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X olunl' 9, lsut 9)

NO'~~~~ nhtrtt 1-ie


UB Partners in XIII Mesoamerican Congress 1 "

XIII Cuonfess II Bclc UCLObLci u 3J, 2'". 1Thei Um,,cisL oI U A'3 I-Six1
Belize and the Belize Audubon Society were partners in this %v-4
Congress. UB's Dr. Elma Kay is the General Coordinator and
President of the Belize Chapter of the MSBC. As its website states at
http://msbcbelize2009.com/live/ the MSBC congress is "an annual
event that congregates between 300 and 1000 Mesoamericans and
people from other regions and continents. The participants assemble
during oral and poster presentations, special symposia, courses and ,
workshops. Advancements in their research are discussed and.
experiences shared. The annual congress also serves to tighten (L-R) UB's President Dr. Santos Mahung,
collaborative links amongst institutions and researchers in different Olivier Chassot, President of Mesoamerica
fields related to biology and conservation. By bringing together the Society, UB's Dr. Ehnlma Kay, Bz Audubon's
experience, the scientific-technical knowledge and the wide network Anna Hoare and UB's Dr. leandra Cho-
of associates in the entire region at congresses, the MSBC works to Ricketts.
support the management of the natural and cultural resources in the As
Mesoamerican region." This was the first time Belize hosted the
annual regional congress. It occurred at the Best Western Belize
Biltmore Plaza Hotel and the Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina t
in Belize City. As was emphasized, one of the Congress's objectives
was to "promote Belize as a leader in the region in conservation and
protected areas management through the sharing of research and D C
conservation work findings in Belize with others in the region."


Page 2
-Nursing Students:
Health Fairs
-Bz Lit Students:
Multicultural Fair
-NRMP Students
Page 3
-Energy Saving
-BDARRT's Intro to
- FEA's Annual Toy
-Pharmacy Excels
-UB's Graduation
Gown Design Contest

Page 4
-ATLIB Updates
-Black Jaguars Team
Devours Guatemala
Page 5
-UB Joins Digital
Library Ctr
-Databases Update
-UB's Pledge Drive
Page 6
-Engineering Dept.'s
Standards Seminar
-ICRT Conference
-Quality Assurance
Page 7
Lectures Continue
-Study Abroad: UB
& Martin University

Page 8
-Calendar of Events

( L ) -i . N iW r i iii.k 'iii. *'>.' |.. ii iL l .I I-d .' 1 ._ -. l1 .' 1L .
1, work crew...and also listened in on some presentations.
'( f Above: Hon. Gaspar Vega Minister of Natural
Resources, gave the keynote address at the opening.

UB: Dialoging for Development As the UB ii,,,. stopress, dialogue
and consultation are the watchwords to take UB forward in its development. In October, the spotlight was
on UB as several of its key stakeholders went public in exercising their freedom of expression in
participating in critical decision making. The situation began with the convening of a protem committee
of faculty and staff, itself formed after an initial October 2nd gathering that saw over 115 faculty and
staff expressing concern about what was a Board-mandated increment freeze. This further developed into
a campus protest involving many faculty and students. For its part, the UB Board of Trustees issued a
statement on October 15 in which it stated that a draft audit report, on which it had based its decision for
the increment freeze, was revealing that the financial information upon which it had made its decision
was "materially incomplete" and that had all information been available to the Board, "it would have
significantly impacted on the Board's decision." As a result, the increment freeze was lifted, and initial
discussion on a possible tuition raise was also suspended. Consultations with all relevant stakeholders
will continue, and the Board awaits the official final audit, scheduled for completion in December 2009.

o' Jmaica by| Dr.^K R aulSft Ruiz-o ft

the N~ationa Unverit^^Bt'77y of*7*

0 #041% V It.

- '! \\ cdincdav 'cLIXc 21! I1B I 4ilIi '_i I iLL'_iii. _lltdcifil Ii il' d
ili' ii' j-iiniiw l R 'i-'.:. ii lii ,:* ,!til F -ir j, tln: B ,:li ,:,!;,,-n iii;,i-,
li|l'll' ^i.C ICli ii '' ' ': l. i'.'l'. 'd I ' i a i .1 tWin u cT ilic'' B I. T 'ci't
lt .,' a '. I ai |l',,,,l h' l',:'!t ':! linc \.\ clII .c l l. Edtca0l lt :,i' '!1a1 IcIill
flC~tl ".'it".d t tI_: i Ill| ''. u;tc' i c' a'_:,!'?.r _. .iCd ti '_lti1ar '. a'i' H' .Il ".'ll'l> :T
trt' lld c d |! 'l|, _:,ir't' .n'_l ".tl''l>'.'l:, ".l n' \ 'll _' l>_;'t'.ll ll. 'll' ", .n !'l _: _i[ ,, H tI_',t l> t. l 1
llr:,:,r' "d __. liR hic':,:, clC,' I i.. C: 'iiticicd ,ii ilK d r _
c. ci.' il 0i I- _,'it o 1 '0 i. I lB 4"' .'. .ir inirdIii U _.ii dtiLlt II i% d Ithil 'CiO li
olld st oI "tl'l:'l t' Nl'!'.]'^I t I: Jil),

I IB' Ikl~iiiip.nn c.niiiipu' ".' Ilit 'mii I..i .1'in .ncf't*c
lIpi,.tlidic' .'l ditt. .lJl Ih '.Il l..'itd In Ililt
I,.t't',Iliui t',ilt' ili-ii -luliti' 1i411i4d t.iCl I

Similarly, UB's Rural Health nursing students hosted a
community health fair on October 23rd. It was at the Ladyvillc E
Community Center from 9 am to 3 p.m. and was part of their l
class project. The theme was "Embracing Health Education for UB's Rural Health nursing students held a ve
a Better Tomorrow." As part of their program requirement, the mini health fair at the Ladyville Commun
students recognize the importance of community organization;
through initiatives like this, they also hope to motivate health screening, activities, materials, dei
community members to partake in issues affecting their health and information. Activities at the Ladyville
and to apply concepts of community organization, community Center included pap smears, urine tes
empowerment and program planning towards meeting the testing/HIV, breast examination, health
needs of the population. The goal is to increase awareness, blood pressure check, and glucose check.
Belizean Literature Annual Multicultural Fair

ry successful
ity Center
ting, blood


(L) Senora Chan, Amad
Chan, and UB students

, .

UB's Lecturer Amado Chan, the class of LITR 409 and numerous sponsors in collaboration with
PlusTV on the 20th of October once again hosted a successful multicultural fair! The fair started at
2pm inside UB's Sports and Recreation Center (Gym). The fair featured educational and
entertaining presentations from the groups as they portrayed the diverse cultural groups
represented here in Belize. Mestizo, Garifuna, East Indian, Kriol, Qu'echi Maya, Mopan Maya,
Yucatec Maya, Mennonite and Taiwanese were the cultures represented at the fair. The entire
presentation was aired on PlusTV's Conversaciones con Amado on Wednesday October 21st at
o 8pm and re-aired Thurs at 10am, Fri 10:30 pm and Sun at 2pm.
...... NRMP Students Excel

zz Two other UB students won the Essay Competition "How can
119 ti

tiB aLutdci li':'!'! tilc Sciciicc Department won the World
Standard Day poster competition held Oct. 16 at the
George Price Center. First place winners and 3rd place
winners of the poster competition were UB students: 1st
place: Krishna Montero & Tracy Puc. 3rd place: Ayodele
Bulwer, Monique Hume, Carlene Myvett.

place went to Ashley Rhaburn and third place to Joselyn
Romero. The students were asked to participate in the opening
ceremonies and had to present their poster and essay
respectively. Kudos to Mr. Santos Chicas and Ms. Cecy
Castillo, the lecturers who
encouraged the students
to participate. -l-.-

Reebr.otn int Covracoe Co *md everyWdnsa at 8:00 p~m. onPu o
th*nI ou. dctinl ulua n enetimn sho in whic UIhsarglremnt

Energy Saving Campaign

l .t'l' .i|'Cil l" CTi- :,d.'i '0'1 1i t .-J!, 1' ii ,:" l['' !.iuCC '. i
l-.i lT; -t_ Iu d C.d I- .-.I T '. :. r t!-,.l d I t l Jll\ ij

Bchtuid :'in.t .-',i u r .i iii '! :' SGC 'uI't B,:,,:,it
L ibr'n -iia'd Sc-i'Ci l-c.-. Tio.i cc2c iai',-t:, Coi'itiilti d
',o. itt .1 $2'-'' o'. ."i r iiIit li. d .it tlc IHIB RccIi:ii.tl, .iidI
S lOrts i .ilit. i 0(- I ,: i :il[:ic '. ii'i _' d.i i .t i i 1) I F i'.c'
l ,,-ii:'i:.r j d ita '.cc Cc. C .cr1 cd ,'LI'ici'i:, c Bt in, i,:!',.-!
Student Government.

FEA-ASG's Annual

Toy Drive

The Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA)
announces that its Annual Belmopan Toy
Drive commences Monday November 9
and continues through Thursday
December 3rd. Toys are being collected to
distribute to the Belmopan community's
needy children. Toy donations can be
dropped off at the office of the Secretary
of FEA, Ms. Jenny Tatum. Kudos to UB's
Mr. Leo Pott, Jenny Tatum and all FEA
lecturers who began this drive a few years
ago along with the kind assistance of the
UB Association of Student Governments.
A Santa Claus volunteer will lead the
distribution via Bmp primary schools.

UB has launched its nationwide graduation
gown design competition, promised since
amalgamation and now becoming a reality to
mark the university's 10th anniversary
commencement; samples of the winning
design will be displayed at the June 2010

*The design must reflect UB's colors of purple
and yellow-gold. Material: should be suited to
Belize's tropical climate and so the type of
material must be indicated to be of durable, non-
shrink material. Note that the current silky
material may also be considered.

*The design must reflect or incorporate Belize's
multicultural reality without being crowded or
"tacky." The design can reflect Belize's
multicultural reality as either an inset into the
gown or added as a stole or via some indicator
intrinsic or extrinsic to the body of the gown.


Intro to Wilderness
IlB Fn I--1"ci1' 1 1c iliin i FTi :ild Bch Ic D i-c -l 1 :ild
Rc'CLic' Rc l c',,I.> Tlclliin i BD .-.RR T i c,:, iccdit>l t 'III_

'. I :,uld ICI.- ,: i lli k LiB _j ,:,| :i| Sltdcill Sc irc' ic.:, .ij

persons to join the club. The date of the next training
activity is yet to be announced. For more information or to
join call 661-8634 or 678-9674.

UBET Members: Phillip Cus, Hilario Ical, Pedro Saqui, Darwin
Cabral, Vitalio Chuc, Janelle Cabral, Elsa Chiac, Analia Rash, Zack
Ical, Shany Cantun

* The design must be submitted on 8 '/" x 11" white paper
and it may be hand or computer-generated. It must be able
to be readily photocopied; thus, if hand drawn, please
ensure it is bold enough to enable photocopying. You may
also email in your entry, whether directly from computer
generation or via scanning and mailing a hand-generated

* Winning entries become the property of the University of
Belize. Other entries will be used for UB display purposes
and held for one year; they will be returned by mail only if
so requested in writing, with mailing address provided, at
the time of the submission of the entry. All entries must
have the name of the submitter, a mailing address, a
telephone contact number and, if available, an email contact
address. Entrants may submit as may entries as they may
want. Winners must be prepared for publicity and to
explain their entry/ies. UB retains the right to modify or
combine ideas from winning entries.
Submit to: UB Graduation Gown Design Competition
Attention: Office of Public Information
University of Belize, Central Campus
Hummingbird Ave, P.O. Box 340,
Belmopan, Belize

UB Pharmacy
Students Excel in
Regional Exam
+ Christopher Leiva
+ Melanie De La
+ Jose Peraza
+ Stacy Flores
+ Marion Nicacio
+ Stacy Humphreys
+ Hsiu Li Chen
+ Shantel Gillett
+ Rene Riverol

UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

Ti __, .!' I iii! Lclc" I 1 i iitii
r t-. ix i .icl t';ii, ';'i. ,,1" i
A- i I iicli [ilic I111 ciIi c' l

( c l,,- (i i' -.10 C I1c d ic lic 1 Ij

Elton Moore

Black Jaguars Devours Guatemala's Selection... Football!
UB's Black Jaguars had the last roar on October 7, defeating a Melchor selection three (3) goals to
one (1). But, notwithstanding the outcome when the final whistle was blown, it was indeed their
toughest challenge to date. While taking some time to settle into their rhythm, the squad faced a
barrage of short skilful passing by the Guatemalans which led to near opportunities early in the first
half, had it not been for some solid defending and equally athletic keeping by UB's man in the
uprights, Franklin Polonio. It was not until the 12th minute that the Black Jaguars began their late
night prowl with some clinical passing along the left wing, followed by a well executed cross from
Benedicto Yatz. He would find the recoiled right foot of Normon Ellington, who torpedoed the ball
goal ward from 13 yards out. The Guatemalan Keeper would have none of it; going airborne, he
made a spectacular, fully outstretched save. Thirty six minutes into the half, jubilance on the
Marshal Eck field as Ellington had the last say and got his name on the score sheet from a Borland
assisted cross. It remained a 1-0 game in favor of U.B. going into the second half. When play
resumed, a strong challenge by our keeper led to a penalty being awarded
in favor of the visitors who made no mistake in converting, leveling the score.
UB was not to be denied victory in this outing however, as they combined a
matrix of short passes in the middle followed by a spreading of the play to the
wings. Their team effort and persistence in pressuring the Guatemalans with
this brand of attack climaxed as the Jaguars slotted home two superb shots
in the 30th and 35th minutes; the goals coming from Sampson and Lisbey
respectively. And so it remained to the final whistle. This interesting report
came courtesy of UB's Black Jaguars football team manager Mr. Ian Sangster.
As the Black Jaguars continue to prepare for Honduras next year, the team
and its technical staff would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Jorge
Romero, Sergio Gutierrez, the Physical Plant family and the students who
came out to lend support. The UB players thank all for their tireless support as
we lift the UB banner high at these engagements, while simultaneously (L-R) Coach Paul M
maintaining healthy P.R.I.D.E.- Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort. Perriott, and

,:i.ni .:.!' Bi h ii i ii !i'l; it ._ I !i :,!'.c 11:,c!c !
~ 111 :'l,:, .i !i, :,_l>';. l I:) t : 'l,:,! .'! u.il l .,:,.
i< i l'!! '; I?,~ !] l?,,l.' l;',l T in;' li-B !i!i'il;'_ *;l;' !>'.'i;', ';' l
. li I Ic l ili.i i ', I:. ii i| St .i,:'c li _
it'tl !_ 25-6 1 ":i- 51 5-2 ',. 1 i 'h1l !'i:, .
U l'I 1 1:1IF I \

Liii' C ''l''lujI i. i lic ili i~lK 'C i tI I aCC!l

miiiba iinh
to try outfo l th -ile
i"Ru ta Maya"l'l cnel racelI1

UB's mid fielder

organ, Stuaent Dean [jr. Jean
Manager Ian Sangster

Mission: UB's Office of Recreation and Sports functions to improve personal growth by promoting good health
practices. This will be accomplished with the use of state-of-the-art equipment alongside coordinated services,
provided by a fulltime coach. UB's sports program focuses on maintaining a physically active lifestyle through both
individual and group activities.

UNIVetrvY OF flauz



OB Lirris Chc ou 9th[e Beize:l [~{ [Collecion

IL-6 UB Bulletin Joins Digital Library of the Caribbean
The I-B Bullelin ha.s iomiied the collections i tihe Diii.tal Libi.urN Ceiteir 1t tile Lini\eii\ ol'FloF dI W ii i Cino\.i. tihe
Cenei's Ne\\sp.pei Piroects cooidinitor. soutlIl peiiissi In from lB for lthe inclusion o0l'iB's ionohIl\ bulletin iiin he
Diiilial Libri.nr o lhlie C. ibbein. cooidminled i liiouli IF C no\.a sai\s lil lie 'oal o lhlie piroect is to h.i\e e.ich
Caribbean coinlilr\ repiesenled b\ al le.is one public.11llon ()ne e\clln !i aspect .ibo ll lIs iiino\. li\e experience is lial iI
is free of cosi1 The steps are eas\ and qlime simple aiCiull\ The lim eisil\ ol' Flold.i \\ ill lii esi lihe pdkl froni oiu
LiB \\ebsite as \\e intake lhemii a\.allble oi fi Ior lihei esohilion files there are se\ eril a\.llible melihods iiincldlin FTP
siles. port.ible lu.d-dil\ e. CD DVD. or bI e-iii.lini pdll or quark files Other \\ortl\ p blic.ion llis li.i\e loied lihe
Digital Library of the Caribbean are: The STAR Newspaper, The Toledo Howler and The Belize Ag Report of Belize,
The Bonaire Reporter, BVI Beacon, Revue Magazine of Guatemala, several student publications from the University of
the West Indies, The St. John Tradewinds of the U.S. Virgin Islands and many others too numerous to mention. To visit
the entire digital collection follow this link http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/. OPI would also like to take this opportunity
to further encourage students faculty and staff alike to utilize the UB website and UB email system.

The UB library, pleased with its yearly subscription to the Ebscohost Academic Search and Business Source
Premier databases, is exploring the option to further expand its online resources by subscribing to five similar trial
versions: Education Research Complete, Environmental Complete, Computers and Applied Sciences Complete,
CINAHL with Full Text, and Hospitality and Tourism Complete. The first step is to browse, use, and evaluate
other databases to determine if they are relevant and will be beneficial. Students, Faculty and staff members are
encouraged to peruse and use the data bases. Education Research Complete is the definitive online resource for
Education and research. Topics covered include all levels of education from early childhood to higher education,
and all educational specialties, such as multilingual education, health education, and testing. Environmental
Complete offers deep coverage in applicable areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology energy, renewable energy
sources, natural resources, marine and freshwater science, geography, pollution and waste management,
environmental technology, environmental law, public policy, social impacts, urban planning, and more. Computers
and Applied Sciences Complete covers the research and development spectrum of the computing and applied
sciences disciplines. CINAHAL with Full Text is the world's most comprehensive source of full text for nursing
and allied health journals, providing full text for nearly 600 journals indexed in CINAHL. This authoritative file
contains full text for many of the most used journals in the CINAHL index-with no embargo. Full-text coverage
dates back to 1981. Hospitality and Tourism Complete covers scholarly research and industry news relating to all
areas of hospitality and tourism. To access the trial database, kindly go to the internet and visit http://
search.ebscohost. User name and password remains as is. Questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to contact
UB's library department at the following address: reference@ub.edu.bz


Engineering Dept.'s Constructio -n

Regulations Seminar -

(L-R) Paul Satchwell, Director of CBA,
Leonard Mortis, Chair of FST's Engineering
Dept., and C. Phillip Waight, Chairperson of

secretary, s. Debbie Yates!

C. Phillip Waight captivated students
with his informative and stimulating
presentation on building regulations.

.ud. d.d >.T dlld. d,, u i I[c.al,,

health and safety and other
procedures. Other areas it covers are
structural integrity, fire safety
systems, mechanical systems and
equipment, electrical systems and
equipment, parking requirements, and
health and safety auditing. The
presentation was organized by UB's
Engineering Department and the
Central Building Authority (CBA).

UB Partners in Third International Conference on
Responsible Tourism in Destinations
"Responsible tourism is a movement, a way of traveling, a respect for diverse
cultures... "These were the words of Dr. Harold Goodwin, Co-chair of the
ICRT's third conference which UB and the Ministry of Tourism were
instrumental in organizing. It was held from October 19-23 at UB's Jaguar
Auditorium; UB's Food and Beverage and Events classes provided logistical
support. Panelists at the conference expounded on topics that included Tourism
and Local Economic Development, Tourism's Impact on Climate Change, the
Impacts of Cruise Tourism, Second Homes and Condominiums and their
Impact on Local Communities, Tourism' Impacts on Marine and Coastal
Zones, and Tourism Planning for Natural Disaster and Pandemics.

(L-R) Maria Guerra, B.Sc. Tourism student, Sharette
Yearwood, UB lecturer, Chantel Hill, and Megan
August, B.Sc. students

(Continued from page 1)

Council of Jamaica, and from non-UB based Belizean
professionals. (CSUCA is a consortium of Central American
universities: Consejo Superior Universitario Centroamericano).
From November 16 18, UB's Bachelor degree in Tourism
Management undergoes similar evaluation. It will be conducted
by Dr. Humberto Alvarez of the National University of Panama,
by Dr. Carlos Morera of the National University of Costa Rica
and by Mr. Jim Scott, General Manager of the Radisson Fort
George Hotel in Belize City. UB's Provost, Dr. Angel Cal, has
expressed his thanks to UB's partners in Jamaica, Central
America and Belize for working with UB in evaluating the
quality of its programs.

A th t II .n \l onnul Ihilu dia,
(L-R) Dr. Harold Goodwin of ICRT and UB's Minister of Tourism. His
President Dr. Santos Mahung Ministry was instrumental in
the conference's success!

(L-R) Nestor Chan, FEA's Chair, Rose Pineda, FEA's Program
Review team leader, Dr. Wilma Wright, FEA's Dean, Dr.
Christopher Clarke of the University Council of Jamaica, Dr.
Ellajean Gillett of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Raul Ruiz of the
National University of Nicaragua at Managua, and Dr. Angel Cal,
UB's Provost (Ag).


I.E. Ic! %!ig H.it an D.iad e tnpc ,Th StNaiol!',! hCor
JCutic .icd e lacin teliz' .lid N, ri 1e'. 1 fi ci.tue'! 1411 s '~u NFiic
Aililt is s iidue I .li hl Se cIcat ic id -G i ,n Bch u e o r l rL ituiii I pi n uc; Ihio

eco Re ere.auIiri JaL LInLIawd an. IC !''unge a on Noe1mb1 25th F\ Ambassi
Blz 66ci- or by choice simply a part of the audience. The next lecture was held on
N.: cmber 4th where Ambassador Eamon Courtenay took to the stage at 5:00 PM
inr icc. Jaguar Auditorium and addressed the topic "The International Court of
Justice in Relation to the Dispute." Two final lectures are scheduled: November
18th is scheduled with Senator Godwin Hulse on "Constitutional Implications of
iacl Referendum and an ICJ Ruling" and on November 25th with Ambassador
EB. .bby Leslie on the "Public Education Process for the Referendum." Both are
len e ..m 10:00 a.m.e 1ll30 a.m. Kudos to UB's Coordinator of the history
Department, Cesar Ross, for helping to organize the Ambassadorial lecture series,
(L-R) U's Cesar Ross, HE. Eamon Courtney and as well as to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade for logistical
H.E. David Gibson s support.

T he Martin University cultural immersion experience in Belize has proved very
educational and rewarding. Martin University has worked with the University of
Belize over the last three years to provide Martin students with a cultural immersion
learning experience in Belize. In this experience, students enroll for a Global
Exchange course and meet four to six sessions prior to traveling to Belize. In these
classes, student s are oriented to the Belizean culture, history, and geography, through
readings, presentations by Belizean speakers, and Martin students who have
previously traveled to Belize. During this nine-day cultural immersion experience,
students have traveled to all regions of Belize. The trip allows students to gain first-
hand knowledge and exposure to Belize, its people, and students of the University of
Belize. On each of the three Belize trips, students have been provided with a
minimum of three lectures conducted by persons associated with the University of
Belize. More specifically, students have participated in lectures on the Belizean
culture and history, environmental science, and marine biology. In addition to these
formal lectures, an extremely knowledgeable tour guide has accompanied the
students each day providing additional knowledge. After the trip, students convene --
back at Martin University for a minimum of two more class sessions to assess and
discuss their experiences. These discussions allow Martin University and the i H a::.
University of Belize representatives the opportunity to enhance the cultural
immersion experience for the next trip. Students then conduct a University-wide
convocation to share their experiences with other Martin students, Martin University
personnel, and community members. The students' responses to a post-trip survey
indicated that a vast majority of students are benefiting from the cultural immersion
experience, reporting that as a result of the trip, they learned more about the Belizean
people, culture, history, and current events. In addition, their responses indicated that
a vast majority learned more about their fellow Martin students, their instructors, and
themselves. In addition, a majority of students indicated that during the trip they
overcame at least one personal challenge. This indicates personal growth as a result
of their cultural immersion experience in Belize. Overall, students reported feeling
safe in Belize. All students indicated that they would recommend the Belize trip to
other students, and a vast majority indicated that all else being equal, they would go
on the Belize trip again. In fact, several students from the first trip in 2007
participated in the second trip in 2008.

Inw-) a" 'eied


1 2 3-....... L... 4 ....... I.... 5 6--ii... .... 7- ... .

I lili,

8 9 ,.,, ... 10 11-S hcli, le 12- ... .... 13- ,I I.l., 1.. 14-

,&eI -tne -U S UB's Primary "WP/WF"'
Conference Annual Toy Education
Drive Begins programs
today through
Dec. 3
15- 16-External 17- 18 -Culture Day 19-Garifuna 20 -Pre- 21-
Evaluation UB's (BZE) Settlement Day registration
Bachelor degree -Women's Poetry Holiday no continues
Tourism program Symposium classes
begins -Senator Godwin
Hulse History
22 23-Pre- 24 Pre- 25- SG Hour 26-Pre- 27 -Pre 28 -Rescheduled
registration for registration period -Pre-registration registration registration ATLIB Basketball
Semester Two continues continues continues continues Nationals
begins -H.E. Robert
(rescheduled Leslie History
from Nov. 16) lecture

29- 30 -Pre-
1 -Pre-registration 2 -Pre-regis 3 -Final 4 -Last day of 5
continues continues Drop Off classes /Sem. One
-S. Harassment for FEA's -Last day to resign
Forum, UB- Toy Drive from the
FEA, Bz City, -Pre-regis university
2-3:30pm Sem 2 ends
6- 7 Final Exam 8 9- 10 11 12
period:Dec. 7-14
begins for UB
13 14- 15 -Students: 16- 17 18- 19
Christmas vacation

21 -Deans submit
grades to
Registrar's Office

22 -Faculty and staff
vacation begins


UB Bulletin is published by UB's
Office of Public Information. Contact
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November 2009


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