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Title: [Letter to Earle W. Newton]
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Title: Letter to Earle W. Newton B7-L8
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block File Duplicate Material
Physical Description: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Barnes, Eleanor P.
Publication Date: 1962
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Box: 8
Divider: Block File Duplicate Material
Folder: Block File Duplicate Material
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
48 King Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Government House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 48 King Street
Coordinates: 29.892465 x -81.313142
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'A .1--*-^----*,----*. ,.,,,.^^p.^,.,,
.~' fIr^^~^ i n-1 i te (

44aIM P44" raS
SE6 wa fd64 St'awe
e26 71r ?ml" SEeet
St. AY4Yutine. li4r4
July 25, 1962

Earle W. Newton, Executive Director
St. Augustine Restoration
and 'reservation Commission
46 St. George Street
St. Augustine, Florida

Dear Mr. Newton:

Thank you for your nice reply to my letter
of last week. I did not mean that you correct it
to the preee. Sorry I did not make myself clear about
that. I was thinking so strongly about the real facts
.on the house that I suppose I did not explain my self

I meant correct your files in case they were
as pictured in the record article. For example..."to the
general public".....Mr. Newton, "finding foundations of
the Manucy House" in one part of the context and "using
the 17PS map as a guide" in another out
the wrong information. The next time (if any) that an
article comes out on this house, you can quietly insert
the proper background. But I never meant you to correct
it publicly now.

Yes, family information and its overlapping
connections sometimes tells the full story of a house.
Oftentimes it helps understand the reasons for transfers
of property. I would like to know how and when Mr. John
Manucy got the house, too. And if ever I Fet to the Court
House or the abstract office in line of duty with my work
7 can find it quickly. If so I will let you know. Just
in case vou have not purs'- d it.

I never mean to needle any of you. I only want
the proper basic of every house to fall into Its proper
place. Hence my concern about the "Salazar" and my Interest
in the "RodrIF-ez", both of which I feel are, and of right
ought to be, In line for correction.

Cord'al2 y,

eano P. Barnes

Steanor F'tdcips 'Carnes
26 me mcCdla Street
St. .4cagutn'e. 7'toewda
July 20, 1962

Re: "Mance House

By: Fleanor P. Barnes

Prom: My file on old houses. This one tabbed "so called Manuoy
but If the old stone one, the OIIVEROS
House, built 1798.

Note: I had high hopes that the Restoration would proceed
properly with these old houses. The seal of your aDproval
should carry weight and respect but some of the things
you allow released to the press show a lack of knowledge
of the restorattor situations. I wish -ou weuld cor-ect this.

There are three points to consider in relation with this old
house if in truth it is.

Point one: If it is the Manucy House then it is comparatively
modern. Yr. John :anucv as not born until 1820 and not married
until 1P50. [

Point 2: If you seek in a scratch difr to take this to the
178P Map and restore a house, then yvo do NOT have the Manucy
House but the Pedro Gon ales masonry house.

Foint 3: If this is in trutf- the
sold in 1F15 then it 1s the
after Oct. 4, 1798.

cons truct on
and definitely bnilt

A knowledge nf the families it necessary to rroced properly.
NAMTES,,...nams and their conn-rt*ton. sar'* out the

Let us give Tou a 9roner rvin down:

No. 1.. -use of Masonry, PEDRO GONALES

Al.~. what you must have is the fact
-hat they ha; a 30o-, Juan r risostomo(or Christobal)
;onza'es, b. 1737 in St. Anvustine. And that this family
N1ft fe'oi 'javana in 1-7Fe.

No. 2: h:e '?ish 11st r!ves tl'e nare of Pedroe onzales rndper
n "r F nt Ir'


' L

t ~" C



No. 3....This was the Grants Block during the British Period.
Moncrief, de Solis and Jeffry all show a house here
in this area during that time.

No. 4....In 1783 the Spaniards ,returned.
[ ',at yo'. ne, :1 tI, 1ncrw h re s that yo'.n J,-;an C.
CGc'.za]ns nrarr -l3 a native -'t*. Aufustinian grl
in Ha'Tvina a''in: ' !r njourrn t{here, Wan r ferences
lV:t s-e...Census, 1786, No.1 and Catbedral Parish
Marriages, Canova transcripts, p. 25 and page 3 for
substantiation) He died and the widow returned to
Florida with her children. She was 7JAN-. :NT2:: de. CCA.

No. 5*...

No. 6:

No. 7.....

The Rocque Map, 1788, S.o 2, No. 9. House of WOOD..
etc.... 'ANA <.:e . hat y'rt, need, to know
h-re ir that Jnti, 1r'. Juan GonSa2"z, returned to
the site of' .er' fat~.-:-in-law's home. But now she
occupies a house of wood. HENCE the old masonry GONZALES
place is gone.

Now for the full treatment:

Escrituras: No. 384 v..Oct. 4, 1798 Maria Gonzales Mentes
de Oca acting for Rafael Savedra de Espinosa sells to
SEBASTIAN OLIVEROS a LOT...same boubdries, same dimensions
...., % New whtt 1 !-.^r- :., to 'know is that
Sar'-, ;g i .* it.e' oS J-:T-. .;. ,.*.-,." e. iy J sna. vontes de
Ci a, qfln- : 'r f ~, - ... ..a *' ~. n ol a.
r- I ::: Dec. 7, 1785. CPP. Canpva Trans. p. 3.)
So what happened here is the little wooden house they
had occupied was no longer here, even as her grandfather's
masonry house was gone. So she sells the lot to OLIVEROS.

.Now see Escrituras No. 61. v. April 29, 1815.
Catalina Usina sold this T' RYi C NA HOUSE to
Gaspar Arnau. Recites property...and adds that SEBASTIAN
OLIVEROS BUILT the house havinE bought lot in 1798.
(A'hat you ha,- to kn--r here is that Catalina Usina was
the *,1fe cf :Cebar'tan i.ive.ros and aftc: his death
in 1 14, tli w.. -o'" :;arrie...i MA, VANf-CY, 1816. I have
a 'hot~,stat of tii !ar-rrlIa~e at c.'r His.t. Librhrv.)

No. 8...... Mr. John Manucy was their son. He married Dionicia
Garrida April 1850.
NOTE: My research ended here but the abstracts should tell
Soth s n house(if it did) passed from Gaspar Arnau to

.i p

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