Delray Beach News-Journal

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Delray Beach News-Journal
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Delray Beach, FL
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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i -.. .... n'3 sesig Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton s,-n 3 I

iPilished Semi- Weekly- Monday and Thursday 1s

431lYEARN3o.9 a- DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, MONDAY. APRIL 12, 1M PAGES l f i au tePerCopyn

Motorcycle Beach Taxpayers

S*M r Patrolman

SRun Down Seek More Police

-ar I. ^. .,l" ma. d,liL1,2

JinlPn0 o 3 No lh .lon Bou d.:

FOG CAUSED frad ladin rlllht, were on hler way I. Welt
of two Ul.NraUy af MIlal *I.. Pail Bel.h w Neel fo eld h.
deas a NE Ilk AvmM I0 on the at about 0o30 sAm.
S07o0ll Bell 3sturdday orm-
aloe. Tlie ladies. Charlns |Nw-JnuMal phoLo by H1o
fry.. INt lid Wa .. CGary wrd Cenrrir.)

Craft Damaged

Boat Operator

Skips Summons

MaNp&ldlJudiJamnW.N.w- March 30 on a .lr of reckless
li. (. FridaPiy-i a oh3 warannt opntln .ol a motoo r m.,MMl and
lorthe Neeo Rle Lylek nark. d oa $I baond, with Idh nun
ewrth Jir ,IO SW 7t3 St, Frt daft ftiorFrdall y.
Laudnddatlis. 0t 0.. to oh3y a Thb. hel. n-mltd iom com.
1.h3l 1c aMbor A ah bhad pklint by 0e00 Ulddhabrok Jr.
of010.0mlo3apo0ad. 3303 Duchwoh w00 opel.tins a
6r th3 DelGy tarch Yacht CInb
FIND Approves th 3 -a:w.".. o

Lease For Park .r l.; ,3 b 3at da -t
n del t ntednn the brigh0 ol
NUFw. nadnI Io Fin0d0 3n.00 hot
a .i0th'l aft0 0 i ll .at 06ll3ht to at too b.t It
31, D0tr13 Friday opprmnd 10- O menelgr dad 0000rIin03
war o o n irgmo l whh the ctly 0l 5idnioiodbllo3h
yonton Soth S0 ol of 3ln4. Boue L nl den lll. lbis.
un=c!MtinMlIurk. qlua n n Ic the Intncouel Wa-
CIYlu3lr 'TmKtafndCJ. t; y Ddlny B1leah,. dow.

333.hher I. 10thllt o ot n30to h0 d3lea o1
0 T33i3n.n.Tlmstmnd, t dl0 04dhu00 m, dIf0 t
TheL loin lurlly + nw lho
M.ndllky mlbath of H03 ld0 .030 I,00.0 l>
Oondn a on Fnd H3lwh..y, .11
0 dinoIepnd Into pwL" 'ooodo
nsalth d?. ,d Poail3 Isnt .u. Thorp To Speak
m30l"e0 ton *. h On RediBic-lr0l33g
On334, I n W ed oll el in
The Jaye. mo0mt43 o0tel0,0
i3e.0hndol03potthmoohn06 Wedne00y. th3 DIby Boaoh
0lly .nmu l about a3kl l BErnd 0l Rn.llo0 wi3 h1>. th1ir
pro.ldd PIND amr .I thlnd, montlhb* linll a. I .h
;.rouhldl3l3vit0.Bpp.l. MaMr 33n03.l with A. .Thorp
mCeoor ol 3.the PMl p.eth Cou, t
rhkh ill tOn 0l U. I 333 st rilaltk.alhlhell 3m3,.
.13 ;033m^ m 31.3. 0 ,0 to h VbtIII .0 I olI.
the Innte.ial WOlem. 3at 3bt0 0 .07 takn, Plln oa tsk
wen$10.nl0,000aenl3I3 0. 07.of R11 u.g In0m0
0Th1 FIND ep0trntow- rop. I0 be Ikhe :IMS a.m. meling lo
,rated with u sll3 the wy,." Cok thrill ne l mol Impon.nt ubjet
noMed. to RaltoIn

P.3010.0 P0730L o nolo *,.'~4o3 *'
j.3003 0. No. 00 D=uoBlotd
a.,OooSpnoyltonoOb~aohOO O O
hiboon, boblod by a 003 d1.n. by.
Rk0. A. Robins. 34,0n3 Fot Lar

Pagk es holding 3o.lo 0o
tot K -n ar .nd gre w0a and

&tl~a. W. Medianon
saimbYI nn ldhot1 be

The imntnoooo. .[as doe of
Paonl on l 00. d~r~ Manr o 000
od 363 d b.o d loa -d (a,
-'.to d 33333. 1110ooooo.
talol.,ar Podanith-U mad00 a3r3,0b3es dyMndyA

St... andf .a d a. 3 ....03. 001..S
goals .1 of e DeIra li...b K aa.
M bol L 0&.3el.3 o3 CUId wash Shodon An Show. Th. MNn41J-un.on pshot by
Pani, N.J. 'a obod 1. obon .31 beoo .. this weak Churb.3
Jaos.. I apoon,3 b Oaksl
Jo Doo 3 Ehlo Bob Delray Beach Council
Pd,. Gald'. a, toonrd a a

300 nn.bnn ,Considers Boat

Parking Tonight
Total d3000d andankmad 3o A3

d~~n~urrrru ~ at. Co mmill. Ili hil k-lb A h.h~rll~ibP
trarks.galXI I.. 'dPL~lh*hr
h 0 a jo'ljn'tnd003 U. O1F. Research PFollowi ng faodog 33r
ft I o b 000 3300a0 all .ool de the fina lnmlld
3.30.03 Nemonata HosptodI of In All florida poarresOtbo 300..
wTyl an ndoitng strangefam
IM-111.11 aided. dwas do. I ~ o.~n ~ l~r
the U.tnmafyotltkeld0. aho ho. Ook 000 303
Boca Fireman alin. o3g.pat no p.- t b. olt.qol
Hurt While nuia ddol : ; btl %o Yon nu
Fighting Fire -AN Florida S hig oo ON o -M" n B,
BOCA RATON -03 Asitn Visa T3 ant 30 aom 33
Chle Sal 33300000 V .3003,03 30030004-1 In00 13003 ... 3300 30mu330daraol111
do hilh. fl3 a o.. 33re olN lnawlaJ0 3 sta~y of 3t30 finala f3 W
SWfllhAoao.. Seeming 0000, of Smonthered 0ha0 Illy3.03 "I 0 W
IPn ChiL And-.. pondorua 3hat toodono.In ma -I- I- nooa aw dr n' luor olo
M.II.J. pt roudbilonere hmg~, barmommilullitaminfl= olderentint
down rom I- hr bida'an AS Flow. It, nktftw an annel son-ti edles
.dold. th brsh rar. Mail. weI(~*JU~~n~n od
Idngto ofo 03 h3 0 6to10 00070 01*
:1=00303011=111. 1..oLP0 3.abd P.n~ a m f
R the.Oo.. '

n.0.u rNI Itl 3 0 00t 3y
other fina and treated on the
ur byad4or0 ,
X-Ray3 at Betlh00d Memoral
Hr 4llal neiudd no IteunM, but
hewaddnilled lronhrvlllon.

ol the
rid -o
h a.o

ir lhe




The Beoch Tapayeon' Le*a0m
aIred ompmla. l.o the ClIy C.oil
In3 0penl. "ano d"he" on" w; bop
meetinKlst Prday eveonlon.
C..ded by opohoman Ducl
Cdmpbell. 36e Leifi i 0m0d th0
ead or addlltoal polpro mention
during the Li and aoly houn eat
Campbdl pointed i3 thet t|hm
wu only onm ptnlmn on duty
between th houon of e1:0 p.m. and
7:?00 m. ou olloI of 41 an.
While CampbhU wtrd hoit tha
omptlinln 3 the Council my
lo be wety. he lid. -TThe eath
rcpr entrd thoul 38 per nnl uI IlI1
0Ital lin paid e. n thou. h ihtir
v.oin0 power i no, t 3ta. IMany n
ihe roidntnl lir e theem ontv .r the
winter ,.fon even Ihouh 0l3e p7-
p7rl" u0 then lor Ih lull 13
'Very lisot ol the t3. run.oy hoat
b.n .penl ni the io0lt (l o1 IWAn
.wa.lray Ito. MI ime and Ih
Iteue would ilke the ur1il to Ni3e
them me n. O nldnIton when nomo-
dinm bl m y."Caopbell ald.
Campbell poinltd Oa t to 0h cu"
oil th. nolkolnl probing I0 the'
]eaiuelheught nededall enln: '*
Th* roc603 on th noh d of.
the beach should be co.nnadand-
vtlo planned io make the sms maon
Tn. w0lt rid of Ooan Boul-o
v.0d Malh ol A0tIn3tI Av. b.
bltockopped 3o p70nt uriorinsyI
woilh t330 .0h 0 l0ion and provld0
e00 parklnibnlpa
A ron io on atio Seeok .
Orve he viscnd ufnroud d nch
In other arewIn Didry Beach;
D1bdn o 3the Eut Ba3nk of 0r
Ilnt0ointl W.leny 0 outh of th0
brkdl e olonnod up3
Waoer d.damn be impoond
m aoto 0h3r It llet 311le dlw.
.qiU lie pr r nctloa r ithow wh
Ai v In lth mw I0lh r1i
opofllmO3l0th tltl10h3 ion; ,
--Tht mib l tibn lio. he e

Ihe protectIon oltpe.4.tid00;
The isp.. wto obo oarnedi a
to the ependitu. of lainpayN
money on Capitol Impoemonl
ProjoIqandotnrophwed int 6hnl
Mayor AI C. Amny hnid pol ld a
C1P Commilte lo detennMh II they
were nen y and lo thd pionlly o
Clmpbe'll uld. "W wno dltur-d
over the lk of C1P Comnltln
during Il 7hopaut few mn0h and now
h.p that It3 pm3*j l would be
9gven thounhl a to priority and
Campbell a'o quliand Ihe bet-
ter oupervnal n of lilad with
mor promnlnt nmrkln. on theM
Mor0n l1fnlw m of the Chlmber
ol Commn.o ndlf.hin m0ny
from lth city wa asked. Coampey
suggl oed that om l the nli.mi
ll iIn 3 aly Rcth eoudd
0h0uph 0h3i0 hoot. otfwn neach
those pn0l0 who an thinhlnl of

Simons' Plans For

Beautiful Delray

D11oy Beach M.elr I'Innne
(nlooe Slm,,i Jlr. nomed the rity
oe lo ihr mill I ulilul In Fklrida
at Chmlher nl Cunmme Catll.
sul Thumla and ptIr nld -lAnl(
hlraoto ko it that wry.
3lird onilo hy the City 30
unpdale 33lny'. Muler '0lan oiril)
lly dawn up by him in 100l.
1lmo,, unv0rid hi3 Idelm r the
3I00 tlin0e puhlicy.
Oulllnlni Di0ny'0 plInnin3 pir
Mhnen numertklly. Simnwn pwem -
erH th e i
1. With the h mr-I n Oi-c Ill Atlintke
RBulevnrd, brintes itali, Irom
lSuouhinne Parkwao. Miitai Trail
and, m . thi hlshwoy will be
the min entmn. In `Dely Blhea.
The problem (l0 the hi y. the p1nn-
mn stated, will Alnil' beautli-
2. The ity muta plan fnr It,

Wnlnwrd uIemnlnn to Military and dat ol 0ampk lnkd Innad,
Trallh and hly I0n the Pashway. Ihouldb wumde=taken.
Ihlnklnl olidein nowr hn the 6. A bo4%ini pt0bkl In D3nIhy
viin land 0 to be devped in ABeah iathae tramlt aon Atlbnt0 3
.Irde In pnovide (oe an nrdenyb Boulenvrd.Smtouidlhatthe3l6 y
etpamion. 0h-Mld bn l Ih0inking o(f om wly
:l. The flunu ol Dtlray'. central orell.vethlluollonhoral303t Itl
loinaM d4lrict 10 .0 to be lul0 on the InlraCoalnl W=t.rway will
de-d. In many 0ilin3 tih plnotr I3000 0l*r than diuw. A
oid. I3he downtown 0amli he.e. t i- 03 Mlulian hmlht h 3 tUnli6
red due to the bui(hinl of hopping led, luh d lh N
0nten. MMl tho.uhl. Ihou3h, b Rlntn I un oLauderdel.
0n0w beirn 0in l thti proboim. A 0I3y p3anr .m l0dv. n0
brinin. ihe d4nto.n 3n0a back whoennedlrettonolg3wth0fo
inltothe.rlnmerpmitinn. omomunlly."S3mmoa.i.d+ di 3tw0
otb eodn- nd odminam. i.)
4. 03lny hu al3mt ir3ed il3 a 3th0 bu30in0 and h0oud31 todo
!wrr pnlm. h.ut It h other, and the lub-dlvlion ondliurnoi
utllity pmihlem. Attnltion should well0lhe3n0y'3oninonl0dinao.a
noI he to u nn Ihe Cily'. water Although h0 an th30il3n3 ol
polblnem.OSimonorect n _nded.. Delrm BRmeh bi not yet 0 n0d.
a. A r0o0mn0l0nd CIpital Im. Slmoo. uld. h3 would ',Lr0 m o" t
pavement Promn. with pkojlt the Id0u" lor the cillnm 'ol
listed In older 3 3n3lor3lv, finlin Dily Beach to thlnk bout.

GRABL33333001-ZNRDeC-15 bridge., eman.d0.00. 33. l. B aod -pub.p3330003,'. Orlof
C.-l fIV .-i by 0030*0303 t rd be 0.11-4103t., Not.. bNu..n3. pbof by
333 -P. 3.30... I 043t3.033 I3 gm3. 3 3 .m l o -I, the 3 won03C .. W.)

103 S.1 3743) t32.8300

.5-4m-E. I Olt,~o l~ca~
yll iIi~ ~ 00013U303L300.330


Delray Beach News-Je
A John H. Perry No popr

Program For Prog
1 A unto5ld. quolold nMftion i mntbeion oft
.i otll r ad dlloct he olohllvt af qiul
2.RuufiothoofAtbhoe Aemo from o otoo
3. Promodtiomon a lnto tt m.t otior
4. A Cpltol ImaprowMnt Ptolnlo. wih h
5T aooi ol=oTitod Lap. aod it*ollinaitl
irouod luthebId l ma.m b.
6. Dmiopmnl of. protnmo to urtrt cLun.,
DaBpeoa t Bch oo bgd bootoo. t
A lapro o l oulo m ndelomlp d t Io Y o
d" N il' tl motatd heilotlhoot hp .odofpolhutis.

Right Peg In Right
Tbe Betch Topoytn LeoaIu tohllt noiohborin o
i o trobvamo lnd proenll thtm to the ikoin pCt in
DIlty Beth City Countil itn on bi ed summtr pt
lump. in Otloy IBi e
At ot Informl nmltlnl 'lt Fiyday
night ltdt* th rt u it o the elm e. lmt ." "
City CoundliMn hl d .0 lol m- h. 'inlflotlh
plolniofthe goup, adtl.
All Inot to. m lh0.e Itto eret Thetre olo
bowa nor oltriHliol tlhi Counal. Uutol c tmldrta
Caiipbell in hi tntrln id Ihot hoe pobl"h".
league WM pbLod torn lotl clon wao
being lken lot Capiltl Iloprovemntnl
Project Coottilt.. Y BigT
T he m ay o ro . .. t eq lot t lo r =h e l
Ienol rt ch ,ommhitt. wlih "oN
-olltot1d by lhb Councilmen hoi not |
gone unoilred.
All but CouncilntnJomeJuiMy favor Sovmol np
Nlth a coomeili. Juri y loh ihol iht bin thii 0a group would e Jut one Boynton BlH
uore plce lor the Counoil to pau the knoillfrbo
buck tola oourotn &
Io tiore Ihl theCoouncil hu he full nt Thund.
orotpoibiilty in lth linl My lor any auuld thal
apltl epnodilu..b hot b. hlonnglol oa hppon In I
eaoinlthn o revie tbhe tcl in ll thb Jo. Allilll t
aend onn hve any *pechal inlert Sine ie
roups to ptmnt Ihir pl projitl wIouo l inltniln to
M to l i bhltt wy ol doeltooinio devolod Ju1l
theclty'tntdl. tilephone ho
Countoilno Jumey huoo h intetlo o rnroato ulotin
Delny Beich lpbye.l (oronMlon hi* t e ir0 p
mhid. He wnu to uve money whrte oh midentl ot
cn. yel prouvldt ll the lakr mItut y and outdoor
to the itBirnr u. mt ltlltb holp In areoppttitl
detrmlinnlo the lutu n0d0 of Delty wewilprintlo
Booch could lio lo ad oil of h book AH letter*
*nd obbb him lto wok on vertormnt or 25O wo d
'dellunroi. ouech t lhe iock oa ummer inrtlud. hi
rmtion pronrm. ithheld t t
We oly mention the blck ol iNch 0 but Iho wo
poo hoo beoou wrle ook mound to oor ntmeillbhal

Slaie Treasurer Appe

Laws Against Drunk

tIll) Sblot Twoonr
Brord William= Ioday
lond ltenlalde ppel
to "very dMchuhLn0. o*T
ci0lien t0 jaoln t.camr.
pal0 to Mtok lolllo
otoon hi l druok d1r .
Tbe Suat. Tonuumr-
Ilmunor C0mMludolur
deuloaed e wUI "'tlth
on5y heMnobh el.ur0 In
vtry reamonb., lora0 to
Mn mor ioer,. Inunt
h u ev n clbmc* to
tunabornlao thelr laed
o00 whenthy 0*mut lk
to lb hlabo.yo".
WUlliow d b hu
had tt 01dnl tlde ol -
0po0u" 1o h* 1 ppal lo1

lhb alcohol chemairl 10t
law whibh will bo intro.
ducd durll th. nm t
Lelitotliv Seuion.
To Nho. who qudlion
lh1 lowllid 00 the p10op
;Il 1 wid the Impl0d
to pttolM tho Iono0nt
b would to foott out
Tol Comhaloortt told
"all om often wl hae o
md wha. a cllthan -
vonfod I 0n an*dnt 0b
bthlahenly hatlvnd lo b
dr0Lnki.0 hl n the baet
habet h a ey' lhrinl
(ta khOck. from ton
Mike, . .

Mr. P.l.eano. 73. of MIONTGOM E
To Bo.lon d &,h, 0. d 21Kl,10BriddSt.,o
TuIdyN Apdl, Rins dd d W dnd"ly.
uSnmt ld ApdI?.
doulihtn M. Rkhleud e i movlved by hil
K000hoe .l Boynton ow.. E0I0; 0 i0l0t0r,
Beach nod Ihl frs- Mn AlieRDavi*. nd
Mhildma bo ther. Ahur luonllt
Bonbeo. 00000.1 will oere, 01o0th o Cap. N!"
e hed In Ctrrin. lOh. Co-h
k Soirl .0. held S..
soohao-cah. Funtl 00f0 a1800 -oharld.
... sad p.h 1:1l1, Ro.
wnnr on ehet o iLothUl N
M,. O on. 10, l 60
Alkn An.. De ln Bowh,
MRS. JENETTEff ded PHS at L.1
BRODY H0m'.r0t1110 0ra
Mn. Bl'dy. 78, 01444 < oeholnllloo Hk.
N.E. PFNl St, BO akNJ walt.
Rln., dikd Thnmtd., d o; m Ohe Nam York
Apil &I LUl.r Co.
Soolnot In.lud Lthtn
doulhter, M1do1d Atrimn Cl0on in R10
Jobeo ooo IBoo HtonA.; York City
*on, Hmn A. of Mri SorvMio. Include hi.
din. Mh.: 1 llul0, MN. widow, Mlllin of Dnlrty
R.D.FPSr..olHonot. Bh douhler, Mn.
L.l; four ilnodehdlBn Kenath H. Knlt o0
>_doootoe.lnttedhlld. Sol. P!in. NJ., ond
Knomr 0melnt H alte hollog ddy it Lo-t.
Bat In 0,04o. Funna l 0LHoet.
T Ra"U. 2 In duo1dby Ro. udoll
o'h3S ol Iol O y- K*L C ti follomibw.
000010. .d.




m00 mald. Jttm thiok.
too t *tllFy bl tlb
nloMl wy, lb. .0
Otimt lppOIt l ,_

press BOYNTON BEACH OCEAN RIDGE Baod m .o ittl b I. l l"y" hol l ""' u tl mid.
olt Rltton Di nm1. lla| IPnt nt1 Wlolf too follol(p hn 0.,0l0000 ,,b;.. Au I l ooi."' >
hemoof iemwbho DotUb' Apdi10ttd d to of up 1 "lwloot" "AlI d
ild.dith o to Boet "L -A. I( oohb h o wh
Board bo oit Booodot Dtatch. Vi P t ,altl. t 001 -d of pIo tooti. ld If t he oh maIho.t"
opootrky. A..Arm Rml t0 See.o. TaoeU VI Hofthlb. Zlo tt b. blh on l b. dld I hod obirmset -'a
n' unbMd Wodll Jonl. Hor y H. Oy r. Wlo H. *, t I on" m. Tbl did t I
toho 04 100. ho
llhhao 0dM10b100011 .ltu.C nebNBo lod batyl. hllod l ilohi "oo h n.t tt IlYo.htoyf ooid la d lHlu
0I0 oUodo. Ti le *o dinonha 1 0l0nll0. 0100ll0 01b. to hot. 0a 0i0b l dll*t I ul. "ut It lbh. o b
0od0 of B .oAprl he ...lag u Ndlly I"m .l ntr a. 0I boomoll "
ofourd tt to d ooo No.t0oh ll OheaUld "efht MYo Io youl lm oo ud 1. hi"
Board llano imd 0 tnlu0 S Pha r o lk p 1 1.011od1 tootlO of who ht. 11 00
the quality of ljttSiin khe" Por Wt noa So I d IL A l d t io, t I donb t want In
l1 0e. .. Apol 111 .. h 0i0e th ot bOldnoo t0I o I da wt t
Rof I. 1 Pd dbM0'.l 0 of CollEl0.lhoo. Nt.Edll pithed it 0011 wool fo0 Whoa thai tet of. 0t-t. "ttIw. w l b. 01t
Ballro1uoP0hit A u Ctoat .In-. C loIl aoodod 01 t pla0l0* M tht p y lO t." the b dht
1ei B.,h p h lfndbl~ l l. tht I -Oft Ab.uto o Bs inNoU lt S5 l *M f dEi
.k. lamm"M han .lle 1 mler and her Arr l I mo te the aml o .j*m1l*tLb,-f -I hlll *"ot
Hole MIt.lo Lb..L Wuhe W t'thdeu Tnlwobto orabout
Aothohma mtefaml .arm Heb Ruder tm I0 to m r w tm a
hings Or Seem SSd outcome. I i Z
.rtil no o o o l Soorollh hlm R= 'd hp o o f dd l A..o i a ho I > "0y l o'l pl ObiBhI =0
hCood b meibo I. o.daloSfoOoCI lootytlmneo l. ro tooodP o tm irtmI mht ..1
oMd hk the,.e b o. y Jo toot t Ch 1. 1! 1Dumbt.l.011t. oetah hy a sed, hat. 0.
Bothur to Donbar. N oluselo l I T.od ohoodl a hta. ft Z,!%; boom o h" I zecmrI
.0.00.... i lo o....od hoir 10000 hoofk heard -.i U0 ti ;'I k-b1i h" "tt.o a- t w -
heue. me vn fdo ame I- buM V I ml
h1t .. beer hor1ll. Truen. 100.r Lo.. All-olu I".o Rmir
,red ahead olfo, beut hi Praotecol Walterof.owunb g lmlcudo p. tNoheto 000 hoo 010 Tbe.lolo hmd. t'lpe
aay Bro nour n er p' 0mnt Shal ml Coul 9b Olll.o ofl. alodod oath ee rle W.hbeo od t"hah t

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1 hl 00se0t.1 -he A.A.R 1 "1.. .o0A

Fall Opening For St. Ann's
BOCA BATON The 01.oo, -hbol U al
Boo. 3.10 20.1 8.101 Aadoo_ 30yo
11-. Jor, obo1-..( of Shaf of Data31
1tb1 0 1rd011.o p ol .10k opoad 10 1 "02.
aood hadL 0,01.0 oo l ho
.ohf4_ D. ooIf110 .od bSoadoo
dbhl10lyp.ISopto,. ob Advabsk. Tol..
The boohboorat .1llowOlSLAW.d.
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SSto~ 110.0 At. loqolohobldb





loou wisaits, m~c.
pikel. buiw

Woman's World

Society.. Clubs.. School
Dot Fraser, Editor

Helen Speed Named Editor

Of State BPW Magazine

Drn y Bch ha bun a

"Flodh Buine W.
oood ll M a f of b
y"" Pas .i..loosl

WadM Chb ala ... -
SP-blo dCollym T'
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drl. RPW lur .u 0

Ciri N Apri F Br.dg
oodlad b h e i. ad d
n1. o b.P, lda1 0 .

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B AClol 01 1 Wil ha, a
Pn ealy ~oun ud
hu Co .allyrll of r
..uld. b. oM. h. Nllf aH Et

,aDlpa ahld t.. Mira. H^Uk RPD '.W

., .. 2SA PLE os-bl.
ol l Dlu0 pld lm U l ll l ntill
DupemI Ntof orth i~o~. p~M1o M 1 ma

0."d:. .0 hI. .. h .dullo l P l .
BUih llPW Club ah" p ,ulh lUraolthold rl. a IHaiod, No l.N lb.
Ilhl of ll r6 ,1'. llono.h5 L.o pa= oldlobn llfS1fl orpnhal- la ldlllua to 51r cW.b .,51m. ch r hu ad-ll.
l. Al ln tpl lb. .tlllnMrl.pd-o no 0.. 20W11M,1 o.b5
lb. 1 fCob p0m0ll 0.. r0i l 5,vl hod 1,. 110o0o0 Botofl Beih
rlua ad hl o Ibnn olb. a o Ib. Donlo BPW Cob, uohulut odI-
w..j ad 0o0. cminl 3 Coumoully W20lo. I d. ad PlomC. MocNi
Oihl.l O tvel o Ihel Soflbur. 0lm La.Wb Wlhb. BW aho.
oMh IIbO -r4d 0l 18 Belh Cmlnty H3m do. 01l000. Tbe 3it
1Ut.lls d 4 r. or Nltdl 0 alnd a, 1 of Flbo. p im .
D0el0u 10.o. ..3Uu. dloolol a lb. Pair WonMa aldr hb hod.,.
lb.l I po llbmu 111..1 Badh COinlr Vaulloool ohip "11 he pmbldood in
h0lMbo a Iho *1a111t Adl.roy loaod. S'Optmbol.
l A.eM. d P. nll h

Miss Lynda Gesemer Z .... ,

Is Honored At Shower .lo s00...
;",o- .W. Mn a.i. Come To
SldNyW. El, y .0 l- Ml Sp To Mo l Ao.
dbut1w0lrtalprmo. Reh.o Poulb. MIm.Ju- Ben FriJJ
aI1, oin by Moo. dy Wy11*. Mlb. Sbi.ll
Job. KB.r.o... =o Kllporudo. Mb J1oa.
an Sndpipr ie-,ai- hlKur. *MKH
..a.. SO bom.h RP Yacht Club i
uyloo n0t umboll. ddeco.
.a 'a0,1 d .. April Bridge
.Imh d-Ute '.11 of.
luO+O.,oo > Luncheons Set
prison 0m1on ob l. BOCA BATON Thi
hlldo0ehl+'.mtlbo,,M1.. oyal PFob Yacht and
n0ldybario hr, bro. Cmillly Club hl Ib.. <.
10, Mo .adb ., o lab duhd I- boM ld 1.
iMnldnmlbo. Mm. .t nl b.l o 1bo li onth for
Culman: Mb a :10011aed1 1Op10lla
300.00. Mb. =low PI.. F.lon .IU 1
Randll aod Mo. Cho.- Pmnt a p thMlo-haf o,
bo Wh0.. Col. nd Ap.Il 14, old D.ay S
d n olll od 011t. sf Aprill 7* 5
.a0ri0 lb. by :ddoed .lll O. 1 b.
011.0 10.0011 15 l .11.ul a ,
n1( ,lrl Mol Moo T51 Wi '.I Golf A.. -
p.ri J. H#.0. and Min locll"o li-I 0 .Mla0
lr J 11.. lhrb dy April 15. with M..I
:ld it lbr olltl p p R"o W. M .br, u dub
t10 bidllMd Mn clan.on, ad M. Ph.
Ol.r Allbo, M J., p HAib.
Arbuh,. Mn. Johb A. c1hlmn..



Sumptuous "50'

C- qoApartm.iooo

h.ul1d b.... V -4V M0000 of II
--dsor.hll &S OIIRL---dIAT 01
MOOr-ou A 141111H

M-s H_ llAF4KOI
100- O Drtv North, or
Plm 211 6-B124
Broke Invited l loia l0bj0 to

The Robert D. C. Chapins

Honeymoon In Palm Beach

b.1 Robrt Cbupin 0
hoMymonnInat Palm
Bea h olo thei
Milue nily In April ol .
Shake rHeihll.Ohio.
The Lonr S5hrr-
Mautlh. dilKblr ol Mr.
aMd Alr. Mas Houck
bllhb Jr. ot Shk0 l 0
Hllthltb clth brd
of Robrt D Couryrr
Chpi., th .on o Mr
.nd M M Cmoll Ho.M
Chp"' oI Palb Trail
Delnry Bech. and Slhklr
Heilhf,+ on Saturday Ap.
Th. mddin blid
st 410 o"Clk at St.
PNuWl EPIoM" Cbufth
I St. M on'"

SRuth W1C dy M.i5ttb

Whn. UMr. .n Mu..

Cbahod 0t1yr tsd R T b C C

Immedie. lby 1wlu oi l "y Bo, Woo.0 H(owo.
I r lUon ad. Sool Ml l .. .d T Cobr
i mplw ta
When Mr. and M.:
Clapi.u"tu tLoShchLk Th.blid.luMd.. Cent-ty Colap for
Hellhblla. l1a fil Hathaway Bn Worn tHacketltn,"
_t 1a60l UthiLnmld. 1] for f.Obhl tb. VJ., .ad Tobk-Cubu"

JosnOlfAt.Guild Sets Instalation
BOCA BATOIN SI1. l*oo ullo apoddol
J'o 2`o Gjldj.. prowMal.; Mol .a
that dW- W~ldooo DO-S o.=.oodi
Apr1l S.,0 7 P-01 oo law; Mo.. 200t.0CohfI
Moo. hoo S 01 a..r A bodoloo
A bw- altall.

=.. tar10 a 000

"""010 l. 010 7
mo .100lbO1301

School, Nmn York City.:,
Sh b. i prool.l n-or
1ir lt tN1 Junior Lea-M.
.of Clvelnd.Ohlo.
A ooadolr of Clbmit''
Shlmnl Bown UnlnOrly "
.nd lhb Un.ltyof r Vr '
tlu. Law School. M. '
Cbopln pmently i0 "
Joh.u. Waon, Holrd
Puo,.Suo 11van ald Polo.'

_________1__11~ _

. B.<.. ..^. >........ Realltor's The Way It Looks
Delray Beach News-Journal Roundtable Contemporary Living
boo, h71 0odob yoooumre2e 5i10i Oh.
AJlilf. PenyN-ipaps W. N-. 1a, cms r ism iajlro i aiilbiac -u mkL Vast l~di
1y ---ud- In s m 1 .... bYZ 'upet Ii.
Program For Progress .YoNON BEc. ocEAN I . -1 h"e. 1 o to u.
BOYNTON BEACH OCRAN RIDGErd Bull -*factrs -'W S^ I- -you L
baa ........ 70Yo0 .T- 0v o i amn I sld,.
f' IR t" o d Umi ol dId"t. aloal. Bon Sf b.tot oo o 1= s a loth lb.."h b. "All I didd lu" a10
I. Aonit .ld i n lo t n InT1 ofl. dlfl dl -.dlio tth m l, p ou d l. IoO Saltu. 1o So la hal s l., w hlt.
d-ro ?r^. ,.nloeddoot tddod ootdllc Yoo k01ri0nohod.'oitopl y .'n the 000 .ho."
Fm dbllulila tinA 8a# Ythl.tin Anof rtag l ISM= bu.
SPD ino h nntatol ttitclats od aon etsi ffo T T Vti Hoitt l. Olo too soolt o.i ho of Ith diffioul I hod |otorIt I Io.2ft
4. A CapitalIoptnao t P 0olm, with ti oio Wido s Jo H B. 1 J. w H. o I I ooo" them. "1hat dr tO

so. d .o n Bl TBWk. tll. o.koo 31. fw.o dI to o,. 0 1.0lm d115001." I "BU- ?. Do "to B Iu "t t or

SfnuK !:';..?"1-'""* N .iheltS"",';..o.^,-E+ S i S i S i ,,*..
Ihellot of o p'0I00 no attra t e oh..loI raofto to Z0wotl.4odI h, ,1000 0000 o o:'OI'. oo-
l.Apt1 tthe oooo "Mnpeomy Booo ofd ptIogtoontsfheel t 0 Yto 01 derid Ia hopin. omal af W10he .. O0 .I =ltoto to ld

ll 7. A tapo S Urcp m Impvinl"c t. ltrpY l E p I 0 .lnli .3lltl HmO r q t lame m1| Rngol.Bll~ Imm.
osf.ll0. Uld d s olddoin ou ModeyO I tLsdo w. p,7 l.todtit."
1h, Do lhys of M loo o.11 N o ,.1 ith curb so. 010o o. n0 nfl 1 I tholwe hoy. o p ~ r o t 14- T .=
wis.e .m 24.h1 I a Ith.oa o M nl6.11 Iho ogh._l!!.1 "ldheo "r
Right Peg In Right Hole wordea. obs.ano s. I "WhiCa'h10oltr Tho bot nhohl
Asl' ltohudiftg s oonIoottts oHll ultA lt d-ndd. o n ahlt l ta nh aols
ptee lt wer H Cc It uthi A bid. sad t" nh el e
i osll oth thb to any. 00 h.| itiounyll o 1opoto. i Hod 1S 0 y'otd 00.0rn Alod A. R4k 0o otdMid Fhe moloS r tl nd 'd o hoa po ,.
DooYittl ooh City Coinodlio0. 1 hi 000d*u015pr0 wih thobli non. C to o0 ll0 o 5 Ol y. Ho t Ch,"t _O I T dhey hoth n lo o-So .Costi Real.y B
Clpi lllio 10.. Thomlopp. ;o Dohenu, 000 ilo ood who sdllt ol thoog t l I.o ou- n ho alit p .y out h
At 00 inooI 000n. hot d Sy Atho, llooho. He005, p0013 shoti 0la0,80 diia ass. lair I t i = add: Okh son del t
nllight o cld at qte l o 011 I0. ltIrn.l I ii 01, 0 n 5.hlnhp thO t bbl hno: b 2p Sblkkily 1l t1he .Bo ot h to l .lool lall.ldl.tblo I= B wha oM i" 1oo.l

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hosl. .u pa1s0to Me11,1 ti n2 d -- 2. huSo WtP m .," tt old ;a 0. cr 0 h t hu
00Iia 0. 1 0l00 t I Big. qk tao nhinohlld h I= K00 00- Is A1 1 TkS l ni Is t i> .
hlot. +d .. P tIht.t Ja .'l o I 071* o.n
.ine.d lhs Iho Conoon hospital I om t 01. 2Iomi lolhl--36 I m ll o Sd I l a t I
10.0Di on dIn>,th I.....yn,,wtl. l n okhodd io s. Ko.. -mI to Ago... no.'o" n. h- o. U" b. ,ook tnyhet I ..W l -."n,
,,.,o10...oiltlo. J0lh,* the 110 th.Io t n B nt I0 loipnin .nbg.or. o. oullrn bol. oinote to thedloolon You m p .l'l1th l- .o Ito m ulth 1
Al ynhl in lah n I amuh u l euld fol r e ocn e l af l e llleddno IW ud o h atbr will ~S IO i 'Do 1he ii !o "a male r d ml pUn
pl.,, 00...,.,..]0070 t.00 d,0,o u ,00..]lhIn.. Wb', ,o 00 .005 Of old..-- .. ". ,U <_."> u.W ""t. ., t"l.." ,he ." ,
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State oTouA e anoynlonBranlo strl ISI hedm --.Y "sly dt e|ud im Must L
i11t 10 Tlh l ,h Coonoil h l th B h, l oot Thondoy, hot 1 dlld 030 lwil0im tt tlWN 00, o en ho db 00 th1. nd0k0 ho 0.l0 hd h. als sothl
opoolbilly in ho lla 0M1 y lo 0.ra o oo0d that wheon 1i, o lil 00thi0 onop 0 r0MP i 00000 A 1 01 o d 01 10halo. Wld d1" t.1* .
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Laws Against Drunk Drivers" "o- W. oo + ........- ,Al -.. It 0tnl dm Ah hoat Io Io.a
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Obituaries sa.. Co.tol;sb r ,.,.Fl gowto o n3nbadIotnntI ^ tin5 soont
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Bas Ph.M-.

* Woman's World

.."s, ... ..... .. r.oa Socety. Clubs.. School
to I nd ... t.n tl d b Ciob Dot Fraser, Editor
d.-a W ---^. Mari.n a.d sFad wa. _-
NIAGE Cmb Etopln a aded. foBill
like itnod b;. dey. I... IO UMI hn blood I High
rhI-,.., FH- ft. d InHelen Speed Named Editor
Jihe i| P withCn i, E.Atl- 1
mratL. nin m tw tb I h. flond.-
WSordanhem -- Of State BPW Magazine
ihd nd An. Ldi.a qMut th Dotrwyn
Jorntc lheeUnllwd ,I| 1endd for Lu.d AI-.
0e111 onf wnlnr-wac n'a wnfptin n t th1 II. HM 1 lkS. Sennd of
wood feoftlocfdenoI 710 oll.Aywt Beach Lt. en o
Ma l c 1*.Pl Bah r = Ft Wo'. Clunb p..
9lr..l.'. -^.d- n"koa l^or W.
Senw .n B ed nndd In, loddo o on..y w
chinn lb.a I lhe Nt h P had inn. C n
wb4 t pt- iF n. do.nne i whila .inh .Sa 'a. n
wtlhed on.n^oothld. Chtl. oi u ip n.for n w.. IIr e nulhe
.knnsinnch lod .wy S ntYw tnkl lb. of nppcwnxtewnly
widthrcy tlkns ( wan ,th. onwl bmbhion ting 1 1.O00 uod nal .R- l~
Ad1: "a.d tonw .11w WaldnI Aa .0'a NV .l-b
that d- t happ.nn lto lb tVthl Mh'a b".l lb ne
Jw= Iland piwutiol nd mwlsbt h h:ppy .,- u
they'c. nl oenr tin modle 0 bo. wAny Fnn", Bnn V..
Tha.nddlothtilkno b nniinof m t- Nat iona 1 11 n
.nwocenBfotntmt Ihow- nr nn n ny. N. Y. cS wnain ho1 o ad 'nd
h pthe of bro wn L n by o-n
ndl.. d In cc 0. .. bock In b.. o.1BIW nn-Z a
IMo p O beer to ham of BPW, u wen -uI
*0.cdlb Ith t lcru and. a n jotnabIng.nns.s Flo4idib cluo hiotn
w'i ool netInal th.t Pnr. fStnie,1 d wpo n ntfocn no d
d w I nt thlt lad w tni n, ht: boacd I1 dinntonI wel.
lalr-t tIwM cland. C o. a. k Bc. l dl wee
tahin u..tb o ut- sc t Nit .. .. ly DWcncln1.
lwwet.oc.atb. LIIi."h5e ncd tb. IMS Staen BPW Ctn. pu^^e ^*int----e--i
I'm =P PM q: to2t hraNew N or, T ntoo to b b.ld at tha NlaHKLKNBPD
wn 1wltbot Hn i N "7. 11. M urha nmi .?h m
lcdhaacheldl nl flllec e
te nil'cwa oTen From Area 1. fIn. t ol t
Atol.IU Candidates t fie-. Cnwcw "- rtt,
ct(Ib, ut no-. For Degrees JoIn olinllMnnu In Infr to dt r i hi wonh, b.h in ppoin
,h 6,U20a0onted t a lI Allti pthp I1tll lI, Spnd 01OnWlh mtimn t anh
*pung,? -,, *o """' Tco d dlw n bow l. cia d u linennnt h p N toln t t t hi ftd r 11e n t Cb H Oyn ci Bach
nu c wticddncIn n ondin d af Co uny II. nd oaor MfcNl
d I a.c t a tin -th nic nd- I b c .
wold Inclueaintoltbln, 3. 1w b hu snrnvd u I Becoh Cmly HlO 11 lUnrrt. TIh lnt1
ti n FlOoltkialgtr Lab tot PPW de. as b.

23nda e-rLe.tgtAal A.arn tnl, e h
b Cnih t. t t .cw i -l "."a: Ynd W ad i irie m ntonr ao Blutt M

Frido wc an e. tw iK d Nl .101 1M wSt ll.L A.o 0 ete Ta
All. sm meoro ho ainy- Wl Ea nb W En 11 Wb. A---p T-n Mb. a

nddY in I nook.lnd N-nhlowa oll ho l.. in

dwnclnmr l..hoir fart M kh.owr IT01 by Mw. dy WytN. Mi ul Sil. ns
Elerdvlcntlaon.Slly nd ,cAitr n, A in .duca. Jnkhn Kfinnorn t ihn, hal t Ktllptrlck and M11b. Ja
JuWan =e1r akn lot. tn. Wila Ac a .L .. _in _i nt. e. 5a a
I = I"tintnod At Shower, At
nnwl lt. nd. Ca wtwwntl, t cow. not. IML d i.ntk n RP Yacht Club i!
qn.flne In Ow w It. w.dhdl Com e Toyonetmkn dne

S..oart ..Iw, I .I t o wi= w Ithnl ct kl. April Bridge |I
r ieaa will .e p;~ ~g~ ttllt;! Luncheonswit "o
JEdl Inhnd Sa y m y tfull ftMlok dum etlok p .n by thi BOCA BATON Th. -a
WIdn, J,..botlbll Bccniuwniil ina ol bIdh-nliKtn ktntb., Mw. yotl RPalm Yacht nd I I
lfoIS ld ind Ap St F d l.yOa... ,l, Cotly Calub Rha2 M ab.
lcoabr. "V dley n p-ala tr, M h., lcd inr duld twIc brtdp Incn.
iwindmouti. Mn. Pete cn. lch eo ti s th for
Fall Opening For St. Ann's I ho; Nb. sn n.i tawodilg ea.
teaanMb. Iwa FTin lnan Fhurnw will"

dqu ft. 1 Rlandll nd PM. Cicar IhbncI.n1h w
WOICA BATONN-Thb. tIn.w.. whaol a enn Wltle. Col t d Apcr 14. nd1 Dwy
Fall. uOpenin Wg For Sti Annd' B's s d MaI Br n-o d l Shun a Adlat 28,. n-

thb.boh.ottbEpkhpol hink lpied i IIn 1BL Olihr iue ttlndln H Ifol .
schboilF liFc .olohaJnI- t Bntn uaniutloun thl *lro mnsr. Mil. Mar-i Tr Wont Golf A.1.
u.ud tt S. A t o d .lln i ptt J. Hl.t and Mi. C n aotlou hI ". t 0 e.,1
School Bo alto will l d i Srh d, f- a Bon a wHit tlcon d B J H Apil 11. with M. Shool Adndoi TSaI l ntd te lr p eTO Boy W. MilkL, .u cbi
inotel .. anr ndd Ion- i btn r gn; Mn, holn., nd MPFL
ho.lbao da.i ot1s EMin ntwllpvd.k Aa M John A-.- c0hin1-c .

oeal doy students owl
f0 nickb oatll dnminwa. pplictmt e i o rcdwedin
tO. rn inn acptld at hi
1"S. Ann'. will op n time.q ilN'ould
withlwd~mov.throul. a nddatd to Ilb Rv..
12S nd with a fintlnI HunlWytl-BtownJ,
13th yr0" wd R! S StA. sAnn' school. P.O.
Wyplt-Bn.wn lound., o. Bln 1047, oc Htulo.



-ikd Il mi6wy

1M S. SwiNe. Avem.





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aop llnOI.ld .-..bja .

The Robert D. C. Chapins

Honeymoon In Palm Beach

N aal ltd Mr. and
M. Rfohbrt Chapin an
bormpnnlng *I PFlm
Biach folinrl lthir
woccng corly in Apwtl oI
Shlacr efigets. Ohio.
The fo. r Shecy
Mstlno. dulhter oMr.,
.nd Mrc. Mo. Houck
Maltheb Jr. of Shkor
Heighlt. beco h. lbid,
of Robnrt Dc Connry
Chipin, tih on of Mr.
.nd M.. CimU Ho.oan
Chnpin of Ph.i Tril.
hlDlny Bnoch.add Shknr
Helchs. on SatuIrdy Ap
The adding hild
at 4M0 oc'ink at St.
Pul'. Ephoopil Church
in St. Martin' Chipl,.
with W. Ciho McCck-
an ohldol'n ot llh M.
The bd*' str. Mi.
Ruth W.ndy dMatth.
wo. tih uld .I hano.
and GCol N-.nomb.
Chindkh It no. bht
an. UVhn. no Max
Houck Msthen III. ho.

4bacr .l fIid. J. J 1
Rihirnd T *ylcr and o-
berto Guy Mh.,ky. fIlolncl n
tbe .reloy. Ib b.rkid ,
ptntant. an hat. for -
Wbhn Mr. and Mn.
Chltpin atuo oSh1kr T brlidea indluato CenIory Colr. for
Hilh lb, h y wil rold. of Hthla Brown Wom. n *t H0 keltlOwhnI .'t
t113660oFihlllRoad. School far Gtlb. t6i NJ.. and To-Cohbuanm
School. New York City.:
Sh91w pcchnlk. -l
Joan Of Arc Guild Seta Installatlon In, 0 lh Juninor
l CICla-d. l.SOhl.
BOCA RATON -1. t, ll a M oupn~rlnl A gnttn nu1 0 d Ch n'-
ani S A. od ll Mo3U.A. ?n.=h Sachool, 8n. l ly
Joan .c nl aut wr pltia Mt.. GIn E dlthcdUlby. U1lolVy '

---.a- Int* dApflI. yl.Clntland.

fdhaditan ttcat I J

onr an in Fallen uien I
aa seaaarte
o"""~SPW II o JnR~
,.~ k'll s tlIl I .lau


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01 nhoc w. l. C rarI 6. l~s. oo,
blto-CUltlook AI Y. lvoad P101Botnn .1

ol ARIICA FLOV IOSmlh Inc k InSI 0.4ho
FnInyHol bolt. IInwqictl.-in.II'. ohoCi
Iwloinpa14w~r n.I o~o.ob ,a b..l
blnk UIn.TIll .m I(~OIUtin.ld noL.

Ben Franklind
mm...m B64

Presbyterian Senior Citizens Set
Thursday Night April Business Meet
Clr2olh.Woma'. ThSenlor. Citih il0 MWeil or Mn Robea
ASo tNfl... Dlby m at tho Dln y BSach S00r.
Bolch P.nbEloan Cm0unityr CentO r Lut Wdn4dly nill's
Church. US., U mytoa t Tohady. April 1. for brid wlnaMn we. MN .
I. in IhtS dualiol K..nhll by.ptlluck Hiade tayir, ond;
ildino th chourh od oloo. Mi G. BP l thid:
Mol. J 0am.,s B 0n wll .1nd Mn. M.r,., t 01
l. t. Apoil Emp3.l Finall. h, ch hl. r lulhll P 0Iy.n g
S0l t 010opic "Christian phluopMty Md bilnhdoy 0uca wLnn0 wm
Hlc, E.du lSo" Dr. disar s tb, Colo C.- Mb. H.im1 Plon 0.d
R O.Gu.e..iu illu. d -ClobAprl.u2 to.. Mo. H.hb. hl.
i 0. .. ., ...... iu Brai.... i inn ol n 1
HoW s will b. hl a ,nn. ,d. Ro.dli. t u "p*. Thu.ndy ,rd
WItsams.Welr tD Ih. I lamI n. b. .. y w n M ByI".K
Cunl.Cudil. n tah o L l;, John Co. 0nd.
-MN.C JlC ilthlld; ,mJ
Cr Mo 0 In 0i7nd;nh. i
1/ STRANO The Gerald Tume.a

S .. .If. and A.. G.ooM
S..Tun.. ol... Di.i Bou..
HOW Am a VIM1 ,u. hOay BooUb. n.
h. 1un H u,10 of .
1rls'o ea mlo ..e.oiot" 1 O o1 daughter. Christion Elkn.
-Wt Pal.m 1 ..h.


Unexpected 'Guest' Tuesday Bridgd

Never Had It So Good Grup Names
Game Winners
Bo- Raue-- -.Flo.d- T 3de .
d ridents. "du ear ondof oyt .lTtdaDxeUp
d.p In ur n a o y h plarn"sn w"0k,4 Dl T
Col. nd1 hn.0Roe C. .hough . 0. 007a n Comnit0y00
an w eb ent e;r 0...In l h e hlh r-,r 0litb .l in w
l.ndn>g. pe.hwann hl d u .. rlil w e. duIe d nI
Iu00p0 tnd an0 00 0 to h. m00l4d.up peonall. North and South wr..
iolm. 010010. Op. -TO- .l 00000 .. Th iMn, --Mr. Cmn S.
ird ohooolono too etae *a 0p 0or idoplon 000 me l d MrV M,. i
T**S"olest 00010r vinl Ia0 bon 00y 0 1e4-ondo nd M.0
n .. cp R .dpm ut ntn lln odp- n WSamr second .
100 dor nor. 0140; DrHW. WZ ,
,II 0 .yoo*o .Dr. S. Portnoy MmS. e. .. 1 .ir4.
nd and To Review Max AMoo0 C1 .n.d Mi. a.
at had book.n .l nd Sdpti'; Ma Wbede
otlhriod a ad Eastman's Book it', .. W.
Thnodpornmdt 0.0 n,.. MH
.."SoySn.". 'do bcOt BOCAIRATON Tho It. K;Sd1 S 1 AlM. gE.
ohmes .o. Boy.S .A ct, 0u ld intrry p MP m hShaIdon, tifd.
kito hery o.= d Mil- Pony, culu o t
te.s. u3 a.0nd Bow. Himory D0p0rtn0t o Lutlhran Women
ThemothelOrwaurbo le Floridd Allnllc Ulvern..
.a r fr ( r 0.kll@ bIe. ly, thIir w nthly bmoo Mark Birthday
nuM orh lT nJur be, M v .Tuy,ld Ap l 13.
Mn0 Rod.e I0k0 oor. 0t 10 0.m. I I0. Xot BOYNTON BEACH
hblix0-fedinthL 11 ltn~ Olufldbulldin. Th. hu0. hmn of
e0r0 Ihme hou0 and 0 r1. 1Prtnoy r lviw .. nrion Lutbara
maeq int]bhi.vlnolop t ..hlomon5 s 1 wdly.. Churnh held I hdlly
0lo.l07m .0 too.0ll d b 7oo ." O M .J 1 porlul U pp.r LihN
hor Bo0000. i Thn noen _h.0f Zn m llaMh
hJIr uI ollli d-- Dl.Pl 71i0n0ood .I. int olk. a i Lob ..
e ~ 4 u heSnoopeyl 0000no lndlap nt.h0

hom'0e 103" ll "e p 0 C.u400 .100.
i u l unl I Ch h I ly
inl. h l, ncommad that
Dr. nny11. l t7-. ,tbhe nulonO 'Luot.

mi nd 0hCe oluRul d 0Fldd0 wood iri
hoy. Tb bb k wil TI. M
(1l00i I t 4040bi'l0. 1t' 5l .h03 L.tbM
phl0l =uno I* Chub In Holyoo d.

Hm ateur Nvolutlm- Hn W r r win I n ti

0 dluuel in. h Mi bookl Nh d.l.i. io. Al.o n
-kao 'h ; "ci 'nueJ Luthno Chuor. Abl

.l Ini oty. DoP u o .E. alU1 I n. V.I Mu..i
ACMSoFPARIMM Conmldo. Totd. L.. prl4t ol t.

('lilll IaI I*II

100 cubic feet of room and a price
below 38 other station wagon models
... still more reason to
look to Olds for the New!


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Briny Breezes Chatter .
by Charlotte Knaus.
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Poinciana Club Sai0K atd _
Enjoys Visit t n r;
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Religious Play "NIVI *1 ontob1Beo
Reading Set ba nm I.
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Undur Wows Management M
New Owners.Ish and LILLI.
Lucy Henrman BOTIQU
SOLDI 'Ul1...

to % OFF 'w' a
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1111-.55..5... iI.91eulr,.,.

906I.Ads.*Am ftk""cb an +W(nI as A New Plane Banr
0- 0 W Ift n1" Come to the Opening Tuesday-Apuil 13
'vsmb"PRO TMIS.. m. n-, .a j- a e tnt.n
.....ra.... EntertainingNigahty

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lo,,w 1nn,1" ,,R*OMP T SALVAGE or6OS22 ,


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t | H TRoARENlA, H room l oRr ni I Sm L S 3WMCo Vn
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GioLF STERRACME PRIE T.OLI) bTeAn s nL 2~ e"8~h 1Mm. ShAl

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IrEL.A P .OLIVE =Ca ., man.

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R*EN AL, OP AI.A. ,. > D=
.6 hP... I... i .,n i 2 AEWS PATIO SAI N.. SS .

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HEMl. F. KOCH in.. REALTOR MN in a.lo POOli OOMN .

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LS..m ... .=.. ... 1"01 _ 3400 wIw
-3 HOMES E*IN -,A an.1 ii
"'GULF STRs& EAM PEIWDT SfE.AL ;;&-IUt2 Ipn 362 r4 4
Q..k $19,900. 3103 S4CHIAPELIHILLEBLVD. '002

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ELEA P. OLIVER 611C1A662 66263266
NZ1166262608 SuF.Oi CLE "I ARANCE 6
L........ JSPACEOR .

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4.2 I 2I6 0* 1 ft .r. In

William F. Ke, J,, Agent, Zr.4 UNU SM A
!T'. 460P1 67 6 1 6352. 62266 .
66..212.he.4. 16662.668268664U128.62 f*~.W 68. 066 .6 66056
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rlLD~~~r*NIlM6~,** *IIUI NNSONnr'ra.

eionS ,fl..nd IlOhau.ul ..lJ. .tA pnn A ia I IlPoe.?
Elks Have Large Attendance
hueanded ad kit.r- co-opn.edurlnelhinm Rother pmented ift A ruralank dinMr *sl
ay.1inElhandathirWi,. darislnaitnale. H. rPameaainoppnalelan am earned. mib Edrd Edwa r
- Including nperelnnl paid tbafe to outolne for hi mork during nh Pm.nd.nenl am St [
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alnnaltlanemak. j 1AAA ......AAA*****AAA...... AJ...
i wun Dbtlact DCputy
"'" ..." SUMMER Suuum
R 1pan palnand ama awna d3
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ri lrdI noted fc- ) /iSllleMembershUp
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the Lod= e aa l re. Si llmly.-ber,.blp
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Dtinnar'fsicDmecslog.Rasa u' nSuia stead.-Ph..n 78l03B i

n5ii~?sewece U annncneaIaemane
ar IIra~

Extension phones
help you outwit busy days.
Put them to work all around
your home.
How about one for the kitchen?
Best way to keep an eye on
what's stewing, boiling, broiling, toasting
while you discuss what's cooking.
(What else that ts r so little makes you feel so godl)

SSouthern Bell

1. This Conanst la open to all lidrea (oan 4-
12,)resngln thhlalMaorjultiann ionlngl. *
2. All nertae muat be rclred no later than 12
non on April 1, 196C

oehring lhee plkm Be laeur to coar beth
4. A*lnrd Ill be bsoed on then aoray and
(appamnane. Judpg d lon. will b final.
Pennr on allad in plain toe thal nhidren
h.t lcl.on Wlad be ue W notod
nhael-ny yethennrman..

"I U ...........................................
iimmi ....................................


I| < f .no..M*.pbn |M In 3fd.gpkKe

L------- -- ----





Spoonornd I yyol r...
N.6.-1.4 MINAU
I4 N, 414. AIL ,I1AY

'V t%

Jude A.Un 'el DOana nnd
Drelry eanek Reald.lila
Chairman Paul Frerceay.
(NewJaJourl phaot by Heo







Team Did Well
T .,o u.n. d n o- bo- -. 1 0.. Hb."I
mm lth1 u to lb. S=b'. Mino." Elutnu -
Delry Bedh Ployhoo Klnrlth hoeth nllbu.
rour an a young Ld .r py. tlb le
hmbud4dnd-11.. = wbo |oee to hl. 1 ah d
KnuMth Dd Elbi Par- puu her partJ ln s du
lcoDnrcy. Each1r1bl withb ber mnt a*d
lph l 1 t tb w quub. hollu eB lumL at l
tm-l*-E-BWfoem i. and Kmn tbe tniculn
plolMod -tnia .nd H.mrd student .bo I
Kcoonth u p1tnil rt- br.,pnridtnt dmlor.
~~ "o, f Nobility
Wd in. A Thao_ d
JC.wO".k oL-,. In Area
pem0 In Itb Februay
tlc.. Ulbo ,bl Last Week
Snlmh.." K. hd hW
Btine 1.1l of 0n1 wo BOYNTON BEACH
bolD u oe- Th. Om.. Club In
d, cnd sld in hhol. Ob. 0 Ride 1 l'ut to
ru. Cnl Rob1- J 4n ,
Kenneth Uhew.. wee Vogue. Olmember rd tlb
In thl. t0 Mhk l.cTlbohl..TC 1
"Se.d KM-No llcA iy. F.
Kcopmolblrochl cLntMb M g
Wterreo.ldi0n DIcIolo oM iK.Mo.
InhlIpoartyalollb.dIy w nd Chnmdon,. t lr1t
mui n0coltdW by lsm ondwooltlhbl.lknown
tollmsl nlpndulo it hobomp.ln. prodocld
lb. naer0 pluoy, u onIlnFrlncel.A.lMu,
lb. no Iarn thl di ge| Dietoor, CWont de
cclnm who dbncd Voey. hubnipervndthl
dcIk .bat-ha-.b with M cyltll o1 tih. lla.
StIUcRe 1n1il0glb.eIr, found. tl 1743 od 10i.-
n ca.mlcur in od In Epmcy. 1Fn,.
hbathplcyc sin0 1930.
Whl K1 w.0r oL1tlh MeLbods b. hbucl10-
ut prlttau 1 uI- du- d .n1 laknli over
.ldithlMUrIt lb. tBouogeooIt 0ofl0
Elubu .In 1obf of cnd Chumdom hboo. 1
mnd. eHU both cuwd poduct1don Mi
sbown ud mokup u iv iveI.n the finn
Tn lc "Ro u A (pul0l0n lor beo on.
D" of th0 nost .lImlY
In th in0 1pd0k opemld .lin-plodudno
olrheDcluy Bedh Ploy- orfpnition51.


d1i louhll v0t0a1 over Ih,. 1n' G11 A.. oPp .
1rnmr up FnccM Tauo. lion GuGM DOay louT.
ll I1 tlh Wome' G(oll mraet 01 Univmily PIrk
AI0tion 0 t Cyop CounolqClub.Th.lrco
CTk Coul Club wiohlb -Gorntc0.
oh ooo p.d In th.
.000. 01ht1, leab.,thee F01thin.coro lhl
hbrd Iouaht matcb Mu 10 9 we"0 ChebsC Con.
lyd. id, wth AdWlcld Oy cnd hAc iot. P.
yr infl dn| 0ou Cabman. Third p-d "
P11nnn Ttlcil a on p en" I1t Lucluc L.
on lh. Ilh bob. In tl ..m ilh
third nfiht. 1dlh Rockb. f'04.
w .1 ,.0 3 104 1 o1 er Splitlin th fourth
Jhdy =".5. lolNod
In bh ..real.. y 7 .5 rphslc rdnlJ.
nt, Ruth Pinb won1 rby odah r
Co. A with 1 t 0 m ,Bo Hdo,; Sb.nd
W0L. M110e Naool Cbb P.0.0pp 1nd 1.
bonoChmc 76. wn1.1
FCh.T..ybIlahn w0
1O l0 rln .01 r Lo. l .4 CGJfin

DR71ntoK 0 f1 r pn In 1 VHIL
lb Dwlny Bech WiJio- c CS
hm' Iolt e Dlwciallonl
(niph Collllbn. b 3 M
.afM17ao1 0 ln0nr 0I5U*MMIfU
1,o. 0001 ,r lhb d1.1,
.nU 1u0 .301 by 10lcIn~ltMHM
Thudri. ,A-.r--

CLwlin O63 kbun ind "is *s tnltl
hbi lult E. hiullh tml




ln--- I ---- ----- --- ----

k rrru AQUATC
1: w-W.--



LOO n(111111110
011111111REALTY, INC.o
vw" LAWN 7

11111R1_ 11
rrmDM -n
A "l 0 A MAU MKI

A NS4709l


)(n )3 --IECfTRI_
3124LRMTS 11 A w- A 1if
ROSIMAINE PA("Ul~ll oonn
BEATYON0--1c- =44



Ad11 "
%S IL4IhA &P lbe0
278-3600 M U

IL PAWO u olr o ) 5 1 (~~

DIIVE mnr~ 276-6321n
h~k- T.M.-

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