Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Plaza: Constitution Monument
Title: Restoration Project
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Title: Restoration Project Monument to the Constitution of 1812
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Plaza: Constitution Monument
Physical Description: Clipping/photocopy
Language: English
Creator: Titus Williams, Lauren
Publication Date: 1988
Physical Location:
Box: 8
Divider: Plaza - General Info.
Folder: Plaza: Constitution Monument
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Plaza de la Constitucion (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Constitution Plaza (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.892493 x -81.312335
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Volume ID: VID00007
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Restoration Project

Nl(tulllm ent to lte (Constituti)on of 1812

Ililrlisanitd Stoiry l-iy Laui~ren I irlis W~iIliasriis

It ''f1i' I ~INi Nli'.-tiin lil li'mi
fIll. p I- i.I IJ-11 It'. if aiii sun It %i

ssrl'.liliiififiisil' lfi~f-~Iii

........ I, filli-'i.',sifi'li iifi'iil~is1iii'ldi

i I\ I I % I ii I I I I1,1 1 i fi t I I l I

thll, nearly i llllempty I'l a. llie(' we dis(ov-
e-d fasliti'r revitalipig pl \.l -11~1. \ if. I ."' tu* se, 11 e sit ai ni' i'f

s\irl l f -' ilet.tdi s Ie dilfiln their tl.ik i -
d.\s I '.1',ldihul .1 m. 1n Slii seem 'td It hfe a1
ior. .1.... i ll si- l I ,aI% d linhn I he

51(I11 lIl i. Is.'Il'I iilfiuufI Nlllsifiglllill ln hrir
l l .ted i il .. lld Io ipan wnrokin. i l'l illf
tstuntuRe, Kf"fatitn Minigemeunt ( or-
pial if he -1c,1 give fe any in
fitm M.tlri n N t II onh l did h wallk lior
RtS ite n.i' I ( IJhnt (Oanfer, ir ,
| i...idfnl of the otrnpany
r-snr tion MInagteew ( ol ..poration
is a v1.en111t Mil (GNnlI .r bheinla1 Ihr(e years
agu, hi pl vidt e ain l'lten'ilsi range oIf ser-
esf Itn Ithe ield io hislIorit plrcsevation:
itilf.ilion, idevelopmlienl, pilinninl". re-
sea( th. pI hnlll Is. as well as follow up re-
p ,r. ate .1 all o 1ff'1wd iHe hiring twenty-
1 ii y..eal ofi iln tilid elxperienci e lt his
s iiupan I( ludiig lten years with the I.i k t l v ei as, tlh'e Soull ast
ied*ni l llI df lioi r in Allanta tI he ity iof
'1 .l i nllew aiicnlr.n ed \'ilh M r ( I...mer
l'o Ms.. s alig t llo a.1 ,i l tlll'l'e sllu vey Iof

,% .....n i .. .lid. ili.m s A, a re"t' it 11 ..
,i,1f ,I ...... ,l slitu .h
l ... i . ti. i IiiI O wh i I I

.ii1 rrfd .ify ut lie ( ni s .tii i ti n M onti -
iunrft riiiii fi (i( fr li tiiies in |iI hii topf
ll iV 11( ( ifr i ii l( l ri if f ^ I 's l ) ill lril-
II I 'frIt I ll i I si llf.t IIheie f iit tllre-
fii ....i ir d 0t i i rini the b.lll to(i thIl
,I'li cll l hi d lil rl d I hti lli li i rod e ipaild
Anli Ii'.l ti fllh t i ll lp We used I. I hiblr-
gPI. iin Inf. ig r(od ll to phiii de ull l Irt r

siin ig l.l i ill p i(. ,llltll l M r (.A ln r l x-

I. e ": I mfn, was 14"1if in ( OV-
lliiiliorl llll l Ih ew hit( Ti io>ll l l gov rn-
Iii fl l fli rd i, lllii(pa A tl 4 r 'I It iidat(
Alii I i 1. I I. ;i ili Tl i tkrd ii St Alu-
rtii, ll i .Iis y I'i. l If 1 (1 K( I l l tle ( or -
,il liiio (i f tii l lnI t ieril. i 'll this *l ar-.

I'lilif we mI plctl d t he fl < e panl (o( tjintiiry
It-1 A thiliNO iini Spaih dedit aliig. ,lrfe
I t' l e ni ICI ,s pl.f a11 e O i lilw r"iO t siide.

( ofi lil tionl,l g P1%11 llii w11f i nth e le
.iriilV I tl i I Irl I I i l' i hy lIt Ii fnlilri
(Itil it in hS Auiiusinc d(id I(,it f oriphv
whilli thii IIrd i. Ih it, i t rs111 i hil (h .h ill
siad toh renuive and hiitltl- fi t uablt,
whi' hfi wa m d in llt fl wlillt h it rl-
en li iii 'isf tllltr l f 2 il orvi'ttl ioi. A"rl
it i li Ii In i wl rI d lo l. if 11,0 n. ith
1pl.r, 11 s rpI l ed il- h aill the !r-,
I ii.i. i 11i In I, h. iii vIi li in iir la th ill rAe-
iurliiig rlii i' hisjt"iy (ii the h hied n,

IMt. I-IItlIi r '' iInv ', I li(ga ti o f the I on- -
I ninnIt hi Id "i eie painsllikiing." Ilis re-
( .. h; Ims led hin al far as ( anida, i f ta -
in h (ih ll ii ie of a kthIl fl'( done eby a
oig'(H i " from Q(ttrt< whi was
wr 1i i nh f l (id n tc Im lit.h v -r l (0, l( hi life
pl.i<' dfdi ati fut, modanumigent Ito tile
I p.nim h ( m dlll cn nf tflih I htfTr allson .: < is young
womain i hiidd it in hert sketi b. A ina-
f1i o1n liod'f in Oi(her ( arnic C1 possess
Sli< (i( ourm'nts ais l a id s(overted life dra.w-
inll. I le lodge wrote to tihn M;l.oni(
still(1' in JI. (llonviti t for information re-
a i flin, ll history oi f ithl emrhlem.
I sfi i.h li lfar k o(nvill' iln, firns, M r.
' 't w.i aol ih t obtaiii hiflli Ctopy of Itis
#'aily 1sket( h f IKh (ihI'likk.
"lhit s the heart o( research: every-
(fine hlas i little pirc(e of the tory which
we father and plli together. Frrom tlhe
wrilhen rm oid, Ifirni fihle krelih, (from the
rnon niryie itself, we gain further knowl-
edge I tised lhe drawing, but I also let
tlhal hinig," Mr. (arner grtifured to
whlir his frafsmen werr smoothing wet
ito file the Iutfl( h is subi< I to error; thel
rsti tlur is no(i. Im nol hbo-sting, when I
,.I% that. I ifm very ')ood al wa hal I do -
hl-( *mi' I f-i>joy ily work, th, rserarc thing
is cll .l ing h i t mi' jo it i sl."
As flir l1l, hisliy of the ,M.lwoni r im-
Ill,-.n. i s still iti ( cl,1 in \%hy II w af
(I. \ 'td li t I hI p..l. ...i.. f im .i onli had.l
in-I' in .l .....ul .. 1 -1 -d -.m \ .. .....

innal governmclnt in 1812. It is highly
prlia ilc Ih.Iat tifhlr w'.5re Ifrm'l.1r(rin1 in
It. A itflinie iv ipiilhla lilt i t oivlrlthiiow-
.i.. Ihe kin llt Sp~ i n; i lg I, niilltr miay

Spa lish lloveill"'nl hf.
AlIhi 1ugh lilt li i filftflih fsiv i ll sldV ihas
Shf, ln r.ladil Mir. (I..arlf r believ('v s hII'
sIlru( lhle in Ih .17 I'11 he Ih:" I nlvy
sl.nldin g InIoni)un il( tIo llih' Spinisli h inlln-
of, Amiiiii If

stitulior onf 1812 in Ithe New World, Not
only Is its fun(lion unique; it is the oldest
public monument In the form of an otle-
lisk standing in the U.S. After 172 year in
the Plaza, however, the rcoquina stru lure
was In need of respe( and attention.
Mr. Corner pointed out where tlrl.eo-
quina had deteriorated severely, along
the hase and orderss (of tlhe obelisk as
well as around Itfi plaques. By examining
below the oul t layer ft (I mrnt finish,

or. (;arner dis(uverred holw Ith ptirfih
the ITononmernt ha.d I handed sim v It

ha;` not dleter (in hll(1d l l( 1pohtpu l
ing Ilhe I'lis. whenll the rily iuiieru .
heatlifif lii iln pifjei ( in tilhe I lowih
if'iS I hlavr l(o ipari-d flit finish lin

as o1.1iiVy as possible fto its iiinaltm
si1gn (I ir (el Irn l isi I n Iii .n i l t i
i are nowt uingl Ifriiiincl'f i.l n iason
rwrtis. Iiowever. ( mlnarnlimal w< nn
Sar hard bhl brittle, ai'd Ihey dn 1 h
ptip wull Railwr, \ \%t( -( a.od f'ri thr
Squina pils in Hlolmnies loulvard, whi
f m nii s,uninda, r r!hl( h is lisrl\tnpi ( i .l,
fll(< origins stu, o fi. ill Tfe ih (iti i(
S ie' (tIoqiiina used If I l iltii l the' i-
I l'ent in 1i311 atile r if a cross thi e sli
(pll''nt silc f n I rinily pi ofipal ( hiri
fron Ihle rhibble ri f tllih d tI'ala i l pi'
pal, whi( h had ibut rnd diow. Wlin
are. done here, Ithe mornumentf will
ready I) island for airtilih r couple ii h
drd years."

bren ilte reac tion (if the puhlit "I
afraid passersby would rilti ir our
ftrfs here, and complainn about bma
the sllruture look' new. Rut generally
have received support foir the rest'
tion. this work is needed; otherwise
monument would not last mulih ton)
St. Augustine is in a unique posit'
Visitors (an (nmne here for the sea, s
and sun. But the ity also has an hist
element not found anywhere else.
needs ton lie prf'served and well ternt'
not orly Ifor the tourists hul toI remini
all of what was hrre hrbefore Ius L -

=-- ---- _Sk

(.I '-I (, / /( ,

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