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.* -.. i.qt O*
a I .r*
YiilKri iuVr',7

DOjl Hif1'/ Hi11 :

Surf: Dimitri Ouvre,

Double European Champion

t's very e\C iiine:
Dimitri Ouvre.
who grew up surf-
ing in Saint Barth. was i'
crowned the "Under- '
16" European surfing .
champion on Saturday,
December 6. A mem- -. ,
ber of the AJOE
Reefer Surf Club in
Saint-Barth, Ouvr6 '
also won another '
European champi- .
onship, this time a -
team championship,
during the Euro-Junior '
surf event, which took
place on November 30 ..
- December 6 at the
surf spot in Imourane,
14 kilometers North of
Agadir in Morocco.
With 12,226 points,
the French team won
the competition in a il ugh battle
against Portugal. The young and


talented team from Morocco,
which participated in this compe-
tition for the first
time, came in fourth,
a inol finish for
ilite. just behind
Spain, which took
third place with a
margin of just 91
points. O cl:i,~cd by
his wins, our champi-
on should be back on
the island during the
Mardi Gras holiday.

Two fi reigner,-l.,ne from Colombia and one
Dominican-living in Saint Barth for the past
few nnintls. were arrested and placed in 1ith
detention center in Basse i.rrc tGuadeloupe) as
the result of a large anti-drug operation that took
place in Saint Barth6lemy on Tuesday, Decem-
ber 2 and Wednesday, December 3. These two
suspects were considered to be ihe kingpini of
drug tralTit. n the island, Iraniline several kilos
of cocaine over the past six li,,dlis.
This anti-drug operation was led by ihe gen-
darmes under the orders of Jacques Louvier, the
dcpul' public prosecutor, in collaboration with
the territorial police and logistical help by the
Collecii'liny. Their efilon' led to twelve searches
and the questioning of the supplier fi i tie drug
ring in Saint Martin. Doses of cocaine and small
bJg', if cannabis, as well as money, were found
during the searches, but this only represents a
tiny portion of the ,c\ ieral kilos of cocaine in
question. A total of six people were brought in
r, ir lining. including the two that were
jailed. The on-going inquiry will look into the
potential r:tniilin; ion-, of this drug network.

lie had just arrived on the island on Mn iiday.
December 1, and took up his post at the gen-
darmerie in Gustavia the next day. The two-and-
a-hallf-w ,r-old Braco de Malvau, a fox terrier
trained to finddrugs, died on \\ cdne%.l.1l morn-
ing .ifi'r p.irticip:ning in the anti-drug operation
on the island. An autopsy revealed that lhe di ,g
died of a o disorder. He should be
replaced in the next few weeks by another drug
sniffing dog.


Join us to Celebrate
St Lucia
1 3th of December
between 5-7pm

les Amandiers, Route Saline, St Jean
Phone 0590-291440
Mon-Sat 10-13 and 16-19
2 Barth Weekly n160



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1 -Ai- .

.. -.. .i .A.
'IA'4^U4 JWjjJ'jm .i


. ........
JR, ;l




{\ ^
l I"i

'i i? i:



rederic Taign.i
hoped to arrive in
Saint Barth on
November 24 at the helm of
the 42' catamaran,
C(ounship, he bought in ear-
ly September. But on
November 18, a whale col-
lided with the boat, causing
a great deal of .dmange to
the portside hull and block-
ing the tiller, refraining the
boat from maneuvering.
FrIderic was sailing wiht a
friend who came from
Spain to help him sail the
boat from Annapolis. Mary-
land, where it had been
based, to Saint Barth. 250
miles from the coast of
Bermuda, they were obigecd
to pronounce the words that
break the heart of all sailors:


- ...... ...

Photo taken by the crew of the Trkish cargo ship: prise par I'quipage turc du cargo: Fre-
ddric's catamaran, Couritlip, damaged portiide with a blocked tiller

"Mayday! Mayday!" and
trigger the Argos buoy at
around 9am. Late in the
date, a 650' Turkish cargo

Fr~deic and his friend who came to help him move the
boat, with the captain of the cargo ship.

ship weighing 32,000 tons
and nim\ ing at 13 knots
picked up the two men. 11i
American ( ;,.I Guard fly-
ing over the area asked the
ship to make a detour and
try ind reo'er the men.
After four attempts, the two
men were finally able to
climb aboard the cargo ship:
their only baggage their
respective passports, the
marine chart that witnesses
Iheir journey, and for
Frdderic, his MAC laptop,
which he managed to save.
The portside hull of the boat
continued to fill with water
and was abandoned. A dis-
aster at sea! The rescue was

,pectl.iul;ltr. but difficult to
accept: Frederic admits he
"cried like a baby when I
saw my wounded boat dis-
appear in the Norlhern
A\llaic." It took them 11
days to reach Ceuta in
Spain, where they disem-
barked after .ni, iehr ink iedi-
ble maneuver.
Fr6deric finally arrived in
Saint Barth on December 2,
where he joined his wife,
Sophy, and the unexpected
support of a circle of friends
from the old days-the cou-
ple had lived on the island
for seven years before leav-
ing 11 years ago. A little
comfort after the pain!


Open over 20 years



Paick Selle
. An nA M an e aL




nto~wr ~ TVr I 3D BP Ai kyn SALEt OF I ENNISt EAIPMtN
M tIl.+59 05 90 27 69 82 or +59 06 90 85 OS SS
www.stba rth tennnisecom =a. If-&ff"Yonolwa na~mfr


_ .. ll .L


The Fire Station Still Understaffed

he annual
celebration I"
of Sainte
Barbe in Saint
Hanh (see below) p
allows those
responsible for
the fire service in
Saint Jean to
remind us of one
thing: there are
not enough fire-
men. 2008 was
not an exception. Fire chief Jean-Louis
Danet once again made the point: "We
lack men and it is very difficult to func-
tion properly, even if the Collectivity has
given us essential material help."
This is a reproach the local officials have
heard before and they hope to find a solu-
tion once the fire station is placed under
the management of the Collectivity. That
was at least the message passed on by
Yves Gr6aux, first vice president, repre-

senting president
, '"* of the COM
SBruno Magras,
S who was in Paris
at the time. "We
are serious about
F g giving you the
I means to operate
at maximum effi-
ciency. We have
already started the
Process, even if
for the time being
it is only in terms of equipment. But we
hope to continue and we are working
toward a complete autonomy for the fire
and rescue service."
In addition, the president has frequently
expressed his desire to combine the fire-
men at the airport, already under the con-
trol of the COM, geographically with the
fire station in Saint Jean, which is located
no more than 200 meters from the run-
way at the airport.

The French firemen's patron
saint is Saint Barbara. also
known as "Sainte Barbe,"
whose feast day is December
4, as celebrated by the fire-
men in Saint Barth last
weekend. They started cele-
brating on Friday with a
Scrabble tournament folo-
wed by a large-scale, fire-
fighting simulation exercise
at the station in Saint-Jean.
The festivities continued on
December 6, with a sports
demonstration, followed in
the evening by the Fireman's
Ball. On Sunday, the fire
trucks and firefighters para-
ded in the streets of Gustavia
before a lunch with all of the
fireman and their families.


Breakfast.available' Very 'day:
from -7:3oam to 1o:3oa mi"-..

Open every evening at 7pm,
except Wednesday



pedd Ev

Theme Pa



VIP Asisa






SLRixni~dAm "

Dest liai Mmagemmt Servin
Th i empuy that stwed t pmfieiofml
organiahon and omut planing bususs...
du company tha con-inue to t t dard.

rm hed rn at sa
imi&IE,&IUI 1 sMUOaS9M
'W Y _ I _ __

David Henderson At Helm of Christopher Hotel

After a short hiatus away from
the i.inJ. Scottish-born hotel
manager David Henderson is
back in the saddle as manager of the
Christopher Hotel (www.hotelchristo- The Pointe Milou property
had been sold and remained empty
for a year-and-a-half as the new own-
ers decided what direction they want-
ed to take. "One idea was to turn the
hotel into a five-star deluxe, full-serv-
ice property," says Henderson. "But
with the current worldwide economic
crisis that might not be the way to
In the meantime, the decision was
made to bring the hotel back to life
this season as a lower cost, no-frills
option. "With 41 rooms to
fill, they decided to offer
prices starting at 99 Euros
in the low season, with a .r
continental breakfast buffet ."
included" explains Hender-
son, pointing out that the ..
low rates are reflected in a
more casual level of service -
and a pared-down staff: no
room service, no turn-down
service in the evening, no 1
maid service on Sundays,
and no dinner service, but
the poolside restaurant is open six
days a week for lunch. The hotel's
planl.lioin-,lyle furniture is still in
place, i i\ing it a familiar look to
lhose, who know the hotel from the
past. Also familiar is Geraldine Smi,,.
who is back as assistant in
charge of reservations.
The goal is to bring new clients to the
hotel and the island: "This is a very
unique opportunity for people who

David Henderson

might not be able to come to the
island and stay in a hotel at 300 or
400 Euros a nilgh. The Christopher is
appealing to first time travelers to the
island who can &el a taste of what it's
like," Henderson notes. Open since
November 10, the hotel reports 4(c;
(o cupanc'.' for its first month, and is
looking at 60-70% for Deceimber and
January. Word got out via blogs, web-
sites, and items in such US papers as

USA l'iday and the \ ashingotlin Post,
as well as adu'rliiine on the island.
"L'-.eryne here knows someone who
is coming and needs a hotel room,"
says Henderson. "It all snowballed
from there."

Henderson's sister, Wendy is
the chef, offering an innovative menu
for lunch by the pool with salads
including fresh ingredients from
chicken, mango, and oranges to gin-
ger, coriander, and fresh seared tuna,
plus hl.'hilcite. grilled fish and meat
followed by profiteroles, chocolate
mousse, or crame brilee. "There is a
fixed price menu of 25 Euros for an
appetizer, main dish and dessert,"
Henderson points out, noting
that his nephew is on hand as
restaurant manager, making it
a family affair. The poolside
bar is open seven days a
week from 1 am-6pm.
"I think the island is g' 'ing to
have to market itself differ-
ently over the next few
year..." says Henderson. "We
can't rely just on the very
small pcrcenlagi of people at
the top of the market to fill all
the rooms year-round. It's
better for the long range to
have some lower-cost options." \WiIh
Henderson (who has 15 years at Le
Toiny under his bell at the helm, the
Christopher is taking the lead in well-
run, budget-conscious hotels that
offer the Saint Barth experience in a
less expensive way. At least for now:
a decision will be made in January as
to the future of the priperl!
Ellen Lntmpert-Grdanm

St Bwdi Wed* n0160

- .. --IF----M-rq

Le Christopher H6tel
Pointe Milou 97133 St Barth61emy Tel : (590) 590 27 63 63


:::::::: ::[[[[[[ [[[[ ;w:....... .: [[[[[ EEEEEEEEEE:::E''EEE" ":E.l[Ei i Ei E

TranIals Expected Dec Luusc16

First Boats Expected December 16 or 17

equipment :iai is started to
show sigii, of wear aboard
the boats. All of the crews
are experiencing these
problems and it is not

i impossible

... ', .. ..

he wc.itlicr i'recas' is lions director for the Transat
in: as of today, the Classique I L'.,, They had
trade winds are here. bciclr enjoy then now: as of
As a result, the first boars in Friday the winds should be a
the fleet for the Transat Clas- little less sin1 rn and slow '

sique Lagass6-which set
sail in Agadir on November
17-should arrive in Gus-
tavia on December 16 or 17.
".\llcr eight days at sea with
cold winds associated with
rain, the boats are taking full
advantage of the warmer
trade winds," explains
Francois S'ru/ier, the opera-

down the last ihre days of
the race.
Who will win the second
leg? Le director of the race
doesn't want to hazard a
guess: "These boats are not
used to spending 20 days at
sea and need daily mainte-
nance. The crews are dis-
covering the reaction to


That there will

be some surprises." lie
estimates that 9i ri, of the
fleet will arrive in time for
the awards ceremony on
December 23.

Lanutidei In The Lead

After 11 days of racing,
Lamnid6e was in the lead
as of Tuesday \ cning
This ketch passed Slen.

t .J

the winner of the first leg,
as of SniLl.i,. and who is
now in second place. On1 \
followed in third position,
at least on paper, according
to the handicaps given to

each boat. On the water,
things look a lillce differ-
ent: at 8pm on Tuesday
evening, Faiaoah6 was in
the lead at 1,200 miles
from the finish line, fol-
lowed by Pen Duick VI,
then Stiren. This is the
order in which they should
arrive. Unless of course the
winds of the gods inter-
fere... once again!


3 2 4 7 5 6 19 8
7 6 1 2 9 8 3 4 5
8 5 9 3 41 72 6
4 8 3 5 7 2 6 1 9
59 6 8 1 4 2 7 3
1 7 2 9 6 3 5 8 4
6 3 8 4 2 7 9 5 1
9 4 7 1 3 5 8 6 2
2 1 5 6 8 9 4 3 7

Ph.: Fox:
Director & layout : Avigal Haddad
Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiroute,
Translation : Ellen Lampert Greaux,
Photograph : Rosemond Greaux
Impression : Daily Herald



Check the
to the
page 14

St Barth Weekly n0160

Wimco Celebrates 25th Anniversay

O n Thursday,
December 4. Wim-
co held a party at
the Sereno to celebrate the
publication of the most
recent Vendome Guide,
which comes out every
two years. The party also
marked the 25th anniver-
sary of this marketing and
reservations company
Based in Newport, Wimco
has been the exclusive US
representative Sibarth
since 1983: "Our job is to
create consumer demand
for a St 3arili vacation,
and then to translate that
demand to reservations for
villas or hotels, says Stiles
Bennet, Wimco's vice-
president of marketing and
sales. This25-year partner-
ship between the two com-
panies has brought a lot of
tourists to the island of St
Barth each year. Since the
Ieilninin. it has acted as
the unofficial tourism
department for the island,
helping to launch new
hotels, helping villa own-
ers fill up their houses,
helping create demand for

At the launch party for the 2l '.1 21iiy edition of the
Guide Vendome, Stiles Bennet, VP of mn t A ti & sales.
Wimco Villas (i idhl ) welcomed his twe ,to the Sereno.
Seen here with Ci' i.i hn 4Wattiau of SiBarth Real Estate
and Anne Dentel of SiBarth Villa Rentals.

local services...and helping
to create jobs on St Barth
as a result."
This year, 30,000 copies
(rather than the usual
2.'it t1II of the magazine
were printed, and its 80
local advertisers were
invited to the party. This
unusual magazine com-
bines an exhaustive and
practical guide to over 260
villas available for season-
al rentals by SiBarth as
well as a look at the

island's hotels, while the
front of the magazine is
devoted to discovering the
island, with information
on restaurants, activities
and events that visitors can

enioN once on the island.
The V'lndiLme Guide is
also disIribuled in advance
to all clients of Wimco
who reserved their stay on
the island, and sent to
thicn at the moment they
make a deposit. It is also
sent to part of the j'cnii v's
mailing list, including for-
mer clients who might
want to return to the
island. Each client also
receives a copy upon
arrival on the island.
The 2008 edition should
arrive this week, is based on
a theme that is very impor-
tant to this company that
does more than 5i r, of its
business on the island: what
can be done to help Saint
Barth become even more
concerned abut protecting
its environment.

The American Marke At The Forefont
For Stiles Bennet, vice-president for marketing and
sales at Wimco, the American market is their primary
market for Saint Barth and should remain so for the
foreseeable future: even in spite of the exchange rate for
the dollar or the economic crisis. "It's a little paradise
just a few hours from New York and in the same time
zone," Bennet He points out this interesting slalistic: In
recent years. 90% of the money generated by seasonal
rentals came from American clients, with the exception
of the month of August, which is primarily French visi-
tors. "We are inm esting more in developing a foreign
clientele, especially European, through our agents in
London and Paris. But we must face the reality: they
have other "Saint Barth's" more accessible than a trans-
allantic flight." Bennet explained to us, at the Vend6me
Guide part
So for him, even if the European market can help rein-
force the summer season, we cannot neglect our efforts
in the American market.

St Barth Weekly n0160

* H

Twenty-one students stud\ine small
and mid-size business mJn.gemenl in
Guadeloupe are visiting Saint Barth
through Saturday, December 13.
Since the beginning of the week, tle)
have been rendingg morning classes
taught by four of their professors,
upstairs at the Capitainerie in Gus-
tavia. In the afternoon, they turn to
salesmen at a high-quality artisans
exhibit held outside in the covered
area of the huikline. The wonderful
objeciis made by three artisans in
Guadeloupe comprise painiiiin made
of natural sand from the beaches,
woven and bamboo baskets, and jew-
elry made from natural fibers such as
banana, coconut, and bamboo. The
students brought the items with them
and have had them on sale all week.
"This trip, which the students largely
!. ieani/cd liclnmclk\c, is a kind of
culmination of the :hcorclic courses
they have completed in business

n.ln.itcmeliii. .icciulililg, and sales," exhibit is helping them with their
explains one of their professors. business and iiiL.IM-'ug skills. Don't
With an additional clallcige- speak- hesitate to stop by!
ing Frnlishi' Going to see their

Chant "Nwe !

Michel and his staff are
happy to welcome you to their
pool-side restaurant for lunch & dinner.
Lobsters Fresh From The Tank
100 g '.' 6 euros

Hi-6el Baie des Anlies H-1.unandm 0590 27 63 61

IT --
Pronounced "Shauntay
N\uell", this Creole phrase
literally means "Singing
Christmas". On saturday
december 6, the ASCCO
association oralliised. on
the Flamand municipal
square, a traditional Christ-
mas ,ing-alone. We imag-

ine that you've never heard
"lintlI Bells" or "Silcni
Night" sung in creole and
backed-up by a local band
before, so don't miss this
opportunity to hear Christ-
mas sung the Creole way if
ever you see one of it on our
"Time-Oul'" plr,,r.llli.


Renovated Luxury At Hotel Le Toiny

ne of the most exclusive
hotels in Saint Barthelemy-
the five-star "Relais &
(Cl'icaux" I6tel Le Toiny
( offers just 15 lux-
urious Villa Suites painted in perky
pastel colors on the outside-with
private pools, outblanding ocean
\iews. and a pertfcci attention to
detail. Open since 1992, ltiel Le
Toiny was renovated this year, adding
to the eleaiice and charm of the
prperly "The Villa Suites just went
Ihriough a complete refurbishment
and now offer a vibrant French Colo-
nial style that is much more colorful
and warm," says the hotel's Execu-
tive Sales Manager, ( 'lre llillau.
The fabulous four-poster mahogany
beds-made in Martinique-still

grace each Villa Suite, while the d6cor
was re-iiiiminicd by Guy & Dagmar
Lombard, the General Managers, with
Ihe help of local interior decorator
Marielle Delaporte and'Thierry Guedi.
from St. Martin. The teak and

mahogany furniture is complemented
with four difference fabric color
schemes-taupe and red, turquoise
and green, or mauve and beige, plus
the classic blue 'I" ile de jouy.'" which
has been a popular color at H6tel Le
'Itiiiy since il firi opened.
"We just built a new gym with ocean
view, plasma screen, bathroom, and
fully equipped with the latest in high-
tech exercise equipments" adds
Claire. The gym is open from 7am -
llpm for the convenience of the
guests at the hotel. There is now a bar-
ber shop, which is part of an extension
to the Screnili Spa CIlli'ag "It is a
barber shop only," Claire notes, point-
ing out that lhere are " on
call, for in-room service or service at
the Serenity Ctuage. upon our guests'
Also new is a free laundry service for
guests as of January 1, 21 W0, at which
time tihey will also begin growing their
own vegetables in a new 2000 square
foot organic greenhouse.
The hotel's re:laiur.iii. Restaurant Le
Galac, also has some news for the sea-
son. The Fish Market is now every
lucesd. I irjher than We'nethl .lit I and
is available for bolh lunch and dinner.

"This year there is an even larger
selection of fresh fish to be chosen by
the clients and grilled before their
eyes," says Claire. Le Gafac is also
famous for its SuindlA brunch, with a
buffet that features a large choice of
salads, tartars, fish, quiche, barbecue,
desserts (don't miss the chocolate
mrouuvs,'). and of course the fabulous
panoramic views of the sea.
Executive Chef Sinph:lne Mazibre has
created two new fixed-price menus for
the season as well, and they are avail-
able every evening except Tuesday:
Dlcouverle des Antilles I )iwcr er The
Antilles, 100 euros eWcluding bever-
ages) and Terre et Mer (Land and Sea,
130 euros excluding Ibe\eragc'). "The
dining room has been refreshed with a
new turquoise blue tone which reminds
you of ihe sc. Ic, ond." notes Claire.
From dining or enjoying Sunday
brunch in the open, airy restaurant to
relaxing by the pool, or checking in to
one of the finely appointed Villa
Suites, H6tel Le Toiny defines the very
kind of luxury that Saint Barth is
known for!
Le Toiny
wwn.i'llh ing co ln
lel (+i) (iti 90 27 88 88

St &arth WeeWy n0160

B&te Z'Ailes
Carl (Gu.sif (Le)
(':tle Victoire
Caviar Island
('enral Park
Ili Bra il
Eddy's Restaurant

L'ls 'la Riistoranic
I.j (Crpcnc
La Cantina

La Mandala
La Marine
La Rouli des Boucaniers
Le Bistro
Le Sapotiller
Le Vietnam
Pipiri Palace
Repaire des Rebelles
The Strand
Ti Zouk K'f6
Wall House

Esprit Saline
Grain de Sel
Le Tamarin

K'f6 Massai
Le Bouchon
Le Wok
Le Portugal t St Barth

05.90.29 79 00
(59(i 29.,'9. I1(
(15 9( i.29 ( (1,6
05.90.27 54 17
*15.)9.29 52 24
S15.90. 27.70.11
05.90 '5 Ili).(i
(15 9'( 27 4 (17
(15.90.27 96 96(
(15.(1,.27 68 91
05.90.27 7300
05.90.27 5151
05.90.27 60 28
05.90.27 53 20
' 15 i( 27 72 48
S15.91)0.27.63 77
05.90.27 71 83

05.90.52 4610
05.90.52 46 05
05 90 27 72 12

*i- '.Li.2 9 76 78
05 90 27 79 39
05 90 27 52 52
05 90 27 68 59

Le R6gal (15 i."( 2) 85 26

(lChe Ginette
(hez Yvon ('5 91.N 8681
I-llini Rilorjnic (I hlicl l.e Mlanapani I 15 9.27..55.

Published by "Le Jornl de Sint-BIrtih" iKss 6-2nn
Ph.: Faxo 0159027.91.60
emoil: s 1orwthween ww.strthweekgrom
Director & kyout: Avignol Haddd (hEt bliut Ppi-tme iiull ru'.
Trcnsltion: Ellen lompert Greaux, hTgoglrphle: Rosemond Greaux
Impression : Day Herald

Hostellerie des 3 Forces 05 90 27 61 25

Le Gaiac (Hb6el Le Toiny) 88

Eden Rock
Kiki e Mo
Le I)ii1un1m
I. .cuadin
Le Glacier
Le Piment
La Plage
Le Cesar
Nikki Beach

05.91.2') 7999
.15 9 ; 27 7 62
0)5. x 1.27.5 ;'.X
l)5.t 1.27.5 1
05.902770 67
05 90 27 5ii i)

Mango Bar restaurant (Lanch) 05.9027463
Ti St-Barth I15i.,L 27 97 71

Bartolomdo ( I(lcl Guanahani) 05.90.27 66 60
Inldi4 i (Hotel Guanahani) 05 90 27 66 (,61
Restaurant des pkcheurs (Le Sereno)

Les Bananiers

Chez Rolande 05.90.29 76 78
La Case de l'Ile 05.90.27 6181
La Langouste
Taiwana 05.90.27 65 01

Santa F6

NMJ> u'

05.( I1.2 7.75.7.

St Barth Weekly n160


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Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to dte on local happenings. Let's party I

Special Events

I Christmas Markets
* Friday December 12-
6pm to 10pm in the ALMA
parking lot in Public.
Christmas carols with
accordion players, and
dancing uirh the local band,
the Falcos.
* Saturday December 13,
starting at 4pm outside the
Capitainerie: sale of
Christmas decorations.
games, make-up, cake sale.
musical events, Santa

I Lucia-The Bearer of Light
Alongside Midsummer the
Lucia celebrations represent
one of the foremost cultural
traditions in Sweden, with
their clear reference to life
in the peasant communities
of old: darkness and light,
cold and warmth.
Lucia is an ancient mythical
figure with an abiding role
as a bearer of light in the
dark Swedish winters.
Come and celebrate Lucia
with is on December 13,
from 5-7pm at Swedish
Design Centre in St Jean

Le Music
I Every Evening
- Lounge mix by Jacques
Dumas, 7:30 pm to 1 am,
Bar't6, hotel Guanahani,
Grand Cul de Sac
) Through December 26
Adam Falcon Quarte,
Alternative Jazz, Soul from
9:00 pm to midnight, Bet'a
Z'ailes. Gustavia
I Thursday December 11
- Live Music with Stehane
Cano & Christophe, pop
acoustic from 7:3pm at Le
Cesar, Sain Jean.
- Overkitch 70.80.90 at The
Strand. Supper Club.
I Friday. December. 12
- Full Moon Party, at La
Plage, St Jean
D Saturday, Decembec 13
St Barth Weekly

- Addicted at La Plage,
St Jean
- Live Music with Paulo
Coelho from 7pm at Caviar
Island, Gustraia
I Sunday December 14
- A Look at the past with
French music, from 7pm at
Jao restaurant, Gustavia
I Tuesday December 16
Live music with Tanya
Michele and PapaGuyo from
7pm at Caviar Island.

Let's Party
- New suggestions every
nights & Fashion show at le
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
- Fashion show & DJ every
lunch and dinner, at la Plage;
St Jean
I Saturday. December 13
Paolo Coelho live at Caviar
Island, Gustavia

Niht CGub
A Every night
- Yacht Club. Gustavia
- Bubbles Club, Gustavia
A To Wednesday to Sunday
- The Strand Supper club
A Friday and Saturday
- Hot Spot Caf, Lurin
I Friday. December 12
- Code ba; DJ Konka
Barcelona (Pacha, Terrazza,
Madam, Souvenir...) at The
Strand, Supper Club,
- Tropical Jam zouk, reggae,
dance hall, hip hop, R&'B,
with guest DJ Speedy
(Guadeloupe) free entry from
10pm at Hot Spot Caf6, Lurin
) Saturday December 13
- Saturday Night Fever at
The Strand Supper club,
Casa Nikki, Guslavia
- Clubbing Night (house.
dance, disco, soca, meringue,
jump up ...) with Bob Dil
(resident DJ) & guest DJ
Speedy (Guadeloupe) from
10pm at Hot spot cafe, Lurin
I Sunday December 14
- Djoul from St Barth at The
Strand, Supper Club,

I Tuesday. December. 16
- Private party at
The Strand Supper club,
Casa Nikki, Gustavia
I \ednieday. December. 17
- Bling Bling R&B Deluxe)
Old Skol meet the future at
The Strand Supper club,
Casa Nikki, Gustavia
I Thursday, December, 18
- Overkitch 70-80-90 (compli-
mentary champagne for
ladies till 1pm at The Strand
Supper club, Casa Nikki,
I Friday. December. 19
- M&M Evening (Back to
popular ask) DJ Maxx (Nikki
beach St Barth ) & DJ Mick
of "Z" at The Strand Supper
club, Casa Nikki, Gustavia
I Saturday, December 20
- Saturday Night Fever at
The Strand Supper club,
Casa Nikki, Gustavia

Fashion Show
I Every Tuesday
- 6:30pm: Fashion show by
the pool, from the boutique at
the Isle de France, Flamands
- 9:30 pm, Fashion Show
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
I Everyday
- 1:30- 2 pm, Case de Iile,
Isle de France, Flamands
- 1.30pm & 8:30pm, fashion
show featuring Wild Side,
La Plage, St Jean
- Fashion show at le Ti St
Barth, Pointe Milou

I Exhibition of Tony
Caramanico "Surf Journals"
at Clic Bookstore & Gallery,
I Timothy Holmes sculptures
at Comptoir du Cigare,
I Paintings by Suzanne
MacNally at Les Artisans.
I Sandra's Art Gallery,
Gustavia. Exhibition of
acrylic paintings.
I Leo & Daniel, exceptional
embroiderers whose work is
inspired by Kabuki (tradition-

Mnder and eonlemporam
art: Braque, Arman,
Botero. Hiquily Delorme,
Petirpas. Richard, Sportes,
Kracov, Inis, Cipre
at Porta 34, Gustavia

..-- e i

al Japanese theatre form in
which the actors use elaborate
make-up), including handker-
chiefs (a curious choice for
such meticulous work) and
tablecloths. At To b art
gallery, Gustavia
I Fabien Verschaere, an artist
artiste who created school
kids' blackboards with bright
colors using the childish and
innocent choice of an object
while the subjects painted are
malevolent creatures with
sexual or satanic connota-
tions. At To b art gallery,
I Jeanne Susplugas, who uses
macro-photography to
deform her subjects in a non-
realistic, almost abstract man-
ner; in this case photos of
superhero toys. At To b art
gallery, Gustavia
SAlain le Chatelier,
Les Artisans, Gustavia
I Rose Murray at Comptoir
du Cigare, Gustavia
IDave Stewenson
Jewelry & sculpture
les Artisans, Gustavia
) Art Galleries
- galerie
- Sandra's Art Gallery
- Pipiri Boutique, art gallery
- Spindler, art Gallery
I Permanent exhibits
- Pompi, Petit Cul de Sac
- Didier Spidle; Gustavia
- Hannah Moser, Cul de Sac

* At your services
I tt-TBr

FooD 1t WINE


FAt:p'rv in Fine & Rart


- Ti.: 0690 310o 249



GUSTAVIA 0590 27 78 62

North Thailand
^ r 7-Tha 7-;f; oana/
-Thai Foo e ,fe ea o,/v
fr Asn Cosi mat;oA ()ee/A
SVa Home Service
amdsh 0690593657

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Call Xavier :0690 55 91 43

U Local Weather

Saturday -
High: 80 F/27C. '
Wind ENE 13mph / 21kn/h
Night: Clear
Low: 77 F. /25 C.
Wind ENE 17mph / 28 km/h

Sunday /
Scattered Clouds '
High: 80F. / 270C j
Wind ENE 15 mph./ 25 kn/h.
Night: Scattered Clouds
Low: 77 F. /250 C.
Wind ENE 22mph / 36kmnh

A high quality catering
service, specialist on dinner.
A delicate and French
west indies "cuisine".
Exceptional and originalprodw
from the caraibes : vegetables,
flowers, spices, fruits.
Organic product coming
from import.
Parties, events and
Wedding organisation.
Til. : 0690 31o 249
A Wine shop In Grand Fond
A Large selection offine &
Rare Wines..
Order online before your arriving
A Free Drop off service
of your wines to your villa oryach
Private tasting parties
arranged in the privacy of
your villa or aboard your yacht.

Monday ad
Scattered Clouds
High: 80 /27 C
Wind ENE 22mph / 36knmh
Night: Scattered Clouds
Low: 770 / 25 C.
Wind ENE 22mph / 36km/h

Scattered Clouds
High: 78 F. /260
Wind ENE 17mph /28 km/h
Night: Scattered Clouds
Low: 75 F. / 24 C.
Wind ENE 17mph /28 km/h

9 8
4 1 7
5 1
3 8
4 2 9 5
1 3 2
4 3
contains the digits 1
St Barth Weekly n0160

* Puzzle Qat
There's no math 2 4
involved. The grid 7
has numbers, but
nothing has to add
up to anything else. 8
You solve the puz- 6
zle with reasoning 7
and logic. It's fun.
It's challenging. It's 8
addictive!"Fill in
the grid so that
every row, every
column, and every 3x3 box
through 9."That's all there is to i

I Classified ads

For sale, a land with dra-
matic view situated in
Dev6 with a building per-
mit for a 2 bedroom villa
with pool. Contact St.
Barth Properties/
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

Land for sale: 1000 sq
meters in Saline, ocean
view, building permit. Tel:
(590) 690 71 15 75 or

Real Estate
For sale, a 2 bedroom
apartment situated in
Gustavia and totally refur-
bished with high quality
materials. Splendid view
on the harbor. Contact St.
Barth Properties/
Sotheby's International

Realty : 0590 29 75 05

For sale, luxurious 3
bedroom villa, to be
constructed, situated in the
hillside of St Jean with a
wonderful view on the
bay. VEFA sale scheduled
to be completed late first
or early second quarter of
2009 with all furnishings.
Contact St. Barth
Properties/ Sotheby's
International Realty : 0590
29 75 05

Enhance your knowledge
of French while enjoying
your stay in Saint-Barth.
Lyne, a French biographer
and journalist, will help
you master French.
Contact Lyne at 05 90 29
38 11 or 06 90 53 17 23.

U Emergency numbers

Shipping rescue
PAF / airport & port police
Fire det.
Doctor on duty
Pharmacy A6roport
Saint Jean

* Useful numbers
Tourism qOce
Boat company Voyager

Airlines company

Rapid Explorer
St-Barth Commuter
Air Caraibes
American Airlines

Taxs Gustavia
St Barth Shuttle (Bus Service)
Town Hall
EDF (electricity company office)
Water Sstem
Post office Gustavia
Marine Reserve
Catholic church Sunday 8:30am Gustavia
Anglican church Sunday 9am.
Evangelical church Gustavia Sunday 9arr

8/ 05 90 27 66 13
059027 6661
0590 276182


Care professionnelle 07-145 T/G Caisse do gamntie SOCAMAB


Superb villa 3 bedrooms, 100 sq meter garden,
cistern, ocean view, private pool, Jacuzzi
Asking price 1.600.000 Euros Incding agency aes
Let us manage your property For seasonal rentals.
Colnt Jean (uillan 06 90 76 39 59

modern and conLemporary art ,-
geneva saint tr pe int -barth

Exhibition through December 25

150x 150 cm

- i; -

(&j y

146 x 195 CM

Porta 34 Gustavia rue du G6n6ral de Gaulle
Tel. : (590) 690 84 55 56 or (33) 6 22 82 00 87




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