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"...I Ii''rL0/II1' rou IL-ri(tIhII 'to rit o r 1 'iir
-or ul /t'1ltl Impfli/iet-role' t1i eIIl/c '/r\ .
%li ilIert'Wr ///(/ liqii II/I(p I% o/ i/It' ///t'.
iI'r-A wiIl develIpmeit' of our" gireal
I itioll (Slor. on I|)g ).

Thsr -

Signing on behalf of the University was its President, Dr
Santos Mahung; Chief Executive Officer, Mr Cadet
Henderson, Ministry of Works; Financial Secretary, Mr
Joseph Waight, Ministry of Finance; and on behalf of
the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Mr
Toshiaki Kobayashi, the Team Leader of the Consult-
ants of the Preparatory Survey Team of Nippon Koei
Company Ltd.

The University of Belize (UB) is poised to become a
leader in solar project energy promotion. This is as a
result of a BZ $20 million project funded by the Japan
International Cooperation Agency (JICA). UB has
agreed to construction of a system of photovoltaic pan-
els on the northeast section of its main campus in Bel-
mopan. (Cont. pg 3)

UB Wins Bid for EU Grant of
BZ$1.2 million for
Education and Training to
Banana Belt Communities

The University of Belize has won a
competitive bid for a project, funded by
the European Union, to provide educa-
tion and training support services to
schools in the Banana Belt communi-
ties in southern Belize. The three-year
project is scheduled to come on stream
immediately, and will target teacher
training for primary level teachers,
early childhood education and training
support, as well as community training
for parents and education leaders in
these communities. It is also aimed to
contribute significantly towards in-
creasing the number of trained teachers
in the primary schools of these commu-
nities, and also improve the quality of
primary education for children of the
Banana Belt communities.
(Cont. on page3)

Inibmay fir ili,

I in r A i I



'\%i" i.jiI 11

UB students- Keeping in touch

,~ ;~! I B sltdentl replesenls Belize il Nailionii;l I niiiersil of Colombiai
17i.-^ kliMdos to [lie Spanishi Depiriinentil of 'llie UiB's FXculi of' Edicallon amiii. Ans aiiid to LiB's Piesi-
dleni of lle Associallion o'f Stldeni Go\ernmenis. Siephen Sho. In M .l1 of llis \ e.. lhe Spa.n-
ish DepIlrIntenl presented ain applicallion 11rnt inid documents 0o Siephen \\ ho is in his lasti se-
niestie in lhe Badilelor's De'riee in PinaiIl EIdicll ion lo lhe M inisri of FoieIn .'ii Ams oflCo-
Sloinbia in lhe liraine of lle Colonmbiiiin oopeil ion Si.\. oi lie oorllon Stra le C.lbbelan Basn in order 1o
Stephen Shi obltiii a sclolarshli) to parllcipal e in lhe E\chdinige PioI'riian \\ uli thie N.inonail iiin\ersll of
Colomibia (NlUCI Coordimaior ol' liB's Spanish DepaIiimeIn. NMh Jhoii Floies. obtaiined the re-
sills froni NlC thlia Sleplhen has been selected to represent Bel/e and UiB 1n tlie E\cli.hne Prioirami The course. \\as
field floni Jine 21 (o Jul\ 31 "' TIIs is lie fii.l lime tli.ha a _iB stuidenti obltinial a. Colomi bian scholarship C(oni.rais

IUlf Studnt partcipates n CSME ensitizaion worshop in t. Luci

Belize CARICOM Youth Ambassadors Kera Bowen and Dylan Williams par-
ticipated in a two-day CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) sensiti-
zation workshop in May in St. Lucia. The workshop focused on the CSME and
its importance for the regional integration and included the following topics:
Living the CSME, Establishing a Business in the CSME and Providing Profes-
sional Services in the CSME. The Belizean Youth Ambassadors described the
workshop as informative and educational. They added that the materials covered
were presented in a youth friendly and familiar way and that they are extremely
confident and positive about the way they represented Belize and the Belizean
youth. Kera, Dylan and other CARICOM Youth Ambassadors from across the
region benefited from presentations on a variety of topics. Organized by the
CARICOM Secretariat with funding provided by the 9th European Development
Fund (EDF), Caribbean Integration Support Program (CISP), the workshop is
part of the Secretariat's on-going efforts to engage the youth of the region in the
implementation of the CSME. Kera currently works as a part time student pro-
duction assistant at UB's Office of Public Information (OPI). We take this op-
portunity to say Kudos to her.

Kera Bowen CARICOM Youth Ambassador
(Belize) & Monelle Alexis Dean of the CARI-
COM Youth Ambassador Corp. (Dominica)

Belmopan Student Government Elections
The Belmopan UB campus on May 10th, held elections for Student Government officers for the 2010-2011 academic
year. The following is a list of the new SG members-

President ...............................Jevon McKenzie
Vice President........................Ruvimbo Chitungo
Financial Controller............Jenelle Griffith
Administrative Officer .........Keila Mai
Secretary of Programming..... Shahira Muschamp
Secretary of Legislation..........Laura Friesen
Sports Coordinator....... .........Dale Guzman

Each student voted for one senator to represent his/her fac-

FMSS............. Christopher August
FST.............. Martin Iniki
FEA............. Gershom Rodriguez,
FNAHSW........Nafeesa Lemoth

Congratulations to all who took part, offered themselves as nominees and who voted. The new president will
The Office of Student Affairs will advise when the Belize City and Toledo Student Government elections will occur.

New Mr.& Ms.UB
Congratulations to the winners of the Mr. and Ms. UB Pageant held on Saturday, May 15 at the Belize Biltmore.
They are Ms. UB Kimolyn Vernon and Mr. UB Wilbert Castillo. The runners up are Ms. Jacy Lee Pou and Mr.
Pierre Escalante. Congratulations!

I ti. Pr-mii.n I I!!i-riLi Hi.i Dc'ii E !, i 'iT''. i i o! l ll, .I d- .sL m La iit!i V I !it l cH, 'n C i r -i1 I ~t.i iB TiduI L:'! S .'; li:' !
hc 'CCi e ._ d UB h ie lI d !C !D t f 's .t'u.ed Cur I .i du. c irCe I I ul .r d _il. -:!2t' C 1oiC C Clul Co i ,:,! :II iL
tI':,iI. _H_- '. 't L ,i:,ii.i t': i'_+,: it'ii t!<'il !:,' 0 !' i l't 't~t m i B lif S ii' ill/ \iixti.n'lh. t i. lIIi''i ll x. ii ,, /l ilh, i +hi inxil h l''ih,! l

it_+ n"' .-.ii! '>*' .!_i C ,i i IB iii. R_ i.,I_'': .c| I .-iid P|r':,_|, ilv c iln_,it n t:iliC Io t ':iiviicicii.n."i' .\ .i c.',,.ic.!'c Ti 'T _'ii ,
'. .ICdi toCri ltl 'lu .l-_ .\.l:'ll_, R_ ,lXl:,tt 'I .i: _iii d.i fr,:,i t 'i _F.-'ult- ,:,fi I Ii.-i .-l .nrl .lCl t .il- d S,:,l.-i SC itCiC _, FI 15'SSI

F ':iti 1_iB Tlcd,: C i-npul 53 _itidCi1 rIidiiiCd T-ti' _i _oix, ikiC i .r v J_ r Ii.J i r r Fiii-'niqi ii. DP ci' c'tn!' ," S,:, 'C i
Polihcl -i'd PR!,l-'IItiii;; i th. Illn t- e!" _i_-ir' o H u!ii .! D_) ., .!: ,l':,!|i n! l a d SIn il [h!eT!i-._.!' :,!i! .-t;tl :.! Ii o'n Ecr!l L l!iildl!':":,, Edii u-
Cd'ol St irtl. l 0': t!tT C l ld il, 5 "i I,:llt' ld l ii C ii' t:,! f! :i r I :,r CCICi,' I i ,:,:,! r_,- v'- i': v Ii x c.iC.I' iiifi.-iiii I
1U-C 111 tilnc plriljri sCl'ul s) sLCiIt. Ill IalC .Ltj, ililC Uii, CiSILJ s RCol;ulij LLduLjC LCulCi lLCd Elll--i-
Second Language certificates to 40 students from 8 different countries. Although the University of Belize concludes
its 10th year of operations, the June graduation season marks the 11th commencement exercise; this is because earlier
this year, UB held, for the first time in January, a ceremony for 295 graduates who completed their course of studies
in July and December of 2009. Graduates represent 43 programs delivered through the 4 faculties of Education and
Arts, Management and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, and Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work.

A highlight of the June 19 and 20th ceremonies was the presentation of the national university's new under graduate
graduation gown being modeled by Maureen Navarrete to the right.
UB Wins Bid for EU Grant of BZ$1.2 million in nt ii
UB Signs onto BZ$20 million
for Education and Training to Banana Belt roec for Clean Ener r
Common Proect for Clean Energy Pro
Communities cont. from page 1 f ... .
*~~ f^ 1~\wT wr~v i s

Signing on behalf of the University of Belize was its presi-
dent, Dr. Santos Mahung. Signing on behalf of GOB was
the national authorizing officer for EU programs in Belize,
was the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Eco-
nomic Development, Industry and Consumer Protection,
Mrs. Yvonne Hyde. Funding for this project is being pro-
vided by the European Union under its Banana Support
Program, through a grant of approximately BZ$1.2 million
approved to the Ministry of Education for the strengthen-
ing of the social infrastructure in the banana dependent
communities. The University of Belize will utilize a com-
bination of distance education as well as on-site support to
provide education and training to teachers in these com-
The University of Belize has commenced its tenth year of
student admission. Hundreds of Belizeans and foreign stu-
dents are taking advantage of the opportunity to further
their education in Belize's multicultural institution commit-
ted to excellence, research and national development. From
the 1,896 applicants 1,663 were ad-
mitted along with the approximately
40 foreign students. During the
week of orientation, students were
introduced to the newly added stu-
dent portal (see full story right),
"whose who at UB", student life and
UB's academic procedures among
other presentations.


c niL. o plae cUFm i
JICA and the Government of Belize culminated initial
discussions for this clean energy solar project with
technical notes signed on July 1st. The schedule set
forth in the Technical Notes is for completion of the
instillation of the photovoltaic panels by March 2012,
with training in the use of the system to follow shortly

The University of Belize is proud to announce that stu-
dents are now able to access their grades via the Univer-
sity of Belize Student Portal. The Student Portal em-
powers students not only to print their grades reports,
course list, and program sequence, but it also gives them
the opportunity to view their academic progress while
attending the University of Belize. For more information
or to access the Student Portal click (www.ub.edu.bz)
and find the icon on the home page of the Website.

ick print reports nd select report to print


Cuuan.tayr flrn,, Lr.ranSroManRqan tv.Y.rnmnotn

O.'t Iav s tdn.
* w dIh.* INOWm.

I Uh-a". It,

UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

Intramural and Extramural
Events Leading to ATLIB Tournaments

liiiainii inl olle% ball-
PLunt[ a Cioida Slptll ibL I I 11111
li& (c It\ Au\ou,;t 111. 21111

E x ra1inural

Volley% ball-
Octob Selectn. 2I1 e &
ATLIB Selection (Male & Female)

ATIB Volleyball Nationals
November 13 2010 hosted by S.J.C.J.C.

Intramural Basketball
Punta Gorda: October 11, 2010
SI Belize: September 27, 2010

Eiinainurini BnaIieibnll-
INoini 2. 11111

AILIB Basikelball Nalioiial-
JamiLaI\_ 2X-2u. 2 111Iio,;td Lb S P J (

Futsal Tournament-
February, 2011

Extramural Football-
Mid February, 2011
ATLIB Football Regional-
March 19, 2011 hosted by S.H.J.C.
ATLIB Football Nationals-
April 2, 2011 hosted by C.J.C.

Other UB Snorts and Recreational Activities

Pool and 8 Ball Tournament-
September 17, 2010

Dominoes Tournament-
September 24, 2010

Darts Tournament-
October 8, 2010

Table Tennis Tournament-
October 22, 2010

Chess Tournament-
November 5, 2010

UB Relathon-
Registration starts: December 6, 2010
Starts: March 13, 2011

Registration Starts: September 6, 2010
Practice Date Starts: September 25, 2010

Black Jaguars Blast Belmopan Bandits Twice!
The UB Black Jag-
uars male basketball
team stole the Belmo-
pan Bandits thunder
on Wednesday, July
28 and Friday July
30th inside the Belize
City Center in the
first and second
games of the playoffs
in the "Digicell
Ballin for Life" tour-
nament. The match was organized by the Belize District
Basketball Association.

umNLvevps OV e WL zS

1ff a -~

Dr. Isabel Tun Ph.D.

UB's Office of Public Information
Ms. Udz moves on and Mr. King takes over.

Ms. Silvaana Udz

Mr. Selwyn King



i ,

Representatives from the Embassy of Mexico and Instituto Politecnico Nacional from Mexico City
presented over 40 boxes of Spanish textbooks to the Provost Dr. Ismael Hoare on Monday June
1st. Present for handing over were Chief Librarian, Mr. Erwin Woodye and his staff!


The Uni\ ersitv of Belize is pleased to announce its .ppo\ ed- Research Grant Proposal Recipients The\ .re Di
J.oaqumn LUibmai. of the Faculth of Science and Technolog.. \\ith the research title "Hupeizine A co-cr~ stals Ainm-
inm to enhance to form and function of pharmaceutical compounds of tropical plant oini M its Pnicilla Broi\n-
Lopez, Faculty of Education & Arts and Dr. Nicole Webster, Department of Agriculture & Extension, Pennsyl-
vania State University with An Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Associates Degree in Primary Education in
Belize"; and Dr. Joaquin Urbina, Mr. Rolando Caballero, Mr. Enrique Caliz, Ms. Karen Link, Ms. Juliane Pasos,
Dr. Leopold Perriot, and Mr. Eden Garcia, all from the Faculty of Science and Technology with "Establishment
of a Science Multicomplex Building to strengthen UB's Institutional Capacity". Each of the three approved pro-
posals will receive two thousand dollars per individual investigator or five thousand dollars per team of two or
more investigators. The funds are to be used as seed money to prepare research grant proposals for submission to
funding agencies. As highlighted in the call for grant proposals, all the approved proposals are aimed to benefit to
UB and Belize.

I i UBAA Hosts Annual General Meeting

The University of Belize Alumni Association (UBAA) held its Annual
General Meeting (AGM) this year at UB's Belize City Faculty of Man-
agement and Social Sciences compound. Highlights at this year's UBAA
meeting was an entrepreneurial display by alumni which began with the
election of officers who will serve for the next 2-year term. The special
Guest Speaker was US Ambassador to Belize His Excellency Vinai
Thummalapally. UBAA is comprised of all graduates of UB, including
all who graduated from former institutions that amalgamated in 2000 to
form UB. These are: Belize Technical College, the Bliss School of Nurs-
ing, the Belize College of Agriculture, Belize Teachers' College, and the L-R: Mrs. Elma Arzu, Ambassador Vinai
Thummalapally, and Dr. Cynthia Terry.
University College of Belize. UBAA held its last AGM in 2008, at hu alapally, and r
which time Dr. Cynthia Terry, alumnus of the former University College
of Belize (UCB), was elected as president and Mrs. Elma Arzu as the vice-president. Apart from alumni matters,
UBAA serves to link graduates, assist with scholarships, and contribute to the University's development.

UB Tour Guide Training
UB's Adult and Continuing Education Center conducted another Tour Guide Training Program for the Belize
Tourism Board. The 10-week session was offered at UB's Belize City Engineering Campus from April 19 July
3, 2010. According to the BTB Tour guides are an essential part of our country's tourism network, given their di-
rect interaction with the many visitors to our country. The network of tour guides is, therefore, crucial to the vi-
ability and long-term sustainability of Belize's tourism industry. At some point during their stay in Belize, nearly
all visitors make use of the services of Belize's tour guides from their arrival at the airport, to participating in
selected day tours or multi-day itineraries throughout the country of Belize.


The university will give special honours to only bachelor degree graduates who complete their academic programs with
excellence, and will recognize graduates who achieve cumulative grade point averages between 3.50 and 3.64 as gradu-
ated Cum Laude, 3.65 and 3.84 as having graduated Magna Cum Laude and will mark this distinction on their diplomas.
The university will also recognize graduates who achieve cumulative grade point averages from 3.85 to 4.0 as having
graduated Summa Cum Laude and will mark this distinction on their diplomas.

Li!l l '! !c 'ici i.!! 1d J:. !,;cc i ,l :ii !L' ',L I'. itiuIh- .iiji_.! i il !1ii1;l ciiN. ili I SI'" Lh

should be noted that UB is in the process of exploring opportunities to fund student participation of its student representative to
CSUCA meetings. In other related news, over 80 persons from CSUCA universities are participating in an online course intended for
officers who provide technical support to the university community in grant proposal writing and marketing.

Nova University
Ten University of Belize faculty and administrators are involved in an exciting doctoral
cohort, a first of its kind, through Nova Southeastern University (NSU). The program,

work, and the doctoral education candidates will embark on their dissertation work. On
July 26, UB partnered with NSU and hosted a conference at Belize Biltmore marking the
third year of the program. Speaking on behalf ofe UB was Provost Dr. Ismael Hoare, andt
the Dean of Faculty of Novas Fischler School of Education and Human Suervices, Dr. atn n noni s ended f
Wayne Driscoll, on behalf of Nova. Guest Speaker for the occasion was the Hon. John Provost-Dr. Ismael Hoare
Saldivar, Minister of Public Service, Governance Improvement, Elections and Bounda-
ries and Sports. Following the anniversary summary, two dynamic conference presentations were made under the theme The Changing
Face of Leadership through Purpose, Passion and Power. Novas Dr. Driscoll and Belizes Dr. Alvaro Rosado delivered the presenta-

online WebCT platform, with the Nova professors visiting for 16 hos onsite lessons in Belize for each course taken in the three years
of couse work. The doctoral candidates are anticipating that dissertations will take another year to complete. In the meantime, another
doctoral cohort is expected to begin shortly, while a Masters degree program has already begun with Nova.

St y haron Palacio in UQROO

Ie Dn of Facul ersity of Quintana Roo (UQROO) Student/ Language Exchange program was
B lil ll I:on. i22nd of June through July 16th. Even though the program was primarily for stu-
ne soll, n elf f a est ire wer r e limited number of spaces available for faculty and staff if their work
cll M o P permitted them to do so. UB's student services coordinator, Sharon Palacio took
ries and S Following te aniv ar a of such opportunity and participated in the full cultural exchange curriculum.
I sFace of Leadership t tha e three week program was sponsored by the University of Belize and the only
Bs' u"I iI students had to incur was $200.00, which represented fees for three field trips that
tis on c ees ad o rnities fcig lee rporated into the program. During her visit at UQROO, S haron had the opportu-
-opportunity to p e thr doctoratsit the six Belizean students at the homes of their new Mexican families, and to
lin W platform with th a prf r visitin the classes that sharpened her conversational skills in Spanish through
df c e w Te d l c s iar and role play. Sharon also had the opportunity to visit the financial aid and study
aboard offices in Mexico to see ho other UB students can top into the available resources. The exchange program between the UB
and UQROO is conducted annually.

Dormitory Rooms for rent @ UB Central Farm Campus. E p
24hr security, Wireless internet, Taxi services Cafeteria, Library Access, Laundry f -
facilities Recreation Facilities available $110.00 per month double occupancy. s i t
Contact us at ubcentralfarm@gmail.com or call 660-8688 or 626-9245 and ask for
Ms. Berny.

l.inl terit e ol Belie


Calendar of Events

August 2010

II In I iI T I iFr Sa t I

0 ,11 l,. ,I
.4 I I -. i i ..I. .. h -
oludJliilo uid

aI, -' I. ..I .' i. .I

I 11 .-i ill

students Aug

Il- I ,11. il l
L 1111 I L! '

-- I .IlI .1.1


8- 9-Registration 10- 11- 12- 13- 14-

15- 16- 17-Drop/Add 18-Student hour 19 20 21
First Day of
classes for semes- -4th NRMP -Drop/Add -Drop/Add -Drop/Add Drop/Add
ter one 10-11 Symposium
-Drop/Add period -4th NRMP Sym-
begins posium
Withdrawal with
100% tuition re-
fund begin
-Audit switch pe-
riod begin

22- 23- 24- 25- 26- 27- 28-
Drop/Add SG Swear-in Drop/Add
-Drop/Add -Drop/Add Ceremony BMP -Drop/Add Drop/Add
SG hour

30- Last day to
add a class
-Last day to make
an audit switch
-last day to with-
draw with 100%
tuition refund
-Last day for late
-Intramural Vol-
leyball BZE City

31- University
:ensus day

From a course
with "W" be-


Looting A/r i/ic Iae 't iitftc on ti .'B? AL\\ A 'YS
CHECK the liB NE\\ S and liB Ca'lendar of E\ents
\\ \\\ iub edu bz

Looking towards September 2010
S.'ptcm' r 111 SI G(i-.'rc 'C C' D
Scptc'iLl_2'!" 1 iIdclp, kkndcicc D ,-.

i -i-


an m- lt-

mite toecl
lec inhge

reeac Sn

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