Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Government House, Local Projects
Title: [Letter to Elbert Cox]
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Title: Letter to Elbert Cox
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Government House, Local Projects
Physical Description: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Newton, Earle W.
Publication Date: 1963
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Box: 8
Divider: Government House - Projects & Exhibits
Folder: Government House, Local Projects
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
48 King Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Government House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 48 King Street
Coordinates: 29.892465 x -81.313142
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April 12, I963

Mr. kmbert ac, gioaa". SMeto
United States Departmet of tre Interior
1atiaonl Park eravice
Southeasb MegLen
Richmand, Ytrginia
E 4babert
thnwcs vwry ch- for yoau Ultter of Prah 20 which I found upon qar Vet
from Spaia. o had a MsCt suas6sefal trips a wer rewtlved Ulth ubeliuvabl e nthui-
asm y Spaniards throa*out the country, as well as by Utte Irgoveamat, hIs pema
a stly oaJaAted itwse to flaueaial partisipatioa in te rstoration arnd quadriLen-
tenial Mrograms.
I wvas vry pleased that yoe attedead te Federal Comaitsios meeting along
with Genniae Arth, and I hope that you wil continue to do so even when he Oan amot
with us. I presuam that he will be able to Join us for the a 9 am ng in La iadn-
toan r I will bok forswrd t.e setd you there.
I did coGF throu OWaSan ing o ApM I to talk with hai further about the
matter of preparing a legislative proeGras bat he was out tf town. I t erafore 4i1
eot attempt to contact y s in 4jlowad, having failed to reosc Ma* I ax tryin t to
reat hin IV telephone now to eo whether so" tie oast week I ecul soad ot with
you both at yoer ocsIvnisae La Maaii gw. r. l ha W aM ppointed a IacW aAiOry
committee to sJagest prRopwI t elements vwhih eid3 be ineaorporated Is a prorat sab-
obaqtiatin of E r appropriation reque st this aoa a tee aA t, r We first time a
wednesday, and wMill mit again ca Moadary priar to q departure for 4asaingtanm.

It seems clear that *e will have to first eata bli an adamninatrtive
budget, including persernnal a e&of of the osto far ct the omsu40rta, t a lthet. de.
oide what activifteu ean eet bei appropriately ernid eat AV the JFetral OCmdssion,
ar distinct from he state and laoat groupaI. i wi thea have to put prite t4sag c
the sstear, attempting to keep within the area of $00,000 toteAl-thie being Ute
sMman t appropriated for JaMestoea and the amount ahich we can best Js4atify ha cassaN
tha t ooul be fed into the elebr ttiea through the Sationl PAfrk Gavi N
is a differat matter. At J"aUMtem eat Hori altms of deIll rs ww s Paedd
throne the Maitinal Park rilue tori perainent 1ia1wPsamIats hk &e lso aedt greatly


br. fbct im paW tn Aprl1 12# 1A3

to the fstUval itself. e hope thiem a also be doee hbe. In the t mobet oa et
iprowmw A to the to rtis a be in aiddiluaml entvt"Vu Iavmoing Ue restore
Uti of tR Cab Um and otf T fteitteation Wt~ were m amallor to the CGsutle
Simos we af aOxiams to obtain the formerr* Pal3i (the preo"sa Pest
Office) for venItUal reot resf as the oem of restored St.~ Aguette, a m nee
* Lanld States hbjhibitsn Center t r 1S96, we hope that sac tig eon be arramCed
to eks this possible. Aeprewnt at Matthew ha ta lad with thr)e Pet Otfie
beprW mat ean is m pre U50mette taWN he as at the mietif about the poe ibUli4
at muatng &a hiat to leSand quartsn prior to 31;65. ut feor Lar 6 sltese, we mat
hNOl. this w iry ea"afually Ral te sumre that OW pNroposal to casv the Poet Cfftie
dews et take it t of the lasm we. e hWve airiedy lr avaiS e plams 4rbem isk%
on be prese0tod to the Prst Offsme Dqparbtmt to get the banll elitag, *nd have
obtained oth wirlijnan s of Uth Owar of thiA property (ditagenlly oasa te street
frt the proswiit Past Ljrin) to bUWt the facilty and leU i t th r t iPt fitoe
DepartMeau. Tie astuasutn here approves the proojt', seen to %i* s theeW beMative
plant, Sad is aelpi.g in eVaery peaWtbL way. tf course Uthe ultimate quesiatn is
wie wi0 snageo thi property during" the quaLdinatsaal bfnltbrattcm ad themn ihre-
aftert fattouAi potaa ebak that tea S a peotfeiise is svted applicatioas are resetrve
fer the building from les. and state agmlBets, at a daFttaic is sade an its diew
peoal at a vnIy mCdest Beat. the Post ujiafe Dtepareteab as a fede*r alqeay sealt
eow tal y tarm it eve to the Natiaoal Park riee if it wisfhd te et-stody of the
building aud thm ultimate ForesiMUitty for its resorabimn. If it ear doeed that
this was too maoh of a ditreatait frem its prwmaipal st"es at the fort. nd W tha
te work sematitutet too mash roiaroatstn en too ltte restorasen (a it at
weIl dt), rw suiA anidsavr t. obtain its transfer to the abate end ift littaste
rsotoraton ty the state nrage aftwe 1965. AA it mo t to be released to ts
Naeinael Lmadrien tetaniaL joanai eioa for It hoLadqartUrs and tor it*s ettlMtAa
senter as rpresmnting the 'JAtted Stlae aovrenmsa, through 1965. This is -a ofw
tl toughest "ruts" to rtwk, but a ofP th amet eseast al enos ta tinam f the
demelpir4 %W4S a. do svit via to asim wsuthlag with neepet to thbe aleual
iPark Sreice participation in sulb a project, but wenr have to feel it out as we go
"ad discvr yerw plans and preternaseo.
I hope to s yoe in *sihtagfto met weok or at let at the meeting

Mri. beirts sleeve DiAnt ero
lie. awolf

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