Title: International and Collaborative Digital Library Projects ( IFLA presentation )
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Title: International and Collaborative Digital Library Projects ( IFLA presentation )
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Language: English
Creator: Kesse, Erich
Publisher: US Embassy Libraries at the World Information Congress
Place of Publication: Milan, Italy
Publication Date: August 27-29, 2009
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International and Collaborative Digital Library Projects, U.S.

Embassy Libraries at the World Information Congress
IFLA: Milan, Italy; August 27-29, 2009

Chat Discussion Transcript Accompanying the Presentation
(From: http://italv.usembassv.gov/events/2009/ifla2009/)

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Hello and welcome to the third day of our webchats from the 2009 IFLA
Conference. We'll begin our chats today at 10:00GMT.

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Hi everyone. I need to put the room on pause for a moment. We'll be right

National Academic Library of Kazakhstan: Librarians of National Academic Library of Kazakhstan are glad
to greet participants of the World Library and Information Congress in Milan!

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Welcome!

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Be sure your speakers are in the On position and volume is up. I will be
testing audio for the next few minutes.

Mariana: Hi from Chisinau

Mariana: Can you hear us?

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): not yet one moment.

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): We're conducting some tests in case you are wondering.

Mariana 2: we do

Mariana 2: :)

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Yes

Mariana 2: can't see button to activate camera

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): ok one moment.

Mariana 2: do you see us?

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): yes!

1 Page

IRC Chisinau: what do we need to do for you to hear us?

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Chisinau I'm not sure what the issue is...we can see you clearly. Perhaps u can
send text questions until we resolve the issue?

IRC Chisinau: do we need to press anything before we talk?

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Yes and looks like u have it...but for the moment can u please keep your mic

National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Please make us sure whether you got our

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Yes we have your questions, thank you!

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Welcome to our web audience!

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Loud and clear here in DC

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): "We believe we are a 'culture of cultures' "

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): "Helps all partners to have a clear idea of the mission and a clear mutual
understanding. We sue Skype chats to maintain contact with partners."

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Another caution...need to agree on a management approach for the project.
Flexibility on all sides is key.

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): "I advocate shared governance so that all parties have a voice."

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): "Shared governance model brings more people into the project...more people
means more funding opportunities."

IFLAtech: We have several questions in the queue, we will be answering them when Erich's
presentation is over. Stay tuned!

IFLAtech: Erich says: 'if users are attracted by digital content seen online, then they will be attracted to
come view the physical holdings.

IFLA tech: Please continue to send in your online questions. And Erich will answer them soon.

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): "Aluka" dedicated to African resources.

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): http://www.aluka.org

IFLA tech: Is there anyone in Lagos who wishes to ask an online question to Erich?

IFLA tech: Or Windhoek?

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Thank you, questions?


CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Question from National Archives of Haiti

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Question: "Can we make links between the DLOC and other Digital Libraries in

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Welcome Lagos and Windhoek!

Erich Kesse: Yes i can say more

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Question: "How do we evaluate success when 'success and evaluation' mean
different things in different places?"

PAS LAGOS: Abimbola Dada, Nigerian Insitute of International Affairs: With a collection of over 300,000
newspaper clippings, how do we digitize this collection without having copyright problems since they
are all national dailies?

IFLA tech: Erich answers--each evaluation is different, some people want to evaluate strictly numbers,
others would want to evaluate level of education achievement. So you must determine the evaluation
markers that are useful for your needs.

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Kazakhstan, I will get to your questions now.

IFLA tech: Erich answers about the copyright and recommends that you deal with copyright up front
rather than post-facto publishing, especially if you have a good relationship with the producer of

National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Dear Mr. Kessen,National Academic Library of
Kazakhstan greets you on your participation at WLIC in Milan!

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Eric

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Kazakhstan asks 3.Which new methods of storing electronic information do
you apply?

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Kazakhstan asks: How to make a book of high quality and small for its data
volume? Thank you beforehand,Librarians of National Academic Library of Kazakhstan in Astana.

IFLA tech: Erich replies: there aren't many 'new' methods, but the metadata is becoming more
important ...that can be considered the newer, more important evolving data.

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Kazakhstan asks 5.How much time do you use to create and prepare one
electronic book copy from the very beginning of digitization up to putting it for users?

IFLA tech: Erich responds: there is a tendency to digitize a resource higher than necessary.

IFLAtech: Erich responds: "you should evaluate what level of resolution is sufficient for your needs.

3 Page

PAS LAGOS: Leo nwokoji,The sun publishing ltd; lagos. in view of the compelling invasion of traditional
library operation s by ict, what specific training competence are expected of a modern day librarian?

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Question from Milan "Given current economic realities, do you have tips for
sustaining funding for digital projects?"

IFLA tech: Andrea McGlinchy in the audience of milan asks: "any tips or advice for sustaining funding, in
this current economic climate"

IFLA tech: Erich responds: "continue to make your content available for free to certain institutions and
then sell your content to those who will aggregate it as a business. Another idea is to keep adding new

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Chisinau...after this answer, please try your webcam. Please be sure to toggle
off the talk button when you first come in.

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Windhoek, we'll post your question next.

Rachelle Duck IRC Windhoek, Namibia: What are important benchmarks to set before commencing the
digitizing of a small library collection? IRC Windhoek

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): We'll get tour questions as they come in, thank you for your patience!

IFLA tech: Erich responds to the question about digitizing a book:it will depend on speed of computer,
speed of scanner, size of book...

IFLAtech: average book in u.S. is 250 pages, 3 minutes per page..750 minutes to scan a book...

IFLA tech: that is for a slower scanner.

IFLA tech: professional scanning can be done with a trained technician who can be trained in a few
hours...you will need a dedication of work and dedication to the quality of work.

IFLA tech: Regarding the question for competenciess--look for someone familiar with hardware, and
some programming including a variety of programming languages, and those people tend to be more
expensive, there are professional organizations that have recommended requirements

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Kazakhstan asks 2.What are the best ways of spreading information for
publicity on available collections of digitized books?

IFLA tech: A question from Milan: about the Church of Latter Day Saints and their digitzation projects

IFLA tech: And Erich's opinion on the software that they have developed. Erich responds that it would be
useful to be able to share the code of the software and software compatability issues and price issues. It
would be useful to review the Church of latter day saints software and see how it works or hohw it may
work with your projects.

4 Page

IFLA tech: Erich responds to the question about publicity from Kazakhstan--be viral with your
publicity...twitter? business cars with images of digital collection..

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): "Use the backside of a business card as advertising space! And hand the
"pretty side" up!"

CO.NX Moderator (Mark): Kazakhstan asks 1.As we got involved in digitalization, we are interested in
these sides of issue. Is there any limitation in copying from books? Do readers have an access for
downloading the whole book.

PAS LAGOS: Dr. Okanlawon Adediji, Ag. University Librarian, UNILAG, Lagos: How widely is the
partnership among academic/university libraries generally?


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