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Title: @ACIS : the newsletter of the ACIS lab
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Issue 2
@ACIS: The newsletter of the ACIS Lab Summer 2009

A Message from the Director
Dear Friends of the ACIS lab,
Thanks to the continued support of many of you, the ACIS lab continues to thrive as a place
where outstanding researchers work with state-of-the-art equipment to advance information-
.L processing science and technology. In this issue we share with you news about the most impor-
tant assets of the ACIS lab: people and infrastructure. Despite the lab's young age, ACIS folk are
making ACIS well known nationally and internationally, at major technical conferences and in
industry. ACIS alumni are now working at, among others, Amazon, Florida International Univer-
sity, Intel, IBM, Microsoft and VMWare. I expect this trend to grow as our programs develop and
more students join the lab and graduate. ACIS faculty continue to be successful in securing competitive funding
for research projects and the infrastructure needed for their execution. This issue mentions some of these projects
which promise to further position ACIS as a unique laboratory in the world for research on virtualization, cloud and
distributed computing, computer architecture and autonomic computing. You are welcome to contact us to learn
more about ACIS activities and I invite you to come, visit and even spend time working with us ACIS has become
an exciting place to learn, do research, make friends and enjoy turning novel ideas into functioning systems. You
can reach me at fortes@ufl.edu.

Sincerely yours,
Jose A. B. Fortes (on behalf of ACIS lab members)

Meet the ACIS Lab

ACIS Lab folkat the University
of Florida. Pictured, top row
(left to right): Ramkumar
Shanka,TaeWoong Choi ,Clay
Hughes, James Poe, Jianyang
Xu, David Wolinsky. Middle
row (left to right): Dr. Tao Li,
Girish Venkatasubramanian,
Dr. Renato Figueiredo, Pierre
St. Juste, Yonggang Liu, Dr.
Jos6 Fortes. Bottom row (left
to right): Andrea Matsunaga,
MauricioTsugawa, Prapaporn
Rattanatamrong, Xin Fu,
Dina Stoeber, Priya Bhat. Not
pictured: Dr. Herman Lam, Dr.
Oscar Boykin, Julie Walters,
Jing Xu, Selvi Kadirvel and
Yuchu Tong.

Infrastructure Expansion Enables Cutting-edge Research

ACIS is renewing and considerably extending its com-
putational resources-within the lab and across mul-
tiple institutions-with newly funded and continuing
equipment projects. Here is an overview of what has
taken place this year:
Atanasoff: Our IBM/SP2 distributed memory parallel
computer was decommissioned, after providing years'
worth of CPU cycles to researchers in ACIS, the QTP
(Quantum Theory Project) group and other ACIS col-
laborators. As usual in the computing field, newer and
faster machines become available with every year that
goes by. As we disassembled Atanasoff (see pictures),
we made room and power in our data center available
for our new systems.
NSF MRI: The shared-memory cluster funded by the
ongoing Major Research Infrastructure (MRI) project
"Acquisition of Instrumentation for Coupled Experi-
mental-Computational Neuroscience and Biology Re-
search" is now our most powerful computing system.
It is a 32-CPU (128-core) IBM eServer 1350 cluster or-
ganized as two 64-core, 512GB NUMA systems. Given
the new cluster's large number of cores and memory
capacity, it was a bit challenging to virtualize, but now
it is running Xen justfine-kudosto MaurfcioTsugawa,
a senior ACIS student researching virtual network ar-

Atanasoff, a supercomputing resource that served
the ACIS Lab for many years, dismantled and
being removed from the ACIS data center
NSF CRI Archer: Another ongoing infrastructure proj-
ect is funded by the NSF Computing Research In-
frastructure (CRI) project entitled "Archer: Seeding a
Community-based Computing Infrastructure for Com-
puter Architecture Research and Education."While the
equipment will not arrive at the ACIS Lab until 2010,
the distributed system is up and running with clusters
at Florida State University, Northeastern University and
the University of Texas at Austin, with another cluster

at the University of Minnesota to come online in fall
2009. ACIS student David Wolinsky provided remote
configuration and management for the active clusters.
More information on the Archer project is available at
NSF CRI Autonomic Testbed: A new project funded by
the CRI program, slated to start in the fall of 2009, "An
Instrumented Datacenter Infrastructure for Research
on Cross-Layer Autonomics" is a collaboration among
the three university sites of the Center for Autonomic
Computing (UF, Rutgers University and the University
of Arizona). It will deploy a distributed set of instru-
mented clusters that will enable research on cross-layer
autonomic computing-connecting services with vir-
tualization and platform architecture in complex dis-
tributed systems-on a realistic data center testbed.
NSF CRI DiRT: Another new project also funded by the
CRI program, the "Distributed Research Testbed (DiRT)"
creates a testbed across five U.S. universities (the Uni-
versity of Mississippi, Notre Dame, University of Hawaii,
University of Chicago, and UF). The testbed consists of
cluster and storage nodes that will provide research-
ers with access to a heterogeneous, geographically
distributed set of resources with flexibility in the con-
figuration of virtualized and data-intensive wide-area
Amazon EC2: In addition to physical local resources, we
have obtained access to the Elastic Cloud (EC2) infra-
structure through an Amazon Web Service grant. The
resource credits will be used for research of systems "at
scale," giving us the flexibility of dynamically bringing
up and down pools of hundreds of virtual machines on
the distributed data centers hosted by Amazon.

ACIS's new
cluster, acquired
via the NSF
Major Research
(MRI) Program

News @ACIS

Dr. Fortes presents keynote address at ISPDC'09. Dr.
Fortes gave a keynote address at the 8th International
Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing
(ISPDC'09), held July 1-3, 2009, in Lisbon, Portugal. Dr.
Fortes'talk, entitled "Decoupling Quality of Service, Re-
source Management and Connectivity in Clouds and
Data Centers," dealt with resource management sys-
tems for distributed computing and data center envi-

Dr. Fortes presenting
keynote address at ISPDC'09

Dr. Figueiredo presents at ICAC'09. Dr. Figueiredo co-
chaired a panel at the 6th International Conference on
Autonomic Computing (ICAC '09), held in Barcelona,
Spain in June. The panel discussion, entitled "Green
Clouds: Power Consumption as a First Order Criterion?"
was concerned with the environmental impact of pow-
er consumption in large-scale data centers. The panel
discussion, held on June 17, was co-chaired by Karsten
Schwan of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Yonggang Liu and Priya Bhat join ACIS Lab. Two grad-
uate students have joined the ACIS Lab since our last
newsletter. Yonggang Liu, a graduate of Beihang Uni-
versity in China, is doing research with Dr. Figueiredo
on the IPOP project (for more information on hte IPOP
project, visit IPOP on the Web at http://www.grid-appli-
ance.org/wiki/index.php/IPOP). Priya Bhat is the recipi-
ent of a University of Florida Alumni Graduate award
for a four-year term and is currently studying computer
architecture, concurrent and distributed computing,
virtual machines, machine learning and pattern recog-
nition, and real-time applications under the direction
of Dr. Fortes. Welcome, Yonggang and Priya!
Linton Abraham and Jonathan Wyers visit for the
summer. Linton Abraham is visiting the ACIS Lab for
the summer to participate in the IPOP project. Linton
is currently an undergraduate student at Clemson Uni-
versity and is conducting research under the direction
of Dr. Sebastien Goasguen. Jonathan is a high school
student from Potomac Falls High School in Loudoun
County, VA, and was placed with the lab through the
University of Florida's Student Science Training Pro-
gram (SSTP). During his stay at ACIS, Jonathan will be
working with Dr. Figueiredo on monitoring and visual-
ization of data from PlanetLab.
Casey, Vineet and Mauricio defend PhD theses. Casey
Jeffery and Vineet Chadha defended their theses this
year. Casey Jeffery was advised by Dr. Figueiredo on a
project entitled, "Hypervisor-based Fault Tolerance in
Many-core Computing Platforms." For his dissertaion,
Casey developed an application that uses idle resourc-
es in distributed computing systems to provide dy-
namic fault tolerance that compensates for failures on
the single-transistor level. Vineet Chadha, also advised
by Dr. Figueiredo, focused his thesis research on input/
output (I/O) workloads in data centers. He defended his
thesis on October 13, 2008. Finally, Mauricio Tsugawa,
a student of Dr. Fortes, became the most recent ACIS
PhD graduate when he defended his thesis on virtual
networking on July 10. Congratulations to Dr. Jeffery,
Dr. Chadha, and Dr. Tsugawa!
Dr. Li receives NSF Career Award. Dr.Tao Li of ACIS Lab
has been awarded a National Science Foundation CA-
REER grant. As stated on the NSF web site, the CAREER
award recognizes young faculty "who exemplify the
role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research,
excellent education and the integration of education
and research within the context of the mission of their
organizations." Congratulations, Dr. Li!

Dr. Figueiredo chairing the panel discussion on mitigating the
environmental impact of large-scale data centers at ICAC'09.

News @ACIS

Tae Woong, Andrea and Jing defend thesis propos-
als. Three graduate students have defended their the-
sis proposals since our last newsletter. Tae Woong Choi,
a PhD student working with Dr. Boykin, presented his
thesis proposal concerning general search systems and
peer-to-peer (P2P) networks on June 29. Andrea Mat-
sunaga, a PhD student of Dr. Fortes, has been involved
in several major projects at ACIS, including the Trans-
national Digital Government Project and the AFRESH
(Atomic-scale Friction Research and Education Synergy
Hub) Project. Andrea's work addresses problems faced
in deploying and managing scientific applications on
cloud systems. Jing Xu is also under the direction of Dr.
Fortes. She presented her thesis proposal, entitled "Au-
tonomic Application and Resource Management ofVir-
tualized Distributed Computing Systems," on May 22.
Congratulations to all our new doctoral candidates!
INCISE report published. Dr. Fortes has recently
published a report on the National Science Founda-
tion funded Workshop for Instrumentation Needs of
Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Research. Dr. Fortes organized the workshop, which
was held in conjunction with the 2008 Computing Re-
search Association conference in Snowbird, Utah. The
workshop brought together academics working on
computer and information science and engineering to
discuss the instrumentation needs of the community
at large and make recommendations forfunding agen-
cies and grant writers. The report is available at https://
To request a hard copy of the final report on the IN-
CISE workshop, please contact Dina at dstoeber@acis.
Girish presents at MMCS '09. Girish Venkatasubra-
manian, a PhD student working with Dr. Figueiredo,
presented a paper at the Workshop on Managed
Many-core Systems (MMCS '09) in Washington, D.C.,
on March 7th of this year. The MMCS workshop was
held in conjunction with the Fourteenth International
Conference on Architectural Support for Programming
Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS'09). Girish
also presented a poster at ASPLOS'09 on his work with
Dr. Figueiredo's Archer Project.
Andrea presents at e-Science'09 Andrea Matsunaga,
a graduate student working with Dr. Fortes, presented
a paper at the 4th IEEE International Conference on e-
Science, held in Indianapolis, December 10-12,2008.
Mauricio presents at e-Science'09 Maurfcio Tsugawa,
a PhD student working with Dr. Fortes, also presented
a paper at the 4th IEEE International Conference on e-

Science, held in Indianapolis, December 10-12, 2008.
Dr. Figueiredo co-chairs VTDC '09. Dr. Figueiredo
served as Program Chair for the 3rd International
Workshop on Virtualization Technologies in Distribut-
ed Computing (VTDC 2009), held in conjunction with
ICAC'09 in Barcelona, Spain.
David gives invited talks at two spring conferences.
ACIS student David Wolinsky gave invited talks at the
the Open Science Grid (OSG) All Hands Meeting, held
March 2-5 at the LIGO Livingston Observatory in Liv-
ingston, LA; and at Condor Week, held at the University
of Wisconsin April 20-23.
Xin receives CIFellow award. ACIS student Xin Fu has
been awarded a Computing Innovation Fellowship.The

Eileen posing with proud mom Jing and just being adorable.

Computing Innovation Fellow Program is organized by
the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) and the
Computing Research Association (CRA) with funding
from the National Science foundation and grants fel-
lowships to new PhD students starting one- to two-year
postdoctoral positions. Xin will begin her postdoctoral
study with Dr. Sarita Adve at the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign this fall.
Ming and Jing had a baby! ACIS alum Ming Zhao and
ACIS student Jing Xu had a baby on October 24, 2008.
We welcome Eileen, no longer the newest member,
but still the smallest member, of ACIS Lab.

Conference Publications
The following is a list of recent publications by ACIS
[1] Matsunaga, Andrea; Tsugawa, Maurfcio; and Fortes,
Jose. A.B., 'CloudBLAST: Combining MapReduce and
Virtualization on Distributed Resources for Bioinfor-
matics Applications' In Proceedings of the 4th IEEE In-
ternational Conference on e-Science, December 10-12,
2008, Indianapolis, Indiana

[2] Tsugawa, Mauricio; and Fortes, Jose. A.B., Character-
izing User-level Network Virtualization: Performance,
Overheads, and Limits. In Proceedings of the 4th IEEE
International Conference on e-Science, December 10-
12,2008, Indianapolis, Indiana
[3] Fu, Xin; Li, Tao; and Fortes, Jose. A.B., NBTI Tolerant
Microarchitecture Design in the Presence of Process
Variation, In Proceedings of International Symposium
on Microarchitecture (MICRO), pages 399-410, Novem-
ber 8-12,2008, Lake Como, Italy
[4] Fu, Xin; Li Tao; and Fortes, Jose. A.B., Soft Error Vul-
nerability Aware Process Variation Mitigation, In Pro-
ceedings of International Symposium on High-Perfor-
mance Computer Architecture (HPCA), pages 93-104,
February 14-18,2009, Raleigh, North Carolina
[5] Venkatasubramanian, Girish, A Simulation Analysis
of Shared TLBs with Tag Based Partitioning in Multicore
Virtual Environments. In Proceedings of Workshop on
Managed Many-core Systems (MMCS), March 7, 2009,
Washington, D.C.
[6] Wolinsky, David; Liu, Yonggang; St. Juste, Pierre;
Venkatasubramanian, Girish; and Figueiredo, Renato,
On the Design of Scalable, Self-Configuring Virtual Net-
works. In Proceedings of Supercomputing conference
(SC'09), November 14-20,2009, Portland, Oregon
[7] Venkatasubramanian, Girish; Figueiredo, Renato;
Illikkal, Ramesh (Intel); Newell, Donald (Intel), TMT- A
TLB Tag Management Framework for Virtualized Plat-
form. In Proceedings of the 21st International Sympo-
sium on Computer Architecture and High Performance
Computing (SBAC-PAD 2009), October 28-31, 2009,
San Paulo, Brazil

Upcoming Events
David to present at SC09. David Wolinsky, a gradu-
ate student working with Dr. Figueiredo, will present
a paper at the upcoming Supercomputing conference
(SC09), to be held in Portland, Oregon, November 14-
20, 2009.
Girish to present at SBAC. Girish Venkasubramanian,
another graduate student working with Dr. Figueiredo,
will present a paper at the 21st International Sympo-
sium on Computer Architecture and High Performance
Computing (SBAC-PAD 2009), to be held October 28-
31 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Dr. Figueiredo plans Archer tutorial. Dr. Figueiredo
will present a tutorial on Archer Project at the 42nd
Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Micro-
architecture (MICRO 2009), to be held in NewYork City,
this December 12-16. In this tutorial, Dr. Figueiredo will
instruct attendees on how to use Archer, a comprehen-
sive resource-sharing system for research and educa-
tion in computer architecture.
Dr. Figueiredo to co-chair ICAC 2010. Dr. Figueiredo
will co-chair program next year's International Confer-
ence on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 2010) with Emre
Kiciman in Washington, D.C. Dr. Kiciman is a research
scientist at Microsoft.
CAC semiannual meeting to be held in October. The
next meeting of the Center for Autonomic Computing
will be held October 29 & 30, 2009, at Mississippi State
University. The CAC meeting will be held in conjunc-
tion with a planning meeting for MSU faculty research-
ing autonomic computing, in hopes of creating a CAC
university site at MSU in 2010. More information on the
fall CAC meeting can be found at the main CAC web-
site at http://www.nsfcac.org.

The ACIS Lab and the Center for Autonomic Computing
gratefully acknowledge support from its current and
past sponsors: Army Research Office, BellSouth Foun-
dation, Citrix Systems, Intel Corporation, IBM, Merrill-
Lynch, Microsoft Corporation, National Aeronautical &
Science Administration (NASA), National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Science
Foundation (NSF), Northrop-Grumman, Office of Naval
Research, and Southeastern Universities Research As-
sociation (SURA).

Find out more!
Want to know more about ACIS? Visit our
or call Dina at (352) 392-4964. Thanks!

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