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Title: Block 6 Lots 1 & 2
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Title: Block 6 Lots 1 & 2 Escrituras, 16 March 1787
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block File Duplicate Material
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Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
48 King Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Government House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 48 King Street
Coordinates: 29.892465 x -81.313142
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Berituras 16' Marh 1787
6 Deeseber 1790


p 9 Mrtgage Nov 12 Nicolass Goes (widow of Ygnaet o Perdoe)
ns bah e oz street leading to land gate, de next
tbe gtt; stone & wood, with its nlo; Tating it in
rL$a with no m6ans to repair it, H. Jose Fernanaes
has put 5000 pesos upon it & she mortgages the property
to him.

Koeek 6, R-quae 17

Look 60oo
Square 6 between
sts of San Carlos
ind ")? one Ihat

39. Iouse of coquina of Dofia NicolaPa o(':nz) -1r to Tkornwo
nr the Kins's lot bounded nt the ont -'- ... N by the Royal
(Houses?) on the S h7 lot of Jc~ ar-,: its rneasir' -nt ,
f-ont N-' thi-- ty-one -s th --- h n-' ': s


No. 143 Dona Nicolasa Gorrez daughtter
Getrudiz Rodriguez. Widow
1 Barbara negres slave
1 Bias, slave
1 hafael, slave

Inventories, assessments, and
sale at public auction of the
houses and lots of the King.

Square No. 6
No. 39
(Was conceded
to her by the
Govt. having
proven her
(Add 930 rr)

4 S reet of S int George

of Pedro and of 1aria
of 64 years.

uesada's List
ear of 1790

(Between the streets of San Carlos and
that which goes to the "Ornavegue")
Rubble-work masonry house of Nicolasa
Gomez on King'p lot, bounded: E.,
W., and N. by 1oyal streets, S. by lot
of Joseph Carreras. 31 (N-S) x 60 v.
C j rr per sq. v.



Io 0

" Zokc-t, ( T /it d 2-


%look 6 (1834 Clement Survey ) "Port Blocko .SP. Inventory No.18 ,mapp l
Esorituras 1807 P. 23v Feb 14 F. de Maza Arredondo to Manuel Fernandes
Bendicho a stone house bounded on west by Calle Real asat
by Castle Square, north by boundary line, south by Guan
Gonzales (Monte de Ooa ???) Bought at auction estate M. Ysna2r
(This hasn't been tied in but the dates make it a possibility
and it answers the description of former Oomez property on *am
Escrituras translation in Webb Library Historical Society.

1832 records St. John County Court House
Sale by Roque Leonardy to Bartolome Oliveras Lot 2.$200. for
Lot2 n-s 22andi varas, e-w 65 varas, east*front on Glaois of St.
Marks" south by lot of Juana Lopez, north by house and lot of
Thompson Mason. (Mason was claimant for Lot 1 in Clement 1834
A Lopes lived on thieslot of Juana Lopez in the 1870s.
fruit trees on east end of Lopez lot
Oliveros family accounts have a christening in house in this
block in 1826 No house shown on Lot 2 at that date Supposed
Oliveros living in house Gomez Lot 1- had married 1823
Maria Teresa de Jesus Oliveros d. of Bartolome Oliveros and
Fernanda (Gonzales ) baptized Oct. 22 1825.
11776 Juan Carrearas given Lot 3 Juan Gonzales married Maria
Oarrearas Bartolome Oliveros married Fernanda Gonzales 1883.

Lot l$Present Block 6,"Port" block,at ity Sates east sie St. George

Description tentative of Coquina nouse of the Gomez family left
when Spaniards went .in 1763 unsold probably shows opening at
north side with lo-er flor set back and stairs to second floor
from it. This must have stood until between 60 and 1870 as B.
B. Genovar recalls playing about it and both Mrs. George Alba and
earnest O overos grandchil ren of B. Oliveros who owned it, recall
it They do not agree on location of stairs to second floor but
Mrs. Alba's recollection is like Genovar's notAing being suggested
to 4enovar in asking him to describe it. Also he states Thomson
ason lived there Mason was claimant in Clernent's survey lists.

Present state of owners on small slip m;.de out by Miss Richardson
of City Clerk Kettles office this week (Feb. 25 '37
"Robinson Co. ('"eed for wife of Lewis the owner) controls
St. eorge St. side.

Eaorituras, 13 January 180'
24 December 1808

257 Sale Feb4 14 Fernando --Arredondo Manuel Fernandez Bendieheb
stone house with lot near the land gate at end of the street running
from Govt. House; bounded w by said street; E by Castle Square; N
by the boundary Line; S by Juan Gonzales Montesdeoca. E side
measures 52 yds; W 50; N 60; S 62. Bought at auction Oct. 17,
1804 of the estate of Miguel Ysnardy.

Block 6, Assessor's Inventory 39

Escrituras, 2 January 1801
30 December 1802


p. 107 Actual sale July 31 Jose Fernandez for Lorenzo Tate (of
Guanavaooa) & Jose Maria Gomez & wife, sold to Juan Lazaro
Henry stone house in neighborhood of Puerta de tierra at
end of street leading from Govt. Ho. to said gage. Said
street bounds it W; Castle Plaza E; boundary line N, &
(Lot measure ouse of Juan Gonzales S, Rouse belongs to above persons
(Lot2 ds.easure heirs of Pedro fom1z wl left this property unsold
side 50 1 when in 1763 English took possession.. By decree Apr. 14,
60 N 62 S) 1801 adjudged to his estate.
Block 6, Puente 57

E Flna P ers 78
Asessaor's Inventory A 1
aPFS Block 6 c I 1.t
(St Geo, Fort reserve,
Fort late)
B1ock 6,"...between the streets )f San Carlos and the oie tat
le0ds to the IEornwork...V
39. Coquina house Qfo Done ilicolasa Goruez on king'2 "...lot East
Wtst... north by the Ro. al(houses?), on t e .-, 1t by t e lot of
Jose Carreras... ne 3 yds, sw 6" -d,.
40. Coquiaa house and lot f -,,se Cerrerus, wit-. deed. rii d:ie sl ots.

Sleek 8 at the City Gates-.

/ r ~

I964 De la Puente Map and translation-Photostate Webb Reaorial LiraWy
Historical Society St. Augustine, from Buokingham Smith oellee-
tion New York Historical Bociety .
Block B. bot 36 Present covered by one story stores facing Mlty
Gates &ad Orange St.
Was vacant in 1764 owned by Don Alvares Lopes de
Toledo .
Lot 36 two stone houses Pedro Gomes
Lot 38 small stone house Sanohes.
Lot 39 -------
Lot 40 Stone house of Juan Sanohez
Lot 41 Stone house Antonio Cruz
Lot 42 (Fort Alley cornerSt. George) Board house
Margarita Sanches,
1788 Mariano de la Roque map and translation photostats Webb memoriall
Library listorioal Society St. Augustine, from Buokinghaa Smith
collection in New York His toical Society.
Nothing in this block no~ t two properties Block B has become
Mansana No.4. What was the vacant lot 36 is No.17 and holds a stone
house with wood partitions of Dona Nioolasa Gomes. She also holds
Lot 15"vacant" extending from Calle real to the east boundary line
Castle Plaza.

8 Blook at City Gates
1788 M -
No. 18 the third lot and southernmost at Fort alley corner has
a stone house and enclosure of same of Juan Carreras in good con-
dition' with deed and land which he mentions"
1834 Clement survey of city Photostats of block in Webb memorial
Library Historical Society St. Augustine. Survey notes in
Public L'brary Florida Cases, Historical room .
The former Manazana No.4 is now Block No.6
Lot No.1 has for former claimant Nioolasar Gomes now
widow of Ignace Perdoma.
Joseph Oarreras claims the rest of the block .
For present claimants Thompson Mason asks No. 1
Bartolome Olivaros Mo. 3 and
dane Lopes No.3
1787 Spanish Escrituras P.92 Nov. 13 translation in Webb Memorial
Library Historical Society Ot. Augustine,
Nioolasa Gomes ,widow of YgnIcio Perdoma owns house on street
leading to land gate at east side next the gate; stone and wood
with its lot-is in ruins -no money for repairs measure of lot n-s
n-s 31 yds, e-w 60.
Lieut Jose Fernandez bas put 3000 pesos on it, she gives him a
E sorituras 1801 P. 107 July 31 Jose Fernandez for Lorenso 1ate

-------I--- --~--------~e -h-R~----~-t~--~llnr011 --7rs~-~il----Vr-J-*~~?-*Aln71P -^r I __ r

T~C- -~P~-r~

**f-mu -

at stty sates
Se riturea Olent.
of 'uamavaoos and Jose Maria Gemes and wife sold to Juan Lasair
stene house in neighborhood of Puerta de Tierra at end of street
leading from government House to said gate Said street bounds it
Sl. OCastle Plas on I., Boundary line on I and house of Juan
Oeasaleson 8. House belongs to above persons as heirs of Pedro Gm8
who left this property unsold when in 1763 the English took pIsse--
sien. By decree April 14 1801 adjudged to his estate.
Spanish Inventory No.18 Juan Carreras Map 1788
Esorituras 1785 P.268 May 28 Juan Carreras asks confirmation house
and lot given his by Governor Tonyn for service rendered. Howard oer-
tifies the deed of sale from Jesse Fish to Witter Oumain lot on George
St. 'Port' block which deed is lost By court order for OQumins orefte
lot was sold in 1776 to Governor Tonyn document signed by Tonyn of
gift to Oarreras.
Oarreras sold to Bartolose Oliveref who sold part to Jane
Lopes in 1834 .
Meantime a Juan Gonzales had been married to Maria Carerrs
and bartolo Oliveros married Fernanda Gonsales in Oct. 1883.
From this time on Oliveros controls all of the block except
the south end sold to Lopes.
Some of Oliveros children are born there.
The Nicolasas Gomes stone house had several outbuildings a kitobh

4 Block at City Gates '
commonly referred to as "slave quarters", an outdoor oven, and a re
round well.
Oliveros bought the coquina house of two stories It is
described by a descendant ,a granddaughter as having the lower flo
floor set back on the north This is contrary to custom however.
After a time Oliveros pulled the coquina house down and built hh
self a two story wood house facing on St. "eorge street .
**** Reason for interest at this point is that portions of
*** the coquina remain close to the surface .Presumably of
the kitchen or so called slave quarters. Also the rim of the
round well is easily located unless removed in the past few
years Y 4
On the centre lot toward its eastern side is buried
the curb of a square well .
A curious story is told by a man,who has had the exper-
ience ,that in March listeners down these wells hear the drum
fish drumming at night.
This location was that of the famous rose tree writ.
ten about frequently in the 60s 70s and later.
It was a Sylphide and while proped up at times, was
grown to a trunk estimated variously from six to nine inches in
diameter. Oliveros used three foot shears in cutting rose
from a ladder.

40 :',t-eet of Sairi Cecj .c

Josef Carreras son of Pedro, and of Margarita Carnpos
of 37 years.
Juana Andreu his wife, daughter of Juan and of Angela
Caulas of 45 years.
Maria daughter of the said of 11 years.
Juana her sister of 7 years,
Angela Caulas daughter of Antonio and of Juana Ponz
Widow of 81 years.
Domingo Valls son of Domingo and of the afore-said
Juana. Bachelor of 22 years.


No. 138

Quesada's List
Year of 1790
Inventories, assessments, and
sale at public auction of the
houses and lots of the King.

Square No* Sj

No. 40 Rubble-work masonry house with lot of
Joseph Carreras with deed.

Tax c 1800
Square 6

40. House of coquina and lot of Jose '---. t' 'd.

Spanish Census
Ph. #15 Sheet 5.

Old Floridiana, Minorcans
Italians and Greeks.

Juan Carreras; Native of Minorca, C.A.R., he signed the Amor-
ial, he is a widower, his occupation Rum Seller, he has a store
and its grounds, his property, he inhabits the said store on
George Street.

Block 6

sarituras, 16 July 1784
26 February 1787


p. 268 Letter May 28 Juan jarrc-ria asks for formal confirma-
tion to him of house & let given him by Gov, Tonyn in
return for services ronder3d. (Howard certifies that
there existed deed of sale from Jesse Fish to Witter
Cummia of lot on George ZS" in Port Block, which deed
is lost. Btco;ert oFrder to natiefy Cu~rinin's creditors
lot was sold Aug. C, 17''3 to ths then Gov* Patriao
To yn. Document sij&e by; Tonyn of gift to Carreras it
dated May 28, 1785.

Block 6, Roeque 18.

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