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4i I.

m N.N.N

Budget Outlook For 2010

Bruno Magras Reveals The Choices Made

By The Collectivity
As the vote for the 2010 budget approaches, Bruno Magras, president of the Collectivity, answers our questions
about the budget and general economic outlook for 2010:

Journal de Saint Barth: By the end of
the month, the 2010 budget will be
voted on. You already have a clear
vision of what happened in 2009. Did
the coffers of the Collectivity see the
same downtown as almost every sec-
tor ofthe economy last year?
Bruno Magras: In fact, the provision-
al budget for the Collectivity will be
given to the Territorial Council mem-
bers on February 25. This preliminary
budget does reflect an economic
downturn; a consequence of the global
financial crisis, which automatically
led to a reduction in the income seen
by the Collectivity, especially as far as
import duties are concerned.
However, the final budget for the Col-
lectivity in 2009 shows a surplus (of
more than 20 million euros). This is
the result of rigorous management as
well as tight control of expenditures,
and which continues to allow us to
budget the equivalent of 19% of the
operating budget for salaries.

Journal de Saint Barth: Can you
indicate some ofthe major projects in
the budget for 2010?
Bruno Magras: The preliminary
budget calls for projects comprising
up to 80 million euros, including the
completion of certain projects begun
last year. Therefore, ongoing projects
continue, and others will be initiated.
I am thinking primarily of a new
water treatment plant, of new equip-
ment for the trash collection center,
the construction of the EHPAD (old
age home), improvements at the air-
port, continuation of road work,
reconstruction of the old town hall,
installation of video surveillance and
the fiber-optic cable, plus a study for
the construction of a dock in front of
the Hotel de la Collectivite to help
protect the building and access to the
Last year, we also acquired land to
add to the territorial inventory, in the

light of the necessity of new public
buildings and services. This includes
the recent acquisition of 1,376 sq
meters of land in Saint Jean destined
for a parking lot of 60 to 80 places as
well as the construction of a modem
morgue that meets the needs of such
an establishment. We have also
acquired 8,140 sq meters located
across from the airport in Saint Jean.
Part of this land will be used for park-
ing in order to free up the parking
spaces at the airport.

Journal de Saint Barth: In a more
general way, how do you envision
2010? Do you think we can hope for
a boost in the economy?
Bruno Magras: Yes, I think that we
can reasonably hope for a recovery of
the global economy in 2010. This
should have a positive impact on the
island, where tourism is the central
pillar of our economy.
In this light, we should rise to the
challenge of long-term planning and
development of our island, where the
goal is to allow Saint Barthelemy to
stay ahead of the game in the recon-
ciliation of development and environ-
mental protection.
But to prepare for the future of our
island is also to ensure the future for
the next generations. With this in
mind, it is necessary for our young-
sters to train to work in hotels and
restaurants, which are the most
important areas in terms of job cre-
ation. I would like to encourage busi-
ness leaders to take the responsibility
and help train our youngsters and cre-
ate stable, properly paid positions.
That will help preserve our social

Journal de Saint Barth: In terms of
tourism, the numbers for the airport
were not good in 2009, and the first
month of 2010 was also down. The
port is doing better, but that is pri-

marily due to an increase in cruise
ship passengers. Do you think this
decrease in tourists is due uniquely
to the still sluggish world economy,
especially in Europe and the United
States, the two principal markets for
Saint Barth? What can we do to
attract more visitors? What about air
service to Saint Barth ? Is it suffi-
Bruno Magras: These numbers
should incite us to improve our level
of tourism in terms of our competi-
tors, and continue to do all we can so
that Saint Barthelemy remains an
.alli'ci' c island for tourists. There is
a fragile equilibrium, linked to securi-
ty, protection of the environment,
lifestyle, fine dining, and the level of
hotels, and it is the responsibility of
everyone, from elected officials to
business leasers, to make sure that
this balance is maintained, or even
improved upon.
Concerning air traffic to the island, it
is far from being satisfactory espe-
cially in terms of flights to Guade-
loupe, where the number of seats has
considerably diminished over the past
few years. As far as other destinations
are concerned, the number of seats
seems sufficient. The difficulty
resides in the security controls that
passengers are subject to, and the
length of time it takes for the airlines
to get everyone here.
In fact, most of the major airlines
land at Juliana in the early afternoon,
as long as they don't have delays, and
the airport in Saint Barthelemy closes
15 minutes after sunset. Yet it is pre-
cisely during the high tourist season
that the sun sets at its earliest.
On several occasions, I have remind-
ed the authorities at Juliana Airport of
the necessity to put into place a
process that would facilitate passen-
gers in transit to Saint Barthelemy.
But for now, unfortunately, I have not
made any headway.
St Bart Weely n191

7 Inff



Lawadt C6t~/,u




Saturday February 13th 2010
Anglican Church, Gustavia
Entrance : 10 euros, Children free




Solidarity Saint Barth-Haiti:

Eugene Kaze, Saint Barth's
Catholic priest, is Haitian.
While the January 12
earthquake in Haiti spared
his parents, brothers, and
sisters, he was extremely
saddened by the loss of
seven members of his fam-
ily. On January 31, Father
Kaze went from Saint
Barth to Haiti, with one
goal in mind: to get food
and logistical aid to the
members of his religious
community, the Montfort-
ain Congregation found in
the heart of Port-au-Prince.
After a stop in Puerto Rico,
he arrived in Santiago,
Santo Domingo, which has
the closest airport to Haiti.

Once there, with the help
of donations made by
members of the Catholic
Church in Saint Barth, the
Lions Club, and the Red
Cross, he filled a truck
with bottles of water, bags
of rice, beans, sugar, con-
centrated milk, sardines in
oil... and when the vehicle
was full he headed toward
the Haitian border, where
he arrived on Wednesday
morning, February 3. By
10:30pm that evening, his
convoy had made it to the
outskirts of Port-au-Prince,
but it was too late to reach
the property of the Mont-
fortains. Also too danger-
ous: "Everyone had

L'Esprit Salines


Dinner Menu

Lunch Menu

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Tropical Garden

come & taste
the difference

7 days a week

Close to Salines Beach

0590 52 46 10

warned me not to go into
the center of the city for
fear the truck would be
robbed," explained Kaze.
Unable to reach his reli-
gious brothers, he enlisted
the help of the local mayor
and distributed the food to
earthquake victims in this
neighborhood located 15
minutes from downtown
Port-au-Prince. On Thurs-
day, February 4, Kaze
helped 150 families, each
of which received a bag
with some of the food and
water he had in the truck.
Before leaving, Kaze had
time to visit the center of
Port-au-Prince, where he
witnessed a situation that
surprised him, as he then
realized that the dramatic
images seen in magazines,
on television, in blogs, and
on the Internet since the
disaster on January 12, did
not express the harsh reali-
ty that exists in his country.
And for Kaze, one big
problem is the issue of
reconstruction, which will
not be easy in the a.flic nallih
of losing so many of the
country's leaders: "A large
number of public buildings
collapsed in Port-au-
Prince, but what is even
more serious is the number
of leaders that were lost
under the rubble. Without
them, running the country
will be extremely compli-
cated," explains the priest,
for whom education is the

foundation on which the
reconstruction of the coun-
try should be based. He
also sees education as the
only way to bring the
country out from the shad-
ow of voodoo, a tradition
that the priest considers to
be the principal cause
blocking Haitian develop-
ment. That is why Father
Kaze is convinced that the
donations made in Saint
Barth should go toward the
construction of a school in
Haiti. But that's in the
future... for now, accord-
ing to the priest, the direct
aid we can offer is really
quite limited: "Sadly, it is
not yet time to begin recon-
struction. The urgency
today is to move the dis-
placed population from the
center of Port-au-Prince,
out of the city in order to
clear away the ruins. But
that is not so simple: the
provinces are already poor
and lack the infrastructure
to absorb all these dis-
placed people. In the
meantime, the victims are
installed in makeshift
camps ii h.iuL proper sani-
tary conditions and there is
a great fear of epidemics,"
notes Kaze, who is very
concerned about the health
situation in these camps.
And while there has been
an exceptional outpouring
of international aid, it is
just beginning to get to the
St Bath Weekly no191



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-M. Ti W

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9-11 A O N

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l:2~ C ~~ ~C C~_~ ~;firs2_~;~~_L


- 11 -M =--T _- .
goom RON



Saint B'Art Presents Makana Trio

in Concert, February 20

Invited to the island by the non-
profit cultural association Saint
B'Art, Hawaiian slack guitarist
Makana will perform in concert on
Febraury 20 at 8pm at Zion Garden
in Saline. He will perform as part of
a trio with Lono Kaumeheiwa on
bass and nose flute, and Lopaka
Colon on keyboards.
The 31 year-old Makana (whose
name means "gift" in Hawaiian)
performed in Saint Barth during the
2008 St Barth Music Festival. His
unique style-contemporary
Hawaiian guitar, combining tradi-
tional sounds with a fusion of folk,
rock, jazz, and bluegrass-as well
as his charismatic personality made
him quite a hit on the island. Based
on his initial success here, and the
desire to add to the Carnival week
festivities, Saint B'Art invited
Makana to perform once again.
Makana, who played last December
at the White House for president
Barack Obama and friends, has
recorded six albums to date. Early on,
Makana was recognized as a child
prodigy and studied with Hawai'i
slack key legends Raymond Kane
and Sonny Chilligi I.h A prolific
songwriter, he began performing pro-
fessionally at Honolulu's Duke's
Canoe Club at age 15 and has since
produced his own shows in many of
Hawaii's other significant venues.
Makana's audiences run the gamut of
age and ethnicity and he enjoys a par-

ticularly strong local following. His
first album, "Makana," was voted
"Best CD" by the readers of the Hon-
olulu Weekly in 2000, and he earned
the "Best World Music Album" and
"Adult Contemporary Album of the
Year" at the Hawai'i Music Awards.
He has contributed songs to two
Grammy-nominated albums, "Hawai-
ian Slack Key Kings Volumes I & II".
Makana has toured the world numer-
ous times, including regular appear-
ances with Sting, Santana, Elvis
Costello, and Chris Isaak. In 2004 he
opened a 27-city tour for Billboard
Top Pop Artist Jason Mraz.
Makana has also made six solo tours

of Japan, performing there in 14
major cities. In Germany and again
solo, he opened for three Santana
concerts, performing for audiences
as large as 12,000 in world-class
venues including Frankfurt's
Opera Platz. Makana's April 2009,
New York City solo concert earned
a strong New York Times review:
"Makana provided a textbook
illustration of slack-key style" ...
Amazingly, Makana has achieved
all of this success by himself, with-
out professional management,
although he is now working to
assemble a management team to
help take him to the next level. With
over 20 years of concert experience
Sand six albums to his credit, exciting
offers are rolling in and Makana is
carefully evaluating his many
options. To quote the National Geo-
graphic Society, "...this young guitar
hero is poised to break out."

Makana quotes:
"I am a native of Hawai'i and a citi-
zen of the Earth; my music is guided
by a burning desire to merge the cul-
tural heritage of my kupuna (elders)
with global themes, weaving the
roots of Hawaii's vast musical palette
into a universal sound that includes
influences from rock, bluegrass,
African, Latin, Celtic, modem and
folk music traditions."


Exclusive collection
of Swedish design,
heritage and origin

unique inspired timeless

tl os Amondiers. Route SJine, Sf Jeon
Phone 0590-29?449
Mon-Sab 9:30-13 and 4:30- 9

St Barh Weekly n9lg

r-) r-)




Bar'To, the lounge at the
Guanahani Hotel and
Spa in Saint Barth, has
recently become a veri-
table piano bar with the
addition of Armando
Paone, who plays
Wednesday through
Sunday evenings from
7:30-10:30pm. Born in
Naples, Italy, Armando
left his native country at
the age of 17, setting out

he says. On other songs,
it's strictly acoustic
piano. During the show,
a book of Armando's
songs is available to
consult, and cards and
pencils are on hand to
submit requests. "I
begin the evening softly
with American tunes,
maybe some Nat King
Cole, and later as the
evening warms up, or if

lessons at the age of
four, he studied classi-
cal music for five years,
but later abandoned
music until 13 when he
had a band with some
friends. "I all but forgot
classical," he admits.
"It's not my fort&."

He has only been in
Saint Barth less than a
month, but the island
has already charmed
Armando. "The people
are different from
Europe. They are more
open and friendly here,"
he says. "I hope more
people from the island,
and not just the hotel
guests will come to hear

me play." With a menu
of cocktails and light
food, Bar'To could be
an evening's entertain-
ment or a stop on the
way to or from dinner.
You might want to relax
and kick off your shoes,
but as Armando sings in
a popular Randy New-
man song, 'you can
leave your hat on.' In
other words, the
ambiance is musical,
the atmosphere is
relaxed, and Armando
will play you a song:
after all he's the piano

By Ellen Lampert-Greaux
Photo: Rosemond Greaux

on his international jour-
neys, picking up songs
and musical styles along
the way. His repertory
ranges from Aznavour,
Brel, and Piaf to Ameri-
can jazz and R&B, by
way of salsa and disco.

"I like to change from
one musical format to
another," says the
singer/musician who
plays the hotel's baby
grand piano with an
electric synthesizer
added: "For example,
on a song like The
Eagles' Hotel Califor-
nia, I need the drums,"
St Barth Weeldy no191

people want to dance, I
add some 80s disco or
South American

Having played in Paris,
Marrakech (where he
lived for many years
with his wife and
daughters), Rio, Gene-
va, and Cannes, as well
as such American cities
as New York, Chicago,
LA, and San Francisco
(for the Hyatt Regency
hotel chain), Armando
is scheduled to play at
the Guanahani through
the end of August 2010.
Having first taken piano

Private Caterer

Anything you needfor
an unforgetrafbe vacation

Lunch & Dinner
Night Services

Christian : 06 90 41 97 36
Vincent: 06 90 4197 29

Humpback Whales: Jumping For Joy!

Helene Bernier took these mag-
nificent photos of a baby whale
last Sunday afternoon, around
4:30pm between the islands of
Pinel and Forchue. The young
whale repeatedly flipped out of
the water just 30 meters from
catamaran where Helene was
aboard. A little further away, the
mama whale kept a watchful eye
on the twists and turns of her off-
spring. According to the February
Echo (newsletter) from the
Marine Park, the first humpback
whale of the season was spotted
by fisherman Patrick Laplace on
January 20 about five miles from
St. Barth. For additional informa-
tion about humpback whales, the
February issue of Echo has an
entire chapter to the migration and
reproduction of these cetaceans
who belong to the rorqual group
of baleen whales, which can reach
65 feet and 40 tons...

hd-m. -- -'

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a~ -~3t







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~- t- '
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r --

It's Carnival time in Saint parade starting at 7pm in
Barth and the island is ready pajamas as the revelers pre-
to party! The action gets pare for the grand parade on
underway on Friday, Febru- Fat Tuesday-or Mardi
ary 12 with a children's Gras-February 16. Eleven
parade through the streets of groups with dancers and
Gustavia. Then on Sunday, music are expected to par-
February 14, La Pointe En ticipate in this big Carnival
Mouvement and the Youngz event which starts at
will hold their final pre-Car- 3:30pm on the commerical
nival parade at sunset, with dock in Public. The parade
a musical pause in front of winds its way through the
La Cantina on the water- streets of Gustavia, usually
front in Gustavia. Their concluding around sunset.
themes for this Sunday's The events wind down on
costumes will be February 17-Ash Wednes-
"Masalate" for La Pointe En day- with a march through
Mouvement and "Valentine the streets of Gustavia, start-
Red & White." The associa- ing at 7pm, from The Select
tion Bout d'chou will hold to Shell Beach for the Bum-
its first Carnival parade for ing of Vaval, the Carnival
kids on Sunday as well, King, signifying the end of
starting in front of the AMC the revelry and the start of
market at 5pm. Lent, the somber period
Things continue to heat up leading up to Easter Sunday
on Monday, February 15, on April 4.
with an early evening
8 St Barth Weekly n191

Jeweler Ross Coppelman has
embraced his Cape Cop environ-
ment in his work, from waves on
the shore, to shore birds in
turquoise, often studding them
with diamonds. This annual visi-
tor to Les Artisans in Gustavia
has returned this winter with
some wonderful new pieces,
some of which-like little love
birds, or a tiny turquoise heart-
are perfect gifts for Valentine's
Day, which falls just two days
after his opening reception on the
evening of Friday, February 12.

not always knowing exactly what
I'll get."

The wave motif is expressed in
pendants, gold cuff bracelets,
and earrings, while the turquoise
is primarily used in enticing pen-
dants, with the gold of the little
birds set in the turquoise stone
echoed in the fine gold chains.
While here are no bracelets with
birds yet, there may be in the
future. "There are also fewer
rings this year," Coppelman
adds, "I tend to work in phases."

"I have gone to the birds, literal-
ly," says Coppelman. "I'm a little
perplexed by it. This is new for
me and I didn't really see it com-
ing. I guess I'm getting more sen-
timental as I get older." Last year
he made pieces inspired by the
waves washing across the beach,
so it seems natural to migrate to
marine birds. "Also," says the
designer, "what I appreciate visu-
ally, or what affects me emotion-
ally, I like to put into my work."
A Harvard grad, who grew up
outside of Boston, Coppelman is
a self-taught jeweler who has
perfected his art over the past 35
years, hand-crafting pieces in sil-
ver, gold, and platinum. Dia-
monds, pearls, and vivid
turquoise also find their way into
this work. "I use turquoise from
the Kingman mine in Arizona,"
he notes, adding that he buys it in
large pieces. "I cut and carve it,

St Bath Weely n191

He also has some rather sophisti-
cated silver and gold pieces in
his collection, which offer an
elegant juxtaposition to the
somewhat whimsical birds and

After visiting Saint Barth several
times with Susan, his wife of
almost 40 years (they were high
school sweethearts), Ross met Jo-
Anne Quetel and Albert Yaphet

from Les Artisans about eight
years ago via mutual friends from
Cape Cod, and they added a few
of his pieces to their collection in
Saint Barth. This year marks his
second full show at the bou-
tique/gallery. "My work is more
accessible than in the past," he
says. "It has a wider appeal for
people who might not like art
jewelry." With his own shop in
Cape Cod the busiest during the
summer months, Coppelman
enjoys his annual visit to the
island: "The only time I get to go
to the beach is in Saint Barth," he
says, happy to be able to combine
business with pleasure!

By Ellen Lampert-Greaux
Photo: Rosemond Greaux

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Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit?
Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party

Special Events
SSaturday, February 13
St Valentine Concert with
Jane Thorngren, Soprano -
Charles Darden, Piano -
Laurent Cl6quin, Tenor
featuring LOVE SONG
from Opera and Broadway
plus Ragtime. Anglican
Church, Gustavia at

Biodynamic Wine Week
I Friday, February 12
5:00-7:00pm: AW Shop
Open house at Absolutely
Wine Shop : Wine tasting
with the vignerons. Open to
the general public
7pm Bonito "Atypique dis-
covery dinner"
I Saturday, February 13
7pm: Toiny "Puissance &
Elegance" discovery dinner.

I Sunday February 14
Pre-carnaval parades:
Sunday afternoons at sun-
set in the streets of
Gustavia. Theme
"Masalat6" for La Pointe
en Mouvement and
"Valentine Red & White".
I Monday, February 15
Parade in Pajamas.
I Tuesday, February 16
Mardi Gras Parade
I Wednesday, February 17
Burning of Vaval
(Black & White)

Live Music
) Wednesday to Sunday
Direct from Paris, Cannes,
Rio, Marrakech, and Geneva,
... Armando is on stage at
Bar'T6 from 7:30pm,
Guanahani, Petit Cul de Sac
I Every Monday
Disco evening at Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou
) Every Tuesday
The Real Cabaret kim & Co
at Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou

I Every Wednesday
Theme Party at Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou
I Every Tuesday & Sunday
Angel's Night at Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou
I Every Friday & Saturday
Crazy week end at Ti St
Barth, Pointe Milou
I Every Friday
Live jazz music during
dinner. Restaurant
Le Gaiac, Toiny.
IThrough February 14
Ray Frazier Trio, from 9pm
to midnight, Bete A Z'Ailes,
I February 15 to March 6
Martha Reobone, from 9pm
to midnight, Bete A Z'Ailes,
I Friday February 12
- Live Music with Toast,
Rock, at St Barth Pub, Lurin
I Saturday February 13
- Live Music with Black
Pepper, Rock & Blues, at St
Barth Pub, Lurin
I Sunday, February 14
- Brazil party at Nikki
Beach during all the day.
- 1:00pm: Follow the wave
with Sundek fashion show at
La Plage, St Jean
I Tuesday February 16
- Jazz & Blues in Live at St
Barth Pub, Lurin
I Wednesday February 17
- Jazz & Blues in Live at St
Barth Pub, Lurin
I Thursday February 18
- Theme evening at St Barth
Pub, Lurin
I Friday February 19
- Live Music with a local
band froms St Martin at St
Barth Pub, Lurin

Night Club
- Yacht Club, Gustavia
-Eleven 12, Gustavia
-The Strand Supper Club

Let's Party
I Every night
James Kentaro, new resident
DJ exclusively at Yacht Club,

Cx cellence d, Sens

-- y ChriStophs Marcneas
0590 29 48 10 available on location

I Every Tuesday
Evening "We will rock you"
at The Strand Supper Club
(Casa Nikki), Gustavia
I Every Thursday
Ladies first at The Strand
Supper Club (Casa Nikki),
I Friday and Saturday
Crazy week end at Ti St
Barth, Pointe Milou

Fashion Show
I Daily Fashion Shows
- Fashion Show: every lunch
& dinner, La Plage, St Jean
- Fashion Show from the
Poupette boutique, from
1:00pm at Tamarin, Saline.
- at 9:00pm Fashion show at
Ti St Barth except Sunday
I Every Tuesday
6:30pm: Fashion show by
the pool, from the boutique
at the Isle de France

I Through March 2
We are delighted to exhibit
Jane Matthews' "Between
Places and People." It is the
first solo show of Jane's work
and shows her talent for cap-
turing landscapes and paint
portraits-all in her bold and
dynamic style. Eden Rock
Hotel, St. Jean
I Through February 15
- Ladies First : Groupe show
featuring photography at Clic
Gallery, Gustavia
- Robert Curran
"Anthology". at TomBeach
ArtStudio, St Jean
I Permanent exhibits
- Alain le Chatelier, Les
Artisans, Gustavia
- Works by CyrilleMargarit

Alain Le Chatelier:
The Essence Of Saint
Barth at Les Artisans
This year, Alain Le
Chatelier explores the
island's landscapes as well
as its light: "The light is
very different here," he
notes, "and there are some
very beautiful moments
where the light changes
very quickly. It's not like in
France, or Sweden where I
also exhibit my work and
the sunsets last all

Ross Coppelman
at Les Artisans, Gustavia.
Opening Friday February
12 at 6:00pm

at Nikki Beach, St Jean
* Paintings by Suzanne Mac
Nally, Les Artisans
* Tony Caramanico at Clic
Bookstore and Gallery,
* Dave Stevenson, Les
Artisans, Gustavia
* Group show at Pipiri
Palace, Gustavia
* Rose Murray, Comptoir
du Cigare, Gustavia
* Sculptures by Timothy
Holmes, Comptoir du
Cigare, Gustavia
I Artists' Collections
-Pompi, Petit Cul de Sac
-Didier Spidler, Gustavia
-Hannah Moser, Cul de Sac
-Mitchell Summer, Toiny
) Art Galleries
- Pipiri Boutique, Art
-Clic Gallery, Gustavia

St Barth Weenly 011



mmmmmmmm0 0

Michel and his staff are
happy to welcome you to their
pool-side restaurant for lunch & dinner.
Lobsters Fresh From The Tank
100 g for 6,50 euros

1. A cocktail party
I at Villa Jardins d'Em-
manuel to celebrate
the 50th wedding
anniverasry of
Julianne and Dan (top
row, second and third
from left)
2. Andy plays the
piano while Lloyd and
Cliff sing popular
songs at a cocktail
party at Village St Jean
3. The Tremendous
Johnson Blues Band at
Le Select
4. Albert, Roland, Jo-
Anne, painter Alain Le
Chatelier Mark, and
Eva at Les Artisans
5. Susan and Norman
Weinberger, creators of
L'Avion clothing line,
at Les Artisans ope-
ning for Alain Le
6. Who Dat? Don Pet-
tit rooting for The
Saints at the Santa
Fe's Super Bowl party
7. Marius and Linda
dancing at Le Select
0: Rosemond Grdaux


H6tel Bale des Anges Flamands 0590 27 63 61


'1 -1 14 1 -. .t

m 'Ma

.-= =t..==. t ..1': - n



St 36.. 01 :4i US: 8 .

es:',Iw l ', i;

ig o t a ~tm i

GuSTAVIA 0590 27 78 62

OPEN DAILY 9am-9pm, TUESDAY 9am 7pm
Route de St Jean 05 90 27 90 65 kikiemo@wanadoo.fr

* Puzzle C t www.sudokustar.fr
There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but
nothing has to add up to anything else. You solve the
puzzle with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's challeng-
ing. It's addictive!"Fill in the grid so that every row,
every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1
through 9."That's all there is to it.

9 1
29 5
38 2
9 8 2 7 3 6

7 8 1 4 2 3
9 7 5
1 8 6
4 2

H Local Weather

Saturday Monday
Scattered Clouds Scattered Clouds
High: 81 F 27 C. High: 80 F. 27 C
Wind ENE 13mph/19km/h Wind ENE 22mph 36km h

Sunday Tuesday
Partly Cloudy Scattered Clouds
High: 80 F. /27 C High: 78 F. /26 C
WindENE 15mph./25 km/h Wind ENE 17rnlh -' km/h

worker European healer never failed
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call today for help in minutes free reading

St Barth Weekly no191

1 Classified ads

Real Estate

Participation in an SCI
(real estate investment
company) for a building
project (permit issued)
comprising 7 apart-
ments meauring 45 sq
meters to 100 sq meters
in St Jean.
For additional
information contact:
06 90 56 29 95

For Sale: This villa is situa-
ted on the hillside of
Flamands and has an ama-
zing ocean view. It encom-
passes 2 apts on the first
floor with 1 bedroom each
and on the 2nd floor 1
apartment with 2 bdrs and 1
bath. Perfect for yearly ren-
tal with a good return.
St Barth Properties
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

For Sale: This beautiful 4
bedroom villa situated in
Pointe Milou offers expan-
sive views across the north-
western side of St. Barth
including sunset views.
Very good rental history.
Not to be missed!
St Barth Properties
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

For Sale: This charming 5

the solutions

bdr villa was recently refur-
bished in St Jean. The main
large deck with pool over-
looks the hillside and offers
a distant view of the air-
port. The villa features 3
levels in three separate
pavilions. The layout
makes it perfect for rental,
generating great revenues.
St Barth Properties
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

190- For sale: 980 square
meters of land in Saline
with pretty ocean views.
Building permit for a two-
bedroom villa with swim-
ming pool. e-mail:

190-Attention investors:
Property for sale in a resi-
dential area of Terres
Basses, St. Martin: Villa
"Lagon Bleu" with 8000 sq
meters of land on the water.
500 sq meters of living
space with three bedrooms,
garage, studio, gym/mas-
sage room, large terrace,
infinity pool, Jacuzzi, pri-
vate pontoon for two boats,
guardian's villa with two
bedrooms and pool. Price:
4.2 million euros. Good
rental history.
Tel 0690.34.14.34,

"S LE -6 8s i 9 Iv
6 9 8 Z P E L 5S
Z V l 9 S Z E 6 8
C 16 [ Z Ie 19{S L'
L 8 V 9 6 9 i C Z

V 9 C 6- S L I
8 S L L 9 P 6 Z C
L C 6 L Z S V 8 9

St Barth Weekly n191

* Emergency
Shipping rescue
PAF / airport & port police
Fire dept.
Doctor on duty
Pharmacy Aeropor

Saint Jea

* Useful numbers
Tourism office
Boat company Voyager
Airlines company Winair


05 96 70 92 92
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
18 /05 902766 13
05 90 27 76 03
05 90 27 61 82
n 0590290212

05 90 27 87 27
05 90 27 66 97
05 90 87 10 68
05 90 27 54 54
05 90 27 71 90
00 599 54 52040
05 90 27 75 81
05 90 29 80 40
05 90 29 80 81
05 90 27 60 33
05 90 27 62 00
069031 7073
05 90 27 95 38
05 90 29 74 63

St-Barth Commuter
Air Caraibes
American Airlines

Town Hall
EDF (electricity company office)
Water system
Post office Gustavia
Marine Reserve
Catholic church Sunday 8:30am Gustavia
.I church Sunday 9am.
15 ti. church Gustavia Sunday 9am


v'! m
i ^ Lo- L
^ ^ LEK 1-






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