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Title: [Correspondence for David Scott re: Field Inspections]
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Title: Correspondence for David Scott re: Field Inspections
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Subcontracts
Physical Description: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Shepard, Herschel E.
Publication Date: 1989
Physical Location:
Box: 8
Divider: DOS 8449-A, Govt. House 87-88
Folder: Subcontracts
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
48 King Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Government House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 48 King Street
Coordinates: 29.892465 x -81.313142
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January 30, 1989

Mr. David Scott
Research and Construction Director
Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board
P. O. Box 1987
St. Augustine, Florida 32085

RE: Field Inspections, November 9 and December 15, 1988 and
January 16, 1989

Dear David:

This letter summarizes field inspections made by me and
accompanied by you on November 9, 1988, December 15, 1988
and January 16, 1989. I particularly appreciate the time you
spent with me on January 16, since that day was a legal
holiday. This letter supercedes the sheet titled "Notes"
outlining this letter which I distributed on January 27,

1. My letter of December 5 did not note that you and I
met with the electrical, mechanical, and general contractors
on November 9, 1989 to review the scope of work and to
coordinate the work of the successful bidders. There were
few questions, although you scheduled the relocation of the
existing condensing unit and the placement of the new con-
densing unit with all parties. In addition, you advised the
contractors that contracts could not be issued until delega-
tion of authority to the HSAPB to expend money was received
from the State. This delegation, dated 11-22-88, was re-
ceived later in the month.

2. The new exposed floor west of the new entrance doors
to the East Wing shall be carpeted (except see the January
27 inspection report).

3. Do not remove plaster on furred beams in the south
bay of the East Wing where cracked at the top; verify the
stablility of these areas and, if so, repair in place.


--- ~-- -

4. Demolition of ceiling plaster and other material may
be accomplished by HSAPB personnel whenever practical.

5. The alarm system controls shall be located adjacent
to the new electrical panel.

6. Form plywood in the tunnels shall be covered with
sheet metal (see January 27 report).

7. Panic devices shall be provided on the two pairs of
doors at the east end of the south wall in the East Wing
(revised in January 27 report).

8. The ceiling, stage, and seating, complete, in the
auditorium may be removed if approved by the HSAPB.

9. Existing ductwork in the auditorium may be removed,
brought to specifications, and reinstalled wherever practi-

10. Rated partition construction at the top of rated
partitions may be modified to meet existing conditions but
bracing and construction shall meet manufacturers' specifi-
cations. For instance, partitions may be extended to origi-
nal plaster ceiling at north end of auditorium. In addition,
standard fire-rated construction may be used in place of
"shaftwall" wherever both sides of the partition are acces-
sible; partitions may be moved slightly to obtain accessi-

11. Fire dampers may be relocated but rated separation
shall be maintained.

12. The width of the new corridor serving the display
cases in the stage area may be decreased to 3'-0" clear; the
door in the north end shall open out.

13. Doors from the Auditorium to the Lobby shall swing
into the Lobby as shown on the drawings.

Please advise if this report contains inaccuracies or er-

Sincerely yours,

Herschel E. Shepard FAIA

cys: Hector Miron
Len Weeks



January 30, 1989

Mr. David Scott
Research and Construction Director
Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board
P. 0. Box 1987
St. Augustine, Florida 32085

RE: Field Inspection, January 27, 1989

Dear David:

This letter summarizes the referenced field inspection.
Present were you, me, and Candy Devore, an intern from FCCJ.
Later in the morning we met with Len Weeks in his office.

1. The placement of the thermostat in the East Wing is
to be determined. Location on the west wall is acceptable,
but it is desirable to place it near a return air grille.

2. The PVC conduit run to the new panel from the main
panel has been approved by the engineering consultants,
Powell & Hinkle.

3. Either tempered or safety glass may be used in the
display cases. Plate or sheet glass is acceptable by Code in
the high openings but tempered or safety is preferred.

4. Access door to the tunnel under the East Wing shall
be fire-retardant treated plywood and wood frame. The door
shall be secured with barrel bolts operated from the tunnel
side; normal access shall be through the hatch in the East
Wing floor. Security shall be provided by motion detectors
located in the crawl space and provided under a separate

5. In the auditorium a fire damper may located on the
return air instead of the supply side of the ductwork. The
existing return air ductwork shall be shortened to place the
flanged tradition against the wall.



6. All openings in the original suspended plaster
ceiling in the Auditorium shall be plastered or sealed with
gypsum wallboard finished to match the existing. This work
is beyond the scope of the original drawings but is neces-
sary because the later suspended ceiling has been removed.

7. At the new entrance doors from the Lobby to the East
Wing rough-in conduit in the flanking walls for future
magnetic hold-open devices. Location to be determined by
literature provided by Len Weeks' hardware consultant.

8. In the Auditorium the northern part of the new
fire-rated partition is too close to the existing wall to
provide access for finishing the inside face of the wall.
Relocate the new partition as necessary to provide access,
or provide shaftwall as originally specified.

9. In the tunnels of the East Wing provide the follow-

a. Provide a sheetmetal partition at the junction
of the west tunnel with the north tunnel, complete with
removable access panel secured with sheet metal screws. This
will separate the exposed wood formwork in the north tunnel
from the other tunnels; the supply side of the system in the
north tunnel is in metal ductwork and needs no further

b. At the westernmost new return air runout in the
south tunnel provide metal ductwork from the floor grille to
the main tunnel. Seal the runout where it intersects the
main tunnel with sheet metal; the new ductwork shall pene-
trate the sheetmetal.

c. Remove the plywood formboard above the main
south tunnel. Remove all plastic vapor barrier from the
bottom of the tunnel ceiling slab. Seal all inactive runouts
with sheet metal in order to separate exposed wood from the
main south tunnel.
J.-- ^-- < -*< ^r b' - 1 e I""
10. At the new entrance doors to the East Wing, provide
the cost of installing marble on the floor in the Lobby in
lieu of the carpet noted in Item 2 of my January 30 letter.
The flooring shall be fabricated from the salvaged marble to
be installed on the west wall of the Lobby.

11. All existing locksets and cylinders in Government
House are Sargent with LC keyways; new locks and cylinders
shall be keyed into the existing master key system.

12. A finish hardware schedule will be submitted by Len
Weeks' hardware consultant in the immediate future in order
that hardware can be ordered as soon as possible. Specific
items of concern include:

a. All finishes shall be antiqued bronze or as
required to match the existing (not original) finish of
adjacent original hardware as closely as possible.

a. All exhibit doors shall have deadbolts with a
thumb latch inside and cylinder operated by key from the
outside. All exhibit case doors and exhibit corridor doors
shall be keyed alike.

b. Pairs of doors N13 and N14 shall be keyed

c. Doors 8 and 9 shall have mortised deadbolts,
key operated on the inside, keyed separately.

d. Doors 5 and 6 shall have restored existing
pulls inside and outside, head and sill bolts on each door,
and a new metal sill if the existing sill cannot be uti-
lized. Existing floor closer shall be repaired to good

e. Doors 4 and 7 shall have restored existing
pulls on the exterior only. Provide surface rod panic de-
vices on each door. Provide sill and repair closer as noted
in d. above.

f. Doors in the East Wing receiving locksets shall
be keyed separately from other areas in the building.' -

g. The pair of new entrance doors to the East Wing
shall be labelled metal doors provided with concealed rod
panic devices. Provide panic devices with key cylinders
operated from the Lobby side. Provide handle and thumb latch
on Lobby side of doors.

13. Both sides of the new entrance doors to the East
Wing shall be covered with vertical cedar planks, t & g,
with beaded edge, all as approved by Mr. Scott. Planks shall
be glued to door; no mechanical fasteners are permitted by
Code. Metal door frame shall be faced with jamb and head
trim designed to match existing trim; rabbet trim as re-
quired to fit over metal frame. Door planks and trim shall
be finished to match adjacent wood finishes.

14. Painting of the East Wing interior (plus exteriors
of doors and windows in the East Wing) is in this contract.
Painting of the Auditorium and related work is not part of
this contract unless authorized by Mr. Scott.


15. Alternatives noted in the December 5 letter, Item
3, were altered. The following work is not in the contract
unless authorized by Mr. Scott. The work is listed in order
of priority:

a. The ramp for the handicapped.

b. Exhibit cases.

c. Carpet in the East Wing, listed as an allowance
and an alternate in the specifications.

Please let me know if this summary requires corrections.

Best regards,

Herschel E. heard FAIA

cys: Hector Miron
C. E. Sullivan
Len Weeks

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