Group Title: History of Medicine lecture series
Title: A Brief history of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy
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Title: A Brief history of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy
Series Title: History of Medicine lecture series
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: McKenzie, Michael W.
Publisher: College of Medicine, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Copyright Date: 2006
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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ag aa

a g

a a a
aA Bre Hso of the
Seio AscateDa
*gr Profassaoal afar
Professor,0 0eatmn 0fPamcyPatc

Hso of theSUF College of

Rae amn th betporasiah
nation** V V
Reonie lede in phamac
edcto anSesac




Tone Radop Leigh

"Firs Dea of thCllgeo

amon men."

BI 0 ** 0 *~ 5 A c cLL YI~~~~II(

~~lii 0 *~i 4 7 ~liC =iT

Fln al .Pbl
ag f

Leigh Hall 1927-1962

Appk 200 present
CVS PhrayBidn n tePrnrhpCne

at St Peesbr Colg S *-pres S -

term car faiiis opcs n te ain
cr s t o ughout IdI a elsewhere.

-I I

enrollment. Th Leiltr aprprae
4, S I II S~1 Sl S S(

i S S Bi- ~i~ C1l~~~r~~-lI1r~
$220,000 in 1925 for a new building.

buildng Adiin ar *secre over~
man yas wit copeto in199

E a* a Leg Hall

ai a


David Wilfong Ramsaur
1878 to 1929

The D.W. Rarnsaur Award
for Distinguished Scholarship

1 an B a a o n

Ph D

a a a. a .

year p r ws o r a o ae phac

193 Fis r p of t Ph.D. de e e.

u f sy on l pc aat.
196 Doto of Phra c (Pa. degreeassa toy ar ot
B.S. Phrm degree. ~ S


18 S Etylv -- degre curriculum initiated.

19499 Stdet had th opio of stdyn fo th fv-year

1997 Al enern st-ent weeamte o h nr-ee

00 rmD A program. a

S1 -3 I S 1 ~ SI~ ~IIIIIIC~II

Womenat te UFCollge o

*1151 -~ .(~~S ~~ S ~I c' ~
Pharmacy B

Th fis woa to reev th B.S inPamc

Marjorie~~~. F.BlwnPnnri 99

Th0 is o a orcieaMse fSinei

dere in phrmc wa Mrs. Bett LanSor
Mcauhln Jr in 1953.S

Th fis wo e' 0raiaino h Fcm u

wa-h Sptl Club in 196 Ths gru reeie a
Chre asE th Kap Chpe fr 0 0h Kapp
Epslo Frtrnt in0 13.6066


*) II 7 1(1I
Dirco of Scho of Phrmc 19312
FirtDan of th Colleg of Phrmc 19513

2 B.V ahitne

Dirco of Scho Sof Phrmc 1933193

3.BPerry A. Foota

DrcoI o Scoo o Pha r a 19 391 49
aeon Dean of ah Colleg of Phamac 19996

4. Gere F. Arhmal

6. Mihe A.Shat

Sixth Dean of the College of Pharmacy 1996-S~ilL
~1III~I ~ 1I~I~4W

S) I(I tllI C

"III G u prog ra bega w M. S. in Pharmacy 1925

" Medicinal Plant Garden on campus~~i IIII 1926 c~IIIIIIt I III)I
" h Ch Society grate chre 1928S

Phlsoh dere 1930S

SWoe enol in th Colg ofPhrmc 193

aTh Clge of a a Sho of P wi
Fot as Dieco -1939

Signific ElSlant Eveats
e- Kap chper of Kapp Epio rtrnt hree 193

- Buea of Po essoa Reain esalse 1940

B Chmiay-hrm c auldn co pee aa 947

a Chmsr-Pamc Buldn name Legh al-15

S Ne a ah a rm *b

College* Pa a d na a co ein a nw *
Mller Health Cente 1954

S.S i Phar
E r e n e G aerr

1961)~~ II~II~rlrIrIrr ~tIrrlIIr ~~ ~ ~

e Kennth Finer beame th fourh deanof theCollee of Parmac

faut member 197

of haracy- 197

e Clinical toxicology service began at Shands emergency room by(~~(~

SD-.- Beke was apone fis Asstn Dea fo Student

Affir 1971-g A 4I
A S~r

Ai i atd -1. *

criuu 1974

STh College of P
cee one a 1976 a


a a a**** B" 3 ** *

a a a* a a a a .
B aater P k aa apon *a f Affa


Stear ascaran 19a80

e a I a o Sa
ll .3

"An- enr-lee P m curcuu wa aproe by th faut

discotinue 1982

UnierstyHositl i Jcksnvlle 1983c31 C~i
haffcorDvlomn was esablse wit Ti Woo as

istety-ee gharDcasbgn tuis-18


a F P A F A to a a s w awarded -

a T fm a fa 5al and ared was hl-

*a aeter a v k a a t a a in

theCollee 19

STh Cete for Nerbilg of Agin was esabise 1988

degee 1989gg A6

a Cobie aaarm h prgamwas aproe a 199
U1(~~1 ww wllt(lI~(~~ C w wllciii

al~~lt I~Y11I~~1~I(1~ B 55 a a agI(~I

gag aa S..S~i

T Fam ily Rsa r a aen t i a a a was

ayon Brgro ba the third Graduate ResearchIC "" 0 *
Prl fsII II i l I IColg o P am c -19

a a a ITh Co leg ofPharm acywasranked among theatopten
alDeigwsapitdth is itnuse evc
Prfso nteCleeo hray-19

P m -- 19 9 6

Wk 0Posa p

PharIm c a- 19 a

r JmsM Siaaosr
Fran Dukwrt Enoe Prfssr 1997

University -19A97

College of Phrmc -19
a Toc

pr or was eab 1998

IS *I I a. 1 ~~ I1r I1 I ag g 5r~ aI ~III~r~ 1

e The inea p
Mc lo r s m t iAine fF n

a Administrative Affairs 1999
55 TCTI aG 5 a 00
~1111~\ ~ 1111e~1~ ~I~1~~S

U -.l~~cl~lll~~lI Alclcc~cCll 3atll

Curriculm D nan IAd i

-a Th Wokn Professioal Parm *a attained a
enrollment of over 550 pharmacists 2000

Seoation beganoth prsn parac buidig tocet
asat of th ar reerhwig-20

Ditne Cniun and Exctvadcto oh

Unierit 2001 a g
3I at 5~ 51 5 a a 5 5 5

wa aprveg 20

e The Coltllege received a 2 million dolla endowment fro
Debbea for tecy 2
Sve omn wasnmdtefrs sitn ea o itne
Cotiuig, an Exctvadcain-20

e heIeansfml doae fund toS eno aS proessrsi in

Jono as Dirco 2002

d r in Jacksonville, Orlandoat. P rsb g 2

admited- a2003I.a 5 gg
6~SI)I ltllt(II(II

Dieco 23003 -. .

Jon PharD/J prga 0 approvAed 2004

stdet apply- to the UF CO 00 2004

- Ne phrmc buldn deiae at St. Peesbr caps Finacia

supr fro SVS 2005 --
SDr. Raymod B
Reserch ime)fromNIH or cnsisent nd ecellnt cntriutios t

scientific knowledge

S ew Rpot ureyrake te F OPaselvethinth UA

. * W-.* S

A 4 I II g a

* * a u a


SOug t t az a
a* *

th loal stte rgio al agd na tioal *g el
a N ata a* of * ac alte

aL a a a

* S S6 .S

*4 *0 S

B *. 0' S 0. S *

S S 550 S S -. S
S O d in I I de an I aI S S 0.
e Qulityinteratin oftecholog int th

curriculumI Ir(~ 1I II II IIII~ I I n

e Chmsr DeatentU arhie

e~~ SotestenDuJunl

Pr act i b R o a B. S Sewar

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