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Local News *
St-B arth in English
SEl Pulished by Le Journd de Sait-Barth
IH K L 05 90 27 65 19 slhlrthwheeky@waad6odfr



Third In The World Championships

Antoine Questel Confirms

His Professional Status

Third in the 2009 World
Championships and vice
champion in France for the
second year in a row,
Antoine Questel, one of the
best French windsurfers,
continues to progress in his
sport and do his island
proud on an international
level. On a break from the
world of competition,
Antoine arrived in Saint
Barth on Tuesday afternoon,
and brought us up to date on
his season:

2009 was a busy season.
How would you analyze
your results?
Antoine Questel: I took
third place in the world
championships and hold the
title of vice champion in
France for the second con-
secutive year. For me, 2009
was a better season than
2008, which was already a
good one.
It's true that the season was
very busy, and I competed
on an international level in
two disciplines-formula
and slalom-and on the
national level in four disci-
plines -formula, slalom,
long distance, and waves.

So I have to control all the
overlapping schedules in a
very precise manner. And
it's not always easy, for
example, when you have to
travel across Europe during
the night to get from one
competition to the next!

Third in the world
championships is like
a consecration...
Antoine Questel: It's my
first international podium as
a senior. So, yes, it's a con-
secration. I am very pleased
with these results and to be
able to offer a world cham-
pionship to my partners and
my island. This confirms
my improvement and shows
real progress. I realize that

days of competition! Then
you have to add the time it
takes for organization, trav-
el, and training between
races, as well as physical
preparation, and overall
S. management of my profes-
t.. sional career (sponsors,
1 : ^-media and press, plus opti-
t- I *" mization, repairs and devel-
... . opment of equipment...).
_..j. ":: It's a full time job! That's
S, i'" why it's important to organ-
ize the season and include
my efforts are bearing fruit, time to recuperate.
and that my work on varn- What's up in 2010?
ous aspects of my perform- Antoine Questel: Fist on
ance with my trainer is pay- the agenda: to rest and get
ing off. I have gotten faster, rejuvenated in St Barth!
and am now considered one Next, complete my budget
of the fastest racers on the for the season, by contact-
international circuit. I still ing my current and future
have some work to do to partners. It's a delicate pen-
improve my performance in od that confirms my com-
the World Cup and to go for mitment to the sport. A sea-
the title of world champion son is expensive, and the
2010! budget that I end up with
determines if I can do the
The season is long and entire season or not. Then I
rigorous. How do you start up with my training,
organize yourself to first in St Barth and then in
manage the season? France in late February to
Antoine Questel: It's not be at my best for the first
easy to manage a season, competitions.
The calendar is very full
and there are actually 70 Rosemond Greaux


I Exclusive collection
..... of Swedish design,
heritage and origin
unique inspired timeless

1 Les Amandiers, Route Saline, St Jean
Phone 0590-291440
Mon-Sat 9:30-13 and 14:30-19

St Barth Weekly n184



Dec 25th



, - -


To m "nh,

a -


7",P I




Blue Zone parking went
into effect in Gustavia as
of Tuesday, December 15,
as a means to help con-
trol traffic and parking in
the center of town. As a
result, cars belonging to
people who work in town,
or people taking the ferry,
should not take up parking
spaces all day.

The idea is simple: drivers
are authorized to park for
free for an hour and a half
when using a blue parking
disk: 2,000 copies of the
disks were printed and are
available at the Hotel de la
Collectivite, the Tourist
Office, and the Capitainer-
ie (port office) The disk
must be put in clear view

L'Esprit Salines


Dinner Menu

Lunch Menu

Take Away

Tropical Garden

come & taste
the difference

7 days a week

Close to Salines Beach

0590 52 46 10

on the dashboard, against
the windshield of the car,
indicating the starting time
for the 90 minutes of legal
parking. All cars must be
moved after 90 minutes.

The "blue zones" are
defined by new signage
and centralized in Gus-
tavia as follows:
- Rue du Bord du Mer:
along the waterfront;
- Rue de la Republique:
the road from the pharma-
cy to Le Select;
- Rue de la France: from
Le Select to the quay;
- Rue Place d'Armes: the

left side of the street from
the waterfront to Beranger;
- Rue Samuel Fahlberg:
the street from Isola past
the post office and up to
the hospital, where cars
park along the sidewalk
(no trucks allowed except
for deliveries).

Blue zone parking will be
in effect during the day,
from 8am to 6pm, from
Monday through Saturday.
After 6pm, as well as Sun-
days and holidays, unlim-
ited parking is free.


The infectious diseases
panel of health profession-
als in the Northern Islands
has issued a pre-alert
warning that the increase
in the number of cases of
dengue fever over the past
few weeks could indicate
an epidemic in the making.
Over the past 3 weeks, the
number of weekly cases
has been superior to the
expected average, and sug-
gests that if this trend con-
tinues, it could indicate the
start of an epidemic. Vari-

ous methods of prevention
and spraying for mosqui-
toes have gone into effect,
but visitors to the island
must protect themselves
from getting bitten. To do
so, a mosquito net pro-
vides protection for those
who do not like air-condi-
tioning, and skin should be
protected with bug repel-
lent, especially at twilight
and the early morning, two
times of the day when
mosquitoes are the most

St Barth Weekly n184


rue du General de

Gaulle Gustavia
- T. : 05 90 27 50 40





The new walkway along
the quay in Gustavia was
completed on November
30 after four months of
work. According to Sophie
Oliveaud, director of the
island's technical services
office, this time frame was
a real challenge for the
construction companies
involved, and they were
thanked for their efforts
during an inauguration
ceremony held on Friday,
December 4. Yves Greaux,
first vice president of the
Collectivity of Saint Barth,
cut the ribbon and remind-
ed the audience of the cir-
cumstances which led to
the construction: "Today
we are inaugurating some-
thing that hurricane Omar
forced us to build. And
looking at the completed
project today, we can say


Yves Greaux, first vice president of the Collectivity, at the
inauguration of the new walkway in Gustavia, with Sophie
Oliveaud, director of the island's technical services office.

that it was a blessing in

Innovative Solution
To High Seas
To limit the effects of high
seas during periods of large
swells, an innovative tech-
nique was proposed and

implemented by the compa-
ny Zappo, responsible for
the maritime sector of the
dock construction. The idea
is to incorporate a zigzag in
the wall of steel sheets or
sheet-pilings placed under-
water to help deflect large

The main part of the con-
struction project is a con-
crete walkway 170 meters
long (approx. 550') by 3
meters (9') wide, with an
additional perpendicular
pontoon built for dinghies
on one side and the SNSM
rescue boat on the other.
The cost of the project is
slightly more than 2.5 mil-
lion Euros.
With the new pontoon, there
are spaces for 45 boats to tie
up, where only 40 could be
accommodated in the past.
Moorings are back in place
so that the dock is ready for
authorized boats. In a game
of musical chairs, the dock
in front of the Hotel de la
Collectivite, where some of
these boats were moored
during construction, is now
available for large sailboats
and motor yachts.

L r / I .l r % rc u

wow IJcoarceandiffron con
S. li 1ON r[st;a.rtluorjanc Fr

BrrakLast. lunch. dinner

Prrvate part.cre
H* L l,'l taaJsl.',nr.s S Tapas.

[ .1 '1 'l 1v .i n- c ."

wg abs1 i oluteig *Uilc. tO"
aJshopeoranite 4r

IL+ O am to I OJp.
-f 00 amn to0S1OO


Last Monday, the crew from Field Turf placing a layer of
polyethylene. Photo Rosemond Gr6aux

The project to install artifi-
cial turf and a running track
with a synthetic surface in
Saint Barth's sports stadium
began in mid-October and
should be finished by late
February. Financed by
Roman Abramovitch, the
work is being done by Field
Turf and led by one of its
engineers, Daniel Santos
from El Salvador. Currently,

L.rarnd rand

Field Turf is installing poly-
ethylene, a thin plastic mate-
rial used to make garbage
bags, as a sub-layer under
both of the turf and the track.
A layer of gravel comes
next, before the placement
of the synthetic surfaces.
Two pipes were installed at
the same time to drain rain-
water into a canal that runs
behind the playing field.

St Barth Weekly n184





Maine lobster tart with hazelnuts
Patty of crawfish and oysters w
with black radish flavour Raws and thinly-sliced sea scallops
with celery and caviar from Aquitaine

Pistachio macaroons filled
Grilled duck foie gras, truffled leeks
with home-made duck foie gras, served ravigote
ginger and pear chutney .3
Dublin bay prawns and chestnut gnocchi
with cepe mushrooms
Braised turbot with champagne, with cepe mushrooms
grated black truffles Baby partridge : the fillet served roasted,
the leg preserved in a ravioli served
Fillet of venison with juniper with date marmelade
nd parmesan flavoured baby vegetables
Ginger bread : in aspic, vanilla and chocolate

Chestnut mousse and hazelnuts, "Passion fruit, litchi" and "rum chocolate"
chocolate sorbet and crisp orange sticks


Price per person : 150 Euros Price per person : 270 Euros

LIVE JAZZ Music 55 Euros per person

Tel.: 0590 27 88 88 Email: legaiac@letoiny.com


4) -

December 25 January 10



One of the highlights of the holiday
season in Saint Barth: Jean-Roch,
known as "the king of the night," will
host his famous VIP ROOM from
December 25 through January 10.
These 16 exceptional nights of party-
ing will take place only at the Yacht
Club complex in Gustavia.

Jean-Roch is an international DJ. Part
of his renown comes from his VIP
ROOM in St. Tropez, Paris, Cannes,
and London, but this year he has
decided to spend the holiday season
in Saint Barth. But not on vacation!
He is the special guest of Carole,

owner of the Yacht Club complex.
This new space, which includes the
YACHT CLUB (restaurant, sushi bar,
boutique) and the VIP ROOM with
two dance floors, was recently
redesigned and spruced up for the
holidays. Every evening, 500 lucky
guests will be able to enjoy the fabu-
lous ambiance created by Carole and
Jean-Roch: the best of the DJ's, the
biggest stars, and the best cham-

Nicknamed "the king of the night,"
Jean-Roch must also be a businessman.
The creator and
founder of
numerous night-
clubs, he is also a
composer. And
DJ. In less than a
year, he made his
mark with a mix
of house, soul,
rock, and hip-
hop: An explo-
sive musical
cocktail. His spe-

Jean Koch (C Cedric Viollet
cial relationships with artists and show
business personalities allowed him to
launch the VIP ROOM concept in the
best nightclubs. He also pays attention
to even the smallest detail, from mer-
chandise to design, and marketing of
his company.

In 2005, he released his first single:
"Can You Feel It," which was a suc-
cess, followed three years later by "God
Bless Rock and Roll." Last June, he
published his anthology of 20 years of
clubbing as a double album, "VIP
Quite an accomplishment!
Lyne Mora
St Barth Weekly n184


Les Hauts du Carre d'or Gustavia Tel.: 0590 27 90 53 www.donnadelsol.com
9:30am to 7:30pm Non-stop, Monday to Saturday & 4:00pm to 7:30pm Sunday


People Watch

The Reverend

Charles Vere Nicoll

The Anglican Church in
Gustavia is a beacon of
spirituality that draws con-
gregants from around the
world. In addition to the
charm of the little stone
church, its resident priest
The Reverend Charles Vere
Nicoll keeps an open door
policy that makes everyone
feel more than welcome to
attend. "The church attracts
all kinds of people from all
over the world, including a
lot of business people,"
says Vere Nicoll. The fact
that he has a business back-
ground helps him commu-
nicate with this kind of
congregation. "A lot of
Anglican priests also have

day jobs," he '
points out. "I
think that people ,i- /
who live in the .. -,
same world as Three Wise Men: Reverend Charles Vere Nicoll (far right) with
everybody else Bishop Brooks of the Diocese of the Northeastern Caribbean (center)
sometimes have and retired Bishop TedEastman (left).

an easier time
speaking their language.
On the other hand, a full-
time priest has more time
for community service."
Vere Nicoll seems to suc-
cessfully juggle his day job
(as owner of the Isle de
France Hotel) and his role
as the island's Anglican
vicar. He had been visiting
the island since 1985, and
by 1999 when he answered
the call to serve in the


Michel and his staff are
happy to welcome you to their
pool-side restaurant for lunch & dinner.
Lobsters Fresh From The Tank
100 g for 6,50 euros

priesthood and was
ordained in Oxford, Eng-
land, the church and hotel
came to him in what he
calls a "god-incidence" that
brought him to live on the
island for nine to 10
months every year. "I
remember the wonderful
ladies that were the back-
bone of the church in those
days," he says, recalling
Miss Alice Romney, Miss
Olive Hughes, and Miss
Mary Assent, among oth-
ers. "When Bishop Brooks
asked me to be the vicar, he
told me I was the first resi-
dent priest in the last hun-
dred years."
Vere Nicoll's presence
helps anchor the Anglican
Church on what is primari-
ly a Catholic island, and he
performs numerous wed-
dings and baptisms for visi-
tors and residents alike.
"As you know, I am rather
liberal and believe that
everyone belongs and
everyone is welcome. I
think you'd be amazed at
how much less judgmental
God is than we think he is
when we finally meet him.
My role is to serve as a
spiritual bridge over which
people walk to find their
own spiritual path. That's
what I find so exciting
about the ministry."
This philosophy under-
scores Vere Nicoll's ecu-
menical nature, and his

encouragement to embrace
the diversity created by
God: "I believe everyone is
searching for meaning and
that we are all ultimately
aiming for the same divine
centre, just looking at the
peak of the mountain from
different angles. All three
main monotheistic tradi-
tions come from the same
source. My road is through
Christ while other paths are
different. We are all chil-
dren of Abraham." For
Vere Nicoll, the Christmas
season is the perfect time to
start or reinforce one's own
spiritual journey toward
fulfillment, "especially at a
time when the world is
hurting," he notes. Ulti-
mately, his open door poli-
cy and embracing nature
has made many local resi-
dents and visitors from
around the world feel that
the church is their spiritual
home. "The door is open to
everybody," he insists.
"But it's not my door. It's
God's door."

Holiday services at the
Anglican Church will be
held on Christmas Eve,
December 24 at 6:30pm
with carol singing by the
choir, and on Christmas
Day, December 25, at

By Ellen Lampert-Greaux
Photo: Rosemond Greaux

H6tel Baie des Anges Flamands 0590 27 63 61

St Barth Weekly n184

_. F7







Contact : 06 90 57 65 60

or 06 90 201 601



Elisa Bally Opens Her First Showroom

Elisa Bally has just opened her first
showroom, designed as a comfortable
living room on the upper level of the
Cour Vendome. Tucked behind a dis-
crete window looking out over the
Port of Gustavia, this interior designer
(who defines herself as "finder-decora-
tor") has succeeded in recreating a uni-
verse that evokes her unique style.
This warm, intimate universe is where
she can now receive her clientele and
all those who are destined to become
clients in the future.
The showroom is also the place to dis-
cover Bally's creations, as well as the


4 -

interesting style notebooks she creates
using colors she invents herself juxta-
posed with materials collected from
around the world. Bally also showcas-
es the work of exceptional artists and
artisans that she works with on a regu-
lar basis, as she generally doesn't like
anything that isn't custom designed: "I
like the idea of working as a team,"
she says. "With my ideas and their
artistic sensibilities, we succeed in
developing original projects, con-
ceived specifically for a certain space
and a certain ambiance, which in that
sense can not be duplicated."
This is also the case for many pieces

that she has had made-to-measure for
a one-of-a-kind house in the hills of
Gouverneur designed by architect
Philippe Stouvenot, with whom she
had already collaborated on the interi-
or design for the Guanahani Hotel and
Spa in 2005. The decoration for this
large property spanned a period of 18
months: "The owner desired maxi-
mum integration with the environ-
ment," notes Bally. "I took photos of
that environment then decoded the col-
ors and materials the closest to the nat-
ural surroundings of the hotel. These
colors and materials, which contribute
to creating a peaceful haven,
relaxing for the soul, were
selected in function of the
different rooms: an intimate
underwater universe for the
guest rooms, or inspiration
from minerals and light for
IB the common spaces,"
4 explains the decorator. In this
r ,.,, sense, Elisa does not hesitate
c, to take the time to seek out
beautiful yet unexpected tex-
tures, from the four corners
of the globe: sublime
mosaics in mother-of-pearl
which come from Italy for
use in bathrooms
(samples can be see
in her showroom);
braided ropes from
boats used to create
..... chic furniture and
waterproof rugs
signed Paola Lenti,
and found throughout the
house; Dedar fabric with the
look of iridescent leather yet
waterproof to cover large
sofas from Marie's Corner,
allowing people to lounge
right after getting out of the
pool. The colors selected for
the walls come from the per-
sonal palette of this self-
trained designer, who has also
been a photographer/stylist
for various magazines. As far
as custom-made furniture,
Bally's pieces stem from her
personal relationships with


outstanding artists such as contempo-
rary painter Denis Perollaz-who did
the mega painting integrated into a
large screen-or Salome de Fontenieu,
a young Parisian designer known for
the office furniture she created for the
French cultural minister, who fash-
ioned a large table over 15' long. Bally
can translate this made-to-measure
concept for all new construction or
renovation projects, on land or sea.
This decorator, who takes the extra
effort to research the perfect materials
for each job, would enjoy the new
challenge of interior design for sail-
boats and motor yachts.

Interested in more details? Contact
Elisa Bally at 06 90 57 78 77 or
contact @elisabally.com

St Bari Weekly n184

Elia Bally
interior Design
Cour Vend~me(2nd F loc. }
97 133 Saint-Bar-th~Iemy
C all 0690 5?? 877


January 12-20, 2010

Music will once again be in
the air as the St Barth Music
Festival unfolds from Janu-
ary 12-20, 2010 as the first
major cultural event in the
New Year (see schedule).
Innovations this year include
a free concert on opening
night, January 12, with
singers from the opera and a
program celebrating the
music of Mozart. On Satur-
day, January 16, there is a
double-header jazz concert
with the Jason Marsalis
Vibes Quintet, in which
Jason Marsalis usually seen
on percussion will play
vibraphone. One of the most
challenging events on the
program is the concert by
French classical guitarist
Eric Franceries (check him
out on UTube), who will
play works by Francisco
Tarrega and Garoto, accom-

panied by the Miro Quartet.
Festival regulars include the
piano/clarinet duo of Naka-
matsu and Manasse on Janu-
ary 14, as well as maestros
Alex Klein conducting an
orchestra concert and Steven
Mercurio leading the opera
evening of arias featuring
mezzo-soprano Denyce
Graves. Another fabulous
series of concerts to look
forward to...
Tickets are for sale at the
tourist office beginning
Monday January 4.
Advance tickets at 10%
discount available January
4 thru 9 only.
A "Season Pass Book" is
10% less than individual
Children under 12 pay half
price. No reserved seating.

Program schedule

leta6 ri n
St BErth' Reslauranr Saline

Tof, Sabine and the staff at Le Tamarin
wish you all he best for the holidays I

Try our new menu
and large selection of sushi

Open Eve Day
Lun & Dinner

For the Holidays
Regular menu plus festival specials

Route de Saline
Tel. : 05 90 27 72 12

I Tuesday, January 12
Catholic Church, Gustavia
8:00pm Free
Chamber Music, the songs
and music of Mozart

I Wednesday, January 13
Catholic Church, Lorient
8:00pm $45.00 or 35F
Orchestra Night,
Beethoven, Mendelssohn
and Rossini

I Thursday, January 14
Catholic Church, Gustavia
8:00pm $35.00 or 25.00E
Piano Recital, works by
Beethoven and Gershwin

I Friday, January 15
Catholic Church, Lorient
8:00pm $45.00 or 35.00?
Opera Night, famous and
popular arias

I Saturday, January 16
Catholic Church, Gustavia
7:00 and 9:00pm
$45.00 or 35.00
2 Jazz Concerts, with
the Jason Marsalis Vibes

I Sunday, January 17
Eddy's Restaurant, Gustavia
8:00pm $100.00 or 80.00e
Annual Benefit Dinner,
featuring festival musicians

I Tuesday, January 19
Anglican Church, Gustavia
8:00pm $35.00 or 25.00O
The Mir6 Quartet,
performing Haydn
and Beethoven

I Wednesday, January 20
Catholic Church, Gustavia
8:00pm $35.00 or 25.00
Guitar Concert, plus La
Chorale des Bons Choeurs

St Barth Weekly n184






After The Mission Of The Pourquoi Pas?:

Two New Marine Maps To Be Made

It's hard to ignore the pres-
ence of a boat over 100
meters long, with eight
decks, that navigates daily
in the waters around the
island. This would be the
Pourquoi Pas?, which set
sail from Brest on Novem-
ber 17. An oceanographic
vessel jointly owned by the
French Research Institute
for Exploitation of the Sea
and the Naval Hydrographic
and Oceanographic Service,
it is here on a mission to
update the hydrographic
information needed to redo
the marine charts for the
waters around the islands of
Saint Martin, Saint
Barthelemy, and the Anguil-
la canal, by taking measure-
ments of ocean depths as
well as an inventory of nau-
tical landmarks and buoys

in the area. The -- -
goal: to create new --
marine maps, *i- -- '
which are more --
precise and guaran- -
tee more security .
in terms of naviga-
tion: "There are -. _.. .
more and more
pleasure boats in- 6
the Caribbean and \
they have high-per- -
formance naviga--
tional gear such as - .
a GPS, radar, and :--
digital maps," .3
explains Raymond
Guillou, the mili- -
tary scientist in -
charge of the mis- These are the zones around Saint Barth where the Pourquoi Pas? is
sion aboard the scheduled take hydrographic measurements. It is highly probably that
Pourquoi Pas?. not all will be completed

The current maps
were made based on bathy-
metric information dated

primarily from the mid-19th
century, except for the limit-
ed data from operations in
1950, 1971, or 2002. And
the techniques used were a
lead plumb line in the 19th
century or a vertical probe
in the 1950s, which provid-
ed only a linear vision of the
ocean bottom. The multi-
faceted probes on the
Pourquoi Pas?, and the
hydrographic motorboat
used to measure depths less
than 15 meters, and the area
around the island at an
angle of 750, allowing them
to sweep 100 meters of the
ocean bottom on each side
of the boat, ensuring total
coverage in a much faster
manner," adds Guillou.
Once the measurements
have been analyzed, per-
haps in two or three years,
two new maps will be pub-
lished by the SHOM with
details about Saint Barth:
the first will provide a
detailed vision of the access
to the port and the two most
popular bays (Colombier
and Fourchue). The second
is more general and covers

navigation around the island
and going over to Saint
Where is the mission
taking place?
The Pourquoi Pas?, already
having taken data from the
port zone and as far as
Fourchu, has not found any
new dangers. Yet two
echoes heard in the area of
Pain de Sucre lead to the
belief that there might be
two shipwrecks that have
not as yet been identified: "I
think that we are going to
find others as well, and to
confirm them, we will
organize reconnaissance
dives," Raymond Guillou.
Last but not least, in taking
measurements out at sea
where the plateau gives way
to a vertical abyss 400 to
500 meters deep, the scien-
tists have noticed something
like a ring running around
Saint Barth and Saint Mar-
tin. Without the results of
the analysis, they think it
might be an old coral reef
that would have surrounded
the Northern Island several
millions of years ago...

Duck Foie Gras with warm brioche
and cranberry confiture
Maine Lobster Tail salad
with hazelnut pesto

Farm-raised "Red Label" Capon
wiah Morel mushroom cream
Turbot steak in butter sauce meunieree"
with fresh coriander and lemon leaves

24 E

29 E

33 E

31 6

"Black & Whirte" Christmas Log
with your choice of ice cream or sorbet
Normande Tart, Caramel wirh salted butter
UVE WMUSIC: Oce rmber 24
December, 2P
v- o-One Sutter with Papagayo & Soley
Flamenco Funky

S'IResevatto :

For CtO tnma Eve/
wLu Patow and Nn&o- e,'oy
the- renjtdo n Aw or hoUday kpecia4

r .y .' .*... .
_II .... .

.2 h

.. ............................


Positive Management

Report for Marine Park

The Marine Park is present-
ly undergoing an evaluation
of its activities for the past
five years, as a necessary
step in preparing a new
management plan for 2010-
2014. The report is being
written by Samantha Delav-
igne of Caraibes Aqua Con-
seil, who was asked by the
non-profit association,
Grenat, to evaluate its cur-
rent situation.
How will this evaluation
be conducted? First, on the
work done by scientists
from the Antilles-Guyana
University, who unques-
tionably did a good job in
their work for the Marine
Park. Their domain was to
compare the numbers from
a transect installed in a

protected zone in the
Marine Park, near the islet
of 'Baleine du Pain de
Sucre' with another sector
outside of the protected
area near Islet Coco. The
data reflects the number of
fish-more plentiful with-
in the marine park, and
their size-larger within
the protected zone. They
also examined the effects
biodiversity, especially
with the reappearance of
certain species that had all
but disappeared in local
waters. Such is the case
for Manta Rays, which
have been seen on several
occasions, as well as
leatherback turtles, seen
laying eggs in Saline this
year while the last such



PHONE: +590 590 29 84 54

Samantha Delavigne of Caraibes Aqua Conseil, who was
asked by the non-profit association, Grenat, to evaluate its
current situation.

observation was in Fla-
mands back in 1982. The
nature reserve also has had
an effect on terrestrial
zones, according to the
conclusions drawn by
ornithologist Gilles
Leblond, who has fol-
lowed local marine bird
life in Saint Barth for the
past few years. New
species of birds have been
observed, including the
red-footed booby and the
"sandwich" tern. At the
same time, it seems that
colonies of pelicans are
nesting in new sites
(which leads one to
believe that the manage-
ment of the sites was well
thought out) and that the
population of lesser terns
that nest on the salt flats in
Saline has doubled here,
while they are diminishing
elsewhere in the
More good news is the
perception that those who
use the marine park for
professional occupations
have become more like


partners: "For the past sev-
eral years, we have active-
ly increased our dialogue
with all those who use the
marine park, and rather
than try to unilaterally
impose regulations, we
have tried to help them
realize that it is in their
best interest to adapt their
practices to help protect
our natural resources,"
explains Franciane Le
Quellec, director of the
reserve. "We must con-
gratulate them: the com-
mercial partners are the
first to denounce those
who abuse the reserve.
They offer an important
element of vigilance, espe-
cially at times when we
cannot be in the field our-
selves. Their observations
are capital in terms of
whale watching, for exam-
ple, when it comes to fish-
ermen, and sea turtles in
terms of divers. They have
become indispensables
partners in the healthy
management of the marine
St Bart Weekly n184

Buffet Menu
7'' -290

Party on the Beach with Fireworks,
DJ, Sound and lights


Hotel Guanahani & Spa
Grand Cul de Sac
Reservations : 0590 52 90 00





Bernard Devaux and France Arnaudo during a conference
on Wednesday, December 9 at Espace Meteo France.

Saint Barthelemy seeming-
ly hosts the largest popula-
tion of red-footed tortoises
(Geochelone carbonaria) in
the Caribbean, not in terms
of overall numbers but in
terms of density per acre.
At least this is the opinion
of Bernard Devaux, an

tortoises: "I estimate
between 50 to 100 of these
tortoises per hectare, for a
total population in the
thousands. We also
observed numerous young
turtles, which indicates that
this is a population that
renews itself and is not in
danger of disappearing.
This is most likely the
largest population in all the

eminent French reptile spe-
cialist who was invited to
Saint Barth by France
Arnaudo, who is known
here by the nickname of
"Mother Turtle. Through-
out the past week, the duo
crisscrossed the hillsides
searching for red-footed

Lxpoxy and fiberglass can r
broken shells.
In order to confirm these
observations, Bernard
Devaux has suggested that
the association he created,
the SOPTOM, undertake
an exact census of these
reptiles. "Then we will
know what actions need to
be taken to ensure their
protection, and we can sug-
gest that the island con-
serve certain green zones
from all building as their
habitat." This is necessary
as their nutritional habits
and the desire of people to
domesticate these turtles,
as well as the construction
that has endangered their
natural habitat are the pri-
mary reasons that these tur-
tles are disappearing else-
where: "Here there are
numerous hillsides that
remain untouched, main-

training a natural habitat for
the red-footed tortoise."

Although they seem com-
fortable at Saint Barth,
humans should treat these
tortoises with care:
"Because the tortoise is a
rather calm animal, people
things that they are happy
in captivity," says Bernard
Devaux. Yet, the opposite
is true. "Tortoises
I/4 are the oldest ani-
mals on the plan-
et, and they first
appeared more
than 230 millions
years ago, and
the red-footed
species about 80
million years
ago. They are
wild animals and
captivity does not
suit them at all,"
repair adds Devaux,
who has written a
book, "The Turtle Martyr,"
about the suffering caused
to these animals by man. In
captivity, they get sick,
their legs atrophy, they
develop illnesses, and due
to incorrect nutrition, espe-
cially a lack of vitamin D,
some become blind. "The
largest problem comes
from people who think
they are protecting these
turtles by keeping them.
That is not true. Their nat-
ural habitat is capable of
giving them all that they
need," concludes Devaux,
who is currently is Costa
Rica where he opened a
turtle clinic: one more on
the list of those created on
the model on the clinic in
the village of Gonfaron in
the South of France.

St Barth Weekly n184

hs -



. .. ..... ) I j L 'JJi~


The Eden Rock Gallery will host an art
exhibition, Water/Bodies, to be held
December 21, 2009 January 31, 2010.
Curated by David Kratz, president of the
New York Academy of Art, the exhibi-
tion features works by Academy-affiliat-
ed artists including renowned figurative
artist Eric Fischl-a senior critic at the
Each work included will reflect the
artist's interpretation of the theme,
including nature, water and the body.
The collection will feature small works
only, and will be in a variety of mediums
such as oils, watercolors, drawings, and
The Water/Bodies exhibition is part of an
ongoing special relationship between the
Eden Rock Gallery and the New York
Academy of Art, including an artist-in-
residence program, which is offered to
students and graduates every year by
Eden Rock and The Academy, working
together. Up to 10 students per year visit
St Barth and participate in the scholar-
ship. A portion of the proceeds from
sales at the Water/Bodies show will go to
the New York Academy of Art to support
its own scholarships and programming.
The New York Academy of Art
Water/Bodies exhibition is one in a
series of exhibits at the famous St
Barth's hotel, including the highly suc-
cessful showing in 2008 of famed artist
Richard Prince's "Eden Rock" series of
paintings that the artist created and
named for the hotel.

2 onaRock

al available ot 2onoRock.com

I A.. ". Swedlsh Design Center
*" les Amandiers, Route Salinl, Si Jean
22 St Barth Weekly n184



Christmas Menu 2009

Home Made Foie Gras
Foie Gras Terrine
Mache Salad with Potato and Truffles
Lobster Vol au Vent
Smoked Salmon from Scotland with Blinis
Asparagus and Poached Egg with Sweet Potato Galette
Grilled Scallops with Balsamic Vinegar and Fresh Spinach
Corn Salad with Lima Beans
Lotte Terrine with Vegetable
Shrimp Salad with Coconut Rice
Grilled Artichokes Salad with Arugula and Parmesan Cheese
Lobster Bisque
Crab Salad with Avocado and Sweet Pepper

Christmas Ham with Pineapple
Wild Seabass
Lobster Fricassee
Capon with Chestnut Stuffing
Lamb Gigot from << Limousin >>
Red Snapper with Ginger and Citronelle
Duck Breast with Red Fruits
Veal Filet with Mushrooms
Scallops and Shrimps Skewer with Rosemary

16.00e /100 gr
16.00 / 100 gr
15.50 / 100 gr
10.00 / piece
12.90 / 100 gr
6.50 / 100 gr
9.50 / 100 gr
4.20 / 100 gr
8.00 / 100 gr
5.00 / 100 gr
6.00 / 100 gr
4.50 / 100 gr
8.00 / 100 gr


/ 100 gr
/ 100 gr
/ 100 gr
/ 100 gr
/100 gr
/ 100 gr
/ 100 gr
/ 100 gr
/ 100 gr

Braised Endives
Ignam Puree with Truffle Oil
Mashed Potatoes
Mix of Vegetable
Tomato Tatin
Persan Rice
Wild Mushrooms Fricassee


4.00 / 100 gr
3.00 / 100 gr
3.00 / 100 gr
4.50e /100 gr
4.00e / piece
4.00 / 100 gr
7.00e / 100 gr

BUCHES 4.00e la part
Buche tout Chocolat, Buche Marron, Buche Praline, Buche Exotique
Sur command : Omelette Norvigienne; Buche glance Chocolat et Vanille; Buche glance Framboise
et Mangue
SELECTION DE MIGNARDISES 2.00e la mignardise
Sur Commande : Mini Tatin

Please stop at Maya 's to go to make your order

Maya's To Go will be closed on Monday 21st, December
Til : 05 90 29 83 70 Fax : 05 90 52 41 27 mayastogo@wanadoo.fr


The Tourism Committee of St.
Barthelemy is organizing its first
annual competition for the best
Christmas window decorations,
to add a little extra zest to the
holiday season. Entitled "The
Colors of Christmas in Saint
Barth," the competition is open
to all merchants in Gustavia and
St Jean, with a panel of 10
judges on the lookout for the
most iLL'acLi c windows on dis-
play in participating stores from
December 12-28.
First, second, and third place
prizes will be awarded for the
best windows in Gustavia, and in
St. Jean, with the public invited
to share in the excitement as the
island comes to life for the holi-
days. The winners will be
announced during a cocktail par-

ty with live music at 5:00pm on
December 30, on the Quai
General de Gaulle in Gustavia.

From Monday, December 21
through Thursday, December
24, the Tourist Committee has
invited Santa Claus to appear
for an hour each evening, 5:00-
6:00pm on the Rue de la Repu-
blique in Gustavia. To the sound
of rhythmic drums, Santa will
be happy to pose for photos with
kids of all ages. On Wednesday,
December 23, Santa Claus will
be accompanied by a concert of
traditional music on the Quai
General de Gaulle from 5pm-




This beautiful wooden yacht, built in 1957 for Col. Whitbred, is perfect
for your half and full day trip

Enjoy the Holidays while creating beautiful and lasting memories.

Contact: 0690 332 685
info@lonefoxcharters.com www.lonefoxcharters.com

24 St Barth Weekly n184

RELAX ... is R5M1
Buying or selling property in St.Barths doesn't have to be a foreign experience!



GREAT OPPORTUNITY to buy and renovate
a 3 bedrooms, 3 bath, house with pool!
Fantastic views overlooking Corossol and
the islands beyond.
In a very quiet residential area and
on 1670m2 of land. A must see!
Asking price: 1.8M euro

UNIQUE! Buildable property (3680m2)
with an existing house 3 bedroom, 2 bath
and pool in an exceptional location
with great views and just a step away
from Gustavia.
Call now for details and price.

EXCLUSIVE! Buildable beachfront property
in a unique central and very desirable location.
One of the last properties of this type available.
Call for details.

So kick back and relax,
knowing that your RE/MAX Island Properties-St.Barths team
will deliver the top-notch service you expect.
Each RE/MAX real-estate oFice is independently owned and operated.



According to statistics from the registry
office, with four more marriages on the
books before December 31, the year
will close by setting a new record for
the number of weddings in a single year
in St Barth. By the end of 2009, there
will have been 51 unions, or one more
than the previous record set in 1999,
when many couples wanted to tie the
knot before the dawn of the new mil-
lennium. With the exception of these
two years, as well as 1996 when there
were 42 weddings celebrated, there are
usually no more than 40 marriages held
each year!

C.o, imoii.,. to Sabrina & Jonathan !


1- Richard & Judith Kapanka with
Ellen Lampert Grdaux (center) and
Saline Passberg at the Lucia : Bearer of
light celebration at te Swedish Design
2-The first night of Hanukah at Donna
del Sol at Gustavia...
3-The Christmas navity scene at Le Por-
tugal Restaurant in Saint Barth
Photos Rosemond Greaux

St Barh Weekly n184


St. Barths
CID "J I r '-j E_

Your key to discovering the unique charm
of a small French island basking
in the warm Caribbean sun

. ..... --RON

BWte a Z'Ailes
Bar de l'Oubli

Carl Gustaf Lounge
Cafe Victoire

Do Brazil
Eddy's Restaurant
Entre Deux
Harbour Saladerie
L'Isola Ristorante
La Creperie
La Cantina
Le Yacht Club Restaurant (la Marine)
La Route des Boucaniers
Le Bistro
Le Sapotiller
Le Vietnam
Pipiri Palace
Repaire des Rebelles
The Strand
Ti Zouk K'fe
Victoria Restaurant (Carl Gustaf)
Wall House

Esprit Saline
Grain de Sel
Le Tamarin

K'fe Massai
Le Bouchon
Le Wok
Le Portugal a St Barth

05.90.52 46 10
05.90.52 46 05
05 90 27 72 12

05.90.29 76 78
05 90277939
05 90 27 52 52
05 90 27 68 59

Le Regal 05.90.29 85 26

05 90 29 74 09
05.90.29 79 00
05.90.29 06 66
05.90.27 54 17
05.90.29 52 24
05 90 27 84 07
05.90.27 68 91
05.90.27 73 00
05.90.27 51 51
05.90.27 60 28
05 90 27 81 37
05.90.27 53 20
05.90.27 72 48
05 90 27 90 60
05.90.27 7183

Hostellerie des 3 Forces



St Bard Weekly n*184

Chez Ginette
Chez Yvon 05.90.29 86 81
Fellini Ristorante (H6tel Le Manapany)

Le Gaiac (H6tel Le Toiny) 88

Eden Rock 05.90.29 79 99
Kiki e Mo
Le Diamant 05 902921 97
Le Jardin 05 90 27 73 62
Le Glacier 05 90277130
Le Piment
La Plage
Nikki Beach

Mango Bar restaurant (Lunch)
Taino Restaurant (Diner & Lounge)
Ti St-Barth 05.90.27 97 71

Bartolomeo (H6tel Guanahani) 05.90.27 66 60
Indigo (H6tel Guanahani) 05 90 27 66 60
Restaurant des pecheurs (Le Sereno)

Les Bananiers

Chez Rolande 05.90.29 76 78
La Case de l'lle 05.90.27 61 81
La Langouste
Taiwana 05.90.27 65 01

Santa Fe

Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit?
Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party !

Special events
I C liiainpagine tasiiings all
da\ Dre(ilnbi 21
Driiibelri 31 at Glanlds
\ms ll d Flai, CGustaLa
I Saturday December 19
Danielle Roche Book
Danielle Roche will sign
copies of her book, "Saint
Barth Island Life," from
10am-12pm at Barnes
Bookstore, and from
4pm-6pm at the Case aux
Livres, both in Gustavia.
I Thursday, December 24
5:00pm: Christmas Eve
service at the Catholic
Church, Gustavia
6:30 pm: Christmas Eve
carols & readings at
Anglican Church,
10:00pm: Nativity Mass
at the Catholic Church,
I Friday, December 25
8:30am: Mass at the
Catholic Church,
9:00am Christmas Day
Family Eucharist Service,
Anglican Church,
3:00pm Santa Claus
arrives at La Plage, St

Live M music
I Every Monday
Disco evening at Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou
I Every Tuesday
Cabaret evening with Kim at
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
I Every Friday
Live jazz music during
dinner. Restaurant Le
Gaiac, Toiny.
I Every Sunday
Sunset Beach party Mixed
by Patris Gero (DJ resident
Strand) & sunset party at
3:30 pm at D6 Brazil,
I Every Thursday, Friday,
& Saturday
Cocktail DJ Session Mixed

Santa Claus Is
Back In Town!
Floin Monda\ Der(inbei
I1 dliiouli Tl hin sd(a\
Derenibei 2I tihe Totlilst
Committee has invited
Santa Claus to appear for
an hour each evening,
5:00-6:00pm on the Rue
de la Republique in
Gustavia. To the sound
of rhythmic drums, Santa
will be happy to pose for
photos with kids of all
ages. On Wednesday,
December 23, Santa
Claus will be accompa-
nied by a concert of tra-
ditional music on the
Quai General de Gaulle
from 5pm-9pm.

by Patris Gero (DJ resident
Strand) & sunset party from
6pm at D6 Brazil, Gustavia
I Every Monday, &
Live Music with Papaguyo
& Guests from 7:30pm at
D6 Brazil, Gustavia
I Friday December 18
- 7:30pm Papagayo, Soley,
Flamenco Funky at Le
Tamarin, Saline
I Through December 19
Adams Falcon, from 9pm to
midnight, Bete A Z'Ailes,
I December 21-January 23
Evan Goodrow Band, Rock,
jazz, from 9pm to midnight,
Bete A Z'Ailes, Gustavia
I Sunday, December 20
- Brazil party at Nikki
Beach during all the day.
- 1:00pm: Follow the wave
with Sundek fashion show at
La Plage, St Jean
- 8:30pm Papagayo, Soley,
Flamenco Funky at Bonito,
- 9:00pm: In a pin-up Mood
at La Plage, St Jean
I Monday, December 21
- 7:30pm Papagayo, Soley,
Flamenco Funky at Do
Brazil, Gustavia
I Tuesday, December 22
- 7:30pm Papagayo, Soley,

) xcellenced, cSens

0590 29 48 10 available on location
www. excellencedessens. corn

Flamenco Funky at Do
Brazil, Gustavia
- 9:00pm: Zaza noah live
painting & exhibition at La
Plage, St Jean
I Wednesday, December 23
- 8:00 Papagayo, Soley,
Flamenco Funky at La
Banane, Lorient
- 9:00pm: Wild Side Big
Fashion Show at La Plage, St
I Friday December 25
3:00pm: SANTA arrives at La
Plage, St Jean
- 7:30 pm Papagayo, Soley,
Flamenco Funky at B4,

Night Club
- Yacht Club, Gustavia
- Eleven 12, Gustavia
- The Strand Supper Club
- Hot Spot Caf6, Lurin

Let's Party
I Thursday December 10
Flower Power 70's 80's 90's
at the Eleven 12, Gustavia
I Friday December 11
International DJ at the
Strand Supper Club
I Friday and Saturday
Crazy weekend at Ti St
Barth, Pointe Milou
I Tuesday December 15
Woodstock evening, with
Show Girls at Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou
I Wednesday Decemberl6
- Emergency Party at Ti St
Barth, Pointe Milou
- So Overkitch 70-80-90 at
the Strand Supper Club
I Thursday December 17
Lady's Night at the Strand
Supper Club
I Friday December 18

Latino Session: salsa, zouk,
reggaeton with DJ'ette Tuche
A at Eleven 12, Gustavia
I Saturday December 19
- DJ Ralph, for the first time
in St Barths @ Le Yacht
Club, Gustavia
- "Pure House Music" avec
DJ Roger Simpson at Eleven
12, Gustavia
I Thursday December 24
"Flower Power" the best of the
70's, 80's, 90's avec DJ Roger
Simson at Eleven 12,

Fashion Show
I Daily Fashion Shows
- Fashion Show: every lunch
& dinner, La Plage, St Jean
- Fashion Show from the
Poupette boutique, from
1:00pm at Tamarin, Saline.
I Every Tuesday
6:30pm: Fashion show by
the pool, from the boutique
at the Isle de France,
I Every Evening
Fashion show at the Yacht
Club, 11pm.

I Through December 29
Dominique Rousserie at the
I Through December 26
Philippe Chancel, Val6rie
Weil photography at
I December 21
The Water/Bodies
The gallery has hosted shows
from the top artists in the
world and those who will be in
the next few years at the Eden
Rock Gallery, St Jean

SArtif od Mgseur v

T TI-alhi66onal
I-rhai oot Reflxoloo
Asian Combination (Deep)
(+59) robb

Yoga Aquaclass Pilates Fitness
by International Certified Coach
Z 06 90649561
re6 AT
Massages Energetic Massage Deep Tissue
Body Care by pro essionnal

* Puzzle tjat www.sudokustar.fr
There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but
nothing has to add up to anything else. You solve the
puzzle with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's chal-
lenging. It's addictive! "Fill in the grid so that every
row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the
digits 1 through 9."That's all there is to it.

6 8
4 3 2
1 5 9
3 5 1 8 7 6

5 4 6 3 7 9
6 4 2
7 5 6
1 4

WWIAtiLIA Ft t,,Ulr I
mmm a in mmum

GUSTAVIA 0590 27 78 62

Solution L IIL C 19 1 6 81 S
Check 9 6 8 S Ll V lI C
the solutions C CS 1 6 18 L 9
L Z 6 Z I 9 te S 8
S 8 1 S 1 6 9 L L
P 9 L 8 L S 6 Z
6 S 9 8 L Z C I
8 L 9 6 Z E 5 Z V
C LZ V S 1 8 9 6

30 St Barth Weekly n184

M Classified ads

Real Estate

Participation in an SCI
(real estate investment
company) for a building
project (permit issued)
comprising 7 apartments
meauring 45 sq meters to
100 sq meters in St Jean.
For additional
information contact:
06 90 56 29 95

For Sale: This villa is situa-
ted on the hillside of
Flamands and has an ama-
zing ocean view. It encom-
passes 2 apts on the first
floor with 1 bedroom each
and on the 2nd floor 1 apart-
ment with 2 bdrs and 1 bath.
Perfect for yearly rental with
a good return.
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

For Sale: This beautiful 4
bedroom villa situated in

S Emergency
Shipping rescue
PAF / airport & port police
Fire dept.
Doctor on duty
Pharmacy Aeroport
Saint Jeai
Useful numbers
Tourism office
Boat company Voyager
Airlines company Winair

St-Barth C
Air Carait
Taxis Gustavia
Town Hall
EDF (electricity company office
Water system
Post office Gustavia
Marine Reserve
Catholic church Sunday 8:30ai
.1 _, church Sunday 9am.
T .. 'church Gustavia S

Pointe Milou offers expan-
sive views across the north-
western side of St. Barth
including sunset views. Very
good rental history. Not to be
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

For Sale: This charming 5 bdr
villas : cccn; refurbished
in St Jean. The main large
deck with pool overlooks the
hillside and offers a distant
view of the airport. The villa
features 3 levels in three sepa-
rate pavilions. The layout
makes it perfect for rental,
generating great revenues.
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

Incredible offer/estate sale:
St. Jean, overlooking the bay
and Eden Rock. Property
with 2 independent bedroom
suites, open ocean views,
garden... Price: 1.7ME Tel:
05 90 27 89 83 or info@bar-

059027 11 70
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
18 /05 90 27 66 13
05 90 27 76 03
05 90 27 66 61
05 90 27 61 82
n 0590290212

05 90 87 10 68
ommuter 05 9027 54 54
)es 0590277190
Airlines 00 599 54 52040
e) 0590298081
05 90 27 62 00
069031 7073
m Gustavia 05 90 27 95 38
05 90 2974 63
unday 9am


Villa FEL :
Charming 2-bedroom villa
in Pointe Milou with pool
and amazing sunset view. 1,850,000O

Apartment JDN :
One-bedroom apartment in residence
with view on the Eden Rock
and the bay of Saint Jean. 650,000 E

Land DGO :
0.35 acre-parcel of land in Colombier
with a positive Urbanism Certificate
for possible construction. 1,500,000 E

"La Maison Suedoise"
rue Fahlberg Gustavia 97133 St Barths
Tel: (+ 590) 590.29.88.91


.DO Brazil


250 6 / PERSON

Cocktail Spirit of StBarts and puirqpepflana
Amuse bouche
The poached oysters, and Caviar

The Trilogy of Fole Gros Seoweedttfflwe)
Home Madeioche Bread

Fillet of Turbot with Lobster inserts. Sparkln Blacque way ChauMy

Grand Mornier- Vanflo Gr nito

The Crispy Veal Mignon, Fole Gros and Trule petab Piortoic

Cabecou Crumble wilh Rafinlse Apples

Strawberry Saboyon with Champagne and Grad c Ma

included in the price 1 bottle of Chompaoie Vee a Cl.q .
for two person, coffee and n wet ls
C 50 for children under 9 year. -

Ouvert tous les jours de 1 Oh A 23h / Open every day from lo0am to 11pm
Shell Beach Gustavia Reservation: 0590 290 666 or www.dobrazil.com

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