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,p 1il'r .11111

A Press Release issued by the Office of the Prime Minister announced that a mutually agreed and
voluntary termination of the Original Agreement with Dr. Santos Mahung as President of the Univer-
sity of Belize (UB) with effect October 1, 2010. It reads: "The Government and the Board recognize
Dr. Mahung's legacy of contribution to educational development in Belize
and acknowledge the services rendered by the President to
the University of Belize since 2007, especially in the for-
mulation of a shared vision for the transformation of the
University of Belize into the premier degree-granting, na-
Stional institution. The Office of the Prime Minister also
announced that the Hon. Prime Minister advised His Excel-
lency, the Governor-General, that Dr. Corinth Morter-
Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis Lewis be appointed to act as President of the University
until such time as a substantive appointment can be Dr. Santos Mahung
made." Dr Lewis, President Emeritus of UB, has served as President of the Uni-
versity from 2003 to 2007. Prior to her appointment to act as President ... (Cont Page 3)

T lic I _inlversity of Belize (UB) steadfast in its continued com-
.i iitlncnt to excellence in higher education, research and service
tifor illonal development will provide high-quality planting ma-
icl kls to the country's banana and sugarcane industries through
thic u n ersity's state of the art meristem laboratory and green-
IhousLc cutting-edge technology. The production of these high-
Iqualllt planting materials means that "Belize will no longer
need to import planting materials from foreign countries for the
banana and sugarcane industries," said UB's Propagation Lab
Specialist, Dr Dion Daniels. (Cont on Pg 3)

The University of Belize (UB) has embarked on a Profes-
sional Development Programme (PDG) in Resource Mobili-
sation and Entrepreneurialism in Higher Education at its
Belmopan Campus. The training, will include face to face
and online, and will be delivered in several modules. Fac-
ulty and staff members participating in the seven-day train-
ing programme will be equipped with skills and knowledge
in fundraising, commercialization of research, business de-
velopment, and grantsmanship. (Cont page 3)
Relevant & timely training

Unlrrth ol 11 Bpl(c

MiUIE .!

o\uh l 111 Ik4* h

UB's Student page
What's happening, what you need to know & more!

_iB Iiostcd ii, a iiutiIal Scici.Stci Klick-ofT FaI ei on botli Bcil/ Caini a: Bc diopanal '
nlupuins; on Scl icmbci 2 Ud Tlihe sMIIIuIaIkcous piccs ticd b\ tli DIm\ iioI o0'
SLtuidcnL .Ailiis li.hd lic pinlicipalio of appio\uiiaLc I\i 211 booliIs lhal c\hiubLcd IliI u
npodiuc'lS fo6. Sltuidcnli'S iiiciip:l nion an1d ci.ollicil Tlic\ Incluidcd boolis fl'iom ilihc 'T
busilcss conin1nnuii In r l'iltuum scliool piodLuicl al social UIB kik-i'l', f piiccs \\a 1 ll
is I'ioii CoIl01111111 Cll.lO tLs IOtL1ps \\%1ho s;iC \. il Sllhc lll IIi pOpllllOptll 'IOlllt i Ih I h 1-
ights of the special event were free style rap competition, raffles and the traditional
cutting of WELCOME TO UB 2010 cake sponsored by the UB Student Government.
Organizers of the events commented that they were impressed of the attendance and
expressed that the UB community can expect next year to be bigger and better!


Jaamal King remains the Belize City student Government President. On 26th Au-
S "" gust, 2010 the Belize City Students took to the poles. Accompanying Jaamal was
Aaron Lopez who will serve as Vice President, Jordan Ramclam as Financial Con-
tiollri. Mylyn Pou as Administrative Officer, Norris Gordon as Secretary of Advo-
cac'\. Perry Bodden as Secretary of Programming, Raisa Pipersburegh as Secretary
S- ofl Legislation, Mark Brakeman as Sports Coordinator and Shawn Pollard as Sena-
\or In or FST. On a similar note; the Belmopan Campus Student Government held bi-
ckcHlions on September 8 whereby only five positions were contested. They are
Benjamin Acosta as the new Vice president, Kaprie Dawson as the administrative
officer, Jacy-lee Pou as Secretary of Advocacy Alexandra Cleaver as Secretary of
Programming and Samantha Williams as Secretary of Legislation.

UB...investing in the future!
"Read to Succeed" was the theme of the reading program that enabled at risk stu-
dents to improve their reading skills, and develop an appreciation and love for read-
ing that will significantly contribute to their development in their journey from
through school to be productive citizens. This was accomplished by the program fa-
cilitators by building the children's self-esteem, improved their reading speed,
phonics, fluency, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, and attention span. The ma-
terials used for the course included the required reading textbook that is most preva-
lent in the primary schools, and juvenile books from the Libraries circulating collec-
tion, in addition to other supplementary materials. An official closing ceremony was
held for the young graduates. At the event, H.E. the Governor-General of Belize, Sir Sir Colville Young reading to the
Colville took time out of his busy schedule and to the delight of the children, he students.
read stories to them. Funding for the program was realized through the Offices of
the Provost, Assistant Provost, and Library. The program, which was coordinated by UB students include Mrs. Elena
Baeza del-Cid, former Library Staff currently enrolled in FEA, and ably assisted by Carmella Gallego, Iris Banner, Jeen
Ifeayeehineke, Elisa Galves, Feliciana Torres, Vangie Ayuso, Shevon Ramirez. These facilitators possess experience
and training in teaching children to read.

Tli.L Iiiinm rsi% i of B.lizL i _lBi throuilli tih.. En\ii ronnm.. tal R.s;.l.arlch Institut
iERIoi nid [LK. N csoaniiLr.ca Soci. tl o Biolo\ anid C(oIn. .nation RISB(
liosLtd tiL. -4''' A.nnual Natural Rc.soUiiics h. anatiiicnit iNRNih Rc.isarc i SIl mp aL o- uc 63m
sliami at its IB B.1inopan ( ampus 11i Au LLIus Tilh. mission of IUB's En\ iiomlnai tal g
Rc.S.LaclI institIk is to btild national .LSLa,.li i capacity\ 1i ol.l.l to pio\ ItiL. soInid
scIi forl t. cisioIIn iakiiiin that kilads I to tIK. Ltt.fLctL i.i. 111n1h0..lel II.d sLs al abk .
Is,. anid coiis..n ation of B.iZL'.. natural I..soIIIc.s "'E. lw.hoii re L'l lI A, rI M 'l-
e'dge In pl'luro el \%hlIII IdL i'i.i\iIII-IIIlAiIIg mr mil u IIIIIII1"11 Ir'e'IIII' IitiII i'tic'iI In
BIeliz.e." \\as tli.. t i.inl., fol tis \ v.'L i S t\\o-da\ S! mipos iiii E\ .Ll \cl..t [Iic. 5s In-
postir11 pIcl.lSlts a oLk-ot-a-kI\ iill opportliinhltl for nt l .so t.s oi a i I ciisiOLIc nl la 1 S an1
l'CScarchIR.S to ilsclSS thlh. nost l Ic.ntc.lL d1.\ O.lo l .lits iL tli lic,.Id anud coniitiibtLL tLo
thie body of scic tific kno\wlcdgc nncdcd to sustainably mlanagc Mcsoancica s
natural resources. It included oral and poster presentations on biodiversity conservation as well as the management of
marine protected areas. At this year's event, researchers from ERI and UB NRM students were joined by local and in-
ternational counterparts who presented their latest findings in the field of natural resources management based on their
research activities in Belize. Participating were participants from 15 of the leading natural resource management and
conservation organizations.

Faculty, Staff & Students welcome President Dr Corinth Morter-Lewis & bids farewell to
former President Dr Santos Mahung

(Cont from pagel)...she served as Counselor/Psychologist for students at its Belize City and Toledo Campuses, and as an
adjunct lecturer in Counseling and Special Education. A graduate from the University of Alberta, Canada she holds a Ph.
D. in Psychology of Education. Dr Lewis has taught at the Belize College of Arts, Science & Technology, the Belize
Teachers College, the University College of Belize, the University of the West Indies Open Campus, and the Univer-
sity of Belize. Her teaching career began at Belize Technical College, one of the five institutions she played a key role in
bringing multiple institutions together in the transition of UB in 2000.Dr Morter-Lewis an educator and poet with distin-
guished credentials have authored two publications: "Share My Song" & "Heritage". Her manuscripts are massive, con-
sisting of over 600 hundred pieces.

Banana & Sugarcane Industries to benefit from UB's
cutting-edge technology
(Cont from page 1)...He explained the greenhouse, has an automated irrigation system and a saran netting inside to ad-
just the illumination that will be used for the acclimatization of banana and sugarcane vitroplants produced in the mi-
cropropagation laboratory at UB's Central Farm Campus. The greenhouse, measured 197 ft x 39 ft (720m) and labora-
tory equipment was made possible through funding by the European Union (EU) valued at Euros 144,423.4 or BZ
$395,251.16. The laboratory equipment donated include four (4) horizontal laminar flows, water distillation unit,
laboratory oven, rotary shaker, microwave oven, aluminum hotplate stirrer, multipurpose autoclave, dehumidifier, alu-
minum stands and lighting systems for the growth chamber in the lab.

Mobilising Resources for combined Growth &Development
(Cont from page 1)...They will also be better equipped to write winning grant proposals for research projects, help di-
versify university's income stream to fund new programmes and infrastructure, learn how intellectual property can
generate revenue for the university as well as develop fundraising strategies for the university. Funding for the pro-
gramme is being provided by the EDULINK Project for Capacity Building for Financial Sustainability of African,
Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the ACP Group of States and the 15 EU Mem-
ber States that are signatories to the 9th European Development Fund (EDF). UB's EDULINK partnership includes
the University of the West Indies (UWI), the University of Warick in the United Kingdom (UK), and several other
ACP Universities.

UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

UB's Courageous Black Jaguars Battle it out in El Salvador

UB Black Jaguar footballer
represented Belize against Trinidad and Tobago

Omar "Lisbey" Castillo showing off
his talent on the football field.

Up coming activities (October)

UNIVe8p*,-iY v SUMze


UWs. ' P..A

Faculty and Departmental News

FMASS has i nic\\ Dean' He is Di \inccnt Palacio Di Palacio \\;Is fI'nhl knion aIs th
Chair lir lc F.acul 't of Nl Ianii.ci.cnii nd Social Sc.iicnc.; atl Ilc Bcd.l/, C t( Caimpbse; PF'or
Lo Irc0leii'illc 10 l in c l\ ;ic l ;i k lcictc.r i 1 2I111 Ic \\a,- Ilc Dirccioi of Tri.ar iin lfoir Ilc
Bcih/ci Toti isiii Bo B Ioli B i. a poslioii In lic d foi fi\ c\ cair Al BTB. Ic \\Is is; rcponil-
S bkc fo coordin atiiln IosIpi iail.l and ; o ru l l riiil~ L ii iniiiaii s c; coinili \\ ikc Di P[-alacio
a lso sc\ icl ;cd Tcscliinccal Cooid.lmalol Ifo PF'ro! 1raimc for Bcli/c i FFBi a- pIro,.issl\ c on-
-cn a lol llon lloi-o\n- c'll ic Ilianl ol. anli/alionl In II lli \can.s lnlclllc \\ llI llnsI ol..alni/allion
lc \\;s ricsiponiiiblc foli lic C\ccliUion o s\ ; iral lcclimi ical pIrolcc.lS uicl, lih iiu llic Ruial Ecol-
ourism Assessment Project, Carbon Sequestration Project and the Sustainable Timber Ex-
traction Project. Prior to PFB, he was the Director of Natural Resources Management and Marine Research Center of the
University College of Belize, now University of Belize. Vincent Palacio holds a doctorate degree in Tourism Manage-
ment from the University of Montana, A graduate degree in Facility Administration and an undergraduate degree in Envi-
ronmental Science both from Indiana State University. His areas of interests include but are not limited to exploring the
Motivation and Expectations of travelers to particular destinations; Determining Use Limits at Sensitive areas across the
country and conducting willingness to pay research to determine cost for recreation areas. Vincent is married to Loretta
and together they have two sons Erei Luman and Suamein Nemeni. Congratulations Dr Vincent Palacio!

Arlenie Perez FS&T Lecturer
Fermin Olivera FNAHSW Lecturer Dr. Menakath Menon FS&T Associate Professor
Melanie Smith FMSS Lecturer Jessica Hyde FS&T Science Lab Assistant
Jose Herrera FMSS Lecturer Alex Vega FNAHSW Lecturer
Ed Boles FS&T Lecturer Melanie Simmons FMSS Lecturer
Dwon Seranish FMSS Lecturer Gabriel Carillo FNAHSW Lecturer
Stephen Dixon Engineering Lecturer Marvin Vasquez FS&T Science Lab Assistant
Selwyn King OPI OPI Officer

Student's enrollment increases at UB
The Office of the Registrar is proud to announce that 4,090 students have been adm tiacd
for the new academic year 2010-2011Semester 1, which represents an increase of 1" I pr
cent from last year's admissions. The increase of student's enrollment says the Regis-
trar, Dr Roy Young is "an indication of the national university continued connmit-
ment to excellence in higher education, research and service to Belizeans in the que'\
towards national development. "He added, the accessibility of our campus locations in
Belmopan City, Belize City, Toledo, Central Farm and satellite locations including Or-
ange Walk Town, San Pedro, and Calabash Caye for students represents one of UB's
strengths among others. This year the Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA) is recorded as
the largest faculty with a total enrolment of 1,385 students followed by the Faculty of Management of Social Sciences
(FMASS) with a total of 1,248.In the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) 860 students are enrolled whereas a total
of 471 students are registered in the Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work (FNAHSW), and 123 in Profes-
sional Development (PD). The University of Belize (UB)... Education Empowers A Nation!

The University will give special honours to only bachelor degree graduates who complete their academic programs with
excellence, and will recognize graduates who achieve cumulative grade point averages between 3.50 and 3.64 as gradu-
ated Cum Laude, 3.65 and 3.84 as having graduated Magna Cum laude and will mark this distinction on their diplomas.
The university will also recognize graduates who achieve cumulative grade point averages from 3.85 to 4.0 as having
graduated Summa Cum Laude and will mark this distinction on their diplomas.

The lili\ csii ,' Rc,.'.:nal Lang..uaig, C (enti.' iRL( i Duicctoi. Nls Rosc
Niodcia in Jul\ mnt w\ith Latin Amnibassadosl o0 th'ii icpicscntati'cs to
ilhscuss tlit' c'stablishni'nt of an Ad. ;l\ Co runci'il foi t[Ic' RLC Tihk'
C(o ncil \\i ill ImoI I Ia and \\oik along \ ithli it stal.k hokMi.s\i andin i.'turiin
thei' stak:lh'liol:is %\ ll f'r thel' sUpilfl rt il dL\ ,c'I,:i stsIu '_iat c plan tfo U
RLC and it would be a way of involving the coImmunity, state and even
the students to offer suggestions as to how RLC can improve a better
quality of service to its clients. The Council is authorized by the Board
of Trustees and major decisions by the council will have to be ap-
proved by the Board. The council is composed of a Faculty, an RLC His Excellency Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno, Mexico,
Cultural Attache-AMexico -Lic. Domingo Rodriguez,
Student, and Ambassadors, a representative from the Ministry of Edu- Mr. Gabriel Sdnchez, Venezuela, Mrs. Borland, Se-
cation, Provost and the Director of RLC as the head of the council. The cretary, EL Salvador Embassy, His Excellency Julio
council should meet two times per semester and if deem necessary they Milton Parada, El Salvador, Mrs. Luana Moguel
Sosa, Ministry of Education, Dr. Angel Cal
will convene for a third time. At the end of the meeting a Strategic De- Quality Assurance Officer & Mrs. Rosemarie
velopment Plan will be development that is doable given what the Modera, RLC Director, University ofBelize.
members have access to.

Faculty of Management and Social Sciences Host Convocation
The Faculty of Management and Social Sciences (FMASS) of the
University of Belize, for the first time hosted a Convocation on
August 25, at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts, in Belize
City. The purpose of the event said the Dean of FMSS, Dr. Vin-
cent Palacio, was to expose students to traditions and values of the
faculty and to start the process of creating a FMSS spirit. He
added, FMSS is cognizant of the fact that it is responsible for more
than just the academic aspect of its students' education and it is
within this context, it is of significance to incorporate activities
that will help to foster their social and community involvement. It
is envisioned that these activities will foster and enhance relation-
ships between faculty, staff, students and the community. The con-
vocation was well attended and we say kudos to them.

The Faculty of Education & Arts' History & Anthropology Program
hosted a Guest Lecturer on Wednesday September 8th, at 3:00pm inside
the University of Belize Jaguar Auditorium in Belmopan. Dr. Jaime
Awe, Director of the Institute of Archaeology was the presenter. He
presented on the Mayas of Belize: Achievements and Decline of the
Classic Period (330 A.D. 900 A.D.) The very informative event was
well attended. Ceasar Ross lecturer and organizer said that he was
pleased with the turnout. Ross and the history department reminds the
entire UB community that they are constantly hosting these educational
presentations and invites the entire UB community to take advantage
of these opportunities made available to them. For more information on
upcoming lectures feel free to contact Ceasar Ross at ext 151.

U Pa tl ip te in ep em er el br ti ns


Lin.er,'t, ll Beli/r


Calendar of Events

October 2010

3 4- Last day to 5- 'WP'/'WF' 6- Students' 7- 8- Darts 9-
withdraw from a period begins Rights, Respon- Tournament
course with a "W" sibilities &

10- 11- Pan American 12 13-Faculty 14- 15- 16-ATLIB Ex-
Holiday (No Wednesday tramural Vol-
Classes) leyball
Intramural Bas-
ketball (PG)
17- 18- 19 20- Sexual Har- 21 22- Table Ten- 23-
assment Work- nis Tournament
-UB Book Club

24- 25- 26- 27-SG Hour 28- 29- 30- Last day to
2011 degree

i -
Looking forward to Novem


ber: Cultural bay
Garifuna Settlement bay

'" "'""'"""' ""~-Q


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..eac .n
sevc6 o
As a caayto
chng itpo
vide relvant

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