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The November 23 territorial council
meeting included debates on two
very important action items for the
Collectivity: adoption of the new
land use map and its regulations (see
December 3 edition of The Weekly);
and definition of the budget for
2011. Lifting the veil on major
investment projects planned by the
COM for next year, this first budget
debate is a preamble to the official
vote at the end of the month.
And what projects are on the list for
next year?
A Environment: continuation of the
modernization of the trash center in
Public and the acquisition of a new
crushing machine; treatment and
recycling of trash; and a study for
the implementation of a composting
A Sewage: Start of the construction

for a sewage treatment plant.
A Rural electricity: Improvement of
the infrastructure and continuation
of putting electric lines underground
as the COM has been doing for the
past few years.
A Road work: Improvement of the
road along the pond in Grand Cul de
Sac including the construction of a
parking lot with 40 places, to be
completed before December 31,
A At the port: Work at the commer-
cial port to increase the storage
capacity for containers, as well as
new security for fuel delivery.
- At the airport: Improvement of part
of a piece of land of 8140m2 pur-
chased by the COM across from the
airport to alleviate crowded airport
A Construction of the "EPHAD" or

senior citizen care facility.
A Sports zone: construction of
bleachers for the tennis courts; lock-
er rooms for volleyball and martial
arts; and dorm for visiting sports
teams; watchman's residence; new
courts for volleyball, for p6tanque,
and two new dojo's for martial arts
as well as additional parking with
planted areas.
All of these projects should be com-
pleted in two years. Also under dis-
cussion are the purchase of land for
public services, a new morgue, a
system of video surveillance, and a
design competition for the recon-
struction of the former town hall.
But we must wait until the final
budget is in place at the end of the
month to see which of these projects
makes it onto the list for 2011.

Helicopter Rescue Operation In Colombier
A 55 year-old tourist fell down the
hillside below the lookout point in
Colombier in the late morning last
'4 Tuesday Faced with the difficulty
of rescue by foot on the rocky
incline, local firemen called upon
A the Civil Aviation Dragon helicop-
a ter from Guadeloupe to raise the
victim via winch. The tourist had
been so taken with the breathtak-
ing views that she moved too close
to the edge and fell. Leg injuries
required her to be evacuated to the
hospital in Saint Martin.

Exclusive Sunset Champagne every evening !

Jlcky Mni Service
Catamaran excursions hal day p "p
Tuesday: Petite Salines .,
Wednesday: Colombier's Be .
Thursday: Petites Salines
Friday: Colombiers Bay
Saturday: Fourchue island
72 per pax Private charter upon request
9am to 12:30pm
1pm to 4:30 pm
Including open bar, snorkling gear, crew, gaz, wind & sun I
Informations and booking @ our office 26 quai du Yacht dub, Gustavia
0590 27 70 34 or

St Barth Weekly n202

V St. Barth

International cuisine and daily specials
Large choice of pizzas, also for take out

Reservations: 05 90 27 93 48

rue du General de Gaulle Gustavia T. : 05 90 27 50 40

The Port Gets New Protection

The Port of Gustavia is putting in a
new protection system to replace
wooden dock bumpers, which had
been in place for the past 18 months
along a portion of the docks. These
were weakened by woodworms and
simply "exploded" due to numerous
incidents of strong seas hitting the
port over the past two years.

Port director Ernest Brin saw this as
a good opportunity to improve the
system at the docks by installing the
kind of rot-resistant polyethylene
bumpers usually employed for canal
locks or commercial docks, as a
good replacement for the wooden
dock bumpers. He also wanted to
avoid placing these panels vertically
as they can cause a problem for
boats, whose fenders can get caught
between the vertical panels and be
subject to serious damage.

The work, being done by a company


called Zapo Investissement, began in
mid-Novemer and should be com-
pleted by mid-December. The pan-
els, measuring approximately 2m50
by lm30 and four inches thick, will
run 103 linear meters along the
docks. That includes the dock space
for dinghies, ferries, charter boats,
and cruise ship tenders.

Among the color choices
V f available, yellow was
" selected: "It is not only a
good color to cover the
edge of the docks, but it is
also a bright color visible
at night to help boats
S approach the dock and
-- "'--facility additional safety,"
- explains Brin, who for the
time being has had only
---b- positive comments from
S--- the clients of the port.

Haiti Cholera

In order to help those suffering from
cholera in Haiti, the new associa-
tion, Solidarit6 Saint Barth/Haiti,
which was formed last May, has
launched a new initiative: Haiti
Cholera Emergency. To raise funds,
the association-whose president is
Josette Gr6aux-has placed collec-
tion boxes in various businesses on
the island where individuals can
make donations. Checks written to
the association, Solidarit6 Saint
Barth/Haiti, are also welcome. A
simple donation can help ease
someone's suffering. You can make
a difference.


Exclusive collection
of Swedish design,
heritage and origin

New Location in Gustavia
Rue du G6n6ral de Gaulle Gustavia
Phone 0590-291440
Mon-Sat 10-13 and 16-19
St Barth Weekly n0202


St. Barth Sotheby's St. Barth UVEYOURDREAMS
Properties INTERNATIONAL REALTY Properties

St. Barth Properties USA St. Barth Properties St Barth

L to R Sia mn, i Julie Nally, Toni Laronga, Anne-C'cile Bedford, L to R: Benoit Meesemaecker, Mai Vu Thi Nhu,
Julia HurJ. MuK Ii Sclitzer and Connie Walsh. Ted Deltour (rear),
irrtni Peg Walsh and T ir, Smil ti Nadine Rolland and Pascale Minarro.


Become a part of the St Barth Properties family

- A real estate and villa rental agency, St Barth Properties (SBP) was founded by American Peg Walsh in 1989.
She coined and trademarked the company motto Live Your Dream; it became the foundation of SBP's mission
statement. In 1992 Peg's son, Tom Smyth, joined the business and is its vice president and co-owner.
- The company represents a portfolio of over 150 private villas in St Barth, from romantic little traditional <
to palatial estates.
- Its real estate division, St. Barth Properties Sotheby's International Realty, has a wonderful selection of proper-
ties that are listed for sale.
- It is the only agency on the island that has both a United States office and a St. Barth office. Both offices are
owned by the same people (Peg and Tom) and are fully staffed by a passionate and bilingual team whose mission
is to ensure that each and every client experiences a Dream Vacation on beautiful St. Barth.
- President Peg Walsh is annually awarded Cond6 Nast Traveler's esteemed Villa Rental Specialist award*,
naming her one of the top villa rental agents worldwide and the best for St Barth.
- SBP offers a full range of concierge services: flight arrangements and air charters, airport and ferry meet and
greet, VIP level services, car rentals, dinner reservations, villa provisioning, private chef services, bibi ,iuinhg.
massages, snorkeling trips as well as arranging other activities... Plus, an on call service 24/7.
- SBP hosts a get-together cocktail party for all of its clients every Thursday at Bonito's, harbor view restaurant...
A party that has become a lovely island tradition.
- St Barth Properties just launched its Grand Cru collection, a selection of the finest and amenity-laden
properties, to enhance the villa lifestyle experience. Grand Cru offers vacationers additional amenities, such as
continental breakfast and turndown service.

Please stop by our office to say, "Bonjour". P Our clients quickly become friends

St Barth Properties USA 1-508-528-7727
St. Barth Properties St Barth
rue Samuel Fahlberg Gustavia
97133 Saint Barth6lemy
05 90 29 75 05


On October 21, the new publica-
tion "Unique St Barth," a Russian-
language magazine about St Barth,
targeted only to a Russian clientele,
was launched in Moscow, Russia.
Yana Nelaton, editor-in-chief of
"Unique St Barth,>> has worked for
over a year to give birth to her first
edition, whose only purpose is to
promote the island of St Barth as a
tourist destination to Russian trav-
elers. Since October, "Unique St
Barth" can be found in most of the
trendiest and high-end places of
Moscow and St Petersburg and will
be distributed on the island starting
in mid-December 2010.

During the launch for Yana's maga-
zine, restaurateur Alexander Sorkin
and producer Alexei Bokov, both
regular visitors to St Barth, stood
next to each other for a friendly


speech to congratulate Yana in her
new venture. Both communicated
to the audience that < Barth is like ; Ii,, a foretaste of
heaven before getting there." Many
additional prominent guests attend-
ed the party including Nao-
mi Campbell with her moth-
er Valerie Morris, Vladislav
Doronin, Anita Tsoi, Alexan-
der Mitroshenko, Igor Cha-
purin, Aidan Salakhova, Sati
Casanova, Alexander Tseka-
lo, Alexander Orlov, Dmitry
Sergeyev, Andrei Malahov,
and many others.

Rendezvous in September
2011 in Moscow to celebrate
edition number two...

French president Nicolas Sarkozy
announced at the end of the first inter-min-
isterial council for overseas territories that
2011 will be the < France." Responding to this call, the
Alliances Frangaises in Russia decided to
publish a calendar highlighting the over-
seas territories, including Saint Barth,
which is featured for the month of Septem-
ber. Two photos -one of a typical straw hat
made in Corossol and one of the port of
Gustavia-illustrate a short text in Russian
that presents the major assets of the island,
its history and population. The photos and
text were sent to the Alliance Frangaise in
Moscow by the association, Saint Barth
Essentiel, which fights to preserve the envi-
ronment and heritage of the island. These
calendars are available in the 11 Alliances
Frangaises spread across Russia.

I. CeHta6p / Septembre
2 1 4
5 r 6 7 8 9 o 11
2 3 14 I s N I 7 II
...19 20 21 22 23 24 5
26 27 2 29 JO

B;, ..,..


St Barth Weekly n202

Restaurant & Bar Gustavia St Barth

rue Jeanne d'Arc (near Missimmo) -
La Pointe Gustavia T61. : 0590 87 79 54
Midi et Soir Fermi Ie Dimanche

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wwwwico* om b

"Chante Nwel,

In collaboration with the Collec-
tivity, ASCCO has organized a
large "Chantd Nwal"-a Creole
phrase that literally means
<> or the
singing of Christmas carols-on
Friday, December 10, starting at
7:30pm on the dock in Gustavia.
A specialized Christmas carol
group from Guadeloupe, Cactus
Cho, will lead the singing.
But before starting the caroling,
the audience will be treated to a
dance performance as well as the
premiere of the play in patois
performed by the local troupe,
Les Commdres du Nord (North-
side Grandmothers).
A snack bar with Creole food will
serve local soups, traditional fried
"galettes" (rolls), and Christmas
We imagine that you've never
heard > or < Night> sung in Creole and
backed-up by a local band before,
so don't miss this opportunity to
hear Christmas sung the Creole
way, whenever you see it listed in
our <

Alternatively organized by one of the
three Lions Clubs in the Northern
Islands (St Barth, St Martin, Sint
Maarten), this year the telephone center
for the Telethon was in Saint Martin. The
volunteers for the Telethon, which took
place last Saturday and Sunday, really
put heart and soul into making the 2010
event a big success. And that is certainly
the case if you consider that 29,500
Euros were pledged from the Northern
Islands by the end of this charitable
event. According to the organizers, the

total of funds collected and those
pledged by telephone should surpass last
year's total of 32,000 Euros.
Organized to benefit AFM, a French
non-profit organization that has fought
against genetic diseases since 1957, this
national project mobilizes thousands of
volunteers, as well as the entirety of the
programming on the two public French
television stations -iil..lugi ..'iii the event.
Throughout all of France, 84 million
pledges for donations were made.

Lions Club Peace Posters Competition:
Calypso Apremont Wins First Prize

!9L4; /

Calypso Apremont is the
local winner in the
2010/2011 Lions Club
International Peace
Posters Competition. As
Calypso is too young by

several months to partici-
pate in the contest on an
international level, sec-
ond place winner Layla
Berry will represent Saint
Barth in the next rounds

of this global event,
which each year compris-
es entries by more than
300,000 children around
the world. The theme for
2010: Vision Of Peace.

I hDaily lunch specials available
on Facebook
and Twitter (wallhouseresto)



ino*alh. seesau n. .

S at your service
Pointing, waterproofing, refinishing,
insulation, wallpaper, floors and walls,
tools and materials
p Nord 0690 76 79 99

St Barth Weekly n202

24th Edition of the Telethon

/ 2~d




*~'~*u *':~


1 ''


Dalida Aldana Aranda, a Mexican
marine bi.1..y professor and
researcher at Cinvestav, came to
Saint Barth as part of a recent
week of events centered on the
theme of biodiversity organized
by the island's marine park. She
discussed the Strombus Gigas,
commonly known as Queen
Conch, a marine mollusk that has
been fished since the first peoples
inhabited the Caribbean. It
remains one of the primary fish
resources in the Caribbean even
today, by the population has
decreased by two thirds over the
past 15 years, due to increased
commercial activity.

A specialist on the subject, Dalida
Aldana Aranda explained that
plans are underway for new regu-
lations intended to help replenish

the conch stock. She is the co-
founder of the project, along with
Liliane Frankel, a former marine
biology professor at the Universi-
ty of the French Antilles and
Guyana. They are working in con-
junction with CITES (Convention
on International Trade in Endan-
gered Species), the organization
that has taken measures of protec-
tion and notably classified the
Queen Conch in annex II listing
the most vulnerable species,
which are not necessarily men-
aced with extinction but could be
if not strictly controlled and
whose numbers remain very low.

"The problem," explains Dalida

Dalida Aldana Aranda
Aldana Aranda, "Is that there are
38 different regulations relating to
the fishing of conch in the
Caribbean!" This new project pro-
posed to prohibit fishing of conch
from May through September, the
period that corresponds to the
height of the reproduction season,
and to only authorize capture of
conch whose length is
superior to nine inches and
the thickness of the shell
lipis not less than 3/8 inch.
This could help limit the
number of the species cap-
tured, and especially the
juveniles who are needed
to propagate the species.

The project has not yet
been adopted, but Mme
Aldana Aranda hopes that it will
be shortly. Please note that in
Saint Barth, only professional
fishermen are authorized to fish
for conch and at limited times of
the year.

Looking for fun
activities for your
kids during the
holidays? Susan-
na Passburg of
the Swedish
Design Center,
and mother of
Salinne, has come
up with the clever
idea of a Kids
Christmas Club
that will take
place in the garden of the Anglican Church in
Gustavia, from December 15-22. "Each after-
noon will have a different theme," says Pass-
burg, who has enlisted island residents to vol-
unteer in creating the kids' programs from
3pm-5pm. "All kids from 6 to 10 are welcome,
both residents and those visiting the island,"
she adds, nothing that the programs are prima-
rily in English but all kids are invited to attend.
Water and juice will be served.

(3-5pm unless otherwise noted):
O December 15:
Painting/ceramics with Lena Jonsson
O December 16:
Dance with Leslie Cotton
O December 20:
S3-4pm: Crafts with Susanna Passburg
S4-5pm: Singing with Charles Darden
O December 21:
Make Your Own Newspaper with
Ellen Lampert-Gr6aux
2 December 22:
Christmas Crafts with Susanna Passburg

A flyer with all the information, dates, times
and different themes will be placed on the
notice board of the Anglican Church, and infor-
mation will be given to villa rental agencies for
them to share with clients who have children.

To enroll your children: email Susanna Pass-
burg at or call
her at 06 90 35 18 87, at least 24 hours in
advance to secure a space (limited to 15 chil-
dren per day), or turn up on the day and if
space if available it's on a first come first
serve basis. Please note: this is not a child-
care service, parents must remain with their
children during these activities.

St Barth Weekly n202





Hours. Monday thru Saturday 9 00AM to 8:00PM
GUSTAV IA, Cour Vend6me(2nd Floor)
Call- +590 (0)690 57- 877


88 Restaurant
Bate Z'Ailes
Bar de l'Oubli

Carl Gustaf Lounge
Caf6 Victoire
C8td Port
Do Brazil
Eddy's Restaurant
Entre Deux
Harbour Saladerie
L' Entracte
L'Isola Ristorante
La Creperie
La Cantina
La Route des Boucaniers
Le Bistro
Le Vietnam
Pipiri Palace
Repaire des Rebelles
The Strand
Ti Zouk K' f6
Victoria Restaurant (Carl Gustaf)
Wall House

Esprit Saline
Grain de Sel
Le Tamarin

K'f6 Massai'
Le Bouchon
Le Wok
Le Portugal A St Barth
05.90.29 79 00
05.90.29 06 66
05.90.27 54 17
05.90.29 52 24
059027 84 07
05.90.2773 00
05.90.27 5151
05.90.27 53 20

05.90.52 46 10
05.90.52 46 05

05 90277939

Le R6gal 05.90.29 85 26

Chez Yvon 05.90.29 86 81
Fellini Ristorante (H6tel Le Manapany)

Le Gaiac (H6tel Le Toiny)

Chez Joe (Airport)
Eden Rock
Kiki e Mo
La Rotisserie
Le Jardin
Le Glacier
Le Piment
La Plage
Maya to Go
Nikki Beach


Mango Bar restaurant (Lunch)
Tafno Restaurant (Diner & Lounge)
Ti St-Barth 05.90.27 97 71

Bartolom6o (H6tel Guanahani) 05.90.27 66 60
Indigo (H6tel Guanahani)
Restaurant des pcheurs (Le Sereno)
La Gloriette

Les Bananiers

Chez Rolande
La Case de 1'Ile 05.90.27 61 81
La Langouste
Taifwana 05.90.27 65 01

Santa F6


Hostellerie des 3 Forces


St Barth Weekly n202


Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit? Listen to live music?
Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party !

) Daily at noon
DJ Yo One Sutter at restau-
rant La Plage, St Jean
) Every Sunday
Salsa BBQ, Manapany, Anse
des Cayes
) Every Thursday
Happy hour: 6-9pm,
Manapany, Anse des Cayes
) Every Friday & Saturday
After Work, live music, from
6-9pm at La Plage, St Jean
I Every evening
FB Julian resident DJ at
Kubbicle in London, from
6pm at 88, Carr6 d'Or,
I November 22-December 19
Adam Falcom, adventurous
mix of soul, R&B and funky
jazz is giving audiences and
critics something to talk
about; from 9pm to midnight,
Bete A Z'Ailes, Gustavia
I Friday December 10
- After Work @ Pink Parrot -
Tapas & Music mixed by Yo
One from 6pm at La plage, St
- Live Music with Soley from
6pm, at Do Brazil, Gustavia
I Saturday December 11
- Date Me Accoustic Dance
Trio from SXM from 8pm at
La plage, St Jean
- Live Music with Soley for
Sunset & Dinner, at Do
Brazil, Gustavia
- Live Music with DJ from
7pm at Taino, Christopher
Hotel, Pointe Milou
I Sunday December 12
- Session Dj Party from 1pm
with DJ Max at Nikki Beach,
Saint Jean
- Live music with Yo One
from 1:30pm at La plage, St
I Tuesday. December 14
- Cabaret performance with
show girls at Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou
- DJ Oliver Blake from Kube
Hotel St Tropez from 8pm at
La plage, St Jean
- Live Music with Soley from
6pm, at Do Brazil, Gustavia

I Wednesday December 15
Happy Hours with DJ Patris
Gero from 7pm at Le Bistrot,
I Thursday December 16
Live Music with Papagayo
from 7pm at Taino,
Christopher Hotel
I Samedi December 18
Live Music with Papagayo &
Nungan from 8pm at
Tamarin, Saline

- Yacht Club, Gustavia
- Eleven 12, Gustavia
- The Strand Supper Club,

I /
I Friday December 10
Welcome to Lithuania, Show
Girl at Yacht Club, Gustavia
I Saturday December 11
Evo & RST Ministry of
Sound at Yacht Club,
I Sunday, December 12
- Casino Royale at Yacht
Club, Gustavia
I Monday, December 13
Disco Night Fever, Yacht
Club, Gustavia
I Tuesday, December 14
- So Staff!, at Yacht Club,
- Cabaret performance with
show girls at Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou
I Wednesday December 15
- Eyes Wide Shut, Evening in
white with blindfolds, Yacht
Club, Gustavia
I Thursday December 16
- Baywatch Night at Yacht
Club, Gustavia
I Friday December 17
Welcome to Lithuania, Show
Girl at Yacht Club, Gustavia

r i -

I Daily Fashion Shows
- Fashion Show: every lunch
& dinner, La Plage, St Jean
- Fashion Show from the
Poupette boutique, from

1:00pm at Tamarin, Saline.
- at 9:00pm Fashion show at
Ti St Barth except Sunday
I Every Tuesday
6:30pm: Fashion show by
the pool, from the boutique
at the Isle de France
I Every Saturday
8:00pm: Fashion show by the
pool, from the boutique Linde
gallery at Taino Restaurant,
Christopher Hotel

I Through December 21
Andrew Radcliffe, solo exhib-
it of pointillist oil paintings.
Eden Rock gallery Saint Jean
I Through December 17
Peter Gurnz photography at
I December 15 February 19
Raimundo Figueroa exhibit
at Elisa Bally, Cours
Vend8me, second floor.

) Permanent Exhibits
- Works by Cyrille Margarit,
Nikki Beach, St Jean
- Paintings by Suzanne Mac
Nally, Les Artisans, Gustavia
- Photography by Wolfgang
Ludes, Jean-Philippe Piter,
Antoine Verglas at Clic
Bookstore and Gallery,
- Tony Caramanico at Clic
Gallery, Gustavia
- Jean Verrechia at Clic
Bookstore and Gallery,
- Alain le Chatelier, Les
Artisans, Gustavia
- Dave Stevenson, Les
Artisans, Gustavia
- Group show at Pipiri
Palace, Gustavia
- Rose Murray, Comptoir du
Cigare, Gustavia
- Sculptures by Timothy
Holmes, Comptoir du Cigare,

H6tel Baie des Anges Flamands 0590 27 63 61

St Barth Weekly no202

Michel and his staff are
happy to welcome you to their
pool-side restaurant for lunch & dinner.
Lobsters Fresh From The Tank
100 gfor 6,50 euros


r -_ ry g ~-

m m



l e :i



St Barth Weekly n202

1-Members of the
sbhonline forum at a
recent St Barth
2-The annual
Hanukah celebration
at Donna del Sol
4-Chef Jean-Paul of
Island Flavors, his
new catering service
3- Painter Andrew
Radcliffe, Kristen
Radcliffe, and Bruno
Magras at the Eden
Rock gallery
5-Cyrus Modaresi
is the only player
representing the USA
in the Thanksgiving
tennis tournament
organized for the
first year by the Saint
Barth Tennis Club.
The finals take
place on Saturday.

Published by "Le Journal de Saint-Barth" ISSN-1766-9278
Ph.: Fax:
Director & layout: Avigael Haddad
Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
English texts & Translations : Ellen Lampert Greaux -
Advertising: Nabil 06 90 77 00 70
Photos: Rosemond Gr6aux Impression : Daily Herald

I 1


1 Classified ads

Real Estate
205-Exchange 2 new, ful-
ly equipped, side-by-side
apartments in Cupecoy,
Sint Maarten, in a high-
quality building with
security and swimming
pool (value of exchange
$500,000) for a house (lit-
tle or no land) or apart-
ment in a small co-op in
Saint Barth. Tel: 06 90 77
56 70. No agencies please.

For Sale, A charming villa
recently refurbished, com-
posed of a master bedroom
and two bedrooms for chil-
dren. Situated on the hill-
side of St Jean, the villa
offers a very pleasant liv-
ing-room which opens
onto the swimming-pool.
St Barth Properties
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

For Sale, A piece of land in
a constructible zone situat-
ed between Public and

Corossol. Ideal for con-
struction of a house or
St Barth Properties
Sotheby's International
Realty: 0590 29 75 05

For Sale, a property in
Corossol comprised of a
main house with two bed-
rooms, and a terrace with a
pool and two separate
buildings that can be used
either as studios or for
storage, and an office.
Good investment opportu-
nity for those looking to
receive income from sepa-
rated rental units.
St Barth Properties
Sotheby's International
Realty: 0590 29 75 05

Looking for
199-Looking for manage-
ment caretaking, mainte-
nance of house and gar-
den. Tel.: 06 90 73 77 85

1 Emergency numbers

Rescue At Sea
PAF / airport & port police

Fire dept.
Doctor on duty

Saint Jean

* Useful numbers
Tourism office
Boat company Voyager
Airlines company Winair
St-Barth Commuter
Air Caraibes
American Airlines


05 96 70 92 92
05 90 271170
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
18 / 05 90 27 66 13
05 90 27 76 03
05 90 27 66 61
05 90 27 61 82
05 90 29 02 12



Town Hall
EDF (electricity company office)
Water system
Marine Reserve
Catholic church Sunday 8:30am Gustavia
Anglican church Sunday 9am.
Evangelical church Gustavia Sunday 9am

05 90 27 87 27
05 90 27 66 97
05 90 8710 68
05 90 27 6101
05 90 27 54 54
05 90 27 7190
0 599 54 52040
05 90 27 66 31
05 90 27 75 81
05 90 29 80 40
05 90 29 80 81
05 90 27 60 33
06 90 3170 73
05 90 27 95 38
05 90 29 74 63

1 At your services

Certflfd ,4ss,.eur

Thai Trasditional
Thai root Rflcxology
Asian Combination (Deep)
Home Service

Event Management t-Barth
dinner, cocktail, birthday party, etc
at your villa or yacht.
Contact Nelly at 0690 61 85 77
or email

p Private Caterer
Christian : 0690 41 97 36
SVincent: 0690 4197 29
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Lunch & dinner
deliveries Night Services

Home Service PYt
A Swedsh Institute, NYC graduate since
1989 and member practitioner of the
traditional Shiatsu French Federation

Swedtsh Ia4sage
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Young women who are licensed babysitters
will watch your children,
hourly fee or negotiated rates for longer periods.
Available day or evening

06 90 64 06 71


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Full Text


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fntt)35()Tj/TT0 1 Tf0 Tr 1.127 -0.007 Td(31=;3/>/@B=4B63'B\026/@B6$@=>3@B73A/;7:G+#''(&($&#$&('b)26()-29(C62=)-29(6DE2E6)-29(2?5)-29(G:==2)-29(C6?E2=)-29(286?4J)-29(+E)-29(2CE9)-29((C@A6CE:6D)-29(+()-29(H2D)-29(7@F?565)-29(3J)26(>6C:42?)-29((68)-11(/2=D9)-29(:?)-29(ft +96)9(4@:?65)9(2?5)9(EC256>2C<65)9(E96)9(4@>A2?J)9(>@EE@)9($:G6)46(0@FC)9(C62>T)9(:E)9(3642>6)9(E96)9(7@F?52E:@?)9(@7)9(+(]D)9(>:DD:@? DE2E6>6?Et!?\fr\(68]DD@?)18(,@>+>JE9;@:?65E96FD:?6DD?5:D:EDG:46AC6D:56?E?5@b@H?6Ct)]TJ-0 -1.1 Td[(b)56(,96)39(4@>A2?J)39(C6AC6D6?ED)39(2)39(A@CE7@=:@)39(@7)39(@G6C)39(f)39(AC:G2E6)39(G:==2D)39(:?)39(+E)39(2CE9)39(7C@>)39(C@>2?E:4)39(=:EE=6)39(EC25:E:@?2=)39(U42D6DV E@A2=2E:2=DE2E6Dt)]TJT*[(b)5(!ED)5(C62=)5(6DE2E6)5(5:G:D:@?)5(+Et)5(2CE9)5((C@A6CE:6D)5(+@E963JD)5(!?E6C?2E:@?2=)5(*62=EJ)5(92D)5(2)5(H@?56C7F=)5(D6=64E:@?)5(@7)5()5(AC@A6Cb E:6DE92EC6=:DE65@CD2=6t\000+(!''(&($&#$&(')"%)b)-41(!E)-41(:D)-41(E96)-41(@?=J)-41(286?4J)-41(@?)-41(E96)-41(:D=2?5)-41(E92E)-41(92D)-41(3@E9)-41(2)-41(-?:E65)-41(+E2E6D)-41(@77:46)-41(2?5)-41(2)-41(+Et)-41(2CE9)-41(@77:46t)-41(@E9)-41(@77:46D)-41(2C6 @H?65)23(3J)23(E96)23(D2>6)23(A6@A=6)23((68)23(2?5)41(,@>)23(2?5)23(2C6)23(7F==J)23(DE27765)23(3J)23(2)23(A2DD:@?2E6)23(2?5)23(3:=:?8F2=)23(E62>)23(H9@D6)23(>:DD:@? :DE@?DFC6E92E249?5G6CJ=:6?EIA6C:6?46D\034C62>)18(.242E:@?@?62FE:7F=+Et\0322CE9t b)-141((C6D:56?E)-141((68)-123(/2=D9)-141(:D)-141(2??F2==J)-141(2H2C565)-141(@?5N)-141(&2DE)-123(,C2G6=6C]D)-141(6DE66>65)-123(.:==2)-141(*6?E2=)-141(+A64:2=:DE)-141(2H2C5 ?2>:?86C@?6@7E96E@AG:==2C6?E2=86?EDH@C=5H:56?5E966DE@C+E\0322CE9t)]TJ0 -1.1 Td[(b)-49(+()-49(@776CD)-49(2)-49(7F==)-49(C2?86)-49(@7)-49(4@?4:6C86)-49(D6CG:46D)-49(7=:89E)-49(2CC2?86>6?ED)-49(2?5)-49(2:C)-49(492CE6CD)-49(2:CA@CE)-49(2?5)-49(76CCJ)-49(>66E)-49(2?5 8C66E)-70(.!()-88(=6G6=)-88(D6CG:46D)-88(42C)-88(C6?E2=D)-88(5:??6C)-88(C6D6CG2E:@?D)-88(G:==2)-88(AC@G:D:@?:?8)-88(AC:G2E6)-88(4967)-88(D6CG:46D)-88(323JD:EE:?8 >2DD286DD?@C<6=:?8EC:ADDH6==DCC2?8:?8@E96C4E:G:E:6DW\(=FD?@?2==D6CG:46Y\rnt b)40(+()40(9@DED)40(2)40(86EbE@86E96C)40(4@46=@G6=J:D=2?5EC25:E:@?t+("+b+E\0322CE9\(C@A6CE:6D;FDE=2F?4965:ED\037C2?5\033CF@==64E:@?D6=64E:@?@7E96:?6DE?5>6?:EJb=256? AC@A6CE:6DE@?92?46E96G:==2=:76DEJ=6IA6C:6?46t\037C2?5\033CF@776CDG242E:@?6CD55:E:@?2=>6?:E:6DDF49D 4@?E:?6?E2=C62<72DE?5EFC?5@H?D6CG:46t (=62D6DE@AJ@FC@77:46E@D2J[@?;@FC\t)]TJ/T1_3 1 Tf9.9 0 0 11 23.0876 103.8011 Tm[( )-30(f )-30( )-30()-30()-30(ttbbb ### )-30(f )-30( )-30()-30( )-30(f !)-30(!)-30(r)-30()-30(! " nb)-30( )-30(f %$ )-30(n)-30(n)-30(b)-30(b!-\032\0331 ,#(,&\013\0242*($\030 **5\034-,(\026 /-,& \f,,$7"(*$\r$#%-/# 2*( \0222/#\025 1'5\033"*(16$/ ,#\016-,,($\037 *0')]TJ2.285 -1.111 Td[((11(,&\031$&\037 *0' ,#\034-+\033+51' -\032\013\r$,-(1\027$$0$+ $")$/\027 8\0362\034'(\030'2)]TJ5.906 -1.111 Td[($#\017$*1-2/\001/$ /)]TJ-3.817 -1.111 Td[( #(,$\032-** ,# ,#\031 0" *$\027(, //-'B)-25(/@B6)-25($@=>3@B73A)-25()-25()' 'B)-25(/@B6)-25($@=>3@B73A)-25()-25('B\026/@B6 )TjETq240.945 509.137 198.425 119.344 reW nq/GS1 gs180.4183044 0 0 119.3335266 249.9400024 509.1363983 cm/Im2 DoQQq13.655 508.892 198.944 120.826 reW nq/GS1 gs184.8089142 0 0 120.8299103 20.727005 508.8943939 cm/Im3 DoQQq227.235 643.464 212.136 51.024 reW nq/GS1 gs206.3999939 0 0 52.0800018 232.845993 642.8993988 cm/Im4 DoQQq13.644 646.958 198.955 47.53 reW nq/GS1 gs195.3016052 0 0 36.0984039 15.4750061 652.6764069 cm/Im5 DoQQ


t")-26( ")-26($)-26(( '?)-115('4E@36C)-115(rf)-115(E96)-115(?6H)-115(AF3=:42b E:@?)-74([-?:BF6)-74(+E)-74(2CE9\)-74(2)-74(*FDD:2?b =2?8F286)-72(>282K:?6)-72(23@FE)-71(+E)-71(2CE9 E2C86E65)-6(@?=J)-6(E@)-6(2)-6(*FDD:2?)-6(4=:6?E6=6 H2D)-115(=2F?4965)-115(:?)-115(%@D4@H)-115(*FDD:2t 02?2)-115(&6=2E@?)-115(65:E@Cb:?b49:67)-115(@7 [-?:BF6)-61(+E)-61(2CE9V)-61(92D)-61(H@C<65)-61(7@C @G6C)-34(2)-34(J62C)-34(E@)-34(8:G6)-34(3:CE9)-34(E@)-34(96C)-34(7:CDE 65:E:@?)-115(H9@D6)-115(@?=J)-115(AFCA@D6)-115(:D)-115(E@ AC@>@E6)-55(E96)-55(:D=2?5)-55(@7)-55(+E)-55(2CE9)-55(2D)-55(2 E@FC:DE)-115(56DE:?2E:@?)-115(E@)-115(*FDD:2?)-115(EC2Gb 6=6CDt)-115(+:?46)-115('4E@36C)-115([-?:BF6)-115(+E 2CE9\)-54(42?)-54(36)-54(7@F?5)-54(:?)-54(>@DE)-54(@7)-54(E96 EC6?5:6DE)-115(2?5)-115(9:89b6?5)-115(A=246D)-115(@7 %@D4@H)-3(2?5)-3(+E)-3((6E6CD3FC8)-3(2?5)-3(H:== 36)-41(5:DEC:3FE65)-41(@?)-41(E96)-41(:D=2?5)-41(DE2CE:?8 :?)10(>:5b646>36C)10(rft FC:?8)4(E96)4(=2F?49)4(7@C)41(02?2]D)4(>282b K:?6)-41(C6DE2FC2E6FC)14(=6I2?56C)-41(+@C<:? 2?5)-115(AC@5F46C)-60(=6I6:)-115(@<@G)-115(3@E9 C68F=2C)-115(G:D:E@CD)-115(E@)-115(+E)-115(2CE9)-115(DE@@5 ?6IE)-115(E@)-115(6249)-115(@E96C)-115(7@C)-115(2)-115(7C:6?5=J DA6649)-107(E@)-107(4@?8C2EF=2E6)-70(02?2)-107(:?)-107(96C ?6H)-115(G6?EFC6t)-115(@E9)-115(4@>>F?:42E65 E@)-115(E96)-115(2F5:6?46)-115(E92E)-115(UG:D:E:?8)-115(+E 2CE9)-115(:D)-115(=:<6)-115(86EE:?8)-115(2)-115(7@C6E2DE6)-115(@7 962G6?)-19(367@C6)-19(86EE:?8)-19(E96C6t\)-19(%2?J 255:E:@?2=)-50(AC@>:?6?E)-50(8F6DED)-49(2EE6?5b 65)-115(E96)-115(A2CEJ)-115(:?4=F5:?8)-115(&2@b >:)-45(2>A36==)-45(H:E9)-45(96C)-45(>@E9b 6C)-97(.2=6C:6)-115(%@CC:D)-97(.=25:D=2G @C@?:?)58(?:E2)20(,D@:)57(=6I2?b 56C)-115(%:EC@D96?<@)-115(!8@C)-115(92b AFC:?)13(:52?)-42(+2=2<9@G2)-42(+2E: 2D2?@G2)-49(=6I2?56C)-86(,D6<2b =@)-43(=6I2?56C)-98('C=@G)-98(>:ECJ +6C86J6G)-60(?5C6:)-115(%2=29@G 2?5)10(>2?J)10(@E96CDt n" )-115()-115( )-11()-11(t!)-11()-11(r )10()10(!# C6?49)-529(AC6D:56?E)-529(&:4@=2D)-529(+2C<@KJ 2??@F?465)-29(2E)-29(E96)-29(6?5)-29(@7)-29(E96)-29(7:CDE)-29(:?E6Cb>:?b :DE6C:2=)-105(4@F?4:=)-105(7@C)-105(@G6CD62D)-105(E6CC:E@C:6D)-105(E92E rff)-190(H:==)-190(36)-190(E96)-190(U062C)-190(@7)-190('G6CD62D C2?46t\)-105(*6DA@?5:?8)-105(E@)-105(E9:D)-105(42==)-105(E96 ==:2?46D)-105(C2?M2:D6D)-105(:?)-105(*FDD:2)-105(564:565)-105(E@ AF3=:D9)-105(2)-105(42=6?52C)-105(9:89=:89E:?8)-105(E96)-105(@G6Cb D62D)-105(E6CC:E@C:6D)-105(:?4=F5:?8)-105(+2:?E)-105(2CE9 H9:49)-12(:D)-12(762EFC65)-12(7@C)-12(E96)-12(>@?E9)-12(@7)-12(+6AE6>b 36Ct)3(,H@)-14(A9@E@D)-14(Y@?6)-14(@7)-14(2)-14(EJA:42=)-14(DEC2H)-14(92E >256)-105(:?)-105(@C@DD@=)-105(2?5)-105(@?6)-105(@7)-105(E96)-105(A@CE)-105(@7 FDE2G:2Z:==FDEC2E6)-40(2)-40(D9@CE)-40(E6IE)-40(:?)-40(*FDD:2? E92E)-40(AC6D6?ED)-40(E96)-40(>2;@C)-40(2DD6ED)-40(@7)-40(E96)-40(:D=2?5 :ED)-85(9:DE@CJ)-84(2?5)-85(A@AF=2E:@?t)-67(,96)-85(A9@E@D)-85(2?5 E6IE)-86(H6C6)-86(D6?E)-86(E@)-86(E96)-31(==:2?46)-86(C2?M2:D6)-86(:? %@D4@H)-105(3J)-105(E96)-105(2DD@4:2E:@?)-105(+2:?E)-105(2CE9 DD6?E:6=)19(H9:49)19(7:89ED)19(E@)19(AC6D6CG6)19(E96)19(6?G:b C@?>6?E)-105(2?5)-105(96C:E286)-105(@7)-105(E96)-105(:D=2?5t)-87(,96D6 42=6?52CD)-97(2C6)-97(2G2:=23=6)-97(:?)-97(E96)-97(ff)-42(==:2?46D C2?M2:D6D)20(DAC625)20(24C@DD)20(*FDD:2t f)33()33(n)33(b!)33( )33()33()33()33(b nbrrb'r n" trtbf)35(trtt)135()115(!!!!"


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E@52J)-171(3J)-171(E96)-171(A@AF=2E:@?)-171(92D 564C62D65)-105(3J)-105(EH@)-105(E9:C5D)-105(@G6C)-105(E96 A2DE)-105(f)-105(J62CD)-105(5F6)-105(E@)-105(:?4C62D65 4@>>6C4:2=)20(24E:G:EJt)]TJ0 -2.095 Td[()-32(DA64:2=:DE)-32(@?)-32(E96)-32(DF3;64E)-32(2=:52 =52?2)-50(C2?52)-105(6IA=2:?65)-105(E92E A=2?D)-49(2C6)-49(F?56CH2J)-49(7@C)-49(?6H)-49(C68Fb =2E:@?D)-105(:?E6?565)-105(E@)-105(96=A)-105(C6A=6?:D9 E96)-105(4@?49)-105(DE@46C)-105(>2C:?6 3:@=@8J)-68(AC@76DD@C)-68(2E)-68(E96)-68(-?:G6CD:b EJ)-105(@7)-105(E96)-105(C6?49)-50(?E:==6D)-105(2?5 FJ2?2t)27(,96J)9(2C6)9(H@C<:?8)9(:?)9(4@?b ;F?4E:@?)-49(H:E9)-49(!,+)-49(@?G6?E:@? @?)-105(!?E6C?2E:@?2=)-87(,C256)-105(:?)-105(?52?b 86C65)-105(+A64:6D)-105(E96)-105(@C82?:K2E:@? 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