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Title: St Barth weekly
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Publisher: Journal de Saint-Barth
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Publication Date: February 24, 2006
Copyright Date: 2006
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Wlaeiii : tI (09: ( I[# I lokw
!Plevs iomi: 0590 2 63 11

lk 1.




The Saint Barth
Weekly is happy to
be back for its third
season. The Weekly
is designed for you,
to help you put your
finger on the pulse
of the local commu-
nity. Featuring an
English r6sum6 of
the top stories of our
French newspaper
"Le Journal de
Saint Barth", as
well as original arti-
cles in English, the
Saint-Barth Weekly
is the only comple-
tely English-lan-
guage newspaper on
the island. It comes
out every Friday
from November
through the end of
July. Our most exci-
ting news is that
each Friday, The
Weekly is also avai-
lable on line at
Saint-Barth Online
barths.com), the
wonderful web site
that our friends
Laurence and Peter
O'Keefe created in
1996. Thanks to
them, you can now
download every edi-
tion of the Saint-
Barth Weekly, so
that no matter
where you are in the
world, you can stay
in contact with the

t a special event held
last Tuesday evening,
A Saint Barth Properties
announced its affiliation with
Sotheby's International Real-
ty, the high-end real estate
arm of Sotheby's, a well-
respected auction house estab-
lished in 1744. This affiliation
relates to the real estate
agency in Saint Barth created
by its president, Peg Walsh,
and was motivated by the
company's continued growth
over the past five years. Tom
Smyth, vice-president of Saint
Barth Properties, sees this
recently concluded agreement
as a means to move up a
notch, taking the agency onto

an international level, while
maintaining the philosophy of
the company... confidence,
client respect, and high-level
products. "In the real estate
market that interests us, many
clients own, or are looking to
own, properties in several
locations. Like in the business
world, they gravitate toward a
serious intermediary they can
trust, and who offers quality
service. On this front, Sothe-
by's is synonymous with lux-
ury real estate, and via their
network we are now affiliated
with 300 other agencies
-l. tighi 'ul the world. At the
same time, for those wishing
to sell a property, our affilia-

tion with this network seri-
ously increases the opportuni-
ty for a fast transaction thanks
to world-wide communication
to a wider list of potential

A link to a well-heeled
Founded in 1976 with the
objective of providing inde-
pendent agencies with a
strong marketing program for
luxury properties, Sotheby's
International Realty(R) was
originally created as a means
to link leading real estate
agencies with the well-heeled
clientele that frequents its

1k '.I I A '



St. Barth Properties

Affiliated with Sotheby's

International Realty

St. Barth

O parties

k u, P,I. I l , ,/, 1, i .. '' ,ii,, '.. Ili ., I.,/, ,1 .ia [ri It Tom Smyth,
vice-president of St Barth Properties, Peg Walsh, fondatrice and president of St Barth
Properties with the staff of St Barth Properties, last Tuesday evening.

Artfully Uniting Extraordinary Properties with Extraordinary Lives

Le r6seau mondial des propri6t6s d'exception

-t Bar
Prul L IV'Ioperall t f ies I~'

Espace Centenaire Gustavia 0590 29 75 05
In US: 1 508 528 7727 sales.stbarth@sothebysrealty.com www.sothebysrealty-stbarth.com


to go dancing? See an art exhibit?
Listen to music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party

Viva Carnival

School Camival parade.
In Gustavia, 2:00pm
I Sunday, Februanr 26
Parade in the streets of Gusta-
via, Theme: "Dekatment",
6:00 pm
Pajama Parade in the streets
of Gustavia, 6:00 pm
I Tuesday Februanr 28
The Main Camival parade
will take place on Mardi Gras,
at 3:00 pm in Gustavia

Buying of Vaval parade from
Le .. .. I ..1 i i each, 7pm

Mardi Gras Celebrations
different theme every evening
Ti Zouk K'fe, Gustavia

Live Music
I Every Evening
- Papa Guyo & the Gypsy's,
from 9 pm to midnight,
La Plage Saint Jean
- "Adam Falcon", urban folk,
from 9 pm to midnight,
Bet'a Z'ailes, Gustavia
- Lounge mix, 7 pm to 1 am,
Bar't6, hotel Guanahani,
Grand Cul de Sac
- All selected quality lounge
music by Philippe,
Zanzibarth, St Jean
- Screen Live concert from
6.30pm, Caf6 Yacht, Gustavia
- Alan Landry, piano, 8pm,
Gaiac restaurant, Hotel Le Toiny
) From Tuesday to Saturday
Philippe Nardone on piano, from
the Copacabana to Montmartre,
from 7pm, Taino Lounge,
Christopher H6tel, Pointe Milou
I Thursday, February 23
- Bikini coca from 12pm,

- a

La Plage, St Jean
- Mardi Gras Celebrations
Ti Zouk K'f6, Gustavia
- Nadege, sunset concert
from 5:30, Carl Gustaf, Gustavia
) Friday, February 24
- Live Music with B.R.H., Blues
Rock Harmonized from8:00,
Santa F6, Lurin- Nadege, sunset
from 5:30 Carl Gustaf, Gsutavia
- BalearicAftemoon by Franky,
from 2 pm, La Plage, Saint-Jean
I Saturday, February 25
- Les Romantics, loxal Band,
Bacardi Caf6, Saint-Jean
- BalearicAftemoon by Franky,
from 2 pm, La Plage, Saint-Jean
- Stephane Cano, sunset concert
from 5:30,Carl Gustaf, Gustavia
) Sunday, February 26
- Stephane Cano, sunset concert
from 5:30,Carl Gustaf, Gustavia
I Tuesday, February 28
- CARNIVAL, Gustavia
from 3pm
- Nadege, sunset concert
from 5:30, Carl Gustaf, Gustavia
I Wednesday, March 1
- Nadege, sunset concert
from 5:30, Carl Gustaf,
I Thursday, February 23
- Nadege, sunset concert
from 5:30, Carl Gustaf,

Let's Party
I Every night
Ti St-Barth, every night a
different theme, Pointe Milou
Amazing Sunday (DJ, fashion
show...), Nikki Beach, St-Jean
) Wednesday
BBQ on the beach from
8 pm, Nikki Beach, St Jean

Night Club
) Every night
- Casa Nikki, mix by Jacques
Dumas & Pascal, Gustavia
- Feeling (except tuesday),
Lurin, from 10 pm
-Yacht Club, Gustavia
-Bubbles Club, Gustavia
from llpm

I Through February 25
Jean-Pierre Ballagny, "Japan
in St Barth" Porte 34, Gusta-
via. Opening Saturday,
February 18 at 6:30pm
I Through March 8
Exhibition of Digital Art
Cyrille Margarit based on the
theme "What about New
York?" Nikki Beach, Saint-
Jean. Opening is on Friday
February 24 at 6:30 pm
) Through April
- Stephanie Leroux sculptures,
Carl Gustaf hotel, Gustavia
I Through February 25
Andy Warhol, "Vanishing
Animals", Me.di.um gallery,
) Through March 17
Denis Perrolaz, at Jane's Gallery ,
Eden Rock, St Jean
) Permanent exhibits
- Eve Ducharme Art Gallery
presents paints of Bartolli,
Wall House restaurant, Gustavia
- Alain le Chatelier,
Les Artisans, Gustavia
-Pompi, Petit Cul de Sac
-Spidler, Christian Mas gallery,
-Zaza Noah, Tamarin, Saline
-Hannah Moser, Cul de Sac
-Antoine Heckly, Made in Saint-
Barth boutique, St-Jean
) Art Galleries
- Eve Ducharme Art Gallery,
- To-b.art galerie, Gustavia
- Me.di.um gallery, Gustavia

Fashion Show
) Eveyday
-1:30 2 pm, Case de 'ile, Hotel
Isle de France, Hamands
- 9 pm, Lolita Jaca, La Scala
Restaurant, Gustavia
) From Tuesday to Sunday,
1.30pm, fashion show featuring
Geisha Vampire, La Plage, St Jean
I Every Tuesday evening,
6:30 pm, Boutique of the H6tel
Isle de France, Hamands


The unique creations of


rue de la R6publique Gustavia 97133 Saint-Barthelemy
Tel. : (590) 27 67 22 Fax: (590) 27 84 01 caratstore@wanadoo.fr


Cassiopee : A Carnival Star

Saint Barth is gearing up
for this year's Mardi Gras
celebration on Tuesday.
After months of
preparation, the curtain
will finally go up on the
newest version of the
wildly successful costumes
created each year by the
association, Cassiop.e.

Suspense is in the air, but
everyone must wait until
Tuesday, February 28, to
discover the new costumes
created by the association,
Cassiop6e, with an eye
toward brightly colored
musical ambiance. As he
does every year, Bertrand,
the leader of the group, jeal-
ously keeps his cards close
to his chest, and has not
revealed the theme chosen
for their seventh Carnival

sense of mystery. "It will be
simply magical," confides
Bertrand, who serves as
artistic director for the
group. From selecting the
theme to choosing the
music and i'chli'.,i'\ :.
preparations last for almost
a year. As soon as one Car-
nival is over, Bertrand
begins thinking about the
next one: he designs the
costumes, which are then

selected by the members.
Pascale, who has been his
assistant since the group
was formed, is responsible
for buying the fabrics and
accessories needed to make
the costumes. "We know
the sizes and measurements
of all the members, from
head to toe," says Bertrand,
smiling. They usually find
the fabulous treasures they
need in France, such as the
hundreds of feathers that
have to be tinted, sized, or
curled, as they were last
year when the costumes
were a big success. They
work by group for weeks at
a time, under the watchful
eye of a group leader: with
everyone cutting, ,.,. nv.
soldering or gluing. The job
is monumental. Kim, their
choreographer, is in charge
of rehearsals and ensures
the coordination of the per-
formance aspects. Only one
rehearsal takes place in full
costume, mostly to prevent
unfortunate accidents that
would be hard to repair. On
Tuesday, it's show time and
the theme will finally be
revealed, and Bertrand and
his group will once again
show off their talents as
they parade through the

Destination Management Services
The company that started the professional
organization and events planning business...
the company that continues to set the standard.
Phome lscl059 29 814
Phoe fomthe US 01159 90 29 4
www.dedNdinannuaq unta.k.-.mant

Specld Ev

Theme Pa



VIP AssisMa



S/Group H

nee cidwx

Bad eiex i"19


The island medaillon
Yellow, white gold,
Resine and diamonds


in love...


rue de la R6publique Gustavia
97133 Saint-Barthl6emy
Tel. : (590) 27 67 22 Fax : (590) 27 84 01

rue de la R6publique Gustavia
97133 Saint-Barthl6emy
Tel. : (590) 27 99 10
Open 9:30 to 12:30 am to 3:00 to 7:00 pm

/ ^,


MA(GIC basket

"When you care

enough you give the very best"

Cheese & Crackers Basket Honey Moon Basket

Italian Cooking Basket

MAGIC basket

Petit d6jeuner P6tillant

Fruits Basket

Special VIP Basket

for a gift orfor sharing

Sunset Basket

Good Morning Basket

Spa Delight Basket

French Lover Basket

Tellfax : 0590

297 327 Cell: 06 90 630 613

We arenti th tansotto business

9' A


St Bat' to Sa J ua Diet IPiae e rnfr

Tibn Co fi and Safety S~
Slopo a Siulto Triio Crows ., S
SR/U Gol Rated A

www .traewndaiaionco


Fiber optic cable : Guadeloupe to Puerto Rico

Alcatel, a world leader
in optical networks,
and Global Caribbean
Network, the company respon-
sible for the realization of the
project, announced on Febru-
ary 10 that work is to begin on
the installation of the new
fiber-optic cable underwritten
by the Conseil R6gional of
Guadeloupe. Offering a top
capacity 1 Tera Bits/second,
this new high-speed telecom-
munications network (GCN-1) will
connect the islands of the Guadeloupe
archipelago to the worldwide Internet
backbone via Puerto Rico, with a dig-
ital spur linking to Saint Barth, allow-
ing the island to connect directly to
the fiber-optic network for the first
time. The 890 kilometers of cable
needed for the job where wound onto
Alcatel's cable ship in France, and
last Monday the ship set out from
Baillif on the main island of Guade-


loupe and headed toward Saint Kitts,
where a "branching unit," will be
placed, in keeping with a regional
agreement of cooperation. Next, the
ship will continue on its itinerary
toward Saint Martin, another "node"
for the network. Since the ship moves
at a speed of three to five knots per
hour, it was expected to arrive in
Saint Martin after February 21. The
schedule set by Global Carribean
Network puts the ship in Saint Barth

Island Heritage


A n exhibit about Saint Barth's uary 2000. Providing an important Barth residents through the first half
salt industry, organized by the look at the history of the salt pond, of the 20th century. The text was
Lions Club in January 2000, from the extraction of salt and the translated into "local English," so
was so successful that they that English-speaking visi-
decided to publish a book on tors can also enjoy this his-
the subject. That desire has tory of the salt pond, as
become reality with the well as discover the charac-
service club's publication of teristics of the English spo-
"The Salines...Once Upon ken on the island for
A Time," helped by a finan- decades.
cial contribution from the Copies of the book were
UNESCO club of Saint sold last Saturday at a
Barth. Illustrated by old and book-launching event held
new photos of the salt flats on the main dock in Gus-
in Saline, the book chroni- tavia. Additional copies
cles the days when salt was were sold the next day dur-
extracted from the pond, an ing the first edition of the
era that lasted from the mid- Heritage Day celebration in
dle of the 18th century until Corossol. The book is also
the late 1960s. The book on sale at Papeterie
was edited by Katia Berry, an Eng- working conditions to the economic G6n6rale, in the Barnes bookstores,
lish teacher at the local junior high, importance of the salt, this book is the Case aux Livres,Funny face,
who was the curator for the exhibit the only record of an activity that Pble Mble and the Les Artisans in
held at the Municipal Library in Jan- helped support generations of Saint Gustavia.

close to February 26. With the
boat anchored several hundred
meters from the shore, divers
will pull the cable as far as
Shell Beach, close to the con-
nection box. The cable ship
will continue toward St Croix,
the last "node" for the GCN-1
network, before arriving in
Puerto Rico, its final destina-
At the same time it announced
the start of the cabling work,
Alcatel signed an agreement with
Middle Caribbean Network (MCN),
another filial of Groupe Loret, for the
extension of the underwater Global
Caribbean Network (GCN-1) to link
Guadeloupe with Martinique, with a
connection to Dominica. This digital
telecommunications spur of more
than 240 kilometers will be installed
by the end of 2006, after the cable is
manufactured in the company's facto-
ry in Calais, France.


La Bouillabaisse Marseille:

La Bouillabaisse, the most typical dish of Marseille, was originally
a fisherman's dish. While sorting out the fish intended to be sold
they used to put aside certain species which they would then
prepare for their families and themselves. It is a very simple family
dish which has evolved over the years.

Today there is a Bouillabaisse Chart that includes precise
ingredients which are important to maintain tradition
while respecting the culinary art of the Chef.

La Bouillabaisse Marseille must consist of at least 4 types
of Mediterranean rock fishes: scorpion fish, white scorpion fish,
red mullet, skate, conger eel, john Dory, cigale de Mer (Mediterranean
crustacean resembling a lobster) or spiny lobster.

The Bouillabaisse is served in two servings, the fresh fish soup
and the whole cooked fish.
There is, however, one fundamental rule: the fish must be cut up in
front of the guests. La Rouille, which is a typical sauce, accompanied
with croutons to be served both with the soup and the fish.

You can enjoy la Bouillabaisse Marseille at Restaurant des Pecheurs
where traditional Marseille Bouillabaisse is served for lunch and
dinner each friday.
reservations : (+590) 590 298 300. www.lesereno.com

Le serene.


Sister Agnes: Hostage in Haiti

Sister Agnes, an 85 year-
old French nun from the
Dominican order, was
kidnapped and held for
48 hours in a slum of
Haiti, last January 25-27.
While visiting friends
in Saint Martin, she told
her tale.

Composed, bright-eyed and
smiling spontaneously, Sis-
ter Agnes did not seem
traumatized by her experi-
ence, in contrast to her two
companions. "We were
driving on a road not far
from the airport, when
some young men with guns
stopped us. That is when it
all began. I was taken
along with Jean and Blan-
dine, but we were separated
very quickly," says the nun,

who found herself with the
other hostages in a dark
room in the Cit6 Soleil, a

Villa Crole Saint Jea
Tel./fx: 0590 29 84 05 -emoil: ilemra wonadoo.r


large slum of 300, residents
controlled by armed gangs.

said they
were ', to kill me
and '
on my eyes.

"As there was nothing to
do there, I suggested we
pass the time by teaching
each other our mutual lan-
guages, Creole for them
and French for me. But
they took the others away
during the night and I
found myself alone," Taken
to another hideout in the
Cit6 Soleil, Sister Agnes
took her first ride on a
motorcycle, at 85 years old,
sandwiched between the
driver and another passen-
ger. But worse than the ride
was the menace of immedi-
ate death. ""They said they
were going to kill me and
put a blindfold on my eyes.
I told them I had to do it
correctly. I crossed my
hands across my chest and
repeated to myself, "Lord
Jesus, I am coming." I
waited a moment, then they

took off the blindfold,
laughing. I wasn't afraid.
After all, I am 85 years old
and would go strait to
During her kidnapping, the
nun prayed for her captors
as well as for Haiti, where
she has gone for the past 30
years. For three says she
stayed calm, attributing
that to prayers recited dur-
ing her detention. She
remembers the more than
acceptable number of mos-
quitoes, the lack of bath-
room facilities and espe-
cially that a resident of the
neighborhood gave her a
toothbrush through the
window grille. On the third
day, she was liberated in
the late afternoon, a few
hours before her col-
leagues. The original ran-
som that was demanded
was 150,000 dollars, but
the demands of the kidnap-
pers quickly decreased,
according to a spokesper-
son from the French for-
eign affairs office. Official-
ly, no ransom was paid.

Brigitte Delaitre


Founder of the non-pro-
fit organization, Haiti
Dreams of Schools, Sis-
ter Agnes had gone to
Haiti with two collea-
gues in order to distri-
bute school supplies to
children in the north of
the country. Surroun-
ded by journalists after
her liberation, she
immediately thought
that the media attention
given to her adventure
would help put her
organization in the

Le Mango Bar & Restaurant
Taino Restaurant & Lounge Bar
Piano Bar, Musical Entertainment


Le Christopher St Barth
H6tel ****
Pointe Milou 97133 St Barthelemy
Tel : 05 90 27 63 63 Fax : 05 90 27 92 92
E-Mail : lechristopher@wanadoo.fr



I ~~-~
S`S;C-: "

. m .


,F %dr

:.ijo~:*urrc.- f~-rr,


Teck Bed
Mattress 1

1iir" !

Tel.: 05-90.-7.65-37
,-t--ean-- --y--.--->
Anse des Cayes

A roportIT
7: 4 IT'S HERE

* U ,

Timepiece Wins Design Award

Jacob & Co. was honored by one ef
the .-. magazir
for the big, bold, design of its "Th(
World is' .. timepiece.

Travel + Leisure magazine present-
ed the New York-based company
with one of its 2006 Design
Awards during a cocktail reception
at Cedar Lake Theater in New
York City. The second annual com- t'
petition honored products and desti-
nations that underscore the signif-
cance of design in the traveler'\

Jacob Arabo's passion for jewelry
began early, when he was a young
boy growing up in Russia. After
migrating to the United States, Jacob,
age 16, enrolled in a jewelry design
course to develop his natural talents.
Immediately recognizing his obvious
gifts and ability, his instructors
encouraged him to leave the course.
Finally, in 1986, Jacob opened his
business and began designing prod-
ucts under his brand, JACOB & Co.
In 2002, Jacob launched his first entry
into this market with The Five Time
Zone Collection, which combined
bold primary colors with multiple
time zone tolhri1 H1 -1.\ The inspiration
for his first designs can be found in

I 1~
..~ ~
N -

the fast-paced, international lifestyles
of his clients for whom he said the
timepieces were created.
Jacob followed with two-and-three
time zone styles, as well as a new
Automatic Chronograph, which sig-
naled his move into more sophisticat-
ed movements. Again, the Chrono-
graph proved to have an audience
with both men and women, helping
his business to expand rapidly and
At the same time, the traditional Five
Time Zone styles became diversified,
adding softer, pastel colors and dia-
mond accents.
One of Jacob's most creative line

extensions was the development of
Ilic Five Time Zone, "The World is
; .urs" timepiece. This unique, bold
.ic\'gn turns the diamond dial into a
-. d map by using different colored
dwi.monds to form the continents and
-ceans. The combinations of
T designs within this style are end-
. 'less, and Jacob continues to
expand the design each year with
i ie use of arresting colors and differ-
ciii materials forming the map. This
I"iiepiece is currently viewing for
i!. vel and Leisure's prestigious 2006
S)cign Award, which is voted on by
ii. lmy of the world's leading architects
and designers (decision made in
March 2006).
Having expressed himself and his
brand in the "fashion" timepiece cate-
gory, Jacob then turned his attention
to serious, complicated watch-mak-
ing. At the end of 2005, the first
pieces from his new limited editions
arrived in the world markets, marking
the introduction of three "world fi I,"
in the men's complications category.
Jacob's innovation in the field of
Swiss watch-making continues for
both men's and women's styles. He is
."iiiiiiilIcd to creating unique, wear-
able timepieces, which shatter the sta-
tus quo and provide innovation with
both intrinsic and experiential value.

.w p, .

'4 '

>A hY 7



Te'l- .. .,9027,04' /w'

-'" -' Tel./fax 05 90 27 50 40 les artisans@wanadoo.fr "


4 4

rue de la republique Gustavia tel : 05 90 27 99 10
Open 9:30 to 12:30am and 3:00 to 7:00 pm

rue de la r~publique Gustavia tel 05 90 27 99 10
Open 9:30 to 12:30am and 3:00 to 7:00 pm

H Local Weather

High: 79F /26C
Wind ENE
22 mph / 36 km/h
Night: Clear.
Low: 76 F / 24 C
Wind ENE
15 mph / 25 km/h

High: 790 F/260 C
Wind East
17 mph / 28 km/h
Night: Clear.
Low: 76 F / 24 C
Wind ENE
17 mph / 28 km/h

High: 79 F/26 C
Wind ENE
15 mph / 25 km/h
Night: Clear.
Low: 76 F / 24 C
Wind ENE
17 mph / 28 km/h

w Sunday
High: 79 F / 26 C
Wind East
17 mph / 28 km/h
Night: Clear
Low: 76 F / 24 C
Wind East
17 mph / 28 km/h





You do not
have the
right of way

The traffic circle at La
Tourmente (the top of the
hill near the airport) has
altered the traffic patterns
for who has the right-of-
way. Now, vehicles
already engaged in the
traffic circle have priority.
Below is a small diagram
to help you figure out
what to do.

C= -ov~ETR

Published by "Le Journal de Saint-Barth"
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e-mail: stbarhweek wanadoo.f
Director & layout : Avigael Haddad
Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
Translation and English texts: Ellen Lampert Greaux,
Photographe: Rosemond Greaux,
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Impression : Daily Herald

* Horoscope
ARIES (March 21- April 19) :
Thursday and Friday find you
flexing your muscles, getting
things done and polishing
your reputation. What you do
is almost as important as how
you do it. Saturday and Sun-
day, deliriously happy about
your recent successes, you
will want to get out a long
strip of butcher paper and map
out the rest of your life.

TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21) :
A philosophical conversation
with an acquaintance on Wed-
nesday will be more useful
than you ever expected, and
Thursday and Friday find you
grounded, curious and happy.
And in the mood to travel.
You could use a vacation. Get
through the weekend -- of
power struggles and weird
interactions -- dreaming of
sandy beaches.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) :
Thursday and Friday, your
interactions with others are
more difficult than usual,
especially interactions related
to business. Saturday and Sun-
day, you are submerged in big

CANCER (June 22-July 22) :
Thursday and Friday, don't
worry about doing very little
(what's on TV?). Saturday and
Sunday offer plenty of oppor-
tunities to see friends. Just be
careful you don't get into a
spat over money.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22): Thurs-
day morning, the fires will
have died out and you'll be
returned to everyday terrain,
albeit with a few embers glo-
wing in the corners. Friday,
you are preoccupied by others,
but this weekend your mind
returns to the topic of love.

VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) :
Thursday and Friday are
bright days filled with hot air
balloons and sweet romance.
Be open-minded this weekend
and you'll learn a fantastic and
effortless new way of doing
something that's always been a
pain in the neck.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) :
Thursday, you wake up feeling
weird for no discernable rea-

son, and Friday finds you fee-
ling nostalgic about nothing in
particular. The weekend offers
focus, romance and fun. You
and you-know-who are clearly
going to take over the world.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22):
Thursday and Friday, you are
shrewd, determined and in
control. Less can be said for
this weekend. There is tension
at home, and something
someone says may spark an
unexpected outburst. But look
on the bright side: At least it
will clear the air.

Dec. 21) : Thursday and Fri-
day, putting your eyeballs in
front of some art is a fine idea.
Stimulation is good. Original
thinking is good. Saturday and
Sunday, you talk so much -- to
friends, to strangers, to your-
self even -- that your jaw

CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan.
20): A friend or lover will
give you the seed from which
to grow your answer. Beware
of those who would take
advantage of your giving
nature. Once you spend your
money, it stays spent. Don't let
yourself be taken for granted.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb.
19): You can do anything, as
Thursday and Friday attest.
Your accomplishments by
week's end are impressive, but
you've only just begun. This
weekend, you clear off the kit-
chen table and set to work on
a number of new plans.

PISCES (Feb. 20 March 20) :
Thursday and Friday, you
don't have to be as careful --
everything goes your way
naturally -- but pay extra
attention and take care to do
the right thing, and you'll
make major headway on seve-
ral plans you once thought
impossible. A friend is in need
of some help and might not
know how to ask for it. Antici-
pate this. Saturday and Sun-
day, you're in a giving mood
as well. Your advice is bril-
liant, so hand it out gene-

* Driving in St Barths


* At your service

Hair care, Manicure, Pedicure
Hcir Tretmen Leonor Greyl
Ist Floor Galerles du commerce
Soant Jean TI6. :05 90 27 70 31

PRIVATE an-ci ues

TEL (ON ISLAN :0690 58 78
FROM USA: 01 590 690 58 78 8
EMAIL : stbarthc donbleuyah .fr
1ttp://www.st-b hs.com/cordon--leu

erapeutic massages
with a natural essential oils
Trained from the Alternative Therapy School
"Specialist in Scientific Aromatherap'y
all:+(590) 0 590 87 56 47 Cel: 0690 418 421

06 90 741 388
05 90 271 561

Published by "Le Journal de Saint-Barth"
Ph. : Fax:
e-mail: slbarthweekly@wanadoo.fT SSN- 1766-9278
Director & layout: Avigael Haddad
Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
Translation: Ellen Lampert Greaux,
Advertising sales : Chlo6 Ameur
Impression : Daily Herald

Hair Dressing Salon Manicure
Tel.: 05 90 27 78 62

r\ "y ^PQnstitut

- Facial Care
- Manicure, pedicure
- Sliming treatment
- Deep tissus
- Wrapping
- Personalized wellness & relaxing massage,
with color oils
Imm. Chamade, 1"floor, Republique street, Gustavia
Tel. : 05 90 275 946 or 06 90 591 583
email: venusbeautyspa@wanadoo.fr

06 90 74 07 96 -05 90 27 92 44
C'49Vlb4L &~ a^SE


Beauty of the Hands and Feet
Gel, Acrylic Nails, Nail Jewels
Spa manicure, Spa pedicure
By appointment 0690 351 304
Yacht, Villa, Hotel or Salon




Last Saturday at
the Guanahani
hotel, the own-
ers of Chateau Chasse-
Spleen in France pre-
sented some of their
special vintages: Cru
Bourgeois Exceptional,
Moulis AOC, Bor-
The first wine tasted
was the 2002, which
was judged to be a
superb, fruity, with
blackberries Hints, and
the melted and velvet
tannin. The 2002 vintage
was noted the best.
Next came the 1999: An
excellent vintage that
aging well, with finest not
of licorice and spices, mo
structured, with strong
tannin, a beautiful color.
Finally the 1996: A Moul
wine at the peak of i

A brief history
.- o of the name
i Chasse-Spleen
There are two notable
artists that allegedly
i christened the estate
With its name, one a
quotation from Lord
t Byron who sang its
virtues of ".cllimi rid
-. of the blues" or "chas-
..ser le spleen"; the oth-
er from the poem,
.Fleurs de Mal, by
Mr Cruse (Direct Export Ginestet), Sebastien I JB (Absolutely Baudelaire, who is
Ti Frank (Guanahani), .. ran'ois (Esprit de said to have visited the
Mr Foubet (owner of < Spleen), David, .. and Alexis estate as his friend, the
(Oasis supermarket), artist Odilon Redon
is excellence, rich, with named best sommelier in who illustrated the
es refined tannin, a complex France in 2005, and poem, lived near the
re aroma, a long finish in Mohamed Zouikri, maitre Chat eau Who knows,
mouth with notes of tobac- d'h6tel. of Absolutelv Wine. except for the fact that all of



co, leather, and cherry.
The wine tasting was organ-
ized by Jean-Baptiste Barre,

in !"iii .li'in i with Marc
Th6ze and Frank at the

these men probably enjoyed
a glass or two of Chasse-
Spleen in their time.



Open Ilonday
F through Saturday
'a .. l e 9 am 1230 am
-. ^3 pm 6:30 pm

Cyrille Margarit at Nikki Beach

Artist Cyrille Margarit will exhibit 20 photographs
based on the theme "What About New York ?" from
February 22 through March 8, 2006 at Nikki Beach. The
digital images are projected on sheets of brushed alu-
minum. The opening is on Friday, February 24 at 6 'i iip
Philosophy in digital art:
Working in New York sets the tone to create an intimate
setting for my digital art. My experiences have proved
New York to be unique in it's exclusivity. The town is
consistently drawn from diverse groups of people
ihliughlnul the world who share my penchant for life:
Positive energy, Light and Fantasy.A special thanks to
Eric Omores & Jack Penrod

1 Classified ads

Looking For
Are your looking for a
caretaker for your villa?
Call Michel at 06 90 35

Real Estate
Handyman preventive
maintenance and
emergency service, rea-
sonable rates 06 90 35

For sale: brasserie busi-
ness located in St. Jean.
3-6-9 year lease. For
additional information
write to brasserie cre-

KAT: Extraordinary
location in Gustavia, for
this 1 bedroom apart-
ment overlooking the
harbor facing the sunset,
including living room,
bedroom, terrace with
dining area and Jacuzzi

$ 645 000. Exclusive
listing Sibarth Real
Estate 05 90 29 88 91

ARP: Apartment located
in St Jean including
leaving room, open
kitchen, dining room,
bedroom and bathroom.
Parking space, Commu-
nity pool, open view.
450 000 euros Exclusi-
vive listing Sibarth Real
Estate 05 90 29 88 91

Sprimbarth has com-
mercial real estate offer-
ings and business
opportunities available.
Contact 06 90 53 77 13

Villa for sale typical St
Barth villa, 2 bedrooms,
2 bathrooms, lovely
Toiny views(ref 05.242)
Price : 1,400,000 euros
Contact les Vents Aliz6s:

1 Emergency numbers

Shipping rescue
PAF / airport & port police
Fire dept.
Doctor on duty
Pharmacy A6roport
Saint Jean
* Useful numbers

Tourism ,
Boat company

Airlines company

Rapid Explorer
St-Barth Commuter
Air Caraibes
American Airlines

05 96 70 92 92
059027 1170
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
18 /05 90 27 66 13
05 90 27 76 03
05 90 27 66 61
05 90 27 61 82
05 90 29 02 12

05 90 27 87 27
05 90 27 66 97
05 90 27 60 33
05 90 27 61 01
05 90 27 71 90

To1 ,. 05 90 2
EDF (electricity company office) 05 90 2!
Water system 05 90 2'
Post Gustavia 05 90 2
Marine Reserve 06 90 3
church 0590 2
church Sunday 9am. 05 90 2
I church St Barth Beach Hotel Sunday 9am

9 8040
1 7073

(590) 590 27 78 70 or
email: michele.alizes@

Urgent: seeking long-
term villa rentals, one to
five bedrooms. Sprim-
barth Contact: Cell: 06
90 53 77 13

Villa for sale : Ref.
06.250 Villa near St
Jean, Lovely beach, 2
bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,
pool and large ajoupa
for sale 1,200,000 euros.
Contact les Vents Aliz6s:
(590) 590 27 78 70 or
email: michele.alizes@

Villa for sale in Lurin
(ref 06.248), great view
uphill villa 3 bedrooms,
pool. Price : 1,900,000
euros. Contact les Vents
Aliz6s: (590) 590 27 78
70 or email

FOR SALE apartment
in St Jean, living, 2 bed,
2 baths, Brand new ren-
ovation, wide ocean
view over St Jean Bay.
900,000 euros CMI 05
90 27 80 88

FOR SALE in St Jean
villa 2 bed, 2 bath, small
pool, quiet area.
965,000 US $ CMI 05
90 27 80 88

Land for sale : 2000 m2,
with certificate of
urbanism, nice view,
900.000 euros Contact
les Vents Aliz6s: (590)
590 27 78 70 or email :

Property for rentals
income : 6 bedrooms / 6
bathrooms, pool

1,600,000 euros, Con-
tact les Vents Aliz6s:
(590) 590 27 78 70 or
email: michele.alizes@

FOR SALE in Mont-
Jean villa 3 bed, 3 bath,
pool sea view:
1,450,000 euros CMI 05
90 27 80 88

property located on Vitet
Hillside, Incredible view
on "Grand cul de Sac",
"Petit Cul de Sac" and
"Toiny". Made up 3 bed-
rooms, 3 bathrooms,
large living open on the
infinity pool. Contact :
"St Barth Properties;
Sotheby's international
realty" : 0590 29 75 05

For sale various piece
of land with sea view,
from 610 m2 until 7660
m2. Contact "St Barth
Properties, Sotheby's
international realty"
0590 29 75 05

Villa 3 beds, 3 baths,
swimming pool, nice
rental history, beautiful
view above Flamand
beach. Perfect for the St
Barth LOVER'S. Con-
tact "St Barth Properties;
Sotheby's international
realty" at 0590 29 75 05

Exercise class using
Gym Ball (65 cm) and
"Flo Tube" (similar to
Tai Ch'i) with physician,
physiotherapist. E.99
includes ball, tube and
4 lessons to learn how to
use both for sliellhinii.
I erI e_' lhe' i.ll'. aerobics
and balance.,.
Tel: 0590 52 49 09 ou

\nrtull I nirg Exing ai Prpnrdna ri. s wRih Irxtraordminary~ IJvvs
ILc rsrau mondial des propnrLts dcxc~pnw)n

3 bedrooms, 2 bath, Large living, Large pool, Spa, Unique Garden

Saint-Jean Tel : 0590 27 80 88
Fax : 0590 27 80 85
email: claudine.mora@wanadoo.fr


St B


Very beautiful villa
2 bedrooms,
2 bathrooms
Swimming pool
3 parking places



Perfect for
a family,
Ocean view,
4 bedrooms,
Swimming pool
+ independent



Elegant villa,
3 bedrooms
the large
swimming pool



Perfect for
8 bedrooms,
8 bathrooms
2 Swimming pools
Sport Er Massage
8 parking places



- .~I~;s~arra~s -

*-- ~ h- j --

1111EIESM DfU, U,


- ~ ~ ~ 1L lsII ll rrsilIa~.. ~ -rrl ~ l a~

1 as


---- --- ----------

St Biit


* '""g "*
--,Nnmr3 0 f




Grand Cul de Sac 97133 Saint-Barthelemy F.W.I.
'TFpadingSmallfHotclsofthdWorld RESERVATION Tel. : 05 90 27 66 60

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