Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Plaza Public Market
Title: El Escribano No. 54
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Title: El Escribano No. 54
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Plaza Public Market
Physical Description: Clipping/photocopy
Language: English
Creator: Carver Harris, J.
Wiles, Doris
Publication Date: 1964
Physical Location:
Box: 8
Divider: Plaza - Public Market
Folder: Plaza Public Market
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Plaza de la Constitucion (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Public Market (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.892549 x -81.311594
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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October, /964, No. 54 o
Published QuaAideldy by Ake
S;. Augudine HiLo/-4 caL Socie-iy
27/ C(hanloe Si eez, St. Auuvtfine, Fla.
J. Caznvel Ha/A&v (diton
/leoniabilia by Dotoij Wilde '"o eanly to market and ad late
/965 nembeniipo meeting: aj you can io battle. "
Annual fanua/y /2, 8 P. SpaniL PowveAb.
22 /an ine Srzeet, SL. Au~tutine.

/he nreglan. z qua/enlAd buAine4j meeiuan of lAe St. Auguitine lHitoi~icaL Society
wiLL be heild on Tuesday evening, Ocdober 13J-A, /964, ai 8 T, at tAe A/l. Ad4ociaiion,
Building, 22 Larzine Street. Afier a biLef buxine44 A4ewLon, a powram will be
pvenenxeed by lk., 7morn naAen, gen.eal Manage/i of IAe AmpkiJhea.tne and i4he jynpfonic
dnama, "Cn(o7w and Swond'.'.. /. lahnen, will exahlibU jome of/ Ate "pop' wULch A he ha
made, and wiUll ead a Leaume" of iie play. He haj aL~o p'ynLied io nead ite conplete
dialog f4no one on woo of ide dwrmaic 4cenee. A AociaL houL will foUlow he pnoqAmn.
The Public )tanhke PLace
In. anjwen. to many l.ecenr necgueJti fozn infoimunaon conceAninr Ae do-caUled
'RSave Aa~keit' in. the Plaa, we have cnopiled data frLor documenarLzy and o~en pimainY
ouAwce- available to the public in ouar ib/tza/y. Foa almost a cen!uzt, A&hi hals been
a contLAovenliaiL Ahiionic ji.e /7te mod.t itgnificanr fact naevealecd iA baf Ahene in
Si. Auquadine, in /598, a yji4em of weight and meazaAwe wai ejRablizeed fnr Ate pto-
teciLon of -the consumer, -te fint in iiA country.
Reywoldc TAe Siandand 9uide foi. 1890 of fer an explanawiion fon. He old maeekei
in. he Play acquiLing ie name of "'Save Mahene:t
"TAe open. iuciuA we on t/'e eazi end of AJe PLay iL cnomonly
pointed ouL a.i ike "old lave pen. on "'lave madeC', .
it wa intended fon a ven~ p/w~aic and comanonpace ule, ie
jale of meat and olieni food jupplie, and it uvs devoted to
thaf uae. /7e nrequizenenJt of St. Aug~utine long 4ince out-
Vn.ew tki4 pvimitive d;tyle of mant, and Aie Plapa manhe.t ha. be-
come a lounging place uA4ene idle/d bqzA in tAe dun and exchange
It uxw nor un-il tke influx of cum4otity seeking. &woq.4di.6,4

/565 = 7Te Nation'4 Oldedt Ciuy = Quad&.-C(eennnial = /965

aften. ie Civil ((bn. that anyone thouAw, of dubbing the
PLay make, a "-lave pen" on' "-Lave market. The en-
geniouLL p*to onapaen who labeled hLd views of iAe old meat
market "Alave pen" joLd 4o many of i&emrn to jenration hwvnAy
.tnanoged hat4 hAe haA 4ince ne;tiLed wiiA a competence.

Reynolwl went on o ay that Aie d~to u1n a told 4o open to ca.edulouw
vi.i onha aha oane l/e.ident4 began o believe i1 AIemrwelved.
Suwe.Ly the occasional 4a-Le of a &Lave to fontecloje a montage on. cloe an
en;lae i4 not 4uf/~ cienl evidence tAa/ Ae public man~ke could pnopenly be caUed a
"Slave a6de;t ", which uLuallUy denorte a place uLted excuively fon. he ba/dzeen of
A4 aveA.
During hie second Spanzih period, fReqauenb da-Led of 4-lavej fian one pennon io
anotihen. ane neconded in ;bAe 6~ciAunau, and in Aome in ndancei, IAe a-Le of many dZavej
bnwuhk into polt by hAip, bAd Ie place of a-le i not neoed. TAe Lali WiLL and
TeditamenLI of Caba&ina Ponz, dated Yune J), 18/8, however, cleanly 1a&fe4:
7 declane mo/eoven aj my pzopeluy a Neqaej4, by
name Lauweana, aboul /5 yean old . whom 3 bouJi fiwan
ite Aold of ite Ponugue4e acAoonen. caLled Topacio bnjoughi
into Aih ha/lnbo/; i 37 declare i.a. i may be seconded . "
TAid may have been tze cuatomanAt pwiceduze to puwchaje lJavee diAectly fPan
ite 4Aip, zaAhent Aan fnoA any paroicuuan. Location ashone.
In. a -LeAel. .o bte SpanihA CRoun, wi-uen. fiwm St. Auwiuine on Febuwaty 23,
1598, 9ovenrva. onoalo A2ende de anz.o jaid:
". a/fen. my anAiva-l caused a makeI place to be
ebtIabli4hed, whene evetngbody could come ;o 4eLL, and
hou ea fon /04 fh and meat mainkeit, when then.e would be
weiqh. and meauAe, wuLch Aen"etofole had been Lacking .
How Long IAjin f/Ld, manlkel endwued, on i.t exact Locati on in tIe PNla~ i no.
wnoun. it pwobaU.y u0j in. ;ie ead- end of iAe NPLaa, neaw. to I1e haibo.t Landing. Not
uwnii a -.ea/wCt of. bie Spani4h. documents fon ;ike period /598-1763 i made will we /jww
wiAk ceAtain u
On. ebueany /0, /763, iee TIeaiyo of Pani gave FLoAida to ~neae Bnitaain.. uan
gode t6ixLo de la uenrde made a map of Si. Au udine dabed ]anua/yv 22, /764, al ike
lime of Ike SpanihA evacmuai.on. Oh iIt Aenwe L Ahoun a building in. ie apptowximale
Locai.ion of ihe pn.eenr manke.. /7L U ij identified aC "No. 24: Stone Aouwe of Ike
King, uwed a te Main 9uand Houle. "
TAe building on. ie bayftrn 4houn in ike ni3iAh dLawina of Novenben, /764,

entitled '4 View fPjom he govenuwn.on Window" may have been AitLi 9uand lHoue.
/7e map of 1/75, by Ie Bai-L~hA engineer famed loncLef 4 oh ow a building in
ihe apptroimate location of. lie above.
7The Thanaaw effjLe4 map of 1769 cleanly iden ified lie building a Ie guand
DuAin. Ae BALdh penlod, tene wLA a manJet wit6 a maAnke bell and beam 4cale4,
undea. ite cuadody of a cleAk of iAe makee, Jbaibd ie locafi.on La nrw. given. 7A/.
mankei wz undoubtedly in ite Papa, fo/t Ahonily affei Flo/ida uw neifunned ;to Spain,
ihe enginee/t flaiano de la Rocque made a map, dated Octoben. //, 1784, accompanied by
a document dec/l.ibing. kte condition of vanLiouw public pwopen/tie, among. Ahem:
The P'ontiico of ie lan/ike and ButcAe/L. Shop
"The manike; ha/ jeve/nal ;&aLlU in ve/vj bad condition,
and all of iAem ioaeYAenz foim an iLand of 25 vazna
in pton. and 28 vanaa- in depiJ nean lthe jea hAone
at i'e entnance o ~e PLap. "
A SpaniAh vana i. appooximat e/ly 33 izcAze, w/ich would make te e dimen.ioon
abouw 68 fee.t 9 inchke on .Ae fonw by 77 feet deep.
Fouar ean. laten, de -la Rocque had co-npleed Aki mone detailed map of .te ai.t,
in wAicA Ae .howj te P laya, deictuibed as Squar.e /9. In Jte Locaction of
ALe peeent man.ket i.j a it'.ctulue having &en 4ectiorn, de.ciLibed a4:
( FoUwt ec.ion1 rnumbened /49) A dlaaonay houde wii. vandtoua jeciaonr, mod of
Aemn wiitouLt /of4 in fain condition, owned by
Aie Qwowz.
(Two jectLonm ane numbered 150) Timbel fArame Aouxie witA one madonay panfUiiLot and
some jpli LaiaA, in bad condition, owned by yuan
Fnancdico Annau; Lot owned by Lte Car.ou
(One decaion id numbered 15/) Wooden section in bad condition owned bt bte

(One 4ection nnbened. l52) Wooden section that delwej az a P7ubic Buwcke/L
(Anoien. nunbea/ed /53) alleay on connzidon of tAe jame; wood.
One mnad l ec ioon n paamageuay behLeen /50 and 1/5 Ld not rumbened.
TAhi "i'Land" wiiA itd ten diviLionr, ij nouaL in the jame location an kAe
founen. 9uand #ouwe. On Decenber 3/, 1788, de La Rocrue aeponted fie nepWail a:W had
been made on Cwo.n pnopenty Of Mee "Public Butc/Ien Shop" he ,a~ :
"Thid Apace haj been encldoed witd 370 pine t6akej wit.
double banda to the .ame, Leaving, hiA windows wiLLc ane

closed witk huvtef w of boandA; and in. ie pont, a doon
witA Leaved haa been made; Aie mnaLLen a L cLozed wiAt a
Zatc., and ike main one wit. Loch and key on. Ite outside,
with conneipondin iwonwouv; and Ie 4elinA tabLe haD
been enlageed; aLZo it /oof haj been nepaited witA
4hake4. "
,7n Aid aenenal nepont of de city of St. Auumtfine foP ike yeat /789, de La
Rocque 4ayA that
"Sn de idand caLLed iAe anqu ea within Ae c y and
Loohkin. ioutn/d ie 4ea, .ie/Le ale jome maonry q ua/,de/a,
.te wauZLL of w/hic ane in good condition. "
In. thede Ae I.ecommend4 eaabli&king iAe guand houwe {ozn. iAe niqu! on. ptincipa.
,uazd, wit/ noom enou h Po. an offLcen., ,en4eanr, wo con-polza&, d/ummen. and twelve
men, making a Ahed on /oomwon fo4 iue truwop4 and dfoniage foxn i&e anm4, witiA wo ceLLi
fon. keeping& iLe panLoneuj, and two cAimnrey on .te nona.k ide. On tie aouiA jide,
Ae 4aid uwn alinoie4t ,pace fozn punboai equiLpnenl, and iAe pand .to tie ea.i "n.emnain
a butche/t Awop and public nmanhe. "
7n .iLuy, 182/, FLoida wute ceded to bize United Siate. /2amon de La C(uw made
an invendtoy of ike pubLic plopenLy being. iAaneflenmed f!omn Me SpanizA CAiuwn. io Aie
U. S. aovenmenit. temn No. 17 on ihe invenron.y iL a Ai/ULciuue called
7Te Beef X,?ket
'"LL iAe Q9ound wAik 'tAi occupies and -e Squane No. /9
belong to &he qovennmend, aitougA ienle an.e aome marna
houole elected by individuaLj. -Ie above ediLfice conjijts
of a nquan.e haLL. /ke ouAt f/zoniL id a ating. of ve/iLcal
wooden baA fAom 3 -to 4 incAe4 in iAichkaea, having oo
eninance doonv, eack of ie tingLe Leaf a L 'cpanoL, upon a
pai. of Ain.e. One of -ieje dooz haa a boLt Lock and key
and in. Ae inside a Looje ion pin. /kle oAe en. /a dwo of hJuede
&ion pinz fo faj.ten i inside.
On Mte eadi fwont ienl.e id a gnaAingr 6 f/eeid Aa and fomn
3 to 4 feet wide, wiidh ix venidicaL ijon balt and a wooden
/ie fLoo. of ice 1won iA of conene, and in it ethene id an
oak block 33 inclke in diameten. and 3 feeit thAick. PatnaUeL
;to the eaAta uwa i a counrten of pine wood /0 feet Lonr and
5i feet wde, 4# feed igA. The courier oinx ie rnow/t uaL
wijt a doon 2 feet wide and 4 feed 8 incied / iqA, on a paiA of
"rjrhn" ru~e^."

FAan ;ie Minute Bookd and OndLnance Books of tke C-ty Couunci Amn /182/ on,
it La obviouWs ~at AL4 ;d Au.ciue wa4 uied ad a public maAkeY- fo. P e dale of meat.
]ud Vmnvee mondhd afpen. Ihe change of flay, an oAdinance wam paozed nelai&ve to
ie killing and pnepanaei.on of "beeves, jAeep, h~oA on kiAd' an. .te malCket, and the
cLek A wai c/iticLed flon aLLowing unwholesomne beef 4o be exposed (on. male.
The ComiM-ee on PubliLc PAwopenf, however, conidened ie rnaLL wooden buildin
and jAedd elected on iJe qguare a pubic nu.Lance, and neconmnended ,ieLi naonovaL
ax A.}ey pnouduced ittle on. no revenue and Apoiled ,ie appearance of ile P aya. T
;tone man/kei, however, could remain, uril a mone j4u able place could be provided.
SiaL.U were nenred by ite monrk. 7he 6asi F-lohida Henaald cav/iLed Aie following
ad on %anuany, / 182]:
SiaVLL in kAe AlalkeL
TAe Bu&c&en. SaLU in ike Public /Ia/aei will be joLd
on TwuAday next, ai eleven o 'clock A. Condai.on.
made Aknown ai lime of jale. By onde. of Aie Iayon.
Wil iam 9. DaviA
Cua laAaLL
A fee of l2~j2 wau changed Lon having iMe malnkei cLeln naecond in a book iAe m4AnA
and bAandi famn ite headc and Aide4 of Aie canca44e- offered fon jale, whkic wene, ine--
qui.ned to be bnoughi ton inzpecion, pneumaLablUy onz pnoof of ounendhip. T7e mank'e-
opened at daybn.eah and closed about // AM, bef(one Je iea ; of lie day, fon iene u, a
no Lce.
Ondinance4 fon i;de neaularion of i&e ma&nkei, and &ie d&iLeA of iAe clenh wenq
pa2ted, amended, nepeaLed, and new ondinancej pa ed. RepaiAn wene made ~orn ;ime
.o time, and ite building. ua" peniodicaUly wukiieunxied.
Sn. /ay, 1823, ike Ci, Council agreed io puLL doun an oLd waLl adjoinig Aee
maikei on iAe nonih. A JoAnn Lonenzo una given ide contiaci (on. taking. doun -iike awUl
and cleaning and piin&. ide afone. He aLdo builW a public well ai iA n time.
ATe foLowing DecembeA, ia became appa/tened iAai a new madkeei building uins recuin ed,
and a carmidtee ,ua appointed io dnaw a plan and ae. e4iimaiej. MAr. Dianiel gandin.e
Received .he contiac
". .. fon ie building of a mahnkei houie io be enec&ed
on ie public uan.e nean .o whene Aie oLd mankei now zandd
and cenital on ide quan.e non/v and out,. .."
to be confomwab-e to a plan dawn by AL. Van vouwt, fon/ ie ium of $480, .tak4in
secuavt -Aa-t tAe houze be bullt of good mawteniaL agaeeabLe to pAopoaLas sub&nited.
G. ,une 10, 1824, hid bill utd ondened paid, including an ex1ia $S0 feon addiUional
wotk. The mayon ucw Atena aLdAoniLzed to cont/'acw oan ide ceiling. of ide maztket houie

and fon building .aix buichen ziiaLL and found vegetable d6aLL.
TkLa new manihet buJding. wad Lenl.ouliy damaged by a i~opical ;o/n on Ocioben
2, 1825.5 7e fPlolowinyg yean, Iie mankeit waut nebuWit, and in 1827, fouA mone ,all"
welne added.
Aboud /83o, a depana6e fL~i manJe. unwa buLLi, ea~d and a Littz e ouLIA of Ae
meat manwket. T/hiL .j owln on. Ae H/nonn dcwawinq, ca. /840, whAch alo AowtA ~.Le
beef manet cwouded with cuniomen4j and Ake butchzeni behind JieLU counleneA.
In /852, it ew,' reolved A4at no IaleA Ajould be made untiL .te manwet bell had
been nung. A cwrniee uxi appointed to ajceia zin de cot of a Juitable beLL and 4o
have a p/wpen cupola on beZL fz con"iaucied on Jh e beef maln/ei.
One of tAe mozjt intfonmaive oldinanceJ wan p ibUizhed in ie Local pnrej on
Apnil 7, /855. S- 7iayp in pan-:
'. . heneaflen wiAern onl one pennon vendc meat in ;Ae
manei du AingA, ie nreular mo,~zin manhke, Ae AkaL divide
hi, mea-t aJ equalUy a- may be done, and pLace te.e jame on
zwo jta-Ll on .ableis io be elected by Aim io auid Ai.t
convenience; bui when mo.,e iian one pe/ujon Aiiadl vend meat
dunino kAe &ime afoneraid, one pnidy haLaL uwe ItJe hwo non/A
Jide ta.ZiA on. table, and tie olimen ,pa/uy Aie jouLA Aide
a~ljl n on tabled; and ktbe paunty w/o ~0'Li /!ai hAi meat in itke
manihei in tie mo/zJnin IurUAal have Yie electionn of iAe ital.L;
and if any diapuae haL occuw in n.e-iaiion thenebo, i".e xame
/haLl at once be decided and jetteLed by 6ie (CijA i1 ant~Aa a.
cen' of tie mazezt.

. whilt beef cafe ane jeLLing ai ie pnelen-t hAiA priced
lAe pernon on pen~onrs vending meat in aid i ianke- ane Aeneby
au toni ed to chane eigAk cenr e pen pound fon. ie hind quanAen
Cand jfve cenmi pen pound Ion. Zie fore quanen., and no mone, ie
CiLy Council ne.enving. lie nig} .o aLen o. modiZf yiexe 4aeW
aA cliAcum~4ance4 may j~Ldify.

. tAa wen any taintedd, uniond, on meat do poon ax ;to be
unlfit oa unwha-lexome fan. food, fowl, ame on Qeien. meat, tvAdle, and a ny diaLe on uruAolde.omne ftiuwt, vegetable on. o;len
anti.cled of p/oviLion. laaU be offered faon iaLe by any pelzonx in
xdaid mfrf et, L dhaLL be ie of ie daid Ci-i /MalhaLl not
only o p/even.t ie jale 1kenaeof, but he haLL cauje le iame oa
be nso',4 and deiotyed ait ie expense of lie ouneen, lee pa~ten~
of. u ',' be enforced by l.g befon;e Wie mayon. ."

111~ iijhr

..IiI~Ijv-~ _

2-2 / <

...........S-i. (&e..wn.., oa. /84
Ai BwI fomi.a ~z ~bLcA~J

Won-canpliance witA MAe -enmn of dte ordinance uud puinihabLe byu fine on. im-
pni.Lonment, on boi.
An 1858, Aie Council ondelned tMai4 wAen beeve4 weae bnjouht into mankei witkA kAe
ean maAkd obli~enaied, lie Cib / MahAall >Aould -take chane of Wie /idee until Ae
bnaund could be accwznamae-y ajcen&ained. The tanJAaLL wuz aLso directed to inspect Jie
butcken. peni daily, and examine Aie p &dtiaculan beeves to be jlaug~ en/ed forn Ja-e JAie
fol owing moAning, io prevent ie jale of di-eaed beef. Fon ijL he received J37J
pen day.
An. /861 an ordinance pwnohkbiied ie 4Le of beef, po~ni, faik and vegeiable.e on
any otien. in. iAe man&ke on ,4onej on Sabbait dayA, bui provided for JaLe of
Aie e iLLems between zhe Aouwt of 3 and 9 YT on Sa.nda JA.
F/om la/nc. 29, /862 io }anuanLy 23, /866, ie (i-y Council did no- meet because
SL. Auquwitine u n. occupied by Fe,'enaL iwoopi. Pzevioui iLo tze uXn., however, the
manket place Utm aLo uwed [fon put.poie oiJlen. 4an ie 4a-Le of pnovi.~ono, afien. ie
moanrin manhke hiou/n,. 3, ,tn Alene fAaf aie Local auciLoneei e held ,aLe4 of bo.A
neal and pen.onaL popendy. One eeciion of an onzdinance pigeed in /855 fonr Aie p uvri e
of nainruj rLevenue Afn. the cidy ,dalej 4h4aL a i ax of i .OO wuldC be chaeled on. all
auctioneeiua and ofien. pe 1Aoni uAiin. ik-e pubLic manikei place foln ie saLe of anrj
And Aie ciwitom of ujinZig ie public manJkei fo(n jAudi plain loafinq iz noi new.
On. ilh 8, 1840, ;Me Sf. Auwjftine Ve,".j Aaid 1'zai ike mankei waum being. whiiiewaukhed
'Io make ii Aweet fon. ire e.speciaL comnont of Loafen.i and
idLent. /7TLI accompLI!Aed, ilt i.LLL folm a deLigitifpul nze-
in.eaf fozn. napzochC and l.oiZe ie o smoke .egand, cool ;tIei.
coppen. and take a nap upon .ble meaf liaLb. "
When. ite Council reconvened afCen, ie u.Vn., new ondinanced wene pax4ed, one of
ike find being, fo negulafe he jale of beef in lie mankef. On Auuif /15, 1870, iLe
Council aiked fon bidA ;to build a bnAic fIoon. in Lie beef manhef, and ihLip ncme I
unw awanded it-e coniraci, having. made tAe Low bid of 225. 00. Byn /ovemben // Aike wok
un canompleed.
In /878, a new make uwaZ4 Auegedifed. In JuwLa, a cmnmiitee necanmended Aie con-
4iAuciion of a &empolany mankei building, on a ciuy Lof, io co0i about $200; fie
'p.eeni beef maznket o be vacated. n. Aua wu, plan, wene accepted and bidL received.
AA. Sam Cook aotf lie contact fon canpentu. and ma4onrn2y, and Lumben. uan puncha4ed fnan
/in. Kwnoudton.. n. none of iJeje inrdance4 ia i&e Location of Aie new manret made
known, but an ordinance peaded in 1882 4fa-e tj fat
". . evenA day in ie week ( Sunday excepted) AhaLL be
and i Aeleneb appointed a pub-ic mank~ef day witkmin tkL
ci.t and tiat fie manLkei building now uaed a- a mankef on

/opdpiUal Stneet i~ Ae/ebyb declared the public market
of Aite C. of St. Au~guwine".
Reference fo he map of I;e central pm of ie ciu, dncun by A. HolmJ&
Armnido .n i Sept 27, /877, jhow ithe ckhool building occupying ike ciy lot on Ae
wel, aide of Hocqpital ( now Avile} SieeL. 7Ae malzke wau doubiless on ie ead
.ide of iAe .z&eet, oppozitee je cool, aL tzLj Lot um4 aLso in public oune"Akip.
Meanwhile, iLe S. Aug~awine ffote- had been built on ikze non&ieadt connen. of
Chaa oiL e Steei and ie Plaa. On Sepiemben /6, /878, Cap&ain 6 6. Vaill, wAo
had acquineed the pinpen ty f nm F. 'almei, n.equeted a Leaze of tLe Old /a/Ike. and
ie paat of ike Plaa eaAi of -ie ciiu well, {or 5 yean~. 7Te condidena;tion u-n $1
pen yean, bad AL. Va~L al o aqneed -o pu, a new owof on hie mai~ei buildiLn and a&o
io plan ai Leajt 20 cedaA o on. ote onnamenia&l itee4 on ;te Boundd, and puLd duabL e
waLtk and oNvamen;ai. on in and a/uund ike Laya.
ATe bell fAo ie old maankete ux4 ed in ite new building. ack buicAden. uX"
given a ket, and about ite fLiAh manhei and 'e new beef maikei were io open ai 5.3p A0
even day except Sunday /Te ci. -Lo&t ouiA of ite new maikei wua placed ai the did-
po0aal of people coning into foxn. fi n feeding. ezinL diock.
7an /187, W.S. A. Pinkham W a gAan ed a yean. Leaje on tILe room Aou.i of ithe beef
nmaf&/ke adjoining ie "ci. mule dlable" fon S/6 pen annum.
In /882, ii uwtz decided -o build a new fi A mlnanke, tie buLlding io be placed
40 feei eadi of ite eea a and 50 feei non~A of the imiena Zof Zeaoed &o Co-modole
Dougla4. (/TAi uaj on Bay Sit&eei, opposite ite proemi&ej of /i.l M.ang.anei WoidA' -
hie o-called "Won~/ Houe'") 7Ae mane-i ,vh io be 25 x 25 feei, built on. ione pie/~
and connected to hie seawll by a brniie /5 feei wide; wiMh a &in noof and la ctied
4ide4, containing 8 Aialli. InA Decemben, /882, ith wonh wau no ye; done, bui ia
uwanj dued .ed -i/af tie public mankei be n.enoved fzm ii pnreeenti location and placed
upon pillar oven ie seauall aouiM of Wie bain, at Aie fooL of King SieeS,
.o 4eave az a FLdh, Beef and Vege-table Aranke, -o be coni acted lo ite lowed, bidden.
T7hiLd ta n.oi done.
n. Novenbee, /883, a canmintee u~ named io select a izie and dcaw plan, -and io
ecute e-i&matee fPon a mead and vegetable malzkei because ite ci4t "had been widAou
a AuLiable matizei f/Lo. te pami two yea/Lt. A location waU selected adt Ae fooL of
Hpooliia Sinteet, plan were d aun w Ak. /L ank e, and bidL.a received. A A. 7.
lace i- go hike contact /on. buildingg jLone pien o fon $857. However, te Ciiu Council
U4 informed by Col. H. 9. 9i.bjon of ite 31td An1tlley A tha ie jeauzll belonged io
kAe U. S. oventwveni and MAai no ziempading. would be penmnited. An appeal wan made
io the govenwnent au eon;tiej. Noi}ing, came of it.
A No venber. 1884 and again in Novenben /885, Maylon. ohn 9. Long made specific
ecannendation4 to ike Council about hie cit.c make. e jaid thadt e pnedenr

cz4y sto Iw t ne ohme4 Amnidown
II \T7? /r SepemnbezL 27, 1877

-------- --------------- --- "S


wNatcLy( a12dez6deke 4

ai L L 4-J1

7aC-vpe' Srtieei
(Avenida llen.ender;


L '_vaT

SoY.2 I41

St f'caiq S'Liet,

iecrA / o -dt to rfle n-i


"* .=-

*S^l //A/,/)i

Le-1/ntal PctT-l-

manke- uMv unfair fo.t ite puypoje foln. wich tk au w intended, boii a.6 io conriwAucdon
and location, and i. endaeneed ite public heaLik. He eecanmended cie puuacha.e of a
4udiable jiite Lon a public mankeid and the eweci&-on of a building. iAe/eon a,4 Aoon ac
poAible fon. tke Aale of fiAh, ftedA meat, pouLtyin, vegeiabled and count,&y produce,
in a cenAal location. 9i, would affond a ,Levenue to tIe ci"u. /TAiL uLA not done.
On ApaJl //1, /887, a diaj/out P einAe den toyed mucA p.opeAn. in IJe PLaga an.ea,
including all buit -ie majonry wonlh of Jke old malzei. On gune 6, Aldeunman giLbbj
moved .4aif i.e cLeak be auioonizLed -o "/teceLve prwopoAal& wi i pLanr and ipeciLi.caion.
to ned-.on/e iMe old (Alave?) (i.Lc2) manhei t4o be aj nean. like iLe fonmeln building aj
po4oibLe. 7n aanuany, i888, itL. A. P. Coi/niA conrtacted 4o nLebuild Ae AJnueuctwze
fon $800. A, tie ame time a Aea. d cypnteA pavemneu ma. corniniucied around A-e Plapa
at a cozi of $3, 360, and i uILn decided io covei fAe old nmahe, wAii a blue ALaLe noof.
The Council aLio decided &o fill in tiLe matke-t buainm a.t itL- time, and lin. Conni
buiLt a new ciity jail. BuLt lie cily t ill did noi have i&A new manhel.
In 1889, anrwoean auu appointed io seleci a Audiable iie fon. a make.
and tl. B. 6 enovanL iubmnidied pLana fon. a building. /I. ftlcOonald, wkoe opinion utd
Ahig)ly e.teened, /.ecormended ika. lie plan be enlanaed io admit 3/1 ,tad i n'tead of
Aie /6 planned by enorvan.. lLeanwuile, .ie fivn of WiLLon & Kinkpaitickt wu;oe Ah
C(-y Council pnopoting to conI'Auci a building. to be Ineady fon uwe in 90 daty on a
convenient location, and take a lea-e fo.z /0 to /5 yeait-, allowing ie ciu 25% of
ite pnwceed of j-taI, nentA; aLL improvement ,o n.even d to de ci.L a-t ite ex-
pina.z.on of.e e leaze.7
lIeanwAile, /h. Flaglen. had completed &i houel&, and coniAtuctinq a buildidb
on hLd pn.peeA.d between St. 9eonle, iHpoiLa and SpXani Sh.eei- ite pLzejenr C-i.u
On lay 2/, 1890, lie C(i. Council entered into a lea.e iwvi Ait1T Flaglen fon
mentall of a poniLon of i building jiiualted on iAe nonriea.l co/nnen of SpaniAh and
Hypolita, foa. 20 yealn, fol a public maAJke. An ordinance u ,a poaed on
Decenben 6, 1890, gove/nin, ie 4ale of mea;j, f(ij and vegeZables lie/zein, and pw-
AibUing, iAe jale of fReAh mea-&i and dALe.eed pouLLtAy at any oizen. place in Aie ciht.
Renr of 0~'i-aLL ran $5 pen. moanA, on $4.50 fo -two on more nzered to iAe amce pane ,
Fnw Ocoben. / io AntpLL J) he maznAe. opened aiz 5 AM and closed ai /I AM1; the r,,aniindeAt
of ithe yean. i. opened at 4 A4 and closed a /t0 tiO except Satiunday wten id remawiALd
open until //.
The ean.o and hide wen.e n.equia.ed to be examined by iAe market cLenAJ and each
occupazt w ui znea,.ined to &iAoaoutly clean Ai 4hi LL and block evety day a c doing,
time. /Tia ordinance .eemn io have A.eaained in effect until dAe expiAa7ion of. jAe
lease in /910.
.n /9//, -an ordinance pawoviding. fzo njctzeening wiLA wine places of bu!inezv whetie

foodiuf4f& were oLid jeenm ;o utfed Atai iAe public manket had been dlscondinued.

/. 5aji FRLoAida RapenL, ITejamentany Plnoceedinap, icAwofilm Reel /4: '"7nventa/io4,
Ta"zacio.zes y Division de Loj bLene4 aue Aan quedado pon /faecimLen~o de Dn. Yuan
Andaeu y Da. Ca~fLal a Ponz, No. 8.
2. gonpLo Mrenrde de Canro to PUAip 2nd, Feb/-an 23, /598, A9 54-5-9; Woodbu~,
LoweVz Collec1ion, i4Lcw~flmj Reel #4.
3. Chaide L. Iomxd: (ad RoAda aj a Bat LiLh w Pvince, /763-/784, U. of Califoniaa
P2.eza, /943, p. /7; and "SA. Au1wutine UndelL te Ba/ith FLaP, /763-/775", FLoidaa
HistoLcaL Quaaieni, Vol. 20, p. 146.
4. Teaiuon.iaL Papen~ of dhe Ulnited Staite, 7enni-te/o oi F onida, Vol. 22, p. a94.
5. 6(a~' FRLo,&ida Henald, Octoben 4, /825.
6. Book of Leawed, 1866-1894, Cuiy of St. Auqitine, pp. 58-60.
7. Cuti- Councid Co/,teipondence, WiLhon & Kinp2axiiLick to lie Boand of Aidewnmen,
Iay 28, /889.
- .CiU-t Ccm nisjon Alinute Bookls, 182/-18,8.
- Ci-yi Ondinance/.i, /821/-/i5.

l00 Yeaa, Agyo : Captain Y. }. Dickion

/oln H. I/. Van %oden

7Ae wiVthdnaunl of Lange Aegmentlj of Zie Confedenirte fonceo to meet iAe FedenaL
onilzau}Jf in VLainia Left i&',e defenLe of /lolLida io a modeiznate ji 5ed folnce befolte
cackJonvdile and hto YnaLL canpeniej of lie Second Lounida CavuLr.y undenz Captain. .
). Dicklaon alaound PaaiLa, uauppiemerrded bIy ite to1rped0o e/.vice and a moiley atnai of
mLLidtia unit .
FotZunateLy fon/L te Confede~nate cauwe, (apaina DicL zon um.d equal io Athe -ad
of defending, lie indenion.v of iAe ,-tae jouVJL of %6ackonviUJe.
DicAiLon, a naiLve of ViTinia, had Lived fon. a number. of uea'u in 9eonetoun,
SoutA. Calwolina, befo/.e moving io AManiLor Coundiy, FlRoLida, in 1856. Jn SotuAd Canwoina
he had been active in lie cava.wl of lie -idae miliia and had acquiAed conridenable
milUtatIy bac4owund befolLe becoming a Ronida planrde. A. lie oui.bneak of iAe C(viL
Wan. he had helped fonm lie Ilhanion Lik.t Afzilleny and jentved ai Finwi Li.eudenant of
tAa- company a, Feznnandin.a unril .ie undi uaz i/an.~fennaed &o / in ie 4p-ing.
of l862. DichAidon Zeft iAe compzn at aiAa. ime t.o / foAtm A oun. cavaLi c mpanpy

'The n.ejuLt wua Company, )/, Second Flonida CavaVy, onganiled at Floa2nd Pond, va4Zion
Count, in Auqujt, /862.
M~odt of IAe lfoowina. 6wo yean.. weRe ipen. on nsouine patn o, econt. and jcoud-
ing openaZioonr witA te Confedenaxe fonceAl in Flonida. At 4imee4 }e company 4zzkini-hed
with FedenaL fonceA nean ackornvie, and r'Paiata. LeA fteguently4 Dchi.M on had
oppo.tundlie4 to demonwdnate iAL faciical abilitiLe leading Ahi company aa an indepen-
.denr uni.t on ,naicd aaainfi .rinalma Fedenat ouipo~xdi on bodies of Ztoopt. SevenaL hime,
he ambuizhed and defeated No, tenn unita awound St. Auquj6ine and on .ife /Load between
St. Autau dine and YackJonvLiU e. Pala.ika erved aj Ahi baze dunwnn. Itee opena dion.s.
Much of /hi time Ian jpeni in defending. Pala Jaa on. eepinga Fedea-L occupation folnce.
confined to thAe ci-4y and blohjing a. tempno -to naid into he ineznio/..
The Fedenal advance up lie St. ohn''A in zie ~ning o /864 and ie concu,.en,
Con edeinae inan.fen of twopi tio Vixiinia gave Dijcixon hAi. yeaied oppon dunzi
i7n mid--Aay, /864, Dickioon cnoAw ed -te uppezn S;. ohn',j beg&innin. one of ALi
mon. rneankable expLoU.A. On ite 194th, DickJion aitacked and captawed Fedenal out-
po0At at Font 9aidex and Welaha, takingg 56 pAiwonenA incLuding. two otficenu. Sending
Ahi pAixuone/nr to Ae zea/7, Dickixon napidl~ nzefu/ned to Ate ralaAiza anea, but ze
event ;touched off by hAix laid had ijuxIt begun. A. Aoon ai wound of Yie capbtuAe of the
ouLpot R.eached Fedenal heaaduanitena in (ackionville, eenenal eonge H. 9ondon pud
hki fonace. in motion touvnd VoLuxia Counrt in a pmtiL.ive expediJion. to captuze
Dic~~ion and pznoecd Jhe remainingg Fede/nal out oo;l in ake anea
A ,aiee f~.ce St. Auauitine moved joutwad by land, while Mie main body
moved upni.venr aboard tnanpontu and punboati. When t.e atenzboznne force ReacAed
?Palata, de aunboat Otauwa and kte ;Ianaipon't Houopton anchooed off ite town, while
.tke anmed cteamen Columbine loaded wit trUoopo moved upitneam in the ajaUowen unaen/
above ize to'zm T7haa niAt, tMay 22nd, LDickAon '.i cava&in, r.einforced b'1 two lihJt
field gunx, opened fine on tLe Otiauw and tiLe //ouAhton. Ike aunboa-t uwa tnuck 37
timeA, ie Jtanapont 3 -imex, buit te Aeavy Fedenza punx, dove off Dici jon.'s force.
Dickixon moved up4ftneam to awit Ate e&-,un of Ae Columbine. On Ae following
evening the Fedenal iteamen. annAived oppojiite HoLtie Landing. AA Ake dcLew in nange,
Dci.cixaon opened eine witz hAi field gunw. One of ite fL'zxi zoundj W toze auny Ade
vexiel '. dtee/nin chains. #en. pilot jumped ovenlboand and the Columbine nan agnound
on a .and ban. DicLion '4 antillenA kept pounding. aaun at he taqnded uanxiLp, wkiLe
ALd small anmm' fLze naked Aen decIk. The navy( off-iceici tnled to onganZie a defense
of dteei. vexel, but the milling Neqwo noopc on tAe deck and the accuracy of Di.ckiLon'4
fite, cuLing. doun any man wAo approached tie unvxAhpp'. a uo qaunr, tiflZed tiein& eiffot.
Aften4 loing 20 men, hey wete forced to junende/z -e Columbine and ie nenain ln 65
men aboard eA. FeanLfu of te mone powe ful O;aawa, anc/onzed onrl a few mile auv,
Diickion bwuoed -ike vemiel and man.cAed awaxy wit. ALi- pzLi-onen/~. The snaima Confedenate

once, of a decd&on of adideyu and 2O hAanpakooi.eAd, 4uffe..ed no
cauual.Le in. &ie actLon.
/he following. month wene filled wiA almond, con4tanit 4zkinmi4hina. and nawiding
by DLckijon '1 cammnd. Seldom defeated, Ae conriAdentILy fAutdiAaed Fedenal effort
io penebzawe 6te inZe/zLo of Flonida. //id zeaiedi juccej occwuzed on Augu~l /7,
/864, when Ae attacked and /wLued a Fedenal a iding Pzce of 342 men at aainejvile,
cap;wing. oven /40 of iAe Nonl/ennelw and ALiLin. many mon.e. Dick/ion.'4 fon.ce of
about. /75 men. Loi / man AiULed and 5 wounded. 7Te tAemendouw pnopon&on of Fedenal
lo44ej inz fiA action n.eveal only one ide of Yie decisive naZua.e of fil action.
/loe impouanu. &o iAe people of Fionida, uwa e e nLeuLL&in1D Fedena decision Zo abandon
all offenziLve effotPiA againdf ike irdeuion. of Aie ,da&ie. Fon tAe zerwainlng months
of ike UVa., eajneenn and cenhaL FLo&ida enjoyed companalive peace, a.d Ate Fedenal-
concean.raied on Aolding %ackjonviLLe, 56. Auqud&ine and Fennandina. FLohida would faLL
only a4 iAe n.ejult. of Con. edenai.e defea, on oule4 fieLls.

We 4e.gne ZAai ouA. zepaLa conidibutdon i. Luiz R. Anana haa been unable to
funniAA uw wiU, ma.eiaL fPo i i../ Lnue. "Ha Pa/ado /ucAo Tiempo" will be Wneuumed
in owu next.

Leien" famn S-. Augu.fine
St. Augujwine, Nov. /2, 1845

Mly dean. SiAu
No apologq wa4 needed fon. any uwe wAhich you may ee fii io make of whaa 3Y Aave
waniti en.
73 4aaU be ve.ny happy -&o ee you henle, kAo' 3 n.ev ei Ae neceji.:ty of toou.
Leaving home. 3 have been Aelze but five on aix dayC and cannot anuwelt o well a.
3 could widz you/ inquiuy in A.eepeci io teacAing. Mn. Andelion, ite Ladyq wiUA wAom
we boaid, !pea/k doubtfully you might ye pupiLd enougA in one on mone of like lainuaae4
wAicA you mendlon l o pay& you uay & you mitg- noi. 3 le enienaewUy an ignoanai
S1paniA and ne:w popula-tion & Pr owe4andium & dcAoo4L find bu, a meayte juppo~t. TAe
few AmeRican famille Anee ale, I3 Aould judge, of a fadAionable chanacienz & pay mo'te
4eApeci io (Ie ouwvand jhow tAan io iAe inuvaid adonnin. S&iL 37 may do tAen inj zLce.
We t/enained in SavannaAh wo week. We had /5 consecutive day of wha/ we hvouLd
call fine Indian, lunmen a6 iAe nonkA, jen.ene & mild, 4ilW, fon. ihe mo0e panL, a balmy
aiL. Since, i. has been moze cold and changeable. /7zeTe haa been bed a liLa foDJ

The expense of coming hete id a follows:

Bo4ton to New Yonk $2.00
New Yonk to SavannaA in a
good bAl 20.00
Savannah to St. Augutine /2. 50
The Ladt i by t6eam boat & veVn pleasant, except tie lait 18 mi. which ane by
,iage. We pay $6 a week fo. boanld fon. an adulf. oPobably boand can be had foPn $5
pen week. You can have he ue of a poney once a day fn. abou $/.50 a week, uzin,.
Aim uwo on. iJzee AouLA at a time. Then.e iU a jea-wuaL, mon.e than a mile in LenteA,
2 f. wide on fop, which affond a good oppo tundy fan. ruling.
AfIectonlaie & taLy ytoun.L,
/P / B. 8. duade.
To Rev. 7?ow. Bind
9ilmanioo, New HamnpAkLze.

St. AuVgiLine, flha.c 12t, /852
FL-day mo ning.
Dean. Sienl.:
YeAtendauy fon. hAe fLUit time -inrce we have been in. St. A. we Pzongoz it us mail
dac6 You wiL wondeen. what we had on hand of jo much consequence to make u.6 "di.Ae-
menben" itAhai all impontani day wLc wchwe mank time byL fi Ai. / hza been confined at
home fon. dome 10 on. 12 dayd waik jevenal of }ob j ComfoniA and yetienday dete/mnined ito
make a A.ea4 effoA. and nlkh in tcown, conjequenLtyI hi mind ,ia4 "itaa". Then. /le
myieLf aJs ze day uwa cdoudyt and pn.omied nain, by te umy we have not had a
day Jince Ate neat jionm 3 defemnined to have a pand time in Ate gandztW a pnd
kAe flowen. jeecL n.eceived fwnom /onnbonn ,0o of couwtie my mind uwn "itan" too. Wi U,
.o make a Ahon.t itony Long. while C. C. wAn making9 necejan.y pnepaznaion4 fao/r hIA unlA
3 .ao deepLy infenzed.eed in the Aot i and wAiLc ane hea.e caLLed fowen. bed, 7ohn
i-&anding wiAt a hAue ambn.ela oven. me fon. by tAi_ time ouz hope. of nain wene di.ipelUed
wi.A te cloud. & ikAe aun a ujSuaL pouAin down Aij Aoi nayl upon u. q had not been
Long ~tu" engaged before 3 Aeand .oaneone cane in. the fAoni gate and on Looking up
beAeld o my wuli.z e, LewiL Condi.t. 5 can ajwune you 7 did not mind my dity hand
but gave him both of them. 7If my 4un.p&ie wac gnnea. & the pleajunze accompanying& i
exiemne at jeein- him, think what iL would have been if he had bawoqu wilA Aim, a4
he to.d me he cen aiin.z expected to, Sana a fania ( ane. Now pLeaje do iell ken. on.
me thaa- omne folk don know when they might be weU off on. hey would ,not Let do
many good oppom unnLtie. .4ip by of visiting g Auguw ine, to .ay nothing of Mfanland -
while the dig.t of a new anAval neninded w u that 4uAe enough, it 2 mail day. And

a llU mail it proved to ut fPon i, baouat Lettene fnan Newank and Lot of then, tbo,
one ftim bwnothen Alben., one of flaida 'i good long one4, and mlant but nodt Leadt
your. own valuable cCmunication. ,. CondU aLso bowugAh wi.A him ke pac/ag.eD you
Ao kindly eent, iAe content of whiA wene exttemeny pleading.. /y d e~ed (?) a/e
beautiful and Rooalie 'n not only eleganr buL fit hen. to a noch and dhe LA iutm abouw
aA pnoud a4 Ahe should be to ge Anucd nice thzina. Then IJene wnA 4taZ; p/eUy watcit
caje foi C C.A fonL which he uuna &o be Aankful fon & fo Aie childLten'x delih. a
le&ienI fnm Manly ALLing, and to tell IAe 3iudA 3 iaw 4o much pleaded wiAl it -tAaL 37
ejenaouAly tink of anrwe/iag iU myAelf and by Ikai meanr gain hen aj a conzeupondeni.
Tell Aen. tAat if Aen. iongue had been hon enedl a4 Aen. moiAen. necwmended Ahe could
4fiLL wLeeld hen pen wid, gaeati Aai&/fac.Lon & pleaun.e io ofkerA.
We wene glad -to hean t/zaaf Je vegehabLeA wezue received in good on/den and 4a~
you all enjoyed iean o4 much. We have had a fLne juppL all winren. and AteYC have
added ven.y much ~o oun comLonid, fon. iene ane veyz few vegeiabLeA naized hen e & iAowe
picked up by Jhe boarding howue keepe/na a feaei a Mzhe an-pern. Iha wm nazaen a
funny mindakhe of faiAen. Aeeken %' and yeit oun. poon. peaj wenle beit-en, di&pooed ofq ;han 3
expected ihey would be and wanted Will to have Ahe dipoxal of dthem, a n.e.ponzibili.Ly
S dane aay he wao glad 4o escape uvwm. 3 don't iunk the 7oon .Milk Maid counted
hena chickenA before fheyi were ha.ched" with mone centainrdy of uucce ~ithan my husband
did the centainn pwofid i n -the Pea4. Hle could have olid /tem frn $8 penl buAheL in
Aanledton, and if theA had been dipojed of to -e New Yolnk huckefze he would
doubtlej have rea-lized even mone than that. However we did nof can oven. ;e "pilt
mil-" but on ;te contnzana we have had oun oun Aun at the blunden 4o chaanace/tidstic of
faken Al. Butt the fannliet p/ant of ita uwa A1iA sending, hAi oun box of choice veg.e-table
which we had elected witA gead cane to C. A. Dehant. 3 have laughed mone Athan once
until the tean~ came, fon the whole afifain La 4o jupenoneely idiculoul s and coinneaponda
o4 exactly with allQU o expeU.ence in the ma-tenz of economi-ing. in Athi place, it i4
impodible to 4/efAain. fjom .n ch minAfMlne44. You would be amused to 4ee how often.
A flee/ken.' ni.Lib&iiti-e ane excited fan almo4. evenltDin we look at on fouch ne-
mindw uj of the ludicnouw affainz And if you could have Aeen ua aUl the ven day the
.,eam boa, came in, you would lau~ too, how we were running. to and fPo hun .ing up
nice litle boxe4 tAath wen e 2w the hing, & bauel haeadis gneat and 4YnaUl not a
4envant on. te place iaX1 idle on uninfeneeted & even poon i. Van ( Whnen took an active
pant in ;the maties, & wiUA AL pot of b~-. pain in one hand & bAunhh in the othen
made timnelf. vey u4efuL & 3 old him at the time that he ar the mot onnamenial
one of Athe famiun ywup OdA he un. t&he only one who had taken -ime to dc.e4 up neat &
Waim tai moAnin. And neaLUy we wee all Ztoethen, Athe wAie & the blach folk bu.y
wiU tLAe Lott of nice vegedtablej etc. etc. ajnewan awund a pic.un.e tAat even M"tt.
/Han&aete Beechen S~owe have envied. Dean me, how 3 would Love to have you all

Ahxe onmedimed, Aten indeed Ite family pLctu.e would be complete. And we open
aday how much mone comfonable Faiten. would be hene in At.4 deliitful climate tan.
he can be hutd up in .the houje do much ad he L obliged to be. And he cenaint
could not be half tAe cane and anxiety he iL now.
We have now a pnopecd of having udg.e Fonwand & family fom ackionville to
keep houe fon uw & Let uA l0o nonitk on a few montAs & n. A. tAink tha. we may Lf
faten'A hAealfk doeA not improve, go on daometime in Apwil on at Aie laftedt ea/al in
Mlay. Need L3 6eLL you what Aenat-i.ond of joy juch a pwodpect g.ive4 me & Ithe dean
1f we Ahould go, of counLe oun. ganden fon the nexa winLenl will have to be diA-
penwed wiu as to have good veeoeabLes we mu~d ;o pLan, in Sept. and Augwj, but
C C.M. ays mnaien /izhan Aday oven anolien yean he will impont a caago of cabbages &
Live on cold SlaugA.
Sah'znday evening has come and many a but'y houa haa pa/Jed ince 3 comenced iLi
-Leien, and now 3 am sealed a- my wA n inr, zAe childAen dn.eeping & AiLT. Meeken, if
he hai had good I-uch, ij in Picolata. He Ieft tiL- afpennoon in cpanl ty wiA DA. L.
A. Smui who ha4 been in St. A. Aince -uhAday monning, and ;iey ane bound on a LiLVLe
nfip down itke S,. Yohnt 1Riven, probably ai f/an an 6ntenpid.e. Mn Fa. a 4uffened -o
much Anm Ate effects of io4e boilt, wiA Lo0 of appe itUe and condequenr debility
he determined to Leave S. A. fonz a few dayz. He will, 'novidence penmi.'z ing, netumn
the latien pant of next week. WhiL-t 3 uwan yeuedenday moAnin. iLe cAilcdL'en
blouthit up wound tAai tiene uv fon LdaLe ai ;ie doon a fine -lape wild tuakJey. 7 wendt
doun & puncchawed ii & veny joon C C. came in fnom town and jeeingz whatI 3 had done daid
thaa if Z would no- be too much tfoubLe, he would Like to have nome fziendi in to
dinner. tAe next day, So 3 put by my wniling. io make pnepznaticonj fon a dinner and
managed to keep all hand budy until -ea time and tAen afien /ea we weni in towunand
invited Dn. SnLtA & a youn lady boarding at Ml~ i Faitio '4. Al&o D Feck, oun good
f.Liend, witA hAi mo eten & &ho iLtenAx -o whun we ane eikJewije indebted b fon mod- kind
attention. TAiL morning. we fin4Led ite an.vanrenent4, C. C. M. wznoe up all hil Letien.4
-fon tononnaw mail, paced hi iAtnunk and tken we all dAeexed to receive tfe companru...
C. ChAitophen (C. Aeeken and AiL wife, Canoline wene confined a-I T&inity Chwuch,
St. ALua.tine, on ApnL /O, /853.
2. I any ane Alling u w baptiLed by Rev. ,Aieien at /Zinity (CuLch on l ay 2, 1855,
and confinLed on. Aay /0. Aln. fleeken ,aid one of hen zpononzj.
St. Augu.tine, Feb. 4, 1853
Dean. ouwin Tillyd:
wiAh you a happy new yean too nalten lat e to be uane but bettent Zae ithan
neven. BAnoten and 3 received tAe pnetty Little doLLs you jenr and we ane venl much
obliged to you fon tem We take good cane of kzem AoiLen makes uwi take good cane
of evenAyAina wuiLch he may id an excellent habit fon childAen fon you know if we

have to be can.efuL now, we will be nu.e io be wten we ane olden 3 wih could eee-
you TiolU and you would be dunpAwLed to eee how latge 3 have n.ounl 3 can. dnAe
mpAeLf now and even can hook my d,.e4 up to tJie fopno.4 hook, but Li haW idd my anma a
good deal 3 aLywa~c dAcen my kai,. mnpeLf 3 do all 5heee 4o tAaZ modAen. may no-o have
;ie Lzouble of il, and Ane haa enougA fo do wiJout ;Aait --and now own cook Li i.Lck
and lioizen ha .t;o wonk o4 much mon.e fohn and 3 open p-ick e peai and Aell. then
and Aaf~ AeLp noane bnodIen, uwed io feed ite cickenr bui he would open ge; diLl
on /ALa cJLoien and he doe4 noi do MWai, now. But he blWin in LMte ep neanli even
day an we have fifiL cAJcken., we have plenty of epga 3 have a pte.iy LZ-&tLe ki;Uen
and we have nice timne playing to&eqe/Ae and 3 have a duck wiA. pnietfy b&gA VA.een
feai4e~l But faI en. e inhk my Le.Ueni z Zong enough no good bye fill next ime -
give my Love fo Aun Ma/a.ida, (ouuin Sanah /aan.ia and all my aunwiLe and couwinr,
YOUI L idie cousin.
Roaa.lLe AU ing /Meekez
Y 5. 3 foloo 4o teLL you hai tw o of my lowe/i fton fieeYi ao loo4e and Docton
Peck came and pLLed ~hen out.

Si. AugAixinre, F
m P. . NeyniUA,6,. Apnil 8, /869
'ulacjkiL Hou4e (Savannah)
Dean. Sin:
You. esteemed favonl of ie 5hA inri. ha4 been naeceived and contend caie fuLly
noiLced. WitI n.epand to ITnz. KeoA 'n, houxe 3 have ajcendained fAzom n ude I/owell W.
Robinson who L. ageni fon6 ,lh. KeoqA '/ houde thai he had Aold Ihe name -o Ail. 7.
Howund fonz $2, 000 bu appealt that afl. John Howuzd, wko han jiu, annived, would
nai en, a4 hAL bnzoAen,'4 health iL not good, iAaf he Ahould no. pu chane any mo/e
pnopen.y, and wilL Le. him off, o40 thai 3 Iink you wiLL be 4afe in
affeciin.g Aie puAckaaze of ize above houxe ift you wih to do d o. Judge Robin4on el-l
me thaatf te &it.Le &o iJe above pnopen y an fan an he han Looked inUo it and aA pen. he
menonandum you jenr me LZ connect. T ene iw a hwo iton/Ly wooden hAouwe on I e coznzen
and a two 4n.ony &one one adjoining. it on B/ud.e Ihe uvden view f Am Jthe
balcony ii vely good, you will 4ee below a enough diagnam of AIe loca-tion of he Keogh
Aoude. B/idi4e St. Aun. noidA of iU (ai4 and Weti fowntinug &e nitven by whick you
will be able .o dee and wunden.rand iZA Loca-ion beeien t6han by wAiiin,. nl. ALvan.e
ha4 norw yet. con.cuded to ,ay what 4he will take foPz hen. half inene4et in the old
AouLe and lo-, owinzg o Ahen nephew noi w djing ;M, ta he should jeLL 3 will however
yV Aen. again in hAopeJ of having, been. luck, and will wnife you how -7 go. along.
fudf.e AiLli.pj fell.- me thaa- he intends you by -tAi. mail abou-t aTn,. ALvane6.
3 4enmain,
Yound 1tepec-fully,
Venancio Sanc.ce

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