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Group Title: Diaries and Books
Title: Family book: Dr. Elizabeth Ingraham Pocket Medical Dictionary.
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Title: Family book: Dr. Elizabeth Ingraham Pocket Medical Dictionary.
Series Title: Diaries and Books
Physical Description: Archival
Publication Date: 1884
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Box: 2
Folder: Family book: Dr. Eliz. Ingraham Pocket Medical.
Subject: Ingraham, James Edmundson, 1850-1924.
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    The metric system of measures of length, capacity, and weight
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S LN III t li i, Lei.
*L W1.n.u, ^..


I -


--pCs -~ ~dlllll~L~ll


'-mtrloi- of Pebitanl 5tiemce
Collated from t.i i .i,. E. . with
the Addition of NTew WVords not
before introduced into a
D. B. ST. JOHN R0OSA, M D., LL,.




IN this edition the revision has been
mainly made by my associate, Dr. J. B.
Emerson, who has carefully gone over
the latest medical works, and added the
new words which have been introduced
by their authors. The appendix to the
last edition has also been incorporated
in the body of the book.
.New York, 1883.

THis 1;[rl..r'i 'r;.l- ,, r- i F*h t. I.r i y 1. .' ." .
Tl'h -llh II *I' i" I *.i .[u, I I h .- ., i I"'
means as a substitute for the large
works of the same kind. It has been
prepared at the suggestion and reonest
ofl' ,,-ru l.ru- m t i, 1.., I. ..lln.. ,. J 1, 1 i

ties for knowing the wants of our stu-
The standard dictionaries of medical
science have Ibeen crefulhv url freely
consulted; i,,t i I.... II ,,. ,1 Vocab-
ulary, London, 1860, has been made the
l.r i . .r fl ... r -. l; .. .. .. s .. 1.1- ai..I
Illn- illn aldil*I" I r" I I II I- ltI*' .EJ "lI d "' ,
while very many disused ones, which
seemed merely to increase the number
of pages without augmenting the value
of a dictionary, have been omitted. It
has been the endeavor of the compiler
to bring the definitions fully up to the
I" .' ': I- -I '. ~i.. .i.' iL ii'nowledge, and
i.I- I ,I! I.- rI.,,,- .. 4I, ,1 ,. was consistent
,..I h I I, ll -- ,,I '. i. ,.- jiOn ,
i]h -.. 1, 1~ I. 1,, ar, I, .r.,D .. i.. i.o.n LI..
words have been .II, .I. I 'l' -\ iih"--_
and accentuated. \ II i Ii. I 11 40i"
such as have bee'. i,,!..i. I ii. II,i i1
show the roots of i i.... 1, I'. ., ,i
.% II.N .i 1,. iiI.. '.I, ,i. are' to be
i, Il."ll I i l .l ,.1 Ii- t" I el'.
!I L i J.i.uNRoost.
New York, 1865.


THE large and continued sale of this lit-
tle work, the many notes of commnend-
tion received from eminent medical
teachers, have been ri,, ; .- ;.i.: u..-
to the author that I.- i,.1 i.~ -r.i,,r
humble work in preparing the VEST-
ful corrections have been mina- T I' -
body of the work, while ., i ,ll. ... I
words havebeen placed in the appendix.
The French system of weights and mea-
i,- Lh ,11i:.., been added,




A, prefix, want of.
AA, contraction for ana, of each.
Ab, prefi., from, removed from.
A-baisse'-ment, depression.
A-bap-tis'-ta, the old conical trepan.
Ab-do'-men, the belly.
Ab-duc'-tion, tile act of taking away
from the median line.
Ab-duc'-tor, a muscle performing ab-
Ab-er-ra'-tion, a an during.
'hr.l:*.,,ut ... [hrs> lll-'lnl l l t :.:l ...I'
n l hi[O I-he r I..',' t I .* ln. Is I...Ji11II
ilj.l~ l lo >:., 11. 1 1 o IjI.<[.


spherical, unequal refraction by a
spherical body.
A-bi-es, 1, the fir; 2, a variety of resin-
ous plants.
Ab-i-o'-sis, death.
Ab-la'-tion, removing.
Ab-lu'-tion, the act of washing.
Ab-nor'-mal, not natural.
Ab-nor'-mity, an irregularity.
Ab-o-li'-tion, complete suspension.
Ab-or'-tion, the premature expulsion of
a fteus.
Ab-or-ti-cid'-i-um, means of killing a foe-
tus, faoticide.
Ab-or'-tives, medicines to produce abor-
A-bra'-sion, a scratch of the skin or
mucous membrane.
Ab-ro'-sia, a -iji_,. .."'*
.lI i i.." i;t. [ '. i ..r ... r i Io e nenea the
j Iin,, "i, i displacements of the frag-
Ab'-scess, a circumscribed cavity con-
taiinig pus.
Ab-scis'-sion, a cutting off.
Ab-scon'-sia, sinus.
Abs. Feb., absente febre, in the absence
of fever.
Ab'-sinth, worm-wood.
Ab-sorp'-tion, the function by which ves-
s9's remove substnnees from the ex-
ierinl :i 0i i1 l i .' I .i n,. body.


Ab-ste'-mi-ous, temperate as to food and
Ab'-sti-nence, the refraining from the
i Lu.i. .... f an appetite.
_1. :i':1 ..- r. I cleanser.
Ab'-sus, cassia growing in Egypt.
Ab-u'-li-a, loss of will.
Ab-vac-ua'-ti-o, an excessive evacuation.
Ac, prefix, to add to.
A-cam'-si-a, rin l.- -
A-can'-tha, -I .. r-1. i column.
. ,. ,ii ,, i ,i ,.'i a heart.
..'- t i ,1 ,i i *- "L- -j t wanl t of bloodin the
A-ear-di-o-ner'-vi-a, want of nervous ae.
tion in the heart.
Ac'-a-rus, an animal parasite found in
A-cat'-a-lep-sy, doubt in diagnosis.
Ac-ces'-so-ry, a consequence or depend,
Ac-cli-ma'-tion, becoming accustomed to
a climate.
A c-con:- -in l] .r[ -. .-f I ...-- ri,. .. .
er of llIl.. [l.. In.. I ,,,. I ...i t. I l l -il
Ac-couche'-ment, child-birth.
Ac'-crete, grown together.
Ac-cre'-tions, accumulations.
A-ce'-di-a, neglect.
A -ceph'-.i i..,,- iri r -i i,. a .L
-.-Cepi -.1 : s-.. i li .' li.-- o.yst, con-
I ltllil rih .Inili hi. ll,:.


A-ceph-a-lo-pe'-di-a, without head or
A-ceph-a-lor-rhach'-i-a, without head or
A-cer'-vu-lus Cer'-e-bri, sandy matter
near the pineal gland.
A-ces'-cen-cy, a disposition to acidity.
A-ce'-ci-a, cure.
A-ce-tab'-u-lum, a vinegar cruet, a cup-
like socket holding the head of the
A-ce-ta'-ted, combined with acetic acid.
Ac'-e-tone, naphtha; pyre-acetic acid.
A-ce'-tum, vinegar.
Ac-hei'-li-a, absence of lips; a malfor-
Ac-hei'-ri-a, absence of hands; a malfor-
A-chil'-lis Ten'-do, tendon of thegastroc-
A-cho'-li-a, want of bile.
A'-chor, a running sore on the head.
A-chor-is'-tus, a sign of health or disease
A-chro'-ma, want of color of the skin.
A-chro-mat'-ic, without color, correcting
aberration of refrangibility.
A-chro-ma-top'-si-a, color blindness.
Ac'-id, a substance sour to the taste, red-
dening vegetable blue.
A-ci-ne'-si-a, 1, loss of motion in body;
2, the interval between the sounds of
the heart.
Ac'-i-nus, stone of a grape, in plural

acini, the small granulations compos-
ing liver and other glandular bodies.
Ac'-me, the height of.
Ac'-ne, a kind of pimple.
Ac-ne \en-ta'-li i I..ulllir eruption in
the beard. B).rr.,r l- L.,I
Ac-ne'-mi-a, absence of legs.
A-col'-o-gy, material medical.
A-co'-nu-si, disease of audition.
A-cop'-ri-a, constipation.
A-cot-y-led'-o-nous, destitute of, or hav-
ing very indistinct, seed lobes.
A-cor'-mus, a monster without a trunk.
A-cous'-tics, the science of sounds.
A-cra'-i-pa-la, remedy for drunkenness.
A-cra'-le-a, extremities.
A-cra'-si-a, without proper control.
A-cra'-ti-a, weakness.
A-cra-to-pe'-ge, mineral springs, with
no decided chemical properties.
A-cra'-tu-re-sis, inability to void urine,
from paresis of the bladder.
Ac'-rid, burning, sharp, pungent.
A-cri-doph'-a-gl, locust eaters.
A-cri'-ni-a, suspension of secretions.
A-cri'-si-a, a condition of disease in
which no opinion can be given.
A-cri'-ta, animals with blended organs.
A-crit'-i-cal, without crisis.
A. *' t i l p 1 .- 4 .1 1 l l* 1 1
... ,.i,.:.i d..,n, L.., i ', i l -it t z n lo el-


Ac'-ro-gen, growing from the top or
Ac-ro-dynl-i-a, epidemic of rheumatism,
in Paris, 1828-39.
A-cro'-mi-on, top of, the end of the spine
of the scapula.
A-cro-the'-ci-um, -. :;.-i i.1.- i.,. .. 'r
.A C L. i l mi-on, Z1 ..i 11. -,: .uj el-

Ac-tu-al Cau'-te-ry, a hot iron used in
Ac-u-pres'-sure, the compression of
blood-vessels by needles.
Ac-u-pune'-ture, puncturing parts with
a needle.
A-cute', violent severe.
A-cy'-e-sis, sterility.
Ad, prefix, in addition to.
A-dac'-ry-a, defective secretion of tears.
Ad'-de, add to.
Ad-de-pha'-gi-a, gluttony.
Ad-di-son's disease, bronzed skin, with
disease of the supra-renal capsules.
Ad-duc'-tor, a muscle drawing towards
median line of body.
A'-den, Ogland.
Ad-e-nal'-gi-a, a pain in a gland.
Ad-e-nec-to'-pi-a. di-lncation of a gland
Ad-e-ni'-tis, inil ii. ii i.-.ii of agland.
Ad-e-no-cele', tumor of glandular.
Ad-e-no'-ma, i cl : i. .nli .2. -..,i h
.AJ .-.r,...t d .., l -i', It li '. l r u l. I
A J ::'li:.lJ 11 1 aI .'I llllhI.

A'-deps, lard without fat.
Ad-he'-sion, sticking to.
Ad-i-po-cere', soap from animal matter,
grave wax.
Ad'-ipose, fatty.
A-dip'-si-a, absence of thirst.
Al' j-u.ani .. li-lp-r.
A i La., .i .i i.- n, at pleasure.
Ad'-nate, growing together.
Ad-o-les'-cence, period in man between
14 and 25; woman 12 and 21.
A'-dros, plump, full.
A-dult', age between adolescence and
old age.
A-dul-ter-a'-tion, corruption.
Ad-us'-tion, the act of applying a burn-
ing substance to the body.
Ad-ven-ti'-tious, acquired, accidental.
A-dv-nam'-ic, characterized by great de-
A.1 lin' tus, sickly.
.- '. 1- .-, the genital organs.
XAl-doe-ol'-o-gy, a treatise on the genital
AE-dos-i'-tis, inflammation of the organs
of generation. i
2-ga-grop-i'-la, a ball of hair swallowed
by goats in licking themselves.
tE'-gi-lops, an ulcer at the inner angle of
the eye.
.EU I,,llh .,.- y, u .,'i I; .r. l. M a i ln
A. i i 'ti... i [l llii. 1I,. i, ith,. air.


A-e'-ri-al, through air.
iA r if. -*..- 1 1...c air.
.k ** ri.l.i'ii. ih.. in .. .- form of air.
A i....- ,i i I.. ., ti-. SCience of tliih
motion of air.
A-e-rol'-o-gy, the science of the atmo-
A-e-rom'-e-ter, an air measuri3r.
A-er-o-ply'-Les, plaiuls living entirely in
A-er-os-ta'-tion, the process of weighing
EI-ru'-gi-nons, like verdigris.
-Es-thlem-a-tol'-o gy, a treatise on the
Es-thes-i-omni'-e-ter, an instrument for
llZ*** il'i,.*ii *i ll i lll 5' Ill I ar i s ,

.i .- [, 1 v. .,. l .'n1.1 i il .Ih i .i I I ] thle

.L i i, ..*.-, black or burned substance.
.L i .., 1, gy, the science of the causes
of disease,
Af, prefix, in addition to.
Af-fec'4ion. a disorder or disease.
Afl-fer-ent, conveying towvasrds the cen-
Af-fin'-i-ty, chemical attraction.
I'. 11-; .,i.a. a determination of blood.
.Af ru *s.'.-I, the act of pouring out.
Af'-ter-birth, the placenta.


\U t,'l I.,'h.- i'. i"- i .', .l L :O i] :r.ti ii of

I.- 3. .i, tolr. 1:1 I, 1 1.

.,i. i'-tion, Ime.ntal or physical excite-
t ment.
A .glu-ti'-tion, inability to swallow.
Ag'-ni-na -t'd vlls 'i t 'lI in -'nli Ip *.
i Ag- l e'-sia, O

a -naR, "I

Ag-noi'-si%, ( iupotonce.
Ag n el'-t li a, absence of jaw

.A; c ii L '.. Ii. I...lstrl ggi of life.
A.' i '. ' 'io read of space.
S.i' me i I et first, as ere

A *III.. I I11I' u lrb[, foot presenta-

A-gros-tog'-rap, hy, the science of
iAg, '-ni-a, insomnia.
A1 >** intestinal fever.
A -gue-:a.r; .., .l of the spleen.
. .... ~ ,,, hI d of space

Air'-cells, the last form of air passage
in the lungs.
A-ki-ne'-si-a, in tnrf prhnlv'i
A-ki-o:'.,. cy, i'- .. .-- iii ci.-r'il for
their -. a physician.
A'-la, a wing.
Al-a-bas'-ter, dense sulphate of lime.
A'-lar, like a wing.
Al'-bi-nism, skin disease with abnormal
Al-bi'-no, a person with little pigment
in the body.
Al-bu-gin'-e-a, the white fibrous coat of
testis and ovary, and of the eye-ball.
Al-bu'-men, a proximate principle of
animals and vegetables. The white of
Al-bu-inen-ip'-a-rous, secreting albu-
Al-bu'-mi-noid disease, disease of the
supra-renal capsules.
Al-lb'-ini-nose, soluble principle of fl-
Al-bu-mi-mn'-ri-a, albumen in the urine.
Al-bu-mi-no'-sis, increase of albumen in
Al'-ca-li, L an agent having power of
Al'-ka-li, f restoring the blue of lit-
mus, reddened by acid.
A'-ca-line, impregnated with an al-
Al'-ka-lie, ( call.
Al'-ca-loid, an organic alkali.


Al'-co-hol, the product of vinous fer-
Al-co-hol'-ism, symptoms from exces-
sive use of alcohol.
Al'-cus -i I.' Ii. h precede the erup-
'tion i -,I ill '",
Al-em'-bic, a vessel used in chemistry.
Al-em'-broth, the product of corrosive
su b lin '. .1.i I ......l ... .i', .
Al'-ga., l. ii',.. 1. .. I_- 11 g Oi N grow-
ing in water.
Al'gid, morbid coldness.
Al-ien-a'-tion insaniy.
Al-if'-e-rous, having wings.
Al'-i-ment, substances capable of nour-
Al-i-mon'-ta-ry Ca-nal, the tube from
i ll [.lM.nlUS.
'II ...I i i, '-ri-a, alkaline urine.
Al-lan-tois, a sa 1. i 1 .. i, ;.'.n and
anunion in tile r I 1 1 Ii, ,11 I I' i I
Al-lan-tox'-i-cum, poisoning from sau-

\ I 1** I l*. h *, , ,

I,', pl,,,hl1, 12 la ,l .is 1 ,,T'i.... ... i1,1lll ,
I.I.*l, I .i is i I L.1I. 1i. I i ll 0 t1 II L n-
Al'-lo-tro-pism, variable property of
.' ,' ch i.-n r-] .rne ... .:..l.c i .1;.-, 1.,., ..
.. i i.**, -i..r l u, i lii, i I [I, ll" Iil i i
1 .


.l'r plu:. psorasis,
Al'-ter-a-tive, a medicine producing a
gradual salutary effect.
Al'-tern. hor., altc vis horis. every
other hour.
A-lu'-sia, hallucination.
Al'-ve-us, a channel, a tube or canal.
A l-ve'-c. i, II.. 1. ..],.- I, I ,I i, .r i
A l'-vine ,- I. L. le i I' I,, I .
A -m al'-,.-. L. ,,.. h,** I 1. i ii i lnl- w itlh
Am-a-tor'-es, the lovers, the oblique
muscles of the eye.
Am-au-ro'-sis, to render obscure, blind-
ness from organic changes in brain,
optic nerve or retina.
A-ma'-zi-a, without breasts.
Am-ber'-gris, a distilled product from
intestine of a whale,
Am-bi-dex'-ter, one equally skilful with
each hand.
Am-bi-o'-pi-a, I..i i *'
Am-bus'-ti-al i ._ I ., i ..'. a burn.
Am-bly'-o-pi-a, partial or complete loss
of vision.
Am-bro'-si-a, feast of the gods.
Am'-bu-la-to-ry, shifting about.
Am'-bu-lance, a vehicle for conveying
disabled soldiers.
Am-bus'-ti-a, burn.
.\A m1. .r i III]. -uppression or reten-
[1," 1l i"[ [ III,-'tr '
.1-Ih.l '."rt' I, d [l'v:'hr.;,'

A-me'-tri-a, 1st, intemperance; 2d, ab-
sence of uterus.
A-me-tro'-pi-a, abnormal refraction of
A.\i.i 1..;- Ui'i.. y;ven to the products
Am'-ni-on, the shut sac inclosing the
A-moe'-bold, anything which can un-
dergo many changes of form at will.
A-morph'-ous, without regular shape.
Am-phl-ar'-thro-sis, an articulation with
a disk or cartilage between the joints.
Am-phib'-i-ous living in land and water.
Amphit'-ro-pal, ovules or seeds at-
tached by til middle,
Am'-pho-ra, a Greek liquid measure.
Am-phor'.ie Res'-o-nance, a sound like
I. i r...ni ..' ... I 11i il empty cask.
AirI l ,i -, f.1 i !. ?. ii. ends of the
membranous semi-circular canal in
the ear.
Am-pu-ta'-tion, the act of cutting off.
A-myg'-da-lfe, tonsils.
A-myg'-da-li-tis, inflammation of the
A-myg'-da-lot-o-my, cutting off the ton-
A-my'-lon, starch.
A-my-la'-ce-ous, starchy.
A-myle' (the hydrated, oxide of), fusel

A-my-lene, an anaesthetic from alcohol
and chloride of zinc.
A-my-loid', like starch.
Am'-yon, absence of muscle.
Am-yo-troph'-ic, inflammatory degen-
eration of spinal cord.
An'-a, of each.
An-ab'-a-sis, the ascent, first period of a
An-a-ca-thar'-tic, a medicine excit-
ing vomiting, expectoration, or saliva-
An-m'-mi-a, want of red corpuscles in
\Ar .. ,.-.r . pI-'. defective nourish-
na.r hi1 .l.( [h1..-, d.
An-as-the'-si-a, diminution of the sense
'f feelinm
A' inq l I". .r I .., ..I I.. the alus.
An'-a-lep-sy, restoration to health.
An-al-ge'-si-a, absence of sensation of
An'-a-logue, :. i 11.-iil.l. I..'.]I-:.
An-a-phro-dit ~ ., .i-...... ,i sexual
An-a-pic-rat'-ic, paralysis of muscles
from over-use.
An-a-plas-mat'-ic, increasing the plastic
power of blood.
Au-a-sar'-ca, serum in subcutaneous
connective tissue.
An-as-to-mo'-sis, communication of ves-
] i ll l l *.. h ,. l i e r


A.n.l .'. n. [- l,, 'L .. .. -, i .. the prop-
c lvr l. ,j r s.. n ,. ,I I,. ,.
... ;, ... ir .. i of othel
i I. .. I, ,,t ni u
.i ..,., .i , f ..* ,.on.. l position of
general, the Il I '. r r,. : .
morbird, l, i. I U IYarrts
puthorlogicul i -. -
microscopical the description of
rI' "..; M ;I, I; i su1eS.
S.. ....... I. 1 with reference to

.' the body by regions
. ]I '. I. ,, ."les or seeds curved
down and grown to the lower half.
A.\,- . 1...1.I., .1. ., a stiffle ing of
ii ..II.. between edges of
An-cip'-i-tal, two-edged.
An'-con, the elbow.
An-co-lie'-us, extensor muscle of fore-
An'-co-nal, pertaining to the elbow.
An-ders, disease of cattle in France.
A 1 .1, i. 1I, i :.a dissectionof human

.A I ..1...i, I, ii Idine like aman.
A-ne-mol'-o-gy, a treatise on wind.
,An-. i n r *. --i. ti i lI tnilrhit i'.' m ea-
." 0 1I.: 1l..'r.] e Of I,. % IIr.I
.A .il-n .. .-... .., ih :i i L! -, .l w ing
e .il ,tL' *e IL 21


An-en-ceph'-a-lous, without a brain.
An-en'-te-rous, having no intestinal
An-er-y-throp'-si-a, inability to sde the
color red.
An-o'-sis, remission.
An-e'-tus, ague.
A-neu-ral'-gi-con. a fumigating appara-
tus for neuralgia.
Au'-eu-rism, a dilatation or rupture of
an artery.
A l .. u- i .U nII 1 V i .. il;l .. fan vein
Ir',,r i .. .. t ,r, ., 1 ,[ il r, t blood,
both vessels', ..i;,, ... -I.l .1
An-frac'-tu-ous, !,lI hi I.rilng passa-
An-gei-ec-ta'-si-a,hypertrophy of lymph-
.\r, ..1.l,.;'-tis, initlainmation of lynm-

. ...ii ...1. '13sclnption of tihe

.A, ..-1 .l'-o-gy, a treatise on vessels of
I, ..ly .
An-ge-i'-tis, an inflammation of the bow-
An-gi'-na, the quinsy.
An-gi'-na Pec'-to-ris, pain in tlhe heart,
An-gi-o-car'-di-tis, inllammnation of the
heart and large vessels.
An-gl o-no'-ma, t i-. l t I Ir' ii
ir..-. [iL.v : . ..r.l the 1l..]',h.

An'-gle, space between two straight lines
meeting at a point.
An'-gu-lar, shaped like an angle.
An-he-la'-tion, shortness of breath.
An-hy-dri'-mi-a, diminished serum in the
An-hy-dro'-sis, abnormal dryness of the
An-hy'-drons, containing no water.
An'-i-ma, the principle of life.
An'-i-mal heat, natural heat of the body.
An-i-mal'-cule, a very small animal.
An-i-rid'-i-a, absence of the iris.
An-ky-lo'-bleph-a-ron, union of edges of
the eyelid. A
An-ky lo'-sis, want of motion of joints.
1 1II 1i 1 -1,,...1 .
I Ii 1.- 1 1 p .'11 I us, bony ring
I "" I ."I11. 1 I pa. l ni.
An'-o-dyne, nedieine to allay pain.
A n-onm' .. i .t ... ii ,
An-oi' .,1 ,I. ,,,,, i I
An-oph-thal-niia, congenital absence of
one or both eyes.
An-op'-sia, without eye or socket.
.1 .. .i .. i r petite.
"' *' .. 'i i: , i, -,,, isels or nerves,
.\ .. .1 I.. .1,,.i '.,, ,iIable to distin-
:-,,,.h ,,,,-I, ,,,h',.r,,. ,1 ..'ijeers.

A nt-a,. i..1, i-i ', IJ -..1J . 1 _,, ,I 1 .i.L,.r. ,.


Ant-al'-gic, anodyne.
Ant-aph-ro-dis'-i-ac, a remedy against
sexual appetite.
An'-te, prefix, before or forward.
An-te'-ri-or, iq front of.
An'-ther, tlle top of the stamen or male
part of the flower.
An-thel-min'-tic, a remedy against
Atll Ilii. **' *I ..I 11 on flowers;
An i,'I ,.:, -., ;,.,,,i-',itation of lung in
i h.*-, io work in coal mines.

A n-thro-po 'i 1. ;....II .1i1... I n.li
An-thro'-pc.r li.. i...
An-throp'-o .1, I.... l'.r i. ... i i
An-thro-pol'-o-gy, a treatise on man.
.\11 tl' ..i..... i .i. ..ii.. lhavi hlunan
i..i. ,
An-thro-pon'-o-my, the knowledge of
human physiology.
Anl Ir'. |...hi1 .i -, eaters of human

An-thro-pos'-o-phy,knowledge of human
anatomy and physiology.
An'-ti, against, contrary to.
An-ti'-cus, in front of.
An'-tt-dote, a remedy against poison,
An'-ti-e-phi-al'-tic, a remedy agailist
A rn [i hiai a.' ri.* i-mr .li [ '...lim t uLi.l jd-



An-ti-he'-lix, circular ridge in front of
An-ti-lith'-ic, remedy against stone in
the bladder.
.'ii.i.l il. _;-'-tic, remedy against in-

An-ti-plas'-tic, lessening fibrin in the
Au-ti-py'-ic, remedy preventing suppu-
,.... ... ..-.. I'a re edy for burns.
.i' 1, -..j ...1.t remedy against rotten-
,11 i,, of -rl* i. ofhand and
.'.i. 11 i 1 .1 .1.. .' i -,*,' lie ear.

.. .1.. .. , ".. '.I.. . .r, -u b on e,
An'-u-lus, a riag.
An-u'-ri-a; suppression of urine.
A-or'-ta, the great artery of the body.
A-pa'-gy-mous, blarlig b t once.
A-pet'-a-lous, having no petals or flower

. 1. I *i... -, without skin.
A-per'-i-ent, a medicine -, I,' i..: ;ir,
the bowels.
A\ I1. Ih '-. i A i..l l.:l;t ,' I. .; 11 ,'-

A p11h 1 '.l 1. a '.n' I I '.i' il' cj I
_\ | lib ll L I. h: l ll. I L.' i. 'i iul u .'lI".


A-pho'-ni-a, without voice.
A-phro-dis'-i-ac, producing sexual de,
Aph'-thce, small white mucous ulcers.
Aph'-thold, like aphthle.
Aph'-yl-lous, without leaves.
Ap'-i-cal, pertaining to the top.
A-pla-nat'-ic, correcting the aberration
of rays.
A-plas'-tic, incapable .'*r .., :, i;..-
A-pneu-ma-to'-sis, a l,. .Iil- I ,,." i,:.[
containing air.
A -pneu'-m i-a, ,. ;i 1.. I ,l .i..
A p -n oea s to p p .L ,- ,** t. I 1 *. i -.
Ap-o-neu-rog'-' 1-i.ih . I r.. on apo-
Ap-o-neu-ro'-sis, an expansion of white
blrous tiisste.
Ap-o-phlcg-mat'-lc, .. ,- i,,,: a allow of
.\ .I .' . ; ,. p' .... f bone firmly
111111 *.1 1,, rn i ,,l l ,I .
Ap'-o-plex-y, escape of blood into the
substance oi an organ.
A '. r Iv, disquiet from checked secre-

.\ I',, a .1 : III.' i. I -.,r,..I.. .-. oliated
,- lr, ..*rIgr ._.1 t1 *r*
,A'I' I..'11, II' ..I i .: .' tumo r,
.\1 l ,,:.n .,I,',, .1 ii . i .i I i [ oLh er.
A P' ['i" ; i 1 .1 [ l..1 l ,i ] .. . 0 to ,
.\ '. II, .*i ri. ,i. ...i rij..OSsed to
.'LI.i I :'ILL i. .ii .i 1 i i i it


A-py-ret'-ic, applied to diseases with in-
terruption in, or absence of fever.
A-py-rex'-ia, period of intermission in fe-
A-py'-rous, not capable of burning.
A'-qua, water.
Aq., contraction for aqua.
Aq bull., aqua bullies, boiling water.
Aq. comm., aqua commutnis, common
Aq. destillata, distilled water.
Aq. ferv., ;. .. ---i
A q m a r i . . . . .* * -r .
Aq. pur., .; .. . ...
A '-qua cial.- i l1 ,, ,.. .i.i ... .. of
I I.* ,i n .,' ,i 1 ,, i I'"
onu hunlor.
A'-qua Mlor-g n'ni. water from post-nmol-
'. 1, .. .. ;,i i,. ,* 11- of tLh lens of

A'-qual royal water, a mix-
tulre II . acid alld ly.,-ochloric
Aq'-ue-duct, leading water, a canal.
A'-que-ors,. watery.
A'-que-ous ln'-mior, a fluid between the
cornea and lens of the eye.
A-rach'-ni-tis, (iinflammation of the
A-rah-noi-di'-tis, araclmoid m e m
.,' .... .. .;.1. 'e a spider web, a, mem-
1 I -,,i, I I h. , i
S .*-Ii .i. i-tii l '..* I* : .', I iih. :.-r'i,.'- ,'r spiders,

Ar'-bor-es, a change in the skin preced-

A: I .-. \i I r',.t -.. life, figurelike
a i,,. ;u il .. 7..11..] ..
\' Ih .j.. l ih.. i.-. r I hi r Iri.

Ar-che-lo'-gia, a treatise on first princi-
A r-chen.. -.III' 1. 1 .7 .. ' .. '" .
head, 1 ,, ,'.-11 r., i .. i, ,,,, ,
Ar-chor-.'l,, .1 i, h,, i ih i,.-. i *I., I ii.
Ar'-ci-form, ridge-shaped.
Arc-ta-tion, a constriction of a canal or
Arc-u-lis, a cradle to keep clothes from
S-I.i,_ ..- .*,i : eased parts.
A. I- ...r. 1 . fatty degen.
eratiou n ol ].-i'i-1 *.*' *I t .ornea,.
Ar'-dent, burning.
Ar'-dor, burning heat.
A'-rea, space.
A-re-fac'-tion, aprocessof 1' ,' ,1 .1i..-
A-re-na'-tion, the applicati.:.' ..L a II:.,.1
A-re-na'-ceous, having properties of
A-re'-na-rious, full of sand.
A-ren'-u-lous, full of small sand.
A-re'-o-la, 1, a colored circle around the
nipple; 2, inflamed circle around an

A-r '-OIdr I Sr: Sul C ,i-e'lib T lisue.

A-re-nom'-e-ter, instrument measuring
i.,'.-ifi, c.n iT, .,, I, ;, J
I.' ' I Ii, i,,. .' i 1. open pores
'1,, I it I I ,EI ,-' i,, ,-..,
Ar-gen'-tumi silver.
Ar-gen'-tine, pertaining to silver.
Ar-gil-la, white clay.
Ar-gy-ri'-a, discolored skin from use of
nitrate of silver.
Ar'-id, dry.
A-rid'-i-ty dryness.
A'-ril, expansion of placenta around the
A-ro'-ma, odor,
Ar-o-mat'-ic, having a spicy smell.
Ar-rhi'-zus, without a root.
Arse-cock-le, SI. in 1i i .... r 1.,., ,1:
Ar-sen'-i-cislm i ,, .i..i.. ,...i1 i LI,..
use of arsenic.
Si'.-l; n Sr, .1 3ine against disease
.,[ Ih .. ....I i1, i,
.'i i-' .1. ..i ..i.u, all the arteries in
the body.
Ar-te-ri-og'-ra-phy, a description of the
Ar-te-ri-os'-i-tas, the condition of arterial
blood in veins.
-' i-: i ..t -, Iii', tl .- ..r n-n, g of an ar-
il ;.' r'.:.l ilb- ,. ... ..-..I .lawingblood.
-.'' ., I l[ ll l'i ruill |i | r..> .: r i l l l- l
Ar'-te-ry a vessel ;. ..i.a L 1i'. i ,......I L.ui n
the heart.

Ar-lth,-i'-ra, gout.
A r r., Il -gia, gout and lead rheumatism.
Ar-thrit'-ic, pertaining to joints.
Ar-thri'-tis, inflammation of a joint.
Ar-thro'-di-a, joints between two plane
or a concave and convex surface, hav-
ing a gliding motion.
Ar-thro-dyn'+-a, pains in the joints.
Ar-throg -ra-phy, a description of the
Ar-t. 1 -1 I',- 1 r., e, water of the joints.
.Al .ii I i... -..i, treatise on joints.
Ar 1 .. *1'* 1 disease of the joints.
Ar-thro-Rheu'-ma-tism, acute rheuma-
Ar-thro'-sis, articulation.
A r-tic'., , Ii ..- i, tn,,.. -. .. ;W ..
A rt-tiC -a-lt ,l1. 1 'u n,0 1 l[ ,", srl i.:.nlnt.:.1 _l;-1-
Ar-tic-u-la'-tion, the joining of bones.
Ar-tio'-u-lo Mor'-tis, in the moment of
Ar-ti-tis'-cus, one who has lost a limb.
A-run-di-na'-ceous, pertaining to or like
a reed.
A-rI ,- .,,,'.;1, like a funnel, applied to
'I l r I I1,,c I!.: I., 1 .II;.
A .i ,, .7 ., I.I 1 1.10 I .-1. 1..
A-saph"i-'.linlmn I.I 'r* -1 .,' wn 4 11 I.- ',e,
being i.u,-tl'- i. ,I **: L iI.-l'ni [r -I lb'l -
A-saph'i-. ..i 1-:1- ar iiitul.i .Aln I',)rol
L, ur,,'t' L t1 ial i( '

As-bes'-tos, unextinguishable, mineral
of fibrous structure.
As'-car-is, a worm found in the intes-
As-chis-to-dac'-ty-lus, a monster with
webbed fingers.
As-ci'-tes, a collection of serious fluids
in cavity of peritoneum.
As-clep-i'-a-des, descendants of JEscula-
: h 7I.'I l : 111. : 1 '11 [-1 ... I
As-par'-a-gine, active principle of aspa-
As-per-gil'-lus, vegetable parasite found
in the auditory canal.
.' I. i. I ; ca, passing of semen
A.-.I. I I,. i :'--n us, 1 into the '...I i.]r'
during venereal *. ir. I,.-,,
A-sper'-ma-tisnm, .. ,.'.. :..' j. -, II nir
in copulation.
A-sper'-mous, without seed.
As-per-tu'-do, urticaria.
A s -p h y x '-i-a ,r t ,i," I 'llil l- ll
As-pi-ra'-tion, -.. .1.h II,- r, i,,il',
As-sim-i-la'-tion, the process by which
bodies transform into their substance
other bodies.
As'-te-roid, like a star.
As-the'-ma-tus ci-li-a'-ris, infusoria
tnilnr in discharge of nasal catarrh.
'l.h. -IiI1i, exhaustion.
-'. h -*u I', 1 I h .' lt le"l'- .

As-the-nol'-o-gy, doctrine of debilitating
As-then-o'-pia, a weakness of the mus-
cles by which vision is adjusted for
near objects.
Asth'-ma, shortness of breath.
As-tig'-na-tisi (alpha, privative, aad
stignwa), unequal refraction in differ-
ent meridians of the eye.
As:-to'-;maous, t without a mouth.
As-to'- moos,
As-trag'-a-lus, a. die, an ankle bone.
As-trie'-tion, the action of i, I.- ir.. Ii
As-trin'-gent, m edicines ,..,ii.I .i.w ,i.
ganic textures.
A-.ym'-nle-try 'nnlt F eylnmmetry.
A-sy-ne'-si-a, d,. .., ,ii.
At, prefix, in addition to.
At'-a-visn, disease appearing every
other generation.
A-tax'-ic, irregular.
Ate, tennination denoting salt made of
acid, ending in ie.
A I.e lee' ta-sis, imperfect dilatation.
AIll c **'-ma, ant encysted tumor con-
taining pap-like matter.
Ath-e'-to-sis, want of fixation, nervous
,A t .l],in'.ti. t,-i -iI; -,;]i t.i ni- n iitl .
AI .] I .I 1r.,.., , ,L .I i i.-, first
tr. ( rIc Ti ,.,I II,,I t ,.L;.
. [**I ,'l *.1 n e'i:u ., i ii'.:n 'rer ;ili t. w o


At-mom'-e-ter, an it: strument to measure
the exhalations.
At'-om, a particle so small as not to be
A-tom'-ic, pertaining to or consisting of
A-ton'-ic, without strength.
i in, weakness.
.[ r .1.,I -i-a-ry, afflicted with melan-
A-tra-men-tal, black like ink.
A-trax'-i-a, moral tranquillity.
A-tro'-si-a, narrowing or closure of an

.', i, .,. i, baldness.
At'-ro-phy, .-I.n. .
At'-ro-pine, ( ..... I principle, .'
A -tro'-pi-a, j .'.i, . 1.......
At'-ro-pism, ti -i3 'lt.' i i I' use
of atropine.
At-ten'-u-ant, decreasing dens'i:.
At-ten'-u-a-ted, tapered to a point, thin-
At-ten-ua'-tion, the influitesimal dilution
of remedies,
At-tol'-lens, lifting up, the name of a
At-trac'-tion. al I i ..
At-tri'-tion Ir.. i ..
A-typ'-ic, no regular type.
.\%'. .1, li.wr -," m I II,.1 I hl i :.11 lll l :il "1 '

\h l.,h .t l, [It,: f,,, '.r,.,,, 1 hl .,I l..


Au'-di-to-ry, pertaining to hearing.
Au'-ra, the air, nervous phenomenon,
sensation of air.
Au'-ral, pertaining to the ear.
Au'-rum, gold.
SAu'-ris, the ear.
Au'-ra-ted, wildofr
Au'-ri-cle, 1 r .l i 1*..- the ear; 2, flap
of the heart.
Au-ric'-u-lar, ear-shaped, pertaining to
che ear.
Au'-ri-scalp, an instrument to clear the
Au'-rist, one sklilled in diseases of the
Aus-cul-ta'-tion, the act of listening to
sounds from an organ.
immediate, with ear on the part.
mediate, by intervention of an in-
Au-to, prefix, one's self.
Au-tog'-e-nous, self-begetting.
Au-to'-lar-yn-gos'-co-py, e x a in i n g
.r I.* *1.11 II *ii *.,.,' '.t hL; iI
I.\ I 0. ,i i 11] .. '.. li h, .'. ,. i.

Au-to-mit'-ic, without the will, involun-
Au-toph'-o-ny. the noting the character
of the auscultator's own voice, while
listening to sounds from the chest.
.\u to-pila.i- h rl.,Lie.: i lost parts.
Au *i.-p.sy. exauinil.g dead body.

Aux-il'-i-a-ry, that which assists.
A'-va, a Polynesian narcotic.
A-vul'-sion, a pulling away.
Ax-il' la, the armpit.
Ax'-is, that on which another part re.
volves, the second cervical vertebra.
Ax ., ". .1 i r .l.
A-. .. '. i life. nitrogen.
A'-zo-tized, nitrogenized.
A-zo-tu'-ri-a, too much urea in urine.
A'-zy-gos, without a fellow, the names of
certain single muscles, veins, bones,
Az,'y-mous, unleavened, unfermented.
Az'-zle-teeth, molar teeth


S... .,aberry.
i 1 -e-rous, hearing berries.
hla-cil'-lus, filiform bacteria.
Bac-te'-ri-a, microscopic organism found
in decomposing matter.
Btil'-a-nos, ai .. .. ir ..1 ,i penis.
Bal-a-ni'-tis, :,,l ,i. i i. ... the glans
Bal'-an-oid, like an acorn.
Bal-a-no-pos'-thi-tis, inflammation of the
glans penis and prepuce.
r I ..Ii,, .-. -l.....'-a, discharge from the
lt 111 8

Bal-lotte'-ment. the falling back of the
child in the womb when pushed up-
ward by the finger.
Bal-ne-a'-tion, the act of bathing.
Bal-ne-ol'-o-gy, a treatise on baths.
Bal-ne-o'-ther-a'-pi-a, t r eat me t by
Band-prim-i-tive, the axis cylinder of
the nerve-tube.
Bau'-da-gist, one who makes bandages.
Lirr".ih.'-isni, treatment of excessive
I i liet.
Bap-tor-rhlo'-D ennnnrrlirm
Bar-ba'-does Ii..., l .i ,ji, .. of the
Bar'-bi-ers, a kind of paralysis in India.
Ba-ro-ma-chrom'-e-ter, an instrument to
show the weight and length of a child.
Ba-rom'-e-ter, an instrument showing the
pressure of the air.
Bar'-ton's fracture, a fracture of the
lower end of the radius.
Ba-ry. prellx. heavy, oppressive.
Cdi'3r'.alli. III. i in lmpediment of the
Bas-a-nas-tra'-ga-li-a, a pain in the
Bas'-e-dow's disease, exophthalmic goi-
Base-line, line connecting centre of mo-
Base'-ment mem-brane, the membrane
benlla lthl eplithuiil ln ..i 1 p,. ,. l 'ULi


Bas-fond', shallow, lowest portion of
the urinary bl idder.
Bas'-i-a-tor, the kissing muscle, orbicu-
laris oris.
Bas'-i-lar, pertaining to, or towards the
Ba'-sil-ic, royal, applied to important
Bas-i'-o-ces-trum, a kind of obstetric
L .,- I I- principall ingredients of pre-
Bath-y-imor'-phi-a, elongated eyeball,
* I I i 1... Ir, t rf tiinirie tn prne*.
LI. ,1 .ui i *' I.- .11, I ,..i-ing a
leechl hll.i ,i l ,"l
Bdel-lon *, i. ii i I -':
: .Ii..,-, I 11. i i,.- to relieve a cough.
Bel'-e-noid, like an arrow.
Bel-li'-ni, ducts of, straight portion of
uriniferous tubes in the kidneys.
Be-nign, t of a mild character.
Ben'-zo-a-:.f.l, ilu .I.-i AL' iili .I: 112'i,
Be-ri-be'-ri, a disease of India.
Be-zo'-ar, a concretion in intestinal
.ll l .lii. l ill 1.1,.l.1.- r ..I r;im nal
B I .. .m.Illn.i, .nri1l I. lrii'i In r .l. i eI
[ ..,tI.1, V. ,I cLh. us.'E pl a prefix de-

noting that a salt has two ingredients
of acid to one of base.
Bib-li-og'-ra-phy, a description of books.
Bib'-u-lous, having the quality of taking
up fluids.
Bi-cau-da'-tus, with two tails.
Bi-ceph'-a l.-ii,. iiv-i_- two heads.
Bi'-ceps, a I'. ,... I .11 two heads.
Bi-cip'-i-tal, pertaining to two heads,
Bl-cus'-pid, having two points.
Bl-det', a washing apparatus for the
Bi-en'-ni .,. ,,.:,.i ; ... i,, I ... years.
Bi'-fid, f..r:, j .- | i.. i.
E i'-f.:.rat,. 1, i .. 1, 1. r.
lbI. il e [.., .hir .'lu into two
RiBc-' ter, double-bellied.
DI ;-. I"n'-i-nal bo 1-i., four 11 odinr no the
Ij i ..i.I e, .. . ..Jt I ij ::I.. .. ..- *- ', il.-1 of
lI I, ILL In
Bi-lat'-e-ral, having two symmetrical
Bile, the secretion of the liver.
Bil-har'-zi-a, parasite found in the por-
tal system.
Bil-i-a -tion, the excretion of the bile.
Bil-i-fu'-vine, the coloring matter of
oxen's bile.
Bi lib', a .unniu|, mass, principal con-
sllui -I, r t' LIIi.: ile.
Bili-I.i.tx-.i, l!i.i coloring matter of


Bil-i-ver'-din, the precipitate from add-
ing acid to the coloring matter of bile.
Bi-lob'-u-lar, having two lobes.
Bi-ma'-nous, having two hands.
Bi'-na-ry, containing two units.
Bind'-er, band placed around abdomen
after child-birth.
1; ...'..:' ii 1Ir, pertaining to two eyes.
1; .. ,j':I u'-i-a, vital chemistry.
; ...1, i.ti i..:, the doctrine of the

-d. .I'i'-i.,li Lti,,LL "t hi f'' II Lt
i.i r tending to tho destruction
or life.
Bi-oa'-o-my, physiology.
Bi-o'-plasm i_.:, i 'i, ,l ,, ,-i"
Ti r I ics, .r :I ** Ii .
bI .... .. y, the classification of living
beings according to their outward
Bi-ot'-ic, vital.
P; ...l. .' .; vivisection.
Sil i 1. , i.1, between the parietal

Bip'-a-rous, bringing forth two at a
IB 1-- i ..L . 1.' ._ *I n ., t
I ,'. I.. I s l l i LL .II sur-
ir .t...a, 4 ..In,.--,:. lii .acute pain at
i. ad, I 3 .ilu. L i b, U111 I11 II.
80l) _______


Bi-ven'-tral, two-bellied.
Blain, a pustule or blister.
Blas-te'-ma, the rudimental element of
Blas-to-car'-di-a, the germinal spot of
the ovum.
Blas'-to-derm, the germinal membrane
of the ovum.
Bleb, a large blister.
Li.-.IIn ,i.i ,,I .1. m inflammation of the
ill'l.*'* l I .11I I.-
Blenn-isth'-mi-a, increased flow of mu
cus from pharynx or larynx.
Ih'.r, .'1.. ,- I.... -.ecreting imul cus.
]:riI .... .n II-, uterine leucor-
1:1. it *I ilb l'-mi-a, purulent conjunc
II ill-
Blen-nor-rll na'-i-a i ,li--.1i, 11 ii *
: ,I = .I,' .. ..... II .i .. i 11 ... .... ..... . l I
} h _* l** 1h l.1 i, '' l 1,, iiiii *,
B len -n or-rhll a '-a 111- ,- I -I -*.*.' I.':' ,
from a ImucIs surface.
Blen-no'-es, diseases of mucous meml-
Pil-l .,1 ,'-is, inflammation of the eye-

l l.lp|l *I **Ii *. n ..r ;i |IIIII.III | of
i- l i .;:r -u *i .': 1- .. .r ..1li I
Bl-il .1 .. I **t ~ l .,l discoloration or-

i.r ii- 1 i. h .. .1
-I- .i iI.. _,.- a tumor O40 f the eye-


Bleph'-t-ro-plas-ty, the formation of an
El. .1, ,'" .' j 1,..-' A, a discharge of
. ih ,i *., i1I..- i discharge of mu-
't I "'h i I I I -
Bleph' ,.. -I'., '" ,.' convulsive twitch-
ing .r I i.-. ii I
rl. ,,.'..i- ic,,idental nar-
,, . . i 1.. i ..i ..I' the lids.
I'l--II I i als, ha'l ia) toldin.
LI1 I 11,.:,, dysentery.
Boil, furuncle.
I- 1. irs, mushrooms.
L. lI-, a preparation shaped like, but
r.I.1. 1.. .11, I. .. f oiled silk.
1 .,'.i.. ..,.- I i. noise made by
SII II., I ......
Bo-tal's Hole, foramen ovale of fetal
P'.t ii if.l t science of plants.
L'. -l ,, i.. i'-l'-a-lus, variety of tape

Bour'-don-ot, a plug of lint introduced
between the lips of a wound.
Bou'-gie, a wtax candle, a slender in-
strument for dilating mucous canals.
T.,,1 iii .i-a, a voracious appetite.
Li-,:0II .l 1 I i,'- i e11 -. .
Brach'-i-,l, ctu lii. t... the arms.

Banh..n, n: it.- '-l.' hypermetropia.
Pi' n ., ,*i n ,. I, . 1... i i,.l ,.-para-
Iin LIII.al.,~,'*I- ,, l]ulL .'[ i. nlei ani-
Brash wat-er, the eructation of bitter
fluid from ..-. -i.i i ,
Break-bone r- .. -, .1. riplcli.,- rheu-
matic fever.
Breg'-ma, i1. iI. ..t 1,..- head.
Breph-ot' i --'l.,, it.-: nourishment of
BrighL's disease, several forms of dis-
ease of il,. i.1,.j..,, named from Dr.
Bro-mism, effects on the system of bro-
mine and its salts.
Bron -chi, the bifurcations of the
Bron'-chi-a, trachea and their ramiil-
cationsint 11..' 1!i. .
Bron-chi-ec'-i .iltI.i .I of the
Bron -chi-ole, a small bronchial tube.
Bron-chi'-tis, inflammation of the bron-
chial tubes.
Bron'-cho-cele, an enlargement of the
thyroid gland.
Bron-choph'-o-ny, a sound in ausculta-
tion as if patient were speaking
through a tube.
Bron'-cho-p:.,.li p.', ,II.-Ii of closing
fissure in II..--: 111 .1i
Bron-chor-rhe'-a, increased flow of mu-
cus from the ... 11 1


B5,:. .:1 . I .- ,i v r. .-[* ration of open-s

i .r. .:. I1 -*.. .....i-.'.-. disease.
i-, .. ma, grinding of the teeth.
I ,I a sound.
Bru-it de di-ab-le, sound like a hum,-
miing top, in chlorosis, heard in the
Bru-it de pot felB, a cracked pot
Ir ;' .i. -. ,, 0.il. r bellows sound.
i ,i,,. ,, l. lands in the duode-
1-.,, I.., , ],i, s.-,;i, ..1 .,. ,_ll ... t a
1, 3. .r.eill I.. I. .
a.1.1 I, I 1. I I *:- I i* l no
I1 il. II .1 1 IIIi L*L I lli' O
., I.,, I,, I, ,',nI l,,1 ,:,,,ent
of lymphatics on dorsum of the pe-
Bue'-c l '.1 .*I,. I, .i 'iti. .1
Bul-eci ,, r.... ?' .' ".'""-, '- imi .. f. ,
a muscle of the cheek.
Buck'-et fov-er, an acute epidemic rheu-
matic fever,
Bulb, a round root.
Bul'-bus*.. *,.i '* ,:f t v-,, ., in
t iii l I IL .ii 1* l:' "
'ilI'r11ill hIiI IX eye.
i.l.,, .~I.a. I i.Ir"aL on a bone, generally



Bur'-sa, a small sack, near
Bur'-sa mu-co-sa, joints, containing
fluid, a result of bruises, pressure, etc,
But'-y-rum, butter.
But-y'-ra'-e-ous, .
But'-y-rous, like butter.


C, chemical symbol for carbon.
Cau'-re-mi-a, a bad state of the blood.
Cac-as-the'-sis, a morbid sensation.
Ca-ca'-tion, ',- .i1., Ir,,,_I II, i.. vels.
C..l.-',...'-i-a 1 .i.. .t .... or habit
(.', ,'hlt: .'-y, ) i i, .I
E I.. Ir. .i *1*i*.. .ll. n ,.'1.1.. I .
C' .*...,; i l. r, i . I.. il ... 11,1,..*n of tlh
Ca-co-hym'-i-a, a bad condition of the
C'a ...-.*Ii ny, a bad or altered state of
[ ic .... .
Ca. I 1'. .i- .t. .i. Ti'-je of but low do-

Ca-cor-rhaelh'-i-tis, deformity or dis-
ease of the spine.
Ca-co-som'-i-um, a hospital for incura-
Ca-..',.. .e, ii i .*.:, a bad condition of
th'r jLDH 44,


C, .....i.i..lI'-nl-a, emaciation from in-
Ca-co-than-a'-si-i 1 .1'1I;' .i1 '11'
Ca-co-trich'-i-a, i i :- ..I ii- I 1 1I
Cac'-o-tro-phy, bad nutrition.
Ca-da'-ver, a dead body.
Ca-dn'-ci-ty, the age preceding decrepi-
Ca-du'-cous. falling off soon.
Cm'-cal, pertaining to the ci eum.
Cm'-cum, the beginning of large intes-
Ca-sa'-re-an .*iI1u.n, rI.'m"in elhild1
from tho .,...i i- : i,. i i I II, iii'Il
Caf-fe'-in, an alkaloid in coffee.
Cal'-a-bar beau, poisonous fruit of an
African plali 1. Ii, I".. .. -f con-
tractingthe I'[u.I i r.. '.,, vene-
Cal-ca'-ne-um, the heel bone.
. i ', 1.,' ...:, i1 1 i ; of the nature

,l I I *., r,..i, 1.. .....i like lie e.
d I *.I-l"* li 1IIL.. a .i *
Cal-cig'-e-rous cells, cells in dentine
containing earthy salts.
Cal-ci-na'-tion, the subjecting minerals
to a strong heat.
Cal'-cu-lus, a stone.
Oal'-cu-lus ves'-i-c.e stone in the blad-


Cal-e-fa'-ci-ent, applied to substanos
L,1 _' -. I I,,L1
C l r i [ur,.-, 1 ijl I .1f fever of hot cli-
C.Al i ..' tion, a cloudiness of anterior
*... ..- of the crystalline lens.
C.-i.1' ;. us, dim, cloudy.
' t I,-. II..rI'-ics, exercises to promote
l,-I~crb l I ..] -I ...
C', Ii\ I,.- ,- ,.,I :i -...I of thepelvis of
the kidney.
Ca-li'-ces, plural of calix.
Cal'-ip-pers, an instrument for taking
"it .rl n11 1-in I n.. ,i-.. i .f ill.- pelvis,
I -I I .. Ih
C I I I, 1 -t1, I
Cal'-lus, th. new material, thrown out
to unite the fracture of a bone.
Cal'-ma-tive, soothing,
C .l..r iheat,
(' I. -i ,i ci i-ent, making heat.
0', i. iii'-e-tcr, instrumneoht for mea-
ha n1; heat of bodies.
Cam'-e-ra-ted, lieo a chamber, arched.
C ',I, ;. i. .. or cartilage bent with-

Cau-a-lie'-u-lus, a little canal, entrance
to I 1._ .a .1 ,'--
Can'-:.+- ra i... I ilrl..' l
Can-cel-.-ll, the pores of inner structure
of bone.
C.m' *'e'. a.crab, a malignant morbid
L'. II46

Can'-croid, like a cancer.
Can'-crum o-ris, sloughing ulcer of the
Ca-nes'-cent, hoary, ,rr'..-.lI. n.,: i ,,.r.
Can'-thal. pertaining I .." i"i.t'I
Can-t hot'-o-ny, division of the cauthus.
C ,i 1, I i'-ty, plastic operation on
Can'-thus, corner of the eye.
Can('-u-la, a little tube.
* .. .1 i i ce-ous, hairy.
I'. l .'y, like a hair in size.
Ca '-il-la-ry at-trac-tion, rise of liquids
in tubes of very small bore.
Ca-pit'-u-luml, (t little head, a protu-
berance of bone, received into a con-
cavity in another.
Cap'-su-lar ligaments, ligamentsll com-
pletely around joints.
Cap'-sule, a membranous expansion in-
closing a part.
Ca'-put;, head.
Car-bon-a'-ceous, pertaining to char-
Car'-bon-a-ted, impregnated with car-
Sbonic acid.
Car-bon-i-za'-tion, the process of con-
verting into carbon.
Cn ".1111. i1--' .' i. i .'.'. i,',,i- circum -
Esci v I -illl ,,ii -.i -.i ,. i I... skill and

Car-ci-no'-nia-tous, cancerous.
Oar-ci-no-ses, the I I- I.- .i' cancer.

Car'-di-a, the pit of the stomach.
Car'-di-ac, pertaining to the heart.
.ir'*, .l-l-ra, ( gout of the heart,
-. ,t, il'- -gia, J heartburn.
Car-di-a'-ri-ous, a worm said to have
been found in the heart.
Car'-di-o-graph, instrument similar to
Car'-i-o-ce'-le, hernia of the heart
through the diaphragm.
Car'-di-o-Sto-no'-sis, contracturo of
valves of heart.
Oar-di-od'-yne. pain in the heart.
Car-di'-tis, inflammation of the heart
Ca'-ri-a-ted, affected with caries.
Ca'-ri-es, ulceration of bone.
Ca'-ri-ous, affected with caries.
Car-lmin'-a-tive, a medicine to allay
pain and spasm.
Car-no'-ous, made of, or pertaining to
Car'-ni-fled, made like flesh.
Car-nose', fleshy.
Car-no'-si-ty, a little fleshy excrescence.
Car-phol'-o-gy, the symptom of picking
at the bedclothes,
Ca-rot'-ic, pertaining to stupor or the
carotid arteries.
Ca-rot'-ids, : rc r. i t- .... m ]ii. i eck.
Car-pot'-i-ea, Ili. .-.].. .- .--t l I.-i nancy.
Car'-ti-lage, -l i..:'Il ..-'I ini: I .-i s. softer
than bone.

Car'-un-cle, a large mucous follicle in
inner corner of the eye.
Ca-rune'-u-lIe myr-ti-for-mes, remains
of the hymen.
Ca-runc'-u-late, having a fleshy excres-
Ca'-sein, nitrogenized principle of milk.
Ca'-se-ous, resembling cheese.
'' a t11 il,. one deprived of testicles.
..try, the science of resolving
casesbytl i. i ; l. .-*1 f . eson.
Cat-a-caus'-i ..- LI.. : ii. curves
formed by reflection of the rays ot
Cat-a-cla'-sis, spasmodic fixation of eye-
, i '.i 1 I -, lionn of eyelids.
Cat-a-di-op'-l.ri-cal, I reflecting light.
Ca-tag'-ma, fissure or fracture.
Cat-ag-mat'-ic, having property of
uniting divided parts.
Cat'-a-lep-sy, a sudden '.I.... -- i.-., '
the will and senses, linii 1,1... Tii..l..
taking and retaining any fixed posi.
Cat-a-lep'-tic method, the employment
of external remedies.
Cat-a-lot'-i, a remedy to remove scars.
Ca-tal'-y-sis, the action or presence in
promoting decomposition.
Cat-a-me'l-na, the monthly discharge
of women.

Cat'-a-pasm, a dry powder for sprin-
kling over the body,
Cat-a-pho'-ra, a iMi., c. r'i1ihi.,lih ,i. p
Cat-a-phon'-ics, ihIo ,I l-ri- ..,r I. il-.r.-.
Cat'-a-plasm, a poultice.
Cat'-a-ract, any opacity of the lens or
its capsule, or of both.
Ca-tarrh', increased secretion from a
mucous membrane.
Cat-as-tal'-tic, 1:.. i .--,I c 1i iI..,,.
Ca-thar'-tic, a o... i..1I.- j...iu..I,. ilee
discharges fr.i ii rl .. I..~ i-
Ca-thar'-tin, the active principle of
senna and jalap.
Cath'-e-ter, a tubular instrument for in-
troduction into the canals of the body.
Cath'-e-ter-ism, the act of intro-
Cath-e-ter-i-za-tion, ) duciug the cath-
Cath'-o-lic hu-mors, the fluids spread
over the whole body.
Cat'-ling, a straight double-edged surgi-
cal knife.
Cat-op'-sis, morbid quickness of vision.
Cat-op'-trics treatise on the properties
of reflected tight.
Cat'-op-tric test, examination for three
illl l e' ili C"'!.i ni.;,'I il I i.'e ll aract.
C'.,'i- -v.-, 'llo~ini al'l..'i.tance of the
l-,,.i] *. *. ll ll- ._,I 1I.- i ,-
C'tll.i. 'l, .E.. i 1. 1I :. : ; t.il, the end
or' spmriel e.rl

Oau'-dal, pertaining to or having a tail.
Cau'-date, having a tail.
Caul, omentunm, the membranes when
they cover face and head of the child
after it is born.
Caus'-tic, a substance which burns liv-
ing tissue.
Cau'-te-rant, having the quality of a
Cau-ter-i-za'-tion, the act of burning a
Cau'-te-ry, a substance for burning any
part of the body.
Cav'-er-nous cRs-pi-ra'-ion, hollow
sound heard in auscult:t.ion when
the- f ..o'.0 i, '; the lung.
Cav'-i t, v. r,' iIrn IL or nmorbid hollow.
Ce'-ci-ty, blindness.
Ce-cu i;.*. t .,* ci -adiness of sight.
'. II i -Ir l. I:. I : I sac.
I I I '-er-ous, producing cells.
Cell'-u-lated, formed willt cells.
Cel-lu-lif'-e-rous, producing little cells.
Cel'-lu-lar, containing cells.
Cel'-lule, a little cell,
Cel-lu-li'-tis, inflammation of cellular
Oel-lu-lose', one of the chemical con-
stituents of vi,'etnlh'le
Ce-lo-log'-i-a, a \ ir ,11 n I m i.i.
Ce-lo-so'-mus, i-, Ii.-l, r .1i, malfor-
mation of the trunk.
Ce-no'-sis, evacuation.


Ce-not'-i-ca, 1, diseases of the fluids; 2,
drastic medicines.
Cen-ti-met'-re, one hundredth part of a
metre, two-fifths of an English inch =
Cenl-tip' i-dous, divided into a hundred
Cen'-ti-grade, consisting of a hundred
equal parts.
Cen'-tral, towards the center.
Cen-trif'-u-gal, going from the center.
Cen-trip'-e-al, going towards the cen-
Ceph-a-lm-ma-to'-ma, a bloody tumor.
C:l.ih. I' m1i i. congestion of blood-
-, I- ,-,i I I..i brain,
' 'l, I -.! .,, headache.
('.I I t,' I7 ,, -..' i ;i., (he head.
''lrl,- l "!i.' ini .1, 1in1 dissection or
...,....... 11 ,. head.
C. I'l., ,, head.
I.' l h1.1 pertainingto tho head.
C'L *'i l ... I\ ,'-i-a, a monster with two
united heads.
Cp-i-% 1.- dv iir-i-a, headache.
(C'- .111.1. ll --lonl 10 -,11*' -,- i lol, .
Ceph-a-lom'. ti:, ii-ril.u.,',i i.'I mea-
suring fetal head.
I', Ii h.l.. -[ II', instrument for holding
C. *I.al .. ,.'i. ;i t tuneie t for crush-
Ia i. 1 ii II In l,' .

C'., *.l .1' ;-..- i. operation of crush-

Cer-a'-ce-ous, waxy.
Ce'-rate, a composition whose basis is
Ce'-ra-ted, covered with wax.
Ce-ra-ti'-a-sis, the growth of horny tu-
Ce-ra'-ti-tis, or Keratitis, inflammation
of the cornea.
Cer-a-to-ce'-le, staphyloma or hernia of
the cornea.
'.* i. .. i'-is, or Keratoniy.yis, opera-
i, ,I i Ttroduciug needle into the
Ce-ri-to-to'-ni-a, a section of the cornea
f o r ... p ,,* r .
C e-re-It 11 1 11 .1 l.h11- .i cl1 .
Co-re- Iin. r, rl. 1. '..11-. principle
in llour.
Cer-e-bel'-lum, the little brain.
Cor-e-bra'-tion, the action of the brain.
Cer-e-bri'-tis, inflamination of the brain.
Cer'-e-brunm, the brain.
.-1 .... ... cutting-out a portion of
I,,. ...I .,
i -,' i'-. .I- waxy.
'-'" ,, I r.i, ear wax, secretion of the
external er.
Cer'-vix, neck.
Cer'-vi-cal, pertaining to the neck.
Cer-vi-co-brach'-i-al, pertaining to head
and arm.

Ce-tra'-rin, I the bitter principle of
Ce-tra'-ri-um, j Iceland moss.
Cha-la'-zi-on, cystio tumor of eyelid.
Chal-a-zo-ne-phri'-tis, Bright's granular
disease of the kidney.
Chal'-i-no-plast-y, the operation of mak-
ing a new angle for the mouth.
Chalk-stones, chalk-like deposits about
Cha-lyb'-e-ate, containing Iron.
Chan'-cre, the primary lesion of syphl-
Chan'-oroid, the contagious and local
ulcer of the genitals.
Char'-la-tan (to talk a-,r,,, a per"'n
who passes himself' ll -it- Ii ..-- ..iI1 l
than he is.
Cha-ot'-ic, resembling chaos, confused.
L it' 1. I -. .r powder in paper.
C'llh l ti -l*. 1 .i -I.- *I .'
Chei-1 1-t -. I 1 .h h i" 11.I
Chei'-lo-plas-ty, operation of forming u
new lip.
Ohe'-loid, like a tortoise, a tubercular
disease of the skin.
SChe -mism, 1, the abuse of organic
cli.:n. -rl'. ,1 .Ir .l ii,r *1,-ease by
I. II' III I.' iI i l' I, , I....: III. changes
i.,'. "lllj.'l .. a function.
Ol. ii''- ii., i.- science which exam-
ines the properties and qualities of

Ohe-mo'-sis, the elevation of conjunc-
tiva from serum.
Chest Go-ni-om'-e-ter, an instrument to
measure angles and curves of the
Chi'-as-ma, making the letter X, the
crossing of the fibres of optic nerve.
Chick' en Pox, varicella.
Chi'-goe, land flea, insect.
Chill Blain, an inflammation of the skin
S produced by cold. ,
Chi-mic'-i-ty, the force producing chemi-
ical affinity.
Chln'-cough, whooping-cough.
Chin-i-oi'-dne, quinine in an amorphous
Chi-rag-ra, gout in the hand.
Chi-rar'-thri-tis, inflammation of the
joints of the hand.
Chi-rop'-o-dist, aln operator on the foot,
one who removes corns and bunions.
Chi-rur'-gi-a, I surgery, manual ope-
Chi-rur'-ge-ry, f nations.
Chlo-as'-ma, disease of the skin consist-
ing of broad irregular yellowish
Chlo'-rine, an elementary gas.
Ohlo'-ro-form, a liquid composed of
chlorine, carbon, and hydrogen.
Chlo-ro'-ma, a tumor filled with a green
('I.?i], , -i-, a want of red corpuscles in
I L I..,I,. ,.

Chol-we'-mi-a, jaundice.
Chol'-a-gogue, a medicine increasing
secretion of bile.
Cho-le-cys'-ti-tis, inflammation of the
gall bladder.
Chol-ed'-o-chus, 1, receiving or con-
L.ii., : l!.;1.:' 2, duct made by union of
;iu. I-...I I r and gall bladder.
Cho-le-do-ce'-tis, inflanuiuationl of the
ducts choledochus.
<'l', I,: je,:'-ra-phy, a treatise on the
Cho-le-mi'-si-a, vomiting bile.
Chol-e-ra, an epidemic malignant dis-
ease characterized by vomiting and
Chol'-e-ne, the early symptoms of
L'l.. *.* k i. lil i 0i n l l.: fear of Oc ol-
S Ii h l . i...I 1.1 II I era .
'il.. I .. ,':' -,..- I, I. ,,li..is husky voice
.1 1 .-In IIII 1'. 1. ILI
Oho-les-te-a-to-mna, an oncysted tumor
containing cholesterlie.
t'h... I-.-rI .*i-. ia white shining sub-
.:[ ,,I, c [ir..I ,i blood, brain, and bile.
Cl. I;. Itl '.ii. 1, chlosterine in the

I, iv ,..~i, a lminor of the gall blad-
Ohol-or-rhce'-a, a I','.-, ii... of bile.
Cho-lo'-ses, the .ilf.,t.?r'n- of the liver
and spleen.


Chon'-drine, a proximate principle in
cartilage and the cornea.
Chron-dri'-tis, inflannmation of ., L i i .':
Clhon dro-gen'-si-a, a natural .,i l i.Ii
or change into cartilage.
_Cl .,, .1,.._-.. -.t h.I,, a description of

," t,. 1, ,1 I .-1 1 tl *I L i lI 5. "

Chlon-dro'-nma, a cartilaginous growth
from bones.
Chon-dro' sis, a diseased condition of

iC 1. .. ih ..,I o-my, dissection of carti-
'Chor-dee' aL painful, curved erection of
the penis, in g.norrllhIa.
*Chor-di'-tis, inflammation of vocal
C'ho-re'-a, St. 'itus' dance, ;.. Il,. .
an d involuntary motion of 1. r- .*
the body.
,Cho-ri'-on, the outer envelope of the
Chlo'-roid, like the chorion, the tunic of
II .. I .- .veen scleortica and retina.
Ci., ..-I -i- inflamnation of the cho-

Cluo-mat'-ic, I... ; i *. .
C lu'ro-mnat'-ics. IIs ii. ir.-.e .. ,l. rs.
'. r.-11. n i r r, ..*... i. h . ii ng of
"I **. *in ihle ..I i. -1 r'.*i lli, whichc h -
< . J l t .. .


Ohro-ma-tog'-ra-phy, a treatise on col
Chro-ma-to-pho'-bi-a, morbid sensitive-
ness to certain colors.
Chro-mi-dro'-sis, abnormal color of the
sweat or sweat glands.
Chro-mop'-si-a, vision in which colored
impression is made on the retina.
Ohron'-os, time.
Chron'-ic, -. ..'.i ,1,1l : I .I -e rIim e.
Chro-no-th., .i l. l, il.l.: 1 j time and
Chtho-no-pha'-gi-a, a disease character-
ized by desire to eat dirt.
Chy-la'-ce-ous, ). i I.;. i,. ,.l.6l,.
Chyle, the mill) 11i.i.l -, 1l... from
Chy-lif'-er-dus, transmitting clyle.
C(.' I.. . i| a 1 -.: i1 .:1 ... chyle.
(C'lnhI . I' ..' \ I- ,, ; li.. parts
",'i..0 I II..., i l IIin l *.' ..hyle.
C(', I i 11, inlllit nll 4n.
C(.'i i. .', 11.' 1111-- l.1i, which food is
changed by the stomach
CI v.in-' -ll.. pepsin.
C' in .i...... useful for food.
Clc-a-tric'-u-la, a layer of granular mat-
ter about the germinal vesicle.
Cic-a-tri'-ti-al, ( pertaining to a cica-
Cic-a-tri'-cial, trix.
CI-ca'-trix, a scar.
Oi-ca'-trl-za'-tion, the process of form-
ing a cicatrix.
3.. ___ 58


Cil'-i-a, 1, the eye-lashes; 2, hair-like
processes on certain mucous mem-
Cil-i-a-ry, pertaining to cilia, like hair;
-... - t Ni t r -i .illi k 'r body.
'"i .. L.... I i,. i t of tissue
!.' i a L." La. L-I. I, a nL1ecting iris
.lu- i:lI, .aIl choroid.

Cin-chon'-i cine, an alkaloid from cin
Cin'-cho-nine, active principle of cin-
chona lawifolia.
Cina'-ho-nism, the state of being poi-
soned with quinine,
Cinl-e-rae-Oe-us, of the color or con-
Oin-er'-e-ous, sistence of ashes.

.'I aL IaI ln:., the science of move-
i'.. 1 i, i, a .*l >-.-- -f muscles; 2,
.' 1',.', Ill f l.*,l,'. r l h ..,h
(.'i .. l.Ih, u i,,.-, .. a
C( a..n I ai,i, iaI'.ll *Ir'i of the uvula.

S.' l .* [., .li.. Il r, a lia I10ll -- .[ h l -

if, la al a
".- . all ., a i, II, I |i.-l : :l.'l.:. :. t-
.uz 11'.. 'r 1 :-L Of
al aI.III-a. I I I".'a'la'aS.l l 'a i 'Ia)ai" L of
l r lu. 1 11:%..[' I 1111 l. ltL Ol
aa l ,I h r a ,a' a al a al l a .. t ,a l l II a la -a. r all l
IL uhtil b alaa.. Ia11 'LII


Cir-cum'-flu-ent, flowing around.
Cir-cum-fu'-sile, that which may be
spread around.
Cir-cum-gy-ral-tion, motion about a cel-
Cir'-cum-scribed, distinctly separated
or bounded.
Cir-cum-val'-late, surrounded by a fis-
sure or trench.
Cir-rhon'-o sus, yellowness of the se-
rous membranes.
Cir-rho'-sis, a yellow, contracted, fis-
sured granular condition of the liv-
Cir'c-o-cele, varicocele.
Cir-somph'-a-lus, a varicose dilatation
of vessels about the navel.
Cir-sot'o-my, treating varicose veins by
i',n .i 0 .. .... -. I.. varicocele, with

Ci'-ric, pertaiining to lemons.
Clair-voy' -.. .. .. .. ...- .. or clear
vision, I.'.' ,I. .I I.... I.. ~ I- without
exact study.
Clamp, a metallic instrument to hold
parts together.
Claud'-ent, shutting.
Clau'-sure, an imperforate canal.
Cla'-va. club.
Cla'-vtte, club-shaped.
Cla'-vis, a key.
Olav'-i-.ole, -h. l'.lia, uaone.
____ ,


Cla'-vus Hys-ter'-i-cus, pain in the head .
as if a nail were being driven into it.
1l. I asr', i-i .. ii -i -i ... muscles
:C ,1 . i.- 1i 1 ru r I I I 11 Sl.[ S
Clei-do-cos'-tal, pertaining to clavicle
and ribs.
0I .,. I r-ic, a critical period in hu-
ii ,,. II ,
Cli'-i c, place ;1 i.-.1... I :- 'l;".
at the bedside, I...' I. i 1.i ...'I .-..

I 'I ,,, ,I 1- .. ... n gL~ h ,_ ...b ed .
I. ... .. i. i in instrument for-
ii. i, I iin. between the axis
.r .. I I ,i,,, i I ihoi body.
*I ... i.' in females analo-
gous to the penis.
Clil'-orisni, the ablse or morbid en-

Cli , ,. '- ,,l .'ii ,, ...'.. of the clito-
I, i '-ca, ai sewer or drain.
I -ie, applied to convulsions, with in-
termediate relaxation.
I'l n I. ...' i I hiI e s.

s -cence the uniting of parts.
SCoc-cy-o-dyn'-i-a, pain in the region of
tile coccyx.
Coc'-cyx, cuckoo's hill, the series of


bones forming lower end of spinal
C:'li'.1... ,, -,,.i s hell, a portion ot
1 .1 1 ,- d r iI,
Coch-le-ar'-e, a spoon.
.-...1 it m i.: um, a tablespoonful.
C'.:ii i'" cochleareparvun, n tea
Coch-le-ar'-i-form, shaped like a spoon.
Co'-co-o'-lein, the oil of the cocoa-nut.
Co-coon', the silly envelope of insects.
Coc'-tion, ,i,:-- r .
Co'-de-ine, ...i- .:* li,.. alkaloids of opi
Com-li'-a-ca, remedies or diseases acting
on the digestive organs.
Co--li-a-delph'-us, a double monster.
with union of the bodies at the belly.
C'i-.i.1. I ., I, extreme sensitiveness of
TI,. ini -:1.-,' in the belly.
Cco-na-dol'-phus, a double monster, with
one or more organs in common.
C O-._ : 1 ". , .tl" ii l '. '.* h. ,
L's.* h1.1ti -1 r o 1.ini .-1 1 nII I lnn *In,
Co-ho-ba'-tion, the repeated distillation
,.i [iin i sI,,. i; (11',
C.' in -.I-cAitc r[ l I which shows or ex-
Co-in'-ci-dent, occurring at the same
C.? .II*I.i -- ll* l intIt..r,.'. .iir.
L'...]al-tui -ri'i. Iilerl.-t.l r *n'.Iin led liqu l'r.
Cj-s -ce!** Iibi ic ii

Coll-ic, a severe griping pain about the
Co-li'-tis, inflammation of the colon.
Col-lapse', prostration of the vital pow-
Col-lat'-e-ral, by the side of another.
Col-liq'-u-a-ment, 1, the foatal part of an
egg; 2, the substance formed by melt-
Cl-li-qua'-tion, the act of melting.
Col-liq' u-a-tive, applied to exhausting
(',.i i". "': I .:'-tion, a melting down.
Col-lo'-di-on, gun-cotton dissolved in al-
cohol and rectified ether.
Col'-loid, applied to a morbid secretion
like glue.
Col-lo'-ma, gelatiniform matter in cysts.
Col-lo-ne'-ma, myxomatous tumor.
Col-lyr'-i-um, that which checks secre-
tion, eye-water.
Col-o-bo -Lna, mutilation of, or deficien-
cy in any part.
Co'-lon, the large intestine between cm,
cum and rectum.
Col-oph'-o-ny, resinous remains of distil-
" lation of turpentine.
Col-or-if-ic, color giving.
Co-los'-trum, the first milk secreted
after confinement.
Co-los-tra'-tion, disease in infants pro-
duced by colostrum.

Co-lot'-o-my, the operation of opening
the colon.
Col-or-Blind-ness, an inability to distin-
guish certain colors.
Col-pa-tre'-si-a, imperforation of the
Col-po'-sis, inflammation of vagina.
Col-pot'-o-my, the incision of the vagina
during labor.
C o'-illa a,a ..I :-..i:.- I d i' -.,r 1.,,1 .
Co'-mla-tor;l Iii r,..I .0 i ,i.
Comn-bus'-tion, :h .. I ., I.Il.,,.
Com -e-do'-nes, iil.-111. ii.!- I -.',
froni an obstl ..i.-l 1i Ii.. ... I .II ..
Colnp.. contraction for comipositus,
Com'-mi-nuted, broken in pieces.
Com'-mis-sure, the place were two
parts unite.
Com-nmu'-ni-ca-ble, contagious.
Com-mo'-sis, the art of concealing de-
Conl-pon'-sa-to-ry, atoning for.
Com-ple-men'-tal air, that amount
Coin-ple-men'-ta-ry air, of air which
can be inhaled by an effort after ai
ordinary expiration.
Com-pli-ca'-tion, the existence of two or
more diseases at the same time.
Oom'-pound frac'-ture, a fracture of a
hone communicating with the surface
by a wound.
Coni'-press, a pad.

Com-pres'-sion of the brain, the symp-
toms from pressure on the brain.
Con, prefix, with.
Con'-cau-sis, several causes acting to-
Con'-cave, a hollow, an arched vault.
Con-cav'-o-Con-cave, hollow on both
Con-cen-tra'-tion, an afflux to any
Con-cen'-tric, having a common centre.
Con-cep'-tion. the impregnation of the
ovum by the semen.
Con'-chl., a shell, the largest and deepest
hollow of the auricle.
Con-chol'-o-gy, the science of shells and
Con-co-ag-u-la'-tion, a coagulation to-
gether of different substances.
Con-coc'-tion, a cooking together.
Con-com'-i-tant, accompanying together
Con-cre'-tion, a solid mass formed by
e t,..* ,h ." *,. .-r ..i .
.'l..".1 :.IIi n -i king together.
Con-den-sa'-tion, a thickening.
Con'-dom, the dried camcum of a sheep
used by being drawn over the penis
during sexual intercourse to prevent
Con-dy-lar-thro'-sis, articulation by con-
ConL'-dyle, an articular prominence.
Can'-dy.loid, shaped like a tondyle,


Con-dy-lo'-ma, 1, a moist tumor, mani-
festation of syphilis; 2, a wart.
Cone, that which shoots to a point.
Con-fec'-tion, anything made up with
Con-fer'-ve, a kind of plant growing in
Con'-flu-ent, running together.
Con-for-ma'-tion, the particular make or
structure of the body,
C..-I. -; 1 'ion, freezing.
on gen' ous, the same sort.
Con-gen'-i-tal, pertaining to an indiviil
al at his birth.
Con-ges'-tion, a more than natural ac-.
cumulation of blood or other fluid in a
C.-.i. : L n.... c.ll.., S?. ill..l. C.
EC.',1 l1.. Int,. l.. a ball.

('..r *.Ii Ii h'i ., 11 itl. "i l I b-"cons
C..-ii.li ti. ..... ungo, to join to-
iUJ fln.. Il,_ uill....,.l i] .-lluiL in iL' 1ll; .' ,
eyelids, and covering ai[l.., *r.:.i ui *
of the eyeball.
Con-june-ti-vi'-tis, inflammation Of the
Con'-nate, .**'.-.h i. l
Co'-noid, ill., > t'.'II.-
Con-sec'-u-tive, following, succeeding.


Con-ser'-va-tive, tending to repair and
Con'-serve, anything prepared with
Con-sist'-ent. not fluid.
Con-sti-pa'-tion, infrequent action of the
Constrictor, that which binds or tight-
Con-sump'-tion, a wasting away. Phthi-
Con'-tact, touching.
Con-ta'-gi-on, the communication of dis-
ease by contact.
Con-tex'-ture, the arrangement of parts.
' i t;:,.'-i-ty, contact without union.
I. i, ied fever, a fever which abates
but never entirely intermits.
Con-ti-nu'-i-ty, an uninterrupted connec-
I,,i *..- parts.
(' -, i-.. '-ted, twisted.
Con-tor'-tion, a twisting of a part of the
'- fr : i r:i- I i t, I permanent con-
Ii . i ,1
'.'I Irit "Ic -u i', .. i -,tanceto force.
. .Il- ...,.. i I. ,I -l. ect of an injury
-II Is ji (. [- i ...... a blow given in
..rl,. I., V
SCon-tu'-sion, a bruise.
C .,i 1i,- 1 cence, the period of recov-


Con-ver'-gent, 1. tending towards tlh
median line of the body; 2, tending to
one point from various ones.
Con' vex, swelling on the external sur-
Con'-vo-lute, rolled together.
Con-vo-lu'-tion, that which is folded
upon itself.
Con-vul'-sion, a violent and involuntary
contraction of the muscles.
Oo-phos', fatigue.
Co-pho'-sis, diminution or loss of hear-
Cop'-roph-a-gous, '.-.llhi.: ..11,ng.
Cor'-a-coid, shape .e 1i. :, ,:, beeak.
Cor'-di-al, a medicine which warms the
Cor'-di-form, heart-shaped.
Co-rec'-li-sis, obliteratio., .t I, i r
Co-rec-to'-mia, cutting (01.i ,- i .' **I I,
Co-rec-to'-pi-a, a displacement of the
Cor-ec-to'-sis, dilatation of pupil.
Co-re-di-al'-y-sis, the detaching the iris
from the ciliary body.
Cor-e-ly'-sis, operation for post, syn-
Co-re-mor-plo'-sis, the operation for ar
tificial pupil.
Co-re-on'-ci-on, double-hooked forceps
for making an artificial pupil.
Co'-re-plas-ty, forming a pupil

Co-re-to'-mi-a, the simple incision of the
Co-ri-a'-ce-ous, having the texture of
rough skin.
Co'-ri-um, the true skin.
Corn, a growth of thickened cuticle.
Cor'-ne-a, a horn, the transparent coat
0C l '. r i ... I: 1, l" llll;til.l Lt. iu
of the cornea.
Cor-ni-fi-ca'-tion, a wrinkling of a sub-
stance .i1 ... ,-,1 1,y heat and acids.
Co-ro'-na, .... the portion of the
toothabh,' i ,. ,ii
Cor'-o-nal.,- 1.- -., i.... .ir the crown of
the head.
Cor'-o-na-ry, encircling like a crown.
Cor'-o-noid, like a crow's beak.
Cor'-nu, a horn.
Cor'-po-ra, plu. of corpus, bodies.
Cc,. i... n i .. ; .. .lies found in
:, I ,,I1 'I--. II i I I, I
Cor'-po-ra Lu-te'-a, yellow bodies, yel-
low spots found in the ovarian in place
of ova.
Cor'-pus Cal-lo'-sum, hard body, a white
substance joining the hemispheres of
the brain.
Cc.."' i.. i-...' i..." -.,i,. a cellular vas-
i,,Oi ul.,_tru. 1: i .1 covers the ure-
Cor' pus-cle, corpusculus, a minute


Cor-ra-di-a'-tion, a conjunction of rays
in one point.
Cor-rec'-tive, mitigating the operation
Oor-re-la'-tion, a relation of mutual de-
Oor'-ri-gent, corrective.
Cor-rob'-o-rant, a strengthening re-
Cor-ro'-sive, eating into, or disorganiz-
Cor'-ru-ate, to wrinkle.
Oor'-ru-ga-ted, wrinkled.
Cor'-ru-ga-tor, a muscle which produces
Cor'-tex, bark, outer layer.
Cor'-ti-cal, pertaining to bark or an ex-
ternal surface.
Cor'-ti-cate, like bark.
Cor-tic'-i-form, resembling bark.
Cor-y'-za, inflammation of mIucous mein,
brane of nose.
Co.,mn.tocl'.'.. treatise on dress aid
cl,..i i.h...- .i th..b body,
Cos-met'-ic pertaining to beauty.
Cos'-mos, the universe.
Cos'-mic, pertaining to the universe.
Cos-mog'-o-ny, science of the origin of
the universe.
Cos-mog'-ra-phy, a description of the
Oos'-ta, a rib.
Cos'-tal, plraiiiiiin ti, the ribs.

Co-tun'-ni-us liquor of,fluid surrounding
membranous labyrinth of the ear.
Co-tyl'-e-don, a cup-shaped lobe, the
temporary seed leaves.
Cot'-y-loid, a cup-like cavity.
Couch'-ing, the operation of displacing
a cataractous lens.
Coun'-ter Ex-ten'-sion, act of holding a
limb while it is extended from the
other end.
Coun-ter Ir-ri-ta'-tion. irritation excited
in one part of the body to relieve dis-
ease in another.
Cow-per's Glands, two glands behind
the bulb of male urethra, and on each
side of the vagina.
Cow'-pox, vaccinia,
Cox-al-gi-a, pain in the hip.
Cox-i'-tis, inflammation of the hip-joint.
Cra'-ma, a mixture.
Cramp, muscular spasm.
Cra'-ni-al, pertaining to the skull, or
Ora-ni'-a-clasm, breaking the base of a
fotal skull with forceps.
Cra-ni'-o-clast, forceps used in crania-
Cra-ni-og'-no-my, the doctrine of deter
mining character by conformation of
of the skull.
Cra-ni-ol'-o-gy, a treatise on the skull.
Cra-ni-om'-e-ter, an instrument for mena
during the skull.
mm_ ,

Crir. rin-,'-co-py, the science of in-
'. -1 .-.'-- .. I I :r, "stigating con-
formati *lr, i- I ;.'i 1.
Cra-ni'-o-tome, an instrument for hold-
|I|L [i,, I.',lI ,,, il I..* I m ortem .
Cril ii .ir .nl.r r.. -.''ho performs or

O f Ill ,,I .,, III [ I, t i collaH 'll ",[ ,li|-
l'',I*'...-l. ii.li I iI [II .*i..I l.. 100ood.
'rF- aU.'llIr i -ul.-Ilil.,"- il, riI.* fluid of
muscular fibre and in the urine.
Ore-mas'-ter, a .... . h ,. Ie muscle
Sh l l ll i- i' " >1' 1.- I- .- ]|...l
Cr- -,I.1., 11 ill.. of Spanish America
,ler..-.ll I.1, .1 r.-,i Europeans.
Orep'-i-tant, crackling.
Crep-i-ta'-tion, 1, the not e made by
ends of broken bones rubbed against
each other; 2, noise of air bursting in
.* I. ; 1. reputation.
I. I I i, **1 i l:
'n I I -..** -' pertaining to chalk.
C'.l-l'l l.. i 11i II r. .' *- i ..11 into chalk.
Cre'-tin, an i.'.- ,.,iii l.li or partial
with goitre.
Cre'-ti-nism, tie condition of a cretin.
CriW'lri.f rmn, I
(.'ril, .I,,-.- i l a sieve.
t'l C..1.1 ,i ll; 1 I 1 r7 .

Cri'-sis, a turning point in a disease.

Crotchl-et, a hook, an instrument for
xrl i.:rhi i,,- I'.l-u in craniotomy.
i",ill., ',n ,..,,., an affectioll of
.( ... ~ thelaryvnxand
S. l ) trachea.
.i i i .i .. .. ii- form ofa cros:
.',,, .-1.11-, 1 '. .: -.: 1 in which to niillt
Crude, bloody, unripe, rude.
Cru'-o-rin, huematin.
Crus, leg.
Cru'-ra, a part like a leg.
Cru'-ral, pertaiining to the legs.
Crus-ta'-ce-ous, having nature of a shell.
!.' i -..).Il --. -.. ., measure of cold.
*' n, .1 ,-l1 'liil in skin or mucous
Oryp-to-ceph'-a-lus, a monster with a
small internal head.
SI. i ,:.,.- '-cus, yeast fungus.
SJ. 1' p .n i'-y-mus, one foetus contained
in another.
Cryp-to-ga'-mli-a II- il.-. (,lnt
Cryp-to' I., ;. i.I.,. II I a i ,.: kept
up by lii.1i.-, abscess,
Oryp-tor'-chis, one whose testicles have
l..,- I'. ;.i ;i i. the scrotum .
OC i-i,, Ip- h~i, ,
Cu'-boid, having the form of a cube.
.11 l i. dl 1 -1 p-.. .. -. II. i .* I *i 0,l1t. -i

. *** ri' lt-I "[i. r: i ir r ,, I, ..[ ihli. CI, e -
.=a EDIj ni l -a l;*n ri' i.,[. UH e tic l,

Col r r, '-o-rous, devouring knives.
Cu'-mu-lus, a heap.
Cu'-ne-ate, having the form of a
Cu'-ne-a-ted, wedge.
Cu-ne'-i-form, J
Cu-nic'-u-lus, te furrow which the aca-
rus makes.
Cup'-ped, applied to drawn blood when
the buffy coat is concave, or to an ex-
cavation of the optic nerve.
Cup' [*.l.: itl process *..i .1..,..I: I,-tr...
in- t.iii .' il..hr and ac i.'hil i gl: "
Ci'l Ilie, copper.
r.'i *r'' ',".- :",ri r,." |,., ,'.,
('L -r.:i, IuArI iI.-I, i 1. i .1i |I'jI' g Cavi-
Cut rI"' i-t.lm, space of time, course of
i lllnil.+
Ous'-pis, the point of a spear.
s':pidate, having a sharp point.
u-ta:s-ne-a, belongingto the skin.
Cu'-ti-cle, the little skin, the external
layer of the skin.
Cu'-tis, the true skin, .:.:nii-I, s of con-
densed connective "-.I."
Cut'-ting on the Gr.il., I h ..p --riti.:.n .,I
1utli ,- 1 J ii r. ih ._i 1.1,i i[1 ih. I.lfii
rl '. Ilm. .i. 1 s jl., n.rhi, perineum
Iby rin '- li ilil, .. iir. ll.
C) ,au-bi] -dlL* ..in-. II,," ,'i'' t.

CYA c', sl f

Cy-an'-ic, i. I n: i L-luv, *q.p-nar.inlA.
Cy-an-oI. I r-. ir i i..llu'ia.I [.'*r :Im-
paring --ii i" .. ... It- 1;3
Cy-an-op'-a-thy, a blueness of the
Cy-an'-o-sis. surface depending on
direct communication between right
and left side of the heart.
Oy-ani'u-rin, a blue or purple pigment
of the urine.
Cy'-a-thus, i1 drinlrinc '-np
03 .nII ri., i1iir Li im I i .*[ ciliary body
', ,.-' i .
Cy-clo-ceph'-a-lous, a ,n,.nri-, ..Iu I'.:'
eyr: r. h .."
'., 1. ,I'-o-gy, a dis:':..u .' O'n Ir*: .
Cyl-in'-dro-ma, a kind ..i iiir'., .:. \i.
icles, in a stromaof connective tissue.
Cy-li'-tis, inflammation of skin.
Cy-nan'-che, inflaiunation of the throat.
CO 'ii *Il'i' i, n .Ii.Ilr'ss in which
11 h i .- i ,i *.1 hiiiic- i'dogs.

.. I I.:..Ii. I,11' .'ll iri n ofthefOe tus.
'i '.lh.:. ::i I'l .1.. .i -.'.i .. spine posteri-
Cyst, a pouch or sac, abnormally de-
veloped in the body.
'-'r-tnl'.-i i piin in the bladder.
*'* i I-in.-l .'lil -a-lus, a monstrosity
'irn n *j i 1.jl i., brain.
Oys'.iii. pr .ii r.Ii" ,.. the bladder,


Cys'-tic Oxide, a rare kind of stone In
the bladder, containing sulphur.
Cys-ti-cer'-cus, a genus of entozoa.
C' tic .: -ar-co'-ma, a tumor composed

C' i ria-, cystic oxide.
Cys-ti-nu'-ri-a, urine containing cystine.
C\ tir;r i.,ng'-i-a, hemorrhage from the

Cys-tir-rhca'-a, a discharge of mucous
from the bladder.
Cys-ti'-tis, inflammation of the bladder.

C\ I..-r.i.i i ..i .l I .. -1Ai 11. ..*i the
La'l- 1 l, [ 11} ,,.) J, lis- ll .tualha l rllC .
I '% .Is In i .i j, lli III [Inr II, Lji l"
C -' *..I. I. i ,.1 \-1
C'% :-i Li-Ili i In'- the symptoms of
r.~,**r' i tl,.- bladder.
Cys-to-lith'-ic, pertaining to stone in the
C\ "- 'i ,,iir' n iry'i -'1.,'" I]]
Ci .[.'r.[l I t iii ....i-i, .:.n forclosing

C% I '.ko-.i i.:, pertaining to paralysis
,ort' [ l- I al l ,'I
C','- .r..). ,- -.. I n,'r.,ining to purulent af-
"i.. ii.n i Ii dder.
Ci *[.'- I,-i r.e ..I a tumor somewhat
iinm biIur nl.IiLy- containing solitary

Cys-to-spas'-tic, relating i .a-i,, .:f' trie
Cys-tot'-o-my, 1, incision of the bladder;
2, act of opening encysted tumors.
Cys-to-va'-rem, cyst of ovary.
Cy'-to-blast, a cell germ, or nucleus.
Cy-to-blas'-te-ma, matter in which cyto-
blast and cells are enveloped.
Cy-to-ge-net'-ic, pertaining to cell for-
Cy-tog'-e-ny, cell formation.
Cy'-toid, like a cyst.


Dac'-ru, a tear.
Dac-ry-ad-e-nal'-gl-a, a pain in the lacry-
ma, gland.
Dac-ry-ad-e-ni'-tis, tear bladder, inflam-
mation of the lacrymal gland.
Dac-ry-al-los-o'-sis, a morbid state of
the tears.
Dac-ry-o-blen-nor-rhoe'-a, a mucous dis-
charge in the tears.
Dac-ry-o-cys-tal'-gi-a, pain in the lacry-
mal sac.
Dac-ry-o-cys-ti'-tis, inflammation of the
lacrymal sac.
Dac-ry'-o-lite, stone in the lacrymal

Dac-ry-o-li-thi'-a-sis, the formation of
stone in the lacrymil passages.
Da'-crops, a cystic swelling connected
with the lacrymal passages
Dac'-ry-o-py-or-rhaB-a, a purulent dis-
charge with tears.
Dac-ry-o-so-len-e'-.is, inflammation of
the lacrymal ducts.
Dae-ty-li'-tis, inflammation of the fin-
TPic.htl'.ion, webbed fingers.
Iau.,' i v *'-o-gy, conversation with the
Dal-to'-ni-an, one affected with color-
Dar'-ti-ous, pertaining to the skin.
Dar'-toid, like the skin of the scrotum.
Dar'-tos, loose, reddish connective tis-
sue in the scrotum.
IJ.?.? 11 ,ll' ...' II .'..a 1" iI' Ing ,.7'. l t(/
D I1. i ri'.. i . -, '. i. I i x..i
De-cal'-ci-fled, deprived of calcareous
De-cap-i-ta'-tion, the act of cutting off
the head.
Dec-id'-u-a Mem-bran-a, mucous mem-
brane of the uterus, becomes a cover-
ing for the fetus.
De-cid'-u-ous, shedding, falling off.
De-coc'-tion, act of boiling substances

De-col-la'-tion, act of separating the
head from the trunk.
De-com-po-si'-tion, the act of separating
De-. .r-i r. i .... i,.. .. ..1 . I pping
off the bark from herbs.
Dec'-re-ment, the quality by which any-
thing decreases.
De-cu'-bi-tus, lying on the back.
De-cur'-tate, becoming smaller and
De-cus'-sate, I to cross like the figure
De-cus'-sa-ted, f X.
De-cus-sa'-tion, the crossing or intersec-
tion of parts.
De-den-ti'-tion, the second teething.
De-o-la'-tion, cutting off any part of
the oody obliquely.
Def-e-ca'-tion, the act of discharging
faces from the body.
Def'-e-rent, ri, In. ** irriesoff.
Def-la-gra'-r-iil .- i .1. burning of a
substance with much flame.
Def'-la-gra-tor, c ,h .n;. instrument
!'.1 1- 1 .1 r l. ," I -1 I .ltl, '
L',!.l.:..t ..., th- .. femaleking away
a female's virginity.
De-flux-a'-tion, -j ., -. I. ,rLi.. ., iirn..rl
De-for-mna'-tion *' I.*.i...'l i' ,..r l [,,
r' .: i- .F .r ti, oi .j I i. 1 l -, 1 i Ill,:it. l.:.II
[ -'-' ltl.LI '[;.:.ii, t J l ...I ... ll,:.. .h,4

De-eus-ta'-tion, the n.' .-. j- rinri
De-his'-cence, the fiap,.g. ...'.-i. r, a pe't.
De-jec'-tion, 1, the act of emptying the
bowels; 2, the matter evacuated.
De-li-ga'-tion, bandaging.
re-li-ques'-cence, a gradual melting.
De-lir'-i-um, wandering of the mind.
De-lir'-i-um Tre'-mens, trembling delir-
ium, from the abuse of alcohol.
Del-i-tes'-cence, the sudden disappear-
ance of a disease.
Del-ti'-form, I like the Greek letter Del-
Del'-toid, ta .
De-lu'-sion, a false idea.
De-men'-ti-a, feebleness of intellect.
De-meph-i-ti-za'-tion, act of cleansing
foul air.
De-mo'-dex, the worm-like parasite of
the sebaceous follicle.
De-mo-ma'-ni-a, a kind of insanity in
which patient supposes he is pos-
sessed with devils.
Dem'-on-stra-tor, one who shows and
Dem-on-stra'-tion, an explanation.
De-mul'-cents, medicines which soften
or mollify.
Den'-gue, a violent form of epidemic
De- ni" ra. r li becoming black.
Deni Pr.:..-If cr, a tooth more than

Den'-si-ty, compactness, thickness.
Sen'-tal, pertaining to the teeth.
Den'-ta-phone, an instrument placed on
the teeth to assist hearing.
Den'-tate. toothed.
Den'-ta-ted, j toothed.
Den'-ti-cle, a little tooth.
Den-tic'-u-late. toothed.
Den'-ti-form, like a tooth.
Den'-ti-frice, tooth-powder.
I'- .-. ., r... ., containing teeth.
1. I, ,r *n-, il i ivory of the tooth.
Den-ti'-tion, the process of cutting
Den'-toid, like a tooth.
De-nu-da'-tion, the act of making bare.
PT. ." -I .- i, a medicine to remove
De-o'-dor-i-zer, that which takes away
smell from a substance.
De-on-tol'-o-gy, the science of duty,
De-op'-pil-a-tive, deobstruent.
De-or'-snm Vergens, to turn downward,
turning of eyes downwards.
De-phleg-ma'-tion, the process of sepa-
rating water from spirit and acids.
Dep-il-a'-tion, the act of removing hair.
Dep-il'-ous, without hair.
De-ple'-tion, the act of emptying, e. g,,
De-pos'-it, that which is thrown down.
De-pos'-i-tive, applied to that state of


the skin where lymph is poured' out
and papulhe arise.
Dep-ra-va'-tion, the act of making bad.
De-pressed', lowered.
De-pres'-sion, 1, a low state of body or
mind; 2, a hollow.
De-pres'-sor, a muscle which draws
Dep-u-ra'-tion, Ilr i,'t f r iiti1r iv;r
Der-ad-elph'-us, ,. .l- I.Il: i',ih,-hal,-i I
Der-ad-e-ni'-tis, inflammation of the
glands of the neck,
Der-i-va'-tion, the act of drawing from.
Der'-ma, the skin,
Derm'-ad, towards the skin.
Derm'-al, pertaining to the skin.
Derm-al'-gi-a, pain in the nerves of tlh,i
]-1P r.i- C. t i': i I. .. --,f lib.:' -_ l.
e['- r I 1lI. [I,. IFIlIr..iI I 'rI .-.l _f Lt r -I;,I d
Derm'-a-toid. like the skin,
Derm-a-tol'-o-gy, science of the skin.
Derm-a-tog'-ra-phy, a description of tile
Derm-a-toph'-y-tir, parasitic diseases of
the skin.
Derm-a-to'-ses, diseases of the skin.
Derm-a-to-zo'-a, little parasitic animals
in the skin.
Derm'-ic, I-vr't li;n,-. r rbt, e skin.
Dernm-og'-i'..;.ii.,. il rinal..'raphy.
Der-mold', Ili; -mi;

Derm'-o-phyte, a parasitic plant of the
Derm-ot'-o-my, dissection of the skin.
Des-ce-met, Mem-brane of, internal lay-
er of the cornea.
Des-ce-ii'-tis, inflammation of Desce-
met's membrane.
Des-ic-ca'tion, the act of making dry.
Des'-mos. a bond, a ligament.
SDes-mi-tis. inflammation of ligaments.
Des-mo-dyn'-i-a, pain in the ligaments.
Des-mog'-ra-phy, description of the liga-
Des'-moid, like a ligament.
Des-mol'-o-gy, treatise on ligaments.
Des-mop'-a-thy, disease of the liga-
Des-mot'-o-my, cutting the ligaments.
Des-pu-ma'-tion, act of scumming.
Des-qua-ma'-tion, act of scaling off.
Des-u-da'-tion, sweating profusely.
De-ter'-gent, a cleansing medicine.
De-ter-mi-na'-tion, a strong and rapid
flow of fluid to a part.
SDet., contraction for Detur, let it be
De-tri'-tus, the remains of disorganized
De-trun-ca'-tion, the separating head
from trunk.
De-tru'-sion, the act of displacing.
. De-tru'-sor, that which expels,
F Deu-ter-op'-a-thy, a secondary disease.


Deu-ter-os'-co-py, the power of seeing
the future.
Deu'-to, a prefix denoting two.
De-vap-o-ra'-tion, the change of vapor
into water.
De-vel'-o! i.. r-t. nl., changes in beings
until lull gr., n ri f' obtained.
De-vi-a'-tion, a wrong direction.
Dex'-trad, toward the right.
Dek-tral'-i-ty, the state of being right-
Dex'-trine, a soluble gummy substance
from action of sulphuric acid on
Dex. man., contraction for Dexter
SManus, right hand.
[D* r f., t.. Dextra lateralis, right side.
1i LI pi..n-; *l .i-,..r-'i .. bi.
Di-u 1.- -1.-, i.ii. '-i..I-. ... increase of
urine, which generally contains su-
Di-a-caust'-ic, acting as a caustic by re-
Di-ach'-y-lon, lead plaster.
Di-ac'-ri-ses, diseases with changed se-
Di-ac-ra-sog'-ra-phy, a description of the
secretary organs.
Di-m-doa-us, a monster having double
g eI it ':' ,1ll n ir .'.i, lh%
ltiiiilint If.**.'ic ifli' 'l- ir ,l'i iI',."ih1:r
lijI .i .' .. &-aF3r i ri. li f ;'i '4tl l id&


from'colloids by means of an animal
Di-al'-y-sis, a separation of iris from
ciliary body.
Di a-pe-de'-sis, escape of red blood-cor-
puscles from the vessels without rup-
ture of the vessels.
Di-a-pha-cu'-sis, double hearing.
Di-a-phan'-i-ty, the power of tranumit-
ting light.
Di-a-phan'-ic, (having power to trans-
; *,,ri 1,1 nous. f mit light.
l, i.i..n,,'-ics, the science of refracted
Di-aph-o-re'-sis. increased sweating.
Di'-a-phragm, the large breathing mus-
cle between chest and belly.
Di-a-phrag-mal'-gi-a, pain in the dia-
Di-a-phrag-mat-o-ce'le, a hernia through
'i i.h ...i-n i ., inflammation of the
Di-aph'-y-sis, the central point of ossifi-
.. :.. 1t6 It t ll -Ih 1..,ng '.1ues.
1 .1*i* ..- in *i I n ,n,1 *ihi in .f the
quantity of corpuscles in the blood,
and a transudation of the fluid into
the cavities.
Di. lr.i].. .l, ,,r,,, rl. .' rI ough, too
I, ,-" il''h .1 ii-,.Unl l I 'I *.*I [Il fvC eS.


Di-ar-thro'-sis, a very movable Articula-
Di-as-tal'-tic, applied to the reflex sys
tem of nerves.
Di-as-ta-sae-mi'-a, i morbid separation
of the constituents of the blood.
Di'-as-ta-se, a peculiar vegetable glute-
noid principle.
DI a r --.1'. 11 1 -.nrl'l .I,
L'I. a .." 1.ia, *. .I I I' l. a fissure.
Di-as-te-ma-le-lyt'-ri-a, a congenital lon-
gitudinal fissure of the vagina.
Di-as'-te-ma-ten-ceph-al-i-a, a congeni-
tal longitudinal fissure of the brain.
Di-as'-te-ma-ti-a, a congenital fissure in
median line of the body.
Di-as-te-ma-to-cau'-li-a, a cngenital
1i t .-irudilJm l fi-' .,1 ...f il. tl .il.k,
'.. t .iii .r, ,:li.- i .1 genitalitl
l 10 Il '.Il ll- 1 l1 -..HIa .., rl,- lI ,
L-, I' FIte Unl'r I III I I, .. .-Tenital

i -l- r. Ir l L 1 *in-'.11 a coni. genital
,)llnl ilu.l l rl I n -..-i l he stomachI
I,) ifl!u ,'lil lil ri--ul,',l' Ill- I.,lii, iel.
l.i a-. *ill ui-,, L i- *ri a congenital
I:>n;iru.h!nral n --'..' .'I ihe stomach.
[Il 1*[-rna-rrl l.: -I a congenital
I.:.ni* l ludtinl l nI--,.ii. ,.r the tongue.
DInas 'tinl 'r.' im II- ii a congenital
I.:.nJiul li.l [1n i .: .:l he jaw.
Di-as'-te-ma-to-ne'-tri-a, a congenital
JI.oglluaIlla] -i.sul"r ,i thle womb.


T'i',- T-,-Vl.i r,.pr.el' -r .a a congenital
I,_u.S ll,,l hnl i l.-,.i r, ,' The pelvis.
1.'. r.,.i., 1.' ,* r i i a ,, of the cavities
of the heart ard arteries on entrance
of the blood.
Di-a-ther'-mal, I I' nrrr- I ir I.j
Di-a-ther'-ma-nou- i i --' "'' *-.- I
Di-ath'-e-sis, the 1i.* "'i.' dL jl ':,'LIlu *n'
condition of thi system.
Di-ceph'-a-lous, having two heads on one
Di'-chro-ism, a property of bodies, of
appearing unadr two colors, accords
ing to direction .f i.-'r li0 ...ih, them.
Di-cor'-y-phus, I .r",.*.i .ii, double
r i-crot'-ie, rebounding.
Di-dao'-tyle, a limb having only two fin-
gers or toes.
Di'-y-mous, double, growing ill pairs.
Di-e-leo'-trie, applied to a substance
ih,'..riA_ which electricity may be
Di'-e-ta-ry, !.-,' i; h,;.,, ; ,1,' ..f .1;-et
Di-e-tet'-ics, .a l. I. I II iJ,..I e I tcli la,_
to diet.
Dif-fer-en'-ti-al Ll ,.:-,**i'-sis, accurate
distinguishing .ir i-- disease from
Dif-fer-en-ti-a'-tion, increase of size
II ?i [i:.rnhiiUli... t.i II- i- Oues.
t i ,rl.rr, .r..i, I iL.'1'. I.: L l in i rays from
a straight course.

Dif-fuse', in no well defined limits.
Dif-fu'-si-ble, capable of being widely
Di-gas'-tric, double-bellied.
Dig'-e-ny, reproduction requiring union
of the two eses.
Di..'.' -. r..i dissolving, the change
Ali, lI. r...,I undergoes in the alimen-
tary canal.
Dig'-i-t'us, finger.
Dig'-i-tal, pertaining to the fingers.
Dlg-i-tal'-is, foxglove.
Dig'-i-ta-line, active principle of digi-
Dig'-i-tate, L branched like the fln-
Dig'-i-ta-ted, gers.
Dig-na'-thus, a monsterhaving two low-
er jaws.
Di-la-ta'-tion, the act of making larger
in all directions.
Di-lat'-or, 1, a muscle which opens parts;
2, an instrument.
Dil'-u-ents, medicines which increase
[", i' 11. mr. fla t ,. OnehiIalf,
D tlid -*-ati.n, irtll.d iinuohalves.
Dliljo.rrph .OL h'avnrin ,, o forms.
lni-.v an.r, elI,.l by iwomuscleg.
Di -, don-ceph na-,u. a monster with a
..u- lle r.w or ,l .[lr.
Pi ..p. -ier. FrienLb uIn of measure =
l i .11 i Lhi. ,',
[Di-o -'uI .'.. thil par ofr optics treating

of refraction of light passing through
different media.
Di-o'-ta, two-eared.
I',lh.. a .. a-. parchment, an asthen-
I'.I n.-rair, icinfiiammationoffau-
Diph-ther'-i-tis, ces, liares, pharynx,
and larynx, with an exudation some-
what like parchment.
Dip-la-cou'-sis, double hearing.
Dip-lo-e, the structure between two
layers of skull.
Di-plo'-ma, a document conveying some
honor or power.
-'";.|'....II- V r..]..1 +.,',,+g, .it i l,.ll, irlldinal
,11 - 11 ".[ :|.si1ld l ,.1,.n .
Di-plo'-pi-a, double vision.
Di-plo-so-ma'-ti-a, a monster with two
complete bodies, united at one or
more parts.
Di-pro-so'-pus, a monster with a double
Dip-so-man-ni-a, an irresistible longing
for intoxicating drinks.
Dip-sop'-a-thy, a mode of treatment
which forbids drinks.
Di'-py-gus, a monster having double
Di-radi-a'-tion, rays of light diffused
from a luminous body.
Di-rec'-tor, a grooved instrument for
guiding a knife.
I'l' r-th' U-Il -[Lrin iiIJ..:LnDTrl n g

Disc, an ancient quoit, oval-shaped
Dis-cis'-si-on, operation for soft cata-
Dis'-crete, distinct, disjoined.
Dis-ou'-ti-ent, applied to substances
causing tumors to ,i;-,,l'|l'r
Dis-gorge'-ment, a cI .-l.g ..-ut, or dis-
Dis-in-fec'-tant, an agent which destroys
Disk, see disc.
Dis-lo-ca'-tion, a getting out of place.
Di-som'a us, having two bodies.
Di-so'-mous, 0
Dis-pens'-a-ry, a place in which medi-
cine and advice are given to patients.
Dis-pens'-a-to-ry, a book treating of the
composition of medicines.
Dis-sec'-tlon. cutting in pieces.
Dis'-tad, towards the farther or distal
Dis'-tal, farthest from the heart or
Dis-tich-i'-a-ais, a double row of eye-
II-: im l.i -rr.n, the vaporization and
condensation of a liquid.
Dis-to'-ci-a, a delivery of twins.
Dis-to'-ma, worm found in intestines,
Dis-tor'-tion, an unnatural direction of
any part of the body.

Dis-trich-i'-a-sis, a double row of eye-
lashes, one growing inwards.
Dis'-trix, splitting of the hair.
Di-u-re'-sis, an increased excretion of
Di-u-ret'-ic, a medicine to promote diu-
Di-vel'-lent, drawing asunder.
Di-ver-tic'-u-lum, a blind tube branch-
'ing from a larger one.
Di-vul'-sion, pulling asunder.
Do-lor, pai.
Do-lor-if'-e-rous, 1 producing pain,
Do-lor-if'-ic, j causing or express-
ing pain.
Dor -sad, towards the back.
Dor'-sal, i'.. a-,; i t the back.
Dor'-sum, [InI, 1 I'
Dos'-sil, an olive-shaped mass of lint.
L'. rir i -i 11 I I', ,liiilInm action of
l'v ,.:*i ...i L,',*hn -.ghltnds,
I',* ,._Ieh "s [1, .,:I -l.r 1. lll, -
Dra'-gee, a pill coated with sugar.
Drain'-age tube, an india-rubber tube
with holes at the sides, placed in ab-
Dras'-tic, acting strongly.
Drum of the ear, tympanic cavity.
Dry cup'-ping, the apph.:a,-.'r.i th Ili.
cupping-glass without ilucturing (lhe
Du-al'-i-ty, ,.he 5ilt ,f bcing two.

Duct, any tube or canal.
Dul'-cis, sweet.
Dul'-ci-fled, made sweet.
Du-o-de'-niE twelve.
Du-o-de'-num, first part of small intes-
Du'-pli-ca-ture, a folding.
Du'-ra-ma-ter, hard mother, a mem-
brane of brain and spinal cord.
Dy-nam'-ic, I pertaining to strength
Dy-nam'-i-cal, and power.
Dy-nam'-ics, the science treating of
Dli':, ..if. "I"."
l 'wy... i.l,. i morbid condition of the
Dys-chrcs'-a, unhealthy color of the
Dys. -:I v rn L..il I.iI..1 oi ili body.
Dyr -, L i -ir ', iiiiiIl.I I llI*,..II ..,I m ucous
nji- bnl ail -r ,' hi a, luiI ,- l Iai>,' ,
Dys-men-or-rhce'-a, difficult or painful
Dys-op'-sy, dimness of sight.
Dys'-o-rex-y, abad or depraved appetite.
Dys-pep'-si-a, difficult digestion.
Dys-pha'-gi-a, difficulty of swallowing.
Dys-pho'-ni-a, difficulty of speech.
Dysp-no'-a, difficulty of breathing.
Dys-thet'-i, applied to diseased condi,
tion of blood-vessels.
Dys-to'-cia, difficult child-birth

Dys-u'-ri-a, difficulty and pain in dis-
charging the urine.


E, prefix, out of, from.
Eau, French for water.
E-buil'-lo-scope, a kind of thermometer.
Eb-ul-li'-tion, the act of boiling.
E-bnrni-fa '-tion, to make like ivory.
E-cau'-date, without a tail.
Ec-bleph'-a-ros, a form of artificial eye
worn outside of the socket.
Ec-bol'-lc, abortive.
Ec-chi-no-coc'-cuE '! i .' I' i t .
Ecc-chon-dro'-m a, *:. l[l.,11 ,. r1" ,,1 ,, ..t
Ee-chy-mo'-sis, i ,1' r .iL-ii..'L of
blood into connective tissue.
Ec-co-prot'-ic, producing a discharge
from the bowels.
Ec-cri-si-on'-o-sis, diseases of excretion.
Ec-crit'-i-ca, medicines acting on the
Ec-dem-i-mo-no-ma'-ni-a, a morbid de-
sire to travel.
Ec'-dy-sis, the moulting of the skin.
Ech-in-o-der'-ml, men with a porcupine-
like skin.
Ech'-o-scope science of listening to

Ec-lamp'-si-a, spasm with loss of cor
Ec-lec'-tie, 1, selecting; 2, one who se-
E-con'-o-my 1, the combined operations
of nature in men; 2, the parts of the
human body.
Ec-phyl'-sis, a vesicular eruption.
E-cras'-eur, a crusher, a steel chain, di-
viding parts by laceration,
Ec-stal'-tic, applied to nervous action
from the spinal centre.
Ec'-sta-sy, suspension of external sen-
sations, a trance.
Ecats' si-a, protrusion, staphyloma.
Ec iri'-ma, a pustular disease of the
Ec-to-pag'-i-a, a genus of double mon-
sters having but one navel.
Ec-to-par'-a-sites, parasites in the skin.
Ec'-to-phyte, a vegetable parasite in the
Ec-to'-pi-a, luxation.
Ec-to'-pi-a Len'-tis, dislocation of crys-
talline lens.
Ec.'-r .. -. monstrosity.
Ee ro ...* -a 1, parasites attached to the
skin, 2, worms or larvem accidentally
Ec-tro-dac-tyl'-i-a, a congenital defi-
ciency of one or more fingers or toes.
.c-tro'-me-les, a genus of monsters
with'deficiency -** ImnilL'.

Ec-tro'-pi-on, a morbid turning out of
the eyelids.
Ec-trot'-ic, preventing the development
of a disease.
Ec'-ze-m%, a vesicular eruption.
Ec-ze'-ma-toid, like eczema.
Ec-ze-ma-to'-ses, a class of skin diseases.
Edenltatu, without teeth.
E'-duct, separated from.
E-dul-cor-a'-tion, the act of sweetening.
Ef'-fe-rent, taking away from the cen-
Ef-fer-ves'-cence, the escape of gas
through liquid.
Ef-fe'te, worn out, decayed.
Ef-flo-res'-cence, blooming.
Ef-flu'-vi-um, that which is breathed
out, or exhaled from bodies.
Ei fu. ,=i.i.., [...lring out.
E.f rn .-.. .. in... led with effusion.
L :, n I Ill -.-. thrown off from the
E-gland'-u-lous, without glands.
E-goph'-o-ny, vocal resonance more
sharp than normal, goat-like.
Ei'-loid, like a fold.
Eis-anth'-e-ma, an eruption on a mucous
Ei-sod'-ic, applied to nerves passing to
spinal centre.
E-jac-u-la'-tion, a throwing out, the
emission of semen.

Ej-e .ric.n tll-,. Iiilonut of excretions.
E-l.l-'.,,-i -D..n, um.kiigfit fornutrition.
E-lse-om'-e-ter, an instrument for test-
Ing pll ir i" .. ..
EIlu iart, ,rh, 1|. ..i.I irincipe of fat
El rt i'in., Iti,, .- r..- principle of elate-
El-co'-sis, ulceration.
E-lec'-trode, the poi t at which an elec-
tric current enters or leaves a body.
E l-i:-itr.. e. :' i.:, producing electricity.
E I 3r:-IrlI 3-a-, the process of dissolv-
rI' a :,ii.,'I. I h ...1 I 1, i nto itselem ents
IE l.'. .[r.. i 1.--. -ii.-i n,:es capable of
Uli.Iitg..Ingii .-r I I.'.i ,
E-lec-trom'-e-ter, an instrument for
measuring electricity.
E-lec-troph'-o-rous, an instrument for
producing electricity.
E-lec-tro-punc-ture, the process of in-
serting needles into tho body, con-
nected to a galvanic apparatus.
E-lee'-tu-a-ry, a compound incorporated
with conserve, honey, or syrup.
El-e-ment, a first principle.
Ei- .ment-ni u. g j L. sciencee of first

El eli.'lhanil i..;i-i, r'nl bid, thickened,
E .lin i n t '1. in LI t,,i i 'i (" t' I .I ,1 11i
Elir it .t ..'i.Pelil
EIl.l. .t illd, l..ug lU,''. :--.l.,

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