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Delray Beach News-Journal
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Delray Beach, FL
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )

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Staff Witer
A dranltic taw of humon will.
Pler, tpaowr d by a hitghoy Ine.-
dA unfolded Fridy *t Betlhidl
onroital illpilel u tlo young
prIn, wen ed in the heopitfle
hr"ialrri fr te m ny.
Ont Itn-mlnult ernonyont pn
n'red by Bev. Bymn S. Pnit.
rlani pator ( Delny BEtchs
Firi Pmhylerion Chuach. limtod
Ianmonlh.on oldelt of re ery lot
l.-ear-old W Lf Ratne tiy. oWt
aItm Beach.
but there rd,,l N hardly over to
Ilany. nor lor his n bride, Ihe Patio Anne Boa. 1?. ol
I'ompano Hach. In many il
iu1 l linnine.
The iluty began the night ol
.arh 3. on dlnrnd U. 441 a
ainney wan deniing to hi paenln
hone in ..Wle Palm Beach tiro
Pompno Beach, *hern he nat

Vows In Hospital

enplo)ed e ah, ppng lear and
prduo inupenaotn the mght 'shill.
The youna pcopl had been plan.
ning a church adding in Pompano
teach in early May rilh a honey.
on in N u. ebh.alm .
Thme pol. ane heturtend in the
eaIy Mring heourI or %frh 30
when the weary Rany doed at the
trhel on Ihe way hoa. HIi auto
drifttd into the nrone ine, then
rcmhd heado'n with an approeth-
In the tolltin motntae. a. the
youne mn lay helplee in the
wegkage. he pryed to God for hiL
life. Hie taken to Bethelda
lMmorito Honpital ond hb prayer

ie injuriee. however. enl ri.
ou. DaCon a the honpitl laboend
to Mve ona ol hia aoM. hith they
at lig thought would hen to be
ampulated. The ann a ie ed, but

the lhter mlur, kept HBaey on
the crilcallo I. rteks.
They includd a very itnured
lbt thigh. hand and nlt fractum.
avend lendnnt. laerntiun of the
an and nace and a neltin, eye
And not the young mn larn 1ehe
n leot pouibililty el olin on. of hul
leg a ,ullt of the accident.
Harnly den'l have edial in.
unce o any ot. and the hopithl
hbicl aon aeady tialneiinn. Doloan
ptdict it nill he at leat another
lour ooth bhefol he ren lita the
hepitll. and at tral year hetore
he rantalkiagin.
Additionally. traflio chrle may
he pending aaint him in tone-
lion ithlheacciden.
uot Ilarlny heas ceped hi,
Million wilh na ikhably patilie
etliluod. ither than brooding ovr.
his penl toondition, he heeIp look

nl ot ihe i lu flled at1 -t beh
blh unrenalnltti tir him.
In npite ol ihe nofntluer. the
ouo cupe decided to no head
ih their plan lo he e rrod. Th.
bridelo-he and her mother. Mn.
William P. Thomomn. took out the
mnrriae nlcen.
Then the bride. ith the approval
ol her luore hothnd. kcted her
own wedding cint. Friday morini.
the injured Iarney tilrugled into t
thint and tie In separation loe the
Abhol 2:10 p.m.. in the company
on both lamllie and a few clad
fitnnd. they erm pronounce mn
and nieat bedide.
Alter the omon.y, nw report-
en pound into the nIll hopilal
rom fniplturend interoeea lith
the ed.ridden mn. While the am-n
ao ne tlill Ilahint Harney
omiled t hifa ride.
It a.a mile no hope and Itrnl.

ASMILEcr noeale three.ofrW. March 30 In an .,ulo ceIdent
Lee Ilarney, 21. et he look* l -*et of Boynton Beach. itenr*
hia bride, Pamel. 17. minulte rupllnl plnt tor I Pompanon
afterr they were married Friday Beach wedding *nd a Neeaau
at Relbhead Memorial Iloeipll. honeymnon.
Ileneny *. crl.ically injured

sni.n DUelray Beach, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton Sinto is

Published Semi-Weekly- Monday and Thursday ri. Ntrnl iic.


No Defense Plea Made

By Woodard; Bond Set

moal exreclled .. Jon Wynllaer.
bho hao won Ihe PTA County
C.ounril leachlnl tehoerbnhip
(rilht). I Mr W. E, cker. Seat-

Joan Wylln


Set Boundaries

For Six Grades

ir in and fi all riade level l inlumln
lunolr olliee and adult education.
The -elablitbhmnt ol( tltndan
.ana will he wilhoult terrma der-
inl aor nahliihanl ol other unoat-
ral boundlrito and Vhll orne all
children in prmimllo I the school.

FPultn rid tha the int lii
igdoe will he deaRnlnead lint,
artin int September hith the 195.
0 iehool sear. a d ndre ed n
Ihounth Iteiv wll have their choi.
I cl n t altonntly oil white nr II
In the 19i6a67 whoel "yer r ade
-en and 10 nill be delaign led
with Iade 8, I9 11 and 12 horini
heir hoie In the 1967-6 year
.tde. end 11 nil he de.n-.
mintd nith golae nine and 1l
nttinuin it have Iheir choln. Thil
syintem ill allow Ihoe ludentl who
a. rlkinL noan rounm In am
the thoni to co.ntlh in Ihem untl
compised and nut he Inrod to other
Only lacarn Ion rolidetalin Io
reailna nl ol pupil. will be leter
Inlm the pupil' phyticlen iltilng
valid medical ent. lar I child
beinl in a enain c ahmlo. one
ouhmllted hi pannlt that -ho a
rea nl hard hip not bhed on
..nt .llhn or de regnatlnn and a
.udenl' inhliliy to o.nlineu hi.
ceiling program onl Itudirl il the
r=ennitl hool l6 eble oattromn -
dale him.
Tnpnrlatltm hy buh will he
hbad on arvin Ihe ho-l attend,
ant ana wrihnul engatd to rat.
nlnr. nliionn i r national orilin.

In ihe South Peam Beach Cunt.
to.t ..r .i.. c rC.....,

teach nod the llnien ianrh toed
SchotIl co ol [)Iln). Ilndman
puplit will he neeiened o Boca
tatln chtld. l Ilneline pupils will
Cl Io innton Schil unlil a neo
chiml it iudl In acsmmodtarl
pton.i fom ihe Ilacn Hunh Hnad
,' t, tt it, o,' t

The nr-year plan hen been ep-
proed by Ihe US.I Deparlrent o
fhallth Kducation and Wellan
whlih n.d the plan earl tihe
'.. e al the IWi Clivil
"i. I hl hoIo brd had
h..h ht d l the pliy In
ctmpltily detnotate rhbtob In
ten etcn. The liept. .f HEW

L.t'-, "lndare. oll endnn tr
the lInt lie raie in South 11l1n
Irach Clnottc thoo an lintld on



All Florida
Tourn. Bahaman s
Thouunde ot Flordi-nt ate -il..
cetend the manlti and hntnn
charm n hbe Balnham. Thnuunde
mon rotm Ihe Sluth and Nnnh
have .1I1 I(n Florida for
holiday in the nilthborink ine.
Th, ntek All 'lnrida ...ngal.n
tlake it lTadrn ln. in ict to Ihe
land if toantuil beul y and rcale

.FIe i ... ....
ltneiolr i he .ek.

Boos Calls For

Liquor License


Mn t Chli, Wm... indicated he
wanl 1,. inrltlatte further the
tranlriolu in.,lid in the Old
B ahemnetirton Illh At.nue.
"I anllt In ntela the otIt-.
lin a then haee ppend ta In
buhlteluo, ionoo, d in thi dilua-
lion." Btt id.
BIu-ll and Aunn hale I ttonlrd
an ended perid er imd i tn r nit
oni their Seaer tte Sltud.
touncll heard a lier red In.m

. ipn er i r f ll imer
.annr, hby hrily.
Councilmen aiin I ld tII the
hilhb l n!Paitlnn William iock.

lain. I.catl inttl hte laken an

help i ne..rd,. Rain indioaltd.


'I_ At menit, .Il ot e, the county
Friday. School Board nllitol ea.
P* lad ihe dern ation plan Ior
i'llm Reach Coun v School*.
S i ., Supeinlendenl iothe Fullon an.
nounod ht a policy o a unitary
education )em. will he operated
'.S --1 eiibRoin., tdtcrlo .. ocr.t red.
rel IPA peiIdel, or el. eeil inn lrn..ionlonriogin.
Iglth abrel Princlepl Clfford The pmonram which heaon in tIN
Rhiey tlaeadint. INea-tour- rill he tnard. aeacebrc. d and
l pholao by Alan Clarkn l cnmpbld bIhnuehout the h.l di,.

Blood Bank

er PTA Seeks Donors

p Winner Tomorrow
One hundrd and fivr pilt it the
gel for the blood dnt on t oenrc
throughout hecnty c onlribuete at the Denray Rdeh Community
In 19i. l .ith Ihe only ,clrioloni Donnl muel he in gaod health end
theat euedentf qlialy ea.demclly. beeo'n 1the geg n f nd in. thbn
attend FionddBnieorunnnlenley hene2in t nd I1 mty hia ii
and learh for two e ern. finmila aomtpnlnd hb I lr pentnl' rnl
gmduainn p
liWyll-rnho I. the dghler in int t nn
f Mfr. and Mi. Ed,.r Wyller nf elncdy ud. or hIre it cdlead to
Im n .W. S n St. ,tc. r .. pi.f 'n.
plo t illnd Palm Bah junior .
C ole f r infr hetint lno yet ol ... ,. ,
hlighereddn.tI.l.n.Ali ear"elt.hi .. ,' e rr h.. 6 t
ol Ihe Fulu Teahe ol pAiri 1. i.
and the Red Coll and Ihe Junior , ,.
chZnne1.Club, dnno mu.t py $5..0, pin"f.


Is Urged

By Avery

0. Wloodard Jr. foler oty
turthabtne grnl. t releond un.
dear Sl hond lil Thurday lte he
pleaded "no cnel" in Criinnal
Cuunt ia rhare ofl rand la reny ol
1811i in fund, helinmlmi to the city ol
Drlraov elch.
Wionudd. ii. ot2 17 \NW Seenth
SI. .i aritned before Jude
Mullh lMarillan. i cetllled the
plea and ao pdn.een r a
in.sairlatin Ihe i tnltn by the
lodal nulii n the Flnrida Proltion
and Parole onmmi.ion,
DBl ..ed In eRoutine Che
("ilt Finance Dirctor Tom Weab
her i.t turned up Ihr di-tpanty
in a nultin check ol ilty purchaa

innntir talinl the maettr nr thai

acondchand nldigeralor ilh city
fundc narbh It tln hit inn ut,
load. I ... f II, ,.

e cauht ietone a check le
.So One e Inolved
Acling City Manacler Robert
%WIunhio it eIttalmnt Slturday
nmoing oaid. "To rler up ert-
nou .npnr.. I .lh tIn e ke ni clar
thal only Arcad.e i leclanmo. 19 NE
Third A-e. n* iInvolved in the
Woodatd ter No other butinen c
inod." oll tthlnt ade. th e ..le
ment nto lear n rnrl t thl npptrd
in SLturdat nopyper namin a
Inrmnrn unfilman ei heinn tnt itoed

n. t ,he I..rk when I e.tI
ho th 11 1utthn l n1tl Iitknll
of Ithe 'unl nn'* lean plt
hitlart intnltnitrldiatitn. and nill
h' .. o.. ,'..7

Mxlimun Penilty Five Tena
.allnImum penalty to, Ie rand

Winldard enled it. 'r
uilhy pile.
"i "Ice, I o"f-

tuor nhe rn.
Wldand (tr.d hI the cilty nncil
\tnt manth. had een hind for the
ne l- r anled poeion otl ea. -on
,uper viornnd punhainsiaenl lot
January a a taey of $162 per nek.
lid N. riDi~o l. titiy.


frlike HOw. a Snreda l wInl r. mai ntded .he
9 5ll .l Sale Driver ol the Year by the Amrian
Lein Auilslry. I'Po No. 05. He and other S-L!
S Ddinn o. the Wok attended a banquet in lheir
hnr on tlheentinlolApril 21.
. On Apl 26 thb Intnm teachers In Florida
SState UnI l ity will brin Ithl tidl laching teW
at Stanhot. Thea wil be aimed to the iloalni
a epartmnl: PhlYicI Edalion., Enliih. and
S SocialSludm*.
ltaend the .tae mpeiliin tor I all Floridd chorus
at Daytona Banh n April 27-29. h'I. Knul, E hoir
dlinnttor. tll aomnpany the group.

DEMOLAY Maoonin Hall 7:30 p.m.
Lin. Club Lon'i Club 7: p.m.
Cty Council M. tIn City Hall a* 8:Op.
V.FW.- Pol 441. V.F.W. 8:30 pm.
CIVIC CENTER Duplale Brdde 1.4 p.m.
flidp Laens.- 7:0e-10:.00p.m.
Midat B.kthlb.ll-300 p.m.
M En' Baklball 7 p.m.
JLquld Embnrodery *.30. I S 0 a.m.
unior NavlCadlia 1:30 p.m.
B.P.O.E.. EB:lClub8pmn .
Civitan Lion' Club- 7 p.m.
Delrany aBelch GOarden Club Mmbnal Horn atp.rn.
Bastim Star Mawnc Hall 8m pm.
xcha Club nMayn Re.i p:30 nl p..
RotUny ao'i Club Bld. 12:15 p.m.
01 Pdintln Advanced 10:00 a.m.
Dnalna Lemons -Chll.nm 2:30
T.O.P-. 7;:30 p.m.
Sanor Clthan. 7:0-10:00O p.m.
A.A.R.P. PFint Ped.Sainp and Loan p.m.
Jr. Chamber olComrn Jayam Clubhou. 8 h p.m.
Woman Club- Womcan Cllb- 1:30p.m.


V d Pa
j)r A


Special Groups


*Dresses i--H Off

o*louses $2.49
*Swnaters i Price
Raincoats & Car
Coats O ff

Assorted Skirts &
Slacks Reduced
ORobes, Quilted
Fleece M Off

432 E. Atlantic Av., Delray

................... ...... ......._... Brin v B reezes Chatter

Delray Beach News-Journal By Charlottde Knaus
The regular Briny held at the Coach.
A John H. Prry Newspaper Town Counl waning hoe Harbor l. the
_____________________________ n ld loa Thnday at Park, Cnlhgiate Iai- l.
4 p.m. A lienaing oar i- lute Aohuna lm
appninaiano! Ban Aik. plasant ad natant. I
Pr mortinohb For Progress ? pd mihth add. w
I f^. A unifed, nualld 3smion em of ioal ^ w ntyullata uthn l iha Path
will aen Ia dirn the t-1. iont of qtlllad.dinnto of Wa efusd. We undr. FndthatMiaWll.
antand l m Irom he a
urlltlofatbtr miomoun loplanfnd that Boyndo i r heol in Brooklyn. Th.
5. Eaaoution oalfAthtIe nAoaan a t nf l dnitpray.I a
3.pawnaioant elantil aoa aino i htall. A=. "Sa. n -. i. 0 it0 alll that
4. A CapIel Imparnanit Penamt. ith hlhla' unbald Wondrby Mi and I bamme ISTALED BY
advice ao m.mtt ee. i A g big a, M a;tlal nda 1. t ti n a a ., y IN 1 T A LLEDBY I b
t. aSloloahald -Im and itallata acneam ,n-.. [n big qualm. ;or hand. i'na yearmyl
^l<. M. Sel th tiI i .r rSr adl Fled. Club, I. IDr. B1.
gta Ond dln o .d tw O ffi c er s I5i <4.
9. n ol nlot n al p i aiterai a.aa. l h odt y ti. m ialua of an r and It wemo't fithll s ChItro.dl. l n er e t
Imp ~a thaelyaar'ao n mninaa y, n.a llatahaelnlseilr aNh that we dhtonamed nor Haoady. org epnl
7. A wat.r taourta. prormn sai., d at mpn l95 t ot lt oMiiad ha k.T Pak alllio h 4 Mi K ma i M
d kinia aat earan dha nltfL. haeapa adndo Ipllulhoa an. au S u u wa sanll W o thdl M ind u ad by lla wa ofCan rl
nor pape, 1,.-. n In a entrap Jst T1 e
jet..,.,,l". .1.14Z h= thoB- DtelrayB
Of Crime And Punishment adid".- ran., i Deiray Beac
Of. ii though. lulaa .-., th .`r i d.hyd Officers, Ini
Conuon.t n. old. "If you would .no Many yan liyo nt e wll a rk is pthnla.onhloaniobhm i haanl iuaiprep .
I maolgned Ian loci thi tin withe beiieivee Tht Dehly thh Zonx
ob.toblhhtannry." tatlnn(. and heballna It Il 1p ti tb. Ienrel.tobe1 tlUp 0, window. dr.vlo.1 IaClubinoal.l d 19655.5
H.-e a nt adorin hi 0ler 9o orldaamlnnto anl plhnd LnthanatJai iha ly around 9e5 loop and o(lm. and intioed w
anwit nlonay .ait a netIImat; answer. Stinychola! iOpp.d at Dan Lrady'n mc, t ian din r.
.a.. ointnina. iha tnl Petha uBo I lln md S. d .ot t b Enjoyad dinanr ith trale. Eraon an L a m=taina ht wakath .
ata l hew yaa weilat i i.1Th e young. t, a o ni.. lth o mni y that tih a S . k -pap er9 ha d oy to l tla LioHe obh.'"' '
h I d.a.oawahadl.h dis5si thai.s Jat. t95e ltk n. than Imn.d nlha ea'ed hSby lt. .n-.
lannanyundar. paanl ho. bai ia th wll ot nia.liye$ plluya n 9.0 andPanl Ihdlleeinr, ntIflinhad an 1.9.. anh.ha. H pwnputdl-
lee -- eq- = led an I., aow. *tlb
lAnvath aa alo and.I01 laat wnel Raian S. l.rht 51. nn.h. aaw 5.9,, ihol ani. ktay would n In ta Inl aoanr atnd amw
dteaa tth tohhi.lhdd nhao lyt hnd wo 5 thin w r of thei Lak. Worth
Behandlt at po a ,td the 95. 1,an.rhee. ad It= 1 iha reld. and IV thra pee at jai.e atopll onta Club. oat hit
.an~"d whhrohodth a t 9k 5 uno iilny old long owmo .tvle
uk he. Iheloenar I ay po hanl And tbi al n a l andV manae i til Juat i an.on in Tha ntloha tllo .h Ja. ll Sr'n K ptli-
0.m5v ZL tytott coml,'h Jt5. hldm Kenneth
asani pleaded n contla i t rr ox f punashmntn mah w.a at al.e th hhano* ldcnh l S It.ou .l1..Naml
rand l snky In tha aflalB d ow ot dally pod nch nnn. th fly cnnthonannaa neo onlg Sny. t M.ldnt H cm ty .6. pi.
..nd' ga I _.taim P ma r iRaIeilSea but oahnthItand lih d1nt; .m uIHarvay,
Why wold a young man wIth a sod .h& a Ior away when J.ayMuophyJr+..lto hl rmtpondinlm aetlery;
pIta.atdl and pmnlg.n tlutil thlyannlim eBl ratnd nL. th95m0 iuc Day Hall. t nr.
o=,id hiAha .inIn 'at'n City Hall Jitters Ouupth-. nelnah. Mur.ihn thi e 950 lily d in
loe he take of a ampaatlively hoao taetitd h naS planned a a i rt l.a Sl5na l
donl1?. Piven. m.n holn 950 pta wn..lth- lS. ond "9h cu." '. ha. anynanw na y and St.. iietty Flsawing.
Wh?.A lt oIdl.,ay BaS lchidta eidpin 1 oupThund*yn nttCity lu A and I. lalthIe o PaIu dPau l.M .
oa mlina Ithl lltat i qt.1 tond 1t. alll inn lat Bing oa dAry dyCla. in n bthlht hi e o]ddn nae o tihd hby 09ler m bo t9 e
dll4i nlit to am. up lil)a n ral.udb OwplIytand joat neeBally PUaai l I.e wiblphbdb h a Hld them to n La Worth Zvnta Club
lhaluntly. allln an T 1 wy latn 0 liha hi.m IhL I int l th I old -h5 inlo an n din I hem- n In.
aund. and i I h a n n I td tha Whilethyl tth andt alkdv adla W jult lantiGrri.and ehi .1 ,l tdplt ale elth 1 uded L Wlla D.
ualy Ploy lthulh tie lbby bEtZhel ao kn *bt d" otnnine ol hem. JR. past plLdlnt i
when 5ll19.Ion 1 wd., he nay 50 nhh a d n h WorEhnSa atn Wn u w1h5, tllnan at th. m l. An iew ore ol t1. worid nih yt and adi 95. Onlil i an
.ni9. .whd o I. Ik hr..doni wDf pnnatI a tnar95 h St. Andrew's 11 on w In h no.p
iu tan bein.whold tb they arelu inSly Bnmportanlt IaI thrulh Mte kt.1Doovrl lu. utet *I tnl i
Ih.o. fin lentlwhocM ha 0a t dt OoBle Aninn p and Jlar a Chorus To Sing d o. the nI n
Bu t ha qua bni l .ritnsf toh ate.ll ct FInally. alt er am end n m an y fill bha nk faa ih. va i9 m e a nn A D.
tha. ll have w 9e al ihInhig ol mw the eawploya In the bultdingi the nad Rai Beaaa ilhr For AAUW Unit Thiti el ihe C.aoy
ouryangalnpp. p5.nanystator-.aplionbl .aea nhlna dauhlonnr9.wllklho TIt. and Ahilotn Cn;
It 50 aoirued. ahtaan dat.e. n.itolhannupandald hJbnatouldn't Can f ind ailer BOCA RATON- h lm Mt CMnae Jn.nInp.
anpea punimnt ot. nan then epect stand ii wnann. "Who a t Th .lad I..lamwnbkri. 1.luin WI. Shapp- ou.eard Nunnll.
lnnalry .n aught in 1h. an fl doing Iodayi .lhaand Tha lunnenn nnhh at...r .nt1 a prslldent Honeaind hI. Wllsm
a nd prelim. hainnan l
Obituaries tnhe Icaaon A.nlntn Delray Beach
M 91St.. th. 43.l 1 K .b Club. O parent IhS St. Andw New-Journa
Ma. 01-.43. ..W. Va.. and aCh alaet l. d9 .. .. .
NE Sin A-.. B- ma- d te of .hl; IS.
'Tide d v o, an Ut nty.l. Could. in P5. 1 .ann.iann' a
20. OAplid.wlll Tu' 'mrk+ +w Im
a,1 ywCAiOLPAYNE Moe I.saviedI ahrdo h Mr. CMaI 2att.8pa... S an ttlhldoh.
wCR LAt idow. Kthe; two ihbr`CC t Mem- RlaHtlnd C o p nL n. b t .
.tal o..5tlnr hhpp rhin e C nU b nIt Dcoalmnaf. tr.nn .L ha C=brhli 4 t Kb
lol=oinl i.aynopoflh pomdiogeatgh lo Bo10 R1c, RaceRat" ; brother, Iude ht ii ul th abject ul tmorra .
dim. dFrank ol laeL Mad. wdow N09ie Dy or9beaI4 oacu dum a
The m.-Iion ol the King and queen ill GaUl;tndnrMrr Beac; tMo Br.Rob., but nl ,ld hW 1-1,nnunt
hlhli alhl Ie pm1ananing. April 30. 1a I h. sa n ai V. I Df nh a P .bt. iad .td,.WtAI,*na. tI in g I. i
11.n1 Hotel andd ofb Mr ay 4401.. ca lndri 5. lIl t dan la ha .1
J ennie . sb i ea Ce ro y al F aupm n t er. blae F7tln S no. .: I wn o n th P o i et u e t 50 l y an d t
ohainnw 01 .d l 5. C)hrat 0 1rim h .udyOll. wle in Wa e ES a" Ull. eLatroeh I th I nto l pAaW -t.-
and AL. Tan1de. "C ltIe oabhlad na o C awoh, NJ. K Tear dannrdn Mnd Dv lRoyal Oak pwl. .dumt d n. n al.
Amndiwillp ilmaen tue with.down Odru.. A Heoa. Bac h. ; e e a deter MM to Potvert'; and hAwL.
Olher ..n ansbn ol th, commitle will thn ot wau In he It ot feaM DH.d; n o ea and tha C B.e
,l.n inh hl llhe 9., upon h. majelA Ma.9 Thy mn ntvarly Hll% Ca.;L and Sea bh will decide whian of
n wpll aro 9 th.n n ea nd l tr = 1.Ina dhlld rn Ihe bum lyn. I, idopt. ,
Th-,lerJin ntlh fluheoICe-omonv. C.HOWAlDCAMBIRON i boS=th=belrp mlem.
John wlibr, will 1.ll- the -mwin.. llluded in MrC. mK 3 R.och. -e to iand Pot.e Ap M
the rerm, will b ,ki' by Charll Rihadu n. N.K &eventh .l y.lh t- vdli`.= 'Rw ` .,UW thre
nul Rawl, and Cot Walker. dono by Drdo Beach died Th ju . chop wlll b held In Tel-
Knu m~a teerrb ldio, n uslubi n i AllBt ek ethd.Mr altIlofIaMne ond hauec, R all t
Pianomio h By Dekr. A a pib the royal l=Holtal. Mzhdt Church. efle dlorstudy ilbe
roupl will had the oull altendnt cnto Ith dan. An o t w tl tomu lhly red

don't rush away...


hna.A. law n.~lnntlhn.. 0 tad nksanaann~n aanoldat
a.,n~d Aw.SI. 4.9 cl nukanta.a IL(r-~htlulnhnwylnntw atO 1.a avrt 0. .I n..

1 1 0 A nn 0I1.591 A Ia.. .' 11PAN

h Zontians Install

tiate New Members
Sno o the iSn Aire aaom nw member, wan
Ho11. M.. Clyd. Wood unabl to be pananl for
.I Renacy Auto Part, lhInilhalon.

Iauissar omcm m

MONTREAL. WtIL. April 25. IS 10. L
Hackle).hPrei.dInt of Iae Iro a9.t PnPatnw In1
Mortreal. Waonin. announ- d today that 'ha
Irnn Ga aIn 1, patennto and ho, .7rgn.
rntd In thint nfr monthr to dallal minlll da
upnin 0p9a douin tn umm and olU. Mr.
HIkio., pla. to oer thine .nyal nt. Io RE.
TIRD pnpib; In uad thai Ihm Inre a. y an tie
pop bo wnd their lintoin Florada. but ould
BGk.i t reoubl molve. pla up North In the
r. "We hlnk an have .he a-noe," ald

Ha dtnibhd Mcntnal a amell pilunaqoa
tn in ino County. WLcondn a.Mtald hbetana
the White C.p and Indlianhed -oniin 5i1 anu.
-"Ia Cnnuty and doInI i Ongatbl Couty in th.
upperSltmlant Mdnhlancan thrillyouoirs wnh.
on"nd." hb aid. "Siklnm treat atrFnn Ir9w
qutk, In c plln ir n whkh ilow through llke
ti ake laIn b o 11 or nil. Lak. Superior
oiLt. inel deep oI ta ut and th
nturl. Nonhn o .lawmm ot rap
bird anw .niwb, ia In bhundhna. People can
ltenwnl nalantytont h ilrhadquwten and
ine IM to Iio huadndh a eniclle t
thonnll hre n fland IO min tuI ol nirtunal
Illdnme I I* U s dlbpd "" atlon."

So9ne 1he Inroa G.e unll anvn tl5o .nd thr.
bodowu.m lull bath, M d llvidn m m/kImlseoMu
mbinoalle, but mat hae tt on bdrmo.
M ny Ura hura h n 1dib.ed an the
SpurtMnlernowy luo ud(d I theuIrn| *nd
qioti decor. Al uitialwe lunuilwhd u ellaU bed
tou mmi dtihdu foblwr .nd eookinc|1
uteml*. Thet lor a toil *euon 35 2onlhe) b
$ 0OD.; 4 mtnl E4n.. 3 -,0 lha0 MTS-,O, 3
Anyone Interted in nntl. or edditllnal Intlr
Nmtnln should write to L. Hlckby t the F.nt
Nail. Bnk Blda.. Minn.apoli. 5ln..5M502.

!---- wa------`-




Woman's World

Society .. Clubs.. School
Dot Fraser, Editor

Sd-'*l -i-.4.-s'.t-own* cono- Mary Jacobson, Robert Currie
41, i oo at a hepo dr V&a. GeV Club is
,,i .^,H .S.TS-,-I.-b Wed At St. Anthony's In Boston
14.-orilhaoha Ctf l~lnoo.0 FiotailollD~kl.b Mn+ nd MP.lRot.nO.
At Dly .Buh Paypor 0'M u 6 l C loer aiCu oamatnO oo
trand 4t0 0ha Ato Aito Rook M i.ok4 CoM: htg, Miaa.,oiot-
pl.d Io mu l Sopl ma t dwd 1 I h I C*Lt Ili* 1 ""*"I ra ln
.Mind ^'E'^.^: C LK 1:.2 at Ron
B'T4ysn4o Lath, Tot.. hbid ndrod Iroor M ah
81a004t.VdarIi dto. lit. IFtn 4It.'
Mda.StL and Plm Amyoc 04ddin5l hetd hJ.woeo. tod -
meil Wadoada, nlltatn0 Iol and o H l d M l. adn 440.- id a
E.tbmoo'L 5 .ub I0 and~o~oor tom e.. TOI. my M Whf Ad4 h to i p BBW.
it l ur mlo a will = 2u M ry P` An".. .aIo, D B.o.
""S. ef.rl l ,Ch ^M- Cou Woa'd to Rk -nb
0400 40 Shaeto itoats onrrtaa it I"oh
Edda and Btty P in col oid o Amd Tap GMllO Cuod. 4 ol
Rum Stfluarnd alh s ddlo' d hr S4nSa 0 r. tod M LrCoard
0hubro at dn A mol. tt rllt owal ohoalyi. fJm Con it ol CIllag
0n0I 0 on1rt. ho l M l h.M N.ia r40I .h d rtll fIor 04 R o1 4 0. 9-
.ond t O .'. C luP4 .. aIIF p.0,lh Insitiv ,ni .

H5at rin.alv.hd fr. Tl4"14 vlIh t l lotFn 4.,M.. wlh th. Roy.
a.y 411 ink ba imlmd. Lao1.or. MaDomar oi tI .
Conl. And Mll Porl I-lr th ed.aB thr donto nl at dtt aC
oieroa4ateNahe..lhRandWllhinlt, HD.CN. 0G4.n 4n. moiaan op by
W0IR5L040 -- L tot Btb bd, t4 h h wo0.4 rn4t 0
A ithahltoiop hd o p-oMl l riih .csra D 4or td oI hd I owln or
0,lohrllrk dol0l4lnI .0ten.nh.t h k w thot Itoap t a SOO. 000 .4 .
lacy -aa Ind entd with flrv

Yuot.1144t d Mi.e an An Ad.ur eo te rsniim iodo o44kl th0e (I, mi._ H
(Rlm.Atmh.Warcn Lna Ar ttoloat n fi, aldaL I4 hw-htb.s h

rAt Ai. Voll and h, r0.'. path h y l ll4 in.dt I Ih.t byr. MadU he Gar.l5 r 0 CaromL.
paotp N Thieo ly enylol blrad tO 1 t tJan ond o4 ont..n ond JndWhn. and. Ar oitolr. iB.

M.I 0nah- dfl hat tnol o u ptrr~od'oto. COLbk ffa lat rd OtOMIad n0.00np000 .ors, *to dld. nt
0 OnK1Ull indltheltNWhuy rLdlH; b- lowi rldo no br l t rlo, S .
r.Lbn, iat. OhlI n 14 hok l,4l0 and Pnoo tl4. brde p t s M baroth.4-niao oa f Unlonbtd o4A i.t
0l .yt 0u llnr o 4 e4r0n0 SllolL y. daihla alo, f h lhint' ha W l lN. 4 .0 ra
FPlht NotMat nlr y 500 oD4p"lIyouelomeoo 40. mid ol hooorand P10rm,4 0 S.J.. 4 w .ln4,k.Lhe ot o Do.
nwthsoa o.4ile .ih orn p "oo.1 CoO. Jo oP AtU ofi ther tidon, Carol and a, at Stroad U0n4o rl

Atonpal wAre M MlAn S aeFe M c Hoy".Pricn
MYOC4b4H5a o NlT- T.U o OlS.O. ho on n afI INd 01 --d0 hr wh n

7 '.4.44 r 00 4.ath ..0 04 10 .. ott P00,". 40. 0 r i
Eal hdltda y2oD w -ndd &hIor"-
Randis s Ia t Coiti onal iFnrank oWin Co
paryo Ae aitol -.4. apat 4000004.40004 f t:o notans, 01.0 toroolh do0

ped o llh al d pnlnr frD"labo m TIy N- Sn dM in 1
altoa d.ibrt y w ul wl l a *. d to t0he00 t- opr oe ldrold ape. to Me ~tohla. l a it:R S oRC wo Ioatg
.Ther1 l hMrlO ln ;. h'ly t orCalL t oI eCl l ranl k ratir Chiflon raa tby. sol th roa notl Harv dtA .

TAXuEhm The Mllloin cbaow.l.aewlar ioBn *T t iinow. l
Ap rlb00. y 1. hma e .l no Plr oi a l lbCtn ad t o Pa o. rHahndrlo do t. |t f dAtoinChilght r]I
Mh*ow.toulld pC.. Boca Woman'soClu Iakbana tDI (

b owabltc llellhnolmll*ii~y w)(h4 :linn e uric plve p t o1ia|
Ita Notlh Cdlaio1, trumt. a.klu enruby,. o
*nq.d4mt haull o. Oeinh Co.(e Sets International Tea Plans Exhibit S 0 5d J

504004. C evelo. 540, a 4.40 4004 h r At Library it
FKlWo -- p.bllib n Bhe & Holl 11 thaitoiy hrt b .. R:IIs nraMH1l Io
Mnoheey'a Pa .l n 0440 N. Pop .04 R i4hwd 5 B0CA pATON -- M*I Ma.m tB 0at f le Pi'a.41 3o3r 44it 04 nbB |
t orifo h7lrnw ll sa p l 1o11 Ew elat'. i o poi or b the fry. w0 wth 4 h0 04 D I brary don Sooktllt G

p ..htIop lnld a d h..- . ..n ....ra 4 lol dc 4. ondooa .4.4 e .0040 4.. Pnbl.pti. 4l
tLotM Iheyln urt ollolo on 4 o alhtt rai To' Toeday. ty Chlt 7 wl o d PS1 .o t Ar4 Ln..l Fh4.i I
la ll derop d ll h wc de d 0 0h m or. 004l4u4. 440 000 n44 df iasc tic at 4' itolrr anelKd 0
R0EnOotn W SN. t n tahBln W H di Col 0 h' The meellnho wll etur Ti.e ositith i. w.hih 044l 4
opaf l rthl-te M. 0-Wool h inhe.00 go. 4. n Nande Dxh. Polbi Clotk rWn d na tr idnto l m i d
kao t154M7.W. lhCtrarlasoinStrsdI w aold. or. fnn. ,addone of oghloralhtwlot0L0ag.d Jpanmi-or pi. o4l0. 0t 0
Al Olnrlulnlh d MoltIo Mnoor Denoy' t Critnnht, Odhio. tia*t nottet hinbet bhmr adI
l.y eoti e00lon rh Inkt No wlo Bn ig Jilom o hash altI Md 40thO. n olu m ho n, Pln b r a c tn lt
u o4 Ft. Lodrl o-pln 0.444ul poryl snd 0l0.e0044 t. CtaaoJlotL i lroo chreiMo. e110ra, 5 1 Op
oparatioN. Lar,, they ihe.nt n0 .ai( hed y Mo. Colt mt o4br w to hM 04
ooh-drohy ltOhen hr,.o a Ct tC. "0. p04the SoS.. Mr n o. Jrhcthl t Ci..ptar h00.000
o1 a wroya Cortostna voiual.. bn.00 Do hr la oraig 440 0,0 wn 14004 414 040040 Mo....400
Saysp N.Hy o op iMcodTfadot .l t al no o aidowy ngtee tat a M. JII4 C ww.od lo l, 4440011 whoiwiU0.04til-
I A l0 r 0 p i A he l d l 0 0hon a .t.. x. C0n44 4 c.i0 ol dP b-h0 t Moid o 4 4 I. I 0 1p . 4 1 n Nh a t hn l d a
iflolole e ao ohadn top. poLotoi raady t oo 004004 0.0 00,00 Mo. Walt.. Malheo. o04hto. 00440.10n000t7
tahe l0l totoonod iL ndia. WhJlt Mo.ItoS 8 A om o. MI Japna.
NORTH CARONA-R e th m, f. tho. 40n07 40000. Willa Ste.00 Mo T.C. TO. pu4h4 o 0l liolly
Pnowd Ft. t l on O Noho fob or a I0 4 poaolt0.40 Lao = .I h aic otn d Inited o nn tod
Ctpl C. Poirot. lPhon ron 2 r4.
triend-aysuheac, o. wasiCgh- de
Cehat~mohes.0104lal, Corhiro.l. t Catl.4l=din7p6otatho Mr.. Meyer AndSon Mi. pmolJl, .ond0
1.14 P 0 1 .4 f too it h 0.0 -he i nto rold 4B. Fo Spent Easier Hereo Ia fro notha tlk d octo
wil fto Meprco t p.htloolh y th myis i ti0 mo'bCto JohnO adWallr.Mh0 r ihd0.ri t*m
'0O 4RTH4540 0 0 440.4. Top oo.-- br, C rlo o deon 440 Mwa s" M Cop. Tnd ot o ma r4 8.0
'h00dh4 t h n -B If l n po t. h to Co i of Sowa0 ao RinI. of o a otoo of C ot noarl 2 7
h l It lh &11 b. 11 13" Palate M e,- ,p.w htich faro aklhad he.dqo r-
W ear,. 044 Mo 4l 1 .ira In Tokyo. 1-ti
Monsoons. N.C.len 1.. m 14 Mrs* Mihnd Cflnor
TO. 04504nl0hnul 0 n.00 N l 0 d phfrnopllb, l oltlo 04, taavofibia Thay ltund 0.0407 dotln4 o norkohep. n-
inol Lilbrr~.y W k l0l 0.4 400 prhhn 40. 0o, h om lr p.n to M Elnter n. 0 e Rk atlln .r0he.4 mik lrn
winl C.o. l 4.-p 1 th rog D l iBlM of 400 o18 wn.n o p, io a dt n Ore tl 0
ray .el Library .0 I 0t thne. To.Mo,4onl4 l. Juonir 54.0 Choer a d
otnllhes 0 4r Onltlonp TO. pho4p orlp teo t o dapauwo e, F anoo O arFPltt 00nse ofe0 t
.14ulhr, ot It 40 t Patlh omitian ho4a t th l Codhry in or i ..onsd P eiarotin"

pohios p. N tola tnron 0 a.ry0l W eek t4 Noslo O..a po'toid4 40 .r4000
th .ial'4 odorlinll'ol.from lohe oiani 4404 for knole.drle of tho
hnd 0n 4ronha to sta trord nd iIt .004 004
po.l0ldl ll 1e e Maln. Mo. t l le71,
00et Shel~ p 00b~ry nf, 41.e world 4.4 a hhtod". To MeetTonht on

I on, nlr d t orenut 7 D llb. I orl ohekd 5 Cout 4San0. Pl.r. 0 .. a
at.lpBatc Lh0. a p it hitysrdo nogra hy 40e 0e40 Mon.UNy

lu 04410y 0 = cllrtoo 00 Pooh tilnAl
ir tioe o. 4n ,ataih.0. o a T00 A tlr wi1

,a 1 .. 04 1.1-1 TOO Soyut Pack

,khad Ih .b- it.I,.M., i U I P-byto
In.", IIhdI JInin II IrMioco o
C oroat=40 stmlith 6d.0

B BTY UE AV I 3400/
Th pa l wck 0lu.r. been hilandod-oedby ori
to., ohin lo. the ....... oln to
* efhwbi .
All- td Jollau 54 00n blhddla
P4 adan ad. *0. a io.0ayI Pad ud






hi'%. 0

$ so
11IS. 4~

L 440

Kathryn Ellen Adkins Wed
To Ronald Sherrod Eward
Miss Cilhyn Bl.n Ad.
kin-. tbe Sa(shter o
L. A. Adi400 o| poty
Beh and Ihe Wr*. Lowl
Arnold Adkin. bmw.n i
th ,idos l Ronld S9e.
ord Eward Satlurday. l b
April 4. at 4he a Pn a e,
dpt bt Chorl h of Dleray

an Mr. ned 1M.
Ilolph T. Enord .1 Fort
nor, pastor. prrtoooed .0..
dShol.,inog 01l.n.U at
70o o'clock in t40 00-

Adin. .n Corn Boto h.

afttio.rn.ll,. ,
t] rhiol I ln oi pao0i b,0
No olln nd nri po it
oardadwih .tnu
Alik, ins pdi C- hlnd and odi d ms-
.1. rood. -l pialsn

0lt0 iis. atend ,
tnl ir yell [*of on

PrnIo canaida ans0d

brnqot ol. a itridl
Now Willi.ram F. l.. *-*
W. 1. d.4o f Cocat h. ..d
The bi. & S Eald. wS e ldatt odt 4 t0. y Bronco
in. Do.nn h loR i Sto. MIllo 1h.o 1 ioI Bahnd h m. nD SW.
TO. A ttdin C oI t mo. h the tho .nrrd Iint hShit t.
IdMtia b r*4 i. e hto ld o tod t Ihuid by It dihtl t lO inrad

Poort~ot Ane iat, ondManailan'ClIet aow i0r t Nhti Cerem onr. thyr
Jo t. and kno ~ i A4..ig h ltht t.
rueadayBridge Iouoo, t 4 Io llty d -no tin totdi nor
Bora-lenslth A-e n ln l i North C-olins they

fl o a r ol p t o n F lo r da o t U nl v en d t y .
rame Winners B"" 04KTlhONEwrd 4h=rda xs lrdul
WiroolheTuedlyo Foot Louderdiu t 0 S=.drlt Holh Shooml
rop.. tohi duplote t. Utmwrr e Prnok anod Pr"l.nd hr, deoroe
ridi 50. e own Co. Adkins .4 Ne w Ot. 40. FI oridaon o e Utirn -
a L., H.ny BlSicd, TI. sky In 194, Mt. Edward
isheto. Frd.. F ohrro. I 196 t oredtont o.
North 0nd Sooth -- Alhn. y .. Jeph FloiddStballyndrlllhe
I.. Saon Cllntin ad yh,. Fol Loud.ldi.. andldalt rot a oelttr'
caph 1olAonoly. Prct; oad Vlnorm PL0ndl oi dhoau In nlte lll
m.Cm.Coltns roat d Alisl.lorih. olltknl In AuI ol
rMi. Ma.,sl KO.- Fohd1'nd 1 n A. .'r.
MCi No rCad dotor kAdN, rwothen aid. 1
Sdar 4.. tuquos ahoeth dra W (SIO UPtI -Lrft--
Ent and Wot Mr and arndol a tnr a of "' tdowatd fooda
SadWi d0 a 0100404. 'jn 00 sti d to trond
Codllow0 Hlndolr. aL::c h wr u orn. A`lor --0dti
1.211, Wagiar. h1r1 i d "' of tt. .0 0 .04
M.; Iln K ,nd thloow.hIadodic a.nd mt l l w f- witns a.
nd M. Ellubsa Sh.l- 0 hin. 4 ahet. Bar .1go =o=0 =V4 04 du-
took o n y do ......ld or. wa 04 o
l0ll000l0*0*l000 l000l0000ll*900"

3134WWW1101C2 10W Sli
Section ofour Delray Beach NVe o-Journal

P. I, 0 . N


j 1nt

0Ird Itloloa nnoothly ocelini ot th, .ithin'
Port WZdnndly noon. April 21t. hod -u Ihe1 golat
pet .ind prim nroet Palm B l.h County To
I Edt M1.IlL ProtM Chir... RWl.
( Am in tmIt oh s most fitlin paol nm tor
.ltont In qoe Mr. Mlal. ."ther you
ali it o1 ot-tu ue here to ty:'" "i bbhoom
peop to olun mn *abm the..
Boynton Be0ch CouncLlan IRkor CbhedN.
B and Allio Bank.. Atoounl-l Bob Elron,.
Oean Ridge Vio-.M1yor Pitm BRtner and
ColminailoM John W. Rodls. Boynton Buch
Rlly AlMotintTheiin W. Can and VI Holho0r(
nitS potot bIcrul they fll It on opportunity
Io beco bateliefr qulned alth tib county to
atmcturf. We think "ei.'p. that'. tb mO
Parnddnl Chal.* Aldtn and VI..-Pildent H. M.
Howdlol the Boylon Boah FiN Natiooal Bank

Hoard prlident .clhd on uch ptno to *tand.
ltve tihei rnoand buaeia thi a.. done o
quickly at *r nrfin te 0o0ldn't rte). u loit u
tIho. ..n.o t 0.. Balvn l, Ford C.,orIld Edil
2Had Ion Dl.y, Alltmd A. Ruhb. G:no Ma.omy
.nd Vi Coch... l.a Cooallnt. E0 OhB..
A -10itM EnIIM Coopr. Muiel Le0il *nd John
M.nh. Si-Cat Auootla Heny E. ThoAnp;on.
Loi. Ou.nher, y Brandrl.. Devqn lnd llu end
Alnhur MIMlilbio aU thea to lmhrb tax toal-

Rtlltor Ray Alln 1th Aoil R. W.
Wainr1. Raltocr Mldin Doulhly itb h ipeil
Arlte Ju DoIily. Rulon WndelU Jol.
WllU on H.Yt u., Suuan and *nd Julion Patrick
to Cull-R1Uh. Vtno WUloa, hbo Helb Etla
Iom Rtlto, HIrvey E. Oyer.
Mr. Muo U .2.nnd hb renurko wl1h I
U hntl hlt e l. pk d t o w.ith "110 tlle
Ioup ol lrindl and o m aanill t .O lie..." Our
prod.l the ame -- ophika." mam .- he0l
tad i.0llllnl and dl*urblni. W.e l Mr. Malumll
hal point thee -- the public does and hu *vry
dlhl to, depend o the 20 lt R opinion le|rdlin
tIbe IdvibUity ol Invoiting money In properly -
whether lIt be r or lot pofl. All ithe o'
aontoltep Inlonned on many thlo-- intludinl

"Whlt m y0u Iooh0 to do, conlinu to hor
toht tne l20 loo llh or toll yot elected oll0riI.
ho much y2ou w111 to poy -- oundl dth
tlem?... don't knao'how to stop incr5ln I tIhe U
bnId.n?... it colot e I0Ind n1. the T. A5 r1.
o2in. hut nny lp.yen tbh h it n ... but -
hove no h.*rDoleorlp you my t00 fort ooinue
to ilo in uI lbrUily la olve probem* "
WodMdapy leelnon. April 21.2 t th. 12n'.
Clubh In DtBlny Beh. th South Eult P.a BRh
County Hoe NunlnJlg Servl. hed 2hir nntul
dinbmr-metint ond el'clio ol ol.el0 New Pond.
dent b l rn MIne Jomnon ol 0B Hleon. Vie
imidetl an 1he local AMoolillon'. pttddentl -
Jun Comab of Boynlon ond Ienon R0bon ol
Dolny. b M. Eve MUlt from Boo. R'odinS
Saaar Ed WaU-N of B moyno Cohteapondinl
SBaotey ond Bob Cmton ol aDelny b the

Dorcas Society
To Assist Center
The t S c.y of
s eventld Advelntlt
SChurch aan he ta-
tteid in appeal (o( n
omditaa 2om the Lake
kWorh Weldare Cnter.
1Soitly mnb 11ill
Itlt .2 Ihe Cter,
Wedamday. April 28. at
10 ..m, to help ptrp
Mtnlti atd loud lot
1 dttlhbullon amonl the
*2aly. 02 ki0 g
thai day am ed kla
r ill needle .dthead.

SJunior Women
S To Orientate
i New Members
N. n mban ol Ih Jan-
I In.' Club .ill

27t p.m. ant h hon
l a M.r Jun** BUyu
2715 SW. Ellhlh SI..
Boymn Btach.
=-It vit pe.idenl ind
r mboabip chirbIn.
will nntil IIh v lH

Boynton Roundup

Went to th Gold CtI bet, am. Rom 6 point. to Club Toulenal. They
Aqut ul m ren 1 point. b oa divnig. h aven th i.
Tdop.010 100.1 oat ha dot. arn.. Is0,02 00a.
2t Thindy .nd thWrd Thew ill. mphi. .or divinl. Thewlol th1t
They hn d da dlouon WVhever they rve Clllomi. to entr Into
on their tomaMnam hn turaemnl and tounUnet io
whIhIwlb of o timeln they Ipf lot ol nth p1e. epid.
n ,b May. Thi. Til 0ry Ithy f it 0o h r B
re1.tinl and only lor dr.',hainWetlP. ip oo
club They h0ve Baf Ptlonltn .nd W aye
dlllrnt 1le e2 rfih 01t Alh in 2h0 ittn pa ol Ront llb I 1,tltht
nIl oulht atd let o lay.wl1lhe.smoh 11 lot heaetea2 w000.
Coa rdtnl it 1 hBob coanod Wyneo. am od
IIColl.,. hem. Bo o,.
l oPa to Joti0amle and
C troin to orhk to r 2th
MONDAY tUaa. S y20 tat
CIVIC CENTER. year.b ay
P-TMa *nd Thn- Atlvit PedWod 1;:3 p.m. plebh h"el will ha r ,
CIRlatbas..BAjo.. men0 Thundoy Aril
Anm.2nI La.oa Ptl .p p.m. 29,3:30 pl.., the GCir,
OAdr olEut1u Str. -HManc Tmple-8p-n. Clner,. Gir nven to 13
Ralabaw Gilb.M. MuaocTempl.p-7 po re urid to Ilod and
Soaoik.5pj. hrlnt yor ptarei. Suom-
CIVICCENTER- m.t P100 oln be di-1
ArtanlCialit. 100;.12:01 Mtd od Il f. w111
Tel.lin Pa1tulailt 2if 0 be pleyd at Pu Puart.
Kiwani-. Buah'.Rt.12a Lynn Emri h a iU be In
iUoni Club. 7 Op. chare.
Orld0mClub- oy .p
W.41.a your RByi Rody o in
CIVIC CENTER. mind old ial up lor thI
TeltiliPo.ntlE5-001m1.,. May 3uh tooptillon.
Teon PAa-od P-Te Aot. Po. l:SS-O00 ps. The dadlfo h Mhly Ith.
C0Ulbheak-9W .i.. Thi Rodeo I0 I*) all tan.

138 .1. 27111 A

Applleations for the Fall Session
may hIt ade far Grade 1-2
ram 9;30 A. M. lo 12i30 P. M.
at .he school on May 3 & 10
Eniaonall ealitA27 3 or turh2r
Informationall 2766.31 or 32-3353


44 Bronsn Street P.O. Box 1537
Welcomes the public to a



Sunday May 2 6pm4pm
*Slte cartified teacher *Chlhstoanduatltn
Doly Musk. fretam *Ce y ity "
Stai ctillalltn stanldadl
..iin lthi.r imw lssn fota lh
FaM SigosRn Phone 7-T17i71rkahunM

Turf & Gardeo

Lawn Mower

Lawn Core

Wom isns



Now StarE

.it, Plain 'I: =y=-
n1d mmaoltimn of tha
laml,lub.. ondMa Philip
Taaylo.p. dtl .11

ite d nWoman, -Cluba
Tt I -W.-o anl tl l e pabe W ag
Th. n b...a in-.. allo.l..I.o. l oaale nlP.
,lude Ml2. Ala- L.RLr.
1, Bo S.. Junior High Presents
2M.John Polch. .Mr,
Mill, J...n "hd Teenage Millionaire"
By DIANA LEE 1out nd h o with lhe
rIAht girl. II.t 02t02l2y 2.
Delray Teacher BOYNTO BCH fn and luanend
.a.Junior Highcbml 5 u- Th, at indul Mike
Will Study At !d.nt nnsl i Jim'
1000r00 Mlllinl00." 0 Peary Coulel I= ].
Math Institute thaa.. py. fThund ly, SIt_,. Hy. Sh
.ad FPddy in the anool Lmopkoon, )0md Abbott.
Wiler L. Tdveltl,. ailet, dra. Su.ant a hulb, Irene
,,ntm otlthel .theni Thl1l10to 'dy7it all Tooblit lDvol e17
I ~. ..tnol I he .,bou Mi.mi Beh and D.bWL. DO.1So. .0,
DeyB=rhJunokaHilh two younl mt whbo t|e(I et. ,
Shol.0, 0b ee00.n00wrdd 1 Itotr o duo to thallr
ailntbyltheUnlverty ioiinr .mna Curtain lime 8 p-
ol Soulh C.ina to a. Sound hnny? It i ----
lmad flh uWma.l7. Thet.o.U glitht u
tlue for hih l cho unl ith hoeb. pean l
lo"im,. a. pb*o..'-"t'ilo Welcome
Th. hollmo, -do
pCoIna by oe It 2 @00. agon.
SNatlionalt SEub, H5oip Wagon
,rnd.lloti... TdMil.lt0li Remembers
J.. 15 I1 Au00Ut 10.. IN
...Ipld. 10(3 SAFE pecil Famil>
nBy to Ihplove Ibltr b b
20 lgar0 .2lt. SLEEP -_ -
t a al l... ....., Slaa tp

tonal beotr under i
Ilhehrll. al lewer IaMIlMM otl, -
td In strnthen lhelr Ifi ItLI in*"%l0.ld -->l
;sl!hU I; K in3l2" h. l sl ei?{ _in

SIn MleatA Ialo tA 0 1

|INeS 2 "VIO N m
200050400 -0ct OU SAw

Help Keep Florida Green 1

Pebble Vutareen
plant food

hda.SGNI2 NaL bap
Iilllt GAN IRG6istallX0111,11

NOIIRTR$MCAL 2511.4ds1219s
101k... .,* $1.10 I4ICTOSloS5oOO
25 Liki.... 1 Armes 81-1 -pm
1S1k... ...1U2 5010en... 9 A '20ho.
LO~.~3 I MOOM OSMOL ARMCRAPS 6-6-6 2 Wlb. has, S3.9
isuds,...!.4A9 a'?M ::::::.79 (OSaotlo.,)
39006... X93 SOus.....10 ARMBOUR'S0U74,114254b. baSINS
(10% chg.*h)

Fkorikal 44 64e6r b kenb
(CS&CAUhlYkaNotds. wUL 2 Ih h& S imp 2

litia.1 Ida. Spistle PM111 M6 12 11

5 1 490 la 50. kp F a kilt. P5U I"=oor..;t
~~~~~n so...s. Cu SO ro Ioaposad .,rlbiuoyr pruhroldlro
QI" Sea= V-


i Hours

566 West Ocean Avenue, Boynton Beach
(Wtlll WiUSIMTI)
hme 732-341 er 7320-37 1
sdry 'ili a hIIrItk alr d *I .

Realtaor' Roundtable
Bo)nlon Roundup
c-.i-| -ja cri*.: '*

Monday &

------ '----------------------

_- i ..


- 1. I---~---=---

. i

=11 1I..9n ,=

LI7I -.ID. *0.* CAMP ARROWMONT SiNGel ..nle zi.E SOOU AfinO. r- E S B! I End Seas
E rEiMPLOYMENT U 'F -' a m I End Of Season

it -. 0 5 -- 5.0.,, .I. Wr at'mm Sa " F o r D on A m m on
OU.JOII, 140s el 155, A S" sa33 U tIIO S I Don Asat ;,l Dl

pasS1 t ., Ma la ,,I ISIS' IOIO. m. ta-s-a,,,,. i am. vat real O- 0tmC .^^,,i ... ,,. a.t
W. eonmI. been wa, I
olte 1 5san~ t..a I i ot. M .r. amLa0.0.1.0 BRIALAN CLARKS E njw ten how bteen eciu
l l a..lx AS 1.. a W 00eita re tY e aPv no. ed.01, ...... OO he. A
lap m ta. f is ( vm u I W EN S PATIOFURN. SAL 3 sa-S m o4.. nB h Prh. di- mr..Ie Ie.
I At Oo .,, - ha o 'fte .sarg tod a1om etWiRRN.gSPTO hny Ao hia.s home Z .d
soa aumA s s am a utomifs" iCf tem .a ; S st. lS. Inda of e
I On g"b 00K I ID r iMt .. IS WMHaEmm, Mlan2A bony an l" nd
an _______ WL ll0al al aotra. JstaO U .asr owa t- ti a s Ts rt*hor =ha. hao dn
3g ftftS-j USES eSa S. n.M a .a nT loaa i 5 Sa iB t.? N.aiS. fa """ "" Ot2W I. i Sotmart a s eitrl.
RL MAACI o .raN. t i iW M an s. I p an 0 h i ar d dL 1
w*il a.s s fs "an inn ,'
3IontempofpnlT3 N t t n 0 a M ,mnt noa Sb0 E. Ia -w elSitttda. a$ .E Donto .Ieo
I*N LA Kun IDRIA OBtamaaI me o.S la. (a-l .".L u in.l ini nnGaad
l. adAt r04 0 ,, r e ea WHITE ZIGZAG nN r (. d PhdoetnmIrae
AREA S n tit a a-at tottn Ul ity
l__u..m__ion WM _taM rW S MACHIN ha nljod IS do.

rae.mpaa. Rd S. tfnl. 2E Rahd Ie Laminae MtrIW IMa R .. La att S A ND 10 USS 0. S
SInt Reomt irmm tmlom rr DeRr 1Ata Ztny t O Ii ENn wI
leAs u ito Sa o S S O t n (hNIntBA, to' I- aBorfrvinca GameA. K
I.III 11t at ~ N w atm an raaerr 5500 (I r, 11 t ar aaonet (to. na-rfta- as,,,Ew wI IS

falll. MI DIP I "a3 DIR WanM'S talrler n(u Mann 0 -t r 00 ot- i NvdN AM O Nm
BaD', ta. SeaS m-- 5 0 LIA tnw no
Lehtzn N"itasion oor sold.; M .na o
ow, 510?. 005. 0, (" *.- o I 5 S fa- weemorth asere'S. t-I .S
1HODY- oman om a sw emn __.F __ "" -Ram will __ I'o neh,. p Thin bi
1ae r. I. M N I- S rieTsnl rs 0~tSa ma- Man s h r ,'.s5 Ik ft or Ro I Nh'r. 0..I.Ia.
MIawar, mp a POODLE GROOMING IiA 0.010. tllLtIMae0...2 nO l0I0 hadi tp
DIo Aam uoaS, Soar enu ISg EagreA Ae... 3.01"t( a-a.e "Ih.,e.(eO u. h h lae
0mM n 44,1 = r Iett. RIIn d-
:aad Iot IDE S I ,10 .0 E lIt Ate Nu
k S S ,, 1.. a r i e st ,ov a- :arI n w . Irao Ih ." *, AUTOMOTIVE 7ml3. cohia r
-.nw b etwee. Pl eaI m W tt ha t aonei the
mor ta. M a .ftp a..w, 1. we a t am ,om IS" ld(. w mt 0 on Ar. the tre, it oer. '.-.Sto
ladIDE m am a. oA SAl sa kHigho).00 m a-ia Wo f U aknith tya .5
lawmaoln 1Ith o r ,; XErl"'n" T.". -1 an =o 1~ a ft e "n
O .-. ., *m 5RENTA Orisjsa. 005sa Sls l lat0e. .t..
go. ea .~ s L SoytIM I a P21 0ll I ut and he thn hlya
a- ^=i"n m") 1045 &larIm MSOUNTI HUE fi In al th

RE d= AF e 3 n oe.5a tAaa at Ifixartert poane arOna.,,. .r* yn .hh .or pIlod.

'ie IdA 1.4> Ine_ ____i_______t _____ |ANTEH I 1 1_ T ie1. lil-10t' rnn ee ____ I' a (01 w o. i r kd to I on
3matlhn cnddwlede a a hi In'
91. lam mldW Ei ELMu h 42 e a ppreal in, the yn
Diel F NTT 0.eINTR A iOTL .. .ne 0 tl. o tn . ..... d.0h a h .Ih
11 llirltt1 1 na yr a aWS o ehr reithe head u
aII>d Am Eatrnr.21003tt. aIrS.! S. pmaa ESon a %m ? n* n^d^as l"' len Ihal e are 0
m"IEdAr a Cr NK a-I ttI'o a 0. m a atm-n h o. an d c sIIe hf l an 1 o

dnhen and II POD S aSl.1 IneRsI Inona IB, lD .a aitao h .. opai
LI| n Sen.t rmn Loa INHnn ,.. .f ...... .e and tal thten

"'n"'I, aOIJ-- m'.KAN N w+ o ,* IyS & SW Sr lrtlnll wh Im- m FSd -.l
le ,ot laaoh n .l h ra ela s we 0 tanonara'

theY01sN +*"I ?j^on...... t... a hea...
N* IdIIG nnma sd 0th .olt a m ArL tio plean to 1,-d k
..nh. Isa nAnU MM Eith I ow islmnIared the
Sam G"dR "a-ranlt and htlp el
I Fd, depth e a a mi.m 11a0 t 1rt l er.h" s
CARLTONI HOUSE Gonfalon 02500.M no. onre. I i S -=1SWpI t ally a uin.>.' ta.'Sn
LUX U ::win Little L A lu
u rI*., Co D6 Hn I6a itn III m W I11 r e. snuw m l I n dlloynt o d A'n

idst nrn, I,. k n. Zpao elare OA.. p ASWa t1m|lalS menn at na
UIn Ran IAT n -If e o N l n te? A O pL- dtd ae L. m a rt. ha
aSn. a-maqa- Rt inSll *t Ma.1 t ,. a-IT. Do n hb y-arnd that reat
TwontdItren bona wtU e -
CnR Ro1, s o IIsIS (5 iid l ej to ole nthe In oh tim
Pomm e renp0 at T.a ottal.ot. 70 Iv tia b. He aenueI. aTn In tl.

Rea1wS a ltol w IOl.ta me 4a 1 ~ a F etmp o l m 1 ,l
Es1N 009. .r m if. EoUis 0500 sou lt T hot
WetnIPO D I. tr alna a dtb hhpP
___ ___ __ ___ __ =jlr NottmOISI me S o In Ih

DE LSA ?0 CI IN10 DUPL EX LOT o asal S-1- a,. wh let hth
l i aoaRmS!l S N1 r r and tIo l Lele
COtDOMINIUM 5.141. lanIalIon. er. oo .I DUrahe ad Do.
G., -Nerdua In-a Little Lea0lue
NIUSBIpcnn~llI 0 d~l, I aoaaaStarts Soon

eto sn taanlnrlh l 111. "al lwari

O ACEANFROB T O .M E IC.1178fl-33 3 ItmI mlal 1 It 00 ha, i ad 1

ISLAwntI 1141.04 17 4 n~ t RIND ID MKSI

School Boundaries Announced

%Boular00 rf er s y "fo on h ah |h A Boynlol p d. Sabofidl.
d.Olndz i 0 00l0M0 ilde o( NE and NW 41 Poront Pork School on Wnt boundaoy i Dem
tll*a0pile,0- SB .. Do ly Beach. to Indh. l hm o t= e Ba oyoon ConIo h.
Lmolytt btloPdae LoIhldaRoad ndon- e.r tof Int0nc0l, l SLlbolad RR north 10to
only School Boudolf. tinho on iho flh k ol W.y fro I Hypohau RoRad.
u: Lo. Id Road to 1the Inorhnoubnd.y of d PooiMui EM.Onta10y:
Delray BS. EIaoan. S=boTdRRlolth.ol Ton r GlSa1m lo Nor bOndary I 0m
i=Nolbh.Soluthfidol odf olyDfleyt h tikl. onmkoo Rooblt U o SoboordRR f to
dt lood fa. U.S. oono e n Doltlny Bo=ntpo Elntor: tIhpECRRoulBoye
441 rad to thel Snobend Rord(North.fdoU.S. North boundal ry l f.m L CnAL
Rohiod.lthenb th 441. U.S. 441 ouaOalhdtb Rdao Ektbouly b0m
ham weiod. of Serbod Wot bounduy; US. of Hypotuco Raid to tok tM Boyon Cmul mouhb
RoIondtoSW 6hSL. Ul4411omtk.hhld.of e.t id.l Caon on thoeFEC RRtNE
oltooakhnonith lda DdMny Rood nloxiwteoo AmT.. teeo-otl doof 9hA0 .
dfSW1tht.1oSW41b fol.k. .WhWoh Colan. AC.. ounlh to South bounndioy the
A,... thn noltb on the p. Dilt bLoonl.& M2,L Reod Id th orn>hidfalNE9thAln.
SoltddolW 41ld Ploo b o i ludo W otn ldd. oe Min Road of Ih; FEC BR woo
NW 4h A. 1 toNW 4lh the ba.oh aoIdp.e of the t0 th. SabSrd RR., thk. thil NW Nb A-.. to
St.. thon on thelath Wanway lromflbhnolh ooo at. l th slkolrd tleSeaboardbldR.
ldlofl NW nd NE 41h bouony lon of Sth RR wolth 10 NW Bih Wol boundol y th1
81. 10 ti Ilntoontel Ton of Gull Sttbm. A., leMutlold .olB Seaboard R north fr
Wlter1ay. mlbtotbOm 'NSuol A. idNE tbAe. to NW Nbh A. to 1th
Th. Er booodW In dooInpomt 1 Bo1aR- |I .FECRRf.lth oldd. Boynton Cadl.
Kfthe oIrlntl dW l 00 ol th FEC RR to t of Bw Rf0a0 Elmo.-f
Ihle In.l lu Wnll. SWldy eNk=lo Boylo Col and Ih ; Nonh bood lo 101
001 to Hidden Valley Nokhm boody In o ou f fthd of t n of NW ithb
nl. l8otIlSrboadRRNtonl Coifoltekln.Ioat nEl ro l RioCooll US.
Th Southbounody b Ibn & k.Ilhkoldn of Lok. Ida. Wn.. t .1ihon US Ilo il
w te north hde olf Rood o 1. tn bld.e of l A. Sth ppI PUo. old
HIddn Valny Canil to NW4thA.. 1w elddof lhelnkcou. m to th o 0to Inn-
U". 41. 4to b. odof y I.olbth U IW.anoterythloSE loin b toe Sun.'N Sort
Th. Went bourdo oL a tk Wnn ldn .o NW tIhA'. drelopmeat.
US 441 ollrthwd fw and SW 4th Ave. to SW Soon boundabl Is the Ea=t bhunda i thek.
HIddo, Valley CIAl 1to lhSlt. mbolds. ol able A S ..
bth. lh old. of ODll Solboudy koldo i nd Sd8W tb AC. ot I the 1Sh bondry 1 the
Rd. u ti "onoh old. oSW WI.U oa d S Hob.od awBorondConnly so.
Phouon Emiun.1t eb hSLtothtold. t RR ad fom Ih So. Wo I El
Noth b bdy In ro tIlbhkordRR. blrd RR north to NW RIoClnoLo
the Inlncmllon of US. Wool boIdrUy In bt g.d Amo od A tw on J. C. 1Mll0h1 ell Eb.
441 nad Iek Lak. Worth dd of k. Seabod RRN B 0 t Rd to U.S. r N1nt1 b1ndnr i
Dlutloo.dit0hI1l. th r nlmnonhildaofSW 44. lNorI U&t teul I41l.
.lwordotN Sbheard lhS1., 10lh..*1 th ,lde Wee buamdnrl, Im the HIdden ValOy Caiul
RR and hbuttih the b.It oLldRood. U.0 Raod 0on itUln-I I-WaV.-f
tou1h bounday do Col poIt Pok ElenmenU- U.. 441 0In HIypoluo wy.
VYb, Hlbo.Y, w: Nornhen bot dnr Road. oSe boundoy I. lro
1onsinul0n1 eatn te bm l. .It0 US. 44111k. RollIO nren Emton- HIdden Voley Clol
8e.booadRRontl .h old IdI ol (he 0w1 040 No10h bondaoy b south alb.S the owtd
oid. of SW 21h Ave. BoytmoROndtolke ..*, h. S8bo1rd KR ldh..nh bounryolkt1h taBlb hto tothelhddaofSW H "wo Rtd ai don South 8 fomI
ath Intm11, W.elo. lthA1 r..dSElbAe 1 0 RR mduth to P5rk I, theb Are. Shoppinl
wy to Ith. knthn. lotlk.utfrIO flWlero. Lon ol e Po ouoh on k. th0 wet
8011 rylloo. T1of *0 Vo o E lb d.ol Park Loo' o lid. IIUS. 1 t11k 0001
GulfStmlh.nuo East bmnday a SE td S.okrW.NLat3o ddlWlt orhth1
kIbeon". llb AC. l tbwIoln. ldf 1000 lold E LRII CInlk.
E. bot undr.oouth RUm Waloybut.tothb l aosobondo lsrum, mo lk.e0lld. 00
on t -k w*t odd. of tbhe ortohe.dlE ILthA. t l th. No a lth tlM ol Bwrd
Inttautal Watenay South bondory in the P.1D toB'BIl C Connly wte . ad th0
fIen 281h A.e. 10 Bo- "n0 nide oI0 28lh A... V 1 Br.d0 lol U S.U441.
tIn Beach to t n tobL WhO nl Soi. bod b roi Wtbo undbay 0 0nh
aide o0 NE 4t0 AIo. in D8trit10 01t00W to thl Lh Wor=b obo=lln 0n U.S. 441 0io0 the
Delayeh. U.9 1. wet on the .'rtb ad r rd Conty lif. to
= l0bhubda1is0 W*t bouodro 10 US. *0k.theo0nt 1od 00R thHiddRVoao Cald.
ti. Ilntnratool Wa1f. 441add.llo lanIhto Eet0Co l b.lddv..o

Last Play Big Hit

Tb.01lnyBhobPly- Pibyhouwo.loi. iia
bo, bhuoonohed a pnl. n fnleet.
b. bhUt I. Its let prod- SpleI o0r the an, to Paul Hi9gins. 0u lh
"Take Her. S8he' M1n1.." boy n0t d0r0, Penny DJi.
An c8ll0et ut 1d by bold bold collrE pal,.
tbalrtltol01BobB1 ke. lnd KeM Deey. h..
bmrouiht 0oeter 00 1- 0alunl u o0uta1 njut
o bbof youth. talent M to an au&.
nd bul o a I.b I en, a-f.a hk. roeempee
lIe ol *"Junior Mi Surpri l the evnlnl
.nd her entounl, M with kwa the seeding b.tnik
Amdericul ulun r she c0atedbyNordPee0M0n.
lrd.l tbh Aomerican a Cln..y Su.ron. H.
do.oo ald had. oil to Suor WOln..-1the rt.
oain., bitlle prlfeor. aven Ihe
Eiln Dewey. .wa the audience ome hl|h m0
brglht,0nd youni Idy, r.enl 0ocomedy.
vlneai hind her brwil- Wekoni back to the
lo S f dern 1hther. RuBobLa0 *..r Boh i. ln.
Judo, Sport Of Woo eo I.. l .k.krl.youra.w
Wurbb.nhon. a nd her tlnued n t.fe prerae
Self D f .. pidly buddln r with th. tea u. ueh
| |"" L"y Luord.c paleb nd -anfidenm.
Self Defense Thin bily I.... Wath hi youn lady
mpetelylvbie. Lynn Lundord. he i
ByCARRIEOGLADNEY (Ihdllf(mnprUo.lbody Amidslt khnil 0ne 00obn: plrm. and thank
Had ninit.ectinln d thue would auwayour h 1n lhea ud0enwcnw0 you Don Arion ond
entertatini| Thuno oy hrm boonod ow they expertly liken ,rom ir* Fred Alln, (or L Our hA` d
n.iat hlthCivre .cContl. ool. pr ofct Ihkemlo poio. to 0o lle0 e do-n,. to i1bon. devoilon nd po-
A. w entld thl room., so800 0d they would tr CIdomIn. 2.from 0tu- UecA with Ihe youg.
upontht1(nw1m n i M 0 e10 hMd *l oe to V0luroom *I Mt. it wien wor. h th he
mn *d tor Iitle boyo heron ilthin the conlnbe ol the f.or".
nllinl' al. thP .1 s e
it WM lh. Prim B. -
J4do Aodemy .pocord
p, Fun tdone. I..I
tructor, ha 24 yeam In
e t w w ith th d de ar a t hw tK
odof10000 lb. bloIbh DELEAI WOMEN .1nlHT Mdrolutto. *1th o0M fln1hod ply. A(.
bhloo do .yo n Dol H1 0 e fired 11 =un1-op Kilty S tt- It i u do.. th.
in.Th..lamd30n Thuonduyfowolo Lt, ott tb PIn[ 1w ld Tbd-ir. c0dh. Wilml d M;dlt MoaSn' dYTmeU il r4bind
10in th1 0 dmy, w =1y _8hb nt0 Ca t totaCn o of14Cl5.
10nly Mondoy Wd Nmul ol Ais- Thon doi olf ofi0n 10 WInWn of Cla 8 rwe.r
Thundy nlhe wHyp a Medl ply bin 0 blin ,k.nd with Add. Ltlllan Sllinnd Hln
luo Road. AMin ea*d I- .
.o I tynn CbI .d eny P.11.rl0et. WaLnkwlheb inonbdot
Tk. exhlbition wu 10 s 0 hine.4 tied 01 t ok.,o1pnoodlk. 000011118
010l00dbyol bolnlo o ndnoootl 173. ertn0d. pflo ze*a4 1 Tb.aotl1 .oflbt.dly
P04d ca1dttn0llooad WeeI 10d471 for1e,108 Harper Tonmet wa0hot byMar ROg
then e0.b 1 one hl hoor00 oad NO 1u0 10..
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