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-tMPL &

-4, s F. 19 C) 9-,,

A Decade of Achievement
199!- 2008


History Provides the Blueprint
"...the problems of contemporary life are merely the climax of the
problems which the distinctive ages of... history have always had to
face... The past can be related to the present, and in a manner which
does not burden it."
Eric Eustace Williams

Our Mission

The EWMC is a non-profit research and educational institution whose goals are to:

Inspire accuracy, integrity and commitment to the preservation of the
past as prologue to the future.
Attract an endowment that will maintain the EWMC in perpetuity.
Encourage research and disseminate its results.
Prepare young leaders for responsible citizenship.
Develop an archive whose leading-edge technology and professionalism
create a world-class institution.
Be recognized in Trinidad and Tobago and around the world as a leader
in fostering education and funding scholarships.
Collaborate and cooperate with scholarly entities in programmes and
research projects that further the objectives of the EWMC.
Give back to the local and international community.


S"...build the nation of Trinidad and Tobago,
( bringing in all the races, acknowledging
Sadll their contributions, elevating lowly
castes, dignifying despised colours,
S-* achieving a syncretism here and a
new autonomy there, raising up the
St poor and the lowly and giving them a
F positive stake in our society."

"...the humblest antecedents
S" ,are not inconsistent with
greatness of soul."

Eric Eustace Williams

1939-48 Assistant
Professor, Howard
University, U.S., compiles
Howard's first Social
Sciences textbook three

1911 Eric Eustace Williams
Born September 251'

1943 Consultant to Anglo-American
E Caribbean Commission,
Washington, D.C., U.S.

1944 Publishes thesis as
Capitalism and Slavery
1946 Offered Howard University

1942 Writes The Negro 1951 Writes Education in the British
in the Caribbean West Indies

1956 Founds Trinidad/Tobago's
first modem political party, The
People's National Movement (PN.M.)

S"There can be no Mother India...no
Mother Africa...no Mother England and
no dual .., r.-. i ". can be no
Mother China, no Mother Syria and no
Mother Lebanon.
A nation, like an individual, can have
only one Mother The only Mother
we recognize is Mother Trinidad
and Tobago, and Mother cannot
,d discriminate between her children.

1962 August 31", Independence
1959-62 from Great Britain. First Prime
First Premier Minister of Trinidad/Tobago

1981 March 291, Dr. Williams dies
in office. An estimated quarter of
population files past bier

Mid 1970's (New York Times)
"A Tiger in a Sea ofPussycats"
Implements energy industries responsible 1 e
for country's present-day economic miracle 1981 The region mourns its loss

2007 Order of the Supreme
Companions of O.R. Tambo (Gold)
Conferred with South Africa's most
prestigious national award

2007 South African President
Thabo Mbeki dedicates his official
biography to Eric Williams

m ninmmm miin miimi mm i in Iniiii n

1931 Wins sole annual Island
Scholarship to Oxford t
University, U.K.
1935 First place B.A., First
Class Honours Degree
in Modem History -
aCollege distinction

1938 Writes Ph.D. thes.
The Economic Aspect oj
the Abolition of the West
Indian Slave Trade and

1955-56 "The 'University'of
Woodford Square"
Thousands attend 137 free
public education lectures

1956-59 FirstChiefMinister
1956-59 First Chief Minister

w w
1962 Writes History of the People of
Trinidad and Tobago
1962-81 "To educate is to emancipate"
Institutes free secondary and tertiary education


1963 Writes Documents of West Indian
History, 1492-1655

1964 Writes British Historians and the
West Indies

1969 Writes Inward Hunger The
Education ofa Prime Minister

1970 Writes From Columbus to Castro:
The History of the Caribbean, 1492-1969

1976 Trinidad/Tobago
becomes a Republic

2002 The Trinity Cross
Awarded Trinidad/Tobago's
highest honour

2007 Commemorative Plaque
unveiled, Centenary of Trinidad/
Tobago's Parliament

-Z. .


" /o someone like myself, who was a teenager in Trinidad when Eric Williams
burst onto the public scene there around 1955, certain of these pieces have an
emotional power far beyond their considerable force as political analysis and
argument. Single-handedly and single-mindedly, Eric Williams transformed
our lives. He swept away the old and inaugurated the new. He made us proud
to be who we were, and optimistic, as never before, about what we were going
to be, or could be. 'Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,' and nothing that has
transpired since in Trinidad can negate Williams' gift to his people, or his triumph
of intellect and spirit."

Sara Hart Kimball Professor in the Humanities Arnold Rampersad
Stanford University, U.S.




"To educate is to emancipate."

L ou, the children, yours is the great responsibilityto educate
your parents, teach them to live together in harmony... To your
tender and loving hands, the future of the Nation is entrusted.
In your innocent hearts, the pride of the Nation is enshrined.
On your scholastic development, the salvation of the Nation
is dependent...you carry the future of Trinidad and Tobago
in your school bags."

Eric Eustace Williams, August 30, 1962
Independence Youth Rally


Q2 vow to defend your promise
and to honour our people."

Leslie Paul
EWMC Student Visitor, Trinidad and Tobago


"It is our earnest hope for mankind that while we gain the moon,
we shall not lose the world."
Eric Eustace Williams, 1969, First Moon Landing
One of only 73 world leaders invited to write messages that were placed on the moon

"No one was a greater fighterforjustice and equality.
No one was a greater leader."
Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State, 1998

"He was a rare gift to this world's inhabitants."
Kenneth Kaunda, President of Zambia, 2000

"Trinidad's Man For All Seasons"
Bill Clinton, President of the United States, 2001

"A Great Thinker"
Leonel Fernindez, President of the Dominican Republic, 2005

"That great West Indian historian and Prime Minister"
Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa, 2005

"He was the greatest Trinidadian of the 20th century... friend of India."
Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, Vice President of India, 2006

stand here waiting for him to return."

Regika Barker
EWMC Student Visitor, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

' here is a sharp distinction between the very good
and the truly great, between the man of talent and the man
of genius. The man of talent is the marksman who hits
a mark the others cannot hit. The man of genius is the
marksman who hits the mark they cannot even see."

Tribute to Eric Williams
Ian McDonald
Guyanese Author


Inauguration of the

March 22, 1998

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Basdeo Panday
Daughter of Eric Williams Erica Williams Connell
U.S. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell

/he Eric Williams Memorial Collection... must be
encouraged.., for the sake of the younger generation
and their successors.., the flame must be kept alive
by support, tangible and otherwise...Without an
understanding of our beginnings, the way ahead could
be fraught with... missteps."

His Excellency Professor George Maxwell Richards
T.C., C.M.T., Ph.D.
President of the Republic .I inni.l.. I and Tobago

2000 From Columbus to Castro: The
History of the Caribbean, 1492-1969
Re-published in
Japanese after -
decades r, -

1984 Publication of British Capitalism

The Contribution ofEric Williams
Conference Sponsors:
Boston University, U.S., and Rockefeller
Center, Italy

1998 March 22nd Inauguration of EWMC by
Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Basdeo Panday
and U.S. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell

2000 Eric Williams and
the Pan-Africanist Moment
Conference Sponsor:
Wellesley College, U.S.

2002 Florida International
University Professor Ken Boodhoo's
The Elusive Eric Williams
Emanates from
EWMC's Oral
History Project

F -- -I-- I.

2002 Eric Williams: His
Scholarship, Work andImpact
Conference Sponsors:
New York Public Library's
Schomburg Center and
Princeton University, U.S.

2004 TheEconomic Future ofthe Caribbean
Conference book re-issued, edited by Eric Williams
(1944 Howard University, U.S.)
S Launches: Trinidad/Tobago; London, U.K.; Canada;
New York, Washington, D.C., U.S.

2004 From Columbus to Castro: -
The History ofthe Caribbean, n
1492-19 69 UU I
U.K. edition, re-printed after 7 years

2004 Capitalism and Slavery
Re-published inJapanese after 30years


2004 History ofthe People of
Trinidad and Tobago
Online version, Eric Williams website,
University of Florida, U.S.

2006 The Trinidad and Tobago
Alliance, North America, Inc.,
recognizes EWMC's contribution to

2006 EricWilliams and The Making
of the Modem Caribbean
Princeton University, U.S., Dodge
Professor of History Colin Palmer's

.-- ----= =--i

*H-- -
1999-2007 Annual Florida International
University Eric E. Williams Memorial Lecture
S .... l l .. I ..1h 1 .. 11 .I -d h

Deputy Prime Minister, Bahamas;
First Lady, Jamaica; Attorney General, Barbados;
Angela Davis, University of California, U.S.
S Governor of Florida, U.S.,
S endorses FIU Lecture Series

2008 A Decade of Achievement

a m m m m m m m m aaa:0aaa

w w
1996 Publicationof
Capitalism & Slavery
S,' >.' I. i i.:. i i :ace
. .. ,, I i.. .-. ...- t
ofthe Man and His Work
Conference Sponsors:
The University of the West Indies
and Harvard University, U.S.

1999 UNESCO Memory ofthe World
Register designation preserves the
Caribbean's historical and cultural
heritage .


2000 EWMCNewsletter
Fall 2000


a -

2001 EWMCNewsletter
December 2001

Newsletter -

> Vs

2002 EWMCNewsletter
December 2002
SU-- '"e .-






2003 EWMCNewsletter 2004 EWMCNewsletter 2005 EWMCNewsletter
wins APEX International February 2004 wins APEX International
Award for Publication .. Award for Publication
Excellence Nosttd r Excellence 2nd time

A a A

S2005 EWIMCNewsletter
j wins MarCom Award
4 for Creative

2006 InwardHunger:
The Education ofa Prime Minister
Re-published after 12 years
Launches: London International
Book Fair, U.K.; Canada

2007 BiennialEric Williams The
'Schoolbags'Essay Univsi
Competition in Of
17 Caribbean countries, Shefield
155 high schools 2007 Annual EWMC Seminar -
Co-Sponsor: 60 Caribbean Masters/Doctoral students
Jamaica National Co-sponsor: The University of Sheffield, U.K.
Bicentenary Committee

-l -- 2007 Mayor of London Lecture
Series, U.K., honouring
Eric Williams, commemorates
Sr Bicentenary British Abolition
. of Transatlantic Slave Trade

H 2007 GriotNewsletter
Miami-Dade County, U.S.,
state-mandated, African-
American Studies curriculum
for public schools includes
Eric Williams

-- '



2007 Black Oxford: UntoldStories
Eric Williams included in Walking
Tour and Traveling Exhibit on Black
Scholars of Oxford University, U.K



A Decade of Achievement...

U.S. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell inaugurates the EWMC, 1998

M l UNESCO Memory of the World 1,k i'....!, 1999
Only 47 other countries so distinguished at the time
4 International Conferences: Italy, Trinidad and Tobago, U.S. (twice)
3 Conference Books published
4 Eric Williams Books re-published
2 Eric Williams Books re-issued in Japanese
9 Florida International University Lectures, 1999-2007
5 Eric Williams Encyclopaedia Entries
2 Eric Williams Biographies published
6 International Book Launches
The Mayor of London's Inaugural Eric Williams Lecture Series, 2007
Annual EWMC-University of Sheffield, U.K., Symposium for 60 Caribbean Masters/Doctoral Students
21 Lectures on Eric Williams to University and Community Groups
5 Conference Panels
3 International Awards for the EWMC Newsletter

.hose who labored in the organizational, financial
and other vineyards to create the Collection have
provided a unique intellectual gift, not just to Trinidad
and Tobago... One only hopes that folks, in Trinidad
and in the rest of the region and its diaspora, treat it
as such."

Dean Ivelaw Griffith
Florida International University Honors College, U.S.

...A Decade of Achievement

Prototype for the Caribbean: Model for University College of the Bahamas Museum;
H. Lavity Stoutt Community College Museum, British Virgin Islands;
and the Central Bank .1 11 ii-1 l. I and Tobago Museum
Oral History Project
150 Calypsoes feature Eric Williams
98 Interviews
Miami-Dade County U.S., state-mandated, African-American Studies
Curriculum for Public Schools includes Eric Williams
2007 Ilo.il.llina -i of Biennial Eric Williams 'i,; .. .11.iN' Essay Competition
in 155 Schools, 17 (.l ii..l i Countries
Local and International School Visits quadrupled
18 published Articles
International Media Coverage in 100 Countries

VIP Visitors
2001 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics 1998, Amartya Sen
2003 Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani
2004 Former Secretary General of the Association of Caribbean States Norman Girvan
Secretary General of the Association of(.i iii...i States Ruben Sili6
Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics 1990, Harry Markowitz
2005 President of the Republic .I 1i i l. i. I and Tobago George Maxwell Richards
2006 Prime Minister of Jamaica P. J. Patterson
Prime Minister of St. Vincent/Grenadines Ralph Gonsalves
Vice President of India Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat

' he BEWMC is the most important
development in scholarship in the
Caribbean in recent years."
Professor Tony Martin
Wellesley College, U.S.

-" empowering. Riveting. Powerful!"
Joshua Kirven
EWMC Student Visitor, Florida, U.S.

The EWMC is about teaching, research, and community service.

" .hat we research, is what we
teach, is how we can give back."
Professor Jane Brown
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, U.S.


Ot is perhaps the only historical
collection of which Trinidad and Tobago
can be proud."
Professor Emeritus Anthony Bryan
University of Miami, U.S.

C' must-come-after-school place."
Kendall Comeran
EWMC Student Visitor, Trinidad and Tobago

The Next Decade...

Construction, operation, and maintenance of a permanent home for the
EWMC Research Library, Archives & Museum that includes:
Regional state-of-the-art Conservation Laboratory with
digitisation capability and work-study student component
Audio-Visual Archives
Photographic Archives
Newspaper Archives
Marketing, International Promotion, Media Coverage

Endowment of a Trust Fund

Endowment of a UWI Eric Williams (Professorial) Chair in History

Scholars-in-Residence Programme

Caribbean Tertiary Education Scholarships

Two forthcoming Biographies

Definitive Eric Williams Documentary

' eep this signature. I have been
inspired to accomplish even greater
heights for T & T and the Caribbean."

Keisha Simone Lewis
EWMC Student Visitor, Trinidad and Tobago

Continuation of Established Programmes and New Initiatives

UNESCO/U.S. Library of Congress Proposal to digitise the EWMC

Capitalism and Slavery, First Korean Edition

Capitalism and Slavery, First Hindi Edition

Capitalism and Slavery, First Urdu Edition

From Columbus to Castro: The History of the Caribbean, 1492-1969
First Spanish Edition

Compilation of Eric Williams Online Bibliography 997 Titles

Publication of Schomburg Conference Book -
Into the Post Colonial Moment: Eric Williams and West Indian Nationalism

Biennial Regional Eric Williams 'Schoolbags' Essay Competition

Annual Florida International University, U.S., Eric E. Williams Memorial Lecture Series

Annual EWMC-University of Sheffield, U.K., Symposium

Expansion of Eric Williams Curriculum in Florida, U.S., Public Schools

Hosting of Local and International School Field Trips

Community Engagement and Empowerment

4C s a model for similar archival
collections in the Caribbean...I remain
very impressed by its breadth...it is a
national treasure."
Dodge Professor of History Colin Palmer
Princeton University, U.S.

hank you very much for
treasuring what is really ours."
Kimberley Correia
EWMC Student Visitor, Trinidad and Tobago

~t/ntil the lions have their historians,
tales of the hunt will be written by the
African Proverb

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