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In recognizing the critical role of Belize to achieve the Millennium Developmental Goals
(MDGs) by 2015 in particular in the area of health; the University of Belize (UB)
through the Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health & Social Work (FNAHSW) in collabora-
tion with the Ministry of Health (MOH) provided services to 700 residents of Maya Mo-
pan and neighboring villages including community residents, primary and secondary
school students, and youth groups from Independence, George Town and other neighbor-
ing villages in the Stann Creek District. Operating under the theme entitled "Uniting to
Promote Good Health throughout the Life Span," services included health information
on cancers, sexually transmitted infections, contraceptives, hypertension and diabetes;
consultation with a medical officer; dispensing of basic health medications; laboratory
testing for glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides; urinalysis and parasitology; HIV rapid test-
ing; blood pressure checks, Pap smear and breast examination. In addition, school chil-
dren were engaged in interactive sessions pertaining to the "Rights of the Child." Guided
by the principle that the wealth of a nation is the health of a nation, the Health Fair repre-
sents another milestone by the university of its continued commitment and significant
contributions towards national development of Belize. Chairman of the village, Mr.
Higinio Chiac welcomed and expressed gratitude for the services provided to the resi-
dents. UB also wish to express our appreciation to our partners in particular the Ministry
of Health, Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority, Bradley's Imports, Brodies-Seven
Seas Representative and James Bus Line.

offered by the

Bachelor Degree:
* Nursing
* Public Health
+ Social Work

Medical Labo-
ratory Tech-
Social Work

Nurse Practi-

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The T liiin\ .CiSu o' Bci/i's Sltudli ukll io\ criin c li o.l d itS fii.l Situdiull bod\ inccti!im.'
tot ilni; ;cinc;mi on '11ciob i ''il;i at i I_ B Ja.I.J.I \iA kliIoIun. BclIiopau TIlice Ic
C(i.lllll CInllllsl[LI Si Inc Ilnlll \\.cic Inliodluccd to liK ;ludcnlu bod\ ,afici' \\ Iiclil ipc-
s^iinl~ l\ ai' oi li C\ 'CLIi\ ni.C Ic .i pr .Is nlOlls I-o h. I ilillnK' \\s ccild %i; k id i l iii-' lI S6j
lioui. \\Ich li s slliatcd 2-3 'P I .\.ir \\cidncdl i\ IIn Iis ric'-ad. dik Bcilmopan S6,
Look l1c olpportumill lo pioiilll lid Iccluc 11s and .iadn1lno11 l. ofi 01,i Illimporillcc ol0 5l.i-
d nkl ls ll ( nllticlna c Indl parlicipalllOll l lli.si ll. ic inS I lii S6 dci.sl anal.l ihour
DiScullSSionS irom L ltni Iii rt ;tiudcnti bol\ iniccii.tn \\ill bc ciicllalcd aL i laii ldatc In
___ iatillcd nc,\\s,' SA nicelings ac also cotClctcd in Bcic Ciu\\ ad [l'minia k-oida
Jenelle Griffith

Personnel from the Ministry of Education and Youth met with Government of Belize (GOB) Scholarship re-
cipients to discuss Community Service. According to Dianne Finnegan, GOB Scholarship Program Coordina-
tor, the aim was to raise awareness among students of the importance of community service, appreciation as a
scholarship recipient, and identifying areas of interests for students to perform their community service. Ema-
nating from the vibrant exchange among students and the ministry personnel was the establishment of a vol-
unteer corp to provide service in times of disasters, celebrations, PSE, and CXC examinations. Ms Finnegan
said that she was impressed with the feedback and explained that once the volunteer corp matures properly, it
will highlight a team of awesome young people providing relevant community service. As mentioned, the Dianne Finnegan
meeting was mandatory, students who were unable to attend kindly contact Mrs. Dianne Finnegan at 222-4096 or Mr. Leon Leslie
822-3680 ext. 265. UB thanks the ministry for its continued support and its excellent working relationship. UB-Education Empow-
ers a nation.

The university will give special honours to only bachelor degree graduates who complete their academic pro-
grams with excellence, and will recognize graduates who achieve cumulative grade point averages between
3.50 and 3.64 as graduated Cum Laude, 3.65 and 3.84 as having graduated Magna Cum Laude and will mark
this distinction on their diplomas. The university will also recognize graduates who achieve cumulative grade
point averages from 3.85 to 4.0 as having graduated Summa Cum Laude and will mark this distinction on
their diplomas.


Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead! It was a
ritual the indigenous people had been practicing
at least 3,000 years; a ritual the Spaniards tried
eradicate but apparently they were unsuccessful
as Mexican Students from the University of Be-
lize' Regional Language center along with Mr.
Domingo Rodriguez, Cultural Attache-Mexico,
Mr. Marcelino Miranda, Press Officer, Embassy
of Mexico, Ms. Rose Modera, RLC Director, Jhon Flores, and Mrs. Blanche
Boles lectures at the RLC and other invited guests participated in the well
known tradition. At the UB Gymnasium, an alter was built and decorated in
festive colors, candles, food and items they used or liked while they were still L-R: Mr. Domingo Rodriguez, Cultural Atta-
alive. The presenters said that the rural in Mexico, people visit the cemetery che-Mexico, Ms. Rose Modera, RLC Director,
Mr. Marcelino Miranda, Press Officer, Em-
where their loved ones are buried. The presenters said that they viewed death
bassy of Mexico.
as the continuation of life so instead of fearing it they are embracing it.

TliL. Iim\ .usii of B. li I 1B 1 is plkaa d to am to anno toihe ftii fst lim. its Bada iloi D i.. in1 Totuisim Mi ana'c.-
n.kint PioUrtam \\III Kb offt;rin.d 1 San P.dIIo. A-\mibiiis (a\i IIn Jaumiar. 211 D.IIan of tIl. Faculti o f Manaiian.lL.nt
and Sciii. c i F ISSi. Di \ uinc nt Palacio plain.ld I ia thl.IK .\panSio of the pio-u i nam '",i In kttpin~ii. \ lit It conitin-
[ i.d conlln iLIt ot [ltll lO naf tional Ua 1 l\ Lil [ I\ tL pO .\ Iot. f tltdabl l. and acca.lssl bl. I..lk t ll onal l o l and tal nl inl pioi' ani
that aiL. It.l\ nit. i T.Sonds to. and coilitrbl Tt. to national d t.\ LIop0L.int in d_ anid pI)ioiiti. of B.lZ&L A L [IK. tOO iiiSl
c.toi coliOntll Lh. to K a iio l lOlfn t l. [I CiO\ c.llt of B..llZ.. ofl & l_ c& Iii coiiciiiit itcO.ll to pl 111- l 11 all itl\ iolt.
IIn tlIl. d.\ loIolpn. lit o If th. tOL oLiim sc tOl of Bo.llz L b\ piodticliiin qcliaihti lln iman Ic.'sOll.icS ToLinrlin. a \ ital part ot [Ie.
c'OLuntl S Lc.''onoIn\. colltlllll to LO tli t inn f'oi.li'ii L .\cllilla. ~c.lcl .l to tl. -uIL. of appio\iiinat.kl $5 6 in million BL -
IIZL dollars I 2111 2 17 A-\iii i' .l S C (a\ . \\hlicli lias b .n c lassifLd as an important and i\tal dIl. tination tfoi Bc.l IZ toLIIr-
isin accoLinLLtd foi 42 ",.. Ot total toLliiiII .\l).dirtiillll To dat.k SOlii. 11i stllidLint \\ io lia\ ha ..llanld UB's Bacli.loi D.L-
ich.c. ill ToLiiiS N iai .la iL. t Ial. .l11n)lo} c.d in all ai of Ba lizc. tollilSnm s.Ctoi. i clicidml tIlc. RadiSS oii Fort C .Oli .
Hotel, the Belize Tourism Board, the Belize Tourism Industry Association, and PACT. In related news, The Faculty
of Management and Social Sciences (FMSS) is also offering an Associate's Degree in Tourism Studies, a programme
being run in the English speaking Caribbean in partnership with the Caribbean Tourism Organisation.

University of Beli

-. .,-- ~

Coming to San Pedro in January 2011, UB's
Bachelors Degree in Tourism Management

Imhi neaiI

T^^^^^^ TwrlesMMKevin Geban
kllgleban(ftLjyBBMm dil
Fiala G fihar H
^^^^^^^^^^ mHHH

Programs offered by the
Faculty of Management
& Social Sciences

Bachelor Degree:
* Accounting
* Management
* Public Sector Management
* Tourism

Associates Degree:
* Business Science
* Tourism Studies

Certificate Program:
* Paralegal Studies


The Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work (FNAHSW), in
keeping with its commitment to improve the quality of services avail-
able to persons seeking testing for HIV, held its 5th Voluntary Counsel-
ing and Testing (VCT) training course. The course held in September,
concluded with the certification of 11 healthcare workers being certified
as VCT Providers and therefore equipped to provide pre and post test
counseling for persons seeking testing for HIV. To date 69 persons
countrywide have been trained through this initiative. The participants
included Nurses, Pharmacists and Medical Laboratory Technologist and
technician from both Public and Private Hospitals and clinics as well as
from the University of Belize (UB). Among those obtaining certification Proud facilitators and participants
were the University's very own: Nursing Lecturer, Thelda Jones Phar-
macy Lecturer, Husaini "Dan" Chiroma; Med Lab Lecturer, Innocent
Nwachukwu; Nurse at the Wellness Center, Central Farm, Johanna August. The training was conducted by
JHEPIGO certified Clinical Trainers Lydia Harris-Thurton, Yusuf Abubakar and Mathew Martinez, all lecturers
from UB's Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work. Funding was provided by The CAPACITY Project,
a global initiative funded by USAID to provide technical assistance in building Human Capacity for Health by
strengthening pre-service education and in-service training in HIV/AIDS.

UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

Ext\iiinLii l l\oI k\ ball coinpiillion \\ Ih ld tIuis OctobL i inP [-'LiinI oida I P- Foi
i minak trains IB malik tain Bdlmiopan placed fiusit % ulnk LiB P'uma EGoida placed i
2nid Both liB incmi al n-s in t scn completion anind stiituilcd Bdinopii amn PG --
finmalks, placed 3id and 4 lli, i;.spctiU\\ Inthe li coinmplIcion \ olkl\ ball ATLIB totiu-
naintei' akc's place' on No nm blc 131li ati il Bcli/c Ci\ ic C niitr toe liosi.cd b\ Sl
Johln' ColklIcc. .iinior Coll cgc kludols to boil thi l'c male and rmak Ic ia l hal icpi Wlc-
scnltcd tic ini' cri i\;i I Go liB jGo
I 7f 1qi 't hI ,'," ,,,' ,, M/ //.-l ,,i


Hurricane Richard did its damage to the entire country and the home of our
Black Jaguar football team was no exception. Richard violently dashed o cur
t c I house that homed the Jaguars, taking along with, it the roof and dump-
-. inm. two blocks down it in a park Quick response from Ms. Sharon Palacio
anid the Student Affairs Office, had our Jaguars safe and dry in an apartment
complex. The recovery was speedy, and the current transition pciniod
lcn thy, but nonetheless our Jaguars never seized to impress us. They con-
I linuic to workout and excel in invitational matches. We are also pleased to
L report that once again the Belize National Team has summoned our UB J:ai -
u:iars-this time both our Goal Keepers- Franklin Stephen Polonio betteil
known as "Kranka" & James Nevelle Petillo. James a UB student cunrrcill\
enrolled in the NRM program was selected to play on the Belize U-21 tc-i3m
Stephen "Kranka "Polonio, James joined the UB team as the humble rookie who was always open loi
UB's veteran keeper constructive criticism, he matured quickly in the sport and we are very James Neville Petillo,
proud of him! Polonio is enrolled at UB as full time English Major. He UB's rookie keeper
will complete his BA this December and plans to return to pursue a certificate in Education. He is
no stranger to the football industry, as he brought to UB years of experience. Polonio, a former Semi-pro player once
played with Jacinto Ville, Boca and Capital United. Polonio aspires to be an Educator and mentor. UB continues to
boast about the high level of excellence at which its football players are performing. Go UB Black Jaguars Go!

The staff at the Recreation and Sports Department would like to take the opportunity to invite the -
entire UB community to take advantage of their Gym equipment now made available during lunch
hour. The goal of the Department is to improve the personal growth of the student body, by pro-
moting good health practices. This is accomplished via the development and administration of
sports programs that focus on encouraging and maintaining a physically active lifestyle, through
both individual and group activities it is in light of this that they decided to open between 12-lpm
to cater especially to staff members. The mission of UB's Recreation and Sports Department is to
promote mental and physical health via quality facilities, equipment, and programs that offer a
broad range of coordinated activities and instructional classes which compliment the academic en-
vironment and fulfill basic human needs such as relaxation, socialization, and having fun.
Wow...no excuse

WIvaerrv OF gaeLze

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Ch s oun m n ......................... November5t


Es', r'-L,, l iiiiic~ic j h!ic S.cai SIul,.lI B,,, I_-clI 11111 i

tend heartfelt congratulations and Kudos to our UB Lecturer, well done!
iBo ii !id social issues affecting our society anI d the region." The man-
&,li,!Iil staff and students of the university take this opportunity to ex-h

The UB Book Club met this month to educate the UB community on Sexual
Abuse and its effects. The event was organized and hosted by the Book Club, in
response to the issue of Violence in Relationships as it was highlighted in a book
the club had read earlier this semester. The discussion of the issue was ignited
during a weekly Book Club sessions as the club examined the work by Junot
Diaz, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. During discussions, the club
established that it is a relevant topic that touches a lot of lives, and therefore
wanted to get others in our community involved in the discourse. Points dis-
cussed included, you do not have to be married to be an abuser or a victim. You L to R: Elsie Alpuche Curator at George Price
may be in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, men can be victims too, physical Center for Peace and Development; Mrs
Abuse including punching, kicking, and murder, sexual Abuse: forced or co- Cayetano- Guest Speaker, UB Lecturer Faculty
erced sex, unwanted touching, emotional Abuse: extreme possessiveness and oJ .' and Social Sciences; MAs Tracey
jealousy, threats of suicide. The event was held at the George Price Centre for Sangster, Facilitator, UB Book Club Ian Sang-
ster- Guest Speaker, Finance Manager UB's
peace and development, Belmopan City. We say Kudos the UB book club and to Environmental Research Institute; .. Ar-
Mrs. Elsie Alpuche, of the George Price Center who got involved from the in- thurs, Guest speaker, Counselor, working with
ception of the Book Club, promising to facilitate and promote any events that abused youth and battered women, Christian
the club carded during the semester, provided that the club invited the wider Minister and Youth Leader.


Black sex linked roosters imported from the United States of
America (USA) grown and developed at the University of Be-
I/c il IB Central Farm (CF) Campus, and funded by Food and
A4chllIurIc Organization (FAO) under the disaster risk mitiga-
tion i)ro.lcct (DRM) are ready for distribution. The goal of the
pIrol'cl is to make the roosters available for farmers to improve
thie local fowl stock in Belize. The Black sex-link is a cross be-
\\ccin hic Rhode Island red Rooster and the Polymath Rock
Hcns The males grow to an average of 9-10 pounds and the
f'.malc.s crow to about 7 pounds. The crosses are considered
dual purpose, meaning: they are used for both meat and egg
roductlolln Distribution of the bird will be available through
the MNinisry of Agriculture and Fisheries and from Central
Farn Ca:mpus. There are five hundred available birds.


and response to the ravages of HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, malnutrition and food insecu-
rity are a few of the specific areas of her life's work. She uses every opportunity to contribute 1 HJ8
to the development of individuals, groups and organizations and is particularly involved in l
helping young Belizeans develop their capacity to meet the future challenges of leadership in
the public, private and civil- society sectors. Dr. Abigail McKay c D

Ms. Dacia Tillett hails from the land of the best cashew nuts, cashew wine, and
Tji j ii duci cuisine that makes us want to stay in Crooked Tree as soon as we arrive there.Bi

Her first name Dacia originates from Latin and it certainly depicts her character:
"Nobility." Dacia holds a diploma from one of UB's amalgamated institutions,
Sc.id thre former Belize Teachers College and proved herself as a scholar by sitting
N I\, ioik ii Z lol ii BriI\k Dri P- IcI\,l- _1.iC ii lhci c. i ,.ic 'I IC ,!ii cjt i. i HI C l _C.-
'CC' 'Ci IIII liC!i c i ,1 d !ii h1 l1111 Cl 0 'C _', C I C _,ii I cIC-
ccilII- 1. ,rC- d 1. l ICh Pu, .-1i(.riCicai Hc ilh ill li nBci c Dr! ICk .1 C'il!ia IItJ-

and response to thesuccessfully completing the Associate College of Preceptors and the Licenti-
rity are a few of the specific areas of her life's work. Shllege usesof Preceptors located in Lto contribute. No wonder then that in 2007,
to the development of individuals, groups and organizations Teacher of the Yicular. Through UB she was able to participate i
helping young Belizeans develop their capacity to meet the future challenges of leadUniversity of North Florida(UNF). In 2009
thegraduated from the UNF/UB program with a Master'ss. Degree in Education. Ms
ett has many years of experience as a teacher and has served as the Principal
Ms. acia lett f Crooked Tree Government School. Prthe besently, she is the Principal of Lib-
cuisine that makes us want to stay in Crooked Tree as soon as we arrive there.

erty Learning Center at the Children's Homeand it certainly depicts from her character:
ministrative work at the learning center, Dacia is also a holds ardworking memberom of the of UB's amalgamated institutions,
tee. Ms. Tillett is very active and vibrant in he former communityeac she college and provedrs her heart and soul anda scholar by sittingues to
with the youth and has served in the Crooked Tree Vissfully completing the Associate College first ever Cashew Associacti-
ate College of Preceptors located in London. No wonder then that in 2007, she

was headed by Ms. Dacia Tillett. To highlight honouer spirit of volunteerism Ms. Throughillett is an excelle team participate in
creative individual who currently serves asters program from the University of Belize Alumni Association (UNF). In 2009 sheDaci
graduated from the UNF/UB program with a Master's Degree in Education. Ms.

is a proud graduate of our national university has mand believes that the training and experience as a teacher and has served as there there hav
Ms. Dacia Tillett of the Crooked Tree Government School. Presently, she is the Principal of Lib-

contributed enormously to her success! She holds the alumni spirit of giving back true to heart! Pdyville. Apase send nrt from her ad-
tions for candidate the learning center, Dacia is also a hardworking member of the LibertyMonth to 'Alumni Highlight' ubalumniub.edu.bz or ommnthi-
tee. Ms. Tillett is very active and vibrant in her community; she volunteers her heart and soul and continues to work
with the youth and has served in the Crooked Tree Village Council as Secretary. The first ever Cashew Association
was headed by Ms. Dacia Tillett. To highlight her spirit of volunteerism, Ms. Tillett is an excellent team player, most
creative individual who currently serves as a Director of the University of Belize Alumni Association (UBAA). Dacia

aterry@Ahotmail.com (President UBAA).Visit our Wepbage http://www.ub.edu.bz/ubaa/

In October, Mr. Reuben Autery and his family visited the University of Belize,
and met with Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis, Interim President, Dr. Cynthia Thomp-
son, Assistant Provost, and Mr. Erwin Woodye, jr, Chief Librarian. On behalf of
the College of Williams and Mary, Virginia, United States of America, Mr. Au-
tery donated twenty-one boxes of books from various subject areas to the Univer-
sity. The books, which are of recent publications will add tremendously to the
library's collection for the benefit of our users. Mr. Autery and his family mi-
grated to Belize a few month ago, and are excited about living in our jewel. He
expressed that he will be willing to have further collaboration with the University
of Belize. Dr. Morter-Lews, on behalf of the University extended thanks to Mr.
Autery, his family, and the of the College of Williams and Mary for their invalu-
able donation of books.


Ms. apye Smith, orlace Etiquette Facilitator
Ms. Mapye Smith, Workplace Etiquette Facilitator

Thlc liiin\ 'rsi ol BAc iA illiB Hiuman RccotIrsi i HRi D;cpritil it
hosiled a 11iinin \\work.Ishop) on "\\orkpl-.'acc EliqLIlltc" TIhe tlaininn a;il-
dlrCssCdl dlrss coid for cminpllo. on cc on anti li \\oi ioik pliac. ir0ooinin0
ntll I rci'SOinl li\ [lli' klalin ll i' \\ II II i IIc I\ Itliu ls. conflicL ItSl olIl-
lo11 antI ,:\ llludiln olln II p .c onalll l lt.ail Sntlli saiI 10 to b I piodtuIll \ c
111 lic \\ork placc a I)i'-.OII 11mLit coinioll iabll.i. \\ 11i onIK .' Si.l. linciic
(llic Ia r soln for Ilic I p)c.oinalill lic1 Tlos,. \\ I o aItllnt l li (li 1 lain ing -i. l
lth;i th \\ \r r plaisca l \\ ill thli d.cll\cr mi lliotl. thc\ ;lint ai \\
hlomel rle liedl e. anti ld.lclllii .d ;l alc i;1 IIll llt l i i .Sonalit I t;lhal nc.ct.lI 10
bc iinpro\icd Thli Tr;InIcI \\;I a Ms MN;lap\ c Sminill. \\.ll kiio\\n bcatlll-
cian and lccturrc at thic St. Cathaicn's Academi. On behalf of thic
trainees, we thank, Ms. Smith and say kudos to UB's HR Director,
Ms. Hertha Gentle and the Department for the initiative.

'C' 1 s X WE I


Lin.er'br, .)I Belitr


Calendar of Events

November 2010

S- 2- 3- Sexuality & 14- 5- Chess S-



7- 8- Sadie Vernon 9-Sacred Heart 10-Service 11- Eden H/S 12 13-ATLIB
-Mopan Tech- Learning Work- OLOG Volleyball Na-
nical shop tionals
-St. Ignatius
-Edward P.
-Wesley Jr. Col-

14- 15-Cultural Day 16-Early Regis- 17-Early Regis- 18-Early Regis- 19-Garifuna 20-
-Last day to with- tration Period tration Period tration Period Settlement Day
draw from a cont. cont. cont. -Early Regis-
course with traction Period
"WP"/"WF" cont.
-Early Registra-
tion Period be-
21 22- Early Regis- 23- 24-Early Regis- 25-Early Regis- 26-Early Reg- 27-
tration Period Early Registra- tration Period tration Period istration Pe- Extramural
cont. tion Period cont. cont. riod cont. Basketball
cont. (ATLIB Fe-
-Sacred H/Jr. male

29-Escuela Mex.
-H/Jr. College

-Adventist H/S
& Jr. College

-CCC/CJC Night

Presby. H/S

Recruitment Schedule *


..e .nvrst
and mult-

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