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Delray Beach News-Journal
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Delray Beach, FL
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Unguarded Death Traps

By iHMe h
Saft Wrlt.r
A toU.lo 44 I hildm ulctedin .
*andoned 0 rinnl but o0 U
0.t .uli6Me tmcEoohd f.or ,c
d. lb
Mn. rldr Meed hr, n of Boa
Raton plans to do omtiln( a*boul

.pip N han uth PaM. Bhe
C00nty to p'nh. t hb M0 t oS f hil
"W0*0 In c0t0 t ID hn 60 d
anr hltdnn di* In nfrirnton In
the ouih 0tou0y hul yc.,l' .. -i.
No Iluu to MM Inrpoiuibi
dlltiu, hbe mllht l addWd. It

took thb opoe only 61. mlnute
to lid two *b.ndo20d nW--rnlon
witbdooannd locks tl i pla .
T" wim Ineatd In -.nt let
on NW Fifth A-n. Just hbll I
bloa nth of Atletifc Av .
Mr M)rEachron. who hisbml
M0m0n0 rl00 r hr h 00 in0 in..

t hBf f l 1. l ben t e W
*f.. 0t0eh. 00a A6u.l60ry .0S-
6.r of I06 Rolfdootlon Slrice
E00l6,M60 90haoctiy.
will upon noquet r0mor loes0 600m
Nrolr|*lon 0.n 06lhr..
T D*ln y Bh Polk Dpntl-
m6l. ofd, 0f0Int md t.ocoope-
rte. *wlh h0 r In p0 lly avIInO*I
cok uob. And 00 's wiU0n0 to (

anywherebe in Ih south county o
dhonalhe* chad klbr

In *ddibn. M. carhmin IN
pnpid to btoin (Uu hniuimnl
lthe .lcy hurd for .nyoi 6II
wn.s thim. She bt6le. 0h6 nill
ati on o the publ aInrc.
The ft*on 0. 000din0 lo
0he RESE. ihwr 0lht 302 child
hjedkd In n IrNlmlonsnlc I6;
ILt t00 00, of t 1h v 1tiJu 0n6
from o lo 12 wilh s letyttr~klh
*ni*g ; tl l boy vrtlme oulnum-
bhr .th0 id v00im, fi 0 to on: Ilbl
t6 he6.tim 0 t i00 iigoc
fhifl. bu0t ofen group of two o,

Ihm; nd thlt the fi6S m to

A F lorida statI la yd that i
unhoanul 0o doiod, o.ndon or
ihar a nfroidor to r i0a
n0000 pnme II It h*r-libt. hI
00o00.1 0 n' l b. tpene
Th u statiuft decbe nli|r-
aton to be "'aa altSin nuinru
to childnfl... 0 0uc to thilr
hltbh and Mcly" noprdlom of any
qpuflon of tmrnlai on priatoe
Peully for ioaLtlon of Ihi0 h0w b
* n, of D roo Ih0n 1. 0 or,
Inproonant for 0ol norn ih0 n 10

sig Delray Beach, Boynton

Published Semi- Weekly


Today Is

tonun hu wih toe imOh.ln d I
060,5.6 6. 00 G t r l e
o_ ,,lndlo diply. no .... f
vtahibk*. (nit nd nurry pr
dAut .11 (m In. th IbImd ,att

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dea111,y 2a 9000 6 1.
FK onnie Jui nnd ni lor ic
Sdle l btllath 0w 0 In thdipit f, to e Ilmd In theI elnl C ih-
aT 1.0 FI0 F.l-ul Pnk.. 000 AE. DN AN d t In
In .ddilhon to th0 dfp.y. Ihm .
=WidliM 1.1. knb. .PC.... t ro IhS Fhow
Ier6ofl00m0 0t 0 I.m .. on SatudyA
Aprl 10lh. RelgntllIn ior h yi b d .
tlo Ny a nude *I th Cicmbhl
lnnf orlthedlphaylent.i
The Ch6olhr'i FOn Producl M0M. ANDREW 0000T AND T r .wlllb0 18.d u sla. tl
Coomlloltt Bill Carp.nder Coill. CHAMBER M0ANA4CR K0 Bl- lo ohl 00arm 1foethe Inter
mn. 2.0nd *n 0invitan to 06. OtOamoch prepr *klbi6 0 ar0 ed. Iltstrts at 0o50 *O 0I
public lo 0I 0he dl0phy *nd 0.k ErOmprodinweeO k atlh.0lnt ChIamorm.
.nnr fUrnrm t00r and 0 cq0lnl N0at0 l B00 Lk IMr.Ln6Ii. A -
ind. oo o o h. e 0oi nd Der ay Master Planner

In0 frm1p0 ,du00000 06. to* 00 00

This Sunday ....,,.; ..... 1'
Tb.h Khaiff. pondd Stud0nt 06u.Pb0l.c]6 hObiorlol .C-.. fI^
DAn Show wif oipn Sundo t tn hol Comm Co, 60.0
Delay Each EB Schol Thl. m l. C tCb held .1at --I-
Gymn*uu0 a0 2 a0 0p.m. oanll the L.i60 Club will het nurk.
000n 0ntrnt0 ro Plu6.o, t0 0 Dlr'. t Master 0P00,, o.orioo
0l007 0B00n.063' Junior 0l6lh ond dr0wnupbyhhn0nl0 4.
S0h .,,6, 00.06 o ow 6, 0,tti 6 ot ofO,.d 6 .10 .
0000c"-; 01 S Oosow H.
Budd W. Boyer, who .n0n. y 0 fd ao R of 0.00000000.00 00 hE006
rtuned ronm *cth0 In 000 N00,, 1016 a00Ouo d ., i? tint Chf*6
e)U0 dd 0ith .D.tr0yB0 ch6l.6 Sniftlor En|ln,. from 1916 to 0.
n. Club mOtini lodv on "Condl. 121. -
t0000inS0atmuth tAO.," H. totaled privt *nln | O. rin8,
Lul.0 ok*. opt..r w.a Don A. polfk. In 1925 pw .1, I0 n Co.y
00n.6.. l0t06r of 0Dr. WIUlt0 Phan0a0 Zonln0 ,nd 0cn0l0c,..
0U0nl0rt who 0l06. an 06. 0u0600l Dun| thi2 period he 6n. proiffd
sod,l6 d.,mt ol ,0 i 0. 000 -- *, 00 ithe.6 00000S6.0,0J0.
Indivdousl. 0000600.0 0.

THE 001002000.0000031300 IMI 010. Itebee "I0*4 o,
.. 06020. T-Weer6 c0.-.IN We..,3*3 00.0000
AVOO ==00.00.00*51.0HIS, cob,. ..4 AS 11,1411 ..0p0c.o
ha00=10,00000d~, IN
OOI~aIn IUIUUUI r ii. .Oocb,0".n~

Sl0o.u h 1 .n ebe ol th Amf
loon locid ol Ci. i B*0 i,*.0,
Amorlicn Institlut of Plfnn0,0
Amdrcn Public Weoki Aolm0n
,d Amdnn Society o PhannlnI
Th. Co.l Club Ihl. month .
.i0n0 d4 by the 0I0t Nti.nn.l

Easier Breakfaslt II
Announced By Delray
Lions Club Presidenl
Dln0 y Bech 0L 00 Club Pnd-
dent Ch4e TdriMt nn"unnd tI
dhy Ihel Ihd lub will hold it.
Seenth Annul 0E0tar Pano.e
SBiunlt after the Sundr Sctvke
Sunday April l .
Tht bmklbLt will be -d nll-
nuuily unlS II 0.m. wih *n
i peCled i.0 l0 n endnn.
Serial m uchrmlen lor the bnrak
let .N AIl 0. nth.r nd Ray ht..
kr. Dool lnc benl hn0dled by
Ed0wrd Bn0imlll0. Publlty by
Ken Jcac"n". n pp nd. nd 0tio0
by C .nnn0 PIm'. Polr d0lliibu.
t0M by lton W6ko TbM W000-
bri6hl will be In 00 00r o6 th cheb
d Od0 Roddqu in crrge I 0 It
wcitn. Johnny D6valJ t in c.hir of
theomomheby. W
Trit00 *xp000rd h, lhOnk. (o,
the p0 t portilp.tion 0l the p0lr0i
In 0he *nnu*l 0vn,. The proc..d0 0 r
sud lor ih 6t nm=-i0n in the

Beach and Boca Raton simis .

- Monday and Thursday .


'C-16 Work Must

Finish August 8

=orbkW n IC 0I8e 0t ll I W
It .'to8~b W, A.S. Se

Three Seek City

Manager Post,

Worthing Says
AIlln| City MenrM Riben Wot
Ihln tofd Ihe N I-Jou l Wed.
nwhay lla he hu nilnd thm
.0pplic0in0 f0r th. Job ol City
M nti a Wiffot tIh bmnlll of
,dyr.t0 60. Th. In.0lt 00 .1ppl0.
t"lIM he IeN not nhpeted untl
W .nhl1aid *dwenbhents hme
b6en pic0 6 06. Ise. ot Munkl-0.
ifllm and the IntIMtlI A-
citl0n ol Cly Ma*r.n public.
tIon *hkh wlI b0 pu6li.hbd 0"*. 0
0h0i molb. AppOBl0lO on *pMCl-
OdIl0l.y, thtlm* lUml f0o ippll-
0Itl0 a ci0y 000. *6 ob0 80w c
6ue*il *MI6 6 at which omsr
mnlOr0 Sort flifHnd w0 0 i00 d.
t on *ered houhl, th* 0. unil,
00It0 iIUI mllnt. imd to JvOkw
pp.ick0lloO MIt *ny timeo ott 6
bOlchnba num0bn ol popr ppllbc.
0acUm cldby Worhlni,.
Thli lhinr In tine llmIl Wll
ned Islr Mqyo AI C. A*iy
minlndi thi Cuncil tbMl wbIh Ihet
tlim *cilduL it Ioud be Jun
btlon City MHu(r wud bh
hind *nd that the City MaM|*( ho
to Cit etertd In JUN on pf parIn
th6 hudl64. ih000n rukin.0 it
dllictult hI I mW ller to
000060,6 th0* would IN coinpr*
Wohlqmuid tlhp nmnt ppllc-
taon MhO apprnntly ben on the
iniflh ol Mw*pnper inori *bout
lh0 ln8I o Haollando M60N6h 19.

In Boynlon IBeach

Flood Victims Balk

At C-16 Work Noise
00 Y 0 6O N B E ACH Cl y -0 T hO .0 00 `5 '0 "p ',b y
coror Solo oni q o.Ocd sod 0 b.06 000,606 p00.00.0 00 06.
oOdrj *0006300. 000,.0.ocro00o0 0 l0..loooloohlolo6.ooOiood bo.
O*d oodcy *0060 Os I, .00600 ho old 00000 ooO~nd6.(oo~,0.~
Oh.C.lsr oIooloo ~1Cooqolo Coo.. ccc .23.0000 wkl,,jlol. ool 000.,
Tcd ll~olopnlho.6300,. o...o ln g. 0,6. pll~nmoo.,0by h.olo
6.oocb~t hooId th d 1o. lo kh .
W, =7"" Ily= IN C -IOd d. .7P:A-. Idbthd
0 I 06..*co000 o. 0000000 o lco. ,od d tp o omo ,uoHI bo,0d
,ob~myF:oloco,.O~cococO 000ldcootcooooocoldpo~b Obc,
Ctj~,, 000,,,., 00Eooo6 ,.,y. cd 00000 06,. l~b0,

W,, .- 00 E. H achDono
cod1 te h06.i.mb,.1 00.d -N-`0..0

06.06 .cod 000.00Coocoocco,. R.Qech News Section
Oc.,0 bog., cod Ooy 00 6000n~
00000 I'S """oK"W" O 'W. Starting April 1
chim, 0006.0 ... Kbm 000,. l.oo It01 0000.,11b..

I VdftI..I-. nI~ n
It o Ic s. IN. 0003 *?co.
..0000 0 .00. rrb Ought m . ~.aaoco. 62 0*0 01,00
oir~lony b 000 olho. C~d, 0 11* 30,0.00.0 ho *0.0000.

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=o'J. 1=co I&h kbopoco.
boo,. 60 polo olIlod 07.00000*
-W Y l "ddt dlnirUu~f'1Ge- "d(I~U

0000,.Tbo ..r~ o ,,bnoeo F., jiho. .

0.000.000 0g*. InlnTb 060 000,000dcc. Clccobclo. 0000..
I W.. .1 the -11M I.I CIIL~T

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000 2,0000000 60 "ld .60. .o0 "' .60

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W00..,popocooon 00,0 aooohO*o,06300

1- led.0000000 b- 0.;
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.d Cir hlcx, Net. t


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.wM ou.Sv~lri

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*i B r of fruit in that wro. yoe .uw ment hond picked to do 1the add.
l n a week to lmpebp lthe folka up tonol CIB worok
m month? Or a.e you thinldg blg- Tbhedeptle kow ther coutles
F plaing to sell handed ofddolla and the people In them. Whm their
Worth ion s l lorid pd by the smpidn are romued, they slal
trkkload In anote county? nto ction opto prn t or punl the
uit Thieves %. 'ihk additionaibd Iaineded,
the stt dautry the deputies udi with CIB In other
look-ot for folkie who m h t to counties m ~i o ito t. A plae,
et richlby l le lsall .itof- arely purchased by the ther.
yANNWHU d folk wo steal .aull department In Maate County.I.
amount fora bhoMco amption o on call for u In other a when
to lmprl ftkeds nd d lotivth CIB calk
Theb.awl lroaid police fea "Ther. rO 32W00 mmb.o of
Sofltelnduoiy cd lhe CoC l Florido Citr Multl," Bes.BnoT
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under Citrus MuItuats headlngof tect al citru iroweos p.Aoct
the Fruit Protectio Divaiol m en ad dealers wthethn they
Hard.hirttuing progulet heed of are membe o noAl."
the CIB 1.BF. Iedle Be aIor, wh And. .ncodinl to the fllgrs at
re.tolndhs potl U sesla f fofPaco Citrus Mutual huadquaortn In
CouAtyootooapeptdlitoretMpofthe tkeol ld, CIB l doln a pood Job.
infot orgitiontl Tbh- -ore 24 ar.ntomode dtt
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tbh. an th.e a,- BeffB nsai dd. -b o fomo trl b ldde the hblhwy
S"Nolwokn 32 hbfoTi" i haoodr with potty aoooy to
lo i niseond year of op.lbtin. t bI-to- th. wo olped
theCIBb e made i nt step of t by ttrdla The l
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e ia.ullo r t I0 dt. o4 thiso fruit Iho t fro
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tmdebL ,oam-o cule.onthesdn culCtel

F7iB.W.. Ildultry 1. hFlodd thoat h tm o lso to bO.
lb.L eilf.r tt.Bh o anld,'WLl t etl e o itlsi Othe tidi.-.iod
do to help you do a better Jobi" aclhdonto. thef law r ent
.uoloogyod. oS.pu ano.o k.o. b."b, U.
SB-0t d sa odo otamaritamad rimils aeite
Ikn -Shpriff "TCIB ano other piln -a llt d d iq the pieces
ac H .boUt the CIBi fart citrus crhd. Wheisws

tolln u thelo opo bent Itddl tI Pal t Lbd Gond the iUdl hod lodly
For Florida to tle natpb Mdw llpu the alol ol stblot .uithdd
dt 0lolttou. lpo. lb. 0l1l00 ofl .oko follll 0
Citrus Mutual' -io adtr,
-*eond, It blbh snt ft ooime Behd It U I lthe dyuamnl I-l
ty bullff he. buodd wilth omesna. la i herp." soutlbhern pulompr-txcept bwhn
Worktlwg.Wt tbt.e brfif toh he l.beuc ho firt fi ltofo-
of the 3 nUtal F1orida couti melt officer citrus olinal.s m
u0ad CIB pteci m tll iod. lour to fri .



. 'u


FSU Geologist, Students Start
Two-Year Submarine Search of
Our Coastal Waters

4-100000000el, mart.,.71toat. 1. dir045 goar
andridinog o. W l. (1 o1Jf Ioflink ANS o&b,


On tho golden shooo of dtotho~oaetohowiltet
Plorold. you eam o0e the oouooond offihoo.dl.
too postag of tiam, ft. omotooand moltookoboillo
ohio the O Znltb poet
ntlbih, Arnold titobit. depleting th. as ait.
that Sooot.. who hod ynoorofohooao
dtod a0 .o~y "Ourtot. of ttaotoo.
bol.,hd towuntod b... "lotr.lPo oytodlo
woo.M -. =_ Tinoy of Ipdo .1

To 3S-y~on-otd Florid .01 Weed ..her
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DolL ddt o .p**ftytih autbo"D,.
the ....hoo (oIoo~ odoto.
on opwdo iolootio. n Th.polohlolo-
He o concorned with a any woll hlooomnpttod
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Intl late It appoe" to o oH~rIo vhvieioidtolOtpreoot
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Tbh. Wlo probably t..roooooooofioooovo -
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tho riom" lood ww oo 4o4w
"Adoltaio of th. gret


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1.000 odro. ootrLoo
A. th ufoot: intoo to.

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olYtloo of alobldauooh

Dr. ."d wrilt moo
urbam uraniumoond that
Ioo loot. im tMad.
odpotwoo.oooro d
but now under woto, to

Where Are Florida's
Shores of Yesteryear?
12, 12 0 LoI

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.erin" .AkA will I. .wd 1M katr unn. M 12.
yl* mpd ws hm t Li IM G. Ooodt Jil- JdJte
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MResortIslandsofthe : ::--

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REPAIR :.'="
Millletr lric Applane Senrke
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to po up am tIm a b. Et w~t
ALL. 1.-..-d. if.,tb
to.d *Y. t.. (.U f"4 lthl. KIt m A
so" 3D ha~m~Umtor~h

40 Iqt u~....... -.1,




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customers who save regularly at t
SFiioda National and let your money
-work for you.

FPLIIIM nIkelnil Ink
ilp a .0



The Siciliano Family
of West Palm Beach
Has Its Tumobles
and They Always
End Up on Top

N.o iedene of aoblul to lwr off fie attaclker hue. But RB S- idon.
can dojult that, evideed by her ir, black strips on karae unllorm,
Li.t i dauhSter Rwor L


SWhiRoct slollMlt bosto to tl .igdbohood bi tht r. dddy
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Th11. tinscIllo~aanf mily bit .fim toota &td tta nd a dt-
fod ofM MtDa4boldrk.
Daddy to Warm Slclo, D Gold 3.W DB o boldBrr hbiboi t hl d tll
thb aSdoy slostm. Poama oi. RBo. ith rive blbckh b b., dctin br
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Smoth 8lOstY .1 Yt.At-wt. Stoo Idou..

GostM bI. wo woodd sod Oka pogbo.
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He ounoquently mecaped confinement and eventol
ally ound upinVirgina whomre nlfd up with
Colonel Mmby Calvary. the noted Moohy'
TheFloridlan dortol Moebyhaout Jan. .85.
He bummed around o nd went to s lt I on e nwher
he renewed acquaintance with r nun h.'d take
a hlS to during his confinement. And It woin
Baltimore that be acidently a into hI old here
Booth, who wn then flurously ogppd ntorit.
ing penomeonl to cuy mot his fLntastl plot Pope.
ws a atall for a ol since Booth knew h coidd
depend upo. the Southern b loyo o ty. Lwoi wa
then just 20 yey r old, with no particul purpoM
in Ilfe. So with guto, he enlisted in the sidbter
cheme panming at the Suratt boarding hobue
la W hgton. Paye wanted to pleu.e hid ple
Booth, whom h called "Cap."
As the day of inframy neard, It wm Payn who
accompanied Booth to the White Hous on April
11t dheaud Preident Lincoltmooh abrhofpeech.
Booth whildl to Po.yn h "Th the hIt speech
he will ver mio.e" And so it w Jout three noiht
ltor, Booth' bran doringer poued the fatalblast
lto the ChMf Exeutiv.
As Booth .taoed his spectuala crioe In Ford',
the o.Florida farm boy wont into action to carry
out hit uolnunlt: KLil Sowrdl Tho Secretary
had hooeen conlnd to hod at hib home near Lofay-
ett oSqueo recovoinrog m i njuris received when



he wa throw from h carrie in an accident on
April .
Paynopooed aa naoenger carryno drup to
snltso Soward and bfced hl way by a Nero ser
ant who tried to halt him He nruhd uptairs
whero he attacked Seward'a no, FIederic W Sow-
ard, and three other peonon who ouht to defend
the SUretary. Paynoe tabbed hi target, the Cabl-
noe office, repeatedly and pitol-whipped hbi vi
tmih He scooted out of the house, screamln "I'm
mad. I'm mad."
(Sowand gradually roalod hd h elth and r-
ainbed in Ptnident Johmon'. Cabhlot, and nogl-
ated the purchase of Alaska "Soward' Folly."
But the ltrifying eventU of that fateful nlght
.hocked Mrs. SBwad, an i nvalr, that Ash died
within two mronoth Thi only daghlr, who wit-
nlaeed the amaut, never covered from the eoct
of the sght and died thin tho year.)
Payno fldt the somen of chaos. wu unable to mn.
devom wit th Bth, wandeodt for anl dayAs
and than. deopately hooay, returned to the SOr.
ratt boardlin hon one mildnlght Thon Federal
oleoe nahbed hlm and he was piced out of a
police nt np as theo an who attacked Stwad.
All tbh conpinore t, inluding Payne and Dr.
Mudd, w.r trod by a mliUty ommaalo a.
though all wote drcllne. Payne made a complete
conmlom of hlb gul. His .ourt.appointed nttor
ney firt atttepted to intorpton the defeen of Io.
sanity, but whn thl faid he made an eloqut
ploa for Payne on tho round that he beloved his
a t wa joltiftabl, and that th oahould be ooml~d.
eld in mitigaton of hi plualhmento
Payne was sentenced to be hanged and on July
7,1865,he wat to he aUllows. along with three
other coousplatora.
Poayno' attorney durh theo 00 hOad attempted
to oareh the bo'w falhor I Florida T. heoart-
broken father had been lll n bad, and had hoped
tojourney to Washington in tme for the trial
dkid at opy.
Th Rev. Mr, Powo larnd aboutt hi youngest
on'a exenutlon when he reached JackonvillUe o.
oute to Washineto in the latter pat of July.
A Jaeko ville nwspappe in July, 1865 cared
thi ad report:
"The father of P yn called on s one day thi
weeo He raslee on a plantation three moh from
Liv Oak Station, on the Poeacola and Georgla
Hallhed. He lot onos n the battle of MHurotes
boem another onturned manoed for lie. Lewis wao
hi only hope In his old ao. Thbe aotod father
waaBa8ptl tinosteramhuheet satetd.We mut
beconmunly pmoounoce jut the tnerrible duln nt
of the on, but we cannot withold our deepet
sympathy for the hoarttricklon parent, or oaoten


I. VWa ha.Hk pbai.b. IN; llm WI Lit.
Oakaou oawterdwaos and moved to tb. suaod
.lm lb. ahhlube I ..w uand~a
uf- Powelu bburid G Tb. deaaad-

Ta.f .MaA-Mls 4t.
Aad..V ii.. Pb. .bay a L Fata M~Y- .I'am

alL Di...lvad at bbi a: -1-6 -Ai bad at
b...l, hota*ll. aual i.. fibd flb -m of
i.Juiim at tb. bmma... ath wb h.dat bb ff.
Mbt blud" "So fhiop.. Traaah. .Ad ama
Ins blems ad havotiI ealito the lb. ahlr at

1.4 broken bba las1 kbah fir-a lb. stal. A-
isiaothsda, lb. talei. Whobe. and a campowdb..
D'. Mae Uid in. Ewyailo.. thb did of tb
Wat, iby .ioaapd fv Wdmi 1. Mudd m..
Ihaly mlowere~d to twnIn P"bl "Wasba U.a
adbt llbl. HeI M aid .01 Souiutl altbaltow
211.1, Frl J.~baaii .i IA. Da Wa~hea

pideii.daadlaha A. Aaha1bia.aaiait
I*~db~Fm jetrumm, O.ZCJT


Booth..ft.aa.,fal. b.a.dbW qahl dainghbl.
War D,,. 4.M --aipt upl b. O bysb~aka
Its Uuia aid swoaaa..daaclbiabonalphat"v.It
i..l Iabeforbe ba."ml..Pd toaWelfcasw
anit~t and Wblppw ff11 t. .tFork M ..a.. a
,al.9 bi~l. a a b.AUil. A aihlmaie hau b..
atlV,l.lWdto a-abw fthet Moustay Ciamam
al tat tbal t.. b. mauplaiaa regewdlas 0..
ldadd'aaalal ocbk,d"T.& .d hdaa immebady
au s f It. aald b. Inv. Muadd) laY -l 1.1
auffar .yb.4yw,.
Dr. i~dnd htyara I..l.atuat"l.d adw.
d.a~d by Ptabdawl Jab... aft.. lb. "White.
bad p*W aaholal.oall. hddk iahll hIa 11.
p.b...aad gw duringamatkak ofyal

Today. ltai Jeflimm. hma mational miaamlmo
and tb.m at Dr. Mudadh ba..d lItb latb.
at tlbth. pablm p.b bba (a bis.Glcaw

&S.W .A mad O.V.d a Ubwaita tombar wam ca~dmo by aap.a is
,,-t. L~r A. tbimacat(, me CoAgM.of wbkb Calvaia D.-tla. F."A o
aaho" twi(Jam A. llaBaW& bdla- gaqaoaI1. haa bla bali ii -law.
ti ofIWtAd

how we

print a ,



tho Magic of Co10i
To grae the cover of thb week All Florida with l" the pritinl each o li dt I tOkoh Its
the fetchlnlg photograph you ee there, it takeh a epeative mlo and prloted one n top of the oe
bit of doino Foe your better understanding of the in a oee pattr oa web of pap pa lu oog -..
omalk of color printing l well try to sho ow the reseam at peds up to 18 feet per t olut
Filt, one nedsa pretty llurrouondedby bau.
tiful flowers. Add a loeneroo portion of Florida
sunhlaee, ome color film, and a pholographer.
The vital needs, to his Intoe, were met by
Done Fry-s blood Meemoid at Wee;l Woehee-
end o handy blooming bouglaivfllte
When all wa redy the photographer tripped
hi shutter oand produced a color traooprency.
(Much like the little one Uncle Ned take on his
Thl in turn, i handed to the technician of the
Perry Prntint PRmes Company, who produce our
ma lae every week, and thee t mhe lbglln.
The traneparenoy is photographed with a very
sperit caere and the beautiful coloti literally
taken apart. On.e notatlv made of the red., a-
other of the ye third of the blue, and a final
one of the black,.
Each negative it eopoaed on a uenltled copper
plate which is etched In aide to produce the tiny
dote that make up a meupdle picture. If you've
heady mnagfier tabe a lme look at our cover and a, celar .pnted on on p of le other a
youl e what we mea cle attern on our err.Koehu preem.




If we ben.. .ar mn mnr e- r -) l ,
rbo.ol1 .iom.mehliloe
T o pulttn rola dot cru ally
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rh hes. lootulta l e toprmdnk
1 OeTqiW0,c oriwitie, 000 lo 00 00>illjoar

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.lbrnldincultlyslb. oeaen d of lt l Fld

-M l dlau hi t n si y t re oa or foo od that

fooeda itall t t Ll prBtilg mthod.6m juts
riofstuoiliiltureassabbmd dllolok~ lTitation

li bl nk f.o mod portion o0 the tim?
Of coumn we'* olmplUikd the pnoce of
bringing color to lhe coveravn I p of Al Flo
sort of dinb.
We jut l tha ti ilMe it f to lm fooled by
lot o tin dot*--t mlllrht o mine to Imtohi And
Ifymoo ied a little ionversation piece oome tisne
yu mn talk about thl fourocolo-procesa lk. a
Ourple.ur .






WM a Florida Girl Wearr
Mime Cheerkeader Crown?

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Miami Miam
1 wI3w" (cLu) D MvlWTV (AMK)
Miami Aflta
WatmlMsphdA Walma BnAh/
Post-Timea WEAT Channel 12 Newscasts
Wmkday s7and 8an., 1h30,6 id 11

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Tnday71. nds
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f(tudlg ,

*S4duir Huurses
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For Infmati an d RarI Wrue Call


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0>40 ;a,'r. SIM.

,,1 fE1SrMEr uI.h W..P..
CALL 965.3766


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sls** 0*d --.l M RaJ o-l
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S-- ^ ^ ^ 11"" .. .....*-

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Kin mm.sltia mc0 a uw
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Men's Lapels Due For Change
Lada 'i a n In aUaath veaeoaa. lb
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CN0r11oMA EUGCANCK. Ul'. *rr 2W.. t0aY" Th a
i.mdl. ...Id ftllf.. hk 0Lr .U M.0 (OAU1"1 at AlM'u)

Take Spring Inventory

Of Your Wardrobe...
10n dAl do you dm Tad KM-M lad 10 *
7~ 01010.0drtad?114 10 l llda 0a 00La
oi0.10aldllr W.b ?ajldahI00i
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Ta tSSm a GoodGrooming
*,s1,-^" h The Key
mL tIffLiS To Succs
ra0 Iow a dq w sa.
Opallall~ opbobd 01.0001 ad 1000001

p.0.ra SC ^^s.
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I m,
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0110. lrd 0 ..0021. a

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a d1o0 Oo d 1000.100.10d

 9ch N-sJo. Apl95. IMFPat
Don't Hang 'Em Knits Thou""",Look
.ife a. I" udo
Need Space In Drawers. f"t"-
tuouto kolitod doths. iadUnSd(t o dqtolcl 5M st a oa atotos.
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-- toBOCA
poru orUn s1 l to s
ifl sod Oth4r LOMnd

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a hmrd m Ia m aIM asa rmaI o ad ie
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JIw Ae 4 euidiful


Men's Wear: Bright, Bold, Checked
eSany a~sS 5 1

fix'ys ME~sS NX a'
d- -H *t I A w
.3 .3 .h3 g.LvIwdo.1lP 1
~.33.13131.3131333 33l~13313333 d *

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rcm-k> rill U *el-m lu 1lk
ua lWULo |tr fu

Here's How To Stretch

Your Shoe Wardrobes
A. 011y q .3.351-Vp 3iq Ma.-n ttU
313331.3.143 Ufnr-J-li-3
pm 3* 3513*313*m u .

lrt qr M t- 3 *3 3. *0tw tta J3 3MR n. 345- 03 3313103M1.a~ .033r
D'"'^w*hK nw r~~h S^^^

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TS.iin0313 ffi 1.03.3l.a**1..M
II~ I~ WI ..IL 1133
- .~- 333~..33 1331
3*- *3333 3*1


___ldinm*-ma ML h(
Id Scandinavian Custom: Swivel Chairs
Sauna Makes You Feel ood Popular Now
All Over; Beautifies, Too g,'tlI
erm bae to a Sotmi? you aluMl 1y ft o tiadll;a.
No"yinic et ll o db. ttthtt .11 sew. easas tm bo -4
-leaer. -e t h-b mYed th yoe ee Cdt t
bedot tm lh It Smm which d Its
orim oila lSmadilt lcmt. In mS^ ijl.
-de.4e =.d..h ost. =so
rTh SR- s.rlm S ma mtae the amE 50o te= s I
Idls' fel mor beaulul, and the am te amk e .-
B dlatey, It 'o hb gIenter d bnk' sve
. rhlchta Uroll. Wotrt poured on the d k. to urS 0P
SOake a hient, nt I i a wet a teet bah. The hbet ass aseU ,
dmels o tl ue rto m uthla. lto thealt
p5. sldnsb tml the ton feld as o [ IU-in
am sm emIthed bsaffle mt e c jrettm imoket m
In Norieea seo dies, n t the tomt tot
follow hel Iem ntnt wtlh a meuuee uslnlg *-nm.4M
bikb ltobtch, and btit o llowd by a sell tn the

Femihini And CuX s
h U lk t Idesh ., adl tmbil nS eS

erhesthore ased. ayi mte .I useto.s e
Femininity And Curls

ihe m bel ho m il.. I
1as1 e .earss s h mee s"s e1d
1nse k soi ol ai"eae s -o s.. le na- l.. b
Imw .* Ilqh *Mi
elmam r o hinU -- ul" bla r m l
Te heM bW B t A. ehytiknr thI ....
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C" I tnt U 5 K W. -ka -T di

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knt r ir d .l imie a l. a
Ite I"hn Bu w ah te -h sher U m he- .
im iGi~,.W. "& imo Jith ipM b f
Mw l Wam sNa. IN 'eod aid imesWe, -se

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W., Q sLA

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ImUld ool d... d Doelmny'. i
Hl*lS-Rhe Co..eudnlihe A hni.

bian MWd iid ankedrVDA

Now Fahio For Living

Condominium Features
Custom Designed Units

is.-'"* 3a5;^'%

a SS I n idlityS.

hAy k .
Im top;". -d r m
5 -a S ea a au

.a h, w, b -r -

.S.. IndividalSt**

lNCBS, m. en 4-

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Ah c 6~ahei e
he Sh h
-he CWlU.S

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hIS .5.1.l
the. ra she

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ruSh U


o, 'wvlrt .an ii .'
S MnamssGumApm mamuni4Ddlms Bech TB3 ga.B..S
Awea Eeamrar F .g a .,

.1 I


SFashions For Dining

tiYourself, "Sew

s unP s '^Sarn * aeSusrrIY

"Qu p aalit wnm F-
-, SW - fPril C.. w
S acmlrmab. -i phu1 r i.I --u R

-*kcf itaw.n filabu at auM c~r dis -
-t" maf har set -~K adhikftaia4C
^*S ru Aa-c a Ma u

St etar.psi..S. s. ma -

g a scona c 51.5 -
' *-D-uiiiKNln xax~trutuf
usE a autli5- ty at-
a. us mr a us buj.bualm

R~UI ealonab~le
Parac icceps
a a hU.fl a

a m .me IYMC ... SS ccacc
.--ss S hnrulussisi
C'~~~ osacaa'I I IlO Inu
"ac a,.rn 5 Sac ab'

'Quality at



bpn MlryaIncc AiAm mIIs


.40ta- Ca iANg

240 N. Federal Htlhmw
._urm FarMUn

makes the classic shirt
serenely feminine
-Sa, d meMl& 1%e AM dIm

and,.M" rl sena< 1 5 | ide e.
Mla ds5 lhas dl, t&i

sm -*-ll. Orl. %W&r llst I
I dem hb dotoamtm
Slihn O *tM f onis d m

Illlnsd Il= mad

IIML* AlinKiCA*V In bTa

EuY. VL WAMIL E. b R.. K. 6 be Uha hadw
I.&Yq h .." OR Ii 56 i b Ie ..hh
saM. qi-. k" -L8u.. bum- I. .hak.T. Yb. lM. bh. Nah
v-. II. bm Ihab.. mu .10m "i.l.h~~ .
I-ed .u- pR~m ai. a Lb. SMhd. Q.J P-4 Ih."- Ib.&Jt
a."5 W. la a .m.w NOa MIS had t d16.I .&i h

Put Furniture To Work
A~~~. 20at ltaf ddb.h& 5. 11 90 b. hA.
* aa h h 51 , aqYl b5w s f
am ihald hahas.. l. -b d 1
al 6u b.4a~ d. V.u m a. d*
I-.l~ola halllla.~ a Ir tMN ~t

New Spring Fashions

Call For New Makeup

=- ..a a E.a--
ibm U aIRW L all.
** s. = -- ---

Sm 116

-A-n P.t ...
.. ".Mns .5
inm-v - ad
.1 6II
-. u~r a .ma.u.4aha-
rladruu .6 Sm r --

1. a InbI u S

a~l -- m ... -.m
mdl M. a
mU.1 m bel -) aPasaMa Saa
g~~nla -. ha -
ha iir ...I' hsIaum
-~rml ..aats a -a
- -a I a a .ii
C p..bla

SSmart Women Always

Think .. "



rhen ur l oriou ,R ro ATlANTAd ..i .

my or, .?w.r .n r i crdts a*. 'iMye!l
*.Iw,. u.u M~ A rJ r u, all ; -R '.l
*o 1 eme oOour o mo mis u *loJn. e lffie I tlieUdIs L ef ". : .-
.aIIter eain. Sid..t..emw --

, ' : __ .. .'* ..* '* ... ..

Vo F - =om %m..

-0-0, =01ft II~

ofwo .-S b do in

t*l~r fidNisi -

Im" I as m amto O
=mq.-p. . $

t-. W"il ma. W

~*'?;, ..Af
Ul *p;~ ,. -I 9..9.

~r ii'r~n 1~~0

'* s- :

1-Yi, I

rnI-A. S Women In White

S New Styles In Nursing

1915 The Well Dressed Nurses

1965- The Better Dressed Nurse

__, .I : \ k ^

Sa e r acnnaso pw CIna Cahn s

"430 E Sl~HuAl r Dat ,ee.h a; 4.m apie -
: s A MtlemacA .eqad Sht hasi t epa h.I" Pa

MNMA 41m



Fing et-Sma rtest REN" TAL MT Fe I R
Ideally located in the Cllub-Inle area

Between the Intracoastal and Atlantic Ocean H
Vriha tenul so 11Kn apGibw 2kp a bate


Finest-Smarted *EIIT I. WAIDIMEUTS In Boca Raton
Ideally located in the Club-Inlet area
Between the Intracoastal and Atlantic Ocean

2 Bedrooms 2 Baths Only 7 Units, all garden level am-w i

ANNUAL LEASES "RO $250 ,--* -.-_
n-m a the h

o Cokuil..M --.n S Ilw
SmlmA d Oomll---llalon
o amo Vomhnoes-in Aopsol
o -II
o *rale VaNl efn Apolobn '

Ea of the Bridtal 770 E Camino Real
niuary. Woll Buildrs.Plhone 915863

keg~~SrM= he. -ol
b~owo -I. *Su
toih~d No. Ins *Sfl

Aloarmae c Ia de.r
Im i bMlL ram

a ml 'm iI
i im m i a l"eals.

*Wsn as-Um ad
r a r a ir.
N' I~I


Overall Plan Important

In Home Interior Design

- -fn h

ili- mm otm
d- T -- b

-ho a "ru aLu ...
f asee a.

- -

a a1 ., A*
-- all

.a. .. uOee

em aa.. 6 1eem
Go @. hr. fur""

1aaa sesS a l
rca .a S a- Is ... a c- $ Is eease na
Ea S.ERmn eat W TOS 5D eei am*--
r- lapp lrWi ,I a~a '.ff & .l .

,Sefi teMte as 'If I el esY'e
IS.Fk n .-lH --en, a* ifY a r u--et Bee


*a boAMugic
M iM ll, q.ta-li
_____ f min r)a __

In our 2OltYear as
or Designers and Furnishers

El bolth Van Swdc; A.I.O.
At The Delray Summit
ens o1 A Mein instuft.e h Inrio QDeneti )

Phone 276-5372




Ruffles, Pleats
Accent Softness
ibI. ap ,lag ab .aa .. f... m e
.mlagk at and a Me "pwtr taw Mi
Iti k.m, gMaldrl.g. Am au a ..
PCme was .d weaM t kh.its ya1 ab b. olfam
aMy pe ti aM a .k be.m y. bad. r adlar
.hwalat ad fina w l II. bf a IaP llty 1ht an

itLa whemMhR. emy a*e hrml, h TAM l e h ie e the mr
eaesume lan.ewb r ueamt lbfe. hlmk M aam illegal .

NEW 1965

IM lMk| pi Rd -l. W rHdH-l. lM
.0-M NEW 1965

I, araperie

.a &d ..q m ia" .a.0 MO -.
WaIIa li bIIII -O -

M llU m 1d "I-

S Mi Ulill Mal # e a R
wh'".. ...*" AlrA ICS-8.%
LII9 I I InrrrrInn


F.A wI .w. Iw.6 --nlW LB

N.VAV' .4 rI, 1.1w d~r~d~nIIIr
t Ama 6. buS

be I- T1..
= 4. m f.lbs ma I.- iS_ .W

MMdo k"l WEAo"R8
bl"A ~ Ire
Fetf h* d~lrrruk-rlrld


4 SALE:':,
BOYS SIZES 12 to 20 !
Reg. $4.95 to $11.95 A
'441. Ws toil m

E gOFF hS1L9




pntnlteyaa .5~c Strt sati .lrea11 to beln U retrtal theal an
Tb. yabele elli b toerited to tld.Aprt tkrntbta be blatt

Delray Artist Features
Horses In New Designs
ShenUt I. Battvot o The lb. fhktra riJ bo a-
Lake Sho. Drtbe bu rked adti e by amt-ApMl W i kt
up a lthlon "tint" In the dUtllelni ftet baUtot
abrtktlid. rmm lia whit. e h at-
Ctm-Ultfd t.o et two Imiuh tnuhr bdk Man
Intrk br elSrtan Fbric*t. toqe toe Ifbl -w bon
I... ho apent t paut -rn- It litn, Jabati atrllde It
met denitiAli ona veta lart. edlowr. r o. tu b
.tdll.a t.ulma a; t The AtW abt w he arh.e
other a byatta t des of lhulllvl Unlld Sdlrt

e trtkan F ti. te ATrdlll aT a tIa a it to
t"e drit lllltnlto w*It ttaleCbrnm h( i tad

thl* Itabthlaod lo both. Stile ebo t it tilhi a hlabt t.
ol.0uth etlm. wtad oared aet-apa ned Piaoi. w

Ilo lh o id [uhln (olM dal.


SlaIH TLib artu.lrlr lerfl Fnbrin IMaa br tleblrny
Ir -denl Geie A*aM h ptMk.ealltl. D1lro Mprklf4 by
KErrItU F.bri le.

WHERE ELSE... but at

in Boca Raton
will you discover the golden treasures
ofOpen Nightly
Distinctive Dining Open Nightly
*Superb Cocktails
Ip illips Ordhtr. ::
in the lounge nightly

at Ik Sm & SIrf kh Clh
I aill kit lll* Mlsinlai tall tr IIA
Call 395.3501 lr uemdHlu lis
no cover--no minimum

Delray Beach NewsJournal

Program For Progress
us, I; q.051 .4M I=o.. .an d4 .8.14 fund .. ..5.

4.,, A =C l10 p.m.. aoo. k. .11 0101.0. a11...4
p1041008.10d of Iran and.
4.lon tol~i0 8001 l001 n1.01..9 5980p hamlet to

ned heaftih. anne, -=-"N

Christmas In Boynton
11 ano Cbluetme1. PA olas weak to08 Sioool. pp1 Sof%-yo8 S.hodG lgst .tr
So a,05.00h. h Id (mlpIIbi).lb. t .8k1 GeOlOgis0 Story
.mth.Il 9o lsuao blonol pop0 = .Cam they am enttlLd to0 lllf.1 l
Pp.0000100 or 1. 1000 fdb l.... =n In All Florida
81 M2ol 341111=o2y I Caldet.~lh
It r uonamu Dan said.. he.. of I'llmilain yo uu en
Do 100 Cho1l. 1.01.0018 Z00 b. long p..". og fla-;.. 90wsts..0
90)(0 8.o8.F. 1. 110 k.ill. (alatm.tery I. All Florida0.-Seat" Wa.4 .
..1. 01.. 84.000 l% lb.d 08 Boynton Beaeh Rea,.d "Who.. Al. 710 980.. .0 To..
momlI 1h on-a 08 010 G- by Do. W.- f AUi 180l. staff.0
l!1001 lb.tooo hat' Oil allIrot Mm I nts of a a.0181. :1 1(0084. SUN
es thday net fr floatin the Coverage Ou r aully 0.talkaa.he0 r meo 0 4lly
akuia r1 I. flo-ld .,mmal nmoo.. 80 .ma01. time. under Pl..14'. emob watem The.,
0011d010. 18.0 area a001 IN rh ..01. 1 4. Old 00luandal s0h1 lb ewde10
.oIa.,dob ,1 ,7= 1 ..., d1 Cloo Sb.Uboa.Iloo
1. k,4kin alb. 11. 1.00ne em., -1 no ,ad olbmldhn. to Do... 1.btOn.
e.8018000... oo. om 0 d 901110 l o.k tIhd tll lb.,h mo.. Jood. dronAbmg,. lh l,. 90180.1 .01. b .88~n op.l~l 100 Do.. .0.00.1 81.014 bo .8.
Ald -o II.. Cholu binuI dp,) 10 pWgOdooodlo..00190l8l0500b~.. b.00aolrhoo.Ou8J(b.W11b..Ro.18o
90,010. 5..,b. 1400,0000 l00nod l o 10Igll..uAoll b.w.1o0,48 b boo010 8.
an 11 Chdanne,1. Aeil "N'"'anNatudek d.. sn'.
100818I d 0kb.100o0 iho l ud Tb b. 51.0Jooo .11.,8090) 7...14..l 1.~1.0.1 014 (Id. lh .140
P~mt~bnd~n~dupth~a hrL ru ,A od Inn m, them lamol eed In the a~c~uu
1. 1.. John Q. Teepaoor.,ah-am .80 0 made ..I 00 ink d unre b. 0yom..0 d0.o.h.
ho telog hOl~tbt an' hadoding y ho), 1. .. AUl FIn8. .Nog.oo I. 41.1 4 o .A
0=9o to"moo~ d01 08 ac.hool. thobOl om ... Ih ...8 w18 lb. Oman,o 0...h it ....rjo.oL.

rtbme of tke sooluen n nh =Veto with your Na mlbleal auto Par am
C _N-Al:Pbst Ir., .1 Pi
10 0.08in 1. 8 .00 1.1.01. anpo 1. 8 hok 81.11,0 "'In' ______________
ad. ,d.ol ""I" ad.o CA109 00011.lh1 ..8LEN1DAR OF EVENTS .

'a" of ""' CCC C mu~n~ IIb.1hatile*I a.
-.1 _Idd -Ilm D-Im Ilmlh. c, Souln
1blo1.8.0lb. 01. Tho 1100004 lb~.W. hopudc. 9010100900.800100 THUSSOAT
..ll0.00o .i Imo 810.80y ll. I0 1 CoICC .ll m.ldDC10e. .il.b
Olol90nb0.0ooo 1, 111 010010000olyul od .. knor 110090,ol CIVIC CENTER--
888r Tb. nud.0081.01. ohozo ~lt n lb. Bomb'. 00188800.10lo~loy 900.8.00 S00m~lo.00iu I lO: l..,;..A0
chl...' true If. R."No
.d00ll80m01dk oll80o1ogn 18.0 .890.18,.1. .111 ho 00.1.- ledl1.I0o:..lm
in old poll-llol .P.It o 10_ 1119 I
Ch 9 o.. T. d Ip l l. No.. Joural 1.0 1 e 0of8
b.pylo1.ltrd~a 011.01 mp 1.0 ardto yon1,doe00,00 y 1 0 Monday 1 0 o.10 1 .I z1.
bl~d.1ll.J 1101,01 0ld7h00.dr.1 0.11. 0mo.80o01y in..l 0ao~..
and Thloulay empaimm
I8001-PrSdmol. I-118W; 1Bank

ULetters To The Editor I 1""Hr"A

Tolb.EImoo. 1101. 80010101bpo1o'. an11. 00Uzmomoyll. am l0Ioo-41a(10po
100. ew 0.10H.0 Y1001 Pe011 00000 Ihon .h..58 Moo) 900doBank
1b.10 a001 00t,008 M1. .811auTUDm.
I- -to we mulb be wanted 6 tim nd Puliit
08001 Borot" S0.outh no 010hat 801 lb.oh ona 'CIVIC CENTER-
800080800 orn 0110,lb PooollI 10 TmooI 100.0- l..roo.CnIC.01.0
H I.o mould 1hloom.. d 8.0 Junior Women 5801go100h.81U-lclOp 9o
00000000 00.01 1Sa OofIfl,. 8014o 1
.001018 10 000 Oal. 81 oooi.,. No Pooh. Seat Officers 7501180-"cbmp.810C050l..
18o. 8. 10b 00130.l o I 0 bl o hoo oI. 8801.-01UA900IX).70.

ham an 1 tiMe., *l It m Mnl h itc.l BOCA RATON --TI
0ou8 81ni00tabwt .tppdI.0thaln.a 1 k Jou.b Wome. Club
hoL amthaon deoted to b. 0drv.0 or I=00 amlid 1. B annual in1tUa.
Bo ln,. autN 00 In 1 00 '11i banqlt "0,ue10.
0C0nB. I. tdm I ieal," ApBi0 a0 t "PnI" Captain
golod Job w01 8.0 T1 o1. 001 0111 in. Tapi.
lumn., bul Boynto nd, Cnu0 tb l problem ond MU ..John o Sh 0,. p
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Par; better* 41 rt'[t.y h caln a oru i:4.pnd
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Bethesda Memorial Fund

1089 075980700..OOO(018. INCORPORATED
88. l.h. 70oW.iooh.I 88k U ale 9. 880,8.80 .od Fmily
Theanlhy C. Rano. 88. oo01rM ...Jm.Ro
88,..dM-88... WoIL.Oooooo
Gordon C.Seamen ........... o.01M880. I a M..
MmG..Seen .... .. 5. Tb n. F.-4 I~
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heb. C. W.IbRok 8.01 Mr 0...L....
Mr.148.. Cn M. W,.. V. V. Ha.,4beoo

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18... Ch .nI. IA. W .oo.
A.i.n LBa0......... 8.. MFodI MIMEOo"d.1
.Do..,d88o..Wlm -111"CIdomam1

A. 1 N o . . . . . .... M . d M A.. l o g P..
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Jam..0 M,..Part.Bloat ...
88.. .::A .!01 94.. Cldd 9.

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Blank S.01,.k ... d M o,..M MR.0 P.1 k.~o

W4, M018.. WH ll., W. SMIII.

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Mo..HooK.88oo01.o. 8ome. J.W.81p..
IC B..1 M7Sl 71 ao 8. .n o. I4811.
88. hlly K..8. Nautilus...... i..W.

Service News
B1LOXI, MiM. A08 j9t boun w. ma0 om0ni
1mU Th1d Chli...1 ..a. .
M. M14.01. M.0188. 11. ohm . po.
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(i UB Air Pg ndn mu.Aik.
n.0t0 0.0t KidnAF SACRAMENTO. CaIi
AM8. -a Mut. 9lu
AIonoMMcCl,.aiw L Lni r.. 00 of Mr.
tnlmd lo tad0 and M. Lbwooad 8.
qup1t8.t uwd far .I- Loo 9r5. of 113 N.W.
cnftcmtrol nd mb01. Third A01 B0y1t0
is heine iltheinAir Bth. PkL.. ba ndiut-
(ADCunolt.tlo.hrAir Saib, N..1.mmdallod
aorm lstko. Wnh. Hb Ofloi AomLy Ht
unit =7p: t8L ADC McCBLUUmAB.Calif.
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Tb d tn.l... =-ad'=.
.it10.01 10,0.. 89101
000C'.0110000 0010le =.100.11 70

SUNDAY0 110., I.b . 1 Cm .1.4
Stu51.01 Al 58 D.1 0oo olm( AC.8 Tm. 000001 APLCI 0011 01 84.01.

C100ai10 rmaN. K-1. l of V7 Al m-
Il0~0sl .... W. ;:a, An fill
CancEe Crusade Obituaries 001ooy9.o.h. Po1 pl0qn. 0
Coffee Staed Areal A. Blue" Ill, =1080 101100 dl.9lmwiM
For Tomorrow JB 9i1sa`A 0%,74 = 100 100101.9 I fliabRchool.Po00n0001.
Villeaf0.,. 1. Do10.p 90.8 4, 1Monday. A o. T i 0189. V...n 1. 10 t0 1
(no."", T .. J. Coil
9008'.L Cloo.. Co. 0rou lau0 X1m s1. 110 0.
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-.f Co m0Auto April 0Stork 08180908080 51080rt. Co i.0. C5Fooh C
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Imanam, k= Ban of olthm
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.4llbnboolog oboolunonldboa. 000 1 .8 -- A1.o~o 711 SLomL.
010100V1. 0101.140011000 C1.o. mlh 1.. .81 WICHITA FALLS.
AKE n 100001101 80l.8, oolo,000r..14 880 1'. Aiim 5I84a 4 In
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ra B h Camn n CooIod 5dmndo. .o80 LA pedoa nt .0C.4 Batdle 90.,hu0Bnn. 8LP.. CWHooT FALLS.90.1
News.Journ~l ~.I 080,uan.. -1 10 0 a.l.04 51., a
.~..a .,. 90. Robert K0o. M ol lb. s .., TL.Be
Delray. Reach !:&" 1180. Vloo11. Ca8.01 Sinih 8081 Petit. Ror] 8. k oip.Nrud8..%!

00000.. 0 Clol 000 Ch0 8m -d W h.l I U or1. W 0 0 0an I
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Y*Lm~l Su.1- Include Me M.Mwea-IMN"N"I"W*
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o....0o..o.....o..8.. Pool'. r r 1880.8~u 18 alion .. lease 0 A I ,N o
-- ~. .l08 004 88 mI .08000 (8R

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110 1mtinna1 US, 0.
flle elndmatl U a

dute o. Somment High
school. 0l0hy B.e.h.

my Pm. M. g.
Mm Job. MlQuo.,
Ist.IS. do. l. .I
d1515 [. Dr.. D1iry.
l(AlHUBN-A. MlntF-
SaM CoaUrd m. OL.
0w0, Mach 14.
Anad. entered l Ar-
Uy I Octoher 1B4 Und
nmplsrd busc rombat
0rlnnis8.0FortDi. N J
The I.yu wold r
b o 1884 |0do0(e of
ChMhn (Con0.) Amd.
(AHTNCI -- Arnoy PFC
John R. ut.ew. m o0
Mr. 01d Mn. JoLto M.
But0. 1 S. B. Ninth
An.. B9,,t0m ioh.
Fal.. 0 0d0 ta the
a2lDAltb. aDltvmF et
Fort Btm. N. C.. Frb.
The la-yurold holho,
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ant J9k01, SC. 0 0d
0wlu N8 nd *t Flar

;nrt Hlgh Shool In Ddl.

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USNson f Mr.d Mn
10 D, P800r.1r of .01

pted bu= = ;a. i I
_rSf.Dt oC _._

Woman's World

Society.. Clubs .. School
Dot Fraser, Editor

Xlsifl AXV511o1N ... nmlltvosds

Jean Anderson Engaged

To Robert A. Bostick
Ml.. Esbot.b Mblo.U ooll .6t.tkr I .ben
AIdMn of 113 S. W. D. Ad** or Issi-
06t b.of daooto. 6l6h ShoolW srd ;.t
S Bo!0 -.. l.BfMcr. 0.r0 ssolllM. k. p01
uladMnlUM 1r r BWl o f eti erwla
st60e06, 61.. be p.on.6 0.
o l. o P64hI
t. LGl|6o.0. 5.n U.o w.9
Tisb hr lel SI'tkJr. Life IA .
.s C""m.a i. At.
RoyaleWoman's ,. d
Club Topic Is NIo"H6Lb.
Atb0ll06, nooo d bo 4..
Traffic Safety s -1
eoll o 26.6
BOCA RATON --. c10660.. on' 60 _*doyl

Ulblh."u^ttb u.Msao
f0.60 R~o to o, Pl.odI .

60460. B13plM Cb-.0. .ol
sod be. P _o. Opool
o., d Sot. W.1 0, 611
00, 666 500 Do. Woman's CslubC

0, ,so ,,.. Will Install
"dYktob.-60b. o New Officers
e.d "MHo6.w y 2o6.y" l B
"0C4 ic6 Po.-ntlok" TI. DoTay B1h.o W.
oporllowkl t o .U66t 6n ', Club wi0 "U dl
S l 'em .lklsotd I196s.5o ll.1 W dr -
b.fplooldbc lo0 wh ly, Apia 1, 6 I lIn-
Eub mbe iSSld". de.oA rin tu ldl
SB. 5o. Mm.. ok. 0 6
06n Sootjhoma So. 0.4 t0 Sohollh's M6tu. nt i
uRlSkr RsM BoRlo.
MSoo B. 'I tlB e M U b. Mn. Robbi.
L. Con, oll atl *r
760 o0rotm .660 b..o0 r 66d0.m 0l0lp.
S..k or theooboa H.M. Loudo., .rw oolb

ipsd hor hs sloood ".1. 01.6.6 dln 600.
01 mein0r. a6 u. d t 6lar03 0nd Mn. Sooul
ttendtloa oOlOla. Scobe.,tnuuor.

Miss Shephard Is Engaged

To Anthony Peter Schmidt
M. Ger .str d

14.. 0d04U.t. DOnne
., to Al oly db r .e
Scdoo of EmMlt, Ml-
sob, 12. m6 146

nale. M do. Is

r. od Mo.. Istb
Pool of Yl t 0 .
6he6k. i so d m
WI S..


The Robert:

To kLhp 1.4 ouoe
onboist th,
ultodMnlte Iht

6id Wm 0o d tb.t
7f. ioo .om not
f fblooothdo. m1uM
uhi.. lod otbold oo
lrII nd othbr t.
polt.t a.o ct ol t1


Tke dl0 o 6b .Aiul.

Cross a Wildcat engine
with a Buick Special,
and what do you get?

Acarwith 9 lives
and a very businesslike purr



Bak Pote1nt
Rod4 Pilosot
Whlo P"'"'i

Star.no6 b.01 nd eol fol
Wit6h the fisshifi. ldo gilsb Jo, These
B..l-64.. I0.d-for-41 JumpWngJ o
win cmpllvotao... said p.3.1'
AppromaL too. see our bly
0.lketlOO a...
Aioxurllng to .sin699 799

Atl. mvilblo 6, Bin Girl 600
46to2, wdtbAAt.D


Op.. FP.6407 .660 119 P.M.

0a,.,66..,,000~Y ..6 .0T *o .o

Kathryn Adkins Is Feted

By Aunts At Garden Tea
The M1430. Addi the 8u02.6hoses,... 0E M- W
66do Soody I.. 1. 9.6.6.. Ar.-.. Did.. EMd~odbdoou
Jooy .. so Rd.! y, B-r Th. ei red 14mbaol. Arnos
.o;o.o hoood103 0... Aho... ofd P.. Spor .6 CbAl
... M K~t Ad. -. i.1rd.-W 1:: C... .42..W`II
hi.. -h- -rims, ovil l iveoldu b" 66 m.. N
.-r..l.s.p2,6 6 ...lsrloI soPm0OIdopd
Dboyflo~b. 66'. bkdl4. of boo p 1r b 1 W. C.
lhop.4yoo.h.6d a Mm,.6..LA.Ad. W= b) 14 -od kd
6.660. in., good.. .6 6 bddomn~ W. Ris e k
61. bow. sod by Moo

DAR Program Topic r.

Will Be Conservation o. 11.. B. a B.
f1.. M. L L .60.0.
Jo..ob.. ME Mook 03k.. 1o -6. .
Chap"WD.Dxuissojltlo wUc doallooddl i bed "IM o
A j...,hos.Ik :rfob k. not44 .6Ly.Mo. ..
ADO..o B-.r000. po oDl ssooot aBd" 14. 60loog
P fod so ooh,.31.ojoydolsoasoM b6200.40.04 Cos i.16.
Wb00000. p- 6 b ok. .6 o0 mOr inp.
&hk o,..3. Food- mD.oy503
0. Bo.- 2375 i. w o(loo.Rok..O n.oymob.2wB..
0.00. St.. B~oy.. .1 Btoy.. Bo~o .04 ,.4pS~io4040j..
BorkM. 13-1dm1, sBol.
Foodsdok 1. R. 0 13-oo .016 si6
.6 Woos Pf. B."obroo. h-
doloo djosomor6 .16k Of okop00iUdb. E
Cooooolod~outbP60ldo DAB .ook. 1.6k. Do~
Flood Co.10 26.040. isy Broo C616.,
odi~rallso,".p. ,. Pis"' 1
.1 of boytitr~ H. -T =*X. disd o rogod
66... _.. .ob -% id j:
lostoyosoboo.6 Bof .60
20.6. Soolity. DAR, k.M o ook.o ..


EASTERN BASKETS 49' to *4.98
loo s j0 hor .911 k s nk. W4. ds..%. bopp .r d
bin. 60. p uo. i:6004pordpobor. Cono 60- h..ornod-Sob..

Ben Frankdix

mPifoyojP RE!PAU WR4i

Pta.,O~dbon 0.oO~l..00N...0.uo.Ldh.,d1.OoL& 0

On Hand Foods..

Tbhn comr lI t b. "rhdp.b.ehol01100 To mrn: C.n.1 y1n0
h breoy o- I. 0plup0 ol l.l th mnloodol ith rmot rlM
nmo l b 1 ed whtileb lbn. u10 ryI. utlyliyx 0 plltr. VYil: 4 aR.
iobhmo 0 rlitn5 m 1a b dhM yo1u a 0 .u 0 t0 0 p
wil.h no .hne h, .pe b boobllulyhtlo k
lloodobnopplo.o d" redy."ble.. VIENNA
th110 o lobp10O II 0AO 501
o 11E 5,C.k0 SEE,TBW
.t.dlpptp inS ^l INIIICEINO 2 .cam (I lb.) bkod
Obhdin0er hou b kl0I belm
tbmlbh th 0 .o r _ie I oio.*ohopp. ,'
dufl th 2Cheblmuud A nd:-e almonda !bill.. o
ISuch pltitCllly pn000- 0 prooMln aieor or orok..
O.wbolldo.. .doftdl0d Art""
plndocino dtu1t10 bey m*nlheI0 0 (4 00.1 VI...
o.p.1,b1 Adrn 2 l (1 W) b.itk bet a. s OR V..a
PhmioullWork 001tk. 0.glnkbin51w "O'nkb" OR obrlOI
S5orSil.o0.tnOmain. Coabb obod r on.e .,mn.
and thro, $WL SomC p o ndr and bultl % tru pooalWarcamft r-
o1-v .An .ri- loh alod. Put nto.l .U. o wr
h.,bro wo h lb mard ,n 1 t1. Am. I.
o. canned. tomI and Mhe 0 l Tb oppUIdA n-

0l loroheht. hln p. Loeo dl tl LwO I amlorb.Top wthdAnM .
mld., hute.rm r d l 0 ,n 0 ll t0. ob d 1o 50nd0bP It'n a l0 Iifit FM 0c w r w.lth heat ftd 'lmae. Rkb. d
tar 110. lbb.p or -! Yb rl. do ., 1ov bot 2l Oml-
cnbro bor 'O *nyblid or nut1. Yrld: 4-6 .r.
opmokb. Bou, ood mpl |ALTOWST|R fit
r- 10 nod, 1n ll1 TUNABAIE
without ulrd Im1ui0 (8 Crl
whn nou Ko d p a Jl1 CHICKEKN
fi. of -r1 'X0F0 .040. a0 (I -). -bpb- CASSEROLE
handyl. tooThbn., oan- tl ... OR
tbo hn.l n ut. ount = I c.. 11 lb.).I0.o.
Inbohc, hare p1ct.l1 0.eac (I% o.L) boro- I ... (10 oa.) board
0n10 r .pYt.. n lo rto I ..l (14-1r1.0.1.1- pen.dr d
Vut. 0 --.p d W B Dr.. I. a1c. (I lb.) 0b0a
Happ c tb. nelt tm. You I 0o ...di..nd 0 r breom odraired

Ioamrkeo1n p. ollom. (4ll oo.olp Ieo (. l.. sn
NHo do.. your1 1 e I et (a Ioo hlkoL.o.b....dtriod
C0bd *of Jl oo1 prl plo o (10.f 0aca l=k0Ia
0Swithi'110 010 fo110.1 p101te50 plohbA instan*t .oheod
c M. ..mpi.d by e. i Duap .llthl. Ind, pobl loe

C..oEb eon0t5 Ar 1. d At lln A w-.U d hlle b i ho
0nn.dd 0 of Pqt, aN~ban of "I": Iatin

50.0.11 o So, k. ado I.,
hol5ke 0.'.pen0 3tR e SPECIAL Art"0075.

i..b K", r ab .srb.p mos f 1000011
oq..0. d .. .e ( Wb. .. 1 io t RD ap

XId"' m""".""*"" yE.- A hW a..:,-, -biS''lrtal
lt wth1:ln0d( bter bolor
klhea..oheo ..., d5d inht 01.10. mhll, obk It 400
ed hipte drMk il(U|. nine tOB RA RUIt .
"R~odr.-go" 10.I 1 eol (11 .b rof desmrlo.. utl5d 10...
N*x wm~l tipped and ndxoua in
001a.bte. 1d .dril0.d 01 .A I On 50d 5i00 Uld.
Ol H a000Ra00it "I. I l. S poo O 1000004 Ibloulh. Y.II d: 6
Ily b*ai y el Cut ahend y<5 hoto 1 n 100
Tpurlted, cneIdor- oatudrlthomba.l .la
ndia0ihedl.l l mdl. bon1 melt 110000, I
.ul4a5e dolltL bothb Id 0 but. r o GRAPEFRUIT
co00. 5 0lnMIOrl 015 ; thlr ..d to ul. = b. Tlb So:
Y1i.0.5ull..L. koNiaddoflpo.,Add yma
no. bfo.u1l0 001 ipdnkl them with Ter1 Mr n.4d 00 l10110
00000rl1l .ntpo.- l 5lt p O.Sp npOfLntfl d or0 Inddll ndp 1 khe
dial 01ome rn.. 04 Amya. 1a u a-
Slolm T .nd o0r. LOW 0000. 0 boll0l. oao oln 1k
Tropplo0 pao-.hd boino otll.oR. t114d 1d. Add FPn dom.
At "05g. 00 M boct S d l
hx ....'ed'". Bethesda Stork Club

bravrwa-'ve-aserasll."' ffb .. e. he.lo

. So.pp) a311N.E2 Lyn l ur Aphlll
- I llon- A2., ch, an.
R4DV@~a00~..obli4 111 nMhoHofEl. Mr. and Mr. d.
E .11 P...' 10" '!.... nr or. Po0 lSm .1 S
rff. l. t li- dC0V ul, onAprll. .und CCut=. SiUmr
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W1bo.h17491, Bird. (Omn. MAdP) Dai0ty 0500t1

In Bowc Raton

Coming And Going...

Ie L0.00.. R.L,,u Jlmpi
W0k.od 5m of.1 Dr. N.H.
.nd Mnu. Growr Mo510 OGam
of Rolya Ok HUb ln H.A. 1
Dr.and MsrCliod Be" Hwbo
nub ol OUlwhca. Fo.. Mn.Hi
.ad r. H. M. Ub.k of Rohim
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Sunrln. VL.. ad Mr. MoLt.
and Mr.. Bnurd Dut-
Lon. who =ne ba be An.h
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Mr. nd M. J. ph0
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nropdd when Ihe.oy,
J.phb R. Sdnr of EI-.
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the uIM tlim u tbrtr
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Yok Cli. Both o0 tb.

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Cl. and dU Rob.S C.
Rodpn mn heu *t
honor ol M. ad. Mln
HNowd Lookbhn o0 B00+
Iheo.. Md.. Mb. Jo..

.f WohintoDaO.C.
J.mes Hart tUI wk M MchOly ol
B0r1 0t. nurl
aMatlo with hl pMnto
an Mr. nd AMr Jumm
W. Hrtll. lad 1lrl ,

rolkotla."1 .daIt
SApril A. 114 N.O:a

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*1 Mr. ad Mn.
Domen of Bou
r. MI. 0d
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0bw1l C. Rod.
b Mr. d M1.:

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-LuM on uand4 Mn. .W.
Jr., of D11ren.
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CannbM." T.
frhkom, PA.
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Ri Notheb a fu
c1 vlt wlth Mb.

It-k 10.11001 1.1
amildrs.. W.I0.o.old.
b.roIOLP. L

Hillman Will Speak

At GOP Luncheon
BOCA RATON-rma -nb.b0r .l. 5110000
k10L 51510005511.1 D.4 Cm~p Sm.
t11100. Ho .Pof Miam Wf RCsomly CoaroI
loub..0 ...01o1ol Sb .d.II
5o00 501 RopoblI00 Chord. 15.Id T~ad
-' more Rmarach Ctm- AL
W...Cof U.d. Cmbl. *.d pablda

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Glad. Circa Amocialoo, kaoa lob
Chot. Comadh. Pol, .blU..nI
W.,.mldk.. dl ,.Ibrpb.

Fornen and the Marketl



A o.a1. I--m

.U ak Nlr. Va. dyewhv.05
.1 ch. red my..
b. M.. Dovi md 30000
2-64.1 11th"
..0 Aft Ar b loorliim st
..4 M..kfi
Ro.oJ ith1. .

10,10.10. ..d 1b. %~ MERRILL LYNOS4
M MiII!: M- R. ~C
Mr M~ P.. AK M! IuERCE
Job. P. V. Ajryo of PENNR aY amo INS
abm.obm. MH Tb. ianm.-oloma....r...1,.
Van Aldyaor
15. US
Z ca~t=





You are invited

to join us for



Friday April 9, 1965

Two blocks from the ocean on Atlantic Avenue

BrIA Breezes Chatter
"Iw r, L i r, M l R mw o a it

M0 Kol. the 5.e..rN d d io 5. 0 mtdp ,

Sit "i'si
.n B 00i000. .r0. e e 0Eit 0 liitma t desu
.i..0were 0000 I Nl Mir.a M.r Garden b. o.
St.n BMad Iar l l. (Mu *l, Nir-tJoaol pllt
y Cinr

Briny Breezes Chatter
by Charlotte Knaus
0.. of i0. P.o k* 1 6od to. t= 0 in0 A.t
Prhtt0s0o bo ll.lo lh Clt dhu.d dontoh.
.:r ,, 1 ..

oI Cmo. ydwh 0 d n. lt.holIn .ool00 l.
.l slAt c ht o

be.n nam thI1h71k NMM3 Zof disl fh

Ltde. Thet ida b
h0*00.l d in oml 0l0.000 E d o 00..

4.1i J M. 001nud t l... t ayto ad.o d t ,

W oal nhd poto lk. PasR ta r d
flinnI oiln theu m w dil er t
.-0mu d P0att.1.O0' 0 5 l.o r of 0000

" "' 'f .. i.. d = t
e .p n 5bri t to fl th 4l

A.-0.0 tu4 000500 0 of 1 00Pr0 o0
.lopd .0o. .0h of "tl0 tu0o

Haell h 1d h it ar 4 o*hc i d VFrite, P
ritnA.ted l. oho ldtL00t -i 0 lue

as|toO'o 4000.. iso.
Ao.... rhe d No boo .0,0 000000
b.m u10ur o Uni 1. P0oad 0y 000.. ron

Brtli- Alou t olo 001 BALt r 1D.
ro* 1 LL lrod inI M Ie r ol ed. u
00 "0.1 IIIa B EY t
N0e0r 0t hhpl d o 0 i0mm Mnool t C bomunr
e o aid 000. Wll nl0.0 Ef 0 lt i4 .

No h, 00 No. -d1. 0.

i aMd told l s d boath. 00nu p.

0. 5o 5lt oool f0 0 0000 0M.00. 11. .o 0.
0o0ur oW b ad t CIu blooA N Go

TIMm t o -7h t-* l lit a.
0. 00. 0 L0t00001 350.8t00 M 1 MO-

lIswtSE Leves F Hme
Hn.0I0th 00. b m. ti r ,tha i o,
r 0 brlluiy ad00 Mcadde.J

00X 00 1 bb.t Dal m
Sth met-.01.h1, Le00.s1o000 me

When tt aUp lt o ated
o d wit. inoeor Home
Bi-ol01m00t 0 lt. 35l,. 0 o.

Baptist Chu

Special East
O. Guy Womdol, .inb.-
Chtmh o0D0e.y0 Solb, .

muswll .6p.rd..
pee mwe activityt
pou. di00ed by Mr.
Wood0in.a.coopanoed by
M. Tao H.uchr It-
P0aI.y Choir. wllh Mn.

00. 00. Juloa id*.0o, by M. Plm

Good ridby sale0.d
vf oaf tR Lords

DT C Ll.
W0oih fd Jens.0" ho

Noted Bible
Translator To
Speak At Unity
I0ul000 of ll1 B0b0
bo the Phl0u mPmou
5pt.0., w0 05.00 0t U05.
'o0do.oL m*l oil aol

Dr. Lal.m 1. .qu.dy
UBy u Blb uan.
in.Ul culture b0 ft
-Ktin A.yinal bMo It-
i m~n Ar the
op b 001 0u00

Mal a Natal IVr

lil rill dMaoh to Bsl
Vl= h ha uta th
I00 pIn thspoey r1f.0
.lo odiodi-ry -.1
alt;d W im u toulltl

'King David'
MK ahl aDri0 ." i0 .
d.t olatoh by Althrl
Hlere by l t
h... 00 P
Choml .01 Wmmi30n
C01ln ol 1.M it0. P..
btyrluh CLml0hof D0.
m iBrc., Sady,
II, ot 0 p.. H1l0 Mo.
Mhe K1d. il tm0 It.0

qnitfr 0a.m1d od..
Sobdl INb
aobfy W30t Polm 3R.50

d. t. Na M = i
00o01 o Hos Ato..

Poo." .Bri l'h "o 01.0
II the Luab," Hwtlli
"Mhlrh," Pt I. Mr-
aollU "Am.U nri lb
loll..ll. Co
MAl Chpodbor .M0000
olf "bo* Koltly I0I

. ,o0.nbu 00n0.

S00 Anh" Huopodo
mthe onud t
in i lU Kte Dinld by

w0i0h heto0 upoR t.0
Uotsu dmp~J t"10.00,

0l1U.l00t0 "


Sumdl03.booo..m Aopril. 0It,..1965.

MoHo.. of .0 Olnool .d1005. 00.
Sunday, Aprl II, 1965,.~

rch Sets

er Music
Ta public b ordilly
n"ritd to lendd Ihe.
epfdtl oomtl oeri.o

Parochial Ed

... Reading
ood i a No..: Th
ircs pisd bSt.
Jph' r ainh Da
bd oph= .1 .O 0 p 0
ish o p the 0 p.-
Ar In p1odhl 4beo.
Tod.y l0.5rk iSpin 0l0
lb a adHntep of the
iiti mud rth pn0
oIn ol a ul nto
000 oltl.i.ot.0 00.
0 0hool Ioh -l pGo.
.odAt Se. Jepf' P..
ih Day Scol,. rMudi.

tm0Nud. 0. of th. bet
00r of boofto plodos
i.0 0p 0 a 0 d..*

te s 0

oolcets wil..l
!= .Ul hw lb
ph.odid Ch 00000

Jr, gMald Mm B l a

Mrs. Saunder
Directs WSCS

"tllo My So." .00 Oh.

oofy Cof00 ,,0 So
ai oa MnnmT
Meast00 Chu.h April
p.rnd. ml U. 0eld
A= 0ll lallolin
aM0 OLt hcrchat
wrn MUn Chul Ste
PJl. id M5. Bonu.

0 .dl. 0 *Oh. o00

SoWaly P 0l. 0 Mn.
.li0i.ll al00l0l001 at
F00 Louodldil0. Oth00
tllndlog loh aitoti
Mn. Jofto oSm Mn.
Sib. M1n. Roy Sold..
M15.R0.0. M oddinmop
.n0 Obh ROy. J. M1rtin

cHenath HSlaj .00 b0
itol masuher It amtin
1of t.m udm ud Pi-

Bank beUdn0l. H. WI5
opeek 00 th0 "C00y C00-
A 00.o0 m.ito l illb .
bold 0 7p.m. por o. th.
nMtinl, wit0 M1. 0l.

A omlBofA o oolf0N 0
lrthlln May.
.M00000 of 000 0.0b sil
htIbud 0he d11l7it.
00l to h. 0M 00 0l00
Wort Aptl S.



Applications are
Fa Session (1965

If class enrollment
waiting list basis.

The Church Week I

TriallyLter.n..C rclk re t n t300 and ll am. S. MabLhm. wlEophol OurChulhonActloAn"
Pwi td h iHohC.u.lo mt H mrC b .wi bf. Ith. t oi to.
PaL Suday tb- He C= M b_ lrb nd Woon
sboo. aDdBibb Clue at Te F. h lr t 'ro.o17obr
ucation ..... .u, ll bl
The U.n .rlm So-t. -dlte .olkke simv dl th
Th ly Md dy tbL b me.. of rem dh
AndMath t~a i ..o 's""'aa" rIL
de. ede 0. Ctfr.of. C00>~ns.
km t n w
r.e tch a p.m.. .I.H 0 lo l thm othd aesw.

BM[ oa a isla a
Willd0. P s n A Holy Woo Cuutu, Eomo1 .d 5 l
.aso bb h ToCl rWloEb y il 0 t. Aft. o=f .IR Vp iE .

0dL 0 l0 r 0. pol n* Th. H m; aiUd- 0i olaoTe Mdtot.
h..1dom s.111k la, Pa al at Dm"e*r hyiRs

rZnl a]-unkm UI tbe -edwbevein t
w30d 1to 0l0. am[ Gd StodP. meApfI1. 5omd Cftl 00.0"o.-
USi i3op o .deso 00000 0o00. 0H0o .m. s eorvi.oe Ri. 0d.i00t 0 451.m
5p o, soo 0o W .f ... B W. Swi O T.H
haO.oO of smd l, inr a t 8 P -.7 me5 n Fo h Bam topi: "TChh
opY,. d ITrit u I om am.. stais a L tar
oLr[Iodah Ta hndm p the M .0 11 bD.. l' 300 0F
Tmud o7 u mph.oft. 0 o oftkoOit0o of tftHol h*a l l dIAtl y0h W.oonp o..oinlo .a0
5.0s.l.000.a00t C=uktn.litS005. nd.y0 Good Pd.0 Stoodoy. ApoS 01.
0 0hpp .f mathtooo. 0a,00 and0 p 730 p..e s .000000o h.. on Apr0l 1 t0w.05b hoi
pod.h. b mlt. r 060 .00 ohooiood booo oh L t Swhkh 000e "A R, n. of Ro500000on"
moootoo,0m0 of .h.e a h ftotib. of dby otL or,. JWda hl .
,cG ra :7=1h
alm as n- al ll to 1 otei L d S o l plw W o .

a. rto thri*le theri CHURCHES OF CHRI
hu .YE oar. h 5.. .
Udo U wlal he PUo 5e thetly0.0a. hh0on0- 0 h0 u Io Ht Cooooat ol7M AuUB

ot0d. o ." ...o. 0. 00.. ch.p.0 on ...a oo. b 700s0s0..
dWnweing p o L .m UoIf M hlItt
)v U). t= y= I Of D t ay h
W1 .e ph sent S ehl, P. o ehe i S L p.. Cm0 eth S0
i0s .. le.. Hmwil be c alt tn
0l0r00= o.d tof Atthlf00 8y.. hubott.he ba 0itBnolp.e .
00. ..= W -. H. 0 00P0Sodo.B -
tos1 ka[dS d3b? D.D.D.elra r- y Clboe mFi onG~OllalC y.

c51tcli'*pSSN5ia aaaa Grac Actda Chprch
Intpth ll m Ita 0 a Ge Bs ri.1, aW SL tn .pnp
Ti- h. B00 ft0. Th.PT. A0 ... 1.000.1 aaa
,. nW t nl- his r*.ai t l. HHat aLe laobt Cbeh
At s 8:4 and Chb ," 11 o o0ok0fto Ath t of S0. Goe
0 -tl0 2 00. o-11 't000 ig" -ftA. lbl F o0M h *" .All0.hGl o

na, At b- Juh O H
.od. 1.2.., bro .a.oobg as.'...
F000t BogptAtof t l I0 I O,= "o 00A

b. sCb*' Will -'M 0*a" "`,2

c ia ra by i W. '- hs i Shap. C R E GA T ON A
ba Wtll"h ata thea o r each

tih. tat 'dMIM. m-to1Sfo 5'
i h ooeblrol w oI bon ll. oofir t B lai Cath ch

00000000. Namit Atil h ho
'U ar.0. tr -h Ga SOx th. P
thu.0.l. 07n0m. h t0L r oftt "Al Gtooy Lood 00d Ho.

GOn yAp s)th At Oh 4 boo Jo ." Th0 -- .0 .0 h.

First titp., S o Jo 00ep .0 Rop"=' C S istopa C hurchE
t 75. Rh .. 0000. 0 00.0

IDrlrayn. d on of Chris
--.00 e .mron o0th 0-l.
000.00mb ofatobelo bt .0 e 0 a Cnhot

Per 1111. M O% H 1tt herlchlcofdr ofl
"So 0.t00, 0.00.. 0 0u0i0,din b. 5u000

0.o of L .000.. Iubwo,.. BAPTIST-SOUTHERN

loh., PAR. ISHo m b DUt YSHuPmmRg SEle.A
0000..--I~ull~ 11000700S00,a000 ok oaI Ao..pooo

0 000 .0 balo Grace P apebteia Church
Ift -- H as hc Ponman Sq... Om "
H. ft So d -- Hoei d 0.00 unt.000 p.ap. o a Apmi ssion int UNITY l00l, S0.obO

Delray Church o Christ
30000.0.5.i0 o05.50..
oftein o through Grae SiN

-a o.. i T I, W o o oT ts-- C h o c or f I. Pe .i C.R o ,ar -w o ,.ul


ellpto S) First Presbyterpian Church

iow being accepted for admission in UNITY
Unity Of Delray Beach
orten through Grade Six ' -- =
00000000 .S0&.0N.0,00.S0 EPISCOPAL
.o AOO0000. St. Joseph's Episcopal Church

to filled, names will be accepted on a rmu
Church 01 The Nazarene

( ,



FAVOR Haute Couture International Lid.
240 Worth Avtnuo in t Hsolland House

Final Reductions
of Sawv Lo's fabulous and Asci-i Kn
esmant~~taa la.s .ann a,. sat a nt collection of beautifulclothes... M y. up 1iu

ta.m. mnnitat, naaaa.atniob or fm - ua.w

v5z ntat ma-h kt -ib x.5haaa a n*.t -Or p .aj
E.ka~ttts as-a am iton&n.
pit )~nondatatat aS .tdm Salonn tl h

Pantptnt~~kaco 3.0. nft .b. daatitatn tawthmaadanaa
_____ ___MIND__ a
Isdlat . At. h as assa IaI.. m siasa

i6nYfurolsoiap m AMUR toot PAL itlitlas ...yr tSo ro h a d
OvL~P~ossa~sMsc~at.NttLU~ap~tawl.C~aoii~r stt~~ttl~rli atltainjn~n.5~totntROYAL PAIM PLAZA
.5 hnen..a* atsoaiatlos a frc~fada It ~d...Doruo w and Shoppi
tme tans and g.APhy P Mf Hat

-" r ___
a X blnkring anotaaot 61 gooditas. Mak your *ss i..


Our Sale
is now in progress
at all shops
f aaulxH *tn.U.tatula nnJt
fcftailM.J |,.
mYl!e !^ Is.. ^M, *WINIl*M




I bon oth Ihbill,-l1a40

21101 Iaboasathld(5W.1*st.)

.mbLuh adi4 Wil
har.. uw__IUI

(IMILUoTo~W~~at) aaataaa
a sHIFT...

a--LS --t~ -n




A Fiwl SIM5 To Ttt MAOALAPAN c1st

am I Wtat.a

LMYICIurmn go. -1.4. w I. A- .~~IIICI ~ k
J ClIA tNO 505Im. =Cba I.M.1 TlAPROOMI -

LM1~~oISbafan- Rbb. a t.St Ionta.
Ma0 bar ~ .pb--5 ~ 0-y.atm tt -Aa. Wt Ir rnr. I
tat ~ ~ ~ ~ iemlae Irami.PI kmnm nnatntkt. aan.. d5aatn t m
"Sttat a b, 54ttt. R ttt N oTt. ~ ~ . h tm Vok a o luaSta t
atnaa aaOt.? Ms ?"i _a.05

k bob --fto OVA ROOM onam
rtbm. alhnu~l(-lY*
*0. atta f. na aSaanll i ft p 1 ta s a

V. b- .aan abon, d lh ran I&- b *OIOUUILNUMn
0,640.l~a~at."a- .htn danl t -a W_____________
aa. %.ta. a.I .. a W ftO II

I ~ ~ ~ ~ O Handa afha S~i an.SnSab n
I mat t =a4" a aI
Sata SaS im~ to~tit tht5Cb~as. taou-sn..t Scan a

3- roan, PUKKM Tooftho~I*

RObot n h n atai pd.itlit. bSal d -~ an* ElWitN ~ ~ tn
at 1~lOu-u- a. N .I a .n Iaeat, 5- il
atnm~r~~UI~~Y ha .nnt. abDy
SCO~t Sstda~ttola .0r nulnioahS .nM t ~lAI nau ________________
litS Calataf~~naCtatt a,.a. tata, tm US F IU1UInc~n
uanta. Pisa~~vtlrad.ssttintttaaarnhIqtattata
hlatS han. SalS tt~aaa ~ blhtat.ap ISStss aa t
- anusy. a md inana a. 'ata a tltasasta L as n.ttfl.A.
taitt it5 n a na Caqat ha r SiSSats..h M A

hahahattatalht~haaainrs.unt l~n tiattact -

on. msu-.muottuuthtl~lpaaa
ptttfl(EKA~~nmuU 1t~I DCA5ATIQtOIII55taU
lsit.. t~ t u-tam tat, att~n ha5.rntt I="ULi~
05t 'to hu-a. at -M rul ndl 05S4Mn.n v
St statpns tattaltattn.5 r~aishs n sa mIRSt,
OtNdaa n.SIIa. haarn ha hata talot? ansa a Sa MTNA
saltS lu-ha bi~utaha~*uk thinOI t~tnit sa. antan. HinsSas



ITUD I 14OT 03.ZbW- rb*. 10 wtu4l -0 fl Or-
be aI -l "o"A', = Or
Open Hou se SundA y P anor
Mh 00 f lio i o llytid. Ym
nol. oBe lih lm 51J 0.0 d ao e Ii ph to B
ben "l W .ey* Xn= Sa At.Cl rm)

t junior College Sets Beta Chapters
l *' Coming Events
pen House Sunday det Pan For
Polo olok ond to Mh 10. P Goreuta 0 o4 0 d000
lho l dla m.hhn.>r t oam t0obpe.. BOCA BATON p-B
Iortpld.l O.ho p B. OttO h .O P1 CLpd r. Bd .
tIolon Mf homft noW Siru Phi. 10 mO p I
opoSoy to01t oh LinaLeut thenrwo W dodoyApflQ`14.t8
Polo Boot Jooh Col. p.m. 0O hh l om. of Mi.
ho mpno d=uoh n lao EnrolledAt plchrool o11(0.n

p.y.o od. P410n Mill hMpul P00 10 1.0 dlt, d
I Ptosiy t Io Iu o l A .0M
0 0do. mdoolsl I. y Poh. kI l hOlb o. i0t.)'. h l 00
fok olop S totho N.PooM Boorolo.DnI. Aporll1.Po.o.Stl &.

0I woSp.. 0u 10 Pah Coltwaege0 1ptAr..

'MMbr. Dr H-lold 0001 0000 l 1 Io *
Ci nMotp pLdn o B = P1 11=k !nrm
PluC, hu ~dr l CaulIn XtoIds"
PiC.1 1.4 := `G01 "I kho oh1 0 0mm Boo.
00010l la0tat00a 0 0.1 0 doovoelonoluehl-. Ch10 of Polo Slim
Mudeoto. 000nd.4UdI pa. d4a1t001 Jooono E1h10. Pl..p10md 01a0u0da
olo 01 PBJC 00. di 100, 4 10 d op B aintlo 1 .00 dooo. Apr1l
dooto mtt. tmibwlu
dTnu. f n t10P0k10 tltnlOHld P o.h *6o
tle. = .mao. KhoL. 0 1 I th I"0 o 0 l
tn. li th ot n o i b t e n lkodntoo.o lo 00

Pony Club Sponsors ...... ...
Junior Horse Show Gladioli Court 14 Honors
,.Hh..... de Its Past Junior Officers
flu1004i04 H rn Clob.
B .PonlS Ape g n odin0. o M... L. WpOubl. M. Goodhwin; md Itaom Mo. o.ot
PoloBtoi hCi d F0001 d. a f1o0 to n omog.rt.o i. Moi.Blo-h.
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A I Miller Motors Inc.

Noo'a Miller Motorsnc.
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20% to 35%



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FMr6UdS...........3.00 299.95
VaislmES ........... ..3... 39.95
MhilZ... .........3.... IS r .39.5
...xlzts ...............ns. 5.S
Cranm s ... ............. 79.9s .5
.19H4HZ-m ............ 249.tS IfoS
IlZm .............. 219.9S 169.95
SI NSZi ; ........... 119.91 95.0
Ckoelm Zeelw ............ 49. 29.95
aCIm .... ................ 5 19.95
RIhe eKlell .......... 3.9 65.00
Sk r ikZel ...............9 65.00

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U40 tPoldS 14c.9 n .5 S 7.95



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FsnhlMdISeud ......29.M 119.95
KidkMSund ........ 42 325.00
KerI................5. 49.95
KesliceK. ........ 20.9 169.95
KeystiMrt0nV ...... 124. 99.9
Keystm t0S ........139.5 1.95
KdikClbxl ......1J3. 1291 .






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KMSl Mt80 .......... 9.95 79.95
KM diArtMtlkF .......n9 79.50
KedM lelin Reflx l ..239.1M 89.95
AmeUlsMntrkit ... 17.9S 149.9
inAlstl ........... 9." 69.95
hlo k ................010 8.95

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SttmG|Mlc ............f 2S.U
Ai hnl I ............:.95 49.95
lMU lSR 7 ...........50 199.95
Phltd 7 .............. 07. 159.0
I Ha.CuMstle2.8 ...... ILs 69.95
mil ................ .9. 79.95


.Iile- WImI, IIN.

1 ; _

Hall & Half .... 25'
Margarine ...4 i )
Biscuits .. 4 35'
Velveeta Cheese M 79
i ... ... 49 a Cream Cheese 29'
Ice Cream .. 49' t.
; IMc r Swiss Cheese . 59
Vigoro........ .. l" '1 C
ro Caraway Cheese . 29'
Charcoal Briquets ue Cheese 29 K
P., l ... Blue Cheese ... 29 -"'
Detergent..... .. 64' f Mayo
Herring ....... 49' 1 a p
French Dressing .... 25 Krispy Crackers 35'
Kraft Dressings. 3 '1 Pary assortment 39
. Fruit Drinks ... 3 '" '1
Barbecue Sauce.. 3 '1 F- -r- .s 3"
. Cocktail Juice . '" 53'
Mustard ........... 1Peapp le Juice 3 89'
Marshmallow Creme 's 19 1 bnB $ 5 '1
Green Beans
S roa .n 5 -
Kockwurst . 79 Tomatoes . 5 '. 1)

Cold Cu0 . 2 58
w ,gee ...... 43"
Bologna .... 49
er Sausage 49 Cleanser. 49
WPepper Steaks 89
Cold Cuts ... 2 58' C^^^iiM-l--
I /Suimm,'^-'': aned Nuam .' '3"*

.e.f 49A

Swift's Premium Pr.l.n Gov'l..nspecltd Heavy Bee
Chuck Steaks .... 59
California Roast.. 694
I Genuine Short Ribs Beef.. 39'

; - - -.. --.. --- ... 39o *k 1-ed veu

A AllPurtpose Maine 10-b. .... .- tt or O .cl ..
ME uwa. 9131-ag 3t 39

nnaise .... 49'

Sliced Carrots 3 o. 99'
Tater Tots. .. 4 '1
Lemonade . 6 69
Pound Cake'. . 'I 69'
Pecan Twist 2 '1
Perch Fillets .. ., 39'
Pan Trout . . 59'
Macaroni & Cheese 3't'1


yFirun octampl.j JjdWmntu
Ipflalp~pI~b'4,. I I PS1 OBS 24115
I~l- -i Ia LIn

Fruit C~ktuuI. 1



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Soan'ubl Invb eduld
.Deryh Artist
toExhibits A t A e a e
lk ray h EPoio. Wit 2 N
SSA..o-lon, telt bdgl at
Iow .Ule d in. t l
d ne a 1t i b. amd to
enintah finte P.O. b
ro L. An l tion nd itl
toomnhoily .4-0 ..d
blootwiU t b. pooldnd
by A. Goodwln Wnd bi
bond ilth rObel finm
tb R S Ie l.o rt .l d.
A Ioend pn.. w1 be

TOR .1EiA AT LiAG I. Ia.l.ll .arded to luk a Ilh .
o eldtnr 0eh par nt ait
S_ t, .m( I. m no. n u. hi s. .n.t ..' sen to "" ti*c ldo
ngit YI l et. llb "Dft 1. Go to on l home ff the 'an7e.
All Acu T M.ssas. hu., A mv" ,, Th
of T nlhb.t.,dntodl l.~C h1 l LDt. Dne BiU l- hd

.toll dt. 1. 1 b ... ul. ei. Sb.k l a t 0 6.or,1.t ot l b. p
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I. A l.. Me ek) I.
H Mi K h *if1 e^w^''".1".y r. o lb 03. .edbn WEordbt n
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Delray A rt League ...

M I -*. a.Lda rIh. bo. ptb..ol i. dlltb to brotnUd mot .010. obo. i thdor o fo C.
'tehr.u .ot. lb. .b tl b.lo .DelyAl t .lb rtist
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Exhitbuits Han"t .Arcade PB GalleryaM
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ANT"-iftb Gordon Lamonr

"*4"U 1 d l. W.ill Addressl

DEl 0.1,,I0,L'111100 0eat Lbryan0 wmlb.e
YOURPRII aOUPIs O D Y Btll k. Ai th Onrd aB o o aprdCle 1eark
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JUNIOR a.d 0KNIOR PARTNER of Rth Hubblrd-VWlil Reil.d 1
kpplheue Store * Job 11n ie.d SMt. 0. Ardon Hubbard. 'TbL
ein neell.y moved fom 1H NE Seoned AAne o te ew. nloaion .1l
807 L AI.all, Ave-ue. (rInnd p 1i 1M wihll bh bold thin Frilda.y olib
hlitoro Ioton.ptb or Dlrly Beosh on dlIple. IN.w. Joura..I photo
by Bill MoJ'ht

Pioneer Family Moves

Back To Atlantic Ave.
A eltee.mhlnd pin- l.trd by ello. pbe to Delrny BePholol n thl
ni. lI. 1r0 Doloy o D1ra.y Bc.l. .lthouth 193r I O. Dvid. Shrk,
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Pod3y .o.onlol, Aprti 16
t 700n.m.*I hl Cono

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Welcome d "

Remembers .' SATURDAYI
:Special Famil) PIRI im 1

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(I'll A.ttoaGO

00wu u Ul. 1 AT SA LURmUAM, ,AI1UI
see TH

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?7! 1&11

Garden Clubbers Interpret

The News With Imagination

oO y coo. kltot Shot Posh." 4-o... d
ono oopoo.111. to. A A...40DhOIOA.
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o. yo.aotod by 0.0 To ..; C'.
-y Botc= P.8 d R'm0 -
-8d 01.,th C100 ha M. 9 .0.. 1.0. M-.
ri'yt at Corodty 9-Sbo.o...Wm Mo..
C~oto E. Voon;. 0100; CI.
TI. yoolo..lo.I.Uh "By Lba" Ito.. W.
.08 hlg10olo. hto C.oond-,. floo. M ..
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=aUfr. h"*d-hofo Job. M Mo
lokohoomoordooooood 11.O~bo K~og. hoth~
ooo.U. .Sooobhi tbo. CI.. '"sP. .od S.". -
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ymoodo. .5 phyd JoMb 2ood,. oo. M.
'M. 100..11 Lh K1~ ... 0 hlbod;.C
ooo....1 oo_ to_. Ca.. ,Coacood
di., Po.o" Mo Sot..
T. -. of Oh 1. F..a MNo.
.1.0.tlr~ ., oH,.0 .o4I Ma. Cl....
aCI.. o.. .0.-1G --do. M10. Ma.
L Clh10or b. PMo.. oho oo. 10 R.
Iterjo lo( lu--T~l- Mm
"1..d... ,.19 -d o ..Wt. N.11,. o
.9.o-bl-0. uh .ut, Kolb Richt o. d.:..
o"MMI'td im Ch' Mm JOM Rma. 'M
aOoy. .Thb o MLl. ShR., rPo h-loo,

..o1lypa l 00.-.,I a.m Soot. odond.
bypblll.; fi.. At. St.% ...d:


uA 01.. .421295
VA9 1 0111 #0001-oh qf w d t.1
boular W FREEI I
A $202A5 Ccooho~tbi o Io Itok olm. (-f. dv .0..mIool. ol W.
Pd. .f *.olono l I .th9l ..."ft-o'knflt1....hoio
S10k ....$4.120 1 ".-

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A.~R~: 0..11 -.Ao yoF I.. y. iA.
r mial~ ull~ lrr H ~ 000 yaM 00 0000 0...;~~ jLk"r

nutu u1 A S o C ,,f,,

we MAN0OR*


ML.. luphl. i. Ma snd tlhd; M. C.
CNrpoodir, Shebboh Iob. i Hn. tlsod
Clu "MY Am ". Iod; MUrL. loanl.
MrL. Pa..M 010. ud 0hird; Ma. -. Pm. Rw
Mr. J. G0y000. a-ood. GorMMuo..M
Ma T. C. atyhd, ood ond o thrd5 Ma
Ma E. S. MoUtlowar., Not.. flm.Od. odlond;
hoo.bbhntOIo;ClIa Ma. L. Pdt,- Zt;;
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Cahrpnde Boo. iMCMl. aood on ho
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Ma. M .L0 htl0 10ld0; 0 n.d; Ma. Srhr,
Ch.a o.. ,. "-..." , a M sod . l
Mrn O. Kins, .0at, M Ma. 2J Sotk.
l. 2.uoon. len0d2. Ma. 1n1, A QuIo lid.n2do
C.rpend.r. t01rd0 Ca.. oo hbonoable nloth;
"n..adb..". Ma. M. .. 1.5 .D 3
KRon f01. Ma ut. oo.. |oad .. h
.ond, Mn. OtDl. m.L1; ; Ma. gd ol
L 1mb, d1. M.n .rQ0 Schledt, *4 fln4d rl MRl. JOBP S 1AN.hE oa a.-C o
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hir.d. .nd hn0,b- h.o Ma M-tl. M ,
wentiow's. .. m toy'- 1.0 Ma Pery, 1 -.
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Wh1o.nr0 1th. .0t oboi miMo tion.
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1. K0( = foot; Ma. V.ut If.r ..lot 1
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hish0t (de p- ( Arhour Boooh. 100
00te0 l) 00 Ma. Mo Camphol.40
3.hub. ont; Ma. F- '.d thir; Ma Jo11
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hooult-oio 0 d th0o l otrd; Ma 0]. GOhbm., a
00 Ma Loyd A-.Io. 1 fit; Mt R. H.abi. .
.-n.d a-d thid; M. third; Ma G. Ki.1, 3
John Bo.d&a., 2 f11a.00 1ad.nd. THIE TRCOLOR AWARD -1n 4. Mm
ndtislrdo;Ma.Boo... A1.,MaK.a.f rt; Everemtt CI1.,r fto a.r "hm, G. Thumb
Saond; Ma Booth, Ma C. lb. 2 m .. raneresltof1gal"oodom...oltc h tra
thld; M. W. CaolL. naooodathbsr- .o 0e p.0d4.,. N.wolnoal p-olo by
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0.rd; M. Hoh P.0. CO-o 0t a 11o.0 1 .01 do..l R A.AeTnlmo,
bom. 2 firss Mor. d o l11.; Ma .m l"l.Mr1 *A 04d84di0 00.L T1.,
K11. 4 0 i-0 iood Sodt.0tO n...-.n... 11.. u.Alo l

Her'65 Ford rides quieter.... than her Rolls-Royce

=R. M",LIIYYb I U uXr-2U.l :t~ws TH ~ I
JL It. a w o~o nllola
teld. I M..o.1oo oa ho0 5011Z

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..Am 1. Xit I Nor-7darrm.
NoC~ S.t -. 10r. Wily-4 od.. 0-1000ZN 0oool"10IT .0o. l

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hi d ibloIa aot.0y0001fOoo oSdL.FORD01;

*~~~~ I-,lX1~9ffo~o
0.050 .000 7,. 000.0 a.~7o8 00,8.1. ~ Jrl
,oO~d~h,.04 oboIf~~ o. 00

PROUD KEN HOLLOWAY blis M. .r1 d--
...i or dufl0 mum0 w.10.1 rded
il. blue ribbon l th.e J.nior GOrden Club
tl00. "Throuh the GVrd1n 0a1e." I(HW.-
Journal p.o.lbr Al.a Clark)



Irolmmoa~usr~a c~rJ


a SHOWROOMS .0l AD 00111
LPT i j M


GardenClubbers CL pEA NLJT'
Interpret News
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DaYvd Wilds sho Mast esh
Marniera atdl (ho- tClb. k

Boynton Roundup
by Carrie Gladney
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tSA-s. 0.*1, Boca Chapter,

Tos.w.lw ad DAR Will Hear
ll.2o S '- inAntique Dealer
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Mrs. Davlin
To Vacation
In Mexico
Mr. Andnw Darfi of
N.E. NBhthbStmt, Dl
"bh. leoanddY trs
ao-wahw nwell Is
Maik .uHa .
ho Mrs. Sllto H.
K .o9 Nm. Yrk City,
u old Iriend, o .l4
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UI. Mnaio Cit, TIc.
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to Mimso asuht April 23.

Bridge Club
Plays April
Master Point
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April MIter Pstl pots.
Winor North sad

Mr. 0. AIIKIm, l
ald; Mr. WIUts Buck
ad Mi. L F. Rnao.

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4 N. L,411 AVIL 0 NIMY
olmIANMMARnow l

34 N. 4tb AVE.

-__._ --.--. H uge P project Planned
50... 00.00 A .or 00.p000

- e: -, -- ..

Boynton Suffers Building

Lull; Delray, Boca High
Bo1rn0on Boch rtnrd worh.nlia7.alhvo din In the Tropon penrmtlss -% .opttd
ed shrpp olioM In bhet.n onp Go00 Mnd CountI y Club *4.1 IorFhnuiy.
bulidln luit monlh while d to 6939.886 for 0he Conatin Atutsnt. This l~gu repr
DIuiy Beochi' bulldinl flor thi e moth Ia 00S. Feden l 1hw.y5. sels *D een x..grl<.
boomed nnd building In 19 l4. In BoI.lonB ch.oiol deen r whe.n I o0
Booi Ratonbhldloi n. Iinlle peot din0 e0 o0l0 41 Prt cnt pre0d to Ile Maren
tA l.I ol 40 building i.o n M. rh Us Io donf M h, wihebn 1084, m.rk
pniot..lued 1' d12l t5he oSnifr bu, 13l.iOn. o1tWno l EE mU.7.
Mch in Detiy Beach. --
otpn tn. inga357 recent ,. "-,', i .-- :
lncu ovr te oo 7ro O h lo|i
mondhofl On oho '
T.od d I tb In -
Lat moth's lium o ,, r .

ct n .s: for dl n-, e.
IDel.rh Bench. 00- -

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S*uurn mvia

-.Je 1 VI.

-- -PM NAM

110 ssl~Oc80 0.0 as~snsl

Floridian Home Offers

Quality At A Low Price

BOCA RATON -- A It0ldnu buylIg p- o0 b5uty. wIr.
quality *ad enomy 0H
Impbyd inthe Floidin. All w0l0 *ad p.4 niea n
mod0l hin now on di. until* in pK nlngomd
pl In 001 cl0n 0. kl n Md th1 0n0lN plumbing
no ths 1 01 P.nad .of wall .* produced to
Hom.. prteioon quality Itn0.
Th* hon,. bull by
Floida.. o Bo a W1ldproot roar bhi
R.o.n, I.. hu Ihnm Ila nre p"ovidid oS
s'm bI=o a y t l 1 odilo and"X
All esopoae.t o.
0 11.1 lu- 6 0 Rater, or.l was d .1i.
p0rodnM by' tilb-U.B, or iy-.--.
StBl Cprapoll.i I- 0iI and a npo, .ooba*r
vi.i hoo .i. ii0 fol *Iu0oundo 0l1 ontio
oIl* ad..ltg. of hour.

BOYNTON BEACH li qui.nlud luod loed In Loe. Th c00n.
Poimoiann p0an for a lyO ond by Tropi Ar- Buily wil b oll.-
condominium community bonl Nun M. eon.t.ahd wlb shoP-
hmo. -lotesd to b t TIe ponpety nb .ted in o te. bie5m
Rltk t in WPi. Buh. b ln I nao ulr A .d.n.dle.llle.
County, we- novnd Wtonry tuhoblOcbn Abie 1Ilndad 0a th0
Tobadphy n spoken Aneon. pln on. btn nd eining
TBldo. ,.lc. pno. I1.I e...ilp ( d na lon ltb.
*Idenl ol Hlld.y VIUl 786 .pr.e.I U ho. .. 0ii itiosd. hollt.
In.. dinoid 5 sen 0 d .1 n poLbi. t lhl pllp i e iln l ll tbh
trtuclMionb In which hie *UU. wUI be de.F pn lUbll l me*ad-
Ih. Bto yna fth uln.
iit etdllvl u, bOlu

Realtor's esond in
a. de._ ad e :ia

.1010010 bldl.g d~pBul.
BOYNTON BEACH eImtrr Mk s whB 64'185.1 t7i
O1EAN RIDC GE o p il u "..d0l. i ..S
1BaI4 r 10lto0n hod 0t barI B m tOhnn.rW beha diU.I-
ri oIquo.nly FARo il i>O sod p Ycs l*n0. a too.
log Jidtonrilk t00 000.ists -V 00 Wa l les.
pat w ad B.d p~nilIou t ao r- I" I any
a O ut Iitu ies head
P dnO t.ClEN .lo Woot sU up "nr Sn Y 0000 0
DluhadS .eal.. hA- .1U 0I7."1 a I1 b
A01d0.Dh60.0 r Mr .oln Dnlo h 'WIho Duthlh 0 otl
d ~DI~tio. I", * l i ~ n~p I 1 ty p'- c I t
to nbololodhM. I;:L c itot *i a n tno'd
cuoocltun c 1 L o A b llbe d ra-I t h, be
".koolal ooeh H- Rg..lid A o-

Ugh-1 e.. ... n... "" Pine Tret
iltl ho d si. Un Onn I i o
Bon einBoohn ul- 8i 1 0. in h d
e. d Pf T ib l undy, SellingF
_ Cab heM I I. Oi lAllh .1 it w m i S
Cluob W.4 05h .t 4.001)
.l..= Uieli aIld Ild
e au BaltM Bea Mart oll*b-MatutnIA1
ChlaentfCo.l -- CI0n lOna (Hl DLRA BEACH -
of.c1..E.lloeMn.,F. Cniml) Os.t. OOO00po. q mi Oh s 000" .
IksOl nrorte od tle i shd onu but . it
* eO p 00NE j.ntb .;.0 O u40 -by 1.Fo
nin--.mlo l|. nO e sltoololh __ .. 1 0a0l Conb fmn
Wtd J our 0.1 Club lWle .Bo O Ca o hlle. =* &= oea
PW-- -Iha .bon.H. iemanos o .itd ioaotema
Op o B o o i. = n d nb11.0i TOOO, Ila dob osotoltY
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pos .wn00oHood. P1onpe toufl .i- ob tho
ur H hbbrd an mpla e 8 o dboUlaul n""d
0. Hshes poUad ,hmlei ed .
cb.iii, a ble .1h Plattp3.aOr lub .4,..
new A 1olfd which wu "'"'*'" -' *ihInb nn ioU
001.p-othkb 01.0 "a =p1Llo
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hI ;0 1R'tsid. Rut1 m n th. Iai 1ab PIa1- o1r.
Abih; 2ndVintPnodltl otn oon" 00 Boon- Peel .0000 00
Coortlt Ao t loJt. i tBarb --buction 11in 000
ay IoUOI bl Connd e e. o r d npnf1t t00b y.. 50 C in lotsc
lpny. 11000o onh a. e dd thil u.50olM
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1.. ph 000.Bm -ir fank 01. Mon O. A .BP, a41060fI
t I1 bhd I1 1.d-- ldinnso a01lik 01.|n
P*.h Bd00 Couont 0m0. tl0einta0 o0t 0F0 0B06honotO 0001
Chtlo, Woens Cm- p l0m. oon.- 1 a00 at 0W00.he
d Aril cAB .1.0601.14 a pui.0..os on n1. 000 C lCall l otyind
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l. ei Woanti. Monday lmad4 = !",.h 0400
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b0 d0d4l04 M) M M to dls.MMUHlro0 lBI,"
heM. aum5llO" OUlly 0I.... -a.
FICE --w o. fteo ..

Boca Projects 0I3 [ ? It

tlS.000 nunlRu honn b
!0inl bult R N. Fdil
IlliCoy biy Conttnor
otSu Ape ulhlno of A LP

an 0 red u Senior Cit.
rN Cmn, In., of Boa
BatLon. Itais mn not
Bih.1n In Bon Rn-
hoIrders voild 0t
ol 0000 NE 20001h tt
urt 0f (1. Boo V.0d
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SeloptrI* Coarl Man-

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Sh. in. In i. OOI-.
Or ka It, be arh
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D-h qbonod 0."Car

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bl. ."rdeo. I. Find.
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3 Lots


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bd... HOMES

~ornila ~L~nas.
's "Whel

Down Payment

Mortgage Paymentb

tllasll rde. Watteau

Seacrest Wins Over 1.........l--,
Nine Tennis Teams B POI alRffDl
FORT PIERCE Is elm.laon helbnl. r Saiinrt J.I Hilt pitb Lake Wohllh ll5 t o tho t ob ha. rb
Wa SOIaaia apallth dOB. So l R ail No.2 ed ooLtlllir to baod b.ndi04du4l ichbes to. Delry Dot Hs
O[n0r1i.bll olbP] l. Lnathe L; h sol0 Lao Wo nhl H kn 1 ffisw .9. kni3 fi s Laulf
l ebw~on. l1 riday 4. to. 3 aale;Bely Irn. ao p n 0u .. 0llHo. 0I0.d 0 o4 La Woe
I 0Sa Conll Bo Sli, o. 4 4-0 DI la Bu b 1 ri-.. fib. Wb Wal o. I. B
b lnldalraaa' BaFll l l ;ai ,pt u l. Idylb a m ooair aic a BH." D a mT A nod Lb.t I.
dbrDaliWp l Bai MbS. llla b .o 1 1. n las.. CToll-II iII p.(da Dl l 0.nd La aL W
Hadalaita1. end.Fit alc r 1.d 0b I P F|f Nt B N W
obUt.l m Nr o1 b ob and -Itfy P b o fdy a- Pd o Anothr l af I. u
whel m obd l finhNod2doubk he 2 to h Me rh l ho"ee B epIZY
d a. lNl a hIb hay., l i t C-o1.aa The 1 .. -C
2pdd 1l ol on lyll I oula1 n lnt-r, LL h NWon H. B o l a
d- ,h, .- he Nts + o f ihe e tt h
Weientlte- Th "A'd A T, Hei I whe of
he nol Ao, i Io li ot fa Cth 0, a- la. o (u. no l *L .'uo16.
Br .al*ol Poall HO a -4l :al Pallan d -111, .aal all 1.1.lN all [0. -

adNto. te0l.b hoE Cn aluab Fi-dy. HZIm nlhit Ba l b
0o1 heu lB-anda .cowin ft, Faly Ph ia Iod oe lb." z.b e.
4., and B l .0 MiCanayandVi Bihncb llnmud1 onae pa,
Bpabbn~' a nlPb 00 Doya i la taL a b
1e1. lne o.n l, l u.l .att ao bO boro ilul tn.t
lbd. X3.00. a'ou oIob n- adI W lla Ob, a.. ol o. H 1l
.- -~tnls, Feral it i :dedt s y t .r ""tt
D n 4 lrt O l f r t Club. lol ctI '
m toad w2.thr f-s S=7D CDluebn 11 d %.A Gn fP ome ton laroal raet lnre t nllU fln xrod V nn o rep
by *PlB ublch e e Call lo s t to BWei Glde. a t har..' t rill, nnldaal haba PlinOdad lllanll, lb. Ch
Worh e haaa. R Tb B a su t Cob .. 20 da lH h'aid s the OfCa.... . LabL l y to lbk alinlh d4rl. Ny 1 o .
Balb 0. aBlo lod e a n n oll to*m0 Wat 01ll oaas Lb.e. in tuly- Cbmher pe,.lde.. lad aynr, Al An.,,. On..elao tha Irfd~ala A T
P labeb 3 alb .hi h W Shldat thatU laden Lab ,aat.aep "npanrty.

Bab~ol b 1".00 Apllou I u (-ll. llaiantl,0b. i| SMOIIM--Mljn,-
hiotd ,wo wW C"'B" ae-B e
2pI. %oFlo Bad. E.... Judo opular Sport In Boca, YOUR
n ...ideeft. t.c.o. IM. 1. ho u .
b2 Poual Hllu 1o Labe Igblotallt.
.b Fb ,. creation Department RSeports SERVICE
-hotb The aoska B VMal W I Ill Recr
Fotll4 B aell, 3 lad. ml, bh l1 the laa lb TBoa mo ln pR o d ala lao aanlhb Bohate abo In th oal itbm bohy talk boa .
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Daabl.O nt.Ya da .. Juoo a ol d vnlCta oma0a in l te 1.0~ an all tde.loa. ofthellOaaetslo FOR THAT NEW OR
Otbiauip a~"ah JbdWbPllaSldptolVea Iheloftb l allle.n i1tl Baa.0d Conly ma lldtoionemod Oay Dolph b La
fda o Hand. n0 Barb 1. boob to del.0d tbullRalb.lty. JudaC.11110a 1. biO attopi ntad i th 14 oaai o1 USED CAR LOAN
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il laheFo. ) eamcm w on bPoaanaabal ..m..B~ll rnhilndinthe d di l FIRST NATIONALBANK
m1 .I o N 2 .IlI.. Lhb WatIbel A d 4 up tha ha ban a N .0te.d only two 10 yean oM ale lroup. YM oup.and Lay bt-
am 1 L. ii, okt It' o. onod Y Or1 .b d Ob ple h

"` Zing into spring!
led V- t11- a. bd lb..bTa In i .. .k

latoal. D, Ml. he W.W. Ia, taa Cain., ,: u Corvaoiu
lf by Chevrolet

Th. B- R-11. V 1 OR

lb. Iraab Enm Ai" mat a fBaa Dtal. DIllaylFO lb.EW O

Top Fishing
Last Week _"t In-- ia. -Ca44k .aa0' a 9l"
,. e.d. 9b-toollNThe tstewing 's crisper, the ride's flatter, the style's
amL 5 OFFICE PRODUC.S rael 1-h eve -dn the grass loks a shad e g'eene
tb.h ldl.l. T-X TIME tfron heind the weel of this new CorvfAl

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Sahab 1 l you hand Ior l bu en"tll out o-dn' spf tyl Ng.
baa on.0 Natal. 1n0 &It auaila ol yout tobo u np. n al. rep I 302 E. 10- o e, oolI e
L.haa Milt., 0-au bdSlou th i tn o H. ghtIenihao l.r th Aldlltauml l ke 7tb n nl 1
fe You W el ft i I en ih .]bil nt b poa -m G- al oltn in 10 ou1 i.n0 ooufll a y huth
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ha ga mali alothbiBad aaaalalty ai the ne fully Idandent oaia IaIIIO
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Wdoo th-.ido Th'orn crisper, eRL rdLIe'H style'sI, RL
OFC dPuR Db. mnb to SALES AND SERVICE l sa gTn
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~jML.ShelL.Ibhl I s a Comelaci.

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ai puc i 5y 4 'iV, 3.. "r-lonii


Prikd 36.00 wllh 1 ieo- mortlw
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("st-~a PMS RSAE Jacksoni To Compete

.... .- a- Al t Cypress Gardens
-.S p CYPRESS GARIDES.- T.o hu.dnd fo i
mO e nS nalkipn. di Mop r oL A lro t b-t inside. to
S uSSinE. CM t ~mopet ino the 191h .nnul Dti e 1 nltt lili.
Ng"o 0.0 _V iWaster Ski Chmpltahip. at Cyapnr ato;. an
an e c o b S IIIIdl.d
iTht mOnluowiag .,nlt irhdohd toe Sotnday
aS t'to BwAO .lanLnM. and t1| lop Jumpen inhlude Jimmy
i mm ouita l Jaheacn or Dlnty Bch. Jotr eiobsm tnd Paul
2m l t. t ai reil thl Cyptou Cudt tona. nad Hoand
lA-... Ubin0 HI.lirolOLaindo.
M J.o n i th 10 964 N.Ilot.l Ju"iping itle holder
oa.ta~Mio O*ant won [ot yeat r s M te Cheapiwohilp
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aaM_ nllhr poai It otiUSh.S lilth1 t aon a Viehy.

' -ns Water Releases From

s' s3S_ ..... Okeeehobee Scheduled

nave City Maatger Tao K.I.
Ihejeeto lloht to de. lfo0 h
old tafheboaed eourto Io al.

Mail Slowdown ll
During Survey
DOtWry Beaoh =te WIT"O TnE CREA
O wtek htontlo tol PIt- t orth i. olde. o

The Pat Otooo Deoart
eot h tonduclinl InI
tnnuhl Iopectlon of idtly on l
i mn. to d. Millon-Ayers
r leIlda the inceury _
1 t.othk lod, ah ttier Post To Elect
-nthe ity. aBttfe td Officers
'*l* do.oll odo. N'u o,. le o0 the
*+ man wwi he tttnioo ilDl-MSl Pwt 60.
hip tull Io r while on A n wl
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du gthI wetaodn e tote. to the f.op t1
Ihen the on-y wilt h Contlon in TI: Mtl
i.niadotht Maim=.

Home Showing
ARLO'tTrtKNAa *nilt when a ouit photo-
oSheioluo whonw rpher w boared and
ully ntlll nit I N- York Tlmi or
3 .. re.l lie inn Htald Tribu. wanitd .
ptromot.d In oneo pittun. He hoa ih done
al suoctesul ho.- a otmplte Tolin on To -
Sthe CobbtGO .- nint and the NOC Sym-
hliMaonwill-l phony. lote to rt and
lto too hi home mdre Ioot. Many ol
hi whole tole- thoe Toanonl ohetohes
ch wiU w on di.- w llbe ono w*. l tG e t
in month at 49 ibw and It i, po .h e
t Dri., Ocean ot otuld Portt ao
Douais ODrit is .Letchorplntiinr.
twoy bohid tho In the ttpoater-attlt
a Lodge ot It. Slhoane'. ohetahe
aoldeottheAit. tlag. scnes hboth Ne
.o'owotrk to a nlhttado and Floda ha
mitlun of pixie betan n In tIhe Foord
d nowpaper m Titwwn itneta*lltu
i. He l in l Pl Bch Pat
elchbook wfh i and Times
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TRAPPo C ILAND 0a s t otohert iOp gll
Bo y w i te oR o h o t U S w g s d e d l eg t o d j M a r c
Artis b ty b HBowiot Bons Rotry Cbt C1over
etoryn of tre o.*1 Wl.toe C. BitnoatI.
Bton a th00 dedication iowmohen ne (Iol
o edLt il Joa tie.. Rot lnd; Rooi. Bool
Downoy lors Cong tleataoo n.d Doo
JolmuLrt hoto by l okl 1 tkrlA

Artist Hits Cover

Of Social Pictorial
gIcIT*OborRoowla wAOld ePrlhLbot he
Oe of fthe ra elite pi.otoowutake.
ti00 n o00n0 the 004d Htlowever.theroe rto
Costt's pinture. el00010 oe FPtdeiLfoh involved
"ThA .ol PiN'toHal" Inthi llIntat-ti-n.
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Irlitte bnil ltcholqut, wie Jeanne. pwooed
who hI altlbiihed hit Ohi pettlt ton 1 0
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wort In Oceon Ridge 10 r.n.iblidNrthltCoior
AliA. utot 00th oya Rethi It Soertoilte.
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.tgtithintbollwotldl Ltle's 11 hoolpll
AIlinld Chtrko Fir. w ith otitoht *iX
dYeilk, ob or Briny Ut ot all the dlrnonl
har w hv orken color ha ohtho toory gM d
with m ot wilor ilm for t place fattootylhllilornd
e ia. poirlolll third rn wlnlllplgl
teohnhque, otoor hoo to. NRouoitl. *1te .0 tlh
Slolled with *"ptlot3 00tL0LL BOO fotrp the

1tota1 nblct, K1o nwork and Patr
IoIn to the deihate tot 0 tnt MM -r t 11I
nutanlf alii mndhdo mnOpll
nltotId I the pond In
o lthe Kdon itur
Ietion o( Ulle whibh

U Adi


-t l.u


9 A.M. 0 FRIDAY, APRIL 9th 9 P.M.

Som Ownersp-Same MonWagmnt


Last Chance To Take Advantage BU IY
of this Annual Factory
Authorized Sal2illN b.
OR with ASTRO-SONIC n i bwI
Stereo High deli

1Palw- l7a 1te
*U II geae O * e11pietIaeo

the magniicent 307 East Atlantic Avenue
Moagnravox o,.,*,--
Phonm 276-l5213 Dek Il.Ac ao

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