LlXft-p


Iu !Pintflrt


lessons Set
din| ayltim whnch will n/ebi
ie legllly, Itirawo ri olvter
-ml aut whn I In teh had
lr ,,lmr- u.d |o|B| "MI"
o atno u t rlg bws t
ifnece IlnotUI chaie, ho
Iocal baidlicel ba eptoflnd
form hli pito. elora -
ocer l400 golng in thi Police
p fiHMelMl Auninlloand
MI to A lrntin Legin Poat
No A.
M. Saeui Mill.,wha i s oa
chaiq of in pceracn ou
gin ail tolonetl onc,' the
w wlips. t. pho

leg an fiHonday, Acevat 010

"non jomfaJdThy il. A~ig.n Ia, tot., neon

CAMPER COMPANY io auleyl wemlme nI tbe
Ku.-Hlh as risk M1 |nk Denlam.c River I Mg.
food, Pa. Te Smwo-.iflUy =toLasu t |n piued 1 l1
gM thn gmandpaentn They'e boIy u tir elt U
Wuflagton Slate uad eltnpcd 1U lae ..h itllk lue
OIe Ginad Cap. in S tbe way. Sau V.W. hi
hWekinads, incer to left nO s ald beitOd oIree.
PnwloN r WaCl Morn, A-U, Joba., ai., GeoRcey,
1A, Wendy, Own- la hbn muana.re-lnntosliU. Pbo-
to by CbarMn.I

T L l' Breezes- I"
nfly will tint an Tioelto, Au. rfl.,lc N0 0 \^
r 0t 1Mb it 1:0o P.M. A tins t tt O ,
M t. Ou B11rr w1 1
M itan 15aea Chatter / ,
Coness hIoM la Kdolu Cihni,
,nd.. Vioft*c ac By Charlotte Knaus
TbeliwthdRnit ona alndt.
iutr iw 1nots.et. L A4 In the life of man. the wheel of time Menum to be
=lem A.M. n uit one 1 the onit conilitent ot barometen of pressure
Deorinlid Bond. Mewn beth pst and uiue. Yourt, ihe finlt hid ot our lva.
010l bmin BDMenal tce lor t learni to nake hate slowly; ChOistina never come,
r. in o n Ir an appy ilttltoc never snem to end and maturitly
t. Vlilonwnaa team. seems a lool way oel. The ididle Fean. are a speeding
AUODIDONu WI O RM Fproc wea nd "athe dnc:t nt AmePd "p enhegle
PoanaMhlii f hine O l. to wIshwe comemd 01low dinn. Tim uttmate third in a
oihat inIdso d h aPeod cope oft new experience combined with old
It- ptointohero will t menoit ; Iheyen n area theweeks us ised labe; the
dowe it h Ali otn gcoet precanms to ancamnplish bEome too demandlgin and the
trn Aodubn peobt oattho time tor accomplisdent too hort.
=Rni DanA PnoI raini AU 00A mc. p=h' too et lleotfronletadr On npto
dsandito Be ts he ooelna t III mi ddto .1 Anlnt will be here
UiVn Nlegor n t= l a J w dayo n o tdhat regAn utrloof for the0 primna.
ui.s rano ot AiW = d- i ns cnleed ay r lonow -m- o thn 1l2 t.Tme to dall
lWllniterua fil, oi ver o aly will sd regstr tay city hba ita Pailm
A Awritn W GUrd." Two Bech Couany) It Soa bad beedn tollenalt to psi yoar
iddiUooldptrUanliolidn. eit t Proeldradidtl elctira year.
reaslrsniiiM1tewih Nine c"from Cathy and Ralph Litlefild: Ralph'
"Vlte nnfoa to A] n = onin a hi t oe ditestie spset. tHope hes got It
Tn tfonue cimwi ho Walt uider conerci by noe.
lenn.n "Niofi Sneit Dicfnk and Lela Willford met Paula and Willie
CTtn vim.- Wiplch at an Aicnlream Rally in Nedraike. It
The public I0 MA in Ban nyite'oaroundhe'llusiuallypoltnotherBdinyilel
inn1FMIlt Pid Auduon JnI n and tobe al y o I e"ed. "di Pbul-ao Flte'"
Sottl .,ed O ia b Cib tht mis r. Ddotft got in e" t date Auto flitiieh
Ciuanb id. wedding acivernary celebralon dould last a whole
Childn met b sacoampn. monthianywayl
iledbyaamdinlt AecerdtogUoMarn Qiuy, Ruth bi In ubeboplaOl ai
S donnol evna recolumie unm, a. (is ld .0 RaNt wam snah
.;i nt Bi~ a n h a l P ftp1 Ja t a o ple ol yrt pn ao "Nd, a
ad i lPcytn ioahWomaa oeore of inn Tnavel a(b will reall, a lenfle
all b anmwoMroman ur.aor, o werie ndo plat erPeaof llaillo..
din nmcai of man ltaoo Tolfords took a trip by boat up the Hidson and
,'In Ued SltettP.W. At- through the Can.al, much more placid body water
Air' la IN Mlid Aufi t at tlhn theroacky coat ofi the Aantc t Cape Elizabeth.i,
0. oea il irmaO Mh. Minoe., where Pat and Dne haove n beatful home on
0kNc .imsn va Smuggler'a Cove Roaid.
reit wil c in.i They, theL Tolorina, attended the wedding of their
stain l theoi anand e fn laeddaughlErinnicmapotinMaiTyland. recently.
antunriv rstanpn "i t M an Ten Hilelo Bintt N tsO hod thair pallo In urloy
latei. sOt a ca mmd to reied *ad iored Il- amear. It should makeo
pi% t t iainot Igl : llhil dat flos W tohOir indy amd padin obile
iaed fieinut and 5I00 a *ibOl c re O tnap.
b mte inton laote. Pa wom Bnpits, or former BrIlitilesi, who are making,
m sano net .fmfpino f n an oer tbemselvei In the art world are neot marce by
lositolt. any mewan. Ofe immediately thanks oe Jlane potsam,
T 1ttmforhlflet p Guy Phelpa, R Shellhenberer, Robehort fichnans,
o Mn. Mogay. PuGt iand. Ga fhy Mildrced Milier, Peter WKoa and
ilom. l 0 edo odonnab hn
ponntdeinkWen1. oMel f the "i 'a-nuol other" i a man who
POTCUB spent several eaoni In Briny some I years ape.
Mra. WIayne Ro. g47 C. Couloin Waugh. t ie w an affable perneon and mosi
etlr St. sod Mn. WMm Inteelstoig to llan to. At thail Otme, he wa known or
Mho olt. iM N1. Soede the ca rion Llp which he hod oradiginated. "Dicild
Aws. im haq ready Ior
cetIs. MI Atd ion DaOre," an Ainoiated PM feature. Later, his wife.
0.hi AOdgt wftl **0themwom he had met In the I9 whenA he was with
='ete Conn, aI N.W.A.P., took over thed predtion ot "ickle" leaviing
ttntPoaw. Coulon free to develop hi own style of pallelte knife
Thio ulh. handod by Prmi. Oett
S.W. It, It. cni. ilg At Le utchr in G0 .ond top
n R.Ci n waugl ullmalely becme a prtiO ar,
twwyOn pedo =tt to amernd
S.^a lzze'r Llednldaial be called fllndClde ae.el l~' i" 1"tc
nady uSi Recently It Tht CoIn. i- Wagi' da1ilye. Phyllt. hi provIla
ml= l sl'iphlod uth eoitherlater.bf.Otethrinestatsiminlaog both
alam CIer h Re- n F iddof l erOinegollily pndne esdlio. Phylpiw .m
mSintooconthy Jo Thrtfit b t anfllysldgblg filtrd kllin *ld itor iConlanddolng
o nd 0. Ploti SO tcetc .cutog to Pupa, oe one ahn day n e wan
hu nSdnr Ih mawo am iaeldng ap Lihe Cnypaa, iso Fnddriy reolnied tor
bainathioSlHaya etInech no wadn Ihe oamlly ibiew warh l to be baomd lac
aould podd te 0. T.ihyTol .buitll Hyde Park tol Dciskl Countly ai s Wagh
W1a iirsetd detance elniocr, Edwin D5. D00.h ho tanuled he propefiDy
d sieiBi coor WticTctet tta th Ahe audrlaiug bo gwh. a mnw un bope tohe
taff ttnct etc. ___' colledlB wesad be biwll.
Slw..family s J what BItst a. Implies.t
flck In t827, Cociltoo'grandiather started painting a
ti family portralt with house paint on an old linen bed
_ll w aetfe wor fe, was a painter o Ivory micla.
tour and their sn, Frederick. Couttron' tether, who is
I the m, t t-mou f the Waugh praline. Is noted for his
seascapes. So. all In all. ihon snooid nly ho
art to fGl a mu..i when It covrn bour
.j J genemloni
O. u--- 1oadpsoea aid flo fbmoly here 01e00 and unuon.
3 ~ ~ ~ Im ipMS ac *P' l v lte P1". F'r iuf~ee, whei we
oth t the thnih'u lenl itan I o r cedac t, Iwe wem-
5 her ibou It m John a.d la lather who dlncoveroid 0.0
the eggs wire lO tg bomber gad gemea. We I0nk Ibe
5 'egg Ione hotobnd ad winh the boyh wermn bne to
Swatlh the Iriwlal' pWoes.
oWren we ngo down to cthe river bak to ull or iwl
i 1 or tuit to ln. we think of what tun i waIt to ee the
1 I e three ytZle aiscover a wee ilh oiblfing an their
tlo or n ule nhell with 0nlher-olper lining It, or
t an y i fish tht Jlumped Loothe waler to catch a flatlering
tom *go1 ? glypSF moth tor it lunch.
fi__________ yfpsyocNutritital"I.
tipoIooFnn l! We look at their camp site by the river bank and
, 147 N.E. Ah Ann. 5 the up which they acavored to our riler Iun the
Deiroy each ll78.7297 morning, and wander what they're dwint now thaot
wcmi*bc, they'rebakhomeInKnlucky? Oh.wel dhat'i olle.

es ~ ~ ~ t- ~ ~ j ~ a ~ C H f~~


l'ae l' ISt r III, ea *m m ende. I reia n I Au ~ tent1 ^
---- Sports Round-Up -

0 AR06 P EA C tH s l0 Sad we it e retiple t of Tir SCC A p iul W 'ltemn s I l -n v t ill de dte w bee the Je nee BJ .i.lo o vn yn t, T i nbal uor t ll be Wtld
Oary Pc0th., of rlumbtdet o leeKIrknd Tropyope tntd nen were onUtnui1y ahod. the Whiltamn Trophy will anddadutmnUtllylmotr ear Ored IS with Ga oen tattt
Tn former ol BoSI totn Aitnegna Anirte q l uled lor AugusIt 5.1 bhat sptLhatatau ln. uh at eltto I
.. Y.+ e po0su,"d AMI, telt sc .I'. ."uo fIor' Alw"i dlt
DWaych ired a ttalt oe o0 DA rTOh.. than w r t I .e tI n- All menIa w mllbe St 5 mno Mc eolloeh Indtbled he Adnsdmion Is IfS or IdutdS
Hit1 out or poltb 5O lo The yporn Cir Club o( ed W I a nl A, Gat i e taonl U ut id an o M iltntlbt e- would lmen bIe mn eotS i -d cal orncldrc Nder
pu rival nt the niail R.- Amtedrlwill Inlrod e. e new TiaUdtp 5O S l Atlbm a nt a t. l ltedoerenth lllnllta Anl nemrlctutrrrinmuak t. ttaeone ItJ Ot C Re -
lbte Aocuit o Rttul pt- elu. SIni| whtnlte Paul teAtheal Motor Speedwa. nllonl roiad and track POWERAT RACE kut Clod ColCoU lClnmpl.
Ike Comtba FlPIol Churnytt- WRJltetne Teroihy runS aS AIMS laSten Iner tck (ODS rore. TOle layout canblnui Tie neattoa Ioe tonp Oat. u reon the CIVy of MUtat
Ship held In WInter Iiavan e n held at Sunlmta l oaniou l t d a po rab n rl* i tl ibO R a wll t i it abt l i U antend l at h brd B mnita clurotren .d tooulth Flot.i Oul ard
Julyan ndan Speedwd en SelouWd. and Ste e md te caltne or eWAl Mlit el t and we, t warehet Ga ln ebb newertoat CIb.
Suaily,veat lean, Aiteha rut.t at & epdwa p n cin| ret I (or e te 1n l CaLUDER
In wonntng Ghe ttloe enpeUt T ih wt ulot will e tolled an. wan SpInal l.nliii ndtepn. Mlnt, Pilr- The tltlta
MI1S. ihe tall de Rmhlb h*tatt GraveVI andwItlcnntdoa Tl twoay SCCA n TEG l. RDl SE LS F TOURS rino ale t n In ita Oitheath hreGaiin l tn *tow la ilhuS tR.
pot tandrng een rended "hiow Oom Stak SedtM," tnori G er a "KRA of mv Pleaarn Crnft Nallonel s Lu t Older i ceCouf lam.
In thecnnttl 1111 n. ctaa ltoteemptrIn Ja," wIll I0nd arteS.Of 'She Is e an ne* tro Chlet CeT s Ca tah m t. 1t0a00 ddt d Cote-
Peach. a US Teaaury hea ( en tuniya na30 ta iAedcld nldcomputlenand tsoioleltolte el.mtwite RepIUa,Aug. IH.1athCll a I n S t elaodunyatmo
Arent.ld tote loftt cent1 r te nulebnllie dn outatn of ibenr l relel De. tm ropendn btene Ml Ga oi MlulnlMir iMant S.St ume t prIl m. tn r CoUltone
d iMn A Gla ahlitonn ou A 0ot1o1 l .1lA It and Steinfl IIa flor iGree.yne-ld
A Cl f l IT UinTpOh. wIll aenloMb bfid eneloane dnico api vewlll e lan ltr at b ieen tlitetharo
be Sam niMcC ianh rtt ldaap way up tI GdthUene tnd dall an D en SI Ga clorr
avl..1ethe~ltonoCA lE:r e~e~e eilC Mamnntoh~rn

VOUTHINGOL tn t TURNA. Cournly Shtell Wlltiam w a dnen o00 011 -- oVilll S 1 Wul tnrew. Iltte o atasnpaileT a t G U y. Th" e enmna rly se.
CEN PlETI ltei uedtn"e w o ntth a at tneaen.ahIo"ta l e ar SaPlu ea.lo lherh'i tjwnoa Iaedponl ti onoefl d S en telU n S runeo
"th e StarS Celelt Front there *"' 1e Pn. a It S it Fieltue and nn, tohan RO tenplr..
*e e, r k d -" me NEl Pl1...torl. I. m pl d It 11. i- "i. ry~ l iydIr IneIn e.
Ah In Gelt Tt no MS ear tle noal Palm e i Pr loll -.sm a Te l aumb men a ddedOut
Tih ,1te nnTMl ^'^. n'a e Aide S R luesse sut .r mLt

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Ors the ir t trn to. tri atI t e do n ell'ae y t ti renont ;' e Ca odie, PeMaly ant Starte J it0 t Ga r en Ilwynla lyth es
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In Ga mea's Monday leien
thil wtek's winner are: JOHN HADDEN, oe( I (letl) ad Sylif Doellil,
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pntl: BiNrwk Gull Club
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Am Motel A Trailer PFrt .k
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O.1 Jal SI Su I.oe Ton Play Book '17",

w.th C M Buck, Jim Tylor
and Ed S eller. ,
nsIi No3 W../
S4441-15 July V so win tIe
Chiefs rSMatl ul t Barwick Golf Club
ootalelnl 3 le en Barwolk Road
lor l a f"Ilena pntyed i Delroy Beach, Flo,
soets it the ORoal Fan.
Wet It. end torCln 278-5444
:-ta Mee,_ ho S I TIonre it You '1 Like It!
oihen broleke N ILr Tllld,
a retire mtlhay Inttltlleent e
aller who lucb *I Pllm
Beach JlnIor Colife. ernd
OAk 11-i6 th o ly anIle
tore' oltle, ved Ior second
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If you dial direct wthiout operaitorassistance after 5 P.M.
you can speak to anyone I dn Fid a f minutes f jst 75 plus tai In other
dsyoUlsa e as muc a 12.25 Iyoull dial Iteyours enlf. The rat is e
knf all day Saturday and up untl 5 P.M. 1 sS dau So ilyos re not dialing
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model the Colonitl a pre you an dtond.
Club efter any other terting at only
community. We look $19,990. Wete opin
22-plu. acre. of Lvetl. every day from 9 0o 6
ful land on the Intr. e top In and ae ewha
coutui end studded it you haven't n any
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dvWrite or clr. We'd like lo tell you merj ehoul
Sayl lna I e I dCo iitIieICodo liim.

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For that feeling of security,
there is nothing like a savings account
in First Federal of Delray


PASSBOOK SAVINGS I ,- .... l, It,. ,,....,a
Inleml on purteot 8e a ln0I C.o [ ee bl.r e 1 hla t ie a Jlt n d lani
Iol to el on en w F.L I . IIIa0

Your Interest Is our daloy uonreral

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: N [a fWInVU NUST

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Single StoN y




Back In Ihe days of Adam, water was clear and refresh-
Ing. Than came clvlizallon. Smoke from Industry and
auto exhausts became parl of each fattling rain drop.
Rivers and streams became the nation's garbage man.
Smalt wonder that your water acts the way it does caus-
Ing so many laundry, baelhing, dishwashirng. cleaning and
other costly household problems, The solution? Rent or
buy Ihe new Miracle Water Water Refiner. It clarllles,
removes Iron, atoftens and eliminates taste and odor.
Provides spar king clear, reltned waler. Water thai makes
food taste better, bashing a now experience, laundry eott
and bright, water thai solves rather than causes proeb
lers. How do you get it? QCal, Then lurn on your
71 0 4o. Fed1B d wy.
276.6104 _

Nsel-arm e It ndy, An llts Ia se II

LEO RIPOIRIEL, vbliai wqiti Mrs. Irefi Drewer Do
Drela Beeeb, e.a.s A seveA ponU Red Suapper on
She DBll BeeS Twoleearls.

Get Your Driver's Education
Ct. kote be Only 2 Weaes -

1Ba Pateelrt ed, ., Is. d eael s
CallToeday 395.3444 ar 276-533

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Horseshoe Pitching
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1, '17491" 895" 011950
6O I0N FOs FALONs o 67 OLDS F-8 71 HORNET oS

S.: |795 '16 79500 2095 "!
fellas Iid ACt "STEAKS"OII slo
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htr1mt tllS k B. Pastwn t lrt l Ok i de, of ,nAm" W`e78 s

.,3095. 1.195" SAVE 1*
---- ""rmIR DELRAY DATSUN ."
72.s CI909O.Rfe.HW.(USll SOIHIOURD) 277HH2160C
LncheonTues. thru Frl., I :45-2:30 i0OOOO6O000000 0000OOOOO00
Dinner Tues. CthruaSun.. el11.ClosedMan. A l O lla fig. a Wkm.*6 All.


Dinner, Tues. thru !iurn, Vill 11. Cl ... of Mon.

',P* iI, Nm Jrule a ir.ndd AyAa dM II 1'


Deadline CECK YOU AD


^'..^.- .'Ia.-; Oeaeoe,....eee Hm
TO P LAE YOUR U. Ph. 276 216 or 32-M70

l-Axeouncements Ild"ee"aP --
UbTOlINO- Wlae-All IDella Bead Meri p evry
,da lrMuee yeaa eapepdleareale. aNddar.a1ra.,el| Wi
Ia .n..ale U pare Finl d
.In n ,ode I I lilies
SEB iEBB Inl 'aral Wlcil !"noll __
ti. mmn school room. -6 IBECRETABRIAL SEBVICE lIe
EOpTICH YOUR Ide by liame eanda. WI6II an In BearI
.to play he orga by nmten hl leo Yiar dlIUlla; tly
ayurp.its nouelada d you Ieallanr ainladlla er lITBn:
rIdadi ieoivc poiAted pic ready lor mailing. aiu1
lure by nombel). Ear bOdee lIon.: BSe, 10 yun beiiemd
nwIlli yoe prBea 1ixrdll la Iha artlon Iilearu r Call Ele.a
wlada a your faorilt mnamr sle, n
y ea d by O te e In nla ai l -lm I s I

iaaIileloMerkel DON PedA LOST; KEY RINK wllb pn
erl Hwy. Dnlay H- Saltedaya knifBe llacedd. lucrlded
amnds.adlli"ia'w 'O"neran Stlel & wlre". R.-
-lalBabySie Nli.Nraaa WARD n1I5 or .HERI. I.
FaIToTS I-Rent-Lease
sw. .Ddr y Resideatal
Opall 7A 5PM Inlenle. B e Ne..DetaB
Epnllla lalltn, CrlLoled FURISmED ONE BEDROOM
Tecb-e Apr'nnl. Adult only pieR,
1t1 Year oned CailelC M01I"FI

Real Estate

_ imnmdiolo araponey. two bedram. 2 batht, .illr care
plad ond dope, t. An.E15 3.. o1.0 Ith Fllrtolot.

1000 Polm Tloil
Delray beach
S276-5 1 t
S Larg* earner letol
:g Approx. % ac..,. beautifully
londacopsd. 3 bedroom & 2 bother,
Florida room. New central hot &
air. 2 cor garage. (MIS R-661-DA)
2 276.419l Em.t, 276-474|

When you "THINK" rel estate,

think "BANER"

NEW Delray lIch Country Club hoene.
2 new bullder', model homen.. on. luxury
Tch.onl. other Gi be.utiful Frnch Provincial.
Each with 3 bedrooms, 2 balhs, family room,
dining ram, lorgi kitchen, 2 car garage, large
screen enclosed porch.

You can be comfortably setled in thil 4 bed-
room, 2 both, home, within walking distance of
ichooll. mmediolte occupancy . H.om In-
ludaie family room, dining room and 1 coar
garage. (MLS -1131 NW) $S42,500.00

Ideally situatold in are of our fine oreOa, thir
well laid out 3 bedroom, 2 both home, will
delight your wi.e. Modern kiTlche w/poe Ihru
to loge dline room coploul gorogel onrlied
bedrooms, family room, acrened porch .. on
well londlcaped lot. (R.1109 SB) $47,500.00

Not exactly the Ta Moahal, but thil i, o wonder-
ful home for a young family. 4 bedroom., 2
both, bulll In 1969. . central heat and air,
S epara eFla, Rm. only $27,500.00 (MLS R-1150

64 N.E. Fifth Avenue
276-7401 day. nlliS 391-1173
Houn 9.5t00 dally
9-12io00 Sa.

Ilepnirs Only
I IU-.tlati y 0 1 I
141 ADA Delay
Brund Oew lary r.ul ip
aIth every dIe alua. Im
mEdlalo e ouplncy. l eul 1 bed
nm aip IncluReNiSrpetinla 1
delmae aplli M, beated pool
ecrallaaa. OB nn er, beal
Ulul tendld. prvlala plO ear,
ola ae a A rldal to be
prod 01 T1W Ddell Bird.. Del.
ny Beach loll Fedeal Ill,
U.S. I, 1l noerA ad Boaa B.
doel. Write or dbale aor h ba
ctaun or iT ~ or 171-7o.

rm. S Ilh a partarmla. r
tellI| end spyllnnra tOO &1U

E. eil ay. dl Ard d I
Bee.. Del y Betd.. Pbal i.

dp iaile SeUrge maaIl'.
ailada, &, dealy, rao Baea.

rE .applbear.. dieAaal. ISel
IlRy lIe ilA N ellr luIenetAd
yerlyiale parkall..a auietE.
ryllara erd Bela. !S-WA. Ned

CUorta nm lU ye- tkp.

rIe lible Jaly I 1 ar.
non, a balba. ale & heal Bell
,lealao ore. alS eeld -1ae
lor. larg MHle. mell adrabBed,

NEAI OCEAN. Elllcrncln ad
Ibedroom apl. 8.* elk l up,
CiTallnt~r TFi___
ailaaa. Weehlg nold Srlrle.

lr condUnnm ellencltrele nel
to Anrpla Plaa. $5. mAU.
reRily-lI N, Fadell. Delay.
noAp.I.I .M l bedrom du-
ple $Ia mMmlhy, Bint &a
cuisy. ale, hbta, w-. kalbe.
Deplo"l I I


ai Apla. Deleye

ApL n wnakly, lIcludIl ullll-
Pie, Alia alIpagI morn MOB
S ndAv .Delay t-101l
THREE ROOM l imled .pnrt
ONE BEDROOM parlertil
ew lIdiag Unlualied Conm
plete kitchen anw mrpel. Ce.
"ial ailbeel. Yearly Iaae
Plnoneinii (TFI __
bedroom, nicely firalihedar
cadillotoe ne.r AllUnlle lAh
School '1U Dec. 2ell ra f.
ter i TFI
TIVELY lniaded ael.lt
Privte phane, TV. ir l
lloArd. Pilet wlranre ypard.
Lo, Cemniel lolaIw. Srto
or B e Avillable AUg
lath.Tale Braiwls Ell-
bedrnm nalmynai. w.w n el,
air, atr. a. Hdy loara Ian. wde
LA Api., l N E. 7TR Ae.
Ill., per moab AlM. lrne Te.
lied llolla ip. pearl
Ithe, Il., b.l.. Adull 0l5.
hi-oln.arhel 1 ill Bad,
r mo. CAlliOlim li
B4Ag de.,BSewDles
SPACIOUS B edonm, 1 batl
lulla jyea ld. kiltlcaoelra
ardlteald appllinee. large
aloaei. petla btea. belad
pool. Adull only o pl lBo,
yrly lerI Far deaila plane
BtA de.,BOw Rldef
LAGBE LIVING room ella C-
Ahedel allldtwefa eialuled
kthen dBwMlat UpIPai.
elra bndlmm. lIn bed, &
ra. ilel pea l., by mINth
r y Iry. Aduls oly. No pela.
TPrw aalT

Real Elstate

3 bl 3 dmo, A both. iore .Ing loo.m. .. parm dining
,7m. Pkluruiw ultra mot m ltwt. ln+ 0h.ul -Wfn.d
polio with *o.ln oord6lnd g. OoG og.. lowl o1 $1o'an
Ipoo. bidro o dHone, I I l 71)
Coall Louls Kaufman, Associate
"The Ba.hDBrolkel
Ph.276-6018 1126E.AtlanticAve.


3 bedroom, I bth.ho
g bedroom, 1 balh fumihed cotlgo

* $76-4191
M`S RI 34 SE)
.- Ye.B Ea *

2 str, 4 bdroom hoim.
2t b oth pluI mold's rmm
ond bolh o ,m pa.,oWv

*n 2 car oala n bloa.
Ivlly lnede d around
lsued or yoed ellh -.
ldudd polio 173000.G
(MUall .10 M)


to 122,900

Adelightfulimoll home.
3 bedroom. I bath and
Family roo. Deluxi ap-
pliance= n/n crpet.
Ing. (MS R-.1162 NE)


'I dlREW I

0. I A l ... INR I ,M.

IeNr 1 na aild
N.01 l. 111I..


Ino 6 Kieyr. Impllan d I nr

P 1O. wnl. caoll Aln. I
Iane Coiral air.

ea L iRtlaOi plne t

FTslo SCARnd srlr =iled

Am. lovely heA m wilh Areil in
CirNeN. A1LBE SEPT. 1 -lu
hull. RflntbI M pl- olillll.i

FolN IEDAT, S rUeli


A Real NEstateI


rahe lMalial Broker"
nr .e ollse ane.

A 2 bldrm ho. with
.ot red ar. ..Gara...

Hr It a rl bagoln on
bought rlr a1.B$O0. un.

seadlal I.

ievidand can nalte.
A d.ll aEhful I b .droo
opt., 9-oWK (Wo.r, W. o.
obk. ple of $13.000.
Monigh In.

6na It provided. Poolk.
aoll arra and all the

Zaaarn m mhiaMi 1y^
neoa1lanlk aISwdOIa


The Q=j.' two bedroom, 2 both oport.
menal Eolt of .S. lin Del-
raynnder29. OSN

#1. No ellealion area lane
12. Noland l.as
AS3. Na dealing c.ll t
#4. Walking dlilane 1. B.each
and shopping
#5. Aparltmentslompletely
#6. All electric kitchen.
Americnalionina. -
dllanobr nd dllpenal

A99% ., t
K25i"'" ^ '


B tt******* FOR LEASE nn.A 0ooM
S f nr r E n(; if i t;oT .r I .. . p
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.CARE-A TIp BUY AT t r.EA n o.ir are at B. Beo^ a.
I-Real Estate i5ied.T ed0 Le SRiS AYi
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Real Estate giBh.,iBi

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Coal lBernice 'onkton. AdloC.

Real Estate

TRIPLEA loat.in

aaai .1...lnrr Ofdaed lD 1,$176 000.

, ---;- -- PATCAMERON
ON TWO LARGE LOTS 4659 N.rIh Oace BId..
WI lifea Wvlrvt..h, an o +. rg, e and De] try Beach
Cuilom bill, 1nlly hen. lasg 2 1ar gol-og.. Ctn
Pria S6,500. Un. CROWN

BEN ADAMS REALTY. dOneb ndron. Ii, l
76-41t91 Evs1 276.4743 Prg v beach, Immeng
--------26------,50------- (MLS C-372-OA)

SHARP! IOE"t .. ..

Like new. three bedroom, two both, nestlled among
the pln ol Forest Hill,. Bull in '69 but mmaculo. WATERFRONT
in every repct, F'eolree kilchen .* amily raoa WATERFRONT
nomnbintion plui rooIad eraod porch which con BEACH AREA
eo. ily b enclos1 d for enlarged Ilebu area or
addillonal bedroom. Two do roe wa h ullli: Pr I A r! is
Only $37,500 wilh aorpet and draped. (MLS.R- Soeol l.de
1224-SB) AWlHen.r IJJme

I: I ,, A .

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dah c150 15 e ears a DBullders' own home In mlnr cBndilion. Hao two
-1g Ha r... W0" e bedroom,, 1.% boalh, lorge Florido om, i heot
.oeoa ,mee, d._pr,,An. andai.Rangd rorlgeaelor, wne ahing machine,
"..."..'l' pus< carpetS, drapesT Included at $32,900 (MLS R.
a II M 1205-S)
1oldo111 Haaa Bn allh, teallRe
iow,. a,, 185 N.E. 6h Ave.
+****,**e __* *.Iil! FI im .

"TreI chA rokr"

I 26 1 F.Atlalntc A.I
POOL PARTY "et7.,601g,,
A gBeat houas for the fun loving fomlly. Three
bedrooms, two bathr near Atlanlic and Plumoaa ,
School Larg living rom flows Into Florida room
i full ullview of pool Mom con woichi he lot or HIGHWAY
retree he taeen. Large pool-patio areo moade or F FRONTAGE
enlertanlnrg. Well kepl yard wilh lear privacy | ,1 t h i
fenced. Central air nd h.ot. "Sell" priced Po nly 1 25 1CH:
$37.00. tmnedilo occupancy. Se. MLS-1218-NE 80x135 aored C2
TODAY. Call 27a.262B nowl New oficeb -dn

(M5 E-S52,H)

278-26igB ^ ^ 278.1381
;T IT 1^ ^ ^ ^ m .. -- ^

.-.-_________.... ........... LEGAL NO.. ES R eal
"I ...... R'esate
r ....HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR .Ono,,, ......... .. .. :: ro.fT ',;o IS0 S.-,-;;1 .., ... .
r OROUIIDI R lineldo one g to, ooifoed appiktni Two 0= ct. i.'. d A 1 1. .. .
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S APPLY NOW LoodcelIne. Slorai;n annnoa la, S.H7.00 ,l,'Oto n hr. drapn Uai-b n.a
* Hn. ' S........ APPLY PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT b .n Ail R.1nni=ll naldlll, od io-i i ti Ry Ad E tmi0"iC,:tc r
................ | ~LL Raton l.-Mobile Homes J ,',n t': O+ On tOO An
. ........... a 395-5100 t. 2514 TravelTrallersn n.... oeao .. ni. . 1. .
] ........ ..... ..............i,. ,,.M..... ... p B S '8+".- -'' e.y g ......... ..........
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:Real Estate te N.a enoomnE 0i0h00 nt. 00004 0 0,l .

HOME' ,OR GRACIOUS LIVING: ,. 4T =',. ,l:,{0n.0".. 0, ''. t+' o +tnn.+. .......in
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Business Review.....'-----,

lu a "torno"ennl" p '" .... i ;; .... . .. .... I i IYar CompI I lerI I rot
ttloteriol pot *.. .,o.,,. .,;, ," I "';O,. . ,, ,.. T,, kl-oanaald ll-
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l" .. yea bwt Ily lth f? l 1 i ui ti l u i d lur IM tin lor III yI.r 171"-n on
o .1 tta lt to alllta bljh NI million exIeedod laac
e 1 l odt S t a. e C h o mb r o l Ia p o d lla ra o r lo c a l -"
do .. oporld sIr" ala. o l on LAKEVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH
.. ... : + a....o....... KINDERGARTEN
d. Voia. oo.pi (formerly PlumelOmKindergarten)
tda atae Coacer roid to I to ll ll l Sl o ok
Wilokly tlooioo Oootoo Oat OTIS oilll te l Toat
U a,55',.loaro SIEr. inYl., ir. OPENING ITS DOORS IN
S.abllil.lalc. rPlll wollaepotila SEPTEMBER, 1972
-r mla oy No dJo o" pe co, co croe RESERVATIONS NOW BEING TAKEN FOR A
ar..ooK Folllda. o oc o.W LIMITED ENROLLMENT
dloroerlhecollcaa lo. F tRI. In.. cdod lamol o H o. N AGES 3 SEARS TI1OU1 I/ 5'EARS
woaincIth o lncVIYmu lardco cll. al tallt l
......... '................. 276-5388 278-2357
a Sner Jr o cl 2601 NORTH SWINTON AVENUE
Vio Preoioenl ol ie SIto e d Oal. i r. o terce. 116 mil- DELRAY BEACH
Ctolmber, l11r an inctr a o( ilo er ..... .. .. ... ..
Tho alo lio ail r loI1l cenl. hcnpllal cod heoll I l. -
eaptodllcto ..lI Florida lal cllllel. Win milllo, 0 M.
year weon Cdllifomla, Di l0- omi c ll per ct1 r nd
Volunteers Needed
for Food Programs STAY
V.o......r.ao.nedd by... RA A T PAl
derl wllh lToo d tce pPa om a he Tr'cS uy l i 0r udlm.a
L^lplrplrldlg Son ... ...., ^ Ki i V U S
I akaN po 2al 10m I d I FECTIVE cHNU SUNDmw o AU. 13 AT DEFRAY

aor pero wffic ouo ao i oo t hrcc admtlna c dt m
1 D0 oli "ooSd or l s 0 ormm .1 o.l n lo l ene .s
adny .lo m a 'll. Wo co oa rtm
Irtl.opl Rod E dO*OocloleIcohowill
ol cl* llomOrill I c ml t 1 1J1i o r help
adrancag. on s," al? Nt, IOoo plo lqla .mat?
To dRetmolo. olot, o adMt,. LAPl a

7848 SO. DIXIE WY.


Mr. Businessman:
Call 2 6 632 ad .aiOl

FORHI-,N.. lIBnoa uBaC'a

0.960.. -.

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A 'iED

1ear' r lot. by6 Illmtllt nopecl m: o o Ico la-.a '
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AO (or lIe luluro +W( (can we opolapme domM a'
Moking Room For New Stock
Dcilar a SEills
.**0Slis ShotIs
SPonl ToPS N ldy ShiTr
1llll0lind Iol olaOllS

ill ll nr i *1*o t hlh l te |>l o` It pely

Tots to Teens.

Youlh Shop f
4251. ATL .D6RAY






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CAM. a RF CU E R *.HDT.. $ RON AK CHIP.. 9
CATUI ......................... lHAK ... a i MOK D OCKS ............ 49 CO'OKED MW .. 99

TOMATO CATCHUP 31 I ILOPPY JOI K'o.. 5 25' C PIS 290 mCAIE ................ 39'
CRANIRY JUIC:'5' cl 0R0iEL ID iC.....', 74' POUND CAKE. 75 i .............OTATO 7
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RADI'AA'"n6TiRi'8 7' CH ARCH ........ 85' FANKIr.,KNOCKS"'. 99 I A .............. '
MARoGARIN..........3' i 'i'LO 'NCHEiS.,, 95' iCHSi PRA.....7" SMOK'iDii'METS' 35
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IwEnTn LI. ............. 42' imATOIL:L ....... 44' lD !T Sl'!.!A....'259' JOY uI I ........... .. 55
SOLIVES ........... 25' ALEAN .6....7' 59' OA 'AVE .......... '. 69' CMOROx ELEACK ... 56
a llRi'ni I .I'.4? i1 EVERYDAY LOW PRICES? DOL DISCOUNTS iio''ro .. ; 9.
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