Group Title: Miscellaneous Papers
Title: Scrapbook (newspaper clippings): 1902-1905
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Title: Scrapbook (newspaper clippings): 1902-1905
Series Title: Miscellaneous Papers
Physical Description: Archival
Publication Date: 1902-1905
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Box: 28
Folder: Scrapbook (newspaper clippings): 1902-1905
Subject: Jennings, William Sherman, 1863-1920.
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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1902 19Q3'

1. Senatorial Campaign.
2. California Trio.
3. Governor Criticized by Lsoambia
4, Appointments by Governor.
5. Jennin-s for Vice -r',lsient.
C. Tom. '.aror' ,'ritisism.
7. JonninT*s dOposed It. .Louis Exp.
8. 7tatc-'airL .Article.
9. Indian iar Claims.
10. Hlicoochoo UJanl.
11. Veto, Const'1.Convention-U.S.
12. 'ro.ressive Govrrnor.
'15. Jennin3s :Ansvers i'tuestions-0oala.
14. iverglades 'atont.
15. Governor Busy Lan,by -ickinson.
16. Organization Dur-ontino Onerators- i
1902 "poeci.

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r .. tiong a benighted policdr
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trait ,.perf.omsi ..te .itdwe. th .t ato .
has. the:heart.,;thaihible im~zl to 1,, ide9 11e f Uni~ vrtia.-.i"= 4: 3:r"
had toA- i -ero ort-" '4-. -
place t' .d .j. ir t thew bands of .

the ha e t ped;op :rz, ..past ftoen eiit, and the beh s judgm i
years has dite dl i ly d '. itives oln I

fritote.d Pn ira. rer mad ol;ott the e"rti'esi for
.... ... ... c. 1 tI nt~re stPlole the institntio uifn i t..,.
her the si t lih earfninh^ ::^ | 1 ins uti T
By, if v t p n gFfyareBert he ii

Mr. Stea load .opirationkt.h Ai ,efLt hi IM ltksavior.
nbtbeieii t e, rHa.A ian ite ae o
been more:of altove ad pieas1ne,. o` e ,'nirJ''' l `n J tt .Steto
is -~.1. g siD a I pe Bor '6wain i t .',-
iZ- .... ..teT ea !,in mnney :a.. -..-a. .

Inah tpe ha as t e' t em pase A got 61 mentis .
since .the.Irweze de roye fi; orange t~:C io nd the s overt he .tai
nsm e3, forinT e h r bept opin ipay -tdln ny leiiptV eve; to ti i that
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h an s.c e9 9ed.-t'. b.i.nn te gro ye s I. ; rpTht re. ...i .l le
ba-k i o tbe .. .dg-... trin. '5 ,. cuteed Thro tmyh ey-1 obatl f al o 'tov |
fottre rt-ia attweih"hea' a o r i ai r th t' '&l rtairid
be' tbe"". I .i i' h eom.. 1 .td the.. reo .L.

-1 e rytO bor a *].the upho te institute ,ffniid f

s .theh-te r'. ., gr ate tI pe tp 1l" k the 'te-p"ti e .p.tle
n .t.een .o ....-.-- 91 gbjil e .t1s' t .oa s. the atbe of. o r.
i5'tOO-)3 $)T ndf o hope ol ai ..
anU4sPew?.llthas hi r6tti7 *jaCjj *,.Q

>Iuess for~ 2h'ebaa ket.' on' his. a to n VD3;LtetiiPL 'oevr7toteA that
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A. .Ha.ynes ..
E_. Di -. .. i. _-- ...:-

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*, u g rg orf Lcer UIm n F
JI t !i- ..- .J e }
praties wbo want to handle this Co.O'Nei ll.''
mW..-A. &Allen & Co
..-. ..:. D. Bracey._ ;.
J. J. Vinzant
ii u"h Peter A. Hiller
ets uting the fact C. F. Spaulding
i il Shrman JenE. H. Hayward
;Governot (Wiliain Sherman Jen- Geo Boynton
'ni 'J:. royigj eto be one. J. A. Erickson
shei'wdestrpoliti6ls Vwho- has ever A. S. Munson
Scott Hodgkins
appeared.,in the political arena it Geo E. Berry
Flrida. ",The"-,ma is blind that G. M. Kent -K.
--.' -T, m- W. C. Cannons .
caEn. .e~pe that.the.. Governor .is W. A. Rammerly
laying.:thewis foe r ,the fight for R. Lookard
b. GG. D. Jacksoh
UiflJed." states Senator. before the JQhn McCormack
primaries: next yeair.- He will pull C:H. Yeargin
will pull 0. T. Hutchinson
fro i.ti ,t'e. ,c8. ton forces In his Geo. E. Davis .
campaign. .But the present seni-. Thomas R. Webb
E. B. Pooser
men- ov~er the State is Liast James S. E. Newton
P. Tllihaferrowill be an easy win. W .1 A usi
W. A. Morris
iner .Before tlhe primaries, will be M.A. TenEyck.
b ilon j~ci e N. J. Burrud
dramscr .-r. -. C. A. Pickard
TSLA COU N TY l The Seminole Mg. Co. by H.. ., War-
'* "*__ _ _, V. W (-oald .' .
Addyman nmith let M. E. Church .
e S. P. Hays
S F. W. Koesteir
-We, the undersigned citizens and J. E Mickler,M. E. Church South
business men of the City of- DeLsnd,' G. anad
would most earnestly beg your serious A. Ten Eick
attention ,to the following: Feeling a T. J. Snyder
deep interet in the welfare and pros- T. E. Eccles ....
perity of hi.B. Steton University we M. Wooers '
most earnesil~ you to make a change J. H. Hibbard -
in the Presidency 'of the .University as Mat LaFollett
soon as possible; ap in our opinion the s W--'Walt
present 4ian~lied condition of the af-. E. B.Richardson
fairs.of the Ufivoraity render .it abso- H. Waters -- -
litely necessary t .imake this change. C. A. Reeve
We feel sure this-is for the best interest E. A. Blackman'
of.thln-University, which 'is -the pride C. T.KlDavis
of oifr city and the people.of Florida. H. W. Klicker
Most Respectfully. F. P. McElroy
Fiank E. Bond' O. C. McElroy
D.-L. Gadiilenh JohnCranor.
Cotnelins Christiancy .
R. D- MoDoald-- James P.
A7 D. McBride An"
R.;C.. Bnuhnell' .- Murp,
O.' F. FiAh ([e.
Jr:w; Smo.:lt.- '- : '
M. Davis .






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lst8 09P ta Ilk
ao am-, C rii t ed
01 1 1, hie tq i _agbnst, A cyl have S,
"O`Ljjd" tO V threaten o:' th'i f'
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lid, tf what pre a
jueeict ,sijrybe;,.,,, nd 1U11 "I F16 T*Ia or Ant
1`8 . '' L, I 1 0 76 f -4
6r, t_())theeleiatt LQ6S`f,"; 110 t(O'Del, -UnL
11 tne_ ro A 1) i s fo 4 i T Cotit f t h is, condition -the ,ent the
'(PoIn foicktcm), ff
uiec 0, mugL, NI changed.
_e eirs
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11t ca. e i--N i'.) t a, i n fj aril,
H66ri opidnIng
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41 on that d
gipnot,,,om bublican
j, i"g, 6j.'V lig t1le- 0 he Re
f- 1 , m. ,4 I& `%'S --, 4, , '': jj , r
thb, remarli(- PiI-ft 3', 1 cl IVflltuqjly b up cc
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,v .the, powerrnj
_VIjQ'd0j6ga TlisU6,c 'a.`nl 'I r i Ije -kjdjjh
Rdi'4Iiiin" e,5
prie4 U the 6olltrol of thIii have
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_rn'or, ii I . Aernitine fr6-
'it "'I 111; 11 1 - -I - `2 1 1 i i 1* I` 1.. 0 uri J0 n
TI tkj Da I is u I 10' my- friend,: III',
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" 'r _4i~t i "i '

>opui et little town EWA, lb ta
d a .e periences Ed-
a o-orS a ft eral" GIichrlst .,were: 1.1
y ays comnm itte o 4b 4 N 3 W<% S:Ree3, of
apfs.(, a 1 o p wlere. LflV L*g t J
iH .r. pe e, iert.Dewe R.
;lobertp .4S rese; 9 le. w snpth,;
.B . .:. BI ott. p TC..p~Pt
r, .Mt, eJoei'Bpyce, O. exe uveca& -
j~t ;' 'i J.J Corc, R. C' th rsth t qrspeaker ffi
wt. 9 ;:F . P.- Roah. B A. seBa es n ea
PA..Q.:U Freednahn .and the, ha. tnt s :ft' La-l

o RAL GOOD TIME. "io, o .e ';b"
i.pple? 1 -'te, rid ; ii 4 the elaborate .pro- .ros to ai
iap -W.i 1 d out to the better, iopk. nt d et
vnta Gora ,i enough roo -'to srowj ,Aan&god- umet
a ". few .,, h td in iz t lY eL GiL
rat and, I ld Qnly .belid Ienangri .coim tId tteti
S t : .rooi .wouild.b epai' -tht t th e
Shbepe was he Gosen aiaefully iA

so Icnpn^obcest e*d^n* otfith Inb, Metropolisaoll Trbune
nthe 4 i- .tl;.,,, G.ove or has' .ty~ rsal.

dffiK ^ Ntdt ph ie Aver,t ard zis bolq. de l orin
"r tsitora contia afiUibo-i *with a. dead issu
vI a wa .-ni anntd by his harers al
af in h. .tMe 1 to a hisbbolellt fouro

Whl Je*rsa s personally pul
I i' ;"' heSotoe.., o nt add has hr-y..

It5mizers for his administration at Tall
A AS'i ,L ES 4 fh4saee, he will' find few followers in
*I ng &^.#tlork4 thois section in, the Senatoral scraiiss
SLble as" -thepeo. 1 see to realize thatl

and poloies embodied in Tatlaferro and
ai e tn 0 .. . : -: ... .,

tg i -Stockton and ey se to regard the
1 r.r p't' a-ed .it i.e7t- As h2 p arty a se of ad-l
'miers fozw.hlt ldginlstlratbn at T

f0lli1i. v its: J.nainge, C or i ld ih
_Jth 4" icQidn4 n.:'the S- n_ lri_ cr : .

repand polltie.enh& ode
e', k~on and sebm to regard

fi ,n.n FAC
d-. rator .abi t
r.e4 t -,u, e- fr tU hfer. ho. 1

0ey;nt- t. ..... .iI m--.
"'bmatra .tla Mjiientq add
'gth~r t% rstl~re .14. d,
"v. -iiUlbblejltirfour

,ess e ''' ", "

S ~g~ibject of tsts ad
*aeps adi' railroad rinfluentea' .I. dqnos znpedS tq t ss
ad.iJh6i an insluqatlon. tere. Apeaei'it 4 a : oj ec'
o t that Senator Talieerro hi ad led a. bdltlng- i A

the conmo peope, were dentist t l
bd-..mpresnion- upoA.-the'leo- ', et .I-teTr.'!
Y iF'' I thougbfhinht.'to" be,' .r
u rofesm. associa- t A R ,.'. .. ..for a'V.. '

;]"surt'rise6a 'when he- talked' to -anli tt, lda.
l-th theyi-nrithout. ffectation *n'' t
ith vociferous applause he re-
i4*rin Zhis.:efe4. arid gat its eT
loil, it; seams that e h. basa: aa b;
qlowidg in hfi: reifop.. 'rpt ea clo s by beJ
ON FAVORITE:.-- .* iie-va la- ietalk ii o
A.WAON. THE, OFFENSIVE. 1 t lithies-UtnJoi t Mr.'ira-J.l
i*. J N': .to'c.nonritrJbuted the'-a i-fa that tn e 'money id -by'
,,e .and feeling tot, 1e.speechmak-' F.1agli in thls deal ient.into the;han d
hB addresse, whic cast:oft the- *fo:lpckets 6f Mr." Steatpni."-' '
S of polite ameaifisea.and at- ~ith these comLments"- concluded
th records. of his-cie'oppo- epi-Taliaferro "I dismiss athipainn
eF~ Talf o and ;-i' friends,! ';o :ing to- Stockton): from further
sr'nction. S'tctk-' te iosn o-i: my part.- I have tried to
.ON ,;dwdorkeda' up tto a dirty campaignn t, ft Mr
m. 6l- talAk ted. 3tO. :n th"kEs-:eI h cp Iin ilda tet ai*iU
Cb: ,.apIes:- *pr.ib wfrienas by he. -h
nt.. .cst ol ed, as indugea n 'an d'th taetics'. e has
.-c.d Flpa. i .u.'ed, h will- fid that he i' mistaken
toc d ti q ibt'..;t in.e 'words in in his man."
A ioviie'ws oft 'he' record o .Senator Tallaterro then.sat daow.nd
.o'':oth- iforel;. after te crowd.seemed to realize that:trou-
..... ,be.' .wa i thohe. at Nu ibers of "pea-
: '9ll ..te l frendt-.i PWd called 'Stockton!' .Stocktqn'" and
is fa-~.orite~j. '-i e cry wnaa rakfidly taken xu:p 1 A -
-.- &r. : ,r Stockton, was upaick :q yE-
iner. ig with excitement- He. said: : i
n S-ot ordorat;wl n tfat e .- Ta~ltferro says that. IE'ot the monay
e o n 'a. t 'n forithe-sale of the Tim s-'Uni'n Tbat
12eeption acld i, ra i
34 t*t-ehcfl hianded.p. '.,EyythnJ was irin."at' in~mediate

r o in arose In an Instant. anda4iar i n i
o.. 7 . "" ''to ward Mr. Stooktori l.but 'IEd,..tb'.'trd
Flb'PR1i9tT.ED ". and many others on b thp k.tfrno ii'n-
EBRIEF REPLY eluding the suaye Bo:b ta, tiiter,
:tte c. -,dealt: so. large. vened to prevent'.the 'imnininet;prmon
f;i- ,, &. .... ...
teriiiict.h,,c"... al difficulty. .,
Spaiulai Mr. Stockton, as soon ap pine S
o ti:aon li t e quiet was restored, ad e'ed ior
aog''' & C' ordain, saying: .
i ars n Dual- "Mr. Chairman, I w thdrbaiwmiy tt
sctimon'with the ment-but solely for. the reaigb itti^ $, -
S'th.he. considerr it unparlia4tar .
thee h While the w ecf inat rbdf

S. to the tr.uda...
ao It soon got the erowda Id, '4dyt
M--$vo'&S-' ward MtTalrafh rqandoctot-*ra
q i w restoreds cor ,_,..e .tor


ont- . pj ths o i .
any subject: I desre' Comti
Lfteir 'tb Ifttle"!- wlua-~ss,
Pairn Beach, it ria dou~ly ap
~; ~ou~ :mu~ta ps~a~rjlmeln if I
Iti]Y~J;:r an ~I 'a ajPaBe a. spa~de
an artitu,,rlal*rib ameiniant: I
oa~tla4 ;pi;7 Al.-i

M1U IorfU
jfork.~b l
kenq, 41~n
Ut ,ho.
le codnl
Vouid b e

li- i~

; e ery- i nbe A, ...i'egi
--m'%9,&Ljds~b~k. Ariqt:, o t 6.r ote:Oe
"lin B-ecome I '-to plea e :ir
,.btd",by t.I'e,n jrtaryT.
Iwa, the pjilnary s ystern inaui
Becaure- thed people had becoui
Sand dia iit fl. td oSai

elad&Th6 velo
.l. T people veroiji, i b9e- '! o
raicea 'b~i' the -corporate ".lhui
1891 and -1897, .but, not, so in'.
,which Ule'. Ja. -.z E P '.. iafe
elected d.E Hi- eletlon b corpor.
t, 'flu.coef-,i baia 'ien that the
*.ere r faaitoSdune nd they realize
Sun less s'.the election Qf TUnited';
Senator was .pract ically takernfi
Llegielaif ,:. designing and. miufs
Iosi men 'buld bring, lastin ,d:
r the-~ ta'i: ana at once tierq
ractionji tn the. public. anjnd -th a
gd for ap change in our sysern, a
last'St'ate Dermora tic convention
.wa'sthe fest' convention that' assi
after ,Senaktor: Tallaferro was e
a-,the 'el~n .the' people, .
I the priryn asV-tem for -the.. rip
S 'lera.State and .cou
" ec'a.,' i'fli '' -'i. ;' .' ''. ',*. ':..'. .:..._::


e a n~d ~atis wi

tavte $ I m9to2 .. be'- to bllI e

tio; iIh e orpurato?1a caiv
i. a it d Itol run 'ags ids ihirv tl a e
%wai~s wtiitnr to w~nlr e 'thie 7at e vi i
& tbeyq~~~d d not:' dre~. itoi risk 9* pai m fi
-~,~~~'~d` .~ by 9retarr 0a4101e j
ofi~F1ort a "resiWency9
t~~~~'tba, cwsi JIre riiirfe
e t that:i 6cnvi
x- a s-t ro deruiqitikaIJ4C ~ibimj' t.

2git~id on term Had a was ini00 t.Uistno ao
have. elecred:`

,p m~~t'r Aou~~d~bai e ~afnce~ .wlvh: the' gotd D0eim
~$~~1~aatsthim; .,~ ;;The~` 'Three ~Candic
~q ay we. 'Thdeffre ::e tbi'~eeilar'
Stins state aspilring to a-:

y~~exf sear f9 -yot~ ~ufti
avoction p e!
o o~ for oruu~tn ~~ti

s'Btfimmir.lfe ~Oert~~v L ao
lip, j wfth' a. e. I ou

'or i
UP Y:,
OV e rv



good. '.


"g "n hig 1.e-'o 1! M"
qtL ulted States Senatoqr tt

.qr wiho darrLas a: ~tIsS t
,' ,.adrs ." po ,tl- te ".

nrea;raniss -greh 1s&bet'44wbpriatb X ,r
o. reiuraa4 and r this .;ep
-,, tThe delegn ci
t ieT Oe b a_ .6eente d ta j englat n ia L*,
ra-ulre, .rope g --P
ore a .t d aftr ayg the bt o the St

j :.iroug t- distre .to. ti..:s e l ovr ent, .
o tried: to cr_,pets e in ~iU reasury-iea y sven .t .
bw tifJacn to c be n T ane. dl rga pditani. wa. E
6.Rorr X"'9.e C Q aC Ied.e not boily in redub~ig 4g;ze '
4b *0h t~0 "e In 'em ph asizilig to the w'MbJ4 O5
1 bt ho ..og ready j Io.nd flnan cia4 tot
;ait .r.. y!ie the.: common.wealths of ..l in3~ i :
..w .ys tilt 24.. w't
77 Lnyear e biaiet ja ut Hn
r ars asicjo no24 rla. -

1 / '.v'onm at the S tiauoi blasn do5wa r. 6
-. .. 11'.:6 sS8-3,.flwn te' w -.aowsof'ta & rsa.l 9
"that war. obtless her art are mo 2
.' ,b samea..offb those .btoa f t:a. e d-
have passe&ay&r% s tr; m #'itMdauIS&V
e w o''thdws basht. tho iiudi =t
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~~e~~.~i Aw sat KIN-t6 fTr-A Atered ino
_n~~tl E: bpon -takinghar~-o
,. ~p~~,~i~t 'at ound Imii to ea
.wden- ,&riegv for b: i eof n
-46 d. 49pe iy fr a nii

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1.1.4 11*':4;ieieat 'a tjA

'-,..,CQMM ".. :HIMSEL Clai.s .rinBg'.."aTho.' tie odI:
-.B: -....^-'' ^ : 'l*to t he credit .of 'Goverinor. Jeu itngs.
i a^E'ER OF THE UNITED The-, there. is the govmeiol's,- recent
,. "fri to; :Wasdingtnh,, during ilh id
t ,.,. ..,*-.- L, . ,
!TRS.H. IP, 'AND .N succeeded in securing a, 9ran.t~' .

I ,., ~ ,H ,a" ,'* *of la nd in the. Eerelaes s-. "heaei; ,
-iIR I NG Tgether wiJth .his- idic.ious. app
:B .' .-: ..I iments, warrant tchr "predict.ono :,(ew:nas
..%,;";' ;:. :i' -.:.. rJ nniIn s .wi. 'id' a candidate ano'. i te;
.i.. ., ~ince.. him lf a.tthe .no,.nmoe r #. se -
i y .. lEQ:--G=overn-' A'-s United'"states: Senator 'rallafrt6'. the
.t .... .' Il.Ie a calldfdate to. succeed h-ie; IU,1it
T f Iste T5i sahfe d to .say that''he.v rins rFlt
,.jersi ta .iBpaynigping to be.a hobtly contested Done..M ted
-~~i or -it- :.e ra.r '..'aiaferrois. himself a natural., birr ith

iOS eQEpNl hiS Mwell performed;:- No-one -or0 a c rbmItnes
cH L e wen.:,it is abWsupposes that-he-will be caught nap-leut
1: ltosy tosm Singo and let the.vprize be wrested fromice
ce-sime without aling the fighti of .ht

where: h'e s .at ei. also t.o be counted 'as ag Importan ;a
o: b a canhdiat'tor in the coming contest. That bered
e en oae?- ls s~" a aggrediite campa igner is, a wellost
T O h e .nown fct. N o.tDurilg tnoe. ree nt: 'nses M er
bifathera i o. t slon Mr. Sortd ni has .6 ent extreaell in
ally ide careful to avoid-all :controversies- tihaitn2;
e ept he iisaibi *i candidapy:. t With .the,wei'tr- e a gh't na
t me-t gi i nttord in the ,aren thete wThlt it
o" tl sia Sto be anbiteettirig % rianI
is-e'ro ete biwntrofa whichD urigout'iest h

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ery u i andi daf SeWator th rlad

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at ofjr this.ben~efits .of ~t~ i~ra~'Yt f
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!~rovra f~~~ide orcecrds o~ deere
lotry,'- and .-tdo 'provide for 1e-
the sahe.
e ~memor~ial~~ td C~i~ng:ess~ srisk-. ~E
p:asaSage -o! ..w1'ost4;q: In~yiyfi S
3Yinnw. bill,- hmig -ftfiA
%, ;VIdjiS'jaiz the cobltt ctadifto "w
A~bftliar'd 4furfaced ~road9 -1iii ter:g
tates: and territodes,, 'ws ta-4,
o tsthird rea=hg, aiiJod

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to. ay pe hl~.1~ ~the epe~
tic~~hard .nfced'ioa.

plies 6o-"e %6ad1 proviedeid
dne Unde tbe irebt~~ion'o! ~~;
~tae~~utort~tes ih- -:4.h: ~ Ubb;
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jame r

iw and
or the
id was
1, 1903-
n near
also in
Ff Hon.
3, 1900;
rat, by

a Con-

'n near
ned iu
i front
re was

; was
so mit-
ISO in

'canwdjares I foro.'thirns!,.'-'

Sad istratlbn ~a
lei 'iiekbhag

r.:,;Stockt foIo-wtr'g
.Xa'o d etr.nened Thougi
pA ap himself he is'.
3e? 'afltl o-doruoration. ca
. tlI- sentiment against"
,~5re~ivet ~of late asnd
y- grqci Lng, At onger, .itg
izm iuto Mr." irWteea r
L; ie ]5 aRBj': capable ~r
q'iiBR;s: ~~lce
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~j~vlr~i: ~,B~~Tphn~.b~
-W~i~im Mir~ b!B
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:bt w


-%~-~- .

-4., aBna a spec.ia examiner under the Pension Bureau for a y.-ai in 5ij4-S5;wa
member o the ine ]gila in iSb.6-S7; was private secretary to Speaker Reed
in the Fiftv-'rst, Fift'-fourth, and Fifty-fifth Congresses; was a delegate at large.
.from Maine in the Republican uationalconvention at St. Louis in J896, and meniber
oPf the committee oi resolutions; was elected to the Fifty-sixth Congress Novenibmr

.. .. ...... ., ........ ... ..... ... -.. .. -.. .. '
L : -.:..,... ..., ...: 4
p,.o .L .." .. .. ='7'
.... ~ ~ ~ 7! x'''. ," ::':': .L ..

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iau c~We 13esso Vosnwphilk
xift~8d OD~VAffrjnds t~e, Find i ~blrd64_js hrelcttliat -rtt
Ej nd c tight-that ls'on bi:;.deae;i t 'andI s
rea 13ns fdr I 'Ilafe o 0'will -make' bia eltotlon. liTost .:
k J,~i gioutvbrig a certtntZ.' It certalnlyR!cvn do him no, ie't
*~at tie -wnas able V-a-lslm leeValley? Qaxette'- P
6C~lirt~g; Qe o term H THRIEN CANDfAT S.
d.aie'ajupb.. to -BI1 Oft . .
`trlbui ae 'pints Gov. Jennings IrgjqdI I 4M
udt~rjabl$' ode. 0 M_ taiiched.uponibls 16-to i sie m C!n~r eD.
is djways on t e sider-and. made a pleasant- aoothing'speech
dnErus subsidies,. ng on nobodys toes and-. wnnmrig,
oodr-ouslnleod fore 'is-., pleasant mannur.
ae e as- followed hylSeazator. Tallafeifo,
oe-gaete -o good.BoCount. of bIS ateward-
te a i1'public lfli:e6,and w8*.otxq't8.t y
Ta ee-n:1-L Stockton', who told a numberr
ad ftlngs.' Senato ::.Tallaferro. has done but
li oxe to'Utefl,4ndwhiL e tfha -*gen-
V311A miri id4 'ezxtlluiiatii'uup-_adi- -.Read-.
I~ to~ rt&a abaStookto~aRi~'~asj~i~ed, e~ttIe
-.zkthei by the:tim' 1 exattew 1ud rdot
AM...- F, ed ,to the: sulnect. therauitience. Killingly,
in 'd bp resiac
At a n..dgave' generous
Is. %a aktoh v bar in
-~~~~~~~~~~~ abb 1dii~gi1&T- k~,~b jiber of the
ro dti *he entletain g t
to be ~e ci a t the '" '"' 0OI~residei
tQalnp to' e a. Li .0 b_.o 181VR todkton i-t
C! jL'e: a, K ge U~i~ t ant--i~~e~c iI ~ e
-. eehadok tha 1H Weli Stcit' ieidtv1cikt vss, rec
ebramploli. ..

ai~.r.njIt StdCktqr. be AeJlpv.efl, ~talaI~troo
nltYAi ft- person ot repreant Un In
a U. ; Eenate,'-M~iid'i41 Trfi2iJa~i'terr'a t~o "'
j~ie~pr b~elieved'- atter is Dr...f Wtoaikton.~~ for'*
hagI_~l rOt: onry bdeit talnta&- with .06-'
~w; ber- atio 1n'l~uence,'ti1*ir :t-i 61-id3een
s -~b tfiir e .take both at a Willdo -he ttnly eabe thn hef~t: r
~werB' in a ld 0 Jenn ngs to AO tat i-
E~ ~ hemet pciy eIrslnzrie Valdy ~; Oazetete;.;. -' lwi
dLil dIIu dy~ci!4ur daX~Ldu-~t'~;i~l~raaI bit heetafi of
t1 inaa ORDU~E -OW ;.=IrCALLYnM. "~Ir\lJce t~d x.
4.: W,. I. R :

~et-li .tbl1on Tueda ,1_~,~~,j .-yp'1tveILyCI~
gS St-ocktoin peppery
~ ld- Out toi e a reas n Wofstated.:'wtldB rIOt- oeld,
.r coun order of Caiism t 'a bhioh, 2na.7 b:tdes
ii some of -the beonlek set lible Vote of t1II
o e 'to-day do'tuotj dle m'b
dapotlca. o tle past. JerinigYi want M; ik it
something t pthqc: future K;eaanmdzqo al ha patlte I
~ ~e'~nalvwtl stand the~ chance:b ofgeIimngi;; X-~i?(ts~l,,ld Weke-
rgtl~:iespiect the speech~ ot* ~Iena~tor ~..Te~f a-.;
erlro lnd Go. Jennlpgai' Owl*5.
ki g rids of the ptopt a ofii5 pq Oifrg.'~bjr
qbarehint uncul heleea was bo:. a t Mdison. Mue..
in-' th P Public auhools ol Massachusetts and Hig

Q z; X
1 ' ~Ml ~~.7.'


Ir ii E'iI(

na! '

- -.St-.^.ts,

-11 B eqs)ccessrue wilel BC oL
ar election where every
"te Democratc, voter will.l ha\e an. op-'
rtunlt.i e oa -his choice. .Before W
xi t6ere wl4 be ample i
pd'the meafts and-dPmerlts of each. bu
JAte..for this hlG. office will be In Hey or'
-- mtith. of every: voter, *and there will '
-Wile chance, for .a :rote; 6 bi:e.-ca
S :It is to .be ra coe~~r
19i ri 'Wa irong" &, ght
Stei hment ~ co rporate -wer
suid we the 'people- e be te ar
adioN .corder. -
T IA.lAFEItO .UN-HU"RT .flreds' of 7eara!is;tb
the S.ent'ori candidates, t- tate. tae" fig too' s.or.
.ocktoi'.n n ng .. opened *:t .. .t '.
t at tIe 'reat .oltl a-'lmeetn everythg on one man
.a t:Plitar GoF a Ti3day. Tallafer- others v h&e just as mub
... or es' are -hodinf i l r l together, .to',sone .:the honor..:, "
.whygl-thaenttrance: of Jninns intb the 'Governor.; enrintngs everaC'cqo
ig ton e rus t ra..s .d" the eposl- for,h e e pa Fy': .I-as. hie hgiv.n
tlon.! :enigg l d 9 c.Qaiiting-bl,-on'isin .f i. lifea.a.. iti
'inomng durn~e i esa t,-w .: i
rm e, lSi& :County. Be i I
tere t :'of nIw s n

.-ith. their ~ir.6i n
are setting..! a bad examIx..
yo.piget generation gr wirl
.will say :hat use 5.,us.
our.. time":i 'You w ll"?get
those who -,d6 nothing. itg'te. aiid party: politi.t 4
sell yotrelves"for a ess o
Stand fir .~d h ,ha tbo
honoriable feelings til8
boby.': Be"like the countZIt
"t rested Major Andre .w..
to them more..nioney than they
seen% before.1 At the -time ,t
blood-prints from their shopi i
the and '. 7'ere b~lf stared ,aG n
has ing at that moment a~i
me money was held up for' therI6
ea wout.l let" :im go, .but they,
S V aear.. . pri l -oner, knIowilg
bt.d in apty. ,Lt bFt...ut et
Sgo mar: hb accompl]is.

vot __ .

I *.



esse agoHe's goAS%
lt iend~ to h~iii 'A4wy'n

a thillsi bi a l on:, -4 r

4st th~e ~i rpor ii~a,~-In a'

ye fthixn-znto~ Ta1]A terro'p~ws

aeat He ~is"c!'r: i. a e
Mal- sCite A er ef
Xir-sonatoiI amplrantpire blesj~id

ith 4h. W: 6h8dthe
It Tbst wills Seei.ilk that B Bh eS.

0c 5n ih one:c iaxpaigla before the
I t nther. It is all right.- be
~6-~'~i.. 'everybpdy'wl"

I A pwerfifs~o-in, thea

ter.C~ae r12)~uAdinkg.

law~- :cycle .ra(

F-eld ant e GOdvi
~ [tions am

F, a~g If -r 12i up 1
it'ed~~s;;that: l~~ lie ha: w

Umksn crloraim ta;o

ra~ker m~j;ade~-. -a s tr;




TZZ,72 .., .~, "~.~~-pp

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'e. Me8

the h

d lii$ se fFm whtttbrrse
the ;~hn~~~fl&e~~6i~h camcg1 -~

~1r~toejt~n~ke1i Jennngs -.

Lt the
.1b.~h nv ~ thier

inie, ro 1 beH.

ne Sio. .11 .ren e ail ,
Wt dj~ toba

team p7n~ida tea Sii I he

adawer: the .
natof~ deni ~hdihadhot pro
!ded, ;1
k t H~Me 09.- fe5 ts~net '- A '"o .

)th~h~t,~p oisi~ra~etheh
E W~d~sk~h reepen to advise

ee rfe- im,* coursein of thel

e~e-jil e where
::F q -1 d i~ a ft-,inic u en M as poAs it .
ishe i g jote lA ii1
V I rt Lf di- p_~:on
emen..6 wdi-. th ~Ouse ofth

-Z Tea` .it m~1ii1 ~hkTr bime can uhil
naetoat -h hv

!s~l.-seak Out 0 l~'
re s!oAgo Oto"'rnor

tio ;nd at

d Ament wpu-, _W 1
I t8~n B
.7 w it

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~ ~ ~ ~ 'ente rbhe a *a
V, r r!ar l 6 PQ

3,-,41 OT-., &~p~'~1 fl1*
li-:tD -A bi eFICN E0 Ek .c-.
et'no3* t' St06e thejthid U oF~ t
-Gbiei'ija o,r hb gd' jus0:16-ift e-~i~k
of- lial TOC in' $7FtODAY t

elate, W e ere t
* pae.ibrI monIn He pnf eaenc fIr ST'niiabsmi
pre -4dolerq~

edogiBe the'.lp.
... ~ W "; I t ........,

~e~b'IetnGe rrrr Jenzha-,
:TPTOP bg 1i,3ld exoun v oom q
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,~ lL,....., Eiprey 3si'Dej 3S Ls~ ofHal~h'

.1 leavp k 6ecune forTJahak

`oo ki ng Well" aj k
e ng Ulf. b t -of Ileal



W tI

.~j .o t .. ..

no~ td iU

SresT a Read m nt
U a Doesn't Kow"
Pre",ldenitial Bi

g Governor and MIrs. W. S Jendings were
gue~.ts yesterday of th. Windsor .IH6tl,
as were also Seiattor aLd:: Mr .A':.
..aiar s ,:. .h,,

ii spent Sunday with friends,.anrrivng tihert
...... ...aturday afternoon from their hbbme at
Broo)'ville, where they '~bent Christmas.
rT li i o.,-rnor Jennings 9 seen. In his room
.S t!'at ,t ..ln dsir" yesterday afternoon ansi
ee boiairin ~ ,con .O ad~iin',terview ppebliasled in the
Tr T ibune. The intar lows;

~~'~I, lii eetiXni
SyotLWT. o.wiU you -e at candidate
:OP A'- Unijted Siates Senate?'
-": .. duH es oflme a s-Goser r
tal ) all of my lime,' was his reply.
'I 1-q;s haven't. the time now to enlte
'the ce..'although I have read with In-
er tBhe comment of the Stare roess
e"' yo 4-bnoted the mention of your

a. ntl but I cannot say what may be
T In -ti-e *-n.. that line.. v do nolt know
S wnae this report origiziated.! '
,"The Governor was informed that our-
rent rUlnoF.was to the effect that his isrit
4 .was in relation to'the report of
d uta e 6 ofW. V. Inott on his investi-
ju. Jusot iompleted, o i the books ot
Sthe ounty' qfficors.
..' 'S'ch rumors .will arise whlerevor I
go.', said the Governor. 'I haven't seen
Mr. Knofts: report. In fact, I have beur
spending the holidays at hine,. Bpookss
av.Llle, and&-thaving promlsedsome time aoyu
to call on my Tampa friends. I took thi
n di;.portunit, y to erp the' promise,'
"'The report of Mr. Knott.a I undat
"stand. continued the Governor. "reactheu
Talla4 ass.e tIhe .dao after .1 left there. "Is
:, if'lft.o.iai that it very voluminous
consistingg b.L aIbourt. ljite thousand paoge.
rate Mr. Knott,khowever, ,wilt preoaire s a.
.s~ai. teo betrny I eeru n, .e

ot'fm.ld probatIycqm:n
s W n he was h uati onetd in regat to
Soe .natori prs' ecks oF. tj Ie
S .i N Stolttoi-i m be ag g
orn a Yn o mgL f'.n s'd I : ,
-t .. lat in [ I lt q.i', tep to express m.:
'The. re r o M r -'-'.. ..;,, :. "... .n :
T.I e'-i Tabo iI th e:r..c

C: onstution of th,- .

nG1,,a9J1 a i.r

chairman :...-fIn renderm efficient service to- thet
day. Editnaraniokxhiis ij State iiT the strenuous life of-a4 sen-'3
toany citizen is oupty, ad. actor. It is the candid pinie o
the folling editorial which .ap- thinking men, that if Mr. Stockton
peared in his.paper, the Herald, on should be sent to the Senate, ir
the merits of the three candidates would not be long before the
for the United States senatorship, ex i e
mony existing in the Florida coEi-
will be 'read with interest by the signal eleatin ol e
xgressional delegation would be de-,
voters of th State: stroye. I view of the fact that,,
'Those who heard the speeches as Senator Taliaferro said in i
Made in Punta Gorda, Tuesday, by speech, .harmony in the delegation
the three aspirants for the Un., is essential to success in accomplish
States senatorship had a fair opr- ing important results, it would be
tuijity of arriving at some cot; 'unwise, to say the least, to inject -
sion touching their merits and t ntit a discordant element like Mr.'t
suitability with reference to the l t .Stockto, t
interests of Florida.t To give an idea of how things d
GovernorJenniugs's address. I -dwould likely be, if Mr. Stocktonu
from personalities and vitiiperatir" el vew of tr. ft cktoa,
from personalities and vituperatic were sent to the Senate, it may be .f
calm, dignified and logical, sho- stated that, d srtig Mr. Cleveland's
him a man wi th at broaden sess etra dlrig Mr. Clevelacnd s1:
him a man wth that broadness t administration, about the only 3
character and depth of though eitan in Washington who could get'
which are requisite to the lofti federal oice for a Floridian was
position sought by him. Back o.NHon. Chas. M. Cooper of Jackson-
this is his brilliant record as go, ile. This was because one or
ernor of the State. more of our congressional delega-.,
The same may be said of Senatoitioni had antagonized the adminis-,
Taliaferro, whose record as a loyal ration, in doing which e may have n
Democrat in the State and as a val-rshon himself a man o principle,-d
char public servant in Washingtonttou-, ,, it
bie public servant in Washingtonbut of poor judgment as a politician w -
is an honor both to himself and to or a diplomat seeking to serve theo k
Florida. His dispassionate address S ma be politic wi
delivered withose recordias ad in[ state. A dain mawi be politic with- i:

delivered without flourish and in out sacricing principle, a fact which '
that business-like manner charac- we fear Mr. Stockton cannot suc-
teritic of the man, impressed all ees~tlly exemplify.
thoughtful hearers with a correct After giving careful attention to ,
idea of his fitness for the position the ,eeches of the three gentlemen
he holds. -. and considering the situationand
Mr. Stockton: shoved himself what seems tobe the best interests
quite the opposite of the other two, of Florida, The -Herald is con-
gentlemen. He is mercurial to a' inched that Senator Taliaferr
degree, impulsive, combative, rash. should be re-elected. In arriving
ei, evidently one of those men at this conclusion, it can be ca R
whose natures cause them toemplo ly rid that The Herald b.ei ed!
f6fce, rather than persuasion in th Gove. '' '"'' ." .. .tuld make as
abpomplishment of..their purposes. equally as huod a senator, but the
-. situation alluded to above indicates
that thepeqple must choose between:
-. -A-. . : .. ; -

7 1~1

is apparent that t' .
Sov. Jennings cannot yet be real
ed, and we should direct our ef-;
o 'o he -iLctio: of the marl wniin
arearl. like our governor,
iwei-hLis value to the State and.
us4ibility to serve us with efficien-
>,y and honor...
'- en if the governor had excel
Slent.assurance of success in his as-
pirations, The Herald feels the force
of the .argument that Democratic
Ipecedept has generally, if not al-
ways, rewarded a faithful and val-
Pable public servant with at least a
second term in office. Senator Tal-
iaferro unquestionably deserves the
same- consideration which the Dem-

in U'rs., two a nounpe'...
lug thefr oWi-frie at.
erao ipi0red their' Wel.n

tib ''ire. puppet, simply dat hat
. is. to6l: to do. by. pot- B
whfft. avaanta'seittfere., h.vlf;,'^~v
er a-t. al? eWb nig let tItb e
h. .th~.-' various co mittees ap
cpWmrlolbn whbio t plepr ei
ey wRit 'for a Governor ;.to :bih
re nmenddtions wlisn he'.. le
any committee whIoh-1 re ats ..,b'i .
the peola to select thoir wn .own onl
has no right to, protest it th .GoveiwO;
denies them the same l.ivtllIe .:b tlh
deny the people.--D e.. New A,^'^,

wee. ol after liticl fenoJe
and mthd h: b
enta that~EU i
io- w.ei
congre i b
how= e red

that ktoIw
and;thi'estemed ivr ofootl&toida are
atntsef t-m W "fash'gton;--DinotoI

tb -oso. -
lively -ea inp again.en
8-Ae'E^l~~.^S^ ^


.,"I,. Fl t-
". '-'inJ
It oTFr&U off '1

ist speo- there SR4h. 0he n

Swill hove padres . .m nn ,. tr :,
't 9k, n . .foremo st orator

S editi e no e of woiry. The Gover-
_0 A .c.. gab rb be,:e -.r.e -in 16e

s oe cj chine thqir brains and
es t the work of bau iding
V RR thers e fthe The' oere
.. .. Floor s "

ng tbeSs

0 Rnvi~4

s in
OM -

a~ iiJi

.7 Bom



..... .. ...




1 I4 III
I ~u~ i-C ~ e~'i

~IkAtQ~y- -~-. ~ d~~I ri
~ ~trr
r n .
u~ be .. i

~ A

oed. 0or
Wed. nfn;

~C .~.--- --------.-NWAMNr~ F~

~~GS ~ '' .I wsmp
m 1. 1 Pine-

......... ~ e ~ .c to of -g g I

~i -
in tile

Id a 16 Mfll
S. ,F
S o us finl '6

naIhe eitt Of 8 ,





3nR.- Your.`:I xc~~j ,,;i 19

nat Coleg, w~ 15 'Rig cut ing~a, 18:

r ama veixklvuu,'
te his. ownt use

.t th e EWMd s~tat
or ,the pop6wIer
have suspend~d
I, the'.zaid Jadnie
of thebpea.. in
E1Ecamnbia 'coi
1d, froitne.,ex64

'-1 01 education troi
57-2D-2i0 ED- I

utv i~

Sde- filP
~Ot paper
b-4~rga nizAt on,
reseIut time; is also I

maDepr er -oMftlaf! 4Oar- ~

From: om8~c. l:~~~
diLtheir -

.aif a; -not 7
~3;~~rit'iCj__ War-. y pe~tll~i~

e most surAsef man In
rfay was- Hon; J. Mmet -
~ie rkeeiued a. tlegram II =~ -!
0r' Jenning7iendering'. to'
'w!:-h~.:ade, tby the JudgeB Umme .iateld, treiilV
* 1"~;'~"~u-l`.n u The A h o -go
as ~~d~iuwsY- thanked hin IAE thn'qm8 ad~,
21, 19 02.,
~#t iteFensaeala. i~a. of h taneofhe poslitt
Atendering to The jude wr~~:ogas
X. 3UetIC 0 e by his-b1rothers o the- 1oei ba.aL
hmia s. hurjdredof:frIends41t his apllbb

1- wat ~ L .CI
*rre the

jile, fP-6Mf W r- i.we" muMfo0

6j. pira ni.:.I

~L~ -~-hg ad -'in;l~Fi~Pc:q
Ro t, m ~on-yeard a
over e4h-; ,dutt. withM aaWlttisfcd
'the -peop
w~as milp4.- ef1epressa q
"t whnb rexiies

POryTION~4-. W ITH .,It Is- e'-%Y tdg
rece14.' jsm on *ra
II a t'
*N P

-,~His ,

~ wina-
a d at Oberlin College. from which last insti-
L practice of law at Cleveland in 1875; wac ;
)ut wai 1featW for reelection in 1890; NVu.
;- ;lnEd Fiftr-sixth Cong-resses, andreelected to til
tt iim a voite% to 21.947 for Sylvester V. McMahon.
""4g ini1n Reform, 323 for Albert L. Talcott, Pro-
i*it Laabor, and .579 for Max 1-Jayca, Sociali't
ml C~ri~e and Periods of Commercial Deprc-s.
'Fed to the- Vifty-cighth Congress, receivilng
Vail, Demojjrat, 247 for F. Jay Pinney, Pro-
,&,ocasl:-tnd 296 for Paul Dinger, Socialist


,..... ... ...Hen.... .....g-B.d am
'. .. ee..e p.ati e I..h .-..
ay i hairmn of t-p Florida railroad il butfora..db a .
mmisson, offered his resignation
titae. effect October 1, to -Gvernor o aS.
innings tis inorning, anid. it was e.,
ied, lMr Dayrs term would, 'nat.e l ,:1gined-a Ler!a
irea Jainuary 1, 1903. The bgtvei-
nor by wire tendered the position .ti 0h
MRiddson Burr/candidiate for railroad. te
,icAitssibner at .the. November :el oi-.' rt ,Oo6kell isu
3,. . .. Ko.- d. a -ract"
:.DMr. Day left this afternoon for Jack- r t froee f thaeppoitidde ha e an? pc
sonville to accept positions freight lih. .the distiction of p boeing l
agent of the Setioar4 Air Line. ngest eber of the pe
rc.e Court... Foi- the past ten years lie
:: Ibeen.a, meniber of t6he iaw.fl.'i
d Coo krel & Son, of Jacksovl.

trnI44tct.t~t~t 4U1r Uplveresit~ydof irginia. At tile
"" r^re rffiSSot;. r ii;^pl' nnas,e ieatkdIW
ietion 'a if hi i emti burs&.
r Jonn i:a p*_ iE HWor, gradnaf
hiree anewSprema 0opt V S'g ihiif i'g rs.1 'After- thiih
an a wash expee e b- w' to -Gemany and gradu fe
us tbi. bes 'ater ainthi Sta te- f i the Heidelberg Unive.rsity.
eialy oap t ah erno :The .INDEX congratulatu.s the q6ov
ad aamit ern m j' der con--erhor and .the Stati on h is plen'rd
Wideeaio u er det inid eleaf Zmti ---..
s "iet men h" gen ow NL"
V, if o a, .ie positiond
tes for th postwld rendei fQ ggeo ll posi o
.a.ept'b. :- eidgpeple-f de of the Criminal Court
rda' : record inoEscai'bt, county, with
eo.wi ae' e p it siul ting b ti wishes of:
pdits.- i 'j ` o ,.- i dcratic Executive Couimitte
Jtid$g EaMaxl thi upt'cuintyi Governor Jeunngsag
ol brcipht fI l;ther: crici is or
H oonf Robe o ell of Jack- i1$ ibtfiot'i t-
son e. :.. -. : '- o ,he,..oerinor. itea.Mor bB

11d~jr 2 i l
[on. Thotisas~, BS cklo[6id.,Or ,of i siiittepB atiiden oetaticana



Ebn*,nU- EtrN
h~sae' Stt
d. ib aP-e -wb
iftails or 'li

-0 (D
r-i Cd Aa 0-- 4
-0 ;-4- o

b. P4.4.

.4 44
;;ii .ub

tive- 6f -;M .., ; m* ,
W A..LI.apnhu
[oni be; ~y.-genepra1, H
Fate ag.Ell.s audio,
~e~iF; again~ prciied
- ri, -~ ~E43iOUi~ -politiicia

~*IE~-C-- --r--
4.~~------- ~;L';~-'~A~'~4r~;~~j6Pirc~~~?Sr~~;;;c .,~~ ~,.:.~~ .; I.:i "t~."*i;-,:~:;'~.. i~' i ~ -- .--~ns
r-. ~__.. ~---- --


L~:9 'j


q;~ o y't1 rg ~ -
'`li~ llst~.~~ l ~ Vi t.7 '."zsE~l


WE Ared :eriA

.d -4 O

ol -Wi4

it 'Ih j

Pt Pmori

r.ll. fini

1- btb mn
LI T.' iii1Jfl
1~IM :biyA~rico-.gre


I iitL 1 'T lie

Ae Ix re-
.C wI ic;i. a-d n' e k i'

it1 i t,

tire go- rl AJI'I

>f McKeesport, iI the county of Allegheny.
ublican, of Washingtot, was born in V
Led at Washington and Jefferson C6]
S.conventions of 1884 and 1896, wa
ixtl, i.and Fifty-seventh Co


4SAlid.Rmom.. 1,eh.ef ju tiWOWf%
I ,ReodveG *Judge $~

ePFar tha Wr~i~i adxditted tQ.
3y1and latex'becOn

Tflte 14 fiw.

-yelteda deJ1. an d


vf call ; xIrg


a'tor .1

Li;* -It


.3 11-

A: *r'


tfltntQU~y 0ei~e~a1 pig

2;~k~,-.'rjrlt~~* I ;:''.-:.f~ s of

I ~ at

ida a;i1 A ", ill

g t-I.%

.1 i 'U, 1%
d Q *y e c auI



. ... ..r in
I, to





in IS79, with the degree of B. A., and thiee
I. from his alma mater; attended the law school
as there president of his class; was
ich, in the summer of the same year, he mgied
ed law conLinuouslv in the various State abd
N Jessie A. MAiner, daughter of George N. Mider,.
they have five children, three boys and two
e Territorial legislature of Dakota in 1884anid
:sident of the board of education of the citf6o
s of the American Revolution, South Diait
ry of the Loyal Legion, the latter by inheriht
Martin, of Company I, Twenty-fourth.o ,
d to the Fifty-seventh Congress,. and'reel..
1g 48,454 votes, to 2o,814 Q P. FC.
",',. " ' S.-" '
.. __'.- __.:'' ;

ng sessionp'83-74;
priest of the Grand,
deof the Supreme...
te of lFree rMasonr.'.
is Democratic con-
96, and also -to the
Sesided as permanent"
Scratic Congressional
o Presidents; was the
to Representatives in
1 -ceived each time the
eto the Forty-ninth',
te 3 '-fifth, Fifty-sixth,
Congress, receiving

obertson, and Stewart

&n a -farm near that
e V T .h, Fifty-sixth, and
.. ,t A eess by a majority
t ditorbe ited States district
a te rs o it Py
weezlea e e, but to i6odfthd
,ionn. Commissioner of -Agri-
N. perfitendenL of Public. I- 1 Williamson (S coun-
Onu toKyaralbd WIas
: p:aby n e -as born November
S e ~ ools of the country'
.eke. foao -skine College, Due
W .we hi6 3 the study of law in

2- t ued. ,

_. lfJW. ,=ii Marg 877.b t'l,
,Na Pi.esent. Joh, t .'. rat- w,
man; N ,TV. .Iaridon, '-of'-Peifh.s,:.
.. W. Green, -of Sisth Districdt:;
McQ~L Qf SeventhieD Mritdt A T
ofEil. :"'stift;.:. :1. tHrto 66s
S1Nit.h di.strit; John Ta.ell, o .rf.:nt
i .rit, d .Jq dn B.pii shaw, )roxyq
ii, Jenni~na of First District
wpose r itheetieig being annoiie
by thmebairiiato, he the fling dof ttAf
d ~ ucbunty treasuirebS
n of Ir Caidwell ,
apa th*ithat .the Govqrno, c" toiaf
... " .'t fth atform of .t.,Iiemceratan~ jf
3nd .hbs own pledges Wpde to the i
S... 'o.. thb State .of E I tisa,"o "if
: stump' throughoutt the 'steath t.ganid-'
rhe StateL .Cohnye etzi:lt..t, :aJa sos lI
D aviitg sead'aif ad~ ,pppqintr.eriVD.'
S ,, nzng .that fairtt* action on .theii
Sustlevss in.the premise et
nthar their, owners anp
a're b psurjied stF Goenor,.
ATN h b otlier pNt. ELImyie
2- rd te h

"tLV T~here 'nrfeetmI
dh rather trust tile De-j nes r CObflt8
ejthan to. have the livGrq nr journed subject tom-c -W
without their knowil-t JOHN F ST1WA-i-t, ;Oa41 4L
heentwhy was there such' N. W. MARiON. Secreary.
n.fglybvthe peoPle a chance A. J. G114 -
~thi~~.wanted? j. W. Q TIEi
;~haC raeklkep th p ~ Li{ORTON!. -.v#
ft~e~o~ na i the ap TI
~I thd j~oi1 had tfime JO{N %AELI
Ti.e9 i48onrY To u JOlN BIRADSHAW. -,Prioi'

ehti nd'niake 1he0
r. Gapb';befor~tn men 4n GA
Mema are qulesulo& E"t ie; . .. .
4 n ever~- corner;.
that every opew, '-demo.igi
.9 bo iiebe erecteed b%
ol O~5 votCtrS. We F HOW N
M.ir5an.aor o& set of men -R

4 I-it :bo .ale of. a..Fy =Ripl Ee
* L 1~g~rt~t i'slfafr;'nioth- 94 eTEQ ~~ElOU
ek ed'an-y- -AI,
u1-be te nted.
Z, 'INSAEW MiaiwiIMdropbuo 1
n ~U uor. cair- .porin a tress-
-e~ Ina ths- 4S Je
iI theF~phee ofies1 tou)y)~ny n tb
h l*t j t e e p w'-' '! oro r : -i

~know. all ot oui- ttwPIR p
MV6 en-ehr e )aglhs
w d tbrJ e the" prton,, d

.1or am, wBhn aWr *
or dl~k he; delmd, M. e. Comm: f
cou re-aiy ? ted.'so.' V- ikd-'f
idbes As D goet.-his, &p2 or- 'BpBi~f
[Aie the t12tere, oe ree'. 9
Cl"et' I.X
th. point.

dkved. ho n- ....
61~ "t" fto9t; 0d "
n-fhi at~en-V66 de- d o1

6.fl i,- Ali R `

_.k.. iuimq
1"-Pe"0i0eOf a!1 1arM- "h C .4

psi~~dwity.~ .n Mrmi e ~ he
A .04o-th puret iewlcie ster, M
i aid t =ai- -Miidation1- wit -i

tQ 'po~yv; .hS~ oben eCA
:: J~etb er::'t
rgiclueg V ha~crrr~ j
Lt T. .Y or

of. t~s-tdui fY

4 '_ so. Vir th

L ej ,VJ -.' V -aKPj1 iUL. ,1Sja"
V;".~ ACT1OL F

:T T '


___ __ R. "T' 6
ITn Jcrt $b!sd
i.~ ~ ~1~L~LTbverni~f


p ~f: the -aSI' d
A&6M.''bir~ :-6 fif '66
:ittee~ WhleKit~e
51~'Le Adepre 't
3tocrtacf action,
~cretarry :of tbl ~
!PY o~f bif'.

*~G~erjor en1$fls ~reaBOns9, aS. PU
&1j;4" ei4 '-In he Jouung]!o
-k r'-gharli the county execaa
camnlttee in -bi recent
A :Es~! -'9l&CoUntY. aXre 8S C ear Ah
mud& Fttnyr the comnutee cou
have .een iem JPire~

;rpresentedI Bratletlrro ill the E'igv t
o; was Speaker of tie HQuS- d ti- 0 p
.12e Trglhi c42.!Sil)n. 1~cSI-St C') 1j
12 to .S94; i, n miemiber of thlL hi,.rrl 7-
lectetI to the Iiftty-sevei-ri, n o-ii
receiviuu- 17,532te. 104, 1 5o.' for:
Swasey, Prohiiitioiiht, an 8 saLt

k -k~at





A. '~a; h, appoixt'fnl&
~ ~~Th~gea Beggs ;L also note yeurid
rmi' o:1~pioa b~ecaus8 ~the. ap'pomntmenet~
ti1, -%zR m

--itowut' consulting the wap is
Djthe);peop,6L. of t-is count 'ty which
4~fU ;othe r after. that I faU to find
le IN"' the d'etimdcratic platformr
aye.. p re 'coc~menid'at!D of Jud
B~ekgge' oi.if e an 'my -otfe anad''h
q d- rhad forae;oraj.nobtf.s9 by thie lefi
1A b he.' jfthb bai of your. C1u al
-isasK'Q Am tdld1 members
l hyiur tfee many i the 'lead
Ebiness menij fcalst
n veg? bi~ ~ iiff.uenia e
~ W~vnfsI yew ofthe -~i~an m~emb~r



1' .





1 4;,

t F







-Was qvew 1ic~ P ber

ailibSfhhe of ~~th'~~- anjd. : : .jo
F, g. at I t1 0

1 of& his friendookWh O namq- 1

baye had cau ctobi~ rere t,~ 'L '. at

~rIb* cnree: beds mOJt J

i9tO f Rthaif ofmotunaif
~~d~ wodly Ihj8a~jat OpU8I

m* I atM, e)


of88 Ihhf~ Z pri
jig ce hed 30te

~~i rsia i ,fon':t a g aIlbt~p

~~~i~~~~t:,~ oeaii~i:bi m~t uui
J. 4r ;-?~ts

Ali C i~!~; l

m bU Mills 0- ;;-IZ
Ltxiz. ." &.loe r1Re

'd 'WI, F~it

CL yn. j~;ZL~ 6 I~
i L~ i k ee:
m*-e bo i-Slup J.~4i luhe`l

_be A~ a t

#6vT i e .
lp-w Is";:A


W. AT ,- :;OR U.t: ..t ae anibp

R s.-': :,' a,, 0,97
ii ... n mp .' ;73
mral tltt ein 4e andrwvm

r. .. 'r,0 it .ar b -
t.. ..ii1 dmn .t b 897
.D '. nCOGITiON. S93
1; ~..a. may, iti9'89
"i i 4houti o c;P uld 9
.09 7

0e; eF n. eDemocu 8953
at I- io ~rn aton o soa 898

Sldty;tit e .tab mirty u l-e sun ..i 885
I:Ot}a"srecediv ed absolutely nothn ,
re of recog1rtioL Year afte
b ul a word of complaint, or -

Aque~t for-either of 'the nation-al
0-. 'on...a .sta pt up bravely., 9c-a.
o ts vote for mane from Northern
W b9~ Bpa~totES'\ I $t~es; )otb for Preeidrirt.a~nd Vice-Pres-
i 'dMh epao td'd Sen't just as though it 1ead no rilhtts 5.
t 'd privileges rbuhatev-*r.
,lh It ith'ft t WHB5 not the season .ac.ut arrived
Rlacea.aau we may denra'nd something a the
iat ';" : "our" doiT'mund" '~e hve a rieig.h.t ask tot. s
., th ic-PreaidIertial nom tnee trom- the a
,straUon,,a ;, th _at 'est S.hereby mal int. our
1 a bus --:, tio.a f--t~~or mnat6inal Pnirtiesm .- ...rt
7* terlot- for Pr.w ,i;...d e-Pr p...

,ff-d-b not .....ut arrived-
..ou-:r .-.'d?' Me, a ME-n, -kj

',I;."*CmnE -.__A --'VS ,.--u ,= d

nuatson.i .... jI
Paris .... . .

AN :;' -' .... -..

- A1 .1.

zlel~ ist wea.Plbtle
j be to as
i E~id ;~s of bis 6ffic8 tO~

; f '64-, h

4 jyer ad3~;t1i~ti~Wdfl'~
&St OcTAtI( geli~~ft: it~i i

~ b~stnern



i ~L


,Al, la, ";';::

ttOR -..
tia I~r0J~ n ~nEi'g untarivi7:3Q,,

w onbe he, took the i-ait. zqrW
"Cln,!of He goee thare qo m. Ed...aneees
I' Iedr.- he- met- als ezings, eni heib
party,.. *ho have returned',Pom a tiP
I i c!n. tlhleast coaSt.'. The at p
1i Atthe tw6o or* threeboir i'c W1
S Idto -0dri ve abou tte
LI ~(l of3 h~
-A reep rter oe' t iie- -t:riien eal
'pon thq:vernor ao t Ahis hotel n thlle'
fteinohn pnmd iwas granted aiaudleD~e
lhe e 12pr ei givvey Pa in r fl jh k
s&yS .i1ublcon, but tie spoke inteP
lug 5.0u.-State matters. In referring,
hat.. el.,Wo-li~j d Lrea onomend Lp --
; in br~&de to' tIhti dxsp6iisti Pn the.

d xc" ar't dls6i~t'srfOth
1liklwi-W I tf E qg eiatqCtib.

I ?o

a that
w thep% F4_-:M" -
aw ho ae inipat tl It
eat syst d.-r foreon his owne jti .i
s tot r ldld-several re \'olt aantii rIt
4 ..'tlo, trl pointing p .iQl ; AI
th$s t pa t two yeys" wihotlit r;a
,.nogp OtYz committee 'Ihs- -
ama epc,: to canjsa friction & 4ia '&97
a party' IlFs. oi
v there Is 18n agreed rule to -oldel' p )Io
Sandiwhicb all agreed to abift W9
pr Itshduld be. adhered to-until a.. 97
On.. Vpqt, t pah i law or- agreeam t i. w'pt 5
S ere shold'a only one rtle,'abolCt A 99i
if Vint'tt a." e ptg oounty, offers. and an
pngs Pdldedl DPosda ence to it would preserve party h
a e~~id Flqorlda for x-,ov. BloxhaEn waas only too g ~a t,
S-expir 8gj,-Kround have such responsibility .removed from )5
,at. 1 -;6 Im and placed on party committeef
Pl Ld .tbh-at.-tjii often ias placWt in the ambnkt
P:thounntl-dd'i aa
"':1'TA"ake. Sition -.4 having ..t o Demrobrait
l must go by imitteS In bne. and the same country to
O believe that .this '! eisfy, and. he very often succea-ed i
i a:lst. doing thgt, too. Gov. Jenkinws has 5n
Dtsoruch conditions to cobltend. litl; .1tt,
OhEL will .Ove if he shows any 'more,
ta tlon to inore the county cnoWmll
Sin selectIng duunty offiersto II ffii, I
ae "1 candies or otherwise. There is an
of disruption and factuonalsm agaa-
Seloping./ 43
.--.,. .--. -..
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rnpf the dia7 inf SeW
Ige. tOa I59

T e t ToM", q., B I-


n% ." g o .t o s u b .o

thq~$ ta opr ter. aeil.
l:h"u thb I -,
k a: go Zsat ., e
es" not v.i.'t Jenni-deractn .t .4 L
r i us1 .!;prampt ad .ur

a -.die a "i.!e tE"n:naabbtii-

I-: -.- I

:' I .

iassewblages nutedate~ written history, "Let him get who bath the power ano
l'geud and tradition alone tell us thlnt let him keep who can" was the law
they hurl in e-istence before 'the that governed in the age that gavr.
Christian era. The first fair of which birth to the ancestors of modern, fair.
.there ij any definite record was one The conditions that prevailed .for;
that, wu held soon after the fall of ed the part of the population who din
'roy, 1170 years before Christ when not live entirely by rapine and repri-
the re:turnid victonious Greeks gave sal to band together in bodies strong
t grand-festival anl an exhibition of enough to proreot theL-seles and pro-
S the arts and implements of war to- perty against the at-taeks of pedaitory
gather with the trophies and spoils und locoi marouders. Caravans were
taken, from 'thb captured city. Hero- formed, they are yet used in, some
dotus writes of a fair or bazaar held parts of Asia and Afri:a and for the
7112 years before Christ at which lin- purpose) and all goods and pro-
Lu .ad fine cctton goods were exhib- I'pcrty transported from place 0to pluie
cited buat the accounts are little more i under armed convoy, on arriTn. at
than allusions to happenings. their destination they were exhibited
In the fifth century fairs practi- and sold, the domirnnt idea being pro-
,ally crealtedl themselves in F'rance tection and the subordinate idea,
andi It:ly, lor the purpose of traffic. :gnin.
About. the year A. D. 801), Alfred the As fair; grew in size and importance
Grewt introduced them into England t.hi- diealers -.ought wider fields and
and from there they gradually spread the c.aravanis of goodls traveled wnest-
iU over Euirope. How they reached ward to the Eiuropi-l.n contr;es of Io-
this country if as much a mystery as. day the nL.rchindindj e ia qunil-
the original of the Indians or the na- tit and \ali", .1 the advanct
tiouality of the mound birilders. I-t until thr.e rt n biinil:s, of products
is known that they were held in an- leern:te cieuit Mexico before the coinage 01 that fair- bhi.nme- rc-'ulnr insti'tati.ns
mdney aud that oil the trufic was of stated pI.ijils it uhtich nimi.-tise
carried on by means of barter ann amounts in I iliiie \w\re exh.Aiinlg:d,
exchange. $5. lilt.iiO not .ie-iiit r_.gdril. ,l a. ex-
I-t is evident that fairs were first. traordlinary to replre-'ent the tr.,n-(o
held solely for the purpose of exhi- tons of n simple fair held in one of
bittion, later they developed into corn the we.althiLEr Euroipn.n cOulitnrt.
mereiil murts, in fact lairs for a long Gradually returned ti, their
,period furAiisheil the. only means foi original cli,- lt..utristics, t'lih t of d-is-
the interchange of products between plny ouly, until today, outidle of "con-
the -`i ou -c3 uiltries of Europe or ev- cessions" no trfficing or selling is per-
en-pt het. country. ih which the, ar- a ,ted. Exhibits miny be sold buit not
ticles were produced' and the fair r moved until the clo fe:
lihe -- ldisrnzcl state d6 affa-eitir'.- 5A J ti
A % 4*P;*-

u . i A -- '


oooooo 000000 oooooS ino
Nowhei' in hIstaory nw d any jrs, the non-ei4,tence of all law, the
i count of the orin-in of fairs. TPheP universally recognized code of might,-

Slate ,tir. **i, 1 le.. appear- I ;i ;inatters little W 'big the State
n te i it'I ciarlv in the I Fair grows there i "nawoy's 'time and
.. cefor siiitiin e display and iu.spe-
1 l. It ion of prolua ts of 'the State as well 'i
-.n.l.. Yirk.:rs ir outside cxhibits.not so with the moan
S .1 i' ,-, ex- ,ter Expi..-itions thai have crowded the
,'.li; i 'hi, i':r ' tLnte fair to the wall. There -is so
YIolk d .. I ll .Stlii L i h To, 1t-v sCeen, sO nmuch td be learn-
L.eC.. A\ nri l:-. ilun. it wais *I o nmltil to attract and dissipnit
plendid sui .-I ttl"' .is.-ir.'Ou fail- .nr attention that, unless the visitol
uirei finL-in tily. .1' d 'lelihite purpose in vie tile rv -
The Cl(entraii ,it 'Philla lr!lph a in 1 uiit is, al:.-r all is over n hazy recollet.
15.7 'vt wa the i rit >':,po.itioa in this ion i n u mlonlster sonit-thing that can
coiintr. hi ri.i-h tih,, dl;unity of any not be described.
'inter-n.itir.n l I fair. It :ias really a The expositions of i'he age are liie
splenditl exh;bitio 'nrld ned il u i wonderful delmoll'""atiloU '-eferertL, if one cnuld keep them al-
of the lniii.i/i:,gr prt'sr,. mWil. by t.v tt hand.
eiilied world. . .. s at hand.
c ilied rld. o.xh ibit tIt fairs are designed to
As an lli. ._ of the lhvnce t, the products, the industries the
of tlh prl, c-, to ,,l ntu- iot was as. caraeteritics of the State, county or
touniilALt(T to .'I I o1li li] hO t kpt step t.e.ility from which they come. Ex-
with tha age in ;its revel:,tions of '1 pJiti reneh out and attempt to
.elopimelr'i in .iel' field of er e or p)iesent the products, eveu the peclu
ind it \ -, -.. ciall so of th;s ..oun- liri-ties.. of the people of the world. It
try, for th,' Unrited St.ites .ed .s all very interesting, very .instrut-
S orld. ti'ae, very attrni.ti\v but where, in thi-
Its surprises nben-r be-en equaled whirl of new sights andi strange fen-
in uny sublsequent exposition nor wiill tures does the cou untv exhibit find any
they be in unl, that may comeu in th,- place? So far as the visitor is con-
future. It N:is there that electricity. Cernel in all the glitter rush and pa-
.s an illuminax~nt, as a servant of man rde and constant chnnge. Bill Smith's
had its earlicnt prtctiedl demnonstra. big pumpkin is lost to \ie' and Tom
tion. The air brake, tile instantane- Brown's premium aure of corn is ut-
ous tr.iii s;gn ,I. ill place of the s:o" terlv forgotten.
,nrcrtain bell cord both were intro- The questons, trin be don't.
duced to the trui _lin liblie., .the tel.. ,hlit are tile ueeds, the interest of
phone nud the talkiung machine nnd. the peop: ale e unhearid ant uunusn\er.
many othe-r \woilerful and useful dis. ed. In the colossal exposition, .the ng-
coveries andI invent.ious %ere exploited 'regution of x'hibits, the magniniclli
to the world ;,,i dozens of other buai.:ings. The gland scale upon hilll
.qually as \c. i l'.rful ,-tst th.'ir sharl- everything is projected, the brilliant
jvws on the curt.ini of the future, noq Iniforms, the baInds, the crowds and
the least of a hi.ih \\ere the air ship, li l 11.iy all i ipile to con fu5 ,, eon.
:he subnmnri-.,- Iat, the :type set f._.J anld from the oind i ery- In
Ling mn.: i.-., s. the type vrite-rs. the i y ..,ve genel iln.ress;oln-.
.venpol .,-, i r.'r oind the science oil nl-Ns a lai rg alimoull it of Illine. in
lefenc'e on.iL ..-sit Invasion, a A di a ver'y consliderablh spl ee
There i- . .i; .-.:ion of the financial- uttrol:ed the exhibits are lost iln he
y bene.:. f' ffct ot fairs and e. ss ex xh.ibits lndl :ali the goi l an1.
positioun- I pon the communities i .ipated, be a thling of dreij. only.
.rhich th.b are I.eld. They' are i he State, or corporation ',r iidivid-
.ertiseme. alnld g.ither great eroi ual can iitford to make an exhiblit that
ind these spendrl money. They ben. will starxl out n;td be altoee fnlr,,lnd
the state. cOiunty or community o, it nnd clinllenge adld e [9mwn,l atfen-
!oncern 1. promwc.:sc them Iay bring- lion by its conspicuousniess, tl inl ie
.ng toIgt r products, showing old- i os;it on is a ago):l n\estmintiii fIr
.antagcr antd attracting 'the attention the St:te or ;idividual. In rare i;n-
at visitors. In th;s local feature the stances this has been accouiplislwrd b,
-ate fand county fair stands pre-emi- great, colorpntious o.jJy. Th, out.
et and muh "to beregretted

.and;sh banl. tihe Speler, te '- t t.e
-ample man and hoids the'-.~"af i.u Irl tnc SP-hibi-
and "- h d ,na-4ur 5;., Y,,= .f..., .t: .'in
tentiou and the modest me -ritoi,'- ,'e A t- n
-ril.iit, is po- cr-l \j.thout a glance oa .i. ,. : ,-the vis-
a though t iandi no good grows out o' to f'rof i '*'- 1* IM p
tre time. labor. moanay anql *nlent i o. suf ;. n.,,l r. it. ezilug in his
eXpl'uend-J. Impre.sions are drlieu oii -,'rC i n -. Plibi4 ot tutile H ;
., o fast .is.they are made. r ill -p' h i thlninng o
'Thi re l, onie condition in hlis 1, i factorice and -ro to get tn m n not,.
n-ct.uron tIlhat .-h.ld ul hi.e Inth i.i ,h i lh pie set of furn i ;e made from -urly
in the ,l] l.ion Iof -l es ,.i nnl pine or magnolia or ona will e in, a
that the preet i t e ne that there is nn abundance of ma-
tliha L i., the prci ,t,:tt ,',-,od' t- o lhI ,_-r ,Il-
t br f h *. -terinl nil around him und all going
,s-t un m bier o t N'he i .?.: [ oli n p Ai i-
t el call tx tto ruin for the !aek of a little enter-
r1\ i,>-v\ cain :Ittend the",l e'l;.,-'i-
~ition, th c li. st.tnce, lh timu, iThe ..t pric- that he himnseit might furnish,
lof Itr itl and the e s.: t s s pecimen of pickles anid a. f-w ca.ns
present an intrmoultahle ',ar t, the fI fresh v-e'itables put unt bi some
pr-rsi-nt nn e !mi..i t tiel
fl.iaoriy bhut ill It_ p- e-fle --ol bhriftN huu:ewife ix ill eill, up 'the
pro ,, y .L, L d ,, es. .omnntoes. English peu hbens,
n r",l e. i] a i, trawhbrri'is rind ucucu -ers thjt rot
n oair iodn t, te. 'f h,. v.-t nl, I. on the trees niter the season ot proiit-
1 lotln pride aLI? nd lutr.t?4t -ll;i-:eiri I ,-
l piblel shipiment pa.~rd anndl-.'. ap-s
'o induce them no.t only to aittiend but
Stribut u.nin fa.etor\y ;-- the outcome of
to conttribute something tIni. the su ti .
i t th., suggestion.
xihibliton indi its sLc ,:ess, thri- w.-ii i Our tate ;.- ric in n tr: ,. ,t.
not '1o if the snme nr:iclh lz h I 1 F i h e i n abunlance of ery thing
shipped to n place .a hi, i .1 ,Nls fio ages to come if properly uSt-l ian
away and intrusted to hi nul th,. properly eured for. Tro- people should
knew nothing of, ail this i- d i lialrd their iotre..ts v. ;th a ji.a.:u
npec.iii nrly the CeaCe -iilh arti;.:..ti tri t re, th y Ish-uhl nnl o t ;r re[, -
,v.-re particu:nrly .1rrir.d for any rt-.a r_-entn.lties in the l]egslintri- *rhe il-n
mf a icnluiet ent of I:iwt that i ill ipri.itc-: the'.
elf course. it is A g,.ol thl, for Ilh, ro1ret timber :iad ti-.l naul game an ll'-
ahole people to get ta.ihr,. to rml: ill the mineral prioductl the enaet-
Iup ngr inst one rniith-r. bh tt the ex- me- t of La s t.-h, :\ l f,- ter da d n-
position offers so short ,' p, riod f" courage th manufaMiNre into er-
c'ontact that it oil. l gon *ut a little charitable prod-ucts of the na.-ti ral pi-
* sv toward .1isipnt;hg. the pr-judil '- s juets of the State.
i)t ears. L In the of gpol I the Stct,
In Stale and county f.r-w eominm, ( lairs can do an ii-,,,e .aifiOi.i ..1
intkreSts natitraly ltend, toi.-,r,1 s- oion, b Irf,. e h;tl,;l uns aof th.-
?imilition -of ildet- anil but little isR nethodls of conirl...i ;;,: and in.ln.-
nreeled to corret t, the nti-rpprehen- tain n rondr .in.-l th: .lITf re, e be
sons that may exist in ,the mind of twe ,en lKo, c t.|iit ,t le 1 me M .-
d;ff,:*ent irulivi irnnls. Ass.o,,.-tion ni.l. e : pr l iji u t w Li idi i. A\i
"on-nia t creates frieully ons a il the I', nfi, exposition the i-'. % .\' ,i
rrriendi rivalr.v betwec-n I-.,ople- l turi. Lep.,rti,-,t , t, ir.- -
sections andl through th.:--. strong e onst ation i..,,a;ii i, .1t, ,
friendships are mnnde a.m l n i.,- -nii.c f ste..l track "n;:ln rt.-.i .th! ,:.t
tilis offered th.t redounil t,. mutual ( which ineed-l not .x\-.',-,e1 i, I .r-
profit. iile, over -hih :i.- hirr eighin,
It educn -trs men nnl \ [no Ie'., til-lies -'l. i nir. t piiinils haulii i i l. I
them hatlo there Utre others wvho kinl i i of c i eni ttonr e things b-sides themselhe+ it broaden. t 41 bales ,. short i ',-I.: .tt,.i.
idJets, engenders an intrt,-st in nli tu Ihiok t% entry hois:._ tio i1ito tlhe
parts of the Stnte and in the ipople I? same ]oadn on the common ce-oiil;, rand]
wlio make other communities. ; that ran along sidle the .t:-l roid.
It should be the object of -hle tann- I,t nmay sonunil :l:-.srdl to some to
:--rs of the fair to show whu-tut Ihts it, but good roads will imperoe the
lrci-,dy beeu accomplishe.l anil to ,ii- character of the horses and vehicles'
.ret prog-ressive ilea.s. to shou wnIlt .-f the country nod hnve i reflex effect
ti.n be dohe, what will be of ,on thh" '."2rL of ta .-'h
,nonU thn Di A",I

.1' II

use them, buit it i true. LoU.u.g 'y tl"
oT use 'ive habitui];ia l tv1 ie peopIl to:
their surrnudni- .-t r ,, I tii.h ,:lo not
i rehalj.z, tih t ,-,,.1 ... aJl o. t i " ,oz
mnj~h a n,0ie:.:-;lt\ ii I thIe l:-i: thi.:v i editea
liie in. B.'.t'eius thl.-, h., :. n-i :l" 1.1 nownti *s ae *
thbm they do 0not u .,l:e th.i- ...mfr t, I aA
the, eeononly, tl~h pr.wIt, tllr plc r oz th ail.y eraled
i.-'good roadtl. t'hrii etffct o cth, n ,te tcI4le i
gaperw t on tain a
cbiutJ'- or the vt::u rbhe\ will. adl to i .ndoraeriiat of
-pr"6rtv ote .Be'ate. Just bef
i'b tlaed bponthe preaM
These a ara ufen oi the ai;ttrr-, for .tton .w setrvi d,
tLit-enermil good thlit *.un he reiuon-. d4 oP '.a'. .,
Iraitedr and ii presse-i on illi the plopilr- 14tht a efi-
uty the State 'air' ntrl the county ifa;r. lawyer, d
uMalters that o'uly .ppeni to ,the very ...nt ab
few of ,11 who ttend the ex-iuositio0s A. nounced l te. did'"iot
.ani who- because the3 cirnnot deni- ..and wui4
u'strate their a.s'erttions are l iuaIble to El .' e 1Al -i "the.i
impress .the miss of the p-eo-ple % hn ha. e oa.nlzEia'dalor ai b..
wM.ud be the greatest be-.;niia.ric ,"~ e .lt r the."N
from bthe improremecnis. Sb nal.spi
.As between the St nit n county ree refej t :
Fa and J the grand expuoition, the b -nan he sii- e pafgppr
State and County Fairs nre the most Fmo ee
junction tba Wn ietb
important they confer the grentett N. -' eapr anc..etti.he
and mbst direct and an imme-ili.le go 1 ,' rtTcle'ane
o-nl n.o" one-in the ideas siugest-
cdrInfft o the V'ensure andr recr-i.-ttiun A
rest that they afforall t re p 'i .Ju:ni d.wou .b
DIe of thp t.*.f-

enti& -atatl

-fW i _:e a _a. 'l !

'eared o n

er. Withi.,t '

WVlolatefl tp

a ..risn ia-. !

d b 'u

Spt u*1 *

Oun~~or~' otiW ocis-is as taLow.
-o.rt tax o6t) 6
Stl"i1 to : O8y4 q ifArs 1901.and ii O2 4 e6

t.1 ')8Alu i in uH v berA i-
d ,z
*-se0sgin yvDrs

out la ero":r'
Vpne, ~9 1oop9ttbe crieL
aJlrk. qC0aho Bun i

i~~een Oght-n Inea illcaiem
~ i~ wnt ntoofr. e 0.r d Vt. a.b 4
at.-serlff bro o boar hatMuJtheo, earir tax.'

~~eO)1rit ~~ 11 rit e olraedInte future-at le
Sof .- Tbe Poard f if bega
r~iq ien 9igb ting &euee qvi:Tq.j.Mp~f uga"
pr we~nL. I to oficeaq;lvk ii

:wT*t- .ji.cI n qLla

WO aM ~ exaoin n100 ~s~ ~9 01
o~iitbei~ board tbat th'6arloid
LZ'19 qqoks wa,%;

Li9~ Iilseidn
,(jq t~ht,- do bi tolerated In Lbe uur-ai Ia

id L i~u s~~qqsB

I~p EM; .: % IS1318 ro

: ~l~e~selds~ .;q Ar,.qb

R-esi n Awel- in
RaSpo~nie. tI~, a']&res~~o;R .~
6.G t te ASfl-h oi
~. 0 -,. ,l~;enf~ s~di

a 1.. . .,er am,:. an

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nezna!at!f .the;Ii Irn

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d ir l Wj zniornt wats;
d bJr 1ll present; Mr.

o on IUon. .. .

~ Ma ft~tt~~: otCh~~Osna-ive'
pirts eide has Iran~id to hebv5 an epea
P~dm, "stC dtI-ae!!ne:n1 fori' 4 bepaft~ of Ate
ja Iitst piember~.' gf -the, corizehtpnxt- gind their
am -amt' ea de d toad Is-- -manei a '.feat ue,-

V13 t,~i 11 T
nd'oi'ii~ ~ 'aetr onth ti
!erins tw~ oobert
pf the. Up-e'~iae T hs .*~
ai~t~ pnt. te tr entn prtr aTd~ ~-
I~~ie ae d ared Sei.l be ergMr.9Ae0oem
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nine~hefies oZtii
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'filis. of t60 7exec-iiwite'
!Norton baadot beeri brh'

.tvd -Ore~~i r
r~t~y:~o IParas tI~ie
isb I informed b~r
f t Iig"Othe at.;ede ocrkti

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-ust wha~t 1e1 ~i.''i~"
3a, ~ a We& 0. ,bu
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ch ,1iO.W.,#*onufuivqeyA
Itoh a OIDOk
Marj-a~ the Rt ic

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persons for ,appeAD! : "k W] `
Ice and thMt thetiw '5
~bigoio.ia .,Lc~epted or. witIO,
jbwe under the pro'
:A ra djb1
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.the Ataoi

rnor'Je~:th~IbY the edln cat~j-i a ud t
by'thi Od 9 o 16Qmen4 the pa- t
L1190~ . ,.d. -

comnIon- wajlI: ~Ul ,pay~r~t Beii~e'Qeing as t~B
st~s a

i': p ao IL~gts jbest po~ssble:iBk u)
-OMmi 96a ntk md Q ~~ 4m~i

j~o'wistill leave i Qf~oWiJis.'3i'd~ b
;axVIO lars W J
From f the avpot efe- tsi0I

!dfri jmou~~te'd Aot .466S21 ~Fhlssp1n
.j 't' rt alrfes :total oI wo
!R andE .tbrt'- o interest- pa6 :by'tbe.
tax~j -~~pay~~:s o~Flboride. uj~d o thYpe ff1101
o 041 of One 1ntqh(, and twirt!y _twF. 0o t n
~ 5iid' and five hundred oljiare sWl'ic, m
R to u trau taxp ayers may soon be rj
i K Ieved oYf Afl o: hic h is b empeItftelly J
T i WI submitted. YoY rs ti'l. a

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iair th.lL-'dtjzyr rust..;.:'

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;r .1. 1

r L ,' P.

W s l4 140 1 lege in Chivago, and by h uy

our t A 5 '.'the course prescribed f"r IWO tr.. Ar I-
ing hea ent to Flr .. I

n villewhere he'locatedread up on F,-
ida.Iw ard was admitted to. prao..e..

Hle hags been sucseeipful in his proid I
sion atnd always extreinely popuflu r in. -
Sided opinions, wha b elie vesid ro

hL, lie will diaem on mhattip who -ophpb'
aie looki ihato set[umr an hr.. 1-

:,ee wha, its best wor -the eo'
.G oe io D)en P where be a satedafi dpim olf lo he F
ateiad, Novedmber t lan ar ~ ad Ie t to f %i
.d feew tip obn the fairmI getii rig .r.1
-.ation il i the local sdaools and n i . . .
ofhi r education near hi
euaion h

jVi11idi3 J l.,2ow *~., bu

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quick and evrtai in, his p,'
a I lis, tle a ,,lute -er ., hT
I h he can be depended.;' his',f
1(t t. to ihe while APfip;l
S. him o popular wdith 4ry. d
h lie CL-rporationl and de. .ptuliers.
T; can't pull hiim, casquentJS. bey
oi ',se him. He has held the office of
0 zty Judge oI Hernando Courty,-
C nlit (,Court C.mniissioner. President' f
of 'T e Toin Cuncil of Bronlksville" gu e an iFloridi
Me.nber of the Legislature from .Her- -. s.. .-.
undo (Coulntny for rvo terUmsSpeaker or T
the House, Presidl.-ntial eletor, and
now Governor-re, eiving fur the lqist .r
two, the highest vole cast ror anr~ to t
didaie. Under his admiinistra' s i
Flnrida has prospered in a most, r-
pr.sing degree. By a strict appli ~
of bnsines system to Stare affe he Ll1
hHs increased the revenues anaxr'- i
ed the rare of taxation and follow .og optf f Wtb'"
iut his plans, will make other;'f.uc- S ttfthay
tiuns. The State capit-i bull a has
beI en enlar d, larger sums ~ i ever i..iae'.t eState
belJre have been applied *.r P '.-a- 'g at heB
tioLal nirp.,se, and rl It illn R .
mn-it of public propet.4, 84i tht-- -. 'iggt'" o: iTa r .:- -enQV:-
inir legislature will no be ~.plled ,i I lee tf e approval
to make good any defi ency f lde :-i pa odf hqState.e:. ..,
for additional revenue a r r the ltt essae of th.Ge roa r
conrvirts of tre State t CuIIlsant : contain averal O.ther ceuelfa
expeiise, then tlhey leased for '.ti ely.u5 bes thle report gd
4*21,000 per annlum. Bu .en Govern- 4 o'gthe i be "tha t
or Jennings went. into ot.ce the State ehma~f'i drqprgiaon
realized something like a fair sum for a 1tS ATh,:O ntr : 4a1
this most expeunive class of her citi- i.od- .* .Y aemet
zeis. From $26.25 per anluum in C1).- I&Ins tha tth t ies should .'
th "se ro t1L..50 each per aninoi, a Q, ':f 'Ith6 :' matter -'and: notf.
, 1 rr --*-ea.e 'l at almost 6Oi Sta .e.' :He will in his-piessage:call
per 3ent. ',~s iut ai of $21',001 per iion t the face thaL e.tati e.. a
innumr lthe Slate reeies ..ivr 4 .!,:0 not, afford to make a:: appropria .
per an num for her .unvicts alld they! for good roads, calling atteution-.to4
are brttir cared for tlan ever before, fact that an appropriation of 'udch
I- nature could not be made satisfactory
V'' A The work co !d not be carried.oni
-txi a.Jocality to meet the ent.ire-approv
- "' '.the State:or any considerable parts
Sloridageierially andSt. Angus- it-
tine in: particular will have' special ; I reference to schools tie ,.toveir
;esou i for observing Thanksglivnvr, flit ibsaid, will:recommend an ade.
rea-sofis for observing Thanksgiv qate appr atio to cover thenee
quate appro dtiofi to cover the hae
ing Day this year .in accordan che :-var'ido State col]ges. T
with .the' proclamation issued -b message is said to be' loig: one a
'Goernor Jennigs. At no tini cntaimnsa great inany exhibits in.t
'ave' our people been in a mr a o.atistical inorration, .mi

h t ir, never .was; I ot I McCulmas, of Mlrvl, laud.
Sand.ti n\ oss E. L-.ipp, of Miilncota.

t11 .

Q 'f '.

., "- .r

Sud !Deembe ~ 1I, d

j84 YS,9; bdf riiqf Paid Bgy t1e
3.4-gip.,Uk m v kig- tala 1 61 -a OrOt W
-" I 3.4-M, t1% 1 Wifiebn. 7I peFI'bbn#'i~iI cet Ot i:a:
~~i~arp~ p~Ss~ to .nuox to A

eh4$Ub2,rjnae J't~~~~ig*ie:~PaL~;t~nel~t'fthe :
LI~ e7e;m .g W .h .9n.&.t .s .

aItbd in-terest the sum of 280,- *
t. sh" tbW 0494

Upp~ids UJA Satog":
1 187-

- ~ ~~d~ai,~!ja bp~ald-3j*1hi~tI~
itees o-sIhd Uonul ~ the smo

L is~ ueto .te Rt~~~P~ u~i~:a~d ~16Io~iWt a vftkI~et1 .

~~ wag, applied to:'

980d low'moyicwkeldlp3E'.., *d~~

.. 2S

thaI t.,.Oerbi: f d~~n
t t* ea i0
-terest on, aa'ldetd ..b, ~

A P"^-~~., LL f~
A~~p4rtu~a~% *

r -13Lo"!-1 zi, P I A,
Vae'xed. q ueS~tioi~ atis
Concerned ~.
L h&9s been~ion

or zfl-4r ustces
.soine kin.1PI.
iese facts iWpnina

p~d a lrellifl
curse saw, 1 613
iu!-` tb-ait- ,th.v`6
.hLgh nayia
rnbi ethe~r ~sre~tb
kipe. rtv !, ex .. d' d
h e, hIl -vert
1013' west eatouni~a
`i was un~inat.ur)
ru'omphonPor pql
kater ItEPj.(1sS
less' o4Wtk-d1

1 4 1 J s a lt l ,1 feis b a es b e en ': e -%!
Brouson-sUier Peen too low- for .get,
Y WaiN mJ4i~' Itb Bass.l"Rer. "Even now Lbs l ari
av na~ i~gaIton, can to .Basslnger1 %andq
.C 6&tbi43i 'qut bave tbo be' trahsl'erred` rom.'
q:harge ~'Ss Ise to another. Not only thaw
Kisbimmee river is blocked 19
~h as tsi l K I cintus, and soon the greatla~ki
c'kebodod with it and it will be
the".queiasiof or ble for a setameae to geL to'~
me6to~thq G~ulT. let alone '.
:ro .te ~5 sOme: the Caloosalfatt !1A eg;hne fi'
L.kndrea:e jlle'C.Fwas not in the viay
Frfi not ovw-i.i!.! Now what. is tbe true siata
,eb hade-t&Ft; o -daa confronted '1e1i, peot
)M i madnnxuoe.-: Caloosa h5?nW e se o
"nd an ~open. v
:the c;aptEaidor to pleagee'eteaLbo~t Man;
*pOi.'bhr~nr. tn 'earned a paltry.BO per yJear.
a JAI ~b 41 Loll ang ,a, haghlp. hanldourl, ;l-
~iksio:B;ui' ~og bdr mae e -tbertrip to* grab~tily
Bh8r~i~~ et.~ai6er eel b~1 ahte5,~6 a;ia nd who bi~e1

h;i i"r8 'Y .9i

.. Ther e o ij f .
ov eringasurface of 1,20 sqda ;
f.eet above the Caloosahat.heb 6e b
nocent enough she' has a -ep-. th:I e
hier surplus water his,. af er thbe( asi fi a A
I.. [nto rhe great, wortlezz D no(w nearly 70 ye
cin. somany differetoL chan- s or dar. sif'osuri~his andr
er..presence 'has not been has at last succeedWed.:
-the canal waecut into the fore us a letter horbm! a
ee, eiind steathily. eari .5th, a pilivate IetLeith 7t
h t.e er of:.the _reatr.lake, which he writes:- ",J hAi:v,
Sou i fr temselves back from .th6 dam. :aIhava: Wo;
baee way or escape,. uf work-gobd, ,s tannialW 4
!b 2. feet" in %W idj il consider tbhe.thh.j si ; Pl
~ e Krdngown into an (is 5 leetlower In the CLalban.:
the ei if :.0test:f e widthh lakeei, and. still calling" e
t a' each year. (El1p6chee) is: 13. rL !,a i
.r atei has- ftidr I has not r .1 any, in two wee M
Sage '-brhG I 'H' ie sd0ft )'wa er ru Fo "o.. .............1
h6b'ee. Th.e rel-a bof. ah.e
Wej .iqeug lbe Gailoosa- I canal is minet 'avor4 l tited lPu
1) 2Q..eQ kp a4ened 6o othe [ to -be bhe salvfttio. to eti rae ..
y ,e be een in, uo .of t.e Ca.oosa-h T.z r r.iver. .
i. the ia-er hfibiganng o a hope tha the b oe .tiw*l npot 1o9. ti. nuo .nndd':t;tined :Iu lnLterest in t'e. ib6ject In. zfip"y
it understand hadwbeI wrortshdo'for us toe sg nztre id6.r
n 1 b..canal .ciF as. an L wish Tbe .whole committee ~eald
Lake'.Oeecbbee .bad wn5. go the plae~'nd see wi t," ei .6wa
ft ibthe.rier intoh~~hiir':thbe conditions as they :eist'Ifo I
"y b thdrer could':b.-i.ijf:' 4 gre am as .i 4aids, :and, t~b gri
i'sLa- overflow:;:i f w;ter held in hek
teo. .. .. ,.he: ri.ger, an'
h. for oe ."r rest if thaei: h '
v r.all ahndWe eit~ x to':.vey-:.
Syears ver lia-dr
1101t ofit's ba'n a.'and .ood- c a ]' cIbosed. What.are e..
o cause it chulswp .teaMgy tei ;s' n d; :goowd.. Let ua.see' :,
al The avody -of xtor : naLurias dae uP.rep-d
Sthe great lake. a. O rom e ma!tg i o teip soffsseason- thre-
S1haiwaebeen the result' the cain.a. ohftt the rst.Ptt es'a-
? :Ite uIres riid, hap- we know. o.,. Ohe othr
to p~tlc 11 9 .(h the olInk repof-bha tlig. disthpSei'd thii
R: .p;... av.d edeTn'om tperso jus as thb etwre& Iien.uu,-
"T `WT beldre.9 aaA enal was'i du .
lows' ~ ikeedlbeevTe tid Hipohbee a r.e o .
.. r 0 5. U;' aithWbing to .theb'ou~h in thtn.
r bro :would:' ve. IB gldes, .and.ave L bighe : .
e .dam eloh ed han Wthey .were : bbpajbzg;
'.n The drainagiLae kofeehbe as -iWmime a
A06 "I00i ia-i b" tiop goes on jusn the.. me, ad~i.?jV
S' 11 avd:. ha Ieen people alone h en re iELl. '
0_1#as W 6e valley YarVapre .i. n o wise et~eued
i` vIn s oy'chainger Leen ,County
oPher rel6f ::aai be btl ,..,':g* i
Sr=l'Ief muutL. cos te."be ,,.o"pefin p .
5Satith Canal. ..hent. ,b it,1 a_
li: srhed Lake 'Okeedh'bb'e. :.:ca IL0
"}e Knr ~d~ju~~ lowered t6 '.:prol t. :w~her ..1 P '.wl..
eove a menace. o-theGbclooeahsat'
i a-lley, a.. .t h ',:a Um : &'.. A
...... ..e ..... ., ., i s
lbey buare '~ I"ltC Lbhif wor- k
'-Lee County a qure;this:
1,.,.e ver as Lhe.eben.aa -bo orl~;
S~Mtai, hlas ace gp:ish d p b o..i, f-


i: Bu b isajd of dollar 'e m i Jark nCr' e ..
weay ep ple fft Mye'rs areagedS.iy both Ste a
9-k and tear a. b" bhao thsn umon roisny T.ridt
h Y "erc 4i $1500 ;i to .tre prfetto
p:.-...- ` r-; r'- ,i ,. db.^ j, -.-.j- .

I .bepret ry..'owners.speedily. get iurse', .ere 'eenl standi'y wbhe'e
er .at d etle is just indebted- a'stoo f : s : f
a least tecandrn a. sla der bab a'
i t:. tO'?po p ":as-o vote of than ks o .
.Hep dry.. Let- o. man eaifri old n"l-se-.yrt;eri j i.
t has acoulished' 'epig a box o' tw," '.sf
.oiipntr-i f; h hard c- ry frgu r y ar
erthin. ould n dse 0 eat
nient .f or this one unert i h ke .imn i t
"litpr word.. .. liee ai'e ...t l ose e .
rodild 'find 'tuii i:ih thj. work ,he in garion sstem in the

ut: st,.substanMii l worik c i f ad~~^: d ,i"t -
LtaId i emel t ous pressu ae a .,,f tb ,'t "'"t
Sil*of .wair ten feet high b &'
atntal .islullydt hoW Bis uo ldplon the-futuire' o

e'thI brely O thIL b there i hlurdy ag
r e loe-. i, osneI e as oi lad i et.. ret te .t Ca
ST-1Pk' 't-o : th i sPime wao Ler uti'l d, and whicf
^ Q dSwh ey'l t7o not or some v'lnue.tor 'fmsintrlndj
1 hie, t:a i'e is n";o prnctical tl nu the pi. itf u l yiew' 0
%_i atx-that place, .so m
ohas ;t beenkno n since Pl-t"grap s- l r. ... c a
. a betoin tb-'e iiana was bu "il .' 1ie .
rear i.ago, Sto th4ii fault- ANALYIAkLTreadters alidittitbe
.', men,. 'and .aciknQwledge ,,state may tlsiagriee as to the justice
etwork h`gsre been Vaccoi
,a ~ at tohem ,nito wiheacom of the charge against the govrnot
,se iema'dei 'is ,deserv"n 'bY he Esoambia county committee
g'npgeS-iBt.ksB :..* for appoiatlng a criminal jhdge witb-
ut cout nsultibg tbtm, but with only
C h.(,.e:J'.RJ4. .Ithe one "royal-purpled".' exception
ea r' of necessary to prove the rule, the
;dani :.D'at, pWlting UDei bave unanimously .greed that, th
eu3-1 j has this l t,'bl -eovern r acted commendably,
r l .'.. orderingg a special court U1 o6
& s:_... f... . "

iJ gitgibol I : (u Npeedy sentence of the negrl
I,~liA s nilty. of. tfoully n g i "

:o vernor Suggs

Be Used in Red lcing S

T .a4ifiBsee, Oct 5 -While the free anl State Treasurer and attested b
let' press of the State has be n .'etary of .State, givi g l bodi
*"BY" tu&f by a free and easy dlcus.- ness, rate of interest when-tenfl. d8
& f tile rer m which ce Indian as more zfull appears by copy. ELT1 et t
oai*fiitd ld '-be disposed o.... herewith in. accordance with my agr ee
..' al:alim ttii"ashotuid -be disposed of, eant. with the department.
Go ,Eor .-JetinJnrgs has been quietly Assumlng. that this matter will ,be .-d-
I ,tri^ t'ngp'1.7l.ail fPrl nthe:dfsprsal'of the justed under yo;hr Jnstructlons ind. that
jipjs., lr'.6i:nviol.ed; "'which is, to say -the the amount'due Florida will be- paid,
'a :.ioarx.ted ea bdy- the plain common I deeni It proper tlat L sho.uld4 acquaint yi
t.f-t l.e'dbserved in most or hisofflocil i.with my views" on the policy bfhat It-'
ti' t ,: my pu-t e to recommend .rwhicl s,. b
S i^m rfB-.gi6 the Governo'ba. laItd beforee j'th3a aej nht should be usedfor' tle pay
.tlisrd"Of commlasloneri'pf State in- ment of the bonded- Indebtedneaati .l
'' l'ibA'.th4--folldwthg.OflclaJ letter. Stae. the report I n yb'-'
6a~$ti6ouBh dated as long ago as last fee, the bonded ;indebtidness A
n i ~,R,;neVer until now been made pub- Is a mtlllof.thlrtt-two thousand i ff hun-
dred dollars, of- whth -amount $1-48000.00
:--- are In thehand of indivL0uals. I I-SUest
S.-State'of 'lo.rida, Execoutlve Depar- that the 1,000.0 State bonds b
r i.'i*t7alla'lsaierue," JTily 21, 190'.--To 'the caused at once, as they wilf~'Tiatu a-
.- biimbe BSoard of 'State Inslrulos:. ual'y 1 1,903. It..Js my opitnonthbit',':.
*. bnjteinemen--Ti.'' .ve the. honor to transmit tht,.art of wadom as s 5
\he with Unifed States Treasury v rrant thtike -dp the e 'bonds and. hold
*- I 4Td4. slMned:. O. 0I. Spaulldlng, a'ssti .- for LeglscTailve direction, T.;.'T
ii' ~sjepry" of. Treaiury..TrLcewe ider of the State bonds are held'by
G 'tropqlle~ et. t.d "Washjnt.on', E a~1ldonal_ fund ,of the Stateg. yR ;T
sum of ~; tV 0 aPc nd.a. the payment: apd. '- e
Tilorida.- Di fr.t tfr tiffe atd i
t of MIay:. as "e pirceeds of the Indiann ar cli
S:No 10 ore fuUly"bt iay; Nob1ilvingt as Z do tat "this i
:-ted a tained .in. I) _, .et. ppslbie use that .cajn e mia
STa hlngty'. r l A'1 a iiount;. which wtil still tleava-
!tsd-.,to M. Eli a Piin a ft of heqrly a half mil-
h. f ar Departirtent, eonf rm o1. iar.' ."
tat it'e tt'of'Srate Treasurer .Wl4t- I .-1 :.'thA .report 'etorp, me, thA Interest
"Z ft 'ai d vgt fled yor State Agenti W.-'V- pa -l.ti i-. stakt iLS in 1900 amounted.
|* ;.traisttl t 'herewith .. The Ac- O ,6 ,9' 1. .Q1is ariouit for thirty Jvez
rin 'wa,/inadle: f'd ,tirte'd- as: of Jupe tnr "" o .n .pli .,8t aledslnd a eed upon sa.'dd si :'hupidred and thirty dblla'rs i,: r!
i ry Departirlent -. or Ritt e" t-' 'by. the.Atax payers of Fi)'ida l- ,i n "o eb ,ngbee on" uMp .n hepfhlpj. of oi)li million itandithi&-
.90-U.2L : I-Jit ton,.ity,. as ,I- ?~-two tolisaand five'iuhd4red .d iii ;i
tq. AJifew asted July? ..i90" which Ytrust the taulcerie rP r.rsoon0 b
t Adi to'. ar+ rtnerp. tel eved dof. Asl.of Wei h ie r ecf
Ml .4dc1t6"d a )eaerti- sul nitm4tt.' Yours tru't'
@,++ o ez..m o ..:.ler* - .. . .. .. .

r jr--ilSrent maid
i .an appeal to to the turpentine ope
L' ators, through the state press,.
11 r modify their .mode .of. boxing thx
pines so as to preserve.the fore.
4 bi"-,but it seems to have come too:
in some sectionZ. The'. PR1
I 1d1% -'n% Times-Herald says .that..the pr.cA .
by which, the trees are' .bledc
4k ~t death has:alrea'd gone on. sp~:i.
Oroge+' that there s i:bar enoiughb ; =r
a dj timber'"left. iEtn 1m '.cou
cut -iityi.K-n .tPion. P,,.... .a-.

: ..' Priileges and Elections. ,"

rC~e ~ ~ :. :1

E -


e 77 ;. i.hg renders t the4 p

I.; e.. mone should be .:-
18 lB I ,Ie, tetogerie fn .e -- ...

d fore the adurnmena Cordially Greeted by His Host of
atu., t 103 nest spring, nt
K" Jkbi 1..0 .n,*re Friends. '
h.alsoksonville -MBtropolis. rj,J ^
U.e and forfeiture ac' f a conference Ith Fr
r h.1ch COth conVl ct. lrditttendded Bati
iluea u aiDg the reh Sunday-Home To-Day.
meof thlie sti, poi a pP W .-W & '.&
county.ftat sends ',' Tampa, Dec., 2.--Governor W. s.,
reae number of- rlsoners nings spentL yesterday in the city, comn
g greatest. sbhre of Sfrom Brooksville. where he spent the
4 Chris.mas holidays at ifs oil home. The
.-l' in .orce Chief Ii-rutiJe .left the city again thsl
aktt .went.,into force-at.a. tlie frning. .
thie'state-was receiving but Z $2 Gd dtern' nnlngs was met upon '
tapetanianum fr. Its conylctL4tval _Iere.'-bi ~.i"uierous prroiineot .cti-
e tess0e-the FloridLa;Na Azn, ,:as it. wa .learned the day,.prior ir
B "aid"- omma'sio'n- Comn pany 'a arii'alI that be w-duld-be in the ciSy.
iiae, "na the teris ofit t:R e was taken to the Almeria Hotel,where
.', s a- r".. t"' lumbers of people visftrd the distin-
,.-i' rt;. -~m~~~~g .f.. .; gshea gentleman during the day. Yes-
f .i' Yi,, O years. ard., terday morning, in company with Col T'
"j: L't ,arr l.' Jh ROi-RoL M. Sirbonfon and comp-'r. the -fhipf
iftlbuM amowngmt .'the Vafrluttb JUve nittnded swrvlces at ihc -L
a,, Ie ;.. 'Baptist Church. tater whi,:n he was en-,
t ttal mCQe rom -: this trailed at dinner.
i amounts .tos'something ;-like.- *~i Go vernor *-xpresed great surprise
i .. t al Lhe phenomnril growth of Tamrrph, and
Year. : ..rei;ltrked that is destined to Ihre
li ch e aedh ties,'has co no one of the TprLinrlpatl cities. In .Lae
.,reprentativeBs .ea s.4. as -.E one 6t th Lha drsaL sea-
itig .'see that it, receives its" '.ere was considerable speculation as
'br -- proceeds, the 'to t"he object. of the Governor's'.vo"it
hle of .the pro~ees, ~iI iU pIersons rdre of tho opinion that h-
if L9':.thus. found no one ,caTne here in conrnnectin with State Au-
ecl ln:lg.htln.e matter.ic d.r~c 'nott's report of tlh records .i
S .;' .. : . Iiilltborc Cotinty. but this he denied HE
A te;,.S t h'.has :-SuCoh ,Tgllt,- ;gave the inquisitive .people-to rindrerstand
A dese .k an' aequatethat his -visit v as stri:tly sociI. -
of-, .-': .,.A' i. l "' Saturday niglt Governor Jennincs. Hon..
S": .E .l .' d'-F. Ul. Simc.nton." Judge Barroni Phillhp,
l^lqinlft: ... TJs-1 W. H. Frec'ker and others met In Mr.,
':. -C Simontpri's ofi'c,. wher.i a tlngthy confer
U." ,. .".- .. enc ~ as hkld.- n s m'e:. mntltr," but
oi;.e.. 'rge a lil.s was not made public....
.;f ".^'i.,J '. ,i nK'-,c-. .,
e Or-ILAV ipf ej~all' Goern

6 lution .calling for a cnistltusfj, a .*$e,, I oad!Kr8e -oD
I6 States has been made the stbjecl i tie. adverse C omm
H the SLate, the general opinion f .'., seems to be thit he ".
HAR acted wisely In refusing to app'o measure in question. .
4The Manufacturers' Record, ft Rance, takes the follow- "1 '
i.vew of the matter: .
,T'A.his veto message Governor J, wings points cut that though'
aihb ostensible purpose of the cor rntion Is to provide for th.
r election of United States Senators, the convention' In'
t- i would have power to formulate any amendments of the
41f deemed by the delegates. recent a,
"e' if ,-niber of proposllons looking to changes In the Con-
Ha o, i Jfia:Ve, been ineffectugily lore Cotgress, notably one j
tfiii a.'narrow Industilal element In New England and .-
S'iredSteua' agahast the South, seekint.. to;give Congress the pqwer'
'tojb' a.te bmplo3"ment of lat.r'.ln the whole country. e I"
itevetal be thought of th point of., there can be
t-eoubt that Goyq por Jcnnlngt vas fllly fed .
HE .i.s resolution (or the reason that M'. minina, I ;;,..
i.a r~ulican part would under th ...
the.jpower of fxiing the basis of re esenl tn In -ar auch cul.-
vpniaon; but would be authorized t fix the method by which its
Sfli.. Wtiai' Jd. be* revised:
Under coidltiohs. such as these, i; i n,.! at .ll difficult to 1 f
see. n- what a. iiftlon such a State .a. our own 'might have ".
found itself In th'ls'constitdrtonal convEntin; hd, whatever mayr .
Hoe be thought of .the.proposed change In the method of dlecUng
United St,,' Senators, it.Is ev!dnt that' Governir Jenings',p
acton ., ,,premises was r :. 4n without good .and suffl- .
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or W. ?1L ?Y1

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A NENT .Govenor. in tri

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:Prictical."liks -.tvould b
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....... .......).
-.Qo.;W S. Jenings, of AlA
rFidered. jis countryi dt
e iee rvi etoing a joint B
Iof th' Legislatlre of thatii
favor.of the calling of a 0on
I onal convention Off ith
States. In his veto message',
Jenniings points.out that though .t:
7ostensiblepirpbse of the convent
i.mist~ pro vde.r the populareli
oItk ated Senator', th"
~jdnutif~ii reality would ha
to 'formulate any amendments"
'the Constitation deemed adv-a
by the delegates. In recent yea~
t ,i | number of propositions looking
aia, r ohbanges in the Constitution,-:
s .tha.e /beeu ineffectnally before Congre
6r notably one originating in a naruo
!OppfOA industrial element in N w Englaij
il and directed against the South,;
seeking to give Cpngress the power
"to regulate the employ meant of lab
in the whole country. Prodm
of such agitations have moirdt
oge, way; of carrying p t ilt
signs. Who knows bdt, tha
Spt ion called in relatio
1.. p ti6on, dUte d State
fifh ,beWduced. to lay

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