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Title: Block 4-present This covers whole of Sq. "M"..1763.
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block File Duplicate Material
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Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
48 King Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Government House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 48 King Street
Coordinates: 29.892465 x -81.313142
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This covers whole of Sq. "M"..1763.

Tells us that Antonio Rodriguez Arsian
of No. 177 and Luisa Gavina of No. 178
were 1st cousins.

Tells us that Mrs. Jose Escalona was
kinswoman to wife of Governor Lucas
de Palazio. 2nd cousins. No. 175

Gives us fact Don Juan de Salas
was either the "native" old man
or the "new resident" Don Juan
Arturo de Salas with property
on Aviles Steeet as well.


TAKE NOTE: "Street to Post Office"

No. 178-"M", 1763 Puente.

Luisa Gavina.

Here, now, was the lst cousin of Antonio Rodriguez Arsian.

Antonio's father and Luisals mother being brother and sister.

Nov. 30, 1750 Luisa Gavina married Mateo Dias. Ph. 279

She was daughter of Alexander Gavino and Theodora Rordigues.
They were married Aug. 17, 1712.Ph. 277.

Theodora was daughter of Juan Rodriguez and Lorenza de Florencia
They were married Feb. 28, 1679, Ph. 134.

Juan Rodriguez was son of Capt. Francisco Jacinta Rodriguez
of Castile, and Maria de Arsian. They were married 2/17/1648.

Maria de Arsian was the native and born in 1627, daughter
of Juan Dias and Maria Arsian.

Gavina was shown here in 1763, Sq. M. No. 178.
House of stone and frame.

Moncrief, 1765, shows Mr. Walton.
Esc: No. 49, 1787 and No. 124 in 1785 gives good recitation.


1769 granted to Witter Cumming, His Majesty's Councillor.
Passed to John Imrie then to the firm of Alexander and
Leslie. Finally to John and Mary Amrbruster who sold
to Rev. Thomas Hassett in 2nd Spanish period. 1785.
In 1787 Father Hassett sold to Antonio Berta, Italian
Tavernkeeper(Minorcan Colony) ...Berta still had it
in 1790..

between M and L...or which cut the present
day Monson in half.

1763: Puente, Sq. "M".

No. 176, Juan de Salas..........151 x 47 ....stone...

No. 177, Don Antonia Rordiguez Arsian....15i x 46 ....stone...

Blocks changes:
Puente: 1763, Sq. "M".....


Contractor's Block during British Period


Rocque, 1788, Bl. 13

Quesada, 1790, No. 4

Moncrief: 1765

Mr. Gordon shown here in area of 177 (Rodriguez-Arsian)
Jesse Fish holds area known as No. 176 (de Salas)
Later in Escrituras it came out that John Gordon had purchased
the Rodriguez Arsian place in 1763.



49, 1787
125, 1785
281v, 1791
30v, 1791
308, 1791
143v, 1793
146, 1799(first half)

These give good account of the whole block.

For example and in brief:

This was de Salas property held by Fish. In October 1790
Governor Quesada issued a proclamation at request of the
Treasury officials which caused the Fish properties to
revert to the Crown. Leslie and Travers, executors stated
that some of the houses were going to ruin, hence the auction.

March 15, 1791 John Leslie, representing Leslie and Co.,
bought up the de Salas area. Boundries were identical
with other indentures on this block. Delivered to Leslie
by decree Jan. 3, 1791. (This must mean 1792?)


West, St. Charles St.
East, Marina(Bay)
South, Heirs of Rodriguez Arsian (area where Leslie was in 1788
once held by Gordon now restored
to original claimant)
North, Antonio 1 and Jose Gomila

At the same time, eslie bought up the north corner
of Charlotte(covere st report) and the Gomila section
sandwiched between ( and the north corner. Only the
heirs of Rodriguez A ad Berta shared this whole block
with him.

No. 177-M,. Rodriguez h

When the family left in they had sold the property to
John Gordon already.

In 1793, the heirs of Rod!iguez Arsian, recovering their
estate from Gordon, having F.Xo Sanchez as agent, made a
conditional sale to Francisco Xavier Miranda.

Note: F. X. Sanchez was uncle of Mrs. Miranda.
She was daughter of his late brother,
Jose Sanchez de Ortigosa, Jr.

Mrs. Miranda was also niece of Josefa
Espinosa(Snow Property) being one of the
relatives returning to Florida with
Josefa in 1783. Mrs. Miranda was daughter
of Josefa's sister.

As Maria Andrea Sanchez de Ortigosa she
married Dec. 27, 1788, F.X. Miranda.


Antonio Rodriguez Arsian married 4/28/1745 Antonia de Hita,
daughter of Don Pablo de Hita and Theresa Menendez Marquez.

She was grand-daughter of Don Tomas Menendez Marques and Lorenza
de los Rios. And the great grand daughter of the ex Governor,
Don Pablo Hita y Salazar and his wife, Juana de Avila..

Antonio Rodriguez Arsian was son of Pedro Rodriguez Arsian
and Victoria Galdona. They were married in 1720.

Don Pedro was son of Juan Rodriguez Arsian and Lorenzo de Mendiola.
This couple married 1679.

Don Juan was the son of Don Francisco Jacinta Rodriguez and
Maria de Arsian. This couple married in 1648.

So it was the union of two fine old St. Augustine families
at this 1745 wedding of Don Antonio and his de Hita bride.

They had a large family.

Jose Xavier, b. 1747
Jose Mariano, 1748
Miguel 1750
Gabriei, 1752
Rafael, 1754
Eusebio, 1756
Maria Beata, 1758
Jose Francisco, 1760
Victoria, 1762

Definitely a large house was needed for this family of children.


Juan de Salas...

There was a Juan de Salas here as early as
1667. He married Maria Alvarez.

They had children in 1674, 1676.
One of the sons was Juan de Salas, Jr.
There was a Juan de Salas, No. 121 on the Ruined House
List of 1702.

But the Juan de Salas which I think is listed here
in 1763 likely was Don Juan Arturo de Salas who
married Juana Sanchez de la Rosa, 14/30/1754.
She was the daughter of Don Francisco Sanchez de la Rosa
and Tomasa Cordero.
They had children in 1756 and 1761.

This background will be found in Assignment: Aviles Street.
For Don Juan de Salas had property there and was covered
in this report.

No. 175, "M" 1763 Puente

Jose Escalona(or Escalera)

I am sure this is Escalona as it appears to be,
Escalera can be mistakenly translated for it.
"e and r" look much like "o and n"..

In 1759 this couple, Jose Escalona and Victoria Sanchez,
had a legitimate child.

In 1761 another. Nothing prior. This means they married
after August 1756 when our records stop and prior to

Victoria Sanchez was the daughter of Lucas Sanchez of Granada
and Rosa Perez. She was baptised March 5, 1739 and her
parents were married May 28, 1738.

Rosa was the daughter of Manuel Perez cf Granada as well.
Her mother was the native(as usual) Antonia Escovedo.
Rosa was widowed of Francisco Saragossa.

Antonia Escovedo was the daughter of the Ensign Andres
Escovedo and Josepha Cabrera, being baptised July 7, 1714
and her parents having married May 8, 1679.

Antonia Escovedo was aunt of the lady who married Governor
Palazio. She was sister of Phelipe Escovedo, the father
of five children and husband of Josepha Reyes y Solana.

She was also sister of Don Fedro Escovedo who married Rosa
Angulo in 1733 and whose daughter, Josepha, born April 15
1734, married Governor Lucas Palazio in the spring of 1761.

Jose Escalona held No. 175, M. 1763.
On Moncrief, 1765 Mr. Rogers was known to be there.
DeBrahm's had Thomas Rogers, single, storekeeper, in 1771
and the fact that he left the province.

This area was restored to the King Domingo de los Reyes
was living here in 1788 with Jose 6oTila(grandfather of
General Hernandez) living just south possibly on same
property. Both areas, belonging to Escalona went to
John Leslie in 1791. Esc: Nos. 2?1v and 309-1791.

Rough but good for scanning.

San Carlos

177 176 175
i Sala

Rod- 178
rig ez
Arsian Gavina
i -B -- ----

-- ----





Contractor's B1.(Bro)
Quesada No. 4, 1790

Rogers 1765




Quesada -4

After 1793
this is how
it looked


left is Treasury
right is "Street to Post Office"(Alley)


No. 13


RoZm Y-I ----



BAY --



Postmaster John Haley

Hyi olita

? t /,


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