Delray Beach News-Journal

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Delray Beach News-Journal
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Delray Beach, FL
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Copyright Perry. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.


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Delray Like Paradise
tI* l""IOI"; .p..rcc od klh, to.ela. haiB.le HoodI I.b nd -d,..d o..,, d
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Lia." cabn ntetband hcehd..d !.Lc.t i n d n lec p e-nlhuairc .. Frundea hao been
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cln ,cal c W. e ch allIldmg, Sha! d in t Itc inn at c ncm ltheytfa zica" l n. lion.
Iomi^ H i^ ^^ iKL L m lh "Wea lsaoi Dlroy IDlch ern "e- T h an.Ana n BRoling pro.
t uc h. -a p bdlh) Apep d AI ch n ni. h c n.r. .r n. -al . .. eill lohe i hounlf-arF oon
E'.(lCO N Glabriel FP.. .e. a neotin l.llAaner h.Ie ThONe 1- I .9r I t .l Zpulr . I I Ihn ,n I ric. PAnt an c loedy
deT el ) a tIof (Utlemol, Io th.e olily, eo.lln, Lae .thi The ,.f luol.. TIir ..n HA-lca tin l c..n."l he cid. ilinhlz e .e_ blhtanlkluh h nranacn un Onyl(iutalM hInOclob er
M.MaSlrnorl .. I Llrta .earh I ponuared the P..AenrIee B r .lnnl lr..u .n, cct hundcd.ollttucJndcl.trctac.l. -MnL l lend.e lid fi i- hNes yea, cc hop to ohc a
sh.ui o. wcen all RTk Iilr Ia ltgT rele la eachJ k Inpllt alt icnr th 'an he a. who lum .c t le uhit halr cnclOC l ce eII. Ih e i lnc t n r i mup'ena m c oynoue cicY."
R A- *non -Il pcice ICurnlt alulr in(e nlral rin, Thid lub PFeaand el pm mid.
'a c* Sd *hesi Delray Beach, Boynton BeaX h and Boca Raton sinc r l.S

t h Published Seli.- liel dy- Monday and Thursday

Bethesda Rapped

Iearh Counly Nego, leader a
Rec e i I ..&I f .in,. a ... rll ri*'

a in t I Lthed .llmria H lptlwl H e i--l
he. and Sc. arllc hmplt. in
Wed 101,, al each.
The Nhl local AAIIc. a er C for
Ihe Adcacemel or C .lored
People led .he ehroges .,stco
thoe 1w hoitalls .. wellc as I ,S' ;.
Good m.rat.. IlonplO l witL a wit
e U.S. of Hlh. ~
Edue.llo.. aod Wlfaie t .. I I-

tinl on Iht csulc ot a lof a l
cotd, knciahed Iy Mr, L. P.. Blc.l
IT ALL STARTED rce whe. Lynch reellcctly a. plted a SheLo. g leo Tal elloe. Robertl hapl rten of I NAACP. an.nco -
Ne.anll r cIl ur l.hl hob l o hbe $2h81rt l.nlbdtlllrnn plce l.d>uladJelM.lIorlaoao ncl br t h awcton l. unm d I,.
V. Murrly hu dedd outl Ithe prle l tle other wlh.eor Debblle E leroAh a. elkdol. lk I.r.. a I kItd and St.
for our Coloel., Coolet. June , was -nccd.
-I don't thick It, lair cc t o sall
leal.ahdc Mmorlpal l.pidl nich
nood Surilacn." aid M. .
'Flun Nelo,. eii leade
and l nACPo nner in. wl Pln
Dr. MSerrIl F. Steele. cdmln.
lre r of Ike aulh -un.l, ho.
cplthlalt lydealedleekhar.l.s. BETA SIGMA Pill emberss h ked tn he PA. 1e.. hele.
SD'h b oluelo nto ." hemaid. elith Coanele llm Jon A 1e dhle strumeoedfhla lou d ellatbner
Our hnkpinlc h bas een inlenced and hbnlo player on.le lic.. Shlielyr Henr. Arle.o Johno-
,in it wa oct oed in 195. lWe ehele d-lo4e d Irme Seatterda, cad Io. ClawFerd Rcllieced Ilec
ha.. mto d epl-ns and neth. a con Itik .,w onBoc h fae r k on eoor.
adl linmlor aeld 4 cn d ttI them Ilh Cnre e C u. de. Arckle
Dr. Skein ft e pIl d dieo lief
Slan.. e .....d .. MacDowell Named
RetOd Iednodhy night that 2S0.
4,.the .... o" c Civitan President
cc /c st e Shule, how ybe". mnlended
,ineotnled ... thye hate not l-e.. i.. .n *
onmpled Inn pret 0n" ilth the eLeted I H. MIt Daowlf to be
-ANDI WIIEN Jane found out Ihl IIOWEVER a ill htoh a hopp Osier CilAhA l Pt tident n lhe 'ar 1 t.5.t.
she didll rln al prbelll aleer cooml reSured to Ja.- adseeet lyecar f "Pedkla oand cuanlaes a i i- anrool. dho i. .crled cnd
keth. bUl ely pIlm of Paer ec c tehoe acotker now eaoy that plco eeld nd ect deltnnll. hut ha c. daclhler. reldea c 9 N. E.
ohbbiht .l. lowed l .she soght blskel w lo qlkl, of eaer wotl. . ,- .-- i Ic61h SIcent in Delc .'each snd ia
the lranonell reounuro a o no. oucdadIalll Iher. (New.J. ura l photo s. .ca I .. .. 1 ,Z -...a an A.ictal Vice Pt .idenl the
thkc'houlder Jae will now tu byllo, r l, [ rrir. ) Gt Siltee-,ieloct-.e '. t ltra tterh Nali-na Bonk.R

phcd a c inddc a hnepili, hut nomher ol the Aeiran LUion
whlhernegrt s slm~ d milaedat UI. lihn-Mye m I'IP.I 0. Delhy
Student Survey Reveals necodcie at bl. ii.e, 1. .. e .1
lIe am cnri In, he telnr r a H n.h. Ie is alt. a metoembcr nl
miatloco. not ocechitXlco d th o O n e lcet Iwo m it. ille
Recreation Inadequate ....... iu.........i...d.t....e
nMre iheecnrd Lewic. who ic Cluh. lIe ic -cci'ctidencl tl ihe
a.lloethad wilt lIe Florid a I ainon tahne. Pietlh Di-
SnyCcTlIFR IGO i aduhit heoru cl o cnnli tot masn the omomunnily ntr ia nt Concntl on loan. RslNlo nl. tricl. Fltrida H.nke Acoiatlion
inlha 1whilelutho lllh it e d b Ih hiih -h1l aid the lo l NAACP kapler Clhairnon the eilrny Ileach WIn.H.M.DOWELL
Aur y nnnlngl tnn ol iould he a nclen t mney ohith student in l tha lhi glrly, h'ad .taeoa a un ....ho.rthirl Chmber o. C- n hrl
anilti cl .1 Delr taken 0 25o oauldhneeoi tthalth. and auceeed t11W ilc o lcs .inlc h t c pnlll t In ll Beo I .t ''. 2 e Eleled to be Pinl im-PBideol
Sa lt s-udenltl. sidenlc o Del- Whenmaked Iheir Aalinitemoalt icn. Al.. then l that it iS Ihesd Sdst..Malc ... G t .... i co .ec oac 0. James aLa; Second Vin.
ran, Ilach. i-dlled Iho students ion.tM Minrlr nl the otdens cnmpletb oern bc junihkr hich ti icaedt Rhn a c I lel Dnah nmn it Ch nd the Prid .SnJu P ISnTl oe
el that the aetiotieo! Deiy oln m ancmj: dnncing, tlnni.Waer luaLaent. nioin that ohen Poim t itnotl nl Dteoton el the nlney Jim Slop; .nd Tmasum RobMrt
to.l0, Coclet inteemod. the clrock Ioohnteainthc1-h. 1,. tlaooth. I.
ol the oadet and t he mcctit oiad doS sin. ThIh wAen, d houlced-d- .-
Om,:Dms Delray provide adequate tt ahia, t os ad. Recreation Ice, had to he bicled tom Good N
The lnn.l ...... indinaed Iull -I. tp .I ir,* Complex Asked ,A"otneyEiC d' lha Mis-Use 0. Oin ID
'Go." g ... .. ........... -1- ...... hesI Deftly Mis-Use Of City Funds
cown tor r.n.e.i. Wilhit The Alo. the ..g.aced he, tk. Ida For City Park ti, l d to an,
c..Go ndn olin f 0onthet comdlol an itcree In -tc. bookem. For City Park C
stocm heoone el a i sa tetc be kept clear Mooh ..t co nd cII J .u nr it inohmd publt,
-- ea I bo.n. FP. Iaudedlale. WkiinS aecand enjncbhe. sndho. r. i ,,INo toothen Ird I, rofit em ion l condo r son iea d pocklie
SWedt Pbalm ah.Wouldoutlikhto cOddn rk. . lo ertn .nlo l oftId ll nd. l.oants hod no connno"
IneisnDl hena, un1oamcnsdutt. The-odcent1 outd helike0c. a Imrocco Im.,, the octl-n~,pccicted ye -aoke ,d thatn h ale, N- oll Mk- thI.
and do n hn lob co cl? The a thet1 horbn 'e t -idint taoiilttea. Adutt Itnmtion Cmcitt nl. Pnbce Iwl tal cin e eiod Ihn. onc cccilchle asche Ne. I nsuuli ,-r Al. C. Aoh apid ohan it
oild td "io" to both and kind tll l udn anld Ihal II %ould nt ,lIt at nol en did no io n
.n"to ,k on tnrhec n A kote sonOne meIlu e ha cplmo ane od Ipecoltion ha.
uetn nlghloub with dancinl. ooltsh. An e tincaed Sk .t1m Iocth fo0 bill .e hain. .d on nmly .le
ThMsscney sho d that n ott0 o t conl otnd taumphere. andnithan ccmt.dclinci einMb quOentect ch "\.h e hit had nd eom iso ,n o the tar90 tp ai nt moutdha lcOd.
T. he notep %*,"Iddlel deling I Will q,.tud If th e -d. I ,k tn.lhen. ee it, fyr I., TV let in the wh-uldbin. l d.
immunity noee olle. 10 m nn y Oelr'litioanrlell tria e sOms.ote d hkihnoelhh re ldclk eme l te. .1 r.."o hefn lc uded. n al ior u b o b ilheelio p rn
th.e ee di, need It nih. beh ball P Od ln lio- i, the I-k T lld In, SIM. ASItIhue mlieviat 0. %V. Weed-
lud..ent lt ho i patc cni eldli k le lea tll ed. de a lare dclolicum-nnio at- no.d bTh ,.l ler l e A l ek elion 'tin,08. Aaent. Ihas mllclnob Ott. Stood.
hccld he soilable In, youth and The stodet, thuneI tt oh i l hle d deo nd I he A c ient hec ind the saneI cdJr. boo hib 6ob sad hnd R Cio t
ccou cncion thccar dnOcindicnt priair entsl ThM 19c4 r t l d thc oh Mallager Bo ndlic ilo o
.urlO Ann n.onoto n tl 'he iacn CeiiRihtlctidks tdic a Ih)ond to n for the m nns-.inmotdf tkIheonould nat
cc cIIIII ocWaosIIIccCO. FtlldH. llNIy O. INcnclinerotn. O ct Ok.v .0. ca it.i-I dond. In Woodard. S1sr A ny -old
URI, i ,LW.ND C ri n lF. hl I th "' Cit, Clerk tlurd he indinsa not a'hethelr orI not that either
ito oobio lco O mnoic' 0c, c ocn C.u.ty Solitut iLacin U. U ni.nleod.


Delray Beach News-Journal

A John H. Perry Neopapor

Program For Progress
I. A undiId, qiunlhid n Iton .oinslon of local dtlon ofd
w. oil onnnd .sI0 t Dnb l ltinmil ol a qui li.ddito0r or
2. BMulltion olAllutlosAolAn. in( oocn go pIhr.
3.PF(ioaoeofI fntontloltaoloIrinta.
4. A Ca1pul lpnmomln PRnmn. il1b a dtbl' uleabnd

etlopn of pFolgmm o .ttrat ekan. lihl indomy to
Iprolove lbh ylr 'ound
7. A aeouna pmroomn Ind aI inmprvlni tbe qslUty ol
d Brinllkt r .. nd ahllnl pnd oIf polUulon.

More Beach For Boynton

Th qunlion ol hyinl ddilionul
beach nnnh n0 lb. p n1t broh In
Boynton Brach b no0t a ne o. Several
yea. lr tnhe rm ropertyolln d to lhe
c0ly wa0 pmrmold to be added belo0e Ihe
land vai rw out. ol orh al Ihe cily. or
i11 thal pmpty aould 1b devloped.
Al Ihal lire lhe price orn I 110 Int o1
beah aomonuid-ubly leMnla Ih e pie
Ihl i6 ollterd non. but the cly ouliac
aM that lime thought Ihal nlt on0ly u
Ihe p11 1 lo high. but Ihul iYnlton
would nver nrd roo a br beac.h.
Thm impoeninl ihint tli h ocn ued
inr, Ihe promrly o. ollerld the finl
I- Te ..odonmlnium at wa pand
1h1 alln1d indvidull on.lnhip of
niullipt. plby hbuildnula.;
2 Th7 Club and he G ren
N-ew* b eo n built Jusl l, he o reh ol
03 Tl. prymnl heatobndlp'ncr adr
b have berm dOeloed. agepled and u0d
by 1hb public ln a point obiwe .on m.
w ,konda it i dil.lul to find .a vant
I II irM 11l1 lbh p hton beach is nover,
eroded, hut who ant. i Ithal way? No
on wt're iur. 0peoiaIly Ihe middeln ol
, Boynlon Lieth.
11olh Counilion Jobhn Anhe and Clly
Allbariy Gone Mlooe ntntu npporuno
ol Ih0 Chambr no Comeinn cold the
m 1op r .nly thail i woold b o lurd I1
nI l.he nlind haomemahg nll obynlon
The a .kin y pri Bi 38O70.00. nl .bout
$1I13iwrblu ath 10t.
No one llk. ID be l.nd don to heavy
pnaymenil. priaUy bth. rired, bou
i -the sulur mul he ro ludtd and pro-
ia inmbh ld nl be alopped.


The Amnri n hioon uAilirin oo elny and
Boynton .lalnd SonI inniook. Ca 0n1,.
Calolyn DoUlla1 Tlaadl R0iu. and Lind. Cai Io
allend Gir'st S11a1 Juo 11.18 in Tallahebe.
Candldaes wrU aonidd or 10o ir lhotonhip.
koade-hip. wrvl and chacnler. Alleflo an
Revo khkerSlun K-ntl.ndlSuySoluroo k.
An All Amesran10 h0r raline ha. ben aWandd
Io the SQUALL by I, Natlonidl S20ll00 Pm.
AMoitslion. Thin lop honor mlinso lor newoPaPn
opr-nta pelior coamgplfishmnt and i removed
Inr lop publiCnlon.,
Thi yea' prom hinr and quen will be choa n
from len anodidoe. Thy aln: Nony Babb. Nancy
Muller. Loun Pomeoy. Su. S1 and Hekbn 0a
lliningen wlih i r1 counlerparl, Jel( Hill. Roer
Ldridoe. Nord Pelen. Jon Reynold.. ind Mike
oer. The randldln weo ..eClnd by the nIln
Junior elan.
The loroel0ion of !he 1 in and queUn will

hi"h'gh She pram e.nin April 30. t ihl HOC
In rder Ion d4an ad km p up witlh l oen Hod e and Club. Th. kinr and qoun wi1U b
her neighbor. ioy m on mml lbke lite rerownd by hlg year. momurhe. Judy Oliv.r and
Inrb lthfulurnr it wildlaon Ihe Vi. Ales T0 .
Expanding ihe b.h i ml lot bilk Hr and Kathy Wood. e no, onnly
loynlltolaogro. aad Boy and Oldl o It YTa by thb Ecbenl
Club of Delmy BOnh. The lto tudnlo Iteod for
Dis-salisfied Nto eahcran By and G.irl of ,the ..r .. hoan
.m, the ( *Hletd t lbyih1rnnirclulu fr ERcbhnw
Who are hhe mhldnl of tomorrl of B oyndlrloti lonnth.i
Il.ay HBllh? not the. mlU. ySlll IS ban. on the. 1, ibis .tn ll Ith
danl.e 11 lldy Balh mb rodinfl o Ia Vi.mpoinl." program rmblninmg mtlc .and
nonl unroy o-nduned hy them. di rion by Sanl mludenl. The ndin polenma
In reply a. qualionn Ih p ol .blnn l olul 22 | b S.adyn ilI 11:10
lud.n.l .t Slmt 1 Hlgh 0irl. neimy on WIDBF Rdio Sattion in Dlany Beth.. "V.l-
,dbnlh. n 1i. o living In Drilny p ins.. onrend by lh o dtpanmnl.n Id
lvm. Hall, e ix;mh teaher, and porlapted In by
Th. u.ny na. aihed onat I nlonal b.. bYl*oniidtbirl." Wnll
lafililta in Daliay Reah and luned up o y'ia, e dho='edo lb. 1 psl10m a0
0010 io.lolinlg laola In addition In thl r01ue01.1 Ir10 lb. Ialodong and the golral poblie
o~ eld1. lolveeoisee aadull. eb. am lolelnlod In laooe and hb"l t'nti'""
Ch.nll o th. Cotmmunt Cinaly Coo oig apnnllaly f-r his p101m should be mailed
hblon 12:00 midnlibt lahk n1l Ihalr to: Stl10.t.. Rgdio WDK0 IDloaftReh,Plorid.,
and ea aeladl r e ladie. .loo madll.010 o dino nt my m. ull In a p0 m pgan-
ntard. Allo n mto go o 1 in. n any In ainhr 1 0.010
Iheir gIonl'lon nodra. Cowl(n opinion o l adrfilbilly In prenug ppo ..
the iludent wu 1M lol Delay Banh did
i.1 provide enough or thr diht kind of
rc11lon lori lb youngerrtl.
O. Ib. lril I -ori-. 0r0i .on .er; Four Reasons Not To
dnsing., annie. w1ar porl,. maore.e
bellinl and larFniid dra 1a0in0. Thby
1010,1d oh~l 0u1ni be u bo mb .l *
unm; pos ng a as L. M iss All Florida
vled and tbel tho pcovent aa ( to
rorded and.n be d.ngeio. Ile. an foun oood ren or nfor als .l0I
I1ti aisggl th1t th City CnIodl tke yoAlrAllFlorldaMNoaineItLinTnmoldLy.
snleul 0no o( the sun0y and inslud. I. The bomeltw. pre rroe Limyy Dn.
whl they tin. ii fesuibl, In 1luun pre.-pintl.l-aloryn0Maeeleony'aal.l
nrrc tlonpan. Ill prgde .d Jay, tLh Uilvnll. l of Florild
Wheae n would like to ln mm 1of is foolblll star od All Amorkl..
thl reaun why obey da Mt do n ta 2. Labonlory for Leodeollp.l- ..enlol
litn h.n hwbn dull. Thi. questions rpot on ono orFlkrld *el oalke od
lt un-explailmd. on. or Ih nntlo. 'a mslt uniqe.. II' New
College, Knaoiol. na i IIe nny Yea.

I Dies In WPB
X ONDAY falm M aBlmotl 1"1
A*.riaon .le,. L.kon .oe- p.m. Smit. ded n.d.y"
Au, April 14.
I.P.W. Chaerlb.oOl.i .p Su1rvln. a, two. da ul
ULnClub lon Club Bld. 7:o0p.. Ien, Elhb ol Boyoton
V..., 141. -V..- F..F.W...:2op.m. eb nd 01 La* g
San., Jame 0W. ol Boyn.
TUESDAY aton ..h:, bro he
bthem .e 0 and Ino
Hone DIemonaloion. 10:00 12:00 grandehildon.
Duplinale Rd1e-0I:0-4:00 p.. Private monvl .rn
Bridgeloean..7:;-O10:0 p.m. *0d. Saturday In
i ldgel Ra.helbl p.n S3:0o hCb sTl.
Liquid Emboidery. l:3011:3,aO.m. Hore. B0ann1 KLob.
l n, Oaieth.lhbll- 7:O p.n. 1o In ch 6 oa Il uo-
Junior NasalCadets 7:3 p.m. ranpement
American Lsion (Pot 65 L0l)on Hon* .:00 p.m.
FBtlaShmn Phl- Me.mbe Hmra -8 p.m. Obituary
R1.p.o.. -GiaClub.-Bl.m.
CILPlaor- LlnaClub 7:0p.m. OAINEG. WICKER
7mp 0bem H1ou I0:0... I.n w101i 6. o. .29i
H 1.W. S7ond St..
E nClub. aC I Bnllaun.iio 0p.m. Rton,. did Tbuondsy
R.inbow iI.a Mi.e HII. 7;3Op.m. Aprl0 1.
Rtol0. Li.n'Club Bldl. *120:1 p.. Suioo incldud. 1hi
Zon. Lon'. Club :OOpm. iddm. Cborllle; two .
lr. 1n. Ruby stl0ln
rnd 1.. Ll.ta GrOhbm.
SaMori irll b 11i .an.
CIVICCENTER. today &I Ln.B.h-blon
OU Pintlnl Advonnd. IOiOa.. Funeol om, oen R -
DDnrin|lLo n-Childrn,. :30p.m. Won. Bu7il *111 I1 In
T.O.P.7:3Op.m. Arlnlto,1NtloI Cnm.
SenH1rCilinee 7;0. I0:Otp.m. F iande My ontRiule
NA.R.C.K. I:o p.m.tote Ia l. e plegb
Jr. Chbmlrn.ol Conm .Jym ClOubbul .p.. Cbulhbof gRtoe."
0AA.R.P. l.. Fit S -inp. nd Lon. 2 :0 p.n.
MuFon F. dA. Lod 171-Mianc Hll -lp.1m.
V.F.W..V-..W..-:0 p.m.
City Employes Elect Bomb Hoax

Representatives Today At Mercer's
Cily employees wlll I.- the Tan DloansM mnad SIoo in downDn, .lnn m
Io ao loeon I lvrthonhModinloitho h BaSou alh ondofo o
Illt o.h o Iha Clvil Val DeP rpsoont. lnoron aond employ. lIo
Sl.haoll. b redly, qulben 1ut I1 m1nue. Thur.
onip d in0t look to g Ol e lio o whib 1 0 he ol day nlol winY bomb
000 ls orthe eiClon tl the f0 ld c an s.w10 n 0 re" t el pho sail.
dy inn: LI. Gen Bii abino th1e pIotlonl w Poliwe and llen"
00n0 01e Pol'tnl D0:l- 0 bedy Ralph 1ut0ln. >,archd 1 he pnmi wl.
nnit; Arldanl Fi, Ann o.aniulioalm e t l h"ut finding any ep10-
ChkllJelphquinnof lb inlg will be hela TueIdsy ire0+
Fire Dpe0 antl0 Dal. *ilh the Council appoint Thurnday's bembnd an
Cheltu.n l tlh POul Id memb. The thIbm T wl th.e Iourth much ha
W00k. DeportMnt; muncllo ppoilntd sme dionted atMhl r'i In he
Claudil Holland of the bn agn: Klnl Cone. P twao -a0. Carver
City lfa ae'n Depart. Johnny B0r01 and J. T. h Schboolhasla ben
nont; Rklhord Wrd ol Mfclurlhn. t1e0areln000 fieiifilalh.


a. A .g-trlp-S o mn Ir0el la p -
tnrnist' lIvlayhllo to lourhW .l Ford'1.
un.mer pllvo u. d sod 1 1 fnolu olla.
candy beneab. Yo. will wnl t .llp thdil aloro
sad Illulaultnd map lo sld It reohatler o.d
frimlnd ap nrtk.
4. Complele., oa.l-ned ,hvlor pIn-
grase roe the w.ek. KI p cthI buady .Il
week long.
All Flor Id l1 distributed wlth The Delry
Beach Now-Jour".L

A Letter From

An Ex-City Manager
Eo-Cily Muiler. Bob leolland, who *nu B.nd
by the Deray Buac City Counil M.rh 1Lth. hu
this advne to olner young .n lIeeking on la the
field ol muklp.ol ammnapslsI
"Before you i into a caMer olf cily ndUi -
ment, I would llke to Ine you briel Idea of whut
you can Fptt u City MM|*r, pert cnla>ty on

buck I you don't you r ditIor.
"it you utf a one n aoplinh you
buon undoubtedly Md, an enwmy seOma tls inm
- Il you don't. 'only d thln Ior yoI hinda '
"II you ann' In the olin wheon a ran ull.
you m.el b out booInlo It up woe bnmn Ilyo
n unally lo be mad aIt youd d, you an Mt
prpernly .pervuo|g 0ul0 p0ro..l0.l
"II you try to 0ll0 boih id of qutllon.
yr ao ri0lln 0 ntlleno.
"II you take a much neodld v0a1inn, you bove
beon on all yar -- IIyou don't, you null bhink
he. City nan' run wit bout ou
"I- you bon hold your ob only a iofh lime.
you n't hvo enou|h aprdenn i. you bon
lued eoupil ol yea. as blod I needed and Ki'I
Ullo oohloflg.
"In hbro. Cliy Mbinagr Y nll (nod
alledi 4 houn n day; holi anpald to prlonr
nlnrcM neoenllht; f. i* luppond to latg y 10 o pr
-n l lbh ppl 100 p rent olf be 1 lm, evn
bhoulh they all winsl hli dllenli h* il to
that outlidn pngJe onmppleld with lhb. utmolui
ebpedleny and llenny. ct the uma. ra l bainl
.voallob In bhl ofLh I h4ubn e.ny day Lo0 Ihe
het0 of tbo whbo rel h do'l hav. enough to
do and wnt to mak him aro his feooubltant
"Al Ibi hf is .uppodI to 1 001m1 pl lt witbh a
budpi tIbo I owaoy below ihe ben minimum.
"II you ao n capabi ol doinal ll thb. yo am
ind1.d unilu and shoud nnHy hebleto let
lob thtri pgy moo thIn 10,00 to BIO.0 0a y er.
On the other bond. Il you piam rr the Idvnnluouo
lik and aon alod to lake a or 4 month nvctiion
verny yr or 1o. Ihl is the Job (or yonu. It wouldn't
be A bad l* to kp our ulllo pooked bhoned rl
you l 0 n ,ver kn olb what wUil hbppen neat In Iha
bolin and l you an inld gur. when Ihligr a
Oninn moolhly and h voryonn h pottind you on lhe
bobk lo edoinr ouch t lo0d job, don't b.INduion.
bd; It an happen o onyon ano d uually doa'

Bethesda Memorial Fund

flOG OCOallbb L~~onovi. ooaooooy. 17C0111'00.0?

JohnC.W.11mac .............W..... rd mIfal C. W.Gen
M0. dM.bW.J.S-a
C.L And- L Peaks on ..............7hRI. R r og.. 00. J t. S
Co and 30.. 1.1011 Dn 11011
MI..T. Mon1
:.~sLoagdn Mood.%e'Kof

l,..dMmN.A.M.Wobhoboonh l ....D.omdilg.AI.OC.IOley
Hmaod&PoCoannir.... ...........,ndblo.Jobnd.SlmkY

M06,. Ad. th, 101. nor1*W
William AL. Conglh.J,
"oo. JmF. 70
N obelo C. MI . 14- n I............... l been. Be .1.
Moo.A.C.*Ano......Mo.J.Fb.jJl ,
NLmebC. S ono...... ............. l
Moo. AWbeF. SIl= ,b.N.
L~sle2.Smmoo. .7.nbs.FeO0oddi on
Lob. 00,0kSuppolChob
Mr. and MFa.. .
hi-0 Gsalafi11,in.U.JAsn lyo0101.M hio

GnooooOB. Ce..
D400 Ela o 1. 000
M,..ud Mon JknJ Ilonoy
MadMnI.du. A. l

M-wnd D.mld Gai. mloy
Wall.., L Bt.....o........Ms b~eoioallnR67~
moo.14.4oiarieotua M.... ..::MMnda.o.Wf.
Gift ToIoq11=4...M......... GIloob 1=.WOboo
GiftlH it Iogi.I.. .O P. .M~balui
W;.C5!=Waaa. .Mo ag.l.........BAd
FodA. Wi.I
Bi oSo od *........Mv.W0MT.W.J.3a
Mo.sadAId.R1=. Ranyeilutal
Contibutonson, be a.nt to t10 Beolboncl 14.mnaFndBo41.
Deanty Beacht.Flo014..

I Letter To The Editor
TothellEdio hbopd I Cohln nle a lud. of emp
Iam disflanrld by vntlmmwonouldmlah demontli w.
PrmidentJoiIt Cha blonr the laind would bon
naoge. In the midst of il oaolngstlh. Nmmu0isn a,
m~ anl rnjoloo my d1. I do not hbe. ml. na1 broullily1
lre.uoa =toIplen d -e11 in Pnioll od bnhene0 n.
t100l .1iU d aleal ho endlbyeol.nd dlbUtht YV, ao
yours. p, hsly sod .tel In ndiul re.ab in th ol d VeNamsoIurnorg l b lewe houladi
Toagmelst an ~. do dnathnlyobi bu ugnat aod 0r port
h enemy .ith leb 101.d aod the evltb oi ld n 0regr
b1rondlln. mplno th1 otIbl sod .i t .lo r. ond ts o
pflfenod hood, ba ra lb.ion W nto . l en Chna.h
dgisbs as ya Ii It w, my Ir.Bu thire(
baote diinlldB InI l bi pbsoet .1 i
loed plueris a p h a i. l, my Qoaker heh ain
ntan. 1. h olule an 1m o idop and adlliut ou
wtnlpelr m llct :m mo Is w ey wmll Vto
bonas ., a .*t M iI
his prlm o lp I ar1 mob lle. od ouratoer yY."
visnl t gsb o thL o 10 aoisthlntly sol. The Comalf 1.b osled by menpu0 on. houleCoro
Wb.onhusmdbndeat laad, no out.inbify Chainma in 1
to Noal. go u0d 5 .01atlmptI S0ut-da.1 oddlllotot00l
abuol In a 00l ngi. hatndily onr "10l.lt0" 0,1r0,hegy o
Jool e1 bed to 0n ut doe 11. k O
lo .. l b inthsnl o g 0lh h11.0
onnaad litb th. Uf thnlbe ofbm. sm d lroneter00
30alo00h1. n 1Niad f and "nlly ao. islo ad T enotad
lo..k andd 00ll0. oinl.iFelhl.. we""1't;,1
Iogslon. WIl eat the0 w thbm to 1o rI n
Vileonen b0 W o 00 n7 11H.. b
dorbi Who s 0dutodoth?
is .7 A.; .t b hwodr ha e
Oon .,goaknl And Eob *.T1d 10 10 b'S oLon 1
syn 11 et1 l. Inclrosd eoumnonism. a- a .I 01,r
rasldmeroue. rm The Iso, v it meet 0. andonlyo in
11w? flnlty too -- IIt hlaIn 0t 1eullad in
Iu sI. n Glommn uasY It alln be Caon. 1m bvultul.b
1it1o0 usre m g10in10o moll AlU our helpful 7 mliory
por. Hi n n bloi o h. 11on dain
SolUo asamo ale, ' py ony imeso
.' nd ha bl mll end likely tann aever s. cb gooer, I
weoe med. g oud hLodbelm.And.llb I and whyidn
0m10l0S0 ad no .mo. 1n1..Inem Our ol 00r -iy maorl
w1h Hi=. but I hal boo t ftilout brultlllti toone h o a1
tgs ows orhrobeo W00 .l0 benolo 1" ah d!...orwlllo
Ilaht withoul liht1n0 th 0a lndolted. mn I letourl wlh
.ih 0iothlol- a 10 h o d dand jolodW t luoIdl .mb t'
b"Oe uiolM bIt I -n l b. l in fo d a~ doe fall
ddIarol-letigho colr.on ,d rdoluwo s
dnnLL nl 1 bu~lrlnl plmldentl+r~Hloi lf the nm ,
Yet lntr it blb0d ht d hlbe Nll. ol Iba Uoo AonmirlwIdep
oe Gmes li Whall0P0p01I rsml 06 10 oilly I
In the b1mbingl or %be 8thin PD0p0oont hLkh ea0mud0n u
LwultaNl. use nl10 ha mon nlulod In a ublodyrbuJ
mlltbry up|W Dor i1 iMindy n by 1l "11 sorlIbb
atio l nViot .pm mpinl In tolhe N.Y,
ne!1hottlypolklyini m 1m- a mlllaon Mm. lubl.hs
110 1011001by s On Ontd. 2.10Bb.111
To thiMs m, pnhtuO. Dolmy G.ll
.iOp Ch by as Iyo or nd rebb
aytghounnfrgth.o'r o0n -oga Delray
100wor0d O00Gelenoa Wmdoit10intgllglngt
od loettl olgpyre t o kweeGh~ oudi K lu to1pul ounlwuig iabe I
bhumon ea.milthi l IILII
Oinqu .l o~.n ou lo hIbi gotd eL s..oa
rt0o0h11n0 a, 0 bel. doinrmtlon? g g
going~t00(u.t ando ., hoebd 1.labld m n. .
wr. or wr Uw put n ge. von I inod y
and to snklnd.' I0. SlnthbVistglda? Woe ob

Wo' lt o ,1 t hle d0 1 '7l0 buon, null. oo .
thinly meub of nootakd. ho. Ha d poudl0ll Spulon 11
up poll0l. Whelher elmy In 0o Il.l I uh
Jolaomn hO. bl. od. Ud.rd ol flivn, n 0a.
.inkad I d 'tloa. l rh, bu ld m. l hod I -t lo
belt., th.nin p01 ndis 1, inehbl. o :
beon ld lthatl mntd 0l 0 fod. II thin had been 1- i
1 w0r In Vsl Nan uod p. oVl N connt itl 111

uno.e. our
ay o liBe
had taken!
d Commu-
0ould hab

I wenb. In
d Nehm hb
in. China
I hen. Ha
pou dn in
ks, houpin
lilaly agp.
chniem an
Ibem lood
11help nd
o, aou.

unelit did
and haw
olmp. In

en do 0et
mush mon
would have

lo ini

lion ld

the l nol
oon 1.o00
0a100 ha.

p0t. W011

delibe I
u onur
Itain our
o enter
? I enlnt
*nd our
Inu and
lten wlh
iat with
not honde
Idler than



IMl .000.

*0 i/ Woman's World

m.y....m 'Y Society.. Clubs.. School yfin o1 .at bar &J,
5000.000id~ .b.S 0Tho..4.2. roo *
11..13; 4C..~ N, 0. I ..0 1

It01 wooS amOooor for aft. A aloght 1, war1

A10.o 0 up Ayiko P.d,. 620.1. tof oIhw roto

20.400.20 Mrs 6. _Vwo1. raa 0,
All 2001.1 pkyin to the .. 01.ola
A1tksoaaifao1.o. P`.2 Am '2. 'I

.01.0. goa., 0,20.0.04. la.... AMladiIk..O.1
toboaado6.bo60 godr.o.0 M.0
,= o do=11 (1
to..k1.d. boo.~ 1001. .0..0200 00 1L A2 win M.2.1t Akka1
Ul~oa.I~m .4 p1.). o0 060.o6.1.

& Inow Ad was rift Al 0.004n als.

t~AW'11=1 Z m004.".2....22200
PLAYT1140.20. -0 "Mi. 21.. u Moiry -
Sla oult-

Woo. Own4
Fr tay nhg- .0001. 9inop,0..m.
in, 04 Tab.

1.0 N..0 ro a A....J.iUo1.2o

0.a aho Ago. 01.d.. IT4. J. o 1q,.

Auo wr~ 14ev 20u ai. took 20Ok rw.oho. b
hobb Ja t.4a~. 2 .0p .ashkar.I
dil 1120urrouO~.01
OOUP4OBOU- Coop,. 04.pknh A.
kala. 200. 4.y0. t U00a ~

2114o ro r bkm Ago. .04 0'. .2. 24.0*
, l~.on.o02.a~all.6W..04
244o.Ma ho .0. 1002 oo

M:1.0.22 an0.e202v0.2 ..1.4 -a.. with.
1.. 602 ..h( BIh~om.I. Ba.222., 0420
M11 Tb.-. W. If.1. o.. -w .20W,6
&4.02.1lb. Florida P.4.0.20,
am,21.. Th. -.1flow. Main.4, L.tar, Mo..
Hubba.rd2ll Lood.. 0 l as raftI
=p. AM:j.ft., P..ok, I20.,0. p04.01 2400
0.0, p0.a20.. M.000004.
0. OIXt,004 o.. M0.0042.1.2. .0.04.2.
ar..I IdM n a. try t..i aoIoo...4001
(Noo0J000an p6.00YB~i240.1.I

I Dot Fraser, Editor

The Jack Calberts To Reside
In Jacksonville Until June
Mr. ad Llod 2 G0 i n In 1i0 r. 01 0 rm ad Ianled
1 B-om. o2ownBoul heb 621h.,. h. hk4.l o b oq.t l. pbl pPi nk

their doulabalt MY61ltle Mr-u iov and raffied brkh.I twin booth.t,
vr. .tklr.ay .c h Cl. dHrr Am 2 0 l n. iad bar1
ra. hb Mr. l .a wn 0 t1.ln. iade id Ihek Ml.mR B..d. 1r-
M. a ld 040 L 21 Zh 1ared 0aBible h brbd.
M. Cllan *1 0 ,k nrlM .. I lquele
M2 ilan o. .ad toped fibh Im. 2ardi. y 20ol0i60
boq.uet ol02 p1.n2 ll0 t1h...,.ooy.a o.oke
Tb. opbLCo b" ..4 "n b w . I .h.lTll
d.n fe. 00InyAp ph omll Club. Am onl
rill7TCu M ar u iwo INh bildr
iheI MtWijol CbIo] The ulroa o, hooh I 0ar 0omm 20tr *ad ki
with 2l1 3h 1 A 0 Nor i- a biS. rir-i4.l0.. molpa.nitl. Mr. aad
.v. W8-1 Jr. ofOlk. M.K.t. l &m., 2 Mn. Cu0t PPnIA. I,.
lig orI lhw 10 a'.b oe p I .. 0B = ih0t .l4hft d4is..
oii l ,l-.p, 0od 00t 42ll 0ll. wt A 0I4du.. f cl SamL
HIth S1hol and SPFlod
The Flemings To Dine &.., ,".,

At The White House C..0:n.. ,.s
Mo. ad Mr, T oa. ofl1ftallpuhD4ol.lly. a oNlow nio Bl.
A. P0lle l Jr. of Boc. Mr. .FlndIbu ddtlh Mr. C 'lMnet b 0n -
R2. l hoon bni. d .,lml aimpli lo. dC" l.. USfM unl, Co.
Aby P.ld d.t .0d LBJ day- g oh Io0 p... .O I. L 2u
brt2 dlnlr t t 20 h0 de n 20.. 20 R .Ultd.n2Set. t.

Ald. Mo.,. l day. Mi4yport Plorld.
Ih. C.n.2l 02 M24.l.n N .w 04d. .22. P Follonll. .ddl0
or3dd1 ] SI.b Op 2t Mo Noc.1le, lId.,
Art GuildSets 0LMH.Co',1c 04wU&.,
Second Every jffl=, ... Ida.... ld., t.
MemberExhibit wiolinb...
toRa But. Thi s. 1 1
IoSd dlloy oa A
.ko ,I-l.p..0,.y i
poWd o t to p..o Ro.. -

F=. MDon a ,
..barble-- Watson r -

"hi1 _llll), who will bw frttad to 0llll L.
W. N--M Gm ey JrP ol P lma B < ll FrRod

R I"II wlua w "' I o hln Ilne b Mn. Honird CmIl *id
.i. W*tMn l N. M l

Mrs. DeWees,.
Harley Watson
Wed Thursday MISS NANCY HALL ad 104B.1a.a.0.h (nowl.

nto,;A IfH,. P J.KO, wt wl Wl > lw> -ItrO Of
od MI terian The Maurer2 1 1..
son Par The Mue Lehvl

2rtSSe 'H- Circles Meet For Ohio Tuesday
2.lmpok'o.,R0.wmI04 Mrt Ins M24 .imn
lnoupolt'hrLdan. T"hisWeek Mim on W""ny
Mr. ld M2r. Wtlm T.. Wn.'- A* ll,.. bh:'o"S 1Zrhi
a.2 o a d dlo t2Itia Chu1., 0 ,, Pot ,1 Ju Oa., h.h.el.
maEm"B F'air. and 02 sl 4. .1o1 kh Pd .0
N.. YTo .ho Mr. C0i 00 lhb, thmi. r.t4 k ithnohw0 1
d11 fiR m. C hll. I.U1 et I. 'to "M o, .1h
oom al lth .huth, iLh Th1. Mlw, will *Ut
Plastic Flower Mm. T, S... PL1 .. A -.30
A A hla Ckdahln 1 IMI aurf-l
Making Class =owan^,I=S3 D dons .4,MmL
hour,.E. PINk A. .,c i o.. ge 2l0 l T oo.2m
Slated At Boca aodsi a Zo, o atS
IV. M R.. L.hC 0will u lmo .,
AI-nv.lnhoUIa 1 MabnlhI .ht, ---
mmb f mko 1w. Th. Ml.n Bech Fi
p.1oWmiy. 4 tl.'h a 22m0 tbo10. ,CwKitMI.I RIooad Ia..b gelloio.4
CAM0,ta0tyC tM. rmo COa.i 101.0l .11t R o b.d ..aMah2
Donal Rurk at h v Cut 0. Pldlwr .hrug
T.u2ma ldn Ciri I will m W.d. l0l.P bn
tk o Raion iit 0 day m I 10 :.m t lalr olW
0DIuyon 0.4 Aill hM...AM MH&LW0. -
-11" 7,10. r 1o, VW n_ D_-
sbLi. Tr d- will -
Wow werflu. Ti. P 4 woM0 Wo ld'.
ulb-060 uhlb0lho0 nld.0 I0. b>llU t lhk li0 12 Il k
flow axod.,fla ltf l hir. d. o with Finf
urll th CmUIlo Ca n 2 th020 t, th 2.. II .
tlmL nss0I.oI t.20, YorkhWwr'I PiAI.

Sko. 2hat 20, .0.1..... pordM o IN...o...oao pbo by 4..

Boynton Club Lists Nominees

For 'Junior Of The Year' Title
St .o.1.ou 01 tho 220,.11.oh, .202 ra .. cl p.4&02 A
& 1,oo 1=ob n -..y -,1,ooI and .d4 oo...Ip .0.
Win.. Chob pol.oo~uolb~rouokt~ 0.o.Aoao~b.2020410
..oo1..142oo01.Jolop mobly .. ........ 010k yoo 1 bo20 .4 I.
An0 ^ Op. 2400.3.. 010 2. h n a2.w A= A
noraboo ird.Awo olo - I.i now .1 IN, .bank ad I.
offluoyrof~ b~ubanoo d. Zt;rMr~
op 1.0~.4220.~ Op~omoo,0.04o... od.. .0p. .. 4a..
5oon.2. MWa. Aid. or
La2..outuro.. an, .own. A. clod" wa .0 po,
f ;lop P.b .04ln Mo.. 4. r 01.60. .0 21. 200,. t00000oki..
8"'la Al ord of ~tho talwll" ad b Inmo l
AI_ A. -,ad ri.llr
rook...,o. o.0i. AM.1 .0. 6 L..o .=0.2.

n~u~l. Ar rInnAb
Al00an M.o two .14 ` MBsrand b0.0. o I""'I
..d.01. iobo04o1. Ih = uruo. wo~in d 1. bor. b, p..ooly I

Debbie-Rand Tuesal. day Gro:p I l, A0

Sets Annual NamesBridge and1.= .
MayrDay Tea GameWinners It.k1 .
= Wtoo c j24 tolt Air Erroro.01T... n2o Adroklowo. our b.
abh~ LlIubi O:haoarl .1theh

dobdl0.inooaldb Day .20. S00k 0, ..1).
T.bbOie-an M uesay 4, Gr o oup6 "'1.4d 51.1.. 4-.
Sets0 Annualho N0M. ames, Boridge .04 Sorto 11. n I.o.

Pop..0201 .oao.I 54, 2220 CnC~ holn.l~ 84j hi~ol Di...212
.2210 0 0 ophoo. 01. J..proM.A~n.oB.. ; 01. olt)klp..1.o.
tba~iu~ MrrH*. CI ~ and wasb*

2400 .21 60500 Mo. Wisoi U.. .04 Tbru. .1..020."2,
...o. .khok M.. 8 W.,...

Mayo.022 4210.2o0M. 4. DaCyeG CircIettes
~loS.0 .1. oo..0 blot. 0. 040.0. ..ov*;
0110401...0,.0. mO.ao0.PonI~. Play Bridge
ROCA RAO v-T a P0.04...h~urdY

4.2 ohwil .0tumo loo oroptimo kkk..... ft ,i.,i=..
.=='' Z ToMEtThurdsy
TwoZ=y. M 004RAON-Mo Cloh2ato..
Mo. 21.1.4 0.000. .2.1 2400.0 24. M o. 2414.0 5221. at
L:o0 .1.20...,. 2. 11yoa oo nid T.1 0kod p6, k.oa o.
th, Nnflh and Sunih

oo~.o.. o.. TodoApoI21X W. l ao 800. 02
0I., Mo C1 N=.,1i 1-. .1 t .- M 4, .. o N. W. T l. CVon1 0no.0
Mo.. 4.0k Soy a. l Mo d Wool4 -t M..i., wil A.0.04 Arud.12 TA..

took. browo. Mo.. A abooO ESdp.o. 4. 1 5? wo 01. May
V. To..y2 20o.0 Mrro..0ootyP.e.2I oi(o..Ao~o..Mi..p
Brad.p oo.04ha m. Io.1

: w w PdSrop1t.ita 00M o

oaE.AtNO PI~tOIAMY tON"S4 2 2 PINE '115 M PURI 1U-E* 1
IM T~.20NOB`U12O h. UO"SA t.
IHI Moor. Btrd,

4. ,kGyandl JM.S MTIS ALERE
FL A. boar,

1lbA .4...51U2y. h et" aroul..
ourbll 0.~

5 IGowAmwSSk.i2iwr 0



AIITIIII J l~i~ n~nallyI
AMIIII o1M A nO1 U1.1.1111111

L __ CI


0022L22, 22r22 2iB* .22n2.N.' t i,2L22o 10li*2

Briny Breezes Chatter
by Charlotte Knaus
T11.'0. lahalao 0.b hod~wo uahof width .11
20t h1.n1 0 plde02 Ith inmo0t. THIATS
Sbulbo r' oi OUR M SONEY.Y' ALL!
m y n 0l.h a By thI w.y, did 70Mt
mplfoulo -- adfic t' nhat Io bar th?
h.29l0 I. -o4 ot l 1w. ndt.t ,, ,Rime, o L,?

1100"0S070110SL0 A 110>1"702'
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I LAVISH tryl The I Kno Tol
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did balk toinfitsh n( n (U walk *eky to
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ma1t 0nt w. fire. by 1. heat 0la .u he
Fl.n Olfe.2nd lom 1 had. th2at I 01! Chlori
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CilA. Alnde DoIn nd l rd n jctdon,
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Lne TIhey to u t Wt h- ol a nlda
A1 al in M22h00. r. 0 y hae d4 hd ,a0d
NR. H h animl v. farm n.
trh P -a ti.e, N1on. Ah.
youth ..1,! With E0aler .hn of
W. 1 th -1ol.1 nl 1 pan t tlo 102hoyir, nd
0011 .0 11 0 1 .04 2pkt 010 M 107 11A 0 0,0 to
W en 1 o1 he 0 teol0 o 2. y0 h dy "eli n itchy
nwtni ol mthb Trvel 2n1 oo. I Ihoumht to
TiterClublort hi i y with you -
alot W Inuley It I+ eThe popleat for hea
I. n .l. inroup in th a d h ,1 r Or tr1th 1,
*I.d ld'tatay, That Picr a
riammn I th e t^ pAtl nha i Mp
All0.. Th ..snl 0 Im.
Ihmt aornry on TIai
hnbeie ben" ore National Rose Show
2om 1ad ndroppd Slated ThisWeek
co Wilida eld.

S I, It R.l ic had 0ri1 ,r.o
d phHn Wrhintro- ht ppe i t. rdw.hpt
and tide and leopard .eatnd th~. II Pale
u1nd in dafent theAmnda So
22 0110 1 N20.n9RosShowi.
WI" y4 4uid mee y'kSlated4ThiWehkL
Vl" I0d Ruby l e
Yc nrliinby wldc Memh, of th Iocal
anlhyaqultnd teirma tnl t y T url+
uio. mia olhfan ._I_ a rntnotthe J
andolon2. nd tnool l. ann 9 o.munlooo Can-
Wu. ccoat Iln= IrOustipahr or he
a1n o 0rvan that V. l day 1 u0 110 wt2h dr.
-dadurn his "iu on olri Co .M.arda
tht N0F.Iobl Mnd C12. HaroPur East Unit

Ind said tdwt in mny PanDinne'Danc
tad- larp Cawr 0H0CA RATON-- _n.
m.04 0,1h u d.1094.
dsm1- d.1 Ael to
Pilntl and th, lik. the b,. -Eol.BA. l b waoi,.
nacviwoudlythnat h by Yr f A. Lehnnn.
o.1 00121h2 l phad l oro
A.odrlca~t o7 ld I202411h012 2 0a0 linn0 2 SpCono

they, i 2nored tha 0 itb. 91. 1

00holebuohof om00 n 1 Sid 0cal hour will h. ld
D20 1handbalor rod0 .: pIrlb 1,.l2.UIo,.,

.ad .m1 and that ha 1 i.ordlnl.

All Florida Student Art Show

Opens At Saint Andrew's May 3

10111 0.1,oo.2 1tbto
01 coucew p0100l
II. P0.1 9.1104 ADt 11411
11. 10 Shool A.d Mo7
biflow w b, Iwtd ill 3
t10.0MY 22.1 M.1
loom. Slhoow I Boc
i ~'-~~h-~ractiont~a.

AM~% ad .04.olv
Ihonatalhool -book00
-W boo. h.oIPM.214

71111C12NG ITEM02 DONATED 0o 8.19. Paul%0 lopolpolw C,11... b o5b.oPl
to I's I ll~

...bal1h1. 047.. I ~o, ,10 bilo.711 1120. ~doy oh
IM.f. ThI. -OM .. o1.dokJ Apo04oy ri. l 01u71124, at lbe Paiahb
111 7 " 9.I.10 00... ay ho Met10M1not PariaL Hall Soroptimists
Plan Civic

A wal Prqja pn!.=

t.nd.lll lontr

M.0 SoO..l 1. E,11.
chat-.. p1101.-111
'llool,120,o 70
0,20 ,0. 1 Phlo.4 -m
that lulalo

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b dw p..., aLd -1b
olo .o-Mdoo 2.

THE DELRAY BRACH MENWS BARREN CLUB 0 rec1.oooolbe Plaw. Al. tionba ob n%.
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Z110200 Jab. p. ay, oh. oo.-.od .ol..0 010 fo, l. 1lo012 .2 pl.M; 1
...oy .... At 4odeofi . oeanonli, L 1. D11.71 P. 0.0 N07Y, Brac h
"Y" lo. 110.91 M1 od1lolono- D74. 1 od ad .011 H. El fa. Il 0.0r 1lo0 Pro.
.lb ...rldool. INoo o..l. oolpbcIohy 01100 omikowl chor0 lI
Scoot Pat. Broochb C....
t01 1. 1 1 .2 .

Boca naton Anrt umla I o Elect
Officers At Annual Meeting
HOCA RATON The dins tr0, *111. AmEr-.
An Giulid will hold its n22 K. S2yd. orre0 pon-
annul rlclin oflflmr dinln realoy.
.nd bul.m2 w.tin A0 nm.,nele (or dh-
112nday. April 26, t 8 Io1n. M. Palmer H.
., *t 2the Ar22 2uild Cnl2.h1M.AdamJ. H..
bulding. tell. M Frle Hutchin-
Tho nnmil.. in. am- l .. Mnm Ralph Klinl
mit1t will pr'emnt Ihe and Mn Willibm H.
ilnwing celte ofl oflen: lMcChemay.
John Flanrhcr, puident:
'I- Golan Kno o,
, i 1 1-. 1 2 2,,,
sleKW. lieBuer: Mn.
2Cl000, H. K..n. ror., Welcom
Welfare Remembers
Assistance Special Famil)
Ilerend P.)ul M2 C1 2..0 o T.. ,^,|
n.Chtilmwn of Dtirric .w*-
10 W*elre Baiod of the
SItat Dnp.nnlt of PU-
blie Wd.a, 7 ponted _ccwMc
ithat 2n Pal Owh Conn.l
1i2l0d I1n Ie I igo
nof public auilinn far
the month o[ Mluhh. 4ml
11 22 n 1o I dop,.on S02 /
pe(tinnl otudcld fr h'
Cl1.uil Coul. Th..n A -
child.n placed In 1 h.n0 l "h I
independent olf.1 n OUwlfO2
through A li-ned child
pLbriw apny, and 'heI.
Wtrll Board 1i respon.- u
b> Il Rr them neports
lto the urt.

2Mill.s Word all U.S. 1i on W.AlAhol2ei111".OWO'hancl NIL
.of&L lOthSw.wW~t~o~.Ilooo.oodo
V20o.i ~~.. 02..btc~rRroonoliaoSiWo.1-Ph ... 221120311

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lSE 9.10.2010 ownS ouh P=. wloith "a
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.onlh0A.d okilicrod.-, two
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h.braruu~llt. nbbI,; Gra~ron

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0.00 10 0 11201 orooI WUIIIL. AmI0. 4110000
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2,11. P= =h0. ;:24
data .1IncoghMay 221- Ila

0161 Pot C0 2.
"dwd "d ""0' Ira Id .~...ul

.h0002101 01 t02 A.. oo; oooiS.
=wrtt of Florida At-
chat- 09.10A2. Ad II, Sto,.Olw 4A
I.. I .I A.- Spiit

.-na, anal"="~ i
Pd.I wra I -"`-M"`MHAMnr

=.dl~n ad1=CI
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An thb_,off. .K
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2.1 Pol. 0010.4011100000
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1=1' 2410000 11

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[split IBM
Maliui; '-nul -em= ..( lc k
.001 pfoaot pDw.0.0h1 t1 it'lo. 111 021 0 21 700. 12 o .
It 0.0m 2 0 b 7 Loc 2 M out4 of7 2 hl. 10.au206 l21010 o 00 00000. 1021.0.0210
ficanat to lop looing &ar. AMIt Proidea ll the o atrYoilaroa
for every000rd2700, wtht lo.. 11 oywt?

0,,l,-ppfc11E1 to
orphoaingroaadfo. e


Realtor's Roundlable
Boynlon Roundup
Saoial and Cloic News

As Realtor's

of Roundtable

B0ard of eallon Pmldenl WZlltr Dutch b-on l
0len ba p ouf 0iL ho T nd_ Nt V. Botd
tiulloan. .o SM.TuM. Aooclta Vi Holt-
er( w Sen ben feLing t Ih- cM uad
w on imponmad. I la bmn our coa lntl. thl
d wold woud no r0lvoluln_ mon uolhlhy It tOb
lubdtintla oo .Mtllud and."-"r ppistloin oon
::qied ud nm o olidoa mlino l. 00 tor0
.dtnno nt *nd .ooplpshull0 olf 0rit.
1. nft..1f od Gh Boyalo Bm.t-O..i
Rld. Bctrd 0o R0ln 10 paimdal. WI= i.r
Dufol 0h yo0n*lly wr0UtoU go 7 ly I0-
polleld C My EIIhno Ehobt C..-hu. ad
Too Au .r, WUIlI.. Al0, eo.nlloolooltno
Ih.. ow IL.0l, lol.plInll. olLrri 1.1 I"
owl a wn ol hn Uno r BeuLd ol hoh n
Illrtauc Ufiisher of tbh mlin Wi(l (4
muke iM of oe *pwlhlled klwkrk of -Ir
Boynll. Bufoh-Ocnn RldEp B d of Rll0om
Rou1dob.1 lu.ho lb Pbhlo Porl Wodoodoy
non. April 141h mnnad It0WNl almn w0th
Ihl"'nkl ol qotOh. thy would Uhk uwknd t0
Iho Aprl IRn.lla oI l ho Finh Polrt *b)
when Pomt Chmaun An Silr bu wapld
to hen Tu AMorm pr Muwauonw 0 l0-
Opctr. All Rultolon nd Amor in Mllhbbo.
rln lBorde an mal wflnor --
Wadolody nwsl. Apo il04h wiu th d4l0 hr
tho olulu monthlk moti0l of lbe Ocna R0i
Ton Council.o Mio Wolltr mour. Cuon0.a
jimon John W. R.0l,. P.al0 BOmnr nadBodolWo
Boho R0alty Au. Tom Cn umd Yi Holtlho
oil poino -- 0I.hb w0 mdlol wlnboul .0ythlnl
opol.0lly hntsin0Ii happninu -- Viloim Ilm.led
0to p0lt ooad hholoni o 1. addad -
oIod 0ldin4 bo the TwnAlloinmy. Qn wr C.
arte Ih mmicalaq d W*W1 fw1114tk l
Er...-4 1 00le of kindlb 00hek nd
or I T.o4 k II b. tIdhor l If b Too.
I.ilIoRy toh fMhol. wKIL C.w.ilholun.
.NaobOldd lllat l d 00a" U00 0 lad d.Il.m =o1
0 lb. l.i of Iholor "orL- p" 11.00-1
Tieay Ot'I th lftWoCltoa Cutho tb of Owl,
LAk. Woolh Onl. 0b00,,0. Paool N..r.
Thb poop.. oo .0b. Cmonimbh b .aAnn
d Jun ,o aro ao Ih0 0 .is WM1 to la, lure I
nu lolp 040 o o. wOdlftl bolulfho (o lh. Iohlr
NObom o. o bo0l. ".e pr oot n l
Inol. RBlato Ed JOuI, ucia bl*ukbodod,
npbTdnkuClmd ltit *popoMd pitedan o, .
to 1111 tuikhl~ne dralii--iidrto:urh,
dMun lin t00 *ipnpwton l. nitln 00t .
i. nu.b y
At ibpolk yowo.doo'lom0 Mhtliiolul3 bAOw
00id T= Coocil0 Thouodu O000.0o00 00010.
B00h Rally A-odt. Co nkoor VI Iolo
kuppOly nol.0.04 ov .00rm0l000 Ihk 00.0 M I 40.
.0fO0y l000(0rt0 hk d0lougmo i i0b.Sokut
.4 olTow-. It old bo tb. C.uai .loonat
to ColoninklaM Ho1 ll0in Uo ".0F ti. f.lM
Mloo W.llhr S .ymooo Octm.i4f Ihi t.
ukToi om .o o.orn lGooldy Wurl o lmed00
rl To Iphom lt Toii 00,it0kin l0 un .0l0.
0 p.u0 ol0a. d00l00 C P t4 -I O.U.R
1ud wt otl th Tw o to o0I0 tl dohi-
*Mi mla l0W M. ood M *dI *.0
theMlhbbltnk aMlp 1 dN ULM.. Ai
PM ppMMu l buG Ongo 4. Ak. ador, Vam
lH. CU .pwolr Cto Ik. or 04000.
P.1. xico 0 o.0 0. Ab0.. fn

PRddnl F.A.R. Dtrit 3 ntquel Ith local
pnaidmn, Reltor Willr Dolh ( Ol1 upl oint
nwlunl with othir alk.y BIIrd r vlt om
P.M., 4. AR. 3000.4t T 0 3 ttoon Ok 10-I0

pvlscb *not oao W0 U0allb0It0 =t t 01ur0I0
dlo-uoMlhfd*rlo p; ; 010m0.. Aprl 0t'" d*
to Boyuo Bo Co..I C.nko. Tb.
Hallwllon *nd P .0.0.d 0nl00 uniooo t0
A 0m., la p0n0lp0l0 In I.* 0,n0n, 0 l plI0 p o
ooquil oddltlohl beocb I0oal.p pnolyb
*il.hb0 hul podUhy uoonlob0.lhtk 0tun.

oynton BReach

Calendar Of Events

Du=olpl Bddpd- l0300p.
Sbul.b.r dClohb-7 OOp.
BSI|8a.0m Phi M.nt Homl I p.m.
Ralbhow G0br00 M0, Top0 p.m.
smotaplin Biuh' Rwt. 12:go p m.
ntol Blc.h City C-0nl. City Hall 7: ; p.m.

Clvico Cenle
m.TAtt Cnft -10.00 12;00
T.rtll Palln 0:.00 1 0.
Friday -lfSo bpom.
7:00 .06 00nkdtdy vni(n.
KIwlrb t I loon- Burch* Rnt.
Liou' Clb. in'i Club 7.m..
V.F.W.Alu. Pot 438..F.W.H. 8 p.

TOI Pa.lllatil-10. 0.n.
C.llhnitskI -S:001 ..

Sectionof yourDelray Beach News-Journal


0Be.a0. 1l Fidap n0.0.. b0. Ihr0ilh I- l uk I.0l,
Tbk pokl~ko |tfu I- B.r. orke*O.(N..rNm. i
Z.Un6- Sqour. ...o.p C.a.r ph.oo b. Hr Cabrr ie.l
.o..Il well I-Owrd, lha W.ler

Council To Weigh

Library Addition

BOYNTON BEACH object ho been 4o mnv 0it 00.h 29.
S-Thbe ity ouai0l wO dll I tllh towa to .md.t to the
iaett0onll0t0Toip.. t Ieoucl no.n0 Mi0. 0.. Pan0 flnic0l0iteO
tCltyH0Uttooln. I.b.llthe lbmay va.l0 ploporly bouIdi .fol
0llbny Idditia, -wi5h the thene ol tbh oppor- low:n
foll-in.letopmlandd; Iunllt0 wlebh their local I On Ibe Gurol, by
TI -- Thai |t foud, Toaaloict fI actbn, he0 Bon0k. 0Cal k
nd. htdl..3d Iort. -Td it I. of .ieni o -l On Phe "u. Wby the
oddltlo be Oe b.Vd I MOld upoflis4 wm~ly rhlil
I tllbl. lloaloM.ldn "O" Ind Io uUU Dl ty oftlbFCR l o
n l Allb. k p 3 ch OalbwOul, by
Vm.Sllmd clpw 1kit.u At Th that of Publi NotAlSlkhA.
1su ount ., t lh.llhPil4lib d 4--Olt. Wlbly lh
0I-- To1hpl tZ onltrnB.oul.rintlcoo oIlltoR.lloll.

13,000o hokh would h,
.t.,.' Two-Day Conclave

M, ,. Set For VFW Here
wor to .-mmen BOYNTON BRACH iT Lf
.0thin thI. fnl d ye Memben ol VlUnr. i
IhepoiJet. ol PFonlm W.r. Plat.
Relotanoteoottlkshk I(.l VMo B0ch to D&L.
build, wmll *uin lm y Beach wil tnbie
UBd, m brnll,0 b thI 0I0 w0kend fo to.
MaiL Thb. 0ti0t.d daycoMiweatlheBo l. -
o, o _,kllthb. l 00 IMn Be VFW Poct
At S, PCl t 0 The DI0 .d0 3 Ml llli
i a oum ol lunds to OGtr of the Cotie wlI
nbmhtb tl tk do thi0 meet 1 0 p*.. Slurdey.
uoppprk. AolV 0n.0 0 .1tke oll pl.r.U 0107
.aplpop4.100 000 I~o.0a p0t.0ng winl fio.
Tho poprolWy 0 M0., "VPW b n
dll Mu. Ted IrkoLh at ion will PA uader0my
aSon o. Dl1.Coqunlo Sndwy hot o10 oo. hn
Con hi beenMa r iiUpwIuthhallt Cu=i ) iow
dimlod by the collape prt omnoMkaaddid 4.
of lte dn w00l0 w. t0ct u0.0 Tbh 00.0u|l 4isM thO VOW 0l 000
il ooiulroctud t0h *. c ionoald1rictol1aMn 0 lm0m0v0innM.
C.00C0I. TIbIml1 .IlltbohhkldundSy. H0 n1* e.ooyed by
do4u.Wu dnl 4t 00 Arktd00. l. to0.4 t0 e U0. UP 0f0I0II IH
alml.0Ipool.u mkinlt *hr wllrhb M. J. 0B Duoon B 0ch, In R192
I0,nolnoot0olr.t o no. FP0dd. .al. VfW I3tOr. .erred -.,
y0ur. T. .x uor ceaanundr. He ht heid 0nt plwnul i th. lat
huo n ommaahd am. 0 pd.lonl It0 Ih. 0nlll0a.0. 4t.
Clply Mini.o o 11l bI- h loin o el n 0000.040.d l t1t 3 o0 tb VOW
0o if t 4h00dem.4 .nd b1.l o 0 I.00 M00.a0 tPnOld..oo..04by
h olo.l, I would l In Ordrolth.Ct. Edwd O o R
1oph. nOk p.t0nL Ctmno.oB-t0nooN 00 Boh.o0 .A |6 VFW
0it 0u0r t0 pnnlt NOavy Onln o0 mo0 pni from V.O. BoCoh
.dolaonolIvlun.. lhon 0r0i TI dourin notkh 00 Dlnly mBch
Tr.n ll b. o np0rt W0ld Wr II *nd llmt ,nd mlt oOblohob..
plta1d to t Aouncll,
E17 '000 ^0A Dr. Steele Receives
wait00 Po,0E ,C Long Distance Thanks
niMtlnI wu held to dbh
u0tbi pOIMbillly 004. R0lvlni "thank you" notn m fr. 0r
d4tinal0.lloade0ii.n0 l0nl0 0.' 0 new n rl.n04 l0 r 00,Bodo
thedeoltion lold FEC 0r.Di0il H0pI00 addn0.l0.O Dr. Men.ll F.
buUdb In h. l. do.n- St0lb.
ton 0am and .o he el0y But Pltnl *urh a0tt.r Irom Ii lIr wy u.
i0qul0in0ls llonlU lor Cuaraca. V iul. I. The, witer w. HR.old L
Alt uhon. 000el. n, olfl,00l ol Cn0o0 Ptroh nu Corp,. who
At lhe openb 0l lhe w00 0 patient In Bethide 0u k month whli in thi.
moelinl lonllht iad ilf r *n,.
Ith. tyl aul., Ihtn will Coomontin on Oh. cocalknlt c h* nnlvad.
be nomlo l lli 0sen0 .8ile .1.4ad out "lhe nunao ad andnu ad wbho
ltlad to tho ouoL Th eno~ io lMlntal In my rapid nnry.'

0000.0 0.004.
Th. boat o.nowd
ood both01d 0, m.110
bok, oplitid out I a
Dayg.00. 1-.1.1,00 o.

CofC Says

Buy Beach
bo .00 C00 .- 0...
,owdnowoly --omd.
pad lad..00it chat .44
Pumbaw m Imi, of ad
molyll obuoa I
Pont onl 00*0 0 tb.
hod J.. Flick], .=
pond Oo.. 0.0looldo

that.load _Y 11 .
th. lb.l 0.4 -y do dlh
huto00oupuood00. ob
ChoohIoliwtU. P~m.
hlombnd WFl, ho.
b.tIChonko.00 00

Monday &

0 Georges'

Spurs Suit
Ooo .00d ad .0 Chkogo
pakt0r ho. .0000.4 wit
11ao .00 1. SOVOG 0,01P.
o 1 olh 4dd00 ho.. Too
zao. 01. Iloono
Co.oy Co.l.
Jow.. 4o. ho. olood
i. m.000 ho o. .1 0 t.4

Paburod a. 0 .
o...0. opnwolky p.

hit.. 1. Podol0000

la, .0.0h w0o; .d 0.00,0
To. ca,, b. 0.00.

to to d-.,d 0d
tail. -kill-kit.
.lOIoomoooOd 0,000000.

bolas optated by Cop.
00. JSunO 000.0...

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doacb4d.. 0000. 00.0
0 0ha0nded. U by1 0 0 .0

An Ods 88 has everything going for it

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NITA U OowS..000000,00000.0.0000000I00000000

term $oLosm0OB.LE

'~~~LIU ~ OI NA.~kqll~~;*~;*~1;u u

~__~ ~ ____ _~II_ ~

Boynton Roundup
lBy COrle GClfdne
Took 4 rid onr tl Boyn.oa n1lt th othkr
duy to e how t flobing wu. A lot of ull wm
b .inal uihtornadmd.
As woo td wosthi t1be Tand Witds by
Caphai SI0 FPord, w0 ould ll by lthb Ul on
Donald Bu'.. in who b 16 that ho had bloodd
manod. of frhain. Donold plnobm 00n x.fd
out on d4ilf bt bu0 Dr. *nd Mn Wi.m. Dr.F
.00d. hbu Into loin0 wo i the Mnl t0b ohorn b0t.
Wha do you think auhlt tho 7(.. 7 ull s Non
otbhr tbon oNkl. lb. 0lnt Oe lor hu. H i wa
hppy boy I0d onJoy0d li0hin. Ia Boynton .o
much. Da0ld I0 0I Sp0rin0ld P0. ad bhob. I
or 0not allhbool Otbo oho n. ClOOlldI P...
wh. I Ulwd or 0 blood aour yo. Dr. nd Mn.
WI;om D07. 0 Ifnm South Ph0l0.
1,7=. tlh Cpt.lln Bill Klw had cU l ih
.cuM. ShnOotk Wp00Md by Inrn PIhunton
u"n In with SBil 0Cuht by Clthy Cbmaoi. l
19. Her fi.h wu 00. 5. Mn. He.ny &. Smith
nh.d I SaiL Clthy k from Slwr Crm. N.Y. *ad
MO. Smith h fom Bay City. Mih.0
Allied U .t ilur wu l goo.d omnee.g o00 [hi
Jkioy ich.*lr . mbr of Ih0 Oilalon.a.
n"cb"0a h0 b0.l00 A0rl0 13 t b0nd pnrti
wlth aho and 0 hnu0 M0 a0y nuny0 mo J'y.
0oy 00.mp8 nh0atod h hi irthday Apllo 17.
Hop you h'd hoppy dy *od n y moo.
Hoad Hood' 0i.l0on wlltUI .hr. a 0
an. Imutd of City t 6.n. It wll be Ch.o S. .nl
with all n0 w nomon I you Ion rdlnl doon tO
highway In May ad1 m Cioa, So i don't lt
,00m0.. You w00UI 0lln00 0.ord buy thrl
M. 0B* D lin l. nLb0U b r ihday
Mhoday Apral l0. 0tr00l1 00.0n.
0onn.l Buhin lk.bntd 0t, b0hday Ap0Jl 10 .
Hop youhedahappyd o odad mo.and 0 .
Mlr.hant met on Wedadly for bnakbi at
Ihe oe FP0hin' Port In ioylto.. Poor howolD f
netchanle. LetU Ht on the hal lad co out to the
M.l m mi"n on April4 2.
I wu0 daddad to Ub. youha BWI Day
oaotimhoo bln hool I0 out. Th. purp.o of 0h0.
-Give .tadudnt thl nperenn of dulin0 w.lh
thepubulln ourteouo.buto.m0. manneIr.
-To hatllr a0quint lb. student with th0
mpolndbilUtyntnuto d to bhiowmpopye..
-To "fu 't, m h"d.u thb good on"klouhlp
-To be ibl to utholtoy 11 nd npoolol-
-The utadnpt afJobo ptponio.
-Now 0r.onloo 0.004.ono,
-Widel4 iludnOtonl.cl0.
--To Mnl tor eCllisulkp lhroulh nokeptr
taod bui00U thalt i0r kLdrmhlp. Ulowktiip.
pooinn. ala nldlpcdeil iclisn.
-To euou.0p |80na ncaounlty 0l00tl In
Th. ncratloB f.,r por. broad will bold Il.
regular ..tln.l in thb CouncU Cha0m0e ol tbe
Boynla Baoch City Hill o Tumday. April .0.
U"'Al Int~ead an Invited ito .tu0d for
dimnudon on lbe .. pnent and future, lor
With o mny hudin loin| up on A.IA Ih.
soon wont be many publur biche bleft.
Coe o0ut and lh t the know how yo i.abou
m 0n 0eadn0 the e0ith 0i0nt.
MAl Sarah Dcbch. NuaI |Supelindent Il
the South 0 t PooI mtbh Cuhnty Hoam
Srlnk wi 0 t spek.r nI te LunCcbo MX tinl
o ll k Boynton Beuch rl ptlmin Club 0 t noon oi
MooodyApril lth at Bu0h' RmNounnt.

Im woYNTON I0WA0II CITY 'tOUN' I.01 will be looking for funds I
move Ihl. building al Ihelr reKular mefllml lonlohl. TLhe hba
properly owa dirni rr-d lo be on Ihe rallh-ur-way for i: il" Av
jome tieinao. An llimatlld 32.000 III pay lthe rol ofmollnl. no
foundation. sure. electrlral. plumbing and olher admnlltratl

City Meets With FEC

For More Improvement

HII.,\ 1i.i 11 Arhle mn a nmellin latl
( i. i nWi wiII h.r a eprl bot Ciona sailcay nlll-
Inom C.ounrilnn John l0b.

Injured Patrolman

Has Volunteer Fund
HUVYTON BEACH Jamr* lw0. Tbh Chill
.mplMhir l n.mnle. n h MIn ounlad.
I l'aImlrnda il n il woul d bl 1 lielld.
Hmk hvo rIarld lund bhu nne would bI flu-
in boolil hin is l1. tha0 04
10n nooebelled inin bnHk h beeni i palati
Ih0n$t1. al .Behbod M7inrld
A tuar o.l Irondbhip Hm1pitl minr April 3,
inowrdheijuirdnlkr. whn he wi nidnlalU y
Hlook. Irigndl hreo von hotw1hhslmnrmknlrm
lunlarly Igb.0d to l.h- by hi" on Ihree-yarnold
hold 82 linm blyr p Iday- "
hokBanwhwomk, The youn(l olr wl l olbe indul.1 not nei0 noeknaoa
dioaliaMhboegbonlribuil- om0pi intlonbheaut ibhe
.d .l.n the 1und bre n .e *rid0nl ooumd dudnl

inI \>Ud in 1.r .t .h An0 tl hnila u nnls up
.I1I I'ilrinI limduilinn Il iliolllnl libnd il oai
t'.lm Ilit ad I I I I I I' .
ntiilyl ndiiiillio" nrt n .* .. IOO "0
onr op. aH d rl nglitrnt nI
I'lt Ilmnmuinrlo i HIPb. Il |illinaE ol" 0ter
tin1 Hlrl a d nlnluil indui l inll he INl u.
.0n1k Bnon. 010 0a. lTh ponidl inl ihe
10.0all.n n1.0 r. o nnl I Ilel y Beah n lr.
M. u Inen il hd11.ldoAlndlbrY, Mloa..
wn.d as I* irl Ku I.l Mary Sanitinn. naiilm*
nnd ( ,null Mly dllualu>nd tl eanlkd lnrthe
SolIth nl nPono llnml deirali0m ,,nd 0r0e
Th0 mn wint. oil firero lbno t00 t 011 Bvln to
I.1nlld4 h1 Hnrmn In. ach l adyp 'tl+.
,, o 0.,,0 rlil 00,. l x Omlod
10nlnIl. 0n l nltinni; B o 1"'"mo i'niNit
Olno. Klbum. IMan "I""."'

Mrs. Hughes Named

To Head Feed Company

--The ardn l1Uitiinn
nolHulho Freend nd in
Conmpny lato Thuinday
*leolnd M0. Jnlnla C.
Hu1h11 In be i1noldeno
rnd Ttn*uor of thtcom-n
sny. ln1. llIothe. bho
hi p0ieip0ld ncilnby
Ilon for a num.rol

lro HuOktl ann.ounr
ed lhal E. P. MaeB"yde
will ronl.n ti Ftvt .a
Emeuil\t Vim'e Pmluden
and will onlinU .s a
director ol tlh cmpuany.

Ewin (. Kilhon, do.
ctnr ino el Ih cm ny,
wn. ek1t.d Se1l40y,. .-
pldi /nI M. -Huhe. at
Ihe enetinl held in Ihe
oinnlo Hyrach eollm ol
Ih0 oimpny.
l". Hu0he uld that
the .u 0 cm and o.
01uld bn Pntinued and
lh Mne lim ledsill be
nllerd l. Hulia (utl-
Mmn Husht. Mid that
Mr. Huhel eould 01u0
no maJo1r hanore in the
ipeal.inn l the c0mpayl.

Heads CofC
1100 B10007 I.1CII
oynlin True AP.,.
.I III. Boylooo Both
Ckonbur .1 Ccomm..
&te. B. cm, ha bon
drneiboll mal .-04
in ab. oonoibe 1101. do10.
.100. Ifn .1 hi 011.1
_,W. ho" poit on II1
[i." Ib. oa-umdil.
.10o t .1in hok

!%,ddy- fr ao d.
lngO nO lb. Pobil Idank
do0 .04 M. H,.. A.
(;I.,. lo11 a-000
Td. alp Idplod By.
I.m.. 00 ooiid by
aili'.n arolloni01
.d.11nd mul Ibponi.
Cono.Onn lila..*.
or .10 I on Iin l .. to"
nal. All cancla "d
lcrionat. iilro. Wor0n
thilXmu. IS -Il dll
10 bold lb. rooond and
orb led. allghi.
4,M. slo
.4b.111 ampllel 0001.
S mira In l. n
.md oyarbl.llIoimat.

ARMCIIAI I ARAVYLE. IPo. ud J1o ie lg mpid raold Ite I1h Eiuro mll.c"atla
Ur old lr .ola ockl. All world. So far oill II .al.en, .1 l.ll. A0 ri..n con
lhe nao I a I trel .I dwab. radil r (itap. th. l roalleed awll .alohel m o

Local Resident Reaches

Cily Mblinr Tom A loAid llondanIn ol1
lKin, nd Amidk, -e .. 2etel,..dtand"kl Entire
d,1,a d 11to o l nh tlionded 0t1 duloh toal
the FEC. olilai toi di. .1ab.I.l Wod. momlnl
cur lh poaibitily o Id- a. glull'r. Rauanl. B ILLit41XF.
ditloliia mmnll.doomn. 0.M o IDMn bWm AFr0rIElR
ihdeno.ilin. olold FEC bought l t w... Ie lack o ld i.nh
ulilding In hb. dn. of np I 0y~lly by Heern. Nnl rn t.uh
imnii *nda l thei lly lthklocalpO llgndow. It imi u. IN aoh
r nquhrin i omni lotr nielkulmlorthlir "hon m "" hlI 01 l 011
Tob.rutlln. lown" bunm- I)M I-n.
The lfirIb wI. ->. n H. n I, la :, u ,
uColnn "l. Kgo ainud. _. m dnn ln d,. ltr r.
day o r. Combs nllid Il.,n I. thn.pil.
alaiu *t 0th ThuBnda y linMal.nd liten In p. .
ellat0 .Tbh FEC I.n. TO Head re.1 ilh ranr.-n din
dllnirnduynloBnyn. nmam cnd L o ln I.c
ton elah nlk. bN Home Nurses ..I...
.ld, Io doh i in -hand bllhbouar h no bl aI nl-,
.por and dioih B.OYNTON BEACH l lh1t1 ndu*io0.
maltol.nlhbr 1 M". Din Conmb ha d.eir0d "lan knin. to
C0n..dl ill 041 t... ba ale.100 tpreside.nll many .U "1M rgdio
1000 l 001440.10 0 th1 yn010 onneah Homn nperltoo.
nrotn lb. n S=% .1= n ld. bnonn o. hig
Conmn m n.nding "I. roel to b. I ln*.d ..dl.ll HAM.
that l City pu,,ha.. an B"Wcd Ih, 'I IS A le dl H."Anetd tle
addliom 00al.Ip0 ft of poru. ridl.TbSpno 1.0 ndr ni
blelbob thl 01 Soenpllnm onomlhnahnbby.
'TM pin l folag the l Club. "ll'o n otl aIn -..
addlltonhlabnaP y Du0riM l. 0 nnu0 l llon. 'I on or0a t. il
ii l otin n lllNd 1 I* Cidi c hm 1 2 n ini Io n00h1
doUlli. Cenrt. M1. Vinnl 11. be.anum IN b o lime n
R..llo. H-red IBey Fly "ma'kled vi" limlt: N."hy
0nd Jol1a P.l4.L lohi O* dle t .nd l0,. 1 AleMl.ul dli. 00n
Cldo JIl dl .dok li a IBoltb t'ld mnr and mr In handy I Ih.
pIodll n in 1eld014 Itn 11 Al Summer00 0 c, m evrnt of etlrn nc*s tou.
modr lthb. bchpmpo. laW ..M Conl'eu d F-olo.hnllh r0nt 1. 1
l lt 0.nWdnoniday. t011 0.1i" preiddnl IhinIn ondo. hlbh domillrhd .
lth wkinkg pln or t rear aIlongl rith h lo l og n ot bl0 homn
anal bn Ib '"n tl"a"Ir and *nk el BoyTon
NMuld h 1T0.000 ow 1. el'*"e .I. .a" eh1. old alnd oma
outlS 13pelrhbaehliol. *01la0'. o ihb poark a J1dern an
R110y .d P4ltk ulad M.4. a .nt0 by th llk ltn hb illntllin. the
WidnodIay that it ma. ..H.NS. tn 101 Bitkh nonbt sum.0 Ilh.m
etlonoly Uln a, 1ip Pa10 'lm Boath Counl hlaoly.
donly o lddr., h HN.S I.l.ndlthbcl 'At N.ld d,.vo .
mllht 0 Iall .ltlu0ca In rt3110 Itentnlly prnont. m Jan rkm0l dt Il t
ugnon it. prin M- d 0o th I lou by to hb lontin.. *Thil
ipubll. b Ih. th Unlitd Fnd .w ll obo wolk tpp. m nlally
00,0le 1.oi 5l 1"ubl .1.001 t a 0.00
nndtha IOwlnkrJ heLh1. kn:1, h "11.l 'olu
10 oldIooe l theol lalUlnoalIhbldial.lti.
0.,-.I ...... GOLF umke lmi..m.onup

Con.1mi n1 *Ttho. .0S
dontmnSrca I, SCORES County Champi
dboolor. t CblaChaob. dO.
010o0, Wodnday tha1t0
ma w, ,a that cTB MContra wmm CGolf ForMr. & eaiMdlnnm t o thll. Thi b k' Wn l n'n. .
=aloa, but ihe ur. t Aurlatm Inns-- Oneoet melle run
00 hlul lb PBulil <..tle A L.nlol n tl. i. 0 l"al ... in Pal..
.h10 .0l0 ban. 111 0 .l.. 11 01 01 .00 Crob s110 "oneola In P.1
c0nn I btolg ooix.t In f .llnry Ciuh t. n A h 0 0 er bIngr
annk.lon.,unl..pubtll. "*1ld h.le lh bobn hll TNedullgd 1nt Clu b
itly n tyo a.i htbld t1 handlap." Th. welnn TinaU iCony ClubMda
on .Cr1 1.. "on ,;. W4"*"* S a-a
silthealtha pmpo- i.Ie AIn ifa ..- -Xl]
t p110 o p in, Ii hr 0 -e l ,uoe 0INhW,. 0
iir A= r. ii nnu6Mr1iMr.Cl
Bicycle Rodeo I...... : 00 p o. P1. 5 W"h
Set In Boynton .. .,. 0 cownill ,111 pl a.
P...6.. .. o" Il n I, o y .000;
well undewy lh th Irl, mIi withI abhlibhted lubhl .
dal0 ol lbh neent rl0t lot, d1" n n n .'. dis a.lnn alii.hd t ne.
ii .y m.ntl 01 1 s ra pl1 .
1.0o0 p.00 0 0 RNAlia .. 0]f1ork.,0 1oo+ll
Porklnr 1t.. in 1100.000n
Taih. 11104i- .a1S Tod.n Pod r
Tb. p byr0 is hein nl bbl'hondy a Ih01
Ppoootond 1 t by ey lelm 0 rh Coun ry TIhi aoni. a lao
I mnltna FIndolye nlk hiiPIke with 1 ch1
Coomoe e. nd 0h1 1. n! '. I h ,If A nlnn piy. I _hlnl hb ol. h,
cMaion D epannmeoat 00401 play 000 11., 010n 1 0i 0 0.
l e I m e nnd S h Ic. 1 ouplor. Ch -mp-nt.
tndomibten ho ny In l(~ob.. A lh So 0 madl ber oonhnd bw
nlal entsuoch I= l,1. C. gl a. r4d m.blhd bIu
Rldnlg. lo Riding. oIn* u hl'rl ll y 1. In ilddlloni 1an t.
Coall ing f bO0in, W, p t ll le 0 t . 0 1h
Thomibg lalom. a cll En n d lln4 I ll mo obinidlo n i. n
It0.11 lOl Po boUt. .0 wl i bo made nt01
gi.tK fi0n1 IN.0 i 1.1 da'"' y onl.p 0110.0 1- .0
.nda Nodal .0a 1t0ws 0n 000 nro.d hy Soli l.nddl olPll *orkw.
tal.0nlducxdbyl0 t lnbHumhoed. pdt for wo.a ond
IoNynto n P lota Apn-- .
snnt w.i1h 1ophB, nib.
bonua .ad laye1latieheo II
.E, blanh. wi' 10 DELRAY COLORSTUDIO
.n0lln Delnantlmi 1. MI 11AYl. rimsgoMllot0
th Civic Center.

World By Radio

"hubl m uldn'l h1 rndd. bhoio lnr lhlll.. "" 0. rodii.n .lmhInk Inlom
ii all bh l eIlnhal.chd 0ld 0 llnI d l. Ihi nlllbV.M a. 10dele.

nh bnim.n. .., n. a Thboulh toalan an Inlnitr. hin 0.0 00
and .MIlld dned in him by thl .e1 e I .1. .lll
0 I auld d Unlaool n .. b l. n uloin Iad i. Il y no Jaoi.
100 lomaield buLo eohnt Lneour.Onld ha tonlaeO -
Igalny. edhellenPilnlen t'i. Unit r".. l ,1. l.. =i i Tr li
d. oulr. n d .Chid InSl al lo r l.d l irl hnlly g.
l.llmod 1i01 1 1"d i 1n 1,B.1; v ia noon dnle hl..l WTld w.
inl. laren o when. .ed 1 0 *A1 ba l a nn ...n"iur"l." ril l Iifl
n il a rem C r1 "A p hg. 1 Cinri ll, alnl FlN. l
in.rp. Tl ..n ... or- h, "marted about IX de IA h """me
.in hi n lahe 11 tit up 4.111.0. niobo"l]r I n.
onul'unredil lM ilib y. o do I m ork AIWnd ll Anmrlanmnmo u-
tsel b. 1 l 01, 1 di fooign con tri.mie in o ili, .n rb.le
r ll.. d lie a "1^ Ihfl dlnl .alu.r .mllntr
nil nin nod .i 1 d.n RA.0 n0.. 00
1 hi S l-- had In oinlig, another mont 0tbl0in Ih0lr hll .l-
Kin.dlll N, od10b, u ltEur ld4 bpera telh."iWoahK"
01 Iho md d kil g thitle.O bl1dnllliiby- N AlhebdSblatn
Lppl*.d Zlana 1 0 amd .u1hmll.TlbhGo n.e n in. rlSlnr..

ioonbmd lb. ml thb nILn 7loally luM to ~"dldis lallyripliud
lr 0 e,0rin"g dini.anrul. = tgi "n nnuIlanmnl...d
ThawrntlloIS nidlal Iwrn l. ndedlo." Nnld ob- "Y Con hr mllinn
dul oa 0u0 Foonhld-Mnd .neld "Po0li. Mnd 0l0 dIIllin nonlh oil quip-
inonl.dlllr. a d*Ii Men0 iun." n0nl inlde. ul Ii yo
NMoli ilid- m l io OW NNld Irlendl don'l ha.n ntlhlnlgd.
oilir whi h hfi Ilet bl Ie 000 tlked t" hinerI In qualtIn titay the haln.
"I inin an 010 thn V ,m.."Y Loan p vn, u wiiin'i hnmdnut nul
ennrd ii nl. It.h I n rl n 0 illhrm ,
did." uiponrinly nll Ihrbmih tll t0 u, nl 1h1
Thi inillal lIlt indwl- ", leUn rgdin.o Sold al"irn a"nd ni I, mn
S., ,nd yu an d ln nop s"un hIdl 0lad.m0y
.. a...1 .. i n., roel lnhlelrodd.hi] o klhtldndtlJunges 1.i
.0. I ...i. airo i1 lli o Ie wnlld.ld," h. O h Aelen, tIo. m -
. ddod. I0n1 lllnlg In Soulnotw
nto1. ' ThA ln I.IAM, Ndrd Adi..., ply lhnlan'n
c di nol Imply Ihn. In F.rl vl'yi,
Allhn.ih p nn r an irlm l .mtrur ndio .p Ind. In an aeler-dlino
l nld il 1 l ha nI. r l e .0 T. hT 1'hl0
Ilwntl i lr m lid el Im Milin a1iMlenu I0 c0
luallv kllld lrenlitm-
a l.1 Ni l in o1rder b lo ars ob
M Mtrs. (r<|.unr ,e I .o no *

dolldong dinne lot Ion T7b5 1o"n'lao.o.ienl mug11eM"
dIn lnm th all htes n .
Hnlmov, only: limlld ,nthpmre in aneulg nI
,n0hatol. bnea on ____________

MI,1 0 eton i1 bnr 1,

anonyled. rad I~. mn
mul a... hurtn
V00.100 I l. alg.Tb
.ony;b1. oil oP InOmo.

OIniod noop-lnayl.
Comnilo .ieboo
10.0 bomInolod blonoa
and Jnoh 11am. 0.0
Rya~l Palo Taobt 01
00000007101.. nd Mary
Cypma Cnok 070n.01
07101. II 11P0 001 ao0
Odd~llonal 1010.m0l00,
ph Connllblino




SAPru a lued-polyd I Il bo, It pood 10
iolle doIn on o 0 chair in 1ie clul
holuo and add up Ih ar e wrid nd.
VIbat LeNtor lime .r the drink ilat n11. w01
almoit ty olf-rol. tilnluenhhnlg bhr?
1010. he's gnTI oIoll wlon W0d0, g0ta. roy orenldo
mml. i lor tiIteo. So ulin noul iponm-
lolnflo or lclnll-cwinmln$n or nnil-rlox
atci4Lrdl widi dte meful ia 1i bof a.
Y0b000nolII'gOf IaS0fl Nu

K-611'-- -

PN lIII I l .D

3.5 ( 3336.3 33f:13333M1 r.A31 5 4111

723132133. I w no02 FOUND53




1111125311R3.3. REALTY INC.
3-CAlb.tlA.. 33.337333.3313


PRICE 33YI.13s

5332b..c I3o.4 cu 1. 1 17 3. Mo..

aud b ..l3



*3 ,. -.3 ,4353 ...m -3 pI. .33p 33

ff!4!f. .3p. 321 r36.433.6.. 33.33"3333


Rod Immfor lRm&.r la



mA oom 15 uu 56.ul 5



ad3335333 3332
53..33 ..4.49331

.3*4411.,4352 3

53G.1.33113-35 -
"13 I,-~3 $15= "3
sill,33. 33.36 A. ~




hiMM kmll|< btotio |F-
(C ito 533.*3a33

Tt1m3333. 36uh 3
13333. 333*3 5333. 4535i71

3333.3314..ims. a131,.

13 1 CEHCT


E..p14332 E53..slo
Sin 803333331- p53.3o..33.bos323.



03,5336 Ap133*lvlsto-d Th33- H-*..



5323.133532 ~ NEXT SIASON

!:II. Vm" 3333 RR W 152335. 223101

33.1413.3*2.03.313113113 A Q7.3.1110.
23.11 mu m sa must.3m me4322

W Am. d- MAR.

532-O a3 32. ft0,11L V- d1611 2~ m~l1
up'3.3 (3MIm35 543 m m 135331

NE333 OR RANTER133 To U*3Va1333
SPA63*23.313.1 a36.3333&K 02
3323 3113313 3 23 V13 2f 33132*4 .h.





~ 3lRENT

I3b 52SO.00p..23

101NOT 2. obl3. 2333
0`13.7233 NOW32

SRm Fm 55fz

hI,,a,,I. AK 1


I r~

TW 24 3. abu

m43 oS p = m6 I" I-
-3 3.213=3335=3

613. 33333206.33.
33a. 33133331313

1.33 EE

04 ED -
flu2-a A.o V-3
C, 33 52 33.m

STOP!4 33-
d 9"
amm5on 33.1

13*6.153*2 I3 --tW
8* 23133235 3333I=33

350 SRI3o..5333.34

BEIa.AL 3332 ma 1

434i M323 3~n 852um
~1RUI 9.3ul 133.Q m

S f 0- pa= 10,

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2_360-13 143
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5=2= *473.6. Am.
3213337 1.31. 2 3313=.
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53133233.113km 3*3334
33333333 333373* 23333.5
*03. 43*333.3* 33532
23333.330- 3.33*3 ma 53

1202.. N.m. 33*33.3.13
1332 4133*3.3.13233~
3333* 1 333333. 312313 3333.
3.35234 13.3 31323332=
33233634533333. *3333.3.
3.4. 323-~33~~..3m.
5154624 3413
2 503-I 23334 3433..
323.432. 333.3..l .333*
3-3-13.13373- 213
13113.513.42=. 3311 a
513.3. *3333332 3.37 3*
22367 ma 0-24 mao
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33114*332.. 33.33 23*4
233* altla
33.1. 3*3333373. 2 3213311
511.. 233.33 332333. 2=1
16.3523335. 3333. .31323 33
333~36m*nfl 3343
333-1323*57*.31. .3333333*

IL .....

.......... 1--

..-. -






Occur 24 nma W

Eoc C^l 0!- WINNERS of lhe recent centert of Delray Beach who station WDBF. which compo
W ni aa kend owling Tournm ar hown re to lkla anded I tournoent wil
SanI.Ianewerea hu ndnandnwif ida. Pestnln h ticket the Delray owln
a re Bca Little
a a lal 0 O m ei

1,B. *o ;1!lar. i lnc 6 l = t8C pm I t

nMi p r inr ainmenn is
L2 Al NOTaCES l e puMi cE Idi -4 f o
,,( :. .

at. Bet ell Wath FaHawa sc

iNJIIU EWI! B'e ait cniS resn "-A

ll.u b ;A. A ie, fl Soh .oin..t. Thipn .aon oeel. Several Pa Ma key, Job

nK erysistrata." A Theats orBOc ln S bewn rehearslngK for *cene will he direct.
a nuy'Sat .ia "Lyna tsta,"byAa d to he held Wedthedny "ThtBh Bd Box" hy hy JOB Ca...s
B .*a t^ti. ? I by Lynn ChBie who e Ihr alre *1 Ihe Bet to rilhl, B+ P. Munier. byAIlnCIark.)
..T m. r: aT ,bly dirwted th: ..... *
l O FC -'U ..... ...,,Lora Plays .Mother In
LBAL Can I. AN i

o aee ry 15thir iin

f H~ dinK the C aI wll be pr ,
bAler ri- a by,

..n he imrtr h. t n o urn
..S : Rogers W ill ;.... 1h. .1. It..
m. b . .. .. 1

'la3 sa Speak At atad b thand;, Cm ..h
3a-m n a. 1eh.r'. ....- '- .3. of W, Pl .. 1

-.!io of Iu b. ih h1 d

sa ar weE oI L.s 1r Ih ft ,"h r.
A da'51Y7 n nd Botnie hak lrd nhnar Playh Sand he r Ie Cn

Lr"" h 1 LInC y ia tetn thelltna t. he Inca telitt.. P te C h rAlanClal

Otntasa rte aithy din et did ed t n nn act
.... L" NARCE l.. Suit i
haI A ad

!k a
" hun b a i ttd :.
,c. na-n- ,d.. "Ta:" Mei"g -'K, .ke Her, She's Mine",, ....
a ah Iron "Th e
a mhex"ihy pren Al a.
",$Mia nn9Mtaa BapiylouuCnninltn n e.n.

.0;. 'nr !" 1 '= rila 21 S.. B..a.... .. "r .. . .. w
T.Zm .a nRogers Will n u: r hw e

'L:n " .... ia ... ... nnl'c''' t'.n ... n ',i Annual Blood DriP,

Otr a .5.In T aB a mba a ar m atl Ud tn .e rd.
a-x, .S. ,:.d..:..,.... .. Set For April 27d

jcEM gnlar ota pylhin lun- ,ndtd up pldv-ng the In-
"Bait A witnliadh tei

a ^",f. aln a h ond.> t CiTe) inmhte .ha a ..a ,,..aipl i-, ;,- "i. 5 r i itiach p onl i h*
lw'x taste" tan r'l snd whI tMl h good wAln
am ~ r a the BWm. t b d u a tht. A
Clab b ilin 1 A k. its tey I Al: ,u
i .t.nm n aa t lam came clu
_MtUna Beatch. Bat. la It in'h tsw
-te a B B taa raioiln "The Cut.

rnatr--n ta t An IC ari za t Cn n-I ttkend A h t.Jw nki.' be I r.>.ail elanma.- dpta i.
ahluu k M r. I fel m an e,.r .- .G , 1.. I T .I...'"
NA 2Sh to 2 ih Sl M- di I
SBat.,aLn haetw wor

nP. lm le a . ..n .. .

95 hr I "tht Annual To i i rii
In I uala Itd A p i
rir ha t lant Set For A rl !
thT aW hp I~ nd u ttch

t.'r "I I Itnrn l r .tea tt in i
rr llt l C a 1.G. u I nd t, t
ud I ket .aad cheI i,.tc ailed a iu Bank.Iw.a
a e f tla. e a -r t y. n th e c a tn t n m

anwill In held titlhe and oniary .h1un att a .... ..
atta ta-e I ta. I~
on A Star tan ha. teAn tl.ny'" bo i a itny h-
Slit tire h th h. & and yaa 1,1 0. t. j a cila h.,









m jt C tr^aGsuv u


lIgN.3lAW L C a I
4:. 18-1847
*-a--Brn-B -.


aI010aI.U11 ae I g3u a** f'a

Jerlll ~m |mm ~EA LY, m I0""


276m4792 A tt BOA tetl,

--rnnamt -
OSs MAME Nmr i .NWd

96 S. 41Sh A"e
uuvn'siun *slhAf'a I:It
^ -Arf- IkM bciftirbw |^^^^^^^^^





ltanva.. ha
L EJucima



ca t t aac

,~__ __


1__1~__ I__ __~~~

. 0 -

Delray After-Easter Sales Days Start To"'

sai, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton si, ie T .

Published Semi.Weekly- Monday and Thursday


U. S. Must Halt Allied

Trading With Commies

Rogers Tells Local

_ _ Rotarians Of Plans

O POLITICIANI 17.. Al 4 0 """n pet0 0
C. Ao~o. C .ps~m~o o olt 0 oool. 0 N- .s.J
Boa... bIb so, oo~s..bfs.. pLhmbyorodCo~o10,.

Driver Program

Awards Tonight
TM o., e o .o 01 No a,.. Moa otto&odost o1 Iodtooh
lb AoIo. ,50 A~l .osl~O~ny to. plo. 12.0 FoIo..1 Pdlpol ood
5. hhe M2. t s. D l drodo. Mo C2II,. b~s. Ckoe od1,-
Hbbhint sod I. Jo_ s M om Mo solo
solo to bomb, Mo Wh. DN.b..
or- _h Cin~.M.- I.Y
Rnontbb olod~otb .0 Cbolar~toOb.UolosodY~oo.15
soos~~~oo1.1 -bl popnalbn loo, 0 m-100.0 Cmst'c_

j. m Bb nl-uu IU Net I do,, olts, of 02. 03.10 Noo
Wbso~nt. 002.mobudly lodd Jooooul04S2.pm0 ~Uiso02 d.
boastdpo 0015 bo boo. ILoo od'boAO~dbstot~b.Pboqot
ft. lob wwowl-c, New Delray Civitan
IonN-L IUIoUlo lb O..Cvia
WC_, h.510,_. Mlol. Directors Announced
obo Cboobsbo stoooo0b, Mbbo
Lost. 0.0.0 Joba. Foodol Sod. Poboo oosg Who boo...
doo. D o hobotlon C.bod ssthood 02 .Lbsro 100. ho,
Sl* o om. Pp d l o.b Cbodl 1.0 ch. D.tttoo..
A Soek Dd., Poq. wll 2b.OlinotlbooiftloubdcLa,Odb V101sNgt~.oo~;O~ol.o
with ... o S SAW. od a0pu Proo8bot 111the
Wbtb 112. I. o osto 04 021 00. PoloS~stoorf Pos t
Alooool -- ob1bo- dod ins-v1 istoom A14, dttbo Ao~~tC oi.PbnsMlo

Chon. .n., Paul O. Rof0t0
lid Tuldly h. lb~l Ie Unltd
Stols io.ld e o b iommlof tfbi
hblt ASI..d lpplnI to Communbl
nltlol aih woh d.
Speakbn o11-nt atmo ot

Delray Merchants'
After-Easter Sales
Days Start Today
Boydtoo Ibee ss nd Boa tat.
T ... of .l. Nm Joa. l
d er.str sbop ^ esl
..Daysbl. totdnytoda
DI to dqotsboo byoowd soq.-
"a. t. aQtbt. ton uhubl* to
r Ihbo do.. t Noi Jsurl.
Oontosl pet n d adtoLh Ie. pad
0knt whlh dsoLosttothrlonloothe

lo01000.d phoe It pI 0b2 0t0m

Set For Tuesday
Tu.od. Apsro 27. lot0, A. M.
tI L l vo= Bwll = id bool
hp le hde *lol, dot. h2.4 to lb.

Blood Bnk Drive
wee" 1. oh

tbe blood. cofloltd by th. Palm
loBchbtood Bank, Il.. Hu,* It
HItchbec I.odtcto,,
Moy tolnpMoplb m w roinI
otuntmt: io I1n0 tboir blood
too. T Bot. Sb Slob PU a0000b0S
2.m rnbleod web0 dnoss .or i.,
Sm UM)d ahbm |aulM< l
>.poo. Conselth* to Kt a n.
ladom ,. 102 dq. Tb. Woms'i
A00bloth of IBtlh d Mdmoiill
Uot lbo to laom nhuolo
doutsd by Rftlb' Boen7 usd
KIl. Wter l. to thon d ho ir.

p Th. dblrmt klon. Conn.a
o ald my blllnd to locus bt.le5.0
.o to Dll1pi 0o Cumro ld sNoth
l Na .. two.
Ro.n told RotulaM lthel
Orb ship ncntly dockLd Il Ju.
aorle .ftn nuodntiB on Nooth
SVt Nhu, sd iooshemon t02n
nlMd to unlbad t02 st Tbr
mr olf l hi. Roi o ld, bil
Samiund lhb U0lt0d 1el. Ib1 Uh
uMl would een ot to the CoCmm
"W ,mt briLn anm on o
UI*U Io boyO lillp l hll bee
to Cubl o North Viat Nlm." |(
Walt PAbd Booth nodnl ul.

.udm. at d Cubs m hub bee
plorinl the OCL floor In tbo Gull
of Mnico ld th Ooullst.m Gr-

Blit sMITH., Mi0, .u- O W *0 w 1
*wdelwo Of OA Play* 11,1 flotk r, MolLor.
Co..o y Cooklr Tohees *a4 *fc sod Tbuoy. rhelh
.l.ltlm MIhWl n (N.Wile dT, p.oto bl Ha.
Er H0rold eu-a. S1ll4 r C..*r e C y.)

Hansen Removed

As Center Head

.al Adtbl City M=HblWr dohly kol of -lWr It woUld"
Tuonu todaetotlstm e.Ro- 1 111 filnd aM Csasltst y Cal0f p l o hbolo N1 I .
stToI orowt 5pqn TIodoy oUb. uod un,.UM h. b a pod
oot in Wun"bIm to bold d- mbo e nphnotot son th* ob 0h. opn.uoi 00d nthu hbd io
l. bu_ IthMtl.poMdotell0 ,he. oflho Oniofl Moltoo ehofo sor tob
*lonnulmlt." Bly Tu-sd.Y, Worthlol .od Dadesy.
A, oupl, Romn oid a 2 o.oM 0n Ha-Mold Hem-o b=d,
Fd0ld Poo A olmoy wato to porf ltboCammotslyCono
nou.o...-iilntl.. l l t hd. tulo. LWV To Discuss
ul pofhaliFllord*mow whkh letterto HmUUMibilhulathe .. +"-A--
2. ton sd "osbo ldt bilts f a w02 tnni.stod M o.0 le2 oo o lb
ito,." h1....ns2. niboo..m LegislationiiAet
R0Ho les0 h0 he.b ol ibt e Ils t MCm. 0 I W thln 2. .4 m A
tl. "Ic, po t. o top. n WBa-. u2a, April Meetings
.oawoIn sonnt notoL "Plo bi up5nr2d 0het he. wobnld 2.b
Id0 can rpat.ul Itoo1 la eb R atla. It2mh ibtothao ob.t
t0." 2mb.hllv. Wonhlto pfonooto ooIa s0 The d h..00lb ol osl
dhol-l ol Has.o pt lh0l hhot 00n01t LP O .O O of Wino
otodbsthboboltslno*ln.obotpthl. w.m 0t0. bu l stand .* 0 w eUso
Quinn lie-elected To Abionb thlhtppiouwtaut pyto I stbot bol e dofs
Civil Service Board 'OMlIcf b h l bothnmhe 2 lomsi. b
fA wC60.H MP(lbnd nMp 1. lippMrtnoamlat, by Mo. C.
AIdltt lt FIfhltl eJpqulwu nt Platoon with two ym W. Vo1b..
wum fe1totd a roily mpoys'TNLtyd
sppp. poobtvo 1i* 0nelt tlodloln d.04. 0, The b. 0.22, Aaond.oot
on~pmtloltb to 02. Cb otob IL. Hin bin .sbl in 10 ftla Tso by Mn. C. L RiOM,
Cod Mod lhs. Voi..Mihtho.o nntilt hoo 3h S0tNthoalN| th M.itl .y1
Soshln with lb. o t02 bo%:d, IltelzLou h I"=li-ndo odmtlu tost. by Mt. Gnog. Whtir a0d
oIbo Ou i *lmphoo' .p0nt.o1ls., h yato_ loir. p aoto2 Mrs C.A. Plum,.
-U1 b2 Rluer d Wi o dty A d to i0 l 1h. p to 4. ldullooiu l poblm.l by Mo.n
rloh'i olfUhn. 0 bu.i.n ud dvoe rumoU W.B. IL br.
Ciy p rBtlio dotd QlOin l04ul 102 too ui 0ft0ti0 al the Th. Boy.loo-Ddh suad Bot
Wornod in st o Sold 01 do .* l m lll b 0 = I ioi-.
W0 o.Ooo idos 0002 2ooid. 'he. s b iboll obdl.. 1 ooWr.,Asoll ,i 7u p.b o t.
tIo mL..02 L hoo d 1 ibold l, p-dfni toltdvobpftol bo, of Mo. J. P. LIthbsa, ml
O1er1 C a obot3 bo 04 o otoh.SBm ss.h2. 0blodby N. B. l St.. Bofa IHoeo tBo
MldBlno wh-to o ippoit tod lltCioo y Muuroo B o o udo RtoaTb. dy u ol ote thel
lour roornbyCl lyCou l Ihnoslyo.Ha uldthhood otlt n wllb 1.2. mm Jotl
,Co 5 02, 0 2 m. aed o Thm, Ap 29 l t 9".0 0 o.s. 0t
Thb. hbord -i't =Tudy 04 to.m 9,700 pro yr4 to -b1ot 7,m000 thl a a Mo ll.H. Baibnr.
lUodMcMuldotln ch2i4blos l & lhooldythbdpolMn.CoMo i 20472 OSo Blvd.. D-.I.,. Bhll
RkludWM d Sd. lar. d o d omll t02 2. 0c1d i poood 02. plo.
Slomr. had mod oinltlooom o ole 0. pSam.

School Mix Ready

A4tm2 ho ehlb pmlonIo Sota.)OM M Et!"r to b .M I ,rlull
100.1 ho10q0 loto leoato 0 11,011 too Ison
ho doso b*f ohl f 3002.0 O.ltfoomrdIst. 4(No
0ot -.bOtU d th Uos Joa polo by H-od4 Cor-
of toeo b. -l1.. boo a Ioer)
tlNeed..i *toti o VIA to tho

Rob.n W. Polta, pllntodnost
so oheoob hoi County,
.Ibood Moloo 01. ob 1 2.0
- Wootl1ul, to ld 1b sWhot
Pob. Bee1h fo dt1.. .nd .plobo

to i.lel hd lllu hrt
"At thb fKm, 4* do oot boo.
hlck ou a pil Inml (> Dt wtal

Lbut he BalLd aod I broo opodl a
enobodoy 10t10 hoo H. W.
.10lt001.ulo, .b "s b oh
ihr' toI p4.'d. Tb l naMo.
pn. lWoo H. I. W. Irsinr, hoo b
ioun4"dovouto" 1010 aplbsoto
with T101 a ol ohf CibiS 1tl2h0 Act la 1.4. "4ml.
..hofPoo 190M.0." TibI f oodbo
Mlldme tlml m.llheeht -

"ho 2." buooo .10 nd U.r..u0
MoHty Lht M n00 lon
Wobbltoo, s O ihmlooM not

pWo oop.dbs 0410 = ptqooi 2.t WC.0 Cx ootol. ho a Was10
qolsbS..p04bl. tbds..oe:t yo oo. :

oinhslnso~moo Foldot.
"Ho oaao ottbI "lotito. ~ a
Iinopl~rpoo2..05Slooint~o "A .. stof 02.1orl~~llooo.

o o 4l 2n 1 to Settle C .. it-
tysd. ;Ao2o ...2 000 b. poaho 01- 0. 1
qU 1hoods o o holdebooed. hom I

2.1Holod 004oo l~oose0o ot.O lb 04 bm 0ok i .d, 01
A.odhootd oo2.01o11 0ho otd otoL"V 0otIp0 o
bootooboUoinWIYbodcpt0t. "ft ho boto boonlo 10sl

.In = !11"', lrU~mo~~b

04. 02.1 00o01 hl 0~~ u hob 1021.~ 0 00 oinfot pool bohll
0Wo021O04oo.1040bot0.b10 04boodb llosooy,.0.
mORI)wNLdoohsoNOCOsbod. odaSo.001oooodob
omo g 1010,~oo1 0 o.b o,1 111.,20o2d 0






oup n'ru!
S-P Open.

oUI cowV

Susan Tuetnmt, an afternoon.
queen on a tlevon tp open.
tppot to horned. onre lh the
world. Hot when she steps Into
the rolet of Pat Mtthew in "An.
other World" (n NBC-TV st.
tiM Mo.dny though Friday.)
i portrayn grl rctoued of
mraternl her boy friM nd
brought to tril for the rimh
eld rndhlgo to her nllne. A grad.
nwte of Cneg-le Tech, she has
appeand on Brodway in "Wfke
Her, She Min," and ot.Btrfoad-
woy, ondt nttnrer toh .

Hometown Spree for Larry Dupree
Macclenny's All American... pop 4

for Leadership,
A Special Report
On New College,
Florida 10

Next Flol d Visita The
Week aIOrlua Bahamas




ame o uors.






' 4

Ar I


... becau she didn ntow wht to do o he visited Firt Muaine nd pt fnselg
Ifor nw home. If yo dont know whllt to do about buying building or rnunmane
talk with ui . We bae the "oe horn" that will ft you nto your dreo home

af a uWMa rr

n Coh. Tom Cl n ot intol of Bar CoyC High. Andfollowlg behind
the quartet of 'fuure AU Amerian."

L.ny Dupo the *"HonUo Allr or (Alomtfl," A...ovn ofaldt mo. ndiioot.olo. d
rode down Maccleny Avoue mnodrtly -wvin to In siht of the town' only twotory hotel, the
friends and strngers who came to Maccleay to owner. I, MStweay, left her comfortable
on in thi special day in the athlete's l rlckinl chair nd smiled down on the youni men
Not until a ouple of yemr .I% bo." Dupom riditl l. the open onvrtibkl.
stmiod up t ntionl mmootim in the foolthb Lroy turned hb head In the dicti on of the
world, did ma-y Flordlans know the small pulp. oedely. h.lf-blid woman standing on the balcony
wood communatyof Maccleny e.ilted."ThtID t" -ad waved. "Hea always bee.n nch a blood boy. A
(on of many nlcdhamt given to Dupee by his fie Chatian boy and they tll m a good player,
fino) chud oll that whie a Unldverty of Flrid to. You jut don't Nero to find thot ombliatioa
grklder. Reaently the North Florida dty dckdld It uyooe," she iuld u the .utomobhil puod by.
oa time to publicly aoehowledip their hom- Three block from M McSweeneyo hotel
pown All-Ameroicn with a day set aide in his Larry wa uhered to the middl. of flat-bed
bhoor. taller truck alopide the football field. HM hi

Cn whe the fgis...

PlgAYM 5445 RititaW0 MI..145

paora aror~ town In

Madmny Turns Out
To Soluht Its Hre,
Uniwity of Floida sdo^ ^ ^ ^
Foothll Grat...
"d"" NASSAU |

_______ny____ '

~1uriba ~Uiilarg ~dJr~uof
Mau HtIin
*o,.otO sIpgta *1 .00

If ~ ~~5 001.10, w5451.eTo l

Ao.. oO 0


qpsed la tall, fIra Aheort

high osh oo sch, Myor C. H. RocthesteStat
Senator Ed taer, Flor. co.h Ru y G.v, sud
others eulolls m.d
Very Httle ws d about Dup-re the athoe
Instud, te lruet spekers spoke of the qoalitie
of tlhe .
Gnv., .t Itht dhluetat to gi e Dupee a so.l-
snhip i 190 bechut of hi. suad of thle .1
year-old. nor," w .ould b io to tkes of the
cUdit for Laurrny grtaeast I an'tL llyoung
fellow u i.s ply bonr ut."
The Porhid coach sad DuprIe fol e out f ll
oely oe thle In bhi for ye ars a football player,
"And that s the day he failed to show up for .
Sundy morning aoe treatiet with or troieh.
He had pram d he would tach Suday School
that day and thie ijuy waited," Gran related.
Tom Covintton, Doupr e fhih school coach at
sU, Conty lgh, fumbled with the mksolpha
when he r caed upon id told the 3000 a- a-
tentdo e, "I do't po In fepeech moklg
I can't do it i wll, hut .I jst a you to khL
l. so p~r d of him I dont lhw what to soy."
Thee wu the usl hbad playln (the tmajlo
ette ln the band -eo put together a aspect um
for "Irry Dupe Day"). gift lOing and so

" Fe renud DOtMp "Oe of th. If.
ats It h otato hea vorpodoald."
Anothbapahuo piocloamed, "Lny opoanot
that *m-t w moat amiA Ia thl Ameofca
* It wu ti for Doplp to ay fmew ..wd A.
bh tho t. h poplb who hak w ad k ovd hiW bht
It w mp otab I hod dhamodd tho otm I bdth.
a.d amr pFro o tho oeelal. Iln lmot ct I*.
loul ram lo iurd
"1W hId m. alrll of thrill and esitemt on
tlh football au but this tbdostt dy o f y
lit. ThvrN alo muy popl I alt thuk.. "
ad thtah poad

olded hi. hul booe. mood up ai d too o bow.
"Mdaudas the samtet plo tpOhL wLold to
It mha lys n how to f ad hm th.
hbotlo m ilt oatwys 5lltl o," Doepo ard hi

epeope boo. .oaedifao and do Iltoy
m gowaood l r Illot. Itallof lUconite.
T1y om y hlad of poopto" he oi pld.Mfly.
Comuelltyopirit ochd Itio wiinold t yea
wha DeOim nofrnd to eariiy Joonoril.,

"ttcityjust autdd ofd Mucfay"
Attr tho spech mking w- omptKd. M.
DOUpM a of her only n, "He'a just the kild of
boy I hopd -d pryed hb wmlMd be. I tlhik It
*show liow vy pmWd of hb I am," who hbutl
Attnmioa w thom triAd to the wbulbhod
dicon, bhfl ud pwk rl b 1w. bhld bhoJ n
-nd hot oll tlat hod b-. popmdsa t.o Oh.
Shy yoaStem pptoWl Dp o forhi uto.
mph od thl *dalt followed dL Eoy b y
*rintg footho-l Ja. thlt dly dlomd Dopoo'i
col*g kpar. ss About l0sll boy. mmol
io th. pmnd.lihor tt .ltnoa l cu.yig a iog
that .d, "htum All Amolca."
It w a day st ald to. a hbMhh pdlit yosoa
man who ho 1woys found tim fto othbe. A
youPim.l whowith hi wiDfet. Do. u.tfodth
porul traody of kolg a b*bh duaht1 r a
ymalaMwhfootba~lpomSlemblp al
peol pohblo. yoa moso who oow dtams
or polit m oo doy tw thyt t.l
TIr pi bali h1 a app ontly pla"ttdI Iy
writhoa n.e of tb fr. SttateaSto 0 T.( Doot
kta of Cola u W Countybha ,pkydDW
an a of otlila ioo the deailoo of tli
Aftond. Lmriy An DA Wll l St.
La whooi w ilM non of tooanlq ith
Cuiaodlaoft Ntioa. football L *


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The Palm Baches BESTcurs no mar...

New, Medmr Cenvalkmcenl Oleale Ce.ler

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Faa Inormctinaa rd Rairn WMiter ('all

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SpdmnTnrmlSauthhItithe tl,N tnh
wad South muat wi fiv of the i tFri
mt atn f b Eat nd Wt.


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a a atp pa qp puoelpr
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2 0 M qin u t . .. RE-ce a I I

OD Mlt .. .... f.lm


tomorrow today!

SYou'll look into tomorrow when you see the newest products under
the Florida sun at the Florida Industries Exposition. From April 27
through 30, at Exposition Park in Orlando, you'll be part of
Florida's proud parade of progress! Be sure you attend... discover
the makers and sellers of Florida products that can add substantial
new business to your company! PLAN NOW TO ATTEND THE

Open daily at 10:00 a.m.
for business visitors only.
From 2:00 p.m. to closing
for the General Public.


Florida's New College
Is Based on Text and
Communication to Produce
a New Student: the Generalist S, ow ou U

qpcrW fnwcludrritfa f (/
115 ocre oflad a aired 6 the .chool
M lss.
N.w Collle.u. a name, trted ln 1379 und is
pa partof the lrita.e of Oxford Univemnlty i .
llnd. The namw, trasplad now to th. Unitd
Stat, d aMFkorld, s.e foth In ems.yo to etb.
.ih a like he~. ie dof hiher lebolng at SoonI.t .
New College Floid l a psliol tblol, Id..a,
tb 'y, And *hoped-for wy of life fore t
dkle rin o ecial uad pmood boirdenlo n o.
Sdsp.ohi .tlo..
And it will seek to fill the need of ltom 's
tedmrl th tnhe deopelt of eelleu --broad
bnkdl ltelblility to thikonod lo.pok ... e.
serchnid cialeoootctlon.
New Collee woo fondd In 1 by lbal Inter.
-IWod t1. United Church of Clolt ICoogre
lonrl and Chrtlin)l as a private ud uilque in.
atitutlio of ighlerleain|.
Tb. chtee cl. oTf 100 beaoo thle stodlieo
campl h the fll of 1984. Tle otudet body mo e
oa ( B state> and three fotln contA
S With emplhM on calible or student one mllht
pt oetlkolrob.. tricHty "tolAn" totppld. eith


'mO4110UeI O tOhV14aF





Wed Mu b

NEW COLLEGE / ea pect to sreenInp and selection, the cream of
NEW COLLEW the high ehoo, 1 oep o
But election wealo bhed on a diverilaed
population within the nquirements of oeadonki
"Wehae nodesire to build an institution to e cellece. Caodu e Dennlt Kesr, htlh school
meet a quantitative situation aurs is based wrenllh champion of low.
on the qualitati. e, leadership approach" But conid erbo Ant Navto and OGitd
Simlio-outjtandlng in ctitmlhlp-elnd geddnld
-G-eorg F. Ioughan titl echolar Paul Kmnneth Haamer, of Ardaoa,
Prnldet, New College chcrn for shonarhip hoeom In autionwde soup
of l21by fornr ahool tea er, Lyndon John.

others Interviewed, point to the wel.roundednem
of the student body in thki lth year. The common
denominator appears to be the deske to learn, to
build tradition for thom to follow. and the native
ability toward penal expeon.
Students at random will defend their chome-
many could henta doneof several top schools
without a question-on the bade. of coutssn offered
and the selftuady methods employed
There are no Seades at New College.
There aee no dividoa of otlo
PRm areadependeato prmonal ability tolurn

Air Wine of mottes in shawas at 011

I pnnlttwlanllln4da mor e r i c m 7eat
nd to pror to the mt evel w ch e alway
peoonaIl ad not collectlme.
F~lhu s coatnoed dmpln the liUht that the
tudent ts r .t propued either by his o
r thm of the teacher. RIepting an eumlantu.
New Cotlete i baued on la-residence program*
minx uad opvrte through the entir yr'wilth
lraduatYbn i~ three yems. The study pan Inctude
thre 12-week seMons of claM kctun, and study
gmoup, and thee four-week peiod of liadepedt
study nd m rchl
Tultion hish nelatively but not so much
vhew of the ndence plnvids and th the ysemr
In the initial els at New Collee about 0 per
ent of the students ae on full or potial ahohIlr
hlp or aistoanc prolraie In fact Ne Collp
has firm policy that tn admitted student will be
died entlran beuorse l Iof l rea
The school i laoated on a part of the RiNglinl
essto.e suounded by the culture of the Rinulln
Museum and the Mol Theater. Its finl houil
Is In the Choule Rintlllg manuon, naow know as
Collleg NHa
SeRaldenm are being built for opening thi
spring. They house 120 itudente In hotel.ilth
mults As the lono.n.el construction otntio U
the Rinlt eldence will become the .shooll I
Them nreo n 1I a f f campus in weUllud
for typlodl lubtmplcl motif.
Much discuols ad meetlap of ndld rill



Miller Electric Appliance Service
IM OM 1111L(le7~ moc

LA2011 13"3c-e.



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vww q;bl";"~=i-.=


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uIs 11wu oIn1 cn

0 1 wbe ukr Vq.m.
* Ptio~t m. Mull of3 Yu
0 W k. on. 11tn. c0. soluet




Ho.olo 20 ~np... opoo.
Sb ~ lb.n Iono~ 101 Coonty.

@1001 ~ho. .ofd mlt oo0f10.I .qoippo.

Voooboa 0.11 typo of .10000. .quwt.n
oA1tt.AO0000 *O*I00001O

QottY .( . tllo ooty oot b0 io
~ NI. O
00 0t oo0.


tob. ~ o. d. Im df .oth Vloohi
Whit. Uh. .tnduat hady I. th. xuao t1.footnt
15.4oo Nd V.1w. t ooo .oo.oly ow.
that ti.. to oludltb hod kW01.
.D. Arool Toyoh.* D1, NO gmrkb0 W. Ao..
Sayovt., D,. Fillub. *L itomfoKd Dr. Arthur Rtom
Ml~d.. J,. Do %!L-t. C. Boo..,'=.Go
Dr. Loot.. dooMm~~. o od~10.
m0 o W-il.. .. U.N. bo ~I.
and1 -" W~ boo.a od1 a
mil.k no.. oo, soow a.h opart in .a
tone i to O. wol otdimstloW ou, oowc~hoalll
ot..ootto. b~to on ~itooI doo..ot....

on. h dooot.. hW0.4. Jutsd I. oboo.41
ond t~rh.D~~elra(r

amotilb ologly, obo0y, pkh~ok

L...otoe. po by .0. hhotr, socilo pyook&

coodoToand buloudl Inhot'd = b o.t by
Now CoilphI.tohlog 0. Ho~dust. Ai bod..-
t104 WWW14 Wh. p00th o Id.Mm
Poddlmat tlooq hoguhman, on th. mocbol od
- oboo.0 tb o gA -boo af n pof t
Lb. d0o" of buildoiat t.b d. ly. pool,
pflra* Hbw.1 arts 1r.9dl~or

ohB-saoo added tbb tb .ooo would nad.

wa11 touted ptot bhis bor0bur4bi0t or ho
iw. odooowuot. W. do. oolit. pod..t. Now.
OoU.@L Wo'o.mboIt...t d. tbud p0.014d.
Wqhpt bullof tW dodiofdlilms. lwthic
t* hbaveb- p-dwitbh 0.00 b htbq.
...4odl boo. sFoWW prnow or.t wbo
.not tOW pwooilw.wo as mo ho. do....n
o.vowrdo ohbm whbicbh h W toh Oh. ..
.d-omod and -ty b. bioyad lb. Iou w
W.a -o aod .oano lb. hami. d o idtotdo
oopootty .4.0401oototw.
N .41 W.. v odIIbt. I lb. pdad o
oh .l.oLd.wld. pwouo who
wiOnlqto -- d...htp..on tootld.

o01abowda..u A pooth- of t h
9ink 10Ito.boob .04th.ort .4
A lbmstoy for lIodooht 0



S O W ode.y, Asil 21. ared.
way'. fmtad "Fuany GCl," Badu
Stl d. brd heo t ntt to te.
v*i otilon lewts l. full hour, CBS
Spoil enttleld, "My N.ame
STb program poomhi to b.
ub w nod orilnd, both In cta
cat and eicutio. Abthouh tony
o tho h oppnnl.p ill be hipt c.
ret up until oirtime, Bhrba nh-
oreled the show include e Mou
for children, fhlo nand-flu -o
quence taped on location tt t Newo
York department itonre d d d on
To amy Brubr' rl1e to star.
S dom seem, ibe an iltant succea
Irom Brookly to the covn of
T(, 'Timeo d L t .lThe itl behind the
co0mri tholeal sty.
Bore oo April 1, 1943, Brbno
aol.ridended roohr mrseilgn tl-
eat a youaptr. She wanted only
to become an actret.
"I dpdu td from high school
with 953 verOge ad medal In
pelbh and movd to M.lnhttooa
bepan tbtnlg dram oloes aed
looULg foe part. Aftr two day
of maoldg the Toends, I ew that
ulonl iagntr we not lateroted
lan elhnwlad and I ruolhd that I
woud pt jlob o y m.
BH.ld I was boke,"
For 5 a w*k and dinmr, Bor.
bra e(nted ao mltmu taot cam.
toot t a mull Nw York duab She
nlked oway thIe Wilel This m-
mediotely lnd Babno to a eniPal
mat 0t the Bon Sodr. well-known

Goaewi h Villae suppere l Two
wee ptun lanto eleven sa te was
held over. Word spread oer tow
sbout thin taletad ao lolpr. Col.
uaonit. etaU ud prodlute Sop-
ped by to e and e thi youni
sirl who told everyone e was not
Sslhaer, bu t"an acHre who ll."
"ln October of 19611 went into
toy lint tal e product. It wm n
off-Bromdway mevue led Another
Evelno with Harry Stoone but It
only loted one evenlini.
But rub'a talent did not go
unnoticed. Neat stop the now*
etinct Blue Antg, showcae for
yoon taito Thete, Broadwoy pg
ducr DAvid Merrick saw ad
sigod her for the rn of Mhi Mi.r
elhtel, the unlotvd rontay In
the Broodway mmkal comedy "I
Ca Gt It For You Wholele.."
Bubn stole the showl Critk.
raoed, hallin Miu Sitrtland am
brilliant cooodienno, and nwnrd-
lng her with the Best Supptling
Actress ewud nl the New York
Critic' Poll.
"Wholotke lasted lnne mots,
tnd when It dlond Bard h w n h*

dieed with off. ffrom nliht luch
tel.on, record comopanlee nd, of
"Them wee o ay wonderful
tq a cotnlg my way, I didn't
owhlto to tke and whee to
start," tell Brn.
Dulrig the summer of that year.
he booled vt the Wot Coat
with strlnI of umah nilht club
eaplemont portkuirly aIt Holly
mood' Cocanut Grov. She abo
plyod Lke Thot, the Riviera in
L Vgm ad the Hollymood Bowl
Bfore beIlnlnlog rehueatb for
Funny Olrl" tBuh. did myeal
onultrl coacrtt in Chicago, La
Aneles .nd SRn Francbco.
Aftor four month. of trehral
and out-of-town enapr menl ,
"Fuey Girl" opened at the Winter
Grude. Theater oun M h 2l.s 4.
lo praib of arbran. iewen and
audience in Boton., Phlladelphi
uad New York wr nothlnl short
of npturo.
"My concept of thobol of Fny
Brin had to be oriinmrl I did not
copy the Ityle or m. herLiu of
the late comedienne, but op
prtcheld the prt o if I wen pot.
trnylg fictlonal rather th.n a
real pronMo."
* And the .ppacth plad oill Bar.
hbra Fanny Brk. won her Imther
Tony nomination, a well as a per
anento BRmdwey home-the Win.
tor Gid when "Funny Gil"
looks to run forever.

Keep up the action and yom keep the vacationer ito ona .lly rmin o ohe Miracle Strip until it'
-that'e the word on Ploridae Miacle Strip, tt h time ffo home
rest mecca eteLdinl along 100 milts of the Pensacol.largest rily on the Mlrade Strip of.
worlds white beaches from PeNmacolo a t to fre a wide-ranlng vacation menu. At Penec ola
Paama City. Beach, jut off U.S. 98. the tourist can plash in
He e the South and Midweet play from Atril to the urf, sun on the sadndu the aoothwate
Sepltmberwhe~ethee'bheohfunotfevoydeecrip of Santa Rosa Sound. Thlee' free flhinl too,
tion and ecualons, too, to the snapper beeuk, from old Pensacola By ridge, converted nto the
emerald golf come and old forte picked with four world. loinget fishing pier and open to the public.
centurieof history. The world's futest canines race at Peuscoll
The visitor to Northwt Florldd he hi wys. Greyhound Park under the stln from My to Sep.
He lo the rte sI nd above ll. the sugr. tUbr. And dine Peacol Il the Cradle of Naval
whit., cottonsoft Mad. Hell drive for hour to get Aviationthe U.S. Navy obliingly furlhe free
to the beach-but leave two day later if behet by daily tours of the Air Station where, asrnom other
boredom So holding the tourist on the Mirnde dlght. in the Naval Aviation Musum. you an ae
Strip hu become oot number oarmer effort of old flying Ochines of yeseryea.
motel owan, boal operator. ueoine retailer. Poenutol s1 long on history. Old Fort Plckem,
That' r why "Fan-Mp the Miracle Strip" Ie a slo near Penocoli Beach offense oce of brick beast.
ean with rerl meaenl,. wrkh, shadowed coridosn nd the dunwe.n cell
Puttieg| competition slde, tih buolnesmn a.e wheBr the wild Apache, Geonomot once wr a held
donwn-riht nelhborly in nudlgn| folks toward all prioner. In town, at old Christ Church (18t ),
the ellhte and treats along this royal ribbon of PFeaucola Hitorical M Nlum tell the costumed
aend and ea. n the ue bath, motel operate story of Penuocol f(rom it foundin in 1~59 to the
clalyimocaeneeeverythinontheStripandever prent. And art lUteally I kept behind bare In
have tome your accommodatliou Pemenconla. The Pensucola Art Museum is located
And aturated with history and pleas tly es. the old city JaH.
hausted by a total spectrum of tn, the smart vi Aftera fill of hisooy,the industrinou victor ca

C~te CWut Wld $ S emachve
edtae ime ScZm,.. Tesveb

n mt 1l~uainmital tollogFF sa.P Psdo um P u Citly, bthe .I t-an d of tefta Mul dcl
Bay Country Club, whm the 18hole co e Strip, b probably the miot rapidly powlnl motel
open dlaly. Oroola Golf Club is o sporly I-lbol as nm in Fork. 1. T11 inter alone, thee
lyoutlabso. i dollar metals hb been completed. On any
Molt st ot from Pomsocol, tl. viatioomy gbiht, with presmet fadUtoi 2MM0,0 people can
stop al Nnao Ste Bth-o t on Sut Rs Iland slop at Panao u City's bdahe, bwhch elood for
-f1nr a so, -a hour of lrt. fishing or a lca 23 mile of motels, club, shops and nrsurants
Nivare'no w ld poak. oloo the lip of the Gul f aMonk.
Fort Waltoa Bach boekons with It. boutiful Baldoltheb.c&boo forurflsdg.amunlW andish
arw obumdopaUo p golf coue ad Its n hotel tw In, t.ime are 0 t P-a. ma City iuh Mlg.le Srip
o' a Tower Beach. Hlr alo, Is the Oulfarium. a amusoments Goofy Golf. Rom Alllona Jungle
glIat d&y.liad filbow.l whlre piupold-t rt to Lshowne-..t-orium, Skyrm., Floilda' larlet
tlnO'a s lniso and whr the v1ldto my s, olor- oltr and a lbet ofl am.ueen puak ride
llthrouog Uck 1.c r l, tlh undlnrater wondr Panamo Country Club coomms i open year mond
of thbe Gulfof MI a to tbh i ltllmg golfer, am d at Dor Pant dam the
Elln Air Povin Ground i something frmobtr faihermtn b h i,0(. rpeoir
elbequ e to He Jlm Doolittle talUnied bwhe be coach his dellos limil.
for his Tokyo nld. In the mit of 810qua.mile The and both to th. est and to the wet of
Ell te Cllin tlolaborsitoyarly w e the l er the Mirc1l Strip lackL tbhe llug-M.te quallly of
odltonof mIy porte ofthe told cmu be u. tet ofI te Mireld Srlp bachb s, lthe lame h
lted. .ot llp lictCne.
CO the "Wold'. luckldlt Ilohi vllog" D.- B11t (l folbU on the Mrack Strip have the ac.
tin cl~hmlors hlpo Ml cl Strip fshb l.l tion. a ftll-.m. nd of it. In a most nelhborly fosh.
voclon village b nearu the OuI filablng grounds bon o tlhe votor who fOel he" 'ally should be
ofr spper. billlhh aod other gllt of the deep. logl- .1st through lth day, ith following duy,
SCbhrter md porty boat Iame every mornl.g or though all the days until he hu teret uu to his
the hot spots. Inlnd haoe. I *

M call MS2j wro


PROGRAM 3.001,0 ismsoroOr

STATIONS AGEo.noooo om." Go-.. 00000
o o Tn.i OC kT.fl NBC) -000000000.000 T Z...0 m.o
Moron .ORiorn oYl GoUOK 10 S 00
0 (1ILi Ces) U OLSO.TI (AK)O *40100 0 5 Tu o
.l1on,) .1lioooi 4,006PINNIMI w. o Po a do.0
P~ r V (.%Kj I EAT-T ("Ki I~l'l~lrh ~ rll~~dl
011w P01. E-h pb. amc
"00000 500 .LOOOO." by mI(Oy~rflhu"00.

PosT-TmehsWEATChunnelop 12 Ne.cuts 400r!401000 00r,,..0 AS
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Sord 9..-, IM0 i oo 7. p.r.. I1 0. 'Oiroolor.(00000. Irr.r
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Sunday SM., .11oon
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:"woo" 41 ,111NME ll P.I. 0-h -.1I I I?1OOYI

Mementos." 11-d-fpoml 645 NIAM WEATHER (39
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Do "(1934).Wrren

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11:40 PM,)


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(Sh D P.M.)

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The Palm BeachesLeading Motorcycle Dealer
821 N. MITAI 1, W.P.JL PNI683-1642




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S*aS'S U

Peoe of
Mind for only
Pennies a Week..
Rent a
Sfe Deposit Box
Your important papers and
valuable items can't be re-
placedl Protect them against
fire, theft and loss where you
KNOW they are safe ... a
you positive assurance-RENT

FLORIDA MNltionael Bank
"".Mm*u & Tries CtapMay

MIKE'S ....S
CENTER ......
2711 FIMESNII LVtL RaW. P. SmrunoMM

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Spur lilrkVta
rates 90054 S 0009



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2:30 saw WMWI a.:IFMANMNM
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alI 0o ait 1 4.30 DM49II
(a0.00a45..Otl l (Sal30p .4(l
Ido. De I% Want, is.1
-tT friday

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t^ Shoppers Mart
USo.M- eimM yn
3J00 NaW T D Ig

a eU llmm*,L Hom-
| 325 UNMKaUfN KODAC 1.31

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Made Fom 194
Negatives 1



Buy A Low-Cost Prefab
Complete Package
Delivered To Your Loa

ndtoro lPopu lul'fedLi

aittcrsitr! of PuIb, peac

Even if you only

own a kiddie pool,

you qualify for our free

HTH Home Pool Care

Booklet. k

It you have a pool, any old hnd
of pool. and you know everything .Idadle poOL 0 MY neighbor's go
iher. i to know about It. then you Tear out thi dd all it to a pool and 1 promise to BlvB him
don't need our Ilnormatve, color- Olln Hypoohlrite ProductS. 745 the booklet. My wlfe's been
lul. up-too-date, fu-o Filth Avo Nw York. N. Y. ISY nuddng me to Bet S pool. so Im
IrOe HTH booklet on home pool I own my own pool. I own a thinking abut It.
But Ityou're not swimmlintlwth NSme
all tIho lat about alae, baterisa,
chlorlntlon, residu.als hardwa Addrea.
tar problems. pH colored wter. y So ip
odors. oboelonl ta .bl City Stat
llation oto..then: ao Olin
CHEUUICAS DMIiaON Ulln "T-i .,.,.n.i>.fc.

Ad~Ikr g 1W 41. S~*y h.d.N J PIS, 1"S

Delray Beach





lIE111 ram
IIRRAV11 0101
P110*11 us1


on illmeters
4 Lrge City Parking
Lots Available
anELaY EmLr
'IF kk

CLEARANCE Entire SHOE Stock of
VAlrgi Ia lI Wmllrl A eilegrS
SIgh.. Ne. N S'l m le iagl b
S- V-VA S- $Soo
Ship 'NSh. a i e .2.
LasdyVanHousn as\ sel truinciA lilun 4-4l-ue .IO s nd.len w
.dJ.,,i. c. eaMn 0oMr S alphes Ip e % lI
"" JOYCEIDrless & COl s. *
AIll Inte.matlol ,n ; Talbol Sweaters K.. THONGS & SANDALS,
5 gnl...n' Ilalherimpots e. 2"
GENERAL I ass7es---) l sa 4lll l.n.~
(men'ors &hWo a e W r-a..
317 L ATLA DtNTICc R AVLl 'du ed! r

the Beachwear Shop

Delray Beach



Men's & Women's Wear-
Drastically Reduced!

AffxMe% '
Ou.winesch l. e Ladies
T -- -- rG I - -- a- -I -
Reduced 12.9 22.90
25%-i41% I8501io_

2000 Yds.

Open Friday Night til 9 P. M.


Comfort is General Electric Air Conditioning
STARTIC AT 4000 .T.3. TO
23,000 T.U. & PCED FROM
'10p $319" I....lm.



* nu-A UIU? .... .....21.14. 15... 3
. II. SU E.......... .
ue-u-143l.491 k.....U.ft.l. 33. 14 6
.u-c.ImuI. Ii..... sue..... 32Y .....3.. 0
g.r- nnjaa.nk .ILK .1119
S Mma .31-SA4f 6 ...... l11 . ......3 19.3
uau4uulUbmm ........ a... 93...
n..u............. ill.. 11n.3
W IIuALIU.. WI .....IMLnC ...........
11LILr ....... 169M.r....~W . S
W&CLULm ............ 1016....... law ....... 1rn
P.l uUJLi EU........ 66. 6 21.66 6
AUNIlULHROU.11- .~ l 1. 14
0*63499KN M
rulu.3HII.... l.1............
3.) flrrKl m rId.WT 4 ....... 131. ..........9. .
p*1MIl~vu,,u~...4.1q.6......~0.610* *
I clumpyeueSSSS0O0SSSSSS00000S6S
323LI I A W76.11

-take along, leisurely look at
the hundreds of items on sale
- for you, your family and
your home to wear, to eat,
to enjoy, to use.

9( $999

Ben Franklir
Tlephmo 276-4604
Opeallr H.FdPARKING U.
Plt, r4 (IE PARKING herb2



MEN- FREEMAN- BOSTONIANS .................. s'-$
Special Select Group of Values ........... $690
Val s o .22 ..................... . 11
RATS-Town &i Counlty-Smaraire ................. 5
ITAUAN SANDALS- Imported for Sale ........ '3

CHILDREN- BUSTER BROWN-.Bken Sizes Only.........

333 L Atm*
a 64510

0 IT
IMAV 1113


aFs *m dI
,-, I-^ d ,I'
w an 14 '14' Lo,- ,6

* -
i S
* 5
* 0




TO BUY I W ar ** ""

FTERm1MESTmER ME iuaLm r....j..._ f'ir -r
25 to M% am GYM DANDY
~"~ ~,~^ma 'mr Im
.d '- f S
1S49 ,. IIO ,S rm

iConfeWni f ANA=L**
Cobblers n*r D uM,. E I. ^ ini-i
Citations Nm rCann IllElM
430 E. ATLANTIC M- *'M* M ma m F
DELRAY BEACH, FLA. surVINc toruir u nOT



Rg. 4.95 Iq. 3.s Wg.2.95
Sole Si l Sale
3" 3" 2 "

So OhlC in 16 Co n
sI-o40xlwdin lO.
.. 4.95 SALtU3.U
Rl.3.93 S&h3 31w10"
._. 21.95 So l' 2 .l"

v.r SAU" 21.I 15"
r:. SAU i6- lr. 13"
hM.-- AL.. I .1"
-- -mkaWmBau





. . . . . . . . . . . _-


th AVE.

4th AVE.

m mm i nm -


Sib. AVE,

4th AVE.


![o Tanks to Buy!

OW NO "U O oAA' Cooker

UtilE AS l~fS MS LWE~t Vh~n. SI~GAS ft4 tw4. ... ,.
-W 144.1 p~l. IIII pchym Wk~l~lO~1 y .- IIU IA p -.%..M
IMOUND141 CYU04EDI win of tool.. .M 6. -.0.64W ..,ghr,


426 EAST 276,5291

l aUUOrnWI H 1.55..... 2,55
S 431 wl 25..,.. ,30 Aluminum

Irs^'y" 89C 99 2.25**
ALUM. sm1*m
P ........'13" ....... c2Z-
SW ........ '17" 5 .7'. m---l i a""

U :i *NOILED ;. : I Iti
Rre,-s-s SnSAL.R" ,- s195 .29i
I - LY-- 24........ TI, A SE
9 ........... TOL En
S, LOTHES 59 .......... . uzaEso.

"" LIM I 1o 6........... *l A1,
PiNE ...T o:::":::": ': 8
EXT. R ;". ....2 3O
W ........ S% 00t s l o iu .. ..

ffd1" %lm '.6 00% 1.
iae -- o, l o" ... oE BARBEI ZE .....





.. .,.. .... ^ April In Delray
Delray Beach News-Journal No...fth......... ,..hApui
Delry BchL. II in unppond to be Sprdia In
AJohn H. P :yNwsopap 0 o .. Abt te e 66u 0 Hall .Ib
----ri- -L-- blw lM b, o IIoiIhoeoT Mlwllt
Program For Progress ,...o..w .
Needl we chl N "r Alban.y Now York. Md .
1. A ui d, quali d n rhgloa conomolon o lo01 c01lM who lM of 44 I d at leow of 31 A0l00l0 Cllty. NJ.
l aOn nd nt th tacMllotla ol quaulift.indlMtoI of wkdah .alUy 'll"he n Elion t he SiritefL
abo. 1 ad1 4 nod 1a. Cuicalo 0ad 44 nd II.
L0.uB0 fItlfoit.llA1to lcA 0..bt0lmmotanlA.,1k0 y. Mllwl Mie 6 I6 1 d 41 Dl0ol. t muld
1 FloA Cn of i.0hi toO oookO. 6o0neonb14tn 61a44 10 a.d Now York City 6d061
0 Letoel of 010h0e P-l0ofle of -..I n.r d .olb,
-iouei M10 Id .i 0 inoln. .1 newi -uL p.r.ll.d 0les s I. Il0 ofIe
= D 4n.1pMro u o. t ent. UIihtl todm o Dlrly IlB to.ns It 6. vre., Ukthe ll
iLpion tEbe y o oOund d altoy.
ak7. At w and ta0le06 th00 o. dal6 0 itpro-i the q"'sly .1
d60'..100000a1.00s.60 ..0 61.0e06'""' "0"" Obi0uaries
b o lwnat wa 0 raand e th i d of ea pn, l oo
Let The People Know ^o s.
Te. b n Cluka mft. r-o
It r dlt.M.d 0lul .wrk h1l InM P 0 ma y be r.d uad Aoprlo.llt o hei ltdr.le....
pol.bbmilNeof. 6pay0'i6 mooy my .Upisamofrnlodohgl. A velet..n1p0 r O loyo
hr .bMoodnadi ml*c lBinmIebo kol I 11 i dt o Mn d hfil od b be.n 7Tlin bel llb-hl d la ofy.
A -. IoL O el r0 1 mf nM.aod 60 1d. lub 01. .l6 iB61
b on u tNld ol thatlly, bal Itn w bm e FllV thppotu lty 0y dlfenll Bt h -1 TlU 11lA.0.irnl adlld fr e-
opl l0OW 0hlbi06l60lr n1v0,.. 7. 1 f b0 10,0...ll.i
fmyo. ori itano MI(o Ldn W. do at olly olwna lel .e 0 d .0oul lR T bE y l. re d-
to. m ratn. Tb MrIvo l edll forapti olllh RtUl i unetl id AdIeIr A U: ulollf ael fohad-.
atil 1ch io.i u a l oIt R h,10 olUot be1 denied 0I1t .1 of Ian 'lAprUilh Delr,.
ohoUn 7y.e0 en thel h and 7 h 1 nll b1 t ol ou..el a nud ohm. w
0nelMdbWan1 atogirolnwyuy i 1UL0L Ik0 1 o heUr o0 It boP1pIoeB NoWJl.M.i b6iIn.0f0lr0603

=ot.'aSd- slalantd A1I s OF hhtIuIniN fra a
T nO d el. l d.o0 Itiowled = ooo0e1,u Rlh0. 0er0b'16. TB. bwidt l.tto o10.o.w0 he0.0 -
an0. tI .f It0 nld to I. 003 1061 .deBl..,. b. l lobdon; o. A i. oo. : d

nnh beln0 .lidly h0dpllanC1 HswIL po Th.orell.dln l
o l int mightbe On e i f, thin tiei. thm a Me m Of Ite' T l e 1. Datel,. onllte
;lbol60ly 6 0.u 6hln06p0l. 3 ind, 0 ,e y T oll dlll. Tb..oorald.r ...
RDt p t Im-h. this tid to A l
W0l.rr th 60 m1 y b. It wo p d 0006300.10unde pl0100 dn 0 be 006 06d6-. 000 .001 0310.

LtvlyEl ech S l CeeiHdnlf-0t p .m = .. d dl rtudh A Teieleaa'moormo illl -
If them w 6 u e 0l y t n60.l0 10 01n. lklino n.l.1010 lh 0.06100
IM .l1-ol !=%-u L e.`0.Y adYe red 2 o that bn Ian l ner i y

At16 0 .bni.0 Clyol0p m.oolo IIo . 1 AByobgd. t r.6 1OPU .
olop-b.po.k.y6 onoYb.o0l. wCan' be Aft., Th. .0 Meeting
LNoe ePerb Ihet ml=bst be w.e .. lt the
6000.Askowh 1000 mor006ay0 AU dol, io0n0 l. .dhL 60610.
Lively Election Seen | invrt f 6l 0 w wdbkS d.bltw A0 ll Mwe ori0Cp1hr d ol t.
It will be arl 0 ntb ounl tk l blll D r It o I l d i P- om T 1i s .L rl361 I. 6 t l e yo.0 .
IMolody i0 po thl t .d0 Illy el66a6uead 1001d1.. f1 T .3 *6 0 It' h E 3. 0t
t..n to tru .1o. Aft Y 01P ., A . to ta lldnU.w. d
AtIe, m1 tht my hoi a be. ns Obituaries
61A3t 10kmloooo lfy olf10el 00 S6 0It 0 l0.u6e.
b1 1. Inlk 3.111i 0 0ph1 t011 M0r.
lldprl.b lthant 0 ybe o.. 0 3h e. M 1. 110.101 .wl 6LS 0 0 l 0 blll.
wb.,.ml,,W be.pAo it The Ubiquitous SHANNON Bthoo 0 P00.d ad
hldl ftfawllwatearclnlltond bat llfnelfh
h1i. miuly eol rm ltlol ofn. Mp00bnn3. 1 a_. 3 0l1o Cco.d1h of Dein
m oy be the ch0 I6036001. of 6lgy. 1 4 D r
mo.y h ~,~~ir. B. 1 b t.p.. o. Beer Can w06 3( 0 hd. T o d .
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Another .111.pootpt1lie Ii 31.r talo dtet 1Oofonld Wetr.Butcf 0 I e CHARLU L PIO
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woe 0fit. iwn.h7 m6 I 16106too.0 to itru tbtented A1 er 0 0 P6 Pn bru l ill be held i.
dn'utheotbhlatb h.lial.dt thl.llht et.1 _ourrr whs beUt rtm Fm nCo.l. DU"o -
to.ol woulddem m m let llr. row'.
3 0 .ul.d1O nal go Wh u b36 .oo f H-. 6 0 0t 6
oo lo.lthe0 Noew01 Cl *oy. --- soo no od

YouthRallySl1tod CALENDAR OF VENT S I I lo 100 1010
Mbm .0 the Youth e h a- VaIVHAW
Div0.16 Pf t 0fl n.. THURsDAy 0.00. M2 II0. WSof P006 3faL
O3ini Ch0ok ib "CIVIC C (NTER -- cht of
0006100 6 .0- U.-- g Adult -100 IO0 1 ,0 .1-1301 children Body. 61w 00.0. B d n
M0003 -11etb05 --ad 100C-- .l 6 m p.f.0.. Cp.. B 1r 1 o 01 o.b 0 ot. .W
6r6.1t e 06n0n y I G0wodC h. hod 010. 60000 o
.0010 1. Ie0 0010i3. 06 201)1

Iclyi~ aca ofdeyO ynO t, ib.PB
66.News-Journal FBIDAY Aao .0 An t Jof DIgO
a mmet mmmenll CIVIC C8NTER-- MK IUICR I -t;Reenn
o. oCuo-bloaurDiropg0m-0 KINGSL0 Y W. 0 eooll .l D
De 'lafayn. on Mi Kino 00 0100, MH.H.0 O

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u U* c RAT16RDAY ";w l -l o Melut n rse
omono umn CIVICCENTER- Atlbe uIC r 0me to 1e0 how ,30
66000 Jdud C o-- 700-01P 0. 1 Kb` g.O M"3 0 .B..
0he6. l0.0 U0--00 00.Steel t230ell fn N. l 10th 0013 Boach.

From The Publisher's Desk
It".0 ... 11 00 le6'1no 0.hick'chat City of poo a..6 1a lt
DelteBath it.=I.,it ;T-- =dnit'=It
Dokodhy blo ofood undo neok If. 60 o 10. .161. 0.
it tf~no low for.a pechaol00.f000 of
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tno "al pna. 1 along poolooof .ll an
lead.,num, U. duclanda
1106. he nor l Wla ll. 1oce-tatfi.loa

III -Ineoer D &ad lbY 1
Saach Manue- Fit, n~mWt~.~h6a~
. p 1 .no of thea poon..
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tiout a ~*r
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610.b OO0I.6~h00001.ud 0L60d 106 10 d~.60060 00 10 .

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thenealp M 1* Of ~an
0. the bOi l-oflohod o hoo o 60.00 60 6.0001 ld Th y
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few adt~to 0 be annl
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the glecornal t=Vf % chr
Myat. 0161.1006.90600M. hrq00066
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=t am poutideate annialitm'okb"
Faiur no t thy .00.0. .01 city .6.0. lbetwok

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I.l~.~l~.Y41111111 VON, -man--ord~a
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03.A.0Ur m~~?d 0F0IrrfoudeO-10oa~..


ne~m I 4 :

Woman's World
Society.. Clubs.. School
Dot Fraser, Editor

Miss Adkins ...........
Is Honored .2
At Shower
Bi.o Mi. K.t1h
SAdId. wu o b.m.d
Smd.M'. gim by Mot.
U. Ado-. Rob.,.

.Nancy Ruth Hall Married b.t Loo o
To Daniel L. Garnsey Jr. .
red toNm M S. E.-
hd .1 F .. L .oddIo
1b. do.=.LH, Mt. I -I& APAIp
~I ffk bUol.d .ct 6dodnt8t
Ms..L~Wsod.0HU.SISM 1- Crhoo(.SOlonpmh
So. B...., 1ds~.Bo~m 1 Sml~dvy .5101 IsolodsoS~
If1. -1 Doo.10 L. Go.- h
., a"6=1 *of Mv. od
Ms. f.f.. LU .dosool.i.0I
5..1 Pmpr Esl thdf.4 s. J.sop
Moodspy. Api 19.0 A.. a' M
Tb. . Ifs. A C d -MI W. A. IpL.,.sokMs W. C.jb 54o1.soJ
F-. AM-%.. C.van I='.CMs.
ho. 1.5. 67 1044
hot hiber, d b r" M_ POIoo Iotd
bio.lsl.~s g.
MX Miss Casey Engaged Yo.nd 0. EIIOLECF
fth -=AL "R L j& h. toa. M 1tl In A. Afti.
A -115 -nd of od hoss... C-41 sA- 14 11.)
.o." :' To Lt. James Peters ;m.kl"o" W thx35- 5M_ 9Ado- U5x.,L A ;oh C.
Mid b.. .0 of Mr. .04 40..A... of (.1. .5.oo*sip, i
tuquo od "'C-W M,. ..d M- .- ofDA & o-k, 1111"o ( -4 t-Clok
do t0 ofl bi t 4tp d Co bfll o.l., fl. 1905 M l sp
~ ..lssho~oi. h s ...ypaboo, 0. n d
lb. 14 5.011.., Ms 11. 1 47 I.. ..04l. toI Oss.b
Isod Jm .1 Woo, pF A.o1-o, to Lt. Wok Udd Ml
P.1. 35.0. oss ho 0 10 s.o I... F01ss., Iho 0.0115 tS s1."'
MU. ANDE NMI DASMUL L 111131i am. Is.. b.os A04Mb I, lM. 0 s. Z,:= I.. PsIss 11,.* I AA-
.01 I. .4d0 ..l .41.0 iso~is 1.1000 C=11 oossds .0 1 I. I.... No~. of lI .. so, 5 M. Wlf
kg515 sooo Ist. 4Nslla .JssosoIp.. y 44 MI.. .l~h s s.~ Ih~ 10041.... u IssIo L(. Join F s hsos.04 01.35..
IU dot.. otosbbyt Uis. smd. nbso II..0 P.04Io15M. s
.os. T~~~sosos .04 40100~Mto Foo~so.ssDolph. Slosbo of Eo~.P a aw r/(iiaC
AROna Raton =IIPlmBr ns opu CL K y ( ~n
ru M~rr Al., b~dtb.1ot.Gt;
TI.- ooI d JOL. M ofJ"' it. pak.of Ho-kh
Coming And Going.. Hel:soBoo B,= sI B, 9...o Ot.u".
II -000111 loloo ss fthsl.P. A sssdosls .1 Sso-s0
41LM NN botiioo.ko 055005, s.7'~ l. 1psoo MIhbho, osols
"oh. "" tl I.. ..1s.d o, I.W. s S 3204 lob wsllo ills oh o, I &o to., l .
foSdty. M- 'A. M N&. a,0 50. 10 ~~.,Soh Alo:lT l. fhoCod. yIoJ.s 7.1
Wb.. :7=11 O...Wo ho ~oOI = 1:s0.d1 Jshosol.b.ssoths0510
MI- Ms 1 pso ks0 01.10 tool Mm.AsoM11 do ohs.. 1 No Iss 04
Dosrd I0a ol .00~. N.. 050 5005004 015 S..ol. Sb. p055. 500.0. eduetloi-b to
dsto.t FooI 0. ssool j.. 0111-. Ms. ASM. IL NSlo. S- -loss.. Fo i-s oo~ s.q,.o. iSos Sls Ass.t m Fary.
arM R Lo~b~r m ~ N.ood ftfu. I t uD Not too olnnt t 1b, Ulilod
d~t~sp.01.soos 0~sro..000 ss5. Thu~r~ b. HhddnS io5,4.5.0.os .1~b.1. sosohos Foil IloCisis. Al., l ci/nmJ ~
1H.MI l hssp v. M. M. -d 1 bSI.o. hi Bo.s. 100.01.1 hf old
AiAl 0.1 andM as.sfhtlolosdN.Y.od. of GSlMfISl.s04 g.s~osI 1VLE HruQE
0smlo wi 0 Mdos Rev. Loeffler Tb. -t4i.,s M It105.sll~s 109 sol
W.BO4. 10J No. Us..pdo. -A dl.04 pmil 1s Hootlb Will Address ""011-fff-h-oo
1.=0 10 Ndop lo, oN . 0 GOP Woren
= a0opsbl. 14-0 0 t HloM1110 1I Th. ft., Pool J 5..f1
MI. mod Isms Loo. 90.4.. hol'ds. 1070 ho' Se"'o"s f- t.5 odds.N..b
III. m MsM Bsod1h' 1. 10 dos Oil...
hsbts Uogs F. ... .nosloo1ososl Woman's Club
P1000. N.yR. 410-so. Ms. *52135NI= loMehetino S.et1
LI.sdMs.Hoyl.soh901.04,.ENTI AC-4 Us. Rfs04 149. UrrOM..D.WI~sos Meeting osot 1 9s.h lh&
of floydos w, s.Wotioo, Ms. Tb. 71001 m
1.s.01.Pn RosS Ur~tn,, M. (so.910 OY110100 C Tb 8op..hs. opi oy
so 110544. -1th sh. M. HI.s oM"' ooty. Iso.. .111. b, bs T* wpok.s0op. m
uaa~b~1U1 ~oL.-M.N o~~.ld. be "Oboon ti- ot a
M 1011.... do Ms.. M fo 11.001 oo III Wo..s0 P50.,1 moiI
ookfu -hooot.0 s Opsilobo. .oslh Rs~oPoDlb.. Qos.-1

D..s1..M..dM.. C- lls s .Isb R.I., tbI 0 subboil. dosof.t, M b
B.o4M.o. M-Lo dnohsdiI L... rbM1,=.I THE UL0ATE TOTAL PERFORMANCE 0AR-FORD G.!
A0 .m s. M 1. og h.
flp .1 0 ~Sis~m"0 ,I 01.1 t. R..... 1.1 isnRd. Thp .10154 01.K10 utn
Xo .booto 10 0 0 S10os m..s
M.0 O thod t S oosoth

soo04,s10 York to b~o..ssl.s.d
or..W.I.Mthta. _tdo

Mr. .04 M. Tithsso hoot.
I.000 ho. s.ra500d so __




Nn~hkmrM, ~toy, Wnn -11-11-dl
No.7.4 ~s~... .051.0. 1.00.* lislnil. G 047 ... sw mos 1d' -0~o
so ~fsolow-30 I 2 044 Moo. Sstlsip. d s l 0 50o0 ooo
=3=rd~f~d M: Dow%-* mnC Lm~o
psoolb.010 ofMfs0001... 14 ft MUSTANG!
.04 5,1 Fn~olo lIlos is.I. 47 5kg 00400srs10ob abss sol.4
!.d =1 ofhulu RdU~doanurr~
9.d0 00 .olsd r., *01.ho300 MUSTANG!
3..pood. o. olsmh 0 01,9 014s.0s.. orid01b-l 0do
0 C*" 1, *IIEM-1(-lbsI*U LIIYI

Spring Is Cherry-Time

SIn South Florida

6 r 5 c<*. aea.

ltey-dlfid ahtru d tb olaublo in
hedI patll in imuy sos iand a ouqut
South Flordla crdot m lak ofl tuasut pp. Alao,
bght d or ilmoist. oa po iela* hpe
black, eonupleuoudy paernio, u llbite
*8-ribbd"d "bi ndam to d lma p oeane d.
HMaev, he a nt lais. Thil b tt i ne.
"'beihl" but SURI.. nwhytbe-ahlhaI
NAM CHEORIFE or PL. ldom foond it sokste.s
TANGAS. oRes asled Boldml tbe thslntio
RIEs." the liopinl Mb- Surintm Chesede mybpi
otite for the Bts. ud o make p pal.
MOfolnoety. Qiees dit.p slhabetr au d nnl
A or Sour Red asrlati. henit Jam d jml. Thy
=of tho lmopfle toe, fote sill. too. TIt pulp
whbh do ut ihrivo ohe. a a good ueom of tlac
The Suriem Cherry it sod ibo contlas
oeown mo timnnttily aunua olI phophoroue
as sttroaclv. higly- sadiron.
omenodd lasraup Mnt of thllo mclp
plant. But, ihbo in the b .los wsn dttlopod by
"kom" comldn iht ln|i-ln Iohll o idotll.
Julky-shebod. iter much
bNuo s daelkilor "bmus" tlon ad a sat widely
uch Mrcbh and April. pubilbedSo. Spios olp
shon tbh uin crop nur Itio "touurse tor iu-
tur. lunnhrnfm.
tNos ha o. cuspat
=hlb'or Omall tIo. hp- sapi pllted OSuolom
p .rmalely 20o but msl' Chonle.
emui blghl. It b nct 1 i dlis ineN. pep
'"fuy" pLant and wll perfnei.yehopped
thrive under vlrely ol I tedlm lomalt. dla-
condilf in itolltr n ad
oahdat.Geilypp+ 1 inre ilalh cIler,
pllohn It by end, whrih fnbely chopped
tosifut In 3 4 Ileotspooaoocr
wkI. Oroth i laildy %t(..poNoanlli
npid ad ill afutt nkm i eap sypetoaise or
o r psmpesnl *nquir folIlhd drelnlp
ed, pins .be pl ctle .t tta..-
obd.sedoh .ropuhliss wfib ch.Ke gently+
aitd. uRosury ful sIp WO e lgt y
od qutUly N Ismpoend Allow to drin about 15
R adqu s at[ nd minute., then dnain ot
toInilber ren ppled duo. mnahoI Juki. Combinh
its the period ol Iret lt chstilasbtoeltiostg
dertbpNtn. The Piltm- dlenU.excptf ytofnu s
Sp tk peLia l well sad o lud dieln. Allow o
moy a InUr e a dmN stond about 5 ltnit. to
00n0, tpwlsf O hbG b oetmbaer oot.. oDsint o
Ct slppod, sonisl hsdoe stplun Juko I p'out.
s dloid. FunblOtNo. Fold it .oea bn or
ltipnctlalyiunets o is d dsnin. Sefro on
db-ts and tIs b N.ecta ari ie. sll hilied.
so both itt. Y1h Rositnp.
hult, titbho out of hend, I.-t eup soewled Flor
o, erhd with otbrt bult ds Chorrnl
it adro Pickthe N oly it op edlet. r.sini.
hen t fl n lUti yIo r 1 up diced appio
buda ikt. the pofitbld 1 peuaplar

I Iablhape bul or

Us tully-ript, hebhly
pthesd Florid ChaiM.
Wdhl, tmo pit srith
narow. iho.p"plowled
knUl. Add anilh ond
dRed pplR. MIl "r
with lour iad .lt ond
add to kuit. Lit t -ioh
pie pin with tpltey. Fll
with felt V misIu. Dot
wilhts aapleiofbutIlr
edie of tea pi cul alnd
cotr wth etrond (oet.
Sll top seut fo.r *ir vnf.
Baki In 4O dSill oten
10 result. Th*,. nduce
hbei to 350 delm snd
contlnu tlo hboe 30 to 40
minutes, od unil felt i
ol sod tnu Ulfhtly
hnd. Colbol bre se
cltI. Yld: O6luvlnt.
Fep plqooul. ofrlul
addition to 'ullt p or
usldi, outlolfuson.
msellmssuntiu folls:
1. Wuh heori gintly
ia Ie watr, diebrdlIe
*ay unripe Irl.
L2 RemoTMe fttnm nd
lieu ond and take st
eedb with nrmr sharp-
pointd knife.
. Ptck Into itritlght
tonthlne snd eoer with
cold ioar syrup mtdo
with I cup ter to 2 cup.
.upr. AlloB epadlo
qpocto topofonttaer.
4. SL. label and quick
tIo t zero d.r-l F.

I ep pilld SrlIam
1 cup Srled FRESH
phtsppha OR
I op tnand sruhed
piBpplo. dralitd
I ..p 9.j.1. .
I tMhael.po SON Juie
I tablespoon Itos
t-tl up. tllll

flakFore & Strike.

1048 East Atlante Ave.

Fsakl Thno II t1) od iLo sor or, Mns. Kenneth Jaeobso

Miss Jacobul son Is Honored.k
Miss Jacobson Is Honored

Mo JiNthlim Jiicol- GO l to the bride-hlat MA E.ett Houihtoa
sn.rhowil ad to n: tlogd soa pih sdnd M. HushMcLend.
DnrHole RloufCsebld. mud rhit rlhd ________
u.f JuM 7. b s ied table e lthr white l
it bridl hr Mge umbyl. Mj J a m
Ofto Fon kln Thomu i tlnas ndl5 l l t.
.1t l a ho r a-e M- Nba.
Ddes. Dhap Be mot MSo SoshribAJI
D.. . s.nd",.. IOOSAFE
Ali lbtinoem.M In e, Mls JyltAlbe.n
BoePeT, sod bhr dugt. MtnAdhur.lloBsRs, Mo. lhm s
Ib....m. Att B,l l.y Robots Fibt.. Mn. h ti SE P
ndSlslThtbs.s Ja't Bsco., M. N.I s tuolos.l it
Nm Blood J.. hn. liuau u ot-lr
A pintk d t hi.R ChenbTothb. Mis. S.
smtllrltohtsaeone. .1 saoblo, Msn Oul.l Is.Tlsi ., tniS so
nttdotod botui l tol MMu .slIn So., M. eos.3 o; .?B it.
ns suoui aasod u, lyde Rnho Mlsit itttMd
o.s ..tlos. .o.... tb.s Full. Mn. Rplb P* C'
bld punch sods pSlo sn
NhlatsiaI-deon-dsth Also- M N. M 'A a
Soddi. sod . MIN. MsJ.JiBts,
de.. Ms B. Mose F.ibt,
Ms De..l NO.,; M- J. LOVE'S NIE1
Couthlk. M dlRob-
Wllh ehrrigently; eC.Rotd.M Mtisenos sW5IhYlICi

W ms iw th t, t eo, M. Fa IN
aseolsu. pslita M n
d. p- Oinn llft.Coo- Kurle.Mnu Cori h- BaitI.AIR ON
Poblorslt sbrninsgo-._ .so Mo M. M. DWl.ttf.
dllitut i LA lRE sute-

oCo b bt t dil se
Fo, hot hotastrite
itho pCflo.r aldn: |

ltr ibov mlalu m.
looUrki M.p. ddlr ul wit

Gladioli Court Marks Easter
In onebiso o(t ik a shindabhd lor Thnn
Et u. mnistun dy ed lekti o ol. l
EsrstbaeuhswsitVo o for Friday. Thb S
( auhmb sod ustsU of io Wi bte ochldd
OladloU Cr 14. od, O sfa dsl s:bh the belt sal
oi the Auntb, t latt et of. Ma JSa adl
olins lat wsik I t as of Oedl Iad Iod na
Muooit T epb. Delty aotuna, sud Chlad u011
OLs W oi Mul l- M d I
M. Moll PF lnd pitr.
Mn. LUs RhodmI we.
-mhd tat badehr BPW District 10
Aoll 1, .". MPa Meettng Schedulec
s"lit ho.m MeBSh

Me. iRfmtn Baoth .111 snd petsloss Woo,
g3Ehu~maI~otr "0 Dto"
ttand ts I7thb o ssw % t KmhesasW
Gtsd CaosL S luns. dsCAlriatsh eSo
uTh e 1Ap'shtst Sit- tssuLilstslgS ,0euu
lia'sot sit i Cis- Bvd.PaelmBfch,
s ts.Clsotin head. Hoi rlob Sb"
Fomtl opjeu ol tha do sy sit s smB. sn
Sat wm b. W-dse h lhbe iO s1 t Il
d. Apirl."W= Hhead- oall be.9 It
=ldI I .91b1= 1l-k 1



0 oose Flowers

a Potted plants
S Hanging askets
37 W. AIlid As.

|IVn 276-4792

Cadillac offers the only steering wheel

in the industry that both tilts and telescopes

for your individual comfort.

And this is only one of many important

and exclusive engineering features you can

expect to discover in the Standard of the World.

Vhen you drive Cadilla, you .a m to enjoy .n well u foola.peoled parkinl brah tlha on functio
enterdl niymsin l eglneaeling lhedethlp. Cidll.c a s m tnue p. brae shed th.e uod adilse.ou
prtlonIe., or example, ih uanoth ad qulat hft a ulhoad Cadillc dMal r l th oe m n to whom m
whisper Ct e hbod at highway rllmilt Comlo Conltrl, hold lunm Iolr habmoe as nor ued .Cadilla el
suwlylthelrmetldvnced air ndillonlnhetnll system Invlle you to discover the many o seos.A Cdill.s
It any romtbile, wnur yon r personal eed. wl1 h the resrdlNl of model or, i h hay s.ep rdd ol the
simpleleatinl of diatlA,,team pld Stndo dflthe Wid. Accept t nhhtnaeln to dd e
Independently operated power bai [on and f s Cadill r l your chicl It fr edlslat onven

Standarido ellorld (lfl


455 N.E. Sixth Annue Delroy Buch


Mray nkch, FlrMil

IThe Church Week

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o~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~= loo.. miha Brdg -i0~5l0001~0 4oo000o~~1a000010do0
SRy reeZes Chatter Delray Bridge 8g.' 100101.n 00050
Club Names '10ommdolooso -. n11 t imo c
b3 Charlotte Knott. Game Winners 01V0L00.Sd ...*l o 1
AMWko wl .] 1 Ibw M. a1 Moo.. T01 Ro, m f Tw ao .0 w0p o od n .0 C10,oovofrchrkl a.-.mog"Inwo.00
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"Ma"' 11--d "'Marl Alumnae SetAl I*W~rn ~ L.IIL

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59 2151 b. Mv Immiewhmiml I-t bt MI. L .-Mrs. Earl Lau a
.1010. b.b Instalatin Bo M01 to 80.0
soo_ = 18000o.t- hwo Will S1pea A
Emm, Dd". 1 m 10 1.P. 0010110 will~ j, Garden Club
0;od." Bob,'O.,HI .1mmolqgodml
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11.00 0110 M.."A so. 5 .0011. Adventist Program 00.o. 8O&004.
Ho0 c = = =W Rny Leagoe Slatedsturday .% 1.0 1 1 b. 014 l Io. th. 11
0W1 a .1t YcLooM 1400.011 VIo..~ jdbl rlal d~n oIob'.bZ~oM10b Y..4Ila~

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or B = y of ttw R Amt Ahm owd $
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a.C oot- M oad 1 0 0 os. ."01 100 .b o 80 1 bdom bomhohmimlow"
5.Ip10Jo~oolol.4 010 ho wl1..Alnt0 h o 1 bmo2 Tlba DRINKS MILK.
8o.20 o1 0asb olhh.000.100 0.005...01ap, 0,.o .I a
Mm1110 o. C. B. a 081. am 10 03.0 mll a. =a' b.oyot
U14.01ma mft h.aCto t. moo d b-ho 0Wol-=-" HOW ABOUT YOU?
N1- ho g.08 o1010oso ta... smob p0.1m P~ = .ml ad t10h An0 lb. 6:30'pm. Oopoo ad1
wnhawah.88bio. boo

~~Lrr~l~~iynd~uieuH(plosoplal Erls

3300oS. hs- od,

44 U1entans Stmret P.O. ox 1537 A e
Welimnes ter publc t F sesson (19815)

ULOTHES LINE ART SNOW Kintdergarten through Grade Six
7AND Aoo.oo
OPEN ANass bbHo0A=

7TH0 hv A. A. aAWSON .k1l.. d.wotl
"*Uh80 7hu fl." 018. .ooh oO 0l PInm
B.pil Church oBo.at48e0 Bah.

Art, Music Worship
At Boynton Church
Flt.Boo~hOChoobf nil1 J. A Alllo Bok..
Boynto .ch ib. p_ Geor M.ONnll J. .nd
Con h-bl L -ave
*ontroeth .t1 and mui F Wllud Tlhrh Ino
In -onlp I w1okh. 1, "Tloih Yor Sln* Bi A.
R=d. Aby. o wfl 6w Sc1 r 1 t"
Ambd wch.l-nhe I de- Theb Sl. Vtan hP-
potin h 1 o kinu puod. C tahld 8itl
mBtibdo mia. do tbe 2daw the pktum dna moh

tlan. T he I ea dllv
A l mk too d.. lu th.ulih Mh w.tlbol *U
iluded "JOu.. SrLo auy 10.. lt. opportunity
Pi lot. M.' prntao.l to.ib. thro.

I b.tbl .nd h.. d.o *ffcl ofnd Uhl -ud
t llh in to HII n; "L0 lllhl u hM ollml
The ]Levee I,1h*t B. .0t.c1lh e1 il moak. lb.,m
Buhrntn." 0 0H of lbe 1oM0001.
upon tlb. ock. ad "Tir.
Old Ruggd Co." A- Cooielleo Leave
Rno. Da... e.the.w For Slate Meeling
Mo. D..o p F1 lb
h010 atbi. h thle. iy phlmUo 0 Ct Cb
fto whih lb. phku I. 1 wlmUIlmUnd 1Ml OhMd
tiled. Cnwt1d iwlheLd
=lyMfaynnlnGeor. .l1 heA bMcAUImte Hoto 1.i
MaNeto Jr. n "God MImi
My F.the*" m.ntapo- Repontai t1h lo. a
ra wok ol Jo Pti. club wl be M. BG
-. Mo. Thuh uno Knf.., Mn. Ed.rd
"Fo AU My Sin" o M -lolak, M. H.yood
Moodsy, Tory 0Shltm Hoolfr. Mn. En
ni "Why Shuld H DOooley *nd Mn. Cbh
Lov M. So.T" Tu- Holtf. .Thely '1U l.
dya.d.aomn'iquattttte lo lhe *tae mtallD t" -
ormpoed ol Clyde Wo.r- nom0.

D.I.y 11-1 1
First Baptist Church
0.o.00tluot0l.00hL 00.1

Grace Baptist Church


Delray Church of Christ

Clurch OrTh.e Palm-Canlreoalionl

First Presbyterian Church

Unity Of Delray Beach

St. Joseph's Episcopal Church

Church Of The Nazarene
=m1. .0 ULI0 1.t000.0

Suidy ty 2 pmpm "1*dP;llAPO3.3'113.0O27 "

StIth geoie r idem Ch hn due aItf class enrollment is filled, names will be accepted on a
DO *lmPor Ce t waiting list spnfai
S ite enrtiatnoeo stanaderda
eall m W l tou in newp fee His i ped .l mi
rings Photne. 276137forbaUWe Phone 732-2045



Each Sprino, inv.rn.
gl..lo rd h.k. .04
=okd Wito
mdg, 0 00 It.10o
.8.nibd"W o ."
Olon.' o, Okuoooanom
"k-Ieo but SUR1.
TANGAS. *00" "I'd

An. .o S., Ro d re.,M
I0000 loonooolJuo.
11. S n.H0. Charm he
aoon. ma Oorinjolly an
on t00m .O rn k rakI y
p10 070. 1Om t

7000 d&lklmu "ko.&o
.0h Marck h04 1pol.
.070. 070.m no~n oeoo 0
TIn. en, 4. Ckoooy
loib.,na 0 log. ooopo
poolonuloly 2500.00.00.
00- hdlkht. I he 0t .
ooy" 00d.0 .04a 0ll0
,undillun.. In oit .00
00.7004. Oorn~mly. pop
Lofoon.Ooo 10 0 4
; week Ommtbh In TkI
akd od littlek 1. lntka,

ond 040li00 on Imp-ed
00r 0000000 000 oo qdo.

0107004. o.o Posted
g. taken funning wall and
amy I.ram an7. A.,
nan dH-.'a~a`.hn5-.'
0olippod Ooooool kodos

ENED. looid. Cl.oo
frui0. tire0 000 .1 heod.
n. ..d wt.1b., 000i0fe
in, 0.1., Pick t.on arly
'hem they fail lato y000
h0.04 like 070 jrumm Il

d".i plam". Olel0nb.,
b Ii.0il. n b ml- i
fir *nd a cnqunt
lacke 0o1f e oppL Alo.

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tld. round in omirktt.
B1jda. thb thin-0l7m0 d
0i00t bru'm vry eully.
Surin.d.. Cberre maybo
U.d to m.. p... pod-
deep.,iborborin fnd deio-
SntlJuno adJellkn Tby
See0 w000. to. T10 pulp
ind *so ontli hin
andi rn.
MMt oe (hb rekrdp
below gm dreloped by
!nll.m ocd lrunldu.
r muc.h p7riBsmenta-
lion I.d on ot wodbly
published. So. pteu c0lp
thoe "-ttoam" 0i lu-
ture Imtel.
2 up. pFilled 8arin..
I ediu stee ptpa
1 medium lomla. di. -
I ples aj. ,,ar
V lepJoa It ml
004 oap noyooioloi or
.Ilnddr anl ,
Wooh cb.rriM.. raly.
Allw to dnain about 15
roinut. then dnin oRl
diningg J.0.n. Combith
dioesel.Msnpl myomule
ol ue drminE. AUo 0 io
lUKd bout & mineal to
nmbimn fvuon Dninaols
NrpluI Jokein II p0ntl.
Fold in muyonulk or
uid dmdnr. Ser0 on

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r cp *edl in.
Scuapdied apple
I cap lrsr

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P0.l. for m-enp.lpe
UM fhly-rip. Irafly.
Spl0eud Forida 0 t. ChT.
mm, ."mov pil wSth
kbil. Add nilnm aml
dl40d oppfr. 3010 .0l0r
with our *nd alt ind
add to f0il. Line 19-inch
pi* Ip. with pstry. Fill
Jib f.1it ilium. Dot
with ulkpooeofol butler
*4.r hr ft pleuf, o nd
cowr with MEnd cnut.

10 minute. Thn, reduc
hat to 350 delpm *od
tnnue to bok. 30 t0o 40
minute or until fruit 0
.il ed c-ue lightly
bmn.d. Cool beg0, nai-
Foe piquant., anlful
addition to fruit p* om
uLide oUl-la -n,
frem0Sur0lna0 Chcrrlin
nItl iaountl i Iollol:
1. wuh cbrriN gently
in Ie w0,er, doeoodins
any undp. luil.
2. Remove b7l0om and
0t0n .nd4 ond lIke out
*eds wilb nrror. lharp-
polnted knif,.
3. Pick Into .ir-tigh
contll.en and cov.r with
cold npI yrup made
with 1 cp wt.r t0 2 tpo
U|*(. Allow .pondon
.p000 taopof.0nt0inf.e
4. Sul+ l bel and quick
0 .a Bl0o drent0F.

I anp filled Surlan.
1 op 0rld .4 FRESH
pappl OR
1 np .n.ods uruhed
u tahnpo limeJ.l
I lhl.ponm leo..o
l-Ho up uer

Mark, Fore & Strike,


1048 East Atlatle Ave.

F-1n.II Thb ni l (aft) ud sor fi Ke4,. X..nn..h J.iook
(ihsl). (NewnJosol p Ioso by B Hi o MoIk)

Miss Jacobson Is Honored

Mr* JeophiaL Jamb- Oi f0lor the bride-elect M.. Ernirat Houibton
n. whbo Ull bo end to wn ;omnond a pink aod Mh. Huh MoILod.
DOanH"oelC.mbrdd. and bhi, clo.Icoed __
MM.un. 27J if. % bud Wrbeathe white Inca
.I 7 brid04l .h70,. Moo. u. .l.b.V1.
day 00,000.. gio by
M70. Fotli .Iou-. Oan l.hltodlltb-"
Ill00t b 0ro0 on0 Be fl0rlnehldndtbebom0'. Talet Bi
Dri.. D.lomy B.lh. 0,th00007000.00 107 SAFo
boon-. Wd br hoe SAFE
Albhnloh.thoouo n J b h oMlJoM Alb...
Be Poller., nd ler d.ulh- SLEEP
ton, th Mine. B ... Roblrt F.l-. Mn 4ruldiace-el
andSenhTe Jamm Boen, M.M Nor- + o lawme
Sun Blod J.. Mhr.
A pink and whit. cowo Chur04,Toth, M.S.oue. tSUe00 modZ n .
montiflb(lhayoo. onw. eaI S.ob0, 7M. O.G0. 0.0I0. Toih.L d.ol0d
L.ried0utlnbouqu0lnol MeMuoain S0.,.. o, M -.. la mk i.a
00000.04 .... 0nd04 ,n Clyd 0t.R4,.0 t. ob.ert 'on'in
amnent ofel aond Mooy, M0.y BMyIr M. 0

Mwhip.ed7bt.dwhh Ayo 70k Mrs. NaR Ma. -
n.y n ddinll, b10 .d M0n.Mr10, MJoho. a.ol.
Mn E. Mo..N. Mrbs..
Moo. Mo. 0.n0I N.II. M. LOVE'S iiS
B. Hulchllon. Mbo. Rob-
,ti4 o r gesloo L. 4 nut Read. M m 0 G. mll AO 4
1rmIehn. ,, llwt S. Mn Frank
0h00p.-0d0l. C.. MKu o. CM"l. uld RL7. KOCAATON
bintorialnihnlnl or. iM i.7 M. D'Wltt.
die0is in LAROE uu-
pn. Cook over m0dli0
until umiul
thlckien l. ri col o .
N.0ntly. Thib .0iU taik
boukl 30 tahnule.
Pour i.,o 0 ot. Itnrilhdo
gla.oeo prelnlebly wthn
H.ll..0o Udl. .070.
lino pernli. Yo*ld: 4
NOTE: Do NOT d4ab0.
th. b.0. Me Iddla
U00init. Maboked 64101n


* Loos Flowers
* Plants
* Patted Plants
* Hanging Baskets
* Arrangements

37 W. AllIk Av.
Plhn 276.4792

Cadillac offers the only steering wheel

in the industry that both tilts and telescopes

for your individual comfort.

And this is only one of many important

and exclusive engineering features you can

expect to discover in the Standard of the World.

When yon ddrie Cadllt., you.. e ul lto oy an well an foou o.pmtd parking bkoe thlt Cn function
totaotdnmy numagin of engineering eedenhlh. C Cdilp c .s u tre 1eme.ncy bake holdd the need aW0. Yoar
peforlncer. In carmple, I n, ooh and quiet that .a tlhorized Cdillog dnler Ih th on mn to whom 0yo
whhipr cn be head nl hihw.y limh Comfor Control. hold urn for adv bou ne7 o u isd Cedillak lie
surly thonst.dt ad-nd system invt you lo disov n te iubny onu, why Cedillac
In any -utomobile, cn70r your personal nted wth the tsar.dlo of model 00 year., is alTny rtgnp d u the
lmple taing ol a diL A triple bkings sym provide Sundaod of theWo l\d. Apt his inatlto ddv the
Indyrpndely opeated power bak fron. t and rr C.dill car ol yur choIt our earllt .onle

S__.ndoanfolfieM_ rld '3%


435 N.E. Slaxth DelIry Boeach

Gladioli Court Marks Easter
I. o=.nonnoo I0. ookdod hn 1wni,
E..ooro00o0. o doono d .04 .00000.16
Reaooo0bh.. arim time o "". 2! so.
u, .oenn.0o..W Inne.00 .lo= .11 b0 eoo.
oadul C 40Ca 14.' Or"' Saturday an0.
1o a. teAnuma, .91 llmoOr.1loL..jk..Snt
oo.olrgWecal, lo.' ol0000ans nd r.1
Mai.0,1 Tarap00. Dokoy . C"I"d 0SIR
Brach. .1 anoo mapod mind
Mrs.. M401 Per, c par e
Mm. [,91. Hob d eh.
maked thei birrhadk BPW Distirict 10
April 1,' o.1 ment Met ing SChedUed
MoE. P. M1 00 34 0
Me. M21l..", I0 .0 ol...
M0o4a. H 7k 00.1 .111
ettad th 17t mull :% Irlealuad ant
t~d ICl la eill retat 9-8

"116"alnee"Clan fild.. Pant Be &
.00.0. Coanu~llo ku d Hohand- 4.0
~oo.111. be a. Jack Law.o w
Roslolo.Oloo. .000 moO I
Wodo... r il .11 Her der0an"
. Apol -H.. ..1-endb
.0k a. N 0Sam. = I_




Dhray much, Fleri*

The Church Week ..

rM=T~104 30p43.4 C444441&IN-f M

Briny Breezes Chatter Delray Bridge
b~ harott Kina Club Names
CGame Winners
I .4,kaafl wpJ .Ta 1- T b" " Pil `al W 44444.
-1-I ... = jnlalchl 34. d.44 t4O b alc0.

had4 W.. 4all. 4.4 at W
M_ 1444444 Ma440 Swill4 U.. M44T4O 4g.m4 H. L d aa a1

Mr. a M., 44.44m vat0 IM" -a. M.d G.. As 0444.4444
aag a" eell. blaal uf (ka'd

33'h.. in 44444440 40.3.- L ob.- W44 W4.. 1 J.4.4 W 40444W4.

I44.W4...4.34. CAPtlabo N bed bb4444444.
It4 44444 by44 34 IF 4 a 1 Junior College

bt G M",. j Delta Zeta Commencement
lieW44b4444 t' 4 "~ pe =a 44444 Alumnae Set Set April 27
.44..31124 44T~ 0.*0ahoo,1ak Installation 3,4..L14.

44 0 0 4b 0
-fthlb.. Mry = oallu, tat &.
W. nala Raw .k PbQG-,*TAW 20mg--Roblat
nA r~na S" talitillo. r ruu .Enl

Paul ma pd. 343.4 444.044 4
dI alPaa P o..

mvwwmm. ;.ll -ad At
M_ bd- in. at th. jityt...s ,,,,,,
5~b~C~,~,Y~-atian- '.it 2h=~~~
2= 14= ddbtf-I -0- .1 both h_ 1. -in b. 27tbA
IF .= = aRm. "to a vwwH~yatMBW1L
M= :5 Q N. 24=. ~~ud l
r cu ft =:-. -=,r.ud lr

6014tila, Ild 0 alar = ok
1. da Ha0 ld Yhd~na *nt lb- "' a P-6 NW w 0;:=WW
Nal ma 44'. 144444 debaM alk. 4 41.44. =;= by44 a
,4. (3444.44.g0m 4444lpo444PI.44.4 iomo.3j0433
10.444 '.YD. p~ t4. a X j 33 444 U 4o4 14 40. 4
.14 ma( 4m3 mat. 4 4 44444 ma.u j. ot
44444. No., p~ol... ;1.4o. 4 Fmbnb 104..4.0 14... 44. 434.4..
4444 4440~ dq 444 p4.0..~a v 44 p4.1444134.3440.. 444040443444
ml ...44..m, P04 .4'. 444444444 r~ ..44 .3.p.44o 4444444 4444
114 4 44o,~ 4403 ma t044 U o.4 -* 14... wo n. 34..434 mr d 441.13 P044.44
404 14 4444'. 0444 4.44-444A q4444444 44.Jo.. 444444C 1o444
444440 Jo.. 4444. I 4444'43 44.4434 .44. o .34 '444 4444
.3o.14444'. u 144 4c0n 4..403 ~ mr441 a44.4'RO44W
43.44'.4 ima. l ~ ~ 44444.4..T444 3... 3..a44...4.g 444 m4443044444
ma ml 44444 ...I 44N 3.4144 1404~4P'o43344404
14444444411.44W 1onpr. 44 9p4.lYu cb44m.4..3e m. 331.4*t3.rlB.
44. 4,44. i n4 14.4 ~ I '. 4444r4 44 004413.4444
4.44,ma~b ~ 14.,yLI 4.4444-. io 4440444444
-~n -y 4444.34 m 440 4.43p3 .4.A4330 444

'.. 4.*b~o~r a..'., l n~~D *.. o~ar 44l.'.' m

044444 I'.~ b -tY~~r 0440 C4433... 11
.4 g~ r Brn Arteaue SledSaurd~ay
w.ljon. -444 144404 J44I 13.4.. 4344ll Set Weekendl Showud UhB R(
~ iI~"4'.-~~n 10.54. Pm... 1.4 Dr4444C. King3.
144.maW No5344..' (r~L..om4.d0 .g440 34.4
1Ut ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 4344. 44~h~ ~ 4ui ddrq i 444-oon nn
44o45~4. o.4444.044440.144 S'.o4444W. 443
U..rru 0440.444 44444 wLd. 44.4.4. f~m ..b.4. 4 44 3.44..044.
mdaw.,-nut 14.m14 411.,.. .44 p C~op4..4 ~ on 1044.4044.44. ..44.44 1.4044
044441444444404 444.344444.4 .44444.3344.4 C44O.4440.W.4?04A4

4.444~l Dm34..44,-.4 044 4434ma 44 40~. A., 444400444044 mar
0.444444440-444Yrr~ p34, 0 34434444" 0443,.0440444444 4444

fin& Pmblt dan

COILZ) ...44l
Chant44 m .d 0.
.0434 ftd"

4.44404404k 4


Mrs. Earl Lau

Will Speak At
hra 44444 4404 4 -4

rn- 4-to4

.4444.-. 4444404
44.34 '444 4.44'
404r~444 4.4444
4.04., 4' .4
-. a -~h
444w 4444444 4.
4444..444. ~4
44 a 4444. *
044444 '0444444.
04 44444 4 444-4.
a.. pma. x0.,.
t 44044 444 4


,W _o. al444 W .

44444 444 4 o l 04. 4a a
4444404 4
4. 04 Sl 4
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m45.44 4.54
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(arden luuO 4nt4 Mui04d ChO.
Gvdr Clubim wnl -'".LL-it
Un4 E4 U W. L.Soh I4 .4Y; .t"i

4M3l L3u. pt dlrt4 ~ T.* =i

Cnb allf n dtrol r-It l
4h. Frt.bop4al OraU dS
oieroof thUeutgnder-r m .. tee l t
Ttl" Hml m two b 44l044a0. .4rm4.4
..A .M A- T. n,4 V .

dar. bUm of CI ib itan

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31saeas..endh .s..4d.

Applications ar now being accepted for admission in
Fan Sesrion (1965)

Kindergarten through Grade Six

Cltudhim (Al44"tmw In4444.lL

II clau enrollment is filled, names will be accepted on a
waiting lbt basia.

Phone 732.205S

T' 11. 991. A. D. SAweON 4A0. Jr044.
- "WhI, TilM r IM,. 444 4I U. 4ri4.,
M* chatl nt, of Baraytn B-

- Art, Music Worship

l At Boynton Church
* i Bplth 4 Church o 3 JU. J. Albon B.",
's 4on B.4 Is p. Gw44c MuN.ill J. .0d
3, on>|l both 44n .nd ma4 e wile4d Tbmh A.i
L t wmnUp thb k. T 'Fhough Yt r Sins A
R4 A D.wO n. W43.- lt."
S*nid r-rt 4 .d. d Th. 3R. V.- P..
i d pCw h p f kin p o, s stated tiht
Mbl .lade3 nihedw 44 th3 pktu4e4 drow4 4h

Tbmb Ipninllni vril *wy 1 tbh Mnnrlc. But
o oloi*U *ad tblr fl t H E pernn in4

i 4al 44. Iat on dipy
I A ik t d e lu m B hounh thr eeka ttal

a. 4 .4= .. 1 4. :4.: 40l
r.4. Me," 444 Fin4tt 0 4n to4434 m.
4of tor-tated .hlp Sundy 0w4l4a. April
4U t4l mb o0 tha0n; 3 1. the0 pktuo dn.wn
S"Nr My reod To I|.h iUb34pL4chdonoh*
Th pLtu of lob demral Bted ahd l4h
at BIthl lad ht* dneaml Ilc oolr4 lll~hu l d
lb*l4lm4 o II..V(Q; *L. bb* k liihl u li0 flu4am
TbY 140 ..14 Be I =z: 43tlk4444411t.m.
SBunAs4 My olmbo a oi.
h. olln.m an-d th w. e e
Old Ruild Ce ." A- Coollele LHave
l ant. Doed Mhtchea p Chttau-lhn
r, no D..W py I tb al
oqu and tople rive Nimbhe on Go
Saub.lpthFihypoU phe44lte CBaalptti Club
fi whih the pklun b 51Swtilttndth(lOnd
Stll4d. Cnawi C d thi r knd
l Sunder*enln|. Gorci *t thb McAI~ltr Hol In
MuNCl Jr. ul *God MimLi.
My F4urr"44npr* R* p 4 nl44 ( l4 r l434
niDerork ol John Pt b iU b Mn
Smo. Mr. Thrhb unl Knl3er. Mn. 4wald
"Fo All My S4 0o0 M4u.k, Mn. H.1mod
MoedAy. T1ry S04lt4l HIf.ln, Mn. Ernst
Ion Me SoT" 'oTue4- 3 Ho0lCr4. l .m 04.
4 day 4 nd o IM'. quuntU foi t state menlli to.
4 mmpod of Clyde Woro m4r3ow.


First Baptist Church

Grace Baptistl Church


S It. J rp'sEisco Chur Sfiflk

UniDelray Chur Delray Beachrist

S.t Joseph's Episcopal Church
Church or The Nazarene
We4 n n.tim i4iii4r 3



44 Brenen Sitn P.O. ox 1537
Welkmes the publk to a



SdmlyMAy2 u pm4 pm

_M ta ti.tled lr u.nedu tn
SDy 1M.nk Pionn *CteIlM

MR_ HPa t tlea bsiwaw Iltte
*e N n1elin27.13 rlhlV

_ __ _________________ ~_________

............. i

--- i


Sectinon ofyoirDelrmn BrrchlVeirs-Jofnoti


S Realtor's


of iRullon hav. Ihtlr mcomutanly ipe
dlngot gial in rvjis*ol varied atum Realto
Ann Barrett' nroot ent lr ice a a ipecakrI
far the Kianit Club' Inlernllonil Prolmrm April
13th. Ann war pentrd witRh Certifinle o
Appnreciatlon In Ltneoin of lth addrw bon theib
Eoynlon Kiarnis bhrd on her elteoniv Wortd
Condlllona a attn Birl hand In Japa,.
China. Thailand. India. Elypl. Lebanon. Syr-
Ia. Jorda, Israel. Greec. Ialy. France and
Entlaid. We hanve heard Ann speak if boea
eountrila Ilelofvellneuaad the gIlineai -
nctlma --aeeinilyodd to u. buln accepbtab
to may ntlure. Ann foand eoartay and
feaindlHeaa I many place -dee.a and
hatred in olber Ieal.n. it anon border
troll It cotud be fell by berl d her ttrael
Quile anoller ot RB or an Bett'i allvtlti
a her branch oflin in Melbounre hblh se recently
visltd. AU of itbe Milbouo dontn area hai
been lurvnyed In prparation lor an .rte.liuv
realmpin; demoliflon ot lub-sandard aruclure,
mlon really mpyle pirklnl fanilista am Ih
artinl point for a ne oncep of dolnton
Mtlbourt. Bonynlon Beooh i appereily notl Ihe
only municipliy conremed with "revilaliatlon" o
its downtown "lttr Ire*.
O eur My Rul EsatoI Nsletelr Iron Ithe
Natlonl R anh Bureau. Inc. tLia u thatl
imnortp delnqtencl*a Inth. tiul quarter of 194
Sllhea fourth coae urlve quarter In o in which
dellornqueacl er Iar r tlan or Ihe ormpondini
pariodi in th. preiou yar. Thi Vetean'a Admlnl.
Iratao will h e lt. Iehlest ivenltory ol rnponMn d
at yot'arnd dnon the GI home loan pfroim bitan.
rcorrdini to prentl Indhicuna.
Alrel them 1I In Ameetca today rapid
trailton fram hen .I eieralloina home to the
a.beme leaeretioa. Thihaid been brouhtl onl
by aatlinnwde omnltoinalo aelir haney
of hone owre-rs and home y l ani.peel.
Th.e major ihelai In bhe aif lnteene of the
hoans Ia i tIe reanli of Ieonaenee. A beoa
uad Io be built or aulgh fr ie rtllnIa Io
.oe, M l. I no intloer she cr fIr half of the
ho aeewn dtne l nlered had atnady awrnd
at hal. o5. other hoa.u. many hId onet d Iwo
It ws found that th monst typical prernelon ot
behoianrrnp af hpurhai of a relatively low.
priced borae aen alter maratIe. Nao would he fth
um ol th ewablihtd equity a the dorenpaymnt
Ir tih lrir.t mn dend blk hbam a tbe reed tobr
mr e ipa and-r deni for enial isataluinimnu
Ltar in lift. cldren ironw up and elakbUibed in
hnea t litirt n. nany ouple purho M a nalle
hbou i order to mintai.n i ndentadea of bhoI .
enrehip. while reduodin miintlnnan requie.
Th, April lith Nationl Loelilatlve Bulitln.
prepatrd pririy lor thn UM of lral Ral Eotala
Boardshy NARBEB' Rallan' Wuhinlton Commit-
tre npoirt on the Rent Supptementil nor mdanle-.
litne hlmllla. uyal a tlie trado nacnatlotn in
thi field of m.liap landlnl have indond It
priniple of fedrarl rnt supplema t. atfloulh
o tlii hal uchat ai piamm be lamitrd to families
whoem In arei are within the rnol| of eligbiliy Ifo
public houin.
Quorin Ifoom tbe Houm Inrinr on quillyin
tenants lorent auppoiamnt; Dr. Weav on "Bil
Brothe"-... you uld be ukd what your at
er., and if you lied about that. you would h in
difficulty, and I you did not lie abiut It. you would
ot lbe.lilbl...'
NARES oppnowea ay fedenl nret appIle
menl. NAREB aflnead Iake ulderlifd
pnr-e onr ra aupple-enta thamlt f&mly
ahnam not pay mon hana 0% of lr ne for
shelter. Warned Ith Bbemstmllraa that It.
onlmtlent woould general rdeeu dona pulln
cl prlesrnillUia| of A-rlfu. ramlllie
would have rfln to apc reat sapple-
Melt eR hey paid met lha.B f not of Erla for
taadard iheller.
72' ol tmllla U arnino Ib han $4.000 and B2t
ol fnmlile mainr n 14.0) o ta.o1 liv ino Itndard
houtln. maney obvlurly mnkin mome an ridi to
do o.. The NAREB altermnll I the ubtildisad
Intret rate. utliaUln the preMnt FHA acoilon 221
(d) (3) b-mrnst rate pmranM The preanl ub-.
market riteIt ali. ., niprannin l i t oat ol mosey
to the ljovenrnen Thnre i raskh lubaidy in
landinteasuo ymosty at thlkirate.

SBoynton Calendar Of Events
Pllic Floer MhLlnl I0:l a.m. 130 p.m.
Oil Painfing Claes. 10:00 a.m.. 1 Op.m.
FP Ten Activiy Period
Tren At Acitivt. I1:30.o;00 p.m.
Mamak-hinmni Tenpin
Knihelito Columbus Legion Hail 8 p.m.
V. F. W. Pat I438 F. W. Hall f p.m.
Amdin Leii.ol Aux. Unit 164 iLon Hall B p.m.
B. P. W. Fp.m.
Book Club 8 p.m.
AdultSqua DancnlngI8fpn.
P Ten andTTn Aen Activty Period
CaUlthnllia-gi:01I t a.m.

Library Addition

Gets Green Light
BOYSNTON BEACH- aid thai it would t the pblan aing lit tbe i
Intent in expanded I. city IS0.OO to provide nin opmer b oundedo
bhry lat ilsn neired the noimey alety
ithe oaghad frone lt diy equip. n at Ihr catnae on ihe north by t Bays.
nonil Monday night. He |gelted tha ht Ion Canl, on lhemt by
City nal.eTomKain, c e be bo by thon Ihe welerly ribhtofeway-
rquemed that 'unl anl amllotted by the line of (e FEC Rtlroald.
neuthornepola andptd ed cainl. P fit awith by N. BSi
ficatlo to drawn up The ouncnl dlermd Avenue and on thie
a a ct olppueroeNaly public hearing on n b tbe e iterly rightl.
$14.00W namndent to the mter way lis ofl Salie Rod 9.
On motion by Coundil-.
mnJohnAhr Atiuc- Added Beach Proposal

,,oad 4 1Draws Little Interest
ihe hope that Fit iyt
will be ready by Jl e or BOYNTON BEACH Board chaiman Ray
July and t at thbuildin -A publimen tinlolth Jar. rgtclesd thit a
canbeitaredbylill. Remtlin and Pallh nommittee compared of
Counlmin Aehie. re Board Tumeday niht 1 e inteeled dithena bould
ported n a. meetin$ held ltd n only a hand full bholented toaUdy itanh
wtlh Flidda Euat Coua of inateld cilko to so iulait hch would
Raiway oial.i held in hear Itw ofe of beach renommred property to
St. Aulofle which he property for n to the boyandhowthapurchae
and Kain altsnded. The city. nuld be pldlor.
cily had a number ol Realtor Julian Patlk. An obmeatin foan
rmlost old nfrlh build- proeontinlhe mneol Patrkk that it might be
inpinlhedntnare.a two adjacent parel o n ryn a f tor fhe dcy to
my Mn be demolihd If beach propeanrty. po ed ral property ta I mill
an arreent ie the bhord comider an o oufh. polet from
reached 11th ofirlal. le of 800 flee of btach at theattfending.
whoarechdluldtloeet aperieeftl970.0W0. Th. purchase ol ddll-
Wednday witlh he The property tie Wnth ri a nl beach property by
cuncal. *nd adoi oaent tlhet pre ithe ity hi beali fladY
Arehit uid that Rail- nt muncipl beach and emamded by tbhe
way officials indicated hdiidd loltewn parce Beoyaln Beath Chamber
lot nee at they oyuld 300 feet priced at of Commerce and the
be wilinl to recommend 345.000 and 00 lee foe Rratlon ad Parkh
to heir bord ol direnot 1625.000. Board.
that alindwapwllhtbe The other oftre caAe
city be mad, canpplni lom Moe. Edith Hood .e% n H
Ihe land on which the old aI aliltr. wbo pero. p a W l;o
bullding no land for ed n 44dlot l irip o
oflhePubllx pemourkt Thiproperty li north
aoni.hePFECInech. of Beachwey Drive In
Another tue li be Ocean Ridge. She poitned
dlIna WedWddayon. tno that the p ed
ernin the f mit intl o 15th Avcnum Bridl
caonisl by the FEC. would provide a direct
pnlcyltrf orosnlon at oute o this beach prop-
SE 2nd Aenue. A.hie eary.

Forehand Advises Derby c

Entrants Of New Rules 0
Boysaimno ltba Ibrth All ruh mu hb stud.
in the 196I Boyntn led carefully, but pnleu .
Beach Soap Bu Derby lar alUntion should be State VFW
hern July IO hven reer directed lthi year to the
opponunity lhaneen he- i letlo which hae been Auxailiar
(otrote their lllenuity hate. d.
and enoerprdue. ajor vouln Iluedea : AI B .
Olfidal Sop Ba De,. COST LIMIT Tbh A OOynto
by ruli fur '65 neounCre total col of the ocr abali
nw Idea in u ol d. not ed 25.00 t aetu- BOYNTON BEACH
em oterial, lreniqu.a dilvewhtlnuah.t, eemr- Mle Ednard Weld.
anddealiln..a thin te t i| aembly and poit. l tatepretidenotflfhVet.
fIrmenarIk ol uty and The pevnoua limit ota e"N e FPoreli Wan
alrplay. I00.0. Lidei Au-liary, will at-
BCara be lit calm USE OF METAL tend Ihe VPFW DItts1
contaI mjor noviame. Metal my bi a:d so amoonflo SttUtday and
Buddy Fohanud director Inctmue the liht f Ihe Stnday ift at Boynton
o the loal Derbhy, mwan. r II It if roude"ld Bueh Pect l43t.
ed eqey younsifnr plan- d Mn.bla: I nued, It stnul Membr n 114n aulliry
nlnl a ar "to nearer ba surely aIttached or "onit fro loVt Beach n
aniy and mhk careful bueltintothecarin, cha Bul Beach dill meet
ltudy of icial Neula, way ai to meet alll ualey t weekend al th local
tiUna helm tartiwnnlg r e quiremen ol tbe In. VFW poat. 17 SW 12th
on your ranr." ipet n CpomiRtte. Aenua.
Major changes In the BRAKES-- Thebakh Mkf.W eiwtllfretln
reualnlo onen manouit be openrtd by a hItddrenhtotheaudllia-
limIl. relIatrtion the.l m reIt edot detihned raa a y delegaIe. it mplno
ol metal brake operi.n to faclllitte Inaiectlon ol 'n"an oI e.potlnl their
and pailo ...led. th, he a and.hyd r u. ,aliolldeaand lt ddlins
body conilrulen. aca. t lie r mechanlolbake datae. Ths report will
pit deindl and aptnu Io. there banthhe itinle dai coera ll phaeifConod
"The Derby i opn to type a not peormlftd. by ihe adliAAliliry.
all eboolboye If thmegh The brake Itaing muot The latle Porldent wa
15." fhe local oltlal laid. be in the eIassl enter o. aeInled wilh Ihi May
"Ca mauit e taken the width of the ar. Company ol Betimore.
about where, a boy ratgia Under the pnarlou rule ld.. fIr fen yea n hnb rn
ten. however. Under the the brake hite wes qu. moonl' Io Ho. moead In
1 SS unk. to compti aed to not mo thanlt I471.
boymtfnitrelheutlmb in.h oam .it ean tmX She joined the William
riled Derby hobe ran- natltbec. A.I McAllltr Aunlilary
eblid are icludne hi BODY CONSTRUC. Wt Plat 1608-. Rml. In
hom and mtut regiter TION--Thaenrlnbrhke 1949 nd alirs bcnarm
with a ipneonring Char- mchanismu tt ie really pesiddentnlthat|roup.
oledt daiar within hat inupotfd:d (I)by an open. d, enmi Cook on
unrmennhlud anm." Inl at the me of the WVet Pa lmBeach red-
When boy ho le r .n -o'kpt no lf thanf by ant ol Hhe Dfit.ict 3
wih parent n 4nurdlt. Inch. 0 (3) the top ball Ladile Auoiliary.
be wlli e ivni a rpy ol I ear may e m
tbe tliotinISonap Ba b in r(). e n lia ino t B
hy rule ok ltorB It bdy nleu tha by
contlal dstllped opiaIt. Ine m by emovabl
ll. ol the rol* aod or binced and an d FRI
nuenm tip on dlp an that the ntin bral e aj V-
and .imiotn lo an mhi ny b vlnlb ilbl. SAl




Derided to ta a rmn
over Io ith Boynten
Doeba to M if ail were
aill biein caught. Sure
eno-ah u o itod Wal.
ching he Lite of Riley
aptained by Greoee RI-
ley, then eretwo while
Bfar fying. which meani
hm lad twoialt abeardl
Seain alady eitlfoll
Ihe boa. tired but happy,.
nowe app hed her and
found thal he had Ihe
two fih on the lime bou
after brinko the tinlnil
into the boat bhe wo
wll in let other hmbeand
ret he othe in.
Dr. and Mm E. L
Shdrier om Rock Ville
Maryland vltlnhi par.
rat in BSD, had a good
day of Biahr wfih n B ft.
7aod 7. Ii. i iiho fhite
lie Of Riey.
Rotary met bit nab
for lunch at Haleya wth
PIilden Don Comth
predini and AllAn
Benka ledin, a ijoly
group of an in fIe ainL .
Had 23 vltling Roldri-
aniandl w futnt
Plear ha iti made
tor ultiallo n at l ter
Tha meek Boytfon Ro.
tary metainjloinmmetz
with Bena oI tbe Deay
Llen Club to hear Con
icmamn aoul Roler.
Threote thei e will be no
meetlnl on Thln.
The ipeaker. Shlpnrd
Lmer wa Intmodued by
Vance Eartlywhosenbreht
wu a ne Dliiict Court
.o Appeab.
Accordlng to lmer the
principle ciist requeting
Itilte tor rt arn Wot
Palm Bach,. Va Beach.
Fort Pf e and Orlando.
Lately Ft. Loadeldal hai
put a noedt for the
The City oi Wet Palm
ha oered 4.13 amTa of
land freem on Okaobeo
Rod and Palm Bach
County bl atlemptinl toI
aubhorle byipeclal bih
maitoIl $5,00l. ou bal-
fit. fumrioh ad equip the
ourt when it b uilt and
Ihe county i ao ltn mp.
tnI to provide empnry
hoauing and acTroeoda.
ntomlor the work olf t
pendlne omplllone lthe
fitolure ol .n.r build.
Wstt Palm Beach le the
mot Iavorable Alt ftor
location beatum pelfe
road, ll and al ca to
court and bhed nu n.
be f n onea appeal (ib
and hbe an here thy
are siltd torm.e cltamtion
rl the mut inWrtPalm
Beach ill proida th
t number of roitbl
tayaled flr the poeph in
order to rmeah court.





tynton Roundup

Paln Both Cauny reached apot. rth o
Bar Aocinati n i pi the Inlet. Lyn an.hored
enlly preparinl a bk hIboatandHamld'iwlle
chu orn the m olf stie kept their bat In melion
LIeielatue asiltion et for the pick up of the
our eliot and preoal there dine who wern
and m nhaat hitwe wh aplrin ihe boltm.
ourt to be in Co ny. Allof dden fhe boat
Aconrdle to l ner an out gand they
ewih a 4th Dil ict Court l[dn't alt eslched ov0.
o Appeal them would be to other t k. la the
rfot atine riht n e you meantime It boat Wa
have to wai a ynr for driflini and it wa riM
appeal, for 1ethe m e to cof
The talk wa enjoyed up.WbenLynadHRaold
by all and we hopr thl ame no h urle nIre. th n
4lk Cout milltnPai niad bihywearn a haU
ahCount. mile fnnrom the boat and
Mea. le Franklin eill didn't knoar wht had
lebta her birthday hped ad deddd to
April 24. Have ke day im orh .
anod manymo Madelie. In the mantme Rae
Ken Eam celebted old' bat boat had a wae
hi bhhday MLonday,. laIki and called an SOS
April ith. Many., many hkh the charter baot
mote. wih annrearl d anda
If you were drilent to their.o help. owin i
down the htighwa Sato- beoa. Wlub Harold (iluly
day and anw a Ibae lot it tha iat ahe. l.h-
colored hats and beard ed pU tkha. Thai wau
banjo muik. it iwa onetmeamiy-wettame
Beta- Simma.Phi hiadin in handy.
a buck cancer dried Thi Saturday the B.Y.
Roama Blautule who A. dane. wil reiadm two
uaeditanname ler ltit band. Lettndo and S9e
Dileandiam oafared hid mat with l eesn Baran
nmusl to help in the drive andWffndri. Mike. load.
lor cancer If y ou re Dana nd Joe plan
ratchlni th Paddle in.1h Inmd went the
Queet fanawha lobEi teenaflealtupportlho n h
down the water way and by omlnout ery St-
hiear hbanjo mlu i oe a urday.
oter there tn Rool. Roo. There wi.n e a Sport
ni loam mrunl r.d ab o movie Saturday mormlo
pisaSalnnSeaurestiHih at the Ciler Center at
Band. 9:0ia.m.
We were told the Beta. Entry bl and loa .
Sidnca.Pldhi cl0ed ovr motion oidlnl tfi lime
L00.00 in thelr drive. n""'I ity of Boyntona
They an had Jne Ca, Basc bkiycll Rodeo nre
John lachie and D1 fOr evanile at Don'a
Raulitn at lthe P. A. on FP ontornlintoe, 317 N. E.
thellandlnthemlddlsol 5th Ave.. Polie Dept.
the highway, elpind to aOdRrMtlon Dopt.
draw atenilon eron the All by and disk Dbo
(rafic0n1 heby. amia bkio yie and thRw
Latidlwklwrby u( under oI ynn oy ar
Ladt *1o n k doi noidalnfo ednnage
the reuha din and aue t nninla a fmrdyt aire .
ty. Well it pild olt on edto elerlorthoeent
Sunday. Harold Pmket. sMa ntaponeble.
ton and Lyn Emralh nl d. No restrtfionr wie tb
d thaler alta orm oaepted th day of the
inl of dvinng. Whe they rodeo,



In tbh -noby.o It al keghntlknsm olduralst n ssast .
s. an -Be-o fll kd heei a if om. brand tommn.
Oe, u .sWtnlim itea pnsfit II a 5g d an w.
bunlrt, Anafl R- .4 the ad aw., "Only f. |
United S l mem unlanmy aemocdn iable how art

Toe dllof lm d eam-fm fed. aend ik eal.
dn't lead lhehme remlly f tornomed by ol
BuBtor thesdn dal d emt apelk l Mh smthL
buindtm aid tasyalp w eea ku m n me
fet and dm ce dpe d ter may cppealost h.
Thedn Imhke ho hm rd bsm* o h nnosu

Ballotna lL tlinefrloeib ditlteroed d
And klntV pB sdh fool site hatj sto o

S d ner t e ps ad pebom aome.d
SIetol stinmha s l
m ,a dnfomhl , .tl.
arefe Ire. And pBkAnd

.be' mdrpfor e i ar .

4po loi t ontm n Ho
tw f. rl pMt al no Mtl U^# 1

o a n/MfPI
plUNtdoNLMdl J INO
U i Anu tfel ne, mine alone I

l11ul dallpnhaemaeu/eeus
uthl. -~~ ic


1*1.AUmiC AVL. MUAV 44
rd~h liiA^U

lRellur's Round taboo l
Ilonton Roundup
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:Fine Arts Program Is Enriching

Area Of The Parochial School
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Bethesda Stork Club d.""h "..".".."".".
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01 40 S.R. Pbhh St.. bu rioodltS.l ] th e n hldln ba ret
Dely Beath. anaunaen tnoheanis emtton.Z
Ih blon ath l daulhtarf Mr. and M on. To d o Id urle. Thal earn the
MblindOarne, onAprll. t H andatHultMearll erlitrlan euroeendban
a Betty WIlider)tel a e r p h Ibenalte
SMW. Second St., e bath a.echalt and lnwrl .
Mr, andMtHeaterN. BItM. ecnnanre the till
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MUtr) al III N.E. at MfrtAlhuareioaApt 1, nar hldn botllr
St.. Dlray Beach, an. qippd
U e the birth a Mr and Mar Wiuti ao p the f oit y b ti
drl.tuer. PltrseM d bahe (Celyn rEt. wbthhel.mstI
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Mr. Alfredo Meeta. tonrnaa fthrinhip.
onil C tHerblf Mr. and Mr Tomy rent of Vaisnclin orea
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Mr. and Me. Ro.r alam.AltonbauAprl
Lune) tof BtIt Tre. on
Rd.. Wet Pile Br eaWlJch, AA.l.m


Area Faces l'ruck

Freight Rate Rise
Starting ncet months. mtline in Lnttn..
nlny Beach end other we- .amnd by Dwilht
mmunil in Palm Grn.. e Asisthnt Direor
Bchabcountywil U ehlr- olf tbe Bournau. Ihtr
in; I a 5,Oat00 annceul lhn a prneenly plan.
incee in ibt ol he nineg complete renison of Iheir nfe rbedulo
Alier per ml oaIU ahih oould drlkolty
Imulreae la tck frle te. ioermea U or ihipptn
In thb South ilU l gnto n d ,relna of ..ile
tfet on Mley B. erd.- ahirpmnU.
ine to Jamn W. Le. 'ThbL Dma told the
Director ol the counetyal "wll plane
Frnihe Telse Bumnu. a herh burden o Ihe
who uid eoday Ihul tIh hoadnd* of Pal. Beach
Burmu is pCrdin to Counlty Mbura inm lho
llbt Ibh boot b fore he bay lhle nnechundlie In
fInleelaf Commer' n li. ioh-utn-trle-
Comonbian in Wuh- leId.lre.
les.on. Hadribodlbed h buel.
The incr., Le Mid. M .M "cptol "erfa
wr t t blippe In Piser- lor tlhe t k line.
Id mnon tbun a million More thn 80 ptr cnl
dotelmronuly. of the aipient l nd
The Feleht T flBe Bu- el ol Pblm Bnch county
ruuhalnladyprellted aZlrb itm 1,t0f pounded
the In aeM an behalf ofl nd Ibte *n a olher
the city ol Delf y HBch thodl oa tranrport
and is no. prlpnlt a anlisbhb to the amll
brisl tar penlalion to nrtehlnl1. In tHI county
the tleneti Comrne tha earoenda do ot nemy
Commtbuoa demndte l *a le tLun tarlohld In. d
full -ae itntMliation of the RBawly geeptm is
the hoel, ataordln to too e*penlre. Thb ruk
Lee. lltoa e etllwar of this
Ctfy uname ol Palr aitatioan." OGrn datder.
Beac County reily. ia ed

Open House Set A t Boca

Airport Sunday May 2

The rB Ra- Public from 12:00noonuntil5.0 ill be given during the
Airport wll hold open P.M. The public inrit atenmoon to pewner who
hoe Sundayd. d. n.isterand tbemovis.
Pre irpmn ride., a II man hlh 30o mliser.
Memorial Day pFnchue ju`rmp ho. an numbe, will be dnr to
Bicycle Rodeo ealdand u It. cal+d I- ohid m-
opisn. and abort emonie cin the o id..L Chll.
In Roynlon o" rill be i-. dmnnver lO y creoa-
dad during Ite atr- ay tl prmante foe
Ebnty bluais and nlor. noon. Bob LiseUyn. pisr -rico
aetio nn(dlnt ehe lBrint FPAA. licensed pilot and The Ho Baton Puitb,
annfl it" y of Boyn round Mahool lsertelor. Airt r n erate Bool
Beach bictb rodeo are will be coinln llor fl or latnoN.. .hSLt.
nor aihhtbl t Done, theoi-.l
Plmtone ton. Polre Anyol yean ol ae flhaeealherislnebsl
Dopalrment and t the or alderisrelltibliston l- ent.theopenhourwllfb
Depari e ntof Ra f -. tie for the If airpllem petlpord unell Sunday.
tlon. ride. ThiT hundred in ll May .
All boyn and ria o.
enin bicycle and thIe
under 6 y oo.m at a
to reabter lot th even ua
Safely etkket s teaphl.
ea, nd d Fbbnu ai be
awlmrdd tluceel eon-.
tltnta Idn he oloy con.
tea. conduoeod by Ibh
oyn.on Polio Dep.rt-
mint, u well nur rmc
end -. pecnil m \ r
panned rlhen r y.Z ran
pW.nadIforth d-tY.

Army Engineers Announce

Public Hearing For Bulkhead
Applcurl o hu bee diutelylrdhollheldAtla m..nhiRhlwlr. l lis bA
i r ume Aay he rnt
mdl ,t lh Departre liet A..enu Bida to Del. t- propod to drdie d= nf
ol the Army by tb City y eah. Palm Beach lal from the am Ilam
a Deay Boh, P.O CoUontyirlip dPll tbdnN
Boa 2oDer c. Cfuty. FBih. .Ift lspr. distey cthannrelad of
Plodida, 33444. fon pn P to mlt the l pd bulkhe.d
.il to e*innt a .et bulhlatboud r tso ad do eml tbu
hed and o dreds and feel aon wlth I lfae a on aienstRomptrny
il. In Ith Intntrcul r o ad I d of tuh bulk.
Waanray. Jluonvll iMside the wOierly drhl. hbd.Tbdrrdllanwould
SMlusnl. Flordda. Lak l.way line of he fntc.- hoe dyplh olebuutl .
Worth to Laba Wye. mrn otM WtenIay. The fet below aero low w
waterly lhoe. at ppll. top olf hebulkhed w old ter. The lopioed wot is
cntta propnley lam be aboul 4.0 fil abons fan publicpark.


BANK ct CDeha cyBe wl
30I L ATIAU TICAVL 176171 __

Zing into spring!

Chevelle by Chevrolet

Its the most popular mid-size traveler built-

whih isn't surprising when you consider who built it.

Znhg lnot wing In a S hel vrolet,

dAtt ilaed Clheaaeificd i fteieayti
- --vmwgowm

n La. e tWorPh in Iet llh i each
MI IUUmwlR WiHMIIl l OB011 lT IR


Con uRT rg Sale in ol shops
tt;.UO .--. a. l
t,,.r.. t ,. ta ost.__, t t ttassts

Mboc~mrab.ndem~t Lowl.O~ra (? U I rUTIIIHE.t INC.1 oea
*Uw~pa, IMnx Pmim W AtL _

4LIWleta*OM *iub NAnrill


and MIiiLE

o.wL. Sa.

RISTAURANT TOBCA... iuo d~la torn
ANDiWrl LN w. Nam ou fto t a
I-tM0d U had Tarif to fkc .50 ttaltO aoa lasi t ot.pp lto d 5.,
Otmituteto ant..c to 050e atiM 1hh tcOned Mla'a T~nattoe 05050
MIL~hk~tob.te. Utah.101 StBpa toaaitlwesdo.a*..."

It----- -t ... .w In mfenmiwU ..t.. ,- -Otot
i___L______llll__ *__ _e b_ I hbll_ W elftNWabl_ prun wA d tatAs d ta
USi nUNo FORT L 111a ad mt I. A Ludl ah tad ti
totC. Wafe h NWT OFtS E tOMEtNTT V tttt t lt.

VNl S INWMOti T U. M MbttAlM.ll
t om to 1 l5. AI Stt"od tt aI(to l5oat Od Cau0 aex
ir1- al tio paalr i toit i S to ti tsita

Ig 4M I, kmnldl o i -- NN
i AIlleM U ICOIt
it l*DI malm l a liy b ld

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3tlttled A =d to UHM V* h
ROSI 1- 1AND na T to I ad l
IT JIIe(I BB B It'atltnOOt nma..l l

11=1 nn0ttadtidlt S t to de dto att t* tyaS.

.SemB 0-er lodt to.Uq *et.St M hiS Ott
bt -el tld yirIMls b - totoA
/pAJZL CTBo~rAto fttotat ARCA hGE te Tn olann dS. S unt i 20h to la

.M EW PbTITE ieImm ANn taO
m o ea ltea-nuSD l Mn ItltI dEttaMl I at .5 tttaaar to *att. chtttO ad ottta
S T I tta. tl t t O "t toasts. sas
platte Oa.OitOU aS.05tnt.t 010 ~ol es o

TRY Before You BUY
12 Mon U lmUn m La.
IM IMr...aIrame r.. ..l..I.Nl lM
R LF TERRACE earlde Apartments lwOM,10ea HiUl70l59
ar~n~a rC,,ul, .,h

Seoad llT .ben, I1 Neat-

Oasns Hah


IM etthattaLsfttatl~o.-A


Hl_. _.* j _l

DI .M..i YUA 1

011100i115 10" elm
SIUMM.ER Ib E l mm-i

aid"-- I ta,, s m 11 i imd
ta str 1owtte s m


Religion To Hold World

Together, Teacher Says g
BOCA RATON Dr. lashed, they an Iuh niglhboruin g cti olt the
Dood Andn, proato n*ath*wotoldinpcn. faCeoth(egiobe.
or of cbhmistry at Filod- Hn illutiatdt hib point A. mn, Iha onlinud.
da Atlanti Univertay bholdinguphbtountlio frn thL powerful lm
nat tha n-aken at the ponanduidi'thedywll thay mutt aibo iam to
Suatti Kiwanol Club omwhrnhthoconintaofl ftrthrmtlho(Godtnd
hoanllul mtlio at i hn thi waunitinpn Wll m ah web vor by tUr
TanHo_ n h, I bi lo upo0r a plain their. 11I. mu. h .
Prof. Andr Nidnli. rondlhold paible n hi Irna.
nla will ploy l Tit tIlnght ol wht The Sunu S ,Club winl
Ipomntu panl i prt- tnold happen i ihouth h hold a din.r dam on
nlg ter wor. ham uth- ohoae hatin rea Saturidy. Aprl 4 Nat the
In by the lionauldorurinatom ToatoYacth Club. So
pnrunl tfo ofa tha nplittlnio mt rlhtin. cl hour at 7 p..
ntoni o EnBn u inl rh lbheunu h ody din, r at pm. wil
thiM powerful tor can montalhnaoihttalaoo datdnall trom 9-12 mId-
dnaty thb world U au blow Boa Raton and nIght;
m ~~i

p pljntIn t ntti I | itr t oCnrgn- In tlh h erw lwnlntfU cap fu
KUfuum tao prpna gnata aloler. thewnnndn.(Nlwt alahm
Camp Arrowrsm n is donated In byAanClarkl.)

SDelray Native Runs

SAMMY& Carolina Boys Camp
gM*Lt llDAT 00_.1IaI Hyiouinvtohrtol by littthey have I pnpr y h. to b
doon ad tm boy be- ddld 300 M to h t O.
am th laof d o iltlo l Iuni t n t. T T r ua p Iat ot e
Sun.oi d4mldllm.to9 LcIat.lni N. dud a e tle, or.
atill Mm M way Iro the pMt laondl Ftt m Lk ali prie ncut td
bda61lksiilmlimmikU ot- an school h o. u td ho t Th atp. hlhUt laky It n dt ky ton h. toto
ned alion, then you d anra o ain.The a p o ly n dai l f, t Apll n Zh In
na" oon lltdbpCAllont. 15 min fn B nhlnl, tnll trip. thl ia m Int
S H oat.i na r Sl . Handaha WC.ada nHblindh ti a tler Ult. LA m lt Et

pmaiaagan itla .o ...I a I < a l t nat. inan tIntrapto hl. d LOCAL AtRTIT Ea
Inra ntlt ti n loot. Thbdoynon La ins.t ahc l mt BON a ll odgb r oW
thin li ot t ol ld l a -t l ha mtn y tpo alh d In In lIt t t d I plha ai
iaSdmnnp hntd dDM t rol d Ptdoor init a lnl. Iea. nd undla Tap aoon D lr
S1 oi.Dd do ir an d duatliol pronlr andl Ey t h I. I .. L t .l
SDas tun Mio DOle tad ayt h pl b* Ctap Alrowmont. hu
osanastlndelstd nssa nlntH 'Ioi U at7 Newn Elkl

h teatp ot ootJ i. a-bbne o n
Ioi tEliEndIs e Io lt. tln& Bu lu nday fnAm Dahsinain on thd n.a

aat Junkto Hh th the fuIh. Ii mp Hu to H In
tLLI rMnT Sci for. In t a flldt a ha, =Cae an Fa I =.
3 Ay .I Spotu, Hindkru t W a. itlh th h l toyhe n tih The N alyaMCul*nd .
MrlSte^ l ,,L D-vhehwshedan rrit. Crpmtt. Nr amran b gU th. ton; *ruStr DaI
S Inletnin ndi tun. Ii ndia Lo. Spot beo 8 nlh 16 nd a Bch Elk Laodon We-
bkintH Sltunhld Te boy lam to u id In r hI .la nid
ut o n b cmp "ttlvl- thehr idg lohin. Int wh ohe nrm omitte c.bha r.m n I.r
= b i w oLth !tr S :dty menLth U f into hS the>I96&yu.
SOIn 193 Da id hbi ctU dow by tha "aboy" Hl dindanlco .ttll;r
SP nod uoold aplhut tut So l yurJ ad Rn Rt.,lop. ialahnd
I u d thetIUt Ua- Ca p wpen o im J t oa. asmunll y wHlLT;
-~ lay Motln.m* Bnt BlaEI. lld un.rn .
at o ind Daptot Jaohn-otwti i' ahot i
StheO rna inn o FIartles Wol,. youth It,
,,l I uInty abia SI to tilitoldg Bob Cumn u.

y Cotton.t^'^li. lonhoi t gt C r tn oranr .la
th ad oRny ; Sn utn_ dl-_

APBJC Choir P t eC pDublit. y Paul ahut.
Ths Is th I motscerTo Present din a D, C. W. vo it
ST ak Her, Sh s Mine" i n. a notiln n4.l
oinmy an" wtR-7. ti pIn
buildlnly; pJi Murphy,
bod ad Ha ll ph o ut. dl- n la gulfara .l
W.arorth. DoIlanChoi PmulYun. .nd, .7 .
T hmu Hagh AMJI W that, "Tn o WI. D., h.]k -obu";
:don hh a L an Hi nt.
Saturday. April 24 I pl CFath r B atb n 1 na1 s t lEp iy 0 iny S
tn In PlooAl Sally lLaltnyl
Cumto; a:P.M+ I "fi- BMeh.m. 4" nSundsy, Putmio. plut tnlted
nola nCLunicltly CCho- nt a tipr,
rulpMedbyOtU R P astDS A Depoy
-^NEW IILN AT THE JII CIUyT L AdltdultiWonD r. JIuk Crer iNsted Wi.
-n oldC... t' lCt.pu .uwtl "oet ol.tI P4la B i.h imt a thl ne
Tk woh.1 C;rI wI. N i lre1nha County PIblic gLoola Lod hphlin. nd FeIRl
nbyAatnClu.r.) Cllrp. 8 fthJu minnior l u; ml.
-ethe MAdPt RNyo, rtat.
Hod o. t oe Made 1tmI(~Un
portant Palm Befthach ono ne d

uLamllh A t C lnnAonnpaO no

D RudA Y ELIJAHS lNCe At. u n'ut n tnU
A2einb t"W D ooli B o nn r ,Hm C

Puh Soprano AaA.
t; youth SAY EunM
now in the Lncoln Continental tradition
0-O d un r -i PHOTOGRAPHER

20oSL.FMXlLM i MAYv AV UA cK ROMAo Ar or-kv.nha. Ge. Sod.


VON RAN- Dalry Ant Lag ad ad
tfkh palat- thee hi heir n e ao til It
Lan Ariada that nanelty. (Nawa.oorn
fay Bael. photo by Ala CUlak)

Ruler Names

committee Heads

WR, co Me you mot y

ahlin g calia m And our iateant
Ah, tn'las tai pAig mr In
m *I palyln liganielba It alnl
tlata a *n n ca a lmann c at> gr nl d.

ilur holt.


Urmo t OAN A uIf osun
t DinIMS ad I

ut .ach C.onty


Boca Verde Reverse

Of Mirror Legend

Thrulh Th. L-oohIa
G1m" 1 h3- oultrpla-
in Bon Baton--i Bow
Vordse ndomiinam
,Pg mtis. oboh oty
It. Width ol a building
oomotn bs bouo oololo
otdd ond a lusa. lout-
5hicb milht Ily be s
salad arloopll 1ood
T hoand mlailw ay f.1
Th. tour building ol
Bon Vrde whn coom.
pkted form 0 coopltoi
quddnnl* Iohkth lhb
udt.n lie IIt non
eoched onoly by alkwy
*I noch conr, bhet0en
bu0ditn ad through toh
doon of th1 apetrmntst
ldni on0 It. N1i000 bt

Mayfair Manor Sold

fy ILL sE
3.00 IIntatosdIlOo

10h Smy "oultaid" cIpo- Admbern to the o0ioil
It". sP ottoo p sa0 0cbmd
ol toh ilmslt ioMpplm. on tin. th01 bkildso-
nlia sd snlterl. oment do.fops of BOSon Void"
5000 In Bonl 00toa i plotsed4 la csilloo h-
oatly 200 tot liay, sI to oilllso-- owr*loat no,
intarMctt of N. E. 201b t0 wibth nrd oom.otl
St. ad US I. saBa I os ad f00 kishn
Vor. is t 300 N.E. toilio 1o spottl oou-
St. ooo.hsatsd pool, sbulls.
"Who yoo |0t ilht1 boad -o.rt sod s tow
dIu to It, fo0t.a t a. ot dob Itostono-o
laog. pool of plseasatl ottoddo otho oloold c'ooo
eo? ;toate t titihg wolnt
lotlaoo 10 btdo Minl to wo loglnoocosolwn
offerso ooldo 004 orts t y to hIod swllhdta
ptobdideo 11db. lna o .lhs, oladod
oe lb. dish 0 too sod atnnsoad diootadwr boon
Mil batn prslb AU nv- uisi.
dthinwotinbsd~sooos" A uil 00101 objet. oct
sy d*isloper Choarls thaopansI tousnsdir.
?oqooo smd.

-lpon of 1. V1 =. to. = is lk Da Ia ploaslog a
Pao Lkdlmdola. okon pfo. olmll dollar Bodohll.
wIlls old Woo| of Poo Pooh*. --lly for flopyloo
Ism., followinlo t*l kf.le of B;ok.
asotr1at for 400 pools, whitl

Pool Service, Inc.

Now In PB County
ion y Kn coo.lope., pdol to Jobo In..
Grla faOr stlminos poo cy the 6 K
In Paom h County fi OtrolaGaobltln.,
nowarilabltb thrsoh oM Pcs Poao, In. lrnost
of th top ten lid, pool coMot Istlo.. t
S wardd Lbs zdolo
Pool Srvice, Inc., ol onrottohobuildlltwi-W
Paot Bseah, an otilalf mi pooh In Holidy,
of Pace Indastri rs, s. Village. a dovlop.
llo a netol o sdo ment p dwdl
lpod quipped blola t11t Riclbd( Oud, dsvotop.
provide loot orvlo or of 1h1 onmtoolly,
I n ( i t hboul county. ptontd 1,150 boms. 400
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Wyyne Yousr. vtIn 01100,010008 0t0
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aio boktsa. 276-7193

Golden Gate Estat

First 30 Residents
NAPLES -Mhsto ehu haol hr1. ib and

tshallthiscomamu. To otdoutlna. to
nily a Flmrdo' or boss n1m0 d Goldse Mnor.
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"t s ,rads. Delray Land
bi. tar a TOdatt, Is Mortgaged

Boca Church By NJ Estate
CO wu mewtootlty isbo ouoo
Constructs t sd-o aon

Classrooms Ai.S trScks ss tad
hOCA RATOn Coant Coulyfwol po.

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dMU Stt, ran tok&b s r1'* =stn .
wrolf AUl. slN oS BIoo Sn Pl

Les Welcomes

In Naples

an o.ill 179-saqo is ioes bWllib at $1,40. with
sam kn s ao oldou trC10 atvasiabo f0 n ultl-
GaDs Flrtal h. I Ul ol p0l dwillnp aud co.
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pWndW by tbs MI l of Ths oommunltl
70.a0 10 i Golden IoI I* pltton d *Ier
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Golden Oabe horo kni It Snonuoly
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Prank Paltmrry of Le
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tlord aoo to thl Mdy-
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is poodlog nw tsot'o
mar Mallon.
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tll wi] b0ocoodo at
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placed In tho hpn.f of

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troe 1, lnd ths hodtl
wouldprobnbly iot b.

A i0*acra tract .on
L.Omsc Reod lbt of
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,w Io. tooh trwol on.

7ll 1110 oo
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(Andaiootrofacuaobe wltheg)



LEMONS ------S d..en 294
Bone s Crisp Mc Inrosh 3 b1'
B e APPLES ---_- bag 394
ORANGES -------- h Woe394
Freh Florida
*. BROCCOLI ..... bunch 294

Ground Beef ... 3 ,. 1"
Ground Beef ... V5 '1" B-e
California Roast... 69'
Short ibs ........ 39
B less Top ,
c- !oes ....... ! 10. 1~Ql

Flour......... 49'
Canned Milk. 6:;':.87'
Tomato Juice. 4 ': 1
Apple Juice.. 4 .... '1
manners ,a,,,r can



PslsC.WIta~l'aalTbaiTMEIM 1


- am. cm a


An -cad at.6cmsh6.
hale 3.4 Ofaa VAN

am. vkbla al~l APR


Rhe-ir of t.o indrom. t 1, lt s corner .truant In
"MIHAMAH CAHDL$9." Man eslral. Thi la probehly
thf opinunlly hW,. en ,illin fo>.

630 Atlntic Ave., Dely 2784383

TiMle lh Tub n i h cshew
I *T A mthaw) ch sili Cfa.

RD Day Posessio

An unreasl opportunity to purchase
an attractive home priced well below
market value for quick sale. This i a
carefully built resfdence of CBS con-
structlon, with hardwood flooa for
beauty and comfort, Grounds have
sprinkler system with well and pump
for low cost maintenance. On new city


a another Eulusitirilsh

3t 0Am. Alae, A bs DlM 1I.3313


A must see for those Intetmted in
developing a amall. but Eimative
Condominium oe the hiheat quality.
hia property was Custom Built for
rMial use at sot well in exei of
tOOt, and Ia available for Imme.
date sale at price of only:
STS.Ol eanaillifIy Flrmsllei



e hd-* e,



ur-W aid" aI 1.0. a

ha5na oton. Wat

ItSNa in aIL Roltl
.10wR19=% 55 -

awll, ns. M.D. Ina .
cit .5lOr=To R

Tais.,, a-lilia.I)
.11 ssis 11. InTO






r 2W-n
=s-d`"rPnw 2MME1
It na 2 W 111 Ac.Crsc

4-11De3. NOME

ph.e. 276-7046

Lavvely Enutele
4 s=m~, I Ikle .
*sI= R- 11ith hu
An" tc. .. 21c.
fassils, I x N


-si. 2 Edllau. .1 u.u a....
Dining Ru.msnd 2
Floridalea. Bo l ... lAp.5C

PRICE 142I31
eit3.ll d Ira h-s. tdSSe
koitch. -lo.yip1d. asl n hee I a.ily aos,.
Shia ft.r ro0 o aI a.oi Iril olo
sunte, Ccl. ocily Its bulosh ho 00 It ruiv~e af
swite and ri.2 oy ausd.
.., t *.nd ar.ondilionta l, e pin i.
iytm*dlr t e

3OA- wa On. O

Dadisallm e se. 30'n PenallWte



Illndaim $11. 1it

tonI w Ma ledI.tW.5htI.)
CR0551 elulS CR446

* MN


A p.6* A..

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a-hua l-2. -

mf~au Alt

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'esORKast fmt- m


MksW, In2-L Md.



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If.* WRne6sh

Isr. a- ASI Wa

AsCLanas Alissa

a. -ha-a. a
no. ha As igaNals. R

)&W A710 Req. SALE61

IatA. cSAL

pa aan. $am 0.

dmC0. amt ol



If. at. =:. la

AM, ma" Wlsih 1)111
a ma t

AR ha.

I. aW. A -

II .11.015 393~0

.50-.V-~- E-


a Coas.

AlitO.) -Nta- I-A

asland had as.f- a

a -M sIcMS a
Lae bassns"assa&

us t aI

T1"WaR,. atP- aus
50551a --w.
seans! c tsa
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- 1 Ir




sct51*(o Ro, m


APA ~R lNnson 51 Inas 3asas
am torn PUN Dis, u
'"iN ARI Ins aDonBM
Ral.ISM ~s. S U D
.441. Na, ssn asso'aa

RUN.3I (60 saal 3
.1" 1 no- Own. a
absaia. asmal

an Afin's 3*

ssaw-ft=0( 521.- a = aPA a.s,
5555 maanad aman Ranat oni
Ie) c7all smm c 0. oa s
Rn~~tea~i~~h ($1W. MsN -sM.IC.IJ

asa A 0).4. M .50' 00O

sICse a wo n .s 5a Munin U= I
06w, EsEtC Wa

.fad Aa aa


Rh ".* ahID "
55A.A 16 samar. n. x

P- 276-704 01145106 s.

_______ OIC. CL~a

11Lscs ~isssga
CTWO,. MItosa 30) lAS 11410.

WA F ton~in~a inRus
tot8.E = iWs to lea St=8aca

Y*o* WR- T m'Am"' "u" 0. aI- Z..41t
a w ,Ih),,t8,M.,k NI
U.~-1 -. It H. -.1 j
ma aa~~h ~ .11 bO.. An M.
161O'K5 p.4
, LZrllmaYR -n a- /JW.'*n
L m! a~,1. Em- a a-. n..AW' fiq m

PAM L:a.~.n
raL M54 m- W
) MI

MOM 01 W.

Is Initiate of

mmMb. M-1, R"-
th. &.1h d M..W

Ras. M'0k ". aN, ,aw -j

__ ..~ f ChiOmeg..A ~
lt ( - a Ma W""
.udoN IUUD (L a 0I~

-wk- dti .

it~~Sevl mum" D *01I02 Uaiam
MI A 12 L. .h I a W 121295

WACO T-r 8- 1.V

P.- ti F-4 & aia br69.5" o w. FREEI S. *dl*A-f f
Pill-I_ 11 MOf ML A SM524 C-W.&hlao, ffrII. ;-Wroind. .4 .. 1- ndr 6 dittA N
And V. APitt-ao. Pl.1.f D" All"g, ~ .
Tmp., hh 10 ...4.126u I
1-oa ...peel a"a11. ft..
h.6 1 0-h iW to h. old d. W
AT T ..W..

wORKTON C-A natural
I Il w. :=,ol A-1-=

Ilk~k t b.mO
Y0 V VA oftural
did. Ch A.W.I

U..,7stea ton. V a al. waif..UW. dn
.~~~N G..- -.
-I 15 -'b B-f o SW-..
-*n rnutol U

a-t PAt n

Mota = and oil
P Wie. 3M g=lrLIP*Plu
pn!2ur y~opff:a~~luoollc
MRXMA- luRn. t~r~bb AO OFHA



OF THE 1,000's


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